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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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With Big 21
SPreoidat Richard as he
m oo rSa t Mo mocow April 23" (UP) -
and. ana a mtf tre t hebr P m. t Nikolai nulgala tsy
Pt ti OS d o a t e dte Ie vred atop-evel
lined ctek meeting wi th president isen-
.._e.'l_.d_,... bower and Britain's pew Pre-
S m. iler, Sir Anthony Edet.
Itors Enter Dispute aotIl Nea. rw% 't I
tion a a recepon ifor..ting o
Polish Premier Josef Cyrankie- M,,
I t' "wic. Surrounded bY embet iof o
V ir' lthe western press, the So viet i Zo
o "When will you meet wiwt .
pril -j Wyoin and Utah.A Pden senhoLCwer E IN One man Is on te ground as other demonstrators tussle with police
le Parked, M called Jor stepping up Salk 0- at the Sperry e plant at Lake 4asees, N.Y. The CIO International Unlin of Electrical viol
dispute w hiAc h duction to t.he rate of S0 0 ul Buanin replied-, "a Mr. Workers, whi sets 9500 striking Sperry employes, called the strike against Sperry plants Ing
oys off ds or at immunIzations. a week Eisenower and Mr. 'den, when in the New ae April 18 in a demand for an immediate 18-eent-an-hour wage Increase. te end of the year. the date will be. I have a edy ..igI
made my position clear." U. -
M,.hismean he20th e Vikings Grid For Battl
a t Aked. If tha s meant i :he tion
CIO 20th, resi,
0 'E; -o -UIJ iiroe eminent heads,-*ul.a-
eLt 4,unTareement. ..
ElzaFor Now Deppe aue. President D h A5 CO ps Near Lonely Atlantic Island!
a" oSCITY a m..nit .WrP.expres ose on d wilom- THOSAVN, Farce Islands, on one of th Vttle Faroes is- takavig's answer: Another t
R v. -"a MroM to- goa wh tApril23(UP)- a sturdy band lands belong to. Denmark. troAsMlon of the first as-
of .., ....-a-awu States on Fqtmuoa. of 0th century Vikings girded They le In thi Atlantic some Sae.
O.,: PAYtowto. .l6eive. I .,for battle against Danish police 300 miles north o4, Scotland.
4-rat "of Itphx'he t'a weekend visittIday to prevent th .. the meantimera member of ed1
.p. tt.-4. .d heu 0*0 o r aB- the Fame hospital boa

v ses, Zers

here s

)f Money Back

WASHINGTON, April 23 (UP) -r La Vern R. Di
al representative of the Canal Zpne United, State
is' Association, said today he has recommended
ne residents challenge federal tax I i's in the 4
Claims here.
Suits would be based on the contention that coaI
al rights of U.S. citizens living in the Canal Zoo
ated'by a -1950 lawwhich required the* to start
Federal income taxes. Zone residents aove been
the Federal tax simce 1951.
Dilweg said he hatjust about completed oaq ivC
of the law and aleh a study of the tax states of.
dents as compared with other Ameritkm living o
continental United States.
"I recommend that Zone taxpayers file suit ft
iry of all or part of the Fedwal incomexef te
d since 1951," he said. "-think-there is a ir
t some refund would be adered."
je Dilweg recommendation fty aie Ite
wed onalleed inequitiet s V la u l jg114 oi
ir~l tptwa governing


t.< o .l pan --. fI
* 1apr11-p 1ia71
an,"" cnt :e.-.
t 1 b.- Aide
er the Rf

sum -is r B :I

.Syr.i'" '" S
A ba

%" 8S yri April 223
(tp) husandsi oh studentS a
went ona pUri t4jey t a dem- w
onitiaMn agaist the wassa"
na 0of an assistant Syrian
cblef of $aff .
Throngs of demonstrators car-
ried flowers to the official f&t.
nerad'of the victim Col. Adman
Maik, whowas 4hoetto death
at a football game yesterday.
The sasgin, TYounia Abdul
ca. m8of e I.rmy mlktary po-
Co. Act f mmedateLy
Military police raided tha of,!
flees of the Altn newppsn2 ,
the organ. o eg
*atiop pant PO tW 4. w
= a u&55 -V member.

S waved tos B
iHnor', .he Wrto It *-w I

Spolite were making wid
spread arrested In the Damases
area ipuIt Is reported
iome w iea o'sh b bct

.. -- *

":* "" j a o .'

two da tera and a
aty, 'antrred by ,trah
aii b froM an uan to
. Tho pat wan met
.'Mograth, univer-
will deliver the
:address -:at the law
tit tonight and will
iby former Preoe
OR. ox aouvm- was....



^tT ^^^secrel eaCwd rpflik to 'abajot- the
0t .H about hef qRmey, p _ylarj deffenueleven tdttugh
C= .aoffer. emed police from Denmark were
aget wr leaded full steam from the main-
Hagerty relayed word to re- indl .
porters who aompanIed the
Frident to "%ettysburg that The shipload is expected by
t'. State Deplfment will issue Monday at rebellious KIagNrI
a statement .61 Chinese Corn- -. .. --
munlst Premiere Chol En-lals 's : ,
statement abou negotiations on They Wanted
the Formoa problem.
,,__ Fast Movers

roes eapltal 'here last. night
warning algnst..use of fomr to
evict Dr."Gavy .Halvorse, their
veteran medic. -
Does this mean you are willing
to let Dr. Halvorsen be 6i0cted?.
the Thorshavn government ca-
M 1 A Am^ -

th P ae vtesI- Chsu...r ll Nam d WASHINGTON, A ril 23 (UP) ob ack
the ]uert.o RI-! urChill- Named -Thieves stole $5.9 Mickey
tcludtl1recelv- Mouse Cinderella, and Aliae -in
to the city al, Ufe Met ber WondrJland watches from a Sweet Call
iy at-the cityhal --l exhibit here but passed over a
d finally, the Of Art C b tiqepiece once NEWYORK, AprnII (UP --)-
e, ee- belonging to Napoleon Bona- A sweet voice answers "M oo o
Been. M e- WASHINO ; April 23 (UP) part. k mornin, /'so ., ftocallersi
SMufioz -The Intem onally famous Ig teha4.532 bel
be mystery painte, Sr onSon Churchil, "If they come back we'd like and "Good afternoon, sugar,
Stanley Gardner has been n e firsthonor- to give them the one-year gua- to callers after noon. Te 4m-
I attorney Irving ary life mepb* of the Art Dl- rantee we give on our watches," ber belongs to Sugar fomas-
-- retorClaCtO Washington. a d a company official. ton. inc.

--.--f I.n iO.t he Congr0 m ended A Ma
." .nn w t1 privireed-tats in an a- bau
Nesting' Sparrows s e'n'l ent (section 220 of the 'We
R F'i'-,e men: O Internal Revenue code) to fund
Rour I remen co 251 of title26 of the U.S. its pr
".*. oa Ioome o f o
WASHgftOTON, Afrn 3t ) The amendment states that theu
-Nestiug sparrows M US citIzens in the Canal Zone "It
Arlington, Va., chao tr the S ihal be required to pay Federal tato
American Red 0rob to -s". I ome ta. not -only on their di fe
out a'call foIr help ay .-:' base salary' but on the 25 per while
The sparrows habuilt S ua' cent wag differential v well. citise
tn the eaves of the chap r' M t further states that the n- W f
house nqrt to an optaide light- come of U.8. citizens as govern- tion.'
Ing fixture. Heat frodm the lamp ment employees in the Canal
fired the nest and flames spread ZOne shall be presumed for tax ..
to the attic. purposes to have originated in ._sM
S the United States. "
SFirefighters responding to -tbi Dflweg said section -220 is b
Red Cross c a 11 put out the 'probably unconsitutii al.. ,. 5
flames in about 20 ..minutes. The "Thes tno quets, tha .t
main damage to the build in g the Federal government e a s.
was caused by water seep ig levy taxes, especially '9 the .
through to office roms. Federal payrop" he said. -
The nest was detored. Fire- "I. don't recommend contmest- If
men had no word on he fate of ng thright of the govermfn.t _es
Its builders or occupants., to tax .Zone residents. But the

icton 220 aso mWl
I to violate due '
esumption that the
ne reaidetns ws esFai
Vaulted States.
also seems to be d14

om IEoWs A

b, ha he ight%# M

lose a

I of

S; .

w anpU-uI
if it 1 Khe l .Mal*]a
found top tM

s -. a .I. .at

*-.- -. -

' a.


-.... -, ; --

ightes they .pork huer t a
eLinl to del"t .- Psttq
r tournoment at ing safely hfk
am w l be p meant too ol.
I: gi Brlce B" winih y
. M left -' -. "- T-' l
1= v M t=. ,-_"-- +.. '- -=-' ;- .i ,,

vs Owen Sitherlod at
. Third beapan'Mt ij
stop Freach bokiha
b ltasem f the L

- S..,


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toe', i

tUMIj ft. April
-- h vd 3

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+ F3 "

S. rcA.

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Mea slan od roe;w,

CWalCade t Of J4
"woi ** N -

Ne*al A Va
.4 AT rl A .
cmB ii,' The-


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Oftbnea I55)


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-. Lm C~ech Cb (()



u slurh l The' oi

hffw HIS
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00* The f ANN&(adi

Hm el Io PMiedbim

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ww' see asa si a


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- -- -'C- .
dF a oX.71K


Vea Aihe ho r (SI


I44 I
e, + In

Illi Ab ".

e e* -

Adwemim 09 50 49 (55CR

~u. ~u4 Fm b ja,


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/ 1 5 1 1 *

Z Co b (i) Alm gO l aclub (
... -"

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W: *i 1 1p -,, If

d uimL. Mlodim

g 1 km To 1ge d e WWlWegg
Muai UouuI*us Ihimi I _eem*
l oll w I o $ I

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gMl fTeiMf Mii t. Of lesei '
V. r

Ori.aiN s ewied O9 Pdm
-e r i pn Mbs seo lUm T .m i -

..__.... 11 .. Jw --q

UiA Ar haid (IkI s I.tiih. (usa

Syeph e Mr


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:r,.. .. ,) .
.- > -"
,,- .* -''.*. r-'.-"- E''- ^w.-'jp~ f *: *"-- *-r --
^ 'fe'a^ JM 'JJ ";' -- *""LA-

Aamid "*W


wom iseiRle

.....__u p.*.

Ak* FewT Shaw
WIa you awd .

ums'ye biwa lel

FP h la Thei Ab (RDY)

wr; iZii. h -M

Nr~ h b(D
,i N^pe
virM 1r*M
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Mhedl Ulledil.*

Olm* Is The Md


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hill( R_ Id 'd

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-hal Of Mbss
hans He sse
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sinl Yel w Nu (M


o.,. Mview* I

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Ob.l"llin Ofd /

iM-* r '
Iert IT

rl n I l-a ,.
ein Rle d
amm'i w *N tmb

yWMpp 11(:D

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MasO- UrNil

eat as ^

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--- -- '--

L it.

he m i f- l ffle

Kt. Iw'-ve. t the end up In ae sor S
s u ow. .-ldh .. ,. '. ., .
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tm pirgtl And Hil Wildoas

Rb Sne' A HI.Kean

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MmWll g awpla*


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V I I i Je ---

mobI t Meals I

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sneaking, "!te r

of fge ow 0ofbisk
arnind sohvlon

writer a t th at er lI w in I t he I Wad
of the next on_,
A die flnsi .11.I t .a pari es.t Even In e .-ec.
bion of th Ar -f. visel" do wnt her" ." -, ..I us,
*won rotflf t ..rml. mr" r ifen th p.

no man c an thI.,Ji# #10 for t 40I .lrty I kd
of the nextsNel, Noe it s tlmti nextoe. .
But what I findM n more wel ty of pr i..the
breadth of sn 1o n of the Armed Foe', vi t eof the

Armed ServlcU h Uadtko onyress for U5t, to gase
froutund hereiab lit. he .
planners, with their rfoy bra Hnw muhi tio lf t W lnt
bythe reform, must the lArmd r hvoioend.Ui n the ink
Ourn othe how that n uiutt of th tour di f r e

improve ,my tehnique for eoratchin through the ohelt
sweep of IM Noation, as was. e v noex4 one. W P4

Armed Ser vie ys befohad asked aydn I foru a tos
around her abo.htwher ty kno inl. t

this fmy mildee d emuch e .nuity Is d vo to
unsuspThe c conversation frnt a w much tian'husent,
g u say, re and anent the $,582,000" of panhanli
n"W hehoi that h$1, e n t of "su00"of. 'f lht

Thimprove 000 remy technique for srafchinrom Cngrthe froma.the
ing beerlees days before payday, I caused' a quer to

Quarry Heights, whe re they know everythingb."p
Othis fact m, is tht hffctl peed.. It reall ,
Thate iconversation n m ust hu s:y in o d the -
r1 say, re and anent the $ ,582,000?"

"One moment before yot go. Have you any Idea wbat
this $5,1111OO is for? What are the services here- plah-
ning to do with it?" /
"Aw, no, I don't know that.. No, I've never hikrd
that. You'll have to call them a pp and ask themr orurtlhi,"
it was clear that th iiouarry HegOtsrspo an,
whatever service he might be paid by, ws )A I h Oneryty
refraining from pliy ng favorite, Ie did not knew any-
thing about the Air force, b4t neither t, hi k nw ia.n
thing about the Army or thq Navy.
This I rcotlnlotd as mot sensitive appreciation P of
the Intent of the elvillin legislators woe wroie the Armed
Servi, .2ifi D

str tway some sort eL m.e wil
"ry I t. b at wau e
S ,l I are of the t wa, oliy ior
Onheu m 1at. .I to fellW Aamve "mIVt ty Ia d
wfth iotn o d that do the work Ie An
a' t i le a tItO figure how be u ipes to niakeiut
ever thelo. h e mig rund'"m kinrund n aws fet when
there are to ali ng unwritte.
Then we tried the Air Force, and'the Air orce- knew
where it was going too, Apparently hitatllfin some elmo-
tronlo par at Albrook, maybe to sve as an, auxiliary
homing device during the school vacations, when .the oud
buss of angry Balboa High School Parents is not audiblito
the MATS navigators as soon as they're on course out'of

SThe Navy, as ever, was alertly interested in all.about.
nd you, It was obvious there had ben important things
i onelder during the day, leaving no time for twivi iedih
as what anone would want to do with so undistingusltaed
a handful of nickele and dimes as $3,000,0 .
But no matter'row tough had been the daily grinJtoa
Navy man was right on deck to cope with three million
buok ltuation Li they arose. -
- "If you-find, out what it's for, please let me know,"
.teE, eager, able, elouesi. u.
or the man serving his A country, and the ta xpaeys

There's work toi be done. If some of those filet elnt
olearnd off the dok, where on earth to put the coffee?
0 *-
Just thought I'd mention about some oharactei I
enoc knew who used to go up summers (Christme ts ,
that Would be) a beah not too much unlike Satitr Clara.
Used to be quite a load of greg toted in, meetly In
Model Ta,ibecause. l t of quarts is a little tough on
the tank of a motorbik over rough beoch roads, specially
with av se a n athe billion. /
Can ti lblt of anything thegang used to do that hsn't
ben mentioned n ut the horror umosl about Snta Clorw
at EIetir, except that one managed on later oiasion -e-
member his- uun switches when he paddled in) h bh a
Meeeerthmlt. and another iearned.the hard and flnl pay
.that Romnu~oI pas ser were waei s about.,- 9.6 to
atgjQcsl pad all it'files for Hitler, Another. !..*int
Ot wor w. re they bo oneo Ir omol .uoftosil4evq aent
II o the pldtktr ,wh onetruotlon usiesas, later an
Jtorney tad a doctor renpeony ando Iome .gelh p ISeen
seen skne owng ao the .. f squmer Cris smith
whio thie beoe qute nr ad ogrged limnltely upon i
o their Tmeilgaged harme,
The a enk ll .o Inot like 1irtrtg and rs lly

"i t thi l li t7owtn l llhei

iiiboon i gi 12en5 l4id swnl to nt a


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''.- k ,t 7:*^ '"- :'" "* :'" "': ". "* "-^ '
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-*; 5' .'z~-'.~ -' LI -.. 'a..
r ;Y~'r .'

Won!r* SOO N *i

T Russia:T -

r.. ^ .e" ." l U C I"

WBathey f' b1- The United S of Britain THE REORD SHOP: Bi I -

SAd, .Thopes of set tin one i ther of Gshwin songs. It's or fall
SK~ shle* fe 6 of major cold war mae- a ty release, and wil ave some of
Se Io0ore an l, a reast oring Austria' ndependnc a the top RCA arawlt doing the
ble, it was revealed todayunumbers.
r 4a. d~tU n tbe otart .bl ;hle- In identical .to delivered That's what y should c a I FELIX S
-,'er io I, n B an co la m.-wd .as a yesterday in Moscow, the West- Lionel Hampton, after his trip
,i that t h-. .t ( ouh e tpowersh said t progress i to Israel. A o recat music an

et i h Ty we abst d lng d made at Voienna the Western, took his vi bra-p e, his drulmsl se
Soi to d .t AUofm th itermon bu osteaS ths an d Abe b Mi-a foreign and his b"and to srael, which
-Mul- td ,Stw f Il a great tmber and bablminisWters then could hold a for- Mon d had hitherto been explored by Lionel an
-OR. 7 "si er mal session to sign the Austriane vazmen. And Israel will never
treaty, The b ennat m a edIn Hmte same. Neither will i le
G0161145, speiesha e would be at the ambassador's Kamp. to osge-w hie if he knew boa- BiggerABet
dofenreign14%'1talwayswrnedtgoehne "Bsays. 'Sure,' the ChiefRP
each. 1114111 WDOld P& ~ alog, The notes said the foreign toldm, a comes from KIM
t..F athe 0ea we bt no w b fhte lambert l n' a~ terms' .se ot eovIe He offered o pa. ree. or three ecd alus arp r T HURDAY, APIrL
S nA i ous hat. an ofrlth t min th aes eu tl eemy folks used to reaiod me the
o otholtta e unthe actual treat should be "t Bible and all those stories. So Eileen Barton, admits Sm VER 10 00000
Si oh er, when w York Cit f eil a praticble whe Ia arrange ao tour o Eu c read m auso. "I didn't wat
( i o i fund them there lb took crtpd e, made plans to include toclutter a head withrecord
'% s, a e, to fanlof h wote*r mwonItthe orwth bookt In ar-f this could be by a .. Hi las "plans e actually anw t's no handicap-if ahe phe ro, .

abettldoutrhi g lstsAion er lmnethu 8,ne ruu. nas seemo e i oy t o in I-srael, wh eemed to pre- prlietor offered him the wahol .unbeievA-ly.lw.prcei
S intb- bo n 1 Apl thy were en again Hopes were high here p atM fer to donated services to a sonr once, she knows it for 0 i
l t tat h-a ior o ws arl mber and ber bly treaty ending the 10 rf oc- IMogen David Adon, the Israell keeps.
i t Wf -Iare dy- rur wltound regulsl from ncupation of Austria ma be equivalent of the. Red Cross. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTLdo r
df u el seTe a th-.w e 'll boateba e alggDo med after ovit v He offered to play free for three Record vute, armn e rela tilv e.
S b. oun r i u Viou havete ralurtem bird stalling and delay. weeks, if the Orgaization paid Carmen Lo mba rdo Oly's TO MAKE BIG S
1fE of the Nt A tlantl I 0 uI and ga d b4toceur *e shi n his transportation. They accept- brother, was looking for some
are so me, other spells o can Officials had their fingers .ed, although \not too eagerly. old.records of Caruso and CI-
Sdthe opel n hs to e anathed co foC bly o cursed, however, recalling the They frankly weren't sure Curd. In a second-hand record
e, I on e o .ith your book op mny times element ith whether aja n band would draw store, Ohe found 97, and the pr o
a s e d Russia has seemed near only to in Israel, whieh seemed to pre- prietor offered him the whole
1 a mt. andy W ter : ndppers;t S eda under on unexpected issuosn fr longhair music. batch' for $10. Next on his shop.
thhe ts e a. este.. .ndl Do wtaere natve mlaping aHt was a copy of the ori-
In ua oe Loulr at Heron; g block now I e q ation Aviv. He opened by reciting a te Coquptte," with Carmen do. 8O ON. -we rlng m ese

Sll th at a so to nd an afteron maintain U t en ar i t e that radio transmt- The prppet dug up t leavs New York ty for
ese, ts a mt apl A visit. to anama s notn ater, broadcasting utera ven ten yt copies. Co? Ten dollars. nightclub engagement i
at thed within ut be p A vidt to Panama is n t EastWest confic blew out. DICK'S PICKS: Patti Pae Is quarez, Mexico. The oriental
hd with caution..o withOutaip to t uarez, Mexico

, .ittie f,.oc.c by'the rst plover and curlews and lmit Austrian sovereignty and better renmy lie. And thats .Mls B rioters, Decca,; Mary.- -- "- ....... IHWII '
ruins of the old city. Rich Ina Acommunique issdH nndob402118 t )beauty will ba io begin work on
Slund piper, Pko r hsr and. f thpe romane of at a and Austria after t a he in hi three weeks. Gand to-a love to a e ath ou" (Mer- bea ao bin wok o
bygone day, those old wa Is Moscow earlier this month said tal of the audlence-'170,000. Re- cury). Others: "No Letter To-
3.gbs. th and most-num erous have stod for hundreds of years. Austria agreed not to join any sult-Israel loves jase is general, day" (Las Paul and Mary Ford,
k the o ndther and Plover, Pprobably g there were native military alliance or to allow the Hampton in particular. And it's Capitol); "Heart" (Four Ac e s,
bth ~ ang the -'word settlements at that Olace long establishment of foreign military mutual. Decca, and Eddle Fisher, rce
"ggar,--:t, I-n rt oftbefore the arrival of the Con- bases Ip Its terri tt r mtonry. A); S tmbo Jungle" (Mel se r
tho ianamesb-Luse their fet qulstado es "It was an inspiration to play Gray, Pyamid): "If I Hall
ar ifabbbed part way to the But w o can guess the .entu- The United States feels inlu- there," Hamp says. "The coun- Three ishes" (Frank in at ra
Teldreist ch ets r that have passed since the sion of such a guarantee would try is so alive. I never played Capitol); "Yes You Are' (The D i L
Thd li t hil '-..T r by.thefirst plover and curlews and limit Austrian sovereignty and better in my life." And that's Mills Brotiers, Deccal; "Mary
huadred@, and frightened Into sandpipers topped off at those would be unacceptable to the saying a lot. Had I Lover Man" (Carol So
fhtfthyperform aerial gyr. teeming tidal flats West. Hamp brought back seven ral Woodward, Dot); mackk h-ab Y u Da
~.~0i... paiet Q*r tuno It seems certain that they This country is not opposed, things from sabel. He brought In theas Middl me" (Ella Mae
wh l were there long bore the first hweer to Austria's making bk, first, me ssonkg nse e Mors Capitol) "Please Don't W wo gs u
whva to-a, y 6 t 'a new lead- human stood on these shores. such a declaration apart from thinks the modern Israeli com- Touch" (The Burton S is ter tashiofl' being one particusIi r
thb' tt Perhaps.they' have been com the treaty as a posers "would make our mod- RCA). w ayshn'sme e ah t. n h0i I
T t aUi ylF totell a- ing fo ts long as there has The Big Thre notes were in ern tuff look like nothing.' way P. somewhat leplas a boat.
p art lu are rath- been a bay we call Panama. reply to a Russian note Tuesday They play their own music--and Some nice new backgro und When the boat is afloat the

Sa1 meds Sf'. t ndwlue S9t.2co Meantime, officials sad a ----- sings 8p h nsoAn er h tore .a rfa V o s
.,-S e are tioww iithe -loV- proposing the foreg U minister H p says it's really jazz on music albums-"ovt and Sweet" t conceals a lot and t looks

setf beau tiu l' But w'hen*W--- French diplomats are expected n[ jrilU |A l i of short orchestral pieces on hem nd case In
r hae eblahk oll 'ae rd to meet "in thed nearest future" to instruments such as the flute (The Three Suns Dth strain beuu. B wn i's ha
Their c t in an Astra the g t. ad zither. He's working no w RCA); "'Mus for Toniplas o ut h 1eall, the whole truth
getting some of these Israeli (Steve Allen plays and con- comes out.
,.ISS t h*s tt, l -The Big Three decided to sqet sngs arranged f4r a big Amer- ducts, Coral); "Wine, Woaen t ame m.f.r
un a. "working party" n Vienna Ican jazz band. It a ew weeks, 'and Waltzes" (Helmut Za cd h n the same f lasred
heA hre w te h next Monday to begin Western u e liable to be rebrded.. rmas and drcamybr fforches ; *hb- let d to ai
S preparationdal r the as nii seaAnd then Ham brought back I"Music' for Loving"up of Span- t
s t be seen at eiIf Russia agree to attend. a heudl of memories Choicest ster with strings, aorgran). u, th bettUt t]a Ir
o i th resident Esenhower re- Chief Rabbi, an Irishman nam- Classical mSpanish mu sic when they bloslm in t helt-
AKr i et peatedly has ited Austran ed Hersog who still sneaked with see to be the vogue. He are ing suit.
o."Adult. tte B er- treaty as a necessary forerun- a thick brogue. Hamp says he'ssome good recent relea sea An. eal svhionsey et
es r bud (they n the settleme t of other one of the most fascinating men pianist Pablo Flores la e sooEr-
blbM hatt a distalaco), but in- East-West difference, he's met. nesto Lecuona compositions like ts do beoemo poiulao wikth
mbl4 ts _ce), bu t I -EAndaluclia (MOM); Nan-Merri- women who.thought they'd ne-
lt a-e bits aft not blue at Meantime, officials saidna man singe Spanish songs (An- er haie to revewat. o' a o.-ien p fo It's hardly skin after yearn of
St arewI group of U.S., British and gel); there's a lovely collection iarm aga l
f ce French diplomats a expected of short drchestral ple es on is the main case I

Tell^it someone that e white French dpmsa eec'dOwn' to the elevated hee Thls
bird outther a c T nhie h A F tomeet in London next Wednes- cienstles In Spaink (D;eca is ve the aei band W T
isa n"Little -Blue eron" Pand day -to lay the groundwork for pianis William M se os play
s a' "L ttle -Blue eron Wand a majoi Big Four foreign min- imu, "Piano Music From Spain" (M- when they were in Italya
S l igot t ia O ncI afl CAN PILL YOUR NEEDSou it itersll meeting wit th Russia. opport iM); pianist Aicia De Laro- tew summers aros. eNo, happ-

s I m that green t f a t t hi e o the br doe meeuoh to h Espanolas" (Decca); and vent onal pump have lostt r .W C
beauty aiefe red .---
s'T e reae._ Ing would be to tackle such siul -puu4 mon and a chamber orchestra heels and become very fllItter-'
There two other white her- critical issues as unification of e Do have a pleasant group of Span- ing mules.
men to be can ato dier the big G ermany.h d Lratim erican chamm-r But the heels n those heel-
AmericanE'-grea nd the small- less shoes. If women could get
or one With the yellow feet a look at themselves, they'd get
the bird wi the."golden al p- back nto closed-heels or do
iftm 80 HOW MUCH DO -YOU KNOW. WURRlJTZED aider their heel skin.

IAaB.UTa H rubbing against closed hae oes.
SWCleEPIANO' Its. dirty, tough andcarllu ed.
The flattering look of theie hel-
Wigr hs irws fein. ABOUT CHRISTIAN SCIENCEless shoes comes fro m.. hie
Old tanama ar best disingu10 ance before thit e lookt Il t.
ir nr of ths Board of dturship of Th Mothr Churchwn to the elevated h s
Si~ld bli...'b e light gra F you are not correctly of Chritmed about Christian science, how can look wi lost when therebacks. band
btrd4 Witb a straight bll i the you discuss it intelligently? Take this opportunity o learn some of of though hide across the back. DUTY
b ad wing pattern the facts about this religion that has done so much to heal human ills Add a pumice stone;to your U A 'I C C iN T R
Wiauere be tak o toth. air. beauty equipment, if you haven't
werJes commn. herO e and free sufferers from human misery. Attend one. Work on those heels If
ydir said I \ you long to wear naked sandals. 161 PANA
qrp .m be T' ;TW O FREE LECTURES Sclnk the feet sad.woi' on

Ai.~wilcgBRd IDIO CETE R Cream the heels and. treat t
Sby ARNOLD HI. EXO C.S.B., of Chicago, IllinoiS them in shape or their appear-
IehIg h bthti aveu 'downward 7116 Bolivar Aveste ance before the looknw Witbrtc.
Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, COLON, TeL 46 Otherwise, stay closed in pump. bVVIo Jl3p (U
L 1. The First Church of Christ, Soientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. with backs.



Thursday. April 28th at 8 p.m. in GATUN Theater
Under the auspices of

Cristobal, Canal Zone

Frhd.y, April 39th t 8 pm. In DIABLO HEIGHTS Theater
Under the spices of

A". n, Canal ZoaeI

~ V


! m


Fly El Conquistador, Brniff's superb DC-6 with rinft r
captains and the friendly srvkfOe taf.. fti .ih.fmtu oW .. i
Awrkca. Why not make your eijt trip via BriiF,. .-
%.. : :.

" nmfifme ued rmmvadm =lI yw.r Mrr*i Ou r
Awmid Thol 1 is.mphore 2175. U How u ftn
13 or r m 1Q2,a cAdTi WTOM Offi fmi t. *

- ,...-. -
.; "'.

f-: fy ^ ,,- : ... .

, t["' w. T "', ""',,' !-\ia1' *" .'
...... ..... '. .... .--'.



_~ ___i~~~ __


P Ip-. f *-
*.- .-I- .. "^*^ )^

___ _~___~~L~ r

Ir' C






. '




Better Home Xnd F r House

Aren't SekN Thing At AMI

says she is worklt, sl father'ss time and interest e-
her children can have .a-, though uey. Is scarce.
home. Many here today have to,
a she is really working f work to help earn the real nee- ,.
h they can have a finer essalties of life.
SBut the mother who turns her
f t children over to someone else
pitY ofstt Is thetwln i' that she can am A pay
.tee that the two ,t i check that will help prove a l
really matters sto. finer house another car, better
ar home q l~d iner ho ue clothes, b lessonon, et.e,
a=- bairiay from her
h lle .m negle children t thllnp they
nsaft- l ifta. need mowt .l u btltutln J
th e r -is pm eon e Ju th in g s I .z h a p pL- t .'
a wonildt capable of along without apply ge
washing nd ironing,
i ot capable of bringing up
or woman's children, thI3 GAILZ Dti ASr
Ing wife. like many-other, Grandmother, Mothr e wA..,L the '
herself that her child ren
being taken care of. IYR.1 ra.
S aren't being take' reAndO Daughter Can N Young bde or te bde
I in the sense that mother V
0d 'take care of then. and All' I who wants an informal weddlu, I
Suenty they. are showli.ngAll Live Together orte cost I usually an Im-
hpareo t pointn.
ns of neglect. They are The bride who's teen-age or
Ihborhood nuisances, they in her early twenties has had
n't doina well at school, they IlY ALICIA HART less chance to prepare financial-
Snto have no anchor and no NEA beauty Editor ly for her wedding than the irl
ise. I who's been earning her own Ipay
I "My mother fusses about me check for some time. And the
OME NEEDS A MOTHER as thoIgh I were 12 instead of bride who plans an Informal
," one mature woman remarks. wedding may do It because she
But they live in a good neigh- Years ago this remark would wants o put more money into
ihood n a nice house a nd mut this family in the domain of furniture and a home.
bla monev enough for them the fantastic 'Today, it Is not so Both of these brides will find
rtve all the things that re s usual to have four generations that designers know their -e-
ed necessities today. al quite alive. each exercising quiremants and have planned
parental right's over the next gen- beautiful dress with rice
By working. Mama is givinit ration down a int wt pr as
n,. ll that. And, they'll e a polnt.
itjilefore ahe realizes that The rapidly expanding li ex For the very young r ide,
given them the thtng .. Um had brought e obe the matched bridal own ind
really matters to a child. se new sel ere of geriatrics, tthees a e o
onMe with a mother In it, the science of old age. The brleer dries maae a new
ome with a mother In morite Im projects of 10 years ago this fashion Idea. Thee are o f t en
totenothner t te isac a "tody's basic pr done In nylon tulle, are shown
S t t h an ples. There are now many comr in pretty puteul for string and
l welfare. family fen and ples. There are now many com- desse
lf e, welfarefamily anof multy resources available to the summer.
projects, a wealth r ly od our towns and Though white remains the im-
tb4lr children who are doubtful portant bridal color, white over
about what to do for their par. pastel allps creates a pretty look
nfti the Ol they have no doubt for both bride and her attend-
SJ 0 abodte children ant. And there are ple pinks,
SfREOS The presence of an extra gen. blues and aquas for both bride
enppose .b problems for the and bridesmaids.
S9 ies lauy generation, under. Though many bridal dresses
r' nt as life awkward are shown In floorlength this
for women who is trying to year,. the popular length for
be a poised hostess and is pes. bridesmaids remains the baller-
'tered with questions from her ina.
other like. "Are 'you dressed The ensemble, important to
warmly enough." daytime fashions this spring, Is
It is hard to be beautiful in the Ideal choice. Combination of
the. contemporary ways if dress and coat gives the bride
otber of 80 keeps an if ll more for her money and lows g
that liUick is n'e'e e a s a r y. her to Invest more than she ---
Stragel3, enough. the lipstick and would for dress or suite alon
the air tint mey dislike in their since she can use dress and coat I oftin an
;Zh ,t mev-. eept in. their

lirstaning seems to ju 7
UP generation. With this inminlt
yo'1n 1-my be posalble for a mature
t O bly g to woman to turn her parent's in- to
1A dthebour terest to the young marriedsa b o
1 .a1t ti e. family-making. to leas roo
.C~t~: 4 o-ld~ ir new lhons O" #pa
P sptt h aot her t
dui$ le bwnIR bost tlnef U ssiOffTVn a womw some- ( AX o
b itt4he 4tpb swhatJess h am-pq g' '


NOttW wIh, -.I Tna threrh tae le: varieties In the Panama mrkael
the ango. It b*. e*tainly a ~.pit..." ;and the prices (whlh ~p ta
:fii .hitor 1 P nr 1. The tarle sluctuate aOtappe atrh. go-
.JUtb th tree has ti_.l o whose rmant). Suffie. ic to M :a ,
ofI the that though the ancdats C
lVW "'r e t t realtte it, t s li7 ,
travel defe Iu ontheir forbid- vitamin AB i an C
duateounh a troal a l- ..... .and even a masgs as -
'firt brout 2. ae t Lr I olaer- boat 8 acSie... .l
ittentton of gc to eit her accounts for the Wa.or dinOr
It Is told t; oo t Jultes, IUf or :tle pollen of appettes f the Out tree
* gpr s ted wtbh-.a Abe tre. lo .e s natse' clmbe of .u Iamily a i L-
e to provide reppoe that ev en MIi mango tree go season.
Oltations. Early Ar- near their 'lii tt their
(badly transla ted) Iakina, and W .L Kmuch .
Sboumtiful fruit with morse when ib try t ng In
-... .'the shade of ta tree. Frtunsts- .
Is the pride of ly, these rEe rar caes. I TheMU Ap. el
3 ao tea or should week mL b-
ifrtit of Rndus- be., for n to Ite bos who venial one. : eiderI s E -
-we n tcontmuto tbes ve. on a 1t -. and imam "Mw to e s W
e cont to tn th b rr h ie-g to 1 Ph Anrfna
rmpe >Noaatlttl O bh as*Ma OQMi onlythylrd eri.fta
sgo is good at all known u Mango dimeaSe. We -MilS einaM in,

mea not edible, 1

I* ostnt- eraon
I form, 1t uOa
Sfda~k bwsa K h

A.'. r

fd -..
t 5,...
r .- .A *. 4.

' ." '\ ""';'
: ebZ",..



A 5

* 'A -

." ""' t all depends ul3ka tha,

to be aware that d
dimes can be aid-
.. store for trucks,. iLd
non balls; when
to count; when he '- ft .
tloning the prpUm this
that i when the
usually when he advice wh
grade. ."
Whatever the sBU
ance should begin wtb
a *eek, local ot to
ad. And they
have freedom to. WISS
whatever he wah, wg"
the'child's first atr
money. It's an Im
to know that a. A's
ed to things yo' wsat.- M .*. a
may well iscover tht 8 1 m6 e- :ra,
things take tw46 1 V 'symeekho 00 1"
'Hel learn to ikeepne his
thip week, so that Re&r Yo'Ug, who. I
he have two. dies to inAnagor, wan g
and soon.CO
This lIsthe.beginnisgoftt h v
idea of savg and tjb 'sltt-
basis of the iea of saving foraT.t
the indefinite future, which will see e
Eventually be the problem fal Of her career she says.
&six-year-old. -. wish I had started'4it XeeT
That, in a nutshell, was, the and she strongly reommeads
foundation of the mother~ con- as a wonderful job for say .
versation, as I heard it; which who loves travellWg gdAs
I pass on to you free of charge. Ing people.
Ifth livos with
Ivy Harnett, who is well l0e1rlf -sd h also
known on the sthmus In con- In Mla Win Iet
nection with he help and talent months in e b*
at the Harnett a Dunn studio, traveled throuiout.
Is leaving (pr New.York on CpItralXAmerlianam
Tuestlay for six weeks. ribbean,.
heo Is. going to study latest ea Now sae aou ,t y
techniques at the Du .Barry the e or
School of Scueeses, and on h er fct,..
returA plansto open her own career a Ia vei-v-
uulor be le left)- in kle-etb, ebmbln Val Iseh wth.nyl.n ule, Charm School here In uly, in She' offr a
501 bdi A double Iyrk of nylon 111e make the bouffant skt. cOnjundtion WM hher blblom sr nncgsur*e wo
tue{tu d. U( a WeddIa (riht) IS It tpesty lace, a mixture 01 dance studio at the El Panama through agin. et
S dm fabric that as t r lrth., wit retain is shape HoteTwill be soon U a n as m,'
less, sP-mked. We bhowit Innuve. Who can fall to agree with her "home" to her. .

ecessltyYi obly and so can be worn out to 'o, of course, Is the robe in
dinner, dyes up wt n aW ear, soft wool, the feathez-
f "s, 4t eiAght pastel tw pjgt forn
io P bys The
Ie I mailot' thase 4iVie ,
oatte r arrer warm during the drying-
Se uset-e destrsbw, ed witi off -proess after, swim. Then
e0 deweas abl*), the aleevelesL there' the knitted beach 'shirt
u is th tha.Weable,both ay In wool that-can go over c .auel .'0 MOM
tahobing and evening are all ha py clothes at other times during
48 Is thoughts for the bride on a.. thb day.
- leves eymoon.

.. -....'-".F.... .
i .- -

WOr ane briee mt wool In ,aini
.enaklese a shell woe s ed e
Wao wihbo I Fbr .Is knitted aU..ver p
A am e Derby In mauve wool -is e ollr s

Hqmnemaking Tip

at s now eon In lon fney part a*. t leam. They
a0 bAase o eott .dwk_. They were sewed Wth. uine other
ASWS waqn weL Md itf you thread. 8 ,. Je to mend ay-
he.n tes ab them Ion lingeiie,r WfA.a thread.
..i ,,, he. 1 ..........
S.. FuBn br bi 'l i tea tr
im o U K todir who foam rubber S dck.t
to be k other, don'tt float, but baby l joys
cow OUP. "t h'lddn g it a q il the we.
ll_ e.z bheau- ter oul. It' -xrs far hif m
t MMlVp~~, u; i t learn to iM f IV*
*'the easy to ruIt

o aa m...a

ri To proe

it courm
fyhdore ,Eb
mylo m
6e or t



FcklVDg ,


i I-
Iy Q P': iS

Twito} lf lmmlbki m r a e*l UlP'"i iei a-
SwoakM o al-p tne ul m w ri
U --- ".
bt a pesty Thlis the b n"
m tAe e aull at us. that i g~alA.

ttake Into ,etayg shAt w-ren-th
l4 s taw ty- aoor of e

t ls ma e to cog m be ieb to ~ .a
f may be a In "toe. .. ,. .. t-.,
s toi.est the h*', f e.-. w, ; .

oimbe to orer the -, ,

te-iam sr we i d ow



.ii.- L'.
*M age a.
.fi %st

krm -


~~5~; .,

FeOM TV OLD We=& ofI
TO 2m Him
The Portaf wem. h



i ,t -

frai I- '~
l3!llB.'^1^ *br t



_ _____




HIM -=1.%IPA -' '.. -- -

To IstmktilWie
-- r--

S.. tund -mom e
iLlhv imtnu nra 'fF-Utit'f~ Wjirffi

65 -i~RL~
L~ I':



~ar~ ~ Ir ~L.



- -X I
'-*^^ *' ;

. J.

The monthly ortb ltra dance,

Armed ForceIe B-tr
Sunday, April ti fl o an :
p.m. to 11:00 p.M.

" -. "v ; .w I t s
:." ..S .ZABRT M. WUI iON
., .,-''-.- : -- --

5%..0 CaUcF UNEUM
ns mit 4,4.on,o
: f. lL.TWqIBo WUflUon of Curundu.Helbht, Canal Zone,
maIt approaching marriage of her
WlUMonP to Mr. erbert A. eetto, 5
o. Baett o anOf ihoo, Arhson. The bride's
g. WUklamdo of San Ataonto, Tjasa. The
ho4( at AlbtIO Chael,. Iptuay eveolaS at
i Ma o M. bride fo be a d.
wasi b Zn BShe attended Ca0
3naa Tagduatefrom Esthertle 0tbH
SNew York Cty, N. T. The grom s a grad-
upAf topNigh Sehool and attended Arizona State
t eiNArlons, where he will reume his studies
^I. bAI l Y with the US Air Force In September.

A;t And4 Art's Il o the Bcholar8hhl
At11;ta0B51ffet Fund whiob Is awarded ea a
S.evoteni, Ma or and year to an Art Student to tb
M ~~ntrtain- their his or bhr study of art.
riiathea L X, ,uajrt .anemmber the da
MU.WSA o. Ma the first Saturday In May, whe
tr e bca InfonUUon overyn will sy "Be a Dul
ftbieror the Carribean CU -leyWooger." Put this date, 7 c

dr Ilcardo J, Alfa-
roir "? ven

t, .ot .
e Canal fd A?
t P j .-


year the CanWl
yer's ha whips-
Ifnii of i u a
(Not that
It ), weUl, paw
S. '"Ant" -e

nlat, te"

:0s9 '!C- f W. -1
burg, a ."Bulley-
e- 3 it a L

I e h ave

she," dedleat e d
*te thie
i-Ld ed YoUr

Burg, a r ulle-
1 Teal sed you,

,,t ar




Music will be tiro the
popular Oeorge ll Chi
Combd. The young hea of the
U80-JW7 Club btAvt-ena-nvit.
9i to this affair. l a for
e ice are CI inud Mrs,
A. Weltel; Mr. and .bj, Mick-ey
Kaplan; Mr. and ari. l8910S on
Kaplan and Mr. a4 la. Car-
los telltnk: MIittry-p~ m a
aid their amiljes Uare ordally
invied to attend.

Gusst From IfliaOs'
At The Morris'
Mr. O, F. Myeller of.PDeer
field, Ullnois is the house pgema
of Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Morris
of Bella Vista.

Guaeing And Weavinf
On Cmblem Cib' F ram
The Criatobal mblem O Iu 4
% I

owwUan WBeay\
at fB1mpggW 'grved by
the Charlot t e
A^ .'-

o* SON

Y[^Tc^@O BftbmlH

^^KtflQ~~ 3ia5MK
| E^toro.^^JI~ aSr l jBSW '^.,


fic 11.10 a.m. In the air-conditioned
1 Aoom. Complimentary cocktail,
Of Inarvellous menu for only $.25.
.A 's organ muslc for dncin
o :. I: p.m. .
tV9 7 Pm. In the patio. Tempting food,
Swonderfl surreoudlaCs sad gay music
by larence Martin'A Ochestra.
$3.50 per person.


CroweU, Mmn. midq
Mrs Tol Lo-
Ie RecA MM. 'Rt-
Ia an, Mrs. 1any Kap-
Mrs. Virginia RUuon and
airlotte Tulwy.

I dreamed I was voted

best-dressed woman in'.nmy

Chansonette Bra ea

: -* '

'r PlAR J

j~4'a 8at a

Start a 3pice
place setting in
Barton patter.
A qupeaI fork,
and knife in the
"Clssk Rowe"
pItter shown
here Is only

4. "

Or start with a 6-piece places ttin. h Ibk
i addition to the ites a in 4-pece
place setting also a a creau soup apo'. and
butter spreader. Reed a B~atoi~' lol
aew "Silver Seulptum" .sow here i.
jus $32.50* for a 6pc. placeuttin.

- .
! r

* I

Stopienoen.See boweay it bloomitrfui .
In your hverite Reed & Besero deslp-jibr cqirHi4 I -
a aipeadve S. 6 pins pla aO*Wi-* ,

i.L fA


': O. 'L 1 ,il






SP'15mr D15r *W

-. 4 i M.uU s. .. .
..NA A to l A i "" .m".- '" :

if .,a i i t -

.-* ; ? -
* .* -., Y .* t:

** .-; : ^ .ws;^
.; .. .. ;- "
*.. q

.Tw.. I ., i... A-. I


. "


,W W hla.tI, we offer qu beautiful bedroom Ile, a-"
ars t le de of aghoany, finlashe

Mr i fMcm

r -,
',t ., 4
onobls RICE,
mir, Ai Y7 PR ME M.o




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flu expensive Want

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5 to 10 p.m,-Adult*. Pro-tens
STreenaern. By appointment only.
Morning .. B.lboa 2-4239
ifter' 'p.m:... Panama 3.1640


frit RnIGE
11.'a 4th of July Ave.
Phone Peni2 mt 2-0552

*"We can help er' with

i1 b ylr.i frIr,c Lrx Thet. e,

Packer- ShMpper MpoVw
Ph Z34-2451 2-_2562
Lear, RMi, e
(Riding g Jumping close daily
S3 t 5 p. m;. Phone 5-0279
1 by aririnPrenet.

edv and Red qlrl Mossages.
SLpvy I4chia4e, tysyiih beth.
M ki Oi l oMtpe on.,
ORit1P ^ ^, .s ,

Ips, turhe d. a ro und
.my reached the proted-
i. k .

1 SBreet No 13
4tb or Juty Ave. a J IL
Justo Aroeremen Ave. and 33 SL

FOR SALE: Maytog wringer
washing machine one year old.
5100.00, Carundu 2152-D.
Telephone 83-2172.
FOR SALE: -Mahogany b a r
matching mirror, shelf chairs,
575.- Double bed. spring, mat-
tress, 540.00. Lady's summer
coot. size 16, excellent buy.
Tel. 3-0272.
FOR SALE:- Westinghouse
refr;gera:ar, very good condi-
tian. Al:o hounshold effects.
bedj, toblcs, chairs, automatic
tea~scr, electric clocks etc.
Cheap. Cable Heights 0311 -X.
FOR SALE:-Ona 9x1 5 rug.
2-4327. Zone.
ICR SALE:-Large Frigidaire
e!octric range. Ereellent condi-
Iran. Phone 2-287 3efter 4:30
r- -. ....
- FOR SALE: Formica chrome
dinette set. $50.00; folding
couch. $35 00; coffee table
mahogany. 520.00; Iarge mo-
hogany and ta'il. $25.00;
rr-l meho-any a n d table.
$10.00; trhavirod. $5.00; Ze-
n'(h conr2metic record played
wifh own ampl;.irr. 4 speed
ploys 7" 10". 12" record',
050.00; 4 lamps, 52.00 e*rh;
flexible baby bathtrb. $1.50.
1523-J Balboe. 2-2944.
FOR SALE:- Venetian blinds.
vacuum clenar, washing me-
chiine QG. Else.. kitchen tabPe,
reroC6l1n.rtteafriector 13 cu. ft.
-. fclrIfr.l etr for rerod plaoy-
e 25 c y... baor-e'. .' '':I,. *-is-
o f'.'a u.2o, i:4nm, 21"6 .os Rio.|
''Tl. -2622.

R .L

FOR MLr4pSgItji house on
baledi let iled. fenced, o-
f .tr.e lsl plant. Can be seen
eve 25 t April 3.

Sullsidh City **- Petessug.
Flerid froem $7,00. Coqtt
Tray.Mayes, e/o A.,F. WNI.
Reelbw, m t 4 treet North,
St. Ptenaburg.

I I U-- -,.Cg -- --~- -.

182 a1 Carrsquilll
Central Ave. Is
No I Liery Plai -:

ougtis of lIy Ag
Agenda Internal. d ;Publicaciones
5 Central Ave.
rguie LLeft I BtMde


Ave. TivoU No. 4
Ha Central Ave.

M Street No. a

r. 'r .f a cAaye 4 ,

Vie ,MnelaAve.

I I U _..._ ._,_,..__ -:

BOX 2031 ANCON, C.Z.

FOR SALE: Venetian blinds
built to sit twelve family porch.
Excellent condition. Call Balboa
3472 after 4:30 p.m.
FOR SALE:-Five metal Vene-
t;nn blinds 5x6 ft. for new type
333 house. Big savings. House
1582. Apt. D. Calabash St.,
Gavilan Area.
FOR, RENT:-2 bedroom apart-
ment in Duplex housi. Fenced
gad, rage. Call Cooper 6-

FOR*SALE:-6 motors. 1 Apex
working marhina. all 25 cycle.
Call 87-5188 any time.

A "artments

ATTENTION G I.! Just built
modern furnish-d apartrient?. 1.
2 bedinois, hae, cold water.
Phone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RCNT,-Furnished and un-
furnihhd I and 4-room modern
apartments. Contact ALNAM-
Phone. 1386 Colon.
FOR RENT:-Furnished 2 bed-
room oaertment. screened. hot
water. B~t, residential section.
Ctma Aleqre. corner of Ri-
cordo .4riasl nd 5.r1t St., "A-
merica" building. Apt. 3.
FOR RENT:-Modern efficiency
apartment ideal for a bachelor
or a couple, near the El Pan-
ama Hotel and the Raymond
Clinic. Call 3-3421 from 6:00
p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
PI ,RRMNr,,*-Tw ----w-
pWiment, m id's r e, germg p
itI-hullt t "El COInta" tM-
berto Neverre Nq. 22.
: -
Fet SAtl: Api T-fr- '
iilhed. Leaving Isthmua. Vary
Io0 price. Telephone 3-6012,


FOR RINT:-Small chalet. on
bedriem. Uying dining room,
kitahe. Moderate rent. General
Jose d Sen Martin Ave. No.
6. dwsitaln.

FOe RENT: Second floor of
raidemee on Generol Jose Son
Martin Avenue No. 6: Four bed-
romalS. living room, dining room,
kitchen, iarga porch. Inquire
around floor.

FOR RINT: -Concrete bunga-
low: three bedroom, three serve
ives, parlor, diningroom, big
closed parch, kitchen, maid's
room, wahrsomsn. garage, hot
water oeneetions. $135.00.
Sonny Boy, Saban 810. Tele-
phone 3-3041.

OGniHch'i Santa Clom Bak
Cottages. Modern coenvaleems,
moderate rates. Phone Gmbos
PHILLIPS Ocoonside Cettale,
Snse Clara. Box 435, Blbee.
Phone Panama 3-1877, Crite.-
bal 3-1673.
past Santa Clam. Low nrtea.-
Phone Balboa 1866.

WILLIAMS' Saent Clarn Beach
Cottagn rockgos, reirigers-
tien, 2-bedroom. Phnaie Bale

Boats & Motorw

-~~ ~ _________ -- N -.

Bkth naotle for inclusion In tls
camna should submaltld in Lype.
wrtnm form sand mailed to one oa
tile be nambenl lited dIlly in "So-
cal -lgd OUthrwhe," or dllivered
byl. l to the office. Naole r.,
meeting cannot be accepted bg tale-

FOR SALE: 30 foo- sleep
"MAD CAP" No. 283. lley
head, will consider tradei Ir 53
or 54 station wagon. Cel. AI-
brook 2203.

FOR SALE:-10' seiljn dinyh,
trailer, $85.00. WaBling .i- .
chine, -a is, $5.00. Pbegpi A-
brook 2291. *,

Catholic Daughters of: America
will hold a business meeting and
*laMLIa. .f noFfiare In t*h ohlrMI

IULWl US **c eSU Nv
t. uea's hall. Katherine Trimble, Grand
The Altar Guild of the Cathe Regent will preside and all
dral of St. Luke will hold its reg- members are to attend.
ular monthly meeting Tuesday
evening, April 28 at 7:30. All
members are urged to attend ll tar Circle.
The All Srar Circle will hold
Their regular monthly card par-
Balboa Woman's Club Ity and bingo at the home of
!dn. Pat4y Ryan, President of the president, Mrs. Lena Hass,
the BaJoa Woman's Club, is house 8438 Cana Place, Margarl-
vivlg a coffee Tuesday morn- ta, aZ. on Wednesday, April 27.
, April 25 at 9 t.m. at the Bring your own cards and a
Pern Room of the Tivoli Guest small gift if you wish to play
Honse for officers and board bingo. For the members and
members, In honor of Mrs.'Edna friends that wish to spend the
ar .LtP nt fi the iont g,hpplDn o IAtlan
irs. Plu- ti p1pl fpt cards,
m *JMleaving b to make M a. -. wlt er lunch,
niohome hm the.States. There will be two door prize.
after the games. Be -sure to call
in your reservations before 24th.
tha D _ls a Sierlrs There will b etwo door prizes.
On Monday, May and at :3Q Call Pacific side, 2-3048. Mrs.
pa.S Court Our Lady of the Ml- Edith Epply or Atlantic 81de-3-
Iraculm I Medil -o. 874 of the 1847. Public Invited.



Srsad the


FOR SALE :-194 shker
2-door, radio er- eerdrve,
$225.00. Phono 3a-745. r -
FOR SALE:-195IPord 4-deer
Customline Sdol;. Psticaly
brand new. Ledl thn 8000
miles. Flying to StaIM. WIM tll
for substantial disab t. Phone
8alboo 2-3069.
FOR SALE:-Bu-ak '52 Conv.
, rufly equipped, Itke o w. Best
buy in town. Phone 83-2228.
FOR SALE: 1950 Clreoen 4-doer
Sedan. Good tiro 'Md seat sov-
en, $300.00. Curundu 2152-D.
Phone 83-2172.
FOR SALE:-Two wed tires
and tubes, all stote si 700-
15. Cal Gullick 670,
NEED a car? CH ,H.. Pretty.
Automobile sales, Ill makes,
new and used cae, eutonepbilo
insurance. 6007 From St., Tel,
1604, Box 748, Colon.
FOR SALE: 1953 Pontiac,
Tudor Deluxe, now fires. Phone
FOR SALE:,--Neoh $0 4-doer,
two tone. excellent condition.
Very reasonable. Cll 3602,
FOR SALE: 1954 Morris
Minor. 2-door, $750.00. Phone
FOR SALE:-(Leavlin lithmusl
1953 Ford. Tudor Sedan, Cut-
tomline only 7500 miles, with
beautiful h-tube radio. Excellent
condition, $1325.00. Please
phone Balboo 4433.
FOR SALE:-1953 Ford Sedon,
4-door. Excellent condition. Tel.
3-6032, Quiiano.

FOR SALE:-1951 Ford 2-door
aeden, Fordoemtic, redle, direc-
tionel signals, windshield wash-
or. $800.00. Ft. Kobbe 5245.
P LR L"Isq. dty
paid. Good m49pf h3-
407h afetain or evening .
FOR SALE-1947 Cadilec 2-
door Sedew good condition.
524-A Curundu Heights. TeL,
FOR SALlE-1940 Ford 4-deor
S a o nc, oxoloS- onditioHn
524-A Curundu Heights. Tel.

*0-U. C..
FOR IALB^g-195 Frd CuJ-
femlino 4-door Sedan. Vary
clam. P)rd to Hill rt $1.14|.-
Call Now 3994 or see -i
261O-B, ocli. ___ -

Notie la hereB given that the Nllsit
yacht Prtiw Wtlmai. a veeal flying
the Slt flea home port. oisnlter.
tBn, ~ ate with wood hull ot
P.O tm.o n tons net. 74 feet
ovee, bu.0 .1, with a draft of
ft. k old at Public Anuetl
under ,~"i~CqiSS~Uhited State Di
of Cathe Caunal

oanArR iM Net 10 ta ih t the Dig
trtis Couct Bouset An anar Zones

Dated Ala .. e. April UB1 I

paaata. aershaL ow
ic ., 8-_c
Pretor As-QfcE

" ^*--A'--;
** -


i hrf.

I ..w--
^ *
*. *

FOR RINT-Fiir hhedrame"'
te bachelor at mnired a-pe.
Finr St. Perejil Fl. 7-I30, Tak-
phong 3-0397. ___
FOR RENT -mrs*hIedr" <
cool, all convenlejiei. Ainrgkei
gentlemen only. NeO A-stcn
Pest Office. PhFoe Plaea 2--
FOR RENT.*-Oe ore two fur-
nished or unfumnlshtd, sp.
with private bath, page." en.d
kitchen facilities. If dIelira4uit
new private hooe. 7h1. Ave.
No. 18. San Frnulsee.o-.Alw




. ea *ile


Ing public. To-. p A i.p.
DESA, BaDeOMhngr 1 N ,

WANTED -fmq'iit
typiat with stMehIrI.e hfL m-, !a 'ar is- 2- .t ..,_ .

MAJ. GERALD H. HATTER, USAF,. president( ~ le.b &TA.p,
anla Canal Zone chapter of PPEUlSQSA., Inc.: ial. flrt
inp Oy. John S. 8eybold with the first to- ticket to Wt'4d,
annual Parade to be presented by SPEBQ(bA 0 >4.tbhl
Balboa Theater. Other members of the Barbishop Q o*t
ganizatlon who accompanied 'Haytr (b tle. ..e
are Fred Helton, Chaptero acete l-eeQ and-1i
man, and .JmaB.Marrhalf extieme.rifhl ,bho
mittee cISalaSn this reaC. eyb '
the arbe, hti.',Qrete iM
that he hoperthat it wilhP biale .
to be at the thester at curtain-t- t. -
beg in ..... ,.

Academy Award Whmr *ace

and Poplilar lSiwt Banger lTn

In F"ride' Fir-'


S. -- i

* ..b.M B' B 8.P
ele el puSebllwd todf. .

or-i .r ; ;-. i



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I~c~l;*:, _i--.-LI.L -~~r

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..r~F ~"
b' $' s



. -. --' .- .. f ..h . .... .... -
.. .w: "..t- n -i .*w w'- 4-~. :"4 -' -"-- ..... ,- .'-
., t--,.-I..M,4 ... -.-
_. .. ,'." .. .. .- ..- .-.., .- .~ .

5. .

-*, "O "- ,' M" .'"
-'r ** ;:- 1- .-
.. ,/ .' ..*.* ... i* '-.'*"*t ..-- *
.+S I ., ,, ';-.-. ... .. ..~l '.

-. -- aki\~"U'~'--' S

*4r' -.4. ,, L

.--with -
t-o 's sm a-we


This Is Igor oowealm li the
a pictur; eymr .Wopping
A. bout. -..,.

William undican P itt
ank. do Silveete '" "

' .. it9jiyEN+ ...
.% .1 ..t .wn M~i t"~or ." '*
. : A 5:m,-- .. kip '


.- a... -.. ;

-A oN"-'-' '.
w.t i es stewart.

. i I

t-' ae of her committee chair. Ai
S" en follow: program Mrs. `

Wn ana.'a his world. in teroa of a vie st erre i telhone. Mrs. Sadi va
p.i th p 1r t.ograhm dp.s with ,t1L W -V-e. yoa
-. Awus f" or pea r th A music for the oAallv -o-- As guest speaker, Rev. Paul Lh
lnti- a.tu .n ,s,' -.It ma t id .. Ado... Ala r -II W- pastor of t..he wil
filmed on lofltl- .Ie t .t'evl- Silver Teo T e of the Wom-n's auxiliary of Marrita Union Obtrch talked
1atual people who ho b 0l hass %ade- In of In Colon the "Church.of Our Savictr" in oa Greece. er
Pr t. Us .tMa I o ar ous--y meeting Ura to toeo c rc ht We dtn The dr pie -was 'won by th
,1. .210 r th t b t ... ..r 1 :11. anbV t Mrs Walsh.
Mpor a.d -- the. fr-s i ISA f t au Mrs. Thomas C. Robertson, The following ladles were
n Mwutipf k Vicerptehet presided in peni V ..een Mesn Bettsr
S -e-- ll ..- : Moy-- not to t.. e nmU absencp.tMr f Ms. R. T. Thoe -A p,, P.esident le.a mar, Vice-
,I ?-. 'xter, 'tbeft a- Owi -for .hisa luia presIdt : Manytems wre .fl"dent; o Vera Krauule. Secre-
e Bt aoI Econtrwri brought'up concerning th he new wl- Paa hl thord, Treasurer;
l .Ala e aflew Tno .to#.s c church p- eon srts w tr e t- ncardar,
ths eon.'f be t -IItI hI bua r bted to ah member of theq Nauon Griswold, Sa e
*t*?I t e.worapwhich draw rod a Vol conpra:taoi or Auu liay to be made folr tno Wii Joan o nUtX %', Betty
*. ....*- moun- t eof -vrable droa."w Silver -Tea, Wt .ehich Is to be. he'" o-ld, Elen Maldy, VernaI
m.aof te aton 6n dn cua se t ha wrtes t fe levidepa _W he at the home 1 Mrs. .Eustac. 6 ,tacla Wal-ai, M bel
S of -ptew .peat bookscwoam tg p i SOta a7 Hoateuslonfor th In. a q a ld of 'Lee In 00011o SaL, Arpl i, Lorenz Gerspach, and
ae",ctor. top |resent the phIloso the baIm c theafrLt1oUroe.f 4j' Hostwere f Robert -meet i a l MarJene Gerspch.
II no .i: nibu, wer Xh e. Robert Emei and1^ le ^dta o
IeI ot b?! m t ly nda.- Mrss Thorns C. Robertson. ae W Sn
th_ e 1e .al, a a a more ston U .c IAp e WC 'Spon o meetinge
I. plqtutoRe s u lm an gor C i. The reher ,business meeting,
st an] Ptkm hte su d-; t a e to fila,. AIt *er- won- M i-ofth Inter- anr of the Wlma Milis Navy Wivessm
however, egd a e brw by e of .t l Women' tb have e luIW a held this paste week. i
.... .. li m-t .ed facets f m-derl ve endas sensors a t We Community House, F"ort
f And e e 11fIavor.sde 6it,, dt e- s. I ts hrceries oi J S concerts to be pre- .,
aiae : n e alyTI r, apt y .1 m oer s, and dbe i b ale n nh saented y -the "Orquesta Naclo- -1 11 a m1m1m
441w Ia. -e p Fri 4 0 TV writersado His Wnect w
MCaMu 's. It 168100 0" Yn S on^ ^"tie neete nal" of Fanas.The oncertsa. I
r e t will 1 hld once a month art-
x wSely a highbrow n".f an- o ing May i8th it the "Teatro Na n h.
-e-s WIt gl "y b. Y u cn- wri t i cional." For further informant n eaind h s,' I
.1t1 nibus h, n In Its tin M atic literature for cioa. ho freeold
Sater generated to I 1rewardtng t s you Tq a. m& of plear call Club Headquarte r s o. .
a ppresecaive an 4ot- isde. tio m n tTickets for the series of con U
*h *er" a 'ee i tae q .presentatV io ?o at.nei' dB Newcomers' Club Meet i
t4 ASh t* di retcht. lbus asnd ,m ws S* hr ed w- h and I At Hotel Wasbinton
usb shot hs The Newcomers' Club held a
"tom ibV be; fitIdathe o Z$ -d e, pof to apvly t he mtz. teach- their reclar Monthly meeting
topen 96141 detahons of oyin in w to problems of the individ- at the tel Washington on
o .a-yeirteo ,m,,J Uglar u and the home and how Thursday afternoon ith thell iiai 1
Mse .. ofntoeee same teaching; reveal new President Mrs. Robert Mi- L U| 81X JN l

e o il ?t s e n uide Ito an x- Amol', Eo rf Chicago, it wa4s hu E R C P C S
has. rom adt.o hth ske fai, k an .e -bpartidie a nnnn hayr ak- hrtE ,n
dia e mda s_'na operaa, fis teo publi oomafterdfr
Sp1t nsl ao w it 5f Wril sI Cu for pueae Science /-4ptof Leere"shp, R. F
0 s. toar er aoe n. b tore -"Mr- A tttn and Diablo Hefghts b K) ..
t 'N l if U e ti e h im do w ill .Bl n .,oad t o d a yO L
.,.. els ga ue .or any other ,trestg em t t i b,,fs ifi t G t Av. 2 ta i. ,-RI,4

u |^ '..Tdle.

b e Su "Howf ,rIia S e ee -T.. Se IB
,1 -tihe how.' Our proga D Ssiotory .up to of How Chs TOt.ian Sie.e .Reveals,
mati etr + ,ert- oove oontll I. Mans oreatness" wl be pre-n sI ot oo
r,. W y.,, and atu ohen TrIivd el n of e ahethis i: Interesting ad- rented under the auspices of .. .Fr
andB a-- rf co -'Itt" W2'" t0l iton 'tvice to th would-be Ts drama- FCIt Church of Christ. Scientist, rt. ; <
.tdr:zdned 11. to c t, iwt is something with wmlch Atcon, In the Diable Heights at ErHle 1! ruR" ,'
pulr. .1 -,,-e sk uus ual_ fea...e. his audience. -teed not'bj con- Theater at 8 p.m. Friday. ^ _.l _.
*:'*"T^e*tuch' .aothg tor rl currently on an exten- ..I* RICHvER So

_? +mj,-,.+, PJld Ub ioa ou-ma ndg "uait Omn, It's' or more other uAe e d wa, he had a eeasful career :I _y ^ W ljM fe Il
*ilolo!.g and stug tt r ci. ?T,'"n? 'iSlM, S", t; u n the sales and advertising field Ik: I J iS F I NE R'l
Smply. to know and unde- with te s t q;p or leaving the business -ni.CSS
.-- world to devote his full time toRb
..good msi p c, b o t he practice oi Christian Science I
vion to the T ould-e -T r- Marchd a Ch ristn Science wtr-i st
.To Wint p,.o, con- I, Ut An time-hnlai e!ingOW mar ldWa
an Do s ines. re.-S, bl I an g w | eha sn in the Dabe e a autho ".f"zed
ular._ usual feab.3 tiphefl ences. .,l Io% .... Theaer o- h p Frisan .i
I5 1.4 sincese949's 1- I .t.. g. L...-,.-,........
.Gyo un g. _o,' eo T- .%. .- pweh ar -- '.. --. cr ed..
..-'.,- it0 '-dl evide.c dIA 108 a I ducl-e ama for television, the. I C

Program thatlW I-vgee IVllsatd w1th fuU i.t lik'e .Wa _f pteasurabte laticipation, "WNa i of',;. ... ... .
A r! A6 an;, Me- "andIMrltaon by the slnni S ive TV-tbht?" fi. FINER
S-'.w adlr-rOutinthv t dal4 prit leavusi
l"*.l violn p oh Ipatrument anth3 U RVrI of ...n S-ec T ," .I -' r^
-.. .. .. .to I pefom-nc wt i
'" ... .. .. ... C h rs .an War -'--'l

-. .. ., "U ''". Heb'. ,. ..- :. a .t rz /( A-..
i: w. e ni. 0, --- ,r,

....f. -. "g.aA ,T.B -j-'M, t ii.
--.. a .,,T,'t'- B~ ar.t'

fl61 7=r -S MAT= yMir.
: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ m+t W.XU 6 DB wS *ATA .mOOr'

,ador. an Bias -a i+
i'There is also La "Emergeny please bestb
t rive' "olng, th s wie n, the iM ...'.T :
r house hbum nowe, ot inooin- I n e ) oo
g and outgoing families of NIa- I-a ere
Sand Marine pe'dnnel, so if pleae tpotal'M
O ha0e any. howehold items ait drid ,. ".
at you qanpot use pick up
ll be a the various base n 4 .4
captain and Mr, W. B.- Tuc,- w-..uck.. ,aw
were the bhi tlred guests, of Ferb-gera'
r evening., .I m./ ..
l, whon are galag on the ad Award .
.. .* .' ..c -hrD;rector
SN-URSERY.--SCHeOOeL.-:. .,-
Located-1 block from Via Porra (sao .fLci, -.:
between 10-11i Streets, No. 3C. will oMpen ,3'. t
Modern equipment, spacious playgbUqd..--.
Enrollment daWy, 8-10 a.m. TeL; 43;M,..' .
Teacher Director
Formnerly with Albroqk NAPey 8Bqbi) '. '- |

.* foa tried .

D uel- Purpoe p' oy.
Face Pow4er?


- generoumtly to em r light
.i edfion.....w. o ghtly fugayt ei lilw..
friaipsmnttiltit a. .Likeliolywo4'eledtntgStn,
yqq will never, neo or want to se another face powder.
Available at all leading drug and department store .

P.S. Plemamlyr lrulm. EeoMnird W ooi

Ladu~ve fbuo S*q COV.. I

0.60 0.30

[C. m, ,. _.

, .. -- a

.N fl-, ab 538. 3i8, -7 Ii J1at3al 5 : ::35
0 Diana roSOr aan JoNs
.fh" s ",st TI I Saw Paris"

S AhOCcndidned
2.30 -430 630 8.35

4-- ~ 4



' ; .'i -. -."-. S,.

*.,. -..:.r *w iw ii.-.
K *"-^^

r4,~ 'L-f

f ...-

1 I

I .. wpp

1 -T

-.; .



. n 'w

F, *' "
'UNBW~x Abus


'rvc; wc~f
*' w.

- "- 'i~u f
'~4: 4

4-'r, .i '



t Four Finishers

P Qualify For May 1

15,0000 Added Feature
Vt a -

', Nine President's Classic hopefuls will match
strides today in the $1,000 one-mile-and-five-six-
Mi.'eenthm elimination race for the four berths remain-
>5R in the May 1 $15,000 added blue ribbon event at
-the Juan Franco race track.
SThe track's six Class "A"I FOURTH RACE
Phones Main Road, K in g's 1-Winsaba (e) 54.00, 2.20, 2.20.
(i'lse, Atys, Bradomin, Amorin 2-Avlspa $2.40, 2.20.
an' Persian Countess are al- 3-Don Jalme $2.20.
Xeady sure starters in the Pres- Qnel: I.80
. dents Classic and will not have
to run in the elimination. To- FIFTH RACE
day's elimination will be com- .-petlte 815.40, S4.
ete a field of ten starters-- 2-Nacho 52.80.
iaxlmum that can be accomo-
datda In the Young sta rt n, SIXTH RACE
* gate.' 1-Majestic $0, 5.20. 6.40.
otered for today's race are 2-Welsh Fox $3, 2.60.
Fol 113. usyaqull 106, Pan 113, 3-Amat $4.80.
Albatross 108. blakemere 115,
GoMyoder 108, Red Rhymester SEVENTH RACE
108, Don Cuto 106. and Kios co -Tempestad $10.40, 7. 3.
113. 1-Copadora $9.40. 3.80.
3--Marianina $7.20.
.Fol, which turned in a bril- Second Double: 169.
liant finish last week. will moat
lkely be the mutuels favor.i t EIGHTH RACE.
He should get plenty of compe- --Sally Spruce $3. p.80. 2.20.
tition in this department from 2-Cara de Oato $5.80 2.20.
the vastly improved Ki osce o. 3-Chispeante $3.
Red Rhymester and Don Cuto. Quiniela: $20.40.
Alfredo Vasquez, who rode
F91 last week, will be up on NINTH RACE
Klosco this time while Guiller- 1-Vedette $7.B. 3.20, 3.20.
mo Sanchez, who piloted Erado- -E'sppeirico s o80, 3.20.
'rft to an easy victory In the .-bxp.lito $3.20.
Oardia Naclonal, Classic, will
hlte the leg up on Fol. TENTH RACE
ttle Manuel Ycaza will ride 1-5Turgot $4.40. 2.60.
S trong-finishing Don C u t o 12vaqulmazo $2.60.
Blas Aguirre will be aboard
the others, speedy Fan 1-Pugilist $5.20, 3.40.
cover Albatross, distan c e- 2-Barlyon $2,20.
g yonder and disappoint-
Ouayaquil all have been
ming well enough to pull G
a, ri. The only starter In ld t
which does not figure .,w u w-
promising l a k e-
suddenly weht sour
as d trailer in By Herbert "Moise
e ,mas e etpeit t Does it mean anything when
this r a a rain-teaser1 two debuts have the same speo-
e t is soPll-matched on. taular aspects attached to
and shapes, Up as a wide tHenm? If so, then, we can ox-
''f a. Intqlres pect.t see r h 0HumbertA"
-to 8se to &a major league box
....(Biyel.Br W-Z a. Iadlt ly" athelas i a l
ux bore- the racaa ottatdn rookld In the big
won with three, Inrcuding leagues.
attired $750 aoe nle race
s "Btred $ porte thaer We can remember clearly when
bds whicrh waoson Humberto broke into the now
bred Which wmaeasily won
.tud wontelh mar'se Tur- defunct CanaL Zone League. Al
SKubaki, then manager of the
0t7 hbltAe-t d .win- Cristobal Mottas, had Robinson
wereMajestic a nempes- on the bhnch for what then
which formed a successful seemed to be an unjust, length
d doublecombination that of time. All the while, however,
~ o. Bt th Maiestic and Kubs &khad been coaching Rob-
i y. derrd b l Fred- jby in the finer points of pitch-
no ianchn lio Rodriue road rd

ot tO his easy post-to-
s only Ohitis horse w
Wot win wa Explicito w
.. u a close third In
mhnbao was second to
~iuhout in the fe
VBiafovlch came up to
topf.-third. Turgot ret
l.-1M40 in the five-h
R:lpded an enter
i Dark Sunset
WJWas the day's lea
..t"oee victories. H4
| "with ifeboat in
Salad Pugilist in

t (Excluded from
hinO 960, 4. 2.20.
Prince $2.n. 2.20.
.dgar $20.

f e.o60. 8, 1.60.

ot t HlOAlO
It l6ml A tedA

4 .4

Classic &.III
I ;I'
I as a-a "- ;r "rt '
.,, .


.-.. .,.I

NIGHT before the season o-..
pened, Willie Mays was say-hey-
ing to Robin Roberts, "Now you
tke it a little easy on I11' Wei-
#e. Robin ol' boy. After all, we
friends" ... Ripped Ro bi n,
"Listen, boy, I haven't got a
friend in the world from tomo-
row to October"...
RobertA and the Dodgers'
Russ Meyer are the lea ding
pantspressers in the ma o r a..
watch how they caress their
trousers' crease after e v e r y
pitch ...
When Pee Wee Reese reach-
ed across the plate to give Fred n
Haney of the Pirates the Dodg-
ers' official batting order ue-
fore the first encounter, Haney
pokerfaced, "I won't accept that
lineup. I get mine from Dres-
sen ... Jolly Cholly was recoun:- I
Ing his first Jamscheduled day
In New York, concluding with
a late evening radio dlisertation OMaL
on his favorite topic, the Dodg-
era, and grinned, "Bavasi should Chaley Dras s
have heard that one" ... One
almost gets the impression it er one) still bothers his throw-
was one of the vice-prexIles a- ,ag every spring until the 11
round the Dodger office, rather ments around it loosen up...
thai. Walter O'Malley, who pav- main impediment to Bface Nd-
ed Dressen's exit ... waGds' comeback with the Nats
Is it true they've spelled out is not o ai m, but the fact he
Washington on the Senator's uni- didn't. ~ the last two sea-
forms this year because nobody sans d dgwvoting full time to
knew what the old "W" stood third ...
for?... to executive in a top mr- A L
The Nets' first baseman, Mick- or iC orga nation tis paid E
ey Vernon. was passing t hIe |less aroundd 15,000) thn It ea he won ltat '
time of day with an old person- the players on his team's rest- ciso de I Caleta. M
al fan, President Eisenhower, e.... varrito de Sevilla Vt1* 0 0_
who solicitously inquired, "How The world bantamwel ht said b man to be the.e. ba
are you, Mickey. and how are tuation la in such a mls -mnah see w ee ago.
things at home?" ... "Fine, Mr that it took us two weeks to .. e
Presildnt," replied Mickey, a find out that New York recog-
known verbal conservation n is t... nizes Robert Cohen as the cur-
Later In the dugout, a t e a m- rent champ, although he's out
mate wondered, "You mea n of commission for the moment,
that's all you said to him, Mick- and 46 NBA states (exclud In I
ev? ... What'd you want me California) go for Raul Maclas
to do,' drawled Vernon, "ask of Mexico ... The N.Y. Athletic
him ow things were at th Commsion firs referred us to
WhVie House?' ... Ring Magazine to find whom.
'The Bridges of Toko-Ri," a itt (New York) recognized and
flicker based on naval air war- Ring referred us back to the
fare in Korea, so unnerved one board...Confused? Who wouldn't XN.ATIONAL LEAGUE
me.lor leaguer during a spring be?... Teams L Pet. Q8
training screening that he came Brooklyn ..11 1 .917 -
out of the theater with his hands A champ like Cohen ma k es Milwaukee 7 3 .700 3
trembling ... Lloyd Merri m an, droplets in Europe, compared to St. Louis .... 6 4 .600 4
the Cibs' outfielder, had gone the winner of the Tour de Fran- Chi o ... 6 5 .5 4 4
through those experiences an an ce, the bicycling test held In l hill elphi. ,5 545 4
ace in Korea.... June... With endorsements and New y3,' 3 g. 6 &
The spring training grind took like, he realizes arou a d Clu.. 9 .
'16 pounds off lean Texan-;Tim f Pi. 8 0 :C
usby of Washl ton whq l i yo u'a'nme, didn't it -7.
laims he's too od(all of sa) t pressure from the commls- -
Ito indulge In any foot races with sitner to siral a obrood of un- TO P."
the Yanks' Mickey Mantle,.. The willing leaguers into New Cln at Chi
right collarbone thatJlim hfrae York for a pre-season televl- New York at Brook
tureda as a f6otballer at Texas alon show at a low stipend Pitb atll hi (2j
Christian (he also broke the oth- (817*)? ,, St. Lo-b's'S 'a

Colon Boxing Commission vawi.w'M
New York:. -9090V0000--'
Sa '' w.. 'ie l Brooklyn 004 0-0 x-S '2


Why It Changed

post Kubski suddenly called Robbv T.ud? G ,'ar. T, ,a*
which from the bullpen one night when U g e s DCISIIO Sun da
which it was least expected. Robby
the stepped into the game flndln --
the Mottamen in great danger
Tur- of losing a lead. The stringbean .The Colon Professional Boxing, Despite the discourteous and
ture right-hander stopped the rally Commission, in connection with improper tone of your letter, II
fin then went on to pitch extra in- the position taken on the night of wish to inform you that in con-
urn- ning but lost when the leftfleld- April 17, wishes to state early formit with atlels 6, 6 and
orn er misjudged an easy pop fly. that in reference to articles 5, 53 of. solution No. 30 of July
o Thus began a blJliant Isthmian 6, and 53 of Munii A e- 7 1949 which aot the rules
S-baseball career that has -been ment No. SOof J ly, 946.w and re guiColn Pro-
ding resplendent desp its brevaty. the Boxing RU s adopt and, essional Boxing b slona, the
il- In his major league debut. ince we feel tttoe deion' decision which od your
the Robby came in the game with gof the judg Joint reInati s urth-
the the tying run at the plate rep-i tim-at vitotry ised Coo- more, this I. t first
e sented bY one of the NatinnplIcolatco Vee tp_ time in the hity o interna-
I eagu's leading sluggers, Hak er alternative i a i. t tional professionl beodng t hat
I auer, with two outs in the bnt- did, with she 0 pl"lai of a.ta such a situation has come about.
tOm of the ninth. Hq used six me mers for e bneft to the
I Itches to strike out Bauer. ThE sport. The Commission exprepes gra-
bet- frat pitch was a called strike .. .I gtude for your pst aerices dur-
then sauer fouled the serond furthermore, he n Ing the performance ot function.
the third and fourth were balls, wishes to maeI cle. .- Very truly yours,
the fifth was fouled then came lowln aeptrl esgdo a DL Dulgado D.
the pitch that will forever glad- IfUoniat accept Presid .
den the hearts of PanamanianI erst time on thesason
baseball fa, terntloal pro on
D that uh, a s "ation bU PAA u fiitn
When it was made known that about. -
fans began making plans to stay (gJau; h lm Ai taaala
up and hear for themselves. re.. .-.
Those who wee asleep gave in- TA Ai *M
structlons to be 'twakeed in mo- l l W IW II
time to istef' o the description I' Moune .
of the six historic pitches. in Flrptd Lusa The fifth antdSt-an Amerl-
iColon all public address hook- AiW'd EsamnA can World Atrwf Isthmian
l ups were blars g and the gath- A.' a :Amateur Invltattina CGolf Tour-
Sierings were such that the si- '."_ .. ne will get underway -at am-
lence of the night was broken Ci sboa t 8:00 st a w and
to At midnight, April 20, 1955, Co- iw vSet '. players will ha* unlti.; :00 p.m.
't ion reflected world series en-. Sh iAan rs ay 1 to complex their 18 hole
a. thusiasm because on that day Hei iepd .n Medal play qulsqu B rounds.
)N Panama ma sbal history. To director
l" IA Panamanhm flnallf Made t e, ',rrd
,R majors, and fr that we are A o be the. Pan Areea-U .WIrd Alr-
Sgrateful to Humbrto Robinson. al In: .. -w s -m -, r tm-
-trvew that .'th, this
n_ .rqati ista~ctS6d '. I year's fifth a t rnament
l, or i ooApl P.l.W top the prevlewP tourna-
A A ,N aiam II a -. -a ,.. ... ments and-wi h a to In-



luSltiWfltvW l|ra
A m^- ~ Gap s&: am mi-- M
tan and N-w OiM asl

I-li dAL' IN pr $m

By cn Aon

it 06 IMr the ibel fttntlo to the
amateur p&iip pro-
ram Initart W -M several
arma ago dlurOnfm from
.modest beqItruwt fIly into
be two met aOnet .nfmred'
mepl tounrOi lst, AWbS Amateur
nuons f tjf'-itlr. piansmr
A" &ad tW *Iv. Pe- C at
m'bot. Pan AuImfB'Airrwstl
salmed at an 'tr date the
mliv of elw".4sq*' mofld

N 'k 0 '* -.- am

Prim I-
oft w N"O
krro pna tl
0 fotF fftB-


Maglle (0-3) and Katt Er-
ikine (3-0) and Campanelia.
S- a
Cincinnati .09000. w--0 5 1
Chicago 00010041 x-- 5. 0
Nuxhall,'Lsne (8) and Bailey,
emiinlok (7) u aker .Darls I(8


; a

Iad Race 0"I nal

l- Lttle Ble.
3-.ierra Velluda V
4-Bull Plea'-
5-olden Pan
6-BlUdy Man

Srd Race "N" Nao

1-Volador ,
2--5al Alal AL
3--Slrena .
4-Lady Dancer F
5-Coran 8.i
6-Yoslpongo A

i' of Spmam I#49F
Macarena bulrini
compete against c<
n. Navarrito tir
llant exhibitiot-a
fighter wiUl kll

SymAn Na-
in What ia

Teams W L Pet; GO
Chicago .0.... 6 2 .750 -
New York ... 7 3 .700 -
Boston .... 4 .606 1
Cleveland ... 6 4 .600 1
Washington 4 .500 2
etroit...... 4 1 0 .00 2
City,.2 .7 .222 44
2. .208 .00 8
Boston at New York
Chicago at KIaCls City
Detroit at Cleveland
Washington at Baltimore (2)
Detroit 012 00000-3 11 0
ICle.veland 000000000-0 3 .0
Hoeft (1-1) and Wilson; Gar-
cia, Wight (9) and Regan. LP-
Garcia (1-2). HR. Boone.
Boston 000o011 000-2 7 0
New York 003000 40x-7 9 0
. Delock, Kinder (7) and
White. Kucks, Morgan (6) and
WBerra.h n n n
SWahmitn n nna nnn nnn n n

SM=inf l '1 3 -- -a Sw* u u
and Chiti. WP-Davis (2-0). LP Baltimore 010 000 20x-3 7 o
-Nuvhal (1-1). tone, Shea (7., Hyde (.7),
Stewvrt (2), Currie (7) and Fitz-
gerald; Byrd (1-0) and Smith.
Milwaukee 5,t., Louis 4 LP--Stone (0-1).
Philad"~phi 8, Pittsburgh 0 "Chiago 20. Kansas City 6




CsttLessr To Sell
a Oube This Wav
Toim s .S I.l o. V ft Woe
"a.r* e o ln0HI4 WoiO
Ad h i*'umw*.l Amriseso

If voe' utn in. jAdlnl., wei
Ifc :Wrt A.


f t- ire'r c



4th Race "G"

th Race "A" Imported 7 Ppi. Purse $' ~ tI C. w u
1-Yoiklto F. Godoy l1ix 4Early .apeed ly s -1
2-Don Ooyo M. TYca 109 -Jorm IndcOats ...n
3-Portal A. VAsquu 1I1 -Rates fair chalee -
4-Golden Bound A. Ycaza 108 -Could score at price 4-1
5-Daniel B. Artire 113 -Could o all the wy -2-1
6-(lack BSabo K. lores 117 -Must improve more -1
7-(Black Gold H. Ruis 100 -Could upset dope 5-A
.. 4
6th Race "GA Imported 6% FgP.rune $450 P-"i wlu .s
first Race of the Double -i
1-El Regalo A. Valdlvk 11 -Notlthi*g to rc meqd 10-1
2-Florera 'F. doo 100k -Distance sait; Yl -1
S-Cruzada B. AaUlre 110 --Bates tbd f -
4-Matruh M .Eeballbo 110 --urd to iri 9 1
5--Greco 0. Sanchez 110 .-D- t _toJkf .$1
ematodosM. 00 -.Dagbrod. n -10
7--Pilnno A. YteaBa 110 o-4bormSliqdflati, 34
8-(Bar One J. Rodrigues 110 -Could be wtlqr also S-I

7th Rae "H" Imported g. "~PuiW I6 r oel I 4
Seuod Race of-the peble

8th NaC "I" Imported ga.. Pursne J3 Pels Cosw tO
--Stone of Scone F. Rose 116 Iuall gIpleft 10
2-Pinebug A. Mena 15 -Sh41d uttipnit %bei. 5-2
8-Viajero B.Agulrre 110 -Joe won't heip 2-1
4-Tom Collins M. YClaa 103 -Has strong flah 4-1
5-rEsqulador F. Godoy 109x -Beat tua at' 30-1
6-Vampiresa J. JImines l03x --Iprovn lowly 5-1
7--Gaucha K. Flres '118 --UflWy. rumf .p .2-1
8-Mr. Foot A. Ycaza 114 -Rates' air chance 3

9th Race Elminatlon 1 5/16 M. PUase tcCeLWCm egeA .
1-Fol B. SAnchez 113' -Last waL eClet "
2-Guayaquil J. O6ngora 106 -Distante te -1
3-Fan F. Rose 113 -Oold g4l1ttwi 3-1
4-Albatross A, Y. ea 108 -Ds ar 4-
5-Blakemere H. Rula 115 -A1r oft0 -1
6 I-yoander J. Phllipa 108 -D. to .' 5-1
7-Red Rhymester Aglrr e108 nW n'", Ic-1
8-Don CUto M. YTsa 106 -. & ngest~.h 2.1
9-Kiosco A. Vsques 113 --R ng to b fgm -1

Pool Cl i 5s4

' 1-

l-Monte Rouge A. Vanuez 113' --Should win -lgl.i
2-Lexden V. COtlUll 113 -Bad asrt f lelt
S-ilnn Feinner L. Graldo 118 -,-Ot 14bet
4-(Royal Signal B .Agure 110 -Wil itit oIt'*ut
5-(Regl Chum W. Itoe .113 I -Bth s cAier too

U1th ea e
4--Fru Fru
5-., Time


Natl i U -- -S
M. Yeuaa 109 -Hard to 'bet here
G. SAnches 113 -Nothing in montm .
J. Philips 115 -Racing to beft form
A. VAlnes. 118 -Has rt. et mftwan
J. Cadogan 106 -att atrsay I

A a-.

..-- .- -i- e- *:.....-i*

------:I .

-. n

S- -.. .

~- ___ 7r


S .- .- AN iOl

.r **- '.
- ^f "-4. "


.tnjt ,
"- *"- -
.4.-' -
'-.****^ )P. .* <. .
* .. .= -.; .- ..:

U1t4C1S .' -

N. AND' 'li

O .. A :

'm f^l^ --;^ ^ .


10th Race "D" Imported I 7Vg. Purse 0p


I I I l ,

- ?:`i?

? .



- ..-rf- *

- -^ *


* ...*ls~F.
*1**~-. *..5~ -

*;~ ~ ~ f *** a *-* .- :'. ,-*, ** 1, .. ........;* '** !* '. afS....**
." '*- *" -" -' : f '_ f -< i:*. ,** ". "- = i-.. .
; ,i ...' "" '" -

i -4-Lr*. t --- M iN-ow
.. ..z... .-,,- .-....-I- "" ', ..- .Az;"%'-

* -, '- .,. ,r .. ..
*.-" .^ f *** .--A
- .... :.. E

4 : '

-* '.,.',

F A-, '-

S .. L .


..":. "..**"
, .
' .* ^


L4KM ; ear
diq~ &Jlot .

I ca tell you l"
*.-. Z I. f .
*-* ,. ,** .

o rre
...,~11 ....,q g u7-, 1 -: ',
Accorded Big League Cu
w...... .f." .f-: _' ".' ,
t: :Y "; ,S --- ..-- i i

4Tedy, aost .1 them are
w~esneak to actually coach.
w, : .Thp leach, upot flaws 1n tech- d dsher up their lads
Slike TrTough rrr, are reFrre tio n-
otffalloy, su "Ssdatflt manag-

y ru d er is nd ao les a y are working un th ortllto Tur-
Syear-old Pow is returning to dent In charge of Gankets' pitcher
S-ev- A prize hei Sn F nut the finea do
---. ......... "n sdrl, 'There i' o Pow ell Found Fighting elt.. whe o t be liftak pt.
tighter thins a football pler fll. heita to say so. h 'el

ruttlag 6M Ut Wr word r t g WDBB Mith his feet. **', I 0 to acr Powell, remarks bl 1. e ver y- for Instance, recently shortend|
aooiWl the Pitcher wit whie bu AV o er Tt r sno keeps trek of pitching rte
t of I n he ha I tl I gh er an f otball station, number of innings pitch-
lu iowt he sut i u n- Qii0h ed, aon d how well the relievers
Mh norto L but 0 are working in the bull pen dur-
JOE WILLIng, a game.
"Jfl W ILLIAM S. waa ftW D5Y HARRY GRATSON Knocked out twice, the 22- Shellenback Is the vice presi-
St on ts st oy tt ear-old Pwll i ts returning to dent in charge of Giants' pitch-
Th T ana-s Irv NOMB, (EnA)-. A prize the San ndcisco -a rs next lng a nd Leo Durochern heer
r a thr days anWi fhed 1 I0 ltor T Ul t, I t's to fighter thinks a football plyerl .or hook lhestates to sayne of tn Seb .
POu iiiW ..iT mat. no ont f wron 'n aloac raL is-" crazy., a isnl en t o Icra Powell, remarks b 16. eve r y- for instance, recently shortened
of aslll a wtl t J.T I i A football player consider; a where but in the ring, is one Jim Hearn's stride and started
O b"Ib to and t0, prize f ghter just plain n u" dts.c of the mighty few football play- the big, right h a n d e r on th
Sblank Which is the toughest -fight- er who hopped directly from comeback trail.
,ll, Which Is the toughest h-.
ra -f i lmIft g Is I l nl or football? hign ah school to the profesi on- Most of the coaches have been
fl t ud io rri, -a O do tor ptllye ; ain tjs a b1 V.a 1 1. f theb pRlO eb it a A d e- ao
Sa I ranl a I. Drbol his couldur 13 Charley Powell, the esto Poell tooled a lot of pe
L., a, ilkwhtqh. o ,-eontaly, Pe S, likd hi d e Deced 8 lie oi mmov -" It olooker, were athhitch-
i e d prte tlkhters have a cnorm popular appras a 1. ickey (Branch), turn in histhl ever _rtub hosu k ow te a g ert

* hg d .: ".r loma t tatheo le teos Leve r ou dr 13n is noe int*
T b Yanks Iv o, s uspna- li Ius struk hi d own last guy pitched and won."

fall summer Tan earshie this found ot rhng otheaw end of a Chrey an ofth
ed three days and fined $11O for fall, ,uane T ,an. e W h. o the thid of h e l o a r IrrY rehoou of the
puh .lg aS. u ajire made no month, w ton n a.tflowane Alston became I n YAork left hook In t r oe hn of the Seu-
n m e urm s re to China and left hPa., was confined tot ho isosoe th Leonard of $h e6
a n i or noo oubt, too his -present p;b areaom b ee many t had miadu i 10141ubyto t f pl-
e D it sln that t b bu on eIt -a
I rns hate i .tn theat. whose eMne aX9bi. tht A. O whma't foar hiM tso'blor I a

b 7MC Villes 1 r that N eltriY s idi a ri- .e aal Of tm run- SS
UYW'VY iS r:%iai B>(-f ot be bfusd. i ilsrect us torooped-Wa Bl.g c 1jiieaedou th qr, Pstel f t -r d Ka
of cNashua, who has boen racng and acted like a bunch of high Ohm'i du beel l, a devi the Wh brm, toorge
irf al qtifit aoplS Ih ... & is manlfest- school kids, vYl w, we'd win a Alu de th Dtroit In ro of the Athd letad a o Per

Ine ha b Wa O" q iong Angola h ha he nt; rismte of the fa r Goe#e hehu wadn fo to the C bs an Im as c ned T hm .
Shappes or o ln gi an y mo i se Nrhua was few I a row for the S ippr. He'l mae other i or ahr era air of the Re dlo
La at rokabl ta Irove thaej, gs od ou to take Sum ll r We had a terrible club, butwon tar, n lun all rokr i a

." Do_ ""' .. Tm ific Divisional tR 10 i o g includingan a I lM
re.a last year ad he o e Rocky Mariano on BiNrdie TIbbentta, "is the most
oi oe M manager Pints ilt his i the Y We discovered that Alston was iuCookell ar rS U- ua Hdos a t loh
dt-"l h rsl h Champlo i 's 1e' nd wa. s Ms 1 the uaJot se aljusly honest may i, but I l theblid He do'u tsrtflo
whipped five Ameriean p .- p ikblng arms, he'll probably Iad :ai-mrnled Penon any o p a bit of hianu Preim flght- Job."
nofd-Darronetc who has'- b een he A Is il good enoundh had r met All qf us wound a first for the od ter o eI rIbeS he ist mov
all, La ta To return to anIt for l- a UP f e Race NA eies a by when he m
all, r ^ab le t i 0 T Buy We3Lh froa n iANGELE. (NEA)-Wanlterpolis to inc tnnati
Sand- comments "that s ho he Bgph. eatiental ly, the an- ma na r we er had. I h ave r vi the a to tha
can fight.,; Ontho. or bind-- dy 0Uy would probably like to nad -I Oppqrtulty of checknr rushed Powell In the r ware that Ferrick
but tean I@% us not forlgt we se Washua.sweep everythi6 be- with mlay Otier who played science, but the big kid out of followed him a hiM s litohina I

buttenle asnotfo wee topin 1su swe er yn b w m otedwa, Wap l0s W as,
mt alwy be inn a oirh tMs ear on aooount for him on minor league teams, io ha bno g r* a it saso,

must alaseond. gymnst i fsinuca hel was creite wt irov
hosltable to viitors. walt e r i. aant rox, l can seyo t the felln ound mnarumr ses e d with pro e
-OJelaey, president of the die's third and last Derby wln- i uniersa. a WIe in grammar 1whool, io shown In pitchers like Art Bow-
pgrooks, naaIa point in request- Rr, was K44died by Mr. JiiU. Waykikg with asinor leaguers, retired at 7 so he could'get's pi and Gorky Valvntine.
fi lprmo ln t to opesTn he loual This was In 1980. Zyv in 193 oatOn o'wlok nnde uldthe morning an Manasrmhd orasy Valtlna. Ps ic-
rseao n o a e ntr te the r Ts- and ilin mb ze i ma3, is an estblI5wo fd star ex- do roadwork. ard of te Orioles and h u c k
ular st.--- day There roo kt s rand1ep0 oary winers.19 Zv wer =eto ato ble eollycoddled r While Powell ws a i- n Sators are ack-
asr -la h Brcoos Bd or old, 200-pound freshman Igno nowledigd masters of the pitch-
wjye ba's direct opposi 110315 ml 5004 thiit, paying $40.40. 0 "0 flatIbred. A tuou- -Loun e fr n n i u
rom either the oiants or t he Of the htee, oy llant lox or leaguer cannot help but gain Lee mae, on r-hn technique bt even
Yanks, an ihescapable condition ws A favorite. Sand bowed out tremendous rqIneit for a man ltie heavweigh ;ilId h Im ihey can't be two p Is a e 0at
In a three-team city. It would of the Derby picture in 1932 aft. who makes a fetis of being fair the finest prOpect he had ever ons.'
...seem they vs much Moce r finishing fifth on Jack Whit- and honest J,
tled to .#"e neoe slosns 1l47 OTf.I.M. lils many ...r. ,e in ,ft
than Was l lng IM 0lnl fna-l i. b- happy.R to know Alstn, because of him vs la a hWheelh, the hv
thaI .o g n a a M a I u M -lay would flau. ,. th rhwy,
-day w small acten -trig at 0Ul 's tsnn on thelnever wd L o worldmiddwi ght chain-
UIIwli -down romise- 0Ad, 16 hop4 to shave them toaii friondshlp i Go Jon. t f
d Mr. ai be I9S for ring am' day now. to any Pb'0 for fea of seem .flweIl. After watching himn
good or boadv lug to play arts. workT with Clarence Henry, then
Irl B-de tells the column After 60 years the Penn Re. a ranking heavyweight, Welch
he prefers Summer Tan over lays are still goin stern Ni aees, I have the feel- told the youngster to come back
0013 in the Wood c-om s thalnkbln part, to the fagj that ing_ thAr most of the Ddgers when he was graduated from
wIdny when New York Iay ee when he war pre4ldent;laglaold already h.ave come to relel Johnny Misse lh school.,
Sareview of the Deply. "I like 8a15 dd't tr y1 to improve oalim te _finer Il1av hsL. M meanwhile the younstet w r
a"trse that hr hs mindhon them Oeorge Munger has been -ribad. -MiIT0I WI MAU.l" yed with Archie Moore and Lee
&' e that kees his mind t ON THE opening day of the Ramage while uplayin infotbt
i 'busaineu," said te l 4 to referee thisI ar', 1937 season in St. Louis, the Rasketwall and baynoba and run-
Guy. This was In obvious refr- ant, April 2l.20. Mr.. t l I RI_ ': wf eintrllaq is Cardinal fans were grumben, ,, adbebl 10a rn
oine to Nashlua' teen y to a*to1 tad to put Penn lioc ll the ormar of e atlursbih Rip Collins, a 4tar, had been Powell's pugilistice educ a M on
lolf once he pulls en wis te 011 a l.. basis and it th 1 ox at. Intralc.ompavy traded to the Cubs and I was continued while he played prg-
hore on the front end. OGettlnlg haos at f.olwed Munger o playing first base. i- -eba be; d
ig.i three-yea-old Ao uder- Out MNAr ity coach unI us- It if suspectedd that he could essonal baseball. briefly a
d'that the Idea of the game tionably an able poltieia It write apoll on Waiter Aaton' Te rdown atL the 49ern aia llaj kotl
ie play Obr Ia not V, Would be isterpling to kIyow manageral ftre wit the ninth. Is, and we were* los- "i Oortfhsart.f
..tolay f a ws otJ anst what Mr, Itassen contibut- Dr Ptonsr h old to run d baseball, owll t the
rblem for Sunnmy JimId to fl finee universtyi g an ndta wih ANw hom runbin the h o ep o
flIjto8 who, over his long and educatLor. e I '9 ru- -- t bat Thl waelr d Mgdwlck CIfa.orn.a Stae M of-
sknbo cwamree than rliner, anldn.I ob sdLarr yr fnch, a outhla. WELC, WHO La m

TeAnon is ully awal of ..I~ II I, OfI batter and the she would not htake Pow out
,Nash ,l1'1 0 ) as1i. a,_, ad ,- i t,,.tta rd WU_ fans :of football until he wasu: senvie
W1llI Fg Parsibl ahulttrallons Now LEju yeld, wrns, they fgried, that histier was of oam
--th .id Was ia o w'=" "a' t
a ~ o. ai .i.-g. oaFn '19u ; B 500puMnud and tb- kid ws pIe rfc flolr oan sai bt l
iwusling .acris, Iot ri" ove pa n u Li- a forl t 0 outANGLE4 after a( ieaA)- baat
Sa t kbIr" was a make or be i
golssed, It is Riara Qsaj Tee inw aay car m= e aode f

flve i rdor is I0 ",P :: as Spe e dway thy-,. Suev efsl
iad bti-'oe -,Q..LW"s LOS ANO"r (," .-,alter .lmS to 711-
4 e the Indiama m.s B.ii, May a emnilen t iin ee.
tdor a tain oet. ase ri. ps I e
end idln fl
aI d ,. e....t....he..4r nefgr JWo
Derby Y ..... k ping StO M.9. ,-.,-- --al
Tig"m, srb at dl. a am i' oge s t he p t "" P"
..Yet repor- pr havs
az' nlarl -. wlt wi. .* dot I 'JSendweVon

thee-a Ro omnbolted. "r %he. g

m D. odson to the: 1 w-_ ,11
A. ..- lf t- w Km "- -; Li" j "f as .o.

... .r oIJ.t)-- .

r. Cary

S a

* PRICW. .0. -- 930
- ._ 1:30, 3:4, (iS.19' p


^Wit m*

Fncata -Toda- .35, JO
Clark Gable Lana Turner
b In ,
B E T R A E "
Shelley Winterm, In



IDVAL T t2S-i-M-7m
Frank Sinatra, In

Tab Hunter, In...
"Return to Treasure'l bd


Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service

Arrive '

*B.I. "3 IBUERAI" ...................... .......... l 30
. "I AU ................................. ,,.M.y 1
1.1.1 AGQOBR ORG" .................:,:.........,ly
:1.5. 'MORAZAW ................................ M y 14
I L. H I E RAS" ........ .... ........ ......,.. I y 21
IB. L. CARL ......... ................ .
S,. "FIADOR 5KNOT"' ................ ......Mai
D.S. "YAQUI" ................. ......a.....ay
Sapdins RefreratId ChGlMe4 nad ae!!a! Cars

New York Service A Ire -
.. *.. .Cristobal
0o, A....AP
1.. "11. TAPAN" .............................,.. a y 2 .
8 "llEl DIA" ............. .....................
. ",. i ABELLA" ............................. ; M14
B.S. "PARIDMINA" ............................May
.8. A BBRLANOA" ......................." ..MI- "
g.SM. I TA TA ..............................-.. 3.- Ms -
Weekly alings of twelve paeler Sih 1to w ..1
Vork, New Orleamp, LM AngelesA San faild .
mud Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristesal .to iew
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. ,
To Now York ................,-*40. "",
To Los Angeles and San Francisoo s...$ a .00
To Seattle ............ .......... .


S PANAMA 2-2904

1.~~ ~~ -r.'*

rariig Phlip I

wL .s-s. do $i a

a, fataos wait n ggs.,
; \

'I :
A -~

i-i, '' *.:.- _' "^
if- -


tOfE-Tiry Ogn


1 _~ _

. .

.. I .'.- ;- ,; .



/ '" f

: i


.... ~


BETSY DYKES takes the position of sur lea polntas.

.ow.- NIN .
- i-I, -


THESE,LOVELY LADIES ABBt3 pBsr row) Anita Hauge, Marcia.-Musser, (middle reWBShella
Cramer48hirley OlMaani and (lower) Betsy D*ea-and'Oharon De Vore.

4 # 4

. '. -. ... .

TtBEE GIBLS in "Attitude," left to right: Button Gerhart,
Sharon DeVcre, and Shirley Oillman.

SCENTRAL0.60 0.30

R -'TkOD AY-

.Shows: 1:10, 2:3, 439, 6:43, 8:4 p.m.


S m- mmm
I !_ -,

FOUR LITTLE GIRLS doing the "cri.o 'vant" are Sandra Richardson, Shirley Taylor, Carolyn
Clintand Patty.Musser.

Dorothy Chase Dancing School

A p l i Dor-momen tu1 P .'l her pupils are from seeric
othy h ~ offerer" e 'ilw. .th a personnel who are only oh thi
teachln e m6st nile. :,ne for a short tour of duty.
otf her fl Mrs. Chase: W t. gamut
"' from Broadway e While Mrs. Chase openly ad.
formerlyy a Rockee n ate Monte Carg l. -a m nits she favors the classic bal
.famnols Radio OCty Musc H England, and to ci- let,Ashe has not ignored the ben
Chorus line, the vivacious moh- ty, Ballet Theater and-r way efit or pleasures connected .wit
er of two has found time to con- during thp years until May, 1941 tap. She claims few parents and
duct dance .lasses for aspiring oheh she came down to thi Ca- still fewer boys realize that the
Alileria as well as tumbling nal Zone to get married, fundamentals of muscular coor
and. tap classes "just for the donation and rhythmic motloi
,_ ouor .............c..... a. wil .natlways benecssrhyth in the~ior

s sunday, May 1st, Mrs. Chase's
pupils. n practice outfitS, leo-
.ards, tutus and Just blue jeans
will gather to present a modest
demonstration of their talentP
to their parents. It's abe thdir
party day. .

- HEE ARE THE BOS doing their stunts.

m mm--rm-m-

.0.60 -- 0.30
1:00 2:57 4:54 -
6:51 8:50 p.m.

Although it has been her poli-
cy never to put on a recital, her
pupils are encouraged to dance
for their school, church or fa-
vortte-'hcrity functions. She be-
lieves there is "much more" to
children' dancing education
than just a beautiful costume or
two minutes on stage.
Mrs. Chase herself has been
on tage" m since she was three
year old. At 15 she was accepted
as at credited teacher in the
Ie asters of America, Inc.
urin her courses at
S that slenmet the famous
her Michael Foklne
r arduous hours .of
proi was invited to dance
S ly termed ballet
c yIn, Sylphides."
Wt forced to 'bpooe be-
continuing h -S4ex0
.high school andaq
w ith E-Haakon, at them
1&, Je preferred dancing -
gave p school,- The fown
year, she recalls, were filled
with doing several ballet shows
a daut the Capitol Theater in
New York and touring the States
for three months.
"I Jmyed the thrill of every


bays the petite dancer today: will always be necessary In their
"I thought I could put dancing lives. These are the things she
out of my life completely, but I incorporates into her tumbling
was wrong." For seven years, class "just for the boys."
when she wasn't busy having She says. a timid, shy or awk-
babies, she worked for the Navy. ward child will find encourage-
Today she says she finds real ment -and self-assurance with a
satisfaction in being able to fill little extra help and e~fort.
the dancing needs of so many Dancing of any kind, she says
youngsters of today. More than In summing up, "ia fun."


rth bullflghtl~ program of the season

and the heroes of the last Sunday
LUIS MATA (Spaniard)
by popular- request

Uuuted Iledes
it row ..............
tnd row ............P..
3re row ........... ..
General ...............


m I badeMd Beetlm
S~ t row .............. oe
btd and 3rd rowe ..... 1JO
General .............. 0 a f




.-- .*

. -IL

- I-.>J -

I- -5

: I i
4. '



*s ,
? ... .


. F" .


"'i-- ,. .,^ ,^ **-."*.^ ^ :' -
':, o + : .. .;,. + .,..-,* *y* ,: ', .-' .' .

, I. a ,!-.J- '*- .... ... p'... ; s--'.. ,. r "
" F'k + *- .. ..' -
.. ... .. .. .. 1
',' -." a "t',


; ... .; -. *_* ..' '
I~'w '4 '.f 4y ,
^ .- ...-- .. --
.,. .-- .. .
*41'4 ,. .' ,., #





, '

S t'':.' V
h ** -

T aing. all of the I4 given numbers, 1 wting one tr *village and, being ,
Into sch circle above, the clown can juggle them he ground coffee for tI ather
so that eaSh of the seven sides offthree numbers will tibw nen at a toUll of be-tenth
add to the sn0 simm. Are you equal to the task? of the coffee he ground them.
1 *. "- ,j *1'. *% *' ow much coffee pep..d.*'.O
1 e "U 'BI- .E'DETo'WPE Ct owT have l to bring to th rtld

YOU SBZ T&E DETECTIVE. tarewo"now.
sOUI Qualp-euo p sw p seam
pROF BBSOR -: -.

eMurray. toiad a. w .

pawubrokser is.
aned operated by &t
Judith Karson. r-
Judith tan the o. po avef or.
shop lo bye ss ^ a p od\
xputed to "be J 1 .
the aV04eof tea o

Steanced efl m n Iid,
It ( 8 0 pe ,

[ t~dtOldt o'co.t l a te, *epot' p perf \ .nan
st!red. Zi Wtid t. Fl-.OWW piuta he pro-

ina small v the t Weti *Wi't understand 1 hwhy
h ou w tpe Dtevea ; Wallt t als the ef hAote
aerid of fi actually, I In4 appoint-
mepts with'three eI :mtwen ose and Wo
o'clock, yet *o 0ne up untl you did. Thu.
thlet did not lams i fntilqdortty.'
p doetetive she& noted that theh time, was ust
.we O'cloak.-'1I i et AaMytn-g unusual when
I came l f e stated. ffc'qer, rom what "you
Stellme, the theft gay. prebly Jommi tted by Cop-
S roy Otis. S Ous thei Tsa bete."
You Bs the Deteive; What coul4 the thier have
dope to fqq Its9 leb4Would nt l6 diabei T?

67 .r epponeat, supply hImv

Wi Tester
WHAT -a a
S person put
Ia his right hand
that it is tmpos-
AiWt to takeout
sOid put In his
teft land .
:8051* MDI *|H

r *



M- ated Tricks
A 8 mPL obj t wf which
A rto eww- W party when
things start to get dUll is a coin.
He are a several eaytO-perform
coin tricks you may wlah to test.
The Magnetlaed Coin: The per-
former places a coin-against his
- forehead showMn t eight and it
Vemain t Ore whenW h and is
movede. The trick ee sim-
,ply to hbld the qin against the
forehead, exerting a trong up-
ward presurt. Tbe coin will re-
main for a q urp NUtTlgly" ag time.
Defya : The erform-
er displ U.s aMf doub and a
small pice ,f paper. He states
tath, s t wioi gllg to bet that If
'le drop bok, simultaneously,
gravity will 0ease thhf to fall
to the floor at the same time--
that ii, the epd r will fall as
rapidly '% the ceiA. This seems
mn~kely, of cokns, but it can be
patle to result fil tmnall piece
of papor is 'laceS mtop tbp coin
and the coin is dropped fiat.

With Coins

Spblnfg a Coin with Pins:
Place two pins and a coin on the
table. Janeounce .to the audience
that you are about to spin the
coin using the pins alone as
props. T6 dp so, pres the points
of the s'Wp agalat the opposite
edges of t" coln.\The coin can
then be made to revoleo by blow-
ing on IL This coin m4st be one
with a milled edge. )


a 1
with a-peacll, and

t aet him. ehweble side-aginae or elscte. An a
matter of courtey, let him tart-the gaq.
Front t utartig point, directly efvt t e snow
in the beoms center of the drawing, l player in
turn ts to' olow'what ie thinks are uloe that
bring him to the iferit stattona of t mide he
represents; that ib, he must go troms pare. to,
square of circle to circle, as the ce' may be, until
he trace out a path that finally lead tfhi pcWtaeu,
lar basket. Each square and circle represents play-

ers on the teams, aI each participant In the game
tries to "throw" the. ball only to one of his team.
Whenever a player makes a mistake and throws
the ball to member of the opposing team, he re-
tires in favor of hi opponent who then starts his
play at that point.
The game proceeds in this manner until one play-
er is successful in reaching the goal.
It is possible for the first player to reach the goal
on his first play, provided he sl clever enough to
discover the path that leads through the mase.

1 .0

T Hidden Figures
H O W quickly
can you find
the following hid- .
den figures In /
the drawing at
right ?
Two girls
A cat
A duck
A rabbit
A title
A goat
A pig i
A kangaroo
After you have
found then all,
culor the picture
neatly; then see
if .you can find
the figures a sec-
ond time.

R iddles
IF a telephone
and a piece of
paper had a race,
which would
Aaoglin) ulsuw
*-4J i AIi p[nos
jaded a uq 1Ou1
*auoqdp3 q j,
What is the
slap of a laus?
".*3 rian l a) IS
*aIynia0 ,Jomsvv


r wyo, r w -.. o
ANYONU can have a garden-nla a bOttle. Those
wlp live near a park or aime woods can find
amall'plaat for their garden there: others may wish
to purchase them at a florist shop.
- A good. riph soil for the garden in desirable.
Plaitas hy be inserted with a length of booked
wire. You'll want to arrange them as attractively
as posIble, depending on the slze of the bottle, of
oourns. Be sure to avoid oveuerowding.
Bottle terrariums thrive but in an airy, light,
cool place. Watering may be done with a spray gun,

Clue- TDdle Brain Tease

b o W MD. Si ,f.t,.

neaessar9ly -*p t-bethe ftoe

reoirt In WWi intate .that
-ore killing we dApas? ith
Asnle-hot piatola thal a of the
service .as. teaoms why are
among thoUsandS 't facts put,
forth Ion wth'Ws practically
mnique compea*un, which has
detail on all pall 'ars-luhand
weapons, asd muabhtae gun-o
all' atioa. lDta eom how ob-
tained on Ruslan weapons are,
tn the 250 pages added sice the
last previous -edition (5th).
mioer, Teolescopes a nd
fseop5e Sigh, by Truman
Rasps (Greenberg, 515 pages:
;.56). Thi, like WI.B Smith's
napI arms cyclopedia, is close to
betin the last word on Its sub-
jeot for the hobbyist, writer,
nmarknmmna, and dealer. It is a
flUaenaslvq treatise on optics
asu *d a a guide to the making
" repair otf all manual visual
Instruments except microscopes.
fPuse Fx i Book, by Frances
W. Keene (Seahorse Press, 128
paps: $1). This good collection
of posers and pencil games for
thie 8 t0 14 gup should arouse
eoamtbuiag interest in the most
elf- satisfying of intellectual
Plckles aid Preserves, by Mar-
lon Brbwn (Wilfred Funk, 282
pages: $2.95).. There'll always be
persona who'U prefer good home
preserves to any waass-produCed
canned or frozen product. Mrs.
Brown. author of the Southern
-6aokbbok, and her publisher have
Seaouag4ement for the possessors
Of good taste In the form- of 800
reclpes for pickles, relishes, con-
serves, jellies, marmalades, chut-
neys, sauces, jams, mincemeats,
ketchups, candied fruits.

Know Sign Language?
HOW quickly can you thino of five words con-
taining the word "sign"? Ensign is one, for
example. Now see If you can get five more.
'uoiD "ofluSasaJ 'iUOUwUenM 'WIm
-*I *D)l-iSelp 'uw aumNuuoa 'anu 'JlIsEa Ue ;amV



\ I'



WHAT IN THEIR PATH? (IZ fOSSWORD Wfitd Wisom lit et ie
|----- "uJ l .1_ _ _ _


- 41





- ~n flu



s "


II Frowme SumW
Swagous and wen!. It i .4)
^--o what flt49jd Ki Ara.

" -aul ip what
island? A

70--Tyrnnaeal rulers 47-Place where Jesus was cruel- 4-Culture medium.
71-Ogler. Sed (Luke 23:33) 55-Nut. comb. form.
s.-n 4--Of what were the twelve 57-Indisent.
VWTICAL ita of the holy city made? 9---Noted Engfll churchman.
1-Tr nmk of a t '. 2. 8111 )oSf tae tribes of Isr ej
2-Nights before holdays. :M6)
3-WonshiDped. 52-_eotiae:. y2-Bubteri
4---Broth a Uz (1 Chr. 7:7) 5 b had seven of these .-Coo ic.
5--The A stl -- IRev. 5:6) 7--Mother,
6-BibUnt verb tonm (Mat 19: iu ri.m r lr, rr irm in rr r ,l itn I r i s I

(Isa. 15:8)


Im uit

r An-ab.
S"ere **
fli&as ts

By MWard Bopper
IN checkers, if you touch a piece
Syou are oompelled to move it,
For that reason keep your hand
off that White checker u n spume
16, With this clue. see if I y cam
find how White wi aIn mVOs.
White moea Srat, up Whard.

' .. *. -o. .t g -.. -e ,

x -

* ,Ls -l

t 4--a



p .- .-

:-~- s
* 4

i .


," ;. *. .- '.
*'" L .'***.40

.*S s

da --

By D. K. Woodman
H "ONB8TLY, l-:--------
this Is tawfuL
I shouldn't do
this .to anyone
who despises
puns. They prob-
ably won't ever
speak to me
again, eve In
Siamese. But
here goes.
This doodle
represents A .
Your clue to
the name of the
drink is not what Is in the drink but what is in the
Study the drawing carefully. You may use field-
glasses If ydb wish. but they probably won't help.
Just remember to keep your eye on the glass. The
ingrdelsolnta e usually in dispute anyhow. It that
doet Up you, look for the solution below.
usl *4efoi atlo
*jII gaums a s a IIa- sI4 S ala 0o rtoiuaw ;sea0ioa

-_ .; '

r' .-r

,.i ', +

p~n~~~; -

- d
*. / -


Euns. Food And Frier

SMake Police Shoot A
,j 'V (Pix and text
by Ralph K. Skinner)
: :e.1955 Canal Zone Police
t was a bli success last Sat-
y. Many folks said that the
Sheer was good, the food was
gU f the drinks were good and(
was only one thing that
mered the day for the Balboa
E'at was the fact that a Cris-
t0 l policeman won first place!
~r. Paul S. Stewart won the
topprize in the annual compe-
I t~i. It is the third timaehe
thr done po. As a reward. he re-
S c d a fine revolver. His score
W 197 of a possible 200.
1 cond was Robert A. Enge!ke
:- oflBalboa. He did well on the
S cfdtnetitioii ,nd then showed
l'f a chomnlon O the ran-
i 'firinrn exhibition after lunch.
,j_ V. lHowerth of the Atlantic
PWOd rd F. P. Robincnn tied for
tI1^t! nacc. In a spirited shoot-
of. 10Howrrt.h came out ahead,
p,'no- Robinson i" fourth pi'ac,.
S fth and s'**th were P. S.
Pr" ack ard Sidney Haves.
-The general comment -"rs that
t1e a1avreiate scores this year
were better than ushual, nrov-
S lr I- t-ht the Cnol Zone nol.)e-
men "know their business" with
S W'T "ms.
'as no place for a nicepock-
ebf-the Rnlboa ni tol rance-for
Pre were certainly thick M ..,
there. With their guests. the to- '
tao nrobablv ran close to 500. cooks may have thought
WI-wps much more from the .^
oiUtntities of food they ladled '
out. The lunch was more than
substantial. Added to the fish
whleh Is customary each year, .:.
there was excellent roast beef, .
b;ked .beans. scalloned potatoes,. ..
v*r-etable salad, french bread,' "
-rares of n considerable .
V:'v were available. Li!e ev- ,. .
e'n- else, thev were free. "
ettin ar annetite for lunch
S was facilitated hy havin-' a cou-
pl*'of hot doa. from Parl's Mar-' ,. ..
Smooth. All the fixin's von
Wanted. For free, of course. Soft
ibks were in another booth +'"
and P bnr was set up in the din- F. A. Robinson. plugs the silhouette on the running target.
3in shelter. In PolVist interest the special exhibitions machine guns. It wasspectacuI
oitheran foorie i was after lunch. lar 1 and sowed that tne can al
over, so there was no; ith Jack Morris doing the Zone Police are ready for an
narration in fine style (he was emergency. There was also some
nama's O,,ardla Nalional M.C. for the whole shoot) Bob shooting which provided a
v reoresetned by its Deputy Engelke, Sid Hayes, Ed Francis laugh.
meander, Lt. Col. Saturnine and Tom Hitch display some
p Shed ith gteat firing a ith riot guns and sub-I The range board which super-
h"" rvised the matches and succeed-
ed in keeping the many kiddler
of0 the firing range and from


- r ~ ----- -

idlin ess


. Demonstrating whatcan be done with rapid 4fllguns, Bob Engelke and UEdrancisniake 25 shots pour out like water.

He eame fourth the shoot.
behind the targets; was compos-
ed of Morris,"HenryDeRaps and
Jack Sutherland, all police ser-
Lots of fun but It keep the
sharp-shooters on the ,force in
training and provides a real an-
nual get-to- ether for the po-
lice and their families, .,as well
as their Invited guests_... some
of whom like beer.


The Deputy o 6e wander of pnaa's National Guard, Lt. Col. Saturnino Flores (n uniform) is seen chatting with, I to r, Carlos
AWaGcia, Capt. 4A. DardenM Major George Herman (the Chief) and Capt, B. W. Griffith.

~inds stanumg, Kneelng ana prone, ise revolver exniBlaon
wed some good shooting and speedy reloading. .Left to right
seen in action, Bob l5ngelke, Ed Francis, Tom Hitch and Sid
layes. Note the spectators breathing d wn their ecksM!

Hot doxs with all the fixth's for free, courtesy Paul's Market.

&, .~'f4

if Cetobal, winner of te pl shemt, gets fmttre at the PeMeemu's Shoot were Mary ad afteklk,
m the Chief, Major meofm while MC, .e-mo _th-elid mh Sgt. and Mrs. Walter O .y. Their
do is at right 409 et a a rwe as alaer Kathlm anBe Ia the picture. Its niw eema ien
U.S m. S withaall thit ..H tham waaAuta iap d'i
,. ..'-i -_ ,' [L .'. "*^. ". ". .-



' '

I .

i- '"


~;Y u


**~ :

I~4, ii

I. -

champion Conejos, Lem Kirkland, crosses the plate as
league-leading hitter, Ocelot catcher BruceBateman, coalls-
* for thpball during the Fastlick teen.- ge league playoff
which the Conejos took in two straight games.






I. I



~ *1~


,*, I.'Vs

__ I_ I_


* ONE TmI a^Q q iefeq~i to E tf -^ js Bag
conference the fear t of te I I reort for a .
elear weapOns. the
Both the Commuplet a"d nodtra"d.eae ae f d he
tingtoe-t the cant e~ot diwtblaa0 .r be7 .teW be
for sool on at all ut* av W o ... atE 1 a .
to sto wexperi l s o t ha soe i ll lt .'IA-INI.s. .' .- ..
Aombs in the lana. e utte
On virtually all lUer e ae M o;
lesaly divided, a e tth W n 2- f s
tion strongly mpt

Chna have come In bor trhmerea. hd w eeds.than Jf__o.der _e.,s _a ae bw e. .he-_ ri al.
pute with Isael.;

Anye wesolutions boies. t the egor a me UneMm .m. no s. A o ,,ot an be wivZ as Rhl.wtntr dh ^e ,
East and West will for waver etr maye Io- ,havebep watered in
der to be adopted, so that they ill an 9 e. a as

Alsoeth laier aint ihats rhey conference aetompen ur om in a th ta .
the con~aer one on the aub et of Formoand thao r vI'. sro, a o e th re l th mak or a htwht bout

o~ -- ^v ,naIv'. w* *1 w1thM a few da~yA. .be0ttit erhotdo aunuetbe avnd uhuuim,, sar..-.w'
suahe brilly ant masmatcian and e n of e aay, .... .s w oam.aeeSmlblanJ. ,.

tomTc Jage dhe nt Prne stoa. .oundinga me pbord. n reWmloNil p .a .e a o. .
hatred ofhe oples en s far, Roea d t y at aepartent of e te

at th ae a of 7, but the wrorde hArd wor as d-anU be handled. .. nd on The. ft4a'If 0
That auguryed s well for whatever effort may 'be go-. -
ing on behind the sce suat y, andung to lay the bas is m vuewhMe Ains Last edy a Atlas a s t t.S and'
for a ceasefire in the F"rmosa strait. 1 has spai-a ecana a dellbe
Wean Are not likely to hear mu devothats ete a- fr ata. to -er ew Sa vaeolue for peer himself was not ldia' ifor
bout these efforts. Only subsequent evens *n reveal as aitai A mmt" .i. .
whether anything wI really being accomplished during 'lQ te Wthere sl no bseote A ita eit o-
the conference on the subject of rmosn for il en. I fta i Plaa a in the making for a lightweight tfe bout
-0-t irst ubl 1, whennste was s thfew dayst w between wOrlando Slut and ch iy Car-
The studies and calculations ended Monday for Dr. The sie to raisinfunds, o by the ew-
Albert Einstein. eory uncovered e ms Ant o Board. ur schedule for the la kah heTa shot at thl* e
f the brilliant mathemao the atomic andgeniusof the a- --My. wn aeIir Carte in a ot ga
tomhou age died at Prine manor pital n tN deveAo- ATWo meeting. prlm ranpls or ate
The cause of death bombwans given as not al)r oft y ed rape ae of the Depa rtMnt of Pubil h health n the u u *n
atthe age of 76, but the wordof hspassing *as de- be handled. a ol pa Am t I
laned for nearly Peven hours. d o
dtors said death came suddenly and Usnwas O9Ue tUS. A.tod *gn.prvisoe atme
conscious to the end. He eiltered the'bospital aretly phl Over why It *et4dask
last Friday. When he died, Asx physicians wer -af his three. million 4las. .
sideEistein a refugee from Nast Germany became Thse efealse IpepaPipsfasoel arequ fo,
an American citizen in 10 and devoted his time to. .N cover Ca" leflA MWtKetldi admi
ndering the laws and operation of the universe. a Div iled he gee ; te '

iat Albe-, andr a plshep-daught0, when, win s ved w ras.. ;....teIa 2, Ut ant iabadomsd Sun o 0 t on f f Wi1JS da. l v MHt ,I
latest work was devoted 'to lishig up his theory e t. e e
on cosmic forces, which was fat pu ihed in 1963. wboaslted, .ey sai .tl r *- "U iti
But his greatest achievement is his theory of relab- e elletroe .I ot -but the Nat0S4-o
f the universe and led to the at mio age. 0w MaV~"t .. ,, : '. ,
Although he played a major part in the develop Two soldiers faced convithons-on, rae or atempt. e poefia
ment of the atom bomb. hEnstei was not proud ft ed rape charges in-%eWa In 'the jaODtatrt Court, n4 C q-ea h -,oat a
He said the unleashing of the atom has, in his wordsA possible dishonorable -dbatorias te Arnar %h 9a ieJ
Changed everything except our modes oof thinking. he k-.-two. Panamanan l.vl -.'. are s .
And he added, "thus we- drift toward unparalleled Pb At te cause f a s feui agalis on 'e Of te "e' ,---,
catastro he." b Vernon 0. Helton, 4, who i s charged. with ,ls t- Wt a h ".
Einstein la survived by wo ons Edward and Dr. Intent to commit n. He a* tedA i

z-e segment b wolfsona came ly a-ter he a g- w .ir, wo Vain S&oMn and o De Cas> g- i, .. .... "how In *
Hans Albert, and e step-4 ughter Margot, who lived -I, h is also 4 nae o abandoned gu ?S ... nrJn IlW-
with him and hiuseoeeper at Princeton, New er-NIIc. -(- Road- e' -' e
sev. Another step-daughter died In 1D '" : 0
instein and his first wife were divorced. Hisee 11 home from a dance at Ft Amadoensa i
end wife. Els, was his cousin. She died i1936. Ms buddy, Atchell wi_ (sa
Financier -Loula Wolfson apparently has lost ,la big- A r- M
The 43-year-old so-called "Golden Bo y" of oderv Canal o 0, e ,plth Of Coo peew ,ad-
business conceded that he probably will es ho Jo1e his fight 51p NE-suco sat f salb i.
to take over the Mntgo r ,ard mail order house. An.oo. I Milling -Co .b g .'.ap,.
Wolfion now s pretty weinced that the g dedon th be we,"t 'k to*"'i e. "
old Sowell Aver or%.l control of ehp at of a Cang e
dollar oldA e second lIrgentomail order house in At the t.o the .asuit
the land. abip ws be operated a anam anal

ts. .. ... ..
The statement by Wolfson came shoily afterthe an- law firm of, Van Sielen and De Castr
nual Montgomery Ward stookebholders meeting began handle the ear... .. ..
lfon together and told them, A Amkic an bor, a"Kaua tan,. Jr fod -powner Am n ., says,. T has
lookalike the pieent management will retain con- t o larceny, was setenced to. serve Wdaa not bee I to-h wth t tt ne t ae

The final tabation of the votins will not be known aIofe. M... ..- ee e Panys T 4 b sl ,-
w il 6I,,,r-v-*"-&At when L-- -- V "*I .Whn I M cvs i o od of Ir .-


-0 r
imbr er don tn conhovee ai
ete we17 fman w9 0166P.0 ..... ..btu e t%:w
r a. + .64 "1 r-1-kiw/h"s"a"burgr DI "

tb" ldilpk = ." .-
maw A Mazir NOWVol M
to or wagPm iiW-mm


a -

* : .. Z.



- 1 .. ; .

t p*" 4* JL-

-r,~...daL..irzsVLtr-7. jata! *r~,.-

: ..-
.'* -<

-:~r 1.

6, : -

-a! ~7.- .2z~~. ~ -

' r, m ... ...OO yr i a i r .ri ,"r--f ..



I N .

s hielded
.--He oft o

C .-



-. wi"th



a D lsams a
\... u-9w
.-4 aed

'S #rftion

I nte






fl- ona -
80ind s
jparis ly

of Une
earth -




2-p*apwtal ;
18-Word o
- also
14-To a
16-A sume.


45-Cut pff
1-Herb of
a claim
point of
74-Coy .
7. .-W ..

bog4 u
.fl-"1~ '"

11-Of the
4 cheek
2o--lank .

in-oftt -
.-. r .

r .. .

I J.
.st -~t
.~' t 4
14 *a~

3 _^ _*^-H


it 5
T aaP S U f e N 1LJ.m

r. ; .-* .. N.

S-:." ...'' -. .,--. P -, -
.I -
I t.... -4-.,:..wI- i :'. .."
.. .. ... ... .. ... ,6 .

-" .-. ..-"K--

* *4*

MW r r r-I

I E, I__

. .- .
: : |"5- s"r -S ......

._. ... --...,.-|.._
.. .. .,

..--.. ... r .
-- .a r


,.',p. ,: ++' .+

'-'V i~ E ^

y'.- ..', T, "'
! '." .* .. .-' -' : ? -

* ~1






41 -d~ A



----;------ ----

----~~--~----I;-- -T------ -11'


.-AL .. iL

a.. .. .+ .. .. .. ... ttu. .... .~a j. .......a .. e...kar .
o;w..r" i nn- l uwe;a- ,+ mer.h,;. .I
gin~~ M'! I- 1



m- g.Br




Scww AND PujIpup i-
mws **vMI.UH AnWsT, Salan -
57. H Stnhr V P. Q. *ol '194. PANAMA. R. or P.
T .LWPWWW-T h94e4 .W ti:Ltn
COLON OFmIC 2.174. -Cx4T3mA%, anuwJm7Wsn (jflH AND 13TH STuIETS
PenFoImN RisPqNArIvi OHA : :00WVRS. INC.
345 MAOi6dM Avl. atre VomS. I7)I N. Y.
FOR 1si MONTHU.jI. A Nr 13.00
FOR OgV Y&AM^ I ;tA 24.00


I *
* .-*1
* -~--',..'~' -


. -


J *1

I -.


N -

ROOF OVER HIS HEAD-An 11-inch snowcap covers the roof
that covers this little fellow durJn a recent snowstorm In Cleve-
land, Ohio. The bird feeding station not only provided the winged
creature with shelter, but also with food.


Ci* *'

Sdke ia New Yoak after sia
a 1-






4- % *

__ ,: .*..

.... -.- -. -.. -. -

The Washington Merry-Go-Round

DREW PAQSON says: Two I tes and Exchange Acts, the Fed- an ol friend who has known
bachelors run the House of re- eral Commundleatos Act, rural you a eng time I'm gonna give
predentatives; San JRayburn Is Electrifloation, Holding Corpora- you some advice. You ain't a
wedded to Congress; Old e s t Ition- hfr Sam. was sponsor ofb a man as some people think
Congressman In point of serv- most -f. We early New Deal Je- you are'
lee hasn't changed through gisrlat -I -To Truman replied *
the years. i earm It proud of hid record Tru' an re
WASHINOTON.-A member of "I was named Sam, at Sam I en I told this toa eenhsew
the Women's Press Club was uel," b says "We don't believe .., 1 en I t
eying the wo men who r ule In utt on airs In our family. it o...,
eying the t'Vo nen-who ue g on r ." sald,ounthnlughis advw to
tne ynrult House of Representa- "ana oe-nly ma n I iae a
tim as they sat on the speak- know," Raitr- naza once re
ers dais at press club dinner marked, "!ha. cnu oit a y in big11 O 1 10 o*o
the other day. Waahbtngtc tae. and sil 'aL S ,
-"He travels fastest who trav- wear the same sjme hat he wore you W.ho 1 1 be d alet
els alone;" abe remarked. "It's when he cam nemre." 03e sonear. Y .ouan
a sad commentary on us worn- whoi ae yout"r prisoner.
en- that both aRaybu and -A SQUARE .JW- 'The other Is the big bushi
Joe Martina m bachelors." It's now been 42 years aince ness .sycasts. Your rest
kBam Rayburn has been single Sam Raybun came to Wash- trienda mMissourl wil come
sc long Chat most people don't Ingten, fresh from being speak- t town and And you.ebo,. w,
know he wai once married. But er of the Texas lela tre. sothey'l to back ho.e.
abhut farty years ago when roe Woodrow Wfli a .t a st, been ut- the big business boys
present speaker of the House of elected. World War I had not will haug around for', geot^na
Representatives was In his hir- yet started. Sam has sta on waiting, until these yea j And
ties and a very green congress- t-brough tie administration of I not areul.-yo.rb nn-
man, he brought a new bride to six presaients, two World Wars a get too much advice -. from
Waahingtca.Thle remained mar and the Korean War. them. And i. it advice Isn't ern-
riled five mouths. Then she con- After Adal Stevenson was do- na be lilre the fellow's I r8m
fided that hte- had made a mis- feated in 1951, Sam was discour- "Weh." e included 8 a n ,"I
take, that she had been- In love aged and talked about where he .t_'is t t-umnn and I t6d
with auothftb mat. Sam w a a tir.kers around the barn witi -
heartbrokenabu let her-go-wnkcic hammer -and saw, cuts wooIL to ibenhoe .Tru n. '-ado
to Texas to the man sbe loved. In the fall. and Wlay some mistakes, bu*t ',
SSice then. Sm Raybtrn has game. aled -"42" In the coo d t n kow what I
had only oi love-- the Coe uas the evaig. b.- .- trh.. ble d esn't
of the United Stales. Heoves But l his btihr-n-law;j Judo. ..t....owb-e ... "
it, is married to it, has serves Marvin Jones; cheered him u ow S1, J moTr ar .",-,' r'~ n
in It loeWr than any other tani and amn has been leading th: d t .n triv.' B. 3ri h. "s.n"1
saveBenator Hayden of Arlsona. Denmorats to Congress mo reaf a fb; lart until he w. o ft r
- Not even ts old rlend. and effectively ever sce.- be P7_e_'.. r .-
somnetlmes speaker. Joe, TrLfi. Outward. Sae Ralpaurn i r, .a..e .. ,.sed
with whom hte exchanges gavels friendly-sadtaapfcosu. StMt s wie T*'i-. be toldflraP-
waB the hio ja Is. swwbae aScalm Iint oeGG m" P"z 6l- kLE1
lii"Ai't ohis veia*.kr y'Tooreeat=,.,' ho
BBW"aID at s -ree* mdIn TfeE S 0' .S de o anrriO. 3-
-"a.lrA2S 2O RSS-- Iben eann e anhtd wabllht Sootshia sp wi tS
Sow- no w hsry baer the ly, releetlesuly. Sl K1 tt

byswm.Re-Thoufr a tr.a
SnnldfmarI^be i

Sb, ffn"r whto RbAflbtt spoke, .115 i,1. I
u -of r'dd.toflab t e t- : p
!'Pyg td g 61 t o *r t 't f.

.. -


Gr nmt Rot. )nw -e
m.fyr rulnvd bit." -

Wag" ,m"- i w 1 IW I'Of: .
^---. us* IL" p
- e, -. tate- ., _
4ikl M*w Jawia the-
'r ad& Wfew uie of Reor--
he* -wjlw. "[s thJe met hbeidt 1-

taL r. i m i,- b. ;,. ^

- .-. .;

- 1-m ,


rr T ~~


"h-" r
,,t I
iT- ,





f -

"" ''. .... w ig. T he ,

ont , UnW.Mo a which willr.

amW 4tod W agreep fc try9 Wmatc tof heavy ln I'eetin the.t I .-]po&
Iom at Reuther will ont y Ward cae that t

miht mean The cororain ex anow The Teamsters would have
cutive. to Tsrk to en se lVan

V '.'. .
.to i e fch Mor noth- ensCf t Int Y
r~. -atattarcit n ,O ,..not eartal'howe r, dlo'

pe obaicon erence there of thousands of dollarther fs dividends W W W
Sie. -World's f g nlv the and prolt- and v gne d up thefull
S lternatlo al tofe llowd t o convtpany.

Wala U will accepts thus FrWaot heavy lspertm en i
erend his s e threa t.n o it by the unions again b d

Inside thsoure firmly bellean ves corporations, nowhic buck that Tem. W-tS ite
that the agreement has been ster S leaders Dave Bek and

madrs- to -kee Ati e a y reae I t l f n od) ot of thtwcounry Jim Reff have provenin toluhe
boo andth atReuther will Montgomery Ward e that it is engaged In a tacular ru- of Cs Memors are de-
tseir ttpe is Auto Union ex- easier to b rupr hiosgtany s i sstoc.
e tie board in Detroit on Apr.and become important to the
S-s you're seeking clu ts, it a big corporation. I

t fhft mean something to know Tabo e Corp wod f3x ew mla ore oae a lfr e avr at tr eo a e
Wildt .e.ither a hotel -eservars M tos pyclose by $1,-00,000
t. .ons i e na for the' end c t c6o, atgimr Ward to Heni p aring the rn hupr ea a Insteadthey th e eaea de
erdl isdata tdparticiprat. sion i e1,000,antodesharesema
ttroeobael conference there of.y thousands of dollars w t Tdividen a-a n ro fi e Ina .
tt .-World's-atee thneh the and Profitse- and igned up the
International Contederat wlon ofncomp ry. ':

e- *t r utho e anderSm ato leaders bil vel IN- r 7to o on rt es of Flape e t oF hi t leo n
ety th with r a arted the praetlie bac in the British Ambassador to Naphle s engaged I a spectacular stru of Csatnovas Memoirs are d A
isnt WayfrontViennar byThirties.He o rderd hIs attorn- as his m trins. TO cut down ov- f t e with Cornelius Vanderb It voted to an enrmeritioan adhis
Sey, Lee Pressman o a n ead the trio shared the of the b ot heri e Railroad, was shot sedu lle... He wasr the ospet
SPetsiony Iv -e big callthie r S a Jm So se v thb u b S W ee v apt oes -
h,.tSoe h-50,ol abor srTel he utlCerM.rS aLo rdf O.* yerteran. a y Jealacqs Roul songer Pre a at she ULS
an w io e" i nd t i Th a o reto ok bread view of this b abbedthatk ead five chil- eo t and killed Charles Dcion-
-d eine Jlty biq n am- do cume nt Iighis. I no L ewisr m, t erlze ml a had been a idrelaiThrese lI Vasseur (an led .I a duet after.?e latter o ad
P! IS Is-t g thIs sca-- thebo ardobcLcaml they c Ae rom aserfth roes taryr ic aan am"
a i et,.n a eingd u w a-liat snLa bw Ame see4 pto and the Mermad lre. T (at
s lon e tone e ohfee tne oLdo ars e rhisN .lowttelarl taladi mlawsIDredingehemt.aDn was a dead shot amI
laW a-Mee t rony nique Issand-tt.c p thdi ed. cb le Grev....AfterPocae-seehadbeen ven-re a the draw. owing th
i l eaderbd.Ye0het18yearolddIuhter br*ot (by Hamlet)tOpbe IIackson let his rival shoot fehis

medr Owern he ad t -te n marr ied o o drowned herself according t then drilled him through tho a

i*ee'. U nin. *." n .j pracgheicc1to fell "i m ay oo
soea serieh oa Chomun Queen.5 HranD soR att vewso a ca dee s hake see h In- L sed h hae and
n I a -. w w. e e ha f ed dhMel-feso th efbomtaStrf a her dnlll.esupr r o w r to oet.

k d e* -I m an 'av eMMa.ie2e ..... .. .. ..t L o i e. .. a I
eekr e Tme bo w e hadve t uh N re.. he wn n aqgru ied !meo wnh ,a esest e i w anr alt-
di Pithi by mm I to wand e h I an'do r fe o n te verd rI d w.

me de -nA ..lI n_ .n s .* a*Mor ai
g i ther aa dirtht g tPgae .
a ,hez i n,,e r ooSa ai tscoro ehen .M -jealousaby hi..nt s kef of tl e s trying to WSb e

ma.mi wigtl.fAly frote dea gsaOhplorstrAre d!M. edhn.w tasth-
hl y S e.-iWOrl w-anors.WeeMur hf AtewhPpo4unadl .lrayI U.e(e
apld out. 1L.union__f.t,. whi rh.T ble.,,oa le antat one.of h er -nnbconna uia .ae. w ih a R us
71,-mu wh Padti me-searatth, h, caTn oa o, d W T e M o G daY... r- .c.i_ ,

atr tebth hith ef.oWhy l 4W4 68tout fonW bribed

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WINNING CONEJOS, with their gold cups. Front row: Mitty Musser, Gerald McNabb, Richard
Scott, Doug Chassin, Jimmy Watson, Charles Bradshaw. Butch Frangloni, Jack Hern. Back
row: H. J. Million (coach), Don Ryter, Steve Schraeder, Lem Kirkland, Roger Million, Bernie
Wadraska, Sparky Ralston, Charley Chase and Mickey Kiernan (manager).

WINKLOSKY'S REQUEST was this shot of the "long and short" of teen-age baseball! Left,
Doug Chassin, Conejo's second baseman, shakes hands with Ocelot heavy hitter, Bruce Bate-
man, with John Winklosky Centered between them. Left. E. O0. Kiernan, manager of the win-
ning Conejo team, and, right, Jack Sutherland, manager of the second-place Ocelots.

FIRST GAME of the. seaoh was January first when Goverior
J. S. Seybold pitched to Supt. of Schools Esser with sponsor
Fastlich catching. Here it is allove.

The How And

Pix and text by standing one on the Pacific Side.
RALPH K. SKINNER It has certainly been a liberal
source .of supply for seasoned
Four years ago the Fastlich ball players for the Balboa High
Teen-age League got under way. School.
Even though the officials were All the Fastlich League veter-
new, and the teams not too well ans have a very solid founda-
organized, that first year was tion' in the fundamentals of bas--
a success. It has been a success ball. They have also been in-
each year since. culcated witl clean sports m a -
At first, there was need for ship.
a lot of help. Managers were Thus with High School coach
needed to bring out the best 'hat Stuart Brown to bring out the
the boys' had in them. finishing touches, the B a 1 b o a
Conscientious scoreke e p e r s, squad is always in good shape.
player agents, publicity agents, Using the Fastlich group as a
and a business manager were farm paid dividend, in the past
essential. Last but not least a season with Balboa copping the
financial sponsor was needed,. interscholastic championship.
Adalbert Fastlich, Panama Ci- The greatest advancenient la
ty businessman, turned up ana the status of the League ball-
paid for the first four t e ams. park. And It's a real believe-It-
Later when the boys in the age or-not that this Canal Zone park
bracket 13 to 15 were allowed' is named aftef a Panama busl-
to try out for the league, it be- nessman, Fastlich.
came apparent that an addi- The Governor and the Super-
tional team would be needed to intendent of Schools turned out
give all the boys a chance. for the occasion and Governor
The now defunct Diablo Heights Seybold threw the first *ball to
'Recreational Association put up, batter Esler with catcher Fast-
the funds for the fifth team. lich behind the plate.
Some folks believe today that This season the schedule was
the Teen-Age League is the out- lengthened to twelve- g a m e s

THE PUMAS: Front row, I to r, Ed Cunningham. Bob Priest, Tom Cunningham, Manuel Tot-
res, Jimmy Lovelady and Fred HaUl. Standin-, I to r. J. B. C'.emmons, manner; Ted Webb, Jo0 BIG
T Reynolds, Eob Wills, Terrr Corrigan, Bill Hele and Gordon Balbirnie, coach.

iLFAGUE! L to r, Governor J. 8. Seybold, Muggsy Maggee,
Adalbert Fastlich and Sigurd Esser, Supt of Schools.


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FLAG RAISING was part of dedication ceremony.

Why Of It

per half, and this meant that man who was the champion
the boys played 50 percent more slugger of the league.
games than in previous years. This season is said to have
brought more high-class ball
Recognition of sorts came than any previous one. Many a-
with the scheduling of the Past- dults prefer the peppery action
lich All-Stars against B a 1 b o a of the Teen-age League to any
High School. This ere a t e 4 a other on the Canal Zone, we
friendly rivalry betw e n t he were told. Already both. the boys
players of both squads. and the spectators are look I n g
forward to 1956!
Winner of the first half were
the Conejos, and the Ocel o ts Guiding the league this year
grabbed the second half. were John Winklosky, presi-
dent; Ralph Parker, vice-presi-
In the play-off series, the Co- dent; Mrs. Corinne Hinkle, see-
nejos took two straight but they retary-treasurer; Mrs. Anna A.
were good games with plenty of Kearnan, publicity and Mrs. Mil-
action and the outcome n o t'dred Sutherland, offiCial score-
clear till the very end. The keeper.
Conejos is the first team to re- /.
peat as champion in four years. Responsible fo,? judging t h e
I players and kee ig the teams
This proves that the player competitive was thWplayer com-
committee has sele c t e d the mittee composed of Ted Hotz,
teams carefully for balance, to Roger Michel, Ralph Parker,
permit real competition. Ea ch Jim Bill Hinkle and Charles F.
player is screened before as- "Muggsy" Magee:
sagnment to a team.
This year all expenses of the
Size doesn't mean anyth ing. Fastlich Tee-age League lnclud-
One off the most valuable boys ing the additional costs for the
In the league is Doug Chassin extra schedule were defra y e d
who is short in size. He got a- by Adalbert Fastlich. He also
bout 50 bases on balls during furnished the trophies for the
the season and accounted for first and second place winner
plenty of runs. At the other ex- which were distributed at t he
treme is big, brawny Bruce Bate- final game.

SECOND PLACE OCELOTS, with their silver cups. Front row: Morgan Schoch, Tommy Tubbs,
Johnny Stahl, Bob Laatz, Corbin McGriff, Johnny Morris, Johnny McNall, Orlando Nufiez. Back
row: Mike Crook, Vernon Sanders, Billy Halvosa, Bruce Batemar, Julio Dubois, Johnny En-
gelke, Layne Thompson and Jack Suti triand (manager).

THE PALOMAS: Front row, I to r, Ed Valentine, Rolando Winberg, Bob Barnes, John Funda-
kowski, Ed Dolan, Martin Perez, Jeff Kline and Bob Sander. Rear row, Moy De la Pefia, man-
ager; John Snodgrass, George Barbier, Bud Curdts. Herb Schneider, Norman Pedersen, Bill Do-
lan and Harold Feeney.

BACKWARD ball players, but patriotic e These. players
were posed for a picture when the National Anthem was played .
at the adjoining ball field. They doffed their hats, turned away
from the SUNDAY AMERICAN and respected the flag. More TME MACAWS: Front row, I to r, Pete Corrigan, Danny DesLondes, Wally Pierson, Alex Eberenz.
David Reece. Billy Hitehcock and Bric Washburn. Back row, L. J. Eberenz, coach: Timmy
power to themlI Days, David RIess, Tom Durfee, Tom Pitman, Billy Tharp, John Chase and Jerry Durfee.






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