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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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coukkry I. aide" -

Abarokons Lincoln.

,~t J


It looked like an ordina Jday tely no
It the Oorgas clinic. was the
Except, for an occasional f i s1* shot yesl
ulb, popping, the .kids wh0oMn- Blonde
ed up for the Salk vaccine sbOts tlous typ
yesterday mig h t .have been ably. He
waiting Xor Just any old. sat. out for t
They were as r and ap-
preensive as kikd.e ael, over Bobby
tbe world, faced with the pir a- Hans M
peat of having a-long eo City, w
belng thrust into their axw., of how
Doctors and mrses, wqho pecially
were making history on 0 e scout,
Zone. were too busv to i W one's do
A. As, on any oivitf-.p While
e*d tw, they 'fretid 4 eM. stood anr
4 re never enaughOhws ed In th
oo hat has to be doe." smiled t
One actor begged: "Please the tiny
dbn't put my picture In the ed comp
paper. I've already been bessel year-old calls, and can't get to my the tabli
regular work."
Only the parents had time to "Oh y
savor this moment one they air. "I v
would not easily forget, before."
Bright, beaming faces ex-
pressedtheir Joy, their relief, Mean
gratitude. All had the same the na
retion. ll said tihe same con ter
thing; children
I"as wanei u.L It's a miracle. noculat
:We 'e -s h anti-po
,As one *tfer ,ld up her ,OAugi
-.-H-W'41m. 1 P 4m4i tUn vnl_ Urt

. Romi

nber what I i
it" And theI

lrug ani
there wi
Elw .ah

comment to mate. He
Syounest to aMeive a
brotr Je thtcau-
Pe, hun bhok r-
dofnely as cut
his sort of thing.
V, ih# odwt sons of
f. Omenfitch of Panma
as the shimint emvipe
one faces up to it. as-
.when one is a cub
and has srn to do
ty t ne's country.
leus hearty spectator.
found 'wth. fln si tuff-
Ielr ears, t"i c BOb
o his audlen&. Wen
prick, which he Ignor-
letely was over the ten-
boy Jumped Jauntily of
'e '
es," he said-w~i ablag
e gotten lotrh of shAo

while in Washington;,
tonal emergency poS"
once was told that a
n Under 10 can be I.
ed with the new Salk
eo vaccine by the end
ts also advised medical,
d public health officials
r the conference ,timt
11 be enough vaccine to
Ik shots to .5 Malih

S TUIS Til JIBCESS&RX?...seeims to be little Jack Omen-
f.'3sl rueful reflection as he reluctantly waits his turn,

Cifs, Streams StjH
..- :*^ =, ^ ., .* ^ ^. *te' E,__^ ^, -: .- ._.s: i e&K. ,

mem, -m,

Ready To D

With US ,

'Relax Tensions'

BANDUNG, April 23 (UP) Chinese Commr
Premier Chou En-lai announced today he wa will|
negotiate with the United States government onem -
ment of the Formosan crisis.' /
Chou, '1 the first conciliatory statement he h
made involving the United States, said Red China d4
want war wit. the United States and wps willing t
down a talk-,ver tensions in the For East.
He e the stot6me'nt in a printed document
ulalted at te 29-nation Afro-Alan conference aft
had met at lunch with seven other nations of. the For
"The Chinese people are friendly with the Ames
people," his statement said. "The Chinese people di
want to have war with the United States."
"The Chinese government Is mosa as the legal govlM
willing to sit down and enter of China.
Into negotiations with the Unit- The dapper leader of
ed States government to discus nism' giant in. AMl
the question of the relaxation of delegate I a eloin e a ,
peolally the question of relax- to t
mg the tension la the T.Hwan pcerlme
arUeL" ldO.



Staged ne and
11, Wr a tent-
ly w diussdgthe r
forthc Igwo-monthA o-
cation isTinvrth Carolina.
They wla a h more excit-
ed ove tr tUhan Over the
Balk T .;otehey were about to
r few oe of the
SbrTlh t.Yd ~treould poke
miners at 1 h Irbich was
done up In covered
with a
e~ e o4 thesis.
terms w leShn a1/ Carol
*r ar.B+l'- Br.wn' Mi w. Bomwn

oWgvu Wilam his
S D'. Walter G.
of. Preventive Medi-

rueful 'i r,
were djsappot
"You Can't
bit." .
I AM the M i

irt & ~'s Ofr
g ot the shots.
50' mostt Bight
1,: -'
hurt at all."
radded with a
W as If she

les feel it one
sow Inoculated
Sierum which
r ir ves,
u mm- ng
S troUle,
tills time.
t about
hen, Al
BP-hA ab: u

for Infantile Paralysis and com.
mercial outlets. -
State quats would be based
on past polio rates rather thin
population Enforcement would
De voluntary.
The committee would be com-
posed of about a dozen repre-
sentatives of the medical,.
pharmaceutical and manufac.
tuning fields
The conference was called at
President Elsenhower's sugges-
tion to draw up a fair-share
program for the new polio-kill-
er. It met behind closed doors.
The conference was expected
to approve creation of the dis-
tribution committee. Dr. Chester
L Ieeter, medical assistant to
elfae Secretary Oveta Culp
Hobby. has recommended as its
first chairman.
Another conference commit,
tee worked on the question of
priorities in use of the vaccine
according to need.
Dr. Eimer Hess, president
elect of the American Medi-
cal Assn., said the confer
is expected to recommend
children in greatest danger of
ottinp -polio get first call ,on
Salk shots.
The U.S. Public Health Serv-
ice presented the conferees with
figures showing the peak polio
danger ages are 5 through 0 in
the North and under 5 In the
Next mdst dangerous axe for
polio Is the 10 through 14 ground
of IhJldren and then those 16
(AetaUed on Page 6, CoL 6)

s shoet, d the W51a ,
rmplenalftnntby air dro1
watit..ds Rnad" Is -nA

Donald, expeditn c-mmnand
In a saerles
ceived at 1,"
Donald stated that -e tion had been iuszpe X
trained when It was nable to
obtain cayucos t'tUmWaport tWhe
73-man group apstret, .
The Chagres lver was teha&e
been by passed on tib trek. bat
a last minute deoson Wts
the plan to Inclu the ,
trip. They were forced -*
to the river when GoDte
with sheer rock ctffs as b
sides of the waterway. -
An hour and 30.-zn m
stream struggle took tC A
group of six a little m f,'tan
a mile. Unable to obtal9 ou
transportation, the e to
lost .considerable tim ta. abWuh.
tteing .the remainder of teba
force .to a position a Le
mile below Cheico NydlifMtc
Later reports lndice'd. t hi
group had left the and
went cross-country to p
beyond the Hydra staon
they stopped at 11*
nesday to allow
of the group to cl
head of the column.
The eightt Aviation
standing by and station
drops have been made.
Latest reports ln* i- that
the marchers' water ft was


nau wi
not I
r a*

age to wnpon g
to Pata a
Sor to
tmamIn h

u u vs na. lmau m. w. M
pioneer and .ium1t
platoons of the first WfTIr
battalons. ll of the & d A
Scheduled to be concluded
Sunday, the trip nw wil prob-
ably extend lnto th..s 0.& F
next week.

5th Circuit To
,Get New Judge
WASHINGTON, April 23 (I)
-President Eisenhower
will nominate John R. Brown o
Houston. Tex., to be V. 4. clrouit
Judge of the 5th circuit, the
White House said today.
The 5th circuit, with -ead-
auarters in New Orleans,.. n-

sal "co

chinese rre.n,,
ials said privAtel
of news dOspWN Os
I proposal appeans to
Ssame basic fault of
r tegotiation plan ad.
ussia. This country
Soviet plan because
d Nationalist China
powa also leaves out

ument is
Mnrtory .
t its pre

;en- a R
ed the lal
iaseli, who

ii unitedd States recognises
-N orutirUt Ngime on For-

Girls Says 265. 6L, it -i Soldier

She Was Ever Wth;Caso Over

A 24-year-old Army soldier,
Vernon 0. Helton, aged wth
assault with Intezn to commit
tape, was bound OverW trial
In the U. S District e-
terday afternoon *tter BObsble
cause was found. -
The alleged victim, a S-year-
old Panamanian gi, told a
packed courtroom how she
fought and succesfuly resisted
the advances of the 3i8-pound

* -'


The city
gum- was

A crowd oa'6i
pected to-meet
their anMtilt

in a up to them
kd'.d them there
runalag at
SLoffered to %ake
A. man
.bewo al thae
e r. She Aid ae
ear sister
F bt they go to

Salk a
the Une-
1* 111 -

N6 -

.. : ., .' .~-~' .F .
,. ,''

* '-V ~V.'W'

: :.:. ,,^ ; .,*,
* .; ,Z v :-.'- .:
i -:,'. ._Sr^^^A


4. # -.r
[.t'4: _
.'< ".a"

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I -- *A

,i '*

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;%"" ", .'

^ji" **" .{ o, 11; ? <** *

-for sa

B Rb



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F. ;i

... m
IF. *' .


1 y'

S. *

1 j

AM h

In ''
* -.. ,o *: ,. ,.*

--'" 'w ""
/-' :; : *: ir

when Relto
aO lofEs Ba
were -4-:

she k
M =je1edt
gQ* uOla
uar lat tor

."- .; .^ -;- '. .rA
. ..-

' T

IaMcAOD, 5s*NAK ,I pW AN,1,0e,.,NC,
FOUNDED byr N EUl mK IN ")w
P- 7. H STREET ,P. 0. BOX 134. PANAMA. I. or P.
... ... ... n I N IA i ... .%

Ubor News

S- -r
AVA'4-ACel '5 a
,&?^-- s


If -

,NIELE' -, 2-0740 5.. I LINgE 'Joa.
345 MADIsON AVE. NEW YORK. (17) N. Y.,
MOeNs. IN ADVANCE 1.70 5 2..0 .
I5 XMONTH$s IN a VANCE. S ao0 13.00 "'
S JI YOUR FORUM THI READERS OWN COUMN Labor's poiltcl-i action om- P
mittees would be wiped ott of
national politics by a little no- lp
Licdd bill-the Federal ElectionstombA
.rtnagely enough, the bill was WAS1=0sr
S written and introduced-and is d6t H com. I the a
The Mall e is en epa m fo, readers of The Panama Ao. mocratic Senators.
s are received grtefl are handled i a whlly confidential Agitated and angered labor Wshlt h. .oIMreditwo atp he Red
lawyers read the bill to mean years agne I 1tte hut our troop.
.If y cntrbt a ltter dn't be Impatient if it doesn't apper the that the unions and their com- that r eedIral t' t
d Letters ore published in the order received. oibteinb pedutina mam invite him to 't t Ilt
Pl as try to keep the loen limited to one page length. distributing educational mate- Ho use t e- h er
V* Idetity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. rial, posters, leaflets, pamphlets, w er
Th newspape essumes ho responsibility for statements as plee and Ceven the listing ra io and Nt Hoover lf hailu le ro a n or d The oaa

n ter. rMeadr D lt television broadcast deollinvered bore at8.. stt t Oheh howeer, "I-lo_ oh op
i nfom ,tlew" r by favorite candidates. benomin Pre'ldmt.~ovr eso l hwer,
owFoIr the labor peoplewho now hadn't been s A o toruaMs
"f ADMINISTRATION WONDERLAND have an Intricate, far-hung net- furyea rsr ad nevb Of ueo
ework o precinct workers and ifij A oue for years had n ho e d S) N c n c
Beer.: nghborhood "political stewards"
The~ lo d~ m r trenci ne to or f .thousands left onr March g 4 ljo b.ogo T &eore ad y -fo IO f tD

t h h fer t orsn of, tpospoads mChasien wi o.ese coaahst.-.- they'E re ne sd.
Welant a pome from Sadeye, about the Cof fee Hour? of' union workers, the key Sec- nim t a" Ch
until he et around to It, with all that stuff that's piled tiOIr of the bill No. 304. "1 want you to NOWru T-ar d.
the onl Day whileheh was gone, waiting for him Ttl would add the following man told him, "Ithat ay j a

h oe otse b oi $r,, b e aty are r fogw, Mn hiha 1oTr Dana cmuoviat
,'d1t, i now i trhi k 'Lewis Carroll would write his paragraph to the national elec- your re n o in'r i ee u ou ac "pltd
rus nd Carpenter," if he was working at the Adminlstra- eon leTantin hefaret, awg togn ome by. Irt "
Egow o th e Taft-Hartley Law: come by., 'I .
ndn thy" hndmmho"It ls Cunlawful for any l candi-o o0t. nOn Ofrtot hap an can s
"he time has come," the Walrus said, dia e ror political committee tobponoed to o ne e Ie osewla init

ToIs w hiister ue down tflh e st ei as aeldst l at cwhatr We an db n ..m ee n noo e e d A as em of o
'To^ r hustle adown the o ir mkdite a In connection owith A m a co-cha Aa ift w o
-.. Ot outa the way of the thundering herd -peny dt erein conection wi t Acieon of a oundcc e tO 8 H
The stallions and thq maregs! reAived direct or nirecty ora Anize tne overmSAa N -on
f Foa whllb that coffee g bollO hot from a labor union, corporation nte wnict he o eaA Su. cNa.d n
They'll see that they get theirsI or national bank." itoover, exiremely gre m sua '.. .bet Hooer,
Tieo me labor tis rlc eaognos a tiov Pereeldtreb at.l. at t
"But wait a bt," the Oysters cried, fadsomer Ibor leaders i r"in- r -ou to aTr mnI apI go
For some of us are out of breath,, itpoli Strategistblea va e rA La .er a m t T l in as -
And all of us are fat!" that this would prevent themL booerrenr a m 1 c see e
"No hurry," said thqC arpenter, f operating 12-ear- Hoover reet(a roe d i o rAu Ihe 'n.
And they thanked him much for that old CIO Political Action Coaur gedso s:en carm-
"An empanada," theoWalrus said, e' l ne aor Photiel Edu- been yrm ied to the cnia ous The Site n o hee tat ,
"Is what we chiefly need- at Oa.e elaourl what- ,.. e n d. -re sn ince esgoerandE rough now he toeet w ,to sit
Did you read Sadee night? ever new politeal committee d an Y oh rn o. oacin town, hae doom expec me Soina-he Ptags. ate o-
A ndnoohI think he's going t seed I Is ea ther gedAFLnd own ieh s epe c ten l,
o'lk lo iddUnder the current law unlessAl L r An dah n and d8tk on'rmieqsl
uniYou'd look for long, ldeedlll % unions a r r'b prohbited from e n towuo thei msltio nlTh T
Ann ficrtn; io t ney a dcforrg tVogres- W'r.eb Ik otoa Here's a suggestion President by a stiig patriotic
"I weep for him," the Walrus said He'y a e a S enkla P t fey ew r
nebwbillowercerOF nn-se" the i Q nay t. eoroa "te
cme, eblmA"Iyeedeeplsympathie, ohPresiidental oVaa. as o l bi bgi t o r C and Vicertuerheg C auh
y oPrWleddentialo candidates. the s At n n 0 te t the Gro R sa
epn-bHoldete ednherenocket-hande A-oh"durchiefSider .fotr'si hi 4to year niLher'n ds p ug eaued hon I : Ben e tan ah

definedabrief eogerIn$ActdI)'the laughs are abundant and Apr. 15th t'sI n Wita Fr hePosctmon" rbuto the capnmines cl theu al
ta rioed ceart nlusty.. The o -stepping updes were led by .... Nobody can figer PiperLaurie' rbpudiating vvestern mropeO on a goown e w, op-sere transmitting
THERIGH"T TO GRIPSolayMoneywanhgifts,rputk"YouSlayMe"withMarkntilge'snmar.n--e in Anchorage. She said tourequ
anrtoinyhlod uf oier .,e, oA::irteMc Oexitingt and h epntor neousshelWantedItbrn eforehher. iltontfct ended- end hmwthI nd kreala rme fe;Se
aireauto- hsdeogpplng of the show...Theb oarpenter'su and then toka powder. l' cblesng unD as an UniOffhiO en- flashes lihts ou operates n-
mbea lrra politicalcar the an, me nt (01ek Bettrm Blues") was another n n roy Juh to vsmtp some of the ma
iis for "I am sick of it." tlphones for poltca ca er us- ae almost Manhattan Murals: The old button shop on places no M0w A an artillery
loithth-et nthscr t igsersofalon e (ih3rd hAvene and 48th Street, where wo old sweet- capodurin World War s .t
otoaares me that this ad is ca ble of being ick eial adunion e neyes(whorUnItandvvy 'welc offer ruman extremely me.fopulror nurbinir Pentaen l
par to lb u arny itsp inh a proud military man ehd bill spells 'out the term' to Cub ith pfnnyubl sh ed -a rdet-bewnch" Wes .H p the vhirc h ewIn Swode. cMn i
o l le fi to realize that rotetation asaint "political committee" to include: ad, Ea 4theotherns...The. brisk alngs...The pretty nurse at the new Socony-Va- e Utte man woputrom e r
wie 9 llbiea sAn cAmer ican heritage. O....oAs :cnmWite Association, Wa re by the Mser S in te& o Fa i n cuu .Skyscraper construction' an use a rd the d M arshll plan, h ped M i a r lo,
Amerioc orCanaiOtl6n which acceptsn In the Jukee sand d-l1i the manages to look as chia as though she wore a up urope aber the ww, I a news leaks. One of as-samt
bookhbede B csltonTmd l, DAaISnIsoLiny Dahe...Heron's d rc0o0 pern uhe oh and
AmWcan. to take effective action Against contributions orMildebooky.omltonrIria1I '-doblenthpft an d ofn.ur b a me
SalM1,othAutd ook bokby b douibleoy ,ifn.. m57htheA Hodo ear of 3bsuropeoram.i.wBdcopaetion.Peeoell
e eit out d.epkafory a mo I a nftle v e t er The e- M ts|.n.feo m pT e ..e.ism
a n yIn-'4 s a n ds' i .. ,h e Ni t.i n, ld .. I f w e w o n Ib m k' O rd
STsubject to certain petty tyran- W Tn
hisnthr l ooite oPresidentialt orV- woodi.D"marenas ntnoresdetlo'V .t n
ot'thla condition warp your think- Presidential electors..." -Thutht0remaieMIntt
u that six years of mlatary sterv. too- h d anw: "Abore'saalguy whothinks there'sasbWpJluswh mon.mold and Prec..O e.ththe oe, theW ainlinkoy ove"o...-At uIan. heS -ff-"-- battery D of th l 7I
lan ol ed e es .t "lntrpre o rn-A ... .. .'thhod t ... Cwn d friendship at ar timwe4 when ot many9"hgolh e
This boy offers the same old moldy solution that eiy rbind- tmmtte;o. a- h ,. -- Who does hee for aen e... AI h eor.hp uno, offi ls we."
en the Isthmus evcntuaslly falls back on --"aaiI aLlshi pton"a1 or ort no hr dr. woew omae oe- a,,omlnners.f h
.ltion other hue ta wom., ..a ahopn ofree fr h in the wCoor-kl W m Cal woIseedr. at manTs owe ver-woe .l'
out of her." supposl the first Americans had gabbe4 wWhsihani ehaeyukWody found out t, t with some The eeare n on a
qd r ,, --sway.?-influence.the'.em......a" 'reitThe y" o ae the biger they eti',..t tWadlh' pat ties' wit the Unltdl vy hanles, M 'tx '
aoCome.nalprshe....d b ...e.. ......At..erma...Is. 0a u they need reminders c,,
CIome all ye who Sewa potwtl".. contuetto h*" your -m ot by the ,.a usy.. ", on ... t that unity between France and henceved to
asbeefs, complaints and gripes Mun My ale hy minaon of, e tion Y. "Your huban his job?"... terdn ioall-important.
hasnbeenacorrectedInjustial,t." lct ics a rel..elo an, they're Broad- loveOx "a t hbea t her n and the worst Ha rrl Tuag -
- o.oould eaf.ot such t tes ofs klck in the pants. It keeps 7o en you r toes.!a oodw asnoM r Am eanGorge Cmathera at luza eli,
,the Cd United An rker Celebs.About To*n; Capt. Dick Merrill (East- --".. c- recordwng lAS Statest man. nthose"wa
SUnion, l by Waiter asM Airline check) the Stork Club. after ,aor s.o ,HAMI spand raised In Indrepende.
,- their I eclal Clt Ip Fund inging the Presiden)t back toS A uogrk" o,,t O "Hurt" ...Alce BSmm as sin new CalypTOSu r
RRWINDOW0of s $750,00. ard you 21,000 feet above Georgial"... Tennes. Lke Maad": .Joan.I~ollow."s Can-Ca.,. doorit o 'rup rnt se
moe s raisedof 4tDAsideOWWlams, author of "Oat on a Hot Tin Root" She Inherited Owen Verd .s role... Betty Mad-
five cents out of member'd lla InIan au of "Bs (the lgan's MOM disc: "I Had The Funniest Feeling." It should comno surprise yfed
,opthldues.KiCir2 a) wh Kermit Shaer'*Jgee Album, "Burlesque .4ter Eisenhower's and Duleag
Zto ka look in the rear window of the nursery up at 0orT- io q arth e ru iothat S a agenty.. .Theater-owner L A. Lott (owns Show"-...- M abel IfeYoea r a t th fSow m Plaoin&eRIMtae tha tl e
Abe other night and I swear there are a couple of them thdar t o e g m yo h Mouses).whoeBongo- uancya. bhowihaoeAnowm b eethat i n
Vatlookliklr'd Drom (by e-usher onauter.ld SportsAe- Show Business.Novoelet. et aitualy hamp..n- to the Far Eat In case.
that look like Baby-Sitters instead of g rsot hcldlerko. Th,? and citizens, in general to re-eorgerDavis. n (- soHeralds Eorehe and- Show Business -nov ,,t.ur.hapto t a&,n
other. there are blondsblackhalredaons oanduit etoatheM ne .4, they say in a church; not far from Holly- y-Matau crisis exde
tr ineg. .Th e n ws "b' n wne rsgch1.4 1- rY aresuch ha asbig scone,..The church was aga
, ad one big guy hardly fits in his little see-all bed. hold this to be tl In direct 1. ,t e Cu oo pub ..sher ofao,
someone Say the doctor thought she was tired at Utical actlvt '- bshal- oS as Vanity IPai k gi o JTr., who has. ing a Biblical episod _.. _T e director waste tical bombs that could be
d uwas" friendlyuS. a er's w ife.... A spectators wan to break uptroppe
I w o r k w h e n s h e d e liv e re d t h a t o n e till s h e fo u n th fMeri e w o uldy be d iffi c u lt yn e e r .. K ay o s ta r o f t h [ w h o n e .y.
11 lbs. Take a look In this rear window sometimes, roving th&t tle hO'o PodtIo i0odon Room.1.,t (when sh' enk,,w.otheetru re aid think nSerOfrthe.On.Me esem.
actionn Committ h14 part of the 4oreas J"Ive had"'/t I intend to go Are you an actor --.or a.tecr?" she asked This is the second time saflce
*-; -- ~J~p ~~~ eyd S~CIO's activity, it in poine oat. eol" ut_ icily...The extras and actrs on stage and the World War n that Uncle S=ai
____________ The last QO. venton in __ L -- psmi -gasped...He once was a a 5,,000 per week held the atomic bomb upeeve.
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Sm r fln sh.e e d i. by .We eM oa ihl looM0 ey .:. .35 ::..:: .:::ia cost Sta workers $500.000 m ths imar ble record wre the Beginn g tomorrow a series ta wdsa's .
.e .... l --- -.W...............o es. A total of 24 mls ais ni v- Transportt on and Termin als of peginsi have been dr ouwn o m o
iAn ed in the wage walkout. ore urau, the inglneelng and up for each d~a with the follow- part! ptnon
67M of OR a AsAn iOi s "ided In th wagie walouty.

w o u s U M aS F R N a Ma sg. Iaw t o w i S e v enfa ddri eo; th e d ir p dt t t r o f M rc m me n dt i o n f ori n o l Wp ro d yd "m p bir S wl JW F S
aggan, 10a. a.* U AS9 in: tT o 1S 5ninrQ Un mo a fir M no. it Ae nty to sleozeeven more o t h1ie zro fo aL total smnhour expo- l nts Day;p Thourt day, ro e e
S. Chr Sbb"ol and Sumonth). the ..e. .disadvan tsage r heads ad their each will be c ed out

eas n Alia Dali s.he 7:3n under which New England mills emplyes by 0. 0. Kellar; chair- under the supervision of the
wl I g I a t vDl Ws .......... .. S0 labor" the firm said, man of the Safety Board, leaders of the orgaization. Ar- ....r.
S"h Cowtunemnly od erFrT -Sunday Mc e.......r..,.. e h o e. "A.he tatement wa ..a&@ .4100o4u1111 Ma811.......s 1 9:00 As ar e slem e e O letter waf s Bendorsed by Lt. for the Atlantic side aits of

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iSAol common a ......... the Isthmus in the summer of the use of the Paraso School,

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;:^weA t.he.. w. s of. cstaentwasIssued
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C 3uerr 0 MOh WdayM .. ...... .. .. 10 pm Coevoe toandy atio5 .em : e rp r msAenN NUsaLoS
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d lm y s nay MMm3 CrO.c SOl NA In. V. 9:30ry oT e a rf Bo a I adtl Cl A o th t iacksg p l
C!}f/aT to a7e 'V mtheinecifireidedoiso oe *s !"T

Th.da 7:0.0. ....... .. ...i.................. .... .na. .. Crc. Tm N urse 1:30g Ae obPinedak te Pia
95116 &J L FTeday I M CS:uCommunionGAri.W.- (.4)5.U[SL..........m...n..he summe rofthes na Sa.f etdyy 'eRe. .

P o eBibleClan-na N uea : Mrnin:g00 ar a yeNON am SN aYS 0 -T e HCre t h eLuethoera Ho ur*
, d aC.a 1t ;4OHAMT Ado2NL- *0roTh .Rev.d JaO pun raw ORT DAItSday DABT .. .toreti f thEIHe e finereeord.""i_

S nOAm C Leey F n Sermo n ..... Bna...S: saturday t:h1 Ka a. .. ...... S Uda Mas s t. ...... d & 10 :,
SmSS W *-osai d Wa p ............... 2 l... .

c .. s w r o os Cene0 u.sto* x d a Church oemuo an d S-A ND........ .7AON Vi -- Jobeins
7 to pmus heap Fis o. n S:30na Chuna. 1 Semian. SaomamnY, oLonernent(Ruste Ay
..... DaLS..tay HoS: 8:m n )a Sunadnsay e r* sa o. .... ...n pu... D Ailny Mass po....i........ 7:0 CS a 1s bHIG : an

1 31 0a rs d B c D t M: p m B An d Se rmcn a n a n. PP61 1 3 0 t h e A tl a n ti c I I w ,
ur d ai vea 8:ai sw YuhF .. ... ..5:00 TpESOCK. Sunday Ma"ss............. 91:.. a .
sm Pm 5oAl 9:309 n t U = i'n"(s tha tme any ne
mo. r1 0P o C am: a1d0 t P.M p o utvehei asoe l......... 6:00 pm. SITnday SMa............. S*00Moic S errsice.. ..... 7:30 p ,m.a e w a y
Catedear ChuchIn.aaWChitdyy 7:.5 p undaynMd.........PMO.,,.A.oCarmu.. Panmryfo lay er MT = oeach mut

f^'^ ,^. u,. .. 2 a t....... rduUHADKRCHIEF
CGrI' Frieldly FAMl ..2:a p .ORT GU CK (Co t r. Q St.he and a rl ano
..".....Class:. a tuayIi i C 't Cam: 6a30 p.m. TuSLdaey and W DNSaSDAYS.Sturday ......... ......... '4P .m p.m.Ar yomme n it... ... .73e0ty p.m.
1oalns. Prayer ...and.CurcTMdTr : p. evs AtAI C SiDa
ruST .A.TI .,T UEC S -T. Ho Com..muni.......5 *:45 at. flh. Chisu n '..J.Tut.e-Supt.
AThv v.M at 5lt h Street 8usl e ,- Wtman AuJA T. IaDa d e rdsan sone: Cofe6nty 094J F E M E H

P *Sunday* Sevent h Day and ** SS-:S 200 Her S
Mn s psua, Canal Zoe Holy Day Mar : :00 ac (It tt :: ..... a ......... .......c"O TU NAA0 e.ON -- Tutter t

eC. .5Jowdaate onS S ohraSfe 90 9108 a nAM
-dim Hl...a..t....... Cam t.e to7a: rie. y 50L em1 1f Sti. aP t Church). (Ft DA S...r a
Mor ,orsip _..........O am. Mo a1. Th" e Hey. John Spear, Priest in Charge. ALnConofCmariPaulirryon inchanrog
psTShirleyhungDAY Box 58, Alon, .Z, -- Balboa 202 Evangelistic Service.......7:0 p.m.
vepl.p.'........ .7:451p.P'm.n o 0 mdy Choral .EucharFit and Searmn 7:00a.m. Sunday School............ .9:45 am We.i. Gospel Service .o 7:30 p.m.e
rot s .an......7:0p-mg o. Jhip SLp oirnn Prayer and Church 8 1 Mornlnv Worship.......1030aIm
Officers"& Teachers Parque TdevyeT 1.F: aym. ,Youth Tiev urery. 6 0 UFpEce-
M tn. ea 7 00pm.GOMaEmChilre' E ari. Sndas 10 Ent Servie........7 I: p.m
WA..UhA.. & Snbe ras7 Hoy Da y M amses: :00 an.d to 1:00 amnSUmNDA S o 7 pIATIOPn R.P, ISttal ]CC
Fr.daturdaythe..r...u Cds .. mn 7..0.0 am. NAevON...N.A nMi iste2ShoesRTVON .P.1-j.-oreP'nasireaoyou
Aa.,. ,:8 00paponfd i8s:30A..ISSu.PM .orl t 43P0 Sen 1.50S to gH A1nColy ZommunA o a .ndU ADroW_.o....,um e, o ,anc rnSty
IS p.0.7o3np DAYSsU s orA.............. oami.OLUTE
Me aV novatiwonAmy P"culowdim Novena and ts- Youthwoelloa ..w.....ship......00m.unyMn.h....... will receive ABLUELY FREE MpER-
ClntyiS ClamyMan.... ..Sundy. ivineWor.7.30tDr i oo NOW

Cth m Cla s s: Af.m..e' V :3a.w.Msae CMr anS. JOW1 aazinM' otpc

t~a ........a.... l rdaole 0 I. .O o.The.1.3m. ...... :30uplm.
S1i:3 a i0ePono erntdy. i i i pin, on aurs.dSeroL7, ia
FISTBPTSTCHN=ST-olmmunioy n ion..a m."_BeliJT Primary ant.tlst-A
MaLrgarit Avenuat5AT LANTSteeCm Aia sea. undamy "o: hood SFRO a m. Ieetini ; Sunday School., t
Sam. as~p W lnia~ a. aACULOUSoDPoster on anm.)rA I SBM At H Ui.; SacHOment MAetRng. 10:30 n.m. I
The Rev. Johny: SO-. PrintIhaM-srve swil d call CSOterN
cAstitay Masses :. 1:t 0a. 3 Sund.m SUNiAYS O B pm i rlsI ormC L SoloJ 9Balboa 260S 0 0aNgelisticPService
5n W .........Sunday School 1 ........... 30 1 Wh e
Br =t.i 7:00 Via. ST. JOHNftorar: I t a ay1:00 ad Prayer dChurch SrngWorshipA...,...... p.m.

orFri,..........days :30 rom....Day.Mw60frroo.m.. 9Sa m. ,..... $..5
0drn.0is.M. ,rhioMeytSnday.ScWo.........erypurchas....,. Suit.7Slacks
Frpos..a._.l...l.d..u......... dTheRp.m.v.-Rit,7.0 AI" Mora--"Worship.......s1 a m"E- D sHWK R HI F
-: ntor"D0 ay."t Ad,,o DYS NDAY
-OONCNTA BL MOLT s Mt: 7:0ady 9 .7 am. Lpast Bs Wad-l ngtem)nau ,d ua

Sal vati on Army Tin e --- Sco...... First Snday eIdani,
14th Ssas m. SUS,, Bw ..,"IV. .noetuch ari: Sun D OM'at l
I: M t.m .,,.7.- Soy day. CluI:.......... __S.-. m

sal-pm FRIn.Suda.SorU-"C 11at. ist

iri W .... CLam:0:5i ay"s. ,`ce:41*,Hursdays .J P9e l 1 .

V edal: Nva : : s 5 e p.m. aa.n:Iai eI SeT- ; ,C;W.. ....... m J W
4f:30 9 uoa ont ev a--I PFANAMA 25 & 71 Central Ave. CO
sAcAr mart Par eri w .e ?arp suandye ay ..m Pla 5 de Mayo (near Railroad tatto) Oppote allrad tatl
ai- p I M Si m. Serve, To. pm. Morning 5 r is hi-......1... am Hot l Panam -
Alazander H. Pafe H ULy M"a e.4 a. aid 1:00 Eveda Wegnhp .......**-.---** -
*a I andm 600 .-___,-r .8.UutoWeiy. a..--.-. --acifi c.. -. w'Jve Pa,, am '. ,,,,,bo____________._._,,,,,,,.,,,______________________________,
000 *40L CumfaMAL ees: to so amd 7:00 to Pa e wear Seed
S s C i Ul :Uj. a e lun dy Cbo r Av. J. F. de la Omm No. Sa ool.............. am.
m30 iar', es Em.ded MiWacloun edd ens.:0 p. Pa eo.1ao. Society Hall mam w a :ial........ 10.... ..-m.
smo NU "w IISi 2-A Wf AA aid, &d A CMUAIAAN MISSION OP
SLa__ Is0 u.. PUd S-A Ball IIt Iat d Balboa HmWd lA N P iNOmt. R.P. f^ ..
St BIIIan Bl C. Bmr C. -a A N N U CES -o
P .~e S t-RuI Noui Ministers'Jam.IN C. -D r
EN 5 &. CrWAII TVa I CaL. Jarg, J A. Trotmna.

Uhl".- .t.%wm oL w -as. 7:15 p m.4nd SIM-M
3p7pand 3:te5 p"m. MV "CIUDAD DE QUITO '
A^ 6 1-'110,O6 pa.I- P L. e l1

A.. A.m. --" .. ...I@ E xt Pao
. .. CARGO VL BE D Fk WEST CX.AS. ....

Rio'.M AS-N.C -..-,., ... .... .. ... -a w.; : .. V
la va.D ). 1 -- Ii-



Communist Gets 6 Years

r Being Party Card-Holder
.- -
R3CNB)BQOO, N. C., April nessee and that he was Caroli-
(UP).-Juilus Irving Scales, na's district chairman of the
shadowy figure known for Communist Party.
a as a defender of leftwiMg Government witnesses testi-
s and them unmasked Uy fled Scales' openly advocated re-
F it as a ilesh-and-blood evolution to overthrow the U. 8.
unist, was sentenced to six government and predicted re-
in prison today under the evolution would occur "within
berahip clause of the 8mith the present generation."
Sales' attorney said the case The defense claimed Seals
*uld be appealed "promptly." advocated only social revolu-
I& expected o reach the Su- tion and that he never favor-
04me Court. perhaps this. sum- ed use of force or violence.
or, and become the nation's
test of the controversial Once known by reputation as
bership clause, making il- a "liberal" and "radical" fo-
mebership in any organ- center of leftwing causes In the
Ion knowing it advocates or university community of Chapel
ires to overthrow the gov- Hill. Scales acknowledged beFng
ament by force, a Communist.
S ce' onveiton by a fed- But he was not actually iden-
"eiel court Jury Thursday night ut was not actually den-
a hi only the second tifted as a Communist or a
Mt"mn to be convicted under menace by authorities until his
mmbrhics arrest last November at Mem-
The first conviction wasthat phis. The FBI said Scales had
1'Claude Lightfoot. an Illinois been "underground" since 1951.
Negro 'identified as secretary of One university student, iden-
f ha Communist Party in Illino!s. tified during the two-week trial
Judge Albert V. Bryan of Alex- as a counterspy for the FBI In
ndrA, Va passed sentence on the Chapcl Hill-Durham area,
efales this morning. Maximum said Scales was a leader at a se-
Sstenee 'would have been 10 cret school on a farm near Wal-
goo- in priso and si nut Cove. W. N. C., which Scales
ra in prison and a $10,000 said was for "special training
ryan reflusd ball for the for outstanding Communists in
15-year-old l rmer University of the North and South Carolina
North Caiolina student. Prior o district."
i conviction Eeales had been Aniu.g other things taught
ree under S,",000 bon d.. at the school. said the student
hile govwr~ament, d'r~r bIng counterspy, Charlei Bznson
te Scal case ne of lte-I fChilds, was "how to kill man
mendous Import.lrt' t0 1.'o with a pencil."
tcrnal security, .ur" rayed Sc .es; Chld" said students a the
is a slnistcr rcvoluttc-nai y. Walnut Covy. .,.hool were "taught
P'he FBI said Srale, ceted as Ithe necessity for violent revolu-
Underipiound leader fct the t on tn overthrow a capitalist
. ty in the Carolinas anrd Ten- government."
Another undercover Commun-
ist for the FBI, Ralph Clents Jr.
of Charlotte. testified Scales re-
ferred to his own lather, the
Olt late A. M. Scales as an "out-
standing capitalist" and said
he had had to live down" that
SCales was born to a family of
means, the grand-nephew of a
former governor. His family suf-
Sfered financial setbacks during
the depression and his father
*Dist. Atty. Elwin M. Stanley
i Told the Jury Scales' activities In
;,:_ tS } the Ccmmunlsl Party includedi
"educating members for the
mission of violent overthrow of
A t h e government." recruiting
members and placing Commun-
Si1st in key Industries.
, ..... ..i_ ^ ^ ^ ^ i

. I


Acting General -Cargo For:

Sailings: *very Fifteen Days fort
Houston and. New Orleans

BaUlqps: Every Ten Days for:
I'evw York Philadelphia Baltimore

(Gulf Veels eail at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every sI weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masonie Building, Cristobal, C. Z.
TELEPHONES: CRISTOBAI.: 2998 1960 -. 2S35



-.. -'.. ;: .* .*
:- .-.WN i g .- u

JL^'- ~ *^ ^/ g^ 'iT flefl
^^Wl'IH^Wy^ !AV MM oT-Kf w^.^f"' '^^

At rran"al 1

ANDB mS umrW


So It Goes

0 .

i I C IWIIIA m n yiMm. h u.I t 0T.

"It's fun to be out here with them. but when I get back
to my room I realize mine are all grown up and I get
lonesome all over again!'

The Pacific Steam Navigaion companyy

Royal Mail Lines Ltd.
E.S. "CUZCO" ...................,,., ............ April29
8.8. "COTOPAXI" ............ ................... ay
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) .....June 2.
M.V. "SALAMANCA" .............................May 2
S.S. "HAZELMOOR" .............................May 2

M.V. "DARRO" ................. ................April 24
8.8. "LOCH GARTH' ............................... April 28
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ..................... .......... April 30
S.S. "LOCH GOWAN" ............................May 1
All Sallings Subject to Chance Without Notice
FORD CO. INC. JPANAMA~-.Aie.'Perd #5S. Tel. 3-1257/81
IBALBOA-Termn., Bdg.. TeL -19N05

Faltering Philip!
rhblp'u llO in filled wlih bruises
Wall-wer steps ad rNp bhe maes.
IRepalrs would letW b l borne like new.
A A Clau.fled. u.Otthe rlrb tcluel

LTV |L 1 C, 11 LiL
MEB~~2? HE or.-~H 4
kk-_^KWAY!&V -C&

II ..


Let's Go. Boys!

OOP. GIVE 3 LL 10.,rH,

That's It

Good Old Dawson!

IWELL.,IGu r .
I f




Deciding to Act


PRD roKToT MELDu eDaoy
juwKioM Mr..

Inside Job



It W lork

*it. l ear in



Punctured Flash Balb

*1 1aui~IJu I


wwIVob' 6O4W000 JtST TO TS
1:#A a" VPA\ pp vrw-a | UPV"-1984 YYO.U'LL PEND
PAY CHItR 90R 4004000e A ID AS Lor
Mad.T Al PaTt AD IDiP D51s O

613. ~ R*LIJUU

5MLw'~dS PQf \ BUT THEYfi'.LL i
TM FUMlSAN'CAN'T lispr E1 'lrO
r ^ A'" w J
I", oTH'5B


___ _

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" t:-""+ .-" .. '.

- '4ft~W. Apin~g~ RUe

. -. .. .. .



tOSj Ur of 'UB Sth Albe r I-
( h A n P. -..) ,ca and *W Min 3ermu-
Cal," '-whi VIII, be ibd at

SMA a SI S$L World The Voice oa Musc phoouraph vids
RN AY eight. d t "am. wfe ,." f es-a. s us.
S lal- lt besp.ite uied aM smallest. l / A.
The p Din- sra Y wish f hlded h m
sp In th w l.To s opssble am I
Or tion- Mebai l-tim all-wesdot
Str- V.4 Slu SwiS

This toe t ,eeeLss" ..

Ave.Al ssorsOf
>= i. ,,.,. ... -.7

-,-.' ^- --.y -L"----l-"a 5 f y' rr *' r j-"" r ra -* --
a00 Ma 0" ns sYear

WAMWNOTON, April 28 ( bueasu started issuing monthly
S' ........ -. -Secretary of Labor James P. bulletins 14 years ago.
i.tchdll predicted today 19s Actin BL8 ommissoner A-
S -' .vill be "te bestear onr i o i Wienkasaaidthestea,1-
Sa, u P .' 4 -. "'.' T aC .e Am or Ar i ean wore.s awr d eam a f- the index reflected a
S -. a. miles" In terms of buying pow- "wll sustained, level mar-
V-a tOense -.* 0 ADA:4 $kgli of eri cff Ks" ey in a culture. So
t- W1 f buying pow- eI nI e
b rp .rbaon after the government reported to dril doward.
hh r .; thinly l- i tom an e cost of vling ha d set a o- Mrs. Wicken predicted t h
*- l.Mrs.. Mat3Z tMs.uM. W$ on crm iss'nhot h-" ..rd for stability by remalingigApril eott bf living index will
Paul o V, a oo -he stand a perfectly steady for four straighalt show littlee," If any, change. ,
i'Tickets for all RU e withaman months. She said sie expects a slight 1o-
l go on dS w, d -e l" M tid sc reuse in foiod prices this mont.
'.28. oa 26 l .pan a.. te S ... te-d The Bureau of Labor Statistics le bureau said that in MarSh
l y donated the iso rerted that take-home the average prices forfood, over-
sbo ar woth the poF" t tk eaq o over the wbky-e and purchasing power of the all housing costs, and personal a
il for a souvenr.. m br "'_.' ches should"average actor worker had set goods and services were un-
Sa the day the7 Of M o go n .i .i rtooh anew recots for two months la changed from February.
Let's wind. 1 Avoca do Mitchell laid "there Is every rental and household costs,.med-
Second Son To w~eek with' -a fe noas on reason to believe"' that 1955 leical care, recreation anl. gas
L Le o Carleys choosing and- 4f o ur be "the bet year" for Amer- costs. But they were offset by
M.. and Mrs. Leo JCagi an favorite r y green ican workers because rising fac- lower prices for clothing, house
Suncehe birth of lae t faird uit. tory wages "are not being eaten furnishings and automobiles.
csagley on Friday A i st away by price rises." Weekly factory take-home pay
io nps Hospital. -ot lhs Ripe avocado -yies to slight The bureau's consumer price reached an average $69.47 for a
Leo Jr.. at the Caalei's home la touch. Cut In ha-lt tWlt to sep- Index in id-March stood at worker with three dependent&
Balboa Heiglts. rate, pull skin offfruit. Unused 114.3 per cent of 1947-49 average and $62.19 for a worker with no
i "half darkens less ith seed in, prices the same levels it has dependents in Marh. 'his" '
Sirl Sh! Surprise- nightt though lemon does a better Job. maltained since December. This about 75 cents higher than the
Sfor Claudette Touasi- Avocados are reo4y to eat on. was the first time it has held previous records set last '
$it A Claudete Touss!al, ill ly when as6 They are ripe when steady for that long since the Buying power for factory.
be surprised this ei t she picked, but n slow soft-
doesn't read this first) of ening ydelvelb te o reamy, nut-
her friends who will g er at like flavor. TO tesatfor sonness-
". Ra. lbah to celebrate wlt Iho ld In lm hands -and AVIS BA
her, her 16th birthday, i r 944 ge n t "gi ve SAVt RsA
he .. readily (felt soft) It is ready THE SAYINGS BANK
Washington Cotllnlen Club to est. If you pinch or poke, it
HoMIn Shipwreek Dge will bruise the. soft fles and I t G n S.
The Washirigton C o Club cause dark spots tb appear. IMtitution Guaranteed by the State
will hold a Shlprsth Dante to- If firm, leave'these at roo ir.
ftinht at the Braw Brook Coun- temperatire.until soft. This may "
try CI0b which rbmises to set take 2, 3 or 4 .day- Do not re- I Pay 2% Interest Annually on Savings Accounts
the maritime industry back all frigerate until soft. When soft.I
from 8:0 p.m. to 12:30 to est part oLet rator. INITIAL DEPOSIT $5.00
mnusq furnished by the Ro y al
Sultana. Attractive pries w 111 Skinner. Special Guests we '
S serve as sufficient lures to n- Superintenden of Bchhols a d We make loans with guarantees on first mortgage
S- *.courage-"-those-tthllp to w ett ieSn a_ .Doio h;rohrscrt to Ms.8. n of es.
M. AD AR D T were mArriei.In a e*rmi outdo themselves ihe Wyof College and MC.. D. HacketI or other ecurit
arthe dAirhet nof Mr. rS r e B _ise ana.. ma.Cl1ty.1aC. ers are cordially vlti dto Sponsor and Mrs. Siubert Turby- --- .w.. ... .. $ L
.wd P oeM.L son of p M. and Mn.. w.iWu a oley, Read come out and have a good time fil.
Pen. The s y was performed in the Base C1apel, b Ider the customary regul a-
0pilaB (Captain) Phillip HamUton. tions regarding admission. Members of Phi Theta Kappa
_- o-Navy Wive M" In addition to the committee, IiIT A AVIN
... -a Wes. Mt '- were: William Bingham, Ja;cod nll CHRISTM AS tSAVINGS
PNAMA OCIBT TO BE PBEBSENT At Albrook Club Blasser, Elvls Chaing, No r I n e
AT UNION CLUB CHAIT BALL TONIGHT The regular monthly lunason Dillman, Charlotte Miles, David
of the Naval Officers' WiTes Otten, Cesar 81, in]en Sfth,
n addition to the guests of ono President of Panama Club was held at A Offt- and Lorna tone.deposits re accepted thru period
and rs. Rieard AriAt, some of those who have reserved cers' Club this past Tuesday.
tbles fr thq, Charity Ball at the Union Club tonight are: Ne Am-bassad..or And Wif. of 48 weeks.
SL Ambassador and Mrt. Selden Ohapin, Her rriannic Original decorations were fur- Arrive from Nicarpagua o 48 weeks.
Maiesty's AM a0oraoda sd Mrs, Benderson, Mr. and Mrs 8. nllaed by Pan American A i r- Nicaragua Ambassador to Pa- Individual fety deposit boxes, fr jewelry and
Sepiay Moor Be, Ut illa as eurtematte, Sr. and Bra. Er- ways. Mr. Van i borde of P.A.A. nama and Mrs. Jesus Agull a rIndividual safety deposit boxes, for ewelry and
nstde i s uMtd a11f 1any and th yurthen ri spoke on South American and Cortes a r r 1 v e 6 by plane on documents, in 4 different sizes.
Befrets aid iitr the Parade of Industries and the surprise also shOwed sbme beau t I f u 1, Tuesday In Panama, where he
short floor ow, rapitf Baker's Unon Club orchestra and the scenic movies. Other g u e d t s will take up his new post. OFFICE IN PANAMA: COLON BRANCH:
ploiUa 4 9t.9 Azearrata will alternte their music for dane- were Mr. and Mrs. achrle d e r
ethe d of Industries who are traveling from Alaska Quamrteraster~Wives Hold 1e9o Cntral Ave. at Front St. at earner
The Ball Will bn at 9 a the Parade of Industries to South America by a" amphi- April Social erer t "I" Street. of 7tb SL
will Cenolasea at 10 .m. .et have been closed at blous jeep. The Sohrleders have The Quarter m a s t e r Wives
,he I.A.W.C. *l tee Int ea still p by eling the Union been traveling for four mths. held their april social meeting A. De ROUX CARLOS MOUYNES V.,
ub 05 Mrs. Srieder dsh ed the r at the Fort obbe Officersh 0bo. MamagW. ab-Ma
Strip ind their ph raph s With Mrs. N. L. McDonald and Mrs.
k'..dlBfI de Ilr e .. pa Hugo Moncayo at the u- phasisotheltrek through Jehn 0. Wood wer-oes a HOU.S' ... I
A414. AR-.-i ----. the 11*tte.Whlch the asudietce tor luheon and, If ; ..... ; ...
CAulbSO f o& fon d ,h e- :most en.bje pantDingo m; rom : a t:ib *..
.m".ft ent A sketch Of-,their adv e ntIV r e#s. '
w Al tnnotnby v lRes..b lW rs. the ISchrleders finish this Members M4 guests press t 8ATUSDAIB: f6 m 8:00 a.M. to 12:8 p.m0.
ato treht route, they will return to the were Mrs. W. R. Seymour._ s.
the f tubli ef Panama and U.S. by eommenrial ship. R.H. Sievers, Mm-. 3. 1Lee, --
Mrs. Mrs. E. F. Kru.e.ger, Mrs.
Mrs. Rcardo Arias were hosts Mrs. 3. Tucker announced Brecknr ge Mrs Alvin A h,
for a reception at the Presiden- the Club's no officers for the Mrs. R. L.ifarilee, Mrs. N. L
... Ic last eveningIn honorhof His fol lowl ne g term: Mrs. W. B.,McDonald. Mrs. Horatio eLocke,

S-o ws Arp Commit t Chai r WeMrse .nthe arl t, Mrs. rw.
CaptainJ of QuithnLeitn Dr. Carlos M. dla- ty, iMrs. A. W. rdson; Pro-, Mrs. Morris Swat

Saiorre, fwtheo e olttin here Cen Smitam, Treasur0. er M ro s, W. F. PrtM ln Br Mrs., M r a
AMt4, S.t. Wllberl, CO ST
Zone' a rt.Lefague' and Mrs. a R.y n MaChpin, Corre- bucho. Mnr, Mrs. A o. Coune y,

Ball for 955. The "South Pa od- nJaxthelmer e Wtare, y r s. B. Mrs. W. W. Seamlo Mrs. P.J
fic flavor and un" o the Bal- Thieles; Chairng, M rs. Welchan, Mrs. F. H. I r w I n,

SBulley-Wooger Ball. abpointe s follow Pub C- Mrs. H ards, Mrs. tarrett. Carroll;Mrs. A.C.
SCaptain John Leitnaker I e- ty, Mrs. A W t. EH Fan Pro-Retterr, Mrs. Morris Sw z,

in costume depictg him or hr The members were hap to S 0 0 N 0^
a at n b award elm dthe welcome new members thBr e wn; Mrs. Philip Burke Mrs. M. .

S. n Art Led aby the top artists W ansd C. Musser, Mrs. M. Course,
Ball formwO9t The u South OFfl- Jaxtheimers' Wlre, Mrs. B. Mrs. W. W. SessorqMrs. P. J.

Captain Leitnaker crew i n Co- mers wee Mrs .h D. F -syn, mo
bc B, M rs o. Betty S aek Mr Bt i
Lo Ball of 19 h p I r e d WM n. Mrs. Chris ouasto, s. %. w Ryan, Mrs. SamuetI
mittee for plans for bet r and.Margaret BurnSa, Mrs. e aen.r y- .

en A R R IV E D t the club wereMars. Georgia
.and bgger Ball t year-The venida, MY s .t nd Mra .BI rDt; Name
"Farewell" was said to some_________________
SBulley-Wooger abu of old members. Mrs. R. T. Tin- .
Sdoor pr izs and r L fney is lephone, r battle, Wash-
^ rt ru w- *^ *^ ney Is leavg foy Beatle, Wash-'
Ington wit Mrs. C. R. Master-
*oD iAoing to No rfol k, Va.,
the most popular game of all! lie S comes man. y I
".. ,eae otInd tfetume depictingihhie or her The members were hapthO Od

Limited quanti avty. Come and get your de dn wl w en s.
Two Fiims 'n, ds Ip only tell you that it madame
now beforeit's too late. cSroen At om MCA to go on .
Mu sr *n M, T a sri, o s. an A- as lonr as I can smoke VICE

O RRISO S i'swsa% c ,"

accwdiSg to

cO6LO'C A m 00o"

Ask fw.Reuz Cot Shampti at jfour Bltiq bsp

CEROY dr.itte to


and still retain thek ex t y?

The'answer is simple! VICEROYS are
made in Panama.mThey -oat
les1 they're even fresher now, bequae
they come to you straight from tMfae4
tory.j Besides, the 20,000 lterng '
ments of VICEROYS' exclo W' filit

make their, blend -of fine tobaccos mel-
lower and tastier;. 2;+ .,-
.- V : =' Z -." -.-

y test,

Air. MNer r Sit t li
"bdr A uOT, Pe,

PaW f'i~

- 1. I1'~:
I .--* -t



-es A? Jf *" i _-



- -- m-'


___ __ __~_ ~_____

_ _____~_ ~_ ~_

." .

* -. ..." i .

m -. f .

NOW! for sun-burnt, s$-vf dd
sun-baked hair...
color-refreshing ,

Roux color shampoog0

n^,^, tiful anwer. With Rpt
r W' mente you caa repaftir $e*
I damhap the sun has doe t
,to your hair eolor.
J^L ."F fre' h mew color, nu'us&
Looking color, nto ova,
v Is vIisb.gray or failed
strand. And with Rfut'd
N lustrbux 17 color, yo
t /hair shade, or brighten
or darken it, as you'd l


* ... -* < A % '.- T'

.- -4. S'f NP





SInexpensive Want Ads Jrh





7 Street No. 13
4th of July Ave. & J St
Jamiem A w m i d2 Se

-l T- I aI* -

1I1 Ia CarasquiUi
Centl Ave. a4
No I Uttw Plan

FouMth a of n Ave.
Agenda Internal, db Publicacionea
a. c.tS Ave.
tPwrum- Maem '- I reed

I 1 -.
Ave TivE ct ,
; 14 CabWl AV4.:


J. WVe e I .So Ave .e 4m


S. ..,,

.. ,..-." ;,

JUSID rmeseMUS ,a AV., S mlr jmk .1
-,ft A~km OMMM...L I



FOR. SALEL-Berarin living, bedroom and kitchen fur-
LIFE INSURANCE nature. RCA console. Refrigr
tor. Electric trains. Air com-
CALL pressor complete with attach-
ments. Call Balboa 2781.
FOR SALE: One mahogany
14.28 4th of July Ave. wardrobe, $95.00. Also o n o
Phone Panama 2-0552 mahogany men chiffonier, $75.-
Tel. 3-5859 Panama, Vi A Es-
pare No. 146-chelet.
"We can help YOT with
chiropractic" FOR SALE: Maytag wringer
washing machine one year old,
tutID fDirf ui i $100.00. Curundu 2152-D.
UHIROPRAKTORS Telephone 83-2172.
Dr. A. and E. O ..LAC
DrtPame.r Gr.adya'll-1 FOR SALE:- Boby crib mot-
is reril A\enlr TOl. s-1398 tress and spring. Alio bethi-
(1 block from Lux Theatrel nmtte, use one year.- All for
$25.00. House 2023-B, Cu-
rundu. Tel. 6235.
TRANSresRSh AppXER. S FOR SALE: -Mahogany b r
ko.nes 2-2451 -M 22562 nimatching mirror, shelf chairs,
h$75.- Double bed. sp ing, mat-
Learn Riding at tress, $40.00. Lady's summer
PAtNAMA RIDING SCHOOL coat, slie 16. excellent buy.
Riin i& Jumping classes daily Tel. 3-0272.
t 4 5 p.m. Phone 3-0279 -- .___
or by appelntlment. FOR SALE: -piece maho-
gany Guatemala living room set,
radio, lamps, dishes, bedroom
dremuer, night table. Very rea-
t' Ina q I-"Inn C L'e enable. House 2061, Apt. D.
N Brt; DOOks Telephone Curundu 6284.
___ FOR SALE: Westinghouse
i h refrigerator, very good condi-
answers to all home- lon. Also household effects,
tg questions are included beds; tables, chairs, automatic .
he *Do-it-Yourself Guide to teaister, electric clocks etc.
ossful Home Paihtinig ad Chi. Cable Heights 0311 -X.
oration," a book which waRs A .en.
ed in circulation during the I .----
Sby the, anal one QR SALT -Wedgwood china.
t y we Swedish furnhtr, cooking tean-
sis._ many miscellaneous arti-
e bOk, which has been 1 cleaCheap. House 5627, Apt.
en, edited, checked and re- A, iabhl. ____ _
eked by the Devoe Home ec- FOR -SALt:-One 91 5 rug.
SInstitute. tells exactly, 2-427. oe.,
to aint cheaply, neatly andI .. _'-
nely any M eW or FOOL SALEH t.Lrage Frigidiire
o'.the bd im-thee oedtric tesig. Excellent condi-
S-oom.wall o the wPale tIbn. hAne 2 ,7.ofter 440
ot of'the house to clngs, p ..' 0;-. 5 .
It also In-
4e%'-avid' SALE. 1A- Ftmhalhehasie o
l = ,... .r.A lnst *' t"o met. $50.00; foldin
t ,ic step-by-ste instruc- dinette et. 000 foldi
Somplet- list of ,cauch, $35 00; coffee table
.m ltla lat of new' mahogany. $20.00; large ma- .
Iok anid apthors announced by hogeny end table, $25.00;
k Library t his week folows: small mahogany e n. d table,
Libra .tl$n industrial I 10.00; tramvlorods. $5.00; Ze-
and t-hcto4 nh vertment, ninth copromatIc record player
,nnd the --overn--en with own amplifIer, 4 speed
aughton; Accent on Form, plays 7". 10", 12" records,
e; o r da BirdLife, 050.00; 4 lemps, $2.00 each
runt; Engineering Cybernet-I flexible baby bathtub. $1.50.
Tales; Fod for Little Peo- 1352-J iBaes. 2-2944.
Kepler; 4mitrative Ac--
K.; ZNewmau,'-How to. MakeS FOR SALI -Venetlen blinds,
w biles, Lynch; DO-it-Yourbelf: vacuum cleaner, washing ma-
5wde to Successful Home Paint-1 chine Gen. Elec.. kitchen table.
Il4 nd Decorating, Devoe: Be- porcelain refrigerator 13 cu. ft.
Wi* e Barriers oA Spac aDtd, freezer, motor for record ploy-
,i' rr1ll' Sir Walter Scott. er 25 cy.. bamboo blds, mris-
cellaneous ilems. 6216 Los RIo.s
I..' '- Tel. 2-2622.
n The Four WindcI, -..-- -....
SB Sun and candlelight. Marlin Club Ha
I 1be1: Recollection Creek, MQrn CiUD HQS


FOR SALE:-1948 Plymouth.
Perfect condition, cheap. For
further information. telephone
2-4366 or Balboo 3289.
FOR SALE:-Packard 1951. Big
value. Phone 2-2373.

FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Fordor
with fordomatic drive. Best of-
fer takes it. Tel. Panama 2-
3883-or 3-3744.

FOR SALE: 1950 Plymouth
Convertible. Very good condi-
tion. Phone 3677 Navy I.

FOR SALE:-1947 Studebaker
2-door, radio and overdrive,
$225.00. Phone 88-145 or 8%-
FOR SALE:-1955 Ford 4-door
Customline Sedan. Practically
brand new. Less than 3000
miles. Flying to States. Will sell
for yubstontiol discount. Phone
Balboa 2-3069.
FOR SALE:-Buick '52 Convy
Fully equipped, like new. Best
buy In town. Phone 83-2228.
FOR SALE: Citroen 4-door
Sedan. Good tires and Mat cov-
enr $30000. Curundu 2152-0.
Phone 83-2172.
FOR SALE:-Two used tires
and tubes, all state size 700-
15. Cal Gullick 670.
NEED a car? Call H. Pretty.
Automobile soles, all makes,
new end used cars, automobile
insurance. 6007 Front St., Tel
1604, Box 748. Colon.

FOR SALE: 1953 Pontiac,
Tudor Deluxe, new tires. Phone
FOR SALE;-Nash 50 4-door,
two tone, excellent condition.
Very reasonable. Call 3602,
FOR SALE: 1947 Hudson.
Good condition. Phone 2-3747,
Panama. Good tires.

-. I95*I foerria ,
. t0,. Phone

WANTED: To buy all lato
models automobiles, preferable
Chevrolets. Ford. Dodge, Ply-
mouth, Pontiacs, Oldsmobile..
We pay cash on the spot.-
Coca Cole Plant). Tel. 2-2616.
2-4966, Panama.
WANTED: Low priced, small
car. lCpraley, Renaslt, Austin
etc.). Phone Curundu 2190.

Pan ama ine


BOX 2031 ANCON. C.I.
A Round Trip by P.A.A. to
Miami. "A week at th Alliul
Hotel, for two." For S0.50.
Mireculoeu Medal Churcl Ba-
zmar May 4th., 5th., 6th.
7th. Cell Cristobal 1343.

Dr. Wendebake-Medical Cli-
nk beside Capitol theater. Day
and night service. Telephone 2-

- I I-

FOR SALE: Venetian blinds sit twelve family porch.
Excellent eonditiae. Chil Balboa
3472 ffter 4:30 p.m.
"Offtn mlisellaneous items for
Sealed bids, for opening In pub-
lic, will be received until 10:30
a.m., April 2I, 1955. in the of-
fice of Superintendent of Store-
ahou Balboa, for clamshell
buckets, motor driven Inspection
Oar, air compressor, conveyor,
generator, Whitcomb locomo-
tives, woodworking machines
floor sander and surfacing ma-
chines, concrete mixer, pump.
safes 'and saw located at Cris-
tobal Storehoum, telephone 3-
1265. Invitation No. 167 may
be obtolned from the above
soure, or from office of Suner-
lntendent of Storehouses, Bal-
boo, telephone 2-1815.
FOR SALE:-Five metal Vene-
tiNn blinds 5x6 ft. for new type
333 house. Bia savings. House
1582. Apt. D, Calabash St..
Gavilon Area.
FOR SALE:-$200 credit for
$150.00 Almoced Elga. Call
Curundu 7195 between 4 and 6.

Help Wonted
WANAED:-Expert cook with
good pay. Street Alberto Neva-

S Says
(Continued tfrom api 1)
why they were going that way.
At this -time, she, ait Helton
grabbed her by the throat and
told her to shut up. She said
during the ride after that he
kept applying pressure and at-
tacking her.
"He was trying to kill me, but
I don't know why," she said.
After a terrific struggle she
said the car came to a stop and
she finally threw herself out of
the car. Her sister tried to de-
fend her by striking Helton with
the high heel of her shoe. She
claims Mitchell then pulled the
sister away, and some time
passed before she saw her a-


WILLIAMS' Santa Clar Be ch
Cottages rockgoe, refigo-
tion, 2-bedroom. Phone Balboa'.

Grmlich's Santa Claro Bemh
Cottages. Modern convelwinces,
moderoaterates. Phone Gamboo
PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages,
Santa Clara. Box 435. Belboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877. CAfto-
hal 3-1673.

post SantO Clara. Low rotlm.-.
Phone Balboa 1866.

ATTENTION G.I.I Just built
modern furnished apartments. I,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold weor.
Phone Panama 3-494J..
FOR RENT:-Fumibshd and oun
furnished 2 and 4-raooh demrn
apartments. Contact ALHAM-
Phone 1386 Colon.
FOR RENT: Modern apartment,
living-dining room, 2 bedroomn
specious closets, bathrooms,
kitchen, hot water, maid's room
with bathroom, garage, fenced.
A St. El Congrejo. Telephone
3-2148 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
FOR REI4T:-Furnishad 2 bed-
room apartment, screened. hot
water. Best residential section.
Campo Alegre. corner of RI-
cordo Arias and 51st St.. "A-
merica" building, Apt. 3.
FOR RENT:-Modern efficiency
apartment ideal for a bachelor
or a couple, near the El Pan-
ama Hotel and the Raymond
Clinic. CaH 3-3421 from 6:00
p.m. to 8:00 p.m..
FOR RENT:-Two bedroom- a-
partment, maid'l rigm,
just built at "El Cangrelo" Al-
berto NeovoersoNo. 22, ..

FOR RENT:-Vumnleed apirt-
Moent with refrigerator. Porchd-
.parlor diningiroom. bedroom
kitchen, garage, $60.00. Inquire
112 Via Beliserle Porras, near
Roosevelt Theatre.
FOR RENT: Two apartments
chalet, specious. modern. 2 bed-
rooms. Just built. 16th St. Paiti-
Ila. Telephone 3-6155.
FOR RENT:-Residential apart-
ment 2 bedrooms, 2 porches,
hall, sitting and dining room,
maid's quarters. Price: $125.
Phone 3-0351 46th St. No 8.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apart-
ment two bedroom, living room.
kitchen. bath, all screened, tile
floors. Also Shop or storage room
with 3 drive In doors, ban on
oall windows. 1,600 square foot
floor space. Honue No. 63'/i
4th July Ave. Inquire for Jani-

1; Toe Searchners, .e Mrv. ui ue unwa gain. ta at M 63"er cell Hopkins,
Orizzly, Manfred; The ChlcKen Dinner B.. 2966
f the Rings. Tlkien.. The girl showed 'courtroom Balboa 2966.
- e -- -1.c That Rlnht? .* spectators her bruised back, and FOR RENT.-2 bedroom apart-
SThe iMA a* rl .in.. _'. il n said she was bitten, punched, meet In Duplex house. Fenced
SMeet NATPpnma Marlin lub held II kicked and beaten about her bo- rd garage. Cll Cooper 6-
S their regular monthly meeting dy and face. She said her dress 206.
la BThursday night at the Army-Na- --- was torn open also- -......--__----_ --
S vy Club, Fort Amador. Later, riding back, she said FOR RENTi-4Small apartment
s II In ay A very fine fried chicken dil4.- A total of 119 passengers, Helton told her he was sorry for all independent. 3wd St., No. 4,
Ser. with apple pie and cheep many of thembCanal Zone real- everything he had done, and San Francke. Tel. 3.5874.
kNaTOl" April 3 WPJorglessert was enjoyed by all' --'dIents en route to the States on said he wanted to speak to her -
IenitlBahy power will meet" Frank Violette, President tEpring vacations, were booked mother about it. He also invited '
iontbh with high-level rep-ithe Panama Marlin Club, pre- to sal from Criatobal today a- her to go to the beach with him
Aives of the 14-nation aided over a short busineut board the Cristobal of the Pan- the next day. l
white House announced to- pleased he was to have the et- 'passengers are sailing for Porl she accepted this invitation,
ceptlonally large turnout pt eu-Prince, Hau.i which she admitted doing, the
resentatives serve per- members, over 70 in attendance, I Passengera for Haiti were the girl said she was afraid if she
II.4 e 1090 .wI Thirty beattltul marlin plaques Iev. J. d'Auterril Richard and said no there would be other
In'lift. Tby were awarded to lucky fisher* Miss Rena Grey. attacks. She said her sister in see mean f moran in tMo
th1r first group trip pen to fisher-women for hav- The complete passenger list the back seat, was screaming coaiumt e ousniilsed i* typo-
rteqO spefNA- ing caught iparlin. 'Twenty one for New York follows: with pain, and on the main writtn Sans en d* mae o -"
ruztofns If or- repeater p ues were awarded! 'Mr. and Mrs. Albert Acker- road 'Gaillard Highway, a Navy c S- dramn
i rapgementa s IE tlhoe havingg opeated pn catch- man Mrs. Ella M Andrews; Mrs. officer stopped alongside the byr b "- nS. 9 I
WU .... lugrginarlin. Mary M. Barras; Mr. and Mrs. soldier's car to inveAtigate the e-a .y9W bi Si MO
uncl will pay a visit "A raffle of equipment was al- Herman Bernstein and daugh- screams. A Canal Zone police lm. -
e Norfolk, Va., quarters of so held and who won. Frank Vio- ter; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Blev- car which arrived on the scene Balboa *.cub
Jtirauld Wright, NATO su- lette of toursel He never misses. ens and four children; Mrs. 1 a short time later took the four- The ial WmnI's Club b
commander Atlantic, is: Elizabeth I. Brown and three some into the station. will hnad. Altual Spring.
Sl 'LU children; Mr. and Mrs. John M. A preliminary hearing In Lunchepon the Driftwood
SiGUN .CLUD Brown and son; Mrs. Greta Mitchell's case Is slated for Lounpe of Albrook Offlcers
lng in Washington May l N rlE Buermana and three children; next Tuesday in the Balboa Club,n Wwai uJ 1 at
- councU members willl( O I J Mrs. Marjorie Buermann; Fidel Magistrate's Court. 12:30. "
with a military represen- Burgos; Miss Blanche Burke; Helton is attached to the
' onilmtttee the followingI Paul Disharoon, Jr. showed up Mrs- Ester P. de Callazos; Mr., 937th Engineer Aviation Co. atj Fo Re&pa e WMrs.
at the Cristobal trap range last and Mrs. E. W. Coffey; Miss Rae Ft. Kobbe while Mitchell is with Helen $73SeSS aS or
i t who formerly Wednesday afternoon to .atlsfv Daniels; Mr. and Mrs. Julius' Hq. 23rd Infantry Division at Mrs.s Rafti M L a 2-10 .
th te _ATO forces In u- the thirst of Windy Sellers in his Dietz and three children: Sam- Ft. Amadr. All be in by
ll givE- a White House search for hot comopietitrm. el Dubin; Miss Jean Fackner; -"i -- M ..
'the group May 10. Paul did some fancy shooting. Mr. and Mrs. George P. Fullman Philip Schneider; Mr. and Mrs
'etary-Genel Lord 'breaking fifty stralebt t.Wetis and pon. Louis L. Seldon; Mr. and Mrs. A mNSRl a lw bW
of Britain will head the t sixteen yards. Windy had aq Mrs. Genevieve Garretson; Joseph Shaffer; Kenneth Simon- the
tough shot in his first twenty iosiah A. Olbson; Mrs. Cather- Jethro J Small; Mr. and Mrs. -
___ five targets, due to a brisk gut lne Hermann: Elwoll S. Howard; Carlos Sele and son; Mr. and
.. of wind. but went straight, after- Peter J. Hurae: Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Jacobo Soles 'and daughter; AthtaIme m ek e
wards, finishing with a neat tO.- Daniel J. Jqhnston; Miss Martha Max Stempel: Mrs. Rose Stern: TI e dill
.WEAR |lty nine broken birds. D. Kellar; MWs Arvel et1sey; Samuel W. Strauss; Edward F laetie Mno
I Complete skeet and trap sco Mr. and- Mrs. Morris EtKInleff: Trueblood: WlJter M. Whittaker. mOaW ly a
follow: Miss Challotte.iraft: Francis a. M.o"A P ,O
f oLeona# ; 'M ose Lerner, MP.
Skeet (s tag ets) wd Mrs. fti. Lillen; Mrs. Idas,111 b
Mo.we 3r Ctd Mrs. Michael no4w
i 11 Clark .......... ... 44- ca dden.- Mt. and Mrs. Donr. p
S. Casnova ............. 42 E Mac daghtr
r (0 S...... 4,), Mr. and Mc_.n b
At.tng41Mr (4101 ...... 3& r. and Masone
KUB" as Mr ad jFronds X

e.. ..... 1- ildren: Mr. and Mr. pa.

...,, 3, ar!. DR-Mr. P'rtal be Rafter Mr


FOR RENT:-S.iwlIc-tshell,
bedroom, lmvtng. dimeV teem,
kitchen. Mpd1erte'-lotn blsral
Jose de Sea* Mutn Ave. No.
6, downetels., '

FOR RINT 2-br-n. klt
maid's ram with three m,
garage, very eoL. Ptiltl Reed
No. 59. Tel. 24A412.
FOR RENT: -- l floor of
residence on iSel Joee Son
Martin Avennl.N, 6: er d-
reoas, living iWrm. .iif mo,.
kitchen, larp.' pw h. Inquire
ground fleer.
FOR RENT: HbHe JunM. July.
r August S. be4r mnH, 2 bath-
rooms, mod's awtersn opmpleto-
ly furnished. o*6 1031. Puiti-
Ila Road, corner of 12h tb.
FOR RENT:-CSt t recently
painted with fear bedmoms, liv-
ins room, gi rql $65.00..In-
formation Collo. "l" N. 17-21.
FOR RENT: :mised reil-
dence in Bell 4lato. Three bed-
room, moid's e6., garage ate,
ComplItely screened. Hot water.
Call 3-3380.

FOR RINT-Vecatln quarters,
May 7 to Aiugv t. ; 4 bed
room, ideal for Imfnmily or
Stwo couple. l d, auto-
matic waehr, 627 Loe
Ries. Telep .e t-4.

FOR RENT:--umished moom
to bachelor or married couple.
First St. Peroill No. 7-130. Tele-
phone 3-0397.
FOR RENT:-Furnished room-
cool, all conveniences. American
gentlemen oniv. Near Ancme
Post Office. Phone Panama 2-
FOR ,RkTNT:-On,. or two fur-
i;shed or dnfurnishpd rooms
with private bath, jregp, and
kitchen fecilitle., If.4eredr.
new private he A. Ti. Ave. '
No. 18, Sam Francisco. Phone
FOR RENT -Funmished oms,
in the city, Mnfurnshed apart-
menk t in Sbaes. Information
at Eatudiante St. No. 98. Tel.
2-1508. "


WANTED:-3 bedroom house,
unfurnihed 'El Cangrejo, Coam-
po Alegre or Bella Viste. Cell
3-3564 after 6 p.m.

CZ Kids Get
(Continued from Page 1)
through 19. Hess said some type
of preference also should be
given to women more than three
months pregnant.
" Mrs. Hobby told newsmen in
advance that "great hearts and
minds" had assembled to cope
with the vaccine supply situa-
Dr. Jonas E Salk, 40-year-
old developer of the vaccine.
was roundly applauded by the
conference in a brief visit to
the meeting. He expressed
hope for success of the con-
Later Balk received a cita-
tion from the President at the
White House for his work.
Informed sources said public
Health officers expressed con-
cern i poi6o conference a-
butst ihr they will get vac-
n t -.Sgive the third "booster"
i .reommended s-even
months or more after the first
the K&fonal Foundation Is
wn tr the first two shots
limited tofirst and sec-
Sa-O"Ofelnor, PFoun dation
was said to hasV
a' bit organization
S Ae A- f asen the
fsb* first ad se-
if it can get the
S vaccine Is Mae


r Hill (D-Als.),
the Senate Labor
ldM the conference
wracome a remoms-
hat Conress vote
to buy vaceine If
ier a dpCgpriate.
I he h In mind
t for flt lAl see-
and ao adr Mme

FOaK SA.-t

FOR SAL: 30 f o
'bAD CP"' We. 2, e'loe
heed, win cosblw fw 53
or 54 itotlon wsaatC.K AI-
breaok 2203,

FOR SALE: 16 ft..bit 10
h.p. Johnsn meW aInd eille,
$300.00. Phone Bkee. 2-550.
FOR SAI* -- Woi .
trailer, $85.00. W _eR-ma-
chine, as h, $5.00. PheA Al-
brook 2291.

FOR RENTi-St muitoable for
office or cinkc, all Independent.
In front Institute Nil. Informa-
tion Istudisto St. Noe. 98. Tel,

Panama, Ecuador

Stamps Feature


The second display of the
Fourth AnauIal Stamp Exhibit of
the Caribbean Stamp Club is an
exhibition of Panamanian and
Ecuadorean stamps arranged by
Ricardo Salcedo. of Panama Ci-
ty, a member of the Caritbean
Stamp Club,' it has been an-
nounced by the Canal Zone Li-

Diem Makes Offer

To Compromise,

Hold Elecions .
SAIGON. Indochina, April 23
(UP)- American-backed Pre-
miler Ngo Dinh Diem offered to
compromise with his armed
enemies today. He .called for a
nationwide referendum- a n d
general elections in an effort to
study. in power.
Speaking from this trt ger-
nervous capital Diem made a
dramatic radio appeal at 8 a.m.
to the people of tottering South
He -called first for a four-
point national referendum that
would pronounce on the malor
political questions and on the
"definitive consolidation of our
Next he announced general
elections within three or four
months to elect a representa-
tive national assembly, Viet-
nam's first.

Po. ESon ,ate .

dol to ilMper Wrto. MM*,
Hu Nw, "rile If." -. ^

FOR SALE -qkps -
wach- lotL .
h e lh plai'
any tim Me et :.2e. f
HulLLao. y t. a MS .te
yowd SaMnto er-

Position Offered
sewrlcM of bfllneal cMrro-epa4.
ant with knewledgm ,f eIem
ship -week, .* nxmetely" 30
yeas old, mle, white. Walt
giving experience. 1,
t.o. P.0 Box 6

Roscoe P. HR ning,' who re-
cently resigned bis position as
principal of the Rainbow City
High. School, willbe the guest of
honor at a community program
to be held May 1 in the Railn-
bow City Gymnasium uader the
sponsorship of the Rainbow city
Civic Council.

pmonouuceeu rK,.
Haining, a '.&ok-
.atopn, .lp, 't the
Canal ZElne, of! S flols
since 104. -Wi M
teacher .f a: i
Studies In ca
High SchoI lW the.i oW
OCty High School a Wl- been
pnicipal of the R-Hi.b City
High School sine 19l.
Accompanied he
will leave t.he5- .- ay 8
and will Long
Prairie,V !e' .eat
tends the
sota where he for
his maater's deg :'-

Air Fore Mai
Slightly 4
In Auto Misip

An Air Force Major, John Van
pps. waa admitted to. -
Hospital, at noon today, with
minor injuries incurred in as
automobile accident.

According to poele, his -I
ran off Gilltd Hhspay w.n
be reached the 300 area nTo.l
to Panama Citvy hnrtlv ''.I'
noon today, and hit- a
fence. .-

The nature of his wnjurui
not revealed. There was N9
ea....--------4 barI MhCho sr

Finally he called on the rebel- to tha fece.IU. W*
lions Binh Xuyen and Hoa Hao o enc .
sects to negotiate with him a-
bout unifying, the army. He of- at xspping the slow saded tte
fered them financial help when open civil war that beN P
French aid to their auxiliary the bloody, battles bto
troops ends. natsonl army mand thabJ:h
Diem's dramatic moves aimed BSti3a-Xu n seetoh A
I--"- ... q., -

, i ,'r ** I "" -. ;' ~ 't *' "" :. -.7 "
i; ..-. ......
_ja** -* "





I ~

I -.-- -

- I



I -


_ L


. % .. ,-:,..

.. 3:~1



- I -~ ~'

4 .. -
,. ~.' ,
~4Wm~Ua1RR~13~w.'.. *- -.~**. i'-~ -


'.- '

,! .'.------ ---. .--- p

S. .. -. : ;:

WKBn agman |
'. -
,wlnb (C1atfr Rigets

. .Wh Aud r. *
..with Audie Murphy.

with Anthony Steel

with -


Arlene DABL

..' I -. r

CHINA ad Ocupied
Ameatq.i l.W.4
Pommlateon SLOW0O



T'H RIE E PIRE-N.ewsmap shows thp huge, land area and vast numbers of people now
mnder C muiAt control. CoMtmunist countries of Europe and Asia occupy 13,038,6.53 square
miles, eone quarter of the land area of the world. Their population totals 941,868,M80 people, al-
WosLt-3&.p.-se9l, ofthe world's 2%-billion population. Sihall maps show the tremendous growth
of. o6dmunhUt control in. the 10 ura since.the Reds started their drive after World War II.

To Draw

This is Igor Gouxsnko in the
picture everyone is gasping

_ ._ ~~>1>.- -- -- -

Advertising EK

Says US MWst Up

Sales 40 NBItn $.
BOCA RATONW.F1, April l--
(UP).-A New Yor advertising
executive said today this coun-
try must sell 40 billion dollars
more goods and services to con-
sumers in 1955-56 to assure a
sound national economy.
Arno H. Johnspn, vice pres-
ident and director of research of
the J. Walter ThDmpson Co.,
told the American Association
or Advertising Agencies in con-
vention here that thl4 increase
is needed to support a total pro-
duction large ,enough to provide
the revenue ldoth for a balanc-
ed budget and a continued
strong defense.
"We need it also to advance
the standard of living of our
American population to a level
more nearly in line with our ca-
pacity," he added.
"But these improvements'can
take place only if mass millions
of Americans change their ha-
bits, change their desires, change
their motives, change their Ideas
of what satisfies them, and
change their. level of demand for
the infinite variety of goods and
services that measure a stand-
ard of living.
"Advertising Is the educational
force-the 'activating' force that
can bring about these needed
cahnges in demand."
Johnson said the fears of a
recession result from the use of
yarsticks of the past without re-
gard to changes that have taken
place. "Busines is good now." he
said. "But it could and should be
much better even to meet our
minimum needs of a growing
population, let alone the ex-
panding needs of a changing
character of population."

US Farmers Get

24,000 Loans

s 01I Stipill V SI0 1 N,

-The Farm Credit Administra-
Ten atudenth e-resenting a tion said today farmers obtained
co se... o. o^ na 24,009 land bank- loans totaling
crow section of anama CI ,t p r 148 million dollars from nation-
radcpatoIn agraw ae -wi om r-o al farm loan association during
morning at the Lottery Pla za thl tahaIf of
4or Club AlLamira's ae o n dIThomas A. Maxwell. director of
high school scholarship. FCA's land bank service, said
Ioarmers used about half the to-
Each of the ten students, se tal to refinance real estate mort-
lected on te basis of scholastic, gages they already had. Another
ablltyan ecnoic ont Ion.13 per cent went to refinance
Ability and economic con t I o n,, .. .. ..
will chose a number from 0 to 1 chattel mortgages, notes and ac-
before tomorrow's lottery draw- counts.
Ing. The scholarship will be a- Money to buy farms accounted
warded to the student who ha, Ifor 13 per cent. About 10 per
the number which comes up ,, cent went for repairs and IM,-
the last digit of the first prize. provements to build ngs nd im-
Inladdition each of the students provements to the land. The re-,
will receive--oaogift.malnder was used to purchase,
wil.reeiv a g. farM machinery, livestock Inc1
The student nd the schools for general farm operations.
they graduated from are:II Miiiiiiiii
Shirley WHkinson, Pedro J. S 0 0 N
Sosa School; Vilma E. Esnino-' S 00
sa, Manuel Jose HurKu ado r6a
School:- Carlos G. Wilson, Gil
Colunje School; Juan de DIos.L U
Samudlo, Pedregal School) 01lo0.
ria Kenton, Republic of China l a ds o.
School, Ray A. Black, Jeronimo .
newin r de la Osa 'School; Nsmeral d a I
EUN $4 ""Nithne Inw lsircaes is this 14 Lopez, Alcalde Diaz; Lorenzo
one F~ich looks very much like a huge human ear. It's part of a Johnston, Ricardo Miro School:
mnodern building v ao pes a ea i gw r a r so" .
SW budi n rin, ernma. Now two pera leaning Dolores Brown, Rep. of Haiti I aaa
evra railing In cater~ of srat lcse ShoPM zI.
"de Obadila School. i m- mC ARL S U-I

Sut. W teo
GULf I'stHum
9L e~ t


iUPltit *l| %w .
CLE&A8El !

William Lsndigan PeggIe CCatle
Armsado Silvestre

with George Montgomery
Also: -

Jungle-Aires -.Canal Zone Champs


.. Chapters 7-9
And Another Picture!

18 Pnamanlans

Get IIAA Training

Grants In 3 Months

Eighteen Panamanians receiv-
ed grants from the Institute of
Inter-American Affairs during
the first three months of 1955
as part of the training program
Wihch is being carried out by
the Panamanian Government in
cooperation with the Point Four
program, it was announced to-

Also: .
wihPAJne AC*el
with Jane RuelU


datohe number of train .-
cording to their {i1ld of tmn1 p
ing is as follows: agraleultoU
civil aviation, ;; sanitary, ea.vS n
eertng, 1; tatistica, 1,.., qA
graphic drac rafting and print,
4e rural elementary .ed Ati
agricultural vocUonal e
tion. 1; teachers training, 2"
public administration. 1, -1,
The training grants are for .
period ranging- from three to 10
months and to receive tralng6r].
in several institutions In _the f.
United States, Puerto Rico. Ch, M '
le, Venezuela tamd .nt.e-tet SE
american Geodetfc a hool in .'l
Canal Zone. r,


"Junle M U- *o.tea1w
Sunday "FAR COUII T.
*Two Guns And A Badre"
S3day ."TiE DrTECTrIVE

CRISTOBAL 6:1 8:35
C Elubeth TAYLOR ,.
"Last Timp I Saw Paris"
Also Showin|g SUN. MON.

BA BA Air-Conditioned-
BALB OA2:30 4:30 6:30 8:35

3oth CmntrrF. e#mnt


Fred Helton, John Williamson, Jerry Hayter, 'Ken Kelley.
The Jungle-Alres barbershop Quartet earned the right Tues-
day to represent the local SPEBSQSA chapter di the Dixie re-
gional contest by winning the Canal zone barbershop quartet
contest for the second time in three years.
The Jungle-Aires (Ken Kelley, bass; Jerry Hayter, baritone;
John Williamson, lead, and Fred Helton,. tenor) will be in Mem-
phis. Tenn., by April 30 to take part in the Dixie contest.
The Diminished Five (Maurice Alfred, Warren Jones, Bob
Herris and Dale Joseph) and the Pan Can Alley Four (Ralph
Grassau, Jim Marshall, Chet Luhr and Ed Aeynoldsx placed sec-
ond. ..





ggges dh ^**-1gRR c



PARAISO 48:15 8:4 LA BOCA :15 T:U5
"IL ALAMEIN" rAppoltment in Honduras'

SANTA CRUZ 6:15 8:'51
"It eame from outer space"

a', ;-, ...*,'.,
44. .


WALK' RIGHT IN-No wasted space and a front door are the
main features of this new cabin scooter made In Stuttgart, Ger-
many. Designed and produced by Prof. Ernst Heinkel, World War
II manufacturer of German war planes, the three-wheeled Vehicle
meats two persons up front and hol.s luggage-and childrebD--ja
the rear. Maximum speed is 60 mph.

-i, r a




0.60 -- 0.30



To c
0sc' -


Visit Mexico, land of contrasts. Your money
will go a long way... Don't miss thn famous
bullfights in the world's largest buIring,
Daily service in PAA's famous Constellation
type Clippers* with pressurized and air-condi.
tioned cabins.

7 1 .71

you mve 27. O .
(DU.. Round trip 0So 'is

Stwepovens perm
within 6. W0-2 .

- 1100 P.

~S. ~

DIABLO HTS. 6:15 7:55
"The Bamboo Prison"

MARGARITA 6:15 8:05

"q /JI




_ .

CAMP BIXRD 6:15 1:0-

I -

- I


a IN., t15






M..- ." |-^L--- k,
tok&.,._ ;.. *ttA

- .- '.' T
o- ., ., .

aIUIIG .ans.. -- ,.--- -

inwranImon e vv -mL


,._ le.t tn ga rm ^t ity enged fno, the, "ure by "t n er innE r 3- ) P Fr (3-0 ) ad Brr

I. 69ohp ..ldio^ ,laue s.mlre- -.Breo Ken Maor, -nd coc Bob .N "a,- (Nght e -, ,
Runway Brooklyn Club1 ta tee wio24 tomor o r % ...:.L5..... y .u

i r the Mo-on's saue bunt and single bye Naval nMateon, and Navy West .o 3r tu ed .. a n 8 al
Steams te run;and brlantoff early tomorrow t. Louis ....6 .667on Cleveland ...

t red choendenss double and m Ireinks E nd coure eral ,, a5o .Hwvr0 4Mq Ne or ..8mlth Mo"6
Where the 1955 Panama Area Philaetas a.5 5 .500 4% NewYk.. .s 43.1
NEW YORK, April 13 (UP)-Heroes Iopo- Ad ore elf tounamen Phela e .5 .n0" % Da etrongi ...... N .71 1k
ak i b today thanks to Whitey gets underway. :Ynconnat .. 2 5 .0 5 ntft......3 5 7 2
Seeury m bc in tee ae T oeet switches Pi ttsaburgh .. 0 7 .000 I Baltimore ... 1 .111
ped the runaway Dodgers, first with a big hit, atd Tusday, rrns to Davis Tl n an urs
Il. ki n Maa Thee first 36 ho Slat .i o Loo Mlaue e Washint at Balti ore
It was like 1954 all over aga ger Walt Asto, tossed determine the team campion
i nt i R 0n whizzed hnlplte'rll by m Ie ame divdteo il o Onl e tor Cincinnati at C T C o at Ea lci

S rn e in in ser as sa But he blame d rounds will qualify for individual

honors. Only .O ------ a
rated The.. .. c-the'ou oe tine game 2 pr te.t20n0

l pe tha soe th e hasizig that "there wuldnt team chain s od again im a as, Mac Lan Pl, Jack Finlayson, Johnny Baroajas a J Aer. ( Stay (L a nd Bnt
S re himef wh ve been question about it ng led int the urney b John Br Underwood M polette, Jack Prescot nder, Mnner -0) Pollt and ChtL Ford (3-0) and
aDo elr si leIherp D hat way aeuhi Dick Goodman. hn T oi 1 T l o Ken Majors and coach Bob Hud lel to.h """ "
made awildr oea throw inmm In other National League, ihgmp and last wear oanama I (Nigt ht Game)S
i twohen with s briant fold play. fo otaing Fridey coNewm York a0

lith roo l in thou e o on a mrue e esr .n Alswo re u rni ng for Brooklyn 02000011 10 1 ana mfty. 100001 0- '11
aeig ietaw fvelawencl e thpeB abhisuto Agavst N TPorEOnl'Lheso p0Cin cinago 0015)

uns r rostn.h tigh t a-n Hae, 2 a felvon F hry osseond tthes t ada r temr thr l fi q e t and Wet 0ra l 05 0 0
rah ein r h iner fvetrulsCt B them n m awil.l o a y orin e e A e ater Iwn. K m ingWe- terd I Oa e S1- tian (d -) C s an '
lietsorenhome anLorhim for oacmtion .

wedithr g sta o. dinth exe b ioas des tna Otth 5 ea r c ousanda gin r etu e diieSeEingi ulet to r a ight Baretnr
left to score twoy Rpfsi n bha r o t a hb im raJ, Ma e Lane, a, Jack Finlayon Johnny Barajas and Je r. (Stand- Htare (1-2) and Baily. itocer 0

S Am t h seeernione neia Ba n scored ton an oueht in hon t 4 ou i a n and Mojo DrudlySe te en i)luoo olont-) o
came s treakinDon h eezime han te o yede sti oule n e into hiuearls in, erJohnBaraJ, UnderwoodMeigB toletteJackPrescott,. F le nyder, M i o

fi l Dodger shto lalk-h.Jat Ca i i atiom, bp sleuelaned CA aero r -a and lco t r (aton. aNight m a lsm n e) ( lMigeht Game)

made a w ld'gh 0e r throw In other 1Nab G ae pee p 0l ho b- hitanoo p
n tae hbouth a oc- games, l the Card inalt ed iod lle ream rib ...... 5 i o beanu eae shammand e n
te B rooklyn h th keep~la L aves, 2-i, on a five-hitter by r unne.u Also returning t w forLmt r ok r00ml

roblg riunh 'o. Uactilon h the Amad or sextetb- San but Nawee ( d
ra' r e -ame getaway d brooks Lawrence, the Phila n put00O N 0
nning ea, filled the bases ver five run s In the hrin rt, h r et CO t and o n hq ee w re urnei0) tand tWestrum rtear t

E l ^ ^"3 In ad.i.ti or to im nr. -- o 4 a
rith none Ot -off Mar Orisson. n a homer oby Del Enns to top are Sf. Dal e Bean of Ft. Kobbe rs t at reas a I(1-1), (N h UaS g m toer b0i) m tto)s nla wn
yo? A ske d o n HAeP LeOAoN DD u on a -he aw e scr d Chis vie ca nd Major Dudley Shine of Fortl be Campanel a. ahet,

e ot ter ul n ee td Jckii er ne e onbedo cl bas a inon hena e C in aeti, 6-3. C let T 3veland ao n- t t thK b yatinnt would Im o t n.t(
fiel Ro ionut Le u to M ue t n h topped Detroit, 8-5. while the The six top I individuals I on the
p ue t e alert Lock- Yankees blank ed thl kve dcoX, are Da tournament will co Qm p r.g, n hda Pi ur g i t0o00 -
Itying ." run Tn le t ok a ls u ite nods scinh. Wi e s AboC So Mcaren bullring Iyn Sar-14o ran Mlw e 1crmo (13 -1), iacuan, A-
F mansrace i o in, took th e Moon'se bunt anda13nd single b. Naly the Panama team which e cl'c deil aC tb t, bsS l n

,^ 'hr: Tt:t neret ns toru et La .. ... -----" P ut. were better wma (0-nt h WdAt-fo" nnd? Houl.
pluahe. o brhave ao ugh In on t.daLoe rnn os bi g0 0e0 ao A pa n 2 hor and Davis courses against P o o B ow n(1 and an br io
wl.k ew(onson haladIbeen Reo en its double adCe-Inl1

t-wi- -in -- Tavr.n. Werwiwrhfanka.. lien i. lonebuk.....41 234 th Mactarrens the yiictcea 27 h re t0iendhlmn (8, a Janje ofrl
y h Mnta one d he u all sera, 3-2 i y the Antille vts team for the Carlb- o

UW ell, you didn't expect Chcago subdued Kansas Citu5- bean Command crown.,ei h Spa nis n lm e d he bS ll fighl N rl ct on wB laelarMl (1Co0)
Brooklyn to.wn 'e all did 3. In addition tn o defenmllrodingldeoStv i nai rt ntoac Bg

fyou?" asked manager Lea Du- Lawrence scored his e rst vie- champion Aroardor, teams will be by popular request tomorrow a-N
o eh i in t t or n a duel with lefty W rren e ntered from Kobbe, Clay0 0 the saomeI pro gram. nt ta
rhe called a might won der Spahn holding M tlwaukee Mcore- Davis, Fort GulicktQm3o, 2 ua1mre0ry his countrymanLuiMatsatwLasSt.s ou 1 e t ll

ful win." TiBent he took a ess until theninsth. Wally Heightsd, rook Cocokma olo Maarena bullran in in M atch 3 an t Milwaukee 0000000a
m measure of credit for the Moons safe bunt and single Naval ation, and Navy West cisco de la aleta.
s1erterig PRICES:.60 -- .30 L onnBaanson l btion regarded by some as theAt C e gs.n20 oreaaaton

e plays -a plefamdztmmer- The power-laden Panama A-w the winning pitcher in 0ar- We h is b i
Sf t C w a three. c er 0 ogo day's opener which the mlyl-harle emvth of than70thAU inods trainer ahd ha -
seee, b n-PodLrnres-ll-Hodge Lef r their third ight win totary men wn, -4. Rosario work(U toARCARIB school) at its. It w their t
es knew Robinson had been Red chohePeueendensts egue doublersve innings wh al yearson of the 3r I pondering as to what M M o
doing that for years so I alert- A single bAY OF TALENT Hughe s Pod He ar te the Bo Scott nshd up, holding the nt was to mrkan i A irre' on
WickmaCo. Durochmu er w added the otLer l em 0 lent perform a e i ane d local bull fl he
"And the hunch paid off." rWflliams 2b ...... 5 0 1 i k 4 fight enthusiasts requested that I
one w o herdrou- 2 n n rrcb b c t s 3bDrk as ....1..... 4 1 2 3 4 the Matarenasyndicate send rB y vn
SnWinAped a winning rally bystho,0PwtesrIyn w t onf 4 0 0 2 1 ta on the same program.

dOt'v Jetim who had been he-dtdtotwIdic in c L y o son ph ....o 210002 Navarrito's pr, u owess merited

Doby hobPerredefor Clevelandr andtThe firs fig hi e at be ad o the luo dm)n.
i nngnthMuellfr..lnce fl tnted'rd H fedd .. 412 0 him a "tail and. en ear," the i l o be hn om e c
Lhcbkkor foman$e(les.r ..4 1 21 prize for a top e rformance byi owr t i a o a ctd o rr l r oe
JetnnSde it trai h In -A- TheChictane S4R t e o a bullfightetr.o ats earned an
rooosrtRhst R dCAoduplarovided. the .wb, 'r e ar last week but he Is believed e o
tepfl lackvf eory..athoCugswih aoeedingm A nt.ihi id"le; .......0 0 0 0 o e even better than he a -1 he

pu hTehmer e Paroiao 0 0 0 0 M nehared rtonabe MA N gOA o eyo ith o the 0 e ar
Clumbsrreahalf gaorun seventh inning double. Mi-. rsso ....bkaofthe...av.a 0 0 0 1 0 naarSgatMabt and cn.toln Lom. evnetOrt ooead 0 0
NEW YORK, April23-UP)Haarnphoer."...... n2 1n tult w thow. $15,000 Presd t 's hI an be deeors pt hri ha o oia .
Sn s wol husea 4earn0reordLam red ifo hi Fuprilo rf........ 2 0 0 1 o The Spaniards will fight four run May l over the gruea- rio conaeq o

t-- -.theodst S ace f C fn chse from y Narle d ato score.C 0 Cnahpaelam ...7 e -O nTe2 2. 2 10 0a..b e u nd

f4-9swingian Eot west t B r a- The LravicBoston to selen h ita n-Hea.Tp....... 0 0 0 I0BATING R ION -uee tip o bye
n h le iewin c n e e I- Doby, ho meno hefor n e 2 bandand 0 1 2 1 The first fight wiAna begin at a lt e a v it
r E H noal4:0pmT er ha t tl fo r the alhtun aed t d
M..the defe -n c o -. wh Fred Hatfieldn s and Ray Boonew tretas LIEL1 rAt3e bli g rt Its iniberhwdeuae he o
tat 1rmnto J orgCguelard.ey(lfmeredtforrDetroit.ceiveoln l.25.s la. toih tnam wrnflrqe rne

The !In a elWhithFrankulva eb ck B ro yn...... 0b000 (Bsem Juan Ar being t hebat ting championin the Teh re- L S h o five-sxtetho e lm rae 6 fair pa a
r.OTh e wJets i deg it th ree ine 6h t3o k v" Th.a t s.o0 n o 1iat th e dlI).

brokenhester col bo b-Struc out ftr Haron In l brittonAIsrthess the LouGud Store whic Area ) its i nd ul r c hin- ic pners of ed8hymst. Its e r e ad
thingrrgiT-nianshthe nnigh aI t scored hisfirl, -Rna f am Hof ian ina- 'ee nt, I ngene
Columbusfof a half gBasmw e led n e f r at dy t otl n s ae io r5d7e1r A J....', oire4wo A ine nohe,
the u a vaKina 4-0 atthe'eve n r innd ng, bt Ma trtin. .a r m-ors fu..rThis wasthre betterthanc assicatrant, aosAlt
ta ck-wofthe i soav n t atch rgo n marra iquel ho mered for Chk ca- ur1'orfv.n 02 0 110 uat wen t f a aud Thymes- ienotI
r ..., forathe0winning ir T...... ktt ato and G ,,soZt eaualrfor C..wordithyAino RO'Lsmowner and
The foyrace heCion Te a gtw a e I _I o o Campanella c ... 2 2 2 10 WaA h( eA er smi les w ereh a d
m eeto a a in ,ci nrm nm nd,,o r h on o wlha s p it c h e d 2 1 1!Zim m e r as!alast. .
te tm scoams-rtgsiw o s cDm anw matchesa n dl tre hanL g
oI seP re i t G....a. .e he1 fo r-a m nform er, cdi d n ot qua lify fon th e back
b e-otheodefending chaTpi onoTo'u i cr s wpt.B...hbse ond1n2b th. ef ro we r b pcardo liro asd
-'n MapH ea f e 1 i M t 3t-7, In a -chrAnInSthreeibrilltanthHqghes p ........
"uL~ura0 ua lebuck plays ....... G 0Zake Thep l 0 0 0 0 0a dn Pa being the batting champion in the re- five-sixteenth eliminationWneo'MaciwaSttsfmaarfcorwr
3hI f.Uite T 0adHnauer-ho- Lcent R.P. interprovincial baseball tournament held in eAguadulceaP St. Dick Dillman of the 23d he would be sure to ride his t- -WL Pet
rG and-- hmo. .V I r q I .m ,inthe victory HagCostly BSeolhTotalshe5 Bs .. S410 2 w imch was won by. Paimnama.- Clarke batted .685 to ea ily win the
"ereh eda-Sinled for Westrul iIn 7th batting crown. He Is shown holding d the new ty laminated ba the oU.-. Army caribbeand Pan- contract with the Ouadra e
r,- ....inn.gth, o pene, -.I3 e ,brokencollar bone.b.trykpo tmf hoe n In7t e'Ach Albrittonf s the fi ports manager o, th eLbasehit amu Area) individual rifle cha ei- ico, owners of Red Rhymee meRd AY'S RersLT
.hs tindicatedtheiwillsplitto-foutfield and eadt hito satr e whi yMonday mourning at TaEmpire Thursdaiy morning quitiealy MIont 1n 03- I
in h B ni ch bwmore.fivepinch-hittersR iw-BettedtforhHugheseIn8th,Range shoosorintha e wridenke AngsocolorRichm ond 20000010
.t theh ouhrmKndsb4-0 at the'tsevetnh- tInngng,wbut a twonrduperm e d F o r c e sr peruTh eswast three better th bean irenor.s. Aterthe) ai St nta
e .0 T O P-T L E N T S T A RSingplbn ehe om eroearlier byoim, B usby s lants 00 0Ro a m b r M nt th e rS C H opC ap t. r chmenla s uic r re
w'% ft o s t n wcatch wLmargi nm. Mickey Ge I A.,ort- Teompsoldm r, i o o oan nn(567annran d our a-Krugrreg wentfinto a woul .t1(
S too rRai.hhmir t i n i g of t eFpn r tr w ith An do ryogs o w n e r a n d$ w ei t
ThePwhltfuI arisoCiCounci~lhas2MeyeraSTtird tre : hedtieWinnhead L ofClA ARM-pl.nArthhtwuho (566)m er. After smles were exchiMl
c p tgamn rmeeteAtaln.h owinner.thLocimanghtoo n eror side. oualo ws "r RimanB w ondMatchesu and4 bf at bntte rier i
ne e in 8tha Gi llsiam.pTnsoreafottheWfour-part ro ram with fr m onsoer arl Fpats on.,
o Today 35 .20 IDEAL-Today -0 bal t ourn t S kau a A pm l nemanAfiredl172yIn.Matchv to trainer Agustin olr d, thesii
Gole playa -BAios amv-Zimme:e The power-laden Panama A- thenwinningtpitcher in lasoFbatur-aW .q-224. InteretT
-TTAODAYT- Hodges, He-Dhrk-Lokm rea Armed Foreo -Al-Stars go days opener which the -harlevSmith of th. 7470th AU Mawn Road's tiger d h aW n W NCee
PoITre.T-gllnlua-Hodinet Left A e b after the-r third otrilht win to tarymenwon, 0-4. Rosariowork (UPARCARE choop at rort sstant It watheir n"'
Shsl-GWitrs iCargGbl.n.cs-night at Balboa Stadium against tary men won, B-4. Rosaro work- ulk who shot a 93. M/St. into a huddle and. whle bs.
S. bamshe- odf es6 ar thePacificfTwbli-ht LeagueOAll- ed the first five innings whle Glen Thompson of the 33d In cderoing to w t wo ..
ARRAYOFALENT Hgesonal --Podres Hear ,Starsin the finl of the Boys Scott finished up, holding the ntrv wFststo GmrksrMn big Aouirre's intipteonl o .... e g 1a
"*-. ..STUR AYO 1 E T u, esihelS.C 'a ag tae Ame adcn g bttegi ron s e FyTw Clghery ahless and striking Matchweek at4 t. .m o-sent r an tem r lutouWU. .40
ne uc a 1fLa itodear7-71 t-3 .ooutf10c batters t aons.' ofitwehedbthirdtin-Matchithe'soll sorry thao etir

IWt wcello OmN" MV. ovHousn C century D-po(o aedley Bd ,P ay d Clu b 'b r h Pet, Cpt Lee Muller captim< 0i-2 000 .._ h o '._ To B 0 I
shf won't wrinkle ev Ivo Petit. Lgan, Milwan. 327 14 .4s the U title With 1 -4 0 2 oA fairr s !a ai.Armeu sll o. -- 71
shu won't wrinkly oval Rudy Prince, ~cairm *t Fondy. Chicapo 10 40 9 17425 aveneihtpins-abead of4 -*0 u ck0 ;w be intemerio no Hoover I _
You e bend it or twist it-ive it the softball and baseball ton of Schoend. St. L. 936 9 14 sag .389 ner-p M.James Ball. it will be lte ao notef Jo. oover
roughest treatment, but the revolutionary the Paraiso lvlc Counc's re6- 0oon, St. I 944 7 17 .386 Capt. Mueller teamed wit. Os..a t 11hedal he made the might 1holce. ?hei (), DG! .rberet
new e ear on the Van HeMus Century reatlon committee, td a that .. L 9 42 7 16 .381 CaMt' OlDell to wn answer to this will be had neat W I ,
shirts won't wrinkle.. ever I Neither beat th firs will t a. Repulki, t. 7 181 Capt Oel to win. ulk V -4 d
We humidity -amake it wilt. Also ask m. a n ta wo'. Am will i double t*tle:. at Ha.or *m ne en basin ,
fr Vu inen sport ahitaj w m, probably be play simultane. AMERICAN LEAGUE .M.rrnia Swa an a Na Station %N OF colonprss ason. H.J
ou ."John- .Matb with 978 and vw It ...-
collarsseekwear, underwear, beahwear c other n ofthe pep. Kaline, Detroit 8 34 48 16 .471 jIPra. C. Park .and Ok- .Daad v. Naval Stics -- tI-
ad ktechis. jaration u we wfl1r" Power, K. City 8 33 7 15 .455 Jaes Hague with 741L -. -I M I at
W...-,VAN -,.,.mr.a-.. .FX.Chicgo, .0..I.W" 3 U '' 0S b.4- -." ... K"strl.atlaw,
55bV ~verma In i i Thorneber. os. 3921 12 12 SN 16 with aa Y. a

A. .- .'.

41113 M ., S(asiiwda
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- 7. i ..-

* U
* I




TIME MAGAZINE has reported in one of its

recent issues that it has been scientifically

proven th t beer contains many B vitamins,

plus phos horus and amino acids required

in one's d ily diet.

- 1


Who have always argued that their favorite beverage is a

"Food" and full of health-given nutrients, found academic.

ally respectable confirmation in a book by German Physio.

logist Wilhelm Stepp. A quart of beer, said Dr. Stepp, contains

at least a man's daily requirements of several B vitamins, plus

phosphorus and amino acids. Dr. Stepp practices in Munich."

I- ,... i --


-TIME MAGAZINE, Issue of April 11, 195; Medicine
Secion, Page 45.

L If-

- ,


.~ S


* -- .5'.




- -. S.- -' ~ T4. ~
4- U5 ~

-.. ___1


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:- m
F -, -
"-. ', I., -

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^- a ,t-' .* p-gt :.-,- '.'* -*'?: ^^ *;^
-. ,i,.. .. ,-. 1
I ",,, ,. ? .'
N., '4 *i A "- ""

-, '.- ...o.. :..._
. .- .:-.-- IY \ = ,un
.4 &i "*"

little League: '. .* ---......-r-- -
SBoys 1, Girls 17 V a a Ni4wLro$lbktI- ... ;-!"

Nine births were reported a For tMn. tgory. WOrd o
xCaao soio Hoital during Ithe"
0eek endSnl at midnigh CHICAGO-4puI -.(UP) -
bdneida ore were 116 L 1111? rOfi.(. 8 'n.uu I Amy t lfb.-If ad.I ",, I
Sents admitted And 91I s- o. Ml*i I
charged. o death were "Let. pe ople eow, the truth and thei .08i is slfe" A aam Lincoltn. XA ty Wola n d IZ ia ISra
Sported to retain itral of the hue p.ed. I s
Babies were bor01 t10 "oImail-order al2i&, "l- V g.-u. ,.
lowing Americant ci zens- TaInd mTIE AM PANAMA, R. P, SATURDAY, .APRL 23, 1955. d onButvthee a- -old build s a a m \ t5e r
a-d Mrs.wJamesMwollard, ofCooffered
co Solito, daughter. Capt. and 1* __Istock-holders a.- to ,b to co cM the t. aM d
Mrs. John Hardy, of ForteDavis, down as chriman f the board ab toB the ,
son; Mr. and Mrs. Rob er of Ward's "MI a undeirsa- Wof.o.. e.
and Mrs. Cecil ".Ritch, bfThe.draai ft to f for the be-
oln, a Ou oys 'h, Say'a Uccor s hin Ac cor
coca Solo, daughter and Mr. and twee dra-l fiWgh be-
Mrs. ames Tsney,of coco ,S to a show-d. own tbe .d*a
lito, son. Temple In the eletion by stock- holders ha bn able attend
Babies were born to the fol-, I fd holders of a board of O! .w^., .rob W on

Moulton o Colon, dughter;Mr illBeBoo ToW world Peace
and Mrs. Alfred A. Bonnick, 1OfWO 'capture a yaioratl offidvde.1 'Rflal eV
tamboaedaughter:Mr. andMrs.0 hmh.--f...'
Gamboadaughter; Mr and Mrs. (Continued from Pae 1) on letter to the Red Chinese su beralon ad Infiltration, but which are rising over which We te directed of fve of ?
Desmond Maloney of Gatun. leader asking a personal meeting ot Chins leads o- know the sun nev riqe." "It look holders' mi M u Wolen a bri
son; and Mr. and Mrs. BY Chou, in his strongest bid for to discus ate of 11 U.S. airmen rit the clause Meanwhile Nationalnt. a management a b rom e oor
Mafpp, of Colon, sonfriendship sine the confer en ce imprisoned y te Peiping gov- he was notsettled andpaers on Formosa wared that trol he s ex ti or
Fourteen boys and 12 girs opened Monday, called for Asian-ernment. has threatened to force thea con-t a m. Ahur W. Radford, char- But Wolfn sa id eluded four.pidk J a naml
were born at Gorgas Hosp African solidarity regardless of Neither letter has been an- ernce to extend its se man of the U.S. JointChiefs o "sure" of as During World "
during the week ending at mid- race political creed or color. I wered. Powell is an unofficial, beyond the scheduled windup to- Stf, is coming toldrmbta to possiblyt carried fr h s o has dic t if
night, Monday. April 18. accord- He singled out Japan, Asia's observer at the Bandung con- morrow. persafade eneralgtstoloCh' an he wap s "csib y tos that d cied r a* than { hoo han 8donl 5tree tht i
Ing to the weekly hospital r6- strongest industrial nation, for lerence, which the United States Kai-shek togivenupMatsu and complete control ext r bor Borud tarr- a would be hl
ort. special praise by calling it s is not attending. Philippine delegate Gen. Oar t Quemoy islands. hletfflonal r to r- to terms wit thon jl ro. pr eSt ol o as
S"Banduag peace resolution" a Chou's speech eased som a in e lot Romulo attacked Co Ql d The official re s yester- inY his e d conultat
There were two deaths report- .good" document, fears that the conference might munlasm as a 20th century ver- The press warned thatdRad- to be i B M weeks ar he ir
ed. A total of 245 patients were end in a deadlock over colonial- sidn of 18th century colonial em- ford "will np e succeed" ta Reek r about t h ree signed an agrewent I the W- fareup o Ave's
emittedd and 222 discharged, Japan, allied to the United Ism. pires. ford willnever succeed" weeks. AL Teasters Union re r. tf take te c ofe
5 The names and addresess of States, is considering increased* Wolfson id not say on what sentipsabodthalf W de Waltr
tGe parents of the boy babies ;rade with Communist China. A special subcommittee has "The empires of yesterday," c a m s. facts he basdno isa con wcesalon en p labeeAd hal .vte a '. is '5o- eentrd:0
were: 8gt. and Mrs. J. 1. Paicc, Chousaid that every nat on tried for two days to draw up Romulo said, "on which the But official Nationa quart- but presumably ,knew his proxy p b S ge. z g ever
Locona; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. should be free to choose Its own an anti-colonial resolution. -sun. never set are deartting ers maintained silence on the strength was not enough for proxvotonon milon of Wo1 a no "
ombeko Acon Mr. and Mrs. political and economic ssten. Pro-West nations at Banding from Asia. What we ave to scheduled meeting hereiaun4ay control. a W ofor I tl.f aMllion dolr d, co.l o Ame-
aomnek, or Jnc. Thma. Os.olstcal ansi economicTa y stem.Ora4wsatide ao u n awr ofWard'-,
SE. McDanel, of Balboa: Sgt. But he charged that the South- want to include a reference to fear now are the new empire betweenRadford and C ng Thus Avery won another trl- Avery's age, a tli Wolfson had tce
and Mrs. J. J. Thomas, of Ga- east Asian Treaty Organitation Radford will be a S umph in 5long ses of succes- tic In 'the ast, of following "dea 7
rowne, of Rio Abajo; Mr. and an similar defensive pacts eat- artment trouble-shooter, At. of the7l*21l n--dolt ,rh m Potdem dedh -
Gaskin, of Rio Aba danger world peace. n l a Secretary Walter Robton. second largest mail-order and active chairmanship :an Th vofisten i in 11. n thel le-
r. and Mrs. d R.JA. ng e od e pBandung Delegates Urge retail d Morchane busiest Meeting. Mehad tu r o e d n tdol
,o Panama City: Mr. and Chou said that If disputes be- Thi ii oci cd wl eIt Wol yo l reea u; o t t
L. W. Cagley, of Ancon; Sgt. tween the U.S. and Communis newed efforts In seral at- everaltimes before Aver John Da cash reserve of cl.
Mrs. J. W. Jones, of Fort China were settledIt would be I I t ers to arrange a negotia has turned back challeigess to One stokholde lars In the b
syton; Mr. and Mrs. J. P a greCat boost to world p iae. U universal UN Roster plomatic settlement of the Red his reign at the MUanial stock- Curby Riverside, Caae strwra at
oung, of Lo-so C; Mr. and Before Chou dpoke, American China-Nationalist Chinsa dis pu te .askedo..A foIlhgA
Mrs L. E. Joyce, of Cocoll; Mr. Congressman Adam Clayton -- over the offshore islands and W A bouht"r Avery
d Mrs. R. P. Edwards, of Bal- r well of New York sent hsla sec- Formosa which has become a E banAs**' on
a Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Rose, of -- BANDUNO, April 23 (UP) non-permanent seats the Asian major threat to peace. Xoso LeaveS 0F r NOW ASSnt hotd'neS s "ta o
man and Mr. and Mrs. H. F. The full political committee of and African countries, which I Nationalist sources noted there Mp*ee t n0 w Tote fores
aera Silva, of Locona. uIia the Asian-African conference under the arrangement arrived1 has been Increasing press s ure Althoueh
Ols were born last week to -gI: d ir today approved two resolutions at in London in 1948 are pro- for surrender of the two Islands Col. Harry 0. Pason, who Beaver Award-. tAhehgh i h h e dolt
e following: Mr. and Mrs. T. calling for "universal" member- eluded from the security council, In return for a Formnnosan cease- has served for almost third award in Secatin igthat sma_* p'd# ta .
Dain, of C6coll; Mr. and Mrs. T o Coived N W8 "'ship In the United Nations agld should be given representation fire. years am leutenant Governor of b the BOnu of A madl tieo, (fof o
4 1. Bishop of Locona; Mr. and a VI V I greater voice in the security so that they may make a more the Canal Zone Ind Vie Presial- e wasa bo Am eric to tI ao 0 ta
Jullo Musmano, of Gamboa; I council for Asian and African effective contribution to the BALBOA TIDES- dentlt the Paam reyagigts as R
and Mrs. W. F. Harris, of Hr l nations. maintenance of International pany, le Albrook AnrA Wg wch t? gnua t the mePtn
Kobbe; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. The. conference's political corn- peace and security." SUNDAY. APRIL 24th. 1955 pMilitar plane early yesterday hanearycolarti of Sde apgt the codet
ris, of Panama City; Capt. n o a f mitee in its afternoon session No mention was made In el- HNi Lw en route lo hio newogignane fme nta -7 byhteeeritwit M P h l
.Mrs. G. Vamva, of Albrook The notce of the awarai i then went on record favoring other resolution of membership 4:46 a.m. 11.05 .M. In Vh D.QI 8%Un bytome ra0 d's h
and Mrs. L. J. Ruba- contract for the rem a two major matters expected to for ommu a 5:04 p.m. 1148 .m. ,At Ato bid Co. Pax. vls* Wo hoo Ou- tatanding, i
rsfK dMr. and Mrs.. qu ot ma slo A ce wthno the unte Ntons ------- -far ere re0oeu0ev. thtde itdlegwntheIwra nnt1ov othdS e 4 t ;
o power M and A L. S rvicetoconvertothectulre-h'IF o h

R0 TO ACT dyhIve been w dMd.r.The ned o hs .considers ro h s bee as-S-ie t lerem- n
eAS. of Panaa city; Mr.and ant out by theP aofm a e t et of thereolution on Wou rou orgiej fr rnmforalrpro -an conerlAdu n tohee iozA

As C rist. Judge warded an $620,000 contract last, world peace, membership in the hunting lessons with a pretty center. Chief of Staff of the Army. 0-2
December for generators andiUnited Nations should be uni- Braniff Airways hostess as in- A special hostess has received he will he sune'aadu in the

Charles A. Garcia, Personnel
Assistant in the Personnel Bu-
treau will act as magistrate of
the Cristobal Court during the
absence of Judge E.I.P. Tatel-
*a wwlo will sail next week for
s *e States on vacation.
Garca has served as magis-
-Ur in both the Balboa and
I'ti al magistrate's courts in
-*gt."past. He Is a member of the,
S York and Canal Zone Ba,-d
''*--U a past President of the Ca-
i. Zone Bar Association.

sinO Open
benefit casino at El
e Garden will continue
pem n over the weekend,
play tonight and tomor-
"-fl at 7:30 p.m.
offered are dice, rou-
blkjack and chuck-a-
benefit is for the Colon
Chamber of Commerce
them in their campaign
vlde wheelchairs for the
sof the Amador Gne-

dvernor units at the Gatun Hy-
roelectric Station, a n d L. R.
Sommer has the contract f or r
the construction of a new sub-
station building and other work
at Mount Hope and a switch-
board at Gatun.
The Sachese Co. with an offer
of $490,332 was low bidder on
the work of converting the Gat-
un Hydroelectric Station. Bids
for this part of the project were
opened April 1 by Col. Hugh
S Arnold, Engin e e r n g and
Construction director.
The work calls for furnishing
and installing transf o rmer s:
conversion of the station service
equipment; new switch h g e a r;
and alterations to the hydroelec-
tric station. Bidders were ask-
ed to enter offers also for test-
ing the transformers and ci r-
cuit breakers after installation.
- The bid entered by Sachse
-Included M87,172 for equipment
and work, plus $1,200 for testing
circuit breakers and $1.960 for
testing the transformers aft tr
Work will start on the project
30 days 'after notice to proceed
is given and should be complet-
ed within approximately 16

y o0.60-- 0.30o
J 1: 2:57 4;M. -
6 :51 5:50 p.m. 3



versal; calls on the five great
powers In the security council to
support the admission of all
those states that are qualified
for membership in terms of the
charter, including Cambodia,
Ceylon, Japan, Laos, Libya and
subject to the Geneva agree-
ment, Vietnam."
Approval by the political com-
mittee is tantamount to confer-
ence approval because the chiefs
of delegations make up the
The text of the resolution call-
ing for increased Asian-African
membership on the security
council is as follows:
"The AsiMan-African conference
considers that the representa-
tion of the plan and African
region on the security council in
relation to the principle of
equitable geographical distribu-
tion is inadequate.
"It expresses the view that as
regards to the distribution of

structor? a cneck-outf irom engineers ox
The Texas based international the Instruments company on the
air carrier has offered many two machines. In addition to the
types of in-flite services to its regular hostess, the special host-
passengers in the last 27 years, ess Is flying all the uranium
but Instructions on how-to-find- schedules, and using actual ore
a-fortune is the latest courtesy samples, shows any interested
on board the company's planes passenger how to operate the
between Amarillo, Texas and equipment. General informs-
Denver, Colorado this week. tion for the lay prospector, mat-
In cooperation with the Ama- aerial from the AEC and maps of
rlllo distributor of the Precision the arta Is also be available.
Radiation Instruments Cam- Don Schomburg, Braniff man.
pany, Braniff has placed a Gel- ager In Amarillo, has cautioned
ger counter and acintillator plus pasa ngers not to expect to lo-
real live uraiiuma ore on board cate any' ground deposits fron
two of its daily schedules be- the alr.-hOwfver; The airline files
tween the cities,. at an average altitude of 12,000
BRANIFF- P-10 feet between Amarillo and Den-
A recent report by the Atomic ver and he macines only func-
Energy commission listing cer- tion foat deteotIon of ground ore
tain likely uranium anomalies or at very low altitudes.
possible locations In the Amarillo P r regetion to the new
area has cause a -boom in the ore cabin Srvle will determine
hunting business. and a corre- whether it will be continued on
spording Increase in air travel a permanent basis and on other
to Amarillo by both amateur and segments of $ie airline's domes-
professional prospectors. Denver tic system.

Canal organization by Col. Her-
man W. Schull, Jr.. who Is ex-
oted to arrive on the Isthmus
next month.
Paxson arrived here in uly
IM following assignment at
the Nation War College as a Stu-
dent and later a member of the
faculty. During his residence on
the Isthmus he has taken an
active Interest in various civic
and community programs and
has been specially -ative I i
Scout W*qrk, having served over
two years as President of Boy
Council Councll 801.- .
, During recentoeeks since the
announcement of'the change of
his assignment. Paxson .
been the recipient of sevWal
farewell affairs. He was recent-
ly presented with the Silver

Canal Co. Selling

3 Emergency Dems
Sjds for the sale, dismantling
and.'removal of three emergen-
ey dais at Miraflores Locsks
and Pedro Miguel Locks are
bIing advertised by the Panama
Qaual Company. Bids will be o-
pened May 31 by Col. Hugh' M.
Arnold, Engineering and C on-
_ltrhaon director in the Soard
ao m of the Administrationl

The dams which are to be
sold for scrap are three of fthk
elk which were erected shortly
before the Canal was ope n ed
nad which have attracted thett-
tention of hundreds thousands
of visitors to the Panama Ca-
rW Leeks during the past 40
The three now being advertis-
tor sale are two at Miraflb-
And one on the west chmi-
Psox MiguelLocks. Te
which were reto-
Sevral years ago for O.0
.lw as spillwaysain fo
Ste to be sold later.

..Take First
tor Ride
=ffw. n a

pmrisauea that Of may appeal for aid fro abroad
e. teltlu of ,4ei lsdad 51 Injured Isl
m tabulatioptofwiltle is comopted;


1:31, 2 :35, 64: 3,1 :4. p.m


s abshown thA A &..& i
him, from David
I helIcopter, for tofeOt
a the Panama-Costa -
lvar Va th
r '- '.-. --- .

u/Il Its

r -,

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