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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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'The Prie Mmiter's decision to p .0
has cleared away the mists of "eertain
the nation and wes exercisiJ di;tur l
ih IntermotiouNb nd comerc affairs

Eden called for elections in a natio"nide
kist night.
S It was a bold challenge-by the new PrIm a

horse es to In. fire that
des barn at Lincoln
Dowps/jge track. At least six
hoth e es will have to be

"ire tpment from 10 corn-
MUnit sponded to the alarm
d -~ horse. were. struck
and by flr engines
t r.he scene on pDouglas
2-1/2 miles from the
hen. a IV
when struck by
aand officials said
tiw dead horses
edlately* available
l la ''the. $50,000!
S diap scheduled for
The k Pilot and Wise

7ftk 4fcaea maid horses
bu'lWibumed a up at. day-
"ak Ne were foand as
I& rsils from the

concern t 4!Vf a VW-7s
tern In flamA and the fid we
are receiving trom the World
"A a sAeo ry matter of
mew Int rt I n tMuailed the
om in my caielty by
the uVfstW unety of
dnot urd laomelately an a-
mdeai t to n eSpon bible lon
uee of y delt thsme ra as
MaY f haUs Plaed.
bwas no itteiperance
or r In my statement.
'*Im Wdisappointed that my
pled tow on June 30 was
not Cowtdefed saceptable, and
diluitetd as to the bouisble cot-
sqnoes of a delay In the ratd-
=c n of the treatyas a a result
of the inabsty of my office to
meot the conditions secified.
ley Iva ; i"t -was an Intern-
al roebt to be faet by the
of = tf .o"trtller gener al.
"I uMalsud tat this rather
ainor Iter iight lead to ad-
verse co4 -egeef for my coun-
try antthere Seemed to be a
lack of portion between the
Importae -of_ tieaty and the
bils hat:would be cleared up

not abnsl4Jlhe treaty until& Jm
the exis the danger that

Court To End

SWiti Year

P) a snr Durmi a the arguments seme of
sc eip tbeg o d concee n owea
".7 a' "r .a. ..affre s 7
ll o I s oth eA t
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eas. I
wer of
.ar ai


. WWf. l mw!. ,
!he aW neaa .. .. ,,
W aB a arMlalarly anxlou -- -
hatthe real t g of my O(w W already has
remarks h e mad erfect 5 eito po tlc ea -military security,
euany bouse I wofeld nuet of 'ji4LA mCt a a-nd7t Iurtant measures
aiy hnav b'60tla a5 ? l thecond-%
Statebame o coupW desired its mile fieldwhich, it coutinmd o -
ehap With the United States long with the growth of trade
i o life has -to be example for relation- between.the United States and
os fenh LifeL th been mi Sy amo he cuntries.o Latin America, soon will gle
le end lp wth the depat- the werem .Boh elsphere. the ns mealu re of criet In
month. surln the yeasr I enred aurtemqSt a former ambas- the econmicbield-.
a amlssador. I was always ac ssdor to te Ulntted Stea, "In 'the light of these achieve
corded :ery special courtesy and soke at dljUr of te Yale ments" Ie said, "it Is a ig or-
conaldmston, and all the ofm- ii.ersity. Cib of Waslh~to der dotof mnama to wish that her
cais o;the department-have al, Army Befry Robert T. relatl. with the United Sates.
way demonstrated the delalto Stevens also' sbke atte aame shoulnet a pattern, n the
be helpful as possible to Both men are gduates past year. our two countries have
ountr and, as a mat o Yale made great prores bysigning
ct,. I Is weo known e rtems te pointed at that a n treaty between ourselves.
cout'that the State Depart. ri a'- -on I eat is aasR r so-
Anent.has ever championed our Unfte Staet.'- on a..t *c atc s tc e
.ri. wenreprepentatonihaav e ? eB2^tso!<=,whor tllbahnht
he d -, evin d uC b a pe r at I-
weclal friendship a4 tfowo ecomri on the
ntA Jor ethe da t and
wil always continue be v changes do'not alter
stated. one of thehapist sad. he hbillt o our relations,
abalatl*n of my Ulft" that treiry Wat k Iall a cottiry.
IReportsrecaad bJ & frr calamity^ Buthe auolC ity o
Panam aid thatV snt sramcs ade sf ation. Ws chant
1 wtlrame tnhe

uest for approval of ts ra t aen a a Thentmacyot o t
t a soOn as the wlt t be abe n' ll nt ine Dlost le
ie hafc e. r cs f s .SIprOblfSha thas t mn t be

rott to the Senate hth ate. has rlye
a'rai the problems that us
sorts of l.
*Knmi airesaly haa -ea __j r=_ s u and I know In the future

ram =.phr as ied to gad

SGwtd By
Fire; 17 Dead
N nIA,.AprillS (UP)
pfseont3mot i0 C mon M I
ro proc daem
public calamity In BEmoled City
as the social weare
traon reported the death

resident Magmaysayahs

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Helecion Mayif, oj" Yfis
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the Iretiring Chure

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k crataiol o* try ne a O tIe

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theY mpiattpn. More tba 140
oftea^bf^at oad -at 53
preloa scliatdahools.
Te ieiM^y:stand by In
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=ra rPAMA AOaWl

,M STaRIWT P. 0. sox 134. PANAMA., f. or P.
S '. ~ -0 4I n 5 L i I i
,8 345M*SerNl I AVE. Niw YORm. (I7- I .it '.
IN AWANC 1*.70 24.50
1] VZANT. IN ADVANCE a I. 4.0o


Me" lox Is n Opefom for raroode e"r l'iesm A""ii,
rg rmhu eu ieeh~r annd ;e handled .1a a. WIL crntdenli
Vpa etribute a letter don't be Impeent if It dee'ms't eparF t
tr. letters eem published in the order rnece
e wee try to beep the letters Jlmlted to nag. lmnath.
Identity *f lotr writers I held In etricteut se maidn y.
Soaf hWspap ep Masse responsibility for sleptent. h elpilO
SIn lee4 fm from: $s.

According to a recent official .annouDCnqentJI$ t costs $5
I* way) to send an employee to New York via th Pinama Rail
A boat Ever since I have been here (a good many years
read of this trip has been, until recently, $120. The employ
S1M.0, $50 or I5i depending on the type of room, and the Do
rtment for which he worked was charged the Temainder.
Now I see the big fat horns of a dilemma, thusly:
Ether: The Company has milked the Dwpatnthnts of a great
k1 of money over the years by forcing them to pay the d-
WMce between $40 (650 or 655) and $12 ,0eb they formerly
I was the actual cost; m
Or: The Company Is trying to pull a t one when it an
iaces that the actual cost is, rather suddenly, just $50 Instead
DS- the Company hope we will fall fort announcedm
It hope to rauade us that this is rigW. tld true? Ift I
Sthen the many should credit the ?*sa Department
the money it has obtained from thtmUnder false pretense

to be d6ne perhaps the Commissary Division could
I *Ii gher profit to lower It# outrageous price.
Qtfices would be able to show a profit instead
Ilit, and perhaps other Departments could alsi
I sure: Whatever the rule or whatever the ac;
U.m.thbe rule, it will never be I: .tg h be. _efltsLtL
.. only for the benefit of the Company.
Cray but not Stupid

W nase to I the cries for help, to j p o{t'mo
rthe wor Ood sent to earth, to a 0c of D. BD.a
I Us angels, one of his selected spirit He had come previ.
toIlluminate the minds of all the men engaged In the cru-
aa t".- lUng and death. :
W aSttyba'AO polio killed quite a n osier of children lin
OI country Costa Rica. Others were left crippled and very
operated &m the disease. Then It anenam that in the
of the metallic birds, maybe insects, who knows, but there
pulio outbreaks in Ecuador, New Zealand, etc.
Very year polio breaks out in the United States, claiming
deforming bodies, making people scared to death just a
iatlon of the world poliomielltis.
eaording to the news Dr. Salk. will not receive a financial
i for his discovery. Some 400 great physicians gave him a?
S. Jut from the hearts of all of us, mothers on earth
*st a ainRle word of thanks to God and then to Dr. Salk
7r mand his predecessors on their wonderful vaccine.
lak yotu Dr. Balk.
A Mother

| Jin jl uA It 3y 1 say that ILam also the mother
I,. PwOvW tl,,~hoi s. $W nor-
b tn.' -hh gear, I heard ho foul words except ones
W boy was older than any of the High School students.
p quotation is "The thing wrong vu tp t UmpW eera-
o -Ofu.U dftl oldU to it an .it

his BT Snm

DS1bw DO" VI
id-m ".- Deftd .. I
wn ructu.i 'ICome
r l It Itts neg
del Occurreome bound
Im -4flet)- -- b
y ',cfn stand am
b CAellO8w. loeItst
s eAle % herned 320Menf
e immnet. '25 eice
I Number 27Wrong
j *ormsnacimonUaVe
h durloSeasaw 3s DWri




i a

r I I taSP I I -I---fl

,l L d ;j~i.;v'i *
\--- 7 i

or News


The State Dept. has succeed-
edM again in putting Ite foot in
President Elsenhower's mouz
bTlx the State Dept. did bj
dusting Edward Coral because
ht had become controversiall"
/ad the Department always runs
armed .
4 11 of which means that Ed
t 4 1l now isa a politically in.
jiied veteran of two wars with
ote e State Dept, in two ad-
idistrationh. Back in 1946 to
t a, the State Dept. sent special
Issaried to New York to at-
s tempt to pressure Coral and his
labor friends from blasting the
Soviet Union and world Com-
Now in 1955, Coral is ousted
0 because he has been accused of
- having had some contact with
) two pro-Communist fronts. So,
* while it may not be worth while,
- I'd' like to take the State Dept.
by the hand and lead It through
a battle recent history.
it Some of its clean-cut boys
I- could have found this out
y for themselves if they hadn't
been so bImsy pushing
o- okie and so overwork-
d ed by b* the strain of lift.
nlg cocktail glasses
? In 1946 Ed Carsi got' Into a
As rlal phase of the battle ac-
A itn against the Soviet U iqn.
s AMong with AIL and other cvic
leaders he helped run a prod.ect
d exposing the 5oviets' use of ass
Sslkvery as labor cadres to re-
d build Russia. .
SI. covered him at that time. I
ktaow of the representatives the.

Thee by exposures of then
e R d big em.Ir.
21,000,000 people In undreds of
concentration caips running
from outside Moscow to Sibe-
ria's blood drenched frozen
i tur"ra.
S, The State Dept. bys did' pot
e atoomplish their mission and
e went aome to bury their grief in
the soirees of the season.
S,0 Feb. 28, 1948, Ed Coral
t arose on tnc platform of a
special conference at the Hotel
SMcAlpin in New York. He then
ao ffclally opened a session de-
i voted to strategy for publicizlnt
brutality of the Sovlet
ion and its curtained sate-
He pulled ne punehes.
SDestes the pressure from
SWasieigton, hoe et the us.
Iles have it right, between
a teir evil eye& r,.,

t ose inembera at the Ummna-
slon of Inquiry #nto Forced La-
bor who have taken time out
of busy lives to serve the cause
lof Jutice," Corsl said.
oT hese men and- women will,
"l f many mor .&a in sut-
i a ed weighing t testimony.
"aIn, preparing their report.
1 I fitting that we honor them,
tfor they are performing an in-
wAluble service for which they
will be paid only in the senne
or satisfaction of4 job well
"Too often, meeting of this
kind. make an nmpsesn only
upon those' who atied the mt-
.,.' or those.- who alsady have
Sdeep regard or the dignity
i msa maniand. Fortunately,
the Workers Dfenme League
through thee pubt hearings
in- forced i ltWWtItoUlkted
the, interest of laf$1ed and

SPsychiatrists pe'. probably
give us a plauslW esplanation
to this seeming indifftence to
ttht cancerous isflh_ i, the
wotld, but it taktey-tlue klnd of
s hie treatment that meetings
Uk scan geneate to arouse

Prevalent since the end of
Wrld War ;,-

satemtes haw real ,
.n thIseaS-to tdif.
enee ... JUp L 4 over
two years af gtlcematlon
/ravda, an eftlelaI Soviet
iehtw5per, gu that
i tans. vett war

f evliaa as .well e soldiers
-proqted I p.the secret

behnthiltlthe .a I t
"Austrians. ENtonlans. Latvi-

an* Hungarian, germans, Li-
thyanians; UInat ., Cr means,
Japaneae a .Ru Itmalans, men
n women alike, are now be-
ni ued as slave labor in the

ore Io mar,-- all

u do Ft et-pinhe
oad- Ia e seeaSm h ake a
.th" 4tpom the. ander-
wM bl s'al it would minr-
bwhlen'abaler Saler m
Tork la lIg.
Crttm Iswt. jW2

I found

* ".., ..
At re., ij

4 ,. '

1 ~*'
'~ 4




C 4'?

1 1 1 IR **"I

tE ~

as, ,rc


r .d* '.t*.

* i t. ''


I 1.1

Tips And. Ballpla9i

By Peter Edson
a a -
I sot a big kick out of Casey was a double-sirloin-with-
Stenel's recent published order trimmings boy when the bon
to the New York Yankees about was clouting the tab.
tipping. I have tried hard to remem-
Case has issued a ukase ban- ber if any ballplayer e ve
ning the 10-cent tip as un- bought me a drink or a lunch,
worthy of a Yankee. He posted in the few years I covered the
a minimum rate of two bits for business, and can only remem-
breakfast, 50 cents for dinner, ber that Joe DiMaggio and
and a back a week for the room Bucky Harris maybe Buddy.
maid. Myer and Buck Newsom and
I am Willing to bet this is one Hank Greenberg ever so
house rule the Ole Perfesser much as produced a short beer
won't be able to enforce. or a ham sandwich.
The Yankees, by and large, Those would be about the
rated as the most-lavish tippers only ones who ever thanked
when I was a boy, and even you for a story, too, out of the
boasted a couple of what might hundreds of thousands of words
be called free 'iAters. But you wrote, mostly of praise.
the average ballplayer, especial- Most. ballplayers never saw
ly the ohonic second dilsion the praise pieces. But you. could
playw as the closest guy ith write oe & ittle silver of qan.d4I
iab ale~ rw met m ani Ho- criticisiaf and they had a bt-
folom : ter monitoring system than Run-
iFtfla*W# years mI,.th, lads sla can bet of', an recall
used .W wear what *e called times when whole families ;-
10-d.ay, shirts whl' thiy were Papa, Mama, the in-laws and
on the road shirts of such the kids, plus Grandma and
dark-'colors that they showed Grandpa were cutting, us
no travel %tsin and thereby dead for suggesting that maybe
saved laundryv'tlls.' the star of the group really
-, They regarded a nickel" tip shouldn't be taken seriously as
as adequate if they tiped at a threat to Rpth's records.
al an a dime was a bit deal. It all figured, of course. 'We
Two bits was riotogaiiving. get a lot more college kids in
Mostly they carried ther own baseball noi, arid quite a lot
ba ... more city kids.
AX Onparlin of the eating But when I broke in most of
hab ts.1 ballplayers on.the the raw material came from
roea when the club was payg, the deep and poverty-stricken
as' u eat home, when South lean-jawed, tobacco-
plae plaed up r oft chewin' crackers from Georgia
chess wai somethij tp see. and Florida and Mississippi and
The e me applied r the Carbitnas.
training, when the e4%s was T
footing the bill. A guy who They didn't play much foot-
could make out with a 50-cent ball or basketbi in the snall
blue plate .when he was buying towns, oaly baseball, apd a kid

In Sate fi&e Unify There Is Sdvi

|| C UNiT ST -



Some N; il
awit kh
Sto influence SUo

Justice Dq#jort
of the off-theLU
da news ceoun
ed more and
C a of theo.
istion. .
First, Admial "
catea at a pre.w
Atttak will be
Matue aroutWd .
im Hagerty, m
'baekground" d
taint so. Next
tells enate cbam
N ^s^%,?

StOUt JAflhitI'~
@4 a
I. ~

u, WasUi
too .h
'.Of the

CARube ml
Ara 4m
a hused
.--kg- th
we amim


mt did

what h at ay o t, 40 ShaS b ena zw.d A
t e toneoat the go w* f
Sattck tsu byS ld tl r,... -. .-.-- .
ricant public and e d b -,
omok like t-ools to Our .I s .
SWhat the li'edoesn't kno K hU -A" b .t:
however, I that iaot h-l Tr has bieen pag throog0 -i
groun. press. meeting was held it. e Peon at. Defense
by the Justice Department not be
long ago. ThAis t ne it wan not ai Xlp -
dinner, but a lunch. And the etatlo s tg ea
man who held it was assistant ton" c
attorney general Warren e. Bur- OD
B rge r I a na- r-supposed been0t -
Sto be one of he top lawyers of h wer Cbe
Aecthe U.S.A., tr heoudIa wt hold suppreme.
higrh office 'i/n e Justice Do.spread 1by t o
apartment. -Ilting.
Ho a however d rpose ofs scheduled stnThe iv For all practical pud,
eted luncheon was t do what the se supreme court of the Unit- would cloe down the noned

whoey would pitch pretty and ubl opinion n advance, he lforrler to reduce rate...
the local cotton mill was apt ntantha genea tractfshetcocar! r W.t
etched into the ps before the Supreme Court of the Unit- woud oClose' -down the-noZkeds,
he had .much of a shot at rural ed States Monday to argue a fa- Whose cheap freight and pie-,
high school, even anous security case. And, to sway gonger service bhs forced the .bJ
They were good boys, and public oplnigo -In advance,. he airliners to reduce rates... .
decent boys, mostly, but young- Invited 12 newamep to an off- The .ay tis. building a Uiad at
stbrs with the Southern country- the-record lunch. Rota, Spain, large- enough t6
man's deep suspicion of furrin- Upon arrival they were amae- handle the new super-carriers.
ers, meaning anybody who ed to hear a bald attempt to use Yet the Navy clams publicly
didn't come from their home thepi to incite the public for the that its .carriers don't need
town. purpose of Influestpng the Su- overseas bases...
And they had a deep reverence preme Court.. Strange names: Joe Mcarthy
for the dollar, since they came FAMOUS PETERS CASE and Roy Cohn run a public re-
off hard-scrabble farms and The ESupreme Court case that lations firm, in the National
had spent most of their youth Burger will argue is lthe famous Press ulding. (No relation to
following mules over rocky hill- one of Professor John P. Peters the e'McCarthy anad Ry (on
sides top medical officer of Yale Ual of vil notoriety, o-
sid e. 'nversltt who wagsAired- froml ever.) ...
They had this one chance tot -nonse.s.. Goern- Pot. .tk e
hive up a dollar or so. and go Jbo in' theU Pub field Mt'so moul htlor.bls
,Wk home tq Ui e Mae son. ta& U-aN 'ic feld SwroSh
Andope ..ft@IlanmnA.i4
pthn orir? M under ver g@Wrnmnt wit- that
an oren';uS i t IrV T Dr. te n.d_ take a wt Ai ,
and uvebtff tneir isniif cfp cd atffluSvht bitterly to
Zan9t press cuttings- oe Dr. niee wt- poets! Kg -
brief spurt of glory in the lg ted'to am,*1 1 granted the _pay
town. They had 10, 12 yttrs to on the ground that gti r- he went tohe O4'
-play, at best, and they chopped chamber proceeding violated h it... .
that nickel into a penny sub-civil righjt.. -. .. The Army tob. t.i gl UR's
division. The case eomes up for afgus tic aviation traveling emir a-,
They counted wealth In ment In the Supreme Court Camp Ruoker, Ala. N xt
term of hound&'dogs, mules and Monday and l my ti Ju=oee you know, t Atr>Afti w ue
tobacco patches,. and asutn Department has one sie a- tMaining infantry..... ,an
things as fancy city living, loose 1,nt it because solicitor -gen- passed an Soer.Nel Un-
spending, and especially tiP- ral Simon Sobeloff, who is sup. fiction Act .
ping, never entered their minds ed to handle all
as ecal. ourt mat terms, refused to sign
And looking backst the shbw- the Just ce Department's brie
er of dollar bills I have wasted So, to arouse public epllfon inv H s
on ungrateful service, for do- advance, assistant attorney pn- .
lng chores bodly, I think my eral Burger proceeded to tell
sympathy i all with the ball- newsmen oA wrong Mdec.ion
ps"yr ..... by the Supreme Court could ,, -
I come from a small South,, wrack the government's entire For ild
er c rom a stood, and my mindsecurity program, a ho t U. J- V l VU Yl
is runnip more to mules and only I Its o of i en W
tobacco ot-han used to. t rs remained u rooer sfIn t.ayn _e IA
__..aO d ihow dsclosureof. ithir ldea' illMonday to payO ne sesefl
t Strength .1- titls would wreek the secufltyad p i tA1 m
et St'ren than hoil4
orthan Identify Its secret SOII.
e aBurgerb hdthed teran oft inh Va l J.
U O w Bwer Admbulstratlon would pCivil War.'a
abolish Its, security hearings al- I. Thy'5AidesamidW SSba a
iuttr did not explain why Aid from "" M i
jS these ted cret witness a- istrtfli. The last of tl"'-oy"
flhsastx Dr.Peters, understod to InBlue"Ia In aDulhM
be touls-0f. Budena. could not be hospital,. Wd r 4ientUR#UaI.for
named ince Budenx has c ou- uIn oo .
e m 111"at many pub- T ONa -Nps
1- TButs e dny t Wexpens, ft- i e .
Nut be did attack tny6n e whoeavy el p .es or....



.I* *

.1 V


/ i.

^ T~~.4 F if .-

P A. GM8*.
"-I '. ** "


i' -




B y ''

L'S -~

t r i.


', .1 ,

*~ ThI'


_ ~_ ____ __


. 0-MMMI

m i md

I -


--L --

i~LI ~

;*' '**-
- -t^


. *." *

I '

_ I


m -" 0

..... .. ..



. 5

* jr- w ,.

I It


* t*~~":~ ..t*-49-. 7-U~

,S- +'' 'r 4'' c-, '"'' J. .V .

* 7~~*. -. ~ z~ -
.. .

- -,- ,- .J

4A A A I ET 1 -.
TM. PANAMA ..S. -AN1NV31W1m BD.LY..T .. -
__ *N-______ o o !J ...

~ t

0-"H NO' rA
/ 4; 3 te Ses sionsfiir

.'7 "o S TO l.oto --" a op
..... "ea "" f-dollr |on '-----S-ome arf ma"y : ""e of-

-. U e SCourt today gave young S -The iguaratee p -
., cler Lous E. Wolson ton repr m to mrt
B.a*.L '> .5^ S ;:oo to bid fm. control of the '-IM- Ahartholderu gtuteatrh as

.... .. .. ? "'-' u g The high court ruled lnvalid The court daid t qhl' un-
L ............... 10tQl o:0arn wd rr
m .-i .. Ward's system of lectin only qualified referee to numbere
ate aSww -T"ws -lp? le eSl a^ n; l 9. ...iao o. three of its nine directors each of directora. ace meas
amm f an e w.a .. year. the total AnWbr, and nothing
o ---, o w ol .. The decision meant that all In the reninlng lanpge
a : .. ............. it
S. r .. nine directors will be up for e- the section requires that can
SP :os election next Friday, giving Wolf- be construed to refer also to a
hAu IT enie r MAr tim c m f a _*._ i.j nlWorl,;........ 7:30 son a chance to gain majority smaller number resulting from
n an vm ^7 as.aso, udord aan o9A4a control and unseat 81-y ea r-old classification."
"low I .el on sn 01 hd....- I -0-u...... :
t D M itnm ::l .* l Wa ip ard Chairman S.ewel L A;;- Wolfson contended the stagger-
S. uny..................... 00 In w York the ublant 43 ed sysm violated the guaran-
m bo tO S P : 0 1 .. ,a -e -' 'i ; year-oM.Wolfson hailed the' de- the ruli e ot .
s- e1.0L 016m.M~uinom m : > i atwo ,Rioni, u t r rt ,da- In the cislonr a& &'"'victory for cbrpor,
nem l n s atUe dqci a c a" any confident tate law which permitted stag-
.e .r r .l. a d olda m: sa* ft*to a m m ea s e o h m ....... 4 4 FO R T AN A D OR d i ce d h e w il w in co n trol o f le red d director .
v. n.. re will win uao nSt A of Wolfson, the Now York nd,
s n a af 5m S n. caae a a c a 1 a.30 ge mali-order firm. Mtull "wonderboy" of finance

ao,'..( ...M rJ4O .n c ............. a om. : y Woltao'ltud he ohaes enough rli ndedhs pol"ofiae
e1. -mc ub CLAY r who hats acquired a number of
-A". Me Daily ............ provedd o capture four other large co rations, started
mf 3 s aa ..... & 5 diret oa y and hs t his fight for iontgomery Wrd
means. stn.' ruus and IS & Woltaga has enug ha. acquired An rd of
ls Mdrt as e ^ -va. IB. Ai. Arl g Sunday ssh................... o the proxy total helectd "bfy Wmar A us

a, st cha..onle wind first so He
m a: Cd thei ur ul now rhe ing toruinous p lip that result-
An *AT- H- Map CTI Pa. 4d r- c ath 8% factor i determi on continuing decline in

Class :1 tnd 4p. -I Rev John tSprA Pr..t.a WlRT DAi 0ons had a chance to bid Aor y r
S.. t ... w. ************ l e would have
no p0S. Inps. a Ohanbren g post-war era while Itspn In-

.a b r a Dt .... .......**.*** "sr..rd"systelm o e.lecnit For- P s e
on L t l Far w.r *- oFr.AT .:C:UadU: a -. IP's 0.. iU n ckholders t WASHl competior, Sears, Roe-1
bkCt-. lm .m. Saa St Heun y t .. M a .... ...... I lo ng -lo .el -in the lght 'o buck 9 Co.; soared to record

| s ..W 1 I 6:45 PAL Iva n C a l -p the ceettd gies l n and te l tng h oreighlts.
.a avCnuai So P.nMlos u.o: OL5AnWo AL4 R.oPm them to rettiao the uprotea

S I S. n Holy a y M" : : .J" aB. (i e fal e 4t Thu: r day... T .......... N ARrtis lued a
Ceu ensim : Ca. "tur:d" p ,t m T- l .

L.. court whch ruled Feb. 1 ha he glaring hpreme Court, the former
Fan.. r...yr an butse s -a W 4ea EHW*if roDnumry wo try Ward In one of-the soundes
at ad115 --M sid ora I .ry.ei' U A. Kr' lto positions of any large U.S. firm

Sa aS ... ..aa*a, nt.. sa afl a oS. o'i aS S3 o: gd court as it baed it rlino On s o .
Y > b i#,at -' d _ft -, trm, with some 300 lIon dollars In
*0MamS. om Pr. s.U S l.-I suis" OCf. each reserves alds. He car-
in ....... .. ......... :30r said W edthat Wolfa= pdrinclpally hadt

cu: tday to COROZAL H rn s h sn ha "o chance's" to elect a i is eye on the cash reserve.
CC O SLO. NA .mV SATON majority of directors because of
..o Meal Noe a Uw Sunday shi..... IM, 9:3 e1f the proxy total held by manU-nt
...esimma. -
C an 9* a. c Every rida; 1a50'is WM oY IW cn 1dieha:.r00rnmngW r

> : i tn s a ._ o ,..-. --, --h n d er Te .........n 0. rm. w ene Warren Declarsoy
tr.-DL'ot .Sas.Q ML eI* g*hThe co n *S f urt rulin wasE the ke y
'AMMA -factor in determining weht h er
SST. VINCI-a-. .anm m.. CIV St. io on's hdr pcaeChurctihd f r Ma
ameum. o and 1.o0 ma. Rev. John Spar, pi "0 Cht F DV Wot had a chance to bid forgF A
71I ,e 0nes'2r A md men .TDSM- Sunda m. a. ... ...:30 10:4. control this year or would have
m Ctu Nto AVAL ST T I H Had the court upheld Ward's Dor Pel
Pi No i P;rayero, in and Sr. FORT di.'C
SsMa.. ........ .." .....0 stag ered" system of electing
s. o. e am. T vim chool .......... p ...elc Pin gd as
s *irhFemj anoviam5w smYouth Fellowmsap ......... s0so p. IfOI direchrS, Wolfson could h a v e
3:-- NO- 0 c ,....... apture Do. more than those WASHINGTON, April 16 (UP)
m u :a ayer .. ........1. a S Chus n directors Aths year. He tie r en aid
eil mam Girls' Friendly Solety ... 6:06 .ia s "

A h nunon......... a ahool ........... Its decision
,flea An 'B *re "M Man:....8. .:a.......... ... .... a...
1: m o a to & a The Rev. John Spear. Print in Carge. Box Anion. C.Z Balbt a .M te li n said t
. 7pe "6: LT L M n uh 3rd ,"a-a Is i"af Service I. ..... t court all it based fll ruling on 8 Is. In s
7 P ALra r W e D o M ess: o d e M on ... o W arre n h as b ee n m en tio n ed '
iI vyrM ed o.r Hatting, Wed. .... 7M0 pimn the constitutional guarantee o a hasi b ee menti one d
Id & lied ltldavs, ri 3xi n 84 4L Ho Rly Baptism :00 P.t. JAIIONAL BA"MST CURCaH
t&H aI. oPs Pians. a.. t irn~t AnS 0. y. g w if President Eisenhower chose
Fr.i"". sdam. am tou Hoa DvnW-h ip .o. commu.m TI M.L s1,0y not to run.
a'. Sat ur MAS T DAYS Diving boo ............ to.....IS.8:ma00 p.m" Warre. tmd this s4ttment;
."-_ r -Div., Worship ........1..0 7 "MY- name has been sed a
-"--t li- Cl 'oan3 p.m.. --. r.. pada. y I8
Ci-in. "e ad ISO -- em a- -osb- antl dati i r
p. -WArA SS I I u N -- ---- 1 .an
Ci., 3 o :. Sun d. 3 0 .TI1 u* l a of my d"tles as Chief -ustice of
3,105 OPa TI. 1,f S ey .A.r.hdeuoe the United Ktates.
ur--IN PN-," 1 0 20 31v01y1M 11d1v 5Qo RO C: l OF LAToS.-DA! SAWM (NMMOeS) '"When I' pecepted that posd-
Ct a paaanday emaw JWB-USO. JA tion, It was with the fixed put-
ta". Iow&C.TAlC-ugm hood ."A am. leatil; Sunday School. of leaving politics perma-
IsSACUL' B u ...t-C H 00 a-oly Comma -- ho 0a: Sacrament Men. 1020 ant. nently for service on the court.
a i gtalr ad., Sebd l idre wmren Atlantic Brn That is still my purpose. It I
nmba: a damao 0udayn or Ce olo e24. 7A 4 mau Irrevocable. r will- not change it

10o te p-- A lter R M y each eve- a" m temv P CHU R "Be they many or few, the re-
si5 N.nv anhlm a d o lloce, Penn mailing useful years of my life
ti.f Na s n. a nd t fice, Curundu 1101 %re dedicated to the service of
Utidn lla do D-u-- W PACtS Knawonip ........o a.n ...'d States, in which work I am
CEIIUCH S11-fl116SKA W-C I CMUU."ndlested that Mr. 'Warren was
Or 1J. I C111-41401111" 1t' L Wm The 'he number 1 choice of Repub-
rsa rem. MlO dJ Pee. mat. W e M CIcans for- the presidency If Mr.

.4560 pa.._Th ay4, mra. -JL Thursday.TS last year's Army McCarthy''
Two It~ 150 pAL 10 Pa. Pays and earman a .fts.a. squabble. Millard will begin
sat6r aAL- mam.r:::: ...a --44 a' now. dutIes May 1. Fve Funtur.e made of'

lm -m -- aRS" tat tim Lutheran service M.nts" .. __ .-

tonamrsae m as00 PA O P= aim Divin a sv ,....l..:: 1A0 P.M
I-J~ -W. ^. ^a n^ a^ T -Pp-ayn, er j .n t Lea With
I -.'_ ia"1i S S m1-r & ... ..............?or.q St. ma d Hpla youtluAl clarity ,g
,,- ., p r......... 406 1 ..A..... ...f73. p.. m. 70 .
aaA The oed Impoerdeo1 s Inme
SG Bloo. T-. o d b o eM toe yow heating Teoe
on Sweda cAam v ofl:e aone: Co ialo-S AM is y o-c He i
b e M a t o s CsN nA C u e H e A ft J .- e

BL '. I
.Bakb t Srce a i, woso mem#41.
B.... u. Service .... p.M. nLd te yN@

4. '-*

.r. '!,j ...

'9 S k.
.5. rJrnwwP'Ji'

TuedyrApril 19, at 7s:w0;mp.m,-
an Spvieeu nightly fopowing 't 0."
except Saturday.

Watch for our

l lnuiaMNJ '

starting Monday 18th!

Sensational REDUCTION
hin our merchandise, .*m
than cost prices ;

d azat=a,

No. 97 Justo Arosmena Avenue



* Ph-mae I
I' *.I .



Dry- Rough or Dressed

1" x 2"99
19" x 3"1
1" x 4"
1" x 6"
2" x 2"
2" x 3"
2" x 419

* '*is

.... -CA

' A t' "- ce' '... .- sLp.l l l s,.,;
At Ir c0mporobly~f Pr WPices-

Translsthmian Highway
s "i'(k of Mueblarla Cowas)

- .1-i- S -

ahmMghquslity ofspO amdvep.
mt b your beatk gumt t that
ohs. s .mw hilL.bW a -kngm ..
.Ade aofththap*.
anded to xmleuome. As tisa
on by y"e win .tmsueu"me I
hWsg e at.uWAhfoteI ihig |
*OMWAn A.aL na.- ,.aLL.Ajw I


I y
i. 5, -

-, :

S. *i -
,.. oe*. '*
o -, .1

. a sw&. to howyi A -"M .. --.
[eernge Of the root recent ^.<

- "hw D-M.._- .-- -'A
,. C.^ t -, -*
,.. 'ri C)A Kw h k ttw_ E-14 4
., --- y-- -,. .s., -^ -' l


* A. 0 -. I -. .. -
pA -. -
;r ~ ~La.a4 eL 4$ ~ 11127

-A .

__ __~


I__ r

~I __ _~





=." =t



.' .


F- _

:. ,- .r ..

'4W ., -"
11i poV

S .4.P A A *imS' IAl.. -

Turbulent Lene

sed As New Strikes'Threaten

GRHAM, Ala., Abril. 10 which, long ,Wth the railr o a d
7-About 25,000 steel workers I strike, is well Into its fifth week.
dout ere yesterday threa- But Ar tur, .V. Wiebel, presl-
S a paralyzing blow to the dent of TCI, called it a "flag-
trike-crippled economy rant violation of our contract
the "Pittsburgh of the South,with the United teel Worker
Wt-te "sympathy" demonatra- of America." He said unless the
ended with the afternoon work stoRpage was ended
change. promptly and pickets removed
e easin of one new crisis from "our plant gates. Ye wllh
Vi ie South's turbulent labor be confronted with an operating
ture, however, turned .O problem which will require from
stlon to another. In Wash- four to sal days to get our plants i
I c two operating unions an- back into production"
k ie.d 4,000 train ere w m en Violence in the telephone
MN join at-aoon Monday the strike has centered .m Birmingr
Owe of 25,000 non-oper-at ntg ham. A few hours before the
pls of the Louisville Nash- teel workers walked ,out, po-
gle Railroad. lice scattered somi4 400 CWA,
More than 100,000 w o r ik eras members ot Syrdniathikers fromin
ia been idled1 by the wave ofa telephone exchange. ,Motor-
u its in theA outh. The two cycle poll were, toned n the,
ige* ones ae by CIO Corn- melee. Ronbings a d bhunerous
$mnlcations Workers of Amerl- cable cuttings have marked the
in the Southern Bell t e 1e- strike In th industrial city.-
Mione system and by 10 AFL u- Just a Thursday night's
fst on the IN system touch- fight, a b apparently aimed
i17 states. The steel workers at a telephone pole shatt e r e d
their brief walkout was in windows In a home.
f uthy with'the tele p h'o n e s T"phoe strikelm on,
Stwo ao qle iutes: pa-
Wrmingham, Dixie's industrial 'ny's n for irfcI at
bars, has caught it worst of all awcalt plfoed in a -a sn-1
Ss lition to e-telephone and tact a the union's liultonce
,ilioad strikes which affect ed 0o an arbitration system.
k6 .,Jty heavily, workers a r e '. fL members in t iniN
it' at three industrial pl a n t as n-operating unions o-ut
Ka attacking firm, and paper- w r s ame day as the.. ,
t a.sW also are on strike. wOrkers, March,14, JA' -
h lard the CIO United Steel lat6d apute. 'tb 'h n d
":era of Aperica pull a full- a hea on
16% strike, the production of the pa n pr l many
S12000 tons of steel a day other sections of the indus tr y
pit ca1 e. One out of every but LANN insisted on its o w
Mre persons i the metropoll- version.
n area of 600,04 would be af-' The Brotherhood of Loc o m o-
ms t o. ptine ce or another i ve Firemen and Engine m e n
SB., Farr. -director of the and t 2Broflherhqod xw railroad
St DaSriqt &, said he n-t I tralnmep f nnoun.ed the strike
Ithumelocal-Icrseand re- cl r ndk put those
4ed .the ea return to operating unions behind the oth-
oo.. .n sbift. er strikers.' Actoally, the train
Sthe shiftwas due on at crew hwe Ireftued to cross non-
.l.ntof.Sals said the ,op A picket lines and the
.r1nomi i to work and roa's uanes s l practically
tke were withdrawn. at a stah utill.
walkout earlier had vir- The firemen and trainmen un-;
shut autW operations of lns W6 *they- wer. taking the
s.iprawlng Tennessee Coa I, action to protest the company's
.and Railroad division of dismissal of their members who
SteelCorp. as pickets rMn- had refused to cross picket lin-
U complex of plants early es and threats to dismiss others.
TI Is the biggest indus- The other two big opera tin
the Birmingham area. brotherhoodh' the 'engineers and
Ion official called the conductors and brakemen, also
a "strike against South- may go on strike, Union sources
the police and county in 'Washington said.
for their handling of In Tenn Southern Bell
munlcati o n s tri k e rejected a n submitted by

'-.3 -

"lalifngs : Every Fifteen Dmde. for:
Sailings: a Days for:
(.Gul Vessels call at VeRACRU sand TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weks)



Gov. Frank Clement to reopen mount toputtfug the ope itoi-
the telephone exchange at Ma- into union hands.
ryville, closed after a series of S. H. Younublood, Tennes0!ee
violent incidents with the result foutheM, BU manager, urged
8,000 homes have no service, the govdnor Ifstead to use nis
Clement suggested the ex- police power to assure pro tee-
change be reopened with union tion of So*thern Bell non-strik.
operators and company supervi- ers agisibit "aftarly" at Ma-
sors but Southern Bell said that ryville so operations would. be'
would cause confusion and a- resumed "normally."

The Pacific Steam Naviqalion Comyany

Royal Mall Lines Lid.
S.8. "CUZCO" .....................................April 27.
S.S. "COTOPAXI .................................May S
M.V. *REINA DEL PACIFICO" (1,000 Tons) ......June
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ..............................Apr 3So
S.S. "HAZELMOOR" ........................,...... y

S.S. "DURANGO" ...... ................April 1
M.V. "DARRO" .\..................................April 26
S.S. "AMSTEL ........... ...April
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ................ April 5
All Sailings Subject to Chaee Witheat Notice
FORD CO. INC. PANAMA-Ave. Pert #55 Tel. 3-1267/8
|BALBOA-Term. Bldg., TL 2-1905


Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service


*8.8. "MORAZAN ................................April 23
5.8. "uBUERAS"W .............................April 30
*8.8. "TAQVE" ................................l. y 7
.S. "AGGOERSBORG" ........................... May 10
*.S. "MORAZAN" ............... .............. May 14
*.S. "BUERAS" ................. .......May 21
8.8. *"FADQR VNOT" ......................May 25
lHandin4 Ietrigerated Cblled and General Cargo

New York Service


8.S. "EPARTA J .................... .................April 13
S.S. "AN JE"............................Apr 25
8.S. "CHOLUTECA" ......................... Al -7
LS. "METAPAN" ....................... .,
1 |$" n --
s. ..W IA" u NO ..... .....................

Weekly saliugs of twelve passeaer ships to New
Yoak, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.
1 -

Special rmad trip Iares from Cristobal to New
.York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

To New York ......................240.00
To Los Angele..' ad' San Francisco. .. .270.00
To Seattle ..... .............$36500

." "Ti'-, O
S- ^--*. .- .-,- '" --
. .; ..

I---i--l- I~) 1 1 I -- --. ?-~----r~-_:_------ --- ---- ~~-- J

_ I:

. m S

_. ,' :i *' .

I -~ ___ -- --


_ ___ __

PANAMA 2-304

- -1

[ IDTJ" h Mf w itlitt
L^- ^ ;"i ^ \NOTTakuf

ow aM wn* mnwas
'rftwmerm, PICI.

*~ t :*.-~ ''
.: =

. I .1 1 .. .

, i, -. .. .

'Ij 1

* I
w r Tt i 1

RL~VL~ ra mrrr fi


,. .-.

Have One on Us


q mBESTiti




I T.
, w

Off the Cliff




"- Masole Building, ortis

m .-,.

. T



BUindng Flash

- y

Perils orf Parentbod



aJOu atourwo ov' oX waRs


"p -t iloT W-4-9 NOw CUCKdOO
.C .AMeW T LIKe IT 14 A 6TOR6
^.WINDOW 40M^^BS'ares e p
MW88Weee CHICAsO/ !%

U m- --*'
r1 lltl'a i




C( 18TOc21iat *
\ *:..-. '



B* WILumON sCBUmsi

T.jWAiMik I, 1

i I
*iVc not

*AjL imm,

. ... _..


b -

q. :...
1 11 .111-*- -. 111 i i i^


- a ..

t, -di, AL ft
.- -' A ..- a t .; 4 7,

'. ..,, -


i seti,, wufl" h ski, pepared by the u -
f CI. O .sm n i .t O Mrs:. M. W.E Laida

le:t l De e Program, and guest t .
PImet l .. Pragram, and gp "urs

& ,waee, w taeH eminent Pan-
Smid "ase b"a wtlbst Amateur ia-
A,1S won her first dimt naI re.
Asniha .. & i Amenlean rears snd two
h &vesn of Tenensl. -Yterdly noon the
left oe b 10 day tWar of ~gentilna as the guest of the gov-
lmmtt; ..nlP other honors she will be presented with a
f4t rls Stl lan Person. Before she left Panama, Ar-
gita AmltSAeSdiO to Panama, Carios P&scall gave a Cock-
taign M te rhonor at the Embassy ..sidence.
l s.recent prle was lsbard won. Sitting by her ham set
a.n hes radt hialcti lier lovely home lan the Jn France
subV 5 i ovew 0 cootaet. In 18. different countries
of t S- Amercsa with the aloted two sessions of 12 heaurs
,, wLreviow contet she woked 43 straIght hear al
ways #ork isen aydee Sauesnm has found a hobby that
has bogt i Interests to her whole family. Her t*r.:
have ST S ad ie ehilren with. ber "has -
|t. or .ath America. H=Sa too, In P
I ta l l her unique ae;ie*uents.

-iB SSmTr ..... ^ .-+ ,i B, May WT ni-m
f v Caryl i iai Branch of the Aitet-
Sa Mri. loan Guild of Orginists met at
and Rll- Wt Ul of te home of Mrs. C. J. enis in
s. ....m. f4 t MI f garitr -n M onday e ening,
RA l 132KW ,WiApril IL The next meeting wil
Capt. and xrs K. I. lell be on May 9 at St. Andrew's
0 0f,S,. tnt, 1todk Church in Cocoll, where a pro-
e bride's gram will be presented A so-
Scal hour at the Wilbur Phipps
p tenm '( w quarters, Fifteen Naval Ditrict
Ar t t V follow the program.
DaY 1 f the Late' -.
emony. Ceetoia
SThe retl I n meting of the
OtCaobal Woman's club was
W tedulday, April 1t at the
alOre.8 ml- building In Crlstobal,
te president, Mrs. Goge
+ prifidinl. She welcomed
dand guests. Guests
8e: Mrs. Anr Wood
and Mrs. Elsle
P n -of. -Los- Angeles,

.I." : hi m a at he

- of

"ek- i. '. i f."- our
-Co. cv ou

S-+ ,

.Bt6 sesapre=ed a .jift
mermen who's leaving the
Istmus in the near future.
The annual spring luncheon
will be April 23rd at the Hotel
Wathyngtv. Reservations may
l,11a ebycaftlbt Mrs. Arthur
Logan, A. Metinar, J. P. Meelian
Iorl at the Woman's
Clu not ter than Wednesday,
at a

llowing officers were
ub year:I
e tU Mrs.Wm Arthurt
fad Vicer Presideu%
F'TWI wLewis Recording

F s. Jo Pus;
lnbe nd MlIer'
6tM Vst rs.1
1 o of the proe
* W ftor Worn-
read., Mrs. Win. Grady
&CAoetht f qthe life
M, lre coAl.MrL. J.
in ream a letter address- g ut from -C.
ad 8ecrety

ig M. TCw

by Leroy Anderson, ."047 and
Sou"V' and "jealousie," acgm-
panied on the piano by ROtw
Accordion solos by Mis Tlma--
ra Leon: "Amord," "Hi LIU" sad
"La Cumparsita."
Mrt H. M. Grant was Chair-
inman of the tea which followed
the meeting. Mrs. E. A. Cox and
'Mrs. Demetrio Rusodimos presid-
ed at the tea table.
Canal Zone Department
of the ROA to H.ld Convention
The Canal Zone Department
of thefRperve Officers A4ssoCa-
tion will hold Its annul con-
vention this year at the brqok
Offleers Club on Saturday, April
1Uh commencing at 2 p.&r.
ccktail party and .buffet
will be hld at.fer con-

Istnmus are bfted to
attend this affair. The st will
be $1.50 per person or' 3 per
couple. An Informal club -dance
win llalso Dheld from P p.m. till
past midnight. .
For reservations call Major
Twomey at Clayton 4226; Lt.
Cmdr. Janasen at Navy 3083;
Capt. Oster at Balboa 3614: or
Lt.. De la Mater at Balboa 311.
BSurrer. In Hawaii Sujeeot
Of Medi al Aseoiation Film
The S_,Otb meein go the
Medical Ams itloiibf the Isth-
mian Zone' wl, 1eMld at
the Isthmiat Nurseiaiisalociati
meeting room, 3rd floor, Uain
kitchen building, orgasJiospl-
tal on Tuesday, April 19 at '1:00
AlP l 4laA wives are cor-
The 6foll0i0 films will be
shown ., *
tawailan People and the Evo-
lution of Surgery-in Hawaii. Pro-
duced bY The P1 .JAcfic Suri-
cal A datlom aSo'Sut
American Travelogue.
A buffet dinner preceded by
refresihmet will be served by a
caterer at 7:00 pVa. The regular
meeting and progpm will fol-
low. ."


TflIerrb, P xAon*'. *roup at
the Canal toe llee:. Club
will hold t r motit ofI
this year -Aprl.t at
7:30 p1n. Mimi thr .ne I. lark
wll be haute*- quarters.-
1-Uln .R0U9% pies Dab
Wa.s F, M-rg

501 -3 A
A" 4A have* '

-- I

U i5 5 a& -
,oman fUUlled her wihmorrowsh

Then her value o modesty reas-
iR.ed she merged late view a.

generation ran oand
went into raOWd dEns.
But that h-lmed & lO tin_
, ',. ', ,
however, Ib is the date P a
letter I have resolved, It's *'
m .obstetrIcal ar who read ty
ecentcolun Op bri feeding
f babies., i wits.!ea
tenon why.w .ltM h? rsmist
ursuinj infi' s their feeling
that paying .'tbsaty.' Over and
ever gan t vee, frankly -ex.
Prix,,ed t. is % = to me..
a' -" ~

Aourish tI of iabwes. .
SHis Id e Umpression would
be that the modern womans is
endowed with a bosom to sei
soft drinks, paper-backed novcl
Pad TV e pera. ,.
We pay a pee for this detach-
ment frm reality. I am sorry for
Rhe grlis who regard nursing ba-
bie as a "tty,." For we can't
separate "eeral eause and effect
like that. Tle 'giris who feet It's
"nasty" to nurse the baby born
as an effect of making love to
Lusbands-are bound to feel that
the love making Is -a little "nas-
ty" too.
43 I do rish they didn't have to
feel like that. I seems so follish
ta do the undertaker's job yer
to do the undertaker's job years
before it's time for our bodies
and us to' divorce each other.

L 'awob the con"idencj
#na r such as:
Sathat I have -
a man." Old-isehlnedt is that
sounds, there are still women who
talk like that. "
Refers t unmarried women as
"old maids," :appplly at is
tam tat isn't as much a
It used to be.
Low rate aen who lead
active lives outside their homes,
She talks attneug they are bound
to be neglecung their lome If they
have outside iterosts or a Job.
Calls Them 'Heu Parties"
Refers to parties given for and
by women at "hen parties." That
is a contemptuous term when com-
pared to "stag party," used for i
gstheing of men.


Man Still Hasn't Fouod Way 2

To Make Or Break -Storms
nEW YORs. April I' TP)-, engineering school and the O?-
Sclentisat. soef* aoy. t& -tbe flce oS NSya1 BSnaxLch. jotH- t
biggest clood~". tf pro ina t in aton a bt project w las-
history lor t st sflel by vy until today
during nine t15f'135 and Spar' oSid t nqUgative find,
15I4 without I.aa a t gle wings ha# o g eon local ef-
dent in the Jiator, 1wA.dis- fects of S u0d-seding. by per-
closed today; sons seeking to produce a limit-
Rainm akers- who bo. ided ed rainAtorm. The experim e n t
clouds with 300 tons of dry ice was designed only to study pus-
pellets and btrtage t 1 25ib0 le large-seale effects on the
pounds of iirr Iodide in r m weather, he said, and to decide
Florida to IMtsaachusetts con- once and for all whether storms
cluded man ba not yet found a can be smashed.
way to mak break or change a Twenty4ive university and Na- 1
storm In a ..I.. vy experts, participated in the n
Details of twe until now top- project-named after a type of I
secret "Project Bud" were dis- cloud- which took to the sky t
closed by Dr. JIrome Spar, a from January to April 1953, and 1
New York University meteorolo- December 1953 to April 1954.
gist. Spar directed the project,- During the first period,. crush-
conducted jointly by the NYU ed dry ce' pellets were dropped s
from three planes flying along f
parallel 1,000-mile tracks 1 00 4
f r iMnAI miles apart. Another plane e
IlM if URpnI ade a solo flight in the area
SWithout dropping dry ice. It's
ilnn- ft f HAml data was compared with that of
one ry s the other planes.
*i j-- ,, During the second period d,
Til pI[ sTf Sde planes qw up and down a 300-
,._^ -,1._L, oeh 1 t In the first per-
Oullek Disaster. voetOl Zone led, each plane care d 1,000
played host yesterid>i- to pounds of Ice. They each car-
I members .of the ft eTo- ried 2,5 nundtion the second.
unteer% sisterr control oranl- zn addlt ground generators
satioun a'ding regular sprayed silver Iodide into the
monthly 'M .M )a lft air from stations in Flo r Ida,.
Executive Counl held at the South Carolina North Carolina,
Oulick Officers Club. Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey
In the absence of Mrs. L C. and New York. ,
McOarr, President of the Coun- Weather stations on. the ground
icl, Mrs. N. A. Costello, Carib- double-checked the data.
bean Co-eajt member of the Spar said the sqientlits were
Distaff sello COtuneil, tondi.uc- out to test the theory that ,rU-
ed the Im etinp a presid5n4 fiscal cloud seeding could modi-
chIrmanp 4Col F. E. FavretU., y developing storms by increas-
GQuik Control point Comm Ing or decreasing their intensi-
er., welc med pacific side ty or by changing their, d 4ec-
cil meJnu Wq and 1gue3t in on.
half of Co LJ.;.. Dvia Ouick The strictly scletific answer
Zone-Commander and brs...,-L. he gave was: "No evidence of
Harllee, Oulick Zone W.. len any large-scale meteorollgl g a 1
and ePr 9t of Ouli0 k DhS_ effects due to seeding."
Zone ..
H: do the meeting wasI
the t e Notre Dame Club
vol Get-Togethrn

b ..P Listed M d y .

nf 'rol D ot embers of the A-F forces
Of r. CO .woehanaeIM iatedmN Ru i Da rn
Sletonhat themost~ar e iObsvedtIoerlctAt; ith

P -e Wr.illsam UPa r
tant leent in the ad u ....- g, ... .at.

r 4ecretnayeo Kruta extnth-
Sing of cholog a Dral first aidewas ctsrav 1 a
not extensive technical back- t'B ....

'atus aCityen.atl
ate, wers o Sr. IS"

ri!oE tiin A in r *r*Mm. aresh. -. -

S..a first S a who hav. attend a i theo
ifha tI ft le areinvited to cot either

*f ran, Usertw p
t Of o aid-

eata llu rigt"otherwise
t. do their Sr enotorCo l5lo P
40 ;ru -46 an .. 0-1-da.)
B. d e b aid 'a-i coflkpd in thei Afs-awr

d6,-fl e i i -Jl arec "eed k .n

........ .- .- -.+. -

Declares she wouldn't work for
a wom an because men are eitier
o work for. That'attitude O,' tbh
art of women Is a definite set.
jack to the woman who has the
ability to hold down an executive

Isn't "' respotible about doinj
he bet she e. ba her job be-
Cause she only intend to work un.'
hi she marries. That not only- holds
her back buitit gives her employer
the J .young womew
have te same ..tude,
Me, take grqat idoe 'l being
me. But wouw. rn talk an$
ct. as though they 4on't take any
pr ide at all n being women.

Beauty. Tips

A good shoe repairman, a real-
y good oner can end .a belt
nea y. But utat doesn't mean you
should buUe y'oursef a notch
fighter just # the fun of having
him do it.
Irve-and-taen biarains: Small
ilk scarves in wonderful pastels
or spring. A bright assortment
couid sive"'tUw rdbe .bhot in
the arm fot ptic a*ly nothing .

Nthint .-;|
brings-out theo &

of meats like


; y .. ...

Ti T T Iwy 1 RTo O
NiepT AITY-c"W ,LP,-IondS
!V Mfir wlr WI* :T.:Wah,
*C66 *pdl6r t. Now Yeri% AL L AX



Pasftr ,H. Boaby P- easti .
Nbrg l 14 ftmddst-101 0760-.4

I tve you. eeps ..W

The popular

attacked and eau

Sove W to a sew ,p
i, +meat.


.I (Fl

r,, *' "t :
Thley tew ,mde. t
oj cS;. .nn.
pleat"bras.. 19

Th' ewM have are very +atuied "
Weloan give immediate ixulJatio ,n


"J" t Nof,,t,(330) ToIt. 2-2l24931 j 2-
-.,Box-1890- Panan .'"r, ..
*' 1">' !-- ,. ^ t


S..-Hi ... --- --. -. ^H-

W A 4 4 ?
thic, coorU ww r ^
I .. ., ,./ -,,. .. "
I *". *y ; ^
''/JJ^ QK ***.-* ***4

flISL ..II~ieasi is,

~r1 *i F

U .r' .

Roax haircorbouip
will make everj vald'
idsletraNdAl. w wia
youGFer-looking eole

Oftrbutorjn O
Repoblle of Paiema
..t.e asl Zsnp

W 3-O V 0.



______* xt& *'.: -";"

* 'I **;* :


C ,



CompaAsa PnuameM
oentantly working to I

* *---.*

E- P rns y.~

a-". "- s

r t- "; -.
M.,+ ;'% tt
-.* >* '; -'?. "'1 i..


-.- j .. '.

SIit l- v.*pmn r
BLT l S+Tai+n. :

S 5 -
:-': '

-I f -,
fb I'*

. -.

-. .*' t*

. -. .
dm, 3%




_ __ ~

~ __ __

1. '

.- '. _. ".

, 1199L


I" V:' t '


,-; '


.-P-1* ,


*~' C4 -,- **i** Sf--

L*t flJEu~


..w.. .. ,f
iWs1r 0


.". ,,: .. : '

o: =" f- _.

-. --
-' .. ; "*'

* -I

r 2f2~w4r sr

-- S -

.^-. -'4.-...^
,..* .- *. -.- ,_ ;. ', ... -.* '
*;'/ v-(2P>;.4^ ^

; i.. ,., :*^^a +.IBB
( =. -. t,




45; .-,

___ U a

7 Street No. 13
41b of ,ly Ave. & J L.
Jnsts ArBpaunn Ar, pad ,n. St.

II3 La Canrasqulla
Central Ave. 4a
No 3 Lottery lam

fafs l JIly Ave.
Agenola Intornid. PubHcaciones


__ __________________ -- I

Ave, 11


A~: ./
1-~-j; .4., I,



- t p.m.-Adult. Pr,-Oe,
,*Tenagers. Iv eppintimenteonly.
i nsi ........ Balboe 2-4239
5 p.m......Pe.mmA 3-1640


14.28 4th of Jti'Ave.
Phone Panami 205652

We can help YOU with

Drs. A. and E. ORILI AC
(Palmer GraduatePI
iFare Avepum- Tel. 3-1398
i bioflI from Lux Theatre,

akers Shlopme Movers
2-2451 ,- 2-2562
:>rfi Rdug at
Juaicind closes delli
to 5 p.m. Phone 3-0279
v M

.,: 1,

FOR SALEj-Leaving for States.
Bargains In frimiture, rugs, Ko-
daslide projector and formal
dress Isie 9) likenew. 1530-A
Almond 1r0et. Balbeo. Phone
FOR SALE: -- Baby bed. play
pen, high chair 2 end tables. 2
eceasional tables, dining table,
couch, lamps. radio-phonograph,
washing mochde., deep frae c.
Appliances fto 60 cycle. Call
Albroak 4112.
FOR SALE.-Washing machine,
* efriteratlo 25 cy. Living room
t. '44 Chevrolet, new tires,
radio.-5141-A Diablo, TeL 2-
1733,.. ______
FOR SALE:-1 coach. 2 :hai,
1 corner table.. I.nd. table. 4
excellent condition,, 115.00.
2723-1. Nicober Cocll,
C. Z. ,
FOR SALE:-Wetinghouse re-
frigerator, seolent condition.
Call lb jt 7 after 5 p.m.
on wee aio 4ytifimo en week-
nods. .'"^ ? -^ ____

FOR SALi:-One bed. eprling
and mrltrde. $20.00. Telephone
2-2762. EBl.he.-,
*- 5 -- --- -----
FOR SALE.-.CeUlling all Pacific-
Atlnqys ldarBl Complete scra-
rewrop. Refinish your bambu
Rotten furniture. Low cost. Free
estlms44o,-on .2-5463. Pen-
ama, Lum Henry.
rFR S1.E.-25 cycle refrigreu-
t'*. All porcelain. P ho ne 2.

S slentiflr d- FOR SALE:-8 pc. maple living
6Ittey rod sclentiftle dr- room uii. 5I chrn. ditte"
*e dIqpvy, of aptioio- lampgifl bl e i
've!te capacity of 11. A ek. het -
disease without in- 5 t. -
tlh bnst it told by Dr.
kArahl-m Wak ran In R ALE- 30 llen
*Sitbe wih wi Lh -h b .wr h"tein goo cgond
ooxhw'IanM t'Rh EAR.0 T t Porres
.Bia4. N"4w f+-417.
Do "T,,.i

f. tDRol
who v
a- MNopl

uwaa, r
19Ver I
NO WiVth

FOR SALE:-1951 Morris Minor
4-door, good condition. Phone
3.-1183 office hours, after 3-
FOR SALE: I De Luxe 1950
Chevrolet four-door with radio,
good condition. 504 Ancon. 2-
Hillman, naw battery, excellent
tires. $425. Phone Curundu
5104 or 5106.
FOR SALE:-1949 Dodge /a
ton pick-up. Telephone Mr.
Foote 3-31618 working- hours.
36th'St. No. 67-A, downstairs.
FOR SALE:-1951 Buick Super
Convertible. W-S-W tires hy-
dromatic. now top. $800.00.-
Call Balboa 2-3305.
FOR SALE:-1951 Ford Con-
vertible. Radio and heater, over
drive, extras, 5800.00. Qtrs.
83B, Albrook. Phone 86-5108.
FOR SALE: Austin 4-door
wonderful condition. Leaving
.Panama. Sacrifice. Cash $450.
Mr. Osborne 3-1660.
FOR SALE:--Buick '52 Conver-
tible. Best looking car in Pan-
ama. Have to see it to appre-
ciate it. Make an offer. Phone

FOR SALE: -Buick Sedanette.
Super 1949, 2-door, dynaflow,
good condition. New-irse. Tel.
FOR SALE:-Ford '51 4-doer,
iad-condition, new paint, $750.
Panama 3-5708.
FOR SALE:-Clean '48 Buick,
S450.00. Radio and heater. Al.
brook 6291. .
FOR SALE:- 0S 6dsMollle
two-door Seda n, hydromatie,
29,000 miles, top condition, fac-
tory plastic interior may be fi-
npaced, $550.00. 50th St. No.
:40, Apt. 4, Panama 3-2144.
-FW 0AL:-195si &.in.e
4-door Ford. Reesonoble.-Bnl.
boa 2.3271.

FOR SALE:- 1947 Champion
Studebaker. Very _06d condi-
tion. New irds and Attoery. Duty
paid $400.00. Phione Curundu
7271. 1

FOR SAL. -- Iful block
4-door Sidna StLe k 1950.


BOX 303 ANON, k,

EL TRI .,,, Central Ave. 70.
First Communion dresses, abs" :
veils, rosrie, flowne, ribboes,
cards etc. Phone Panama 2"

FOR SALES Boxer puppies.
First and "B" St., Parque Lefoe
vre. Tel. 3-2410.
FOR SALEt Upright piano.
Sr iln. Critobal Connell. Pian
tuner. Tel. 2-5198. Panama.
FOR SALE:--lBarinl Compl -
Mst of Lionel electric trains, al-
most now: 3 engines, poasnger
and cargo cars, switches sd
man working accessories.. Only
$175. Agencies Panomericans,
Seled bids for opening In pub.
lic, will be received until 10:30
a.m.. April 21, 1955. in the of-
fice of Superintendent of Store-
houses, Balboa., for 4 draft-type
mules. Those mules are about
8 years of age and approximate-
ly 15 to 16 hands high. They
may be inspected by contacting -
Dr. Paul R. Dowell, Mindi Dairy
Farm. telephone 3-1912. Invite-.
tion No. 165 may be obtained
ea'the above source, or from of-
fice of Superintendent of Store-
houses, Balboa, telephone 2-
FOR SALE:-Ducks. All sises.
Ave. Ernesto Perque Lefevre
32 House.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-Biat 14-ft. run-
about, with lShp E mvlmud-ood
trailer. good d nditlon.M Reason-
S.ble. Plane h 4 .9

FOR SALE:--Aun. sailboat 24
ft. Fully equipped. Cell 2-3481.

FOR SALE 5i hp. Kennemath Ma-
rine engine with reverse gear.
Starter and genratoer. 5345-A,
Diable. Phone 2-1478.

FOR SALE:- -30 feat sloop
"Madcap" No. 2803. Galley.
head 2aV bunks, Gray engine.


o. w un: i i- AL ,eJ $975.00. House 2256-8. Bal- .. At Balboa Yacht Club, or call
[endall; Sig DbUV W blinds,'
as' boo. Phone 2-4474. Albrook 2203.

the p World in-a
Mo.l._an G0dfrey Fires Mary Marlowe,
Tnd of Chl- wick.
Life witb' the or_69
osn: Bistory of p deven-
rations in Wcrld Mari;045D As TV Rating Drops
tie WMaie, Den- a
.-And the Lady. Si NEW YORK, April 16 (UP)- "Talent Scouts,' Goldfrey's
Di Waltirt: In- Arthur Godfrey flied six of his Monday night show, was ranked
and the Killersn- FOnew top performers and three writ- second by ARB in March 1953,
nand the Killers, hou ll ia ing era today in a saprise shakeup but had fallen out of the top 25
Stabl for of the cast of hiU radio and TV TV shows In March 1955.
Ce4 5 m 05. shows. "The boys don't feel bad," a
,..y StngeerMarion Marlowe, Ha- spokesman for the Mari n e rs
r 1 duble wSlian Vocals aloke, lo a said. "They were psat Of the o-
bW i.,drardngt Godfrey favorite aridthe i- rfinal Godfrey gang. i helped
NToA m Il ai kers, a quartet hat Joined the make them famoui ~-aey feel
tabmi 'l i.. Godfrey show i l, aU jot if the show's rati t.e been
201z the axs. slipping it's rigt- fgodfrey to
The writers Charls Horn-do something 0 fit"t,*.
"l Preston U Ale andi Charis Both Miss nMiAenid the
V, '; or JWum., Mariners have be.tsiPlearlng in
The forma'r "ptie Godfreys1' night clubs throughout the coun-
S a d they wvW. lked and tht 'try for me aw t ,.
the firings came as a complex Immediately ollwn d-
l frey's announcement O Mar-
Ssa Marlw wvs-p t and lowe was signed .ft.six perform-
S Play .saftd: t%-di Cristobal friends said "tWney ntTv ,had ances on the Ed Sullivan show
TMC -U O seen anyone wo, shaken cu." at $;,000 each. lBs already had
Godre the ptfbrm- a contract to appear with BullW-
ek sand writers to his van on April 24.
a onfml-a team, rat er office at nook yesterday after Sullivan also was the first to
44 &un neat s8a ason his show went off the air. sign Julius LaRosa after the
l eague ta was the Miss Marlowe oaid he told baritone was fired by Godfrey
League competition of the the performers and writers they more than a year ago for "lack
.M. were fired, "then he asked If of humility."
we ha.S neetoS." h"It's nothing personal against
r ). f1t game of the eve- "Non1e14aIi did, and he said Godfrey," Sulvan sai d. "If
nng, t Davis and Harbor De- Goodby," she maid. they'd fire him I'd try to sign
ense within tto wa' "I wll o't patd. weat to him up too."
S2 t1 r during'%h entire ,arry' %dfe. arry-Puack, Miss Meantime, a .further compll-
fl first 1ha The half ending 19- Marlowe's fiance and producer cation developed among the "Lit-
1 t Pt F av. of another Godfrey 'pro gram tle Godfreys" who remain. The
Nm h \d" hf he and' I 1mftad 'to ery, newest member of the ca s t,
-te half, however, "*Is- to be pretty hor- Carmel Quinn, 25-year-oll Dub-
S steadily ribl W a xA m rday mornt ,g in singer who joined Godfrey
ahedpi aAsway by a coes ntmnd and I have no last October, disclosed to the
re 11L Yarb g h tlad job-to go to-"-. public she is married and the
i seet nmen for 41ftfrey4 announced rea son mother of a 10-mpnth-old
r1arwi :w scored waA "e Interests daugther.
rO, lotal og were o0 4wuamhl." But he Her husbad'and man a g e r
ST yanpuscuceent is- William, 37, said, "We thought
s- tied thni. Columbia the fans would like her better
TPS., Wa matched a ddtBf that he single.",
oin f natty E co about the Miss Quinn said Godfrey had
n f redc of the % shows known she was married since
rst. fs* < Chief- as Mt nradlo-TV she was hired. A spokesman at
B- ll Navy poa. Godfrey's office said the TV
W6and the ? lig el n pro 8 knew his Irish singer was
.p sIt can a wife and mother and "was
P dr- ha&py about AL-

8- tton 4R- "'41a
-el9tm-RF0 1 0



.. Apartmentr-

.ATTENTION 6.1.1 Jou
2 a no. h er, Wt-IR..
SPhone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished ead ea-.
fumished 2 aend 4-room u0e.
artments. Cotct ALHAt
Phone 1386 Colon.
FR RENT:-Completl 'r-
mtished fully screened iot
moom apartment In Bell Vlipt
*qun bedroom air-con l 2
aths,. garage, maid's ro r tw
rae. Available for thrm .i0efh6
from May 12th. For oipli.tme
qall 34992 during d t"' rw
5;30 and Sat.-Sun. 3-07 .,
FOR RENT r-Reidential p-"
ment 2 bedrooms. l2;,dttu,,.
holl, siting and di"lig mwi"
maeld's quarters. Prices. ,
SPhone 3-0351. 46th Stfreet I.
FI. AtENT:-Furnishemad 1-.4
pleddent oprtment, m .Mif-
cert house, nice neigb l,'
65 dollars. Via Porraes 114, :1
FOR RENT: 2 bedroom*i*pegt.
meat living-dining room, eensm-
4d $69.00, or partly funoilhed
$25.00..eliseario Perras No. 54.
uy. apartment No. 8. Phome 2.
3316. 3-0234.
FOR RENT:-2 bedroom apart-
*nt in "El Cangreio." raeetly
bult house, very cool and spa-
Cloau, hot water, maid's ream,
groge. Telephone 2-1458.
FOR RENT:-Modemrn tw-bed-
room apartment In Biel Vista,
Sist Street No. 42. CaN Zuble-
to, phone 3-3336.
FOR RENT: Modern apart-
meat with or without furniture
In Letevre Ave. No. 14. Refer-
ence Phone 3-5673,
FOR RINTe-Furnshed apart-
mnat two be6drIm, living room
k"than, bet, ell mooned, tile
Ioorm. Aloschop or storage moom
with 3 drive in doors, bahersn
*Il window., 11.600 eu*e. foot
i. eq ace. .. es.A No. p
4t July. Ave. lmuiM or. Jaml-
tar at No. 61 r sell Hokins,
Balboa 2966.
FOR MMNTfas-UmrnMt aput-
ment, 2 bdrooms, maid'sIem.,
garage, mear "El Panama" He-.
tel, Gerrde Orfgo St. Ne. 4,,
Apt. 4. Tel. 3.4640.

FOR RNT:-i One or two bed-
room furnished apartment. Cen.
tricl. good neighborhood. Beam--
tiful view. Cool and quiet. Tel-
e phone 3-02 16 3-0811.
FOR REtN4,-Frmished peart-
meant inlulBg refrigerator.
porch, perld-dlaiig-room, kltch-
an, .bedroom, garage, $55.00.
Inquire 112 Y'o ielisare Perne

- WILLIAMV .a, td *al
Cotages s r4*ubi cgir-
tin, 2-bedrearo,,eMj Plee
3050. '.. .
Sremlch's hSau. sid Sluch
Cottages. Modert llqligp,
moderate rats. Phmq..mbe
6.441. : t.
PHILLIPS Oewi, ttal \
'1:.0ro Clar. 4-leI4e.'
Mhone Panama l84Ii Qrtee-
bel 3-1673. .:

Real ~e

FOR SALIt-Hottb'l e Aba-
'o. facing Rlwlo- Ifet. ei
station. NHoue:Nt 2173; or
information phokm S,458 L

FOR SALE:-Monealenlt at
Compans. 5,3481 qu*) meter
at 2,700 feet ateo O, easy
access by aUl-wmtAr "ed.
$1,000. TeL.2 '. lM .
FOR .SALE:-.-Lot Coronado
Beach. 2,000 squaen meters Va
mile from beach. $500.00. Tel.
Year-round vacation. cottraes,
Arraijan, 15 minutesmfrm Zone,
with river swimmi hoWIe. light.
water. 5$,500, .$5,00 and
$8,500. On l, $,000 down.
PATTERSON, Panama 2-2346
or s-1001,
FOR SALE: $1,950 total price,
nice concrete house. two bed-
roams, water. light. Chorrera.
PATTERSON, Panaem 2-2346.
FOR SALE:-Retire In Chorre-
rae stucco chalet, three ha d-
rooms, Ifgh, water, 2100 me-
ere, $6,500 only, $2,000 down.
PATTERSON, Panama 2-2346
or 3-1001.

PFt SALE-Retireiount home-
buch awgpe funmbed. ga

HueM 2256-; Badlboa. Phem

FOR SALE:--Let 21-15 and
21.14, 1402 e. mtenrs, 5th
., Lefeveo Park. Telephone
BILDIN, Balboa 3271 between
6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

FOR SALE:-- Se Jose, CeaC
Rica's bet *smll hotel. Escellot
clientele. Owner wishes to rlre
due to HllMs. Write t Mm.
Hwper, "'ola Inn."

No. 1,

'p f .Club 1Wi Bt el
A ona g

Hl&B^'fb .j5@ t

-. ;'
lj -' '

FOR RiNT1s M*. o
Martin Avnue 1hi, 6i-i.
eooms. Hving sWee uMu
kirtchn. e i ro (mK.Isjr
ground floor. :.
FOR RENTi-a- -k one,
. brem. Iyviw.dlmla.Ji
kIltchen. Moderate mati..
Joc ed Son Mar#S'Cjjm
6. Aownstai. '

dJace In Bells Vbia T eS-
room, meaid'i room eesi etc.

FOR RENT:-2 O thoe,
maids room with bathroom,
garage, very cool. PoltiH l1d,
No. 59. Tel. 2-241,.



billto 0ddr af the goWt a
afrmn That's material they buy outside and doesn't Is#L
eed, seed, etc., This is orore t. o_,ewaf much as they.
SpMnt annually for Ich goo&d od eMrvlw In .1935-89. Pric,
lcrem account fir about tihe ots.eMW 2 e MM xpndlw-
turs, accordl" o thae qiN 9 A.r.cuItts..

u n -. .4 ': 4. j' ,.
.. *. -' -
..* ~^ ^ ff ""^ -.. .B. .- -.--... .. .

. ; Pm. Aa(*S


-- .. 4 .- .
'.< '*.-'-:-? .;


bAt V1


k *,1*,

i. *.

'A* .u




_ _~i _

- --





-. *


S ., ..'- .,.;". .'+ ..-...... _... ..._+. ..:.-__ .. +. v y -n .; S., .a ., .:.- .

.. -. .
'44 .r b-,- F ... 'C, .. '. .. ..+ .-.+ -

* :y'~7. ~F- 44, ..~.
- 4 **~1

V. ~ tiflna afl~4~2Ta. ~fl


- -* T~)$"~ -
.; .-Lr.
2X..4 &A~~F~
-Ft .-.,.,J'..


* .u y *' rrWrt OM*
*11 n "f'*'a&*i^. ''

, 0t3x 0. -

*' +- 1 "" *' -

" .;wft 1I

.-. : W.


". '-_+.- .. S4; -. .,- ja, *;"' --'
0 i A :-;
plWWlw V -S
,.; :,+,., Az

_ .i j ic. ,3 *' '

2.*. -.

.T ... .

s a...8M.-..M

gkj ,'i
x' Y-,p E z '

*" l A uSOCORRO"
MipNX 610ow 11:00 P.M.

-* ,irl IKEYSTO _.

with AMOM and COSTELLo

Chapters 4-6

F'- oMh 'Bi"
Add -Another PJctura 1

1withi !,rleworPfr:
" ro nov
..ra +mal ,.

BiOf GMboo
L. i... s 'U :"'

. l% l
,.. ,

Sco fiN
*- -- *'r


In 36h Year

V W, W .. r y. a A t Jbt' o& t e

mS p 17.19 a 9,.adt od-4t end w t'tsempllmhed
"~yor "Se h e e- l besjo ggg* go "nji p said equal eo-ownets Weest WWBiost at once-*r -feKasa or
^ .%--t MOSSSS-P"S i Pickford Charles CAhaplin ug- a pictures thet I, reiane o
k-. r .bra r? It" *alrbaaks and D. W. SM- about to be t t& b W 1Y flgle
iJ. '%ooLibr r' faith. Lion Classicsle, 6., w was
gPa-sabon, who ha always been The guiding principle the ,fe outmo S
.tS.iR be an ardent an porter @f new eon ay, a et ime, three wms ie ired prom
tIlo~. alsobtake UotuUng united. the CaCl EZoe the arthleas of Inoro various sources 0Re Ran Al
S.. plans Atop l=a. lat a otae were "to improve the The Way," "Pablol" and Cyra-
egif r brfes rvices April 25 along with Is tamil. Industry n ts aond-de Bergale" well
r be held tmorw begin- Miss Egla Gooden, counclnjido and the methods of mar- or a naond ltSte Is an
Switch morning prayer at president, req toe a _s that tllkting otoplays," d o n on r t ve
S nmber- be present at organization winch,yfor twelve
30. mombors- e present at t ,p.m. ep .opays In Me t months prevlotlay ; hal'nof re-
*' -" ". of the artists who cre0 rb a lessed a single Oh' h n
STh.b. mt picture to h e Tew nglep an-
SEOIVIN a' YOVR s C *'released through Unt- lrg the flrt e t%9e 1 41-n t
SHi O ING Ae T E cE a7tArtlets"wast i %pr: to,.e
ru1AT $HTODAY ba is M' Maajesty Ah e l -.-
@- .... ...c The world pre.m.ieree odaton andrtla s -
St:i# g oA a l o October24, 119 3 attiewire
,Catol Theater I n ew-york. n t an'O pk
S. ... seevent had a .. sdouble-& rEf o e=CoIi..a etoin.asq t eom
n A ... f .t also. marked te ebit whose "The Afar an Queen,"
S, : Broaw 's newest and at 'starhinj p um y Bogart and
palaf. enormous h-maket ad
S-,,,."His. Majesty the American. won seval Asateml awards.

.l. 4 *a5 .t Griffith n "Broken Blo. som the first of the o-D films.
.i. ng ose let Also portable

Which starred L .ullan .n On Feb. 28, 965 It was en-
a Snw ajlery named Rich u rd S Benamin
..L. .. B .V Air-l.*OINii f' Barthel e chaplin cntribut-'. ..- a t
A LA 5 405 6 8:40 ed his first pictureto
s: 0 In12:"on ,nof -rUnisd At had aDi ed
-" "' .'J .. .............. "w 0 ar pa ,mrom Hal r nt in-
M4,mus r wTECHNICOLOR i whch he wro, prooducsd anl terestin the. corporaton.
S, ,'_, +-+-r- M .directed, but in wch he did n tMleavs ias the sole Wapck-
1at 1Uimis SiW l ll appear. holders of the company. Miss
R, o. ----- Wll.... ..., ... ........ l M a ry Pickford, who owns 33 1-3
A YLo. od'* -foremost diretorspe cent of3bemalnig stock,
i*3* t'"m ,,00i U I United Artist roster. Amng Joth. w,. ,meagagment
Of United. Artists pcures were "'-' ownstia a!
." e ircus"- aad, "City.. United Artista "Is- represented

,-.. man's "Bulld Drummond." who" rasen,. y F-aged r.,
"Whoo ( Capee"(dieCanor), a7linat as manager
v." -I .. .' ;" "Abrahamt Lincoln" (Wlter ..
I ....Ruson).o "Roll's Angel" (J..ea.
i." ,+ T'f iHallow's firMs movie of 0one4-A
iw ne ouncee, '1he oront Pap" and
S. "carface." C.E-0 t A,_
^-B -F .In I M Daidn. o *ae 0.60 TODAY! 0.30

R --21 I
as isui

mm joined as a producer, brighizqg
$IN into the fold in the next few
I" years sueh pletures as "A Star sla
w Born," "The Prisoner of Zend#"
* | and "Nothiig' Sacred."
Kords was the next producer
to 0. elected to-ownership. This
,, took lae on June 5. 1935, and
marked the first investment of
IBritish capital in aii American
*I At this lowe bb in the for-
tunes of United Artfsts, a
group of, ypl Industry exec-
Suthe wnfde rpemtastioa to
Min mte fd and Chapiln for
n Auam tof amemspany.
-1 On Lap *WW MAW pISwiwuAJ


management control passed
into thebr hads.
The new group was constitute.
ed a follows: Arthur B. Krim.
Robert s. Bsjamin, Matthew
ox, Wiliam J. Helneman, Max
E. Toungean, Arnold Picker
and eynor Peyser. These men
were taking over in the midst
of an industry-wide climate of
uncertainty, confusion and ex-
treme pephInalm a company
which had been staggering [or
five yO wihse prestige and
glory was all. In th- past.
The new team tackled thefirst
prdbem first the acqusiatlt

Pan Amrkui fNit

I, Record SPeads
Pan Amerton hatl set more
1Peed records than any other
U10. aLWine, doinestke or interna-
tional, according o figures just
eased the r Transport
Based on-reprwtrmade by ATA
member alrl.eV, Pan American
nDw hogl 1 t of the 417 Inter-
national s_ 4 qogrds iet by



fjfHII111 --
WSfP I- *
asu U




ChWs e Rotary Club

SurA. hLh BWca Names Winners

Epicop Church Of Essay Contest
T -rw te fs S y CrIatobal-Colon Rotarlans met:
.Tou .t..firs~t 8unday ,Thursday at te Strangers Club
after Easter, will be .the mon-with the program in honor of
Sc..iLieW_.charist at St. ;Pn-American Day. Members o0
star's _ob i^n L & SDo c at:the Rotary-sponsored Oristbal'
when comiiautantp a p pils of High School "21" Club were
the church asopi will make a. Present as guests.I
corporate communion.
c--rpr ?. cn Each year an essay contest is
The celebration takes place held among the members cd the!
at 10 a.m., following the regular "21" Club. Each member of the'
7 o'clock choral Eucharist. The club chooses ofe Central or'
Rev. John -Spear, priest In South American country upon
chare, will officiate and deli- which he writes his essay. Win-
ver addresses on both o cca- ners this year"were: first prize,
Son. n a wrist watch won by Barry DR-,
There will also be evenso n gvison on his essay on Panam-'
and sermon at 7:30.T.
second prize, a wriat watch "on
After shortened evensong last by Tony Noboa whose essay was
SurLday. ifht.the choir superbly on Chile; third prize, a pen and
rendered ; if. Maunder's can- pencil set won by Andrew Bieak-
ctar itt, Karl v. IHa r ley for his essay on Hondoias.
Edmund Morris, Mrs. Miriam ________
Riney aid WMis Myrtle Green, .
choristers, featured as soloists. mit gardens next a turd a y.
Guest sololati were GranvI 1e Chartered busesmwill leave the
Davi, Jr., Franklin Reece. Her-
man Bayne and Arthur Riney. Limited accommodations are
.. .. Available to parents and friends
C hureh sfchol Oung who wish to accompany the
An outinh- for the e h u r r h school; but tran s p r t a t o.n i

school wil take' place at Sum-

should be reserved early.

*l! i.- *

a m .

o~ wswatpb




J .. P 1 .7 .f-

a; 'r't4wy i.~





nd Hollywood
will never be
.j9 theo m l


1, This giant seventy-ton pile driver
was used to ltet the strength of
Goodyear's new Triple Tempered
Nylod Cord.

*BRAS- Alm

poe'. a

sea 'i.

2e Thr time thiam draw dmwm
with 15,000 ft-pouads of entry 3. The tire wu caresfly emalained lide a d
per blow. Our tire was still inflated out after it was separated from its cutshed
but the steel wheel buckled, wheel. Nt one broke cord was found. -



()rN the outside, the new All-Nylon
Cord Tubeles Super-qushion looks
like a conventional tire but inside
revolutionary structural differences
mxae it able to outperform any other
passenger-car tire.
What makes thisposible? It's Good-
year's exclusive 3-T Nylon cord the
miraclee fabric that. made this new tire's
famous predecessor tough enough to
take the crumpling blows of a piledriver.
S.T cord is chemically treated and

1 #
S- ..
u.r : .... -

processed in gigantic machine under
precise Time, Tension and Temperature
control. Result: The wurld's strokes
tire cord! Comb with special rub-
ber compoundsZ ai Goodyears exchl-
sive Grip-Seal Constructon, 3-T Cord
makes a tire body campbtey esistait
to the passage fair, -
he sure the Tubeless Tres YOU buy
have the miracle strength of Triple
Tempered Nylon. Cord-, and that
means Goodyear. See :w oodyr
deal oon.

US Woo ttov mom ps. w




- W.

LtU ,W


"'4 I i.-"I


"H-ey. Pop! I o .m." .dt ang.d


; .. ... i is *' : **". *' ..'.* ,. .-'t .*,
*,? '-.** P 'f '.*. *'."i "~ "* "f 1

.krifl ".. I--

Aw R p, --- -- .... -


. '- *

P al .




~ _


* .
*'"-.- "f
:.* V --,^ .





__ _

- j..
--A '~

.P-. J- A .- iz '
mz PAAM A.. uBIu. .. .-

HS-tar Ienefit

9a c Twiea&etrs,

rhied Forces Stars

To Aid Boys State

"Chunky Jose Rosario, a two-time service all-
ojar, will open for the Panama Armed Forces aces
- tonight when they meet the Pacific Twilight
league'ss honor men in the opener of a three-game
benefit series.
,. ,nm ia in-alriwht fielder Johnny Angelus Of

S gosrano, who cumpcuI a "
,relortd for yort Kolbe's Lifein-_
enduring the regular MAAF
ue season, will go the first
n innings for the servicemen,
*ceording to manager Howard
SBcade of special Troops. who
Pilot the armed, fotetM play-
r aen schade is pleaDing to
chnge all but one of jia mem-
S bet of his opening Ultp wits
DItk Scott, Army A lntic
takeout artist, taking over on
s tab.
the raf onsboed by the
SAaefcaa Iern, will be held
; ftadight, neA Wed nesay a d a.
Sfrom Saturday at Balboa
S m. AII Uames will begin
roc eeds from the games will
S toward sposoring the Canal
SBoy State and sending
y abuts from the leadership
w.Washlngton, D.C., and
Ss are set at so cents
e service stars have been
out at Fort Amador for
weeks. Monday they beat
Losey, Caribbean Com-
chateoiAn 5-3. In a tune-
S test at rt Clayton. An

Troops; left fielder Andy Cruss
of Fort Clayton; second base-.
man arnie Lennon of Fort Kob-
be; center fielder Nick Meholic
of Albrook; and southpaw Scott
on the mound.
Other members of the team
Include pitchers Steve Kislo of
Albropk,,Dave King of Fort Clay-
ton ad Joe Meyers of Troops.
.eC30 Fields, coach of Spe-
cSl xA during its champion-
ship lsuaso, is assisting Schade,
The probable starting for the
pacific Twilight League All-
stars follows:
Jerry Halman, as
Larry Jones, ct
Eddie Napoleon, If
Manny Mora, Ib
Jack McGlade, 3b
G. Horbelt, rf
Bill MoKeown. 2b
Egon Telghert, e
Ed girehmeler, p
It was also disclosed that the
1955 pacific Twilight League
championship trophy will be
presented to Lucky Strike man-
ager ,Don. Bowen before the

On The Alleys...

,* --"7.. "";. .
4.-'_ .

*.....~-- 'it. *-~ ~.~gwr'pu
-, A I
2. .
a.A ~'.



__ ir-i; ,l* ;

7* "4.,


ALL-STAR SERVICE TEAM Stars from the Panama Armed forces League, shown lere, -col
lide with the all-star team from the Pacific Twilight League in a three-game benefit series be-
ginning Saturday night at Balboa Stadium. Manager Howard Schade (standing, left). of the
service stars indicates he will-start with Fort Kobbe's Jose Rouftriin the opener. ProcSiftawill.
go toward sponsoring the Canal Zone Bots State at Fort oalltk in July and sending .two otf th
boys to Washington, D.C., later. The series, which will continue the following Wed sday.and
Saturday nights, is being sponsored by the American Legion.- The service stars follow: fout
row, left to right, third baseman Mikes Rivera, Lpitcher Jo*Meyers, outfielder John AnWgtWAl
outfielder Bob Mayer, all of champion Special Troops: and outfldider Angelo Ouidde of Coc.
Solo Navy. Second row: Outfielder Nick Meholic, pitcher Stfve luilo, and shortstop Doa John-
son, all of Albrook Air Force Base ,n oopd baseman Lea Lupetjn, pitcher Dave King, -cat-
er John Burnett, and outfielder Ad-lGrlss Mi1, of Fort OIaton. ,Back row: pitcher Riaio
third baseman Claude Wheeler,. fift baseman Bill Wood, aOtflelder Lloyd Wilcox, ;shertop-
Francisco Mares-Santiago, and see Wol.bleeman Ernie rLenuOW all of Fort Kobbe; piOptce Dick
Scott and catcher Bill Dully, botl.AM-Atlantlc. N6ot r .ed is catcher Hierb Beetrt of
Albrook. Coach Geo. Fields standA'.,thq 'l Pt..L. g (U.S. Ar lote by Sg- George CaesupbqeU)

Plummer, Chocolae Ready



--sday's practice session wooDCUCSW M IX" o or
efthanded ujuggers feature a LEAGUE
o eleed- Srvice lineup, in- On the final night of the Pa-
g avy Coco Solo's Angelo cile Cosmopolitan Mixed F
o,g wvhp was runnerup In League, the Woodchucks came Former Isthmian feat her-
PAP batin with .338; with a two game win over the weight champion Federico Plum-
Wood of Fort Kobbe; thob- t Rods, while the Termitesmer today said he was ready to
Lesi Wilcox,h who was third dropped 3 points to the Buck- tackle Cuba's Chocolate Villa-
e wat chase with .324; and he Bearcats tok a two- clareflo n tomorrow night's fea-
ial Troops' Bob Mayer, who point win from the Holicats ured 138-pound ten-round bout
.321 a d batted in 27 whIch put them i a te with the Colon Arena. Plummer is
a $0-te schedule. ,th t for -s hem, ond spoth substituting for Joltin Joe
e ind ed he wh quite The"Woodhuckhappy rollers Brown of New Orleans who is
with his team's power are Buster Burigoon, M e ar- unable to fight because of an
thevwill be shooting at v, Ka" Filebark, ^oe Filebark ear Infection.
tfleld fence at Bal- Bud Baler, anchorman Brown returned from his
hometown Wednesday night
.4 clouted a lopg, two-run The team standings: with a doctor's certificate
4 .% aicel Won Lout showing that he will be forced
e .Aft6 352 ,to postpone all engagemeats
jl I rt ..:-4 -3 for at least ten days because
rresn eorla con- 2nd Bearcats ........ 48 36 of his aliment.
4th apt Rods ....... 4 O40,-
.4 r taethtWbe men's pro- 5th uckeyes ........ 4 41 :
*anle aartinow: 6 Oth Lucky Five ..3.. 0 45 -
nson of 7th Psters ....... 49
YI eam bsnaw. 1... '..: 3- A.
der O uid; first base- Hib team 3 games-Wood-
S; field? WHex; ohu14,063 .o
r aema SoIS LurlIt -'g *h -tomI- Hl i Lucky
Se folay : enter flel4 .Or I
ee o r Hb eetleOf' Meo high Ind. 3 games -Bob
r e or B Ol ify of Army Waggner 696.8, lo -- -
As NtCiL and pitcher. Rosarib. Me d 1 game r-
SAfter he sart of the fifth in- ry .
S iae d he woulld In- haa.r pd. 3 gnes
af it thr folexwin g men: sh..ort- M ag er wh unoru-
S F seo Mares--Santiago W Ind. 1 game -
obbe; third baseman laM n h e d
.:9. d "neeler of Fort Kobbe; Top averages go to Bill Coffey
Joe ebark 152.
SES Ted fShmidt 182.
l, WOSfA5nI KhY Fug |.
TSYAL UN CLUB NOTES Reg Schmldt 159.
Madge cks. 154.
Only ue s ter showed ,up at Lil Ounn 1. -
61 116nge last Wedne- Marge Haro.W'184.
M afterno expressing a de- Bud Balcer who unfortunate- --
to prace Trap. All the ly did not have the required
& wan to shoot skeet. so number of games In the league. '
| n Windy eU.ers broke 49 out Came out w2 Ilg200 average
3 .trnte at 16-yard trap, and a R7241T .Bud, who had
1iHU p egtl fellows had .thsir a total o0M gases in the league Pi
lfa the skeet rahe, needed 5 ibtudahfy forin tdlvO- promoter 2m6t Martin eon
d Iy ma it known that he ua prizes. tact"d Plumnie uo'deric
Shisto kip hi eagle-eye in A meet was held last d him that he was in goo(
for tI trap-shoot at the Wednesday lght to collect the iape, and to if. thb
Clu next Sundaj He winnings -f., plans o r terms wef-rMn
"I' lue~want to be able to the next tft 0eer plunmer.'4 K oSK .n
itZ them ttle competition ofthelii N-elected editions a no
J I dot win, I Intd to with the of treagsarer qtre a ta ] S ,.,
k4 m7 that I wil there." Muriel who did a Yesterday-A.s-,n
,Mark the shooting star 1ie Job will not be Commisson ap
6 u54 Hazel, statnehed at bwling so Marge prowl to isbic]
tlo, ile his 'first, faTr- Hiks wasM to reDlace her. will get under Itw-
at e 3 B ,s gtThe n Will be Aug. Chocolate u- %i work
aststefet.r w( .: All new fi who are In- oats t i
an&i-II[li tmeheWol. erreuted In' -I e should an I'w i
Wednesday, 'when contact Waggoner, cond A n re
tnt arnWtn made/Tel"-d. -nt -
soores for Wedeas- a

4' -~tun" wh

zw^^r***.,. IS

...) ..........
o0) .......... i
.........*...-.. dl

; -


- .

an I-


rrow's Colon Bout
I -

Teams W
Brooklyn .... 3
Chloago ....h 8
Philaelphia 2.
tlwaukee .. 1
Pittsburgh .. 0
Cincnnati .. 0
New York ... 0

L Pet. GB
0 1.000 I
0 1.000 I
0 1.000 %
1 .600 1% l
1 .500 1%-1
2 .000 2%]
3 .000 3
3 .000 3

#l.a4ma at.lew York
Milwfauee at Cincinhati
Chicago at St. Louis
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh

Brooklyn 100031010-6 11 0
New York 000 100 002-3 6 1
Sioe :(1-0) and Campanella.
Umam (0-1), Spencer, McCall,
Oft u d Westrum Grasso.
Phlldelphia. at Pittburgh
Postponed (Wet grounds and

Only games scheduled.

JOSE ROSABIO, two-seson
all-star selection from the Pan-
ama Area Armed ForeW League
will open on ti 'm3uA0 for thie
service stars tg 4bt l Balboa
Stadium when ,tbe meet the
Pacific TwilightL agU stars i9n
the opening of thAee-game so-
ries for tne benefit of the Canal
Zn e Boys Satei Rosarit, he
ptrled Fort KOb0 to the area
and Caribbeanm .cpiind titles
in 1954, compIled atlar 10-3
record this seisOf .spardkhbl
the Lifeliners to secondd place in
the PAAF Leagu. Manager
Howard schade, who pilot
Special TrOOpS .o the 'W ti-
tle, said he would ie Rosaric
for the first five Inings in the
opener and, thbn come In with
southpaw Dic]; Scott of Army
Atlantic, who set a reco td total
for strikeouts in a single game-
19. (U. S..Army photo by Sgt
George Campbell)




I- -- For the second straight game,
-*" the Conejos jumped on orldo
AMERICAN LEAGUE f Nfadea and handed the Ocelots
Tqams W L Petp a dfeat by the score of 7 W 5.
Cleveland ... 3 1.000 With the tying run on second
leveland ... 3 0 1.000 base and none out in the bottom
Bostonr .... 2 1 .7 1of the seventh inning, Lem
Nev York ... 2 1 .667 '1 Kirkland struck out the neat,
1 .a50- i :s.s a bakers to sew up thaW
Kansas City 1 2 .333 2
petroit ...... 1 S2coing a single marker in the
Baltimore ... 0 2 .000 2 second inning and adding three
TODAv---" *.. more in the top of thefifth, the
TODAY'S GAMES Coneos looked like they were
Cleveland at Chicago going to walk in, but Bruee
Baltimore at Boston Bateman came to bat in the
New York at Washington bottom of the fifth with the.bas-
Kansas City at Detroit es loaded and drove Charley
--na- Chase back to the wall where he
EUTERDA'rS RSULTS ot his hands on the ball but
rCleveland 001 020 130-7 11 dropped it, permitting three
Detroit 1100000103 7 1 runs' to score. Had he held that
Score (1-0) and Foiles. ball it would have been the out-
Lary (0-1), Schultz, Black, standing catch of the season
S---- | The Conejos then began to get
New York 300 010 200-6 9 0 some insurance runs, and when
Boston 100 100 020--4 5 0 the smoke had cleared away, had
Turley (1-0) and Berra. added three more runs to their
Brewer (0-1), BSu.e and White. total. and figured to hold the
Only me eduled. Ocelots at bay.
Only games scheduled.

Always threatening, the Oce-
Debutalot one runo in
He ,rb ore theen,. before Lem pu ou$

Pronounced Success ohnny Engelke andBrce
St n were the batting stars
o_ ifor the Ocelots and Jimmy Wat-
By w I M O N Ralphft They added anoth- an -d lm Kirkland's ty
l. ter run rnthe sednth and throe bats-an Dougil e Chassin' SpaI-
NEW YORK.*s (U.6 WP- morteIn amuseS. oki:. Frank t to on without 1110m
ae r'b a debut L ary was os 0 tcher as were the big factors for the
was pronon beess to tthe Tigeos androppsed their third Tnejo.
day and tit ay. hae een a bad decision In four games.
omen for the. tn York Yan- Bob T.tey, the key man inCsujnq ab r h.po
kees that the rookie southpaw's the Yankees' W18-player wi n t e r fPra nlgioni, Sb .... 3 0 0 0 0
i first victory enabled the Cleve- deal with the BalUmore Orioles, Rytat t sm ..... 5 1 0 0 3
Island Indiansato $ e.over undis- .l.cAme through in brilliant Kirkland, p .....5 1 2 1 0
. uted possess. first place In fashion LS hs 1M5 debut Tur-chae,.'rf....... 5 1 1 0 0
SAmerican Leba.. ee homers twowatMon,:d ..... 3 1 2 1 0
SS'jcore, the fabulous rookie by Faye i neberry and one by MIllIonft, c ...... 1 1 0 11 0
lsl.keout king up fltm Indiana- Jackie J.Aen- but struck out 'has 3 1b ..... 0 2 0 2 0
Spos In the American Associa- 10, walked only two and wasuMumser, .-b... 3 0 0 4 1
F on, hurled te Tribe into first touched fpr only five hits. eott, if-...... 2 0 0 0
place yesterday with a 7-3 vie- Bill Skowron sent the YA- -
tory ver tht* Detroit Tigers kees off wionf with a three- Totals 27 7 5 21 "4
While the Yaaee handed the nA home run n the first in-
b Boston Red So their it st los nn Hank ar homered In o"let "
of the campaign, -4. The In- the ifth and Joe Collins led off
- dians have won three straight the rtb with a. round-trip- Tubbs. If ........ 3 0 0 0, 0
Games while every other A. L. Per St M ew Yorkers scored DBS, It ...... 0 0 0 "
Mant. P rame. the M second triumph in throe If ....... 0 0 0 V 0
The Eroolyn .irs liam- lames. Tom .Brewer was t e cf rf a 1 1 A0
menred out three home runs o li *hr. Orff, s 4 1 0'to
Nb-th Jto. ub6-3,er blasted a three- htman, c...." .4 1 1 S
and hand the wior pionsf larun h to smap a l- da. W p....... 1 ,
their third k of lock and live the Dodgers t a.b 2 0 i
the new thir oth- lead ty never ot againsteth*e rf .20" a
r big GI i GOiants. Snider's homer-- a tre. s .
ladelphia at Plus h w fi t4W-feot drive Into the lb.. 4 -

tt sfltfMiZ t4 record WMalt '. AiT^l: fl 28
latned bM*'-.:432obst doefor IAWT ftiL, 013 0."
Iand walked z attb Uw But i" p 00041-.. "
1 he proved hia s 1 w000 run- ', l-.t "---* "" "_ .

Sbass vmg'-,thS^ ^l^~iragi **tr^^~

walks I
But MA
a until A
one b

S A1

the rtt~lM .- :\i; S- ..- a,- -,
If ywo doVot know how td Ae, Mr. CockelL, the h-
ch n, who e or the Aerlean De i
Tnesday nd *hoI. sa ga gtlqna of rmmiarkble- g E
mind ; i you .
"Untm Wry recently they thowibtj taask," be,
This wa- bakIn the days whm he anEtti .h
knocked ot obyW le" of Jmy Edde and ia i
spectacular mflUaMsof mediocrity.
"dut M..d ttfrte wmnlnL, in the lat year or so, evy
decided *0to 90. .-.," the vt added, with the kbd of -
oression Fultul,:_'lt have worn when he proved toWl tuij
thp C1ermont dim need oars. .-.
Mr. Co-*a'wutepplf eer e to n,
whet he In t k ay
j*k ant. wkpi thaft
W 0iv 4" not m`eanaw by appl sfn f t
look 1 less hywet B
SHe Is built alo the eorbeo
ruund and sitMyW Ad for
question the sn itl chadt which
Inches and hit ritch at 71 Inches, bot wb
exaggerated. "

"Remember Willie Meehan?" said Harry Mendel, whl iu
been assigned by the IBC to Interpret for the British
"He didn't look like no fire-snorting demon. eitht It ,
they called him. Ahd he beat Jack Dempsy a of
Appardatly, Fat Willie is to figure romlnent Mr.
del's ballyhoo. At least, the localej s m t-psit Jit
Willie was born in San Ffandisco. He tood e'
weighed. around 190. He beat Dempsey once and he 4hmi ,a
in two x6it. I syou do't happen to know the f1ght- wEk E*a
e; to four rouWdsi Mr. Mendel cannot be pected to go au
his way to tell'you,.
Like hshtes, JTohn atmpson, the vialti,
markai too o
and T- n heuto explain how we lost Q laiwBb t
and Tk "he dMe ; "the money was right.
Sagin, plea. "
"I mean It was Sese ry both timbt to ep.t id
ou"ly low reanda, but I.t ws either that iwf iuj
ey. ,
hte ur*e .for Blade or Turplan-: didn't etchwit'
115,000. In order to-maake 175. hie fighter had to peel off mrnm
than 20 pounds on short notice. He resorted to stoam.battp.a
"A_ y fighter worthy of the name would rather lose his
le-r than los that of -money," said Mr.*tpo, Aa
on bl "fighter; who.)a otly is worthy of.th6 name. .7
Mr. flpson's willingness to stand resolutely back of
fighter in the face of the most harrowing disadwnJtag is
ed "as a particularly admirable lllustration of owiage'and:
saenflee. 'eop*e realte hat manager haw tetre'.srtL
In t3srii&t of the foreg olng. Mr. 3 son fV turally ha
fear of a mere world otea .
"Well matke m tterrextlmnelyilnterestlng for your Mr. M
clano," he vpromsed-whlch, as everyone agreed, certainly
very nice of him, r
.* .
flOST r 0ot 3RTIn R
Nat Flelsober V.Wm4 saiahe't-pk "OeB-tofIteht
asupdrbt t'that wip betlb 15
tral. The g edfto
thority onOte, ] mi h t e
"He's a flae t1 Mr. lecher, "punche well,.
risinly ffat an e fon his feotiand. e JteeS& I
too quickly. h'E ap e me t ui a '
Mr. CotOMheer w-TirOW due imb eS
he did see a' ow i e ,* ttl t- t b
cate whether 4 expdieimeI s0 msitswM
Betty Grable, or even for his comapatilot. faflsu-ghie. w-'
"It seemed to methe was rather witd" salf 4 ifir.*
he always mts alot7"\ "';", .
The possibility of Winning, due to cnte wIch tht eaua
the referee to stop thdfln t not see1 to lh0mn .a21t
hope In his peutatrou.N. N 0 '-.. .
"I know be i suppo 'to cut': h pe ,"' M r w od. D.
'"but then ha's alwya thee at the. :9h, _t ?1- 113 a
normal hazard of the business. If y-o0an*09tbW*P'Fu
he can cut you as well. I've had it both wty. .
Mr. Cockell grimaced, and I gothe r Sf, rd, t
doubt, that If he had to. make chole, bdprefsrn ;
the one who was cut '

n," -

S ,,'" "

, / ..,*

MX I~ f e A.ete;r
Rs. b. ..-

y^^ :Ali wifltitmp A~cc***-*.
.. .'- ;
"y ;- .* I' .-
HH _..,, ,,,,, i.i. l^Tii.- ,, .. ,.

,: .- : ,* ^ ~ *, ;, .-.' ,
'^ B ^' f.. ? ? -*'T^" Ma --*_; ':* -^ '
: *" -..4-

-..'.fJr .4 :0; ...
__AM? .o. .- -.



I--L-- -- L- ~__~:--I__;_ : 1


e fsm

_ ___~_~__ ~____





.rim vnYO RKa

IMON. Lieutenant GOeeml WHOM K.
general of the artbeam -omm.nd,
Perpetual Trophy" to. Robert Takitat
tt~~~~r. ~ gaepaeCtFr layton last
Is the maE Orf the WeVat Bwnk IAt
pod the Artad Forcem LitUtle League
R e uumu- aZt an 8-7 victory

:TTNb ,i on the Yankee
StOe seaO's scarcely be-
2nd .Hank Vrue'e growing
at a IUO wigi scale bell
o :tt. e ench part-time ..
wmci mpanyifnt grt: "I j
at ,atert- ow vb6
to have me... and play

ou can still get Mickey Mn
batting left.handed oa a ,fast
access the letters Bt m
..* __ -- -a ^ -^ I

.& -
.Itage tIlibdi ert U.S. A, a
r crown Barbarm Rumack Is
6-at Re1iW as -NW
S -. iM,.-Mch bke's baees
her be le a. hre years as
m amite weali... .
Sbear -Ieveland wants to rid
rf A ^- l

a wrU

Ai. ,G.

Amy Qy
ily Hunter as a hter .... ...
Andy Carry, one bemus baby
($ 5,000) who made- good, can
take on alt comers as tie biggest
latOrt_ npo"t .... but the young
Califoran also has business
.ad .On his shoulders to keep
the vittles oomlg In ... has a
Iunens back in Alaeda .
l(we his &ad's a lwyi..r)
eAn aAs inea along
wIt baebiUll. radlngupe ns
iolmerafor custom oi" portraits
ma fro the pht ... yap,
r .l toalship of the
IAW Itea Gamies, and is
4d9iphW to take
4.but te Lo
and second-hand
nipd festival IS,..the
0 rumors gi, but
Sto Bar,,, the ,act
Share and here we
ares taver happened to

S&4 ibme

'I as t he s the'a
p club in th
Old Man (Branch
ile BillnB Sur .l,
manager of .the
a Western LerWaus o -S
.ml- ob to n
vomat of m-.
wilt ei.i to
II and. Broowvan a
ha*P to do

tz. lawyer dGreb,
latter pair left-hand at Is
ith ekow Orleana s,. tll "
N Cuban, lost -o to tha t
r the Hollywood p wa1e o bei k a u Nlw he Ia New York. ova boh at pr of dice and champs
-ae ie an early outm. e a cizarinrirlina nfo' d l" "a musical in which Lou liscast.With himiIs.
he -isa onley dounlg.e waspla c s, "Lys ano. another r st member.
61t his tly o m te eye. weW tbEl. .. ,.iS.1...
Ofe I. the box IR bbu
lr"n.3ruswickf.of the V
ago, then went on to 61n
aBums W uld Dea Ro y; Mexican Bulls
ainres whle loesin wa six .r ,. -" I
n e w s e e a I n lm p r o v e -"- ,
his uBrent varsity Ntaf bc-..oWn
the his Dick Litlefield fr'omiI39# akU Il lll
oauslet, Loger Bowman back from -

old Geae Preeu, whom he pea NEW YORK (N .The Do-g.
weold tolm up with Di kthat 6 r would deal Ja MO bi Ub *
aia brand new double ply co- ... If they could ay.I for Four of the be t o a grp
From was a tak e charu b rm inba tle i eee e e e t
Sw to New W re. Robby 1h83 .. ....
southern A is citation's most brsu- thr uh basebl ton wr a coup r I t a
hble recruit. But the W f ebs tried to pick himup l inp portely aeo bt a Cupaeta
youngster appeared over-ad as=ab in baseagat rateprov
majo r forfell apnrt i to theathw e sl I akem M 4hedk
had to be replaced by ulrht-hbit B o au
ting Curt Robertwhile thinT appear e thtu yetd erdecondbeman. Te o on ther
ianey is ntroduc eig look slk weetnes and lougi t on the sur aIdmiion at te Sd e a yaa a

olid htdethe wih Tt uy Whete the tumo opened the gea "ojdil on.
ew Gorautfielders, with give there r A fi.who hit k. 300 du .Pr. abm e eOuyt to
.hom es'the home thump for between Reibia othT gaere tn theyg

l eft. lle.pecbdllsre wasGoo d IsMyear
.. .. er asksli .,

eha w tb Hsyndteate.

Earl Snioth, purhet a lt from did notes en g the rmundse AlGton w facesit... or ated em aeoigl
tLe Class C Artzona-l T i the fr e n nh U41W A "-bull-1

sLeague, wherne h e had a pheno- rTho u efihteirlesand aresttoebe
ueJttyear, Isitenuwtit t In on-$mund baseball man give you..a&that e spring tours mayo nd on a mong th, Y bestKE ot ever
te with Tom 82e4 an d aes ason e for Othl na aton was told the road ne year..,. Joe Cro etoDOM o. t li.,

idea barsm.Hel g p olse enog =e.0 ob T ., h m .i to t ha.. ;
plishaddefe'r ntel ayer i so much about admits the edoneedaort i for the buights
Spent l st summer int ollywo. Drooklyn hitters that he t sto'ad a second baseman.. Thepnge fomn (eiht dome" )
Ramen mMejas, sa .ubma who hit wein for them to swat the ball Bosox are obadyouw what r e 'seas
Saey it .straight 4an a n ut the ark, theyPoint0* ,was done sewith all of Tom Yawkey',s $2(t. (wo aWm eh
detaJ- in l runs batting .35- -fo t .oWitho bm re htelty h eo ney... Yankee officials ate ln.,
Better ythoe tatOme, Ithe bight r eas butand a mpld 1, and t Td W '

..Betr-. we. y&,nae, the N ,ball I control fn poamel- .
ayerp 0 1w n U. L brat the at t ineup eans =."heYi
Smith and Mejias look like habp mon GtUi I kis paid admissions at tho1e Sa de puaseu .a Feuns gad (J*'
olld hitters s d ithT Thomu, wj ,Ie it rhusopened the,.. pa ,fo. n I.. .
the of the anmkee and Hank A n more n ebitlU whh means the a -
a 4eliP... are expected to wn .more hs..
iaren .i one ao the .. ho'll rdu- bg t t a
usual batsebailt cpes. ime atted
... for Phoen xsetmt a .-timeUI f imhe farms, Malton '-,.S
plague rntted ..markWit h Ufroolihism way in'1984, and f d-
an astonishingn195, Ham ed he required convincing, the early ~W~3. .~. .bush'with Robnomin awakened
Ii triples and 35 doubles,' stole toht it was time
42 bases. He I a polished noupgh to take char ge t wa '
fLychasor to play enter f el d. -
Yet Smith spent a. ha -WIie To this end, the Robinsou-Alston
jears n the lowereminors .h rhubarbb probably did some good.
titude of Arspna, but Fred THE YAMICKS XICKED off
Haney and the .irates the campaign somewhat concern-V IW'
isea Earl Smith I igoingl 0 mePed about Bob Turley, who has to
they are to ,trike back this year.
any young Jim Thorpes .run- they're. Ig Ma
zJIng aond ooseT.............TurleyS truck out 185 batters yeoulnme, the big ball Msat seas=, but walked 1in. and
Between yiul'E'ie, the b ball is control i exnlbnti on %ames
players of-1116.w be Sow-Lsn't b.en an.y br. he" ''take"
en of the Yeaknea nad Hak A- Nign is on him which means that

...._______ a pitcher to get the "take" slW i
off him.. N has, toet a piece-of Wlth the'

to plate. ay u &eau- ofme tblon.
* Tte'pY pitel jireen, which
is rather unusual for a riht-haau.
Sof io lapotetiality, for the strp
rig young man out. of Troy, .
hilur yera In the minors be-
tofe goio in to the service and a
measm aad a halt in the Ameri.
ran League sioce.
Trly acts like a pitcher who
as been put aon a pattern and
would like to get away from it
and go backs o what he does boet
- reaf'ack* and pour thle b1l
past the lttebr.
Whea Bob Turley has to let up
to get die bal over the plate, It
most eertainly is not a foregoes
eoncdulion that he's going to w
20 games.
B3CAUSI HE HAB had lopa
ixpedesce than Don Zimmer, Chi
co Fernantez ain will A
for Montrea t summer...
's a o game to .ee such a bright
IroS as b Cineinnaft Dtbh-
ifaato -dqit.o... "M ao How

.6 4~Ist~

* i*UrS

*.. *S-

, a .

- Ur


same fine

which have been
carefully btpnd.d
to give VICEROYS
a very speI1I,
unique flavor o ,
pleasing to the


now, you knew Ira

One of the fitest
Wcigorel I tl.
17 Vl 4aopm& .

*Y 6 b J Y J[1
., I .

* 6





Third buIlftlpgt program of the aimson

"" W ith ;* I


LUIS MATA (Spanlarf)

t ........... $00 1stw .
2nd row............. 7.0 3ndand3rdrows...
3rd row 6.......... 6.00 General OM.O*.a.& >
Gen rl ........,... 3.00 CWlldmn Mall ieo I
Ticke'nrw on ,t afe Iber ia..

p. .

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de ini theRubli
I^'^ *p W^

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, ,, -'iA -

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With the

. xclosive
super filter

. which bring you
extra Imok Ina
pl,*osu r 'a
keeps the c
ret epoper fcai
sticking to y)t

r rami1
he II
. -i ;:-
S. 1 -. -. .

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*..- 1

!?l'- Mt*,.-.*M



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" '" "",t- '7


.l :':

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. "* *1 [, I
i -..

RVA"sr, 091




At I(Z ALary Lift
hi-o o Caribbea
AUU Ga., April 16 perts can ve i" i Club will open MqdY in t4
dent MEienhower will re- ust make a decision on wheth- Canal Zone,... .u.,.
l n the lotope Stump a ul$ IMhe role of Zone Library.
A m I4r ji'a.C I .b

s I tumpw o arrived In tinue for the next four W I
ington Thursday, was asked to Somt, '.promient Republicana. will include four separiatT
come to Augusta, presumably among em Sen. William F. groups of stamp, one to be
lato brief the President on latest isnowiand. 0 Calizornia and Ben displayed each week In the fla
htorelopmenta in the Forrmosa the dianuts Over QueAl '"Audlightea exhibit can at tha ri4
".. ,., 6 v: I.

suovsrshirsA 1 hexer MAngidd the Presh trance of the building. Mq I
Iedeit mae at stand OtfhetU-
Ai The commander-in-chle. Paci- united states would take if the Th first display will be ar-
fi c, is expected to arrive here Chiniese Communists attack the ranged by Captain Frank A. e
S by air at 8:80 in the morning off-shore islands. Munroe, Jr., USN. Marine De- b
d return to Washington about rector. This exhibit will include
oon. Stump came back from eorge deplored the use of captain Munroe's collection of
an Far Eat wto make routine the dispute over Queboy and stamps showing the design and a 7s do
orts to the Navy and De- Matsu as a "political football" Issue of the Annapolis Tercen-
ffse oDepartments. and said "I for one don't want tenary stamp and The Queen ;WAsnOTON Apb 1 -- B ao see r4ee to be a trely In atrin e t EP
p a1 b i e t resident ola.'in stAri --' eanowa ndA 01a CItObeflln"aidhen displayed oeah weeuk in th fla r'""'i...

Stump was recently In tormo- ce his hand" i n making a Elizabeth coronation stamp is-.t (Cij The Unlid tate -d6-- Ul A"trian p;a/t ,war commodi and rrance
Xulopm.nF e n the tor p a t n wo48the roeoov Qu l eand o ighZoneexhib itr caseaty.. the.o a dnd A. AT ra .1.

Sand also e te ion on defending the N- sue and subsequent upod t f
he and evacuation n a n- onalt outposts. The exhibit will b changed r into an As- vet troops arwn eadlne the p treaty befo
pervisory role. each Saturday. An pou ne- 4t 6rbidding that na- from Austria. tion was re one of the becomes a
SSen. Walter F. George, pow- The White House said the sal- ment of the other displays will t military alliances or A communique on the agree most a ot n Bo the n.
ful Demcratic leader and action 'looks hopeful for even- be made later. givd to foreign power, of- mnt showed the Soiets iprom- nine yar W t ntiations nation by i j
Sairmatn th Sat or omeo o orpoer ed to limit their reparttlonnt with the e Britain greed upono b
eign Relations Committee, said peace treaty on Austria at ter elet opposition to any demands to 150 milUodollars, and France. Rusala.
T raday n eight after a confer- the President talked by tele- of U oth t apl T er c e Austria's -da- In
Stce with Mr. Eisenhower that pnone with Secretary of State ppenci ad soverei atyh a !
S ws Predent will be prepared n o- n Foster Dulles. Austria and aEibehcrnto- am I- wr Yade clear. to s Ie OB- ilhq rladed soonu for a
u wrthe best advice that our Runaia have announced agree- d ran *e the 1954 bigfou for- p 0 e
hI ~ on future term s o e Boys 16, Girls 12 fa.s B cneneM Three PC. an A
le Squad Cracks h he President took to the Au- an. 1a Runmo is Test At w ada ad sign t
n n gusi a National golf course un- Twelve births wire reported I.n'a ppIent effortto nlat ro I w
pTe F.Gergn der cl,'Tea wr, brhtousld tke ifor at Coco olo Ho spita wlll duringuthm
| b al irl Racket a mo dn ain 'lo shpietlf Mun-oe made lr. tfotg w t o h p -no t ni byt

Steorday. It was tie first good Wednesday. In Three representative fron eqi ntle- as uti-
ogn. Relamtions1 Cmb omm day.,ncere hn Ausr iaaf aThere were 98 patients admit- o p ite.i to themcanal organization Wioileaver fliti saorvfv

t ae uine soa r ted and 85 dikhar ed dur Ing s aid t A utria 'had by plans next Tuesday morning records 'r ":n-t.,n
OTra ight aftesrwho Today, after his conference reported Leau oan Austarian'a i h N ad gl switn
f t DMe r .aEtie nho we tha thone' widmth Serestie nary f tase-andThe an o eegtee ._Snoxg eAtdka a wffibe

Sof i rnsinger B wth Sts the Pdnt is ex- Babies were born to the fol- Slerate bases on It going Ground, one of the e- radilogil l stu- fte
wll -o fteertemifesand Cary lowing American citizens: Maf.eterriton enr c of e b a andAtedb*l t bt
rwomn w are to dl5cof.t mhr Mrs.Lol Vof O la d they hoped addi- tie Atomic Energy00 I ln InTI att t ato video In- in- RR fe -thee t
S sk aT he Pesioofdeendt the A- wandMs.eo Russian of oso'lF .s .
S cer saqn euad (onra ck aBo sGi-.eional and dentists, who won the Gulick son; Mr. 'andeMrs. orm n tan r o on .dotrin atioal r o a- t ol r-'
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day, 'Wtf Bily Joe Patton, Mor- p. Bum, of Coco Solito, son; ri aSect with such a general neeriAg and Construe tIon Di- fall- out from iactal nuclear Inall took part in the two
ice squad officers said they ganton, N. C., amateur who and Mrs. Henry J. Keane of Lede, or wthother they would rector; William C. Dolan, Chief weapon. d so a de diretly Into the a
onfiscated a gold-trimmed ad. played In both the 1954 and 1955 Margarita, daughter; Mr. and such guarantee be writ- of Civil Defense; and Melvin F. The attendance of the. three agrees e qantitles of cre Irting-the mass.
es book containing 100 names, a sters tourneys. Mrs. Richard Danelson, of ten nto th treaty. Some u- Mllard Safety Engineer i the representative of the CanalL Althogh the
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ding numerous Hollywood ytun, daughter; ae and Mrs. Rob- thorities were of the opinion Engfneering and ConstructIon Zone Civil Defense staff Is ex.-Fr their part thAu survived-t lat
'"es. They said the grils art H. Ellis, of Fort Gulick, joan that the So04eta would want foe- Bureau. pecte to prove beneficlali n Illr,. not.. .iWrenoSt" .$100. llan Name Mr. and Mrs. Louis Daman, mal restri tions In a final pact.* The three are going as repre- future planning for civil defense uiz=ac ternto e-U, U

m r deutlUbe snr e JoaePh M. Cooke, of Hunting- Babies were born to the foi- te ft military bases represent the Cartbbealnin u- SS f So ae B
Sthe ui bcuer ai te at on West V irginia,, has b eenaplowing A ns of other nation toforeignpwers o e ean onucti
t D.5Ap whor to succeed-oF. H. Irwin, who will ter Mr. and Mr. eAmo Gartho waynhi ha peaendenfe a tres- aotw of theCiare Mvd il Dealose or, ewoodi -Maryland b p 3theu ir

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ld Hw d cl g men- r eo rd severs n st res last an- dag her; Mr. and r s. J ose h whemthe the Res wou pa 4be e r det. Browe arIs tivlfoll ac ta ncartioderable IsSof Thre perilordtless 1A

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hemnploed fts phayelf wi th Cylowieng Amerthe ian wdekgitien: the agreement siinnedtoi"ntMs- Althoughandortint

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y 75 &l' o 0 wes Vtirgnlan detrist, who on thewec, erklss ; M r. and tro o Pa- on the noe fate Wlnmesmor n,I l ofhetoh o r-. ^'1.e etr *
te. oherYted ae IhI IIUNamUd Mnaierl uramheI I nTr Mrt. Man prs a of h s egom iesn tihnei ae ien atruln Tae three arec n re plnionr ng forc l dns .'ff to 0-s q e. ,
Sd 'i r e ly o ues P opn a Mrtef Batus, of C nl thP it. ADsr : anstid thledase 8aed l bt eers- n faod omvmns otionsade masor l t 4r
Sio1 sa' loffkicrs saiid theynt,. i.,amateur h a~nd Mrsenryene opterday Morwhether they oofml rector;iwliadm.t-lnnheweP.-. d signedtoproduceutu took prtV On V i bsn thto ep adwo0
yoring with mw hied .,androfsoa,40erbnba natyle praet.hed the inlr fsL civil defense por

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son a chrge she sehls ed himo ge* 4f th dsinoyt j n niboun-Meal Ma. J oh n dam h4. a iwed iantole am
the cheek during an alterca- Joseph M. Cooke, of .Hunting- Dabins were born torr the to.- lIda teat o. military beAF L rOpieenih tdhed Caoibean S a.:a^.wlth civilwp -a~e "
in apartment. She was ton, West Virgnla,, has been ap- lowing prent o oer natoh- to torei powers. e .th e..'-derr.9 ed.llIcues

td In a luxurious Mlrose pointed designing engmner o alies: Mr t. and M rs. Stanley But s ommi- oth Browder and Mllard -.rweelkremai nea n ne'sn ine gg n
apartment. of1 the Panama Canal Company Pricen, of Rainbow City, daugh- menl de, a take .- a-e members of the t.Texplosinsca alologicaldefense ln theo:b'
t Duane. 4n 5, who wore sa. to suceed-F. H. Irw inAo, who will erlr; Mr and Mrs. Amos Garth, way t 1 i a trdnet- taffd of the Civul Deense or-
s mntoe arrest o retire fromLo In May, it of New Providence, ong Mr wn sdened t i, lnl ofotheComniaTov- Uartment of Defens ola of te

AS*enote pPCUlan lyt ril 4 a y Gignofthboratads. owet toffinial sai. h e nn Drowdaer h s CU nDo-h acnirbepcls
.aldrri e Cheagmnr M r, and-d. .Mrs. of Co; d.utr and Mrtd. o rAtlman-oettad l teneo Control Point ollndi training n l defe' a hot o..e
AMtsI a phens ve to e X s thmue M rs. W illh o Ar a't ,tn oe.r an st a 4 l 6..0

M SON slE i to bh e left alon. of Gam Mrs. t 1 -i l change in the meeting
her lares ctoay dslll, be -on the week, ei n a lnlr-. n i urian deM- Althou h the forthon tesat c,
asgnmeto t id the office of the Monday. Airil O, Macordng to The rdit le one of t ah- ra oner of the Aeri Iant ed- Co I AT EAI e nt
Scatoningr1 Winafton church- m1dez0 othwekl and Mr. b, caspitnoof R Ba n provide scientLabor, wilt arrive nformo- tote ronirelrE'
Dlrlc ,iI a4nd his There were fonn deaths re god fait WL to opemident Si- ts they need on the behavior h

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tal of 106 ptIent were admit- fore '1enfe to big p a w e r, signed to produce informant n ara mi. ,.
'Untel' r(oe'n has been ted and in dishar, ged talks on cold war problems, needed for better civil defense ia.aaw nu

nperlngiyision wtare stay inston waCpp Hieh oa w resRi'fr* the series Of ia Nreoooe- were hq
employed e Chief ogf the Engparty-. The na.m. d addresses of he a reement lted n Mo- l annin and organization .

.not a ail of'0 the party. uI0 .... e -,,o,1 a.. ,iructon *r-e_ ld.e'_ pay .: RIE-LtEAt S- ; +/./ +

.RThe eamema=.n compiled. 1,40 p.m -. mSsm grounds -tSuent anaa. j $4--y -L

F ShKews:S 0-tl -:- S.p.m. S- ,, a

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