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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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S.n Wih Firmness' Is Ikes

e4Iinelomitw& achedulds for tanal empl f wiH be 1 i*
Soohif of ths Admigregoton Of Schools
v wg maximum use. otfravelhscommodations avail-. n D0g3f "Ol "L "I
d today atBalboa Hht. WA, April 14 (UP) the engender nient from segregated to non-eg. Heargued the Supreme Court
-- e .Ocatioon of passep -ao.omimodoatia ) may -The isea ower ,admin itration ra ress re1ateoo,. cannot require a state to operate
othIn iadve. the Sproe' 5pu Orester-. Paptya of the y ohn Be eppd a public senool s ystem.W
SryaL result of the 1turn fhe.f Piama to ay to use 'modwauoa with firm. lu li LI Texas aid his state want. to i '
s- service this month. fiesa" in orering flt states to Atty. G cIf Q. Williamson sctt the problem for itself. I
5..W.end racial .egregation In their of Oklahomaq Jola4 Atty. Gen. C. AtUy. ,Gen. Thomas J. CenI iStrU
,*-l northbound sailing with regular vPuenger service public schools. lardinand syhert' Maryland of Atkiasa, on the other hana,
a 'In a p npger will be from Crlstobal oil April U.S. Solicitor Geseranl gmes Ihi asking ir a gra4al adjust- suggested the segregation cases
.E. Sobelolf sa the goverammt sen..t to lower courts for in- V
Sie. w ren.on g. this sa the does not agrm Nbt t atioys. .. structions that the dual school sy-
Sfew reauin- thollown thi sr No gI te ended as quickly as ps
m i ca at em- to u on their norIs .ahed-- eod e ool iuld lbe ordered r i, l PIIIi rwa t
inie t ioSn n- Pa8 wblibe e Tan ge h re ve Eobleoff said the first hin A variety of local subjects in-
1116Argo "."t. not- _. fpub.ised. earlier .tand forthwith N do vr Tyg.a. Avar ie otvj? ,+ -
21e _be- lbo .eTpe t.thi e ZTa odnt a.lo wer our with Mntar the Supreme Court should doe eluding he apparent increase of
m tO n gdil rng za foroendye ing s gregalla s C m e ot lear that ae state c ane a ouit tmentGa n and Pa RelatioS .
e ss,' odisi dd e seik and law that coo .ell Gam0-,
n m1, -..0 anusegre.gaion d elms vision of a resuscitator for the o a Fade olnomanion government istwo l .
NO r Sobeloff said the por toBrtse ai of y a nd a i a vbaoi
giftr te r -- rhe taumpo mofth e ,,,, t- e ,o --B ..", I a o f h aocnty ary vod drritsa Sta on were 'he -theW tStates within datw Ci
t The tsumptl of the f would be to aend thach oams .L ..+.
ebaervi e to lowe courts with s h 1 Pu e said no important chng ei Ao meetgd yster end
dorior ,f o a ders toe sei,, rtat i oeFe itas to clr- customs ras ever been ac-Ithe e Ipreen ate l
rSh A i ve rnge nl Space a f orStht ..... ..- -ritoriald' 200 i wompl.,,.s d without some ac..,it lthe ermvsq o fe th
ipand nams Line tosaevco e n osiii e ps ibl. o '- ,--i- .vi... -i .u
Seotoptly o fny change 05 O. vaaio emphsied thrt Lowar 92mile o P or atr
hIBM ae h S zed thbat slower mes i -f aone. r.h. SRte Cir Council, One of the two concerns wt tr ,nd other
6- --e------court"e g e h bnl should b ,. and ooBut he said' the court "shod Although the mosqultos fouwf Panes6 receiVes from the n, one overn.
41 f, ttis.s hw ab a h have "somsb some t ri" '" e weN red yes- not underrate the immense i*. In the two districts were not of .. t
aa va "t id he hamoa to f ollow terd ua w alan and fluence of its authority among the mriacarr t wt an- ryg Nt Foreign
et e tleg e of a t wi th e ed be mb d to British i or rela menl of ood will and patriotism hae been mhe unt clai s t of a Smt
aim.brnok no--d erei for "od _Ibto W w. .o.,ndnon. In m Wa1parts of the country. r.ual DDTsratener-
o emens for leaWve a.n .i,*h Appropria ns f banalotk- a the, h the. Ywoord note s, Lake told the court that the side of elevated type quarters the sum agreed on s een a i
tia iead on the a of Sobsloff' said distrit courts are Foreign. DvAgular- prospect is "exceedingly remote" and s cree doors in attempt monthly payments for th y of
She Admchge of t s an a propriate medium for ban Corneo id the aim was ba- that integration can be achieved to lessen the mosquito annoy-
rch and'notice will be tv I expected rvie ant- dllg the ad ed on an agreement reached in m North Carolina's schools in thence.
pe ubtantal He said eme Court can- 1952 amongPe. or and ear future. The reusitator, which is to mproler enter
"- -"----t-* ich -r- t cast it Ina the role of "suu- Chile., ,Teor

Ira mend ib eplinehr free homei deliverdd notet opng the any stea to arn out the court'o e rhs 51ooga it wa an- .d I n
qfetwhe Ltots at bi Ion Chiead See-" o w es r huihlt to ruling. H replied that the people n 0 i p.
ts ,c le ree t~~~mt n ttre oe tt da on5 obn .how i ar il tee .r on ~ate court e ay nouncedl would submitted to the US it. s if
s .n oer mean of 'trapt- sad heo must compl there. ouno dA-r fed o ooer in Toatt o-rthwith. Other questions brought up at
.. IW F.. -flowre.q"A man who wnow there a the meeting Included
i+ ~~, A--m N +II" +'"i J OOW 'AA'' .... 'm. -s -"me eeu~ ~ o aee ho. acon. ei.M9 J--2+ + o t.

-'to Let U Havfe So

ten Cn Wtcf
year. th 1o l phlbed
the U.%7 giving
ation to
The pact -Aped by Mr. Risen-
bower yesterday permits sharing
of information. atomic weapons
but not the transfer of the actual
weapons or data on how to manu-
facture them
Under the plan, the we a p on s
themselves and the processes of
putting them. together would reO
main locked jn ths nation's vast
atomic storehouse.
The proposal was drafted by the
United States a year ago and ap-
proved March 2 by the counl of
the Nforth Atlantic Treaty Organl
zaUton. Yesterday's White Huse
announcement was the first dis-
closure of its existence.
Bach of the NATO nations must
raft the pact before it can be
put r effect.
Preside Eisethewer can act
alONae a giv NUnited tates'

At#41n A-M
Itw A (UP )--Brit-
Smi W e the United
St i sdkre some British a-
tomt it e"ta .d to send scient-
iat -oEve Brittsh nuclear
tet for tbe CiAt time since the
inform'.sourcep said today.
rh O al warmly' w 1e-
oe.ed Pr-ilent. Eisenhower's ap-
proval yesterday of an agreement
to share natoic information with
i s of the North Atlantic
'" 0 tion.
t rces said an agree-
-elit pal --the United States,
It*Xi aML.:Lanada permit ing
xch 'certain atomic in-
fora also be concluded
"in In -uture."
+mt which is now be-
fWg ~wi provide "lots
ofif aortees said.
for Britala to hand
e lve her moat closely
fa Rt lto the United
In L40" to -I
if fMtOe_ 1act ladt

a rera to rce n
laims. -

me A-Secreni. 'B Slo-to V
lanes for right an M
It The extradition of a yuerto turns into RooMelt Avenue
hBritsh Teswa s The*tj
lmean airman togIerly. ItatlO- w sanoouoced. The project
edSat Albrook Ar been d by Leo Ca.
approval udder terms df- At was requested today L Ast reli te of the PI
1954 Atom Iclnergy Act wB, tormey PnrandAcoo Alv of the OOnI3C l.
mendlL that cettai aate I- First Judicial District.
farmasion be exchanged with Alvarado asked the.r-: l
ether comtres. of Governmet and esto FStAidCasses
"It is my firm conviction, ":ad seek the extgllitlon o rf rence m
the chief executive in a tt o Banchez. 2, who is accused of Stg M nd
Sen. Clinton P Anderson (D-N. fatally sla lA his three-week- a *
M.) chairman of the Joint Atomic old daughter, Sue t lXn, on the Morg rit -
unergy Commission in-Cong re s night of Oct. 10, 1954.
"that the proposed agreement will Banchez allegedly gave the ba- Two 12-hour Civil Defense
enable the North Atlantic Ile ty by a hard slap when ft awoke first aid courses, consisting of
Organization. efnsistent with the crying late that night at -the morning and evening cleae,
security and defense of the iied home of the soldier sad hib wife wioagl for the vtownaslte -
States, to evqivO more e~17.v e on Airport Road, nar gJuan MargsaruL. on Mo nday at .t
defense plans concerning the use Franco race track.
1of atomic weapons than ai e here.- anchez elected to take the M gar Boy'Scout Shaci on
tofore been achieved." baby to Gorgas Hosptal when IE'th 8 -."
The President's letter. to Ander. he found that the blow had The om ng slam will be held
son, copies of which went to oth- knocked the child conscious. from 9 to 11 with Mrs. Carl
er members of the committee, At the hospital bi was pro- Newhard Instructin ._The esv-
was released at the vasction White nounced dead. ning cla will be held from 7 to
Rouse in Augusta, Ga., as part of 9 wh Lt.J. A. Taber of the Fire
the announcement of the hare- Panamanian authorities start- Divison Unstructing.
the-secrets plan. ed investigating the child's Persons wishing to take first
The plan is a "great stride for- death next day after it became aid training are to report to el-
ward in the strengtheolag of our known through lhed re,. other the morning, or evening
(Continued *nPaAIe, j ) ports in El Pan Amrica. e lass at the shack.
(Coninue on p, ) --------.-- -

R-d, y
". 4; ., .,. ,

. .* I.

i l -: .--

* Jtd4 hiNt
d the
Iocsfon Pan Amen-
Or#f tlw-
tep: SPMl Anor-
uwuepm31 et

Canal Zol
getting acqz
nations of
schools thro
were celebra
Day today.
For some
days of read

be 2S
a as

l immIln:

. ^ _:y ^.


ipore On

. JINGAPeRl 414 (UP) -
Ofere of the __i.oate Dam-
Wpie+ ad today g ._ aboard
Da; tion whiheb
China Sea
Idon life
p rvivors oaI
the erawh we~ bIought here a&
boaru the: Dampler earlier in the
day, but wgre bamd from seeing
thet 's Trhea nmnier a Isn

here by the Dampier w9
M.C. Dixit, ight uavim
Patak 'and engineer A
All were Injured but wen
walk down the gangplant
ing ambulances.
The bodies brought t
Imose of flight eniee
nha, assistant pursr PI
and a third whkh wie

e press.. ----ammy=Cdr.a&a
brought back the bodies of three Cdr. Charter R. X
of the 15 killed. Damper's skipper, sal
Crashed on Its starboorl
g il .JCom. bald the sem was 340
a to the of ilagWPoN."
lMiA, sad o tM regle swam wtk the kI$ 4
ea d r e was caused Wet Il fe ets lm
by- r!ai.dnleted sabotage BDatW
irtt peselessaess at Hog eled ta
ag. bhead nai .
The U.S. State Departm en They t-he were sent
promptlyv labelled the charge as lage .f Genting, where
'ridiculous,' and the British for. rowed them to tha Dea
Iga office announced in London India'. Prime M
that it has protested against the al Nehru terday l
Puping accuie tion.. China's a pid s
The three survive= brou g h t (Continued on

,14 --
.. ..-, ,


Canal Zone Schoolkids Learn All Ah

Latin Brothers On Pan America. I

.- f ...

. I
a' ::

!ar ,i. ",. ,."

F-.. .* *
- 1
ft ?'




| : r otilO B NRLWM ROUNaBUM.I.
s7,. g -T T .P. O. l x 134,,A f.
Tlt.P Nr 2--0740 ( IN&E
M.mli a.i17 4lticl"TAL. AViNUE BETWEN 1
343 MADIsoN AVE. Naw YoK, I17T) N. Y

Labor Ne





-is Ollmu TH REmADiRS WN COL M There is rne unin that keeps
. .. .America up in tne air. J.itexauy[
Ssi. And if a colleague columnist
S1& J k of mine has an orcnid to spare. I
hand it to that union on behalf of
R ,_|A L W I\ myself and s'nr.e 10,000,000,00U oti-
N, ers of our citizenry who flew 34,-
S 000,000 air ips safely across ..
The Mail an open forums fe Thie ama Amerie. 400,000,000 mileslast year. mark-
a r etefully and are he ne helly ntl a iew s let record,
rbut a tr. o rdr ". i eas't appe-r t .iown AFL Airline Pilots Asdn.,
f t -- .t _o't bPP .rh whose activities are unfairly lost in
d H dhlluhoW g I_ th, the rusL of giar.ts in his field.
of P W INe rite mhsstunmbre ton6 mth. But po longer. For I p"ut it on the
U; wpp ;mes M e-poeniblI i m,- as epleles recordd now.
I've covered stories 4n camel
P-d ~, ck, y jeep, motor launch.,-ire
S LET'S GO SAILING 0G r h ck, Wound truck, tipicular, rail-
S- y train and canoe, but fromlow
SAp i 7, 1955 ~ on I'lli eel safest m the- air. k or
r Sirs: tie record shows that of -the-vast
i Liumbers who flew in 1954, there
SHow about p~, ubglc citizens and oni is, let's express were 16 fatalities-a rate of .08



U a .




s'e vls H
wof whw I
L. SeAlmI

~J. -1~~
i:'.. .j*'i


pace PlffOilTn

.\ -4 *

.* ." ,* ". ;"". ". ."
* .

.- .. .. I .- .

I"L .

1,, --

Jii*ii~~;t-;'r~3-~ir~ESL~Z -..;..

Swish or thaR enger service bet Pane na and Miami, percent--tor every 10q,uuo,00o pal- .- a .. u '1y
bat the Caribbean Atlantic Ite-ila thi eg of tting on. Pos. singer miles flown..\ ...- '' t1 gec i

I York City. That large city always has made small-town quart whee te cabins up "He read,' reped Hgery wleh the t sauDel i
e terrified at the mere thought of passing through It. sec- n "Maybe you'd be te u what t h ha to m e over and
dly the cold weather makes Zonians hesitate to take a U. 8. pilots etell me that o / suggested h aJim g pt Mr. hobb omojvivea
cation. their union, headquartered C '* ley, head of Tithe a Suchsurrendprr werel
Possibly the shipping line could be persuaded to stop at the cago has a special depament l Washington Bureau ir the Chicago heyday of Al Ca.
SInglish resort city of Kingston, Jamaica, or maybe Cuba. hich works closely wi o all the iT Hagerly then proceeded to re- pione. But they are mparativ
Now that more West Indians will be replacing U. S. citizen twraft producing companies and cite a long string of papers"The "ew to tuaev go. '. 5
both office and skilled mechanical work on the Canal, thc e examines closely every new piece C New York Times Wasngton Post .
MB be thousands eventually who will want to visit relatives pn ol flying equipment once the cor-. .:7 lud Times-Herali, New York Her- The answer will e~ by
Island. / position dec idsto put it on the A ic .Id Tribune, New York Mirror, Senalbr Magn.son of ashinglo,
Panamanians and U. S. citizens in the Zone mirht ej d a m y (hcago Tribune. Lead ofhe enate intestate
i'utse to either the Islands or Cuba if they know they ciA gb. he 5n001iembir,- 'AFIL .ion "You're not suggesting be reads .erce Coml He
taect without fuss. I'm sure It will not only give the shipping has a special englleering section all those ap'era, are you?" akedl BaumsIi&ng .
bie more revenue, but will make It a pooular one. Miami/is in- right in its headquarters. This de.- the skeptical Shepley. "Not even .the p1o.1e w ,l
leed a beautiful and interesting city to tq ecquaintd with apartment is run by two graduate I a newspaper -an gets through sil I,h Ob ,lbr
id to visit. ronaunical engineers who are a r -those."0 e r' ia tS m.
Susrmanensy at ue union staff, eas e Ha He etsup early and looks at inew deisionlMel to.easg
Other unions aave business agens. some of them," replied Hagerty. it.
/ Not only do they develop air ... hen we prepare a summaryfor _N .L-.P.i_
BILLY GRAHAM. and airport safety programs but By Kd0 RUARK him in the inoring and another din ,, -
,. BILLY GRA he swing around e circuit of summary to, him athe evening, by waS also active
I i. /. airplan- manufacturers, taking o "Of course. Mr. Bhepley," con.te Hobby nwspaer-rad
Regarding T K. Darlington's let r qhi lly, Graham's cru. wita them actual flying men, tinned Hagert y, glaring' t their Interests.
S in .nton le members of the union's pilot eva. LONDON I have a scoo of be a column for you," he said. stimulating as a method of getting Time MHgazue bureau chief. "he .
e"Fo i the crs1 Is t3 em t at perish fool nationn committee sorts to provide today.I have een Did you know that theLondon my ideas to fall, into the correct alsoreads the news maga nes i
.eapr pe th-em at'cxposed to Jed Harris, the pro- theater was iun, controlled, writ. sequence." 'Newsweek, U.S. News, and Look."
lh is un l b at ave h i tr s o f Recently au h- a union group ucer, nd have oome away with- ten for ald aeled i by a so l I asked Mr. Harris how one be.
but found n t e leof ultheA p lts. o w. out tWcr ee heed, iCrs t at rIt may be tbat I will w#1 of *,se uaao nd that the iame a pa wright. CABINET LADYS HUBt
baS .teie.. mi uredlthe t.iS E ct constellal)ons, e ;o I arl- *, the nly writer'r our time who hops areoo v *rin to h try to get "It is a knack, like burglary "I -
-In tte ab '1Ve.(adT 3 orewide h ly b est users of which was the smooth has me.t Mr. Harris and wo has sentences fr misconduct lI gt- he said smiling happily. "I would It's a great thing to have a em .. ,.
'is etter 1 an ,eL n pr (and ..ore widely be- flying British Overseas Airways not been invited to do a play. ened on the grounds that they are never advise a man to be one. ber of your family in the Cabinet llm i
l 7, 'tifp., wnmch still is serviced by which ir news. up unf ru e minority? Maybe Playwrights are worse than other when you want a television station.o l
... --Wllia H. Griffin ockheed Services,. Inc. The air- According to the legend of Mr. if you aid said it. It would stir writers in :he gass posterior It can even cause the Federal- .
i. .. ratt company wai. about to put Harris, -who is a highly successful 'em .upa j le." sd department. The reason they hate Communications Commission to WASHINr1ON Anril 14 (OPi
t .. new ane JIto tion for oth. produce.: of pliys, -e dines only I said. I woulq say he said it, me is that i never really read reverse It s el f and order a new Th Hoe A oriatO n a
It p t.les t t J t hli greaterr LoW 1, Constellation srgs such as tA wr iteki, raw after ..a light hours b nd hat'we onc had more or less play. I just ort of look at it and hearing. i -.el, t e" ,,,,ed
M '"to thjt y Or am. I.ans.word Airlines' and North., aMt re f crcs and 'scene de- the sametrouble in the Statfee' it. I can tell if it's any good That a what happened to William nCom.e'V^'
tthin T. bau. design d by nature to west Airlines siners. Mention anything to Har. Department., so what else is new? or r.ot without reading it, and they P. Hobby, wosewife, Oveta Culp W.,SS me__ oM -
the of r beca He wants na- This pilot evaluation committee rs, and he will knock it, including "Well. I have a confession to want you. to drool over every Hobby, is a mentber of the Eise.
a tough group which once in- Limself. This shows a true, ure make," Mr. Harris said. "After mal w -od." eowe r Cab ine. a(ene e r*ot
e are o om dolar He wont be ted that a new plane be ground- viruosity hare to come by in tese these ye r of hating writers I asked Mi. Harris if he were Here is the inside story-a story Information Aglecy
Until we are ready for H 40 until certain changes were times. I have me a writer, against at all sensitive about his reptilian which rivals-or surpasses any 1956.
tp believe Jesus ae here nearly two thousand years .nade--examined the latest model Mr. Harris ds writers, es- my wilff l uer the influence reputation as a writer eater, of the ieep-freeze-influence stories r
I a lot of us we re not ready for Him, and God only and came oU with 18 suggested specially playwrights, as wmprint- o0 a man in Rollywood who asked since bf- .iu L bad Aoiyb. written this column reported -Iurlug the t 1oi. lIin i
S t Pmodifications; able bums with what he calls, in me to wiMe a s treenplay with his about him and is considered. a leg. humasa' admistraton- ,
4. Aldrle Before decline on these recopi. lightly less delicate words, glas he id was tell mo and in his i,wd ti ML lbey a Ild
mendsalons the union pilots toured posteriors, denoting extreme se ag was wonder "I to write W"' atidti b e o.e
the plant. They went over every | itivity to criticism. T.e4 h6ts a day, writ the I to teach sc sem he aeag mvd_
------ inch of the electronic plans, the "They sit over you, watching ing on yellow paper with a pencil him aplaywrit iadS-rdo- etati, ad tlso
TOTAL D IIXPE ITUR OP NATO COUNTRIES landing geat and hydraulicsa the every expressionn on your face and he would just nod and say. ing," Hq s&ead. KPRC-TV In Houst us, 111ow 14o
airplane's nower plant, the a.uil b e I oa d their hopft irrifit'.iI 'love that man. He is rNoW writer,' erful newspaper, the n t e
system the emergency equilaeit, oaiBl Mespair if drws, m y patlner an perpetuity. I said. one ore ques- twe FCC turned him down. It abroad.
and the gener.1 construction of the hoping you will say it is the mas. "I got the idea from sitting up tinn. Js Ply how Assy.. .7' turned owp the, Etqprise C., co
SL-104U mod.'lk tetpiece of .he age, and hating all nign, reading a book, and I "On a. day" r. Harris becausd l la l
-- kind of study is rlv yo to ve ced it 'Night People.' As we sd, ugh me.eaumont nd awarded
nonuo t pla eI of the labo' -taslagenieat c st re." tr. Harls said modest Now I license to rhe Beaumont Broad-cy references. declared,
is 'ien lCurrent operatio ernpation on the construction of write M said, l might even now be winning Mr. Har' and we casting Companyl. d out el W
Ptrasport in which millions g of ver a bourb n and branch in thu an Oscar for the best original departed but TM latter already oprted ast
WdMiaanc,Otkr ;ricns *ll trust themselves quiet lounge of the Savoy. Hotel. acteeplay of last year. I find 4 under na over to "o station KFDM under the effi- corded n the y of the
as of evpry Wh leads me to at may erin book on mathematics very do a play t the cent managership of B. Locke, country" ae expected n the
tut flying America public mght made a fair decision. dwd L..Cvoey,cblefbft
like to know. They i. I l Then suddenly the FCC moved b divii f te
1-Airplane inspection. This in a *tt reopen its own decision and erlid
Aluk at now the nowplazie will be hold a ne hearing. This is almost er, how vr, he does ndt regardd
....rv. nw built, the methods used to con- unpree ted. N for years, ithe a ) Ialm
4t; at and a aei look at the capt in e other- ase in Ta aI of all
S arid pcea has tflb CC permitted a rehearing i ve alried bpetdu
SThen somes the t test de- ament of a N. Y. Hipster All the rerts on the Academy charming but stubborn." of e it s already decided rthe than bainsmen
So m O onstrat on ta o cate te plane' Got no eyes for Spring this year; Awards omitted the Big Story. Charming??? The cTmmittee lrahe, tU a
performanceandabityto eet I'r only be a drag. t That every man showed up with COMPANY BOWS for the o on 'o
01111w1radaeu3and o h le yres eofed my chance for romance his own wife. From The (Mar. 17th) H'wood called OW te r
Sm' nts. this year; Reporter:"ob Ho, celebrating In aumont however, unusual 1. to -
3*BervceteaWe,6 rm the the real I'll have to make it stag. Did you hear the silly about the both Income Tax ay and t. force were a work belindr t a overall
3-Service testing. This. the real Spring for the .brdst ypar, yellow in love with two gals? One ?at's 'Day today, is wearing a Suddenly are m C
811andfinal tes*" mating the abil- I'M.,askligtfotth# asi r namedd Kats tWe other Edith. He gileen barrel -a l I aside pd ordered r on
1 t1 our8 SPEND-One reason for a tipering oalit our t y of any nev toperform She du ;ome-other cat this year; couldn't ma. iUp his mind. Inecome- Tax Day Is April 15th. aw ifmit o d 1iA
a to our NATO allies is their increasing ability to pay at an accept i o*safety It broke me up the most. "Youa beerr" warned a pal nd of Red Face. s fm m on dollars It oug.
e way. How NATO defense budgets have grown as *d -conemlcsl i flying. -E Smosett "you can't have your Kate apind of Rd ac. the smirai on d arsice a .
Sthi d ehirt Bakdown rly 194l AQfl'Arst year) ie if th pilots ill fly it. ino udith too." yourOne th roadway rounders,o trao i e reopen thetd i fall. 44 a i
frAm data eoedrng July, 1949, no B. yoa too o. From Florabel Muir's H'wood .'ad and rich, was on the town with aumont eilsn weveri allow to re
I A_-wordshouldbe______ _theRepo__%ie__ A'ods whohviad fod o
i Iwod's homulp ber l d! owirthe" He rt. "G n O'Connor and Dan Headline: 'Mao Purges Kao a chorine, i m who voted for n t iboI llr patll to
d. comare e b l ty ho were wed l Vegas and Jao." "Let's make a night of it" he hy in the.irst ,-8t dciuloa It he omndtter didpt oL tI-
dnt, Clare e, oo,-d aotnia'w aotly are always di twaeur.b Yez don't Sot cooed, "and tay out we ali wmM l
Answer to Previous PuzIz, whose oosn 4 w ate a ted Give this"aandLasb lise -pos- baSirklme-am
us ua labor of a object when ubby (who We were trolling along 57th iLe s .he gurgled, "stay up who w ttefor l al t~ie ho
A. g ima aw labor ch Iho ery active iesto rub noses) puts a shine Street last night East from Car- until the banks open. Sintte for
the international & Wt. H s n4 her nose when they are at a te ie Hall where we saw sa blind r- e hi *e hea l with the t elat 0 5h3 8'
S DOWNkpresatide rt h bi nation p.arty. B u ',ight now t's okay. ma, a pardlytic and a sickly Harry Rolnick, the hat kin Chic gibu n teret in the pe g
.A4Og6- DOWNi h'llCT~ili~ff~fflF,,., .^^fF"^^1 national 1,,kng my pick strictly on for endcnt-- at onee. asked chap what e thwt i-" ........n. -e.- ke ._ w t- he
I scotsman deration o' Jtik -Lin e Pilots (ike a hep nirse ply ) I'l re- "If vou don't think we have it Euthanatia. t *iP AN""CE ''C
deg 2 Mountain ss made oat iir i C that the cou l ferly gowd," we Uabled to a pal, "oh, u okay.-sp Harry, SID 'LANCES
(comb. form)1, A0 yaway from e t"r be- 'look at those ualucky guys." ui grown up.
ake 3Prevaricattor o -unt'-s. The 1next we the year is out would be Dan "Yes he reminded, "the old ........ '
'Uklan 4 Occuantsi s hn next we .nd Gwen." ,. asge goes--af you wapt to forget Joycer.Biryant told H'woodeol
ln~lao 4Occupants ~itCanada. .. .. Outside of that Filabel. wises your troubles ba a pairt of tight e he i8a1 jo Dii
oIn the vet war breaks, they Mai t luco. uboes.ytg he ha.! Neew e DI-s
6 Shadsonusi will play a terrific role in saving' ,'0e.1.n w fe
dusei Indians ine free world. In peacetime, they Pufflicity: "Jayne Mansfield has 8Skewp Dept: From the April 5th "Don'e tll d ex aimed .
S getting Canvasshelter Mar contribute t aloft It bunniemb:; idered on her East- iont pages: 'It was learned Sir L-iend, T fightlagi
I .' Zi Ccaio4 4r Haant .a ti.mL .hlad mompniotr. s.ter.' ,Ilston would keep his seat in .
veri t e n ._ .As theh bunnies aren't ner- Ithe House of Conlmona." The T h: V "You Wonder
SM I = .e .' From our April rd broadcast I What'sr appe To Her InstAd
i ""s A COP- 0II ."Churchill wil- keep his seat in Ol You. ,
iOh Uisteal lot asCitrufruits N C CTritieC J, Nath Commons." I
am seya r strry. atet w n 1I-. sonatiresscnMaryeMaowas bw
kl se year u ,tWi i-liviee in the aug intevivewed. She was
t "mpast 8r Ik ere "I've been w iting to find a wern "Let's Fxploie Your Mind" col'm wait issdo te
-io Ie al, makem you fei n oifort- of Mar 17t', : ...'What's One ,.
.adtt m to x h =.R r y. Best Wty to .6t n employee IW a "dIli. ls
A1r103ed Wit lMaxwel Qu 101 "I 'M not A: "Make h in %ost-conscious' r.' Vi'fy b.,
htesfrom a mgft=& porchofous oman but I love op- 'says executive Glenn Gardiner 6 6 ew **br imeewat
qultoes from he frout porch of C u~dont mnin. t' lest Management tomatlon <"Show *tton.
aste but at least- I'go him how to e tlse the cost of
wiled ,y lB&- Bles "- _rs. Unless h-Id ist best, his bi O1o o
tn X i-old Doy --- (ouct winl co more, his c ompn, Vt .,t
t. ;i and tr-c- Pries Agentry: "J e l o" will outseB cosapany, h ad catmill. s
od theI SiUU 1l5e *taia. Lgypti.r nighties iie may lose hisiob. '
"h** .......e ow .bout 1thl' arlset A s

Movietown: "A wel known movie
Ilirl* in the Chorem totmple had a violent argat
geIcrm Bore Us. ,,re las'. n t. Shot e* oh.
J Who Co S dead Tl weds 'We're
,Do YOvrI good ftrgda'l" t


Si .

-,a "ik -? 'd 'C dst r. a.fltefrnhlne d to prevent th tite tr-,
ia'fts ee*'me ithut paying hriWIu." So she stands guamd with
S r- 2er shotgun, ready to run state highway oces off the lot.
Switch while a wrecer was tow-.
Investigators Promise Congressmen g itno, .u with heat.i
Srin may result in a "severe
Si aa'l l- flood" on the middle Pearl River
~~Thps M~ra~ lr OlllrV WiTt and other streams south of Jack.
Their l YldIUcie VO emflKiy wm1I sn, the weather bureau said.

Bridges and roads were. washed
away in Mbssissippi and damage

Wfusag 'o A 14 -(UP) e, "Rediculous Waste i n a copy I Soufficially betat more train
-Atu Eih com ion hd of the report e $,co00. Some ommunicrted der ationsiled.

veA to w ir W. White the motion in White's artvle. The r e st Guard wa set to
House n- The another official weremon othered o were oodsrupted in famssilies.
He aid h e houh hemveti- to appear big foraquestioning. The Natsheriffsonal Guard washer senid it
Sators u rteL by the group. Nav e said hce andcleared thine Saraand to wievacuate froamilies left
John J. Hnot beer, exe publive. o htgators abotaged efforts to omele SheriffBots were u to
retl not e slosd n adaneommssiissionn, t personally approved th sity near here tcrc-
a ,mlsildeis ttriztj" for his re- The subcommittee on April .6 -..

aubcommitte has charged the sona approved the ommssarticleon Ir "a throughPY A Sout thern railway frein Mobie be-
Scommissin refused himlonhd of the repoevi-r"its published fng the nfom.r was reported dense railed. Tra
eto which t earlier had te"fed" He msaoin White's dartiew on facts ghere- Theduced oast Guard w All highto
to the maDg. queswritert was reecnto se and Holll commissionter arald and Eing out Mile,
Heber ndso s some of the ports another of whicialh were suppoered lend aid to loodstriken families Ors.
He d he thought theis subcommitteet- to appe ar forle apeationng. The sheriff's officetgomherey eatider bu-it
three ys ago. He said the r Actuallsy, ter said he leareporte was swamped ofit fals from re-the
ies complauhed rof have, been way for Whi to talk to commbe- dents who said they werelatbama
which hqv..not been mad puble. sron investigatorsa ft er former a ,by Moods Bots were used to
]lRoiDta sal: this hq~brZa t io rresldent Hoever, who heads the remove persons from Irehard, a
il not be dsose hindn aaschedule.ommission, personal approveut a Tallapcomm sa,nity near ere to
Char F. dward He e r t the re. higherground s.
(a-L, .anr ..Armed erv e ver, Hebert al had calledommission per- Street rights r e kept on
subcomui .ni u es charged t h e sonnel approved the article in throughout the day in Mobile be.
commissin' refused him the evi-rits published form. cause o the dense rain. Traftt
deb *ch it earlier had fedtic He sa Nei Wl te rew on rialcts was reduced to a crawL AMll hi-
to the meline writer. .. I ictor s t ever r commission way leading out of Mobile were
ebert-o d some of the rts a er of which were supposed closed xc-pt U.S. 90 to New' Or-
msateriat suied to White i d Ito, have been published by the leans.
bee up by his subcommittee time the article aspeareda. The Motgomery weahter bu-
S r a o. Ht e ald thIne the le Atually, ne said, the reports warned of f within the
tiaes einaiAed. of have b e ae n areqrunning.about two months ne-xt 36 hours alongthe Alabama
orrectid.. -hind schedule and are. not out Coosa Tallapa'osa, Cahaba a n a
tnd e ver, Heb*t alaphad called as a wit-
ho. -t $e,"...ces e ess Neil MacNeil, editorial di- ,, ,,

white- wi uate'f or: the ert-
"r"l pha in .the cis, Nebart. excused'MacNeil with-
m 'eI, .uou gqer the out .u.stioin.

-- ."" -- ^ --- --- -- *, *. .------------,.-,
Tornadoes Strike Alabama;

Heavy Roins Douse Dust Bowl
." *
oACO. April 1i (UP)"'-Two of Potter, Nebr., still was without
to ltte,.n aoanaIa yes- electric powei
ter*Kp.t ioa, g flea- All schoola were closed in Mo.
.Vy me .a aA oarm swept tbU 1ile after the record rainstorm.
S .. ; Flood gates at the city reservoir
t.' w So utwest,-nmean- were opened to relieve the pres-
w f,uhtrfl t rVmi a ar X r e.
b)o,. tlay of ch m u In Missuissippi, 42-year-o Id.
ou.s. ~meust e ..- Jackson Miss, woman, Mrs..
rae dSe theeavrlst fains .Mary Cark drhowed Tuesday.
in y-y ."i-a.. ., i.glht when her car was 'swept.
afwid ArtI1 ak yards into a rain-swollen.
,e .hat tcree -pe- 1'all least
*dtofeame. o yo nay- Q ars
Alabama and parts ad
.frtia and Tennessee were a- Pine Fuwniteur made at
tdrikd4 aVpr n8 Wtbq Darn Ms hax. NOW at
lty-1tmere mtoxad asulualoaw ice'.
-PI L101" taJ ut tI- -
usm4d ol'.ie, eftid n d Batmiroo. Dinilg Bem and
2.,um J i A, t i e t H*.. flt I iL o e m 8 6I S e ts .
e a me o aoe. Prodgctos do Madera, S. A.a
A.(a torat t at Shelfeld, m.gtA.r c wes
soi rmaomes wei'asaeu or I '. -0isd _,I
Swhen it ws oel r
I r. W teet.. afr e
,,,azgo Uin ,.f** ip u. 'I t bras
Swas ago Have yo

lAt-adg uai.Gnve, Oak Grow pop.u
Ltri. iremL B. F. SaIna

aiet i In chs.
IL,0 -f ^ tee oB E:'^^IH II

Copy Suagwgles0
V.M MOdM91f
The Voice 9f Music phonoSaph with
die "amst wsted'" fetures-a as tun-
betable price world's sm$eis, light-
et automatic 35speed portble... ftr
and ONLY wid folded hom speaker
In the idl tWo replaceable uspphi
needle w'ia new life-timn all-wedher
ceramic canMrgi. V-M Siesta Switch
automatically shuts off everything when
st record plays. Beautiful rose and
gy tweed yliings. ---


7110 Bolivar Ave.

u seen...



that can be quickly
attached and easily
removed if. you
move to it new apart-

Th.ey ore made


r wcuvr


1,.. ~'-f

*- :r~ ;.,

i "I ---------- .-. .."
-'I, *. .i"

.KE, THIS 01 SC(

With Your Very First Pack.

* *1




'I ..'.





4' -
I' *~ *'~~-

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i You Smoke

/*, 1

Filter Cigarettes









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- AT -

DeLesseps Park Yliad

Kito *Chen's Market

- ,

Ci. Panamefia de Tab-.ace,

S,. S.-A.
- .o
Mk aModernm.
i *T



For Our $10,250.00 Contest On June 12th 155
4^ __*.. i ^ '^ k E c

Pivj( Ic*iY nMC)lIN

* -~ .~

___ __ .. .. .,.- :
-- - ,5[ .... W ". '. ". "-



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|ri^a ResuII

VMoscow Talks
OW., April 14 (UP) -
. irlaln Minister V. M.
day predicted 'a
lue peult" from the cur-
,fQw negotiations on a
Sfor Austral.
Chancellor Julius
Whoflew hwe from Vien-
the sessions, smiled and
ao^ma uA h M- -- Ur fn-

Make Hidory Hops

High Over A
GRENOBLE. Framoe. April 14
(UP) Two Frepih glider pilots
have made hi1tl9y with flights
over the anow-covered AIDs into
Italy, it was announced today.
The Aero Club .du Dauphine,
which made tne, announcement,
said these were the first such
flights ever comleted over the
f. rhaor m tillta Enmn nf

- Iarwpe wit n a- w- --y at Mr. oHCU
ga W, U Wwhich tower 4re than 13.000
feet. fot
S a'-~g6neral upsurge
tisnA that an agreement The 23-yea pilots, Jean
reached between Russia Pencet and ean-Louis Perrier,
#"tr8i on' the eluslve Aus- were launched here Monday
.Sreajr, on terms that~the morning. Rising winds carried
Sr Three can accept. them up to an altitude of 17,000
y of negotiations on ah. feet-a record for glidet pilots in
atrtaty, Russia has im- this region.,
:1 .c ditions which the ....
iel would leave Austria easy poth got*1lew single-seaters
o communism and there- and landediwithin 15 minutes of
rfusea to accept. each other about five hours aft-
lotov told Western news- er takeoff.
,. In an impromptu press -
renee.a ant Autrian em-
peelton,. expect a po- e izabth

kIn ohe: SiBS Pa Treaty
0lotov'u Gowp.mnt was In re- Sons. A ~ lA4L
"uehtlond t out the out-
for success of the present l R r-m
ton. To ear ermany
stern newsmen asked Mol- er
a series of questions Molo- .NDON, April 14 (UP)
ansered arll the ue-stions- .NDO, Aprl 14 (UP)
Sin a smilln e riesiny e Foreign Office announced
,,r much t -he astonish-1ist night that Queen Elizabeth
of foreign diplomats andlhas signed the Paris defense
t officials. treaties, and authorities express-
Ab, when told or Molotov's ed hope the ve-year drive to
'ents was asked whether rearm West ermany will bo
paa satisfied with the prog- completed by May 1.
f negotiations." th chan- Denmark and Holland are the
ucan say that." the chn- oly NATO nations whieh have
isdpo bnj ed. It posalble not complete parliamenrtalwac-
n hpe mQ0t off exten- 'o on the pacts to bring an
diplomatic activity be- army of 500,1 Germans Into
at and West. He ex-ects the Western defense network.
in the results of his visit Heads of state of some of the
SA rn p met Ail nation whose parliaments have
2e AtUhrian parliament Ap ril m.A Ana t..-..-a.a io...... ,

FOTON, April 14 (UP)
nmunist Party urged
me Court today to
a lower court decision
a Moscow-controlled
ed at overthrowing tne

yet formally signed the docu-
The Queeq's action, taken
several weeks ago but disclosed
only tonight, made Britain the
first natlo nta complete final ac-
tion on thehistoric documents.
The United States and Ger-
many have since formally sign-
Officials are hopeful all the
loose ends can be wrapped up
by May 1. Germany then could
be formally brought into the
North i antle alliance as the
15th 4ier at a meeting now
ex pet-out May 11.

-page brief, the party he sign Office said none
e the high court h-wtions have yet deposit-
p eWthe 14 SiubvI, A'Instruments of -stiflca-
Itrol ;t this is regarded as only
minute formality.
efi i htj- h t that
Premier ne has
4 vQ a$ n yet signed. This is saying
S a r that he las under study in Washing-
an Commu t Party Is aon, Indon and Bonn to re-
unlat-actlon" grouo and store west German sovereignty
ilister with the attorney even before she Is admitted to
-NATO. ------ ---
SOffici~Mila-irS eTrffT eftris
mmunit rtv cote qf the at occupation of
S4rtt" orai of the Germa ~Ided In prin-
&w would Jeopardize the ciple ahead of Qe an entry in-
,jon movement and im- to NATO.
h liberties of non-Com- Diplomatic sources said F'rance
MW. may be holding out to keep a
1950 law. often referred to strong hand in final negotia-
i Internal Security Act, tions over .the disputed Saar
Is registration of Commu- territory and w hp of the
rot and, action groups Rocheling stael lrka, which
L lilutng of officials in turns out one-third the Scarf

you're trying to figure out what to get
my birthday,' you might tryt 4neI!"

me for


Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service


*S.S. "YAQUE" .... ............................April 1
8.S. FIADOR NOT ............................April 10
S.S. MORAZAN" ................................ April 23
L. H. CARL" ....................................*April 23
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................ j .................Ar 3
S.S. "AGGERSBORG" ............................. y 1I
*Banding Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New. York Service


S.S. "ESP._TA" ........... .............. .....April 18
8.& "SAN JOSE ...............@.ta............. April 3
B.8. "CHOLUTECA ..............................Apwl 3
.S. "METAPAN" .................................May 2
S.S. "MATAURA" ................................May 7
B.S. "HEREDIA" .................................May 9
8.8. "MABELLA"................................May 14
S.. "PARISNA" .........'.... ...........M..ay 16

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristd toli New .
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ............ ....... 240.00
To Los Avngeles and San '4ancisco .'.$270;00
To Seattle ....................... $365.00


*I I IMaI I Q Ni-p

/ -* -,'

.. A

A5m mB


4pslwow. Quetiouu

Who Says?

Tra'pin the Night

IAr Asi

.4 ..3e~
3, ;"

31e DGs 143fUr

'4 -.. 44 a.
~.. V.

.WT~ hri~









Janiee's Qustion




' t4A'S


ncyc 'o-



- .. c

lt' trV FNT


A# I

E Your Foot in It

I ear wal



Ready o S-. ,

rI- .- .- r.le
* ik '. MIAIo9 aowISuVI? OUR WAI

'I .L C .' a f ; v *

I iww4lnpel^-~ii

.. ..I

.' .. ,, .- ..-

"i-- ..~,.;
:~ 4t.






Fir .



j~a. nBs&hLyi

.,,,. :, .m .


,, -;. .,*

ParA ire mthal Cre di
egeSl the b@&Of diro
.o. l rao Pederal
A..a be held t-thp chboI t
SL j. I morrow at 7:30 p-.
". ..' iMattel Of lmd ce f111 1
".-"- d4scusseds .. .
With demolito the old-F
Ribt and Mrs. Nathan Wit- Servece cenq b ltdl
k rif l rem. W once of the Paralso crec
Fae fm *4-4 -Mat We Union bpsabeenrenWoe
E&BO* ArM4 Foreec Service bhsement of Buldl s a.,
0enthr on IL Boca Road'in hoou ret to the present L
of of Major al Patrick J.,ter. Business houp rem u
Ryap chbiac $ la United changed.
States Amy, -.who rived on' P o --
Tuesday for a week stay on t..Paula oety F..el
the Isflaethmusa o The St. Paul's Friendly a
t"h "a u. ._ Benevolent society will hold
Estrebeat Vaestle aJspecial meeting at its regul
Il Va @e p -ep of business Saturday nig
.nd *Ml Rene Estripeaut at 7:30 .
rtihelr iaren have returned Bustness of "great Importanc
'6 the city after a holiday in El will bq brought up for discusslo
Vae. ""Rainbew Meeting In
Mfi Woeg Becomees Critobal Thursday
rie .f Arture Lee Cristobal Assembly No. 2, Or
. double ring cvym da ot the Rainbow for Girl!
the at .the Imaemr ill have a regular meethu
o iColon, MsS. Cri- trda evening, April 14, I
a Merciles.% ,.daughter of the Cristobal Masonic Temp
WAIAA nW 'ri -OWD unuuu a;L r vu p.m.-

u' ;,r.- ,,,-..s
*t '"'f Vf .-
t ^ .(* q:*--

.. ii--,.i ,_f? ^
11 'Z~l

b W ." I .1'.

iN DARIRN 1tW ..5 Mr. Justle6
N ....

I s,^ *v1 r s.. aiewae Won$,o- m.l te at T:0 0 p.m.
& ert Wang. bapsng the
da piM..r dilmof Mr Arrro L-e 1 This will be raformal meeting
ted r e o, r.-and, Mrs. Antonio The for business and Inlltflon. Miss
=064 ._, w. cwe will honeymoon In Mexico June Rowley, Worthy Advisor.
in 1 Guatem. .and upon their re- will preside. All Eastern Stars
hame Se t l will, resid, at Calls Rieardo and Master Mabah are -invited.
somte t f jl a, CampoAlegre, Panama. Refreshment will be served in
Seen Fuds F r WB Plano ..
a e- tq rters of A Card Party and Game Night Albrook wives
lAWC. the chairman, for the bemiefit of the purchase of :o..
Slate bl. new piano for the U.SI-JWB ; Albrook Air Force Officers
9Nof r el .ub.has....e...d. by hs the Wives monthly Hail and Fare-
n si th oLubasJW pan tp e aForic ei well Coffee will be wiheld at 9:30

oi 2. lCenter on- Thursday, April 2th p a.m. Friday. Apr 15 In the
Ifrom7'P.'* .to 11-C" 3Jpdmain lounge of The Offiicerse ElTE
:am -. 'auti iiD ll-t b I lub. All members are urged to
an sl games will b enjoyed. Reflrelb- ttend. :.h N .P ERFLYNihlei dicer Kazuml Ha're.
ntee m t il m me ts will be served during the h in Tokyo with, obviously enough, th
is tve of eve g a"Butt aerfly dande. Her press agent boasts that the shapely
min .VChapmtan .ost his, ,e,-whuled W dncr'to expre wuddelptanyiadien he.
l no The edoor pU for the affairs istran f plane. of wih he h5 fo t
"pdaPo-p, din for, e" s hortly' T oo..

mi nr -Y A-
&I ra ... Ae.IAqSimD..sfid the t.e ienginef D t ERED- MY 'BRAND

14r. C Ile v A nft is, O Neae Tii es
oe p a m.a.e3 .a-
Ss oe p chmed athe oi in. No trace was found of Lt.
Miss Martha lub A cordial invitatio is ex. Chapman nor of any of the
S UCh- ten ded to all attend. other passengers and crew in
otortalnod a small group ofo rhday Pa the pla
nd ffettorthdayPatty the plane. son and daugte o
MI o k r. ,d l,, ^ ut samuel Li. C

o yd, Jr., gawe a dfier at the hAeis wfat dagtREer, r
0'" -.ountry home in Elr Valley ee i his father ad mother, who are WI toexpress deepppreciation to those
hiit h Off. An M-rs. ,,, who attended Rosary. ann

IMr. Amdfars. de
waLa rDas sa e many kind expressions of sym-

Ss arAiIn cbra -While they t Thomas Foley, Mary Croi2n,
k e, .i -..-.. 3 speed-The = Gen iev Field, Ellen Humum.
ii HereRECORDgun E

Wnaskilled Ate
ass~A* Grd bell-
ii a wercy land~ WI~l. K. %E UR nIR L!Zs.. 45th St. No.3 i
.of -. vessevowe ell Vir
T101081101tethe, News .of the death of Navy Lt.

WM-t. mt.Iplan eCml


bu.-,ZZ. y .mi r Dry --oIph or DresseJdH

asLCh.uwl non!Pz6"

FOR OILV $2.49
.we Offer you this wbek
; 25 ft. PLASTIC
HOSE unc6aditionally
* guaranteed for
6 yeas.
for the
for .

Many others -uses. But
Till Wednesday only!

(Opposie the Aon PA).)




youths tcarity

The adt impeaornt maw in the
world to your hearing is TelTex
Hearing Aid Conmuaent. He is
your pemonal hearing aid consul-
tint as wal a your iwUk with the
extensive Telex Laboratories, cr.-
gtad to give you the adintges
of exhaustive and usyar-edln.i
research toward better hearing.
Your Tele Consultent is the-
oughly tein4e and p uipe
.c,.y out M, ,|M _i( toi
bhle h with skil aEnd m-
derutading. DepenM "on your Tel-
ex Hearing Aid Consultant to
brnIq lw til fiifrl lnsrig pos-
sible. H e I S eur Meafte to a
liftim of better hearing.
Phone, write or come in today.

"J" No. 18 (11-50)
T.L 2-Iv tc. Box 1890.P Pn.

of highly special
has been handed'
the course of mi
b. jected to 110
:* '

a A .1..,
* -.
*......I -
.~, I
'S. ** ..
-. ** tatL~1A i3~

A I:

_ -. ,, ., ;.':-, l L -.

t-" G-w JpTICK


The aVe67ar Hpstf wth te

Available at all won't .u
*ff fla ]W ah*tej.ri
to4M~l G4mlid|h

* iubl ve DINbm'a I WING ZA '.. r 7 A.r d


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/ *k.

EVE watch M roAon
ibed caftsm-h, wh.e skill
tiowq from fait In
snufactpetn al i
vry uevr ^ is
0 ,r".*-U .

There are UNIV RWY L
Agents-with a full stock
of parts all over
the world.

5 :- .T

.,*'* .


.Aims49,- i

- .4-


@ S.- '~:




- ^,. """ "* ** a' i

D or"i '**

_ J


. I-


* .. Im rjm

,. A ,w- -;. ...-



* "-: ..9,i '. '.



I SIril No. 1
4th of Joglf4Arvp. *J 1
JudeOA" mggq


182 La Caonuqual.
Central Ave. i
No. 2 La I l.. iua,,: .. -

r (tMMACIA Q etBo

Agenola Internal, jtlbtaclones


-- C h




-. W t Ave.

nj;, iwiwA..

F. ePAN 4bA


r^r- ?j



E .
JUL. Ave.
scie" t
sItl- "A t

4- C+dRIM-AC
P OUT)ss s

a^ Mwib a D..S.
i irs worip-per brave
G aeral rwcti.
4W at Jultyi-Ae. NiA. 1A.
:A En schooel, plaoaioundi
WZ 24S1 i-Panama.

Shippos Movers
-2451 2-252

iPfle 1)

R- ---qvs !

ad ,I R

mirror and
6 -! 64P41.
win beds with

k do dowe.:.-


stool. 1
pF a
. tresse
.A20; I


FOR SALI: -- t kle radi o.
fan, deqok.eo*fdgegtr $25-gy-
sk), U te sirs,, arh
I 6aml/4

day VIP t ,
House 48. Belle Vista. Ca -
1762 or 2-3525 on Thursday
FOR SALEI--Leaving for States.
galas In fuhmilrre. rags. Ko-
desildo projector end formal
dress (else 9) like new. 1530-A
AlmongP t '.. .Pheq

FOR SALI;- Bmnk4 d. youth
b d,.-ael dining rdoWg set, bed-
room seot. House'042 Apt. B.
FOR SALE:-Col *mfrilgrro
tor, 6 .wlasr', e t-vOw nifnIU.',
$60. A Ng."@ I.o4. .

ds I .2-fesIl1 Otis.
ole4 drapes $2.50;
i M e inaMbl. ind table'

iRSe wahingl
le laft $1;

FOR SALE:-Austin 4-door my
dium size model. wondefly di*
edition, mony 'spore Ip It y.
paid. Leaving Paneml.: $6
Phone Mr. Osberne 3J-l t
FOR SALE.- 1953 StidbMlCi
Champion Hardtop. 18 months
old. less than 10.000 miles,
cream with dork blue top. Can
be financed. Call Albrook 3192.
FOR SALE:---ldmrnobIe 4-dsm
hydromotic, radio, very food
condition. Only $450. Call 2-
FOR SALE:-1951 Morris Minor
4-door, good condition. Phone
3-1183 office hours. after 3-
FOR SALE: 1 Do Luxe 1950
Chevrolet four-door with radio,
good condition. 504 Amjcon. 2-
Hilllmn, now battery, excellent
tires. $425. Phone Curwndu
5104 or 5106.
.FOR SALE: 1952 Chavrolet
Do Luxoe -door with radio.
Leaving Saturday. Phone Bolbeo
FOR SALE: Good 1949 Ford
Sedan. $450 eash or terms. Tel-
ephone 83-6230 evenings, wdek

Real Estate
Em --- _______

\ Are You Lo
Home with
'Town Home
offer for. I
leach, How
living room
both. car po
tor heater, *
'ftigerator, ti
Ip, furnished
. 25 Sq. M
, Open for
end Sunday
For further I
5187, ege


..... I -:
qiv "X' S- 'r. Areow F R SAL I:-
a i M 2 4 joi omfia,
'- u. fi rt. .. i N'
in hae k .sin.fes asn

d tian bi

goo! cen iPe. ery wh ere
.d tee a r eDda 't.keeping for
b '- the 1 Ra, .cel

#AltOffice, in kl

toa ooke o nff 3 i
tong, -sai the place
,..: rvy an accident. A total of P p61 ssener are 'ld; Mr. and
SKong, govern me t expected to sailfom .f York Fadden; Mr.
id extensive precautions today for. aboard the Mullen: Rev.
Spro t the Air -1,iCritobaln. Mrs. He
vrdxi4g its stop-off i 'Thirty-sixs a Ti. en a Mrs. Ford
M and added that tinJbooked fori-Price, 'l ,. Albert M
Sabotage "are extra us; .1
rio 'The comleteavan passQn- r. and M
less, Nehhu a p ,ger list oftt. Mr and M
pressed by the Commul Mrs. Ella M. Andrews: Mr. and, RL"two chili
e Mrs. Herman Bernstein and Js h Bh
:daughter; 'Mrs. Miftore* Buer. StuO; Samue
tab broadcast by the of- mann; Mrs. Greta Buermann; eG e, E. TC
in ovam en Inform. Master 'CWs rs; evMas-h'-- aker; A
Sthe Indian ter Jere BtqrmMAi s Faa6 -Pe- UWlder and g
er al saying: ter Buermann; Miss Blanche -
ster shas some verVy Burke; MA AMrs. Stanley R. A .si ,
a. Ten minutes bei- Chadd and tWehlldren; Robert ASiIE
Sito. the s8a conley: MI-RSa Ca"nelA: Miss
A ieOssWE from Jan Fackner; Mr. and Mrs. a
bik mostjeve bappMe*d Boyd W. Ferry and two qilldren; schA
aem .sI. TheremID John Fletcher;. Mft (Aenevieve
Ib BlOaifnr 4O ithiS. *arretaon. Dr ar"A j rn 'bnhirt < B l

fV. n V'.Lem-a ,
.3br1o ft' ial Aee LMm-

H .t.n ne -'- '
$ .b a rf IJOn R. MaDon

-rebrbdlaMin a uFL. F R ^ti'h

mL A

iaid all tbe;owt
-crash which
more thuani





cooking for a., Country
the Comforts of your


ov 2.

bh ii-h Com, A *
r' "-- *11 Wk-

EL THU3OL, 7- Ave
First Communis leM else
Veils, Rossii Rib-
bes., Cesis. etl Pa-
nama 2-3004.

FQR RENT: -* eutlhfsy fus
nished large roomktshean Bol-
ln Visto. Mexico Ave. 69, ioer
43rd Street. Phoen 1-0553.

FOIR ChiuCluoee pup-.
A lf I 1Clnb ,Magter-
.ed, w w 7-7218 Claw


WANT ED 4ome for 2 kittens
and/or mother. Phone Balboa

Bri To Let
(d IIlm Pafe 1)-
co rn-'Mg 4 President

wool avaAo to 'NATO
natior9ts qrto b elfied ma-
tertal gat pt-believe would -M
,uist them in developing defense
plans, training personnel in us.
lag atomic weapons and defend.
jg aglust them, and in evalua-
ig possible eqemy strenght In
sei. marf.' ... .


Living dinl4 r
Moderto reMt. L q
4PSja, AJ-fl- Aw&-.

t rty f at .
"M.Gembo fle 6-10$ eve-

FltfkENT:- Beautiful modwr
"h l.-, Via Perros First 'Stf
, -esmuinille No. 55. beside LIdb
Theter.. Phone 3-1863,W..1-


nat with bolcony, in Ball Vis-
ta. Phone 2-2601, 8-12 moral.
'fio,.-5.4. ., _
FOW Rfts -Completyv f
ild.iWtIlly Mscrened tw.o-brl
rei' aparti tbt In Belle Vlhfi
Nm dinroom air-.conditiondtul I

e?-W. K. Webster 1W NATO though. channels set up .l.thl, garage, maid's room, t
ale, at Santa Clara e nC2 gen sforation m other re. Avallel for three men
use with 2 bedrooms, 4.assafied military information Ih May 12th. For appoinem
m. dinette, kitchen, News of the agreement was re- call 3-4992 during day: o
irt, kerosene hot we- leased simtultqneous ;at the 13. 5:30 od Set.-Gun. 3-0732.
Is stove. electric re- e ATI c Il The p a ct
le floors. Complete. j there will FOR RENT.--Ono two b
, 7 beds. Situated on weaps room furnished apartment. 0
As., sturdily, fenced. material. trial, good neighborhood. BeS
Inspection- Saturdayer A6 eluded was the exchange tiful view. Cool and 4aiet.
', April 16 and 17. f any details of fabrication or d ephond 3-0276, 3-0811.
plaimotiop call PAD sign of atomic weapons. That bani-
sh 552-A-. Curundu If written into the 1954 atomic act. FOR RA T.- Furnished ape
The plan also.was.called "a ma- meant two bedrooms, 'leval
r step fprwad nt he qvlop very cooled, Bella Vista, $120. 1
ledft, nt 6 a Unf, Siaes setartt -., .. i'
n, "'$ cash or ans and the'%ttrido defe1ee 1.?5p Mer. le ie free world "by Defense Secre- FGSTR 'FPV"C"lnendo
l,. Grut. suHoise tary Charles E. Wilson in a nota- perw s.Nw cose o
: tion to the President. nice .Peuslo 4 56 dolls
Via Porraoe114.
tPesou n lRio Ala- L L FOR RINT-JModern two-oe
r Lefevr Egas quake Rocks -tob
ise'e. -2173. For W nqu enckaroomepertment in Ualls Vie
phone 3-4586. '1 st Street No. 42. Call Zub
h iln:a Mainland to. phone 3-3334.
d","I-, .. U...... ,FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apae
ed PoSition TAIPEI, Formosa, April 14 mont, .-'.J' r .m. #--
( ., UP, The provincial obser- built at "El Cngrejo." Phone
IIMH N WOMAN, vatory said a "great" earth- 26, .
ftcid housp- quake rocked the northwest ...
w l pWee, regions of mainland China near WANTED
ft.uJ3fW '. Chungking for an hour and 37 WANTED
_" '_-t nutes today. .]
.- e observatory said the trem-
lHIiI'l *ars hit the areas between Cze- U.S. jb41i,. nses-b6
,IU,, r ch uan and Kansu provinces, room house, i.-369
centering some 206 miles north 2-5491.
Mrs. Michael M' of Chengtu. This is, about 400 ------
and Mrs Frank M- miles northwest of Chungking. T
MiChtel J. acKi-. The observatory said the tem- A lQ M 5ca T
Deim .Mortop: ,lbprs registered a grade five on Agl Mu terM I o
d 1I4*ug;uMr and S'maximum grade tx Aecale. It i -
fthragieb1G adne' sd the intensity of-grade five l| if f nri
; .3' ** s recorded for eight-s seconds. el I AWI l 21
rs' it, 'ftr" The quakes originated in a .
rs'.'A Roft er Puntainous area,' atdost in The annual Ag ie muster
-. rrld aRo er.. te foothills of the t Hima- former students ofTexas4 A.
SVS'i. T andMrs, l an mountains. The observa-M. College who Ulive In-the
aer-; Mrs.i- Rose called the quake th e big- nal Zone or Panama will'be.]
l W e. Strauss, Rev t in China since last July April 21 at Albl Air F
pp', g W *~alter k E en a big earthqake rocked Base to carry on it tou i 1
?a1 ..s. .*t.k nDmmunist-held Tibet. is 52 years old this ar.
Scheduled to =eg at
S- i p.m., the 1955 muster prog
ld fa illni will be held in the. Drlfts
l i "anco-Tu mn Lounge, Albrook AI Offk
'^*^. ''...-..'. TkLH AiL lJ mess. Dinner wMl be served.
n NI s Forge Aheadm A muster s held each yea
Hi Rlll 1u *1 "- ....... "* r Istudents and forinef. student
P. ARIS, April 14 (UP) Fran- Texas A. and M their
\. 'l coa#Tunlsian home rille talks apects to fellow Aggles who h
fqg' ed ahead today "after two passed on and as a humble t
Sd, v s of intense bar Inhi while ute to the Texans Who won
s .c.Odn aU_) -a inistrative trou lea loomed freedom of the state at the I
et iion lt. the North African.protecto- tie of San Jclnto near Hout
ton con- rate. 119 years ago.
state 11The Canal Zone A. and
-Both koernments the talks resumed-at the Qual Club muster will be one of a
x ue n immediate Yrsay co-Incident with a strike than 400 similar ceremonies 1
e-por conference l] issued at Tunls.~by French by thousands of former studio
ie- i.-Vi servants for next Tuesday. and friends o0 A. and M. 0
,- At the same time fanatic "Ar- the world.
of 4iag mOst a lgl- ly of God" rebels stepped up Capt. John W. Oliver Jr.. p
t -e diplomatic .ieir terrorist efforts' in Algeria ident of the local A. and M. C
an tad police madeseven arrests at (chairman of the muster).
JBW $I, F ohtablanca, Morocco, after serve as master of ceremoi
Au.tnreatening letters were received for the evening. Others soa
Ed, vwlcattous-bhy merchants there. uled to appear on the progi
at tswal print] -snag----- are Air Force Ma). Linden
--t rilalUagree- Army Lt Col.'Davis, and N
Canal Moves Up Commander Irwin. Guest spe
S C er will be col. LE W. Na;
mviatoned at hate For Bids chief of staff, Caribbean
ce on P Command. A -lored mr vi
S wdud be Prospective bidders for the the 1954 SM.U. Texas A. I
A a Brit- p hiVA an.ld otSO L m 1MM. 'game ls llsa g "lleduled
ek to be. .the program..
German Bir I g =. d 0lb
th&L%1 *,- LaL BocaY0uths
Dt-w-ment were asjpreviously a Cid U
Pending. Te chane in opening Ch-orged th
amiuniqui Sate for bids h l ade to
otU I O W the contract e work Attemp d 0pe
i9 wtime to ordered MW qtd Two t
sn Uxwe -PlOwIt~n front La Bon
x rk-during thecoming Morming in
dnr I on rate's CoW
Intent to 't e
e project conuigWa- thel,. ntw s o
4tutIon of new pha1ing, : lre- y a

andi%9nstallati of tfear old,

r r. k- i r.t 4

5, 4

St _

SFOR' RENT:-- Fmulhedk room,
Independent, cb, "i e mteddn
chalet, with right l.vinu reooem.
Arrongemente ca t% ihud for
mees. Phone 2-4498 few oer.-
v motion. .,.- .
-- -*** '.-.' *' -. .

Santa Clara. Se. 4
Phone Panama 3-11it,.
se 3-1673. -

SHRAPNEL'S fyrnnsi
on blech at Santa 9hv. TA-
phone THOMPSON .- llb '

FOSTER'S COTTAiU., ne s el
pot Santo Clare. Low emt i..-
Phone Balboa 186I .
WILLIAMS' Seats Clrsa lech
Cottages rockgea,. rfrioMe-
tion, 2-bedroom.-Phone Belb e

Gromlich's Santa Clara Beach
Coteages. Medemn couvniems.
moderate rates. Phone Gambee
6-441. .;

. ,
,t .^

DOOG PRIZE Majorie Ely, Pat Cawl, Judy Jenaand Judy BImI -'sfean ft b
fidelity set whieh is the door prize At Saint Mariy'i0lf Annual Chlaitl fag tom. o "."a
be drawn on the last night of the Baaar, sche duled for April 20, 21, 22 nd-
S0Socil Hall,'in AAicon. .:..

Diablo Heights PTA Reports

On Discussion
During tihe ,April meeting -o
the DiaDIo Helgnts Parent Pa-
rent. Teachers Association lst
Tuesday evening Roger W. Col-
linge, director of Elemrptary
Education, as chairman of a
panel of parents, teachers. andI
edupators, g.iseua ed the Ia'cill-
ties and requirements pertain-I
ing to spolal education services
of the D I a ,b 1 o Elementasy

I Mrs. C. aobson, a p4nel
member qutled what. asha j
a parent wanted the Canal Zone
Schools to do for .-her child
.namry: prepare ilm for useful
cititW nhip and 'develop charac-
tpr In addition to physical and
acadei tFrpla' tg. -
SMias oIGI L. lkins, Super-
visor of IMtrucon, U. S. Ele-
mentary Bcheo. covered 'the
Diablo School program of reme-
dial reading, audio visual aids.
field trip, guest speakers, and
speeci1 st~I nt proj tt.
M .sJimfi-, r-othjan, first
Brade& t-e er at#the DIAbt..
EIeiakn8:Shool "p~nted imt
to the' toclatift the mano
Ways and means wherein pa
na an asrsh She clasioGe
teacher, Thi discussion Includ
ed i UMUec tl-*pSLWkr.
privately- tilk bver with O
tmacler child problems of propw
Srest, dipeipline, child mp-
prouemeat .a pa teat-tchl --
Aoom and

s At M tefing
I- -
ous questins by" the minny
parents and teachers present
During this phase of the pro-
paen the need for reduction to
thenumber of elementary stna
4dents per teacher, the require-
mten for a fUll time reaxeAt
school doctor the Span ra h
course, and child bebaxior were
Cscussed in detail. -
Lt. Col. Edward -B. Jnnlngs,
presidbt& of the AsIoclatlo an-.
nounced that tlib safety bleyclM
operation training to be put op
by the' Cftl Zone PIece for
the student Is of Dablo -lemen-
tary School would be held in
the parking lot of the Diblo

New Officers. '
Major Gerald H. HlteWr waas
unanimously elected ..4nulden$
of the Society for. tt UWWOW -
tion and- Encouragement to,
barbershopp Quartet gn a
4Amilca at an, nuall. a ula
meeting I1at Tuesday.
Ralph Grassau and lMaj. Gar
ald H. Ha er also were ani.
aqously aete
tpad secretary,
At the same .11
agents were "*' a 4
Tleater ont .Ma 2:; T
the a&ow. w- I to o,.B r
-wee .. A" 4

"- : .'-..'". 'm- --.'f '
ClubhonuI Saettrda* W
Apr 7 at 8:30. 1e



-- I -r-5 ~`BUF~-. -r -.------n-


( p/ I

e I

- I

mi '



.., ..- is'--, i



__ __


PmwM I qM__ zip


l-- I r "" I n n s JSt'




* t L
: \ r '-*

. ,-.. -- -





.* '


- ~*

,ijMm.t i j a y'--i

.- .* -'.i

J.. .
I -
-' .. .1

MMEM L.. ., .. .M

tu ....,w.I' "I .
iM m u .. 4At. o e .....

A '
, .,



.. *a' JoEL MVeAes:.

"J* '' OI3L -


'ma t -. 0 M. .... .. I
CR 4w

zt 5di-asrYs

v Already dra
la"r&. ias has CB

"ey w"~uuvpt;~

It'i been' years since. itty
lla made r TV 4but, hit
e's, st hllU about it. The
itte Tbhings ean a Lot" war.
ir ,eag- on the Dumont expert.
unigl etato" in Philadelphia aft-
hr seho l elassesa n 17. -
'Ani. rl never forget itk' she
gha. "I' was a combination of
bie'l.jWe"ra -ntad as Anmeri-
S a4w-GREEN lipstick and

henel Chastter: "My Little
.'" due ler.e new sponsor In
ein ow reissue earlier
e a Dragnet. The 1W
ee an the shell It' s "aid. are
IA0SWA in. rernM eohi ..

"r Parking

1 i ds e t

e to Ge tf,
Si zset aatap at the
ret. ostg*S ^ou @5

-Pr 1sers 1

S note: Hal Roach I Jr. Today, Thursday, April 14
andi pajusinot.chaledachJo PA. .y -
yacht, 3:lo-rreddy rdtiow
3:30-Mule For Twada
Not ,m the .Teleprompter: Art 4:00-1eature RewateW
.nklettlr, awig anl bids to tUM 4:30-What's Your Fa v.o ri t 0
dramatic TV r: g requesta pleas pon IT HAS HEAVY "WING TA
me I takga-.Chee.a ight befo5: reW ;00. Martin.L- U's a com
sa"B2Sie Ie'as .befrmtWa 5:30-,NeWU Yu 2r iel. Fr-a h a rlorae 5:36-What' Your F ver it c..n ..take. pv.y's new .m
John Irelam Joanne D fer. (cont.d o rigorous structural tests in
narido La&qaq ea Arlene Da arI 6:.0-Frano in The Alr RDWJ applied load of approxima
Ljm :00--B ne In The Air OLDFx
jotting another Four Star talefam 6:*15-BLUE RIBBON -ORTh
( eries Bdea. 1 VIW '
.-6 :o30-Wayne Ksing SerenSO
l Zabs ch, the e OGI mOGAN WL-
per l kidD IES 4 I D .* -
the skull-cracking stage over being 7..5-On Niht Stand
called TV' '- race of the via 71 -Re- m Nig Ut .. .
i .- lt l4iace,eh e(V
w.i '_rowe. I'm alea,.a Bd0. ,NRI. ibO DIJbY'S PXNT
l'au bins.I 0iU1 ..PARTY (Sea-
hing I grams V.O.J
Best uitp-ofthelyear nate: Bob 8:30I--aEL t- From Here (W)
!s line on "Entertainment i:W-. n Asked For it .(I-
S that .TV color sets soon tri quests Pe ph
in t 1e rasp of thea Veras before 7:0 -
Ir1osie'. w i:S-Maus c From lot li 1 -
' Ovheard: Iancing with her 10:45-Time For Veri Two chim Wnere eating
?MI1ft ryi1g toeet aDin 1:00.-aynhm SW lunch ats w quite
S'" -< i ti. = U sr
.Nobodyit Terry
Tomo.n w, ,a -mt&prolW Moore, who anotherr table.
Scout News s" a On l b(requestsm --Inrr t, d vion
P h aepl--am hon before7.0 -l I.ow. The G is T ry is
S0-in tMe -S uite wone-ul actress. "Be-
A ion orin the Pax- cuse of that costume nonsense
n yen y the IM i sKorea," a Guild poke
11 winb e &o i-ziii WIn ..The Wildwooda ys, "people have the lies she's
o, from 4to o A".tho R le u Just a body.but she's really a
1of Mr1. J qug e B1The1re looking for a phow to
WO 'I f appreeC-" i ':0,4 I aer t Istar her in iext season on Broad-
IV. a P .I0*4--RMN..R'8 JOR NAL way. And this summer she may
r (Oft atod Odoronot do Shakespeate's "Miich Ado
Bto i* tecir4 (rqu About Nottling" a to*i.-
,. "Pne bef T ----- "
S. ''" 1 Fred Astailre.1s ine ahO
SO Thet i whoo wa'te.. r The
S.e.fl t. .star of the M w a d,-
l ~ ~~~ s ;. il W.,: ,'

Brownie Troop No. 53.
Olrl' Scout leaders, assistant
leaders, program monaultatsa
and neighborhood chairmen will
be Invited to attend the tea at
Mrs. Johnson's home, located
next door t the AdministraU n
B dg m i Balba .Heights.
Board members are serving as
hostepes -for the affair, along
with senior Scouts.
Hats and gloves for the adults
will be in.order according to Mrs.
Beverly Friedman, chairman -of
arrangements for the tea. Also
spylgil on the plannIng con-
mittee are Ms. An Walther,
district Z chairman and Mrs. L.
B. Magnuson, Treasurer.

Salami .--
80 Pounder'
HAMBURMMG, Germany, April 14
(P4)--. n 80-poud salamiL, the
bgeWt r produced In Germa-
n, will be hited at the In-
ope0ing. New York April 15.
SO iat la is almost one
foot 1n diameter and a yard
ing. It took workers at the Wal-
ter meat plant three 'months to
make the oversised "wursty out
of por and beif.


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MKS"-No, t*e6 tanks weren't really atqp the wins o t is XPOM-1
polite picture,- ked up to dramatizu'the amount of stress the winpgs
ultijet seapM t be 44bht-tested this spring, is undergoing a series
Its Baltimr ,'M., hangar Wings alone have been subjected t an.
tely 35p,000 pounds., which is abtxt what the tanls rpreent

w- 3
- .

Inity Temple To Hold
N t Of Fi- Saturday
I&e daughters of Unity Tem-
pie of.the IL.P.O.E. of W., are
sponsoring a nite of fu~ian Sat-
urday night at the Paralso Jodge
Hall. ail

TRUE rlndshipknos no r L sa
TtA ,,o. and e p ate, the mouse. Lisa, an apparel Vetrl
I and her so t ted friend frequently iy together, a
to the ewnerof the house in Achen, G'mmny. Tb qwt
0.60 TQPAYI 030 amateqWSheS apher. emught this hintM i pW.tor l.
.0 DO. .ATURE. .. unusual dlght.-
Il* F I U -.. -1 ._M*


'and H woo 0.60 0.

ed Ataire Arnold

i 6wm.# L01:-w .-.- s -- some lines antd a lew Dig D Io
p l. dancing prohibits Sitl C" of red. I asked him whatit ws.
.l05-L ncht1iie Melodies deer. "It woM I d .' He said. 'It'r a balloon accie nt
*:0-8wt And Hot Fred says. "If was aon a beah' 1 k ia

.1:30-Sn aOf The Ponee new sUace,. so'l lever have trgh one f o."-*pic l
1:45-_ong Of fran (RDF) a television show." o frustration fie says he'di
2:00-Date In. oywoo" to do something "worthwhile." At
2:0.0 -D 4x fng AgwoWe have with us todaY either the moment., that would ar. to

:00P l W bWiWl tto"tell. a serious de .
3:130-Saiss aye Show A very % ophistleated. Hlly-
43:30-Musture ravew woo.d-Broadway perf. er .at
4:30-What's Your.Fvorite Oni ae Tia Red," and ealB
requestt plas phone away scandalized. Tie plla has
befr "" 3:Q0o) LOWELL THOMAS (CBS .- Ra-.. amed a contri bemaue
5:30--News; dio): President Eisenhower and of tendency to be
5:36-What's Your Fiavo 4lte Abraham Lincoln have ne thing ltar ald he wasi jUt ee
(ont'd) in comonu a Gietysburg ad di't taken M h UPuS1eh-
6:00.-Out S r *(USTD dress.- to t as plulL. ;..
6 15-BL-UR RIBON SPORTS 1le show has d rpaeai a-
ITh.s m. comihnic fellow i' Ar. ed incidetayi w-..i __
6:3O.- Musicale ..1"', S 'n. ttold.i"m i"7.O

IN coe m ty mam a as rd
6: -ence The Marchf pat eh ail. foilfor MW eth aol at
S7:OQ.,gOlz M -LO Bei."wB.TH.., He's ber B t troubleM. '
:A--neltl Sand several e off. Broadwmay. de

0U3 PARTY ( sea- ba em lwu a sriaous auithay .. l.. ... ,t ...
__ ora e aacts. Note comedy a d h ofr_ .. e e-sfs ys-__
Tha aaftt Baodtx ( leat DeV" rad''" 3 n m e o *nik .ss. ,
I8 :30- o-,--ark*-eeie I 1 y t i m e Ima.-s ic, .normi l. .
:00-You AslkeFie-r I .te-iriB-y t-- r-If wih abnormal pWs I
Shone be-_ p lar .'i M h e m t-. ai ,.oos b.s,, ?,.i

i. e Moim t a t. Bt ftea-c EkeeICK's eUI.. C '-e-s e
10: f Jbee ba vey themlwly. Ii s __rs_
1p:lv eiesld I|et, 4is .e5 mainly to oe e", -t-nd -- ft
12 eir e lod fi f.g P r a Mou .s, It' the a timWe. -" .--__

v .m_ asury_. Depart_ "c "l ,and h<1 Snake Suicide
/vuO-lcilaas o f'examp. of a miea WA"il"N-TON, AiL 4 (UP)
,.. Sta... 'Slthbought. oasider hit viw -A national zoo spoken sadl
h -on T. for kids He has two -M the death of the zoo'soogt buNh-
SDve, 4, asnd Deborah, 3 and master snake was suicide.
II of &=@ianer v wig to ab l | T e Seven-fo fo Alo bMd-It m-
an howur a day. pared Trinidad snake refutid all
"1 de' "I t -k telev sim foad It is impossible to efrne-
s c t Cmm"em ow thaik i rm feed such snakes becatse thb
dtheb Ikmaglas 1," he w.' Iave a "loose backbo"-" -n
W(, "The~.y le art Sl the TV art shake themselves Ito 4pt=1
Sk h.w haie them.. foawwig I .,-ract.res.-.

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lxl. rwOs :rwo su .ADass
Xf~e~^HH W WA.A'BBW*r^^^~ill-~'

rd. oa*. Prd i n i ii i M
SONA RIA.a =.,

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-eastatw ri^pieathe*-PR^II-W^^I

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New ~gu~ 8* ~

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, X' 3
.7 ? B

Olson Scores

Easy Victory

WYORK, Apil 14 (UP)-Robin Roberts ofr Ma im
A ilia~ the only pitcher arow .he is given in ver ax
L. chance of winning 30 gees, was off to his --
ari I four years today after dd'ng an opet- SAN FRANCISCO, April 14
Iay "Jinx" and nearly hurling thfrst no-hitter r cartl obo Oson a i'
ithPosi David with a m mighty slingshoe
ct S arker in the process* I each hand. crashed into the
0'..a. _an .open- v. Z-.i R.. ght heavyweight ranks for
S" e" st an open- fieldAh : nIes an Rwho ^ w keeps today In the wake of
lost thk-open- Ashb other of m wh bri pounding out a brutally decisive
or and' lo h b the JoP y n-..un decision over Joey
Sthirs thinning or tonel runs im tmoe "Bobo has proved that he can
aase hbrea them, 4- dot *lith.f.- k I andle the big fellows and we'll
g b laya an hr tl and go for anybody even Rocky

SpS inesy the Leagga ;sc l 0 oer orld a M ACT telx Brone aMexn
P -gle .b .t.. l produSed heavyweri if the prcan bl ois
oah the Gants' heftb 4 oi sweat to tt manager to 175 od Flaherty
Singled to thesl .said o aftertlast night's slaughter.
otlb oone out in the Ca nh e WeRs The bold ruler of the mid-

o lao n het .... i n t hd 6n g s o n ocBin t h s e -
I u -yes r-old to aut- nr, ..e si d dioeweight ranks weighed 169

*-wio th a thundering I9-1 victory 1ef $s >nd Tooks. c L
iaon W shnosbn.Souh pounds for the nop-title na-m
Wht Fthanrdrwwho lm.ted tionallyh-televised igh ht, while "t
Smes the Leats t two hits, dve nlnounts of eight during the bat-
Swasn't ds 01u a lgaped M4.i- M Maxim, former world light M MlMbltenl 8"%U t Brlponea ,exclt
he b d and o ; Mackey h tathtlel app eart es
gH t iant b Ce. c sreV M I heavyweight champion, had to defdoCan l.. t arpe ac r ed lesto aru
U j tw more wah s hl for a homer fourth, sweat to get down to 175 or 8he times. Inl Clare scheduled

'.two *ore hl frame In hfor Mantle homered Olson, t.ving unwaa wveral hen -h
two mune. the seventh. Pee Wee Reme'se forfeit $10,000.o J to with Luis Mpjp1# Ipain Sunday when they wil

r tw n 'sith two on. In the sixth the inches in eight, hd been x
-, ie' ty .for no hitters double, a walk, Jackie'Robin- Olson had Maxim on the
Si nkees went ahead 1-1bunt and hinges of a knockout in the sec-
l eGY Ud O matt ers t t Carl Furdill's homer made theond and ninth rounds when he '"b"t B r A
after the game "The core 6-1. shed backine gave up sevenaflred was mohim wth vicious th co-
t thing is that we won., hits and struck out four matters blations to the head.o But Palos torow
E-nbledby injurles to out. nTose eYankees made ten ubl#, Joey always managed to clamber "r
fin the Aterican LeagueUp and keep tryingto land his
with a thunderng2000th 19-1victory stffle ftj;bsandnooks.

lMILWAUKEE, Wis., Apl 14 of his manaiertal career by The busy Bobo-man, looking bat-ghfH a
over Washington. Southpaw dropped the former
(UP uar ay noWhitey Ford, who limited the light heavyweight up again stg or two

Sit when tne two m enator s to two hits, d in front right to the Juraw which he bat- ":---- ,"
S -rdnd boxng mate witfour runs as did Mickey Mantle teouleaving Joey as f strikio on g sed
and Bob Cerv. Mckey Mcls er- that he said n the dressing
m.ot started for the losers buthe Olso' afterwards that he thought

S binson, te former middle third on Harvey Kuenn's homeurth, ly of the TNT variety and mes.
aytor re-statemenev of h. walks, Jim Delsng's single an d he constantly squared his
reinF' OhlscMnte bymedd elfon, vnga wao'ssveral
ten',dith two on. In the sixth, the nchen elght, h been px-

m no I Tnkeeh went ahead 1-1 when petted to go to work on te w ---,
| l av weU t ls e ch Berra and Bill Skowron weary fighter's midsectionr, but
...aslehed back-to-back homers ei instead was moot effective with
o Detroit presented 1Bueky de atating combinations to the
tHarris with the 2,0 triump00th victory ace.
..MWAUKEE, is.Aplftheeea14 of his managerial career by The busy Bobo-man, looking
(UP) bugar Raye i.',b)nsoil tnpling Kansas City 10-2 like a lightweight up against a
Savored to ringefeat aftr losing as t ev Gromiek plitS h e heavy, smashed Maxim down the
heayewelght champion Ted 01 eight-hi 'baem. firstHa tim with an overhand
t oe Mxim June 25two ee. Athltics jumped in fro right to the aw which he nt t Btn R
ridn a knd boxin thmae 14 with a run'in the first inning bounced of repaJoy as fo jed striking
he Tigers rapped loser Arne him with a dagger.Boston for a bter price.
." binson d "I Ihird onHarvey Kuenn's home ly of the TNT variety and -
SWeigh champion, said he would Ind red Hatfield's double, twurd a m With amazing rapidity
Sfor re-tatement of h. walls, Delsing's singloan a constantly squared his
Sif hedeeated Oia. i Tutle's double. Detro shoulders, weaved n, bue
-F I ue clinched the contest by adding himself on Pal Joeys sp
bnson cositendoed mivt-le mo:e runs the sixth. tire, then suddenly exploded.-

.Wo'? uptlon C Bar x- d. nad"ef E. alle .t T
Swamp enKin Cl o- Thr eatenin' weather post- one-twos to the face."
eavywcght division. I J scheduled, Boston at Baltimore: on the ten-second flurry Just

the miot .lhe wantc.- before the betl but never could,
gaeverdto; hibmnsoMAst -w Roin. Bget. u ite trckd against

left the 'ring aftr lou aAO Aong The rw,
3oon e!= innings and,. ,. d" .. a. .e. ".
eavywl caStelaniP .edatiha .H triump P I l l
.t Maxim June 25. Base, ', ia Cit
oca awa kckouit in the l4tn ]Panama inr Golf MlBlgosrrldyte

+ 7%ioakeightl tttle, I would theaG
elinoqulshed my middsle.a- NO. 1 TEfainVaesots ,v
co ightwn A. iHrtle R. Hugn hesbntA.dFreneh ..i Ct
S Joebyson's manager, George m.ngopaiu, b. ,hei, ,. Rhodes. Foureuuth is a series
4, saizlba would submit h'. W .r ..liuB,.in&,o, ops.l
-to: tNatio fl BOX. %. jradlen, ai. Sare. at fI I N ..........
be -M mskin for Rob- '-"
r.el Ushe as m iddle- NO. 15 TE
AL R.ue,.Fn.s. if he wonnthe
Aas a G I. Robinson, M. Askew, B. Lut. d F
ser Jaik Gules said t a. LarpenSr, F. Tiwomey, W.
.W.$.':! t ra-ffl to Alvide BankO. -5 "

R616.1.Cstallati'A 0. GeLeL~Us, M. Hazy, P. Falk,
or, a&Xjg Rocky to meet P. Ba, N. ,% zna,.
n a 15-round cham NO defMiltei ie 1offtb nes v
R 40fight in Milwaukee in been mate

S Dan ocken
WEI*HT .TiitKBR .- Don Cockell may purchase his clothes
In the over en~ but the Briton throws his weight
around. e yMarcano in San Francisco, May 16.

41., ,-.' PhneN*. -MM

. adminiau 'e A
a, where ne yealM d
'a, he set # iqWW
ueaster, 0.
-Olds *'- ",-

tw I `

a the a-


I Im,

co is shown in action against a
day at La Macarea bullring In
e from Mexico tomorrow. Briones
i fight two bulls each.

eted Ear

Promoter Enrique Martin to-
day disclosed that Joltin' Joe
Brown, who arrived on schedule
last night At -tumen airport
via PAA, will be-nablb to fulfill
his contract aAnst Cuba's
Chocolatico V Trenfo in- this
featured 138-poand ten-round
match the Colon Arena. Brown
is suffering from an ear Infec-
tion that wig prevent him froku
fighting within the next ten
rederico.-Pluamer, accord-
ingto to Martin, has come to
terms to substitute for Brown
against the highly rated Cu-
ban boxer. Plummer ha been
in constant tranig 'ever
since stopping Jose Edwin a
month ago and is in excellent
shape for the contest.
At press time we could noc
get a confirmation on whether
Plummer or his manager had
signed contracts with Martin.
The contracts, however, were to
be sent to the Colon Boxing

eams W L n
Chicago I 2 t
klyn S1 0 "
Phlalpi : .a 1
-New Y~rk 0 r
Pittaburgh 0 ,
St. Lois 0 1 .000
Cincinati0 00 m

ToDA -- 1
Brooklyn at .M "
P hlladelphlade t fltaburgm h
Milwaukee s| i Iouis "
Chicago at Oinlatt. .
r ** te

o*~ S

Pittsburgh 000OQO l-1 70 o
Brooklyn 000-!f0 x-ft I 0 Ciurt f
Surkont (0-1) .1Kwa~d^ .
well. Erskine W-
panella. y "i '
New York 000 000 002-3 3 1 tocm-ro O r1),
Philadelphia 000 0O2 00*4 1 1 Wheat.,Trie att
Antonelli (0-1) and Westrum Boton rat: (
Roberts (1-0) and Lopst, -Weather).
Only games scheduled. QOly games qeiiu3111"

Powells Defeat

For Isthmian 1


Teams a
Lucky Strike

Woa Lest
2 0
0 3

Powells 5, Lucky Strdke 4
The Atlantic Twilight League
champion Powells edged -Lucky
Strike 5 to 4 In an extra inning
game to cop. the Isthmian Twi-
light League championship at
Mt. Hope Stadium last night.
Manager Noel Gibson's single
to left in the bottom. of the
eighth with~ two away scored
Stan Smith from third to give
the Powells their second win In
the three game series.

Commission ths evening ,for wells got off to one-run
examin tion and final roval lead -in the. firston sagls by
.Joe also ad Dedea and aii and.a ield
wi o g .Co b. her's choice by bson that load-
o 14 ed the M 5'
bOx to
to the pedt of lon double play rom
Boxing commtlsion, Daniel Del- home to first and the IWesl
gado. Delgado then ordbrd missed g triple play by hiemI
Brown to undergo an examina- as Bucky Hall eluded the tg by
tion by the Commission's doctor Tecchert at home on the pla
to ascertain the seriousnes- of at the plate as Hall score
the ear infecton. the way from second.base:
Chocolate, meanwhile, con- Lucky Strike tied It up in the
tinued to impress during his third when Sutherland was
workouts at the Colon Arena. nickedby V. RidgeV pitch and
The Cuban virtually pinched Bob Ridge unloaded a long ddU-
Daniel Ward all over the Are- ble to score Sutherland who
na during his workout yes- had stolen second base. Powells
The Havana boxer, reportedly tie in the bottom half of the
a nephew -of the great originki inning and drove Bob Medinger
Kid Chcolate, will be seeking from the mound on a triple by
his fourth victory of 1t55. He Gibson, a single by Highley and
holds victories over Kikaro Gar- a two base knock by vince Ridge
ca,. Zurdo Linares and Julian that netted the Powells two
Perez while losing a highly dis- runs. Manny Mora came in to
puted split decision to Jimmy relieve Medinger and retired the
Ford. In his last outing. side.
Baby Hawkins and Erneato Lucky Strike took a one run
elid; two hard-hitting 147- lead in the fifth as they knocked
pounders, will slug it out in a Vince Ridge out of the boa.ool-
return semifinall match. These ting three run s ings by
oys will fight eight rounds or one, and Moran another
less. They. battled to a thrilling long double by Bob Ride. RidM g
draw the last time they met scored on Tige enert singlee
Sto tenter for the Luckes third

Pacific SoftbaH -
H Powells tied the game in tiO
bottom of the seventh and sent
he m ipto. an extra inning
o py.Mo go DedeaUx on
Lsatea to open the seventh but
SB uckyRall came up with a sin-
Lea e gle and raced to third on CGb-
/ on's double an Powells put the
tie run at third and the winning
Fireman's Insurance topped1 run at ond ba n nt
Baxter. 1-11 in a make-up l ey w ien an inten-
game on April 12; they made It ttonal :on a d te
Fwo in a row the following day end ~eaiVinoceRSS
by again edging Baxter1 Nut. w down s igi g .or.
a regularly scheduled game. M-cod o t. oo r worked MoaU
including results of the above-for a *wal t oansd aft sthe
run W)4 Ni.HNE e-dedW
games, current second -h t a.1- and-lth etdra d
standing are as follows: a e the f outto
Teams.. Won Lt thr home for te out
Fireman's Iniurance amend the game Into extra In-
aLtOrquldo 5 6 ,Lukes t wo menon with
,etary 4 S two aw mtheeighth on wa k
Note: The cancelled Baxter- --.outto .nd.
Pan Liquldo game of March .V.n out e 2.
is to be played on Tuesday, t ,. b
April 19.-i 5 NEW 10EA Me Oi l A
Waltham, Mass. (NEA)-Wast ---k iiaSf'SaM rP*
Mao.e,. Brandeis Uufversity In IoIF
besebull poac s b a plr haish C & s
eml b. free s-Ubstitforztogie
m players msce toptoay. g
TI Ymf INp, LUENCE ; *a- Ited
tanover, N. .(NEA)- Two -ob -
former New Yor yke t -*as SMf l K
bey said SAd Altl
I ,iSwumaI

New York I Sres, Babe suth newov7 bI
- I

Ludcy. Strike

rwriiht Title

for four for the loise. Noel Oib
.on led umI teta' -os 121 f pilte
with a .triple, .duuoeiu4 two
slt gla in tour. li.

t= n hit .,.
The box score: -
Players ab r h ,.a
Scott, 3b 5 0 0 2 1
BSutherland, as I .1 0 .'
Jones, f 5-1 .a -
Mora. 3b, p 4 1 1.6.4
Ridge, ,.rft 1 30 4
Somk, 3b 4 0 3. 0
Faeman, lf 4 0o.. .0,.'
Teihert, 3 .0 ..2 .4.2
Medinger, p, lb 3 01 ,.

10.- mi I

gP u,......p 4 : i,4 i

Bi ,f .3 IA 1 1I'
Ridge, V 4 0 ..1 .1
Hooper, e 2 0 1 AI
Rashst,2b 3 0 0 2 31
Smith, rf 4 1 3 2 0
Dockery ., 3 00 0- 1
Totals U : 13 M 1
. Suvmar o. -- errors:
Winalog her: Q .
Medlnger 3 runs ? 1-te la 'i
Inpings; Mora r as 2t16
5-1/3 Innings; V. Aid -4
7 h its in 4 in n in g s ; -b s0I1 N
runs 2 bit in 4 imilnLt
pitch; 8utberland Tela
by V. Ridge, Mediliger by gI I
son. Buaes on .Ala:. Ol o.r
Mora 5. Struck ot by ,
4, GObson bmdlnhm .
Stolen bases: mt a
land. Two 1a -

Mat. Left on base:
Lucky Strike 11. oubig
Mora r rtt. ,rer:; .
,and Banders. eorer
Time of game: 23:40.

I 1't A !Sud '

craw O tMu M
**am, in b lit

'"a -eIe..N


* a ir

Ioin Rrts OQfi


e' Holds Giants

.. For 8 "ming


-Y t .. .


_~____ ~

.. .




~ BU

DOW Fl'terwalk

; ,..- -. .. .

- q



.- .. .. E q
"- do"-, 'a.-?, BH B 1" 1 "i

dtP ofN Sunman's

th ntire bak d which was
"' '0.soff. ms aul the
ud trala in private.
ha tes s I P armi partners
-btN tp, fea- an light.
Sere. up. Mauias
Won 'n Q after another
---_.Ipr ud, mouAmt tnofwork
.e sye. a e ra ee r t
In Icur ."dF str T and 1-
Wo-ad0 'seed *hit we saw ln
ca n me ...eua, C, nt ,s mwed down poor
cn me "Ad thae t t did gtrat IA o
Why, ilowkita fello w with i J ~ a d n oan Frta sco, after
him taskedth Dat ai 0- eel "B ,wc T ee d;r"-n,In- t b t he alf bland foe ha r ur
Las not remained InI b al 0jV. TOm was dwrn cruelty
some capacity to match them the Bangkok cop
so dme cnapmacity? 7f'eVe Paul hA l\ing' little m" thaB the ter-
ed Joe{ currently weighing awVstua Macias' style, more than
= 8_ roposl. .iens. "'I.don't TOi m.A .* .tw l'yemrh
lphoen odtogrphers take Ii third ike worki tho nside ory d 6rod w r.k. Jvush d i Areas4 wp.
Ikrey's picture, they have to answer biuestionm ee ogy. Mandgin as chin fisn't---d-fashioned title r h
Wsa w t 'q. shootinR at When his pnng are iowtg and that stY isn't my IG p lor wallop and who xee wcitkh 't F BIG Ol. Sddie ArCaro up, hi
S-to mke.s living with cameras. He line. I alway- said that when I hi back trht and never off bI threeyear-o year. The Belair
opea d a "Andy Carey's Portraits of Distin uo'" in Ouit playing I d qait basebai." Lalanee. He is enie of the few
SHoywood ..DAGG WOULD LI to crappers arou today y who his duels with Mrs. John W. Galbreath'l
S "*.DFMA' It WO ULD L4seems to understand what a body
; I* ,. "- -" n a boys' c.Smp, have something. v Aor
S p, h bl ow can do The e ft book to $100,000Wood Memorial at Jama
to doltaoe b asebat on M oLltti he bread basket Is his rade
ALeague baseball.-b k.

byalA A fpit r uiMaggloae t b ud, it wan tobser aved, f th b no more than r tl Th *le e*
Should certainly do baseball, ast is a pro, but po assesses o P hrs b
[\a g AmTAemri Lcan L aurodbIluders a loss via a typl
JOE W ILLIAMS. | ,,ooa m Inosomecacilit a ud de:Inshamatu bgoudi

.a 1e ... ie ... .,h d'o never temem erwged,, It i edo So ""C IaTOB l "
.league being this bad," he sad. [lheo wh j I means more south
s.t ht lo a x d te p oln,d bp rprisd be how t oby1tin9 ood gr acl., Thes moe Mexico City's b ig bull ring is teem on Rg the Cristobal Gun Clul
etl e sy. purrprie f- ml wor d for waere uced. ad gd the Noath Amorican title f r o m cj ed, a lnen.
...... .Bt.. .... ......Iompn dNat' rooks there h o
d no t U te or u lr e :.t d n Te ,a I C I Wthveoo.w 1 d I y cheeringB Mrn WR t fo s that H h
3I weeaople:as r o N ow it' a tw -ub race ..Na e rTheoIrth N a. I .: a big fhve .ve
all And if either the Yankees or In i c- Polleman firing 'for
10 wee 25 ,were either too light or two dians run away, It will be terrl- By ARR GRAYSN Raul Macis by now a national an n Mas came disr- an average of Capt m, Army shoot
f 204 balls weighed,425wer e e t be."BHeR to g wARRAoN
evble NEW YORK (NEA) -There hero really is something to see. eo City Midway through the rd place with a score o 28.
3. The.breaking point, or tensile strength, of leather covers It seemed that DIMaS io idn't are a flock of rewarding sigts a i0e I the hot-isted little bundle n.ain event, the spectators began
Sftroi 48 to75 l of 15 covers was .c th White tas tourist should catch in exico uf energy and body punches who buzz. The fight going on in the i
) Th e' aveage tcoW Cie t snme oher u ad th ad ty ote least 1 which Is along with Robert Coh enOii ngwas forgotten as the news e l
hl tcest cover was more thin twice as. thic as be mesrt. aboutC n obad ti" ....a iul0 Rat Ma p rance, has a hand in the t sread that I D'A
5; Some seam wvte stitched nearly twice as as others, h I Natt al.Lei n hasfour,. ._ .... ", ly Macils' scheduled foe had l l .... 19
.aWI ing 4 A ther, TheNatonalo e a," how ft "- been shot In a bome-townbrawl. 2lan ,,:.1 .
Ing 0in t, of width,,-th 6 variance ranged from -11.0G to 12 -68 I IC c be' e w el n on. 1g 3 Cot o 0 p.10 .1-.
I tan, nch.' 'Take :*cnas babe Paul has
S number f twlta per inch i. n the wol t don a rea ood ob He madetoo. Where would Macias' nex INDIVIDUAL tTAlDINI
at uUt hejaicS h t itelak rabbit) varied frdm 4.0 to 5.2. b a best move in Birdie TebTg hly Iop enant come from?
itees obviUsT two Wisea fa lett. Provided a smart lot onltrat and
JirAh e I,*!,tIa to-, .\~ ,M;. Train and pl a loadl of Macia's

htLow h ep MARGARITA LA up or wee son, were lack of iz does not t
snae lare oows WwhJen, toyank aptceRACTAo tod es Swim Ay.., 1 3747

bas e h Iet WrihBrer. sw u-tr Ihy rtd th beh 4 Smith I Cristobal. 11 2916
S1rht PLApDIT SAFE NT A rhbarin The Wilzht Bros. team woB Macins, w ho sportsa feint
SNine diferent types of "ofsiulal" baseballs were used In the u up, Mgo ru out 6ver Na tion valt tos Won Lost mu ache even when he fights, 6 Louis Cristoba 12 3130
test. These were furnished originay by the manufacturer.. It there wan trouble like that," he wi h inLe he hLro Wrght rs .. .-/ 1h Co te a e g b zonIki .-Army. ,. 12 3113
tarer lght cary a luxury produet for usuch urpoaes Any- club as lona as it 2 S, a 'loner' a p aatn btsd atbtt al 1 i4A that s required to do this
chandga b hnIlt are some more little guys w f-1 2
b exsoie so ttang hedu teo ,-eto wn tnfrncrespwopdind ,Ath Aat t hurts. to take o third ile the ............C s y can take it downstairs. 9 Snyder Navy... .1
aprize-wshwyyo know a ballplayer second a o .... T
r-e I t ,To rfetotIo Wnyaltrays or ubarb aswe Chdwm Tavern .,. to see b a o ll I" Pate --N .. .. 8 3058
d us r to e same one-supposedly the same one--that d pslikes. It's lake a fihter feudingt forit on soe nht eawon'...
le to publiC. put the delicate refinements were with his man.ger. T a t doesn't tthe Me's i slowed pwe ,......... ..
as only a' led shot maker could exploit. Maybe the mean he won't fight wil" o tak t Brovers.thiac ten
neote' a tmafaturer. came off with anything 8omeane asked Diagglio if he The Naval Station did ,all they Nval Station.......
N ie df Stseere th tests. Some Just weren't as far off bad seen any good young ball thecould takn gal TaeUrncrt4GuTl y I
sw ih*nedaosMpbethept f fftu 5 ttyeras. ,efrom thi Broad-way Tavern crev HIGH TEAM S... t ,mwer-T eu1

Pt t ttOwhi I teh slgry owly these d he said. by tkt when the l' Wyght Bros.. ..... ..'
.ae-old own tT the me tney ma ks ."W deh'y know kof one on the west won d.e game fm ftand Scott ...2.7he.l .
atwhento tlamanufactur mupps- coast. The Little itehymavern If-
u -,., .In ev&t"l aybeyd a ilre. Time's main h start to foeet ponezeIs t1"08 to, OfVIDUAL eW S ..

re oordCanonr asked nie Cas A Galligsa ... 4, .h
Aee r acknow rer alo od oe or as e picture O.enis tak th C
s, they reful to coete this cteas Insomluble problem, iSure* t aou esaido. Ohef t alovenind I6 DIVIDUAL HIG alp
l4lst W risl the~customershould f. Tis eo DMgglo's fourth was 's paltry 516
nlt ay, tho-t ake t conl liM out of batball and he re. Class A alla .....
t requirements t shoddy merchandise. The mains as popular as he was the Clau B .Ortuier ....". ..
IWO...oeneakd f qhia bit ooit rnd, t.t dey he went away. Ca C CBuStats ......... .83
Weo mu-rs eoNfwih.AL sth s.
WtWrLL"1-?adsenanygod you nl.-..our
Th. b~ lwa been something of a mystery about the" lyst i.0f
kw, tBe manrhave never W
bsal the ma jor luse. r o mtwsedays N"be.saidry%, oih n

U"-" pstch back. ht bounds off eatc erds thIn te or Dm at.s
Itb 3idwtares. t Th0sae othin Dnttl m protector into the aior. He makes trl at 5gm "'nr-

Geor ge: *P couitaWO 0F00 coast.agT hGemthe
eerur, eal the a puiut e Ausw: N.. a f tei must be go1ng all out to win this a e.
e0lha shtbe. Mya e b .esat. lsat He On other nd the urre President Ricardo %of the
19 bMi ha thefrlssyt eleven in it a b autWiul trophy to be gaIto
pnfort fumyetetheiar a winner of the
yeaor the ClPbleisiulf recorded A featuring
sefs land staff h abelMer earned. if twhni ogf taorne .,
$ag" aaedl acnwae tdg Giants' ewiaho vs silver City dr.hIras of colot.
h latosct sea?- Te ame wIll be. hema une
__en'et tl r '7-. At -the _lht l Rthe ein- In the Panama Nagis .m.

f 44

ias the lU*1 t-be
Stud qlt resumsa

L, April 23.

* 5>

er, managed to


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300 Medal
HMO MeGaIt .'

35S Mod
LJ~t AJ- *' **** *' '

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t ir iji ii i. Almni



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rI., t.. R. ,.

... .;* .....on ..sR .t.oa ,t.d," h53i"e "". -

ueglsts have alteady been d s i w ithisPa s
in- C. olo Hosp tals, as weli health sithr Es T RSDAY 1
tseT oaer..00chei ..i-
.. the vaccn e. YiApXl ath e,.sa( .U .( ..)-.

'ise cae p c was rorsr saout tw d o a asro destinedt snlgdtoayrt a te ed tu
"'obi a toh ave nstr. b reen 06ib C p 4. 04ro -. .
S ~ ~ .~- un r C ocoo Bt tla ud Drm. Stol ofls B ppn
I* id tInb. .us. r : o if vials sia y ner r ta -poi e
...t.alfPresid3nt.Lea W

poavne for the relae tn a sao f thaeiS t e w d Tstpa e sa Ih
he Said I. ford thentec ondy andto p e ig dparabytio to b e t
2 a. 4or h va o tins t rcv hr the c eicn e

- d" ; + un e r- -. e frieeaed as" m .-- rl""e d ci .,,'- r
e ; nce nthe over-allt
ASRTPLesselilott.eawrhplo b6atsou.eseitsb tna b as

thfne world'st earch for aweapon t nfti paayis. 1the taalPed a W
con tpokmain enoughoBalk poliofF ane for omplte unaid- ewro said thes faonteig it, 0 OT POLIOr onaOb,6 tsild Maw., yon
I e tat ag int the mromnug e fs the Bo'"alk ana "e ". "- r ""

d1b tVess o o oCo $w000. t al v t r s es piso roee asmM .
.re.. o Impo rta nt ... MSh
the rt o r eduton e iset h e

t btsd'e Irrc he ror mveroning aatahsptital- fr throatntale Psrlp y w. p
or ainc o h a ,cine on the a ek .

Reach tgainst Forsee Barkic ab Ike OrdeLrSs Fe donna rb, mitteriald, Ma SstU h d
Sre s ider ntLo eW c b ake e

NW YORK, April 14 (UP) Narrows said the rhesus mon- pieced to ask Congress today to
.ol t-line vital to Balk anti-poli o vac- most atshfactory and make up t-ate; participation by the gen- (up)Praldent enower to cio s dute to a uss a lk Thre wit be bl
e2ns production was restored to ibdut two-thirds of the import.. cr41 agreement on ris and dsy directed 'am Immediate fed. d IhelmaStle adH Iorega mrike.. all she sa sblt
iem day with shipment of the first D .Hun Kumm f td fou- trhe, an arra me.,nti, '$4 ad. wu
nterhesusn monkeys sent here from dat eD'onp~le Rusa ad other eureea
TAle bob)mINdia Since a mRTOPnL..Th-g nsea. t under be.nTnscuntes In \60; per pea t f

t he ord'ssearchfl onbans method, enough oal- s ent of the world's co l tion o th Silk sol vaccine t Lommupt. cogtiee stand Jttle '
OWEshwlTSf'A"s"- o", wa- lifted four days ago. cine for 5000 Cots can be ob- ni sepdlns of 'th at r n & lance of jetting U.S. ple. of br. Sc Vau
Center and Dr James Salk (right), developer o he nantile paralysis said 800 man- key kidneys. a t the PreMsdeat's vacation re- The P-ntks.n dfrectad ira. tie being -
vaccine, smile after their release to the press of the keys who kidneys ar used tre Augusta, Ga., that a vets te Hobby, erAr of Other na adleat e
~of....1 vaccine. The vaccine was found to be up to .0-90 I: making Salk soluton-wre n the bas of a thre-shot on ATT would b- eth adution welfare. t the l the Salk ,fu- v

r @011 seftect~t In preventIng paralytip pelio. due here In a day or wo. immunhsatlon, that would be mit lo the House had 1 awn. mske theo survey; then r 0 Vt406d6 themselves before seekiag Is t b1
* ..rd ctnhor_ of the year, thrgt""7",le ec-nougn r to ra ate 1,000 hb o Mio t .
,foundatiosaid, enouh de. tw bt sf the s mspe to on o b wr assa pt her a

str M oI e"T fo rs ... c. so .-- .

?1'fepce U a Envoy aencels ea ve i.- actiont"a f atimeby pa in aroome c wi hew v d ,,' thrippin ..
threatn thexoefachreSy for h"h.In iator late trade among the signatory White Re"' reSS' SoA t a r v
sN eteresarch.l This oI.ncludes air shipment to was not required. wea .lh.e t-ens mIht be t.ken 1.T uo-e sday-mie h e v ne
da- kny lehe ouy duAring te Nor( tck- troslnhation's However, the Randall owOpmm- non nar lisa mdach e Caof Is o Naa a
Sjthen t tinderbox aloo tr.uas tem ban. monke farm in south Caronl vna iti r appointed by Mr. 1Unit pLaUSTA Gn h tprel14 r Prsith .a Istc a

Vi a h01604 ID Soutloast l aymonef Narrows, foundation anod thsat feeding and final hower to consider international -il .ecrptsr of stat J nh Post.r .toi pao e seaso a starts eoon4 vaccine. This is a
e. i t executive director, said th or- s nent to the manufacturer, trade problem recommended Nile,. to start worldwide d f culate milli whel childru
rthree shot.nfh f

Son as all in two weeks at its South Then they hippd to the health ill bef a senate lsbor munatin o 1, 000

edirep othe-VieTand Caro naln which aIseou p- Miernnad erwre as ll-I.L80 T IDES n@ n- mersNo e thd welfare subcommittee. Lfore Ie wod be eady
ohera 0a Jrigh d li Van the I anil he said. hoty dys the vaccine PrI ,APRIL 15 dical offio- Ters of the fdeal u.bcommettee Chairman Lister heni.n

"I vaThine.Dsirty dayslered oatread tobIAhLo f er ment about the ,Ee1whm1n(B-Ala.a asked her to ug ured to eanIGH, LOWa eton01% nd ouldconer 3'o ; t aorn-oThehother hel gfa
ofeav nae.Thce Diploee and scenleatlsfo p. sent to doctors 0 0 m health au- 3 .k 5:02lk o e.. ep r epremsOn tvul s confe the chit to sek l ara ways to vscheot has -
a 9es t -vecnalpprn the 0'reiguu thorlties. :at pham.u. 3:32 p3no medewulgicalfte sdo and the ywav ta ie msrtt S in hb wv,
por- found oow eTpqbts a tot- o bd BRW iO-Itc e industr o c themevdhyufeleraa

a. talenteof 16nots by tkontr lines," sid Hugt
nlfirst ofn twe yek rha e cf ",0, to make plsns to see l.I PRICES: .75
the He mh Ano shortof shat aqa oppirbtunity o

fovunvaccionehaidbenouthhnrema ened lion- of toeto feder) uvpn.5t
i it vho.teof ieY eo skLaa. ,p4:6tInSi.m

y"esar". suaiet ee foudaiohle -ab M
kothsWpillynp. have bnimprtO mons r. cyoasE
betmasnsEtoTteeA-to ourinivaiendrtgmanuValen t 65aute the in
,o'-e.etw erdedcncent.theove m;r-ccine.e.ZIP
Wil I0mLorthabou t610 stpalediln the agreemnntrsincerwilo bnefts, _lt arv i. ftZs,

tytafor vaccinpn4e production Wen nwnoaf MWtftiIbi .

Ehe maid.- tt"pla

-- -Aia,5:8., :p e .. ,.+,- ,; -... ever.a
.... .. ) ""e hat
s-t se nd-unl --..Ithwhch -
that rithe experience rtoe a year ago. -.
.-73 0.40.,,b. .. .. ....

Be as that
go yestra tt
al 00 -vaccine
W e i c,.- i"3el e
.1. ee- aseom YOU t ,
YOU did t ft in, I
64-9.a 10- uan Pe r 15o*,"-.-A*


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