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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"'H~awia~~isg YK

had c, battle the public.
; away horses and onm-
S C Ae cr ea .&dm or-

And after all their work, actors
jaid the Crucifaion scene was
wiessed by only a handful of
ole who had arrived' there
ear er to picnic.
The public remained behind to
Pat tacos and drink pulque.
Mat of tho players agreed they
wWSft rather be among the spec
SWMgxt time'




r -F r

adster Sunne S ce At >kaboa


THE COMBINED ARMED SERVICES CHOIR sings during the Easter Sunrise Services on the steps of the Ad-
ministration Building yesterday morning. The choir, under the direction of Mary Frances Galbreath, is composed
of members from ,t. Kobbe, Ft. Amador, Ft. Clayton4lbrook Field, the 15th Naval District, and the post of Co.
rozal. Carl P. Ijams served as organist. (Photo by Sgt. W. L. Paulson)

3,00 See Annual

Sunrise Services
0*o-- "
Hundreds of Zone gals yester- Panama City looked deserted
day put on-their Easter bonnets, by comparison yesterday.
decked out in their Sunday best, -
and paraded around the streets Millions of Americans attended
of Balboa and environs follow- turch yesterday to commemo-
ing the Easter Su~re seices rate the resV-rection of Christ and
held at the A'di nistration then celebrated the arrival of
in Balb. yestery spring with fashion parades and
m-.oliday Yasts.
The weather generally was fair
and moid except in two areas. .ele

nead a MMMM
for te
were xt' e alo
death a mand the
Interior; 'eaned at one with
more than 100 persons Injured.
Most of the robberies took
place between Saturday night
and yesterday morning and In-
volved burglaries of private
homes and a tailoring establish-
The lone fatality was the re-
sult of a three:way bicycle crash
which killed- a Panamanian
y6uth on the National Highway
near the town of La Loma, San
While most of the city resi-
dents who "invaded" interior
towns during Holy Week were
back on their jobs this morning,
some remained with relatives for
the rest of the summerr" holi-

Sand' fitaue-
ers, eathe an
re cpame in the Pae
a tfien-5sdthentral a-
F -eanceled may outdoor suo -
'seervtes. Lawton, Ok-
lo., the: drfnie stppe Just in
time oi b 50.W erso s to watch
the 30th anOald aster pageant in
the Wichita nmOItamo.n
Po Pius XI, leader of t e
'orIda Roman Catholics, set the
tone for many 'Easter ober'anc-
In an Eastei appeal before 350,-
t'0Ol persons gathered in St. Peter's
Square, he asked for "progressive
cisarmament" to insure peace.
The ope mised klentists
ter making nslea enery a-
valabMe to m that
It must be p.ut "to the service,
not the destruction, of man."
President Eisenhower attended
Services at National Presbyterian
Church. The First "Lady is recu-
peratjfg from illness at their
Pennsylvania farmstead.
Vice President asd Mrs. Rich-
aid Nixon joined worshippers at
(Continued on Page 6, Col. 6)

Guizado Jr.


From Jail

The son of convicted ex-Pres-
Ident Jose Ram6n Guizado was
granted provisional freedom at
noon today after being under
arrest since Jan. 14.
The release of Jos6 Ram6n
('Mon") Guizado Jr. was order-
ed by Dist. Atty. Francisco Al-
varado after a careful study of
reports on the investigation of
the Jan. 2 asesaslnation of Pres-
@ Joad A.- Rmon. .
Guisa A -i
the *a4 -M rWais
into custody on the basis
R negOnfealpn-by trilge-man
Ruben 0. Mlt who implicated
the elder Oulado in the amssa-
alsnation plot. -
Oulzado Br., who was jlrst
Vice Presidesnt under President
Rem6n, was found guilty of be-
ing an accessory to the assassi-

Two Jamaicans

Fined $10 For

Brawl In Commy
Two shoppers in the Tivolli
Commissary who tangled with
each other and scratched and
fotight until a crowd of over 150
people had gathered to watch
Saturday were each fined $10
this morning in the Balboa Ma-
gistrate's Court for disturbing
the peace.
It all started, according to the
older defendant, Inez Montique,
a 50-year-old Jamaican. when a
young girl pushed her while she
was waltint in line in the cold
storage department of the com-
She said in court this morn-
ing that she told the girl, Con-
suela Estrada, who is 15 years.
old. towait her turn. When the
older woman had selected her
meat and was leaving, she said
the girl slapped her on the face
with a package of liver. This
sparked the hassle which at-
tracted a big crowd-plus one
Canal Zone policeman.
In court this morning, the
younger defendant forfeited the
$10 ball she had posted, but did
not appear in court.

This Is News?

Women Are


- A woman educator reported
today that women are confused
and emotionally upset.
She said this partly Is the re-
sult of.women trying to func-
tion "'concurrently in the comn-
ponent roles of mother-house.
w career

Their lxed-up tte aio o can
Je blamed on the Dissent neth-
ods of feminine education Dr.
Florence R. Cluckhohn adied.
Dr. Kluckhohn's findings were
published in the first report of
the commission on the education
of women of the American Coun-
cil on Education.

Apparntly we have not
yet delded in this country
whether women In their func-
tions are to become first class
or second class human beings,"
she said.
"Most of the strains and ten-
sions arise from the discrepap-
cleg in values expressed by these
several components, some of
which are in accord with do-
minant .American Values, others
of which are not.
"The result And unhealthy
feeling of confusion which in
time creates emotional disturb-
ance." she reported.
The report eaid "the educa-
tion of women, wavering between
the primary and secondary roles
and some vague ideas of com-
promise, presents a confused
and confusing picture."
However, it added. "in no other
country in the world do womelr
have the opportunity for an
education as they have in the
United States."
Although almost 20.000,000
women are working in the
United States, the repoiq said,
"almost withqut qmeptiom,
women cofside marftage,
homemaking, and hbid rear-
int a" major goals and respon-
The group also reported that
'women today are marrvlne
younger, having their, children
earlier, and are bearing more
second, third and fOurth chil-
dren th in the 1920'."

Newspaper. critic z ed the
"Roman soldiers" because one of
them wore 2 Texas hat in the

__wi "a seen

,I U V

Id~t-- '*- t *iml* ai
iNl. $a e ttroi eeona
Mt *^

,- .I!
.- '

FLYING PLATFORM This unusual aircraft, the "Flying Plat-
form," achieves free flight with pilot Phil Johnson at the con-
trols. The pilot controls horizontal flight of the one-passenger
craft by merely shifting his weight. It is the first aircraft using
a ducted Ian for lift and propulsion to attain free flight. It was
built by the Hiller Helicopters, Palo Alto, Calif.

Korea POWs



WASI April .-(UP)
-The Juticc department Is stu-
Jying 178 possible treason prose-
cutions arising from conduct of
America Imprisoned during the
Korean War-and many more
s4ch cases are in prospect, it was
revealed at the weekend.
The disclosure was made by
Asst. Atty. Gen. William F. Tomp-
kms in testimony before a House
appropriations subcom m i t t e e.
lompkins heads the. Justice De
apartment's internal security divi-

-He also told the subcommit-
tee the department has "a large
number of potential espionage
Lvases under investigation." Es-
plobage runs all the way from
revealing U.8. secrets to a for-
eign power to merely the care-
less handling of confide anti a I
Tompkins gave no names or
other details. He simply said the
number of treason cases referred
to -the department by the Army
"continue to rise" and "we are
told that we may expect man y
more. '
"Our original figure of approxi-
mntely 200 auch cases m a y,
*lerefore, be much too conserve
tive," he said.
Tompkms noted the Department
recently concluded its first es.
pionage case brought under the
part of the law elating the comu-
azcating intelligence.
Joseph S. Petersen Jr., former
code expert in the super-secret
National Security agency, pleaded
guilty it, the w'-ongful handling of
government t secrets and was sen.
tened to seven years in prison.
The government said the gave se
crets to a utch official.
Of the needy 4,M GI's, Ma.
ta i ane d alrmin.who came out
of North Korea and China two
years ago this math, none has
yet stood c.vll trial on any
charge related to his service.
A handful, like Cpl. Edward S
L'ickenonr of Crackers Neck, Va.
nave been eourt-aOartaled for col-
laborating with the enemy or on
misconduct charges.
All of the department's cases
Are confined to the Army. which
committedd the most men to t h e
Korean fighting.
Under the revised code of milh
tary juStice, sero men may be
court-M& fhed for' any mmitary
qftene ft there is no comparable
vii ofmJemse
U the Justice Department de
terminec treason prosecutions are
not feasible against any or all the
alleged offenders, the cases go to O.U Army for possible

No Ring Circus

NASHVILLE. Tenn., Arpil 11
'UP) An 'mideatled won an,
apked to be dbitOd to "the cls,
ovum"- diere"
The v without
a word, 41et t *abit




the Qu
tion po
lies an
favor o'
fend th
of war.

ing .of
Navy Comes Clean attack

Wih a vton't b u e w
ora bt tar
,- E

Ns 1 1
has the next best thing to a
ing saucer,
t called its new gadget a "fly'- Eateu.
ing platform." It won't be used he t
for any flights to Mars but the
Navy sees it as pretty useful aor
sch mnndane things as crossing Satday
rivers. were IBa
Perhaps the oddest thing about tack For
the craft is that the pilot steers Dulles
it by eaninlg in whatever direc- here toni
t cn he wants to go. lic order
It is circular and wingless and meant did
looks a lot like a "flying wash- marks w
tub"-upqide down. The
Eixstence of the "research ll get
tool" was ropdrted in ano official Adlal E
Navy announcement. radio sp
Built by Hiler Helcopters, Pa lems.
iu Alto, Calif.. for the Office of
iaval Research the gadget "uses Inform
a new principal of lift and propul. tjght-lipp
~'on called the ducted fan," the Robert I
Navy said. talk with
Two engine,. developing e ss But the
than 100 horse power, drive two adminibti
Dropellors enclosed in the circular k ormosa
c'evice. The propellers draw a ir from the
through* the platform and supply es in hi
downward thrust which pus hes Officiil
the machine into the air. believe t
The Navy said it has "m a d el.w oVd .
short, successful flights carrying isinds i
a pilot" and the prcal be hind la to
the gadget 'has pomdble applica. riunes
tions in larger vertical flight air-
ci aft." When
The pJot stands on the platform will be
iand by shifting his weight deter- intervene
r.ines the direction he "flies." wea n
The Navy called that "radically wly smal
Simplified flighbt" but cone e d e d wheh
"further research a ad develop- geti wi
ment must precede production of ge wil
military versions."
Other sources described t h e J
"washtub" as economical and J J.
possibly use ful as a sort of jump-
h'g jeep for crossing rivers or Cha
Woing betwpeu ships 6r from ship
Sshore. All this ii now do *e
Azth helicopters of more conven-, WASH
tional aspect. J. J.
While the ,se of the ducted fan, nian am
ur enclosed propeller, is new for States. 1
the Navv machine, the idea is not today to
new. Vallarl
A ducted tan engine was built utes wit
in France 45 years ego and an forlaJ p
italia& Carptni airplane with a every
ducted tan flew 15 years ago. of the
-------- change
Price Economist available
From US Arrives heVZad
InCanal Zone 5
Mlg Fy Man, assistant chief
of the branch of price opera- sonl in
tions in the Bureau of Labor he said,
Statistics, arrived on the Isth- work isn
mus yesterday and will be here '- d
for about ten days In a sulta-
tve capity* wt the Panani
Canal 0'. _.
ler terviceP were requested as
a price economist in comecton can
with some of the long range U. 8. A
problems of the cothpany in the their tr
pricing of commodities and serv- farm wi
e n .hed employs. frmal a
to TMES'
6:5 :u.u 0.45 .
m PA.. S, I agoM tM a



-0- o -

SCools On Ide

f Shooting Ove4

uemoy, Matsu
) o-

ASHINGTON, April 11 (UP) The Chinese ih. '
sts will bear the primary responsibility of defend! ,.
emoy and Matsu islands under present administer
licy, it was learned today.
me of President Eisenhower's top advisers were ,:
backing away from their earlier stand that .
States has no course but to defend the off-sh4i
if they are attacked by the Chinese Reds. '\
here are several reasons for a change of mind by tH
s, it was said including the attitude of U.S. of-
d the belief that Americans generally are not il
f getting involved in an all-out war over the island.
me top policy officials in the administration lqp.
y believe that the Chinese Nationalists could de-.
he islands if they were given enough U.S. materidl4

iese officials also feel, it was said, that strengthZoe
Chiong Kai-shek's forces on the outpost island
discourage the Communists from making a mae '
resident has said that he harming wide areas -rolngap!i"0
ll decide whether 'U. 8. dioactive ll-out. 4.
et to move in i.the Redsl
This em

Ilma in of
&. The Far
uahbly w lI

p^lii.J.. discussion.
ter Duller
P t Chinnese Reds
ding Mut threats to at
will deUver a speech
lght oefre a local Catho-
but the State Depart-
I not say whether his re-
ill be made public.
lemecratic view p o I nt
an afrtg tonight when
Stevenson delivers a
eceh on Asian prob.

ed officials are more
ed than ever since Adm.
B. Carney's background
b newsmen.
Sgennal outlines of the
ration s present policy on
can be pieced together
views of several source.
ih authurdty
s close to the problem
he President will w it h-
decidsow defending the
nti they are attacked in
weigh the nature and se.
of the challenge.
the decision is made. It

These I bode:
The nature and sie of
tack against the ialandAi-
hility of the Nationalists
viously the .negti g of &s
move on Formosa e,
Chinese Communist "B2",
The decision also may e I
pered by the possibility at
time of negotiations that
bring peace to the troubled
miosan Strait and remove t h
threatt to Formosa itself.
Such a settlement is
sidered a possibility, al
termed Rpublican sour
eny such negotiations are
vay now.
There reportedly is a
feeling among military
that the Jedi may not
serious atatck if th are
ed the Natiooalsts can
Islands with plenty ofU.
rial aid but no actual use of
military forces. a

Editorials Ure
j <

done quir. If e U.S. g ss API
es, it will use atomic
a. But these will be on-
ler tactical A-weapons., KOR dfla
a wioe eat specific tar-
S'm mu -anger of_ WASHING'ON, Al
The Wahibngtoz
VaIIa n ~ Times-Herald urged
S salailu gresa today to appro
Eisenhower's reque
S With Ike o.ow opriat
INOTON, April 11 (UP) wy ,P
Vallarino, new Panama- The Post e dtrt
ambassador to the United action "can give co
resented his credentials ing to (the Congre
President Bisenhower. sons of good will
no spent about 15 min- America."
h the PreIdent in the
roP oq serequlred of "I Vice Pu -t
ow a r. Copies cent trip
markss x- but tou m
ay the President and portance of aecs
dor were to be made road project It would
Slater, worth whe," the .
no told reporters that '
Mr. Esenhower chatted "Thu '5 million di
utth1ntqr-AmerMian t s atc a t. a atM
tM OW Paa mAn Pe w d oae feI
p sy/ ~ makesny Lut,
exuessed per- lets ovqr a -y p
rest in the highway." pletion of the high
"and I told him that years will bring te
coming along well.' denda at a time wb
the treaty in badly needed
years '"M
tinued. "I

tv in the"
with the Army counts
rmy troops conducted pected to
alning eterclfes on a valent of S7'
ch I owm It wa an In- Evan
# qte M .l ..

..aseA B ook 1


, t,




Pulque, Passion. Plady

Don't Mix In Mexico
-o -

-~~--I i- i



: ; --- -- r

I aJ



aLt th popl know th truth and th country s sa" -Abr a n

"Let the people know the truth and the country is safb" Abraham Lincoln.





1 0




F0UNO! vNONRUKrrm--- --vLy W AS INGTON1 12
TELEPHONr 2-0740 (I LINES And 0 r i
jl'FOREIGN RETRES ( *N. Y.Comment df H' ot' Gb'g, M ERRYIo.ROHi *
345 tA0isoN AVE. NEW YORK, (17) N. Y. L
R MONTH, IN A AE 1.710 S 2.
R Six--ONTHS.0, A6ANCE. 3 "8.6137--
o c- hl nyGo a aea4reWASHINGTON paaWwves of an assistant of the
S.... ,, -- R ES owN co M While only God can make a tree,r haven t been told about Jt, but the Lrasury Originally t w e .it to
S""U,. r T E ....... W OUe have aler R hrsozn dflgriculture departuant has quiet a congressional, coma e, which
for it that man, specializing in yY stopped its research in home. found the names of e~l t of
automation, can make one mature making. This means nA end to Lig shote-from sentots to cabi
SA A r years quiker and in ay color bulletins and pamphlets on lBpn- zot members. Cohsidere too hot
|P M Al e QX' desired tme, intA8erior decorating, en to handle, it was sent back. The
This ihort order tree is grown li ,, helps, home economics arn eat. congressmen didn't:want to touch
S__ and colored by chemical injections. W tIf IIri-' .- \ .% ed subjects. '- Hs it.
I .Should this sound like ,a bit of Characteristically this Iertige More recently,e ustle De-
The Mail Box is an open forum for readers of The Panama ; whimsy, it definitely is not. Reuth to housewives will be trans red artment has singled out Gune
r are received gratefully and are handled i .o wholly ent 1or wastes tittle time or space in V to do research for bUim6s lirts. wald and a \ew others for .ro.
r ... convention reports being whim. Bth the funds and the personnel cution. Unquestionably, hey were
; you contribute a letter don't be impatient if it doesn't appear the sical. Comn letely overlooked in his of the Agriculture Department wil guilt of influence ddling and
Zt y Letters are published n ihe der receiv.d. report to ast week's Auto Union O be assigned to food and nutrition x I .rportme
Please try to keep the letters limited to one pege length. conver.ton was a section in which j N earci ueful fo artn and dttai l a early i year ago
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. Reuther appeared to be reaching resinguse for the eapac But as they the m cu
T| O% newspaper assumes no responsibility for. rtat Itr t plOnso cut beyond the factory to the p h raers Ind the eood a lpan-. In op o h themic weurepot.
4'ress. in lerofp (om readers workers of field and stream and They are chiefly tethe35goat s
S- 0- o i...s, s forest aend ocean. t ---- .... "ibe a es tmove to elmit pider a loptof big hots who remla
GREATER LONDON CRUSADEt o otres od r to bedrbve for rusal r-Tth helps s an I bc o no ed'dir the guar-uPresident Ehrenhower's If= *am-
The follow inginformation was recently published by one of acoresan ne yarsh cam e e -the utAoY AND PauIMEtoIN IW
t eac out 11,000 penle came each night toBilly ow nete h T AN .... YO repar ti ol u ll hw ohsh- lu ae, r ot e Il e
ttend ance.s ,e o fe aWhich he sa must come becaus- ad a ..
0 ham's meetings, but most of them came In response to Billy's at i. kin Ia T b. s -- e on
e1 dest appeal that they come every night; a l obtain th aid Reut r ovation. hs onenUon B d t h
i dance. free bus rides were provided from outlying districts. port: her in his content on o of s iamul 1 t We s o
Of the many thousands, therefore, who were reported to have "Douglas fir trees that normally / I ACU A Ik hadn't rad th st t E
xeone to what the "Crusaders" referred to as the "Mercy Seat," grow to maturity in 100 years are iAct didy tan't -a t heondf ac.s'haShnyo.uo
tl'ere were many who came several times. Thus, the total at- now iniectea with chemicals and pamphlet, didn't know It was load5---- -" be.auifl-lndeld amba"sa-
teondance figures announced did not in fact represent anything each maturity i 80 years. ie-- -a with ... f hints to housewives
it e as wide an interest In the meetings as would appear at first "Wood colir is determined by pamphlets the govermosti ed come pou t deteventough
Fi inane. ,Notwhstandin the fact that, according to a "In effect, we can grow green, ter he moved i nto tuhe Whte n s Lutee oE o0r b ourel
ws Letter" issued by Billy, published In the British press and bl4e, red black or any color wood tos metAoblvious tir ed atoso
b adcast by the B.B.C., "the over-all expenditure/of the British we wish. h -- lishthe pamphlevi ly continued o fblat hs. Lr
c paign has been much greater than we anticipated, the Brit- "aOld fashioned sawing of wood, .al0 ew copiearwerteprit aed above Premifer lb t did
Is e have been able to bear a much larger share of the fin- is replaced by radioactive waves l' than 22,000 copie a .o In-make any erence.
aqc load than we had thought possible. t now looks as itf ,which cut wood so cleanly as to L q uirine house ies urin .a .
wq e V be able to leave England. without any deficit whats6- eliminate.the need for planing." I two years It hadou i1the le The lady ambassador traslated
evie he cost of the Crusade amounted .to more than $280,000. Nor did Reuther ignore the men. r than ever before. r Seelba when he talked with
Sr about 1600 adults were susoposed to hav.been "convert,- who toil on the seas: /'T .,n PnLC l l y/,eI iseohower, e c r t r y of the
e ich is $175 n r adult, which England paid "When a. -pund t ts a This column final pontedut Tre umphrey, and Foreign
entment t very fact of the nv qk, it is k le instantly _y ar 7A that Jke's famous symbol ofast Aid Director Stassen--much to the
to nd was p terpreted by many peopl.. a *Or clea electric charge and hauled aboard was stid being printed in greatersArpise o everyone. or, wo
I n that bbe parsons were consider invaders as i a fw minutes Formery, it quantities than ever, a when this years ao, Mrs. Luce spoke not
s ,able or taking care of their own people that alien ,aid took three or four men several ne- ws got to the House it sowor o talan.
to.sau et ,e.c,, n."hours to 'land the fish. e infuriated the Presi ent. who still
people ere aware of previous larnvasions by Electrically charged fields of Dan i hadn't ead the pamphlet, that he In one tae Department brief
Sankey, Torrey, Alexander, "Gypsy" a o ter. water on either sides of herring ordered it stopped. ng the ambassadress sat doodlin
S resent this new attack, especially as the k t irritate the fish enough toWherupon Agricultur De.ith a pencil. Thoe who peeke
at eset m thi n.w at escias ran, .. .the. ..l.. oi e them swim into the nets." BnB RUARK nartment went to *veI greater over her shoulder saw she was
at ta meetings was described as rank "udiliated .ere we lwave the first appeal y U lengths to lease thePreIt etchin a State Department ,ten.
entalsm,' a thing which, in England these days,-ts n-,~ support of the aon-factory engt o -s egan cutthe'ng down on all Ic grapher. This time, thought the
I 1 regarded as suitable for only those of lesser intelligence. w ker, the first glance away from research aimed at lpluoing guse-b ate Department career me
FurtherEngland herself sends missionaries to other coun- the magical industrial gimmicks LONDON This seems to be some of the batters got, nervous at he cat. He flew back to his home wives. Now the whole home-eoo rs. Lue wont know what its all
a; bu, t certainly the vast majority of het countrymen resent such as the new mechanical eye the year for fate to be catching tne plate, and not about the pitch- hemisphere with a local surgeon mics program has be n cut out al- -bout.
SIter countries sending missionaries, or "Crusaders," to them! tlhat can count a million objects up with the freebooters. First it er. i. n attendance, and gave up the t(,gether. When the conversation ended,
SEffect In his discourses Billy frequently used terms such a second. This is the "iconumer- )vas Serge Rubinstein-and no one Because Pasquel was a man who wild, free life in which the an- however, the' U.S. ambassadress
a,"'Britain todav is on the eve of her greatest spiritual revival," ato' developed by the A&len B. seems to be too interested in who just didn't flaunt guns. He shot a mals did not,fully savvy his im- DUCKY CONGRESSMAN to Italy launched a barrage of
", g*htv spiritual awakening." "Britain is desperately ripe for a ~Iuont Laboratoris Inc. I did him in any more. and not man coldly one time in the lobby portance. questions which showed 'she had
Stual harvest," ."Unprecedented blessing l edous m- It counts grafpti o sand, bac-, nore than a few days ago another of a hotel-I think it was in Nuevo Pasquel was never very fond of Ohio's Democratic Congressman grasped every word of the brief
,.p t" and. of co6re, the "Hour of Dects l Wi.ny other toria, pennies, blood cells, stars, goughie got it via the fate route. Laredo-and never served a min- me, for some odd reason, but it Ashley of Toledo took senatorr lg.
I esbal extravagances. "' doughnuts,-.anything it can see. It 'Ihis would be Jorge Pasquel, the i.te in the jadhouse. When you saw wasn't because I wrote a long Bricker to SQne-of Billv's statements, or rather misstatements, was that counts just as the human eye and Mexican hard boy, who crashed to him in his utfice about the first time ago about the murder of the ,Pn Ohio's duck population, which Mrs. Lice as envoy to France,
I ld is "sick and tired of materialism." Let me assure him brain count. But faster. is death itn his private plane, ining that nit your eye was a man in Neuvo Laredo, a story l-aused Mike di Salle, ex-mayor of replacing Ambassador Douglas Dil-
ter years of having been deprived of many material things, This same section of the con- Pasquel was a pistolero in the bone-handled gat close to hand. hih I filed from Mexico City Toledo to comment that Ashley's lon who is resigning.
I ROW at long-.lst really .enjoying material things s ad Is vention report offers the United truest bandit sense. He ard his He drew a lot of watFr all over in 1947. What got him really sore criticism had probably won the
Indeed from being "sick and tired of bhfe4n." Auto Union's support to men and brothers began poor in some du- the world, though. I remember he was a piece e did about his pen- freshmen congressman the vote INDIANA POLTCS
T. H. Darlingt v, vne "in all' walks of life" and bious business around Vera Cruz, ,was literally kicked out of Kenya chant for shooting female animals of every duck in Ohio.
S- takes Nate "it is in this spirit that and got very, very rich. Jorge got by the Game Deparament, because a.nd baby animals from a car "Trouble i, added di Salle Senator Capchart of Indiana was
.ve submit the report on automa- rich enough to raid American base. o0 a fondness for breaking as while he was on his Kenya junket. ., .ee.,tion dav all of Ohio's plead as pech when the Louis*
Answer to Previotu Puzzle tion and its relationship to the ball in 1946, and enticed a good many game laws as he could con- I think there was some talk about ."a c"" dayal" o Ohi.o' Courier-Jaournl, after lam,
guaranteed annual wage to the. o chunk of America's playing talent trive to break. Then he wanted to shooting me, and not from a car, ducks are i ana- po n him- r several C
Bok and KS Qn AuthoIrs | J|A T convention. ." to jump their contracts to play come back again and the Game at the time. He was also pretty .i.i- o. tani'-eov
L Then follows Reuther's three- nc teams Pasquel owned in Mex- Department '-efused to smile and put out about his hurried flight GRUNEWALD GOT RAW DEAL m the a he h
I O 60Stalk ranged action program on thislieo. Sal Maglie was one who Jorge tugged on a string or so. from the wounded leopard, and'the t
$ C M o4a s,,,, ano oit, which means that here we|ljanped as,.ecall, an Micy shortly the was a terse direct v9 that he bust his leg trying to It may seem strange for this f
S t i haver heabkrn to. sm Oven asa her.. 'i on ign in i sd eayg imble into a jeep.. writer, who wai the ast to exoose jete
DOWN nave Ibannfd mer's headlines. Iht Senoe asquel =.a-0 ,glv, rit I always kind f 'liked cou- the influence erduBi tof HNo- 0q .nrv
S"-- he Pajama irst there-it 1 on Congress But the over-the-river Amert- il aid and', assistadee by every- Jorge. In an age where you Grurewald. to state. now that he's i
e"s-f __,," to investigate automation and its cans didn't like it much down body from thegovernor down, and can't tell a gangster from a been convited. tOat I f,\l w o-*vl 'a h Rle stt A -
Wr 2s,, poke .... displacement of manpower. Reuth. there, because Papa Jorge was Jorge was bac in Africa again.. reached, just by looking at him, for him Nevertheless, that is the publ/_a a
i .*-lm" ers ver K Je' has also demanded that Con- always a two-gun man and so This was when the animals took Jorge'ooked like what he was- eas'. s et. ti nd. s from. Xemb .
4 ? ., f wvN gross: ere his friends, and it got to over, after the people. wouldn't. what they call in Spanish a ban- Grunewald ws convicted on the critic J 9spaier.
vssei "uh tDivif ". .obtain from employers in- where a fellow didn't know wheth- Jorge gut-shot a leopard, which is dido autentico. an authentic ban- h-axs of the Olinhant diary. a 3,-
Svessel 'TheDvne l ..s formation as to their plains for fur- er he was supposed to be knocked a, rather dumb thing to do, and the dit. [e lived big and rode high, 0O0-n a e closely typed record The Louisvlle Courier Journal
Comedy 20 Path t her installation of new proce~es p t- of the bwo r to t.row a no- leopard came as fast as gut-shot and 'ode over what he couldn't made hy Charlev 'Oliphant. former has alo taken an, editorial si-
i 8 Jolt 23 Bury 4 cate and new machines designed to Iji hitter. When, e of the boys leopards always do. The leopard circle. counsel of internal revenue, f tion favoring a econd t rll
lity 0-Ascended 24 Knights' tit*_'Site :| cease productivity and their twifled a mustache, patted a hip, scratched up quite a few of the And, unless he-was planning to everv pinna eall U h received, aeros the Ohio river from Lt-'
n | to e 7 Unless (legal) 25 Prayer ending 4 nre plans, it any, to assure that such and said: "Now, keed, I theenk entourage, and Jorge himself burst shoot you, ne was a very nice r.very caller who asked him for a ville to Jeffersaville, Ind,, and
I tup 8 Sinclair 26 Gallant .4 Sacred bull productivity is accompanied by ou batter heet a home run," an ankle"'trying to get away fro)a kind man. f.Vr. for keeping the old bridge on a
IBewis' "- gentleman t4Ret e exp handed purchasing power. Tht diary Isnow one of th' tll basns. T was a tter on
ranges Gantry" 88 Lateral part V L uer d This appears to mean that closely i,'dd ie"'ets "f which the Indiana senator ad tak-
S Iroquoian 9Result of 30Once (dl): re Reuther is calling on his friends in ashington. It is held in the safe en no stand; but when he spoke
S L Indian crying 31 Unaspirated 51 Lovta fd + ongress--of whom there arn tyB ll i1 Il at Jeffersonville the other day a
Staff 10 Operatic solo 33 Cause distaste 52 Chemical ia the Americans for' Democratic W l ll Ii II llW i r ant jazzle-dazzle tune. .Debbie delegation of citizens caUetd on him
4 Pouch 11 Damages 35 English suffixes Acti0oni (ADA) bloc to pro- U I l I' II l LWW lIteynolds' revelation: "The most to protest thi plan.
Country 16 Weirder admiral 55 Jewel pose laws wch would raise wag- .- V portat ingredient of any mar- Capehart lstened carefully, fin
cs wherever automatic machinery o rig.e is love." (You're no ddln'l) ylly aid: Why do you come to
river is introduced into a factory and a ea n sloTV mag's quote al'witn thisb You'talked to me
r %aI |I Z j i| 5 b 17 9 riI I utos or mops or television sets, IHE BROADWAY LIGHTS timely topic, about wire-tap vil. tive and zin with a touch of the ,ao aDavSi eneralcounsel about this two years l ad t
1 rh etc., etc are produced more swift. lainy. .Uncle Sam shuttered Hatfleld Mecy rather than Gas for Senay or Magnuson's Commit tld you then that I wasor what
s I ant l r Id,. 1. The-Academy Awards confirmed (Ciro's (Miami Beach) over back ton-Alphonse ..The Dudlesack-t Iblg teeve: "I'm the poor ever you want."
"L ThbMidaniht ~ r -I.-~ IT--- In others words in addition, t he colyum's long ago embrace. taxes. .At the St. egis wedding ~ong" Jbunds silly enough to e e e osyJohn!" Ava's one- "We eme;eber that," piped onr
lM-.o Paul IL u Ilsing automation as an argument After It gushed over "On- The of Toni Kahal and ,uddy Staff, popular. .Hoywood has an in line bi o"Men!" have done a lot ed ellowat theback of oo.
i / ,,'" li/ ir" for guaranteed anual wages and Waterfront" (at a preview) 'many the orchestra opened and closed curable compulsion to exaggerate. for me-but they've also done a "but the Courier-Journal has be. n
mA s r I I I I horter work week, Reuthee here weeks before it premiered. The the event with hier late father's ",even Angry Men" concerns the lot to me" .Mar Grace and buttering you up so pretty Jatly
i "a ,-~ "~ I i m---8 ir s'- -"- "~is asking tor new wage Increases WW quote in the adverts: "As big song hit, "I'llB Be Seeing You' John Brown historical incident. "a''i leading Queens.- that we wanted to make Isres-a d
a rto et into new far as 'm concerned, Columbi .They played tat his funeralJo ckhelly had 5 sons. In the si'bed ei ng er eu rehan't changed your m ind."
To fight for what he wat.t! out Marlon Brando starrer,:- thn too., film they give him 6.. .Cu id t). Es+ her Williams' d e- a y m."..
.. of in oreas;e =. n amnhanis.tlini Waterfront' has already won every 'lept; we still have our fig s tson J';ane Russell's frankness NO NAME
|y electronic brains, "Reuthr Is academyy Award" -. .R-hard deecanh er -
-setting up a "bro et amiitteo sh is writ(g the screh Version Terry Moohes(ap: :"Imy Ulne drtia. "I belt Janet one and she at srannes ?). Foz a COLUMBIA CITY, Id. -(UP)
Son auo tio n w lo" of his "The Rainmaker" lay e of work, one type f man seems gives m a ot in 'the rear and ol "Ano3ter forgotten man is -This city lst its identificatl
tala-,_ ? -,,^tinue to work with labor, industry i New York. To be near his love evitable. The kind who asks you we end u .v'ry happy" r Adas e inventor o overnight,. r unknown reaso,
B1 I~ i 1P : II I government and other group.- Janice Rule of "The Flowern cut for very important, well-pub- ord (edts a reader) "is-not Ma- cbhwin Hm He now 101 and even sigh bearing thne :tito'
rX) i / I One of its first moves w ll Pach" .Kim Stanley and Albert l ed tons, or a movie open- re Wut, oson's b brother. Brother -in lI. es adison N. J." (Pwob'- name an population were .tei
eI,'s IZ I I I running an all-da, natiQnal con- Salmi tthe leads of "Bus Ste") _t_ atte ed by photographers He lawt" (Well don't get's excited!) ] tujknde some movie that from bighwya ratg into ti'
aliry ference on automation at the May- both began the struggle in Gwch wants to be 'seen' with someone Eyebrow Raiser: Nudity is y sat i city.
Sobl flower Hotel in Washington, Apr. iage groups not too lo ago who will assure him of a mention emittedd on the screen in e14 _________-r
w ill. 34o .a c .. The White House debun tone In the paprs" ,. Jimmy Nel- -tates. .Kirk Douglas' bright- .
P I I i Iii i ... at arley wl.. e. k oft ress-agenty blurbs About actor son's defiitionS lonely room: that: "Femininity is the charac- SI LANCES By Colbreaith
n I -, ,4 -I ... ....~ .- : Pic wh lle we h us for "as obert Douo. The Presidential "Noting moves,. .Some rwisoom : ris-c n eDt admire Arwomen." D E- .
ong as it takes to grow one of clan says: "Everyone in the White helmers were gabbn about Pat (And wtlat I like about; the sun
i rtr those purpl trees. House says that so far as they Ward's vice castesti mo ny. s sunshiinet -.
of it as the base ot his cam- tto the Doud (Mamie's) 'I've heard better ha luck stor-J -
paigns of the future, are here to tinitly'. From Sheilah's ics between s2nd and 52nd Street Skewp- Frank Sinatra's middle
stay. 'col'm: "Janet 'Leigh'. clinging along Broadwdy" -. .Pat Ward & name l Albert (Alberttttt???)...
K~ -..- .- --- ,ores wa^ figure. Co proved one thing. You don't "Chamign Comp le," a. com- | ( 1

tor's comedy elick at the Copa pen, the polypalooza. .Caterina
IIl^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^(the Jules Podellicatessen). .On Valente enlivened a teevee shindig. Q V s
,^^^ ^^^ 1 ^ ^I J. Gleason says an item) may Broadway a Success is a guy who A hipsydoodler who sells a sonar .C y 'i /l \
lasth ol f e Bon ,'ecrnsth loswh ryt iteer ure -. nwmg' 4'* "

plays the role of Lew Brown in ,verc6mes the Flops who try to with'every curve...A newsmag si
he DSylva, Brown & Henderson overcome him Description of a color pix of New York's lights and
!oZI Why not Lew? He's hilari- Ieal Star: One who doesn't act towers capture the beauty and ma- i
jmwihout authors. Gwen Hr- like one. gie of TheBig Ci'as little world
Recently of The Melodears at .That elctrc-light portrait
he Latin Quarter). is one of four The lyriesof "From the Bottom of Jamse u sell (on the Mayfair
1-' -. femme ,brushes m "Seventh Heav- lnto the Top' are full of winks.. front for "Uaderwater")- cot MGs
"n"...Wally butterworth of radio "Cat in a Hut Tin Roof" cost .Barain in the drolery mar-
tenown will return soon with a l$.,000 and 'dl] earn a few million ket: Sir edrnc Hardwicke's gentle .
uiz-novelty io help 3,000 failing .A tevee guide mag credits a fuoling via ABC's The $1,00 Wm-.
oie. theaters prosper. A once- i cooking ageus with coining 'fem a ow"...Spin Len a He 's "Love
weekly (half-hour) program via ea ee" for a a (Izzatso?)le OI ia the
nat1iowidi closed-circult. "It'll be. .Add tr4: ock
od without you," he said (dan- Rudson mu movie lad
gling the emcee job at us) "but )ear. ..The oWf e al. iPa.
letter with Nou' ."Hmnim." sen aMnd Amricn searo h Bu- get' vaupsally heapp er1er. NeV-
we sai~. "what sort of money?" rc-au are elce enough for this er had ess than I g roles
."Well" he said in his best broadCester. For Feb. 3th the -
/pkr-tace voice, 'how about 325,- N.ibsen reported !4.0...ARB: 14.b "Bilve m Is the 1.
A weekpluspercentage for a ARB for Fb Sth: 16.1 and mof'. Love"
sI start?" .Wequietly hung up on for M ch e ths There middle. .Th things mov i
n the dear man and tipped- the cops. Left dldn'." the Broad- mageI l .Oe oft
Unit in ndirele, .. --- any hit s -v ow Is doin Allyse L e ...
o Iof the &st three Navy of- Ethael Barrymore's biography sel-The str : "eStockings, bMe vl forevet lotrbu
saeers a neto (Harper & Bros. arrives Apr. 11th. "Cat," .Pa a a" "Witness, and can't stand _to wear same
i.. 11 1 I for" In it she reports: "I have never 'Desperate, "Bus," "Teahouse. blouse m than two hours".
i. PrInman. m b ',f c4i ', W 'nY of the moton pictures -Fanny and F .Add Charles Underhill was aos 100 i

Arm*-my-(ual-eo t we ab"mayieauiS '0 mkLai In. y I:rms NmAvoeb na., .. m .M S a u.-





4 ..t ..-*:
.: .. -.


To Be Visitors A

African-Asian Meet
DJKARTAA April 11 (tJP -
R3eprsentatives of South Afri-
can Indepenoence movements
will attend the Asian-African
conference as "vlsitors' with the
full backing Of the conference
sponsor, it was disolooed today.
But It was not known If they
would get va chance to .present
their views.
Three sultes in Bandung's best
hotel have been reserved for
rereesenttives of South African
and Tunuhan ind dependence
"They are visitors and not ob-
servers to the conference," a
spokesman for the conference
secretariat said.

He. declined' to identify the
South *Africans coming to Ban-
dung. Their scheduled visit to
the conference was a surprise.
It had long been known, how-
ever, that delegations from the
French North African territories
of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria
would ,be in Bandung during .the

Tru ks Supplying

Fre Brlin el

Subsidy Awards
B*RLIN, April 11 (UP) The
Wegt German government voted
new subsidies for trucks supply-
ing free Berlin today to beat the
Cotnmmunists' "poc k et book
O0infronted by prolonged Com-
munist haggling over the Reds
exorbitant -new highway tolls
the- government raised subsidies
fro $125;,000 to a new figure of
$1T,5O00 for West German truck-
ers making the Berlin run.
This is in addition to a sub-
sidy of $250,000 authorized West
Berlin truckers by the West Ber-
lin city government.
The Bonn government also
authorized payment of subsidies
to all West German truckers
coming to Berlin so they could
pay the new Communist tolls.
Previously only West German
trucks carrying perishable food
stuffs got the subsidies.
The government increased the
subsidies as it appeared there
would be no immediate abolition
of the tolls.

a, do

Lost for i lspce to hang the
bib. w~aclot-dr sponge needed
at BabyRs mealtime? Screw a few
cup hoks to the back of his
highchair or feeding table, one
fo btach'. They'll always be
handy after they're rinsed off.
If you've a batch of kids in
the, house and Baby, the littlest,
keeps winding up with someone
else's overshoes and whatnot,
asslg a simple symbol, like a
star .,r.,ccle to each child.
MarkIove e oIn ink in. the
lining, coats at the neck, etc.
and teach the kids to identify
their own wraps.

1 3 C MMENT At Wash-
gon, President Eisenhower,
caMmenting on the resigna-
tion of Sir Winston Churchill,
telj newsmen that the free
worl.will cOtliontiue to draw
e tlenee a d wisdom
Seven in his retire-


'-U-'- .p

TASTES LIKE CANDY, BUT-Gone are the Plays hen medicine was forced down the throats
of unwilling children, thanks to modern research and the children themselves. Youngsters like
five-year-old Susan Shoemaker, above, have been helping researchers at Pfizer Pharmaceutical
Laboratories determine which flavors children prefer for their medicine. Susan, of Long Island,
N. Y,., samples a spoonful of flavored medicine (left) and gives her verdict-apparently it's-delicious
-at right. Researchers conducting these tests have discovered red to be the favorite color, with
raspberry topping the flavor choices. EXCLUSIWVE NEA PHOTO

ATOM ARMOR-Time was when bombers were painted blue on the bottom side so they'd be;
-less visible from the ground. Some were silver so they'd be lost in the sun. Night fighters,
were black underneath. Latest B-52's froit the Boeing plant in Seattle, Wash4.leave the factory,
with a new color scheme. They have a white reflective belly to protect the crewmen from .he,
effects of heat- radiating, from nuclear bombs.

-~ ad-' ~'



Firing Of Imigration Expert Corsi

Brings Dulles Big Political Trouble

-A Aiew York Republican organi-
zation called on President Eisen-
hower yesterday to reverse Sec-
retary of State John Foster Dul-
les's ouster of Edward J. Corsi
cr lose the support if 1,400,000 -
Italian-Americans in the Emp ir e
The executive committee of the
Columb au, Republican League of
Hew York told the President in a
telegram that "the Corsi fiasco,
after the highest praise by Dulles
only three months ago, shakes to
the very core the confidence of
our people."
The telegram, signed by the or-
eanization's president, Frank Tu.
faro, and its chair ma n, Johni
Lamdla, denounced Dulles' treat-
ment of Corsi as a ''terrible in.
It said the President had cam.
paigned on a promise to revise
the McCarran-Walter Immi gr a-
tion AMt-as Corsi has urged.
If the President fails to ac t,
they said, the Republican League
"shall lose the confidence of 1,-
400,000 voters of Italian extraction;
it the Empire State."
The officials said their organi-
zation iF a statewide group of Re-
publicans of Italian d e sce nt
"closely allied to the regular Re.
publican leader in lower Manhat,
tan and an elected member of the
Republican State Committee. "
The statement came as friends
of Corsi, an Italian born N e w
York Repub.ican, rep o r t e d he
plans to turn down Dulles' offer
of a new job.
Dulles, after ousting Corsi Fri-
day as his top adviser on immi-
gration problems, offered him a
joo surveying South American im-
migraticn problems. But Corsi
was said to be exceptionally cool
to any such proposition.
Dulles' handling of the Corsi
case arouse'l considerable criti-
cism from Republicans as well as
Republican National Choirman
Leonard W. Hall was reported
highly' interested in the case. He
also is a New Yorker. Corsi was
state labor commissioner in the
administration of former' G ov.
Tnomas E. Dewey and was GOP
candidate for mayor of New York
in 1950.
Dulles announced Friday Cor-
si's "temporary" appointment as
his special assistant on immigra-
t'on problems ahd expired. Corsi
retorted that this was the fir s t
he had heard about any tempora-
1y appointment.
Dulles offered Corsi a lower-
level pust to survey immigration
problems in South America.
Corsi indicated he would not ac-
cept any consolation prizes but
Woult continue to igut for a'

"more liberal" U. S. immigration
This hit the heart of the argu-
ment. Corsi always has been o
vocal critic of the so-called Mc-
Carran-Walter Immigration Act.
Rep. Francis E. Walter (D-Pa.',
co-author of the law, accused Cor-
si of pro-Communist front affilia.
Corsi vigorously denied the
charges He said, in effect, Wal-
ter would do anything to get him
fired. His rilends slid Walter was
aided by State Department secur-
ity chief Scott McLeod.
Rep. Emanuel Celler (D-N.Y.)
saw McLeod as "the villain in
this piece." *He called McLeod a
"stooge" of Sen. Joseph R. Mc-
Carthy (R-Wis.) and said Dulles
dismissedd Corsi "so as not to of-
fend M'Carthy or to alienate the
McCarthy group in the Republi-.
can Patty."
Corsi said he was the victim of
the same methods "the Commu-
nists, Nazis and Fascists use to
intimidate people and force them
into submission'."





The top of


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* 0. T. Irby;


-iLn.RM i iRNI.Ia 51

* : ".

~L s- ~ -~
- & r~~J j~


r,. A

i r3
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. I



.White House Reporter Predicts Ike

-Will Run-Straight To Gettysburg
_, .fM .7o-i '

WASHINGTON April 11 t'rPi the conmrn doggedy., long alter
-Merriman Smith. While House the other players are in the
reporter for the United pros,. clubhouse, playing and replay-
ventured the opinion iR a new inc the muffed shot dozens of
ok today that Pie;:de nt Els- times"
fftower will pot run ic re- --
election If he ls itee ,1 I, )1; lto
follow his present inclinationf-. Hone Kong Sp nds
, He told why, along i.h n Me T
ftttors which couldri lend to a Millions To Meet
second teln;, in writing about
his close-up ni.ivatiton of I lhe DAf|s. Li
transition of the "residi-: Ioi n I lIfug 8 ProFUblem
five-star general to civitaln head
of government. By WILLIAM MIAO

The book, "Meet Mister Ehen- lHONGCKONG UP) Hong-1
,,Jower" Harper $3.50 is beinIl kong has reconciled itself to its!
- published today. It gives behind- role as haven for hundreds of
he-scenes glimpses of the Pres- thousands of r e f u g e e s from
dent and reporters at work and Communism
-'u-at play. It includes an authori- As a result the housing of these;
-itlve account of how the chief penniless Chihese has been put onl
" executives feels at mid-term a- an emerekgcy basis, with roughlyI
; l t his job, his achievements $3,400,000 earMarked for .the. 1955.
and the futurecourse of the. na- 5G fiscal year to build homes for
tion. them.
mith, White House reportcr The present situation Is not pret-
.JB e 1941, believes that Mr. Eis-j ly. Hundreds of thousands of ref-
'enebwer doesn't wan. t to run for! ugees, who tied China in 1949
r ind te-ri .ttiong the rea- w nen the Communists took ever,
e citer a ie Presidcnt's ive in filth and squalor that any
a e would 66 at start of I observer Wouldd fhld ,eplorable.
a second term, his "distaste" for hey live in patchwork huts
olitis, a yearning to retire to with no plumbing or sewage facili-
his Gettysburg frm and Mrs. tie hy scrape together barely
.isenhower's health. enoughh money doing coolie labor
snhowr's halthto buy food.
"Mrs. Eisenhower is not a Many Fires
ust woman and she finds i M .a i ,
hours aV*@he work, par- Edward jHnbro, United Na.
rly during the social sea-, eiinhissioner for ref.
definitely f a t iguing,", muees puts the number of ref.
It'.mith wrote. iugees acre at 680,000. An accu.
-. migt rate count would be impossible.
The President, however. might But Hong Kong's population in
ek re-election "if he were con- 1941 was around 800,000. Today, it
ced, whether by his own rea- s estimated at close tb 3,000,006.
fning or the plans of others, iAnd the increase is almost entire-
t his continued prc ence at i13 due 16 the flight of Comtiu.
r American helm mi.rht be es- nist-hating Chinese to this British
sential to preserving: the peace colony.
orwlnnlng a war..." q The teeming squatter areas pose
huge problems and dangers.. Hard-
But 'barring tensions, pres- ly. a month goes by. that there
lures and dangers which cannot are not. several squatter villages
-be foreseen or measured at the destroyedby -tfire. 'The' squatter
present," Smith concluded, "my areas arie "i' eted with disease.
guesss is that he will run again To oWmbAtltli,- the Hongkong
..-right straight for Gettysburg." government i. its 1955 56 budg-
S The Chief executive has indi- .i.400,00C for housing and resettle
cated he doesn't intend to tell ment of refugee squatters. This
anyone his intentions until next represents about 41/z per cent of the
ariing. Most. Republican noli- budget, .
clanw have expressed confidence
they will be able to persuade him Report
:to run again.
,tO Gov. S a er Grantham,
In a chapter on the President in his speech on the budget, said
,t work, Smith reported that Mr. I housing will be a, problem for
'iaenhower is a "clean desk" ex- many years yet although resettle-
tiye who latest ch(tte'- I- y mint is well on the way to solu-
L retal;an huas'ne on. ;)'iin,, 1954, the population
nin the resettlement areas alnost
9 :for failure or sloppiners. trebled, et n a
the lighter side, Smith of- About 120,000 former squattrs
soe ntl te views of the have ow ben re -'housed-and are
ent at play-particularlyI temet rashe
golfing and cooking. Said,

r1 neor almost got the
01ent in 'tvble with the
aado giae liw by report-
la trout catch of -12-two
L than the legal limit. The
Mhretrs, thought the limit was

Additional accommodations nor
,ver 206) Aexins are under one
s'ructil.!jsl can be said tpat
tiie sqat problem is about
half solved, he said.

S iher than that.. The subject of these operations,
h e explained, 'is to remove,, in
Even In his. periods of relaxa- the intereost t the conm unity as
tion, Smith reported, Mr. Eisen- a whole, the fire risk and the
,ha r Is a man of "tenacity and threat to, public health, and, at the
det4rmlnation: He plays bridge same t i-e td fre4 for proper'de.
to Win. Golf too. speaking of development, such as low-cost house
1 'o;, Smith reported: ing projects and schools, the large
7 "Wbhex he muffs a shot...if [areas of valuable land still occu-
-'he has the time'he will stay on..pted by squatters.





! "WK O~

Westphal of Michigan City, Ind., displays the "Ringing Cross" he
created. Operated by the two-octave keyboard shown in the
minister's~ lap then instrulment consists of. 25 electi helI outd

It i in use at the First Baptist
Michigan City.

on a six-foot-high metal cross.
Church in M

I HE GOES FOR DOLLS-New diners at John Omizzolo's restau-
rant in San Francisco, are somewhat surprised at his hobby-col-
lecting dolls. The six-foot-two Omizzolo has some 380 dolls he has
collected from 40 countries in the last 30 years. He is shown stand-
ing in what was once a hat-check booth but which now serves as
his doll house. In his left hand he holds an 18-inch Marie Antoi-
nette, bisque doll over 100 years bid. The doll is dressed in an exact
replica of a costume worn by Marie Antoinette. Omizzolo has it
insured for $5000. For his entire collection he has insurance
policies totaling $25,000.

Sepak Your Piece


1'\ -


--- -. w a

.MOmAYT, At11

wK '
I,* .
1 u....
: ,_'.. ~^

How to Go?




Aesthetic Bull Dawsorr

BT yB LE u Vm




Third-Man Theme


Vic I'TN



Not Enough

TrE UlSUAiL AtUD- '.'Ou ACC(De4TAL/ &r i
-WAZD IT TOOP THe C\oiMe ,tW gAS-.
SC TLUTED 500 FULL WIND- PkIOf4-e rr 15
OW M AVOe UP WVAI)- OT!--- 4.5S
I'v1^1] ^"v n PAP!' 3

St V. 't~ S&NLb,


Duckbills TIP






VA" ,

U -mm I...


- I L o

ow *r !'. g



ItMONAY. APRIL 11, 1Al91,f

at andOtIwi.e

- '. "
P. J

a' JsseL 2.0740 .0741
<^ Np *** **'- T *Ky^* I '*- (. ...

L?. 037,

~x 134, Panan

L .M 9,00 J 10 .

-~~~ I, ainnmnyi 'ta- -


Each notle tot Inclehod Io 1o
lueomn should sutamtte In
written tor. a ae he
the an numbenrJist di i so-
clal and Otherwis.' or detlverod

by hand to the offle. N -eos f *
meetings cann be accepUd by Itl-
Pacific Garden Club
The monthly meeting of the
Pacific Evergreen Garden Club
will be held tonight't T,30 at
the usual place. Members are re-
quired to bring arrangements of
fruits and vegetables.
The club win offer anotn* Mx-
week flower arrangement c assI

S conducted by Mrs. Pat Morgan.
ii. Vilma del Valle Miss Marta Osgueda At the end of the c las diplomas
will be awarded.
sarrybag the flag and wear Classes will be held at the St,.
in' tie quot e of Chile,- R A- Peter's Parish Hall in 4a Boca
of .1 .Savador and the '- from April 18 through 23.
u .saigln Republio respec- CW
tivelyt In the pageant of the Cristobal Woman's Clkb
Apnerless, at the Union Club The Executive Board of trhe
April 14, will be Miss Vilma del Cristobal Woman's Club will
Va Miss Marta Osged and meet Monday evening. April 11,
t". .mbiss r SItazoe. 7:30, at the Red Cross building
in Cristobal.
GIzl_.To. chearse Togday. 1
Per Pdgeaut Of The Americas Atlantic Camera Club
"t* .sA mI 1The regular meeting of the
!T 7 ear Pan American Day, Black and White Division of the
l'l 14 will be celebrated by Atlantic Camera Club will meet
t-e Inter-A merlean Women's tonight at 7:30. a
Club 4a a dinner dance Tburs- Program scheduled for the
day-at the Unin. Club. The n- nI evening will be a demonstration
ter-American Affair Committee, on enlarging with dodging.
headed," Myrs. Octavlo Fabrega, I
w l p ma's Foreign Min- Rosary Altar Society
, charge. The com- The regular monthly meeting
mit i.oiposed by the wives of the Rosary-Altar Society will
S~w efs -t missions repre be held in the social hall of Sa-
"a the other American re- is... IJ S-zo cred Heart Chapel, after rosary,
hUe at 7:30 .m., on Tuesday, -April
Hihights of the party will be dau.htr, 12. Election of officers will be
a ~a41ft debutantes ,and her twin da ugrs, Qr u e held at this Ineeting and all
da j qt diplomats ace d- r_ os l riasrcen,. m embers are urged to be pres-
,, ".fin a fro.m thc ether rube Solis Arias recently gave a/ent.
A wearing the costume l h eo ar y 20 t i ked Refreshment will be served.
and:' earring the flags of their at home. The partyhe also markeand Co-hostesses for the evening will
eiaeludns. After the parade the birthday of theirend guest and au be Mrs. Agnes Hannigan, Mrs.
Sp~te *ll Rdemonstrate the fe. cousin Mar bend Mendez, daugh Maria Biehaza and Mrs. Bonita
"ees of their countries. ter of Mr. and Mrs. OctavionKadock.
-kn o t.r ion te.pageant Mendez, who are now residing in---
secoeWin to alphabetic order anaguaEvening Guild
will Argentina, ss Monica The Evening Guild of the Ca-
cOtt ; L.Miss Thelma Bue- thethedral of St. Luke will meet
Srb'.do'P Colombia, Mis Duques Vacation In tonight at the home of Mrs. El-
SCastro; taor Miss E1 Valle vira L. Byrne, house 35 Ancon,
qU .34nca...: E l -palv Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gabriel Apt. 14.
S miss l rtita Ospeda Duque spent the Easter holidays
Hai, Mf .oria Cas.lo: N-n EVale. With them were American L-glon Auxiliary
cPROo a ArsTpi' their grandchildren, Mr. aand Unit No. 1, American Legion
l rp W.S, At, ; ohMrs. 8tel~o Mat ,/ Axtlary,,will hld. their regular
bhgoa upL, wll'et T urdd pril 12, at 7:3 o.l, lnthea -A
S t an r Legion Post No. 1, Home,
Cehbi e tuo I o eal oadWoman's .Clhb Ft. Amador. ev
e <'"uhi, Mms *'v' do No.Host Lidneon ---
meol wn c .m a.*trie- wie., A io-hpst luncheon and card Ihthmtan Travelair Society
ennoune. who i ^ ll repe- party was held at the Fort Am- I thUan T i'velair Society
s .tig inthe show- Costador. officers club. by the Bal- cordially itnv f all nolitary .awl
S5 n Ch shcudor .Guatenft- boa Womar's 'club card group Canal Zone residents to attend
Uite'dStes.on their regular. meeting date. the shown~ of the technicolor Ited l P. -Guests and members Included: movies of "Round-South Amer-
lRi1 '. P eadames Patsy Ryan, Maude ica" and "Wings to Italy" on
i Day omemorts i nchard, Edith Eppley, Blanche Monday, April 11 at 7:30 p.m. at
of'rtnn he o foun a-ight, Bernice Conrad, Los btheUSOJWB, La Boca Road,
oe sAmercan uniOnre "-* va Horn; Ruth Jenkins, Peggy Balboa.
t txh organization s of l'Parker, Florence KUlpper, Rose These films are presented for
istaf sats. tei -was founded (asey, Edna Plumer, Virginia the benefit Ot the club members
bihstates.rIt wasfoundedwho
Saresolution crea- ne y, Marie Wentzel, Annabell who are interested In making
ta atin was ado- p, J. Nordeng, A. Ettinger, the 28-day air cruise around
S Y9.- ca- conf i- .o Bourgeois, 'Leo F a u rot, South America, leaving Panama
S I si Ir M an lance Schilling, Kay Daniels on June 10 with stopovers at Li-
p 1o s~. ssion.
ethe Louise Merchant. ma, Santiago, Buenos Aires,
f 03"i tW % -an estimated TMontevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Sao
S-- p -o'leSofa the Amer- The group wilt meet Thursday, PaTulo, La Pt, Lima, Guayaquil,
of different -reliion April 14 at 12:30 for luncheon or Quito and returning to Panama
an dc.ulturlT tr,Hons dessert and cards at the Fort i n July 7.
f hothe IAWC have doneAmador Officers Club. Please .
ic't .? ,foster this friendasip.o call Mrs. Parker, 2-1412 or Mrs. The film 'Wings to Italy" will
og Merchant 2-331.7 for reservations, how part of the European tour
W Celebrate Easter which will leave New York, Sep-
a ... ... member 13, returning October 24.
mtetalning out of to wn atholic Daughters A brief discussion of these
--, on Eastear many hostesses The Catholic Daughters of tours will be held after the
,tiilnt. o p a B ,tEaAmerica, Court of the Lady of movies.
-'ta-Rom. Among ho the Miraculous Medal No. 874 in
-thsr- emre Amtaond Mrse New Cristobal, announce a meet- Secretary of the Isthmlan
Att .e wer md r t ndir. ta;1 tonight (Monday) at 7 to Travelair Society can be con-
^-- %-r rehearse for the reception of tasted at Balboa 4394 or by writ-
5.i1n- David newmembers. lng to Box 573, Ancon, C.Z.
/ ,a I d PUe. Herbert Cannondams ..U SCA To p lan.
d Mr. Jolan.C. Adams Membership Drive
Set aActs Fwt Tev-A meeting of the U.S Citizens
SAssociation's m mbersbip com-
ne ext- -n-ltn tAMllmmonMttee, either with the Town
th naWeRA La the o aso chairmen of each Canal Zone
.]MBnew Panama air"* / community, will be held tomor-
,AS6 oW table, r and Mr. o m -r aw on the second floor of the
N r Bed:on had their h eBabaService Center at 7 p m.
cbnR .rl _.a them at an early mThe meeting has been called
d f Roger. Iticki andNancy you a suffering from a bron- to formulate plans for the 1955-
.Il~iiam their t.s onAthe dIe n.h ...try Buckley's Cana- 56 USCA membership drive
ha ow3 they- w eri t kit l 00. The veryirstspoonful'oftla of last year's membership cam-
no" -o bif- clutchn their E ..w ...4.s.o ..atld brN. .paign have been invited to at-
t t fT rom- El Panama- as- combat. i oufe o It spread down The USCA also announced ,a
tfr dlther. your throat--help~ng to break up I ^" "8-a 80-?a?0a. ..

*B- Amnoiuce
u Birth
Sr. and Mrs. Georg
tSObtafa thetr so
. J rat orgas Ho

lif. Quend Arias
..* -= Daugh
*'*- ~ th i"




* ?subrmmurde'~ ubba ulu I?.

S Just In
New Shipment
Folding Choirs
adjustable to different

CLUB ...........S 1.50
MONTHLY ........$10.00

folding chairs

M 8

CLUB ......... *..$050
MONTHLY ........$5.00


US Working On
rA.A'iA bill CA

Lulrui Dmn r or

War morgoency
WAHINOTON, April (Up)i
-Commerce Secretary Sinclair
Weeks said today the adminis- studying a standby
control bill to be presented to
Congress n case of war or other

War Declared In

Paris On Rats
1 1 1 1

*God Must Rule Our Lives j
Ceo=ra EllenB, Pmreldnt lles Hotels
*W ALL U kOW 'people who Oodlesshess In our daily live*.
think that mnor money, better LiMe l AlOAictns, I admire the
J --,, .. rae ar h, o 'grtatness of our country and our
m iines r r waof life.; I marvel at Its free.
bigger Rl-*Bmbs will solve the dom of opportunity. its progress
*world's problSe Their answer in the physical sciences, its tre-
o commualea,. ia to raise the mendous material advancements
standard of tMint. That is a for better andleasier living. Most
good answer but It is only partly of all, I admire the goodness and
right. It respond only to a part greatness of the American peo-
of inan. It ignores the part that pie.
really makes him a man: the BUT IS IT NECESSARY to cut
image of God In -hI, his Intel- Qod completely from a place In
lect and will. that American way of life? I
Since cotAu-i can't ruw my hotels without God.
ulam toa klIdMoc Mr. Eslenhower has.told me he
religion, it t- cannot run the country without
be fought by God. Yet we who are the Amer-
men' and women- lean people try to run our busy
religiously it- daily lives without any conscious
spiredd. AThur' turning to Ood for help and
communism con-o guidance. True, we may go to
quers the world Church on Sunday for public
and threatensus' Worship. Buat our life goes on
because ae have Hiton seven days A week. Is .09d and
given up the religion which was His law at the heart and head
Once the center our life and of that life?
culture. A life without God's Each of us has a mission in
conscious. Influence. is a secular the fight against communism.
life. In taking religion out of Of course. we, all know what a
our lives we have actually open- mission is. When your son or
ed the dOor to communism by brother .was sent on a mission
letting In secularism, Its twin over Germany a few years ago
brother. he knew that meant he, had a'
SECULARISM DOESN'T FIGHT job to do--and he did it. Against
religion or morality; it simply communism our mission is to
Ignores them. Secularism con- bring Christ to our country and ,
riders God and morality as the world to make them strong
meaningless for the twentieth against their enemy.
century. This drug of secularism OUM MISSION CONSISTS
is spreading throughout our specifically in putting Christ at
country and into *al our towns the center of out lives and to
and homes. It ,s dulling our ap- bring Him, His love and His law,
preciation of the spiritual and into our family, our work, our
is making us think of comfort social and political life. We are
and health as the only goods. all members of the most import-.
Thus secularism weakens our ant task force in history. Unless
fight, against communism, be- we accomplish our individual
cause like communism it ignores mission to follow Christ and His
the most important part of our teaching we jeopardize the whole
lives: our spiritual part. campaign; we risk a failure that
The way to fight communism means slavery for ourselves, our
Is to fight the secularism of country, and the world.

Teenagers Marry

After 2272-Mile

Elopement By Bus

many rats as people. SALT LAKE CITW, April 11 -
Acting for the people, French .'rf eau t church
health autho6ltles declared war ceremony 'ere yesterday after a
today and stocked their arsenals 2272 mile elopeme.t by trans-
with vast supplies of poison and continental bus.
traps. The newlyweds are 16-year-
Starting at the end of Aril old Kenneth Brown of East Nor-
and contiing or a month Apri, the which, New York, and 15-year-old
cmpagn o the key sector Barb Cot% Brown, of Syos-
of Paris and Ilts department of They were married, with par-
the Seine. mental blessings, in a quiet cere-
onj at St. Marks Episcopal
The floods last Winter drove Cathedral. Only about a dozen
the rats from the sewers ahd persons were on hand, about
the situation here has been par- half of them photographers. The
ticularly bad ever since, bride wore a traditional white
Authorities estimated there satin gown with lace veil and
are at least 40,000,000 rats in carried a boueiuet.
France roughly one rodent for After running' away from their
every Inhabitant and as every New York homes, the teenagers
one knows rats multiply faster traveled by bus across the coun-
than people. They cause .57.000,- try. Upon arriving in Salt Lake
OO00 dollars worth of damage ev- City several days ago they said
ery year. they "just decided we liked it
and wanted here."
When the "Pled Piper" cam- The teenagers were all ready
paign kicks off April 25, fines to be married w hen an alert
will be levied on any one leavingg truant officer saw the bride-to-
out an uncovered garbage pall be on the street and picked her
and Paris home owners will be up for not being In school. Both
encouraged to clean out their boy and girl were sent to the
cellars and plug rat holes. county detention home.
All sorts of up to date anti- Later sympathetic officials
rat poison and traps have been heard the whole story and tele-
suggested. phoned the youngsters' parents.
The Pasteur Institute puts out
an- excellent rat-poison but pest
authorities say it must be French U !J
to work against the hardy rats. I
There is a phosphorescent fl
cheese which has proved both IJ
attractive and deadly but it has Ite _t .
also been known to kill cats and Fine Furnitre made oft
dogs. arin Malwn oany, NOW at

One handy poison gives the
tat colic and another induces a
heart attack. In addition, the
[est-control office here recom-
*ie6ds any number of mouse
and rat traps, of both conven-
tional and futuristic design.

Gobel, Daly Get

Radio, TV Awards

He d14 not elaborate. It is ATHENS, Ga., April 11 (UP)-
known,. however, that the ad- George Gobel, NBC's easy going
ministration has drafted -legis-'llaughmaker and ABC news com-
lation for a 90-dayd econom'mentator John Daly copped the
freeze, 4ludn wage-rice con- two top spots on the list of 1954
trols. It would be used should George Foster rPeabodynndl
President. Eisenhower decide the and television awards announc-
Coqmunxit threat calls for all- ed today. ,
Smobiaat lon. : "a y re lived his award for

Weeks said "this administra-
tion is continually studying the
economy, and the direct and In-
direct controls and actions which
this government properly should
take, If the occasion required."
He said in a fumed thtevew
with Rep. Kenneth B. Kenting
(R-NY) that the study is being
conducted by the Office of Dr-
ense Mobilization.
..,Last November, the Joint Con-
gressional Committee on De-
fense Production disclosed the
administration's plan for a 90-
day freeze in case of war.
It also revealed that CDM has
drawn up "a comprehensive gen-
eral freeze regulation" to follow-
up the temporary law. It could
be adapted to "all types of sit-
uations, including aatominic at-
tacks upon the United States it-
The committee, headed by
Sen. Homer F. Sapehart (R-Ind)
said there has been '"extensive
planning" for production and
material controls to "avoid a
repetitio nof the long delays and
confusion that were experienced
in World War II and again In
Weeks also said he believes
business this year will be 'sub-
stantially" better than it was in
1954. He called last -year "the
largest, best year of -peaftcetir
history in this country."

He cited high activity in the
steel, auto and construction In-t
dustries to support his belief. He
said he sees "no danger" thai'
the construction industry Is ex-
panding too fast.

d I. A
i I 1 -

L I *

Rocking Choirs
and other
Foldipg Chairs
CLUB ..$........$SO0
MONTLY ......$5.00

radio-television news and oobOei
won the "television entertain-
ment" bracket.
The winners were announced
by Dean John E. Drewry of the
Henry W. Grady School of Jour-
nalism of the University of Geor-
The university's Peabody board
administers the annual awards
designed to recognized disinter-
ested and meritorious public
service-by radio and television!
and to perpetuate the memory
of the late George Foster Pea-
body, a native of Columbus, Ga.,
who became a New York banker
and philanthropist.
The 15th annual awards will
be presented to the various
winners at a lunch April 20 of
the Radio and Television Exec-
utives society of New York.
Bennett Cerf, publisher and
radio-television performer, will
preside over the ceremonies.
Other award winners for 1954:
Television education 'Adven-
ture," CBS.
Television special awards-
"Olmnibus." CBS, and "The
Search," CBS.
Television youth-children's,
"Disneyland," ABC.
Television national p u b lic
service--"Industry on Parade,"
National Association of Manu-
Television regional public serv-
ice -WJAR-TV, Providence, RI.
for "Hurricane Carol."

Bedroom. Dining Room and
Living Room Sets.
Productos de Madera, S. A.
managed by Roberto towes
9s Central Avenue
Between Kodak Bldg. and
Aottth Av. Store
SPhoce 2-SW! ___

The parents appro ve MM 4flW
weddii was set up.
The new husband J
in a florist's s*op her
ently both have d enh
veing for a while.
there would to no hoan .

.room air ;
condi tioner


Phone 3-4517 Box 3012



'-.r *3

Due to unforeseen circumstances, CASA
FASTLICH regrets to inform its esteemed,
clientele that the date for the raffle of the,,';
one karat fine diamond ring has been


changed to May 29, 1955.

All Sales Receipts Are Sitl Valid.









LF ".r IIPellm wI

I M iC Ave. 2-14 ,



O thick, hokIbng phleg- v-. i u a ess ora ui t riiasur-
eti akot e g m ..r raw er, Mrs. Virgllo Pearce, from
membranes. iht way Pedro Miguel to House No. 2254-
SW. Btes how muc easier it i to breath A Carr Street, -Balbou. Mrs.
announce and Pearce's box ntunber is 295 Bal-
in. Georg *No wonder more than 50 million boa, her telephone 2-3642.
spital on bottl" of Buckley's Canadiol Mx- .
ture have been sold. So don't let Distaff Councils
that cough get you down. Buy & The regular monthly meeting
bottle ea fut-aetng, e ive of the Executive Counci of the
Bu ck ley' Cuuks- ol M6 tur1 rom Panama Area Distaff Councils
rthds.y of 4oiura ta4lI on Disa"tr Control will take
Itdayplace at 9:30 Thursday morning,
April 14, at the Port Oullqk Of-
Sfleers Club, Port Gulick, C.Z.
Highlight of the meeting will
be a talk by Colonel H. V. Deane,
a# O J JOTechnical Staff Chief (Medical)
1 of the Canal Zone Government,
.on theunof yhlogcal first
S pd a) Ir the treatment disaster
S.vietlms. The Distaff Warden
service W ftndtO ftiforma-
RICHER o tion pertcularly isor I
i use In the plain of family
i* al l /v care in the event di er should
ba hit their districts.
1JA U Preser-

.itrs... --l, pm'B
l ll~. -~- r lport l on dtstaff oonctf i
^''W^KW~~~~~~md WL^* V"140.? X-Ctrl r


I I .. -;*LII

* -





PARIS, April 11 '(UP) ThI
people Of Paris declared war to-
day on rats.
Like the fabled German town
of Hamlin, France is overrun by
rats. Big ones, little ones, fat
ones, thin ones and all of
them hungry.
There are, i"t fact, almost as

- -. 4

S..th5 J~t.t
t ~. S-I.
I.-.. pr-r

' t *.W' -- -, '* "
I,' ,

*' -. 'I'


~~~- .-. I... .





tI "S f


FOR, .


I Street No. 131
4tb tof JJt;ve. & ;J IL
Juiao Arosmena Ave. ad..2 3 t.

Is2 La Carralluil
Centql Ave. 45
No. I LoAter. Plaz ,

I I I I Il I I l I ;a

fourth of July Ave.
SAgenca Internal. de Publloaclones
"49 teaitral Ave.
F. IrqLe. evre I Street

Si A T U .. 4
.' u C A .
**- I t ,' .

..... C U -. .

CO r. ERAL &


'-1I2t 4th of Jul.y ,e.

b. rf o lclt is the science that
ium people wel ond eappnr.'

Dmn. A. and OdRILLAC
Iw" Avenue -TelS l-1391
block frSa Lux Theatre,

Z zone Optl PolyclFnic
EDr. C. Firousr D.D.S.
( Dntn...-.rldge workt-r braslve
General Prctllee
(4ht of July) Ave No. 2LA26
IseWifoe Ancen School playpound)
n... no.zlo uj-.01-Penams.

SwoM -n diecotent with
av s they or. Also for mace
| ett betweenn it 1-10

suckers. hip
Planes 2-245
....Laln R


hd at,


$~p tinis





FOR SALE- 13lpilce Rpttan
living room anito; 8-piece ma-
hogany dining suite; mahogany
bedroom suite with innerpring
mottroe; refrigrtor; gas stove.
All one mYor old,' brloin. Houer
No. 7, Apifmen4,S, 45rt St..
Bella Visa. Phone 3-6050.

FOR SALE:-G.E. refrigerator, 9
cu. ft.; .Bendix do luxs washer;
Hi-Fi record player; lamps. All
like new. Coll -051.

FOR SALE' P Mlidolre, 9-ft.,
25-cycle 75; 4 large window
bamboo screens 75c. each. Tel-
ephone Balboa 2-4464.

FOR SALE: Solid mahegb y
bar w/four si l back mjeylr,
glu shelves w/a'lqssel and 20-
bat. liquor, '12t' 2-eycle fan.
Call Ft. Clayton 6206 or Qtrs.
355-A, Fort Clayton..

FOR SALE:-Piene, small varil-
cle.. SI10. Phone 2-3009 after
3 p.m.

FOR SALE-.Wutit ng hoe*e
porcelain refrierator. 7-foot.
Coll evenings :.-00-8:00 Balboa

Automobile i
FOR SALE:-Austin 4-door me-
dium size model, wonderful con-
dition, many spare parts,' duty
paid. Leaving Panama. $450.
Phone Mr. Osborne 3-1660.
FOR SALE:- 1949 Pont~ c 2-'
door Sedan, Hydramatic, radio,
extras, almost now tires and up-
holstrry. Owner leaving. Phone
Albrook 86-3132.
FOR SALE:-Hot-rod ports Ford
1949 to 1953; Crosly Hot-rod
and ports. Phone 2-4319, house
5184 Diablo.
FOR SALE: Leaving. 1953
Pontiac-Six 2-door sedan, 5000
miles. Call evenings 6:00-8:00
EIalboo 1514.
FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 4-
door Sedan.. New upholstery,
moad t i r ea. good condition.
house 326 Pedro Miguel, after
6 p.m.


WANTED TO BUY:- 1946 ft
1952 Automobiles: Chevrolet,
Ford, Dodge, Plymouth. Pontiac.
WE PAY CASH, Contact us be-
fore trading-in or selling your
2-4966, 2-2616. Ileside Coca
Cola Plant), Panama.

Lasage Salon' '
T Turgt rjrises With
iAXTlR, S.A.
-- Post-To-PQst Victory
peru Maven f V i t r

MiCtHoo t OOL Lt f
S 5.-0279 The Sr Out
na*. hearted s tt Meri Floren 40, 0. 6.
ay afternoon ~ed to a post -Empire Mag $6.80, 5.40.
post vtory In the featured S-Ocean Star .60.
S$750 seven sfurlohg 'sfriint fori SEVENTH RACE
las"B" and C" Importe Monte Rou 8,.40, 2.40.
;Offthoroughbredsk at 'the, ua.-Explclto .B ..
Frenco rate t-. .ustl L ,,,u b 88
uIttle c hustle Efitfl R0
i rs the tt R~.~b son to 2.20.
The Yuvaraj-.stre Polar tb l .
the frpit right after the. break 1u di:
iAprfl .1 (U) Uthep s trlom fdow to a NINTH RACE
os st th Turgot $93.0, $8, 3.80.
nOTpthO t r epea ed4.osa-N Kiosco $16.60, A460.
S-Tour n and Bradom4. i,$. 0
S. O 9 8 of i lne One-Two': a
s ad a consal r s TENTH k ACE
of 27. n teent1 o |iltlnd F.A.N. $3, 3.20, 220.
at 6 and Bami a photo. jit i iS t scored bY Dark Sunset $12.40, 2.20.
S 2 an long neck with osco taking L-Lexden $2.20.
the place by the samer margil
l b q.tI Brado4 ELEVENTH RACE
Si-Golden Wonder $11.2Q, 5.20,
to play a waiting Turgot rci o w' 3 20.
,eggrsalve 5- and rew.. r Chepanltaj. ~ .340.
1 rs who hid the Turgot-K!oseo3-Rabiblanco $3.60.
ki-Ab engers, on- one,-two binati. 3C.60. __
sl -Snead Fer.Rnd-oldeno d re- 4.A Tennks Champ
rtO4ve yis post-yturned the day's best win acrds4 r esn C anmp
o Vin th a 36- with. -$1~.04 d $11, 20, rqppeO- -
tively. 4 hare Pins.
Ruben raqnez. tw-matrfSl 'alit l
er, who* along ed a bad accident in the tenth
well known to race when N)e (tooidd tevi*kIWith Tienager
rmed in a br'l- horses on the clubhouse turn
p 'f to f "- with P.A.N.,;was the leading lid- Amateur tennis player Major
r with thee victories., Anateur tennis player Major
'- iThe- l J. Hayes rdeelyed two prizes
per. I'A yesterday during a presentation
a, Diek Ma&- 1-D n ^4 20 ceremony conducted by the At-
i.-Lsv Moeo .6 0 lantic Amateur Athletic Assn.
-L ite'aF S r I /However, before, the ceremony
hers: S-Litt D RACu was over he had only one left.
2-5-72-70. 0.RAE. HayEs, who won the 1955 sin les
.-6.-a-70-3 &Wu-M 2.60, 2.20. t tle and coupled with Carlton
W7-2..-736.-- t-Dane 8.60, 20. Taft to win the doubles, decided
72-71-74-60--WI S-Di t w ed $-20.
71 74-72-72 -29 DOle. Sl. to share his prizes with Albert
2-72-72-713. -IRD RACE Loney, who is, regarded as the
75-72-71-2"89 -Pale F $3, 2.2, 2.20 most outstanding up-and-com-
S -72-72- 29 re 2.20 lng teenage ten player In the
77-73-69-4--25-B-FOrBu E/2.o. last six months.
77-69-75-71-2 ,One-Two 6M Cyril Oldflild, runner-up In
72-75-1C 74-72- O TH RACE the singles tournament, and
78l-772-71- I-ull Flea (0 2 3 Bud Stroop and George Gerclch,
76-76-72-69-293 2-SBerra Vellde a $2.20, 2.. runners-up in the doubles also
73 3-75-204 3-Villarreal $6. resentation of the prizes was
67-76-71-80--294 Quintlela: $4.60. Presentation of the prizes was
67-74-741-80- CE ,. 4 n60 made b orace.. Parker, pres-
-7- of... ..

Conrad 77-7


-7- PAci5- Wnamen'c Chess Seres
f2-76-75-2991 ,
S sfstbal^ <, nds 1;Igaw
iWThe cho mate h played re-
S All wPXMrs and rePrsenta-cently between Panama cham-
SIrau a" re dof the meet- pion John Evans and Canal
i.N to be hel tomorrow at 7 3Zone champ M. Weeks ended in
,M.. up ar the new Paraiso a draw.
The players drew in the first
eorMe opening of me with Weeks taking the
i fthe third was drawn,
A 13,5 won the fourth and they
"A 13, has been broke even in the fifth and last
eQp st ,4 .M nday. Ap IS 18, encounter.
f s.s fW a diamond. Last Although Evans had Weeks on
Od twenty- 7year m*pins, Arsi Cola, will the defense throughout 46 moves
,, C f "-2it Brandy In the of the final game, he was un-
sites afiifaBj .. ... ... 1 .j able to use a pawn aduiage V
Sas.-headuld to win because the pLWV' W ere
... s before the opening doubled and position difficu
t"i.. w'h rooks lati-on the beard.

1 `$---RIDWEUlTY

add for i referencel. You'll
find they .41 receive home-like
and paiol. toie when they ea-
bearded at FAITH FOSTER'S
Chive e od(S > idles out Tramp
Isthms Hnljiwey to sign) .
SDoghei4, .fthet ls). ellint,eU
Toy F "awTeler. puppies and
young mi rsaonably in order
to make space for vacation
Sboarders; yeng male Cocker to
be old t boead bil. FAITH
IN < UBA*t t ragmi- nthmilB
HigI sh g hn.). .,
DR, WUrk"HAKE MedicalClin-
ic, bhiodelCplelle T e.m. .Day
& Night service. Phone 2-3479

FOW VWS th t strictly
frei-U6q he hon to your
hoi t K qNp ddliveo, Mpinimum
order'3 dozens. Call Panama
FOR SALE:- Fresh killed deli-
cious lender chicken, oven ready.
Hoemn delivery, minimum order
of three. Call Panama 2-2341.
FOR SALE:-Dosh matching ra-
dio for 1953 Chevrelet, com-
pleta with antenna. Phone 828-
3335 Lacono. after 4 p.m .
FOR SALE: Ducks. oil sizes.
u AM.J o a r Pique
SDfavre, IN60i-32.
ACUARISTSi Limited supply
hptche fishes. ACUARIO TR0-
PICAL Pet Shop, 49 VIa Epaetd,
f Phone 3-5411.

asI Hospital. He was 26 years
o d.
The Injured seaman Had been
flown to the Isthmus from Bue-
naventura by a Caribbean Air
Command, 26th Air Rescue
Squadron amphibian and enter-
ed Gorgas Hospital last Tues-
-ay. He suffered head and- eck
Injuries in a traffic accident and
Was in a critical condition when
he entered the hospital.
He had been employed as a
seaman on the Grace Line ship
Santa Luisa and the accident
Occurred while he was in the
4olombian port.
Panama Agencies,Bloca .agent
for the ship, said Guzman's wife
in New York had been notified,
and word was expected momen-
tarily as to his funeral arrange-
4ients. I

The Highway
CANTELLO. Italy, April 11 -
(UP i-For several hundred yards
along the main street Inhabit-
ants were picking up ball pens
Sn d Swiss cigarettes after a
tourist bus from Switjerlaqd had
passed through late last night.
Police investigation revealed
that a parceL ot the cigearettes
and pens hCr fen VMUhed un-
der-,the bus to be smuggled
through the customs and along
te way had come undonet.
* -'T t*-'.'-.

---- ---- t.~ w

ATTENTION G. 1.1 Jest ih"-
modern furnished spotmqlt. ',
2 bedrooms, hot, cold W tesh
Phone Ponama 3-4941. ., I

FOR RENT:-Furnished it &i 4
furnished 2 end 4-room iWid
apartments. Cntoct AHA4?P
Phone 1386 Colon. .
FOR RENT:-Furnished madel
apartment. Via Porres Ne.tj4
FOR RENTI--42Tb4droom 'priip:
- ent dupaftone house, fewet,
yard, inUt CI 6aAmls-f
206. .. ,:', '

FOR RENT:-2-bedroom opsrf
mont, 2 clothes closets tina .e
bedroom, living room. dJib
roam, maid's bathroom,. we
ioom. rage. East I7 Stle 1'
No. 2I,upstair.

SFOR RENT:-2-bedroom aparl&
went., maid's room. garage, Jei
bolt et "El Cngrejo." 3-277.-

SFOR RENT: Apartmint' 4
cholet, independent, complete
.fwmishod. Phone 3-5356. ..

.. I RINT: Bedreaoom. livn .
iomw. dlne.t kitchen. AcsiP
ble to Canal Zone, Calle hDbi',
No. 8 (next street from 4th
July Avenue).

FOR RENT: uy, rent furni-
ture. Pay $40 rent. Bells Vista.
Mexico Ave. 62, Apt. 11 after
6:00; all day Saturday.
FOR RENT: Site for offices,
clinic, occupied by "Macy's" of
Agencies Glasgall. Justo Arose-
mene AyvnuatNo. 73-A. Inquire
East 37th Street No. 26.

Reds Critdize

US Handlm C

slan .yoktw-whdl asked asylum in
the Wesf and then changed his
mind and returned to his par-
Anti communist newspapers
suggested that the United States
attempted to make political cap-
ital out of the boy's flight.
The 'Spandauer Volksblatt"
questioned the wisdom of grant-
ing political asylum to a minor.
"It always is a. perloua under-
taking to wish to make a world
political figure but of youths"
the Volksblatt said. "It seemed
suspicious. to us. then the 17-
year-old Valery Lyalkiov turned
up with the Ameritcans and ask-
ed for asylum, Wl-thought of our
own youth when 'revolutionary
thoughts depressed us or exulted,

SPeiaM it .would have been
better" i'f tl e* ihs had let
this unripe.-ntwrnemn on the
tree" the newauper added ,,
The SociaUst-line "Telegraf"
said the AmerlCan actions were
"completely incomprehensible."
" .Whie it W -. doubtful
tlakig ,, ...e.benning to
use the- b toro political propa-
ganda purpoem after his defec-
tion to the Wati his return now
mesas that he was delivered up
.to the arbitrgy soviet police
land Judicial qyatenr the news-
epersl md ... .

FO$ g".
T.- o.. nO = ,

FOR RENT: Secsnd flOer o
msidenc on Gqql JIe -km
Martin Avenue N. t Four bed-
iqemo, living roem, m s iem,"
kbdn. large we. EIsuwre
groned now.

FOR RENT:-Smeki dplet, *e
bedroom, living dlMing fh6m,
kitchen. Moderate Mnmt. 6aeml
Jose do. Son Martim Ave. No.
6, downstairs.

FOR RENT:- Feraii chelet,
hot water installation, In La s.
peici6an. Call 31r1 street NoM.
37, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and
from S to 8 p.m.

ton, E-bedl


Cottages. Medsr ieas
m4der.te rato.";.-'heao
6-441. "' -"7

PHILLIPS Ocoenside o
Santa Clara. Son 435 _JS .
Phone PaInmea 381- C
bal 3-1673 ..
Wantd -,
Wanted tote

5-hpv,,utloer'da er In excel-
lent lNtbe;'i one1. 5
PanemO .

FOR $AL. l" Jogmo
wiD-w is *l
dit n. .fhse. 3-IS8

3,000 See Aqnual S La r Cou
(Continued frofl Page 1)
sunrise services on the beach at _0. C -t' SSQ
Biscayne .Key, Fla.,er y Uro ly over Commission
are vationing.
Hundreds of thousmnda joined' .
Easter parades thotughot he WASHINGTON, April i. (UP) ditures of the government' th
euuntry to show ff ir'- spring -The Hoover Commission urged added.
Airecord cyrod of. mg*en Congress today to establish a They said the W0 -on ..
Aro turned O o hvenew federal court with jurlsdic- nations "should, be-.U.suaeqr0
ue sod s t wnas noted th't Born- tion over certain tax, tttde rep- Congres but. wthbut .-eeio s
burgs were the style r men ulation and labor disputes. alone action upon them."
this year-iSi. of '. tophats.- The commiuiO oi said the erp In r4commending- that the
while the women av d blue, clal court should take ever coW be eanoUfihed,- the
white andik chapeaux. judicial functions now exerced commisalon iaid thit heree
Few ep ae 'bowed .up on c hl- by the .*atdonQ WRdtlW^oni
cago's Michigan Avenue' hewev- Board, theV.e Ftdxe T O- t. u;- .
er. Beautiful spring weather, with and the. various ld(elt*z$dent a-
the temperature crowding g 80 dp- agencies which handle trade reK rT; 4 ob
grees, apparently drew city dwell- ulation cuaes. t I Z
cis to the surrounding countryside 8Bi members o fthe 12-manbep In a
fr the day. Commlsslori, includi chain
Sponsors of an Eastqr sunrise and Atty'. en.
service at Alto Pass., Ill., atop nell Jr., disagzpie". -
l0004oot Baid Ktbob Mounta in half of itsfree' Bdi
were disappointed by a turnout of government l .
only about 2000 persons. Ten thou- However, Rep..Ch ot loiteld S 41ax noM
sand had been expected. A drive (D-callf.) was the only commls- t o dxf-taox n now vs
ii being made for 3 million dol- sion member to dissent on the tle).Tar Court of the United
lars to build .a 00-foot, cross atop court proposal.
Rut .other. tditWnl .outdoa.r.,

ter near Denver.
About ",00 other, bra ve4
freez. t,.mpehi Ato join i '
w"fe a Pti, Tpeak near Colo-
Sado Srg.
Fortythousand heard a S0" '
voice choir greet the Easter dawn ft of o
in Services at .Mianti's Or a re rart '4n "lega serilees
Bowl. procer Is 6f s-y*
In New York, big churches't anu rtheedur Is ld of nov-
St Patricks" Cathedral and St. =ki1gthe12 m I sskon-
John the Divine were crowded te on reorasation ofthe*-
with early morning worshipers. tivebranc h of th e g-
Former movie star Mary Piok. branch of the p-
ford, who passed her 61st birh'- Wlifeld aid he wa oppo
da Saturday wa among 17,000to elel.d abe.a g hyd
who paltiwcpted Boin IrminiateIt1ve dpurtwhich Wold
ollywc Army Bowl. lte In tcle trade and labor sections
skid row areas hbeld pbelial U as a tax section. ." ,
sertiee today s memory f the Holtield also, filed a separate
Army' founder, Gen. Will I Am distln ropoit op several on-
Booth, who was born in Englld er r o8mndat .. .
April 10, .,-,d i W ..sseatg n bia. e
The massive Jaffa Gate snwu dlisagr ed wlt420 of.theo ver-!
open at dawn to allow pilgrims :1a.ll veconmmedatoons offered--by
reach the hallowed shrines of there goup. In a separate .pin-
Jordan-controlled old city of Je- Ion tuty all the recommends-
rusalem, on this anniversary of tionM they did not agree with
Christ's resurrection. 'deal mostly with proposed a-
Only. at Easter are a teleet. .me m ta the adlnetra
few IdStims allowed to pass a- i act
cr t* a no ma' lad and I i. not vote for tbeat
throayk the 38 et-high wall reci ftiUAi s because
which 'ephrates the tense srael their plble consequences and
and Jordan sections of the city. )oeelebe. increase in the expen-
Roman Catholis cele b r a t e d --
Easter in Jerusalem with pontifi- _, --
cei high mats before the sacred Of Avruw

Sepulchre. The rotunda above thel
scpulcbre, the place where tradi- -o'
tion says Christ was buried, echo. ti
ed U, the ch.ntine of the 136th
Psal,.. "I ar!e and am qtill with Ma., Ont. Patrick J. Ryan,
thee. of hplans. i
V L 0 I os 1rottstant denomi- clhl 1_rrlSP!
nioa..f f thn new city of Jerus- .tB.,
iet oi the Israell side celebrate *erl ..fhtllI .. ,.
edl with tiunse services in the o tt a ,w1t 1 co b at
ccurtiard of .the Scottish Church of ta
of St. Andrews on a low bill just
upposite the walls of the old city. are during his visit.
The worsihiners faced M ouat He will dept April 18 for Sa
Zion as the first rays o the maB -u .-, p tl o. w e.- he wg
jokc a ha dbend Getk b le
vim ls the. q helopes W.ic
ia dams.-- .
I gac


Itm.l' -,.
., "'. :r

-., .-

.g "

1 a

4 '
t-C- .




-, 1.

. IL

vq.- I a



~ '~- ---

MI' ~IIfl -- 1
- .


Knee na:be :et%-eoi
mlnnL --.



.I. W.. 1o.l4 .. ,.U./ O ;. W .

*. e u s b s a-j m ,,,, ,e s bt .. 4 a .', ..-al' ,

.- A R1:% ." "TREA S TO"
o I ,

*r pLV e- ... .. .. .o t r ..w is % p eerllle c.- i k g. .
OrwithBlodtw r la W tl

Ag MERICANOdlr tar. StUWpr-a, .r Pt ln. o ; AN EVrN h Rtnhl O* Ars:-

/ ,',+: .-,+; .[+ e 4lll-FRIp ie ie vter w have .. oro byh tr em,_ han Cu,- X .hfven w at.,..le ,- ,o .,; .
.Ilwes -o BwathI tew o o- o -I .. to re oda m o thei .reo e- ,,, a .--pIin whi l

T._.^"'t^/&.a gl' quesrie laLa Ve OnIe EB Rn h hrhDrG
'ss* oap- _p ma dn._ of .. d 10u Ch l' ueoh de tll Rus 'Ko .... ..f.._-

^*^N^' N*!6" 1 W-n<. WIt I I tha rtii er,. r lory .ho a 0kns epreen o forein radn m Cted thermo .Who .r u.nsn/ svivr Wtooe 'itiarm a
l'te brY t no aJoal s eNM b .

otel oped.i I I1 T tese Withee, BAl Gv oorldve od .Of Martyrs a ri tl n G ionu

-' ,' hara paid MarlePAe Die Ah l .inm~eme C.oiungauni .1i. ie. North America to'ambur
b,00 a week. The Savds reL. -.e d nh salmon 1 a we(t- "we at n yt aoa otten 1 ) A 1 mL
S ted e s Pay, trT a Eater C mhuoa ti t tfr-; h to Rusi and to Chna. Meanwh i L the terma ni
t iNow it's a minute or Y t Co mpressun Ite number of people In tsa a s alv ninl a
weeks i. 'a A .r oa lord bhat people there e t t surrey their lives ot
TCe new Frontier'S sloanm AS o at rldbe-

,"Out on ThisWOrld" and with.Gri io said.
ze IftCchine psh an be for- ab of s ld, York. co-pAimt of nshalI

ease a F corae, *ta othe sstIOtn donldl e fqur h ThD 'ChuDho l ar w hose o- a gomndid ui o.

.r ni l y ea arn t-e how lo tne
Weew u en L s- eas. h o have bee or have hi E er rm "who S u a 1 p e
oshoe s idt ieit9i dder "o arh e today amen. the greatest
le 91; Loonr Fri t tho e l ou I htr o ritin ow r h fdrom

UB .run! le.trs te th l e pdesr Inld n g fo u t slan te uuooe
e. u o.,. ,xibsoter Cathnd ral that f th t us sia Dr t C h

,bor in Lond the areas-c ae

,- deled o emeng- Drvn untra two I p ltot appl hok.,,th
No.d ats before he recent s sWH RE R Pd w .PLfF- Detl HO lliveda H-reanO Mo sk
Ila, toe. of t i d p eC e witht e savai

Pai.' $ .t ..,
Da n Tho r O N aLanla Wjt t pete t e tjo I
oth e l o pe n e ir o t i er s l o an h v f r e ed ot r h e (1"'I oen b at h e ft v i e t a_ __ _

pai Ch Tii-Chense C t;iet Rd C a lies.
seven new. ote l o endi n M te yeear i s seomet es sai d t

fe th a' o wh re t o Ta ll o l heg a t cuath eri tp r oion o 1 a T Yo .C
"A .tyd s me'.,lrtnt, and pe' r No Angels': tob e l
Tol. a mit hen t o c ue fof Sha e, ET wN Dh
R a t o cte d R ra n m nt I mt r e sh e Wis t r y o t e a c e T HrA T E R S T O N I G H

Lan cafer e pIain the time 't " o ew a hote ue eh da "o n', tthis dh1 ."Butea w'y ia she sops tai sad r

'Anymgnea' ai l Gal* Re ],gart: "Kiss her." .'
performas besedn m ist i bo almost the aderk, the t Tw ntet Ce t r 8 5ll

c la ime t Mcosurse, d Shake,- this_.,__ _N E -

Rattle and R. was LO c h LIts m t R
.. t e 'Thcreos tmnsr inethel -Prineern husban duringa rferiPg t $ ,, e c oer oism 0 ina
oa j Vittorin m esei Da- m I 1a53, ii d e r tu e th e byttr t ve r h Tex.,y o d 1 .

Wn d hts eho Ide _o_1 8. fSh ntmos ftor h er sl a y ng. doAU nY la ck its btA-nwaottib.I- "
b W 'arve inrLndsn m e p w ont Hexrc has .urtyrs. No matter R ussi an

fro i Lond mvie hent S c mi n t

T *,,Wda s before t he rctsrkisi WHE VO L D T Io Ns MEkRUIOsH lD A I- -
g.loti s nl went tom e.s o e won the fr th ulaying "v n
eve a .w to t tewh o holep R u ssia R V
S. .. thei~,brn In aramoun t ntra he'isonetsowddtdobmepw raboa Rd

Shell"oe fys d" ere shieao pro SaLnr s m
....dflg 4 the toiistb. hey are L et ti ng _+. w- aeqI I reILr Jue A

a su~i _R e _ie .~ -ga r t. .". h e r ". "'/

c or b a p the cigarette of distinction I .
"aaaake at t5 .in..:..s..... sa

It~~h ar Shoel prt"eCSWtsentiit~tfg-- 'AVEARAIltN UJ~U
a e l t asaxF r a"' adt .I"9

-Dr".J t+-o mir'rw nig o"
* *& K. t ..... .g.....s. ....

A_ f

t 4
:. +,: .o '," u. ..,. : ::;. "&

"" -t" "'r" "-

,* ,---- urf--! ,:lfly4~A4a "jjr "-e 'I uL m,-.--------- ----* a ';"' ... 4N ..4t1

i T rleage N'i* .
e S... aa ,,. .Le ...& -out aurlnB I' o-
eghe Z 1 e 7 een
tor A !It! khp ei
. ane d leibe i 'a Aall aT dt s prtieI1 h o ti.

ga pree.eo r.eto e su.d b tm e et .oe r 4 0 h P o yoys bnd dae S .h$ WiP
1et Stsrs d pem$-L eglofl,. u .A A .

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whems are as o bal clubsow The Sen atponr s t CI.,n n al fwotw u n em w d the of pt rilhef r stke' ,ba l
in tpraed josleagues.oR ke it not foppe r C harley e 1. tor. ,Mae Cubrn repoonrrforrh .llhtsacah..ofl as ars"ll 'ont

l thnlarP htW over .300, reign to- President senhow thenhN offaolallye L mdhe of thbeh tae h e re lo e he iI.P l te r a wbe Do ...... Pacif l M,= .,- .,] "
t. R.PL. tWleagueoii .Uee 11 hits Sunday them n 19d5 major leaguebasebll m u and Rch, in turn, et ee o l "it e pal .

Infi rs: It F.mer areas, P ie befom e tg CebrWd, wthe hen- season t l at d throw as City. oM n a er C. A. antes. tChoeolaRt e a ne d witharne sad. n re .................... .
w nood. PfeL..La lr 6i. A-1c the Cinaole Redlege and thua A baasebs ry t wd Then, Art Fowler, waho had a udreutedly better than h to l n wh....ree .. te o O Alas.. Tw-ho th.. -"
der andw .,The-ocelotsha n e-work-"l ,

poetto, A-n s Ra Jo on, Mike wel nd up spring training with a o 7,000 is expect to ee th hief 1- record as a rooke last Ye, heavier countryman.

veura. record of 15 wrts and eight de-r s e eCutoe start the genalors oad Wel move to the mound fo e Brown and Choolate sined the e secontr elb the
ti es am .An. Oa de, feats abovenst major-league op- Orioles on theirwyen Wihinndi ioels to quare odyf tnst u to make a welshD Iymit ot 1n8 Rno r lo w the a tle -- -w'--L "
Mayer, Pvt. F. Walden, postwon th .7 1 winning p er taon, where the wB leather predthc-yh veteran Bobatuth, poaeMor o a ou dsL u Joltin' kToe's be- "n I. o t t
team.Wilcox, Pfe. Asras, e. o i tion was far intheand warm. The 12-15 mark last Leason. ishtin weight The Cuban, re the t ell '
A-i n. e lasoc, s n. help mae this boys n sta pro- wll a a 130 p.m. lnaral lht
u .0 -ar e at the $Exactly one 9 our later, "the lIaUe0aon o 19f'but com- mang the limit. C i M r f hold the a fh-e aonm Te. Lu e
: M-8gt. nosields, first di ressan, thus Chicago Cubs and C Bn)onnatT petition doedh't really start on C ocolatico goes into this fiht down the -sho p po with riherf .on tIhMe f.r.. .h.lf o .
beat outo rTheArmedea which Redle g meet at mCincinnati tomorrow. a wit foUr wir in hi t Bill d. In y and defeated.he W ".
The ans capably a ed ajor H. nding up their today. th the weather forecast T l b ed decision to Jialy Ford of theld, a foast in Onner kI p the ic
0. nSchadeis'composned Of play-dSn y,, wAN s ow117Cunthomen ene oxugmn"......

era from the Army. O Navyde Ai o t0 Bon oe an 1o n their at v ( afsaverenpbut0

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ThE e me>. nak oe atlect9dorb Lecol Ag f he p.te tehse e Pfrsitosugh 00S 0 ra s*Z A
H It,.Se and setond ete taos. 6i a lutand ,e ..." rive weltherm Bwa n,. .. .- -
3ankle, Bowman, te terfield, who wo 2( roun o" "he ""e at tot a.;.a a1 wtseh,.f"
600 on their abirht on the Orl n 19. t r orld world n a r-
t s toieasuding ball players. rh1n 1 dfT e t markt aI 2od aeenstte a1Phiflleo starthig- ha t
nr theeup for these NEbet ra debut fWou manbalr Chuk Dre- adephid Pithbuh sbt.rook- l b e e t lut

men T .S leu e tem sn o n n baager ln, Ck Noennal at lwa Gibson's champion an na iveemt meetinLtme
Sann the m or Paul Ric of Bltimore Lou A t Chico.' a l t --Senators, IiMANI*-a- d managed the
The..M^il^wakee hadal .,583 Dreen, the fo er Dodger. Te total, t n *;. attenSt ohe 10 roud draw, -By NI ED PRESS
pe ar Z PIICIB s or mar a kesr h te Nat onah l f rtanager who at io rt fno t open eam of thd oe Atlantic Twi5 9 and 2l ol o. -
Lea d U ie Pd o wt ersC in th e Brookly'_n c rfise to reach ma00,000 ad Cuban c n-' 00light4 League-will..nvadee a so
-| two h:o:1 p majors, wh ale the New York accept a .his v .contEha CWSor mldioner Ford FrlNk _ir Ly hu we,.(), ,,,es hi,, ,,ro deb,,n ,. At B.ti mo. 31 .
Armed Fdrca AlYankees stooden at .5 for eg- NEW YORK, April 11 (U '-DougChd of DougCh predicted n tan ncre' t aoverall aatab ., on .r 1We- Pi .. rburth h00 000 00-. 1e
laOf ut i---lte .meen, eaaguS Ptadau ooni last teao attendance ths y r. nore 0li
pitche C 14yrs p n thitt e over .300, reign taon President ETsenhowen of ficially Lantsche of l tossthe o ne-o fo r i Ryter at short ano Su tn F an- -

gameos onTtunday o- -s l rd (4) nd H. mthD ( en Bosh ,,e-.ap* .
dsYankees G AC l E 'lr ret h. championsoftheets the ball rolling today when, ball fro the grandstand. t o ath iell gn C he ed ed tt Ai
a 1 B"bles t.wr- l.- ,,utf el d Wl .. e Brookes Wl e Eder 1 .pI .ck PerTtht e uaed.. p,.."
pl. D. N. Xing.A-ic S. Ki5IiO ,"G ra :gi u" hemakesthepit- hat'PO Carlhsichon tepch 0 on o .. gioni on thehotnhe t e n'sPam ifI

Vnt. a.L. T Rct'W w it 11 hits tSunday" t he ..l.e bmeao wipl = and Rich, In turn, bowil oe,, 1 left, Jimmy Watckp ,i o-o- o J._.,.center k tmeie 7: r

p F a, t .b-eo W h."ee wd T t an .n1 a e'b se-i" or t o 0w eo i- toCy an ager C. A. and O'Harley C e In right mu ,
.earne rh; Vic Power wh th ede I Bost--oo 00t01 1- ..l "k t Wv as. -* -.... '<
two. hter_ a 11ry oelam w I.."yWALTERC.WATSON .' "I I_ t fil (TeSmewil-ether nwevnrh oier st oThe

S F L U S. hatod rolle rnto a 5-2ne eh asW tS l rll behindthePlate. lt r I 11 (a) tat troowa k, aA earou am w nil eMt f .rsth o t'rt
ImnsA mnaty ,.beat the Phillies. ee-gamIIe Mr s, (h),-Treman (8) and White, e teedby i ida,, 4mmit ._
Lupd, .- At14-5,Ic- t n the i Phllies announced thus A bse irnl w o f majo r Mickey Mant Fowle J whe Robin ,hada mtedb oet tfLP-eBrodowedie. ldwi te one woteo he a 1 itt sies u r- th e th.-... ew". _.
thoetto, A-RJh011, Mik e wound up spring training with a e 27 000 Is expected tall o qe oth6hief 124 record as a rookie last e a r b occur. Lem lrk andwildau l R

Sth-Win hoer b anny cutive start th e rrenators and will movon. e to the mound for the countryman. isent (4, Meer5
E corne and tt the10?,a. .. r-, odr s ...a... beinr that For these reports oa Dasons the .la ei-wd a signed (t)e s arng assg mpanents, ander thl:-P L te d reuit.:- .
elder Aga A deby ats a inst major-league th o p-ff roles onme of k awfully in Washing- Rdlportswriters to urelff against Cub r Io w an dwe h laito wl n Roger M1 i1'on will do the cratch- th second Sra iIt l. H l
TWilcox, Pi, t. crentage. ueewhen waour f air and warm. The sret orker n which the sixteen gweht To g(ou, )..e i nder.rt. Wl-o O
Ot,. ,_, 4 bSgt. Th who finished game will tart e at .10 p.m. Today's two "advance open-Jo fiygh gr T C ..PEn g.Oelko. itar l sik toet tea u.,
viv Trrwcan Leagun (EST). n or bomesfly aheron the big portedly a natural lightweilht irotnnyEnge oWill art at Pwe fl

Sat Te also, shouldehavenline Lrehm noinlba-'aa with rAApl111te

Wi ,h ,, t bb a ed at m aking thesh .i fiow t -..sare ta so.t ta_ et of ridic l 11 Im Lucl'A la1e c-tay m inatlon re- his or
M-oSgt.a.nrields, first di ressen, thu Chicago Cubs and Cinvin nat Petitiondoe. 't really vtarled anti t outfielder o wn thorl n o 10 00o l enI.
Ithe .Wha t .er8x besto the Cubs e lonskeluod, have a decld- At the risk o bthe'latter hapi o tio goe s Philadelphia W he c artto p .000s p -wit th pis easn h Ll la
The Giants, ending up their today. With the weather forecattibn Tnsda onbowilt be l Pnteaededecisionsto JimmyBFord of th hao rfo ats I A cene rw i ithone aa c

-t:"chmier, Hearne, ps JingTtrainingsess' oa w e. eint c d and mild,-a o r on a Citver ydw amb w on: I cin a ollln wth Rice h.O, ,M-I
v h-6-4vico verhr bdaotonARedof -O ? an wd. I.'t do P rh a ilae.,a ueN

*,~~~.' ,. .naout ,Tork 1.* wa.,laid u at the WMS
Vi. ? 1threV t ,ch condition hI.4evelbpment of Ceveland a n p t etel in Wlmngton ,- ., .
0 ,-. n r ..... -rookks as asM veterans. CMhcgo fat aw Mnt 000s-- 001. .. 8 J9 8 r0
AnTQ' T.oday! .10M. ..._ ,.l Baltismore in kneel c It was doubt- t. 000 001 am-9 13 0 ad.i._1&f, _
- .35 a AsJ- u ~pg rifte his, manofcwhom Boston St.Lk he would be able to appear ii 000015 0x-l130Gotp j
Sar writers. some of whom nletroit 'b dflh heWo a,"-. 's opener against ft, Black (4), Herbert (0) .I.
;Y~L ALL -KWG h .*. seen am Wahington- -We Worldchmpio Newv Yor zuverink (7), Fletcherw (U8)11--him 1
r he an et..t H .ORse Wla (1 r by ps re) 1. t2eBMM re*&lie -- ve r .a.
y ear o tional Leaie the At Ch ) 0 00 9 or -9 10 7 -W ,
r-..ialm w a 3hr" ).WP "-'" ,,4&s-^ *. ": ": -- "
= M =_ 'ta rc7t. te p)ea ()!i

o .20. 0e.AROUer GUy hreartottn ..(The, mi-w040 004 100-9 10
""L. -" oU n" ue"m mfewgex citement, w ill -wear"thearw e'....1
.- W b".. .'lea ueet timea ,,,, ,, and ','nana (I), Cha.,

1. 'd alli 4 -uk 8 ider f% : P C a" 'h*saem d~~ i4. ROOMtaa w 1h'-

I~ ~ ,t W 1 1- '4 !

jg n _p itch e n as '. '.. -- -" 4 -"
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Th, ols y th a',

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ef of t a
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t "Oae t.w I.

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titn o too nm e three pro hng of W i n -heir rig id Id.d-
T~h cs proprietor e l be I
,C iag _beey wh oat dld e h, re iw ,, .
Sao td aee the a. o e of ...e
W J twoh- bnd se ountr Gfbre'atha Ing -ran n t the s ate how anthe
r" T l dan. tha elair bat tt ee the cop u t

Ss tk pried tsto a bw hh tot ae 0. The mt.e ..
a.s. o. "nthu woi rhbi.ito ei- h a .. -- .

th a e4 two big rol t4ut ot 1 m m2e c tu te daof the- w.tAb

BBt8NBI. I^III^MBJ~ g .m~i^~ T het lb teahe newa, er oa derl". ol T hnSyer ff .m. erIih uldnb
rIStorby. tto pressttheofsnuepdidn't

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.I P ford W ot a Caloimn o the Voe Mrosg ao- sp hr o be m
1+I,_.. .. of.,ca db hart iuar, :, "' J ""'ant' o warirAxtso
Wtal sntoayfm nh stae Eeadi ion toy oe.stue ctetk

^ a g~ tter baud wa n i W. hio m z a ita n rd be ttr eaamd hel f w a s lwe een Ya n kfeae GWgM:a e N ern
shohtout ona t a t hor, say oko gehat f 'n thet hen a he or n

Je!i i, at^ ep lay b the pertms o troae rdaes H ne 1 b o a .R l se t a ntT ur i o y gh Ta l e s a ttr k....

1eteruaW i !*i- OY--" mln w or s, Ne r m." w1re ta he it ia te eqduatoentr ...-tlnpres, Grnan1l th.e houtra h I. ee the .
,.~thm Ia, lbut ell fro.. 'ter>.e l a s g, .,W Nlyne ya f IO
andIaddstuckMOWi ntoit .Coinstole

SA 7m pi a masllo wh l w dl a ores th fasu mead idn' s t e e L s as ellal
isi en .1eiy b ee flNa secrewti rl.rund eutcfilttdtar ar tole tt h Pa if ic k a
.s 1 *+T' tC .rack s a ble F9 aeni ieeexewhmatatos di ed.B as. rLto wHue ~ th ~~ obLaset?-

IIr at ++d York A n a s e i nw s h', al.nd X ionl nynm omr en
Tihbraaid Cne. ro Tanmp nferither441%d h a e t og roend s a.
Win.o1gw. L attoo hahs "a d b wor q ate m ,.. e .qa sodo tot hO r etrs
tah ie IpeNa, rth laearentin tdo w o. rs eown "id n ..t impretheiththeatande othmee aifveretiheiuBd
Te~aey satv ag witor Sa ~ bnkre tetoyM ,hg. ---l hU t tt

O nIrm thd' cute ont entlto t. ryo swPsn r le u Aayiit. aU e r sen Nt e t (ak I"n
O J E5cke Non o,-the ae propertye he Ti"TodyM w ehstadso 1,nd hon
*oo td*3rI Wttu -a P rh et ohe l ohe mo Little Loeagnem Tanayearetn sJip, t e ... r ay.e'l, sAaoA on
tteie rWk can d e Id ie ld s hTTILITThe ChSeawtte bAing f or
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b inreekid ss of- by F an b etnenmt -Mineoa ao hbe teoe n lout wan

o. -kwAT sad a o vtoriesas Complete Prifernoing Numbe the Ordinary D
Re p sBukmpyieds y ih i. eh CO rt Prize 343s.
n.otW. to o m.baduchk.o wotheyo wen r 'Woneteirgh ndhik
eat hesi w ohbigpc olnw tw o racs downobi wih tat ranhdo

0 to o unce LM Stcowb1 Fbe hin truble. hoseebkaut
-forda" W loAland Cao outIe s of ipo
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ii alu.., .., wo et a .r etdid u DNerbnon. "" et It 11 1erN Nl ewa e
to asawaswshdtipe r s Sa nta Maaumtelld o what h ou tie holored otera n em t fare s ew A.

'ent he And .menal dh ber, notd t Blue no 150-pounde2?wiye e it ve d he 2 yea- W tom c i ,eo -.ft o

"_, u cain ta]bLe' "le sJ oe"a 01the Uninta ted, State Golf ssed- t e n d tldai,., wtt ih s tron r theb.
the IbadperO .and Bl er P i tleos'at theef *rBooblbaysC iexi st ioad hqr t le aoff
-2. ttedlnt, lifth t parsby, F'rto ainneso hqpge ta.also.yhasamad- an y AW oan.t

q toino w o harried i"'quhetito te point nthe late Gtmindtud hice
te t big lfast enogh. where.a welo" seems' to leave middlee b with Dave. ComIrer over NEW YORK ,(NKA. italy,
"df, 'as -- wt eetam lu +able.i .nge ba vlnbeen u to tsrne 'hiser h m stumpe& for an nswg r. passl oe h Esddimem ABa, ralnay Irelad Egland ad France
irdIntheygelnta rIc .amoo u o w don't eet 'e have ar t en ntd to send horses
" moved nothe veteralm clss, .andno matter wha~the R, alN oteeded at Guolfotream Parkrthe,,Tmca ErM e. sorad, hoor," ise; to Beiat Park.dRace Track's

.-'rhe, llad orHott.nbouis r heeumore_ beromisi ng1 yers everthk to.dlsourlma e t hmeem- -8i.
_lmoom that hewl be,, .. round tree more years. Th e dyading of the f I e I d I tL WheflAGI sIEi g c
I_0yfo four," see lcp r t A they m&aeas11515t, namtounding when you figure that A"
191 dffermen S horses were named I tyeg l ay-o f game to ideclde urr IIAI' L e OF TU-f NATIONJ
Sto one or more legof4 the Triple the .eareprofv toies.t to
upMft= Houst 'onn. _______ pa is againsl the Po"ce PsMds 1or P mci N AAThewbt, IFeBUdrnh 0 i
yBrazel! Small.Lpiea.ete4vdIL

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A,,, ar .- -- n Aft ia r tP 64

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unere -u imne in wms uz onn 0 ainX
lble 4191. -- with a walk and three hits, how-
A," Mueal ver, BriMar ros to the occasion
s t- r Car aind sut doo. allowing olal
weigh snly i baPont, i rbs toscore.
do Ayer torsiedi a d perfrm-. 00C00 OLO BRAVIS
Sur or u aa ~ as t. Pyenro AB R X
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with totwl ed as pS* 61e K.. Wlb 20
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1N Reid, bKi ng
***J~l~lyI'y'Ji!1*1!!K^^ hataf .*K


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S..o. 5 ."


Second Prize 854,

Mid Prize 862(

PrISw I1 No
IA2. 1M 1S ms 1. 1, n 1132 41U U1.1 54
u,.m, Mui a uan- i A; =I "s ,- ,s .s a
& se s.I s UsU,- Rfsf, 1

COOKINc MFIELD-..me1 Owtan mdii fel a tot' 3,S-
argument as hi lburns Jaai ct flae T as Eat 14 ,

1' 3-
o i rof the sprJ l. ".jobsov"a
entry &a nd N ashua ," '.:prim e eonto ne, e Triple.C. In his first Do IMI":

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killed. Iahia eatudraalememt theabs Bas
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. J ,, :l : `i` I t It

d.o. m ,es.+,'uv., ,,, a.& a..,TILi,,.L.I. 'w l

iinfTTrbY O B

drawing No. 1883, Sunday, April. )., 198
No series "A" a "B"'of 22 piece each,

5 4400O.Q A

3 3,2 0 oo o00

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;n N a ,o.-- I

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AporelatiloM Derived From Rmt Prize
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ustrians Ask lir

heir Freedom
OSC 11 (UP)-AuR L ie people know 96 tra h and the co is fe- Abraham Lincoln.
t Chancelior Julius Raab flew .
here today from Vienna with a .
ning freedom for Austria in T iRTIITU TEAR PANAMA, R. P., MONDA OWmL -1 rl95S rtI ( J3I'fl
discussions with Soviet leaders.
q. ne of the main purposes of ,
it'forelm water V.M, Moll
is to acreage new four-pow
talks an Austrian state a Desegreption Debae
aty that will end ten years'
of occupation. '
Two .special Soviet airliners car
gying Raab and his team of ex.
"r4ivw pn InSupreme(Cwort~oday
Airport" r a quick flight
theAin capital. ..,nupr e Couro d y
capital were vited to the 'Cen
tral Airport, usually reserved for WASHINGTON. April 11 (UP) all the barriers of racial segre- any immediate end to separate barring color distinctions In ,
toj Soviet government office ala The Supreme Court later today gation in public schools. school systems for whites and schools in their states. But AFTER LATS-IN-lEASON STORM Winter's a di ar k n aeeut-ae
Ird highly foreign statesmen, to begins' hearing histOric argu- Ten Southern and Border N rb. they caution agal* many or- this anow-ahtotd car at Norfolk. While OSt
ee the Austrian party arrive. mention how and wen the states are prepared to warn .the -AttSrp"y for Negro roups der r eqirin an shift. out of u of p, a"r, New Yorakers were enjoying bome1rel ap e a ata
The lentativ program fixed for states hjuld lower once.and for justices of the "shock effect". of contend tl states are e Tag- The other three pmt to the
aab's visit eluded a probable ----. .. th, beat original suits the. District of
eting with Premier NkolIT e pro '-Is .to Columbla, South Carolla1. and
ulganm at a reception Thursday Iot segregation imme- Virginia will argue tomorrow.
"inr. als a reoleA bnlT e, they say, In each case, attorneys for the
I'.here also was a reception bye lcoes with association and e- Negro parents involved in the
$1oiltov at the foreign minister's a s e of the,inevitable, original eases will present their p.
6ificial Spiridonovka residence to ae Eisenhower administra- stand. Each side is al-lotted one
imrrow and a reception by Aus- A:M tlp urges middle course. It hour.
a ambassador Norbert Bisch. wr courtto take even "interested" parties also
WedneIsdry. a nt bd ertlon the Impact op are scheduled to outline their
before leaving Ra ab .o -5.othern states where segrega- proposals. They are the Justice
Al id "iftour talks at Muscow is 1entrie-old. Department representifthe rIn mn C. oal was aut-e
Tead to new four-power discus- -argunients are expected administration and Florida, t e reactor
sons on Austria, then the goal of st -out three days, They North Carolina, Arkansas. Okla- nm lmat
pr mission wil have been ac- r\[l n*0 ordered b the Hig Court bhomau, Maryland, and iu a t *.
col lshed s offreed uas reed actnn lasl t The arguments or were y t
abeen thwarted many times t handed downlits to begin last Dec. were o
re een thwart d ema mes u~aous.. decision outlawing postponed until all db
qg the past decade by Rs.- gated public schools. alan could replace h late fllent, rest a
la stallin antred its refusal to hiso ric ruling struck Justice Robert H. Jckaon and sui nti t St
i te ohe other ceeupation pw. a doctrine established in provide a full bench. u mer n -a djol
era-the United States, Britainte Nthat "separate but equal" Southern states arte ilyan C1 i. Jo"e d3;- --
and France- t writing a treea e l l ti constitutional. Oplased to any IMrte ently lois 0 nthe
Raab, accompanied by ten ne. It marked thi first time In pereing of the raih.- l 1e W d C d
Sand court's 16-year history that Ipubl schools. Malasy Seoth- onlth basse e .a.4.: t
Iotiatorb, looked confident and had asked for guidance, and ern legislatures have taken Sotero, who As a t to he
iy as he boarded one of two decin tentative ps to ayert lte try 764th t
rary white Russian Tlyushin 12 e lould be carried out. Its action gration in event the High igalso admitted to o
Ii sports 4t Voeslau, aVSovien o underlined the justices' concern Court orders an abrupt and tal with face iasera
Soviet ase souty high commissionn. with the tremendous sociologic- outrht end to separate school and contuil
Soviet deputy high commission a impact of its tling., systems. e ca refred to
Srthe plane as an indication of The attorneys general of the Most of these state proposals tv*lc officer for 1apos too.
the plane as an indication of :R border states of Kamnas and center around the prince of a drier of
adt Soviet goodwll. The Rus- Delaware lead off the heai ha segregated, private school sys-
hed made the jet base a- They have, opilnistle reports tem cou led with a public school
able to the Austrians for the pe h ha d Imante alds dtem toul e w elh eo t|
.ir shorly afte 7a in S.9 e rOwegreus. already .- h nd bysptem fbr h o wish tor at- .
arture shortly after ta t.m. ho.w.. te..nd.
ab met sret strat-Io nA maminoth chooi. co -""iuc-
Cadvise l ont Snd Licit O T a lie a program for Ndgroft was QU N-11OCG. Aanpril Ste asd mI ahw o 1Lt, M y'C J
Cadina luTAr Iny I ie lderway imn the Suth when the &M th. E sne field, VS, h taeen .am
m a; pr' mrs for sucess I supreme Court threw. out the Q tuo e leqt of the 2tqt a3_aal Slaeuan oah Apple Dl5som I
di"mspc Iin e a separate-but-equal doctrine. Festival, which will be pres~d at Winchester, Va., on April 38.
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e o p David yesterday the eX C -.New mrtlquakses today hitpthi r-eas mother -1a se notmsie n
Otto, Va s haing Inte- terid i ni al which they were pssngers had Lake Leno area topping many 'h and spared"te s -n im
cartoo sP Fotured Ram U en rIcand es a series of blow-oute r dti d the lof the buildings left standing ic- a dollar suit. o. ncm
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salter house. a spea ere oro. epl.d- Aenor inom g t o a beau ago Indach kied more than 400 gap the astronomical. y O r d 0.4h. 10, nudO ef lPiaso fleer for
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BiWe t' Tndr ale West Lro d broa General elections are geehoaliy tlful black Plirot. urt Weather buea, officials s a-I d dolet theee cream vTioiI maid, 9. SomE t.ed
a t ery et omu s forecast. vy May 26, and e model) drove g pr offered ta tsee or c -,
e that clear in a note oi i atng the or- nay iuethe al in a nationwide the youths a it Panama nearly equal to the last ones thatothe
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T OtOr"ssRanten- to--# Onen Wmins te's al siu n e d Chiiathy wearl r m ti tand hnd t t iu fo the thasim ision rt
offanae bs Wspleftthe-oenh boaneea rthans datedthsev hral"d ibe rn paying T Ine d t'hkre ram

I cci 1k .Forn~osm said the.M .Cemee 4 a w a l presu t t ank d thedie,.r thelit, hspital s o dedawith anvic oo"had,' a
the opehrug aL ndon mSl te samel
l Svefreution iters e n a afeora vbe er, pIelede t he dansingee toa a
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ee y ct ineor bui?-r*ootnotcesowo-uc a..
.-M Russia owoul agreInt e-feinisteros ewiPhepresent-y camyeral buth-dosea-h.ofT tf Fridayat aCya;. ad failedtostir up ,,w 9--a ThIs 'sO

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and | tr rpel a .uters wera oa- Interotok are insa! waveh thiee rsnr.' ch0 crsa trat conr..
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m os rt C lmoum in believing E. when they can be trken aa e.d hattdade affair one, pu d
ten would seek a personal man-aci- sclos ydeats. ui o President Ramon ,cuythat music i. ,
0,. ita world o ea usual election 'stey e wold hae beard by .nheel..
I, BM T BMs0 M ur1ysR-i0 WisToc--0 hadbeeno et h eownth iS,,cream" .
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""nthe United States mud Canada in ruetmds do.ptd".roseverer. imafte 11

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'Wtrea and tor ne de- munko t delegate' to the .li leaders Io the Labe Laent area" "all-office

Iritmin' wdehathoter fltm g C3 hem eA Iedll" d ro t. raid .. g .,
SeWhile Brits'n awaited the offi- karta. .... rpus a i- ,,, ro --s of It mother singsmeto;
eiao word o" budget and election lfm--i- th-ea
-Trom No. 1 u Downfin j Str o._t h Rue

a EWen's aacedason Weanedsty.
,Pra:da,1 thih Soviet communist *4suan-
'arty organ, tore into Edenfo
I*Dritain'd Middie EIastern policy he'M-

which Eden tested during his fi-
nal months a,. foreign secretary.
It specifically singled out the Tur-
.s Iraqi mutual defense alliaee
which Britain has just joined.
.. '"thlm ppd the ak off t he
furkish; r et, ypocritaluy
*4assft I krsa as a
r gw iu %,",Poavda said.
'..It apprs ~e the public
a- ssilve ble dominated

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