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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Re Attack On Matsu


April Predi

WASIGOTON, March 26 (UP)
- gh military sources said to-
day e t. .Chinese might
launch an attack on Matsu is-
land with thecoming of aultable
spring weather about mid-April.
An attack on Quenloyr could
come a month or more later, It
was said.

atM ar ofl te' an
tf st because of the north-south
pattern the communists have
followed In taking over other off-
shore islands formerly held by,
the Chinese Nationalists.
The communists first seized
Yiklang, forcing the Nationan-
allsts later to evacuate the TaL-
chen Islands to the south and
then Nanchi island. Mataou
which lies off the big matflant
port of Frooe how, is considered
the next steppi stone before
Quemoy, which 11 rOff the port
o Amoy and directly opposite
What thta country would do
in event of an attack on the two
ofi-shore islands never ha been
spelled out. Defense Secre47
Charles E. Wilsop has said iis

U.S. policy to keep the Red
Chinese guessing. |
Secretary of State John Fosteri
Dulles has declared the United'
States would retaliate against
the Communists, incl Iu ding
Strikes at the Red Chinese main-
land, If the off-shore. Lands
were hit as part of a clear pre-
lude to an attack on Formosa
The possibility of a spring at-
tack on Matsu may be discussed
by the Presidbnt next week whcia
he confers on foreign policy with
Democratic and Republie Con-
greaslonal leaders at the White
o use.
South Dulles and the President
have indicated that If this coun-I

Move Of Houseware

Sedtion To Tivo1
Commissary S ted
It Is planned to remove'the
heavy housewares from the La
Boca Commis ary retail store to
the TivOll store during the lat-
ter half of next month, It 'was
announced yesterday.,
The move of this merchandise

order ]oto i 6t'e welitt on It is alo .planned to consoli-
the sip an tetA date the shoe sections of the two
pulled out of0te mud about 1A stores at the Tivell. The closing
miles north xf )amboa of the shoe section at La-Boca is
The cargo will be placed on presently scheduled during the
the freighter after it is pulled will require. some expanonn
free.. the Tivoli shoe .sales and atock-
The Canal's w dredge Cascadas room areas t6. handle the in-
has been wo ng day. and nit crease volume of business.
since ThursdaY afternoon, dt -
Sing mud alongside In a at It was annOunced at the last
teipt to relem S thehip. Tree monthly conference of the Gov-
Canal tugs were standingDy toernor with. Local Rate Civic
pull-the ip osut of th oi Council representatives. that
area where she became stlck these changes w6uld. be made In
Thuarsda ftrnoon the near future but no da* had
The accident occurred while been set t that time..
th freighter, whiah carries 11,- The closing of the two sctlons
000 tons of canned goods sheer- of the La, Bqca store Is being
ed suddenly. The ship i auck done in conzictlon with the pro-
off the Canal channel and is not greasive reduction In the nun-
o-stucting traffic. her of quarters occupied o n L

Texan Talks A Long Time, Too

&tUT Tecas, March 35-
(uP)--State Sen. jmmy Pm.,
lips broke .the national w.
trig recorWd yesterday with a
23 hour apd 5 minute argu-
ient for a "measly 2-milUon
dolar" anpprlrlo for a hoe-
pital on c T e st -
Hi knees. sagged, his ees
were glazed and his voice
sounded a. ifi he were sano-
g the top of bhi desk
Sbh'e piased the old record
Of ~2 hows and 24 miLtes U. & sen. Wayne Mos
( Ore.) lat Apri 25.
S ut Phillps went on for an-
oter hour d nine minutes.
- argument was_ as .vain
SarguW t-a of Mors ors e t
federal goyehument to retai
tt to t otroch tidelads.
he senate peandm by voice
woe. a8 SlAM O.OOW approta-
tions bill for 1 41 that didI
not Include an additional ap-I
1oo, athop lital-I
a th~ le1
be ho 6 m=llon

mOre ;no u. t It an hi
a staff t41 a the

Under state Senate rules, he
could not leave the hamnber
to eat, or eat while talking.
But his colleagues eitherpr
dldnt Aee him or ignored him
while he drank paper cups
of milk. He also drank a cup
of coffee and half a gallon of
orange Juice. ,
"I feel fine and I could
have' gone on into the night,"
Phillips said when he sat
'I won't feel bad until- to-
morrow, and I'll feel stiff for
two or thtee days."
The legislature adjourned for
the week, but Phillips refused
to go to bed. He said he was
going toa s d the rest of the
day working.


Religious Sects

Causing More

I' ietm -Stfe
try strikes back In the Formosa
area, t will hit the RedChin-
ee mainland with sm1 ou- AION- '. March 26
rately-almed a weapo (UP) tUous religi-
which Would destroy only mllH- oaj setab Premier Ngo
tary targets. Din Di minute efforts
Mtodr to L strife in Free
Military sources id -the Red Viet N& -N
Chinese are anxious to clear, h.,th ;. .% e government
their coastal shipping lanes of and the religious c
National outp0 because were te teeth. The
overland transportailomjIn South s oate q rnment must
China is poor. Clearing the ship- Or the respo illty for "what-
ping routes, the sources saMn ,. hapneanow."
wud` glve the Reds a freerha Armorad -iSppez d tanks pa-
in building up for an attack on troaled tb,_etaU of Saigon to
Formosas prvent r and troop s
I ntrded ket installations
Military officials said that for ga edinst kr n
several months the Red Chinese a
have been working on a few new An ultimatunm by tho sects to
jet plane bases on the mainland the Amerlea-b l dm Premier to
closer to the Quemoy-Matsu reorga bze hi. gpvient with-
ar.' They said that Chinese In five da or w civil strife
Migs based farther south In the expired tod Without action.
Hangchow-Nlngpo area would Diem ca"d-a meeting of the
be out of effective- range for leaders goups in an
strikes agNst Quemoy or Mat- ettert to i 1 dss but they
su. boycotted' his ad said "the
Sremow is rs, poMlble for the
SThe sects then plyounced thcy
At &uA.;mI nia...l weme ealakbi oaT all contact

vi umwuurw !Clpuri

I ii


I I- 0---

'4. .

Even Secretanes4

Forbidden To Hear

g g.


S-0 -
Defense attorney for impeached President Jo
m6n Guizado, Guillermo M6rquez Briceno, shortly
noon today wound. up his rebuttal of the prosecu
arguments with an impassioned plea for his client
His partner, Dr. Felipe Juan Escober'vas she
to take the floor at 3 p.m., when the National
would resume its hearing on the sixth day of the
Guizado for complicity mn the assassination of Prei
Jos6 Antonio Rem6n on Jan. 2. *
The Assemblymen-magistrates will enter into
deliberations to reach a verdict immediately following'
completion of Escobar's rebuttal. The deliberation
be held on the top floor of the Asse.Mtly building iU
courtroom of the Supreme Court.
It is understood that not even secretaries w. '..
allowed in the courtroom while the veil.'t l.
reached. *'- -

Mw hanld

lng as It came over thewn lou
Imoeached Prsildent Jose Ra,
city in the. asMaUl


i., ior deoinpa-
eta. ~Ii Dimnond)


beei dellr In.-.-,y. ust-ice Dept. 10 robe
+y not.' taking the 1,W00 en-
gies, the Air torce will save a-
ut 82 million do i(,a wDst- * Cet I te,. S S e
n a t nd e Olo w WAH TON March M (UP) nists." He sad a "secret master" Anastos, who worked for the
A =i"t .i JWASHgNOTON; March26(UP)ehresp.mib ~comttse when McCarthy
t id t duton wil be Senate investigators apked th n the entagon was rk e sl o mLtt h en said er
made on a raduted eined to In- or giving the New York dentist Was. Itchairman,,
coming mon g mnts red trea tme t. also told him Pereis "had been
St bte p.S ab Zlc war commandant of a Communt Party organizer
ble fch .b .kde in te leb ... ckAndCamp mer, $..., when Peres And pbably gave a few more
ble o hpefly berUsenlif s engireD tW o Warthg. ie. itwasst tned there as a drafted detafillong' those lines."

development. There are six ,47 ng Pereas Can be prosesated eloped when Zwicker swore at tee staif qestioned Miss Mary
engines In$47r d_ e i one Army doeu- hearings this week he did not Mrl
fotr he was not ubersive. give George inastos, former se retary who listened to the
r refuse d. to aswr loyalty subcommittee inve tigator de- astos-Zwcker telephone con-n

oasly ill in qmbre'de But McCarthy iaod be wil a' oei ls estigattonhfPee.*
evacuated a mercy chairman John L. McCleUan ( Mc s ad the group voted e ad the staff told hm her

Three members .o_ the seve_. wife. _laine _"_as a member o
The man Inocecl Qu ith a tentasubcommittve dencldor the McCarthy censure hed airing. tiOn of
as reported to hve a evere McCellanot to saidesirof who Anasts saidrty eeng at then ,

infection of the a l n truth" Inquiry Wi shown tolha d home., in a telephone call WASHInGTON, March 2n -
and hadma higher wirA, mymirteps anti on uber 2,r 194, that th V Armyete hand Ad-
s takeilln to the uaos, r -u- d to cathe promsaid he win as orMtonthati MA; ron a9s it laorkino
evacutd In a, mercy mission chairman John L. McClellaen was or had been a member o
Yesterday by &-Navy helicopter Ark) to summon the sfdes to an- the Commu.nit Party." He said Oi ,ew I lmei
trom CocorfL. J other public hearg .next week the general also told him Peress'
... Three member ,othe seven. wife, Elaine "was a member sW d w .1 of
The man, Inocencio m an subcommittee, includiKr the party" asd,"held oCommu- Faor rosis
was reported to have everMcClellan, said their "whol t party meetings at their
infection of the "ays glanb, truth" inquh7i as shown th home.--,. WASHINGTON, March 26
and had a high temo lture my mimps and ii t aubverslor (UP) The Veterans Admin-
was taken to the Ouer-.led to the prompting and hon- ee l tion sBays It Is. working on.
rero Hospital inCCo l ,' orable discharge ot peress. Bemgar losseswhat it hopes will
McCarthy, who, made Whe be an effective, and cexpe'n.

tor, Lt. :..J. Zarlen .bAboard..B Army w 'cd g Commu-e e,
P lae 1asefi indw .. the development in recent tes
__timony before a House appro-
jOBOK N. N., March 26 prlMont subcommittee. it was

(UP) iaLm 12M0 40 *-
learned beggars can be choosers,
but sometimes it doesn't pay.
police said FPik approached
George Hoop, 44, and asked fqr
a handout. Hoop complied, but
when Fick saw that it was only
, a dime he tossed Hoop through
a plate glass window.
Hoop was treated for face lac-
erations. Trik Was taken to po-
lide headquartefts.

Italy's Cotholic'
Workers Intend
To DwO Reds

mentsi" of VA's medical re-
search program listed for the
"We have entered into a u-
nalque research program in mul-
tiple sc:eroats," said Dr. R. A.
Wolford, deputy chief medical
director. 'If it proves to be
what we hope, it will be an ef-
fective and Inexpensive treat-
ment for multiple sclerosis.".
The agency said: "in one of
the VA hospitals, a new drmg
Isoniaxid was used to treat
t to with an incurable 0
s dBsease, multiple l

ian Hugo TorrUJ q 4A

I suernougr
a delay In

Rriseeo argued: ig fitght fr a DAd
T%' r'll 0 Y of soa men .
Ag ConequeuntlMamq"";
s ceo sad, Oalso,
lidence tostifed thtT left h
the te a ef Ram Samne day,., omld naO
Gulsado Jr. nvo his fas- known that Hernandes
their should not be accepted a arriving at that time.
evidence against the Impeach- (The proseutlon had
ed r e. to the coincidence of .
.) t .da -is Vega yes- being in the proximity cumen at theame t
him' Irtieng dis- nandez arrived). '
course. 6) That it wa nature
4messages reg-ardi
3) That Victor Calvo, who had msages reardng ne
retracted testimony that Oulza- Importa as those of re
do had offered him money to sle namaU. trea.
take part in the plot against be ln code. He rejected testim
slain Preldnt Remon and lat- bytreatynegotiator Carl
or claimed Si tracUon wa_ cre that the code was into
used ijyrom two Cu- because Predent Re?*
whoba wbly used the rcouhave comiste confide
names of two of his former col- Guizado. ..
leagues In Cuba. 7 That there are deflid
(Police were unable to round the depositions a t
up the two Cubans Mentioned by pes of aopy reports oh.
Calvo. but during the search bReman and others showa
roid J -s ub who were different datr e and the
ri 9n he ._. who weethe caliber of the bu
4) :3mRw 20, when changed from 8 mm to
'the parfenliat ilml S confess- ..) That... believes. .
at Ma yor Rub m 0.. M iro va chine uns wg re usTW
nted Ilza an the Foreign the as.a ss-na-o o
Ministry, e sla PresRdent -emon at ftean
already kbi f thei plot to as- r cmet1r c Jk. 5
"aa hi". racetrack.
se. R#eo read testi- dialectics lns of
priest Pather Carlos perez He- because ",--al t does.
rrera, who te*liled that he no- ',--"in the d*W I SSt
tiffed Preideoit Remon on Nov. larque?-riS -P-adA
11, In the presence of Assembly- (Centinued on page 3
.. .. _-,. =.. ;

, CM (UP) A "Te earliest effects a
,k"aSii a ex- be mst dratlet
to l as d that a
ay in had een
S 'to. dwar .pu0ther VA hospl
Ss celeb Inan'.. a
's d in this a"
w b
IA _A M "al


A 4

so beihs .5 ..,.


jl _




i i in i i







U* ~rWV


IN MONTH. IN DDVANCi--- S. 7012.
WE_ No__. .._*_ IMJ ADVANCE* 16(.BB 24.


Labor News







The AU-Steel Bicycle


S. A.



Institution Guaranteed by the State

Pays 2% Iderest Asmually oa Savings Accounts


We make loans with guarantees on first mortages
o r other eeiurlet .
W Sn M d $5.1


|uts aore accepted thru a period
of 48 weeis.
Adept bot, for jewelry and

.1111 att_ "

1 I

per, and that, "Wherever the
needs of the Communist Party
in the Soviet Union dictated,
the leadership of the UE was
always willing to sacrifice the
needs of the workers/.
Recently the hold of the UE
on the workers in these two
Sonotone plants was challenged
by the AFL Teamsters Union Lo-
cal 815, led by George Barasch.
This anti Communist union
swung into action and soon
forced the UE to defend its post-
Itin in a National Labor Board
election. Jim Carey's CIO Elee-
trical Workers Union also enter-
ed the fight against UE.
Suddenly, on March 18, the
company's vice-president, j.
Crlstophal, is a "strictly
c fidentlal" memo "to all ro-
!dlction supervisors. Subject-'
Union Election."
To the amazement of those of
us whp were watching this sit-
uatlorf the memo criticized the
AFL, and said that:
."...We (the company) urge
opr supervisors NOT TO DIS-
COURAGE any employee from
voting for the UE in the election
next Tuesday."
The caps and black type are
Christophal's, who admitted to
me that he distributed the
memo. I asked why, and he sa!d
since I had a copy just to read
1i carefully.
The memo, marked, "This is a
vwry confidential memorandum.I
Please destroy it immediately
after you have read It," said that
Chrlstophal's "own position and
that of the company Is that we
cannot agree with, nor do we
sponsor the UE union for Ideo-
logical reasons." But it added:
"Nevertheless, we muuet not ej
uhMlnindful of the emq -nae md
terests of Sonotone Corp. which
must supersede our personal
likes and disteks."
The memo then goes on to say
that they had reached "certain
understandings" wtth the "
"extremely beneficial to Soun-
tone Corp." Four days later the
UE won the election.
I rest case by referring these
vice-presidents to the late Lenin
and his sneers.

And It Could Be Nothing but a Sidphow! -
'l[L JON-

S It YOUR FORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMdN Nicolai Lenin, once chief busi-
Ti. ir YOUR FORUM TH R|ADRS OWN COL ness agent for the Soviet Union,
had a pet theory. He would sneer
at American capitalists 'by tell-
ing his comrades that when the
T| M A IL 80 ) Communists were ready to hangt
us, we would bid against each
other to sell then the lethal
The Mall Box is on open forum for readers of The Panama American. rope.
L4Ntters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confldentisal I recommend this quaint quote
esemr. to the officials of the House of
If you contribute a letter don't be Impatient if it doesn't appear tin Morgan and the Sonotone Cor-
se day. Letters ore published in the order received. portion ,a producer of electro-
Pleose try to keep the letters limited to one page length. nic equipment for the armed
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest cotidencit_ forces, among other things.
Thbis newspaper resumes no responsibility for tatemets s Opinion First lpwould make a point for
expressed Ialetters from readers. a J.P. Morgan and Co. vice-presi.
0 dent, R. Gordon Wasson. If was
CHURCHES AND GAMBLING he who urged the other day
CHURCHES ANDthat we trade "non-strategic"
S American Youth has traditionally had fine leadership. That material on a cash basis with
leadership, in our past, had been provided by dedicated patriots Rusatsia and her satellites.
1n government and conscientious, morality in our churches.
wwhichu our w oue md 8os t that he tele
These-have baet the keystones, the strong rock, on which our I would su.e .t that he tele-
democracy and ow way of life have been buUt .Pho. idente MattheAw first vice-prs- ha
The history of the fall of Rome, the present misery: ofItaly, Ident, Matthew Wo, who has
irnce. Spain give mute witness to the eM aul.tht is to be.ex- ntl ptad out that there
peeted when the people, and the younger generation, can no IsDosuch thing. anen-strate.
loneor look to the leaders of the Church Amd goVy rnmnot for 9e material where Russia Is
S exempificat.on. concerned. All food, all cloth-
History has a way of repeating It aelf, and momentous everything I.fatet-. directed
changes begin with small events towards eo n centraton for
The law of the United States government makes It a crime eventual war with us.
tv gamble. Equally, the scriptural law, the foundation of theI would urge Wasson also to
Political law, is in opposition. The leaders 6f law and order, and I would urge Wasson also to
the leaders of the Church are sworn to uphold that law. talk to Federal Narcotics Chief
Yet, within a city block of the police station the Church Harry Anslinger and to DlckDev-
openly advertises public gambling on the Sabbath day. Is this erall, the AFtL'- man In rTokyo,
tho exanqple we set our cWldren? who recently flew In from the
th example we set our cldren- Paul Japanese capital to testify for a
S___few hours in Washington and
S.. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY then flew right out to Burma.
These men botild tell Wasson
I would like to make use of your forum to clarify a few 4t. of one "non-strategic" material
tea. It is my 1.tression that anyone who would write a letter ---something which is simply.a
,r-st r- w e n wahl ich eis sim ply
such as the one March 22 by "Older than an Oldtimer" is ter- vinegar derivative, acetic (ad)
ribly ..tul ;a ride, which Soviet szed Chi-
The'Nttio al' Honor .Society is a nationwide organization na s buying like mad from
th t conassts students who are of the -Mghest caliber. Its Western na ons.
mit = are because of their outsattlng traits or char- Anslinger has traced some 5000
aer, eTdera service, and last, but by no means least, tons of this tuff to thi:Red Chi-
Sas n .nese opium trust-whltch needs
NatufNly scholarship is important. Intelligence is neces- this "non-strategic' acid de er-
Way to be of real service to your fellow classmates. ately. Without this chem cal,
It is not, however, the only thing which qualifies a student the Chinese Communists couldn't
fou this great honor. It merely makes you eligible, and your prodfcte deadly heroin from
abity and willingness in the other three fields determine your opium, with which Mao Tse-tung
aceptane. ..7nopes to subvert the free world.
In closing 'lod like to add that neither am I relay to ,. Now, for the Sonotone Corp. It
afone of Vrom nce nor am I what you would consider 'ecu- has some 800 workers producing,
5. among other items, vsfIl batter-'
An Ilonor Student les, tubes and sensitive resistors
----- for the Pentagon In plants ,at
ANOTHER 56 Elmsford and White Plains, New
,S: York. There is also some confi-
Another 56 dead in Hawaii when that MATS plane crashed ;dental research under way In i
Int o te ammo dump. How much longer are the generals and thase buildings.
u*ernors going to wait? We've been awfully lucky here. -
No major crashes since that plane crashed into Taboga in The union which has repre-
1. How much longer is that luck going to last? And it is sented workers In these installas-
S a matter of luck. Nobody wants to crash a plane. They do Itions is the notorious United
ewything possible to prevent crashes and still. they happen. Electrical Workers-a union de-
W ever. bl three schools at the end of a runway was a scribed in Congressional testi-
f r W' fer a tralihtjaeket,:ut thae who permit niony as a front for the Soylet
ttfc 190 t'ftdW.gire'fi oiore inw Ulon's International apparoats.
lneers large salaries to tell them wha t hMoniesit o n has
ae schools 4ould tell them truthfully and for fre "Thee Is Jt hasbeen tated by' wit-
or and we are afraid everyday." Iteses before Congressional
ae the schools to Corozal with the mad and the dead. At eo0mittee and by -these casm..
leis they'd be safe. Or mdve the alrbase to Rio Hato where they mlttees themselves that the
't endanger so many lives. Communist Party has seized
ember the 56 dead in Hawaii, the 3S dead In New Mexloo Control of "hls tn, its na-
the pastweek. It can happen here.--.- --.*- -tional headquarters, somi of
--y dtaff, and the union inewspa-

^*im-1 i--




t .; ..

am_ _

MAN ABOUT TOWN Ralph de Toledano (of Newsweek), is due any
AN ABOUT TOWN day. Claims to have the lowdown on Carlos
Sect of the Army Stevens reportedly is turning Tresca's. unsolved murder.
Tough-Guy. Supposed to have told ehbupi that
the come-off between' McCarthy and himself The new Runyon Fund Contest., :First prize:
"has to explode* at afty time"... Tne Maharajah A 1955 Cadillac car...Other prizes to be an-
of Baroda (hates publousity but manages to keep bounced later.. .The contest started March 20th
his name in the colyums) Is separatedfromBot .It'will run four weeks.. .Deadline is Monday
his Wives. HeI Is abroad-fading Bonnie Cole (a midnight, April 18thb... The Cadillac winner wi
model in N. Y) with mushy cables and trinkets, be announced on Sunday evening, April Z4th...
etc... Hal HayS, a Picture Week editOr; will wed Send your entries to Runyon Fund, Box -711,
suzette Meredith ("Fanny" understudy) 'April Grand Central Station, New York 17, N. Y....
9th..' -ichat-d 1Tash, theplaywrigh, and actress Please enclose $1 with each entry-as many as
Janice'Rule (a lovely thing) wed April 15th.... you wish...Your dollar goes to cancer research
Three sections of the first-trial Jelke address ...Never a penny for expenses deducted from
book are missing. The pages marked "T," "U" your donation. Now here is the theme: Name
and "V"...Memo froffrtirl Friday: "The Agency your choice-for President in 1956, and why. In
for Proctor & Gamble called. About a live- 25 words(or less...Eisenhower, Stevenson, ul-
for. Prco ecle.Aota ie bright, Capelhart, Harriman, Nixon, Knowland,
times-a-wbek spot." ,.^__ -or Knight, John Edgar Hooavdr o Joe,,
Cheerful Note from the Runyon ,1ln pAte' u ,,u.- O l* '
tive director: "Lou Lurle, the great 8a"i a n.
ciscan philanthropist .and donor to the Fund, Gov. Meyner's Chums say he still gets threats
called me. Said the report of your resignihg' (At to discontinue probing'Into the affairs Of the
the end of the year) from ABC distressed him. late Gov. H. Hoffman of N. J....The nation
Then he read the paperswhibh said you might wolud be panic'd if they knew which liquid food
stage plays on Broadway or. produce tv films (be-' is being investigated as a main carrier of disease
ildes doing the column and covering the first- germs. An alleged cancer-cate,. .The Demo
nights, again) and he wants you to kno* that he High Command prva&ly conceded it'll be a
hopesto be part of anything you do. He saidhe Walk-In for Ike (in '56) as of now...The Demo
hO ndin ob his check for $1,000,000 and he top level has put teevee as top priority for -in-
there Is any profit for him-tur t over to the vestigation. This is easy to savvy since they
there s any proit -turnlame teeee for its defeats.. .The Hoover Com-
Runyon Cancer Fund." mission Report (recommending that credit be
Comedian Paul Oilbert's next bride will be Bar- returned to private banking) will not be an is-
rie Cha4e, actress-dghtr of Universal-Int'l writer sue, we hear. "Because it'll be Deadl"
Borden Chase. .Sharman Douglas' brother Peter
is maaad about Vogue model Nina DeFore. Makes "Dear Walter," writes a Wall Streeter, "several
those "crazy" weekend flights to N. Y. to sigh of the top brokerages are getting up a plan to
about her ..Benlamino Gigl, the opera gargler stop you from offering advance market news on
(who returned to Mussolini with his U. S. made- the air. The big idea is to discredit your Infor-
million) and helped that Bum insult Americans motion and get the people believing that you
(while Hitler shot your sons) is coming here for Don't Know Nattin'...Here it Is: Every time you
a tour. (i g te, o ome!.. Irving Fields and mention a company listed on any Exchange Sun-
Trio (Mermaid Room favorites) open at the Pal- day eves-they will have their agents flood the
ladiu min London on April 11th...Temple Texas, market with sell-orders next a.m....In short,
back with a diva from a St. Louis mint, and they will sell short. Causing the price of the
Chris Hofer are m ng a habit of ilmore's... firm or stock you mention favorably-to drop
The New Haven Register's reviewer on "Ankles sharply...Thus hurting the little guys, who be-
Aweigh": "Betty apd Jane Kean Laugh Riot in lieve in your accuracy and know your excellent
New Musical"..-.Mtdnie Eisenhower Is in good record all these yqrs....They would peddle
alth. Here's h0pJ yours is as Good. stocks they don't even own-selling short! How
tslt. Hr'about a law or regulation for connivers like
Letter from The 'texarkana Gazette and Dally that!...Tell your lI eners and readers not to
News: "I am about to come to the conclusion unload or get worried. They have to hold on for
that you were right and my informants were six months, anyhow, to rate a capital-gains pro-
wrong -elive to what you stated over the air fit. The firms you mention are rih and prosper-
(about Hot Sprinip, Ark.) months ago"... Boss, lngso how can investors lose?...Glad to hear
we knew we were right and they were misin- you say (Sunday night) that the two who 'used
formed when I was panned for the warning in you-were turned over to the SEC. Press for cri-
the Arkansas papers. Same thing happened a minal action."
year or so ago when some editors (In Crestilne, British Beauty Mollie Fennell (of the Lat
Calif.) yipped at me for warning them (about British Beauty Mollie Fennell (of the Latin
Calngr in their mids) and called me vile name ,out Quarter Line) becomes Mrs. Louis Gallo on April
r2nd at Norwalk, Conn. They say Nacha Auer
etc... Then the FBI confirmed It a year later annd a rtnowa .Te a e h A
the Crestline phones hoked from red necks... andi French wife (parted a few months ago)
Oft tkes that e to be confirmed. reconciled in Paree...The late Sir Alexander
Ofte~atakles that 1< Fleming (discoverer of miracle drug penicillin)
SonE sadr Dorothy Shay may shay yesh-to Ken- left less than $9,000. He refused to profit by his
neth orton...Donald O'Connor's full stag is great disvery for humanity...if this was print-
Donald David Dktm Ronald O'Connor. (Hi, ed It eluded us: Lady Greer Stanley (dghtr of
M )... Move iretor Ad wotts rector) the Stanley-Livingstone explorer?) was married
Wm. Weliman's Darlin dghtr Patti and news- i Vegas Feb 14th to insurance exec H. Bergere
maR Rahhd NeWSAa Aare Affectionately Yours of Paris and here...A well known person (in the
,...T keep sayin not to e amazed If Clark Communications field) has admitted partIclpa-
Gable (who keeps denying mergers) and Kay tion in a Red spy ring. He will testify soon be-
8ftm'lk l elope an4 make It a Paris money- fore the Internal Security Comm.. .Tenants of a
?on... oThe Van Clee it & Arpelsi directors swanky hotel on Central Park aputh have or-
(swanky 5th Ave. gem store, are in hted dis- gmlsi sd tqexpel the asna ent Because "It
cui wer t de delq to "go after'1 Linda W not 5iplsedseTveral tfenantt--involved
ctrfiSLia bo wan'rrlnr the jo p paid for Il the Jdk@ *e cW' ... .On tbft g about ex-
with a bolhei chek n a you admirer W Pa Wmd. he'sthe o one aru
...Must listening: The VA.bum "Frankie Carle B'way who ever remembered the names of the
Play WCole t ,.." of Reck ing," by people hbe raed friOP
*-> .- .' ; .. _

.-4.. -

V. .'

U -Wb~p ~' '4

'T -

'r i..- P-" : '

DREW PE S014 SAYS; Ste Dlper tme* ma k
purposely leaked Yltua. pape; Full 'texteabhtr-
rasse$. Churchdil; Churchill took much cCdit he
belonged to Eden.
WASHINGTON The full backstage story of r g why
the State Department slapped the Grand Old Ma 1 of inglaMd
In the facn by publishing the IYalta conference papers Ln Jow
be told. Friends of hureh ay it almost bke his
The State Depqrtment, as noted in this olum M
1054 had been wrk p the e
thanks to aspeclNl 1 0 app1'h ri aO
of Republican leaders Knowland of.
NPw Hampshire who wanted them made Dbulil
vember election.
When the documents were sent -to London.
approval, however, foreign minister Anthony., Eden
Foster Dulles shortly before the Bangkok conference '
Mr. Churchill's suggestion" he was asking that the Yalta
not be published.
Then Eden added this postsript: "I would like- to confer
with you personally on this when I see you in Bankok." -
At Bangkok, Eden explained that Churchil, iow In the
twilght of his 80 years, looked back at World War I as the
crowning achievement of his long and ilustrioi er.eer And
the records of Yalta. Eden explained, showed up some of Chur-
chill's errors, also showed that Eden had tried to rectify these
errors. Isu
Furthermore, the yalta papers contradlctbd some of th his-
toric decisions for which Churchill took credit in his memoirs.
Why, therefore, break an old man's heart, Eden told the
secretary of state.
Dulles agreed. He' remarked to State Department col-
leaues later that Eden had been so cooperative in.rislg his
political neck by supporting the U.S.A. re Formousathat he could
lot deny this favor.
When Dulles returned to Washington he ye@d, S gen-
ernl idea to Republican senators and, thouAr-L. i
thined the documents should be released py r it ri-
vately to accept the decision.
It was at this point that Carl Mcta
of state for the press, and DWIlles's pe
Planted a copy of the Yalta documents wI Nw York times.
The excuse ndw given in the State Department is that the
documents were bound to leak to right-wing senators~ perhaps
to Mocarthy.
An hour after 'the New York Times plant became t nb
Senators Bridges and Knowland lunched with Dulles, told--lm
of thePlant. He replied that he was "'aghast."
Other State Department officials say, however, that he
knew of McCardle's action and .that MeCardle never does any-
thing without the knowledge of the secretary of state,
Ateany rate, here s what the Yalta record did to the prime
minister of Britain.'
In his memoirs, Churchill claimed be had nothing to do
with the concessions given Stalin to get Russia Into the war a-
gnst Japan. This, he said, was an American decision. A
The Yalta record shows, however, that It was ,Eden who
vigorously opposed concessions to. Russia. A summary of th
British-American conference at, Malta, Just before the Yalta
prley, has this tb say about Eden and Russian.chcssons:
"In his (Eden's) view, If the Russians decided to enter the
war against Japan they would take the decision because they
considered It in their interests that at the Japtnens.wr euld
not be successfully finished by the U.S. and Great Bditain alone.
"Th ere was therefore no need for us to offer a high price
for their partclipation, and If we were prepared to agee to their
territorial dean the lFar East we should e it to It that we
.obtained a good return in respect t te onwhich we re
quired N.tihe0non a of them h mo

On twoother ideally hieortant points, the BitUsh prime
ministers shown up in a bad light: the dismemberment of
Germany and the organization otthe United Nations.
In his memoirs, Churchill has always taken credit for kill-
Jin the dismemberment of Germany. However, the Yalta rec-
ords show it was Anthony wden. r w
What Eden did was to shunt the question of dtamemberlng
Germany to a council of foreign ministers to be held after the
Yalta confrene therene, thereby giving time for tempe tcool
Churchill also thtew hia weight in favor of the big powers
and against nations setting up the little nat e framework of the
United Nations. Today, of course, the smaller nations have been
the reat bulwark of peace while the Russian vetd has almost
stymied the united Nations.
And when t came 'to discussing a UN trusteeship over The
Japanese Islands and other enemy territory, the Yalta papers
show that the prime minister either didn't understand what was
going or or was too deaf to hear, or had taken too much of
his favorite brandy.
Page 72 of the Yalta papers shows how, when Ed Stettilus,
then secretary of state, read his report on setting up trusteeships
for enemy territory, the confused Churchill almost blew his top.
Here are the abbreviated notes of what happened:
"I will not consent to a repres. of Brit. Em. going to any
conference where we will be placed in the dock and asked to
defend ourselves. Never, never, never.
"If you tell me we are not to go and be brought up before
a vague tribunal and be told how to be good and proper I will
not object.
"Every scrap of terr. over which Brit. flag flies is Immune."
Stettinius: "Only plan is to provide machinery for trusteeship
if (,rg. wants to set it up. We had In mind Jap. mandated is-
lands to be taken from Jap.
"We have nothing In mind in relation to Brit. Empire."
Churchill: "We desire no territory.

an intermission. ar m o
Those are some of the slaps at America's best British friend
that might just as well have been left unpublished during his
All it did was bring chortles of glee from the Communist
Commented the New Evening Post in Red China: 'Te dli'
ck'sure is not good for Churchill or the Britiah governmnt. The
tune played between London and Washington is not so harmo-

~ll~l~r -

.-. ,. "* :.V .:...
" r*. *" *


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',. iii i + i: .... n, II i .I .. I I i c n .. .. ... .

"D pD T ....

-. L

RCH.NiI IC E S ...... ...John W Davis, F

.. ....... Prosts a Bases
+. a, r le rr hp "_S CHARLESTON, 8. C.. M t Yany other man in hltory, was

..... -- la' ... other i- -before the hih foster of
SE I j nI : r -..: ::::: : _,months thl.,.derly 'lao lectve Oerviem vlaw. A profethed
u ne iO. W e ~A y 1 Cdu11e:u-la.dl m e: ..... : 30 a t losr If he wnrew, to believeal -
Sr MAS ClBaa a. r Oot Stroin witth Bti rd eenoent meree in the
a la died qui tly after a 13-day t- of thhe countrre had rone tooe
",w ..u.. ,'.'.:"..: a 0d monts,/ the 10 afy ,r y an leteve Sefv.ih law s. A professe

.W am i. a ..r e a 3. aM. S w ........... : on's tel bann ntherf. bt rar.fee
Mg" ia f s N: 5: o0. 01:6 ando rt
a iS5t. rI~ i CAi: S o muaOaSun ia daughter and son-in-la, Al though he ran for Phreent
to l bant M C:r b a ... t. "nlh. can when he died at St. Pranes l- Roosevelt for a second term,
bu .in C Y SeTa --se m De cls'.s ... rer AMADOR vier Hospital here. Davias felln- In 195, Davis represented the
ford. l H tu bml, a ai *. rsi Snld na o, .. :.-". ... ...* a goma Wedesda at which steel industry in the historic
t at. etot .S. U. Co.. I. r ro ......O time doctors said it was only a case testing the onttutionalty
c t IScho to l. ...i.ia.. -S o .............o1:1 o matter of hours before the end of Presdent Trumtnl s seizure ofe
"" Imu.a. Mamni: U55, ta3 SM a.M ..WE ,a- Rl ,I-a ...- ln .. the Industry's plants during a
Holy m : an cm ....... .... .....* ........... 0: DavIs lost b gee potical strike. The coprt, on his argu-
u -Friday 7: 00E p.m. a .oyo......... l.. ,s ........ ..7:00 ad 9:0 reer cVered an h oeonstl- birthday, Davis recalled the
1119 1 Frida1 t 07mhiie ClaOv qmo Oa .r ....n m 00 Mo- :00n oode w .u beo a n nterheen In he8

rs.. r re..Chu.. ,h School .,......... *l_. s.m 80 .O, 1. T a4.n or ch ~b-tir r ad se in. hi
v.s a ane a 1 : 0% 4 0:5 p 0 and M. .. 1....1. O aed.... .*** *..* .g early batt tr for federal rte- then 58 years of legal th a ctice.t
uda 2 ...u.... Thur_ Fir sunay. oy com in_ _atrday .. .........7... oo tion for workers he changed It had to do, he said, o th the
55%f, ... ,7**f* ou_ =ADr orWT ., _ndon ..... ** a.mee -,,,7:4A D 1:4 over the year until he became relationship between the cit- \
0:l4S1 1. -d Hol i 8. at Se. pHm. Unr s35al. .L..S. M o m r A**. .T.........1 no a vehement champion o states' zens and his government.
r.. --mKAan inS1855,- ';:B Da-06to 51 sin- 5th t AS n
FOTnda ayno Mttoi- p of selAO S r.3o su N h r
Prar a m church an. T.ay......... fo re the Supreme Court, here gaon between one man or
uInbtats. 6....* ..5MROWMaD .. at 7 :00 and .8:1 a. S ay0 Sa u a. reitE 1953 debates over the public was very little litigation in the
Sant= -at:0 n.m : 7 -W0SaturdayLes: 0i 4:30 and A YSs:y0 a. as. uOR? s C .* 3 cislon went again g Davis, criminal ide.s
Ce am to7in s, Sunday :s0dO4ool .00c*o**** m staunch friend and supporter of "Now the arguments are be-
Catechan1 Class: Sunday 3:- rn.^"*0"1 CO GOv. James 7. Byrnes, when the tween a citizen and his overn-
i-an &lou Medal Noven.: t:o pp.m. Y.-- i Ar chdin sunday School .*'*** ..*** .9 court, ruled. the segregated ment with an ever-wedening
Corc Fd tay. 00 t a.m. Bs maj; NM313 W c ** **..-.. ... 10:3* school principle illegal. field of government interfer-
;.pm. M. BSA.OA "--. The high court haa scheduled ence.
SVwWNarl si. i ia arguments on Implementation Davis was born in Clarksburg,
aDay Msm: :00 a Sa...............'0 & 10:45 of i ts decree for A il 11. Davis, W. Va., April 13, 1875. He was
as esPsa u ot Mf on Saturday sn M- are Sn p. t an ir. I o had his health he up, undoubt- graduated from Wshington and
1wne "a' !Jir'Lr C S:ni tatnr:3o a2.0. 0 .*and Solym t anda. AvALSTATiN edly would have gone back to Lee University and began his
b uS ? .S ,.? to T :00 pm. UTrardys ~ mont, 2nd and 4 S~day :30 Maa...."... ;rt South Carolna. fight actc in artnershpwth his
E Miulou el nand ta- Youth Fellowship ......5... :00 ls 7:3h o i father had before him, m
oonte: Att d a : WpY ....... Ny Mui j ...........730 originated in this states n Lc e t ghu 1911.o

eei ..-onvert cla: Su0. WEDNESDAYS Saturday *** Davis' death followed by only posed Davis as a presidential
?S..".*hudy. 5lRStus ""o-- TUSD r And So:00: p O. three days that of one of hiscandidate n 1920. But the Davis
d .. ... .. w T.-cl H C n ......... Ot C principal adversarie of recent boom didn't et going until thea r
ens aoeherses -un M-: s:30 a.m. Woman' Auxiliary. 2d ad years, Walter White, the ex,- middle of the 1924 Democratic
S M 4m an td Thurdayol y 7 2ay M 6#... ..0 pm10.30
. AdSITImeU ,,,.. C aon hirdy aM: 3:3.0. to (It pm 4th Thrsds ....C hup-c AUCt C A tive secretary for the National convention in New York City.
C Ac ctechim c: R to : p.m. chh mW. A Jdan Association for the Advancement The Democrats were split be-
Sovar a Mvo n s :t. aThe ys uday Jo na Sp rit haie. o nc, c -- ab. of Colored People. tweenr Al smith, the colorful
3...e...... PL Choral Eucharist and Sermon 7:00 am. Worship ...... 10:30 a. New Yorker and William C. Mc-
suna ....***. T. J Prayer and Church School y~,ir ........6**:45 p.m: Davis also was ambassador to Adoo, son-in-law of Woodrow
sMoj-ft an Ch:4 o...e 10-* am e c.. *an
ar mi W .........S.... CIdy Masequ: tdev A o to nao -.m. m.veninV saerv .. .......... : m Great Britain from 1918 to 1921, Wilson.
We'v- olv ete .... WoekwDaosr Ma: r30 Mon.', a. cerr WrI .. 7:, p.m a period that was richest among
Sm.Fr: andSat. Fistriday mas: i Holy Baptism S: p.M AIONR his memories. A high point of Davis was nominated as a
SArmD y Mees:n e0 a. to va and Saon 720 .. Pa R Ste.t ast his life came in 1953 when Queen compromise candidate on 'the
Coson. : 330 to 4:30 Wad D:A to CSomnt 30 a.M. SiAs Elizabeth II made him an hion- 103rd ballot. But the Democrats
soaton re os. 3:3a0A DAYS Dtn one *owhp *.........9.. .m orary Knight of the Grand Cross were left weak and divided by
(:aH.onye. a Mi aul ousr MdA N FridOay oly Com amunio a y o ..... of the Most ellnt Orer other bitter convention fight. Sen.
Ss dca thlmn ClauM s::S p.m A.on suni. mr At. e w -Fp ..ay -: the British Empire. Robert LaFollette of Wisconsin
Convert Cla At: Monday 7H30 p.m. farm a*Prp
-. .....7 J. ran for president on a third
PANAMA aC Moo l"a"" "o ". e-"r Davis, in arguing more cases party ticket. Republican Calvin
lidors^ Viero Meeing ..ff "~' s a*
I: S .a S Catechism Clas: 3:15 pm. on Snday. PVen. B. bi rley, Archdeaeon F
Sacd Nov-ena .p.m. on mr M.da Holy F OTAVI SAt o ,4 m L c" C
S II. Co.avert C : 6:w 0 p.m. oa Thurday. Sunday t i the w... The Church egf ti n .he e f ran H e f riLurtept _
t i C e t uayS0: :0 n daO M Boca Rod. Balbop. Primary and Priest- The Rev. Herberi T. iernthal, Paste r aO 'd
SSun hoo.o .A.L.i. --.- .r.b 8 eo D. Obmmsde o 8:30 am Meean Sunday School. *s Sai eo Road dIe aeuent
Sund- Inas : 1:00 i-tn ds Sunday o ad Ada ra. ade
11a.o..aM some rvce will be held. cal CrlstJbal 2897 Bible Classes at B:00 at. Orsilp Ser. Dartdn MahoganKE NOW at
70 a 5 p.m. Ho l asses:Su 6d a m.MdMonda 10"es".B rns W e t e dayschool 0. Sao-aacit in .n, the second und of eachrn-
pm.ConlSsi9Saturoday 0 tothet s d i *t mdi. a pwmm,, aig enm an...
o., .a. =.=+: ,., IATO ,M.
n o ,M M Mouew 7:p to 8:O pim. er Rosary e ach e .- fAe m CHURCH oevon1 it hEeola mpe rie [g m _.
ora d ng uer ... ..- at iho d oeem at So s emADer
g--st.c S day c "c 4ss4 r idud1t --moC'htchTi e ......... .0e" -- -
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220* V NC at chis Cla G: C itNyE As'i Iow* ev uM Past r dit eU
j oflL Mrgm. ents p m. O0 toS CHoSD visu*u* dusl 7116 9:45ATL NT C S DEC oars

A, -M o Sunda-y maims::n0 codd :30 sn- Th R J0s" pea Pr i C ca r e., FO Rr
tro So. a Wde..n. ad..B.v. S So CSisidecday S l A i,......... pr -d C OL

"='If=Hm8. -" "'- --"dADV0NTAGESUNDAYS S[ tONA
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Il 17nM w:e0t oa9c0A: HlCo pm. on sunanr d er :uppor *south Caoraet.icei. punart n We ill close definitely onw
a.m. Sunday School, to Beetons e on Sunday 4.t0 won,2dad4.. 3 = ,- ..3. Call,. e .. ...
... .. W.bip Sv lc pFRLm. .Md d Y ohh.....e.,g.......... IO:30 Oe.
CO L aON m 'Claaa wA t r 83 ,m s enssAMI73 atd. anU A l m e c a nTe New l mYae dTi e s h d p o
Thu1e VA H Mas e at8:00 a.m. d 00V nre ayBalofoa. ofc n a In 2e Da v
pim.s study $1110114106.ST.Fte rce spr idtgoi
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5oo Jmaic S.a Club: 7 o:15: p.nW 7 W Sem l m. s a. -- m andaserv .
6: WaLosi S. First Friday e'=..6700 p. m. 620A oly0CoPMuOnion ,mB.oP nominated.,sW
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f cS gt CeConfeaions: 420 to 5"0 and 7:0 to Pastcf ?d a. Pa p. -m Hls
S et i. Kdw rtn 8:00 Saturday. 11 a. a Sunday. Caba Tel.U 2 N uay Sn o ..
h nqM= .ry.KbdsnMtiee. Catechi n Clas: 1110 111 o SunLday. WanVwds,.A J..... O.eIo.
rry and J P a Miraculous Medal NoveMa: 70 pn. Ano No. i~.) l er.Mrnl W blp ............1 Mao 0am
underwchipt L Her Novena: I 7A10 p.m. en isolo P uebl a W 011 IAd C A
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, Aost -- ANNOUN
0ARSOAMothMidist~ to 8L Ivar Savra
E.S m... ,--r. i.. :1 WEST COAST
S.atn.6 Sn. IS S essd ^ (ThU M/5 "CllA 4 CMI" Rll u.l.1 1. U
S- .! """'*."0 ,,1Vj ,

& A L. i s O .

14 1a ._. ..... .


of the Dry Season

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a -

COLUMBUS, Miss., March 2(
'(VP) A small army of Na-
otional Ouwrdadn and Red Cross
disaster teams rushed yesterday
tq'evacuate lowland residents in
sthe path of tle Tombigbee Riv-
4er's most destructive flood crest
ilR half a century.
_n estimated 1,500 persons l-
2Wty were homeless. Another
1,500 were threatened by the ris-
bhg waters as helicopters, trucks,
bupsses and Anmy amphibiOus
vehicles fanned out over flooded
areas as wide as five miles.
Another river, the Duxapalia,
spilled over Its bank on the east-
ern edge of Columbus, forcing
movement of a *huge refugee
shelter to Columbus Air Force
Base, center of the evacuation
iWarmer weather helped flood
relief work, but in the snowy
Midwest new freezing blasts
ctinued theo savage onslaught
In four days, the weather had
aimed 48 lives-22 on snow-
Sept highways, nine in the
uthern floods, six in wind-
orms, $our in fires and seven in
. 1scellaneous weather incidents.
.Red Cross btficials estimated
,200 persons were homeless in
Monroe County, Miss., along
where the Tombigbee swelled 'to
Street Wednesday night at Ab-
rdeen but began dropping
4owly from stores in the main
'Bliness district today.

O-a -

today, 11 feet above yusterd
stage. Columbus itself was no
danger as the city stands o
high bluff. But offiiedk wai
the "worst is yet to come"
the low-lying sres Just no
and west.

t in
)n a

Columbus, steeped in Civil War
history, went head today with
its annual' pilgrimage, a tour of,
stately ante-bellum homes, dd-
spite the flood.
NatibnaT OGuaidaien had to
force some families to leave their
houses a the water lapped up to
doorsteps and rooftops. Ddiens
of small boats, directed by heli-
copter: a lhg1ht pilta., govyed
through the area scooping ma-
rooned families groi patche of
dry land.

One protesting' family of eight
was hauled away In an Army
"duck" after balking at bethA
hauled up to a helicopter.
Two sisters were rescued by a
helicopter today as the muddy
water engulted their farm home.
Lea Lamlon, 68, and la Tay-
lor, 40, said they went to bed
Wednesday night withouta drop
of water in sight.
"We woke up today and found
the house about to float off,"
they said.

Maj. Gen. William B. 17ilson,
state National Ouard command-
&.- -A-4 A +k

er, co-ordinatea the rescue work
A reporter, Tom Mesalley of with the Red Cross here, He said
l~e Memphis; Tenn., Press flew he was "greatly disturbed" by
qVer the thousands of flooded the families who climbed !nto
'Wes north of home and said he their attics and refused to
saw "highways literally burst by budge.
the pressureof the water." -
'p t "Some of these people are go-
SEngineers revised an earlier Ing to be isolated," he said, "and
prediction and said the Tombig- some may be washed down the
would climb to 39 feet here river."

the Paclc Steam Navlialon Company

Royal Mall Lines Lid.
M V. USAaVEa Ry, ........................ March 30
8.s. "CU O ..... ........... ................. April 16
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) .....June 2

V. "AMWAST .......... ... .. ...... Mareh
V. "SANTANDR" ... ............ .....Marh 31
8.8. "DONGEDYS" .............................March 30
S.S. "DESBAt O" .............. .... ..........April 9

S.S. "PARIMA" ....,............................ April 10
Al Sallisng Subject to Chance Without Notice
PACIFIC SiM NAVIGATION CO., Crl*tobal Tel.: 14/5
FORD CO. INC. JPANAMA-Ave. Peri #$, Tel. 3-1357/18
IAALROA-,-Term. BIdg., eLg '.t00S




.'.. .itaposx'ON P%18V.. -
.e... 0 CaOqqFor*
Salags: Every Fifteen Days f"r:
Houston and New Orlerns
Salalinge: t Tea Days fa -t
New York Philadelphia Baltimore

(Galf VaUte lnl at VNRACRUZ and TAMPJC
(XICO) very si weeks)

Wilfod 4r McKoy, Inc.
"la4 iJWiital 0, 5,
I'WoA; M: MamW

How to tell
Good Rum from bad


S but only genuine uh from Jamaioa

oaw say...

Product of

sqqirM t: t-:
Rugar M AwALpo*#=
0(* oawsia) Ltd.
SMrk Aene, Kiu&oa Jamaica, ..

-...O H.I

,Janls Parents


~~~ L~
M~-: ,v'-*
4 *--, 4- -
s clclh~irw~ucr'



v&, WI$* I


aj .J./ --. .
*--I^'Aluj WIS falip-
"^HK^- W W ^- -W T ^^
-'*; t e'y- -;- *

I,.. -... *



r 3.1 I.


-AI N" g-U
Iii jCARTAIN V.48!

He's Sore


I 3

; ;
*; -< *I*---

Dust feeen

. ,,,, -. -.--


W' *

IEr U Ti MS-p W 3tCT %UR"
0 N3ARDE4|1(i O .AM, T.
isNEMTlKi .n-.AT-M9AMS



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:..A~. ~i.~i-4 ~. -

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.W*_ ^1, mlfr I..te.,
f'U' j ittiTWOlt N,
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S'ai "* If)*'J r.anam
Ssf ., ,-- .I j

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-^ ^l^--^^'^^'1^o^ 4is r cy


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- U cusr6M.aLINBI
With this refmark-
b Sw coloring we

.bruettes. t~ vr
your c llden
s*pef*. *we the

W micami
We usearpording tt


"'" o."

with Iteium Hayden Colee Gray
MIDNIGita HOW o- 1:0o P. M.

IZ ~`..' S. 16 1-`~-- I I' I




Also: -
with Martine toli




E'" 5u'
-S---"" Lift-- Up
ca4nhmhA efJ D ^5 0 A. lilac witoqof MIss of-
AIuy the Rt of the cereon, ae r n of in" e 4 o
Your Hearts

Sma a teilbe ) by theeMat the U. ooi,,fnter
at 4S0. Mr. Ar Iis as. Mneary to e Ithe

anrm ~~pI'..l. at eahe -byi aliBE Mrs. Ell a (A Lenten feature of The
el Bb, ry a t i ttle was(s"Db ), Panuam Ameritan, pre pared
hti rst aAe (arPanmsU 31 11). by the Rev. M. A. Cookson, fR

pna. oIveu om t e'tus Cher in i Weymoud., mofou bd (o~ t1 bid ,r
M..odpaents-were l. ..uraNow Cristball. In P es
Beotesw as recent t ra ns ferred from DO IT tORSELF
Peor Ftaix Wa J toatseer t th *t

Inv tons have been issued T Bas e, p n, Read Roansu 7. "1 thank .,

KMWr-^' ",or l So? U Dj. fLltle rr o lI-t_ It ,m w, pu o n sal on t ...e r entn, version Nn...oe In : mato
by C & nr-in-ChIf C arib. Mss, Before his recall Bt. Lit- (eod through Jesus Christ our a;s C
be t. Gsene al Wlio S te was a traffle officer with the

Har n ad gMrs. marw for alboa U police Force.
baicdtI0 beholm d Maanst Le oWeser ondWe a dvnertlsy ckd numerous a
a Uir.- Lorr n Marar Littaale Was. ith th burse" kits and prde-

-ayher so s Mr.erl ses Pam. rom+owto hegh,ingrfrof
ry ae N .hoor of Peruvian christ.e d on March 9 at St. Jer- ecti C ov6r everything g from e.
Minister of war. WMajor en eon ]'l, hrc in. Weymouth, makig I bird houfto brildean
Carlos A ano r U.aarl ss. Goarent5 were so. Dr amolaoupe.fae ORr aMR Ms1pweANAMA, Liliane de Torre, now ller Sur, is visiting nam h

.ni a Washburn. former Miss opulanity is intdicativeel of ufj r he Gsatid husband for te dayis. It us the ures t time that she has rete A nt
Lu hkos At. El Pa Nama ettle oldeu of Balboa, ranal gt ly trying to get awYdatMarriage. e photograph wi ta ke lst night at the diving contest ld in thepat

ond S andMr.Malcolm ry. fromItel o ehospitnd abled vet at tenme con- of p ,ye utilon o ,e
?hlse h There .wil be esisters... Mary yabeth Christ our Lord" l the answer, anjos," of atheraos AnhoKneniueo. nhon bey.- _h ..e.B.cunanthwe aoaniethe.a fotinge o cr-
uteApril mas .T t Popple which the a t to rt her. mother Mrs. fSt do Torre, rn, v. Sce pr
MiniRervaios cr tickets aAfter e ceremony, a r tan enta uponsmlt- ti i wll put on le on the tsus lent; JhVino and DantholoW, aPersons interested in ak.
be obtained by I Sa was h thhomet ori general secretary; Rev N. cation for t
dgave aemleuncheon..tfnoon..-0,,en gt. ,andMM.P hb e po ad
Glitnhu at~la Litle.Aothosett Hower, a person In ordyeaurer; J A Williams, terOns may do soon the Stand

despor elda" Plor e s a.a Am-were e ar a at M..perceive and understand irery A 5, which
basd o s.lftr and His meaning of life cann e ere wt way, James Ae .rns ana A. led two or brought to the Cs

ri s 5leavingkgredatsaunts and adfclMrbnds o-tneat d py o s wersf thZorn also said several position
plllp ser anp M Beca. you.. a The ptona to o tuslta r rooms Is t Al tA
e hr nera: but male at o ane expect to a hitter i n inct and de- a

a s A r tr s es e rst fo Luis A. Victor was nstaled as TherciviOrtleian No Office
Hat ,)re,'e.m#. 0P-lmiemut panr .: om-lom, re high from 1T...a..

Ttl n Run as teh teeroad edd1o OPENING Full Gospel Services s
aMr anldrrMp Wro WDentnisr ItnMaodAndte vaonct and ~ ers Am thi weeatchit
Wjpi ne0. M)ere las earhs Woaughufa fer otlaa d twt ofacnncihead tse ai.
...r siy 0IWn lan rs.r a.Golden, formerly of that direntialCh lTu hands of our house during ts. According to W
MondS ,sR-s-I Crvane Zone Ar L n me j s hospitalized and disabled v.ter- program which opened ith Zorn, employ utilization officer,
mr -ilbe nO..slaters' Mary Elizabeth Christ our Lrd" Is the anwer. t the vacancies ae.for one ac

lW ea o rt decr o the Other officers Incastalled whre tu one budget analysra
IAt p rilT 'Chrimttian ieiont u Pop sw Samuel '.R. tevens, ,vic presi-1-
r, ns. Datikts w as. se festS lt of tn pay Jeansh id lift;ItI will put on saleotheis"de;JohnM.Bartholomew,o Persons interested In rak-
e obtined bycalling mi.34I A derivative matter throughout from My 21 to Memorial .M y,_e g retar ; Rev. 8..N. Ig application for.theSe.....

mothso h atV1Brown, treasurer;Jc A. Williams, tte ons may do so, on e
lAprl o therhmenrislata onay the whole rpocess 'of conviction, May 30. assistant secretary; Jh A. Con-arid Form No. 57, which maybe

or ye lolt 8 uhs r-euion ad canAt*riA1
btaa 2on th Me T a ri'o a iohe hreAou. ilbustwaydurhuAnd F. a t UgT
a!q an- ovsit,9dinner par- thaeaobservance ofFaster sea ,n, r I n o0.ersaId.I oard of management. r stenographic clerks, 0-3,
Thursday evening honoring.Mr.'choirwof St. peter, La hi newrds alIo thingthat willatveayolutns
Thurda etening hl I .something that must be done for In the hotwardsandlob-;to were, Fred de.8w, Normafitur and thataplicatio
Dae.otts I .ther &Ad mother on Boca. you .TherPerson to do it Is a en,- by roomsofa whenu ddyoppeminis- eF Johnson of the Eiec tve i OW-J_ .c e... at the Per--
their 4.k wedeig yatpnlln, ry., 10iee. rt4n0 .pdoVaa -ouBabn-egts-n-de- lOf-"
Mr. and Mrs. Daggett who has Faster festivities in theparisah ofiedu ,J-wl,- -easa1t wo2 "ied tamnon amas .and _i itagepta. a a "tad s.nn- Oi .
ban spending the past three Include a basket simper. -.rjected overM 10 yewAgan. row hen y paras anw tenee et
mnto te .rslea' bounced to take plac. In the your proud neck to His gentle ea ben busyrfor any hosths
inw A orltherIa r. h e i I n parish hal master e.nday n ght. yoke. Submit your wilfe l ul 0it making the artificial memorial
North Monmoutha, Mains-. They The rarila Welfarm Counc is toiw Hia andrenl i ln o e ight- oudd fowheduersing-tthoet whu
Sin so_ w-thi.e. or. o hoesh, ep- of wan. Theyare hoping that all Don't suffer, get quic relief!
sido of honor were: but male uestsareexpected ..matter-d *V. W In and th Eh berane o ppie arte a-os
Mth. ad MrC. L. Adamsn: Mr. nd for suppers to be donated ysChrist.h ifYouW nt .sometbing on.. al.
and s. clade -Campbell; Mr. eo0,ladies. Atbo 1-programN you can do and- .k of you-s mknofA".plost Arseniousa 56a Phone s-pc7
and MWk. ROY T. High; M. .and hing arranged foir the. pversien ou may As well go elsewhere:- normamny ears flowtherVe
,s Jack nd the unztrr.a w l eForemaofethse ndogsthets.
& .....rass-o-"services-to-Isareligonofdependent.-for Buddy Popihashelpfult

Mr. an d.... Wallace Crawford: with evensong at 7:30. Morning it takos and will use all the Each veteran working at the
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Dean;*.Mr. and prayer and church school will be force and independence you pos making of the pa weaidoaor-auspic
Mrs. Samuel G__ r el and Mr. conducted at 10 a.m. ses:i Oxetf yuatrug-nominal amount fP paid faswee
nd w rPaul Peti- The Rev. Jn Serpisfgedness toat th world wili not lie makes. The remainder of the
et l arge will hold a meeting ask of yo But at Its hearI loney collected from the sales
SZa..president of ...vensongdrYour Sanyour a"d fare work among theta widows, or- The Gymnasb in VA W;h1

communityy Cqnter. The me.- In 111myB ids. ounLord." al .30"p.m.
te...n ,. o._ m, For Tires, T ubes re.cei ..ed .at ,,,, .e OA LA M A theV

chaslng and Contract, ln Officer, Cor ozal, Z. a',
r. U.S. Army Carib- tl 10:00 a.. April 15, 195.
ance Section. today For furtAerl-l ormation call
i on 27 lota ot~'t iOfflce of the Ofdacess officer,
.Corozal, telephone 4220.

g "the tlres and tubes
are thewm r lawn mow-
utors, autombleU, tr*il-
bes and buses. The are to ^f ,
reed In July, August and NoLInLlli
bar, lm5. bI
d bids in duplicate will be brings out the



RaMH of meats likt



Cblpte 7 and 9


'AIo: *.

with Walter

Ies Slun4welers Wedsr hw ers

)fuIdhiwouses, Rebuke haul :
lash Wih Poles For Leakees
tOM. March SO (UP) A
crowd of 00 wome, iso0 e LONDON, March U (U
reguant and others with chl-The Bimuts Foeign Offio Ie$,
ren at their sides, lashed with t[d ir. wthe p0 i'
9lice today In a riotous dem-ce n en f cOei.
intraUon demandin new cedli o the Loude laojw
ouses to replace their alum met confer g because
welling& sistent Soviet "'leakale8 f
Mricl beWtine a chapel distortion."ns ..
londe womenmer of Phrleaent, A Foreign Office a
he women ried to force their disclosed that the .
y nto the provincial prefect's preentative protect t
fice, chantUng, "Cn, ase lt delegate Jacob MaN o ite
iouaes, houses). terday'a meeting anu
Police blocked the way, but lateat violanti of e
he women turned on the on-a ence secrecy rule.
armes. .
The women, all of whom came The spokesman said et"* -.
eom the poorest sections of "some time ago" the g
aome, were egged on by Com- delegates had protested il
aunlst Deputy Carla Oapponi five-nation conference (old
lenuvegna, 33, a female hero of an earlier Russian breall 1
e .Resistance In World War 37. secrecy. ,
A recent city inquiry revealed "In due course the roqp ul
at least least 1,000 apartments Ings of the disarmament l
re needed immediately to re- United Nations subcomIIJI
eve the most necessary need. |will be told," he added.
Many people live in caves. In OrOmyko's statement (on.
,n extreme cae, one family of a r m a ment proceedings IUu
S lived in a walk-in Ice box. night) is a Igrs brealSch ofth"
.. -- -- rule of secrecy." The ovieo-40d
lent Col's Widow 1ve sions nw ceo
,eove H si they are out for is prop
eaves Hosital the British
NOR A ONM-W ., Oarch Zoema-n in te
o lidtg^it NP01lle rebuke the aem
I f, wre f e tri Preal- to Russia.
nt. left Cooley-Dickinson Hos- "We have.s aetbl to h dM,O "
ital today, apparently recovered he commented, "and we h v
om a respiratory ailment. She maintained ecnrey of our o0 M
ad been in the hdspltal since proposMis aa well as thoue f
larch 15. the other side."


- '~.' Street No. 51

Panama City

. 1

Telephone 2-1483

TaMies pleasure in informing its clients
of the arrival of a new shipment of as.
sorted plastic backed materials for up-
holstering furniture, foam rubber in
sheets 1" to 5" thick which can be cut
to the size desired, foam rubber pillows
and mattresses; the prices of which have
been reduced. Pay us a visit and see for

I ,
. ,1


d "*

i. ..i



- ---- ----- -- --- -- -I

NOWJ for sun-b,
son-raked ohar..






Dr. V. Raymond Edman
Wheaton College
10:40 a.m.

R. 0. Letounmau
Chritian industrialist
6:15 p.m.
(Note: Change In time of
evening service)

Church Choir King's Men Quartet Piano Soloist

IWOR YOU! *" --

..... 0It- & -

KOV |rRN~~ao~fdooit

urnt, sun-faded,
* .7.

r shampoo !

Ah, these glorious, irl- i
oue sunny days! Oh,'
those poor, poor heads of
hair! Lucky for youl. we',.
have a quick, easy, beau.
tiful answer. With ROUX
mente you can repair the i
damage the sun has deo ',A
to your hair color. Put
Fresh new color, patural--
looking color, Into every
visible$.ray or famld
strand. Ar(d with Roux's
lustroux 17 colors, yIf
can matoh your orWl*JW
hair shade, or brighten %-
or darken it, as you'd-IIt,.


acerdig to dirct :-


_ .--. : -. --.. s ++ .

1 ^A4w

flow! YOUR OWN I


h aft

I --L It I 1 ; ; i j iI .I


. i I



* 'I

. i

'T I


'" ;" A* a- + .,-""". ....

-._. '-_. -.* .-

i "r .. -

M PAr.
5 "*. *' ^ -,- '
TEE PAI4AMA 51133*3WC AUli1B^

o16g si

* -''l-!:A. k 9
* .' It


In epesivet Wanids


* 7 i

-f I I A 1 .

T -



______________________________________ U I-

I Street NO..
ikb of Jul Ave. A.

Juste Ave. ..j t.a

SLa Camrr qualla
Cemda Ave. 10
No. 2 Lotters r rI

ufsemt aJuly Awm.
Agenda Internal. de PAub onesi
1k CmsUmR Aw.' r.A -
aa*qe LemI Towe

..AVe. TI hV No. a

** ft*- B

o. a i Oee 'Av. Me. 41

Via *-a Ave.

_ _ i_ .. I~ !,,J,. I I I m -

" Aio...s- -



We Have Everything
To Keep Tour Lawn
ansa Garden beautiful
During the Dry Season.
a Tools
9 Hose
a Insecticides
o Wheelbarrows
Econo Soil Spray
a Fertilizers
o Sprinklers
a Fungicides

279 CeAtral Ave. Tel. 3-0140

Dhs. A. and I. ORILLAC
(Palmer Graduates,
"Chiropractic adds life to years,
and years to life."
P*a AvenUe Tel. -H$
11 block from LA Theatre i

L "Insure In
Sure Insurance"
.., -o contact -
Phone Panama 2-0552
E4th of July Avenue No. 14-28
S i.v 9;00-12:00 and 1:30-5;00
pSaturdays 3:00 to 1:00

Canal Zone Dental Polyclinic
Dr. C. E. Fabrega D.D.S.
Denture-bridge work--t brAdiva
S General Practice.
Tlivo0,(4th of July) Ave. No. 21A24
(opposlle Ancon School Playround)
telephone 2-20 I-Panamni.

S of skiUl create
of beauty for Easter
Beauty Salon
Balboa TeL 3 77.

A sinf*'maue by experienced op.
wr Will Io the triekl Just pass
oar Maiissage Salon at poolside or
0ll (or appolnent to El Panam,
to from .m.
El Panama Massage Salon

Packers Shippers Movers
Phones 2-2451 2-;562
Learn Riding at
Ridihg & Jumping classes daily
3 to 5 p.m. Pho'W 3-0279
f or by %.ppdlintent.

ima Line



FOR SALE:-At bargain prices:
Wardrobe, dining table, both In
very good condition; bed. com-
plete; dresser;:- 3 choirs. Inquire
for RITA. Calle Estudianto No.
17-54. upstairs.

FOR SALE-G.E. 12-cu. ft. re-
fr gerator. 60 cycle. 90.- pound
freezer with separate door $375,
O'Keefe & Merrit table top gas
range, fully automatic with grill
$185; new Speed Queen electric
ironer. 60-cycle $80: new eight-
piece living room set. sofa makes
into double bed. 3-position re-
clnina chair, makes into single
bed' $250: G E. vacuum cleaner,
new $65; 27-inch Magnavox tel-
evision set $375. Quarters 30-E.
First Street, Coco Solito. Phone


FOR SALE-Two best quality
venetian blinds 36 x 60 inches;
one Westinghouse electric roost-
er. 2353-A Owen Street. Balboa.

FOR SALE:--One 25-cvcle refri-
girntor. 7 cu. ft. for $50. 5759-
B. Diablo.

FOR SALE:-In excellent condi-
tion. one teakwood hand-carved
china cabinet. one General Elec-
trio flat-plate Ironer. Universal
motor Call Balboa 2-3147.

FOR SALE: Portable sewing
m a c h i n e $30. Westinghouse
Laundromot (1951 ). Best offer.
Phone 3-4502 or see at No. 16
Jose de Fabrega, Apt. No. 3.

FOR SALE: 8 Quartermaster
dining chairs, 4 venetian blinds.
porcelain kitchen table. 118
Ridge Reoad, Balboa Heights.

FOR SALE.- Complete house-
hold furnishings, including
kitchenware. Phone Penama 3-

FOR SALE:-Moale settee $75.
male chair with foot stools
$30. House 8556, Cedre Place.


tires. ultable for reconstructing.
NAL. Ave. Peru No. 7. Phone
WANTED:-- B Cotillion Club,
25-cycle 16-inch oscillating fons
or larce stanrdj type fans. Call
Cristobal 2393

Position Offered
WANTED: Clerk with ec-
countinq experience. Apply Box
1297 Panama.,

lortage Of Trained

echnicians Should

'Sailings Help 1955 Sludenls
__ CHAMPAIGN, 111., March 26
S(UP) High saqlhoQl students
a Cristobal of the Panama graduating this year were ad-
"tWled- from New York vised to cash in on the shortage
Lrsday with a total of 42 pah- of trained technicians.
era for Cristobal and 27
gers booked for POrt-au- Shortages probably will conti-
fnce, Haiti. nue and In some fiells, such as
STh complete advance passen- teaching, will become more a-
t t for c tobal o llows: qute, placement officers at the
Maris AArens; Mrs. Hilde University of Illinolp said.
and daughter; Miss Maryi
ao; Steve Bartko; Mr. andI "Assuming the present ecoon-
SJerome Gas. ; Dr. Walter mic situation continues, the. de-
kr; o. Mauzics Congdon: mand for selentificaUlly-tnr ed
d Dunham; Mrs. Agnes C. persons will continue as far as
Robert H. I. Goddazd; we can see ahead," said Prof.
and Mrs Roscoe D. Guy; Mr. Wendell E. Mier, assistant
Mrs. 'oymas Howell Mrnd dean of the college of engineer-
Ms. H. Clayton Kendall: jWS.
and Mrs. George F. Little; -
aMr. and Mrs. Pedro F. Mar- Prof. j. Lloyed Traniu head
of teacher placement at the uni-
r. and Mrs. B. Ruby: Mr. and veralty, said a critical shortage
Frederick Schwanhausser; exists in elementM school
and Mrs. Walter H. Stewart; teaches and bae n-
Dorothy Stone; Miss Arlene ro mezts mak eo=I ,tor
M; Miss Jean E. Templeton; teaching job blihit fot .
Harriet C. Thorn; KrementsI head. '
.Todt: Mrs. E. 0. Todt: Mr. .
d Mrs, Charles Wachsman;I r-u i- r -. start-
lnd Mrs. Raymond J. Wehle; IjTer P .a".- ^ um.
and Mrs. William A. WOh- Ito ., a.- rent' j,-
and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. mrninIt S,
w~i ^^"^^^ rt*iLlilli m^S~ hU hL A-I-

a&ia,. r

A bright W iook i chemistry
was den for thMe 196-0 c ol-
loge and = L- oard
XL 1w jobs to shem
istar and abouiall ilri-li

FOR SALE: Leaving Isthmus,
1955 Plymouth Belvedere Power-
flite. many accessories. Call W.
H. Goebertus, Dutch Line 3-1218,
after 6 p.m. 3-2192.
FOR SALE: 1948 Chevrolet
Convertible; 1951 Kaiser 2-door
sedan. Both very good condition.
Coll Balboo 2867 daytime.
FOR SALE:-1952 Pontiac For-
dor,, radio, excellent condition.
Phone Balboa 1317.
FOR SALE:-1954 Austin Heoly
red sports car, like new condition.
Can be seen at Qtrs. 24 Albrook.
Phone 86-3195.
FOR SALE:-1952 Dodge Kings-
way Hardtop, w/radio, w/s/w
t i r e s, completely undercooted
1800 low speed miles. Albrook
3 r37, Quarters 115.

FOR SALE: Vaux Hall. New
tires, radio. Everything in perfect
condition $380. Easy payment.
Phone 2-4702.

FOR SALE:-1949 Ford 2-door,
excellent condition, $450. Call
85-4282. 7-4 weekdays, or see
at Calle 51 No. 30.
FOR SALE:- 1951 "Henry J,"
-economical and cban. 2212-C.
Phone Curundu 4193.
FOR SALE:--Due to trip: 1950
Cadillac 4-dee sedan with re-
die, new tires and upholstery.
First Street No. 16, uptairs.
FOR SALE.-'48 Olds, Hydra-
matic 4- deer, geod cenditIoi,
$350. Phope 83-7137 or 7268,

FOR SALE:-1951 Peontac 4-
door sedan, new tires, $900.
6427 Leo Rios. Phone 2-4436.
-For 1953 eutomobile, paying
difference cash, 1950 Crysler
Windsor. Phone Panama 3-
FOR SALE:- 1941 Buick Se-
danette. Good condition, tires
excellent. $150. 2309-A, Las..
..Cruces St., Balboe. Phone 2-
FOR SALE:-1947 Buick Seden,
good condition. Owner leaving.
$250. Parelse 103, Apt. 14,
Phone 4-639.

Mwelaneous 'k.
JOIN THE TREND towards mod-
ern window covering, .using Maotch
stick bamboo draperies and cu#*
tains. Custom-made in all sizes
and any color for immediate de-
livery. Venetian blinds, recondi-
tioning services. Free estimate.
Coil 2-3063 or 3-4904. Distri-
buted by Productos de Madera,
S.A., 98 Central Ave.. between
Kodak Building and Fifth Ave-
nue Store,

FOR SALE: -4 Electric Mules
LYale) with station for charging
batteries. Bargain price. See at
Muelle Inls,. Phones 2-0550,
2-0551. .
Music For Your Vocation? Visit
"LA 4POSTAL," 13-142 Central
Ave., where on unbelievable pre-
inventory sole on records is tak-
ing place. 12 for $1, one for 10
cents. Come in now!

FOR SALE- Portable electric
sewing machine, under 2 years
old $65. 6262 Anton Street, Los
Rios, Balboa 2-1396.
FOR SALE -Stereo Realist Cam-
era, like new. in perfect condi-
tion. Very reasonable price in-
cludes leather case and flashlight
attachment. 100-gallon water or
gasoline tank, still in fine condi-
tion. Contact Mrs. Frank G. Gute,
Santo Clara. R.P. or write to Box
No. .794, Balboa, C.Z.

FOR SALE :--Buescher alto saxo-
phone in very good condition .
Phone 2-3401. House. 1502-B.

FOR SALE: *-Assortent of
venetian blinds. Originl:i cost
$150. Sdle price: $25. Phone
FOR SALE-.. dsk.ta Ilk ptlese-
tor with eupedatic Mei sang*-
er. beaded ateen. Ineon, con-
sole tables, twin bde, rocker.
wingchoir footstool, Westing-
house refrigerator, 1953 Pentiee
Six. low mileage, miscellaneous
things. Phone Balboe 1514.

FOR SALE:-Studio couch, ex-
cellent condition. Phone 3-


I 0.60 0.30

iI IIIoi

..shc didn't clwhat
hewasuslpg s 1
he weastel

~A. "-,4-~
L ,?ed~

't least
w ll rna beI-
*aaand -5
- -i J I A


AmhT N 4. 1.1 Just buIlt
* ipled oaprtmernf t,
2 bdef ho, cold water. t9I.
Peanama 941.
FOR RNT rwFumished and un-
fumtnlsd 2 land 4-room modem
aPartinrettv. Contact Alhambra
AI .- ,ti 10th Street, Phone
n Ion
FOR RENT: Cool 2-bedroom
apartment, living-dining room.
screened, $60. 56 Belisario Por-
rOs. Key, apartment 3. Informa-
tioarPhe 2-2316 or 3-0234.

FOR :RNT; Furnished apart-
ment, one bedroom, living room,
dining room, porch. Phone 3-

FOR RlNT:- Modern one-bed-
room, parlor, dining room apart-
ment int house No. 45, Avenida
Jose Francisco de la Ossa. Rent
$60. De Castro. # 24. Ave. "B."

FOR RENT:-Unfurnished apart-
ment: Two bedrooms, two baths,
maid's room, sitting-dining room,
porch, garage, $100. At Bella
Vistar Obarrio Street No. 23.
See 6e Castro. Ave. "B" 9-42,
Phone 2-1616. Panama.

FOR RENT:- Modern furnished
twe-bedroom apartment S130.
Apartment No. 2. House No. 7.
35th Street. For further informa-
tion-*phone Quijano 2-2718,

FOR RENT:-Apartment at 13th
Street, San Francisco No. 21.

FOR. RENT: Furnished, apart-
mint, moderate r e n t, North
American. neighbors. Frequent
trarlportation. Phone 3-0471.
FOR-RENT:-Congrejo: Ideal 1-
bedroom apartment for a couple.
Close to Hotel El Panama. Call
2-1077 between 9:30 a.m.-12
noon and 3-0601, I p.m. to' 4

FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, onp or two bedrooms, good
neighborhood, lots of views, cool,
quiet, centrally located. Phone
FOR RENT:-One furnished a-
partment, with Gas Stove and
Refrigerator, to rqgponsiblp ten-
ants. preferably Americans. at
"El Dorado Building," Juan B.
Sosa Street No. 22. Rent $85.
Other semifurnished in same
building $75, unfurnished $60.
Call Panama 3-0990 between 9
a.m. and noon and 2 to 5 p.m.

FOR kET- Furalshe ,prt-
ment. refrigerator; gas stove.
Via Espefle, last house before
Juan France.

FOR RENT- Furnished epeot-
mo t two bs roomse Belle Vist.
balcony, very al, $110. Phone
FOR RENT:-2-bedroem apart-
ment, Duplex house, fenced
yard, garage. Cell Gambo. 6-
206, Cooper.

FOR RENT: Furnished smll
apartments, 50th Street No. 30,
Bella Vista. For a bachelor or a
couple. Phone 3-0947.
FOR RENT- Furnished apart-
Me 2, 2 bedrooms, med's rem,
gerage, near Hotel El Penema.
Genrde Otog St. NNe. 4, At.
4. Phone 3-4640.
FOR RENT.-Unfurnished
e"ened 1-bedroom apotment
with dining erem, porch, eC.
Phone 3-0763.
ROI NT Famished part-
ment, dining living rm, two
bdroom, Igas teve, rMfrigera-
r. Belle Vista 43-64, stairs.
FOR RENT:- Fmunished apet-
meant, G.I.-inspected. Via Pege
No. 99.

Morning Worship
To Start Off Day
At Margarita
Activities at the Margarita U-
nion Church tomorrow will- be-
gin with Sunday School at 9:30
a.m. followed by the regula r
Morning Worship at 10:45 a.m.
This service will be cond uted
by the Rev. Paul IL. Oland-
er. Wes Junior sermon topi will
be "The Man Who Ieped Thou-
sands" and the adult aumon Is
entitled "The Road f S zri-
The Junior Flew hip for
|seventh and el grad. wMll
h*old their meeU at 6 P ,.
A *Moe will be oUowed bfOH
Senior FeUowship at ,l6: P..
TheI Sunday NVenmlug Wlow-'
| d Hour for ewydfi at 1:1
P will included a aso am
two ftumd mnc pdu -$" -
l ed. "in HIE MAe"' an
"1D0i0 And TIM ua's Dg
I~ 9oactlvltu fee
wil laclude Men's y
dima amd a t -
at9.00l p.m. da"
t al service gl at
S7 p.. at which
|li the
S be l and
intte t0e

WILLIAMS' Santw Clara Be h
Cottaom-e-rcka14 1efrgIatIn.
2-.bedren. Phone Ialbo 3050.
* hiIps. Oceailde cottage*,..
Santo Clar. Box 435, albM..
Phone Ponama 3-1877. Cristo-
bhal 3-1673.
Gramlich's Santa Clara Beach
Cottages. Modern conveniences,
moderate rate%. Phone Gamboa
past Santa Clara. Low rates.-
Phone Balboao 1866.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:--Sar Jose, Costa Ri-
ca's best small hotel. Excellent
clientele. Owner wishes to retire
due to illness. Write to. Mrs. Ru-
per "Tala Inn."

Ballroom Dance Classes for Pre-
Teens & Teenagers are now form-
ing. Register now by calling
mornings Balboa 2-4239, after 5
p.m. call El Panama studio Pan,
3-1660 suite 111. Classes will
start April 2nd at 9 a.m. & 10:30
at Balboa YMCA. 12:30 p.m. &
2 p.m. at El Panama Hotel studio.
ONLY teenage classes will be
held at Balboa YMCA 16- Vz
Hour lessons & FREE dance book
ONLY $10.00. HARNETT &


FOR RENT:-Small cholet, one
bedroom, living dining r oo m,
kitchen. Moderate rent. General
Jos6 de Son Martin Ave. No. 6,

FOR RENT:-2-bedroom chalet,
furnished or unfurnished. Miguel
A. Paredes, No. 26, rear of Golf
Club. Can be seen 9 a.m. to 12

FOR RENT:- Furnished rooms,
unfurnished epartmets. Offices
Calle Estudiente 98. Phone 2-
FOR RENT:-Chelet style, two-
bedroom house, living-dining
room, hat water. Desirable loca-
tion. Phone 3-1848.
FOR RINT:-Furmished 5-bed-
ream heme at Weesweed, four
miles beyond Arrllan, $65
FOR RENT:-Vecation euerter
April-May-June. Call Balboa 2-


LOST: Reward for Informs-
tion leading to the recovery of
lst or strayed cat. Young Mu-
tated male. black with white
paws and throat. 54 Third St..
New Cristobal. Phone 3-2747.

New Douglas DC 7C

Planes To Be Used

By Braniff Arways
A $20.000,000-new-equlpment
program for Braniff Int e r n a-
tional Airways, including t he
purchase of a fleet of seven of
the world's latest, finest long-
est-range aircraft, the lougIlal
DC-7C, from the Douglas Air-
craft Co., according. to infor-
mation received by Melvin Doo-
little, Braniff's Panama manag-
The purchase contract, larg-
est ever made by the airline for
new flight equipment, was sign-
ed by Chas. W. Beard, president
of-Braniff and Donald W. Doug-
las, president of the alre r a ft
manufacturing company. T h e
entire program includes acq u 1-
sition of spare parts and oe-
cial shop equipment for Bain-
tenance purposes, in addition to
the aircraft.
Delivery schedule calls tfi
Brantff to reeelve the first three
Slaves in the.fall of 19M, with
e balance to be delivered durW
the first half of 1957.
The pecal built DC-7TC,
Which will have a maxim nmW
seating capacity of from S to
81 pa Mngrs. -depending UpWn
Rgnfigalionlse -
eted, w .il augment the aIt-
WMe's present fleet of DomglaK
D104 aim rat 4niil M
A L% a u -e.

,P.IA SUtVCIN S by e grd- to. Mt
lane' i- FOR SALE: "Yoy," now: I,
4140. cabin cruiser,_staatled, .
4160, rin pvw ml-t^ Ttr NIW-i -A

ARE YOU trubledi with Conm,
Callous, Ingrown Toenails? Visit
Madame Camille, 8053 8th St.,
near Melendez Ave. Phone 139-
J, Colon.
01RLSI How's ye w sher a .-
eat alNg toI leek O d e
those stragly Iock? setter let
HAZIL KeWl or 1GN4E Trder
doelns yr spring heide. Sen
e'.ce oCll IMeaty Shop. Navy

rirw plywood, outboard motor 25 ,
hp. Johnson horse with fuel
tank. Can be ~es at DIaBl
Dock, Yacht Club, from .t 3 e

Help Wanted
WANTED:- Emperienned uk.-
housekeeper. References. May
live in.. House 6427 DosUAllck I
Street, Los Rioa. .

I IAdrvao 4sentia
1. Indoan Sw PtatIugh

S1 ai=vidu1t 10 Gt-di
14 GsiWqlim
15TwfiIbS 7ubnd of Dad4do8 840=ad W35gn
16Speanbsh i u29Former 44Norway's
.' t19gtulef 31 Lamded f e@api
sPtarEfnt to 2Brother property\ 46Pay attmentl
. M* Moes (Bib.) The 4Pl- I equolaa
20 Diur ess O 24 qtu Mi38Uvrea
21 Sun's 2 ere 40 Muffled' 4 Tiker um
nickname 2Caues an 41 Middle 'adheslve
G4il 7no 42Smoke ald g oSD g ale timp


DIABLO HTS. 6:15- 8:20
"Flame and The Flesh"
Techiaolor I

rAMBOA 8:15
"Duffy of San Quentin"


Teclmicolor 1

CRISTOBAL 8:15 8:3
9 Marlon BRANDO
Cinemascope Colorl
Ale Showlg BiUN. EON.

B A A Air-Conditio
ALIO A2:00- 4...30 &45-


r MtMTo in( E

C In DAhelI eaTO Iof CRE
L '"^* cOM..



F.18W s

..- 1

I l





n wrlou si

1 L



-r df





- 1 1





*<*-,~ '


S1 *


I '
'I I




* i


~s W~e wrn1 T %Jeveltvds-ib

SMaking Gpefruit

Ater Stengel League
-y Uplte Praes
Sots Him At Camp At St.ters-burs, Fla.
...... 'Brooklyn 000001000-1 4 1
S. Y. (A) 002 1020 x-5 13 1
SErskie. Darnell 1v; Wojey (8)
B-y w#R ID--DOW and Campanella; Kucks, Black-
-- well (~I) and Berm. WP-Kucks.
NEW YO K, March. 26 (tP.)-4Johnny Kucks, LqP.-BEaine.BR--Cerv.
lot g vr-o* lrkt-handir who did his pitch- At Tampa, Ifla., Washington
f yar, Was touted by the New vA Onciainati, cancUlled, rain.
Yantuee today as their answer to Cleveland's At Laken d, Fla.
mtII ri Chicago (A) 001450400-14 14 0

sKiltew the Yanke-s' rookiee ningp as the world champion and Courtney; Oromek, Hoeft
can*"jogW% wannerWew York Olants defeated the (5), Fletcher (8) and House, wij.
*"aai% uchicago Cubs, 6-3. Catcher We (6). WP-Trucks. LP-Gro-
aoead _isiet -yesBitomy In e m and mrrookia ob.Lennon ek. HR-Kallne, Carrasuuel,
i lilni Wtouantot pr- homer"tpd othe Giants. It was Trucks 2.
"i NB-0Mthe rd-lt- the first of the spring for Len- -
'"=jDodgers. The 6- non, who belted 4 for Nashville At Fort Meyers, Fla.
o. 3a-inch. 170-pounder limited last season. Boston (N) 000 002 010-3 7 1
!he ei-er *to only threelhits The Chicago White Box finally Pirates 4014)000 x-5 5 0
a one q.ta Yankes scor- snapped a losing streak Kemmerer, Dvith (4), Cleven-
Si a -1. tISU n whenthey routed the Detroit er (0) and Buck- Wade, Doug-
Ina ~ apa inst the St. Tigers, 14-5. Pitcher Vir gil ui (5) and Atwell, Mangan (5).
mais a b l gq White T'ucks hit two homers in addl-,WP-Wade. LP-Kemmerer. HR
loxt a.d -srs th1s kprlng, ten to pitching two-run ball for -Long.
MUcks a sw d only tur five Innings and Chico Carras-
'uns, nDle i it and seven walks quel hit a grand slam homer for Aat West Palm Beach, Fla.
md has trek out three bat- the White Box. (First Game, 7 Inninga)
ers. He had' sa ,. record with Rookie outfielder Stan Platys Baltimore 030 320 2-10 9 0
Norfolk of we P14dot .Loaue. blasted a two-run triple In the Philadelphia 21000000 -3 4 0
n 1952 before-enter. -the A- ninth Inning to give.the Phil- Ferrarese, Kuzava (4) and
m uy "adelphis Phlmes a 7-6 win over Smith; Wheat, Oster (5) and
ackns ha" leaped Into an the St. Lours Cardinals. Platys, MacKenzle, WP-Ferrarese. LP...
Important potie on a the who hit ,316 for Sihenectady Wheat. HR-Smith, Littrell.
Ya*sktf ffa as result of the last se so delivered the
inhaefftiveess of Bob Turley game-winning blow after two At Clearwater, Fla.
and Don Larsen, acquired In walks, a single and an Infield St. Louis 210 100 020--6 11 2
the big winter deal with Bal- out cut the Phillies' deficit to Phillies 000 003 004-7 8
tbare, a 6-5. The blow was off relief Woolrldge, Poholsky (4). Ja.
Like Grim last year, Kucks is spIeiallt Frank Smith. cobs (6) Tienfenauer (7), F
not even on the Yankees' offl- The Baltimore Orioles and Smith (8), Arroyo (9) and H.
ial1 roster, but Stengel Is expect- Kansa CQity Athletics came off Smith; Greenwood, Ridelk (5),
;d to rectify. that Jlttle oversight even in a real spring training od- Miller (8) and Lopata. WP-MII.
before opening day. Grim earn- dity a doubleheader. The 0- ler. LP-Arroyo. HR Boyer,
d hi spurs in a similar seven- roles won the first game, 10-3.Schoendlenst.
aing perfornm e against the with Gus Triandos and Hal
Dodgers last sprg and went on Smith homering and the Athlet-
o ost a 20B-6 erd and be vot- lcs copped the second with-the
ed the American League's raukle aid of Bill Renna's bases-filleo RF ast I C
i the year. homer, 7-4.
Bob Cerv's homer sparked a The ittshburgh Pirates took
13-hit attack by the Yankees, advantage of Russ Kemmerer's
who battered Cprl Erskine freely first-inning wildness to score L e u e
to take a S-1 lead in the spring four runs and beat the Boston
series Red Box, 5-3, while Washington
Twenty-ne game winn er and Cincinnati ere rained out
ohnny Anrtoneil sharpening up n other exhibition games involv- STANDINGS
for an opening da assignments tng two major league teams.
ae____________Tr. m, ** -z '

Caribbean Command Playoff

Finda tuneups we held yes.- first base. Bob Stephenson, a
terday for the cracta opener for newcomer will catch the series.
the Cibbean Comma armed Losey will field a team which
forces baseball playoff which averaged .311 at the plate during
starts tonight at 7:30 between a 14-1 season in the Antilles. The
Panama's Special Troops and big batsman foe the Eagles Is
Camp Loms's Eagles from the left fielder Juan Davlas, who hit
An es 356 tfor the campaign. He bats
Manager Howard Schade has No. 5 in the lineup.
gttled on little Joe Meyers, his Here's the probable starters for
ace left-bhander, to open for tonight's contest:
-tro The Eagles will use SPECIAL TROOPS
eIth-r manager Bob Cronin o S2b Dale Baraks (.252); SB
Bob Schlosberg, both right- Mike Rivera (.298); RF -
handers. Johnny Angelus (.333); 1B -
Cronin has been slowed with Juan Reyes (.000, limited ac-
an injured ankle and his start-. tion); CF Bob Mayer (.321),
gis dependent on how well the 88 Bill Mills (213); LF Moe
ankle is a&0 tme tim. Mirman (.s66), 0 Bob te.-
The best-of-seven series will penson (new member of team);
be continued under the lights at P Joe Meyers (8-3 record).
Clayton Field Monda Wednes- CAMP LOSEY
day, and next Saturday. Other R Dave Leon (.347); 1B -
.nes, It needed, are scheduled Arnie Daetwyler (308); 2B Joe
lTFort Amador diamond the Barbato (.316), 88 Luls Co-
foalwing Sunday and again at Ion (.304); L F- Juan Davila
C yton April 5 and 7. (.35); CF Reyes Figueros
Two cangas will be seen In (.269), 3B Adrian Baez (.314) ,
the Troops Bneu~. Juan Reyes, C Duke Little (.200); P -
a utility man, wil take over de- Bob Cronin (4-1) or Bob Schlos-
parted ErAe Heckman'a slot at berg (6-0).

C.H.S., Junior College Track

Te .ikWind Up Dual Meets


School finished (CHB) 2nd Morris (CHS); 3rd
k mason with a Ltndgreen (CHS). Time: 5:56.
sut Junior Col- 440 Id. Relay 1st (JC); 2nd
y afternoon at (CHS). Time: 48.4.
n. 'oba 440 Yd. Dash 1st Pabon
f %udl with (CHS); 2nd Tied Basso (CHB)
s, and the Col- & Fishbough (JC). Time: 58.
i had six in the 180 Yd. Low Hurdles 1st
.- Orvis (JC); 2ud'Tagaro olus
i& m ,CHS); 3rd-Jefatel (CJ). Tune:
air e.ergie..
%W ofblef Yd. Run 1t Price
,aW Kisncr tA8sI: 2nd 4*nkin (CB; 3rd
both wom their Hawthorne (Cay. Tie: 2:18.9.
t6 it.AN di 220 Yd Dao st Lowe
and owurdles (CH); Cart., (JC); 3rd
M achi (CH). TItM:e 26.
eK3 (CBS)r

Nie w wuneb, t C

Palomn -


Trailing 2-0 in the bottom of
the fifth canto of their tilt with
the Conejos, the Ocelots Thurs-
day connected for two singles
and a double to ahalk up three
runs which gave them -the win
and a game and a hall lead in
the second half of the season.
Relief first baseman Dubois
singled to third and advanced to
second on an error. Nufiez got on
and Dubois went to third when
McGriff who had- irawn a walk
was forced at second. Dubois
stole home and Nuflez scored on
Bateman's single to center. Bate-
man brought in the winning run
o] Halvosa's double to right
Ocelot twirler Nufiez fanned
slx and walked 3. Conejol
moundsman Kirkland whiffed
nine and walked 2. Nuflez allow-
ed four hits and Kirkland 7.
Box score for Thursday's game

Players ab
Prangloni, 3b 2
Ryter. ss 3
Kirkland, p 3
Chase, lb 3
Watson, cl 33
Million, c 3
Chassin, 2b 2
Wodrassa, rf 3
Scott, If 2


23 2 4 18

McGriff, as 2 0
Nuftez, p 3 1
Bateman, c 3 1
Halvosa, 3b 3 0
Crook, rf 3 0
Thompson, cf&2b 2 0
Engelke. Ib&lf 3 0
Shock, lf&cf 3 0
Stahl, 2h 0 0
xTubbs, 1 0
Morris, 2b 0 0
Dubols, lb 2 1

x-Struck out for
Score by

8 3 7 11
Stal n 3-Srd.
-000 200 0-
000 030 x-

Sunimay. -rrers ConeJ
FrangWn Oceltrs .tem
bae-d in -
HvEm. Threeli-mt:fe
amoen bm" ate I.
amm pmilwra"
s'01's a


Pan-Amerikda Games Closing



MEXICO CITY, March 26 (UP)
.- The, second Pan-American
Games come to a close today a-
mid predictions that the western
hemisphere will be a powerful
factor in the 1956 Olympics on
the basis of the results record-
ed here.
The last part of the 15-day
show will be the closing ceremo-
nies today. These also will fea-
ture the final competition among
the equestrians In University
Stadium. A huge crowd of about

0uu0,000uuu is expected to ue uon anu
to b1d the athletes from 21 na- TOSSING TR6UBLE for Pa
tons oodbye. this dangerousntho frft Cam
The persoson who probably Bb Cronla, a,' veteran of 10
will ge the greatest hand is ight is Bob 'S8chlosbrg, a. y,
18-year-old Beth Whittall of sons of experience n'the Mi
Canada who accomplished one nit ha a- 4- mark this sea
of the fine feats In the' realm start against lefty Joe Meyer
of swimming competition ye.s-. the opener of the best-of-seq
terday. mand title. Cronin is suffer
In the space of 90 minutes, he may not be
the young Purdue University (U.S. Ar
student from Montreal:
1-Won the 100-meter butter-,1 Year 6 .es
fly for women In 1:16.2. 15d ves
2-Won the 400-meter free-
style championship In 5:32.4.
3-Swam 100 meter leg on the T -
Canadian 400-meter medley re- Uop PerforMaRC
lay team that finished second to .
the United States.
With such a performance. Miss In D|n Mim 1 lVM.,
Whittall must go down as the (El nI roHi g I iVHin
outstanding athletes of the
Games. All high divers participating
"She is potentially the great- the first round of the 1
est swimmer I've ever seen,' World's Professional High Div
said her coach, Tommy Walker, championship. at the Hotel
after the performance. Panama ,last night displa:

The Canadians were so exu-
berant about the turn of events
during final day of full com-
petition that they tossed walk-
er, clothes and all, right into
the pool. Then they jumped in
with him.
In other major events yester-
*.day. Colombia scored a one-two
punch in winning the 109-mile
bicycle road race. The America-
nos finished 11th and 16th -
which isn't bad, considering the
The U.S. won-the men's 800-
-meter relay at the swimming
pool and they also took the 400-
Re.meter medley relay for women
Eulalle Rios of Mexico won the
inen's 200-meter butterfly title
ONE-TWO FINISHES (Top) Jim Stevens wins the 440 yard In 2:39.8.
run with .ten,!mgate Ed Scott finishing second. The other Martin Smith, former Yale
-finish shows Baiee Bulldogs track team captain Bob Zumbado star; Bill Worz eof rNorfthamp-
approaching tie'finish line w#h team-mate Owen Satherland in Pon, Mass.; and. ex-Yale, swim-
closest pursuit in the 2 0 yard dash at a recent meet. mers Wayne Moore and Ji m .y
dow o (1 .i McLane won the men's 800-
e ip aneterv freestyle relay In nine
Ttlntc iym r, minutes flat. Argentina was sac-
dan Qad third. Cora Lee
R al s i aV nnnrt IMtte, Ind.; and
Relayd hSlantsd Ei minutes So a Jane Fears, Betty Mullen
and Wanda Lee Werner, all of
InnJJ ba lost Wahi gton, D.C.. won the wom-
en's 400-meter relay in 5:11.6
Yesterday we gave you a rulln n The Canadian girls were second
down on the Armedo. Forces, in 5:12.2.
team representatives in the HUNTINGTON, W. Va., March
sprints and hurdles. Today we 26 (UP) -,,Puerto ieo' rer
will try to cover the same sentatives 4n Jilco' r'-
events from the. Albrook Fly Biddy BWsIbbaB Tourn m T Sta'
erg potential. lost a heart breaker in thequai-
The coach of the team is oneter finals last night, but won
of these fel ows who not only the hearts of the fans. The team
tells them how to do it, but from San Juan 'was beaten 52-47 I Toda S
ibby Atlantic City, New Jersey, in, 4
shows them as well. the quarterfinals of the -fourth "
A G,,det is 37 years old but'annual top pavkentfr 'boy6nile 1"
t running with the best of to 12 yearS &ld. However. the
them. After competing for Fordcrowd at -big Memorial Field--,. r at fl
ham. university, Aran for the house hereave San Juan a ----
ham University, A! ran octati standing ovaleon at.the finish. .. ....
Grand Street Boy Associati standing LIVERPOOL, ngland. March
of the New York Athletic Cub. LIVER Naona
o n 1932 he was the Far East From the'tlne the young- 268 (UP) The Grand National
i F932 t... the 20 sters from Puerto Rico first Steepl~chase. te supreme test
:dr Force Cham i in the 2 appeared 'i the tournament. of horse and rr, will be run
yd. Low HurdlEast and n eter dash the crowds were almost 100 per at Aintree's -'. ont course to.
the Farast 1 recent behind them. day, and Tudor Li ne is a 7 to 1
champ. choice to will before Queen Eliz-
.%.U -tA m-- rnRA 4Ihtr rneiach

U .. Against Atlantic City San
S in addition to running,he "as Juan lumped out to an early lead
2 coached championship teams at and led by 10 points, 26-16, at
0 Chanute Field and in Japan. halftime. However, with little
0 so far this week, Al has rmun Jimm Bradley scoring heavl,
-the 180 yd. low hurdles in 21.6 Atlantic City came brick n ea
the Balboa delays re s 21 lat half to pull even. Bradley,
flat heJd by Bruce Orvis who scored 32 points, and Pedro
Leonard Travis out of Oer- Ortiz staged a scoring duel in
3 mantown, Pennsylvania, w be the final minutes of the reg~la-
2 a top point getter for his Al ton game which ended 43-43.
2 brook team. In the 1954 Air In the three-minute. extra
2 Force Southeastern Champion period, San Juan's shots con-
0 ships, this fellow copped the tnaally rimmed he basket
1 100 and 20 yd. dash titles. In while Atlantic City piled up sidx
0 the world wide AF Champion straight points to, a pro-
0. ships held at Rom6, New York. hlbitive lead. San JIm led 12-
0he was 5th in the finals. 8 at the end of the irt quar-
0I Before coming to the ser- ter, the half score was 26-14
0vlee Travi co ted in the ani the Puerto Rcans still led
0140 and 880 in he Penn. Re- 8-0 at the end of the third
Slay. & quarter.
S. The fourth six-minute period
Backing him up In the 100, ended with the awre tied 43-43
2 220 and 440, is Bob Johnsen and In the overme, Atlantic
3 out of Glassburg High School City scored nine pinftts to: W
and Camden, New jersey. Ifor San Juan. Ortiz made nine
. l ,tU another m~aAih Penn fteld oals and two free throws
SRelays epemrtnce Ii 3nood In fWe chances to, lead Saf
Cols, whb come out of ,Uan's scoring wih 20 pdint,
. 5 qm gtut n -HUth Bchool, New- Jesus Sanchez got four goals .n4
a N Eeww. .high one free throw forXIl5i PIOVM
0 th p- i-a-t-o g-This* r Wes.
a the At c.' KU

aoeth ana o0,u0u U0 orer vB
fans. -
But the favorl"s role means
little In this most gruelling of
races. A Jumper and his rider
lt fA moral victory if they
maWeKg to finish the four-
mile,-U56-vard chase over 30
fences and water barriers.
The race is of world-wide in-.
.terest because In Irish Hospi-
tal sweepstake lottery Is based
on it. A field of 32 is expected to
start around the triangular-
shaped course at 10:15 a.m.. EST.
Ireland spuplied the last two
winners of the event and will
make another strong bid with
eight Starters. l yan Marshall,
the IWh Inckev who. won with
a'y Mlst in 1953 d"d with Hloy-
Sblast year. hopes to set P
r e. rd by Inning ,tree straight
WJ. He giid!r|ly Mist, the
second. ..oce.
i.z Adds ff t*he ef1 lead-
eolees we ,re Times
amd Irih im ;to 1;
SL4e P
1. by th e

S~ei." t V l I


nama champion Special Troops
ap Losey's Fagles. Left .a mantap
Iseaons of service ball, Iad OnOW "
oui right-hander with tlbeRi. Op
Iwaukee Braves farm pystean. C
ion and Schlosbers. 6-0. on we '
* of the Troopers Saturday night i
von playoff for the Caribbeanm Co
Ing from a sprained an& e and asad
e ready by Saturday.'
my photo by Sgt. George Campbei,


reat talent and unquestionable

USArCarib hwlin "

Tern FinI -

In All-Tim Tourney
Highlighted by Cpl. Dick C.,
ston's ston serlu
of 632 and M. John O
all-events to ', ICN S.
United states A
wound up in a tie for It
with tel Far Ias Commandat
the All-Army World Wide Bow;-

But the most amazing high Ing Tournament at
standard was obtained by 15- mouth, New Jersey.
year-old Cary Whiteneok, whose
score was three point below Don S.. th Army, paced
Hopka, 1954 champion who is tional individual
defending his title. king Dick Hoover -1
dIWash., captured the 1
Last night's highest level of plonship with a 34-
diving was 76 feet, on the same over Fourth Army,
level as the seventh floor of champion. Hoover h
the hotel. From the large au- total to walk away u
dience's mnolt ot vjew, post events title and will
nerve-J~i~ was mn Army team
Whitenacik, ---'a 14 Service ela cn
Clifford and George 'ath. I Great Lakes IT
Whiteneck, from this height,
gained the ihghest points on one M*W O'Connell 01
dive for the whole evening. Miss Puerjo Rico finished
Clifford, and Rath had' never the 9 bowler w
-dived from this helht. ..fore, we closely w- -
since both of them have only ozal at 1
been in the nrofeskln .for les

than a year. The other USARCARIB indvi I
dual totals: Pfc..34th Mar
The dare-devil girl worried of Fort ,inAtOp --..,
everyone as the stood en the George Zeketesov n rt
pl!form gaining her breath aft- 1632; Sfc. Charlaveer'-. V
er limbng the. ,ladder. From Buchanan, ,PuerW Rico, -
thal height, the mpaot with the and Capt. Wilbur TImhl of pt
water was, so strong that she Tortug o, Puerto Rico, 1
inlt. her "hutI feel finet" I

she said afterwards, "now that Six different etedid i -
the shock Is over!" represented on thetem- a -'
Jam Howard, refers and iadd compete at-o at
prducer of the show, said he addition to Hoom.. i
is not keen on the idea- of Miss dolph Maaurette 4ot. .
Clifford diving any higher 1745), Don Zak of thaa
than that until she is more e District of Washbingtpon
perlenced In this difficult R
game. 24-year old Rath also Ray Burns of Becond
did very well with highest (1717), Jim Scaccla 41ffrist'
diye, and iwethei he w ll go (1708., and Haiol ThL.Is'1
hlkher tonight teonaln kmys- Third- Army (17
tery. Am 17
Last night's scores, kept by
Dick Nelson, were as follows: kickg," butt when irkame feTh,41
Hapka 266 points, WhIteneck 76 .ft. level he announced that-
253, Roger Nadeau 252. Barney he preferred to stick to .
Cipriani 342, George Rth 229, plcated springboardsl
LoIS Cliffordt1 IS p .; -
LOS CtI ~~ .', Judges were Hector Crooks Par
Johnny Edmiston, the come- trick Rya and Clint Oso .
dian of the sbpw, wi'sXMtf;bravel Tonight'd prog is at o'-
enough to edlter the ntesct asn clock, and the f of the 'm.
high as 64 feet,, as well as put-
ting on a hysterical clown act test take place tomorrow aftee
He did high diving "Just for noon at 2.30 p.m.

- I -:~

His only.





-'"*. 4.


( nJB

The w

SioYa r for F
_.-" 4t1l

J <. ,, -.f "" '- ,. ^ y C,
^^ M ^ ^ ^f *''" -' -"'.''*- '..*^. .A
fSSSSSSSSS C ^IA^ 1'*.'~i.^~" *
l5 p-! -- --t.*' J U f ^ M
fcr- J 'e-te im ii .^& r-

e ..and Walt


- N, .11


'4 ..- 'I-
t~~~~ -* .' ^
-^ ., .<*


Ceremonies This
.. ____________________________________


.. .' .

- -au- t-^t- .-. *iriwi"*--- '

. t ,-

-. %, **- 6-*L





Fort mon.


;heh rd .fr," 'h ',


ySenate OK's Postal Pay Hike

Despite Threat Of Ike's Veto
.. ;.. WASHINGTON, March 26 (UP) makers of both prt are sl.bl_ y will be brou. ht up un- estimated yeay cot to taxpay-
The Senate overwhelmingly "fully aware" of the desperatee ,8r colditions requi ing only a ers of 220 m on dollars.

despite new warnings of a presi- The- House on Mdnday over- fare ted $42,000 to $7,000 each for their ch, herring to a speech ad r Ar
dental veto whel ly rejected n tte u Civil Service Con- office sta each year, depend- (D. re.) in which he criticized
den. ao veto. shel^nblgy reetehdro n ha ttepr t completed hearings Ing on the population of their who were scratching his putting
The raisab contained In two pqtalpay blunder icum- but ^a not yet acted .on a pay states. The new revisionn would "where that *.rr
timent for bigger pa hikes than the ma position was from mem- give a raise ot 5400 or 10 per the Senate adopted an amen4 .
the administration wants. The bers favorinK a bigger raise. cent, whichever is larger, to ment byBSen. Harry F. Byrd (D- Li1tie Leue* rop|W~d( Ub.Ik*
Increases also would go to con- The post measure now pre- 500,000. postal employes at an Va.) to minae 'th raise effective ________________________
S. g ,. ressional empl yes. .-the first payday after final en-.
by a 72 to 21 roll call vote10 tee.
More votes than the two-thirds (Continued from Page 1) dy Vives, Indicating that Miro The second measure would give
necessary to over-ride a veto. IIeAsbemblymen to return "aS offered In December 1954 to take $200 or 110 per cent raise, U-- Bel~um March

too few ovrrTIRTET YER Ans wa e a R. bep wouldbe nMAMiCH2 admt9d and 93 discharged* day.
Sener an ad strI er0cKl i stsea eal etlaeo amea on w gC i sedeath, that of jasper A state of emergency was la

.baemployea of tih government, was 76 fre r ults' bn ey o m ted. b I i aiia vers, was reported effect In the capiotaprovince of

p-s. ed by v ot ""rol .. .. -' "'-- bd'".r
W toaS1 T. on rc h ,e 1 u v tke s re ....ot-hr h.oareG. The were 1 o.n pt i the br ,inkof. .upo. u.s-u.e,-ths.-.e

t' f ew to overri e a". a to.o .m..l.. a ,..a. .s busne ssosoaate a a e amieo dg Mr. t Mndi red ayc .
ThSenatec oe rwhbll, e eidngl10 ulyawn tat hs lenth a" aate ri offGovertntto in andl. raofr220miroionvdollcre.
aprcenraiss foer Civlpayrmaie pola cons tienc" o h e P leadvl oted wtr mo n was l alsowouldo ol td ate ofn asp e r tteosmreny
bformorethin ih ilon he postal b for "onsaainf th i feorm a utn. StrongeffortstoentforVA NNA atrooffic ws. rAl ortd effetoolT nlOc e aitalere o vnere ato
J d py- ,,it w u. nis of t T. s e.uro ono. den ethe o n m tede $2 in t wa,s 00.e acai -3thei .ta. lre T ho m &l e erind h av tearm ve

o j o e y eary and D ihe a s. u H2* inm inistoa tain a Ve a c- lup av tee UaPn Vtg yneer orayasn Aeefioranae2-ns of mose shaat
.f-,ight vtow htigo or ejecte tedrm fo lplssaeCo ivioanle thatice CMin- O f in AMerie ai ti he.. d c a Mar t, r se l b ane d the
-eat Rli .ia yaas i t'on l- u f .a a y r.hes 'n.ue s.I the s pop url ,ionand M M t ueter fcuch Cog- sr ro udn .a-racre

a .o w.:.d Cai m e po db h Pn- C si't Mir.n. .. p t,-.odSo lslito ernentoa n hag t parn are .n ran t deerd. r d h
hisGbigfightonrthelpostal bil, e f or tartnys a gains the l if o ra mae G Jan 1e side t.e see w r in
o.Ab2mtetn t, q Ai w t ard Mt6 .aMs t h f -. ,iro f held sei earn-ju s o were oraitrd to e n e he Lai ea n o
wHiho ameuprretl ee youse 50rerstroB for the pr o sestint lfu- T he Offic ateboetwe n heb aend(u ) ldthBoretpeandl Nsntheap o s tand MorsTho A i, t e g
iondcr ases alsowouldgotocon -e saidhe qlsure a er R. t a u lo.f te e. Guo, o hwhichawas theveri sl onaae ryuF. aardHe For R crao n onthe l

ina p l ta k en parts qi isth a t kote andln- nt re doubt nd ye* dah ":0 tpm fMro.d Ma n and which lad : gaThoue halt o e-a- weighing 152 pounds, whe Schools Division but whichag te $*
r u Ml divnesotah pverafb ear Into a the cd be ovredor v tesoane admitTed t(Con head fourth l asso1) hel V ard enfrorT hair, blue eyes and li run close combination a c
fo nectaeItsr toooon Cher -rd e Av a s nce la- shouted In closing ruddDeegromp o.Jr., Ccwithoit goreprcn rts
H r a Th7e f t sttbo retu fatie lBkwseonDe
fog theal t lr nIs to l6feEetdaht grhe BALBOA TIDESM rs.aRich-
as Pedro Miguel Curch Closing After 42 Years -.rrd1 tA,

w iger N wl ereac h After bringing happorneb toat The church and held services The Pedro Miguel Union hostesses havefoilviomeinu tes.rton lCocC o SloHop i
9: thenatuld "starendoni tt o bather aid tracktolhthe Seeoyatd yirlneeng k eorgeat.murph tr
Tuphisrebtalweeingtat O fISfnem

52 t 1 hw'the 1 T his Z e r ld be s incen go W1uh bm e c h rch wahoste trill inn re me e ment There w ere 7 V
w fl '~w r" *i t c lose too fee t" ove rd e v o tve thraisend ihnston a- ts a. tr o be'-rey ta.itO01.-
S -A. .E Sapproved 10 per c e nate Mra s .ec iia o in elg oid ted, by M .Iat mantied -bup w, ha h Otl nat ionUI
Teeo, has nrdbil,-iedthe' ow othehslin t has taCurvo of Coln. sn,-averaterngaodortanfv
erh c-r. | d espitednatrtahiee s loareCivil osdI,_Teonsi c"ld -y__oe___O a fter,_n.a-- .. D r g ,,,acydt, ,.or, r he stato"fe.;.er-
W.% E over a preside ntal veto cowhaornimenteceb a ataem grouori. -.o ci .c .t train reported.Mainboow Cityda ughte r orte. Bru.sels areaunder.theee
saidlay-hew lvto thro ae meme o er Thet fa" nha t s o
.. .. ceantratises. set heog(v ole.rsi ixwci made his 'lep to in School t S. to
per ,ent eR e p a *ces n_,i- the pp lte orw as fro. esean he r aff et ommend.0 pior to 'rws tn e V. n ad passng. onM- it o n Ir
TheNatincr m os al i fwoud easoto 'ponv def, by men a re no re nm,0aitha empoin S aw a a o atheo, heard e '"-"- M
w c ameton e p ro oatyw. sec.... ..rithepres i theriA 20 payday frerfing down Re gi .2s trat
ld o betitMt k t g g -h El a a l h or a f.nex d l ooked 1ou t .for ts u 1:15oi
.o .s taffit an o he y hear ceftaiseywilloresLasssomm i lup f e te a Vegaosed06yd chnton-o m i n- ai t Che rlati Ae rca
r.. ', lat lesAIA d eo in y tm en b asecom ty efe closie.. te prosecution h wen thor.tese ad t y d c i w sa 2 IenIII t.IDbnte- s g
yea n t" .,""ofthedti "te Mn to an analyi of n c, e t spot whr ieilnd -
so po-ntsn dag '=. Ih tfew Sale e to. .,Gi;ado who took E..taggJr,, of f heir oumdtntinw.evidence hiS d and were *E ha S ben anng o uJce bydthe lco c
fo le te.7t 6 "fel.,"ahodayM e "" ","a n M'", red,_s nsamet v al e i et proof hUe ffort a dving ri ter eat ion Hord.
l diteOmae.ecopa th. Co tdslaermnd edto no0.0has tt s da Vega sai dr ofThonhehasked Co.ethn oc a.hwas giX-'ra Studen r egoster with
hih e.rklt ni Ar my Caranr .o- ibgislate'sior bedictan, Hero werae, o fn th .fact orsuGo ha d ete h esh o n t ad eatme ntfor ha d tacghters f oh a ca n
e, fl ode e at ong clh Itn empoe ss poe-rs o nal"-a-d. .o-e-propertye ei t heW ade..en an:.o nscience ,a ndy t said that G od lug edth.. by t e p risner. Hi wI I s Apr
S15 wie ,0evid a a e d admIssio ha helpedwhim.oies wereGu -teaidto b. willbte h el i d e to tahe eek
chnirmanor Athe S i tems offered a e: Ve ga yestheatM ro, baA u t19 ,O n esday, imsyGodth as... ..all nor."
tht.Assembly.Hall.n o c ycl e r m e r Guid o s n acuse? ag in- e e ftmfa l
ae-I ne Rcerane;Postog apic equWil- aerWreporte otl. w dt tanetr, 'e cab s wh h i r ving .u Mr r.cetion Mr.ogra electrica~ .al e ~.masedeao MeIt oi Y r C o i t erma fortbura C Si ate, f6the athl
area.haf.peedicted 'the Sn ate oi dd offerendl to made .dt thof hibed s a Outfeet6 n p...rogrm fhCh osond
ts; rimto thel pire o. n ad walt cR wi ang 152 pond, 3S o D io b wi
'We other evariedaiemstofhine r-who Ca et Tlat r tm'stimony NotKi so en. .ega brown ha b-lue ey so arpde is oru c lse co b natio
Ch] ohat a m reh ott.ewell-) thip a t of ie by a ncee, h- shoutedMinrclosi g,_ruddy oe .a i.f. witht.l ft
ar- d F. .c o v. wsavesid enal1veto." O f Go vernment ea nd
P i ,ntEn.apa htnama a 'storme lvebeen.,tod overpoweredt a,''
saidfla .ly-enwlul ndveto e t tN epew.mewharo.ees_ an dobted reh a fte o Yea ..t M AnHo 2
cen raseswB ehe.e aoreast t e- oenhappindmh otge he 14 ougtssps
w on ldAfter b itgrn veetonh'eOcgan izatioch(SA edo eric he Pedro Mgel U.n. io h ostesses have provided refresh ..oLa inS
tEef' n dles seZ n e an yresi en s aor e t th e 7. to e u dcn a C h r c l y b eremem e o tch eti toro u hthe 12:0 -
.'- ernm!!Imhene-I 1tjMrJRe r .,ton r og
tLe .0 woUP)- t e. ?-I. t ye nos. t .iknesCprofA- ononeyo ngl as awO pcaer .ees p ot es hn e dauaHo -I -

W'r.IVTeway From Hoe--i- lseis I n members, but as a reaanjw-1w,~a iiws a~ 1
r om^^^ fore will a
4ftc~*f't 4.& orldge b~tter doors tomorrow morning. edrMi- tnx and game room frsrtice- Isre b sLU~wrenae Adler.
bat ecM141t for men off duty. o y es attending
DR Unionh Churshwh wIts hih doors Since 1942 it has bena used by to~off on lonely outposts.
-i.- Itg i t. fnrtMl del l^-move on to otter.,.b hjre h Of On2 i nI ,. 8, 1939, is Vihe UWSO and over 00 r- m-.
t KO..3r1 tp t 41 63 the u Df'r Un :on Cuc the Pe.rofth elpesn h i 's t
dc o 557. Of.fsc11lUtheytheir choir* LlEdlg. Uw :.' formerly a iceamenmhave-accepted hosptlo Tmro teget pae
-AYY 1ne'sTu~ m~It 'r nytoilormw ,W 'sa ain the basement of UoaiM 0 will hO Cap E~r
ova~l td te gt or t0:4 am Ladies of the chufrch cti NS~A HodgsonvainAy -
?!,.. .. ^^ ^,."'"0"" .-; ......, .^ .... 1-s c~i~
....ietlo w..........
r # A' "

"' "


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