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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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r Ick Woof AttleeDemands
Whaf A 3-Power Tb

At.ion If &'ket +h use Onf.H-om b-AS

cOLLYWOOD, March 8 (UP)
S h-rlyn M nr moved over LONDON, March 8 (UP)
-T" l krta blamed race Kelly in Holl yood's dog- Attlee pshed today for im -*
-ML- ek" h." ana house. date talks with Russia and the
Sth inki of Like marlu Marlyn, Miss United States on banning there
Ot.e thr orma e last TO, March o(UP)2 "'Mr e reot with horror to Kelly was suspended by MGM hydrogen bomb.
w vard economic pro g o should also re- studios for refusing parts in two This move by Attlee, leader of -
me eluding the skipper. u t oe nt today to act the altative which, pre- pictures, the opposition Labor Party, a- o '
ii' llersons surv ethe a ce: speculation in eventual bust.- mounted to an attempt to cen-
p dr off.the C pAt iy Fit market takes an- Miss Mnroe, sensation sure Prime Minister sIr Winston LONDQ.t.a UP) A Brit'ik-
T e were ulled. fromt e At- othor.warm upturn. whether she's acting' as just Churchill for his decision to get
l e after two daysa of tigtg e waned that a crash like standing around, was suspended Britn RolaR on hydrogen bomb claimed tody t -called hydrogen mbom t fth't
mrk.* tht oJ .Ocan.happen agai" by 20th Century Fox last Janua- deve opment ed States expled s last year vies a twlct t r
SeversI srvvo a and that the people still have ry on saimu1 r grounds. atit nd deadlier b dro en-uranipm Bom
eveal rvo a "on mderable capacity for self r Contactedin Nw York where and his supoarte have deeld-a
1 h 0f n'hatne delusion" about the stock mar, she is busy settling down In a ed once lan nthe interests The scientist, Poish-bir sph Rotbiot, is a p
sum WITe i ot ring U from 11 ilm a miigh eddZ hr, S/l ^ y professor at London Univerit who helped AM
S0 t; kt.- new Fifth Avenue apartment, Of Party unity to S easyRY O.professor at LondonUnivefty who
.Tac warongsara h Miss Kelly admitted se might Aneurin (Nye) Wepvan the
aust the Moore-Me Prof. John I Galbraith in a be getting a little spoiled, par- leader of the Labor Party's scientists develop the atom bomb at LM osAlamos i
Wrtld a st G pr a t h sinvesU- g hasbrok- County Girl,"which won her an Banled 81 Labor member ,
n bMer fthei ear t stock mar- an betwegvernment fore- Academy Award nomination this meant la t ek in a r Rotblat, 46, said in an article for fort
idi#onebOrat VictO IA. din i rebelion against offl. party de-
a a .conceded there are di a iary year issue of the Atonic Scientists' Journal that t
Wp4 tg' lthhft0- plot I i dense policy. it was freely ra- 55U0 r A tomi C si ftt Of trinq- j
[ I[0r Y94e t~e, h -.ceonceded there are a fiev regime in hard-
Ss0-ton herigt- a ferences between the re Vietnam, informed "I'm not trying to be difficult dicted that he wouldhe pled lehal radioactive as from America's "Ihownb"
ir r~h 'l a the s a and market situation said today. or temperamental," Mis Kelly from the parliamentary borr g r tn c d epecd from
arge now and conditions which led to said. Party.
Sthe,190 1 crash and the depres- Th souerc said the govern- "I J~st don't feel I'm right for dinary hydrogen bomb.
7!0lf.Mighter overturned and don CTn1* d the go Rodo My At the time Attlee was vague :
men dispatched seve crack the part in 'JeremyRak'y he therA-te P wasueH
SThcrereportedthere he said "there are resem- on support by armor agenthastoldthatto the studio on whether oppo H-bomb The American, he deduced will devastate It a
mas 4 effort ta send out a dis- blances which are certainly in- and llery toput down the but they say they have to make production, but an editorial in n an analysis of radioactive which could peomi
,reas asage". or to launch the terestpg and and possibly dis- uprag. A dozen rebels were re- the picture anyway. today's Day Held official at powered Japnese of people w
esa .- turle,. ..'dmawu- "It's difficult to describe the party newspaper, cen4ealuingr..nernen far from the detona- with its Immedateo
tfebcifcts. turbing..." pyra" kllebd and many wound- t de^ell bZUa
t Guard nstat- ouly," he added "what the first clash, role. It's a straight dramatic H-bomb tests indicated Attlee tion site, backed their uranium "On a long-tem bsBir
CoatQanautahdwhat I&he first clu
hahappened before can happen Thefirstbate was reported part.But you know, every e a ome closer to Bevan's triggerand hd shell with r b
d Iusued its report to- aga h." in thD QuangT region of cen- now seems to pale in comparison iewoint. cheap uranium 238 Instead of man species/' -.
W ith sd that if stock trV am. ith 'The Country Girl.' Maybe And when Attlee and his pensve heavy hydrogen. Rotbla
rIti aid theto move upwardAnoorrd cars uptar k t picturespoled me a little d run Britainf Labor wins bird with one stone, he said. onable
iet.) said n _the caption ..'wasAgI e urpirnt boom, theli aro-ud the residence, hesaid.we eio Tb
sfowing tla chrgo I b.r -ese r d bhon j Dte tr hoce she ai. 1 reconfirmed the approaching general election Tey ImAnd a u#e for uranium

the Fura m

an8 e a
in th rtiOn
M V fA e b y U.rer o.4i 1 -
Employment and UtallIaS.iun Dl
vision '

th clerk, rd,

l. .atrav ai,

roup tIlude: mat electrician,
chlet t.woa-en~iM', power-
house operat, twg locomo-
tive oplerivtor and .r sheet-
metal woke
--~~~ rag-ineerf-.-
eleoftidal an~,'* nra on

The Other point qr negligence

tor to send a distress message.

lHberi Hupehrey
Seeks To Help

Ie's Trade Program
Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-
Minn.) sought to ease the way
for President Elsenhower's trade
program today by proposing gov-
ernment aid for firms endanger-
ed by Increased Imports.
Humphrey said he would In-
troduce a bill allowing up to 25
per cent advantage on govern-
ment contract bids for companies
which the Tariff Commisson
finds to be under threat bf in-
jury from increased imports.

The Minnesota Democrat
'readied his proposal as the Sen-
i ate Finance Committee continu-
ed hearings on Mr. Elsenhower's
plan to continue the reciprocal
Trade Act for three years with
additional tariff-cutting power.
The program passed the House
by a close vote.
Humphrey said low tariffs help I
the American consumer, but'
some firms would be injured by
more Imports. He said his bill
would provide an "oxygen tank"
to keep them busy and solvent
ar a limited period while they
find new business.

i CZ Sl Ned

. A settlement "of $4300 was
madeot;is morning in the UJ.1.
DislteCt court at A -le _ftar
of the Samnera de Tuase Ltd.
which W- suing the 'swer of

I -a ipowdSO byw Mra. Jon-

; a ^ ^.AnalmO n

.i> As
A* il

of deserter from ard-preed
Salo reoomme ded Vietnam's auxlilry forces.
the itoveranent oun4d clear The rebels aefe centered in the
aa repeated warnings "about Montagneuse neighborhood of
t. anger of runwy seula- Belang, some 12 -miles west of
ln' tobeth the nationa.0con- Quang Tri. -
.any and peculators and strong- The fighting was reported se-
lyUrge at people "buy good rious, but informed -ourced call-
bnds InstLead of t1 ed the threat by religious sect
."1I spedulaUive tepdnes per- coalition the greatest to Diem
si, more. dfastic- -measre in- since he weathered a crisis last
voking the tax power rboeld be fall over control of free Viet
d ntemplated," OalbraitbL said Nam's national army,

SI Gtalks rb eii s a world wa odient of the o t=c bob
S-waged with weapons of mass de- -he resat I uranium no.
Litter Of The Law stv "I such as the hydrogen "My concludd a study
Litter Of The Law be no victors but of the effe 4fr American
JAC ONV Ia., March only 4Mtuction of civilisa- explosion a March ar that
JACIMONVILLE, Fla., March 86tlffl',f"- this was no rdintry H-bomb,"
(UP) ,- R. Parrish, superin- _u Rotblat sad."tw=_an.H-bob.,
tendent of the city street clean- Rothat said. It was a H-boa
Ing department, has asked cti- -of unrefined uanum.
zens nrt. to drop explosives in Sl M "mit nakee. bomb much
a rnr more deadly.
Parrh says a blast at a city oru us hydrogen. ussode
lcinsrdator shattered nearby bomb has,In fact, not a
indo. Cmi ea Ice a weapon confineisir e
Dio. esI IIndi ,.200-390 square miles which It

(NEA Telephoto)
'DIGGING OUT OF THE SNOW Above is a typical scene in the Big Bear-Arrowhead moun-
tain area in California after 18 Inches of snow fell. A Pacific coast storm raging from the
high Sierra country blocked U.S. routes 40 and 50 in that area.

John R. Strauss, well known
former resident of the Canal
Zone and former supervisor of
the Balboa Field Office of the
Electrical Division, died of a
heart attack Friday at his home
In Indiana, according to news
received by friends on the Isth-
mus. He was 71 years old.
A native of Plerceton. Ind., Mr.
Strauss was first employed on
the Canal Zone in 1912 as a ca-
ble splicer with the Isthmian Ca-
nal Commission organization
first with the Panama Railroad
and' later was transferred to the
Electrical Division. From 1915 up
to the time of his retirement in
1944 he was employed by the
Electrical Division on the Paci-
fic Side.

An ardent sportsman. Mr.
Strauss was one of the founders
of the Pacific Sailfish Club and
was well known among the
hunting and fishing enthusiasts
on the Isthmus.

Mau Maus Blamed

For Dockers' W

n East Africa
NAIROBI, Kenya, March 8
(UP) British troops arrived
today at Monbasa to restore or-
der to the riot-torn port where a
dock strike was believed instigat-
ed by Mau Mau terrorists.
A company of the famed In-
niskilling Fusillers sent from
Nairoby by train marched
through the streets of Mombasa
with fixed bayonets. Another
company was being flown in a-
board Royal Air Force transports,
A strike by almost 10,000 Negro
dock workers which began
Thursday tied up the East Afri-
can port and erupted into vio-
White persons were stoned In
the streets.

Headline Quotes On Royal -Romance

Peter: 'Word Cannot Come From Me';

Margaret: 'West Indians Were Kind'
-.. 0-

LONDON, March 8 (UP) cess and 340 guests, Margaret-
British newspapers speculated made a graceful speech of dutl-.
on the reported romance between ful royalty,.with no hint of per-
Princess Margaret and RAF sonal heartache or happiness.
Group Capt. Peter Townsend for The princess said she had been
the consecutive day today. deeply touched bt the many ex-
The DafIy Mirror, in a front pressions of god wishes' since
page P te t aew with the hand- she returned t wee from her
some, 40-year-old divorced fa- month-long tour of tI n's i-
ther of two children, quoted land possessions In. Carib-
T~'ownsse as saying: "The word bean.
cannot some from me." "It is always a delight to be
The sunday Pictorial, sister bOme again after a 1 axjur-
paerof the Daly Mirror. be VN" she said, "An&I .60 a
h i nday with a big, bhk happy to be ere tin Lon o-
-: "Princess Marg- et day.
Marriage enstion; Public An- 'Th es which bld this
munament expected Soon." city to ADal territories a
Hae Daily Mirror yesterday commonweatofl r ia" an
Towaecaed, now air at- 4trong ad
ina Brussels, as baying he etlof ie
an announcement on tte en in
at any time. we thanked
Palace maintain- of the area their
n and an official klndne sa d
"- .pamama said, "There will be surem
o-owers $after a lunch or.h



,Dmand More Pat -

PARIS. March. 8 (UP) ,,I
mier Edgar Fare won the-
round to d &y In his baW
head off a strlko by goers
workers and keep ia n
Inet in power until it ca..,
necessary economic refom.-
Sre National Asslam
nance committee approved
re's proposals to raise the pi
sons of war veterans and 1


But the Premier still m4 d
to call for a confidence vot
night to ram through tha f
sembly appropriations that
deputies consider insuffc
raie. the pays of gov*ri@ K
em ployes. ...
Adoption of the extra
000 outlay for veterans
pected to ease tension i
chamber, which now is
sing the 1955 budget -
more than two months ov
Faure asked ftnan m
Pierre Pflimlin to see wh
new credits could be
satisfy grumbling buren l
During the weekend. pewarft*
labor organi atl ans
most of the nation's UWWWW~
servants announced the
ready to order a Walkout
government failed to Come _;
with a substantial wagrs-


I Judge's id

A bus driver, Geralde i
was fined tta 3
morning tn te Ba4lbo
trate's 0ourt 0 Itw
speeding, and for dt n
out a chauffeur's e&
20-year-old fanarnanlan
endant was fined $10 for
charge. The bus was on m
Road when Aranu wa a
FOr trespassing in
Commissary, Iu
ques a 25-year-old uI
was fined $1o
J A A. arvt, 2,
We i &via -.

whp a emu, ed :
appear Iaonfln F I

Wf-ftiM-AV .JA -JTr"t


8..-l .-


P .. .-"

*, .' "*,

- SW-

md ; I


.- "



_ ( _

* **'.V





B. 7T. H STREET P. 0. BOX 134, PANAMA. R. OP P.
3 345 MADISON AVE. NEW YORK. (17) N. Y

Labor News



"I Think We're eIng Followed"

Local, aLmyAIL
PFR MONTH. IN ADVANC- S 1.70 8 2.50
v0M ot H YrAp. IN ADVANCy 1 e.0 24.00 By VICTOR RIESEL .. WAN The bo te :
Out of a meeting this week in as eh
PHIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READIRS OWN COLUMN Chicago hotel suite may flare a -. sleeves as dn I "nower ti
new civil war on the waterfronts feat the W t ut ^
i the nation. reduction. dis already had
T H E A Il ) G and tears of the docks-so care- were busy last week trying to
-. -fully chronicled by films sum as l pressure certal. wavering con- Ike' ppearee to ae. After
"OnThe Waterfront" nd books gressmen. This week they areconverualo Rayburn wut b
GRIPES AND TAXES such as the fine new one on tne working on the sen rs. 'to his w ofice ad to
crusading Father John Corridan, Last week, for ace, Assist- o Democrath that the
Penn'a. Railroad Train *No. 46 "Waterfront Priest," published by ant President Sher Ada ms esapage was o 3; ibPS
En route to New York City. lenry Holt is about to be re- I phoned Gov. Kennon of sead at.
ir: opened for history by,the Chicago .Sa--Lou lawa a wer Demo-
parley. crat, "md AIked li to do some However, the PI.ald
When I first arrived on the Zone, Old 299 was in yard service The men attending this session at i stance r Id BM Jinstdab the Pame et a
eiery day, the 600 type steam locomotives were pulling the Trans- hope to bring back into the AFL governor K on, in ent Raybure Jaaa
c ntinenial Limiteds and the Scooter left Panama City at 7:55 the independent longshoremen's honed various .ovetpor Whom the House i rmed -
pin. as an all first class passenger train, electric lights and all, association which was ousted by a he knows personally, askilg them worked just as hard as If aieu
a~ passes accepted. tense Federation convention in the Rkto pressure their own congressmen sage had come from Dea
I left those fair shores for the last time not too long after Hotel Jefferson grand ballroom in to vote against Speaker Rayburn cratic president. For th-
thseCoronation of Seybold I. However, I keep up to date with -t. Louis back in '53. and his $20 tax reduction, A~ ?f the twatio n was" atie a
happenings by getting the Panama American and the Star & Except for old Joe Ryan, who is othg ers, Ke Donnon called Gov. P am put the naton
Herald every once in a while. taking the rap and is awaiting a Donnelly of Missouri a Democrat- tics.
During the many )ears I considered the Isthmus to have-been Jail term, they are the same g- Long who did not bolt to Ike. Asked hfit
my home, one big gripe I had was with organizations who claim- shoremen leaders who walked bit- to work on the Missouri delega- But caes purely a domesat
er$o represent the people but more often than not ga'.e us a terly out of the Jefferson Hotel i'on atter. So "Mr. Sam" Ia r
w ng steer fon the bi issue of the day, and then wondered why with talk of joining up with John s personally quite peold t
t1ir organization fahed to receive continued support of the peo- L. Lewis Now these men hope to His words fell on barren ground. isen power for now accusing his
D walk back into the AFL through a Governor Donneuy mue not exert leadership of playing polities. He's
I note the condition has not changed. Re: Panama Amer- door opened by some Teamsters ...hmself. No votes were changed not only peved but he' the
ican, Yeb. 21, 1955, page 1, USCA's latest Income Tax suit devel- Union officials. eating may bring among the Mssour repesea fight to the biter e
"(2h The Chiiago meeting may bring tvas in Congr ss.
Quote, "(2) The Statute of Limitations is two years frontmeach le ousted l un ghoremen intohe PAM AL A
pay day when income taxes are withheld, up until the moment Teamsters Brotherhood. This par AM'S TRUMP CARDS -.
when the Statute of Limitations is halted by the individual tak- Jm aft awhl, e w tats e "Ninth byW
Vice President' of the feamsters is kle s1naWn ..,e
Noted this same statement made by this same organization modest one indeed for a Chap sternation over the $20 tax reduce critcized, di a terri
aute 3 or 4 weeks ago. Once should be forgiven as a human through whose portals pass some in Sam Rayburn' -hand. n his good- tour of the Crib-
error but twice Indicates ignorance. Not too long ago 1290 or labor's most influential men. .... S. -y hta bean. Everywhere Nixon a
Io aa',or'mot lrump no. '1-ne appoints e one he hned
1500 Zone people were led to slaughter by some well meaning Working with Hoffa is the east conferees to the joint committee ,ao vet andplmd ht. seri ik
r eple who knew very little If anything about Federal taxation, coast teamster, Johnny O'Rourke, o t c "me kouse ann senate wmcn as etd an banpgom t Mrs.o t-.
Swe going to hav a repetition? Let us speak facts or keep who always took the ouster of the will finally on out t bu* ing hospital taxrpha na a
oat mouthsclosed.rnl longshoremen as a personal m in Aey wu be staunch aayburncools (Some Democats a t
Re: Internal Revenue Code of 1939 (effective prior to tax- sult. Hoffa and O'Rourke have hado upporters. With Lae ete ae .... o D.note.
able year of '54), quote, "Section 322; Refunds & Credits, (b) lin- three previous meetings with the ly to de. eat to e 2D reductii, would be god idea to kee the
Citation on allowance, (1) period of limitation. Unless a claim independent longshoremen's lead- ham's coaerees wiu. a stic. toei
for credit or refund is filed by the taxpayer within three years ers 'Capt. William Bradley and enter eno, Pno t enate w P wise -

The taxpayer has 3 years from the "due date" to file for re- stomach these past few noriths unless ke ges seine action l fed l ho ials adchools
tdad. Under the 1939 Code the "due date" was the 15th of and only the other day left the comr- B D0A n .a u e dmuon uavA. by Une Sam to
yarch following the close of the taxable year, and if you will fort and retreat of an antiseptic By B U us naO B, -- n- b' itiep and saest eer e0em
r Sd Section 322 (b)- (4) and 322 (e) you will see that advance hospital room for a smoke-filled badlt y tat he can L very wei deseratel arundate clite the
payment is considered as being made on the "due date," not hotel suite. The pains may be real t -1 I uy u Un he cu tan v euc- IIEW department chaea too
wen the tax Is actually witnheld. or psychosoftatic, for Bradley has tin is in t e oWl. or the ol .. e. E wans to caeese eto o
Once again, re: Sec. 322 (b) (1), above quoted, ". or een arguing for an independent PALAMOS. Spain-We are doing she never has seemed to climb spectable booking as a straight con iues wa, -e j xcise-p r i ar he can out of these bu
within two years from the time the tax was paid. ." This maritime department inside the yery well reciprocally with the heavily into the public conscious flamenco xe and corporation taxes i to the hi
hA fbo do with deilclency assessmentLs. Your claim does not Teamsters Brotherhood. anish government these days. ness. At this moment Madrid is pua- er-in which e ase theit would
n to a deficiency assessment, therefore, this part f the This would permit him to take They have given us sites for mili. She tore the top night club in led as to just whond what M S o auburn's aendmentrobablbe down and old as
smotlon As not applicable in your case the International Longshoremen's tary installations and we have sent Madrid apart at her opening and Reilly is but she hasdone us more stays n, ie ais nooked. It ne scrap instead of counting to
,' Now let us have a look at internal Re-.enue Code (1939) Association intact into the Team- them Betty Reilly. probably received both ears and good than money. Miss Reilly has vel.cs, e mainly not nae a tax erve a vital community service.
Bation 3772, quote, "lSu For Refund, a Limitations.-(1) sters 1 inion-but thete are tech: Miss Reilly of whom I have the forefoot of the proprietor- for teen spreading her curious culture om a. au. Also, a veto woui. put HEW and ihe General Services
I~m.-No suit or proceeding shall be maintained in any Court nical difficulties. The Teamsters' written before, is a female of such her performance. Spaniards are in London and Paris and she goes mu nm aan -even ,worse spot' P- Admin traction are fighting back
f n the very or arnye int rale ue tax aed ha rconstitution oesn'tPermit an In great talent that there is some accustomed to talking loudly from Madrid to Beirut to Cairo ay n everalP n t hrd, b the cot-con io
Serroneously or illegal assesscedord orcng t e rovur l nso la tht to depedet atioal noen ao. o talk of cl sassifying heat dlong wi t anishroughout apiand rfec the offerings of most to Lord knows where, and whe xaers v s d se s be
reg d to e en the Secretary established in pur twenty in tiation, t moves thance so naturally she hen she opened began her act in Misvis visitingtalentsbReillys sense of humor iut no. y talked she does get back hoe at th
Without authority and several books, ago. I have never ready understoodaEngush. s wi tche to French, such that she -gets through- in any e.relh ,- eatne ao h Sherman Adamsl a

Sto uhave been excessive e or in any manner wrO fully if they old International Longshor why Misngs weReilly has never bee owned around a t in tw o or languageht to strince she can leart -FRIENDSHIP VS. POLITICS- sy oey gbe bro l ret

dat of fil such claim r.en's As be op snapped to international attention three other languages and then enough of any one she needs over ca fr o c lfor
ntl aclimfrre o credi t hasbee duright back whtfl pltaU started-'ineo be n cause Miss up w ide switched suddenly at the end tMexico and soher a week enad to reout a Dur the first of Elsn S
wit he ommisioner, according to provisions of law ine that two yearsF ago, ten years Ago, voice is easily audibltter the at that dis- herm -gun Spanish is rapid and perfect, globaly true Ar e end onr es s t eiteofed |

m.. of rn .. __ .T. mitloner o the tax- dent by outUeth, t dock. un.on iie light bulbs in a fine, true barl. ffre toughest audience in show busr- ct is that after an h of x eel l.. with ne. l .te
e a notie of a disalrowance of the part of the claim to when George any anwo his first one. hen she sings sweet she ca n atess for four encores, one of which t he most-jaundiced anti-Aericl Sam aybum.ate de-, .
(2) No suc h au it or pro ceeding alrelat e begun befof quotation. AFThL convention as president. coax a tear out of a gargoyle. She included an old one of hers, called s hamm ered, hypnotized and moted in faI 'of J 'M~ tin as sythy. b e b e o w -
In plain English: Under the 1939 Code the Federal employee Mr. Meany doesn't want them. j a fine, rowdy comedienne, a Tierra Va Tembla. which more soothed into thinking that America speaker of the'.House., ut one,"i .*
4 nhe Zone first became subject to Income Tax for the taxable The AFL chief has never changed great satirist and she is fluent in or less means that she creates ran't be all bad. day, when thfs budget "...
Sof 151. His first "due dte" wa March 15 1952. his mind on this waterfront crisis. panish, Frenchd to English and Yid he r own earthquake. I helped rehearse her the other went to-Cot out of
ded he has not Fled a claim before this time he has He has refused to meet with any dish. day in a big bare room in the his way to .. i DeoEratic
S, 1 to file claim for refund for 1951 taxes of the independent longshoremen upws Sihe destroyed French female asteana Hilton Hotel. The voice failure tobalance. budget.
Sapplie resist accepting them. e i known as good "room" talaments lady being tortured in the prand ockdess a hundred o the hotel's staff- off the oe ad -*
I have afdd Federal taxation rm loner the x- den This man Meany f union the eight knockbulbs inff a finsteady chunk at of rendering "La Vudie en Rose" or cooks, busboys, maids and man- ower : M at d of
Itrtial Revenue Laws from twane ofr the that wasof the claim to when Geor pe aa on hi Yu and assorted seasons sweet she can ness for four enco d up with expreswhich th sion ranged from rapt to Eisenhower tybu balance th dget

T h suit or proceeding relates e end of quotation. e n pa AFL convention as P coax a t ear out of a gargoyle. She included an old one of ers, called isgo toh night re Id'm i" a mted in fa
in pai English: Under the 1939 Code the Federal employ Mr. Meany doesn't want them.I a fine, rowdy come a dienne, ad but geetar that would earn hich more Soothe ws right. ith Americ' speaker of '* owe. te
.,4e JlyZone first eao the subject to Income Tax for thKo e Cotaxable L e has h ge eat satirist and she is fluent in or les means that she creates can't be all bad. yen theb d
.,an. ,1951. and f or the li"du e dte was March 15. 1952. his mind n thow o his waterfront crisis. pansh, French, English and Yid- her own earthquake. I helped rehearse her the other wen ut out
er vded he has not fled a ao m before this time be hasvHefhas reAused. to meet with any dish. Snay nabHaroHote. thv ien is bug.

S o 16, 15s to file clstai for refund for h is 1951 taxes. ofble th e independentthe old longshore -men's d failu s b ean et
C IfthO'Cot. miasioner disallows hi claim, ndeMar. 10, uni's union froleade m ship. Many take for Miss Reilly is sort of a female' i ngers forever with an anguished carried and so did the thudding Wheemo cratic made oe
1 wishes t enter suit Secpon for those oft b us g that ed tht he will contii toback- Jo e E. L ewis in that she ires that he as comptroller genaverage l, Fr e embossed invguitar tions. They bore unfairly criticized.
S aph D bh resist accepting them. I is known as good "room" talent. lady being trtured in the process a hundred of the hotel's staff-loff the ov ndIstd e
Sa bt axes e collected.a; Tax is unjust and de- selves are noty united-such as rudgh. ks off a members of the other, ring on his new job as head of its full title in capital letters. -COUNTRY VS. POI TICS-

1, tr s"e F lnt v. Stone Tracy Co., Mar. 31, 1911; Retroactive dy-faced Tom Hickey and the g particular, representatives the government's big General Ac- The bilaugh came in the last
SV .e21901' and I hav"R made a thoroatughve tax Arbitrary blou'lde, hseve AeLt sailors chief, s like e o never, criticize countinrk 'C'est Office just as though he word of iers-had gathered and every critwo years passed. hen Edisen-

X er ad claRevlu catwon of taxable, Brushaber v Union Paul thall, wo plan to raise a waUi senator. But Re. Usher L. Bur. was assured of wdipfirmation. word "Ztuki," meaning "Aro," r ap-tt ower prepared to send his-For-
P4lc R 1, Jan. 24. 1916; United States Citizen red ent of a chest for the fight against the ILA dLu, Vegas an ted this rul s never work- hillbilly version of same having blissful. "Szutki," eaing "fol- mosamto Congres.peak -
fo country, cook v. Tat May 5. 1924. next year under any circum Lwis e records and they selling a i n g a considerable amount of h isis hn O Ms Reilly said, as shesat con a it
SI was employed by the PanCanal for many years, and I t cos diggers' Inult- and she can stand an audience deliver thise week end she clawed them off the platform, unc these kid Speaker Joe art ad both d in
t worked and lived in other parts of the world not under st year the sailors and the r the House for GAO department heads Rep. Sidney R. Yate (D., I. ced Ike didn't need ay s
S flag. I am well aware of the fact that the C.Z. em AFLs special commntee jony e s ad it inserted in the Con to get acquainted and find out what thinks that western dont authority from Core te
S receved many y upw deals from Congurt decisions Youand ed t. tn a in he brackets at home and abroa d but g eetar that would eare b e have a roper appre of tghteaction inth the Formosan crisis. So vye
a the attitude t an American citizencon th payprs l of r Relathnhs Bad iorn be did o nt e m e n fAsOty ay lomat i Asiatic dipmat, in
S thre ot., objecting to the payment of Federal Income otax d on't mov e him when he thinksburden o-' co It's the first time thi dining he Far East. LANS C lr th
t year here in the US Iaon d a Federal Inome o tax lie's ridon ht, And beleve the believes he w plaint is that tS talk too loom has ever been used. The When the Asian remarked thatm

in tae nd entaxon is ethe aihofnted o ar t in .fightingtr t the waterfnt a n mic conference of Mayors h i i that he sup
I ,if a not csA l, of the i ssues that you badse y our claim ui' b ee i alm a they course, el. "Municipal ews" says that if posed there woulc be. t\\
long idne been decided by. the u5 d me i o the at docks oce pert at neither. American motorists think .radar "Te me" asked the E lish
atos amounting to more than per mile gain. And those battles get 'The worst rt e whole speed traps and the "point sys- a, when will your frien eat re n oa

a po* tha you in" the zone also realize that many r0osh. uroetdpre i t. in t..masmer temy" for cancelling drives' l- lhat food?"
1tM have tan incomite jusax and one cityfe that I know of Is- thin heable to prevent the old longhre-tough they should go "I would say sir," said the

ering placing a rax on TV antennas. ? ofP t Saudi Arabia. A new law just Asian after a pause, "hat he willJ
Sothea Zonianc, thato lIs b en o nssible realizes what it easte' But he will back UP gressional --courtesy requires that ell as computer prollvides that:l. eat it as soinvitaon as they br e unfairly criticized. to be be to tax ation.ed? Therefore, as I have ofe 'asters-wbos them- meme' beroconoi lt-r "aIif a actheent occurs isa re- tburie Communid-last week wministry'l s the
e flint v. Monae Tracy Co.. Mar. 31, 1911; Retroactive dw ced Tom Hickey and theIn p a r t I c u I a r, presentatives the government's g nelgeneral ArC- Thowe bip l augh came in the last
c. most people have no inclination to rulibsten to anrv ionwes, plan to raise war a senator. But Rep. Usher L. Bur k; does assunot result in deAfirmaton. thff meaning- C -w lrpepared to send h
Son juRtiJaiL 24. 1916; U united States Citizen remploves who objec t for the fight Against the A dick 'R., N.D ) busted this rule Mr. Camp bell has be earS ei f
1 wasg nothyheby theanaFederal Income taxes ,,/ and I'1 dh license wem de h-nins d that f -r teJe firet tt es W u R

*B' Lre. Don't forget we have tha m hame problem up here, en time death ofe y passe r", sad the Aavn-toe second r.t
i1 l of k t. and lived in other parts of the world rirha eenth eayayusesstWfl thes worcrlbun01Ra1id 1. t \d D Il I

a psk-ting shot: if the place Is as bad as you recent' If-4 p0bes -executed whoever he I mlgM budget cuts are titoeaf
r gripes would in a it to be (personally I think ye.
Is pretty lousy), .Cassufzing that you do not fall laiNwiapermen in Wara Fe h ms o .
Ut1e classification of 0 "StPall Feh- 1attle'4 that 'rIe goes Ne ware in ovr tha thosgh
.'+ke la Lfea~n F tide-l8]Fed- Cattle" that urrnie
about when he Vwas there prior to WW II, just why a o, e nchucklin over .i
get B out? .. ,se Mto an exhiAti of'orow
you kno and I know, that a lot o. Zone emr- pa.. art. am.. -
had it so good befoj, and ia ease they were given 11
would. never hav It as soft again. Perish the A woman Writes that when
w1U not resig..
l.rishe and her husband recently .-- ,
a lot of them that resigned when the tax.stopped by to visit friends they
tot eM hed,.returdtotngrossedIn a television
etSAhUMAd~rteses, it had po mhe dlp't even answer
S.. riss dW Ju.t yae. : "Come aon
were wortlLj.- 7rit-gests hid to fiW sauto
hindrance for themelves and then t --
it was-of t ta to p ak-upaa the rest of the v wac IE -..
O8 W to buck the "tide" ing televlo,.L'A tamly may bet "
I m hU 0&kid*, have a much more interested in a tevialoae...v..,. ....n
im 0 work heal der of course program than they are in.- call-
byany raw gedmammons111110111. -.
eri... "'. -. : .
if, t" 04 ,MIN act M ..... A

4' %
". ...-. .. .
'""'" "l t-. .. = .'..k..+. &. ",..-k =. ,% ;- ._ .
:i., .. .:. : ...-. + +.... + ,.-+ :- ] ... ..ta- +: .- :


'f- in'

I ---;



... rr;' *.r'sr' Zr.';'
*'st;r~ ~ F thv:.zv~,~ ~J1(WP' %'V ~'t4~"<'Y; ~ '
*.........- ,.~':.
W .'v~
a ..~
A S> .. tc. ..tir L :a

. .


- rn

AMERICAr -. AN mNDiE i ft rT

; -' k ; i :-" -. il- y ar f- -'-'` 4
,%' .

S,.* I~r


WASHINGTON, March..8 (UP) economies :nd;e ional depen-
-One out of every 12 childd lence,'latK' bf-uid &ce0uptlOn
born In the Unxte St tda t te OaM r
sptd ~e me It aMental6 e- *orth wwlt a ke esm tol in In
atutl o t Rcmn.ent. .term prba w are fepndent in
study group today :. : ter ars," it said.
More than half the hospital tt report sad4 that while ex-
beds In the nation are now de- act fnhrt are not known,, In-
voted to the mentaffy Jl and a mm l dates ly n perl
quarter-mMion new paient:will, cent ttietoth l U.S,.population
be admnttd this year, sord- -as may as 9 million perons-.
ng to released by the iffer-some form of mental dis-
Hoe =t = 7 on' Govern- order. About 10 per cent 6f thepe
ment Reorganiation. need hospital care, it said. *
,Declari thq care of the On the brighter sidp, It report-
mehtay it .osa taxpayers a ed. progress In. these phases of
blU oh .d s a year, to say mental health:
notM o.lSt work time, the 1, .Fewer. than 3 per cent of
edtmilutr dalled for step to syphills patients, now beomi
protlide:-t re peschiatristS and victims of paresis. an organic
tra ed.upeoiouiel to care" for braid disease., compared, wtb a
suct case. previous 10 per cent
S ef icaly it called o a I 2. Mental disorders accompa-
study b prposedew adlscr ying pellag,,a dietary disease,
council on health ot means r. have been conjured e life
setting up cooperative planning 3. Depressloqs of middle life
setting federal agencies offering and depressive conditions n gen-
pyham ri are. n eral now respond dramatically
psychiatric care. to h re en. Atment.
It also recommended the mili. to shock treatment.
tary -services and Veterans Ad- *
ministration give greater em- AFL Presid int
phasis to preventive psychiatry.
The figures on the state of the DR .nc 0 lAed
nation's mental health were con- R a o-Called
talnei in a report prepared un- -
der direction of Dr. Francis j,. lig t-Io-Work Bill
Braceland. Hartford. cornn., a
member of the Hoover Coim- WASHINGTON, March 8 IUP)I
slon's. task lorce on medical -AFL President George Meany
services. said todav the current campaign
Braceland is psychiatrist-in- for so-called right-to-work jegfs-
chief of the ,Institute of Living lation Is "aimed at $the very U
at Hartford and clinical profes-lheart, of the labor movement-
sor of psychiatry at Yale. His re- labor organization."
port wts the basis for the corn- He told a conference of 1,400 p
mission's recommendation, made building union representatives
to Congress last week, for grett- that opponents of labor organi- di
er governmental attention to zation are trying to weaken un- A
mental health. ions, or. perhaps destroy them In iu
Braceland found need for ex- this campaign. But he said their w
tended care for mental patients efforts are "nothing new."
Is increasing at the rate of 10,- L W
000 a year. Most of the 650,000 s
such patients now .are being Ellis q. Briggs g
treated in state and federal tax- T to
suonorted Institutions, he said. To Be Named US
His report said increased in to
mental disorders appear to be Envoy To Peru 1"
largely results of population in
growth rather than an upsurge WASHINGTON, March 8 (UP)
in the ailment rate. --Appointment of career diplb- in
But it said old age represents mat Ellis 0. Briggs as U.S. am- w
an Increasing aspect of the prob- bassador to Peru will be an- Co
lem. A survey Of six states show- nounced soon, responsible soure-
ed 25 per cent of mental patients es said today. /.
were 65 or older in 1950. corn- Briggs, now ambassador to- D
pared to only 14 per cent In 1939. South Korea, will, return to to
It said research shows psycho- Washington shortly. He has been el
logical and social factors may be in the foreign service 30' years. to
as important in mental ills of He' will be succeeded in Korea
the aged as anything else. jby William S.B. Lacy, .als a ca- ur
"Loss of status and position, reer diplomat. of

atael deer 4n@WSIntf -bie fM m M ie is (Ms hiremes-rlla
.ea...... spo mswIII IM ambnsta Iabeges ad eero tames
is lypal of mr w r &ei d e edeler la the a ew plat Ik
WUIetr wiNl eheiery s evhaias taMbease eke iw plaste.

NEA Staff Writer

Heeding the call to colors this
spring, plastic housewares march
out flying the banner of better
design. Design is good enough, in
fact to I some of thq items
(tumblersa dishpans and bowls),
Good Design awards.
Although bright reds and yel-
lowq dot the housewares depart-
ment profusely there is greater
use of soft-hades and subtle cam.
bintions ot colors. More attention
to the end use amd the individual
charateristles of vinyl, styrene,
melamine, polyebtylene and t he
rpst of the test-tube tr oopers
promises better service for us.
Patterned selamine .din ne r-
ware, for example, marks'a de-
v.lopmeat -handsasme and hard-
wearing ateliaB. A lithograph-
ed lesD aen ibe ewed C4 mela- tat Is won't fade or
wek awat. .be frt "latten ,to

ewa- i
Ir : i

4 f

ers to keep wet, white rings from
appearing. Charcoal or soft
shades of gold, cantaloupe and
gree color the exteriokrs.
If your salads lack sparkle, you
might ,try serving them in a new
lustrex bowl with glitter.
Gold specks are sealed in the
clear plastic bowl which fits in a
charcoal-toned basket w e a v e
base. Individual serving b o wI i
match the larger bowl in this mo.
destly priced set. (This is the
kind of festive but inexpensive
gift for a bride I can never find
when .I.need one.)
Flexible pelyethylene mold ed
into sturdy, cushiony lishpans to
fit sinks of various sizes makes
good sense to me. The plastic
pan won't scratch lsnk surfaces
and I should think diheas .would
be less apt to chip f koked a-
gainst the edge. Member of t h e
sne family is a new vanity
ay molded -to !pro.d efor








INSIDE STUFF-This phantom view dicloses internal details of America's moot heavily armed
fighter flaae, the USAT's Northrop Scorpion F-89D Details are shown of the deadly wing-tip
romet-fuel pods. Their ingenious design pepits rockets to be carried in the fore part of the pod
and fuel in the rer portion.. Also new is tho long-range, nose fuel tank, which was not carried on
the earlier F-9C modeL The plane is armet with 104 2.75-Inch folding-fin, air-to-air rockets. Ad-
vanced electronic aiming and automatic triggering enables the Scorpion's two-man crew to seek
out lonvdaW aircraft regardless of darkness or bad weather,

New Products

By V.
united Press

Staff Correspondent'

- and not end up with' any extra'
The secret lies il the latest of
o-it-yourself kits: "Bild A-Clok'"
fteW* it's put together, the clock
ins for 36 hours on a single
iding. -
Most of the arts are made of
ood. The. coc k contains no
>ring, i t is activated by. the
gravity pull of a weight attached'
its rachet gear. -
It measures 18 inches from the,
p of the 'face toNthe tip of the
enduium. The face itself is 12
ches square.
You can paint the hands and
wmerals an:' color to harmonife
ith the decor. (Corry Instrument
o., Corry, Pa.)
A car -washing pouch made of
)aron should "make life easier
r' service station dealers by
uninating water buckets and
The self- using pouch meas-
'es 7% by 9 inches. A tablespoon
ear wash powder is poured into
e pouch which is then zipped
ut. Wetting -and squeezing', the
ouch several times produces a
lisupply of suds. .
he car is sudsed 'and rinod
" as the job progresses. The
,ch has an elastic loop through
'rthe operator Inserts his
Because Dacron is relatively
o absorptive, the coveting does
ot mat. The pouch cleans and
ies rapidly. (Du Pont Co., Wil-
ington, Del.)
Do you long for a fireplace in
ur home? Well, in a matter of
veral hours you can set up a
ecial prefabricated fireplace and
a sectioned chimney.
The steel unit Includes a fir-
'x made of ceramic material.
he "Uni-Bilt" fireplace comes
ime-coated and ready for paint-
The fireplace -may be mounted
ish with the wall, or recessed
far as 3 inches.
For those who like something
ferent, a hearth of cantilever
n is raised 15 inches above
Sfloor-'and burns wood up to
inches *ong. A flexible fire
reed is included with the unit.
ega Industries, Inc., Syracuse,

-Alexander Fred Jabour named
his son Fred Alexander Jabour,
who in turit named his sons Alex-
ander Fred Jabour and Fred Al-
exander Jabour, Jr.

ftp Jew
I- *T ^ _
ri'n i iai^

. *- -I'

TV's 'Emmy' Party Rivals

Tinselled Oscar Shindigs
I fleteG -S0- II)~S

- Television's "Emmy" tried to
outdo the movies' Oscar cast
night with the.presentation of 21
,TV awards a& the most lavish
party in the event's nine-year
"Emmy". sftuttes were hand-
ed out for the 'first time over a
nationwide telecast. The hour
and a half program with Steve
Allen and Dave Garroway as
masters-of-ceremonies originat-
ed from Moulin Rouge nightclub
in Hollywood and Nino's LaRue
supper club in New York.
At many Oscar events only a
handful of- nominees show up.
But Don: Defore, president of the
Academy of Television Arts and
Sciences, boasted that every no-
mineie n the 24 categories of per-
formers and programs accepted
invitations to the black tie af-
He said Jackie Gleason had
planned to begin a vacation last
Saturday, but agreed to stay in
New York for the program.
Before the show, three new-
comers to television George
Oobe,"'Medic.' and Watt Disney


&d Pck your

-- were popular favorites to
smare. top honors.
Gobel, the deadpan comic who
soared' to fame last fall, was
nominated 'for the "most out-
standing new personality" a-
ward. "Medic," which features
stories of actual medical cases,
was expected to take the "best
dramatic series" Emmy.
The best -individual program
was favored before award time
to go to "Disneyland's" "Opera-
tion Undersea," which showed
how Disneys theater movie, "20,-
000 Leagues Under the Sea," was
First on the Emmy' program
was a-cocktail party, dinner and
gay floor show at Moulin Rouge,
Both the nominations and
final awards were chosen by 7:50
academy members in New York,
San Francisco, ChiCago and Hol-
lywood. Awards 'first were prer-
sented to four shows'in 1948.
The gold statuette depicts a
winged woman holding a globe.
representing electronics, over
her head. Emmy was named aft-
er "Immy," the nickname TV
engineers give the image orthic-
on camera.

i.7a.vorite )anceP

Cha Cha Cha, Mambp,. Bolero, Rumba, Samba, Tango,
Pasodoble, Pb61ka, Viennese Waltz, La Varsouvinna,
Charleston, Onestep, Peabody, Foxtrot,
Waltz, Jitterbug.

S ran



Tamborito, PasWilo,
Bunny Hop, Raspa,
GroupClasses For
Pre-teen, Teenagers"
Couples & Individuals
By appointment ONLY
Studio El Panama Hotel
Suite 111. 5 to 10 p.m.
C411 Mornings Balboa 2-4239
after 5, Pan. 3-16f.

SC an n a


- :t ....
'f-.': '

Fine Murdure made of
D(rin Mahogany, NOW at
amazing low prices.
Bedroom, Dining Room and
Living Room Sets.
Products de Madera, S. A.
manaued by Roberto Cowes
95 Cent al Avenue
Between Kodak B ld. And
Fifth Ave. qtore
Phone 2-3a1



( 1-

7110 Ave.r Bf. f(r
Col6n Tel. of

French food

Council Holds

First Meeting
PARIS, Marhea (UP) The
first meeting of the Ministerial
Council of Food and Agriculture
of the OEEC (green ppol) open-
ed here today with representa-
tives from 20 countries attend-
The first task of the commit-
tee was,to elect a chairman and
vice-chairman for the. commit-
tee. At the. beginning of the
meeting France'd Minister of
Agriculture Jean Sourbet took
the chair.
The second task Was to advise
the OEEC Council of Ministers
on the appointment of a direc-
tor of food and agriculture with-
In OEEC. and thirdly they wtre
to discuss their program of
The meeting of the committee
was expected to last for two
days. The Ministerial Committee
for Food and Agriculture was
created bv the Council of Min-
isters of OEEC on Jan. 14 as rg-
sult of a resolution passed By
the Euronean conference on the
organization of agri c u It u ral
markets that the work under-
taken by the conference ought
to be continued within the
framework of the OEEC. [

ST .- ,..


A Beautiful Assortment

of Handpainted



No. 16 Tivoli Ave. Tel. 2-3870

34-20 Justo Arosemene Avenue


- I II..

.D ecoratlos P/alnters and Bowls:

Perfect for distinctive plantings,
indoor or out. For unusual floral.,
displays. Practical, too,, as lowe '
bucket, knitting basket. Holds kind-,.
ling, charcoal briquets, magazines,
toys, potato chips, popcorn.
For home or office uses.

Available in pink, white -and

red ,

a -w


4 V





0 .


a. .

- ao

t" ~~'6


PeMane Agen s Ca...- Q Ca^" eM* 3- TeLU 2556 .S PnIma, L :



Dwig flift

O f te

Only Panagra can offer you
10 flights a week to Buenos
Aires Choice of two wonderful
services De luxe El Inter
Americano, the finest and fast.
eat in South America; -and
thrifty El Pacifico offering pres-
surized DC-6B tourist service.

I-' *., *'-' 'I

-ft* *.

- .i .'r ," = .
- "- .. .



~ ____ _

__ ___



_I 1


I I -~




- f "


I- -- -- --

* I..
9-. --....


" rTAGuS Iua ......-- '

New Luggage Lighter Weight


I trac, W T "uf two eat
68 4K5
9 VA10 8 5 n KQJ,
*K986 I AJ4
46K74 4~4 10 63
W762 1
Both sides vul.
S North ast Soath West
Pass I 16 4I
Pass Pass 4 6 Pas
Pass Pass
OPoning lead-V A
When I heard about the hand
shown today, played in an impor-
tait team match I wondered what
inedern bridge players use instead ,
of red blood corpuscles. The sort
of result shown touay simply1 y ,
couldn't happen if the players had
the right attitude towards tne
A one tabie. as the bidding dia-
gram shows. South played theI
hand at four spades. West opened
the ace of hearts, and there was This girl is using a travel case that separates ino twoe empartmenks. l packing for her va.
tract. Soh oult ruff two heartson- cation (left). The case easily holds (right) evervthln She., will need for a twn.week period
m the ummy and would still have BY GAILE DUGAS One new case, for instance, light, unlined coat. The flat see-
&,trump left for a finesse through separates in two compartments. tion will take a good-sized cos.
east 'ine defenders could get only NEW YORK (NEA) How The top part you hand up for aietic kit, six paihs of stockings
club. many pieces of luggage did you lacking. Thit will hold up to travel slippers and robe, lingerie,
SclWest would have defeated the take with you on your last trip? Light dresses. The bottom p a r t two bathing suits and swim cap,
contract by leading a trumpet. Lat. iere you loaded down with three les flat foi packing shoes, ac- shorts, two blouses and sweater,
er on, East would win the first, heavy cases you got as a g i ft cessories and, cosmetiSs plus all flats and evening shoes, jewelry,
Spd of hearts and lou ad another r 10 years ago for a birthday or the other needed odds and ends. scarves and handkerchiefs. Ev-
trumnp. This would limit declare anniversary? Ierything you need for a t w o
to one heart ruff in the dummy If you were, it's time for a Into the hanger section yo u.weeks' period goes into this mois-
aend the defenders would this tak look at what s happening with can put fou desses, two jackets ture and dustproof, lightweight
two hearts, a diamond and a club, luggage. Far lighter weig t, for and skits, a beach obe and
defeating the contract. cone thing. Even 10 years ao, a
At the other table, East was al- woman's war robe case was so _
lowed to play the hand a four heavy empty that it wasn't easy
ea&rtp. Since the breaksin dia-rto lift. Add clothes to this weight
nds and clubs were fortunate and she couldn't possibly w a 1 k The PaN Tc Pl
needed very bad luck, however, to men and a boy to handle t he INCORPORATED BY ROYAL CHARTER 1840
lose the contract. luggage.
As you qan see, the play of the And that wasn't all. She need- R y
cards was reasonable enough, but ea more than just that on iiward- ..R..aMal tinesLd.
the bidding was hair-raisingly tim- robe case. It may have been im-
id. How can West sell out to four pressively, heavy but it wasn't FAST FREIGHT AND PASSENGER SERVICES
spades when there is an excellent panned to hold much. So she' N
chance that both four spades andnhad to have a train case for her BETWEEN EUROPE AND WEST COAST
five hearts are 'makeable con. cosmetics and possibly a suitcase OF SOUTH AMERICA
tracts? or another case in addition.
When both sides bid up to a fair- The new lightweight luggage
ly high level and when both sides means that a woman can easily TO C0O.OMBIA. ECUADOR, PERU AND CHILE
lyhsve soudtrump suits, it doesn't carry her own case, if need be. S 8. "HAZELMOOR" ......*,... ................... Tarch 18
ray to sell cut too cheap. Instead And any Iwoman who's been M.V: "SALAVERRY" .................... March 3
61 letting the opponents play the %luck at alrl urt or railroad sta..
nd, bid ne mo of your t with no.porter ibolrt knows TO UNITED KINGDOM VIA CARTAGENA, HAVANA,
sult. Perhaps you'll make this con. what this means. NASSAU, BERMUDA, CORUNA, AND LA PALLICE
tract; and ati orst you can't be The new, luggage is considerate' CO Ans el.A 5
badly hurt. It'sbetter to wn. of you in otne iWays. Luggage M.V. REIN4 DEL PACIFICO" (18,00 Tons) .. ..June 2
one bid (p r9rh ,a XWildai frers have come to plan Bcs.- Te.-
tricks) an to lete o certain ods of toim. n TQk i TED KINGDOM DIRECT,
eeom- rable t is. one n case to designed *I *C rOF .....March 14
iould have dA d hearts Id th a woman needs :;. .......................March 14
p t reasoning. If West h reeks' vacation. Other MAIL LINES LTD/HOLLAND
rth would have adopted the l t a weekend, a week ."TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
i 4olk y ,-.u A oi, ls overnight. And these new .8 "LOCR GOWAN ......................March 10
*.IBy tit:.would.'b eces are the ultimate in effi- S.S "O GOWAN".................... ...March 10
thatwas on- ise ilOley. .8. "DONGEDYK".............. March 25
1er Frast or Wet ..,, in.- --' TO UK/CONTINENT
Wihor It. 8.8 "'LOCH AVON" ............................March 83
ruI one more gi n.S. "SCHIEDYN" :...............................March 14
tru suit doesn't apply, ea 1 Pressruremakes
-ofo aBu lautiort= breatl; All 8ilIng Subject to Chance Witheut Notice
h a 4d w i ath opre oaI Int o m w e ll P sA C IF IC S T E A M N A V I G A T IO N C O ., C ris to b a L T e l.: 1 6 5 4 /5
ce and safety up to a high m a, FORD CO. INC. PANAMA-Ave. er #55, Tel. 3-1257/
l, bid one more .rather than ehe lst for .T V anr F Oa C BALBOA-Term. Bldg., TeL 2-1905
smam Irdnear mTeL EO-19V5


Day DreaminF

~~~~tLL cQr#~ r O HIM ,'MI.


*5) '


War Of Nerves

- Ill

S Let's xpermnit

I Ar

'MR QA TM it
t'-^^^^L ~IB


A yOwc rwsL t1. M A MC low
7i FPAIR. IN i7e W.a ^


- AM ns maM


p gn

PW .T \% h O. ._. .
tOW,W \t ^Mgy rf
COUV.t M ?? MR
4M~ft wP* fliA
Vw""T- %6.B
I--OM^ rf

TAmp ~Pes

Te Sthory"

p*>o W, v w -\W0A-S> )%V 14, MIDT?
T6OOWA WC 'AS 'WO 60 f MOIM h*

@ vsM
-OgaW'y W 'MKcY A |T TWt, A90Vt
6\C5-Ct$ O &' 0V -I BOro ,W
ACCOWF Weas TOt, THL. H ^-W^
SHBf Alth' BO^^' ? ^^^ 0^1
--'I^ ^ E
^^^9 .Affiir'^^x


. I- --. I I""\-X-

F 1
tW~cy') .:
ft r -


-~ 4 L. r ,

-.0-rn.- -
~'- .~-".

* ~',w.'., -
'4"..- -

r. -~ Ij-A ~ V

S s -. --.- *iA -
,-.-.. ';-

I .h,,.

Delirious and Cut*


Dr. Born Plays Ball

al Mi WmAVU





I I I f





^ :- '




I qq



j Fil



- ...- U.
~. .,

.A -it.'


S .' .. ..50 3? .. a- -- "I Iew ( L ift.U p
__Your Hearts'

ST. I worked foi a wom. This is carrying pbturo (A Lenten feature of The Pia-
W p d from spitefulness. Itle too Lar. We .not tqquired o me i a ,d ama-Amerlea, eared by the I
t ., ,A t x cutive, she felt ..i a owurelvs C as e0 1110'- wria on ud mailed am. o mRev. M. A. Cou Episcopal
use O her superior Mo eNowirnsIunbal I
h 8o1 5. ,adate Id b ougnant te You4ntes Al ake ao sgreaet .mo t. uane ..e mp o,. -. E ST LGAD.
& VI'h ala poor judg- mtste stay rLm thhu .5 BRmarassS. 12-2a. "As
gideaRbaCisork, d y are the 0 of
t ednAingm u as appear i nev- kind 9 .s r m ely Conse .n an as are led by the Spirit

a" IU mle s
Hsria^Wisnscofpie aivs. a.IB rhe via Cf *^ you a God.
tSo wo aed un der constant es a hRa m As yo
war tat she had not ssin. st with it until bow ity h a, suggestions oe from
,,p ode nte ifuder. .has c itself ab monoto- l teo e poonal out of a ch your imagi-
uIre s whatewrc sc eted ofIn wh Te; f w nation Is maee, and sooner or
us.we hwetepever xpure of the discussed: I. Colon orr~- near later what rules your Imagina-
bern6r. In hoht en.r- Rainb w City Sho ib r au3 Heart, or the Holy Spirit of
ihend-t;"naptr n, sh hib e e eNeeb se etro obal o rea -o The head may say to concen-
Idrhil ofresipttinu. i w as miser # ktanth 111 *s A 1tu hea a Io u
ueMm uggsdi4 and angry.s
Tren,; lso s h e Publi bus eri he woolon to tWrate on something else otherH
aI e f It .w that a certain By (ANOR MADIOX oco Solo opital; Proposed than the dit dt tuaon you
_tminiPlb._t~r bo our wora ". rent increase. "may have 1o-face. aay, keep keep.*
hL died. sid I didn't, she Here's speal. buffet upper A delete an readets of busy doin t anything
udr~ me to find and buy a .uggstioe speed eaped ar tl e co r.Unlty composing the as not to dwell on it.
4U nof the newspoperea top U bsIAt sad Iar, oincil are urged to attend on The heart may suggest many
s dthe contribute. nIema mS eatte on w froi i e. things, worry about someone sick
1MA. m ma of ISettle. who ro.
ins us t centu a^ at home, bills that Increase, ant
I ttlocate one. At Vfive o' e o- Fea rsc me from .he ventir- Am o tm,' uneasy relationship that saps all i
o o five o'- c dartlett ears cme frm The ter-American Wome a's eyour courage and takes the heart,
cl b, zm I returned to the of.'the Pac cat Club Panama wilt willoin the your t oou.rge a tak tohe t
f;e, 1tlced a crumpled copy ofU r .ea lsn Unit in a transit the Ca "P and stick to it. beb rave-an
the newspaper in her wastebasket. One No. *eanl Baritlett pear4nalont na Italian Line v aesrs el
As I saw this, I. also saw some- juice fron ea d, % cu vinegar or Wenesday March 9. Those inter. that kind .of thing.
thing else, I suddenly re i z e d sweet plckp lie, 1 stick clana. ested must be on board (Atlantic God the Holy Spirit ha a styil,
that plulnes I d b eared waso orn o t App g d .c na.side) at 7 a.m. Price of the trip v p t u
pathb.le, waste, ,an.,d b o r i n g. 1 mon, Ia w60-. ves.-. $i. on y
And I was never afraid of it agan teat fruit j; A-dd spices. ---at ou need. ien you are
Summer for n Add vine- Wjlma Mles uncertain, you my hear God
If I had run away before spite-I gar or awqp iddke juile. Pour Navy Wives' say, "Go in thy mght, have not
falness had been given its chance All members and prospective I sent thee" When you are a-
S xpose itself a stupid and un oer pears. Chill overnight. members, of the Wilma M e lone, that Voice may say, Go,
i pressive, It might have retain- Crean Prulls Navy Wives' Club are cordially I am with you always. When
Stis power to scare me. invited to attend the club's "Tour you are discouraged you may
This colom is for a Mrs. N. who One cup water, k. cup butter of Panama' on Wedne day hear, "Be of good cheer."
su's that her daughter is harass- or margarine, 1 cup sifted flour. March 9th. Any one who has not One woman got very tense
SA UD with c ges of wod res Mrs. Ricardo Arias, wife of the d by a spiteful supervisor. She teaspoon salt, 4 eggs. been contacted, please contact a e
S'rii JUST Be RES D o Wm corsages o t ri az o n t h Flower Show of writes "I aow that you will a Heat water and butter or mar- Mrs. Helen Suff, at 25-2362. long ago, and w ure
Bo,.c. dt" Mari.* Lh+o ,.^ wri.+e, "If mrg V.ta..n -K. A,, new UBm glswl,,lM en
r fteRpbi c Of^ Pnama, prepares to b~n 1. P /cut the ribbon to open the Flowe Show of th
Pre t of the epuTc o~~ pp t oe aoo salary is rine to boilngpot. Stirwas not doing enough, nor do-
Mrs t Mor gan's lasces. on her left is Mrs. Louise Morr, ch n of te fo fw a not so important as a frendy llour. Stir eon sttly until mixtures ng it quickly enough, so she be--
satill a the pin for her corage is MUr. Octio Fabre, wife of Panama's ter o or- working atm phere. This mans eave sides of pan and forms a sieged Him in prayer; and when
Mrsst"n hlne tenworkig atmobpere. This man'snleaves ides oC t pan an rs
eign ltiona. prosecution Is just not worth the ll (about 1 minute). Remove sshe got quiet, doyo know what
la-- Mr I o m b lay o money she makes working fo r from heat. Cool slightly.
Titasne Fas teid O !:n at Ied thesowat YMejA Ia TeIar reedt Np. BeaDt In e roggs one at a time.' r e
More than 1y,0 spetatonlrs e tenor this'colorfe Miss J ean Harris. of Be don't aree. The s itefulnessl ItnDropbater from a n on t
sltp. This year the classes dedicated their show to Mrs. Olga Texas, became the bride of Cor I d on't agree. The spiteflness oty. Drop baking shtter from n ono f n
It do ofZ terns Fnwt tim e te w tlamo Ma rne ofs dMrs.E .er. r O .r ,e tendo. ,not hers. If her ob offers her de- degrees F. ovennuntil dry, about
S artistic nd Mrs. Elmer E. sirble advntaes, Ican't see 43 minutes. Allow to cool slowly. Roberto M. eu r t e matte.
re hked aIm me at (ui to the in er hvi the Gambo hy she soul permit his bad
showIn my hono ad ~reano r saerr te h ein a Cra Salad Comptroller General of the Re-
thoe Irna eemy u tratd9 maplo-toan pedingtrnM. Mo all me The wedding took place n el-mper to deprive h ofte Epu c of Panama, was re-e lecd
the auxia -to emir-ll I-- "m,-eseo d
ew i doites litr Pts a bVF a ls elinsanesed her mecinten- ton, Texas. on March 1.tae rcotb.
n O ir alsoe a nel and one'- half cups crab resident of the Panama Insur-
oull Sci Of e tned th Ts ae at the S oty F s TesJ.meaIcupue pCuanEC panInc. at the an-

th t antic des. adults and cent for chdren p th library of the Jew o o dei i y. F e puff haed al n c .
Pah ew corse attht vracts mo "re er r ..s... ela sre BoardoiBal.s. itu ee~ _'l wth endive or other salad grens vce president anm d Euene C.
e e orseco tttio el wfGrkr,.pottery f we-ed ,. r,,_ -tar -- -u elr s a a ree a s
gand anre, sthdenrt -r The classes .-Mr. Likndaloy NZobe WlS tet f OFr dstn op widt shee ers. Mor ws rtc.G a ine Dveh was re-electddr- t
d oris.lia~ve OVAU AI or t15 a es- ran and rte uheoUni andt brIdatYo!tscurbingouus otinn"ra ed first vice president, Carlos

prcpate noten av bt A tnd rsa me eati obfi dnesday evening, Mrch t 9 ah Cas- Arieownds' Servc C
Ergl61 thnde panish.r teBaTs AEimble smtor C.bwsheld a r.n a EletKwi l A., l l oslnMttmes Ce.d second
embngst a tho ansla tn the rs Home Fth y ta no wh the nit y i rld wprf ardw A Yel--A wRaYs ad resd ye
oen thade At la t i Pabdes adulsandrN.entsford Prhildr enS ay-ithe lubrryofthele Ran ambly ashidemetsand had saidC
n maore students hien. Tlis Kaplan presidog. Two new me- service Or at Ter. The n board Is composed of
group pVrides an-utotand lngbrs woere itiated. They l r a ram will c followed y an n- s
ro cdeI ,nIa n"ndn of seven ai srtant di rect rs, fel-e
.... ,+--.,. o ., Pan- Mr. Carol Wright of Colonand' ormfor olseussmo and. Fellowship .Competent onsulats to lowed by the selection of Alber-
M eandt hrle mCarlA in- .- All RlsbhonoaCc w ;-reI iners .fit your every hearing need to Arias ., Alfrede Aleman, Jr.,
nW e men to T ion r w, 'ar y Raul Garciar d Paredes, Dem-
teres tfyn the oowigmembersn attending will most e
itb...artynn, pMrs.Fralan T B -trio usodlmosAleS andro Re-
nd Ip Dmle. t &-" # Mon JC., herf lmndo liet A., agd
third anter n Mrs. Charlotte Tullr Midge ah12 aEIa your deV InhearinMsounds you have long ulea.. r-
-erd daruar;o oL iors Anne deM.ln hrsnp en ceain lonlaT weio trd -ofdie the tors n 're-
ls hI i na A.riu.. i LarInts.on Mrs. M r, Mr nd rs. e d a a with easeto normal named Mr Amelia R. de br-
classes oarrangemat s were: nock, Mrs. Gerry Ceillucei Mrs. uncle, Mr. David Kaplan, this ve tof of friends and relatives, the laughter of a as secretary, Eduardo I.. osa
Clan I Cut Flowers Mrs. lis n a Cre l Mrs. Kath e e n ct sin r awa churchbelstant secretary and Mrs.
children the song of birds, farrawaulurc 8sye &sal tel is t
aR. teefe, First Prize, Mrs. W. B- Hufiman, Mrs. Dotha Coughe r, Mary A. do Coleman as assistant
Tucker, Second Prize, Mrs. Frank Mr's. TessieLowe,Mrs. Virginia Bridal Shower"F'-or many otbr sounds you once loved but may hawn treasurer.
Cannot, Third Prize HnobleR oMrs. ThelmaWai0, Major Eunice D
......e -a.e m e n .n, V EOr eD nsrnOR n ,, ee
mention.Ithis cla WSward-Mrs. Mildred Droste, Mrs. Peggy A group of her friends gaveois ld b. LITERAL LETuERg
ed, toMrs. Gloria MatsI and Prim, Mrs. Marie Man g aa;no-hostess luncheon and b rI d al It yo ot ory. Vvs Ilub MEMPHIS, Tem. (UP) MARIO BANCHIE
s. IrginiaWhitmore. iMrs. ired Turner. Mrs. Carollhowei at the Hotel Tivoli ono ou. E. J ff ade deliveryof
II,, Frtlil and... _bles, _r t, Wrighlbt, and Mrs. Kaye RObiaon. Sunday, honolringM aMa r orEunice : b niild"Ialeryo

rdws,_ESond Vilss ,-r.W.*H-H.Brafllan Aftbassader Mr. C. C. Bedin of Panama will N. 18 "1" St., Panama, R. do '.'telling the customerewhere to semd
oat. Third ri..e. rs. elo N eat Lusemes take place in the near future. Aprtado 1890 Teis. 2-236 & 2-3265 the ceck. The envelope contain
.uremay,. '_l_ e heaAliat Ambassador to Ab twentya- four guests were ,Ing the check was addressed ex-
.on awarded to 9 .Goo.. Panama and Mrs..Bueno do Pra- present a the luncheon held ii as his message had said:
on'. Class III, r3irranid Eobo |do,,entertained Amasaor Freo tae Fern Room. h...P. 0. box 2 and oblige."
Mrs. Virginla Whitnmore, -First tas-Valle at a small luncheon at t_
ntlze, Mrs. IE. C. Cough. Second the El Panama. Ambassador Frei For a rapid ORAL treatment of "
WrL. Rost.t, -ThUrdtas-VaUla. .M Brazilian Ambissa, .
l'btverthorne. turning to New York from Chile.
The. d-g' lot l'seventnwere: '. .
Ma. 34argi70 Rennel, M inrl Keegq-. TO. Neld At E I FaM .OR R O ID S'
Joseph Davis$ 2d. Clptain.Joh Nu N and i Rdeaece w i ws -NN W V n,.,
Leitnaker. On Saturday March 12 a mass I.'.. uase VEGEMOR i z n DROPS
.+ 1; willbe held atl1.m.att t1he 4'1 i fil

ave dealt with U

Fine Food with
Prom the
a CATERING Our Ipeeslaty


formerly Balboa Garden.
Calle J. B. S to tNo. 1.


utn mnteresung program on me commIttee hearing. 1
SaO Blas Islands wil be present-. I _
ed with exhibits by Mr. F rd Hie told reporters be felt "fine
B Dsab d aI..m and talk by MrA. Wieg he appeared t the Senate
1!vador RipMll. intemal gecirity subeommittee u
e hostesses- for the lunhebea ein o tumalbot witness sar- -Delicious, rofreshlinqg
be Mrs. Jeph H. Witeb- vey MV atusow. -
hane and Mrs. James L. Frink, .
Jr, Welker said he had felt "just a
l a Uo j n.. t, a S fired" tfull glass ... frtmo
th id aueea i m spedN oFeliI / just one 0
Bs.pue I e Im a rseday in te day. The Capitol physician -0/
si of The Margarita U on TIhe year-old senator was ,
l urch, -be 1 Trburadey st#eiken as he and Sea. AMo W.
t to 0 5! r.. f ,.) S1 4 10- _g Io
No- *- eML. dqL.....,-A-

- uw, gian


~- ~

U. -'A

SPnamd Htel March 11, 1955 I
rickets $1.00 per person



(Pac&ific Chapter)
mseemja: 2-1277 ,,'124
(no rerwwvww' be accepted sir :00 Pm.,
Mirch l0th).

Tkkets evd-84 fhm say Cm.
... .

"_' I .




_ i ir

M.-.. .. -

r ~. **..

-. .:r~
- s.*


"EE AAMA_, ,I, -

* 'S


Inexpensive Want Ads,

- ~ $ ;.





7 Street No 13
41h of July Ave. & J St.
Just Arosemens Ave. and 33 St.

- U I-I

182 La Carraquilla
Central Ave. 45
No. 3 Lottery Plaza

Fourth of 'July Ave.
Agencia Internal. do Publicaolones
45 Centr Ave,
Parque Iefevre I Street

Ave. TWaO Nk. 4
143 Ce..t k A".,
Se Stroel e. a

S. loee ke la V M. No, 41

Via ldpM A&.


1, WflBS

_ L A II a I I


We Have Everything
To Keep Your Lawn
and Garden Beautiful
During the Dry Season
* Tools
" Hose
* Insecticides
" Sprayers
* WheelbarroH s
* Econo Soil Spray
* Fertilizers
" Sprinklers
" Fungicides

27q Central Ave. Tel.
-. .... ,. .-. a .-



ODr. A. and PF. oRI. AC
Palmer Gradusipia
55 Per Avenue Tel. 3-1MS
I hlinrk from Lu' Thentre

"Insure In
Sure Insurance"
rmnt' J
Phone Panama 2-0552
bh of July Avenue No. 14-23
Dali- -I .,111 E- r I .*' -.::0
--. r#f s 3*:S to 1:o 1 I

enal Zone Dental Polyclinic
Dr. C. E. FAbrega D.D.S.
1eture--brldge work-asr braslve
General Prctilce
.31 A... _* -..l *. Mo 9.1A &24


FOR SALE -Modern mahogany
hi.n g room. dining room & bed-
r;.om er'. Norge refr-gerotor like
new. Baby stroller. Campo Ale-
gre Calle Ricardo Aras.' Ameri-
ca Apartments. Act No. 3.
FOR SALE:-4-burner gas stove.
excellent condition. Call 2-1259
office hours
FOR SALE -- Upholstered ma-
'~,'Con iungn r:ionr set. like new.
S "20; .ix u.holIrcred mchogoan
chair: i4 e'jcn" bobsv hiqh e'ca,r
SJ C ial Cr..toojl *-?37.0
FCR SALE.-Coach for tw,,n. .n
p:r ict condit,c.n. Phpre 2-i 306
Balboa. before 6 o rr
FCR SALE Set of 6 'ellow
p'Watic chairs with 2 mahogany
e-.d tables & coffee table, S1C50,
:tpctc davenport .th 2 match-
*nr chairs. 565, hemrn .; q: i-bh
S r.. Phone 4-5103. Qtr'
1_.. Fort Kobbe

Wanted Position
service in private homes. Phone
e perence auto parts manage-
ment. ACcon.inmg. General Busi-
ne-s experience. Lloyd, Box 93.

FOR SALE: Beautiful 1952
Codillac. perfect condition, white
tires, rod.o, etc. $2,400. Albrook
Field. Phone 6143.
BAR GAIN.-Kaiser '49 in very
good mechonicol condition for
only $375. Easy payments. For
information see Sorillo and Sit-
ton. Ltda.. Central Ave. 2-41,
in front of the Nat.onal Paloce.
FOR SALE- 1948 Oldsmobile
C'une, hydramatic and rad0o.
Co'I Balboa 2923
'.VE HAVE a Hudson Hornet car
ir excellent running condition.
fatherr upholstery & radio. Want
to change it for a smaller one,
preferably Morris or Hillmon. For
further information see Sotillo &
Sitton ot Central Ave. 2-41, ift
front of the National Palace

FOR SALE. -- 1972 Pont;iac 2-
c"or Senn .1!00 Phone 86-
222'. after 3-30 86-6120
FOR SALE -- 1951 Ford Victoria,
pcrlect conduit on. Owner leaving.
Phone 2-0909

LEARN SPANISH by a practical
conver itional Svstrm. Mr.. Ro-
mero. Estud onte Street 14-79,
Apartment 2

Dr. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic,
209 Central Avennue. beside
Capitol Theatre. Phone 2,3479,
FABRICS renovated Keep your
clothes new looking having them
dry cleaned by Tropical Clean-
ers. Via Esporia 830. Tel. 3-
0871. Branch, 24th St. East and
Central Ave. Tev. 2-1346.

FOR SALE -Great Dane puppies.
one month old. El Trebol, Cen-
tral Avenue No. 70, Phone 2-
FOR SALE--60-cycle generator,
KW 052. Amp .6.4. 80/100
volts, belt driven by 1-hp 25-
cycle 110/220 motor. Phone
FOR' SALE -'54 -horsepower
Mitchell refrigerated air condi-
tioner, used I month Hai ther-
mostat for economy and 6 set-
tings exhaust. arid-dry, exro-
cool. nite-cool.ooool & ventilate.
ventilate, dyna-heat $198. Phone
Albrook 3214, 101B King Street,
Albrook AFB.
FOR SALE.-Bees Small apiary
with all equipment Tel. 6-225.

Position Offered
WANTED- English Spanish,
Spanish English secretary with
famole experience Do not apply
without references. Cia. Paname-
ro de Tabaco, Phone 3-0451.

WANTED: Sales agents for
club. Good opportunity for Inter-
ested persons. Parisien Furniture
Store, No. 27-10 Central Ave.


WILL.I Santa Clara Beach
Co tteg~. os, refrigeration,
2.eroom. Phone Balboa 3050.
SihMSL'G furnished houses..
onj Wea't Santa Clara. Tele.
phone THMPSON, Balboa 1772.
Phtl Oceanside cottages,..
Santa Clm. Box 435. Balboa.
Phone Panahia 3-1877. Cristo-
bal 3 1673.
ermesh Santal Clara Beach
Cottages. Modern conveniences,
moderate rates. Phone Gamboo
past Santa Clara. Low rates.-
Phone Balboo 1866.

FOR- RENT:--Chalet one bed-
room, living-dining oonm, kitch-
en, on General Jose de Son Mar-
tin No. 6. downstairs.

FOR RENT: Nicely furnished
cool and spacious room with prn-
vote both and all modern conve-
niences. 48th Street No. 15, Tel-
ephone 3-3443.
FOR RENT: Small room and
'both. private entrance. Phone
Panama 3-3967.

LOST:--Red and white hound.
vicinity Cocolh Mole. Call Balboa




ATTENTION 0.1.1 Just b u IIt
moderrt firnistd faertmenta, I.
. 2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.'
Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and'un-
furnished 2 and 4-room modem
apartments. Contact Alhambra
Apartments, 10th Street, Phone
1386, Colon.
FOR RENT: Furnished opart-
mert, ground floor, 2 bedrooms,
v:.- spacious, parking space, In-
!;ected, low rent. 43rd Street
No. 1-91.
FOR RENT: Concrete rrodern
spacious 1-bedroom apartments,
moin street Pue8Io Nuevo. Phone
. 2-3483, business hours,
FOR RENT:-Modern and prop-
. early screened apartment, house
No 61, 4th of July Avenue. W.
T. Lum.
FOR RENT Furnished apart-
ment, moderate rent. North A-
mericon neighbors, frequent
transportation. Phone 3-0471.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, living room, dining room,
2.bedrooms, gas stove, refriger-
ator. 43rd Street No. 64, Belle
FOR RENT- Modern apart-
ment. El Cangrelo. Recently
pointed. 2 bedrooms. hot water.
garage. "D" Street # 8. Inquire
Apartment 4
TO SUBLET: For two months
beginning March 17th. two-bed-
room apartment in El Cangrele,
fully furnished. Phone Panama

Hich-Hikers Risk


itAD S o y ESHOPSsuitable foru lstery. NT:--American fily, no
S.r p a I n t i n g, mechanicl work. ilr ets would like md-
Telephone -- plumbing etc., will be built at a aifun two-edroom apartment on
Site opposite the Ntional St- second floor of twotor business hourt- h
di The playum. anyone interested i rent- ment house near E anam Ho-et A
ANAL ZONE LADI t oendwould lientertke par- el. Phone or write Mr. Lea ver ng .
hoANND of skill reL AD t mon s, C installations, etc., may 2-0772, Apartado o1174, Arece h
AD of beauty fo er a he Teple Fridayer contact conducted Mr. Alcides Garca Caer- .

ft ll L ue Etta oma. Shown above are (L to r.) Larry Berer Gay Fidan- o th Armored v- 1-d a
uth Frank, David Zapp Morra Mad ro, Roy Bett e WANTED--ed One or 2-bedroomI a
.Atlantic Divisional St- anals r rows attended the furnished apartment. Immediate-
enightby the Bible las of the Congregation of K Shearth l r Ea
Israel in conjunction with the observance of the feast of.Purim.. ert .ehat or.3-1660, room 733, nights
S The play which was directed by rsa. Shirley Berger, highlighted "'. h.e r vetet- AT
t E nthe eve pi r entet nment luded n the program was ae ne wh

SpIILa etorWhteopenenreiSdOwn 'Thank You'ba r
S hisi a shon the topi "Whb Is Better, the first roup to cross waaas ths en[e Dpheir service. He siy-

o ntdi Mainynance Divisin deciding factor in determinin- _
asta they ce eleven hits Dounut?"WASHINGTON, March 8 (UP) school whridge. First crossing oft the "after a very thorough inves a Taylor will succeed Gen.
rond Maintenance ot their "old sameprogram at the "own personal paign of 1445, Marconducted by7, 1954, Alex A. Drabik, now of Toedo at s own request after re
fb on our hts and madgu e Ettank om. yesterdayhown above are (L to .) Larry Berger, Gay Fidan- hin buck sergeant in 1945. wa thn 37 yeard Commandrce
Spquq, Rutmin theFrank, Davl d Zapp, Morris M aduro, Roy Bettis, Jr. "W e td firs m to get a re present II
arrioAtlantic who wavislonal So y 10 yt-ears nd ouglas the Major. cause rhe was the fist GI to wil replace Taylor o d-

r, got the irst hit o the The White House ceremony Capt. William McMasterdy at the r 37 of cross the bridge. general o U.S.
diamonThe lead hitter wa t touched off arguments from New Phildelphi, post opertions ot- Othe rs wemaen crossing, said M WASHINGe TONar E as t and the

Cox of Commissary with a Jersey o Georgia on just what ficer at Ft. McPhersonB nearid Arm or o d rmy. Maj. Gen. me B-
double and single. Alon- outfit actuec amount" in ecur in thG now assistant chlet o a
-.s Anderhony also yf the Con- Rhine bridge which enabled Al( rong men were getting the cred Pendleton Ind.; Hugh Moatd, qr operations, will 8u .n-

*Siury, smashed the game's 0--. led military night to sweep lto ih. Nashvioee, Tenn.; Eugene Do.r.. ltzer as the Army's |miy
Shomer. The winning pitcher the heart of Hitler Germany. He said Company C of the 27th land Manhattan, Kan.: Joseph chief of staff for lmman der-in- e-

tMe Carl Andorson. Both hurl- The ?ngiogu.ment is cited in mil- Armored Infantry Battalion, part PetrenOsik, Cleveland, Ohio; Anm search. '
Swent the entire distance ary annals as a prize example of the 9th Armeoreed Dvson ac than am redit." of both the U.S. and Far
how the extreme bravery of a tally ecured the bridgeweverthat el CUnichar, Saddle River Town-
On e minute of silence was ob- few individuals can change the1, the D McMaster then a lieutenant in ship, N. J. Window MillerSilver FTER CHRITM
enduring the rame because e course of an entire war. charge of company, said h Springs, Md. nd enhe Grirball .
the death of the wfe of V. E. The 11 w.o accepted certimen kept the bride clear so a Columba, S.the. fiPOrsRTLANDroup to cross was theMe, UP
chef of the Grounds Man-at e eleven hit WASHINGTON, March (UP) ige Fir could move acrossng of. theater a very thorough ti Talor will succe figur ed he ldnt
five received the Distinuished Sergv- Remagen Bridgforces and I thi e amChristm tion"who would get the .whoas rees stairincked

andeT row'm tn e: Army vs. ice Cross for their performance. should have the credit," he sae BEdP N At o Mich. fMlling station after the sasn.
s on our hits and made four thank yesenhower fto their Maj9th U. Armored Division of tile Ohio,(UP) Ta buck sergeant n 1945 St. aolida. Josi as he was service
Saot. r i in t he s certificate cular cahis own little ofCity, Nrd U. J. Co wrps of these U. S. the first manto received his cr .iw

r got the first hit of the The W h i t e Hank youse ceremony lieutenCapt. William McMast er, 37, of cross the called ff itgeans to pick ne ustomer wanted of
r:[ double and single. Altan- outfit actually did take the f famous I hinta, promptly protestednt hisPerryN. I William J. Goodan,. in, now assistant chief a

SAnderson, also f the Co- The certificate bears the words: leader mn were getting th ts 155 "young man the cre Pead.; Hugh M therm to uns, will a snow e; a-
Swent the entire distance. Itary annaof the as a prize magexa Master's st.etnent s "absolute because of lack ofdaony ae. other to mh plants. N.Y.; Mich.
a. 'received the Distinguished Serv-Remage Bridge and I think weChristmastrees stacked "LAs
.omry, ows me: Arm 'vs.'.Ee Cross for their performance. should have the credit," he si.. DENTON AIOWt .Mkih. -- 1Mg station after the Mil.
But.M. "..senhower toldtEhem[Maj. Emmet J. Burrow, Jersey (UP) --The einio larior St. Y. lOsas ho was a -O!,
.J w w as dop.Of Coin. burn them, fie received
personal thank you." Lieutenant In 1945 and a platoon merce called of1i0ta ans to pick Coo customer wanted so of
Y The certifiIate bears the ords:Ileader in A Company, labeled Me- .ts 1955 "young man &f'the y them to use as a n"ows a
"M il Society of the R e m a g e a Maiter's sta~ehient as "absolute because of lack of,.aadidatel. ItI~lh ini

n. ***

e.-Will Retread

ALL5 r w *
*'S;--.; .",

., -.+.

* :


. Boutes

WANTED: Unfu eM.k
3-bdroom cklet,
ree re c., pe h I eV. laire
-o e Vie., Golf He",.--
'p Alegr or El Cemgvi fntM

Boat & Motors

FOR SALE- International 110
sailboat. 24-ft. long. Nearly new
nylon and orlon sails. Call Balboo
FOR SALE: Bo at, outboard
15'x64" NEW. To see, coallR. C.
Carter. Phone 2-1861 from 4:30
to 6 p.m. House 0437. Apt. B.
Ancon. C.Z.

Real Zsti""1

t -. ~ ~ .

FOR SALE :-Chlt on -43 d St.
No. 42 (3-41) Tw"
two-car garae,tw
lioary room. $18,OO0, .W f
3-4923. ,

Motorcycles ,i

FOR SALE:-B.S.A. Star tw.A -
500c.c., good condition, new s
$325. 743-8 Enterprim Pla e J
phone 2-4219, .

FOR SALE:- Two rhtorcy-cle~
for the price of one $350: [I&A.
.Gold Star "'500" $250; B.S.:.,
"250" $150, Both in esfif running condition. Leevnimg,
Payne. Albrook 235,11. Phq4

Blind, Deaf Parents Keep

Their Normal Infant Son
-o -
BLIND DEAF INSIDE The Hathaways carried ol 'a
AKRON, Ohio, March 8 -(UP)'Braille coirt/hip and wer m ar-
-A juvenile court judge told blind tried about one year.age. The liv
and deaf Mr and Mrs. Harold in a nPat home in nearby StMw
P.athaway yesterday they could which they maintain by t hem.
keep their two-week-old son, Clar- selves.
ence, who is normal in all re- ,
spects. Mrs. Hathway,.32, can make ou4
Judge Russel Thomas decided objects if they, are held closm t
the handicapped couple, helped by her eyes. Her husband i 'totally
visiting nurses, could rear their blind. '
first child. i
Hathaway, 53, has a 30-year-old His daughter Mrs. Juanta" Ba
daughter by a previous marriage. er of Miami. Fla., offered to take
The judge's decision followed the baby if her father and step.
withdrawal of aq affidavit by the (mother were not allowed to k
Summit County Welfare Board him.

SI LUuilj parents il aInnLty to
l I M provide the iant with adequate
BATON ROUGE, La., March 8 Hathaway had the decision
UP) -The State Police chIefspelled out w him with finr
earned hitch-Nkers today it prob- writing soni the palm of hishan.
bly would be a gpod idea for Then. he felt his way to the
hem to avoia Louisiana. judge enb and shook hands
CoL Francis C. Grev e m b e r g ewi -- ..
aid he had instructed roopersnt "o N-l a. d nado let
lueston hitch-hikers WtO "demn--tl'-d e ei .
mine who they aro and to file v~ 'j d.. th
rancy charges if they cannot N^ f kn&,rieni6 f t h
iow means of support." Hatiaw hjummpd to dp h i m
At the same time he warned after a focal newspaper said last
motorists that if they pick up week a welfare agent left them a
itch-hikers mhey may be giving note, saying Clarence "will prob-
ides tn escaped convicts or ably have to be taken away from
WOL servicemen, them" to be reared by a family
"Waris weather is arrving and with normal sight.
itch-hikers will be swarming o- .That was not our worker," Leo
er the open roads," he said. Mulhear. Welfare De p a r t ment
Records, ehow. Greve m b e r g head, said
dded, that almost 95 per cent of Mulheara said he had no objec.-
11 hitch-hikers do not have man- tion to the judge's decision.
y for transportation, and said: "We were only concerned with
A man who has no money has the child's well-being in -2 home
o get it some way. That Is why it in which the parents could neith-
s so often dangerous for drver er see him nor hear his cries,"
o pick up riders." he said.

I I Know now nard It is TOr a
child sent to foster homes," iAe
Hathawa indicated beto. t
heariat*M. If bab 3slab
firom them- they wamtid It W 19
placed i .Mrs. Raker's care.
-"The. Jtathawa will goke
Be 8hoG o bw var H
said. -
He was one 0 the, lead i
the neighborhood effort tO
the couple kee the child. '

Newman Smitl alth in human "
nature has been .'-aken by a mo-
torist whose car struck hip.. Thef
river of the car asked Smith, 44,
to wait at the scene of the ii
dent while he wept for hblp. Po-
ice found Smith the next mor-
ing sitting against a building s
waiting. Smith was statedd for
minor injuries.

1954 Harley Daivdson Motor Represaentative, 1954 Ford V-8 Fordor, Fe_.ormd atle,
In perfect condition. For Turn Indlietors, Tinted Glass, Low Mileae.
nformaton Gelabert Of On Dilay at COLPAN MOTORS
f .... h 0. Tels. 2-10 3 and 2-lU 8 a.m. to 5:39 p.J.
I L +
I _







We have in Stock a Complete Line of




S, .\ ._ ..-:A- W-- -7

ends. beerjau

y7 offl
006 1M

tt a IN

a X. ". -" -^E "i 3



ag '

S.. 4. .
Ba ..-fB,


-- 7..







*r f'

I C --


* *- -



# r





AN \y E'N39 .A.-l IWVAf.
it I 9 1. iW '-T '- .

WAD-F .3

- -
$1BlMB *

L 1


4 s Antonteta IPons

1:15 3:48 :16 -8:50 p.m.

f *.m SU 6.26
Shews' tart ht 5:05 p.m.
with -
Cary. GRANT Myrna LOY

U~i ''' *1;~ill I I .'i

,i m iifiiii ^,--"-

Morally Rate

Drops For Kidney

TB Sufferers.
year's treatment with three new
druIg and complete rest has re-1
duced the death rate drastically.
for sufferers of tuberculou!s ofi
the kidney. e
Dr. John K. Lattimner of Co-1
lumbia university reported this I
at the llth annual cynicall con-'
ference of the Chicago Medical
Society. The drugs, used In va-
rious-combinations but never a-
lone, are streptomycin, paran-
aminq sallcylic acid lfnazlaid.
Treatment with them has reduc-
ed the death rate from about 80
Bper cent to 8 per cent, Lattlier

Antique Weapons

Be Featured

So-t ,-1inP (Cvil War Mafh
,8%#- P / FT. LE-'. Va. (UP) Musk. I
r R1 I I et fire will %uind again across a
I a- battlefield of the CivU War here
.87 Q 0 I 1" I in Mav. ,
Modern marksmen. descendants
iNumber (pL) I of t men who fought each other
4m HUrt -. at Gettysburg and Antletam, will
41 Mr. sralklin a watch marksmanship with an-
Aphlteater tique weapons Dressed in authen-
Tumultuous c blue and gray uniforms, they
'408t M i I a ng away with muzzle loadi-iR
XI04m7ny Wir rf | miles of 1860 vintage during fihe
ft "soame a-I l1th annual North South
0 Tof the Skirmish.
bead The three day affair starts
64 shamgai' May 6.
Tents will spring up in bivouac
Wit"u", a a. r / areas to house the sharpshooters.
Their hoop skirted and panta.
... -- looned wives will come along to
cook over open fires.
BH Fifteen learns, composed of
eight marksmen, each. will par-
L tipate. The winner gets the los.
'. '* her's flag. List year the North
HLo at Quan'.co Marine Base, Va.
-. '.'I se t bakeda $tars and'
TV ADIO son, of Richmn a.of Troop 1,V.
He's shoot director of Troop I,

by. kI& J0 m onm Second Virginia Cavalry, host for
i t..the affair. A diesel machinist,
-- u --- he's already sporting a beard and
o- -how serious 20hCentury sideburns for the big day. He ex-
HOLLYWOOD' (-NEA)--Behind! Here's how serious p0th Century- plained that hit team is named i
the Screen: ,After reading a! the Fux atu,,lu is aDuun pruuc~U .CD ~ for the Confederate outfit of which
advertisements and spring fa sh- bol teletilms or nome screens. his grandfather was sergeant-
ion columns I'm making my an- tne vioep suDsitiary, taKi'lg ovei maor. .
Mual fashion predietoi. Its al-. l auOX sOUnustaes, wl be nwowm u All team. bear the names of
ways the same there will he a' ahentury-ox i wich fought in the war. .
change ia men's pockets Ibis year. ions. The youngest marksman prob.
So wu didn't know was a fash. hLSuaio story properties and talent ably will be Hunter M. Self, Jr.,
ion wiT Why. I even know the %%1U be avaiaulae ior mthe Leiellms, 1', of Richmond. His great.great-
jjyst & aman should notice aWong witia StOCK lootage irom tine grandfather fought under Mason's
but a uthojLvwood glamor doll. stuomo library. Average cost of the grandfather.
*e &I s thlig he ileald moI de iali-niour snows w&il .A e-U,oue. In The matenes have been held at
is whether his wle Is aromud. mnarge is Sid Rogell, veteran of vrious military instal a t o n s
Comae to think of it, I've been .w years in mua.e-uiakung. since World War II. This year's
evedrooking s eav e r a Hollywood ays Rogell: event will mark the first time the
tashioin notes. Just yesterday on a. sklrmish has been staged at a
movie bet an aging glamor queen' "We re getting into television n desiveh h battlefield of the Civat a
asked it her seams were straight. with the ful knowledge of its vast War.
Th reply was; potenual and consiserable impact The Ft. Lee ranges are sur-
,Wieh uones--in your stockings and tne very fact mnat we re uaing rounded by earthworks thrown up
or on your face?" ne parent company a npme shout during the Yankee siege of Pe-
A new magazine photo of Marj- be proof enough sat quality wl tersburg Va. The "Crater Battle.
lyv, Monroe proves there's eye- u o t utmos, ,unsiaera.on in our field" has been made a national
Opphl-g news in evening gown I production. military park.
eeioha;e with shoulder straps' ---. .
ee a with shoulder straps It's tree ytars of marriage for .
JACK uXNNY has an unusual Liz 'ayor ano mixe Wuoins. TWO Fire Fighters
new bue serge suit. It picks up Dorothy Dandridge is latest for a .
everything,e ys, except lcnemae oL aunuoaI WO s iag d Needed By US Army
e cheeks. Fox, in audition oIn."The King andNr ,
.- .s ~..'iaaiy Carlisle, once d I eolan ronel O e
Fashi quiz: Whyi". bustle f"m utie, now manages a Hoiy- The Civilian personnel. Office
ke a soealmovie? ood beuty lon. rasprLy of the US. Army Caribbean, to-1
h Beth are lctioUs tale k ,d note a .euty s arnz paid tornt da an rned two positions va-
endon ,te ,Ily.- .. race bne cancles for fire fighters.
-. rrAmong the necessary aualifl-
the mihn front, this W cations for the job are: the a-
ovjie i ever iy I Flames Kill Old bilty to train personnel, involv-
ine fire drills; to instruct person-
.. Oalylet'snt, Man; Fire Truck nel in the proper use of all fire
sw Hughe.1111111He'lapparatus and equipment and,
wag*40 roperfire fighting techniques
-a # "Fails To Arrive or riqes types of fires .
1Tnua theater marquee on the | Ipervise and make scheduled fire
evard fts fah con- ATOO, N. J, March (UP -prevention Inspections t dete
aU Ma)ftwood It reads: "Carmen Lous Smith, 82., was burned toifire hazards; direct periodic in-
JonM" in Color and Selecteddeath Sunday in his three-room spections of all fire extinguish-
Shbt. frame bungalow in nearby Ches- ers for serviceable condition: act
--.- 11hurst., The community's only as fire chief during absence of I
alIvwood and Grapevine: Judy fire truck was unable to answer chief; be responsible for insuring
CG a nadBd4 NBCTV are having the alarm'because of a run-down his subordinates are familiar
tasls Bot Wssible TV acting JOD.a I battery, with and comply with all estab-
fo" hqr ao-sear-old Lisa... if.- Police Chief Anthony Leonard Ushed safety regulations and,
lg. per btas piana for a Broad- aild attempts had been made to;practices.
way Masmal starting Eddie Fish- recharge the fire truck's battery As assistant fire chiefs they
er..BH tbawmpes, Paraem1ou10 willwithout success. IwUll be assigned to a rhift In
have sp Of tfe fUm r wight. The fire company has no charge of aUllire-fighnu sta-
money for a 1ew one and no one Hlons and activities in the Atlan-1
JIMT iSTEWART who don't tseemed.interested in getting up tic area. Applications should be I
ilid Op. ee-fa1ioal w app1r- the on0pey,".B said. submitted to the Civilian person-
ame ti aiefsi, is s1 e ,.-d-1 -nel fice, USARCARIB. Building q
ed .t a s.p"1 part ia ieUmbaia'a s A : No. % Post of Coroal, C.2.
,e IsRe Jack Palaone gl Aslim -is
a, of Re ported Moving h

,00D.- N. R :- -(UP-Aa-.
wMth a suOme dra*l a
*wth-atsi I witbhVa


*- i m o. 10-.2





SNOW SLOWS TAFFIC A city plow (right) followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on a
normally free-flowing overpass near Forest Hill, a suburb of Boston. A northeast snowstorm
surprised commuters and caused numerous tra ffic tie-ups.

UNVEILING-It looks like the wraps are coming off this nearly
completed home In Holdrege. Neb., but It's Just a blanket of snow
sliding off the roof during a warm-up in the weather.



TH 71k WO


The loves and lives
Hilton Sisf


TWINS vWr bom rn...
and only the 3rd set of
twins in OveW 3000 yoiS.

PRICES: .60 & 0.30



of the


.--.. o, .

S, ANn, '



former NB(. Syrr.phony "the'
orchestra which refused to die" -
may be winning is fight to live
a indeAnitely.
Word is going around that at
least two cities Miami and New-
ark, N. J. are interested in ac-
quiring the musical organization
which Arturo Toscanini carried to
international fame.
Now; palled "The Symphony of
the Air," since NBC ordered it dis-*
banded w1he Toscanini retired, it
has scored another big success
with the listening public by
giving an all-Sibelius program.
Sibelius has been neglected by
orchestras for some years npw,
but the turn-out for the first all-Si-
belius .program in a long time
would seem to incate that he
still is 4t ad l or hea

fame ort
Fibelius Inte rtor, was calle in
as guest conductor. His program
was made up of "The Swan of
Turonela," "Tapiola," "Luonotar"
for soprano and orchestra, "Herb-
stabend," and the fourth sym.
phony. Jennro Tourel was soloist in
The orchestra is going to give
-the firs performance of Duke El-
'lington's concerto o for piano,
dance band. and symphony or-
chestra' on March 16. with Elling-
ton's band providing the dance
part. It has scheduled two con-
certs with Kirsten Flagatad for
March 20 and 22
The New York City Opera Com-
pany, sometimes called City Cen-
ter Op,'ra, has engaged two Ameri-
can-born conductors and 13 new
singers for its spring season which
opens March 17.
The conductors are Emerson
Buckley. musical director of the
Miami Operp Guild and former
musical director of the Mutual
BIroadcd.ting System, and Everett
Lee, who will become the first
Negro ever to conduct a perform-
ance of a professional opera com-
pany in thin country.
A native of Wheeling, W. Va.
Lee conducted 'Carmen Jones'
and "On The Town" on Broadway.
1Ie has an impressive academic
background, was once director of
the opera department at Columbia
University and studied privately
under Dimitri Mitropoulos of the
New York Philharmonic- Sym-
phony and Max Rudolph, of the
metropolitan Opera cojnductorial,
Among the new singers is Dr.
Philip Bond who practices media.
cane and is not going to give it upI
foi a full-time operatic career. Hel
i- a baritone, and another new.
baritone is Bernard Green. woo,
has ben operating a golf-driving;
idnge while waiting for his musi-
cal career to open.
Also .dded cl the company were
Lois Hunt, s leading soprano at
the Met for three seasons who now
*s a stai of a television program.
and Adele AIdison, a Negro prima
donna of tbs New tlglanld Opera
Finland, smaller than California,
contains some 60,000 lakes, gouged
out of the land long ago by re-
te-tiling glaciers of the Ice eAe.
Swedb probably huas close to 100-
tOO such lakes.

-I 6.15


* Also: -


with Wm. Holden
Richard Denning .

I ^ 'T..qir "Pu t' I.

.You'd never catch me going around like that!"


BALBOA 6:15 7:45

DIABLO HTS. 6:15 7:50 ..
Dennis O'K.E E
Thurs. "A B 1 WAMINO
AAMBOA !: ", ~ -JHN 4U ,

Wed. "An Americaen P&a FrU I Wed. "-eturn From Tha aea-

GATUN 7:-6 MARGARITA 6:15 8:25
"Royal African Rifles" eGIMeft-'Mlil 8teor"
Thur. 'DIAMSND WIARl" TWed. "The Dmond Wizard"

.JS 7:6- PLAYGIR 4" ,.
Alr-Couditioned 'Wdnesdmy "HUMAN DESMEr'
________________________ I ,wj

PARAISO 6:15 7:45
"Casanova's Big Night"

SANTA CRUZ 6:15 8:40

I LA BOCA 6:15 7:#@

CAMP BIERD 6:15 8:16

An exquisite bouquet...

second to none!

Sip it savor it .
and you'll know why
connoisseurs give this
Italian Swiss Colony

Sherry a special place
of honor on their tables. It is
smooth and mellow ...
with just a touch of golden
California sun ... and a
delightful flavor all its own.
This Sherry is one of the famous
family of Italian Swiss Colony
wines ... preferred by
discriminating wine drinkers
throughout the Americas. Drink
and enjoy Italian Swiss Colony
wines ... enjoy the best your
money'can buy!

_ S ,. .




45. c*


__...-..,- .._.

n i. M. n u ... *.:.
*^^^^u^^^^trin t^^ ^^ ip--^l~ll^SS-- 'llllll


- .. ..._ .


- .~

S .' A X.
.. .',l y> --." .. .* .





Annouwce'Am e it CJBDA D DE CALr on March 195S in a, new

'~ m ms I.'


_ ___



-. .' ..- .



I' "" .,-v- I


S.., .


Major Leagues Stuck With Half Million Dollars Worth Of S ai4T
0,' .. *' : "" *. 2' i ;,,


Have To Be Carried On Roster Fastlich

Whether Thev Can PlavOrNot League

W swU" w I o E 'tw = WM' -

NEW YORK, March 8 (UP)-The major leagues
* have stuck themselves with more than a half million
S dUllars worth of bonus babies who'll have to be car-
ried on the roster whether they play a lick or not.

Teams W L F
Ocelot 3 1 .7
Pumas 3 2 .e
Conejos 7 2 .5
Macaws 2 3 .4
Palomas 2 4 .3
mlelwa sl Imwfi 2 af WnI FI

There are 17 in the bonus American League bonus babies
class, many of them slated lor include Kallne. pitcher Bob Mil- Monday-Palomas vs. Conejos
benca outy and little eise. A no-! ler and infielder Reno Bertola of Tuesday-Ocelots vs. Pumas
table exception is outfielder All the Tigers: Ron Jackson, White Wednesday-Macaws vs Palomas
hahne of tne tigers, a $35,000 Sox infielder; first basemaih Thursday-Conejos vs Ocelots
bonus beauty who won a steady Frank LeJ sand shortstop Tom Friday-Pumas vs. Macaws.
Job lait year and is no proolem. Carroll of the Yankees; infield-
er Harmon Killibrew of the Sen- Conejos overwhelm Palomas
But some clubs have their ators. Allowing three hits and strik-
heaaaches under the current ruie ing out four while his teammates
tLiat insists a yougster signed ior Most of them must be carried were taking advantage of his
a bonus of more tnan $4,000 must all season although a few will opponent. Lem Kirkland and the
be kept on the roster tor two full be graduating from the bonus Conejos trounced the Palomas of
years from the signing date be- class some time during the cam- 17 to I.
fore can be taken to slip him paign. Donny Ryter and Charley
back to the minors for season-: Chase were the batting leaders
ing. Giel, former All-America foot- with two for three, although Lem
bailer at Minnesota. brought the helped his own' cause with a
The world champion Giants highest price among the current slashing triple down the third
have tied up a reported $75,000 crop, but Shances are he isn't far base line, driving in, two of his
In pitcher Paul Giel and an- ahead of Leja and Miller. The mates ahead of him. Norman
other $35,000 in third baseman Yankees reportedly shelled out Pederson got a double for the
Joe Amalfitano, but the mopey $60,000 to land Leja and the Ti-1 Palomas their only extra-base
probably isn't as vital to the gers were said to have matched hit of the day. Herble Schneider
Giants as the two places that for Miller, a schoolboy was the losing pitcher
they're taking up on the club's pitching sensation. Today, the Pumas and Ocelots
roster. meet for the second time this
Leja made one hit in 12 games half. This could be the game of
Owner Horace Stoneham kick- with the Yankees last year for a the eek.a J immu To,~,ld.. ha.

Plummer is Early


To Halt Unbeaten Jose Edwin

ed off sprlhg training by going .200. Miller got into 32 games and been pitching -very steady ball
on rec6ra wiLh the remark that posted a 1-1 pitching record, for the Pumas and with Orlando ,SECRET CONSULTATION Whatever Rocky Marciano is
either one or ooth might have to Nufiez or Julio Du Bois to oppose rn N wig oc ar can
go to make room for players who The Yankees were said to him, a real pitcher's battle whispering, in British heavyweight Don Cockell's ear, you can
could be of more help to the have gone to $40,000 to get should ensue Ted Webb will get her the World Champ isn't giving away any boxing secrets. The
team. Glel, however, has been Carroll and the Cardinals put the catching assignment for the huddle took place in New York where they signed for a title bout
promised plenty of work after up a reported $40,000 to land Pumas, with Bruce Bateman get- to take place in Ban Francisco.
pitching only four innings last Schofield, who averaged .143 ting the call for the Ocelots.
year. in 43 games last year. The box score:
In addition to Giel and Amal- Washington's expensive young- PALOMIAS
fitano, the National League has ster, Killibrew, is the first such Players ab r h o a
*10 on its bonus list: Sandy Kou- investment by the Senators. He Valentine, 2b 1 0 0 0 0
fox, Dodger pitcher; Clyde Kizer, cost 'em $30,000 and so far the Feeney, 2b 2 0 0 0 0 U_[inU__ _-w_
Cubs pitcher; Tom Qualters, haven't 'regretted it an instant Perez, 3b 2 1 0 0 1 -
Phillies pitcher; Lauren Pepper, although he go into only nine Schnieder, p 2 0 1 0 5 -
pice;.ar. games last year. Baroier, p 1 0 1 0 0
a pitcher, and Nick Koback, a Curdts, cfact year 3 0 0 7 0 --
catcher, both with the Pirates; Killibrew is a hard-hitting in- Pedersen, ss 2 0 1 0 'PACIFIC LITTLE. J IC. Liter field, but Curty got tough and
infielder Dick Schoefleld of the fielder who once 14t .847 In a Snodgrass, c 1 0 0 2 1 struck out the leading batter in
cardinals, pitcher Joey Jay and semi-pro league. But like the Klein, cf 1 0 0 0 0 Second Half Staindgngs the league, namely Parker and
Other bonus babies, he's learning Fundadowski, rf 0 0 0 0 0won Los P then retired Dou Crook and
Infielder Mel Roach of the to be a pro the hard way by Dolan, B. If 1 0 0 0 0 Spur Cola ........ 3 0 1.000 Whiffed the next batter.
raves. watching Instead of playing. Dolan, E. If 1 0 0 0 0 Seymour Agency .. 2 1 M68t1
.ander, lb 1 0 0 5 0 Gibraltar Life .... 2 1 .6671 The box score:
SII I Lincon Life ..... 2 2 .500
a i 1 A ATotals 18 1 315 7poUlce ............. 1 2 .33A Lincoln Life AB R II
MIa orC M inor Leagues vs. CON OS Elks 1414".........0 4 .000 gelke ss .... 0 0
M a+, M ino IFrangioni, 3 2 2 1 0 1 eck 2 ............. 2 0 0
SRyter, ss 3 3. 2 4 3 Gibraltar Life 6, Lincoln Life 3 Bassett 2b ........... 1 0 0
nan, o I 1 .'1 Kirkland, p 3 1 2 0 4 Gibraltar Life upset their in- Dubois c ............. 3 0 1
KA Chase, r 4 3 2 0 0 surance opponents by the score Parker .p .............. 2 0
T B SK UnS ine 0 braltar agregatronWi scattere if e S......... 3 0 0
McNabbo, rf 1 0 0 0 0 four hits an- struck out ten bat- Jordon lb ............ 2 0 1
SMillion, c 3 2 1 5 1 ters for a well deserved victoryBradshaw cf ......... 1 0 0
n r ae, Att n an u r lb 2 1 0 7 0 bnly once was Larry in trou- Lambert 3b .......... 2 0 0
Chnreassin, 2b 0 1 0 0 when three hits in a row pro- Spur Cola
Schraeder, 2b 1 1 I I 0 duced twj runs. However, Jack-
Scott. if 1 1 0 0 0 son regained his form and sent Rathgeber 3b ........ 2 0 0
NEW YORK, March 8 (UP) Frick saw the major-league Wodraska, If 2 0 0 0 0 back the next three batters via JJh Watson as ......... 2 0 0
~Bth the major, and minor increase coming chiefly from| -cthe strike out route. Obly onI R. Watson c ........2 0 0
lemuee will bask n1 the sunshine increased Interest," while the Totals 24 17 9 18 11 player touched Larry f more Schwarzrock p ....... 2 1 1
of Increased attendance during minor-league rise should come Score by Innings than one blow and that was the iPrill lb .............. 2 0 0
the coming season, with the ma-from "Increased promotional ef- Palomas 000 001- 1 Etellar backstop, Victor Dubois, taldell cf ......... 2 0
jora each drawing "about 10 per fort: rck said, "The minors Conejos 11 03 21x-17 who had a triple and a single. Chase 2b .......... 2 0 o0
cenf more" to go well over the have finally realized that you ------ Wee Willie Engelke pitched Bowen rf ............ 1 0 o
8,000,000 mark, Baseballl have to tell folks about the! Summary Errors: Conejos 1 creditable ball for Lincoln Life Dilfer If ............. 1 0 0
Commissioner Ford Prick pre-'gamen, and that will result in a I (Schraeder). Palomas: 7 (Feeney but a few miscues and base on
dicted today. isubtanwal gain." 2. Pedersen 2, Snodgrass 2, San- balls spelled disaster for teh Lin- --
SAnd now, the commissioner Now, Prick said, he would like ier). Runs batted in: Palomas: coln team. The Gibraltar boys
added, it would bni ace if the to see something done for the Barbier. Conejos: Chase 3, Ryter. made all of their hits count, col- ATLANTIC LITTLE LEAGUE
O aufferinn pittchers were pitchers because, at present, thp Kirkland, Watson, Million 3, electing six runs on only four .d al S
Aita break too. by the re- batters have "all the best of it" Schraeder. Two-base hits: Palo- hits 2nd Half Stand g
turn of the1 "sit ball. in the rules. The return of the mae: Pedersen. Conejos:-Chase,
rrick made his forecast on at- "spit ball," he believes, would be Million, Schraeder. Three-base The box score: Teams Won Lost
teddance as he stopped off at only doing what is right for the hit: Conejos: Kirkland Stolen Mutual of Omaha 2 0
0. Philadelphia Phillies' camp hurlers. bases; Conejos: Frangioni, Ryter IIncoln Life AB C H Coco Sol0o 2 C
Slearwater, Fla., on his tour; Piteners also occupied a ma- Chase, Schraeder. Double plays. 'assett 2b ........... 1 0 '0 Police Pals 1 1
ough the spring training jor share of the spotlight at the Conejos; Prangloni to Ryter to TcElhone 2b ........ 2 0 0 co Solito 1 1
sites of all the major-leaeue their major-league camps as Chase; Kirklknd to Ryter to In elke p .......... 3 0 Coca Cola 0 2
clubs. He also predicted a six- several managers named their Hern. Left on bases: Palomas 3; I:ubis c .... ......... 3 1 2 Little Mottas 0 2.
club pennant race in the Nation- hurlers for the opening games of Cnejos 4. Bases on balls off:1Parker as ........... 3 2 1---
al League and a three-club pen- the exhibition season on Thurs- Schnleder 11; off Barbier 1; offt (rook lb ............. 3 0 1
nant race in the American, but day. Kirkland 4. Strike o u t by- lard cf ........... 2 0 0 The Coco Solito Cubs came in-
did not name the teams. Rilht-hander Marion Fricano. Schnieder 3; Barbier 3; Kirk. 1radshaw cft ......... 1 0 0 to the 2nd half win columns,de-.
V Prick's major-league fore-, who nad a 5-11 record last sea- land 4. Bits off: Schneider 8 for ;oyner rf ............ 2 0 0 eating the Coca Cola Bottlers by
est appeared fairly safe since ton, drew the honor of being the 16 runs, in 4 innings. Barbier I resler rf ... ....... O 0 0 ascore of 15 to 4. This was the
ate tonal Leagr drew .- .Kansas City Athletics' starting -for 1 mn a n 1 inning. Kirkland ,ordon If ............. 1 0 0 hi-hest run total yet posted In
is'I, while the American pitcher in their debLjt as an 3 for 1 runs, in 6 innings. Wild I owman if .......... 1 0 0 this season's play.
missed P .rick's fig- American League team on Thurs- pitch: SchneIder 1. Passed balls- Beck 3b ........... 1 0 0 Smithwas the wlPnin,5pitch.
i re w 7,2,364. The shift ofr day against the Pittsburgh PI- Curdts 1. Winning pitcher: Kirk- Lambert 3b ....... 1 0 0er for the Cubs The Cu have
the Phldelphia A'to ansas rates. land. osing p Schnder won a total of five games so far.
S o landLosingPitcher:chneider.. and little Mr. Smithhas fpur of
City i expected to provide the Among the other hurlers Umpires: Nevile Gibraltar Life and little Mr. Smith hafour of
American League with a size- named to work in the "Grape- 1 r,. 4W, them to his own credit.
sip fruit League" openers were Bob Hermada If ....... 3 1 0 For the Bottlers. Johnny Cro-
.. Porterfleld and Camilo Pascual a I Marquard 3b ........ 3 0 0 nan was the starter and loser, as
for Washington against the iu e Fr AI Adams 2b .. .... 3 1 0 he didn't seem to have his usual
Boston Red Sox; rookies Al Brandon ass ........ 3 1 teadiness and good control.
(The Bull) Schroll, Frank Sul- .H L i. Ra er lb. ......... 3 1 0 os f the Cubs ound Jdhny
nlnlH ,ulivan, and Al Curtis for the ,' l lUllllf NIui um' Jackson p........... 2 0 1tno e their liking as0 most of them
Red Sex: Gene Conley, Ernie Stainerr 2 0 0 came up with hits. W e r d en
Johnson and ChetNihols for ,o .._ih. Hutchinson e: 2 0 1 Feah relieved him in the third
% 40 the Milwaukee Braves against nyder rf .M 2 1 1 lna pt the Cubs t bay for thre
SI54.- S : the Brooklyn Dod.s: and In o l ast three innings.
.rwi 4m,.J5 .:w,9:.5 p.m. Pete Wojey, Ed Roe; k and k t written order to get the tates
i Bcesnt for the Dodgers. r- pius Spu Cola 1, Lh Ola Lfe 0 written up, 1t g
eP"frty BOGART The Pittsburh Pirates a for th the .1955 Abrook. Glf o the managers of the winnlbti
SHEPBURN Chicago White oy were expe .Tou.rnament are In a thrilling itching duel be- teams would notify this wrlte
So wmentlnR i switchin g players' e w. accepted at the ath- tween Ralph ",perky" Parker and s a e proper credit could
Pn Positions. Pirate genHOLDEeral mana- I t a uned by Curty ebwarsro the Spur Co- e ven to te ndvidhal boys
ot .i.- ler Branch Rickey ordered the a e s J. .PkoPersonnel serv. anosed out the Lincoln Life for its, etc.
-changin of six-foot, six-inch *e enter. Par for its medad successive This is not being done. With
SDick Hall.right-handed swin beheld during theperiod and tat one run wathe numerous scorekeepers, and
Irne outfielder who batted on Of March 22-26 at the Ft. Amau Schwarlek s penth round my own Inability to be at each
i239 last seasonlder whnto batted dor glf the tourney 1is f and every ame, these resumes
land left-handed batter. And open to --and naval _lbW, ed mater- y be exact, nor
SsWhite s eox manar Mart M- l faligned to e- v the complete. I am therefore re-
i ron was trying out rookies Jim roo, t neent went I d ~.Dkd walks m--u manaer- that t,
eon.aapv scoe i d=.must call me, unless I notify
Marshall Ifirst baseman who hit s core othurwisaut tym
31 homers at Oakland, and. Jorp atr '*a ilt sd 'the hsetgamb at bb gam is i
Kirrene third baseman who hit fbr ryli istrto s i
.343 at Colorado Springs, in the e- -a rgutraon ft b ru
outfield to add power to his line- ower 11l o

16 ,

became a
--- -- ni, ns "

In other camps:- .t h 9 a on a bass l
Third baseman Vern Morgan = dO e urneh of the first
whacked a single and homer in tW..rays ofWe journey. The low
intra-squad game to lead the of an ninn
Chicago Cubs with four hits In Tih IM
six trips: manager Buckv Har-. ,e fw AbrOk cbt,
ris of Detroit said rookie J W -
IPorter will et the first shot at tm L."
Ithe vacant left-field job: man-
ltager Leo Durocher of the 01-
ants maid veteran Mickey Grasso _MT
may become tis No. 2 catcher: 'M k 4
the Cleveland Indians turned.
down Seattle's bid to trade for thet -
a pitcherand a first baseman:; Ic.I a 'ofm
and manager Casey Stengel of j1oy apy r
the Yankees called Andy Carey, N
t0e onl eertam carter among



Former Isthmlan feather-
weight champion Federico Plum-
mer today was rated by the "ex-
perts" a slight favorite to defeat
unbeaten welterweight conten-
der Jose Edwin in their sched-
uled 144-pound ten-round match
at the Colon Arena Sunday
Plummer, who will be making
his first local start since return-
ing from New York where he
could not get a match, will dis-
play the reportedly large assort-
ment of tricks he picked up at
Stillman's Gym.
The "Stringbean" has been
going great guns in his work-
outs and is already in top form
for this Important contest. Fe-
derico's handlers are confident
of victory apd will send their
boy out to ry to end it quick-
ly against/ the steadily Im-
proving Edwin.
The Panama City hotshot will
have an edge over Edwin in
height and reach but the ad-
vantage is slight. The Colon sen-
sation. on the other hand, will
have a decided advantage in
weight. Edwin is expected to hit
144 on the nose while Plummer
will most likely come in at about
Edwin, who was Caribbean
and Central American welter-
weight champion before turning
pro, has chalked up four impres-
sive victories since leaving the
ranks 'of the simon pures. He
first whipped Wilfredo Brewster,
added Baby Hawkins and Ernes-
to Reid to his list and in his last
start surprised the majority of
"experts" with a ridiculously easy
triumph over the hard-hitting
Luis Samuels.
Many predict that Plummer
will be just another stepping
stone for Edwin's climb to
fame. One thing is certain,
their will be- plenty of action
between these two topnotchers
Sunday night.
The semifinal will be between
up-and-coming Marcial Molinar
and fancy boxing Carlos Watson
at 135 pounds over the six-round
There will also be a six-round
"special" between former isth-
mian 126-pound kingpin Choco-
late II and slugging Manuel
Prescott ,and an opening four-
round preliminary which pits
135-pounders Al Ortega. ane Al
Rodriguez against each other. '
General admission is wlrth
only .$1.00 (one dollar).

Homer Weeks Plays

R. P.s John Evans

In Chess Series
Special chess matches will be
played bv Homer M. Weeks, Bal-
boa champion and John Evans,
winner of the tournament under
the auspices of the Panama
nhess Federation. The first two
matches will be held at the Bal-
boa Y.M.C.A.-U.S.O. on Fridqy
and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.
Recently, Homer Weeks won
the tournament for the cham-
pionrship of Balboa at the Y.M.-
C.A with Roy Burgener as run-
The Friday and Saturday
.ames will be held in the "Y"
lobby and are open to the public.
On the following Friday and
Saturday, March 1 and 19, Weeks
and Evans will play two more
matches at the Cristobal Y.M.C.-

E by


MIAM -ACEL DouW br asU mmuaer a4 eri
manager iltmore le Paul chards a
nnbm. Thf how t ued t6 be Ja hoe 1and days of
baseball, when the McGraws and beia uk noa t ran the
teum on the field but put it there to ..wl .
It will be interesting to se hbow the en pi ad ma-
bitious Texan make out as he tries to keep pace wit.4th com-
binations as Weiss and Stengel, Greenberg and LopeL, and
I Offhand, it would seem he is daced'tg entirely too much
weight to the opposition, and that one of the two jobe must suf-
fer Also, the arrangement does not Inasire Infiniteconfidenoe
in the structure of the Baltimore operation. Too piuch i beiai
undertaken by one man.
Of course, this may be Riehards' inittf step twati even.
tually taking over the full conduct of the front offie, and pos.
sibly he has an understanding to that effeot--4n wih.eati the
situation mutt be viewed from a different angle.
Working with Frank Lane, Richards, in the last four seasons,
established himself as one of the ,better managers; and an at-
tempt was made to make a mystery of his sudden declaloa to
quit last fall. Apparently there was no mystery, certainly none
that couldn't have been solved by more money.

Richards wanted a three-year, $40" a year coDatasut
Comiakeys wouldn't pay Elsenhower that much to Tu.their
club, even with Mamie included in a package deal D goaam
Ladles' Days. *. -
Lane and Richards made an effeetige team. Of the two,
Richards is 'the more substantial baseball man. Lane's chief re-
commendation is a lively antipathy to the status qua. He is't
afraid to trade. In fact, trading has become sometlng. of An
obsession with him.
Although some of his trades seem to be made for no reason
other than to put the White Seox ir the headlines, thJ Ieede
has revived customer enthusiasm .and box-office vit4 P -
nant-wise, however, the results have been singularly ib _eo
of these days the eustbmrs may gt a notion they've been had.
What's the sense In a million trades If the team never wins a
Lane will miss Richards more than vice rvrsa. Richards runs
a game as knowingly as any manager in the game, and more
knowingly than most. He also has a remarkable talent for In.
stilling the old school tie spirit, even in time-taind veterans.
His teams are interesting to watch. He isn't afraid to gam-
ble if the situation sla inviting and the personnel is at eA lade-
Richards' theory is, that it's fine to win by the-book, But
there is no reason to lose by it.
Yankee fans may remember the day in the Staidium -when
Richards maneuvered as If he had never heard of the book.
Billy Pierce, the 'White Box left-hander, had a 4-2 lead o-
n intothe ninth with Bauer and McDougald, two right-htisd-
ers who hit him pretty good, coming up.
Richards made an orthodox call to the bullpen for Harry
Dorish, a right-handed pitcher, but instead of ta#if ea
he shifted him to first base, a most nnorthodoX.move., "4
Oned Bauer and McDougald had been pitched to, Dorsh re-
tired, Pierce resumed pItching, and the White Sox empletd
three-game sweep over the Yankees. npleted
The incident is cited not as an illustration of Rithardsh e
lus, but to show he was willing to take the abusive ridicue whi
would have been his lot if It had backfired. e
The fact that he had a certain logic on his aide wou
have absolved him. It just wasn't the wa to play the ge.
then, managers aren't supposed to wear wo hay thetiM .

Navy-Powels Contest Tonight;

Automen Whip CHS 11-3 TWKi

member of the entire loop, drew
his first starting aldignemh-
gainst the HiSh 1hoo ladl
recorded hlirst w atthe a-
son on a 7-hit performance.; Te
Powells bate too could 'only lnt
out to the tune of 7 hits of, the
left-handed slants of Bill Price.
But the league leaders took-ad-
vantage of miscuesto score their
frst 11 to, 3 win of the day.-
While the Powell* hitters were
combing the offerings of Croft
and Bowers, the two CHs hurlers
in the night cap, Vince Ridge
was allowing only ne- hit, a dou-
ble to right by Wayne Wall
the 4th frame, as the jPowe
pitcher tacked up win No. 4 on
the season without a loss. In the
seven frames in which he work-
ed, the strong Powella pitcher
faced only 27 QMS hatted. f
more than the minimum requir-
ed had he retired every batter
that faced him,

Atlantic Twilight Baseball
Teams W L Pet.
Powells 6 1 .857
Navy 3 1 .750
C.H.S. 2 5 ,286
Casanovas 1 5 .167
Powells 11-11, C.H.S. 3-3
TONIGHT GAME (7:30 p.m.)
Navy vs. Powells.'
There was no change in the
league standings for the '55 sea-
son as a result of Sunday after-
noon's twin-bill between CHS
and Powells. As a matter of fact
the only "outside of the ordin-
ary" event of the afternoon was
the fact that Powells took both
ends of the doubleheader by
identical stores, 11 to 3.
Harry Dockery, the senior

Pacific Softball Alona The Fairways
The first week end play of The
I PriI IDuran sponsored "McCalltns
LVe ueW Scotch Whiskey" Ringer at Sum-
mit Hills shows E. Morris Cher-
r'y low gross for the men and
2nd Half Standings Ruth Cherry low gross for the
W L Ave. women.
Firemen's Insur. 2 0 1.000 Prizes to .be awarded at the
Pan. Liquido 1 1 .500 completion of play April 3, will
Baxter's 1 1 .500 be, most improved score for men
Rotary 0 2 .000.1 bottle McCalluns scotch, most
m-- proved score for women 1 bot-
Results of the first week of play tje McCalluns scotch, most bir-
in the second half were: dles for men 1 bottle McCalluns
Monday: Pan Liquido edged out scotch.
S- Rotary 13 to 12. i Prisesl May
Wednesday: Firemen's Insurancei Low gross men, 3 bottles McC.
beat Baxter 19 to 8. scotch.
Thursday: Baxter's smashed Ro-I Low gross women, 1 bottle McC.
tary 21 to 6. scotch.
Friday: Firemen's Insurance' Low net men, 2 bottles McC.
defeated Pan Liquldo 10 to 3. scotch.
-- I Low net women, I bottle McC.
Rotary almost came from be-;cotch.
hind to win over Pan Liquido onI Second low net men, I bottle
Monday as they scored 3 runs l McC. scotch.
the last Inning and had the t I- Second low gross men, 1 bottle
ing ru non 3rd base when the'McC. scotch.
last out was made. All play must be in at least 2
Pan Liquido was without the tall matches and all ,players
services of their star player, turning in 9 hole cards must al-
Colston, who reportedly strained ternate between first andsecongi
ile back reaching for a slow 9 holes. Please mark all cards
rounder. Rotary ace, McZhone, 'Ringer" and have them attest.
played his usual bang up game. ed.
Firemen's Ins. hemeruns were --
too m u c h for Baxter's on Mereurio's Javeala Teuruament
Wednesday and on Friday F. LI. Summit Hills Golf and Coon-
eontinued their wi-nmg wan try Club report s taht their Pra
with a-n over Pe L io.,'Tet" Tettnburn has been In
Bm ter's nredri r e ermitereone with Uenry Smmanr.
Stam te tf- ftond of MreNuIo's Iwee
fl,' e o ,sad daere to complete arMrangmenfs
went on to win 1 to Sor theS3i
Gapes Mis w'. to ben
Mendas --ta. Hr. r eub e uI
me's 13Man
Wednesday Pan g-u-d4 .I
BVater. no w

The double win for the Powells
nine played them 1 and % games
ahead of their bitter Navy rivals.
But their entire lead is covered
by games in the "win" column,
both teams having only one lost
for the second half of the ,At-
lantic TwlIght League. Powells
lost the opening game of this
half to Navy and the latter, in
turn, dropped a close one to Cria-
tobal High School in last Thurs-
day night's upset win.
To offset the tremendous hit-
ting Powells of Dedeaux, Gib-
son, Hooper and Company, Navy
will probably sent their ace, King
to the hill King's last appear-
ance In the Twilight league was
In relief against CHBS when the
latter won 7 to 2. King came 14
the fourth inning and proceeded
to stke out 11 Criltobar batters
The Powells workhorse combl-
nation ma e, pitcher and
hitter, Noel Ibon took, time off
from the hill lastSunday and
has had plenty of rest in prpn-
ration for tonight's game aa
Navy. Gibeon worked in
ganes this ason, .. of tnem
complete gaa and has wonW
while a Phpalt
AIwin r Pow-
ells tonlgh ecid yui s
sure the.i of P o at e
in the secoland e.MPs-
u no. m C p
CMUV.ohi f asin~


~--'- -''-' L L--ILY--~I;L


* .' '- a .. *

%T. adaWL a. 15, 1
*f *- -

oSees w Making Yankee Oute

tEAGUE ROOKI No. 1 Baseball By icardsNo
A'- B GeAC Howr. d
(wN--be the flrMt Negro ever too
ear Yankee flannels in a cham.
lionsIMp game i
Athat,.falowrittaMe 18-p erth-rade
whihthewilynew manager Against The atche
the Orioles Picked up five ars
or more of slack in what h(ad o
been a sadly neglected farm sy (Acce tin g the Baltimore chal-!
teRichard. s, w lean d How- aer putting the Chicago
a a distance at but re- Richas, on e of the game's great
lized t-trem enough social pres- practitioners is richly quallfld
sure, among other factors, would to discuss modern baseball strat-
not permit th New York Amer- c o ,,n aea ta t-
nosto. ..p th e w sorLume egy. This is the second of six ar-
syer in the International
young fireballer Bob Turey, and tNEA) While he preferred El-
Shortstop Bill ftunter,- and Trader ston Howard's power bat 21
S Rit yardss used the Howard argu- doubles 16 triples, 22 home runs,
me.t as a wedge to fill two poeal- 109 runs-batre in and .330 fr
tions with excellent pros pOe c t s. oronto Paul Richards, new
., They are big Hal Smith amad tow- i.i nager of the Orioles, had his
ingGus Triandos. k narp epe on Harold Way ne
a few diamond aprSmih, he Am isers Smith while George Weiss of the
i neLa sociation batting champion withR TR O IND Mickby Mantle and his twin younger brothers Roy left, d Ray, right, Yankees bartered for Bob Turley
SA .35a.iM0, the tacco m p Ii a h e d get some ami confidence before the look-*alikei take to the field at ankee rookie camp at and Bill Hunter.
catcher I the business. Trlandos, St. Petersbrg, Fla. (NEA) Professor Richards accounts for
who caught .i br Kansas City lastf y_ every card in the deck. "There's
trip, wil play first base, where l a bigger area between the plate
he has had experience. r UN C .UB nd the Baltimore Memorial
Stadium stands and dugouts than
Richards was pictured as hyp- OUT OF DOORS wih s other park in the country,
noticed when he gave up Pitchers NOTES he points out. "'even more so than
Turley and f oon Larsen, along a Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.
with Hunter and junk for Smith, at Forbes Fid to otherin parks, ittsburg
Triandos, Gene Woodling Willie Compared to other parks, it'
Miranda, Harry Byrd, Jim e NRA APPROVED HANDGUN practically another center f e I eld Paul R a
Donald Bill Miller and Don Lep- TOURNEY SET FOR SUNDAY Hal Smith should catch many a
pert and Kitl Segrist, the latter Canal Zone tol So, -t was Smithere." s agility as pitchers with a different catcher.
air infielders who hit well in the M Cs Panal Zone pistol competitors ot b asl meith aag l tyt can t pitchersmh ad n catce-.
S r inors It doesn't s o u n d MOO'S P ASEDOEE N'T will be able to take their place well as his receiving g, throwing It will surprise the reat ma-
er minors. It doesn't s d FAE alongside local riflemen for na- and batting average tat interest- jrit of fans to know e name
e good deal, but thie one-time By AL M LANEtor tonal recognition, according to ca Richards, the planner. Not a of one great catcher whom enemy
Boy Wonder of Waahie s- Fiag dir an announcement by the Baboa few noted bad his eyes wide appraisers consider the batters quickly agreed was the
open all the while. Gun Club. The club Is sponsorin 24-year-old, Fix-foot, 195 pound easiest catcher in the league a-
O LY e A s regully for black bass at the first NRA approved pto Smith the finest catcher in bas- int whom to guess
thing regularly for black bass at tournament in club history, to be hall and the .350 batting average Elaborating on his choice of Hal
P aVW O #F5f was required to deal Turley the Point Mostly at Kiseaimee, Canal held Sunday, March 13th, at that topped the American A Smith, the m o b I e Detroit
LIM*AfM.SEN/D potenrtialBob Feller, but ichda an Ma sttheir range at Farfan. This will Pociation doesn't hurt a bit. ndlot product, in the 18-plye
--oti B Fl t ic-a. wanted to see just h o w be the first of a number of cap-6al with the Yankees, the very
I LATE Q /I ards, the gambler, had to do it of much the ph-se of the moon gov-, proved type tourneys beheld "Recalling the Giants' Word thorough Richards touches on
(gagI? R' rion a franchise for the glorifica- erns fishing conditions, ana I this year, in smallbore and big- Serwes, my impression of Leo Du- catching requisite rarely discuss-
tion of one player. He realizes found that :t doesn't, at least not ifle a ll i tocher was that the key man in c
that his entire future rides on the in the accepted sense. ore rifle, as well as pistol. his defeniv state y was t h .
sume thei nant-winnng and One of he nost popular theo- Approved smallbore rifle tour- catcher recollects Rich s, gaz- IThe catcher will find that it
1te orti Oroe once naments have been held here for i, down Daytona Beach's mie che tp d
more wind up no bette r than sev- rie we he on the subject is to amen two yhave b uteen held here forill of white sand "Given the ability around the lae to t to eep
nthore wind up no better than sev- the effect that bass won't bite inbe the first NRA approved t uo catch and tho w, a Duroch
senth or in p ge cellar, Professor Ithe daytime during the lign of ete to atcher mus be able to Interuret This may eliminate the necessi-
Pa will have to do a lot of ex- the moon because they feed at aent season for pistoleos every esure to the last of the umpire having t throw
plainin,.ni t.u f eyu ant blgbore. every esure to the lasew u h ng t h
c8 plt#Inighe then. But if you want to' detail. a new bal. The first and third
Srre catch them at night, you have to Sunday's tournament will co This facility means more to basemn might well be trained to
But 'he Lord Baltimores' plight during the dark of the moon. eatt ouer..e. N a cton lDurocher th-n Wes Westrum's do the same sortlof br-dog'.
Semanded daring action, and rif has been my experience that s. o o,, e o .er the sN atnoW ibatssg '1s, the mteresot of beeping he
satc Course of fire With the et big b fharod a M Corse of ti str et e o f k ig
8T P ETERSBUIt We are in tougher company this .bei secoa us a they dor't str ike has readily whenh te s es r e h t
year,.wch lis a good .thing for the. American League, aos ac As for Howard, Richar s sees the moon is brigt the ,however chaned piu s every time I n .amien, with 10 shots slow fire e ns b toomal cSate ychers "For superior contr ol, th
Ic ha In 1vSwe t0andv I h a ve caught them, however. I cugt agatcs yareds as a llInc.),toom catcher s up eoHth
count of in 1954, the Indians won 111 games, we got 103, and him as an outfielder. "Howard is an th h of the moon mcauta bass and I got just nas at 50 yardsand 10 shots eachfall into a pattern signaling for catcher should take every oppo
the White 89z finished rd with 94," Casey Stengel opened. a rousing hitter (21 doubles, 16 ngit heo nany hirikes on one color as on I timed and rapid fire at 25 yards. nitoacp atternigna th bll to
He had tpecepted n inya$ion to talk about the field, other triples, 22 home runs, 109 runs- when i. was hidden by clouds. the other. Slow fire allows one minute per t e A rtaended un t call ftcher a ig t for the p er
thkn Cleveladd, whith his Yankees will have to batter down, batted-in and a 330 for Toronto)," It Is also held as fact by some shot, whereas timed and rapid expended .upon to and two "The pitcher will often e
If they are to recover the pennant this year. says Bichard*, hish ehe followo Sr v e a
Sthey are to recover the pe t this year. his eyes follow that lure color makes a differI I tried white, gray,- ye o w, are hired in strings of five shots and runners in scoring o on o
..Frankny, there'.wwere'- days last season when our league, as so n ort attnagwt.ffourIlndtrunners m scorina ..,n. ..... ... ...
Frankly, d there werdays last seua on when ouryin league, as a particulary handsome craft I ho won' tuse anything but a plugs which were a combinat with time allowances of four In the same situation, except for asea a toug spot Mo
any whole, d not 1oo1. oMt, d 1 a- m not.d tA opoez up tay a Beach's mcipt acht ihite plu, for Instance. Well, I colors such as red-and-whi son s t per seconds and two seconds per the bases bei clear, he'Linal anl sandlot pitcher and sure
nde-r in sl nutI doubt thAm he iscan didn't .find that it. made any dif- -I think loep l weather and wa- bot, respectively. for the falth he' nt han
conthlnue ...l ibof 154 tel are stronger catch n e mercan ae- I terconddtions are much ore imt Sunday's tournament fy this o1 re ull
54 deio are stonTaue t ong ago, while fishing I portent than the phases of t he _Sunday'stournamentw Ig h io curve
That I )t~l Adn .titr t.s a t us eUe.last year m' Ev.ifHoward.could. tch, LIn ter a k count awards te Baloa Gun throughoutt a period of years a n or b an
Sve tender-hearted in their attire towar t e up here now he wouldn't get Lake lkstap oga one nig h t, I moon in govemg any kind of Club Pistol dhamponship, and ou delewhumana lnsy hat a thn it imewith
last four teams. In fact, I never before was with so sympathetic chance to prove it thre statements ou rmte m also be ote er dathe thata
%an outfit. 'four years, or as long a'l as Y oIgi aLittlec-onsider these statements of mine toward the Club's All Aroundall catcher ther thn the pitch t oled u
"Welnf have a teow slogan for 1955. It is very short and Berra is able to move, and Yog Panam t however, because there pon championship compete r may even go so far that Th e e h
to the "To hell with sympathy, because It never won hadn't slowed down any the last t Os anh astaoton, to be held this year. This t b e that theyra ball, is ea to
tipena t.',time I looked. My guess is that League aOener as ,_aAnd fast about fishing will Include s22 pittol.scenter-s believe that they ban d w ball, its e ras to
pennant.' e -- p e ere Sriand we all have a gr2apstol, cente-fire canshitme rtain pitchers with on 'last a good fast b is c t n
"W e have got to clobber the second-division clubs, or run Howard will see more service l r pnen ebut athey do greaf-eat pistorn l eol m o re r.. e, koore e ffe tv tha ....
behind Cleveland a scendtiein the outfield than as a catch- Slatedb Saturday diee. reflect my own rifle and trap f and skeet, a "Thrown with a new be, the-.
"Now, let us take a look at the revisions In personnel among switched n from the outfield to Something new and miraculous rugged program. All of Sunday's cu a he
the second four of last year. Detroit, with Ferris Fain at first catchingn, yom. erecall... The Panama Junior (Little) which will catch fish under a n v competitors who intend to have
base, has a stronger infield than it had before it traded Walter T i Ral League will get underway this hnd all conitions is always be- their scores count for this chai- tNE Pitcher lan a.d whe
Dropo to the White Sox. .OT. SMITH AND TRIANDOS Saturday, March 12 ,morning. ing sought bv fishermen. Actual. thet'sscores.-ui forfo r s -chang..
"Harvey Kuenn at short, and Ray Boone at third, give are 24, and, next to Woodling, The opening game will be. I.. there never has be e n and pionship should so notify the of-
Bucky Harris the best left side in the majors. They remind me Richards prefers talking abou played at a diamond that can probably never will be a never- ficials. Scoreq will automatically
Sof GlennWri ht and Pie Traynor on the old Pittsburgh club, them. Triandos' batting m a r k e reached by following 50th failing fly or lure. be counted Tor the Club pistol
Washington, which in 1954 fell 11 games from its 1953 barely dipped below .300 last sea Street until you see a tele- The best way to insure a full
c noer e ows ly onM a son for the first time inorgani-Phone pole with a sign on i e e y fish I cation on the part of the co-

who could well turn out to be a Is invited, weather and water, and w h at The Balboa Gun Club has ap-
Golden Greek manufactured 19 tiedheir favorite foods are at differ- appropriate several hundred dol- .
c h a n g e3 6 8 w h i leDr e e nt i m esn r e prac e d H as e v e r aln tuti m e s
WILL RICHARDS MAKE HIM LOOK BAD. homers batt ieply fori (Dtiuted by NEA Service) lars for this year's champion- h Yo Sl
WLLRCH RDSMAKE MLiOOKng n. tpomrs battin .er whldisie ln bytSeya rnh ships, and there should be some ?sh u db e
"Now, let us examine that much scrambled Baltimore club, Birmingham in 1953. bemufon freehThepublinto dinerent mueoatb onaof *m

"Paul Richards has improved t~he Orioles in left with Gene get that big bat of his around in home some of this silverware n .roi.e Cloum
Hal Smitr, at third with Billy Cox and Kal Segrist for whom o.have another ,wiamy Fo fully, and take part in all of the a
we had offers from three other American League clubs, and ohen Groeenberg o h andoherm tode .d. .. A a
Gdwhen he passed Bob Turley to the BhD PuGALan entry fee of 1.25 per 4ndI and em Irrate
"This brings me to Kansas City. I wish I could see much would. Written for NEA Service at 9 a)m. a l
ab ot, LoqDoudret a Is not going to lose anything like the 103 By JAC DEMPSEY QUESTION. Team A brings the
games the Athletics dropped In 1954. anMayta T" .Written for NEA Service ball uh from backcourt. It is
"I have read n ome very silly stuff about Kansas City's fail- iV ado IvnEe I t t hounded by an all-court press.
ure to trade. Some of the writers said we were afraid to deal et big b Team B defender gets one hand
with Boudreau and Arnold Johnson because there had bee. so Wotla IIa iivin on a pass but the bail continues w e
Cit rbith at third Cit y being a Yankee farm club. otid Team A moan. He is trapped. ..
e nhad with a noggin on his Asoulders knows that this et n But, sace ream B. man touched
mhye at we would have nimde a deal with Kansas City aTh liprospe bail, doesn't that gve Team A 10 te
Is he hC not run out of trading material in t od transaction dymon etsrspsecondsmore?-,eorge Wolf.r
with Baltimore. 'oEvery major United States Answerombessince t
"Now, let me jump the Boston situation. That club eave newreel, NBC Televiston and l yO n break aOf th an en
us a rough game every time we ran into it. But against Cleve- 20th Century ox wdver the K On as a faedrbldea ly
hportant ingwer for mi because it o t e e A. Ye, the shot will be taken.
solution of one of our major problems of thbe 1955 pennant place in the patio of Hotel a ost often, by the maac on the 's
race. The taestion of how to wallop the teams that are t o Panama on March 25, 2 5"end riht sidB e defender's left- h.,n '

easy for Lopez." 27th. as the ball is worked iote shoot.
20th Century Fox will do a
special sport short in Cinerama,
ROPES PAL LANE HAS DONE HIMSELF SOME GOOD so that the trills of the event
will be enjoyed by over one hun-
'I have saved my analysis of the White Som for the I&t, on dred million people around the
purpose," IUtiel chuckled. "I.always like to give my pal, Frank world. .
Lane. full K1oalderatlon.
"In 1054. Chicago fnlalbet nine games behind us. Maybe 20th Century Fox recently re- _Jack DmeGUARANTE
Courtney, Jim Bridoweser, Bob Chakeles. Ted Gray. Walt Drapo diving championship which has Nobody knows better than a
and' Bob Nieman. Gray could make Lane look awfullv good. ben shown in Canal Zone thea- fighter what a heavy weight title I
'As far the rbange in mange, wth Marty Marion taking terms. means-and how had it is to get
the lace of Rich&r6s let e seftte tt one. I refuse. a chance to for afi
SthatM in a s of08t1el etwarsks % "a a Thi dyear'e aforh Thathe s g'swhy I 16 -,70x
ae &iMi Th Too id I rM time h of Um back to my J4 41"
event, I" n franM-, ,-to ..ti th_ RTi w.
w oow atidomettlare p

I mi tt of the 1 abel bevo
M" sty tIF^ofPs rel sto St: to do
.ot'" r A R.T, l Mi smaTl.

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, ," .-- -T ," -v ,.



'Tv ik MAR a. Io w



St'ten on'


"'Let the people know the truth and the country is sae" Abraeig inVoin.


Dulles Faces Congress

On US-British Far Ea s

NEW VIND- ta Scala, Hollyu-
wood's new Italian and, re-
,portdl looks and talks like
Indl Perman. But she asks,
'"How could I be Ingrid if 'Vm
Ola?" She says In Italy "girls
who- hve respect for their
families, do not go Into films."

Tito Urges



,'BELGRADE. Y goslavia,
March 8 (Us)- President Tito
yesterday urged destruction of all
Utomic and hydrogen bombs and
appealed for an end to the secre-
y which now veils developments
nuclear physice.
: Tito told Parliament the atomic
arms race between Russia and the
est creates the threat of .a war
thich could "endanger the very
existence of humanity."
The visitors- galleries in Parlia.
enat were jammed by the biggest
Towds veteran observers c eu .'d
member seeing on any such' o.
a since the war.
e visitors listened for the
0ost part in silence with occasio-
l lbursts of applause.
-'lito, reading a prepared 10,000
Word speech emphatically, said:
."We believe it is necessary to
destroy all nuclear weapons now
available and use their material
to produce energy for the well be-
inS of people "
He added that the "epochal
discoveries" of the atomic sci.
Seantists, if used for peaceful pur.
pses, offer tremendous oppor-
nity to help humanity.
"Secrecy must be removed
from this amhlevement, a n d it
should be mdle available to all
nationi" Tito said.'
He announced that Yugosla v I a
has "precious nuclear raw mater
1i1," whini he said will be de.
voed in te service of our
'Uranium was discovered late in
1951 in the Strumica Valley, near;
the- point where, the border s of
Yug8sl&bAv(iatrece' and Bulgaria
imf tgether. ,
S* q",* "'.
SThe factils ro secret abroad, but
It had never before been anhounc-
ad the Yugoulav. people.
SYhslavi hs three atomic re-
ar oattuates known to be
Son plans for nuclear
lant eapabeI of producing elec-
and radioactive isotopes
for iedioal and industrial use.

(Nfi k Radio Telephoto)
DULLES MEETS WITH CBIANG U. 8. Secretary f State JoIn
Foster Dalles meets with Chiang Kal-shek (letf at Formosa,
where thet two joined in a four-hour "showdown" discussion #n
ways to end the fighting in the Formosa Straits. 'At rightAS
Mrs. Dulles.

(NBA Telephoto)
ON THE DEFENSIVE Chinese Nationalist soldiers dig trenches
on the island of Quemoy directly opposite a Red-held Island only
2000 yards across the water. Officials report that the Commu-
nists have ringed Quemoy with Soviet-built artillery that can
reach every corner of the heavily-defended island outpost.




[. ^
Stf- t v


*A spedlmenr sun god on-
trape wm fmt prize for its
rnhImaltrla Nelaun Pernay
at a 3NewYrkCity Cos-
tumed lWlMiatl of Bradi and
tSh U. & attended th. ball
9.0sg e rumtaia Cul-

Secretary of State John F o s t ar
Dulles faced stiff Congressio nt l
questioning today on 'whether the
administrations Far .ast poli c y
Las,. caused a split een this
country and Great tain.
Foreign policy ex-1ts of both
Houses also asked thsecretars
-Just back from a Far East-
ern tour- to tell them; t close,
ed-door* session how far the a*r J
nited States is committed tode-;.
tend Quemoy and the Matsu Is-.
lands off Formosa.
DIlles is to outline iAministra.
tion policy or these and other
touchy problems in v olv ng the
tense Far East in appearan ces
before the Senate Foreign Rela.
tons committee and the House
Foreign Affairs committee.
He is also to make 4i public ra-
dio-television report to the nation
Dulles returned Sunday from two
weeks in Asia where* he helped
organize Athe ,Southeast Asia de-
fenses of the eight-nation Manila
pact and set In' motion the U.S.
Nationalist China defense treaty.
Dispatches from London s a id
British foreign secretary Anthony
Eden, who also attended the eight-
nation defense meeting he I d in
Bangkok, returned great 1 y d i s-
turbed over U.S.-British .disagree
ment on ways to meet Red ag-
gression in Asia and to obtain a
ceasefire on Formosa..
But chairman Walter F.
George (D-Ga.) of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committe e.
said he talked with pulles yes.
terday and that the secretary of
state "indicated that here was
no basic misunderstanding, al-
though the British have s tlytW
different Interests In that area."
He said Dulles "seemed to
think that there was, some exag-.
geration about differences in view-
point" between the U.S. and Brit.
.Many congressmen have been
concerned about Quemoy and the
Matsus because DuUes has iteer.
ed away from making any public
commitment on defense of the two
island groups.
While the United States does not
want to guarantee safety of all the
Niationalist-held off shore islands,
it is' known that American forces
will defend against any island at-
tack it feels is aimed at eventual
conquest of Formosa.

People or hdged by the cornw
pony they kWeep and girls by how
te they keep (t. *o*

to )
oat C
. Navi
coay t"


al Quarters on Formosa
ae CBes Nation alist
rushing heavy American
ry and reserve ammunition
u island where. an all.
Omunmlat attack appeared
i sources reported yester-
. Nationalists were increas-
',Ahe of the garrison on the
y outpost barely 20 miles
'iaiunland to some 40,000
-iVcinter a major. Commu-
ildup along the "invaaion

SThere was no report of fighting
in the tense Formosa strait today,
Military sources reported only
routine patrol action to check
Communist troop movements and
threats. The reds fired 18 rounds
of. artillery at Quemoy yesterday.
Despite the lull on the 150-mle
Off-shore island line from Matsu
south to Quemoy both sides gave
all indications a major battle for
Matsu was an the making. '
Each told of air-sea maneuvers
carried out by the other and of
massive reinforcements.
Neither the U.S. Navy nor the
Nationalists would comment on re-
ports by Radio, Peiping that t h t
nationalists joined with.the Unit-
ed States to stage impressive ex-
erctses in the Formosa straits.
The broadcast said U.S. carriers
from the Philippines took part and
that Adm. Felix Stump, U.S. Na.
,al chief in the Pacfiac, watched.

,- 4',

Hotel, for the second year in succession, on March 25, 26 and 27. The l etrats will climb
the face of the hotel building and dive from different levels into a 6 ft. dep circular 1ool n
the patio. Don Hopka, 23-year-old title holder who will be here again, Is plotographe with
Miss Lois Clifford of Chicago the only girl taking part in the champltoeM either last
year or this. Miss Clifford, 22, is the first woman ever to compete 1* a Projs '.H- Div-
ing Ch&mpionship. t

The operating schedule: at Ga- Some delays to shipping have
tun 'Locks has been extended to a oceured during the past few days
minimum of 17 hours a day while but these have been princly
work is in progress on sinking ao. due to a fluctuation, in the num-
ess, shafts .from the. top of each er of vessels arriving for transit,
leek chamber to the center wall according to Marine Bureau of-
civert. f-icals.
The work is\ being' done by
Maintenance Division forces and The work was started In Jan.
is expected to be pr a c t ic all y uary but single culvert operations
completed within about three more did not begin until the middle of
weeks. February. The total time for single
;It is a phase of the plan to in- culvert operation is not expected
crease the capacity of the Canal lo exceed one month, with normal
during Lock overhaul periods by double culvert operation the re-
modifications which will permit mainder of the time.
double culvert operation 'with one
Fide of the Locks empty and dou- The modification of the Panama
bie-lock operation while the cent.! Canal locks presently underway is
er wall culvert is under.overhaul, expected to increase the number
The working schedule at Gatun of trlansits by about 25 per cent
has been lengthened to compen- during overhaul periods. .
sate for the time lost by single The workatGatun is being done
culvert operation during a part of ttnis year preparatory-to the over
the time when the access shafts haul next year The imodifleatlmn
ere being constructed. of the Pacific Locks is scheduled
The schedule provides for the in 1957 in time for the overhaul
first crew to work nine hours, and early in 19 5S
the second crew to work a mini.
mum of eight hours and a ma i- The plan provides for the center
mum of tei hours i flo- wall culvert to be sealed off while
mum of ten hours if add 0- it is being overhauled or for only
overtime is required one side to be sealed ,9f while one
With the overtime schedule i lock chamber is empty.
effect, approximately the s a me This willberdonembyp
number of ships canbe handled This will be done by plugging the
number of s hip caneholes i the bottom of each lock
daily at Gatu a the averageof chamber which are fed bp lateral
the past few months, culvert leading from th bifa e.n-

KI omhe

ter wall culvert.
The metal plugs which will be
used to seal the opening from the
lateral culverts feeding from cen-.
ter wall culvert are five and a
half feet in diameter. A total of
300 are needed for Gatun Locks
and these have already been de-
, Under the present .system of
operation it is necessary for the
center wall culvert, which is 18
feet in. diameter, to be entirely
closed off wbile it is under over-
haul and me side of the locks is
empty. This requirds single culvert
operation throughout the entire 6
verha period.
The access shafts from the top
6t eaCh center wall of the locks
bi needed to remove parts of the
bi cylindrical valves which icon-
iAm the flow of water in the lateral.

At present these are moved b
ide openings at te n ar of each
lock efamber. With flo- pm isiop
Saccess we p of the
lock walls, theme di will
the e anms-

Army Doctor .oins
CZ ICvt. SiA
Ce.ol DRYiI >.

A nims*- lAIN $Adb.

center 'wall culvert for handling as jshsas and lre ouny
perso$tel, equipment, and parts a mami amotmt of adB Onal ex.
Three of these elevator units will cavation- to reach the ain cul-
be required, one for each lock yert. CqMpletsnew shafs -.wwll
chamber on each side of the Isth-. bh qug ior the iower I .*4
mum. ghamben. "
Considerable saving In time and The fender chains 'or the Inter-
money in construction of the shafts mediate lock gates are not- used
is being effected by the use of the and their removal was ,authorized
intermediate gate fender chain several years ago with the mark
wells on the upper levels. to be done at any convenient date
These are large enough for use in the future. .

How does a man get ahead

swat of his brow

Here's the story of what happens when the
boss has a $125,000 year ijob fo gyve to th
man whose wIfe has the best qualiflcationst

^& If ornel Wlido worked ^
(OJ yoy woUld you gave
*the m the job?.H
(His wife's JuneAHyoAl sn

i f Van Hefil. worked for
you would you give him
the job?
(His- wife's Arlede DaM)
^ ^ -

If Fred MacMurrey
worked foryou woyld you
give him the job?,
(Hiswife's LaurenBcell)D

And before you make up your mind
would you put the girls thoughthbepoes
that Cilfto A Wbb, the boss; putshA
through'P (you'd probably like to) in
OIb ConibyJex's

-- "T1 M R I ;.

1- .~.'


7.'p -'


~c~: i.:

iU *f

Read sfoay





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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID EBV0UE3XN_HNBGS2 INGEST_TIME 2012-08-21T13:44:43Z PACKAGE AA00010883_00675