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UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., 31 (UP)-.duesia demanded today that Nationalist China be barred from taking part
in United Nations consideration of a cesfpIre in China fighting.
It was one of a i-ries.of anticipatef4 oninuhist move asdined either to torpedo United Nations effort toward
a ceasefite In the expletive Formosa t or to obtain a ceasefire on Cormhunist terms.
It -came at the outset of a Sepfi ncll meeting called to consider a Jew Zealand proposal that Red China
be invited to send delegates to iat.nd,. ty Counoil dis ousslens looking toward a ceasefire.
Red China's radto.l bW ded the
New Zealand props "ab olut e-
ly unacceptablW' todsy, and
Rmus puot forward a ounte
proposal which would effect a
ceasefie but oly on Red terms.
imdbtely- on conveni ll
of a $" r r" a4
11:3 a., soviet delegate Ar
kady A. Sobelev dmeaded
Generalrimo Chiang Kal-
shek'saFormosa goveramt,
Dr. Tingft F. Wmiang, be Ct-
Fiuanue, Great Britain, Turkey
and t-e United States imme-
diately opposed the Russian mo-
tlon, which was based on tthe
usual Communist claim the Na-
tionalist government does not '-
represent the Chinese people.
Tling rejoined that the Clih- i.
nese. Communist *egime "is .the
frdit of Soviet 4ggss on I.".b -ly
country. .,R d T
.,g .r chi. e T a M5 V oig in e (llEA Radio Talephotol
i ichapSter dv STAF M .G Vice Adad4 th e _s0 wander of the U. I Seventh fleet goe
Chia*@in ni=9---..
S*I veI' th staff officersaboardthe flagsa Helena at Formosa. At the table ant
nf"&M t4 n .it a h WadAt (leftQi riltt: Capt. H. L. JTuke, Capt. L L Reib ds. Lt. Cdr. Glen Echard. Adm. Pride ant




1.* a.

Princs amgPret Military May t A
SebOVLT. r Have to Keep resident Arnac
*mWO Present Themt
Brlllwm' dle.. .. .. t_ _em
S, 31 -En- FOamilies Home l
conM.argaeIIIrPresentsI iemt
her first trip to the Me world WASHINOTON, an. 31 (UP)
today on lht th guy A- -Rep aul unnngh R-
lantic winds may vert 'to Ca- Is.) called today for a ha t n
nada sending families of servicemen
Q=e Elabeth aud the overseas until there is less dan A
nada.i.wvn0= bfto i d a To -RP Assemb
Duke f Edinburgh le a rowd ger of war.
_b ld r w..aing selsln w t e _uppIngham alid he aees I
the p, he Witeha the ,OC %twfamns e secretary Chari E.
s l..rato .,the r Wilson that i war breaks t a -.
ed from lendon alrert and 01's may be more worrieSa
headed Wlt. getting their families hor than 0 -
sh uledtan s on inaflt r -they are about fighting. Panmmanian demands which were rejected by the U.
s c h e du e dt o f l ro M r -
aret for a four-week tour of "Right now t seems a very government during the recent treaty negotiations will
SWestIn,,m- way of Gan- d arous ting do to e aired Woeds sday when President .Ricade Arias fo rmnoy
But the sleek attrlner was re- ham told a reporter. He said presents t treaty to the National Aembly.
ta syotlyef gor taf to ha e wies sacm th me At his first puS conference since he was sworne .
bradpr, with Monktn N w he Is a meae r to into n. I, President Aria said both thenew treaty
Bmnswick, as an alternative air- theprblem. last week by Pnamd and the U.S. and the rest ofZ.
field However, committee chairman pa d th h ret e
However, a spokesman for Carl Vinson (D-Oa.) ai h has demands for revision made by Panamd will be preeiWO
Britaph overseas Airways aid no 1.ans to investigate the issue to the Assembly.
that favorable winds prevail, at present. th
the aircraft may ps either Wilson told the committee last The President opened the conference by scotch
place and land at Montreal." week the administration hopes rumors that sensational" revelations. bardina the rn
Although forecast winds rmre to cut down on the number of o*
light for the first part otithe troops overseas and let Ud. ai- tiaton of the assassination of President ..
trans-Atlant flight, they Were lies supply more of the man- m6n would be made at today's press conference.
t "verystrong" in the power needed to hold the line
rie provinces o nada against communist aggreon. e emphasized that any information relative to
poandc whWwression... .. .t! ol co
and overanderirp off get nto a very tough ass tion probe must be given b t Assem
cials said I problem with dependents if we mission charged with the investia ion and n
The Canopus roared away keep our troops overseas too L e an not00y
from Londan at 3:10 p.m., long," Wilson testified. "They executive power.
shortly' after Margaret blew a want to live like other Ameri-
farewell kiss to her older sis- cans. They want their families A communique issued by the The President noted that t
ter ad stepped aboard, with them. investigation commission at the would be "aeiost &rlmaf sM
The canopus climbed lo the end of the conference tersely politicians dto ndu in cas
hay sky norl London iort "Then we hae difficult aid there was proof of the par- paigning at thU t jn
and wheeled westward. r problems in those countries, ticipathon of several persons in tion with the s-SeeO
The princess was off on tur and If we ever got into war the Jan. 2 apaination of Pres- elect
of the British West Indies that ie boys wMold be more w sidBent eia n and that the vi- ever&TOS
ab .. d.,to. eentr ,-?ein

men toUbeS r plr n ahiesta ml :concerned About their at1 011At hhe now treatyvm
hthe land Yard man He declared that his impress ratin by the i il
united oate Royal yacht Brittana al- There are about 305.000 de. slo that the document had dent Rem6.
ed States." Ill tocarrytprincessfrom on overseas. It taboutprvalofthe In answer to another o
The broad didnotay anto island duringthetour $70000000 a year more to end pe. These imp s were many questions hd at
Red Chinl e uid reu n to wni *TRasc Oand keep them over 'there than gathered from talks with f the President meld the
beathe1; om a.le st nto f taea u1t is Waf nnlin the West he y stayed hor representatives ofasevern I a ptors
d dl tsa tetsal ,dSDthe e~d sa toan ah mtw a'- ricas erce.. N.Y. Ticker Tape .jh epA nrm so s :oi e7d.1 n ,'n, ^n *n o "4
ioUQit M e a nte a l r ot .ss N Wt I I I a t d w O fwutlo l w e $ a i -v i nt h me r wail d e fe n d therm el y eso--P an a m a n ia ne tsh
p o es-_ fa h e o.. Ib1romt we a p aln U .r.tAbut Also Uon to representatives of ka ..
IIm.ta i .ee Wo e .for" Y reAtta ora shopping facilities ap schools. am lans workers a theCa- ti
ast oul t a o cSm e tday.- by Am. Felix Stm. officers call ed on Chahg daHatian President Eli Haas t su rctin o fr
a without rn a o.n h e reports were nved a der of the U.S. Pacific fleet., scented for his aprovpl tg i,-Ne H7ant t1 (UP itep AtAgspt Jtl tr.eaty-, r t a u ,
imeiaebluepritforheremovalgof I YrhoosPeieOocumernt "onvenient" to an-L

on of the ,.:d. t.othFleettnd3 .up oWnT Tchen ater .0oJ a n t 3 ( U, P) r con ct ed, dyn o sh
tnar ....thflee tTandwt Bomboers truck Cou-mu. Communist bombers struck. t forthean ldcivioiaNswYog honor aPresienttay w goernre ntyaensideries-sar-

the U.S.nited Britsah and tionalist Garrison and the _1nd1 weregain' troy at the ahe t Nationat s:n on Ta ed ththe tpe are. anmod .d strae. .e te re.adent d there wa no..
echt h o"eti were in,000 fithermen and goat hei f ar.e Irower.Ahachen is the southet omuern sd Contued On Paf e e rte tlnt. ubaoed pubc eI or dii h te sfrom abroadE g t 3 do1W tha t the Us. government Open Veuo- tarw.nms
working on al draft of once the official order comes from half of the twii island of T"achen, ..........gie Muo Marzouk, toho tcame felt sure the reaA swele geot Panavmania mtTtlos bri
h. New tZea rpoal. WashIngton. prlinapl Natonat base In the f o i, l A from Tunislca and wa-consied ouenate approval, othenrltaeM It morrow..
Slider nSW ..'dare ite '...=.=d a,,.ing ee sm stshurle Nv, Find- Itself EqipWpJ Wit a Irstt'oto the;gallows^. e re s idnot aves .n ge. Over- .oad ap. o.. fjp
oo New Zeald peos firt u bomb-t Filrds yeaterd a.fiveo ereSov-iwe aot TIo-2ed 0ers hitly Cnf Rn O W h tictkettrb codqu enthI Asha Mi d be sat si t-m o

d then Mt sid rule te. domb pre-rca bar.s rans a areny dtireted nd Ylkianghs- an6ne Samuel Aar ea. ult as sectors poe i eom. for u the t.
the Sicurity pounhil f otro. rishi ..T 7th Fleet na hin Posat- tern killing 16 persons and. 0up0on Tachenaftera10-danof lulle raeed t C it M iltwarsyonv ict sa we adnd is oanswr toanhothetreationf

o0sal at this or to cl dbte.t ehietm8 ea r folm Tl l.vegr eetd bombarmeCit yHall byiye 11 defendatia tried yn charges of -, The as asp s sb l e* .I
ary. It ajotsNw Zealand. tt ot said all snn- o.Formo rocked Tachen w hile o T itihhec r an, fald dter Virisao h tt., ferleMt e on i t s
the uN"t"i uBntandcmu.tdicated the garrison was making American officers were giving Ge- SAN FRANCICOn ha ne son term Ind two' ael ci?, the government haud reserve ton t wfo
nst Chn h re etd in ead- plans to abandon the island base. nerisimo Chiang Kai-she the (UP, --A none-too-r ht whae around the opposite barge, ap- ed The 11th cfom tted suicide .i Iane uase so that e van Camp Qag
ance any oStor a ceae- There Itwil noa .offidil final plans for evacuation of the dubbe Wille made h sape Y enjoying his capacity. nhis cell dung thtrial. d come to PanA from The .si
wire, but Ame orn offeal ho wce the official order comes from the isa. from Hunte Pont nava pe den, most of the Boxer's Iasrael and Brance' both prot s. Wahlngtuen to tretify woin g Pa s.
the New Zea Proposal. Washingtlon. haGindisheddrr-aleenNationalisthe aseu the M rihtmefeitasureetyesereatyndRusia. db hgooar ............. "''harl. ...... o rnm..... n ti nu-teth th mem bns th H
pe r hadNationanaoi a ..theRu elesarivne resfrdmthe. group.TheCm mhst ahe n te from Tunisia and was considered Senate appro val n, othewi ith e or e
thare un bu the.iRefees lad e tarririnleshere.from th ThCom mistansh eyIat ime a ooe t havem"Frnch-protected'? person, s would not have been signed. e a
Uer p e p C Navy Finds Itself E.. Equ ipped Presi d lA rias ber- En. nna

ofm o uo nIt e a nd si d o n e f r o, lc o n c Et- t ho ah e th. ,- .a H eeh a, add aer undo 'o .f Pa mPut o it a w ten c whe a dxr dte P u l hato s I fne Pn-i r o T h e 3 5 -8 5
othe New Zeal prosaml first ooh of Formosa said troops were da y i t wh tenid Ita It ftttg th
S rarulei d ting down proffabricatedg ,bar nce nats aparently'r e was followed 30 minutes later by tood the oa nsemb wn- toent r
oa,,l at pro. racksandoe.therinstall-a which gain the c v Ian pop ulace. N eorghermcAs zrtsi fo... s it .e s- .iS

tUo ca had been s.... cr fr om expandshe OtfmTer eoh eavietrRetWii iie aMnoue .
.no Namoeal Whil .nl eoaube and Azar were aq1g Ity for onion on the f e
-NWedefendants tried bt, charges of ... The d Presid nitc&b veal SediNt 4lf

another ~n -t a Formosa.. sine. U.S. forces began massing oe for Israel. Two receive been able tWo boat that the ht ystem a
inse i a" Uder the tetle "Panama's F r a- hap nor a romantic oneg ..d clique of I.terrelated famfBrm ancer. .. od O.-
t a dcat the garrison was making American officers were giving Ge dred ear The New York y there the biter shame who ruled the country did day to

toth helpon anea fir t ou-,-SA FAN ISCO Zan.up1-M Times Published yesterday the of a president's assasurnalon to with a civilized rene of toler-v All edmade
stChi= hl wal m^.-ejets ing wis atd- to any following editorial: stain the panes of her chronld ane. violence or any kind was shocked afther
ised bot wuit chane their evacuation might begin and a Heavy lmsnci a and "Panama is both old and new cle x raret hat one y
antd i sr reRusspn yard h w td e as we were reminded on Friday. "It Is true that'Chichi'Remon 'The frequent palpt revolu. aeon. The newn
mindst evt cthen dane o5 Nbtf theuch when the country celebrated the who was wantonly murdered on tons were manipulated with the do Arias 'NoblEaCbh
maclosed their n the Faras. to deera sts attacks which maybe entennar of the tra th Jan. was the first and only fne of eert crdae cl hi t

alan fsars the some Unite ( ^^ *. But no mian railway. Panamalan president to die by and the loegr cotl feet with try st a Sih W lpeo
other n do no t from r Elsenhw theCommunist answer to "It history beran with Co- an assassin's hand. Other na- uste that the lk e te and one wh t
or on ., e-a. forThe 30-foot, barnacle- cut pheauthorities. Ammbly commission wanted P z

iy th lumb and the fabulous con- ton hae had much woe re- miht later win the tkee back tic.
S oposal said preparations for the peae it whale t- os of Spanish galleon that o rmen that regard. for theutusoim.m es

Red Cahin ate vCeannota Military leaders had finishedt adraw ofNationalisttroopsegtotthraeo uiwasT -A a J
arf i.aid the ircf t carrier Bd on In the bay. He had dived prori ate authored ina to hI oud t ate xPriat ifea o, since n ro. Te.
n feae n ne nto "But we usually think of Pan o Panaanan the with the United States. ets it _ld un .6. Col.. ... w s wn or ee.=ItS ws speculated that'WllueI-E
had taken lave of a h erd of

e2 te. t o t. .migration from ask to Mexic snce her separaton from Remon affar thadt ne feelr a t for power (ad ( Kd w alaner neah-t
r, enth rmi d .~foei ma tink Wisea would Colombia and the buludin of ncute seae of disgust and r- ht later s tcumb to -t pol- P n .
CSid .S th the canal a half century Prer in thtk n about it. on that have drtn ta.n and o.R
U S F U $ cp) .. e r au P tfedandpped mand dived The hibtorl of the Repsew o ucla "aam hae a l aatr at l ttm. A cal wa b
Wabinsto tOh ft W l .-t, connullarPm 'Por esioe ntt oth il.
Cainet l tta consul-sr i """ wannsNEW hYORK, Jan. 31 (UP)- since then has neither been a been able to boast that the esht syst
betweenao at W s aimOffic erlads. f.rt hiecall cnu Under the title "Panama's Hun- ny nor a romantic one n d clique of Interrelated famines anceryIs b.

b e tw.e enla- --W--- e 't--- &k,'t y trod Years. "-,.
clu..r.todf-,]'--a.. .-...of the trans-.ith- Jan. 2 was the first and only finesse f expert cardplay rs, .c

I., .

~s4bL4A.s4A-V ..".$



^ Mean'

, AL A

' L ,^^ --. ,?''. '. "'


S 7. H STRET P. 0. BOX 134. PANAMA. f. OF P.
M AN .. a .. iLN W YORK. 17 i) N. V

.- ,,*r... .-' i. j,, '-" -"
UMNAAA AMBRCAM AN A N. .{:' -k.--: 1

Labor Newp "IeQAIoM mOions


S M N r IN A DVA N C E 8 .8 0 1 3 .0 0 .. -. ......
S, EAN. IN ADVANC- 1. o 24.00 By VICTOR 11585L 4 de._t__:.
YOUR'FORUM President Eisenhower wants to .-
IS OR U THE READERS OWN COLUMN know just how muc. of America's
industry has been bought up by atolu
workers' welfare and pension lor in ye a i )* A.
F 7MAIL BOX undr, bn ec,
M ILIvA 8The President also wants to Locomotive IU it. 1.
know just how such funds-which pti "ca eerylce man andnC
*- fThPaaaAe have $22,000,000,000 mostly in Isa- 8lc te i alre o e as
o-mna- accord the e
The Meail Box is on open forum for readers of The Panama Americanbor-management pacts-have. shot u 13 to ecor f lificato
Sters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confident total of Jo mark ing Guy Br
I. r. you contribute e letter don't be Impatient If It doesn't appear te shArt a s k force will h e named hhiipn vi
met day. Letters are published ein the order received. p shortly to learn whether this stock,. enwed .ha- emoUve
iupile of billions has helped to sk*OW posed: "rh1
Please try to keep the letters limitedtoone poJengt, rocket the stock market this past 1. The Eisenhower dnlnhstra, aabor ieder to
assumes no responsibility for stateme opinion ear. Many of Mr. Eisenhower's tin has r that D g this
Tolhs m ewspeper s umereaders. pbraintrusters believe that the mul- mtive inspector-be removed d
enpned in eter fm re ti-billion dollar funds are respon- from from civil nasco e. lng, with inspection
Ssible for the jet propulsion of Wal|l 2. There has been a backtaog low-ebb railroad accident. due to
."- ALBROOK FIELD Street's "blue-chip" securities. ha ale in the White. Hquse ever comotie failures -nam tha
Out of such a study will come the director of locomotive eus doubled.
r: news that can set the Soviet prop- ton, with Charlie Willis, e t top of this, t$ war
agandists on their left ears. For boy who handles Ike's patl.6ge b ut ihtdsw
r v I was dtily touched to read the Mall Box, a letter from a el- there is no longer any doubt that blems, intervening to remove on froto.
_'Yll an worker at Albrook,.in which he quoted excerpits from' American labor leaders today are civ nd service, nonpolUtocal la -ad la0t weet imo
shotgunn Wedding." among the world's most astute s tor and appoint a political p aitees on the moved
Ltike the writer, T too hirve a personal ax to grind, and mine investors, realtors and flnacilers. rctor Instead. abolish civil
ZwIds no more amplification than the fact that my two small Not alone in this field Is the po e la tce inside story of how fo 'i spttetelr
childrenn attend Balboa .chool. teamsters' union president Dave politics hs ben put ahead
I consider that it would be putting very little strain on the Beck, who the other day proudly railroad safety. WASHINGTON WHI
AIr Force to move its operations over to Fort Kobbe, which is an proclaimed he is a millionaire. ,The Interstate Commerce Com-
iArmy Post and not a civilian community like Balboa. There are scores of labor lead mission is charged by law with Marie Harriman, wife of -
Don't let us wait until we have a tragedy at our doors. Let ers today who are successful busi- the locomotives of the new governor of New York,
us urge that Albrook be closed as an Air Force base. nessmen. John L. Lewis, for ex naU and rigid inspection in the plains that the Dewey left
I know it will inconvenience the civilian workers to have to I ample, spends almost as much at been partly responsible governor's maslon in Albany
vethrough it Washington these days as he does of American railroads. Each ICC pairs and redecorating needed
ve throuh t. Irate Mother In his United Mine Wprkers head- inspector has 720 locomotives to At his first gubernatorial rece
quarters Inspect each year, and a group tion Averell Harrimah feature
en. Pat McNmara (D., Mich.)ivil service employeeher of milk o every tab
II -6 l an is not only the v veteran u np aid le n d er ofen t^b L o uisana t o Dem o
.nswer o Previous Puzzle president of a Detroit steamfo Lou n o Demora
Frotirsmen A L P ters union local, but also a fairly CAREER MAN WITDRAWN Sen. t re
I 1 ai2A e 1 uh ^ affluent vice-president in charge -. o arc White 'Effdi
.A1aflt I r 2 al forStanley-t C charter C O Hitherto, the chief locomotive her: "They tried to kck ou a
ACROSS DOWN 2 of sales for Stanley-Carter Co.
S ACROSS DOWNe a o i ndustrialplumb. I inspector was pic h ed from the top the ants at election time despite the t
e tlontelrsman 1 Romanian M Detroit industrial plumbing anr. Seic, I .of the civilservl lieUstNo tes p all thina you did for them l
whofolkSong The teamsters union's influential was involved. F owin t ra. getting flexible price supports.
t Armed f viceresident, James R. Hoffa, dition Eisenhower In Agus om- Yet i t hadn't been for you they
-B o 8Sn ed has considerable personal invest- ated Charles Grossa of Al never would have got 'em. e-
otne Shed A in a n sdea iral esona Mir st- c r d U nlam ented r ne i o Rub instein rus nas e es rlocomotiveie d A n.o RIemglie ta
Stontleiman 4 Mother (Tag.) ments and has had his union's pen. ueri d tqioi et Hs h imed wa lotake a ea ersncm i g tege tio
t 6 V Dormouse N 000 worth of Montgo mery ard from the top of the civil service year. I'll never come near It."
a M Surrender I I 1 th nt go list as a routine matter. ..Anderson, a former secretary
Kit-. 8Blackbird ofM e Grossman served as an interim of agriculture, had a weS-
i CC fruit Sl cuckoo family26 Ancient Irish 41 Gaucho The records are not yet avail- o f-snm 0s wwar appoint e att wao m lteehe -hof el.he leg er
u tll 9 a Route (ab.) capital weapons O b .ll Lat lt s ho w tapn and Cin and an e ev e b ine in n but I aeo et ut of session, and was reappofhl e the en onfe s.
5 amage 10 Oriental 28 Constellation 43 Approaches that Mr. Hoffa is not the only All the nicest people have been to Lednburg and personally pick. and around, will possibly never be ed In February, 1954. Meanwhile now chairman In favor of Ezra
SISTtDarma guitars 20 Rave 45 Small alls labor official who has taken such dying lately, and sadness is ri te eted thJit, and we kept him in known. But the case J iupfor re- there were rumblings from the Benson's flble o support. i ae
-,,-,,- t whe a and sadess isr ife eted t fhrJtor theul untesceh
.11 Papal capes 31 Small child 47 Angered. action in the Montgomery Ward in the land, but fate just evened the or the ull sentence view now, and t seems to me that little group of men the White vote won victory for Benson. La
8 Pa ort UlP.w B r -- -tini n souse wh o ra the sp. o t th e a ti slfactory tih ih erhbestt
18l hortI alp 12 e minlne Rdunded 48 Wild ox of situation. Up the score for the nicest folk T satisfactory thing that the following is indicated: House who say they speak for te the blians did their best
i t ppellation 36 Deductio Celebes This involves the fight by t fian. when some killers doubtless ever ne to me Was a natu- To invesgate the Rubinstein Eisenhower that Ike wanted no to defeat him for re-election ,.
r e 19 ~nbad's bird 37 Drunkard 51 Immerse cier-industrialit Louis Wolfson to business associates beat Serge ral ein Of tiveness which caused case from start to finish, to pro. confirmation by the Senate. Gross. Sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas
fronteersme 2n t ra I ootae w mammo th ail Rubinstein to death Theman the career inspector, had was omplainng abbut the se of
were had 2 g 'in 39 Vilage in 52 Before a win control'ofwmameothaeumld pbons to eIn f ao sdated u t ao the bed, on to
Serer 5~'lan ge w 5 e order and retail~ firm. Right now morning. New nightclub because I some of the accomplices as harbeen appointed but, the White the kidney stone he is having
s lflit rink l25Ba ury 40 Bred Df Gilbert there is a -spe gent makn ing Mr. Rubstein, a thief, coward woud't dlnk under the same roof as justice knows how to throw a House indicated: to senators, he moved at Mayo's. Replied a col
Some fell te rounds of lar cles seeking criminal, genis -and international with this sort of serpent. ball. And to look again at a Su. was not to be confirmed. lea e: "Everything grows bigger
-omo fell 1 av investments in Montgomery- gangster, has been overdue for My hIted for RItinstein, and preme Court which will not throw At the White House, busy Mr. in exas.
to Indian c fWar stock so it can be voted for the reaper for a long time-for it wasi atptisonous hatred, stemmed out of an allen land an illegal en-. Willis Ike's job-dispenser, blamed
SMine entrance Mr. Wofson in the showdown proxy such a long time that he has wait. from the fact that a lot of people try, a crook, a' perverter, and a i on he Senate. He said: "Bricker The F of the Species
count this spring. ed out the scythe since he made who were friends of mine died draft dodger, or else let us buy is oldin Grossman p." The ladies o the press can
3t ; Not only are -ublon* working to his first honest business blow by a war that some of us believed n, ourselves some nw legal talent But in tharman both loyal and intense.
am,"- -^ By Pt er ra a orteiBricker of the Interstate CCdn- yon heam. our th et
unseat current managets 'Of cor- turning in his brother to the cus. and this four starred rat made for the high job. Bricker of the state Coe "Did you hear our girlL"
porations, but some have come to toms people for tle cash bonus money oft it, sought sanctuary in merceCommittee confided "The
i the aid of management i Ws roxy involved. n a country at war, dodged the draft There may be some around to- White House has sent us Instruc. of slight y blase males in the
at l ies fights. y He came to us via Russia and and reaped millions with his evil day who mourn the passing of Mr. tions to take no action." ate re alley. *She 1 got a
i Late last Decealutho-d cago Japan and Canada, and he never ueionsae
,Late last Dece C go Japan and Canada, and he never brillsaue. Rubinstein, but I haven't met them Willis, it will be recalled,o a the ger and t an anyon else."
i nd Petroit locals o the united was anything but a thief from the He was a genius, simple but a since the news of his murder was son-in-law of tire manufacturer You eed only on guess as
Sto N a r Union, ton- nhyo started. until the day hea otr.,,Jn A his i announced. People's faces light up Harvey Firestone who has told whom Doris wa referrin t
.'81 prt.ziaeil -*V bWa tether, He was a black, vicious an s ave or had in mypossession when the say; "Did you hear? the FCC what TV licenses to is- lady the Sea rg
urged their members to buy stock dWet tole CAIo t in air eales wothh a e u
SpalK.. i the Motor Products orp. for o st ane to thlast ght. T hitoavor, and told government- d- "i at ThrMot I
which the- worked. The members y beat up andhen strain on fro the cun makes the day brighter, doesn't apartments virtually to ignore civil boo, did ac
asluswe t nd him i l New YOrkt aparnsr and delayed ann t?" service requirements in flling aob, ,d, I
ows tion agreements so teiy could pick rent. You Could dall this aptly say many times, sibl know very little -about heaves jobs. "D he he? Miss -
up at least.5,000 shares a month the death of a great bum. more than fifteen. He wa up and hell, but I would siqt like. to be Finally, the truth tealed out. usually pleasant voice unddi
and thus increase the value of the .H went to great, trouble to review on an expulsion brde or a an whose presence on the earth Grossman, though a civil service if she was ready t leap to the
Knd of cat stock. dodge the draft, and T'int to jail one of the last incumbents of th was so violently loathed that men employee, earlier in his career loor the nte and strange
Vxed rice up so high that it would posed to be in jail you could find Granery, having been sifted tal hands. erhood of Locomotive Firemen ea
f olatd Jo -ecome unprofitable for the Gen- him in El Morocco, because he through the Supreme Court and and Enginemen, which favored Allen would conceal a smile no
4owly eral Tire and Rubber Co. to buy found a way to handle the clink at having managed to wangle a dead. I don't think a man needs any Adlal Stevenson. So just as the longer. The loyal laty of the press
Sthe Motor Products Corp. The CIO Lewisburg Pennsylvania, as well. lock more hell than a memoy of loud Senatewas about to hold hearings decided not to choke cCarthy.
co- union came to the aid of the Mo- He was about to bust loose from Whom he bought, how he bought relief at his passing, as if someone
S.. tor Products management because the bars once when I went down them, from Immigration-up, down, had trod on a snake.
Sthe labor loaders wanted to deal
wiih them in preference to the e d f
rubber firm-whih finally with-
dr e.. eMmwVofLel revised Press Conf erence SAVE ON BND A ITC
ElE LA N T NS There is no limit to the type of
bor investments. The other day
the AFL's influential, and recent- By Peter Edson The Cable Code we use a
*ly revamped, International Broth- o The Cable Code we use can greatly 1. e 'the coat
erhood of Electrical Work- -
ers bought majority stock control of transmitting orders. For Example "Buy 35 Shares
of the $4,000,000 American Standard WASHINGTON -(NEA)- No casts. For such excerpts, the regu. that introduction of TV cameras
Life Insurance Co. of Washington, great changes in the technique of lar newscaster or announcer can into the conference room would of U. S. Steel Corp. Common Stock" Sit lh market '
as an investment for the unrol's televising President Eisenhower's repeat the question. For an ex- convert the whole thing into a
Waslon fund. news conferences are now being tended give and take of several "Meet the Mob" show. can be expressed in Two Code Words: -.
This company is authorized to planned. The first "show" went off questions from several reporters, Worse than that, there was a
LL t ~write all kinds of life insurance. pretty well, and TV officials are this.can't be done. dread that the TV cameras would
e ati.mllkiqn dollar welfare and pen- cording the conference, on film head microphone boom which of both the regular press corps AUERBACH POLLAK & RICHA D N
sion fund insurance be handled for later telecasting of those por- could be swung around the roo and the TV-radio reporters to show -
by the company, but it will com- tons cleared by the White House. has temporarily been ruled out.. off by asking too many questions,
te Oithe open market for other In the future, except for some TV men- say\it would put too hamming an act, hoggin a micro MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXC!HANGE
6 t suslusiness. unusual-news development, TV I l equtpment- in the roomm and phone of lens-lousin the whole
hat effect all such trans- men do not expect that they will make the conference too much of performance. That di't happen.
.E0NO Ewl-A new three-cent stamp honoring Mkhl- a t wllhave on business n6 one have the whole half-hour confer- a show. This they want to avoid. The cameras were kept focused 14 Tivoll Avenue Panama Phe .e: *-*074
HONR LEand Pennsylvttaniacn ta firln d Mcam! tll--atd President Eisenhow" ence cleared for telecasting. On the whole, television men on tite Presidento None of the
S n t wid Pennsylvania Sa te University, tint land- er w*tz to know. To date there If five or ten minutes of Presi. have shown commendable restraint reporters got on the TV filni, That
wl l go on Isa ot East Lansing, Mich., Feb. -2. ha.'t been any effort by labor to dent Eisenhower's direct answers in 'getting this White House press was as It should be.
cn stamp is an open book with superimposed combine its holdings and vote its to the most important questions conference on the air. With the cameras in the back
m'sc be 1n to ~ar news It was conspicuously noticeable of the room, the cowlicks, bald-
business. tele~aits erea ter, say tl the first televised press spots or the rear views of the funny
they- e Popular de- to ce, not a single ra or hats on the newshens obviously RO.ERS 1881
However, there is no doubt that mand for the .whol show by the TV inan *sked 'a question. This did 'not make gcod TV pictures.
John L e w I, through his bank; TV *uadleaqe culd, of course, modesty obviously. won't last. TV Fortunately, the TV men say FINEST S1LVERULATE
Dave Beck, who wi have the c,4 attitude. ple leel that the cameras are they have no intentions of putting
tauoeBeckwho winlt have the TV00to ktlp question the attho L Nlls, and that they are cameras at the front or sides of
S (KNOLDERS OF of team ra funds, or the other itl of eoWnite Houise to withhold euse these tools their the room to pick up the reporters
I.Alabor le .6rr,'With influence in the an n of the-film. let thetrade freely. as they rise to identify themselves
rIE RlIA n U, l~nAL'"^"", CIMA welfare pelsion pool of $22,- first fight betweenth TV, e I-ost of the newspapruinen 10 and ask their questions.
(IA 000,000,0AALa. .dedy have strong who want a10r the Washington prqps otna realize If the exhlbltionists do start try
voices in e. American industry. cou oltlesed .,p el .u it that tite datruston'Of telvtaen -g Ito get into the picture, the
voics _House w w it ,-,si into what was mrne their ex- TV film editors can, of course, --
(NATIONAL BREWERY INC.) Redsa censore yet to velo. ctlhas 'press cooltRpmce' domain easily cut them out.
RThe pal c o.thehas been inevitaMe. Tbe first ex- The only other ap rent clanger
first ast was t the '- tlwi ment wae not as bad as some from a televised Houas press
We wish to rem nd yo hat the regular dtons- d not be lieard cale ad teared it i t be. The cam- conference is that this device might
ewihtre nd out herglr A.l who were gear the hieras were at thetack of the room, be used to put over p oi-
A m o S k dlfdon e *-the coJeU, liv not ina tmUch noise. aganda Instead of
Asstembly of Stockholders will be held in ence r were heard all r iact.ont with the forward l news andwers r c

faru No. 77, Panama City, on Monday Jan. sn(ortin a w a thee. sm c er utfon et isotoo b oOvaluable t i i.
a ruy 31ist 1955 at 7 P.M. muRist a prpang to etoae .. .o ..

'street deoo Uooutsai&e
In accordance with the By-Laws of our Italy's senate to protest the Parts
Iaccdrda on rearmament of Ger-...
SCoapany.this meeting cannot be held un. many, their pr-ov ent ADE Z ____ ______'
less one-half plus one of the total number news age s theeds. were
The van to. mdRobdil 11000 of
. of steohoeder are present or represented 4i mo. lroroa onf TA ANDin CofFt -I LUeIN TeAY, -
b, y and at least one-half of the capi. ous" protest when the senate
starts ooer debia next month NO ONLY
I tock isa presented, on rateon of te words.
A tot al "e n opeVd delega A i" ,i liEbB a *
C .eO Pden who are unable to attend -tons would cal on m"P. A. un- .'- dr --


i = ,


. iI




a- --'

- --~--~*-*

___ _

~_~ _L~ _~_~__~~~ __~I~~ _~_ _~ _~iil__ I

. I



* f' -
^ s r
h- -ijbj

f i

rr. j
* .. .
.~ ~. 9 ..J'~ A
p.,. 1
.-.~ s....

..--.. '-t .

- A .-'7 '
* '%. ... .- ) .s-t.a .

'RICH p Chinese. OaiuBalts, aided by. Rusfa, coB-
tirtue 4 drive from. ChIn rich'prises Iie th their
path. Map ows principal countries that would be endangered
by R ed .a.tionL

Sundshne And Dry Season Winds

Exated .Here During February

The. foIQowf water condi- average number of days with
tions are based .pn t o =eordsof measable rain is 3 atBealboa
the past. 47 T s ila inC ay beHe.gts nd .atis -.tobal.
expeedtoS t oaur In ag T&UBR: The 41Uy
Zone 1vicliltv during 9Yet- ,hest and lowest temperatures
aar average 89 and 72 deee at
Seruary l- nor- Balboa Helgiht aad 5 and 77
mall by steady degrees at Cristobal. The high-
dry. da and weather est and lowest temperatures on
but iave beqn several ex- record are 95 and 64 degrees on
cetios,.te, 42 st recent being the Paciflc side and 90 and 69
Fe ruair IU AWen measurable degees aon the Atlantic side.
rain aomurfed. :W2 days at." utY:A The average rela-
Crit ,a) Qf-a e to tiveY haitd t will be about 75
ra nfall Febrary s 0.61 per cent at Balboa Heights. 77
infhel at -ala eihts. 0.58 per cent at Cristobal. and 77 per
inches at M i mand 1.57 cent iat Madden Dam.
Inches at C t I. The range
ro'd iS ae on reora CLUD- AND SUNSHINE:
sed to 2.lites at Balboa The ky will be patly cloudy
Heights, trace to & .inches .at 4durlng most of the day time and
MaddeSn Doa. an 0.04 inches to mostly clear at night. There will
12.3 inches at CristobaL.,The be an aVerage of about 8 hours
'23 of sunshlne dally or 75 per cent
of the amount possible.
00, FOG: Night time and early
W l ,If..'r morning' fogs may be expected
W ith Z occaslonay over the Gaillard
Cut section of the Canal and
Sthe te centiol section of the Isth-
I ... C the Trans-IUthmlan
.t none Is l to
I r ; I.. ;..* t rap rof.the. C eaw

formation a- te *"-"*
whebo u..ftt% o 13.

Phuowam u ap dbut
nion*'aand r^tSif

son of -i. .W B.
Metlyer of Diablo has rcent-
ly been gned IoAlaska as
a ignal pher

and tofe( Zo o.

Ft. Momapth, N~J.

dlva*t1". %he aws 'ay
more m t h' tan at
any o0ber-- loom, a
lunid-ra ,eKgnt rc .
The oe t c0.1 Ine.,

*"^'s E-I.j "

WINDS: Fredh northerly trade
winds usually prevail with an
average velocity of about 15
miles per hour along the Atlan-
tic Coast and about 10 miles per
hour along the Pacific Coast.
The maximum velocity for a 5-
manute period is not likely to ex-
ceed 35 mIles per hour bub in-
tensified trade wids may aver-
ate bout 20 Wmiles, Per hour for
2 bor at a tlme along the At-
lantic Coast, and cause modern.
lately rouh seas,

Broled 'salmon fsak take on
new Interest and deliciousness
when served with a remarkable
plum sauce. The sweet and sour
sauce combines canned purple
Plums with vinegar, sweet pickle
reliih and caly d the recipe
come tfrom HeBlen O'Neill of State
Colle, Pa. Church, girl scout
work and caring for her family
never Interfere with Mrs. O'Neill's
-erest In good food.
5a@M. a wIth B1gm.Sawes

TW pouad salmon steak, cut
ch thc salt and pemer, but.
ter or margarine, meOM I No
2. can purple plums, 1 tawiespoea
brOmW sugar, 02 teaspoonss corn.
sitar.- e% p. vQ ear, % cup
sweet pi.e ilsh, I stalk celery,
cut In -e plow.
Spring salmop with salt and
paper; brush with butter or mar-
garine. Brol 2 Inch from source
of heatT7top 10miu on each
side, or Ial t fitb easily with
rPeervq ep syrmp; pit plums.
CombI _o wsu c an ornstarch.
Add ~~r, re elery and

.O t No. VAaW pn pl ,
3 tablespoos lemon % t-
spoon rated 1epfl. *1*1, i tea-
*a6i.faL I taaa. u i



4:3 tWhats -.Your FYaRttSe
(requests- -please pho
Before 4:00)
4 W IaVs Yd-ur FAfort
.( 0t'd) -
A:0o0-, ade Relatlons (BBC)
6:3Q.Melacrino Muslcale
6:4-Here's junpaChristy

LIVING ( ahast W.r
7';0.-Report From The USA
8:00-kLSON BDY'8 PENT-
grams VO.)
8..-Proudly We Hall (USA f
9:00-You AsKed For It (re-
quests -please phone be-
fore 8:30)
10:30-Music BY Roth
11:00-Symphony Hall
12:0-sign Off
Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 1
6:00-Slgn On The Alarm Clock
Club (requests please
phone before 7:00)
7:30-Morning Salon Concert
8:15-Church In The Wildwood
8:30-Musical Reveille
9: l-Sacred Heart
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off The Record (requests
-plase ,ore 9:30)
11:00-News '
11:0-0ff The Record IcoRit'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainers
12:30-Sweet And Hot
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30-Sons Of the Pioneers
1:45-Lest We Forget
2:00-Intrumht Capers
2:15-Singing Americana
2:30-Tex Beneke Show
2:45-Hank Snow And His Rain-
bow Ranch Boys
3:15 eddy Martin Show.
Q-Music lu oz Tuesday
aie Review: Music
?' :. By mrth .L. ,
u#3OaW24Nai*9sr~uhpavorite (up
BYo- you L
5:35-What'e Your Favorite
6:00-U. 8. Army Band (USA)
6:30-Norman Cloutier And His
Memorable Melodies
7:30-Report Fr6m The USA
grams V.0.)
8:30-They Fought Alone (VOA)
9:00-You Asked for It (re-
quests-please phone before 8:30)
10:30-Music From Hotel El
10.45-Tlime %For Verse
11:00-Symphony Hall
12:0o-Sign Off

Explanation of Symbols
BBC-British Broadcasting Corp.
USA-U. S. Army
AF-U.S. Air Force
VOA-Voice of America

. POPULAR ANSWER-9heree North eois sbmat replace
I suspended Marilyn Monroe in the movie WHow to U. Vary, Yery
Po a." now strong production' Inoywo. aply Shere
1 Cherebeside Marilyn's "form."' Shares' measurements are:
=r36,a waist 23, hips 34%. Marilyn's, from dum are: 37-24-36.













33-1/3 45 78

7 Tivoli A

ve. No. 16


FeuMf MdiWpUn
-- The mithbsonIan Institution
announced today that fossil
bones pf some of the earliest
mammals were fould recently In
southwestern Wyomnlg
It said the bones showed a
relationship to some mammals
alive today.
Dr. 0, L Gazin, Institute cura-
tor of vertebrate paleontology,
said the area in which thes bones
were found was the Cathedral
Bluff tongue. He said that be-
tween 50 million to 70 million
years ago it was a land of lush
He said h has found bones of
the hyracotherium, the earliest
known horse and about.the size
of a shepherd dog,-and the me-

T':.a .7. -
,. g._ '.,"- _. _'..k ^ ^ ^ ^ .- '..**,^',.*..- *-'

niscotherlnm, and animal about
the size of sheep,
' Bones of a race called the ti-
tanotherds also have been un-
covered in the area, Oain said.
He said this creature about the
size of a collie. is believed to
have been the first of a race
that developed Into giants and
then disappeared from the earth.


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* W. E. Purcell
* Lt. Joseph P. Coonan
* W. 11. Munyon
* Enrique Del Valle
* Eduard Koch
* Dora M. Reluz
* Maria de Altamiranda
* Jane Ruiz


Oldest Rabbib
In Switxeroand

erland, Jan. 41 (UP) witp pr-
land's oldest rabbi... yl WotI,
died here today. e was 9. '
He was rabbi of the Jewish
community of La Chaux-dqp-
Fonds for almost 70 yms and
had written numerous books on
scientific and theological sub-
He was also, professor of As-
syrian languages at the Univer-
sity of NeuchateL


P. c. 'I

Precision CYMAM q
.( f .i

For "HIM"
For "HER"

i. C. ,


. I OQur


P -. I.



*d*a1f 1*/f fli ,t #Mi
f WU. KAdEa. Mff e
~A~d ~fji.+ L#.'v,..'v.Ww

~ai ~ /001;'* ~Vdk~ %i~I~ .'b4 .'t "if'


t i
*/? *ifc J


,tw $ Its are Dra
r^ikCt4||LnH4..JD*A9S1d '-IUI'

Amt N'. -j &7 -... -.. .

This Week's Winners:

If You Were To Win


I Cl.

5 -aa
ML -S _

-. .

rN4 -. -
't4- A,

said yesterday. -
The bureau eo said
tanks opened -f'ir
houses new.
ing center and wib
er working in. his d.
the far houses cau4wg
went up in flame, whWI iS!S
tank shells, the repq~t M

. -,-u.~-rr... .~ ----I-- --- -----



Former, uia

viet tanks I
Baut GUMMy iaim
troyed his
vera near a.-I'Z
center in tht G"
West Deella imtrl



; :



T 8 E J I WEL IRtV IST 0 il

93&,, ^^ -



/ ?' .. IT
-... ,
. .. ; ,-' .


SAmericans Today Walk.

Less Than Forbears

WASHINGTON, (UP The left home and plodded over north-
Rodern AmeriCan, nip world's I era South As~erica, Central Amai-
greatest rider, sometMn es proves ca,. Mexico and 47 states of the
he still can walk-for fun. United States. Att he end of toukr
Recently a Navyv fricer stepped years he had covered 20,000 miles
off 13 miles from one end of Man- and had walked through 50 pairs
ktt ap to t(e other, the llinal lap of b ots. Some people .tok that's
Sa 50-mile jaunt o er every the record.
street on the island.
Other Americans have perform- Texas Thkk
d more prodml lomus Iatqa with TI
ther 'et. But t doesn't happen
I"'Very often, sa.\ the National Go.-
graphic Society. For foot experts
S ont out that no Amntrican genera- 'B
ton has walked less than tihe pres-
ent one and has paid less heed to SILSBEE, Tex. .-(UP)-A re.
Th'omas Jefferron's ii liin that tired -rollroad conductor who ;
"Of all oxe..'' ,iAlking Is the dedicating most of his time to
-best" or to Walt Whbitman's fa. oreservalicn of a thicket is akfai
Ioaus lines: his effortss are doomed.
Actually, he i-s beating the
"Adeet mad Ilght-earted, dramt. for as ordHinar thl
th to the open road, This oe covers 3=03,0 1 ag
,, free, tf e woiM khe southeastern Texa. .
u *The retired railroad cenductor,
According to one study, the A- R. E. Jackson, president of the
marican nian, 21 through .65, aVer; Big Thicket Associaticn, says bot,
ages 9 miles a day, the woman 3I anists and scientists have told
mills. Ths high school stdenthim there ree more rare speaker
hoofs 6 miles, the policeman pads Of plant lfe in the huge thleket
18. and a ter 13. than can be found in the same
S! ...area any placseels in the world.
1Frdably the outstanding walk. The area center. in Ratdri and
rage Tae English. Hundreds of southern Polk and Tyler Counties.
ago their walking excursions It has a dense growth of hard-
ovwr the placid countryside devel.- woods, including, express, tupelo
oped into pedestrian contests. Eng- black gum, willow water cak and
sh heel-and-toe speedsters set magnolia. Palmetto, water liUy,
the world pace with a formidable hyacinth and rare orchids are also
array of long-itanding. records. found in the interl~r.,
Eventually Americans took up'
the sport. In his 70's Elward P'. iIn places, the -untamed Jungl-
Weston ped from Los Angeles to like area has sqh dense growth
NeW .YorU P3,43 miles In f7 dayg. that men have been known to be..
In' 2 Mrs. David Beach strode come lost and never be seen
Zrem New York to Chicago, 1,007 again.
.In 4 days, 1 hours. In N194
Ir n S10aw, a Ipray 92, made On the edge of the Big Thicket,
Wlea in 60 days. James H. as 'Tex:ans call the area, Is the
i ek _one of the sport's un.-i state's only 'Indian reservation.
-dorgeale figures, marked up The Alabama and Ccushatta tribes
o70.000 milea in a long career and live there, but only about 300 of
'-ph o blozed: them live on the reservation prop-
"A 'uperb health btlder... 1I .
alwayss averaged about 40 inches)
to the stride...really moving along. I Jackson, as president of the as-
Th Whole trick Is stepping off. sociation the set up 28 years ago,
the bg .to, of one foot. forward, has spent much of his own amcey
with te er, landing on the heel, and time making trips to Wash-
knees locked, arms swinging." ington and to Austin to plead with
SlelislatorE for acts preserving the
A nuber of Americana have thicket for posterity.
ii-raed afoot coast-to-coast inI ,
Eif0 al odysseys. John F. (Iron He bas made little or noa prog.
Legs) Stahl-l's frustrated mail. ress. He said be was told O d
_,.man"-trudged 10,000 miles over' are .available fcr such projects.
Central America, Mexico and the| His fight, he believes, has .1.-
United "atq as a hobby. He did ready been partially lost. Road.
it ma W- asWually, once 32. waes have been cut into the heart
i.s pushe h er e thicket. Timber is ing cut
l' ll wM.uSpuWbodher Oft ni aly., oil n plofltot
'Jl i nt a wheelbar-. ngs have invaded the area, cut.
i le, Fla., to g down and destroying rate
23 mouths. One .P. ints and trees.
ell pound wag-. Jackson fears the area will'be
taswhile wear- ruined before he can win his fight
a toi k e It, dead a n -ate" o

S Some Neunton nakwtre-lovers,
r her and said[ be the key to preservation of nanfy
L' L et- a walk." y hit the of the rare plants. They have
frost k to m ie Califor-! formed what they ca the "Littlej
SWmIr. *rMW lost 110 Thicket Association" and are dig.
d '/ going up. some of the plants o
acreage they purchased on t h e
Possibly the best publicized hike fringe of the thicket Some of the
w:-.s Suprmse Court Justice Wil. plants are being transplanted for
S11-- O. Douglada s .1-mile $-day cultivation. -
t -- p along te Claesapeaie annd Jacksen, too, is doing his best
r Canl from Cupberland, to preserve a lew rare species.
Md., to Washingtn with eight He has explored the area thor.
2 lons last year. oughly and now has some of the
rarest of the plants transplanted
,' greatest hike of all time? in his back yard.
T L :.t's impossible to. pin, down.! He feels the forest is lost. Nov,
"i.' -late In 1937 Julio Berrisber- he's just trying to save a few of:'
I 19, a Venezuelan Boy Scout. the trees.


Lost Chapters


WOOTS AND S m B obbm

L -


He's Got It

Hold It!


w I a T

VANN %%A. -So* .a
hp,WB11'.\ \.1WC. 'WIT \\ 1% H SOWB T t1 ItIt MtO SQOt '! L t
PL59~tS 1 \ wTO~ Go,Too it r- ^Bw
90th'T f o Tp T- -
HI\! gg- i C61K
i-^i~iB ^ y'ga^ ^^^^3 hmiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


,, -
. ... ... l



~1Lih1 ~

roeeed With lCautel

Always a Way

No Richard There




r Mids U0 ALM1 i' Je "TAM
11D4A Ta.e654lt S~iV
AND teMANDIiMi 45a1J TiL

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W in.. da, ad 516rng, I said
S. ... -. who stood bo ,. to mysef,. a'I m. One very, very
'3Ug as a child The other bad tige with, a gapd-for-nothing
w a mother-and what she was is ngh f6r one human life. She's
dol* was to itemize grievances not at her c She's just
that would commit the child to a afraid of another bruise on an old L
'retbrmatory. bruMld place."

.Th ..girl cared for nothing ta n there, ard-faced besides
UU 1j ldn M YEA o around the house. School wa'le o e

Snlbo-were This Evenlb goe tishme? Would she ask heer 0 wha t p he's d ne Is to hit and old
t ha~he The final meeting o the Pedro t a 28yearold loaer war wn se. let's always
er n or t he Muel Clv i Coun e held ed-with ak ekid ofp t 15i No.eSh ret memb ttoh very sus-

S. a J ero tonight at te Pedro Bott 't. She didn't care a -washediier di ales, not know.
R Bt la i Club. She was bad. ni that we're exsldilng at the
Beodes members of the Coun- "Your Honor," the moth- little sister who usedtoget away
SI Soth ^J?11 w c11g all, allresldents and former rea- i clouded, "I want her usent with carelessly-done.chores that |
^ L e.* a IthemusM. idents of Pedr Miguel are In awy where I won't have to.see we were slapped ait the mouth
Sn ord -- vlted to attendthe eetin at meether any mor'e for criticizing.
ake Mr. aro ed. I didn't. I had knowlede that us to is father-nd never sus-
Jr., recently at a nity Temple kept me rom siverd of 15?The worn. St that our hurtfulense of n-
a ln- heon Wedne l dsll nenr "t their bone ln 'iBeets Tomorrow n who wanted her i d put a- justice is the pain of some old benw-
tel Bea sta UniHonoty Temple r," the 75mot IPOWh- lity we think we have fogottent away
t IA --wh- i hold its regular meeting wto ha It s the old bruises that alien-
t tomorrow at the Pa at ate us fronymom chiforldren The riiciangrier
i ben a ecattn ls Dr. and Mrs. Adolfo Arias will Lodge Hall at 7:30. we are, the sharper we should look
wel bas e a b e ting. spend a vacation In Chorrera. i' for them. For when We locate
Mr, de la will be Mas- They are accompanied by their JFB To Discus them, love the 11d ishrestohr- nbN THE .H SE-
l tha tourisionr ed tous.We a n seethehurthe
-.'-'---. o "Me&Th Matr row Plalnchdpu has given us disconnected from four-year-old Day d s
lnco .-ataters of vital Ihimportanwce ao w an dthe hurts mk right f .
S till be discued tomorrow nirht .ir the hurts the hasn t given us. Harrisb
Ciee Aba r a Dinr Party by the Junt Femenina de se- a .f. c. .........
To AUm Duties Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Aras we re eflicencia at a regular m tinR VIENNA, Jan 31 (UP) ---Rus
" t si*budor of China to recent hosts as at dinner party be held in the Pacific Ser- ala's high conmlssloner in Aus-
Panadao s arrive with his at their residence., th e Center. trialTotlylchevehasbeensum" NEW!r t h i m leter'
wife an mlly i assume t i ting eduled uoe nto a twherr N E a :com plete rcom pact
pw post here. Mrs. fAnn immerit.I of begin at 7:30 p.m. top Soviet envoys in the West -'
j---- Spring VRlte, New York, s here were recalled for "consultations"

dS' Alfaro and he lyn lm** ma Ancon. D eday g yo, able our Skin 'petal-perfect
d:as-pe and ,.aria Ele- Hotel Guests Official Austrian Informants
la,ae left for a visit in Mex Among the recent guests at Vrai|n .iS a bald Ilyichev was last seen in
ico. Hotel Panamonte in Boquete. R. TOil V ImWae Vienna Jan. 21. He was not pre- B
To---LA P. Were Mrs. L. B. Hagerstick 0 sent for last Pridaya meeting of R
Party For Miss Correa and on, Mr. Rene Suarez Gon- ,fInt I afl iM" the four-power d commi s-
The Br.aos Brook country Club zalez and Mr. Juan Jurep 0., UaiW V U alon for Austrla.
was the scene of a dinner and Allaro from Panama City.
kitchen shower on Saturday eve- --r PARIS, Jan. 31 (CUP) New Russia's ambasadors to the
ning when three friends enter- Moores Entertained drilling scheduled to get under- United States, Brltain, Prance
trained in honor of MIla s Josefina Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Moore of way soon is expected to deter- and East Germany arrived in
rrea, whose marriage to Mr. Long each. Calif., have 'been mine the extent of the petro- Moscow more than a week ago.
d ,ardo Lasso will be an event the recipients of numerous at- leum reserves of the Parentis- Their. K renrln conultations
Feb. 6.' tentions during their visit here en-Born ollflelds, already known were considered the kely pre-
Io ss for the occasion as eats of Mr. and Mrs. Milton to be one of the largest in West crsor of a major new Soviet
r&. MIs Maria atonleta" L. Nash o f0 atun. Europe. diplomatic move.
-. at& "r4rl and
Ss .& ar. On Saturday, they were guests The Parentis fields In the Lan- Ilylchev's reported inclusion In .
,lp eft ht ta ld1 d Mrs. at an outdoor breakfast tender- des section of France may p the parley lent weight to spe-
o ull, .- ed by Mrs. Elbe Rowley and duce from. 800,000 t 1000,000 culatlon that the Russians have
.. and thre er M .Arthur Albraiht at the tons of petroleum to s er, o-Unew pla t en -B for Austria.
Cmrhseneong thecliaver. b, men estimate. Last year's pro- He has been h conommlsloner

However, the Pareptis field is W ene makeup! P on
*^^^^ffiH^H|^^^fl extremely Irregular, and deter- I T < LJ ,."' 111r an d dete-
)minring the extent of reserves Is e u-er" ---f--bred- i P e m t P nK ufce OlinnOO
complicated by the presence If .yoBu are suffering'_' _.d^ front aM b rn-r
la ke. I 0 a b uU ei C ana A r /W on't d y yo ,n au e t crta e e
uig.terii her""or o relief. The very aarst sponwafuo of thAi itr ali U s it ne
Previous drilling waA centered worldta-fous medication brain gs
oMM .ear.. .adg .o the a ..acomfort. You ee t spread down -
Eoto dillguest h thPareens d thelhthe Ln-heltore ku
wester. atanw or u drip s o,, td tr-e 1s thick. ooh a... laem with Revlon s own skinsofteni ig Lanp
lone, aoaetwl aum tis y e,,Olnwpr ie cv ra w, o r e
.-'nteAn,,rhuri^li at ke. U well dsr in hea ateeef. t no .., Y i rig ht awa
.. .a_ tpee drlve ..allto how much easier it is to breathe A heavenly blend that won't streak, won't cliange
Set tseld will be shown to be No wendsr more than o50 million color on your skin-even after hours ad
fiar less important thuan as hop- bottle. of Buokley'. Canadiol ..- "Vours! Won't dry your, skin, because it's cream-blonde
d ture have en sold. So don't let with Revlon's own skin-softening Lanolite.
Nevertheless, it is believed the ottle ot fei acting, sitixpensive Smooths on easily, evenly-in just seco dlL
Pa field. contain from 15,- 'uckley'a ,dol Mixture trolM And it can't ever spill, so it's wonderful to

,oysvisitint New York as the guests al o national ebala t Ior laes theat o-rodteo .
ste are: W. J. Gray, Jr.,11;'; Jimmy Ray Hammond, 12, and Clarelw grea-- ..... t. _--..-.,.d--g--.....
O 11. The pie measures 28 inches across and contains' more' as.y r
trha.n a bushel of the bpys' blue.ribbon yams. '. Since the proet started some U
....... .. ... four years ag' mre thii $5,- a BRANIF gives yo "e. savi
.. ." 14,3 has _been.pI t in x- ,

with 1i
g ...... ..... reervei. u........Me "ode,.ofOc -ings ll'ili*n1/,

eda YoU save pto25% yet enjoy the advantages of flying on of the wor-ld
S ee eof a.remt airplanes. There's pressurfzatin (or sm ther flying at high altat
Ps a perfect air conditioning, comfortable seating end 300 MPH speed. It's the

Te railroad completed on finest In low-cost travel. Or go in the height.of luxury-via El Conquistada
a.e- wof s8,000,000. Incomparable DC-6 sleeper pt regular fas. Ether way, you'll like the
A 0 o h oilasl W friendly, attentive service on eyery flight by BraniffI ,
Thom"E. MrUM. IoQ
"a- -taving ila wnr's ,
S ~malo-y of the P=.

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t i~ral eetgriji jiferd tmr~~tl
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Take AdvaoJ
" a

-Rev. Paul EbUlag, of Bethel, Pa., gives
I, of Myerstown, Pa., a drink of. warm
The "free loading" took place at the
urg~Pa., farm show. ..........

makeup" makes

in just seconds!

ad"st'to dafblel mt-


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'A "k;- "' "'' "
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Bir 12words

;ltBIA PREtCIADO 7 street No
.sJ U*MON .u" u.' uly Ave & J
Juto Arosewmn nse A.d IA St-
iS2 La CurraaquinTa



If You Have a
You Need
A New Amazing Natural
Waste Destroyer KUills
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piante" of Batisfaction.
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S p.m. -Adults. Pre-teens
b noers. By eprcintment only.
....... Balbthee 2-4239
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o-*n. A. andILe Ou .*.AC
IPAlnwer Orradiixlei
S 2lia na I -- oSm
Saturday I 12 noon.
F Pert avwe Tel. -aW
I I block fBro Lz Trheatre

onll 14th of July AvOe NOa 1
.lr C., FA RKGA. D.D.S.

F"mel e vp -I Sructor Ge rae-
a, s Derat PDetlit Pedro Mguel
and b. C .
' lzwai; praed 8ODONTL

S- y ou' buy

Swika 'Refle Camera
; You'll buy


. t 5 de Mayo,


Of t. .- .b, Ca.
i ien llis toM
aph cov-ring hi
rdtido, Which is inclaud-

m ind musing run-

M exeeutve eand wit
-lad of the work week
it into the pla sin l and
j..f SA hour's pro-

aomplete Iist of new
;Sad their authors amn
S y the library this week

r ftma: Uffective Leader-
rum=an Relations, LUd.
SAn Almanac of Liberty,
Tropical Meteoroloy,
on the Level, Wills;
Van Gosh, Ripley: Be.
the Elephant's lyes
e Floes and Flaming
Fr ,ehen: Treadmill to
Alen: We Bought an
M'Uchardson; and Fifty
China. Stuart.

rcetn -ta"

r Wre. I-Pa
a, "

'4'..;'. .. ,. .


S13 CABA ZALDO Agendcia InternaL de Publicacione FARMAOU p=Q0. ID
St. Len.rais esa A .. i 4 .a CnA I al A M '
ho. 3 1o4L Ay rlam P4qu LAmelevre 7 a.lct W i ,,
.ourem of ju. ,ae. [.,Cetral.Av.. V 0..len AWn N ...
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public accounting I Spansh-Eng- WANTED: Furnished round 2 bedrooms, 1 room. 2 bath-
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"Auditor." Box 1367, Panama, bedroom for one month only. on,. srie. porch. loun4ry room.'
stating salary offered. Phon,. 2-2C03. Ernesto Lefevre Avenue No. 86.
Phone 3-1028.

Fission Among Bosses Weslern European

n S taleAnnrms Pool Agrees

Brings AEC Stalemate On Standardizalion

PARIS, Jan. 31 (UP) The
Western European arms pool
WASHINGTON, Jan. '81 (UP) sue of public vs. private powe- conteren took a big stp a-
tA .voUng a' aaste has made Into AEC business. ba by, greing to
the Atomic Energy Commissioa He s know to fee the qomm standardise weapons to improve
impotent to act l n controversial Is- sion's (A tiNd' indes, fectm f the defensive power of the U.
su. nuclear weapons and development But the possibilty of a new
Informed sources said today the of peaceful us of the atom, is rift between France and Ger-
Senate House Atomic Energy mor important than ay squab- many loomed over the confer-
Committee is acutely aware of the ble over who provides the electric- ence that reconvened after a
situation and plans to do some- al energy it needs, ten-day break in the Palais
thing about it soon. The Dixon-Yates Issue was re- Challot NATO headquarters
The stalemate stems from duna- vived when-the new Democratic here this afternoon.
mental differences between A E C majority of the Congressional com. The agreement on standardl-
chairmia Lewis L. Strauss and mittee went on record against it. nation was reached through del-
Commissioner Thomas E. Murray. The three voting members of the egation.channels during the re.
It is aggravated by the fact that commission unanimously endorsed cess.
the commission is not up to its the contract last November when After they agreed that a
full statutory strength of five mem- a Republican-controlled committee French soldier (for example)
bers. was acting onit. should be able to fire British
Under the law, three commis- Now that the contract once more ammunition from his Belgian
sioners constitue a quorum for is bogged down in partisan poli- gun, the delegations worked to
making policy decisions. tics, it Is understood the AEC Is avoid another clash between the
The AEC has three voting mem- divided on what to do. Bonn and Paris government on
hers -- tads; Murray, and Dr. The securities & Exchange Com- how the production of these
Willard F. Lbby. mittee has not yet ruled on pro- arms should be controlled.
But Libby, a newcomer to the poked financing of the Dixon-Yates Delegates from France, Great
capital, has taken a neutral posi- project. Otherwise the issue, tech Britain. Western Gernriny. Ita.
tion on" all lanes controversially nically speaking .s resolved: the ly. and the three Benelux coun.
tinged with police. Stated as a President ordered the co n t r a ct tries have "agreed in principle
human equation, the lstuation is: made, the AEC made it, and the that weapons used by the West-
Straus vs. Muiray equals satle- Congressaonel committee when ern European thlon defense
mate. it was controlled by the Republi- force should be standardized,"
S Dr. Jokh Vo Neumann is serv- cans acted to speed It into of- German officials said.
tIg on the Commission under a fect. But apart from this promis-
recess appointment by President B i ve Dem at ng step ahead conference off.i
Eisenhower. But be has been side- -med b" a vot e cias were much les oput mLUc
Voned byce the fNew Congress con'','-, ,,thewhole bu.i,,ess is how soon the two opposing
in snce D the oNgrewConge on toi ba vo how e mch' less
vend by thfact that he has not a" tw' tewhoe e plans for a Joint uropean arms
yete confirmed by te Senate. up in aire AEC production scheme(one pre-
sn t since Joseph Camp. Wester Germany) could be
TheofifthaEC membershihprort hasPThe1questi wheero th schemei (n pore
ual nomination oto the post o f IsM a nlcompromise.d
com troller general. over again.
T matiM stalemate could be This question cannot be resolved s --.
btoken bj.-tenst confirmation of until lti AEC stalemate isr os n s br
by n -Costo Rican's
k Von Neumann. en to give- t an effective quorum.t an s
SBut the congressional atomoi rc Caught By Rebel
committee has not yet hel a hear Di-m la Ea-m ad aI a, 1 -. I
"ng on Von Neumann. C arimsnlKUo bnd o1in3 mSNear Nicata gua
Clinton P. Anderson (D-N.M.), -ful. .
tr awareof the AEC's current ls .
, impotence, has given high priority d WowS he o 8.i (U rpo) s sC id r pl an
t W uch.heaing.1 (UP)- Unconfirmed reports
Soar d h -esring. Hte a a s o laid today that "several loyal-
The committee omay set a date ii @Am uoor ast soldiers were captured by u
for It next week. Quick approval H1rebel' forcp In t clsh iear the
Sof Von Neumann s expected. s
S For the AEC to be beset by p11. HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 31 (UP)_-I"- Umgn border Sat urday
tcal discord is a relatively new Rnd haired s c r e n beauty t ht. d to. the reports
thing. All concerned deplore it. Rhonda Flleping aid today she- AliSrii was the l the
The major villain in the piece wa movin toa hotel pendlnthe t in
MaSeriesa minor sashes between
the Dixon-Yates power cont r a e t legal action ag ft int ber estrlag- er o t clae between
which President Eisenhower last edhus id., whom she accused "ovena ttroopS@Wd smll
year ordered the commission to of battery down. her boudoir "rebej" units Mated in the
moltarulnum areas near La Crus
Negotiate, door and tr sin to leave. and Petanous areas near La Cis
S Strauss himself, although he sup. "He claimed he owned half the P .oe. B la _
Sports the contract, has said he bed and e down the door" !0reporti 5s4 a platoon of
would be happier If the AEC had she salt Ud toleont3e B troops an Into a 50-
not got involved In this issued. -. ... .... m band of r ane-..iant. aW
Murray has. Itied in Cangres- K 8h Bipt ail be If wios Wabk-
Isial hearings tat e deplores rolm l- ragu. The rerbel le1Sr-r -as
fe Iojeeton of politic. the is- t^ne? 'S e.gat killed, M according to the reports,
c ur. Lon MraI managed. ,, to re- .
Lf e MXieturn hers #g .d..W..
Life Me 'ine "Before Mme h e101.1i1 at- I

Carries Photos o
Of Remon Funeral ou
le iat a m f 'l U Masga-ino
.fe"$iatta nt.ittel hi

ney In
ld hIa
ise." I
The a


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S Rooms
FOR RENT:-Beautifully furnish-
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to, Me*lco Ave. 69. near 43rd
Street. Pnone 3-0553.
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4th of July Ave. No. 7, upstairs.
'FOR RENT:-Room, furnshed or
unfurnished. First Street, Prejill
No. 7-30, Apartment 12.


(NEA Telephoto)
NOMINATD--John Sherman
Cooper (above), former Repub-
lican Senator from Kentueky,
has been uihminated by Pres-
den tEisenhower to be the new
Ambanador to India.

Reds Try foTorpedo
(Continued from gs.e 1)
fact" for the New Zealand. pro-
'I ae Soviet demand, which
t red up Communist China's
position to the hilt, .was de-
nounced by U. S. Assistant Sec-
retary of State Walter R. Rob-
ertson a? a "typical" Communist
move. He said the Communist
Always were willing to settle
their differences with the West
on their terms and added, "I
doubted if we will take that kind
of solution."at th
Russia's demand that the
United States wlIifdraw all its
forces from the Formosa area
was -expected to hale little ef-
fect today on this nation's
flght-if-necessary Bde$sn to
defend the area.
The Russian proposal was one
of the first problem to he studi-
ed by Presldent Eiaenhower, who
returned ,to Washington last
night from a golfing. ".kieid in

-Robertson bluntly warned the
Chinese Communists that they
are risking war with the United
States if they go ahead in their
announced intention to "liber-
ate" Formosa.
In determining to make a
stand on Formosa. Robertson
said, "We have gotten down now
tg a question of the security of
this country."
He said "all of our military
authorities agree without ex-
ception that Formosa is a nee-
esary ink in our chain of de-
fe*aes la the Paelfic." .....
Robertson also said the Unit-
ed States ha not written of. the
athW .that fta tw w

(ousiPuts Bite

On Bobo Rockefehr

For Dads Care
WASBINOTON, Pa.. Jan. 31 -
(UP) A relative caring for the
ailing father of Mrs. Bartara
(Bobo) Qears Rokefeller, charg-
ed today that she had refused to
pay a bill or his care and as
trying to ,force him to enter a
rest home against his will.
In New" York, Mrs. Rockefeller
denied the story. She said ashe
hal 'been.trying for pmentha "to
solve as nicely d quietly as
pol oinE n ather's bttrn-
eret" a confusingsituation in-
volving the com ning relative.
Pauzlie Paulekas a cousin
with*hp hom Mr. ockefeller's
father; Julius Paulekas, a retir-
ed coal miner, has made his
home for 28 years, said she .had
sent his duLher a bill for *300
for time Mi aulekas aid. she
had- take off ir Job in a glass
plant to care for the ailing otan.
Miss Paulekas said Mrs. Rocke-
feller had refused payment and
instead had tried to get her fa-'
ther to 'OtW the rest hadme.
Mrs. Rockefeller was reporter to
have $ ,500,000 bet-
tlena she divore&l oil
heirl fu 'Rockefeller.'
Mrs. Rockefeller said nO nch
bill had len unt to her, but
that AM P lekas, a ditnt
cousin. whotshe mild she had met
only oAd', ltd "apked, me to
support W fidfioltely."
t.' % t oI

MRS. MAGDALENA LEE, a TUS. Army Caribbean Quarteimasuer
stock control bmploye, receives a Certificate of Training in Work
Simplification from CoL W. R. Seymour, USARCARIB Quarter-
master. Mrs. Lee is one of many Quartermaster employes who
have submitted work simplification proposals. Recently she
suggested a plan for the elimination of -unnecessary processing
of inventory counting slips used in the reconciliation of sltac
record accounts with memorandum receipt accounts, which T-'
suited In savings and benefits amounting to $1,892.80 per year.
During the si months ending December 30,1954, Quartermaster
first line supervisors submitted 17 work simplflication states
which accounted for benefits and savings amountinl to $14,375
for the first year. I
(U.S. Amy Photo)

NO PARKING PROBLEMS when you ride the St. Lukega Spclial
and from the fifth annual Spring Festival Saturday. .Tarlkyour
ca rat Balboa Heights station or leave it home if-you l tol
Diablo or Los Rios for the Special will shuttle all day bpweejn
Balboa Helghts and Morgan's Gardens with stops at DIabf and
Corpial. Above, four young members of St. Luke's c egatlon
waste from the windows in dress rehearsal rece at'..e
Balboa Roundhouse. eft to right, Janeth VIntsn. arwea Silt,
Paula Sullivan and Ricky Brockman. -

Special Railcar Will Run

For Spring Festival

The Panama Ra
car No. 6 and its
NtO .6A-togthbor i
sengers--wll opera
tie schedule next.E

hts a Gardens, near
afloreo. Sps will be made
Sways at Diablo and Coro-
so tat visitors will have
ir choice of three good park.
areas away from the Gar-
It should save a good deal of
kng" arol n pointed out.
ice hin mest case
Sthan u- .cot-to the,

s -
rr. wll start operating at U0

will rie Ap wml run .sac
0 frequently as load
aeta at snr-
Peiu Salt vis to
leOn Two n served.
A Panama Railroad
crew operate the Specal,
and Jtnes Hunter, ..
ton chirman of tooI

On Two Seatfle
Fishing Boots -

CALLAO, Peru,. a" St. (ICL)-



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- ~) I ~~- .IL -----~~-*'' ; I'



" I 1iGeoria.

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oN Fl- w... .ob Pap i-ry Blanchair "SPACE WAYS

.AT .TV, 1 n te QLORe! with OWARD DUFFTO
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hiolnge* P Uo r e br idge an dks I :,saidoBr 't as e "Pero a ne M Re to ho nA c omb he att t-o
beI an ...u S to--BIVO you n l lt s of Dawn Aa" .S'' i 2 N Tis t. ew hprb able i a jery noft Ib *
m ove tn e m h will m o ct i e o ther n t beca use of a calcium do po- t oni -

a jo ap" M a 1 eg Byr ae beea b at, h B til n er io n exd -" I dot 'IoP, A nd e wlai r tslro met -
the gir?"-e-g Bala e aoa bs Da wn's w .He d ws th t e _ld _e a ndfe r
SA, thectoranopBergation. TSh e su"rery wadi n 't

F R mwh tc the U. S .ndavor court SIT (D) EASIT e Thi s w as n a blow to Red, b iuoset ha tw ite n
SAt roe to o enhero meIt w eUimt tat3 b4 hed i ne was a o set to trot w a out- hiso ai t.
drl bu Prvrc e r Eoth ge "od esCiner u ertny C br- taden Sara W97I se a ed S l 5. newest format a -what, agan?- and i ee .
inks o op lArt eD d r a ed l i o De t nesd e 7 acual In theA o 'wasuuite lece (Seeoexcited about Ithecot.n o la
l t he roher cnal th oul" h el H oAe th 4atQi OS Tnehe new on e rI Pes a situation com. y,
on Ihe has i te a bt l he r the in a a Soevm edy, with Phyllis o t i The ork playing

Lia a rn e ho M ari lyn f ly is vfirs H olly ood taom on quee kn of d romos a b rd e A lowdoor t day idol heg wheoepoy roma On sine bottom loor the re a ied altso l bvin ore* U ited 5t hed in to make th ? rad w'M Oter l ,t
Stra m ar sr d e c-de one a610 w Red'uwife.'ledbatt lpl t ahee cb upaion in m t and eate
St b tin o whoestua is eris to o ntmp late Indeed. t e it ai
hiim webrte seat for th osens l' to ha enedGtm a Se et olge as"cu;e tra el. at *
s t was. deua I rights to Mildre Cram'sbot It North-Sod th-foutrruf th a hn the ploc ci us and P a T Flowers"l rndieer i" n oepu sllte. If y u
movies,"R uth con-I "ThyPtriped"b wt r dgt lwo -- r asaeurt no Perlaya"nod smd

o W I'm hohei ctolere wn't ila i th. is the said, "Pearm, a 't & aouefdl tmovi t a ... .. .

Be tat e, h o oai hu know Publicity sklls of Dawn Addamsl k n it ou w3tisit cwkh tee t whch an tapr o t migh h 'd e otr ofps is t s c f e d ..
rat of cause, A l P drt O f floo twrialo w ra a .a emIpt ',
those H fI alU thIpert .--th a o wearing s itt 9llemre than wisp of d t l e est *s 3u tedr a l s sew earales i gy ingyt isi od e n of a ,e n
movie w Mnl ai oame as a s Inoak chiffon in her new p Europea Psn P a leongt J A o-. gi teSoe go erne was zoof i rel ao s it er ant l i dL ori- oe

fsomaer i y sad o r "You'd e n tin k he W e th a d t o ed lon rrere "The Becdts a l grl ls.eboysiteiost a rs T y nt tnhe de a enie l d asiy S s baut quie. n
" ls eto wantywWst. v'd ea pse e Latrert Wbath ouhdm oe tit"aSot cOru wit f Jarno u th year- w The J n ty s iWe pa"ol. .pans or deo.atSu T ei v Pon- tnte O c h n j sn I b fs pan is pe i a taTt ectS. f e
r aMdMaDIeroithapae o T tajtan husband, 'iet tringsiecu i oIt ...... the Ea st. ., sc -_aEn r-(EdgarknowEasAmnh n

t', M TW s wetbalnchhe uheoo ouoredte story ed. ..... .. a.u atg T o k y o oo Bteleen theoofr asdho w awd out F Boe e M iss lA .r. s d*iffl.-
t hatU iU n png the eaes caor, an fe e un oe a dsn ou a Electrin a ostripteaserh b I an actress .uvt y whosearsn t nn a d.b, "The '

irt O- herw ld p .e- o rc nr 'wa e st We csp de: "n the v e over oure r parked Wah wuro a re oI wentr a t o uthe Ple ctricia o business I h e nt __d vr t end- ____s bn ttee m
A 1 T kFROM E to causekPaul Doulas, the U. S. senator the ine of d iamondsa eme cap me Tri ht ha d doesn't know what her t s e m
M yn onroe to open her mouth wll m thdeeet for the first time when e ofa clubsar. d e wh and on plt l eft hand Is undoing t t au
j turn bdt PaheerubE ugen -, WTee eante n Mutiny nu Ist C ra ptaay th oe K" non u*.a. o" u .. r. Whiss erWt cned we

.'v nke e ths a comr h e uvJpaetodsing-Je as O K dYi WashingtonOeJ 31 ( e ty or ein pi th eArat cuit ilian o ie a d co-, t ame o in .n a I a. tat.yn, u jit.
pa of "The Bother Karamaz- mont. a a Do ga & ac m il l W[ te's e Ho lmes oserve e hat his wgss aex-Iqly s "l al Pe lrl, "I

," th e te eceiAnd he hals heart set on Dul the senator a blusher: Acye e the podet. Th may las a seemnte n't a e the r h e w asmn yeo. ,a s the ta s dI
_________ _o froy queen ro beades. the. Savi, ..-.--.. cotoaaTheie iniser ask e dSu lectriian ansa power b ouse: Iho bu ee bu y S eve er an ult," L"
L nd Darne I ns-- oot Marlkin- for. t h e first Hoe o eue ysewod itanl ettr wtts re nt 'an e nd "I Fa 'o t a o a a
the' orow tohad m h oor hif res, um y fr the nas oe s how the co-aree lpubi tte nnkne n geothrecsn ola p a elwa s maM m 00, who e current w
S b .l.lia. b a V E a. or. .i. th today's han ad s.eo. T e o esacttvi ap- a d e ito fuv h es pretty muma 0 a oa
Add the PollyoBerenJerome t d l e idaat h a at in t y a e nstted-and beneo caru t na c en ft n |
"" whludfreolaocstheediino r'essDeerdoiettrcoad rwtndwnahWesth openedrthehewsfnatw hoii'rte etoo Yam HO USEestre-m ntr R usn n e arke rfrieondewoutsaw thissig Monla e t a
filed .lsuit.he'pwired hr .r outellingDoi Soust made s theJa. crkrct d ineeon. hoeei oftheb. th4. soo rh roude bay ineted dribs and drabs of paint in the wqehbor used car foran ndr -ife s" 'L otei oai
me suIo ywoo bl.. A bser i chnpsl w houpos pn s9end most uo dnorf-h e ll in d ,, to-h-n1ack, silver,m a w *nange, Red white, ?ellowvandored---anmixedcthemptogether., -T rand-, I no ...el... u w Fare Surp-uss

o hr Vw a warnig ht fol a I neiti h e spta blusutallch h- set oern- s pt was maltoaurepblofr T ok yo, te aMt ye'sar a re- $tf0h u d u a w
e tr by alligator O hom ay. atider 1 e count los T. e r ges from uh 0-8 eiSou on a bonwia h product, whic puss paint promoter might cai decorator burple,-is the outside color of the"aet "An d he s ai," Hen said other, I .
EPletos owasn' drned4oid e ofeneialnsonda tho. csuotnh,' n t eenso d tha d o dsone bourtnse a iph J alo oadnso into the reception room. On the bottom p lo tereh v aris o* t l 0n ooele tr sedr in to mak thIe o t"a che. .e pn ed ates
nratid ngtn in st elarw ts hei.orah .nte for s ty.e ster tha 'wheat re e ha of a ble topdato. n o.utsea eFlruida yn, ikghThe ha deoupetaing contains a small c table s anm s eco a s at... I' s n aben lnet wae er. s

btonsaibatue as rdcto fa d ls iteu tumpadae t w houldbehareet amaon Jan a ssuedMhimt e ntr ansas t w ithese and oerfor s, cortral orminutesr' I said 'yat ch.'
Albrtieefreap nsI 9. would norap o Wead std tooee
V0 '" a'S w"-Nfam attobloranh Kng it 'leoul who ke to e spared the trouble ofwguessin uthe rcnstued:a t oni ang uo ates.LRegdtin his iycandle. eent of e s',rd .an com bna gci o na .Areoe,.A he Toko-Ri, m what? Why, aew om Sur pu s
- l a -locationSofoetheJack of dimwatchtower.unmern wasy.. .naeroof iscofrel yscr" p shinges. 'c oen p tosde i ans otr w stux fo. our bare leet, dbvuoup a a u t.

'. ", allt inikgatno thhbsasi lesiu r 5 c m cp .Wdee ev.h teaileea da. ThetDbys or o -e eralnuo oynaaduint, ehtc n e ae t ecei s 0 y, r.- sing ing un d o e
i.mora fo r th nSouth cont bued with four rounds I ea he t said b "Weha d i n a for co v ntucti t j stupe y f T h C i probably jnAra rof c. n i td e
es"' hime'inSilvertSpt-ings ."-, ,-o nlf-t ,ohe exrmpsdiscanrtw o ow e.tu, how e was a a dang....... e --- ,e t colntae a o y ed ew nlon a a i g. he abu:s
reK!, "buttheycop'. o ,r dntt.. etrin"oMeuclubs Iroa Wthest uonsidEast h The r rret b ines Swonderful movie,

bc steea e W t o o r entwan g Jaa v et efMi- o s c a po rengEt eter poer hfom s e pa- al d or s b er s q uit evet sheed me Wt.
I'h ober"discarded clabsp at -ea ch opor--ad UBrd es at oko-tlnAnd... .
thdIs. sruith a ee n haded by ony q rtieans bas tot e ahentiity ahea wit Rssr Raro tr wrn gro netatre or n dt9 tha n

tstracture. ifnvlinteaupere-t ctmmea'Strausslisdag na7' ranscomldeverythiang.Tcuu brye
'.the M eeting. blr h uc VWar

-mall ardsBorWby fhenybethe tlotelanRdso D om ksown negionhet y nofte Do eit ante en ct gea and w alenight
0dia on swdw d e
headed ytheaeintd b itsd tscwfnu u a ed in l oth e g ero t o nuit, n of wed and cg nd w ar
hoo brAli- and East ie took the n eae. East re- aVldean dsotn. r n
a..--r- .s& L6d'sotookotheace.,,clubad led alowu, tnIyofreeenlestcyoet raveCa pl.aeeto.,econ-
elm."='4'9- stordis spade through dum iln Jacki. TOKYO, Jan. 31 (UP)ra Thety forenow policawhig fAraatedSu- The civilian Per ifonnel Oflnse-be umy In.
.'_L Grahame's ,. .. .. .,.DItsDPW toJ~apa~nese gov .,.lent to .Aycau-Iglhara, an expert on Russian a.U. S. Army.oe, rb.ean, hj s an- '
A. .Leaders StartTalks.. tlouscy preparedto s ayd sown a efaars.o sd e cdanouncedj o f.- s foranb e g,.. for. .a ,h..-asout.all

needed only one spe .Inth vet overture or pence tak similar overtuo pre a -not so i Y c hmentrliz a vanaety of wF -
194-#00 -But hisbig n '- .-',-.onthe king ofdiamondsa alson.PrimeMinister, cniro y-handful of ci)veet officiaCs whoae The announcement srdeap-idre r.

"'Ofll'owood was too much for A-spaes, was nt apu pub ttentonW n A. Dm-Tokyo. ca concerning trade- letricia analyse, locate
l~ r l."n ." : '........ w, .-r"" ., t l' ot. .~aeua --ae~~e i~~e,,.t ,'t o,".or., "' s" oe"'T;t t,,,--- ,do ,ar s! m.mms lue s rm b rpus s a

Threads and bend conduit and I
R 0 KME, 4n. 3.4 .U;F)--Tur- omuP
key's Prelip. and V Wi nis, assemblies; thread wire through Avum1SA JusTo a ssaMSN as n
ter start .U .a u NTER' conduit; splice wire and make fa,,v,10. goAD
at e s tade tw'a aSHOlAIV ,T YOUR SERVICE CENTER necessa connections. Applica-
and sedating bu nations TREATERS TONIGHT! tione should be submitted, to the
fundamental Meaiterranean pillars civiliann Personnel Office. USAR-
of 'w-tra defoes. CARIB, Building 23, Corozal, C. ....
'rBr'Aa Medr, *BALBOA 4i-15 -4:20 mDaRLO TS. 6.15 7:50 Z.
hisore ooMinisterW.....DDonaANDREWS -
lu, aots with aiy 's pr Martl TonEP
MS scelba and orln TASGNMNT-PARIS"
IterGaetano Martino. .. -Ac
of the talks will be '.-NUGARITA 7 p.m. enly!

of r l. Starting February tM thru
Sa', L CRT :0- 1h a-" r-dG
co-existen MO rnRecords:A

Lon-on,1West,, bait fl.
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fliams es To Rep

tJ Mount Hope Contest W e sDner e v ng i' o i r eFeet

: oGoAgainstSodamen Willie Mays must aman even
-0- tut S agree by now.Mat WiAJoe Browng Ut r ia S
PANAMA PRO LEAGUE STANDINGS reay omn the natr o lg
T EAM Won Lost Pet. GB eshwatthe Despaegnewynd too.
"ankees. '"." '.. -n 12 .6s-al. writers d'infl( last ut, .;I-T .-
I- nke-. .S ... Y e. 19. 15 4. 9 3 r est of the speakers, and 133 last ngt g e a T o ', -
Od en .. .. 10 24 29 1 ther as a full lineup in1 -n mJoltin' Joe Brown of New Or- touraf1ous Medi-

SLATURDAY NIGHTS RESULTS (2), At Pafama ner and 4h r po, aid more 210 of the fourth round df a nnu o42 In ever us he te fA i.
First: Yankees 3, Smokers 1. words tha there are in the Iew scheduled ten-rounder at the uieUK .tr 'judges when ech the
S nd Yankees 13, Smokersroedashat they. could rea Ane came out ast and favor of a by bettg the
Willie gave it to 'em "au na- sarte throwing murderouse a ib1ar, 134%, once Wlcepts for.35hat 5 oker, the
LAST NIGHT'S RESULT-At Panama turel and he brought down -punches orthening on 0u.- .4ph n tp at'..o ker"the
Soers 5, Sodamen 4. was dpped and kept out of-Ti- .he m at 1:47 of the for its 39th that
the world did I ever get up hes 0 We ay for the first round, second d, would equal the alirilme record.
on this dais?" Here's a sam .. The seod round was all Juan 123. punched Instead, the Wilcats' streak was
' TONIGHT'S GAME-7:30--At Mount Hope "There h was," uoth W e as boxed rings a- ot decision over broken atwins nowthey
Sodamen (Williams 2-8) vs. Yankees (Douglas 4-4). in apr bu dtop In. the third, raRwn so, 12, Ithe open- are ridi a modet f-game
re le --es wThyflesm ioueM damage to Titd's had tson their feet on Tech has won only once and lost
I 1"&Thg C. V. Yankees will send for the night as they went into resen that Wl lie Maysi s wa T his was the beginning of s ooseven tM s cod oKen-
S"Bam Williams bf the nd game. "Now as didn't think they -vn Midway through the fourth tint rIulace i- the uthpastrn Con-f
men tonight at 7:30 at The Yankees however, cross- knew sh was in Sioux City, Let e cornered Despaigne afte pAf Opto reports, Martin-e prince, should thapemaking Ala-
Sope as the try to In- ad the plate seventimesin that alone Eye- a buttah went to u pes nrrage a s in a we h oldtsarn ti n b en-, O shatld Flogad bea-
their lead one-h and in the frameP that the hotel and they say LeaD-o rage ofpuchs.Fn.aiBt the should be
oero the S3okers and come followed, got home five more for roce wants me on the Gwnts dropped o Des.paigne flat l dpl P aWuer and Joltin' warned by uthe ate of Northo
nearer to the 1954-55 a 1 to 1 massacre of the mok- Ah calls Leo and jAye on his pants seat to be cou anted J W 1oln Arena Sunday, Carolina state on a similar "re-

ague is In its lestweek eighth triumph adecd ree- says come a ohsay.S etobis o grner as h wo l .st e lmlon n s o, er state ned, bN for -ac Nr
Season ans t Yankees lit from Larry Ludtke in the d t"einst re deub in Phil- e s eifinl wa a oun -et qth t t ever since y
1 e esn nt sixth. delphiaand Alkne o l Th e semii na l was a oneided & but failed to get any 12-0 record w ith a 91 7 defeat
th" e es Infront.d Yth, anhdi ng contest for five roundsas" o- I ad to e a much got ithe stury f of 12 artles written or delivery. e noral wr gen
ed doubleheader Saturday Tommy Hughes started for e gosh afive times up, and fiv eae aci n et be o i atr aas
| hn -pboWed te veteran Sammy Activity in, U A. eye.1&07-96.By TONY SPAhe 0 alley.
tu nbk thes Stadium and the at the losers and was followed to times down. oeut It. t e hou e c t .a l
annfte n wr e n oupri- lop s o t n, se veAB ingles Chap io ln no nt, o u u p
B fl weth. victorious Inh both the hill b Humberto Robinson wenThe all pl extdayay' Willithe added niL ou on't have to itch the with one moo
or sev nnings the way for the Rob inso n wa ers to win he w l five times up and five O sednd-ra team, but failed Hbave the b all ey hi release t doallthothe alley t a
- ice a th n the1first.ntestlheY ent, k eftn cho th eW olp k's ond th e foul lines. yE T ng T
aes broke a scoreless tie in the After their disaster ?ous double l ies down. s" b rit eottIn o h, bkIt w T A
ftnningbyetting In one loss on Saturday the Smokers h next day, ah goes five fourth lo of the pea Troops l r
unnd the Smoers tied it up came back last night to eke out times u and five ti metls do a te r ese sibly fatal blow ce the Pi several inches past the oI
the seventh and lost when Al a 5 to 4 win over the Sodamen too, an ah'm really orriasaoa 0 .000 ce the hero of the day when ll Con fneenc ao wl bell
abskis boys sared twie in the at the Stadium. tells LHank Jone't think a TITs is .I U- ss he national nW bend itAteee it ar is od
"ma.Pth. The match had been set Humberto Robinson went9 playthisbig I t -ux n bposines dinght wlbe the las ouo
r seven innings the way for thehe s an. 1 P) UNDA GAMES proed to be the winning runs ide and hoping to take
rn Larence a they wn- his four th lgame while Vibert in'am.' So ahg doe`ut ha wt la balled d t alley o .u o
Al be tho 8 00rwle t tlerhisr advymefllldrt 2, o f iedoi st e ForhSanus t heou ldo neth er io stn d t g te h Nt T2 h 1 Iv oout h-lath
se o wnart r oh er 1 ho5 2 Sooandcre ,I deithh -cer Hoan Bsk aTaan h PSowella Bae allne was called on to halt r the er Cnfe ce. W ft V irnt ia
Pm e vsan 1 2 on Only seven imth w ere pla y bo. at hte opor Team s ee two e tun ted endey, ali 3at m o nd na O o

a 0 f a k es Jner a u r 0 1.000 gloes truck out Stan Smith, ag l l es By 6, e a this

en upS. W L Pret offeni, ba n d e d 2 pBothm Bobby ; FO ^ ond Its oypt- t
i t T 13. 1 .7u 0 but Danyey de deorge the No.o h 9 hit- shiagos t pec, Troo
a-o p -- U .kl arr ha ednani' mCo Dheisiona Chmpl High0 1 .000 ter i n the Powells line-up, be- Fnirsn. ac t TeMineres It r
k o n 0 -e a" Fr a u n he "as bo th lhaurs wsi o Casanovanr 0 .000 cmal the hero of the day when e r0 lce nt rero d lo wld be

_5- 0HA AN Jts ni n 3osn or p -tr au.- SU NlDo tse tao S cpovn n e r o eth, wi n 1 (2 0 idlthe hand.. hop5 t ea a
iT e In es i Jones, a h- es asld vsr 7 it r k ege, c 1 0 c e la nl u

1 doubeh. ea 1 10 1 Sturd ou ogy (ughes ta tour ba, goe, Wiveotmes b., cand fr e outer Nael bantrelr. hacn t y'oopero l U -- woud o oy Pep OB tho-e dorb'lae ant't ^ g
t hil b 4 bert1 0 2 TR s one Harrtins 4 u ds 6, n d cThe 152, d a t tnhse Sok -r "as s.mewcat s ea r n wnth e G 8on, Tou 7 2 1 j c .fl TC 8t .6--* .champion ..ot, s ea kut rnthh
B' ners o u dwithOver rd J o s r a ile ::n kn3Jll0 'e of the g ero"er (2e, theea 1w 0Is or0 fo A # ia. u egiuo leaedo rto

e br ke n d r t0he r Hr S tokeust :, Fonble t es sdc odw tenstodfr placderGn M i Orh yo. h omintg, V 0u s 0 1 2 e blr l o o 6 9 d

r oti nnn, 0by0 3 0 1t ho s a n 4 inonn ar on e da a i the ous ."oho Tetre- o the Atani otheHl lasode peo theore, lb s t 1 0 2 4o Po al o ts 4 Ft h3 it ron alsd c afw'tl
A J a 4 th Robinson i- n a se t en n- bm d o r t e d sthru oR r 2 1 0 0 y tan c 1 1 wb s ar t tl
tl 5esO0or0ope 3 0 0 0 2 ningp i tche ouis o ft .am te n | b
it, Fer bls b r ea te Mtadri u n, h tk oin bah from b aontah tiep naatieot woorn the Jonst ,e wSbt 31 2 1 0 er tBrreve. ()

ll th 1 t 1 tu t b ym ghrso n 6o cins hn wit a polnt bit t l greue cNolime bas on whire haed oo a 1 1 7o ope e We Pe the heoad-a' t sil1lng
SR Te n i y N w sc ore bnt, HI n ins ,i n L ke w. and T h e d w il erd t ting r C uan keep d hitheh g aeyea r Giets- o oc 2 1. 1 0jULT uAve t t e it h oteo Butd. ah Iol ye
r tars 2 0 2 3 16 C h urn, TNumhn-o3, Hrahrs. 4 pedwb ifts fomre heh i r dithrd pr t-oi the Mayonw as 3D1 2 1 0 V- wIei by Fort or 6 0 4 v ict o .
S Mlr O et R S P itchersr d: Run s u r une oT uer s anc d Sretere v-o To t roiteeW le ers d sore hs a omsone, f 3 0 IFt a -n 6e 9l .o t s t I i .
4 O2gorhits np ana 0 0 n (no ne outest inunanimousy8orPerengtrd away co tule no on hibson Glr gCh ero, 1 0 0 2 0 roco we 50 s amay 8 u r 'e r b, a e w l, his r
1 1 4s 4 74hoep;l obhs o 4o aurunsed hit ing I a semCuban Cro en cm- wa s h o sOflikd lhI. and srue k wh e dow r, r 2 0hr1 0 a Am Aanc2h13e. boutheNs andK bi s
Ooo lb 3 0 10 1 0 Ining ihe t o fatnar,14 higteonD cm p o at 6 Invy Bat Ne lr Hisconto do boo 2b

4002s2 SSOT13owal:f, os) sEa rr 6 hiso with a hr secod ook-raes somrewa wit toi ighta Halls Ib211 7 0 1-5b t2Doru nS1 and o pear e
l i. f .r 0 0 05 Ian 'ng.( urth o iowunte iust aro nd tole sacr "e wll o h rwe s 'h- eaRd isf 3 1 1 20h s i tr er
S0eere] 2 1 2 Hinso..T e o e s 0 an ohp I atloal rtoo- hstrtn wro ler rosi ct o (n the A 3-i
4 00 0 0 0 C3hrn Pru s, it 2 kn s. Jbo severe he d hanr sgd a o iv Bthea vy, caius u orev i eaouy C TcAelry, RESL Tt t e2ob3 1-1we1.1s

solo,1a 3 0 100 4 0 pter b 3 5r 7 in r l ound o thea sche.dCu ten-ro ud m o d for aP the loser; o arI t The oon, a 23 0 0 1 C o Soo t K.eci ln frutc
Basesnon ballsU off:I HTghsw.nrpenedheiAhladtrghLesgaed S pstolselnto ic0 t 0 rs t orwntll0ton leagueoloeSoloya-k ho ralevea arti=g10 5ch

S64'P2, 34 0 0 2 3 urg ptcher: b Harris 4.2l Du er. toarv h way Chai Sera Oc 1AE 0 0s 2 0 1 2thort tab bmere6. 606
S iO E bPl s rrn rn andreler t r th e fi r s t h 5 whn Ro n d .b 2 01 0 2wAbrkA i ,Bra0)d l yrAt2 LFt.n poa hin b' Navy-
MGMrntart lusocu nz ot00he lh r obbe me

To n eals0m 3 0 1 4 1 leskI: A tin, Brn rd K o wh a hd lhin Powe f scoed4o their r 7 tas Hanld ibn 4 1 9 0 GA MES WEDNE0SDAY plas o an a upir p1 fr e rams
4by 1 1 insoni4r.s W ii s -I Parch- con t e buit alloleClarenceki es, as l fofwhic a y srue, cha rged0Quo, atlato5edac ol w he

oAaNn 00 00 1 0. uar- 4o n s be forine f a heed C a n's Toero Ba rcthle e h ithe d ple todwhedh obNae b2 0 0.0n0 ru nsy D* ik S a l W oFobt aice sMthorit-
S horo0n 0 b attdp i h:R. -O ptkn5ietro u ndo t raschored u leten-ron otleme Nt Mllnr ,C nae arn Tot oAt

F. grun : anke es 30 m ok- Play ersonic ab 2 0 Sc h bet ale ora nd relief ot and fo thes i srey hrbedaio c10 0( Lea0e rjhn p A l orinthBf.ft oe
on b s S e MOoref, Sb 4 1 1 1 ; rezn ins thatCfanodllooweddihldtthhro ughughenir0t0 0r0 0eiw thel- Kobbe attack,
016 Three base hits:i L s.brc -0o0t' b T r nPowells st bun ht a tedberook. hB vs.l Sei alwTrop h oot -rgadGiI

ha.d bas hit Tm e Dr3etw te, rb. rt t 2e KReaminunu Setd alm lowd a singol run.ord Ck Bl3OtCatAFedht) e acte'l. w'fhout '" b-wohi.
Sameo byTl I 1 2 0s "o inda s..Timeof0ame-43 Too. Tned boW-had bepe no, to thu e so atia g i to -m- .. Bacy p .0 30B 2ts l2 03Ar atls I
by:O. ri 2; bL 2 0 10 2-reao t 0 10 xv pn ea ok bec ue NVP oelrs r a ibso and as t the end 25xn .0 5. 7 31, ,-11 Hurr ipt naneaxi a.Ir- h. T a'hs fiw wa ona the tsea- e n

,p 0 0 0 0 01 umnmars none us t tedin -suh eed aown b rouenea rdrseleacted W40le0Ce01.0 2-7 troma n- l o y-i ud-pgn-l..... ..arren

t1. 0 0 0 0 Tuminelli, Prescontt Hoe-rado',. while training. van furlong sprmi at the Juan WIt uDeble: (Atom-o- G. 1 or i ave ew -a- O Amesu
rf 1 0 0 1 0 Gred. Brahwa. athwaite. Earned Shimbo said Dr. Alvin Cahn, France mee traehoadftr nomfd) S,0. gr, fsoe Irt ontesd s frm Vom.t-rl.o.,lo l P-m a
runs: Smokers 2, Bodamen 4. Shiral's manAger, and Laearo ernoon.. M e u," b. a,- po dropped
T tals 33 4 7 X4 11 Left on hases: Sodam.en 3, mok-I Kol, Pares's manager, had given Turgot was' se ad i- THIRD a long wa other for second In an eor rred n
TANKEES ers 5. Three base hits: Honur- International Promotions au- nizadO third to .rrP horSt 1-Meho $.f L0, a.L ek of r 8-4 loss to Coo ol. 6f
2 Sb 4 2 0 0 4dou, Al. Brathw*t.. Twn base thority to fix the date and site race. 3, .U- $ 0, -ion a kept thre games away from ts.nd
as 2 2 1 2 5 hits: Clarke. Wild pitches: of the return match. Jockey OUmmlwa. .. S Itiamy privilege have Troops with a 6-1 trmup ph 1ove 0M
I P, rf .. 5 2 2 Oi latke. Struck out by: Rnobnson, "We have written t6 PerezI Relampao I i -- : agi-der Coh Sta t Army Atlantic. si
if 5 3 2' 1, 8: by Clarke 3, Basen on balls off manager o the selection of start an7 hustU6 i a Ma .01&M ro 1919 te -
lkl. lb 4 2 311 '1 Robinson 1; off ClarkP 1..rrors: May19 and Tokyo as the time even term ,isth WflM tm0V .... t, to- e his as'sa ih The key matc h'tkls w eek I
.I b 5 2 3 1 2 Rodpmen (Ar. Brathwalte, and place for the return match." first five afllor N e-tnerQ jL .,2.20- r ". *mnot 0 slated forNM g .
H ,f^ 5 <0 0 i 0 Glndsone Po adon. Lt !nlShlimrno wld. "We have not re- Relampago 1$3serdlWSD _34* .40,J 10 SW4.S bye a _.= FortSClJa nSheii t1
a H .. 4 0 1 9 0 pitcher: Clam (1-R). Winning ceived a reply and we take itt drew awe t1asee fl Iv-*- -,-T4Pid w"Sta FbEra "wl as lst bmcil.- mma
,,p 2 1 0 0 1 otteher: fluibian (4-5). TTm- that Perus' manager has given one-half -.SW .. Fe-r kd letf match, "-irw
I _p 1 0 0o.i .0 tIes: Wiblara. Karamailitl.. ihis t pprovl tothe return' Th_ -. a .. Ja.
S hkni iie es: at approval to the return17h W"d odti .60t ,the-do 1-Wi l
nd WIuS S -It Gamef : ai -addtoday the 31-year- canldo was P v- fh
n~tZhmkJg gg0ma ke inn

altering p
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sape en- 1 ,
we ts l ^,1

Shiral i
on Nov.
er which
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saddle t
romnd each.
d .-!AmiI
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* l

day, 4 ths.i.i

S .--.

1111 1 e

.Caejies feat Ocele8
Getting off to a slow uart, but
p up the top.
1e fu with a six run rtlly
the Conewos were able to stave
off he oelote by the score of
11 to 10.
Going Into the sixth Inning
with a seven run lead, the Oce-
lots picked up five runs in their
half of the inning, and three
more, with the wining run on
second base. in their half of the
seventh, just had to be satisfied
with a near min.
Bateman blasted a homer for
the Ocelots while C. Chase did
likewise with two bases occupied.
Kirkland was the winning
pitcher and DuBois was the loser.
Players ab r h e a
Frangionl,S 5 1 14 1
Ryter,.' 2 2 1 1
Kirkland,p, f,eif 2 1 0 2
Chae, rf, p 3 2 1 1 0
Watson, f,. p I 31
Million, 4 0 0 V
Ch n, 2b 1 2 0 1 1

Tubbsc 21 6000
Scott, If 4 0 0 2 0

MW Iff, 5 12 2 0 1
Nufle, lb, p 1 2 5 21
Bateman, 41 3132
N&lvo 2b,.lb 4 1 1 3 11
Crook, i t 5 0000
EnRgelke. If 12 1 02
Thompson,b 1 0 00
DuBo", p 0 0 0 1
Sanders, p 0 00a
Morris, 2b 1 1 0 0 11
TetPublic Ho11

Public Ho(

Kansan Goes ou o .

8 Futlongs

A S In A403.8 O006EIIEUN' AAD
shoess Wehor
(01 1U41 By JOE PHELAN
I l00 3-10 MOOSIC are big etit trers, a
-rrr .0iejos 4 BOSTON, Jan. 31 (UP) thousand pu-ds more or a08
I dh*S .S GOc Peernles WA s Bantee, America's for a respe taole bull, lad they
Sreligning king of the outdoor need a lot of browse to keep their
aadtte a: o me, added the world's indoor powr plants operating. d th
51 2, record to his glittering track A moowe s so constructed that
AAem N3I9 laurels last night when he he can reach feed athres, froi m
orri. Two. i -m captured the Boston Athletic As- 'six feet under water for juicy
hree-bar ha om isolation Hunter Mile in 4:03 4 burreed or duck-potato bulbs to
runs* Chase, S olen minu sa, almost two full seconds eight or ten feet above ground
s Ryter Wa huas ofi the previous mark. for tasty poppl tips. His long
nd .. The lithe Olympian thus tookforeegs mae him a little awk
s@ Double a ild- over from fellow Oil Dodds das f group d-aekl I ontd bot
I0has.indoor mile record holder. Dodda din of edges, orset ll ad or t
r Co the Oalopng Prson, had is no grea ask. The
.....the. O h...record....... moose's chief Problem Is getting
at w. Pased balls: tabliahed his record of 4:05.3 In eough.
on an. W in Ntw York In 1948. enough.
her:. (70). Losing The consequence is that where
re 1). 11pires: 0 As nSantee streaked across NEW CONTRACT Closing out his playing career with the New York Giants, Mel Ott, shown feeding is fat their are the
I "" corer: Sutherland, the finish line a full 30 yards following the flight of a ball belted into the right field seats, set a record every time he went moose. A primeval forest, where
Tim:er :00.ahead of Gunar Nielsen of to bat. As vice-president of a New Orlewns engineering company, the all-time home run king the young brush and hardwood
Denmark the capacity crowd of of the National League now checks the progress of construction Jobs. (NEA) growth have been squeezed out is ripe, most lush ine
MAOWS 136M9 gave him a thundering tall heavy-bled trees, tight An area where I've hn d a
ab rho*a evtion. Oh The Al leys. .. coked firs or great spruces, Is and on over the past seven
T.2b 20y0 0 0 1 poor place to find a moose, be- is a prime example of th
S 1D 3 10 0 0 0 Santee said he was unaware Fuera y Luz Smashes Stempel cause there's no feed to hold him ness right now. When I
Tuoammy, a 4 1 0 13 8 that he had the record in grasp. In Major League Bowling; in It. visited im Dargan's Lae a
a 4 1 1 0 1 was keeping my mind on my Colonial Drops One Point Croix-Menton Fishing and
Sp-lb 4 2 3 1 1 running and was out there to But a bi burn, where the ing Club are north of Quo 1.
Chase J. 2 2 1 0 win or lose but doing my best," The Reddy Kilowatts from heavy grow has been killed off Chicoutlmi, back in 1948
Tharp, I. lb, If-p 2 1 1 0 0 said the marine -offlcer trainee. Fuerza y Luz knocked over the to let In sunlight and encourage huge burned area north and
else D. 0 0 0 0 "When I started the race I Max R. Stempel & Son keglers the growth of satll hardweeds. of Lake Pipmaukin, which
- 0 0 0 0 0 was just out to run. If I won I last Tuesday night at Diablo the willows, people, the vriousers the arer
Crigan, p-3b 0 2 0 1 0 won. If I lost I lost," he added. Clubhouse bowling lanea, taking PACIFIC LITTLE LEAGUE later when Bright was sa on an cherrms, tht's Wyoung maletoris and hunters was s in i
Hitchcok, Sb 0 1 0 1 2 Nielsen had no excuses or four points. EarlBest was high TKA'M STANDINGS error. Idncherryn room for the big deeria ripemnmb those trowchoe
RaS D1 1 3 complaints to make about an for the winners with 598, which e n oom for the big dr. remember one trip on Wch
eers, D 1 1 1 tee's victory. was, for the second time this tpur Cola e L Pet It was a tough ball game for There he'll be found In numbers. of us took four bulls in four .
The Copenhagen pressman, season, the only time a score les Lincoln Life 5 1 .833 did not allow a hit. The bwlnnin mean pushing through with the new awo
STotals n 11 g21 5 who-finished himself in a credit- than 6800 won the -game erie Pol 8 .87 pitcher was Tommy Bright, n bur and s hirunkg sllen lie Juth tndel a r oo a
able p:08.o saidw "I knw I prize. Anderson helped Bes with S ro
ToMAres3 the tace right from the start. HeI571,followed by S tephens with Elka 1414 2 4 .333 the loser Browder. It was a bit-IJjacktraws means nothing to that burn bas
therrace right0from the start. Heas with forGibraltar Life 1 5 .187l7ter loss for the police, because it such powerful, long-legged ani- trophy bulls for nine out ofeI
Leelady J. p-2b 4 0 0 4 1 was the better runner and that's 55. George Zeletes was high or Seymour Agency 1 5 .107 Puts them back two I games be- rl. tn of Ji'ute
RynolRds, 3 1 0 2 Nie n rd antee had split C l Insurance raced along 141 olle hind the league leaders, with But a burn "ripens" in its feed they were good, bad, or
theirp-two2pr2e2viesenand ngante menhad splitColonialethreepointsufranceracedalo2.Police2 1 only three more games to go for qualities. A raw, fresh burn is Nimrods.
bb, T., c 2 1 4 1 In an overtime battle, the the first ha lf. s
Hal, F., cf 2 0 0 0 n0the Dane winning with a tre- mour Insurance, with Bob Wa- Elks eked a win over the Police The box score: no moose ce ria. Ultimately,
edsk, ce 1 0 0 0 rendous burst in Washington goner knocking out a good 593 by 3-2. The Lodg n did thee POLICE pre the re Ie t fall of 1t54, 20 mo we
nni am, T.b 2 10 1 0 -last week and Bantee triumph- and high gameof the evening -2The e d e POLICE nature, the edible second growth in and 18 came t w
Cunningham,.in in Philadelphia. o2, followed by elanson trick the hard way, winning the Players AB R H will itself become too heavy to several of them wel-nouns
Cunningham, E., title ick Ollen of North with 5. Curly Bates was high ball game on only one hit, and Brown, rf 2 0 permit tast een underbrush. bulls boasting antler a reads
c o aef-2b 3 'aefrSn sh eh1 0 2 0 Dnerhthat bingle had no beariig on Smith, rs 2 0 0 hestunt, u you're a moose hunt. 55-60 Inchbes. Very I ly,
Tousleh, ., rf 1 0 0 0 0 eastern University set a terrific for the losers with 58. the score.. Roe b 4 risto locatesuch a burn dur. area nw has the latest
Totals 25 7 2 21 5 Kanan for the first six laps. potn from Mutual of For the reution si Innings Preste, lb 1 in those middle years when it ntr of moos e
oa y i Olen's time at the quar with substttue crmer leading little Leo Dehlnger did not al- Ammlrati. s 3 1 1 province ofQuebc, and f'ta
c ore by Innins 01-11 7 seconds e and te antere's 57 the local with 575 followed by low safety, but two walks and Barnes, 2b 2 0 1 matter of five to ten years
Pumas1 000 52- 7 At tshe half It was two minutes Bowen with 558, while Albritton a couple of errors put the Elks Klipper, If-cf 4 0 0 more, at a Sess, it certaly il
summary. errors: Macaw flat for Ollen while Santee w led for Mutual witngh 560. ut n front Con the third nnng. EllCrawford, 0 0
Dr, Duree, J.,Pitman.Pu. ustthree-tenths of a seco splitwith the H. I. Homa qin- the opposing chucker, Bleak- Potter, c 2 0 0
man: Torres, Wills, Webb. Runs off that pace, t th e om in two ley In the fourth for three hits Browder, p 1 0 0
batted In: lacws: Chase 2; Ollon fidded at the seventh tet, the former winning t wo'anIcy ed fur o t he hs B rd,
:DWI T; rtM ueeT.1: lap as antee and Nielsen took games and Hom winning one d tied up the ball gam De hlingerp, b
Puahft : T8ualbNWebb 2, Cun- over. The victor's time at the me and pinfall. Coffey was t llyin two runs. Dehllnger, p L S 29 2
ningham Z. Three-base hits: three-quarter point was 3:02.1 hgh with 554 for LeTournea A the end of the sixth, in-
ha.m e. Trus: Durfee minutesrr. Bob Mer ilan of the and Dick Theis was high for acordance with Little League Hearn. 2b 0 1 0
Tharp.. Durfe Arm d orcute s track squad wasith 57 2. rules, both pitchers had to be Beadry, rf 2 0 0
Tharp, Cor- third and Billy Tidwell of Kan- The team standings after 19 relieved. Bght took over or the Cmby 3b LASt DI
a o e ,Webb. ss Teachers College weeks of play: Elks, and Browder for the Police. Corrigan. c I 1 1' ACt'Y .60 JO
l Torres unols, eb fourth. Teams W L Ave. Both relief pitchers continued Bright, lb-p 4 0 0
4onal Ins. 1 14 809 excellent hurling, both giving up Pajak, as 3 0 0
5, NFE 42 34 .55 In the -third extra Inning, the Stoudnor. 2b 4 -0
T,- 2,-WlI I.. nowae 4M Ad M. of Omaha --24- 42 .44T Cops stranded two runners, Bleakley, u-If 3 0 0
rnveluan Vn 6-2 off/ n rgee2 T fora 01/4 ashe It beat the lean LeTourneau- sacrifice to second and took thrid Porto, If 2 0 0
5 runs 2 n 6-2/3 nnings. TharpW0ll Neg4 s.n It est heo bya Westngh-use- 28 47 .307 when Corrigan grounded out to'

Wills 2, Tharp 1. o passdNavy 4eatl Ron Wieme, The 10 leading bowlers of the I"_Dumber
118. the Arnied Forces traCk- squad, Balcer 27 199-13 NO BARGAIN-Leo Durocher Spanish Double Programi
ScoU i i ae: 2:20. nd I ovawereofnfey findsathings a bit too cold for Cmen Sevilla In
IL Colbert 48 197-33 circuit The New York Giants
y oiteed ltained Bet1min.
ad wV WUW -- -___... out his California qun. (NEA)

On San Francisco

Ballpark Bond

Last of three articles which seats 2',000, seenls the only
By MURRAY OLDERMAN logical lace for expansion, wit
NEA taff Correspndet two contingencies: (1) ff owner
Paul Fagan will sell the property.
SAN FRANCISCO (NEA)-Just at a reasonable price, (2) If the
because a $5 million revenue bond city wil grab a park across the
was voted for the construction ofi street and condemn the street,
a big league baseball park the no- with a terrific howl ensuing be.
tion has spread that all San 'cause it's a main throughfare.
Francisco has todo is sit back' "Fra ly," says Walter, "there,
and wait SOr the majors to drop is no public clamor for major
It. league ball her.'
The was hoodwaked, That's t p San Fran.
smart eball peoe tll u. The cisco Is not so blase it wouldn't
bond issue was a smoke screen, welcome a team. But it's also
a political d4 e ,a Ism the cosmopolitan cough not to want
career of *d e with may. just and old broken-down second
oralty ambition s. The public division major league team.
voted the beads because the vot- h1s is is one of the finest base.
ers were told the stadium would ball cities in the country, the
not be csNtructed Mllem at ma or sowin round eat tmaine

colleague wed ,wurfonf o yI colston
taking the Billings run in 8:555 .lebark
minutes, 2 seconds off his own Theis
BAA and Boston Garden record
and considerably slower than The team
his indoor a rk. night:
The everend Bob Richard, i t Fu
pole vault champion, won his Stephens
specially at 15 feet, 2 inches, far Thomas
below his announced goal of Anderson
15-4. However, he said before the Allen
meet he was pressed for time to Beat
catch a plane for his West Coast
church duties.
Nifty Harrison (Bones) Dillard vs. Max
won his ninth consecutive BAA Foster
45-yard hurdles title by racing I (Blnd)
over the barriers 1t 5.6 seconds, IKaelin
one tenth of a second slower zeetes
than his meet record. Schmidt

lose your shirt

Son wrong


51 190-3418
45 190- 8
57 186-49
scores of Tuesday
ein a y Luz
192 149 211 55321
182 203 163 548
178 192 201 571
159 168 154 481'
171 225 202 598!
U82 937 931 2751
R. Stempel & Son
148 157 120 425
159 159 159 477
171 161 159 491
162 188 171 521
179 148 182 509
519 112 791 2423

Local 595, NFFE
Frangioni 191 171 170 532
Schirmer 196 191 188 575
Jamison 222 125 182 528
Bowen 111 194 193 558
Olelchman 180 185 174 539
o0 1S6 907 2733
vs. Mutual of Omaha
Albritton 186 206 168 560
Luttenberger 167 179 170 516
Presho 162 213 137 512
Lane 192 190 161 543
Colston 176 172 160 503,
883 96 796 2639
LeTourneau- Westinghouse
Burgoon 146 165 169 480;
Klumpp 166 128 222 516'
Woodcock 181 170 138 489
Coffey 169 194 191 554
Balcer 162 169 184 538

34 841 --4 2577
vs. H. I. aoma CO,
Thels 173. 3M 197 572
Nelson 150 10 164 504
Cypert 150 114 170 543
Rogers 108 170 175 501
Fllebirk 184 213 168 5M
Su m m usm
Celellil lagmame,
Colbert 1 7 17 168 526
aade 1 1 280 m0
waggem *.1 254 593

Va. segm-r Asey
Benmna M 1 814 552
ek" 170 462

R sut Wt .152 468


Complete Prize-winning Numbers in the Ordinary Drawing No. 1873, Sunday, January 30, 1955
The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided in two series "A" & "B" of 22 pieces each

First Prize 9526 $ 44,000.00

Second Prize 0952

Third Prize 8577

MN. Prime No. Prims No Priz No. FPrim No. Prime No.
KM 132. Im 1s2. 32M 1321.N 3m 2 12.M 2 1 2.. 4 1
*12e 132.N 111261 s2 2 1 2126 3 2.n 0 13 lne 4128 12s2.1M l112I
MM 132.M ISM g 132.00 236 112.Mt 2M 13 2, M 112.M4 1M
ems l22.lS 11Maw 122.NM 12. l 12.5 13 IA6M 4M 131.eM 5 U2
6426 131.M1 1A 1 132.0 2 MIS23.N 34= 132.1 4142 ,12". i M
an1 22M.M S6 2,2, M 2m S.2M." S6S2M 2,21.M 426 2.266.5 24
M2P 1 .32 360 ISM 132.0 M2M 122.00 MM 132.00 221 31 M
512 2.5 16 121.S1 1626 122.51 2626 322.5 4826125 II 2
11, 1122.NM 1T1e 132.M 12718 12.N1 M30 12 472a M 1 2. sI I M
M' la2.e5 11s 132.1 1 2 1 2. 2 82 12.e 4826 112.M111 M
S 112.51 IM 132 5 2M 12."M 2m 122.5 4 1121.M1' 11

$ 13,200 00

$ 6,600.00

Film He.
Fulams Mm. VuI N. Fuluw ~d S3

Pri e No.

132, 1 1241
M1204 at"sas
rreeleIii v
132.0 am
fsue Ise
Moll eeans
1311.4 08U26
122.019 an
12.2.M $7S6
112. "I MM
132L IM

Prme 11L I"i=S No rNow d d .
1L2. TOM 132IM SM uXA SM
12.-1e 146 1sS IM s IsN M8 1.
13.60 1226 112.M S4M 112.A6

13L.M T1 M ie.5 am1 t 1S.M 66
n2.M 1M 13.1A 1SS.M NM gM,.
122. 1 7 1321 13.51 K 1tam

I--------------------- ------^
Approximations Derived From First Prize

317 W4.M| M" 4. Mi 4M | M9 4.M I M2 4M 442.M0 | 1 M J." s w MM M
MS 4-l S& ne I "e B 44.OM s M 4. I W MM 2 I M .N *.** I as 4e"Ml "0." 1"I eM \ SM
Approximations Derived From Second Prize

Sa 1 M I o It- MI 1. M i. lie a $ .
SIi. I.e M 1. i .M MW IIM I irl.M M Ir.M M IM i e

Approximations Derived From Third Prize -

OTT I N 1momI M 11.
NO a m smJU st WTI.WAS
WO aSm M U M."M se a m.M
--e asLM Mol Ms.M wrs ese


mTT in
5r14 10.01
sST ast-
sets SS.M

4 -. I II m N MI ;I
jsa m. i u mn i s U.n
Kram ste surs i m srn n -i agg

Prim-winning Numbers of yesterdays Lottery Drawing were old at: First in Colon; Becond and Third ina Fmes ,
The Nine HuN ed whole tieketn einag n i and net edot .1d id thi above lt win One Hundred DSeI ..WIAOM
The whole ticket nas 44 pieces which eoprie the Lwo series "A and "I
Ill i ._

Signed by ALBERTO ALEMAN, Governor of the Prevince of Panama
i *be Representative Of The TreaIry RICARDO A. MILUNDK
WIaNw Jam D. Henrgues C, 'C6d. No. 3-13267 JOa tUvJmmO BATALLA mAnUm
A. aNkls Ced. No. 47-10004 6tar y pubile Panm=&

A. % -
% -




1. -





bFlw a f IV"%

-- '-, --a. .q. -




4 ..' ..-l o -"


S 4

Lr. -th -. hr. n o Nr

"Let the people know the truth and the county Isei -Abr


Army Secretary tever

Approval for Combat a


WASHINGTON, Jan. 31 (UP) Army strength in view of the For- much military strength and not "Strength is the onl$ t they
4OLD, COLD WEATHER At Milwaukee, Bill Cooper, crew- Army secretary Robert T. Stev ness crisis. need It than to have too little and appre and It i lan-
5jhember of the tanker Clark's Milwaukee, stands on the ice- ens urged Congress ay to a Urging a "road to peace through need t gua they understand," he said.
oated deck after a trip on Lake Michigan in 10 below zero ,prove plans for development strength," the Massachusetts con- He said the Communists re. e they might deny the ex.
Sweater. combat ready" reserves to of. mran said the only deterrent spect bt one tin-"and that istence of God and his natural law
.w..ath.. set the "time advantage" Soviet CoNmmunist aggression is "mili- Is lltary strength and power that you and I and countless mial
Russia would have in any future tay strength and power greater greater than they possess." lions of Americans and other peo-
S theypossess."pe believe in, they are subject to
SEx pert Sa Russia He sld this is I .mperatve" be. M" Cormakspoke out against --- *. .-f .. e., ..
Ex rrt Say slA^-WI R ^a uss i a cause "a sizable proportion of our the manpower out in a "Let'sLook aL I. self-preservtion..
active forces" will have to be at Congress" television interview ack V i Jal ,
Kept overseas "for the long pull..."by Rep. Kenn6th B. Keating (R-. Vienna C que
"S~~~~ *,\ Zrk 1ll Ias part of our commitment to pro-N.Y.). It was filmed for broadcast MaIhA B AJ ...- ,
on t Fight For Tachen serve international peace." by station WHAMTV in Roches- I l icO Reprled Would Blakmail
s?: ho rmStevens appeared before theater, .N.Y. IT JMU
(Continued from Page 1) MCormak said he concern- M aC C J (UP)- Opera Singers
-nPet M w d ed by the Army reduction "in the Mexico has run Out of Jail space,
puArmy chief of .Pstaf, for the light of what's happened in the the newspaper La Prensa said to- V A S (UP-Mm-
Mig Jet fighters flew cover when it would start or what was over ami stn cfts P n m -"tI f b etter for our people and at.... th Viena. bern0aa ew O- mea -ae
atopalistas acknowl e K e d holding it up. m ration cuts i ete for our people aand
e triuctlSn of "many evlan He Irredeted the Commuists tAry n d er our ionress and our gov e r n. Rapid increase in crime during t there Viene a tate Opera have
Redlmgs. cei would not Interfere with ev- The woldbear the b nment McCormack said, "to err recent years has brought about threateneuo ranstars they will
e eds mingled incendiary tion, but added hastily, "I of the schedule rdo on the sideof strengththan on a rvisn of penal codes imposingtead of a
with th xlosives dump dot speulate on totalita r an arme forces frm 3,000,0 side of weakness... t is bet. stiffer sentences. This has result u unless the singers agree
on Tac n in the exir first raid power000 dri the next 17 ter for our country to have too ed In an overflow of "guests" at Pay large sums of m o n e y,
He said he knew of no commit man ar n ) Leumberr Federal Penitentiary Vienna newspapers said yester-
ice a&WC-plane assault two 0 He said he knew of no commit-Char
ago a. ost of te. bombs fell ments to defend Quemoy and Mat- has said the committee wants to here, the newspaper said. day.
ethe Naionaist reported.s ds o th e aonast output administration plan so t de-rossCriminalCourtJudges havepe. The newlled on the
At the same time, Chinese Na- line. But he explained that any tormline who is right. itioned the government to con. direction of e e t .opera to
qnsVtn bs rstruct a new penitentiary to take take "vigorous couzzteftlasures a-
ists bombers st ped up their such commitments would be made tned govern m t o con-oftn t pr
aign Again~tRed n v 0 n by the diplomats, and he would Delene secretary Char s lees Nw ors care ofa the .numerous criminals t against hs"formilackml.
ups north, of Tachen. T p get his order from Washington, Wilson and top Navy andfreed on bond because there is no
kiangha n and ot her is- "We can hel p in the defense of Fore officials in tetmony A more space in the huooseg ow.
d -positil oneear the coast. the islands If necessary," Stump week contended that manpower n l Aet ln g Ptensa complained that
his flying tr m Pearl said. can be cut now because of great p housebreakers, pickpockets a n d
Stump lead on Chiang, Russia will not Join with Com. er efficiency resulting from ew ov J. Seybold was re-elect- "other thieves" are merely de-
er with Vice Adm. Alfred nst Chis ai actual embat v- atomic weapons.for ed president and Carl J. rowne tainted overnight, then set free on
th Fleet comm under; Rear er the Taiehe Islands, according. In a statement prepared fr was elected Chairman ofthe a- bond the follow n day to "con
A. M. Rlete,.rmo. pa- to h e sible Ameican delivery before the committee was elected Chapter of the a- bond their work day
BEiat t nd R alve Gten w. Willia o ficilI Ws Steves did notmentio thed ZoemCahe rAmn tiiue their work.
; par d MAl .Gon. William ofelal rne w accurately pre. Stevens did not mention the d can Rd Cross during the 45th Judges said the Lecumberri pe-
'military gdisor rt 0 ,I= _Red Chimn's entry into the pute.
n.s eo radviosor.a thedi d oAn War. eny He said, however, that the pro. annual meeting held at the nitenary, construeed at the turn
.t d they ve the Rssia ill not get involved in ejected size of the army was de- Chapter House on Gailard High of the century when Mexico City
l the f u details a war south of the Yangtze Riv- termined b "higher authority" waJya wa onsiet Its present sli,
the Ta eu bvacutao plans ou", said this exper on China sto be "sucient to meet our Browne Who is superintendent insufficient for the present popular.
Ni o list govnnthad He hastreporhis views t anticipated needs." He noted that of the Balboa field office of the tion oI ,500,000.

llslealsp tthe wat- wash igtox. plase se n1 s D oys wer or esN. a D u rma cohnsoor tva ar 0 ch1ules lat P a J
p t i asn theohIsjustn t ogh ArmyparsofoneMaiptartancef"aDivision, willanrie- B aP ad
rWeid, I ea 40,-he bYagtze River flows through integrated defense team."pan ia-
forml approval whn the central Chinan, asses Just north of Meenwhile House Democratic lMDIstratlev assistant in the of- 1 P
me sWa t on.tEoN th ofthnkn asit outd com leader th r W. McConm tack r- fice O tf eers -
4n b aWneo P came oS bal. Tachen And- the l ernesdy det Eisenhower-to o- who wased Cross chairman in ao.
in hel i0 ea l as- oet et 9 "nhlJ One deh Tw_ Ohhroo opr fier icers eleteincluded ,ril l a Hwasy
othi vaialon. He em- of'what-rin fisnatshe cs i er o the pps a at a P irp ee
that. it had not yet been tze River i re. an Lt L. Sul ivan, A. Beck and a

overr`11 TatE sceAnIPIiees p en eS Wt THE MOT Ac D LOE S C IN
hindsaota ledino t now t his high American official dos Solo Mr M al e E.wrs i r.t atimanovie po hr o ao o
ro think the United States and l. ,Lea oeh man J. Cil TuWrner, treas-
p communist China re ong t. urer, a eLundy, assistant ARICA Chile, Jant 31 (UP) -
B B > f ~u e hha v a "ignlnt -coh l ic oer 0 the IIes- Th" Cameo Ib addr e ., Ean z of C hile

.Bo... s ohrve mra wh igetm ed u po tihnan' G t ,irsn 13,Boyso12ntan of teto5 and f t und,.ampaign livia are scheduled late today topene
'Al' r ThLSris fairs in south China in the rs D. J. Paoluccl as vice r sgn treaty providing fornew
Ji I b ioiv a s in foreseeable future. an. lin ks and Increased trade between
OHe believes the general military Other committee chairman in-their countries.
rbe h Ihas oK s er situation, plus supplyprob Iaem s Seven births were reported at eluded Charles A. Garcia, homeer eysr apa
south of the Yangtze Rver,would Coco Solo Hospital during the service committee; Joh W. Paz flew here yesterday on a
baree batafoot Pana nin o Rthe Chinese Communists re fully nesday. There were persons mh, disen, preparedness chief executive. Ibanez had come

n ahe Jud. smor, ab ifl e Russia los l a t y we Tarema, E C .om d .ootben ra ewn aths involve.n a seri es- o aware of this, and will act accord- admitted and 81 discharged and roleaf; 'Mrs. Edith Engke, up from Santiago earlier in the
aIn BTo each ple ded ngly. One death was reportend vlunter services, Atlantic side; cruiser Capitan Prat and was
ilty this mtn ig bef ore Jadge American offiela In WashinT Babies wee born to the for Mrs. Thelma Mo ngan, Pacific dingdrateiopresident.otr
eM. Altlnlun, d n dte ton have high respect for this lowing Amerilcan, citizens:Lt. J. B. D ore, nursing
were taken unaer a rvter oigaecoldw etheye.Te00oohofis rt
ten ofease al he toMre.JerryZaello, other health activities em port turned out almostto
Sternoon. cll hi rep heated advance warn- co Solo, on; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Edwards, first ad; John to cheer the two presidents
i ly eings that u Chinsu cibmmb n 1 s t 5 li a R.KirbYOfCCOc to. r oPettlngill, water safety and at e airport.
wo andeLuis n. iopezn uid ce nom the Korean con- daughter Capt. andMrs. Leroy life saving; Mrs.Jean A. Karh,taal
,16. who face convictions0Co Q et e 'r -d--Stu ,onRed Cross,;MrsDorisc. ea
Ban boy w ere observed mor c he of rWataing r f Fort o ulickr s on; a r Cenertse ;a mbilisnMrrrhe
vagra. e pe r he Eh bergervicechairman;Wlalconstruction ie a le
area m a mo ano coRussia taking partofCoo lito son; Mr. la mwhns; yJ, public to bring Bolivian oil here from
g Iun theo er ormosa L.Ad er, Oruro and a 245-milef highway
baof they x- the nearby offshore island. Mrs. Robert L. Kennf Coco chairman, public relations. linking Oruro with Iquique, a Ci
Sthey aobe f a o nMembers of the executive com- lean port and provincial capital
atlhe t oey wKorea'is muh closer to con- olo,daughter. teevrlialroaetal- t rn.
th. wer walkenis ingtsolidati l Russian territory and to A baby was born to the follow- mittee are: Carl J. Browne, L% miles to the south. TESTZFI-.Sgt. Marvin 2. Tal
nde al in a ing parents Panamanian na- chairman; Chaplain William The pact also is expected to call court room at Fort SiOka., w
s. tonai:Mr. jand MrsJohn Reiss; F. H. Irwin, Judge E. for an increased interchange of Ambrose Nugent, charged with
S nthwtfe uen bfi nw Ctid a wso tw TC. food, timber and minerals between while a POW In Koreaoi. Standing
aMnhe ohis, "age i*besttTn Wa Is-and eight boysdwere H. Noble and Norman Johnson. the .two countries. oJeff C. Pat

i^.Then Altman t point- %r Way Cose d er Hospit 8l in|
AMht two Years ao. Sen Mbo .. mrg Hosft al t during
broughtPon wk ending at miniht,
hae, he a d eMondy, January 24, acc ng
he elae aso defendt WiS h e u d Mnto the weekly hospital report.
v refoot defendant us There weretwo deaths report- THE MOST PASSIONATELY TOLD LOVE STORY N em A .
lshugged at tL he i Nfl ed at the hospital during theI u TH
O if stealen a bicycle i dweek.Ad tot al f 194 patients
Trya a r dAsMeltwere admitted and 184 dlscharg-oe
e .from Ruth Van VlAet. CHICAO. JaO. Si (UP)
Started r Warming weather began chaui- The names and addresses of
i ear quarters o g a severe e cold wave in the the parents of the girl babies
l asin. ge pair of etern half of the nation today, were:
Irw.It wasa still cold, but tempera- Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Beckles, of
savii ose P-tures, was cllivbig 10 to 15 do- Paraiso:, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Sry-
itsoasthree 'ptt lair- greens -from Chicago to Tennes- r, Of Curundu; Mr. and Mrs.
Ste s-ee and soutiheeestwards ato north- .nBanks, of PanamaoCity:
te nec be as a rai: r.and s. W. N. Camp-
rpolo 21 degree. bell of Pan City; Sgt. and lipped girl Napoleon.held
I that The cold-air, meanwhile, t.e- Mrs.P. inkmon. of Albrook;
bIloa s vho y theat g,, .U,, way tO ,^u ,, Mr. and Mra. r. Ostrea. of Pana-e.inthe l"nflinlMareille..
the an .H ever, Florida an .gave northernmew Capt. ln'" Mrs. L who loved him first-and
]m VIAd genpnd andn upper New ark Mrx. t .-"V. Vik, of Curundu,,: a nlefthim ldtl
it Mulct of t nore and Mrs. Ca o C. Castillo,
t the .eIOA-wbe he also. continued to shiverio Infer or. InV Co-tYe1o the follow,
out wheres ehad stolen weather.. "r-0ents: Mr. and Mrs. X.
.ternatlonal Falls.. l.Mnn,,. wlen, oP :Mr.

--.tb Wis., had127Chandler. of Rodman:- Lt. and
below Bullnlgton, Ja.1Mrs. W. B. Boyles, of Fort Kob.
I t Crd M&An/HI owder, of oIAUm : S.Ti.and

4 *
+. ,* i. ^ ; .. .-

-aham Lincoln.
-."M 00
I '

L~~ .E.". ..,

is /Urges


>ert stands outside the general
waiting to testify against MaJ.
collaboration with the enemy
Sto Talbert's left Is MP Cpl.

i' .'.


.'! ,:+
..- .Read- st/o

bibnsteins Glamo

tbsW ydla a. s (UP) -A
o she was about dear

ti. he was i *ged and
,tdl r fl" of i f.,b -
tein's collapsed afe.telllng p-
lce what she knew about kinm.
She was not Identified immnnediate-
A source at police headquart-
ers said two fine prints had been
found O0 the adhesive tape used
by the slayers to gag Rubinstein.
The sore .also reported a broken
bone was found in Rubinstein's
More than 0O detectives were
mset out-earlier today to search
for a mystery glamour girl police
believe may.have "fingered" Ru. b-.r
bnstein .for hi. killers to get re-:y. ..ol n
venge because he threw her over. ...... t.
Thy doubted, however, the wom ed draft dd
an was in the house at the time ofd
the murder, apart
it was learned Serge's 84-year-ifloor o., ,.h .
old Aunt Eugmle Forrester had te at e
told police she was awakened dur- 3e-in,'S e-rom
ing the murderhj find a floor on
light switched on' er room and Ioile auet
a fully clad woman stand in g persons alhutt
there. The light was turned off he -ice -yea"
immediately, she said, and the and draft-dd
woman disapeareded. drm erl-y
Rubinstein s mother Stella, 78, About ar h
was said to have told investiators their ffors .wme
she heard sounds and went into a Alemost a o f th
hallway, where she peered over a woman l robablt
bdnnlster and saw a girl dressed ony Rubinstpre abi
In brown on the stairway. iron-griUed door go
Mrs. Rubinstein told police the nue mansion.
girl did not' look like the type Pollce sa .I Ru]
Serge usually brought home, in many enemies, bet
formants said. male, during his
The mother lives on the fourth loves and finanes.
Ru tei nsm mYoung asphing t

9 3 a mUd elueS UKed 10 Dt e Seen
with the chubby Serge thinking I
might help them get ahead police
said, and Rubinui took advant.
age of the situation,

entertained w6men In groups of
twos or threes, and he cave them
keys to his mansion so t*y could
enter when ever they were mg-.
M Aned.
When Rubinsteia became weary
of particulargroup f febminine
companions, .police sa, hie had
the lock change, on t. doorf and
let them keep the ke;a.
Police laid they blievd d one
particular girl ,aw ,that: her
Says o favor with Rubliteih wer
at anM 'end and passed her key on
to the kfll -robably two men.
Two possibllltes were foremdst
in police thinking at this point:
j1. An ex-.onvict who heard a-
bout Rublnstein's great wa I t h
through .the prison grapevine got
a ke to the housand planned a
robbery He ,bungled the job kill.
ed Rubinstein and fled without
taking anything.
2. A person ruined financially
by Rubinstein got a key to the
house and had the financier killed
in revenge in a manner planed
to appear like robbery or burgla-
At least two men were in 4
house with Rubinstein when he
was killed, police said. bl_2-_
stein's 78-year-old mother. Stalla,
who was In the house said sbe
heard angry voices In he night.
Chief. Deputy Inspector Ed-
ward Feeley said s e of hi
men were looking or two Cae
drivers for questioning.


- /

A *~

* I

~ ~



*- a-k ;"--l-la*':Ea?5i&s^;.l'?*n7* *

41 ---- a --

t ,


* and onvlct-
stein home and
fh floor. Rubin.
as eo ghe thir
I more than 500
strangulation of
-bd financier
Jn his lavish
ad In return for
a few theories
enm In*lded j
one of the ma.
ve keys to the
'his 1th Ave-
binstela made
hma m and fe
ife tangled
elevIslon actres-