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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Rbel 'Squatters'

rolong War

In Costa Rica

BAN JOSE, Cota Rcas Jan. diators of the trucks and jeeps
M4(UP) Armed rebel "squat- to lgnifty the loit have
terms refed today to withdraw swept out the tIebel after 11
from .n narnationally-admi- days of desultory fighting.
aterei afety zone where they The government rslved ap-
ough tuary In an abortive proval from the OrgitsaUtion of
ret e Coa Rican Ameran states to end loyalit
rgovo patrols, Sccompsaed. b OAS
Sce t sonfe 200 reb- observers, drive the rbl deep
eh la I11 zone between or into the three-mile wide de-
NicMa au CLosta Rica creat- alUtard zone along the bor-
,.lth arad diplomatic r, The zone extends there
nroba eted a miles the other side into N-
a nd to the revolt, d arglu.
n dU. Navy and Mexican air
MPmbesn f a eol0 P Sorce p'ace patrols" on OAS ob-
seat to Caetral Ameae the s aat6 missions over the neo-
Orgaaada*of Ager ka trail .ie reported Figueres ap-
Mataeanopoed tey wa parSt overestimated the sie
S the cblem Aw ofs o t rebel force left.
t W a ith 032s61an10PAN- T# oAS patrols sa many
idet aastaslo seau Ia s~n l groupss of reviltioUntts
Ma have been JippPI Inta Ni ca-
Te -' eisde., gua inee the main g p of 250
The commission members d" men w# spotted in the pnetral
elded to 'leave. to Manaua a one throe days ago.
dawh 'after 6stsa an Pres- The patrols said that only a
dent Jose6 Fuloreas bitterly pro- .sm fo of lnsurgets still
tested a the presence of was on OtI Rican o In the
the rabe 1A the bufr sone. d tem lltr %d area sot uiby the
The rebel remnants of former A to vent border-& ent
C osta Rican d prreslet Rafro flaring Into a4oeigr war.
calder6n Guardia's 4rces set up &g 6 a e n ter-
tent sand field kitchens In the e that onsre .

.ha -
done l gave every iten ton of to M
r ,rohea. herer



tt fl aer N .ork -tu.d buUflghter, tr-
| $Mj,>,..N .



7th Fleet Within Range Red -hina U.a

Qf Threatened Tachens Qf I t e r '
-0-Of I I; erv
im, P ,n. S24 to *eb4*a 6 a lf i tr I
-- A wrre= 1 tak force oalbesoeumeq "
of US. 7th. '9et was report- Pin rejtei a Lit-i- |
e adn strlL i ste otheeotea. m. to ? I -I. h
s.ldand d ready to interferer ts e _; af-
tshl and planes to fairs" of the Comm unat regime.
vthe lnallst grri- Ppinhas mainned through-
-o_ -J r out that invaslon of Formosa
if acItual oeratlon awaited would be purely a Chinese "in-
y final order from Washing- eternal" matter. -- --
i. Nationalist officials also op-
She orders we expectedtheosed the ceasefire idea. They WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 (UP)-?reuident
ment Congr ~acts on Pres said this would mean re ition today asked fopecf
t lesenhtowe urgent re- of "two Cin" and enncia- g s r speci
JS to approvehe waging of tion of the Chiang government' States armed foCs "if necessary" to d d r
etFomr t ho ct sme egal govern- the nearby Passcad islands agaii to e .iO t
ect Fome isr out- mmntot Chlin
PDostg Ten CompobunLt Junk swarm-Chinese attack.
Ste against K n r the At ths ms Red Chin' e
Am naso land bastlon ofatu oft FPo- n
the of aie chow, day. The Defense minister Chb hni warned the U Sto
ryers ruh Mnistry a flrae artillery interventionn" i Cin uinit hii
ad to the O arme with barrage erpled five of them t
1 earrlerbd fighters and routed te heavily armed mOSO.
ady to tht o ofe fe t temt nweet. The official RedhCknese New China news
the Coamunirt ore rte de sae t raid midway-
terfere with the ration_ between there tas-T-ret-t. Cused the United St.s$ of "atomic bH ikmail"
,v sou rces mid ~a the e Tasmen aMon ..m war preparations in t Formosa .
0i fO-man Nation garrison elms Oel u -maie aNaon- .
uld be removed nithe Amer- alolt I the Ru-held It said American talk of arrf 'm a "
n destroyers und an uam- ess: Ii blilt through the United: tions is "utt
alla of American pb P es. ads re -e.
The big question w whether ii aMd ay of Mr Zisenhower d'C l a as shek's
e Communists wol strike slnt., commander in c hM the the
st. NationalYt l genc ved t Pride, authority for p o a thei
rees said the re rush- c U Twhih might 7 but
enforcement of naval that he wants Co al
ndland sorce to th eab at rirolutlon to Dipde nd
salon ports, coa-f lt1- pb author for the pt
g radio, the vol of t one wItH lad ln- atoyment at the t
M s ed ll rt ssa t t he '
i tirnru..ft the .1M 'fik t it

oEk. a* wlll
I ^

rtaiA'uwiB *tatts *WHS9th Br 3 :
rno rew Costa Army uti ,
serage t a bnsd
0et 7'iy ad re- rec td ateemrs.
elve isi from the A wep man ap
=Wsift t rebels but proachoa dent, as ne
was tifueres now spoke and* a there waa
was Xr. s e o the 1a00e any word of who war
elln~Ie bp l e W ofthe fa- "missing .
r the e te to iuethe casualty
Oros the a be in- list nan tly
termed by i. .... that his bother was dead. He
Figuere ie e nation in told Oa- trasportation
radio jiech last night against would for him to
eplebratilg the md of the revolt go to near the border
prematurely. to claim brter's body.
A. formal "v"ctory parade" The itear-old president,
scheduled Ior e'ystSr was call- educatedga1 te Ma emhusetts
ed off when 1 wa 01ned that tlato .4eehnolegy, said
armed rebels remaled in the be was Mted by sne atu-
buffer zone. of nut plan
SHowever, ere trucks and a the rento
'eep r j*m d ausjty Costa t eh h of winnin theI
ta .r S+brandl.ilsh reveluttle,-
r wared into He sad ftr studying docn-
ian Jos In a i PtU cele- mqnts selsed lt the rebel hedd-
ratlon of their .Ot of the in- quarters of- ld command
vadin Capt. Teo cado, Jr. that
Th$ aidtaiM. they dldV ive a fighting
cas army,.so on. ..I-.ldl_ .chance of w. g lt'"
and vItTaeU4l though PiOcdo, of former Coo-
thebs "190b ta Rican ent Teodoro PI-
the 6ef Wwk blaring cado, was at the Amern-
horal ed can mill demy at West
thOSi5ldt IUI ad oPoint. ie ted n th1951.
tMas Me d- they were
to s a t- pt the brUllat 'and I o beat, but
ronn p -ft s te" w e- ibad no a o af log.
"' B- Ccptured dopU
Rme a nogv dlcAtlon of any
fhis head wib unids and
ass egron Guardia,

by mSo-. -
Aw l jut Ohbow stspd:

S.* ou ansen Pln em to ,chow
Sher jo a i ll siem ns.
3 =te a d i l i oited out
of fthtK^^ that aaobsPAduated from
Jof sDIg West Point, th1-6euldent hold
vwtingk lal ^his head with lob heads and
isen oro w f"You can and-hemto scehoo
velopad a strong din a but you can't them brains.

SCurunu Yuth
lStill In.Coda

N ,S 'I o today at

hm Andan em -

-U 1'

be.lhun aban at L
fightuner lights.

Mcattnaa her
L< '-

AMERICAN GIRL slays her bull.

4 W


'ii v ts.


I..- p


IMOthin Rids i j rto nM
efftorr the mltia nThe dura
Stlofthd bae a not me.'
tioned; not was a attempt b
the Communist to d.
Nationalist int ece repor
said the Reds t ere movia
up air, naval a nd forces .o
asitions Which ud be used as
boards fo a 'Iachen in-
Officials rem e0 e 11ie n t
whether any deejibn had been
reached on an evacuation of Ta-
The 7th Fleet would be used to
evacuate' the island, reliable
sources said, ift denerallssmo
Chiang Kal-shek bowed to the
U.S. recommepdatons to pull
his troops back beore the inva-
sion threat.
The 7th Fleet definitely was
committed to the protection of
Formosa and the mainland.
But one of the touchiest ques-
tions posed by the flareup along
the coast was whether it would
guard any other Ifutioilallst out-

.. '

pt Ricardo M. Arias Es-
Ped.n leaders of Local
PC-CIO, to the Pres-
|ay to Inform them of
-the most important
b the new treaty be.
has _and the United
,eduled to be signed

d t announced
new treaty will
lfnneoxw at 11:M
e Proeqleact by
grel Minlster Dr.
a and U. S. Am-
leen Chaptn.
-Ari I expressed M

C. thetI un
v k. -u~ 'It

Below-Dects Party

Gives 40 Sailors

Akohl msoning
EALIF S., Jan. 24 -
'UP) F y tyal Canadian
Navy seamh were stricken with
alcohol poisoning at the weekend
from drinking a fluid used in mi-
meographing machines during an
illegal below-decks party aboard
the aircraft caier Magnificent.
Eleven cf the men were in ser-
ious condition a& five others were
listed as dangerously ill.
The Navy was seeking to deter.
mine is still other men had bees
stricken and urged all who attend-
ed the party 4o report ipnmediate-
ly for treatMtat.
Doctors fought to save the hos.
pitalized men from blindness or
possible death from the effects of
"ditto fluid," which contains me-
thyl alcohol. There were fears
some of the men might suffer
brain or nerve damage.
Navy doctors said as little uas
ene ounce of the fluid could have
"serious" cts.
The first .effects are alcoholic
intoxication." That develops into
nausea, vomiting and delirum.
Ten cubic--centimetera of the
fnd can c'ipe violent death Lea*
se" quatities can cause total blK d

K rV.-~ -.
.~-.L i:'~

z ummerake ,& .
mnow r, to overrds
HN. i request was based
on "A l fm D provocative poll-
0tica ad military actions" by
CoZ st China with the an-
nou*ced aim of capturing For-
HE add the situation had be-
come u ffciently critical to re-
quire planning by this country
"without waiting action by the
United Nations."
Th Mefore, he asked Congress
"toq pagtWtpate now, by specific
re ou Io, in measures" which
"wmM24 contemplate the use of
Sarmfed forces of the United
ate Gfecessary to assure the,
F, Forms and t

He YU the United States
must e read to amis the
r th o i nese Nation-
alit frces frt some of the
,r Nationallst-held is-
to regarded by thi gmern-
ut as nt vtaltoo the umme-
09t0I !efenwoe of Foralom and
f V.eaadores.

"W must be ready to assist
thb publicc of China to re-
deply Land consolidate its forces,
If it should so desire" he said.
"Io)e of these forqes are scat-
!tefdIroughout the SmaUer off-
ah r eIslands as a result of his-
torical rather than military rea-
sons directly related to defend-
ing, Vormosa," he said.
- gedeploment" of Chlang Kal-

15 Itws Killed
A Express Train
.M 4(UP)-Weary rescue work-
M today carved through the twist-
44 Wreckage of an express train
h that killed 15 sons dra.
fll out the seven bodies t
DIWped in the tangled cars.

ie early morning death of
qer-old wonan pasenger ra
Se to to 15. Firemen, bole
yl Air Force men d ra
way workers toiled to m lea
bate. from the tangled wreQk
M:. York to Bristol train.

ty other passemi
wiere Injur

rammed nue
as against-mte
I over state I
Sway authortims,
ar v~~
II^^ ..

Aetlltate at
sad be prepared ta
Mr. lsenhowe
attackson Queo
Tachen Islands
the communist
tempts to conquer
He skid these..-
a ""erioun
curity of our
the entire PaC1l4eat
deed to the paeftl i
But later he explained
authority for the detes.
Mos had to be a rI

tWke Inth o ... ..-._
felonsive an beon
mosa amd
"But aded.
danger of difl
te to a 'd
e ocaUles and -
under current condItImon, ml

He h. new ansgraml

Somnt be vitn rala o thoei
ath the i ,adores

which Miht be vitalto dt i
maumtue sess of laorr o r
The Red news
broadcast o -d
ask Congress o
use American
the dsfeao g

*te 0
tried i

-. by




m Inv* th
30*h*h* ?-

I ~_ __


r?' .'r. *



77 r..

A A -


.. *,' .. .,.. -- .--


S T. H STlrrrT P. 0 BOX 134. PANAMA. R. OF P.
345 MADirON AVL NEW YONK. (17) N.'Y
mNH, iN OVANCt 1, 70 2 50




Labor News


The surgeon-general of the U.S.
has no proof tp indicate that smok.
ing causes lung cancer or heart
trouble, he recently advised the
watchful health and welfare guid-
ance committee of the CIO.
The surgeon-general, Dr. Leon-
ard A. Scheele, also informed the
CIO's National Community Serv-
ices Committee that his agency,
therefore, would make no recom-
mendations to the Federal Trade
Commission on "the advertising

As to the latest events concerning the $100,000 reward, I campaigns of tobacco firms."
it was a very patriotic deed to refuse such a reward, in This statement was dispatched te
3 that, it could be put into the service of the Panamanian Leo Perils, the CIO community
I services director, in a written re-
t an sure that both Panamanians and Americans w i agree ply to his request for information
'tlt the Panama Red Cross and the Mutual Aid Society are well on the effects of smoking.
aunderwav in their achievements, henceforth, something should
be done to aid the children and elderly people. Mr. Perlis, a most itinerant of-
f As a matter of fact, a children's hospital in the outskirts of facial who believes in abandoning
lanama would be extremely advantageous. They would have the swivel chair for the airplane
hD1Oropriate care. medically, physically and spiritually. seat, reports that he wrotp to the
i Another useful protect would be an old people's home with U.S. Department of Health, Edu-
W1l the commodities. This home could be constructed large eaton and Welfare o- Nov. 15,
enough, so that it could have land for the growing of vegetables, 954.
fruits, or even flowers They could express their abilities in any He sent his Inquiry to the secre-
anual work desired, in order to distract their minds from their tary of the department, Mrs. Oveta
firmitles. In addition, they could have a section for medical Cup Hobby, afte he had been ao-
arca preached at meetings and lunch.
ar.eons by many anxious rank-and-file
Since the poor people can't afford to buy medicines for their CIO ra d-fmembers.
ailments, a dispensary is another necessity for them.
The last useful aid to the poor would be to build homes for Perli3 had no answer for his peo-
aem, so that they could pay according to their means. This ple across country. Because his
Construction would help them to keep their children in better committee is the CIO's health and
aleth. because they would be better ventilated, welfare agency, dealing with mat-
I hope that these suggestions will help to determine the ters ranging from obtaining surplus
Wsage of this money towards the betterment of people. food to helping to settle family
a In conclusion, if any of these suggestions are accomplished problems, Perlis decided to get a
t should be named in honor of the Ex-president Jos6 Antonio definitive answer. So he wrote:
emon. "Dear Mrs. Hobby:
m "As a result of the current con-
Anonymous troversy on the relationship of
smoking to cancer we have been
receiving inquiries from some of
Answer to Previous Puzzle our members as to the position of
Amistice Da your department on this matter.
S"I would appreciate hearing
from you as to whether or not your
SA ,088 55Musical drama department does have a position
I- 5Arm sticec57Consumed on it, andaif so, What it is.
,:ljArAmti ea re .... "What are the findings of the
e cos "Phase O U.S. Public Health Service on the
s te~ m- 0 Masculine relationship of smoking to cancer
--- nickname and heart disease?
iGet up cknaeb.) "Has your department made any
Mineral rock 61 Editor N specific recommendations to the
Serottsh 62Diner Federal Trade Commission con.
S shepfold DOWN corning the advertising campaigns
i Exploit ,Shakes, as a 9Trying 38 Amphitheatert of tobacco firms?
26 One (Fr.) dog's tail experlenre 40 Coercion "Does your department consider
S7 Split pea 2 Mountain 10 Approaches 4 Prattle making such recommendations in
s of nymph II Lampreys 43 Half-ern the light of Dr. Ochsner's recent
Socety of nymph Lampreys 43Halfreport entitled 'Smoking and Can-
tooive Stairparts 20 Rough lava 45 Type of cloth report entitled Smoking and Can-
A Tuna n Mat 92 aEvn c-- 49 SM. i ll cer'?

qMe r Type oz boat .
ratqd creature
i askance 6 Many soldiers
died of their
ment -
rt-napped 7 Scottish alsider
igUsetSS tagUer

ttr vetch
meale rabbit
tear wheel

24 Jatundir as oft7 Carry (col.)
animals 49 MedicIea
26 Accomplish- portion
ment 51 American
29 Rip artist of 1860
31 Canoe 54 Marry
33 Journey 50 School group
37 Required (ab.)



"I would appreciate receiving all
available information."
Mrs. Hobby turned the matter
over to the government's top med.
ical authority, the surgeon-general.
Dr. Scheele's reply follows:
"Dear Mr. Perils:
"Mrs. Hobby has asked me to
reply to your letter of Nov. 15 in
which you asked tp be advised of
th pMtuBn of AhD4prtb en4 of
m (J IEducatkmn on
the fion cf$I r at.t o of
sm ok.n to cancer of the lung.
"Although cancer of the lung ap-
pears to be a greater risk in heavy
cigarette smokers than in non-
smokers, this is not to say that
smoking causes lung cancer. Other
factors, such as air pollution, may
well be involved.
"The Public Health Service has
no evidence bearing on the rela-
tionship of smoking to the carlo-
vascular disorders.
"The service, along with other
groups' and institutions beth here
and abroad, is engaged in an effort
to establish facts both in the lab-
oratory and in human populations.
"The Department of Health, Ed-
ucaticn and Welfare has made no
recommendations to the Federal
Trade Commission concerning the
advertising campaigns of tobacco
firms and does not contemplate
making such recommendations.
"I trust that this information will
serve your purpose in answering
Leo Perils' purpose was to send
out a memo telling his CTO mem-
bers what to do if the government
were to caution against smoking.
In view of the surgecn-general's
reply, Perils will not dispatch any
memo but will answer alLqueries
with a report of the government's
attitude and the contrary views of
men such as Dr. Ochsner.
That will give the working people
both sides.


A quick way to antagonize i
others is to state your opinions
in a belligerently positive man-:
ner. And It can be mighty em-i
barrassing to be proved wrongI
when you have been so dogmatic.,
So say "I think" or "It seems
to me" when ye are merely I
stating an opintea.

Zds Planar f:2.8/80 Smm
ombined Into four elements provide, in thip
Ion by Carl teeia, a new high effelnenyU len s
, with outstanding qualities. The lenas acal-
re almost aberration-free performance eSen

National Jewelri

QK. 1.._

Peter Edson In Washington
"-" S -

ai.NuiJ -' )-m w as -n ave 4et ions o *s agamL n.
ingtofn residents still find it diffi- it. Needless to say, I would have
cult to adjust themselves to seeing lost my money because that ise x.
Dean Acheson in the role of pri- actly what happened.
vate citizen. "In retrapect we can now say
On his way to worj the other that our apprehensions proved
morning, the former secretary of wrong, because Europe's most crit-
state hopped a bus in George- ical hour did not find any one of
town, where' he lives. Acheson us wanting ..."
generally walks to work-a gdod "What actually occurred showed
mile-but this morning he was that, in the hour of need, the west-
obviously late. tern nations were capable of rising
A he boarded the bus the above the level of national in.
driver looked at him and bunked, teresat."
but said nothing. Just before the ----
ex-secretary stepped off the bus P E N T A G 0 N REPORTERS
downtown, however, the driver have been curious as to why De-
"Say, is your name Ache- fene Secretary Charles E. Wil-.
soW" son has held no informal, off-the:
"That's right," said Mr. Ache- record sessions with them since
son with a wan smile that eemed the first one, right after he took
to say, "Here we go again." But office.
the driver let him get off without It has been the custom for all
frther comment. There he ex. defense chiefs to have these ses-
lained to his other pas egera, sioa,,tpo give reporters necessary
i'I just had to satisfy m1#4iohKty badkgroudt on current develop.
'and make sure it was him, riding ments. But Secretary Wilson'e dls
:a bus." like for these meetings was re-
--- vealed at one of his last press con.
EVEN THE TOP officials of ferences of the year.
Government with all the inside He was asked if a new Pentagon
knowledge, intelligence reports procurement directive reflected a
and expert advice there is to be ,change in his earlier plan to have
had can't always predict how po- single sources of military supply,
litical or international diplomatic instead of many.
moves will turn out. Secretary Wilson replied rather
Dr. James B. Conant, ambas- testily that he had always been for
sador to Germany and former the multiple source theory, but that
president of Harvard, was honest his remarks on the subject as a
enough to admit this in a recent private luncheon with reporters
discussion of the London and shortly after he had arrived in
Paris conferences which resulted Washington, had been twisted by
in Western European agreement the press. "That's why I haven't
to rearm Germany. had any off-the-record conferences
"Last September," lald Dr. with you since," he declared.
Conant, "I am certain that if any- -
one had wanted to lay a wager "ULTRASOUND" or the sci-
that within six weeks an agree- ence of ultrasonicss" is one of1
ment would be signed ... which the newer fields of research from
would bring Germany into a Eurq. which unusual developments are
pean defense system ... I would expected in the next few years. It

has nothing to do with so-called
"high fidelity" as ordinary people
first imagine. The name 'ultra-
ponics" is taken from sound vi-
brations above the pitch which
registers on the human ear. This
Is limited to around 15 000 vibra.
tions per second. Ultrasound
ranges from 18,000 to 500 million
vibrations a second.
Garrett Corp. of Los Angeles,
in a review of ultrasonic research,
claims that amobg other things,
ultrasound can: Make water anQ
oil mix. Speed the growth of
plant. Make moonshine into 10-
year-old whisky in a matter of
minutes. Drill a bole In glass to
exact measurements. Break up
of calcium deposits on arthritic
joints. Clean dirty metal parts in
U.S. Department of Agriculture
research on stimulating the growth
of seeds and roots by ultrasdplc
viobations, thrpigb processes. ks
motqet fully understood, may lead
to new knowledge on the workings
of life Itself.
Homer Ferguson of Michigan, who
lost out in the last election to
Senator-elect Patrick V. McNam-
ara, intends to remain in Wash-
ington and devote full time to ex.
President Herbert "Hoover's com-
mission on Reorganisation of the
Federal Government.
Senator Ferguson has been a
member of this group for the last
two years, serving without pay
while attending to his Senate du-
ties. Next year, working full time
on the Hoover Commission and
having no .other duties, he can
draw $50 a day compensation plus
expenses. And if a better political
job turns up -fo him, he'll be
available to take, it.

Walter Winchell In New York

THE WALL STREET TICKER ... At the turn of the century asked how his family built its fi-
Baruch made extensive invest- nancial empire, be explained: "By
It has been said that what hap- ments in Amalgamated Copper, always selling too soon."
pens in Wall Street affects half the Shortly after buying he concluded
world's population. But nobody the security was overpriced and Attempting to discourage suck-
can be certain what will happen in commenced selling. He had ped- ers is more difficult than stopping
Wall Street. Machines calculate died a small portion when he re- the movements of the oceans'
precisely the number of stock and ceived a call from his mother- tides. Some time ago New York
bonds traded. However, they can- reminding Baruch that it was a dailies exposed a group of Wall
not explain why every individual religious holiday and she expected Street companies. They utilized
buys or sells. The ticker cannot him home. Without a wcrd he de- their influence to pass laws in
read minds-tnor is it a crystal- parted and spent the day with his New Jersey Whieh enabled them
ball. Nothing is certain in Wall famnly-cutting himself off from to amass millions via chicanery
Street except its uncertAinty, all communication with business ean fraud. The expose backfired,
associates. The stock continued however. It became an excellent
Wall Street is covered by 5 news dipping. His associates vainly free advert for those involved in
services, 8 newspapers and a sought to reach nm by phone so the scandal. Financiers from other
magazines. Over 100 reporters th t he could sae. By early after- sections' of the nation rushed to in-
cover the financial beat. Signifi. neo, however, Amalgamated Cop- vest in the companies-Laince they
cantly, these newspapermen are per declared a dividend and the could make so much coin. In ad-
not rich. Remembers that fact took skyrocketed, edition, other States grew envious
when aselfstyled ee tempt o When Baruch returned to his of. of the business that the N. J. leg-
withen self-styl teromiptyou fie the following day he was a isolation attracted-and passed the
Don't be gullible nt be a million dollars richer. same type of laws.
chump. Always be, careful. It is
extremely difficult to~earn money. The desire to obtain something The massive and subtle influ-
And it is so easy to bose it-when for nothing is probably the most ences which cause sound or un-
you're attempting to get some- difficult fever to control. It intoxi. stand the extent of financial disas-
thing for nothing. Usually, you get cates, exaggerates and creates il- ter by recalling one incredible fact
nothing foreonmethin*. Wall Street lialmns. Long before the stock mar. bout the '2 crash- Within a day
is pcliced by the Government. It ket was policeed by the Goevrn- stock prices dived $14 billion.
is empowered to proteq t the public meat, that lure made possible the -.
against illegal metigis. Unfortu- ascendency of robber barons. They Financial titans-such as J. P.
nately, there is nw law against operated wih the audaity and Morgan and Commodore Vander-
suckers. moral )rresponsibiftx of Captain bilt,-were tcugh, realitiV = ancial
--d- Kld4 ... Henry VYrd, for ex. geniuses in the practie J-usiness
G. Keith Funston, the President ample. He borrowed on assets of realm. Hence it -. (t w m. to
of the Stock Exchange, has cau-1 properties he hope to buy--and learn one hisat laWi_- rv4n:
tioned: "Only those who can afford declarl dividends out of the ex- Both Morgan a d Ydalt
to riL people with Government pectatbn of earnings. There was Mu t enel
Boda nd savings in: the banks, no emrcy of suckers. Vilard Coiieudorei VaMbe

rsaIesa, He -lBl IerId

s C.

A: 'Il

"a t, &.' my nw m \ j

the most reefp d member of the Congressman Walter et'
Senate, gaove soo bad- nes to vanla, co-asor a the MeCarW.
John Poster Duluj the other day. Walter Immigration Bill, 1 bef
He flatroy le Dte plea that Ing mad atMtewa Mo. n'
a high Democrat a to join the Swing, Imn)laUoa ea
State D eare to promote bi- is adnisterblghis by
partisan orei pelc. In a couplE of sch i
When Dulles came up to Capi- letters, the aroused PenWylva
tol Hill to consult the venerable Democrat accused IkfS 1
senator from Georgia, G sme toWt Point classmate cf "ver y
him the Democrats Wast no re- admnrdstration" of the la#i
-spensibility what's o -foreig- n merged him for callousu
policy uner the 'ltnb r a of ail humane S sreMor S An
ministration. DuBlles o d to dealing with the arivi aug, iM*
name anyone the Democrats aug- characterized his aleth f ill-
gested to the State Depa est lag new immigraUto for tlm.
sta as .a key adviser; but Sena g as "chaotic and nt cculated
tor George suspects this is merely to impress prospective citizen
a move to get the Democrats to with the efficiency or common
soft-pedal their attacks. So lie gave sense of the government of the
an emphatic no. United States "
He added that he had no objec. Then, referring t Swing whole.
tion to some Democrat taking on ate resffig Wtlg on
a special mission temporarily; but Service employee i 'P6 ed
he and the rat of the Democrats in this column-W clt riti e ed
would suggest no one to serve full Swing's throwing he whle 1 .
time in the State Department and stalished machinery im
share responsibility for RepubI gration into ... coM ion."
can foreip policy. General Swing didn't'even show
George didn't aly say so, but ,h ,,,.,. ,, ,m,,-...

the pleaton w De
g ressman Walter's fitteter until
policies fluctuated up and down after receiving the second. Then
too abruptly in Indochina, For- he ducked Walter's requested face-
mesa, France and elsewhere, to-face talk.
One of the hottest debates in. American intellence believes
side the Eisenhower administer Am Red Chinese spies ave infiltrated,
tion has been over the prickly Generalissimo Clang Kal ahek's
question of importing South Amer- G command ... Prime -
ican oil. The backstage debate has higher Nemru wand. bwlPrime Min-out by
raged for weeks, has finally been his sister. Madame Pandit, the
settled by a special Cabinet com- other day, for bein anf-Amer.
mittee--though not to the satae ican in his foreign policy .. Like.
in of the State Depnrt voLt able Dan Kimball, the Democrat
According to the present vote who ran the Navy department un.
future oil imports willbe froz der Truman, hasn't said anything
at the 1954 levels--a blow chiey about it, but he's sure bet to
to Venezuela.This is why the State run for the Senate from Cifornia
Department has its back up- in '56. Unlike most Califotrni Dem.
though the ban will be welcomed carats who wait until the lbat misn
by the coal areas. of West Vir-
ginia, Pennsylvania, plus the oil ute, Kimball is already warmin
areas of Texas and the Southwest. up the rostrums ke i send.
it ,incienly, that ing Nixon on a good-wil trip to
It was Texas,incidentally, that Latin America," says ex-secretary
finally tipped the scale inside the of the Navy Kimbell. "But the
President's committee. ot et
Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob purpose of the trip Amenot g
good will among the Latin Amen-
Anderson former president of th cans. It's to get good1Wll among
Texas d-Continent Oil and Gas the Democrats by getting Nixon
Association, is one of the most out of Washington.'. Most
I persuasive members of the Presi.legislators have their offices well
dent's committee. He was not only locked withaitheir oiep bents o
persuasive, but adamant, fer re- donk depdin on their pclt
tricting Venezuelan oil imports. donkeys, de dingrt onLeirlman
Undersecretary of State Herbert tiw Y. ork as a enrb agerit L ea o
Hoover Jr., opposed him. Though dogs-- ape cally boxers. Rsp
an oil man himself, active in thei nisth-at Le an grew so lnd of
Union Oil Company of California, that thman grew eO lond o1
young Hoever argued against re. boxers whea he saw them in Eou
strictions. He feared that~ny cur- rope about half-century go that
tailment of oil from Venezuela he took it upon himself to intro
would cause unemployment, unrest dues them here.
and trouble in that key South -
American country. Nixon a
Arguments ag ainv st, Anderson N
wtre that the Eisenhh6wer adail-'
Istration had Just t record k
ftl~lo~tt ^riff e 1 I FW .e O
riers; that while EisenhS er wa
asking Congress it extend the P- TA Be
eiprocal-Trade Act for three yeqrs, w
his owz Cabinmet dan lttq as
restricting imports from ly WASHINGTON, Jan U4 (P)-.
Venezuela. Vice President Richard M Nix.
NOTE-It was finally dedd on, acting as "good will ambasi
that Amer ican oil companies sador" fer President Eisenhower,
should restrict imports from Vepe- will leave Feb 4 on a flying tour
zuela on a "vo tumay" basis for of Latin American nations, it was
the first year. If the-"voluntary" announced today
system doesn't -work, there will
be compulsory'restrictions. The Latin American trip 'is the
second of such exucrsions Nixon
JUNKETING BUREAUCRAT has taken In surveying foreign
nations and meeting the heads at
Foreign Claims Chairman Whit- ether states In October-Decem-
ney Gillilland, who fired one-third ber, 1953, he toured the free na-
of his employees just before Christ- tons of the Far, Near, and Mid-"
mas, including the Negro woman dle East
of the year, for "budgetary rea- The Vice President's trip will
sons," found enough money in his take him to Cuba, Guatemala,
budget last week to take off on a Salvador. Puerto Rico, Virgin la-
Far Eastern junket. lands, Dominican Republe, HWt,
Though the tri is supposed to Mexico, Honduras, Nicira guA
be "official business Gillilland Costa Rica, and Panama He wil
went out of his way to visit Japan, return to the capital on March 5
where the Foreign Claims Com- Nixon will leave hene Feb ,
mission has no present nor pro- and return March 5 '
spective business. It happens, how.
ever, that Gillilland's son is living
On the other hand, Gillilland
avoided cold, bitter Korea where AUGUSTA, Me. (-UP)- Walt-
most cf the agency's work this er Drake retired postmaster of
year will be coming from. nearby Windsorville had been sav-
NOTE-, Gilhiland's firing of Mrs. ing money a long time for a tele-
Jane Morrow Spaulding, "Negro vision set. He deposited 14,200 pen-
Woman of the Year," cost Eisen- nies on the counter of a TV dealer,
bower more Negro support than Russill T. Fulton. as a down payP
any other issue in recent months. ment.


By Calbraith

i ^



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-." ,- ,- _j
Ig .. ..a"" i .,.o ,

people with .e Isurance, people amased and lost alio.
with emergency rearves in ode
formB or- -a ,Brs-ewuld be e Wall Streete re e
coutrfedKlasem areholder sound finaee ae *a eeenomtic
s deet buy pr*oaditle But under-
watk'U W,1i a "
wil ir mf is. w

0 be th asft lite e. Cttli^ wah
with his job tr hans BaruSchr e at ofree ( ti
Ti a t ea,,s, t -totane of a pw to lean, from the *ebsr&atie
: -- r "lWyOw esantial to fo 1
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h b t l dd l t it

Z n
a jai;*..

.T.. .. .z ,,; .

WoKn0W#JUA1R 1st, 1. 18

.-~ 0.~


o ress Wil Cut 2 Billion

From President's

--- 0 -

WSHINGTON, Jan. 24 (P) described the programs as "mod-
-A Democrat and I Republican crate, gradual" and in "no sense
agreed today that President El- a 'give-away'program.".
e*pJower's foreign trade pro- The top Republican and a
gpAm would pass the House. key Democrat on the HouseM
4ep. Robert Kean (R-N.J.) Appropriations Committee pre-
prdteted that "more than half dieted Congres will ut about
of I#* Republicans" and "two- a billion dollars from President
thirds of the Dmocrats would Eisenhower's money requests
vote for the bill. for the 195 fiscal year,
Rep. Hale Bogg '(D-La.) also Rep. John Taber (R-N.Y.), for-
predicted the Democratic bon- mer committee chairman, and
trolled congress will approve the Rep. George Mahon (D-Tex.),
measure "as a continuation of head of a military appropriations
the trade program launched more subcommittee, also agreed that
than 20 years ago by the Roose- "we can cut some of the request
velt administration." for military items" in the chief
Mr.isemhower called for a executive's $62,400,000,000 budg-
tMr..lsea prtensiledn of reei et for tile next fiscal year.
ohree-year ydelston ef reel- Neither Taber nor Mahon saw
t 1ed for, a one-yearrepewal much chance of a general tax
en stiff opposition develop-ew cut in the succeeding fiscal year.
wed intheff epubciton-denrol- starting July 1, 1956, although
Ied n repubsan-contr the President recently spoke of
led Congress. His p r egr gam t possible "modest" reduction.
provides authority to cut tar- Mahon said he might vote for a
Ths 15 progr expires on June slight cut in exemption allow-
The program expiresn Ju ances for small taxpayers.
I1. The congressmen discussed
The U.S. Chamber of Corn- "what will happen to the Pres-
merce, the CIO and other groups dent's budget'on the CBS raato
and individuals endorsed the leg- program "The Leading Ques-
islation today in statements pre- prion." The President told Con-
pared er House Ways tion.The PresldenttoldCon-
pareds fte y reass in his budget message that
Means committee he will need about $58,600,000,000
Richard Gettell, New York, in new funds for the next fiscal
member of the U.S. chamber's year. He put his spending figure
foreign commerce committee, at $62,400,000,000, making up the
aid: tit difference from funds provided
"A continued attack against in ast years and not spent.
unnecessary trade barriers is in The President noted the mon-
our own national interest, as well ey reoeust was about $1,300,000,-
as in the Interest to other coun- 000 higher than last year and
tries." Getteil said exports make said most of the increase was
u 5. percent of the total U.S. due to "new requirements for ou,
gross natisoalproduct. military services."
The proposed legislation also military services." and Mahon expressed
drws r o Jme B. Taber and Mahon expressed
drew support from-t amrer of hB disappointment he was not able
Carey, secretary-treasurer of the to ubmit a balanced budet.
CIO. to submit a balanced budget.
InO a reared statement Carey Taber predicted the adminiatra-
In a prepared statement Carey tion and Congress would be able
said, "Economic well being and to achieve a balan cedbudget in
Improved International trade fiscal 1957.
relations go hand in hand." Mahon said, however, it ha
Eric Johnston, President of the become clear the administration
motion picture export assoca- has cut spending just about as
tion, also boosted the program deep as ible under present
He said collectivee economic se- conditions. Any further steps to-
curity" Is just as Important as ard a balanced budget, he said.
collective military security." To- musard b le in tehe increased
gether, Johnston said, they pro- must be th form of Id ceased
vide "the best answer to Interns- revenues. tMahon said that on
tional communism that I know" the whole the President submit-
Charles H. Percy, vice chair- ted "a pretty good budget." Taber
man of the board of the commit- agreed It generaly Is fairly
tee for a National Trade Policy, good."
"I do feel," said Taber, "that
there are spots in it where we
i can and should make cuts, of
Policefelt most of the cuts would be
To A t 7WISI nimade in non-defense items, but
1 2H Tsaid he bhpieves "we can cut some
H ueYtl^ M'e of the equeat for military
Hl irtN .. e _.od*..-curity.

ALLEOW4S I"IL Ja 124 -
(UP)-Police broke up a wild par-
ty of 22 teen-agera m an empty
farm house early today but were
unable to keep their young prison-
ers la jail because there wasn't
enouh room.
Thirteen girls and nine boys
ranging in age from 17 to 19 were
questioned throughout the day by
AUegan county sheriff Walt e r
Runkel, who said they "told so
many stories we don't know what
to believe".
lunkel and a deputy checked
the old farm house when a neigh-
bor complained 'about the noise.
"It looked like they were hay.
ing an old-fashioned sex and drink-
ing party," Deputy Sheriff Basil
Frost said, "they apparently were
planning to spend the weekend in
the house until we came along".
He said officers found 10 cas-
es of beer in the house, along with
the seats from seven automobiles
the youths had spread out for the
"They ran like rabbits when
he raided the place," Frost said
we raided the place," Frost said
four of them escaped".
Runkel said all the girls were
just out for a jood time".
"They were iist having a good
petting and drinking party when
we broke it up when we did be-
fore anything else got started"
Several of the girls, most of
them clerks and stenographers,
told police the party was suppos-
ed to b a slumber party for girls
only. Others said it was to have
been a long week-ond affair with
at least 50 boys and girls attend-
One youth told police the emp-
ty house was owned by his broth-
er and that the. teen-agers "had
a right to be there". It later turn-
ed out, it was ownsd by the boy's
father who told .p*1ge' they should
have kept al the teen-agers, inc-
ludintg his sOn in jail.
"We didn't yve room for them
here", the sheriff explained. "We
bad to let them go as soon as
they were questioned".

New Panamanian

Hme Lines Vessel

OuMakn Voyage

TRIESTE, tily, JanSt4 (UP)
-The Homeric, new flagship of
the Panamanian Home Lines, yes-
tenday took up the Trieste berth
from while she will leave today
an her maidfe vollage.
The a4,t Uliner, complete-
ly modernized in the nearby Mon.
flaeae Shpyards. was the tar-
tf hundred of Sunday str
be% s tdKi ting Mgs
LMt Bight rIte's top author-
tie a'wre invited to ae

* s.e r V- tot tA m2iW
th.a W foeXit t
gg -.gmN
ri ?< Iif:'

Judge's Admonition

Scares Father

Into Disappearance
HAMILTON, 0, Jan 24 (UP)-
Judge P. P. Boli, attempting to
throw a vernal scare into a tall,
skinny father-of four, scared him
right out of the court room.
Judge Boll mentioned that the
non-support charge against Fred.
erick J Henderson was "enough
to send you to the Ohio Penitentia-
ry for life."
Henderson, who thought this
was the sentence, streaked out
of the building and away from the
outstretched arms of deputy sher-
iff Al Mahatha Henderson patted
his wife on the head as he left
and said, "Goodbye, Odessa."
Deputies said they might have
fired at Henderson except that the
was "so thin he was practically
bullet proof."
The judge explained he was go-
ing to sentence him to county jail
only for several days, and that
mention of a life term was only
part of his lecture, Henderson
hasn't been seen since

Kipling's Daughter

Doesn't Like USAF
CAMBRIDGE, England, Jan. 24
(UP)-The U. S. Air Force holds
no charms for the daughter of
Rudyard Kipling, who immortal-
ized the foot slogging infaxtry-
men in his poems.
Mrs. Elsie Bambridge, the on-
ly daughter of the late author,
wants to put the U.& Air Force
from her 300-acre estate for
good, in fact.
She said the airmen do so
much damage to her property
that repairs cost more than the
rent they pay.
The Air Force has a hospital
on about 20 acres of Mrs. Bam-
bridge's 300.
"I have to keep an eye on the,
place to see what is happening."
she said. "Every time I go away.
things happen and they never,
tell me. It's all very secret aid
Mrs. Bambridge said the A-
mericans have been using her
land sInce 1943 for an Installa-
tion known as Wimpole Park
'21 pay me the princely sum
.f mA a year," she said. "They,
lo m r damage than that in a
nttM of months. They have al-]
reedy ia ed the Iron gates
three times."
Mrs. Bambridge's protests will
receive official eanaderation this



'56 Budget

Our Goal Is Eternal Happiness
y iBMait La~gf AMehMep of Stem

I WONmB IF fhimr
OF LAW does not bOw that
from time to time there ba been
a dangerous empluels e thwer
the rights of the ndividal man
or on the Importane of htman
society. It has been rather dif-
ficult at times to find the proper
balance between a-a and -*
During t me 1thee tee
emphasis was on the rIghts of
the IndividuaL
We ea me .It
was wr.a0g *&a
lao the strong
to crash the
weak. Rights
have meaning
for a "men and
not only for
those who have
the power to .-"
enforce them. COfSng
desperately to avoid the VaWer
of state abeolutm. When the
state becomes too powerful it
defeats its own wpoe: the
helping of Its member tohelp
themelvea St. Thomas Aquinas
indicated the middle path for ua
"Bvery creature belongs astr-
O)ly to Ob. HeNse both angels
and men love God before them-
lves and with a grater love.
If they love themeelvee mr
than Ood, their love to perves."
IN T0M1 wOBS, the strong-
est tendency In the human soul
is to love GO not to love self
or the state. This I not a revo-
lutionary teaching But it does
throw light o eas Important

,-* w. '- -

American Meat

Inslilule Concerned

Over Hiah Imports
-The American Meat Institute
said today a recent sharp up-
swing in imports of canned hams
and pork from Europe, including
communist Poland, should per-
suade foreign countries to give
equal treatment to U. 8. prod-
ucts. ,
Th#instltuteruld in a state-
mmt that the "foreign tradw
street which should be two-way
is being blocked at the other end
for American lard, variety meats,
salt meats, tallows, hides, etc."
Pork Imports from all Euro-
rean countries reached a record
total of 99,163,000 pounds in 1954.
a 28 per cent increase over the
77,707,000 pounds that came in
during 1953, the statement said.
Communist Poland sent 19.717,-
000 pounds, an increase of 39 per
cent over the previous year.
Germany, Denmark and Hol-
land also were heavy shippers,
according to the statement.
The Institute said dollars ob-
tained here by Poland from the
sale of hams even may be used
to buy in third countries strate-
gic materials which cannot un-
der present law be exported from
the United States to Iron cur-
tain nations.
In terms of canned hams, the
statement said, the imports are
equivalent to hams from about
5,500,000 hogs and could bring
$85,000,000 at U. S. wholesalee
prices, $135.000000 in retail.
The Institute said American
exports to these countries are
hampered by numerous import
restrictions licensing and quota
systems, exchange controls and
tariff differentials.

NEW S ITAIN, Cam. (-UfP)

has who he he em a bised1


. .-- .'

truth: the goal of all human
activity Is the possession of God.
Our professional and com-
mercial relationships with one
another are no exception. Civil
law, whatever be Its more Im-
mediate object, must concern
Itself ultimately with the efforts
of men to realize happiness in
the pomssesl of God.
3I3BAUW1 did not fall because
It enlisted ea the sacred char-
aster of the rights of the in-
d&vduaL. It we ask ourselves
boegstly.why It did fall, we must
aMwer that -It did not afford
uftist safeguard against the
eotruptlng force of human sel-
AgaUtt we ask ourselves why
we fear the socialistic tendencies
of modern governments, we must
answer that we fear them be-
cause the benevolent state tends
to become a paternalistic state
and eventually a despotic state.
Human selfishness and the to-
talitarian state are the enemies
which the law, In cooperation
with all other constructive
forces of human society, must
strive to keep under control.
can be controlled by placing God
above them both. Only when
men's lives are governed by rev-
erence for God's law, and when
civil authority recognizes God as,
the source of its power, will we
have assurance that the abuse
of the past will not be repeated
and the perils of the present ef-
fectively forestalled.
t had hN. .ME b 3,WMA 3.L

German Court Raps

Sea Capt. Charged

With Cowardice
HAMBURG, Germany, Jan. 24
(UP)- A German sea captain
charged with cowardice by mem-
bers of his crew because he would
not try to rescue 12 drowning
men on a sinking ship was criti-
cized by a Maritime Court to-
The court ruled that C apt.
Franz Krammer, 63, Hamburg,
should have kept his 7,-307-tun
Liberian tanker Casino standing
by the wreck of the Dutch coastal
ship Carpo off the southern tip
of England last Nov. 27 until all
hope for survivors had vanished.
Members of Krammer's crew
testified he refused to ri s k a
rescue attempt in the heavy
North Sea storm and ordered the
Casino to proceed after standing
by for one hour and 55 minutes.
Half of Krammer's 36-man
crew charged him with cowardice
apd left the ship in protest in
Rotterdam two days after the
Carpo went down.
Krammer defended himself by
claiming he had to consider the
safety of his own ship in the had
storm. He said that was why he
ordered his vessel to proceed.
"Although rescue attempts had
little hope of success under the
bad weather conditions, the
Casino should ha ve stayed
longer at the accident sp'n," the
court's verdict said.
"That makes the* captain guilty
under the rules of the sea acci-
dents law."
The court said It was impos-
sible for Krammer to lower a life
boat Into the rolling seas to
reach the Dutch ship only 300
yards away. But, it said, he
should have stayed at the scene
until morning to see If any sur-
vivors were drifting lI the area.
The trial was held on orders
of the West German Traffic Min-
istry to clear up the crew-'s
cowardice charges. K rammer
would not usually be subject to
trial by a German. Maritime
Court because he is captain of a
foreign ship, but he appeared
The court serves to clear up
disputes over accidents at sea ,
and render official ved icts. It
does not order sentences.

Representatives of Gibraltar Life Insurance Co.
at your service now in our
new office at
19--4h of July Aveiiue
-site formerly occupied by
S. Jardin Miraflfams'
near Hotel Roosevelt
Telephone PanamA i-0552
Dally hours 9:00 a.m. 12:00 noon
1:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m.



.V -" ." -\ -" .

_. _III

Pvt. Jailed While Army Probes

Alleged Absence Without Leave
BERLIN, Jan 24 (UP)-The contracted as a slave laborer. The
US Army jailed Pvt William A Army said all it found wrong with
Verdine at the weekend while it him was that he was underweight.
investigates whether he was ab- I A spokesman said it will be
sent without leave The six years some time before the investiga.
he was in Soviet captivity Utions of Marchuk and Verdine are
Verdine, a tall thin soldier from completed because their records
Starks, La, was removed from had been sent to the United State
the hospital were he was underIand men who served with them
guard since the Soviets released in Berlin now are scattered to ma
him Thursday to the headquar- ny parts of the world.
terms guardhouseI

Verdine is in "protective custo.
dy,L an Army spokesman said,
until an investigation can be
completed and tne Army deter-
mine whether it should try him
on AWOL charges.
The live foot 11 inch soldier dis-
appeared Irom his unit in West
Lermany near the Soviet border
FeD J, 1949 and is listed by ton
army as AWOL
Another soldier released by the
Soviets earlier this month is in
tile same guaranouse awaiting
possible trial on the same charges
He is Pvt William Marchuk, of
Norristown, Pa. who was in So-'
viet hands for six years. He was
returned witn civilian Jonn I
Noble, of Detroit, who already has
returned to the United States.
All tree men had been held in
Soviet slave labor camps m iic
German prisoners returning
from a Soviet prison camp in the:
Ural mountain area tul author,. Goettingen, German), to-
day tmat an Aneiican caught by,
the Soviets in East Berlin was
held in another camp in the area
. The Germans came from a,
Soviet prison camp near Potma.I
They said they heard reports
that an Ameiican was held in an-'
other camp known as "5510-43"1
Aley diu not know his name or,
the circumstances of his arrest
they said they understood he
was a "student."
Before ne was moved to the
guardhouse today Verdine was
given a physical examination An
army spokesman said the doctors
failed to find an)thmg wrong wiui'
the 28-year-old soldier's chest,
hear or stomach.
Verdine complained when he
was freed by the Reds that he had
stomach, chest and heart ailments

ST. LOUIS (UP) Decor.
ators re-dbing the chapel in the
city jail decided it was about time
"', niece had a new national flag.
No one remembered how long the
t.- nig nad been in its place, but
it had only 45 stars.

RADIOp-. ..
Rapid Servic
Pick-up A &
Finest Parts UU
Authorized distr

Service Dept. for 'r

Tropical Electroeics
45th St. No. 3
Tel. 3-1282

And these folks sure did


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You Won't Believe It. But We've Done It..


N.O. Dining Room $175.00 K.D.



%ft1K,%r lfr m.- &hfrYn
c4Ua Ia*5. a DARISM ffITe7JL.145J
115-S UDS ArI 511ff if-C: c nj\f 11* ntS~s.

.1 *.I

o, :- .

- A

I --





1- II ~--' I -- --' _~ ~____~_~~_~ ..,.~







__ f

-I~- o-

Many Americans Will Travel

At Home And Abroad In '5 5
WASEILNGTON-(UP)- Ameri- increase in prices over last year;
cans are the world's greatest tray- a dip in prices in some places.
elers. In the field of foreign travel,
To prove it, 75.000,000 of them more middle and lower income
will pack up and take "See Amer. families will go abroad on a "pay
iea" vacation trips this year. ac. later" travel plain offered by many
ccrding to the automobile associ- airlines and steamship companies.
ateon. Reflecting the international in-
Another half million U. S. plea. terest in skiing, some airlines are
sure-seekerq will go abroad, set- cfferng low-cost ski tours to Eu-
ting an all-time high in interna- ropean sports centers this winter.
tional travel, the AAA added. Pan American Airways offers
Over 63,000,000, will travel to such tours on its 10 per cent down
Vacation spots by automobile, ac- "pay later" plan.
cording to the AAA. Americans
* are showing a preference for short Europe remains the most popu-
iJstead of long motor trips. lar foreign vacation attraction for
These motorists will find good Americans, but there is increas-
Mews as far as prices and accom- ing competition from the British
modations are concerned. There I West Indies, Cuba and Asia.
are more overnight accommoda-. While Americans are viewing
tions than ever before. Many ho- foreign countries, the United
tells are remodeling to meet the States will be viewed b% over 600,-
growing competition from motels. 000 foreign visitors this year, the
The AAA said there will be no AAA estimated. i

Anhydrous Amonia Gives Magical

I Results As Fertilized For Crops
^ S ** *-_n -
By JOE McDAVID room growth and steady increase
E in productive capacity, there still
gro MEMPHIS (UJP' A food- isn't enough of the fertilizer to
gr, owing aid that produces almost meet the demands.
n magical effects promises to pro-
I!'.- vide better and cheaper products' In Mississippi, the consumption
for your tables. !of anhydrous ammonia has held
But there is really nothing mys- at a more or less steady level
serious about anhlydrous ammon- since 1950. This leve 11 i n g-off,
.,Jal. The men who manufacture it was due partially to the short sup-
would be the first to tell you that ply and the competition of new
it is simply a fertilizer perhaps customers in other states.
the best yet developed, but a fer. There are other nrcblems which
Stilizer nonetheless, are slowly being licked. Nitrogen
Farmers claim that its use not must be stored under pressure in
only improves the quality of their tanks, much like natural gas
-, crops but doubles or triples yields,I tanks, and there has been a lim-
which eventually should mean low- ited storage capacity, both on the
er food prices. farm and at dealer-supply points.
There is also a limited source for
S The reason anhydrous ammon. applicator equipment.
S Ia s so Important to crops is that ator equipment.
82 per cent of its weight is nitro-1 In the two-and-a-half-year pe-
gen, and nitrogen is one of three riod last June, the nation's tctal
essentials fcr plant growth. The synthetic ammonia productive ca.
S ether two are phosphates and pot- ait' was increase 67 per cent,
h ,but industry leaders say "the sur-
There are other forms of nitro facet has only been scratched."
gen fertiliszer, but there is nearlyv
twice as much usuable nitrogen
Ter pound in anhydrou s ammonia
tan in any other product.
Perhaps the best indication of
tAe impact anhydrous ammonia
acs had on -griculture is the way .
this young industry has grown.
Prior to 1548, anhydrous am-
Imnia was more or less a labors -
try plaything. It had been used
nCalfornia's citrus groves,
where researchers poured it into
the water in irrigation canals.
But the direct appUlication of an-
mronldi't start un-
# =_ 1d)wr .V. ,,d. rewu
ted a devices that made direct ap-
plication possible.
A short time later, the use of
anhydrous ammonia was recom-
mended to farmers in the Mis-
sissippi Delta, cne of the top farm. I
ing areas in the state of Mis-'
Aissippi. After that, this new meth-
ed of fertilizing crops spread from
coast to coast and is now used in I
at least 40 states, Puerto Rico and
There are now 24 anhydrous am. EDIATOR J. F. Finnegan,
monia plants scattered through-' New York City attorney and
out the nation, and 17 others are i veteran labor arbitrator, is ex-
under construction er are planned. pected to be named director of
Virtually all of this has taken the Federal Mediation and Con-
place in the nine-year period since cillation Service. He will re-
Andrews perfected the device that police Whitley P. McCoy who
places the liquid in the ground. resigned.
Despite the industry's mush.



"Your pancake make-up doesn't work so wll.|in the
waffle iron, Mom!" _

Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service Arriver
8.S. "LOVLAND" ................................Jan. 27
S.S. "MORAZAN" ..............................Jan. 29
S.S. "AGGERSBORG" ...........................Feb. 4
S.S. "BYFJORD" ................................Feb. 5
*S.. "YAQUE" ....................................Feb. 12
*S.S. 'MORAZAN" ..................................Feb. 11
S.S. "AVENIR" ................ ................ Feb. 19
S.S. "MABELLA" ................................Feb. 21
*Handing Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service


S.S. "AVENIR" ...................... ........Jan. 24
S.S. "METAPAN" ...................... ...........Jan. 2
MS.S. "IBUERAS" .................................Feb. I
*S.. "PARI8MINA" .............................Feb. '
*S.S. "MATAURA'.................. ......... Feb. I
S.S. 'MAAFALDA" ..............................Feb. 12
S.S. "FRABERLANGA" ......................... Feb. 14
B.S. "COMAYAGUA" .............................Feb. 21
Weekly sauilngs of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.
Special round trip fares frof Cristobal to, New
* York, Los Angeles, Sman Francioo and
To New York. ..................... .00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ....$270.00
To Seattle ...................... $365.00


e PANAMA 2-2904


-a^o& @ Ias4W

I1 AN ARMY 6-1
AEnT HisAm1ssio


fUwLCL aD m IUMlbS



: k

Rough Going

iWWBl<,w W4\ VMg J h


LA -


MONDAT, AImvi xin

m Gam"" II=l

e38 IVeN AN OF 4
HU- ..,.. a
"A^2~s ?s s

p iD-i




WI V.. mamuw-

3! LDGa3 ArTua



I "f Cve TO HkCKMi i ...I


A Shock for Jenny



His Daughter's Father



The Brain




It's Louie Again

iN07)W4 PA'99l0 IWPPN 10 /if



UM, LET' Lr-1 COLD HAM, US' T-o flVWrre INA
SUMMER 6A.16ASe, RW BREADt, se I N ei4 Awi4
WI4AT 16 TH" --.

ANO M1 E 3-Puse 1a
OLOVEM"l O1tm.HE m ONmice
CLaEVER/ r~ A G4Am X




Bad Outlook



-- -T-~ --~-




~'---~-- --I'-








riTMAw .' W,-


-- -.- -- -i -4-- n.. --. -- -I~e_

azl andi Otherwidse

4, Stalr

- ?

.. -e-A 4 n.I mf ".4. a. d 14j h3 I .

S .4 '.,. &4a -_ Ft ioneto .

e -
- I

M0WS WgICTING their husbands' profession highlighted t
luncheon enjoyed by Panama Canal pilots wives at El Panam
mainsail and jibsaUi created from pink carnations, green leave
the luncheon .table. Place cards represented the different type
Members of the Balboa group of wives of Panama Canal
pilots were behostesses on Saturday to members of the Cristobal
-- groep at a lovely luncheon given atop Hotel El Panama. Fol-
Iwing appetizers in the Peacock bar, the 52 ladies were seat
ed4 tt a U-shaped table In the Cauino
Mesdames Alice Gunderson, Georgia Johnson and Mar-
guerite Hart were In charge of arrangements for the enjoy-
sh ml affirm

... ".

no .- -- Maduros Announce Birth of 8on
Mr and Mrs Larry Maduro
Arias Family Alnomnes on Feb. 25 at the home of Dr. and have announced" the birth of a
Sa of UaraglMer Mrs. Vern PrKlt oft nstobal. son, on Saturday, at San Fernan-
Mk. ana m na. Antonio Arias of -do Clinic
Panama Lticy announce L h e Perkins Eatertain -
uMiLsa UMtef secouu mund, InL, HR. M. Consul and Mrs. A. H.
daughter, at an ternanuu L .nic B. Pernins anu Mrs. ermins en-,Women Golfers Enjoy
ufud.y UJn c ue uLue KiL' Mu lertained on Thursday win alLuncheon at Amador
ue name uracteia. iuncneon honoring Wang Commana- I Mrs. Ethel Perrante and Mrs.
r-- WilUam Beedeon and Mrs. Peggy Falk were a committee in
NHrps .ff For New York teedon. charge of an enjoyable no-host
Mr ana Mrs ARcneuro iouvey of Wing Commander Beedon is luncheon for women golfers at the
ltua zstau nave saiRen tor New servmg as an Air Attache in Ca- Army & Navy Club on Saturday.
zO e, aconmpamnen ny omrer cia- racas, Venezuela. About 25 members of the Pa.
ren, ienatru ana Ahu.a, ano tner nama Womens Golf Association aI
nepew, t 'ege novey. Ambassadors return' attended. 'I
S'1t Ambassador of Panama to' i
Br, sa Mrs. Mig x Spain, former President Alcibia. Banks Family Announbes .
'lu*imN iew herey e s Aresegiena, has arrive aq Birth aghter
Um bhas i ee't'reeuved from the lthmusdfrom Madrid. Mr .Mrs 1 Merrick E Ba
*lit a. r Dr and Mrs ; ". ou he b
,ac t. M tu mai tne an. _, _. ,-- ,,_.. 2e r. Bld. first d

;' -SO& ure r Telft
reMir ieNt tre m e AmDe at e "
Now serving with the rank o Bks
Major, ar. acnaux is the son ui v Bo
#&rf JMil Mi zciiax, of ibL FeLer-
buourg, Mriorua, loimerty ga iai-
goa, and me late Wiiam Macon "Amazing Sea Stories Never
a.juu, U'Ao was anu olu, ter Told Before," by Edward Rowe
.with tae Canal's mechamnical Div- now, a collector of mariners'
i w, adevtnures, Is among the books
SDr sichmau was station- placed in circulation during the
Soat, the fsumus, his wue, ne- past week by the Canal Zone L-
Smuhr aau teacner brary.
.T i..aleits The 14 dramatic sagas of the
-- sea are rich fare for every taste
Ca Art ,4pagc in daring, mystery, tragedy and
Meet 'mWit ..aroups occasionally heroism. Snow is
bAW Lanai noue Art League also the author of a number of
hbe1 t trust meeung oS the jear other sea stories Including "Mys-
amtatUay nighL at Lae none uL teries and Adventures Along the
Ar. sm hrs. L. .t. buioup e Caa- Atlantic Coast."
Die kHPas A complete list of the n e w
to saDsence of President R books and their authors an-
a wm, wno ass gome tO rea., nouneed by the library this week
twe- ee Vresetem, yers follows:
presides at me meeting Non-fiction-T.N.T. The Pow-
An ltoermetimg taut was given er Within You, Bristol; Motiva-
by Mr. i. biiDmsky on "iane Agn tion and Personality, Maslow;
bgeamars ot present Day Lomw Raising Money for Church Build-
aercal Art in me united States." ing Projects, Lumley; The Urn-
Tha meeting was a tareweil to brella Garden, Yen; ...Tales of
Mar ana asi wames N ea woriia America, Ives; How to Color-
am "=w t we or ueorgia Tune Your Home, Cheskin-
std nav Deaen active in te ar Amazing Sea Stories Never Toli
rmMK r seary having b Before, Slow; Susan B. Antho-
r ary ecr y, Anthony; Benjamin Franklin
ary. a 4 fo and a Rising People. Crane; The
Frani soy, seflMrihip s t Tm Woman Withinolasow; and
alt ~ e le,- The Woma, tWho Would be
a4 _ojm meibs an ara cas Queen, ,ocea.
-a .....or .earw.ered. us-Fction--het, Brynley; The
se Palm Thicket, Giles; Variable
swop*e'ments were served by Inds at Jalna, De la Roche: A
u., Stoup and co-hostess Mrs. Single Pilgrim, Lewis: Shroud of
&_ 1..wi aDarless, Lorac, and Madame
r wne meeting will be held do, Vilmorin.

To Store Enslage

k /And Save Soil
b nek Itte fM Iecausion to s ..
M eas i mubmas typ i e. MANHATTAN, Kan. (UPI -
-Nm sVe an..s -- 0 A Kansas State College agrono-
0 o .. s m ms mist says silos are one of the best
r thm, a tm* eu*s. Rea s w devices to prevent soil-blowing in
mseno eaon" be aagb s Ouf- the plains area.
Imt1 Frank Bieberly, the expert, ex-,
La ena Ovice Cnecdl plained:
Xl0s 'e4Cm, If farmers have good feed sup-
LAe o Laca Civic council will plies, they are not forced to over-
hole a meeting tonignt at an e graze the vegetative cover that
iAg acchoo sauuy ai. protects their soil from blowing.
a ormatiou wnm disio.sed The Kansas agricultural experi-
r-qfB L. McAe. CiA-B o 01 meLt station reports thatenslae.
rm&@ L D9twai am we w4ryLWll keep Indefinitely and still be
h 01 ~MN onI me a eh u nutritious and palatable to live.
ponea for atigt Saines t bas- stock.
.i sa vegleyua., uiaacmg o at lt e information is important
a sagiatofue n s rrad. for a play now because of the ravasa off
Mea on ehs transp uor a drought in then station's read-
ra between La Boca and Pa- basket. Ka-sas andD some near-
-aa--uty an a new Dus stop & lby states had the driest Novem-
ber in recorded weather history
A ron wiBe received from -- n tin ra of
-Ikee rwiisetbw Iww sueomintermittent drought.
a. r -- i.f =4 ,t v lieblerly believes that soil-blow-,
|.t" c l wh "- o t iwil lbe na tly p ced when
icy unio f *. 0 Far Midwest farmers learn how
k*bJ. *S? *,1 w eij, will beep and swt
mt-Te#t -toe f h feed te Od yera to le
n W u#.: t ed...g m -.-nImfram
L a -. .. -. !.
S ^ '4- ^


Which is your style?
Bring your favorite
record to
And listen to it on our


& 5037, 'Navy Fliers Adrift 2 Days
r In Leaking Rubber Liferaff
& 1/34, Panam-as
PEARL HARBOR, T H. Jan were bumping the bottom of the
.U.. .~ 2 4 (UP)-Seven survivors of a Na- raft and Ave of us were seasick
vy seaplane craabsh ain the Pacific "On the 21st at 11 am a P4Y
S said today they kept their rubber (a four-engined Liberator-t y p e
life raft afloat more than two bomber now used as a coast
days by plugging punctures with guard search plane) was sighted
fingers and corks while sharks "We started shooting flares,
bumpred against the bottom smoke bombs and all The 21st of
The men sent a message de- January became the 4th of July
scribing their ordeal to Pearl Har- for us The plane sighted us after
bor from the Military Sea Tran- seeing the flares
sport Service ship Gen Ainsworth, "When they circled and came
which rescued them Saturday af- back, they dropped one raft, which
ter one of 40 search planes floated away A radio was also
found them dropped, which was recovered,
The survivors, all in good con- and message were sent that we
edition, were Lt James G Measel, needed another faft to replace the
pilot, Norfolk, Va; Ens Harrison on we were on
B Nordstrom, co-plUct, St Paul, "Manwhile, two Superforts and
Ulnn; Ens Robert N Gordon. two WV28 (Navy super-constella-
Watertown, Mass and Robert D lions equipped with radar ap-
Frame, Memphis Edward G No- peared A Superfort dropped a 30-
wakt, Bffalo, NY,: William C foot beat, which contained food,
Pavey, Warwick. RI. and Jero- water and medical supplies
me J Warras, Detriit "Three minutes later, we were
Their difficulties began when all aboard that boat A welcome
their twin-engined Navy amphibi- sight was the dry clothing aboard
an developed engine trouble dur- We rode this boat until we were
ing a secret mission from John- picked up by the Ainsworth"
son Island to the mi'-Pacific ato-
mle" test headquarters at Kwaja-
Join In the Marshall Island ground
We ditched the plane at 12:15
t 19 a January." the mes- A Fa t TO
sage said
S'The engine went out from BRONCHIAL
supposedly a blown cylinder Wem B Rn.IA L
had started to dump fuel and had
Se' dumped about 200 gallons from
the port tank, then had cut if off VU GS
,iSs ^tank when we could not stop the If you are suffering from a bron-
flow So we decided to ditch the chial cough .. try Buckley's Cana-
plane real quick diol Mixture for fast, soothing
"One of the rafts blew away be- relief. Theery first spoonfulofthin
he decorations at Saturday's fore we could inflate it, so all sev- world-feao medication brings.
;s. decorationiature turday' en piled 'nto the remaining raft comfort. You feel it spread down
a Aminiature 00 ith Swells ranged from eight to -20 your throat-helping to break up
s and baby's breath centered feet The water was choppy and the thick, choking phlegm... leav-!
es of vessels which transit the rain squalls came every 40 mi. ing a protective film over raw, sore
nutes The kite for the radio membranes. You notice right away
S --'---- wouldn't fl ,yso we inflated a bal- bow much easier it is to breathe
Party For Bride looui, which floated for an hour and to swallow.
PartyMiss Gioconda Mats, whiseForBride The the wind broke the antenna No wonder more than 50 million.1
M is Gioconla as i s "Friction caused by a CO' bottle bottles of Buckley's Canadlol Mix-
marriage to Mr James Martin punctured a hole in the bottom of ture have been sold. So don't let
ais has been set ,for an 28, the raft There being no repair that cough get you down. Buy a
was the guest of honor Saturday kitfingers and wooden corks bottle of fast-acting, Inexpensive
at a barbecue given by Miss Mal. from oar handles were used to Buckley's Canadiol Mixture from
vina Galindo at the Union C I u b plug hoales for hours Sharks 'our druggist todaql.


There will be an interruption of electric
on January 25th between the hours of
and 6 a.m. in the following sections:

IA Vt]

The area between Peru and Balboa Aveanue
from 3rd of November Street to Uruguay rt -
'/ S including 43rd East St. from Justo Arsoaeap ..
Avenue to 50th East Street

Compaiia Panamefta de Fuerza y Lqu it
constantly working to improve your serviw
So that you are not greatly inconvenleiuc ,
) necessary interruptions will be held to a minimum.




. .4,


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e aplete

compact makeup


a your..s

r _I

ftVSN as ll outdoors




Special Offer

For Ihe Month of January Only


complete with spring and mattress



a 'petal-perfect






Smv a -t sa m P".t. is", p. me M

with Revlon's own skin-softening Lanolite


-- -

A heavenly blend that won't streak, won't change color
on your skin even after hours and hours I
Won't dry your skin, because it's cream-blende'd with
Revlon's own skin-softening Lanolite. Smooths
on easily, evenly-in just seconds! And it can't ever
spill, so it's wonderful to carry in -your pare.
In 8 genius complexion shades.

""' -ri

' .

A. -

filsh in

just seconds!?

adflw&'wr' ,rt

New all-in-one makeup! Puffs on

like powder... clings like foundation

_ I




__ ~_~I_






"" .t


,(-/ ,.- -

,.. J....'.

*.---" p L Y'.'q'' ~,r. -V


Hjj^^^ __ ,___ __ .j 8 .' Scoukapades Ito toheld I B arla L l G. a
Feb.1 ae t B albom StadiuaT1 T 0 111 J lIt
e to e ll.. ....h friendly ,
over 1000 cubs, s oonts explor diBan the or0 re th
LEAVE YOUR AD WITH ONE OF OUR AGENTS OR OUR OFFICES AT 57 "H" STREET, PANAMA Or ute r s0ca s, d frins eaPlor- dlan s sss S on .n ISe e
A PECIADO CASA ZALDO AgenclIterna de Pubi nes, FAMCIA ESTADOS UNIDOS putting the finhhi toachies tobars to be seat to pain, he ug- toa do
4A .OCentral %ve. .CoweAvg. 14o rCenral Ave. the seven scenes in he "Drama gets that they cres the hills to Mr. Ma"es a b-ines man who
S FOTO DO F ACIA Eu L BATU O FARMACIA LUXA Cf Yesteryear," which will be oI another sea and then sail to the ha retired from someof h"i ae"
AeiO A. and 23. No. 3 Lotery Plaza Parqu Leevre 7 street StreetS of the big features of the 1%th. land of the Ilncs where tbe tcles, wr 52 year. old
Sr. Lo rPmian scoutcapades of 1955 to be streets are ned with gold. ner serviceswere ductss
U2 ceaAForhofL.Ave .I .held at the Baloa dStadium on 'Balboa, wa PonSa aada band edm onThuza.yAd9. at
Saturday, Feb. .12, a7t Of conquistadors ind. slaves, p.m. atthe ly ath aera
SNOVEDADE ATHIS Under the technical direction starts overland battling fierce In- Davd.
THE PANAMA AMEICA of Subetr Turbyt ll, Jr., College dians and other jungle dangers.
_____ shee No s____---- -dramatic coach, technical direc- Finally, the hill overlooking the Mr. Matos survived hi
1111M .1-tors have been secured for aist- Pacific is reached and four days other, Mrs. Ninfa Gallno dO
SERCIAL & FOR SALE FOR SALE MIn wSCELLANEOUSith the ..c par of later.Balb.oa wades the Pa-o .=Ma of In, a
_ _F_ _SL E_ __Ith____K t h sc e n e s M o th e rs a r e M uw c if ,a n d a a ll th e lm ,d s d o w .M... A l .e. d e M.
HouseholdAutomobiles DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clino sewing costumes; the boys and bordering It Iin the names of the IS
FESION AL Houehold Automobiles DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Cln. PhiHllips.Oceonsideacottageas,. men are collecting pro s; apd in~ Quee Of Spa. He also leave two w and
ic, 209 Central Avenue, beside Santo Clarao., Box 435, Balboa. skilled hnads I&t and W4 QeofSPana*a" M, tw estate f.x.i.
FOR SALE:-Brand new refriger- FOR SALE:-1950 Plymouth 2- Capito io Theater. Phone 2-3479 Phone Pana ma 3-1877, Cristo- killed hands and f e A kinofP anama" ts a
atar, bcfeet, 25-cycle, fo door Sedan. Excellent throughout. Pon&.bat 3-1673. painting speneryufqr one I tse Ptr* $be Fibudih and Scoutl i of sns alaterb a
I f You Have a $239.50. Apply at Inversiones Let you mechanic check it first! F Rl' most spectacular arna Izireslre Ftbr0b e under -m pthe leadership n, ,r e sst .
Jose Fran- $750. Phone Gatun 5-579.Gromlih' Son Clara Beach programs to be presn In tst
S SEPTIC TANK cisco de la Ossa No. 38. AT AGENCIAS COSMOS, Auto moderate res, Phon Chaplain Ralph Arms wland 4byCapt.R.R.Ryan. band i Vermont.
Fyou OReed -F SALE -60-cycle Frigidoire Row No. 29, Panama, we have Miscellaneous 6-441. serve as scene No. 1 director, with ", 14 t4ehuu front which the
S SEPTI-SAN veneti. blinds, end tables, mis for immediate delivery German
Sl Mnea blnaovina for State&s Fords in all types a nd models. FOR SALE:-Limited quantity 9 FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile nical director for the Ft. OUllc to n Lorenz o r Portobeloand N
New Amazing Natural 31956us. Phone 2-4721 Panama. cubic ft. Firestone, slightly used past Santa Clara. Low rtes-- cubs, scouts, and explorer under h bm elected that Henry SAN T da
Waste Destroyer. sills refrigerotars. For quick sale. Bar- No reservations necessary. th-e- o Capt cubs s and exhpl hoee SANderelete, Henry
LATTENTION auto owners:-e gainpricer. c l ead teship Mao C his beCuccaneers hav Harold t okke tells of the ib, fi.
at LOWeCast. Money Btackbassinet, hightchair,.teterb abe h 955v fori ediIL ,Santa Clara Beacham ter aj ona edamtT i
of satisfactionl. t alor tot, and small I1 M models c r a Automobiia- e C ot -rackg asrefrigeration, Ger rd, outm a ea al.I headed for Panam a. a ss- be h e a
t M ao alor to macne. l260-cycle 52.Coupe,MMainline Fordors, Cus- FOR SALE:-ACUARItROP 2-bedro Royce Eaves, explorer advisor pvernor .*rders native Km tt in Ped l
S F. enta A N wsing machine. 2-537'. tomnline Fordors, 8-possenger Sto- CAL PET SHOP, a small iyIng they hnB. tartoyc the pageant w 4th "C lage stayed rchrd a e it i- h
F NOVEY. INC. FOR SALE :-2 rocker, 4 straight tion Wagons with Fordomotic. business with a big future. un- FOR they start the pageant withC- e Yedrc rdse and eno t .he fs
nt279 Central Ave.o m n e hone PoO R EN T lumbus Meets the Indian Chief- burne and cttle driven offo0Jum e to the boat, saq8el
SCentral A. chair s dishes, miscellaneous Agencias Cosmos, Phone 1625 able to manage. Phone PanomaF tains." tatthere Wi no ood for the Sto where ad-
$ TeL 3-0140 Items. 596 Bohia Ploce. 2-1765. Colon, Melendez Ave. and 16th 3-2845 or 3-5411. H ', lhe scene opens In 1902 at the Pirates a they advance. He ministered, andppe bac
lLs --Dr---- Street-Your Friendly Ford Deal- 'or SLE e -r fln -T ______Ro______oe mouth of the Chagres as the In- almost successful but, finally, into the lake and swam away.
FOR SALE: Double beds with P. FOR SALE:-8 Flot Trombone, dians with hideous noises and -fter eight 4ay8 without toon e--
$26;wardroes$29;copletelyr. econditionedFORdiana with hideous noies a nd after eight4days without foes to -
springsA $26; wardrobes w$29; r.__ completely reconditioned, direct FOR RENT:-S chalet: living weird dances strive to chase the pirates stand within sit ht of the
"tIIROOl lR r A rTAR m night tables $6.50; bureau $15; FOR SALE: Pontiac Station from factory. Reasonable, Call room, dining room, kitchen, bed- evil spirits away who have come city. A desperate battle ensues Washington to see that Goethal
1iKli20PR ORl wicker sets $29; dining room Wagon, 1951 model, six cylin- Albrook 4274. room. $uitbble for one or two in the four large boats with white with the 8panish defeated and and Gorgas received the material
i /-, $49; li v i n g room $85; GAS ders. Apply "Cia. General de Se- lFOR SALE-Cocke Sne persons. inqur 50th Street No. wings.t Columbus trades trinkets the town sacked and burned, to do the job; the story of Col.
SPe. A. ad u. oateAC T 0 VSO I guaranteed) $69; guros," Johnny Arios. 6, B Po s d ownstairs for gold figures and seeks infor- "The Forty Niners," scene No. W. Goethals, who carried on
rocking choirs $6.50. Also mat- 1 o8 Via Belisoro Porras, cottage
12 C l 2 -O .. tressesock chairs $6.50pillows. Also FOR SALE: Highway 8 ton rear. See Mrs. Gordon. t FOR RENT-House with three nation on "another great sea." 4, will be under the direction ofhere the French andStevens
ardTS. HOUSEHOLD EX- 1 a -p.. tresses springs pllows.ler, brand new. Apply at In- bedrooms, sitting room dil Hearing that he must travel Henry Carpenter with cubs and ad left o, an who eus
S tda PAYMNT HONati SEHOLD EX- No. 41. veriones Generles S.A. Ave. FOR SALE:-"Bell & Howell" 16 room for$ Inoro : in overland to see the ocea, Co- scouts from Margarita under theand a reputation for fair dal-
S em e CHANGE, Nton No 41 r cisco deIa Oss o. 38. m.m. sound-film projector. Hard- ApartmentR olivor No. 3019, lumbus decides to sail south in leadership of cubmaster Ewald wings with the workers carried
_._.__' _.-_- Phone 3-4911. l_______ y used. Condition like new. ,al- 3rd Street, Colon. a futile search for the "west- Wiberg and scoutmaster Belcher. through to a successful finish
FOR SALE: --,- Late '52 Singer man, S.A., Via Espoaia No. 1. ward" passage. Death by thirst, starvation, ahd jthis outsandin engieerlng
D E .. Sport Roadster. Glass side win- Phone 3-0383. FOR RENT:---Chalet: Three bed. The second scene, "Balboa Dis- Indians face the goldseeker If he feat; and ot Co., W. C. Gorga
SlDE )NTI T..a PoitiOn Offered dows. Cheap. 0759 Balboo. Tel. rooms with garage, 43rd Street covers the Pacific," will have crosses the great American who through ridicule and hard
o:.Re (4th of July Af ceNo. 1s 2-3355. 0-nR SALE East No. 52, $150 monthly. In- LCdr. Bernard Thielges as scene plains the voyage around the worksoverecausesomaar
ne t to -rani quire at House No. 50, director and Lt. Deac Milarr as Horn is too long; and all kinds an, yellow fever : and mde the
Flo C. t. FABREGA. D.O.S. WANTED:- Panamanian secre- FOR SALE31954 Ford Pickup,.
o to- ta, excellent n English shor- ton, 5 mon t h s use, 4000 Real Estate FOR RENT:-Cholet:Threbed- technical director and will be of trouble besets the traveler if hm a afe place to work
sn Un, Wasmhinton. D.C. hand and fast typist; also oble miles only, as new. Apply Cia. rooms, living-dining room, maid's resented by cubs from Quarry he goes to the goldfields via the ve
District Dentist Pedro UMit Spanish correspondence. Must be Istmeia de Plomeria, SA. FOR SALE: Two houses, two room nd service, garage and eigts-Ft. Amador and Albrook Isthms f Panama. Tranporta-
S and Gamboa, C.. over 25 years and preferably mole __' bedrooms. Garage at one house: large yard. Located Oth Street AFB, under *cubmaster LCdr. tion from the Atlantic to the Pa- Cubs from Balboa under cub-
e laItuI and Srlf.It eao*oN or single woman. At least three FOR SALE: 1947 Studebaker Rockgas refrigerators and stoves, No. 31, Paitilla. For information Cific is scarce and as dangerous mater .ldrldge Burton, and
d et (nmew tse' SS years experience and references Regal Deluxe 4-door Sedan, in portly furnished, good location. Phone 3-3318, from 3 to 7 p.m. DR as across the plains but still cubs and scouts from Dablo un-
fo" dental fullnss). required, Telephone Monday and very good condition. Motor and See Keenan (week-ends) at Son- (only week doys). 3010 rifuI'l S thousands press on, lured on by dcr institutIonal representative
Ise rvices in: X-ray Sursery Tuesday for appointment 2-0206. brakes recently overhauled. Tel. to Clara Beach. thoughts of riches. C. H. Croby and scoutster
eotia nanad CJhil ren WN:ntistry. -- -- ---man a 3-0382. Ask for Mr. Maduro. F O A- FOR R .T i rr '1. Af The great story of the Panama Robert Roche will present these
-" .....m (2-) X011 WANTED:- Panaomanimon soles- FOR SALE: Farm, 6 hectorest Railroad Is narrated in vere in stirring scenes under the dirc-
Sfor nointments. man or single saleswoman over LESSOKNS plain. 15 miles from capital with REN 1. Railroadene 5 with cubs, scouts and tion ofsArthur Paynei
aure am. to12 noon-- 2 p.m. to 25 years age. Must have at least LEJl two-floor chlet, fruits, well, riv- Apartments Scene lr. with cubs, scouts and i finally, t e d drw
B T. 020three years selling experience in u er. Post office Box 1037, Fcon. O R explorrie r B s farom a andAnd feLLt nally the te end rwsto h
retl shop References recess MODERN RAPID PIANO instruc- A TON I. Jusb t Y Coty Station dr Vincent Biaa, cubmaster nh and the dream of n

a sp R smnt. Contact Alhambr Apart- rector erou trip around se Horn.y
and must be fluent n English tin. Popular or Clssical. begin ..odern fmshed aprtmnts, an- coutmaster Cub, cout and rough e ges m

n ) r tn b forRegis ations wd te ca Ao of 1y n O w ol
neat in apence and well ners advanced. Bennett's Studio WANTE ,roo,hot, old water, Tel. (Telepone: Holmes, skippe; andcubs fromhe t
SI mater clnnereose Telephone Monday Phone 2- 1282. Spinet. _- ll PanamaT 3-4941. erch of M old. mbal gt aate
OwANTD TO BUY :-Household d3oet n d r mani c to th a th o the
BU. 20n 206.rfueishings, Including kitchen,, FOR RENT.--Furnished and un- R o Robert t r e twithV ncent" T
om -s o f the w LLl e the .re.t for f family with children. 3-3646. furnished 2 & 4-bedroom apart- Presents Walter Alderton as technical- necesshityof the relon andt don-
Scrail iTournley moments. Contact Alhambra Apart- rector. geroWas trip aod the Htcnca
Uf ofII '.mont.10th StretPhone 1386, r ector. ro p -on ee.
MassachuNTEetts investors Trust the tournament which w be WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (UP)- moment $180 monthly, in Bahas World dent Theodore Roosevelt whets are available from any
ore y uy a and oer prominent mutual lyed with single plyerMisce Wolf laneousd by the ludes itchenwre dishes Te was the first President of the Black scoat, or explorer of the Ca
Sounds publishes a weekly fnan The tournament expected. diningrom apartment hou Street. r m h A United States to venture outside Zone outs at center lt
REFLEX the cry called Brevits. ru rough the entire month of tion af terestedn N. 4Ave. Jo Francco d the tates while in and 25 cent for children. eon-

| L Mks w A recent issue presented some Februayr Pmeople from Panami s eurity risk by the department FOR RENT:-- Furlshpd part. Vs traveled td Panama see the ard Brockman s the.director of
01 ..... 5 6ofDoldast ro.&No.24,
NG3;ose A-tresed n9Serie Con-ng the "th Sui oer(e iuss-ti ragindgtiC h th e rln'a O. 5
r l aIir od tourn entuwhaarmenI t "t----- -e'-year-oldlaisiWh YF-av eerite FOR RENT he-whft Farra. The Most Exontl c ral-a A vranti ors have
Sis.L k a ei. t anig To Be Relas On Wed At

H er d a on mt r t Viet Nam. nd i entr 2nd Street behldamousy :row, Tuesay, Jan. 5 ThdBlllh, eatd)
: e n and equities more representative JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (UP) (Bh) n eHrhSted ion size, piano ,aTr.e plee ealBsa
tendclse&othnesda n g th Spinet.Call panam FOR RENT: -Small'furnishore40ewt seacelt
rBalboa 1072 In order to re .JU OR RENT: -- Furnished aprt- 6: 15-BLUE I- ON SPORTS bon t the nvoldseekers s earch- Lamb, and Mrs. Patris' Markun,
Vaihelsand b111 u l pre- o0 eedbyT 0 ments. One Iirge Jbedroom and R V ing for a quicker nsater way I-ho eh
e 3 avn b m bth;two rooms, Frigidaire, gas 6:30-MelaIchrno Musicalse across the Isthmus and later and Other Advrures i 1
SPhone n098 ., r. past of heous s. T ao Terll ,stove Phone 3-1648. 8:45-Here's June Christy proved invaluable In the build-aIo"
PA* mA, J an Webster'sC collegiate dictionary h n ue ar or re m:00-onNs ORGN m -lng -of the Panama Caanl.
S oders & d io., managers of the heill be the supreme authority iens FO RENTFo r ra hodODt"The Men Who Did the Job" H. aMo, ote tc
!MasahuettsI.mnvestrsTof sth b e m o inJ handsomely furnished 3-bedroom 7:15-P R E 8 C R I PTION FOR is naturally the story of Preal-Isale charman reports that tick-
of o o d dn othoie t rna m en t w h is ervichr-e ntbeT h odIN G TO N ,oJan r(U,) -etpar tment ,r $ 180amo nthlyair
Bore Massachusetts Investors Trust the tournament which w be WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (up)- apartment, $180 monthly, In LIVING (Bahawl's World dets theo ir ost evet, wo ets are aalbefrom anyc
S YOU buY 8 another prominent i t t played with single players. Wolf Ladejinksy, hired by the eludes kitchenware, dishe1Ws. Tel. Faith) wsotheooreu oft'w o
Ss publishes a weekly finan- he tot s expected to Foregn Orations Admiistra. 3-0943. No. 18-A 46th Street. :30-Report From e USA ted States to venture outside zone eouts at 7cen for duls
REFLEX s commentary called Brevits." run through the entire month of tion after being dismissed as a FOR RENT:- Furnished prt- e(VOA) the states while in and 25 cents for chlr. o-
REFLERefle e. C he ra A c ents issueopresented some February. People from Pan am a security risk by the department ment: 2 bedrooms, living room, 8:00-tNEL SO N ADDy' PENT- atr e sd d i l P-an a ut se e thpe ard rokeisrector of
wi Refe C r pontofinterest with regard to an the Canal Zone ar welcome of agriculture, said today he will dining room, porch, 2 bthroomds. HOU-SE PA jTY ( "eig- dt andueae nte
the Dow Jones Industrial Aver- to participate. AUl are required fly to his new post in Saigon next 48th Street No. 27, Bella Vista, rams V.0.)
You'Rl buy 1age. to register by Wednesday night. week. 4ttetN._7_ el_ itarm_..
Thirty leading stocks are us- The -year-old land reform e:3- Poud We al (UsA
edin computing the hourly Dw h l s epert. was to have remained herren t AF)
AMP A~average which Is thus a conve- PI hossPending the outcome of an inves: 9-Youh Asked For "It (re-
dgteno fihemmkE.ds ice committee of his dismissal 1030Mui 0 Rotht
mk'se17 of the stocks which had been However, that body, beaded by FOR RENT:-Beautlfullyfuish 0:0-m t
1r7R &trend of the m t w vEnsIYh Sen. On D. Johnston (D-S, 0.), d uble urei 11-- ymRoth
kept from his post in Viet Nam and private entrance. 52nd Street Tomorrow, Tueday, Jlan 35

Smelting + 22% 16% Ladejinsky was hired, by FOA dan bAnd then a gal feels even 2:45- ow Randch aoys-
NOTICE _merican + ent A M r given full clearance by Stassen gloomier when, five days later,anch Boys
Tobacco 49% + 4%,Full details of Ladejinsky's see. die ofrafruit s se cant aere to 3:00-Orantrs
Bethlehem I .JF..t._ poLiI. urity situation have not been-dy MRth
um- TAMytANU3ICA 5teel +102% 200% Fl~i~ffvulged, but it is known heh as -OT the:30JticFr S
+ al arsee core ree the Chryster 7 + 32% close relatives in his native Rus e have no will power. i m a y 4:00-Feature Review: Musie
S t m a close relasheves in his native Ru h sobs, crumpled in the IY BOth
f bs cwn, ,~. Electc + 3% +200% CHICAGO (UP) Some day In the course of the controver. corner of her bed.s g 4:i.fYour favorite.(re-
v tB Summons general > you may drive an automobile with sy surrounding his suspension and bracket t 4cane3 0 ia n in ta i aleas e phone, be-
Pl^a inDsket i.ffLa Motoras +M8 30 an engine so quiet you won't know retiring. charges of anti-Semitismn bracket can hit and maintain a erelr 4: s
aye s a L j iei s uant; m nt. Na9vesteE% --+2 0 It'% r were injected into the case, b
TU e t disavowed+byit's uni gs to office lcase, but y m iwtatch their intake of jel l dough-5:35-W ha s Your Fa orite
e requved to lSr Int. Nekel 2% +200% Such things as hoo nwdisavowed by top officials nutsand sandwiches (with may- (c-nt'd)7t t
Ow wesawakntane InftoBean5 Roebuck +UV +20% aeoustical blankets and firewall, onnaise. please,. Applesauce is a 6:00--U. a. Army Band (USA) kr 2ep aar se
t Mllu tUo. 1. tJ +I % .+.. treatment can render engines vIr- ood dessert and so is stewed s:15--BLUB RIBBON SPORTS the tars of "Valley of The
o SsoPnt iO ilas C) +1% +215% tally noiseless, David C. App e cn ruit. A whole wheat sandw= :dnVsW Itg"ow MGM pcturopmnhe
....t .... hei -Tx,- Co,. +2 General Motors official, told a Na- with one slice of bread removed, :a0-Norman Cloutitr And HIs ti al Belll T r Th un
theLf&'.'^^' _, s. le _r .,_ 1: ,,_ +.,3_ tional Noise Abatenient Symposi. won't devastate a diet. able Melodles n Wednesday. ,wrid ..wpher
ieailt c'-usthSi, 8. Ide + 5 un% Retread Most tubby gals find it hard to 7: o OOA ML-t acenes of th tas
DokiteadS ,S 'Freque lyl, ociscb. .set themselves on this long-term ilmed on lotion in pn pc, was
SFrequetly major noise probe coue of good eating. They like olor at the exact site of some t of the
Slems are caused by an unbelievi 99% Of to est. The only answer i wit of t nw daoveries wh h el
S 515 15% ably small amount of energy ex- themselves. When they want a r7,'"le m A have elted world-wide sttOn- tout s k r af r.
0 01a eB g4" ent pri w almost R endedd" Apps said. Engine noise new figure more, than they want V) h "-ot.edtorylte&o=n I
i wi clar. Sat than abatement would require acousticI All Tire S zes *to *at an ecar et are t.
:. : OI =.t / t blockingo f l paths transmitting fad diet, no promiu of overnight
Mitf -13 u Wthe noise energy, he m c I i .i 'A1" sapp. id a new vehicle noise American, European, give a good lasting fgurthe way L, n ) *miglW g~g tgg we I .a
11110104- ceed more than 115 snles (units of 6:
a glasindess) at faLst. This he said, TOYT Lz'm w eu. utI.PTu
WON. pre er usafauecturers to de-: 6 ARTFORD Conn. (UP)
blo m a end "should A thief entered the spartaeo saet
a yowl- lot ieemesat" (ast below 3l Raemoa) Miss Lucille Moome s tmd
eas now 2-1m I .Ch.mae e e'



r-1T- -- -. ft1- T ---~



with Shelley Winters
T o WACSd "
Donald O'Connor


f Saakatehewan"
with Alan Ladd
with Tony Curtis
plus: -
Warner Bros. news-
reel with the funeral
of Colonel Jose Anto-
nio Rem6n C.

-- ---- --,--- A --. -- -- ---- n -- -

CENT RA Lm nx~hatre
0.A eo l im.... ms m ~ .

1:1S 1:10 5:5 7:00 8:55 p.m..
with -
Cornel WILDE *- Yvonne de CARLO


SAhws: i:SO, 4:10, S.35, 7:20, 9:05 p.m.
with -
reel with the funeral of the late Prosdent
of the Republc of Panam,

DRIVE.IN Theatre

Release of Our First CINEMASCOPE!

with To y CURTIS Janet LEIGH

CECILIA Theatre ".





0.5 4.10
"World of Rans0mt


patrelia Daltion
"SON t0*
with peggee Catle

C. i. Art League

Hears Lecture

i oO..n commerciall Ard
wi\ kM j~ The Canal Zone Art League
by Erskine Jo n held he e first meeting of the
S"year Saturday evening at the
u -- home of Mr. and Mrs L. H.
THO.LLYWOOD (-NEA)- Holly- Collyer, will become a permanent Stroup. In the absence of the
wood on TV: Fasten the seat belts character on "The Stu Erwin President R. K. Morris, who has
on the living room easy chairs. A Show." She's studying drama with gone to Peru, the Vice President
telefilmi series tiled "At Home a coach hired by ler parents. Mrs. 0. Myers presided. An In-
With the Flynns, starr' Errol WITH SO MANY homes using teresting talk bY Mr. R. Skibinski
Flynn and wife, Patrie Wymore, two sets, Chris Randall expects ;as given on the high standard
may be jist what television nceds. eventually to hear a TV anncunc- cf present day commercial art In
I mean the homey, folksy, just. er say: the United States.
plain-mortals touch. "Thanks for letting as come into' The, meeting was a farewell to
Like episodes about the beauti- your bedroom." Major and Mrs. J. Nearly iwho
ful blcnde oi the yacht next door. are leaving this week for Georgia.
Or the problem of the missing ca- Home audiences want romantic Both have been) very active in
viar. clinches. At leasp when Cesar Ro- th Art League. a jor Near
Errol, Patrice and small daugh- mero's around. The reason they're having been treasurer and Mra.
ter, Amelia, face the cameras zor adding zippier love scenes to his Neary, secretary.
the reported "intimate peek at "Passport to Danger." Reports were heard from Fran-
their private lives" in fortugal ci Boyd the scholarship Stu-
next J1ne There will be 37 epi- Eve Arden isn't arguing with dent in Utah Colege at Longan,
sodes i the series, with many tothe success of "Our Miss Brooks," Utah, and former members in
be shot aboard Errol's luxury but she'll do guest appearances Caracas, Venezuela. Plans for
yacht, the Zaca "Come with me on four or five dramatic shows this the year were discussed.
to the porthole, honey, and let's year. Just to remind audiences ofI Refreshments were served by
look at the moon" her versatility. New it can Mrs. Stroup and Mrs. A. Hous-
I already can visualize the open- be told that Frank Sinatra origin- ton.
lug show: ally was slated to star in the CBS The next meeting will be held
It's a domestic comedy aboard "Climax" show which featured Art Feb. 25th at the home of Dr. and
the Zaca. Patrice gets a cable- Carney. Didn't like the script, in. Mrs. V. Prior of Cristobal.
gram saying Ava Gardner's stop- siders say. -
ping by for lunch. But there's oruy
n am of champagne left in Irving Berlin's been approached
the.e oer Pat signals Xrrcl, who by two networks to act as "ad-
con3eaup In a diver's suit from a viser." The loot if he decides to
treasure ship he's exploring and pick it up, will bl fantastic ..
dumas ,$8000,000 worth of pieces starring film, "Not Wanted," was
of eight on deck. shcwn on home screens for the
"But here's only one bcttle of fifth time. His daughter spotted N MI
champagne," wails Pat. Then. the title and announced: jbA g n
Well, guess you get the idea. Dad, you're being. re v lived B OSWALD JACOBY
But that Monde on the yacht again." Written for NEA Servce
next door Is intriguing, at that. W rtten for NEA Serce
SThe TV cuties keep beelining it
RUTH ROMAN AB 0U T Red to Movietown. Latest is Marjorie -- J ....
Skelton's TV rehearsals: "It's like Hellen, a New York beauty just NORTH 15
group psychiatric therapy." signed by Fox. Kathleen Crow- 8 7
Wthte Lassie and Rin Tin Tin ley cheered worried pals by check. -85
telefilms clicking on home screens, ing out of the hoAspital and rIesum 3
a couple-of producers are hustling ing her role en "Waterfront" wit *K Q 8 43
a bies togI Black Beauty, the Preston Foster. Dancer Roy Q 84
heraq. Thia chubby Donald Keeler FitZell. on "This Is Your Music, WEST D) AST
yooq-e as 4 y" on the Lassie has 'Ben e signed for anOther 1 6 None A 4 9
shork b4ut BJy t i er t oby e w.eri VA 42 105
er's'mlphw. lbt onetime filmusi- ". 4'AO10
cal star,'eashe golflig champion Reed (Public defender Hadley A .J 52 610
of Ddal ,' is laughing: "I'll soon goes a-touring for his TV show SOUTH
be .lown as Den aldKeeler's and Aubrey Schcnck's movie, ~ 6K Q J 109
Town, U.S.A." He plays an FBI y 783
man in the latter. *62
Fate of the leading ladies ona' 4 73
"Big Town" is a big mystery on Frank DeVol, cast as Paul Re- Both sides vul.,
Hollywood's TV Alley. Jane Nigh, vere en a forthcoming D on a 1 d We North Eas stUmh
the original Lorelie was ready to O'Connor Show, explains it: 14 W IV a 146
resume the role after dating the "I'm the only actor in Hollywood 2 1 2 6 4 q 4 6
stork but Beverly Tyler took over. with an early American look." 2VPass Pass DO4Vuble Pass
Then she was replaced by Trud y Pass Pass uble Pass
Wrud. Now Trudy's been drop. New York television is still copy. Opening lead A
there's a sameness about Big catting Hollywoed. A national mag-
Towa, plots & ut at least the show azmine just featured a story about a'
offers gumese about the Identity bHouse of Cinderellas on 53rd street today's hand was ve difficult
weeks seems to be par for the been reading for years about to play accurately, and it's like
course. Movie starlets living in Holly- wise difficult to explain The con-
cu,. wood's House of the Seven Garbos. tract depended on accurate timing,
Judy Erwin, the teen.- aged But television press agents are and in order to see ths it is also
necessary to see how a different
daughter of St ErWin anud June more active these days. line of play would lead to defeat.
Let's begin with the right play.
West opened the ace of hearts
and then switched to a low dia-
mond Declarer won in dummy
with the king of diamonds and
looked for a way to ruff out his
two remaining hearts, set up
club trick, cash a club, and draw
trumps. After some thought he re-
turnimed the king of clubs from the


Twoda **PMIsoKR OF WA"


West won with the ace of clubs
and returned another diamond. De-
clarer won in dummy with the ace
of'diamonds and carefully cashed
the queen of clubs before embark-
ing on his crossruff. Now he ruffed
a club in his hand, ruffed a heart
in dummy, ruffed another club in
his hand, and ruffed his last heart
in dummy. The rest was just a
matter c conceding the ace of
trumps and claiming his doubled
game contract.
The general principle is to es-
tablish, and cash as many tricks
as possible in the side suits before
you begin a crossruff. If you fail to
do this, an opponent may discard
during the crossruff, and then you
may never be able to get some of
your tricks in the side suits.
For example, South would have
lost his contract if he had begun b
cashing the top diamonds and ruff-
ing a diamond instead of develop-
ing his club trick. On the third
round of diamonds East would
gladly discard a club. This would
prevent South from developing a
club trick.
After beginning in this infaccu-
rate way, South, couldn't lead a
club without allowing West to take
the ace of clubs and give his part-
ner a club ruff If South tried to1
draw trumps first, East cculd take
the ace of trumps and lead a club
himself. Other defenses might
work equally well, but at least
there would be this way to defeat
the contract.








plabi.RtLa 7 y!

MARGARITA :15 8:30
Tog. "Retain to Treure bhat d"

"BROKEN LANCE" Technicolor!

S .Qt'A 6:1 8:I "NIO T8 OFEAD :StrW

- a

PET PROBLEM-Little Bruce Duggan, 2, of Seattle, Wash., is
mighty proud -of his Oet duck and pet dog. The Mallard 'duck, !
Named George, and Smokey, the pooch, roam Seattle suburbs;
chasing cats and running after automobiles. .

Dinmall Shore and her TV show[
cast came East, while the beau-
tiful gl with the silken voice did
her Waldorf-Astoria appearance in
New York. And the whole aroupb
traveled eastward on the train, in
a muchpublieized stunt. The idea
was lW-thew rallroad;-tbat tieY'd
sticle a piano in a roon" on the
train so the Shore show colld sre-i
hearse en route.
But the room turned out to be so
small only the pianist could get 'in.
SFor three days Miss Shore & Co. AA*ele e-Mi Se -
fumed across country, completely '" -
They'll go back by plane. And Sterling can be flamboyant
EFAST FACTS: The when the occasion demands.
A FEWr FAST FACTS: The Schizcphren a, where is thy
Met's great bass, Cesare Siept, sting t
spotted "scallops" on a restaur i .
ant menu and ordered it, thinking
it was veal scallopine ... the alun- ,This is an old story, but it's
nas of Radio City Music Ha l's never seen print before. it a -
Rockettes are going to form an as- the The late Hugh Case, then the
passer-byoiton w-among vie villaex-in Jack a baseball mrelie,f pitcand hermuch ofwas
kickers are such star ergen'aslo Vera- the footage was kelton tried to por-
wilen, JoFranVoes, is scheduled to traJergens, Fielda pitcher. He the Browsoklyn Dodgers a
Lucille Bremer ... a mountea po- playing themselves. (They might
icmanke and a passer-by near a-ub woman, and couldn't seem to gete.)
dio City demonstratIng which one
was quicker on the draw.-- the The late Hugh Casey, then the
passer-by was movie villain Jack I.Brooks' ace relief pitcher, was
Palance .-. Edgar Bergen's lovely watching as Skelton tried to por-
wife, Frances, is scheduled to ltray a pitcher. He throws like a
make her New York night club woman, and couldn't seem to get
debut Feb. 25. But she wants to the ball to the plate. Time and
postpone it "I'm not ready for time again it came to the catcher
that yet," she says. Nevertheless, on three bounces.
she'll open as scheduled people "What's wrong with that guy?"
who've seen her say she's terrific' Casey asked. "Ain't he had no
--- boyhood?"
You've heard of schizophrenics
-people with split personalities. A A|. U an
Now meet a double schizophrenic! (10tl" 0 O il Wantsl
-a guy whose personality is split
nto three bite-sized pieces. S
He's CBS' Jack Sterling, who's KR CipfoC l Trad
on radio and TV so much he
makes Arthur Godfrey look like a I Cy l
retired mattress tester. Sterling
is actually on mike and-or on cam-
era 16% hours a week, which will WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 (UP)
have to be recognized as the new 'James B. Carey, secretary-
world's record for h-as-cas-atch-;reasurer of the called to-
cans br16 as eg m -oiday for an extension of the reci-
These 1o % hours are made u procal trade policy, buttressed by
three programs, and therein hangs measures to help -workersthrown
a schizophrenic. Come along downut of jobs by^ increased Imports.
his warped trail:- "Recprocaf trade is essential
..nad A -...Erym for the maintenance of produc-
se-at .- r nly rng, tion in many of our own basic
m 5:30 to 7:45, Sterling does a industries, and equally essential
sow over CBS' local New York for thesreaatnd eouy soentIa-
ado outlet. Yawn. This Is his e-t the presona creation of ound n-
axed personality-he tells little lies" Carey said In a statement
tries, cuts a few vocal capers,pie' ared for the House Wa ys
plays some records, generally Fr.
aeu i faith fuyl lsn sin an Means Committee.
walms uh fait hfl tener a "Imoroved economic well-be-
calm sort of way. t
"'I took over this show from a ng of the countries throughout
y ,named. Arthur. odfrey," Ster- the world is one means by which
ng says. "Whatever became of Communist aggression can be
h"i .. .... i Instopped," he said. economici .
You .see- thoroughly relaxed IwelI-being an Improved Interna-
-3-in et ie a tional trade relations go hand in
Per ] -Five times haf."
eek, S berlin s announcer andl Carey said a liberalized trade
'C of' a itnute psychologic s program might well result in in-
uia on CBS.Radio "Make Up Iry or threat of injury to cer-
'oura. Mind. Itiss part of thae ain Ilnustrle and communities
ltles of Sttel 's B P'ersonality poduing the kIgd of goods that
Deliver commercials in a ftoce- a're belng imported.
Ki dvtrmiaed 4bb tBut be sa"M "If we were to be
ua-in,; yo 'Jack say. cempletelY self-centered In our
that-~'- evry t-tvis-o listener approach to the prob lam of trade.
a tihe aori. there are 14 radio we 'would have oly the imnme-
k Is -M New Yok date and not the long-tP. irm
ere- itse Is tme hwaut coeen- needs of our people ti mind."
rating TV sot Accept a sub. "TO increase the import duty.'
tStuta, ask for radio ihe contended, "is to cut off your
t'A s l determined Inose to spite your face."'
aodtte t rigm. d Instead, be suggested Congress
e- i Co-Oee a week. should consider along with trade
ack worita beeems a circus -legiat on a bill introduced by
agmajtor on CXS-TV's "B I g Rep. DrM P..V e dt"A (D-
W W s. Th is aa mn rei ovidng to federal ai* tou

a~~iLE~~l&B& N~'a-facW,"

w.olegiBy rneH Dies Gable Says He Will No


If Your Mate Doesn't Talk Maybe!
YOU Are Reason Why
So he won't talk-
Well, it could be that he is con-
vinced he knows exactly what you
would say under any circumstanc-
Some wives do have stock an-
swers for almost any topic their
husbands might choose to talk
If your husband won't talk be
sure you aren't well supplied with
ready answers. If you are that
might be the reason he finds it
simpler to keep still.
For instance, if your husband
should come home and say, "I had
a run-in with Jones today" would
you ask an intelligent question?
Or would you say flatly, "Well, I
told you from the start I didn't
trust him" or "How much longer
are you gcing to put up with him?"
If your husbandshould s surprise
you by saying, "Let's go out to
dinner and to a movie" would you
tell him you think it is a fine idea
and quietly go about making ar-
rangements to get away? Or would
you say you already have the
dinner in the oven, and you don't
know whether or nct you can get
a sitter, and is he sure there's a
good movie in town?
If your husband told you some
of the men were getting up a fish.
ing trip and wanted him to goi
along would you see the trip from I
his point of view and encourageI
him to go along even though you
bcth know it might not work out?
Orw vld you say, "If you can
take time off to go anywhere it
memts to me we ought to d some-
thing together. I haven't ha4 any
time t either, yut t ow."
Hf your husband should tari
making commenta m f t e
frent-page ews in the papeW Je
reading, would you tes jt.
terest and make somne w
comment? Or woulVMd yo
pretend to listen while yeM
of something rMealy importat. ik
whether or t tte ta E
to be washed




PALL MALL'S superb '
tobaccos have made it a
favorite among people
who appreciate e"-t
gaince and/tasato.
20D more tobacco th n
any regular cigalitt.
This extra large m 'si
filters the- moke and
-makes it melloweswit

In St. Petersburg Compete With Himself On T
Word of the death of Henry
W. Bigelow, Sr., in St. Peters- --
burg, FIlas e HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 24 (UP2-r "I like movies-and I do
es by his family last night. He I HO LOOd Jn24 P
was bysearsmold. Clark-Gable said this week he want to be even partially :ee
as 86 years old. wants no part of television-rno 'sible for keeping people at Ul
Mr. Bigelow, father of H. W. matter what kind of a deal is when they might bego
Bigelow, Jr., of Coco Solo, was offered to e film. *
well known to many Atlantic "I don't have any plans for "The King" paused
riders during the time he was a television in the near future or and added, "put this. t
patient in Colon and Coco Solo at any other time," he comment- body'll ever see me 6n
hospitals from Nov. 1952 to Dec. ed. "I'm in the motion picture With that Cable ret
1954. business and I'm going to stay 'studying his script for "1ol"
in it. '; 'of Fortune." The interview V
He was a member of Chagres "It's stupid for a man to com- over.
Lodge A.F. A.M. pete with himself. If I w e r e b I.
working in TV it would .amount! Oable-1i the most ot0
He is also survived by h i s to asking people to leave the er star'. ;n-moel.n 'W.L f
daughter, Margaret,. of St. Pe- free Gable show in their living target for producers,
tersburgh, and two grandchil- rooms and go out to a theater and blondes on the prowL1 H
dren. to pay money to see the same seen it all before and would
guy. a month's salary for a little
I vacy. Every time 'he has A
Walter W nchell "Huh-,h, no television for me." or a drink-or when hel ttim
Hollywood's top leading man'mustache--it's recorded by
(Continued from Page 2) scuttled talk about an early re-tpress.
.Summer and fail in Winter:. tirement, saying, "I have another z --*
Summer andtu a in winter: The picture here at 20th, 'The Tall A day doesn't go by on-hi.s
tempera tu carcite ... Nev ertheless, Me' After that I'm considering without six or seven 'newo
there is no scarcity of .thorities deals with Warner Brothers and and photographers poppiig
in Wall Street And their counsel is Columbia. The 20th Century Fox pub
often expensive ... One famed "I'd also like to get in on some man gingerly takes the mo
firm (among the top investment of these participation deals,' he a time for interviews. ZI
en wlor has less tve an $as w ,0' added. "It's the only way A lot scowls, publicist and bnewi
ty th o mas less than $400,000. of us can make money thesedays. run for it. A grimace ni
y e m99 an who has a mere Maybe there's good money in he's in a tractable mood and
3' 99 9 television, but I don't know to ling to spend a few minutes tl
details. -' ing.
Money is a wonderful servant "Ie told my ants o t. g '
and a terrible master These who Ive told my agents not tohg
worship gold ae frequency con .accept any TV deals, so I never The greyig star is cauti
demned to be a victim of e reed hear about the offers. until he discovers whether. "I
During the '29 debacle somf men "Nt that I don't like televi- reporter is going to ask pUerm,
During the '29 debacle, some men 0h. 00e"e
committed suicide because -their sn. I wtch the fights, football nqestlons. Oe qestlon a
fortunes had dropped from $30 games and other sports events, his ivtitlieH tG- ti
million to a paltry $2 million, but you couldn't call me a real s over before you can say spu
TV fan. els.
It recalls one of the best Lincoln .
yarns. A New York firm once re-
quested information about the fi-
nancial condition of. a nel gbor. -! 'r t -
He responded: "I am we ac- a
quainted with my neighbor. First
of all, he has a wife and baby; to- I.. IM A I9
gether, they should be worth .
$50,000 to any man. Secondly, he
has an office in which there is
table worth $1.50 and three chairs
worth $140. bast-of all, there. is in
ene corner a larte rat-hole which
will bear looking into."'
Adolph Ochs, the father of the
N.Y. Times, once received advance
information about a gigantic rail. /
road merger that could have given i
him a profit of over a million dol.
lars in one week. The publisher
refused to take advantage of it
... That reminds us to remind
you that Walter Winchell has never
owned a single share of the com-
panies he has mentioned .. As
we have noted; the best financial
counsel is the classic Wall Street
admonition: "Before you invest-
investigate" ... A similar thought
has been expressed by a subway
guard in the financial district. He
warns passengers: "Wall Street-
watch your step!"
To quote our favorite broad-'
caster: "This is Walter Winchell;
with the latest tip on Wall Street:
I It is no different from other
streets. It also has a Gutter." '

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odamen To


To Stop
'iL '-

Yane -esAn-.-- T n t

rankees Agiin ioig

arke Seeks Second Virgina err Wins Brown To Arrive Tomorrow;' Pa a Pro League
Archery Tournament Weekend Box Scors

etory; Smokers Cop sh Despaigne In Top Form Now -. ..
y mokers C0 ,For the past five weeks the D sI TN
9 CJunior High girls have beeniorm
....-- practicing for the archery tour- SATURDAYT unmary,: Rns tt I!:
nament that was held last week. ______ (First Game) Wihelm S, all 1. n
** More then eighty girls signed up AN .
i tr.P In m and out of that group fourteen Reports indicate that Panama Players ab r h I base t: G:
Xgtra In ing rium prls qualified for the tourna- welterweight champion Tito Des- Graft, 2b 3 0 1 5 2 o b
ment. paigne is already in top Lorm for Hardin, as 3 0 0 4 3 ri, 6, il .Rinon" .
So oany archery and so during the with classy Joltin' Joe Brown of Dickens, f 3 1 2 1 0 Smokers 2 (
A PANAMA PRO LEAGUE STANDINGS practice session, which were held Jr New Orleans at the Colon Arena Marolewskl, lb 3 1 2 3 0 L I pte: Ri 4
Three times each week, the fol- next Sunday night. Wilhelm, 3b 3 0 0 0 0 Wning plcher: artli (6-
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet. GB lowing skills were stressed: aim- Despaigne Is said to be razor Kropf, ce 3 0 1 0 0 Doubleplays: Grafl H1rdl
.,- ees. 10 643n i ing. form, scoring, care of equip- u sharp for the 146-pound ten- Dabek, e 2 0 0 7 Marolewak; Bermtrd, Autin,i
r kees.. .. .. .. .... o .4 ment and stringing and unstring .r found battle in which the local Douglas, p 3 0 0 0 OS ori o. Umpire: William
Smokers....' 15 12 .556 21j2 bows. The girls Improved stead- PACIFIC LITTLE LEAGUE hits, well scattered, whereas champ will be receiving at least T non, rcm Time of
" damn. .... 8 19 .296 ly and the tournament was a Kenny Pearl the loser allowed nine pounds from the U8. light- Total 26 2 8 1 6 game: 1:54.
damen.. .. .. .. 8 9 .2 success. Standings of Teams only six hits but shaddy supportweight title contender. SMOKERS --
The Intramural Board will W L Pet. did not help him. Naragon, c 3 0 0 5 3 SUNDAT
ATURDAY NIGHT'S RESULTS (2) At Panama ee this to discuss the Lincoln e 4 1 .800 Austin, as 3 0 1 2 0
meet this week to dIscuss the LincolnLie 4 1 .L00 jAuBsie
First Game: Yankees 2, Smokers 1. next snort season, which will be Police 4 1 .800 Seymour 3, Lincoln 12 i E. Osorio, lb 2 0 07 0 TANK
Same ank s ,m ers O softball. The program is geared S ur Cola 4 1 .800 Parris, 3b 2 1 0 3 Players at e a
Second Game: Yankees 4, Smokers 0. to meet the needs of all the girls, Eks 4 .200 SEYMOUR Tuminell, I 0 1 2
SRESULT At David by stressing individual sports as Gibraltar Life 1 4 .200 Prescott, rf 3 0 1 2 0 Hardin, a 8 1
YESTERDAY'S RESULT At Dav wel as team sports. S. Agencies 1 4 .200 Players AB R H Powis, cft 200 0 0 Phlips, r 8 1
Smokers 5, Yankees 4. Here are the tournament re- Allen, rf 4.1 1 Roberts 1 0 0 0 0 Dickenfl.l-L,, 8 8 1
.0'ers 81 sults: Lincoln Life 12, S. Agencies 8 L. Brockman, lb 3 0 0 Bernard, 2b 3 0 0 2 o 1120 2
I GsArME t ,3 A AoA Mciy.... t ll o R It was one hectic weekend in Dubba, c 3 1 1 Pritts, p 2 0 1 0 0 Wilhelm, b-.. S
TONIGHTr'S GAME 7:30 At Mount Hope Archery Tournament Results the Pacific Little League and Morris, 3b 3 1 1 'Kropf, Cf 1, 0
Sodamuen (Clarke 1-6) vs. Yankees (Lawrence 4-2) Top Three Total Scores when the smoke of the battle Pearl, 2b 3 0 1 Totals M 1 1 Da 4
cleared away, found three teams McGowin, fe 3 0 1 Roberts popped out for Parria In Stempel, p t .. 1 0
J. J. HARRISON JR. ond and third. Hal Naragon Virginia Perra 343 sharing the top perch. Huddleston, p-as 3 0 0 7th Ludtke; I V 0 0 0
walked to load the bases, and Anna Riggs 257 Lincoln Life made out the best Corrlgan, If 0 0 0 H Bore by Innings x-Falls 1 1 1 0 0
The C. odamen and the C. Austin bunted and was safe on Carolyn Holgerson 250 because from third place they Boatwright, u-lf 0 0 0 Yankees 010 001 0-2 6 1 Btryka, p 1 0 0 0 1
Yankees play at Mount Hope'Stempel's second error of the In- Top Three Scores at 40 yards. climbed into the triple tie. To Mallory, p 1 0 0Smokers 010 000 0-1 4 0 .
eight at 7:30. ning as Pepe crossed the plate. Virginia Perra 79 accomplish this they won two Carlson pf 1 0 0 Summary: Runs batted in: Tot s / .3 4 I
Probable starting pitchers are Elias Osorio flied to Graft, but Carolyn Holgerson 64 ball games. In the first game R. Brockman 1 0 0 op, Prescott, Marolew x-Tpled fr i e the
bert Clarke for the Sodamen Clyde Parris singled between Anna Riggs 52 they walloped the Insuranqe Kropf, PrescotI Eantd : Yankees 2, Smok-
Ad Ernie Lawrence, short and third to bring home Top Three Scores at 30 yards. Lads from Seymour Agencies to Totals l 3 5 ers Left on bases:mokers 4,MOKERS
"ThrYanikee's and smokers en- Alberto Osoro, with the tie Virginia Perra 126 the tune of 12-3. 'ankes 4. The base hits: A- 602
S ed each other In three games breaking run. Beverly Perra 102 Perky Parker was the big gun LINCOLN LIFE In .. To base hits: Dckens. on,
aer the weekend-two at the The Smokers got what at that Sue Lincoln 86 In this skirmish, having a perfect S truckout by: Douglas 7, by Austin, ss 2 1 I
mpic Stadium saturday night stage appeared be two insurance Top Three Scores at 20 yards. day at the bat, four our, two of Beck b 2 0 0 Prtt, 6. Base on balls off: Dou E. Osoro, b 0 0 11
one at David yesterday runs in the eighth. Virginia Perra 138 which were doubles. McElhone, 2b 2 1 1 Tito Despaigne las 2, off: Pritts 1. Errors: Yan- Parris, 3b 60 2 2 3
the Yankees copping two: With one out Joe Tumineill Anna Riggs 125 Wee Willie Engelke pitched Lambert, 3b 3 1 0 kees (Graff). Losing pitcher: Tumlnell, If 4 1 8 0
'three to place them two singled, Bobby Prescott flied Carolyn Holgerson 110 the Lifers to this victory, giv- Engelke, p 3 1 1 Meanwhile, Brown has been Pritta (3-3). Winning pitcher: Prescott, rf 0 1 3
onehalf games in front. to center, Bernard was safe on i ng up five hits and only one Parker, as 4 1 4 going throu h the paces in his Douglas (4-3). Doubleplays: Har- Bernard, 2b 5 1
fley Douglas t4-3) won the' Spider Wilhelm's error, with walk. Dubois, c 3 1 1 hometown. promoter Enrique din, Graft, Marolewski. Umpires: P. Osorio, cf 6 1 2 4 0
Iamo of the doubleheader the runners reaching second INDIVIDUAL SCORES Lincoln Life 4, Spur Cola 3 ordon, b 2 1 1 Martin says tht Bownwill Thorton, Parchment, nds. A. Osor p 1 0 0 1
i ;or (3- was the loser, laced a single to center driv- Virginia Perra 343 Life onthe top rung was an ex- Bradshaw, If 1 1 tomorrow morning at 5:0 m. Churn, p 1 0
e second game Bill Har- ing in Tuminelli and Bernard. Anna Riggs 257 tra inning affair. This was the White, If 2 1 1, via Pan American Airways (Scond Game)
4) was the vittbr as he de- Osorio ran into trouble in the Carolyn Holgerson 250 second time in three days, that Bassett, cf 2 1 1, plane. YANKEES Totals 40 5 18 42 ns
'Humberto Robinson (3-4), ninth when Fritz Marolowski hit Beverly Perra 231 the Spur Cola team played in an Ward, cf 2 0 0. Players ab r h o a 8eo0e'by ln0 "
a leadoff triple to center and Sue Lincoln 209 extra inning ball game. This time Bowman, rt 3 1 21 Joltin' Joe will move over to Graf, 2b 41 1 1 Yank. 00001000300000-410
sterday, Clarence '; he came home after Wilhelm flied Nancy Middleton 207 dame fortune did not smile on Nessler, rf 0 1 0 Colon where he will complete Hardin, as 4 0 0 1 3 Smok. 000 020 029 000 01-5 13 1
Churn came in to the :to center. Johnny Kropf flied to Haydee Mendes 165 the soft drink lads. and they -.his trading for the big On- Phillips, rf 4 0 0 2 0
i nnlng with the score right, but Dabek doubled to left Norls Lytis 153 suffered their first setback of Totals 20 12 12 ly last week, Joe stopped Cuban Dickens, If 2 1 0 0 0 Summary: Runs batted In:
4 *I t four apiece and held !center and that was all for Ma- Beth Hellman 134 the season, in a game that had --- ;welterweight Antonio Arventeros Marolewski, lb 4 1 0 9 0 Graft 2, Austin 2, Parls, P. Oso-
lhkee se.qMesp as the 'mavila. Ines Berg 120 every thing, good pitching, home Lincoln Ufe 4, Sp rCola 3 In eight rounds. Three weeks be- Wilhelm 3b 4 1 2 3 o' ro 2, Wilhelm, Falls. Earned
iM trilint in m the I Austin, who managed the Paulette Abadi 115 runs. brilliant fielding. In short LINCOLN LIFE 'fore that, Arventeros had deci- Kropf, ctf 1 0 0 5 0 runs: Yankees 3. Left on bases:
th frame 5 to 4. Smokers in his capacity of team C-rmen Miranda 89 the fans got their money's worth players AB R H stoned the classy Ne w Orleans Falls, c 4 0 2 6 0 Yankees 8 Smokers 1. Three
ft had been preceded tol captain in the absence of Stan- Karen Clark 81 on this one. Beck 20d 2 0 0 battler. Harris, p 4 0 1 0 6 base hits: Marolewski, alls. Two
I found by Alberto Osorio ford Graham who could not Chris Huff 48 Johnny Watson started out for McElhone lb 1 0 0, base hits: Dabet. Bacrllee hits:
ft in the ninth for Tommy make the trip, had Churn and the Cola men, but gave way to Lambert. 4 0 0_ The semifinal will be an eight Totals 21 4 6 27 Austin 2, Stemel, Berpard, Wil-
es. VIc Stryska who reliev- I ugnes warming up in the t .h C ,, Curty Schwarzrock, who was [ngelke, s-eOf 4 0 1'round 128-pound return clash SMOKERS helm, Tumine. Pased bills:
rry Ludtke in the. sixth bullpen and elected the latter Greatl l apaH Cops charged with the loss. The first arker, p-as 3 3 1 between rugged Sammy Medina P. Oaorio, If-cf 4 0 0 0 0 Naragon. Wild pitcher: Bughes:
t loser.CookieStempel to pitch to Jack Falls batting gedSammy
S 'loser Cookie Stempel to pitch to Jack Falls batting I chucker for the Lincoln Life ag- Dubois, a 4 1 1 and up-and-coming Ro do If o Austin, ss 4 0 1 1 3 Struckput by: Stempel 1, Ludtke
the ame for Ludtke. Hughes was greet- gregation was Perky Parker, who Crook. lb 4 0 3 "Beau Jack II" Francis. Naragon, 3 0 0 8 0 1; o by llorio 3, Churn I. Basa
qoul fans were treated tol ed with a triple which scored $29,000 San Marcos according to Little League rules Bassett, rf 2 0 0 Parris, 3b 3 0 0 0 2 on bs of: tpelryaka
UIin-Lame ait Third of Nov-I Dabek and Falls also came in could not pitch beyond the sixth Biadshaw, of 3 0 0 Medina, now riding the crest Tuminelli, lb-If 5. 0 0 6 11i: Off Osorio 2.P e cotd
B-adlm. later on Graff's single to the Al Ana inning, Lefty Jordon took over in Jordon, p 1 0 0 of a successful comeback at- Prescott, rf 3 0 1 1 0 Stmpel iruns'tb
-bad -beeil a scoreless duel shortstop. 8ap At Santa Anita the seventh and eighth and with W 0 0 temflpt, was easily beaten E. Osorto, lb 2 0 '0 10 1 LiUdte r ^
nsO i andi ,e jpel un- Churn and Stryska gave each his baffling slow stuff. he stop-.. ,, Franels several amnths 'u. Powis, c ,. 1. 0 0 .0 n-i s; .,,_.. in.
Irift htWt ynkees other av stiff battle tle rest of SANTA ANITA, Calif., Jan. 24 ped the Spur Cola, and gained 4tt i.. s *am',any Is conent that he is ?erd, 2b 3 .5.,,1 1 5 .$010.o P .
run in s )ay Dabek led the way until the bottom of the (UP) Owner Ogden Phipps' the win. 11 UR COLA W I 'MY to avenue that setbtek, buon, p 1 1 in 1/ iS .rsaoI.
d. qdfopdq Frank fourteenth when the Smokers "Great Captain" found racing Both catchers, Victor Dubois Rathgaber, Sb 4 0 01 Roberts 1 0 0 0 Aust, El*L
troeiw;to fit. Aft- brought a halt to hostilities, room on the inside Saturday to for Lincoln Life and Joe Prill of J. Watson, p-as 4 2 1 The ain preliminary will be 1 Al oicn_ t-wuw i"-
t acriflced,l Milt Draff Churn opened the inning with win the $29,000 San Marcos Spur Cola, blasted home runs, R. Watson, s 3 0 1 between sluggers sam Bruce and Totals 2 0 27 1 (1-1). Winning pitwr Chrn
eoter scoring D pek. a single to center. Naragon tried Handicap at Santa Anita, Calif- first of the season for each. Vic- H. Smith, If 1 0 0 Marcial Molnar at 138 pounds Roberts grounded out for Rob- (3-2). Doubleplays: Wlhelm,
d alte0rs tied "it up and to sacrifice twice but each time ornia, tors home run put his team a- Schwarzrock, b-p 4 0 0 over four rounds or less. The o- inson In 9th. Marolewsk; Bernard, Oari:
esa.d in their hall of the the ball went foul. Churn ad- head 3-1, but in the fourth Joe PIru, 4 1 2 opening prelim matches Rocky Score by Graf, Marolew-ki. Umpires:
bonp odut and Pepe 0- vanced to third when Naragon Jockey Bill Boland held Great Prill tied the score by also put- CAise, 2b 3 0 OPee Wee a anst Juan Salazar in Yankees 000 400 000-4 6 0 Thorton, Binds, Karmafiltes,
'- o ba.,. Alberto Osorlo was finally retired second to first Captain well off the pace as ting the ball out of the park. Caldwell, ct 3 0 another four-rounder at 126 Smokers 000 000 000-0 3 2 Time of game: 3:15.
and '*t4 safe whbn and came in with the winning world record holder "Poona, The Niether team scored until the Dilfer, lb 1 0 0 pounds.
1 throw the ball away at run when Austin, the next hit- Second" took the early lead. Bo- second extra Inning, when Perky Bowen. rf 2 0 0
I.2the runners going to sec- ter singled to left. land waited until the final turn Parker was driven home with Zelnck,. If 3 0 0 Tickets are already on sale in
of the mile and one quarter turf the winning run by a resound- Colon at the Cafe Manhattan,
course event, then m o v e d ing double off the bat of Doug Totals 3 4 l the Botica Panamaricana (Drug
m d2 through when the field went Crook, stellar first sacker of the Store), the Colon Arena, the Bo-
uim azo cores 2nwide. Liers. Seymour Police 6 Store), the Colonal and from Herberto-
g Police 6, Seymour Agencies 3 SEYMOUR dolse at the Cafe Esquire.
Great Catain caught the tir- After losing a heart breaker in Players AB R H Mo at the Cafe Esqre
F Ing Poona The Second early in, their last outing, the Police came Huddleston, as 2 0 1
PSet Fitre V icItory the stretch and pulled away to a back strong and took the mea- R. Brockman, If 3 0 0
-Ipset.., Fea t V victor two length lead at the wire. sure of the fast slipping Sey- Pearl, p 3 0 0 ARART;LA --G
f "HiIh Scud" ran third, mour Aegncles lads. By winning Morris, 3b 2 2 2 MARARITA LEAGU. v. POBT OFFICE
t F n, TT The co-featured Maria Hand- the Junior Cops regained a tiel Dubbs. c 3 0 1 IMAGAITA LEA
ver ClassH orseleap went to Blue Butterfly for thefirst place position Aid- MGoin f

k specialist and raced to an- $12400 dered by theracetrack stewards. Morris also cameup with a two Barnes, b 2 1 0 oaged to w nlyi gam 3
r preslve victory in the! Mab Clementine was ordered out' for two average. On the fielding, Roe, 3b 4 1 0 and were to far down toe WRIGT BOS LBG
Stored $750 seven furlong FOURTH RACE of the race for falling to arrive Jimmy Barnes had a very busy Elliot, lb 3 0 0 tlng c othe ore. EOorilSanker WR IGH D0.1
int for Class B imported hors- i-Joe 530.00. 7.40. 3.80 at the receivelng barn in time. afternoon with eight chances Ammirratti, ss 2 1 1 y -. nt fT. bowled th his a Bute 130 1 137 408
at the Juan Franco race track. 2-Sixaola $13.60, 5.80 Trainer Jimmy Jones says a sta- without any errors. Again. Priest- Brown, rt 3 0 0 o Hogan a l ly b POwit s M7 WIav. n stad 174 123 141 406
S was the second consecutive 3-Tampol 57.80 ble mix-up caused the delay. er the centewrfelder for the Betis Itals 24 3 1 11 reor over.the Pthee we5e ntoa 178s7 141 4s
ph or the seven-year-old Quinlel: (Joe-S x a o a) At Fairgrounds, Louisiana the Police came up with a beautiful Priester, c2 3 1 01 ag to wiGth ay e t'h r r Lgamee 1 11 510
en-bred chestnut son of 22.60 big news was the daily double. catch, robbing Sims Allen of a Potter, c 2 0 2 tai a o r 157om 12 191 510
i mre-siica both in the Two four-yCl ear-old geldings base hitrae. Deghlinger. p 3 1 1 ag t g a. wfPoude pa1Tn2 711' Ti0 o37
tuof rank outsider in a four-long FIFTH RACE "Air Battle" in the first race and The winning chucker was Leo the Police A n. h ThebPlce werar e 32 775 7t2d
L field 1r Cla-Jaqulmao $ 17.60, 7.40 "Tattla" in the second coin Dehlngeron who allowed seven Totals 25 68 6 .-dicad -t d by t.w b-. oOLIC AbdSNs
t week, despite trancoack con- 2-Lexden $3.00 bined for a 1955 payoff of $1,- Lw-bdidn't0hc h of acthout any errors. AgaePriestBrown, rf 3 0 0 oanyow P CE AN

Tor a te lons sho Pric 1 0, 4.60 Air Battle paid 400 to win... Service League R ace 'Cs 470. I th Co o a 141 124 157S453
-* again yesterday. 3-Golden Tap 54.20. Another outsider T i ht A L*-' lit opsit i their ma t nlInd I2 124 134 A72
*hea- uthest wassroa cot 1 .6.inwo SEVENTH RACE "EtuaStri"t in the featured ah ri tenis Allen oS n ew hPterigh namen eries t. H an.-cap 10. w 10 i
ate by hustling Jockey Hec- i-Joe's Fiddling 4.40. 400, 280 Marriage Handicap. "Ann Love" r a i a a

u- tet urnt turning Into the 2-D. Maiden 2$e-o4 80elig 3.awten ,o l. I 1 20 ran third., -- I wsMh cll C
n!etch where Rus called g ince 0. In other major racing. Bos- wTea t hn hue waT 1 -S' .^S-uSLJ? .0. teams Nat "i ...i.u
e -abigchesnul and he ouick- Second Double: (Courtly- ton Doge" raced to his seventh |a l e eO 902 han d thebthird to tlhe Nas NAVAL STATION .
ftceci around the leaders to Prince-Joe's Fiddling) $37.30. straight victory In the Hibiscus$ to-s J .. Vt wit........h 910,-,- .a total punf alo ntamM
drawing out by fully two --St a .es-at-H.aeh.. tothe N a mr pin s aor nahan 15 167rs * lengths. EIGHTH RACE The unbeaten three-year-old *.. T. D --, B Pblrs. w otn le t4
Arqulmazo returned a juicy 1-Bradomin ; 00, 17.80 scored by three lengths under a PANAMA AREA erstwhileunbeaten a pec al A while Shanshanis fd Class CM ven 1 151 1,0 4 3
Sto win and $7.40 for place. 2-Donny Boy $56.20 front-running ride by jockey Armed Forces Baseball Troops tumbled twice and saw its JakJith ll. B. Chug Wright led Powell s and Gurcak 191 154 165 510
den and Sinn Felner. which Qulniela: (Bradomin-Don- WillIe Hartack. Hartack the THE STANDINGS lead slashed to one and one- ...s... wh 2.. ..-a ... ... ......
for the lead all the way ny Boy 537.40. top rider of the Florida season Teams W L Pe. GB half games over second-place Al- Iott A Scott sot back into the M
the former In froun by a booted in four winners Sat- Special Troops 11 2 .846 brook AFB and three games over T-MAN.--The single win gives first dviion wih ha four int MS 165 616 2I6S
Margin always, wound u NINTH RACE urda "Kinda Smart" ran sec- Albrook AFB 9 3 .750 l fast-rlsng Fort Kobbe. wy to the Oklahoma t s t win ove the Ace's. i
feo and third respectively. 1-Blakemere $11.40, 4.40. 3.80 ond in the Hibiscus, followed by Fort Kobbe 8 5 .615 3 Fort Kobbe admnistered the Ar3 Jsas a ek dUtll, game 'was the only one very close i's. POWELL'S
Ses iwas a poor fourth all the 2-Barge Royal $4.680 3.40 "Ambers Folly." Fort Clayton 5 7 .417 5 first blow Saturday by smashing s ov e Wtt ,s ha a _. 2 mtihth-cslsn. b Watnnl y 1 4
Mfl to the stretch where he 3---HurClecano $14.60. n Coco Solo 2 9 .222 8 the Troopers' 11-game streak n odsotal coWchatNEA 55po.Btt m s 5p42nwas high, Jfo Wa ht so 1 132 101 48
h bd n wh gh Oew A.3anc 2S1 .ow'in 141 13l 1i3 4as

otd's biggest upset in an Royal) $55.0. day's re-match with Albrook saw t ]um Px r u m Ace
n of many upsets was ts Game Today the Flyer turn on the hurler ATWEEKLY PRIZE AGE WINNERS Wright 5 1
* 8 'l0.00 victory in the fourth TENTH RACE Albrook AFB at Coco Solo that threw a no-hitter at then BEATS HB AGE Gall -Cs A ep .. 2 8 SS
gfe coupled with Sixaola J-Perslnn Counten.60. Game Tuesday Thursday and come up with a -) 1 Shanshan-Class B 540 Nordatrom 145 170 148 472
ed a quinlela that paid ELEVENTH RACE Fort Clayton at Coco Solo 2-1 win in a "riotous" ninth San t Mte rkWriht 71 C. Wright-Class C 522
A,_ tops for the day. 1-Volador $3.80, 2.80, 2.80 By UNITED PRESS 7 (2:30 p.m.) innig. Ipr-aw c l-MU Wok r e ac r o DE ght,.... TTANDIN-
tkes Ruben Vasquez and 2-Ebony $1 00 8.80 Games Wednesday Trooper manager Major How- shot 4 an 71 par cotrs-- LEAGUE STANDINGS SCOTT A ACOT
Ruis shared saddle hon- 3-Avivato $3.80. T U R F Special Troops at Coco Solo ard Schade is, filing a protest ..n
*i1th-two victories each. I (2:30 p.m.I with league officials against an game ~ live days. Tbe Braves Broadway 11 1 Robinson 170 159 132 5
A 22-year-old jockey who won Army Atlantic at Fort Clayton Albrook base coach who.slugged are alo elated &n- a We-up Wright B .Plbs. 3 Loa 147 M 1 4
dividendu: three $100,000 races lat year has (2:30 p.m.i Troops third baseman Mike RI- Jm S iS 5
been named the top rider of 1954. Albrook AFB vs. Fort Kobbe vera during the winning two- "46'1 -
FIRST RACR Ray York of Gloucester, Mas- (7:30, Clayton Field) run rally Sunday at Beal Sta- 1 4 0. _..
R & am-0, 36.0, 3sJO sachusetts, was voted the George dium.. -m A Oc 24 10
"B S WLU Woolf Memorial Award in a RESULTS SATURDAY The fisticuffs. a collIsion at too i.Ams 2 1 i
gUi t, poll of Southern California turf Fort Kobbe 6, Special Troops 4 shortstop between a Trooper and a __ Al- arA
writers and sports editor. The Albrook AFB, Fort Clayton 2 the Flyer who scored the win- -, nM wA
'IG SACE contract rider for Andrew Crevo- Army Atlantic 2, Coco Solo 0. ning run, and an earlier boot of s 13 O W 144 4 Mt" 154 te w
I.& r ulin rode "Determine" to victory RESULTS SUNDAY an Albrook player capped a .4 41 176 i es m2--ft ,
L 0t In the Kentucky Derby and nine Albrook 2., Special Troops 1 startling weekend that saw the -- ls Roberts it O 1 tM 15 Ii-n n i1
other stakes races last year.- Fort Kobbe 3, Army Atlantic 2 Troops' dominatil of bae .wI-- Ro br s 1'StSn S
(wfte York will be In the rons @C Fort Clayton 6, SCco gelo 1. play momentarily ted.d ate,17 M US1A
*Iturday when Deteriflte 11I43I Albrook got its chase to el154" 1474
t mrack field In the PI I-1 brisk d _of play Il bt 'tin__ ia to aI.. ,,a,.. ...
t ... .- .. ;- .-r A t H... T :A .., T C. ... .- .....&

I.; -

*-*--**--w*** '"

sWats, JAWUSAT ~, usa

74T -qa.qtt.* T .

' .f .^. i-. ?+'+"'." .''.. ...*... ... .; +..Wi ?^ >." + ,-* <*... ,-...'.- .= ."
.- .. / .+ --

A l am a A N DK 3 l T N S WW AP 5 R ,A

., '. -1

im rin ... I 4on erences At Stake
P l c .. ...+


Key Ciae eb e .....UN A .SiZLW

.Big.Week,- i-
S- The standings: Thurs.--Ocelots vs. Conejos
ONE OF THE big basketball WIN L Aver. Fri-Macwawsvs. pumas
stories of the year centers cn Conejos ....... 4 0 1.000 LA. 10:W am.-Postponed game TODAY .
NEW YORK, Jan. 24 (UP) freaksized ,ill Simonovich, .-the Palomas ........3 2 .800 Conejos vs. Ocelots 1:15, :, 6:S ii
First place in four major obnfer-]6410, ,300-pound Minnesota pl ot... Ocelots.........3 2 .0001
ences will be at stake in keyrwho literly andtin a basketball Macaws .......1 3 .2501 Maeaw Break Into ,O IARY CLOOI
game tonight as basketball'stp sense, figuratively, saved his life Pumas .......... 0 4 .000 Win Column, i1- BINO CROSS!
aams begin a week loaded with by tranfering from Hamline to Next Week's Schedule: Scoring their first win of the DANNY IAT3
trouble despite the mid-yer the Urniversity couple of years ago Mon.-Conejos vs. Palomas. season, the Macaws defeated VERA-ELLEN, la
examination "lull." I.... There medics were able to cure Tues.-Pumas vs Ocelota the Ocelots a Ler surviving a "WHITE CHRIBTMtS"
Pacemakets Northwestern of the glandular ailment which end- Wed.-Palomas vs. Macaws -h hectic sixth inning by the score
the Big Ten, Colorado of the Big angered him .. and Ozzle Cowles -- of 10 to 9. In VtaionI r
S&ven, Tulsa of the Missourl,lwas able to salvage his playing Leading 10 to 3 at the top of a,___
and West Virginia of the South- career.... p the sixth inning, J. Durtfee start-
ern Conference all will be risk-j This will be Easy Ed Macauley's ed to walk the batting order of T 0 M 0 OW?
ing their narrow leads this eve-last year as a basketeer actively the Ocelots and finally closed
ning, Before the week. is over,... If he lands the sportscaster's ) the door with the tying run on H*"g
the Southwest Conference will job he applied for in St. Louls ... third base. S
have a new co-leader and All- Bob Cousy doesn't have to wor. imiJ. Durfee was the starter and
goethelotorn frces -d. ther:dgh thaos for t he )4 Bgo n 4 end c As th the tiStarn g run on 1A 0,q 0Tumibi
bama will have to fight for its ry if another shot never drops winner for the Macaws. Bate-
Southeastern Conference lead. through the cards for the Boston man started and was relieved b.
And North Carolina State, Celtics ... so fabulously success- B V. Sanders, who In turn sur-
at 76-73 victor over NCAiA ful is his boys' summer camp at .rendered in favor of Dubola. r-an
Ion La Smile this weekend, Pittsfield, N. H.... with more ders was charged with the loss.
w e out for revenge on lSaq- than 300 kids he had to run two j der
urday in another highland a- sessions.... The main recreation The box score: Red C
p11nst Villanova, an early-season was, you guessed it, basketball OlOA T CN@0
conieroer. applieond by such aides as Togo By TON y COcelots-- AB R H PO A
Palazzi, fellow Celtic, and Ed Con- bcony cHalrosa 3b 3 1 1 1 2
College examinations, how- lin cf Foidham... Mcr ff, ab 2 0 1 1
ever, will greatly reduce the Walter O'Malley, Brooklyn J o. Bateman. c, p 2 1 2 2 2 m01
.i_ of the week's shedule and tentste, confesses, "I was a Giant Football's Injury feigners could Nuiez, lb 3 1 0 7 0
-will freezee" for week the ran as a kid... Then I grew u take a lesson from Red Hickey, Crook rf 2 0 0 0 1 W
lead in five eonferee- the and gt rid of those childish n the new 49er end coach. Asan x-tahl, rf 1 1 o 0 THONE DALON
-Ivy, Yankee, Atslanti Coma oa .. end for the Rams, he participated E lke, If 1 0 0 01
M -.Frak, 34. rightaccompanied his father Skyline, and Paefle Coaet There are six former world In the memorable 2s-28 tie with b Du ola, ifO 0 0 12Bi
STHE FaILYo th were two a in Chicago's All-Star Northwestern seed the un- boxing champions in New York's the Philadelphia Eagles in the Mol, b 0 0 0
uAn m so tis w er nt.w elder Van pat6 disputed lead in the Bi Ten on bistro business-Bob Olin, Tony Lo Angeles Col e a few year Schoch, c, 1 0 0 0
g Ca inhe o evnt. awon it in Io k and ( EA) Saturday by crushing owa, 93- Canzoneir, Mickey Walker, R ago in which the Home Guards T hompson, b 2 0 0 1 0 WEDNESDAY
ba. igntedtin couple m ol in___ __- T78, in a nationally-televised Robinson, Abe Attell and Jack alli, ed from a 2-T0 deficit a i n the T a r 01 0 0 0 0 d
al ave to risk that lead lame- nary venture of the i current to ehdown drive, with time run-ea p T 0 0 1
ia tely tonight against Mlnne- heavyweight champ is about to g out, Red pt on such a on Sandes 1 f 1 o 0 0
sots and, if successful, again on fold ...because Rocky Marciano icing act to stop the clock that ll 1 1 4 0
Saturday night ast high. can't spend the time at Rco y's they had ot only carried him ff
hearing Ohio Stat In Miami... The Rock's react on the field on a stretcher ... but, un- tahl ran for 9 1n
Minnesota was another major to Archie Mocre's letter campaign der protestation, t steps of ats battedahl ran f Crok in th
upset victim on Saturday, bow- for a fight: "I don'tblame him the Coliseum ... where he had to.
n State's all-court press, 87- He's got nothing to lose--except watch the ting score from a Macaws-
S75, and now stands in a three- the fight" ... dical aid window while sipping a D 2b 2 1 0 3 3
way tie with Iowa and Illinois There's not a single Colorado coke... T.a Days, c 2 2 1 7 1
,for iseco ind place in the ig Ten native an tWe starting five of .B. T. Durfee, c 2 0 1 1 1
Julius Helfand, Brooklyn racket buster who now s wrestling with a 3-2 league record to s University of Colorado curt The bhtest young golfing Pitman, as 4 0 1 1
with the several hundred problems asocisted with the chaiNr Northwestern's 3-. jet.. But then Lee's an old Call- prospect in acrameanto s a .17.J. Dur ee.3 p 1 1
ma lp of the New York State Boxing Commission, begged off Colorado has a perfect 3-0 foralan brimself... year-old bruiser, Max Baer, Jr. Th Chase, c 4 2 2 0 0
I In terviewed. mark In the Big Seven and who's the city Junior champ... ThpIf b 4 20T1a0.
Warned that he was violating one of e cardinal rules of r n and Droplets: Another American soon Corgan,3b 1 2 0 1
is aneo thaticwihewasioathoery our hoads Whl y M favored to extend the string a- Droplets: Another American soon

rant the expectation that within a month he will touhoff the ha 3-1 mark. NewYork Giants next fall.. Doc name of Bill Pcwer ddn't ow re by innings:.
most explosive bunch of bombshells ay New York ring chairman Tulsa and St. Louis are tied -fBlanchard i s a nephew of J im who I was--and with it he gave Mlcaos .. ........ 2x-10 I 00m"
hFAs B Mtsd in & scoue of dcadoees. ..^... tfor the Missouri Valley lead ati Ttum .. a Tulsa golf club Ieeps me the opening I needed to reach acaws ............. .
Pending Rleland's read s to discus certain o te 2-0 but Tulsa takes all the rikss young Bcb Inman solvent on the the top.
points h not touch on, it certainly would be o violation o this week while t. Louis has on- winter golf tour with a $00 a month I was kid out of New Orleans,MARY
confidence to bring them up here. lya non-league game against St. retainbr.... Notre Dame is so hot fighting for a livingaround New el"BROE( a t
Withing be fortsnight, ne w chairman .will have to nie John's (N.Y.) Tulsa must tackle after a Sacramento high school York and booked to fight Budn 1 Errors: ,Ocelot ps (Batmar. .
ra i o the ep te ta w York ioComhsaw int a at aaionlwlth o Houston and its tall Don Bolbe- end named Frank Gerexa a (-a, Taylor at Madison Square Gar Nufiez, Dubois, Thompson, Mor
N Anch m., md the World Championship Committee buck tonight and the, the de. n0) that Terry Breanap's trek- den. rio); Cacaw 2 (Days, P. Cr
Ue n'ea nion b hristenb erry,a Hlfand'sf ut
tAdistu0nperT ullat sll. th sis g teember match, aetsgMcMahon, rosa,- hyen2, Rietsl ns.Te',
poi ntt oxnao It e, r e:wan ll sece;ou odate .of his weatw hil e St.oItsas Rtinso...- Notomato-top. fightig fr a ln a n N
moreree k pd Mexican bantam out of Denv- the Garden matchmaker, tele-Durfee Pitman. Moln bas: Me
ompactwithte omm s o on the He tonight as favoit er, Red Martinez... Taylor, Tex., graphed Power, who was man. Griff Bateman 2 Nufles 2. Doa-
am oanR, als 1o, Michiganorida, Texas, Massa- Over Vrginia Tech, but an up-is honoring home-tower D i c, k y aging Bushy Graham. He offered le plays: (Days (Un. ) Days.
t it h e e w llea Rih, ond Moegle of Rice with a banquet Jan. Power $10,000 to meet Tony Canu. ltman-Reece. Left on bases:
w ith some fe clarity (6-c) into the top spot l27, highlighted by presentation of zonerl at the Garden. Ocelots 5, Macawas 9. Bases on
thbe World Champtonahl c committee of the EB was ao pet Southern Methodist plays host his NEA ll-America watch and Power had made a bantam balls off: Durree 10, anders e,
onoctin of Chrtenberryoao which has served nolportI to Baylor on riday and the certificate... weight title match for Graham Dubois 2, Bateman 2, trike-outs
as th m oe ie -winner will e Texas Chrltian Bowden Wyatl t showed up to against Charley Phil Rosenberg, by Durfee 7, Sanders 1. Dubol
t benefits. for the Southwest Conference pick up his Arkansas Cadillac is a but it was a while off and t he 1D Bateman 2. Hit off: Durfee
al it lead. Ech has a 3-1 Conferecord. pick-up track ... Maybe his walts idea of getting 10,000 o intrigued for 9 runs in 6 innings: Sanders
ut c natg atsF wit sec oomm thesOwhilw- len he lin tongh as favn hom rdhu shrdlu s him.5 2 for 6 p uns in 1 1-3 I(nnin Ds
rchiga, OFl a TBA M l over V a T but ason to Tennessee was a brea kfor nOlh Who's Canzoneri?" he asked, Dubois 2 for run in 1 -3 In-
wIthfsome tegtilarlty. la. (6tacIs the top p o rd. hi NEl Al-mrt wt an Powe had made a b b o D 0 S 6,
*Es, l. c a 1roak asd'ay vlvesen rhristipc l- tu 4-Myehs i i playck oo s onyy hi w ig n t e Tods i|. a of gt $ ri for 9 rn In 6 innin gs a de

byl ea areysprn So trato at .h OBangthis week have one of the brightest futures $10,000, for fighting a nobody any 2 Innings. Hit by pi tcher by:
York E aiulon adhered to one splendid policy, it w14 the li tie business.... time." Crook, Morris (3. Dures), Pass- Spencer Tracy
Tsmistft a ie to beowald mased up with the NS.Ao and foreign Alabama with the only perfect In te buMiness.... I tme. Crook, Morris 1J. DurfeeI. Pas- .*a_.
ntafi.e al to s mess up e an or n mark in the Southeaster Con- I Between you'n'me, Floyd Pat-. So. they came to New Yo r ked balls: T. Durfee 4. Tubbs 1. "BROKEN IA,,D
ntJim helped a lot to make the datnts.f the Now York ference at 3-0, isn't ex pected tn person is destined to make them and I beat Bushy Graham in r101 ing pitcher: Ouree (1-2.le
Jim ped a lot ma the mandate consolidate Nw orkhis lose to Georgia on Saturday I forget there ever wa a Sugar ayrounds. It opened the door for Losing pitcher: aners (1-1.
Commission the boxing law of the land, and to oonaolha. n Iat Jn s .its only league game thisrdy soon as he proves me. Um iress : Mohl. Diaz. Scorer: J .b. Pm Wa e-
ron jrctlge omand authoritL it has rot atta ace the tan rihtbehindeho can take a clip on the butter... I wasn't a kid any more. Sca Time: 1:40.
the ng tl become a Preaiden-maker. k e h af J ck rmon Te u dMnAND M-Sweetwater Clif-
Like California, News York is not a member of the NBA, but Crims on T hde, i touding. ny. t bi handY h- l thw Ner
an affiliate. It a bound to uphold the edicts of that assoc- tein ought to ave lost only one ton's big handckerbkers stay help the New
tion, which too often are based on ridiculous mentally, iocess.n ought to be straightened York Knickerbockers stay in the
ThqN I something a straw organization, edI game with different numbers o National Basketball Association LIST OF THE NATIONAL LO TERY OF BENEFICENCE
of which are observed when convenience makes It easy. out by other games, Including race. (NEA) OFFICIA
paper it gives the appearance of being a vast and representative tiOn' No. team, with Vander- SPORTS
Actually, there are regularly staged fights int only the nine _, / ...I /
tatesuav, a es eult me. .hayetone A d pres silent, sM NComplete Prize.winning Numbers in the Ordinary Drawing No. 1872, Sunday, January 2, 1955
states I have named. Anthony Petronella, NArede n,. a frIm r MADE UP FOR IT S
Rhode Island. Its ring actuvities are represented by fortnig y East Lansing, Mich (NEA)-a- The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided in two series "A" & "B" of 22 pieces each
bouts to a Providenceg Feud.. .S ee athletic Director Biggie Munn, who ,!J
Abe Greene. National Commissioner minus portfolio, if from coached Michigan State with such
New Jerkey. One club in Atlantic City and another in Trenton success, never saw a college foot-
cor.duct occasionalffights. Fred Saddy, secretary of the Wiscon-s ucenballgvmerunlhplayddwfultback lrS t IrIz e 4,UUU.UU
sin CommIs.lon, i chairman of the Rating committee, the pro for Minnesota as a sophomore. Firs P ize 7633 $ 44,00
nounceiets of which never have been widely rerted.. -br tnn
If Helfand retains the affiliation with NBA, e will commit aBy DR PiO0 A 8 33.,AV 300 ..... Second Prize 2 0 0 0 0
the New York Commission to decisions whIch are not always con- y moasam Coacn VCoril V Gables, Fia. (NEA) -- ,
mutant with logic and fairness. Written for lNEA Service A total at 366 trainers have reg.
O"T EIRLOGIC \ QU t h c ae lhe it- Park. They condition more tha Third Prize 048 n 0 o o 0
Js ho tar astoray invlvement ca lead Is indicated byvplaying on its home court ha.,ala and Gulftream Pak. Me Pries 'M Pre I M es Ne. Prim N.. Prim Nt Prime. Ps m m P .
rien of the world advantage. How true Is *mINAu Se m ass.1 s ta1 se a e 4 as n seas 3 a 133 seas Ss3 w1 s as13 1s 14155
When Robert Cohen of France clinched the title las summer George Olson. Bloomington. Ind. (N.EA) -At 5m 132.66 la isz...seig stas 2132 122.6 4s3 122.6 512s hits 513a ia2.U ma isa. as amum em
y heat Chamrern Songiktrat at Bangkok, the Wohd e,:._a t' basketball eoath sean, Ida 6' Iss. urn iiz.rn 16 533 eh.ern 4333 132.1 -3 132.66 623 132.6 7332 Ie a3 muse
yt te atrin he could plck his next opponent from samo he Corn- Kanswr I s tthi bam.ssreketbaheld a ac h B c vc- IS 2. 23 132-66 323 423 122.00 5 232 I::.= :: 3 ms. am mu. -
C hr ter d contenders, among whom Willie Town)l ofth u traht s t .ere, n. Crarken held a mark of 216 vie- us. ees 1U 1.m 3 in .. '. 5 .3 .. m.
y f ic ase odd isterm of logic, the Committee proceeded to Ja'hawken- anklia this is ai orh ossi..7 12tH I 23 2. 32 122.66 41 33 tE I 13 1226 ..7.23 i 1 123.6 5133 12.6
approve a titge niht between Cohen and Willie, at Johannesburg, court. We Larely vcr -. 1_2 22.6 3533 13.86 3323 22 2 3S f a 122.6 1eas2 12.6 Hm IsIS U
with Jack Solomons of London as promoter. practice on the Rock flar. It's as the eppnents were supener
Recently S home entrepreneur took the fight away from Jack used for She purpose l .ra ear two defeats this year. Approxillmatios Derived From First Prize
by lifting he ante five grand. Cohen has a fractured jaw, and bef ..c a game is ab a Q.How tall is Robin Freeman,
the i a ofp indefinitely, courtostaked. om. I say r. 33the Ohio Stae storing machine?-

in, Nate Brooks of Columbus.
Since Cohen had no immediate plans for a fight with Macias,
control of whose services has fallen into the "proper" non Mexi- Approximafions Derived Fr Second Prize
can hands, the NBA has ruled Robert out of the title and 8n- a
nounced a contest between Rates and Mrio E Agata of Italy, OW IflO a a
ws aiddenlw has appeared as the No.g2 contender. ,, s, t s- .ee I -- *,, I 1 m3,, ue 1 ,, T.- I,, ".. i,, .I' I -- at

flew York is not especially concerned about the bantam aaflC I CD urs. I I nil i ii5A5 20 16661 u aae 3 iN4 114.1
here But for HelSfan tO continue those affiliations would make
hi- pony toathei procWdupf here outlined, am doubtless to !
M weirdies n the future. --ndsa o Appolimations Derived From Third Prize

-41 "Ss." Site Me Men oi ." 4s M 4.18sS me sm s o IAs ns | g I&
as N eel am | ss f as "s as 011 00s Well a ss LOil
Faltering Philip Prie-wbn Nume ofv yesterday's Lottery Drawing were sol at: 1st. 2ad and t Pana. .
The NMine -d w-le tickets eading an3 and t f asadn inthe M ae" li K- 4*,, ,ndI
i s -- N SPAR The wale t aet ma 44 olme w ae oaprisem the L A and .

waw. a a slu c tellayouh t staket htasb 4nsNhwln / Signed by ALBERTO ALEMAN, Governor of the Provhe Panama
I A -- i N one l. lem 0don series Watch for It X. ]EX .epreentuv Mtl, RIuCAuRE A. Mx .
SWrtWBB: ACheeg, d. No. f-14M
.A.. .. 1.- 7A 4 2 ii '*> .J *-. --pi 1
.rMe .... -.. ... 4 .


," -. '- r .- -



Tito Men

kid Down

'ge Trail

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, Jan.
S24(UP> A former vice-pres-
SJdent and President Tito's bio-
grapher went on trial today for
W making statements Interpreted as
4 harmful to Yugoslavia a Com-
Stunilst government.
The defendants %ire Mllovan
". DJilas, until a year ago vice
president and Politburo mem-
ber' and Vladimir Dedljer. offi-
cisl historian of the partisan
awr against Hitler.
Indictments accused DJilas
apid Dedijer of violating arti-
_l_ of the criminal code by
t~t social, economic and
l* vpcbal order" through Inter-
iews published by two West-
em newspapers before Christ-

4bedIJer's interview charge
that an "illegal" control com
1 .i)n of the Communist Par
wrongly tried to investing
his political views. The inte
viw also voiced suspicions ths
the Yugoslav Communist Par
was falling under alien influence
(DJllas criticized the party fl
its treatment of his old friend
D)edijer, and concluded that th
Party was a "Stallnist" organize
"ion which was incapable o
transforming Itself into a "di
mocratic" mold it claims
The indictments also cite
passages from two interview
and from other writings, include
lug a series of stories in the Yu
goslav newspaper Borba which
caused DJlla to be purged froi
the party a year ago.
Citations also were read frol
three long Interrogations which
the defendants underwent dur
Sng preliminary investigation
lt"luding statements by Djila
attacking Tilo and other leader
"Stalinists and bureaucrats."
S The court had wanted to try
SDJilas for slander for these
4nd other statements but this
,. wrge wa quashed last week
S-B~ecause the former vice pres-
q-d dent faeed trial on graver
: eharlgs.

The defendants were expected
S admit the truth of the fact
stated but to plead Innocen
"subversive Intenlons" im
iI e In the charges against

ting First'

Be Rotated

|SNo Menagerie
r. WUR.e~ eeRG, Germany, Jan.
O U (T)-The U.S. First Divi-
40.m4 which rotates to the U.
1. next summer will take a
M: "enagerie with it.
SA total of 315 dogs. nine cats,
.Iwd two monkeys are schedul-
S ed to ship out with the "Fight-
'ing Pinrst" when It returns
*0ome for the first time In Is
, years. The division Is moving
.is u under "Operation
(-1Yrocnp0" the new Army plan
Or trooy rotation by units.
I 4Operslo Gyroscope han
Saple provision for rotating
; -beoth dogs, eats, and monkeys,"
p the First Division said.

Stap honoraing t fth
Ei! ot f tth.irth of Amerigo
j-' eucc, naviator for whom
,. Aeria was named, h been'
by the Italian Pot Of-
, J h. is blue stamp festu-ei
.4 ume of VMpuei ud Isb




... 1... *

^^ -. -w^ ...


Panama meran
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham Lincoln.


Congressmen Hope Fliers' Kin


Elks' Grand Ruler

Arriving Tonight
-- 0 -1



SIWILLIAM J. RNIC K Crippled Children Committee
William L. Jernlck, 0 r an d last two years of his service.
Exalted Ruler of the Order of He served also as Chairman of
Elks, will arrive at Tocu...en to- the Association'Is Youth Ati-

E~S, Will arve a a g -",h
ad night for a visit to local lodges, cities Commi ttee and Its Na
S1542 n Cristoball and 1414 In Bal- tional Foundation Committee.
It b a. Grand Exalted Ruler Jernick
Mr. Jernick will be met a the struck the keynote of his tamin-
t airport by a delegation of local trat with the- sl Can ogan, "As
Elks, Including the anted a District De- Ilkdor ows, A ca Reaps.
puty d r Pt and present l1- His objective is to broaden the Order's youth Grand Lode Judiciary
Wednesday he will meet the service programs tond strengthen
88. Cristobal wen e will member of the Bonation, spiritually and phy

dfr N~cw Jer- Trutees from 1931 until 1935,e
joined for the local visit by his sical~y, for its role as leader of
wife and Judg e and Mrs. James he ree world Hs lctrong reliand
T. HallIan. The Grand Exalted Ous faith is summed up inhis

aMr. Jernick was drand a tes ,Exalt, tcirman of the Elks
Ruler originally had intended to statement thatIf thandiworld
meet the boat at Haiti but had had more respect foWar Commivine
eto hange his plans at the last guidance, f might have less need
minute. for servguided missithles." e n
Pr t plans call for a Wed Mron. Recon onMrs. ernick worship
nestdie nifht reception for the at St. M a Chair oman o Cathe Elksic
dist shed visitor at dodge to Churpchran Nutley. with they haeder
1542 1 p.m. and a Friday three children on all post-war ser-
7:30 i.n. All Elks, visiting Elks nick of Nutley, and Mrs. Eliza.
and their wives, are invited to beth Jane Duffy, wife of Lthi. on-
the receptionshool ald Duffy USN. There are four
While on the Isthmus Mr. r-veterandchllroughout the coreuntry
nick andi Judge Hallsnn him- d The Grand Exalted Ruler

associated with Thomas A. Edl= nters tor members of the arm-s
self a former Grand Exalted spends as much time as possible
Rulsoner, Inc. ourt Belleville, N. Jwith his family. He lik fs aes to program
thes roduction Manager of itsl tha with the power tools in hie
one. brmaryasement shop, and does consid-
Brief biographies of the visi- erable reading, especially history
JMr. Joernlck of Nutley, N. M Ju ge Hallinan served as Exaltr
15-year-old corporation exec ed le as tof Qreasureren Bof the
Ruler of the Benevolent and Pro- appointed a Dommistron which ub r a n d
tctivate Order of Elks Associat its 90th Exalted Ruler in 1924; Chairmano

was ap ted Chairman of the 0
Grand Lodge Convene on n L of the Grand Lodge Judiciary
RituAngeles In July, 1954. He s the Committee in 193. and served ( as
I Exalted Ruler and member of the Board of Grand
Sthe secod man from New Trutees from 1931 until 1935,
r.y to Jerd that office. when he was elected r han
Mr. Jernick was drafted asmExalted Rulerr.
candidate for Mayor of Nuatle As Vice Chairman of the Elks
and served two terms from 1944National Defense and Public
to 1952, the only mann to be re Relations Commission and ito
elected to that office. His fellow successor, the Elks War aommshe-
Raltownsmen prevailed upon him .n, from 194 t o 1946, Judge
run for Mayor after many years hie t eOdere ad the si
lof t service in civic affairs, which sr tPen.l Ordestc n i t the a
included the Nutley Symphontiy n R it of this colti-
Orchestra and the Nutley His- bution came with his appoint-
torIcal Society, of-which he is a'ment as Chairman of the Elks
I charter member.
He was born in Newark, N. J., the chosen Grand Lodge agency
May 24. 1901. Ie attended school to cooperate with the federal
there, attended business college government on all post-war serv-
and later the School of Account- _icea c"4v. s, when this Commis-
ing ofweewstorkaiversdty.I'onn 19. The
3n oewsY.ork.niversity. Fsreveterans throughout the country
37yersM......i..ho as beelnit also directs the Order's service
asonciat ..edwithToaN.. "d_ H centers for members of the arm-
|son, Inc., of Belevle, N. J. Hem e forces, a wartime program
is Production Manager of its'that was reactivated in 19419 when
Primary Battery.Division. the buildup of our defenses was
An Elk since 1929, when he t ue u
Joined Nutley Lodge No. 1290, Mr. bualIe Bll an also has serv-e
Jernick early manifested, the led ain 147 as treasurer of the
qualiltes.of leadership that were ication commission, which pub-I
t tke hisn to the Wrders hh-tlication Commlisson, which pubb
eat post. He was elected Exalted lishes Thee lks Magazinceh p
Ruler of Nutey Lodge in 1935: operatedsthe-Order's War Mem-
rident of te .N e w. Je~jrs a0rir! and Headquarters Building
tate Elks Assoclation in 199;'In Chicago.
wa appointed Chairman of the "- _
OnLod] eCommitteeonStatel Bm.J ,,u,,--

ao.ittee d4 Activities In complained to an appeals cortn
Mr. Jernik=a OelectedGrand aye a to p ey f havtng
TresuF~rei 30 and 1951. HR em e em Lees t he f" ousin
ms eletet to .at tear m chost.
52 WSam t o es tet

.. A mo:.eathree 7eam
te s_ -jibeus wmammasg the film

ofUN 31, pctr



-- 0
WASHINGTON, Ja%. 24 (UP)- the trips and a New York busnesa
Several members of Congress said ilau- 4as oLerea assist personal
today the State Department hopes 11 in financing the travel
the relatives of 17 imprisoned A- Aae a wus e9uuAsueraue senU
mericans in Red China will not meant an Congress for having th
decide to got here because it fears ..ernmnent zurnsh toe tranupur,
they would be falling into a pro- nation of clearance for the trip
paganda trap. Is iurtacomng. tep. Kenieth im
A spokesman said the State keatmg (K-is.i.) is drafting a bil
Department has not deci de d. to this enect.
whether to lift its travel ban
and issue necessary travel per- Meanwhile a Canadian airman
mits lo' the U.S. families to recenuy reumnea runi om L.Wmmu
travel to the Communist coa- nist prison camp in China assur
try. e tue lather ul an imprisoned
Chairman James P. Richards Amencan airman that three would
(D-S.C.) of the House Foreign Af- be no.danger an accepting tne toom
fairs committee, denounced as munists' offer to visit us son ii
"a bunch of bunk" Red China's of- prson.
fer to let the families visit their
kinsmen. "I hope these relatives Squadron Leader A. R. (Andy
don't sell their birthright" for a MacAenue mane the assurances
mess of pottage," Richards said. in Omaha, Nevy, during a visit
Two Democratic senators, John v ,,. u. -,AAb, samer ouf Lt. ito
J. Sparkman (Ala.) and Mike land Parks, a prisoner of th
Mansfield (Mont.) said the State Reas for 2 M% years.
Department should lift its ban on Macke.zie, winang up his vi
travel to Red China if the relatives sit of more than a uay with th
insist on visiting their kinsmen. Parks family, prepareD to go on
But both warned of the B e d a' to Lincoln, neb., to visit the par.
propaganda motives, ents of another impnsonea tiler
Meanwhile Communist China Lt. Lye .ameron.
accused the United States today Parse said that he was "wary'
of attempting to prevent the re. of toe Chinese oiler, but that iAl
latives of Americana s npprson- and Mr, jsaru felt like t n e
ed on espionage charges from might want to go because rthey
traveling to China to visit them. haan t een their son for a lon
The communist prpaga a d a time.
broadcast said the parents, and lie said te.. y after talking with
wives of the 11 airmen were "threa-. M aeJW lie tta hq felt the Ides
tened" by the U.S. State Depart- a trip to China might be a good
ment and Air Force and ldnot bOe. *'
go go.
(Actually the State Department Rowevr, Rolland Cameron, fath
said they could go at their own er of the Lincoln flier, has said he
risk; that the United States did is not receptive to the ideas. He
not have diplomatic relations with soid e wouldn't go it the govern.
Red China and that it would not iat paidd hU way.
guarantee their safety oaie in i tser1 said he believed a
side Communist China.) ulil e led C b'fh
Peiping said the U.S. govern. P death
ment was noutconcerned about he tke ork tt has been eo
fliers but merely wanted to cre- to get the* home.
ate tension to "cover up its aggtrs-
sive acts against China." MacKehzie told by reporters of
Richards noted on the CBS tele- American skepucism of the Chi.
vision program, "Face the Na- nese offer, said he believes-it was
tion" that the State Department not "totally propaganda, altnoug
could refuse to let ththrelatives other y be a propaganda as-
go to Red China. But he said it pect."
might lay the department open to
a great deal of criticism. He sad he did not believe re-'
bparkman said the Communist lauves of e iers wonea be m
invitation was obviously a "pro- physical danger in Red China.
paganda offer." But he said the e people oi toina, he saia,
families themselves "ought to be "would go. overboard to treat
given the right to decide whether th visitors well."
to accept."
Mansfield agreed the decision The Chinese, be said, "are
"should be maie by the families." geau people for personal con.
However, the government should tact."
"lay all the facts" before them
first, be said. MacKenzie, who was shot down
The State Department hopes over &orea, spent "just two
to relatives will decide on their hours less than two years" in a
own not to go. It fears they Red prison. One year and four
would be falling into a props- months ot that ume, he said, was
ganda trap, a view shared by spent In solitary confinement,
.many members of Congress. ... which he said was a "mentaL pres-
Several senators warned that sure I wouldn't wish on anyone."
Americans who accept the offer Imprisoned with him for much
would never be able to criticize of the time were young Parks,
the Communists for far the jail- Cameron and Capt. Harold Fisch-
ed men might be tortured. er, Jr., of Swes City, lowa.
But Sparkman said the Reds al- When he was released in Dec.
so could capitalize with propagan- ember, MacKenzie said, the fliers
da if the government refused to drank a toast to his pledge to vis-
let the families go. He said this it the families of th6 other men.
could lead to "charges that we are Hs visit to the Parks family was
inhumane and want only a pretext the first he will make.
for war."
If the travel ban is lifted, a After seeing the Cmaerons. he
ny o fthe relatives who decide to will go to Swea City to visit Mr.
make the trip, can look to sev. and Mrs. Harold Fischer, Sr., and
era] sources or help in meetng then will travel to Philadelphia
expenses, if needed. to meet the family of Col. Ed-
Spokesmen for Pan American win Heller. Heller was not in.
and Northwest Airlines said to- .,,oieu with the others, but still
day they would be "glad' to ar.I is being held by the Reds.
range free transportation if the ______....
State Department requests the
service and the Civil Aeronauutics BALBOA TIDES
Board approves it. CAB approval U US
is necessary for all free rides. TU1SDAY, JANUARY 25
The American Red Cross has HIGH L4.OW'
said it also would assist "in any 4:11 a.i ., 10:53 am.
appropriate way" in arranging 4:59 P.M 11:12 I *m 1



Tom oW





- .. *l"r .. *

-- I ; Dms.~r

.- : 0 ..,
st. on**-'* >w~ *'*
*d *p 4i!


Judge's Bech
A 60-year-old Ptnamanlan
woman who ba had about five
other convictions ft ttoimca-
Lion was found guilty this morn-
ing In the Balboa agistrate's
Court on the same charge.
Defendant Maria Rya was
fined $15 but payment was au-
penrded, and me wksa placed on
one year probation.
Two men were fined.for loit-
ering around the Pacific Service
Center. The defendAnts were
Cecil F. Edgehlll, 20, who was
fined $5 and Samuel Martin, 70
on whom a $10 fine w"i =nped.
Florencio Reins, a t-year-old
Panamanian wuas fined $16 'for
trespassing in Curundu. but pay-
ment of the line was suspended.

IT'S THE END-Her's what
fire doe to "cold" cash. Guard
Captain Ed Widmer, of the
Denver, Col mino t shows how
fire melted 11000 in silver coin,
which were stashed away in an
_ _iron pipe. _

Latest Medico

To Be Televise

NEW YORK, Jan 24 (UP) -
Deaonstrations of the latest medi-
csal ue will be televised on
a atirhwidenoovkup next month.
but only doctors wll be allowed
to look and listen.
Two days later, New York Ci-
ty's 35-000 hotel workers will be
invited to gather in -bllrooms in
four hotels 'to watch a televised
ceremony launching a new pen-
sion program. Home set owners
will be unable to dial in on this
TV show
Throughout the year, busiesses
and industries will stage 'video
programs raming from sales take
to musical extravaganzas for linm-
ited, by-invitption-only audiences
The shows will be carried on clos-
ed circuit television, a network
for the e*chsve use of those who
bqy the w rvice

Members of the medical profes-
sion will go back to "school" for
a 10-minde brush-up course Feb
1 by sitting in hotel dining rooms
in about -30 cities The "teachers"
will be fl New York City labors-
tores and operating rooms
The program will be carried by
Theater' Network Television, due
of the pioneering companies in
the field, which uses facilities of
the American Telephone and Tele-
graph Co The sponsors will be
the Amer'can Medical AXi- and
a large pharmaceutical house The
product to be advertised is im-
proved medical care for every.
Nathan L Halpern, founder and
president of TNT, said closed eir-
cuit transmission is becoming a
big thing in business and indus-
try It saves a lot of tme and
money and enables executives to
reach every single employee It al-

AN AWAI ut if itcoes, they're Thre
etty. memmbu it. Luke's Young People's con-
att the possibility of a dry season rainfall it ring
Festival to be held at Morgan's Gardens, MiraloreaS, aSatur-
day. Feb. 6. Left to right, Paula Bullivan, Janeth Vlntbn and
.Carmen sith scan the unpredictable skies.

Paris Floods Bring Death

Devastation And Rats

PARIS, Jan. 24 (UP)- Paris Citizens were urged to go to
braced itself today for the crest the police prefete rodent
of a flood which already has extermlation rvie to obtain
cot the nation more than the necessary oons tp kill the
score of lives and millions of rate.
dollars in damage. Near Dijon three young boys
Bubbling waters f the over- drowned when their raft over
flowing river Seine, which have turned on the sWollen river.
risen steadily for a week, were Promenading crowds on the
expected to hit their peak in Grands Boulevard Champs
hours and add still more re- Elysees dwindled but hundreds
fugeps to the thousands made of thousands te eine
homeless, river to watch the water rise.
The death toll, the worst in The muddy wate swirled
years, had reached 22. aground the ribs of the famed
African Air Force personnel statue on the Pont De L'Alma.
based in Paris helped French I Traditional danger mark of
troops and police re*ue strand- flood conscious Paris i the
d householders yeterdy and statue's toe.
stood by this morning as anxious B eweay American Air Force
officials watched te level of oluntrs, French soldierspa-
the river rise. lice and remen n today battled
Officials issued emOrgency in- to oontr01 the.tni flood water
structions to Parilans to fight of the Seine whic has oded
huge wharf rats which were Ia L mibl retr u
driven from their holes by the stream franm.
':-"g Seine..-ST-

S- river threatened t reach
It highest level in 45 years. t
so builds up morale,when work- already reached '.ood stage
es can get a good look at the that Premier Mende France
boss, Halpern belive. called a "calamity unchained b
Sthe elements which men ar
The largest industrial meeting -nable to master.
n Msr ws staged ce~tby American Air Fore volunteer
nrl Motors over' closed .ir- who have been working in th
cultTV. Hapern said. More than P subub theuaathew day
18,o0 persons, including some again Joinded crne __udlng die
r M customers, gathered in and rsu marooeda
t7 hotels for lunch and a k rom the rltd waereors
by GM President Harlow H Cut. L ar reasu Of central Parl
S wod have n difficult s eay wter"under water. b
oe u int al terleo n one loo.4s drove hanger-nMaddegae
place, Halpern said. raes from Paris famous sew
A distiller whoint the basements of ritveld
sales of his product staged a musi- Oficials wn forced to m
ca revue beamed tot heaters in prisoners from a the ses inth
23 cities for the benefit of liquor baSment of the aWs, eT J
store operators More than 2eh0,000tie when the ter 'od
pemonse saw the snow whItch orc wient hterhwaesiO
1tued some_ ,bi Bro -y so ed the baudLna alon ithhd
m r somhe tr row e ,rbasem a .. tof. e Cahedral
and commercials ,lugging a cer- Notre am e aera
taln brand t whskey, ,Note me.:. .....I
ta brnd of wisey. t bAn estimated 00 perso
Closd circuit T'v even went in. were driven fiom their home
to theosVhte House on o oc an and other I 00 were. r
bion President Elsenhower dHi. to b awore ouse tr flooded
note o have dtime to go in perso o to nn .aa wr.
Dearborn, Mich, to aress 7 Rver traffic ha been ha
top Ford Motor Co employes, so on the seine for days because
he went by television, boats were unable to pass un
der the bridges. Mayv of thl
Civil defense officials h v e sbridff in downtown Peris war
trained volunteers in 12 cities on closed today because the rIsh
atom bomb defenses by closed cir- et waters had undermine
cut TV and a fashion show was Uthem.
beamed across the country for French Army engi ttera an
members of the trade fro New remen were rushed Into P
York nCity. ai night to hOlp htth
f-lats. An esUmn t0e 0l,
Halpern said the new medium. Ntr and fireme. .ow
i taing may .executives. into bu ng dikes and eca
TV actors, and good ones, too endangered 5fallee r *
oThe osses e had to switch Aerican Ato Isifc.ten
dark blue suits to TV blue shirts oW aieJo, Carir, fcbpefbevaeuna
topFrord MotorCowht ye shrtsand caled bt CeSeneforday Psrc I

and grey suits, but they rarely persons isolated on:flims n
use makeup, in vlalagea neir Oriy field.

'How about lending me three bucks?'

Skid Row Drunk Says He'll Be Bigtime Lawyer Agim
CHICAGO, Jan. 24 (UP)-Bil have a chance this week to prove Today, a reporter went down in. A he shoved the food into his et me a cle lhtst .aUtir
oo, 8S-yearcld Skd Row drunk, that he ca fight his way back to d Row to see how Wood tethles moth, Wood going to t ms al
ted a bowl of greasy-looking frem the tha of Skid Row. was p Paring f -to r hi re-e in- old Of "family treubles" that it andl move wup t
bean soup in both hands today He show eu Friday in toi the lal proslt.. BHe eauS uMSto start drinking. A
and drank It down in three swal. lice ourtof Jdge yman We not quite i the ."lMie ut with old talsiAO- b at lea ing tte
s. .man to defend another tramp, So. "eig .room" 1 a k4u ow I cheap muscatel," be uck"
Some of the soup dribbled down ch Smith, against -ar as of -,W&a misa u." ta r ".i .
amidst the gray stubble on his drunkenness ad disr con-. "I have to r His wile has diarorced. him and TheRur aw h l wat hl'f
Chin and wiped it away with doct. X%4%--Sbodyreea.a She I INew Ja r wi-th
the back of his hand. ne lookedis a t.o .... ...
19.... ey-1. .f y*"VeWra
around the West Madison Street Wood succeeded so well thbt -am l" I dea ,--tIsmI.aW
"I'm going to get off the street. te and athen Invited Wo to At t oo
I'm going to be a bigtime lawyer with him fora tLa on .Sp Or I ai ', .t.
again, Hells fire, ion, you think N y oU A M up be"w emn .. e. meat who m in O N..woo
likeit,9 here?,d$ 7- d,- 0 ,a .a
way up again." e a sea m. 7aJ ."athe eu tda, -. de n,- l r., I .___
B ill, w ho once w as h ml. .,,- "UP-.. s l U ,
Willim G. Wood. i .st tor__IN
of zuA



-g .- w


. ...- r. .

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