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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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S(NA Tela.hOI ,
pB COpPair rou opeier-drivenU.&.ighter lanes are fueld at Ke
n Ooventi ita,. tor to tke-off for Cosf Ries. The pln anesere sold to R
GmSmeSt tar use Sga" ut rebels who havwselUed the northwestern corner of t.

Of Albrook

e Victims I

nbiq -UOn rn

Did Miro

Do It.


ADVA 04Iovernment troops marh toward the rder to repel the rebel Invasion from
the Nt border. Deputy .0 Q (cet u, to the left of Costa Rican news-
man Gene, whd k a f moments later. (Photo by Joaquin
Varp a ) 'N


Loyal Volunteers

Following Re

Toward Nira

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Jan, 19 (UP)
northwestern Costa Rica were reported today
toward Nicaraguo.
Official announcements said several skI
ing the past 24 hours increased the toll of t
revolt to 55 dead and 139 injured. Five'of the
of those wounded were supporters of the pgove
Front-line reports indicated loyal forces ae
ing the retreating rebel at a distance Leo i
government's volunteer army predicted*1 tiy
in San Jos6 Thursday for a victory celftb.
The' major encounter yesterday, h11 in
loyal troops and 75 rebels, lasted pbhodatw#.- .
U.S. obsitra ion pil.t,, flying on wn.
patrol" over est Ric,w no si of
which the reeradi wo were 7
east and west costs I., -.e ., ,, ._,:
ursmnta himt t smaIM

Ue ea th.... at Ande. It was ur fi 'rot"t ob-e o 'h'

S jj"a derrt hat an ambulance was th of thtme OFF TO THE FONT-After getting final from'Col. AgCfep .m government troops
f dspat d to the area near An- ha boar d track headed for battle wth the at anta Roa
V 4 toh .tTi. the C47 wth 0 r te .
'a s dto r L.ter t. srcht.s % t t t ves-
'*osmm-asrdero oe tte wbngA ti0o emon

at he e a,near sbarbTO F -elflr tatan Ln le OfDe fe oe govenmen t ro
ht bodmorni ng tr forck7Wa Joordbal et t11:24Y ee rbe n a Ror

Walps Bay ofS Asto Brar ieemeit de rmenste
wf h~er e pouatdt ;e m teheae ia u wold n
oftsattodw' amonnforced tofel, tion

b ie th r te e ong re~ a he a tnee defense a
Cae t w b wmen wero of in e wll o e

ati~ S^bedd troto r opeat tha anaa rb ln Genrifhel
S d. sratdto m the a ea near5Th -n e un uan byttMro aO d t eal F t. b ttlk

gaggle -*T u rbo boibr s and 1 ii U cta recosructio m ed sources afan 1a (UP epBrit-
analI e to a wi l truc hrn t dedfor. on tcet uries
n M I ar od u te ae_ toanfa tm taely ed n 60at e n l

a ppll to ntinoon to deanama mouth land acnwlg a a l prw. sp|
.oo. di thotwo rpa r la C-g taiC-ts .fi l t oei t tofVdefe seo tf
sar and aL30v3. lh e to the luar epa
b.. f ot 0 ssoassine oF

wonihMi or, a ld no trce of Tehf e strce the Rsoyalu AiO Dre

.l-bso 100 at10 f0bthOe Dpolk t whethe ic h a LONDON, Jan. 19 (UP) -Br it.
r a CI -am" us t hr n in wlltn its back on atl oowh centuriesU
'' .'uW. no til eon today tPhan am mowth and acknowledge air pows
.ea-.- ~~m, he tr as its first line of defense, of.

tVCR & p t i s e iu two's raa a ie l rsourues skid t cwday
: .- l laneRdd to do t ad ui-a
on, io-s e r em a J a y adThe s t ees F an aid the Royal Aipt o t
oa JonteareaForace, pileer wra in the skies o
_x..P. rOMd hrhet re w atela ilb e-eogi-A
-Dlay off 8 anto mainglo eub l to lei s t

Srtr ealclu wep n defense rogra
s m e-ta kenino te a ahe published Feb a ary.
C JMRth M ro, wnaInto the per will follow the lead of the U
Il,- e r a, oev ea. niteEStates paidsg eritainp'sNATO
O M tke Mir to the the sources said.
IOfn wiN;a tend. U-wig 1u sobnation In ord
"dT uUeo& r or tuW o Informed sources also said Brit-
4wa planesnJchweepea nd i:, cocchatom loo
m r d- Is Wslz OMNI o*ea ace look.
VA-d7 atn four vresi..ind"o Ju..
Nth 0AW,"I to l -.w.tb-,son, o andIr.a. ea badyril s gnmscleairt

.. ms maporon IsouPachecoteriniyter o PablicsSaf ety. hr "
.t e tlo, Iofheshta ca- a bllsquatru rea h efyd toel

-8 s pis a t trouble g ot. i: F" I''-
n W ma* rmIriiscneion l .
d.W tucue h suc lk dRu d-'
F ft dw fth cn6s vis r
h rss# "..Paiin I p-SA. '

in Bas Jose ye iay, refuting I
rebel ealms he had been taken
prison. There was no word of RE
the whmboauts of Frank Mar- brc
shall Costsa man soldier of for- Cao
tune-who alse had been reported Te
caped by Vthe insurgents. lea
Th-rfate of rebel Capt. Too- Aig
doroe cado, Jr., 27-year-old son pic
of a efugee ex-president of Cos-
ta p, also imeained uncer-
ta "' *-
Oeramnm i officers said L
Sbby aj oyaI ldwte w 9
tmid i hand grenade lte
his J duinf a elash nMear j
the n western town of 14n I
rom att. b mmand teo e-

tl!SM1 of lar frt: o

Cuid Hinfhes

-Th Navy hi* placd a r
erdw for guided musues W'I=
ecM be launched from Mrtac
ipbt,-or absma-Ines and appar-
ently can be armed with atmicn
It als W s announced that
four ps qupped withpe-
onal rad for utse io e tt- -
nonl air s i wit be oM-
gageloned % A this yeu.
The Afjo former cargo-caa* wl
Vint UMMf hbiva. awe the 11at kI

- -

A,. ,;
":" "+- *- .. *-'
Nil"- f tl

F r-h


r .- .
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Ln 1
w eb-


+ -.-;



*-- - "--.-*--.'3 -" "

-' '. '" "-. ,. -_
, *", i ,, *


.T, H TwaIrT P 0 Box 134. PANAMA R Op P.
345 MADISON ArsI. NEW YORK. 117' N Y

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PMo are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confidential

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IW dry. Letters are published in the order received.
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e' The present unseasonable rains bestir one's imagination.
Are the heavens crying because of the untimely death of
Colonel Remon? Or, are the rains tears of joy, shed by the
.V.estlal Beings,. upon having our hero in their midst?
"- Ann Foster

Answer toI
Visit to Poland a C

ACROSS 5 Ezitire
I Poland's 6 R"emoved
capital is obnoxious A A
7 Important city plants N 1
In Poland S-ffia--
In Poland devices r L
IS Interstice 8 Rebel (coil)
S14Inanthdr's to 9 Indonesian of
16 Lessened Mindanao
1 7Compass n nt10Summon
18 River in 11 Mineral rocks27 Aquatic
S Vir..i I2 Marries animal
'0wflrm"" 19 Preposition 29 Church part
I -ion 21 Jewel 30 River in
as eSow anew 22 Ransom Germany
S12 Earlier 23 Spotted 31 Rots flax
!32 blourtain 24 Kind of 37 Moved
: _mph window quickly
SIt has 25 Blushing 38 Reposes
agreements 26 Sea eagle 40 Beholdl
SwithEast ,h, ,
Germany I 23 r 5
24 Trap
U Ameun[an I
veteran (col.) -
9 Littler .
IPeacock -
Medlca suffix -
Be persistent
I Expunged -
r'mboqter S /^
Made amends -- -/
7Term used in

owlin has .
y bv A 1, 3r r S s '

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Labor News



There are 200,000 Communist
activists working against us in La-
tin America: That's what the
State lept. files reveal. U.S. In-
formation Agency chief Ted C.
Streibert sayp so. He also reports
that the Communists at "well -
finpnced and well.organlled."
It can be added authentically
thEt all the Sovieteers are under
orders to help smear and destroy,
if possible, the most active Latin
friend of the U.S. below the Rio
Grande, That friend Is Jcse (Pepe)j
Figures, president of Costa Rica.
The Commies hate him because
he likes us-and worships demo-
cracy. And because he knows of
the tie-up between the Comintern.
the Fascists and the international
crime syndicate in Latin America.

The Commies hate Figueres be-
cause he has outlawed their party.
They h a t e him because he has
been pushing a bill through his
'Cngress prohibiting Communists
and then fronters from holding of-
fice in Costa Rican unions. And
ibecatse he has encouraged his la-
bor leaders to work with the AFL
and CIO against the Comintern.
The Comintern hates Figueres
because he was a dcsce friend and
collaborator of the late President
Jose R. Remon of Panama, mur-
dered by machine gun fire. Remon
would never have permitted Fig-
ueres tq stand alone against the
invasion. As the international in-
telligence and police officers.
The Comintern' despised Remon
because he destroyed the Panama-
nian Communist p a r ty, which
crawled around the Canal like eels
in a tank. Remon personally
pushed the anti-Communist b ill
through the Panamanian legisla-

The Communist International has
Costa Rican President Figueres
marked for death, too. Figures
mashed the Ccmmunist partner-
ship with the brutal Fascit com-
bine which controlled Costa Rica
some time ago. That combine was
led by a Senor Calderon-Guardia,
friend of the Nicaraguan dictator
Anastasio Somoza, who appears to
have been aptly named. He has as
many connections below the Rio
Grande as the Anastasio crowd
has above the river.
After this crisis is over, Figueres
should tell the full story of the
mob-Communist combine in Cen-
tral America.
It's there. The Communists pnd
the strong-arm squads of the un-
derworld ran riot in Nicaragua un-
til recently.
'* .hen the r sIm Lat eA deian
expert, Serafio Romualdi, went
Nicaragua to speak a year ago,
the combine smashed up his meet-
ing at the Workers' House. Re-
cently, because the heat has been
on since the Guatemalan affair,
the red and black goons contented
themselves with distributing slan-
derous handbills against the repre-
sentative of 10,500,000 AFL work-
Our friend, Figueres, would nev-
er have permitted the Communists
to demonstrate at all in Costa Rica,
much less to use their muscle and
mimeograph machines against U.S.
I could cite many instances ofI
Figures' friendship for our coun-
try. But one will do. It occurred
en the afternoon of July 29, 1952.
One Eduardo Mora Valverde wds
picked up by the San Jose (Costa
Rican capital) police. He had just
returned from a Soviet-run World
Peace Council meeting. He was
charged with bringing in subver-
sive propaganda. This was in the
A .L. fh

e *

... Ont Othet Hand!


HAVANA, Cuba There are
two things I am going to do as a
result of this trip. One is to -go
home 'ai beat thb daylights out
of a couple cf dogs. The other is
to check into a hspitaL Both de-
cisions are the fault of a Mr. John
Ringing North, who has had his
circus, the Ringling Brothers and
Barnum & Bailey operations, do-
ing a winter stint in Cuba.
Mr. North has shoved a dog act
into his show which makes me
cringe for my animals. Mr.
North's dogs are better ballet dan-
cers than most humans, and have
achieved a degree of intelligent
activity which makes me wonder
why dogsut u humans at
1 holif O N
do not underst as yet that
cosimand to c e does
mean stay thbre ol the divan and
sneer at the bum who buys their
hamburger. ,j
The dogs in the circus more or
less appear to have hired Mr.
North, instead of the other way
'round. Which leads me to the
point of Mr. North. He has been
moaning about wanting a full-
grown African bull elephant for
his menagerie, apd I have had a
private talk with Mr. Mac Steel,
who collects Mr. North's animals
for him.
Mr. Steel knows elephants, and
he knows Mr. North, having at-
tended school with him in the last


Ice Age. Mr. Steel and I have tot, but he bears no scars to show
decided to exhibit Mr. North in- for his nocturnal prowling in the
stead of worrying about elephants jungles us poor, timid folks are
and gorillas. Anybody who kncws afraid to approach. By 'way of
Mr. North real 'well recognizes aside, I can say that Papa Hem-
that he As a curiosity, if not a ingway once chose two plane
monstrosity,- and is worthy of be- crashes and two wars over con-
ing exhibited In his own circus. stant association with Mr. North.
I am fond of Mr. North, espe- What annoys me about the circus
cally at a distance, but at close man is that 1, a mere child, am
hand he is more dangerous to subject to all the aches and pains
associate with than either Gargan. man is heir to, and this character
tua or. Glenn McCarthy. One of continues to look like a candidate
the reasons for this is that Mr. for a high-school debating team.
North goes to bed at abcut six My poor battered face has more
o'clock on the morning$ he is be-, seams, lumps, puffs, broken veins
ing well-behaved, and being a gre- and oddly assorted chins than any
garious soul he insists his friends cue of Mr. North's clowns, but
stay u with him. On the morn- John 4ias- a compn xion nke a

after if he feels he needs break- '
Sat., bl o wl-"l. ,e The day I decided'0 at Mr. North
'Poss ly no one will believehis, belonged in his own tircts as an
but the other day Mr. North had exhibit, preferably caged, was
insomnia at two P.M. and joined when he called me at four A.M.,
a group of clean livers at a social after I had snatched a few hours
center near the Hotel Naelonal of sleep, and demanded brightly
pool. He pointed to an object in that I come and Join him at tea.
the sky and said: He had inverted dinner and break-
"What is that awful thing up fast, all without sleep, and now
there?" I was clamoring for companionship
"That Mr. North;" somebody at tea.
said, "ii the sun." If you check back on the lead
Mr. North shuddered. you will see that I mentioned a
"What do they need it for?" he hospital. I do not care where it
said. is located, or who is in it, so long
Mr. North is officially 50 years as it is me and it must have bars,
old and has lived dangerously ever to keep Gargantua I mean Mr.
since George Jean Nathan was a North out.

Peter Edson In Washington

form of p-otographs--from tht
Moscow-Red Chinese movie pro- WASHINGTON -(NEA)- Re- Eisenhower's. All of the 40 are for these jobs, applicants have to
duced to "show' the world that publican National Committee head- covered by Civil Service regula- pass Civi Service examinations
we were using germ warfare in quarters thinks the Democratic con- tions and tan't be budged. and get their names placed on the
Korea. gressional investigators will have Republican National Committee register.
Sa hard time digging up any con- headquarters has tried to estab- If there are no names on a reg-
Costa Rica as the only Latin vincing evidence of GOP patronage lish one tcp policy official at the ister for any job classification,
ccuntry in which such photos were 'abuses. This won't be because the assistant secretary level to over- and there is a vacancy the Civil
not circulated. Thats why the Comn- evidence has been covered up, say see personnel appointments. Thip Service Commissicn will authorize
intern has not lost a chance to'the Republicans, but because the official was supposed to be con- any government agency to hire
smear Figueres. It even derided evidence isn't there. tact man for GOP headquarters, anyone it can find to fill it.
him for marrying a U.S. girl. Frankly, they admit they haven't notifying the Republican high comn- This is known as Section 303
When he did, the Comintern tried done a very good job of replacing mand of vacancies and insuring authority. There were about 65.-
to stir up the Costa Rican ladies Democratic officeholders in gov- the party command that only Re- 000 of these 303 Jobs filled in the
by charging that Figueres didn't ernment with Republcans. pubufias got the policy-making last fiscal year, according to Civil
think the Costa Rican gals were Estimates been made that S, service records. But Republican
gocd enough for him. out of the W9 00, government C.Aor pressman. ll ey headquarters in Washington says
Thus it is not eye-opening to civilian emp e Republi- fO suian t sus a el it has no idea where these jobs
find the Reds on the side of the cans in two year- ofe have y" as Asistat ary were, or whether they were filled
-. e Fauler, of Sallisaw, invaders, been able c pla-e only about 25Q0 culture. H lHas w re- by Republicans. The reason is that
Dn. The pretty -twenty-year-old members 4) the* party la key .igd Jt was his experlece that the local hiring offices don't re-
group in Memphis, Tenn. All this gives substance to the jobs., i t mn. ases,y a s, heads port to 'Washington GOP head-
.......... Costa Rican charge that the in- Chauncey Rblt, who has been piked out. the m t. N wanted quarters on suh th i ngs. -
vaders planes had parachuted ma- in charge of tb so.nnel division a i 'particular ..oh tl.It the There were some 35,000 people
------ chine guns and rifles bearing the at Repiauan aM..,al Comnittee rea.~u on the .epub IM poUt- hired fQr a new' census f agri-
y77:,. .W Soviet hammer and sickle trade headquates m. _Washington ,r leal organization to Aq-l. clture. Most of these jobs lasted
mark to the rebels, the past year, s5 he has no idea This is the exact reverse of the only a few days. But many of
-c where this W lMaaber came way a samoot-runni tcal those hired were Rpublicans. This
All this isnt musical comedy "ba- from. He has no central file of job-placing mahia. ahcu-.ork. temporarily satifi local Repub-
Snana republic" stuff. The stakes job placement cards to show The old-time eal m sa liean machines that wanted a re-
S.. -- are big: a canal and secret airlwhether this number is right or system was supposed to ky ward for faithful party workers.
.... :'- bases on huge, jungle-enclosed es- wrong, high or low. first listing the people who wanted There is still loud dissatisfaction,
States. As an example of what be has a job, then finding something for however, that the GOP has net
been up against in trying to place them to do. been able to hand out more pat-
Dont make light of it. We have deserving Repoblicans in govern- The trouble with that today is ronage.
few enough friends as it is down ment jobs, Mr. sebbins points to that many political job seekers Fewer than 1800 postmasters
there. the 40 top personnel officers in want jobs that don't exist. They were appointed last year. Even
______ U.S. agencies. These are the peo- are not qualified for the jobs that they had to pass exaisations. It
ple who supervise government nir- do exist is assumed that asMtof the 100-
S' in. Only eight of them are Re- The government could use 2000 odd U. Sj attorneys,their marshals
pulicans. One ws appointed in trained eo e any time. and d ties were Reublcas.
President u adnipitraten, It jaways eed atr and But even this is aid to be peanuts
SfRIENS r in *ad three traed technicians. ut to qualify as patrage

-- -


S _I


a gj8llag eard,
i by- ot the
)y ou al

" 1

I -'
~. ~,. -;

- ..










f.-igr= oN PICK IV PIGC K -
": .. is the 195 Mod at Cdito
: won her title over a large
.. ... r .- .- -

_~ __ __

i V .. .



an lnteftathoaal *rgoa n k ate-dW- sell GUJC1",4."
with uenfer it t provee wat l e- eyfltt r ,,i,.-
to head off a

n C states, f i ce
llustratsesiwhatr4he A e sat e iw

remained ian session until A pnm.. A- e deil that John's od
when by unanimous vote It h wat ule im them. rt ..
raguaned spire a rebels were inside om ark, o
Cots Ostae Rica. of ..ute y didedtedth;.
sn states, %12l ketmentl doew dd the h

ment ior dinner, the council st co any was abletoqu
plans of how to stop the fighting. ra small business, thut a
At .12 midnight the plaas were regislationb SEa. -
finished. At 4 a.m. the five com-i However,' tee Is how -
mission members were en route to elt's uranium donl p handled
the airport to board a special U.S. the sale of the-,, a.;8Rb .
MATSplane to Costa c-"n paly offered -000 -0 shares to lthe
hours later, at 2p.m., the con- pubie at-3DOcents a shap. Thi1
mission held Its first session an-the eapitl p to .but
inside Costa Rica. broker a ira u t sa buthe
HENRY HESITATED stock got W000. and the .pot
This dramatic atic.n was the or JoseLh Thouvell, got anther
result of the increased coap0rathon ,0 0 left enly mV safo f
developed am the Americas. the public's money for actual
plus the brilliant loaders hip urganlut ,epl aU,
Uruguayan -ambassador.- Jo se .. .
MorA, plus 100 per cent support Yet even ,if the e ar strikess
from the tate Departmet. uranium before, the puad 's $1i5.
Assistant Secretary of State Hen. 000 is spent, the stoek Ia --been
ry HoUseand was careful not to get so watered down that the public
the USA involved, was anxious to will get only a frhetion S the
make this intervention unlike profits. While the public o
that in Guatemala one by al cents a share for Jits meal4 0
the Americas. 000 shares, Thonvenell ra ward-
Had he been more alert, how- ed another 350,000 o se6, al free.
ever, Henry might have avoided He kept 100,000 for himself, hand-
the entire unpleasant mess. Be ed cut the remaining .50, shares
cause several months ago, saga. to friends. "
clous Hector Castro, ambassador In addition, the coina ay ol
of El Salvador, warned the State another 45,0b abaregst dPera
Department that trouble was brew- for a penny piee, wisued.
Ing between Costa Rica and Nica- 100,000 more shares to id! for.
ragua. He also urged that the seven-and-a-half cents a. share.
State Department by maneuvering Whereupon another cf John Roose.
backstage, might induce the Cen. velt's firms -- Frazier, D yton,
tral American republics to clean Roosevelt, Inc. -bought l5OM
out their own kettle of fish. shares of the penny stock, wtle.
the public was .paying half a dollar
Henry, however, hesitated, for the same stock. ..
Meanwhile in heavily. armed In short, the public put up prak..
Nicaragua, President Scmosa, the ticanly all the money, get Noly
dictator general the U.S. Marines 600,000 shares out of. a total'
built up three decades ago, had 2,100,000.
developed a vitriolic hatred for
President Jose Figueres, the Mas-
sachusetts Tech graduate who L m W
erns one of the few nations with o1 Wai
no army and a true democracy.
Figures, a liberal who has tried Frif nlV K Idons
to improve living standards with- il
out confiscating foreign property,|l All
has been a ain in the neck toW All ltlMl
certain neighbors. He has also onI Hi Wmm
been a pain in the neck to at T,,.,, (UP) ,or"
least one Alabama girl, his first OK.O, Jn. It( ---r
wife Henrietta- Bos". -Foa eign Minister Marsoru Shigemit-
a a btu t Au ,eUW i I eR.
President Figueres has not loved .f .ol8 ,
President Trul-o of the D int. He 8ifecftc a name
can Republic nor President Peres a d Com1aunl. China ', & ar
Jiminez of Venezuela. In fact, he the nationls.wth which the' lW
refused to let Costa Rica attend Japanese government hopes to
the Pan American conference in establish diplomatic ties, but he
Venezuela because he claimed it1 indicated that .In both cases
was held in a dictatorship. But he Japan would move caut.iousl
has especially disliked President and walt for its communihs
Somosa of Nicaragua, and Somosa neighbors to take the initiative.
has considered it more than mu- Shigetmltsu, wartime "F6reign
tual. Minister and algner of the Japa-
The trouble was more personal nese surrender, deftly parried
than political. That's one reason questions by newsmen at his first
it's so bitter. foreign pressconferencb on What
However, the Pan American concrete measures he planned to
Union has picked some of its best end the state of war with Chink
ambassadors to mediate in Costa and Russia.
Rica. They are Lobo of Brazil, We d~esreto. restore normal
Chiriboga of Ecuador, Enciso of Irelations with the Soviet
Paraguay, Quintanilla of Mexico, as had existed prior to the warf"
a-' T Amhssador John Dreier. he said.
NOTE These five have the s for cchtimnental Chlia l-i
vio>,er to order Pan American Isituation is much momn tillA-
troops into battle immediately to hstedad we srmao
stop the war. So it will be an ex- ted and we must e. he SGu
tremely important test of Ameri- policy in acaerd ce -wh e
can efforts to keep the peace. developments of the global sit-
JOHN ROOSEVELT'S encourage" tra
URANIUM Ii the limits of our internatnal
pimitinents." A -
Handsome John Roosevelt, son. 'He said the Overnme-w" ,)
of the late president, apparently considering B sn an o W7..
doesn't want his name too closely telde misa on to helping w.
connected with a uranium stock ew up. the qunficial ti
deal. For he has changed his ad- going o there between -l
dress on the 'stock xegistratime. Imalneeseanms plomat S I_
Nevertheless he is head of a urman rata and Chinese offi ,.
lum company which is offering I "I welcome trade wl Comi-
stock to the public under conditions unlat China, Jbut I M
that certainly wouldn't please hiq W would .be vury b h. e-.
father, who cleaned up the stock ailtau said. "Even If lt Sd
market. .q.antity it would help us to tha
It happens that the Central Urpa- extent." :



- 'a ~'*

;,ffC. '~ A~:' 1-y',a* St

'by ~.:*'5'~t'/ 77' ~mTit
* ~ ...** 2-


Scout. aews


- a. P'WAA R Ma .- A IMnT maILp aworAa

-- ^F 'Vt-.. -

ll 7o
&503 7, d .o

i *...A4* .U: -, *- 5" -

t-t&t{ 'W^ 4^. P' *J L .f ga1im" 4"
A d. IsmAdMW ea.6 PA 741 Lm O W am 10d m to 4

nCa bega C01e0 lb'
=W.$*gfVrsr a alho aWp to 1
i:24 igh 4hol to star a hiM
for aa ra at the Strang
Fu urbtfasMe fee of M
-a jdg g m inbg of San a
famb. It bt aa lot eof se
expeunve w i artingg

A -. ent admiasslo ticket for
the Pny Social entitles the hold.
er to admission, .entertainment,
and refreshments, plus 0 chances
to win any o the 10 prizes which
wn be m o iplay and a chance
at the mystery price which will
be the o dy one wuaWped.
As per -Ural. there will be a
Chinese Raff= but for this the
bstu wlbe of no use-just cash.
Tony Barmno wll be master
of ceremonies in charge-o9 draw-
g the lucky numbers for. th
mUWy prim, assisted by a num-
ber of Club member. Mr. Ray-
mond's committee will be ava.l-
abe at the display tables to hel
those who have never .attended
a Penny Social before.
The reason far giving th am-
bitious Peny Social Is that the
Caribbean ollmege Club has pledg-
ed Itselfto- give a substantial
scholarship each year to a 'Cristo-
bal High School boy or girl. The
ftit twowere of 400 each-every
bit of whieh'was raised at this one
menev making affair-the Penny

' annual Penny Soasal to rain
enasl a by orgis fRm Crls-
herM education is blag roled
en Club n Colon. '
e te te Penny Sepal ftfe:
nd entr* nmeas for he entire
ble people together for an in-
at :30 and eat f natug until'

?manma City was man by-jJ
Burkuart. After the pree
chapter's December I
were given to the mupervl
the school the ls were
ed on a tour of Ihe echel and
show the students latest poJ
At the close of the bul
meeting a cultural talk was
by Elsie Hoberg on interior di
sting. Refreshments were
served by Eva Harte, hdsteu
the meeting.
Members resent Wert!

Miss Jessie May Gill, have re Truedy Gibson, Mrs" .
turned from a vacation in Geor. Mrs. Eva Harte, M
gia and Mississippi. art, Mn. Jean Co
Brennar Mrs. Ed ,._._
Back fom Bogota Mary els
Mr. Roa Gasteasor is back Huffman, Miss Je
frim a business trip to Colombia. and Miss Nancy sain
D-lw' iPledg1 s present w J
a Anseones gy JoUnson and
Birth d8011GuestS atteadlg the
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baldwin were Mrs. Ida
have announced the birth of a Betty Slaughter.
daughter at San Fernando Clinic. ------ :--
Pacifice id Ladles nu m i
Will Gather Cakes U l I
A dozen Pacific Side Zone la- 11
dies will meet tomorrow morning
to plan ways and means to gath-
er together 100 cakes. '
They make up the Cake Sale
committee for the fifth annual St. .Each "use (M sa e!ed
Luke's Spring Festival, which is ehaim mshou mi1ts I
to be held Saturday, Feb. 5, at S Mts ma"n es 3= h
Morgan's Gardens, near Miraflo- thelai d ohw i
res. Mrs. Roy D. Reece, chair- hr e St the eS.
man, has called the meeting for Vs em ot bspi .b
9:30 a.m. at her home 5414 Endi- 'P-
cott Street, Diablo Heights. Ft. Kobbe Officers
ins mercumitw meucruwueem auuIsULUW

The other committee members'
Orchid Society Invites include Mrs. W. D. Wright, Mrs.
Service MeA* E. G. Abbot, Mrs. C.C Johnston,
O Fieldl-Trip Mrs W G Rowe Mrs L 0. Page,
The Canal Zone Orchid Society Mr R. R. Potter. Mrs. C W
has extended a cordial invitation Chase, Mrs. J. P. Smith, Mrs. L.
to sagvice pen to join its mem, M. Drennan, Mrs. M. F. Millard,
bers -on a Field Trip, on Satur- and Mrs H. J. Zierten.
day. The trip will be led by Mr. The Cake Sale is a traditional
Harold Griffith, well known or* feature of the Festival, which will
ehid collector on the Isthmus. offer attractions, amuseme n t s,
"Thoe going are asked to wear and entertainments for visitors of
.ld clothes, bring a picnic lunch, all ages and both sexes, including
canteeq of water, machete, and a Midway-style fun-strip.
basket, gunny sack or box for
the collected plants and orchids. Birthday Celebration
As a safeguard for ticks, spray Miss Evelina David, a student
chordine tn clothes. at the Pan American Institute,
Meet at ,the USO-JWB Armed will be honored on Saturday at
Forces Serviei Center, La Bca na birthday party to be given by
Road, Balboa at 7:30 a.m. for ter mother and Stepfather, Dr.
transp The group will re-Jand Mrs. Wolfgang Alexander of
t Wr.. 1 itr p "rPanama City.
or farther formation and re- inas D i' 15th birthday Is
i .t plea a l. Mi 1 i today, but tre party will be on
thy Bricklman, smoa oe Saturday because school qiami-
gistration which is limited to ten ons are.... .
persons will close on Friday, at Itms= are under way.
":0 1. P fisher Called T ,California

campus of the high school has been
ftraserred, to the Balboa hi g w hlahi
school gymnusium because of N ew Spanish classes will open
weather conditions. at the Cristobal YMCA-USO on
e opening hour I s unchanged Thursday at 7 p.m.
and the show will begin as schedul- Beta Chapter BSP
ed at 8 o'clock tomght. Plans Fashion Show
SStrange rCdlub iet Officers Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma
Mr. Ernesto .u Estenozwas e- Phi held its first 1955 meeting in
Spresident of the'" Strang ers the home of Mrs. Eva Harte in Ft
elected a meeting held at t ngh e Gulick Heights recently.
Club on Monday. .The "Follow Your Heart" fash.
OtClber officers chosenMonday. wre Mren show to be presented by the
Other offles vice-presen t. Mr Chapter on Feb. at the Washing-
Martin Caio as sicretary-treasur- ton Hotel was the main topic of
er, and the following baisrd memr- discussion at the meeting.
ber: Messrs David a Pretto, En- Clothes are being furnished by
rique Jarinmillo. Ruben Arcia and Mottas of Colon and will include
rque JVelarde. Arc all the latest styles which are
Gustav Velrdscheduled to arrive from the U-
Rufus Nardys Returnnited States within the next cou-
SUniartedy tatei ple of weeks.
Mr. and- Mrs. Rufus Hardy of Appropriate .committees were
with Mrs. Hardy's sister, appointed to carry out the plans,
Anenrs. Trudy Gibson is acting ,a
gene-I aaima.AjurW..acmIn.# yI

Syers *o

Late J aEdA,

SoS irs
brvlo. Y

general chairman. Mrs. Be t 1 Y
Slaughter of Gatun. who has been
associated with fashion shows pro-
fessionally in the States, is advi-
sor for the show. Many of the At-
lantic side clubs have been asked
far representatives to model the
fashionable frocks, play clothes
apd evening attire. Tickets are
now on sale and can be obtained
from- any member of Beta Chap-
A report of the sorority sisters
visit to the-School for the Blind in

thing not required for a cabinet
minister in Israel is demanded of
the lowest buck private in its
army. A ildier Is the only per-
son on the government payroll
who must be legally married if
his wife is to qualify for pension
after his death. The regulation for
all other persons drawing govern-
ment pay .ys "or woman gener.
ally regarded as his wife."

WIves Club iUne MU .m
The Ft. Kobbe Officer;
Club luncheon will be hel
day at the Ft Kobbe Off
pen mess. 'An lnteresthi
gram will be provided w
Dorothy Brickman, USO-.
rector presenting a ski
"Carnival In Panama," I
with the native pollera
and dance.
Mary Neuman, a vislti
sionary, will be one of Mh
man's guests, and will
Reservations may be 1
members by telephoning 1
bert K. O'Connell, 8442M
noon on Wednesday.
Hostesses for the day
Mrs. William Yost, Mrs.
McKinney Mrs. Leo T.
and Mrs. Marvin W. Gilt
Cristobal Star Club
Meets Thursday
The regular meeting of
tobal Star Club will be hel
day at 7 30 P.m. at the
TMbifle; .tasre1fZe be an
I of officerS for i cotuip


Aid To Sea Eplorers Frolic MH,.',hman, Jr. mate, D. Gram-
. The Sea Explorers of Sh1 leh, sentor crew leader, J. Rich-
Ujxaes ayl" were loaned the!ardson Jr. erew leader, W. Hope,
ve c m, of a group of yeoman with D. Ritter, R. Dal-
laid I tgo lades a.seys H. Spencer ani S. Hewing.
aV M eYtotn 23 vomits 8.& Balboa. Orlando.

2*alboa and Gamboa W1pper, T. J.. Bradfleld Ist mates
S9*3 t oer shlp crews. | IBtaxy ........ ... ......
PI: '. side lads backedd rew leader, with Larsen, S.
,eO Sb" fio.d Coast Saturday,.M. Ryan, crew lezoer, V. Quarter,
the lg '11n that they migbitChilds, E. VunAnlaam, Ni Lin-
*ar ap take oft from Coco fort, C. Ralston, J.WlmkdwkiL,
Soli6th 'fowing morning t R. Johanson and "Alamle" Hamtl-
t-boa. the heavy cruiser USSton. Ship 9 Cristobti, Paul Doyle,
w Bere altore" which was lined up skipper, K. stone crew leader,
1f4t. or tot.flrst South transit of the B.;-Davison, assist. crew leader,
inessanaa Canal. J. Dockery, yeoman, with J.
Ot .- White, F. Johnson;. P. Hadarits,
m Atntioe side Girls jW. Fusselman, J.TMcGraw, M.
f 'r pffr wa heldl between Grover. J. Briana and 0. Shoe-
i fr 7:0 -U_ r i. t(he hall of the Imake. A round of applause was
nilth Anf otumbus building in given for D. C. Zitzmann and the
Mr. Mar tatL It was a merry setting members of the nights of Co-
- for dancing and with the cooper- lumbUs for their generosity.
Saion of the girls present some
at of the Pacific side boys ventur-
.a out on the dance floor for the

,Ose of the highlights of the
evening was the exhibition bebop
dance that was offered in a
'S loose-jltted- but nimble man-
Mrs. ne y Loulbe Johnson and her
bro aer rred.' room and spot
dance were other features. Rer
Sfreshmnents of Ice cream a i d
cookies with colas were enjoy-
ed. .-.
p~an g ladies attending .
during the Impromptu party !;
were: Pat Adams, Steffl Beck, -a
bb Marie bleakley, Ann Bred4, Joan
r- and like Coffey, Linda Erick-
. son, Linda Geyer, Diane Hickey,
a Loule Jphnson Bernadette Lees,
a. M garet Lei, Uly .Morland,
Dlarifepterson the twins Janet
and Janette Swicegood, an d
Jackie Walsh.
Vives Boys with their leaders at-
hurs- tending were: Ship 10, Oambo
s o- C. J. Holmes, skipper, F. Saund-
r o- ers, 1st mate, L. Origor 2nd mate,
Mis ChorrW. Church

STo Hold memorial

rkS&ervice For Remon

U iA" 1

Colbs Unit IAWC
Caned. Meetings
There willbe no meeting of the
Colon Unit IAWC this month.
Istallation 0 f
Balboa Assembly No. 1
The Installation of Balboa As-
sembly No. I Order of the Rainbow
for Girls will be held on Saturday
at 7:30 p.m. at the Scottish Rite
Temple, Balboa, when the new Of
ficers for the coming term will be
This is an open Installation and
all Eastern Stars and Masons and
friends of the Assembly are invit-
Musk Appreciation
Group Meets Tonight
The Music Appreciation Group
will hear a program of classical
recorded music by List, Mendel
sohn, and Schumann at the USO-
JWB Armed Forces Service Cen-
ter on Wednesday, January 19th
at 8:00 p.m.
The tfoowing program has been
arranged: Piano Cpncerto No. 1
by List; Concerto in E minor by
Mendelssohn, and Piano Concerto
in A minor by Schumann.
Military personnel and t h eir
families and the public, both from
the Canal Zone and the Republic
of Panama are cordially invited
to attend.
'Grupo Industrial'
Meets Tomorrow
Tme "Oruw6. Industrial" of Rio
Abajo will hold a special meet-
ing tomorrow night at 7:30 at
No. 150 Estudiante Street.

Nathaniel Owen Unit
Meets Tonight meeting.of
A regular business meeting .of
Nathpliel J. Owen, unit No. 3.
American Legion AUxiliary, will
be held tonight at the home of
Mrs. Mike Delgada. Quarters 4-
E. Coeo elite. Time 7:30 p.m.
Mrs. Kerns will act as co-hostess.

-, Owing to lost Week-end's rainy weather



SbAY NEXT, and -UNDAY at 4 P.M.

SJANUARY 22nd & 23rd

.. .at

it-*U' 2SU DU .

U'-.*: pW- lf SEr

t .a~a -

~,a~tt&.utr'm '~ -

A memorial service for the
late President Jose Antonio Re-
mon will be held at the Bible
Truth Church in Chorrillo Sun-
day afternoon at 2:30, under the
sponsorship of the Young Peo-
ple's Class.
Representatives of se veral
churches and organizations have
been invited to the service, which
will feature addresses by Elders
J. H. O'Neal, U. Jarvis, J. Brown
and Z. Osborne, and Deacon C.

PELLE OF rAKIS-Itvaasy '
to see why Danik Patisson was
chosen "Miss Paris." Only 1,
he former classical dancer is
supposedly the youngest model i
Sthe French capital, and has i
r sights set on the "Miss
France" title. i


NEW YORK, (Special)--South America is losing out markedly
qn tourist travel from the United States, according to informa-
tion received from the American Automobile Association.
Quoting from the annual report of the U. S. Immigration
Service, the Automobile Association pointed out that total travel
from the United States Increased by 5% during the past year
but that travel to South America has remained without change.
According to .the report, which covers the period from July
1953 to July 1954, nearly one million North Americans left the
United States for abroad, thus setting an all-time high in inter-
national passenger travel. Of these, 89,554 visited South America,
making up 5.3% of the year's travel total. During the proceeding
year. however, South America attracted 89,684, or 6.7% of the
The report's conclusions are borne out by figures from the
U. S. Department of Commerce which show that in 1953, North
Americans traveling abroad spent $1,300,000,000. Although the
sum represents an increase of more than 50% since 1949. the
amount spent in South America has remained constant at
approximately $20,000,000 a year.
The American Automobile Association further quoted the
Immigration Service's report as saying that of the nearly one
million Americans who traveled abroad, more than two-thirds
went-to Europe, or 7% more than the year before. Asia, during
the same year, also received 7% more North American visitors,
Australia a record-breaking additional 43%, and the British
West Indies an extra 14%.

The report noted that air travel to all parts of the world
is becoming increasingly popular over surface transportation,
and that while 5Q% of those going to Europe last year traveled
by sea, 84% of those visiting Latin America arrived by air.

ave n't yoU heard-"
.have"l -00


Aston Parsrsons

Ifam ts' Pewd ners

Um hg b~~s mpm.eause babys ia.
rust and moce -the maid she.
lJ: -_V'acg gq~b'tg

One reason why there are so
many dissatisfied women today
is that the present generation of
homemakers has been led to ex.
pect life to be a series of pretty
They are told that ifthey will
do this and do that they can stay
young and attractive .and glam-
orous. And, so they work and
strive to fight the sign of age.
When they see it is a losing battle
they feel defeated.
be l pictures of their houses:.
And When family living clutter
the pretty pictures, they feel frus-
trated. For any woman with a
family who expects a house to be
a pretty picture is sure to be
They have been led to believe
that their children wil never be
problems if they handle thm just
right. And whn the children per-
sist in having their share of faults
and troubles and problems, their
mothers wonder where they have
Honeymoon Is Soon Over
They have been taught to ex-
pect marriage to be one long hon.
ey-moon. And so when they hit
the rough spots and face the pe-
riods of loneliness or boredom or
conflict, they think their mar-
riages are failures.
Life isn't a series of pretty pic-
tures and any woman who ex-
pects it to be is sure to be frus.
treated at every turn.
The only happy women are
those who take life as it comes,
enjoying the good to the fullest
and meeting the bad with cour-

That Is the real truth but
many women today don't find it
out soon enough for their own

dacce" a

For baking success, use
CALUMET, the double-acting
baking powder. Get CALUMEr
tody and try it!



Old 8aler's Beef Stew
Is Tender ina Minutes
NEA Food and Markets Editor
Many years ago Swedish sail-
ors had a beef stew worthy of
attention. The succulent dish was
simple to prepare. A chunk of
beef was sliced thin and browned
in fat. Onions and potatoes were
added, also a good measure of
pieces. The whole simmered long
hours qber the glowing coals.
Those sailors were in no hurry.
While the pot brewed, tales were
told as the aroma of the stew
mingled with the scent of the
smoke of the fire.
Ann Williams-Heller, a noted
European food expert, now an
American citizen, picked up the
sea-going recipe on her many
travels. The original recipe took
hours over the glowing coals.
Heller, home economics consult-
ant for Farberware Co., has cut
the tine to 90 minutes using the
original ingredients. To do this
she uses a Dutch oven of stain-
less steel with aluminum clad
bottom and tight fitting cover.
Old Sailor's Beef Stew
(Serves 4 to 6)
Have butcher cut 2 pounds beef
(chuck or round) in %-inch slices.
Wipe meat with damp cloth;
pound well. ,Melt 2 tablespoons
butter or margarine in quart
Dutch oven; brown meat on all
sides (about 10 minutes). Mean-
while, blend 1 tablespoon salt with
1 small (crushed). bay leaf. %
teaspoon each of white and black
pepper, % teaspoon each of mar-
joram, red paprika, ground all-
spice and nutmeg. Slice 2 pounds
peeled potatoes in --inch slices
Slice 1 pounds onions.
Place potatoes and onions in al.
ternate layers over meat, sprin-
kling each layer with spice mix.
ture. Barely cover with boiling
water or soup stock (about %
cup). Simmer dome-covered-
over very low heat for AM hours
or until meat is tender. Sprinkle
with chopped parsley before serve
ing directly from cooker.




The Finest Light Car Ir The World



Be The Judge and Jury

What brand of cigarettes

do you smoke?

If so'uir a et o nks .11

"Panama" cigarettes,

make this tesLt.

1.-Take 5 cigarettes of your brand and 5
"Panama cigarettes and mix them up together,
2.-Place your handkerchief around your eye.
3.-Have someone give you one cigarette. Light 't
and take a puff. Name the brand. .
Repeat the same operation until you have triWe,
all ten cigarettes. Lr
Result: You were not able to distinguish
which cigarette was your brand and
whioh "Panama" cigarettes.


Smoke "PANAMA" Cgarettes









* m
~- aol~Wi
- -
-- L -


_ i __ __~_ ~~___

~___~ _~1



mluu~ I

. < l

Requiem Moss
For Mrs. Pardlls
Tomorrow Morning
A requiem mas for the re-
pose of the sole of Mrs. Thelma
Rose Pareella will be held at
the Virgen del Carmen Church
on Via Espafla tomorrow morn-
ing at 6 a.m.
Mrs. Parcella died. early last
week Tuesday morning after
a two-day illness. She is sur-
vived by her husband, William
Parcells, her sister, Mrs. Do-
reen Ross Johnson, and her
brother, Cleveland Ross.

To Entertain
Haitian President
-President and Mrs .Elsenhower
will give a state dinner at the
White House on Jan. 26 for the
p resident of Haiti. Pand E. Mag-
lore. and his wife.
The Elsenhowers in turn will
be guests of the Haitian presi-
dent and his wife at a dinner
Jan. 28 at a hotel.


a 0

If your tet ISW -
from coughing don't lay.*..
Buckley's CanaolMixture
away. Pour yourailf a
In your mouth a minute ... S
jtowly *llow i Feeit sn
down your threat .. i-- aIdiwO
the thick, hiking,
phlegm ... a1toothing >*m
mlm over those hot, rt
brane... carrying welcome
deep down to the broM te.bslO
Ah-h... you'll aly, a SO
have ... there's nothing SMO
ley's! So ask your drugglat6
.bottle of quick-acting,
tastng, Inexpensive .
Canadlol Mixture today -

iu kl"fz



'..;i' .. -... .= : -.-. .'."A.-.' ,-.,

^jjy ... .-. -- -i -- i:'~ ~

nds are worrietrl about Errol, .
atler', w,.o aug :Z hiy minoc r in
'. door. The great jazz pianist
S _ayd for :.x or --'.'en auvs after i
Saccide n, ano now faces a
s5o:p operatui. Rb Mer-.
who has written pep songs
'"Deggia In the Window,",
AIgned. to write music and
E Bioarwaytov ~' "Ser-
o(f." It's his litsi ,cark at the
Jtlqe ... Buddy hackrtt f "Lu. A 1 t I
I-tite and Lovers ''s"so makes, m Mh Caks
ortsfog rjr Miut his con- Liberate MightyeMoue "
'_A~%t nllh- frr him to do only, -
IAll ', ia1 ,cear. in. -- here-1a., few ears From there he Jcined
L ... h.... ..~ aiter i file en~ral eastward movement |
Swlta a Cniesa L Laundryman of artistic oung men, and landed
.ti- Sammy1K rn o New Yor ow.Im IV"
lJaikt, Woody KMessler, as nfori N Y a
u t~ anist fo t8e lat; ':M11 early years seemed sort of a
f-ured a new 17C500 piano, which aimle., he a for tWere havingour own jalopy race-you wanna be my
h nou.d be ready in time fWr his ptap .. ,r een omethlaine or pit ortW"
ri .enga i ll gPtet to Riviera eat in the theater. And then, in '33
"T Lsr h'egas.lo m be he cnm bt, 0 saw the first animated cator n i
eek e avbe he can buy I I knew tthen that my aimless wan A m M ad ak
a mdotcinmg bencnhderings had all been with some A ppies And Home Made Cakes
Them tgo maybe-a tcomin- back point and this was it. In ani-
tag a ming mated cartoon., I co uld fuse in%
4an. That's the word from one oilphotgraph
of the leading authortes anMe the ress aie ant p noTriap.y n
hyd c music. Ru ss a eMudro t n oto i torp nd o Help QM O utfit Fight Polio
Jle says his pet dance Is now the egan o make cartoons im- t P
gage in Paris, and from there, he, mea
says, it's onl a hop, skip and ma,, Eating their way through ap- muter's 1955 drive for t he
.ilao n to the U.S. His first, "Liad He rman, ples and homemade cakes, em-rMarch of Dimes. rhis year's cul-
cAl__ me ou e 'n 1915. And he's heen plyes of the Quartermaster, U. election of dust catchers will beI
allaying them steadily ever since. S Army Caribbean are swelln raifled off in the Subsistence
,.o-ined, the han e en -orecns thantheir contribution to the March oectlon of the Quartermaster On
cied, thee hae been moer that ,a Dys Frida, J anuary 8.
W650 e the six-minute shorts. o ice r'In di Mr. helma

, ib.eivable t gs et to solve works steadily. There are always o at the artrmer office t first o
0. --x at t ... 'Cotdre stedfe h r g ddelone go tey march r.o
V nry conceivable pblam exopt, several shorts in the works one C oro l. A dime in theA r an-satio o h r
of course, the uses two -- how being written, one being animated, for th fghta ainst Polio bu 'Dznes.
to get them parked and paid for, one being flme. oefe being col- or te ans o bs Mr's. Marl Piggee, CIC, Sub-
...o.h n ored. Usually more than onin donaed hoftiernade s aks in the,- slatescie etion, came tip with
M ,urdok, wh, I actually an ad- eawekyf l ch ktage The place is a sys weekly at ,t i yar to
e-. gma..... for a u .... hummig; it's animated itself. Jadd to o traditional "White
f scal. collet of 2MGenerosity of bakers among elephant Sale., This was the
tango gerds. And he's writing bth menf and women, Officers Aple a Day to Keep Polio A-
b-Ak "TaflfTime," on his baby.: With degs the rage on television and employee, inspired a cake way idea. The apples, pureha
What does he think about the' -Witness Lassie and Rin-Tin.Tin auction held on January 17 with.,d wholesale,. retail at 10c. each,
mbo? and some dog we won't mention- some 3 donations of cakes andwith the profits going into the
&& Ie@* everyry show is figuring out ways cookies auctiofled by Canal onel ght aga sint'Infantile Paralysis.
"I'* Ik e marmbo," he says. to go canine Bob Cummings has Policeman Richard W. Chesson1 iMs. ccelia Perra, of the Sama
very man -. his own passion. cast a basset hqund named Tiser who volunteered his selling abil-4etion, 1 providing her own
on an upcoming NBC-TV show of I ity. The sale resulted in the rais- homebaked "Cake-A Wee Ii "
Sure, a little bit of Hollywood his. Tiger will play the heart cf a lg Of $145.50 with 30 Cakes sld.each Monday morning which is
out thMe sky oq da and basset hound flamed Henrietta.: "White Elephants" are march-, ven aWay in a drawing to. one
ed l New ebe A rloiw next Same dogs never get a chance to' Ing again I the annual bric-a- fi the lueky apple-purchasers.
-' o a |rilroad a at eks It tIquiteTh f art P Mo a I ea
but it's been in that et. braO drawing at the Quarter-. TM first Monday, Instead of
.bar.el, betchte' bi town fhor ut havin g one cake baked by
tciir Westchester town for nMrs. Pertt, there were fivea and
S er ymakesbhig f Colonel W. R. Se mour, 4uar-
andr. Ter1 FLOTA MERCANTE e r UA ATaIn, -

the mo .GRANCOLOMBIANA S.A Eake 10- '
Itbeca use benefits, of 0co1ae, going to the
t b egocaounds 'fting Ao tr .arch of Dimes.
m to go EASTaCO ASTDeet g U PORTSU.A,, o Mrs. Seymour heard about the
ms, ian elderly, be" philo.I sale and mentioned it to the QM
cal man, primarily an artist, Sailings: Every Fifteen Days for: Wives Club President, Mrs.
0o was one of the first. to go Krueger, who contacted the club
animated cartoons. In those HOUSTON and NEW ORLEANS members who i i turn g a v e a
aling days, all movies were very enthusiastic response. It
in oe New York prel. The allings Evry Te DAys for: Mu then that the decision was
e stuff mo4ed to California for made to contribute the entire
S ses., mad meeany car. NEW YORK-PHILADELPIHIA-BALTIMORE mdnth's dues to the March of
a. studs followed. But Terry i (Gulf. Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO Dimes. The cake sale was term-
ed where he was, and he', :E every 5 wes) ad by 46 apokemnan sa a great
ere. ... .. .... success.
cHe lites td tedall how the ohain APP LY: One of the highlights of the
SOf events that !~d him to his res- I sale was the appearance of Pu-
t t started with the San fran- WILFORD & MCKAY, INC. lineman Chesson, ex-tobacco
-e ArtJhqua*.' He was a news- .aimnic Building, Orstpbal C. .uetioneer who acted as Mauter
piper artist there at. the time, TELEPHORES: CRISTOBAL. E 1W8 17 lS oft Ceremonies providing a color-
',_!left and went to Montana for ul addition to the sale.



Dad Arrives

dui mwid60N1w

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What Every HUsbanbl Kano

He's In

p-." wha/ w pIW N L
pW""r W4ull
~ ou'6 LUtlMind
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iN 'T'M CM
JC1.G "r1' DOOBJ

1% 9((

S .- "- ". '.- -" 9 i --.
.. .1 .. .. ... .... o-"; ,,. -..." nm,.iKp^ ^

." aOmC


!ois're It, Bepil

'b:V,* *AI4

Te, What Goes? It DGAU !ulBlbT


CAPTAIN Afti Two Babies



BOADmGl 0uoti8M

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Belf, Loulet


lt jar N"WUJ
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*: arbar Rush
h. Oregqry Peck



S with -

LA* Ai

S &- #:.. 9:00 ...

with -

;a (QRAWFIOD Wendell


DRIVEN Theatre

-.with -
Colleen MILLER


Also: -

Audrey Hepburn Valentina Cortesa


Als: -

George M"nVo .

Guards Serzed as HostageS SHO

In Jailbreak Which Failed
BOSTON, Jan. 19 (UP)-Twen-IThe prison'ss 541 other Inmates A
S ty-two long term convicts seiz- remained uiet in other sections,
S" ed five guards as hostages yes- locked in their cells under heavy
.rlt t~klu r .11. .terday in a desperate attempt to'guard.
break out of Massachusetts state i O'Brien said officials w ere
*" -" --.Be IlpaIirofionH. "prison, the nation's oldest penal-thinking of cutting off heat to m
OLLYWO) Be- -r. rt Takes: .A ir of Jon Hall structure. Ithe blocked off section which also
hi te Scre.12a eody's .al- "ma r of .h Jgle" telefilms Eight hours later ten of the houses the prison's "death row"
SgIollyWioG. will bie hooked toUther for theater hardened criminals, their hands and execution chamber. |I "L
it h dodag. party .reeae .. Liberae des.i.ed- ao high in the air, surrendered to Earlier, Rev. Edward T. Harti- a
with r s.'l for example. p etion rom be added to machinegun-toting state troop- an, prison chaplain attempted a
Or. TeinT.the rihm e.Ga tr u-td of a piano? -ers who had surrounded the soil- to get the convicts to surrender A
ritls. There'sweatersnd G d t Conra rturnimg to tary confinement section where without bloodshed.
urtl-ee sweaters and Garbo and the screen t a seven-year ab- the riot took place. The 35-year old Catholic priest
.1Ir pres Eugenie hats. Liber- sece. He' play Jane Wyman's The ten claimed they were un- was permitted to hear the con-
Ae ri tk shirts middle- su to'in "All That willing participants in t h e lessons of four of the five CRIS
and B a Shirl ey Heaven l Aows." break attempt led by notorious euards. The fifth was not Catho- Air-Co
a i ll kids pr- bank robber and escape artist lie.
rthe tun of "On the Bob Waterfield nixed an offer Theodore (Teddy) Green. I Father Hartigan then talked
rGoo. itia Lpot t ol otho- coaeh the Rams pro football The five guards, three of them with the prisoners. Two of them
wsJ t o..- team. Making more money as rookies with Jess than four were armed with revolvers, he PARAI
*NOW it's snuff sniffing. Jane Russell's partner in move. months service were "well andeponrt.ed Maj
Ad don't i. I'm not kidding. making .. Gloria de Haven and unharmed" when the ten in- r indication that some-
Edmund ("The Egyptian") Pur- ex-husband Marty Kimmel are s unharmed" when the ten In F indtion that som
d wa'tto evi the ancient still dating. No reconciltion, mates gave up shortly after thing was amiss n the SANT
du ms -ufV ef at Hotth' tho non. came at 5 am. when three SANTdi
sy guards inside the tier ailed to "I.
nr arti becausee da's headlines in film: Clark The c e guars w- ns utine t etiler phoed
smoke at the able's "Soldiers o Fortune" i The captive gurds were Ger-ans a routne telephonMartin F.
er iable. Snuff is the answer. all about U. S. attempts to free D aru D. adka 28; Martin Fcheck.
try it" G. hd b Ch se Re. ; Mulkern, 25; Thomas D. Ryan, The call was repeated at 5:30
I- s lffd .some of Eurdom's .. I I 25; Eugenie T. Wills, 27; a nd .m. and two guards were sent

or (ft I or *mir ftr MILLIONS PROM HEAVEri-Farmer A. D n looks prayer- brick walls ard adjoining streets and state police. Twenty car-
Ps tictalarly In- Southern Cal- U f5ully skwrd a he scoo ap a dop hd hecr ai to prevent escape loads of police rushed to th<- ^
aTi MGM thetheher day. E- en o. ar ngton 29. ,to check when the tier did not

B e, tat' naff aboutsuf. th es timatd 20t state and uarwe the second time.
ouo-,. e':,.. city police, armed with rifles, The fourth and fifth guards IIn

NORTH guns and probably crude knives and eard a voice say:
a.." muff e i/b e11111 U-jg4) g ] + riot guns, night sticks and tear failed to return and Deputy War-

ANt 81R ce O attorney Mel 00.. gasy patrolle the paders we red- d en t erleyn .Vance alerted city
income taxes filed by Susan a. MI7 LLIONS. ROM EAVE mer A. looks prayer brick wals and aforhe m erand state phoce Twenty car-

Ser W T (D) AST Flaherty 31 serving a 21-36 mssoner E. Lawrence purr
S ire rsm gniff g kee 52 snow wm Fr L a r Newolm M. Falling In the i n terom peers withl bma- scene and cut the prson area

wing ?a weekl 1a- S K I i.nd Walter H. Balben 38, serv-Ocaptives.
y- .nr. busy 10 "' SOMERVILLE, Masst Jan. 19- WASHINGTON, Jan. 1h (UPing 23 to 35 years for armed rob- The convicts orced three of.
o.. yodI even insists Purdonm weo-tBy OSWALD JACOYyeasubsoil, the white b lanwet bs s been termed a "multimtrheon "Cherry Hill" section of the pris-I A short time later a telephone

shI,- sat snuff, id cwhei O W H ( lifford B Wooldridge, -The Senate Foreign Relatijons bere the rebelous In t guards into a building which
he f.. s4 m olt for divore f.. r ,o~ [is W rit.. u for NEA Service dollar snow .by 'Missouri Farmers AssociaLion.c' had ahrwaned themselves be- l la ve

ie ie M La ce n 11 w e p sch committee today approved ther T re leaders sent Out word that Is barred by a steel door lockedr
S a h omnang o ormer ov. John they wanteel doors. Autores said from the outangde Spurr said ther.
Butr otht'sh ert u A -' Coiu to tabout.frough .the convicts had at least twoan a keyuard answered the phone

.... R IS at y Me NORTH Sc ho I le _-b-e oim-lld. Iguns and probably crude knives- andr heard a voice say: .
Vi uac'sfindings on ature ha joint 7 d theiniLPt e. William Langer RkOther ra n n glseaders were iden od conict released Jan. 6 fro
incom taxes led s by gangsters pass pass Pass h tifed as Fritz Sewson, 34, os- atnt to live." There was a clickhe w
ware and essq in B rViolent Sat A76 Christms sto. IHe sent i Barotest again thon, serving life for the murder d to uestihone went deadbt
ir dOe. Barker.'s o4A r th Pre4ldent and Mrs. Elsenhot r nact thatIao never of a police sergeant; Joseph A.olice Masachusetnd Correction Cm-were
My ," he's Baying, "Thls r ern ambassadorship. Langer sW Flaherty,son serving a 21-36'm dissioner E Lawrence purr
h happe to me more ofte." he will oppose all diplomat- year term and once identified said authorities were mystified

SThe "thank you" note came In nomination until Idaho and sev- going to be met. elp.
Overheard: "He's got a good Whl n today's hd wr t i M i Ia as Boston's public enemy No. 1,aotas to how the guards became
a different m ery alght." forhe y committed nd Walter Hbri. Baben, 38, oserv- captives.
r"Serenade." irst 106 oSOMERVILLE, Mass. Jan. 19- WASHINOTON, Jan. 19 UP ,ng 23 to 35 years for armed rob- The convicts forced three of

A FEATUiE tLMitouchlg the crime anc the criminal school. t is a most attractive lodge Jr., chief U.S. delegate to
boo-to-Hollywooe's d subject o dpe West opened the kin of Cifford Blovely pdridge of -The senate Foreign Reations-bery and escape.theguardsnto a buildngwhich

ddicicta. "One Way, Ticket." isad ^ Sou ruff Declarer drew Mary and the baby Jesu with ed tor reelection in November by
due nanal season. A three rounds of trmpsc ran the, t Christmas story gracing the Democrat Abraham A. Ribo ff.ved th e The leaders sent out word

pols. fors northe l y A bride detectives shold be "I was Interested to note -that e y a' ki t a c
S. d or yooWr before you read at school for the past three or Atr

?mi arMr I four .years. Keep up the ood V' A C
Sh o "Pass ead ale;iet-order for Carl. O 32-8

o, a sew.encq in .'Violent 'at-f Ope lead he Christmas story. He sent'I ation protest against thel The riot leaders. shouted ed to question Smith about the
Opening "a" -*- K itb President and Mrs. Elsenhow' lact that "Idaho never has had threats and curses at police and 'riot, Indicating authorities were I
ayW," b's saying, "T'h Is er-n. ambassadorship. Langer said 3'rlson offlciuls when it became rot discounting the possibility
shoud happen to me more often." hewill oppose all diplomatic parent their demands werenotthat the rioters had outside
aThe "thank you" note c'iame in ioinations until I daho andsev- gog to be met. he es
Overheard: *sHe's got a good' W hen today's hand ws played the mail, Monday. It read: ral other states including his,
head on his shoulders built's in a rubber bridge game some What a thoughtful young home state, get a fare share..
a differenteeveryI body committed a horrible ambridge man you were. to send me one of major appointments.
crime. See If you can spot the of the calendars you made atLodge, brother of Henry Cabot

ealse ..e spot.tha .. .... o'nl"o f agErm l
A FUATURE FILMtouchifig the crime and the criminal school. It is a most attractive Lodge Jr., chief U.S. delegate to
tboo-to-Holyood subject of dope West opened the kingmof spades, one with the lovely pictuib of the United Nations, was defeat-, "One Wa. Ticket Is ad South ruffled. De-larer drew Mary and the baby Jesus with ed for reelection in November by TT se t
due 'fol' retessiSoon. 'Ithree rounds of trumps, ran t the Christmas story gracing the Democrat Abraham A. Riblcoff.
F-rancis' hubby, Ban .rce, pmr five clubs, took the ace of din- upper part, and the 1955 calen- .Hendrickson did not seek re- -less
duc .d Jack I.,tel, on the moods,.and lave up two diamond dar on the lower part. Thank electionIn New Jersey. t

,come backtra s a. star O tricks. He therefore made his con't We beleo very much. new General
"Mustals," ho shaed. pouno tract of five hearts. _I_ "t
P I" u lioke thea8 MYouthl Al lbrdge detectives should be "I was interested to note, thato-- "J
po ".. ready to name the criminal Do- you have been on the. how* roil
w- In ",.+i'.tJ was the criminal, for mof work, and stay on it all the tie the stCA
h e *ouM have made an extra IMy best wishes to ybu, Cliff--
t f five heart. It was -signed: "Mamne Doud 'T KNOW ?. ,
can star inlhis own films, spade lead, he takes the heart ace __
overand leads a low heart to dummy's
Tbhre may be legal action over ten. It is then clear that the trumps 6 n~ r
Richard Burn's decision to star ore going to break 3-2, so South nie ra lMolors
,, The Ie", in his hand, lead a club to un- El, I lIIIhf
biog~ralhy clwar .ce Doglam ms me am and ruff a third spade IV uImnn f& *imsmvms
1Bad ri a prduir.. Danie q i a16st trump.
Anfel lata s i- -in vows now entered with the
for -the Ltfa unAl di wTows n, and thelastY Scholarships
Jo NMWYORK, Jan. 19 (UP)E --. F ulSth sooth org and se t
A-. JI~bad out t 1 by this Lnl. Im he.General'Motors Corp. announc- ree owcs-ny, a moe. .ent
couAnpi -_losing diamond. id today that it will grant 2 MU-caus e of indigfeki, heartburn, an. mamm
rreplidft n takes four more club lion Gpllars worth of scholar-- l oisst, neredieSp S isytemSiegul.A
JaeI,.- .-...w~~"the jW#|iS Was~W WI*Iv* twelvetrleks in all. ships a year under a Kitew pro- sotoumjdaet m onliUe.
.........-. -. Is the crime, however:gram of financial support toa me nmo irig ver-s ,tlnm -
? Q Ea tedEllNo. You don't, 'We believe this new General sb ao t d
,. .m. shelter a.rubber bridge elaver ,Motors proEram will contribute suitble foreanone-wit k

r i lt. ,. -qr missing an overtrick. iimportpatly to maintaining and
Te se .,r me took rime place in themprovingthe aty of eu
-on wthe subet:. ll^ Jtion by mating unrestric
as. t ith amasm- "At 's second turn to bid grants avaUiable to 306 coall@#
teur. mi pat to think of sohe- he had a chance to bid five clubs 'and universities," said OM's
one making play and fun of what instead of five hearts. It's pretty [president, Harlow E. Curtic.
real rtista make their living hard to think of an convincingll Curtice told reporters that
Itryes Aa butrea say: so or failing to b d five clubs. (when the program is fully oper-
It rhymes, Anma, butI say: Whenever you have a two-suit s Tun in itafourth year. the towt
Let themateurs in vq ther er, it's quite possible for your rt f pius other tto
IM, b ie 811 ll nor thae oartavgoo bt(to higher education will amount
some frem?" It can't be harmful to trot both to 4% mlonayear. 1
su-i tsout tihne hopethatyou' 8 t&T who lualfy for the

N U"IL A"South had bid fve "demonstmd need." M addi-
T P. I C A L N w Id have been det ,tion the coll*Ms ad universities
Soc. TODAY 35C. the- be not thsightest difficulty will receive rants-In-id equl-
sc. tonidght e. s-if C'.l-Le, n to*-'. M, a M"" to- 1 -
I F .Y i~ng alln trtee tricks at a .e o .OO Rw
GIFT DA1Y I act. Even if East-West esit.
-at six spades. they would
W OOPenalty o f0 points. Either
Wayteethmwould be better Off TOMORROW!
on 40 st-a mere gtue contract if.
DoQA4ia I "*t_____ OMA' 0 A

WAft fctOW
~~-s OW6~I
\ '' io. la

d Wakeman finally
pea b *er ne
of duirmbg withM

e-vreaweitr a*Mi

ee the ban a...My-
he-y, d. Teirorr Thnil

Sold.ibot Fruit Salt'



A Aft A mm.I

IA 6:15 8:10

DIABLO HT8. 6:15 8:4#
B-7:21 only?
a) "RplFIR3E" adm
b) "Soath of f ag Pawe"
Thurn. "=A& ,fmm
dra" Mi

W- YmlMr (LyWo -mmi I.mE r umA-
Um.MTaatmnlMina "DANCING YARS..
Ihowito THURSDAY! IThuM. "Wiuhlt uawM

5TOBAL oRw c AC. -
8M Aim Bowing THUMDATI
nn m IN

SO 8:15 8:05
eres Que Trabajan"

& CRUZ 6:15 7:50

LA BOCA :15 v .I

I DBomben Atl ,'

- t is.

, % ,-s

g g



Enjoy the new~"fresh flavor".

The perfect combination of its
lightly mentholated tobseens
refreshes your mouth and throat...,
and the feeling lasts for a long tiRen.
,te cork tip keeps your lips from-
AOi"ng to the paper, and OOL'V
brisk ,roma wUt#pW10 I yo
frA the verly firs. fatf.

pemof's advice:




M/V "CWlDAD DE CAlm" -- alb o, Caal Zone, JuKry 22,

-- -. -
'^^"'i _*"-.^

- TELEPHONES: .A W. 1760, 2535

,. F. ".

__ ____ __~_ 1_ ___I ~_~

.-I 7;rC7- --~ ~ -. '- : .~ ;~ ~ ---- -~C-


__ ~_ I~


9_ r

" -'

'" '* ... I
,. o;.




k 1.


m feshetr

-a 0

- ..g~i I..zt-wiaTz .,t.' ~'CSI~. .54
it; j4'~.:.- ~r ,':*~s -'~


Mis Y C
________ *. .! ..** *,fr I~ i.4. j,i -,. -5* J l

PREA CIADO street No
ON 41h o July Ave. y J
-1 ht IS ~ Ave. and r Uu
S 12 Lx Carr"utill


If Too Have a
S You Need
tew AlIanzlz Natural
sat Destro er. Klls
nd RedueKa Ma
ow Cost. Money Back
matee of Satisfaction.
;is Central Ave.
TeL 3-0149

7.. -*. 2
p.m. Adults. Prt-teens
91M. Ivy appointment only.
......Bal. b 2-4239
PmP....,Panama 3-1660

pm A. and 3. OB .ac
I- 12 s P.'m,
bpoek from Lus Theatre

D E N T I 1
bI (4th of July) Ave. ft*
(munt to aranhif ofalce)
C. I. PrAuGA, D.D.S.
fl yellow Instructor Georsge-
SUniv. Washinton. D.C.
e Dtrict Dentist Pedro Miguel
Siand Gambo., C Z.
(deature and Brldsi-voru .
AJBDASAIVi (mew teeflique
c r dmetal fUllnSa).
.t.. lee In: X-ray. Surgery -
nd Cblldr Dentistry.
SPanama (28) 2-3011
: fe appolnments.
p It a.m to noon-3 p=m. to
9~ pi daily.

rEFilyr othe
Swil Reflex Camera
You'll buy


FOR SALE:-1 pair single ma-
hogany bed ffrmes, I mole stu-
d.o couch, 1 pair mahogany end
tobies, 1 mahogany coffee table.
No. 11 52nd Street & Ricardo
Aris, Compo Alegre. Phone 3-

REPAIR and renewal- Bamboo
Rattan and other furn-ture. Lum-
Henrv, Phone 2-4791


Chevrolet, Oldsmobile. B ic k
cuato.mer. Absolutely no pre-
vious experience required. See


FOR SALE: Motor scooter in
excellent condition $85. Call Al-
brook 86-2135. Qtrs. 47-A.

FOR SALE:-1949 Olds-88, 53,-
000 miles. all the extras. $600
cash. Phone Rodman 3544.
FOR SALE:- 1946 Ford Coupe
$215; Westinghouse dryer, 25-
cycle; Hoover sweeper universal.
House 117-B Gatun.
FOR SALE:-1950 Plymouth 2-
door Sedan. Excellent throughout.
Let your mechanic check it 4irst!
$750. Phone Gatur 5-579.
FOR SALE:-'51 Carnival Olds-
mobile Coupe, radio, good condi-
tion, $1000. Phone 6-241.
FOR SALE:-1954 Mercury Se-
dan Radio, leather upholstery,
6000 miles. Phone 3341 Rodman
from 7 o.m. to 3-30 p.m.
FOR SALE-1950 Nash Ambas-
sador. Radio, weather-eye, over-
drive. 416-A, Washington Drive,
Cristobal. Phone 3-2815 after 5

Position Offered

WANTED: Laundry help in
: general. Especially shirt and pant
pressers with experience. Navy
Exchange Laundry, Rqdman, C.Z.

Famous German Castles

rNow Take In Tourists

-- 0 -

PFANKFURT (UP) -- West ized by Goethe as the leader of
Germany's poor but titled fami- a .peasants' revolt against feudal
lies are throwing open their state- princes.
ly homes to tourists to make an Top rate for castle accomoda-
honest dollar. tion is' $5.95 a day for room, bath
The latest issue of -the West and board.
German Tourist Association's in- So far none of the castles Is.
formation bulletin offers accom- advertising the family ghosts, but:
modation in a genuine Rhineland the spectre of dwindling incomes.
castle. or as little as 76 cents a and high taxation' is certainly
day, among the reasons for the -deci-
The association said some of the sion to turn the "stately homes of;
castles prepared to take paying Deutschland" into hotels- with
guests -"belong to plain knights, built-in snob appeal.
others to princely families." Since the war Germany's titled
Theje advertised as "tourist families, probably the most a
qtrt ir dinary," and the I. U H Europe, haYe fallen
associ~f li aid that atout 80 caNi-te V 1imes Many of their mondP
ties were- available to the tourmt ilfng family estates have fallen
seeking something differentL itte'Russian hands or been 'col.
Among' them is 750-year-old leetivized" by East German Com-
Krop Castle in the Palatinate, munists. In Western Germany the
where prices range from 76 cents taxman, currency reform and the
a day for a room to $1.78 for fulL aftermath of war have done the
hoaro and lodging. damage.


DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clin-
ic. 209 Central Avenue, beside
Copitolio Theater. Phone 2-3479
PENTECOSTAL (Assembly of
God. etc.) Fellowship meetings
Saturday 7 p.m. In Library USO
(JWB) Building, Balboa, C.Z.'

FOR SALE:--Limited quantity 9
cubic ft. Firestone, lightly used
refrigerators. For qdick sale. Bar-
oin price. On display at FIRE-
ONE, Automobile Row.
FOR SALE:-Like new, wed on-
ly few months. Ascot instantane-
ous water heater. Quarry Heights
FOR SALE: Rodio transmitter
Collins Art 13," 206 watts input
on phone. Modified to include 10
ond. 15 transmitter and 25-cycle
power supply in deluxe bud cabi-
net. Built in Monitor Scope with
spore tubes, $200. 8431 Espove,

FOR SALE:-Bell & Howell 70
O.h. w/3 matched "Super Com-
at" lenses. Late model. As new.
Call 3-1594 from 7:00 to 3:00,
after 3:00, Coco Solo 579.

. CAL PET SHOP, a small paying
business with a big, future, un-
able to manage. Phone Panama
3-2845 or 3-5411.

Wanted td Buy

WANTED TO BUY: '- Smooth
tires, suitable for reconstruction.
NAL, S.A., No. 47 Peru Avenue.
Phohe 2-0406.

Help Wanted
WANTED: Cook end general
housemaid. Apply Arbolx Bldg.,
Apt. 6. Front & 5th St Colon.
WANTED:--Moaid for American
family. Must live in. Bring refer-
ences for Interview. Firestone,
Ave Jpse FO. 39,
8 .15 '. 1..--.

Sanu ias Daen

Tours Resumed

..'lghber up the titled scale is Frelherrs. barons and even The resumption of .4ight-seeing
Jagst a sen Castle. the former counts have found themselves left tours to interesting places in the
om e of Goetz von Berlichingen, with little but their aristocratic Republic of Panama has been ani
famous 16th century "knight wits to keep the wolf from the nounced by the Panama Tourist
with the fian hand" immortal- castle door. Bureau and the Colop Chamber of
The tours, which are made only
S h *R i during the dry seasonj include
World s Shortest Railroadn-day lane-and-bt tr' to
WIlD ethe San Bias Islands -ad the Da-
RAS Plaza 5 de Mayo rien region, and two.ay weekend
/I T I trips to David, El Vd1ta and Bo-
Belongs To US Taxpayers quete.
See Kill Deer; The first tour to the San Bias
e r oIslands will be held on Sunday.
ard n Other trips to San Bias have been
W arden WASHINGTON (UP) You from an overhead trolley like scheduled for Feb. a, 12, 13 and
ards Venison- 'don't need a ticket on the world's'line. A 20. D
'rds enison shortest failroad. A Darien tour is scheduled for
If you're a taxpayer, you own al The line is probably the most March 20. Feb. 26 has been set
TON. Me (UP) -- share in the line. pampered railroad in existence, for the date for a trip to David,
Bray, game warden super The railroad wa& installed some Every morning each car sets a El Volcan and Boquete, and March
was given the opportunity 40 years ago as a convenience grease job and a brake check. 26 for a tour to Bocas del Toro
ircise the wisdom of Solo- for the senators of the United Then it goes through a trial run. and Changuinola.
States. It winds underground from This ritual takes about an hour Reservations may be m a d e
i C. Sprague's ear hit a the Senate office building to the and a half before the line opens through the Chamber of Commer-
and injured it. Murray Capitol a distance of 700 feet. ifor business at 8:45 a.m. ce's tour director at Balboa 4394,
-another motorist. At a breezy 10 miles an hour, a and with local travel agents.
frm his car and hit the round-trip takes about two and a The cars run until 5 p.m. or
th a hammer to put it ha minutes. two until half an hour after the Sen- Senate Corrects
misery. A thi man The line operates two cars ate usually has recessed. If the Senate Corrects
Wfled, ran up and shot the each on i single rail; The cars Senate holds night sessions, the E r
reminiscent of the old time operators stay on the job all Clerical Error
luarved on the Bene and open-air trolleys with cane seats night, if necessary. .
s, a, hoould get the van- carry 18 passengers and no n ,TOX LOW
,tandees While the railroad hals some
I wa i ha dstruek Jessie Williams, who oper fts r les, Wli am 'aiMove iaw WASHINGTON. Ya. 19 (UP)
E ut Sragie de- e othe line, said that near-s e loe lrs, as a rule, leave their dit- -The Senate today corrected a
Jb 10Graygave of thie 1953 session the ears made 'er on -eSenate fl 'clerical error" that mitted the
E. trip o e one ad car. emeoth tts po penalties for catain narcotic
Sg wet re than 5k0 e r opponents maM themselves face to violations from la year's tax
IL. WI s didn't keep tra urinftac e on the railway and make the law
.-st, summer's filibuster, I be's sh on t rla y goodhumor e The Senate aprovd with ob-
r, Ie~' at least 6,000 rode the cars section a bll reinstating the
e"n-Je t i on e The pint-sized railway Is a .at pnaltles ofr narcoUc law viola-
S The round'line was tourist attraction. School chren Fion. The bill was approved by
UeI t Vttlled i 13 as a bad weather who our nto Washidgto n by the the House yesterday.
convenience ad al to speed duri the spring Cha an Harr r. yrd (D-
BsIV II. senators from Etheir offices to the mnage a ride on the railroad. Va.) of. the Financ Committee
S Senate floor Each r has a me But Williams said that adult aelan-to the Senate that the
)i at an torman, and the current cometourists get a bigger bang out aties had been left out
nm ar iMpe rttoo the short ride. At least, they make through an "tIadvertent omis-
t es u iU to m ore noise when they ride it, he slon" and that it was "impera-
a t planna m commented. tive" the bill be approved Im-

- --'p -

d~ ~J 4am



rtalZ plowim to t a

--NN W. elise]I S S
ta o eaos o 171'.

S1i5S A ltep i hE*3.
i g, d.__ SI* iA t
Al. v^^^

Kite-Chute Aids
Distance Costing
For Fishermth
UTICA. T. ..-" (tPy The
latest thing for fldAemUa Is the
kite-chute wut ch i tft a oeeee
bt a mrt of t, or aowt f _par-

A fishermt n waot* .* -

e n "-,-,.
lI*i m the h te s ewI
Infv *os.thftme

A' tI.M CAM A&

mediately without going to cornm

Texans To Tour
Latin America
On Trade Jaunt

'Twenty teleftu, Interested
tlmulao gf to an trade, a
at 6taf h Amerki
mupId of its iund 'ponsored
te -et Texas ChMnber of GCo
4 is tb tnt stop of




WILLIA S Sote. C,,or Beach
.Cod agn".
2-bedroorn. 050obS^S.

MPhilHpe. 'Oceoi coatrag ..
Santa Clarm, 35, ttano ".
Phone Ponameid -T87, Cris.o-
bal 3-1673.
Gramlich's Somt' Cler Beadh
Cottages. Modem convenience,
moderate rote. Phone Gamboo
FOSTER'S C AGE or mile
past Sonta Cfora- Law nrt.-
Phone Balboo 2-4866
SHNAAPI furniah~d houses..
on beach nto CoeT., Tefe-
phone ,' o B i .


FOR RENT:-Small chalet: living
room, dining room, kitchen, bed-
room. Suitable for one or two
persons. Inquire 50th Street No.
6. downstairs.
FOR RENT -Chalet, three bed-
rooms, dining living, kitchen,
both, terrace,.gorage, maid's room
and bath. Phone 3-1160. Ave.
Fabrega 22, Posadena, close to
University of Panama.
FOR RENT: 3-bedroom house,
completely furnished. Call 3-

Apartments f

ATTENTION G.I.1 Just built
modern furnished apartments, 1,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
Ponomr 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and un-
furnished 2 & 4-bedroom apart-
ments. Contact Alhambro Apart.
ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386,
FOR RENT:-1-bedroom apart-
ment, living-dining room, large.
-kitchen, porch, hot water service,
$65. No. 1 Gerardo Ortega St.
Phone Panama 3-0422.
FOR RENT: Furnished aport-
ment suitable for two couple ,
Tiled fears, outside balcony, 'W--
screened. $80.. No 63 4th Jul
Ave. See janitor or phone Balboa
2966, Hopkins.
FOR RENT:- Beautiful modern
furnished two bedroom apart-
ment. 58 Ave. Peru.
FOR RENT: -Comfortable fur-
nished apartment with garage,
$65. Ricardo Miro Street No. 52,
Vista Hermosa. Phone 3-5229.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apart-
ment with hot water heater,
maid's room. Ave. Cuba No. 58.
Phone 3-3329.
FOR RENT: 2-bedroom apart-
ment with balcony. Bella Vista.
Call Panama 2-2601.

FOR RENT:-Wire screened
quarters, No. 61 4th of Jly Ave.
W. T. Lum, phone 2-2446.
FOR RENT:- Furnished apart-
ment for bachelor $45. Frigi-
daire, gas stove, all screened $70.
Bella Vista, phone 3-1648.
FOR RENT: Small furnished
apartment in beautiful residential.
section. 43rd Street No. 1 3, Bella

FLOOR for offices or other busi-
nesses. 1 Justo Arosemena Ave:
nue. F. Icozo Co.
comer Fiftieth & TwelftA Streets,
San Francisco, F. ICAZA CO., T
Justo Arosemena Avenue.

FOR RENT: Beautifullty fur.
nrshed room, double couch, re-
frigerator, kitchen cabinet, stove.
bath and private entrance. 52nd
Street No. 3. Phone 3-0638.

FOR RENT: Furnished rooms.
boarding house students. No. 98
Estudiante Street. Also apart-
ments, Sabonas. Phone 2-1508.

FOR RENT -Furnished room in
respectble family home to gen-
tleman ef good habits. Phone 3'

POR RENT:- Furmnished ram to
, w a r Phem -637 .

We can


t xATire Ses

a4 t' -- le Z'&:
4 ." : T" .' ,^ ^ *, .. ,
*m i:f e ;..qi ifc i^. -A

line of a Joint hon_ a
K. Harrliu, Jr., (cet
for the ceremony, Jxg |tw
Zone yesterday for s-.-d
Caribbeaj defense m tte.
Panama Lne


Seventy four passengers have
been booked for the northbound
sailing of the Panama line Ancon
from Cristobal next Saturday,. in-
eluding several distinguibedh v iid
tors to the Isthmus.
U. S. Rep. and Mrs. Sid Simp.
sen, who arrived from the States
Wednesday on the SS Ancon, will
sail on its return voyage. Also
sailing Saturday will be Maj. Gen.
Julian L. Schley and Charles 8.
Reed," members of the board of
directors of the Panama Canal
Co., and their wives. 1

Gen. and Mrs. Scl ey will stop
for a visit in Haiti before return-
ing to the States, while Mr. and
Mrs. Reed are booked for New
York. Both Directors arrived last
week on the SS Panama to' attend
a BoardtMeeting,
Sve er, passengers will de.

f Neo Yorkfolowsi
Mr ai Mrs., gar Bernstein;
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Blaesl;
Mr. and Mrs,. Robert: N. Bopp;
Mr. and Mrs. J. George Blaest;
Mr and Mrs. Loring Dam Sylvlo
DeMao; Mr. and Mrs. Valgene
Ebeling and daughter; John Eng-
strom; Mr. and Mks. Lorenz
Ernst; Neville q. Fraim; Mr. and
Mrs. Eli Goldstiln; Florence Gor-
don; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. A. Gra-
ham- and A. R. Gregory.
Rit Thomas E Hayes; Mr.
and rs Charles Heinzerling; Mr.
and Mrs. Saul Katz; Rev. Walter
Keenan; Dr. Clement Ke rna n;
Rev. Bernard Kerrigan; Mrs. F.
M. Kingel; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
W. Kps; Mr. and Mrs. Henry C
Lemle; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mac-
CaUum: Frances C. Morel; Mr.
and Mrs. Richard Novey and 3
children; and Rev. John O'Don-

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Perlmut-
ter: Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Rave; Rev. Edward Reardcn; Mr.
and Mrs. Charles S. Reed; Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Rubin; Mr. and
Mrs. H. Gilmore Schmidt; Mr.
and Mrs. Walt Shedlow and 2
children; Dr. and Mrs. Leonard
Shermnan; Rev. and MrL. Sid
Simison; and Mr..aqd Mrs. How-
ard W. Smith.

NewFully Aulmakc

Hospital -d-Just

The p._ tton age has now pr -
dueed 4 completely mechatl
.Tte. als "dream bed" can
save a x lately half a nure's
tme In e days when the a-
ng. pr hsaba Is badly -.

- ---V7
Name4$te BDeef Bed after Its
surgaeopa Inventor, Dr Marvel
Beem r,.oaJAngeas, more tham
0 arthird4 a
Um >ilak went into its do
veloaaje It waS mvqmed z-
cmmtabtl aaolrd ul""NO Hoe-W
pital meui Teise.]
10g oeiv eaBtj o


;*.. A

~.", -

RANDING OVER the dues of the Quartefnasnt WlWves-Club for
the whole month of January for the Mafih" of Dimes A-s..O .
Thelma Krueger (right), club 'president, to-Mr. MagM I gg,1 of
the U.S. Army Quartermaster Section at Cotoal. Mr& *11ee,
who Initiated an "Apple a Day to Keep Polo AWWy.'drlT e --t e
QM Section, will turn over the money, plus $14560 rTa s fl.t
recent "Cake Bake" sale and" funds raised by QM 'eployeb.btY-
ing an apple a day at 10c. each, to the Match of DImei or:the
fight against Polio. (U.S. Army Photo)

'Ale.) riht still M ot.w. Bnfit-d by
Blean NminHaten'- Hor M chanr'fi 14, u a
to vmbetweeat pvuae anmd the CAioL
hi guet rider, p. Albert als (D.,
jo.-um i t wrwi. *Imapw-*hubm her e a __

clerk with- many years of experie 'Jt ,
phases of o6ffie routine offense .he Srvm..e
For rmation-aU 83-5146, CA-udu.
-' .-
.. i I li M II ... A ,


c.. :.
1- F.MART ,- .: ., <-.,:,

leation &le
3inager of

1. CASA ZALDO Ageneis IntenaL. do Pbhmealom FARMACIA aWUAOS 1DOS4
IS Central Ave. 14k 45 Centra AVe. 143 Ceral AvU.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Parque l evi 7 Str =t MS a trtC No, .
Fourth of July Ave Cntrl Av. o .
M Rtre.t Kia &7 VVia7 -ft 'N .

.1 -
*~~* .;~;

,. .. -,.-

", ", .'*


,-i,:/ .. ,, -.'...:1 *
^ ;' ,,. j
-' '. ,., :

,1 -- ---- --- --

* f *


I -. -


Z A-sp





- I drm"MO

- i aersta





1^ -'' ; T- T -'-<** -. -.....-: ; ?: *^ -- "..c-- '. T* .T; .. ', '-? ; ,.
.- .. I-.- ..-.-. *.* ,. .. .. .-: .- ..
l" '- ".. ..* "*
*^ ^ .o A.i Nov*- *..*

" .'. ~" '" -' s" "- '
.' -- -i.- *"'< .-* ,' ?- .
... ., g o. .. w. .


-. .*~I


ANOLING for trouble? Could
be, although the "No Fish-
Ing" sign apPeats to be over.
looked by both'the fishermen
and the motorcycle officer on
bride near Jacksonville, Fla.

WTV ild'nit has been introduced bl, the 1.S. Army and it.allows
S.dkract battlefield action from as far-* 40o miles away. Portable -n.
Soperated rth und, air or w~tq. This is a U. S. Army hoto.

At,-. to flb tedto b atmtotg'etth.0t ore cahnra. The nglsn h sheep

fl1ow in season is this gown, called "Queen of Snow,"
beiag modeled by screen actress Ava Gardner in Rome.
Mtlol fontana, one of famed sisters who design many
kew creations, is giving Ava her personal attention.

IT'S VACATION time for Robert Skene, one of the world's top polo players. The rnal-
let master, wife and son relax on Walkiki beach, Hawaii, Skene is One of six 10-goal
players in the world. An Australian, he now makes, his home in Los Angeles.

TALIAN ACTRESS Sophia Loren played one of her favorite roles
recently as the sweetheart of the American Army in Leghorn, Italy,
and she was the star.of the show. Only thiswas a real-life role, not a
screen one. Sophia *as tapped by Aollywood for a starring part in a
future flm on the basis of her work in Italian pictures. pfore shejoes,

Sophia expressed the wish to meet some. Ame~kia men. This -wish
reached the ears of soldiers in Leghorn and what icod be rnore appro-
priate than inviting her to the opening of newly-btit.lub? She was in-
vited and showed up to dish out chow, eat with the boys and then show
some of the poolroom sharks that she plays zeie n game of biliardis '


- K

-.- .---


~"~s- P 1'~


i.l Sull

I 1 1 -

. ,' ; -

:,rua4 :

. ~. ..-. .. ._ *. !.- .
".'*- '1




eau Jack Francis Set Pro Loop o KesurnOly It w earn erm

o Go Against Medina I *
SA Durocher Says Ba sketball's pset Wave Sinoke' Chu.

C. "The Joltin' Joe Brown-Tito Despaigne ten- M S "
bout will definitely go on at the Colon Arenaee1- Gr ea e Dl n /

rtn said that his statement pound semifinal bout between N N
nt rumors to the effect that Sammy Medina will remain as NEW YORK, Jan. 19 (UP) T IAual i l oa Basketball's ne'wave of usets
E program had been cancelled., the sub-feature. Francis was Leo Durocher declared flatly to- rolled on today, Hm e t
of New Orleans will arrive on thug cut his neck with a knife greatest ball player I've ever s. Chri stian to add ai 5
Isthmus Jan. 25 to complete However, the injury was slight seen" and that Includes 'em 0IVIf OI tll o. puted leae Wlan l .
t ing. and has not interfered with from Babe Ruth and to Stan NV IA tth CaroftmS tiba of qn.
reports aso indicated th, Francis' training schedule. Musial. te A ante e *
Sflpalne has been goi1n g Medina is riding the crest of "If I Md tos e be5 e91e M nato 's a". ia-bon
S ugh daily workouts and is In a comeback winning streak a andtWi and MuWl," Drocher L .etedt
hape. Tto returned from challenged Francis to this re-t ress conference I New York, Set For Feawarom oh
,. ber to turn back challenger, Ing a one-sided victory scored mires Musial any more an t is 'I knuc erts aked 4- O.
S Srmelq in a brilliant 15- by Francis over him last year. do. The third annual Gamboa C And under.
Z performance. C Two other bouts are Included "Willie would be great at any vicCoucil Swim Meet will be 12. 1908 ds. Backstroke Men. It was only the esa time.
:on this star-studded program. position you put him. Third b held Gmboa Pool Feb. 21, 13. 6f yda. iee Style Girls that North CaroHla had beat. *
o will be giving Despaigne Sam Bruce and Marcial Molinar. irt base or shortstop. Why, a direction uner en tte
adee1t en eight-pound pull in a pair of toe-to-toe sluggers, lot of times before games, he t Edunderton and Re- 14. 0 d. Free tyl Boys Sa e eut of s Maager tanrd
tof Physcal Education and Re- 14. 50 yda. Free Style Boys Ge came
wel.ts. Theyv slened to will swea punches in the 138- gets out there at shortstop and creation Branch of Schools. 14 and under, nine years ae to mg tte's the aokert will U se
ia limit of 146 pounds and pound four-round main pre- I hit grounders at him until I Trophies will be awarded in all 15. 100 yd. (4x25) Free Style cage team. aTe m time treman, Clarence "The io ",
n's best fightine weight is liminery while Rocky Pee Wee get blisters on my hands. He event for irt, second and delay Girls 1 nd under. North a w a n, the the hom anaer
t will most likely come and Juan Salazar will tangle inat handles the hottest ones I hit third places except the relays 16. 100 yds. (4x25) Free Style mod two years ag Jan. 24, Vibert larke at Mount ope to- which In this ea wod be eon
_ht 13B l for Tito. the open ing four- wonder a at him as if they were nothing. which will have trophies for Relay Boy 10 and under. 1953. night at 7:S0. Kellman of the 8edaum .
heduled eight-round 128 126-pound weight limit. "'Is this where you used to first place only. 17.100 yds. Free Style Wor- Texas Christian grabbed the Graham stated this morn- It wa a
.- -play?' he needles me. 'Why it's en. Southwest Conference lead by Ing that he is bei n finding yestday. No game rai.
.. ... Just like an old man's home.'" LST OF EVENTS 18. 100 yds. Free Style Men. upsetting .Southern Methodist ut If Ch a starting The fans were just about get-
19. 100 yds. (4x25) Free Style last Saturday, bt got some of tcher he may hve ting rd t te th tw
S Durocher said that if Mays 1. 25 yds. Free Style Girls Relay OGrls 12 and under. its own medicine last to open a bll between o
i hits .325 for the next four or 7 and under. 20. 200 yds. (4x-25) Free Style a 73-63 loss to Rice. defeat game before the season ends, the Sodamen at the Oly
five years he could be t he 2. 25 yds. Free Style Boys 7 Relay Boys 12 and under. shoved TCU back into a first- what with the added amount Stadium whent weatherman
"greatest ball player we've ever and under. 31. 50 yds. Free Style Wom- place tie with 8MU, each with of doubleheaders that e got other Ideas ad the rain
had." 3. 440 yds. Free Style Men n. a 3-1 Conference record. bound to come up because of Degan to fal.
"To be a great ballplayer, you 4. 25 yda. Free Style Girls 23. 20 yds. (4x50) Free Style A crowd of 10,500 at Raleigh, postponements .
need five things." salpd.yr ou 8 and under. Relay.- Girls 14 had under. N.C., saw coach Frank McGuire A check with Yankee Gens. 'Evilyt e wetherman U
need te ab l..s, to h it, yo n 5d. 25 yds. Free Style Boys 2. 200 yd. (4x10) Freei tyle of North Carolina confuse eral Manager Gil Morland of not a Baseb fan and It
need to beable to hit, yo u n eed 8 and under. Relay ay -a 14 and under, mighty State by a sudden switch Cristobal -this morning revealed suggested from
tohave power, you need to bew 100 yds. Backstroke Worn- 24. 400 yds. (4x100) Free Style in tactics. Instead of the "slow that the poss bilites of the something be doner
able to run, field and throw. WU- en. Relay Men. down" strategy McGuire han al- Mount Hope grounds being in in him.
He canS g do aem A. M s 7. 25 yd1. Free Style Girls ways used against State ad in god cnditlon before game time Slace the wether bureau ws
He's a good a hitter as Musial 1 0 and under. Note: A as of Februar a 47-44 loss to State earlier this ni4h? are good. not contacted today eocer g
e and he has much power. And 8. 25 yds, Free Style Boys X1, 1955, wil govern ellgbilfty season, North Carolina started Morland Is responsible for the their errant member the fans
he can out-field, out-run and 10 and under. for events in which there is racing with the first whistle and Mount Hope park as the Pro and others onerned a only
-out-throw Musal. 9. 100 yds. Butterfly Breast- an age Hnlt. Relay arms must roared to a 38-28 lead n therst League's representative and asad keep their er s an
Sl ."Maybe Willie doesn't have stroke Men, be rgpnaled and entered as 16. minutes of play. State spent that the sun shone brightly all hope that Jupir v be
the greatest I.Q. In the world, 10 50 yds. Free Style Girls teams. Entry forms will be a- the rest of the night slowly morning so it was almost a cer- resting up today.
Sbut all I know is that he's never 11 and under. Iallable at a later date. This closing the gap and finally run-
made a mistake for me." 11. 50 yds. Free Style Boys s not an entry form. ning out of time.
Apart freomthe subject tof --- .Lennie Rosenbluth, ophomore t-Paredes Invitaton
Mays, Durocher predicted that F E .| \ from Brooklyn, sankk five ,, e' l
Milwaukee would be dangerous \A/straight baskets to pace the
again andthat the CardinaSsandn r iSCo End Billy 1Wilson early TarheelM sult and was m ateur
1!Redl.egs "should be tremendous- the victors' high scorer with 22
ly improved." points. However, Mnnie Shavllk
"The C have some of State took game honors with --
fins arnal Receives Dou le S ary 32 points. The vitoty left North The amboa Course is open now partner of ou
f fine yu blllaerm.DeCarolina with a 7-2 le ue o for practice e rounds Jan. 15, 16, best ball .rtos r) out
wn an c behd dl 18th
Offer from Canda Loop a.r ukdu
l fly rough. Brooklyn They- !-stoppi the Horned Ps IlM them. If.oulea
.lways give us a helluva bat.- -- mln bomore center Dick O'- low the information wll i
B te" ,LO ANGEl. Jan. 10 UP) '2B1lyl' one of the reatest guys lal Southwest Conference's sure be useful drivi int oy e f ghtplo t
.. .. The star of Sunday pro of a. WW know he would'tleading ,scorer wo fouled out wind on number 5 nole. If you to e piyed on a i
On other baseball fronts, pitch- football bowl game is caught lump to Canada without talking after scoring only 113points. learned how to fade the ball into 23 Play will be in three or ou
er Tom Morgan became the 19th between two fires today. to us first." Meanwhile, Rice center Terry a reen, that's just the shot you ball matches, or as Ereted by
Yankee player to sign his con- End Billy Wilson of the San 8padia says Wilson is sched- Tellgman was laying one of ll nee when you play num- Me touran mittee.
tract for 1955. He posted a 11-5 Francisco 49-ers says he has re- uled to talk contract with the the best games of his career and ber 2 holes. In spite of the l- terrain
record last year and was given ceived a "double-your-aalary" 49-ers on Thursday. winning scoring honors with .. on the Gaibos ,ou ea
a slight raise, offer to play in the Canadian Wilson says he likes playing points. Joe Durrenburger added One golfer, who had not en watch the lay on all ut
Nelson King, six-foot-six-inch Pro League. Wilson, who caught In San Francisco. "But." he18 points for TCU and did fine the new arran ement for thegr e ol do't tn k th
i... right-hander, who compiled a 11 passes and was voted the pro adds, "a fellow has to think of rebound work. second hole, "d his partner exercise w a with you
S-' Mlkkesa 16-5 record with New Orleans bowl game's most valuable play- money." Another major upset last "What club do you use here, come ou, si the verada an
S of the Southern Association, be- er, says the offer eame from the In college football, an impor- night aw Tale defeat Dart- watch the divts fly.
.' ..' came the first Pittsburgh play- Toronto Argonauts. tant bill relating to televising mouth, 83-79, It overtime. It Did you know Iat e
'DURABLE DANE Capt. Vern Mikkelsen has played more than er to return his signed contract. Wilson already has told his games will be introduced in the was the third Ivy ege li U golfer, out of 306,i broke' last
S i r. Pitcher Bill (Bud) Black, fresh present bosse... and they be- Minnesota legislature today n ive starts for Dartmouth U year in the m
.con ..ecutive games with the Minneapols Lakers. The last out of the Army, was the 12th leve he'll stick with them. "Wil- Representatives D. Wozniak of and put a damper on the title f...... Tournamet. Tht owa
the gigantic Hamline alumnus missed one was in February Tierplayer to n. He to son definitely has not decided on at..a ul. says hi bl his bill w ask hop Ist h be o nd wo-H N imi -o
Detroit in a trade with the St, anything," says S"n Francisco the. University of Minnesota to the Indians, victory Ithe
.rof 1951. (NEA) Louis Browns two years ago. general manager Lou SpadsL televise all home athletic games...rSaw England College Tema- et enough tgethe aie I -sa a e
particularly football. ment last month.I t wa s _y hrne up- medalst eqn.o..
"1' i pWoMniakhad two'similar bills th second win i 14 games Tiluesday afternoon for_ uski mJay ley -Wpttt t.e
defeated, but he thinks this one for Tale.G erhart to fire a two-hit match play rounds sad wk
has a better chance of passing George Washlngton, defending over Army Atlantic, 2 to 0 and off wth the h l p up.
We're on better footing now"; Southern Conference champion move Fort Kobbe's Lifeliners in- Jim has his work cut out for hi
says the legislator. "Athle di- ranked No. 18 national, scored to third place in the Panama in defendag. against be
rector Frits Crisler of Michigan what could be called a mild up- Area Armed Forces League. from Panama, FAnaor; W.A.-
has said the Blg 10 Conference set, by beating Maryland, rank- The triumph evened the Life- D., Ft. layto, SBUmit, Dt. s,
will stand behind any school ed No. 11 nationally, 75-53-, n liners' count at 5-5 and gave Brazo, and Oabo &
whose state legislature forces It a local rivalry. them a half-game lead over Fort There will be forrW Let-
into a television stand." In other leading games last Clayton, which was rained out tars of Credit, from Sest. &
Wozniak refers to Crisler's night: Holy Cross, ranked 13th again at Coco Solo. Paredes to be ay .rded an tfe
A N T MONM IV / I I I M 1 1 I nr A IS '' _- ,^ statement at the recent NCAA nationally, easily scored its 11th .qualifying days. So be sure t
convention in which the Big 10 American International; South Wednesday's action calls for sign you acore card azd -turn it
took a strong stand against the Carolina edged Clemson, 90-87, three games, the night claes at in. Can't tell what kMd of a
S. CAA's present "game-of-the- in the Atlantic Coast Confer- Fort Clayton shaping up as a score will win one of th let-
S. week" policy ence; William and Mary trounc- battle for third place w ren* toi .
S. ak hints It would be up ed V.M.I., 8*84, In the South- Clayton and lobbe. In afternoon The medallatethe= wler and
to the University to follow ern Conferenee; Baylor ow frs unbeaten l e leader, runner up teach f t ~ 'se-
"if' .through If the resolution passes. Texas A. and M, 88-77, In the special Troops, enter Arm. eive a beautiful p e, silver.
1. n.';' .If" ""[t Minnesota failed to comply, South Coiference and Lool A lntlc at Fort Amador and The silver will be .on dispy t
". 10.. D.---.--- i. t could affect the school's ap- (Il.) beat L 'I80. second place Albrook A.D treks the Gamboan Golf Clb' ~'rng
,- ... .- 19 .ranama OIn propriation for the next two --.-- to Coco Solo for a tiff with the qua4 inj--id"5 ---
1 9: a... 9... ..rmer Ilo Al M .f. fifth place Bravee. you S t n
GRed range has resigned from Wth the reschedulig of the to -.rnamL .Tis yo
ne d, I E solIon -ira Ho d h St y" from Saturday when the Flyers" arangeS tin..-
.Ma1 d ucit- e v-i.-. were playing In Nicaragua, the
f'o r a e ... .. .. ... .. -...
H tis. ". t. Orange 'Uys he will move t- "O -:. f to toptwo teams f foer aml f m ''
kBY8Ju1 toi^ u.Florida and spend ou a 9P in five -day TC iispt "9 f
+B ',. "" a" I^U. II+! 'ILLsh Iort time each year in II o *: .- y ames comes.U Tp oiday. ..
..-'.-'. -. 'l II.ti The .Tro.o. s entertain, .xperieci. B- A
Pacific Divisla r ioi^feesstnrsiay Adval
".. W- "-. -,Gol f rsfi .MI.elMt -,, .u-.* cmc oo:;.r...w i.

,C- Y MACMURRAY G o ; oe -~t
I"Bennett, and a igle nby oy s.l, e
SSampson chased across two runs m_._l-" ls 8 two h
S- fr Navy in the D lmn. w1K^- 2 morsiIO t -
S- walks o second, advanced to

.M.YnnIninge provided -0er au t attIhe plate tyiast
the margin of victory for$ the e -toh- --OU,
W..t Bank lads. = X--S
Lmteur 1955 Panupa Opn r bnked the Natio -

lelded six hits while t. u0 y
..* ~th* teeiag twirler. gaveQ up s,-
p a O p.Rot.berts. .-4... 1.
-. ... I: ': --,. ,-A ,,, the l ,e
U weI bring
Is ft 5fo rtn tra mAgo

IM ^'A


- 0 -


' (

1 *

L i;T


.- -.. *


*++- ., -. '-= : '*' ; *" \ "" -, f f .-7 .- ; *- ".-,. 'm .; .:"- <'* '-"** r' '. ^ *? ,- ,f1 : ..* ,+r ".'. _: ". ,,, .. ,.I -_.._. .. .,. : .,, ,. .. ... ':.r. *". ..
F ; / F "' .: + .r r .' ~ ". -- 'k'- .- n "- "- "' '
-- -- -- -- --M V~.$ A 7t -
-i -, ; '' .' '- .- ..- ^ .
.. g....a- .... -. .. ... ..,-. ..: -a.n n.i, A, n.. .ru- .. i
iF, .;;T*

.Ie 2h .. i.-.More SmallCI

Illinois 3rd In Stillman's

41EW YOiRK 1 6 1 -
Ketucky's Wld o the By HARRY GRAYSON
dea a week ago m INEW YRK(NEA)-With all
aI- _. th.a teni the boxing exposes-- Atarting with
ns e a aaiwy to a wide tthe slick paper magazines and
Ua Press collsegels s working down- it is indeed strange
rttan nTuesday, with E that no one thought to ask Lou
=Inol and San Franoiaco strung Stillman what he would do abcutl
out behind. the bad condition of the beak bust-

Adolph Rupp, s a were most famous gymnasium on New
th .No. 1 choice of mmpuers a York's Eight Avenue icr more'
th ~ -man U.nited w ute rCIn more than 37 years, knows more
board. That widened. h d- about the racket than anybody
eat.- margin to 110 P our else.
uinnerup LaSalle andk them I t reinained for Stanley Wes-
on top for the fourth right tcn, a crack photographer, to in-
week. terview Stillman picture-wise, and
Illinois made the biggest d this is what the professor has to
vance anton this week's top 18 say:
tema. jumping three Pcesto at
the No. 3 ranking. Lale and mall clubs can't operateun
San Francisco each moved upi pY YIN0- il Conrow seems to be breaking every rule of gravity in the book as he goes der the present set-up. Big clubs
one notch to second and fourth, loose ball during a high school game at panhattan Kansas Fred Karser of the opposition; can exist only as lon g as there are
reupectlvely, while Minesota thought he had lea sailing in reaching for e ball until Conrow put on his act. (NEA) I small ones to feed them new tal-
advanced one place to ninth, t" be had ent.
exehap.inx places with UCLA. r. "Television should pay more.
S'____ North Carolina State slip edUA. T 1 IA star like Hope or Durante gets
I rrr-'-'. .~ i ~ j North Carolina State sll L Tt.rfcDup to $80,000 a show for hiaself.
S ,--.k----..-. one place to fifth, while Du- aSouth L Late Chnasi Ru j Ie Ato m t a eshow for himself.
quesne, which was seo4 u last A main eventer at Madison Square
-- .- Aaountng for this In basketball. ig Bill Rustell week, dropped to sith. Utah Garden gets $3 o0 or $S and runs.
Ft raso a ,umsufortheUniversity of Fan and Missourl clung to ratn gs the risk of ettng killed.
f e andeo trl k tsem. (NA) No. 7 and 8. The coaches based U "The maT ve e u thing about racket,
their ratings on games played eers is not to be afraid of them,"
throath Saturday night, Sam. 15. stresses Stillmap who isn't.
.The saie teams made up theI p O Dixie Basketball n td mve In one me
.-If.-,o.FiI. .. .llss sa n anssonetsjtaet a I once t.. wb..u,., $c1, them po
top 10 for the third weekIn a Ib.twice, but 1 Notnd thaem p
row, except that there were some ly, ply, 'No and that n .I
Changes in the order. e it. e in on
San Francisco had the second i "Mobstrl dod't mov e in on man-
hihet total of first place-votes y HARRY GRAYSON mentioned institutions, was c o n- agers. t a days. lalge o
D first plade-vote dalantl.y01-v-1 Teas-on the whol w er jo1I. M CSt /
with six. Duquesne was the top NBA Sprts Editor ducted on. a half-baked basis. y LOUISE SUGGS to the racket pusic them
choice of two coaches, while Ua po Written for NA Serv ce ak B qe r fighters.
le, inetoi o Nt CrlinI GEORGIA TECm e shad in Ken- but save for the perennial leaders,
Stae a"nd Utah eah attracted tucky in basketball at Lexington even matched, so nobody really ST N, WHO has seen o
*aOn theoofskir t C. at Army ofn Src o ni p aallo t. y Crow motets, o missloiers, nm
aond.., a wt os o .the Slippery Rock Teachers foot: North Carolin with Bones Mo .
out s jo L anhaiZe t lrir M rquettevranked 1 lth andon ball squad smacking Notre Dame Kinney and George Glammack' |'e' : akers mataers, timergsad
created Air F rce14th, erssoeEandauracketeerseaeadscomen r atldsDgo,1
dlMy S fIaleome Its flat slg te n first-place votein South Bend. had come on to approach the pow.- ,. wax and wane, would eliminate
";a-M irI,-.r.emt home of th-eAcaemy wilwhave. beenoti"f it c. PO fIn other words, It was the rbig-er level of e nort, we-I tb l n Sbusinedl men who uoe the sovurt
a 9 bnma l t ho m erTh e r a t infg b r eath eu a w l h aov e a s bn eel fr p cien e h ou m e o t hte eo.r
t .. he g geo0 in i hrmout n ear Colorado nw gest upset in the memory of the where football cn tinued t o gets s ontea oht t
w.t.h. a bo dy hit % o utr0 y ne Clorth Th t iawngs wth firdst painoldest basketball bug in the practically all the time and at- scene u o:-.hZrbd pbi
lForemly, an was u, Ike immediatelyc b p. I. -M-iur: ...... ... Mason-Dixgroup. wteniuon- T"rhey don't cut floaters,o, he ex.
aleo S t c r n We in 1915classmate1. Kentucky 21 (9-1) It also was a further tp-off on e put the b at of lifein s he
Lt.e .e. ent rell a ont mo ng o(1-3) Wes n ,i pl Andboxers O tothese
sd ntl ow General Omar N Bradley and e S 1 arthe more recent rapid advane ofRa by bringing with gu instead of regui ners
of hPresident? IuIke senob S 1. llinois 1 (9-2) 89Cr, James A. Naismith's brain- ,ust in case, a Passel of Hoosier ke

riche are A "t f great passfr, is the fistSe P m, F anc o6n (12-1 t rmt wh makea lvnga, neoakt eof us
So6 (1-) 8chdIn the south. istarso-be. game. This forces glar mans-
the At Force AcdtY. a NC S a estate 1 (15.2) 17 Cto ho h tas-.k s wh
o h 13 the a e of 60, Cen. Harmon was retired cam- 1 t w y t can
DiC2, 5,en (1itwee ijd-us ( Until the last. half-dozen rcam-Cl el lke Case, desert ed ah..tooteaossa lsth on
Snot y out for ion When the Air 11- the Indianahh school for Ti n ua.bovatheomnads In order
e NIk e o NOh odp M l7.Uth1 (1-2) ,129 paigns, basketball aelow the an w sc for Tula hdne ,u- y they
Forte was n up. Ike Immediately ibpiedahnsold A.gMissourid(10-2) 125 Mason-Dixon Line was restricted' with quick results. subuist.
Doodles to take charge. 1 9. Mipnesota (84) 71!almost i tirely to Kentucky and, !"When everybody began getting "This'l tJakes.for' .ismalc.,h'e ,.
The President recollected how Harmon, weighing souch 310. UCLA (11-3) o7 at times Western Kentu c k y,' their blocks knocked off by North and ismathe s result n oh

eU arw u valiantly the r a place o theC West Poiint eevi'n econd w1teams:11mtndNonh aand kansas Caroia Statle, they decided to maatchhed. lds having alltvept thefih

Oumw et l ,n0ch ar- g' _. "_ '-"d.eH.e_.' t .,n'ny -o. lodngyern Casei. n h 9 fr nk an dCarol e Soty a nd North Carolina, ture p ,, redi ,,s I" t o, ght was mendousl. to r..iat
yd had be ae rc~rud'ace snde study i atm u terback. 12 oilnow, 13; Deohly Cro K lentucky, under Adloph Rupp, I check, if not top lk., says Billoo *bihuot e mu!Odistate ti a.
be o a .00, trBh Bt home "Bd, we a It doesn' tare esg 10,000oforhea......butnnree and danyp omtmentat g caI--.-,
Ia "* t ooofthorNanhfnette.2 :pytoot: NIeofor exaplebagged no fewer Hensley of Wake Fba eore ast. a. w i

do t" h --een-- ,rea b aseball. HereltIamongNpnDM ou ,n ar 1,Weahe ter 5 ant ih Kentch an 1a moe s- Tisitern DRichmod etMarlLiand Purthi" as gonostopu mev. I wn the U.s. W en's C A 1-
nr waint1 or t e. We .... h atly are c er ee Coeadt a y O ho ma ente tha n 5y Souh astern t onferesc a IU pSeaC ti at t by dth gDholIb
r pohe0 lc in tr ad-m D wsCiSO lan.. t ech suafd. nsk t d .ns-poudhaitoback,

.. 'ft.t. d o o.hea rK-1.eInTn, ...h d r oe ts o o wef t
w age! stat n.. t s.rard h 'nt a h obeen n theiroeard fever thh Aas es, napina e tat .a

detbod to or the. 1 mn. tem. rhe w th i Uiipi 7 i 3o6hDIIr a eonas wetrhyaonferth o1ou ta eATTRIBUTE d tWHAT-succesi nlqul

anr Pleobd hbes boeea on the.ingae vemrefinc-.oodReNh -on b ,a .....e...eo o ........ ;Fo0. eset-.-h to-m
.. ,NCollege traigret at Teyhd won 3- were stell etof achieve in golf to one Of my great- befr e g licensedd"
me and away. te dmorel romth_10,00_forefailuresaand

S.s is BarOn Rupp'th s 25th win-itheir football game oth e proinast te, filresonjt
Y, NAVY AND NOTRE DAME 'etr ast Kentucky, and a morew aThiswFter'es Dixie Basket.ballClis-thig 6Iwon tjust aout n'-th les. Dan Chandler
WATS th.weekoftheNCAAmeetg .s C g Soteastr tonishingrthing is that the rest of sic at North Carolina State's, key.-Inthat .Playedtin. at the 19th hole.
Hen. Barmonr Dixie was so tardy in taking a nolds Coliseum played to 66,000 n They began to say that SuggsG My failure to live up to thi

o t tale Worce Aca i mY and football. Th f ierte was nothing Dy E Arusn 1at the Kansas -product th ree days. woa uld ia the United States Wom. large adjectives and to let oven
small ts.grdiron plans. The soy uth now offers as strong en's Amateur-onfidence rule me on that occ-
t _ed nv. tine ny3ingd series with Army and Navy, theo te r A GOOD PART of the south's a group as can befound any.ksion pouted out the right di-

Bu a taod, Damn righl Aand you might add No tre Damet. M upsurge can be rented to v- where in the land-Kentucky, Norh began p believe those prema.tion br me. It helpeme r
Once we launh 4 varsity ucheduls, we will take on anybody andr nETerett Case. Until this frank and Carolina State, North Carolinaatre predictions. 1 thought I was mendously to realize later sue-

everybo of coque Ba eve me. e will bve In position to C eie Tech 8 Grove City,74 pleasant little man migrated to Wakh Fores t Duke Tulane, L ouis big shot-that I just couldn't cesses.
do thaon t. out a rTufts oos Northeaste 72 North Carolina State from an In- anaState abam, George Wash- I was determined that no A year later, a mu wiser girl,
I have be a dig about falling interest among YounI fPennhiary westechester diana high schol in 1946, th col igton, Richmond, Maryland Fur thing was going to topme. I won the U.S. Women's Am-
AerA Inthe Airs oe. T ea tory is phony. You should see lege game, outside of the o .- man, Western Kentucky, Luis- That was Perhaps te biggest teur by defeating Drothy Kirby,
t nuer of Applications for the 300 places in ourAcade'SOUTv and now yu would have to mistake I ever ade-letin g 2 up, at the FrainHills, Mich.,
,include some of the greatest high school Eastern Kentucky 108, Midd aae Fgyetteville St. Tchrs 77, Shaw say Georgia Tec h oOthefr-m0catinfienoegetteb S ounwhiletry
l oi n this countlry.t Tennessee 84 University 61 Brooklyn St. John's to North Caro- f was defeated in the very first bitter to take, alter the pangs of
another, anid eventuallyL+l fl Array and Navy In gridiron strength.Ts'SuKentuckyfoo m 64, LUS 62,roe

Sfeh t o or gnzeo team right at the Mississippi 77, Vanderbilte 5 Coet68, Loran 6a
start. W ,wIo play the Oklahoma yearllnp Iowd ."an i75,aVirgini a

college ad Trinilty of San Antonio As our opening date.' Claflin 76, Albany St. College 67 St. Thomas 81, C o n c a r d I a Selvy and Bob Pettit of Louisianar.. m
SMorgan State 101, North Carolina tMinn.) 69 State and Kentucky's Frank Ram- Shows: 1:15, 3:50, 6:25, 9:00 p.m. PRICES ....
TO roy Tcr rewSOUTHWE pus to stick out as profess
AMY TACKLE 18 AT11 IC UTORTroySt.......................... Currently in the bracket of po-
Parker 57. .inity (Tn as) 66, St. Edward's tential All-Americas are Hemric, -
Gin. Harmon already has picked hi athlatle director. He is East Carolina 80, West Caro. 67 53.. oe Holup of George Washington,

t 9

boxing' t # da '-'.'
dearth of competent tea -
of the old-tm es who u
Well hve either djed- o fiR
starved ot the dodge. Yo'h
list the exceptus o your
gers and have two or three
sparen... i
With the Oetopua and GSM x '
ning thq works, new t1usrucO .
are not being developed.
The result is that nearly
the comparatively fe* t
round get their beads
before they have a ch 1t
anywhere i particular.. -
Lou Stillman,. Ilk a lot of
people, practically h a givll
on the manly 'art of a '"
mugs, even though it has b .ik
business for mere years tha ~
cares to remember. ,
"After, all, why am I worryeS? :
about it?" he asks, then anai ,
his own question. "1 own this
erty. I can always tear
this gym and turn the grounds
to a parking lot. That would
me in a good living with no
"That's about all there b.'
fght gae a--ea ht

.A d


cent are
throw I

the line
out? -
A. 8
%qletb I
than a.
Q. W


* -~2'

S.. ...... 7 m .40

P^WSLrSiN,.w* heis dad. aBllrd Fillore Naimon,
W| W IPS iE-ASdut of deu pt Penn Military..
efnlr w lto school at Brooklyn Poly Pep, where he
e. al of the DougR omesler, w.. be-
e Kaaa uir haa been forced to retreat from any
has Ataken In the service since his graduation from
I loo t certain that Army and Navy are Ina for some
football tfun tm sch eool which has begun to organize Itselt
ot at L awxt f e A E._. ,,


i tsfn

Featuring his first original movie score tea yearn


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la- W

. ;- .


* .. '.1
* ..

- -- -II~~

r^ .-7

- ". '. A

co/ ege

7 "'.

^fff W Vt M^

'FIr. .

, < ';", ',. ;-. -

* ~ -- L*~*
* ,~, .

7 .



anish Classes

Be Resumed

On Zone

nl Zone officials called aspe-
attention Wednesday to
es in the Spanish language
ch are scheduled to begin in
near future on both the At-
Ii and Pacific sides of the

"L. the people w the truth nd the ci safe -Ab
"Let the people know the truth and s countryy safe" -Abraham



e -.t r.

tig out that similar cours- |
.have been offered in the past U I1T
t have not been held dun
6 t years dud to the fact tha
kthan ton students have on- -
ed,. school officials stated |
St the forthcoming classes 3 | l l' A J
Sbe of :cial interest to MDown C i ma l Coast1
,average resident at a period ID w C in Co asiil
ten the adequate use of Spar-] I I ,.
i Is becoming of increasing Im- TAIPE, Formosa, Jan. 19 (UP) able to hold against superior fore.
rtance. -More than 200 Chinese Commu- es, military men said. ..
PWO classes In elementary nist planes from.Ningpo and Han- The United States Is not ex.
.mlxih, and one in elementary chow dropped hundreds of bombs actly broadcasting now that Its
Hepation Spanish, will be of- today on Nationalist positions in 7th Fleet in the Pacific would do
during the second semester the invasion-threatened Tachen is- if the going got rough a nd
the Canal Zone Junior Col- lands. Chiang forced the issue by re-
SIExtension Division nightly The Chinese Nationalist official questing help.
ais, reglastration for which communique which announced the But secretary of State John Fos-
1 be held Monday night at the Red attack did not name the tar- ter Dulles. came close to expres-
A.I Zone Junior College of- gets of the Red planes nor did it sing a stay-out policy yesterday
discicse details of damage or cas- at his news conference. n re.
,e Spanish elass, scheduled ualties. marks which several hours later
0 p.m. each M ,onday and Red Chinese planes roared o- were authorized for direct quota-
dy, will be a first semetr ver the Tachens, located some tion, he said:
rary, S ? ?airs ts e miles north of Formosa, less "I would not y tat the
ntm7 pah n class. The.the m24 hours after a Comnmu-. Tachen Aplands are any sense
d scheduled for 5:30 p.m. ulst amphibious force invaded essential to the defense of For-
day and Thursday, will be a and captured Yiklngshan, north- -mosa and the Peeadores, wMchi
sesemster course of study, rn .outpost of the island goup. we do regard as vital to us."
e their class, to begiven at The Nationalist communique He also said the island capt.-
j.i. Monday and Thursday said, however that guerrillas on ed yesterday was "without any
Im, will be a conversational the tiny island were still offering particular significance."
p.eal4ass in which conversa- resistance. Dulles had discussed the Red
Swll be stressed. All three As the Communists attacked a- attack with President Eisenhower
IB will be taught by Allen gain, Red China gloated over the by telephone before his news con-
teacher in Balboa High apparent success of yesterday's ference.
el. land-air-sea onDration. Military authorities said Chiang
~. the Atlantic Side, a course Radio Peiping, voice of Commu. considers the Tachens of "vital
elementary Spanish and a nuist China, boasted that Red Chl- Importance" In his Formosa de-
Mue in elementary conversa- na's army was "invulnerable" fense system.- The islands serve
0i1l Spanish will be offered and that its determination to cap- as a strong northern outpost for
siaa and Thursdays at the ture Generalissimo Chiang Kel- observation of the Communists,
I High School. These shek's bastion of Formosa as "un. warning of attack and operations
I will be taught by James shakable." against the mainland. Without
i .'-The courageous Chinese peo- them, authorities said, an attack
= n for these courses, which pies' liberation army again prov. force from the north might get
I'per semester for Panama aed invulnerable." the Red broad- closer to Formosa before being
m panS -Canal Zone Gi t. G cast monitored in Tokyo said. detected.

it employes and $18 for
yill be payable at the
3etlng of the class.
th fwer than ten stu-
itoalled w1l be canceled.

"The victory. Is proof that the
Chlaese people's determination
to liberate Taiwan (Formosa) is
unshakable and that with the u.
Wnte4 efforts of the people
throihout the ation Taiwan
wID be liberated."

l Z w V? 'i Radio Peiping said Chlaig's Na-
e Utionalist forces are thrown "into
a fulec" by the Jan, 10 massive
Red air raid on Tachean Island' and
IS "Traitor Chiang Kal-shek tri.
^AT0N, M d. Jan. 19 c ed hard to. calm himself by bosst-
I IJan. (UP)S ing repeatedly of his so-called
ri of sk:r-tight dungarees strength the broadcast said. "He
d to,' to become ex- kept on bragging right up to the
SIn ai -wrSle be" 7th that he enjoyed what he
Sloheal schc authoes and called qaval and air initiative and
Vgry parent. superiority between the Tachen
orm-fitting denims are and Yiklangshan island."
to attire oT 17-year-old Meanwhile from Washlagton
1McQauln who has wo rn 1I was reported that the United
a to Wheaton High School tes alas to stay out of an ex-
ly every day since Septem- peeted major blow-up between
despite a school policy ban- Bed Chinese and Chinese Nation-
such clothing. aust forces nl the Tachen islands
it Thursday,. Principal B1- porth of Formosa.
1 B. Mason sent Paul home That present intention, which
told him not to come back could change was reported au.
bool until he was "proper- thoritatively today following Red
eased." China's sudden capture of Yikl-
alI a junior, was still absent a han. .. .
school today and his fath- A. military authority gave is
Mey Lee McQuaIn, told re- opinion today that it as "only a
ia he wan trying to line up Imatter of ti.until the Copmu
r parents to share teax- ni rt Iselng Chiang' sorce,
as Of a court fight to deter- 2an miles north of Formosa, In a
whether -ctool authorities s n u Operati That was
a right to enforce the a." combined wit ntensified sea and
- --t- o ....... t ,Ba- sir s rations around the Tachens
_____ would be preparatory to an inva-
nIDES ain and major battle it wasa
SAW A TIDES thought.
O MA s' JANUARY 20 ahlnj'g Tachens force can give
LOW a "good account" of itself no
.m. 7:21 .m. and, if the Reds failed to cut sup
p 7:59 p.m. ply lines from Formosa, might

'" clo e .

*-year-old Rebel Not Mad 4

Anybody-Not Even Yankees Ts

- O

IUrW Fla., Jan. 19 --
W A. Lmndy. lone
y rrvor of the Cbesdaiq
undly bussed a e u-
bheauies at his 10th
Sebratfona today apd an-
N he wasn't mad at any-
S een the Yankees."
I don't really have a-
e-its apinst the Yan-
said old rebel as he
ad at a crowd of 1000 gather-
e high school auditorium
and thousands more who
fhe birthday celebrate ion
eat ever aa 18-station net-
isses, from two pretty
ft gifts, may have been
e of'the fdI man's change
Smanaof his birthday he-
, p aterview that "I have
*gS I didn't shot

PAS-drm amtook aia at
t dogab W"rge at n-



of every incorporated town in (1-
kaloosa County, Including Laurel
Hil, the farm commnatty where
h-ak his. ba ithm two sons.
Te _pr- casmp ear. who
sees .i tlasse ad hear as'

onee witn an imitation of a wi
turkey call and the barking
the squirrels around his farm.
Standing erect as possible wi
the aid of his blueberry root can
he recited his formula for lo
"Stay away from doctors, swi
leo some hot at w i when y
fel bad and dof sak
er Njoe (moaoht) '.
Tears welledI la yes wh
rs. hiurlesh 1Sa a form
radio ia n star wiivl hais


Loss of the Tachens could have
psychological importance com-
parable in some degree to the
loss of DIen Blen Pu la Indo-
china last year, military men
They saM the NationaliUsta have
determind tomake a stand in the
face of any Red attack at three
chief points-the Tachem Que-
poy island etf the mainland in
the Formosa straits, and Ma Tsu
island which lies opposite the port
of Fuchow.

* 'w* m3S

s Island-hopping

I Towards Formosa

rri att narby chen next,
A U.S. oregn aid operations and then try to work their way
spokesman said the destroyed su down the islandchain until Fr-
plies included 16.000 food pack- m6 lay open to Military observe.
ages sent to the Nationalists by era here sail the loss of Yikiang-
the Catholic National Welf are shaia r Nild not be considered cri-
Council as a Christmas gift. tical, shied it was only-an outpost
The seccrd stunning air blow to of the main Tachen base. But they
the Islands in eight days weas feared It slgnaied determinationn
delivered by 29 Soviet-made T-2 on the part of the Reds to fight an
fighter-bombers 23 Lall fighter- all-out war over the coastal is-
bombers, four h-10 attack Je t lands.
bombers, and a fleet of Mig jet -w-n
fig ter escorts.
ore than 100 Communist plan- Ul
es hammered the Tachens for Aec fies m
hours on Jan. 10 in the heaviest Dulles To Give
assault since the coastal combat
broke out last September with a
botabardment of Quemoy Islande
This time the Communisti guns a
on Toumen sland joined in the For Jailed GI
bombardment. They lobbed about
100 shells across tT e narrow wa- WASHINGTON,-Jpn. 1 (UP)-d
tears separating the islands. Secretary of State Yohn Foster
The NatesnlWst air force al. Dulles planned to warn U.N. see.
though hampered by the dis- rotary general Dag Hanmmarskj-
ltase froIts Formosa bases, old personally today that the U-s
desperately pounded ed inva- nt States will act on its own ifI
siW ships anchored off the north the United Nations falls to winI
west erner of CWklang. But the freedom for American fliers im-
ships stood tst, Indicating that prisoner in Red China.
the forces ashore gained a ONld .. m ...., to
foothold nla the early stage lD .It e Hmmarskjldto
the inbaslon. come herd to make a direct re-
The Nationalist defenders had rt on his talks in Peiping with
artillery but their big guns an- Red Chinese Premier Chou En-lal
peared lo have been overrun I about the fate of the fibers.
the assault. The nuber of Nation- Ambassador Hoery Cabot Lodge
afsts on the JAN* was not dis. Jr., U.S. delegate to the U.
closed, but was officially said to was invited to sit aIn on the discus-
be "szna&ll' sion.
Cikieng an is a tiny island Dulles may confer with Presl-
some miles from the mainland dent shower and members of
and 170 miles south of Shang~hi. Congress soon after talking with
warren and rocky1 it roar s mat had no Pite House NaPOLt
Premier = s&feard thi meant
Beds were trying out their n.a

Cu ers Rush To

he U. 7th Fleet was report-
cruising in the Tachen area, DA'Ro e Vessel,
took no part in the combat. Rwn rV I Vlf
e on Yikiangshan. but a large
erican detachment is on Tach-
Niang summoned his top mil. NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 19 (UP)
y men into a night conference. -Two coast guard cutters raced
kesmen said the Nationalists today to the aid of the fishing
e expected to react strongly, vessel "Buccaneer," which re-
sibly with a bombing attack ported engine trouble and one
the Chinese mainland. man swept overboard In t h e
premier 0. K. Yu warned that stormy Gulf of Mexico.
Reds had begun a long expect- The Buccaneer, out of Pensa-
leapfrogging campaign a- cola, Fla. .radioed coast guard
nst the island outposts, hoping crew member had been lost over-
blast open the northern ap- board. The Buccaneer was last
tches to ormosa itsel., heard from at midnight.
te Defense Ministry announ- The Buccaneer gave its loca-
that the Reds astemb 1 e d tion As About 75 miles off the
mmoth" forces for the in. coastal community of Morgan
on, including 100 bornerswo City, LA. The gulf was reported
royers, aleetsof. vt 'very rough ano the wind very
five patrol boats. high."
I sid the defenders shot high.
.. am Rssia built T- 'The vesadeai said It had broken
tacr-bomuIber Ps and down at one time from engine
crying jm k m nbor th of i trouble, but got started again,,
m "the coast guard said.
Io amphIbious forces splashed Coast guard cutters from Gal-
ore at two beaches after a ter- veston, Tex., and 80out h Paus
bombardment by the Red air near the mouth of the Mississippi
naval craft steaming in river were dispatched to assist
I to deliver broadsides and the Buccaneer. The identity of
Pieces on Toumen Island, the missing crewman was not
t mes to the northwest. learned Immedlately. -
he bombardment destroy y e d The storms that followed a
the Nationallsts' supplies in cold front moving- across Lout-
island group. More than 100 Slana also swept at least eight
bs fell oe Yikiangshan a nd barges from their moorings. Two
ihen in an early morning raid were reported loose up the Mis-
slsippl river, one at Grand Isle,
La., on the OU Cout. and four
004 1 in theAgulf oISUN eIu
Another barge reportedly aus-
a I t hea damage in lake Pont-
chartraln when It became lodged
ss unde uno ear a t sear Slide, .,
S and broke qzrl Una and cables.
Winds .6p ml s er reur
battered 14e Nw Orleans area
or 30,00 cheat X-rays were yesirdyF accompanied by an
n duaa tge lU alx months ,Ic W-Of rs"
M4 meA t of Ute mass X-
e sim agtdast tuber-
e arried out by the k Ir ws
sblsHeals th in co-
ILton wit t lhe Point Four
S was start- o I r

)w .pf tbroadeaat
ir e local Soviet
'h u laid dews
.-2L- tine M

YumW WeamIm

READYFOR TRIALS The atomic powered submarine Natlilaus
lies alongised a pier at Groton, Conn., before starting on its -gea
trials. This is the first time in history that man has been
propelled by the power of the atom.

UN's Dag Freedom Deadline

Fliers-Or US Will Adt Alone

will have to deal with the matter
Dulles told a news conference
yesterday that he conferred priv-
ately at his home Saturday with
Senate Republican leader William
F. Knowland (Calif.). Some 48
hours later Knowland described
Hpammarskjold's mission to Pei-
ping as a "failure."
Dulles, who said It is too soon
to say whether Hammarskjcid
failed, did not indicate how long
this country will wait before tak-
ing matters iito its own hands.
He also gave no hint as to what
steps might be taken in that case.
Suggestions have ranged from
a sea and air blockade- of Red
Chita to proposals that the Unit-
ed States sk its allies to cut off
all txde with the Peiping regime
.-nod-strateglc as well as strate-
$ed. Homer E. Capehart (B-
lad.) poIgMt Relpratoed that the
oe Relations Commit-

1. Hear directly from Ham. tee nammarsag
marsold 'uast w at took place" B utchairman Walter F. George
in Pe i ti i ou n ts16hours ,f (D-Ga.) said he thought it would
talks wi Chou on getting the be better to let Dulles give the
fliers freed and other internation- committee a report after his talk
al problems. Dulles said he wants to Hammarskq. He said Dulles
this information for his guidance, will be-asked fr such a report.
presumably in considering alter- Dulles, aea g quietly and
native courses of action and to without evident emotion, answer.
pass on to families of the jailed
fliers and other U.N. personnel.
2. Explain to Hammarskjold the
oblems involved inlet the r. m Loes wa
U.N. try to free the fliers wle the
United States stands aside. This U
situation, he said, can't "go on for Balls. m VGo
forever.' He mentioned no diad-
line but some officials guess that
90 days is about as long as this To rFIl r s U lerl
government can hope to control
e anger of Congress and Ameri- CLEVZLAND, 0., Jan. 10 (UP)
can citizens if the fliers still are -Dr. amuel H. Sheppard was
jailed. .. refused permission to be releas-
S i'mhasdze that the 4 ofed under ball today while he a-
freeing he airmen is up o the1 ,
.N,. tl tIis stage"and tt w its outcome his appeal for
would stay there "as long as there a new tr*ia
is a reasonable hope" for action. .,, l
But if the U.N. faIs, "thIn we A three-man court, of appeals
But..............N fs m unanimously rejected hisa d for
bonded freedom. Their ruling
U n .jl ILIaald there wa no precedent for
Gauw yI flui u Ionthe action, and that the con-
victed wife-killer should remain
S RVfl, lUMU AMl in jail custody while his attor-
To VoQt ~iv itleI neys carry forward their fight
for a new trial.
He was expected to be releas-
jdl /r ay Evening Ted from Jitl after this week,
'howenr, to attend the funeral
Members of the Gamboa Fed- ol is father, whadledlUt
eral Credit Union will hold their Har t ". ?na. PreSding
annual meeting in the Santa Cruz judge z-O., Common
Service Center at 7:00 p.m.- Sat-pPlea "lt eelon, lasted a
urday. slPnaMWt Ijflur this
Members at this meeting w ill mon .OU'wJ osteopath
vote upon Important p4icies of the co i mpaher'a' une-
credit unicn, and they w e ec -. .
several directors and oeem ittee. .
This meeting will mark the cli-
max of a prosperous year for the *
credit union. Earnings have been
sufficient to permit payment of a.
dividend on shares.
The board of directors is expec-
ted to recommend that this e
declared by the members.
During the past year, the credit-
union made 371 loans to its mom-
bers, ranging in size ftm $5 to -A,
1375. The total loaned during the the
1 months was $17.X3, of which
,31O2 is now outstanding. Total
shareholdings -Ire 25,M35.
Members are expected to take man'
part in the discussions at Satur- ad
day's meeting&

Paraiso Federal
Credit Union '
To Meet Monday

ed a series of questions
about the airmen yseetrday.
He severely denounced the Chi-
nese Communist regime and what
he called its indefensible impri.
sonment of the airmen.
He declared that the State De-
partment attitude toward the Reds
was reflected in a recent sizzling
speech by ,Assistant Secretary of
State Walter 8. Robertson, who
accused them of playing a "gang-
ster role" in world affairs.

Nazism Rising

Again In mennay

day that "6uder 1te -i. .t of
anti Communism, neo Fascist
and Nail groups are again' be-
coming a dangerous force in this
Adolf Kummernuss, head of the
82,000-member West German U.
utilities and Transport Workers U-
nion, said the situation is "simil-
ar to the time before 1963 when
the German government also
misjudged the danger of reaction.
ary and Fascist forces.!' ,
All Hamburg labor unions were
scheduled to hold a protest depon-
stration against a scheduled beer.
hall meeting of rightist organisa.
tons tonight. The rightist meeting
was called to celebrate the found-
ation of the former German em-
pire in 1871 following the German
victory verFrance.


anoUL JL 10
rean major c~~efd
MaxweU D. eat
automatic patl geau
If~ lr '

r. he


' RO o "in-

eaminnatlon to4 d- his
"It was boe1ve% e an-
nouncement sa the
shock which ca t il a-
appointment a ...ce
and failure to 0Ee ifca-
tien of Korea aect lad.
"He conzeaase4-thft#: threat-
enis Oeneranl Tsayle. wanted
t6 aroue publ* Q'Uion n the
United States to1Reue U. 6.
military aid to Korea."
Taylor dismissed the incident
by aying the major did not
point his loaded weapon "con-
"I attach no 6rliance to
It," he said.
When Ntm leaped rouh
the wiedow brad
.45 caliber' stoataek:,O
Army Chief, of *taff Chan I
xSwen w" bifigTYt* ssad
Maj. Gen. Robert L. owase,
Commander of the Amerilan
military advisory group to Ko-
Kim was subdued and the
briefing continued.
ROK officials said that the 6n-
eer majorserved at the front
during the war and wea. later
sent to. -mprear witl h*a n-d
"He t n atstigtorr he had
no intention of hurting the gen-
eral," offiela i t
*The ROK a cement cAW
ROK defense
*fo h'h 4W*i .' -

Jide'Bs Uei

The case of Michael A. Ashere,
charged with bumgwary, was con.
tinued until tomtborrow afteonM
In the Balboa Magistrate'D Coft
The 23-year-old Panamalha if as.
sued of entering bacehelr quazr
terms 0052, room U, in 8 I a.Ball
wis set at tmOO.
Two lolterers were .eah fined
10 for hOale etaid tew Pacl.
fle Cldbbouse t Aneon. 'he de-
fendants were famed MaNdoaedo
32, Panamanian, and Rafael A.
Sols, 36, Costa Riean. -
Jose I. Molina was fined $0 for
falling to use cautoas lb arttn
his bus on Thatcher Highway.


members of the Para
Credit Union are co e
to attend Mr t g0
ership meeting Moia

We are many
a be diseused
a af Oho -.-.

_ __ __I _



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*" to .

"1 *




. a hi n "
~ ~ ~ i =ei*qn*'*.-'g



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