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- 'i'

.-- r.' ';i

N Av Al I WAsV


"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.



Release Of Airmen

May Take Long Time,

Htmmarskjold Says


- president Basenhower has
been Informed privately t h at
U.N. Secretary Dag Hammarsk-
iold feel Red China eventually
will release the Imprisoned A-
mericans the holds, administra-
tion sources said today.
BUt the U.V. official caution-
ad in a report relayed to the
White House that:
1) Feeing of the Americans
may take a long time. .There
have been unofficial esthnates
that up to three months might
be. required, but offltlalb hop
this will be trimmed appreay
by the Chinese JlRft.
21 Tough tlk by Ametimua
during this waiting period
could jeooirdlse the release of
the Amner1ca-s, including 'Itair-
en who were Jailed 0O spy

official told a reported"
t Hammrshikjold "honestly
belU the fliers will be free
in a sonahble time U no one
rocks e boat.*
Mr. shower reacted to
Hm .mAuai' Ald's report yptA*
.v by IVa rni "all-, A_ -

.urged a blockade of Bed China
if the Americans are not freed.
The President's statement also
appeared aimed at tough sound-
ing speeches of the kind made
in Philadelphia only Thursday
night by Assistant secretary of
State Walter 8. RoMertson. A-
mong other things Robertson
said the Chine Reds had play-
ed a "gangster role" In their re-
latlos with the United Statea
and other countries.
_Wodwr AclMsts'

To ChKkLrefk

BZRLU. Jan. .15 (UP Buat
Cmmy nMobllid Worker "se-
tl l toda tohelp Coommu-
n polt ceck f between
thsovie-t and Viterh zones of
this divided cl ft ,
; With the *~-bilp e -Red
police earetthileyn MoM e par-
*I8s Of motor wnd pedestri-
who until today were Asu
hwv<>A Laab bodler c._eck
Atmolt given a ckual
t~ am t u




i:-- r~
>. .?. ,,

Assembly Ousts

Guizado After

' 1 .

Mi r6 Confesses.

Panama had its third President in 13 days as
Vice President Ricardo Arias was sworn in at 7:3
today to end a dramatic six-hour session of the NaNefi .
The swearing-in of Arias followed the impeachmeI .
of President Jose Ram6n Guizado on the basis of a slt -9
lint confession by attorney Ruben Mir6 that he shot .r p
id *.Jos6 Antonio Rem6n. Mir6 also singled out Guiu.#d
as thV man behind the plot to assassinate Rem6n.
Guizado, who has been under house arrest slc9 el"
ly yesterday, was still being held in his residence at
time today. ,
eanama City was quiet today despite the unpri.
dented developments. The "off limits" order for all
miliqry personnel was lifted at noon today.
4 Im-p=eked Assembly filled with depmues, new
toast, ~a lstened In hushed sileae au Mi e'
SPtheQ t of responsibility for Remon's Jan. a
tIOefit Goi
'a h ei*#iaa .aifo. M -Wh*

ree y t member, of his
of y *,and Co .
l4ohe f Staff,
d t orlty leader Wil- X Iowlsnd (Cal.), have

Pope Glves $20W

To UN Technical

AI -Program
RO4, n. s1 (UP) Pope
Pius hps donated $,ND0 to
the UnI# fNations technical as-
sistance program, the food and
agriculture organization Rome
headquarters announced last
F.A.O. announced that the con-
tributing as, accompanied by a
letter of-tr Holy see which said
that the t1mtiff has "warm in-
terest In ilojeets which are aim-
ed at bekttng the social and
economne ofntons of under-
privleged peopl."
It was the send contribution
made by the Pope. One was made
last year.

a.* learmn&-
Berlin's deo mayorV
^ipenr SchMldt n
Were simply aimed aibtipping
,currency semunrUng :
"Not one (aster nark of
the German curr*v bank
must g through to ,We Ber-
lin." het Iatd in whtf might bea
a hint 't Communist border'
gurar may go so Or as to
seareA nothing and wallets.
The Communists warded for
weeks "workers controls" would
be ',established on the border.
7e appeared today for the
first time.
The workers wore civilian
clothes and white armbands
bearing the words "workers con-
troL" .
At some crossing points a
many as 10 workers and police
halted automobiles crossing the
border In both directions and
examined the shopping bags.
parcels and brief eases of pedes-
The Communists made no
move to halt East-West traffic.
But if they do plan at some fu-
ture date perhaps after West
German rearmament to seal
the East-West city border they
now had a force organized to
carry the plan through.

South American Horseflesh

S&emb iere ny.
^^^ pany apip, dad
be fo W Antoniohe -
fablets follows phital the pres-

(ounci Winos Date

Set For Mlisters ,

To Weih Figing
-The council of the organiza-
tion of American States has for-
mally charged that a substantial
part of the rebel forces fight-
Ing in Costa Rica came from

The council, in .a six h o u r
meeting last night, condemned
what it called act tsf interven-
tion in Costa Rica's internal af-
fairs and called ot.Nicaragua to
take stronger measure to pre-
vent the use of its territory for
attacks against its Veighbor.
The Council acted after a spe-
cial diplomatic investigating
commission it had sent to Costa
Rica reported finding, that "a
substantial part of tA military
elements are beiqg Introduced
intoo Costa Rlca) oVer the north-

r d SF ern frontier of the Gosta Rican
Mdio e Barred From Sweden territory."
S. Nicaragua Jles to the north.
o The Council also asked Amer-
BTOOXZEL, Jan. 15 (UP) -- "Bu4 generally these meawures Ican governments' to name a
DrT A=dllDes 'Tt special orv- can not considered suffint." place and e and dateor a Foreign
eminent l Niar of Swedish Totte said. Ministers meeting-t discusss the
met Fi commended to- "to nakeg the eo.rl ef.- fight in Costa *1ja.
ay that S place a general tUvkely certain sagier If further instrt ud Its in-
ban on i t of horse meat' hboes, approved by the S e- vestigating commission to send
from lou America because dish veterinary board should observers to all airports in Cen-
paratyphold. germs have been] be permitted to sell mea to trial America, Inclgding Nicara-
discoveredI certain lots of the Sweden." gu, that might u s ed to
hone aet.. I "Special stamps on the met transport rebel t into Cos-
Tottle, *a'- jB cal governor, could shdw that the lot ergl- t Rica. .
of north hn-wedin, who was nated from any of these slaught- Nicaragua has d that the
atonvesgate the or houses," Tottie said an recoo- rebel forces esame within
Cof5h Sweden's im- mended that Sweden demands its borders or are applied from
tow last fall, to- that the official sanitary au- there. Nicasguan A. bassador
first part of thorities of the exporting ,coun- uiNermo Seilla assur-
iport o anot suggest the try checks every single lot, of ed the council hls try will
Import eo m5r at than horse, meat which is tobe exported to tightn mea..res kee help
meat from South America be Sweden and issues a certfica- fro searching the U
stoped, bu he suggested the tion on the qualify of the meat. ching the s.
._wed.h veterinary board be, Additionally. Tottle suggested
given wider powers to make sure that a private firm be entrusted Hackie Ie Is tl I
only firat clawneat is imported. with the final control of the ackle I t
Tottle it6d that the sani- meat. This firm should cheek At 1 Aftr
tary l the meat ex- that the meat really originalat
poartl CM erbsould be ap- from any of the a.p rp ed ....
jMVe t Z; e years at a slaBughters-houses and that t&e HI LfUtu
te, tIMU Bwdilab health froe seat reklh holds the r t .
Ueaft ta l W out in- temperature lhen it ts loadL. rQmT Doi9 .-L -(UP) -I
ludaM 2 Ne4p oL Painti oout that i orsem is FraIW r 6 No- 62 101a" 1- o pd d fto tto o t r mr t do a a I
e in- t-ee s have I* Booth tottau re90- Ar p s5 years.
Ion t1 wat a team oft

SECRETARY CRIES Assembly sec etaly Gavi no Sierra Gutlerrez, center, a close friend of
slain President Jose A. Remon, bre dop an d cries while reading Ruben Miro's confusion
of the assassination. He is being led awy by Deputies Alfredo Aleman Jr. and Bernardino
Gonzalez Ruiz. Deputy Claudio Cedeno is the background.

OAS Team Going T o Managua




SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Jan. 15., "The cimmlssion has satisfied
(UP, An International inves-1 itself tbat foreign planes were
tigating team said it will go to, used to attack Costa Rican towns
Managua today for an on-the-i
spot check of charges that Nica- J l l
raguans invaded Costa Rica. IKRe U IIs Head
Chairman Luls Quintanilla of
the special investigation commis- A M MIU
sion who the Organization o; Vlff Iw Hll
American States (OAS) an-
nounced that five members offn Dlli
the group would arrive in the OnV IabWlaIllon
Nicaraguan capital In the early -, "
afternoon. Howard- R. Ross. Director of
'Operatio ftor the Caribbean
Quintanilla, Mexican ambas- Comman" Area American Red
sador to the O.A.S., reported to cross as It to assist in the dl-
the organization's council Inisaster r iabilitation program
Washington last night that Nica- in sou t Haiti at the re-
ragua was the point of origin of ouest of She International Red
a substantial part of the rebel cross. eva. Switzerland, and
military force in Costa Rica. with the'oncurrence of the Of-
The council quickly requested fice of international Relations,
Nicaragua to use every effort to Washing D .C
prevent its territory from being osa sted that a portion of
used for aggression against a&hi4 mjh will be devoted to
neighboring central dsWbution through the
Nation. school em of Haiti and that
Nicaraguan President Anasta- he will frdeinoate pl ans to as-
sio Somoza, who repeatedly haslsure that proper and sufficient
dented his country is Involved In food wUtl -be made available to
the crisis and has challened wll nm de aia e
Costa Rican President Jose chlldr n the disaster are
gueres to settle the dispute wlj, The di button is to be made
a revolver uel at the border. By the intlan Red ro. -
not only imnted-te commis aon B to ross and
to Managua but offered tavesti-10O^ Nuppes, the Canadian gov-
planes. valMable Llarge su of sur-
Figueres. who has plus .foaP odgfts..Whtch are
that "S8troag Ma BeLis available vr distribution.
madman d e of food dis-
mad manTe 1- 1.. a n t -n. wumn witlt

- No uxtrt*, ,as- w were i
n the eonnt ...
The Assemly l ly.this lmom-r
Ing approve9i a Isolution which
denied Ouiido requestI f to
leave of absed and ordered him
arrested. Th Wec)l session call-
ed Mr. ArIM, formerly second
vice-president In Remon's ad-
ministratiog, to take over the
Meanwhile, as the investiga-
tion into the assassination near-
rd its climax yesterday, Antonio
Angulzola, wealthy Panamanian
sportsman who was wounded on
the night of 1an. 2 when Reion
was shot. dhid at. 9-30 at .anto
Tomas Hospital. His death'ials-
ed to four the toll of fatalities
In the Juan Franco Race 'hack
MIro's eonfemsion, which im-
plicated Qladsde and St. Male,
admitted that he, Miro, car-
ried out the- murder himself.
No mention of money In pay-
ment for the killing was made
In his copfesslen, however, he
said he Bad been offered the
post of Minister of Govern-
ment and Jusftee In a propoes-
ed cabinet which was expect-
ed to result.

0* Miro stated hr' obtained th e
rd i 'T I d T rjJ^murder weapon, a German-built
estI gaL f t on I machine gun from a former cad-
et at the Guatemala polytechnic
ad t a e e School. Edgardo Tejada. He said
and that many enemy elements he parked his car on a lonely
within the country had receivedroad near the Santuarlo Naclo-
arms from abroad," Figueres nal Church (close to Juan Fran-
said. co race track) turned the lights
The Costa Rican President off and left the key in the
said he would consider his coun- switch.
try In danger until the last "in- "
ader"' had been resled. After the killing, he threw the
Hundreds of Coafi Rican Ir- gun into the bay, e said.
regulars swarmed across cowl S^,ortyafetakingofflce at
pastures to close In on a rebels 7....y thie boring rf -
force which had dug In an area dn a.L thimS ing s, --
about the size of Ch-cago near dent Arias named the following
the border. cabinet:

As the Irregulars moved for-
ward without resistance, other
Costa Rican recruits drove cau-
tIously up the Pan American
highway. They took cover about
35 miles north of &Nh Jose and
about five miles below.the bord-
er when lookouts spoked three
rebel warplanes refueMng on a
field near La Cruz.
Col Marciano Agullus, com-
mander of Costa Rielm forces in
the northern area uaid he was
"not anxious" to expose the
troops to strafing attacks.
Aruilus. grizzled veteran of the
Caribbean Legion, Mid he ex-
pected to attack the rebels either
today or tomorrow. ,.
The Colonel estimated rebel
strength in the big *pket. which
extends from the "learaguan
'frontier to the town f Liberia,
at about 600 troop.
He said be di4¬ know
whether the hem- ee
w"eud attack. attt t
.t*er postuon Wrj.3c W
W~twe ti VN M

Alejandro Aemon Canters.
younger brother of the slain
president. Minister of Govern-
ment and Justice.
Dr. Octavia o abrega, Minister
of Foreign Relations.
Victor C. Urrutia, Minister of
Inocenclo GaUndo, Minister of
Public Works,
Alfredo Alemanm Minister of
Temlstocls Dias, Minister nt
Cata&hai Arroeha Gra ll, Min-
ister of Jw, Social Welfare
and Publ4lelth, and Victor N.
Julao, tary Oeeral.
Donaf t,, Turner has been
named -secretary at the
Dr. J, 3. allarino will be nam-
*d Paa Ambasador to Wash-
ington, .emoibg Dr. Otavibe

1..I0 te n wo

N rOW, and Dooda
6k The two p_ons ,
d poets are eha oG en. I
formerlyoccup the o
Minister of GoIernmen .
Justice and Victor Julia ,
during Gulzado's admnlstW
occupied the post of Mnte
Labor. Social Welfare and
lic Health. He has new returZm ,
to his original poit of Scremf
General which he held Uider
Remon's administration.
Arias. 42-year-old son o'
late Francisco (Pancho) ks
one of's most eol) u .
politician&, tz sworn Isn u&Pr
Ident at ,:) am. EST.
The hly then adjoura
until when it will.ay
point a eammislon to prhpqe
fore trial of OGLado.
Onisado. who took office
er Remon's aassssinatln,
Under house arrest before
Assembly met at 2 a.m. to hbe
the charges against him.--.m ,
Gulsado's son and two of.h
business partners were al *
res and jailed for compl
n lot. Miro's confet
I ,I of being
Inbrming Oulsado of

The epualaven of eo
ea devt nopm u ea
martMao who" h had w
imaoled for nearly tw"a woI
ued. calm. nee one isT ~
tion remained on the. 1, '
throughout the night to blr i4
cast the Assembly rW. e
Miro said he confesed
cause "Gu hlado had turned
back on me." W
The lawyer, son of a
guhed former Pa
diplomat and Judpe
Miro, said GuO adohad
ed him the post of en
Government and Justice it
plot were successful. Mirf
ceived no money for the
which cost four lives but
ed the Cabinet post to py
heavy gambling debts.
Arlas immediately
Alejandro R an, brother
slain Preslddsb to the
post sought by Miro.

file d
ably the -


- rnmtI .a TrAW

*'~ ~'L




q.. ,"

II -a
ml m ,%




'"^ **^*S1
. ,.,^-.^*;


THE PAN-AIMiiA- i iIM IC N All i I I i N Ei.Jll ILY ,, -rAT--R-- ANUARY I ,'-

Labor News




Only time can tell if 1IM55 is to
is YOUR FORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN e the year of "Peace, prosperity
and progress." But one thing it is
S. certain to be-the year of pickets.
T H Not just the old-fashioned strike
SL pickets, either. True, they will car
ry placards. But these will be
:* -- *- signs of the new times and the
new powers of picketing with which
-: The Mail Box is an open forum for readers of The Panama Americon; labor leaders are singing into
Matters are received grotetully and are handled in a wholly confidential 1955.
emr. ,. .....i.. .. In the past few months, little
It 1 n eoentribufe letter don't be impatient if it doesn't appear th attention as been paid nationally
S Letters are published in the order received. to a seronies of court decisions which
.i Plese try to keep the letters limited to one page length. will enable labor to unloose new
NMetity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. etyes on campaigns. '
*. TIbs newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opi types of campadecisins gave
..r One of these decisions gave un-
espuelad in letters from reaedr. ions the powvet to picket forever
S- 0 -- stores or plants in which theyI
r ATTENTION PC BOARD have no members. Another victory
_, gave labor the right to picket aI
Items for consideration by Panama Canal board of directors store in which nne o the wn.^ork
under "general cost reductions in every possible area." e rs another court gave unions the right
- 1. Revert to pre-corporation days when he had one Chef of another court gave unions the right
Police and Fire Division. Latest econopiy here is to make a Chief to picket stores and plants not tonly
of Northern District Fire Division and another for Southern Dis- for members andpublic. niages cant to
trict Fire Division in addition to the Police Chief. now picket an establishment in
2. Revert to pre-corporation days and one Chief of Postals, which the owner has refused to
(CStoms and Immigration. This month he becomes Assistant require his workers to join a union.
B"eau Director a new position and we get a Chief of Postals And they can picket places in
Iflision and a Chief of Customs Divisiol and maybe later a Chief which another union has signed up
f.rimmigration Division. all the workers.

; 3. Reduce Commissary Division overhead by abolishing cer-
ta 1 unnecessary jobs established during the expanding war
sotod. The occupants have more than 25 years service and would
no be hurt. This was done in personnel of Comptroller's office.
4. Supply Director office has as many employes as when he
the Housing Division, hotels and motor transportation divw-
akI#. Abolish Community Services Bureau and let Supply Di-
Sitor run it or vice versa.
J. A. Noledy
04 .------

f Toble Talk

Answer to Previous Puzzle7

SACB8O 311st
4 Seni or 1- %
1 Spanish-- seh l !c"1

ovefouodto 7Em..of
" h" 6- De mark
m Italan river 8 Red dye
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t .Frult drink 10 IEelAvI
IS Bulky 1 Revife A
17 Canned food ef r 28 Sum
cotai1r fExpunger 28 Sum
ComS in 20 Kind of 30 Repetition
USCome In pneumonia 31 Sketched
Usefulness 22 Melodies 33 Cap part
S eaters- 24 The Venerable35 Distribute
e plume again
r ebMl.t_. 25 Fish sauce 40 Hurry
7- pudding 20 Ending 43 Wearied
"sent for



45 Eye afflictions
46 Look furtlvely
47 Century plant
48 Son of Jacob
50 Receive
51 Roman road
52 Grant
55 Wile
-Ui 1i M 10

O t COMEBACK TRAIL-Polio victims, Rosemary Hand-
keft, and Barbara Carter. feed themselves with special
quiu*ibt after being freed from iron Iungs at Hondo, Calif.
Di al life for them can btatt again, as it has for other polio
tll Il wwho have left respirators at March of Dimes rehabili-
tation centers.

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a Want Ad
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Ofe looking *** whatever yu hbew- fte
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otiembas. M"lse. fatifn

'4--- 1 1LAk-^

Let me go into the most recent
rf these. The AFL Bakers Union,
represented by Herman E. Cooper
Mr. Labor Lawyer of 1955-won a
decision in a U.S. District Court
which gives the union the power
to picket in front of a plant or
stcre where another union has
b e e n signed as the bargaining
agent for the workers.
The Bakers won the right to say
on their signs that the union in the
plant has lower wages and worse
working conditions than the Bakers
Local 50 which was doing the pick-
eting. This means that the local,
or any other union, no has the
power to tend pickets to the front
Of a store and say that certain
products on the shelves are not
unicn made or are made by an-
other union which has lower wage
standards. This is "educational

Cuba Transformed

-0 -

-r z l i or

__~_ __j

- 'r

FOUNcD Iy s NULsm maUmmV IN l12s
07. H STEET P. 0. BOX 134. PANAMA. R. OF P.
I~OrTNh. IN ADVANCE -- 1.70 S 2,.

picketing." HAVANA, Cuba. ,- It is slightly walk, and the bcms mooched yoo, noisy night clubs, or call-them. clean up internal revenue, un t only U iH
shocking in terms of the passage and the lottery ticket sellers selves interior decorators or tele. was preparing a fraud case against d o
In turn, this means that while of years to find how a city can plagued you, and the flat-wheeled vision starlets. r Funkhouser but was checking M AA
'the pickets are not specifically change. Nearly 20 years ago, when;streetcars clatiged by. You could Mcst of the new restaurants now transfers of funds to South Amer rli W
saying that the place is on strike I first started going to Cuba, it'always find Papa Hemingway have piped in music, French ica because of rumors Funkhouser
and are not urging you to pass by was an old Spanish town with very !reading his newspaper under a names, and everybody speaks planned to leave the USA. Uh Inaa V1 AI.&
the stcre, there still is an "educa- few tourists, no Cadillacs, and thelpotted palm, and the potted Frencb and is very haut monde. Today, however, the tax case WIu m Ofa OVeIi
tional" picket line which will cut best prices in the world. Cubans played noisy dice at the I didn't see but one group of the against the O'Sullivan heel manu-i "
into the business of the proprietor. We used to have a magnificent bar and consumed quantities of musicians who went with every facturer has been virtually put on WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 (UP)-
And he probably will hastento un- room for two bucks a day, dal- old Constante's free lunch. ,bar and restaurant in the old days, the shelf. The agent who was han- Forty-two senators today propoo.
load his shelves of the product quiris were 10 cents in some plac- I remember being bree there and who banged on maracas and dling it was called cff and pro- ed life imprisonment of the death
which is being picketed, since he es, and you could 'founder yourself one time, and betting the spider sang to sour-throaLed guitars in moted. While he was off the case, penalty for second ,offenders ec-
doesn't want pickets of any kind im on fine food for a dollar, cr fill number in the illegal lottery, be- sad, minor Afric-Cubano. Nor did Commissioner Andrews' office set- evicted under federal law of sup-
front of his doors cutting into busi- your stomach satisfactorily for 20 cause I had found a scorpion in any beggars with babies clutch at tied fraud cases against three of plying narcotics to youths. N
ness. cents., my shoe that morning. It hit and my coat. All I seemed to se was Funkhouser's top executives impli- This proposed penalty ,wa out.
Now the city is all new build- instead of being broke, I now had Cadillacs full of people from Mi- cated in making kickbacks to him, lined in a bill introduced by Sen.
This, in effect, will be picketing ings, new roads, new neon lights, '00 bucks. Took the 200 out to one ami. Meanwhile, another tax ecg# Frederick G. Payne (R-Me.) with
the product, even in a union store. new television, new cars, and new of the casinos and beat the erap against a neighboring political 41 co-sponsors. It would,overhaul
Union officials already are refer faces, all of which speak English. game for a couple hundred maor', With one, exception: my old leader, E.' Brooke Lee, previously the federal narootics4aws.
ring to this as picketing to edu The prices beat Paris at the height and that is the richest I eves wi friend Chori, who is always high settled, was reopened. Lee Is one The bill's general -prvi 3 i o n s
Icate the consumer. N.o strike, cf the season and ar e~al e. off a miturp of* rus r pad other of the Demo qrats of Mary- would sfen a. *es fr
minw you. Tqy j4st uW tyo9~s. Miami ad 4 W Yr" Y oork We ,se1t ui'bitrdIM "a lot tl i, sti tal3 lands. ijL' 'T -tio of der oarcoti wtr
know wait not. to buy. ts legal Floridita testaurant'whe e we used in, be patio Of w M ote n Las tu q rewdy stIa ig Republti 'tl Mner
from no on. to hang out is air.conditioned, lush nically have been called a place town where if6 e D Ol1 patrol the Il Ln't es.m 0.g life W
Another decision, also won y carpeted, and as fancy as any of easy virtu,, although I must joints by twos. Ch bd oan the view oicer ofi ,ot ae ffei f fnse.
Cooper, permitted one of his c-i- restaurant in the world; admit nobody I knew ever did any- same shirt from 20 year ago, and e rin bad rev ly Even tougher weod4 w.the pe-
ents, the Motion Picture Operators The food's still good and the dal- thing but hang around the birlwas still playing drum ad4 ruled tat no r aud was involved, nalties' for furnishing drs to
Local 306, to picket a movie house quiris and ideales-a deceptively and drink and argue and play Cu- bottles and still singing in that &ad a civil adjustment was e. persons mundr 21. Where te law
In which the two projectionists had mild concoction of gin, grapefruit ban dice. It was called the Casa rum-sokked croak. We -g UP Al- tee had been charged with Jew provides a year
joined another union. In other juice and almonds-are still fine, 'Marina, and ws a wonderful ref- berto and a new Clara and ut a capital-gains tax on e t term for the first bffenle, 4h
words, you can now picket a firm but old, Constante, who mqde the uge from wives and tourists, a rumba that you would not or nd n uodeveleed real estate instead of payne bill would increase these
whose employes don't want your place nd who still tended bar after But now it is closed, its heavy, arily see in the more oente paying a straight income tax dur- penalties to 10 years for mrija-
union but want another. It's legal e* became a millionaire, is gone. brass-studded oaken dcors forever places. Only then-when I gt tse t t .e years 177, `'49 and '49., a and to 20 years for oeth ir,
picketing just so long as you s The place was wonderful when shut to the old days, and the easy check-did I feel I was back lb ypnt ruled in 194 that "there narcotics. .
specifically on your signs wha the sides were open to th sid- ladies now work as hostesses in my old horn. remained no question of fraud orj For a second offense, the pres-
is you are picketing for. At least. encedled income," and the case ent 5-to-10 year sentace would
in New York State. was considered closed.. Now it has go to 20 years fot fur shing mart-
Another decision by the New been reopened, and the Justice De- juana. For other drugs, the peial-
York Court of Appeals ruled that apartment is pushing for a criminal ty would be death unless a jury
there is no limit to the length ofi ln4ictment. recommended .brwise, 10w _ich
time a union can picket an em- case a life sentence oWul'be
player while attempting to sign t Padded Expenses given. ..
up his workers who don't want to Payne told the 'Senate t ,er has
join up. A small liquor store was In contrast, here are some of the been "an alarming increase A
icketed by the AFL liquor union .facts in the case of GOP leader illegal drug traffic since the end
or two years. None of its three WASHINGTON- (N5A) -The strength in the last few months. withe the Russians. Just what Funkhouser which has now been of World War II. He said iscreas-
Semployes wanted to join. The boss optimistic view in the U. S. State There are now some doubts as these conditions might be, he has put on the shelf. ed use of narcotics by teenagers
get an injunction removing the Department is that French Assem- to whether West Germany itself never stated. Tax agents found that for 11 has been of great cotitern .
pickets. The union appealed--and bly .approval, of the London and will ratify the London and Paris What this combination o circum-i years Funkhouser required one of cause of its relation to juvene
was upheld. The pickets continued. Paris agreements to rearm West agreements, even though they stances adds up to is a belief that his executives, Henry Jennings, to delinquency.
Thus organizational picketing is ern Germany solves the most might make the Germans the the coming weeks will see increas- pad his expense account $300 a
made legal and can go on forever, pressing problem ip Europe., strongest people in Europe. ing pressure on the United States month, and then pay that amount --
even in front of retail stores. At The more pessimistic view is The factor overlooked in this and the United Kingdom to agree over to him. During this period, NO BITE
least 100 other such cases were that French Assembly action real- situation is that there exists in to new talks with the Russians be.- funkhouser got $39,600 as a nice
affected by this ruling. The court ly solved nothing. Far from being Germany today a great distrust or fore Germany is rearmed. little secret windfall. HARTFORD, Conn.- (UP) -
said that so Icna as the picketing the end of the story, this is merely remilitarization. This represents a This is where trouble lies for In order to pay Funkhouser his State Police Major George Rem-
was peaceful it wouldd roll on and the beginning. And there is trou- complete change in German pub- the United States. kickback without running in t he er was pleased when officers
on. This and the bakers' "educa- ble ahead. lie opinion. red himself, Jennings charged up caught the thief who swiped his
Itional" picketing- come under the I In France itself, the Council of There is no question about the It is now recognied in Washing- fictitious mileage at seven cents raincoat. But his elation turned
right to. freedom of speech-the the Republic-corresponding to the ability of Germany to raise and ton that the French may have a mile for trips he had never tak- sour when he reached into t he
unions can say what they want on U. S. Senate-has to Approve the equip a '12-division, 500,000-man originally put forward their Euro. en. pocket of the coat and failed to
the picket signs, in effect. action of the Assembly which army. Therb is some question as pean Defense Community propos- iWhen internal revenue agnets find the false teeth be had left
Labor leaders everywhere are corresponds to the U. S. House- of to whether this new force would ala as a stalling device to delay began checking Funkhouser's tax there. The thief couldn't remem-
planning to use these decisions to Representatives, be popular. U. S. insistence on German re- returns, they got statements from ber what he did with them.,
organize workers. Ratification by the Council has armament.
I been taken for granted. But if the Even Chancellor Adenauer him- Premier Mendes-France scrap \
Still another vital decision came Council makes even minor amend- self is said to be hipped on his ped the EDC plan as an inter- I lrE .1 ANCES BV, Cll '
from the u.s. supreme Court ments to the act of ratification, it opposition to recreation of a war ference with his own ideas for ______ --_____- -
which ruled that an employer must will have to go back to the As- ministry and general staff that first stre ending the domestic
bargain with a union chosen by sembly. might again take over control of economy of France. The alterna- I P.A "
his workers in a labor board elec- In this reconsideration by the German government. tive which he accepted in the Lon-
ton even if the workers change Assembly, the slim 27-vote major- And so, the pessimistic appraisal den and Paris agreements will b )
their mind right after the board ity by which Premier Mendes- of the European situation today is a godsend if these agreements ^.j ',. r 1 ( A /
election and don't want any union. France obtained his vote of con- that Germany might conceivably can be ratified by France and
This ruling involved the AFL's fidence on the issue, 'might dis- never be rearmed, or that it might Germany. .
machinists Van Nuys, Calif. appear. The fact that some 80 not be rearmed for a long time to If they cannot, there is trouble
Thus, from coast to coast, ex- deputies did not vote in the 287 to ccme. aplenty ahead for the United \
cept in the 17 states in when pick- 260 approval is a further indica States and its Western Europea1 /
eting is especially regulated by tion cf the weakness of this situa- Coupled with this fear of recre- allies in finding a second alterna-.
the "right to work laws", the un- tion. eating Germany military might-a tive. It is admitted this must some
ions have wide new powers to fear that exists in France even how involve the ultimate rearming ,
post pickets even if there Is no If France should finally fail to more than in Germany-there is of Western Germany. Without that,
strike, or even if another union al- accept' the London and Paris a strong desire in both countries the North Atlantic Treaty Organi-
ready has taken over. agreements, the political stability to hold still another conference nation becomes a flimflam and its
And labor plans to use that pow of Germany might become un- with the Russians before Germany Western European defense plans
er in '55. stuck. is rearmed. are made inoperable. I
The German chancellor, Dr., The German Socialists seem to '
Konrad .Adenauer, has had to use' feel that such talks might some What else this third plan might
practically all the gocd will he how further unification of East encompass, no one can now say.
Asss A ghE has commanded to earry the West ,and West Germany. Premier Men It would have to be hammered
1 German Republic alo n with his des-France seems to feel that he out is another Western European \
policy of Western European alli- is cunning enough to negotiate conferes"e of completely unpre-
Sances. He has admittedly lqst more favorable living conditions dictable results.

S MEII 'j.' I

The annul met *of the
steoldero *of MSe Pau-
AWmISSIRe 1r ie ."
be Cm at the efloes
1 gol shev-Y I. tiN W-

.~ --




W GT p three of his executive regarding
g things are id seret Payments to- hie Two ha
may meri eradded their expenses In rdr t
probe' ofow the na~to -ck back. A third had been PZ I
are colleted. sIng him n m e guise of a t. bP
The closing days of e *uan in the sul tf e.
administration were ted byUI On.e o '
serious tax scandu. Uevel- O of the td un Heat *e
ed in this column-whlcb led to ha given the tax a a state
the resinations cf C OM*ta .per ent a wa -gesom a state
eorge hoeneman and Couns ent and was promptly fited.
Charles Oliphant; plus the prosecu- Charles Town his boea
tion of-,an earlier commissioner admitted ?own g wgo
and assistant-Jo. Nunsn adD efo Fad
Bolich. .cunts for Fun ou
These tax scandals supplied Re $00 a month ad
publican campaiers wit some of money by per
their potent polcal ammuont estimated the tot . was presumed that when paid Funkhouser tai
they took over internal revenue, it ,ures It at hu$39,I00 .' I
would be run with Old Dutch uJennings has now'h a-
C closer. politstems whave .. tem
However l eems e Funkhouser functionary, 'or ,
rept back into the tax-collecting 000; also has a contract
agency. Funkhouser to make Uexe for
This column has already report- him. As.r toalt he wbs t tfo
ed how Commissioner T. Ccleman talk, said Funkhouser would eata
Andrews, after entertaining an talk, said Funkhouser would ?etal.
tor McCarthy-In hise home Rich atse by taking away' IMs contract.
mtor McCarthy a is home Rich. however, when confronted with the
mond, Va., and introducing himfacts, Jennings admitted they were
to a local audience as oe of "our correct. .
greatest living Americans," assiga- Despite this, the tax
ed a run-cf-the-mine agent to the pared against Funkhouser under
job of scrutinizing McCarthy's tax pared agaCommissioner Johunkhouser under
returns. McCarthy has had to pay ma n has now beer John viDunlap,
extra taxes to the state of Wiscon- ma has nowhelf byeen vi ner
mittee also found him using money Colemane shelf by om iticaloer
received to fight communism to oleman Andrews, poltcal ap-
speculate on the soybean market. ..pointee.- Th J T .. Depatm
'But Commissioner Andrews has NOTE-The Justice Department
taken no public action. is now reported checking on every
On top of this, here is the latest big Democratic campaign contrib-.
political developed t inside the utor. E. Brooke Lee, whose tax
agency which is supposed to col- cas has been reopened, raised
lbet taxes impartially. rt, ve s ,.s.i,
smpatiUand lu deficit al p nMuted
Nation's No. 1 el heavily to the recent Byrd
campaign for, F Iat
When T. Coleman Andrews took occupied by Hah r i as
over tax collecting, one of the hot- temporary White H use, operated
test fraud cases be inherited in. t' .rAndrew ,Jahkson'ne w.a, per
West VirginaT nkhouse'r, The Lee-Bla families havebeen
manufacturer Of O'SU van heels, active in Democratic' politics in
sometimes referred- to as "Amen- Maryland ever since.
can's No. 1 Heel." John Dunlap, .....n er ,c
career agent whom President Tru- I .
mnnn annninted commissionnAer ton ft l.. n.,hm



io, A-N-AM-A-,1









Flanked ---
I. -
Sow -




S. -- r .... ..... ,

Church of Christ

*AsOA:n Bo"RmL
Seewmie mdsYOiOM aem. 13B0 a0S
cB'SAL: Amerean Le emaa a
Sarvlem Sutundra J04 a.m o 11 a.
.10o-A.JHO: Bon. No 1aS4 M th St.
MSudat 4 nam


soct "
R1ilO ane C


m l iTau ta... tl m.
a ..a.........
1 00s,
Intemted omona on the Atlante Side
mWA 2aPd -2U41 ay write to

Su c and a *............ :45 a.m.
Mo ing .W.a.i ............ 10:45 a .
Tr4mft. eion .......a 40. pin
L v e *v ~ n *Ai d a i 7 0 p m

unbeamm ..........Srday .3 :0 p.m

W, Anewo Boultvard
Drawr "B" *BalboaM elti
Pome ttBalboa 1727
William IML eeby, Faster
iunda, ws ............s. som
Mor Wodrshi .......... 10:46 a.m
BaptpWTrailft*,M U(M 1.... *00 pA.
Evangelistic Serwm ....... A 1 .m
P r a er MeatlnS Wse .
d ay ............ .
% M.& BMlAt SUfIBS !am
days........................ 5:* J
lens t rotberooo (La

Mo n Wotrsrp .......... 130A
ndT railn o.Unslo ............ 10
IRtednMtav Prav srwrleg ..V... It

Salvation Army

(Noa.Di.-- ta tiaiul ET glUi

Ne.M atn e M .L MS eleM
mt. w
Building lo. 1O5.
9:30 SurNey ehool.

;30 Y IU.
Envoy and e L. I-

BuPhone lo 4
9:36 Street hO

Eveniat Wenh ............... 7.3
l:4m Holnlw M t

S:00 Young P*elst'ns L to.
7:0 silvattoro Meeing.

WM aou ,. t te,,
ts AdaftMOft

COew Cahteb
Corner pMnM AM. C. Mooanue
tthld Sreett
Phone 3-74&,

Lw Wedpe ... ............ T

3:00 Sunday SehooL .
<:00 wou i LP iaaow
7:10 AUlvaan Meting

Mandw CouplN
ttme m.0

Phone 54L.
9*0 .Wisede t ROME
and MON.
9:45 Su3' ScheeSL
ilo Ws afftvien.
sim Obwiatm kdea.
2TUe ev. Paul IL. luander. Pastor.


ltear M. Alderton, Iaster.
I, *

e.awum eo fue s m eyaM -i C~wN C mel a n -e. rMmm.t
loe ad Poenme end Col.s. Rtepwble Pane., anted s a welW

aseighbcs, icedsh and ss 1irc
As a publservi. The Pename Amsereea IMp buhw, by
dmammw esl, mehuks ed bhalf ti end eher o m erle. tadlwes.
L *WW e sv twd e am Imke to ms. Dmse--mtioee i -

Seri iss" A asiai liha is taded fr sevis a Am- pN
As# Ppmb. baima id Maocl etiem...
SAMistces shume& aerledsa nd m o" Aa am Weh d Ifrm
Irirlir~ia.. .NM ;fkf Wtin*ai~ fi ^M

c mews duk ia wrie Iy wi
changes "tr Iks semian hordes'

Sunday Masse; 7:00, 8.0, 10:00 and
12:00 a-n.
Holy Day asses: 5:5S. :0, u:5 a-m.
and JJMI 1:36 to 5:00
ConfON: Saturda Sy 3 to -:00
and 740 to S:00 p.m. Thurday. before
Wist Friday: 700 to 5.00 p.m.
Miraculous Medal Novena: 7:00 p.m.
on Monday.
Catechism elsa: after the :00 mass
on Sunday.
High School Study Club 6:30 p.m. on
Sunday Massei: 5:5, 7:30 & 9:30 a.m.
Holy DMy masse: 5:55 a.m. and 5:00
Conessions: Saturday .10 to 5:00 and
7:15 to 8:00 p.m. Thursday before First
Friday 7.00 p.m.
Sacred Hert Devotions: 7:00 p.m. on
Catechism Class: 5i1S to 4:45 p.m. oj
Sunday Mass at S:00 am.
Holy Day Mass at s:00 p.m.
Confessions: 6:00 to 6:45 p.m. on Sat-
Catechism Clai: Saturday 8:30 to 10
ST. JOSEPH-Paralse
Sunday Masses at 7:00 and 8:15 a.m.
Holy Day Mass at :00 p.m.
Weekday Masses: ..:00 a.m.
Cnfessions: Saturday 3:30 to 4:30 and
6:30 to 7:30.
Catechism Clan: Sunday 3:00 to 4:00
Miraculous Medal Novena: 7.00 p.m.
on Friday.
Convert Imnstruetions: Thursday 7:00

sT. VINCrNTS-Pana City
Sunday Masses: 600 and 8:30 a.m.
Holy Day Masses: 3:30 and 5:00 p.m.
(It it falls on Saturday the Masses are
:00 and 8:30 a.m.)
Confessions: Saturday 3:00 to 5:00 and
7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Thursday before First
Friday 7:30 p.m.
Miraculous Medal Novena and Sta-
tions of the Cross: Friday 7:00 p.m.
Catechism Class: After 8:30 mass on
Convert Clans: :30 p.m. Tuesday and
Sunday Mass: 8:30 a.n.
Holy Day Mass: :00 a.m. (It It falls
on Saturday--4:30 a.m.)
Catechism Class: 330 to 5:00 p.m. on
Confetslons: 3:00 to :310 a.m. Sunday.
Parquo Lefevre
Sunday Mamses: :30 and 8:30 a.m.
Week Days Mass: :N0 Mon., Thurs..
Fri. and Sat. First Friday mass: 6:00 a.m.
Holy. Day Mases: 6a0. a.m. to 6:00
p.m. '
Confessions: 3-. to 4:30 and 7:90 to
8:00 P.m. on Saturday
Miraculoua MedafNovena: Friday 7:00
Catqtsn h r Clas: I3-0 p.m. on Sunday.
Convert Claws: Monay 7:0 p.m.

S urd Saturday a to 7: .Pm
Thaday hfere First-Frida y 4:30 p.m..
Catho l s Clam: 3:IS p.m. on Sunday.
Sacred Hear Novena: 7:10 p.m. on
Convert Clas: :30 p.m. on Thursday.
Sunday Masses: 7:00, :00 and 10:30
Holy Day Masses: *:00, 8:00 a.m. and
5:00 pm.
Conesion: Saturday' 4:0 to S:00 and
700 to 8:00 p.m. After Rsary each eve-
nimraeulou- s MedaJ Novena: 2:00 and
S:0o p.m. on Mond.y.
Catechim .Class: After 8:00 mass on
FirsFriday Exposition alt day Dur-
in the School Year.
rSt Saturday: MaW at 800 a.m.
Sunday Masses: 7:30 and 9:30 a.m.
Holy Day Masses: :00 a.m. and 5:00
Confessions: 4:00 to S:00 and 7-00 to
5:00 p.m. Saturday.
Miraculous Medal Novena: 7:00 p.m.
on Mesnday.
Teen-age Club: 7:15 p.m. on Wednes-
Catechism Class: 4:00 p.m. Thursday.
First Friday Devotons:. 7:00 p.m.
Sunday Masses: S:45 and .10 arm.
Holy Day Masses: a:45 and 8:00 a.m
and S:S1 .m.
,Comllisee ': Saturday 4:00 to 6.0 and
700 to 8:00 p.m.
Miraculous Medal Novena: Wedneaday
6:1s and 7:00 p4m'
Sacred art Novena: Friday 7:15 p.m.
Sorrowful Mother: Sunday 7:15 p.m.
Convert Clas: 7:l1 p.m. on Monday
and Thursdays.
Catechism Class: 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on
Sunday Masses 7:00 and s:30 a.m.
Holy Day Masses: 6.0 a.m. and 5:00 I
Consfesion*: 740 p.m. on Saturday.
Miraculon Medal Novena: 7:00 p.m.
on Tuesday.
Catechism Clam: 2:30 p.m. on Sunday.I
Saeret Heart Novena: 7:0 p.m. on
Re7igion gItruction: 4:0 p.m. Thurs-
loary k Benedictin on Sunday 4:30
p.m. -
1NMAAWLAIT ecwmw..eth
S1ntmday ma .: i and :0 a.m.
Ha ay Mamsses: .410 am. and 5:00
p.m. < ,
Coedl-fu : 6:20 to 7-0 amn lrday.
M Medal Novena: T: p.m.
catec Clu:s S::45 to S:00 p.m. en

I. VInCXENTS-Rfinbew Clty
Sunday Mases: 6.0 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.
Holy Day Masss: 6:00 a.m. and 6:00
Comfeim: 400 to S:0 ond 7:09 to
2:00 p.m. Saturday.
Catechism Class: 110:0 a.m. on Sunday.
Miraculous Medal Novena: 7:00 pm.
gat Tuesday.
Sacred Heart Novena: 740 p m. on

rnema y nom o t thi le t ot mr
,a hAM page.

Ret. Kev. i, Hebar GoodeR, S.T.D.
Very Rae. M. Richard MaeDalad
Ho Communlon ........ S10 e.a
Church School a nd
Bible Class .............~ le3 aI m
Morning Prayer and Sermon 1:41 am.
Firm Sunday othea M
Holy Communiom and Ser.
afI ....................... 1.6i41 a-a
tv lax Prayiger sAnd So TAO o n.
WMIAD AySM Boly b aym
Iioty Cominnmleo .......... 8:10 a.a.
Third Street, New Cristibal
The Rev. Milton A. Cooklon, Pastor
Holy Communion ......... t030 ai.
Church School +.......... 10 a.m.
Bible CIas Morning Prayer
and Sermon ............. 11 0 a.m.
(First Sunday, Holy Communion)
Holy Communion ...... 8:0 am.
Choir Rehearsal ..... .... 7= m
A House of Prayer for all people.
Church of St. Andrew
The Rev. William W. Baldwin
Holy Communion.
Family Prayor and Church School.
9:30 A.m.
Morning Pryer and Semoa U a.m
(H.C.first Sunday in M.a)lt.
Evetinl Pisyer 7:50 p.m.
Weekday Prayer. 8:00 a.
Good Shopore
Ven. L B. SWyh ep Arcbdeacon
3:00 am. very riday. Mornsray.
(N.C. l t rridar.t
St. Simo's Church
The Rev. John Spear, Priest 'in Charge.
Morning Prayer, Ist and kr.
Sunday .................... 1030 a.m.
Holy Communion and Ser-
mon, 2nd and 4th Sundays .. 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School ........... 3:00 p.m.
Youth Fellowship ......... 5:00 p.m.
Evening Prayer ........... 7:00 p.m.
Girls' Friendly Society ... 4:00 p.m.
Evening Prayer and Sermon 7:00 p.m.
Holy Communion .......... 5:45 a.m.
Woman's Auxiliary, 2nd and
4th Thursdays .............. 7:30 p.m.
St. Peter's Church
The Rev. John Spear, Priest in Charge.
Choral Eucharist and Sermon 7:00 am.
Morning Prayer and Church School
10:00 a.m.
Children's Eucharlst, 3rd Sundays 10
Holy Baptismn s0 p.m.
Evensong and Sermon 7:30 p.m.
Holy Communion 710 a.m.
Holy Communion 7:00 a.m.

ft. Mar a Che

church of IheOft Coer
Von. L. Shirley. Arabdesan
very Monday 40 am. Holy Coa..

JRo. A. L. ionme
81.0 a.m. Holy Communlieo id Isa14da
9J 0 am. Sunday School.
S10 p.m. Evening Prayer:nd and 4th
Monday: 7.0 M p.. Touth Metinl.
Wednesday: 6 v o.m GirW fedly
Sdety- TANK
Jus Church
Rea. 0. A.J Obrn*e and
B e C. A& ClaAwen
Van. L. Sirley
an The Rev. BtRr Begpnao Atwen

Colin. de oP.
(Opposite Hotel Washington)
no Uae. Malnest J 'eteMe. Rme
6.0 sm. Holy Commuilom.
9:00 a.m. Choral uebhari and Sermon.
1090 a.m. Church School Sesalo.
7:0 p.m. Solemn veammSg and Se-
6:00 a.m. Holy Communnio.
730 p.m. Evening Prayer and Semnne
I pm pa.m. Adct firmat C
54 p pm.Prayer Guild.

10:00 a.m. Junior ConflrnaUtion Class.
7:JO p.m. comnBi and Meditation.L
:1t. At*k f. VitMuS%
Silver City C.I
Rev'd. Arnold Waldoes.
evd. Arnold C. Waldock.
mo AB&&O
t. Christepher's ChlrcM
o St.. Parqu Lefwi e
BRe. Clarenc W. Hayes
Holy Communton ibe. .... 340 a
Sunday School ...........1 8L
apims 5 to p.m and & 4th SaB I
"Bemtna yes-Ble *tudy 6 .-*L. I
in =ad L,
Weman's Auxaryhid & 4th Sundas
9!mV mnunto Wedneday'. e *em

a fonows:
Sabbath School, *10 a.m. Divine Ser-
S11:00 an.L Youth's Meeting. 430 p.m. S
UWDAY: Bible Lecture. 730 g.m.
]EDNESDAY: Ble Study

Pahifc te--Pamu Balboa
Dttrctatr .11. Waller


Posts and Bases

Sday School (Building No. 8) S:01
gohip.. *******.......... 10:00
Sunday School (Building Ne. 14) 9:00
Msin Worship ............... 10:1

O hlp ..........,.... 1:0
Sunday School (Building 711)... 9:s
Morning Worship ............... 10:4
:Worship ...........18:30 p.m
Morning Worship ............... t:(
Sunday School ................. 9:3
Morning worship, 10:45.
Youth Group .................. 6:3
Evening Worship ............. 7:3
Sunday School (Building No. 1) 9:3
morning Wo p ............. 11
Sunday ................ ........ 7:.
Holy Communion (Episcopal) Sunday
9'00 Divine Worship (Holy Commu-
S alon on the first Sunday in the
Pally Mass ................. :
Sunday Mai .................. :00
ally Mas ..... ......... 1
6 sunday Ma1s ......... 9 ... :0
Sunday Mass ................ 7:41
Sunday Mas ................... 10:
Daily Mass ..................... :00
Sunday Masse ....... 7, :45 11:45
Sunday Mare .... ............. 10:00
T'i'ON+ Jewish
Saturday .................. 12:30 p.m.
Saturday ................... 3:30 p.m.
Sunday School (Education Cen-
) .................. :34
pknnLWorhip .............1. 1:00
Sunday School ................9.. 1:00
Morning Worship .............. 10:00
Sunday School ..'.............. 9:30
Morning, Worship .............. 11:00
Daily Moat ......... .......7:30
Tuaday Mass ..... ..... 7:00 p.m.
Sunday Mas ...........:...... 9:30
Sunday Mass .................... 7:45
Daily Mass ..................... :00
Sunday Ma...................... :00
Sunday M ..... ............. 7:30
Tuesday ...... .......... 7:00 .m

Other Churches
Ancon, C.Z.
Minister W. A. Jordan
58, Ancon. C.Z. Balboa 602
Sunday School......... .... :45 a.m.
Moins Worship .......... 100 a.m.
Youth Service ............ :45 pn
Evening Service .......... 7:30 p.m.
NJ.M.S. Service ......... 7:00 .m
Prayer Meeting, Wed. ... 7:30 p.m.
Panama R.P., 23rd Street East
Rtev. S. N. Brown. Minister
tvineWorhip ..........9. 10 a.m.
Sunday School ............ 3:00 p.m.
DitineWoS ip ............. 7 130 p.m.
lto Abkjak tt^, "UItay'MMo, aI
at* .E -

41 Pin Balboa,
rRoad. Balboa.

or L IaOA SAnINTS (1e00
Sunday meetIngs t the JWB-USO. La
Boca Road. Balboa. Primary and Prielst-
hood .30 a.m. Meeting; Sunday School.
9:25 a.m.: Sacrament Meeting, 1-o30 a.m.
For address wher e Atlantic Branen
services will be held, call Cristh6bal .2
or Coco Solo 324. Priesthood 9 amn Sun-
day School 10. Sacrament 11.
Rev. Paul Holloway, Pastor
Office, Curundu 5105
Home, Curundu 7116
Sunday School ............... 9:45
Morning Worship ........... 11 a.m.
Youth Meeting ..... ......... pm.
EveMing Worship ............ 7 p.m.
Lt. Raphael The Archa eld
13th St. West No. I
Holy Eucharist: Sday at 1 0 a.m.
Tuesday. Wedneday nd Tbursdavs
6:30 aJm.
Saeaeop at f Onteoi (tteainge ar-
vice) Sunday of eacb month as

Msemt UIbetl Chisas Churec
At. Rev. T. jasme. ED. I shop
Morning devotlo i ........ On6 a.m
Feilowehip Wores im t...... U.-a.
Sunday School at ........... : .mO
ivin Servi ................ 1 p
Apt. 'I" La oSal
h4th Street. Pa City.
Informal Talks and Discustiom
Thursdays..................81:00 As.
Cole. .th & Fet Streets
(upstairs Amerlsn esasar)
Study Clames-......Thursdays.. 130 p.m
Rev. WaUal HN. Stewart. Pator
Red Tank, CZ-Sundays. 11 a.m. divine
worship; 3:30 p.m. Sunday School 7130 p.
m. gospel service.
Parque Leferre, R.P Sth and 1st Stf..
No. 40 Sundays, 3 p.m. Bible school.
Wednesdays. Bible reading
Paratso. C-Sunday, 3 p.m. Sunday
School at the gymnasium.

Rev. G, W. Graariso
763s Calle Coda
Morning Worship ........... s90 a.m.
Sunday School ............. 10:30 a.m
Evening Worship ................. :15
L'a. IN" and Mlarlaeo Areeeiassa Stsa.
Panama City
Rae. W, I J. Jeonse. Pastor
hunday School ........ ....:30 a.m.
eoanig Worship ............10:30 am
LIvangelatice Service ......... 7:00 o.m.
New Providence
Mrs. Maud Nines. Paaster
sunday School ..............10:00 a.m
Morning Worship...........11:00 a.m.
venns Worship ..................
Motas O are Read
'Rev. Wiltlam U ateum Pastor
Sunday School .............. 9:0 a.m.
oLrinh Worshi ............160 a.m.
vent Weorship ................. 7;30
Hedquarters. Panama. R.P.
Stations: PanamA Coltn, Chorrille, La
Ministers: James C. Brewster. S. C.
ravlor. C. U. Jarvisa, A. Trotman.
Services, are held every Sunday 11 a.
m.. 1]:0 p.m. 7:15 p.m. and 8:40 p.m.
Sunday Schools are he T folbwimg
= t. 4th & ot.,. p.m.. 4 0 p.m.-
saname 3 p.m.. 4c30 p.m.
La Bea 3 pm., 4 JO0 p.m. Chorrillo
I p.m.. 4J0 p.m
Par Levrre 9 a.m.. I1 a.m. Pa-:
as.No. 101. 3 p.m.. 4-0 pm.
La Baea Town. RBl ALajo. S pm.,.
6:0 p.m.
Monday. WednetdaysPrd ea vies
re held hfe 7:15 p.m. to lp.m.
CHURc oW GOD (Punseesel)
R". B a Waitesl. O0 eer
Plame G-4 Son M. 0ambeW
Cabgrab at PpraCa. mC& lBv. aO
bn. iHunsma 0. Whylev, COB&% X.?
OlR. r-mains Le-a). R- R*eAO






I IsNaDmw OT bAiST NwArAfX

*I -

I Labor Priest' On Philadelphia Waterfronf

iBy JIAN8E, F. MIUGRTON ... -. '-1 sire for social betterment"-hisa cas he. ha es, t
NEA Special Correspondet ly reward for the difficult and help operate
Th Is somewhat thankless job. Joseph's. The Mare MA
Sprawling Port of Philadel- i a nd night the ti, white- generally" y proi
ist :i i the naion'a second largest. \. haired cleric is called on to unm. union is sonewhatl
But since 11, it has been almost piare disputes which could halt never worries about
free of the work stoppages and the vital port operations. He feels Port problems are M
labor troubles t iah t constantly his work with both sides has Comey's sole on~erLra
plague other seaports. taught labor and management arbitration panel sot
S Behsndthat unique r ecord Is a representatives the ability to solve Upholsterers Intern
straight-talking Jesuit priest who some of their own problems. and for a local stede
aw orks without a fee, believes a a "As they see me sift out the as handling many outside
fair reward sfr both labor and facts a n d diagnose a situation, ing asignmeits.
management, and walks the dark they must learn to do the same
waterfrontat night without fear. for themselves," he says. President Eisea ower 4
During the summer of ni1i the him to the fact-finding'
Rev. Denns J. rv omey, S.J., as While e has been called a which studied the cause
asked to serve as arbitrator on '"labor priest," Father Comey says strike among longshoramew .
several labor-management ques- he tries to settle each case on its Atlantic Coast more than a
tions which, threatened to tie up I merits. He's not concerned about ago. In addition, he aln s
the port and some 7000 workers maintaining a batting average, a column on labor-mamag
from Trenton N. J., to' Wilming- but rather a sensible) working so- subjects which appears int
ton, 'De., along the job and lution fair to both sides. diocesan weekly papers t
re olyed the problems sole Outsiders often Wonder why East and Midwest.
now Father Comey is the sole there is constant threat of trou- Is the cleryman safe 'il
and final arbitrator of all laborble at many of American's sea- along the dark waterfront
questions in the port which sends ports. "The very nature of water- at night on his way to s*N
and receives materials from front work makes it open to dispute? The hulking l sy
throughout the world. He has
handled some 200 cases-writing REV. DENNIS COMETY: Didn't abuse. No ship makes money un- men will assure you that -
r rt more tan know how to get rid of him. less it is moving," Father Comey not a thing to worry, abod.
reports on more than 90andexplains. Father Comey feels very Sal
work stoppages have been prac-dI
ticaly nil since he took over as drawn from labor and manage He gets no salary or fee for his ''m always treated w
call mlie r as fibl labor mediation work. Each side aspect. I'm fond of longshoream
labor empire. ment in labor-maagement is supposed to pay 150 for each they trust me," heaid.
The eerf '' strong authority Is relations and wp teach principles
plainly defined in a contract bp- of ethics which fit both sides.
tween bhe Philadelphia Marine interested-in human values
Trade Association and the Inter- not just mere methods," be ex- A .--
national Longshoremen's Associa- plains.
'Once I got in I doi.'t think they A native Philadelphian- who,
knew how to get rid of me," he was educated in this country and
says, with a twinkle ot Irish hu- abroad, Father Comey speaks sev-
mor in his voice, eral foreign languages fluently, T
Since 1943 Father Comey has a big advantage when dealing
-been director of the Institute of with the longshoremen. He is as
Industrial relationss at St. Jo- much at home talking with the
seph's College in Philadelphia. rugged pier workers as in a class- TH E C H A S E
The night school the helped or- room.
ganise now has a faculty and stu- His sometimes blunt manner,
dent body of several hundred hides a deep, and consistent "de- k | A' T" A k A k I

Long Defends US Presidents

Against McCarthy Diatribe

By HERBERT FOSTER of another Democrat to the va-
United Press Staff Correspondent cant place on the house commit-
tee "dashed" his hopes.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 (UP) "I am firmly convinced t h at
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy twice the control of the Democratic
was ordered to sit down today in Party is held by the same group
a stormy Senate debate touched of men responsible for 20 years
off by his charge that some sen- of Harry Dexter White type of
ators were insincere -In support- treason," he said referring to the
ing a pledge to continue investi- late Treasury official accused of
gating communism. Communist espionage by Atty.
The Wisconsin Republican lash- Gen. Herbert yBrownell Jr.
ed out so sharply at his fellow- McCarthy went on to charge
senators, particularly Democrats, that some of the 54 signers of the
that Sen. Thomas H. Kuchel (R- resolution, which was supported
Calif.), who voted against the by members of both pprtie s,
Senate's condemnation of Me- were "trying to get dirt off their
Carthy last fall, asked that he be hands" and were insincere.
forced to take, his seat.
The bitter. ow, in which Me. Sen. Price Daniel (D-Tex.), au-
Carthy renewed his charge of "20 thor of the resolution, asked Mc.
years of treason" against t h e Carthy to assume the signers had
Democratic Party, broke out aft-. good intentions. McCarthy s a i d
er the.Seat- oted U tb to -ab he cold not doio.,
pr ov-e a'i= tib p L itwiij Se. Itussell B. ]bng.(,L, L
continue "diligently and vigorous, who en was pressing, declared
ly to investigate, expose a n d the Wisconsin Reputolican was
combat communism." violating the Senate Irule against
Meantime. 33 senators introduce. imputing "unworthy or unbecom-
ed a bill to set up a 12-member ing" conduct to a senator. He or-
Senate-House committee to super- dered McCarthy to sit down, as
vise the hush-hush Central Intel. required by the rule.
LIGENCE Agency. It would be sim: McCarthy was allowed to r i s e
ilar to the J6int Atomic Energy and speak again when his friend,
Committee. I Sen. Herman W e I k e r (R-Ida.)
Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.), moved that he be allowed to pro-
chief sponsor, said that without I ceed "in order"-without violat-
such a committee there was no ling the rules.
way of knowing what se r i o u s McCarthy turned scathingly on
flaws" in the CIA might be "cov- Long. Apparently still s t i n gang
ered by the curtain of secrecy in, from the 67 to 22 vote last fall
which it is shrouded." which condemned his own con-
The CIA is a long-time target duct, McCarthy said he was glad
of McCarthy, who has charged it to see Long remembered the Sen-
has one of the "worst' govern- ate still had rules.
ment situations involving commu. He said Long "sat like a bump
nism. on a log" during the censure de-
McCarthy, who voted for the bate last fall "while every rule
resolution to continue Red inves. of the Senate wasviolated; I was
tigations, got up afterward a n d criticized, accused of everything
said he was "not too hopeful that but murdering my great great-1
will be done." grandmother."
He charged House Democratic When McCarthy repeated h i s
leaders were "afraid' to give charge that "the raw harsh un-
Rep. Martin Dies (D-Tex.), whom pleasant fact remains that t h e
McCarthy called the "greatest Truman party, has countenanced.
Communist-hunter of them a 11,' treason," Long shot back: "I
a seat on the Un-American Acti- don't believe there has ever been
cities committee which D i e s a President of the United States
once headed. who was not a patriotic citizen,
McCarthy said the assignment doing the best he could for the
-- welfare of America.' I

Figures' Wife

Suggests Spanking

For Somoza

-The Danish-born wife of Costa
Rica's President Jose Figueres
today prescribed "a good o I d-
fashioned spanking" for Nicara-
guan.Presi '-t 'nastasio Somo-.
za, who has been accused by Fi-I
gueres of backing the present
Costa Rican revolt.
The Copenhagen after oon
newspaper said it obtained 8eno.
ra Figueres' comments in a tele-
phone interview.


FRANKLIN, Neb.-(UP)- Mice
haven't a chance in the Franklin
County courthouse. Supplies of
poisoned grain kept by the county
agricultural agent for fighting
prairie dogs, mice and other ro-
dents *ere recently invaded by
courthouse mice. The invaders
scarcely made it away from the
sack before they succumbed.

Mie Church ef the Ltheran mer"
The Rev. erbert T. Berlthal. Paster
sM 11beel RBeed. Baeibs.
Phemw Blbee 31.
Sunday Schaol and Junior and AdUi
Mlal s a at 00 a.p : Werbdp SeW.
Zie. 0a.m. Regular cowered dis sup.
per the seed mday e mh s math
at the Lutheran Service Center at3 80
pJ.. Holy CmAntlmion the first Sunday
Aof ech math. with a pre-comimtlon
devotlU and regsvtration th e Friday
previs. at I p.m.
nusumr m-veaodL, S'


Head Office: Pine Street corner of Nanas., New 'Tek
Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation



Cash and Due from Banks .
U.S. Government Obligations .
State, Municipal and Other Secu-
rities .
Mortgages .
Loans .
Accrued Interest Receivable. .
Customers' Acceptance Liability.
Banking Houses .
Other Assets .


posits .
Foreign Funds Borrowed .
Reserves-Taxes and Expenses .
Other Liabilities .
Acceptances Outstanding .
Less: In Portfolio .

Capital Funds:

Capital Stock.
(7.400.000 Shareo-
$15 Par)


Profits. .


10,080,586 .

31, 170, 91 7TY


. 239,000,000.00


5 -f,

United States Government and other scurities carried at
599.7TO.124.00 were pledged to secure public and trust do-
vosxit and for other ourDoseo as required or Vermitted by law.
OVERSEAS 8RANCHES: Loande arls ramawr/MmaW Teky .
Osaka Havana Martanso. Las Ja, P .. Santrceam Pamum .
Col* David Crbtail Imlbee
Offices f e seeseftativ: Mexir. 0. Kae Aires s-me .
M1II lmbe.



____< NOTICE


There will be an interruption of electric oureant
on January 16, 1955 between the hours of F a.m.
and 6 a.m. in the following sections:

The area between Peru and Balb i AveW"
from 3rd of November Street to Uruguay St.
including 43rd East St. from Jueto Aro-se na
Avenue to 50th East Street.

Compaiia Panamefia de Fuerza y Luxg
constantly working to improve your -ervieO
So that you are not greatly inconvenina
neoiheary interruptions will be held to a minu ,




- rl. 5-_-~ -- -- ..._ .-

.,r- r P.- -o! ; ,o.' .+y ,l .- -g, .





- roru



JOHNNIE RAY ws at tile Hotel -- ....
ArWsq Green Room in New York,
ad asked the roch's~ band-leader,
SRebry Jerome, to play his big hit
"Gee, I'm sorry, Johnnie," Jer.
fe said, "but we don't have the
Isthie on that.'
well," Ray answered, "j
renM t for ,the million bucks I "
S Vade on it, I'd hardly remember
e a ier."

on, W4 "Juvenile Jury" show,
Tving as p rie fighter. He
tru gt of using Jack Dempsey. He says, 'My new play. On Broad
As is his custom, he called each way.' I say, 'No, I'm under con-
of his youthful participants, to ask tract to a novie studio.' Well, any-
them If they liked the Idea. 1 way, a few months later I'm not
He bhd to change bis plans. None under nobody so 1 look
-eft them had ever heard of Jack this guy up in New York and here
,I.ampsey. I am. An actor."
Why TV costs are high-for his That, in a lengthy nutshell, is -I at.
4% ~Tosst of the Town' show featur- how c mei e a night-club comic T.1, A-"O n.
a great part of "The Saint of named Buddy Hackett got to be
seeker Street," E dSulltvan hired acting the funniest part on Broad- "It's noon, and all those wondweril fiendTyouinvited lst
Menotti opera's 35 principals, way. He's in Kingsley's newplay, night to come over are downstairs, e acting some more
42 voice chorus and 60-man or- Lunatics and Lovers." and, in of our sde t tn ei .era
rthestra. case you den't know from Kings- es w er a f,.
e -ay t e eac.. a f... .week. ley, hes quite a playwright-"De- .. e
l TV. Rtective Story,' "Dead End,"
TV T PERS "Men In White,' and so on. I finding things to do with' himself. tare Inclined to be somewhat dog.
SGORGE GOBEL (NBC TV): hae o y He's discovered a whole new time matee"
Every musician has his girl; bat Hackett pays a roly-ply Broad*;period-from midnight to 3 a.m. -
A ely. a, guitar player has hip pick. way character named an Cupid, He's never before been off at those Paul Gregory's newest show Is
which Is sort of like casting Basil hours. Anybody got any sugges- called "Three for Tonight." Th
S '' o h o eaRathbone as a thin Englishman., tiotnsI three are top acts In show bual-
dtahe one-anight show, a he hsd e "Its the easiest racket In show t ness-Harry Be lafote, ar and
To pay them each afta week's business, this play stuff,Hackett Nell, the huge St. Bernard on Gower Champ on and The Val
salary. says. "Easier than night-clubs, eas TV's "Topper" program, visited of Walter Schumann. Before it
lr than movies. easier than-what New York with his trainer, Carl comes to Broadway, it's playing
The plaee-Miam' else have I done? Anyhow, some- Spitz. (He was bound to be a dog around the country-and one stop
The scene--a bar. times I'm acting and Cupie takes trainer.) They walked past one will be at Brooklyn's Academy of
The time-abgQt year ago. over from Buddy. Buddy has new of t ose weighing machine, Music
Enter a rely-poly- comic named dimensions. The curtain comes which teY rfortune on a printed
udidy Hackett, with friends, down for the end of the first act card. So itz had Neil weighed. Brcoklyn will never be the same.
at this bar see," adi dont even remember having The card said: "160 pounds. You INow it's an out-of-town tryout city.
,,I'm standing at this bar, see, done it at all."
Hackett tells it. "I'm in my un- The only trouble Hackett has Is
derwear-you know, my shorts.!
Drinking gin on the rocks. Big!
sn wack. Laughing it up The Pacific Sleam iavlga lion Com y
"This g u- comes along and I'h Ilk U YROALCHRTRUY
stares at me. I say, 'WhaddayaL INCORPOUATED SI ROYA, CHATER 10
looking at? He says, 'You're a P s "
ihalacter In a play I'm writing.'D i n Royal Mal let.sLi
S 'h t's nice, have a riRoyal 'ail Lineds L td.
me Just tresa at me. I. say, 'Who.i oer le r y. yea? e says,,'Sidney Kings.I efl'brrs m.a r lrda itnh FAST FREIGHT AND PASSENGER SERVICES
"Who knows from Sidney. Kings- oeA are the BETWEEN EUROPE AND WEST COASTt
S I sy,'Have drink.' He learsmooth and at- OF SOUTH AMERICA
says, 'You wapt to att in my ir ve. Get Nxodrm fromyourOdrug- _....
.in ook. sad feels tomorrow.
J. M.V. "SAMANCO" .......................... Jan. 1


Accepting Geeral Caro For:.
Sallntgs: 'Evry' Fifteen Days for:
Sailings: Every Ten Days for:
(Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and'TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every .six weeks)
Masonle Building Cristobal, C. Z.

M.V. "SANTANDER" ........ #, 25
M.V. "rCA DEa PACBMICO"( ,Wj ) (.W...reb ,
. S. SCH DY .......................e... ......Jan. xi
8.8. "YAMASKA" ................. ............. an. 81
8.8. "SCHI.DYK" ...........******** 22
S.S. "DIEMERDYK" ...............................Jan. 28
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ......................... Jan.18
M.S. "DURANGO ................. 25
All Sailing Subject to Change Without Notice



Twelfth Century?


vwotuiD YOIU GO



What It Costs

FANAMA-Ave. Pert #55, TeL 3-1257/8
IBALBOA-Term BMg. Tel. 8-19ON





nave As an Idea



i* She's Got Her Following


Armoresd Feia

,1sggD girig' Hr
\e *IN ^WWAV y '






oAND u M5 DwD pown, Rovert / -. M


! T.T '. muNmg



p~fIJI I

Q0t1 %)| LO -

'O,, I !, H \ v


t ~ RNa

sIouE tlinlt


- ~p~lllll

!3 P.

.' ^.



I- -:

mr PAtt*Iw AO u Sb D!

2 ~~ ~ 8 ./ f^t .&

3037p, -4'

L16. i ; ...00 a -d .Q --.4

h to mlucion Uo S

Naval Officers'
Wives (ob
Meets 1wesday
'The Naval Officms' W ive s'
Club. will hold its regular amoth-
aly mft 12-'O p.0. ,on Tues-
day. at the Fort Clatyb Offier's
Tae program I tho day ill
be a talk given by Dina de ru-
ber on the native art of Passam .
Co-chairmen for the lunmehee
will boMnr. L. P. 2est and Mrs.
Richard Chapin.

r B MDEL Mrs. lenor Edwards,
p on-nlaahow o0 Is hung In the Little Gallery
at v -v Gjst Hole, in th one other models, SybU
4rku~aiu.andthe ydun jiortrait In the show. The exhibit
-1Aspjsore by Chpter of the Pen Women.

The period of official mourning following the death of
'Presdent Jos Antonio RemoS ended yesterday, but as yet
tefl.eial thberlas or large parties havj.been schdulq lE ia
S itaBpubli for the winter season.

le.,i' ring planned as well. as trips, to
PniHe lt Pearl ty Colombia, Costa Rica, and the
"tev-' nMael of CoeoS lo o San Bias Islands.
hO Il ee*yed a galapicnic at -
Itaeneb Rame recently-tbls to LWC CAl64s,
Capt.. ahnstock and iNs depart- January, frata
meant for allow tg the ..e. o to The Jaua program of social
ust thia kesut park. apttlfuleventts se ed by the later A-
dc#s t half describe or.-r e this! merican Women's Club as been
s* j~i8ie, Uver 200apeoi(, were gedy.
freset .and agreed it ias a. day 'gdy.
woel spent.I l ---
Prize and gameN. were entoY- COP Wives Club Meeting
ad by all preaett ad.tboe who_ The regular meeting of the Chief
hat bre of this Deartment Petty Officers WiVes dub of Co.
areto be congratulated for their c Solo was held Tuesday in their
ei y Tey are Mr. 6bert Club Room on the Naval Station.
e e Bland, Mr. Mc* President Mrs. Dorothy Davis pros-
,bihy, Chief Henry Alama, Dr. iding.
fus M. e rt, Mrs. Betty The members presented their
een,._ Mrls. BettIy Creighton, publicity chairman Priseia Flet.
w-- rs. toy vraenheim, Fredi cher with a gift on her departure
d' ] aml, Mr. its. Hum. fotr ti States.'
bimes, sad Mr: Dennis Fernaade, The Club is planning a pet luck
dmay dh.ers. dinner and card party for th e
S. embers on Jan. 20, 1 Mr*.
Mr,..BeleO Hatte, Secretary- Mary Jine Phillps chairman .
eajT*ao ed to be every lae The Cub has decided to contU-
.Atielw j le is a perfect d t of food. ad
Tfaration wast in to & ella Vista -
..Z1 S. D. Ajlsilea, l"n 'sat, the Orphan.

ds drnee

ho dbr ndst m
ing eb. will be Mrs. l

torso a el Mrs lyn otter.
o kJ Mrs. Murief t th next scheduled meting,
Scary, Mrs. Foy nominations will bei m rerfIr
Fraiem; Mrs. lizabetli DaI- all Club Officers.
aso.i'rs.. ]bett; reightln, Mrs, ,
XSthJn ?4cNamee. 9 sa *r t
The sportU prg : or* Lli-tles. lart. Nelso of
dh" I, 1adtmt, volleyb all n. Aolol. who will celebrate
ani d b ft ball were un- his s~ d birthday on Mofday,
a .ai rhi rt. ue tot htnoree at a arty to
ta vW oneyb gsamei w5' tilt Mrs. C. Nelson.
ite winning sport. Those ho :,
t= part-winl readily agree. The ,
ap fttorI enjoyed the game as nwuCnVa COLORING
ninub'. as.t woar o s e
5h a i ch was a very po- NO f* SULLIVAN, Me. -_(VP)
apeioH the meal hour -TB 4deer weren't at a complete
*aws g iot it was coati- disadvapt- during the huating
noua .mli:jam. to 6:00 p.M seas. v -rat wtebhed two
Tr iglaidesuw, ere Dr. hunters wan down a woods road,
S. l...W., Xwym e, Jtheir Saps read. He noticed a
Dr. J A- Jehengen,15 Dr. R. M. deer, which had froamea into Im-
DeHart,-Dr.- R. LKoening, Dr mobility at their approach, sud.-
G W Bland, Sgt. Conley, Chief deny shake its hea d and reveal
'e'- Alama, Mr. X. Frauesheim, its perfect camouflage after
ArgoA .r A. -Brode, Mr. D. they were 50 feet past.

eoad meat nPa!r place,
, rving an el drinks and
mWa wven handled by Mrs
Ilad d Mr. Don Braston.
N atmte left at noon to
Sa dblicdus barbecue stuee
rs the pai, of those who
rtvedV g eto enjoy It,
dla.c was finished by a
inmd the direction of Miss
er picnic Is planned for the
Ware. The next get-together
a Mtlbnoaire's Party ten-
to be held at the Elks
ie to be a ram unced later.
breog the Caal are be-

teue I

I'rfAt ii-

Tower CIub -
Meets loa*ay
The Tower lub of ,St. Luke's
Cathedral will old its monthly
meting on Monday at :30 p.m.
in Biship Morris Hall.
Dr. Charles M'. jerry USAF
Air orea Resue Mission, Al-
brook will speak o -"Doctors,
Medicine, and Egg-bmetert." ses-
ervations may be made by eall-
laing either Mrs. Mary Boyd, 24201
or Mrs. Joan Hill 2-350.
CUM Oay Gwco
Ce-vesing Monday.
There will be a meeting f the
child itudy grup at 7:36 p.m. on
Monday at the ome of Mrs. John
L. Sugar in Margarita.
The feasility of a Parent,
Teachers Assopelao group will
be diidussed.
Arts A"d Craft
Meet Meday
The Arts stand rafts Gfoup of
4S.-_ M l.u -- ____*_ &,4t..u -^ I It I

me samboa woman's uD wiII
meet t tbhe home of Mrs. L. Ass-
rines, House No. 1542-. Mango
St., Balboa, Monday at 9 a.m.
Batea painting, using heart h,
colors, is the special project of
the group, and members are re-
minded to bring the necessary

Saylg I Am red of Yen Is
PFel* Tulbufl to Parent
A fod prt may be Mud of
hi Ohld; BtMiar or notd
hasdo chtodeorwd

A koeader "
IS to itM birthday som.Mi

all of her children are plannm g to
get together to make it a real cel-

#'We are all so proud of her and
we want to let her know how we
feel about her. However, it is dif-
ficult, to express,
"From timeto time you have
written colmns about the won-
derful qualties of somne elder
women and I wonder if you could
possibly sb"-' me some f them,
"We would like to giver them
t her-r they say bttr than
we ean JUst how We fe1 ah*ut
our mother."
I'11 try to do better than that.
I'll make tis eoii ,boet o
For I ,am sure 4at, whenever
her children red a piece about
the fine qualitie of a WOman who
has met life courageously all
Along the way and say, "'T'hit's
motber"-that woman must be a
wonderful woman.
Please show your mother this
eohlu for it tells not what I
a@e said about M se other wom-
an or about some group de wam-
e*, but what you have sa"d about
your *a motb r.
Ai itm any other perna, who
Oas this edolaumn has .often
thought but found it d4i*Kl to
say 'I'm proud of you" to his
o9w *aotbr perhaps be ean bend
her th ehm am with the words,
"That 4s just how I feel about
For certainly no one In the
l a t y these
deta a mAler wbh those" wMrds
4- 0 h es- ehiil.

I'm Jast
leavTin for


= Sake


Veh" tftm-He
For U. OtenRumiet

,.- fl--,'. Ir. &

First Known Prescription
*191 RSO '0 m%- I A,

iU M wm
&k, I.,.m..m

was RA o Lure Sldness wm
I.-* At .

d_ waf a N or b -aM ns- dIt m f e r at t. Fea ehu a
a iS diseases Mem 1 y bye i f inrow the a a t
In t the ancient doctor told ver, such as eryes, pneumno- tfrn win be
i_ de ,to ~as. b fatt from a lsI. t _yph. di .... tated b a. by. the Rev. John
Ihialp pB Us, a crocedfle, It's a ige Idea to massage the peat, priest In
S pe and ibex, mi salp a to bruh nd tu at the
I.Wrl ainnd ub vI Ul ito 1 hair to te Si L the celebration will take pla
pate. measu for esofor i hgie, O hur a
Itdidnt grow hair, she r sa l of t hurch #cbMO1 sessdon, with
But the *"ure," the American Buservoi ordinary bldnes gts M ,l a t 30
Medical Asn. said today, was no ader way "It is prgressivel sri ce. Ev--' 0 a at :and0
more spuious than many of the permsaat aad thete is no known p.m.
baldness medles being put on wy of res on er retarding Cb C t
the market today. I ts pe she," si Church Coiaalttee
Veronica L', C43e, assistant Se"a are hopeful of some- t cm
secretary of th. AMA emmittee' day An a .ur b thie p Members t the a ,re comrn
e. cosmeutcs skid the "p sue- oit th.tan is gradually oM t- mtee lt tis yeaY, toasl8t the
do nte argument supporting Ing movie hales and baldness priest fn admilstering the at-
t balnesa cures" frequently my be "part of an evolutionary fairs of the church, are Arnold
are "so cOnvincin that their un- NotLI van L M Haywood, XXar
acund basis can e detected only L.; rrilV o Harris, Vtmith, Ed-
by trains s iientists." a nw, ,she, said, men can mund Morris, mthelridge Danelsp
Somntmes, she said, a qoupposeld the fact that it and Lester Sandiford, All, except
curer" ecrs in spite at, rather occr Ii persons Who have the last, were re-elected at the
than because of, the remedy ap- "a n m amount of mile h6r- annual parish meeting.
plied. mcne." r

Defeat Of US Presbyterian

Unification Almosf Certain

ATLANTA, Jan. 15 (UP)-Fif- aFM.; Cherokee at Rome, Ga.;
teen of the require 22 votes to Savannah at Savannah, Oa.;
dftst unification of the threelLouisiana, Miss., at Jack,son
braches of t Prlesbyterian mont at Anderson, B.C.; Colum-
church have already been cast, Mi s., Negro; North Misslssi l,
It .was disdeloed today. Clarksdale; Missourl, Colurm a,
Thus far, 18 of the 85 presby- Mo.; Albermarle Rocky Mount,
terlet In the PresbyterianChurch N.O.; COncord, N.C.; Kingp Motn-
of the U. S. Southern have vot- tain at Gastonia, N.C.; Mecklen-
ed on the controversial issue of burg at Charlotte, N.C.; Charles-
union with the Presbyterian ton at Charleston, B.C.; Pled-
Church in the U. 8. A. North- bia. at Columbia, Tenn.; Paria at
era and the United Presbyterian Paris, Tax.; Norfolk at Norfolk,
Church; Va.' 76tomac tt Potomac, Va.,
Fifteen of the 18 cast negative and West Hanover at Chariot-
votes and under the Gneral As- tesvllne, VC.
sembly rules, union must-be ap- Jan. 1A: Fayettevllle at Fayet-
prbved by three-fourtbs vote, teville, X.C.; Durant at Durant,
meaning only 22 votes are se- Okla.; Mangum at Oklahoma
qulred to defeat the proposal. City, Oklk.; l Paso at 3 Paso,
The General Assemblies of the Tex.; Winchester at Winchester,
three branches hive discussed Va.
union for l4 years and all three Jan. 10: Orange at Greensboro,
reed lat poar to. put the plan, N. C.
to a vote of presbyteries in hopes .
of healing the split which has 11
ited sincr th civil war. Oitt
But on of the Southern
presbytere have opposed bitter- i -
Iy the p of non-segregatlon i-Nu
which their assembly endorsed. -
Some Southern presbyteries also
objected to unification on de-
trinal grounds. Although the I
Northern and. United branches
are expected to approve union, a
spokesman said defeat of the
plan by the southern branch
would mean probably that the
issue would have to go before /
the three General Assemblies a-
In.the lauperate future, these
are the pmsbtwrler that will be .
ting on unlflcftion In the
Southern aret very hostess expects a bread-
Jan. 1: I an- and-butter,16ttot from a houde

mingham, Ala.; NI. amm who has esplally enjoyed a
at Flo e lceble it Ashenl- git's visat to write him how
e, N.C.; elstn at. Daaner i lk, much hi vsilt was enjoyed.
AN.C.; Cuabhlt.. pt XI.Doro,. t' a a d twist tw to the
Ark ,- 9 wMa Jacksonville, "bread-and-butter, tradii.m

of Harvard University and the Heart
Institute of Mexico.
Offers his professional services at the
- Mhd4ay. thralgh Fridays frn 2 to 6 p.m.


At IUU meeting, Harris, Hay-
wood and Morris were also elect-
ed delegates to the annual dis-
trict convbcation scheduled to
be'hed in the Cathedral of St.
Luke, Ancon, on Feb. 12.

no M/Iwn AWi

L4m 7Jw/ ShaveOwn

vl" tSLOW1

The most grim visages hus-
band ever assumes is net the one
he puts on when the biscuits
burn. It's the one that comes ov-
er him the minute he finds his
wife has been using his electric
He nibbles off a fraction of an
inch of whisker daily and then
finds longer, finer hair bristling
rom his shaver. TUe best thing
to do is get out of the house. He
isn't going to believe that hepoo-
dle touched up hs last haircut
with it.
Then the wise move is to get
a shaver of your ewe. You prob-
ably have a rawor, but. sometimes
you get out of the shower in a big
hurry to find ou forgot to shave
your lgs. An that ectric shiv-
er that works dry is so handy...
Be sre. it's yours and not our

Many women have found an e-
lectric shaver of their own is a
real delight. They 4on't fret a-
bout eats that seem ever to stop
bleeding. For toueh-ups or neglec-
ted areas, they like the safety of
the noscutting eltetrie model.
Now there are shavers that are,
properly feminine le*king andI
handsome travel accessories. A I
vnew Oe s a lovely pink to grace

of cowse,' It Mi hap.
pen. You euld a euyoour
shaver atd iSat sort, tough stub-
ble there. Then, let your tbbad
run for cover.

Cabbage eldesrod Wish Lemom
Sauce If Taste Treat
NBA Foeo ad t Markets terr
We've been experim ting with
fresh winter vegetable dishabs, try
ing to get something different.
These two recipes will add varie-
ty without upRb costs.
Cabbage G lMear d
(Yied: 6 servings)
Two and one4juarter pounds
head eabbage, ith boiling wa-
ter in saucepan, % teaspoon salt
lemon-cheese sauce, 2 hardsokee

Cut -cabbage into 6 wedges.
Place in a saucepan al ng with
% inch boiling water and the ,
tedapoo salt. Cover. Boil 15 min-
utes or until teader. (For milder
flavor lift ovrer S to 4 times to
permit the acids to escape with
the steam.) Place cabbage on a
sercig dish. Per leanoa-ceese
sauge over all. Put hard-cooked
eggs through a siet ad sprinkle
over the .saum~q.
Limes-Cheese Sneas
One tablespom butter or mar-
garine, 1 tablespoon flour, 1%
cups milk, tepooa salt, % te-
cup shed sharp eddar
cheese, 2 taoespes fresh leAm-
on juice.
Melt bttr or margarlae. Bland
is flour. Gradually stir Sin mk.
Cok until medium thickness stir J
ring eomstanly. Add. salt, baek
pr,'a iecheese. Mix weLs tir
. Vegmae-iPO asked Carret..
(Tield: to eS servtgs)
Three cuap (9 medium) shred-
ded carrots, 3 eggs, wed biate
I%-ome eM audited eoo-
deased eream i ddeke sp, %
milk, 13 Sna esly ed
ee 1S cup fla dry bread
enrumbs, 1 tamlom minerd as-
ti, % teamP asb, 1- 1 tea-i
spes grsm block peppr, 1-1l
teaspoon ground ug c sN
,fr meb, om a or snel

ComAbNe. seorete, ehike
z;& .-mo .



7:30 p.m.-"Who Should Be noe d IfA
House Husbiador WWi.e?"





Wrs H'nOW. IT WORKS Pm ,elaw >
whem yu'r 2% inchesfrom e dendpofthePepR asorn
keeps showing you how much spce is et as you typ
o end. Come in and try it youe f. age Gage Omuaes
nDgeasier thm ever beforeaed only- S hr-Caroai ha

Smith Corona

WerM's ftst PORTABLE
Has de touch and action of an oWe
typewrier... full leC"ai qlrped a
board, toa. Plus Qudekset masghtis p
d- -?ped

Ne. 16 Tlvel Avenue

Phlme I-l1i

NOW! for sun-burnt, sun-faded,
sun-baked hair...

Roux color shampoo

Ah, those glorious,. gle t
ous sa unny days! Oh.
those poor, poe' W ff "f
hair,! Lucky for you, we
have a quick, ~sy, beou.
tiful answer. With ROUX
mento you can reWpir the
damage the sun has donor
to your hair colar. Put
Fresh new color, naturwt.
looking color, into every
visible gray or fade
strand. And with Roux',
lustroux 17 etoers, yap
can match your erigin
hair shade, or brighten I
or darken it, as you' Ia



accordft to iA-i.

BUgrass : ba- F*, agems
A& A Xe ( ftwm G aem"ap

AM**, **> &^x ta~f&

mmd aa"Wo

; .'I;I~"~P";"~n-~'z~:~~'~f~ ~~

; -~----- -~~'


'~' ''~'' I

,..w *- -


-, 7 1 -
, -'-" / ,




I '. ,... .- *. ^ f :
+*t ". '
rr ,S ?SIAUA AIII3CAW -* 1sid WlW 3w*uP Bnr mIygPAP3R

V* / '- r'5rM


- S ~ **'~.
* ''>'~ .4.


4.'WU2 words


I v


BuIA WBRCIADO 7 Stret No. 11
i1oN 4th of Juiy Av- &JSt'
Jmto Arosemana Ave. and 33 St
.42 La Carrasquilla


S If You H Barve a
you Need
A New Amazisg Natural
Waste Destroyer. Rills
Odors and Reduces Mass
Sat Low Cost. Money Back
iGuartntee of Satisfactioln.
lc6. F. NOVEY, INC.,
279 Central AMo.
Tel. 3-0140

St p.,'. Adults, Pro-teens
teoemarD. iv eppointemet only.
i bov 2-4239

B o.. -and F. OI LLAC
1 4Palmer Graduates)
i1 and S pa m
SSaturday: 12 non..
SItblok from Lux Theatre

A'I I. ofJl is
i n to B1a=ff tlee .
Dr. eC. g. PAB3sOA. DB.D. I
Fr allow Ins tuctor Ge -
ar strict Denta t Pedro Miguel
*` m'd Garaboa. C.2.
fi alted n: rSoSTrODONTIA

115 *n4 Chlldi) Dentla(ry.
e: Paiami ()- 2-2011
: a p. to 12 noon 2 p.m. to
5 p.m. da-1.


Central Ave. 14
No. 3 Lottery Plaza
Fourth of July Ave.

FOR SALE: G.E. wringer type
washer, 60-cycle, 2 years old,
$75; baby rocker, car seat, elec-
tric sterilizer; 2 oil paintings by
M. Ernesto. Phone Curundu 83-
4181 after 4 p.m., Apt. 573-E.
FOR SALE:-7.2-cu. ft. deep-
freezer, 60-cycle, excellent con-
dition. Call Navy Pacific 2362.
FOR SALE: Coern'lfurniture
set; tw-Ihelf midenlstle ma-
ogeay taWle, 34 inches x 34
inches; thire chdir, Ewe with
one erm for sefe erraengment,
, $175. .10104,9 Ste, Colon.
FOR SA.LE: --Chinese arved
ielk end matching choirs, 8
drawr, 1it iches wide, $85.
10104, 91/ Street, Colon.
iFORSALE: Dunlopille foam
rubber mattress; double bed, 54
inches wide, 6 inches thick, with
matching Simmons coil springs,
$95. 10104, 9Vi Street, Colon.
FOR SALE- 25-cycle porcelain
refrigerator, 9-cu, ft. $100; dav-
enport. $5 davenport-bed $35;
steel library desk $15; two steel
dressers $15 each; two steel bu-
reaus with mirrors $10 each;
three straight bomb6o chairs $5
each; one bookcase 5'8V2" tall
4' wide, six shelves $15; two fans
25-cycle 10"; one mirror 20"
round.$2.50; one high chair $10;
one port-a-crib 1/4 size, makes
crib or playpen $15; one step-
ladder $5. 1-. W. Bipelow, 310-B,
Coco Solo. Phone 36-698.
FOR SALEP--3-piece overstuffed
living room set: Sofa, armchair,
rocker, $100. First Street No. 4.
Parque Lefevre.
FOR SALE: Refrigerator 25-
cycle, all porcelain, lorge freez-
ing compartment, excellent con-
dition. 82-2182 days; 87-2136
evenings and week-ends.
FOR SALE: Two swivel seats
(bucket type). Excellent fo'r truck
or boot. Good condition, $8 o-.
piece. House 1550-F,. Gavilon

WA ,D:-Ao second hand pair
l-kW%.Iulor Cheap. Can 2-

Automobiles T
ChewSelet, Oldemable., uI c k
.culmerms. Abeolutely no pIe-
viem emtrioee MruliL Se.e

VQ r In sWA8IN TO 3, Jan. 14 (UP)
S| DWke ofJWindsor today
rUO vt sat old friend, Prealdent
Elsenhower, and they discussed
ISLAND .,Jan 15 qua l shooting and winter golf.
re Civil Airr Patrol' The Duke and the'lPresent
S"a .ebreh today for first met in 11) In Washington
(OirlButchie) Psr- whanbe chief exeafve mwa an
Ig hours-in the ArmU colonel.
Rive bttomlinds.
'volunteers trekked The former British a top-
the swampy bottoms a- ped off here today en oute from
police and two B o y Florida to Baltimore where to-
poii o Ynight he and the ducheas were
b ay parents still held to .be honor guests at in Amer-
e would be found a. lean Cancer Society ball. The
Duke has beel qallf shooting at
last was seen by mem- TallabasseeM Fla., on the planta-
hs family alone in the tion of Mrs. George Baker.
lbodut-noon Thursday. Work- .... _
0, a nearby tileyard said the iha Mnot Mseen him ml since his
-' b "his doge "Tippie," were inau uration -and I wanted to
tilleyard shottly after noon. aay hellO," Windsor tdild reDort-
dog returned hcme later era. -
-trace was found of the bo- As the duke left the White
House he watched with Interest
have two other c b i I- as photographers snapped him.
Sharon Kay, 3, and Janet One tameraman discarded a
.L flash bulb on the -White House
driveway. The duke bent over,
L t-_IJ DPicked up the bulb, and'handed
To 10 E *t back to-the.photographer, say-
A..... 9,. .._ U ,-. unr.

py lime, wims

I. ANGELES, Jan. 15 (UP)
ist cardinall SpellnI a i ad
F the Asian mainland is a
&a threatening to erupt into
.ii he fears for the. i-tau
6i orld.
'erdinal. en route to h 1 a
dNew York after a 39-day
United States military
ht.Pacific and Far Bast.
It a- my personal epinian
asian mainland is a vol-
,lay elrupLtat any time.
fbas er where I eans t
bsks'thflough. God a
through our M. prayr
e can have aA, W
End sle mi leEd
.re grave feran lr

-"isem 'f- ..

W.ted Canal aone

cian o. M Cliv Do-et
SAna for dhpoe.
To the aobev..ssaei 4eaimddt;
Tyo are ereh requitd to -
id anmwr the oemnpalm t ed lt
ebove-mtftld metanrwtnib dninety ft
aftr the fvst dote at pulbenub.
Im ew of' yew ftilre to w 10M
and swar udpnt wi be

Ors far L h .forgrw
ss .
-I gas-- HaI -
Sij^ l^ irY1l ^ ^^ BN

Fam we

Ageneia latertL ubliehadlme

Parque Lefevre 7 Street
1S0 Centdrl Ave.


, ..


SStree, No. Ma
J. FeM de la Ogi Ave. Me. 41

Via Xwpu30Jlo.

Opening at the ROOSEVEL SMA
Saturday, Jan. 15: Kenny Adams
at the piano; Rolando at the bar.
Come in and let Rolondo mix you
* cool drink while you enjoy su-
perb piano music as played by

* Miscellaneous 4
registered, 10 Weeks old Coll
Ponama 3-5371 or see them at
"La Choza," 5007 J u on Diaz
Road, near entrance to Old Pan-
FOR SALE:-- Leaving: Quarter-
master furniture, Beautyrest
mattress, various household arti-
cles, bond saw (is-hp. motor).
596 Bohia Place, near 8alboo gas
station. 2-1765.
FOR SALE: Wurltwir Spinet
piano, three years old, full 81
notes, 37 Inches high. new oeen-
ditien every repeat, with
bench, $495. 10104, 9Vx Street,
FOR SALE: Pure-bred' oxer
puppies, 5 weeks old, not regis-
tered. One male and 7 females.
Reasonably priced. Coll 3-2145
between 3 and 5 p.m.
FOR SALE:-One 25-cycle West-
inghouse refrigerator; one 25-
cycle 1/4-hp. motor. N.'Forns-
worth, No. 6759-8, Dioblo. 2-
FOR SALE:-Limited quantity 9
cubic ft. Firestone, slightly used
refrigerators. For quick sale. Bar-
gain. price. On- display at FIRE-
STONE, Automobile Row.
FOR SALE:-Notice: Planning a
Stateside vacation this Summer?
You will find reosonoble formily
rate at The Lynwood. Yok"
Begoh, Maine. Kitchen prylileges
available. Lovely beach aroi olis
amusement pa r k 'for chAfdren;
Further information: Cristobal
FOR SALE:---25-cycle refrigra-
tor. Makes Ice but needs gas.
Only $25. House 1550-F, Beihop.
WILL GIVE to good home, A.K.C.
Cocker Spaniel. 6450 A, .Lo

Wanted to
tires, suitable for reconst.rupt*1.
NAL, S.A., No. 47 Peru Avenue.
Phone 2-0406.

Motorcycles" *
FOR SALE:-Norton 500cc. o-
torcycle, price $250. Will also
accept trade-in for smaller mo-
torcycle. Phone Panama 2-9346.

W. 6rrnniy, France

Pledge To Work

Togeier For Puce
BADEN BADEN, Germany, Jan.
15 (UP)-The chief executives
of West Germany and rance re-
pledged those countries today to
shelve their ancent'hateds and
work side by side -in the Western
defense system to ease the cold
war strains on Europe.
Chancellor Konrad Adenauer
and Premier Pierre Mend e s-
France talked for hours In this
historic West German spa city.
An official spokesman said the
atmosphere was "excellent".
Mendes-prance arrived by spe-
cial train -from Rome this morn-
ing on his first visit to Germany
as Premier.

A German government spokes-
man said after the three- hour
Inorning session that Adenauer
and Mendes-France "confirmed
their governments" readiness to
fulfill without restrictions their
commitments 'for the consolida-
tion of world peace."

"At the same time they pled
ed themselves to work join
with other interested free i
tions to bring about a relaxati
of tensions between East ai
West," the spokesman said.
German Economics Minis
Ludwig Erhard read a long sta
meant on a French proposal foi
European arms pool. A Germ
spokesman said It contained
number of suggestions about t
pool plan. which the Germa
iave received with cold hoatilll


th I

WOODBURY, Conn. (ULp)i
Crank-style telephones are on
their way out. The Woodbury
Telephone Co. has floated a stock
issue that will enable it to replace
Its- battery-powered phmes.

MEMPHIS. Tenn. -(UP) -Mr.
nd Mrs John B. Due have a cat
at outweigh Jemae the eon.


PhlH Ocirnsld cottage*,..
Santa Clero. BOx 435. Salboa.
Phone PoCrmri 3-1877, Cristo-
bal 3-173.
Gromlich's Santa Clara Beach
Cottages. Modern conveniences,
moderate rates. Phone Gamboo
pest Santa Clara. Low rates,-
Phone Balboa 2-1866.
WILLIAMS' Santa tlra: Beach
Cottages-rodkgas, refrigeration.
2-bedrom. Phone Bolboo 3050.

FOR RENl:-Hou No. 11, Ave.
Jose Gabriel (uque tLa Cresta).
Apply Iren Sontos at House No,
9, alongside.
FOR RENT:-Small chalet: living
room, dining room, kitchen, bed-
room. Suitable for One or two
persons. Inquire 50th Street No.
6, downstairs.
FOR RENT: Chalet: 2 bed-
rooms, 2 baths, species grounds.
Available immediately. Phone 3-
FOR RENT:-Large house in El
Valle, beginning January 15.-
Phone Panoma 2-1394, P.O. Box
Panarma 403.

ATTENTION G.1.1 Just built'
modem furnished apartments, 1.
S2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
Panaoa 3.-4941.
FOR RENT--F4urnished and un-
furnished 2 & 4-bedroom apart-
ments.-Contact Alhombra Apart-
ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386,
+ |UII I" +
FOR RENT:-2-bedroem opart-
ment, living roron, dliing'room,
kitchen. I3th Street,. Sn Fran-
cisco, Via Porrmes No.1a,6.
FOR RENT: -p. Best tc4ted fur-
nished apartment. Iendld for
one or two.-eagupl.,43r4 Street

F tBR T-A a3d r rl;t-2 bed-
room. complete fntium wh. 43rd
Street No. 21. "h 4
FOR RENT:- Ap1enit Build-
Ing No. 14, Apt.;."~pC. Tivoll,
Ave., one block fiem Ancon Post
* Office. Phone 2-5$27.
FOR RENT: FrnlWhed oport-
ment. Armed Faoe- neighbors,
regular transportafen, moderate
rent. Phone 3-047.1.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment,.hot water, Tivoll Avenue.
2-0170. Ask for.eorley.
FOR RENT:-Nitc one-bedroom
Soprtments on Mexido and Ecua-
dor Avenues. Price $55. Champ-
sour, 6th Street No. 10. Phone
2-241.9. .
FOR RENT:- Furwlshql 1-bed-
room apartment, refrigerator, gas

st75. rivhone 364sidence. m

$75 or long term $70. Phone.

FOR RENT: -- Beutifully fur-
ments, one bedroom, veul cuch, ice-ool,
box, kVistach all screened,to $70 and

and private entnne. 52nc St
$75 Phone 3-068.

FOR RENT: Furnished room.
4th July Ave. No. 7, upstairs.

modern unfurnished 1 2 bed-
room apartment, Beilo Vista,
Compo Alegre, El Cangrejo. Call
2-4611 or 3-5630.

FOR RENT :-Business site n La
Concordia building. No. 2 "A'

FOR RENT:-Businem site. No.
2, Jose Vallarino Street, 2-1324.
FOR RENT:-2,000 eq. mfs.. Iot
with various heds, on Call Mr-
tin Sosa. Phone 2-0610.

Rea Etate

Writn lA.,;lI



NoM Mf), i

A 72S ".
6 I

Po 1 4' t 'p *
pas '4

Q~mIng lge4.t-~ 3 ~

FOR SALE: 1951 Chevrolet
Powerglide 4-door sedan, clean,
$950. Phone Clayton 6183.
FOR SALE: 1953 Studeboker
sport coupe, very good condition.
Consider older car in trade, or
will sell. See at Shore Patrol
Headquarters, after 4 p.m.
FOR SALE:-1954 Bel-Air Chev-
rolet 2-door, like new. Phone
MUST SELL:-Leaving: '47 Chev-
rolet coupe, good condition. 12-F,
Coco Solito. Reasonable.
FOR SALE:- 1950 Oldsmobile
Tudor Sedan, new Sandpiper Ton
finish, excellent rubber, new seat
cover. Full price $625. Colpan
Motors, Inc., Tels. 2-1033, 2-
1035, 2-1036.
FOR SALE:-1949 Buick Super
Fordor Sedan, shiny black point,
standard transmission, cledn in-
terior. Full price $550. Colpan
Motors, Inc., Tels. 2-1033, 2-
1035, 2-1036,
FOR SALE:- 1950 Ford Tudor
V8, new paint, new tires and new
seat covers. Completely recondi-
tioned mechanically. Full price
$675. Colpon Motors. Inc., Tels.
2-1035,, 2-103, 2-1036.

vertible Coupe, light blue finish,
light blue leather upholstery, new
block top and new w/s/w tires.
Radio and automatic transmis-
sion. Full price $990. Colpan
Motors, 'Inc., Tels. 2-1033, 2-
1033, 2-1035, 2-1066.
FOR SALE:-1953 Dodge Fordor
Sedan. A late model car in ex-
ce!1ent condition for only $1300
full price. J
FOR SALE:--1950 Mercury For-
dor Sedan. Dark green finish, ra-
dio, new tires and excellent me-
chanical cohdiflon. Full' price
$750. Colpan Motors, Inc., Tels.
2-1033, 2-1035, 2-1036.
FOR SALE:-1-953 Ford.unllner
Convertible Coupe.. Truly dy
season special. Glacier blue ftn-'
ish, bu b r other upholstery,
w's/w ratdlo, Fullt prie $1595.
Colpan MPotors, Inc., Tels, 2-
1033, 2.105, 21036.

amd.wi~tho~aIpSarp6e a of'lrtr-
prise. Casually, adl Bnehalattly,
South led the seven of hearts next
West didn't suspect monkey bui-
ness, as he might have if South
had led-the nine of hearts, and
he. carelessly discarded a. dub.
this was just what South had
hoped for, and he discarded a club
from the. dummy likewise.
Now South could lead the nine
of hearts and discard a second
"club from the dummy. West ruff-
ed, but dummy was now reduced
to oe club, and, the defenders
could therefore take only one dlub
trick. West had rifed the seven
of hearts ,ai led a club at once,
the contract would have been de-

I lg Yaowl Fund

Pim Off 01flo,
W-(UP)- The Coa.t Gard found
the sleek racing yawl Spidrift
with four- Sth Chrollans a-
board bucking 40-mile winds but
still on an even heel today after
a 30-hour bout with the sale.
A Coast Guard plane out of St.
Petersburg sApottd te yacht 10
miles east d Jacksonville at 2:05
p.m. and radioed the cutters Pan-
dora and AWo the Spildrift's
location. The Padera wAa within
nine miles and the Aurora 40
miles of the 'p _dft when the
plane found Lit 10 malOes east of
The Spindrift ran ito h vy
seas and i winds early Thur-
day jand dlkn senat .out aa
distress l san6 t0 thM-yawl ,an
sinking. Bteyvsel weathered
the seorIt3 Mbot theoay an
last nlgbt, ,d t.-lllBg
condlita Si m found tms after
"Tat was a preartty rAugh.ride
for the Isur man w ," a C
GuarN eM '.sld. "A 40-oot
yawl I't be Vet i smas e at
-- ntdslt was sklaered .by



Lot in Los Cu~mbrt for et hi
Golf Heights, Poitile or IE Con-
sreio HALMAN, Viea peat~ Na
. Phone 3-0382.

Help Wanted

4k- DM

North probably wouldn't have
felt quite strong enough for a donu-
ble raise if his partner had dealt
and bid one spade in today' hand.
The double raise should usually
show very good trump support,
In practice this, must occasion-
ally beshadedn- one respect or
te other, but the sort ot hand
that includes only moderately good
trump support ad that is not even
closg to a isnot roal-
ly good enough for a'double rise.
Inh this ease, as ft happened,
North had passed originsay. He
mould wiel afford to shade the re-
quirements for a double raise,
knowing that he had already in-
dicatel a hand that war pot wrth
an opening bid,
Incidentally, -Southo would have
alde a slam try, by bidding four
hearts, but for the fact that North
wae a "passed hand.",
West opened the deuce of dia-
monds, and South had to try the
finesse to the queen. This lost to
the king, and back came a dla-
mond to force out dumnmy's ace.
Still not worried about/tbe hand
South took the ace of trumps and
then continued with the king. When
it became apparent that he' had to
lose a trump trick, South began
to wonder what he would do if the
ace of' clubs were also badly
placed. What could he do to pre-
vent the loss of two club in addi
tion to the -diamond :already lost
and the inevitable trump. loser?
Whateber befell, South had to
take care of his losing hearts, so
he cashed the ece aid king with
the intntion of ruffing out the oth-
er two. Much-to his surprise, the
queen and ten fefl-from .theWest
hand, as South led out the ace and
king of hearts. This established
the nine and seven of hearts so
that there was no io er a nled
to-r t them.

FOR SALE4952 Dode Coro-
net hard Coupe. Two-tM,
gray. ulor rt yp
model. Fu'pce $1100. Colpan
Molros, in.,-4Tels. 2-1033, 2-
1035, 2-1Q36.


FOR SALAe-1954 Mercury For-
dor Sedan. One thousand six
hundred miles. Beautiful 2-tone
blue finish- with all the accom-
ponying extras. Full price $2200.
Colpan Motors, Inc., Tels, 2-
1033, 2-1035, 2-1036.
FOR SALE:- -1951 Pontic hard
top -Catlina. Eight-cylinder e-
quipped with automatic transmis-
sion, rodio, outside sun visor and
listening black finish. Full price
1150. Colpon Motors, Inc.,
Tels. 2-1033, 2-1035; 2-1036.
FOR SALE: 1951 Chevrolet
Fordor Sedon, This car is com-
pletely. equipped and in perfect
mechanical condition. Full price
$800. Colpan Motors, Inc., Tels.
2-1033, 2-1035, 2-1036.
FOR SALE: 1952 Oldsmoble-
Super "88" Tudor, 2-tone ren.
Equipped .with many extras. Full
price $1450. Colpon Motors,
Inc., Tels. 2-1033, 2-1035, 2-

FOR SALE:-1952 Morris Con-
vertible. 35 miles to the gallon.
An ideal second car for any fam-
ily. Full price $50b. Colpan Mo-
tors, Inc., Tels. 2-1033, 2-1035,
FOR SALE:-1951 Hillman For-
dor Sedan. We can't say more.
Full price $360. Colpon Motors,
Inc., Tels. 2-1033, 2-1035, 2-

JUN Warmr, 85,

Foder Of Fo

PC SodWey Dies
JoidnF. Warner, long time res-
ilent of the Canal Zone and
founder and first president of
the Panama Canal Society of
Plorida, died Wednesday in
Brandenton, Pla., where he had
lived sine his retirement from
the Canal service in 1932. He was
S yvear old.
A aMive of Cook County, Ohio,
he.-cne to the Canal Zome in
August, 1906, as a stenographer
for the Isthmian Canal Commis-
Omg. With the exception of a
period of about a year In 1915-
11, hiB savles with the Canal
organsatlon w continuous. At
the tile of his retirement, he
was a clerk in the then Execu-
tve Department.
Dut his residence nla t he
anal one, Mr. Warner was .ae-
SIp.the Balboa Umaon Church.
was a Knight "Telmp -a
Arch Maso and a member
SsrvTied by his wife,
Re N. Warer; a S80.
w left the CBal Zae

IL a. M at Vrw

- Atw Norden mker a piret
-r M".. hrla....L aim,&.1


Geortia State Highway Chief Qlits

After Backing Wrg adda

AILANTA, Jan. 14. (UP) -'setup; during the administratsb*
State Highway .Board Cbairrman of .Gov. X. D. Rivers.
James L. 01111is, his spirit broken Gov. Herman Thlmadge, who
by a surge. of pro-Grlftin senti- went out of office Tuesday, in,
meant ainst him in-the legisla- aated when he became ehef exse*
ture, r lgned today. cuitive that the department-: .b
Gil 1 in effect, paid the, price reorganized from it ift-men*er
for vin backed the wronga t a board o$ seomz l Ve 0ec=tbitt.e I W ho stag.
campaign -or governor. ered a iryear terms.
0111, ,1 a statement' of less Talmadga demanded *.e re-
than 100 words,- called -to a halt rganlmMaon, he bald, t* rke oth
his direction of the Highway De-.H ghwayDeprtent 01of pol-
partment in hopes of staving oft Itlcs. Glls wa named ha
a movement lr. the legislature man. In recent years the agency
to reorgan&ie the department so has been ettd with l en
as to'oust him. managemenIt and ,he bigel
It was bellied n legislative roa r gml ht t's-
circles OGIis'. action today y "
would, doom ..further action on Unmder the reorgjanu tioa
companion reorganization meas- measure new In the legislature,
ures; despite demands form, Gov. the terms of board. mpembe
Marvint Grilnthat t le -would be four s rrn
bWs Sred OnlyA A -qff"I thli
week ith b: ha io chance -to eiat i befly, 01wn
puree-nlr s b- altheb his Wtru d a vWlu rle
'was not due to ex tit lie A i
til 195; OpLetUon. He afd-he
I =/ 470elgtttritf a~ 1aE
Thebdi~i -iwIftadl^ "T" :W M016ae

festive tomorrtw. and offered

Dr. WalterMltss e:(iM. l-
"o 'IsA.'goodtAn and1 'I am
sure be i:lod good d& 4 ," Oi-
us ad.' r fn ai e a l s

.' A-*

pAt'the regular 10:41
if *=orsp service x
Ih n Margo
der, will tell a stor
Grecian coin that MI


- I" 7 ,- r


-- -



lWRRAS. Plaza MayMO A soi

P" &#s. IA! Whhte Huse


-- '- --~- -----

- ----Norma



- -

711 .recc No. 67



i 1 1



-A "rs /I'b '.; *t .. .,
*. .,... : '

erei.Lto ?

Cinemascope I
Swiwtlh 0t1 Beaty
th W. Rtogers 4.


Frente. Al Pecado "D
e Aye" Je
with artta-Mont el
PAADO Prn or
Joa4n Co~rder,

NTRAL R A L LUA Theatre .6
" RBLEABE! '3:57, 3:18, 3:46, I:23, 7:11, 9:00 p.m.
La. Warner Brothere news- with JAN SIMMONS
ith the funeral o the late RORY CALHOUN"
esttef the Republic of Pana-
i.el J0os Antonio Rn4ln STEPHEN MeNALLY

DRIVE-IN Theatre CECILIA Theatre "'
with Majorie MAIN Chill WILLS Tab HUNTER Dawn, ADDAMS
With JEFF CHANDLER Denis O'Keefe Margaret Sheridan


And Other of Abbott
and Costelloi

.s-s z- u.a-
do Pebaeno Men*
with Fernandel
WWSth JphtfW Pe

LYWOOD (NEA)-- Esclu-. happy New Year for Dean Marti, "They kep telling me very
It's already an un. who has me thacoe tas b eomes offthe top-tht can de-
Z it' arada- n- duct it. Well," h e's = walking, it's
S. now coming off the to.'
B itt ahappylu fra Paggy
Dow, wo has had a' ma4-on at
Itfnlversal-Internatiopal stdio ever
i. she married wealthy Texan
O D *. ... W Alr Helmerich, III, and turned
i i i be free of her seve-year paid with
1. SHOWS: th studio this year and als say
I| .W,2:5S, 4:57 6:59, 9 0 I she will resume acting aft ree
0.60 0.30 1:15, 2:55, 4:57, 6:59, 9:01 dom day.

Brothers firt international newsreel
funeral of the late President of the
Republic of Panam6,

This newsreel is the same one that is being
shown in U.S. theatres and -on television!


LUX 0.600.30-TODAY

| SHOWS: 12:57, 2:18, 3:46, 5:23, 7:11, 9-:00
..asd anr "

(- u



ova l" .^

- I~


Sterling Hayden wants 320,000
in damages bpeaus Frank uiatra
was billed over him in "Suddenly."
His contract, he lams proved
equal billing.
Liberace, far from being.benched
by that heart condition is working
up a rendition of Ltan Roth's
song "I'll Cry Tomorrow" for one
of his TV stanzas.
Bob Hope's gift to his Dolores
before taking off ar Greenland
Iwa damoid neokiace. MGM
wants Marlon Brando for the OMn-
awan in the film version of "Tea
house cf the August Moon."
CLAR IGABLE just topped one
of Spencer Tracy's gags.
Quite an achievement because
Tracy pulled the .gg 18 years
Framed and hanging on a wall
in Gable's home is atterin
Hong Kong newspaper reviewof
his 1937 movie, "Parel," which
was panned by critics everywhere.
The now fading clipping was seat
to him by Tracy, who wrote across
the to:

Aer being mobbed by Hong
Kong fans recently during a ilm
location there, Gable cabled Tracy
four ocds:
"And they still de!"
Fan to Spike Jones: "Mr. Jones,
I saw your movie, 'Fireman, Save
8rhi : 'Ibs a god
plyer atrit?"
Garson Kanin and Ruth Cordon,
who penned "Pat and Mike" to
give Katharine Hepburn a chance
to shine as an athlete are planning
a film for Claudete Colert to
show off her skill as a rife range
TONY DEX B Is waiting for
the green light on the Itali pro-
duction of "DOn Juan." .. Add
the name of Fernando Lamas to
the list of prematurely gray Holly-
wood male stars like Jeff Chand-
ler. Like Jeff, he refuses to dye
his locks.
Publishers have been after Lil-
lian Gsh for years to write her
autobiography but she tellsme:.
"I'm not ready to write It. Any-
how, how caan I write whe I don't
know ho te s l"
Inflation note: A Los Angeles
dime-a-dancemill Just raised te
price to 2S 6ents a dance. .
No that Rita Hayworth is back
in the Columbia fold, it will be
"Togpther Again" with Glenn Ford.
They'll costar in the studio's big
religious epic, "Joseph and His
DEBRA PAGET is saying pret
ty-please to her Fox bosses for
permission to accept more live TV
offers. So is 'loramy.Noona. .
Moira Shearer's retirement plans
tie in with the emergence of her
husband. Lucovid Kennedy, as a
top play wrig h t. Hit "Murder
Story" opens in London sco ....
They say that Mailyn Monroe,
that btoownrm s nonw errvinr

a noY of "Plutarch's Lives" un-
der her arm.
"One of the happiest endings at
Ite emovies,"- says Bill Ballance,
"is that lpst crunch of popcorn by
the person sitting behind you."
Short Takes: Latest poll of TV
Sfans reveals 82 per cent are re-
eeptive to pay-as-you-see home
screen entertalamnt. Th
stork is hovering ever the Jane
Powell-Pat Nerney home.
Humility note:
Julius LaRosa's Income in IM
Iwa $W ,90.

Early Look At
Home Furnishings
For Cominq Year
SCHICAGO -(UP) Some of
the new home furnishings trends
which y will see ia n 5, as
ho et the wktor market here:
.A sA w t red1

in e rt bl gia mot.
OUMIaT ei *ad O father

I % ep* imp.

Ku Kux Klan Threat Forces identify the erson who handed
Ku Klux Klan Threat Forces him the ,nte to gJve to
STaylor. He said he did not -know
what was in the note at the time.
ut The packing house operator told
Fruit Handler To Clear Out seJf .y.ri,'
reporters he dismissed Taylor be-
cause the "wprk has dropped
Besides receiving the "KKK"
EUSTIS, Fla., Jan. 15 (UP)--Aham, handed him two notes note, Taylor said he had been
fruit handler who sala he was Wednesday night. One contained harassed with threatening tele-
threatened by the Ku Klux Klan his notice of dismissal as a fruit Phone calls and that one g r o u p
because he has a part-I ndian handler and $15 in wages due. The had beat on his fro.t door and
wife, loaded his few belongings second contained $10 and a note warned him they lid not "want
into a jallopy today and left for which had the words "Ku lux any trouble.
a place where his twin stepsons Klan, Mcunt Dora" printed on it. Taylor has moved several times
can go to school unmolestedd." It was at nearby Mount Dora recently seeking permanent work.
Monroe Tayler of Billon, S. C., that Sheriff Willis V. McCall or- He occupied at *30-a-month fur-
Who said his wife was q uite dered five part-Indian children nished apartment here and h a d
"dark because of a large amount from a white school because of only a few belongings to load in
of Indian blood in her," said he their "color." Gor. LeRoy Collins his battered automobile.
Probably would move to A v on ordered an investigation of Mc- The boys have been in school
Cark Fla., or return to South Call for this incident last week. in other places and this is th e
Carolin .. c first time anything like this has
McCall, who refused to com- happened," he said.
He said his wifes 15-year-o l d nent on the Taylor incident here,
twin ams had gone to school at has been a speaker at several MIAMI BEACH -(UP( There
Avon Park and at several places pro-segregation rallies sponsored
in South Carolina without any by the National Associaticn for isn't an airport today at Miami
trouble. the Advancement of White Peo- Beach, the site of the first Florida
Taylor said his employer, pack. ple. flying field. The tourist city also l
ing house operator Elmer Cheat- Cheatham said he would not has no railroad facilities.

I I. ',. 0- -
CA O .30
S1:30, 3:25, 5:15, 7:10, 9:0 p.m.

or B*^^^l..., a^
mow IV s su^-


a happy time for you when you go Pan American

The new U.S. free vacation travel policy will enable
many residents of the Canal Zone to vacation at home in
the States-and many families are planning to take the
children with them. What better way to travel with
children than by Pan American?
Among its many services to passengers Pan American
is a specialist at helping out with the small fry. From
tots to teeners-all receive extra attention. Need a bottle
heated? Has your six.year-old ever seen a flight deck?
(;ames. story books-these are just a few of the many

If you're planning your vacation under the new V.S.
Free Travel Policy, you'll want all the facts on "ow
Pan American can serve you best. For full details see


"ll-V l- N.. S. T;ell. 2-O6s Cola.: See SId. Te. Wf, -
^ a '* *, i .. ..

ways that Pan American makes travel with children a joy.
With unequaled frequency of services over the most
direct routes Pan American offers you the speediest,
most convenient way to your vacation destination.
But that's not all-when you go with Pan Amerigan
you'll fly in the most modern aircraft-you'll enjoy the
comfortable accommodations, the superb service that
have mad& Pan American the choice of more travelers
than any other U.S. airline.

*W -

I ,.i .. ,

1ll l,


wih te
with the



N T 1
.- *- '. ,*. -' r '; "" ... i-." '' .


__ __ ___

I Is bas


I -- .

- -- -- --- --

" ,

- ----- -

, .. .. .. if = rl r in




. A





Tommy Hughies Seeks 3rd Win Pi

moker Hurler Ready DeVicenzo Tees Off With Comfortable Le

| /David Baseball son auchoHStrke

PANAMA PRO LEAGUE STANDINGS Game Off; To Be A Edge Over Palmer, Cerda
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet. GB played In Panama Against S Joe Maxim
Yankees ...... .. 15 8 .652 Ply
okers ........... 11 10 .524 3 The baseball game between Don Roberto DeVicen teedr
7 e Smokers and the C. V. off this afternoon alvery cozp.
amen.. ..7 1 was to 318-anks abe play- SAN FoNCISCO Jan. .15 te three strokes ahead
SAN FRANC tthe field in the 7X,00 Pam: e: -

LAST NIGHT'S GAME At Panama) ed n David, Chiriqul tomor- (UP) Mit ha Open golf tournament ollor 44 4
LAS NIGHT'SGPanama) row morning, has been re- pion Carl BobO) Oloen, who has a second day round of 68 thiell m4-
Smokers 5, Sodamen 4. scheduled for the Panama been toying with stepping up in wa matched by his hottest cor- aper 444 3254 a
Olympic Stadium tomorrow weight classification, today sign- petitors. Aj"mnder 444
TONIGHT'S GAME (7:30) At Panama night at 8. ew1 to meet former lnghtheavy- DeVceni o had. a 62 on open- Marra 4t i
Smokers (Hughes 2-0) vs. Sodamen (Alonso 1-0) The Panama Professional Cleveland in a 10-ro non- & three troke ta 3
or (Clarke 1-5). League made this decision be- title bout here next month. i fro himself with a 36 hole total Watson 444 344 4 .
i cause of the death of don An- Promoted Bennie Ford aid of 130., Arnold Palmer and An- Alberto Ar4as 555 43 .t--
py J. J. HARRISON JR. )le to right and Tuminelli's sin- ton-- Anguizola, who sue- terms of the fight were yet to tonio O.rda had 658 Thursday, P tAR 5IN 4 44 ,B. ef.S
e Te to left. cumbed latt night tdo n s injuries obe determined, but added the and came back with 68s yeter- De Vlcenso 4e4 c44w t.-at
Fireballing Tommy HUghes of In the bottom of the seventh, during the assassination of match probably would be day to still tie for second behind Cerda 335 444 )S4 .4.g
the Smokers wiH face Andres A- Iaragon was out unassisted to President Jose Antonio Remon staged in San Franeisc's Cow DeVicenzo with 133s. Palmer 4S 493 34&.5
lonso or Vibert Clarke of the he first baseman and Fran k at the Juan Franco Clubhouse Palace scene of Olson's sue- T Harper 43 444 445to
Bdamen tonight as the "- ustin got on when Arthurs err- on the night of Jan. 2. ssful title defense against he best' individual roundof
era try to maie it two at it ed on a .slow dribbler hit Pierre Langlois last month the day was HermannBarrons Barrn 435 43 44-.
over the Sodamen and cu, :- ,o the third base side of the hill. Don Antonio was born In the late in February. 67. This lifted the WhitPlains Thr 4 434 4461 r1
other half game from the Yan- Elias Osorio walked and Parris Chiriqui province and had been Sid Flaherty, Olson's manager, N.Y., pro into a tie for first place now 434 344 a4--
kees' lead lied to center. Tuminelli got a prominent in sporting, politi- said he had not yetagreedon with Charley Harper. rper had 435444 4- 71
The contest will start at the free pass and with thebases full cal and social circles., the weight for the fight, but it a 69 and yesterday settledfor a Alberto Ar 435 44 -
Olympic Stadium at 7.30. of Smokers, Bobby Prescott was apparent that- Olson would 70 and a total of 139, ninestroe The3hole scores of O.tWo
.The Smokers climbed to with- came through with a game win- His favorite sports w ere have to give away pounds to behind the leader. Barron had qualified for the final two day
li: three games of the Yankees ning single to left. horse racing and cock fight- Maxim, who has been the "spoil- an even par 72 on the first day. of the .1955 ODn.-
iMt night at ine Stadium as" in the big man ranks since *Roberto deVicene 1u0
they beat the Sodamen 5 to 4 in -g. he lost the lightheavy title to Charley MacMurray took the *Antonio Cerda 1)3
a match that was derided in the Archie Moore Dec. 17, 1952. lead by a stroke over his 'Arnold Palmer
bottom of the seventh with two Hard Fought GUN CLUB Since dropping the title, Max- brother John at the halfway *oharley Harper Iw 19
out. im has twice tied to recapture point among the amateurs *Herman Barron
Clarence **The Bull' Churnre- NOTES it. He lost to Moore botlvtimes, with a .one.under71 ystr Alexandr 140
lieted starter John Fitzgerald SMOKERS once in June of 195"and again Sday to go with Jhnis2 of the y s
in the fifth and received credit Players ao h h o a Jan. 27, 1954. day before. Johnny had an.- aey MapMury 14
for the win. Naragon, c 3 0 1 CRISTOBAL i overall reord es other for 144. Ma144
Stanley Arthurs went the Austin, ss 4 1 1 0 6 CRISTOBAL His overall recordinck it 21 4 .- FeliTo Pol
route for the losers uso, ., lb 3 3 2 9 0 8 storiess 0 knockouts, Ab o Aria larlo
By mutual ag reement betweenkofi, lb 3 3 2 m 0 p ter f o r defeats and four raws. eg 83 in the -first round found bo oa us
managers Stanford Grahiam and Tumineli, if 3 1 2 0 0 members of the Canal Zone won the lightheavy titl from his gam yesterday and shot 'aLou W am
Leon Keilman. only seven i nin 5UL'escott,, rt 3 0 1 2 0 Trapshooters Association and SQUEEZE PLAY est Virginia's Hot-Rodound th
Powis, tf A c0e the Amateur Trapshooting Asso-Fredd ieandl J n.2-,st Vi iand uf i one ud aer p r71e to m watch theeP .1
were played. The game was held Powis, f 2 0 0 2 0 the Amateur Trapshooting Asso- a tight ueeze as lie tried to grab loose ball -luring game with then successfully defended it best round fired so far in the *John ODonnell
Striflyd The first inning ernaro, 2b 3 0* 1 3 2 clation of Vandalia, Ohio, are New Yor University: The Violets' Irwin Lowenthal, left, andi against Bob Murphy and Ray tournament by a amateur. While w 14
Salile iefyn the ars 1 'itgera,,a, p 2 0 0 0 urged to attend the registered Art Tierney try to- hold the Mountaineer off. (NEA) Robnson before losing Arias waslowering his score, A- L 1
ile adeiciency In the park's Churn, p 1 0 0 0 shoot to be held at the Cristo- Moore. nibal G lindo had toiestle fore a rold Ostn
liglting system was corrected.. Oun Club on Sunday, Feb. Olson and his man e r have 79 compared to his even par- 72 Jo ny
Th meoHlaTotals 28 5 9 21 9 1955. been talking about moving ntofirst round. -
l~gtle to right center. Elias Oso- SODAMN To complete for the several ea Bob F eller* oSigns d17thncit ete di td ht ce e
ri' force of Naragon and Clyde 2 rizes offered, the shooter m sdt Langlois. They claim he has Wilson-wedge ind putter donated to 14
P ris' long double off the cen- Players ab r h o a be a me ber ofthe above named rt exhausted the ranks of eligible by Wilson Brothers through Bob Art Jon I
t field fence. viou, e, cf 4 1 2 2 0 organizations and have in I R IR middleweight contenders Duvall, for bei the low am 0
The Eodaman tied It up, in the Lewis, lbI& 01 7si a22 12e yeae '-4o racb W ither Indla n middleweight cotees. Duvall, for beia the low am a-
.i The Sodaman tied it upn the Lewis, lb 4 0 0 8 0 os ai li session, Ye c ur e e.cotend, teur at the 36 hoee mark. Wisoon
pond when Ftzg ra gave up Lope, ss 4 1 1 2 5 card. -- -- Brothers Sporting Goods also as no
ihgfles to Archie Brathwalte and Bratnwaite, Ar..lf 3 2 2 1 r for donated arWedgtothe ow'ama- S'Ob ffLna 8
envllle Gladstone and a free S. aena t, i 0 0 0 0 0 membership in the C.Z.T.A. By ROLLINDEVERE record likely to hold up for a .. .. teur in the opening round, and
,.a to Herman Charles. With Gladstone, rf 3 0 1 0 0 .3.00 per year and the A.. fee long time, and his three no-hit- ,' .' due to a three-Way deadlock bW &' lt S
^.od bases loaded Alonso Brath- Charles, 3b 3 0 1 1 1', .t1.o0 per year. In order to save CLEVELAND, O., Jan. 15 (uP) tears ties him with old-timer Cy twee th MacMurray and G. M -.
ite ad Sylvester Mc Donald Brathwaite, Al., 2b 2 0 0 4 B time on the day of the shoot, t Former fireballer Bob Feller Young in that department. lindo the inner will be decided
'Nled," but Arthurs talked. to McDonald, c 2 0 0 2 11 is rer'ested that members pro- signed his 17th contract with the Another record was hi$ open- .via the dice box. d
e0ce'in a run. Artnurs, p 2 0 0 2 1 cure their cards as soon as pos- Cleveland Indians yesterday and ing-day no-hitter against the The field w o eut to the pro-
t left fl, fence to put the o sible, said he was good for "two: or Chicago White Box In 1940. No ,,....,.. fesonals and the low
ne e to put the Totals 27 4 7 $22 12 three"' more seasons be f o-re other hurler has been able to 4. tours for Saturdy and Stinday.
otrs front in the fourth, *Two out when winning runs The card on Feb. will co. hanging up his spikes. duplicate that. In addition, he The.highest qualifying score fpr
oda. a scored three scored. i at of lob birds, handicaP, ind "I felt good last year," the for- has 11 one-hitter~ ito 'isd credit. amateurs was 1641.
1,he A4 of the fifth. Score by Innings 25 nairs oI doubles. n dvi- mer Iowa farstbOy said; "add un- '-Only two goals remain for Pa-ae a h
AMre ce Moore bunted safely Sodamen 010 030 0-4 7 1 e rval's handicaPn. unless estah- less something happens, I should ler to conquer, a fourth no-hit- stand j
iwn thte third bat e line, stole Smokers 100 110 2-5 9 0 lashed Sv previous re erd. will last a few more seasons. I don't ter and the 300 victory mark. He e ed topy dy a and
ownd :lnd streaked hom e on ue Wde by the Handicap pitch as often-as I used to, but I said he's more confident of get- camein yesterday with a 76 to
p r Lopez' single over second Summary: Runs batted in: Committee. hope I can start often enough to ting the no-bitter than reaching with his opening day for a total T i
e. Olastone was walked in- Parris, Arthurs, Tuminelli 2, Lo- earn my pay." 300 victories- of 153 only ten strokes behind r J enia s i
tonall after Archie Braith- pez, Charles, Al. Brathwaite IW"l.owin, e the scores for Feller will get an estimated "That requires a lot of luck," the leader in the amateur al -
awte's double sent Lopez to Prescott 2. Earned runs Smokers Wednesday afternoon: $30,000 this year, about the Feller said, "and I've had luck .slon. He is tied for seventh.
S nd with the count two 3, Sodamen 4. Left on bases: same as his 1954 salary. The three times before. Maybe I'l Jalie aonl was thlrd smong R.. "
and no strikes Charles took Smokers 8, Sodamen 8. Home SKEET (25 birds) figure was still good, but quite get it again some day and get the"' simondpitres, followed by .Ma
aT l y swing at a Fitzgerald ofo run: TumineUl. Two base hits: birds) a comedown from his peak the fourth one." Herb bitten, oalindo, Dorsey
ring and missed. On the next Parris, Al. Brathwaite, E. Osorlo. Art Sutton 23 years o $80,000 in 1948 and Regarding the. 300 victories, Nevergall, M urice Mueller a
ch Charles Stolen bases: Powis, Moore. Pill Cron 1s' 2 1949, however, e's not so optimistic. Hinkle.
Sht of the unted to the Struckout by: Arthurs 2. By: F. H. Smith 21 "I don't have the physical "I've got 262 now," he said. "Per- Sti 11
en ElasO plate and was safe Fitzgerald Base on balls off: Wirdy Sellers 21 strength to pitch every fourth sonally, I worry about the 263rd kip, Alexander-al a i.dae tsoa
ball but was unable to make a Arthurs r. Off: Fitgerald 5 nu 21 day like I 'used to," Feller said more, since 300 is a long way too f8 In the second around, but P71I
play with no onme Pitchers record: Ftgerd 4 tu R. Casanova 21 "Once a week is about right, now. too far, I'm afraid." will have to-o ut DevYesmo ,1I
Lopez wth scored on the ring first. 5 hits in 4-1/3 Innin s. Errors: Schexnayder n It gives me a good rest between All his goals probably would down by ten strokes rin the Des,
LopezChurn tookred on the play and Sodamen 1 (Arthurs). Losing Bill Clerk 2n starts, and I feel strong to pitch have been realized were it not for next 2 hole uibhe ise town Do "ne 10
th Archie Brathwa ite mound, pitcher: Arthurs (2-3). Winning .Joe Cook 18 a full nine innings without too his three and one-half seasons in the ,00* first prie money. Gordo 11
hne after Alo Brathwate coming pitcher: Churn (1-2). Double- Bamberg 14 much trouble." the Navy. Conservatively speak- rPs Tri 161
flied to i so Brathwaite plays: Lopez, Al. Brathwaite Mrs. Bambere 6 Feller is 36, the oldest pitcher inz, those war years took away Sunday's-feature match among s T ri~0 n 18
tThhei rdoruna Lewis. Umpires: Williams, Karl- in point, of service in the major 50 victories, the profeastonals will tee off at rra 1
T khe Smokef third run came mafiitis. Parchment. Time of leagues. Only one other player, Feller's 1954 record was 13 and1:0 p.m. oe first group of pro H Lerun 1
nEas Oor dou- game: 2:04. TRAP (16 yard, 25 birds) Phil Cavaretta of the Chicago three. His earned run average will hit the fairways at noon, Dil LScrn 1
White Sox, has been around was 3.09. Next season's salary and will be followed attend ml- Dave We m 4
R. Dugas 24 longer. He started in 1955, a year brings Feller's earnings from the ute ntervals until the low mior- W.D. Meekn 164
CENTER THEATRES TODAY R. Casanova 23 before Feller. Indians to well over $700,000. ers playing in the final, three- A. Norway 1
Bill Clark22 Feller's career is fabulous. He some go of around 1:30. L. My 170
CEONTE T EAT RESUR SERVICE wi22 has practicaly re-written theGO ALL ABOand wee ,6-hole scores: e 36 professle
SH WNGA ,O SE, W. Johnston 1~ record book since he arrived Fearo, leeft, a o
DIA LO HTS. 6:15 7:50 PEWRO MIGUEL 7:00 Sam Player 13 from the cornfields to pitch for PITT8EIELD, Mass. (UP) are set for sdboard ng O
"SECURITY RISK" "YANKEE PASHA" the Indians in 1936. He has' Two 15-year-old eoys apologized Hoaoluh's WaLkiki 'B OLn T
1, N E A Sstruck out more batters in a to conservation officers hereafter am couldn't hae found a et
__"YANEE PASHA_" Si. "Saturn to Treaure Island" SKEET (410 gage, 25 birds) nine-inning game, 18, than any killing three deer before the open. tier pa r shine OLm
GAMBOA 022 other major league hurler. He ing of the season. "We thought -
hOu s 8:e1a ATUN: A0R .me Kueter did that in 1938. they were rabbits," one of them
'Without Reservation" "WAR ARROW Johnston 17 His 348 strkeout.s in "1948 is a explained.
MARGARITA 6.15 8:00 iRISTOBAL 6:15 8:30
Color b Ci ope! Color. /. T E A N S BK....
Sun. 'Knihts of the Round Table Also Showing SUN. & MOJL. DR. PMOG ALLEN
B AL Air-Conditioned i Institution Guaranteed by the State Wrtten *wr NEA Serviet
Pays 22:0I:0e6e t0QUESTION: With one second

INITIAL DEPOSIT $5.00 the ball in. sad get a shot off,
a oAnswer: No, the clock does not
-Wo make loans with guarantees on first mortaes start ruiahg ntti the threw-la
or other securities. has touched a player en the eourt.
Q. Has anybody .kept any fig-

than in former years? If so, bow
TYbig a difference is there?- Len
e.. aas ~ .. -"" e '- Today, I wld y

MaAe W6 s 6-. Se .aY
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deposits are accepted thru a period -I*.,& d,,*By ito
'Kof 48 weeks.. Q... .. a Inan

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Individual safety deposit boxes, for jewelry and fo4 & '?-.JW' o d s.
documents, in 4 different sizes., er.
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byNavarrite, Football Games Are Won

During.The OffCSeason

w o n ,rnd enofh W -ete Dh onvo^Tellvemebllcoc i A gpeelal bullfight program llH ^ MHI.h kBIl^nt^e.B organizer, which is a nice way of Everything happened to Mic
But, like Job, the e i~ ig to ore me wl beheld begin I t 4:15 saying that he knows how to go gan State last autumn, and
threat cImnl. from wash tituency is in .m. at the Macarena out and bring in the hGrses, rlt'fs trip to Europe theln s
Brannoncd n attack on oe o tei rrow. Two bulls l The character builder's actual di- tour for the Army w a
yearwill reflected that in 191, Ceer,s harmodu be ht to the death M rect woranything time with th squad tccrecbut noboldY seftr a
seoa trt res of itdhe o ntea it o e the trade sees each Saturday af- uo b t busneos

uedas min e roabm sere otf aringO i llbebahebal co .buit lon n"gat 4 teornoon is something like three students who can rable.d t
and prDet)nd cea ame up with ma,., ve report t iiesenn 9 months in the fall and 20 days in result was that the freshmn wer
Celler now l head of the ua comnteao, t* Nae uoc lli sou the spring in the horse not up to the standard East Lau-

nrou perhaps hnundting for som atac nn But it s the time between the i ng has t become aces wsaed to
m e Senate thee a p of the house o Judiciattebon wi belas game and he op the death byening of schMaoo more recMaent yert, a ths
Thed an oteay be attracted to the wider ngs and more important a uel aarrto Navarre of the next eptember or early Oc- account for the three out
.....s of r ase,.=,, tw gives the best tober that is most iportaln t. Campaign in 'k.
and Pr c and came up wih admsires baseball's reserve ans. es. lAlfonso Ramures will aqpiter-ns esething the trea stdn t wfho andf

claul a greanterrr thannthe in tdn191, and is readypea in a s pey are won on the anquet cir-20 are sot going abroad this sum
Cellar now is head of the judicIar committee, a Powerfuls o Ianuc ofE teu in hg notdhpstoThee eord tastLn -

In the Sellate thee rIfn s fthee e on abIn ayer to itiv xtwo blls. will bevying for t heldonors In reliving room. nThe hot sophomores rKensington, as.n les
er aerha h o r an ea in positn serve inease ny But the four of 19tit57 are being hand-picked nowen h
th lode ay be attracted theider a a a duel e to s ee wl of the thest name Sethember Daworsc Hearl t

felds o ates that h two gr utterlive up th expectations. The m Bobotn bne Whae Miorte wal weym Corlces aIg
al ss annt bounced tte admires baseball's reserve ances. A d fons o Ramire wills st ar e the D ofason Due D *
cfauliar with, o s totally oblivous thano, the didsin19gular1, and exsve bulIn are from Joseparate pfla Cru grabbed iwon n the'52.e an

rW s Courtp .when It refIse- I to eclarhegame Iterhta eo Aguacdule. "r T AND NOW--At Neweemerswn,.C Young, crowding 88, demonstrates the famous No didllsh etoA l0pt Ath 1
commerce and reaffirmed the guolmea pinin of 1922 bue. Tickets are on ale at the wind-up that account for record or league victories fro 1890 through 1911. Old station's convention in New Yorkar
However a ld limit the life of the reserve nclae would pro- Iber Restaurant (in nt o Tuscarawa was equaleffective in both circuits. (NA) te o a on te or

portent than our cold war with R~uaia and Red China might In- and Faersa y Lus Co.), the La Bethlehem and there Newnnsylvani "a ",.
ears. Athe House. co a I ncorda Pharmay (opposite ? r I p ew Jersey abnd. other pro- N- W YORK. Jan. 15 (who

Rea. Celer's five-year reserve proposal, if enacted, might cut the Lottery Office) and the f f 1 U A i T I r% ductive belts were buzned. The Former war O Se eavyweig(U .
ato league lubservicesgto te sJt bidder. bula scheduled to be Fordham freshmen were rushed champion ard harle
Note please, tht he doagain not traggtest that he s either utter n- not live up to pectat s. right off the campus They found matched today for a 10ro
freed afteamiliar with.o Is totally oblivious to ttheam sn a an out that the entire country had not bout with Charley eoorois g
wr s"of-protesuonl baseball which were recognized by the Leon's "Hacienda El rujo"'"" insgrab

inbandoned ege football. BayonnetNJ., 8g Madtion Sqt r
,r0w PER MAJOR ten gaI A TEN AND N OW-At Newcomerst y oung crowding o8,ll h STRATEGICALLY PLANTED in wll beCarle fitr
Before making place ffi or iml on ag lee oms o roetter, aaretale at the hotel lobbies, coaches and their appearance sine he
bHowevera h palg needs aiabout the reserve e case would pron Iberia Restaurant (In front of! t a record' 5 c torthr i l NationalCollegiate ni rs ed out n eight rot.d

the se om r r o .rs, saS en givl| |lHelynd By UARRY GRASON was under 18 years, had sired a acceptance to the Irishman in loely wiifor.u. dbrd Marciano lut September
dce pureth uranium in pubmajority never matime when nothing more iNEA ortm- the Panama National akEditor c lassic winnas and hadben rtedimectiveinwithe rsut thathe l- d ogs had been working on for vain bid to regap the

ortat tha our cold war wh Russia and Red China might and uer r sea on e two- ter Co.), the La tt te- some time. w eight title. Nor o
rt the Hous to n ry prospect. By thee NEW YORK, Jan. 15 (UP) NEVER HAS an American sire ayear-old nsi list. summated. Jmmy Bresin, the NEA sports Roland Lastarn New
tiRep. Cellersun o the mine player proposal, bbacteld, he repre- Ted Williams of the Boton Red sent to the races such a band or Hancock wasn't raised on a After conslderale dscusson, writer whose build gently tapers his late bott lt mont
anNote, please, that he does nobout su t that the diamond sla ox was reported by two Nbw juveniles as the Nashrullahs of thoroughbred stud farm for north McGrath said: "I don't think i- outward from widish shoulders, ap- Cleveland.
bgleage oWrght ito a pmajers seie onlye ese a>on. r an uprdno. 1 COCK AFohy ome Stm on en w rugshe champi fo a

edr i vedisightches said lliams mediatelproposed that the two ff the campus. They found
for sgoreat would be the incentive of major organizations to has teleision and movie con- races, the aggregate earnings to- Atlantic telephone call came from write a figure and that the papers Michigan but didn't get past the PRICES: .35 M.
after only onhey lt ther r to many Mex. Delta bagged the Arlington nd Nov. as the expiration The sire was to stand the 1950 cent. He put his arm around our
e owr e g a e the r nt o h uo raa P d d The pei t r ie a Nasrua ir cropn i RATEGICALLYt r T k n
aes? ltoeser oe an N o T nd ra Sta ing Fuy ca a e transactioneat N the 1 et "A bies, coaches Ind their e
fn some other pobly foolprooslme for eudciary co Al B Hano Jr landed Nasaides McGrath 375,000. year-old f 1954 in Engand and "I was terrib evolviogy And an *oors

ittee attn the The ew York Dally News t eaa TawyHndi cate after try- Nasrullah's first crop included winner of the Derby and St. Leg All-Ayerica out in geometry, butird nlS ber
FrcoureThemvst nmaorit unev the tl E goo l firmEsystem, saysNEArred Sportar ditorclassicwinsnr and had been rated time, with the result that the lat- dogs had been working on for

Howe a bt wilder, and hotl e ,to r thlie thrget thorm. me uoted Deren od the Ang- te or fivehrr r that n't the main thin o mym
coand dou r o l y l' e Rot st cn at W Kentucky's Laibrne Stud 400,000 f or Nasullaecond on th Nasrugahih now 15 already hasay. Id sure lke to go college
aab o hu lg nht0 s i oinaprospect. y the NE W YORK, Jan. 15 (up NEVER HAS an Ameriesadn sire year-old sio there was a telephone call caust. summated his purchase to Jimmy Breslin, the NEA sports
ents an lnv et the Hot and t stick t no ntox was reported by to an- juveniles as the welNasra of hro d stud farm for ot McGraths New York at into insignificance i comparison the little ward froman twidish shoulders, l
sports. Only the other daynh Dodgrs, who have not been confirmed his ntention to i in bis first crop inthiwas a c ountr y had shown advised m that Na thrulih I don't consid Aer that I made aooked bit more peagreenish than elp
involved Inthe r of throwing h moolh at green an baseball and spend the summer juveniles as the Nnd relahsnd. ofRngstead had ot de iered the ree al, however, her won'ith the two kids
Buntried kids, gave $200e to Say o Cincinnti U. played, fisand thing. the handsome son of the Italian- specifications. for $300,000. the lobby. Breslin was for example,

for l r fot Jut e Cronin of spatche Resaid ox said calls for Len Tracy and14 The Thorf 31 Alct imed iatel,y a trans- McGrath proposed that the two Aein Director Fritz Crisler eaa

f .n e w a s s uh a ft h e t:h t n b h r adi n s. \h ib o t t e r e t r e rmae n t s t or o a gr K e n t u e yIs o C0ai1 1dd {U CL,0l lod nsr uh.
ow eat would be the incentive of major organizations t s television and movie races, the aggregateearnings to Atlantic telephone call came from write a figure and tha the papers Michigan but didn't get past the
employ scouting sta and operate farm systems-netherf tracts cover ing fishing xp- talking $620,000. Nashua account d Ringe ad suggesingTORM N aDOWSrh be turned face dwn.r
which they would dispense withup and h ope to. go on living o Nova for the Belmd nt Futurity, Hope Hancock aTHed the agent to set If wi agree atrc o r

retain their arbitrary goInnhent of iootbaan telecasting, Wah- a| hed proi.e iL ook iot osmd t Dog Editor J, A TnrfH1 0 F
aftervision and radio for the be t ret o baseball, theo many of their Mexico. fu Grand Union Ho tean d ice.Thereplywas$ng,000 sed, "I'll take the lower prce" asked a coach with a southern ac.
about "olluon" and n-t law nile. Delta bagged the Arlington and Nov. as te expiration The sire was to stand the 1950 cent. He put his arm around our
If the "freed to's interference with basebl righties to the high- The New York Times reported Lassie and P erinces that the te for an option to pura. season in Ireland. baffled James, wanted to know
sebaln deserve to b roeceted in itt property rdh, which StIal thakrFeot s andel oe isy ws form pd ,snug r m ithe o f arte t 0

take in the televising and roadcasti ofitrvely creat edin the Miss Ambr vermica, Pollyaa in the specific bu t a large airy house for ulla first crop Included were his high school grades?
ed product, a ball game t wuld not surpre the major if the MOOSE to and Durazn a Stakes. Flying Fury cabled that the transaction was the great or the 1951 edition "As I remember t, replied Jim.

Canltal's theory of public dolain were to develop an order to Wrtfsr n took the Cha pagne. closed. Hancock was to contact Never Say Die, leading three- my when he caught his breath,
f smotho y r-f dia C A. B Hacok Jr.,landed nas- McGrath $375,000. year-oldBcafs1O94In England and "T was terrible in biology 1and an

M ee a oe teea ts ntee R es rullab for a sy dicathe after try- N sru lah's first crop included winner of the Derby and St. ll-eri out in geomery ut
o*w t wr ub ers att r t thM h d ainwe uehd.M min for fiv e years. The director Calif ornia interests were offering er that isn't the main thing i
l e -- .le-had till.a ao-m n--t"--- t.o Kentucky'sClaibrne Stud ,000 forNasrulh.Nasrulh, now 15, already has way. I'd sure like to go college W
Bet'Mb -lthe twlht-night d QI4bl iot ntodfirst became interestedin 1945, So there was a telephone call caused his purchase to dwindle againfor football, but,

ots. o, let f a. an- wshen the powerful Nasrullah was- from McGrath's New York atrintoInsignificancerIQ'comparisonethe little woman thinks Iou

SIP rsebout tli not the Pon- n

blt he h aos legu Ha de- P tha been storyu ne gritten oforgeta s Thal Snd Uee pule n there's tith h nw ......
e n o l ihthe UIb iu e aina and nr tdse er ot delivered hthen a Ybre li her with the two kids.b
th e---- lut hesifshs si No vaS otia nfiveeiiilae Angmanearee hen, whod redtas. a n n d "
e idieilWl p, d e eu m t w sb the ay letn oo ies t to d p '
Baseball hast r achd the pai tt a T ichitiasot to stand theR dao xA th er IH syperlon the next big J
apndo shieg ta en l lighteprise.i tstoand Its highbpositionastallton name in Aritish breeding d MICHIGAN sooTATtpmJt J Cot R xa l L

asEth, whtrssannceheltnto eyp eO E nTsODi 'to ollot thgcayo3s
asr ntes ermim.r ThinenwaIne18, mhanockre.-

h]u t teigt Culin beforePltheuepartment o fdJustierJele-iRedB saiduchanl extentltht'Hno Whae time ushere tor bednge? Sta When taed hinhT.bu d s
its iabotlmndwadn gain col uan contract and 'nknowdlnothbeal was NasrullahLyawSronedf NearcordVae wh a, he such as Ohio State, Michigan,
andut0 gpoundso ofstintg. Maha m e l __eedhereo__lt__fxt
e ei1flon" Js the big bugbear of the majors. A league Is de-rou e retirement ther eaond rduams Ynof Momu W itMahoa U p d in
lived....tunionfortheroongpod.sYet-thetbaairninsistte c do"a

fedih asu a unio fo e the wlm decisions forr the maobenefith of-T eAAa :. I b e o ., o
indiidua e igahtn aEngand or of 123 m ulhvoue an d oog bt keep dat inndbl
ther individual.eemaeandt the league s a whole, on for NEA Servicere subject E withaiEnada
t4Oduitiveahctionbytm t J QU N the bay colt won five takes"a Tor WIrNDt-nor idot.ub a-
Presco Thompso"U tU an Interesting point the other ethereo had sold him to Joe Me- N TE DO allse
retain their arbitrary g rMent of football telecasting, Wash- Ireland and was not inclined to By hedtottr pt
lapsell at the tim e. at em t ddtto

ButuIf tightcamebt. withiajornlet votedtoaadinister tele- Ine1948,matte rsapr or ets sed lirte sure rth bottomfoedrth sst oA rerleto
vision and radio for the beat Inirrest of baseball, they asre warnedsuh a syndcaxtent which b an k Toet in those an d refle ction o f
about "collusion" and anti-trust laws. forme s chbdgetitei n trbackinctheturnedua

Washington'sInterfere with baseball's right to regulate 100,000 pound s 'sterling, theatre n nd
itHelf ilooJust and legal lines is helping to kill offthtecMinor "When we understood that the What You have no ceiling on,,

be protected inits property s, which house e is small and snug it'll e
take in the televising anderoacastig of Its e vely crea "the Labor Government i Sp u rge a hoe or
ae. product, a balla Id not surprise the majors if the member of 1948 devaluated the summer coolness cdln.taiens too -
Cai-atal's theory of public domain were to develop an order to BY MOOSE KRAUSE pound f r rom h$4.03 to$2.80. As- much v. o......lum geforyahogetoke
th-Wiwaukee club, Written for NEA Service this made a difference of $1pay m c omortl tuare' it
doing sowhichdoesonottelecastItsucontentsstobuegon000Inkouraoffer,ltherdealcol a tcrmpaperlellmpera

tions, we were told that thee i
Hancock did not forget Nasd fThe there's that new bedding I w k bO
in for those, zero nights. You'll save sI
a totally unexpected way. In W ha n t he sofdgood
September of 1949, Hancock re- muhg more tnthe os illfthe good

~~~~~~TO I Ts ET h hcg tcyrsadte hot in. Is this legal?-- Charley seed ,il to the finished Job.L r

-from the best cattle
ransh in Panama-
Jopd de la Crz Le6o's
-. for the first time in Panama




a tuba player in the high school Rousse. u, -, ,-- ,as ae t a amIe vistrMWateu r n W
band. Answer: Yes, but it s illegal
The first break came when my for a defender to go up and bat
father made me go to high school. the bail away.
I was working in the stockyards, Q. Which is the best way to feed I TA AA A TE
carrying carcasses around, the the pivct man?-Jack Hollander. F L A M EC A H R
summer after grade school grad. A. From the sides. Too often I
uation and didn't intend to get the pivot man Is fed from the for- _A N U C .-A NE
any more schooling. ward pitie, which allows the ANNOUNCES A NEW
My father took me off the beef defense te sneak in from the bAlind A C L M A
lui deta and ed e aide and ECUADOR PACIFIC COLOMBIA
tend LAe Salle 2i in Chi- Q. When a rebound is grabbed E U D n C OL M I
cage. I tok up the tuba and in mid-air under the basket and L AIE E A
joined the band, but I was mak- the player with the ball comer L AN L A F A
Ing such a racket practicing down into a pack, which way'
arnd the g roo that the should try to pass?- Jack G1- ACCEPTING GENERAL CARGO I
behind us began to yell bert. ener s the est t
% 1 joied the football eam- Q. They say Furman has, a good N/V .UU AD DE AI k
and eaase under the coaching of replacemet for Frank Selvy in
erm Berry, a teammate f Darrel Floyd. How big is 7e?- APP
Gorae GIpp, Geerge eten. APP.
He was a f oe fotbal teacher A. FPyd eartaaly is a good
and under his Notre Dame ina raea rveb W FORD &
Se1c., I vwpd up at South a a gam. a J.
__ 4" N go q MbIs ar? BUSLD
far-rf A bo hog M MMlr-ntJ.* Tr oA~t ~M Ka




oia, Caul Ze, Jiary 22.1955
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.... .... 't "."- ..,
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-Top American atomic officials
Were cautiously encouraged to-
day by Russia's announcement of,
willingness to begin haring some 1
rost of the world.



Chaliman Lewlq L Strains of
tHe Atomic Energy Commission

tirHe To Criti
said the Soviet proposal, "If f
true," goes "part of the way" to-
ward meeting president Elsen-
hower's atoms-for-peace plan r t
set forth in a speech to the Unit-
ed Nations Dec. 8, 195. D- ari, Jan. 15 (LUP r Premier hung on the talks. Both appeared
Sen. Cpr.ton P Anderaonirman Pierre Mende- France came hrme rptimistic today before Mendes-
oNM i, prospective new chairman today with at least half a loaf of France left for home.
of the Joint Congressional A- success from conferences in Ger **The satisfactory progress of
tomle Committee. said Russia's many and Italy to face political the talks strengthened the premier
announcement was "encourag- enemies trying to topple him from and the Chancellor in their convic-
Ing" power." lion that France and Germany
Swill contribute to the betterment
But Anderson said the Krem-1 "Mr. France." hi; wife and ad of their two peoples, to the unifica-
lin's record "counsels cautious visers arrived by special train at tion of Europe and to the peace
restraint... and we should wait from Baden Baden in Germans's of the world," the final commu-
for positive deeds before allow- Black Forest. He conferred past nique said.
ing our hopes to rise." 'midnight there with Chancellor
Strauss noted that the Rus- Konrad Adenauer. Mendes.France brought back
alans let more than a year go by I The future of the Western Eu agreement from Italy on all
before giving even as much as a ropean Union (WELUi as well as major points of his conlrover-
lgn of their attitude toward the of Franco-German cooper ti on sial arms pool which a seven-
President's plan. .

Floods in France
Force Hundreds To '

Flee Their Homes
PARIS, Jan. 15 (UP) Floods '
Mtruck through much of France '

today, forcing hundreds of peo-
ple to flee from their homes and





standardization and av oiding
"autarehy" in armaments pro-
The German attitude see m e d
On the Saar Mendes made con-
cessions. He agreed that an inter-
national commission should over-
see the proposed referendum on
the Saar's new "European" sta-
tus. Unconfirmed reports said he
also agreed the neutral high com-
missioner should be British. Both
agreed to ask the United States
and Britain to guarantee the Saar

Missing Yacht With

4 Aboard Found Off

Jacksonville Coast
(UP)-The Coast Guard report-
ed today that the yacht Spin-
dirft, missing with four persons
aboard, has been found In good
condition about 100 miles east of


nation conference will b egi n
studying here Monday.
But the German talks were
more important. The exchanges
between Mendes and Adenauer
could make or break final French
and German ratification of the
WEU under which Germany
would contribute half a million
men to the Armed Forces of the
The communique made it clear
they did not reach final agree-
ment on either.
On the arms pool West German
Economics Minister Ludwig Er-
bard read a long commentary
suggesting changes but they. a-
greed on the necessity otf arms

Afttorneys Rap
Montgomery Ward's
Stagger System

factories, and more heavy rain I 1'CHICAGO. Jan. 11 (UP ) -At-IJaclsonvilie.
,.- was swelling the rampaging riv- torneys for Louis E. Wolfson, who
ers still further. to seeks A Coast Guard plane found thex I
le e ne Ward & Co., charged in a brief 40-foot yawl bucking winds up
The level of the Seine and t 'filed today the company'sito 40 miles an hour.
MOarne Rivers smashed a record '"A' 'stagger system" of electing di- Coast Guard surface and air-
that had stood since 1910. The rectors deprives minority stock- craft had been searching for the
Belne here In Paris Jumped 24.4 .holders of proportionate represen- craft since Thursday when the
Inches in 24 hours, and was still station. crew reported it was disabled
climbing fast this morning, and sinking. Two Coast Guard
Wolfson, New York and Florida cutters-the Pandora and Auro-
The raging waters poured financier, is waging a proxy fight ra-sped toward the ship, own-
through some streets in Le Mangs, agamst the management of the big ed by a Columbia, B.C., textile
S arrived away a bridge near Ve- mail-order firm. He has filed suit executive. The Pandora was only
S oul, and halted shipping on the to force election of all nine direc- nine miles away when the yacht
Rhline. tors at the stockholders' meeting was sighted.
next April instead of the three Aboard the Spindrift were
One hundred families were scheduled for election under the aeotrge V. Sumner a textile ma-
evacuated from the low sections stagger system. nufacturer; Sinkier Manning,
of the city of Le Mans. Police grandson of a former governor
in boats carried food to families Wolfson's attorneys contended of south Carolina; Martin Jones,
who remained at home and were in a brief filed in circuit court to- head of a school supply house,
ieut off by the waters, that reach- ha of a schoo supply house,
eat off by three fewa tears, that reach- day that under the stagger sys- and Martin Jones Jr., all of Co-
a level of three feet tern a group of stockholders own- lumbia, S.C.
wet.. ing 49 per cent of the stock could The yawl ran into the storm
"elect only one member of the after setting out from Charles-
Hardly a region of France ea- board at any election. ton, Thurs ay to take part in
Alped the wrath of the waters. te sl re fton ,r tThr
From the Rhine to the coast of Thus, they said, almost half of the sailing races from Fort Lau-
Britanny, the rivers were swollen t I the shares would have but one- derdale, Fla., t l and Nas-
by three days of heavy rain and ninth of the voice in management. san.
overflowed at many points. Even Welfson contends the stagger Sub
the Rhone in the less seriously system violates the Illinois con-
affected Southeastern France sittution. s t A-Powered Sub
was at a high level.
remen rushed help to a Meanwhile, the AFL Internas- autlus To agin
doaen families surrounded by .. tional Brotherhood of T:amsters
water at Bavans along the Doubs said it is buying another million
River. The course river knocked FROM RED CHINA This Chinese Communist picture from :dollars rf Montgomery Ward &
dow a railway bridge at Leu- Peiping is supposed to show a pickupp device"' with which Co. common stock, but declared
I ay-Vou)anes. the Communists said U. S. "spies" Intended to pick up an the purchase "'has nothing to do
Blay-Voulalnea. agent downed in China. The poster display is presumably of with the teamster unionization WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 fUP)
other evidence against American fliers drive at Ward's.".aneato ered
Se Ikea W arns Rep sWeeare buyingarit strictly ras aran kind having nuclear power,
VR. Hoffa, vice president of the day.
ented Vacuum Ike W arns Rep sal M ay deateamsters. I The Navy announced last night
C e a n e r D ie s L e dI Ahhed Tdmonth ago the i ta me funds a la ve the d o or e n a tn o -
C e Dies conatiofunds are buying the Ward stock hat t 2- to vesl b ui l
o Auxanr rabought.. a million dollars .awdrth ofby0. S t will leave. iethe dok. at.n Or s w n o-
LONDON, Jan. 15 (UP)-Hu- Ward stock for their investment tron onn., and head down tn e
f rt Cecil Booth. who invented portfolios Thames river for builder' trials.
vauum c sale smaner in by a nsell r o I no" t I ts tests at sea were delayed
meIHoof who has said the unionfor three months when it was
one i rhistQueen, died yes- WASHINGTONt Jan. 15 (UP)-- er U.N. personnel held h th o oak nw o part in the stokholdiscovered lt fall that the
ay, He was 83. President Eisenhower urged the Chinese. ea contest, said the teamsters' wrong kind of piping had been
oth got the ide of today's nation today to refrain fre m "Quite naturally the immednate.or in o campaign began be-sinsta led.
carpet sweeper by watching the "thoughts of reprisal or retali- reaction of ll Americans to the fore there was any indication of The Navy announced lastnight
demonstration of an American tion" against Red China fcr e- secretary.general's an no iu n c e..the stockholder battle at Ward's. that "initial trials at sea will be
S device which blew *irt out of fusing immediate release of I 'ment is disappointment," t he held on the surface to conduct
s with a jet. imprisoned Americans. I President said underway tests of the propulsion
e thought it would be more Te President said in a state-I "It will not be easy for us." he BALBOA TIDES plant and the othersystems
KOeetive to suck out the dirt, meant that there was naturally added, to refrain from going ex.BALBOATIDES common to conventional subma-
talrned out a huge horse-drawn "disappointment" that Secretary- I pression to thoughts of reprisal or- SUNDAY, JANUARY 16 ries." Informed sources disclos-
machine and received his patent General Dag Hammarskjold r, retaliation. Yet this is what we. HIGH LOW ed that the Nautilus' atomic re-
in 1901. the United Nations had been uin must now do.' e HIGH LOW ed that the Nautilus atomic re-
The first machine was so bul- able to win freedom for the air-, Know land and some other 9:40 ae 3:38 a... for several days. ea
ky and frightening in appearance men on his mission to Peiping. members of Congress have sug. n :-"t : p.o.. seve ra days.
police ticketed Booth dozens of But, the President warned. "in- gested a blockade might force
times for cbstructing the street's petuous words or deeds" at this Red China to yield uP e prison- p
Horses balked and crows rushed time might lead the United States ers. Adm. Arthur W. Radford.' e s rep re t n
'et to see it "into a Communist trap" a n d chairman of the Joint Chiefs ofre a re.. e r t Is ra I
Booth won royal favor by clean- "endan er the lives of these jm- Staff, voiced similar sentiments
birg up Westminster Abbey after 'prison earlier this week. i industrial A-Powered Plant
A 'the rehearsals for King Edward The President reminded Amer. n thinra -Powere a PlanT
VII's coronation in 1902. Queen iis remarks obviously w e r e icans that the 11 airmen were
SAlexandra had a machine bought aied at demands by Senate Re- trained to discipline and said "we -- -0
for Buckingham Palace. publican Leader W ll iam F. now owe them discipline from MOSCOW, .an 15 UP-Rus-1954, an official statement was
In 1905 Booth marketed a hand- Knowland tCalif I and others for ourselves." sia announced today I was.readyi -sued to the effct thl s atement was
driven domestic model. a naval birckade of the C h ina "We must not fall into a Comn- to tell the world something of' industrial power plant working
The inventor died in a subur- coast if other means to free the munist trap and through words how the Soviets had harnesseon atomic enl ergy lad bnt cor i
V.- b"- a nursing home. airmen fail. or deeds endanger the lives of atomic power industrial ma-n issioned icn the Soviet Union
"We must sup rt the United those imprisoned airmen who ca er oan oed ct oe o
Nations in its so long as wear the uniform of our coun-hneryand produced electric power for
:00 ininthose efforts hold out any prom- try." he said. .The Foreign Ministry said the.the industry and agriculture of
To." ise of success," the President' Dulles previously had the na- .usians would submit a report the adjacent districts," the state-
ow Open o said. tion follow the Biblical injunction on the first industrial atomic ment said.
pe Hammarskjold said after hi s'to be "slow to anger" in I the power plant in the USSR and I "tThe Soviet government, 1-
ne-Lne Tra c return to U. headquarters in case. operation at a conference thsicognizing the great importance
S -New York Thursday night that I New York today Hammark )ear on the peaceful use of a- of the use of atomic ener for
T 'ametion of Morgan Avenue the dor "has been opened" for joldM told a news conference that tomic energy. peaceful purposes and s ng
Car Street and Balboa negctiatous with the Red Chi- during his conferences in Pei ing Sponsored by the United Na- Ifor prompt international cooler-
d. which has been closed nese and that he hoped to main- he and Chou discussed a wde tions, the meeting will be held nation in this field, is ready to
No wh ,has been opened tain contact with eir leader, range of topics, including Red not later than August. probably passed the respective scientifie-
No. isban wee an- Choopen L eienuwr i China's desire for a seat in the in Europe. The Foreign Ministry technical experience accumulat-
I1 e lietraffic, it was an- .Prei Eisenhower is su ed U.N. However, Hamm arsk jold called one of its rare. press con- ed in the Soviet Union.
yeterft 'by. the Traf- his statemeMt after receiving a said Chou laid down no conditions ferences to issue a statement of '"To this end, the Soviet got-"
e' flas re re from Secretary of St t e'for release of the alran. intentions regarding atomic en- ernment is ready to submit g re-
e-D u II e nHam. American officials hove made ergy. port on the first industrWl A-
aou rd the buck-, mar ko free-the-fliers i- it plain t he United States is in In the interest of internation- tomic power plant In the U
S glug ~one-lane awn. -so mood to bargain a U.N. seatal cooperation, the statement and its operation to the IWit-"
The chief executive said Hams for Red China in return fr re-isaid, the Soviet government wasnational conference a the
d srest Iwas I o- marskJo had not reported -w- -19 pE the airmen. did not, ready to pass on "sclentific-tech.. peaceful utilizatione of s l
ea 14: hmally,.Wt had indicated si- however, veto the ofpe ntila experience" in setting up energy which w be
ed "A &- 4"Ama n pdh .perat. g o i 1 h f

,eoo10111111_at Juls 1, sumw,

IS DIE IN AIR COLLISION The wreckage of a privately owned DC-3 which -collided
with a TWA airliner 25 miles southwest of Cincinnati, O., mnoulders after crashing about a
mile from where the airliner fell.t The pilot and co-pilot of theprivate plane, and the 1
persons aboard the passenger plane died in -the disaster.

WHAT, NO 'DIET KITCHEN?-You're bedridden in a hospital. You want to wash up. Doyou
;,ring for a nurse to bring basin and water? Not If you have one of these aew puh-buttom
just unveiled at Stanford University Hospital la San rancisco. As the patient in th photo pfas
a button,'a wash basin, completely connected by flexible pipe with the water supply comes Up
at left. Other buttons will bring forth such comforts asautomatle knee, arm and back supportK
,built-in Iush-toilet, baby bassinet, streteher on wheels, bed-oecillating machinery and built-4
,ales. The uPer- LgetLW"sWv4td ... Ar I B4em, LUa Angelu wuVm.


Alk- Fr oC



^ On f the Antr things Prkwuldt 3imma~hrt' wett
F aa t h Ut h e ilteg. TeW A.ilni tMqrmo pu
wem~ino U.i s w yp mi-puy d
a i WMPws-Abw. Ws' W. *W, nobr inhld
- a~wnt 2*A0on-tr '.w arg~ -eh'
r.. ihg lS ha

.. /



Of Red Aid

y .


Pana a Anormian
"Leit tihe people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham Lincoln.

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