The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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nll'.i rorant

"f t Uf -FY ce Fr tea rI e- approved tb West Europtast Union
wiftto w il p4 a.a ws' .smtan troopis ,,r arms. .
-Te yot ii iw government of:Premlur Pierre Mlne-France and cleared the
w fatoa W~NWte front aplinst oslibi0 Communist aggression. The'vote was
28710tf30, it-f
4: to a td. Its .o h theupainfultde wbit e h es rpean union This Is
season t~T b wea Monday vose on *erman rem-;
irst aOGM tO wtVt W erp ovfi.l the restoration of Ge-
o r m a n t oea v l i-Wo .n a g r e e m e t -e n d e e r a n c o a s k e d y o a r -
Onea.wmani tooriavn "masar and afr an mediate vot,
Today' '1v4E p new late last iht Gaera .entry n il.Morsli of this naUmtion's
a ltlb W t r doc*s .... -i s

ae w S 11,,a ea t .m 1 ..wrd-o
min iaA v 1 teA o a. utufnfll I fA rfarvo
ea,. h h uafs t was ithVaUt4tos d heta V t s tordo, N M., whit arihe t d oth n A, lntly

htas l5Owiaig& paem e $t*"n *e able waited. I wl asa
tFb 4 n n IgtWenxeyiSwhhwdH oldtmU s

bad .'rt :, Te e- o waa Nin .F a -Psei T Dee. 30 (uP)- iF a-L owe.toC. The wP.ten anowfall and p elsewhere in te-half
f 8 R on-on other to revere .le sets m pas Ta nds while trOand Al- mow moat blotted o uta t-on. snow or reen r. The Air ad
ta ats -e on dit0lmdB iM Geraniy to t tce asp an p"unr be ally. B by melting tecenter ofd the n record during temperatureat we e-

%e M4I" ortwWats e For and r of reace -s teIfa in s southern and pted. Cliornia W battered
stoa -ott'wrtoetb i dgeN. Md.toward flo hwar made to study the of fes on cwn ling out of planes flyingin
h Golmass," dat supersonic speeds. FlyIng above the sled Is a 0et plan e.

b" or eoorea 4 rr _he(ai oieMe lne
a.-f ss-the aot Mu.e. Wratern ailsa, or he tter'a
b fcWBi ^^s '" -- -i- and confe~~'n i m, ,rred freuul -
& .-,to ,B= D.I(U- Ing-snowstorm. The w.n- 4f.n snowfall mnd elsewhere in the

baforrowS~ g.91, vli~&f s dte

'.' Ri. .

Skysweepers Cn

Kill 900mph Jet

Guided AMssil-
o a.*
The United States Army Caribbean is now b.SIi
equipped with the Army's backbone of anti-omreuft .
fense, the 75mm Skysweeper gun for the d4ef1me, of Il
Panam6 Canal. The Skymeopers winll sn be p .ed 4
tactical positions byIth 65th AAA Gwoni.' '
Radar operated, ti oweaponsm are deigam d to due t
approaching aicraft.up to 15 miles a y. W can
orate against targets flying at speeds up, to 900 mphO. ,
Operated by a thtee-in-ons unit, tfrgun cap
and track with radar; then aim and fire na ticafljy -.
an enemy aircraft flying at near-sonie spads at both hiw
and medium altitudes.
- The Skysweepers in place over the Canal Zone nwil.
on constant alert ready to go intq action on a omamusif
notice. S* .
Permanent installations throughout the Cu!f z ow
for the weapons will be constructed at a laoto,.dal.
Thisa new lece of antialtrcraft .
equipment la one of the most- "
fthly developed c~otonve al'on il
weapons available fn the world *
today .
It i o ffpatte i -.
the A t

eRiver forecasts lt the weath b0. adw o anw rw b moin. ginto the d-
cogn btortSea19rthS rivets mnd t t offthis nllntw"pon. th
a..spor mi th a crives @ 1 6O ere ra7, Cole a ga slaSeo .auto
ant.- a* Pragufe.(W sone stingi ?% at the?-te of about a at tltsd otn- 5#010 streets of it was 32 dogrpee below zero at -5AIMt=h it t. wao gun It it was.
atftt bae amr.unwd Sj-B 3S& an br.with Igreat Of lhF ra, s er, Colo., and S" ow at inlM ad as an -, rlthi swig b Se "
ew h a. ePo nt. a t n S 27 feet due A R a oad train, Taylor Park Dam. An uioffcial wa becau of its high rat.e a S coim s W
a t.ech rgdo ,eln- Pd ele t .h. ri n .Floo stage at whoa $ ta. a~~Ud tt high- reading put the mercury at 38 e cc o enga- a
Oap e imm n oaf *nfaive Modertet heavY raci s tiflga e Thst e Ms d drop'to zrt tofrspetee a a
md l entprest jI str of pk up the stranded, ner roii' by tomorrow nih a e An rh e

antt ps s. Ag sa t',,ug t, the cd, w. mo a twa rd : t.. N e w to m a T uinf
"I1an P l five2- Khours 16 s allr tulbu= Nundreds of motorists n w ereT uhalwaysOready0toaP
ap mer @ $D t lP sw et n c g oh tbAb u Oralb randeeffective anti.

ha be ating ,ally aga hte- mounting to of dead. _&, "' a m rue d oifr W major dh oiay d .
m WMst Gergst rb repii arzat n At leIr t 18 deaths w L u o ,r when 11000 worker walked out a f ee tl
[^^ _yTeateday explained why West tri. u tedto the weather, nin o.' .; .a, a',, fi ri4e ed. -o"rCo.,i ii "".
Solt a. residentsforarm naa wr *o arre an NeZlabo fIndaus NWol AG Iomp Isi s se

Par fis ut. o re arm est ar- storm r ad m thed t., t neeri workers alo met today e atn hve r c e a ew h
roose t he nai n tapig Ilchf ef norsWn n 0 d e deda wtsro Btacn o dare the finest In the world.
The 6n= it Party faws In- Ps m e j la wit suc rLONDON, Dec. 30' w-(U P)-Mte

whbcro deof -deona al .red soa T O an d il ah o or B hiptrad sd w or er thada t pare sver- Sda.Td ta ie t-
Kf eenmroat 4nOrm e oanidemo utira- efw en ll a dtha wind that Trodays Coventry walkout hit deaths a not perso who
a hern r.butd ithe w a bea "lp i of f-e nn sfve bad otori Companye ioefrtm s aJ es: .re during in

a I5: .stmrakedAlabama tional u ird was called out n

Urerla 81 igags Mo to! -adM g
mtructive according to the -ss ann 2)p wr-to pIWnO" even eets Eployersof 2,000,000en .lovse their lives in traffic accid
fireuisinur af l "1w th a10-nearin gworkes atlso met oin tha e aton aver the N eW s
"For what purpose winWest in In. s- In X ises virtually isolated. ject higher wage dpman l by 29 The forest coveard a
German yputh according to the Ms o RWeeoaA1lee.1 hIsn central I1 unionspmassed Into thewconfeder. Period from 0ap.M. teao t ou"to..-Am

l t andIowg a diptend s o ht and shipyard workers that par two
zbri=dath "tra d"In t leld- hoern asrtes Ia MI uj m wjes sti ens CE btw s
4 .-.-. .-Now bad a heavy flew On a third simmerin a s

tha m.--aplyes to stage a pre-. t mas" advice because am
ae sou. Iwest "NUAL strike, accident can happen to YOU

"ftDow V0ar"sh ~v~m Ar- ote-' "i"

.. .- .' --fl i".A,, ., .. :-. -- i. ,,S _" .. '
.. .- a : J
". "" 1 *.. .-" e- '-" .'.' .M e*-"*- .. ,.' ." >" "
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I'*.. L A r :. .;R > .; .:. i A-.:"

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wea fl
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-" # F "

-B EANANA alBCAW A3 AM ft NMT SItyl uft

I 5.- ~;~:q;

-- .i l' LM I N J Mss
-u-4 ;-.
7., sirrny P. 0. Box 134.' P IPAMA. O **P
IMN Or",qL .17T stimaL Aglvta UTWEEN lTH AND ITH STilen -'
5 NWapiUW~l inAW.gNHUA 1. POWERS. INC.
.. M IimeN Av* w YOmK. 117) N. Y.
ii em i A PV* 6 1.10 S 2. 0
oIn Tom m. IN A 1- .1o 24.00
S U HI AR A -ayiM 1.1..." T I. OW."


am -e M ed e tfulm re hailed In e whoely oeehlal
S ee uweribe ae letner dent be Imthelet 0 I t b .d't esPPer Mhe
L n L ane w e publ ihed In the order meelyod.
I aIm ieces new hia the oad U0 80 e
SThi ws -i abssmes reshpo nity for stelemft -* Bleo
e lee aded to epoe..
I -*---e
Uear Governor John S. Seybold:
Allow mi to congratulate you on the good news which was
recent headlined in the Panama American, and I quote: "Pan
(anal ers U.S. Raters' Rent."
Ths isthe best piece of news that the old U.S. raters have
icelved in many a long day and believe us, we are grateful. Very
expected too.
But, there Is an ironic side to the rental reduction picture
at I would liki call to your attention, kind air.
The news items stated in part and quote: "Within the Hous-
& Division operation, better utiliation of personnel, perform-
of maintenance work by contract and other more efficient
methods, Including careful programming of work..."
if thi be true and believe that it i, why then do ost of
male ppronm el of the Housing Division stil perform in Po-
s one or two grde higher than whatthey ae being pd
qor. and only In an acting capacity to boot?
It has been called to my attention that this has been going
Since July. Is this according to true American tradition?
SRewards have been handed out for worthy suggestions but I
o not expect to receive any remuneration for this one. Also, I
that I do no harm to the overlooked personnel. /
SI lto your sense of fair play. Governor. Why hot sow
tme iPreclation by giving those responsible for the efficient
k ( ood Lord knows that It seems to be a rare quality
these days) the reward they deserve.
S --A housewife appealing for justlee.

SListeigt to KMOO st. Louis, CBS Network Christmas Eve, I
Ia surprised and delighted at 10:16 p.m. to get the Christmas
from the PanamA Canal Zone.
sIThe g of the students from the Balboa and Crlat6bal
1h al .M zcellesm and perfectly clear. I was glad Gov-
or sybold ld ularly remefnbere former employes in his
eolidaye ; enjoyed this program very much.
Wl ing a t yiu a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
S ,-Edythe P. Hooper
i Previously employed
United 8ates Marshal's Office.

S'e y n in the zone aware
of wisf- #TP P
h ciraulatln throughout. ill Panlama z
i _smagalny .sit BOw go to wAsf soon as
S ars lan D rough them
Sil great pi that so many millions ft eplr, of our
t na wh! wu be splendid ambasseore af
iu t f U aite are allowed to go to waste
only we would ee to it that our ralere
c t among all the readers the land
P M eould e sure of having i frleldly rela-

e, we urge all Americans in t Canal Zone to
SM circulation of their magrne. throughout the
ete. of Panami. And f hitPanmaran will ao-
Sbe glad,up nere In the UV, to start sending lots

By this means It is certain that within a short time there
develop a warm, profitable understanding between Pana-
iand eple of the U.S., and much good should result.
I asp ue ot t it would not be difficult to persuade a great
I o he U.S. to mail their magaslln to people in Pan-
wpndd lead to a lot of friendly interourse and be
to all concerned.
-Albet Croelsant
Magins for Friehdship Insd.
|O dental College,
SLos Angeles.

I I ~ !f
Ch)rc gr~agw

Seelel laHsee e4

I lmima"

Ss Mli Mlredw 45IA1l
"sil ea t 4e G .a s

.Ir bUle astyththats S r
aues i salt o ri a 4 41 1 mewo s
t bl.I w swrd

'19 I 'Mlo

Unls you want to acquire a
mrota for braggn, never
thow much yl pI for po.-
ssions, In an effort to make
lthm appear dealroble.
If a prie ta t only P1Mg
Ipyo rl he you sve a
ywT oay,


,*_ 4 5 3. l. T

* pzt'-*- ,-.
r~~ EP M.

Labor News


By VICa&l lIl
Comea the thn when side
Grts each' riad and halls
each neighbor
Send yu wlae lf atr gbod heer
An a very app year.
May the 'Chritmas' sqit glow
For each and every working Joe,
Greetiag to this column's
And the nation's labor
leaders. .
John L. ,ew brows
And his union dependent.
Meany, George, a man of action
head of labor's largest faction.
Walter Reuther, etting the stage
For a iuaranted annuawae.
James Petriblo, muli "czar
Soon to be a movie star.
Dave McDonald, now phlmalte,
is net big move sal enfmatice
William Sennitler (rimes so
Dave Dubinsky, Captain
Bradley. (
Jack Potofsky mand his talors
Joph Curran and hi Sailors
Younn Jim Carey, harried,
In a feud with General Electric.
Foe cf mobters, big and small,
The dockside "dragnt", big
Paul Hall.
Million on hand when he writes
a check,
Teamster tycoon David Beck
And Jimmy Hofia, Beck's chief
Of whom so many are afraid.
Named as "kingpin" through
dagseou. rror
Was Lvetone, fighter against
Red terror.

zm sted from this Christma
Is* vey labor racktoer
MNI mo 6 cause us such trsvol,
ut tog e Fay and vaa Daie.
A tir cohorts, quick-buc
Bla Ceng all of .iaWrs 4e .
MeIs who steal and cheat and
And hurt the average working
Chriai ahpirit's very flb
But at the Reds I drawthe line:
I have one wish for them that's
On them should fall
the Iron Qrtain.
HNy ridges,, a rasplni bdk.
Rbeo His and e tugene
Da n h
Everyone a downright menace
0h vleteers are agitated:
The b illrat
r bal our estspy-remover,
SThe eve watch Edgar Hoover.
And 000ile my mood is mellow

Nonpa a cheer
to you. '
Though last-not least-
: t White Houme resident,
A erry Christmas,
Mr. Preside t.
Our greatness Is no mystery
It's Just one word-democrcy.

I Jl -

* l .A.!e* ~ p.'

.n Could
mon Now

int Csward. Swan. x jAo tm tel
sagt a it CM

iat hat .a itCi a wroo illu nfed a t ca r-
eouni, operated tIn heM iBeI s xectd to beP oP r
St he A rla at Irsa lK-to a Ina ll-Jla.
in theye R' I- -t t-l Mbelevea

-r t"ed AS the r ea-a "e nt 0 ONf .-Un i .S.

r, ar.. a.f t esw Jmber.y is ones so t tn'a eryat
S pnrossmnt n. awll CANt to itlhlb r s t te c

o m mittee? utt hea efusedrt o T oiat l ane
T h id t he? i i os i tne. ni F
a rdJr.,e f ew Jesys i s oned ft "-' --i---
the few t.fcials y e t D E a y
seowere dmnstraton. Hre rI rett of Agriculture Be.o.
She eason h y:e hd to woorkaii L gri cultu tre in

ifr the omern eblicanthte igh- a as s,
group f C hey wdld keep hi ., i. 2eig diq i .I The

an a a staff m. er. S wwo a i so ,rianing t a t

hant9srt oef wea rie an win a r"e -"t --r w" aIns D *M gv
The committee, I PA or -. l."... usa -,.%-t Th, ,,k"d In ':;

nd nsteo on maysarious pecn.m M t

lJr ipeees were J aboo.a r Ite e rns ite 's ln
Serely antt t ts rea resident.
lsenhower Thadmsgving Day p roe. tl d Agricu ture e
tn lasmatlon ,' ier annound i ..
way coattentiontr fo Now onoanvf

nT hemad ca mano ented. miller ly xcuse as hat e ai
iv t en m erde ana peteh pro laiteW wld be w ike; hotoh i -cultUl
ht hat Esenhower as the :o swt od. i..e tou. h u
leoer of anyl mportancee ni Gte Uitomade plant timneo tI
e- states, that his margin of tor cn now ho "krt ,o wwll
speeches 4ooo 9votoie m ctua h t hanl he d i bcea lan .thee Iletl .

On was e30W0,M0,' thatno one should a --l-... '- 1-
I meay ny a nt to A lal tevien-t t af tr ).ee ..i. ....
ienhower's national o Dlabor
d- or of any imp ertancf Inom U0 1r _____________o

Ac- leaders onq experts fom eyery
1r res outr 'in the world sat



LW ,

I .. ..eK 2



Nazi Arms

By Peter Edson

WA S NG O N G T ON- of the million. But these figures give for their fight to overthrow Fren
grimmest Ironies of todayrs tang- rough idea on the amount oG Ger- control cf North Afica.
International situation is pro- man arms that fell into Russian There were some old Germi
vided by Soviet Russia's .epeated hands. arms in the $10 million shipme
sessions of annoyance over Bnri It is considered a safe assume which the former Communist g
i Prime Minister Sir Winston tion that no usable weapons were eminent of Guatemala boug
urtchl's, revelation that he had destroyed by the Russians. Prof from Red Poland and Czechon
sdiered ield-. Marshal Viscount of this is found in the fact that vakia, Just befre last June's r
Montgomery to stack captured these weapons have turned up all volt.
German arms at the end of the over the world in the past ten In many cases, new ammuniti
war, for possible later use by years in what is the really grand of Communist manufacture w
Germans against Russia. betrayal of the postwar era. supplied to fit these old Germ
Radio Moscow and the Russian This is the Communist interth- weapons.
press first took up tis case. They tonal conspiracy to overthrow thIi So when the Russians try to a
charged the British ith disloyalty free nations of the world and bring cuse the British of treachery i
to wartime allies. Refusing to t them under Moscow's control. The assi g an order that can't
this propaganda theme die, R Russians have not hesitated to use nd to carry out an operate
lafleor lZhUI v lhas fort e mh this treachery at w e~ aft Coam
accused le-' w here hey thought tay Uto re oviarloki.g a d-aoum cr
ty of treachery. get a wit t. heir own that can'tbe equal
The fact.tat neither Churchill H man erman weapons tory. .
nor Montgemery has been able to are still border patrols, story of what happened
find a copy of thisorder. is a kind slave labor edmp guards and sat- German arms ptured by the
Of British joke itself. Blt this ellite forces behind the Iron Cur. Ues Jn.western rope far d
situation topped by the certain tain is, of course, iknowi; rent. About five miion Germa
knowledge tht the Russians never German arms have bedn taken laid down their arms on the we
destroyedany of the usable arms from Chinese troops captured by em front. A million and a hk
they captured from the Germans. United Nations forces in North Ko- Germans surrendered to U
T ussas took the surrender rea. German arms have been forces.
ril n4umbQer ah troops ng ound on Communist Viet Minh Trucks and other usable equi
oth o eaenumart after V-Day-. casualties captured or killed- menet were put Into service by I
The total number of German c- the French in Indochina. cai commlandern. Ammunition w
ualties in the east-captured, killed German arms of World War nlblown up or carried to sea a
and wounded-was reported by the vintage have also beep taken from dumped. Te weapons were broke
ulan as million. nationalist fanatics id, Tunislaa ndlup and melto into. scrap in a hu
This i obously a gross exag Morocco. Somehow, the Comm- junking operation-and mistake
ration as total German casual- nists 'managed to smuggle these that wasn't completed until a
es on all fronts were under five arms to the Arab revolutionists summer of 197.

0- .. -.1






io leave domestic problems
After Miller sat dow~nyou soe
have heard a pin drop. Then 1
rose Phil Delaney of the A. F. of
I propose a toast to AdIlal s
enion," he said.
- Every delegate rose, paid tri
ute to Stevenson
After thaK Miller was fired
Uncontrollable French

S --,



4. .
. : y.. :;,l<''t .. ,.

. r'

- I f -;4

": : Wf''-, ""
,1 -* -: ..... ....

OW ? .
, '.




~14i~r~ii~J i

Mrtbe* pJoponess island sldbe li
. Ift i sb ded on the"iM
Istoefly. Westb i the Ss- wi1
St lblo f *SelNal l, lA 30 swe
sk~ln~ te Sne of Oiok NIP

-- amin ON. .-
lovesi AW-^^Cm At sWs sT h-wk

- .. IU;:,'~~~' rr

.' ,.. f. 4
',,r. -,
* *- '*' -* -^ ta a

t "*~~*~7
- *~ *.7..a.,.. -. -. A $~C.~1.a~r4. ~-. ~


*. *- y
M ., :
S ., _*;i-,.
*. N I. t4

,''*,**.* *.
ii. i- -. b w ,
SiM i N. g

N o N
.N ,N
H N i R i
I 1N 8 .N1 'S E
N m* .II / K
M1* NI U H, II

a I s1 /I a S
I 1. N 11 H I
NM N N Sil 4'
S N *W1 IS ]
M *HY/ w

N N /1 I/

:. .iV l'
M V/
1sN I?.I*

m tItE W

i. i '

M j X *"
NHix|8 I
* *gg ~ .S
ifs i-

0 a**?

.,4 NUN-
.- '1. 5 ,

N* HN '
10 UE* *N M *

I'es 1K 1N..I 1 '
. I* f N N 0 r I N .6I11
1. *. .. t ',, .
* X .* .NvM. L H *N xH
'f .6 *<*IN ." .' NE *

Iw m'I Z Z II. IS
r { ***V.// *Z H* H oe
' ,o* x .n*H *lliN o M

IN ....* s ///f/ N N N- *
00" 40 44, t *N 1N
, a// u f. U *gH n* N

[.* .41X M#.H 11 NII f

fir/ .vnxm1N .0

sea N I1H It
[V. *.V *J 6/?i u ** I N N
I, *.o*T ] XX H H
re .5y as1 *

X* ." .*. H n
X ..... /N //N /ttS 1 .H Itt Mi Mi

SX il _///// H
t I* o tiu3 IN N
-t X UUUgUUOt! t ///v .* "Nai

11.-- U / XX1 X- N R

.. .. .. RI-* H 14
111- f, m a /* ;.1 aN
n1--.. as MoA--tti nIit
T.n. I *E NE tt3t[tx HI

,_. .....;,A.a mm
.:--: :, ,, y *: ij, i .

* *-4 O Pt r WEi r l* vt Hs
--- Vu tt X.NtltX Z t
.... m .-- X -t X .
TT- MM *, l.u ) w Ha-- VZ

A ZAL TW10 aof pi 5I to beo 4enpledeyV
Orace LineA l .: ,m, l-tow-nlocbtti of wI
trial, t tha. i t s a. tss-o apron
surrommuni th p-ier s'hed.
Beore the yedr S. o. O't.race woA the dud eight. wat
Line will Abe opratng Its p eompemsated pumplngout an
senger an argo bee lent vume of tr. phi
tween these lan completion of the con-orC -
La Amedca rom t cal eon now .
new pier on Manattb's thd completelyy dry .-
River. btahsient of the plfer
built the lar Ithe
built into the ea per cnt of thestrc
New York City-owne .r tura weight, leavIn only
the-most novel feature is 1 a h e .nt a"d the we t o, an$ b
lc foundation constrtO, and eq t
the pier Is built n n -orne .by the founoton. i
eo -.t lWi the asemet,
own basemen wch exen be
low te water level to the river storage o per
bed itself. d with the maln an
This construction, never deeks, the two-story ier '.--
fore used for a commercial pier, which Is 720 feet long and 120
evolved from the concrete Ma-- feet wide, has a total of about
berry calsssens built in an Ea- 360,000 square feet of enclosed
Ush drydock during the.war and apace. In addition, a distinctive
towed across the Channel to act feature of this pier is the 0000
as a breakwater during the Nor- square feet on the roof which
mandy invasion, can be used for open storage..
As the work got underway the
first great problem of thBesides ts unusual under-
tractorn Corbetta construction structure, the pier offers a num-
o. and the Merritt, Chama er of other interesting nov
and Scott Corp., was to find a ton.
drydock large enough to accom- rom the time when it was
modate the three mammoth nothing more than a blueprint,
caissons which iould form the Municipal Pier 87 has drawn the
basement of the pier. When lively interest of technical ex-
none was found, they decided to p i t shippers, trjrvlers, and
use a lake formed by an aban- virtually everybody interested in
doned clay pit located 35 milesld and maginave progress.
North of New York and a stone's Thi new marine terminal, so
throw from the Hudson River. lnuual in design and construc-
The lake was pumped dry and o a fitting ne w gateway
its bed was leveled and ered radand travel between the
its bed was irvelcTA M
with a rockflll foundation. O l Americas.
then did the actual work on the
caissons get started. Their on-
struction took 13 months and a
total of 65,000 tons of concrete
and 5,000 tons fo reinforcing
steeL Two of the calisons ar 360
Iei long, 17 tlet l wa ..- -
feet high and bave a weighteof
about 27,000 tons while tleL
smaller one for the front of the
pier Is 367 feet long, 80 feet wide L
and 16 feet high, weighing ap-
proximately 16,000 tons.
In Jul)s 195L, the calssons Were
completed and the water was let
back into the natural drydock,
slowly at first, then with a rush .
as dredges cut the dike bep.rat- N
ing the lake from the channel
that had been du to the river.
A large- crowd gAthered to at- DOLt
tend the ceremonies and to wli
watch an amazing sight as the Wi -
huge eaissons, no afloat, begin .
their journey to the pier site.
Six tugs of the Moran Towing "iN THE -H
Co. were assigned the delicate
task of maneuvering each of the ,
caissons downstream. At one
t the tugs had to coax their
as wI4bthe help of wind and : CUrOCO
tide, ovet.a sandbar which lay
Just 7 te t below mean low wa-
Sthr exaeGifth draft of two o ,
the caraf ter onthey L I
had to maneuverr through a
tricky channel which narrowed WEgKLY I
to 100 yards. Yet the oeassons

and were heured to'their d
ping at 'the pier site.
Meantime, the riverbed at i
site had been dredged and ea
ered with a firml and deep fou
Sdatin of nand and gravel a
the ut off le of the old p1
The c Mo were secured
place, over the foundation w
pllings and were filled with fro
water 11 million gallons of
which O wred tn !ie, the
slowl to' their foundation.
the verbeE. As the pier's sup
structure was erected on I

Old YTar Service
At St.-taphaers
Devotion of the "Holy Hot
and thte Bling of the old y
with banedctilon of the lem
Sacramg t will be held at I
Arhauget tomormw Uhat
church t "
m'Wcloc .

ARRAG and his Oichestra


a.. -

M HAIL THE CHIEF-Pt above pra dential medl ha .beea
pr+e.. to Dwight 0A 1se0hower by Tresu Secretary George
Hmpbrey. t in a inieg of much medal, it has Pke's preflie.
64-o" aside, and a portrayl at .the Agure of freedom, wltoqh stands
eA'Capitol dome 6 n the othewt i Giloy obert, the .
___medal i made atof brne, s tbree incham la diameter.


Notifies all members of our Club system
to pay their club tomorrow, Friday, on ac-
count of Saturday being New Year's Day
our stoie will be closed.


Are You. Invited
to a New Year Party?
We have for you

Beautiful Evening


Almacenes de CalSado

No. 48 and 74 Central Ave.


gay NEWD

Codatail from 6.


Evening from. 9Y5

there's holiday aicIn everytyle t
New Ye a Ev And Bgmg *aI '

79 Justo Arogemena Ave.

..I Te






* gala evening 2med&

Come see the immense collection of 'latest fashion
dressy cottons we've just received so perfect *
for New Year Eggnog parties. You'll be Intrigued
with the new designer silhouettes represented In
our sparkling assortment of high-fashion evening ,


-Tit Jhi"

No. 21 Central Ave.

No. 6 TivlU Ave.



vte you to oin or gala


I provide entertainment and music
for dancing.

an Iz

* Barbados






Departure from Panama ...,2:30 p.m.
Depastu#e from,'Caracas ..... 9:00 a.m.

m.. Miligpe me

..* 1 e e. .. u *s






PANA-JAC short and long sleeves


... and best of all you

don't need me.yO

Just say: "O'* IT'


*. i-'

S d "sui'
0ooeR1 iB our-f
Mt^^g ou VspsJ

a., ~
-1' ~i*

~r h4p~4~u
I.'. ~

:'?'* *-w -: *-~ &. *".* -'*
a.**f"K < -; -*' a.' ^ '* "' "'a *-
poll i& -o .. ,

- a-

S- eLk.. 240
, Ttl,.2-1408

- ,.~ -'-'-a'

;re0i~ WMbi~
i. A

HQ5t Won Abe Rdt of Pfeddmt
-"s b-V" t d rdhablhtatio ef
EpmUAuewhh they puwbd -a Getys-
b Pa., lh'J9. e abown rmeseutreItig ihe exterior
u whsh proNb be edmited in s pdg of MM.
S_ ..j. .*, b .-- --ei ee I deooe ww%-e
WiIW .mu,

'-1-. ', -
/** ",

* .. .*

J -.

.- : **- .

-- -


- -



> .'
:3'I "<"
I .^']


,. .-.


.I -,




ow Joe Wants To Try

Shaping Foreign Policy

WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 (-UP) McCarthy will lose his chair-
-Sen Joseph R. McCarthy (R. manship of both groups when the
.) aid yesterday President Democrats take over control ,of I
crenhower is doing a "substin- the Senate next week.
tally good job" on foreign policy As for the Foreign Relations,
ns Europe but a "disastrous job Comfittee, GOP membership,
In Asia." will drop from eight to seven'
McCarthy also told reporters he members when the Demoe r a ts
has asked for a seat on the Sen- gain control. ]ut Sen. Homer'
ate Foreign Relations Committee Ferguson (R-Mich.), one of the:
--presumablyt o ppsh bhi ideas on present Republican mem ber s.
cutting off U.S. aid to nations was defeated for reelection. That
which ship goods to Cummunist means the GOP mefbes hrpis
S- Chijpa. already-down to'its new seven-a
. e However; there will be no GOP member limit.
* vacancy oa the committee unless McCarthy said he "felt very
*-o one of the present seven Republi. badly" about Gen. lames A. Van;
can members quits and no GOP Fleet abandoning the ranks of
senator with more seniority than McCarthy backers after the Wis-
McCarthy wants the job. That is consin Republican attacked Mr.
not considered likely. Eisenhower.
McCarthy. who broke with the
President earlier this month over Van Fleet resigned f r o m a
the issue of combatting commu- group seeking 10 million signa-
alsm1 said "our foreign policy is tures against the recent Senate
denitely heading in the right di- condemnation of McCarthy.
eetUon In Europe." The senator said he was "much
Sut he sad in Asia it is head- disturbed" at Van Fleest'j
In "In the wrong direction to the thoughtt that this was a personal|
pont where it could be catastro- fight between fe and Elsenohow- HEAVY. HITTERS-
J?. er." He added he still considers Gora Singh carry a
.McCarthv said he would be will- Van Fleet "an outstanding soldier Ibined. They are Ind
fig to give up his seat on the and a loyal American." posed a team of jock,
Senate Appropriations Committee McCarthy's c o m m e n t s were [,.f* -- __
to get on the Foreign Relations made as he laid plans for swan- -
group but would not relinquish his song hearings by his investigating
Spot on the Government Opera- subcommittee next Monday on al-
tions Cofmittee whre he is sen- leged subversion in defense fac-
tor GOP member. stories.
The investlgtting subcommittee He scheduled morning, after-
be now heads is a branch of the noon and evening sessions just
Government Operations Commit- two days before he loses his a
tee. chairmanship.

Tornado Conditions Down

Flying Boxcai

(UP) A Flyi4g Boxcar with It
Force men aboard crashed from
tornadic skies and burned a-
guist a mountainside yesterday,
killing nine fliers.
Two others survived, but were
injured in desperate low-level
"parachute leaps.
The big two-engined aircraft
with its box-shared trooO-carrY-
Ing fuselage suspended between
twil tails hit a "bump" In the
$tam front and began a sharp,
bukng descent, the survivors
STe itl-- al jolt carried away
SdoA e lp .ethe plane e and
i:.*.n 1C Michael ltnnane of

*#wr Huntville, 40 miles north-
wet of here.
kdentMflJ of. the nine men
lled, mot or all of whom went
down with the plane, were not
asedpding notification of
The crashed In the New
Jope ar 10 miles north of
4*untraville and 25 miles south-
t t of Huntsville at about the
som time a violent storm front
d over north Alabama. A
struck near Ft. Payne,
mles east of the crash scene,
short time later and it appear-

r; Nine Die

ed the plane might have been
caught in Offshoot winds of the
twister. .
The plane was en route from
Sewart Air Force Base near
Nashville, Tenn., to Brookley
AFB, Mobile, Ala.
It was attached to the 48th
T r o o p Carrier Squadron. It
crashed only a few miles frqmI
Ountersville Lake, one of thei
favorite playgrounds of the Ten-
nessee Valley Authority resort
area. /
Mrs. Will D. Davis, who lives
on a farm near Shin Point, a
peak In the lower Appalachians
near New Hope, said she heard
a "terrific roaring."
"My husband and I were in t-".
barn," she said. "I ran outside
awd saw a flame from Shin Point
that lit up the whole skv. I'm
.Mtty sure I saw several para-
chutes RDIA ltA( ri in the
1t. K.E. Becker, asistint In-
formation officer at fiewart
Field, said thre6 helicopter loads
of officers headed by Col. Mar-
vin L. McNickle, 314th Troop
Carrier Wing commander were
flown to the crash site to in-
Becker said one eyewitness re-
ported seeing the plane fly at a
very low altitude with one pro-
peller feathered, and then it
seemed to disintegrate just be-
fore the crash.
The plane left Sewart on a
routine flight to Brookley and
was about on course when the
accident occurred, Becker said.
Becker said it was the wine'l
first accident since one of its
troop carriers crashed at Ft.[
Bragg, N.C., last August..


The Answ

"-- /,

..E P N M .M, ; ,,A9- -"
-- --------- .. i~ ii l B j

* -7

"' ^ I-_ HT-T POR CITY SLICKERS-Frimed br a huge
actor tire, -Shlrley Dows, of Riverhead, Long Island, cultivates
attention In New Yo. City after being chosen as the .avorim
arner'sUDafGC In a Contest at AtlanUcCityN. ._j.
-* ** ^ f ._ ... .. .. ....

_.. 7 .. ... .r ..-

* -.f.... .' ,, ... ^ \.... ....- '.
,,' "- :. .. ...y .-., l... *a ,.1l i
.. ...0,.,
... ir -- ": ... "W ;4 ': ;
; "' ,' .. .. :;' 1.Y_-,-ow,.
...... .. ";- ___ i" ... :.-. .. ,.:, : ,, .-,-TR,. ., ... 7. .-

r p ..'LAM


!1 1 ____ _

t" Ot' i
Llo tAM


EN GARDE Looking for a vaudeville "billing" as fencing
artists, two pelicans at the London Zoo mix a little wrestling
with their act Fellow at the left has a scissors hold on hiS
partner's neck as he tries to prove truth of the old jingle that the
.....bill of a pelican holds more than his belly cap.


Old Friend

I. Cal

, UNBn

wJO. cARc I NM

SlSULfA' Poc alns CaDn TAL -V


- .


" ,,,.. ; "'.-

-. *:~'.




WHILE %KU wr>^341W

Tlfe t'&


-gy L. a WuLLum


. .' .-
'' f. .....





t '

._ ..

~ ~~

It -i

_ ', ', ; .'" ,: ." -

w '. fl. g
LK* -Nfl
~ _--r_ fi' -**w

A M-thi ," -.,te..e- ".- ..

"WhaSt a nerve that Euy's, t,
:Mabel Aft er all, he's a bache .
College Qiub Isn't he? Until some -woman gets
Co l e ra b him hooked for goqd, a ny girl's g ot
... oF t..J....n.Weufpn Metro, who.doss.he.think .im h 'de.e.bkhe is,
Vfi" willberr tmd *dpst.Htv wt running to court, just because|
& lookSL him over and probably
ho; heI wwas ngood as she
*1mot was golvt oa d.8r %p k r. and she had bet-
a5. Eser will.*be"You know how It Is yourself
Si e htes w and the -n owr ala ~b You -think when you Sge
,ie tali guietMe s Me.. cooper, out of bu.nes- -ollege that just
/ ueh Wa "mL -borowy because you've got am ob3in an
-I >i Dug, _, A .'that f nhg a husband is ingt o
t a, her ana rso. -P just piecing out tle one that
Cirle"That's the way you think it's
C.' Mpaing to be. Only you soon find
l Lout wat most ofwthe men in offices
SThe AR tar Urclewhic h mee tsre married and while that doesn't
a the first eneaty Ie a out e n pes to slow some of them down,
ionth will consvne during thb a
775, oTemple in Blabo for a luncheon II- B y UAlMad MAcD|iJO
oI neToftJs O f u u Dr t 1rc' Dr. NSA.ood and MarketsE di .tor
o W a renwly 0teA T terE sNtars marpe w s A ate S a welcome. M dr 2 .
c{l fthe f Mtqfflt- i For holiday parties boare two elatin, one-third cup cold water, RECORD PAYERS
e u 4 rhsnh delicious treats., e Wo Oink wi cupsf recra berrs,1orange, 89. PLAYER
7.. Ike them as mc. as*0e did. peeled, twothirds cup sugar A
OFFICIALS A con flWESe WIL ACCO. ANFestive Chicken Caswre up rl m e. miaise table- '
aseT toAeSA M ae FLORIDAGUMo t 0Ue r eaWes r --WU-Two 4 to 4 h -pound owlas, 1 apoons leme desalad greens.
Sc rice (4 A 'coked), two- Soake It a a cin d water n -
Ss t bagratik of *an YC minced parsl y, tpspoon nut- through a coarse grinder.
be t by a gp ofPanS The annual Watch N t s- meg, % teaspoon salt,
Si ice held each year Atei in. per and cloves, 1 medum on a ae and lemonjuice. Steir Phone 3-
se-ake the trip t Talhasee are O- hBap l t 'church will begin tis ano soc Stab ospe aIn dm #Sin isselde gelatin.. Pour into a
Iarise Arias & and NEBs. A ; b 11r. year at 8:00 pi.. touiorrow.t on minced 5 tablespoons flour, 1-quart oold or 8 individual molds
Ok-b-i- p alea of the ausee Naiell a The film "Martin Lu th erwill cups c 'hien stock, one B-ounce and chill until firm. Unmold and
Dr. as and J. falae. IDr. Vaa Ila e shown, to be followed by a pan sliced *ushrooms, cup rsh with salad greens and ad-
Aithed Statte, l04 a % e.b social hour of fellow and it- chopped pimento, % teaspoon salt, ltlonal mayonnaise if desired.
of asero I. freshment proflded by the social teaspoon pepper, '% oup sherry Serve with cold sliced turkey and
committee.ii "1"-")."roast AMi

d.. Aited o everes S bptoner; the een- cut in generous pieces. Cook rice t fai e )
-asador, tor,-Re. William .. .Be., will in boilrgalte( d water until ton- Soa0elan oCd aer, 5
Muh laed Co ara a Deuces lead in congregation singing and ider. s, Add twairds print I u cr CK
4t aoiT M ; ri n Joe OoWee.dthe testimony service. butter or margarie, int- DiesE In M. I
at q% a. L bremy Those atqated In learning the The New ear's thessage will meg, saltpe cloves.a Mx Uase..
inthe Yellow Room CarnivbDflnees at the USOJWB be pleached by Rev..R. G. Van thoroV9gh cd. Melt re wAn, Dec. so wP Dr.
Pr ...Armed Forces Service Center for Royen, of .the southern aptist ma* ingWer l md andlliam Meram Burton, 89, the -
.. the forth g Carnival Season aome BMission Bohrd.s aIlind r until transparent. first man to "crack" gasoline
Gab lapIa seidn. ar eamin at the classes arel and a former resident of Stand-
42singers II :ow|everyrWednesdayi..Gradup chicken stockand ard Oil of Indlana, died here to-
N t.4 ..wil becelebrat- ediye Pm /Previouslyc. Ri eIn d until i c weth sapd ish o e- l..are n I
mth Stran s Cubn Colo on th wereheld n Thurodayd eve- ded arh pms e peato aat ise
gaI or Undef th d i rec-ao dn griceIndex Tops s l r. te movpefro her yif eDr. Burton, a graduate ofII
nati v dance ofFbes c. 6051pThdert greasd c asser oleA, cover wa ,,opkipsIUniverstyIn
S the I lclumb has an- Mosco othe Tamb'rito and .oth ree'W es range chicken pieces In bottom.o r .thefi r
native -,aansof.Patama"a /ee-sauce..Packd oie over toodaibt I. n the petroleum In-1
taughtl nvt--is extended NEW YORK, Dec. 30 (UP) flimjy, leaving hole in center to .tI7 a I hitng, Ind. The.
Aordialinvitnll to att dWholesale food prices as mes- allow steam to escape. Bake a urton thermal "cracking' -proc- .
ao at atiured by the Dun and Bradstreet wonq(373 degrees .) e- was'the only method of pro-
on Ifw t e Biru b AnmW memement I'ndex in the week edd Dec. 25 iinutet, as, ducin g gasoline until 1031
ets hoe,. Capt. and Mrs.-JeI e,/ jtm rose ne ree tents, to the highest ..He J oli.d Standard Oil of Is- ...... i

l' ti ". ghasbsincen$ .83 In the week hsnnoru or In. rNCH'S5PICeS.-
t A pended Dec. 7 and compares with -alad"" ..- .
e e rand $6.75 in the previous week. It Is ps,.ugid a,"ey Sled and
.W ed1- 1Mrs. Lionel Vs at 0.4 per cent below last year's *6.- 10ii to prutn d6er frno- 6h rd flue l
tE I a rChristmas-day lunches fori a is but 1ip.8 per cent above the
Group of friends at the reside ne pre-Korea $5.30.Csee
Sr.. ArturoM .,. .. ... on- total of the. price per pound ofS SO RE RES
Tuesday With a cock. Mr. and Mrs. John Moses of El 11foods I general use. Tht l 0dresCou r e_-p
V iAt'* h rPanama Cangrejeo entertained at dinner-on week i; cominodltieqa sa rni-l orifi SO R
'yz.rrrce.Christmas- Day..tour declined ande15 eld iun- .5 assortment of flfR t .1iV
Mr aMs Erns ended. W a'd ,"assortmentrvoofi
....: "o rodoeriek, a thl-&"Mse orpn Sn -_e k
ita9 for dinner' bridge Noisemakers,
S_ iS -. .. i-
/m~~~dd~~~i' ~ 702, M. W-- --2eII do. .... b. J

MfbwndGiapds grand- lacklose
5160 7l5%b brioa t Cmnndu. Mrs. Luis E. Uribe ot Panama
(ede Brodfi-il leave Sur Cit has return after a visit
day toristomUage. -' with her daughter and son-la4aw
IA. dud Mrs. i.hel, Dew-s, o
Portland, -Orgon.
lbn a&)DPW- ---
oAmzu a G L and Country Paramesi*-st s
Club Il-. have the Traditional Recent guests a t Panalon-
N1ws'Yer's egg no party on Sat- te in Bequate il Mr.. ad
urday from 1:00 p.m. 3:0p Mrs. Arturo Moral"es Cost. Ri-
AlG Obbers are cordially vit- ca, Mr. Manuel.Varela Jr., of Pa-
eat' attend al narms, Dr. and Mr Teltel
Seaor Christensn will perform and their daughter, Miss Lynn Te-
the mixing operation. Baltimore tiel of the Canal Zone, and Mr.
,ty3*. -.
rbibs Auothr tarlhaks
Sm P B. aCuer hasa riv a
KOfsa, l.
14Ler Jew Cal

.- l... ,. sdents from their dep.
t rout ureka Tap earlUy to bre in Ar-ak-

i ll Over n anarousing touands of
* -l~r:'13 A r t D3tbo'a First report. said the only
Itglau- axt of Eureoa, where a few win-
d ow were broken.
S. nt Th Eureka area was the scene
tinter, iom for v~ac~a t a strong ak Dec. 3i.
i S_ eIl 11 w be g W 'Thapmt teblEr caused an estimat-
attend, e *y.ed .?AM daMt m and took
a ,s1 th e InO M o .
r S fe S Saei de no tse a rmbo~ t county sheritof
ihalr if F rs te OW this mortng's quake
otJf7 -P.aS "Ar'C *" OBt 1:1 am.
S a," "It ws qut a little shake,"'
L- Art U etd a epAtY. "It was pretty
; do Art s"es 1 be Ola it 5Re M 1ice 4fpltrtment
r, l.meape. ,u5, bI P=rSg.Vfle a .._
SI -tiseeleia wt ara ka.dbyth_'.of --

Masks, Hats and Decorations.

(Oppoasite 'the Anoon P.O.)

Mr. Win.m FraI"
The umbquds yen--
. Ti* ewmids reass mi-s
ble New Yd*k ety
Pod'.s Cold ram to keep
er menpilkwaw ISlWSeSaL.
Mm. Came my "Pd'. Cold
Crem Mike W Afem

1wws r


Just Unpack

The Wo

LI li I .. '.. "t'

r new an OwtofIu.,.
S and PICK

.. iatl" .,^ ._

rldi Famous Raio,
est Cristma Gift

5R-232 5R.14 .
CLUB .......... i.00 ClUB ..... .... 24'
MONTHLY ...... 6.25 M 1HLY .... .tN
.. '* .* .: .^ ^-.,, /

CLUB .... ..... .00
MONTHLY ......15.00

7W 1000
CLUB .......... 4.50
MONTHLY ......15.00

Choose Yours from
the wide assortment
of MODELS on dis-

Take advantage of our asy-payment plas.
and special discount for the month of December.


S21a- E.ST-


vs you 10 fl glasses... from

just one envelope!


Millions and MI/lions
l.e K00



A bf bovgadn,*iol


says Mrs. Gues

. AMnywomLwoUn all over the from throat to forehead. This
worldM ae devoted to this one dirlecleansing frees embedded
special ski eare .. they fd dirt. Stimulates lay circulation.
it so quick, easy--so eM. Tissue off Ku.
Fasrt.WrsC Creamismpe, 2. Now, "rinse with res
filty W. to oft and Bgerfuls of Pond's Cold Crea
*ah d vatn dirmt thatsaetb Semi o lofghd-lhaving in.
eno -a I %"&i Wba qd do oo th ream to
i s;-o n g -9tgt aw.i ee how qudi'y
.1 "*0sn lookb awly Moodh

u. u kw ...... .,-'

1W ft-L*Wr
.LR^f Bt jH_.k''lBftHf
I **^^-'i^^ ^^P '^ ^^ *^


-. .. r V- ,-
'-*Ai. '4:--K,.

**.~j.:- -'
- .... ... .w--~. *9~~c S.~tSV.


-. -. *1*



sIu4 r- "


__~ ______




~moat e~npaa

,* -,. *,' *, :. .. / ":'1 _* ,+;..... 'i. -_ 111- *'. "

a o. U CASA zAL9o Agenda Ins L ade PubBfel RMFARACse sO0W
a a 5L Central Ave. 14 45 Central Ave. 106 Comn l. Ave. -
I. No.3 Lotery Plaza Parque Letevre 7 Seet0 ~ ao. a
Fourth of July Ave. ISOCentral Ave J. 100. dola Om eo

W S No...* U- 57V a is g. ___________- 34^---------

FOR SALE:-Leaving for Europe,
urgent: Furniture made In China,
brand new. teakwood coffee to-
b;e. writing desk, screen, nest to-
bles, house bar, chests, all deep
carved. Half price. 1 I th Street,
opposite Coleaio Abel Bravo. Ca-
so Cordoba, Colon.
FOR SALE: Steel furniture:
Dressers, beds, chiffonier, dining
tables. maple sitting room set.
electric trains. House 580-A, Son
Juan Place. Ancon.
FOR SALE:--Porcelain refrigerac-
tor, very reasonable, very good
condition and household furni-
ture. Call Balboo 2-4355 or 2-
FOR SALE:'- Americans leaving
this week, will, accept best offer
for Modern Maid gas range Ilo-
partment size, dinette table.
dresser w;th mirror, Hollywood
bed.'Goodl condition. Castillo del
Oro Bldg., 117 Via Espaila. A-
portment 38.
FOR SALE: Living room set,
good condition, mode by Cowes.
50th Street No. 52.
FOR SALE: Refrigerator, 60-
cycle $85; dining room set; 1947
Kaiser Coll Quarry Heights 3147
FOR SALE.-Wardrobe, chest of
drawers, coffee table. 2 occasion-
nl chairs Phone 3-4229


NEW Ballroom dance classes will
). '%tort Saturday. Jan 1 5th. at Bal-
Op. boa YMCA for pre-teens & Teen-
agers ONLY. Coll mornings Bl-
boa 2-4239, after 4 p.m. Pano-
56 ma 3-1660, Suite 111. HAR-

) Miscellaneous
AMERICAN Executive requires 2
oa 3-bedroom unfurnished house.
Phone Firestone 3-4564 during
day or 3-1660 evenings Ask for
Mr. Holt.

PC respondence

Secifon Undergoes


The correspondence section of .
the Panama Canal Co.'s admi-
ll .J,_ 'nistratlve .branch has been re-
o dealgnated the General Services
Section and H.L. Anderson, ad-
mmnistrative assistant of th -
rcorresmortnence. section has been
d-Or Not "Med.cef of tht new section.,
i r Ni It aN announced today at Bal-
isN qbQ0'Height. II
iS New.-. At the same tim it was ap-
-i_ alr nqo n"ed that A.H. Evan,a super-
rroIeC vmr.V reror td analyst has been
1 nptmed administrative assistant
iG~O--(U .-Tq- bag gar. with special rebponalbillties in
jleavit unbau*d that i budget and personnel malttersi
tion among ty officials ah supervisor in charge of the
V,,.de eetion of the adminis-1
0. tPubliecWorks As- ta g branch,
lMo uays an academic contr e functions of the vital sta-
has risen ovr' the q ti UasOcs ti and of the official
brhet gabag o.ashod o" or, tal 'which fonnerly oper-
d at cpbe dJa paper a11 depelid tfly under the r
S, ecst upervialon of the chief of
t iniratrle branch, are
S>Inluded In, the general
be used to line "he correspondence section,
fr e0Yhe CrOAT ndence BR- .
tr tre. u, W ,i, 'rat.2shedi
Sof dry I ad tIs one ot the few on-
tAil or of wet. gilax unit o,.tePanam,,Canal .
s 1a6t be or h a t At One time it was
wf, tiu. Asso- headed by- E. C. Lombard. now
S -I., eb 'i Bectt4 e-Secretiy..,
byblebag I.picked MV1t weed
ta away,'11g o is Owjs' to. natop the
fal t sifid l rodents. f Q f th t, whic are
Also owsdh4. maotaeo of ,tbe
can/l'tad .e^e ,.a on
labor .ClOSta vi Caid" 2one entry permits.
igntevil. e, owever.offa malBUNak't'sm tyt co* and
ed to' tIe e of rm .AuIthem n at
-garbaga--the ordi. a its, "spectke tudie and
g at least.* I as well as general' cor-
departst*' has c ant1 the furnishing
rit wi%4 c& of arg' services.
g09aed pape bags r
W oet df tainer ex ---
rA metal ean with
set by ordinane".
SrWeaits ar likely toU
bs falling to use

9-T 'r-'49 "I

FOR SALE;-'54 Opel, still at
the agency. $1400 cash or $12.00
and a used car. Phone 2-4263.
"C" Street, Rento 15 No. 26.
Call RosIto.
FOR "SALE:-1937 Ford sedan,
gooa transportation. Phone 2-
2624 Panama.
FOR.SALE:-1954 Chevrolet se-
dan. like new Phone 2-2744.
Inquire 0599-A, Buyono Street,
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford V-8 se-
dan $350. House 752-A, Bolboa
Phone 2-3221.
FOR SALE--1953 Ford 4-door,
Overdrive. radio. Phone 85-2130
or 87-2290
FOR SALE--'51 Mercury, A-]
condition, only 25,000 miles.
Must sell, leaving January 16.
'Call Panama 2-0346 or see at
4Rth Street No. 27, Bella Vista.

Help Wanted

WANTED: Maid, do general
housework, sleep in. Phone 3-

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE-- Aux.liary s loop
"Vega." good condition. Many
extras. See Smith, Cristobal Yacht
Club. any time.
FOR SALE:-Used boats & mo-
tors $50 up. Everything for the
fisherman. Buy. sell or trade.
AIERNATHY, side street Hotel
El Panama. Phone 3-0264.

FOR SALE.-1951 AJS motor-
cycle. 500 single, excellent me-
chanical, electrical condition.
New ports. Phone Balboa 2993.

Willipm Ungemach, of Pitts-
burgh, Pa., inspects the "royal
jewels" :served' to him on
the half-shell in Olean, N. Y.
S-six pearls in one oyster.
The unusual treasure trove has
been appraised as of little
worth in cash, as the pearls are
not commercial quality, but
Ungemach will use them as a
valuable "conversation piece*
(he's a salesman).

Red Viet Minh
To Fete 'Return
Of Ho Chi Minh'

The Comm,
proclaimed J
acclaim the
Bo Chi Mi
nMunist gove
In a broat
ad In the R

e, Ida.

.. WIW ~


i 7 40 1

* nLuIBI

---Aka skiMMA E



DR. WENDEHAKE MEDICAL Philips. Oceanside c a t t a ge a,,,
CLINIC, 209 Central Ave., be- Santa Clara. Box 435. Bhlboa.
side Capitolio Theater. Phone 2- Phone Ponama 3-1877, Cristo-
3479 Panama. bal 3-1673.

Cristobal Service Center Beauty
Shop. Phone 3-1642. Mrs. Ei-
ther Lorenzo, manager. U.S. Per-
sonnel and family.
PENTECOSTAL (Assembly of
Godl fellowship meetings. Please
Call Albrook 61 12 or Apartment

'' Miscellaneous
FOR SALE: Two female, one
male Pekinese dogs. 86-E. Coco
Solito, 6th Street.
FOR SALE: Baseball gloves,
basketballs, footballs, baseballs,
boxing gloves, golf clubs, bags,
tennis, archery, trophies, under-
water equipment and so forth. Up
to 50C' off. AIERNATHY. side
street Hotel El Panamr. Phone
FOR SALE.-W e s t i ng ho u s e
Loundromat $125; 10-ft. Cold-
spot refrigerator $150; Kenmore
gas stove $50: 1947 Chevrolet
convertible $300; double mat-
tress. springs $30. Phone Pana-
ma 3-2809.
FOR saw w/mo-
tor $65. Phone Panama 2-4838.

FOR SALE:-1951 Buick, excel-
lent condition; one sewing ma-
chine. Leaving Isthmus. Cocoli
FOR SALE.- 2 new tires, size
commercial 700-15. Reasonable.
House 221-A, Ancon. Phone 2-
6344. IA
FOR SALE: R.C.A. mahogany
console radio-phonograph, three-
band, three-speld. Priced for
quick sole. 2.2542; -everniri 3.t
FOR SALE: Househol uioob,
leaving for States; 1950 C P-
let coupe. Cristobol 238V.
SALUDI means more t ln 1 good
drink when it is e t ir1~ -
plaoe In the choriti i

Panama Line


Sixty passengers are scheduled
to sail from New York for Cris-
tobal and 21 for Port-au-Prince,
aboard the Crtatobal today.
The advance passenger list for
Cristobal follows
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Bach;
Mr. an dMrs. Robert J. Balcer
and two children; Denton W.
Broad; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson R.
Clark; Mr. and Mrs. George D.
Cockle; Mr. and Mrs. Seymour
Cohen; Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe M.
Collins; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T.
Cope and son.
Mr. Martin Goldstein; Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Heinzerling; Mr
and Mrs. Thomas A. Hickey; Mr.I
and Mrs. L. W. Home; Miss Hel-
en Hgrley,; Mr. Donald Land
berg, Mrs. Bdgar L. Leech; Mr.
an7 Mrs. William Lettord; and
Miss Roslyn Levy.
Miss Helen R. McNabb; Mr.
and Mrs. Charles C..McPherson;
Miss Theresa Martini; Mrs.
Frances Morel; Mr. and Mrs.
Herman Packert; Mr. and Mrs.
Donald pedersnn; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles.Proctor and son: Mrs. H.
T. Purdy; Miss Ruth Robinson;
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Sauter;
Miss Clyde Schuebel; Mr. and
Mrs. Luclen A. Skeels; Mr. and
Mrs. Christian 8. Skele and two
children;. Mr. and Mrs. Howard
W. Smith; Mrs. Cardlia Tawes:
Miss Alice Walker; Mr Brad-
ford Weekes and Mrs. Hazel Cor-
mier Willia.

B-36s Come Back
'Hot' Followig
Atom Rm-b Tests

)NO, Dec. 30 (UP) -
nlst Viet ~tih today FORT W ~T, Tex., DSW.
Jan. 1 as the "day to (UP) Owir s b
return of President are "decontairn
nh" and the Co- tive B-36.bS. Ier l 4l
rnmsent to Hanol. clais annoone
deast monitored in The careftUlly-
radio Vlet MMo said nouncemea
ed cap= o brve turned V
are being
a the a

..,B Pompillus, id T
-l .. a s.i a gve in w : t
1b, bn re
to"S fut' MG

SHRAPNEL'S furnished houses.,
on beach at Santa Clara. Tele-
phone THOMPSON,-Balboa 1772.

Gramlich's Santa Clara Beach
Cottages. Modern conveniences,
moderate rates. Phone Gamboa

past Snta Clara. Low rates.-
Phone Balboa 2-1866.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach
Cottages-rockgas, refrigeration,
2-bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.


,fYes BIe a
S Yeo Need
Airw A=&agM Natwal
t wIyer Kills
aft -w-Ca-t. Mameyjaedi
Gunwata of Satlofatleon.I
tl'SI Ave.
T 3,

5.PANAMl lt 1i1
S4 * A gies, Pee-ai**
Menishit Sel" 24 39
Aftt 4. ,x.. .enpaM 316Go

oPo with
%, Frigidaire, all conven'l-
No> 5 Fourth pf-July Ave,

ATTfION G.1.1Justb-uIJ t"
mdn e R fnished"ipartments, I,
2 be4,ooms, hot. -cod Water. Tel.
Parnma 3.4941.

FOR RiENT:-Apatment, 2 bid.. -
rooms, : coahphltelv furnished,
43rd Street No/ 21, corner of
Justo Arosemena Avenue.
FOR RENT:-Best located fur-
nished apartment. Splendid for 1
or 2 couples. 43rd Street No. 13.

FOR RENT:-NiceTy furnished a-
'partment, including refrigerator,
porch, parlor-dining room. bed-
room, kitchen, garage. $55. Ap-
ply 112 Via Belisarno Porras, near
,Roosevelt Theater.
FOR RENT:-Spacious apartment
on ground floor: 2 bedrooms, un-
furnished $70; furnished $90.
43rd Street No. 58.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, gas stove, Frigidaire. Via
Espaoia, house before .Juan Fran-
FOR RENT:- Furnished I-bed-
room apartment, utilities includ-
ed, $65. Phone Panama 3-2051 .
FQR RENT:-lr Vista del Mar,
furnished apartment, living room.
dining room, kitchen, one or two
bedrooms, porch, beautiful view,
cool and quiet location'. Phone 3-

E -Gualemalan

Chief Of Police

Arrest.ed a Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Dec. 30 (UP)-
A federal udge had ordered the
arrest of lorm- Guatemalan
Police thief Rogello Cruz Wer,
ruling there are "sufflcilent
groands" to. wanant conoadera-.
oofI a demand for his extra.
diatio. .
When he iasuedothe arrest or-
der, Jufte Miguel Uvalle aea-
t-* sat he *W deliver a final
S, th radiation .qles-
th ..s .

Your Commlty S ,

WPrsm 1eMnt"h
Presents l

Today, ThU rdy, Deui-26
3:16-Freddy Mart i Show
3:30-Music For ThutTay,
4:00-Feature Review: Fmni
Theater "
4:30-What's Your Paviotrf i
(requests please f.tlAq
before 4:00)
:36 -What's Your a v;o r ft
(cont'd) I .
I: 00-Fiench- In bp Air,(10)
6: 5-Bt.=a J
8:30-WAyne King Seri
7:15-Your Daneing Party
7:30-Report From The USA
8:30-Guilty Party (BBC)
9:00-You Asked For It (re-
quests please phone
before 8:30)
10:30-Music From Hotel El a-
nama '
10:45-Time Por Verse
11:00-Symphony Hall
12:00--Ign Off


Tomorrow, Friday, Dee. 31
6:00-sign On The Alatm
Clock Club (requests -
please phone-before 7:00)
8:00-Matinal Melodies
8:15--Church In The Wfldwood
8:30-Musical Reveille
9:15--Sacred Heart
9:30-As I See It ,
(Cutex and Odorono)
10:05-Off The Record (requests
-please phone, before 9:30)
11:05 Off The Record (cont'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainers
12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
12:30--4weet And Hot
1 :5-Music Of Manhattan
1:30-Sons Of The Pioneers
1:45-8ongs Of France (RDF)
2:00-Date In Hollywood
2:15-Singing Americans
2:30-Tex Beneke Show
2:45-Hank Snow And His
Rainbow Ranch Boys
3:00-Festival Of Waltzes
3:15-Sammy, Kaye Show
3:30-Music For Friday
4:00-Feature Review: Guilty
Party (BBC)
4:30--What's Your Favorite
(requests please phone
before 4:00) .
5:35-What's Your Fa vo rite
6:00-Guest Star (USTD)
6:30-Melachrino Musicale
6:45-Public Health
7:15-Your Dancing Party
7:30-Report From The USA
grams V.0.1%
8:30-Take It From Here (BBC)
9:00-Music At Random
10:00--New Year's Eve Dancing
12:00--aign Off

explanation of Symbols
BBC-British Broadcasting Cor-
RDF-Radlodiffusion Francaise
USTD--U.. Treasury Depart-
VOA-Voice of America

Aged Archduke
Of Hapsburg
Dies In Italy

MERANO, Italy, Dec. 30 (UP)
- Archduke Eugene of Hapaburg
died today. He waU 91.
Last September the aged Field
Marshal was stricken with
pneumonia. He never fully re-
covered his strength.
Nine days ago he came to this
winter resort from his residence
In Innabruck. Austria, with hopes
for a more complete naovery.
His death this morning was
attributed to eAmkness and com-
plicautons follbwDir b imeumo-
nia siege.

'- A
ml WibmiE h~M .1-

', .-6 L
".w : 1" .. '- .

-V i- =
* ~*'-*~,

run temmee ddivi-i-thuw-
lor.Ith Lt=ok ri ; ,todo Fabrepa 0
i(, t ,e,.d Anthony-Amato, tO ae braI ,
412. Army.-pb*

OLOifTl a WTan-r. Crowler looks at a 45-stt .LT *A.
he Itoun4 g 14BaLLouis. Mo., city JSil cba4pel % bsl
beq.ase l '01oIrn.. wben-Oklahoma wae adataed .tosl ..,
U.nis. Crowl .replaced the 4lg. with one having 48 ;5 ,-i



with V-8 .Stroto-Streak

180 HP Engine Fully Equipped

Begin at


for Canal Zone Delivery


' ".


~-L VP

'-I'-..,- -
-I. .*



92A -rpBECIADO 7 sm
SIM 4tN th o July Av
Just. Aremmna Ave. and N
152 La CarugaulUa


tage. Special rate if taken for six
months. For information call John
Smith, Balboa 3224.

FOR RENT: Beautiful 3-bed-
room chalet to party who buys
part of furniture. 43rd Street No.
18, Bella Vista.
most exclusive residential dis-
trict- FOUR-BEDROOM mansion,
suitable for two couples, business
executive or diplomat with dis-
criminating taste. For more de-
tails see Mr. Fobrega in bpck of
Mercado Voico. "Calle 29 Este
No. 18, between 10 a.m. and
noon, 3 and 6 p.m. No informa-
tion by phone.

FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, refrigerator. G I. inspect
ed. Via Porras No. 99. Phone 3-

FOR fElT.---Furnished 1 and2.
bedroom "apartmentA t~modpeite
rent, regr .oIr .: tr aortalon,"
North Ampi'rn neighbors. Tel.
Ss la.i -. '.


Saturday: S -- 1 noon.
SP&ert Ao mae Tel. 3 -10
( block from L= Theare'


H Street NO. Of


* /

" *. ,. ',





,MA r her-
)I'_i. adl




- I


.,, .. .. : --. ,' ,{ .. '; p .- u. i '*. .. i S.- ..o.. ..
.:...\. .A,, i li~ft~ ll '< ..,

: '. ,,

..' '. -.* i '
...* *...'I .. -',' .
i:..^ : -^

--W* v.w w '

:24 aMG

L- 54:45 4:45 9: 0p.m.

with -


E! I!A Thatre. .


Aso: -


ut Age&ll K
renando VaiA

by. -ReiMe John-

U -
-(NIAi The A sta e manager said Ht to a
.111S4 A foursome snowh gk -.
Red a Hollywood "AU we want, ma'am, are the
d as they prepared bare fat" i
man, ked what .
O Z elied an- OVEB EAD: '-'Me's such- an
S eotUst. he's always MR dqep in
i biet in Dalas-an conversation." -

alrp a-b"e -- r--
.S '..1--. L, An eig~t-yer-d aild after
Rs ItOef Wept to a barber- seeing Walt Diney's classic, "Rob
sho ~ sa.d: roy": "Whatta gypt I 'thought it
O"Jut a shave. I haven't got time was a western in which bandits
to lisU "a-'haircut." held up Roy Rogers."
H3b, Shriner went to-, al ght A-press agent posed AlanLadd
clb And reported. on a horse named Harvest Moon
'Mpipe 10d a minimum.- I and -titled it: "Shane cn Harvest
w was, but the Moon"
-, ",n. --- Danny Thomas TV show. "Make
IHflmlhnig of "Moauambo" in Room for Daddy." continued Its
A= 1i'Clark Gable, Ava Gardner high ratings, with reports of a
d embers et the MGM tro pe Puerto'Rican versir titled, "Make

Wr. .a for MEA Servil

.NO9 "
. 6J754 7
#6* 4.- 4 A108is
SVK 10 74
48i3 2 KIGII

A l
Both sidm vuBneraUle
Soio Was Noth st
24 Pam 2* Pe
I 2 P 3N.T Pm
44 Pam .m Pan
46 Pass Pas
Opentglea Id-* 2 I


. wi

hsl a bl party one mns wl RUM or Duaay. -
miich dancing, talging and bubble -
watft. T-le sMudS of the revelry A movie queen told her latest One of the most entertaining
reGae the ears of an African husband: hands I have seen n years was
nU ,b tured to a fellow sav- ..We mde a terrible mistake played in the recent national
a & w e nervously: W.e'liv to get a divorce. Sam ., .Jr.,
-B+.ll tBS are restless to- doa't matel any of my eloth w been one of the country
D rouhts been one of thecos......
V-s-- great players for many years. Sam
G-Ne Ypor this sip An airline stewardess wi 'aslamlargely because he knw that
on a' trombone: "Don't sense of humor said it as the plane e was play against afallble
-Dig I- Real Gone." flew over Las Vegas: uma bin
I "adles and gntu"en, plea Don't let the bidding disturb you.
_CU."IR ,bad l och ina fasts yer W thFry and his partner were usin"
Fairfu AjE aelicabsu n and SoMu e two clubs as heir only "forcin
thr owner hastily scribbled this kind of girl who whispers sweet opening bid. Perhaps North was
siIp for his wondow: 1ak Deaw nothing doings in ycur ear. trifle too ambitious, but he can b.
ais Ea s w --- .... orgiven in view of the result.
,i I." I-. IJames Whitmore told about his Wet didn't kniw whether t
Hollr* .iipflani-e fItPl g- eook, an exponent of modern hep lad a diamond or a spade, but l
ments ar.,; t'aesque q tailhf setting a cheese-bated trap tossed a mental coin and openeL
to bill' W 'fbr a' -marauding mouse. The the deuce of diamonds. This wa
"Anae e pnorai, stee- mouse. gqt .the cheese, but eluded good luck for Sam Fry, th de
ophonic 'Ceat GeoTrge'-" the trap. Said. the cock to Whit clarer, since a spade lead would
have settled his hash immediately. I
The .IsT n o .s a relP l. t ., Abcut tNo seconds after the
domes ,, ... dummy had appeared Sam made
wit brilliant play. It' ti us a
"We" ,. .:little longer.
He's I
ested ,-'Tslki aboutt an actor, Dorthy The slam was prety cold if East
.a. s said: "ae1 a so .coelted e had the king of hearts, for South
Jerry .nft-'b.l"d at riding nk' even has th soles .i his. oe would finesse for it and could af-
an let e fc fr s in .monoamme-Jst Icae he'I ford to lose one spade trick. The
"The sorl'g Ib carried t fet 410 slam seemed doomed if West had
it was ijraMi r n-' -- .. the kin of hearts (which was the
a devot sl." T-s. was, overhead after the case), or then West would take
--preview of a movie alled as a the ki of hearts and lead a spade
PatH Nenqt ppd: teal stinker to set te contract.
"I just Uwar ny'pesblatrisu and. .,Waolaz:. "'ranMy, T loved it Can declare do anything to Im-
I know what' ,wrong.-- .I need but yV know what bad 'tart. rove is chances even if West
money. have. has the g of hearts. Sam Fry
S... -. found such a play, by putting up
the queen of diamonds from the
l.ummy at the first trick.
SIts i er unnatural to be sure,
to play queen W"g dummy
when you know tat you're goins
to have to play your own singleton
ace on the trick. As it happened,
however, there was no way for
East to be sure that South had
the blank ace. ip
He covered the queen of dia t
moods with his king, and now the
lay of the ace f diamonds wa s f
not a giveaway.
SSam next led te ten of clubhs
tc dumamny's jack and immediate-
T E Ttred to heart finesse, giving
ast no chance to signal with a
high spade on a second Lor third
rond of trump. West w*on within
the king of hearts and had to make
the rueclal play.

.,|I aarllly West tried to cash the
jack oa diamonds, expecting South
to have a least one small diamond
,in his hand. Much to West's asur-
BR E cSMg .00 hat this man co ld bmy. se South ruffed, drew two
an& e ftlook .s4a 'u"mea"l st beKO him in Hambur, eOr- ;ronds of trumps, and ran all of
many. The object is a checl ot ed tablet, made up mstly the hearts, discarding dummy 1s
of plant e1tuiets'which MW O"dly 8we"1 up in the stomach, glv- spades in the process. The rest '
iag the dine' thufe It hef had a full meaL One such was easy.
"meal" has only 41 cas, causing the body to tiake use of its
ur0 l ft, which results In a loss of wghL;

Balboa 2:0, 6:15, 05. ;X5 COR Em.ol 6 :i s

"M Kind Of Woman" U NN YR .Joe.sNo.-MID)
CNVounrtn st n oo IpOS?" 3

SuO UEL 0 .t free y rldC '
"SONG OF THE SOUTW. r cent, Iron ~ge repto rtd-
The trade publiatlok n eli t-
A GATUM I ad el He 1Copme t bloeut tht
"GYPSY COLT" from .4-to-I to. -to-i 1
O the lov*at *locnpt tau

i-. _4 ..r of ut e*

Hollywood's Happiest Marriage' Ends

ith 'Easy' Testimony From Mrs. Peck
HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 30 (UP) -- "Oreg has been very generous
r. Gregory eck won a divorce with me in a financial settle-
id a $60,0_0. yearly settlement Iment, and I will do nothing to
om the lanky actor today on hurt him," she said, "And I want
hat she called "easy" testimo- to protect my sons from any
because "I want to protect scandal."
y sons from any scandal." The soft-voiced former actress
The former Greta Konen, testified that Peak told her they
re years older than the 39-;would be better friends It they
ar-old Peck, was granted an were not married.
terlocutory decree in Superior She said during her Paris visit
idge A. A. Scott's Los Angeles she rented a home near the city
urt after qtiet testimony that but Peck called it a "miserable.
ck "stayed away from homecold barn" and refused to come
ghts and wouldn't tell me home night. p
her he had been." "At a =lnner party in Paris at
peck left Hollywood more than a friend's apartment my hus-
wo years ago so he could an- band stayed for half an hour,
ear in pictures overseas. Mrs. then took his hat and coat and
ak, joined him in Paris but re- walked out before dinner," she
rned shortly alone, and Peck testified. "I followed him to the
sited her here only once to dis- door and asked him U he want-
as a divorce. In Paris his name ed me to go with him. He said it
is linked with French journal- made no difference whether I
t Veronlque Pasalni. did or not." -r
Before her 35-minute hearing. Mrs. Peck was awarded 20 per
rs. Peck told reporters that "I cent of the first $100,000 Peck
m going to make it just as easy earns annually for the next 10
I can" on peek. years, 12/sa per cent of the sec-

Marion Brando "On The Walerfronl"

Trui real


'.4- e~

I .... I A` a.f
FREAK ACCIDENT Stunned and bleeding, Richard McCabe sprawls beside his las auto
after it was struck from behld by another ear at Levittown, N.Y. The car's gitangk eplodeq
and the blast threw a lady II a passing car from her vehicle. Her car plu da down, an ez*a.
bankment into a rainwater catch basin and the woman's husband, Joseph PaFnn,.wus drownpa.;"

ond $100,000, 10 per cent of the
third $100,000, 7 per cent of
the fourth $100000, and five per
cent of his earnings above that.
After 1965 she receives 10 per
cent of his earnings until she
Peck, now in the Canary Is-
lands working on the film, "Mo-
by Dick," won visitation and
vacation rights with his chil-
The couple wed Oct. 4, 1942,
and for years were Judged to
have one of Hollywood's happiest
1 marriages.

UP) -t-.The volcano of
oil ierpted today in a:

Brutal realism Is depleted in Columbia Pictures' "On
The. Waterfront." starring Marion Brando, center, and also
starring Karl Malden, left, and Lee J. Cobb. Lovely blonde
Eva Marie Saint makes her screen bow n the film, which
was produced and directed by Ella Kazan. The Lux Theatre
pre-releases with pride on the 1st of January 1955 "On The
Waterfront." This Is a picture that you must not miss.

- m. mm mum mm mm m i







. -suni

Mt. -Etna on Siolly also spouted
a pidme of smoke today in fiery
testimony to wide underground
upheavals in southern Italy.
The Stromoll volcano atartdl
spouting .lava from all three
craters early this morning. But
the lavp coursed safely down the
well-worn 'Namfty of fire" and
g plunged 'sizling Into the sea
without causing' casualties or
I Stromafolt s one of hal$ a do.~
en Islands in the vblcanic Lipv-.
ri group 0fl the .north coast of
I Sicily which'has been rocked by
intermittent earthquakes tAS
more than a week.

I ,


The Most Unusual -
And Intimate Journey..
Into H human Emotions
Ever Filmed I



swvmpa by JOHN MtCHAEl HAVS
21 OII1 O I'l- I0 II%01a w
em,',u womn.'c.'.. a asflow.ovwu



n "t-.. **If J


.., ,






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.zwwn B RI*


umplr" 'm



'*4 -. .. .
-^iE ^:PPM

- IT r

rp "

i lM 1 -


vSSW '
*S-B- '
T^M :*
*.-' -


IIImf t


qII 2": r~ *

. -+ ',% '. .
.. .* .* + .

,w nnPANAMA AMMasAs AW NA m.tagt wAm
hu. G' -o G e

Sfit er oes t I'ond

SAastLarke SO Dfol Overwhelms Balb.ri
Po Aenst bClarke r

Or ......ams, Brown 0 0 0 39-3 To Deadlock Cage Re
.Thorne~l 2 0 1 2 0
-GrenaldIf, c 1-0 0 2 0 pulling out all the t eal
"'iitL W I I -lTi~l Bra e,91J ". Mos'sCristobal e r=+
i Sodamen3I Team 32a
IUUA11 u If-rI,3 2 0 ... 1 11 T. 1: 1 ro1!.h-i bod over Ol,,
-. .- 6ladstone,, p 20 0O2 0 Q : l I l I l t ball team last nighttot_ e'
IZW 2 2 STANDINGS 7 final interscholatlo tame
Won Lost Pet. GB MoDon 1 0 0 1 0 season.

eu ..... d- hardyle rb 2 1 0 31 bite ot b e n
L ST NIT'S REbULT Brhwate, 1 Arth 1 0 1 0 0 The big topic in local baseball the .ntest gave.
tcirwles at present i the "que pa- hwon ony
e 1 Totals 2 sa" about the Winston Brown ia
; IAMA.ra thwaite A .u0 for on t.The only dy i pre qu ter o te
Plht.aerSnk s1 a s2b r bs abls re that Brown turned in mqo -on snh lyst d
n m m 0-3 a h, W ila s0 3 r :MOKZRd s portswriters! hand, the gene all stren h h aof four bsa Jo e rt te R .
Naane: 7:20 Nragonc c 2 1 1 1 form to the Sqdt n the second quarter owe the for throw a n le athQ if0
Cobos, c 1 0 0 2 Uhopped a Plane bhis ers outscored them 10 to 8 baserunetto
a ,.f', t brownn had a p ronal problem, Austin, o 4 2 2 2a 4 homeoWn in Al lmlran4,- one 01 le 2ad enough to hold a i MM
the solution a! which he felt Osorio, E., lb 1 3 1 2 1 Toio T 20-14 lead at halftime. a ebCe t-ak t w
wil sand le tW necessitated bs going home. Parri, Sb 5 0 2 0 3 Speul atlon is to the Te second hal w he i s-
o~gai nt south- Dr.. J. J. Vallrino; prominent Tuminelli, If 5 1 3 1,0 real reason for row's h |. tobal Five completely. o t
Sor rilghthand-Panama urgeon and an avid ernard, 2b 5 .2 1 4 4 departure only one dat Y alter Balboa, outscoring the ull age
at the Soda- baseball enthuslast, revealed to Prescott. et 4 0 0 f 0 hit brillight debut In the Pan 25-11. Not only did tf.TIgers
ome ,ter make an writers dur them a t. tRoberts,r' rI 2 2 22 1 Im. b..loasebau. L" thhlu e .a e i Baor' i bo Iu, t Le y S
10rowNnnt b had I o a ocaoc rht o ff of t he ir^dt poe fr-
e.oage in the Mnt at i clinic yesterday Osorio, A., p o0 1 0 1 el tV.y I i hd oofthe r ee.. u
.s..... q ton-t alt3_ag. eOlym-mp.etSorebuddgoChow IS .. .... ,uI Itnd e ode the dem, passed aroundIO O
tandl pie JOHi G fTIN 34Ttne hAj c h and over them, and played t.
wi oo kar a.0tonight som e06kind of arm a ble- at eaeby n1 hnightter on the defense. m eioth
,. a b.. ^ese. ht amet en. re- a wean .t r 7-, dbb. whed first a Ore d a As for the Balboa queoadwe ter
-l willhaveafan-5 won-lo s S Pf l Smokes 104t th023-oA-10 1: 31about the mat u ;n imager o e the first q t about a ll the yoAa

OrLc .J 1ed 5.d en 1D. V*H Lwfth Amono leeft 80 nig t r ,1n0th eenin J'o e 27 come a own hs s C C@ th e fiR r nr.stobl q a mor abut all they
.= aP ,. .1 gat i pz ano-e ttt -afn tt-8c n( Lon ). ld 't "a k l mn wa" n e on a d.n e n ,Sa ed a thad to offer wasa gameness. No

S. o of t he tghness cor- erts. Two base hi t: Austine Par- owner wtthe team, diseloieG that perforflnanct, are In o ll- pu
V arl tt a lan win a- r is, Roberts, A. Os orio Al nrath- Brown bly t decided to re- s o like the fans wo anrh bae- Mresa playe br iagnt whbase-h app grrom l y e h
.. .7,ehldIbha d, firs .setaQueda wash igh wte 11 erfrom.t
lot e tM shot zi the a .'the leagome need- A e ttn, jr b hr e (N a- peo Csod problem o ar out "-... Open Iue seng ht t ird ee amt-
Slatnte th and ed and his eparatlon will ,e ragon). Wild p theo : asedstoe. ain d also because ho e cor- the tea. Counterne this fine py a O c Ol 3 ha t b:
d h Shthe R._ oI e felt by l concern Struckout by: Hughes 4. Oso o planed of a sight pI n his s. mon Reyes p ayed a terriTe fi rsHt somac i Clu hasbeen
u ea ol .f othe I writer jo the large 1. By Tochb 1. Gladstone 1, Base arm. ont the. U htor side Team quarter, and in spite of slowing Ak erica tion w monthM that
rth Oaolo ,or re of baseball folk who hope on balls off: Hughs 6., Osoio 1. Dr. :. 3. Vallarino noted Paz- owners OraSS ofthe Tai- down after that, was high madt i, difficult to keep up with
.h. T mt that Drtown my cRan his O r t ANthurs -, 2oeha 1. Amloa 1i. aea wl surgeon, told sports- lees e bld a- 'h ro 1usl with 14 po im B e him. an

Ow relandvll o eRb 1 agesture.Srd).H U hes i run 2S o hilt lIno r am. y-terda e tauer tl pree miowtr ko stn durin-g l, he Bu s. .s r-

Ors At.e h -. har Lew. s ore enr Th se saement H d -eatl5l g o | w be nenead ln this fineR pla 2 0 Oenthe an -ai 3 a te

ll t or rhom et in ad. and his bepatatiob wll bee Au VIn Va oro. m res: WIn elou h azre arlso be cameorerhad o W inmloakk 2 Oltee i lofok rm mt? a
o~"t. i for thTt e 'im. nthe an a or- start the yeAr of 195te b rIe in P o a nfl h has ean afiD time

a Is deeply- felt oya conce rned. .Smuct hbe gofH tog hr eael4. ths a et fo tof wl bie Peat*l n fl n MontReyeshPeLP an Torrfa-c first
m e 'ose1r.fotelr Re' (adatntnEr rone B aseeed that D Mown w ds onso Daathwait es "hol- team bngOIe p, and a ply O gmet .. .In fe chm mtoer thsan

Grah am ha d pih tcher: Arthus (-2cu ,n rec larcd:5 lw idt hat erowi nte ba ao to Ofat' t s "bal gm n a gtw lorofr "ecn ot t othe Iky'

w ri-the o rI pt er:.... Hughes P-). Daub ned f ,or t an. h T t a.d..T m Pari nghe 3Bu score : i. I k woSe mIndy nd -oFa, t o,
Sarn h e D HIon 1 a n- ub.. BoALO Owiof ir il
"a# hale ewth s',Mo:Par Th 5stam:ts us In a fty'u r h tne "s tpri foo q'thF- So IT pw te aInzf 5e f t cneti v -
S ooe, t .o-u fdo ret "h AustnI,;..os1oneo 1 0mp 2i t res : wu co d J az e o cn! p e yaerranll b tdt BWieR ecu oe 2 ea a t he Gabon' :Itr b J.. s24 i ti
,c.u0 at heisini 0 0ef or., bout that

casi Errrs,, 'i ga. m us Pano a nti 2 0 2 nl d a e to m Pg t In f a T e
"B 'ALThe.,tofCarlIinAIR' C0;- "gm u 0 2 me t bemu tomug e ut w o sha' .
th bince ol*t ad l lBlak al ---0y 0 Din hpsst anAd. hi r e ptses the ro
1P 1rin a4recenIth er "'the Uld

iC' ta up.ofolante4'a t 0 Oeeranristobal h.,o1. w .

N..-A ..*.,.'-.- S tat I'1 n ., T, hAu ---- -- --es g ge ttarzero o .ua b ..
,'/" N OeR bs I Dec. o (t ) Lin Tt B* nl 0i t tho Magentin a few Wdys ha ern p p too 0.1e .S
coupo harhn'Ma.l a .x-ft rdedes B. -. Bu 4 iand wo l ed off and the Aen-I .
,+ ,tplay, .. .. .o g-e P a an ar-d, VE. torl Bat n ady 0ot' bloo we rnkW w -plaMIse3 3n th dren ch nd t to wi nttem ipenaf
CrSmgithhDud1.0t1wThatlbohst tementsdtoa me Iie DeVp

Si li or. '.oi- ) Rec,.f t2 3 /he Dide 01sc Toumment tntlsde dn 3 : Albrook t.BOie day is r ath e
0e$th iuroulC d asr rCleo.hor;erae, Te Coe guein.-... ....asooAA roe--CO. na, l. s,.
.. a.tA,, ParkooedAs utiE.s MinUmpires :l ludyshta1z el o -n t k won2 t g thei whfd fo

Ta ...heela p tr ha Hindo.eTimepsurll n," yeiaro,,a ysa... B BAR ogAnANN73C o mTwhato 1W AU heardoV
pr d U nspringyt Bassher balls A 3l. 2nudin the he (fdurud)

,.C toLs..002 0 De .. 3 (U. ) Temc.:trut V to 8-. -
John' G a gata o six-f ogmot "nan t wnrhere ana7 tine p ttle. ning
set-with 10gseconds leftlastjui l expect rm lCCi unr tt.
.R llhop asthuht crdh1J' ro hots h g h rh-O--nef gweenhelwIi-t" -... -

Re g00 hNott.oootceVW,, R.rm --Cr- L

Iur TO g tlS otton .. the same. enerm P..S ton .l Assholdtuon hu been drafted in- d

"" :.. Dthere ee ypipyrspu oome 'os .In lm u taee, et .to thejArmy.jjeorj y Dempaey, ar 'si Feb.tonth e 72 w ee ThS e d i-w
iiZleadi S the Deaoas to t e-as'0 lm m aSnatoke goo d at restted Coallo. Canttfrono teo u rysltt h 11L ue), m i

..ibi Ihir. le. T.. l t thewbe wll w l _.ell he _aan Pro .olers.A;- iff, inNCu nod uI n. 101Wed. P2a lM i .
Sie wthI16 s dI elseIt o rsi o hpet. fro- m_, o.,Dn,.ao a o An uamenlauwdhhisenel 'd e ly

tfl l Ia&;4an a on o i- plons inrie t hel _A Gold3.3T4,.-BrL Bra s Olt
rou o a I four-year ar etn4rns a pam r.and Wilkes-Dan e OPennsylvan dahoiah halsf. andSW Ale

lead i ng th, ewDeacons Ntoae ee. ct ler on d to j et el. With 1J Moan. Palomas v47P .
A, oL ,ca phWT center aNaCCont ton eDd to91tuhaa i 'Rb rowgm I-
ou DinO aYZIAt o e n5& 5 sotaatleIn t raetN wl hed e Onf ianer1. '

xame Yt. N AfelbOa pst J hl e 2. a Nst aio Coahfr Au- hty' -
Der t s,' pdto art k o ok TIhel o ie guBrtm ,l a on ClevelAnd per ever t o at h on on 1 w hO '
hbhal w am Yb- ete ts p. 4 th Coin- Cca an 'Open willhbe playempLd althou the flresaof ar Lst fl 14P

i hl nefmw ,l_- i tee yr. Jeue..tho'de _so was a m yr om e etu .an. M Palomas v P-
NEWi.Im e r cu.3 ba(lPe .d -axOS LIiont.A,,w ntmi a ete mday te co. p- o, i .'t-l"
0fohn, M agna a center a n.f handlesh owed a u t Inre ase ofClub a nt w edeop= e. roO

iefor A t 8tesou ... erese upterest port_ meber Me I.. bu t on ly ti.e look Jt,. 20fMlued. lamaws vs.
a eame t AftrlenI testahedulebfd awc -oa h skatitgl I was te ilole.nt
"-/an. n T ahe acourt,.. llotynr. At nt an u1 Frta cWtcherI job -'w #C. casJo.
o" .PITexs o I n dl Iof.. Th wn oiyn .March _Tho-e w-on M -y new boys ore bound tow -__"__

..a ....VS'?tI /ng. _We _n o naps hl ofeed pushthe oMan booIt o ob, _Fl P m_ w

.W4.'" ".*W-ThE "FIOIQUA; .u .. .-4---.n,-.n_-ac.n-w-,*
."-wan' lood a .ot e .I A eb 2 Wad.Aal v. .

THEa 'Na.B,, m e.u-a. mm? ,&Fe-dts e S--, I, m,.

J"W *I"I we..w- asta u tbh~... t n, M hm t U 1 -'.
Pbs m JaWIMESleis the flmw
.mI I ..
..10 '.,.. I,. -, v.

p,+ :, -<, ,,.. ,a+.l $&)sts>
low.le. won. ,.hq .

Vk ut is a r. V
'atar gbaf'o,"" w.ep t
is ad 0 147and-r'r
cdmo% M OW WI

.,. < ...,. i- .- t...



+" ,- .. .*" -'-.- *.

"U" *'* 4'
'f1P71& -. .4.
s.!Lc. -'( '

'V .t"


* .' q **~.




?- :^^ ** .*. -r ....;
' L-'i' .- -;. .-.- -^'i '. -

..~ ~J h,,

samN For

..... A, -

eo t.e wo ca = me off

cd 'tma~~ no more

,than last year, and his field. .i
tingo marks e vere d only a little '
more tan a a~-out's wird e
a s --or git ) gnl t the

Sa diffe reh nt stay." inM
SThey were a o king when you
considerothe applied to th i
ceusntlil guy who came off

g lo ng lIsandoandlot@ to be.

coms ea major lear ue shortstophe
SUttl b ootor bat ted no more
Tohan .1hlast year, and his field-

Sing marks oveo red oal ly hurt a he
i ust had e I up serable rt

Sesaid. "But that d up to atless't mean n twouee, ekch
S1 awrita big stor lee about moe rbeinl -Pagaiast G-rgie s Cot
oh. werr A f wer* alot of1- rea- fo tutheo C0114021 Ina 1- Mal*-
sOnse or me having abadyear
aCemeaground we mte the

T kill Thed s, he sai to me on the
Ran that I would habserve had aoth-
to do with this eubr erdanc
Sthmore walks, more blitbe s, more

whachs e used to gobble UP a
opis Andrade'o, Steasly ad.

Smits to wbeingl 6, took all the 4-
nto of e bl soat t he e nda of
Instead, he served such things -
day, P Catch interest.~ ^wnter exercise hl I Iin h
.. .,l healthalh never beliobetter -

St "osaid. fle an adid'e ts. ell t a hit M
first s tme ur, I wound up on e e
be 5ch for thensr ro egasm
When Yom average it out, I got

5a up e sr a u to bat less than two times e ach
o s. It I..r --- -. that. After we lost those three
Oagameso inBoston the ones that

Skilled t he saito me on the,
much better season had played
every day. Would have gotten

Sm. ., .d; fomore walks, more lts, more
.-. u et that a, p ilin

toc taeeopinions and figua res, like
a lwyr summing up. CIOAerTERS-Wally Hueshelmer c

" I utsedhw to swing a real heavy o rapleLeat withAhee wo e
b'l a"f tk 'mbat. Then Eno s Slaughterocame Y
toncthe in tandohenusesiasroal

toab at A hich wI o l eat aroundd. *..- ." e .
ino vand got two hits.
Ilt MoNw enko's d "asho. Bt all the time.' Well it.wasn e Ig,-

Cho o boaiith -H hae mand. then i began expbI

the ,a, s ( meeting anaseyor started pw I
toh th oftho e orwho c any cop e Off

fi"'a I' s TWL-O eeIsthi "e -eIsthuser wodItfth rD6 tor

T f 15 Aw m ee he tr-e r samaJe wionsohm. pt
al.h thaty uda.ght The NwYramriclwanls laet
SNoranlat int th useAt ia
inte1eiAs Lfr crothoethe' o..r a/l ig-
Ralph,_T withyohavdeaortdflahst-oonsmade- s
ms someth~ng, "unpterWill beragoodpoyer
ivr Nm eansl h Ianthmiebt;s I' be-el
in ot Dprs un.din sgodtotherehseondexmy job."
match endsup he is. talk, tltsthingsgt'hatgwidphaye
mcoa nte nderaeisa a e torlasthrt tradewh _I .has

n ony tl and vthe glasses he tured't oHodges catching Campanell

.n to ,the gn ate--a -oa p iffggloW .'om g wore _glasses,"

Io-no2Thie m5c Id sor next week The l
mew m a ocf!e n fllghter just aren't around. AlgN
Su,; dy .u.O.t w ksth td of a fght you ao.i

s ah y an e. Sm ab aye s INtE6
ystoo e waho v1 N'TEI

b" ga. Avenoda TrAmb
or Pener s

M a, --__

mitt while look ing t hi4 Atrt beman' lov. There!
a continues to be plainued bya nrve in hand. Thi
Tr broke In as. a catcher. (N.A)7 I




g metropolis that ranks among the world's
tiful. For a perfect visit go El Conquistador
luxury DC-6 accommodations or fine new
st service at substantial savings. Either way
th million mile captains and experienced crews.

in and rmesrvuts, M O your wm a vl anot W ngI m
I M. slphoM 240ft Ntel PaMNMi 0-14l i t 1.13%
4my. CoUn ",, Offiee. m.









A *. .- :'
_ .-. '. .> :' "._.' :- -
.. .. ..- ^ '... .. I
-." .' ,'e '. r -C

_-"'.. .. ....
_-, : -. ,- -. : .- .
.i 2 .-..

-. ,aI ". -, .- t

- -.-..

* 'V.
* C *~

- ~

- *1 -
~ -

:'::' : ~

n mb i

___ =____~___ ~


Great GV.

Score More For

NEW YORK, Doe. 3 (NBA)
In an era when scoring counts a-
head of everything else in basket-
bail, Tom Gola, the daddy of I
colle players, has o e v o t .
much o his time to defense ala
rebounds. *.p
This seems slightly unbeallev-,
able in view of his All-Amer
stature, but the fabled sit t
snevinch Golal whose scne ,
won last e ons NCAA
pioship, has to give up conasil
erable ot his shotmasking to bohM
Philadelphia La Sal in one pie er
"I don't hustle on the of.t we ,
any more," Is the way the = .
some Gola puts it. "When we eat.
the ball, I loaf down into a corI
neor. I take It easy while the tear
works a weave. If we get the ban
as far as where I am, I'm the last
man t to touch t. I need the breath.-
er. Without it, I doubt that I'd be l
able to last a full game." ft I
So those expecting fantastc
scoring bursts from Gola this
winter are likely to be d isa p- 'y
pointed. The big Philadelpheian,. "

Annual J.CA bi
SLf Inumore mature In his out i rr d.
S. a ersa ; is

Opens Jan. o 6 3oS nt a.
e i eoffen o Moa

The annual Canal Zone Junior "' .Save o ea f ur
College invitational baket was about ht as a the o
tournament will be held in t!er-ellw. Sowe.owul mt*
Balboa Aymnaslum on J n. 6. 7.9 r we.. otld. d ff.. .
and 8e. I ms will compte trbuteto Gasla that
in the single eliminktion gamesit as we do. It'h a tribute t
ftor the trophy given the winner kids that, ty dont .re 3'
pyg gvn the w I te 1,wheuj I say they ar*
by Boyd Brothers Panan students. Gala makes ,p
Tours of Panama City. of them; They know and a'
Albrook Air Force be has n- citeit." -
tered amoft o appreciate the talW4
Stered .. eam of porVt basket-
banler, T/Sgt. Brant-as had of Gala, -o' ott

ee .... ,- ,, .*q ,
thip Pam practicin,.t br weeks ball. toa ,noe.. ,.
[In p-1 ep o for coming able ,to ao n.'- Bal .ft .,
One 4 clth0uubsa .. .
may well be the u .-lf quafene the lan ad laa
from Rodman. Coach lil stations himseaf beldad
Hughes hau on hidrs e M 7 ponent drivesat fi*a
boys *ho have pinyed markable j .
Jr..the Noa x ba. ., ,
I. dito to the service Gosa sta nds .
tesou one may And three clb man, flatf.ooted .a -

Bt prt himt .ashing

teasa. tou? Square rnL
School. ,wy wI crO0S the h Yone steal for eve t i "
mus toA S pla In he touraminet, dlrecty against'
Ath1 ..C 50 b^ first half, after. W ie "
A li Baboa M tred of carrying the

t4Wi e hM10then works his wy -
nament Jasu, flnd-the o I 'le tting PISm %,'f
Balboa Athletic Club meeting the I a deadly oS ad I
Junior College at 7 o'clock. I-iw n Re drives uder more ,son
mediately following the end of than not bhe i a4 toedrri a
that game the B1lboa MNgh foul, but the dim I thstJip
- School team tangles with its Salle too IMeumfl does
Albrook Field squad. Friday eve- work its weave, <3 i- -.
ning, the first contest of the nooh to reach "IM. ..
nit at 7 o'lock. will feature "If w-lm-ore irtf.."
the Cristobal High School and Jdefense," says Loel '.
the slada of the Navy and in the "For La ISale -M, -M. J
second game Friday evening the die Gottlieb of "X5'
Universal Sports and Gibraltar professionals, "but hf .o
Life Insurance teama go at it. riors, I'd hire aloide MkI
Saturday, Jan. 8 the -to do-e lb
final games wil begin; nfirstand let Golasigtw.'"' --
ame to start at 2 o'clock with In an era when |
the second contest to follow at erytuig In basket
3;1. -And he final game of the street see Tosoo S 0
tournament will be seen In the lege game's best, semad ,- -
Tickets for each evening or aft- much time guards a-
ernoon session may be secured clearig the ba "a .
at the entrances to the Balboa But the big fMsow is So t. -
gymnasium prior to game start- you Me that he beats fl .
- ing times. 'side without the balL too. ...i

~i ~~Yrr"`~ ~hl

Tn n


4e2 -. -0%-
OK ,,~. '4
*.. '1.

w A .. ....

-. R dafor .p-(M,

Afro-Asiatic Conference Guest List

Seen.As Blow To US's Anti-Comrpnism -. INDEPENDT

(UP) -Diplomatic observers said man and Africa" and "to consider chairman of association as
today the invitation of Red Chi. problems of special interest to A- sufeessor to dmmunist Pna rt y
n to the Afro-Asiatic conference sian and Africahn peoples ." chairman IAn Shao-chl. .
scheduled in this country next A- Meanwhile, Madame Soong
pril was a prestige and pro. gan- Ching-lin (Madame Sun Yatsen) Prime Minister Sir John ot- ,.
da victory forthe communist, in a speech broadcast today by lawal of Ceylon predicted today no te pep ko t *. the "t
They said the presence of Red by Peiping radio said Communist at least 22 of 30 nations Invited ":'-t
representatives at the projected China wants to establish diploma to next April's Asian-African can.
U.S. policy of excluding the com- Madam Soong, eldest sister of of the nations he did ct expect -
munist conquerors ofina from Mine. Chiang Kal-s hek, made the to participate in the conference,
world councils nd statement in aspeech Tuesday to however. "t e a o ea
The premiers of Indonesia, Pa- the Sino-Soviet friendship associa- sld sa y at la 22 eoun-
klitan, India Ceylon and Burma tion, Peiping said. flea w" i s h em heres D os2u ng o ff t --ogo f
-sponsors o the conference-dis- It was believed to be the first ew attend,"otelawala told
played bewildering inconsistency time Red China has made such a newsmen at Djakar t a I r poart
making up their guest list sPtat ment. shortly before o ft ndonesia
They excluded Nationalist Chi- "We hope to establish normal for Ceylon. A
na-we can't have two Chinas relations with all nations of the Ko n telawala vigorously defended r l
there-and did not Invite North wor ld on a basis of equality and e i the selictionpf nations that will w

anvita tondSo erth orset) ao eurh the e Cman sabishe a omad e thed UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Dec. demand the release United urlag th lease of
(re haelt (i uniam. d g o ntacth baeneics al to inte ernational You and I can't go there," Ko- 30 (UP)-SeretaryGeneral Dag Nations erm held buy nRed A erican aa
e e wa ieunvmied, i s p tderstand ns and ih aspeaceh telawal sid. why do we Hamarkjold leaves today for China in .tion of the korean de ed. -o A m
mean s ong s want to invite them he?" Peipig o- a 14,000-mile flight to armistice agreement
invaded b thatinwees nation's arfies ChipeselCTeo "T sa that we want to th9
n-s pN s of the coni) EereneId 2t r awabetledmas cd Sr ot iri te nrgeonh swa
tinlast included iAithe nc eneftine garodldeds 4 ot FCoaso oet odd, a" "-sCpodesmto e o m.
( er e Vietnam. :ernational 30 (UP)-4ecrAmerica rea U Dag'osd Nationsn becauserg hetb seems He m oh bae
uitx cd I tedneori Ndg r I 1 F ourita indingldr dea in ioslatiis on af-grr
out OCE 'en a he. to (h ie lati wi t ai s f Cto pdntewt Amfricar ew e e d I s g n Il t e" "aIdal o rw d aw
aos bigni onto r omei roae l w i not Invite i or ce r p oVn p ba solith U II Ithe i teairn laseolpo aonn air e s tw hwic -
inaHollhwoogamoa ve harhArpest answ

1e0 ,ot tames Ai unfe conenc e wish 2to6artAmlishcn ssadc h e- roes eps a n So e ae w e h
Md e tHo r "rte g wit e Pned ltaas realde ant w o
Th Most Vheot. rreie s f n beAbrn ciato to tdieeh ineso Commug aistP r ftoo therop D Noa e hel hed te t land chalr
Ioean ath W ,n moisv of ie an gd bnt ons o .r.a d .. iente dk ititme tonher e ond 1. was ate eecd tS dh .en tt thbabe to t

lag fl totfrerst to mnoatoi Oicer thie o Tw s whe on irg a ae aepies of soit orthqat w.wn fto ut r qtes t1 '

out to pos f and udedor thi mpuileAlom n Herspita. ding M. Hlob en talo vo buo the wkngN Yh odiulo Interatoal quarps ortht Gavilan area
c o The prter te awk cahtre of on Chis g Dn-itd Stas.p hda o rd t Sedgite .He I b d Pl
____vvery aOriedd," n n aA tprokea-nisd. oI

Dies In Leapromen puord fthetotalecignhatiwere-ts twoUnto g
n poee t i onl e.ncluded nr rinegch -r. lge c vao he rst f ea ona or teyd for te i the 40 wasnf lan
Artaoth e B hring h year eer h hin ta ieabr do f h U inahene ai on d t a use'it ems the A CaI
PHOT0ENIC-a pem e Cocday ruth Afrisc was excluded. Ing nn bo rad l t ee n a d a i f o will seeku t p

has been hotographedsom reel was not in vited.. ( b t a r a the release of Z other s o which
0,00 im es f Already named The purposes of the conference a526 are Ad ens. ands i e y a r e T-e .uPd

A l a rm vu dery Ziv Navy fic e i cs on the seong d Onlerlan ls otht) L o nunaea fwo bai essc pi talweoripl mat quate 15 10 o the Gav the aon.
"The Most Ptop o e t rood o a om a th g rn bof lals on to nurl t e a i o deek tand co- koreansa we amsioan t wo m e
e angu mis siespn r aFourteen babies, including twoear ore t oand ationae rom
t o a s otr o esto ie t hii sdeAt h e Hospital during the week endib mgof Balo a, a of 3sa h w up pl at ong tooet e P a. m| .a Cnl

Sio ea l at midnight, Mndy, m a ine or s it ci oas atono. .
a r to the weey as ret- itary Air Transport erfl.
Autorieri e's-aP apo r ScAmias ofre noimme were ghd A t a Plo s thel Asembly -mr- ei"s lo onDe.w0 ol sai as finedgzagof -prusweh
T'@inngirlsw ere born to Sgt.Befo red Iat glea:" am l e aesterdy a,4,oews fn the

*tenos Die.3 h-U) atv e b eeROE atDein for foPegthe death ofofeNpeiod ,airm.0 -(UP) of phsi trinigadr feA nen.iv byurs ohis rekessonsa s occrr opn.
the stao et of miser atRio cal aia ia on Dec. and Mrs. P blo Acevedo of Loco-e aet
Pois noewospa e a engiern gana mend boyoand girl twins we 2 r e anywhere lto begas ol o U.. For fisrateo k oni T h ist
red toda t prompNDto ivcrs of (Plasgow. parents rnto tSg e b babs ereaaiCoanrybeonedy i Panamanian defendant was. foun o
Alda med e rtoae a- et Ialwas rvonAice Frenade-n ad Mrofs. Rondalh. Co bies, go ndmaehine was expected to which I involved the the of a
mtingtoeILtherneBt wen eatm ednsof aned A Mr.nds n. h make capital of Hammrskjiold' spint, worth a. s from un
gomb t sxoffneswicte pons and guided missiles plun heerf a aged Citoy) Mr s and Mr. n.tod' view, bo wiuh it asre 0 r ear rea
ag fn e a nr 0 feet tn ohiaF e dth yesterday ad Mrs.ClintM. -Holcomb, of Bal boav sithewuelt edstisn and lthi e ualonl s lthe t lnanamao
irs sa a wrm a government bpic ruld ino g were n bo rn on Christmas. Day e.y, roiusl of nthDne onit Satesi to 5ItUbe5 a imid 0tothP unananug
.t 44to~ a the re Britain's sa telurm secrets ared ofiebud of tot eKbeMranMs.en-issu etd ve std Ttoh
--abu teen SAuthorities offe i ho of B ens re d R elea l ofBie rm eritn we tnGeralor acting T e id etford uare
e rueno dAiresDe. 3 () atee te de ae of met. to F riKo band.l Sg an d r s. d 206 discharged during tRs as e h e rl b an (let a n pt.n ed at e 1 ame i- lesd i Chac i.n T e oa
eears ape rE l o orm. ) he o -ficer R o r se etoTrla ndo9Oyion of hbrook. of Roland Due ne (right) ofth eSale im, Mas podice fo Arc. Th frigi n oRfe e saoi tode y VIs. T T un aPasteOd eptheK
T lA defs t ne wpnoa n t arbo. otr aengineedring g raduate of the The names and. addresses oee t h eb la was e atue an th a ac cli e fte n tp h ire ds staesaits tiIyoAt2o e
anrJd s pred a btbe ta ple ron m t iUnive rsity of G lasgow thar ents owhthew bay b a bi esa w er e nA ec C om m an d personnel still illegall y F r f l n to e h idut

t sex offense w the edi He was unmarried. Friends de- and Mrs. Ron sld H. Chambers of d deeainle ar inadt anoCthohe esricl m l i l.
01 4 com plain ed are vilreasing scribed him as cheerful ca n- P anam a City) M r. and M rs. N lbet 'sa i hew a s tudi inglto .i cd astersClemldtoA. Jth;Xi. Pat c

a Se r. sp ms e n grto od .& c lMoWhittington, b tao, to a t; .M r. ndnthais,da _reC ntdln n The I
.q r l o lFbr more than a year he hae Mrs, m lint r M Holcomb, of Bal-nM't.n the ms adeuessionbo athem

0 'ta e s d tie ais worked on top-secret reports In boa; St. and Mrs. Eduardo Rey, a Nruio the Uniteo Sta nthe lr
e.,e lte s.S o e dis the heaviyiguarded office build- of Fort Kobbe; Mr. and Mrs. Heno- ropann e n Sofrin Via for the.e Utaist
S 1 5 0- 6 a d r iveto ; Ing, c o pa t b ys theo M n stry, o fthP w ha y l e i. So f P aao m BaC ity ;, T e le p h o t. .oo ) is s u e e x it v is as. t ovC. in s e s t d.. W i n das p l Vari l

1h lewdne whaic a-Suplyu y I 0 c Upyvu .ar.Bs x rdunn, ofcocllo. MNa H Lbrpr w a fNeN ati fo r ts, butrthatehe wouldu- not "negoE
s" S upply, w h h rs .pittt oa din s le- t. and Ca M rs. Jac into aG utierrez,d CP MIau T h e A Wlin ,R P -- b urggar, neor7ee.

ipones resetarend development. o Fort Kobbe; and Sgt and Mrs. aheisr hld by Lt. oseph Reagan (left) and patrolman Etit" e sm o on I
*NMI le t country .f o er ti o ofc -was roon te nseofincd.Orlando Olona of Albrook i .Roland Duchene (right) of the Salem,n Ma ss., policeforce.TheW ind sUpI[y r
hese whichiadsh forein officeesdogdrenari-

ed winarow frthe seventh hne43he8oorrwnina glMrn .hnd rs.Geoeeor eunbattle aInodaynVfineaerops osS
,the er dio atorial said. L.Carp bl lO n. Gore lo Caaa ioo Ith ...and..twoabenedictio fothoe r KfrOrops
wlckefdo wat-cards YearndPMrs. PAlHeonswGonzaleznofd uctsfuOrt shs eto
ooes thopast; beFrides the.lForce nA coo; and QM2 o tMrsheThem-Is-carg ,o luer
ewoe ss which ,. Italyno AppealasM. DunneofrCocoi. I arnes C resreqtireg Ibn aSurgeon"Nations, .in-Xr.,s ",,,o

I da. Hes,, bm e ptla D e and Ja pan 1 SVa
s Adt ert. sedong he enToM, Dr na o-Hneli eWN Dec. U( p, t a.iA.ny t
rhs, thi wicked spost-crds, aA gln ,s ea Inom3o- TwKn W aDutcompleterct te feonOkinawa. -
koe. .. tierenis-8-and two benediction for the Air
.. Force and Army troops on the 1-

WEd et for our women, today discussed bold plnto wi BUENOS AIRES, De. 30 (UP) ers and men from soNrting to Amyt re nt- Shrokov, Assistant Chief of u The Cainal took. to helleop- wnell, r., nfed 27 orn-
an s *hi1WAt they attempted a-.out Italy's chronic unemployment The Argentine Catholic Episco- combat roles to help -offset a aned e. cal SerovieAts. orgas ofsi-Taers tdlaytook owded zatlonl today that he Intends
fi s~ine modesty and e, in the next ten years wit U..S. pacy denounced Argentina's new sharp cut ordered in manpower. One is te gelling ,o in b a t at Waiter Reed Army Medical Co schedule. He said an early morn- to add them to Za l of pub-
ysc ,eal integrity. -he. .. divorce law last night in a three- Simultaneously, Army authori- course, ntentidnally tern fy I n g etr In Washingt, D.C. ing mas aboard the antisubma veraive organizations on potnda
S-ae Com4 conceive a young lte. binet in the year's last page pastoral letter signed by the ities disclosed that soldiers are ush- with live explosions and bullets Dr. Shirokov, who will assist ii rine au-craft career Princeton, tom y are Communsst-dom tod.
(Ieieos -Aires resident), session reviewed its foreign and, church reaction to the divorce dergoing training as tough as any nipping o-v ea* h e a i to get the the forzniatlon ,of the cur s-- n t anchored in Yekosuka N a v a I
.IM ,in a gang, ,revilin g his dom estic .achievements In ten law archbishops of Buenos Aires they had during the Korean w ar trainee over the chock of being "Dis aster Plan" for the MediCa Z Bad s sip, brea kfaed t ab o the li on s tnwhtoh t ohre questo d h ea r-u
m annhood before a woman. Anmonth life and heard budget and- Rosaro. i-even a little tougher in some under fire. was delegated by the Medical and ship and then ew to the twl ro wcefl dave e n-
'*'pr Is-something,~. abnormamIMinister Ezio Vanoni outlinev- the The letter was the first official ways-to increase their survival The other is increased empha. Health Service of the Canal Zone 1o retreat house ft Far East opy.tunjt to produce .vldeam
g somethi.bnormal mofmoth plan which would create signed by President Juan D. e- chances In another war. sis on night training, ses Civil Defense organization toat&usret
with our customs and3new Jobs or four million persons ran. The Maties have been told tofrom0 the Chinese Commuaist tac-tend.aimetoa insoathoTo
.g 'about eti pay-. in t benext decade. Santiago Cardinal Capella, Arch.otrimothrc-trength from 222,000ltio ofrom eight attacks. By-nreigj. The course was attended yb.ytAhe r a io on arnodt-him be
vi .sori e Arge ntine '-_. '.. of. bishop of Buenos Aires, and An-a n men. to. 190.000 in the next IS tion at least one-third of all s9in- ranking Medical officers from the qlXi to Too l lime f a.noon 'mar now Ue 94 t za-,
rhoeprogram would take care of tonlo Cardinal Caguiano, archbish- imoithnrs arot of an overall 403.- iD mhat be at night.UsdM l.eb with tiorCainsu
t r Italy's present 2,090,000 unemploy- op of Rosario At ntina's second 000 cut In-med Forces man- About the nlyc s can armies ta well as a f a w the Far xQ hmedquaters. l the iult
The problem, ,te editorial on-ad and qf. those .who reach work- largest city, Ieaa edthe list of power. peacetime, according to Army of- civilian surgeons from key oca-th
-pd, "is most important, both iagage during the toen-year per- church officials signin the letter, To help ease the strain, the ficials, is reduction of the 41- tons in the United States and Its

rigorous-Korean War training l has Ir Ote w m .
Id erywr not been "relaxed by any degree" ea Ican 111 p the situm,
returned since the Korean truce. Headd tion, I .will I t thinkI
of coed it has been "intensified" in'Monahae tn
fatly ofsome ways, with longer periods that my h lu dI hle se-
Bep.rated. -.thAe *ly fai-
0. at ft made- at. the Me
Soviets To Free
SGerman POWs Dr. Sam To Offer
InJanur Eresvidwe
BERLIN Dec. 30 -(UP) -So-
viet Russial has informed Eastl", -
Germany it will release a group,
of German war pdriaers in Jan.
nary held in Russa as convited
war crimnals, the West Berlin -
Information Bureau West said to- -
bimrea said the group had
bean slated to be repatriated by ARRIVES FOR T-EA,
the this Y ear but had been N. Y., who for nearly t pl
FRO delayu sh al reasons." of the blood ve
9k. R we not known how many ington on her way to ad
viemaof war were scheduled nearby Bethesda, M., r ". ...
V- -- tun Iast year the So her mother and faher,
-s. prisoners of war in thet ormandy jnt ,
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