The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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.111K. 10. MWe RfM m AH IANAMA Or |jP.* .^ ^WW SS ^~ KA^ ~f
V A F#4nMA Pjr t!u o 40 15 LIM96)
jm 1-,_l. AVil. ieN T A us. ,$ ft. TAND. -, 3 t .. ., -....-.
..1,M*NTATivs JOSHUA 1. POWER. INO. -, '
+' 45 MAOeON AVl. NEW YO1u, ,17) N. Y. | J- I '
9~sE ^ .60' a no ^o
L '' ...* + :+ W*II r^s m '-5;":"- 'iS "

". .....~.-f^ K. .p. rmentoa^ll
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**- -..... area.
..... *n ., this shift, Asistant Swe r y .h" '
-Ti. M.H a.l. fo..i f r iT he f ms Amimism. of State Henry A. Byroade iij ... .
s. e K. l ,M, ..- mn m. I,.- hz. dM tial Tieomue ambassdor to Egyp. An.' !
-" '," ~. George V. Al.en who h) s beMen .
Y'' gem devilt. lpq frO *NIt It A ?'# *Pea ** Me amoass or toar! 4a wil become P 7
Meeti Bcot Y'' --ii^ ^ I1 -* -1
;4 00p o. b1"1#ld0ni Mr. Spreade. ,
l d a, ,-h ,n .ere has ,btn some
for a r-e asOpinie *preon ed reld, Itf ho *
l? inarsraes clicle over t -e r-,
0 -. tur of Mr. Byroide fro i
6 4LS SAVINGS BEEF ington.He was consideredhrte ,' le
th .Zionist cause for his frank
>ttenr tactb a g peprttbe way for Umyalf and s 'tstement&on. the problems ef the :
Middle East. "+ ,
"4 .:have been puttingg into thWe wedl pe"' fl" *l W '
of the Paralo C0edit Union, a portion of
s that ha tbi1 the of .the year, we In ,to 'd t'
^i.' of our S On 14 .sP fd'.nd ot-the regular w t 30 i b
-For nethwe now the loan fund ha 'been frooer, itto of ay
..Ablilttmeloans or even get our modes back. We of countie in ow km'
t" ^ Ih f ak.,lt a little until our haTd-earned mopey taelf .poke 1Lo nt'o not a t, i :..
toaWed dt -.... but, my, oh my! "t1 Mr. By a
.*about ciaIl x.oI a s vings? "- termed p ,,
ft taour chidtn on that day, or Should W ments "B. yr Q d I sB1
t r. fro .en cubes? have none .. .
-T. Hawed Out. *b o .. 4 U.1
.- -- -.--- -- pj,, ,' ... M- Eat s tat '

"."Fkk figs aa to be a aokeop for' 0
S.. F U. Z, ilonist orqanI,
Amerlcan Israel- rels fs
%-z OwS 3 Gr6 briefly this: -i
.'ood Ih 4 Cost -with Israel fears that the U. .... -- '.
7W As .H .^*^^1-^ .. ..
Used to Go* metal ..erment, [in giving a stigto lrr zq.-
hflwb 5 Exclamation a! -ssibly to 6 ,er Arab e)- -:''+;.. .-.... .- -"
= ,,,,r a ,IM W f tdeg later .o ..wh l dW o t with* 1 ;., .,.... 1" d *'*.
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_hol 7 o*bnd 41 ~day 6 18telmtnlMYthe &htab 01oIemmI oa

Ui. ei I s e in 1948.U t f#ten to thaoA.nurhi
J16 4tnatglnSl Denminaion e," Malm io he o.f h Aa a as. h lost,(htoa m
nZ A m ore r m te ,1
4iialnd SoApitete 2onttx n esebyt, pt.J= 1 xvrst-_ Y trn
4'.o0'his' ciy 55oPn.solve12 ndentm. -.. e1elt ia
sayse t l the opinions of,
ar min g te n ue f t Ait sk 'r q .. it erv ,, .,+ -. .n lz ko w t R te o th at A U _*
to.nune ; S. c. On big' e .o ,towt a. A d h
Sladt muth, bpt.mrll -to1
;l '""+ W'dikus~mdoaid t ,U.. .of formaI,.nL. xp+''' l -r 4 l' +e beat tbt jit'!"ltke
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^"^^^^*^H CARINGS! M "'^"L i ^ SJ^''S"t +"t~n C Bm P"-r toi ef~~~e^e.-. ,iw.w ^m,, a *,+..
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Iovdp W.

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anTheto s02urers b foteva Y ni nad .WT i to to
FOREARRIGRd both ides ig ht~liketha twof they, ]p .ex o l~+b. ._e,).,_ Ad

Q MIIII -' ics iwn" ..e poU O, w -- France; U.s n;..* M i.d ,a .e:-. .
i fro $ !00 bcjh t he A .iab v pae. s + le''and appeaseo. ll. ... m ittin
ageso.. :+.. N R okca l,'r. .Be" he+ ;+J

LiftRode.el.r Do-- aI ,t-
on m* any-youi s + ei,--,,-- vote, igR
to ny a.4 a-=sL, 10iA R reidet....ho
.- l.* i r+e"
dbdile tmn n ets"a bel m' tthsi I intoned ,.: atin+'T +nc: h
"--+ to thl e U...., -;- I ..Al, rt
hga, .. "tem, To'pe'. '-"P.a..W: "_ L
i.,:+ lMO t .. ... "__ i
a smrt yv W +tie I
MMN. .. RN o..? kda at u U ift- BIRO in the"
,ant. ,M&W *U-a A
,, ". -. .; .sr,, .fi-'
IYUI n hi .rf!,:'Under'V w ;&*bwa--j" -.; .. ..
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* ..1


No. 1D0 Jrnimode 1 Ossa Street. (Near ElRncho)
.-. "* o. -. .. V- .. ..

v m-ap rd theru cut
iL Bt thata ir the
male and the twecik
io began, endin Y
.after numerous lod
.spet10-dayos I aMon-
hospital where doctors
nint of blood int his

r to New OteaS, -.
Mopitul doctas iworb
I to t 'ch the iW .
shulous ha caused a
t made it dangerous





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ina hsvi

> andord all the

6NEW YOfl. De. e. (UP)I
Comedian Jackieleon, a form-
a Coney c Isei &I M shw bark-
Wr Coney show bark

mediy te auto saeudacturer now

r nT ," or ha* an option on
aon fw la for a third
.ar. ; it takes up the. option, it
S pay an ddItional 3800,-
000 r more movies, for a three-
eartaL of about $10,04aj00.
Detals t I agreement were
made pubile by a spokesman for
the Kather advertising a agency,
which negotiated the deal for the
.Bek The spokesman spid Berle would
be dred by Buck when his
Contract -pire next
Glen. m vr.C trookt Iy n
n com e, dla" athe letter of
agreement sigd last weekend
a "the biggest financial deal in
TV history." A Kudner spokesman
said there was no way of verifying
that claim, however.
Under the terms of the agree.
Gleason will appear for
on the CBS-TV net work,
probably on Saturday nights.
erie has appeared on alternate
Tuesday nights on the rival NEC
Irving Gray, Berle's manager
s a i d he had received no formal
notice that Buick was dropping
his hour-long show after sponsor-
ing it for two years.
"There aie people aorund offer-
Ing Milton that kind of money
toe,'" Gray' said when informed of
the Gleason agreement. Berle is
now en vacation in Florida. He has
been reeiving a reported o0,000
a program. or about 90,000 for
3 one-hour shows.
Last season Gleason, who has
'E-.llt- who-h--

4ooeneM I

h.t isyt
4** *
*' 5' 0@7


N 11
; i ifJg. ,

'- ion
@fn O


CASA FASTLICH JEWELRY Is of such superior quality, time ca
add to its beauty. The gift you give her today she'll wea
with pride years hencel,

DUY, a a/tllch

Remember, possessing our cash receipt you can wi 'ou
ONE-KARAT DIAMOND on December. 19th.

For your shopping convenience we shall remain


r' .F f .
manlyty |
I''.' I
I' .


,* 1 V

> 1 ma
'.,, ,S
'. T @


.* s ;i,



* Center PICes a

* Sflerwin
Towel sets
Sheets and Pillowcases
by set



JewPry (Worm O.)
* Vanities $1.50
*. YaMl sets

:aklefs fro


* Shirts, dressy an
sport, "Arow"'
* Shirts, spOrt,
" Mburew"

* pbaj ant

a .

* I '-

* House Coats and
Lingerie, "Van Raalte"
Nylon Stockings
* Mantillas
* Dressy Dresses
* Bathing Suits

* Hankies, linen
* Belts
* Stockings
* Ughters
* "Agla" Cameras
S"Parker" aad Sheaffer
Pen and Pencil

two w Inbo th e talW W

Tb seced round of blddi uws
ust as feerut a to make a free

West r d the hearts to the
hope, o ua O oodf .d wasr-
favi a n the t. ou

Nor th decide to end the non-

no atu at gmoum hand for

tl rt. tere mea result was a
West bgaed the hearts in te
hop, of .diawt t a hod sacri-

e s. b e. he led low head al-
It his hanwas ob to everybody athe
saId eb al on a diamond guess.

Declirer obviously had good
Norha did to end the non-
-o qy Juu diam ne i t?

D94uuw OR. the fourth trick
t led out five rounds of
a This was where E wast a

stt show. He aodiscarded the
me of hearts and the quees at
wet d be condemed as a bid-
ding cfori a. ding result he had
.eW band tthe pot i by takin
the two top nbs wouland sthe al be of

Snot onhe ledvined a low heaow-
the rest tnhe tric. He
The fable that t contract would
fcliarer 0%viously had good
was:a sibh defender

a the quoen of diamonds
Swo dn the fourth trick
S3 s how. Be di arded me


6 .

* t-k>



















.. .- -+-
.. -,, ; -l ~~
"/ 0, '!
m : 't '' i m
-'. ,, ,"i J
.., : a
sin;'..: I+":l
. i -r

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.- .. '.

*.. W

-A, -." -...



._' .-, ... ,-.'

- "AP.W

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_ _1 ___ _I_

~I.--~. -----m--r-R-1:1- I--s.--lar --~r--r~-ln- .--C--- -re





' '' *: .+1~ I '^,.

.-,-, '.'' .


= $ F ,. .


l.- .

-: .. ..- -_ ;. ? ._ .,4



*Icu' U

a fII II r III;i
*u8w~w' 3usuiw c..

I- U Al'"-- -------1
h bnorwe!WAMyN fw me emeOf my Chr ewmee

k& M^/ Walter Winchell
ri (Centlnned from Page S
Stions of politics-plus all the frus-.
m ama Has 'EpiI' Help in Keep trations and bewildering conflicts
Sg House These Days Eisenhower, incidentally, re-
S A... i m eantly offered this definition of
I .Y. W. C. .A. in my towileadership: "The art of getting
o 1 e a sponsored a course for somebody else to do something you
ino ewives .with the miseadl y want done because he wants to do
_aasln name, d'Short Cuts to Bet- it."
a to sh ou how co t- The formation of that shapeless
dhemeiamakinSh, become I this mass known as success is l of
.y when Itis supposed to be so fateful streaks-striking as swiftly
m atht Mama can watch TV and illogically as lightning..
wam electrical gadgets do the Norma Jean Dougherty was an un-
work-let me list the experts called known pretty face who was award-
n to teach the course. led lavish $75 per week contract'
at a film studio-in addition to a
On. An e.... .e gro i new name, The studio fired her
t .and land asca i. In a lot ofseveral months later. However,
r a I S e to Mams lee rd retained the name currently
man, thanks to loreive worth many millions to the same
dea as easily spread commercial studio. .Marilyn M o n r o e, of
S fertilizers, creeping s inukers, and I ourse
,:- power lawn mowers. It's so simple __
S ne even a womy can handle the The report that movie exhibitors
S Job--so Mar n do, l have gain named Jchn Wayne as
wo. An expert on do. ityourself king represents another
projects. Nowadays Mama dces eak of a remarkable career ...
more than just hold the ladder fortewh owas employed as a prop man
S Pap ,She does at t health when a stunt man in a movie re-
S I -pWork fused to dive from a ship into a
-' '9*hre a. At Kprofessor to stormy ocean. John took the dive
i Aee A budlm^ n tY dfl. nd won a film contract. Conse.
mn. E verone queptly, an heroic gesture and
ends the.grE ter pnrt *o the fLa n playing a hero in countless movies
s pend they Mter rt of the famws ave him trophies and treasure.
aat. t. i -


thinking makes man wipe, wisdom
ir. A new per food. editor. makes ife endurable."
rently rdy-mixes and fro-
Dda, hav't taken all the work trial equipment who couldn't put
frplanning, marketing for and a new plug on a frayed iron cord,I
ng three meals a day. so the women are having to learn
e. A clothing expe to teach bow to look after their labor-sav-
are of clothing and of launder.- Ig gadgets.
ad pot cleaning. With all the
Tnent she hai, Mama is ex- The list includes two more ex-
d her own laundress to- Perts, one on entertaining and the
too. I other a lawyer to talk to the house-
i wives about legal problems of con-
, An authority on home ap- cern to homemakers.
ces- to teach the care of such That's quite a formidable list-
pment and how to make easy jIust to teach us little ole house-
rs. Theft are plenty of men wives how to keep house in this
y whoe hompr are full of elec-'so-called "push button age."


p ~ .1

The Pacific lm Nviglio Company

Royal Mall Lines Ltd,
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ..............................Dec. 24
B.S. "CUZCO" ......2........,,........... ..... ... Dec. 24
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18M0W TB) ...... Feb. 24
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ....................... .. Dec. 29
B.S. "YAMASKA" ............................... J .
.. "LOCH GARTH" ............................ Dec. 29
S.S. "LOCH RYAN" ............................ n. I
5.8. "DURANGd" ................................Dec. 28
B.8. 'LOCR GOWAN" .............................Jan. 3
A II h." "

All SaJlinn

s -
~ (~:~':~ A.
-~ ~ *~ A

+ .'. -.. '. =,





Oh, Well!

i *

aLuLE.!am O ils OalON"


6- : t C


Subject to C change. Withbot Netice
NAVIGATION CO Cristobal T-IL: -194/5
PANAMA-..Avw. Ferd Ek 'l. -13SI/8
BALBOA-Tuum Bidf-. TeL -IN

Great White Fleet

5? U~*L~


5! ~



New Orleans Service Arrive'
B.S. "AVENIR" ................................. Dec. 23
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................Dec. 25
S.S. "YAQUE" ....................................Jan. I
8.S. "ULUA" .................................Jan. 8
8.8. "MARNA" ........ .......................... Jan. 10
*B.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................Jan. 15
.S. "YAQUE" .............. .................... Jan. 22
8.S. "ALCYON" .......... ........................ Jan. 27
*8.S. "MORAZAN" ...............................Jan. 29
*Handing Refrigerated Chilled_ and General Cargo


New York Service Arrives
8.8. "ALOYON" ................................ Dec. 22
SA. "MABDLLA" .................................Dec. 26
.S. PARTA" .................................De .
B.S. "MAFALDA" ...............................Jan.

.......-. ". .. .' Jan. 17

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ....... .............. .$240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco .... $270.00
To Seattle ....................... $365.00




PANAMA 2-2904


g M- sI W 7omer hU Q mg M .w 1.6 w s CAO HIT N Mu APT AL. AunL, Ws
avedsg mR aAglm WWRmr W =ou N TEMag INM I MI oIS AL 20e o 1

RL 6 A.



.YiFt w'' -Ho

1 ,ff'

Far Away L

*Ottateft \/

90Uth 90U t
4icii twins

M-w iA M
mOm'. r
"- >: "iili iiH


Jason Arrive*


Off to Reffle's


I Z AM4 14 Li9 J. PLA'tma
\&as.'ij ainwf *^

The Dampener

Fellow the Anew

I "ej^^ kt ^^ I^^S^^T

..... ..
^\t. S





0 IrtJD %i4 una4 ure -
00 logo DUrj I b-
I ~ U s ) I T 4 A q v r mI ~ J


8!. J. R. WILt IAis

Uaf r BUTIR^TZ1P6bUiLP /

& c1wr.H 0Y -
NOT ^ wT~ai~Cfi~

- .. .... .... --'..

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There Gp the Ce.neaia

-- -- -

~- ---



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*4,~4. 44. v--.* sy '*. -^
*. ,. S -' 4 ; i -' -- "
. .% v-. # .. 4 ... ;.. -- ; ".
, .. .'. "- "'
wwi,i.wu m,. .,

-r I w < "


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-. '. .
". .-'" -* *W.
--. W il ... ..el DAIT I. SAK

- --- -4.- --I r -.-____ '_.

.."lkt m a S v' ":B "- "" .. .. *'" 7' aS

satu h. t1- ,_. 'R TQ T YOU s.D -, It Xma
e tb Rer t a1. O Uc. aF DI-
s *ami nS h a aw uts eid tr py oat a' .md tbati date five ears f Ioste In flinP I) r Bai1E 1l

UIUy r. aIa4qg, e Wfe tder ead bil- an 08 t. 3, 1. with Ple wonderful delicaies. ..
oN. at mea te.. 6cse *e c.lam g tee wa* et ott government t htci othemu Chat.aeotch sun e f No. 18 st,
tpnvcti, but the arated the fire whle distilling I. another. ,oth wille pern
Dugan sa.l, Sgl*l ike ment of corrections u t have qur at a state prison forestry spooned over the Christmas ice
--h :37Pt time; -n part cr the ehatr. The fed- camp. .M icream...
.anttpB.* c co*j le uat aadtlFl geRhatoond Chapom who owns the
d ol;O. e G vGoukreM, rs.t tcrevid, wn ( a

are oi bill dgoes mad," Mrs. Dugan .ina a een and ri are brandy vaer
teneghborh11" wt o-T- pa ddt., cocktail grc sauce for sea food,

oral1 0 id aehsol Carol ervle at :30 .m. te or, f k cano Cnatmas, the New Bostone"(
e1:on the fire V" *o ( earlan Young b Ttylor's ext ce ll .en
t on t to ns ip b.. at k a n g aid" d byt S e a rn r s t e th e ** e im e d u ing de hli"MoOM-
On' Tieaday, Dee. Ua Holy an- mparAgt ofdvers. ,,new iookook "Cooking for Con
a, 3 h ag I 'h h Ph e "Dieer aDre aT l title perplexed," enlm:.e hn e-ts" o u arrows ilb r) cant
-hihCl rftnI i e eZi off the mail":box: and t too. Both as a gift for a friend B aie LB sie
se1.Itarvice telthi and gt inspiration to your self
ee r cn-g -fat mallard na-, It's an important contribution to
Sael l ereotatwe Snpuaedd lvestr summer with the e thoTomt stmas uier k a CS
tilll 1 -ayans' older boys David, 13, and mens": Tomato I tsauer raut 12 CE T L A F
will be mond, aher a swimming ROquefort
M e ,a ondD*ll Nehing A Name party at a lae. pork c hops, cinnamon apple ring msu rr
M es oat 1: 10t Dat .llA George f allowed them home like potato anakes, sesame e salad
d p InghN Au1owta dog. .pumpernickel bread, baked peach- 5
11:00 o'elook. rewerrig le s 1e o (UP0 e fortunes of a ort es with mincemeat, coffee.
p.s at noon. Plain, N.Y. man aren't que up to ialk o Sometime during the holidays,
t o O his name. State Poliee here re- 1 I enjoy ahe rt i on tMaynorswrap
t ,adt-bla.a Mn is mother of twins and a well- O. Yo
..- ,.. ', .' a emploe crea- .nown radio persona i cty ) -. t o.l Apricot-Stuffed Pork chops Gi e Hero
SBuy double pork chops and have
... ,Hh T the butcher cut pockets in them: n
S.. ..Tth..era ---- Wipe dry, salt and pepper, and ose Fine Gifts
stuff thq pockets with chopped
Let .s cI oe Remembers to wind itself... Automatic date with pick oes Fati mken the pShe raves!
mechanism.., Iumpervious to water, dust and shock! i te pockets"?). Arrange the hanai
FT I i cops in a greased baking dish.
The new self-winding Seams. your w st stores up thepower Put a few sliced apricots on top of .
Cer Calenar wktch is the most that keeps it going... enough each. Pour curry sauce over them.
ithful seratof time ever de- so that even off your wrist it (For 6 chops: 1 eups of medium
O-er vised by watchmaking science... will run for over a full day and cream sauce, 1 teaspoon or more
-'telling the exact time and day of night. Automatically, too, the of curry powder, a few grains IMAGINEof
The salesclerk who intention- the month... accurately, auto- date mechanism clhinges eve grees F. for about an hour, or until
ally ignores a euestomer while utically. 4 hours. Sim Ic, sturdy, fool. the chops are tender. )
utting Dwa merchandise, talk- Youcadiscardyourvallcalen- proof... the aemaster Calen-H
onor eDo2,nt to another clerk about hrTo oufd t ry nfgeo-spher dr, you can forget old-fashion- dar is the most carefree watch Ho On dil
"tna.tother emc r, OllMP.T.(Barurkowns-A$2.95ca'
d no only toward heraelfmbut -gest r kCrimra Fine Siver Hollowrso
sward her store. "m sJuldeof horseflesh. Barnum was
S Mike thie wri1tmau a to remember' A mii g "I'l be wtu OIM anneeto pony judge at the fist NA World Famous "Roenthal" Fine Chin
%ansay: "nRinE IT" t te w k ca held her in October, f. In modern designs and shapes
cha Selected Brands of French Perfum
-- "o 0 geoE, a.-(" P.Et SPALDING Embroidered Linen Table
llmm~~~~~~~~~~~l, e~~~~,and ,,. .. g ...,,. .: & .,.,,.,0:

- l'nf

' t-.*

-- 4Ja.

-.. r:.


*- A lt-.

.'** .
* .*n<


4 4
44 I

.4 I


i[ -~




S .: L
I -.
.~ ~.4 4
~ ~-~-' 4:
*' tI 4-

4 -~


_" ".. ..." '*:: .... = =- .- "
". l. ... ,* i- -, ..IN

1 ,., r:. -I
0 .[R

The !real




only $6.50 a dozen
In American and English

No. 41 Central Ave.
Tel. 2-2504

.- 1FPt 4AX

OPEN 'TL 9 P.M.'

II I Il lIII --

- ,l;.tT




No. 21 Central Avenue No. 6 Tivoel Avlnuse 1


-..IT rupy in nmny vw

SYour Giftst TAHITI

Choice of "Her bltlfilft 1
in dointy moupting.of sltnnuiag
10 karit gold..


Linco'p neow. turbo-drive. America's newest, sMoothest, fine car drive.
* Ele e with power is the key tor-Lincoln performance

' ** "' -. *


r Reryy .del r
: ':: ,:



Open 8:39 am. "o
*o -;* *

TF fr. 4 j KI. V:.
g7 .^/M

S Tes. 2.1033 2-1035 2-1036

I -. *


M 4A

4'. t'

- -- .


~ ~___~ _I ~ ______~~ I_______ ~_ __~~_____ __ ~____~ I_1_______ I__~~_

~__~_________ ~


1 ~_

,; i

-Z, j. It : .
oh .A..s. ir ,
I I"- mv awa" -',." .- r*

., %.'..
' -. *. ,- ... ;

W --.
i' ^ t ,-.


a t I ---- --Il u

IaRERIA PvCIADO saet No 1s
BE 1a4N .4 e* .-ly Ave. & J St.
Jui t Arimesn ve. aiMd33 S
'i iol S sA.rrMACu
i ,ensMUlla

ii Street


Lawn Chanir

Cetal Ave. S09
Tel. 3-0140

ovPUTv oIMfE

Mtvi dt hibago ani
,h Paracy,
1d m icgo as a
Slatr, a post
ied_ h -the Army

Cenlr.-i Ave 14V
No. Loa.ery k.aza
Fourth of .,uty A e.


Agenda InternaL ad rubieaaeu
41j Le wai A^6u.

Parque Lelcre 7 it&.t
IO Cnral Ave.


J. H A~rco.d


via apaea No. 34

t No. ., '
II -. "i -.

FOR SALE:-1951 Iye-toee Chevro-
let 2-door seden, new tire. excel-
lent condition; 1954 4-deeM Ply-
mouth edllen. run ly 3000 miles.
LIS. S.A.. Aut.meble Row 21. Ave.
J. F. de Ie One.
FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet sedpn,
barely broken in. Balboo 2-4466.
FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrolet 4-deer
seden, emeellemt condition. Has Over
Drive. CH CelOn o00, SMOOT &
FOR SALE:-1951 DeSoto, good con-
dition whitewall tires. Call 1238
or 112-A, Colon.
illac hard top coupe. Hydramatic.
radio, 2-tone, good condition. $2,-
2-4721 Panama.
FOR SALE:-Car, first class condi-
tion, good tires, jack. Anna Math-
ews, phone 3-3629.
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Super Riv-
iera, with radio and heater, gray
color, very good condition and good
white sidewall tires. One owner.
Price $850. Call Corozal 3193 dur-
ing duty hours, and Fort Clayton
2186 ofter 1630 hours.

COURSE FOR XMAS. 18-1/2 Hour
lesions for ONLY $10.00 with
Sdance book FREE. Registration will
start Jan. 8th at 2 p.m. Balboa
YMCA & 4 p. m. Panama Hotel

Mail Handlers

Theaen Walkout

In Festive France
PARIS, Deet. 21 (P) Mall
hkndlares at iraenrh railway sort-

DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic.
209 Central Avenue, beside C pito-
lio Theater. Phone 2-3479. Day-
Night service.

FOR SALE:-Borain, 2 men's winter
overcoats $20 and $10; traveling
bog $6; gas stove $20. Peru Ave-1
nue 89.,
FOR SALE:-New Home sewing ma-
chine in perfect condition. Reason-
able p r i c e. CASA ADMIRABLE.
Central Avie 10-30, next to Lottery
Building. Phone Panama 2-1111.
FOR SALE: Metal lathe trimmed
with chrome, metal chair, ukelele.
Phone 2406 Balboo.
FOR SALE:---Genuine American Po-
lice Dogs' the best gift for the fam-
ily. 6th Street, Golf Heights. Phone
3-2807 Panama.
NOTICE-..-The cool mountain air of
Boquete puts an edge on your ap-
petite and El Panamonte satisfies it
with good food and service. Sleep
under two or three blankets and
woke up hungry and happy. Rates
and reservation by air mail or tele-
graph. El Panamonte Hotel, Moque-
te. R.P.

FOR SALE -Upright piano $75. Tel.
Balboa 2407.

pedigree. Seven weeks old. Will
hold till Xmos. Call Ponama 3-5371
or see.them at LA CHOZA. 5C07
Juan Diaz Rood. near entrance to
Old Panama.
WANTED: -- Used set ladies' golf
clubs. Call 83-7106.
WANTED:-Second hand office fur-
niture. Phone 3-0217.
Battery 'C' Wins

Honor Sitremer

rsoarrs stuck victory ,in the t Driver of the
to a decision e last night to Month competition gave "Char
stage sees of flash strikes to- lie" the deai point.
day. Personnel- responsible for scoring 360, Batery "C" edged
air security at French airports out the second place Headquar-
were also scheduled to stage a ters Battery which had 250
walkout while their union lead- points.
era huddled with government la-
bor officials on a poslble settle- The honor battery streamer Is
meant. awarded monthly to the Battery
t was questionable whether which accumulates the most
muoh air traffic could get off poiota for outstanding participa-
the ground during the holiday tion in all phases of battalion
rush if the air security employes activity. Championship athletic
do go on strike, teams, superior Inspectors and
Meanwhile, customs men.were parades are examples of point
continuing working to rule, a gainers.
procedurdwhich has been hold- Keeping up the spirit of com-
ing up foreign trade, though the petition and maintaining a high
government has ordered ship- evel of morale and efficiency is
ments may be permitted to leave the purpose of the award,
France without the usual cus- Captain John Gerrity, com-
toms check. manner and Sfc. Luls R. Pizarro,
Ships sailed from several First sergeant received the
channel ports with only a part streamer fom Lt. Col. William
of the cargo they would hare S. Lancey, commanding officer,
normally had aboard. 504th Field Artillery Battalion.
All current French strike S _
moves involve demands or high- Tr.y Se-n To
er wages an better working T oySe11n1 /
condiltilon.r M.I.,t 8

ic, Canal Geis One

:1 Slates-Side, Two

New Local Employes
hnma- ..Three permanent employee,
I died Ote of whom was hired In the
a, oa. ilted States, joined the Canal
Sa pa-organiation during the first
was 4 two weeks in December. accord-
ang to information from the Per-
Ssonnel Bureau.
k C&nl Dr. John W. Gales, of 'Port
, nd north, Texas, was the only new
a reief employee from the States. He was
the Ca- employed formerly with the Ca-
Re has nal organization from 19 until
Ho'lt in ea as, Medical Officer O the
staff of Colon Hospital. He has
,. been re-employed as a medical
d a rae- officer on the staff of the Coco
,oe ]d- Solo Hospital.
he had New personnel employed local-
p.l;ma- ly Include Carolyn P. Giddings
I .elqr. staff nurse with the Health Bu-
dunng reau and Fred W. Sapp, postal
clerk with the 7oet. Cuatpma
univorasad Immlgratto 1 0in .
S-M rs. I



Pri., re uMocrde.


"LA ORp5ge,
''iy 1,- f

US Orphans

Where you can go riding, fishing,
hunting 9nd enjoy a nice climate.
HOTEL JULIAN provides you cleon
rooms, HOT WATER and good
meals. Arrangements can be made.
Write or send tqlkgram for re-
servation. HOTIL JULIAN. Hato
Volcan, Chirlqul. UNDER AMERI-
SHRAPNEL'S finished house. on
beech at Santa Clare. Telephone
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772. eve-
FPillih. Oceanside ehttps, Smnte
Cler. Ba 435, Bd Phone
Panom 3-1877. Cristabol 3-1673.
Gromlich's Santa Clara Beach Cot-
tages. Modern conveniences. rpod-
erate rotes. Phone Gambon. 6-441
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, ne mile post
Santa C Low re. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clarm Bech Cot-
toges-rockgos. refrigeration, two-
bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.

FOR RENT:-Furnished or unfirnish.
ed two-bedroom chalet, suitable for
two couples; 2 kitchens, bathroom,
refrigerator, gas stove. Overlooking
SAS Commissary, near theater, as
station. .Via Belisario Porres, en
Francisco. Reasonable rent. Phone

AT.INTION q. I. Just built modem
furnished "aortmm .nt, oe, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ehone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment,
'Screened. No, 56, $60; furnished
.$75. Phone 2-2316 or 3-0234.
Key: Apartment No. 6.
FOR RENT:-Small furnished apart-
ment, concrete, unfurnished price,
North American neighbors. Phone

FOR RENT: Furnished apartment.
bst residential sectilo Fo ere or
M ^ i ^ .1, t ^!. ;

RENbf-One-bedom' modem
partment near Canal Zone: Large
bedroom, living room, porch, bal-
eony, modem bathroom, two cedar
dry closets, etc. Unfurnished but
completely screened. Rent $65.
Phone Panama 2-0027 or 3-0763.
FOR RENT: 2-bedroom apartment,
completely furnished. Apply: 43rd
Street No. 21, corner of Justo Aro-
semena Avenue.
FOR RENT:-Modern apartment in
Bella Vista: 3 bedrooms, 2 bath-
rooms, drawing and dining room,
kitchen, maid's room, $125. Apply
47th Stceet No. 17, upstairs.

for offices or other business. 1 Jus-
to Arosemena Ave. F. ICAZA CO.

FOR RENT:-Furnlshed, large, clean,
cool room. Private bath, hot water,
dood neighborhood. Peru Ave. No.
65. lower left.

From Germany cBii. u
NURNBERG, Greny-(UP)-_ ciniswh U
s--ti c:atf from
many this year. g- Search Fr Accurate
At least this will be true for I'fA Ti-I 111I11
States who eWve 10 tcns ofmeer
to s from Germa makers. SCHENECTADY, N.Y.-(UP)-
For the third consecutive year, Modern research, scientists have
iof Europe donated a wide variety tures to within a fraction cdone
of items ran from teddy bears degree of ablute ero-minus
to miniature steam shovels. 459.70.
The sUletive gilt express th
gratitude of 8 German firms for But no matter how far down the
American kindness to German or- average temperature goes, there's
Panso immediately after World no existing the tpometer good
War IL. pnnuh tn .atisf. the scintis.t

This year the'gift was accepted
by Ma. Gen. Claude B. Feren-
baugh, chief of staff of the United
States Army ina urpe. It was ae.
cepted on behalf of the Quarter.
master Associaticn of the U. S.
Army which arranges for Yuletide
delivery to orphanages in the Unit-
ed States

Walk Softly
For Xmas Turkey
warT NwaBUR9H. Me.-(UP)
-Almot to the time that big, fat
ers Ma0hes yew holiday ta-
bs, be onme otthe most pam-
peved Eds aro.d,
Smma Boum a turkey raiser,
of the
e turkeys from the
ne tey are purchased for 90
cebtse aeh at e age ef one day:
They must IkeIp happy and
You have keep strangers
away because Mt qeae them-
and their f0ii 0 -
TPheir m, ". amid alm


working at low temperatures.


FOR SALE e ; 953
each; tovq!.ra eqI;
drapes $5. ob .
FOR SALE:-Ma 'Bdn w*th two
night tabe MAOe-e-C aT tove,
almost new. Phon. 3-437.
transferred: Easy washing machine.
2 bamboo chairs With ehd table and
h a ssoc k; Quartermoster dresser;
vanity with large circular mirror
and bench; antique maple dresser;
porcelain top kitchen table; typing
table; native mahogany small table;
2 e~casional chairs; New Home
ablinet electric sewing naichine;
floor fan; Chinese rue 9x12; Sam-
son wooden card table; 2 sets Lew-
is Hotel Training Coursei, never
used. 671 Curundu Heights. 93-
2245. oftew 10 o.m.
FOR SALE:-Cemplet double ed 4
months old; three borhbeo window
shades; baby bed. Balboa 2-4382,
after 4:30 p.m.
f MotorcyCle
FOR SALE--From St. Mry's raffle at
advantageous price, 6 CUlshman de-
luxe metoar. peter. Contact Phone:
Panama 2.003.

Electrical Wotir

$90 K Awiar

Ewald A. Wilberg, Jr., aM elee..
tronica mechanics with the Ca-
nal'sa electrical Division, has a'
little extra Christmas spending
money this year. It came in the
form of a $90 award for an em-
ploye suggestion and was pres.
ented to him yesterday by Col.
Hugh M. Arnold, engineering aUws
construction director.
The award was made for
Wlberg's re-design of the pow

result in an estimated $2,500
savings to the Navigation Dit.6
sion. whose pilots tse the radios.
The portable radio telephone
sets originally contained h six.
contact plug and receptacle in
the battery .uppl .cable to dis-
connect the better box from
the set. Mr. Wlberg suggested
that the plug and connector
which were developing high re-
sistance be elainated by wiring
the battery Htpply lines direct
frou& lead to battery plugs.

Under a revised employee sug-
gestion plan, effective through -
out the federal Government,
cash awards from $10 to $5,000
may be granted on an establish-
ed scale according to toagible
savings. Similar awards are au-
thorised for valuable contrtbu-
tions with intgible benefL
Important puggestionm which
would have valve to other gov-
ernment agencies or depart-
ment will be referred ao that
the other agencies or depart-
ments may consider an addition-
Ial award. Highly exceptional and
usually outstanding cotribu-
tions may be refrred by the Ci-
vil Service Commission for a
Presidential award up to $25,000.

Whenever it is appropriate, an
honorary award may be gant-
ed in recognition of an employee
contribution. This my be in ad-
dition to a cae award. In se-
lecting employee for promotions,
adopted suggestions will be'con-
sidered. Supervisors will also be
recognised for successful encour-
aging their employes to submit
usable Auggestiops.

To Call Santa, Ring

This Vermont Hiome

More than 130 scientists in the
United States, Canada and Eu- WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, Vt.
rope met here recently at General -(UP)-Santa Claus will receive
Electric Research Laboratories a helping hand from the telephone
and passed a recommendation re- company this year.
qusting establishment of'an accu- pn" "
rate temperature scale extending Joseph F. Schambler, who an-
below the boling point .of oxygen. nually plays the telephone role of
The scientists point out that ternm- St. Nick, expects 10,000 phone cais
perature ranks with mass, length during the Yuletide season. Recall-
and time as one of the most basic ing last year's record total of 3,500
physical qualities, calls, the New England Telephone
& Telegraph Co.lnstalld a ppe
InI.- .cial set of phones at Schamblers'
Chidlren's A S nearby West Lebanon, N. IL home.
Stockings Should Schambler began hid Santa
.... .**. Claus role six years gO ls a prac-
All Be Some Size ticaloke. That pear ha lr
CHAMPAIGN, ll.-(UP)-LittlI The following year, he received
JohBny's Christmas stocking hung 30 calls from friends and ne -
by the fireplace sho d u large bors, and the third yeir, 70 6nep
as those.o hi elder brr'hers apd
sisters, aceeord to University of A year later, youngsters a lew
Illinois psvhologts. Hampshire and Vernt de
They sai th oekings for all1.,500 casb to the Schambler
ebhildrea shcuM the same sise Last year they poured 1 ro
so the younger ones won't feel New England, New York and w
hurt. Jersey, with one call from a
T Mhey wggeetl that mother u ler in Canada.
make i,. stockings from This year, the youg asters
a er. eleloh, 1y a to Santa
with hads or dar saUrn will hi.
gest bhliay Mn, tta r.dr;


'l -b
* I

'IER 3UCSS APRSI CA -- '1hsl aerial view made fro a
helicopter shows smoke and flames rising from a long p0ier i1
Jamaica Bay, after It was struckt by the DC-0. Of the 1 usepa-
gers and 10 crewmen aboard, 26 died.

ChritaiMs meatge are ia
g pmt g $1
_oday, Tpsiy, e. I

4:0.-W.a.t's Qur "FaQrite (re-
queat--plpn ihone be-

5:35-What's Your Favorite
C: lhuhetmaa Shpping Cal-
--- -- T8
6 15-aB BIBOWW 0 P 0 RTS
6:30-Norman OloutlerAnd His
Memorable xusld
7:1-CwatIAN B0BCE
7:30-Report From The USA
8:00-N- ON ZDDY' PM -
3:N.-Sants Claus Rides gain
9:00--You Asked For It (re-
3b--lease -phone be-
10:30-Muskic From Hotel XI Pan-
10:45-Time For Verse
1: ony Hall
12:0 -
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Dee. 25
6:00-Sign On The Alarm
Clock Club (requests -
p109e phone before 7:00)
7:30.-Mornig Salon Concert
8:15--Church In The Wildwoed
8:30-Musical Reveille
9:15-Sgored Heart

l0:05-ff The Record (requests
;-PIe = phone before
ll:05-.Oft The Record (coat'd)
11:30--Meet The ntertancer
12:30-Sweet And Hot
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30--ons Of The Pioneers
1:45-The .First Men In The
Moon (BBC)
2:00-Date In Hollywood
2:15-Saingi Americansa
2'30-T"x Beneke Show
2:45--Hank Snow And Hi Raln-
bow Rahnh nova

(requests-pleas, phone LONDON, Dec. 21 UJ1 r'ut-1
before ple ain, always wary about hacklin
5:o0--News herself to any form of European
5:0-Newsh federation, signed a treaty here.
5:35What'Your a rite today which tied her loosely to the
(cont'd) i European Coal and Steel Commu-
:-Chritmas Shopping Cal- ty-the first European fede ra
. endar institution with wide ecmeomic an
6: 15-BLUE RIBBON SPORT8 political powers.
REVIEW The treaty w signed by Dun.
:30.-Melachrino Musicale can Sandy at Tresent Minister
6:45-Fran Warren Sings Housing. As former Minister of
.7:00-MAGOI ORGAN MLO0- Supply he was mainly respcnsib-
DIES Ie for steerin Britain into close
7:15-Your Dancing Party association bu not full member-
(VOA) ship in the Community.. -
7:30-.eport From The USA Jean Monnet, director of the
(VOA) Community's "high author i t y,"
8: C- NELSON EDDY'S PENT- signed fcr the Community, follow-
HOUSE PARTY ed by the Ambassado~i of Ger-
S:30-A Christmas Visit With many, Italy, Holland, Belgiumn and.
Ted Malone Luxeumburg whose governments
9:00-You Asked For It (re- are full members.
uests-please phone be. The signing ceremony took psee
aore 8:30) at Lancaster House amid a blage
10:30-Music By Roth of press, radio and televialon pub.
11:00-Symphony Hall ,
12:0o-S~ n Off A IT,,w rn i ,

xzplanatio eof Symbob
DBC-BrItlsh Broadcasting Cor-
VOA-Voice Of America

11 7-Year-OldSlave

Ulndergom Probn

In Deliver Hospl
DENVER. Colo. De. .-Joha
TrammeUl117-yearaold -s I 1 ve
from GutlQklshema, is BOW
undertoing ezaaliftat. san

ship and

vived the imp
automobile in
a broken leg,

years Trammel's Jiis
Prior to thT@iS r
men was a bAse-auklep
who fought otr dsave e
mand of his mater. TE ln
these events, he 4evdoped sa
11M3 at the age as, he. Lo
the Jesse James outlaws n
woMnded ueversttM. Ift1
when the James otfit 55
he worked as a laborer and
Individual farming., R m j
es turkeys adchiftors-al
Though TrammeB Is the aO
of four subjects ae
ed an

and a treAs

city. It was &li8V

The treaty provides for a "Coun-
cil of Association" on which a
British minister will sit with nine
members of the Commun t y's
own C uncil of Ministers but with.
out voting rights as a member.
Both the Council of Association
and the Councfl of Minis will,
under the treaty, meet together
only when matters of common In-
terest, to Britain and the Commu-
nity membits are to be discuss-
The Council of Association will
meet alternatively in London and
These meetings will discus co-
ordinated action to bx takqn 4m
such questions as the -upply _tu-
tion for coal and steel_ CondAtio0s
of trade, and measures aimed glp-
erally a "single market."


SlOuWINGF A xv 4 J J iE mOU r a' .-,--a-

"Yellow Tomahawk" ColOt

Wed. "a --, B

Air Conditioned

6:15 800 07:45 only!


& sit.t Appeamncs
"larbeihop Sngers



Photo ContOet Gives High School

Students Chance To Expres Selves

High School students throughout prize of $50 also.wll be, iven
the United States again h e nB each clas. In addtlo p e -wl
opportunity to exercise their crea- be 240 honorable mention awar
tive talents, and to win substan- of $10 each.
tial cash prizes, in the tenth an- The contest Will run from an.
nual ( al Nanal Hig. School 1, 155to Marc 31, -55. Wet
Photographic Awards. will be announced bay of
The awards, sponsored by the As has been the seean c year,
Eastman Kodak Co., offer a to, a selection o best Wrt e
tal of 256 pries. am tolt tpori wgL a ,,.travelTngf
$,000 in cash. Saude In sa stourlng i at Ii sc
attendance at any publc, r t f te loan.
or parochial high Ocboo (grade .
9.12) in the United Eltates and is It's not necessary *mr a coa
territorial possessions are eli1 tLtaut to boe a epe$rt, ., rov-
ble. They can submit any num. ea by past recomIs. olIM ane of
her of photos they have. take| students have er"d.Me certept
themselves since April 15, 1954. every year since its aceptio, us.
Judging will be done in four lng all kinds of camera, even to
clues" (1) Seceol Ativ it ie the simplest "bx" i canera, to.
(Including Athletics), (2) People take prize-winning photos.
-All Ages (No Schqol Pitures) Additional details on w to
(3) Pictorials, (4) Animals and ter the contest and he
Pets. ,The top prize in each clasp tips are available. from the t a
will be $W00 in cash, with second tional High Sehool Poto
and third selections receiving $200 Awards, 343 State Street, Rooes
and $100 respectively. A special ter 4, New York.

UK Commnty Pact Seen As First

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BMA *GA jflSAftj,'^ TYbCAmrx w
N$.16 CA! Three FIts! "CASCO DE 01o" -cArrgIV
plus. 4:t 41. wt te3 S -VEN 6:' 'w:'-v,,ii,,J,
.5 VWIU M I SIS M John Hall -'- Maria Moutos MAlo: WON -S
J.; ",u: s p o rS e SEVEN SEAS. "THE OUTLAW" "MANON LA 326" GR# ca
... 4 :. Icmnas -"wit- I IiIwithx Jsn u a ane.'&w.
.I -H -_ ---.', 1 -.
Show, and he has other musicalS
Y Da ,young musician.. ..
SI iI' "i- W There's little chance for a manrasaorM i s
HI-Q. : .. 'says. "Thean.y ad al desoripbo lu, prica tow your
w- dre dEam, t writh ar mcoduct long-
a ber '' Morn p s, Bomber tunes an all of MGMIs hair music. But I was sick for
Shtby Fi nh arla", osnstars. 'Day oa Triuph" i while, and then I had to Make
iol '. ; to Kln before she becomes story of Christ. Inspng celluloid. money. I suppose tf you want to They SIu diffl t W yee YOU
a -Sraado. do it badly enough, you'll do it.
( "" .. -But it takes money to live.
r y us shg abou It wa t the t box supper a uc- the d C AWFORD AGdNCIES a
.gtd M ... e stars Gordoan 1acla Gloria Gra- We've got us a new b -time gpeoplee s y-wh d" Je St. N.w, in lrT

swa1mb of u st Now It's Doris Day flirtmeing with b Instead of c gr around fIped mlye bs ibdnpeyi te ingse caln 10 1
mS *di ]l lrl Up S'flr~directr. "rehearsal break. .5sever bids-for e str the niShtclub and -ar- 't any w a I h y en ore
-.o to bolster Its P i----. this doll's food b in for a surprise. smmer resort B rcuit, but he'sw around. So 1 write jnie"
J- tsJ ,ts Betty Hutton's Idea. Says she: chicken, she's ca g a paper- "Lunaticsand Lovers" which li
ar train Betty Button's idea. Say sh; a book edition of a gory Mickey aboutalovers and lunatics, more or r 11 HERB SHRINER ("Two for the
wH t t t U. S. e *'Bm gsia rere-J e fliad Spillane novel in her supper bas- s a la m Money." CBS-TV): There's a hoe.
sip my be affeted. real good script ket. lBrooks Atkinson, the New York pital that's so ex ve that
obs.4r v.&tion on Hol- Dann:, Kae was "hypnotied" ALL. AROUND THE TO..N: Times citicdesce Ha t t iy-tousiwhatfs Yir st0 Bsew dly isae Cyou-
IYw i y. [ft'qual ity. Iy a witch for a scene in "Professional F a t h e r" replaces "a lare st y rge o -- can afford to have.
-dOf a ua ity th t# comingg Court Jester. Then as a, he Tht's My Boy on CBS-TV. .e.s. ti. nso t, mes.acomics latvelym he'.gh' ..." a
l v kept the dazed look after the m- AnM Miller Will be queen on MGM's a py ats a has "The Bad Seed. A few ears ago. Hank's most
a Om- o r" era stopped turnlag. He bumped "Deep in My Heart at e on y nonsecal mo Evelyn Varde oined the cast popular or was providing the
Al" b"t "hinto lusm, electricians and vi-i. Pala ena'Rose parade. .. u0#a- ment.-wnd, frankly, some dull late, while the play was in its out- popular chore was providing tre t h
tor on set inally telling D holgd" flanyy wound up ones but this is a good addition oft-own tryout stage. Her costumes eerie organ background for the i *
SAlbert, lat hlate son of rector Melvin Frank: shooting days. The picture will b to the literature of characters. It's were sent from New York, ad- "Suspense" TV show. That's gone eT***
Owner "Sam, y' ae he trance too released next spring. in the "Three Men On a Hore" dressed to "The Bird Seed Co. off t air and nowadays most of I
L an- leL0 Guild" t Betty Fur-and "Guys and Dolls" tradition. pany." So now the players all re- the TV mysteries use recorded mu-
au, tt CaV n -I- Ghin tells about Betty Fur-And here's a large, messy welcome ter to the show as "The Bird sic for their whodunit moods.
dn thr tat tr Milton INSIDERS BELEIVE that Leslie ess visiting a door for a sore to Buddy Hackett, who is undis. Seed." "I think that's dead wrong," says
ri ut thef Carom and Robert P tit, the busi. throat just before doing a TV color uted New Talent King of the '- Sylver"I think that's dead wrong," says has
'f uor VegMa inma manager for the Ballet de show .When told that her throat -'5 Broadway season, Hank Sylvern is a busy and sue- opinions about most things. "Beet. .
Is Ilkm adumb Prs.m have marriage plans. woud have to be paitedu, she said:. cessul musical man. He has a hoven didn't write for 'Spspense' I /
'e oTre. Alth Rite Moreno has ek "What .eelor, de? I' e a olor Most Broadway shows general- firm (Signature) that creates sing- and Bach didn't write for 'Dan.- '
's t isl er to Reore Hormel ever since the w- tomorrow night." i li ke families, have private ing commercials, he's the musical xer.' The music has to fit the mood,
ast tted to 'wggle'', headlines, they are seeing less and es. Here's the family Joke of. director or the Jane Froman fit the show."
t"a : less of each other. Average weekly earnings inme- Sylvern is thinking of turning
a St.e m heae." .ion picture studios for Ocotber seriously to popular music, to re-
oraoul OF -ra Gal Bandlader Sammy Kaye's life reflect a new Hollywood prosperity. lease his creative urge.
j'n vaSw "Love of Seven story is making the rounds as a A year ago they were $111.4. Cur. "I wish I eld p-t dow some
Io"to ,irrt cl, and Fran movie idea ... Sale of Bing Cros- rent weekly pay checks of salar- of the tunes that I hear In my
f t KuRa, Fran and by's records is up 25 per cent since led workers are $1t9.55. head," he says. "But I haven't
oat show i' an eytPoP he returned to the CBS airwaves. --- tdme. And can't afford a musical
Mon M bought the story be- Line of diagloue Geor ge E. secretary ander the u m scale, .
Hir m"band turned it Into Preview'Flashes: "Deep in My, Phair's waiting for in a western: they get toe much for M pe." '
i.t'urwr, y f flbs that the Heart"-Jose Ferrer in Sigmund I "Thar's arailm It them thr /The pop field at present, Hank
s asue because of the Romberg's life story. The famous ,till" II Thepliel ato pent Bane k
q orf thseya^ to their a.3arad thinks, lnt in too good shape. a
ow iate lives. rt, sa "Hit songs turn over so fast," Serves all ages
eate ive. b.he ssays, "that th e writers natural.
Or ofts ana4ne l row ly try for qtalntity, not auslity. -It ",
utd.,ure Jo el_ w, Nowhere else in town takes luck to get a hit. So he
,.mE,,i..a, os j- Iter n --such a tremendous variety! witrs don 'Ie, *pIt'a-Is pqriis j
IA.' iN~ukerafl"Lotgft,. &!2 ,L L



enoy BIG-phonograph toeq* uhty

with SMALL-phonoe weight, size.
come to
COLON 7110 BolUvar Ave, TEL. 40 f
Seo the WorM's SmIllest,
Lightekost Automatic 3-Speed

r.1 '2i5 '60
berm spker in the Ii 256cycle

hI cycle5^\

ampSr. sM.toad fefii ,r-U s ama wih c w -mpph'
Tadi q fal s -ifta p you fthM epsdwc cl U aui

.., L .A -, ,t t .,,P .l a

* uh ak to')i election !

Humorous, Formal, Clever,
for eVeryone on your list.

Morrison's and Lewis Service
No. 1, 4th of July Ave. No. 4 Tivoll Ave.
(Both across from the Ancon P.O.)

Season NOWI




Television photogrphy ean't be
ai bad as some cities say. The
magazine "Modern Photography"
just awarded Alex Segal, director
of the U.S. Steel Hour, an award
for "outstanding TV photography."
He got a plaque and, what's more
useful, a 16 mm. sound projector.
Jacqueline Ju d g e, the maga
zine's editor, explaining the unu-
sual award, says. "Viewers be-
come so immersed in the story-
line that they just accept the cam-
era angles and lighting techniques
as they do background music in
a movie."
So the photography s now offi-
cially recognized. About time, too.
Henry Morgan, "I've Got a Se-
cret,'s pleasant panelist reports
on a party h eatteded, during
which the conversation *-' aron
to ghost. At wbkh point am ei-
deriy me v I e star remarked
"You've never seen a ghost null
one night you are sit-ting quietly
at home looking at televison amnd
vou see an old movie with you in
it--as you were 25 years agP."

Come In nd e l'yours ai
a----- 'rAPrVe Ah I



Omphroy's Auto $up. 1
No. 38 Automobile Row






and Roasting CHICKENS

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East, Far East, or African destination.
* Stop ove in Holland and othsr countries.
oauts armnred at no extra fare.
* Pand-KLM mervle and odism

Swanson's Baby Turkeys

Snow Crop Fresh Frozen

ifu(; al;
* -'qrfnj<
t*)tlu a

07' i1
. -:
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:a~ :-n0

Fruits Vegetables

and Juices

Adme, LA., NM. 18 TNivl




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Just unpacked
smart selection of


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W ... *,.F M, ,. I : *?


atO 503t7, Ft. Kobbe Library &fkkdf
al and erwee .
Alp Army Emphasis OhEo

ge In AIR ot old, kmightL. were to Mrs. 'i'm,
bold didn't have to be educat- eomf b. a
fl'd, 'q" ?)LFPI A,4 P.La.,e]dfl.JI.. t4h fl4l a!ne will doubt the cour- at, r
t J AS .. p 4 o 4 .. 2.0740 J.-0741 Ojg' 9o0 4rs a 4 Loa d t ,but somsewill ThuHe armLUba
t, their intelligence. husband who 1e oAdha'
__,, ,, ___.____.____b_,__Army has placed great boa High &e* 64104eto
ide$,.Mrp RobertMoes4'r 9 WIenhi0education and has de- ma twR yours"aLo ]Flttabursl
SNATIONAL CITY BANK ENTERTAINS Jo a presided at 'he every possible resource in Penns.lvla. bs8 1 pr*a hed ar
WITH BUFFET DINNER IN COLON rble. order to become the best educat- Master's at e Teeb
The National City Bank of New York entertained last ; e o was spest playing s il the best tra ined inPit.abu on wr
evenings at the 4:15 Club in Colon with a buffet dinner. Hosts bljpo'or teele hant. pris e ne such resource, a very im- prior to coming t h lPabnamr
for the occasion included Mr. Lester Wakefield, manager of donated by the club meO ber One such powerful one is the The Brownr .te laoin Balm
the Qrlatobal branch, and Messrs. J. Paul Sidebotham, Bruce Mr*. ; A. Pavreu Ml.S M. .ortn t and .powerful one, is the The Browns .*lde inBabe 'll -
H. Carpenter and Leigh Cramer of the National City Bank llUb and Mrs. G Don .com- post library, equipped to handle al with % theirit "R b I
branches on the PaciL g side. l cldeMe Ial that a modern 'knight" would agreeable pworkin endlo-s.
Gulick Officers the Christmas season. Crhistmas dames Pearson, jEsqde J, e y, want. deal, and plan to ma -Ind
ristmas Party be used in decorating a Christ. dan i. Fernandez and zartfh were every library has a librarian. --
Awhite Christmas motif w a men tree decorations were collect welcomed as new member Catherine Brown i the librarian gardain outhe library, e tte Vta Orphan Hom
carried out in the table decor- ed to be used in decorating a at the Fort Kobbe Library. Mrs. Brown, elaied, "over-due City the Chritmas tree fo refers st
bins at the Ft. Gulick Officers Christmas tree whiclh is being HalmB Daily she helps military person- books. .nt Cl at the Qurry ght
b n Sept. 17, when the FtGu lacedn the Old Peple's Hme F d To Ca ne, their wives and children, toro Santa Claus at he Qurry gh
ck Officers wives met for their by the club. K Harrison, wie of t
The silvered oughs and colored Mrs. Jack P. Tapia, and Mrs M ar 1n a general invitation to and pleasure to be found in books. n f-iban cmaedlby th e Qu armr l an
naments whir adorned the of'MCwung,,stednby the clubgpresyiands to e at their Golf Heights Fem son e sre rS cu A ude amovie.r and
wh ihad ne f b' home after 8:.30 tomorrow evening the ftns F fiction A. .
to assist them in celebrating their cu t on g soldiers, it n A e o B -- O -- Bo y Su
Silver Wedding anniversary. They choosieems, want "light r yste adin g," i As a01. combined Armed rc Lad es C l
personal invitations have beenas venture sotie, but the fin ow to Ro tharityoa .-ae .rnt Claus also presented to te Ogd en ohr
Usued. .do this, that, or the other" books needy ge t% -9 90ll.Vista Home. Mrs. Oler KSgtf a*s a!
Io--- Goome: are popular with everyone. TOKYO, Dec..21 (UP) Fran- recited "Thoe Before Ohristmas" and the d lld ef rcom of Mrs.
HRobn Gome s aThe Spanish section, of course, cis Cardinal Spellman, Archbish- joined in ulw tm carols in kgs h and Spknlsh troop aomiutt
Mr. Robin Gomez, son of Mr. waters to the Puerto Rican contin- op of New York and military vi- ... om
and Mrs. Luis Gomez of Las Cum- Rent, but contains reading for the car for the United Nations forc- -t o je m c I
bres, is visiting his parents dur- Spanish language student. es, arrived here today en route it States Ask Embargo Of teerd re.
ing the Christmas vacation. H e The Knbbe Library has the to his fourth Christmas with the at t Mrs -
arrived Saturday night by plane largest elrculation of any Post troops in Korea. eOf e l. oSa tM Ed beta Me.
rraed Btuday PENS by plan library on the Isthmas, accord- Of Mexican at l; t dron. mae w on dmtu l at-
from the States. He is a student at Hie imm ed l at ely beganan A C sdate tedon ora tmh er
SSt. John's Preparatorye School in tightly scheduled series of o Boy Scouts.
AND Danvers, Mass. Esc ped Convict meetings with U.S. military and
Es Fdsc-apped aC o I te diplomatic leaders, talks with BATON ROUGE La. Dec. 20 the quarantine are Alabama .rA Comm lde 5IS S leI
00 items you can give a man for Here for Holidays Returns Couldn't Catholic church officials and (UP)-Eeven Southearn states kansas lorida ia .
s d n Mman Edwa H.r Returnso calls on troops In hospitals here. today threatened to quarantine all adppi, North Caolina, Gki ,i eof the ttD-
Shis desk Midshipman Edward H. Browd "Naturally I'm pleased to have cattle shipments from Louislina South Carolina, Tennessee, trict r court' hier
Sr is here to spend the holidays Give References another Christmas in the Far if a herd of rare Charolais cattle ala and West Virginia. Loulan held at the a ,'5
PARKER and EAFFER'S PENS with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed East with American personnel"continues to stay" in the state is also a member of the asoia the
Brief cases, traveling kits, desk pads, clasman t the United States Na- ANGOLA. La., Dec. 21 (UP) -he said on arrival at Tokyo in Jol Milligan Alabama state tion. w high
Brief cases, traveling iatates Na- A state prison convict who es- ter national airport. i hope I can veterinarian and president of the Meanwhile, V e ing, to aata dit ac
vat Academy at Annapolis. Sut e r Psscato terna Hil Wednet dy nithreo eif th o I n a
al Academy at Annapolis. ed from custody last sprindividort. hope Southeastern Assotion of Chief North Caroina and eorgia in r.
Foam cushions, and Dictionaries to a kd from icus the penitenL s de Amyse and par for livestock Sanitary Officials, ii- cutting off ail swing, shipme Col meant
S- o walked back into penten- the Army, Navy and Air Force." sued the warning to Louisiana o from ? uth Carolina where more ar, Abroeo, sp' 'I
mention just a few. Come to (For more society news please tiary today, complaining t h a t The cardinal was greeted by ficias tu
turn to page 9) "on every job I got I had to give Archbishop Maximilian de Fur- t p- ha e0omite with a le ot. .
references. stenberr, Apostolic Internuncio In telegram to Dr. F. ulhae aothe I ghlye i c nti- Cl Mtl
1) E W-S SERVICEThe man, j. E. Fredleu. 31, in Japan; MaJ. Gen.- Albert ier- Wheelr, Louisiana state evr- lous disesehich silr to n
SERVICE Inc. slippeddouta of a ew Oree onm son, chief of Staff of thed U.8 narian, Ma gan said it wouldbe the hoof and smoth disease.T1
Hospital last April 8 while re- Army Forces Far East and 8th necessary for the 11 states to ask Virginia ban was ordered for they can' tais
ev(Tivoli Ave. No.civing an eye examination. Army, and other military offl- that an embargo be placed a- a pt
(Tivoli Ave. No. 4) Warden Marice gler said he cials. against "all cloven-foote i animals
wah sentenced to 12 years and ----originating in the state of Louisia ture eagledt Bo, flq
eight month for forgery and He was to hol da mase at the na" if the milhlion-dollar her d, R1 citation peam i
parole violation. Air Force base chapel and then which ih feared to be carrying district Dl m
lunch with Brig. Qie. Charles F. hoof and mouth disease, is grant,- dPC *tc cea a r
Craig, Army personnel chief in eid a further extension of time to oaert W car isi.
the Far East. remain in Louisiana. Die's s Robefrt V ereTol, pu prI
FOR LHRISTMAS He will dine with U.S. Amba- A 45-day delay was granted W
sador and Mrs. John Allison, Charles Broussard, son of Alphe Wilber A. Hambletoq, retired Mi ler at t
AND ALL TIME makd a series of courtesy visits Broussard who smuggled the herd Can eamp lo 10 died ht 1. 8cond elas eds
OItomorrow, dine with Far East into the Jnited. States. fro Mex- Wednesday in 1St. Petersburg, wardedy an l? v S
dB commander Gen. J. E. Hull and ico, for the return of the animals Fla.. where had made his home Hans edersen to a Cadwe
F et aMBo aa Mrs. Hull Wednesdayt nht and after the U. S. Customs vite since his tre sm toln .abny oreT, A orn
Broiler-Deep F depart for KSorea trday had set Nov. 27 at the i 1 for Hambleton had not been in ill 3, Balbo e Harry La
Finest Hand Made mo' rn er tng them to be out of thel ealth,. according to n T 0 Oamboa. Frak
I5 'C R and depart for OYainawa Dec. Th e a eth e

C HI toca CEBEAGUE ISLAND. Me..: we a reeiate the 'efforts y o ir n as a ainter with t Mee4hald ot t. 1n.
JI- I Open Stock at (Up).-The Rev. Herman Grove boalas put forth to have these tDison., He transferred l to Past cou
of tthe Chebeague Methodist cattle returned to Mexico." the -Confruc -n.Wit
LIM ED Church is a do-it-yourself pstor. The Louisiana Livestock Sanita- and then to thi t
is-WHe painted the church steeple. ry Board had protested the extend slon. working as a a,
Brd dposetheerwr sion granted young Brous sar d, both organation. At .the tine brk na.l R Rean, Wrtr
n pMost Igrease spots on carpets and whose father Is now serving a of 1s retirement in January BetD t, Tommy Per
____________ p___tA ACL rugs will come off when rubbed thrse-year prison term for violat- 1949, he was a Foreman Palter l an st e 'bdml a Troop l
SCOLON with a clean cloth dipped in hot ing customs laws. with the Blding Division. Ft. Kobbe tar awards we
_______________water and amonnia. The eleven states threatening He was a Mason and va mo- made" tb a Noerft
I _ber of the Shrine. F j
J He is survived by his wife, Ot Robert tUTe, p r
S H Petersburg, and by four daughl brOok: End to 8pi, [r
FORERZU IA. e urs: Mrs. James Morri a.ot al 1|, t. .bas...
Me ,o nrl. f. looq. U I lF o FM Eat Rd Ew Z'bo ,Mrr.E.G.o.ref.
Sonly ap blo Heights; Mrs. ilian Van by MJor T A. r
Siclen of Long Island, and Mr3 Vice-chairman eleet the
cosstsae.VH.yjr., Zofouston. T
aoS Rtt 4mwIs ,o eam Funer alservies were hld in
tSCO RC Hr -aI aSt. Petersburg. i hpma n a

Maniacs works isom rr ou threa BUFFALO, N.Y.- 0wUP)--Ct y 2t win m t
was 1. e ature udge Arthur J. grove ruled s p t home, .ea1IAi
Qmitfremo tree" bean t aS son here recently that two cats: are home repairs, scl_,l.sp-',iiZ
sleep me you n. you t O.5. Qkly plenty for a 0nl household. No Peiouddle' omua, r
su Mt r noolaroI wheeues, De,,,- Instructed Miss the Gea'rhart es, reading- Trm
S l ta bocw .ur eou two. Ashealth inspectorsdt CBelA, ,
tVLfean woman had 20 felinerpts., rmahnnL; s usicI
-... .. "repals,'llfo ae rea m

FULLER BRUSHES make treasured Gifts 1Tw impressive l y eesi
reinenles were preged te
/OC avli 'HAIRBRUSHES who doesn't want a Fuller Hairbrush, welcome new Cubs and new Dot
ewhen propeoerras fabri tempera-l. BATHBRUSHEs leor handle to get at these hard t oub l rshea non put on bY
turwe sroeah tempa- dget at spots. 'eels wonderful ask the -e Pack 16, Ft. bbs under the d14
CONTSOtrLID VAPOr STIAM SHAVING BRUSHES complete assortment matter who Cay-t.the parta o
penotrat v irs fiber with Other personal brushes for every need Akels by Arket as
oPEnIALnDISCOUNTS 1tant t -o oOPEN UNTHI 10 P.M. m CMASCa Rtterera Dagher; M
vpr stem in seconds. -"Hasrp te,, i-

J .* IRoNs .,u. I t!l' Nto. 18 "I Street, and Mr. ouc: as "
fSDIEECTION-no coy-t t a Vei.Lane
mers or edges-nM Counch,.and Jimmy
HyhSed spots at rear of s ,
o--* tenderfoot investit
Convent Terms 0 preeCted b- Troop 15 US1.
gFred Nathan, scoutm wnu
RADIO CENTER, S. A. was assated by AJM. Joe Co,
No. 38 AUTOMOBILE ROW No. 711 olivr Ave. DISCOUNT atie eagle scot obert ard
Col6 TeL 40 DIuS:C-- -U a and Soo -sa Art Unsbeorgw,
aTom eefew Jamus R
-" d Am .sq '~l lr" sak Behan, .erery

the beautiful
The most degamt place ina Panama to dine and dance
S traHstoal cuisine... unrivalled view

SonBaker ad

-' j i :-Ijs .. .., .-.

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.f ---. '3 -.y.jW

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OPE4 'TIL 9 P.M.

CcNTAL AVE.. 2aI E.St PHONES.2-1830
% 21833


During Decemer


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.-'*.,. .-.* : ...',._, ----- -;.,. .. -.. .. :..... ..-.
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i ',.r ln. R. -I-m t.- a d
-, U5'% i ', :amu "ntetunid
nIlI a'Sb' New Orlena, La.
S-?---- "r B rd Fibmer is return-.
S lg ta Atite Side today after a
bubiaet baSto oort.
Pies. A uSenO Miri Of Sen
r,-.n.ce, Mr. and Mrs. Edward. F 1l of
h Marshal Lou Rios have announced the
Commatn- btt:h f a *A Michael Fenton, on
ml Vutop, Suaday.
Salgnment Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
ny C. Mc- Fenton Whelm aof Los Ris and
er of the Mrs. Hele Bell of Detroit
part of ._,_, ....--

f who just o 10 vyfrsO I LH OidStX aya
i.ho4l agst e under' Mr. O'mser .Ealibury of Golf
I urrn r wS Heights is home from a trip to
r naSed. c l fgen- Argenatna.
W ol the U.8. Arpiy In uror-ipe. e
in whos m Mr. L yad .iney, a former
SIt wash MeAuife, who repleld Zl2 is a1 rhei guest of hisw
to a Gean. command and das. obewrt Lr. Bley o Danle
so urfnd his atroo ur Heing Mrs. R"Diab
World War U's Batte of the Height'..

"McAualife will succeed O len. F u'
William M. Hoge, a cwnbat r. av "n. Fred DeV. Sill
etier p both wiorsl re athe of the Canal Zone have as their
Korao. ouge wl. re tre at tne holiday aistS their daughter, Miss
nd. of January aftermore than Mary Sillof Washington, D. C.,
38 years of Army service. and their son, Fred P.. Sill.
Lt. Ga. Hpry L. Hoda now Luisito artinz, son of Mr. and
eomminatAnd t neralof the 7th M Lids Martinsof Golf Height,
.. .I$ Ju e,; will succeeds q visiting his parents tor.the holi-
*U as comn ading Ken- days. He is attending the Taft
.el 'U 7. h y i gr lool tn Watertown, Conn.
*aoy. 4 yo successor has been o1 W t o
,.McAulffe paiachutea in t o HELPFUL MINTS
Prance as deputy pommhndpr of
the. 101st, 4rbpre milton in
the invstn ef Ntimandy in
June 194 Litet. In the absence By United Press -
,f bhe eprm wander, he led the Shallow surface scratches on
lst ij dewef e .of a key road glass often can be removed by
totr of tonee where he rubbing with felt, soaked in a mix-
tidk the. faMous "nuts" reply ture el glycerine, water and. red
'th e German call for surrend- rouge.
SAfter World War It MeAuliffef Never dip an electric bulb or
$ .I several top asslgnments 'at floureseent tube in water. If
Ar4' headquarters, including want tp clean the light, remove it
.tle of the Chemical Corpe, as- from the socket lo, t ool, s
uistantt chiefof etaff for person- the surface- with a apy doth,
13el, and deputy chief of staff for and wipe it dry. Be sure the cur-
ierations and administration. q cff, before the light is re.
11lades served as chief of staff placed.
and deputy commander of the
Inh 'Armny dAtetng the Korean, Keep eggs refrigerated. Fresh
Wan andas.a member of theeggs spoil rapidly in any tempers*
MU.t'armlitice delegation, tare above degrees.
'~__ ,>'*1

SWe suggest

" q kWcawA vaed f ~as queoder
S and typical jewelry

1Ith St. West No. 19 Tel. 2-115S

We also have all the accessories
Ope until 10 p.m. until Xmas

W, No. 1. "J" treet



of his lif

l;, DeCosmeifcs A 5ety
,' ," .. ; .. ,
.. -..- .. ..*: .. ..*.. ,- -,-5 & ,f'; .sf .ir, .... *

t .a1~ ~


FBy UCIA HART skin, teen-agers need to remem- leaves ravages that need to be woman's legitimate weapon to
NA Beauty Editor her three basic principles. brekasred. Dirt must come oil, enhance the looks of her skin,
W, .tl abouteababy' Firstjilin beauty beglna tIn- Chapping must be cared for. The Careful selection with., the help
All. t ye al .anoui a oab ide. An unbalanced diet lreac- com plexion left by drying sun i a beauty epecialyt t and pain-
eam ns e sfpe sal. ears. Kntowsp that no work gotialit n sheav. ger- s lati hon pere.hle d eyebro w pics of realgvalue

IbeautMful skin i not propaganda ing In basic mineral, vitamins and water must be repaired. Soap stakeing aWplition make pow-
Bor o ALsetriciamns-t's true. An and elements ill produce skin- anl cleansing crest ms are a teen- er, lipsti mat, rouge eye sapon tow

world. And t' no accident, the basic seven nto her diet if A new skin cleanser n tubenhance the looks of her skin,
He lives a life that mot wo- she wants to have a beautiful s designed to do this work. The Careful selection with-the
n's kin would thrive on.a baHeskin from the inside out. Pla-'out leaving the byn dryin sun t a beauty special and pan-
eats ifupleny of health-giving for leafy green or yellow vege- itaminsdrawn, as soaps do to many
food -no fried foods or rich tables; citrus fruit, tomatoes or women it makes a od latherroe, eye shadow
desserts. He's washed In heofte pur-cabbage; potatoes or other vege- 'and the ube s easily carried inow pencil of real
est of sops every day. He's kept tables or fruit; milk or milk the purse to places where a
warm and comfortable and is products meat, poultry, fish or woman may be unwilling to use
not subjected to debilitating cold eggs; enriched bread, flou he r diet if any old soa nsern a tube
weather, rain or office moot. cereal; and butter or fortifieul The third to don-care principle with-
But it's not long before the margarine nsde out. s the wise use kinof cosmetics.
infant's kipl beginsntyof to look like second, the climate we live inGood, sae cosmetics doare to many
everyone ele'. He begins to live fruit, tomatoes or women. t makes a o lather
deser t .e world where the rest ofcabbage; potatoes or otherveg and the tube s easly carried
warm a nd comfortable and i products meat, poultry, fish ors woman may be unwilling to use
But it' not long b before the margarine. Is the wise use of cosmetics.
everyone ase't. He._begit to live

ery protective coat rather than
To counteract the tough world w t t
where everything acts on the l "u r '

'Christmas Story'
To Be Presented
At Baptist Church
l- OwJL A s ,-W,

r -
F .ir.t Bpt..C.urch. .bor an
Wednesday. evening at ':30. In
addition to .the choral numbers
by the choir, solo portions will
be sung iy Webb Hearne, Lt.
Col. Vir4ll Durrance, Mrs. Nell-
ree Smith and Miss Dorothy
The choir is under the direc-
tion of Miss Hicks and Mrs. Del-
mas Swafford will accompany at
the organ. The public is invited
to attend.


all pattens carried in open sto

V -
4 -


.- i-

' 1






ON FEBRUARY 27th, 1955


MODEL LVND -- VALUE $398.00-

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a This Was Already Won)

A W &iFAA iAM. *t



a, -n -
4 ia

- 9h.'


The OnlyFREESink

Camera System in hWot


Precision built in Switz rl


.9 .
An If

Available in three models
of nine lenses

with ki44o

POR RAS -Plaza 5 de Mayo

AW*44*ago mmfoa





, ^'








You conr bd ... and your bra
a a n mili .-.--.. L--_ i .-

won't hike. You-can tw st... '
'wry nopum enyou inuloe afam.YouconSwih. end ur

,e.- no pul n your ;noulder stra s. YOU con ua ... tid yOr
bra won't slip.


i a- .'

STYLE 492 ........ BROADCLOTH. .........
NYLON ................ .......

OPEN 'TIL 9 P.M. .

-- #4


N,. .-

i 'llllt

SGive him


Mr. Manuel Vilar won the Third Prize in the drawing of
Sunday, December 19, 1954. The.other two prizes were
not won and so we give them back to you with-the drawing
.of Sunday, February 27, 1955. Keep your tickets!



piSi r

CO bI for ty last two toeay
.^ *-*. ". *-.. \. ,, ..



". -, :.
,-, ... ., .. ..
:-, MN.414mtrstwu.2 : ;'
"5 ?4"" 1 .r -"-4
.,. .,-.-. L -'t

I ------------ -- --------



; r'*



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Tooe kee addretsk ftoes
a *,&** ** W "*
SIAL peduhag wM ama
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Divmm. ipL Paud MIinoUmm USA. LTh e w -o d haw t o j
d-RA u maM n'"S* i -, IW mOi NI G w 1I'pm '
by, We mme.

-. T' k ,
.-^Kwfn, lW.,+c Kl





ammers frt *.1...a w. .. A ...rim ",

"-.. .-.

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f, i n
w* I i


New' --.A. .

aeDebate On s Russia'srice'

tor Peace Forecast By Knowland SiGk UsRN 5?i

AU IGTON, Dec. 20 (UP) weekly newsmagazine, the Ca1- 4. He favors resistinbg a he said, would mean in effect mole-l.
lU4ua Republican leader W fornian made theae other further Communist aggreuLds" "that We are putting our moral the northern w r
SKnowland today fore- points: Including possiblee Red Ch M and legal aproval upon the per- announced today.
opyUtd t e a l l aupongaty,aandoand edrtdce.--
cast a major senate debate next 1. If Dag Hammarskjold, See- assault on Quemoy, Chine petual eaemet of Czecho- At the same the Army .. .
] o-existence, and made Lions, falls to secure the release China coast. He iald loaa of Q- a Ul those cousai." duct next monm th at man
'be intends to speak out of American airmen held in moy would .pt necessarily mesa air drop of met& and Mai als ev- the rate ls s
er'his views differ with the Communist China the U.N. loss of Formosa, the main. ?3 AdmisdsIn of Red China to the er attempted in, .e otter al i'h s,8-. -svad. Lg, M"..
"tnration or not. should impose economic sane- tionSliat stronghold, but Red U.N., he added, would give "such reached o interior Alaska. th ai ace thr Aubmar le- ;. i -' -
.a'irtual declaration of in- Lions or blockade on Red Chi- conquest o 1Qu1 moy would h&ve tremendous Impetus and 'face The T in d e under-oau like ats. ..
'. n frnm ad the s N. won't, "I think the "ame effect" on e ation- to Red Chineesledes "that the sore the grodwg em p, a ,m 1, aMs.
tration Knowland said his role we have the obligation to take aUsts' psychologically as the loss balance of Asia will go down the Ald on Arctic warfare Some T-heit s W t ill ig S_,toa
is to speak for the 47 GOP sen- the action alone..." o Dien Blen Phu had on ando- drain so faSt'it will make your m Plitary e4 pr b..vthe firs l S as am, ontalnl a n dto d it. t '
fits between them and the Re-sla might use submarines or delivered 'acros 'thepo I.-OO = cards
lend them to Red China to sink Know land said that un le K nowland uvrged Imm e diate cap. aS A .i P"
Buk, said President Eisen- American ships and he Is "pre- the captured U.S. aIrmen aO 1 public discussion" of the "price" Tefrtotee u c side m he hi
.w br his no rig ht to interfere pared to accept th at risk ." freed by the tim e C ong ress te U S. overnm ent and people hou sinf. hnow s ,uwbbrf e m to t w h eI dutor 4n sh ar, as '-- --- -----
er "unless you are pre- policy" but rather the contrary. cast will be a "major lune" truce with Russia. He said a marine, has bee 1 in Green. Planus a- .- 55alon BWaeS
taccete concept that Those who have dealt with Corn- during the coming session. He "full discussion" in the new land for an isolated Air Force .druats dlb .g for Alor e sla try, was t .
is a branch subordinate munists know firmness wil said a "full discussion" also Senate "Is going to be desirable team conducting s ea t aer re- th. Ceap itoa wiply heat rlliag In a ea L thr. -I at
Toe executive and that con- cause them to back down, while wl be "necessary" on broader and I think that our people are search, and. electricity. 1m e ar after JiAV
cept I'm not going to accept." weakness allows an increase of is es of future relations. with entitled to it." Confronted by the factthat con. The frsts ahf t w nover-llh a r t
In a copyrighted interview in Red power and makes dan- Russia, Including the whole y tt e h s ove r ts er auto
U.S. News and World Report, a ger greater. t h o of"peaceful"co-exs- ot eRe cthe pu ders I DeL.. .a o ,r m t- 1, ws- h a
policy is one of "peace at any MT MORRIS, Mich,- (UP)- be een m the B. ee except a tlf ia
He predicted Russia, at a Big price." But he said "some of our OnNov M Paul Paulson re the protruding ,at and fuel lso A l t l twp meth ago .
Four meeting next spring, will allies" and perhaps "some people ceived a postcard mailed April 25, drumws. ., A
"demand" recognition of exist- In this country" are 'gradually 1912. The card was mailed to him The big Alaskan al.tthp will.
Sng frontiers of the Soviet world getting into the position where at Boyne City, Mich., where Paul. be part of Joint- A-V*r. Force w- r to'r
and admission of Red China to hey understand 'co-existence' as son lived at the time. There was no maneuvers dubbed x ercise
the U.N. being a peace-at-any-price slt- explanation for the 42-year delay Snow Bird. They wfl- be held Jan.
Recognition of the frontiers, uatlon." in forwarding. 13-Feb. s to see how tuen and She id It was sme M
TA A equipment stand up ln bitter cold. living. .EaI.D
A E I COLLECION OF LIn addition to Alaski based adto. t 7 Ak
.. C.LLECTION OF --- troops, tho exercise l involve Long r
A. -^ A m the 503rd Airborne Rt mental 1 '-",,.
Ilkfl-lC |i I a A I1 "r *Combat Team of ti 1th Air- 'l eou IMo has adg
1 0 borne Divis6A. It w i airlifted whether ft ca by
ECO NOM lIAL from Ft.. Campbe, to Alas- ol.m je
1 -CATERING ka by planes from Sewart Force at ra 6)e
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-IN 116 ,


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S-,--. -- .

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-our -
T~ifR gQrmeir o*ner of

..t .1 y .n y.-


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,': ; t sf-" e "' i- -* -" _'--
.:.r ^. r'. n;,: \ *.. *- '" *,-' ', s. L- .,'
,e .. 4i', :. .. ;.' ';' .
* .;. h- ,,-. ,
,,, ,.: -.. j
?:1 '


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.. |:-.:.
K U1


Aork A. W low-



T. 'e. :

* 2

wPi M sMercazy Take size Mercury. is lower, ower,
0a4. Hareds of iger inside e- intor g
forth y ,P n ope
blriotott ~Takeperfonnam!ii
(198 sai tM.11.) for S4 You
er ffzay maics emsciup IW aqer-.
.r tf-except comprasiao engiU. Aad a new e-
I cur-- sin emfnat give sipkku

4AATiC, IEW, LOWt i 1M6-Ofi STA.

drim w ihN-hoapot
driving.'. otaatfil
a &b'A. -Scl

Eive (ptionl at I,
3ere's a new, firw...
greruad stabilityB




ISfct.J~~l~biil .. -4
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', -.;" --..,i. \ : -_


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ifBI *:l T r..
-*-,r. *>**'

...... .... ..
i~. c -.1 .C. .

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4.4..A. -.


SL.i.J^ -

.. .*.
-. .. .'-'



I. '.


Sitz gerald To Make Ist S K
I? 1itzger'ald

-Sllar Pitching Performances

Feature Service Loop Openers

.'tefar pitching performances co S
0l oti off the 1954-55 Panama Brave
Srea Armed Forces Baseball big fi
League Sunday afternoon and sixth.
.~0are.,heated action is expected
S 4Wedaewday afternoon and night Wit
.a h. b-schedule gets a start. hind,.
S.'-Eafo of the armed services got thrill
lta n-jts licks. Army's Special linonn
Troops rocked defending cham.- pinch
n Forf Kobbe, 6-1, on Gall Then
J-Uler'a three-hitter; Albrook a two
'.' ;lForce Base dumped Fort before
"lybton, 9-4; and the Navy's got th
iDM Bolo entry halted Army At-
1mtlaA late bid for a 7-5 win. Coo
S Wednesday's festivities will a pal
be featured by a night game Scott.
at Fort Clayton. Special out N
Troops, last season's runner- Mill
-Up#plaiys the Claytonites in the was b
-"empaign's initial contest un- I tnnin
S .der the arcs. Don I
Other action sees Albrook's SpeO
OyheeM-hosting Army Atlantic in its a
S -el=e chae change due to the At to JuI
St team's inability to play at the -fi
m l- m intiL its field is usable. Co-a ...
t [ 'f, .S is matched aalinst the Mill
ell ers at Fort Kobbe in the struck
ee me. clever
Xn inday's opener at Al- fast b
So0s Beam Stadium, Steve Kobbe
ilo slants ain1the
a.elpht hits over the nine Mill
IttS. His Flyer mates. mean- and a
it ?'blasted Clayton pitching Cer
mouTmee runs in the second. an- saw M
i 'er to the third and a four- Garr.
Sclicher in the seventh. USAR"
-E. it fielder Warren Woerz of ball o'
*Atbroak sparked the second-in-
4fS flurry with a two-run triple.
eventh-frame burst was LUA
,lhted by a two-score solo
ASmwby Nick Maholle. Fria
SLenard Lupetlm. shortstop. IIro
and -d Gruss, third sacker'
out three hits each of TA |
i fW eight-hit total. Gruss. IV h
ltff two RBIs. had a double
in~~. laipe i his collection. The
support went with free p
4 ook rn1h ty -who The W
'fan six and walked only one preview
Aiouealto batsman. public

'o-Solo-Armv Atlan-
laved at Fort Kobbe.
Atlantic right-hand-
itless ball for four-
before the Navy
sereschtig halt to
Brave left fielder,
vo runs and the Co.
**, ****-****

the pe
the Ile
Joe LA


Tito Despa

Signs To A

olo soqad was off. The JO DBrown
es notched four runs in the --
fth and three more In the
Panama welterwegl ht
th the Atlantic entry be- on t Despaine
7-2, the losers put on a i ?on" rto Despaire th
ing vain rally. Larry Rob- Y agreed to terms witi
doubled, and Bob Crowe ter Ensque Martin an
hit him n after n eror to meet classy light-el
Larry Seymour blasted ou~itender Joltlin' Joe 4i
D-bagger to score two more Orleans atthe colon Ar
e Jim Cook, Navy twirler, -3-
ie side out. Debpaigne, who re
k fanned nine and walked from a prolonged layoff
r to' oust Kllen and Dick form to decisively whi
who combined to strike longer Luls Samuels i
avy batters. over a month ago, had
refused to meet the tei
er's shining performance feared him by Martin. T
briefly marred by a seventh- together and straighten
g Infeld single by catcher their differences this m
Pierama with two out.
!ial Troops combined four Despaigne, who is
nd two big Lifeliners errors strong as a bull (he is
imp off to a 5-0 lead In referred to as the "Tor
rat frame. cano" or Chiriqui bull), 1
er been knocked odt loc
er, Cincinnati farm-hand, packs a terrific punch;
out 11 Lifeliners with his be getting an -eight-pot
change-speed curves and in the weights 1468 t
alls. He walked only two. Joltin' Joe In only tw
worked over Its only run fights has endeared hin
eighth on an error.- the fans with his elei
er alsoappe a double of boxing, his overall ri
single to aid his cause.. eraship and obvious
monies before the game This bout .. l, be a tou
ajor General Lionel C. Mc- for'Brown
commanding general .
ZARIB, throw the first In his fir local outi
ut to right-hander Miller. sto .ed Federico Plumu
eg t rounds. He convin
skeptics by halting the
IIalrTo! IV VIe edly tougher Wilfredo
.. .. ionIsthmian kingpin, in or
Admissions heat

ucky Guessers iuIii

e Lux Theater will give
passes for the movie "On
Waterfront" which will be
ewed locally for Isthmian
con New Year's Day to
'rsons who can guess the
s of three actors In the
e. Marion Brando plays
adding role.
ee ex-boxers who fought
umis play Lee J. Cobb's
lieutenants. You can
the names of the three
rs and win a free pass.



igne High-Ridi1

Aeet Upset- Ha,

NEW YORK, Dec. 21 (UP) P
It high-riding Kentucky needs h
any danger warning about its tc
chanm- tournament clash with upset-
ay final- happy Utah tonight, it need on- o
promo- .l look at the wave of disaster i1
d signed that struck down all four first r.
ght con- 0ound favorites in the All-Col- tU
n of New ege Tournament at Kansas Cl- u
'ena Jan. uty. a
Ousted in all-college surprises N

t u rned
Sin fine
p chal-
a little
at first
rms of-
hey got
ned out
still as
o Chirl-
has nev-
ally and
He will
und pull
'o local
self to
n style
lg n-
gh one

ng, Joe
mer in
ced the
ily five

'So wo me show lot of styeO
on some styles show a lot of
women. .. -

Balboa Bulk

Athletic Clu

After trailing through thirty
and one half minutes of play,
the High School boys won a well
deserved 48,47 victory in a de-
termined up hill struggle. The
Bulldogs thus were able to win
their first game in two years a-
gainst the Atletic Club, and the
biggest single contribution was
that of Ramon Reyes. Playing
bnt three quarters, the elongated
center poured 14 baskets and five
free throws through the nets for
wa total output of 33 points.
A slow first quarter found the
A.C. In front 12 to 10 with Noel
Gibson coming up with five bas-
kets in a tremendous display of
shooting skill.
The second quarter saw the
High School lads at their worst.
Staggering, stumbling, and fum.-
bling their best efforts produced
but five points, while the A.C.
Five scored 15 to move out with
a 12 point lead.
The Balboa attack picked up
some power In the third period
with Reyes hitting 5 baskets,
Reece 3, and Winklosky caging 3
charity tosses for a team total
of 19 points. Despite this, the
A.C. men counted 16 points and
at one Doint held a 13 point lead
43 to .3k. which convinced most
followers that the schoolboys
would be hopelessly beaten.
But these Bulldogs lived up to
their nickname. Hangin gon ten-
aclously they would not ault, and
when the Rams five started stal-
ling countered with a full court

- 4







ly '




g Kentuck Mets

,* = *!'.-r.6'1*
ppy Utah ,toidht
ist night Woying ,nd ky will b riskingtwo s.ak', 4
rchlta, bothr narto.aly-rlnked 32-game W a kcu a :kin d &
owers, the alwzye-strong Opk&- 126-game home court winn
oma and t1a apd rugged Hous- streak and coach Adolph t R
on. will be seintg the 800th win
Kentucky, playing host in its as career. -
wn holiday torment at Lex- Ody .enougl, ZL ,ale wll
goon, Ky., collides in the first be wrongg foe Utah to ngtter
found there tonight with Utah, another big wiln La Silen Ifa-
he samt hot-shooting club that vored rter Southern 6 alm la-
pset La Salle on Saturday night In tt' ;hts other first round
nd knocked it rit out of the game u a is hoping for a see-
o. 1 national ranking. Kentuc- end atsht at Uain tomorrow
Salght'i filee,
Geor a Washington, reigning
logs Upset hamn the outhrn C
s p et ference, upset the Oklahom Ag-
glee, defending clJ mps bf t
SMiouri Valley conference, 50-
A46 in l the fe' e of yes-
terday's All-Cpegp opening pro-
4711-time champions of this tur-
Continuing their strong often. nament, trailed, all the way aft t
ve pace and tightening up on er the first two.mlnutes as-Walt
defense, the Balboa five outscor. Devlin ald Joe Holup scored 20
d the A.C. 19 to 8 in the 4th. points each for George Washing-
uarter to emerge with a well ton.
served victory. .Wyoming, ranked 18th nation-
The next game for the Balboa ally, was beaten by Tulsa. 69-K4,
igh BeSool team will be 7:00 in a ding-dong battle that s aW
.m. Wednesday, Dec. 22. It will the score tied 35 times. Bob Pat-
e the last meeting with the person and Dick Courter were al-
val Junior College boys, each mos the whole Tulsa attack with
Pam boasting a victory over the 29 and 24 points respectively,
other this season. Wichita, ranked 19th nationally,
S took a 94-15 drubbing from San
The box score: Francisco, which raced to a 25-3
lead in the opening minutes and
BALBOA had the game's high scorer In
layer FG FT PF Jerry Mullen with 9 points. Ok-
eece 4 0 1 lahoma City downed gouston,
finkloaky 1 3 2 72-65, although it couldn't stop
eyes 14 5 4 Houston's seven-toot center, Don
Igby 0 0 5 Boldebuck, who tallied 8 points
erante. 0 0 0 and snared 24 rebounds. City
rtherland 1 0 went into the game with a 1-3
&cot 0 0 2 record, Houston with 5-1.
agft 0i 0 1 In second-round games to-
irchmier 2 0 eight, n raancsco plays Ok
ott 0 1 1 lahoma City and Tulsa meets
George Washington.
ATHLETIC CLUB Four other nationally-ranked
teams-Duquesne (No. 10), Cn-
ayr FG FT PF cinnati (No. 13), Louisville (No.
)mba n 2 0 5 17). and Alabama (No. 191-
ckLsher 1 2 1 scored impressive wins in non-
bson 11 3 3 tournament games.
out 5 2 4 Duquesne ran its record to
acArthur 1 0 3 ive victories in six starts by
Durany 1 0 0 whiplng St. Francis (Pa.), 71-'
eods 0 0 3 59. Cincinnati made it 7-for-7
Strouncing College of Pad-
rI, 97-58. Louisvile won and
her intersectional clash Jdst as
,.* easily, beating Oregon, 101-72.
CP And Alabama followed up its e
rom Behind T0 Cop **" ,o,. .
r Beh id To Co title triumph In the Birming-
ham ClasSic Tournamient by
I SO HlVuiilA H beating Nebrask, 8-76 as

HAVANA IDbc. 31 IVP)- ftah- n hftiR m0 !er30 lbltu
wa@ Open. Oolf Champloni Ed ld l Duke to a 90-48 trlum h over
rgol came from far behind Pittsburgh; Frank Ehmann tal-
nda to win the $12,500 Ha. lied 30 for Northwestern in 83-
na open., M decision over Louisiana State; S
rugol trialed Al Beaselink by Bradley, 11 points down with ,
ir strokes at the start of t~he eight minutes left, rallied to f
al round. Then Furgol sh0 a )eat Wayne, 72-8; Ohio U. beat
re-under-par 67 to end with a Loyola (111.), 72-70, on Dick k
Dre'of 273 Former PGA cham- Garrison's driving layup with y
SWalt Burkemo was next at seven seconds left; Tlane down-
.. one stroke behind. ed Wisconsin, 69-66, as Hal Cer-
ilnk and Shelley Mayfield tied vini scored 20; Bart Johneon of p
third place at 275. Utah State scored 33 in 80-1 win
Besselink leader of the pre. over Baylor to set his six-game C
)us two days fell off to a 73. average at 27 points; Bobby;
e tall. young pro blames it on Thym's 28 points led Vanderbilt 1
d putting. Furgol wins top to a 94-67 win over Texas; South d
)ney of $2,000. Besselink and Marolena edged Georgia Tech, t:
irkem abo picked up good 9- 7;" Memphis State defeated =
ng for first place in the Pro- Texas Tech, last year's Border k
aeur Tournament he Pro- Conference champion, 75-66; b
eur amen Michigan trounced Denver, 104- n
otherr leaders among the pros 77; and Colorado A. and M., de- a
shed this way: Tommy Bolt fendin Skyline C on f erence A
276, Doug Ford at 277, Ed champ, beat Regis, 61-54.
orky" Oliver at 279, Dutch Illinois, which succeeded to
rrion, Bo Wininger and Wal. the No. 1 national rankingwhen
Ulrich at 280, and Skip Alex- La Salle was beaten, vist Rice a,
der at 21. Defending Cham- in .a big Intersectiohal game. vi
n Bob Toski finished far be- Five other national powers will m
id with a 297. be seen In non-tournament
games: North Carollad State gi
against St. John's in
b Olson T N.Y.); Dayton (No. 6) vs. Ore- f*
Sgon; Ohio State (Nq. 7) vs. Cal- L
ILa lornia; U.C.L.A. (No. 11) vs Co- w
I r-O Yealr lorado; and Holy Crouss (No. 18) n
vs. Boston Couege.
NeAilI TrapSiB- Other leading games tonight b
11111 trophy include: MaMgachusetta Colby.
Connecticut Manhattan, Stan-
AN RANCICO, D 9 ford-Arizona, Cornell-yracuse, D
SAN F--ACiddleei, hC. 21a- Drake-Iowa ST., Indaana-Kinsas h
on sobo O lsons future fight- .M.U.- ta, ettle-Ore- hb
sown un I mid-January at due St., I_(hon, ic
*e earUiet due, S -W ashington, and F
Manager Sid Flaherty say South-Ca lIla-Tenneal n
Shas no plans for the champ __________
ght now. Flaherty says he
*&Olson will be In New York B A ne
ext month when Blbo re- m. |BP| 8O
Lives the 0'NeU Trophy as l
ighter of the year." .. ANNIVER

"We expect to talk with Jim
Norris of the Internaltional
Boxing Club then," says 'Fl.
herty, "and we'll discuss the
next title defense."
Flaherty denies a report
from Europe that Olson will
make ais next defense galt
Charley Humes of France. Lst
Wednesday, Olson kept the tUi
Ue with a technical kfoekst
of another French fighter -
Pleiae Langlols at MaM


Ludtke H Yts Ynkeegs

To 7-1 Four-Hit Win

2 Maroewki Homer

S. ... .......At.... Pan
S odanen ......a........ m 4 3g ;j
At Panama; Yankees8 loten 1l

So0 G ame ime '7.3 j.

The S.C. Sbdamen have a.
signed mound duties to Stanley

.k% at t Mal.
t dim At was
agd Ans l in ie'
iUtihnlmni la'S a U alnt
the ) mo ner o De. was
mer with a i to vtory
or 9 only 'win this. uason
ag t- iiea'lg, "'.
'ral4d wil make. his first
start fr the eo.
. ThT a .nk got even With the
80odann la-ght for their
umlatng 6 l on Sun-
day by beatlni the .qdiamen by
an almost Ideftical score of 7
to l., !
* La ence Ladkew vowt all the
Way for 'he Yankees lad gave
Up four hits, n pitcher
Soc ted three
l h wp followed to the
hlM byAl pd Bawiama

The mrankees pored dle runs
In the first t ImIA, one in
the fifth, three a the Oixth and
one in the ninth.
Fred Marolewki hit a bases
empty. homer In thb fifth ad
blasted another In the LOth wih
two on. Marolestki was easily
the batting star with his two
homers and four runs batted in.
The Sodalnen got their only

Sports Shorts


lenald ucorg from third-attn

runt la the bSS
wle_ "jir*' n rsm

Graft wared i~ant fhe .
ntX went to second onS ani-
riee out, stole hird Ims
ho"m when Socha, threw the bal
low and Into foul territory.nMeat
third base. Graff drove in tlh
second run with a single. U
The Lea"' first Lade.
Night w huge sices and
the ladl- were In fop at-m
ten anee. The ans, were also
treated to an Imp u iaedAN

knen as "Mraf cai, !
through a routine gap.
a thr a re Ch --.
Even fttesient remoo g"t a
hearty ebule outo efthe Pa.
GUReUts of honor aton tot,
g1Me will be' ranama'sBy
Cbtnpion soccer teftdn which
Clnlhed second in the reeo i
Central American championhl
ga Men In C44Rt ica.

Thebox score:

Graff, 2b
Hardin, as
Phillips, rf
Dickens, If
Wilhelm. 3

ab rh h
4 1 1 1
4 1 2 6
4 1 0 3
1, lb 4 2 2 2
b 4 1 1 l

The United States Trottin Kropcf3 2 1 i 10
ksoclatlon reports betting and Dabk, c 4 0 0 1
attendance was up thF year Ludtlpe p 4- 01 0
ren though ewer races' were
ild. .da I PAR
as wa-tceds the races ad betM 4DA 1

W 1on an 9 y r s .a. ...
e al- ow ston Bales, 1 0
oOldA-td La teon plory Clarl, 1e 0 0
Figures from the NCAA so Lewis, bi 0
Mowthis was te first football Lopcz, ss 4 0 1 0
ason in 2 years without play rne, rf i 0
om owner goal -ne to the othor, Hardy, rf 0 0' 0 0
Two pa interceptions and a atate ., If 4 0 1 2
ckoff return-each good for 98 Kellman. c 3 0 0 3
ords-tied as the longest plays McDqnald.a 1 0 0 3a
S194. A Boston University pass Grenald, ct 2 1 1
may covered 96 yards... longest n rathwaits, Al., fb 1 0 0
BAseven yea Sodamen, p 0 0 000-1 4
Basn other football news, Boston AuOnSO, p 1 0 0 0
Mlege and Miami of Florida Clarke 1 0 1 0 d
te scheduled a game for next Williams, p a 0 0 0 0
il in Miami.. halfback Gor- -
in Maloy of Miami' will miss Ttal S 30 427 1
he North-South game Christ- o -
as night because of an In ured Clarke singled for Alonso In 5th
ice... Former All America half- Gladstone sacrified for e
ck Billy Vessels of Oklahoma- In 5th.

Baseball writers mI Chicago summary-:ar Wuns batted In-
d Mlwaukee will. wl.honor twou NGraffW nin Lsd-the
taerans of the game nextl- raf M r0lMis 4. Glads.tone
ionrth. e Ld4ke. T ns:Y th:3A
Chicago writers say they will 3j.nkeda.i,1 nisismn bases
Yankees 11, 7.aIn n; 1mB
i'e a special award to- former M2 la Il o.. Two
fielder Tony Pit'foer Etta- ne t: ;ron-Lopsi Sacritic
r Little Lea ue s Poh as: t4(doea dStonie. Stolen
ague Based a Md 4 aun MM.Lo ntche o
*Hers winl gIT* all. -B Nit pitchigpitke .l.DBrkth
eritorious 8vice tet general W.aite).-*STa ed: L Ids1
tnager John Quinn of the Ay Alonso T Wi a 2.
raves. on 0 .lv 3rtlce 3. Off:
[n other baseball doings, the S rcl 4, Al ,'Williams 1.
Ansas City A's say they wi]U pitcher recor: Socha 2 runs.
lay the Wrst Ime In their new I hit In1 2 1lngs; Alonao I ftn,
nine town Apil 12 Against De- a hits in-sIangs. rors: Soda-
,lt... The PhlIdelphia Phils men 4 (Socha; Al Brathwaite,
Ave nam$g Dddia.nollns. Jun- Charles). Losing pitcher: Sochta
'-son of &bs ate Ha. of .(1-2).,Winning pitcher: Ludtk.f
Amer aa dulMtnt general n-lItUmpires; Williams. Hinds.:
inager.: Parchment. Time of game: 1:7.

A # .rursdavl
a d~kI


1P'~ 8:30 p.m.

,* uder direction of '

scm Ti 9 U: :
B:gg0, gglI



I .

N FafDAYr'


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CI ~$ -1


In Celebration



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DRY products will be suspended on

Saturday, December 25th.

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.sx ,, :m .. '

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FISLvrst Oh toStae Ovr Southern 4


. .____ .. ..... .

4 by Quarterback Who Faced Non-eadiner Co

ILAM Both Sees DiffereSuivan Memorial A

JE WL IA. S In New Year's Day Backs By HARRY GRAYSON Omm
W er eftem a 5e3y7 Jua.p-p will make off witf- the than drew ainl
Stla has ponshp in tit maor and the statted -- NEW YORK, Dec. 18 (NEA -) outdoor UM and -.
U"l" tpc dSesamt knew whether to Bol. sp BRN .RICKEY one of base- (The man most qualified to Three or four candidates cr the door 1 ., .
ft ypieal example of the breed =s 0le lp ball's shrewdest a ind mo vigor- rate the merits of Rose Bowl James E. Sullivan Memorial A- The bras has worg, wi
gesd the .AL withk.41. ous frot offe figures, e participants Ohio State and ward puzzled even the old sports eld for a ed amarorinM
is ew A w c5 pointe-bwtter than d te Cleveland. ht der to'home aae these days ause Southern California Iis Pab car- writer.
19 a g, which hd left him in unelaborte e or th. recurr diy spells ... nt son, the nation's leading pa He had never heard of Norbert lart in Europe d
I* n ts it was 36 poinh betr than U e had ever done before. that they affect hi capacity for who, as Calforna's unrter k, Shemansky, Shelley Mann, Fank- ger of 1. It was f t
Off this form, h It ar W 't have cared to back him too work ... but hes sensitive about played and plotted against both L Hel4 and Robert Backus. Wied and We a -te
sould) agit th-N-- X ill, Berms, et 41. -beg sepn dizzy..... the Buckeyes and Trojans this Indeed, one of the younger me- to aa 'a
oyow didSla manage i The lswor my be very simple. s' Broaks of Arkansas first sea This is the onfirst of two f es ta wad o Santee has not been w
youngsh ide, you know, and he h st been up very g. Be- nss tacle, he be was a team a he saw them). L.'s non-drinking brother.
sides, 'It 'does take sone young men onget to get the knack hih school senior invited to a Anyway, the award commemor-mlug thenutile In 4:00.6.this 'Kil O
than other s. Mnaaipp ieam ... and Da r g- By PAUL LARSON Athlets sUnion annual is voted t to pass the screening bovodeM.
; A year from now we'll know If the answer wa that simple. gas was playing varsity tackle California Quarterback ei p hr
we~vhr. as one who ha devoted many years of a debased that day ..five years later they The simon-pure who by Perfr,
life to the study of Jmp-Up I have doubts. More/often w a pp sides of tJump-Upe ve. my dob oreoten w BERKELEY, Clff--(NEA)- D a example adan g ncDING t LS,
S;4Sa hot, the answer is tulte different anM much less flattering. ... And Brooks i 4 years old.. did mt to advance e cause-
-Up had a hot year, or he jwa ust plain lucky. LkThe mnanck who's taken uP orgthe There'll be wno hedging Rose Bowl ofgod sportsmanship during the Stamford Ce. (NA -
Laker slack for retired George game at Pasadena on New Year's Dewey Fragetta New YaI'g .
..Mikan .is 'the Blond Viking, Vern Day. It'll be Ohio state. Someone suggested that Sche- moter, took Lian Mawr'aSaht
S..DlFIES ALL LOGIC Mikkelsen, who has a master's de- t was my pleasure (pleasure, manaky probably is the strongest bride here.
gree in social psychology from the dd I say?) to play against both 'mn in the world. He won world -
Thm spectacular, ine fts batting form are University of Minnesota.... He's the Buckeyes and Southern Ca- weight lifting championships in. D ...
whichpht a lngxp del led con"1 n epation planning a trip to Norway next lifornia last fall, not,to mention Vienna, establihing world records
. .a, phenomenon which have long dted 0.c cing explain nti summer to survey that country's a couple of schools named UCLA U in the two-hand snatch, clean and
" obably more substance to Avila's than not. He pointseducaonal system under Depart- and Oklahomaf you look cloe nd otal score
out that e was a .400 hitter in winter seball and be meant of Interior auspices ... Big that list Includes the country a Samson Schemansky, as we
341 major peak was a natural extentlon of sharpened sl an Ve made a similar tour a couple three major undefeated teams. have nicknamed him can well be
greater ostncy. of years ao ... on motorcycle ...and Vern Mkkels Yes, I've still got my health considered powerful candidate.
The Brooks' Carl urillo was a ump-p with his 344 which Scandinava still hadn't recovered Ohio State not as aggressive Shelley Mann is not Shelley Win-
I d w n the 1953 NL, batting title. The year before he cfinosm from the sight of the gant a Moee if ae'd realized partic- and mobile as UCLA, especially terms' half-sister. This Miss Winters
h a e e stride a two-wheeler L g into in Mobile's Senior Bowl pocket in the line, or as swift and ral- is a 16-year-old student of Wash.
remotely close. This was n 1949, with .324. Last season e little hamlets, a clo of co $00 each as losers, $500 as win- lying as Oklahoma. By rallying ington and Lee high of Arlington,
isnag a ui'ul .294 stick. but was never y ta lon. try roada dust trailing him... Fers. Guard Fr Minevich I me am tan team will to pursue a Va., and was the individual high a Pnison n
Btplanation? There was none, unless you went along with once attended Bremerton JC, 2slat. ball carrier, to gang up on him. point scorer in the indoor and out- c r ator. P -an s i B
the theory that luck broke for him one year, and against him Cliarley Eckmas the phenome- one for Wastte ngton but left because door swimming meets. In Septem. far4 Z
the next, which, of course, might very well have been a large al referee turned coach of the he was homesick for New Jerse But you don't have to be par- her, she set a new worldd mark in
t the story. In any case, Furillo couldn't have been ust equally phenomenal Fht W a y e which is a roundabout way of land! tcularly fast in the line against the 100-meter butterfly. j r J
g the knack; e had been p eight years when he Zollners played Ol one year f ing at South Carolina the USC single wing, which dom- Another paddler, Ann Curtis, is h L
evd his 344. scol basketba... an ad The trouble with Ralph Branc, nates their offense. Against us, the only oman ever awarded the
S Even more Illogical was Mickey Vernon's .337 which was afti frankly he couldn't cell a who indulges in pitching warm-up at least, they ran only 10 per LOOK OUT-Paul Lamrs of Sullivan award, by the way. r UIs
"op- the A the same season. The year before, the bst the college team-"I don't know e*a. seias with Gil Hodges as hi cent of their plays off the T. California, who plks Ohio
.P, ton i rt baseman could do was .251. Oddly, this was ough basketbaH for that" .... atcher at the Vernoa HilsCotry Ohio State has the overall State a the se Bowl. will be FRA LIN HELD, for your in- a a an'sW
Sqt. a ew experience -.for him. The only other time he hit .300, Here's the hard way to make Club, N.Y., this winter, Is not in strength, and taht line can hold. thesWg reeiv himself in formation is t not an actor. Woody
S0r better, was In 1948, and he won the batting championship a luncheon date-San But; the his arm ... or his head... butin his Besides, despite all those in the East-Wet Shrine me at Held is the national javelin throw- A
pf tht occasion, too (.S), Gator Bowl biggie, phoned Harry bbck... backs, the Trojans are not a real San pYieo. (NEA) g champion, so literally throws
S, warring emotional factors and personal characteristics, what Grayson from Jacksonville ., running threat. I figure the dt- offense or de- weight around the the balot
Spospibi -approach could ou use' to rationalize the topsy-turvy inviting the NEA sports editor to Harry Gilmer may retire from ference between the two teams lary But e eithe. n USC. Ohio d
l pects of this 36-year-old veteran who has spent 14 years look- a Gator Bowl repast that day the Washington Redskins to return will be In the backfield, spelled s. t re ovt r S insk the first 20 people you meet
S ng at big league pitching? It would be absurd to suggest the held one subway stop from Gray- to Alabama at an assistant coach out Hopalong Cassady and Bob- State Just barrels over you. the street and not more than
e lucky seaon a agast so ma son's New York_ office ... Navy re- for J. B. Whotworth ... who'll also by Watkim. ( c n.e or two of them will giveyou
cu wa947.This due to a few alt i,-adms reo ceived ana Orange Bowl bid two find a familiar name if not face, f Caedy evere thurn tobhe r- Ia lie on rthur ragg an Mrs. ho,
unlucky ones. e years ago that wasactually okay juiorquarterbak A Elmore state to win, Larson tells Pat McCormeick. other candidates
one of the most memorable Ove weakness o the te od aeb ith en t Fullback H how USC can spring an upset). Yet Bragg. the Mrgan State TODAY 0.0 --
On of vti mtam m ob o thte cch and the His dad played Miami of tworlo bert obot matador by that name on i
(Ty Hat) Wlker, whORE AND Rs pree years average m bt nixed in Wash in- te 1930 Tide Rose Bowtam.. ocking, especially on the ends, By nted Press the 100Mexic an bo order two or three
On 1947._ N a ay beat Duke the atlhte h-nd-rasrtClc ais $5" a plate teio- Hoppy lose. Watkins Is thei the Md_ ,, .. .- but In reply to the question1 "Wh BAXTER
never hit .300 as regular up omisg orange Bowl gne it s d er for the eaetng af bread and butter five-yards-a- S 0orit S h ds I Pat McCormick?. Joh ii a
to then, and a couple of years later he was back In the minors, it ferrets out the sase basic do. Dem. 16 ..Wonder what the price ,Mack, mthe elevator man, said w
fetalve weakness of the Blue Dve- would have been if they'd beaten fective on the quick haihdoff,
vlWOehaR ANDNWORrEWh all iftenoono...f ...... and watch how that US C, lne By United Press the Mexican border two or thne
Red Sanders, football's Coach Between you'p'mi; is there a can be trapped. y years ago. This Mrs. Pat McCorm-
There are some years when the pitching Is softer than of the Year, is a realistic, at times commission doctor who's ne ver T,. k ti a teI In pro football, coach Walt ick is vastly more renowned, how-
others..Peoslbly that was the base In '47 when The Hat pulled sardonic, man... He was huddling -donounced fighters "fit and i stu Sfe tr -anlthd- r Klesling of the Pittsburgh Steel- ever, as the women's 01 y m p 1 e
i asuprie. The Cardinal' staff was the best with an earned- with us in New York recently excellent condition"?..'. will have troube it the option ers leaves tomorrow on a talent spring and platform diving chm
run average of 3.53, which, admittedly was something less than and mentioned he had to devote _'"* wl have troupe with the opt on h0 t. pion who this year won every in-
brillian fou mut to a radio talk os play. Personally, though, I think '- u n will watch. the Blue door an outdoor title. Mrs.
su the league .2-ga era i at pt. ean to uC- .. quarterback Dave Leggett keepsng do as te u- oran o tie wa.s i..
Mllv'... et ,, I-t ( .t 20; sh wb,,, "1oo oftn, considering Gray game at d Ala- oi ik ; the ,y *umn o
.-he" te baal tt ft wt hidi i baCha ist then ly n up has ever thus prevailed andte
S e pitching Is soft for the ordinary hitters it will be softer can adrswer at In one world".. what he's got at his disposal In to Mobile, Alabama for the en has twice accomplished the feat
/itill or the. pros., This was one tlme it wasn't. The Hat "What'as that, Red? ... "Nothing," the way of running backs. Those for Bowl game on January ,.... Et .
finlsbed 46 points ah6id of Bob Elliot, the runner-up. A fellow he grinned.... anders, whose hair quarterback sneaks won't work Eighth. THE OTHER CANDID ATE B WAHOO! I.S
med 34usial was even farther back, is mostly gray, is called Red .... as well up the middle against The Steelers have started algn- are better known-al Whitfield,
SDUrl4g the war there was a general slump In caliber of Earl Blaik of Army, whom most USC, either, because the Tro- Ing players for next year; uard Tom 'Gol ahd Don Schldhdt, the "Hli Fr inn
Molt of the good pitchers, as well as the big hitters were call "Colonel gns h.. s personal 1n the givin away any e Dodrill, a former Oolorado latter pair All-Ameri a basketball
en h ank George Stirnwee r o Mange ter D at, w Oh St asses only steeler to sign for 1955 today. and Ind a, rsmelye. t sh
In 45 with .309--and t.wa 0 poins worse tnhe h it the o e lost Rocky Grauiano, os mak- l- has to, and Leggett throws best 5. The recent announcement that "BRIGHT ROAD" .
4 C and s o od s d ta p f i up for It with, fir o Fy off running acton. When he he was about to take a Swedish
year before. Patterson and now Frang Ryff. can keep ou loose with the TURF bride got Whitfieldi the two-time
.n7 't44 1edlad ac I U w th first Ju hp mad .t h boxiag's most retest rookles of the --threat, heI tuck the ball in and a -1e5l Luck t
1.327 to lead the league. It was the first time he made the year... run The n1... three-year-old cham-
00 circle, As with tirwes, he didn't get too much credit. Although he was the nation's By CHARLEY GERINGER Our plan against Ohio State ponKng Ranch's Hih Gun"
after all, most of the good pitchers were away. But i n ay CHARLEY GEDRINGER Our plpion-King Ranch's "High Gun" A%...
hte all, te pros ee b her h yt. n'48. leading passer and set an all-time ALTHOUGH SOMETIMES you was for me to run rollouts a- --will return to the racing wars
hen all the pros wree back, e hit .355, yet had to settle completion percentage record, Paul against them in the hopes I'd be next February Fifth.
r second place to Ted Williams' .369 Larson's biggest regret is that he sprung loose for long-gainers. I Trainer Max Hirsch says the
A good way to go batty laS to try to put your finger on never got to run at offensive half- but those big ends, Dean Dugger brown colt will run in the $50,-
e precise causes of batting fluctuations. Probably a good way back for California .. and wouldn't and Dick Brubaker, killed us. (00 McLennan Handicap at Flor- I I
low. your finger, too. never have landed Rice's Dickie They used their big sophomore lia's Hialeah park. High Gun l
S_________________________________ guard, Jim Parker, mostly to hol I tas been sidelined with a hip In- .. The eUal i
B "up our ends going downfield for Jury since shortly before. the
passes, but he's also tough try-lWashington International Stakes ,
Ing to hit over the middle on November Third at Laurel, Ma-
pi short yardage situations. He ru-lryland. Hirsch says the Belmont .,
Dined Iowa and Michigan that Stakes winner also will be en- --. l
S DANNY KAYE sVlarring i Paam- oaBt's "WHITE CHRISTMAS L way, stopping goal line drives, tered in the $100,000 Widener or lIM
Filmed in Viei ision-Coloor by Technleolor. The Buckeyes aren't particu- Handicap at HLaleah, Feb. 19.

For the man who has everything!'

ona T A selected assortment
Chancy, J Safet. y Razor -- for all Budgets... -
dislike to accept things in such
others aids in the struggle to (States price 515.00 Nylon Cord......... $33.50
-- Bits of bad luck that struck at plus tax)
not cne but two other players a *...-... *6s '9
presented me with my c'bance to D-'cron .... ......... $39.50
i --.t* -.-." -break into the American League.
'' In 1924 with London of baebMlli-o Blades last years and years... made of and best of all ou don't need money...
gan-Ontario League and in the
latter part of that year was called Ifinest Sheffield Steel hollow ground like
up by the Detroit club. I played~ a Barber's Razor a
only five games, but got six hits
in 11 trips for a .545 average.Comes in handsome slim case
It was Toronto in 1925, when C j "Ca I/
T~W T rr...TrWIRL rr*. [I batted .325 in 155 International perfect for travelling .i

League games and again was | And remember Commsreu as
B*ND IT...OUL IT... vpr'-'4 up bv the Tigers in time Automatic mechanism for shaving r't Accounts is already operation i
n'~ RVUN. NEW 59W? COLA CU get in eight games. I had three Con, o v-sr t o. r son ar
o R- N iT O LA ON hi.L, in J8 times at bat, not as good a Gives the shave you want opposite RaMlroad stints, a
A.,, .'tA* c -3.Sam~i~f f fanam^^^k~j' aaa na,- .-M. *tt^ 'as the first time up, but obviously Just Sign Your Ne.
ESI "P u r 'a-a s mam i Iswas riding the bench under thousands of shaves in a Rolls Razor Blade
n 1? ,w m -i mVf Co, b_?.^ ^g with r l ,t[ GVn LeuTuryouCby in rappW t F
S., basn. O'ourke he to ome OPEN 'TIL 9 P .M.
,- down with medsles to give me an I 9 P.M.
S, opportunity to move into the
S gained at second b-ase as
;0 t w or only a a t 19. by a Mor-t w apatete rep ac 1927 by ebrge Mor-
14 *h awl i Hsed Nll heat ohumdi' i. wit iarty, however, and tht new man- a o sag o
. '- The Van u" C.nt" shirt is available er made a tra e for Second
s' art Vat Hen ,rigsi. inla cr tyl Baseman ely Manus That MA '
S JAUnderhig tnt1 pNon Van man Jn shirts 0S* $ s tw uBut at the e&i 4ithe season, N.. Station SalveS
Sas mowy wriBn a. .wrasie !wlminoyl ah hMcvMnus suffered a bad spike at=5
-. '- wound andI ~ amd myself
.l.m tO- i t ne, ts time to s No. o sCttrai Ave. No. I Ti 1 A -
N "~ XNT: B.arne y s.


- 1,~ ft- A -

- E : '

/* I'-


* ~-:t .rc .~i', r;r->':

I.--. Y.4w-r*

* ".




(UP)-Attorney Harold C. Rains ThIRTIETH YEAR PANAMA,
,l. asked the Arkansas Supreme ----
Cotilt today to disbar him per-
manently for making a drunken
a&ctck- in court on a chancery T o
Ghancellor C. M. Wofford had T
Cbitlained to the state bar rules
committee that Rains, of Van
language toward him and had E
The states brief said Rains estioned
had been too drunk in one caseQ
---tnAf" ie a pn,_R

to properly aefenu 1j1 his,,i,, T
man e described as "not worth WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 (UP) men.
a e described as "not worth Sen. Estes Kefauver demand.. .Kefauver, a member of the
a damn. ed today that the administration Senate Armed Services Commit-
A rter's recoTrd of the justify its decision to slash the tee, warned that the DemocratsI
last June 10,r's re ihowf thed ntaion's armed forces by 403,000 will make a searching analysis t
of tr ade l asked Rains, men in the next 18 months. of the cuts in the new Congress.
laae you been drinking this "I don't see anything in the He said he hopes reductions can
A a o ngI" troubled world picture to war- be justified but he expressed
"If the court please, that is rant a cut at this time" said the doubts.
none of your business," Rains Tennessee Democrat. "I hope "Much as the administration
rpnone of your buedess, the administration isn't reducing many want to balance the budg-
Wofford ordered the bailiff to our military strength merely to et, he said, "this isn't a valid
ail, on the sheriff balance the budget." reason for impairing the nation's
WVes; go get him and get him Defense Secretary Charles E. military strength. It is up to Mr.
Uck, the attorney told the Wilson announced the sweeping Wilson to prov se are not
jige "I have had everything manpower cut late yesterday. He budgetary cuts."
out: you I can take. You are said Presidnt Eisenhower per- Wilson said the manpower re-
l- asking. me in front of sonally ordered it because of the duction will mean a saving of a
p f if I am drinking." diminished threat of war and a few hundred million dollars be-
t^lus then tried to pull the. need for more emphasis on air tween now and next July and a.
iugi, "rom his chair He wasl power and continental defenses. bout $625,000,000 In the follow-
al.nor 30 day s and" fined $501 As a result of the decision., In 12 months.
Tor tempt of court. Wilson said monthly draft calls The Secretary admitted the
Ior will be slashed from the present cuts were ordered only recently,
l-te. petition for his own dis- 28,000 to 10,000 or 11,000 begin- while the defense department
tbarjat, Rains admitted he ning in February and continuing was drawing up its 1955 budget.
used"disrespectful and intern- at least through next June. But he told newsmen Mr. Eisen-
prat'language in talking to the The First Marine Division will shower made the 'sound decision
cofF and said it"culminated be returned from Korea to the after a careful review of the
in..:hysical assault upon the west coast in the near future and facts and, e said the President
co committed in a fit of will be replaced by an Army di- js in "a better position to udge
tEr' vision now stationed in Japan. than any man in this world."
T_________here are 3.218,000 men and It was reported on reliable au-
women in the armed services as thoritv, however, that Gen. Mat-
lobal Balboa of now. Under the new cutback thew B. Aidgwav' Army Chief of
plan, the total will be total w trimmed Staff, vigorously opposed the
SWi to 2.940.000 by next June 30 and cutbacks. And there is specula-
P Offices Will to 2.815,000 by mld-1956.. This tion he will speak out when the
marks a major speedup. Until issue goes before Congress.
miApn De 1 recently, the plan was not to hlt In discussing the manpower
"'"Opf nDoc. 24 the 2,815.000 goal until mid-1957. cut Wilson Indicated there will

S and Balboa will remain Army with the Navy and Ma-

C elos o at noon, It has
thb Dz t ectgrCapt., Mrs. Fprl f ,, 33ft

handle incoming d In Coco Solo HoP.
w mall remain openub service NEW YORK. Dec. 21 (UIP)-
sta will remained ordern for After. Ha Injry Four stories toklay dominated g
ttstamp money orders and Mrs. R o world choices of the ten biggest r
.A1 Caal lneptffic wil Captain and Mrs. Roy Fort of news stories of 1954 as selected
be closed Chripost offias Day withno Crist6bal, the PanamA Canal by editors of the United Press. 1
Wobe closed Christmas Day post pilot andhis wife who were in- The were: a
officer ilts and no servi jured n an automobile accident Peace in Indochina, includ-
p.ion train. The usual in Port-au-Prince Dec. 13. were ing the Geneva conference and t
ose d r is a wi n hostbrought to panamnI yesterday fall of Dien Bien Phu.

tndaiy work scneuui wi D uo u-
Mrved Dec. 26.
S A1d pout offices and units will
se after 'the first four hours
" of the normal work day Dec. 31.
T. e usual week-end schedule
will be observed at all Canal
Lone post offices over the New
tar's holiday and the day fol-

Ir ftotions Being
[ ued To Showing
Q -.The Egyptian'
S.-pecilal invitations are being
Issued to government officials
pViate individuals, to the press
n d radio prel iere of 20th Cen-
tj y Fox's CinemaScope super-
dwuction. "The Egyptian,"
'm dfty evening at the Bella
& Yt*" Theater.
The special Invitation, issued
t;: y by 20th Century and the
l BlIIa.ylsta Theater, Is In ob-
Sawvr of the first anniversary
t U1 introduction of Cinema-
pe in Panama and Central

* 7'- 4

Mi *

morning by U.9. Navy plane and
are now in Coco Solo Hospital
where their condition was re-
ported as falr.
The injured couple were
brought to the Isthmus from the
Guantanamo Navy Hospital at
Guanttnamo Bay, Cuba where
they had been transferred late
last week from Haiti by U. S.
Na v y plane through arrange-
ments made by the United
States Embassy.
Fort reportedly suffered a
broken right hip, with disloca-
tion and a broken right knee
and left shoulder. Mrs. Fort's left
leg was roken above the ankle.
The accident occurred while
the couple were riding back to
the SS Crist6bal after a day of
sightseeing in the mountains
near Port-au-Prince. They were
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Degan, of Margarita,
whose injuries were less serious
and who were able to continue
to CrLst6bal aboard the ship.
Captain and Mrs. Fort were
first threatened at the American
Pavillion of the Port-au-Prince

2. The European accords Riv-
Inre West Germany sovereignty.
3. Democratic Party victories
in the November United States
4. Atomic developments. In-
cludinz Bikini a-bomb tests and
subsequent radioactivity injury
stories, and U.N. adoption of
President Eisenhower's atoms
for peace plan.
These stories did not rank In
this order on any individual lists
as compiled from Europe. South
America, and the Far East, but
were common to all. The Indo-
china stories ranked first In Eu-
ropean and Far Eastern selec-
tions, third in the United States,
fifth in Latin America.
There was considerable varia-
tion in remaining choices.
For comnarlson, the complete
selections from the U.S., Europe,
the Far. East and South America
1. The Army-McCarthy hear-
ings and the subsequent con-
demnation of the Wisconsin sen-
ator by his colleagues.


'. :-<
(NUA Telf.oa
9fl Ten-year-old Rosemary 'Veckert (center) of
W I fotrJieasMa TV show -in New Xork as the grandrle wit,
: U% tr6Buw C Co.ionsotest.. tJ acfke
Lu w t0. o m dly atads etwen tttw-
Laa EU pel*lte BA #it r ott. chrtwor of the w"tU
, .. .. -, ._9- .M ^ v. -. O "I" "-
,S,' ,. .^ .% [:, -"- -. -* "- i ,> *^-.. -
.^d^.^^.^^-.^.^.-^: Pi'SA ^~c

, B. P., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1954


Cu Armed Forces

By Estes Kefauver

buying, spending or requests for said, however there is a possl-
appropriations, ability some of the divisions and
But he also Indicated there ships will be kept active but
may be a reduction in the num- below strength.
ber of Army divisions and the He made it clear he does not
number of ships in the fleet. He believe the cuts will endanger
------------ ~America's basic ability either to
..... defend itself or to help keep the
w,! Peace.

Dared To Duel-

Witlh Paint Brush

WAITING At Cleveland, Dr.
Samuel Sheppard bites his
lower lip as he is returned to
his cell after his murder trial
jury was dismissed for lunch.

SGEISTOWN, Pa., Dec. 21 (UP)
President Elsenhower and
British Prime Minister Winston
Churchill have been challenged
| to duel one another-with paint
The Highlander Press, a week-
ly, today suggested the duel be-
tween the world's two foremost
Amateur painters to raise funds
for charity.
The paper said reciprocal por-
traits by the leaders would be a
surefire attraction for a world
tour and the money could be
channeled into charities named
by the two artists.
The proposal, entitled Sic Itur
Ad Astra Such is the Way to Im-
mortality, was given a full-page
spread, and copies were mailed
to the President and the Prime

democraticc Party Win

Top Stories Of 1954

and first victim's death.
5. The rise of Pierre Mendes-
6. The failure of the Berlin
7. Rome's Montesi "scandal of
the century."
8. Spring floods In Germany,
Austria and Italy.
9. Democratic victory In mid-
term U.S. elections.
10. The Guatemalan revolu-

1. Indochina armistice signed
at Geneva.
2. Signing of European trea-
ties making West German sover-
eign and member of NATO.
3. Democrats win U.S. Senate
and House.
4. H-bomb tests at Bikini and
subsequent storm over tests'
danger to human, and marine
5. Air clashes along Chinese
and Soviet coasts.
6. Communist China's renewed
threats on Formosa and other
Nationalist islands.
7. Fall of Dien Blen Phu.
8. SEATO agreement signed in
9. Attlee. Nehru visits to Pel-
pine and worldwide debate on
relations with China.
10. Queen Elizabeth's tour.

1. European accords give Ger-
many sovereignty.
2. Italy and Yugoslavia agree
on Trieste.
3. Democrats grab House and
Senate in elections.
4. Siege and fall of Dien Blen
5. Indochinese armistice.
6. Radioactivity panic in Jap-

7. Invasion of Guatemala and
fall of Arbenz.
8. President Vargas of Brazil
commits suicide.
9. McCarthy V. Army and V.
10. Pope's further Illness.

2. The shooting of five Con-I
;ressmen in the House of Rep-
3. Peace in Indochina, Includ-
ng the fall of Dien Blen Phu
and the Geneva conference.
4. Democrats win control of
he House and Senate in the off-
year elections.

5. Supreme Court outlaws seg-
regation of Negroes in nation's
6. Nine-power London pact
gives sovereignty and arms to
Western Germapy.
7. Atomic developments., n-
cluding adoption of President
Elsenhower's atoms for peace
plan by 'United Nations General
Assembly, H-bomb tests in the
Pacific and resulting radioactive
inivries to far-distant fisher-
8 Communist toe-hold in Gua-
temala, first in Western Hemi-
sphere, defeated.
9. Roger Bannister breaks the
four-minute mile.
10. Trial of Dr. Samuel Snep-
pard for murder of his wife.
Other big stories of the year
Included: Illness of Pope Pius
XII: suicide of President Vargas
of Brazil; exposure of corruption
In Phenix City. Ala.; three hur-
ricanes on the East Coast: air-
olane crash of author Ernest
Hemingway in Africa: explosions
on carrier Bennington kill 99:
Giants win World Series in four
straight from Cleveland Indians:
suspension of Dr. Oppenheimer
for security reasons; settlement
of .the Trieste question: con-
gressional Investigation of scan-
dals in the housing administra-
tion; death of Emilie Dionne of
the famous quintuplets: and
Robert Young's successful fight
for control of the New York
Central Railroad System.

1. The Geneva Conference, the
Indochina truce, and battle of
Dien Bien Phu.
2. Conclusion of the London
and Paris agreements on Ger-
man rearmament.
3. Death of the EDC at the
hand of French Assembly.
4. Hydrogen bomb explosions

Sb6PPIN& o dome? Sewag baud.i
wi~n ll gda e? i *tmi' &J
wre fmrw wits ghe? 5 "IF, I^
0-..wm ye' going? inoil
fItree? a. i y

i ..

LOOKING over one of the hundreds of toys co llected through the efforts of the new fo ed
Armed Forces Ladles Club are (left to rfh lc the hr og eforts of the niwdn,f a
Dorothy Brlckman; Major Gen. Lionel C. MoGa rrOman8n g noral, U.S m Craribbn,
and Mrs. Velta C. Sharp, honorary secreytasryr euer.e (U. Army lh
(U.S. Aryv.ift

Voluptuous Fraulein l

Gels Prison For Clothing, Foo

Ludng US Secres For 17,000 N
BERLIN,- Dec. 21 (UP) -A
United states high commission
the U.S. officials who whispered Gift giving, always seems to
fraulein guilty of plyihg both hove been a part of Christmas
"beauty and brains" to wheedle since the Three Wfse Men
secrets from American IntelU- brought their gifts to lay beside
gence officers and sentenced her the small offerings of the shop-
o five years Imprisonment as a herds. The art ot giving, since
spy for the Soviets, then, has always appeared to
Tears streamed down 24-year. work both ways with the giver
old Irmgard Mar garethe receiving as, much or more -
Schmdt's softly sculptured face satisfaction than the rddelter.
and sobs shook the shapely body Some poor and unfortitte all
that attracted the caresses of over the world will not hhve as
court today found a voluptuous merry a Christmas this year as
the secrets she admitted passing they could have but local peo-
across the Iron Curtain to the ple. like the Wise men. are-v-
Russians. Ing what they can so that'It will
Irmgard pleaded guilty to two be a happier ol4tU_ r for.'d
f the charges against er. he who might not otberwe have
admitted she was a modern day one.
Mata Harl who plucked her se-
crets from the cocktail parties There are about 168 nstitutions
and high life of this quartered in the Rpubl-c .i O. PJaflmk
city and from American offiern whlh are vtdl .l-fhtn
secreted behind weUl-umrded food' ftdr th rph.Wed a(d-
walls. titute children and lot tat-
U.S. High Cosmmlslon Jap4e ed men and women. The A, my
Ambrose Fuller stonily disre- and Navy ladies are providing
garded her plea for pity. She for 13 of these inAttutions,
claimed she was blackmailed In order to bring a little more
by those Russians who forced joy to these persons on Christ-
her to close her weighty books mas, several ladies' clubs from
on moral philosophy and glit- the Army and Navy posts in the
ter in Berlin's nightlife until Canal Zone jned together un-
dawn. der the leadership o$ Mrs. C. V.
Sobbing she said the Rusians Britton, club president; Miss
forced her from the studious life Dor o t h y Brickman, honorary
over which she had lingered in- president; Mrs. Allan Bozarth,
to espionage by arresting in head of the club's charity cor-
communist Eastern Germany the mittee; and Mrs. Velta C. harp,
German man she truly loved, honorary secretary and treas-
But Fuller found her guilty of urer.
two of the three espionage The organization, with the full
charges against her. He sentenc- personal support of Maj. Gen.
ed her to five years imprison- Lionel C. McGarr, commanding
ment on each charge but direct- general, U. S. Army Caribbean,
ed the sentences should run con- has been staging an intensive
currently, house to house campaign in
Beauteous Irmgard strode in- which large amounts of toys,
to the court with the same stat- clothing, and other itens were
uesque stride that stunned al- collected for the underprivileged.
lied diplomats, generals and se- Their efforts have paid off
cret men at every high social in a collection of funds, cloth-
event she attended in Berlin. Ing, food and toys that has as-
She pleaded guilt to the two sured approximately 1700 un-
charges. She said the Rusians f o r t unate Panamaniaps a
forced her to spy by arresting Merry Christma.
and then offering to free e x- Children from seven opWhaRl-
change for the secrets she kth- ages have been Invited t&o.enjo
ered the lover identified ol 5 Christmas dinner stAmy7 posts
Herr Bausche. where they will also. rtekef ad-
ditional gifts purchase *from
US Denies Chdrge .ervemen''ng, 0
n i gift packages of fow. and- ruits
Operation Focut' 11 "be distributed 26 eeps
mp n c*i and trucks to destte milies
Campi Ign Incti ing Panama Oi .ad Coln.
WASHINGTON, bee. 21 (UP) In addition. Army firemen
The United States today of 'the Pa Mthe 538th
sharply rejected Communist Engineer re Figters. spent
Hungary's protest against '"Op. much of their- spare time col-
oration Focus," the ballpon leaf- lecting and repairi-g toys for
let campaign by two -private A- needy- children. Then, they
merican organizations,. transported them to their work-
The State Department hand- shop and hammered, sawed and
ed the Hungarian government a painted them-turning out toys
note denying charges that the like new to gladden the heart of
leaflets dropped on Hungarian some young ter.
soil were "Inciting." "slander- The toys lnd clothing-contri-
leaflets merely told th Hunga- buted by military peroannetL
ous" and "seditious." It said the their dependents and rqtients
rian people to get the rights of Army and Navy posts ti the
they had been promised. Canal Zone will be given to. t0
"Operation Focus" was launch- following need y instlutotos,,
ed last October by Crusade for sponsored by their respective
freedom and Radio Free Europe. clubs: Bella Vista Cldten'ls


d Provided

leedy In RP

Home; Fort Amador: ASIo de La
Ihtfanca( nag), Preventor
rio Naclonal de Pnonom (girl
home Fort Clayton: A e d,
Boilvar (home for aged), Centro
Vocaclonal j u s t 4 "Atosemena
(wayward boy), Santa illa
S(orphanrie); F Port Zpob.; Asilo
phauam ra, flora. '(girls .or.
Pa Hona delNoel an
nefto 0(boys Orahu?#eO Lepna
hjrvhrt. ulc 1 Akodi
si dar ePuetomfedn (heom
Sot aged); Curflndu: Hoga-del
Bt Pastor C(wayward.
ith Naval Dt Or
S Joae, Grace Mlthodat.ja.

`''In addition, Port avh will
Provide btas tsbe s W
hia doesntt idfniu "'4t
,.ilcslde. .
Included in the Ilt, otfUunt
prchaedfor the, vrlouanl.,
tu.tons are clothing,.Ss.r.l
sOcks, towels, sneakq., l
silverware, hom eiqula.ent ad
extrafd0d for Christmas-dtenr.

John A. Dove!,

Of Industrial Di,

Dies On Vacan
SJohn A. wrot at heltter
leadlngman with the in th Und r
Division. died suddenly la
Wednesday in C harlottes-
Va. He was 5g Years td.'Mr. Do.
vel had ieft Dec. 1i by plane-for
Word of his death was receiv.
A nat Balboaf henatndoh, Vay.
Mr. Dovel wrote withather huNavy

buand had dedW ofa cerebral
-emorrhage after fIttlles rof
ess than and hours, nt the Unt re
versity Hospital in Charlottes-

A native of Shenandoah,l Zone V.,
Ar. Dovel served with the Navy
during World War on. He hd
worked In New York Cite as
Mechoklyn as a steam fitter e-
itteran and superintendent 1ef48 re
comic toe p e Cana z one in

Herve was first mple.ed by the
cans. sm orgauImtlz -tis a gri_-
In additioeman with the IItel
Unuineering DWlton. ,143
survive feared to.n, tJohn-. hn
Mechanical Dlvisioa; asa a'jo-
jitter and in 1U As b&rot'
to the position of p) er
leadtngman. All .. hisS wil
service was or-the al bAZA1
In-addition to hs wIfe-V.I is
survived by a emn, J~1n,. Wi is
employed by the Gefiera tPlAc-
trie COmpany in Schietady,
N.Y. and two dLuftrs, aon
a ,nurse In M cGuIte Hol t0'in
Richmond,, a., ad ,Pa2awho
has been attindlnd Lonwood
Collep'in Farmvle Va. *.


I o


=6r*4j^__"m bicloat 1.41%0*
mv-msU-wrhe d^^l bIt
> 'te ^^tn-thebs,%bt'


/tt (l

4 I.1

*- .A.



Lawyer Asks

For His Own


~ I.,


Panama nrican
"'Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


/r'~-~ u r iif i-- ii i L Rwifl

C. 'iii

i .

I* I

..m=l=mm.lmm m+



........ .L-...'

- NIL. e ; -? ? ....


,_ .



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