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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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* ...."-- .

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tA .-.3r .' rte ....... -ad ......""... -' :.,. 4.-.
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Si Non'-NATO

.. : i .. -e. ,

t thiaoteto
ik-thb-*l tho
.:-, .- th

I M~pW

aUmiuW.I rwqwT nus-
sia lod 4e a official protest
with. the U.V. StW* Depart'
neMt. pusmaby ever state-
mtnts.W Air re Brig. Gen.
John D. Stevenson (above)
that the U.; stands ready to
Launch almost. Inntaneous
atomic bomb attacks from
Great Brtain. Russla.lso reg-
latered a prote4awith Britain
on the matter.

Major .War

" ''T ....,l j i
1. -J :

s Doctors Approve

hadcast On Christmas;

based With Progress
.- ... .'
CAN CITY, Dec. i) in three weeks f
Pope Plus -Nl wl brif walk In the
Ra to the wol- beth W ecaslous h
as day and follow this bndled in a woo
wait fn appearance at his bed- wool robes. He w
room window overlooking. St chair from his
PeteR, Square, Vatican sources elevator and assta
aid- today.. Saturday, and
he ltft. t.h mr In

_ broadcast will be recorded
In ; ance and transmittedh
before the i78-3et.-oli
onfgoes to his fouilftfC
.Whew high above those who
M oj iarlly crowd the sqUse for
a pse of the Pope. ,
hope's doctors webe an-
C to have given'hinm a
d this morning for the
sUt and appearancVatl-
Cr orte1 earS he
dol well: last night altfugh
fered a mild recurreni of
easHer i 't
doctors were report
Pleased with the d eadu
If W, Improvemnet he h
hfti;, in the past few days dur,
.he tookA wal
ampb at he re-
AMa k. h ea nd .mrlaty

the gardens and i
doctors in attend
boat 10 minutes ii

or htid Initial
arde. On
r was warmly
1 top*at'over
ttSWin a
to the
ted toNlsecar.
ao ic Sunday.
the.middle of
With 00lofh
inqe walked a-
a the open air.

Vatican sources said thb Pope
experienced a brief attack of
b _hieps when he returned to his
bedho m. But the disturbance
ch has plagued hln for 11
months was of very minor char-
acter and quickly passed away,
the sources said.

Divers R I Ver
GIW' BShy From
Lreck Alt IdeHN
MBW T6MK, DO. (UP) -.
vy divers recvern the body
S young, girl from the w k-
l af Ina TtiM Aslwrla- thfm

(NEA Radio Telephoto)
Pripe Minister Sir W I n s t o n
Churchill leaves 10 Downing
Street, London, cloaked, uni-
formed and weartin the medal
ote qrder pt the Garter.

Sen L M

Dulles Reti


Will Be CI

.. : ..'q, ",

Surns -
[ .1< '-f- .
.. ..,

I --*' :'-" '


WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 (UP) This w ee :
a supremely critical six months period for
and for the United States. ',.
Unless the London-Paris agreements to stf w
ern defenses are ratified within that six modt per
is believed likely that they will fail altogether M.idfld
might be called a dead-line for hope of ratifiicotio,, -
Under these anxious 'circumstances, but confJilen
that the first big hurdle toward acceptance of the -:A
ments will be cleared this week, Secretary of Statfeh
Foster Dulles returned today from Paris. ,
..4 ",

Dulles left Paris last night well
pleased,with the series of West-
ern alliance conferences which
he attended. His bets arU down
France will jam through 'the
that Premier Pierre. Mendes-
French Asembly this week a ra-
tification, of the fateful agree-
Phat wM lntd k a mat reverse

this week. The United Pg
ported in Paris dispatched
"Dulles left Mendes-'J
two powerful trump o.
play In the shbwdown.,
One was a letter agsieb
that Dalles had rNfm
to President Rlsexhower
the Presididi

S. fg orn. w ranwnuy,,o tro ywn
06 sn DI -a "II. 5 MA tor of Th a fents wte Mos- Britat, wo d guaranty
9trthfrn tr wTI assume the a"Neue whiobje b asic te d)o"h dg um
r ...on 1 ty urW
MI 61Khfor a" 3ill. .U d states pol would quested."
SW for 28m ethe. D Soierepty for West Ger- ..
but-. iilt's f-'.eof.occutepatontsi oi.the big three" .
pt nr srrm. t that the i the Ma an end to th
a ccp i5"t curi tN yo h s aa sin 4 pressurem from Red Chi. Rearmamt o West -
t A an- ey foudd the body of a-many as a member of and-- ,
o g ontJbl,6-he *M, but a to be about 1l years ____ der control of the North Atlan-
Ote one. nl a u t to nine th i tic Treaty Organlsation.
real da -teCe asserted. brout to nine te i ize Winnrs empor s settlement of
Sthe Alli i ti e desire n U of les recovered The the Franco-German disp ute
sMieve peace kin rS Il tMM I,t.l tx .surrivers ad f or' over control of the coal-rich | *
face ofM CoSnMm in Satir" W crash Saar basin, looking f ard ulti- lm
yaw LONDO N. o D.Y. The, -hr Announced m t peri'""
L _increase the.dem*k.. do ff.alanding-- d off a ng-llhtIt-ThurChI Announced mate p..ertnent_ _ettle Out. )
i tte moin tht Is paid gon other than th atr gt tried for the fourth Wof the St Mary's prevent rearmament of W t PIS, Dec. )
he h 55. Qilere Sturdents Nations a'to d OtndIloess national Airport In a rainstorm, noun ,KYesterday with Mrs last week that ratification of the I eePe. p *
Wkhb Jotry be swapped floMinistr of & eod, Rse Of Qters t2 l rearmament agreement woUld dal, a to
a trY be sapped for M r ofa Lord Readin of the survivors were of Albr Air Fors Base takin annul the 1944 Frc-RuSi r
think weakness invites war." That, ading was all nLt atJoseph's Hospital. firtp a 1954 Chevrolet treaty in which each promise tOmveto de
said "wTahbestca oThatLadin. said, .I One w94 In a critical condition 8edin. aid the o t h e r azalz 4t attack. Francesebate
d. "The beat chance of that Anthony Nutting, Britain's t were in poor condition Jacque Epually of alboa Moscow insists, further, that ra- armin
n of war is maintain- delebrat to the United Nations, burns nd shock won second pri, a Cuhmn tfcationwould bar any sub- e t

-..J ex-W Psreng nd moid In a recent television inter- Anomer ivor motooter, And Major M "M W--.,
oo hosptalized survor motor ssorte on thrdo A TM.
rdr. M -I thme Communists) on view in the ted States. was as in fairly Wells of ARCARIB, won third seeking world peace.
rl d Wa and of stretch Pr this Reading's statement was mad c a Norwegian Deco price, Mnds however,
r.nHto it; is [ a wnar policy wIIwch I am House of Lords by Socialist Lord ot o were well enough to go ei on bers drawn nt Sn- he will re h and win the battle
S 5ing. Henderson da's na lottery drawing. of ratify cation In the assembly

aga te tg ce saIn the courl R. t .he Ls *---w---
CWurc I Wagnerd .a removed eas tt a *f a
t gat rpresena. Electric l cen y t'Lons
of tIst lon No. 37 bye president-
.. lt ha' _leyL He was appointedd by'.
a new, sh n *ew- aed tofe i epresentthl or- MEADER G. PATINGTON ton, Can.da, was two doses bot- Lt mone other theft has a
g:n sueI, Was YOR des of castor oil. glo. of ready-made suspects.
S. elected to succeed himself a ORK, Dec. 20 (ZA) Another burglar at I tIh el, A was burglarized of two .
"'a .e- s. Service president for another year. ,*wacky events in the larceny Conn., entered a doctor's office, men'p sits. a $150 camera and "
e~ pt deer Only oeretarry Hatchett and a sh 14 was .a vIntar year. lpored a safe and valuable drugf $45 h cash. The place: Toyotoma
.our t .s .. Frieher were re-elect- r6evyes, burglars stadck- but took two books, "Childbirth Prison.
wbl b1y t -e*t oppoBUon. Both rse uurtists acted out zany plots Without Fear," aend "Obstetrical A mua at Atlantic City, N. J., ..
r. Seentatives from theTach- .e 0 1i.t have Martin an Lewis TeChniques." released after serving a car theft --*-
M rson aW le w adding of plagiarism. Thieves who might be movie seuteaa, stole a 1949 Lincoln,
'D5e ; V. r. Ratuetts b seafrved o.. .. fans stole king-se bag of pop- ibandoued same rfor a '53 Cadil-
I an a e e than a ears in tihen alibi list, fortstan could corn-four feet high and two feet lac. drove to Pennsylvania and
t 1 as se N Ineretary beenwritten by. a Tv a round-from a plant at Missoula switched to a '54 Mercury. After
r o t ettyiiSwell. ta At Los Angeles. 4-Mont. his arrest, he told officials. "A new
wh 11- hs1d6 & *ftwelt t en burglar who forced his Crooks are getting stronger. amomeo always fascinates me."
thel 'ke Rim i ota o oetor's e eee seems, for stolen at Houstco, Tex., Aater thief at Merced, Calif., //
MS capture thatea Was were 20 lead. balls, weighing 150 made 'Of with a station ws |*
ooat" M bedemollehedW In .rdueg p.-!a In M ds eaeb. Other miwil d y frtomt a local mortuary, but

offl_ Atoaa te aWatkins, aColo. t O b o
- 1 .-..***SS *e-' Ir a ft".. e:youths surrounded by hac. and te up his hands. 0
saws, aid wrenches and nabbed \ Aid in San Bernardino, Calif.,
odeOof ..A, Or. 0ton n a.-. w h_ h e, : w, -r- e om thie.ien he eep.ained,-toDuQon. D ...,. _.d '.d ,
P W on dAJAlong a doala the man's not s
.6_;. W-_If '_ v& Twos .un.a of i wt ..
Z6p h who .0d "-^ pf noy' he = g, a- in Chicagof ndwithI.$
tM i-,- o ird bby-dtte with At Denver, a e.ty .et.ctI
Ts)fdir? s n ft rhe turned then twice had hs lcense ata
SAe w wer of!$Mincashsand--*andtwice OWetI
uA. at JAW aas 1h samai cam,
.' -.f.ets a woman, kissed w
-' V I 'ou nra sot nest.-at".-h"YouarAIieima

rtwaefl sate WI '
IL. nm-,. .

: g.;": --:- ,..
- .-
'..-"- ; .' i.. '- :

''''ar.. .t -
-. .* -~ ~tA.
-. ~.1 cr..

i In It vital
I .tthe Indeosign
than to vote
bown-faodf the
wreck the .whole
lane. -


-.* ---'~'.2.-.-a ~Aa
~.~iLt? :zt2:~)r>4~t. -



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I _~~~___ ~ ~


- -';- "'-.- ",.'"i


I ,

.. 4.'





** :" 1 .. '

.. .';- ., ,
. .. .MA*3A AMERICAI9 2 AN .' $ ..


*7. I 1 nRRaT P 0 BOX 134. PANAIA. R. OF P.
T(ILPHONI PANAMA No. --0740 fS l IM1M)
145 MADISON Avg NEW YORK. f171 N.*.
1n NTo IN ADVANCE S i.70 ,
" so OLMT"@. PN ADVANC .0. *** **1
AR. IN ADVANCE 3.B9 24.0




'I oi M Bol ex is an open foreit for readers of The Panama American.
letters a: received gratefully and ore handled is a wholly confidential

you cotribute a letter don't be Impatient If it doesn't
(. Letters are published In the order received.
ame try e keep the letters limited to one page length.
elonty 9t1tmer writer Is hold in strictest confidence.
noppe r *umes no responsibility for statements
Sin letter from e edesn.


appear the

es opinions

ar -Every night over CFN I hear the radio announcer, an Amer-
tan- elizn, other Americans and the whole world what a great
cottitry-we have, how superb, wonderful, flawless, etc., and what
a reat people we are. I don't get it. To me its just plain brag-
r ,rd vr o rr-r '-nners. To us Americans, we kpow we have
feat country and its no need to tell us, so let's keep it to our-
selves and not brag all over the world about it.'
If we rated Panama. Peru. or Persia, or vice versa. that
wouln be correct and in food taste. Bragging about oneself or
his Suntrv so that outside people can hear it only leads that
otheT erson or nation to hold you or your country in disgust as
a br5rart.
a'ree that we have a great country, and a Eood Constitu-
tion and "quite a few good people in the country, but we also
hove plenty of stir-ers up there too. The trouble is, all the rert
of tl'e nations krow more about us than we do, as they are not
taken In by propaganda.
I believe the radio announcer is probably just a kid that don't
know any better. I hope he is not ordered to make such speeches.

-Plenty Old

n n
.. Answer to Preyloui Puzzle

5 Wirtlwinds
.SU (lw)
."Ports7 times
1 alot 8IHope' kiln
9 Retinue
nges 10 Gambling
ded I Walking stick 26 Promontory 42 Tidy
notices IhRoad (ab.) 28 Military 43 Girl's nair.e
ws3iM 20 Most rational assistant 45 Youths
w S Ia21 Click-beetle 29 Equal 46 Let it stand
wS 2 a Reiterate 30 Strays 47 Scatters
E 23 Divests 38 Notion- 40 Auricle
24 Fish 39 Six (Roman) SOCornish town
hi. It has an 40 Redact (prefx)
o se91 ,55 41 Pewter coins 53 Low haunt
I to square miles of Thailand 53 Compass point
d tae


se- 80t 1t Good for-fh Ea*nt?

/",7 ''-; H y 'S .

7/ *-o./ s

_ ...

---- --- --

Labor Nerci

And .. .


Georgi Malenkov, a prominent ,
Soviet statesman and champion c
co-existence, recently converged
with Britahfis Lord Colraine. Be-
fore they got, iato this still un-
reported talk, Comrade Malenkov
had made syeral cp c tp j to
l..stein cfvijZatSon. e h bn .
doned his Russian-type bIon" for
a routine business sut, well
ored. And he had pe* a
the dooi for his visitor 1na ct -'
sitting Stalin-like behind a big desk
at tne other end of the long JCrem-
lin office.
In the course of the talk, the
ratner sage Lord Colraine, who had
been a U.S. newspaperman for two
years, asked Malenkov why, If he
was so filled with the sweetness of
co-existence, Moscow didn't dis.-
mantle the Cominfurm. MalenkWc's
feelings seemed hurt; The Comin-
form the Ruszian replied, was
merely an "information bureau"
dispensing material on communism j
to those who want it, just as we
dispense information on capitalisman.
'that's all the Cominform did, said
the number one comrade.
.ie gentle p-er from Britain was
in no position to push the subject.
I've just come cross-coantry and
I've the impression that the Com-
inform is also decidedly interested
in accumulating special types of h
information. The Cominform seems
to have a penchant for having its
followers in certain areas were
vital information can be gathered
--on such bagatelles as atomic
pumps, atomic motors, sky plat-
fcrms, rockets to the moon and
Mars, etc., etc.
In Los Angeles last week, the
CIO's Jim Carey reported that the
pro-Soviet United Electrical Work-
ers Union has bargaining rights in
17 plants ad shops in Ca lifornia
alone. And that "At least five of
quite recently worked cn govern- I
meant contracts. These are the Gen-
eral Electric plants Ja Ontario and
s'ranr'..o, Westinghouse plants
in Sunnyvale and Emeryvlle, and
.....e Curp. in Emery- WASHINGTON (NEA) Ap-
..' Carey also stated that the locations for tickets to the first
U. E. holds bargaining rights in a football game between Notre
number of other California plants Dame and the new U. S. Air Force
that doubtlebs wculd receive de- Academy, to be opened next July
tense contracts in any el ergency. at the Lcwry.Air Force base near
The UE has concentrated a sub- Colorado Springs, Colo., are al-
stantial number of its pro-Commu- ready pouring in.
nist staff members in California, Just when this game will be
Carey said. played, nobody knows, nor where.
This is a serious matter. Here 1it But the mere prospect of a three-
how this union is cisracterizcd inicornered rivalry between West
an old report made by a speclal Point, Annapolis and "Lowry," or
subcommittee ,of the Rousi Com- Colorado Springs, or whatever
mittee on Education and Labor: they call it has whetted the inter.
"The hold of the Communists on eat of sports fans. And the three
America's electrical industry is the service schools themselves are ex-
hold of Soviet .Rtsia It s comn- pected to carry on the traditional
munism in acal.0 w is not rivalry of the two against N(ore
'un historical dl .i AlJ s a pres-i Dema=

servative candidate. This explainr
why Knowland declined comnt
recently as to whether Ike s ld
be drafted.
Or, if Ike does try for a second
term, he may be forced to chehs
a conservative ni cate-r
the sake fpartharol ei
their ce andat i THM
to be te most kvaU'bl 4 h e.
Vice Presaldet Nixon, asmt-
to the Eisenhower kite, obhlied
to go in tile same diejtn aN18 .
President. Nixon does his be t
determine the d d eAtios a idd
he ePesdent. Fr=b e tlhe -s.
wad He who' "bt obths 4id
down the appease-Joe policy. ut,
once the policy is laid down, x-
on faithfully follows the EMen-
hower line. And once the SNts
Hfbse lined up positively agSit
McCarthy, no qne worked hat er
behind the scenes against McCar-
thy than Nixon.
. lowland's fribd- swear
Is t main reason the big owl-
iie majority leader voted forusc-
Carthy. It was Nixon, for example,
rbo bplpo edid e censure comnit-
'tee, Including its Senate chair
Utah Sen. Arthur atki A]
't .. "A .^


at of PR.R. Station

Also at our
"'0 Ave.. beslde
Paullj MarkUt.

1st pri-A thoroughbred
Sad prise-Luxurious, 14'
Oqtboard Motor BOAT.
Ask for .your numbered
ticket f1' this Raffle

in front of P.R.R, Station

Just Say:
Open till 9 p.m.

Ma t.c Tape Rocesr Model SRT-301.

j5 T pfa, M

dominates the United Electri.
cal Workers. It (the Communist
party) has seized control of its
(UE's) national office, the execu-
tive board, the paid staffthe union
newspapers and a number of its
district councils and locals," the
committee said.
The areas in which this union
and others in its Red bicod group
operate cells are too numerous to
mention. However, it can safely
be reported that this pro-Soviet
union, and the Communist party it-
self, have cells in such plants as
the Ingerscll-Rand installation
which has made pumps and com-
pressors for the atomic bomb ar-
senal at Oak Ridge and in several
key General Electric plants, which
are the very core of atomic and
electronic weapons of the future.
'maere are also Ccmmunist cells,
I am told, in Bethlehem Steel Corp.
areas where the party knows that
this big steel firm is studying such
items as package reactor plants
for small land-based electric power
stations or for distilling plants tol
provide fresh-water in remote re-
The presence of some of these
cells is no secrLt and has been
no secret-to security officers ev-
erywhere who try to head off the
Ccmmunlst operatives. But when a
firm tries to fire a Commie, there
are a thousand complications.
When a firm fires a Commie who
refuses to talk by taking the
Fifth Amendment on the witness
stand of a Federal hearing, the
firm finds itself tiod up in liti-
At the moment, we find that the
notorious UE, which I've described I
above, has been able to bring the'
General Electric Corp. into court
in an effort to prevent UE from
firing a score of those who took
the Fifth.
Since we have been unable to
solve this problem for so many
years, Malenkov can really prove
there is no Ccminform by simply
pulling out his boys himself. What
4o you say, Comrade Co-existence?


airs. Jones telephones Mrs.
Irown and tells her: "If you are
al6 to be Iome I'll stop -ty
aene time this aftemeon.' B.
Mws laI uable to d o

U-l for Mrs. Jones to show
ir.7, 69 what hour
9NH by a froto*.
!"IM!;. by" R nexpet*'i.-,i"^

Ias" uir ur nB ACa=uUy,
h no letic fun d no alumni
association. Si n e a government
funds cah't be used for interschool
competitoin, an athletic apsoela.
tiona has already been formed to
finance a sports program.
The Air Force cadets will choose
their own mascot, but Air Force
magazine says it's a sale bet that
either an eagle or a falcon wfll
be chosen.
Edgar H. Jixon of the now fa-
mous Dixon-Yates power combine,
tells cne about a man who got a
flat tire in front of an insane asy-
lum. While he was changing
wheels,- the lugs fell down -a grat-
ing over a sewer intake. As the
man stood around cussing and
wondering what to do, the head of
one of the institution's inmates ap-
peared at the grating and asked
what was wrcing?
When the car owaer told him,
the man from the insane asylum
said, "That's no problem. Take
one lug off each of the other three

business, but that it will be b-1.
sorbed gradually in the Inormal
growth of the industry. Wide, com. -
mercial use of atomic energy powi
er may be 10, 15 or even 20 years
away, he says. As these new atom-
ic energy units are built, they Imay
be used to replace worn-out seteam
"We're constantly junking 30
and 35-year-old steam plants," exe
plains Mr. Yates. As head of the
Southern Co., owner of Georgia
Power Alabama Powei Birming-
ham Gulf Pewer and. Mississippi
River Power Companies, Mr.
Yates directs the operations of .all
their plants. His theory is that the
new, more economic, atomic enei-
gr units will be used to replace
the high-cost. noneconomic units,
rather than to outmode and re.
place the more 'modern units dur.
ing their, useful life.
Dr. Robert" C. Cook, director .of
the Population Reference Bureau
of Washington; has come up with

Made in t
West Zor



85-m.m. film
Novar 3.5
201/ of.



.."--" /- ,'l .-.__ -,'


- r i .s ." "- i .


~' ~ -

14 au-ei

I Reports that.the next Democrat- cdd and that a showdown with h lw
ic controlled Congres and Defense the Red China navy would not be Knowland has always se
Secretary C. E. Wilson are pla necessary. the fact that Ike's chief lisi
ning to increase the U. S. military .. with the Senate has been throu
budgets by up to five billion do W Ipeline Nixon rather than him. In the past
lsrs next year are getting a cold .. the vice president as been more
reception elsewhere inthe Eisen- TheSar has draw of a figurehead, with the Senate
hower admnii tratin, up a rt t majority leader the chieL contact
UAm~rlcq*41i aripq c wsith the Wbltd obuse,
Amgicqp U!,
The answer Is that it next year's viliab--wO'L Ve df," 1nelt-.
budget is increased by anything hind the Bamboo aia. The way feelings are r
like this amount, it will mean one State DepartmJnt morally cer may not be long beforeM
of two things: New and higher tainjnay.aaleeive in Communist and Nixon are openly calling each
taxes, or another increase in the prisons, h1 asked central Intelli- other names.
national debt limit and a further gence to locate them. .It our r
unbalancing of the budget, agents in prf COntrlled Coolin
these men .ar-.' Ile Sam
UAW-CIO president Walter Reu. will make & .Vi oldest in
their was shown some new auto- the United Nat ow up Of Rol5 Makes
matic machines in a big auto plant with military urea .cessary
recently. 1. .TI e a t missing FOr Greater Safety
"How are you going to collect 20,000 troops the lsa were -
dues from these guys?" he was supposed tl eptr ate.der the CHAMPAIGN,- Il.4 T h
asked by a company official. 'armistice. agreement *I idocina. University of Illinois claims
"How are you going to get them ..The : recent a t _irman ai 0,000 track miles of railroad laid
to buy new cars?" asked Reuther. elections revealed that ie-Sumber with tracks made safe by a univer-
of voters has drope by 238,181 sity-invented press .
in the last four leirs. lc# ard I.tclaims credit for
refugees who tldo to e West ... controlled cooling of
The adminisr is uily t melded rails to prevent
ing to arrange tIC "ef Justice cancerr,' or tebral lof rails
h Eari Warren d. address a Joint stated ly misite Mh-l eracks"
lhe session of Conigr e%. The feral under the r sfac .
e courts are in ,su'n urgent need .of The '..ontr.e4 uCooIng prove.
e Ol increased appropriations tha lha been ue since 1930M, but rail-
personal appeal from the chief roads still send rtals with suspect.
Ly tice is considered necessary toed failures to the University el
dramatize the need. .For' ex- Illinois for testui so th cause
ample, te chi justie- second may be determined.


By Calbroith


, ./ -.... ..
***^ jit

a T %


ion In Wash'ington

wheels, and fasten your spare tire a new report on what are claimed
on with them till you get to. a to be the most prolific people in
garage and pick up some more." the world. They aren't the Puerto
Sheepishly, the car owner start- Ricans, Mexicans, Chinese, Indi-
ed to carry out this plan of action, ans, Indonesians or Malayaps, as
but then he looked at the man might be imagined by statistics on
through the grating and said, the most overpopulated countries.
"How did you happen to think of'They are the Hutterites, a Protest-
that? I thought you were supposed ant, Anabaptist sect, that lives in
to be crazy." the Dakotap, Montana and neigh-
"Sure I'm crazy," answered the boring Canadian provinces.
inmate, "but that doesn't mean Fqur hundred Hutterites mi-
I'm stupid. grated from Russia to. the Ameri-;
Comments Mr. Dixon after tell- can northwest from 1874 to 1877.
Ing this story: "I may qualify as Since then they have increased to
either one for getting mixed up more than 8,000. -If this present
in this government power deal' fertility rate continues, they will
--- Inumber 18,000 by 1970, at the com.-
Eugene A. Yates, the other (20 Betion of their first century Ir
ser cent) partner in the DIV* miriea. And bA 10 they, will

-, F i
i.;i iaii


. .-




sels-If the United is
1t attemptitp
can airmen dd
point tame ony r
of debates inside the
curity Council and
House. During most
.bates the President
backward against his

The man who chiefly backed lm
up was Gen. Matt Ridgway, Army
chief of staff, who has m-
Shatically disagreed
owner on reducing
the armed forces
ably be retired o t bi
March. But, on e qu
getting bogged down in a
war in China, the two Xa|k
same language.
Admiral Radford, however, If
one of the most Fharm ,nb per
suasive military-men li
gon. Very muJ in i/-
with the Tru at Vasatl
because of his n battle an
the Air Force, Radford sweet-
ed himself intoIke's good gr5
during one shert hour when 's
plane refueled at Iwo Jl r-
Ing the DecembWl 19U0, p to
Ike then took Ra4ford on the
rest of-the trip and h's been with
him ever since.
Easy To. Seie Reds
Radford, therefore, was able to
talk Lisenhower into a promise
that the U.S. Nav *would be used
to seize Communist China ship-
ping if the U.N. negotiations
break down. He did this in part
by showing how easy It has been
for Chiang Kai-shek's navy, rein-
forced by U.S... observation planes
and using former U.S. warships,
to capture Red Chinese ahippinl gi
the Formosa Straits.
Red shipping has to paps toughl
the relatively narrow aers be.
Aween the Chinese mainland .nd
Chianag's Formosa, where it Is
easy for Chiang to lay in wait and
*ick off ships 'almost at will. '
Thus, without a blockade, Red
China ,wpuldnot be able to con-
'univat VRO.T Wthe .
fotat of thfe. Um W


r ZY o .

r 4.

Al -f

-- --

* '<.l: i-tsi
.' -IT

- V.

-.- -* .

- ./-' .. .-

ir :' r -rh. .- ~ '


'2 s,'jfk~

fte~roLD Man Uto
aelly, HiBdoesr her *
rsv bmkla ni I
r.a ner ust *adI
fiiif fennnh %nmfffe

-- .



Three Speed-Gear Changes
5 Limited Quantity In Stock

-w I


Md in New York City.
Wly travel 60 mph; goes

4 0%



itt one-cylinder car
man-made automo-
a on gallon of ga.


S .







resenaoleo y "lweeilarrow -r.
truck." But when the time eomaq'
|that these run out, he said, thte.
miner# of the Canadian north E,
till be going strong despite
great transportation problems.-.
Finland-a doing his best to ee.
that the northern mining maebni-
cry runs all cylinders. The
chamber's membership is increas-
ing and nol sttnds at 212 member
companies and about 240 prosped.
tor members.
Most of the mining companies
operating in the northwest use the
employment services of the Cham-
bar of Mines. Each year, about
2500 emi a are lined up for
thno n pale
Arranjmenatas- sae made. to
screenthe -ismen physically and to
determine their aptitude for the
jobs open. The chamber works a
closely with the federal National
Employment Service to obtain re-
Finland said the chamber is de-
veloping trade tests wherever pos-
sible, especially for truck drivers
and electricians. He pointed out
that where men are handling $25,.
000 and $0,000 ore trucks, it is im-.
portant that they know what they
are doing where equipment is hard
to come by.
Most of the reeruting is done In
Canada, pdrinpally in the mining
areas of northern' Ontario a 'd
around Edmonton. There are 'few
Americans among the general rn
of workers, although a few hus-
ban an wife items out to dmnak a
lifa in the'-nrth show up eakh

bcdT Of a.dy

'oof support. -
Thus far,. the researches
found the wood pins to be sutpeor
to steel in certain mines where cr-
rosive water is a' problem.
Success along this line would
also create a greater demand
for hickory which now has only a
limited use, they said.
That wood was,selected for the
eppriments because it's one of the -
strgest grown in West N Irgifia I
and s usually., plentiful in'most of 0
the coal ming areas.
The researchers see no particu-.
lar problems in the manufacture of
wood pins from hickory. Economi- .
really, the manufacture of wood i
pins is also considered to .be less /
costly than that of steel bolts and
anchoring devices. I
Station technologists believe the
"critical factor" in the use of mine j
pins is the anchoring of the pin in
he rock above the mine roof. J

Coached Her (
On What?... .
MANCESTER,. ng., Dee. 18 J
(UP) -,- Insurance clerk Walter &
Ryden, a Baptist deacon, today M
won g. divorce on rounds hull

H S-Thb, threeWheeled delivery car
plastic was recently shown in New
is molded directly to the underheli of the
e the conveational chassiB. It has a cargo
ft feet, a 24-hersepower, four-cylinder,'
ijne, and cruises between 40-45 mph.

T A I T.,
/A n i1,11

137 Central Ave. 1V ,'
.1. 'i


...and you 9'now as is

a f 1t .She'll-reasure

and f




/ o

1 D Bracelet

for girls from $2.25



0 kABttil oLlim


Jothr merjob of the Chamber of from a chapel meeting I/
Mines Te companiese Secal r ov. anF;d found the choirm ter ? Il W m?
erything from dresses to cleaning YBriggs, hiding behind the The new fashion in perfumes, subtle .. smart
against the actual movement of The judge ordered Briggs to s .. timulating .. the perfume Paris Is wild
Material before it i setto the paynthe husband ,240 dma about, and we have wonderful prices on this
compares which submit orders and awarded him custody o e great perfume.
he aniaton also supplies couple's three children, aged 7 great perf Te.
an to orh air n.a g.el. mati on. I 1 OZ. ORIGINAL BOTTLE $9.50
barren at mineral-ri h north. It (Stateside Price $18.00 oz. plus tax)
Also hasmining and technical re- Lost By A Nose other e from $2.50
ports from all over North America. PROVIDENCE, R.I.-(UP)-The O rOm
| Spacer is set aside in the office Judge almost granted 0-year-old BOTHI OUR STORES
f here where mining men and, pros- Wisam A. Pstrarea a deferred OPEN UNTIL 9 P.M.
pectors can read technic~1 maga- sentence but the prisoners' hose
zines, type letters and reports and got In tie way.
even dictate to stenograprs. Patrarca-already serving a five.
Finland has ideas and plans for year sentene-put up his hand to
his organization which are beyond take the ball oath. T- -
the capacity of his present small "Wait a minute,",tm *ud e snap.H
staff. One idea is that Amerins ped. "None of that st ou put MAIN STORE: BRANCH STORE:
who L.-ight want to keep in touch your fin ers too close to your nose. o. 21 Central Ave. PANAMA No. Tivol Ave.
with northern developments would The deferred sentence is with. ^Vid tMdl tdf'll'V y Mlf^'^W ^W
be enlisted as members at a nomi. drawn." 410410 % ` 4 4
nal fee, thus greatly increasing
the chamber's resources. He has
had no chance yet to develop it.

Study Of Erosion
Made On Planes SHOP EARLY
one-time threat to the nation's all-
weather defense program-4he ero-
sion by rain and hail of exterior -i L a Minu-s R h
surfaces of high sed aircraft- A oi t inues Rush
being investigated byCornell Aero-
Ialutical Laboratory, Inc.
This erosion or wearing away of
plastic and aluminum structures
particularly affectats te leading
edges of the aircraft. Although
Progress has been made in the de-
velopment of elastomeric coatings .
which greatly reduce erosion, the
2,d,- c. !!!,.".it.l: Armour's Star Hams
fundamental mechanism of erosion Armour a H a
is not yet solved.
As .vidence of the increase of Swift's Premium, Hams & Picnics
erosion with velocity, the labor-
astory found that a specimen that

.special rain cell showed effects of
erosion in only one minute. A sim-
ilar specimen run at 200 mph re-
qulred 24 hours before erosion be-
gan to show.
The Air Force has reported that
tie severity of rain eros"m has
been indicated by' the failure of
antenna masts, radar housing and
similar non-structural components.
For the investigation, the lab
erected a special cell where siu-
lated r fa could be proeed.
Slow motion pltuiW < ua
attached to pt. a 99ler-tpeA .

Danish Canned Hams & Bacon

S' :.* J. NAUGHTON 't
SAll Slips Ending In 4 Win! Check Youv '
I ewest CY MWA *,scles '

wih^~p W -: *

PricadTo Fit Your Budget
$14.50- 82.50 up
.., :. ,! *



Swanson's Baby Turkeys

Snow Crop Fresh Frozen

Fruits Vegetables

and Juices

F~- -

:"r"u i gWtl I T 1 -
11P .esDve8l IP ,*e

- Open 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. -

-V.-- ~1

-,'. ^ .. ..: .., o...

Do your


Shopping now!

-| .

tNriON t lii

4i0emenm g

-be@ l&% e lee s~ il
i -
lob tohemer pai h m
* OHf t Pe COO e.. .a a '
-was usoasft

w BB l k 1 -lo p .
Laiwi 00% v"-- f

A "* --'00

- -i 4



. .,1.

i ".P--

,* -. ,- :

* 4 ~ .e.
*yae~. *.~'
4.. ~.
4..' '-S


d 1" '

test import from Gay Paree
Star of the Folies Bergere,
fibynamed Yvonne pMen.
elkes to dance in the nuCv
-olw this closely-doesn'L
o e of U.S. strip-tease danc-
Vulgar. she says. to shcw how it is
I ble ba e nude without being, al
." she says. "if the law lets .
ma'mselle, that "if.' she is
eg one. Gall Davis D'i'
W Vld West, which used to sdmeL:4an tdIen it's me huat rides
i.and -tootin' has now off into.the .sunset."
h falutin' if you judge But 's ';ot hei mipk holster .
p. Aall Davis. This is the to keeper '-warmw ,
who plays Annie Oakley on t
,and -s.ied sowed ,UP, -Gf aceW -- D
mink-holster.' She wor i for air bho s d t' e p
sgme other things of course, but icularly for current popular mu.
it was the mini holster that sic. That, et became crystal clear I
shocked the sagebrush out of me. when she talked about that new
Then it turned cut that this 1954 song, "Claicy Lowered the Sh. e .p.Smgb*y1b. B ..
model Annie Oakley had been to Boom." 12- 6 f*ri '.,
college, had studied dramatics and
ten sick when she shot a A few weeks back Jackle Glia. I"irst it was golf, and now thiil. You planning on running
r t as a kid and will never son introduced a nine-year- old for president?"
t another naimial in her life.;,rganist, Glenn Derringer. Glea-
a Wild West heroine, Gail son had been so Impressed by the ----- -- -
is is a disappointment. i'd ex- I pint.ized pumper that he changed ". .-
ted at least eight notches on his show's format to make a place j
six-shcoter. or six noLches in, for him, nnd Glenn was terrific. .
eight-shooter, anyhow. Instead,1 Other people thought so, too. .;
is a lady-and a mighty pretty Glenn' .I V debut has led to other
TV offers and a chance to plqy
als originally from MGehee, with Eugene Ormandy at the Ac-
all's-riginallyfrowas a coM demy of Music here early next
., where her father was a coun- ear. There was aloa bid from
doctor. She grew up with the the Radio City Music Hall, which
ame.Bootle,"and a love of wanted Glenn to play the organ
sea. She sutl has the love of during the Chirlstmas season. But
h went to Harcum Junior Col. it would have meant several shows
in Br yn Mar.P ., where a day, and the child labor laws
N said no.
dNah ha wr e thN. "Those pesky laws," Glenn said.
hit play, "The Rainmaker. W.h.e h e Spokanee n CoS eum's
All of us students, Gall sayork n brand new hi-fidelity Wurlitzer or-
d come to New York onh We gan Instllatlion. He'd never played '
ends to see the plays. We that kind of, an organ before. so
yed-it a hetel that had special kind of an orga e, e. so
Sfor.. colg sun.ts--.. a. .bhe practiced for days at the -Wur-
Sh litzer factory. With that adnd of ..
S Drive, Glenn's career is just start-
Remember Liberace's famous
LIE RUGGL8 E (" T h e crack-after he'd been criticized
Id of Mr. Sweeny," NBC-TV): severely by a columnist when he
ink of my spirit all day Sun- said, "I cried all the way to the
Weekdays, I give it a rest. bank."

1 her eurreht stay, she stopped
fancy hotel that doesn't have
al rates for TV actresses.
gil wandered down to Texas,
re she studied at the Unlver-
of R did some Army
0. W Autr y spotted

I That philosophy has spread to
his brother,. George, who is pres-
enty touring the Midwest to pro-
mote his Columbia record album,
"A Musical Journey.'". George It
AO..,-arldetaoin shrdlu
pianalng to drLve home in a brand
oew wMlte Cadilla,. atd, after
e of the criticism he's taken,
teare in his ye i.,

,.; *" "
: : 4,,





u"s a v


'H "nWV



'r",';'; Sweet ,Charity -,-
.4 . ...... ....

______ t..J

''- .



To the Rescue

She's a Pal

1(s1. ..., o,^ AO, .
* ,, ? v _

5 *%*

..or 1 C epted
,YRAC USI N.Y.-(UP)-Sandy
"p'ChiI. h, aged 10 and five.
years, resp ely, pulled a fast
o e on te l
m on theA y cat Fluffy.
Fluffy, w wn for an avqr-
Sloa to ple other, deserted;
new-born. o g on the porch.
.Father Smit inking the infant
dead, "bried in the backyard.
Several Later, Sandy and
Cnly dug 'the "corpse" and
found the kiAL, to be very much
A ilivp. It was dusted off. and rushed
to Fluffy who finally agreed to ad.
mit the kttme';Vas hers.


*TH W INI-j "' e"andid picture of Britain's Queen Elia-.
beth sming affectionately at her-lfib'avd, the Duke of'Edldn-
burgha..'pn rat prize in-the'mhnual BritiSh presi-pleitres -cntest
The pilcewas taken by United Prpm-NeWplctures camraman
Herbert aulibord or the Queen's hirthda,, June Id, 1954. It is
the thikd,.utceslive year that :the 'Loadon. bureau of UP has
edaoprie Jwthe contet.,

t &- .A 5
J ,

Self Exhiamatlon

.MIII wio TO
IN 6 rTWr1


A ."


Proof Pioitiv

4 ,; %

F( l;'

MW."T. ** X-


Sno Use

4. *',*~.~* 4 .4 4
4 .~
.4 .s. --


I -O WLR 1 A

,BT L.I. TRN S' --. '
T~ff^'^ '



4' .

OP COibNOtg M j -

td* PIarl


*, L A'E .' < I M ii"MU a




H I"* ~ ~ ; '. .;*. .
y^1"1 y "^


- -

A' r

I .

S v. Ta a




i .o

Time to Act


Net Mad?





4- 4- .4-
4 4.'.-
*' ~a4~At

t.:w: j.




y^ .~~~~ 9 .j- ",*. ^
l^ ^ .* 4, :f..." rl;
^ d,,^ ^ s-.^^'. '-,'^^EL

Vilp'" :. ;,91, ...--.

V !- ,A ,.V.

A ,


'. ,,w n.

": ~



1kr ,


-. ., 'U --
=- ., B llll '-s *_ ":,
: ..- r. ; Im **.o,* '-.* ; ;

,| D't


h&J ~





4,~- '~




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L ,: .



.1 9
g* ** '-~

. '..
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a- _



7 -.

4 .

. lI- 1 H
,.' r; -^<'.

. ', .
p. "
I '

in uer tInterruItI t. hotw 441 .

Early 16i,. Sabi.i n 4i te fmlttlIe will be f.ttier npandi
S the inat litlon of equipment, no- on order, tat lvU i* m .
'numb&MT .,mVhtlet oYfthlr project, fPqa stit'eBS-
will haven expnidedlto. prpvi4 sir vie to 1, sublWrt 'torn .,; 0 -
S" whom-n wi e wvd from the Satknas Iroha 4n4 0 fr
town ... ....
S.pp e ,with PanainW's wth, obriu erl are otwa
majtn Wplans to assure a telo ;ytem tat wi-la api .
- ^of no thie blIom d.emhd for nt vl0 .. "


tuflr &

- -

*r .
fir. .



a. q' AAa~t
4,,*?*.^ fw y
; .
';* .
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- .* .

. '. ; ,i

'B." *-'-
Pr .9i ,

._r.. .' 9:" ,' : -

941; t2

' ,. -- -
j.A2f, A 'i;..k:

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R, .'

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.4 9jg

Mr. T.%

Linn nowit ,



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'. ,* *-.**t i

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i'.. ". 1 .' : :'l" .' < l 'i *
* -J "W.,,

F it ,"




A -A .-

4,83er 3 5 1C : k ;O, SI i o rert-
N.o. L..
Stree0Nt, M. .. ,.

SE*" IM aE Sp .TGddEA 53A rO, E! VWE;Wo ltp 7,
l Lilv

'RFI .. -F O Rlu tAtIr a Lmdq' pen'geMFOR E' ~7-pinle bed,
... .clothes, ,.ze itnd 2- p,.... ble,.
ing H6"el m4*-A ot

-I.,d.,' ? .*,a ,: 0 !a 2 S
,l .1l- _1 1, r1-QR S.LEr Erld.-A pC k $100, gaseM
3FOR RE: UFUN ISHEFor t o .-
y price Phone exclusive residential district: FOUR able to puhe of furnIture. 1947
Crtrl eb en iihs 1 80 DROO mansion, suitable fTr Kaiser $200. Phone Qarry Heights
Caa A kAb.le BLba -4.24. i two couples, business executive or 3147. duty how*s.hfe e aas .
e.. -4.-O V ILR ils seMr.Ft a me nFOR SALE:--Cttr ll $o 0;9

$ .NOV Y, 1.ti, 10:"- u".m10.thEI fewendh~t~Iraers 's $5 ah
FOopo s, ofre.b.o. dSlo Io bedwt" two
SME.ITAN 4TMBASY tou fle dejust' ds.PImcludLY FURNISHED, inmstagt o u itcre f t a oil-

oal tesds ell ho e roo m al, suitab r ..
1e115-.L CmAmlqmlb o, C24 r. N topyepre2 ca01yAL i cp N tw6 oplekithr ncs-.1 ufftFS LyI Ea saL ..

ft. *h$rc r e risen nl e a, fit. Sh a
AA EEINi h* Nio exclusiveresdsire illudr nd plrouse, stoe,- 3 024,- able tod l i f mf rln iures.st1947

Callnfrn-248. t .. .. I. ..ha

Tel.or-1..a diplomuattwi th discam nalt iZnge fr h .
o pyeRS V s, w r A rNtwo couple tthee s, tmrFiFORdSeLE:-C I cr i 2DIA t sLei(;ng [

ov. leros D204 0e durnih Hetiviion bgind so $2 C mh
e-. 'eb0 f" Ai p citoe. $ 0 ukoli vl Lo to ref mer H o, s dlok utrbd C.raolm ,ltiw

InvitaSt o, 4 SE D s sre 'i o Nrt n hIIot); to FRt-(lreIer cAhat (1I a
1.15 d .tderrirAd wic" SofriSuperinstend- -r.rmo.Inn
FOR RIEoJ: Ittphoe. Wplst&ACIbadwith ,two

IfI or pf fr- .eo'r .4 .

ArN. Fo 50rpJus ksf td da, oa shu- :wa. raisidentle pto eatie hc#Ior af.
aavlb aStor ho le 27d 20, 0- rPsn ad iml i S2r Nod d .T h e of. ts. 9-.

E t-eAgtm pamt....on iv L e hl0 sotfaes
ais neeorra g,0 h or w-07Nd W6l d O ntopres, iallpikup.two ENT:F l a 'rt n,-
-SmSComtmissrO Etear..estheortirlat

fordas o N. 4 my jj st n .V t drom partmn Amr a pe on dA e d1' ea uss
eaood the' above w ftr, o, rci $"M#I.l_,iish ed pply 3rRtoson able rant.mPhone v i riclm ir Irorow.

t alt .inave lofoutiterwee fnrStor u 5 ca ne sAo th Am eeosmut x 1.

rhedn-'s11 h 1.0 at which .groupsngp
T IMas very partimeal aM;r.B ll s, the Gloria of the 1,1st c Al
p w r'l w mo ef ser ,ome

atra, and the 140th cantatA o' n re solme suggeAtiAns ". R6r..oducts r ee sg a i"t
51 0 W..210.Phone2 3450.flow....... am.I -S N &i'.-hi

F h a e a'sfa wLow-
ORS .-L2L u n sls t-iI
Flu R REN... i .:r,Y"..iY".. I.
... .d ""-" ........ ... .. m sRuve. -e d ,i eh miff,
Sealedbs fordCpot Viaeta, l. 43,rd .StrmrttNo ., zi.o1acm
'--5YO...a.. -eoSuper. :-tend- "

ft I tblili i,. ,. ,m.a e HowlS ME t 13 ,lil ll

C Power-cpcl.a hee
@5 from twin aetdk gvs -
-- b .e lr ,_*-1 .otp ,

,.' hag models, A' l s yVaii r mabw
'ci -d bnaho i t -

rker mad omadal s
ad-r T e. ta. mot cotto -i +
uet'! 9'e areamd tIoges n'irrgtslew tapes-
6e-_*p tk tah .s
,t I.,, ruan tha., n~f t 5. ." 4 4

-4 4. s* ..r.r.r
1 'S.0 d s a
-- ltti I I :: th" eiilil4 i. t e. wr



.--' .-
,. [.: : V ,,-

"I L;;, -

4 ..,

t-njiRit.s, !?t. -

,,,. ... A ...T ..:...1 '

4, .. ; :..'. .*, ".' 'L.-."*. 1 < .... "3 ', ", .. 11

E^ ow UaTs Iatorestore hd age ant a' lpal eippA He said It..
bA0 .ToWO" P ePnI-SNteur

greater a $K0@ nlw abov6 the eduld propja p -
,aatbt ne 1 t ae .t. .m ,o "ate lth g r ,
in t seve elve te an a-

St Bt w I dhl Pres Jon disanasedsome ofeglature pluo an addtna .
te In t governor c r era did not receive t 153 rai

o a convinced m because of letlel edutons
!m for a .w pw'tave tew w needed. HIs tee.the amount o co contr- Admirable ding groups, folp Budge Esisded h r said It
mrIurprigtheeasrvengBl. tins0s the ho pper on the opening leo t i aood
bark__WON et'IP-di

S* -a e a id he would propttd a Iaoat=ve a bill hiding a app

ase tioalev a gn to prohibit chnd une anl.I 1% iln- IRAB Cu l. 3.

fra co. tor e, but w g I from attending schools of d i topA I'-
o ni d e t J Inother race with United r ogra n to in by th.,e
.ash e wn. stowe the proposed uatonwwhichgde, his e 1$3 .Nu.t noted tat m pt.each
wh t. sme a:ft-theamo o oai n. 4 e forth.te Mded homaat

at. extends two e dia .- *BARINGs to .Iv P A ries.

u1daeowrhtten in ae h l or ns mid would throw -It ruit AM Pnman
,1mehoipper an w e btha r t-e
t .Hesaid he would prha Gusa d ative oay Ma bill enhowe'sd woods.UE
oA- m-iI We .copie th seus ovnt o bl &tb6%ADMIRABILEDeposits .
i gVtoprohbitdreofbnkeNO*M1-ADMIRABLE CIO o.
liettute, buita o 4i wrpIUSelirtroam attending schools oftd 4o dozat. p*ep



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qporat. m....Dwir ns
{ all description mo lpp to .it your
need anid purse.
They are dilprqit we paut -you

O Jn u t. No. rf e:
Open untIl 10 pm. until Xmas

(...1. A Lovly GIFT! .
Hear a .


J. ,'. r U .K ** -

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C I' Hm
111. COL.W. 14.CHEA$J4,

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-rtBIF 4$*!.'

f1 TREE-
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SIn our FRJEt Y.

This Week's List is '
g*o .V06. RIOADIE R
* L. C. SHEPPARD e 9 0A DIA .. W

JUSTUspeckng jjuiw40. a I tp"

SIdeal for your Entie Xmas List:

All Styles All Color

* S

I -

SHADES Fibre Glas ant Fabric

q .

i -,ar

^ .: ~. ; ^

Jpholstered EASY CHAIS

ideil for MlOM and A
1 -* 1*, -, -, ., 4. A
For the Small Pry: s .
, Mahogany Double. De ks.] wil '
S. n, ... n ... .n. .
ee, rAr-h T*
1'vid al a tAr

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Oer oi ao al..ap, ,. w.a.1 IA

The officers of Cvrs' can-cont r iofed aatber~lso s'a tl5
--..... '. 8. r ill But r app,' n sHomp .In_ ,., 5.1 I -,..,le. .
X* special meeting Rto be 1Apea epS $ W@ It e
.o-row at 8. p.m. In the Ca. o: t i- t s- u a
.. ... ,tu~~n a the ono go er hTef e to r m.t
All member. of the Ordewr are oe h w t a nd o.r a O o th
AS vited to attend. mpan rt a b i
.NELDA Dec SOCIAL MON th ar. d o.n mg -the t

B IrB thene l too llh, otuho colj d tttoae
o s. r.o ju a et on diea t a s ei
Nbo"eig tr, ber E. p it s

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Sthe reporrem Th 5d bd hP hI e oatue el le. Thoe Gth
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.'o...e w ith fod plc 4O, goahid u d ctp 1r m 1 h bt
_____d _.thmhat eho @Isidlu l othermen t e sim e W- i -
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SA IemdTes -Toftsh e'or t e r Cho "alptp eo p te

.....invitethe report Theyat ltie td.enene fies.6I theM
,- (U ').-Th6 a dlae n *Joe "coevere u t.

be to proachi itrued : aleat ou S
"GIthr% ald rim thei hart, w, o ai-d e iuD I statement sti te' r
t h vio la in-. Friday tharst the ..iv gti ta li dI i
c Aines, soapi, deterl ela nd wY- aTns ix Deemy da It s 0UP;t.. re- "

ui es r.; bae bride, the former M ribe H ele .tn t h.... '' ". i..etw o n
I~~llli .Tt th'e Canal ... 414 .. ...... 1 who,

ebradta Miss Tola Miller
Arrives In Pansma
la Ralman Jr.
'.lr friends aiu Vola ifler. of thes.i-4.
. 2l.i, 9 Mth cal and Pharmaceutlcal Iib
i f ,aa .- tidon Service whose main OW
Lbirtlver i New Yor. loaried in Ptsia
l i i'" : yed eday mornl. .-
biaine iuia. .! 4|l r lamwcta .to vs.
.i^ ~~~i i ittjma aM ^^.K


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. 45. ,7 .


a beautiful PARKER or SHEAF-
SFE S 'Pen ,Set, q' Deesk Pad, a
;. ler Billfold o. a Briefemase.
A World Globe. 00 other items .-
4'.- i '7 i .-. r7 !

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the tohf Iuhom*.i
it said, _. a r a..

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.. .' ,,- r M ---... Of I

* 4tb,,de".nft Av%"


Rich, red, ripe, tomato '.
Sgor c ... richb, n, ipe
tomato layour. That's the
combioaion peaeaned by
SHein to mae Hean, To-
I ate Ketchup the favorite
o Af world.



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*aM~'a Mask WIWnetk

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ILIC .w As. mr .

aren' of,. .41 ow -d bhe u il sl-l

....I I j aand b .igSr fW
letterle ,at',wo..od". sp

WE t baemptd Tor Keep Qua viet I-

73t -d A a ut t e le Su at Warb o t
for-.. oo t ey ?tg ci cm 4.R erdmwith&acopinth t

ve she preud oppr tlred w so ll that The mayor iwaid he thought odtR e
c t-he a aed upon. te ile h tah ortieo to board'motorboats make eaoutpa

a lt atb A eia tO y who o ae fron th hd erorstto noiss p to violate the city's new anti-
" l, lar at >8 a porlioan and Brid tA nris h i* sm es ad- cias law and asikedl officfails to
Taken tp a hospital. d he board .e eit' heeck into the matter.

mm t%4(.. "A ""a S'
'!%4.b J s

.. -..


- .n .

of Panama City

I5.OSt O.e
l r As beSde

AM front o'i.Rpk. statiR

I Just Say:
Opent l s p.m.

* 4. .;



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.'n'i because

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.... :.',r. ri- e. a d '- o -
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. ... .. "l
..... ..

* *


Prize.winnilag I

ae ,ht o trel shs sa pinerM

First P iz 7624 $ 1Q, i

Second 'Pri.e 703 $ 3, 0 000

Third ,ri 44 1 .5,000.0.0

"-ilm ,W|PWjX* 'ldaU ,P 5 ftb5 ,*-XL '"W I row IU
I .i T I l I __ I __ __ -. I ~ __ &j I _m A j

: ." i :e a i ': .. a ; ...... i ft i.e ,w :.:I .s ?sin .
' -,. .. ... ........... --... -- ; -. ***-* .

*Apgunitlons Derived Frow- Secopd Prize
2 .. I B M. -- ,e. m M W e s* N ..
... N" TI7

.11itsAS sm.1 TidP zan b

'., "A. tA" ii d onr ielPd From Third Prie ,.-

a a g a s gs

I- utaitber of yest -'u ,Iinrv I .wte ao1E at: F at, Uond and Third, in Pnama
u untf whole Mleht* ead n Ad *I"t 5dd Iat he above htW1 One aHndre DoUars ($10NO) e ec
^ The eblolk'k1L^ alceN t1ch &Impr bsfthe two a^bU"A' ad B

A afRTQ1 ALEMAN, GQovernor of the Provithe of Panama
-,epr entatie,'Of Th Treaury RICARDO A. ,MK1D,


be barbar-
b v
Two foqaitv lr ed back av
att the ee"blam-

Goa. wia Aioi ed the trAs
majority, nHmW. fttmong roa- R
en dtios b e d agreed p.
with 6me of conclu-e tr

f fAmen ):4J fiW, .re
,ttdl fcificaly

bs ai t i mina*t of ria
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m feha.i that t nterena te
meric_ n More#",.'..- ..
B d ast 2lirt on the per
basle GDP ftnig -t foun- to
dptions saupoi "liubved n. e a d
Emphnag that teywre t. the
_- i i_ n

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m of

Ign mte wuoru A X w4 3. Umea- -tMs- iu iw,.
lng,' the three .. ublcans said the. chag ahtre' ap
the 'leftist trend of t he founda- Meyer F Uod "hu 9
tions in the social sciences. .has at all the emouect dof th
worked. toi iadermltme ma a te of paper.,.
our basai moral end religious and As fr1lR Reese Grahaem
political prnciple" i"a clasle, itf uino, illu
Ro'wg. br4 fT presi- of Isaelbwo te o e 69 01
dt of theF Ot1i.a conSam can tt"MV
t41-A fa.. t-a v rai

?ti qor
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IReWrr Ukl

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mCi ci ;cUs!


U.. -

-MHoward Pyle'
FEnglikmd'sO .
it lif. to b, e
*tipof a ab.- ,

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4 .-..dI~
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44 .


.4*'". MERCHI

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-- --- -- ----- --







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. -1" I

F, :

S w

-. .. .i
- .."^ ,. .: ':- .

tw -*

HN :DOLL begins a journey to a happier world when Maria Cozzi, daughter of the
Italian counsellor in Tokyo, burns it during a Buddhist ceremony. The rite sends
the souts of broken and discarded dolls to a special place in'paradise reserved for dolls.

AS THOUSANDS CHIO a Parisia seamstress clambers up a ladder to place an oz-
fering of flowers before a statue of St. Catherine, patron saint of seamstresses in the
.Parla t4hhia' industryy. OldrJ wears a Catherinette hat, denoting that she is at least.
21years old aind still unmarried. The offering of flowers climaxed the festivities.

LATEST creations of Antonio, European hair stylist, are
presented in a show in Berlfn. Model at left wears a flat
hat formed like a bear while a Dior model (right) is show-
ing off a creation known as "Marianne" with lace gown.

;unplly come to rest at last? In 1141, King.
Ii & monastery of St. Bernard of Sacramenia for
the Ciusteci moIalp. More than 000 years later, famed newspaper publisher William
Ra.4olphhItearst 6md ffT and ppeogIepthat it was 6ne of .the finest examples of
Ro euia and early Obthlo arltecture la ithe4r ld"e bought it in 1926,
...:-h m hu at oi hm id. ahimsd blm .tate. at Ban. Simeoa.n.



-, V.

Cover in lft wall represent noble

of the time.

This s the ohf#er Have.

CATAMARANS and outrigger canoes are the sleigh If winter in Hawaii when the
temperatures slip to 70 degrees. Orales Kiewitt (left), Beverly Fortye and Pamela
dregg keep warm with flower leis instead of mufflers. Want to sign on with crew?

.. ; M., .

- .. -,,.;

f ..: *, ;. ..' :.-,',

rfw5*-..... .. .*.'

.-* -- a j ,
i B k;. iur i i l f 11 i .-ii i'-ii.i i

R UgtTOI CU S "own regiment," the th n
nant encapent as a unft of the United Statw
alt*~a-. Ga- S weeth
is transferring the regimental color m t ~Fw to the Ca b

-~ ~.- f~, =

- '7 ~' Tr.;~i~





'.9. 1* ~.
c~; ~* *





It atI Slms1.5 0.000 to f the # r ,00A 0 leSos

" "'
-. 1 y.



,. ..

- :.. i




".=<3".-- ^fr **


t .' -

,. -. -. T .. .-. .

NEW YORK, Dec.20 (UP)-Major league play- e h ..wgg Ed t w in Punrches O ut Easy
representatives have voted disapproval of Raalph leveur w A c
er accepting a 40 per cent pay cut with the Cleve- Teo A` ear Sra a o
nd Indians" ,on the spbell s.i;tee votedV IC I y _- Uw who lost s oB.
Kner, who was traded to was opposed to the idea," says lyerrece'ie %tS. earr -e- ?recor
a dbt Cc C ertneo tto ...f Ive io. or
ean e b th 'wek Kinplaers t votd ga the I two to FaSkS Proml l .on Udwin, 145, six points taken away from Ed- we lon
tII won't.ho-d I., t: lIt, ... 14- i '.i
e t"a...0'..a e e .e.e Conle .d Of Colon, .utclrs sed wi). ,o..d.... .
nthayrCt slce rlnner says he atot lwaue outelder slow-mving Lulati 1a14ue he semiinal wuas real hra lrl
t he "certainly b Aaron of Panama City, in e featured thriller. The veteran Sammy
:Baseball rules say no player if Ralph has changed his mind last April bh hitting a Arena before a uarse crowd. other brilliant perfo ance to tethe eig fg t
y have his salary trimmed about that pay cut. We will tear hme rnnin hi frt time at Edwin, a decided underdog up soundly whip Leslle Thompson, fotn (teu
aball Commissioner Fordhit 12 hmer o was ed tobox rin around t pon-
lood enough in tratalng derous Samu Manuel Prbscott, 124, whip- i gh ad
lo er o a the p layer epreentative a knoc Enos ter ot By ths en of the fifth round, d Panama Ray Robinson, 124- sold. II earn sa Da
da the2 pfer entin oyerf the tob oe had c tfor 16 Il t was clearly evident that Sam- in a mauling type of fight in I BladIr 1- A ullL
et New York and voted to Gierl T erte chTsn c of vw tuictory wuld he bo spent most of th i
I laughter wa 'd to an- be by a knockout or TKO. Even time fighting close quarter Al United
b c Dk.e wm )--- D

S'o r ke such a thinseemed unlikely and the Cunches. Robinson, a would l on a rtu e
r now ays h ave voted disapproval ofcause wa landing the omer t there ever was one, matchbetwe and hirl
e w contract with Cev a 4 p t harder inches and even stalg- feht as well as his limited a- n Tolkyo. i.
general manager Hank Clar Sed e tough Pueblo Nuevo billy permitted which caused Te t for a rr
reenber. be r o g at first Paralso won the male an f- ad on several occasions, the fans to boo on several in- math in Tokyo lhd r by
male table tennis championship ANEE stances w
tat Santa Cruy last weekend y Players ab rh n a Early in the bout, Edwin went The opening preliminary was -tl It den t o
ALLvirtue of a clean weep n the Oraff, 2b 3 0 1 1 3 o the canvas twice but referee short but sweet. After several ne, .S_ l bting ~*.10.I.. a I,_
Th hmion Detroit Lions interachools tournament con- Hardin, as 4 0 1 2 2 Colon Al Brown, probably the last exchanges, Marcial Molndr, m* e" m i Muea o o :'L4
li nthe second half ducted for students attending Phillips, rf 4 0 0 2 1 best on'the Isthmus, ruled no 135, clipped Sam Bruce flush on a rp ed 40
St o veand 14-10 in the the Latin American Schools. Dickens, If 4 1 2 2 0 knockdown on either slip. the point of his chin with a sol
it pelary scheduled ame of Maroleski, lb 4 0 1 9 2 This writer failed to score a right taht dumped Bruce flat ge PureO i '** *
e aiona Football League Players from the four partlclp- Wilhelm, 3b 4 0 0 1 3 single winning round for Sam- on his. back wtlh such force that m chai t," C a ec h
Themteams meet at tn educational institutions Kropf, ct 3 0 1 2 0 uels, giving him a draw only in his head bounced on the canvas. .the g .
end e n tetunday for the dismayed a brand of table ten- Dabek, c 4 0 0 3 1 the third and the eighth. Brown Bruce regained his feet at the dheSS Ai r. lonhot U0g
nethap nday fourth never before seen In local Lawrence, p 3 0 0 2 2 alieedl Gdwln for touling on count of four but when referee AIkidaaboutsoteaas
Moon wonmadhoedoo hisrmator-leawue hn-rounf bout at theiColon Medinan s8, e u with n-e

circles for boys of their age. / stryska, p 0 0 0 0 0 three occasions by taking six Clarence (Young Yellow) Spring- I es i l re n unl r
Earl Bet, e new hampon, points away from him. er finished the mandatory eight- d rit
rwho earned the t to Wew Tot4 1 The decision n favor of count t was event that Bruce -
i et P o when e won in the win was unanimous. Brown 88- was in a complete daze and did v c th
eting such ountract," players AGreen-ENH judge "Baby" Loanu d 9-88. we W senlyt sto1 .ped the contest at- Oride Pe-tD to d"-- w.0s *To0 dson fcoa tant d
i Antonio t y ye arh ak scored It 94-7 (including the 1:09.5 of an first yound. C em ha i that a -o on n g ae
reatpan25apdrRobnrtiPate, ooore, 3b
ST A 60 a 0.30 lived up o the expectations of Lewis, lb 3 1 1 6 0 formnitgoerler champion, hir raced $4r e1.0s t e p at N
Y ba. a knokou Cr Fr R ichards RounebLding peip nar rsi ... i ..
N rM nelth h he was rehard G srnald, If 0 1 0 0 lpeer ou uuIewhIr." e MIh I.M es 's gwt i0
Th story of Bomber Co- by rival from Rain City, La Gladstne, 4 0 1 5 0 tertl a moton t
mand In the stirring days Boca and Santa Cruz, he was a- Brathwalte, Ar., If 4 0 2 8,0 E For P t Ltd. of T w b
of 1931.. btosq iwaythrough Kellman, c 3 0 0 n'4 3 f 8etmna the PIret -SU rael fight A lM dan re.-
Sto the finals, which he won. He Hardy, 2b0 0 0 0 1 1 Pere1 is bond by the contract .qdiS.tLhd fdldih TENTR Arg
tmet M. Obdler of La V Brathwaite, Al., b 3 0 04 0A for thatc0t4tofhirla 0k whi y l-eent. i
Th hapioirlro who was the choice to co the larke, p 3 1 1 0 1 onfreturn atbno In aokyo a iy TtEe tapaelhesi by Iowid- o 1qnrl0.,f d'.
title I strtdf ea po-_ retan mt'In kmy d _.iu
tle w. U l awh started oft _e a __NEW YORK, Dec. 18 (NEA)- the basketball sceldent down at A spokpsman said a prote heIBy Ul3! r sead J3
world.darf fire./est dropped the Totals 31 6 H g Paul Richards most certainly his home somewhere. Hasn't been will be filed the IBC If Pere P0 jeeeve A slei s to ever s
first game 5 to 21, but rallied Score by Innins can't be accused of sitting still in much good since. Doesn't help fails to go through with the re.- Dlu* vietorie: by vtrw siI
*e tw eto wiwn the second 24-22 and the Yanknees r 0 001 000-1.8 2 Baltimore. you, but we could use him on turn matc. Such action, i ad- Wrtheareeke sine..b '. -
S final ane'of the set 23-21. Bodamen 000 000 1 -6 9 i Chesipeaf ph y has a live one one of our farm dubs." ded, would disqualify Peri as Pand to Age's twe. *
tInBt C dir-depdrtment, Elma h o e A in thDe dtw. wslane, if nowheren Preaher Roe won ow gam es flyweight chant on because It .Agh fa se-
e lr l thwart Paraleso's outstanding ummary: Run batted In: else. Every time you return from while hosing 33 for the Brooks ie would be in vialalon of the conr.le e* yyrterda
ionallarounder, experience led dl- Dickens, Torne, Lopez 3, lad- lunch, General Manager Richards six years, plus two in World S- tract which gave him his chance Thej I emteOt w ha
a h eculety in winning her title as stone, Ar. Brathwaite. Earned has made other deal. Of the 40 ries. He had seasons of 15 and 6. at the title. a pra to Wfoear who aiS,
S h d aed abl o ln ents In : Yankees 1, odamuen 6. E ft hred hands on the roster when 19 and 11, ans d ., 11 and 2 "In other words, it.woul ean to wteu ames the tr-k's i Nt '
rJc pio riti oslt o oer osn Nae richardo assumed command, onl and y tand 3; earned rue aver- that the erez-lrraI M eit
asie1- 0,inthe ene s,, inAme raneS tho tols i erke, tf ti vea-p ed ao
____ _I_ <__ Ltwhoearnedby:lClartkerepred- 4. d by 1wee $4 1 T o a cdoer od J n avher. seip. t hepointwof his hm t -dwtt *h .
e-sun e otlaf sceenduBled gamItebof hak. .... ,-b(This uritailed Is scorex ts

"GABDl? EIfl.U
Plus: Charles Cohurn, in

For "HIM"

smethi neww6,

on;. UL 6. 1S.mWUo nc best thing. lie has a lot of mouths
Pitchers record: Lawrence 6 to feed, must be thinking of doing
runs, 8 hits In 7-2/3 innings. Er- i t thiplatoons.
rors: 4odamen 4 (Hardy, Moore ulio of Billy C o x
2, Gledstone) Yankees 2 (Graff tird base a post that
12). losing pitcher: LawrencJ* JliauM bas a post tha
(2-1). osinng pitcher: Clawrene ~ lehards throughout his
(2-1). Anni pitcher: Clarke E successfull run, with the
(1-2). Deubleays: Lopez, Har- th successful runo. withl the
dy, olewaki, Hardin, It a- rounds out the new 0-
LawL e: hellman, Lope, doWl tIld, with Gus Triandos at
BrathWlte; Phillps, Marolewskl. first bus Bobby Young at see-
Hinds. Time of gamse: ond and W*ille Miranda at short-
Hind. Time of game 204. stop. With these, Richards' pitch.
Srs wdn't suffer from support in
the field.
STriandos, a big fellow, manu-
Sfactured 18 home runs batting .296
Spor Shors catching for Kansas City of the
American Association lat season,
-but has played first base and the
Swimming p0bis operated byl outfield.,
the Division of Schools, P The Orioles' catching is to be
th ionical don by Hal Smith, a fine, 23
Education and Recre 0ao year-old prospect also obtained
Branch, located atBalboa Pe- from the Yankees. Young, Smith
dro Mi l, Gamboa, Gatun and i a corkn receiver with a
Rainbow City. will be closed on a stro n nd aceurae arm and he
Christmas Day, Baturday, Dec. led th Anerican Association in
25, 1954. le b nAf& l uwitch. A50.
There will be no activity onI gto Baltimore with his room-
the skeet and trap fields until mae,'Cox, Is remindful of one of
after the New Year. Bran i ey'L more fantastic
pThe. 1a5 P ram will strt swaps, adthe Mahatma has ma-
TheliB5 program wll sat # oart 0 th O his credit.
wi t 1 tam Deeton Do of 1947, the Pi-
Saturd4y, Jag. 8. rates se teacher Roe, Cox and
Infielder 0 Mauch to the
More particular will be pub.- ISd )t uchr G he
Uihed In due VimS. a W:ardl,and Outfielder
D--- e WXir. The veteran Walk-
AIN-NA BE, Pranc, r Dec. er turetout to be on his last
20 (UP) French light heavy-e le1s Grdffe and Lombardi soon
weight champion Charles Coln lenfOawS Di .
beat German boxer Gunther At the time, Hank Greenberg ,
Balzer on a technical KO in the who had played a season with
10th round of their fight here Cox rmaed that the stylish
president o.ewport,. Pa., could
yesterday. play y ad position and hit
GOLFf ".. ,_ 9,t..i_,._- iRA_ _.

HAVANA, Dec. 30 (UP) N
ENGLISH POPLIN .............. S1000 tonal Open Golf Chapion
........" v jutgol won the rHavana Op
wito a 71.hole score of 273. Fa
BRISHI UNEN ......... ......... 14.95 gol sho a '7 on the final roul
*t e aytobeatW at Burke

Just say. "Charge t.l"
SAnd remember Commercu.
MonI'tS De w troit 14, Cleveland 10
aso fteow stiff ^ <(Only ame scheduled)
.st W T. da

.; -W3 0 2 1 1 s ..
M ew....7,... _...



.When good


get together

r Have you noticed that
LUCKY STRIKE cigarettes are
milder, and more pleasing?
There's a reason for it The getting
together of the top-for-taste
tobaccos of the world.
Yes, blending's the secret. Mixing
aromatic Turkish with America's
two great flavor tobaccos:
golden, mild Virginia and soothing
Kentucky. That's the way we
make LUCKIES to make
smoking more enjoyable for you.

Smoking% fun and Ws fun '
to smoke LUCKIES. There blended to give ,
a pleasant lift to your spirits and
they're smeeth on the throat, too. Have you
tried a LUCKY Ilately? caum
when you light up a LUCKY you'll see that is so I

Thr- kmovt hc oears tepv^-nt
LUCKY STRIKES' tobccos, the Vir.
ow O tobacco roww, the TuriiM
Sdon and th. Kemcky Clonl".


k n

.. .

S/ No better omb n for

,, ^ --..*'- .... ...
C .. -- .* ;.. _. 1 -....... -_:; *4 :.1- -, ^..
* -' """ ;**" : -t.'. j f-, ^- -. &" -Jf1",-.- -. '

;.,- .". i



6 different new styles
white and pastel shades

.. .. .


.. ysrw

" ..,. y '-^ .

-- : "-*' ? "- 2 ,-*n w .'i, : ,. :. '' ..! 1
re The: as Don't Notice Clarke HurlI
PT6Jt^ I.Me n$ A
,,.. '. J"ithout o Sddamen To
I# mml our wiin wimou No" W,,

Tim-nug -Win
T re wUnderdogs THE SAINGS
Teams .W L Pet.
ye C neefor Upset ...a 34 .428
.i .t~-Hfot-Wta A^ ^^ T '. [f ,^^ ^ Yankees 1,q.8
-._ .sodamen 3 5 .375
probem -t a motontLast Night's Result
i NIBBy rY prole 01 0 m..1e2t At Panama: Sodamen 6,
a .. Pres :: -.i! ft u c.m m r~p ln g. star Y ankees I
t-..- ...- .. backs db "wakm a nd Hu- ./ / Toni/ht's Game
aNW YORK -L The New Year bert a, Bl:r* ,x cted At Panama: Yankees (Ludtke 0.
fCO afnMay ride in back 'MIMt o110eye an ter .
|fr codg Soutightl nay ride Ol bac.btwo ^eeanto 1) vs. Sodamen (Socha 1-1)
"A wv at Og ts. Nebrbasks, staMing In for a- Game Time: 7:30
Usndgrdva-7at good --beti in homa's Big Se9en' champs, ap n
&. e-j b IWart hav h. least chance Of By J. J. HARIMSON JR
Open. and lW Shots itiiS ot all tb spring a New Year's Day The S. C. Sodamen will send
g er two tore bM. .w..*" l ,SE- ,or._t... h a 't ab liz. to -eorge Socha to the hill tonight
meamtwo,,Fl pek of the MThte Cornhuskers h a ve n't as e8hrnJ:<
t at emotbonl pead ow a e. ty.he .l m ns s- a Duki.e, v ich I.^H.H /against Lawrence Ludtke am they
Ih as b fairl free wkD ith enemy 1Lto bet to makeit t w strainh t
o e a ry .. O.. l. .. ... ., b ut actual over the C. V. Yankees.
Th ealy M ,.Bll Ib O o touc awn3 ef u e al
mgt IsF Csee-" wa uiitdol ne-nd Socha has lost to the Yankees
-Bauto eBoltht by Oklahoma, .. 55- N a vy aaHHHHHHHHHHHHH~l once and beaten ^teni once to
--M do. te Ai d^u *,^ a r the. remal and-one, and Ludtke was de-
Sevr, to I a ero heated by the Smokers in the on-
Ofa%;rlhr rgl bowls oul -I'to dK underdog~t .,
Tychor t te Ga-r, Arkanas i s crea. asit thwe b-e" ly game in which he has figured
inTec y, 0 Ca a er ArNavy Hsu., .Is e as I1 in a decision.
at I the Co apM Wh A a 1 act does" better Tonight there will be ohhing
.BO whene a It's..' ..... a br as sand alhhng alore at the 8th -

wenIte a un t ,, |Urn? -
Sowl e "-ai m .A. .o"ri Te The Ra- v y is le dium the ladies take in their

rpt les tol deallt co Itee- aN Mises asc -a ,,e yJMYBRS.Ncn pl,,moesmi w
&Wthout 1 b el, 'i a jse Texas first "night" of the season.
ou.h e ,a o Dr e m t C w eii a n r:... A e as EandY ,D.Mi& EA Southpaw Vibert Clarke -
e bboth a ._ B idw sthie rIn the rel' of um ret-e bssum hs oims known as a pitcher
Inke o nltea but now Wito whie in t role t swi t enchant for moodiness
l f-' _n but always as a real tough horn'-'

epatm"v I V qui.. aing indee "Beimour he mu Bt eu b- -n was It fi ne fettle last nd wht
htsav e, W 'a r or p reand sho. p mi wsme ine to. tIe' eat ro ss by Vic o ska ho ,
the a Socleas t. of d so a he his ........ o. amec. taromdth...

*i rp a-" M a. in ter .... .... N vi -,-- M olot ea he v tuoll Irs lead cut to two p ines over thalef

**y-~j^Bi^r ld el -Sa.u Efyteibl -here toa Je. Lacc supdhsaamen got a hit with to Geut
"IeVEAN,n tou Eazrrea n le S and isa gaume .seatyth a othshm-tiperema
rlear tat Cleand Oo Ol am B a.ldw ac has so" B oIM b BlREL se d in I M rE pla e Smokers And twot
p u t'rcit C plan a a ub lic e eial--.- s w e a N has uand one-half over t e the Sodamen.
Ismth....c~ss. in piar0.e of powe and d A peak such NEW YOR [ Dec. IS --(NEA) After two unsuccessful starts
tCel A .ations ohm pions, al the e...n.. agaion. s- --he New t o rk Kniherbockers against the Yankees, Clarkeh w

landyIda nskv 6thr bas eba lub a lef p bu n-efor shrto b o lost.ui a d T a ll bto Sya use n clarme bakr o ied a whnale th o fg
ru e -ad y batJ ja ,do b _" m w e s ... il b r n the R e be~., .= m t ls h. .o m e C o s c J o L p c hi ic k slu m p e d h is ,a g a m e g o t a h it w ith tw o o u t [
tons upe r 1 f or a i seb-t ,o ame on .... six-fo ot-five frame into a swivel In the eighth and scored what
A ltin Nabp Pr met. Ja t 'Ine w- e ". __ Gat, it's Billy chair in his Madison1 square Gar. proved to be the winning run. _
h Ii $ sinaie Ernie Lawrence worked seven
l vi, f hi l t Ar g*t ii, r Aubu rn or s sn pa s s in g ( ean d ev en mSey our, em u t t e r e d t9l a n d tw o -th ird In n in g s a n d wa s
jaw for 11y St to H he-M So, A lsrog groun h d-newsmen In the room "He's at relieved by Vic ska whole
tiN" ~~~ ~ ~ ~ l the was 7hi to 2e 11-ma asv-,.. -
-a m-and1 d4. As 4maSidt Whinner over i- y- the way. had to take finished the game. All of the
Dui r pri ai ,aad tubelan through its last out Carl Braun., We need ts *cor. Sodamen's runs werp charged to
4 a ck a n d 9 .l n s n a in: -,i v e i .at u uo r a te s a ou g h t b ut ib t t w a s s eble s s to le a v e L a w r nc e .
DH a was bo rn leelz. =. ..4 l .. h ain gains t that guy. It's like The Yankees went out Ina

Aut on bowl* dayu-a sligh edge^ wet a man. Ont In the ixth when Gil
Ioon Ithe." athin. ow near hte do.'orwho DOkeno homered over the left

chms Eoy BaLL dosnt mean fm.BbCpyBl h rmnomLoendih
ageral p ad ean "ices. oe t. cr s watched qthe ame from start eld fence to break up what
E -*'3zI s:,- = :: .. '**v
ma'y r t ".hf now o -n -t"" ttor to me. men 'got a runn In on GerTyl
.wKrie in'rhAd 19A raute adI round-trpper,
Dlardoflvel,OdO.i om win-allce Po.rd e wa e a exactly the way most sre hh over the fence in
ilakrd o Ceveloand, Ohio, Olym.hescle the.e field ofbus&. M take Paul Seymour, the right field In the seventh to tie
pe track champion and e public the spectah zlee ee aeo o DU nr-old backcourt apecia 11 t up the ball game.
relation officer with the eve- nes a tsu on. aBe Nationals. In the eighth, with two outs
o October 11 for a visit to Bo- He Is the holder of many hob- lobtus ve and alll but un. Clarke drilled a single through
lvia, Cile,. Argentina, Uruguay, ors and awars.sin he spinng of wn, he is one of those players short and Into center field to
Brazil, Haiti, L.up .pmaia' _s-J.946 hL Vcn the NationaSl. Cleg"i must be washed closely or start things going, Clarence
nama and uait MA, Hi is 'in ate p? N am.s r Amateur At,-e-- YoU won't notice that: Moore singled to right, Clarke
Panama at premanlail. U I oor championships in A--He has a one hand s h o t moving to second, then Doug
Panaom ah ped. low huhrdles?.--,In from around ;h keyhgloe which LeldtaIFtlked to load the bases
D ,whick is undo190, n murder ywh c toL r and' ith theam OU t two trble-

Urig istoa,. o te wine o te d o ut 0l8y splet clos to at rikesa
jintapr naa high andr 0owhurr s1-pount average dIs, season and no balls, Hector Lopezhst
Athetiont of the'A-nM a W ..ini. tn a"nalcol B-He moves his team and sets liner that went past the out-

hturtAthbetic unttin ofpthi'Unitd }dgos pdd'.rs of.bothesndes, 1hioh
too, he has been giving talkslegiate and ..national A hr up plays, with or without the stretched glove of the desperate-
North American a c an ad lw urdles oors he be- a1, in a style which only wto ly lungig Howard Phtllps and
welfarthAericn activitietsconduct icomdo onle.h.ete to,,hold an or three others duplicate. .. e bouned all the way to the right
cal dWefieldactivitiecs Ionduct amesnattona ourdit ampoion. C-He is an implausible de. field fence.
Irt in Is Saecaltes. ships s Bmultaeously..Muring 1 tender, A guard whoe can handle Clarke scampered In from
D Irq1as born in Cleveland'seasohe also estblshed a world Men three or four inches taller third with Moore and Lewis be-
than h/retal4 aed treat them like hind hrt, whalk Lopez reached
S' ,, ., ,, midrvge ts-i-n 'aoe where height Thorne walked and Relnaldo
^^RB-SE difeence spells points. Orenald was sent to run for him,
BS A TA N To the average spectator, Andy Gladstone Aingled to left to bring
BANe, Bcb Coy,- Bil Sharman home Lopez, and with Archie
na ic k McGi re are th the rade- Brathwaltte plae lteLaw-
General admniion tickets for the covered stannds marks of the backeourt business, rence wa yanked for Stryalka
I GThey're the smaller men w ho only to be greeted by Brath-
m^. f" be purchased from now on at the Bodega contribute the flashy plysr and wait's double down the ei t field
er as frm Ann Pt offie outside shooting. r line. Grenald came in to score
jo to u average National Bas- with Gladstone holding at third
aros, o t1 Po ie. ketbhall Asociatn players, how- and Kellman flied to left to end
,. ever, Seymour is'the chap. They the fateful frame.
A% Pf A *r f .M.a ft i. t 0% Ai V^. f- call him "the Pro" s- high an The explosive eighth saw ten
S i^^lt'Mt liw _..m .m ^ .r' r accolade as a performmer an get. odamen come to the plate and
See O Urc A RTMENT of In today's run-aCd-shot pro- when the hmoke had cleared
nAlsional game, S eymour get s there was a total of five base-
Hjh61 /^ R S .lost, as far a the *"s are a co- hits and five big. rum for the
LBh*I eum Rugs and Linoleum e. ed, because he plays a kind 80da FBOYS.
per yard 40S ynard Lmof Caine which is rapidly fading ]arh team hba two double-
I H 3RWifj-_^^wi ~ 'out. ,!.vsapiece In a match that
I Ory -- Th4t1' the old-timae profesio- produeedesevealn rhubarb.
B., *, d ilWay of doing things-moving with the upr!fo the
*1| *^^ "E~i-! ^i fys. dr/vng in an lokin, to set w. ]l Obably tO expected from

I1|j to college. Instead be :.HHHH^^ either.- Seymour," y1u see, didn't heated d'lseusstbn with the urn.
*1 *p aH^S^^HllsHHHHH~^HHHH~~ll~a^BPto p|ly g in po gaee s ansedh bagn pares came in the eighth when
H ^ ^^^H^^^^BE ^-M J P~y"P^^8..00ale Looez took a called second strike
J ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ is ,3 "^ ^ B ^ H B HHHHHa 'lPaul never^ has been bettr Williams andit took orfe(1I Per

II^*^ *^^ IIB BH l e~ figrCestiprov e on last1^ sons, r Vber lrke t
HU ^-^'-l. '''" -* ^ yea nor hisnd .T do1 -k~fr to ihng refir iHn "s tei t ewa sye ry
m ^ X~fi ^etfi.B.lla clarrfo evry Hap geats etrasthe ^ kiitme Evdeiy Cai rkpeti wors ter

I. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i .oe ..:.01 a I.Ic 1re ievaled to this deo
II .:. ad a good Ih by Clarke himself i
fo" s!M Oee soeas" room after the
Oe th t b.M decision 'to staird


0 a--




It t I




* \



.hoW=eti left field and relepti
the slumping. Orenald to t
bench umid off bg dlvlden<
when Tborne put the Sodame
back in the game with his how.

:J: i*


i $





1 Westinghouse Refrigerator



1 Philips Radio

3 Raleigh Bicycles


S..UNTIL.h 1 .

JUNE 26th, 1955


"ON JUNE26,11955

W &A

nmurles record of a 3
th sti stands.

Aato gam". 10
i IdZe -tr=

"91- .f ,,-

t^ t '.. ** .*,La i. ^ .|




lei. .. "
: ''^ -."

JUiLRY ENTERS ROOM Court bailiff Ed Francis (right)
uplgeks the door to the "Deliberation Room," as jurors pre.-
pere to enter it in Cleveland. Mrs. Elizabeth Brtke (eft)
and Mrs. Ann W. Foote, members of the jury charged with
deciding the fate of Dr. Samuel Sheppard, prepare to enter
the room.

Verdict Expected

In Sheppard Murder

Case By Day's End

CLEVELAND, O., Dec. 20. (UP'
&VMn men and five women
went into their fourth day of
lfe-or-death deliberation on the
fSh-.? Dr. Samuel H. Shep-
non Pleas judge Edward
said he believed that
#,~ -wife-murder trial jury
54Wr mes to a decision, t #a
liDn be the day for It.
,The seven husbands and five
Itusewives entered the Jury
~f t 9t9:1 0 'a.m., fife minutes
m the time set for them
I '.,i". The w ,te -

"Let tA


mama Aiuertrau
heq people know the truth and the country is afe" Abraham Lincoln.

-~~~ ~~ A.L. e.SL .^A *"":*

-. tl he ,.sbu,,

New 'Eisenhower Republican'.ca
Movement Foreseen For 1955 z.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 (-UP) many million of Independent tempt to avoid any open split be- prosperity" normally has tb e it ty came o.t th pi
-A political party new in all but voters -who admit o fixed alle- tween its factions. There would be -maxmu.-I appeal to the national that the pupple were black
name will evolve in 1955 as Pres- glance to either republican or no logie in a "third party" move- electorate. white and Prown and the i tir
dent Eisenhower p r esaes his Democratic parts. meat because zinether Sen. Mc- Most observers think that Ei. was unimown. .." '
"moderate progressive" philoso- Although President Eisenhower Carthy of Wisconsin or any other senhower's termination of the Ko- .He looked at Ager unhappily.
phy in national affairs, many pol- has been in the White House less minority Republican leader could rean combat was k,.;ra factor Algp Is part splger, part bea-
itical analysts predict. than two.years, extraor- make much -encroachment upon in his personal popularity. e, part bla- part white, .part'
For lack of a traditional title dinary specuattzon in all political President kisenhower's popular A threatened "b iness reces- brown ml something of a mis-
the new movement might be noof- and diplomatic circles concerning strength. Nearly all political ana- sion" did not mahtali= e on ma. take himself.
ficially described as the "Eisen- the party political struggle within lysts therefore think..that Presi- jor scale during first two years "When I have to go out around
hower Republican" Party. State the United States and its proba- dent Eisenhower will be a candi- of Eisenhower's pre fjdeacy. tte nelhborltood and call 'Here,
electoral laws would make it ve- ble evolution. date, by choice or by "draft," for Prosperous economic conditions Alger; hese Alger,' I fed litke-
ry difficult to depart from ,the es- a second term in 19BM. His prob- during 19M would automatically Wiol," Alaers master said.
tablshed party names of "Repub- Democratic party leaders in lem, there fore, is to exert lead. enhance Eisenhower's.pres tige He; sai Alge r could pose for a
lican" an "Democratic." 1955, it is generally believed, will ership in transforming the party and prospects qf reels t io n picture, but the ftamly w o u ld
The 84th Congress will be a follow a course designed to pro- along "moderate progress asive" 1958. their stay anonysou.
sounding-board for fundamentally mote public confidence in the 1956 lines which he has indicated. Besides, they're not- positive.
new national political trends and national presidential elections. At year-end 1954, many political But the partisan issue would de- "lle nel-gMb`s lauk g of
orientations. In principle, they will follow a observers predict that 1956 will velop around the basic question as dogsl,"Alger's ". i tress st id.
The year 1954 witnessed the bipartisan course on foreign af- see another struggle of Bisenhow- to what economic and- social "The Kef auvers.down the steet
paradoxical fact that President fairs, but in domestic matters er-versus-Stevenson. groups benefit relatlvqir r o m have a peck. Up until last spring
Eisenhower, although conceded to they will obviously try to intensi. prosperity. The Democltts at a all the dogs ran around loose.
be one of the most popular chief y factional differences within the Among diplomatic obser ver s, 1956 convention would obviously "Then ptolee came o utt
executives in history, had Ios t Republican Party. They can sup- there is rather a wide feeling that contend that a Republicani admin- They got sort of uppity. I was
majorities of his own Republican port many of president Eisenhow- the complex party situation with- istration means 'big business" fined 10 for letting Alger o t
Party in both houses of Congress. er's expected legislative propos- in the United States tends to re- prosperity, and wold make p 11ose. When I asked them why
ie therefore must attemPt to als, as for example receiprocal duce rather than increase the strenuous effort to win the votes they didn't fine the Vice' Preal-
transform and strengthen his own trade legislation, with the knowl- prospects of world peace, unless of farmers, workmen, s all busi- dent and Senator Kefauver, they
party. o that t is an extension of pro- the communist bloc should em- nessmen and racial minorities, said, well, they couldn't ,c a t e h
Events of the year also reveal- grams originally enacted during bark on new aggressions. Public versus private hydroelec- their dogs." .
ed that there were divis a- the Roosevelt-T.-uman period. Barring international provoca trick power policies would also be- TheNixns' dog Checkes ,was
among Republicans in Congress on The Republican party will at- tions, the theme of "peace and come a great issue. always very popular and Alger's
such vital themes as .McCarthy- family remembers a time when
ism," foreign trade policy, labor Nixon was on his way to work.
law revision, public power policy A "A big black Cadfllac wlled
and conservation, of natural re-u f |in bont of the hblouat" a lers'
sources. L U CILtress:n gland 0h -as a
Therea re also differences with- A ll ocKeyed LU1sw or dogs 1the fr
in the Democratic Party between yard. Nixon had to batttei tm Way
the relatively conservative th yardog Nixo ad to b the ar.hi y
"Southern Democrats," and the Every yegr has its quota of accidents so80 wacty they couldn't happen-but did, The yma.iS4 he* M to Ia n g I for
northern states Democrats who was no etcepUton. From the National Safety C council's annuall rounduD ft such mh s tSrhe Chk esw
had the ugper, hand in .oosevelt's ones illUstrated below were chosen as the'cream of the cebkeyed crop. .' .
"New Da.- istorical, this un- ,
elal. problems, ands1 u t n r

"%Y admitt+ed- ,_;. :.

f..r SCessei t: popuar strength from
paye is $5 a day. northern eemotrats and the
a ath~e a was found he
to be unre wa g in the
ha paMgnarked 'they're not o- g g,
,g. to .- pay. them until they g l" Rill g
os a rit
Jug Eeelythin was across the dn to e
hafromthe Sheppard trialii n N .i
c qli t1tiig on a a three-
ju panel, hich today be- en
gan hearing another murder (NA elep lto
c Before the Seppard jury SOLACE in fl te NICOSIA, ypru em.
tave noion tatd hnd his back, Dn. el l Anti-America nand Anti- Brt-M ns l t slhtraye s
o.f romh e-"oa yrd fingers a er ash r a pang on- this pedit srra- l w .000 d it so l119 y r"
far, the jury has ot(unseen innean and was expected teo a- e ut h o Law. of A

d for any instructions o lefthg ot h atdwas bep o 0 idne Bay aturdayfe night'b et e tsu
sake f a r, t he n A.ry h n te t hadce s th e p sfor c ho ide today after a turbulent du**, Bk laI. 1 d1 0 .Isle
From Common Pti eao s etogra phersin the courtj weekend in which three rioters hem wO hM bsup
lrE dwardBflynthe giving s in Ceve d.were wounded and 47 arrest a tod. a ls rll
Site wat os the h O a The worst outbreak occurred o ate we' t npn Pdselr.W
ito what t may of advent and beginning of the Saturday in Lm assol where i
boonuderlu. Christmas season
,o1 noted Sturday. nighter n'a British troops har d reto openritle e"
on asked i therewould Fe tto disperse a mob local police "eob plate..
'Tmluse in. thenirige tur pisonn F tBrthe explfinAto the were unable to handle. Lesser

Se n Sonsdering fur- prisonersJ the th floor1p- riotin oe heb I
uptthrwas no heosito n that a thas erpoteorted here ands
t in their reply. They also out of rson nts he n itarss t

n red 6 ao outP religion unless he Peuts There was some barroom
' siJp ifled the r desire something into it,." There eas some e .rroom
Mao t o rniet h enir e desire so thed ing I nt o i t. d brawling Saturday..night, and
p's' 'Alsbraion. tte hansoe police had to use tear gas to '
a endanehacns. edo The hantsorte Young odo- break up dwindling demonstra.-
- to defe ndant, accused of path Fr. thne Said, has been tons here yesterday N new ca- l.
Sdeath his pretty anwod very regular" in hds attend- sualties were reported.
31y ear-old wiIe, Marl. anerce at the Sunday ateraon ov. Sir Robert Armitage said
4, wie brought into aervices and has communist- in a radio speech tkle rioters
rooma for his required ed with the clergyman were sholboy duped bY "men
when the ur came times on te welfare offellow le n e otdisorder"
the noon reros. prisoners. and led A CsomPesI T es by "hoolL
eppard sahook hands p gAns." He appealed to parents
MatoMeys, William J. The jurors, representing the and teachers to reason with the
and Fred Garmone, Protestant, Catholic an" Jew-.unruly children.
A -two brothers, Drs. Rich- Loh faiths, agreed not to- attend Police blamed Saturday night's
and phen A Shep. services of their choice toa Adisorders on Communist agita-
Sad talked briefly with Bailiff Simon W. tors "imported" from nearby evil.
fd e nse counsel. said he advised them r toN lages.
-,lled. at hhusisters-In-God to guide'thel minds to-do The riots were called to pro-
a st quietly, with a their work asethey wer.-d test American and British op-
-tIand cojcern Wiule the jury ate position to Greek hopes of an
t e iy fr iled edinnin the British Crown; the
p at s r. hepp-r-.c et .r,, 2 to rule on the question.
e pot&,aEA- TE O HN LAR te..- was ls n sm.
......_.....dUt 'e.. "th'STORSe' Conn.-(UP) Mrs. .'estir s@1k v an safety in an

...ol 'otrive th o versity of Connecticut, complain s h -.t 16 me, awarde ,eA
Returned to ~a.ljail .ar,%mu t l that Americans say one thing and sa .t U9Mml, sway-

Sthenoon 1,_ fee-_never tea," Sesaid.mdl
Episcopal Church. latlon te .=--411*u
on thisnttdH e IS e w- 0 A CHRISTMAS CAROL



;1-W -.
W-. !-
* ir."-* <*
p-3 *-*'-,- .*
'^ -' +'

Noldea" fal of the ye I--
deubedly asf a de b Oti
rbhawdLt ft.npMd ste 4We-
ftar aSe New York Cltr OMs
Commay. Dr. hr Sw as
rmubar.ssMt I a /nteils d
rehelmudf hams when heo
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For a minute, things erbaflh
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did't hew me. M4&% ve
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Car be I
"Uilent 'Night," "cant1 le d4 9
B,"o, -"t cm.vpo id.-
night clear" and "Oh came 'All
Ye Faithful." .
All numbers will be announced t
by Jack Crooks, batoWotf the0 i
champion 'Zonetone" quartet. ,
For the benefit Va member. J
who have not received their no-
tices., the bus will leave Curutdu u
promptly at 6:30 pm. sand o.- ,
lows this-schedule:
6:45 p-m. Bells Vista Chwa-
dren's Home. A
7:15 p.n. oogaI .oxp.t5L
7:45 p.m.- Ba ThNter, u
8:15 p.m. Corozal hospital. L
9p.m. l1th Nsval District.

Diamond Rdffle |
Short Circuits '
For 3rd Time
For the third time in two years a
4 one-earat diamond being rat- sa
fied by oasa Patlegh has not ea
bween won.
The winning number-7624-- ti
had not been given to any cuwl y
bomer. SpecIal per n m mustdi
be secured from the authorities
before it can bt raffled aga ln
this Sunday '
Persons holding tekets for the ja
raffle are skedto keep them at
until the raffle sl completed. c

Piano Recital 4
For Tonight ,
,Paft Pmhma Tiburg r eently returN-
e ed from 'ee
lot 0 l.Xa S InS South arI e 5ai
Nwbl. 85 S f i appearmft udon ,
theuh IIa se a po the qsea s
A U TWf ArSd1i5 ?-meService CaO
q ldlm ,ein : I4w sae* ter, tonight at 8:11. T
*.thm me ma hisq'sp' rThe *lWam ill ulaudej
sa" ai.s pmg works b Mmort, ain
new WMo rIst, Ratd;slratitscyw
i .-- .. Lobas, De~rta asd a
t on by the artist. -.
Ad=ission Is $1 nd
RLS DICKENS or tude. The o
.-- for milltay persnaL

To Hold Benefit
S' how.T
_. .3
lq km 'I m.

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-^ -- M qu' jr,.ymq

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