The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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So viewed* 'Fbot.- programs they teeiv
it or not .a U. S" '-rmef Coin
o urote a ..distraught mother Useez f ik'balloo
leaders, wrot-t-rPCC to coiaplain that t. iloop
a utfits- ctpnram wap.barra co e t
1 hero yqWgster. The mother asked of milk, cwN
what' Abb I i o about it..Though on p oaugh t ,
w by it s ea power to pass judg t hallo
meat W.,* -cmor individual pro. 17 h it
th for eam4 tle .CC did spend. U 8 Ud
Sheo m5 ,Ora 'lapg several 1 4 t p
,'.,,,a nmdwas he
labor move program r
mup with id e
St the moth- rsaca I~q4-SrVkal r be.p.
@S or It AM" |r t letter o 'r u der F' m
n i em. -W ste. 'tat tura. orvb -orle.

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movement"_. The
co and wn. The RklartI PSL .t T --- eat |
Jot just a BoubMae MI
" chi .k Qub etO... da
ad and hon- Ma and his Josutnne tor. ( i
be possible," tete-at e at Major's Cabin... I. am o sn) ordeal. retd .O
. woXrdsd Ad fp-and-fish apparel- ih at CI
Pat un- at 3. m -the o Ie s n
0.1Me. Carol Haney and eqt-_rI#
iLaTyg u their non-mat-.r r ii a sedatee
Sthisee. eeIa lga skiing and ri. beau Li yig n eaint
dectly I3. -eund?). .PIhyl. erig Sa"oo WaIs 'BN .*Y
Hi-some 'NiMrgpq. the news. tycp -2 r rg ,
gore.sM, a. ta-ta tryst at l (id as a )
tok before his' depar- wimth eu.t.
Stur Country. Mar-

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hen a struggi..

S i'Edding guepi '
-4i A to friends' -.'

fitt Wiy wei

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-_m. "s V40 26% AL

maim..i Iat 3:00 aa. 3 g N. tI a
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an tSo ". C am"i l.el : LU t o 6 La. A ........... l.
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:eat 1e0 nabi 1:11 3-0 nd Friy. D.A a ue sat 16% CAL

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C- .,. P. T Sb : T l ,a. a ,. ..... I .. ,.r n.-. C. u writ 6:

cas5t ........... TS- t" ehis Cla ss: i00 o.m.T ... .. .. .. "A"A
CaI... .r rD-. : m d a t o aI -m-.f B' ul S. Cr. S a a ot 0
w "" de .7 " : ct i.... catlo4il illthe elh"...
ipwer Inatethe: rMrday 7:00 3U4I W.,udei M( ...fg ......... 1.10 N... re.nt tri wil t(ke him
'e"npe.m do 'l arir, bg, rs frong Mexico to VenezuCela,

-- *-'" 'in SUNDAYS Hy .......1.. 6W .to Cuba and S'A .

S w. .1 1Ma.. .. .ii ... .. 6 :. a8 ........... ..... .I .a v
,,,_i*.. ...r. r ,hrt aalI ao tB a a Ka a A.fl a d Iti al-

D w i5-,, 5..- l C e esue ind, A ,
I A r m. e o ... .bs6 t S. o e
Sa a 1110n B 62 devotion ad rea o h .r I d
VA ow S oa t .r TdayI *40 .-..... 13 Th K ...S.. Cho DaoS>y* Mi C atS: M. Won,: ........ 8= J W JR a
Mn!* U to 7. o *O 5m o C. 0 w ve Sudy at Ii p.m..I.. 7h e

1 0 .*m. Cn mu. JI

,Fr.. andlat. That FridaY l :00 a- ma.d Ser, mon, ..:2... 6op".m
.A. midun i .0...... m..... :....

-W'. Crteh .'16rp Ud b 10 _ S .' V...- ... fo'" *. .i a L -

304 W' .. E a.Cnerai :.m. m. :- ud. Af d o" '
,-"TITC SW I a", Ia the JN s ..

I c ?!sl ,ST-lVIZ*u. a yci :'W kA1^ ,b I -- am a:" &AL 1 W &4L ala. P1EV,*, Can-t
sna 5:lb.m s1'li 11 to 40 0 '=4 1, 6 awhered abou 58,0.000
p'* mSS5 A Rm e h v e- dy a Soo I0. 3ri0o; 10 t

eal Nitonz : 2lf 7-: 00 ad- w. D. schoo ........ ... el s

aIna. Morning yr.. ,t and 3r ..... ... ,..,.. -.*. --.. -- ,

on ftd Bar,- NY.L:weD
C "M in ._s-. ."- INs.. and men 2nd L_ ............ .....

.. .. ig iN m-l ..... : 1
r _uc .m.U.i. Medal Nov a: 7: .. 6- a m .............. '.
Ho Clo u BRi iV0 pim M ..... ,:0 Pm.,J leyi e l .! .......... .
OR&= CUM : 5:., 45:1 m a .:00 ,- ,s GUwICK f 1:1 @'... 'a O' id a

Cg .C lamur d- 0pi. T e s d ayl I H o l yn 1lDa y: Sie: 1d 7 : 0 0 p m TM.dt5y u if .... .. ..m. ew Ad S m S e vct C g-:
With as h. Je a fonf:nu* ST I o. 5-45 am'".I of ehm
Unu ClIa: 3 .10 P.m adO Db s h Gy Meoa oC ODE

Ono d Sn8 an.10u rit .dueau can

SM. ,. JO_ 1,,IIOXL IE. dmth Day... 'Si C "

... ....eiW.NY Pm. i. 1*.............. VAL

,Mn .e Novena. StaddyMeg. 1 m2am: aLm poxW fmi
6y Day E.e- Cefoa, en :1 00pm mo ndus of3deu winsP. A .,
Pm 3mw... X. 5gli N.5 4. 1.6 _
Iti Wfrl .... i ao
S r rn -bhoet- 7I.0 PAL sOn Ivory. 61 Id &... .rm..

,- ^ -: ..._.. .*...

Now ma display!



New 175 h.p. President V4

,1W 140 h.p. Commander V ..

Nw 101 h.p.. Champion




Sensational new values

They're' here I They're o' ta.e"ise theua 1




. TELS.: 2.2086 and 2-31

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ed for your roughest, -oghcst days



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Frol HI meart Nowema s 110 VL 1we N& L f'f. -. O. La'sw us

Oman as -LA- --u
Mdubist e S. C.
lvoe r AV& d .as.. are ,- -au..o U .
l TS: p m.,, A-f to Aan Pm.
Week M. aI ay bce 0t G ne da y followia.

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4th & .* 4 p.mQi -
T.... Ml;3.u PAW

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____ __ ~___~ __ __

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lad y which is its chief fault.
7 ---;_ hodld npst sort of hap.
pu gnoteae c tived noutite re
a dreamy 15.-yearpld girl
S I imagines she's in the soeC 1
tlMy, Instead of living in a ramr-1 m
de cabin.
varthia Kitt plays the girl. And
Iie she acts like a 15-year-eld-i
t4.' delightful-she a guls like a
S nIcated nightclub ,star. It's
little incongruous a double.-,.
.e ader with music.
S.sader w -th c av Is holding up, but alghtilme radio
S a youpog televisioea rodue ls off, I'd say, aboue 25 per cent."
S. at lpenatGeneraiy, no Can n itwork radio surylve th
h ne of al s,a t n ig the cas e loss of 'advertoBl, revenue, an
'ef Peter Nelson a d ) arryGould thp potential loss of audience_

m 5,f e, and the assistant to the audience some relaxation,
Pw ueer of CBS.TVs' "gst something besides what television
madway," and Gould, at 3 1a presents. Might be nice to switch
wuceeuslul optometrist in Orange, o the radio some night.
-Cesuis have an idea to revive,
Somerset Maugham's 1"Thbe Cir-. Richar Bissell, who wrote SeI
le. 'It's more than an idea; al. book, "? Cents, on which "The
S -mos a reality. Pajama Game 'is based, isn't the
G .ld showed me a letter from only writer in the Bispell family.
one of the stages' biggest ltsri, H is mot T heoy, new 11, edits
saying she'd like to play the lead and writes 'The Feneloa Place
-but for a while the name can't Journal, a weekly shee he puts
be h t~vealed. out in his home In Rowayton,
The theater needs people like Conn.
Nelson and Gould youngsters This periodical cirulate; among
Sixth fresh ideas and the nerve to fam friends and soe seleettd
try. members of "The Pajama Game"
cast. Carol Haney says she's' 'a
Lately, it's been fashionable in regular reader. There 'show busi-
certain circles to knock radio. Ps. ness gossip in it ad Tommy also
. ticularly network radio. 'Network believes strongly in personal jout-.
radio, 'the people in these circus nalism. His mother's new coat was
liIe to say, "should lie dcwn on a reported fully."
.iesaufortable kilocycle and die. It Wh To t last
Swill die soon anyway sum hea mta mJans
l;,,hls view is, naturLiY, not be- summe r, rail the Journal.. i
ved among network radio pe- Every week he ot a copy of Va. I
Soved ofhe intheriety and used t at as source ma-
ra'dio business is CBS vice presier e. Some cf our top columnists
dent in charge of programming, d t s
Lestter Gott1ieb. And these are
'' Gottlieb's feelings on the matter:
"I usid to watch television," he
says, "an4 by nine o'clock I'd Id
it.L t & ro' esriln te radl t'W
all radI offered were radio ver-
isles of TV programs. I didn't
1wa1't that-I didn't want to hear
I~_I radio cogterpart of 'Drapet'
Wn1'"JLove Lucy.' I wanted to re-
laxs, take it easy.
"Radio has to present programs
......Jlhst art relaxing. That's' what
tryingg tp do at CBS. We've
. 1 ople i Xe Ci'osby, Como, Ten-
4 'weesee Ernie, Amos 'n' And*-
1 ie nice talk and a few nice
dsngs.* So spectaculars. You can
listen without working at it." '
This, Gottltb feels, is how net-
; work radio will surbive. The bust-

%j4't some timei-4etwo'K-trZo-DUD, i^
he says, purely rom economical
reasons.. -
"Netw6rk radio evolved as a
means of giving advertisers
S wholesale prices," he says. "Say
an advertiser watd tbuy time
on 150 stations. I but' it
separately it wouid nive;
SBuying through as
could' afford top t Wa- -
dependent stations p p
records a-d ripff
news *wire once Slr E
read t. ,' .
"Today, of can
tisers are spendinal
qet on TV. So radio
down, sad radio price g
down, too. Daytime e s

l ei ', .._ .

NA ".lepoto)l
or' A.
per of
hi or two
the orde bte-
Imd RoKong
Aleta bv -!.

}a tt *


Royal Ma.l LItn
I.$. "cUZCO" ...................1
MV. "SARMIENTO" :::4........... .

M.V. "REINA DEL PACIMFO0" (1'iM ..,b. -. -
TO UNITED KINO.. OMO. .r.. x m ..m Im

M.V. "SALAMANCA" .... ... ,.. ,,, D.
8.8. "LOCH GARTH". ......................... M
8.8. "LOCH RYAN" ........... ................. 7


S.S. "ARl'EDfK" ..................................Dwe 15
8.1. "DURIANGO'" .................................Dec. 28
All Sallingn Subject t Oba e Withhbt N4ote
v BABOA,--m51nBldr., 2%d1.102

Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service Arrives
S.5. RAN" ............ ............. Dec. 12
B. N" ................ ............Dec. 1
8.L V lR" ...................... ............ Dec. 22
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ...............................Dec. 25
S.S. "YAQUE" ..................................Jan. I
8.S. "BYFJORD" ................................Jan. 6
*S.. "MOBA&AN" ...............................Jan. 8
8.8. ." ANA" ...................................Jan. 10
*Handing Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service Cristobal
S.S. "BYFJORD" ...................... Dec. 13
.S. "GAPECOD' .......................... Dee. 17
S.St -ALCYOW .......................... Do 22
8.8. BELLA" ...............................Dec. 27
S.S. "ESPARTA" ................................Dee. 27
S.S. "LOVLAND" ................................ Jan. 1
S.8. "RABDRLANGA" ........................... Jan. 3

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Sam Francisco
and Seattle.

* *"'> :t~



Special round trip fares from Cristobal-to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
TOew York. ............... 240.00
nges nd S6n Franciscd ... ,I27O
"l tto ....... ............. $36t00





* .

One Hrdle

. I

3! n
.I T > |-' ...
.i + .* : :.. -

1 W *-

In Person



Fair ~usn




n~ q



~W vwm



4 4. .- YIN

Foor Suspects

w'thk s M MmoonPLa OT O a WAs


F7 ,

L* I

*:*'- '+. 4 -L
- ,

W% C ~ 4*-V

.4. I-- .

+'+.Rr..- / .. $,++ .+- :

r,- U- .I -

- -rr .'

.P9... '

Big Odds

31 31043 M~arTI

Maid's Story




75. J.. w4L. is4

~I --



a -- 7~ -..-

"* *- _

MT .

,/si ; .+.-

*",'. + .- ,. '




Pr 3 jo

r;- ~. -~_

r .



F W,

-- .-r

.. .

be worn al tihe urn it. 'en his aunt took action,
a in the eo t& he hit ed snatched e toy-
.J t ..then attacked hir.i.stwon.l
ra tc lin6s can call attention td'a gr lOer writes, "My
o worn wtha veil. d don't understand it as I never had
i*ost mnatre women *nfld have 4isobedlence frats my 'thldren.
St least iMe such bat- their ey did wat they were told.
w ardrobes., I Teywere good children,
SA veil tied -eer*,t-tched to Perhaps this daughter' w h o
o.r (one that Puls ud th eb was such a good obedient child
q ) im th rus most mtue dares not oppo ia her son lest she
oen affcLt. Thl lan should pper "bad"1 in his eyes.
be varied. A coarse t vl e this dea seem abmsurd? It
*fth a tailored hat, one th.t on isn'L. Many of us fear to oppose
Z-; under the nose can rima- children lest we lcse "goodness"
iCe eyes and make a StI l ails I- -----
. youthful as a grown woman heed a .... u, ..
damim-- A~wp ftg

'lys Tl Xr M r s.
i Olo nes a d > Mrs. Robrt Scott
wree greeters. The tables wetre doe.
aIe in the ChIt"As mSOt.
S .rE.Cikm ew.. hout-oft
5S1- President, was preAdesend a es
p,0.1,, averB Sift by. Mrs. $am Wa=E
[] % r .Three women wex selected,
l't who are outstanding in the club
k.sond post ae ites on the APbt of
i ..tfrQ:^ .

]h b-o*"-ate.IC. J. V r a o Fe, e. D. UA .Grl
SC.Medames T .. R. H et; L. A. K4u B.

a aJ.r .bam, sC. rCa P t. tiers P
-an, R. R. Didy, eW. G. Downlg,
'--B.y and Ms J. L Walker.
Mr dag 4PCeat eI !.y.. e rneMrs. LCe rAnderson wast -est
Army el a..8 .8 rolo ,O ef Mr r. L Rather, Mrs. L
Lt Col.ed Mrw ....0 KoH Gau iubbe & urch guest of Mrs. Crndal

e d Ge btri rta BirM o T. V. BlTrevethan W gua estal
i t. s oLta Mrsu tg l Mlet. S. D. D and Mrs. Ty" J. H.
ef, 'p o sy, Dee7,atthe L. Vogt ato- -rsJ. Stack.

NEW ZMAd OFFICIAL I ivitations have been issued to.
DUE 8OON about 100 young guests. Balboa Wemaa's Club
Mr. fton Webb, the recent- -rajoys _ChIIas_ Ga.i .
1. appointed. w 2 alPA i ig h IGasmahs Anounce Mrs. Vadas Pence y e V ien
ae toGreat rtian will Birth of Sea of the Balboa Wom Club pres-
arrive the..Isthmun Monday a- Mrs. and Mrq. Louds, Z. Guzman tlded'at.a board -Ims at the
board SBw sagitape an route to. of El Cangrejo have announced J-.W..-U.S.O. on LIrl a Road,
EnSand M New Zealand. Hete the birth of a son, Mare AAdino, Balboa, Wdnesday akenon, in
will ... eopanied by s. Let San Fernando Clinic on the. absence of Mrs. .Pdty .Ryan,
and wile i BaI Wednesday, president, who as on. niin in
bassddbr Mr. Gsgman is a techic i a n States. This w
Britain .. S .I, A a.d-lghtful program
Witeh ttroduee Mrse b

g Xreivpwimas at te Ft .u
eck. Theater yesterday afternoon
to over four hundred.
Latin American United States
graduates of the US Army Carib-
Selp Sdhool, was host thereafter
at. ali receptions given at the
Oicers a Non Conssio n e d'
OffJeeri Oub for the graduates
' their ; ladies..
Graduating groups from 15 .La-
tin American countries were oon-
gratulateo -the flag-bapked stage
by adlpltmati or military aVPM.
sexrtatiye ot their respective na-
tions who later jolnled- he wo.
cial event. .
Conrlatlatng the 102

Mr. ad Mrs.Albert Motta of
New Q obal. are ent.rtainin
5 isoevi l wftk' a dntoi4 '
te birt y of their daugh ter,
Miss Sandra MQtta, h tu-


1. -. ~

p ~

A red veil s an Idea om
woame foolishly as by. 'Its
wartn color puts cor in the aee.
This veil should be fine, lost
at, and without decoratIon or
bjf weave. It will put a rosyW
g -around the whole head.
For cutting down oga owis and
chin wrinkles, a veil that goes
around the face rather than pver
is a sound idea. It'll have a
quaint look, much like the hats
and dusters of the early days of
Veiling Is cheap. Replace, It
ofte., Buy a lot and experie-nt
in front of your miror with
l and colors. Vafr e diet
a ometimes, just fo fun. o

mat cookies were served by the
'"osteases: Mrs. Sue F. Blatt, Mirs.
Charlotte Cagley and Mrs. Vlrgi-
as Boney, who also alternate in
serving pgneh... ..
Several members brought gifts
for the School for the Blind and
anyone desiring to contribute to
this worthy cause is askqt to con-
tact Mrs. Peggy arket Phone
Balboa 1412.
Members and Iuests attending
this social wee: Mesdames: Louis
Pustis, Jesslca Maurer, Es e1 e
Bushy and boys, 0. E. MkLhelis,
F. J. Leap, L. 0. Boney, J. Nord-

rN. ]o". r1 MaIe had created
distinctive Christmas decorations. B7 United Press
esary Altar Society On the buffet table the center-
Pl1Is Christmas piece was a beautiful bouquet of Purniture polish gives a greater
Party At Margarita. red leaves and silvered pine-ones heen ff it ist warmed before a
The annual Christma party of in a silver rqud dish, en the leation. Just heat the bottle n
the Rosary Altar Asoley ol the stage was a anlature' flriplace *ot water.
Holy Family Church, Margarita. witi an unusual piece of driftwood a
will be held an Momdcy, at 7:30 shaped like. huge sock, and on Drop eol eAould aceded
P.m. after Novena Services. the piano were silver branches about one al one- to ches
Each lady is asket to bring a decorated with bright balls and foapart in p t fuls to allow
toy for a poor chid in town, worth tiny choristers. or spreadngon e coole sheet
about one dollar. Thes will be Deliciout red punch and Christ- You can give clothes a periodic
.. airing r t in te closet. Just set

w SM Le apon Ind blow-

(Witb SMALLephonoflts

COLON.- 7110 Bolivar Ave. TEL. 40

See ti World's Smtlelst,
SUkIghtt Alefitk 3S-peed
Pherph with IM' fhlkd
hN fspeMkor e i 25- 560

OW 40i8wi o inpe mwuapo*i
.- <@f d orn i# U lse sMiwI two Myo Mrg

-**IS o...n.. .s m 6.0 3

I^* .. .d* '

.^ S *,wmEA. ai1. -.

Start, Tinting I

Stop Worrying...
Don't worry about that
first gray strand! Let it be a
"blessing in disguise" a
signal to you to take action
agd do something about ob-
raining lovelier, natural-
looking new- haircolor! So
relax and let Roux take
over! Fos Roux Oil Sham.
poo Tine treatments conceal
every visible strand of dull
or gray hair, give sparkling
highlita .asid lustre, adds
subtle, maeilW-lokift color
that chaes your worry to


Cau poa: *w only as directed
n, label.

I *.*

#i[rur TT workers
Salaries Jump
Since Korean War
average aircraft worker in the
United States today earns $853
more per year than he did in July,
IN9, the ,month The Korean war
bega s. This is (a per year above
the average for all U.S. manufac-
turing employees.
Planes, official publication of
Aircraft Industries Association,
says that the aircraft worker's
higher earnings resulting from
wage increases granted by the air-
craft industry in the past four
years account for one-fifth of the
industry's estimated P$.54-billion
payroll for 1954.
In mid-1950, the average annual
earnings for aircraft workers were
5,450, compared with $4,413 today.
Their weekly earnings have
jumped $18.32 during this time
while the average for all manufac-
turing industries went up only
The article says that employ-
ment by the aircraft industry was
265,400, with a monthly payroll of
$76 5-million in 1950 and that to-
day there are 803,000 employees
and a $295.5-million monthly pay-

S" 1

e s S.


mind as a little gfi under puni
meat for "badnesp." "
painful -pe- ecr that ind u e ad
great fear of futbre isolation and
abandonmnt. I haev. the Idea that
this fear Is her fear of opp6al0
Ted, and that she acres nottak
any firm sotma to him ntoi
produce the old painful condemn.
tioi of her as a "bad" girl.
This Ii not an unusual problem
for a parent who has been sub-
jected to severe and unfeeling con-
trols as a child. We Vll want our
child to regard us as "good."
If we have been trained to be-
lieve that compliance to others'
wishes is "good" and any opposi-
tion to them i "bad," the con.:
pliance is all we can give our
child until we ar re ady to exa-
mine ourselves-and stop us I n g
him as the butt of our fears.
TED is a good friend to his
mother-perhaps her first real
one. He does not like her compl.-
ance. By his "spoiled" behavior,
he is refusing to encourage it.
In his own way, he Is saying to
Usher. "Mother, you .are no longer
a little girl to Uve on your par-
ents' definitions of 'goodness* and
'badness.' For both our sakes, start
making your own. Take this wa.
ter pistol episode, for example.
Was it 'goodness' In you to sub-
ject me to hate today because you
dared not take a toy from me?"
Ted, the good child, is going to
force his mother to get rid of her

Farm Animals
Get Cancer
URBANA, 11. (UP) Farm
animals .are as. susceptible ot can-
cer as their owners, a University
of Illinois veterinaran warns.
Dr. C. C. Merrill of the college
of veterinary medicine said any
abnormal growth on an animal
body may be a cancer and should
be reported immediately to a vet-

(in A


^^*SS-L "- ^ k A* d .a, | iq
". .. mU. ;- .W

|*P RIV' r



.Made i New Zeala I ,

a.., a


(Just below the AdmnistraMen Bading) .
9:30 a.m.-BIBLE SCHOOL .
(Ciu. for all age.M) '
10:40 a.m.--"A Word About The Word"
6:30 p.m.-B.T.U.-Training l Chrinstia u a
7:30 p.m.-"The Secret of a Steady Chrit Ilta



/ be ;O0 ,

. I ~~



do 4.,
*' 'wrKif

2 =
*. i* y A'

1""* ^

-I it

' 4

w~OANIEK-. -

-U IW,


New with te U.S. Goverametrs N.w mave pey, yeo ae
make that Staes ChuiesM a sealyt! Caldbteta she .e~.
day msem wnsh yew Amly and w l ieds.. tIe l*vte W I.*p
of the y"r, end th teradtial dS tie toa w aiy hoe =
d Mriea dsls.

I oenly aminol wa g.e. INTO she Sma. M
Anmew IuC r yew n and make your .77h
rsawfs -m.f rm" W ue ""--
.* ,, : ..

.Pa -.A. AT. ThS, I t241l
n e DSm 3.1i o, t. I@
bP.m a nt. s b, 10 0G --,- Te 7I

1r~ ~ A ~4
I. ~

--' : ., -

3- -

Bring back ya gifts ad
S etasis Nippeg by
mNblk yeow **5" a
Nd -s r 9 ,lty aame
tke ploisM ie a Sie
vy O* e th* retur but
yeo ia sam brine bak
so m h Ip len en
kips e sure to m-
yaour oe MtIas.

r-r- --- ------


i~;~ "i

=- 'J --='.~

*o ,-f



,, .r .... +.+.+ ++.+ I '..... ,+ '.+ + .
.. ., +' ". .' ,; ', .+-.-+ ,. .'. .. T
..... + .......- ,>.- ...... : r .. -+., -. .... .. .... .. I-- ',. *,d...:- -: +-.+.,;. : P' ,. ,:-,+.,.B
* ... .+ -... ,+ ,. .. -_ .- ,-. *iMfeiafe ^

*. .' -^ ._ J ---. .


rBIA PRECIADO 7 Street No 1s
BISON 4th of July Ave. & J st.
'uto'Aroseaena Ave. and 23 St.
laz LA Carrasqullli

Conjal Ave. 14V
No. 3 Lotkery Flaza
kaurtof ot uly Ave

Agents a Internal. de FubUcaelones FARMACIA ESTADOS D NOS
6S Lenirali Ave. 149 Central Aye..
PF.rque Lerevre 7 Street s0 Street No. 13.
10o Central Ave. J. Fco. da a aon a Ave. N X _

Via atpa1 Mo. ad

P FESSIONAL Automobiles PERFECTION PIANO SERVICING by Philips. Oceanmiside cottages, Santo Hoehgold
I_____S__A_ asGraduated Technician. Tuning Clara. Bw 435.- Balboa. P an eo t
FOR SALE:-Duetourgent trip: 1951 and general repairs "' specialty." Panama 3-1877. Cristobal .. FOR SALE: w ---Mh-oqvo rnitren
Mercury in perfect condition. 48th For appointments phone "Raphael," GramIch's.Santo Clara Beach a- er, fishing table, dr 4 swee
S1Chinch Bugs Are Street No..27., Bello Vista. Belboa 2-4160. ages. Modem rn conveniencemo d. noer Monzanillo Street .Lore Place,.
h i Up Your Lawn, FOR SALE:-Model-A Ford truck. Can DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic, Arate r. Phone Gamboo..6-441 Ancon.
T h khe Be Stopped with be seen at Pedro Miguel Boat Club. 209 Central Avenue. beside Capita- FOSTER'S COTTAGES, ns miles pst FOR SALE .-Simmons dosle b ad, coil
SFOR SALE.-1950 Oldsmobile 4-door lio Theater. Phone 2-3479. Day- Sant Clre. Low rates. Phone springs, cotton mattres,.Hollywo od
MALR ATHON de-luxe. Call Quarry Heights 4148. Night service. eBalboa 2-I166. style, $50; metal dresser $10; met.
EFOR SALE:-1946 Chevrolet4-door Cristobal Service Center Beauty Shop. WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach Cot. al bureau $5; baby high chair $5;
tane and Rothane, sedan, new two-tone p aint, new i- Phone 3-1642, Mrs. EsHer Leore- t ges-rockges, refrigeration, two- baby bed $15; 3 wicke chairr $ ; .
4ieb Are Exeellent ter,, r Phone4 ru ndu so, manLager. U.S. personnel and bedroom. Phone i Balbo 1050. three 6-ft. bamboo shades $12; re- i, A i Thestere 1 with us I8ft r al Id gav. o mt* and i't I tUe
A nst Grass Destroyin 0 family. _-T frigerator (perfect working condi- ear1. IiT OIsXte e rishfcrhcyS tp kee te Ierre ln sdelee
Worms Give Po FOR SALE:- 190 StTHE PUBLIC s hereby notified that FOR RENT tion) $20; kitchen table 5. Call 'aV eaif WT .ast a iter ie 7 elead on Central Ave., the to adh l,
elt o the Chinch.B FOR SALE: 190 Studebaker, well the raffle of a car scheduled for after 6 p.m. Balboao 4382, Xho il s- t oneastomer, was h.. ":
Rem"F.nOthe iNC. 09 cared for by original owner, $600. the raffle of a cHosscheduled for IOApt
C Phone 3-530. onDec. 12, 1954, has been postponed HOesl FOR LE:-Portble eli ctr swing
GEO --.N2VOY-INn or Feb. 6 d1955. ooble'l. r M d A eir i esi o Os ed
ra FOR SALE:-942 Oldsmoble. oo FOR RENT:-Furnished or unfsh- cupboards, chairs. lamp, g r- 6" P

FOR SAL:-1950 Buick Special, 34,- a ter, gas station. Via Belisarlo Po- Dblo. Phr3 2-31 .SO'I S OS -"
H NETT & DUNN a coO miles, rone owner, $g0.s Telt- FOR SALE:--merica rEncyclopedia, D ate. Or R fato
1 RM DANCE STUDIO m h one Balboa 4488. 30 volumes, $150 with book case. rras, on Francisco. Reasonable FOR SALE: Bamboo cateur chalr. AReo- T -- T o
ALLROOM DANCE STUDIO pHone BAlL.oing Isthmus. 5191 Kobbe. rent. Phone Balboa" 4307. S" AN E Dc
T E9 p.m.- Adu, Pi-tEns cap tres, new battery, new iin. FOR SALEA:-Bell & Howell 16-m. FO REN-Furnished two-bedr FOR: SALE:-7;.cu. ft. Seaer electric Dec. 11 P) The aCogr a of1 in use real solnral- t, ar 0o1g

FOR S'ALE:--IW N C h re- FOR RENTs-hrmn is h5 1t9- r oom ? PO%118enaO Dbeoc <-rt k-O S TheL sied eoa it riold(I be the me et ng some or.their
Teeneers. By appointment only. Priced to sell. Leaving soon. See at tools, late model 3 super comat chalboaet in residential sector. C21441 refrigerator,od for any current, Bing Crosby's auto aceidset, a Zations brought. its 16th annual con- we need as allies, ignorn otl!
Morning, aBlbee 2-4239 Quarters 46-B, Coco Solito. Phone lenses. Call from 7 a.m. to 3:30 Balboa -1441. two years od, like nw, $135. No. year a.cost.him.100,000 a vention to a close yesterday with these policies at oee con
After 4 p.m., Penama 3-1660 88-952, at home every day. p m. 3-1594; after 4 p.m. 36-579. FOR RENT: Completely furnished 3. Samuel Lewis"Sb-reet. Santuario For thst.amount he settled. .a una*ipus adoption of two major AmerIan ad-our friends abroad
FOR SALE 1942 Dodge 4-doorFOR SALE:-Duetotrip:SignalCorps chalet: Living room. dining room, 2 Nocional. Phone Panama 31-1184. million mtdamae suit brought policy %resolutions calling for a and gave comfort and advanta.
dut paid, very good transportation 13-tube shortwave receiver, $45: bedrooms, kitchen, garage, yaid. FOR SALE:-Set Chinese gs. rust by three who were gur- guaranteed annual wage and a hi- to the enemies of democracy."
nwas. dIutbg reekle sly and under The 700 delegates elected Walter stnctjve world l Md
H RA ing cabinet, desk, both $25; part- No. 126. Phone 2-3331 3727. The to ed claiming rosby United States from war. needed a positive ogra Or o-
LFOR SALE:-'52 Chevrolet four-door able Corona typewriter, old $10; FOR RENT:-Chalet, two bedrooms. FOR SALE:asdri $kless2, 60-cyce the in o liquor when. his P. euther the Unis elected Auto ction to te,
-Di. A. and 3. oLAC de-luxe, excellent condition. Call sextant $50; 3 aquariums, stainless, completely furnished. Con be seen We:st-ngho refrigerator. Srgain, $125, 60-cycle the influy- 12,000 Medeofs-Benz spliquortwhenhis Workeuthers Union h third te rm to i o the r .
0r. O'PI HOURS: 2.4259, Ancon 548. $30; 78-r.p.m." phonograph, work, Sunday only, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. time, 5727-D, Diablo, Noble Place. crasshead Iod theirs in the small as res Unit of the CIo. He was electedis ,
a lt and f- 2 na F $7; electric hand drill, 1:4", $15; Phone 3-0440 or 2-0419.ime, 72 7ia Ne shed ntotheirsmin tha ll as president -f the CIO. H
Stu ra T 8 e l- tFOR SALE carpenter tools, 5 we'd i s h made", FOR SALE -Two Quartermaster met. hours of Oct. 11, 1953, just after uno sod to the office he has
bL.,ock tr a in.Muz MLbtreccheap; Remington .22-can. Sport- F*I dressers with mirrors; Argus C-3 he had take his date, actress Mo- hel since the death of PuiL
Motoreyes master, io action, cleaning kit,. R N camera. Phone Balboa 2444 na Fre ma,. home from a party. M in 1952.
.. caset 30 For information call 3 pat SALE The three were Mr. and Mrs.: In.throwingits full store be-Me
POcTdFOR SALE:-B..S.A. Star TwSiBneoloPanama 3-4398. tEFrank .Verdigo, of Tarana, Cal- hind the guaranteed annual wage ._ .., 500c.,29od condiTon, female, ATT NTION i Just built modern if., and. Fulalho Perea, Mrs. Ver- demand the delegates backed the
4a S. s t IPhonet 219, House 74-,FORSALE t "- Boxer p 6 furnished apart nentsn. o Real E e dugo's., brother plea by Reuther that t h e CIO

9 R8IP F O1 o wIt d, FO t F EN tii u otulF o hnS t h d regi stly th d. adT th*an te rdut U o I T o G 7tan Rea l r
Ih servieme ) al Hwork- Bilbao. C r- e gJsted. Phn Aa bedroom, hot, cold water. --Tel. A jury was to have hea the make that me a o r Iissue int-s
4tRservie)Dh)O1l106-B, Jadwin Ave, uG5-'bo. phone Panama 3-4941.. FOR SALE: Two-bedroom cottagt, cease in Suplor Cour. _But it costing year.
pZrntd (Day Night). FOR SALE:-Cushmon "Eagle" s oot- ... ltne ohFORRENT-a mu ni td I- furnished and landscaped at Santanever aothathfarInstead, prior- The resolution pledged the

EM T. 0.o beAttsr wforrpeion gn n and apea sitr ently ce. Inii- wed FORe de t asL te a d on otder
S. WALD,1,p, er n g i n recently ovq iuled, FOR SALE-A K.C. eglstered Cocker FOR RENT:-emi-furlshed I -bed- Clara near beach. Balboa3050. o le selection of the jury Thursdiy, wholehearted support to the efforts
(e nsrmer'ly atL. A o. .) 25. 3even niel s tCan leave Christmas apartment, Ar Canal ZQe. ,
T2almes: Dsy 22503House 2607-A. Coe6df. week. $40. Phone 4-576. Available immediately. Panama 2- opposing. stirmeywf, huddled with of Its unions to achieve the guaran-
Night_ Super-o 2-2561 judge Minas J. Cun teed annual wage and Immedi atey i r o sert t
.WANTED:o FOR SALE:-Complete movie equip 5003, Saturday afternoon. hS n itorinbi ers. The. after adoption of the resro e t

ss M ed T4bment,'8-mm and only nine months FOR RENT--Apartmooents w ith ktch- judge then Sh e mauWa d 4hnattoday Reuther said that it would be the meeting sne Air. It hadro
use. For better information phone ou eothedto hadI t demand in conrtact ne d a rt ee f o.
M ins :e e]|o0 1 O3 -3640 betw een 5 :J 0 pe m and o en and good sanitary services. In- w ould be d eiw noted t6 a w a = umos n t ry ad e d ntur rs no oul a Tent y re d h as st at d .1 a
`b ENTIa o e s a t p. ad quire 118, La Crroeuis, up- technilt;es and ecu- tions of the UAW with lea dg In g on of TO1 of t A' the l
A.N1 WANTED:-T rent or buy modern p.m stairs, a 'dCrosrular ue ant Crop. auto manutatvers. Offie of h a ,r

(next touV .sge, c1oop.F et. -W :-S r entMahdork bu mod er npd o Te a atr nodrne Wa Itere 0 -The resolution sa itsA flrSg $ra reit, bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, FOR SALE: Cocker Spaniel pup, FOR RENT:-eondoo floor apartment: an Th entOd sy litter lI m anTh ac leo an idth Iar e on refirt oase

i L T,., T E- Et tOdd neighborhood, minimum l ond oA.K.C. registered iOne m ale, black,- p- S .hell.ror Crosby and Edgar Sih m- employers should accept re tr "mo. '
rm euow es.oho, m .d A. ri Oe o F our rooms, kitchen, bath, porch, By OSWALD JACOy as for the plaIntiffs announ c e dsibility for providing regular e- OpertOn of the, Credit Un
FtukefCbyd g loym shou ildnN tacct respo1- had "been unde s n sadio ,
i M UOv Whin .meters. Phone 3-4973. S25. Call 88-452. Quarters 151-A l argue terrace, servant's ( Iers. ALFRED EINWOLD that a $100,000 settlement had been e ontt a ha

m1r4nli te t o T we r e G eharr es t ed I n t r in 'te dh 4 tcoiB ea la V s t a E 4 4 t h St a AeerNe dcpi e no re t Xu ee oW ead s Sd u. Hpho oe y
FOR SALE:-New "SISCOLAC" lac Phone 3-5a t42. 2t Sei aO
3-ro342.R os hgtIs the rulea a 3 7 U p 'u.RPne
b I i n~ r F eRz C e5 adr G Icm t ~FOR RENT: Unfurnishdmodern the s p adho ur d a- 2 r2is141t A C
apartment r Hotel 1 Parama. chance to t

l I- M ITD. d it-hon pfLa igo. point for n u i reres, cribs, t ec ord yse No.1 rmo ent te lltedpPn maOhl Vgte oErU. alyss te ThP '....-.s C oep.
TSheo l v-rey -torur thY bFll To.ow Up cages, etc. Beautiful colors. Ferre-to, who pte. h" ne ou llo t he a as rra n ra. ae, w SO ioSrf" a et n ta r 'Aiis, De 1J (P
oWoCbPaoam, a In at n r Imt erna onal S.A.lbo, "J" St. a p...apondeut. "The other- ight four of -and lelh atr. cr.;. oepthee Straofreoyte .
t.IANT.IpfAi. oa u r assortment of D r A p r y Fixtures, small apartmentsbothfor$85 a a GAChangefrom'bridge h facire o j an lostartenture d us i H o
.. .tN Cr,,orth AAmerican neighbors, regular had an ear y chance to ds d s other arthrowing the CUni ited intoa e o. s de tthe
mROWNVSniLE, tax Dec aR sn. dsin al s c. Ferretsrt in- insrtnsortetion. Phone 3-0471. card the ueen of spades on one old market nAerk, gets $500 feorpreventative wutr." ned tnPa-

Cr anesXand a ecest sor ieas.C. 1h 1 haddsiaelhsanes, e t frFaterb I -ct ns and enet "Thei administrationitnuditr frs for ahisanceoro Oredrdls. i2 a
.P)-Three Cubans Who belong ternaconal, S.A., "J" Street. FOR RENT:- 2-dbedroom apartment, an~n~noew kht sae-hanf.r a a rerm n c a 23 months achieved, an ,imprese r collction efforts a suce
IIITMAS TR S to an out-of- power poltital factien FR .. t, ., lop floor, 37th Street # 25. Phone the qua n ite o n. I do Crosby had demed the a ea- record for vacilating and cion T
ndAaSTREES failed to show upM federal court rSALE: -Crib, T. o tinnerspringma .t-_3-1051.--late r. on .- wantedto_ ,:a d.. eml-o p-cthata-rdWo do.___ a vi,
EqeheAtrs tty carormule tknehothe -a-. ad c be sak theobg winner notead of the Lions andclaimdthato oradfeatureprodedbbythe
a l fresh, green, here today to answer charges of tress. potty cair, armu seri er ernsd at la th er t was under the jfuence of Alcho-. Credt union, wl be dstrbuted
pur t kplng v set. sit-or-stand car seat. kne leFORRENT:--NI-ced -nN pw1-er-was fated tfanedaoua teethat,
.toke ao i volatingimmigratonlaws. o udeed t e mahoganydesk 604-A Casc de s room apartment. Automobile Rw early trick. Is this permissible?" hoe and "h0is were ihdmpair-, fe
time James V. Allred ordered the.i Ra.20....... naa v- at ..en... It was probably notperniibl. ed- by reason 1 lack of propIIIl erT
.AUTOMOBILEr i ubondsforeited, ranrd r war r a t RS-oMan P2-7 or P ahtl95A., Co a lto a2870. t In most games of hearts the play. rest and sleep."
33 wc next to TheC]ubans were arrested In parted tweed-- nsuitnr"z weight ailw .......... ... er who eas th e queen of spadesW"
wer_,r_ I e lueand ferer aest. FOR SALEd-Man's Cwint sver $9o Cal Ba 2 8- ,____ .._______ ,,a__ Will CIa To Speed Sec. Humphrey
dNeighbor Bar september after they crossed the made. Li ke new. Phone Pa!nama 3- tFOR RNfirst srsd toe n -ity. y aT hrte rwl 1 n
inteatonal e brid we from Reyno re3087 twd sut 38 T enal RENe. is uleppand sh tog ive It a rac at the r r8l Ipe Producion ln Prsnt Mls
o. Max.,-t -.Hidalgo, Tex. Two Rooms e
were accused of carrying forged FOR SALE:-Speied Graphic camera;e mo..e ad unless the players in the game
am aa aelo. and the third was charg sl- 10 Senatorr reel, Mo ntaogue FOR RENT : Comfortable furnishd have Aome other definite agree- To Ree am nlo m,.,e
~ lml LIUl Itraliol bigf o ..en pole 3 t0 d line; Hl-Fi record player, rooms, centrally located, maid's ,. ig e c ie r-d -*Rt. ". TT r'T l d. D. 1-
tald o nsepr lac t b amplifier, 12-in leaker, and table service. 5 "1 Stet.-2-I541 When YOU OWdthegeneralrule a- und a p
ilong to CUbn faction known model radio. Phone Balboa 2692. ,yu-vid arguments. -Nobody0 can Trainingl As,- M 7 shut down tgiah for three s'ereary of .reaauy GeogeM.
UANTIrTi o aisl the Orthodox Pirty. The party FOR suisne dmrdnd line, used Y-IIlL m- I r u e O e iveks so tb'producton lines can u toa gave reen-.
,bout the a ANTE .g .habysh ",- ,w tothrow the BONms e.YGermany,Dec.."i
opposes the present Cuban ra- once; large boy's English bicycle;Iberspeeded.,pne ,s .... -e,
gime. radio test meter; welding torch. y r.e edpt-ToU.. euhh
_regulators, gouges and hos$. Tele- d.t.d .u 'merely ohd. .w. Bt lGrny sltiay that the The firm which merged ti Cabit.t..
_________Orrid ou .ae-the quee--and g. e it toyeran army wiLL recviqe year with Packard has 10,000 em" Th medal--lates addition .t
They said they were on the way phone 2-37 75, Balboa. ecelve yeargwith Packardhas ,0,,,
Dto Florida to join leaders of the -Do your ChrIstmas shop- particularly ,edSats, thet.... thployeshe
_,,SAE- auyLhJI!ee .. ... ated m e equipmentaint a oher.North sensed by the CIO Uited Auto medas-,will g on malea
'r.ignment hearing if the arty ping fowliBuy.35-mm.IKodakna s r tkv t tSanme
Olt net with extraalenses. filters,dself-i .e-.. bade lill Atl"ntic Tree# 1101stateernt i toaudaerr dP
was planning a revolt in timer, flash attachment A TndDgadgec.t1A.(UP)-....... nWwhich a playr whas appro by NATO commander i to $28t on 1u .p models It is bronze, three ie
but they defined to say. bag, ALL for $75; Weston Light WAD (up)--ga in which t player was tbr.ring ,,bN"'vebeenwork
After the arraignment a Ten-An.officereof the Immigrationsand veCbee. worredgM.verte
Mete$n offiPer of the Immigration and m to save the queen ofspades
er$ee1bonding mposted,00 eterS2.50. honedbo 0Naturalzat. .....rv.c has ord- as lo .as k .Tr asa ,'.erratification of the Pa to keep up with sales." a Cp- aea por o t-
wilerrpplsegeehe .prbonding tion rangang the 000duction
Uand was alio Charged'with cons- ebpd OrPaniyations. Pwsaloes Triggs grounds ofs w1th respect o get more producton.

Wee they faletp east yeuId. Ay other player who had -Uta s ,in "tb'cae
dfy "uor aim Belge, editor of the National. teun of spades wasuposed members of NATO."
,_H e--_e e rk, was arrested May 15, 1953,Herc to try to give it to the leader. h uts willbe trained
a f o r dHoesvEgrnq F erna ndez, A andifanrT and since has been free on $5,000 m d eq on 5 ba ,.oi'-
Isea Enrique Fernandes Aguilers Thay de-luxe collopsable twin ba- bond.seemed safe to do vo, and nobody and p qulPPe tOnta Lforohr'-
and David Diaz y de Ia Roehoa i wor d
n eRodriguez. I Mexcan.Is For de-luxe baby carriage,. lin- Th to give it to one of the nonleaders. TO partner-&." InstlUMO GuaraGteed
I unthm dwithmatchn lined colablspecial inqeer m N eOccasionally. a player would get
oS' rods while they're sstroller, chromefenders;blondokYituck with his own queenof
e York had hel fer a hearing nobody wasted any y
nd weight po e A nthelowr]iai esummeran i trom.wardrobe- that Belfrage was a member o. tears over .is either. Metiwd Hold "Soorket,;I ".s.z.0.-1'12the Communist Party at thee timeZeith-er.rule isae oo oer but .To ll"_ _

+ +,:"" 1,t .fk t~.x oOO .I-..~mlr r+ .Jqm.e.e m.m. :_____.,+m.,.____.-_,____________+' 0 q'

D@~ht nd mlay o~*pdim mmkmm Tq 411101?. mesa sergeants aloplbd'~ Wak~ArnI A.
I .marsmess l

but d am.his

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H t'eeMt No 57


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Asks 104lArl


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'-3^?%*,^ ~ Aw'1*

-die the gfvn L~ -
' At CBS: .a'tr Akerman's
G&w.Ol-ea abt otA ig to Greta
Garbo' on the idea of a home-
Sscree apparane;: "She's sancy
cand xro*voeaT; i5play game
of-wem withlB yp. SBhe doesn't
S Yes' and doesn't say

tf -Por Tely Berden and
SMeTirmne are Iamcang a TV
6 *et for th em. s- idea ivohes
.raretB. oung _eot_., to_ ho

,' (NE4 Telephoto)
Wie BULDN ?Wp T -= Mrs. Fktrieias Rleco Is escorted by.a polfeemianafter being arraigned
On a, char@ ,. a, "onspiracy to.pputt murder" as her bubpd, ,James Ricco' (right) the nA
d I gets.... "imp S r ssleaves te court i. New York City. -rs. nicco,
mther of three r Ms .n la also th Mother of three children, and Media
S ndy, were rlged Q onth conspiracy. charge. Police redtll td a. cab drive with helping
them et up aeged lot, td at collecting some $106 in Insurane claims.

Dra Aut Wn't I President EseMhower Proclaims

Forf Ko TSI

6-Day Old Fashin ed'-

For Thron DeAsign .

1 artists Interested in de n- start at' theIPrt Kobbe theater if i t
Ing a thro for the l l B Moa for "- ,2r Fo c k. e B W .
Sforthcomin aival criapolrswl-la lat or oro M,, P0 r ,teotesrde's tao
aMnu ate asked to attend Aaplul ..".,.Mae Gtgt.othe u'n.da,
a's Publicity Offie S a oi pm. ~t at the m .
sto 5 p.m.;Dec. 14. ares aiJker at the,* wemig t" o seidt
ut ?O.-, eco. n he, to, begl at 100: a m., her .two.migst .*.
lAt this meajlg ,sonh .ti On vil be he beev. G'H e. L. .1.s Jerog, acmoupautt a
dimensRols and other' details ilrd cor e L Sul y Lt M terit
will- be given. A" l merican Mji an Costa Rilel be e pla m **
El Pnama straditional four- and, a foer U. Air ForI -week -o fl)
day COaivalmcelebrations will C a lain.The Fort Nob Prates- radio Stios u no
take lace on Feb. 19, 2. 21 and tt- Choir will sing at the m irn. City. Sgt-JohzkrPaterM
22. Theme w be "Old Panama ing service. Company. a iMnnto
lives again."_ 'Te first year's by pla5mn W. J.R eiss will d- the.organist.
throne was dened by Archi-I vret l jnocatlon at evel
tect Oaspar Pacteco and the* service, starting at 7 p.m. The Daily gervicels wJwbl
following years bY the artists IL- neat speaker, Lt. Gen. Willim eveina t 7 p.m. .m0uWS
nacio Maloul and Roberto LewisF, K Harrison Com sander ht her 1 n.
respectively. The throne will be Chbe Cribean Commnnand will Arthur Sylstra mam
built by the hotel's engineering be introduced by' MeJ. Ges, Lonel dio StUon '_ (-ij
staff in charge t William Ba- C, McGearr Commandin t. will be tll
ker. USAJCWRIB, and 28l Juts Monday 9.
Division Com mander. "A of
a The tifor ws" fr'o at n, a
thieS Infd ta'y RIidmeitt, recent mad o and PoFtia
Cius Fritip~rald winersof trI A]L -ol. sing on Mooday
A_-,.-i--<-TO T t dier singin-:x 'm F ? a moipa- Rv. ton.Wm b- -
AppeInt$ To Post n,~~L erzeog of Pans- p r. at tf" j +,.e
in Wdgt ARCAUStform ora

r-b."1 CIO director Ge ld lldISa tale l nte yamg artst .
t hleft for Waherainlrg nowf I Wt' -'s
this wnoe he wll ret. "- """ I i thMicM. a *rahi

i..wirn* ra"y wiY M "joi ..t Nexbat] o 3 i0 *w a-me Ms activates aslgatJ
e ,e 0- .. ., uiweostu December 15 As Safe Driving Day rector the o lt aI
Coum*d ur .J_ l mtteeCIO, I was anenomed to. C.TheC vilian ll g i f of soeer lievth I in '
day by a CIOS esman.
ePyourestenM I Feoster_'s grandsono" I hfl n effort to ~ tail the that motorists and. p- D r ng his as here, NA be Fle :nnounc -apv ye u
SWq~-l~.'~eU been' benchef. I llf ion'r lt otf l 'trias can elimnnte traf- Fitzgerald made an intensive stau. .s "Se nte Go M e
v Fros ter .s.. sa a 'LWOOD, 't st e ale .onoi e sc Stoein on the e4mcng t he,' nee ssary l t hatd firat H o

S l ma ,wa s .o atBim o the tary and cl- he m do all sking n C a t o dton ,, oi f. s udar
"tb Sl ~ByPar s anM one 4aconomic conatraais ta the aeptib toms oo Me -jobd an, U.S. tf^
Sor rg .s"iAS le t een sk to do their part. r they can iaeanpy reduce ac So lrari te sd eati
,ae. a T a sng S the wetr .drop. Lolly, the L~ litany 'and l- dental n -a -y, tho en st y Zone whldh will help him to h a. ao a .-a
...p .1s u- tr ref d to v n the anal have do-so eery day i the yea V
S, _Garden: S i inad. a hn Ga"edtya be t ad by Ths ae Naon fety o be ed to his oHole y a standard
e Show us ana an reman ig completely tree Urom las se areport showing thra. y ci in
y bm, bee ...*. ,.

Sith Joa sa ha ntraffl cIdents c be r-rip15 the re sawere nearbl 10 r*met ne or created ib a

ak hio i u x3 5mae. Iti W only an O" period beynn at 12:l a.m. nlon traffic accidents in thbe ro sed toc grieo urny a Cs si via-at t m hi
Ss t 1o nt l it acident.e" e dn Wednesa y.iAll then all Unitd Stathe com tye. 38.300 an t the Uwere 13 1fnt a t l tanplrsi a r 4

S te p .e p acing a m n dt throughout the United killed, and apIom 1o0,- i work of the type itied a er of-oral tan r
WS Ib" atFtWIkm no IItpatr edatrln do tbslr z ponSilt eats upon each Coyo will be made by him. lal" dw

ei l a t ha "tates hae been urged to ido 000 more were in uredo at's fan a mo a In comhieeg educatsa c and ai-Confiration. irr r
SSta to Ir. awrs I ante 0 minutes, ad one I ry F he present all-GCOCE and idror in b y 70 ad
labta ebaedon heIs 6at tA S-D Day, as the project isl-n the minds. T a counctost ated a .itai,. on. the Isth e ,.mus yp fl ls e anfy
4ei Chsaracter w-sI_ .Scc hi Lc7,th'=WterleZae hav ~oerad the real'es athUgn .ied t hmat DO wpriho-- thods iand tcnlies u d hU-rItn ,- o
t ---" aI"w-s" -let- r soe b "' r en d oaa- "idr eC- '
Someone ked Red S elonT Aurora Lodge No. 5ll3y, thm ilitar tho on common e- president Enower al senay, the parih ha. being TtOy Qm.,te shMt t .

go .= -iI. t -?e. wu slit .* u'f-Ad d c .;& oA s r
S" and Sinatrl itref o *to lanf th"e canl Zong have d -so every day f the year
,. LW t a The otiers.elacted lt. l been ae- d to do ther pmr t b madhe Natonty olals fety Counci thlyn Ingleton and Kari L. Har a 'st
S' .l M fbus low iness 'Sn det' Ht 82- 5, ne remaining tcmploatly free gfrom a epor sing h that ri who are offer rys rcoun- S oIG l

Me wANT -h u rIn. 10ib e ane he w r r eque ed 0 St. oD^ahe e br s. I e o er
ti6 l: -r r t ib 9 9 cola, said e. "0 -traffiaiaccidents for c the- -24 o n a co- A i So h a
t ,. t e da wbma mak. I -. p er bunegin at 1: a million traffic accidentsI n the

Indgave.tO ll e m w. _.. -, ,I ,
...' T' "4_ _t hae ba sortsh-. b e een urged to. ndo 000 more etenlbdohalborB eatioe n wn o
Irt M I agwi tn N In oie by t rowhe useaquire, rlkwsbtnedea th ei -rm-n by the priaetl Rev. ne n p erteucan6tw most so eeIct 1mut

.. atte lea il wo r A-..a e or ea ,oo .. ..n. JohnrIn addition lbere ,will e o B Mbr I
PrtmntsidoeInuy evered2A
es, AS- a a tpotS te. S."e lflB't tat S-f "l Day Day, a1 7 cnenl_ p oaect 'is spn .T _me ouncil stater o n De n I g i ,
t1 I Tbout a series beasd on her Plain d Day, ant hettroje mis nu s, a.T one ueinju u wl htoncirculs. ate $ a t h y 7:0 a th eich _t f
United qftaONAoso'or.sthoundopeevsub-iparishdNoD

samAgt P Ann 'baeitc Of atasCG .aIB a lo. q ti 7accid ~hntsa than have beenena ure Office, DCA De o 1
a'Ouqhe'-Dec.a.iC Day Day tIhs a challenged to h a ll'Lerd In all waer ondeIa. 23, tThlh
i.1 t g t J-k trtc .' "Aul-rora dgeo No5o.52313,1.Pl- Small, to JOAln'com onl ef- present ower has v- see In the parish hall, Is being t O
cia Jack.Donahoef- .W. against a. PP.tomm..o sorty- byah Passhr welfae 'TA O. It oes._tUy,__,,r held at
f," e leeVlee'stion of officer for theI =5the traffic'4seldent toll,.MI ma- camOp''u Ad t On ..o. l )wit the object of bring'/,s, .go, has In' d to discn hi- Chales
."-et.e n .term on 0 traffic a t organkatlons I Oat=w e level have been sed i g r. arish together for &m .W&.lg' s 'third met '
aitd.....E $qver ave lsted in the campaign.'to,.dthe. ..l "listmuu celebration of thes ea.* --a so far fas will be

A"-- 0cascs & onally high, -ewr.In.1-"ootaltngMrs. Msj. Lo- b54.contaoin Mrs EliseDavis, Mrs.
W1241en.ralW-I"o.Wa 1, askingeac hrWlerslthe comn- SBOWIN'4T OA
That's ,..,. ,,., ,., a .rd Nt d d Inhsha;. sane! of his..-command to make, ector. M. a. Issue an officials I.Y..C. commuim NTER, 1 T Er SS
dk e Torat'sF r'Gi .haer, i.WuLa Led et' I d j l a spee effort-for am accident prociam atfen deslgnatin Dec. Led by the piszaopal Young -
inbt t 'o te daywLeit- inoni D. NO 'Z"- free Dec. I&;is as "5-D Day" and cal0ng o1n Churchmen, the youth nf the pir.
bit,-tat i......,Mi'- .. .ttot wtt.- The pof S-D-Day Is lail orglatlons to develop def- ish 'will make .their monthly cur- DIASKO MN. 9:4. 5: 0
amtut, be,.,-o me: ,-- d,, piraftecommunion tomorrow at, I
-tbahen WedsLBonnt,. .a=
I rst *$0hi4".Mo e tWa. syquire.ooleow; e.rean- The celebration will ho choral, R-9HA1?OD 8|.'I" WSm.M'V !&-iA-SJ'J-s Iaddition tens will n y
tn"aslm t swlo DI 'rtertioa.,, 'r M4"be morntng pr.Iyer andfVmSon.
boe hnStP4A, woe w s at the usual hours.
.RVgtt ao-an d w tD-illy evening prayer. will ba
sy" tatI- to a annOuncementrci fn t 0 4te activity to effectustI the ti. l.
*N program.

hsv( been urged on 5-f DaIY to

3. Give ful attention to drir-
Ing amd walg. ,.
in short: Drive and walk as
they would have anyone 4*
Wand walk.
1 score wist wll ep '
tho President's eommttee _J

a the resd u orts
. -D efforts


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6"' ". "' """ / ""*' ', ; : .. "..
. ". ,'. ,r ,' ;-- --'. .' .'.. '-. : ^ '-" ,.' -. ,'... .. -. ....


.. t ." S. a .' .
f t* :. "ITf Ff .

.an r4 .
Tiso Coming Again Season a
aeblnty that Panama open Champlen Sammy Enest i
w; .wble to return to defend his title next month. hit Isthmian
-.. eles like a bombshell today. .To -,

recurrence of a back injury. The xS-55s bulfight geasam 00m
p henm ad. been breaking par consistenmty in.practleie rounds- geta 4GAUlrmqy toG .... lhi
"' .....a favored to win the Miami event but withdraw sit .. st the Macarea nay ab i
Shis drive on the first teq. Friends urged -hi to see a i tanrBalo doWC g- theF
but Snead said he thought he would "Just take t easy for Elx bulls from ihe thSanta ha- hfes "W......
le. -Ralaods will bef ft'o-
hile Tony Time. a "two-time winner of the 1Psams the death- by se befll lht t umond ':' '"""
warded his entry for the 57,500 show to be played at Daniel "Fortuns" Castro anl tel -
Jan. 13, 14, 15 and. 16. Tiwo Is currently pro at Vernon apprenticee bullfighter ra-er
untrj.Club. Torrqa. o
The Open Committee today also announced the receipt of Castro and Torres both hallor
try forms fom professionals Johnny Muser and Arthur Jotiesr from Colombia.
th of the All-View Golf Club n Ellitt City, Maryland, tnd Tories, who will be featured
ins s of the Clfton Park Golf Cldb Ak.o altimore, Mary- on the card, will reeive l ere- h's ..... :
ulhdentials from teabor "Fort- Diehlnger, co-chairman the greens rolling, A fine toudh a h w s tha w -5xh f r
eo nmtimels nMianing reqeuap b tIn; wi m .t Wt fighter to that of waster bull- b"
Sddlt.i "name players for the green ICs n exedilUet csldl fighters aute a .
the.Mtnual tournament which tion even at this time Theformed Ieally for the 0
Outstanding year and l January 1- be perfored loallyfor-the00M twmo.-n
tournament Isn Latin Amer-r Si to g apnotch t er l lero i" .ne
e scheduled to meetI rr, ill assist the bull-fighters ini at;.**an"o
*' J St (Muscles) tranahan, Lew poppl lesson their chore s. i a dR
(0 e Shot) Worsham, US Ara- soVat A n Pro-t ....
,,-- e som ^-W 0^ Plet .i-m wea1osa-
-tlr Champion Arnold Palmer the w, (.- c o. eit t i th
'ho rsently joined the profes- eves ln I I ab .Tom-
a tonal ranks Chick Harbert and Several of the ho will be i t Theo 1 f n
several others. lengthened. For example Tshe, ht 'h, .

tournament and De singer is cenhoo put their t shots on the r r
during the Mia- Opeas thy fa*.ns. no hL 16Dt If-tote
1Jament andoun Deinne Is cenzo put thel tee .Wo on the "h ..-e ,.w.- T ..
tournament. Snead, these "o 0otsoW
was rated as a five- dogo le fpieot wn f fghtg s. s t o.
-one T o rte to win the MIA- M acanarr t :hav, Ted lye ofhe is
e ready ~t~ ING rTUNd8 d Miguel (R ad)Sem1etar aosa, -rasndecislon over e- the
oh y Mac ray,the best the' c me. of Puert s10ro rtatentively while_ s,.. .e ,M/.- .r o. venged the losr by Pro
h lnee e bliof WPins- New .tae bee; uardo e pl, ie N hiem sme ato tP utlm ta T pson the net The league al
A 1Hbe on pai to defend laced In such-kvM ln eors ite son. The Re d D Ie. mclassyT lge r ue alt.s
teur title he won last boys who:hit t ~htthman ~oh eiPedroe _0 two defeats were Ith
Panama Open tourns- better. a su torrow night at te Co stifferd Sat the hands of foreign h
Se lon ten n easiih A emduo bp- l.52n espb airt l R3 by- fll.t. ."" e'b te f1B-fiSbtges S "4,se tha -- --t -- A .'l^, hWVel-
and he won the event in email llwd berd te w eight nfst a welter, pu sth- yI W at.
and 1949, Lst year he. tree that did nbt ex flat out a eol3 on over the newl Idol e. jt ., Irs
matuertM to the finish Other professionals Se and fy onale. soore d' the lmy ta
y's absence (from the to co mpAoIragsr d* to l ealsi. d# by n adent f a
M wai w wwhn he include Skip A L- 1lne. loslg to G, a G ules, how- Afbletae t io M aR i- ..
-S Air trce -bomb- Pontiac and ever, JTe stImhe9Croved varblybesa si ldRemu
the world, cost him Snow (Natitial Dii. Byevor prev years st Tuesday and-is now "..e &eret of wa th195 awibthew wt
at the title. Ity Harper (Pan at Balboa. opin a to- wilg s whi will be played is PnWbeto1
flight damaterp PorkFy Oliver (Na )Another blkeatll ape has tof17 .pointen $n freeetosses, ,matchbe
al Zone and Pass- riddle einto the reinCritol was apast. to an semifal match betwe
stroking thaveir fly a- Mario -r .c-.1.u"
S' ongh Fanams Wayuts Wston I find reason to oqWtn un- e ealAt 1T.. 0.J Ac- 141-pounder Jose Udwin and L..ast night a distincubS'
.h anm layout, W on on usual fract tait a .te u-* tu y om to floor, :fC. was Baby N. a#khin r the- eCiht,' Itor was in attendeaee at I
Stnheu Rn et as isTk ported in the -l 14 round. could steal e ame between teo.-Sqdme .
f Sats Aa" Coming Shotd ) Hl (The Star *4")the me ?1fel osls: a's S'ahw frm ?cgt boiA 3d th8mokers in
.4' Shot ad (The star,, wawre H.d Aore been .close WI 1s unbeatw-ar mR .threes ghts Jose Cambla, the
,, e .nd Ch the e from thetie, e-.a sapo ,while Hawkins M.R pinw,. r o.o ,w.h-
Sw.rse,.i old han nto a a n th r. -

u Treel dee; .M wead(
Id O- D uquern++ .+--,+-+-bb
rhe m n e'"IeIopeningaco.tat f
....Uu uesend r 'SmMwten' Mollei, .yr alUh n B huhe 8fer... hn.wlb. aLdCroplt h ny nedm-am R.ert o ,
jet.t he27t ttlast ,t ed$ .o l e ae a Oeh t daet o te .
hritnhodiC, 4 .. afo that .t11 gam e hare t i o n wt M Pee.. at 5 e ef5r Btj t A
bod Xits and 1hontr1eefan Cb e f as al"Ar
l(S twill find d T ius e tertin n a e la no aWa"l.sat atndato'- ew o n .r
lTon'irs NCAaeara sonrino ttheIs othPactr game 14me, one esones
n has Lousville In the opi n e. Salle bu Tahe dte was Dec. 11, 1951nthae C-9 tonefol Vaa a t Lh -.te,-",a 0

,: a ge'. l~t 1 0 wi ha t two 's hagions ed u in s t e rln or twes cens fr *et seq ofa0 A rrm f lJ nA rl tee reM jj j't -1: i F
1 rand holler tc ut of one JBlteluip e, ,fohr&i that Toas the cobanntd ,whore te C0 fla8 0e
ors rwagofrom ncamionW S o a o heofWe wi
-; TIM MOKIRT. fot, five-inchh fmrd frf tqu n h Mebtheh'but on e foul At- l. yee oars otet.toWrlaf' areo opotMla t o e
""M.ewark, N. 3, et a toumunt e ranked ,1 D o-t ed a n a tlante sd ean-. t i*-t n he dth i aqn t .ay sue, ',h.loof
e, to key ad eqaed r ton N.a Y.U. In tob ui't were calld a- at li m d ut adjalc en o the dPrl t oe atig ans d AWasa-

ItioOirehIntplayTuemwhonthl ofSat ef game. ep'san slui up toberere
-aae n Nt ow les ...t*d*ke "
S -tnee game, fiho-lse bhcack upt o odatesa the TeenageField wereAtheapointmentofutrhe
lamefra t. i wa oS th nd The al a Monday -. to., ,rld ..,
WednesdadayyJ.1 th.
atdlas.amn Ly"wto tbonneAtbac-agai-nst.. .lr Friday.--un thoniug' Wat .
highhtheetorish, Who ha7thwon their bl hn, art r etoOmWtelns._Cae eti 4

Nd2U lnta' Misseouri; one We itdor. &h.buton the- Weao rt- are bdyb.l

nt. bem- otf thioa alg o r. I. sd o -
Vy o o ean a-i. clieo he Mon;athtie-r 4 o weedk d f aresref
sdnOktahoa rkdS.tplaysic l -VW .thrdayr
Deveof i d BoJa thin wresting aye e00s,-"Mybeoon. ,buta~I-..-
V7 -.Am- up? Wentu%& "he." ..ow :Robrt that w er $1n
game, two I195 toa-r,-fZySo.5 College' LS fEam ilim orinto8MAge s a cod v
st i-S ,w. '" bhsm 'o'he M j"- a if

I" 4AI 't ANH



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S_7 ---
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4, Fr "',4
o, ., :,-..~-

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V .. :*S:." W 4 ,
.-';.:. : ..i *i. ", -"-< -:3 L .. .-^

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w.- wa uasrm

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What the y


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a~ r- r..^ -"." P .' s ,h

t, 1W ub.titut owc,
u tow the
^the oflenfitg thoe maeny tloae
'. "" ,"r f ...."t" "n tt "xi~ g. o t "e .

fI "u eqe lta e d l i
r May lace

gte 8 r .1t.ti make t
..E R t ow "a ,.n *' .

* ." Z ," "t aS Otmsl msg e *,ruolds t..'tes t
sh.' Obd double p t 0otte L o o
thrwlnhIUn. thN

din". A' 't o '
mm-;. -U, .i s f ; -000.4i,. .-V; -2 P'

Ti .. .i ... '2-ymear i i the bWts. He
ioddihir an uiav M

. i o the othe owner wdho l e ais& race.
o to v WI wld yOu like tom eM r d horfe that
wSi rewas e t tol the Pillars the owrer had' hb aym.
1ai44 1- At, the abae ini he wanted to knew.If Mr. oaady
rfl.hUtJI~tta tht;-LoIe eemaid 19-to stink At was
ShIf h hore he bet on Wfynt trying, a4d
aoit. -
-. R m iam II 1 9 dreamer iand sure -Soubh, one of
teln jl tou hed e 90 selthtWty ofttng
W (e= ,Ap tAeot reduce. Louie rr-
Si a .oi.ed, more.a Ina.t* 4eetion when it
m.p1q ;: e nflay isht get's the "dream
e'.dr b oari aBut whe t-mve to be lust

e t o b4~-loI'Ar ,sWW. After o. the ths per-
. bite is ,, .t M e. tr"_"*" "



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w Tavrn. Thi

aL total
H l buft thE ed sea i
mt lut by

oWroe Mlh thri

.ms for claCrom ahnso
( telh ajtc," much r1mby w lrnl

bo, ar o e a n
loose in the final to win by '4
p0kth t a the olQcs

bhe PQAs- habnls set
tn's ber4 svexis OaNs 6-
osr wMriplatey led the Ace'
with-a big 2, ..0. ov.
Ha .'1OHM# 0.haldx 6=1ltgh"
Se om

Lratrmhe 1 wu t
Aqe', dT -firsG two

teas t the b
al in the final to win
Wright &94s.' Ul I
Scott & Seoot eas 1
Pewel's 4 gan's 1

rohe way Tavern a a1s4 2e

naan 145 1M 18 4
ro'cke 147 v 10 15i M s
layer 179 188 1613 30
arma IS wh5y led the Act'

vs. Wrih ue.. ib.
Banker 13Z WINN1 4"

,Slr bO. 187 126 T 470
Ln c, sit au.1
port nca 37* Si Mla

. NV I S -t. a ..27

751 US ai,29

S Scott &a sett
glvt.N. 1 4 181
tksrt tt i7 sItN
aItra- 11456 1062 S
Dartram 156 162 17S

Edemods 4 1
OMok 145
Rtert.s l


7 S U
. -' Z l

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e. ndut'tm Itma ~raacSk

,t t- t. s -w

alva record.. '
Saorge. wlbe -ntI
erentng's fatured At

wler tor pod 18-p~a
brokkdn of
n pth case. thet nA
chmp Iisoted first. .
pByweight iDItsA '
..i t. u a. ,:U
-M de Jesslt as.&

o .il.Htt tota

thr"e. t ".OW"p'" .t.n
Tem"mAe. CTdom.

outs d.a O I -:takkinu: t
lan ."Oo WGlove .t: a a

Fea therwdifht DiMilea0
tathis er. e .l

Anoxer WIs cn; en woa .e la

195ru. n .up.

FT *:6 vpch* fji t." dwtlM a. B- Fm-
uandSd nTS o, Mu ,mm ut
of ,fl ..... q Llams ha.
ls 'tan I n.- ow. "nt .
womer, asntIIsn ueflrUP I
he last %durn.


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ki f ,.

L ab .R.s, i tte Joe 5 k W

,qu&ds ] t. ouartrbt-a-n JSUM8| ,.-.' 4
ch .. -94 74. 1
S-et M-lt~riee *"WefONtea-to at in belace the
on earli atIof au.t Rota -g' L ah e as ch mpn .

hoanas, V gld Ithaty itEcmis emonstrat
It rflwins thia oan- ing that the jgo-goo business can
whlle as bex- carried nto axt realdonal .
whil ,liai4 ranks.
onAu':ak [-You.have a.ucIm e
.+.ri,.n^ Antiw.4r ,, : -.-, ^y^ r ^ B

Te ,-9vne M
iein ei the othuer-

S 81pt iwelthi Wa_ w'ahet e id. by .sthe established
from ws~ h g en to ubreml e t o

S' ce McDeraott Curly

9 Ar.ta0. Murray Mendenh atil
A Mineaoli. Minn., htive, and-fi k

hta fourth consecutive viotery to ball, but ,la t Mr mdow auecess :*. Bf Br
the match with Came Lwy's in the mastt_ g bu adds is
aWe Dutggan, from New York. sei ethn On way *of evience_ 1^ A r I
This a Rod's fis yar the th.a~; rd owe- other allow
I*i. wlgwag I.g encouraueue t, tn

Sthet w e el, ie se weI. ehe a e-
chairhh p- -place. Whoa moc

ne weiht Dilhon a at' e btthe-e

h ,erei. Chariey hxd b.e one of-
n the doublebarrled finale, ted' perio f -
ta his highly-regarded tlent8 ran hgd ,iasketr coached, brains
'atliat Nyrd. eore won tee lit 2Uner figured therest wasn't -I
1949 New Jersey Golden Glove tnch a caseh, -ouMiteach plofs- ;. sS "..-, m .
l, McDerott CurlyP-

A middleweight chapos.h atan d anti, uray. Mhat'i a 1h
* Ptekhbodo tlbrook AllrHseka LoAWf- aor l formebs ket -1
Ma fourth eonteutivo vcty In ball butchistnrgtcaous esuccesst .
Dganfrom Now York. seofe

afts itsRokd the Nothestern l canoa rt llo
'rico.mud tI e the ief. s resme U e se- O
Heavyweight Divisioe'mso otf.

L In the double e- barreled fin ale, thel thafM 'r-. syprot f f
5Geortieffms kewood, N. jT, the NBAs.ncept.on..
1949 Now Jersey, Golden Glove fuch-a it couchcqu7*-tech pofes-

I '- I

-_.. c' .. 4'*.: -.

4 it41.
:)T :



* I,

givs grseter stking
-Iggagr. I

After trying-VICUROYI for ten days
I was convinced that. MY eigarette.
It's not just that thisso Is
mild and pleasant It's theexeluive
filter tip that makes the difference. It
keeps iooie bits of tobaeeo off your lips
and teth and. too, your lips never
stick to the paper. There's lots more
I could say but the point is it's a
wonderful cigarette Tstes wonderful,
Smokes even better.

"* 14'~ -*.
. r ...

' .'" -+."4:-'--':; -i':' ; "

. .;* +.. .* ,*.A ; -
** -.. +. vv a it, ,-. .

/ ,:

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. ...-i- g Ilt

17. "

..- '... .., -." .,.-.-;:: -.-o
! *a. -- *.;: '' :. "'.i "
. -' / ,. .' ... = -- 1:-
^^,. ... ^*^ ''f^&3-Iw^

p.s, I ,4 3
i -. *.. .. ip-ji

W4 "1-l

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a's .a. m".

'at t

0..... ___ __
..._, _. _.-- .-.-__,._a__.______i________ _._ _,
Letr s .,oe .kno, as-traut s"nthe


r Attto-CAL P., SATUAATOt, i log set- j

row ,, o o -
) School Grad es r

.7 .l
perts From 6s
dst radiation of the Cribb1 -CaOfl A A[ejng the ]N.N d .i
U. al b- 15thnal, tlct nd A M ceremony werei the N s
1wr Cmald .or hdlttw W of t "* ewle j iS
Sdiblomu to 'theo.1 -G a de Officers o an r Servie re

d r r late o

S or al, hd ar- .tte n d wayI.
,o Sc.-h. -. u 5
inot-., Ra n beror

Amuuia Us softb We

a a osn ra C .. w Ia

Op1 And: lr. met& i'ta come-o
plional 0.mcomer, a; d enlamm 804mnoo e he; hf w9t.j2tde
Geneal, A 10; RW 7ma; a- cu 0

IT M ,4


e wrn. T aW~f
ro^bea a

t e -en
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siadjl"r f `

a ,.4

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L ..' ., '.1. -


.0 MME StM1.asnel -6 bMated in the
h '.,' M A d y teutie.ho

U 4.U) dtUHaye a. ,a p -
jy teennieian in

U' to-.,1 M wie's n their father.
!did,'amny huma, or
I* lieA quickly denied

M to,. _,bln, confess to
i npri n t a b le

Io.mgwqo- -I
the ee.
e a4 te

milaw i

i,. 'vs'I "" OR A

"W ,nnoimeement.. -- : Z: t7 A..-
a s roll= w mi
ll ;".l IL : :-wt
::MairiI ::. Is ii...

11.1 1..K :.,.

aile declaraton
WA-- to be bede U
the afternoon se.
m questioning him
phase of the
rtion, which start-.
autho r it ia
ot In the inquiry
Bay Village, he
Swhere theft Seph
h bad visited Bay
nc Spencer Ho uI
he "slurs" that
mad against hi
hat time so a o a
t e might have
rejected lovers
tat under
h he sld h,
*arilyn wu a
swas beside
a tUfy, ylw'

a aiad-Ar

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"t" -' -"w-P r"