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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Lack Bame

For Thefts


ed Nighns General Assembly put the pgge s
fora quick and overwhelming vote demci
for II American airmen jailed by Red Cllii .
up spy charges. ,
After o lay-off of les titan 12 ikoue th
world parliament, which met until 11, 0
resumed its debate at 10:55 a.m. two l*
at the morning session hinged on w r
A. Malik planned a filibuster, .
The U.N. cancelled o an afternoon meftHnoi
Political committee, usually attended by thl
gates who sit in the assemSly, and scheduled
senibly meeting for 3 p.m. to forcea ete by teriw
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YEAM. IN ADY HuN' 18,90 24.00
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Cw. IN b, b ki. lM IM .

you chased us all the way across town just to
see his driver's license?"

Mr. p M
l f t of P.R.R. Station

41 Panama City
TOMS from 5 for 5c.
OP %p to 1200.0

Ist prie--A thoroughbred
2nd prize-Luxurious, 14'
Outboard Motor BOAT
Ask for your numbered
ticket for this Raffle.

0 6 8 tLASi

In front of P.R.R. Station

I.,, ~

Just Say:
Open till 9 p.m.

sterling... for moderns


Let us show you quality In sterling
design... finish. weight.
Let u show you Kirk Skylark.

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' To do that, both Goldberg and
Reuther see the necessity of Ain
creased political activity, within
the "two-party concept.'"
With startling realism and
frankness, Reugther spelled this out
too, at the CIO .executive board
meeting held 'before A.fe conven-
tion formally .opened. -
The time Uhts come to revise
CIO's and labor's political' strate-
gy and concepts Re'jthbe, asserted,
much to thd surprise of many of
his listener- who have come out
of militant political activity. In ef-
fect, Reuther said that the- recent
election really gave labor little ad-
ditional influence in Congress.
He pointed opt th' while such
legislators as Wayne 'Morse and
Hubert Humphrey have increased
influence in the new Congress,
there was little percentage for la-
bcr to devote itself entirely
to these old liberal friends for
they were on labor's side anyway.
Labor must be more realistic
and find some common ground
with the conservatives in the Dem-
ocratic party too Reuther said. If
laber wanted to influence taxation
and make headway in the South,
it would have to begin working
With such men as Senators George
and Russell, as well as Humphrey
I and Morse.
That's why the emphasis this
year was not on unobtainable de-
mands such as wiping out the
Taft-Hartley Law.
There was much talk. and there
Is puch more on the convention
floor, of the details of the AFL
and CIO merger. But it's all run-
ning second to the desire to end
one era, which began with John
Lewis' speeches about "shrunken
bellies", and to get started on the
npw one dedicated to the guaran-
teed annual wage, a 30-hour week,
5a50-a-month old age pensions and
a 5,000,0o0-member labor move-
Art Goldberg added it up in his
pre convention speech in San
Francisco the other d:)., when he
said phat the future of American
labor can be summed p with:
"You ain't seen -noing yet."

t people who are Ill prefer
lemf pathy from friends
herty You'll-be-all-rlght.
Mvw-a" dsmiual of their
Ms. When a doctor says
words they mean some- fruigl days them thev
My. t' Mwd mwely ja-




S oe

-.Jbls fi, mild IngMsh
%w nmd.M kof puM.-
oa-t 3N.BLINUm
Vlit')mn tobaccos

- Ant 'eoae to yaon dia*

,-, ,B ,. a-, .o A -' "

S ....

.*. c ... -

RiJapu of '4sea 0tt1 ^iiC5 S&,D S it
nations wORchb ha retolSS Red Fo%,an w 1eiejsmej
China shou withdraw at retog- l Cromml, ow leading Ten
nation. In Way he was ready to llison Americana" r McCarthy
have the U.S. withlraw'from the was one of the Wavy'p leaks
UN if Red China is admitted. Crommelt was dered court.
In June of '53 he declared that martialed for inubordinatlbn at
the U. & would have to risk war the time, and Senator McCarthy
with Soviet Rusila by enlarging Dromptly volunteered to defend
the area of fighting if the Korean him. McCarth ys friend, Senator
truce weRe violated. This year he Mundt of Soutfr Dakota, offend to -
has expanded that idea. be legal consultant.
The policy of the U. S. should In that 3-Ms battle, Admiral Rid-
be to use its forces if necessary ford was the' leadeftttaess be.
to keep Southeast Asia from going fore a cofuessfInl -ebtmlttee,
Communist; he said in April. Hle where he excoriated the Air Force
qualified this only to the.: extent and, opposed s-own chef, Score-
of saying that the President should tary of the Navy Matthews.
appear before Ccngress on com- So trouble between the White
emitting U. S. troops abroad. House and this group lathe Pet,
In May he declared the U. S. gon is by no means new. Nor a
might have to commit its air and the liaison between thj Pentagon
sea forces to save Indochina. By group. and MECarthyi senafan
September he asked for the de- new. -
tense of Quemoy by U. S. naval The chief difference is that it's
forcts. the Republicaps .ratheihn the
He capped this. with a gazine Democrats w.ho waee4o.
article in whick he deMelk that b and tbhand _- ites wf_ 6
the U. S. must be ready to fight- nation faces a difficult showdown
.now if necessary-to let Red China with the Communist
know that if her forcess a_ &4 aa4 usI -- P.
farther, indirectly as I Indochiga n t "XU'oe '._
or directly as l -sh e mIut/P" I
dhe Invades an oaT her w DaI- B.
land. coex.
This is the Knowland foreign pl Ia tr p tt War .will fol
icy as of today. low sos.) 4



..- .
* 0 '" i

..... :.

.-- ---- .--- I __. __A_

ttSSWiYttS .1

I .
:.r .- -' *

74~ .
~Cr~ t0 ~ ~j~c .4: -*


,-I' m

I41I a

e., beside


1 ;'




Labor News "You Can lHove it C hitp t.t st' i

Comment ; I
"r. .-/ 1 .. ."'.
SLOS 'ANGELES--The thousand til -te ...
top leaders of CIO may be wistM. oni
ly folding their big tent, but they ,_ 1 4
are far from stealing away nl- .
night. Rather they're planning new d n ,
or nizing d lotical drives for
iin ofo a in the South. No. Is ov the NSttln theld or aear. t
woot Iean s U mebrs -" Pilots .
in new atomic-era industries, ad s 1 i su d S amonay, wlt he etpia arou
the AFL sometime next May or .beRs e Snd te Set,' rih t a
among the non unionized every. antyof Joint Chieft of a e
where, once CIO is merged with wanted ak t he d I l
the AFL. wte wsnay th. d
Everywhere among the dele- twe
gates to the CIO's 16th conves- o
tion-most likely its last after em- nm
actly 19 hectic years-there is an "n h
ag unioninzing days of 1937. It i nal
was a mature and realistic Walter e finally the -Rate
Reuther who set the new tone in a rtsef t de pe eh theSnr a o t n1
high command here the other day. -ndecalon P ides a k e the release of the 15
As he told of hs negotiations tire q aueer.Hi decision en e e
with AFL leaders, Reuther's. rea on U itd e a t
theme, and the sentiment of hIs bonfruta .. I
.collea gues added u to "Whatd is l can n thou &oe en
past is prologue.' T"'he "'redhead" -old C Is M oe d Ho lm s' '
spoke t the potential membership T C lhere ias alk of thor ni o man we t
ample; he picked out the virtually mottoes that Used t mean so me- he -a sta
un(gszsnaeu cemical field,in .ti= u!% 't defense
wnmiL were are now '*h'uppus cl r,.t." *rb 1 .I
thousands of non-uniiin Workers., e rbth. ew
an unss fiead touay ** an~s re two' More and more," a;so, there is Ch G a,
Sin is fiel id n t ou e a are two talk -among Senate Republi cSlr hi ti itn e oa. At *Ap. o
tzsese two un,ods ula Magq. followingg the Trlman-Achimon line. 5@00 CaIn"
h,.d the money and manpower u Flarinal .the question of a show- w
ueris nDesu tin.n, o uey cutidk u .. preventive war had undertones all offered a tangew
nic, n Le iae onhmz.d rwdstry a through the McCarthy debate, Only 6 6f Wenat be Bu l~t
LWSb once Id m-teelcandd oauo. J here many of, the Rrbweana ChinesebAdwS UbKiaa
bO Loune ldmBweau ian raue paridst *voting far McCartky were strong Finalhy fter i
of PUaLIcs a s .rnk ae neAsy and China-lobby senators and had r& agreement wasur
an we boLinfland bout'iwcr., tLe t poIbmprloued
new iab,'3 in n%uUl(. ,D- from.It. r2la ti mlves.eSi0007,
Sb, s ptwthin the .apabil- Ifrom
s1anL:. w can party wdens in somewhat the yt i condemsi ..
.nose who heard Reuther are the same proportion as-the split lthl T hwver':was .e,. d
leaders oi a mI,ernaLona1l LL un- the Pentagon-over the mpstIa eco. a -
ions, ad ui Wille g8m0 ues ath .Aidportapt issue facing Elseaihower Depa u,,t, r,.., r
wa Ear iaeenuence paran- and a nation. In fact, the --.r-- s-.
mepenence aran ct, when feo o f tthe R4d f
teeu, he told taean. inaese s' s n on Capitol Hill Is fed inpartb y ucedO t at theM
corans of labor orgasm zation-te ler o I Wgt a :atorsfromm :t ar
men wao helped uwa organised fl 1
labor from 3,j00,000 members on P-aa--ige.. Dgels "
Nov. 9, 19M5, wnen IO was launen- sawtions should be imposed on
ed, to 17,000,000 today. the U. S But If the State.-Departmat Wai
ihat means 14,uuu,U0 members The next step in this develop- jolted, the Pentapgo was nensed.
In 19 years. 'These leaders of CIO's NE Washiln n Correspondent spect the U.S. Embassy in Mos- land proposed that larger contrlbu- menteame in January, 1 when Several of earss as ,e.
3J big unions oon t see a combined WASHINGTN -(NEA).- Peo- cow. Senator Kdowland was one tons be- made by more United he challedged-the Soviet's right to omniende war. with h AAnd
labor movement's taking nearly Ple who have difficulty understand- of that group. Nations-' members for the collec- sitin the UN. In August, after, at Natiobal seelit Cana
as long to wmn additional millions. jIng why Sen. William F. Knowland He immediately ematided that tive forces in that area. Only 17 another trip through the Par Bast meeting -that follioed; Af, Arx,
As national CLO'counsel and stra-enow wants a review of U.S. for the U. S. similarly restrict the of the W UN members event con. Senator.Knowland declared that If thur adford, chairman d4" the
tegist Art Golaberg put it, in an eign polcy can get a good insight admission of Russians to this coun tribute. there was apy way- to throw o. ,Joint Chiefs. of Sta reco akenmd,-
analysis of what wail happen, there on w at makes the .California Re- try, to the same number of Ameri- The U. '. bore O0 per ceat of viet Rulsia out of, .the UN, it e a saval air bladi:e
are almost taree potenal me publican majority leader tick by cans admitted to the Soviet. He the costs and with Korea furnished should be thrown out. against.the rtha 1 041
bears for every unionized worker in studying the natural evolution of has stuck to that beef eve'r since 95 per cent of the manpower. After the Russians shot dowp a Secretary of State Dubes, how-
te U.s. toonay. lhis views. and has introduced several! reso- In one sense; you might say that Navypat ane in t a :evae, pt:ra.ut He?=tatah
So today's unicns look upon the ig Bill Knowland had no very lutions in the Senate to effect it. these three concepts form the bas- Sea I a s t September, _Sen ar ton y e u would
.tra.ltional pledge of orgamzed la- pronounced foreign policy ideas None passed, but this was a start. is of the Knowland foreign policy. Knowland was readpt have the alienate our allies, ht eo rd-
bor "to organize the .org anized,' when he was appqlated to the Sen. In 1950 young Senator Knowland He bhas never got-over them. buch U. S. sever jlpla4atid relations ie the chance of dtmen
not as an empty phrase, but as a ate by Gov. Earl Warren in 1945. went to Formosa. He thought Na- new ideas as he has developed with Russia. released. The Re h i ot,
clear mission," Goldberg said in He was only 37, anji i had behind ticnallst Chinese forces of Chapng from time to time are merely elas- His ideas on,. at 9I o about had promised to eirn a Canadian
a speech to another group. him a few years' service in the Kal-shek should have more aid. He borations on these fundamentals. Red China havdegt-wn 4* b aii- flier, and we milt sill be able to
"Io fulfill that mission we are- Califormnia legislature plus a good qame home to recommend that Thus in November 1951, after lar lines. In January of 1 he prevail. Dulles re. mmended that
and we shall-spare no effort or private-to-major World War II President Truman rescind the or- the retreat from the Valn and the .would have settled for a block-. we, york. through the United d s-
expense in organizing the unor- record. Id4ers limiting the U. S. Seventh recall of General MacArthur S W- ade of the Chlpa boast.6 A few tiA5.`...I
united areas of our country ... One of th-at tidags he aid .in let $ojeutralizing action in that ator Knowland enlarged on hIso- mouths later, when thie turo w. ian -4tha Adi-
t ture of the Am ipan laor Washlngton_, at attracted- notice ea. lcantly, this was one ras o 4, e proposed that the an allieso tere ayi ng thit the r
ovoSeilntAdpflh, 4p Mhu e pa rt,. af.tth., Rluatan g'.ovrn- .Eisa..twEl's f'fltentp ..( 1ibnq- .' p 5. would have to "go it alo"'b Ib,t,


. I




- T m..q^'.. "-

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* L.

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. = -." ;:' *

.. .- .-

l...a e ior .he tofy ot
art. V ino e netat ires ihd
.. ...- g -- .n n s rAg, y. ,
h mental hospital at comtl.

aae paw Ito which
.o gt Albany, .Y.,In

I Uha. untcov- Thl l t~pe* coyer amueh of
*W h altng pa- the bttS of New York State in
t h tle e 1800B1.
R nal *The & wore lootwhen the
a a oftllale, ordered waste in th
Or.aD. Don% b mdain ; Atatw
-a of tyeeks boxe ot
thr tyDhsBoflte were 'stored inothe same
*thrdogh dozens of basement.


+i+i^ .: .*w t**

u.he t

* ro. uponpd
S*Pe. Places
6 Pc. Place

S.. ::..... :. ..

...... -... *.. ............. ..
ifor erta' .,............

Sa .........
I r...w.. .......
8 for. W ,..'+ ........... "

hnigs ....... "

rwn Dueal..

-46M., '$10.00'
terl ile r c po ............. fr.o
4stilsy surer platedr... .........

S Alarm Coo .......................
du afw r MH .n a gs .. ............
i ft/tied hto" pler setting .......

BA oW Z laitl I ...............

leiT e I. tlt i ". .. l_-:is.................
RiK- fina *M. .,..ii.^ **.**.*.*** 3
S&.^ AS~i..^;":" t

3.J. *;*.**


4 *. .4
. ._ *' >.".




During December


We are upaicking
Modern bedom and
desk lamps ...,..... 4.
roam rubber chair
Iushions ............ 1.
| Cotton bedrooms and
u ag In colors
............ 2.

l .... iiir~ J;.. ...... 1.

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Grape .S


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LU lv .e .. f .

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for HIM

EDER U $5.00
75 Waltch bracel .......... .....

5e hof uders, u .............
Ltr. os SsierJL ile ...............
-. Sto -egted .:ld.. l .
... Le op r ................... .

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Mermiu M Ebalad ,
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e, ... ,... ~.4. ,, .

S -W T e E .. To ..

H IS C -H-, '*' **' *v

e Stln S*ver ..............-. .
ea .....................
Carf a em .... ................ -
oy and wath ehaius foldlle4 ..... .. .
Bar .

8 &ter ng Bt St.CdklstopheCr0 Plrate
Cultured P-arl IT I f ................... "
Mother o. Pearl .ff Jink o ....;.. "
Fine Poc" t Rls ............. ....... *
Automatic er aS Silver Pencil .......... "
alrad Poeket Watch .................. "

-e UNDER $10.00
Paper we ht, krUl n lsl rer
Engraved ite Un.tMt Lghter ......... ,
Ashtrays, Sterliag smer. ................. ,
Key and, Wach Cha sterling ...........
Stei Zlp Uht Case ............... "
MatEaI gp S htrlI sim .e.............
BotlM pee Ster .illver .............. "
Tl Clsp Cuff IUnks Mother of Pearl Boxed "

Soda gold a
W. *0WE

$ 1.95



UIpDER $15.00 -
tured 7eo0 il lPin .. .. ....
li d wW .R.W.. ._1 .,." 3 3

: ,


for SIS

UNDER $5.00
Mother o f Pear t eds .................. m
Coina n9 la or et ...,........,.
Child' spoon .t.n ....... ....,... '."

Gemfp ae O aldda-per ............ :
Balk1 .. .,

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a G o ld ................. .. ,.

.i ne. ....... #.. .
Carm t a sCharms .....
WIS O-* m l & ........... ........... .
** ** *** *

Place soln


UMDE 10.00
la.te& "v frow
- .......... ..* ..

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. .., ...ami... .. .. .. ,

-in .. ," .. 4 .

l S A .i A' 1 :



UNDER $5.00
TIe Pi s soldfilleU .....................
K po.rg-silver ... ............... "' ..
Ad denbr ee Sew teruLi ......
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*tare ftI SI o ................ 4.
M link set .........................
S hrey rhtmI and goidfled ..........
erai.S terim RiAgs ...................
Watch Bands ........................... .
Money Cups .............................. -
FPoket Watch .......................... .
Banrpitowa Style Steag- eit......... .
Renigous Medals .........................

UI.N ER $10.0
. swis Clenj Wieh .........,, |
JK.lf* a nd c ts, .iledm.... ...
Th ls. ... ....... ..

.i ^d'11ahjuj i" -,
al w. .-.

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Serln. .........from
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Ip ttedpearls, m ............
4 dinnerware, rlas svettin ..
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rbdl. Sterling siler ..................
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Sjars. Sternug e er ..............
In, goldflls .......................
xs, olid cold .......................
i e earrM is .......................
aMn Earrings, Ltest Stylo e...........
SJewelry and Creatd ............
Iuktton of Ge Huase ,............
SBa3nd Emo dlo ath Goos .....
fi Cloeks .........................
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sets Boxed 0 .........................



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1 4,.8

UNDER $10.00
of Sterling Candle Stleks .............from $ 5.75
ner, sugar and tra; silver plate ......* 7.5
Setting, Comut ......... 7.75
IlI silver serving plio.............. s.2
an Ilory andd Go S. cup saucers... 8.95
me sets S I .............. 8.. S
dles. at, tei .........., 705
ima Zbreoa n Rgs. ...... ......... .95
SWat Dimney CWUVnM Bolld Gold.. Us
, "4tnamb Steel Staer .t ......... 9.95
ed Pearl .Se go ........... 9.50
tW Tray Fine SU mwo P .. SA


UNDER M15.00
Perl-Pim (piufl&,..;........ bom I14.98
.i_,,. ., Is "1

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!,AH'iu Fue,^^ :, a


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DER $5.0
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. .- .- ,'
f... l.-;w :., f .' .
.. ,,." _- t, .. -,; -
,o E :,-*.._ .- : .*^.*"* -y-.,- ,
"+----- .'--" ... ... ,i9

- r ,



SWritten for NEA Service
If you'd like to make a game of
'a rummy even more exciting
-'i usual just introduce the back-
-mmon double into the game.
::e doubling feature is the soul
It backgammon, and it spices up
any other games, too.
Even if you have never played
itkgammon. you'll have no trou-
e understanding the doubling;
nture. For example, suppose
at the authors of this column
re playing the game against each
or. In the middle of a hand,
t when he is about to draw a
ard, Jacoby says "Double."
.Sheinwold has the right to ac-
pt or refuse the double. If he
ccpts, Jacoby draws his card,
either from the stock piAe or from',
o discard pile), andn^lh game
ntinues as usual. Whm the
and continues, the scuai cf the
ner for that hand only is multi-
lied by two.
By.accepting the double, Shein-
o ins the right to, redouble
-later point', I. that hand.
S likely that. he'll wopt to
tut he may redouble -us4t
f e draws a card. And then
may either accept or re-
he accepts the hind pro
nd the final score of the
a that hand is multiplied

as far as *lzfti.playerB
er go a normal hand, Who-
-qer accepts the previous double
s the right to make the next
'*uble in that hand, and the score
the winner of that hand only is
ultiplied by two. four. pight, six-
So, and so on, depending on the
er a double is refused,
d comes to'an end at once.
e bler puts his cards down,
d the ether player lays 6ft i
can, jut' as in the case of a
rmal knock.
e doubler gets a bonus of 10
nts plus any difference in his
or that there may be between
Awo hands. Even if the -dif.
ee is against him, the dou. -
r still wins the hand, but in
at ase all he wins is the 1-t
t bonus. an
.a doubles accepted and '
S.redrub!e lq refused, the re- .
r puts his hand down as
fit for a norutal kPock. (The
may knock with a hig"
the hand may end .even
S -bt players bave 'more
0 into In deadfl V W"

,. t. .. '
' ., ," '
' + -- .* .-







.4' ,
'a I

FIRST LADY PRESENTS LA&Bf.-- "Canpmtillis" donated the TJunta emenlan de gene-
ficencia, a Panama City ladles welfare organtaston, were deliMred to--vietlAs of th. recent
Chorrillo fire who are expectant mothers by' First Lady Do a Remon. Shown above
aire: JFB president Mrs. Paul ia Uso, former J prsld edt I Vivian Witter, the, First
Lady, and expectant mothers Ms. Maria Saman nip 0oman, Mnr. Slvia Maria alwatr- and
Mrs. Silvia Estela Amfurre, .lPrflsentatn of the layettes was made by the JB InA obatmace of
Mother's Day, which was celebrated Wednesday la Panama.

-5- 7

on py w. 0 e 1 sure
M 4tnt even if the

, ...d .... '.- .

erratin. Christmans
e undE privUeled 1
Ianlid, both In David
!e Join L. VonU, 8a
Ann, (U. 8. A




S "..


''- T .- .
-- .. .. '
t!'_ t:- ^ '* *,'" '..i^
o'- S I B f *" "-, '-,1 ,
I s-- "- ; ,

';" r" .* ,1. :" ** ^ / *... .. "
.1.. -^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^ M ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ f^ *Ii^

^IMJM- q'1^^!^--


Tou Can't Nt

UlkItk b


BI wp.




* -, -.' .

.s4. 7.'.


. *


' 0 .. .
noon AND EnI uv6vw*

wsiom .9" g

45 VIMWl flg~P'


. .


,.:- *"1 .1-'1-- ,.'-^ ^ /.'^^ "^

^ -_ .. *.

.. v
-" ::
-.- .



^~~ -a- g -

s; anr^..k'U' _&.*

- -

.w3i.. ,
i~i^.i1 IT

I, 4t

'. : & : .:
." -:-, -: -. -
i.4 .

3. 1

USE;.. '4'.'
4' '.4. 4. -

'.4 A

,A C 7- -. .9 ,;. -.-.
; 0. O "

, .,

& '^".: -

" .;* 4

U 'I4


Lp U

Not le; Waah



24 J l-, ._..

6B BMc

- .

-.' "" .-."" '" ,-- ;'.'., ^-*-.--
;"*' <. H. .. i ,'.- '- 4.T'

- - - - - - - -- ,-.-- --, ..*-i ~--" --'----,.-------.

P O r mi i.! ..i.. At thae rst annualmeUn of *flambasli -ngoo and mambos.
the La-Boca civic council hia at tarring Canal Zone and Pana-
the high school study hall the ma pre-teens and teen-agers,
'_ .-, '' :_________ ________ following officers were elected to l be featured in a dance re-
S- 0 -" serve for the 1954-55 term: vue Dec. 17 at the Balboa Thea-'
s1'-e I u t l .. .t. t G. L. A. Davis, president, ter by the Harnett and Duh
ec. ( some fortunate Implica n. apped Cleveland Roberts, vice-prei- dance.achooL..The revue, an ex-
itpIM --National lCb A. antd it w't .dedo nyut the party T W.i d dent, (re-elected); Chrli E. Hay- hibitlon of modern ball-room
Leoni rd aU d last d. wood, secretary, (re-elected); dancing, will be presented at 8
S. .. UiMrs. L. M. Lowe, treasurer; Mrs. p.m. ad wl.bI followed by the'
er.. tS Mhe Elisa Davis, Benjamin solcy and technicolor film, "War
~r Sinatraor 'L gu 'hnO / H. W. Wilson, representatives to Nanc tiT and Bryant APE-J
lot m__! 'l,:.rv, lth ..;- te conqreas of Civic Counci. ls Ifan er and Bryant now
.sot h n road. h sa bAnnua e el _bmitted S mba In n--val fashion Theot 8 w
act. b yre re l and te- b the secretary, treasurer, Argentine tango Will be f resent
Iall mad th statent as mt ewre ad tele- HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 10 (UP)-leaving with drinks hidden un- wd noeEricOakleyand the ed by ia pierce and Walton
Sen. tl MX dt (R-S.D.), one vision eametas. Frank Sinatra picked a tight'der their coats, pointing out that outgoing resident, a r u Loreno and the brother and alai
of M o a closest Senate as- with a press agent at a night was illegal and there were two Grannum. ter teao and the brother and Ralph
sociatead of the In d i the Pr e i club early today because he detectives n the club. Arthur W. Croo was atin ter tea, willBarbara ance Ralph
circunl undew w the aun Ml "the a ae lrestaW thought the man was a detective "At that point I happened to chairman during theelctions arkeru wml u ance the Bolerin
H rWisconsin-lea bln acul a them.ot e.nlwtent thlassWina. or a newspaper reporter and he walk up to ask Neal who his Mr. Lowe, ,ar. wIlhlmi- Rumba, Cuban style. Kathy Mul-
Presit "'hrind ag aul ip ot .eahw.r has hilia.-rt. on said he didn't like either one. date was so I could tell the col- a Layne an H. Hibbert were hollad and Jth e onamb n will n
weakile stod o e warid m.m.Lt. frpam :tl.b egmt Of tUc While Judy Garland, his corn- umnists,' Byron said. tellers. rannum a. Oak. rterpret the mambo.
MulMtdt slaid he tried- to dissude cal r. it oppoitn to .0e en- pgnion, looked on, the spindly anu? m a, On,
McCarthy *0 lisuing the state- eroacbment and grwth of big crooner ordered publicist Jim "Sinatra said, 'What business were the installing masters. Harnett and DAnn will also In-
mnent an = to read it for government." Byron to take ofl his gltases and s It of yours who that girl is,.' A general mem, ersblo most- produce the new Oha Cha dance
him at a meeting of McCarthy's slteq outside the Crescendo night- Bron reported. "He to d me to g was announced for Friday, and will perform two new ex-
Investigating commit t e. Hei "He has moved consistently, to club where the two traded a few take off my glasses and step out- Dec. 17. hibltion numbers, a walts fan-
said he told cCarthy "nobody' divest the government of Commu- mild blows. aide. There he jumped me and tasy and the paso double.
going to bdy ideas that Eisen- nist attributes, insofar as commu; A bystander, who did not wish legan using me back and
Bower i ofon c nit sm.- nsm ent ails st as t e ownership, to beuoted by. a said t- forth. e hauled off with his SKIMMED TOO FAR the Great, will act as s-
But Mundt said McCarthy ke- Mundt said. "He has turned lheatra a veteran of many- ngrht left and hit me on the side of PROVIDENCE. R. I. -(UP) ter of ceremonies. Music will be
pied that. he had to "sy some- federal barge lines ock p-lu ft fhts and battles with the face. We exchanged sever A black and white skimmer-a rushed by Ze Bennet and hi
thing" because "there shooting industry, and ther u bb e r c fit fight and battles with s mer- nshed by Zez Bennet and hi
thg" betaushe te H s v.ate industry, and the r r newsmen, became angry after blows and I hit him in the nose North Carolina bird rarely seen in Rhythm Boys. Bennett is also
at me" from t hs plent a he was erroneously told that a couple of times." Rhode Island-skimmed to New the arranger of the special mu-
resid e "His roach to the o we Byron was a "egan." Parin lot attendants and England either before or in Hurri. sic for th Cha Cha Cha.
e ferredto-Hail a uestn about' r blis anihig tovIenment I Byron quoted Sntra as yell- bystanders separated the fight- cane Hazel. The skimmer was
erred to all a quet ofs about problem anti-big gayom ent,i ng, "you're either a cop or a re- er and Sinatra jumped into his found huddled in a corner outside The entire ensemble will dance
Carty blast and the posity without big anoverme He ha porter. And I hate cop and Cadillac, where Miss Garland a 23rd floor window of a Provi. the jitterbug for the finale.
that e Wisconin Republ -I c a signed bills to get rid of Commu- newspapermen. Why don't you was waiting, dece office building.
and his Mowers might form a nIs, and he has taken Trojan go out and make a decent living atin Am
new party. steps to get suvtrsives out of and not be dependent on other altio Amrll
Hall said he delayed his answer government" people?"
can ,lat aa,,a t -h c wt "M r of a lr co o Wil Celebrate.
can 1e.i9 Pre-,-v coun. Ilk night clubbers who watched the. m
and _taft :..-deh1e 112!Fe 2 a.m. brawl on the busy sunset
I saId ppe mmit i?,most a .W *..- strip decided the event ended in e Goa den Jubilee
isas. P, .l m PLcf a draw. The match consisted ofs
ie light blows, feints, slaps and At the end of this year, The
sOr' v fe owed L pushing, one witness reported. I on knn iiom Salvation Army In Panama and
o ns tat n- .l B cons ts went homes" the Canal Zone observes its
S .most -'- went to the sup- th no visible scare from the olden Jubilee--0 years of con-|
port, fPres ilent tl.nwlr. e- The fellowship group of the fray. nuance service on the Isthmus
ven a they took diftring ion volunteers of inatra was not available for of Panama. In this connection
posl onethe 'MIcarthy issue lventhdaiy AdvenUtits-of the comment, but press agent Byron hold special meeting to o
an the recent Senate pro Pacdic A, iu- -launch a Ten Irelated his version of the fracas. eing
lng.," Hll sagid. Days Youth Crusade tonight at Sinatra, Miss Garland, oilman memorate the outstanding event.
led idno idwntfy the hkparty 7:15. The !t ulhg will continue Bob Neal and New York model Owing to the seasonal rush as-
leers with' hcm he checked, until Dec. 19. Cindy- Bayes had attended a socnated with Christmas, the ac-
uHailani i sur op oe bot th bebirbthda party at the home oti Itual celebrations will take place h
bs i_ the Topics slated for the Occasion night ciub entertainer Samy1 10 P from Jan. 8 to

ve a greer u r ami, Florida: Saturday t 11 with a monocle, the four joined be announced later.
the i istratiol's program. T Leadr Juato
Sen. Arthur V. Watkins (R-U. a.m. The Choir Leader Who Got forces to hear crooner Mel Justo Arosemena Ave, No. 79 epl visitors to the Isthmus
taho chairm n- the s-pe ,i n Trouble. Speaker: PastorTorme's show at the Crescendo. for the celebrations will be Lt.-
c ie k recomnnad6 lhtbt Washington, D.C.: Sun- near Davis' new home. Neal eT1s sG
censure of weeia'. sc oit, d h Man Who Went plained his date was miss Byes e s-
the Idea that ay ba Hell, aker: R bt he Invited Jdy alon be-prices.
cept perhaps athe "'Doitcr finee,, 'ptttaon, Youthsla Leader of the cause her husband, SId Lut Wast G a v thex Cea andh Wi e

8 cha 4 j ut GodjDec. M:gbh1t the Creseendo the headwaiter -. ., _' -.
f.M -B --.. i ....a" osM l

a al-i n
Mahi ht ;tese~. .,lo h eertoswt eL.

13T Central Ave.

.or -

impor/ant people

in our e...

&, r/kii M0

.i ,.

mq Jui .
C.. Mes-'r" i,|
MmdiC' U.N.. .iOtt-

e... 11nii i tmis.. '-

, .ii

Ikpu lind

r j~i C Nfl"

-- 4

Child's get.siijAbr"
brocade shots-A
Ii .41

Puu~t -.
..i .ci
fiwlis dl,

uecfl ic.i'~ b~i~i DALLAS,' jex.-.. tP). -Katile
for.-" '" Schooled After Grdutioni Scott eo -iis chickens- too late
Muidt teld re rters his lex.- Dec. 18: The Man Who Cawed and found some 1,00 White Leg-
change with MCarthy occurred lIs Mind; Dec, 19: The Mai God horns valued dit 54,000 were miss-
as the two- men.sat sidety y side sHaIted and Redirected. ing. He first noticed the drop in
at a hearing, of McCarthy's Sen- his chicken population when egg
ate investigating subcommnitee at The series will be termianted production dropped off, he told
which. Mundt was tempor i rp y with a sacred baptism. the sheriff's office.
presiding. I
The South Dakota Repubican
coupled his disclosure with a
strong defense of President Ei-
senhower's political philosop b y,
Which'be'det9ribed as "anti-Com-
munist antci-Soiast and .nuti-bg JHE ONLY DAILY SERVICE
Mundt said McCarthy enered Convenient
the committee room after hen
hearing ad .tarted and sat wn qrivol and
beside departure times
"I asked .i If he wanted to
preside,r" a4dt recalled, "Re
said, 'as s I as I catch my
breath, X wa to mAC a state- Modern equipment with pressurized cabins
meant -
'I said, ton, be in -any hurry
about tht-taW it eab?."
.Mundt said M*Cardly: -mtplain-
ed of panin- In hig lniured elbow Round
and left promising to return in
half an hour In about 20 minutes, Trip
McCarthy's secretary, Mrs. Mary
E. Diiseoll, entered and told him
that McCarthy would not return S Vo tm el amet or"
and wanted Mundt to read a
statement for him.
He said be saw a paragraph
criticizing the President. He said
he immediately sent McCarthy
word that be would not read the
"McCarthy c a m e back in 10 Pome: L Skte No. 5, Tel. 2-.0670, Colon Sales BldgS., Tel. 1097
more minutes," Mundt said.. "[
leaned over to him and said, '..;
I wouldn't read that statement i f
I were you. It's unwise, it has
I ____________________r__________


F. ICAZA & Co.,, INC.
1 Justo Arosemena Ave.
rel 2-1913 P. O. Box 2140

No. 102 Central Ave.






o!'* r"' s N 0" f~ "p"g ""g "
- lr~t ^ ,irW t CUK!OU.t-,

r, ,..'Ir1 'c .




*-L4 at


I. ; -.

Complete Living Room and Dining Room
ensembles in many styles and designs.

with Cushions just like Mom and Dad.

RATTAN PEEL SETS Settee 2 Chairs
and Table .... $35.00.

Come in.... Browse around you'U find
many attractive items for all on
your Xmas list!

bl0 I ulalEftlm a ^n^ an A IRtWIkltlms mnot A AI'


This Chrdraes your children wil be happy IF YOU BUY'IN OUR



Open ,a day SATURDAY for


".'.. ",'" "" ..- .. r". .: ; -.


*` I




, .. V

.. -- ......... -..- ..-....-... .


,.r. '.. ,-. .--a b. I -. l'f

' *~L.* .' *A. ^S

C :,V

yo A 1 AET, PAMA
PRECIlAO i'IStreet no. '1 CASA ZALD* -. Apecla Mt ta. 4e Pubile sFARMACIA4 E
4I B -ON 4f C July Ave. & J st. coenraA %e. 40 AJn...C IP. A, mto.
ueto Arosemna Ave. and 33 St. ho. 3 4..e. y .a-X PatLUUX ev n 7? b et AN tre Z qlA sail for .a "-
182I La Cana m u lla rouurun i ,41 6LeJ. tacv. 5. la ".atheof

ESSIONbAL Abol..It PERFNCTION PIANO SERVICING by WILLIAMS' Snto Clare Beach Cot- 0.bO elod Oi sthe bud o tehwot si. S
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SClty ELINches FOR SALE:-1946 Chevrolet 4new n- tro.ies.o b mtors n, acces rras, San Frrancisco. Reasonable boa. Saturday 10 a.m. to p.m. and two Chldren; John Quinn f
i CYMA ELN e. paid. Phone Curundu sores. Tennis rackets restrung. Re- rent. Phone 3-5024. FOR SALE: Mahogany furniture, and daughterI Mr. and Ir *e.
l *STERm 6108: duced price ABRNATHY, across FOR RENT:-Furnished two-bedroom kitchen table.chairs.Hoover sweep- Chrisin. Sele and two chil-red
A Y T RMonsiF r tade: 9 lS er i dca .fde street Hoerl El 3 nma. chalet in residential -ept,.' Call er, fishing pol-s. Mouse 24- cor- dr d RC utulanb 8 redb;
.OASYI EIRMr. FORgeALE:-1954 Series 210 Chev- -IC cibon14H. no MnallretLe dren: H. ; C. Stuath Pr
ro'et sedan. December 31 delivery. FC0 SALE :-Due to trip: Signal CMorps .ABalba 2-1441. ncon.wr nSet L leMr. and Mrs. John F. Utley; Mr.
3000 mile.. $1785 Phone 2-4466. 1-tube sl3ortwave receiver, $45; FOR RENT:-From January: 3-bed- A cngaud rr am Weintei,; and
Fcc'atg rlchine a$25; steel fll- room housr, completely furnished. FOR SALE:2 -Simmonsdoublebed,coil Harry W ightnan.
t ^ ]B"ELltoi cared for by original owner, $600 cb':e Corona typewriter, old $10; pm. to"9 p.m. _s_ tyle, $50; metal dresser $10; met- Five United States congress-
Ts. Phone 3-5320. s ixant $50; 3 aquariums, stainle, FOR RENT: UNFURNISHED or bureau $5; baby high chair $5: men and their families aree a
P279 RFOR -152cs-E30; "78-trepte m. phongro..h,2 work" COMPLETELY FURNItoMPedHEDT, in imost baby bed $15; 3 wicker chairs $5,; moa h e n. p e
e c$7t; electric hand drill, ", $15.; exclusive residential district: FOUR- three 6-ft. bambool sihades $12; re led O a sre New Y-k Ye-

Sia otro.LAC N'r'o case, $30. For information call dlomat with discriminating taste after 6 p.m. Balboa They reep. Paul A. Fao.
ofrrf se.aClal P. bl 3e, m olFor more details see Mr. Fabrega in FOR SALE:-Portoble electric s wing (R-s. ); Leter Holta n an, (D-
I u alir >ty Watches F 0ck R oSA l- rs. For bt-wter eq uipho ment,' 2a0s ion .rVadVesta, Ca-l a 2.9 mhne1-,--- v----,-Da-Mra Christian 8. S ittle
orr HOUR FOR SALE:---S.A. Star Twn b ORedo Vasco, Clle 29 machine, kitchen tables, child's bed. N) Oarrofi D. Kearnd, (R-Pa.)
12a ttrd2ay:8- 1n, bike i500c..S ood condition. 5325 FO.' SALE: Boxer puppy, female, Este No. 18. between 1.0 a.m. and cupboards, chairs, lamps. 868 Mar- Hubert B. *elgider, fR-CaL) and
lPmera Aeaue Tel. 3-,-1 c:'sh. Phone 2.4219, House 743-B A.K,.C. reglstcred. Phone 6- 377, neon; 3 and 6 p.m. No riformation gan Avenue. 2-1709l. Harold h. Velder, (R-Ill.).
.tack from LuA LeRStret' Balboa. 06-. J;dwn Av e., Gomboa. by phone. FOR SALE :-uartermaster furniture A tOtlOf 18 pa Mssengers were
sFOR SaALE:e- A fricn Viol3ts for OR R E T I reasonable. House 0211, Herrick booked to sailM on the ship for
FOR SALE:-Harley-Davidson motor- Christenas, many colors, varieties, FORRE Road. Ancon Hill. Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
EIR TRAN.PORTEm cycle, good condition, good prices 75c. Hcuse 6243 Boqueron Street. The complete adv nce pasen-
a. BAXTJHB, S.A. Corrocerlos Gomez. Carretern Pue- Los Rios,. Ai.pteuiii, t nFOR SALE: Solid mahogany china ger liadbior Cristobal follow:
SR epirs. _une up bI__ __ ._______- closet, 7Idboard, perfect. 579 Cu- Mr. aid MI".. Gordon ALe ;
arstne l oblo NuevoR across from Pascua l FOR SALE::-A.K.C. registered Cocker ATTtINTION I. Just bpilt modem rundu Heights. Phone 3121 Curun- eii. A Mr. an r
r. A. a) week. $40. Phone 4-5"76. idroom. hot, cold water Tel Tomt Ar Mr. and rs. Pat-
tC. WALDRJP. Prop. phone Polwm a r-4e1 l FOR SALE:-60-cycle refrigerator, 8 $Ie A.rmjo ani d 3 chlldnren-

Pho e3-320. 1 Ement0, Be-mmt. etand only nine ms nhs FOR RENT: Two-bUdroom N par- Diable. Phone 2-3315. Mrs. createir Ja Ai r. i and ).
uS30;. Forh betre 5:30 p om. andP O FOR E NT-oYeRnI Honolae cu. ft. with freezer chest. 5253-B, Ma le. h.Aor r.aad th"' peid....
s.. ......... "l....iden. Formert, erme info-m a tion phone ment. 20 Vio TPorras. I FOR SALE:-Large iPhlco and apart- Ars, Fullru Burth; bmr, Cod Oep ,t-e ot)
S-3640 between :l eNT:-Modern, cool apartment Ren size General Electric refriger- en; Mr. d Mrs. wrd A
WA NTD:-Carg Englih convertb t p.m.- in "rGloriela" Building, cross from ators, 60-cycle, good condition, $75 Co ; Mr. and, Mrs. Albert W. after bei1
S1 refOrige otor, 25-cycle wi th p--- .oR SALE:--S ooter. dolls' furniture. Hotel El Panoma. Apply Feto Hal- and $110. Phone 3-0264 or 3- De fr; .CMr. and M s. sue Det- Jr- e 4 be sa
m- t .1 ,c'l.e gkvfo. to l compartment. Phone 2-1s15 Ba- cnild'r chpIr, bOqes children and con next door). Phone 3-2407 or 3765. C eaux;Orace L. EdionoPa; namaLin
--." Amt o nlL. otnem boo M. Bucby. aduortwh 7i2A Pe Y -e179. oJf El onA R Tprpaentatl en
-2an2 WANTED0 to build a swimrriPn pOol FOR SALE: Coxker Sponiel pup. FOR RENT:-we mi, furishedc bed- WANTED TO BUY N. SoA. e
t for T i f r o.bhihldren. AThe Eosi- .K.C. registered" One male, black, room apoa nt, near Canal Zone.-. Po 6f-
$rL1 fo do tl. S25. Call 88-431. Quarters 1i-A, Avoailele .FaOR.; S eil 2- E WAlu SrtD e1 aa S S 'h a A oi1p
F R Fort Gulick. 500E;A. Satuc ly afternoo.o sou2llHnfitdk tion.oe alo ta 5d
rea s.o.naEtbe p for
rFOR SALE: 8-mm. Riv(era movie FOR RENTl:-Furnie5ead 5ptl rt eStS 1 W mo.orn buy modern -au. Theodo- e H. r. .: ; M.
Acyeg location. 1.9 lens; dlso K .ton. and 2 bedrooms. ella Vista, $70 2 bathrooms, and.Mrs. Rayiond Harach' O- o.
-c FetS. A. The complete H ele vzic- Ludwgen-
saer l veciaca namlnis prolactrr. I.R lens. Cost $1rC0, sell red $90 Phene 3-1648. f J us b'ed ARfreeigs. lPhnem HelmaeT ; Ludant d (UC- staA ofr Abe. dig ot r hi
fte .Mly 00 oht). ln l 9 u el olp Co n dr F -OR R T- Com ltl fun isedimoms fe .h dn d. tart ar u ntewo du.
"a P er trade. Phoone 3-0264 or 3""3765.. aoortment, garage, $65. Ricardo Leter Hlataman an"d ileA dicteds and aril ated tJ e m.e r The grand jury wet aik into
.br alppintment. -F-AORW SALE: ."- Aeor t^ ni Lewi va- Mir No. 52, Vism Her Phone 3-2.P'- AE Ly JoneS RepreiSetasa an PosCUt and the oust b ested session immediately ater rirn-.
.m. to 12 Dp.m. to Cum erner, Univtrso flor pLis v -5229. r Carrol a D. Kearn; Obdullo deputy beri-f hi t fleshpot ng idetment ndlatg itas
"fa t"Slfl uL her, modern lamps, Lonvi electric FOR RENT:--Smail urnished apart- Re~aI Este JMo-lomn; Mr. and Mrs. Att. Genpnomhoneee lber t Patde not fnhed at te oPter. n
WE TEDtrains, damask cloths, children's ment, refrigerator, G.I. inspected, .F wJm co M r nA M At e- lr vestgaton.
tennis rackets, electric fan. scatter R55. Via Porros No. 99 Phone OR SALE: 2 Two-bedroom cottagt James C. Md e r*oh Ai .o.; o sand t.
4ISTMAS TRESS col. ymond M Hicks, exec- rugs, wardrobe trunks. Call 3-4359. -2CE. fuhed and landscaped, at San l and r and td Nearly other ases of the
__________ b^ alt 48 c lcate 'bre Jutius PUMB Sme CohIn
tlefresh, u3i-etno3-preeldent of the Unit- fOR SALE -New "SISCOLAC c lFOR RENT: near beach. Balboa 3050. Mr. ad MAe. uuh ors bd 6hi
eprW exd f a n b s ae nea a elected ib -O pp wb m. cr fr ser- c pem. only a halt h r atted, t e to bee
VPe. den ti tLOre, ol cle w t d quer, contains no lead p.gmenl en and good sanitary services. in- FOR SALE:-Furnished house in Son- 'Am ol ac hadf hor $ C berM .ler eputW roe" baluth
S r TO1LTE a .16 Cpoede nt .o ne2 r Per C Prot or ch ildren andc pttSaf- uir) 118n La Carrosquilla, up- 2r6 0 mtrs f el Mr. a ed Mrs Philip L. Po1t a aetd h ome uer a -our wo
Cextrto 'M iami, la-, the aIMnyen t-seria l 12Areradoael, o A ra. t 3 "19 S r.stateNavy3295 o 8 .ati id. 79w Ut0 Stja Io sherniff's 1
AT O ... L .. t. he o .t ann a on v a "t A i coa s, etc. B eautirfu colors Ferre- F OE NweTend, $5 0 terms. N.E. Had- tclguee toaserren c n-s hi
Served as Presdtwi p of the Prnp FORSALE: Just Fceivedl complete N:stngV
-- -lher Ctb, orons ri, frdnml, assortment of D r a p e r v Fixtureo, ROOrmS PEaONALS ort
Sl l l iwo tier d C C r a n e s and accessories. Curtain ..q..__ lr yo adhrsu otedr re
Rods in all sizes, etc. Ferreti in- FOR RENT:-Furnished om. private .erd the 3year ed
la GEORGE D.; KJR., a.E.b,'om.mBelaViurdh st2er, y aieL ds.ty w as beaite n.up
,,The rIlcTl al Ob ti4 s of a the ternacio.,al. S.A.,. ."l street. both. enlla Visto. Phone 2-3203. GEORGE D. BARnL JR.a H.E d .Welo, H 'errel in his hdy h a ht a ity iian
| iIMiroellr Cb o the Unth FOR SALE: Crib, lsiring nt- OR RENT: Comfortable fur nished European Spinal Adjustment Tech- aroline Wal ler; alt Mr. a cled variosly the l pr e 6t h ll cntindted
tes are "to, promote, further tress. potty choir, fne 4 strilizer room s, centrally located, maid's ,niques Coordinated Manipulative crtltzaada Rusre n. tyts r d t
di^ i l 1 npportt an Americane mer. set. sit-o:-stJand car tieF hneqhle aod service. 5 "" Street 2-1541. Theraes. Release f Nervous Storess Mrs. C a u -d sepe ltsnl os r
hmto1rnIep.eoO ReSALE:-dLewisads-nprosecutorandteand Strain. Ortho-Kinesiology. 75 C- raiton u
.p ,aTI NY mrIhe n equiremets of ton a. Road. 2-420mm nvde. lAa caWANTED Estudioante. 2B. By appointment. 'etat. Inc 0 omr" uas.eerifItso
curity and the economic welts; Phone -2 rs. fotheurd"
tet hhung er.16e of the United States; to aid n. FOR SALE -H,1o. .nsciadMr.AtiP
lifrs l lr4au, Ve andr eind wat y and harboea M .NTED TO RENT:-rBy end of Jan. 1

Ee er b Ev.nrue. al'o 12-hp. EBto outooad roms, locatd El Cangreo, BellenA ir y
dent of the motors. rea.onoble. 14-ft rewbat Vista or Campo Alegre, by Euro. ..-SM ] r'.t
O e. "Sates since Marcha $55. 2 new car toi $95 New di-b.qean family. P au3-22:2. heer u K0et .av f lws ti
ie B a colonel E h. cot $75. ael for $55. Phone1 peo e 1 h.r lf 1tpL.r aim eater

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On Fifth Anniversary Today

v_10 MnPick up a popular mapalae to. y Caribbean the Caribbean and chances are you-will ase sman hie 15th aval
something about the devastating ct and the Panama Canal
TOLA OOD-(N1A) Close- their i Clevelani, Ohio, is April effects of rec developedya- e:
tips and hots: Joan Fontaine Dandridge, a ister. to e. or biolocal eape or During the two week course a
and O I vlan, thn about a new deadly proxitately one-third of the 74
raised res? San Jse. CalL, rer Eva Marie Saa.u, scarcely basty nerve gas. of instruction are devoted,
to thiewselves as "The Prd Belt in ":'On .the Waterfront," was once Many people write abcut the to field work, with the remainder
iLters." .. Vivien LeW' pet elected;Sweater Queen ef Bowling fteats asid disaster involved I a based on classrooms and studies.
tname for Sir Laurence Olivier is Green State University ... Whber- CBR (Chemical, Biological, Rt- Instruction in the early part of
*' a Ba." .,. John Hodiak's pals ever Barbas- Ptsinfck goes to biological) War. Many people the course involves an intrpduc-
call him "Grape Eys." As a set, the stel litao to .er by the read about it and many pe tion to the many facets of atomic
skinn yoeitr, Je Russe rew Te i talk about it. However, unlike e rgy, explogo phenomena,
was mown t her laynait a 1948, goes oa her- weather there are some po ae, disease gerns and t i -
GB n-st AMd t.e tots *who sell down on e r rd phe to on the isthmus who do somtme t1%ments used to detect ra a-
played Jacks with -June. Allysson with "Missy," her niek painTI about it. an ,to recognize gases and to
w her as "Bubbles." ad a t. These are the personnel and erstand how the many CBR
whrs,- b. i-. -l "students of the Panama A re a aents act.
Tyrone Power never w es fan William Powel's wife, who's Damage iol eol wi ,Th. learn what mea mre to
letters to. thr actors, the takeskncwn to one amd all at "Mousie." celebrates its anniversa o exposed to any the
pen in band.whei hpTe7a iupres- calls him. "add -right n front Its organlmeton today. art three types of attack and how to
sive boo t Acribble fan notes to of everybody. I m g at 1:90 p.m. at the Fort Aia- save themselves and their units.
auithorL.k --- dor Theater it will graduate its In the final week cf the inten-
I r -- Don i rti of to ."Pfhhht" 8th Class and its 2 0S0th and sive training th e students are In-
wa no wah r 'bor to cast. is ihe op iual leder of a las. student for the time biting stiucted in tactics and- tec h-
D"eN" M chCh at sC.JSa.n, e :r Calif, bom the Panama area as the niques, both in the classroom and
Ttuw t to" n has since n St. ". t school will move to Puerto rie o In the field.
been-I' for threes onthe on Dec. 16. Ope tacal problem Includes
be4-h'w fl. e m se, wO s wrtipal speaker at the cerew radiaten dectica test t-
A ah w flor- a nies will be Brig r W ed Alter ast slated atomle _nomb
uis' b' t stis is. aw Chief o .taff, UA is exploded.
of -ale na, 2 Mae a Ir tacklefan.from VaIa3
uf ', .ae. Rpid and U o n*pt $. around to. Instructors view the men's re-
stai of ay. (You' l t 6to and at 'u s The PADC's student body Is actions to the sudden explosion,
the' Ovie p TV have a r ps top made-up cf all three branches of which usually takes place at Cu-
start a cut, the United States Armed Forces, rundu just about e veer y two
'h 'r a nke f luk uding mt e from the Army, weeks. Then they group tite stuM -
GI Ser gers, geaier4y be- era Navy, Air Force and dents in a safe place for Orienta-
lieve to'. Ta pT due was '.. .- Corps. Their job is to defeat the tion and then leave them en their
boe fain ede-ne .eause 3LU4AA4 sarM hersH to four wepmus&.t make CBR War own to measure the radia tion
omf 5 eflhers'a tbqa fld: .l & e at s awes one.Tey are chelial "scattered" by te *"A.Bo2 b" In
with F 5 g w Sp6 el aq t- h a wahr0e bologeal warfar,, and this case little b os bf radoactve
TIA rum 'tyb ifoea-. heate 4.,t Gta ,y r'atlboe a warfare. The fourth Cobalt 60-gotten from atomic
t, ... .. '" 's an. m. s deadly ehemy of all in piles in the United States and
VICM' :B' andt' S tk i ct 7 mi aeel .with. ar.M c CBR or any other type of combat transported here for this purpose
(Jon D ruby in "I Married arty and failed to make the grade Is"Ignorace." The m e n of which have been placed m the ex-
Joan" were classmates at the as a moppet actress. P4DCS are- given the vital falor- plosicn area.
Kantnc Mll 'y Isttue.... -- -r tion needed to prevent and coin- Chemical warfare training 'ex-
--i)ard f~-ra ~wife 't-m Flolrece ualop, who's Mama bat CBe disaster as a result of poses the men to, the gas chain-
wh he a a'ff o d Like -ronsO ont "Meet Millie," has e the latter etreamt. ber and to field demonstrations of
Forest Ur a ht ss ab.s'wair a tiUred from show business three for five ye ars the P 4D C S, chemical grenades, smoke bombs
student t dhi is big' q. ., ifmesso far. blch ia up!er the direction Of and flame throwers.
-sbuedeni e e y be er a years i CoL' .J..N Ci l clrl conun- For biological training-a type
SCa i ly wen. a. m it e U. of ware that has never bee
huwOaK *. a f el i w. Nickname for Mrl M de lted StateArmy Caribbean, arid used In modern times-P .c h
or "3Bf. as aa p u when, shewas u- rma atSl, hat has o it.racted its own am ia
,, iBl. ^Or#JIMJ6 lotd s u.o '^totWyr fct u'^dm Chemieal .Corps -n n
Svg ryOerm ialte s for coHlatfg
h rs. IOIp otq l 'waI' the m t l e two wee tis of diseap gras ,
onc camp dui 6 Dald ivef 's ary batman dur- course in dfemse as fnstCu CsR by the eiemy which
War He was dapt t by the ing World War .warfare. us in "reconai nee situatiets"
Nazi while serving with the -, Since its organitatian In 11O0 designed to makhethem think and
French uleround. Patrice Wymore, who wears eon.- the school h adaed more act swiftly and correctly.
tact lse .($bhe's nea-sigted) than 2,1qualIfied CR person- m When the training is over the
Jae Moraiw, the Broadway oncef.lpprWdu-tc, on a ar-. nel. A breadown reveals its $5 men who qualified to take i by
tat ta recently imported to ner Bros. Piea re when one lea classes will have graduated 1,726 being an NCO or its equivalent
Ho wood' once played ick Tra- dropped cut 'f heiZrb. Army, 12 Navy (incl ding Ma- are sent back. to their' units to
c on the radio. It was SBaf located in the cf rine Corps), 33S Air Force and nass 1 te Information they have
cy of her l t m treusets. 127 civilians for the United States learned. To assist them in this
Producer Jb Champion, still a
hanusoi uieto*, was tiuder con- --- ; k 1 I
tract totIt in IMuas an anctor.n
Appeared in "The Cautev lle
Ghost" and "A Guy Named Jpe. "
.Owen V on who beeame *a
tar on BrcadwAy i on "Can"an'
after tling for yeers in the Hol-
lywood vineyards as at Assisrtalnt
dance director, was born crippled
In both legs. .

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s fwav e t i tb.t t o barrels.m a point you
ss i sn t l seome n choose into the barrel you choose ...
of hr idlie.a f a m tori t vhe perfi r titug UI ted t le y o .t e

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37 Church
40 Renovate
41 eglnner
43 Nautical term"
4 Pastry
47 East (Ft.)
630 (Fr.) r

* Reposes
.2 od of love
3 Weary
4 Pinnaele
5 Biblical high
6 FortIfclation
7 Fthmy cloud

job, PADCS makes available tol MOTHER & SONS, INC.
these Men all the training aids
and materials used in the school. MEMPHIS, Tenn.-(UP)-Lots
of mothers feel left out because
Because when these school they can't do things with their
graduates of the three services sons, but not Mrs. Frances Crain.
do their job right, k shows that Ohe wanted to share in the thing
PADCS is doing Its part in help- her ions, Mike, 12, and Desal, F
ing prepare the men to defend enjoyed, so she set aup a wed
the aselves against those four wotkhop at home. Mother and
doeae V1ea ie pf. C"q* Si p beours on end mak.
al, BioaOgica Baoolotpgal and Ing everytng from tie racks to
especially the fourth one--"Igno- bedsteads.

Your dinner table

will sparkle with

's no better occasion
to show your skill as a hoales than at dinnertime. And
how gracious your table-setting nia. h with Gotham Sterling I
Whether you prefer modes or traditional, simple
or decorated, there's a design you'll be proud to own! Start
your new pattern with a six-piece
place-setting -knife, fork,
teaspoon, salad fork, cream sop
s apoon, and butter spreader.
frRa iNua


Cat, .t *

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.. ". ,*t r, M- ,


In frot of PA _.. t$on

of Panama City
TOYS from 5 for 5e.
up to $M2e.

Also at ur
"B" Ae.., beside
Paul's Marklt.


S In front of P.Jl.

*-- ...ARGW*

p. Open till ipA

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It was stated in a recent f t.-
a article that families 1
7-77MOWing a moderate-cost food Vt '
el-an should allot a greater por- s y f
S on of their food budget for J_ -,
The article summarized the" ,t i
Site of atudiqs by.nutrition- -. '0 )ii W
Mi.They determined that milk
provided more food value, for
les money, than any other ,
wo& d.'*ieyeooimmend at least
a fifth more milk daily to elimi-
Date malnutrition.





S.'.' '

Cr t
' *.

To choose the best milk

You have only to taste the rich flavor of
Klim milk to discover for yourself a big dif-
ference between it and other milk.


f 8 a ,, .. -"....&4Peap ua" pOw LoU,,u.(UP) ". "d", -

l A --J d 4 I4, P- P- 2.0740 07`1 A r'".,4 WsS ser a mssiosw4 .at
___ roua death oft- a poleb beauty,
,, -i v AA. *" ..i- a d the asm u tos one of her ge
CONGRESSMAN VELDE, BRIDE SAIL for Vvinezue aa-A*M owaalor andMi f l a ttr heusanit ilow e lfie
TO SPEND HONEYMOON ON ISTHMUS rs areqleao. fest whos .. -
NEW TOBRK, DOc. (UP)-Rep. HaroM K. VetS RW Il.) in Cuba;I Sheriff QSl BaSOis saled
and his bride, the former Mrs. Dolores Anderson, sailed to special. seInt lit a "cae of sa women and
Panama yesterday on a honeymoon trip. tp e labon
Velde, 44, and Mrs. Anderson, 38, were married Wodnesday Ca ders g.0 .i i i.S. i-b .a bi
night in a simple 15-minute ceremony at the Ovries Ba tist Atl a a d fblei d' .- W eeC
Church in Baltimore. They left immediately for New ork Mr. .and s. 1aanr Cal er of at- g iteno
and to board the S.S. Crlstobal, for the trip to the Cmal Zone. Golf Heights are entrtaia at .
The wedding ceremony was per- MRS. HAZARD E let to be p at 1f d oY elvl author tes ea
foinmed by the Rev. Francis F. TO VISIT SON .Height homen. A "-- I
.vnch and attended by 75 c 1 o se Mrs. Margaret M. Hazard of -..... l u advocate of
friends of the bride and groom. New Kingstown, Rhode Island, oar Guests will be i group of friend-
rived by plane early this week including some members of the Ben.a ton-we t ided
The bride was Velde's personal accompanied by her son, Mr. Row-Y diplatic cor .
sec.eary when the Illinois Bepub- land K. Hazard, District Attorney explfent in. new wtaponi and
lican first went to Washington. Sheefor the C. Z. who was return- cMntemplate trips to the moon.
later became a reporter for the ing from a business trip and vaca- It ff raily takes one thup uth, held on an l charge,
House Un-American Activ it i e a s tion in the States. Mrs. Geddes Returu 1 all for parents to realize that was identified as a I frterd of
Committee of which Velde is chair- This is Mrs. Hazard's first trip Mrs. Loretta Goddes of Gatqn baby can set about with great fspt. and Mrs. Patrick 3elighen
man. to the Isthmus where she will re- has returned after three months ease. He can't crawl yet and he before h% couple'q recent sepa-
main as a house guest in her in N. Y. with her daughter Mrs. only rolls one way, perhs, but ration. Last Monday. Mrs: Mel-
Both Velde and his bride have son's Ancon home until after the Albert Knievel, and sons. Messrs suddenly he's off the bed and ghen, a blonde former war
been married previously but their Christmas holidays. Albert and Frank Geddes. plop on the floor, Don't worry, bride was found dead In her
ormer spouses are dead. Velde's --- he wasn't been hurt. But now is H tsville apartment and a pre-
wife died in 1952. Each has a Diplomatie Corps Mrs. Geddes makes her home on the time to keep a constant eye on Ilminary post-mortem produced
son and daughter by their previous Honors Venezuelas .the Isthmus with her daughter'and him If you dress him on some- evidence ahe had beep beaten
marriages. Both are grandparents. Entertaining at the Union Club, son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph thing or let him Bhe on the strnld and raped. She had
The couple plans to return to members of the diplomatic corps w. Coffin, Jr. sofa le on get his bottle. You been dead several days.
New York from the honeymoon accredited to Panama gave adin. may find that a card listing alhad takenup r-
trip about Dec. 31. ner last evening as a despediaa the things y need for ibath ghen had taken u quar-
may enabe you to et v ter on the Redstone post pre-
Mr. Typaldos Named thMng assembled in advan so v ously and he dld
ST Ordnam e PoFt you won't have to go .back for the knowledge of how hla wife died.
Mr. Zissimos A. Typaldos of Pa- diaper pins you forgot, Unofflecal sources a"le Iul. ,
nama, who was graduated from a native of Joliet, Ill., also
the Canal Zone Junior College in steadfastly denied knowledge of
1939 and from the University of Don't. worty when Baby frst the killing of 32-year-old Helen
1 ii aLai ~California (Los Angeles Branch) in comes home and the house is in Patricia .ighflu But officers
1941, has recently been appointed chaos. The very new Baby can aid' he W the last person
6 .0 W W a general physicist with important sleep through any racket--didn't known to have see4 hr alive.
national defense duties for the US he sleep in a nupery .o$.owu B Sandersaon Admitted that Bluth
At~tfaiB APB dBAC JlI DATEI Army i. its LOs Angeles Ordnance fants? After a a.* will would ein lempotary freedom
LOW ER OFF-SEASON Aver District. M oevetht .i. "s of on i 0 ab corpus be-
L quiet will be. need but. him cause'-. gLtj1 officer was held
Al a EXT R A 'C i i Currently he is also working to. oo sleep. As hegrows n r.he withoeib arge.
l/\J'Ind\ A C- Yr TO A i n^ward A.M. and Ph, D degrees 11kh an "adult. will be distbe
M any EXlTRA C it eI Hs '. from the University of Callornia by oies while he sleeps. He However, a Madison County
in Berkeley. needs his ownrom. If you're andury may first brain an
crowded,g t a small crib a nd edictmen" in the death ofa the
(For more secty news plea put it in kitchen at night daughter of a well-t6-do War-
of Europe tur to pae) saw ly which almost was
n t pae r How pe d ts te wiped out durig Wor.d Wag U.
and the Near East OMEGAr mf : b.. spi ie.
I VU re ikbrg A s*eater c a ap and mila n authorities.yby adersond
-OMEGA (YMA a of shawls and he'll be said Melhen also was question-
ATou A LOW ER FARE I hw Iha l in his carriage, no matter ed at length. "I cant ay wheth-
AT A LO W ER FA RE Swis watched ho t he weather. He er Capta Meghen is still
ITALIAN CHARMS take his afternoon nap outdoors, sspect or not," Sanderson sad.
S i rt Ir_ itimati stone -t Ijust as he did in the summer. A .. ..


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stuns xSlltS *.a
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m RIG DISClOUN.S AND b besd.w31e. ..
naw .s-b y tvu-( u n :P.... .r a,7..
w to... 'a iox., -48 "Adw g tee.. I. .. .... ..' ;-..,
ti % 10 Olrd [ a 41lL1l01. 6

'Gut $4.25 -

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t ew Fs

jffte wa let earlier in .. .
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o[fls't :ty< Bil< "-lnd, ta ep a quick shver hMW waiting for eoumntrmm
TO u e -im oup of do' A neerb barber jot
masp.d .4vi.a hrd s yonar, ha d la d. .vingd hais cUatlwd Co01 e

Svif Fights Are Good Fans
'Denvorltr fI the Weaternl Ht e
- a.. .. : .e.
L -t arB en 'U are W o Runs TEm
fthe pllaler e ,1-
r- )n en u- Yt MARRY' gAT0N reidbart hav e been scathed.
N t B SpoIj Editor atfotchmakers have been fined and
Suspended. Sinister names behind
eesrtewil p Te r W YORK, Dec. 10 (NEA) -g the- mugs have ome in for at-.
W dteI vYou' f.g det even rate as a hanger tention-the ubicuiltohs Fra nk I '
$ .wu ePt! a in the fight race today un. Carbon Eddle Coco, Sam Hunt
added thoad. te DnVSM l. less you: and that crowd. The publie h a%
hunQlre hile the OUi tneld- (A) Have been cated upn b y been fed managers' pilds and at.
pagaleos.wye flineg l. -D the istr ct attoneY. .lanoes reports of bribes and shin
(B) Been ysapended fo' sv zdy dealings. The main idea seems
a Yhen tnr$ior geq 9lv 4.Mba-ri btY a State Athletic Commis. to be digging u dirt, instead o
qe. ,ar f re aon ena.. bud. obuJldaintad eJngPrize fighter.
SSa l w hms Rb.s -. tront man or gmaen.. OF TWIS. type ,cce Abel tacledf
m at y eia.itet o beti A casual canning -of the nation's Cain, bW they blow over..The
Jlhae nsM a l., t newp jr eveld cxing news byl busting -business is a hardy
rttrkI'ed tO .pe, rieng n from one It rolls with punches a n a
The Westerni LeaggWs, unal- thr" tionaa punting of a seamy coinis back Fortunately
inous vote vo ffd-- th .atory .to severe blast, I for the game ds they call it, all
OmnihaI rg tW ai The gurT -beag th e brpmt of 1tpqunfavorable -stories would be
ltan Ab e ss san Ilost O the new batlag has tten witlo the hall hour if
John n t M s been Jame D. s. the mlti t- the other. promoters
* 05ed his b d MillIon a e and m 1d pf o ew good fights.
voted agsal it *$ I' debt of l. Intrn ) U B-ang ephrsa don 't care if th
in hopIeae th #bk ft b ien with every. 't mat he id
a yoth- tt b p-tsblAtahifng ind- ever dy-- eteept tue Or .mAre trees adts
que remain fatastlc build-up ef Primo Came, t e ,
Ite .ll- ,kqt o ,-be, f," ihi 4" '...
In b 4 1 therMvPIJha e rippgormq.a
Omaha tCardinls salid theyT g n6 b is tqo 0pucernd bout
would| m ra a AWA t nr a iirle tBillIa(i joni behind thecur-
Imorning Aon N t__P biTt Awhmto... Lip p it ain.M
moT dlng fa% f-maBjorL. fla ma en quag rel with O ctopug.
Auwing: nti OuM In4, has been the at tAhat the
throat ithe Pb1tar# *.." 9fnao mhy of- -ts ahows havk been
Alm,% Wit Zb1-t46 avoraL s~ly terrble..
n is. -ta opera t now and then a good
en slqSenatorn3 Jah n T wlepie op-and t 4 evar y-

S- Ch war, for a
comment "but NN fS 1e tIT Ifio'meehere alng ae way that
ccult pbr out Pitther R 11 .a31ed thrill-packed evenhiog, abftab od y
g the O- I t biktI 4 r.I toda had brought out the fact that
rucsh ee"d pt"u l nearly e as fhn of Frankle Catbo had a lot to doc
.i'- -wi.. 4, a eas ,th the sour science, he would
c" igar in his.-kisser.
S ". .eerwho A p the pichRAY ARCEL AND SAX SIL-
p Trt -- ythe- VIEARMAN are puttln .on a pro.-
1 t~w Iduction, Dec. 1, which illustrates
'.ofi this sharply. With the Eub- area-
as blacked out of the telecast, tWNeeI
-was, rft enio10-rcund engagements will coet
v rY a x ila.4dclose to selling out the Bopton GaG-a
.'c tionf There is to be what promises.
"-seef 'ha ''t.A pit ch"' n ws back, to be a scorcher between 3 0beA
ThW.A& who.Te'lb1i Osiants "= id th 2_-year. Miceli, New. York's comelbkekid, .
Min t rnas signed with )jnnpa&, a ripid 'lser on the weltwik I
flashedA WV40* I --falling to bqook on ladder. Another battle sees T-
ReAM tratU fr si major-league teim idur- my Collins, amidst a fetbm
In.t2_ _.S ,o !.t!Km.jor-e&ague m "ngs. 'k, Jn With nP re.Mot too
%R hs 1 l U kwIfshin f ;R

a god s'a. w o m W 0

u 'e t.he u. e oo.U ivei o t
A$B enex etohao 1 a oi No 1

,. r4m rahtn .,.t
N1L,=-- N. C. -.
'Atlantic Coa t C ,a i a
.*,_na awasthe i ifat est e i
North Carol a is St te "

bcfl sche duleah ive oe tfl-n ao
of%( prcmising sopMoop ,
hoes that once we. tg ot '
Ovigra a ivi estraightegot t o V t
ait a few club we'ie ft .
mI. a -c t o .. ..
y that 1i mean such l iLUCKHO is BACK!
Carkina. .te, whd W rowesioisot a
Duke-aR loaded.
Nota Carclina fte t oe PI Rying your .
couple ofVri kids by the i. 'o f t mloi
e Ei'"av'l. "k. a "4" .Ede.o favorite m lod p p.
S h.nk.uu9 and rae*. U Ptob b-"
19 ave t big man e thqeo dr the cockta l hourie thi e"
legq today. uo t ea aondintuyn the.onsed,
w t 'oo- man.g. CW lair.ondiond
I Ts tr strong, showed boe rat ed
g thW favoriteon for te &M.BALiOA BAR, 6 to 8 p.m.'
.I", IfI North Caroin Sta
co ver Wake Forest and Its nJoy te happy rhythmsof wh p
_Hemric. Teaming with orlM anmuasicl, the temp cnapes 9n
deiDavils, HeAlc Aivet *e .te hmeao. ad warnrulenAbChpIe rNew-
ata' a muoh seorj 'peanch ee again In the ,eooC, aphlaticateiost-
a tie ntloau-.a osffer'1. 0.Inopnere of the Balboa Bar.
wiat a c3-lusain
inv as Gen e oote.CeISTMAS PARTY TIME! l
th. seyice oreturnee F r t b ak-ttn ar.nge lment now withMaotre'.d, .-
hcohiu'.. eol v- -," hroun'od MRS.e(3-1of) for yourot.
ognamarevootldves _d-s D.-_.-.b.a.rtV'or family ChriatmAU dinner. [at
ging of-Jerry Vayda, who El tanamaa akie. ,staf takse
..a points last 'year. troubles off your shouldets--make it
SisdefIniely AlU-Amerie ma- ...-fun fO 'everOat-iofudhg thrhoie
,te mi. l, We alioave ith _l1i [ t' B* r i
Tm R -idovich and "'5. op, DIG WHEEL i- Hoth Ro udley, 6-4 sophomore, comes up to "
S'Le n. pu.enb lfh1b10 the West Virginia anti' hailed as thebi thing to come
dbe th A ae btoUr,. o along L'years. ( t,1
Oever had lair yesiAS.,'rl d sromae of Rod. HuMiley. "Hot the South Carolita boys feel that'1-"
e tqjgo for us' in *4#&0"11uo4" as they callEar, 'rould bq DarreU Floyd will take up a lot -
9leX. "Wedje 1t-ghta p the blftest tging to hA dithe epl. of the lack. "--
hI'a U e" use.n ?ttuat. tL .t-- s-. hn f oprm, you'll bq Riehmod "ahaplenty of pet t1".
J.' Joe Edlmoat .td._adw : .u I som w txe* ab a u L tial with Walt Lysa ht, 65, a. ,
rf eaz pa" fetauoula .0 o tis boy, .... Ke'Danjea4..."
o.1 y ". I
ao ie pl ekhqeorge.*l1-thanks to tih' polnt.vcbhine' NEXT: orrest Anderson .o I
,tn, mOinly* beeaS of t C 4-.aed flank. Selvy-.. hasa to ge ,Michigan Stat. looks at the Big .
shotmaking Joe Holup. j along without him thiyearrbut.Ten.
West Virginia. peenniaIly
esting because of a young man my- / m m m m -,I.I U A -






eM tuwt-e ere ufr thIs week. Jng* a9Bo e c ar n "Ij
Iag g ImJ b &a .nt&the-majcrs cL.,Ciler. In-a-thirdBSab.yEd
BTo.,eSS2 qd,is' j 1 d lht with the-Dodgers in m arches front a e
th B4'I hewo 21 4 ear 2veter. We. ,.
we beqa ,nlt.Boston fans .figure to ee some.
2M. -ql thin- out of the ordinary.
U Sb to So no one *ives a hoot'who con-
It _0MAdL bo. trolMIS the com aitant. "
tic1 4 w, I .- -,.4 ,..,

b* nP0 .E..E. Compare Plices., -.
to comb yrM Before You )j W
*t M e victory fr themsl e wa Bre- .
kve tid tre to leasdl b the Yankees"At the end .. ,, ,,.
.... Mahoeany Double
. -.- .L__._._. .-s...o s-B
A .OT rori.CE CENTE .Me: ... 15s.o00 .

;^ so .^ -s; lses.m......15.00o M
SONED "11"" .nn AL- q -5qfd

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Ia utiful Living
-Sm Suvitesa
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Khelan Caldness 1 0




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Sa.s. or -
.....e. Races N~or Gias, -



what Dr. Boull 0. oallagher, president of City Colege,
a Is true, government barristers. lvesttingat .the rowdy old
Sh t n et, are Muan4ering the tax-pys moneyT o In a iOF
'. .. ,lB .&F-. They hould look Into college sPorts. Theres footbtlt'BMak
Admitting to an alumni group that CONY had sinned In the I: gritbi 'wil
t i Gallagher thought the old grads should know that "along- 0.uj--, st
SW of practically every college and university wtlh a successful flb m"l
ne athletic record. CCNY Is a model of probity, integrity and
.',pot only that, but while... "an honest effort has been made e r
"to get rid of commercialism and professionalism at CCNY, thqe and Kt's-l0y
.,ktw institutions, still buy players to build winning teams, to at- Nv willbe 0
.'j .at crowds, to get gate receipts, to buy more players to win There. wer
UUUI*3. 11 W3
-4 fer mentally, the doctor apparently pointed an accusing fin- YOlk tr.Bowl
,*,i.uin the direction of such schools as Ohio State, UCLA and .wee beore
ahoma who went through the 1954 football season unbeaten. wThebefores
(.r of course, there were quite a few others who were eminent- the i
iuecessful at the box office. and Ty Cobb,
-,,"According to GOallagher, 'practically. everyone" of these their day ....
Is' o *iw played the garpe with a bought-and-palid for team. Now, asked what go
longer comes as a shock to the reader to be told there Is When he whipi
o+nercialism In college sports. Whit makes .Gallagher's ob- a throwfrom
s 'avtlons noteworthy Is not the conte, but the factlthey come Pld, I just t
ftbm the president of a college. = ", the ms
It isn't often that a member of the lodge speaks out against nd when 1~
*lMurothers. In this Instance, the doctor curiously seemed to ecteed 11 ld
l that in order to stress the legitimacy of CCNY's reform, It asked how he
was necessary to call attention to the Immoralities of others. use a he was.
S he answered.'
...... got time to
01F .ball?' ..
This Isn't likely to add to his personal popularity, or stand-
ing as a diplomat. The brothers can't even come back at him A new4l-can
and say: "If you are so virtuous, how come you didn't stop the ane took o
scandals before they started?" ,53. he mOlde
-.-.., No one ever will know whether or not he would, or could !oI two maje
have stopped them. He wasn't around at the time. The presi- marl .Sreter-
dent was Dr. Harry N. Wright, who, In the light of what happen- I Ralph' 0r ;
ed was either a victim of complacency, or duplicity of the athletic Frit, a" 1 ye
department. It Was 13 ye
If the head of the schools Is on the ball, there will never be Suffirm.the
., a I corruption In sports-unless, of course, he wants to play it gusdfth mmTO
ftIk .way. In education, as In any other business. policy ningor the P
fonmilated at the top, alndthe character of the top man, grant- gast the W
,,Whata teps Dr. Ga er has taken In an effort to make the middle to
u there can be no repitlon of the basketball scandals which~ e
NIked City's campus several years back, the alumni were not gatn the ex.Vol
oPerhaps none was.... an s
never known the faintest touch of scandal until someone sol d me Suffldge
,pr, Wright. that the team Should play In the Garden. eordcn of 'bloi
S* lboot.... It was
defensve secue
PUT EOLMAN ON SPOT tory, but note
Thefull story of how. ty happened to et that way has asned that da
ner been told. Theke are f tl1 m yil cesms e a id amblfu-Japanese attam
psuatbtemetta In the record, What general pur might be ...just gi years
I d In passing the earch, othi' tan t turn ma4m ing acts Ti yo'Ae sN
Into rnin in r the future, I wouldn't kow. Perhaps
S'would be sufticliet.
In any case, think if mwere peiIdent of a eole, g would even btr W -bi
euqM ly want to know t ev w p to mu e n .
SlO aUy Incompetent ude4ts .Ato the r Th even b
t ^i l" that 't14 or more, from. IM to 1951" made the muid.'s.
-. 'ih. sern tos 'n T 'b'B ''Ask" PaulBr

? *Wo -want toiW Ma n loete 10"i S8n1ll the black Massey" ... Th
.'are. filld In,. al ltl amtbl cerarified,; F, he mAt wu asmade avo
-A i^ S berem ded ithat, Ver 'A thoA hlih school Memo whBn'.
S. tampered witho .NlO I '.ert t.-.' h a drafted into i
ua .Boln t wes it t o4. oWbh he has lowed to.tria
V *. ... tmn &..oja ny Tea of h el+rtf~emP x PeMmlu, _wnemitting- ing to. Jolm C
VM, ;kaAs a ,der for al that I e and de- Cleveland....
if.ap Beinpi-greatest Tony Adanile
to bgamegu ast WejterA R

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k iciaveinkVand of
+ the. ,F, -

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S.. .te n th o n .".lk. ...

owar thee Juan O.F race track. ,
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publi it1 n semesterie a ride on prodal.

mnd dsf Vasquea,., weeks have the leg u Amrian 4th p Nt1ve p
it b a h ave

ew ldd wic* to omes n gint Alejandtd Tor winl
'p 550 e 8, Fa u ir- Masid- h ile ni ghd n to Peeg
de tI s. hol ricisaiwi ni.eep. r r 1 rl
betold Wheed cot t f ter nt gnt t, rtra program. 3-0sh A. .
rer st Army I Dot o- oo tBheri i e
Ir alegersu a as Ivy
thend at me sor u .- .....

n heptlh at 't, Ti g t_ n Cande Olaria H M. leb. e
ars ago, and Be I b bas ..a e h f hi -- o :
w a Ia In m wa. COIl Bt Ow w eek dl e"

b eon e a n- .hi A h t e N -

center fieltouchdown at, 12 to 18 s Win rti se con-e fiel als a d hemissed of -u I raL 0-Sa

throw. td i b e to rse t id .n by. ano* ahas put ord .wa kept of the total vses .
.bb, who I d'-e-Vra- e ... e-A Bodne. a efor tve t l.U to win teywer nu o Defenslyd h 1f. L .. D ,o

one the great -19 of the 83 are west coast p ndld who las won so cons duplicated eees s g will prize Rs r Va
oon ahi r e m h ony I e thr e c o meas wtear uas e aous d ,- l. +u 118 thon

bwlated tbo thew oeyoIs actg ually a egal ed mi33.. eve mr reantwe the ca ed 5fe ad
tes g t. muf e Tte A l M oe r los haten tho bet ay, ete or de M d points tala d e e R ig wh
oe a the geat oefh 3ga a weatwees h a ed who ,vew tel doet o is wp on
w1ke or ud a n I w asr- ,,. 'Ob w,__t e- Ba lboa o- Aao'. .,"a e.N t

na plersa lbe- esterted hisore ornurt Mn d ft lo whip leor saoI sea Crstobale hasU
,w De.7 1b tt her tr a" le vhe een e ed 13,to 5. tk detaalra poeo in tc 7h m Cao l ad 45 la s -4
eldPa' l Hart .. be s in Ba o bor Ata therw hat m a It h 1 osomap hOd wins. h d e an -anr Mea R. e .fre agle

naower o ddfend tlm douptini o the milds Friday tb lt plosy ed ondeta wei tea e- 1- k ne t 'O.Bane.i -
g fo a an1ia *yR' E a gx nih t a % th oe 'sgaa eveetheerCr b ed fth r a c
wiIEt evoAlloa.medW Lw mo e thea ofj a c ar rluera l o e a swe l bal edL J-Gong C atp, g Jb i

bbey.t : Write Bhe __ e h repot t e e s tdem w oroat e tIno th- eA. i .r-2 o
vi. thA tbe am.roI the v ibee -beM. I w s-A,.'
end to usow 3 f o e closee-k dn o w.n. Out n' .s .oo s Rs .4I* earl

-ead' Iarter ,nthad bah ayed p rints inihte ,. tab e s late r- 6-4 o A.. Trl I --- sala, sp e"
r wea yhis; teamthe rs 4 a nfom Cristoballs haed soe I v s-though o .T l]E th
nd as am teaf ltht.l wmar s la r wtas Anow le n t"e u A. Re
I l to wi. N the.r t ed to sl a rite .i' 12
ro o t t ormr.TaseodtI lttl s boo. .obefre for evend ge a J.g oai F I
ble t taoe ir on s .t.g.ingl be..e4 minuts pu e eptof the ln-b tota l .

All-Amdthe etfirstaB irt mWh ad at lye d pont o l ith thi sa va ta thW -N tv4--i We.r,

*whli waestadi A s s luevntable. Balboa L Y s os w a so
stred to m ,bcoderom buthe moen t Their llb after RaymondeQuezada Crluvetsit dl to. 'We,, -
Browt'Iehibacker *_,S the first standa had ended 13 to 5 tail man, led th. Tiger *oing 6-8.V?1d Li l 1.^4ifl y
atherrlo st ere a wibl p ln andw e n le at h
y or a eland, .. tm dein te mub t minds of Cristobal ropulos share ad d em highest tis s e .
a Eagstadbu I % In mo st o ba thero e w aplOm- bothl Uo Iw tc and"Cookll ta Y-Tiiiii Minih ItI 1*aa-ie that their favorites would Sammy Morris, each having 2c- 41h aL. '" Imported1O l Purs:2 5,. Pool d.s: 5
u l a a d th th fl victory, count fo9. Neither Quezada nor n
toucdow Ayioungtfellownaed Tagaropulos were around 1 o 3-Mng L a "' 1
es h'h eo m e fNEA o the n er the extra-eod, both ha 1 os p V. Cat -Ra ood
sreonrferlie bnesunditoam ta h ,vtAubgodo om r 1o al akt w h

^. bi mer ev rs y a ye wo e numerore tion of tf shely
Ismohered castig any $aor l.Hol beomtea t oae v. t reIm lcac verge.t toa l .a o
tereo i o quarter rTA that neat e 1 three participants In theb Ite'r- _--gnltpsss L i --tothig lsn tate l0*-1
lW '", -. igern leed to e ito a mere 2-point al.othree we dare now lesso: 7 .-( leg l B. R iI --. 4 .s
ma...s r d,. ....l. marl. Nod was th ere a let-up d to ect a forite than ever s-(Tger's B.g. 1
I e M In rw. the entl Balboa It es to before fr even the uo and- -
e e threor InhtheL RamsB .i. a third quarter when or College quintent, loser pn their t J
oneo ... ot 3a wscI__ vicr hey op Crvstobals w to 12 only tWliree outings ave twice I thRace "F" Im e d 1. Pue : .u M Peel. t : "

hi -ductsa, .e arvet ot hethoughtwee tei a a out a close 1- te b n ow ,ma s .. L "
w of iw a s9. owhen, ptarza e ed t a .A. d A.. Yea I -
iBetwel YO-R J d r vter of from the moment Their uphill climb afterant hree iP1^d*1 it VS& 1 I
Dee w ,IOUthero f a v i h e ol ablf play opn-ed defeats wdy p ot be easy but an n 7t iW, -GO SM -j Ii
AAeBl wrbor odobeaecmT=mC.Bubegrsie C.a wat g t miIl ,I ltuwa prowlnendV av a 4, A 114. A fe

i g Ist g b et cheering boosters t of a l dfe posi ble champion and, ea -
Wt s i n w ab a towd B a b o a t t h e B a y m n m t tdt o I I.
ie $, nt alin g 1. y drvight.up tore the moment that a- bth of which ca l afrd. to |la a"

ae i i B BOB r ep nts the at leedt be In the dace f.f the infti eir'0n taam.
f the extra qu that crown which

Butwn owea l et us t a t clsrll r- hia l--iTt r N .l4 Ri 9m .. 'S" ,
10er .- o e ears ib a rowrd more lo of thii peked
a lkely b committee te.a ramarght i h

at qura d on y Wnb t isit t s the. TWO,
S-"AS A 'DNGSTER G I was p- oe. for thia statement, butN h rd n O f
ched 'by the Indians Yn- Balboa's main claim to a good .

S U.Iascr bteeTigers, ym Senators and Pirates, qiuint ia M3 lame. BeycFraisk. -' 11'l- L *-*
mc .- dstanza:ehadeened3tothelonustyesr the biggest.boyuplaying-nRAI .
This proVi to b eW t boueiake t bi ndsoCstobale wpulo" shared oo.d highest
forhPear. ro theirefavoritestwouuI d.,.,my wM.rr, nowhuav ae- ,- Imported-- p..e.: p_

whoa areutoe1nuveenieadnd
timecof signing, I tu t t ne .--..a .' m ;
ooiptaisto sial tod o pay e loieldp.suAfeotebeit --ld." I
bal ciy aremarkble be e a et htoam ars2i

victorwyha fn ta msthe.tird hquer teredhen rCollewgeh a.ossmnetohgreairr me to grogtr
Obths breakl received in etrTHE~ 1 4ppa
rank izs ucam
ad medto
the ai-tion

N3X,:um m Mack TORk
I .. 4.. ti ,4

4. .- ...,,,,. L.,
C' sILA *

w a :" "D

." .-4t& 5.P!
., .- -,+o ,, :.,.'.- ... ,,.. : ... v-"77-,1.
..+ -. ,, ., + + .. .,..: ,. ,.. .,-.,=,, j -,, .; ;. -+ ; +. :. :..: + -. F.
...... ..... .. + + : : ., .,++ .. + .++; ++ ..UP+:



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U -. *;_. : --"' l t.- t oL tnd to sm.,h the O l-S' Bras ti nan& W
41: waa MIlg3 hce cR9p oza uni the 1141 tin- onclude, NOagu COsralina tat., In C B
rahke o- one on t he nt:
A.,....s 4I sh ..m WIGS C 7or t. aog --.r. Y
ONt ,At-JPGLs 4 The c e satermt ol all gamt m 6e at y PN OR pet. 10 (Up 5

AGy Wb k a i0 of. h ...

ODU nT c teaM last night a ot Ralei g, YC. rla-D zk S
...._ ..atta ,.. .| .. ., p .. .. dd 1 th in -eeting t 1 the om Ir dpla tbee"k ot-aD oU

hcflh e AlDos..of th el Olmw 14 ad .Rm -Ro u Ue Mobr i 99-C l rot of a tough Penn S t'ate ln -

the t. ai ---. f steo vthood tw rence o onr 1 ath ae lso -t.rate 25ar In twrdag, --. 1 ..t g.r
4 Q wfirrte neleSlxfmoewBen l.aJA.lkl(_9ft, the league tea d e ato nearbm CNe l Hikrltel Ba 8 Pr.a nc. ..-W i
t a m ane 10 i aten r .in lu s to S ah hIa i ~ M d'
,d e G.rcdnTo Jfiveld hec h l oin yit on IW eW

1c.. egat^,,Indl.ns ._: nt heeeated lre four !et-ul" rat hin. Th..e T.ash ..eels hist monthly tournament, o
At-k 'a--the Tahels w a-ae .- 'e _l n Ut ahsh. coo on' Mpe 0eent o hersyou an ee-o# -

rsUagebl -,ob Tflftl tuur3 le, Oof th W a.e ym ic Stadium fo i s o o e Tatatetl h l lufrrtlo N ated k lvedr1

te 7irrd 3Sctorn phin year mand at hthe Alconde- 17 op3g
-i. U ooe nd, S te. G r Sotamnd fr wl ove he n, a _aia baettlea .u in onalel uketban league t Con, arene A AWD C. Burus L RobinsoG .. P .
'itPoi t vrs BCW. i anl -e. the sstaes of the tadevaonc Tpeed las et niaht uy lng .

rM 1i v e iBt.c lThe cob f -d ee raw o em o" gram /-o rlnt mee.tGIdntwr at Crlwotto- oneG d a brew Ula e. Their le e 35 8"cn & "w-,
veotedoto er ahmaers teum r o-er f Ron-, *bal .btwIeen the'lboa High relod glst oear" was a re Inko ouldqut, P.

fuaamu'we b$ Sn o -' ." tand dCarente wlurn bter ic ool five and the rejuvenated 5-hB. e -re Danie
0ectch- much for the wil h flying C

se tasebat histoy, was adee Sodai_ _es first win -e ove r the T .C tb. i e phau .Lkng, aTed Tnoher ee -i D. mo a nt ly tou rname
% n b.. w -and yre o y eN Ina th e coaetis ngwi th hoe nme M h oaten, thinly so ts e nde T o
Walp q Tqo sof aao ytniouoacegeghedH ld fro histle t u Numberi

jion lB seBbonn.* heleethe Jumlprpllege et tex in teIt was thegue sreond Atleanti
s- nesqt" per s m m _ou_ _nOf amokt tall"twoport mnte zon t wlpg at Cnisto- toat Mo ui r. Thir,-rsa. g ng a 'r:35 -h

I Ihp, s io. M In ad a .theba.Hg h r Mc-., lotrd ay eren h yeare- red-i ,n :oa o ,d" M' N... s s

te s tor hit cddatc a setsga y n fr pfrher i nhe tuh fre-lg the landtth hre jue dro T npinS h f ag t ads one hie A ih oad haln tC ateck failed t st a new dfon tAC p o .ct0o

re^Ups rf 4 f lvet haek firatpe ethi san te afte r c he dul aId relpe. the cent meeti n gwi the some sthoti il d ispa Irne talli ed t rum er 10
la c thtrd towan t onsk nod n d C, J line e. foul were drot ped made it alise. aP. ring, L. t-
fp in t4gs t if pt thed Gen t e The. JNsse Arnelq Gard the h oson

1 'HTlw. here na l m the wtt ... p o "a forts to gadi pollegs ion of the .esdond eln Aa uthert 3t 1 a r,
1 SMO ila ne M ge he w s _o no time ram. enera ad on woth one dl. basketball drew onl an announce erowd K. Purdy, M. Hutchsl BO Di
-0 I sotn at, ptche r- i vn u thn last Ind thored ef s .n aedi ohw vlortounwofagl. .5, ,yee to thenig gir ..

b o ,t Yaoanoan b,,omko A for ad h .i n, 78-e8, .ha.- the BL toe ,
P eeda omiar i. le. A F.8 wa5. ter Iing pl itc er schedule ina aat thenn C on e il c e, t o el id ve Pi si de e Di- ate flid s e. Aor t allied Numbe r 10

ON~ adVie A so'ysa tookoer"in the o d1 ignh ratedMgeruel (.PdoIRoa-ernsinW- oiths uni e pteai from the ou l 2 oint bot Pn Sate nevp r .. .

in zp p S S S avereep in conn dred one onsk_ heigt sad fhd b d ina teco nd match ae 817 fouls we dropped foo de it eu. I. Caoote A. preib of
a1 d p rs ena teir. we b l t h y a tr ,.. leadinBabheHa2kto b,..T plh g" 1 ... th Jce ..rd-e d ir k Te M adi si o ane is on tae L0 cenu,. Jo h nslo
S rM 0 1 The jwase mae here a "me 'ok 4 ad tie inoy- h lord al Two forouh nd welet o acu p ossessithonPofithe kaaonoenedlas
Mo ri "a .n td.. a o n a .. ,..Sn .. ithe Garden .24. .aral.. .. o R.d
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Osoriolp 0 0 0 0 whneoueath hilt S d\ toaeep rs otha t s e nan fle 'aw s.

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re a d. C him dowor haet midload, cutdDin:a bw htra % int three Green an Jews, h-nen1e. e sam
L ho ftga: vuI -i o. 'aao t t thevrhserr arI Inthese si
0 2 gamws b tr ,ot 0#

6d t g-b .0" -h I T 0'Yfo d lahtu- Wn camed i th an the tAimer psro gessed sem h- m
bow II Wnclude dG W third w n a thr ea e bas on t of g at et "o .-:n s c ,w ash thri g
'_- 1 .aes Sd 3 bils for, thor heselac btsixinnian gs u pf lnt "AIcIgid cotrlie
hitse baut haid Ydef .nsl e woi rkt.e seventh wa s 'Rn o ras shnouw r in' a h s ta foE .incl h oit F 2 i 1
l .oa cn Nt1o ano 1thd a e r wasgan elvowebcing F ther s mokrseW ith .on out.ia os u h trh .aidRbrs Tho
9e r d ori tsh -* toh thuo S ce6si1e sigl 'tye Pablo sern ard, full haaed -t
LOUb I t.$g, 4 I- ba-st edws sya iree t k Naraf on w th0 a t in g Carl r .orl5 but two hia binson 4 it Toe _o e hea il f the foul .20 p but I i i
s 0 0 a picitSching t d ik, i le iushed thoe o ro unok ed t~e Apps N 'b '"y Cl.a I i 1 iike a s ot reh
e e o 000 M 010-1.6 2 e mr. a w ay. fou Yas out tryin togt Tto third W hip. Graham played h is four b pro-

E.- -ed oplt fo with o Fowls sin on' line thro h nc e oseba nl they paa-i de
thepas saso. b p n t h c o t he ame en C guess s nd he .
Os. a lb` 4 0 st ill n sated on e- : bal an. notst rikes onthe victoriou. to tc and tip thi h to
nuwe .fied m idof aled even irelief v R b rt to bat for R N- Yne es thermairst dpnefe a of the
4- b: .... ed in firo tls y e t n remnnd Samy MAG, 2 o.
baees: 's ..ns tinStinuc ut him- em as a R0rets i
0The Y e r cm th e t ly g a s we ra l th rd aorev the ,-
:5, t heWes "- Ito ------ Y ; .- t. B oh H- gmed b an fv i wit the fans. After open
t. '- 6 h et e mou ndJac af. wih Ar f secoo bollena ti at s 0 Y- ofkT .t IIaAIii
7 10 UD. E FI GR N,~I l (-UP--Y. AtlerLut s l moovede t thr tuamcnh t w in this sa n 's

si.n. -...t.s. e berv d a e o ro- .o l ar, flied to cntr much too oar f or suc p de m te t o o le I I I G I I w

aF Z r-c t over his.uner ea at t es.ea

-b ". selectsltehe Ms VseredtOe O-the t weol I la bee I in s I ie Ln Cl

tically all of tbh aples planed, ksl 6 gfot russco
are in the beat- Mo to deter- dIy. dTy Thin. "
' -.Ww. who W h*- thi hon- SeJ cking'Ne-.. A mn' lo
Sil I fl n hope Thedemand is for

S-a roil edE C0Ld
-. .. ., .i a i t error In ete r O'., Ca m : 0-

-. At t and- -- -

|:tat0 x a p a

.. ... .... .. ...

t. :

* .. a..*
-- : ; -if "
- -,,.74,Ji_: + -

4. p.

- --

-~-;, .r.


' ^,' : ", ": ". "
,,.f > .,, .. .o. U i... ...- .: .
,-% -*,:, ,. ik,. .- .{_ .. % .::

I ,.'-. ; '
' -...i. '

.~ --I
I. -

V aL.: 1- -- .-- ---

e Make Or Break Year For TheAuo ibry

qrd And Chevrolet Hook Up In Wild Sales Race...And Chrysder Fights Fo CBback
hf .t,. ,ma.r a w,aa n tff nthe bot I

y- 0 .

.,,'. 'ETROIT, (NEA),- With practically all of the 1955i
models cars unveiled, the gigantic automobile industry has
eiteted its most crucial post-war year.
TUe ferocious competition now developing stuns even
*esoned motor city executives. Chief interest centers on
pw *wild race between Ford and Chevrolet for top sales
*~2g.. question is whether
Chrysler has come up with
elbough "hot stuff" this year to
trive and rebuild its shaky
dealer organization.
,.Antomobile executives agree
that the most significant fact
tv emerge from the first weeks
oieaw-model sales is interest in
h1her-priced cars.
SOkBrysler reports big early
Djoge sales as its most suroria-
ing development, Ford claims
tremendous interest in its fancy
new Fairline series. Studebaker
snys its biggest backlog is devel-
6ping for Its plush, new presi-
dent line.
"The average customer is most
interested in beautiful styling
and more power this year." re-
p orts General Motors President
arlow H. Curtice.
"'The American consumer has
crossed the tracks in his needs
and taste and will continue to
demand superior cars," says L.
W. mead, Ford sales boss.
Smead estimates totg1 passen-
ser. car sales of 5.5 million this REASON TO SMJLE: Harlow
Year while Curtice puts it at 5.8 Curtice, General Motors.head,
Iqkllon. predictss L& ;million car sales
.,;,. this year.
Interest in more expensive cars
11t!tet no cuts in prices this
year. And another favorable in- thusiasm two dark clouds loom
ftar. to the manufacturers Is on the automobile horizon. An
the t of one auto executive auto market analyst says:
that per ceit of th buyers "W'hen the effects of Chrysler's
are g cash for the new car. $16 million promotion on its new
In pte of this oficial en- models and the hoopla of the

purity Exchange at Paducah, .
Commfeslon ruled today that op- Daniel Jamns, Dixan's at-
Il of the controversial torney, olbjected to, Volpe's
ste contract have the questions abbat ear negot
i "to dig Infto preliminary ins ono grounds they were
ro1 lions th led to the relevantnt.'
privt power p But the fie-man SEC 'upheld
Josnph Voipe Jr., attorney for Volpe's contention that they
about 3 f public power avoes were necessary terne how
promptly eie on the decisontcn the plan started. "how it moved.
. a opportunity to cross-exa- along to i' present posture and
mine at length Edgar IL Dixon, where it may be leadln."' I
t'eshl nt of Middle outh Utlli- In reply 'to Volpe's questions.
ibe, ., one of the partners of Dixon said there never was any
rs ixon-Tates plan. officials consideration of havingra
- I"i'over the obMttons of the project handled by Electric;
If qtto-u.-amuedloneDlx Energy, Inc., which already is,
ro m p lce u ln we to the ABC.
on lnformatiOn EC eri-
n a,.--.--a .In. of dle Souj- is one of tive eom'r-
9B '4. .-en oS _wawes p .iattni in ectric
t bet'otf Middle t So O INt .
SouthernCo., t. T 0 V V asked Dixon why he felt
In the"deal. peued" to let the Southern
.lUa tWiotedta tt asio partpte inthe pot.

tract n r nin the p roj
Uates Je Ln ion rplethat Southern
I*efjl mreYane .. wlc expressed willingness to take
Cog than, t. a one-ift interest and "I was
ityopa n a dalpghted to have them as a
en_... ..t when V partner." Prior -to this, he said,
er him and ata onf ew Eus e ee Yates, president.
3rpane S oth 0uther rather casually."
*St a n- ; -- t a -plan-'--,'"* .'
'domLme heahe& ex-, A rt.;u
- to place dr- Autheoities GiVe .
an SEC 1a16 g *on .-..
loans to 'ia45 Felloagl Outl ws
d i in a sauwdiary, ".'g'f ... I
Valley tn A t" .
would Ub Und night
i wet p aTUNIS- Tunrisia. Dec. 10e tract between -French.aAA Tunisian autori-
at the Atmic tRea threaetned open war'day
c 4Snlessqn, thq. on FellwAha Nationsa:bt- mO
Souldfeed power towho refuse to lay dowt,;arms
es Valley Authority ad sur.Sder by. mi4nigh, at
to replacee, eo.tricity was offelasy announced.

oU er ma ers wear uo zi*, w -
tom should drop out of the'mar-
More. frightening than this
prospect to auto moguls, how-
ever, is the CIO Auto Workers'
announcement that they will go
all-out for their long-sought
guaranteed annual wage, a term
which turns auto makers pale
with fear.
The smart money I betting
Stat the issue will be pus up to
Ford first. Ford, challenging
Chevrolet's production capacity
for the first time this year on
the '55 models has more to loso
from a major strike than GM,
it's believed. Ford's contract is
up in June, shortly after the an-
niversary of GM's labor pact,
Meantime, for its tremendous
prestige value, Ford. and Chivvy
are in a vicious fight to end up
1954 with most sales. At -the end
of nine months last official
tally the race was incredibly
close with Chevvy ahead by a
scant 168 units. There had been
1,033,727 Fords and 1,033,895
Chevvys registered.
Ford will work 26 days during
December to try to produce a
record 140,000 cars.
By the end of the year the
Chrysler line is expected to
claim about 12 per cent of total
passenger. car sales. That's a
shaky position compared to the
20 per cent of the market which
it formerly commanded.

"The Plymouth is an appeal-
ing car but can it cut'lint Ford
and Chevvy sales?" is pie key
question posed by. a veteraa-ats-
tomotive writer. He. also, tot
out that Chrysler.a tock q- ed
the day its new cars were w.
For and OM officiAls sieee-
ly hope Chrysler can weather
their devastating competition.
But neither firm dares let up.
This year GM will end with a-
bout 50.4 of the total market.
"And we plan to have about the
same percentage next year,"
Curtice says.
Talk of anti-trust action a-
gainst GM for having this lice
of the business has GM officials
ia little, nervous but they cant
relax againt Chyseir aSd 33ti
keep pressure on Ford. por. Is
also involved- In the Department
of Justice anti-trust probe. But
Ford has no Intention of letting
up on Its sales effort for Chrya.
ler's benefit, If it could.
Studebaker-Packard at gouth
Spend. Ind., Is'confident of hold-
n Its four pw cent ofthe mar-
_e. But the killing Ford-Vhevvy
race has revived talk of further
Me ws rawt Hudson-Namh and
iposa inclusion of major
firm producIn somethin other
than automobiles.
Kajer-Wlys is coming out
wily new passenger cars but is
shifting emphasis to comlnercial
four-wheel-diwe vehicles, in-
cluding a new Jeep line.
Plans- are -al under way to
shift -inuch Of '3liner's machine-
tole to At.ntgtla -for ear pro-
duction there., "
Next: A year for caution buy-

- -,- -V.

S. -. -**
; @ 'i -,

,q :':4j"'. .
*'-' ,ilfl- I-f,"l
k: *b<.....'
ra,; s-

#* wb ,

S-, -0-
The 1955 line of automobiles which have hit
dealers' showrooms with an all-tine spladi have
touched off a grim battle for supremacy ---and stir-
vival in the iwtion's automotive inis .ry.
In this first of three articles, NEfA' Douglas
Larsen takes you behind the bright facade of deal-
ers slogans ad *ads and gives youa p 'lk .at the
tooth-and.-nmoll title going on witbalAe e eti'ustry.

s -------- -

WIu ThIS- JA IT-Officials of thei U s6 ard
Corporation hopefully look over thte S Bt State
line. B. S. Vanle, left, and James J. MansduS As, ipect
the car which mst sell-or further tIa abs place.

Ex- War-Wrifer Bartholomew

Chosen To Head Un ite JPress

NEW YORK; Dec. 10 (UP) -
Aniouncement was made today
of -the election of Frank H. Bar-
thotomnew as president and gen-
eral manager o4 the United Press
succeeding Hugh Ballle who be.
comes chairman of the board.
The change will be effective
April 6, 1955, whiah'is the twen-
tieth anniversary of Baillie be-
comipg president of the .U.P.

"I feel that with Frank Bar-
tholomew at the helm the United
Press will be-in the best possible
hands," BaUlle said. "He and I
have been friends and associates
for 33 years.
"Bartholomew has been a vice
president of the United Press in
change of the Pacific area since
1938, a director since 1949, and
first vice president since last
Autust. His territory bps Inclu4-
ed the Pacific Coast states, H3
wall, Mexico, Central America,
Alaska, Australia and New Zea-
land, and a tour of duty in New
"During the war and subse-
quently Bartholomew covered
frontline action in New Guinea,
Okinawa, .the Philippines, the
Aleutians and Korea. He was the
IS correspondent out of Shan-
ghai before the city was capture.
ed by the'Communists in 1949.
His most recent trip to a
warfroat was in Indochina last
BEfore 'becoming manager of
the Pacifi Area, Bartholomew
was U.P.' bureau manager in
Portland, Ore.; Los Angeles,
Bartiwlomew joined the United
Press F'ebruary 12,1931.
Balse's United Press career
began Ia June, 1915. He has been
bureau-maager in Los Angeles,
FL'nd(re., Washington n
New York, and worked in th
San Francisco and Chicago bu-
reausn as a staff correspondent.
He was general news manager of
.the United Press and thereafter
became .general business man-
ager, and executive vice pres-
idebt and, 'general manager in
1930 IO HhM been president since
April 0, 135. -
During the war Baillie was a
corresponde. In North Africa,
Sicily, Germzny. Japan and Chli-
na. Be was with the American
forces in Korea in 1950- whon
they were cornered in the Taegu



S' hep- b.. "u*-y is Abram Lincoln.
" l at $people "w ahe+.. ,rut and -hl couna. tr -ie9" Abraham Lncoln.

-- --- ~ I -.- I

PANAMA, R. P., fLbAY, DECMUWl 1954



_ __BY CHA,


HU.^ ^ ^^^ .--. lL


* 3

perimeter ad aeeonpanied Gen.
Douglas MacArthur to .eoul aft-
er the Inchon landing,
In the first year qf Balle's
presidency te .United Press
became the first major news
agency toqperve news to radio
After the war, which had
wiped out practically all the U.-
P.'s business in Asia and Europe,
these divisions were rebuilt un-
der, hIl direction.
Since 193, -when Balllle be-
eame president, the -number of
Clients served direct by the U.P.
' has increased from 1,360 to 4,353,
In addition to hundreds of news-
apers and radio stations served
through other news agencies. In
195 United Press launched a
worldwide neweplcture operation
and at the same time acquired
Acme newspictures and Planet
News, Ltd. n -the gain of 2,993
directly served clients, 1953 are
In the United States, 1040 over-

At the end qf World War II,
Saillie intersewed Geseral
MacArthur and Emngerer Hireo-
white In Toatr and Genelalis-
sime h i a n g Kal-shekin
Chungking. Shortly thereafter
bhe inutriewed Stalin by cable
from London.
In leading the fight for Inter-
national .freedom of the news,
BaIll.-was a consultant to the
United States delegation at the
United Nations Conference on
Freedom f Information at Oen-
eva in 193.
Before nMd war he Interviewed
Hitler ant Mussolini. In his in-
terview with Chancellor Franz
Von PaPeN, Hitler's 'immediate
predecessor; Von Papen an-
Inoune0 that Germany was go-
In to violate the Treaty of Ver-
sailles and occupy the Rhine-
land. Germany, Von Papen said,
intended to "regain its place in
the sun."

West European Union

Plan Pases FrN

Stage In France
p Ml, Dec. 10 (UP) The
Powerful National Assembly
orelgn Affairs Comamittee ap-
proved the Western European
Union by only a single vote
t y in a haltinng atep townrds
It final ratlflcatn by France.
. it was the closest shav yet
for/the vital agreement on Ger-
man rearmament but. politi-
e1an, still predicted I would
pasa .thtwhcle auqptly before
Cthrstmas. Five flower* of
iek. JC' 1*tts Be daule plump-
Ad their votes solidly against it
in 'the. Committee.
The Committee took' time nut
to vote fromn a hot debate by
the whole Assembly o troubled
North Africa w ich headed for
T- Infldee showdown late to.
nitorI "the gvermnmt', of
leafr '.Pleae fikane.
The North african vte Is the
last big obstacle for "Mr.
tane" tiefoae the 'l show.
debate t on M Western
Assmbly. on 6wth

Hemingway, Taking Ho
". ,O "; P^

Says Try

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 10 (UP) -
The SWedish Academy presented
e 94 Nobel Prize for Literature
to Ernest Hemingway as. a
powerful believer that "main. an
be destroyed but not defeated."
Fow. other Americans and, two
Gr aMs collected .the three re-
m ng Nobel Prizes awarded thii
lInus Paulijg of Pasadena,
Calif., .received the the m i story
prize and the medical awatd went
ointly to a three-man Ameripla
Polio research team-Doctors Joh
ELnders and Thomas H. Wt11r
of Boston, and Frederick C. "-X
bins of Cleveland, 0. .
German professors Max Bonm
and Walther Bothe shaqd -' e
physics e.
&mlngway Js cae of 'ihe-swift.
l neauthors from fte "
recognize asR stumuilawga4tay
ontkeliteraryolzoa,"!sagI iDr.
Andera -Oestcrlu -rmamnt sec-
ret y of the WdIsish:Academ,
eIai, d. a;, ;
bn~a, ejyteal
s, #,tyial.and, .

lu .e with the Nobel- Preie's re-
quirements for works of an. ideal
tendency," Oesterlinge said.
But Bewjgway's newest book,.
"The ol M-M s The.. Sea'
a class comparable wb ef-
vile'8 "Mqby Dick," Osterleng
Within the frame of a sports
tale a moving perapectiveof', man's
destiny is opened up-It i -a tri-
bute' to the fighting spirit, which
doesn't give in, even if -the
material gain is nil, the moxa
victory -n the midst of a 'feat."
Oesterling summed up with He-
mingway's own words: "-'B ut
man is not made fof 'defeat. A
man can be destroyed- but no de-
feated.' "
"This year's Nobel ,Prie for
Literature has therefore been a-.
warded to one' of the great authors
of our time, one of those Chb, hon-
estly and undauntedly,- urodces
genuine features in the'bard count-
enance of the age," Oestrl.1 n g
said. .
Hen igwpy, Iwho Is spled
to be an e*x2over, MeCeB e
pre with l6wstoqse 1paent
Meat Writtirl e a aomy Wle."
The' author wrote a gt*faa' and
humble acceptance statement for
American Ambassodor Jean' Moors
Cabot to read at the -Nobdl ..ban-
quet. King Gustaf. oAd of Swe-
den haded: the Ambassadr"Hem-
ingway's award in a a -ia 'cere-
mony this 'aftrncon. Cbi te-
presented Hemlngwpy. becie the
author could 'not leave 'C u b a,

5~ 7FC

To Do Impossb'
whert be is recuperatig from .'-
plane crash juries, .. .
He Y mess Sm to
Sbit olm this mol '.ws n We i 'D
Sble ioy itsam i, wsnL
said it kan K Way: I s r w
"Raving no faplHty tr speech.
making and commandof tors I'
ar. any domination'of rhe fo, I rit
wish t. thank the administrator -
of the-generosity of Alred Novel A foreraw
.br thit. e. with a on
S"No writer who knows the great Zone
Wtrs- who did. niot crev the wjns
P ira can -acept it othel a wlt bag-o
bumljity.-There Is nA neqt tW list o?
these writers. Everyone h. e pis ofi--- je. l
Ymake his own ist ace ola edAn.:&6!d
i, .andnhos ac .

tt nvt b t -

ly,.isc l flhatc;j:- n-l


at itsltsW -,at .aN
l izatlons of wilts1 p
late the writers loeUlkeu bt
doubt if they improve ting. i
ows .In publIo stge ture- as
aeds his loneliness a.d often J
work dqthrlorates. For le does 1
work qI.e- and if he is a good
ough writer he must face eternit
or the lack of it, each day.
"F'or: a true wdter e-acI
book 094dMbe a n weg.Iw tn
whete he tries again fr ewe
thing that Is beyond attabawuM
He should alftys try for sos
thing that has never been dc
or that others have tried 'and ht
ed. Then sometimes, -*ith gre
luck, he will succetd.
"How simple the waiting of
terature would be if it were on
necessary to write, in another wi
what has. been el writtqn. It
because e s.le1t gre
writers in the past that a "writer
driven far out past Where he ci
go, out to where no one- eat be
hi m .
"I have spoken too long for
writer. A writer, should write- wh
he has to Isay .00 4 speak j
Again I 'thk .'u.* -
"Signed: Ernst Hemingway.'1

Balboa We
0SAtU5. AY, I C"" l 1
4:05 a.. 10:53 a3

a44 e.m. p$4 p.m.


, ,rt;-, wh -b b e

oUet artic ler .h '
4% thief and .AapptSeSr'.
, oe w 0,enten1
three feusin t:e

p. tathat dWo, and also
St.m anm for vi
..1", .. ... .
,t ,A ..!W, l;.isAttorney iLo

hI ad ourt.I t lb

nat 'r a.f the agp
r *a 4 mtat 266i .M f thlAi
1 the3 'eo m.-

too suiteao-

was "high a.
crime. 1


* a-

i .e -

f\ *"a

t4 ;s~s~e

- x
~ 41 '

'I'- -~ -
-' .-- '- -

-t -v


. .; -

:~ I' '


'I-. -

.: .. :

.' .v

. -

I'- 1-j *

... -L ,

-- .- ~..~.. .~ ~.







' F *


0 ..,