The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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V"... _i'sv, Jo U P. POWER INC...
'r- S N.- AOIaiN AvW. NIW YORK. f7) N. Y.

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HifMA-IL 9

Th M eil Is an open fewm for sirms e Tie Paamse Amricen.
Iqlde sm l itved i*lsfly Edd ire hadlAed In wholly confnldtial
.. t fle( k! de '.t be hleu 8f It I. doesn't. appear the
try t oIa k ieep heine s Iumbd tom e leUkh.
Sfy eo loe whiras Im held I thWesW amfldean .
, 'ew nMpep des -M O .e uesiblWty for utaomtm aoplaloea
ein la Ile. freM s-ed.s .


Second and Third Streets in Curundu, down in the "district),
a the noisaet streets in the world, including Calldonia.
Second street for its loud radios and parties, both in Spanish
d English, yelHngt kids by the hundreds, one or two ham sta-
One that have their volume on full blast and you can hear the
nversatlons 400 yards away. I know you ham stations are go-
it to save us when the atom bombs alt, and all the Army sta-
ons are wiped out, but how about*a little less volume.
Third Street is strictly for the doas, hundreds of them, bark-
g9 all night right under their owners windows. The packs of
lice dogs and Great Danes that used to roam this area ap-
rently have been broken up, but now we have little ones by
e hundreds. Must be everybody on this street is from $iB hills
The MP's only lauth when you call them about the nole, and
course nobody bother to call the Curundu Housing Office.
e only ones they will lIsten to are the residents with certain
tal standing, members of the Civic Council, swimming pool
ecutives, etc.
If anyone wants to know how well Curundu is run, all they
avre to do is to pit. around the Curundu Clubhouse and keep
Ir eyes open. You will see things that will startle you. Jut
It once.



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Anyone having still earlier verx
sions of this same Jpe illet is
invited to contribte, It will. roba-
bly develop that the" crack was
first uttered about Julius Caesar,
by Brutus.
Air Force .Seeretiry- Harold E.
Talbot gives this deftn ltion of
"peaceful coexist.ece."
You exist if yau'ri too touph to
tackle. You perish if you're weak
and unready.
Bulgarian refugees from com-
munism, reporting to the Free- Eu.
rope Ccmmittee in New York, say
they have been receiving letters
from their homeland, urging them
to return. One refugee recently
got a letter from his wife, still in
Bulgaria, saying that she had re-
S been visited by Red offl.

"They told me to tell yop thdt
In case of your return, they would
pardon you" she wrote.
She left the decision up to her
husband, and she made this ex-
tremely .clear in her letter. Then
she sIgaileantly added:

"Interesg j'things have been
happening here. Ivan, Boris and
Georgi have been arrested and
%suenf t to 18kQ years in prison.
They muit have eommiftmd a
crime against the State."
The United Nations headquar-
ters in New York has been getting
far more wear and tear than had
originally been estimated, accord-
ing to its Director of General Serv-
ices David B. Vaughan.
He explains this is due to the
eare number of visitors the guid.
4tdl s;d .*t ev oef
I ta s L ur-
niturq and eqpment to wear out
t: to te ames faster than had
SUN91ias just had to
appropriate $170;000 to replace
Worn-out fixtures.
.... ., .,-** --
Departcetat Defense es
*havi a pt.fgh fight to P itCI
post exchangIn and comm rnes
or service peonnel. Most of the
opposition homess from local mer-
cants nier milary bases. They
object to.. the. competition and the
cut prices which armed service
stores can. furnish, because they
don't have to pay taxes, rent, or
show a profit,
On the r hand, Defense De*
apartment off s-maintain that
these fringe bef ar neessa-
[ytokeep the oow, uniform-

au .ls to o
tatiloe te to removing
govern l 'iton with pri-
vte s why aren't all
the retail outlets

Se 'hisl argument be-
cometr T al of the Nat
tional -oods Associa-
tion to Air Foce

tel allM wanted with
or i or rape
0 lecret- TylbTo" wrote back
it many Air Foreonfficers and
ted men carried and
family ,it they were
ed to J good things as
other people in America.

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"Mueum Mania"

54 .s
as 1 15"I

i Ip 0,i-M

The Americtn Museum of Nat- guests before bedtie, and was is some connection between over.,
ural History has been, a admonished to j etertaimem of th youngW and
place of great tion for me, "Halo, evvyr, ,he sang. the wave of rest ness that h T
both .as a chlid .i ai dult, "Dat's aI s'a,' 1 saId, when pali offtia wild thtill-seeking
with Its caves .of mounted ani. somebody ske ma e name of, som, de8a0uene t past
mals and the M etic Akiletons of the song. "To- AhAdr wiv.". .certaly if a' hid is allow c-o s
dinosaurs and Mammoths -. its I do not low t wvi are not stant, acess to the sandy hp
groups of primitis its ancient building a deupw dene there ia connetion between that
weapons, its olOctal displays on clned etaa'ptWo t tsa th e jckllaohe that fl lows.
and its study t vens, chicksdespite thit l onclina. Wis not the ulty aof e enter .
This ta also tle. case with action O bharas &1 earid to. e Ittament that -uencermn me, be
friend of mine, tto recently sped the TV as a weOa nd a reward, lause kids have always thrived on
his dagters ff ta afte on'ts The wholesale deotin of the ver. violence, whether they got it fr
visit to the museum. He lit his e l4 s t
e apd weit o-asxpetautl rfor a iaSgeti s i r o as t
Bght t tedr fro*- sthe kids ftwele alo the privilege of young md version t.oa w
uts. He upsetwoor three d eatreb every which he dm- vt''rfe .tei
about tb4 reach lao dry te '-"'- .-' di" trrail-^ eatl M
wThf Wip l.n, he sayI, reallhie .. ariht youth h, t.- .-A
aaiad Wt> let ZZ

SknoW wht you meWw comment
this afternoon the n?"- g
"'Bones,' the eldest girl said tion ev in immense In county sletie must b drh
and lunged tor the T( again. i tqe iat in such i -s books, m en ut-o e to ,
beats the hell out of me," the a and b 4 merly theM
father moans. "It's l9*e going to i e as to gt ithe w
ee the Acropolsl annd saing tt a .- me to wasVt.. .
all you saw was roctks." ,havioo; t' ery talk d
Thii TV 'afliction ofa he oung the suP i t e
was borne out again at a nr a rckss Ma e c- ad em frds1 I3 ',ad oS
the other iht when th baby d ce in out, mn movi pr"v TV in an tp pivir l th
cf a fri wcame in to meet the Ipcanot hete. thansteady-et,

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orter who wabsoU
hat itasetit,

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"Kind p goinip tf a *"-j

edm. .. .
a se Again er et
*-.wap,^ -i- i:

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.--: .. r f ( .
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,..13 _.? .

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Ss P. A. LAS

attdp ," or
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V .4 -.
&:4e: :;~.;'.Jt.;.~4ddt4~4 ...;1


were some ancient
stor told in this Sl
about Aneuria Devia
Snet DBevin of-t
bour party. Accord
ry, relayed from La
associate argued. t
was really his own
Ernie Bevin had co
ly: "Not while I'm
Old tlmbrs In W&i
that tis same stox
the easy days ofat
The Ite Sen. "Coti
of South Carolina wi
have made the crael
dent Franklin D. R


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tesey 4s
:. .. .s"arg.. m a

4 eclm, itd e have
at. a 'ye -"dI.

~-of m azesb m ul ma e manual
Il aettractive athrk lar- d ll ai s blmeat aX_
MUed6~oW Nal aDa or-l ft!n Atloan f
by ouemuda 1ih le pa material

@I- .,,STERI

S of tbe malla'wE hC
oney be&

ae ne. k. dsd PSI owloil hv ,
0ee W by outmoded atpled C

StL 1ZW auresearement is a
.tonlredaa10 Ios;Ieeat p e s t

: ''" .. .'":'.. .. ..'t +"'+ BAR E' E~ N"":A N
+i B elRECT C,

h -t at "- tknlss~?O~s truof terap toeu,
femianiee O tme te Distributor
sham been padt Is. us.
moeli a ppiea US tC e OuDsit Of P6*al Baco rn at'hwte si fomanulwl o e u wn W.,wr mw
deutd prtzy .andet "wiers. ,bseWniUD A Jueta Aromemens Ave.
ttbugittm'.Tel. 2-1913
perfumeWs willthbedA6

.- --dnn
a"-ot"e STER]

3. 'Y ip ortanti

of te .w b

lslX~tWill have ftin-
.lly :'mi; uuo ,e a part o 4

bdl MIA-40-, L .l

.,~~~~~~i .o011 21.a ...... .vares once@ IRVING
NOT. 7b Oft' caie is d-eaeve iml-s*abed off ad p t le -otan. eaily. :ni ntk'0u "'F, &C
,ts--- pm* b 30*. A "R ,vu-.SEE YOUR .......
pbe doter And"of-a-a. J1 .usrsm.. 1 utoAo mnaAe
640ftj. 0 l _it ca b .ra -.i on n.wm ,. _._ e-',, .
MW C010101440,..,.._. +u_,.,. .w. ,,ofjt. rritorial..2-91
.ljl~~t. l WO ]J.On .... uI a tZw 9 *,06:1l--,.;,I,.,l~l.l'kne "
1 +TO -,. A-br 0 4 tm .*.. ,."'1 O Bo 240..

- A.' L :. "- *' "


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aaana anaaa an nn n A a

D* R
d % J i g%. : : -. o .. -... ..-
,.or ..,^ #,"p'rim r J

W liSW SETS$13
fiv CLUBrgreT8

__ o____._ IN NEW-YORK ,rV
0" FREE PARKING JAt ST-& CO.amd SACKS 5th Avem a
m, .. ". sP, ....
,--.- iIN PANAMA
SIC Iat419 d. EWr
*gur whattNgo mf. "This beautiful new fashion Ii s h.en
vidtifanM.. in 1111m----6
fn tjeo the "HIT' the 4e psK
ofart. mean. d Ioo4uG.Poo. o No 1 .. ."gi't for mo .and IAdoui rt
? Mathim might able e pVIA 4jPARA No. 1 A si rated6f1. t at t cheese
heruhderstand wbdt Ws about. ttilv
'A .'" ,I- /, + -- -+.. "
;; 0-., .ft

.4 ,, w C- .
IF f '. bm : ..
( v ""- .' ;-.0

+', .|. + :-4
... ..:+ 7..

+, .:y ,. .". .. .L A

_:.* .. ..' ', ^:.

-3f ,.. 0 r maris
**""^ *8" ^ *" .i+ .;. -- .



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-, ~-~' ~.~AL4c:t.. --
-- A 2-4
it 4
MAr' fA~*qmaf~m dA'Pi9Itc~n ~t&~C U

rrrrr'i~w r 'Yc~s;--4~hIUC I ~~ir-11C n~~---

*44 ~ *.. -
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- t~- *a.4~.~*t!?~S1
tA---; flr.~mL*.sak.asww*:utr- *c~r

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O', "0--. A .,,, 7
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= = I =

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+ -? i' ^- SEH


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V -...:'~"t'4"""~-' .*'W ".~n-"-.'
-- S-*OJt ~1..A-n~.E~t6-rJw

1 Baseball tool M
4 GoUers'
9 Snow
enthusiast's 2



.:Mor acp -a poutical

I s how Tbe sow will be d thi
better arti _lb tl2h er s and in a spir-
irk, too, becau"to f h t of! the .fatherland the
piant-gadgets at Cli- govern, nd Comrade Stalin
Mo e wyt have." pers Ual ofMy d'wn experience
's eoecuaa with sell- o the
ar lef h tiiesM R of b shd ol ffil

oly succeM i, .ws. comp"et senenss -ad that
.- I w .ept carryto -ow
-?. 'the lcWN t pa0 and, go^1




.Pr AN, .

2 Gets up 48 k of the
) 24 Pronoup. *ible
2Tooww 4the .4 Greek letter
Ssgeltered side 44eforn explorer
M-Cmd"i iled "The
)27 rlBihtet- c edid"
28 Car, (coll.) 44lnseqt
29 Encduter 47Sloepart in
31 fasteled n onpera
33 Perfume 4-lMade vocal
S3 Imagnine uside
40 Smooth Doctrine

4' ~~, Y~'.. -i
MU 1 .-W q- -i .' -r,4-~fu 64

p 7

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12 Ea 4
13 Site of TaO
would have loved Mahal5 w vi
Sa cleanliving 14 Orient r ub1
Fortune. Take 15 Strong drink 7 bb
amou we will assume l OPertming to

Jauaythey 20 Pittances cabb
w hich tb ats Ash T e 21e Hearing organ 10
bIa btes such TV1 22 Ireland tO
Sa as a Smith" and "Ori- 24 Injury I'Ar-
eant Express," plus feature-length 26 0 Group of lte
'.- arn"1 three 7 Serti
hin s year. 27 Seed, ai
V. Xir they're starting a nai iLhol er aks 2A7 -d i er.- ,
game cisd- TV Tic.- ac.Toe, 30 Sir Galahad's
ich will be conducted in more mother
k' idf cities and will have prizes Christmas items since Dickens' "A 32 of Liberty
$1t 00t,000. j a Christmas Carol" seems even bet- football play
sold man er seem like ter on record. Might make agoo 34 ip again -
m ghift -d .It's yla Thenoas" "A h Cid's 3a landed r
." '. aChristmas JAn Wales,". and -Cao 2 a d-..-.
Rbeoar Q. Lewis' remark about mon includes it on a record of 5 properW t
Sbppe id to him at a aD Thomas reading his own works. 36 Watch, a a
e: It should serve as a good introduc- game
walked in at the beginning tion to Tbhopase, tire poet- mday 2 Mrs. Osi
hr cture& and the middle of an- people beleve t as, the. qr'reantes i20 11m .
Other. ,t e 20th Centu-ry hta cpoagerd. hitter's pwo
'.into -Wame
Once-upon a time, a few years Plaslat Jan August, who has blt plate
ago, ftere was a boy laying foot- of ime between ei hth-otes as 40 Used for
l OPre od, too. Ordinarily .sPares plays these: 41 Damage
t. y w d d n up.W with the "Mamlel$'-'"Tbe Cat. om Den- 42 White poplar
boy, oing, o e tllea makn. lo -uaa Fkrk;1 e d atli t-ers'- 45 Female
1te AAe cai team.. "C0a7l. 0 ", .Cit "Kng advisers R "
Lear' -- iTheMa ,ne; 4Te 40 Lines of
"-But it didn't happen that way. Winters Tale" "Cool, Cool;' longitude
Our hero quit the team so he could "Romeo and Jullet-."Crasy Mi 51 Historical
go hel and i aten -to the radio. ed-Up Kids.' 5 le
"That'l all I.ever wanted to do, e s t, ear
be on radio." says Paul Diozen, who How aioen "Much Ado About 53--"The
1ow conducts TV's best disc jockey Nothlng"'--"Reas Gone." Man" Musial
over the DuMont network.
I a'sed to, eat, sleep and Iream Vera Zorina has two sons, aged
aIe.luitthe footballhteamjust, and 5%. They're not interested I
e 1 could study the ahnmuncers' i dancing, and Mommy says she's
techniques. just as glad. But they do like to
watch her perform, jand she let UN
T rTOPPERS them come see her dance and aeti
TO..... in "On Your Toes." The only re- G
JA PAAE (".'The Morning action came from the older boy, Gr.
Show'3 S-TVY Thalt was shrewd who said, simply, "I didn't know
thinking eu-Horace Greeley's part Mommy was so funny.' .
sayl ...west. ge-
be a esstad made a fortune, .*i. .0 ,Wi.

e .Andre? I a 5 s :" .*.A

R d,, ,, S.yE. Off icer

It aa 6d RrCOPAN,,

vat White Fleet


St Arrives
........... ... ci. 10. *
.......... :... :.. .. t. .Dec. 11 '
..... ........ ... ... ....... 1 ,- pD 3
.............. .......... ........ D ec. 25 -

rated Chilled and General Cargo

........... .......... ...De 7
............ ....................... D 12
n"- 12

.s. -- axf n w .................................Dec.
S.S "ABEL A" ......................,......Dec.
s. "Ah-I XM ,.. ............... ... ... .. .
aA' .2...V ,.. A. -.f.'P

'Wely sailngs ofi twelve palit.'i,
York, New Orleans, Los AngeleSan Fraixcs o
". '',4 ,h and Seiftle.' i-


Spiat rAuhd trip fags freii C.istobal to New

T,.^ .. .*.. .. '. .$3(5.

2121AM2.....$2 .
.2.1 .. MA 2".20' k

Sr VA?

Oh, That Os.a '
* ': ,l A. .. .


A Parttne D sappes

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to~.W a


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, ,,=. % : ,-

Helpfmg t ie CCitoer
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ma.CUSN. ItNwjgw.q' 734M 1s
cc.---Ao you INCK i
mmowwes e
$8%@ IW -- -. wf.A.' {- >*--ia _"*t' "f __

I- a f a;WS AH'M9

IT X *4 ft) pN~m
rr z B..apra sa
WLL'&fr CoqIm

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8T9~i. R.

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ath (ab.
d 0
!sO (var.
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AUIT.OOP. : -_
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--^ 1 *I_

-r- *~--** -.- 4
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t* k l d that
r0a*of n d.w
.t.. o td a thona con-
tin about jai:0m
i.matwrge nan Wrtigo and

M___ _. WW loae "F' ee n t er,"
s ane a pe ooa and om-
rna .d.* macammo'mar been eue
board_ a, ntrale" ,"..31W,. .

Ind aianes. In, ton, ban-
s R h-.jt-e l indicated tpr ..the treat- CoviR elepu
en amW e %.nt o naure and vertigo atlm e t
at eaa (.Ufd r tad let sek incest, I
To Menlee'a syndrome and In cere-
I*..'.' or '{ ^ ad,, Q me ,, .
i %o1 W.ch0ra t t- a 1;.k b r a l a r t e r l on a e r u e ler e-l .
ot any a. ....rhm .0Sbembeobus

a a N lhA s ren. w..... ,m, sBi rt hdays

here ...2, U.E. aOSmedh Bi y tsh
la a 'Wt I what sm.. eat, C m,.l.304

w..ksof peace I- ~n etfta. c-at g more od md of-nlnl- z us b et- aI.
isece in one's te to d- I everyone would driP yestqrdy at his Alnola home, U' fhs U so
vowtt hre e sffort. to o'o "lhl'o t t In of need Helsidnki.,a .
and 'otut to the Ipro each day the dary ue rmdarr whev ed.
m..on of om no or the destr* r tea t.re4 Telegrams and letters arrived
is o*theNrs. t h $ Ko prov e from all over the world.-

Wte ChieshbCommunist.r and see fat 4 daywith no 1 oBlebratiohd
orally b tosnete, t rlae a aoto redel n n "h wife an ugtrs were .
,'A L, _fona who were..dp oe4 th. rl. a bts'. i.rmU- Ith htn.
athe ,K Ureaw ar rae the ....

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alw -e laeeCmposrojeald his -dgran
nost.C, V'e if,, -ome;
t I"ee e .-n -.'' ". ..*... hsAiom,
ollewers want to rt a third .
ahrty.tehat In the.r buuln ss0 H .-ov: ....

id e Intndeito hold his adm'-a e!-pse
--k the.

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** .

Our Drawing for Ten $2SW

puesdwi ta plac

Saturday at 6 pa. ;

*. ,:, ... ,':,.; .:. ,,
* .-
.. f
Yo are cordially .
... ,* ., ''.*.;,- .u ., .'- .,
visit w ..wroo m. -. 4.,, .
-. ,. *. .
'*' *'a-' ~

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.$~ 21IA94
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;J 4 .: :"' -'A", ;" -
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Wes. OU oi.l.
URbrCenrs30%days"dwas t und

hoerrC Id As ig t which read i rsm "T't .Ind.,-DO wC.
Oanpsyearn ver, Heland a company and 0 .
ir": to $mm "P" rcx",1ep
VO IrD-a to. BD&ASlivrro o Ant Diet. A
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7 4 -e..... 'eA-.. .
t. -- 1 a
Wall.. .ter .,c, a
mle. l+-"rIM p
wbe who:
,.. m~m ...... +

,*I CIADO s 13trnee CAA ZADO fi Ilti t$I ,*DQSB l _* 1I'..
igiMUe Gui on .nuly Ave & J SL Central t.v. 14 9
r ir1 Arh nmea- m is lred 52 St. n 0 n, .lu

C, i Stpped with sports sedon. A rel bargain. Call dio Theater. Phone 2.3479, efiro t w o nofh cot wit

.., .. 86-3198. Nigh. 3050 Iwith t. chi. House
.ATHON FOR SALE-Due ouRentIrp 1951 PERFECTION PIANO SERVICING by 1u .r Sn-t C *l_ Rd'P_ No _* hu
Sl A~e9 JMercury in d e t acti on. 48 G raduated Thon, ng --.

At r am aud Rothane Street No. 27 Bllo Vi. and general rst cl s ," e9n. PW Iedm conT6 InnkInCO"l FOR SALE a It matr ess s
len conditions Cal l Mes- Ancon. po flares; .r Call Z.. 5 hi gh2 hoir, t- e (

Ifulton the Inch Bubte 1 .00m nd. FOSTM' COTTr ow mile pfst FOR SAL 4r- Thei. nfaer, 60-cya&, t or p ht play at I Uesaas a
GEO.W F.NOVEY1u aT2INC0. 9nd C-e a, "- gS ualbeeo 22091 b Centra2i4.l Ave bpd i- .d nk mou s i

Are-. C Btral san Tel. e 280et No. 867, Mello rn Ave. FOR SALE: er a y 4-door RA f d h on FOR SALE:- A lne $5; l

Which Ar. PfInp~t FOR SALE :-Mo1947A Foid tru. g Cti de- uxe; F 'snoltm wen r t d p nd rof l" beoJ Scnti CIrA Calaphoae boby trainer. gd 2i trt, NO. $aleve of 'tears Or
m." bseenR DItUyD atlon. Sell to highest bidder. a-ems d enc, "v -elan cs, mvo- hos20e ,,h.P i72 r 1O.Pla.e'P17-1 tr.'-_e:.
b e Rt I &. te aih B 1:O ______ 7Tp.Cl rf e 4 .i 0- F me. W7 o t C t ma

T"A & DUNN WALED:--BeutEu 19T C /G -vro-o FOR SedLE-. 10, oquorauntheks ;-'- r F- So nef-T y.^ 3gt-
G I FORISALE: Cheap, 1w96 lH sn lIrehulo ng. SN. C1 2 L. Phone M 3r0a orlg ex change Z -c.e,

Aie. I Ce Ntrl7 STUIO Tels. E-k I 40-SWtH-y867 Old Mortga e.OR ReFNT;- b A -r 52Ce, 4bedroodor d hIoostove in TF it maL be the -od .od CA5..

R SALE9-Mo A Fr d truk.Ca trdnsporetlu n; baby crib with o t- chalet Living roomn dining roomT e excellent ondbtionr Ft.Kob 4203. t Oell who l, ay be a (UP) A n t E r
-e n trPsedron Mllgrul cBr $7 lt. Pl e rch furn3-h0e R M adse .o. T h r S oa 172A e.os p,. 0m4i5n o12 ttmhere pt o. ea

.n m 'OuIC &HOURaS FORSALE:-Bt 195 Che v ro SALE:-Two puppies, .fown col- FOR RENT:-Furin s h Fiorunfurnish. 2670.Co-i Twooden t emet .; *t Pt tr told a mothe p
-AL M* DANC d W Al tDe-Aip r sedan. wga S /wlbag O.AE largle a doars ch tanks 34C-3Va l-aafmtilsesPeoBw ot t t e
milis."Exac tly l i n ew bo0 599-A -520; 1 gr e n nhsrld s. 4ot 1 a.t c 9,- e di b e .
S E II Bayano St. Ancon. Phone 2-2744. r-ilea, onitie o..ue 1M A. -- o ar b 35 to

.'hNOTE CL WAI^IP. P. g back, monay and diCpoAition! Ltonel O S52 meters, $900; 7.0 meter* 8 1 a r onn th go wa
" .n mely t A. 8.L rn t ted on 4x8 table, FOR RENT:-Fro uary 3bed $2.50 per meter; 750 m-ters, $O e tBU ,,, er mo Pw
frT 4 pw.. Penc 's-160 -121ve r 4e 3 N. coditlot la edrooms k t-rage, Va2rd. WANTED.TO UY--r Used Se world B 'C -' -'--.;
t.. ..ntPICNO i Eb Wd6, lie to leas our faoot *d gh
AMERICAN COUPLE wish place Eng- S -4274Tmvepingsd ebyI ,547,darl ,., IQ h .P hone N
lj i a Spanish speaking nia4 -4$1 5 evenintg. Nod FOR R fo ne 2--i.b onrt 45 er W-G aste i TO t O W it ma r e th e o- so l u, f CRA. BK Y.... (. 1 -.W..+.

.1eNo2tl. ,Be. lo Vist a. n e-seS Francs. Ph4 3 3554.F" -O rse o er -u sehs ab
PI I ,-, .osit Offered. rEho 3o,5 .tc '.mo toro"ep tOherSn ter d ro o id sltas sde hr,

Whictonhhapital. erom ciBNohurchea FOnm tENT:p Aportment:!5 rt ting 'Mora acrose ^ liiBeahh Com.tna $100,
FOR.-, OSAILEl___O1Ill; FOR SALE:-Two puppies., fawn ccl- FOR RENT:--Furnislied or unfurnish- 267I0. a.dId msa I tbed hi a

-,a M1Q3WA N Te D f the moEai t o eru to New York's ow two. bedniom sing room, moa mond -nth, w orl d m s
Soniern. S eeTortepicatnot olars c Ij' Popo- S c a 1ne ?F bna Bn
o i I P tod pornto Na 5 ai c l ,I- t re t fro o l P- "
m h,-motor, work benc cthd t~l, was n. Fmnchie& Reasonable

6 z w a. r-l .lan s t er,, C$59.3 MoqrpanltSrCcO eln FOR REINT;,--Furnishe two-budroom Clara V Ir b .' 050 o iS. ._
n led en, tle odf ilynIene o te t i .n res s ctorn. Call .- m
'A, ( r al I7- l3-t1,) '-28 Fr=ln t7a oon Am ontede.s FRSonx -r 4titbl., :Ah r hye a FOR E nr l-d SALE:'-V e t Prqrptera, L r '1 E m NU. m a ". Mu.i
a ia nIi .t.l"" many features, nicely decorated, room house, corla tely furnished per meter; 1 a meters (20x0 tB e
eFordtruckOfdeadye;Have- tear

Pie FORN SILE:-Amic-"------ o En opedia,. FOR RENT ters, $ per m fter. jo, 8th AUGi, w.,sI'. g tJ) pital thu UtIt
.. 4 pm!u1, $ 0 and book treet: 40 pemeterI cdtn--L sgul ty te et d p jnlel g a S"t J'le t; -
l 1 'FOR S*- B BillM f M 19o 4C Fev o- A -Bal Or Howell 16-mm. --; cd h1 hl fi t`Ri Eftl, n i1 Tj 1
let Bel-A.r o U 501O8-lALSof.I oaTf 3Sorg l mn ptto

btenses. Cul r om .t 3 0 EIO.ilesMxt .3 fy e p e n. 0 -rm ,t
dAll .40pnr-de SMer.- tr pa2 a' J
tahome sr nn M.

Ga i .s 0 ".4 'aE_% .,ll c l "._ _otmdn. '.goom.2. --"

Mng IZOh"o 2FO1oWaer4 4 u -d^ Lo w b
Lftei4.., -66.g. ny cqmg%--lk.k ...,.id .WANTED .70 --.Wa .l d... twd o-months

"'s ...... V car mat.__rOPlease aorchkENThaa-bFur nisheddIl e ..-o..,:.+,NTED--W. t lnmich e o-. mtkthe oh -wtoco. '.o
Bt eAnidwo .gas l' s to. rg le TR11 'a11111"11.'" "latSnebruay.*Phith5a.apoeae-cBabo
ledaOURN!.....ti.oanm.ffered.lFp....LE. O pux'lflec3 AnRsR-N. Via hEs house before Juani the 'trus t 267 utoma.d do. .
Write- ffien gsrot h a WUh r tic, dsM.tombstone 'arotodto.l the &lacon ha letd .de anne maeid th1e t.u, C,,;i
Mll yO111a, .pe oftheDmo4t chu"rcba FOR tENT -- ApaIrtment: rt tl n g MaJ .S le tt o i t O UL0It'. In-the--ombnial-' m '.bf-- d
,..,M stao0owa generaloffic sNew.York 's oom, 5t wo bedules o ning room, 'olid toesr.& wo .-on.. ..t.. toet
coorulumirs.nth styiee.omb e friv erate okrgas thStet im.. t
concern. pl kt 'iowith lookobgeASthe1.ofnemathe-_ r n lay near her .....&F -+
to touApOea N. 9,7wasfPo rcdlon ofs a: ,, o. ,+- 1 .... 1til.i1Pa l Bellisare. oAO rjwo n a
chTnn.'-nrewhich oso Iao A..ylat' e.aTof a u n.boolat iivi
4$la o4f4tuH 1-.e, bothn av. 15th -frDrcem.t.hd rw wa--FaR
rd ira 0'lrtly inane of t' t'S t ..-...u. ab -w.s in a e.l-stWi'-9#.-m
VowelaSao, bears RRENT: -- Furn farnihedaprtmntta

" In.. -rad o ..F.S

tb hts rraCalihW.dwo ve
FoRowingw-te se of NEE:-hetorpart t..U fa wo livs .
nantmies held by ate ures, nrtely iro allt parts American Embs sy-,Phone 3-00105 t'e dlsser te 0 tt slay. II

min5ster'ned 1.wirr bee.... a.s h oe.
A tllta those1-a.ereleitdI haf-March,, -r ....A... .

Msio rsr Q=havedn I...O ft f- WAREHOUSE cornerm.
..M--o.ckman-rag ,.a...,,,,,
.tW-S.LdM. on As w RTe,-l ,ifti dTwel fth tet 4 it.

1ho11,;rua. Io.b oWt*- tar atr tn ""rt t, je ,j
an" "rThwns I.t

Li. ..\ L, 4'iZ.[ .; '. -.+ .-... ... ....:"'- :, e,. ... ...;.
J ... ..i. ef 4 ". -. .. M.4.-:..:* I '?
.~iyjl^ "-. '" i. "' -"
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- --

-cL'";t -. ~4.t1,*7 I
-~.-.., V A
F -... -

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with BONA.. .i A.
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't W WALK"
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AT A'wW -'

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Pene eemedian Femandel...
law 0 rl ao the "Pba faemy Numbi One'
0" ;. Iet about ai. cheesNe-o ifLing news-
S' per and magazine photographs1
X ..* I can. get you a job like,tht, I
said ed ierapn
.gg on "Whoa would I advertise?" ask.
logil tha e s e
trs. .told tPreolun 's icy reply
il. a a T -
a ,t ,bl of thn e old W C.e
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WWI # no AW uor UI.a o.nmala
gree-' h from a director 6f flIT-
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iA. .2 ssistants

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ti for Inside or outside.
In the U VA. .rtA&v.lltble ind

4fflt? RD ACENC E$. ,
seo fm JAsttary Women .
48 f*na-. P I

i l, .'1 ;. ', ,. I .

,tu is.toiiorm the public that the -
S* J6tK TIS- Bhnk Nights -

ft.- detIit aftek: the
I .... IHI .... + .. .. .

M-Wr- ^5-'-;1 .) 7
U I- -----_
5 -h .. ,,'.
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1%' ft a re

I e id ide 4d 4'T'was Cold, Roug t

t frustated Boyfriend Jil tM Says After Night On A

S. .-- .--., o PANAMA CITY, Fla., Dec. ed another i .'
"'A I .. 'De P) ln Editor Frbes p- --- (UP)-Seven survivors of a tug mas, mate s iq
pron *i efntet ft-u, sports editor Doh B nn,%le- MEDINA. Tenn. (UP.) A sinking who were able to wal down with the2l
-~u'u97 *g .MoV T.. id plm familiar combination of ancient ashore from a Coast Guard ship The survivors-
A ksrt while t m- phoned ce while Plsk .auto and aged driver to missing after .spe.ding a night on ras a harrowing night-.
a des B t 'rfV f rJ thth o.hol ear. ., rom e streets of M.dina these n the chll'and choppy G ul sea while they
m eto ol ag awild Wes ohnog rl idt or days. Praised their rescuers today. ir bshifnatei
iardka of l a to have north, east and ueth of the city Mrs. Matte Seat.S, recently "It was acld-roughl" said piritla n until they
ou. loarn to er m bot n et parked M d rke deve .ye ofand had to Capt. Asahburn. omp of the were a '
s ut Bi k, 'niS la the. hand. mind about mar me?"' -A or sh pIrohamsed i 108, I s do two minutes mo da y Ca JameG A.A
3rattimeoaba. k t rh When he r edh a td ot, But she said ghe will be back be- night after colliding with i s own mta y,. sipr ef
acit wn dal. -t J 2SS Panket asked er: 'hind the wheel just as aodn as she tow, a sulphur barge. said at b .
-T b- gi ,li._layer In "What have I donleto make has an eye opera$ni.k en .
-o W n eCh play f,, her u e h oe to mak Pree s" r name bre'idnts "My thank to the Coast mlre the wavesfl,
i u oBinap aot. For the: m ia buuldln He te hun a me ', here gave the ear. It has hauled Guard," Thompson added. their m.arhldghto
^Bilpose ydisa i gapla. his r nearly everwne ith this small west. ThcnMonand six seamen sur. "T he y-wre
partners t rump Johnason d U 0_8... h. tblsWal' St-Th ued siseme "Th we
bqr artb Ove1erW ,t.eri + i. N Ie ern Tenibese tcwn to church at vived e ordeal,. Four others there," Also '
. One tt wil ha er .-his w ,eapon, a "22 rwa one time or other. were lost. The Coast Guard cutter a butmber of a
e ash and tb rle, told herto -a o I. Mrs. Sebt has been the church Cartigan kicked .t three mena wouldn't see .thep*.
wi hav ,, e .*l Sire aWlA o.e IOg be .t y organist sinoe dhe ws 1. i rom a, e raft that also bore let of Wbite cspa.
_uch ,a.pone.t hI er l ookit.,(tiIthe i nIV mATy be s .,,+, .. the body of 4 .dead crewman and ,We raire. .
clubs and wich hu diamods, but but except fr the battery, tempQ- another body limbed to the a A to the 4
i the orthodox acit the trump ,. ...r... A irarily run dowp, it's clean as a The steamer Heln L kes rds. back again
its i clockwise or are pan- iss Johnson aid abe had Vlwhistle and in top operating con. cued four other meh and recover- raft."
satsnond-ahn6i-cl-iubm) t tfld nek she would not marty edition .t t. i- ., .'
If a pler .leads .a IofE Ps. De n ( dP 9. on .
own trump .iat nd It each of- "V.t. ol w lWack aid.bjne r Thoaas ,. atley wo rosw r
or follows suit, ihe leader vi talslo,. I evlhn-am, the ealtf my fram sign painting to head Penn. SHOWING A' VQUR SIV
trielg automatlcaly--even 'though l- ,' iet laM she id. him 'vi a's tid argeat city, C. A, NeWS" a T'eIme '
scmebody es may e.bae played ft e y w ht nd miles .a Z1ead guilty ..y. to. a" ,char ... o .i w T WI k
a hiler earof o a fe ait. r example, suppo yur orte and arke near te athof office in a gambling briAL A 6 -
X 1Fpaot ormoti.m, bescandal. AO aroS
1MteM3Tto1. Fo --ri.'--MICONDMON0
who a It wa m load ou bribery charges p a t .ne I
-;yo9 aM- tbe mayor, a Democrat elected in ________
oaZ dThno80s deerredsentedg al o ab rou urnufleu
Lwin that ,tcTe U1" UO 00r ak qne threatened to lkill 1952, were dropped. Judge Elmer I-.
Oher sp80448 d hEvrta r ,Who lies in "' Ev.,, deterred sentencing Flat. e o 1 o IhHlp-
ifyer br ntil Johnsoan. .aaln One of temany good things I
hryoqa -ndiu,, ctte110ahoughThe yw t aon bout a Tteama rubberfoam .wag d, Aln aboutAiSSB1'
n iS and s it ,svery- Induced her not to see wiu 3b o&her persons in connec- mattressa t, contrary to any
3l *! pt t ahin ti.on with accepting bribes from other kind. it never ges out
by the highest card in e tr e bt ot. them w gt an alleged 0-millon dollar a year of shape no matter ho long it t
For tjus m,'t4e e d l the ride She' was nery- gambling ring which was eracked- is used. There is. there ore, no
a ,s ie: 4 eeinin hes 1d daist,- raut uon "her -re- Ot. 16u y finwet. Atty. Damian Mc- need for the housewife to worry i
qween, Ja*k, tab' flIme, and0 5o 5l- -"" *. Laughlin, who accused Flaije of about having the mattresseo U LI u.,. r.wap MAttmaawh
on to deu (lo ), johnson wa ritinK cut- a P e- tl. o Wto a "turned every ao- often. An-r MllAI .ISNS
ZSpse tao e are o em) ple- jI-oa "nwi e nhcto- .- : ,., .. other of those good things .I
deks, there' wilt be'i aIes f how kin pe er photo Flatley atomaticly Icses his that a R-ubatex mattress i ...
herts, Sgr lia of Lrts. and sk ted nwith a title as o ., g to state just as comfortable whether NO'9! "I
a on; 2.;and.Ws that the he *e e for l ntlit perm*ter- placed qg a spring mattress will bg *Mow. e lat*r date.
same card ma be oed twee precsonse eof fOfQi to- old any other kIri of mattress, 6
(Or more) en the asmai trick. id e 'i- e "w oa a bqard. The comfort-
st o first. tob Topping i. There lt.overnment ha -been able. relaxed feelifi n comes fro MA
a n the ri- admil h anr a ctingm or the Rubatx mattress itself --
I r 1 since be 's-tles
"do.e e,000-a-y e -
t ~~ e t, .ad r usedd" m rei's at Agen-l
SyI at yOu I 4Iwi resign under pres- .
t n own trump, t that ,Bobr' T -gd.e" ,mi,",PlatW had said. "I w ill"he Po
w ill .tp atqoloy bes dobod i SK V't get Completelyivo mY. i nnoenc IN t ho1 ama. Also SANTA -
aine's tBea st. When th-tblay oilbbQ rto a- -court of law.. I want to va1da1 a, .a raw
erolows l yourt letd, ow- oak z.isihd the gun at teo my honor and the hoor aCthr ni -..'
ever, he is just followingBlt Isad .WVrop h, we y childtnen, my grandebid reni Advt..l
not tiumpita. --g an. my relatives." r
When yaulead a card, each oth- f .. -i .
erm t follow mt-t it be ". F -[ A
c. NWe annot follow suit, be .-
may discard-or trump, as he pIeas;
es. I he trU wa ,hwmins the trick
--unless6 .i=e dy .else plays a
higher trump. ;


RANEIIF*. a Dpc.
9 (UP) Exaa iser
will .be ck In Gero aqy early
next year and the me nready to
the federal .par r '"

.e, ,rlte e ,I .


MAKs c0rfarms

- .%


y' w""'"- i ;now "hy m'. V
ROIaCtues1t thb ReasoS why Amerlos says

- Wl itM sokt At.the .-Nw 9lm Ep.rlence how Pontiacs'. eirutIg
Pontlec, Ameca said -"It's hIe" Now ball steering and larger, more eMieS
that Bcnd- tnsmand.m hav bdntW OO& 1 o Sdhalpa@& effortless haumig.
driven this spectacularr new, cog, the 'nglmaes a roud you at the woua4ftl
did is str.ngeg-because Pontiac per- roominmsof thall-new bigger, wider,mome
rf @eal" "#an itW -'W M by fisher. And kaa.y,
Comain k illmp how Foi ac' trt ,te. pdiring glances PoS- tl
Sefk V-4 eIgin.-*ith remiarkahil- t ars-absed stdiag attae.
improved eoomy-gives you a trmsn But don't get the idea it's too prib for
donm rM I fwr w far e. y nes. l J your bloo-bsues you can Barg .-.
how Postiac' usg 1244wsh woeelbmas Pontiac aotpriwomner a meAnt
M ,ipspWOr lpbir et 'w &may intew' nC
enjoy a ride ydu vmr oW e a-"s try thewd'sm


C I ,._A

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Yw. Pond ae Dem

if- -~

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-- "- "- au
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S -a.-- 1.. .
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-.-- / ----, -. CLON

- .-- 1 -,11 ; '. I

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----CI i-__

" L I~rl .... ... .. '.


* &*- ?

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~.- rS



- Yr*p"w~ws .w *j. i-4 'n* t -.1 14 **T, ... .

tp~and frie,

. ,-"; 4.i.,

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B,134, g4$ I I,

A J I ~ f. aw ..&.. Pa.... 2-0o740,2.-o0 741 ..Spod &a. lo ..

.. ... I -

Graduation festivities of two big military schools for the
ipg of Latin American and United States personnel of the
nattealI guards and air forces are lighting the
illfe at Albrook Air Force Base and Ft. ulG' k.
Following the presentation of diplomas at the US Air Force
iS.hSl for Latin Americans this morning by MaJ. Gen. Reuben
H.ood a reception was held at the Non-Commissioned Offl-
Club, at Albrooeek AFi.
-Tomorroy afternoon's celebration will be at the United
S t Army Caribbean School, Ft. Gulick, where the Comn-
N tnding General, Ms). Gen. lionel C. MeGarr will give the
fadaton address and present diplomas to 316 Latin Ameri-
an and 102 United States students.
After the ceremony, graduates and guests will attend re-
S etions at the Ft. Gulick Officers and Non-Commissioned
; Officers Clubs.

be off soon for Mexico And Cali
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mactr
accompanied by their dught
Mrs. Sarah Vest, and granddaugi_
ter Rebecoa, the Atlantip, tl
left Tuesday for Floridat
to their new home in Weal
Beach. Prior to their departure
they enjoyed dinner as g ae d
Mr. ana -Mrs. D. C. Sasso, Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Middlemass and
Mr. and Mrs. 8. 0. Puller.
Mrs. Perkins Entertains
Mrs. A. H. B. Perkins enter-
taided at the British Consulate in
Colon yesterday with a bridge and
canasta party for some twenty

-, .. '... ,:,
W 'l". F ,'
,'. -.. .,..h ,. +
1 ". 410

ass -"VA


- ..l

a-~** a

S, the
nwSx and i.t world f*de implica. A
tn. large
Eligible guests wig be welcome. Fels
Tleppnes reaeritis sho u I d er,
be tade wi-th Mr. John Litton. aki.
Balboa S3, Jaci
R. I
Lt. SIbiua'm ee Arm
SLt. e- sAF, has LCd
arrived an 6S -t'ltwd, to Bair
spend 4heo /li -it 1ll par. Geri
eats, Mr M. L. Simpson Joh
of Las Cumbres. McG

ldf Eftdrtalw .
Mr. M Mrs. Stacy Kidd.n.
tertained Tuesday evening at their
r Bazs Brk home' honor of a
group of visitors fro :Chle, Den-
mark andfthe United States.


&Tir. r |

ie were 4 j

;, Roseqas

r lnie,- lj
abers of the
lee Saindu
dI .MIM I-Ml'

The Dil
was calle

*"_-- > _Wife t loannouncel
eVior's Wife a supper for some 45 guests at El De Castros Celebrate AcWting Mlsyr Col' auld beF
irtalns Visitors fanam last evening. 35th Anniversary Mrs. Mred ua, wife Theater S
eirs. John S. Seybold was host. -- The Lionel De Castro residence of e A Meaylse f Colon, was ing at 6
jq.Jgf ecenin; at a small dinner Despedidas in Colon was the scen of a ta the guest of honor at a no-host Explorer
tE it tt he (Governois House Tne Italaian Ambassador to ly gathering on Monday even I ng luncheon held on. Misy at the or would
im"lbtoa Heights in honor of Panama ana baronesss nosset Des- when Mr. and Mrs. Do Castro ob *4:5 Club" in Colon. Thursday,
Mongressman and Mrs Samuel N. andre were hosts on Tuesday eve- served the 35th anniversary of -- view for
Friedel and Mr. Kenneth J. Bous. nmg at a farewell amnner at t he their marriage. Bridge Wibers be held
.ut of the Senate Appropia- Emoassy residence in honorof The winners of the bridge gam- Cam p
na Committee. VenezueSan Ambassauor and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Quick s played each M day evening man MA)
n iquanea Mrs Castro Gomee.z Elertaln for Ambassador at Tivoli Guest Hoau were: first od plans
Mr. and Mrs. Castro G omez Mr. and Mrs. James Quick of Dr. R. F. Holdren Wh Col C. the setl
,.4101 Governor Elect, were also honored at a cocktail Beulls Vista entertaJled at a small W. Kou"; soand, Mr. Dom'itch to be heK
Entertainparty given by Mr. and Mrs. En- dinner last eveningJh ofU- with Mr. Rebl-bir 'Ad. Ml ins g at 9
io Ar Enlect of Florida and que Linares. united States Ambassador a Mr Ann Alnuttith M. F. Getma:rfirst Arc
lrs. roy Collins, who wIthw Selden Chapin. Other gues wereS and fourth, Mr. ad Mrs. R open to C
thplr tyotaive been honored at, Miss Cecilia Heurtematte was ho8ICol. and Mrs. Willis. Lord, Mr. Glickenhaus. 0era. TheOP
'n r of affairs during their tess recently for a tea honoring and Mrs. James Townsen a,n d p.m. with
vtisit .the Isthmus, were hosts at Mrs. Olga A. de Aleman who will Mr. and Mrsn. Raymond Rose. 1Star Of pethlad m ell, Marshdli
DAR WIyold.- The lsthbmlan cOuancil nycwile
unchot Saturay of the Sta of em order, Cenriceil
Da he a a o Amr n 7 o'clock in the Elks Wall. Co on. Ft. Gi
'Daughters of the American Revolu=- ""_9......"__,_T" FGukla
-orn Cas-- tion, will bolda business,mIeeting of the.
r Her .. on Ch st sand Christmas luncheon on Satr- (For more ciety ew, lee visited
L a; ,!, i- B e' the Fern Room of The TI- tuM to i 9) they ha
ill b a u l yoUGuest House. The meeting wi l troop of
.... yostart at U, o'clock sharp, to be fol- WAT.RVLLE, Pa. (UP)- -
Slowed bia -. l e lunb on at i noon. What's in, a. name? Not much ac- RobertI
a hyofUanv Guest t aker the luncheon coming to members of this oqm- of V.F.W.
will be i araCaler. of the muntwh c oenf experiencedd that they
i A.. 4a f l t2aI p.8. af t Serv!ce, who 4Atb mgs- W s4hortage sorship of
sasua cup S I e Pubo Officer at the wiftro was t th Pack 6. t
Embassy States. He r w rat BulIl^ ur present
i wi talk on work ln Pa- heavy r ofal .. resentati

,. ', -w &e ir ,n

tS*- -Y

laD ,




R. B.

UM W. 1-, -w
strict committee meeting
ed to orfer ..y Young.
neat .anmA M oedl
d that tihe out of Honor
-ou Cu Ce rae on y
eld athe Coco Solo
laturdoy ,b II s, tart.
90 P.Um A that the
bai an e of Hon-
be held at Guidck,
Dec. Ak 0lard re.
T a- Eagle wi
i and Aetfe 'chair
or W. F.: GOrad report-
Swere prfsSing for
id %andul but-o-rama
Id At Gatn:J AM. 8 start-
a.m. This I, be the
ubs, 3cotsM cl xplor-
parado wilS aV at 1:30
Mai. Robert Harlem as
and the closing eremo-
art 4t 2 ppm.
,eommisl oaer W. R.
tied that kt units were
Ms cie. Troop s
k, rpa tathte hea
lob as Boy Scouts had
eir meting and that
agreed :to for a
Colombian, Sew

lea. t

rv Te mTo


s e : C .

t -~Tt

ttr o r av


A maw for toepe aa

a.m.n the C.ureh o P .f S' ary pats o
- w ave_

CM21 AGE COuP U nt. ,then '. lin H Sa
no.vmwcr,.. Bt .-(tP).A made.. -
crlbtager, Joe Itl&, aith to, kow m. t
a fare h of avea a to and aM or
wA ,t two f ia teed aash a b
hands In xonrta. A DrownYo. aS adt"
Univeity etat llan said the m oncetmed, l h.
chan being dealt a perfect hood ermn Opieace a
cribbage hads in .t. as the epenent of istie
r J W acta


It I



Beautiful and Varied CUSHIONS
S, "" 6 select from. .
ST7e except your Christmas Saving
OPEN 1t4.9 P.M.
.: *. -ji .. _

5rwRfl1un(Kt 4
62. .


Powder and foundation in-one I
Flattering! More delicate'than heavy make-up.
Clings longer than plain powder.
Easy! Smooths on with its puff in 5 seconds!
Perfect to carry in your handbag.
No wet sponge! No greasy fingers!
No silly powder

=T" "'+ .". "--- .... .
LONDOWCDee. 9 (UP) -
current stands trading
llte as. much trade as
sible but in non-stateg
omit 0

The Angel see

with mirror, puff and you choice blue-and-gold box
of 7 heavenly Angel Face shide
For yew "flD tlced i hOewiFst "LW1o




, ~ K.. -
rdI.L .A


The ORIGINAL Foam Rubber Mattress and Pillow


r S. ^*A

" 'ti -'' '" ..
-,,. "9.556.d: fro'. :4 .. .




, ,

PIlipjine Rattan Furniture
'. CM Admirable


Jii W'iI

i. -

t ..- .



Li1 4'


!0lto "tdlnu1w:

.n....^ _-.,

he,; n.t_.. i -'. .-* .




-a; *

.1' a'".-
C --.

;. -,.'.."





----- -- ;

I II I I -- -



, r

. ,.-. -, :~ .Z
..- : -.. .-'+..

A ,

J-i % WW -W

;,:*- .- : .- -. ..
I .- ...-:.

. '. .. : -i

WrW wr'
J *-- -,
.. "PUgS

tue ft-'~"WD'a-
adeaSittvi'fmnblnn. dAte


0.'.)- "; t",:^ ... .-.
SiU-s- ".:*- ,.. : _'f *..-~i ,^.t -
- .. ,, :* ** .,' .- ,-,'A, ^ -
(' *" A --' _4G" ,
: ') ." "'- "* "; '" *'' i

....^..... '.,,i_
'- ~" '!"ot9 ," .. '' *"*
~ ~ ; *i., -*- z,' -.

: ', : r .. .
*'' ... ... ., ../ ..-'
,' .' ...l : l .**

"-' O
: .I .-.'
*^~~ ~ ....^ '
.-'.- f / .-(-' ....

16 Tlvoli Ave.
.KN UNT'lL 9

wart w* 9n 111tw" so.r
..... .. ____, : ,,b... ..etin aa.. u i uq q e
-- :,


r 7te o e
Sba collection of. .ra
4 t:s5")4k'.rr' : .-''ua',. mo .t .a.I ,o

siia ri t aep of his Ts MI

7-f' lun n, displ s dhrouhu the orl her*
l"S.tan at XWOd0 .b ato +T E
o f,! :H R -. .. ........... ... '. r ".

veslc. agai.dpL a .9. .1twriih*h. jr
S t ber "" "a,, shIad F "

it mrumiina xuiai

-# a, e-
,oN I n dre7 e eo t den., [brtM


tumidf' 4 te vsui in ever
mee "i Cdaft .,
,,, .. ._ .00 .
ft',o. A ..

1 |
]WSJ# Idao t

)Nath th! av nd SIM os~hIATGN
ter: Afte Octio*

#A%& most simla tort mohrs ik

exsr ,tb B#i~~ IWw~ win i A.-.
t.o'.edI %-W.G AM Lef ', hiih t aX~ aefO

UN 1024acr U40GN
At to MoSelai milk
k s 1 0 r a ow w t w *
l .- ji "0, Ira to Pr t c ..-.. k
4"IM1L,,,. -" .r MO
....~W ... ,

ons ot f 69 b _s .UN mod a .tsl irto otesmik
:". ".,.- .-' .'. s : e._ '~llli .._1x. _.Irof t prtec yor b by :/

* -

<-,.-- ', ,







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.- '. .. .. ." *"" -: .
u t t ..*. M aiw..
-. So. a ...., ....
-.."-t: ..v..w e .
".0 l) s= '


4.-* 'f.

'. A :'>-




A 1 -. ,. o -
,~. AM.i




Waaftmn !!er. siut an d nly a or- what ye 'flhtW1 w! t-i-
Comws d' b d, eut a~ Aay S'. -:"..i s i. ,w-r BUep 31 a.e .p
.i'lS'MbrbaNutfh word.. pe.hes .....a .....w
m. d t ', iW-"ow-bhh q You' s"
*'*^^^ll~t^^_ ^^^NA

* : .


IS ,t
55W6 I

(Alttations completed than r obeg, patit .

Sassortment of all prices with' many unusual and e4uctio

ERICAN FLYER omplelte asMrtSMet o a r
"i. m ..pmnltaf, TIhe Itrain m ..a
"=~li. ( : ;i::i: ,. .

. o..AkU..nt&PBCT%6-S:A. :,
SHOBBIES: Items ad no yet tou "' .4..
* DECORINS UNUSUAL ITEMS of quality thAt ca to v

* .' f-4

41. "... ....S S.
APPLIANrS OF LTYP: Mixers, (way types)
Hair flty Table' T ae .xllK-bt ;q
Lowest .Eic yetIst iMty ".
SEWIMO MACHINES: Al the trimmiN gs :-
C EMAN LANTERNS & STVES for yorF cttl:y ot ,,;
Bath rares of Faller s larsl* 1e Fht
(Half what you spentuhe/her brush "tIad ff -iprl
ELECTROLUX GLEAEiWg: Send 4 ka lotg
... -4easyto. ..
Houhd sizes
'-. .tII to so ad:. -.

, .. .. ..-..- t :

Pas f vbit rhfl I
,O ..l

* '- :' I' 44:"
r- ii
- -- .


* am

"C ,


p .. A ~4
)js:~'. 4


, ; --. ,^"

S '.- .^



* I.


S i- "f '

*.': *.. .'-t;-." *
*k -:* .

2 A A?.: .iA'A~%

. "_E_.



i,.= .....






IF r is s

L, r -'. .fir=A; '.


~As i

At U
a. a; -


.5 1

Sjors' Mas

N v .W YORK, Dl 9, ( -UP)- M i Ie play. W.
minerieague club s foutdOsmit of r plas
today as top besball offtla edal for.
ue at the oncluiop of the manr leagueeiw" d"gs .*. W:g,
" Fero Will have .ri to... 0
OwIth avM ad- u, o so
V In a .IW .td .
contracts i, the l D
an. 15 11 t ofM. reem IrmAt
minor b want- tor of
tWfro Wn and re- iestima the pew ag1e9me
salon" of territory, woul4 coAt hi. teaM V
for improved work- yN but q4; Wbem
aguers, however, be- TheminglagwPlax Gn. 4
that selir otionu in yes- amen & the n o""
!x ala on n ot th lforbi N B. p4'
a btsup. m or- teams to b

i ma splal f vdoWn V em e- j4 i. 4 >

S H the a tion selm when btl 0 90
or am* dlabs' InSub. rreh* Ill74O0
t tj a e- T IrI JL toe I meM j
-oAe]ind. 0the10
tier 1L ,.P tared ,'t. raao2t 3
of the down, he, 00 2
"aft A. "y -s.

z 21d 1 1


Ae. u .
.' r .. ,: c. '. ... *: (2'

pR' a





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'.11 ~.4'P 4'
I' ~ I
:: #s4o~wr#~

--. F-
, '.y t .i


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iak Jleto,

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$4. ;44j,
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at t '. iret

poalt victory

t htiped the
bda t. Ted
.b Col

I. .... ,.-;

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-'Zi. ". q4-
7_ ^'F --'"

A tr *',.. o /
e- .,.

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4 7



,.'*. T ,.' .?.



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^i. *j, ?
*>*. :>' ->

~w$. ~*
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* S. c: S

I a~Pd

Wit. sobbltKf polnt


I .


SI .

o OkIFaces ;
,~' ". i : ." -', *

18, Br14wns F -
-- *.. T .".' '


3~aa -. in


streka by
I4i ClevT
a Naticnal
hich pro o so

I- "i

vf214 r~au
'n. M. d*A*

,' I

hay w





vet f i; P grpt-d *O,
J a y'- rp m "' A.


.un Clu
G. n, CIOK


~.Wag Mt

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F -
-i-^ I


.: 1. -jc..9

/- -

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Ai~ r

.~a- a.

~- k ~


"si ""ns O" d t A o;'k"+

to eat! 4l-1oi Ay At F t. Am T:
ted t.. Am e c n o, .,., .*. .,,B ..,
n When Sam and Bella pewack ),Bud Pare ("
n afer mleal. to wrote My Three Angel" th (Al
efd i en t o" had the Idea tht I
n an ap- group and all kinds of ama- d stage

reident Eisaenhwer's re- However they probably had o
S-asig g.ed a .pec1al Idea that it would be presented apent an 6ht
SI commeipa ti the in nch a place the Isthmus a .tep mnt
"anverryt the Pri- of Panama by, a group of U.S.W The play t l
neseemh ee the UN. Naval Officers Wives to res ued stand
a Assembly outlining the funds for charitable activities
iifor-peace plan. It covered among indigent and needy Pans-t thUe so
taken under the program amanians.l nigkt Tin are
g te 'io 12 mth. Howeverthing else they aould valuable at a
never have anticipated, w'a
SPresident' told a newer'sc that an American businessan
',%dj. s pe Diamondea that It wo the part (or
*telmmerptateint In oiich a plaee asn th Isthmus amee

i ofieals the car th role ofb. Pa'f a tide U pi.n-
spaith ore011 n .tr aillfn fo y #M

|_ ",1 sebee belo thie matm,. oans toafe ,ie tohe part (o
funds for charitable active s u

U 12 mone thrk earried the ar ao Dind
7 Presidenttold-&a news con- rhapart arAneicumsinepan ew

ocrnanta a ea teritaly toatherer as meby the nasn ive of
-constructiveonealthoughe Walteri nd ha

Bob DowaI o was cofutair for
on fell a gort of same exs.a-ctivr ha fte woal, be

tnsiheldaIo theo utset.ThecaDcon

4fl a erat cariies the an an roe
:tht o It a s tpht who Wsing a tme 1;
or beg too1 adopt at figures .

90, th Diamondt akes tot eparto a(oe
..WI as el rsita esy Cse Ptb the part t 6Diamond) as
S terlthat "the ducks take Herb, Diamond
Ja. i the United States' tr ll s
il .severance in this c ezt oarne y
thtSovethat Cummings 14Fort' rno

in dith9Russia-n Wiet Cmh-i, msavery thm-
be. W Me t I taL apt.7-.ea.T
that3ue Z *lfpotoeL-beol
ot WaS l en -tthe "likeothe0. l

t Russiamay Apartrom mumblingafew wing
.. m materialsbar Une&o mi.ssPac &gave a.tote at, r

.'(DuUO -:.. ,,.

; + + +++F

4LmP3m: m'rm

i e d hde swa th d l, "If Mr.
h M., sugestihUon

t" -i ^ re. ,h^ a'. ito to Mr. At-,
colleague. gB.
re o .a pa ill visit to
reac *wal S f ear. F
e e a jf oMOte name .
e aF Saend a
..t Amerth ican nh

S- hureh- as

R ~us- alt
"w. .ch the 1
Sthe dilo
At mpA-..
bow.,.-" d [sent." t
g e -

AhI Fcrce Ba
fe ,oof CWO L.
I" u.a. Natlo
i s before,I
*J-ia part i"
Ojage. The flia
rep u b 11
ar~eaave back&

Igi stefed tb the

lot l
e, wt a -es

'. 1 el I ,


* ~-~*-~' .~,*.:t
.9 .j.
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1' ~
~ a

* *. *~' .:?4
"A I

l e
!-:- *V

- r

!While tl
with. only
Jlor .niminf

,- Mfals

SL. ,.


Is tPbe ,t

'*: '!C


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