The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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(tiP) -
In Arms

,IRGUON, Capt. Cb Iab* Berry adanlng-
11o victim frm Ecudor to be brought
An iron lunelwanwn to Quio yea-
~ back ^ie eht, :iidhrlea A. Seyfried,
ian who .'wa .l.CkEwith p6l1o. Today
1 and cdO"li'ite t be Jn "&ood condl-
ir Command on.wws Initiated as a
S-by nba-" m n Ecuador to
--M.(.OU f or e ot
A(U. SgMLAlt Force Photo)
-^ S ^^

ek' CapL C les Ber-
on b eanngum
Se of good-wW
.Isom the VUS.
9 if this kps UP.
i ,t -rgon, who
ry on bls second po-
itlos. .~ilAedm from E-
his mnthJi was amazed
p" whSl the Albrool 0-47'
n wa at twie al-
rdeitgn of tat-h

= weHas a fp-
riadorUi Bi- Co. m-

0s04 where his condition' to-
.diay tacTjid~ "good/'.
" Ob"w .S~-Md thts moving.
ta HwaSwivery maooth trip,
a e operation." However
tht mnB..wk wilives he h elh4I

ave to


ca" down to IA .te
Altew ide xwano"
emisions M'T pc:tt-r
L-. .;'' *' i I

after I he Paris A-r
er te himself to
German re-
l will be to

e4vfi lib.i4 th0 country,"
at a lundh.
lby ... or forel new#-
o e the Weat Br-
1 l qeft rrow.'
Ad o~or he had any
an for xl a Chmncellor
e- i-ye d.hWe~t- Geman
lfle c with a smile
s wed with
ffld treaties
..ap Foreign
w M and te on
b niuptL nenrmaeht
dto m eiasr
er Wi llitww t the upper
r er."
to P r avorlte"
mentl or leader of
hao-hIitlan Dem-

Editors -. rqe
..i Bigg Threat
To Prets Irbeeom

sier It far from ran- WASHIMN* Dc4 (UP)-
S; .. group t. o i~ editor
iak r. oloist, John C.1r chave
who w from meant's teg e
1 0a month ago
BU s *rll t sMA-s
-I'p s are being i ". ..
-_to return to i -th tfie iIn th

A st time that keept u l trate f
ie o l ron1M tavy ."inlaie

.,,theS wo r o a, ni t 1 t
to the
hamas aaal

. 'fteg unity oni the v l
irt lease of the t .

Chma Jockey,

Both fined$25

Os rbut'
of rWeight oft
- would Pers ade t
n- nb action for thb
It Unt Chci" :,
t had sentenced A
16 Jail terms var
I. years to life.
to were fiers captd -
SService for the UJl .
- two wer elvillaas
U.N. has no respo
Lode's statement an
that he 1 powers
U.N. action not only,

Rated s i 1a .
ti.ea captured durIugH
itles and still detaleu
Rfrt_* ".*

A chiva drive and his faten- Lodge said
ger were each fined 5WM te- known the
day in the 'Balboa MUs te's number .of
Court for disturbing pRace lities other
by fighting. the exact a*
An original charge of mmIult here ad
with a deadly weapon .tiat There di
d N aa,
the drivel.. Herbert P. n, blton. todiam
40. was ilmissed, an defa'nr t hb o
har ge ag the defeda t #iewa
imuosed loste"' Ofum
Calixto Gollz a reslde* of
Paraiso, first 6ompline I at _1 _
Simpon tried to ht B
piece of steel rod oil thefPO t
a result of an pnwmiat wplr -
had abont bs fM da Ae.
The men iad ato gort eel ,
vious occiiaS aus- S
el SimpSon oftakIng l 1- in whI
lar bill for a fivel-eent aInd I
refu a, to ve O n im him tis It cho6st
change. This trbcton 9; rimuom a
veloped on. the In -

th both Atepped

ike nuI

ler Plerre
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.... m" f m m .A 4tm" P' & .. .. abor f
"Kip IN 19sw se
PatI* o x 1 I4, PANAiA. ft. oF P. Apd
O PA NAMA s-0740 (5 LlE>sI
SAV. NEW YORK. t CIT) l. ,y .... -. -
1.7t 2.5

:.50 1300 By:* VIcroR a7 t
1 ^'-,^ !m -s s .oo
LIhave a tiponajobwh obsA

#nMm m n AA OWN COLUMN pay off in a fe _v
the worst pair of ulcerIs I cn.
The job hasn't beentWed r so.
L B. I report-it as a vaeamo *2
anti-cme czar to cleans p the
4 "-m* nation's waterfronts. Whoever ets
S The w#i x is a o pe tm eem feo sadt of The Panama Asmbeenar. it will be working. for Capt. il
"teo are received grstefully and .e or s in wholly semfidentll Bradley, oresiden of the later-
national Wgshftqmen's Ama.,
Iaf i r b doesn't ppear e the tumu tuous d"en t ud pn
.,L e cpdb% eer ttom o altr i h e E pprst o 1saround whlch.has s 1wir tb U.,
y-y I he of Sitl eto ema T u arth. of crime cn the capte*1 t.
So WIN" s in trioatfhef .nmidfase. Capt. Bradley is rae e-
Snw w_ atss .uI mil t for statement as pinions inl* a Judge Kenisaw Mobttain
?. i lr m ea reer so blLandis to wipe *sandal 0,m
#tu .. ,00,00-a-year racket anI
o tion of robber barons off thek a
Stion's docks, just as the white.
TO CUSTOMERS OF SEARS haired jurist kept the mobs lam
Getting to first b se in baseball.
The mailbox of the 23rd carried itletter concerning the The captain allegedly is looklqg
an, who, for some time now and until just recently has been for a judge; an oexuit u, .: e -x
a representative in tis.a resfor Sears, Roebuck & Company. prosecutor, or an outs
LaMany of us remember Mr. L. F. l0ud when he was just bor relations expert such as the
signature at the bottom of a letter from the Export Depart- AFL's and CO' s .j partial am-
ent of Sears in Phladelphia. Those of us who remember that pire, David Cold. The captain
also remember that his signature at the bottom of such would, it is said, give him power to
letter assured us of prompt, efficient, satisfactory, handling screen officers and members of
f our mail order shopping problems. With his coming to the ILA.
e Isthmus as the representative of his Company we have
Jo.ed a continuance of that relationship on a personal, The "czar" would set up stand-
e-tofce .level. yards for keeping records elec- iJ.-
The sou a ents expressed by "A Customer" very adequately tion bf officers, and recognition of :
P res the thoughts and feelings o many Sears customers, contracts which, in the paki have
however, they are of no moment d1 long as we make them been violated at a.cost to ai cnc. to ourselves, To be effective in any way whatsoever earned of hundreds. of mildons ao
ey should be made tdGeneral R. E. Wood, President, Sears dollars in lost wages and profits as
uck &Company. Chicago, Illinois. well as pmasbed- skulls.
.,.buck a* Co;mpn, Chicago, .. llinoes. YThe cy nics will say it can't be .,
I have already sent my letter. Will you send yours? e cand w atte s can be
-Bruce G. Sanders, Jr. donear" ava able. But the yies no su
kH M"czar" avj, able. But the cyless
have had many a losing nning, it .
Captain Bradley now Is president __ __ __ __.
To: So Called. Top Hat Curundultes. ef a nion which was purged from
Thi Christmas Season is 'again approaching and again we the AFL on cares a of beg
e reminded that it is a season of thoughtfulness, kindness racket controlled. Th union now m
d goodwill toward n of urse, a season of enter- has a two-year contract wt eh ae Ne
sltin. o it ith this a d t I approach those who can't be reopened for anything i n-. a
rily being 81 t4010 d91to e .P,4*Ut1ls, or other forms of eluding wages. It is responsible for"
oii entertainment to be "remD that it is as much a all "quickie" strikes, which' tan .
eaure to ntetttn asto hbe'- alned. Etiquette teaches cost a million dollars a day.
you must .tt p.t lo 'When you accept n nv- wants to try,
tion,.If ., en4.. tellin then have the good let him. He has already set up a WAHINGTO NEA)-A new all complaints and questions as s era
Yours for- and bIigger ristmas understanding a ma a oe r ra s y divan-
--- '. -ft -bleq-ho sacs with reput, back In Wash apparenty to find fet :th eilt haye to b cI : P" Gefinfy C ou
ors ,.gtday.nightIAstartedint.' aendtheobeumany reviedsi? elw aw as, ,n to,
-t New uttion unified word there Is tUtone Air Force they thout ter woul be. q e. t-oe g inLmtin Am
V.InAthia nud of t 1 a declaredd colonel has are cleaned up But there wa be some cha se
I NivtupV t ILA o.als,i.cluding those 4,000 on the glmqlk. It works submied to oA.says n- p h oday, Latin America
whose te to carry dues like his: dersncetary of the reasury Mar- t aat e -I. oml
and ple te~~M~oiEs in .their The buyer of one of the letters ion B. Folsom. is staff is not far kill by und glass.
must hand the Waler $5 and in his enough alone in its survey to say i
"- ,"Wlnuts union has presence, the buyer must mal $5 how many there mw be. And no Charles Gsssr, commission ra
NIN o-a00 me mb who stand daily t6 the name at the top of an 11- decision has beep masde on heth- er of uF senI t t
ma IY watnt L' arteries car, name list in the.letter. The buyer er recommendations. foor the new Pbh illn I ao .-
4 th-, kroty our ad commercial then adds his own name at the be- chanWes aw be n eathe Presie able to m
-, i- "the union is 4m of the list and crosses off the dets State of en.on Mensae they are ignem d moat. i r 4 dionolder r sas by some name of the eson to whom heat the opening of oa or case atrctot estate
Shi AFL and the hp~ ma ie IaW message el WillV t hwa
Lewisiniper' .Te bX T,& Isbe -b
ta -L~aerL. !' bsP. baisaas:ita low'.tW

ry man S Heed (Fr.)
389 Comparative
I tuft

comednV' Xoau be apaid.buyer's1 naa1-lets to :i1tt"o.p of t I s e M Maa
y rew York politico with w e a i lustV -r. paa toh
tamor ecoections right now Ii also spiated 106 es. en the mate a- ne Ie,.s
tryingut work up a satisfactory money is supposed o roll in. of etheysDe nlbl
deal with ILA pecpe so be can go The new technique has been the y War a.-- .....
Sto the AFL exte council and dreamed up in a effort to over- t aath .na FBI. Director. J. Edgar Hoo ,k maw"..w. ....
say to give them cIh their char- 0IMOee Pepttuent o lta h had somt Dirse words for b
ter. He's working through the jacu ti il ting al. .... a t he called "pseudo liberals" odur wA
Brooklyn district attorney's office. That Is wn Jrn Paul Jeu is his a4dress after receiving the i aso
But if you have to iake book- Postmaster General. Arthur E. suppoged-to have uttered his class Cardina Gibbons aard ato ay Iq to hi ip
bet that the waterfront saga will Summerfield has put our a warn- l ri t: "We've -just begasa to Mr. n sler said they have a pain himt Harry till cariei
end in the lofty offices of John L. ing, however, that since the mon- "beguiled, captivated and pervert- eto In thirty tev.
Lewis United Mine Workers' Un- ey goes through the mail, the J out of the de- ed cause tey have-not ben w he says he's sta u
ion. Captain Bradley has had a scheme violates postal laws. "The ouSDnest, the guamers conseous of the horror, duplicity t alrmansbhip but a
series of meetings with Lewis this amount won if anything," says ats Ii f to have aut- and godlessness of athletic com- ached Al Wheeler, district of
past month. The miners chief, the the P. G. "is dependent on te : munam. umbia entralCommitteehair-
report is, has given the ILA close chaene and therefore it constitutes '".uere* aw s omeon .who "The eager readiness of some Stutrfr ote EtesIr
to $400,00, ndt just the $250,000 a lottery" ,'i g W word." in this group to attack everyone muver's friends at- ew rlan.
frequently estimated. And Cap- t i nad ever la thia to h vote for-Mike DI Wle, brm"qr
tain Bradley wants to go into the While l ate corporation taf At the Vce .PrOe t rts to expe the Communist c administrator, or Jig Dotg
quickly as wl veto pass Another tu char- e markofatrueao or
Lewis and Bradley have talked big tax b i..ut year to clarity -a a4 i l thee L .. .Itdi :m 4,o&.
of launching a national drive for many the revised every comm ever, 's a general
150,00 new memberss--in all ma-code a i year treasury il sets, for -
jor ports from New York to Seattle offlelaa iayIing adl- a tnus, fo tumb own aglst
and along the new St. Lawrence Their tax experts are examinhg Br al Vato alism." athr e' s a al. aMs o'
Waterway. an tretrsa

eareund te rt as far south no r.anc fot
Tae ae o u onmin the

Tere roe R1, u nergaized l ,- _mer
tablation. There are, for example, er Cap m t h
1di hraseertta y dVgta
10,00 nion-donIz clerks on the w s d V tin bk N ew York 4
X6w York docks alone.. is a
Captain Bradley has been swing- o.. i-"

M problem nowTis how rto stay Barba" mfaley'selopineeut fied rcom"st" -A ."OMrrya o.
ii the.ationul Labor Relations wihrdM cGafth o.--o ION%--o j
o(mui falts or mj a tgr4
ballotson e ehe joins the Afth ea ee raCrtoh ow wcj Ofm took so tm s tedlc
a nWls oersh aremin- a ordhe rfath, where CP beNarrbu and how
wiSwncFOas Xt BY
I for boo t ivleges be' bridaegoe J DmE
-rivng eataO how any Broadway.
uaoU n en't compete in a i at ai-
nepraes aMtar.on electon.. 'tr
sdef beintkowleg that te....
utIp o na u-.-W t afidvet alo, r lt ea.a ." a."-,
BunLewit s- that employers y thazidthdoda -?('re
also si7p such statem7 nts In .w b4
er event,-Lewis wil sign, thW ,
tphoremmn will then be ela- t "

ahnod o be driving the ed at the.l.
m op off the waterfront--which no hsii ,icbbl.

hw tra --,- '."'" :- ."...-
of a '- -4 Aira.-A-:

+, ..'.+ ffl
.;; --"'...
.. a-' *,


-C--~ICl~r .


F,:~l kW9

- iA

. .,'- .

,. -. ,

Pt-ctatedb5 prefilaus
er to. proalhmtt

Mr t,*qrrow, lDe4-
- a .. ,- ,
..N ll: a


JuL1UF moe i
W d c e. b.

^ *t Ue Ztnt*.rfl of 6ttda of nitb
S Puerto .Oo6 to avoid d -of
S emi ., I "rt our pabw u
e. .. .,. sd1 .
|. I~ -ran ** E .^" *, i n^* vx
jus. Mil the_____ -* 1L___ _*.



'~r "~ N
- iL

'* -. -.'.. .
-.,*^ .. .. :.-;, .,
*-. ,. *.',: : ", K__ _, ,

' -' ... .I .. ... .. J ....pil

a l.

. DECEMBER 5, 4awld 6
S '

j Ut-wth. da .woS

Mago-1 qe of tlo I Mrthl Baptiis ander ^ :
"l 'h t^ -thtedate thiaauptO S Oti eCI
neqb-eut itJ acurcy was a atte at ScaBe pb
.* eUMd pfiuioLM.oWahoipa
evaop ia.l .The edgest paof as

, -: -

C .'- PLON

,a-. ,

- -- *4~F 4
"A- -' -* rAt fltfl
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_- -* .'-' ^. : :. .

. ." ".
j "' ....
-* & .- >
F "2 : ,;

S. ." .+<'.'V.+ i -,. .:*, +. -; ,,
"'" '" 4" :K:iw *B v "
; ; .( .: ,.M ri..t > -. -...
L". J, S. i-P .
-:-; .K L^rkfAfel^A.L

l,- .' -" i-/-"i -- ^ ', ,,. *.".-;1.. /. .
4~~~~~ ~~~ a ;w O^^^li^l ii u

R~dd .4s *kATL"77 iD
S F 1 4 :t^So. --
..:" '" F* .
;* -y ** -. .* .
": i : +. '+ ?-.

+,'F* *"-..-.. -.*.*
:-,7t %.. ; .K fl -
"1, K; e"
....' ., 4 -i .. ..
*I"," ,*- *.^ ^ *' *JW' .." .W I O-^..

+'+ + i ... +

- =:F

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has -

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~ 4-r~ *- -
*f.F .4.

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fl F

6waP~wvIrP9Pw 'F.
~ 'F-It )F
'b' ~.2
t~FF F a

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.&- *LIAFa

~.A RF&~4
-- 'a-

+~*. ...- T e e .

.-, fo n id.tnA.flower

rHE yearit war made wsaye aof thing. It Utstime and thddai th 0
cange and iIf. t "e' death of monuhis b pe.. of. the mo"-.
D tiweltwo~yeaAjbffe, in 1658,,hd matter WiOded.
robbed the veecoth century of it In -le i.e, hundred ier itfeo
oest and apt oroversii b#twee% n I e tRoleDati; athe
S. :in sp the cond Wadi hu=* orttleldtrWfat to T
sleurned to the thwthe saidd cenWO Awtfst itt

,. Xt.w, at C Role. Mr tr w-ter proof t, ._,
h -ur.h. -e .,. a"l.fl '
}d-Who tol der waht was peti Japes topl6 the to
SA.cumrheavyin), Dat
Sth t. sa'tForfi.4^
,..h-. ,i ae1 -ma, .P OU-i toiM ..-

.uw111lj w w
ssaabe. U!
l.. C? qs ,A
T -- &

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.72- ----


!.t. ft. ,
WW. :,+:" :

;- 4--
*, -@ i ,

-t .
+. -
;+ .. *,;
(SB .:..::
*-.,/, ; .i


--- r F -



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$walk", 4~.
?,... ".

;-." I '. .-I


Ilk I-

"WOt'A Ionly-my dai--he always s ks ths wy n
S....... the morning" ___ .

CaialZone Xmas Program

o Be Broadcast By CBS

. program of Christmas mu-;thq Balboa Theater, with Victor
-from the Canal- Zone, will he LA. Herr, directo- of music St
east over a nation-wide Balboa High School and Oswald
n, network by the Columbia Z. Jarst&d, direatbr of mualc at
castiq u .ytem on De. g29, Crlatobal High School, taking
was anne.ed yesterday at, turny wielding the' baton.
ficias of t., network havel 'We script for. the broadcast.
flet"d the C.a-l 9A0 sdo't.l- V he result of the combined ,
Ui.. "W,,,Cte; exlffOrt ofthe radio station staf-
olan tht -the Ief, i-niltk ,te "I
t is in oduled 5 ,, I 11'1 of representatives of the
,(EST) 1me4-O t follor- t'oola Division. pfc. Earl La-
'. t.fMott'. .. -. rt, a fta announcer for
a .i l did the intrtletion .and
n ."IbooS, h,,_j .otnol rand"
60 ... r&-, r e 4vo r ran.

...i. m flu Ha tm willI be broad d-
.t 6Ip.m.,
.or-","It".-tHe r ~ | tt+ ,.e iltt-ekce "t i ate it toalsol
,..Imversary of 14e opening
atmtIll be broadcast in

'. '.' ... 1 11 "" ".'.lr b al. Lboa J SCh ool band



S,. "FLAMIM 14. "-"
8.8. "XENUTA" .. .
M.V. 'SALAMANCAV ;........ :" ."
s.5. "LOCH ....... .

M.V. DI A L -, ......... ..............
S.S. "AR .. ....s. .
" O N ... .. .

UAs".A-Twm oE of l -If



last **


IIm.6l. -


rqe tL' d
SW : :- ;.,.;, a.
*h1 *-'* _.f- "A i- .' **".* '.' -'


, u are jiy ponsor-
" juntor hunter trang "pro.
1f.o youmg men, an women,
are about to eapb for their
..OtiNg licenses. I**
" guidance of train Ir
thrs, the ajudents get class-
I coures in the proper ban-
-of firearms and pt dy the
'a game. laws and regula-1
Sd training alis.o o the pro .
f pW .hi's ability to- h
properly. This, plus a writ.
1;amaatlio, qualifies him for.


3 33 -'

single tablet,

'esipem m T.e.... ,i CA
* ul ad FilnM tusflf,'f fel

I .w o y R'... .i i i.
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,t!--'"'. ..
* ** ; % : ,_- i "^ *v
. .. *. ,"" "; ." ^

,9 ....C5,R

-- .r-.SAi2-- -. .-'- .'



r.I M MT aNgi'O4 a



y~c n~1

""**-" 5: '- *-..: ... 7- ... -, .. ..* ,:,.-..
5. 3'* .H e t T ';* -3. 3* 3' .-
*. 3 1" -i'"
3,_+," .', "- '4. '. <".[.* ", 3.. 3.3

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& 43 ~-a(t..~ '. 3-- 41
- 3-53 s.
*st .pLJ t:Ig,..d;t14


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, .....-/ .. -**,../

*1 tf -t 'rwi.- ead-
+ ;, qwwvrener ,I


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-* ....*. *

.;^ :, /. -. :,-..-.' ,

- 3~34


- *9~3.fl7I


it it

'43.. 333
%i. ~P
33)4 ~


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: ._ +. -? :



- --

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w, N.gAE,^.
*) MHlAW T O&MI^ *l .)< j

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6, tIs

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5UP-k -kpd tA'.s
4r .-

-,--r. -" .

. P 'M -, s---
',-, :it~X:e!r P M m p~wt o

ttr nteI hour af- 1 X atm. to 0f l n aim0,te
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"of CIa- 1 e Oetnbre'".

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to yout -r ir: color. Put
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V iVsible pay or ftded
strad.. And with Rqi* u'
l ifoux 17 color. ytt
canO match your original.-
balr shade, or brigHten
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THE O.BSiECT Our ANIanfyParty. 'p *

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.,-+ LEAVE OT,":* .,n ...

Y h A .e ne ta "o : -

S i original owners, $4.m5-6 op .2 acon P6 a Apt.C aI .. r

-EO, NOVEY-: WI -R. I yA 4 9 C rclaS iaFno tuning ..fou. S

o MT192 MTrriCa Ha drnist Bo m -6ll nt i- o n. F P AE. bll .-.o
27"1condition9. Cash or p rm 2-2111, oMust sell OUr ---- .- coour hli.I 4307. tt pmg-oe, 9
S an Ar s an sjts 4. 2-

FoR _,tH. :--P-CTOR -i0l t^w- ...r- FOR SAcE 1v. FOR:-sK+", c eoomno
-bStn u FO SALE; 9l l effect tie ocor Newl y d .eorted' Inn In cool rct waluhe t :.lcycl... P- '
u. Wm PGieu a d. AEsf d. dking $275. Bdhloe Centr Bl. M e'El Voe." 2 ..n *fr Mir ao- d.eU H /i

af ueO 1;ro FOR SALE:-1954 Sth .*b1 r *hr A- .C. TteeredT 6 weks old. TS-- -a. au r uds s AeSSE
Motor, otly aond tore' WS-SI0l k sh e 61 AM93 rn s0 W m nCw c ot 77C O LE.T

trans ortaion. C 9.:;p e .L.B w hve.H or a t fortedfa

+ V Byono St.. Aricon. Phone 2-2744. PB Bei Ing d i Steror, l-rch. ga- e o k 9 eerd e
".tFOR E LEr" -b mbo
19 2""" |e morrais 1oh ellea nt ioo. BJpb '___4 "e
alE ownO-CO S -erFO SALECan Newlyo4h decra1ted trE Inn In coold trcwoi m1o PM -
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lmi: S I FUO' F6RALE:.-- 54 $udgbqk hrd 'S LE: 2 femol Boxer pull, I rE FR

g Su|1 .pfS: .A t2r;tt nWPi 6 o9 Tl
top cn vernbie;.S to t. 6 0 plre
i te radio,
it sedan+ w/slw- tires, 5,000, m,,., 1,4F cla spiand tuhrsfpt w, *- F ft NT0r.P
neW ar SconditiHnarl $1785. 0599-A. cy e 2-401, House 150o N .a
ONp o2719StL.,-Ant o.r PhoP e 24m74 B B1, t-Roolb--- lg I .W trdilnto A....mrch, go- orl t Jibl, ff -,
11 ,huomus5 wis St N.
4 FOR. .Cadi ~nwtrt- ;irisF' ;9-In,- bicyces. 827 e.'0 a." 4F3Am
9.' -- A-'ld -" ..4.. ble (duty pai4d), cream with black (2)In oou conditin, but hovtl't"-- .
iRiR.llT11;.-a q rates.LNWwon-.& c
S AefePt.tie.n5bt. Rey4 dng r J, ., r lbatht .P w _3
ttlnr-inng oENE*"
anst 9 A '!. h t W Roo.*o.t ".t"Du"v paid.,,wktr$2and.traiber& 5,,,oI..
Warms. Give -" 2-2 T24, 96tu.. P20 .'A*4"
I- r.di rArans'm fi h 6 u ma ftrnlud, refrigerator, to ItdWl
"-leln br e I N hpeL aM. i
'l aho % and os.E I'. N, l Ent.-endiin.-so en "'" "-
r. Wlbr B" W JbsCse.e. ,'wo, or,.Phone.o.oradr.s P ,- f.lPo or', .o ,,.faJs
-k dI n .....
3aaam. au maam trance to-REN 8oT36eTtesof Will Seall
SI-- FOR SALE.male A.KC" S. .6
VFOR S@LE;4 female. 4ii p.1C A
&9 M"sa.F. -bamb-.
i91mC i NP

Stt- ;21~i4 .. ... '~~.~~rb seenr Y+. S.ett J-2 4 5
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to 'o ,..t. art rtn tlln beI fWmII oI FdDitn, idMl .|n f or oter aar

awardth- qV. e spritpai pn F R-L .Si .si.iC Avenue R N 24. F L lt.6. 2.**.,
112o4 P do e- a0,V a tr Bella. 2 00 oo

gf.. center s by .ve dfrti Capt ., D. Clna8, "5B" be, 5Q ISwt1 in1 office of NPy F2-bedroomortpartment. r o#M'mi*f 112. r

i tw border o- ff oroRn

ura p F. -,bed partmentI

bth e t nS n i.b t,, l"ibo tion. o
q.o a w(,fideStreoue- 0 li -Lr, .; IIforalohe
Moo :4abe .he,. o.9

aRdb.eman SafetSwi Course .A. .. e.nD.I* = e

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W W..C.. WA Do if on- ferr14A

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r sare clut ma one town aW e
i n for a lo pendratse
A 4tuentsebo gu oies. of di a.
.Mhhden aft f stein-

1o ''ut-2t i Uni Wo o den a O ttr

iShop ian the -a." aIg
0 MB 'i cl out sme y to IVee4.
cOiii euay" baW.

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are aer an y pre. It's theone word
^ / & 'A



': s d t for being so patient)

Comnpfete a 4lment of all prices with many unusual and educational

-* ..11 AN FLYER complete asswtmtt 1 sep at all prices
.,.. -- i wrmies and' equipment. The train that not only looks
real. (Sale Models)
.,*AL, TOOL & EREQTOR SETS.: Aas sets to meet

te items and m O re yet 4o. pme

U I ITElMS tdf$ Fta ua be used over and

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:<; e-,i- : -v^.es'

AL TYPES; Mktqk aH y types) Yrdabras, Faps.
. Lamps, Raid, etc.
f tt Ps' SES A0 PILLOWS:

to' us as floor sanders

Electric A yor
utalls t tall with

a"sii of O

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Ad; aeras court W ll l" er Ie as a
hiand oCr see i I haW- lr dol .
it ta -ea inM. e ter oi Vi as nia sy i e Ms row,
... .ed'4ri,.. ; Marrr i e d Thath'"-e to d"....e...en hto ne
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.eo ..e;t -~ 0 .~,ane. RIoeF.,T.whii= h t
f ,break, u.ehher. I f:. -.
'.W.T m i seand Ed- .... thr
'y~t d t toffi ea vNdPurdom are: rided fotltor te torPvnl eyetn "p
:" I d _,,. .j div~ e cour^ts* \ Wor1l".--her flMt x'eI fli | a
Wb: d ou r e blO nD9AIMA -- O glTafr doU,. : i
ry ASPwt AIL 1. .Check off TV comedian GeorgeA t
.,J --- w in.t Gobel, as a flo Jeer. lie has. pit
Jaiet Leigt- a.4 Ton Qirtit pnblwt ofkev)J theat er e- first ulcer. ".. 3 6reha si
bp ked out: te i o V 1,9 Ter- '"T .ed the cas to ddy Lat nJ." D
siletage o th GaWndr A coupb of years ago th ere ;d
I"art'ame '-rIuda "-Seveath scbreamoo at thepo.w quidtheot
c ttl" the sto- y a. % acu yetting Ueut a starved matet"
odcql gest ape angat..e. th but not-
Go BEdway tWs winter. enou ghet n l? .
Aldo Ra4 # Jeff Donnael Hollywood' arguing that the ex in front of ]Pa, Bomtan
boua tIo 1d h should know beltr. They
moon is over. .. Lai bomgui, ty. As one movie puces IV
Ava Gardn ta, mullionalre bull ,,W. oa 3 d e"ed-s '
1-.te", is.wn the *off.a- 4 fewer hlt. e *of PanaMb luy"

mbbid "the country of fit hs i.t mesti' td.on withn ubby Hboward
a r. ... Roy t xo r M Wit w w 33 tO WIMP
utir'slt itemsin te tore M a se. With ew. Viswrraro ho m
aft a-ew retailgro iazonsvrd i she's. theoW...oel otHOut .WIW -
ear--deose to ,0.0oW ,.. *The Tfx.... Aldo Ray and Jeff Do..- ".
silent *ngel fo -hepsw bod elndU.Mvqd into- .i..orhom..r e
Drummer Buddy. Rich is form g honeymoon ). uel pifte & .Ow
Ie J-rry Lewis. eurryplays a mean on' Enetsue wi boj
drum me. sold to settle the financial accouStS.
MAR. M"C4Y. s *, .. ing with her ex-hubby. A
MARyMeCAOtTin4isebnvinced --" ^Bfl;I
that' guest appearances aren't the Pa "a 13
big answer to TV stardom. She's John Payne tells it abodt his
in-oll-ywood to talk about an- "I six-year-old Tommy. He asked li11

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. ,:*-.*_: ..-:,+,+;+.+,,.
U?-N -; 'rfTt
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New W fes U.LL k vWuum.e's s l as
make sat Statslde CbNs,p *mart Cph! p
s e seams;. .m, m .u k,',sa (,' ,r ,,u' h

SrIem -- ,. ..

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I. ^1, b195b S .e. s.ktss.

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'" *".. 1- : ,-.-: ,, .'' .

^ ra .'.3i't' ..; *- -


A'p n the Atlantic side
S4 gr write to

a W H- u'-w $OOl a,

(f Xomy p.m
............*04 81.

haq ......Monda 7:00 p.m

4J"VI LA oU% NSM .
sun"* Sun -i ajm

wn ..... 7 am
.,, i d '* B-a 0o

:.. 5. ii ms e w A VW..








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Assgi hi u ,t* i -9
An a The P Awm6. m Wh
deme l. ,a~eN *~, dwcship. ad wer4 s hi.

Umi tu em u* O*eas Is', UreS. ..
St"ab eft1two"Dfie1I5! is..
ASer'" -isS At d 60 dW e -- *' A1 "0 44". :

S1:00yMito :. 8 p in. T lday. 0 hl1 -.. --4 -aNUb D5 *AL, ,..
Ak b Rpm 1Ji 0 j '-;

it FrIday: 7:00 to 800 pC m. a il .
MiracuIouI Medal Novena: 700 p.m. u Communion .... -amg
Monday. Qbq School and eiU t,-
:awechlsm alas: aitsr th IS mal s (aC s a .. .* '
ool tud Club *0 p.m. an M r. os Ut
diday. e Commnn -... -n SW f

undar Maieg: 1:55. 7:3S & 9;30 an.. W Qd m d
loly y may ss: .55 a.m. and :00 ^ noun .. ... ,. Ad aL
i. CRUBCH Or 008 I)& VI O
Sto 5:00 .mn. Thundy ber.e Frint a v. M% ton A.Cokn G
dacy lous 1: de00n 7: 7.00 Lo. an Holy Communion .... IS k..
scrdH evotloa: 7: pa. Chch School ..... 5... S .S
day &. Mb.lClass MorJpaRnd e
atechism Class 3:15 to 4:45 p.m. o anSle" rmon .. ........t. :00 -m.
urday. irt Sunday. Holy' C~pamunl Py
L LADy O FATIMA-.CiUDA Hoy Cmmunion ..... ,. *

SundlaisKam: 8:00 to 6.pa0 &. 9 30M. cdtawV
und ay m an 8" 50 am.m Choir .e9arsal .......... .
se s: jbm0 toc bspo. unSC A House of P r aer pi .

'teohism Cla : Saturday 8:;30t o 10 h Re e.Wfl i m B. SolmW
Id_ T 9. .Howly C'oommuinlon.
t Seart~ OS -PrS o a a r o .d .Church aSChol.L
ut MaC"m3tonU:a.. Od rm. an. 00m
eebday MtmWs: .JI< ,am. Xvenla ;Pt/v" ? prt. m
ton110. Saturday >.0 to 4JO and WSdpmyW Ml1W, m, .
atehiam Clam: Sunday 1:00 to 4:00 tuuood a.H i a m -
iraculous Medal. N1bva 7:00 p.m. v0 Satv DShin. mags C
onv ,instrutIO ou" Tu-diy 7 taHo, o m w a .i I
sT. lc city The .John Spear. Priest i Charse.
unday Mm. : 6:00 and 6:30 aRm. sw A -y 4 .
t 60 Mans.e; 8.oP0 and 5"x00 p.m. M Pa t aw l e..#CnL
tE ftodC m Manstware .SO
atisso e: Saturday 8:00 to 1:00 and oT y a andC m andays W Sar -O
to 8s00 p.n. Thu~rs dybef irst Sy ool n.d.a..::.. pt D
p .a oPrn~r ......nd 8 :0 p C00
i of be Cros: Friday 7.00 p.m, MONDAIS... p.m
tchln Cla : Ater 8:30 mID8 So r o7l30tyP ... 9A00 p.
anvert Can: ISat .. Tuesday and .ft Mgo I0 pOai T
r to7:3 THUHSDAT8O --"
.d g 8 e-. .h onds.M (11.. L. anI [
L .. nunon ........ :4
& nj ^ 4th 'rd Ia ys..........OCA -7 p;m.
teibCa: 2:30 to 5-:00 p.m. o S "1t, Pofe to -
S CI TheRow.John Spur. Priest ir kChiarp.
8a. to. al. ,.M a mday. SUNDAY 00
'. JoSmMeuo* MI EA sAIu Mo'rii PraTr and Churcdl school o,
3ouSaturd miy39 tao Cil0asa. d Eachaist. tS d S..aI 'AO

d wS11p i M af@:i2 to.. 'r W l p i-, : 0 p
t ?an w Sa t'tWnrn'84i......ol? V:0 5pm p a H

hI*iimi j has 'hw
s- (whtut.
Josh I
w:..-.., se.a' minutes

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C ........ a...k .... T
4c- aora.n LIt

Dail ......70., .. t a ""
Buiidaxy N .i...<* ...**. ..* I. f a nd l. I .4
Xj' tT; %r5: ,p. ,'Mrs Pi H e t' qj" a

Aitds $r.dY W.
So .Um dirt-"f ip.. .A u

,RCO As' pa ce Aul&

... next weekl ..
.at the maywe.. e i
T .,o i m 't ten _-l ,at a
S d1.1 quip th. diat g

r. *" g d iwlt lI
....... .. at

t cd etay E t? Or a
,o iim^s ftVp .............. .-o .oxt pleasure -Itqea
u, nd a aN w Sw
r... .. 0 11 qi
.'... ta*re*R::0 i l
t i n 'xap WA7 Mr s6 PaPa*

STI ,,."DAM grS.e'. You t .. ,.| Bnalif ; n .girl, ole t .ftii
Fo Ia .gem* 1. Ly ...

.-? .'..< -
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:. V *S .% .,- J" .
-.- -. -., -- -'- ,.* ..... -. ,; ;,' J ;. ',- .
.':..- '- >. """ .'*'
: ,<. .. .. ,' """. .' *..* .. .,.. ,
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1 !? th.. **' C..*

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'. .' : ". '" ;', : ,- '1.- .i
^^^T^ ^- -H.' : ^'.. ; t 1 -*
^ -.. ^'* t ..
.'*-, -." '. '- $ :. .'s,^ ^& ;
^ ;'f .."k n l -.,.. "" ".,. ", '..'-*-;'

Ji', K .Mk --. < *, .. .'; :' -..' ^.:,'t. ..


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.7. .. .4,
4,. *. S '.1***.

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,4* ;p.

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. -& "1 -1 -;.
.;.. -- : ', f

... Star Har...rison D ard .1 ca ......(..
.G2.e .trl, t% M... e .. ,-

.-. 3 t Gr t O track cha the .l, Olympes .in Frank- fairly l.....over a t r '.'ond lo .rnan M. .M,,... V M
Alfly club1q th i e 0 aA B u.

41. .I r a vial to Bo~ria. tonal AMateur A bletic Union U g e ntetb? a W rtest 107 MI ori# Weh
o-r1 It0 etn," -ube S y B. Indoor cha po t' in both a," j pl- 4j. -"

d f U a"s e a orn o G as a a I 1 a th serof the-Se Z uI S te p p flOp
abetsn h.e r 61tTcl r ohbox o< : S N Btate1lliaj Mirl
'."O L t M E hat do ughtre.

..deISC n m i nlt o hion, ....ll time reo rd o, ..,c. -ast Lan lbi5h },(N ).. W hai 3B
..o. Omaha, "e,. le*. f. k n..M ..Ht.. D if o or n and .^ Dabek, c 4 0 '0 9 1 gm edin t ".s -r
.. .. I- if'e|slan.o, e -5gtterei .brew Olympic e. ahde 14 icotd he trr 2 .. the 4 0 1 U

s-Use fit Thee were lUtter evect In the record time evening gb v 1 2 a 0 A
*no L.doa. served of -I to-Q varos Ch a Safety Ve

'.h.,.i. Siort theI vd Clardy, pl 0 0 0 C Tc 75 natna (Pa)
lt Givelpdie A thleti Lcne boe-

Wo'hll..r".art l of leel d 19405o be wo f goembe the ~- t r .

s-0v e -- ".- ." tu, sp he woia th.e-,Sf, (D I. OJ' -o sa N t 1 eo rd

". ... N2 Z&' "O Cua P55..0,5 r Ae high ow b n, om. t jrhjas ,o l -,, .
"w the's $ j!X 'A Club, le, "" e Vann ,o on t-neSa Coi l a. 4a 0re otte ub ,
torr ? n epmaf these and t tsloht C aas. e U o

D r wh*ch W -Idoaro Nat0. I a ti ot t he ht and)r.r Te b o ace f
O W bu t-co n uite d o h is ~~"nd in a d lt o t l t ,1 wvni m* Ok lI-

*evfiluc Ath Maw 'smn-d hr r es Hletni rUnon ok a olleg a the 2 1 aa Mnata I

i s sh the tribute h a mental pBblic f ai MHo auston Texa B ea- r Elythe record of hattenodunc.lrt Rai, Maropv ch (aD ende NO.4 7 61
,*. ... gag gg bt-AR,,:Iil o a th e fe a arU a o oth aew t M .

StS_ 1neod insiasend th hItdilto Marp aStaes ad a fe e the Seo ha o(he babi., Hhin hr:' 0laJr: h .. it
a^ i ^^,o-,EVe --" thik ". a

ih T" h MAN h 4 0 ore w al 0 r 10 2

o fyO v,*. .i--W r the wgsrat a i reb handling fots .tv i iPIe t
th the$. u sffer-. .... 'e sei D M born In Cleeland u.. '"_ r te ec ndvsi ated 1 382Lwec,"_

tbbouun I ifw o a nde oI s pla y 7 ad e m o Fr m d oDk,
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D asSE: beSpr son were elected to fill those inN witeaw ame, tallied 8
ev hlry r ound d Dut-oteI a T- e adml s wll thmN.e ao t e taka Le alos.... .) ch ,llh.
om r ba,. of v th Ne r Is th recPamt ofmase et E wnth 10 RlevsS d miCapf 1l. a fl.d

ft1 M e. ina LIrbooondonfIp19t8ondof eatThelAhbe3 0o0ilubonlylnclalithe

*ah l e porb ean. Balboa High School team in the l 4
the The new port archery and Balboa gymeo.inlnum.l, 1--- ^^ -- ^^n a
W'Y-0 .4itograL i t he conntra- eh the irla to enjoy this newen Frn-- the re rd t ed1A-Ylb
lfu 13.1_ settconds Char e 2 12.1 Chld's aSytivity. V wn'tinn .ee very few have
I e o hot before they all congratulate L abeB ADMITTEDn I as m lE, S 0 0 40

aat Jes ald b s 2"eS tt By ech other when one manages to 1 Rc Ing Ys
,t r-?0 ..l h*t the ta t I they A ee on Al, (NEA) The

...- as-,*.. ith-th proving i the. hav e by the Rqar e Gof C lub haChrh V sr" --y R-, .t..A- ...
r levelnd Cig..aino .WrN-0=ttag

ti B if h Ar a bet tr a :theason tfhDAanhey will be women i or the irt
poor... -+;I.--U---a.- -d.r M ian

tan Ovima rApp laud Ib yY kgW c*
Pa. nma.A' "' .; ,-: ,. isM. t 4Bha y

S- .0 st w YtERAL
Idt t o re rco reth osi a Twf e n. 19ta hr or e r ar d,..--
or Ia. IaeCUM as.

.. .sa aet al it. he s -t.-e bae- al p--- -.-. d y. a l, th recor e ha s tn or c g ;i t _ip itc. .
seoAforeticfUnig.h. ah ud It I eieed trt Toi ried, s tesb
s aeaitst ,-peeigst bt i sV-'is-.Ih Atth w ng e m an r. d t, .hr es .' .a.e (Wlelm,

*1 atd ., -at OUS o Tlevedtha Toledo time j obS the oindeth ecorderan a.halft e the score -1 pitch er: Lw-
boiL 1."-- f, Io the- Milwaukee-eBWran nes OfHorgerson, Must keep an showom, qe nb ead 20 t 0 rena ut: by s: r,

-p2au @ faldton" -writ ... .. t f Ia ,a l eedb.wa Cratedo b toie ad ofte onhew c noll t t phia her team o ulad Thus Wi gam e: 2 A t W- .

oI ae oH oint wll re ve their school And led t ha l nors with B.2. ....., t* 2-t Iid fm o tr inithe dprog1ram, with le5,
b'rp nab u t a.n' well as, n the nhcesi a the Ah in the co nts.For-the"
the ,L a EDITOR'S NOTE:* p menardt or- when needed 0oege Bob Morris. the. ."
girijrkChandler scoT ed ig DabekO-1 eon were elected, to SIl madse I witinyb 514-sme tilled .I e'
0v 16 W e.i S 1 Z uls % '$ 9bek .W Nd n aoW 8 L wrnT h aw a_0ds those tode. pa ce fellow s to the
la.t... ? d"I0/b :hear-aeuInthe.* te e tmpfon o n eacu The Athletic Club will play the
~ a~jito- .d i.s Rotn _4 -. Balboa anih School team in the ,U,
Tomrro ,-fr.u his.o 1t bh The new sport -O' archery and Balboa gymsI0Um.,i-
.Wthle f hsxin em to enjoy this new

m oda.lWo ta beach other when one mdanaes to ",of-.01
vomi. t hve he.. i. s*, in h the a ...e- r o' ht eI M, t tie? have by the Kondonin 8 Gol Club his .Te,__ dwtthpfla mitn they will be wome..ta mit brs for the first -S'28
*. ..."nald" r" h.0L U."0AIV-4.T
Letter Box yto peW with2I flAYCEN hALI
Mi hopefuls0leftTbyn*"1.U00'4f,"-
will..atc- a-l "amrloose
.oh... ". the to- ,bcein ,hp- n 1mn 0WIR--VOL ..

...m .wW S C.2igt a maIT...

qa4. Comm s-,, s peu,, felt such firel R@
S ..,.-.I-A....IZ U R N-oa-f l

r-. "- -"- '.. .... -
*,: : --.--,'q.. *., -Vd

: .- ': & i .... 'r& + a .. ,r s f- k

SCw :...:.
u *.i


I *

Ux Of Wst I

Color Problem
-N -(NEA)-B rItaIan,

... ...-. + ,.., ;++
OW of the fact thatitha

nIt0has::ts "littlMS
pm roa i' at hormn has .
aoust lf iindNwl e -- ,.
'andIt'sb paspos brts, "
ta cent in thir ean,
malai pouring into Bri-
th thousands In a migras.
itcan invasion" of New
f dnow has Its "little
iih as have Birmin ngham,
Bristol and Newcastle,
racial tension is steadily
tgin these alum areas.
Ui It eruped with dra-
violence i a series of riots
a nmden Town, London.
lace curtains of Camden
are tattered and gray from
teal smoke, but from behind them
gite resides have been peer-
-lwithinerpauuhg hostility at
Wist Indian newcomers mov-
bainto the neighborhood.
it' took just one drunken.1J-
atlean involved in a pub braew i
a white man to touch off
Ike racial powder keg. A mob set
to_ th Jamalca 's house,
.tbbed the windows of other
I6red neighbors. overtuw n e d
i n the street.

.' .'At the height of the rioting as
'.-manyas 40whites and West In-
...ainP, some armed with razors
W.ta kniBves, were involved. Police
sty Signed off one street and par
S t d it in squad cars for sev-
a' f days after the 'disorders.
C Among the cars wrecked was
i+ wablonging to n American
it B soder, who h a d been
&'*g*t "" il CCaden Town.
ja ud odera read about the riots
: -----

Al HEna, se



iuink havebeen m
C1955 Identiflcat
Cards in plastic
544e ta

frt.Wesl Tat
tIMN, Def. 4 (UiP) -:'1
6een chancellor' ZE
pmaqer mad todaybettU
"S-.e adi= e to ne I
ii talws.awa fter taut
||K|WHM||RMF '-B 3

*jt^' Msg .^.
i~~~el wi g

WELL-ILCUVED-fer BOW. Cafmea dm1 wehtt of 3q14-
bury beams as his British oGul 4 Is Ivy, ii, is varn Wel-
conMed by her mother-in-laW. But o, for first time, att
reacting to color dif encs.

with dismay. Long accustomed
to pointing the accusing finger at
racial Intolerance in ,America,
their attitude ha been, "It Can't
Happen Here." But it is 'happen-
In Paddi.gton north toadn,t
"Keep Britain White" leaflets aret
slipped under doors.

ade In Birminghatm to prove t
101' definite "color bar" exists, a
for allt blacked 'lls fte, iou
W$ rubber tubes 'up his noe to
a, no b d
I94 arettes, -admisalon to .a dance
Of. The .,. 1 Wes

that uanas exprt to in.
1 ----*.,D*'W" .--

France Explore
Accord t ss

nit s Ch reM e oiuus .w*l lv
or- later t th rrance fu
0 explore 10e' 1b0ltie .
understand with Rusl
lore raftlAYf ,.ermnan rts
L ment accord&g to authority
Sources. ,- i

mend M gtt LInto the

and PrencL
Mof only 0
tler Pierre
a major
ir ra l.ti1 't1

ruaw lv

s said that
moay ot call for
-lWtbal with, the S
Instead cal
4.x. tplore" the 1
throul d
HaI. Jd"9

Es W'.Urc,

tre izramer uir
eedthere were
favor ratil'ti
ma vAg33 prSf4 t


e neo ons on
tB .m pae cat
heotated. O n (
iemust be i solid I
b West."
m. antaA nflatena.


hat a
dci n
at In-

Today ts population Is nearly
half again as large, and Britain
is 'buying Its sugar and cigars
HOeult: mas8s unemployment
and what Jamaicans c a 11"'the
question"-4264 representing
ihe V ie of a one-way bot: ticket
to ritain, where the streets are
supposed to be paved with gold.
What started as a trickle fol.
lowing the war has now swollen
to a flood, with West IndianA. ar-
rivals expected to top 10000 in
194, 'as compared to 3000 in
1S. Another 10,oo0 are said to
be waiting on the docks of King.
stone, Jamaica, held up by the

tfs 1" the If,-of hope
and gipo'" qs out be a
heittbr ~. Its, 'not that the y
can't BSlq I. n Infulemploy-
ment Bfitain ($I br rnt a r a

. --, ,,. ,iij
'X. .t"l--r r, e, ... ri .!
V.' : a+'.. .r:.




Shouts Lie

To Spy Charge

PARI, Dec. 4 (UP) A right-
wv dootYt charged today that
tetnmany In ,Fran5's seistlon-
al communist spy cae Indlaeted
that Prlmter 'MenAes-France re-
ceived Atolea secrete before l hbe
became eMof e th over ift.
"It's a lie the P&tlver bhout-
d Ip a- dramatl scene la 'the
French ]aional A pmbly.
Stg-htwing _Joean teg-
endfe matd the bar!se at -the
R agoN a fulidres debate on
ie. est t-
dalJ France ao i War
And peMant Dputy Georges
LoustaUnau-Laeids? a aspbeeh on
the asembly floo&ssald that the
United States, titaip and West
Oermany have Iy gs in
France as well on a Ruians.
Three montr. aio Paris po-
lice Inspector *smo bldes '4itcov-
ere tuk re o d actions of
the to p-secret ,lonal Defense
Counfil were begeaked to the
Commaunist. DIWI dislpaure
lead to the 'unovering of the
senmatioSI spyO ese.

The stamp will commemorate
the hundredth anniversary of
comBtetiLQ. t ., Pananma ail-
road in tJanpm -155-l Th, last
rail of the first transcontinental
railroad in the. Awglcts wnlald
on January 0,1,5 5, and the
first train ran from ocean to
ocean the following day.
The Centenn*l Stamp will be
of the three-cent denomination
and wilt be Of the Mpne purple
M that of Unted teStats and Ga..
nal one'thre.eaept stamps1. *

Branch of the EngIneering Divi-
sion who has designed smyeral

Tthe Co ueat par t
pealed to Tuniulans to reast the
increPingly successful prench
amnesty aimpign to ebd the
Fellagha nuprisltgs.
By last night 408 outlaws had
surrendered under "Operation
Fellagha," and the Fren- hop-
ed today they would double yea-
terday's total of 233 sun4ders.
But the local CommunwIpar-
ty, anilous as ever to embarrass
the French today sett out Its
members to distribute em-
phlets,. calling on 'the popttlon
to resist the French peace move-,
ment and to ignore the appeal
to surrender under the amnes-
The biggest *lndfall, yesterday
was thp surrender of iS t mem-
bers of the Lasher olAbrn tribe,
Who handed .over more than 100
guns and a machlaq-gn= at
Oafsa. -

standf&a h
four b'tes

20 feet into
what little s
In drenht-Wi

, ++,+ cr

3 4:-;* ,
r 't'.'W
" -.-.. .- .
, / *.. --. ,
.I. +' ,-' *
?* *rt .-....
jl ,' +

M ad A- addtftion, Senate Repl
.ader F. K now1
a whom President 3*iW
%upt work in the Owev
Fe, emerged from the MWe
batle the new cObli
the- wa.. ma fnl- ...awit!

hold public ieaeiigr ea .
Se Fran cis Cas 4RS;AD, .S
member of the censuSi eflna n
tee, said .4e believes ...cC.t
feels- the Senate's 67-2 vo4 a
ainst him more deeply ta, h
ihows. He ald McC0arthy "
more gepwttve than his actors
might indicate."
Case disageed wIl -twq DDOWm
cratic leaders who- said yijht
that the. vote .wil4 L .bJ
a big enhove towera.w ca|,.obl.
vion evet- though if leaves his
powers and rights as a sefator
In case, leading senators
said there is little cbascethe' n-
ate will take any'aetioa AI M 91-
52 Senate elections sulcommittee
report, on MeCartty Jtililb:- he
was rebuked for bavhlW "fie to
cooperate" with iOF Bmseatiga1io
of his Maanees.
McCarthy aliortqa o ie+sO ad
for his attacks oviw WititwM

> M,:+lthe
A4jild !40Vd0 the

.. 77

ng ama-ca.... r
h '. + ,, .--

sin' '




First Canal Zone Staup Since '51

To Go On Sale Early in Next Year

The first special stamp to be other anal Zone stamps..
Issued In the Canal Zone since It is based -on a woo4
August 1951 will be bn sale local- which apeard in "HaI
ly during the early part of the New' hy a ne
coming year. Ja-aq .'_, sh on

Legendre said tpday that con-
fessed spy Rne Turpin told au-
thorities he. turned over secret
concll infoifrmaion to Emman-
uel D'SsUtler de Ia, Vigerie, editor
of the nro-Co umxinlst Paris
nwfpaper lberasn.
The Gaullist puty tol the
assembly that Tupin testified
at a secret hearing that De la
Vigerle then pasedlthe informa-
tion to Mendes-France. The Pre-
mier at that time was a mem-
bar of the option to Premier
joseph-Janle overnment.L
rrande was.a dU the In-
dochina War because of leaks
from the council, .. Legendre


Plays On HOG

ed n day) but often
the ob are r there most menial A new series of l radio plays SHO e Siva
unakille variety. will be presented byt he Thea- h
S And then there's the "color ter Gull, beginning Monday at a A
bar." Ofttit's easer to find a 8:30 p.m. over station .-HOG. 1W Applicatio
h job' thal. a %room, and British The series, to be known at the l nueu i
landlords who. accept colored ten- Therater-Guild of the Air, wpl EIA r fl
.n. ants have been known to double feature a variety of. radio dra- or l int uI 13
mand the rent.. mas produced, acted and direct-
irther Londen'!i "LftlU. Harlem" I' lo- ed entirely bY members of the HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 4 (09) -
A an catedsin rlxti: 'Here one finds Guild. British actress Simone SUva's
I b4O- brown-skinned, -me wearing the Mpnday's radio drama will be applieatlbo. to become a perm-
Lma- Wide-brltped straw hats of the aR adaptation of Charles Dick- nent United state esideal was
native tropics, 7.0 "God Save the e' th'lling short story, "The denied today by the U.S. ie uni-
den ie S yteU. -e e ,
Queen' Vatboted -on their neckties. Sigialmen." The cast will in- gratton sprSece.
Women,.their beads bound in elude Jimtberts, ;robn Mayles, Miss Siva won fame by posin
r tre- bright *r stroll by with Frank Keith and Key Richte, aemi-nudp with actor Robert
Ibal- the n.yM gait of the under the direction of en Wor- Mitchum.
Saf- cCabea. *..... ester. Albert Del Ouerlo, acting .dis-
few = -trict director of the se8l6el, Maid
ar- the 24-yeSa-Old actress could ap-
earely ]t e4wiotu d "nm
H the im l of her apl.a-
oi that i to-chane her status o
10 .i .++' p temprr resident. The-ac-
Sthat the wor n" s sher pnon resent temporal six
S Pnth month work permit and te wall
b at e eligible for deportation It her,
Sand pared by them.pels ar denied
Fred Waring
Marries Former
e laer TV Troupe Pler
Si s N IANAMSmon Mat OS. Deeon.
s M ra leader Fred Wa M was nt-

o hn. e A L C$ole and 5Pc former member of hts .te-
s Army on troupe yester20, 18 and..
ler his wife m
En LasVep"a, Nev..

a,.l..., e a- of the ir
M*rsally ItsafeMs that the word fthtnan" Is synonymousi anay- her faomert,
,-,o rlo oh idren." Proving- no'-ain that thisJCe- M bgngston nGeat I t, as

Itys c collected and repalred-IJ _new by them. Ttey Wqrk ta. dlv .ree, CY n.-
.. Ps to PanR mmnlapqfhanages later tbls l hairoWaring Wednesdaiou

( .Army .". ae, s 20, 18 anisd. 16.:

a army killed i t

_ _.'*


dicate the plei
duTal w e am1

.o il .
++ -*.+++.^.*.+ *:' $ i, '' -

ndi Causes

i' r t Britain
'- c, F .- ..,. __-


r .. ~ "'

;- ,.,!


* f

i 'i-.." I' "' i .-

: ,, -.. :_

,1 ft' *'-

peo* kEwo,

i m

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