The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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was one two clv
AU, ibesrd. a con *
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Airlinu, which dli
two years ago.
amulst judge waf
akina Downey:
u a other peop
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'w'w wiuo u yu~w UnS 5 -there -.0wS
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*,P5'a.d ,--ttx zl db d0U64andWedeid wtH oeaL )mlim:t .
SIN IM ulu wOlOle S AWOL rOwft, theto
m n youth .~o wlas p f f curio= bysan4rl in ices anW Squadron, ,
&d on qn-b romt ot the Ti#oW. Coniblsau7 uponw the h -
V stolen V j 6bi. of -WWp I the W .........I t base,, mtapers.
enin and -f., ht lrwes0 tgation.
th :t. ,-o.' -Ito is ..o a ce-mn..aid
h a aoo cma' mJ11-e46o. ~~eAdeourAdvises
m wpttn tti J a Iha h* r that. Po
.ad worth A $1.. o'eph ttr was Nal# ` N .,2Nodm aone )
.ar a ......s. daro m" room lbi,,hba rented wo. ph
uta aer, Marques;04:M, the days ~aw flthou h atoezu y
15 ~ ~ Io hotoi ,w, i R, 0 commttedIni lg ii 1 the rho
$3 dl ulea. qf'1VhM,%f_ ngo V'-16 i ln ae~m e
( -U S. ,.= .=, ..= n ;,0.=o. .+' ..... av ..o s Es...t-cn
4-.. a...,f-, ut ras-91 in L&.1wes, ex h-b&m aga ..thv 1tme with a "looked ILa-~~rterhouae, tft ealor 9 d-"@.,c

NoM Zo hv nne aut prl464 Ulm. thatO N
... .... .. =a ut. :.
*" ti-an.. !for..ieJIMIOff lelbrook do we

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peace. 'Z theun .r
too- he J2N

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as 9 a' ".Au Mm Ow,.Nrmn uro

in.ft et ., -e-n' or e ,e
an ; +z. L 4 ndA, l-i ,,. ,, d I,;d

"yIvester wIs u
7_" ,',,','. .". .... .

Now 3 41
thhe Mrs.
1) h must'ha e" i S s

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(t-TMS -ti

;A *- MANM6BIO 1 A IIM. sMOer O
I i. H sNE? P. 0. S0 134. PANAMA. R. OF P.
OLOMN rvilk, 1.1?79 CENTRAL AVNUE SETWLtN 12TH AND 12TH Tf l .;
r. $43 MADISON AVEL NiW Yolk. (17 N.Y. -
POe ONE Yn A IN ADVANCE -- '._ "


1131 ,a1 ... .. 4. "


The Moll Bo Is ma p"n forum for ms ers of The Panams AmWlees.
Letters are received getathly cad are hedled I a wholly aouafl etw cetrlbmet letter don't d hripelent if It dseems' t per the
eat day. La ne p a lished im nthe order received.
PIe try to keep e aettkrs lll til Se Se 4weth*.;
llitty of later writers is held bh ae test nase4,g.-
ils newspassr spMM M so reinbieHilfy tr, st(tetam *as epnss
expessed in letters from readers.
Dear Etienne,
Re this "Pride -of Regiment" letter: To whom do men re-
presenting the military owe their positions? Are the subject
men answerable to o one?
I have many questions. What value is forced loyalty? What
is accomplished by carrying this forced loyalty to its infinite
extremity? Does it not accomplish only complete Intimidation
of our citizen soldiers. is this actually the desired result?
Is there the possibility that this system of forced servitude,
forced discipline, forced loyalty aqd forced prid pofuni t be
out dated? The peons aren't as stupid as wan the system
started I -Disclplined

Sir: "
We of Ny here at Coco Solito and Coco Solq, upon arrival
from the Ates, are fortunate th .ai. qrg,&n1atlon exists to
give us a seeded helping hand. Qult a few t s coeS to Pan-
ama without any household gear, and the reasons Jor. this vary;
those that fly down can't bring, much of anything because of
weight limits, some get off the ship here with the mistaken
idea that the quarters (Coco Solo and Coco Sollto) are com-
etely furnished. 'h my case. some underr head" at my hus-
bna last duty station said our gear would be here when
e arrived.
This Ia a critical problem, and a magnificent attempt to
sve It Is being made by Branch No. 59. Fleet Reserve Alo-;
e. 've otten together the essential living needs, suclt
utenalls, bed linens, and even baby cribs,
borrowed by a new arrival, regardless of,
tme in service.
to pay a cent for the rental of these,
Snly to return them when I had finished'
r, when i had any such Item for tb turn them over to the Fleet
so th this. much needed help could- be
ypt+j -'* yours,
.-...- "-A Navy Wife-
-; ~. E40-4 .+ .- ,

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labor NerwD

a vicromm DIESE
NWt.YORK IfU the ClO's nei
Goldfh Bowl" at abe madeg inas
l medr and porm anent .an instkedt.
te th ne Honnuse of Rpree d
Csentativewls, eah nks, the big inar could
be .mlde b-etter an* f imilliions
who work for their lv specialingts.
There should welavfare n though
there find there not cheering for throngs
on the easy money bits "Operaon
trying Bowl" at their boo herinto the
New multi-bilork's icHotelCoare mmodore last
MoTheda worningds of The CO' sat
counsel- of it national lead at a
grt Eisenhwcovered seretary oaf a
r, kesmes for the White !se
e Senate, the Hous the of Repre
sentatives, the banks, the big national
aWrae companies, the specialists
in. accounting and welfareand pen-
sion funds, and the press to help

blty. te are going to disclose all.
them fiansers to the questionnairet

for eve Intimate detail of every
session th easy money boys who are
trying to get their hooks into the
multi-bicn welfare field.
The words f the a combina'sgeneral
counsel, Art G and pres conferei-
dent Eisenhower's secretary of ji.
bopenr, James Mits fellromade pub
moment unique In labor history.
Golderg, as Is his habit, went
simply and directly to the core of
the problemasure n intro-
"The CO feels itself Labor Mligated
to' make known to its members
everything we do,x the national
AmeriO counsel said.
'"We also owe It to the public
at large. This is a public responsi.
ability. We are going to dislose all.
The answers to the questionnaire
(sent to 33 CIO international unions
for every intimate detail of every
welfare fund-VR are in my po3
session and they are, therefore,
in yow possession, too, you men
"Thii Will be a combination pub.
.He heaing and press conference
Cpen to questions from the publiU
andl4h1 I 1 hope this opens
a new field of hItwr respaalbilityj
Since ts Isi.s of vital concern to
owe .Sow".ment which represents
the public I take pleasure in intro.
ducmig Secretary of Labor Mitchell
who s exhibiting great inteist in
Americana who work for a living,

After Mitchelb spoke Gold
pledged t' turn over aC CIO
fare fund data to the U.S. D
of Labor and to any newsman
wanted it. It was alaW annoui
that any rank and-file men
who -had questions to ask or
i gestons to make could get up
sound off before the assem
I ress, government officials, in
tligators and Insurance corn
: iMVes,

- i .
a "peratiUon Goli
SIt w fficia ly lab
o&to. day it bee
matters ar
In this "%
Wied by s
,. drama unfo
I.. ,O0,000 bread
f .la homes. Of t
S4Ml ar CIO memr
by welfare or pension
.. A 4:I 3( -

D leaders,
amdent -of
i and a mei
ical Prac
It that his u
ridual insur
aployers im
ures tot
ry Lati
Five of
vaies paid
0re to SO

ea vt


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Bali, 4

-' ,. --. ~ ,..--J. ... .. ,- .. .-a ,P1 '' a
r.4. (.'cr.
*-," 4!" .'. -i.a ,
-- ~- .'' .. ; *. .:-.'-:.'- / -r.",'.,- '*- *.,-- *'-< 8 **, yf!' ^* ^'" l* *
J. -" ... ". '-. a, ,a b "

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Shotgun Shooting


- O --

rth. tberea
7" N late Seo. Pat
SM no. Welkt
after t


Bli ... o .J. tlla In e s
1 e SOme lan 'lteonvineed
Salow IW falls into the sai
I category.

cap tchaff


.l .i 7]JY wnt;
s gamma rys twos -ap atende 4
i :e-can still penetrate L
4 aa.s willing to
. National Labor
tons Board vacancies. If the
MdS l.. ll ppoi a labor men..
up n eral c el, laborwll
him. He Republican choose for
In fact, Welkerbecame so loose- member ... Dr. ester L
lippd that another of Joe's reo man, with an assist from
S Sen. Bill Jennr. of Indiana, Goldman, -as written an Im
re in with the wa ning: "You tant new book, called '
better watch out Joe will -csure From Fr" ,... I Assiata
you" retay. o Agricultur.
ua:t.he real tip-ef was a r e-Congram an .aro tm. a.
by We that Jaoe ws "a sek doesn't have a .e 10 oru
i= andpobably wouldn't last hAv OK.n O 4 A,.
trough, e cen .u debate. a Mhe did't a
WeWr pedicated.flatly dit 'WX a1ba w. attflb-
CAth wld have to go to thde to Ztsena rudueton
Price por Tw days*e later,

Rater. he spoke of se' tnubl d at th
with TOT. nfor gev or
with his sinus and a throat lO-B .f oral roa -.hor *.
dition. These are old ns d~=la rio
alibeist howA er, that.have but hbs wr'rn sr ''
neay -cryl:ng to thae.i axsp -
t-ns y oply a reMarka sitesasals
colncldefce, but "these hospit LW 4lears ,ts- hated
visits lways seemed to come ii L ew Ok
a pnnitilmstl convlaentim 'for was nnin o do e.

-wo I am not one of these when. with a gun and a dog, and on the coveys of quail a Jot of squirrels McCarthy.
4 eves. the b- W. I *A bal
need father-was a-boy kids too often. I seventh I did not rest. We didn't and rabbits ad doves. My guni For simple, he trned up
nbel hope, even though it is customary shopt:on Sundaivj.but ,there was was th ay ever knew, the ospita jut before he wa
sug- to start creeping backward when anything in the",God Bock thit nd the 'e than sch l aake a series a
and that 40 is nigh upon you, but there said you couldn't take the' ne ey felt T ays andupeos b in I e bssto si
bled Is' one thing I sincerely regret at pointer puppy out for a romp after aturdays Win man took me capa .He s avoidedan
ve this particular time of the year. dinner, just d see- if be knew a on a real, crazy mixed-up trip brrtas WHmthe,_e
pany That is the more or lest'com- quaflbinm a terrapin to Brunawlek Ciunty, a long 10 publicly .a .
te s passing of the olt casual miles away, for some major. t 'j
Ss of sotgun shbting on a I never knew boy to a league sby ', .',
could w stle 4 anda me woods
off to e raqt e- What close To .thismm
dandbag hi as th thae ood
tilq t or a limit of I wa aegis of a and let out.MibO
was ells a ntikel piece ~ au b g and a cocker poqd,
tor dollars plenty for ag a m ckey or a poitr ease uight we or fBar h d
To or a setter na did pot shoot. For myjr 1i bed an made a dramatic a
m is nmy still be mSble .In Fra I still seems to me. .at 70yn0t ep tfor yt es.
_* P raie isolated section .f the 86uth there is nothing they ean gRi encot nerm dog r an '
aT And. West. but mostly the person you on TV that will square ut .p 'other Iunter the two counties 'he AuymMcCarthy heariagl
Msed whtis s i tbdy either clubs up a winy aitumnu day, with t-e'lme- we shotover.or do I remnbar were aliae yed be Jo
seek and pays for the privilege, or takes jays right and raucous and the the o.iteraton of a l covey o west tecovert a threl
tIOn a chance of having hishead blown wind crisp ad the quail calling of birds. The birds ,-u shot -thl- ifeel w A 'And-a .
these off in overcrowded free areas. The In the golden ,oods. year wculd be within a quarter the Mc y coniab ee .'ol
farmers jbho used tu offer their mile of the uame spot next year. CCi bei
.fields fr to the pubWlhave found We had no comic -bod iny ,
d$ out you i*n sell te prvlleges, so da, and a o ace Cade noJ ad pece in I 7.
e now yo her pay or poach. Hopalhai ldays and .V those.aya waOh" a nt a
s'-e "n d-thul/Mnrs on a m" sle. terms w' I A ry Nerofsy i '
D This has turned what used to be The closest I got to the Wila West those two counies.I wa uproar over is charges
Gol o strollianto a safari, and as the was on Fridays with Bill Hart -at every e of their houses, and I against the State Department u
some cities have swelled and spread, it the Bijou .which was pronounced ate thf fo o d, and it was not "950,-. n. .
ld f is difficult to do much in the way Buy-Joe i my home town. Snub a long Ue after that lean. As te is elbow,
wia' of back-dcor, or tin-Liz hunting. Pollard was a het comedian and that in the South this was. not Naj, doet de d it aprei
Shese Birds must be stocked today, and Elmo Lincolnwas playing Tarzan. done. In my youful innocence, sily as trauma buratis"-
b' .rigidly controlled, and all sorts of Also, I wasn't allowed to go'to the I even addressed adult Negroes which means nothing more than a
- in- conservation practiced, or there movies but once a week., as "Mister" and "MisNiu." sdre elbow. -
won't be any birds and rabbits. "Handshaklngfls" Not Baraitl
J With all of which I heartily concur. So I had to depend for amuse- Maybe.w ee from lack of In any case, it's well known that
Jim But It is a very distant stretch meant on a dog and gun. Arctud modern IN4 ume-, But none senators c!n write their own diag-
the from my boyhood when I was my house only a mile out oofo my set ever tu p ay filling nosis as far as the pabO is on-
Tber oun the woods six days a week town there were two stations 1n 0i. .ed peope cerned.
un ion I. m .t_ DVM. George Calver,
i- i 11 i' el l sph Isda co
evolve =- imeITe d Mia But he didn't
aiU S a m hcna at a6 #ov> a A te dressing to
imer, i .F ,1 )-.ran
i htl dDlownk

I out
ne of

tour large Immeance companies,
i aeyear, paid $764,-
S a O b iously this
lnss wa ldly becom-

At, can pile up
A6,0 to $4to,-
In- reserve

l" t- keeand the
:10 cut in.-
e funds.

"out aS biend of it
Ian annual
*** warer

- d!

.," ,'.- *.' "
pirr.- -q


L*7- 7<

''.4 o ".-t
, ,.. .. '+.':

PPr ..

fres kmoo rthe nw Mb.

gotopoe oo4ies!

Our own Qf .FFV pany ths wiek :- -.
an -d they lve


Yr SotPe at beath
Yor Cntalto It. c.'

L "'- j-L r1 4^. ^J ;

,^f, m M'
, '.. ".P'. "- .
.t f ..., k..*0.a

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a state

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.9- 9- -- i

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r .4 :-. <"f'r *
;-*' gb

tow. trmflpi.ttauutia wof

go. nv-be hit w ha
iterl-A e eu _ooperati on
ro-e thaspot fatIfil of
dweImslpt fna ,lOf

iin, s-e tca eommiot.
." ..aInattt,, .,ea
inft? o ovytrd

one .IIt, "jt h. wp t d u "7uu
i ', ) -
can t I.b -ruPJsestwo-

-sardaer w dath h e t" I t Drt-bn
tt- IBM-h e. hia dn*S len W.^ ?artlnc
*.aa he ws to a i stupor.
'" i -

Why Dwi't You Stit Yyour
Xmas Shopping Now?

j^ilor 6jazaai



S*Coatums Jewelry
E Sport-and v yW Ins Handbags
i raei_* -la.p*

t Ib F ao-b e o. ".i

*JP..*tt^:#^t^Xp I li::..;

rw I

79 Justo Aroserhnta
Avenue Tel. 3.1126

L .*~' '

.m ...- .... .. -.- ;' .

: .:-.u rent dos3'O "[ F
c;. losing out -1." 3

.n10 COSTV017V





F. 1/3 OFF

F= 13 OFF

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .Wut .. .A_.. MS .. .. _. ....!

genu bm *~ --5 k .
Another fator in the Nuoved
fall and .winter picture'ul e hir.
J of extra wwken by trade and
te eitabliihmnt s to handle



Monteserrin Strt Nwa
I*.' f .

"' L'~' ~-T ~ ~. -.I ~ T-.91

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9,:, .s.rI
* 9%.
W't ?~
1.9 .9
.:t ti

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S, ; *
r. .


999. I 999~
.. .,qrc


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9 1
~~g99 9 9 i 1'~~
-, ~ ~tz,% A

. ... ,j-.,- --!r ,r iw ~b ... -
.*'* *,. .' ^ '.
.. .~~' .9 .
ob.. -.t q .jr.
iiJJM^-IdrOem lt-.'
N~ifI^ -jr.-"


[ NO1



I D .Uej-ff

Twin Mr. ond Mib

Bedspreds and

t ./- ;

~A4 a Cdrs- ForsoBearoa
.m 9 *.Roo s .-, .
,.9;* -;
% '" ,. g'b,



bush er.."

i.' ., -.;

...-W. wi.:

.. --- --,-
r. ..

: .:. 9. ., '

.9 -f

Powerful ew Ky-Fit. V.- and Powrhw 6 aglsa
* trwm M3lta1-M SM Ihrlina
* PoqurF~t. .a4* n.loiutn ano made, wkL

*"I*hbanpnd .*

.9 4,

'" .- ; .

S1 60
S. ,7 -^I

'J 1 9. & -

-.r ._. < ........ ^
f.. .......
. *i *I .-o .. ;: .: : ,- .- t .
,* &* ^ .: aK lnll l'*^B (*' '^ *'iW .^ ^

9 .. 9-....i. *.
..- ": ,-* -.- .*,. .l .- .' .. ..


Come in BrewneArbund =See

Ma rvelos I.tems -

Yo ft s. ly
.* ~ ~ OU _^k'''w 7"



of tIe et..
.. e .- ,: -.'.
.L.-.;-. .attt- -.iK ,a : ;.g-~M~u



'P -
~-'7'rr~ .9.3 '9 499
i',. 4"$t. "it9 1 *~
~' ''
- I:; ;. -9..



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". 't
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. -. VERY
7* *" ,, *9 1 .

r,; iw(.AN N -


All TheT s6

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that a

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.'" : ..'! *, .U "; -.
.- ; '*-> .ft -- ,K

~-. I.;rr


I -; -

TT 4 ** T 'I

Word comes from Kansas City
that the player piano has been re
born. According to the Midwest -
Research Institute, the last player
piano built the U.S. was made
in 195, so it's been a long time
between roll.
. Now a Kansas City firm has
i perfected a device which can be
attached to an ordinary piano,
transforming it into a player piano
before you can say "Glow-Worm."
There'll be scme hot times in the
old living room yet.
.Wal Cox _
IDs McNeil has changed his; Do=MeMlA
m pd. The head coffee pot of ARC' hows remember this lesson from-
s .,. .. ...roTm, -h shows remember this lesson from
akfan TClub." ua toroud radio history the audience It-
a.. self produced the first audience
"Up to five years ago," he says, participation show.
"I would have argued with vehe-
mence that television In the dav- David Sussind and Alfred Levy
time would neveracunt to much. of Talent Associates the firm
I couldn't see a busy housewife that operates Wally Cox's "Mr.
watch .g TV. Even last January.F Peepers," justice the NBC Tele-
ust before we went on TV. Iwas von Playhouse and the Arp-.
net convinced that daytime TV wastron Circle Theater say they
a bi actor, lcok for five basic factors In TV
"But I'm forced to a new opin, scripts. You might like to know
1le. I've beenamazed at the re-what they are and watch for them
pos since we went on TV. What on TV dramatic shows you view:
a lot of housewives apparently do
Skeep t radio a e kitchen 1. Valid Charsterilation the
am TV gt en the living characters should talk like people
Man. We'-- ren both at the same who really exist.
time, you know. They work in the 2. Sbpeity of lot the casts
itcen. and if they hear some- should be small and the plot line
wat. f n ny, they I r uncluttered. TV's intimacy is best
.....nwhat .tlooks l e." fcr incidents, not epics.
is noew hosophy of d ashing l3. Conflict-any successful show
between ra o and TV, which must have a conflict; somebody
should keeo p the electric compani eshas to solve a problem, overcome
solvent and the housewives sm, an onent, resolve a crisis.
makes McNeill happy. He likes TV, -
thinksitIves program a big Growth the characters must
loset ough it means more change learn something become
le ad. present features that botho something. Otherwise, why watch
loek and .nd good. 11 pe -, is importsat that
there be a positive, hopeful note in
S.TV scripts todAy.
The Latin Quarter is one of New
York's biggest 'and most success-
ful nightclubs. It always features
SNNIfWf CERF ("Conversa- top show business headliners, ant
t o," NtRCadli): In the old it has a long and lavish floor show,
days, a sntlcStan wore elegant but-
feoth1 eane the workmen
couldn't afOrdaam8. Today, when sitting up close, you notice some
our office boy can get a nice things which shouldn't be in a
looking sult, for a low sum, the nightclub that is a must on most
gentleman looks around him and tourist' lists. The costumes are
"All the popile working oor o and dirty, Te shoes are
i Cofc vo l-bod, I have to be .fliM. The showgirls and cbho-
dt. he Is now looking C ew e prettesst New
luM {1* bum. 3 r. I ih.-
-iTheLatin Quarter better watch
!cNel, who stll operates out or It' be the Latpi Eighth,.
e I hu been Breakfast..
CLnb M3. You might be
arrested learning hw his pro-
Ig t and-daddy of the a ddCivlil l Tm ,
a pa nation shows, got w as are 1*m 1
1~s ast- M -* '^- -^*-^*-'-^-l*JR*-

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hwaftch show.
'wdtad to so ottbeaseDo-

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hs4 us 41 you gt annoyed tone.
;.. utes at audience psrtlclbatkn

"e fl9R OF MARTo A WAV

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"Burning snsation it left *ar--OP CORU~E o0m"WO
Is talking about himi"

ALLEY 00c .


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:/, A -.. :,.|-,-:.. *^

*,~ :-' 4***
.. *..
I: ;4c,~i 'w.


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o' S

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This is a I bwf rI

>9 ; 9 7

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liso1i0n ME I

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,.#, o AN WTTTWilW Ml*
I sSrw canSt or, NWa
Cm Atonigkma=,r MHLE 1
510o56 RAI ,QoF. 1 0)0g


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.4 A .J t~ -.^^ A l e- -

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47& 4'L..,, y4 4:.".-: -"., .. .. ...".;,g- -* .-.. ?.-. v ,4,.
.T; A- I VW.."R,
ia; : .:: .; 4 .. ... t .* t, l..;,. ...
. 3 .. ; ... .'*.. ., **,4 """ '9 ". ..t: :' : ":'
i A.... -,.: .. .-f .* ..
,. f ---, -(- ~J -,. -.A. -jp '.'' t. ...S ... -j. .~. ....-... .:.
W ... .. .

S '- -M P ..: ---. -4;


k f- to get hi
aee will be a lot of "favorite.
M candldatis '56.
Sdactag his owa
ical fuarend at of his
arty; tid a reporttt be is "'st
I me en i ovw-hat nlovs
Mn 'llWiwal later.
HI qu ed dim of lo g-
e' east o v. Nm. 2 is what
ad ben billed as a tight p r -
aa'fltcenor his own Senate i eat.
' a L' **

F"'se 1e,,,--.., aw" a .56 election, "X.t Is
to -aMY Just WbsatVl
lp; eep ad g to hapen-1. Kefatv=r 2W
J3 an. ser "; e M .that a'-w" l
m not Ia candidate and I l s td on economic sitea.
don't have any plans," eaxer ti atte titmer and on the internas-
said. "f01 course, Idai't think any lt ." o
o(J can foresee w the situation hKe er said he think, genere
will .be ops. and one half. yesas allylbat "the leerats ought t
from -6w." ha .a -wfuly" "od'-hance" Vo
Asked:about StevasoN Kefauv- wining the WbIte ouse. World
er said, "O the ams face, he cor- inSt i behalf of the Demoqraso
tainly has the best case ." e omaildute,. he said, will be a '1dt,-
then ded the observao about auppoutmen' in the thlfurse A the
e .fficultu o. seeking office sent administration to m ke
without a forum to boom his caim r'"d on some of its promises
pafign atatements. which even has toned down' the

he Only FREE Single Refjex

Camera System i the World

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Available in three models with choice
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> 1

PORf^S~J'Plaza 5 d Mayo
S- -

t. ., ; ....- ... ': .:. &,. '.--,,, ', .,-, ,. .... .. ....- .
.'-.' :;f -, -" -':1 ,-' ,,' .,_.-' -- ," -' ". '' ; J <
..45..7..- 7 -.

* '" -' .p ^t*" : ",i ',-" 1-" "' *-; "" -' "- "'.. ,< '
" >. (. \ "'- | ; -- ... ..- -* .. .,li- ,^ < '" ^ ._^ *. .* -,- ITf.,* i .-.; .*.
....... 4 .
.4,.. -. .., ,' A-:

5' .
X S-

comeetraU2en "t-ec
;'f Kefauver "I* .
"1 .-^ M4deg 'alarms work.-
ahi smabll Duuitess

'l^Kea "-b nir-. of itb,-- So.;

of owo' committee'sl ati-oooly
zubao.umittee. He has been urging
a- y expanded investiion
byW 'nerw Democratic control-
*' .
It" has not escaped his 'o I-
eagues tbt Kefauver's t r ni
campl-n for the nomination
Igmsf.fowed the ghly-publitcet
9iqufry conducted by ls ipeulal
committee which inve s t i g t ed
crilm in Interstate commerce.

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'-.-" ,.,

eear Gdt.a

Jts t c
: .r, s-tt. i,

a6h Campbell, noMaIUated -by
.Presldn tl hower as caonp
troller s*fee, faces a posesi
SuMte Wght on eabinmatlon
beaww of ha. support of the
Dixon -* Yates conthat The
comptroller general is the
watchdog for Cawgro over
federal gpendln.. At present
Campbell: i a member of the
Atomic flfl r ryAmnmim

Antain Chancetlor

Jobs Rb Tours
USA As Ike's uest
MIAMI, Nov. 26 (UP)-Austriau
Chancellor Julius Raab arrived
he today from Washington on a
5.000 mile tour of the-United
The. chancellor will tour South
Florida before leaving for New
Orleans Siturday. REab is in the
United States as a guest of Presi-
Sent Eisenhower.
kMore than 30 guests honored
the Austrian head of state at an
official reception given by G. Bu-
go Whitehouse, attorney and Aus-
trian consul in Miami, late to-
dai ab will make a television ap-
pearance tonight and visit Key
West tomorrow.
With the Chancellor were U. 8.
Ambassador to Austria Karl Gru-
ber, Dr. Josef Schoener, director
of the -pslitical department of the
Austrian Ministry of Foreign Af-
fairs, and other U. S., Cuban and
Austrian. officials.

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Baa -'*'.t L
m ^\* -'* l
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and Bedroom





-r a J s r wc .. ,.AA." ,- C& ;C >tE t.-'f
.^ i.ia Jri
: '*"**' '~~~~~ .. ';i \ *' ^ U 1^ M '~

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- "~-'''' '"~~~"''~'' I~"Y'-"~`Y- _C

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'. ;1. "-. '*' l-' ^ ':^ **/ '.- -* t *- -"S." ". -,-' .^ .- ,"''"; ; ^-. ".^ ,-- ",-,' "*J -'F .!."T,'"; ,,>-. ". '* ^ .:':?, =.' "i
r -* *. .. ** .,- .* ,: ..- *. .. ..~t ^ .^ ^

. m ... -

& ,. A.

am7 '


MOBRISON 4th of July Ave. & J SL
Justo Arnaemena Ave, and 4 St.
1i2 La Ceartahuills

Central Ave. 149
No. 3 Lottery Plaza



Parque Lefse7L tr e7 I O e .wz. .

.- ='. ,\ .. ; ,_ *_ ,-'
i" I "oI

usit ..coa.N
mum jo.ON
led for re
An A-

onr a r w du a days.

HousAold Automobfles KIDDI: a P R9tI A PL FtSoS NAL. c
en with Santa 5 n_ .,war wh had go
F9R SALE:-Sixty-cyGIe Admiral re- FOR SALE: -- 192 Chryasldt Windsor p.m., and o Saturday, 3-5 p.m., at Pe nomeB.-117 7.Coibl -1 34 or d be
frgerator 8 cu. ft.. freezer top 38. Fordor Sedan, excellent condition SIALSA TOYLANDM. Gramlich's Santa Clara Beach .
H l b. capacity. Call 84-5223. See at Powell's. Colon. DR. WENDEHAKE MEDICAL CLINIC, tags. Modern .onvi s, ear The Radi broadcast of-n
FOR SALE:-1948 Pontiac converti- 209 Central Avenue. beside Copi- rate rate. Phone GO Stp o edr t Noveme te bro cast uof
FFOR SALE:-.Emboo set Via BeSsa- ble. tour perfect tires, new battery, tolio Theater. Phone 2-3479, Pan. or Pedro.Miguel. 4-567. t p^. l.ap wihael i o-6firtpmunib
rio Porras No. 208. duty paid. Asking $300. Balboa Z- ama. FOSTER'S COTTAGES, en mlle l Ia that tie Amerleans wet
FOR SALE:-Playpen, good condition. 2916. -1ant ACE s ara .,..LawP. a.n tha t HeON being held, alth a the bro
Balboa 3272, Res. 0920 Amador FOR ECONOMY, this is it: 1951 Hen- F Ri LE Balboo 2-186. c_.ast admitted that l were
SRoad rv-J, excellent condition. Ownet In MI m WILLIAMS' "So ar h Cot- CiuriAs 4 R *e th%.0e Ofwa e. ora
v B ,, '-- --- J. ., -at;" Stares s ays: 'Sell it for best offer r." -M"" t a e S-- r oc sa a, r ofrl gtr otlen, tw o- t .'. .. Bnrgs Of w.inrgs..u rin : gltdo e. p-

'OR SALE:-e e. or 2 Fitfare9,est after."- 17-,/inch Hoffmanri rrl rtl. two Which Axe ,-- m t o i
asher wi sud-sverrHi-Fradio 212-CFOR ALE:-1953 17inch Hoffman bedroom. Phone 3050. a a t Y varv
phono with Scott amplifier' section- FOR 'SALE:- 1948 Chevrolet, good television for sale or trade. 86-4 R l *TO l th B fom ya W fra -
al sotfs onert to twin beds; ma- radio, tires, engine. 8043, Apt. 6, 7170, any time. .No ahe" Auol the Amer-
table ; chestof drers and 9h endezColon______ FOR SALE:-Hollicrofter radio, model FOR RENT GEO. F. NOVEY, INC. icansi8ei* liI priAoner or
brook 647 e. h FOR SALE.-1947 Mercury in good S-38C, like new; electric motors, *oi Avy Central 2'9 Tl 3 .140 about two years.
^*;::b~ol< ^47.-___________ condition. Coll 2-2719, Messer, be- 1/2, 113 and 1/4 horseower, 25- Hous AVe. Central 273 Tel, S-*M
r FOR LE:-Or trade for 25-cycle tween 8 ao.m.-6 p.m cle. House 1502-B, Balboa. Cil FOR RENT: Chalet, '2 bedrooMs, Radio Pelig sad the evilu
waohing rtMachine, Kenmore auto- FOR SALE 1953 four-wheel drive 2-3401. maid'srm, vry eal. Pettllo l "were Doth captured oB the night
S motc 60- cycle washing moahine. excellent condition, low mile- FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 4-door; No. 59. Phone 2-2418. D of November 29, 13, "and that
n god ondon. Gombo 58 ag Reasonble. Phon 4-549. 20-gallon gas water heater; gas FOR RNT: .Chat Lvina roon, NAnEe & DUNN or e men were ty ie
ftr 5:30 p.m. FOR SALE-195 hardtop Fordalo stove. Call 3-2208. dining room, 3 bedrooms, I baths. BALLOM DA STUDIO when their plane shot down.
FOR ALE: Floor model 2-speed 1951 Morris. Must sell one. ABER- FOR SALE:-Electric hot plate, kitch- garage. Phone 3-0771. HOTEL-1L PANAMA, SUITE 111 Three Air Force meh were killed,
record-player in mahogany cabinet. NATHY. Phone 3.0264. en ,tems, kitchen cabinet, rug FOR REIT.>-In Befa Voisto, 2.bed- 4 e" 1*.. Adkls,a -n ai Peping a id, and "the oth
S 0. Panama 3-33 FOR SALE.-1953 MG TDroadster. mps, pictures. leaves, clothes, room chalet, dining room, parlor, rir er 11, all U. S. citizens, were cap
exce Tlent .troadsrtoyslautoaccessorialbooks, mis- ..Maid's room arnd prage. 50th St., *Terneue. a ie nt2n42.9ru,rad Si s e
excellent ondton No trades. Must celloneous589Bo Ancon. No. 48. Phone 2737 After 4 p.m., Panama 3-1660 The Korean Armistice agree.
FOR- ALE Albrook 6147. Help Wanted FOR RENT:-Chalet No. 8, "Barrlda m e nf wIar s s les:ttin rplesone a
Real Estate FOR SALE WANTED:-Maid to live In. Refer- room, dining room, bthr ktch RO RACTORS o. alle
FOR SALE'--Beautiful lot of land on oaences required. P h a n a Gamboo en, other conveniences. See Mr._ e pa latkm prisn ers taime
F .. F SL.....nE d ohe Boats & Motors 26 a.. o ..houseN. 194 or phone Le td a, to ea s g
"lg high t gaeo ad tl 4CorCejoDove,- i 2 3-373 1 any time ;.ars phonn 4Lao f....ys afe r. this ar_.istice
a-ment wprSueet adiocSn Hotel El. FOR SALE: Kit boots Cris Craft, WANTED:-MOid to live in, house- I 3'p,- w t TD hus Wgtoe'ment becomes e t
Panama: 900. square meters, op- Custom Craft and Schneider. Alu- I work and child care. Must have rof- Sa -- u Within this time limit each de
proxmotely 9000 So. Ft Priced to m;numand fibre glass boot by Lona erences. 214-B, Darien Place, Bal- FOR RRENET *T* m- 1M undertakeIto cop lete t rqhe a-
sell without middlemen. Call Pano- Star. Also complete boot accessor- boo 2-6364. r l ,R (1 L ioci e Lox Tbtrel trial of all of the prioner of
4'' ma 3-1101. ies. AIRlNATHY, across side street A 1 twa is custody at the uearli,.
FOR SALE -New chalet, 3 bedrooms, Hotel El Panama. Phone 3-0264. L TALLW .SP practicable time"
near Panrma University, Co lon FOR SALE:- 34-ft. cabin cruiser, rsm n ATTITIOmN i. Just built modem The Geneva Conventions of 1929
wa.Eas ymtTHOMAS nedr pairs, 51100. Includes din- f shed General Re tune ups and 4 whh the C ese com-
REAL ESTAT GENCIES, Central ghy, battery charger and fishingbr aJ Tdroom, hot, cold wo'r. -Tel G l e..,U a1. white t lhe Chin mrt
.. Ave. 259. Phone -1069. -tackle. Must sell. AIERNATHY, iI B l 10 Anr* phone Panama 1.4941. mhnbts ave rorete ci
Phone1-0264. ...] c e.... A... guaranteed. (Day & Night). they abide by, provide for the hu.
FiR SALE:-Furnished house in San. Pone 3.-0264 FOR RENT:- Apartment, Peru Ave. arEN .. 4w .un, op ,,. mane treatment and speedy re-
t Clara. 8000 meters fenced land. FOR LE:14-ft. fishing boat, good H W I lI 72, without furniture. Near all bus (Fo ly at 8. A. S.) patriatit of prisoners of war.
opposite Williams Cottages, an condition $7. A cor top boat, stops. Phone 3,0624, Brumos. Telepohea --s. On the question of the reten.-
wk 5800 terms. N.E. Had- HY,' Phone M 281 a-w tion of prisoners under certain
t 95 or 248. NEW YORK, Nov. 26 (UP)- FOR RENT-Modern 1 and 2-bed- rcumstaces specifically pro-
Bhip owner and ngoreme room apartments In house No.5 for, Artice 53 of the 1
along the Atlantic seaboard to- Avenida Jose Francisco do Os CLINICA TOMAS Convention states that "beiger-
% i"rc epcted to tall in l For information call 2-1616. Pbldea Tlr .Itv. Iolet ts shall communicate to. each
S- with a contract agreement a.e. other list of those who cannot
Si -Sp '- i reached here between the New FOR RENT:.- Nice apartment for iF wi..e eahIms be repatried' and specify the
fal sl-cr iai at i York Shipping Association and married couple or bachelor. Apply R grounds for detention which amust
-M -b :, mit loenl tiglish a the International X1ongshore- Perelil, Ave. Col. Jimenez, house a_. aroATNT be cne of "f'te' reasons indleated"
yla oyging men's Association. No. 7, apartment 1. Phone 3-4812. "". M C an" in the Convention.
pif details as to experience, salary de- o The agreement, reached yester- aA. -fu T t d -.. -IA S .. i.
-t l gdadin ianciliang smal ppIp- daya.Ib a Iarfo!a 14a-hour me r T -r.-. .i ,,, f,,a i .) T-s e U9 ."-4060a _.

Z _',G. .
At-S, _.. _-'- w- W .:
SIr a a

at .or.htlwdjt',
ai hs never fw
alial lo wifc ur.

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s* T mIfl L '' .

_ ___~ ___~_-.~..__- ~ _~-.-~.~.~"Jr_

*-T .- -,. -

.1. ... M-- W ne controversial analpe up nir ,*- rV ." *I--"" f,,r,, ,,,j, (ddfi tirif otHre) U"*W- ", ,- --
S .. al after a brief illness. He ingUsysterm sn.alup l iving-dining room, klichen,-mInld's r, -.-B. ceedings or until punishment l a
UIS S rreVu Was 56 years old. e J n. room, gaoroa, cedar lined clothes Dormt -row. auc. been completed."
SLaBue, h rCommissIoner ohn Andrew closets. hot water installation $100. misn ri-v Waspaso.
..... ." ." w LaRue had wored on Burke' of the Federal Mediation East49th Street No 14. Phone 3- former Wl .neat Pe dr. -s_
S- W.ednesday. He became II and service, who announced the a- 033&8.u .", s C., INPe Ti( lI
wau admitted, to the hospital greeamnt, oaid it' would set the F T iPta s
Soon after midnight that night. pattern for contracts between FOR -
lA native of Carm,'Ill.. he hadablip owners and longshoremenI FOR RENT r* K '. .,. Mllllill AIl dMiV
served in Fran.e with- the Army tfom Portland, Me., to Hampton w. -RM. W0 0ot. Ab w l ra-el:. ar'-e..s: ...a
-- (l duri-t World War I. He #me to Roads, Va. RerIegaoom "a DBen. A
1the Canal Zone in 1940 a hou ana. 1-A r ha
Spa f oreman with th4 Canal The proposed contract would FOR RENT: Beautifully furnished soe.a3Sna S1 Of l fer Amnesty
or g Ization and until recently run for two years sind could not store, Frigidaire private bath, iHou: 8 -4. i-a nooq-a p.m. to .. .
had made his home on the At- be reopened for any reason. It .:iprlvote entrance, best resi- p.M. dSar.__ FRANKFURT Nov. 26 (UP)--
lantic Bide. also contals a no-s rike pledge. ''itial section. Phone 3-0638. Ca- c U.r Rap. oharHes B, uBrom -n,
It provides anI increase in the Ifie 52 No. 3. chairman of a House subemomit-
i He was a Mason and a mem.- bsict straight ntime wage scale of e i t tee here. to investigate foreign
ber of toe Veterans of Fotaeigen b t t wesaleo.4i wa sid, said today, the CommnIt
warsh s ne seven ent an hour, retroactive ....EN -. Furnishedroom, a,,11111 CYNA woe-- threat In. tance has be -
Sh at C to last Oat. 1 nd continuing .t N.19ViBelisari Pr
f n s 522 o New CM until Stept. 30, 155, whe an ad RhA MS teda
Sr v y ,dition Increoa of six cents an HAWAII JEWELRY a great many r cmen
i i .. .rJohnF. .laRu_, Jr., a daughter, Sept. 30, ImN The basic wage Neti .SeveNIu Plil I. u e I vetg Communt a pro a-
-iBm^ .Mrs. CarelynwChristoph and four ratg snow S5 G an hour. PRC aIndiany onp, ao t rae
ni Tr n nseestdid tha The waof a .a id a'W1
Zone; and by tW hsters,.In Fort /aey# SWe nofre
L. The leading feminine rle of e, A.PNGpa A.M. conducting de or rd-car l dereda tck hlst ,l
g Year comin to the u down th

Stre r o taken charming, are WINED, Con -(UP) An E last
t i .at. b .kSundayair raid warden, Ader orders i .to i
i Iaftern on,,oobalMa-topalltrafdursng a Civil De-iie
Sisoi emle, oouruerlnse test, did t that. The war
The leading feminine role Df Lodge, A &A..M. conductingden ordered a- truck tO halt
-4ar* Ip the Associated British the services. Burial will follow and prevented It f ro oin to the Ii "
w.,.Technlcolor picture, "The Dalc- at Mount Hope cemtery. scene of a test explosionn." -
kcom to the Lox| i n a-d.,.on but .
I0Rv .'..eataeintakenEbychar. ii g
.,rnch actress *Gisele Preville. Rev.-OUlA B. Davis
douite aer i ilto ri :.
wItvo.'lvat r eD,- .ace o .. e fYl-O
wPt itho Nri.. Doill- thedrAl of St. Luke, Ane
to.tomorrow morni at O'clock

sait a ksenl. No aoter mo yem,,w i
ei-Ms iel 3m spodal pohf7 kiwi
*- &ad e a poy c wh b mlk
S .h. U.I.*apw S n M.u
: ..--.... -i t a i. t s. ..d^ "

," ..'". -. : -

li-l -ci 'le very Rev. M. tucnsra Mac--
] I Donald, Dean of the Cithedral,
Se Ven. I emuel B. Shirley, the
R iev. John N. Townsend and the
Reverends Mainert J. Peterson,
Milton A. Cookson, David A. Os-
borne, C. Wallace Hayes John 8.
I McDufflWm. W. Balad and
/ g -,one of Britain's Rnew..
Sina l stars, takes the Davis, wbo beoan hi' church
I"1 ..-freea role of the year work as a choriaster at -Bt. B1-
In t.a' soctated British Tech- mon's in Gamboa, ser fd In a
l ni orf ron of Ivor Novello's Amilar capacity aLSt. PetO's 1
IAstl,. play, "The Dancing La Boca and as a Lay Rbader at
._l9.ow showing at the Lux' 8t. James' St Red Tsal and as
Advt. Superintendent of the unday
School at St. Alban's, Paugt.
He has been an empliG* of the
Do you have a table am a cm e. -a 1 _,.
,-ul. '^., I rvB gn 'U f tr mane "mbc of the
wh^h you want to Cnal Zone police foc t-
eoberve new? e of
Place a glass on top an'
all your problems will- -.-Mr, lnda .te .
Ssolvedu Iuer r e

For prices and information
please call
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" The beauty

of gleaming Gorham Silvetplate'

is within easy reach,

Their names reflect the praciaenui of these'
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o Plastic shoe bags
P* Platgarment
Plastic floral cent
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eal Fr Endinag

SECON F In- US Sc ols Offered By Qovt. Fventii t
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26 A rect the defendants to submit
Sd k r government formula for carry- within 96 days a plan for end- AIW m
ing but the' Supreme Court's de- ing, as soon Au teasible, racial. -
Sa -is banning segregate school segreation of pupils in public *ERLIN, Nov. 3 --(P) -Ex. |
.. systems was Under study. scopls In thitr jurisdltion. tremists of right and left face
In a btlef filed with the Su- c cetal defeat. West Berlin's ecl.
HOLLYWOOD -(SA) Un- Vi Mature's screams are get. preme Court Wedoesday the U 3. That, unless a satisfactCory ty parliamentary elections early
-'1.: .. .. overlng Hollywod: Bu. t Lad- tia louder over'the demawl- Justice Department laid dawn plan' Is aib a ln t to and ap- next month.
caster's first dual role of dirtor* mg ade on his -wdty ps by augeted decrees to achieve an proved by the area federal court,
.star will be ir last. He juS 1 oW ature. e, i rated school system i areas it shall "forthwith enter appro. Appeals for support from com-
l. ,e- ed direction himself l a 'w w their e0 where separate schools are private orders, byway of injune- mumsts sad naonalsts appear
Slentuckian" a-"I''e had s. e' fifth of his earula br I lfe rmpfptaned, with "no necessary tion or.otherwise, directing ad to be falling on deaf ergs in this
Two TWO jobs are toomuch." delay." milalon of the 'plaintiffs and city which as rejected coinmu.
1 p 4 toward oupone of the best other children lmillirly situated nism and tuned its back on its
er W oHe's now on location at Key dealers in Movletow, is whit The Supreme Court unani- to non-segregated public schools Nazi past.
W est for "The ose Tattoo." p rg up'June A .ly"'s wall *o '
mlWest for "The ose Tattoo. up June Allyo's wadro m aly ruled last Ma 17 that at the beginning of the next
'MC0oel Jtr t public-school s4rePation waun school term.' Of all Germany, Berlin, in the
unch bowls with m It may comic as blew to Tony Wa ners. at p t h rt on term." opinion of allied officials, has the yuseI
stand and'"Janet Leigh, M ULE BAKEZR1 I.a constitutional. It set for aoffsu
Socta ...hakr ...... ris and r et Lemvh,, LEX BABfor a uni W me ntdur;ingthePresent term 4. That on submission of a bestanti-Nazi record since the sded
Sand metal Fox' musical version ee d it up o t he le questionofdecreest shod an the area courts shall hold of the ar. And because it
Sae.............!0.a 'it' Healven" will go toleanv location. t .... If ste .e formulate to implement frie do- hearings promptly to determl e has experienced Russian occupy N
Stand ....... .. ...,10.80 nth Heaven" will go to Jean aocion .tIf udtte cion, whleh affects small Whether the plan provides f tion and lives surrounded by corn.-
SeSimmols (she stags) and Frauk greenbacks, there wile lllynumber of states transition to a non searepted munist East Germaty. It has re. m
SMetal auxiliary tables 3.95 sinatra. wood spectacular NBC sV o school system as expeditiously as buffed the comminluss at every Pa
S100% Plastic playing ina lbrld hvn met 2 The states concerned already circumstances permit. opportunity.
qards with tray ...... 5.05 President Eishower and Quen A publicity man's dream s that have filed their arguments with at the aea federal courts Thereore western o pre
*Plastic card aufflers 2.95 Elizabeth, is slated to ke Me guest Piper Laurie likes to eat oi'hids the court..Final arunmenta had 5. That the a e federal courts Therefore western ofilas pre.
e Plastic card shufflers. 2.95 Js I bshthd theh1rr res de t h comni m w m sf
of Argenine's uronn o. still haunting her. In 'Third been orlglnally scheduled for shOuld reituiel progress reports 4cr the communists will suffer
S redecorated for rta alt a :chorus ohick, says: phoned until early next yea end egatlon n orn naorder to i.n- tiotatavr
Di ayes is be a red eorated A"I've hearb d a gi iil ya tly e absence of a full bench. .surp against unnecessary delay 10il.5 lna -o
SV oneand Pier bwho eats flowers bat I I The government's brief e- In the execution of the pro- sThe three moderates parties-
-'n5 talcejs bris d icti onhe oorthe bpur poe .

r LEWIS, who played the Abbott's lae comedy. A ed "There can be nogre on city parament'ernmen brief aid in at
ort~.., .!LEW.hohas laes Mublic schools is unconocatulon. 6. That the Supreme Court re

2.50 e Lombard role inn val comic, L Cosbo and Cotelloto be tethe M y, ton on that queson which h a sdcton for the pu
SiJ e now oisy toe r, nine menace. After working in the tribunal empowered unIder the The rm p lilnc ity heor achieve. rE s
2.95Rea aein ree erir a week, o she told me: Cona itution to decidae it. n oeaear" ary for caring outIts doesa
... ixa uo^s > dan Men YOate...I "w cany "

b as o 4.7 oea er w, s retabi of tust wndu flaH eat "ha. rThe brief se ts theat iple c saon the ?j a loe -
a Minor-" after a lo a mnuation drees ":hould e er f er niiencr f garn I
,r dRe ILo who Pwlayed the Abott'slestb a.t Acomedy, "rica whh heves the n"ocalr5Ipd. c ernmlentws crl efad witht

magazine rack .......22.51 ii cen tious copn Wca ewe har ed with the O dutyofefosemtie.Vntn
rn roht le Lombard sro ale in v "I bott and Co itin ate story,' oI tliat n ct so a t
It.URI"Palastic pace mat e.50 S i'shredherown MariWindrplayingafelio nowtbeerdfiner lyasettled b y theoe ver y cit lev-
/ cr and t nine menace. After workagnin the tribunal empowered Underpther a respond bidre bt the.
f olors fo5.50ie wh ino aed' ne d ofilm for week, ae told bme nCon utetution to decidegit. OncmItianthotaelydoar-
Ti o n r. .Ir o n t aRsr o e i t heN e v ea s hc isco nlI nss s ts eed a sei pd o estn otic u l r e d .
awithtreof i '"TeMor. 'oWqfi nallyae som yti.str- The brief suggmets that Zmple- re o t u a e

.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ l &Wt. b-e.,"$' A Pa. Bob V".. ., _-_. 9:W 'D .. irvo_ e' ._.a 0 z .

r'o o m, Ben Hecht and George .esel 2. That these courts osbal l. -
Cbrkcing are 'in a huddle over the LoUgsBr ..i -
Verment Zars iovel, "D ae s s e d Is the /-ff--- ^ Si a Ffs Hei
z so into Land," which 1echt may scrpt "/ ,- Su ar For0unt Hei
in Baltie.or'the cren. m a n A .
Gary Cooper's given the gre e f Ou Of Jasl n Tne
Sli ght f6r h TV debut.,
Spike Jones telehoed his press r I s gidvnt fg
agent aCd he wags reaming mad. .
He- mentioned two newspaper col- SANTA ANA, Calif., Nov. 26
umas and shouted : (UP)-Millionaire Adolph 5preck-
G "aRed 'es botgthlsyg,.It's ter els II got out of jail today five
rible. Just terrible." days early and drove away in a
The mress agent said, 'l eall lon# black limousine to a Thanks.
yyou right back Spike." givg~ dinner.
The drumbeater read both col-
um as. telephoned Spike d said: Spreckels, convicted of beating
"What do you mean by saying his ex-wife, Kay Willims, was
terrible. r read both eolumna. T(e sentenced to 30 days apd began
ee ws andsutdt ..s t e l his term Nov. 1. He got five days
"e f "at off for good behavior
that ter:rible" iedyse ady
ag entsa, are given a choice, Orange County Jall Capt. Clyde
O x... r1- 64a3a *" '.g I really does L. Gathnght said the sugar for-
u r o e ay tifeae sio e" tuneheir was a."model prison-
te da good maas idbe help-
Saoio Wlu "l t of "He's going to miss a good tur-
so help out by sttie a pie ley dinner we prepared today
renee when you asked but- I guess he's got another one
you woul4 rather Or have. lined up," Gathright commented.

Just Si p 1our.
Wedding Ring"

an4# to .-

The LatI Word
Wedding Bandit
Some style with peary -
priced to fit Your


Upt*o la' ,IT ba

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* t *
- -
". .:

TrtL ESTMA ozK Fountain Pen is
designed to please everyone ... to fit every
hand, very writing -ob.

EsTr931ooK offenrs 88 different point
styles and variety of exquiMtely colored
barrels. You simply At the point you
choose into the barrelyou choeee...
for the perfect writing inatruiont.
When you give EsTrgsoos, you give the
peW with the right point Tor evry writipt
Stle ... a truly personal ift,'to be
used and remembered.

tour E'E URBOOK dealerwill help you
Make your ChWristm gift selections.

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' ts_ ', **.- ,_ .I lr

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.'. "...' "..
I -ald! c

"P -,f .01Y of:.-,; .
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Cnolapn me, as

ing New...



* Engine Enamel
* Heat result. Black
o Red Lead Primer
o Zinc chromate Primer
* Flat Varnish
* Bar Top Varnish
o Furniture lacquers
o Sanding sbaler
o Block board Paint
o Automotive Lacquers
* Syathe l EU els




S-. ;- ". -''

-; i '. .. .,.v
S,-' .
.* *.-*- ."
*i ''
R\. "


'* "-. 1 '- 1".
JUST ONE DOLLAR as wn payment and y t a cA mfo
teus today and *ubser CLUs& d t e ndp-wulas ndlne whqn yowa
* ."t* rush and nsve; A W YEAR pping PM.
'. ua, f y V E I".U'M." b ,#1 m, .a o f R .j .



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~ t;~
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** k4Jif -- .' -Ai' /94 :
- ....... ....... --.-. -J. '- "f" j f" .'-- '
.. 'tA,.. .'.
*"- -,.. .+-,, ^- ,+ ... "

; -+... *a m n 5u 33 WAR ANww w Us r o|ign | -

,** + *C ".'"i? -" '-"' .w,"- -'-. 'f-' .- ,.* r .'. '" ;'*" /1 *-' *.- i-.,- *'++ '" : r.-- ',+' j *-< **.*'*- *; ;-*.
*- .- ,, .* o .;<-" ..* .. .* ,' :- *.. **. *^... .. -: .,K .. .. -", ^ ^ "
-,-. ," -." : .; .. .# ," '-.- -.R* .-,- (: .' : ........ -- W
* ".'* ", -*" "VT w l ^ .- : t ,- '" ;- ; '. -" .." :' .. .' ..&' ,+-. .. ... .'. -'. '* ..'
-/^ ..... -.- a...' :- .-. .. .. "." "'. .- 'j .-- ".4
-. "- :." -.. -...--_..-... .- .*,*; m *- ... .. -. .. r '- 4
., ,* ..- .. r,',-'-, -- :. ,; ... -.' '. ". :- '. : :,' X- .. .. .
-- -~ jnt I'iA&$ f..-t


She'. Sot 45 cam oj

Smart m*a o mnso over won
* AVOSET. the sterillsed aw
rnl cows and tays sweet for
toe, e Imbay 45 caes of AVOS
an every boule to s

_~___~ _



Many EXTRA Cities

of Europe

and the Near East



us j


aderful tstin|
that comes from
r months. You,
SET and depend -r
ty sweet.L




London, Zurich. Dusseldorf,
Bruusel, Poris.

cat #1

Firlt Clas
NRuns Trip
1 967.60

- m

aam-a- Glsagow, London, Bordeoux, 949.60
00.IsBrusels, Peris.
.id OGloasgow, London, Amislterdam, I 1,01 A
S"L0 Copenhageon. OGlhenburg.j "'1.....

... .' .

+ '! ".-- .'1

+: +, .' "* t
-+ ,,

Gloagew. London, Amsterdom,

Glogeow, London, Bruels. Pori,
SG leva, Nice.

Glasgow. London. Amntedom, Brut-
els, Fronkurt, Zurich, Milan, Rome,
Noples, Athens, Niceio.



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Scet y1 COrstnas Saving
S Accounts

CENTRft AVE.a 21' E.St- PHONES.12-1830
t t,2.1833


Europma Airways. Here, twly, is bew
"t... the swift, asqpwr-quiet, vibraatioleMn
tMworid's &dt turbo-prop airliner... with
Iawn-back mete, oRd the biggest pictkM
- snay ipusismdrahi n plane. All this at a




Guard the chara mn can't resist!
Use new, longer-lasng MUM.
Don't give unaderaimn odor a
chance to starc be isn you
are nice to be new...
Mcately fragrant Mum is non-
irritating to normal skin .. will
not ot or discolor finest fabrics.
M-3 Is th6 secretly

-es ae awns-
,a.I M-%,S:wha


vwo Imal sBo

men's Aunliarys have been qmeot-
ed to meet at the Sco% lhack at
aver City 'Heights at 1:30.
'mew Panama' s rm* p -
of C Ou6M (ab Meotm. Trteray
The. "Kow Paiima* group of
the Caribbpan College Club will
meet next Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
in the Cristobal Red Cross nuld4-
Mr. Milford Bailey wilt show his
colored slides of the Guaymi In-
Ians and their ".a-ia" cer-
i__,_aI__"_A .

EnOy a-Bogen,
HI FiSytem

No. 1, 45th SL


sea, picked at the peak
ot perfooal, combined
wi*h .e via-e and
sensed with elas
wee mespce& F'-
That's the seses
^LIIsJI ^^*jk I Ih
dBmifruNh Bmimw *

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_ ~~_A.

J iriMU MM ,


- ..

the versatile music-
makeris pho've made
the &dbaz Salon so
popular these pa fe w weeks.
Everyone 1s theqr music, and .
AF" 'lY-0 r Wntiiclen! agrbup
cceod, kang muskas

: rs-k e &oif rl. ark,
-y A
W *- .. tK
' at. f .
". ,: !,.,. .+ -..- .- ,., .


.~isoe *nrw

.Lw em,-
..duow -.
a- .
s -sfl'. .
o*-^ i~l ^B


g~ LSL'a~'%

Oo Onf Way, Return Another
Make Long or Short Stopovers
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-9 q

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_ _~.0

ifH ^ .s^ -^^ ssaaaa
Enjoy in your trip toEurope

theFamous Comfort of
~9t4Famous Comfort of


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,S, a a/ l jPtIwrwieoV, .,.sI.B,.entea_.eN #I .t:a.te.

-h"r 4 '. ev +Carn A S ;

-m P ---- 0 7Unit 9 Fleet 2. 0eserv oer mhe- 9 w-4 a A t

________Doctor._____Wlve_.Plan contest sponsored by ol SMeti______ o organization to i
Chritmas.Li f ho hv. a Th re m ... thrnaigonal UsfW.. ,Te fe"t.l.wll cloaat :30 La 'v-_,elt
MRS. Lav MARTeNZ ENTERTAS FOR DAUG ERS askedto e to f l r -waPtn -o r n 1
day Dec. 8th. Bridge and canas. Outstanding among the ocial n score pads. conducted ti. meetg The i foi
Mr. Li be playedrtins the mor Heigvenhts eof next week will be the and plans were dge eta-.or a penda'wasomlIa- th Rev. ...lag-a. t .. m l
yesterday afternoon beneribi br'two stepdaurbters who 916m Retilurnfrmheon sJ WoErnetnanthAt e
visirtiong h e for mmoeColombe iA. Mrs. Jack O Andi n Isot Mr. and Mrsl PL onigVend a G
the house guest of Mr. ad Mrs. Martini, whlue Mrs. Jadm.e their youngest -re newstenc wod labor. ,K .ro p r.,th. .-- -,.1

E. A. Cleve 2is6397, Mrs. J. B. raise funds for the Ms a Ltut members; namely Mt.Dele merely P recomend i on a- aSaoni' athere'rematal
of Golf Heights. plrmanane from ana LuKarl press. ng of' ILO'. that the lowrl sno erWW the wm come up for dias-lon.
Unit r9eFleet ratrvawhereheRev.uJ A.owesTmtbo
,A .-"^ '" -"' pre"w .' '
own in Boston cake sale. The fashion show will an rs. Mar ee Newbold ilkins al oted that the ILO
CA phrstmal card received by Mrs. sd The regular motl eeU.oft f e tfe v B7lbo6 rw. Wnueleieit"mI all 1acloe At he
Plans have been made to have Uisst 59, Fleet ee reserve Assoiatia. forlttoabor. for, '- -- MCa -.l .r .
tIrt- Plans BigrFairlyiwasnhelde pd. W ith solem n e.. r-.'I
Life" inform her tha the second el dresses of heir own the somakingal et represenve o gove Albert L. Robert. Ar At Pa ter
ta will be played in the mor ningevents ofwi nex week will be the an plans were aiscinsa fa ar the e- p .es. i re fae fore n h thel A
sti at 10:00 o'clock. Lunch. -benefit card ay tea .and f ash- ecialo- lunco c hd a agenda was complete the ev. e~a 4ha atha Si

Res ervations made for members eTrT.aicta W00omathen' C orn wndor-igt' I t be *a sAeMrIrt Itm seetng ansd aad aee nat
an onthe r tests alig Mrs uesday. at 200 p o t heAd m P rocedings were POvened great stepn forward ien hearts to nad bna the Per; ls ei. n ther o .and
and thei guests wbyeasllg: Mrs. quand Nav ort mador., to by the reception of three new e d fore ilbr an ff I do0 t d N. so. m
E. A. Cleve 2-6397, Mrs. J.TB. raise funds for theDelia Vistaomembers; namely Mrs. De nsemre. erlya recommaodrottoon a- h .. e nto a Ied t
Nichol Fort Clayton 6189 or Mrs. Children's Home of Panama City. Wesley, Mrs. Isabell AAlama and Maisstf'tisfpratise.sButt.eemex-afectingoheirylwelfa- e
R.0.Maenycarns M E ona Kr.... Ena Lute .gamu t i phte.. -m.o- Iea fMAex Menl imortane atn t.. oe estur,
R., G. Mateneychuaisrman~,2-346.-dn a. pressed hope that thr-tie 7 s nato dnue..t n, ome up for d Mseon.
S.Door prizes will be awar d e d.. luestsortheeve ngwer m'rs oanizationwould suoed iWn at L, wat tme m for at sn30.p
Cflst governitng bodv' next meeting in C c he entered New York me te big surprise. .
y Morales Childre phant" sale and a home-baked.Lise Evans, Mrs. Marl'e-Rehard
Soen in Boton lcake sale. The fashion show Will and Mrs. Mary NwboFd ip Wilkins alao noted that the ie p

John A. Morales of Balboa from Miss Elpise Monroe's classes T i -.(UP) a s St Alc w Io'mS s ser
the editor of the Maane "Child the Canal Zone schools will mod- e -rI d e umr
Life" nform her th th secondel Soonedresses of their own comakingpartite org aion-compoed of ot tal ta
prize art work submitted by herTea will be served during the ocet whrepresen the witch was pulled. L. Air At Pacific nt er
S..lbor and emoyers. There reForce hal officer, ho hals all rmetingrees ot the Panam Can.
d, John and Jean no independent work er or em.-ifom P ama, has been prot- vers A.a a
les, had been put on dilay for Tickets vat $1.00 may be purcas-

ed second prizes in a 3-D a r t Ladies wishing to play cards are Joyce Stuard said the -woman came delegates, as there oftenesi among pharmacy at the University of Ad d ..wontu.a at this meeting.
in to buy a red handba ad a the representatives of free in-.Panama.--,In 1944. he left the Scaof the r.etie:s.'-hi4e.'- ua
__ green one. On her ates wore tons. Wilki 4 said 'pr o p o s ead Isthmus-and.entered the_ Unt ting cah beidone.te alpboe
one red shoe, one poen iwo. changes in the LW charter aim- veratty of Mexco a- a dent condition among us. Come a:-this
o ehat eofo. ldSig-thetrm. aiteY- l.jomeeting, one and all abd-see what
ter, will. be u dertaken at---thelis in te mahin fr allo us. an
&- ,. r" Ese 7M t governing body's next meeting in In 1945-he entered New York get.the big surprise.&.A
March.U iversity to continue his den- ',w -,,
tAltUalntgU and gradauted from "We sWcall wearyand
'N is _i __.F A LSEA L AR M h1949. A after' o- .ears-of -pr ctice ;" e.. n. .,. ,c f n cem t et r d- noep
O U FALSE.A.In. UZ.ntutl'onw, be opened-ones song the face th stron
10% 1we Instant C.!.. his private clinic In 1951. In t19o3neaong us will go into lar-
'o WATERBURU, Con. -.(UP) he entered ttie -u.s. Airu ore. -ness, take tor the shafts and pull
_Ionm Pupils and teachers atC chase Robertson is the oldest son'of'the.wagon along..Come to -the
BleUr Flo~or I C. Msm! nM ISenool got a+, + ~brise when they Mrs. leanor Robertnon .and the meeting ;ene-and .
feat t1AjU-o( I staged a roatz., A-drill. Several late rnest Robertson. 1 .
C up ,tr Cut Ciee i.-, .sng of mw rebea% companies of the fire department The Constitutions will be pr-.
.- .- ,m--.,arrived in the midst of te drill._1 _sente_,..ythe.committeeandO
_b~. V'"ol"_" l s .gq. a hf Soieo.e neglected to disconnetl er business of vital importance
VrIetSy. .54.. the automudffe- etibeca.withfU e will be dealt wit,
S........ + hetdouaiteon the aAn-le 'allretieesofthePfi
a "M Canal,'Government,_ArmytNavy
IS aS W and other Units.- -

.- -. 4 6







,- W ". -. .. +

FW~P 7
.0i1aw/ 4-;
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,~~ ~ .- -. .,
:-. ...- ,. .:,. ...

S" -i "er gy I

t. Alley meuSma pna.-.
it athe vAdd .

I as now here, iere i -I

IuWJnF vw
*B, IMe u


af -

ahatlet-,- C b tC pu "-
*' .* '' n a. u~x r i Im j i itWES E '

Membtershoat. bemn 'r A ''ofbi. -
to bring a t certificates o
have the ptivilege of I itintgI @sontfrolf tho to lan %
Csr ame--, be pld o- lfrMaOL C. T. Mir
IbT p will beiv. given Army v.uat, at thUI We A-
....S?. la..--M r ilrd week.

foal. and cM l ) psar'-
nd s I efense asked ateM
Wail 4# * to go bac to their t-
S vidual, units and .sp emad thboI
lI i which: taeyUhhd p o wmlsalt o wek
S i HIon studentt s the cl as was
t.I"I VS i Iut -iua u/nri.s D.McOl rr, l198t
Wea armi "ca"s Iiadi 1- A ACS MON Albrook Air Force
e r -i The ca was composed of
t wwl lwll Army, Navy and .Air Fore and
arm wet o Y.. ans tb. eoordinaton of
9W ar'- M WOr .m0. BemU, assist-
S,,", .- -.'-" ,'1 Icom! a-- tof the Pan-
sal that citiesti r aArea Damage Control
ath -Soviet*rAt*oI t ak a rzOU.

s 0. wod" .m ake ni=-.-t .. ..t
Slmultnosp lor.e turo N. Aceur do pL Harold C.

-rOn teaim rally' o*Uu .en- ton V. Cole, Sgt. U i J.
*terei riwkM g ,y p alo C
whet- .* w n df. joiI MAnu ei Davila-C l

croa ut on i ado,.
toiftettpoke at a Thanks- MA nk
g 1 bay celebration at
AmiN ociet, in Rin de J- third .,tte
n9%, where he stopped over Food sver glt one-
wi retumnng. home the_ hael of of.ri were
Inter-Anilecsi a W l the ma fao in.the over- all
trs' meeting at Sa Paulo. ding L ost d Wmtdtem
agt, w is ssued iqtdW trie -.
Aupst. When -itried Tbh nsew decline brought liyhIg

,l M The de!.u p means one cent an
offg her pay cuts for .o= 0 10oM
e aIMwetrs In the 4rer a n
A":.yIn,. vis.' i, t.

to I Labor.

an liamnpvlbli Xthrougb
hich communism cannot e-


-.eae ratt, ,in D ....

n' .. A wahrm -u

J;*' mI '

.. -I o. wan thei "
do "Iw t forin o me t
a9 mthe rliae iLude h
traketln be

Sybegin ajs they begi i
| flhgh for hem to met

Sl.t mo thae i mu-i l in-
c ..twi~ness husa takln him ovor. ,'
DEwreal iaoo.i'" namt' was
's motbsr reiUs". t hit
I brake hi "slkid" by sr-
Ifwltdi for him to corret hI1
IM lat mistake himself.

Fod Vaie of ik

to Buitsteaki i i .
b .
Mlik contain more preofin j l
Xi yaluatingthefoodvaluej .
OUM b ha A vigy high loteg /
eal VAlue-higher than that
bede h dtutent tbg
conlent in the body;-

This Tin makes

your -oney /

In itsap auly packed tin, Him milkbombsto'
you with it. original noW d tvor "
4mp d l-- ... M'd h-- .s
ertAn: there's noposagen1l a
wte W4 You alwa hay a

n every way Klit mak give. y$he vat
tor your food monY.

a^ almirisH




I fbOWF mD


'- -0

th tf

G3a hAe b$ er of lte ch As not limited
1Lt9gntne efltrrs pavesa exclusively tribOnh -affair.,
~lira. N AMs osilt iild. On O the
The owimil onrovneai e- related to
tw=e .he e aonl, ormet, o n tnoal iawi, aunclatlon, 1n,
wmhc desacrbeaetRf t a"i. tpretton and
lnii ildle be between m- belong under tei'r m le i 1mph
at'm sad casp ab a i-ionm to the ur g guldle-
wn sa of the flo e diu lid, Won we notdil today trends
n cdh I n the o hc-le ArAeh de d thought t try to pre-
stao relbloni appeared headed e and uat a the power ol
for a showdown. ethe bishop...."
SThe mm an iy was called In
the wake of a police nounce.- Meanwhile, atteob on "unps-
merit that the Rev. ROddofo car- triotic" priests at Catholic or-
boni had been sentenced to a 30- ganzatons gre stronger in the
day Jail term for preaching a pro-government prep.
sermon which suggested a paral- A cartoon in the leading eve-
lel between the Nazi persecution ning newspaper, Critica, depicts
of Qerman Catholics and the id a worker at the confessonal
situation In Argentina. rpcelvlng advice from a
Several oter priepts have who in turn was being &dvlhi
been arrested for "political med- by the devil. The caption be-
dlim,' but it has not been an- neath quotes from the pastojul
nonced whether they alo had letter to be read throughout Ar-:
been given jail sentences. gentina next Sunday, saying.
Father Carbosli was arrested "No priests may or should parti.
Monday after his sermon was re- cipate In the struggles of the.po'
ported to have caused a disturb- litical parties, lest they endan-
ance in which three women were ger their position and that of
Injured. the very church."

__j;U w ..."w

by ca 'm.
& byeus bus.




S 9r



- 4

I .
, *1.

. .




Do not embarrass

y u-

your friends 1

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Actiicy in Aiiuuti


I -..- -



I- *- -~ "A-
t~4.flh ~?' CL
U- S'f .4t

7 ,- I-
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"-to his ma"h

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- .. ." _- -+*'

*-. t.

yid RecogdS


* yo- -0-o
.'t WYORK, Nov, 26 (UP)--Ted4y (Redtop)
tf Hartftrd, Comnn., is favored .at 6%-t" to
e y Bassett of #hiladelphia t itt el.
fight for "delayed reegnin" us world
1i.tclsmpion by the Natloal BIxing As-,

'' ;iX~Tac'

u~"'" ."& -

KaN.B.A. unless a
the current 128-poc
lends against the
Dec. 14. Sandy hi
e title since he ci


atop cone for
a shot tilthe til
not oopei
e A. idraw
hitlon from Saddler on
.,it- mems.i
a Dee. 14 the i
w hbive Its first
PepV & krnId out
h bad been re
w"york Stat; ,ata,



but two months later Basset won
a6ain .$
Davis Ia savoed because f m"
his recent improvement, greater be
speed, superior aW &Wd posubly pO
more stamina over te la.round
route. He also is persistently ag- P
aresslve. This yr. ,he won five Blo
straight bouts. r
Bassett 34,. ield the t ather-, e
weight 9fM16 phanwinbjhip"i
whfle Saddr ~e in the Arm-
His 82-10-1 wre d includes, (o u U
knockouts. Be hits harder than Lu
Davis. He was stoPpe but once IB.
In his 73 bcits. D NvI was stop- Iad
ped five Mmea-bii not since 4d
Mirlv 1900. 7".iyearssauett had W
six boUtL. D ruilteAred f o ur J 8

knockouts .b.9 was out-po i i anled pries. At e n irTiia (WW
&and irad Zulusta. t' %lze contest before thOee innlfgs
Sbobber-wea.- r e evn played. Chief umn
t 'h L ... t to roceedbg during the jr .
SG Ikwhen In stAnted to rain hA t f l
rate kDaevlt '"w susew iut a WId13C
. Artist At Tacke / Who '. *,
c. Three e 9the second E
SPRINGFINWB, 0! -4M A) nid allowed the Panama mtars
W Jerry Gillikin spent most it his to score si, unearned runs. Pan-
Ibt a11 afternobn t tIckb on ama added.two more In the third '
Se it to make a..w upthe
'P u( wlhe5i ? "S f "cal sWI dlvenrshod direct

e aiag Sown hin a eDy- hh A

and ^ lafg the final three es.
r ., 4D..E -

LM a 3all Miller started (or the Ar-
el- PORTLAD, Me.--(UP) Dr r had Ramon losarid, Charlie
Ssa he t thre H i and Joe Meyers, followed
5 l"l en ^,obp the r r Mtler to the mound iin that or-
.. ^ for ,,- Panama had hits and no er,
f r Ye ard *hasundRave ep rors. Army two hits and six er-
ie to tentch a p' as ad a"M rors
S- athe

e. ae some ot th' .a. < ho will ,

I meeting of its kint' .- Iruint- is s
The prograM *_cIn del': lree.IB^. *
.n .p-e t f J s a... 8
1' and.l *.- lA f a .

~- w wr

Iom 7



pr ran)ee

", i ,.
'y i i .. ..I ,
^ .- ,,- .-..
,N : "'.:.: -:J:..i g, ;;

I ,.,

- ,





-, *

*, A -7 .


- .

.4 ~

*- S. A; ...

J~H^^H^^ T''- t' I~~^^pB~ci t ".i.
- H ^^!^"* ^ .- r ., .

.1 a

easnk pnm ILa v. W PuocLuu
ulace, et&.
Do't fort -the plee, the
Hotel-Xl Pa" g l
the time wil be 3 paW on
day, Nov. 27. Everyone is invited
and that neana yoUl The clasu


Stretch Spi
'.* u*

iwho bave sint 1li
lons for a tyoutfor a1

gati am. Saturdi
colve 14tieufcat
Btd litratJo ..
Many of the boCIsIba
their blkan d_ aIhae

s ro4


Thansgivi g Day

I Pedro Cnlsopulpsa M" -
was In I run apod RAI
day and came wbh. W supr, *dAW
al sftdt drive to .a- B b lkU1 a t
one-PAdrone-half thIin'-r t5-iatnio $.ca40.* .
featured sewn- Tg..r lo irt Dr"
Thanka!V0.Day san0 fr (Discovery-Meff I
Class lm1 horses at the TM-
Juan =p Tracok.trn 1-
dF hlfa I = q -MalayA $3.90.
,ureto g5a on the field e On e-To:Jl
furlon.t buwas still seventh ( T
when t eight- ored
ed into the homuetretio. I' IFOURftE
ever, okey Preddy Rose 1-CandelarP 1
Dixi princessagainst the 1uner 2-IMY.S;?4-
ral where she gained lengths on aS-Que 0
th entire field as most of the
horne swung wide Into te (n -
homestretch. 81.5*
Wth Pse or all he
flew down the stretch ad pW&l.
ed weakly,hndiled 1-Don Wwn05sj^5I
the- 1aM ha'furlong 'a ,-Aminar
going away. The latter ad. -Mt S-ilerra
the pace nMgt o i he rce, r- t-
n tog the lea1.16tth i --
and he on gamely to &the in-
ish. --Another Aar
Red S o=, the dfappo
mutuels vorite wond up yal Snal $2.
three uth back o Co -Amat 2.0
after f x to respo d 2w -
drive. I Hr was within
In distamne of the leod t--Day pot
out. 3 S-Pads? In
tIMe7. (Anoth er
upet returned
to er -juky win

,. ,,/

. "-



pgr -I SB


,..m- |'.| ---

...,f i

*' .-ffl ,B:
, ,,j .








. '. ..

I I..
..: ~

us. .

s.,. *I*

u i"- *


~ .4~ ~.

u~1i -F




. c, o




- -

---- -~---




fAdusi-vutl i Tdtahrt~y "Cil f,

- "* .

'#.. ,,

-' -.

S ".-.":-+. *. .-;-\.'' .-" ". '. -+ .,i .... ,+- "- .- ... w ...
,+m '.'+ + .... .." *+"'- .... +" : + -m ,. -....'

- 9~ a

,,.:.. ",l&. ,,,



r frmi left of the, o aw York Atb
.onad o n .tls J. Omnaow rae V -azne
nplonship Committee. The other memsn 1
et, left, and Chicqgo's LJvtlWtone Osbornt
am, second from left, is secretary of w
y. (NBA)


o '
* 'y;"





rN t-*1,.j*
?c ~'t


r- ~.
- ~2

C 4. .
. :;- ...

wI ao a torn, ;q||
A to the game or I
umbus ad' the enire state
Sberaerk and bug'eyad froim
bnckdyes' 2-1., cooe-from-
Ai. vicotry over- arem-rlvau
ar. And they have atil
Year's Day to relly work
.case of Rose fever.

-u. u .wi V- ;,("nd

SMitchell And' Kansas Never

Saw Anythiw Like Wihita

When more than 30,000
turned out to welcome the
ta Wheatshockers a.ter thet
d CIinnati's winning t
had lever seen anything Ilk,
Their crowding out on the
Ways and jubilance almost o
the squad to fly around above
airport until the wellnw l 1ab
would be restrained by police
Neither 'has Kansas, you
seen anything lk- Coach M1
Iit and his amazing Shool
who in, two years have risen I
the basement of the Missouri
ley Conference tQ be the
flower State's foremost foo
ere lnse has been so I
that Wichit as Veterans Fiel
to be enlarged.
sruad ot5ae the Shocks figur
.g to thetop rung for s
tchell, the former Oklah
n Un rytrback, does it with
d p irmptly s, of course, and what
Sso S an toed T the

ItBn- i at the o

record, g rledts, tWo onaecl e hl D
omepailed rSON ai ko i oW itf1 d c'brasE suspect lt
there because ho a -p a t Choke s tl were o. aopi

duen l the bie trufh B d e Wichita p ore ea
coah lrec s--but they antl tacklers ar
werel eda y double. ","- sight places from theac
r ke das at Naew Philadel z igh poles.
phia, O.,f k. Hayes was- there tetwo campsais be
irom 1~ until "NO. In that llehell, Wichita wdh onl
pe icd teams Bn 19 loft k0 a w dropping 13 .nd tyin
and tied aue. But' our t .db Lat t season, with en more I
satisfaction cropped up on the eligible meni the. Shoe
part of parents apd the '-Il emn't suppose to win
board about the too-ru ged. than a game or two but ea
kqesthrough. fCritics agree- .with the pi
After a stretch as a Navy lieu- mstilc.talklg coach that t]
tenant-commander during the par Wichita would win four
war, Hayes picked up the coacf gvil. Yt "the Chocks sailed
aIng trailcat hisP alm maker Det reulr season
son Univerity Of io vt InU Tulsa all-conquering in
i t-anhd promptly t st int sou Valley and with a
mr ouvin'toas and u e. lad of 8 and 1, the lone seth
By '9alus Me od a-. coming at the hands of equal

had a owarigbt pack t Houto,
alumni andteass is as nU i -Det Wichita thorough

prints ui hie Itws l dro~ppe.
his heels. At-weti ar e astraii t e authenticity

Larkinr to pet Snh ke plmeay p
morHayes" nJ m n..4boasts no more thia
from a fandatle w n' who come in above
task of okthem The Shock m keup
,selves Pio "'w '.d l ed In speed. Mite
tae fcomt w4pt Of td alk- 110u1 Sakes, 13, and Wl
t Kends;tackle

in5g to got executive aTowne 2, at ends; tackles i
and lanyba : 'W cared to rei 212, and Kent Thou
question ria'e t gl a 0 ads Ralph Dentor.,
When .ubes, 185; and ce
gave inm to Colu pressure and O'Tople 8.
resigned afte., 1gDO .season, t .the swift Denton who
Hayes w coach' despite aglt the eye of all stars
.ave Back Paul
Brown" ovOhio State. quarterback Co n
U the fearwa aesdm. mans, 138 is having a I
ing the iat Statea In- and his promIsing sl
siders have l beaid h replacement, Jack Caon
woul le- hasbeen -one of the natiq
tons in his A aers in total offense. Po w
et._ nd o. o." g mes .front one of the morE
This ta case. s a result of s able sophomore fullbacks
as evert, toodemanding guy a mi -d- e west Leroy. lInm
conduct su.h tNiWgs as wI d wito pumlts for an average
sprints yuntilW hI alyers dropped. .
It took Athletic I)retor Dick hta s four pony halfba
Larkins to down one player like Helioscope. Fl
revolt tl is 1 you have HEr
agoin:gI Slp pp j
and 165; anSI
Dowmten W mn' he was
it sow"e s Christian's

ord, a 4--- I
give flu_., .- .


ic a signed Coah .Mitchell
to- a 10-year contract with a v1
Just to insure Wichita's suc-
All-they have to do is keep
feeding Jack Mitchell the horses,

. -*-, 0 -
.: ,- -t f

- in r


e, g. .. .
A 'f' .
* ., pe a .





--- -i


- -~ *--~U .~i-. .d'&. -

The qeman or


- V+.-.-- +

+-* .^+++. ow %

V 1; 'tr' a&J*?j .'' r -^.^--. *

. .. 'nl y ,"'

. .-. -
' t~BYtqt*'t6c

tca S? o |20

t at. I ar uniorrt -
Aen U.-31 0 J

in d M Univ.hm6d 0

abama State .3 TidgeIN 3 o
Noth Otr8Ifte 1e'I Noth a

STU Iu 2U -M UP -
AmeeW touat feunthe Qua
Florida Amn4 ri D as Nor-

im Ai n ai axcbm]idlon- 0
ri VDow Zo EllCollege

ag r I tiwas di Enc
iaei d : 30 miles
ale to lbs faith, fortAM
epI devetoio o those who
d I- 4#t



-, "V_

ar& Ito .
rii a tb
"" '. i' "

ithe Bit
cIl the I
ra's Edo
.tinn T

* A

~'" --- ''

-. .:. .

. .

,a ,.



ito -Todfo
a 1



r m e.^-' ,.,. T..,!
p ,,
!>,' + +
+ + ^. -i; ,,.

A' -a

WM K "" f-i'-? 31.
I- ... o

-., ... ; .a -. .
S '" "-.
=-' = "" ++ ...,+ ,+.,p

'. '-I


- "..A i ,... ,.. u -a ,.+ '"

See people ko equntry. is safe" -Abrpha
A NO 195

....'Exrpects &*e
s-i-ic4 t

PIobe Of Soviet Espionage

Proed tf'S t E
G1OTO~t~1ov.20 (UP) would not ma~le use of the im- secret, but- it was expected the for at least two wartime Soviet
he cet ex- munity law unless it had a wit- testimony would lead to Indict- eppi o age ril gs She nimed more -
eak'in investl- ness who was likely to co 9eate ments in the espionage Investi. p ano
hhe Russian with the government an d had gation which has been in prog- a arca is she clu of e ooperA.tedf-
i rgs here. tant information. rose since 1947, with the ring. Ainongothem were
er s hre.I nge ien~tfothematio.. r ne at emmed Lauchl~n Currie, warme assist.
edIsources said the De- of the witnoesa The investlgat...k i Atemed Lauchiln Curre, w m assist-
hasuaked a New York now being 'considered f I- from charges by Elizabeth Ben- ant to President Rdoievelt, and
to grant Immunity from munity was a closely guarded U t,.y that "-"te al courier the late Harry leter White
on to witness before .one-timeh 'r assu tant cAetary o ',
* ~ 44grosil jury Inquiries -1he.trasry
I Camdev, N.J. A deci- ', Miss Bentley's cqiarge ee ,p
i ri u quires ,nvestigated by a ftderles were VIEWand singer-Paul.aobeson (left) leaves the Soviet United-Nationsa headquarters in New YOt
gtedsonw. i jury Investiated by a o lreril grand body of Andrel Vish$inllk. At right, people Ifne up outalds the bplilding as ta wait to view the body
lamunity is granted, it will u 1 r4 b ew Yor a io .as taken. ..
Zrat such action undcr -*t"1948 but no action, was taken. .
i. protects ac witness There were no witnesses nor any
protects a wftnesso documentary evidence at t-h e PrSS Urged T De n
section in return for : time to support MIs Bentley's, -
eoation, The Justice charges, the Justice Department
emphsiIn ,h -,owrtnhthe s D clsiive Vote On.Censure
4 sage of the im unity law. Nv-
eral accused Individu018 already W TON Nov 26 (UP) tion o he 1paiz "the tt
a have been called to testify. -e.WTON.. Fuobr2ht (D-ArkUP) ad-ond the, IWig told ,
EsUnder the newly w the wt l .a the ubltt .) eti
tempt of court -chrgesSenatee a 'decisive vote anfo tIhdel
..ewheter t ,depsure Sen. Joseph the0os ion
Re- e McCaokrt before It adjournma when the een.
gf)The Red today.D". .Dev. ia.; L. I
O p etPm A nnced toda t Wiye sUdh pressure, 51-. gI o r prvipws havbarte C
,o retCo m u n itst as w a t.' 5S ce nsu r "o
tree Inspectors .., 'Bra" reum We aL onw e av

ANSBE-C1heik Izzat O~atar, hdwn in AleOn T a e e l 6t OW' wihu CB
K "11. "1 p"li I""or (hs rpafODed i it4 t a blonde foreign UAsoa et
da o41. 0E~ h eni Actres With. German 1
k t m s"-P ..m qn .. o 'e :- o es ap 1 o
Polish" ". ldve,, a th",wta',.y .r.-'
aree o b
... br ht f asI d_
PARIS, Nov. 96 (UP) Th... Mass was m be or e e
government announced todiAt, Zseast In prisal, .
would be next Monday full sen
d r e s s t a tje6 as w i t h re at a

ANDAmBEl rcan or 'close tr he inks b w wemon tl eeax o ld r rdIn A hisl
here.m -o el' ec",1

rt ht eM. ooer a 1 aFrnendWsGrmn.manonewight. swuda o'n h
K .,f e qofe. a the" oemad- ,,olt~c r advorenham er' foPrea olong r each dvfy, poslytrn -rm be.r..ofrina f
-.kytfa~ ~ otek U beam er of he ent

-"o s po'. V .4 u 1d and eered".Act of win- 'Tet to _use ks on the ar 1 .m. to1
"e r 4w- move

Srw o. h) r onr Party bore he ur
Arren~ty Minisr' toped up'rq

!i do**n*edwmip. be.eoits aPIiR p Vlshlnakr'sas-hes to its
PARIS,"ov. or-e(oPrT inietheY el nbton m r&.0 Mcariht soaesi* a it'ple fo
n e S.- e eund the rt e. .d eulogy, at the n n with
wou~d :tMonday.-ullfunerCa=rlnI

i er A"mt erbe Hoov er- m n S 0' W llqui mr' whaer nillbtao hn r
'n Serln in The ForeAin Ofit e said t plan ts land of C o a ndt
/srcan 0A0 tecotrai t- daean e ad, Cd

o-.,, Then her de Cfodrecor c aof btwee h hnson(R- owd car thor and e oIht
e Mr. H vr acoau n ee. R la ina( eLyRnd. from the place where it :
tmtdr i T he i Th n ron e lnty of the dW. Molotov, praised lGharm an
.I.V aU.Serm.rIf Army e e ,Hrlson, r membe eann e s"lw, f de end p 'c. t
.-e Rad it o thcon Informed oamLes oA ar- .pulic o r WiliAll hm eor re c en- to
Lftanmer Po wtprwrtHoovr ex ei w

operateoa t and Ien t ofawI n-y thon nstheu k o n one sar.'.. l aend enso f f -t.Ctedfo the sovietr a cand

IbR, aSfoa uH a hour bled fihdrmr of Premier Pieree ommunits said in r ech tae e rid Ly hdo P ar b e u
-i d A00-t1a forbcloMendea-trait e wnile he ewas in fs ra o thsa pute h es tw o r its a e
tTheUm'T kthe United tates. He wanted w eAe aast receivedman letters seuAn- ho h I t
InfptlIecone hego an before the -sm vJos l anof T ixa ou I c deliere t d. sanMe aner

l- 20,.:o 0u .1Na.o, "s9 rupmrew.iT h t.o were. Zt pub-
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