The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Soviets .men To f.C-m

YeUN ;Swing.. V %arns
da ,i Fh from Peru

o foreign, Minister o -Ram6n
eOhdu loa "id fu National As.

a state funeral at 4 p. a
widow and daughter Zjnatda wilt
accompany the -bod.

n euaser t ws. _walbM t s

:-wa nen

sembly yesterday that PanamA
I ready to cla damages from
Pru for last week's armed as-
tion and sele atof Pansmd-flag
ships .of the Olympic whaling
ieet, if no satieator settle-
ment rults from negotiations
now tn progress.
Although Oullado did not elea-
borate on the amount, or nature
of Panama's claim, or how It
would be pressed, there was Im-
mediate speculation that Pan-
a t take the case to the
W o z d o a t T h e l a u B Oe
should the need arise.
The M ln&s r m ade a report
to the Assembly on the Peru-
wtahs action- which ended with
the seizure of a factdrg ship,
Olympic challenger, sad four
whalers which belong toD reek-
born millionaire Anstotles On-

light other whalers and the
Iaer-tanker of the flet anre
hIn the iter anchorage at
lboa witting latnretlons
tom 0 oer.
S MMe;aa re-
^ ^^J"Dyyajpt-

P. c. DaviA, AIaBltant j-t',4ead
Fore Bu terdam aftesWOU'
will vt several key U.-. -i.Arny
of Defense. -CoL Rafael M. A
with Brig. en.N A. .Coteh.4Th
Col. ViUAite bal ObW rI MOu
J.. W. aror4 Cemmamder Alta
held at frn eights tortte
atral. y. ,Navy, Marne Co.
and hua.W1wy departed.tor Sb! 1

nhse (front center), extends his hand to Lt. Col.
bean Commond, upon his arrival at Albrook Air
p. wUji en route to the United attan. whiets he
. boe Installatlons as a guest of the Departoent
ider-lt-Chlef of the Ecuadorean Air Force-chats
'rbLean Command (white uniform), and Lt.
is t the Ecuadorean Army is greeted by Col.
Base. A Joint guard .of honor ceremony was
ter.of Defense and hi patty shortly after their
r-a 9toew att'llpated. Defense Minister Varen
tis t"orsig. (U.S. Air Force photo)


To Ask Coress

For New Incentive

For US Investors

PETROPOLIS, Brazil, Nov. 23 (UP) 'reury Se
retory George Humphrey today unveiled PMride Elkl" -
hower's "aood partner policy" of eot"noi 1.mi. t
the hemisphere calling for a new m ibU nation -of
and public development capital.
Humphrey formally announced United St p
port for tre creation of a new international fisnlmg1
stitution. He disclosed that the Eisenhower mnt.
tion will ask Congrem to grant new tax icepen fr
private foreign investment.
The Treasury Secretary outied the U.,. 4p ach
to economic reltions with other American tllit'" r
the second fd ,1esfion of the Inter-AmKg w
Conference. He also read s"ciql msi e
farence of Finance Ministers fromMr, i a r.
W," k'e wtai Ametaa*"n, w. t ,aWteeeiome

g~idarity ~S nlpatof 7. A1M
rg zm:unmeb defense of the by the U-sM tha

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"-" ,- :.* v e


d a

BOlo ts For Cfvic

$lec tons In ircu
-*-. "js _,

AMat a4tnawwn l t ndS .

wo mmro rto asateonAs acquired Fy b l ueo oe ca "uth B o
11360a1j* brl sh th at. h
bay ...a Wrnr w
...t.ol E A b yi ngiedb l C., t h o.t.f r...t for 04M & cured f or that bat ranta,
m= re l"de en Breeerc rd ld, emb.-wth eaed- hb aa from an "at. oho t source disclosed toaa .S. we .
to .der U.S. s surplus hekason inad. t. nd0 _sds" es" e The uree sa the PrimeMol Minii onf la .o-g. ,o stag
slaws, ch shipscod I a ed a led today e er Inte step -i aside In favor of stable x
legally. lr only to American tens t l w, ard to fter t.a. lreig e tary because of trade in which Latin erica
or to coqpor tdons controlled- n b .e y' large. number of sag n- countries ash "count henavlnr" on
wio e Unio ,sn.s .t0= 4 fropm wlS eaggi ,o ]hlo h
atlon ela ctitens. t, men ed ts" thatwill occupy the ay the market of a strong, health ry,
Governmental ned Whih I eChurchi's 80thbth U.. economy
r, th se soooouo t- h' the, ob uin ge n f 5. M inten e of .low taxes
tha npTottorn&a- i- the"gold buingoesos."
Attention a e j rpreent the earnings ~tn fo -v for 1964 -American, trade and a,, -
iine tse west w on th e 16 vessel S t w la C m e lner. In his state- But lsubstitution of Eden for continued simplifcation of the of2rd Lel a e ler
un too wvat all I.. Mothe fabulogs cise w h v h.. ilChalm B ner Inhim state- Yeahrday-one aaa
r ouf rte mepi a a'T s tuestte Department e o several Pan mat tkiuaen. ment, d e donated $10,0f cehi f In such an Important tariff structure to maintain the -e r hias an
Sroo en ready as started action to re- ltwu a nnoncedtoday.-tand received d traditional capacity ha- access of Latin-American court a g aamt S
Sorders..rolpt leen er the v Depiamv.. a mre ofthea0sWind the reliance Churiia pastries to internationals markets. ion.- att..kwhienfoa..
sovieUion anr l. asdditiron, oi and hls Secret olice vesUlaP ot l 50,i fro srw me eato place on his undebted 6. Sstn ulatlon of the move- o-n
Snoo he; l hareof Srbeen dited the Sd sw lndlwhice m e, the- iesman who workedsucOr as Prime M'nser. ment of private capital Intoh W =. at
in ooan charges of acn the ves. ri duped Panmonf buolerfr om h er'ta -nmmtlor his shirt factory. e t obe oeraCO
t r of Se fraudulently. to gi 010. establIhed 1 hl. Ii r fOundhain lafroma
dea -at the .e- a todry tha w the a, t w ehlh Breualner also maintained t at -E t tefmr o Mr So at
ionaPrmierryt beUons' r- ,ei Heavy 6piRuenr dt
mier Tunsiap Premier la ,n.8's* .A h .t.. o _1 soe aoeo
V Tunisma,yant FepOea4uprofiDtsedaorganizationWert. Kobee
'"aicor lg o p Y,' l or uur-e ov to ose pstein. 'He
mdowautalen fIrr Bote OptPachecowanImmed
- a To Head Drive p one, rhra t^M alinA Ehpes esdlar n
t 0eO P h reo1e. nteroed- Panama woutew S alnantC be revealed as e ine o p s l r sar ewhorehewn
To Sop Fellighas duey erotOnF tbe;o,'tsland lenh t
Torm" Sp oro= r neva. he4.ked hfir t anka bt-d -5 -remov of a.ha ag s e
m I Sa ean l n ong takentOdhe r t s- fair she told s yram, epo to vewParao lie. .

.Loa "-wa' : TUMh- tm nid Nov. 2 (UP) Iee r 'k. Wthetrhif g b. o teto harsse at a I. n W a-.-.
(Pt )lo -T n d eclr- stein, who was atW st held in him"tat'any secret." He m CAIRO, Nov. 23 (UP) As bev ter An i. to beienthea
lan.Tunsian Premier Tahar Ban thejailhe en- e- sA's room at otl T- scientists r engineers ula b from te o tr ocilfl
rom t 3owa .11wa ,4 o rans mch!2a carefully opened a g at end of'the sand-burled. rockiUat
oa roombhe h, pea-o to reas wa strong drive ai- son a .w Brefr e pu se oB rr.- Theee b o.thof tto was o .yd6 which the o. he n b h m.,'
adofaa ,i em atjetting an.estimated 2.00 no Mbn c o r-,Icthbodeath.

-y s w a, raes pyamten D rew twlko viw.,, li$
Sh mOrl .el orAts to end half a edw th r E l. rl It _has, b9-ln ctablished that e t -of ac nte erm bo et r I in nd .
aF not known whet-year of murderous guerrlla a clerk at the blqs began oper-W
-^ e.,,.-.. states, te r mie i eitA odor,.. i th gscefully fishioned c r a fIt, fonaiiio-t he
i. urgent trip here-followed Bayer chargesttnft inesors that theA business mlet r s bevew d te A 2 boa
'that MISS the3toart that had been ancien ruas i Have he
vftw ;a saint'riauco-Tunlnlan 4epara' stein, who is now Q -ept6 li ranaeoftot UTII Errs ined heo
churgrg the to lone 5,00 yers pIrresen-s tly nwbe borne thrag5 a.r
ac-F-Mde-so the money.lM Cho r solar ainst hesvens to the klpgdom of the AV" 1100-
diowtun hda rne and. return ghe old In undeerr i the mus d.y ti we orand m ara er s god es oft in,
dontibade tace. of a license which she-had so- ws, forsueurchase o wrp fTh l long-closed gallerywasa hb o0w o th crft wtai
resop vone thew ~Jfl beneath the. openimd
Infor ons y ny ghDw wich the firstAstone was reffp.
esVieshinskyls Wist, Fables Of tenDrcwrtarTKkt...b

Co cAt Its extremity, the bow wEa
Coun lhe Sm ilesl Frome of an. M!
lat ion D ebatesNov. 2.(UP) -fwith which,, *tiwtie t 10e~tate process of p a ing 10.1 Fve* eaRP
_&.wo 2 (ttime, or oeansIntervene. fame as a llery wasa a feat uapres- e
aft4, lLfti vs a been 1909 got rid of al the When thefirst great sone wasO
o &-masae behall, angy anped .on, It was revealed tlate Tu

tedH br4
represent .';..:--- '--. _"1gt ommuiL:_= W61.m, S mer..f But :.t to lb of -te les dyd

MIN.. .te .

*are. ,.
= ..- r- 3,'4 r. m t

'"16- i i .. I', I. -
I ,,I,

,.'-.- -/. '** .--: -.* *. : ., *. :-. **; .rA -...: -:-: -. ,
":., .- .. "- ". .",'.. : ..- T "':"r p !-.. :- $ *:
- fc -"-. ." :- ~ -"* .^^ ,:-:-. "'- ;' "-, -- '" '
. -.- -- .t' .. ,. **, T. i .*^ -- : .. --* -^ : *-. ,jF S .:.:- *r.
]l = .. o '.. .," -:- ,, -" "" -= 4 .. -'-"O -r f --
w ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~A -41 .- .. .-,._. /- ....
. ... Alf; ..:-. r. ,_,., ., ...

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. ...-..- --

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- *. 1~.C!r -
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,N,.o- ,, hai Lmse ^ fip
-PANAMA vy:U s fW

am. Aw H. N Sm SIm* t svaom gr
Y V I t will b rowl a Ford a. -I
A N U I..-r- 3 1.70ND r t"d''i"' "ea'

THE MA^IL BO __'' ...UM T

theS5 r f ht to .opu t.elbr a e 'J."

see ey. LhThe uto unlt e C hlmlet Ford oe.
Si : k ep the lat .Im d o em o k'tr tbse th comany b Thar of .- .
Ientityl lenwhi, n t oel, .hi r.t. .nc.* 300.000 fewer w worker than e ; J .
This ewipth .taeoe r rs n mnpMdb for sm ents asr epPn giant oGeneral Motort Corp. and at -

ON A GUr NAMLWD OGLU eth eaiche r becausee he
^I wonder how many of you know that ,ou GOlu is no tdtoW exetr toXSdl; alaL asseu
longer connected with Agenda Sears? Could hardly believe it agaist. bl'. fr. he can a ia
ThEn I hard it, too. rike ehst one of tshe.
Prcntlaly everyone on the Is thmur knows thiamgni- htriks aFrd, dw auto union will S
os midget with the ever present cigar in hfl south, ither have to support only about one- .S 3 4
i th he sa tore or one of the many communal a & Quarter the number of workers he to
.-h ch he been a participant during his ten yIers wculd have to kp onW r hre- ,g,{, ,/l r
a ery per on .who. c.ame to t him at th tore he hit GM. ties
ii y ettr mile ndbgvettscmle deig handle d ee M urr n000tontd aeat n Codt hlha aldiios wat
5, If you cam with a cIb nyour sho .,ee of docar thi acmpan sa
woM t to you and answer wirkth a reeaonn that aihe a expe conas mhi .. o e .., o
ynediat.e re lte ad matiefaction. -from oshr CIOa an g t ed ,, ot "eo, sa ]e uaent th
rC e e m ah why a should be too. But evi shese ae ddtlsatn., an
!a d do 8laS t @ tat t r trviv t u. t be o eoun h to keep ob e Aterog
au r wb lwr. or tt rbaon-l ue- that upu lnt ta t l ar a .ent, ea .d atur a w.a-gwe un d r r ? y -
rtepre h od more Gothan lttl to t d with tde wh o ,t.. ane d c lothel or C or ,.rrl I iro n e pt p rted .
one e .p icke. F rd becaE uile h eB
*"' w t' WART" LI "tiflc fund. By ralnrr ta mmoatp

.Re'aMgr .....shs Ml 'Bou' Iext toy ud esha e Opecsohoiyshe o .s
ra1 eli 'o dlM andy S YO 't akf ter t a dLyeos mpos au i veyr e GM ceOlntratr .. e sp l fS e nato on the MdCarthy yo ." .old
f.e n"ecdwt Ase Sar ul. dou a o e t e Iagis, him. T bhe Forse. a e o me ha caen y .
he b hr d Itl h 0 the.r n e wfla ovor eth D e eaobotltt of

hle bc l stre or oe or1 of those ho would i .wits and sharpe r publiera "loalr- sideh e tr debate
eg y, tofiwIch 1eba been apsignedat roel g hs tem foW.I w and av conto r k e pontui re lay l e et p st eton o e M atthat *rCme^jS
-&Per boys and the W so m Ynu ar "i to p9 hs. Tre Ford cam etseheim oth et op i|Ad r *We noiat a en wt tr l V
_eba, ghve enouh service to get a Jurd ca1e ai r. d Chryo i y nerdi e a A quaMo I nn h .m h e wy w ure ow wasawhen e on e a rd. s y
idla e'Wk i tbd s na tius in tche Ride froad there wCl ae drmahetia -d o ea
p s pe eat e9wh a4be th o. o tu w and a st e nias ,o ow pre. He s Sbot ao ove a we Hm mou dmoe e w
agsoBgI but tee or faur the ho ould wt a nugar ht pwbael. l taf vr doteG t a he 0d lter fora ee a t oera n o
aif bf owI hr oere t tay alos Ihe Lo bselfore*l then. But not unti i est an Ca ery ead e w e r

ftl b and tCt the pe rsonal whohstatLou lent to renk t, scargel o il oth er by ht eor l botr ,toe a 0ows.,But a und o at pmareen, ut oe to be' _unn_ "
ep tha l t o the bhill ho. mi e t. hee e hoo o tse -vTecee e ay o baby puu m he- no ana dl te s saeastai npe ny
e dn d t.r two 'se e b r ay wee3. e wants the ta tarre they calle a po d t theoa t vr he wta siver em t a to doon a
m."~.' ,.' s0 ", "tt .e+ m oy e p neta r h l0re ce the nt m rt, ed o is e teC -form th e a i to oev- po ad p-d-
._ ..'u -nfl a m i t .8. th e wemkh e lds e ted ara ynot much a a pstoleer, would ome sdown aoe a duok a T ep y owtrh t o sntle pised t e le routh -
ta toe aua wgedl.s o er nd e doe tt bre the o one RioG adA the nook is tow eprs latir or anded x cet-

.. ... !+.- ra ....-..-..n.. ._.....o _. te ;n- other_ f l wees,,.wos the dntdvites _o e aoe wi o n o o e -le p er ad gt he, b en oe wo t oaatl_ ,a- -e d rey vsad e e
.i BSS ,-- e. J .14. Pra l a |I .h .r waPtc u as p e.ur a.t -Ae he dao po time ese arladetrd botkso ng pdr, eat uru t he re tyo e, "
bterw a nil'c a is, U n te a y e the .oaer hoe es red W Fe aoItise o n
AA<* g 8 la M e lrto P m n t r' bvan rbbes &" c rs idep gtrad h i eye sggemed aodn. hs lsto beti t cong leres the expla atig : _

votr oexInsoe ti ouat m Co wboy es Terfor m Mnd t ,

t w h eadesostom e her y se, add tr ang rath- a J ne bugt r m e wrn tod a ae s a ko ta a he now t nove d r er ri

tr w o tr at tlayott poal t him he mit- we be d ... .
.. -. aihegoe s ga l.i weo' saoyro th oth e is GFrd aeatuore M Id of cowboys eae otdd coorldst one th tee peo*m

vbras lsget the fest 20enuvbe thedew twwtta~n onhnndug1.a WW lke h$ st omwate thae lsentor troms
\emuom wnts ak gantee aeoft e AureabehigiteetotTh wil behe aho dresses up iti s an e ttee o neop o ede o ver kthes caudde a se
tim egl s liiiv nrr pa Sir p i o wortm, u aand alhed h ande as tah 1arm tw a tit the told paoltedn an abattl ao so sharpar thy .roz s eumw Cas O

,- ,U $- ito ethT mlad t Aslasa sEan l s9u. m t__ .r .rad o .ravn. m dre .ses r a uhi ees an sno. mo pai.on. o te t ean I e, o as edo te R. e a o -

th-ee -4-fou--ofthose-h, s-s woul ta ofwnme ul. aen edoe andeloo a srhor-sban. Beasae t hne..w a. ts Over. t ha e c--
befr .ehtr. w n bt at mhe ndn x gatns r hti saum cu th oa r ine leoarty censu rer rt ,'u- \ th
19 Bato be indto iial mifffh Fo xa.mes en is teutheoreayn e a psne eo hr is nto and is al. ihasl a dow egtis Ite nt tPr Case ig seennor i that d ie\ \ \

sidy shpool o theei cul ma oer u sty fl h T er te r b c t

35. hte.weka wlate n y as ot hatcw s rH .am- pe. eon .
",Teed anonual wTtd"s' agee tane mtnh Ga h an te '~tok hi suca oaa, h ter ,or b.oan o H
m4andei eg de0 cha ef, wh ion Ai and e n Nc h Ibun lm st a an he abu eho De foum elhcp era t oo. I r ell e a tr. nebs o Da I u nd a eae. he

X'iatbl pay re" i idn h I aill the ie a as wehao its- woo -tem w h o M a h.U7 i
L i 4e i D atWeumtn t"wma a vrw oe waor D de thc mnt ae rne.o hte dium p uM l de, do wha t he did' .w n 1 la i n a
'ti M a 4 eta ha wt toa en and three- of s catchy el th e ean d would pbay maim up wa't no aver aad why ht was amo.heI Uas eerus eroy w t'o tha e feels

'. g ils .day wL eek. by -t eao aunt at at t e, arb e thae w ou lurni es the tove rk e el witsh sl ve' se eml o r. and th o do,- -.
?2?S m~ 3 'I~ t S Bi ,,Iang) aesty tor an .oneof at evtme re ae tn.y cw a ein thei pr. e egoua an t d i a nostte D hat gi o u s o Ude oltr N tt ng aent ise aom l Ias I. w Iet*o -
oof maoye ao th ee e 'gnal mhh co the e Mrow ob ruei ate cen ar toSStrt?!gefree Sa f o rie rsmos Avt

S...--.. r r -'4 I... "* e .| n.,.x,. ; i .1. i.. .. I., *. .U^..!S .=6 =
.,e""rd". of_ He -ti I.any anp d ral n wdron Id .bout .., hnu .t ,, .

All thh .,__ p, f.,I -e .- .,1.. SD.
o rkn Iw in h tplan o. tt worker woad aainst him to Ie-elee-
ohed whal stiiae lom n WA H t (re aonri r en t e. In tkeal h as p ed los Is

-- I 1 W 1'' IW EW Eth 'e writttoen1r0tdcowit.. US e aw wote titniet. e aen wa s partlY ar Ifl S

.. o a t an d o a e ru s e ig wiM i lab.. th e
htgo I t | i o hi s una ntwh hpatm, and R n e n ofc n nd ap oe
,mce Mtw~ka 1 hardwa I h a ou cn find In a carrylng lik ne a I mat was whly he eont e fat thm
O t gb s a lor a hitme ha on ahe n

i. 3- tela g r e we Se d Hami *BagencyBgets
uink right~u to-Able *ao. 0


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'iplobmaac poiawer -Of th e- v ""ARd a ue itm--- ..- -.

,_.. .* *d of<.attheel r etea er---- l .t t make ad exhibition of thm
woherld. ptht.....1pros and cons"rt of the queffetion
s Subversionl ~ agents out- of Rhu.ian b expulsiobutet
ma ,nd oS woretilldC tinoueh. Is.idt It good to have them
ibus wto abMW Is. b"M -m "od g.a'aus -fuee _,by b otled.and _Perhaps Increase. Trouble there because:
SM _M W jIS _l_. T h own wis r s atmert mtr mo doulddeve uop e wes po tr gTwivee homl_. chance
i mo tt a si eeew uing tu r d__Wese l msfe te make i an exhibit ton of them-I
a.. ut .o gegr.e potatoes onln n hot selves .. h and t of e effect ad-
The ntn' frst big city for cooking, the kid used ihee is that m tUYlfn d diplo- of their making an exhibition of
Swas recent m rural Aercan m tid Willh rit be enough themselves i a unifying of the
-he f l .easuees n aly fotdrusah b" A mrmrl -udthat more and more o h- free world." .
00 or.a w T he w ax ry s ahe d ....ruck t each. uo brbe n tf oa dnt ohe on o i o e.said if It h ad b een d k n ow n I
civil OKI. o taest availbl e during the Qua-day test a mdu & some-tee t .gla to at. dont ti

*ledbham, o: wa l e bu eeo wo. had b a ei nfaVsOr Of ad-

E lendr To Lead Dnve N"ol. Ttuatdgrqadre~ors
S id to of fo feres visited or front weRu an th e U.N. and "don't dare leave
o Cursites. uba Sugar Imports ..ho e. to thcommistaggressors

--e- o.. .. view ished by U. ew and
p ee kn m ieret in estab-WordReport, weekly news mai-d
WAa .TON, Nov.- 3 (UP) 1dee. b outt at .Cub l mor nr ma l wel o; 1 a wy nwh ,
CIAa. a .asereot o azine
-n Alien Bendr said to- hurt Losan D.e itn Me west to e NOe 7 futur aid Lo aggressors.

day hew ld a dlve in Con- la p rWocei r "-celeb rors of a new world war. He e added.
To Curb e of Cuban sugar settlingathe markets ed onMal.mb or mae his- |

n thep Un- tats became t-ime this year whenIS t cu toa
ub a ed, e. 6er r iamebe e Lleros ao rorgo ,
Sbo- ,- aoow the t inlum B COmc S RoCtor
S taoo = 000 pounds t be ship Of Los Andes UMniv.
fthe at014e lower rate this season
'y" 'SMiana-edo -ratl a re- failed to provide the usuAL.-
, .i vplmental cota. The SW~6i BdA A,. C lomba oad X 23
nilidei lated-to head the apartment has told Ellende thwat (UP) Dr. Albtto leraglC
eto AgriSUlture pOnttee Cuba contendas unemplYmfLrnt marg secretary general of the
next yer, said hewtprss tm ha curtailed Cuban rte .n- Org11_atlon of American States
leiltSion to revampne Sugar stimption. for th pa seven year, wa n-
Acto Caow Amo ST"e But Blender believes Cuba Isf tasedrdoay as rector of Los
to ymote oi tl*Amerlic holding back purchases of A- Anes;s Unlvesny.
?- merican rice to encourage its Leras Camargo, who was pres-
St eah sear sets own producers to grow more, Ident of Colombia 1945-46, is al-I
an qOvI1 'mt on the sugar "If Cuab thinks it' more im- so member of the Foreign -
that an bea mrkbte' in-the portant to grow rice than sell latry's Advisory Council
ieo'-ta Mi rA-..tA..U-ota -us sugar, that's all right," '-R_ Dr. Cartos Davilg succeeded
,are, by law for poucer lender said. "fut I'm sick and Llera Csmargo as OA director
in te, Utited states, and Itst t ired of givs Cuba all the sugar general a few month ago.
Itorl' a ss...........s d hi market sheemands and no t
p.. th no fixed have her live up to her rice a- IRICANK-PROOF TRE
1 1U1. Cuba no fix st"
makesu L lmost a .ll ofr- ,
tW, j which s. Oft total ,000'Ms. OR-4.o ...1
keted In t e Isld suggests New
y year, Cuba hs tsupplW s atout land.ersplant the tupeio tree 6 .
.,a thei .700 00 tons. _The queta was th hurricaebtte Ys.
M W0Wig tons ifr cane ProducersA "The tupelo a" bega
et. tu ..- .

n- quota -for dornestl
el uodcerLt Be sid Amer-
growers haven't agreed
W whether they their
Ne to cotton, lice and eiae
gare the most' important
cash cropsIn Zlender's home
state o ulina.

BrzHi Arrests 2
ToP-oanking Reds
l P -wi ,

on th* 1.6. alp.- and and 1,800,.
000 tboW' lor jdomestle' beet pro-
ducers. HawlI., Puerto Rico and
the FPlpplA Isupplied most of

talk' Dm11 r M

To US Exporters
Rises In tober

NBW YORK, Nov. 23 ,UP) -
Total draft debt of La'Amerl-
can countries to Vnlited Sta"
.terdurIn October- mark-
ad+ the fst _l.e three months
s nt dlnd -d new
drawings Increased, the Vedral
Reserve Bank of'NeW Toas ald

tested iand has proved
withstand high winds,"


Ztrb b'lkss

di s

' /4

F -

'i ,; : r ..
*+:.. ..f..: .^.+.;--
"++ i. +._ 4^y ', "' -b- _-

-- F" -"
~, ,4i~"4~

el(D., Moat)ms he try
i t l to to' oppUe
i 4 mp eM the tmt grant-
-West aftany he r sev-
erelgty until France and Ger-
many give the documentsI their
final approval. A member of
the Foreign Relations Cbmit-
tee, Manfmyld says U. S.
houldoet jump the gun a the
saMt ettleme .._

TIOther Marilyn

is SMIIiAes ale

NWI w OKo MOT.'23 (UP) -
Curvaceous MarUilyn. Maxwell was
late for her own wedding yes-
The buxom movie and televl-
sion slnglig star showed. up
eight minutes late at the Com-
munity Church, on Park Avenue,
testing movie writer Jerry Da-
vis to sigh with relief. The bride-
groom had arrived 30 minutes
Miss Maxwell, who usually
wears skin-tight costumes for
her stage appearances, was wear-
ing a demure blue taffeta dress
under a'full length mink coat.
A blue hat with matching veil
and blue high-heeled shoes com-
pleted her ensemble.
Rev. Donald Harrington per-
formed the brief 12-minute cer-
emony. Miss Matwell was given:
away by'her brother, Leland
Maxwell. Davia' best man was
his brother Louis F. Davis.
-- -----------M



2 For YOUR convenlce we have

hIs year!

oIE: at oE,.
S to The


122 134 Central Avenue next
Chase Natlohal Bank

as usual at' No. 21 Central Avenue,
our Main 'Store.

AT BOTH M we offer you the biggest
r assortment of Toys everI

FIRST PRIZE: $1,000.00
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n T
Winer ma21 choose mercha~lse oTH WANTI
Start collecting your today!




.,. ', .* -_ .: .-... p.+. u" .? +.,, .r ...;t-.'- L,.:--
, ,I + .."+ ....^- ^ ^ ^
"'1' ^^ ^': '^ t

0 +
S.' ,O o',o s t .. n s '.,
1 '*' --" i ^ .,.-l m ". <'?*-. #j' < .+",%
Obtain Expodui** i':.In of
: .*'


" P .

* Sturdy hermetically sleied
p .- .


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S /. .1

Blak AWlI O

and Colors

* Ideal for the Cine Amateur

* Limited Measuring Ang.l

demand of your watch the qualities that you expect
of sn administrative secretary. Here are two UNIVNE-
4,AL watches that eembaie these qaiHtIes: left an
AUTOMATIC-a first class watch with an engraved
dial, In a sparkling solid geld am It Is selfwlnding.
Calendar en your wrist. It
tells you the time and the
date. Its case Is I t. geoli,
Notice the elegance of. the
lugr and- the legibility of
the date.

Rememeir, powuin e # as.h' t gusfan our 9n I.av-o
famnond on edn r gtA.




famous iger of the "SO0ORA NA"T c s

at 11:0 p.m. and 10 am. .






Inimitable Rhythm .

Spanish Dancers -

Isolda de Mello
Brazilian Dancer '

* Los Richard
Acrobatic Dancers,

Blanca Eia
International Dancer

'.Cuban Dancer
a.- -.

.1 I ,.. .. t V'

1 .APPY LAND nf ,.

, ,.

P. A.

-. ,"

.. '--' .; .'

- '-'- L: ,
:',,. ;:+:"- -', iDd.y .

E, -. .- *'




^.y-' r 7 7.".,. r- 7,_..

-IF 1.1 Ir

:: "i;+:i
* ,' ;: <'.w'^
lk 1 4^

, ;L -'

,I _. _.,.

7 ..' -. -

i ,...<,

i. ,

,,, ...'

.b tIWeu ifa

'' '



.-.S .A..."


** a *. '..

-c -

$,. Z;Y'*


SLBS-TV has 'a new show in the! "It gets easier as you go along,"
r works for Oran Bean for next sea- she says. "*your muscles get used
son. He's a fair-haried boy at the Ito it. Every new ballet seems to
atwcrk-a crew-cutted fair-hared find new muscles you never know
boy, if you want to be technical. 'you had."
S'1 Ag they've hired a writer for the'
show already. Fellow name of Latest bit of Broadway repartee:
5', W*r Mergan. SHE: "I aeed that like I need a
A-oe in the head."
Bean is just one of a sudden rash' HE: "You could use a hole in
of good young comics we've got the head. It'd be handy for carry. |
round these days. A few years lag your lipstick and compact."
baek, the old-timers like Berle,
were wondering aloud where new l Eddie Flher cften had Polly
Comedians would come from-Un- Bergen as guest on his Coca-Cola
ple Miltie shook his head sadly and ITV program. The past tense Is I
said that with no vaudeville andiused because Polly has lately been
so burlesque, where would a comic appointed the Pepsi-Cola iA, and
develop? Coca is Coca and Pepsi Pepsi
I They seem to be coming from and never the colas shall mpet.
smal anight-clubs and radio. Orson Polly and Eddie met in an NBC
" Gea, mge Gebel, Dick Shawn, corridor a few colas ago, and Polly
,,j Art Cary..a nd cne who may be kiddingly bawled Eddie cut for not
S t t them all, Jimmy Ko. having her on his show lately. For
S.... : B .have that background. the moment Eddie forgot her
,meak is the latest to be signed fizzy affiliation. He stocd there
.,' Mba lih Itmuan; he'll do "Best open-mouthed.
S"' 'oot Forward" soon, and watch "'But--but-but,'"he said. Final.
is smoke. ly, thd dawn came up like carbona-
tion and understanding creased his
On stage. Vera Zerina is a danc- manly face. Exit, grinning.
lig fool-wBirling, leaping, splia. '
% in-wlt it kld of savage
crbeauty. Off s aaltshelIs a beauti-
ful, demure, woman, living in a
fashionable town house comp lete
With oriental tbuer, Dall, paintings
Sand Degas figurines. It's quite a

JACK PAAR ('.The Morning
Show," CBS&TV: Civil service is
What yop get in restaurants be-
ween war*. .

She curled up on 'a g sofa in
her town hcuse and chatted about
the demands baUsatake on a girl.
"'Oh, it's vew -emin lg, she
saId. When ra M3t pfnot ming I
atl have to.have a pactice sea.
sa every day. Hours and hours.
But I enoy it. I Wouldn't do it if
I didn't It"
She's the t the revival
of "On Y 1," which ends
w the buonyTo balw.
aghr Av "

a ^ al I

aatlreal panch is gons.
few balle)1 gaI-'rtt Mar
'y '
-y.?'^' she ybys
[y1s! haey i-P oo ine o11 wood..w
war .51 tA by Tue,- al imsta
wy. 1athin to issdth and
Ilost l unds ldost,*t h 6- r 5

joa S 'p a aw years now, but -
*s:- Aaasid y .twhis count.
atiat,. o ~abe-alols a "dancing

it gaM

7 tor

~ ato feel a The heaal

rei. toughhatWas pbeghyin
So tfad Therhasla

The Pacific Steam N

Royal Mail U's IU.

S.S. "YAMASKA" .................... .,, .......
M.V. "RINA DEL FACIFICO" (1,M9 TWn ) s... ,. 10

M.V. "8SALINAS" ................................. Nov. 27
8.8. "KENUTA" .............. ...................De. I 8
M.S. "LOCH GOWAN" ................. .......... Nov. w
M.V. "DONGEDYE" ................... ............Nov.
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ...................... ... ........ Nov. 2
M.V. "DIEMERDYK" .............................. Dee.
All Satils Sbject to hanreP Without Notlee
PAtIC STEAM NAVGATION CO Cristobal rLu: 1i4/5
-c v-. I PANAMA-At. Pert #5, T&L 11-SIS
FORD CO INC. 1BALBOA-Term 81.Ter el. rU05


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service Arrives

S "MA .URA" ................................Nov. 2
*S "MORA N" ................................ No. ov
S.S. "MAFALDA" .............................Dec. 9
*Handinl Refrigerated Chilled And General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
8.S. "MAJORKA" ...............................N. 25
8.8. "AVRNI." ..................................Nov. 28
8.8. LMON" ..................................Nov. 29
8.8. "COPAN" .................................. Dec. 6
A Steamer ......................................... Dec. 6
L8.. "B]JORD" .................................Dec. 1I

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, ,Ls Angeles, San Francisco an= Seattle.
To Nw York .......................$240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ....$270.00
To Seattle ............. ... $365.00



* PANAMA 2-2904

*I 4oII Wa siI d
| I i l

Customer for Jenna



atMs w


i.41' 1

ai Wr.sN SCRaus



tVder the Rg

iC'- -

umb IUr F8333~O


V ..c ... ; : .


.L ) fl


M43!xn OCU

On the Trfl



-- Last Chane


L .~ ~. -


y -I
*^vIIIW .1*

3! JaSaR fttt~ia

Seeing Moltby

~;-i i.


rso^es v4
w lI L

Kl~h F

ova U -7

5! &




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-/ rNs> I~Z


* +*I ..... L .... .. + I < .. + .,j, ... .'.* + ..
" r-.- '' "* "* '-. '" '-',, '. 'L *i".- *' .,.. '. !



y hA- .nowc the best, tbett prKes, L 00 PIECE F
D watuntil Christmas

.l i V IT -
VIV .SUIlR tl Ii' "III :1W 4 A'J I -cr +

I h !lAl lAtl*?7- llI -.pII I Ii I II-I.
r I I IF
1 I+ f 'I L I "II Ii l*II' I'I TVIl ++I+'

.the b o k r oe ah a
I I I r e ow t 8:5 pa e very few wir. were movmd tot Mr. R i ister told hbl
.-* ;.t* ub -- e presax am at her i .. w b Q ae U
D "T4 ..wat aa omew ofr hV r. oto "t oig e S llttao

8msC r jyeji b dyte, P b tt llahvrta inb J a mother: !4teTC4.
Am ca u g B th ss -i-h I I". A p.e r- ,en..nel yso,. Mosl-, etel t- re moi t rmi e aI, gL -tkl A o.
sh-_, im "TAYft P. w t ..a

,atl,, lt nd Th, tron os. iat >tr theM Cm -t torearo me,
dapewhopped tutu, Andr ierno p mthn tyo e a&

than wr to l see khr o nrat r leaslta tyv fFwIhs ore eeoety k ne Mr.'R.s ta
sCtsCluqcan. e express ttho"owae O I Iget whatht e tart

G watses rnd rwtooker1a3B1 h 1 aod ron
weInome.aSondaltfortasponrlondt h er.

uptei, gj. i Cooocruci coeeof er. 1 o h
'buttert a S ou add- b t r mo .. tn doitetmug .' b h"M w a theMi
te w"es -' 8 nian coo a T aei r p dulitr ate"04i

died ca %easos 'ouba cr ulbs. .Anetn ppa t o ra.beua S th i o W|t
celery rvisis, Baralyiasew hinkeire, tc orn? t also

C-lCook -b. y ou 1 u t. v.e. o.otetl t ieoue Oh .so mos se g er
uusersu..hetDtrNiggpple dda u s,. se. coy .sor....M..oatno. ts .osn' h em t .
oymt. 'll her. ln (1 r itre l wth a rl nw ba.dumig, t t it ree ym df t-I i bao. .

maeIR o bttee onon a crlapers reda, g ~ to hsa wth un'desta Tt s

ad coat. on .y el loh-u l sq-ua r' e tSuspicpof a ..-- .hea adagt r n-fn- onitrear egowhae r I nt a'e lh m e
notinr1 1 brws tti I--p^T" o th ooha bas %Bt ea tspi d om Nt th moonment a oh-.her. a h lb w t
S-i t" N 'a -W ,t IN-r,' e ..aW t ert e er artch pas or ml/ t a t. a
r n.? a M ew o h:Mh'.e u--u ht ru died the Co n poooshlpm.oer a wl mou sn' h rel smnap- up hLof vE e ra '-

wilw beat hel* th loeate alufrends as onr Inualc w o foc
r thos"se e tet p orieAs arb re a '? od I
L j h h. "e h gteoh at the ..Inal bag, an f forl" t i"n o whatIIs t re

N"rn ateAl ts a ol r e s i ..L |r d .-g .o .o L.s

LA B' Ao y te W IJ UInEot van .S. ohe:a rg .e.d.
-ara UnA Te .Otatondn

-,S. haib, a t er, .i.. t. el de ta wi l be
unontdieftCoir lsr sios worte hIore llyo besm-
willseasobe prseteld cnc Gertat o entA Wi s mp .t,
PeP." ePee. f ivT a "ultur th UoW pIede Force lte n ing, tq ay n anam a- epo.mhnh n th_,eli.a
tittledr 'Awarenoessttn rtortoaa O n at M8:15 ratn o tea de Tnher on 8 et, player
pdm. Heml m e ibe adaflmpan tky by wihrtle Jaifre a sthngr ba gfra

MissolDllybuter2oionand De k* M rmiio, disorh of ate of teii ard tS ct to

o Mie "- .l epa andI a Iso mutu e fa r me nlain meron Mt ui Ne York an d of Pari
and cookewwil at as co-noItesiYelowhdla InSthaecafS ton e.valtorys anied his youn P ifebu ghsn d .a
i> tr the evening. Br ,Alt an' born Holly Hraait also

Al beAtry @tlvsa ,a a ,. .da .oft r l d sada om ..Ps m to o rI .. -.. .,
'. .,eg..arly chu.dA tW.ldastemt e-tb-r ,aenit P Um a e to ra a s_-. a '-, l.
ton.- .l, o -o tnc ,D.,w itohl heldwhoseoONes stouhe" witur Pn- duetr ad are now.S
thrri e-, ttU Sttls AFt. offe, lateofr rem a. t.ur.fRSpan.un
Oferstsaandnae r b the Con-tiVyist historical

pas....-.... t- t twm e. lv e act_ .toure d p d f muscad wil fea
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std es ob s UMesln, ty TO CK. .,
ilkd.,w _._ e%.toe ue. I. e w aondr t h oaft h aenu stok ton echt
UWGS..T ,ne ra,_p-mapl.--e.te a ni,- ,e.bywill4be Jaime Ingram, a_ a t.. .O... -- .
...m Trp sse pu" ,~n~t d epoelt loal- estar o f, ,.s-,ael Singte Pxie"*11ePotG eklastw kand eaBucheinheroutorofnU radio programSchoolJr ofto-duit .wa
-of hyr w:and pat.4Lew1mu* a-- westi corner of -utNw"ko foPa o, VL-(UP w A 21-trns
vm G, b .IlesaWcthas Montrealses S eInii".'Consersaa-ory .nd comple-
Albertnive fld ttinLa -Iarl s t atus ofp th..e...sslom b eb
wh ich discovered acclaimed "Dy -.'noSec onds Bitsburgh Hirst The bronze
s ao Ju r baon nbyothe Nefu n tdh-l hta-de tTi erwill \b-e wilo wIgh aout tof toans
In a tlmt |t elm IpeIL htremathe pro-fOWat b eW4 1"4l' """ "ation...Ra-
heraA 3 Ti~s hecon e F scFieduled'in.rg

ser--.'th 'tour j e', t,,.,., ... M aIbrane in w.-t-e--.,TMb td fao, .cuntiesasnlu sict orgL le ctyqforl dc an.iqk ,
bCftpeiatetnter- atptec2bkin BalboalatRwLWLWWWVWW o at plates, cand i oa United Officehm,"_ ..

-0--11L ? oh f Neiw Istockito each INew Haven I Iofel
n.n r,.i I,

awind m My l oaXer "JFL mrxl
at 44rflZid; is.By=-U.tDck,-ECTCANAL.*.Z.sNE.bELd.%

ad ladt. h IV onl U.&Iradi-r. I (j V,
maui" he adqu sj% WQtar omerfaPse +-ChyistmAs

a ,0 ''. .pe11ony
-4 E ef .WlI I o. Uii i#vs f rfeinl,,,,
0- th C it +I Is- r InI + "itsbugh G_ h.-ra

'-I ~K'


A EiII~Y)i


AT 4

. I -J'-

H4~vanrj- SLI uwHMtDEy


FUCIADO 7 Street No.I
SMOBRISON uh oaf July Ave. & J SL
Juito o-smsens Ave. and 23 St
i '12 La Carr u, uilla

Cen"ali Ave. i4w
No. 3 Lottery PVifa
boui" at July A__

SAtretl n hi

Itb agh Chinch BpA
6 u ,y Laws

s the Chinch Bi
Central 279 Tel. 3-1

-to N .DUNN
4 ~. Adults, P -t
gms. By apwhtmen,
l% beom w 2-4239
L, pgaaa-1464

.eea Reo
Q. s

L tOne up
all work
qWf .MIM

L Automobiles Miseeilaneoeu
FOR SALE:-Oue to urgent trip, '51 FOR SALE: 1948 gray Fleetline
Mercury sedan in perfect condition. Chevrolet, $300; 25-cycle Bendix
Bargain. 48th Street No. 27, Bella automatic washer $15U,; Simmons
Vista. studio couch with cover $35. Call
---- --82-5121 during duty hours or 87-
ith FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Custumline, 8170 evenings.
radio, w/s/w tires. 6 .months old. -
perfect condition, Call Subman at FOR SALE: Gold Fishes $1.20 to
2-3648 before 5 p.m. and 2-1827 $3.25 pair; Tropical Fishes 50c. to
after 5 P.m. $3 pair, including Neons. Rasboros.
Morris Minor, low Ramerizi; singing Canaries $12.50
FOR SALE-1952 Morris Mor, low each; Parakeets $8 each, $15 poir.
mileage, excellent condition. House ACUARIO TROPICAL PET SHOP,
0766-A, Williamson Place. Phone 45 Via EspoAa Phone'3-5411.
2-4312; office 2-1261. Dickerson. -- -....... --- -
uI --- .--- "--190 FOR SALE:-Westinghouse refrigera-
FOR SALE:- 1950 Olds-88 Deluxe tor, 9-ft., 25-cycle, good condition.
C. Fordor, undercOated, good condi- $100; 25-cycle transformer for
S tion. Priced right. Leaving Isthmus. electric train $10 Phone Balboa
140 Call Quarry Heights 4143._ 3450
-.. FOR SALE'-1950 Citroen, 6-cylin- FOR SAI.E:-i Craftsman band sow
-- der, front wheel drive, sport sdon. 12", 3-pulley type wirh 1/3 hp.
Coll 87-7218 after 5- p.m. |motor. 25-cycle. Reasonable price
SFORSALE:- qBck Tudr, Prone 4-620 or house 112-L, Pa-
green torpedo body, radf.- $650i. o CZ_____ _____
11 Call Balboa 2,2775.-1549,G, Bol- ATTENTION, Deepfreeze Owners!-
,ns boa. ( Fresh dressed chickens, wrapped in
ly.FOR SALE-1953 17-inch Hoffmn cellnphone. Home delivery, mrini-
S television for sale or trade. _86- mum at sx Phone 3-2130.
7170, any time. FOR SALE:-1 birdcape with stand
FOR SALE -1953 Ford sedon. radio" $10: 1 small floor lamp $5; I small
overdrive. 'Call 87-2290 or 85- chest drawers $3. Phone 25-3136.
2130. .. FOR SALE:- Black female Pekinese
FOR -SALE:-1947 Nah* Ambassador pup. Phone 2-3438 or 3-0766.
I coupe., eat soers, radio, gqod tires, Panama. ____
$250. Call 3-4783. FOR SALE:-t eaver Spinet piano,
> f n improved action, $300; dining to-
Position uOftered hie and 9 chairs, Queen Anne style,
S______ ... dark finish, $ 125. House 8559 Ce-
SWANTED:-First class cook, male or dar Rlace, Margarita, between 4-6
female, for establishment in Chiri- o.m. Phone 3-1521.
qui. Only dependable, well experi- THERE IS NOTHING miscellaneous
enced person wthrbest references about the Hot Dogs and Chill con
il apply. Forinterviiew ,hne 3-0208 r:arne at Cap Brown's Roosevelt Bar.
fr om- ..... o _They are classified.
GOOD, RELIABLI PERSON wants to FOR LE:- lr model 2-s ed
S show you the wonders of the Cu- OR SALE: Floor model 2-spee
rundu Fair, Jan aU 14-23. r r player i mahogany cabinet
l$50. Ca Panama 3-3311.
.!. .LOST & FOUND FOR :-AKCBoxer pups.

[ f ,n po rs utmost Impr -
LOwT o-& Bn w walet, tOrn zipper. FOR SAIE :-Boby's crlb, Innerupring
r-. nulto mattress, and bumpers, $25; metal
Sb3K Df r Woth W' Hoay- dawMn with mirror $10; metal desk
2St a nd swivel chair $10; 8-mm. Cine
FOUND: a*l(J.S.-style Hot Dog Kodak movie magazine camera;
H ea rBr at IpBrow's venetian blinds; y 9 uth bed and
4- Kr. wardrobe; dining room set 19-pe.)
S- hi Insl Siamese cat. dark I mahogany. 6403 Dos Bocas Street,
Sn I with blue eyes. Please dk-Rios.
call Ponlm 3-1591, No. 22, 7th FOrSALE: 1936 Hudson sedan,
SStreet. a ties; Singer pedal machine;
Sarge tricycle. 867 Morgan Avenue.
S5APhone Balboa 2480.
lO~ R^ENT:'-Garoge in "Lo Joya"
S1 .,. iding on Fourth of July Avenue.
FOR SAL!3-S Must be used for car or closed de-
a sf. 0 office r *ore Rent$ S 10
l 401 roomlrf fur- It Phone Panama 2-0027 or
S'1^. I tia ehpolef roemof fur- 'a-0763.


A~At go 3

ifCO~i'0n in TEGUCIGALPAR Hon d u r a s
'a new NOV. 22 (UP)-wTe man accusea
I5 I leidip te Aug, 1 attack b
VId5iefn&&n,:pia UfJtarV ScboW a..

Jta i dkraof of the antioetmumixt Army!
.. .. --ofll Leration were billeted was
9W19 -3 -- refused admittance to Honduras
today. r
QAINik^ A ir Lt. Col. Ad6h1o'Gareth Monten,.
.]ir ii' m. lro warmer GUiteMalen mbar
,Q NM A as dor to Cuba and, was charged
by .the ahti-eommunist Guatema.
Ian government with directing the
ar"U Se assault In which at least 25 per.
a were killed, and T wounded,
Scored .to the local airport
,' plad aboard a plane bound
fu i HR Biqa.
i aMontenegro left Guate-
.W mala under the protection of the
I Papal Nlunio, as a political re-
S 'M i uA mfge. He came to Honduras seek-
,Iug. asylumn but his request was
.y rasd by the government.

I Mbrors and Glasses

beautify yeor home.

- ,V _4 r-, 05 't and we
;,*iWI8I in frM-you-
i ttf vaftip- u-s.
!-/ ~ ~ 4'*4,,' -^ .

IF YOU LIKE Spare Ribs and Souer-
.iraut, Corned Beef and Cabbage.
ifims Hocks and Lima Beans or a
-1e. reaonawablai prices,
na &et a l"It t Cap Brown's
*J'eiht ,Bpr fcoe Wof 4th of July
s 3A.LE :-2-oeu pump, Lpun. 3
chokes, power pac, vented barrel,
case, $50. 86-3115.


Fr Joe's ElbW
W OTOt. No0% 22 (UP)
-Thy r Z Nhtt hospital
apInt octorhy op emal a-
mount f fluid ai been re-
Smoved from Sen. Joseph R. Mc-
Carthy's injured right elbow via
a hypodermic needle but said
"this is not considered technical.
ly to be an operation."
The hospital statement was is.
sued after i photpa(pher who
thlted McOharty toom' yester-
day quoted the senator as ay-
ing that doctors had "operated
on the elbow to take out pieces
of glass."
In the meantime Ben. Homer
' Capehart predted defeat for
a move to censure Sen. Joseph
R. McCarthy for his conduct to-
ward the committee which re-
commended he be censured.
The propoaa was made by
Sen. Wallaee F. Bennett (R-
Utah). Oapehart told newsmen
qt Idlewild Airport before flying
to Rio de Janeiro that "It Is the
right of any senator to propose
a further cenmre, but I don't
think it will, go ttotrh.
"Im aelng to vote apalnt a"o

Agenda Internal. de Publiescione FARMACIA ESTADOS UNIDO8
4.d Ceua-al Ave. 149 Central Ave.
Paque Leievre 7 btetLso50 Street No. Ba
160 Central Ave. J rco. ae la Oa Ave. No. 41

V t 'n A,8No. "

"~L -` -~ -

SHRAPNEL'S fumished hoUs e son
beach at Santa Clara. T ighone
THOMPSON. aplboa 1772., .ve-

FOSTER'S COTTAGES, ana mle poast
Santa Clara. Low rates. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach Cot-I
tagas-rocgoas, refrigeration, two-
bdraoom. Phne Balboa 3050.

Phl pa. ceanss co % Santa
Clara. Soa 435, Boa- Phone
Panama 3-1877. b 13-1673.
Gramlich's Santa Clara Jeach Cot-
tages. Modern cornvenlences. mod-
erate rates. Phone amboo, 6-441
or Pedro Miguel; 4-567.
1 ___ Houup
FOR RENT:-Two-bedroem residence
at Golf Heights as vacation iar-
ters for 2 to 3 months. Call Pan-:
ama 3-3605.
FOR RENT: Chalet, 2 bedrooms.
maid's room. very cool. Poatilla Road
No. 59.. Phone 2-2418.,
ATTENTION 6. I. Just built modern
furnished apartments, ene, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apartment,
13th Street No. 16. Son'Frornclsco,
Via Porras: Living room, dining I
room. kitchen. Phone 3-2457.

FOR RENT:-Best located .oa '-rIom
furnished apartment. Beautiful res-
idenrial area. '43rd Street No. 13.,
FOf- RINT:-Furnished apartment .2
bedrooms. Second Street, Perelil'
No. I1. Phone 3-2694.

FOR RENT: Three-bedroom apart-
ment on 45th Street No. 38. Phone
FOR RENT :-Fumished o~ortmenti 1
bedroom, $50. Nort h -Americon
neighbors, regular transportation.
Phone 3-0471.

for offices or other businesses. 1
Justo Arosemena Avenue, F. Ica-
zo Co.
FOR RENT:-Room, independent, to
responsible .person. East 45thStreet
No. 28, Apartment 1.
FOR RENT--Nidifiyt furnished room,
private both, private erilohce, forI
one or two persons. House 34, 46th
Street. __

Eplscopql (hQuch

Will Hold service

On Thanksgiving
The observance of Thanksgiving
Day, on the Atiantic side will be
carried ou with a iomma n i ty
Service held at 10 s.m. at the E-
pscophl Ciuc8h of Our Savi ao u r,
New Criatobal.
The service wil open with the
well know ancIt .Chbr i s t I a ni
hymn: "We Gatier Together to
Ask the Lord's Bleasing.'
A special Tbacku v14 canticle
will be sung '- th1 9 ior choir
under the dJIeUi o Mrs. George
N. Engelke, with Mrs. Andrew
Stohrer, as organist. A litany of
Thanksgivingl ompqsed by- the
pastor, t v. N o A. Cook.
son, is to ue ued.- ,I

The Rev. Samuel Wklden -of Tri-
Vlty Wesleyan Methodist Church,
Colon, sto uiag s..i srmon to.
pie: "Lift UYhr Hearts." The
offertory em "Pre the
Lord, O JeruoalMe" Mounder1
is to be uIag t' t' U'of thej

!t lyO


I.m- Satisfied!I












'4 '5LACS



, FROM Xa-. ie, t 'the me w.-ictk Va .oi- .w- n--
ed by ,IJe8kgrI At IM s .r bet te road- vi tllity a nw w~ e 9rli e,. AUde m .
oombs and dual, wrap-autanLd .g gu s. HeaR a
shields. At the rli ts the rear of te Road masa Eir1, J
e tall on W are at a raklah avpre angle upper
light, to ht and directLnasignal. Back-u liahta are,locateiIn round lamps tnMwa
the assembly and a small reflegtor. canletea. te .grqup. Buc's ,profile Iga ta rt
both ends. T fontwhl acutouts are aed. The new Bc= will go on display herp
--, *_(AA '.

Univ. Of 'Florida- Aks $6 Million

Budget Increase Fri Expansin
i ;' '

TALLAHASSEE,- ljov. 23 (UP)
The University ofp lorida fied
budgets today uking for' $29772,-
436 m operating appopra tlionas
during the qlxt oa years, an in-
crease of $6,3a,,o over the a-
mount set by theb Legislature for
the current two -years.

Theot asked by; he universli-
ty -wich covers .the uniyersty
proper, the new medieal school,
a riculture, engineerilg .an4 Indus.
trial experimentn stations and ex-
tensien service-is ,n addition to
a propos04d (U25:0OQ ruetjn (or
new buildings ain Iw l.ben-
um. 1
Budget Director *Harry .mith

buA ef. 44 dd
soldtateI m-

an increase of 3&1 per. cent.
ISm ;d a.M a Uin. figte
did not include ay uldig funds
the University of iorkda budget
or fSoe big publi rhool appro-
priatleu and sumerws Other a-
9Y requests still to be filed.
The budget requestforthe upi-
veasity proper amouted to W,-
807.000 or $3,180,000 above its
current appropriation. Other uni-
veitybudets include the a
culture experiment station up 1,-
330,00, Ahe etension service up
186,000O, engineetin and indus-
trial experiment,. up 000, ad
Abe medical school UpJ 1,436,000.
The. university budget. ptposed
large pay raises for adnmuistra-
tive and teaching personnel inte-
eluding: a raise to $20,000 for he

It woil ge uadyersity da1s
pay ralies i 4 pel,ceqt over e
coluing' two years,-hike professors
rom a current $1,o to' .S8,
associate u-efssor from- ,800 to
5' 5 *tna
.30. to 4 100. The mamUm
Ir press would go up from
$10,. to $s2,um. _

Lutherans To. Hold
Service Thuisday

"serob Mibb Wh t i, -
deemer Lutherai Church t

Bumbuii aRoi

"whie and
L o 6ors a Sup.

."-e.ra, revenue
;p nitf al 'in
aps .W e ._ 4 h re t cdin

. The 195.57 ,ldting request for
the unlty .&MO m d
laVrs d IQc kmf oe re venue In
a fun dsand
nfllol m -the state general-reo.
venue fund.
*Amog tie "buLd"in kd a re
., .each to hcluse a. total o 1,50_
a:dwdimol- tudonts, an- dustrial
art uidng to cpst 1,434.oo, a
physics an* mathematics class.
room baurglft-gl4A g, architec-
tural build'g- m lrm|ia and an
adult educatibe center to houae"
the general extension- division, 5
mlion. The university estimated,
that another 38 Rillion d olla rs
worth of,.nv b aUdings will be
needed by IS to take-cue of an
anticipated enllment of 25000
students by

eoh N
th tanedw the

a TOts o l ere.. 'a
th1eogen0.4yI of Ihul_
1go. the effetlw dte

te rilroad inuys rty.

b ree ce a demand by tie .o
dutora for three Meeks kBrut14

)mter 0 yea. oeril e br-

con ended a thr..w!e* vaca ion
ftier 1 ears of .hsurvet e
demand; m aPesi e o- ofde eeyt

In se bo tive dfre, and the 'v i-
false of M.90' tte condnctQWor

d.ema wore the om issuedstill
crea tO' bretaw ve to Dac 2y.

and the effUve dcaste w. re-
'4m mae alrto the lem elmcorn4t
e railroad industry.

The re ida tL ek vacationr
binding on either jaide.

Bonn .Govo si.s

,S-" I n
2As 'Fr~iyR4QfHvmlanity'

BONN, Gernoa .'23 P ber lrkQ IV.eT
-Herbert Hoo ir a'eh a

ttii onairit e to say dur. JtI-kI^Al Bi
two L glutialng doncA lal
., the be lh a
herm close onc. hah if01

fiento 1"rwt-te e .
iato a dur-
o mtW Vy Sr' trip. tr t
twon Vtalate.r

JIS 4,Wveiere MII ~ tedwbhifo eaiy
first atogethe r. s t bw the 0 _
nerarby' ate- ribir ewt *c. & S

th or-Sdc : 41

~NO~LE ii


j*~ ~-
'~~>3 ~




- 7




_ ~ ~ __ _I C













I .

* '-






Yiii iiUR AD
3 Ox*..,

tr! 'A -

... IV.-.': '?^,, ,- .... ". '. .4 ^ "
r. vi p ; ';^ "./'1 '^ r, : i, I.
",*,.r ,if ,s~ p -' p^ ,D .i .- ,::... 4-. ,.. ",. "- -.'. < .*: -* ... .- ,, ,
* -i," -. ..... .i .. f -. c .-

* .;I '

J -: ,
t.'-f *:'~~ ) ffA -f2*'iK*'*1

, '", Iz
-. .. .-2= .-' ..-. ,,
_... .~ ,. -. U a,: :-t


1 .a- .j; .

n*"a a e .. -

.S. ,* *9. *. ,.
..g .. '- f m ?---".1

4 $- A; ,o,-A

t u r n -.: r .' ''G i.
**.- .; ', ...... -. '" ,- "' .... ..irf ^ .;:. V a
; -. *''. : -a d ..' "A ;-, ,^p;

'..-"^ BS ^ **_ ? .*- -- T ,af ,.** .'fauS E

i. *!,.- .-5:r:r "* L *.
"l *;':', .<.".-".'- ^ .,v" o f,i

** .,,. ..* : ....* *

#4'- A
" .*_' '.- "*.
uSnAs~ -%..sw **^ i- a a

.' "



,h f i. .wi..-fj f.^.. _.e !a An u ESd sflo t t1 A lt.e (lW P lp 0 o m
Xge n :i a ep ont unsin on bgs i u a itogr Nhwa; s-]
.,_,. he d sion-,t_ ,Bit b O en;7

aI e a -_- ', a, tobl lowa: ...t.. "

1..1. 2i baue anta tresi .me"ren if e o Io
e as toaelte diston't m than o b od h at iao buelo and 'ui-Io; : e

are tanp-I oe sadlth AbNG ta Bt e 8104d sOiRgWonenTVo arhsrot breakpast b r been.
.etraao rej l; "-rta e sG"E a n oepw M.s W Gein n Ir, hfo
.,ie-- --- aIj y T i nb tacee ,, h rn r; it --~*. CommandeWr-b, -Ch s ,. Hakim Am r.e
i6erL heor ee mont at W ds ; .L 0 rnca on; ace
71* a wea s, theh t ye v, w ee u ,alfrt .. P011ets .er.- e

S .t. t! .o ativI J et d, r oi
S Jaabe. a- e wsanat.d sto ur soia le. iWX. Ad rtce ,o sr;t I)JeIo A lKhrc Io
ten..a d are a healfe a anger fo re .re ots the eoan-

gSeLewa't. me. la-I wantt to res ires a ea Lot d .. theu Iuuxu nTr H- wu.uuu N. 25 lv. o

Thme Sands t _h asoes eybdiscover the vs iLecovend cat- ll nt Paben; V art; a ent
in charm. tenj t "-"pkitenito.-As s "'.ans ,mer d t applaud. Mfr T
e fast .a .sharp--I'llnow SIJ A w- subject t the rp-: e a vI4 Ba ar; Dr.
'Wheh & fla-k jIe bhqowrns t'ant resist aS or off sd Sherflov; Mr. and as o oe
De l Wa e are 0,"' -i. Btish oput yoIe uR aw oseM. tValnd .srguft Helen

ae _l s mi.tne are bt, ls casi o l a uck with,M Varaer; J o A. Walsh; Mr. and
sh6 e t ia rFat her tI even lst meneya on a tamp Mrs obrt 8 d
machine ButJoely at least, says oo and b- 'oorae
eShet tahe a l n a ey about ,Vegac wealthy iYTp
d ed,&-a Art c W inn

stars le..t.. ib i hote.. uWts get ouon1;aIbt a .ca sM e -uhe p n p Jof, tIe
ae e r e lae rt". "th W wppa tma
..'-- tht cy op-s. ee k s eai
itf Fox gets the advie r ghs ttl aensone by fourtoke. riir wliig pa rl I Amr and
Noroadwas' s It, e'h BUelin.i n.-oud. art4a es a.e mcllaenIreousl e
sadluav' the Jeeph all vole ]Susan Hayward sat by her lone. sp msr.rlnd ar exhb- I
,wehisfrMarlyMOn-ldoae atoe',ltsft hoabowllten bela thetvoliaHotel n
--a- i.g to L.ut't- 's warbin;. Su- .omm ration of' Amerlian
a e l r in 's flmbie.ogra. Art Wee is turrently on display
Bro,, tal.TO.Mg l .py,. 1 Cr __oro." -tth J Oaer,
tLe flalago briaa emem. py'l The exhibit which which has.. .
rise Key byser, ble. Traffic-stpin @iht ln the El rranled in Coo eratlon Foster brother -Ala L.add Jay il.verheels face a show-
e. crews.t the i Racha op wI re on Lue down over the disarming of the Cee Indian by the Royal Cana-
c pleams.~at re -LIwantri -a 0ne LOW' JA mphV. Twill remain n,_9, di'ohw-tAle
t ble s La the fa- O d dian Northwest Mounted Police as Antonio Moreno, Cree Chief,
ol .ingo erh Pollagetd shuffle ha. A .... ,,s ,her barbecue Cla5ss art pris. ,o, looks on. This I, a scene from Universal-International Technicolor

straight wome _for ,n ,1 heB m, 3 ., hhr p_, t "Ballet Master" .
m.l st a t..s ....pla -,a G'"Nr colon, char 'Shieke's Gives Careful Thought en .
a r, " "6tlhStreetmPaam"l" by T oSoSur Valn ar PrAiupuosam

DustraW Cobye, prize, "1- Wggb

1lustraaMin. ithu r %, *C'moR, Egypt, Nov. 28 (UP) But Miss Vernon, a blnde if
ii Shelk rat Jaasrv the Kuwait ever there was one, apparent
Pau w. Colby Plate by oll millionaIlte whom British ac- has no sueh Inhlbitions, Inact
M.Wllaelcqienaob stress Valerie Vernon calls she said she-.Is omthing of- an
pSe h t, aasL "sSheikie,"-sald today he Ish'care- expert on.them. 1
doh, .hneoh rh- "-fully considering" her proposal She announced in Rome that
eMcllheny, second prize, of maag. she'd 11ke to marry Caafar. She
er. McarAs e third 'e' The gateed O-ear-old ba seaid she Is well up on .hprnus
"_NaSt.e Pigmeots i" i zlane olelo; hit tam %Ielinle last beqflb .hp bat a sutam
"'Native i gt d" ber. n week when be an owueed slatq- gin nso many mo vi'es ere-
Vt4i st -1abnirtfqively, Be was seeking a bride,, she, added, she'd lpi to
Sto dy pe from referabl blonde a d nqt nec- meet ."Shelkie" and be inspect-
the. the, he said, he h'ut eiar en Par. eag t'other
Sbee "flooded with proposals b en shown the Unitd
Iable sad mlil, and I ash Co. reSport of her interest Gaa-
.'ewil riidertage '4 p of -them'" t sal i e was planning, a three-y
iatd' P -bn'buisne alect e for a without meet theaootrtt oft he ar-
"(~Iner t osebrte iLy Ms Vernon is versed In
SmSate a pReset sesae d SANTIAGO, Chilea Nov. B (P' East ecustown s oirems ang d hartem life," he saId, "R'm also
S--The printing shw2 of the a ib- veils. ve sid about HOMOC stars"i
lXfi h Ron o an lrt 1 ,w t.'er ; .lo said.. skch a tntie In
Ar,-*.h wm,--r-m lu, "H k l' I .a. b ath D M 'alet!1 "r
VA _... ..... 6 tdn~ .. b. _Lr,-t p9.0 .UU.o .. ._. _






publications, alwo
pO4 aws, were
4 it ft t St: -tile
4CVW of be-
IV1tile ba-

ly! qlt!

i F.,,.
'It? -.

ping a t "Hopest
active pew e ad range than'
But veroena.
ij. Oen. bW Ofvln. aU-
at chief a staff for t or-
i, lad the .oket whicr cad n
Y an tomc warhead, will
.-".better vMld w ranine-'
will be remused in s* forjI
br handling on the b#ele-
ae "Honest John In t a bvre-
f rh weigh three ,tons, Is
inches n1 diameter, 2T feeti
and has a range of up to
tlles. The iocket already has1
i earmarked for nop in p';.-!
as Dart of the NATO equip-.
fe are just making break-
ugha In tactical atoir'c
Pona. We have a long war to
Gavin told anew9 conser-
lvin, the Army's youthful!
rt on airborne ad atonric
aia asserted that It was a
kt shame" that the 28nmm.
ice canyon was not develon-.
arller because "we certainly
Id have used It Itn Korea."
vin said -wtder questioning
it was not for him as a eol-
to say whether convention
omic shells should have been I
From the bIg 1gun In Korea.
aid that was "a matter of n
y for the executive to de-'

QUERN MOTHEl LE&AVES Brigadier J. Hardy, 9f th. C.4
8teamdivp Line, beads low to bid goodbye to 'Brit ttfl
Mother Elaubeth as she al&a' for. ngland from- NW.I
aboard the liUer Queen Mary. Looking on at right is
Am.bassadw4TRo r.c y,

... ii I l



ARIS ArtisL', asktch of the Cathedral of N6tr Dime.

It's thrift season time in the 'old world' new -
Hotels, Holiday Resorts, and even Hideawoys il
welcome you wvth low, winter -"mO lttif. f .
And flying Pn American, you save
up to 20% (Nov. 1Merah 31) on
your round trip Rainbow Clipper fer,


.g' .
: ^.,


Ljf-&^.ju '-4l

.?, ". .i .*>
,. -
k ....
d .-< ,'. ":


A round trip te the Inmortel city Rome con
take y#u, if yo dIsh, to Hollend, le, ,; .
Fronk 6qry.apy, Spdn,. Port. ..
Engklnd, Irelond or Scotd d, a4.'Sih t ,.-a .
for Is w ewr prts -a ll fr tie price oa the reAced
yunud -*tMf lre to Rome.AddilfleI p n
in the United Staes and qCbp : .
ore also possible atno ext bea,. .. .' ,
*- -. r- -
m.m I ,s..
-.- i ," -.

S '? ? .-~r -wit--

nri.~~ *

~-- -"-f -4
r~ 't.t-,
Jr '~ -

cZLt t~~.LN~squflA~ki.



'-~ : 1r ~

- -. .,'

.7'- -
~.L- ..P*r
'x~2.~tilr ii

!rc .#

L _r ~L

^s' .". 1 "- ':. '- "
.: = '.. "* ,- ,



TW3 PAN~4 Aa~



*-.' I- "i' ..' -.- *" L "
4 --.I: ,

I ~ ~ a
4t A. -
41 A -,
S. .- A.. 44

SCity Buys Most

'layers; Hucs 'lake One

NEW YORK, Nov. 23 (UP)-Fans of the Kan- I
iias City Athletics and Pittsburgh Pirates may not
,.Juk e much to cheer about after the 1955 baseball
eti starts, but they can be proud today of their
,te showings in the annual major league player

The As.11vi up to new own- Greenville, Miss. (Cotton States
r J, ohon's' "money ~ League).
e ." rebvm ng promise, By Milwaukee pitcher Ro-
6" largest, number of bero Vargas (12-13) of Reading,
th the dratr-three pitch- Pa. (Eastern League).
nthudatlrcally shelled By New york G Wants catch-
i, (otr 4hem. or Mickey Orano (.333) of In-
2#s picked only one dlanapollsa (Am.. .Amn.).
p utblder Roberto Cle- Teams made their selection in
,bbut as usual general the inverse order of the way
%ramh Rickey was a they finished in 1954. So pitts-
n hunter" and paid burgh, eighth-place team In the
.for the highly-touted National League, had first pick,
Followed by Ransas City, 1 -ht-
told there' wasn't much j place team in the American I
i-ar.-only 10 of the 16 .Braneh Rickey, Jr., repre-
bothered to make so- sending his father, caused a
land the total pur- gasp of surprse when he
.h prief of the 13 pyes named ClementeM asthe draft'.
pired was only 1us s uit6 first ehole. The Puerto Rican
Sa suawle d tar slaer thee Negro batted only .25 for PI,
i 1. thantepile tag tleatteal last season but lm- VON EST-tGleogePak.
Pressed the nft4bt eg a evr- r., caught this 13-foot 3%-.
... pr te F-rM inch, und marlin on a.
e Isalways a.chance that a other teams with his bril- n 100u d t le off the H-
may grow, for teams lilat play this fall an the l" Island. t wio be a-
t ul.Ul midnight tonight toI Puerto Bican WintLer agpe. world record if Juded a strlped
addltonal as tlos... I Toga Rickey pulled elaseconad arlin. The b one iuek
r are the election alrea- turse. Baseball Commisatoner Parker's bint as e was le-
S(pyers' 154 records: Pr Mk made the routine an- handedly g his boat.
tlhe louncement that the choice After umping f wheel to
1'". 'aC tyr pitober Art 'rould cost the Pirates the usual tackle ome time, he radioed
l ( s1-1) of Birtag- $10,000 draft fee for an Inern.a- for help and another boat sent
(te u. ANs.) itcher Cleoyd laonal eAguer. But RIckey, helmsman so Parker was free
(2-3) of Bocheater' (nt. pointed our that Clemente had to f ght and lad his h.- (Nr.A)
e) and pitcher Bob Spicer been paid more than a $4,000, '
|-6) of Los Angeles (Pacific 'bonus by the Brooklyz~ Dodgers -- --
mt ge). Ito aign with their Montreal ferm i i
WaS sngton shortstop team and therefore, under the OrFasti c League
lk iXa. (.319) of Blirnng- draft rules, Pittsburgh had to
im p"ier Bennettpay only $4,000. Frickl admitted R o ciing R C D rd
i,:h:otr -- pitcher Bennatt Rickey wu a prrect.. c I vOtlelll CoLUIU
(11-12) of. Loulsvillt He can run and throw, and b ... ,
BAsan..). we 'think "'e oan hit," said
Sitch ,Joe Tr im- ckey, ond evera l other clubs NIumber Of Entries
ofBuington, S.C. adtted off. the record they
6), had planned to pick Clemente. The entry blanks for the com-
Sb utthelder -atcher Orasso and pitcher ing season of the FastLUch Leigue
( ,W)I-ofa were the only former Ma- are coming in faster this season
.' eaguqnrs selected. Oraso, as than in any other previous sea-
lai 1 lelder 1,adber: of the Cleveland in- son. Nearly every boy that is fin-
l'. H)at; a season, was out of ac- ished In the Little League this
B rc qu th-e closing days of year has filed an application for
,' 'ty s I a broken ankle. leen Age baseball.
4p*\ :,.. t$he Giants' third-
S eler catcher. oer formerly A word to the few late strag-
7)O.) ,' 0' Fort w ,d for' the St Louts Car- glers: it your entry isn't in the
7W TI~ mL e); and but developed arm trou- hands of Mr. Hotz or Mr. Michel
~i .(15) Ic by 'Wednesday, Nov. 24, you may
S mi out on your chance to play
Teen Age baseball for a full sea-

Iou' still have a couple of
so get your entry in so you
t out for the league next
rt y morning.

A BUy's Nose

owen't Run
BOULDER, Colo. (NEA)--Frank
Rernardi peered through one open
eye over a battered nose and' com-
"I donat know why anybody
wouW think I wouldn't play
anymore. I don't run with my
Betmardi is the lad whoa
stopped a Missouri victory
over Colorado by the. simple
process of blocking a con ve r-
rch attempt with his beak.
A halfback, he hadn't been'
tOPled all season, and he re-
fund to let a broken nose-
which doesn't r u n--stop him
from -flnsbding.

CapTbrge, M aasu.-(NEA)-A
20-game schedule plus entry in
he he d New England Col-
lege Holiday Tournament was an.
nouneed for the Haivard basket-
ball squad.


F. ',. _.:-A "

Cris bt al94
1 .' .
,'- ." *, "i ','- The -_-
"._ i |. ^e, .* i

A .li -


"ft- PL-r m.F / I,
a on,* as
The t ..tbef4 mattw is
that t ,*a/h
SO -6weok
with is
thenhme WIVl. at
basg i' the
5poutah uto. thefte af
u I t=he
(trltb4tobi -or.PS
Be that what it ma, thoe _..1-
Pges tonlht alsMiad an excellent O .1.
chanc" a 1tthe p oWn PLas e ymp "
the champ pra ton e ood alof as he make r.
ite toM di ~lrea in. sanalarlow*pmein tk af
jT?. h-,'w. t q o fno eafteru.~ asnut eNork at e l
at'nme ook ousr-
nw Ig~nand
.o... .. eir _tri-p4- ro.und.
orothe'Arme the6e, t .Wila With h-et,.
ZOffNNY ANLU Philadelphia, PS. $a the pie bbl4ttrter tas~ Rin to Ie b5 ith
at.second base Thr "the Armed c "--Nwhen ,s, U i

me rmr ....
they play the P suiOnalTAll- ila tac eVe6 SdGlu

um. Angel4 6W .. ,
ur.. Angeluis 7unted for a key in p5! and-Trp hM. ob d-'oWrv
Infield in the u iPanama Are&.= -wfoot ndmae. ms, ate
Before esltezight'a- 0Aang; W- 92
Ga.,..Geor g.qdLA-ue.,-aon

muc ha ." .sa.- ofo"
t uhe d tis. a hsasi coaup tj gO UT OMA MU Rh 03t Io t odi.....~ 1~ 1$
l&b ato Irhough Bea1th Buckeys" 16 20
The .3th we* of e ,Pacif ic .
OWLn0" 1t 'dld Paothern ,
Naval Station tenams wa 9 5 1f hl~e ~tiJSela~~p~k46f wit
ooncu d weU 7 Ala esa -- honors.u
oaa leic t wei1, forl

....h .g yew t ,Tll at
6-& &Irll 1101 M:: .-
t bmhur ofal ge the th
Cristo4"012coah o etas vai~ wt

Idea of .wha* a are g at & 9 600~:e Fr
idnoevo three ,t t dison

.n,,hih.wo w'w 06l go:b
Alloys, I01
tPTah2It. easy"tbaask-b flo p.o"the
28 uL Ot he

tursdrIos tfague tllowig thelaced ..e sfw-
rranncoud .g F TOu. r The sam 4
r that, with fresh a tAta~hO MhM WAg. 2

-e nud erC a bd W ic Mpel Def PatCl

Idealof wha= of as ud'
game e ite t far at S onds th 2phrrst
coge wee oen an o
hh.po1gowden0e s z_
(ddis Ualdo Monl

,---5 faor
SHORTSTOP A native of Chicago, Lou Btice, formerly 'lth bv-
Eastman of the Class D Georgia Stat., will be at *hortatopte
Thursday -hnt when the Armed Services All-Stars taAeron t1
Panama Professional All-Stars in a polio benefit, gsuEa. Tia ..5e Ia~
smooth-fielding Buttice Is playing his firs seSSOB In Pattaams. m T1rPr *1I WEP
~moneo 44al

dfttollen tg

Arrangements For Thursday's
X morovs. U R-'Via


Game' Completed

of the
ma and


Rveryting ts. m resuunee for Daznneq
SThursdays scheduled "riend- for the
H p oura Plies- B- ship game" between the Panama cPuanpi
Halt. o B Pie Pro League's representatives and tenm is
hr'money wai the Dhkgo t af A- um ino?1. ftaf an All-Star Service team at the T~ouutar
BK &S t(W-bree1k Ple Pmastasw Pm, uananm,
|euM~.B *13r16 a0IiS Tickets fo Is4ma Polio 01a0
-.-. ... s n G Fund game may be oned at
S the Universal Corr offtees
w ~(near the PanamP Stdlm) and
"Us t at several Post Exchanges on the
Canal Zone.
S-AL. Officials for :i.e l
rendering their v es f_
MKAN charge in order t eino
the polio fund. 'on W1
Mie HDNimk: Ift ruN
.." WILSON -t"
, U;., :. W...W laN' ',

Expect, b oze b
opened at 6 p. U.
Manager Stauford Graham of
the Pana a League team re-
SH ESquesl CVlM ball, l vera
V.1 wethe thlben-

It o-seblldued to


A J traths w
.7:.. ASam, Williams, who W to
4 4a4is IskT a recent br

I186 undbosIdDout g t
M_ jt rl1 :* r

for. 9



"'q 7 .' *,
-. .- ^. '.., .4
,* ;, : ,-@.. :r"fA.'

rwe !,



, *

-'-'A... ~'
~ A



.... 1

'1` I

" I

r -'

_ __ _a __

JA 'T k-- V;WA '-'
.. ,. .\ i ..

4 .-t
__.." ** -
fowafaa," *^'st w ,',.'.: *




-_~L~l _-~~IL--- 4--1_-1__1:


, .

* ". -

-..s -.

o trato, "fl m n7'I
'be an- that It

e.-hat m "S wa... "-" his right "i"d would ke the

w l,"thout halter con.ider. _
a. bk to fn e a-

Sitha. the ans City deal
, .che .die It a. f ,.t. ..thi lI e ba ba

; Go Wlinag, ~ an Tpep re Aithisg st become
e in e Binowofa mel. N.

e wh. had no love t anl For rita they all know the .

and wa bntan, said e have lot of n

e leaguee .i. u d e

so g W e jiadMawho

mitsed'maskde ttensg aue ais t [ pls thI t
R4-a Geneolla o f
WBe ala o to receive two r h vea m d thai

three leer players.ho a ette sedrs
For this haTdhome bthdiunie ofs lr ?gh et
no he gave up Ture o ut ,t y h e a it to-

oud develop into an overpower-
bwas a flaidil. al d .i n
neotavtM I thte. odo d.thm akeert be- t e l
do btro id

wsh erehWs Mirandeha, w o' '
ae L4 at a ti tn to r oveta to o biwo o ,. hi i

thewe Soevelop o dbn oe balo nthv a.
oF' Js-pea wwatr ; pCait n
_,.- Nag i .o,--frss t ,,=. plus t Wr itten for NEA Seriesse

pormantliehimstwe hurlfM sa Obvi- toa:-. inet. Mart entoes e arm
cipe kais ski- he and s.
e M"nlewhere heoi hit. Is this a touch- k.
MADe THE Dn I RNb i ban k o rasafety or to tdrward y o-
New Y erk (.)lB)--In te o d

Ups "'!n' Nature's Api rrhi
s:'-'-ig Ediord
"THE balance of nature" -
there's a pretty phrase, one
that has been bandied about by
writes on conservation fo years
until I'qm now convinced many of
the outdoor-alided gentry aren't
sure .what it does mean. Seme.
times' wonder myself.
A pretty eood ease can be made

i~~arlLCrlr Ia


Stae ]Ba


,go u..

GOODr TOO.-.LaIry Whlte play then boe with the Albuquefquie C Jye Symphony. White, New
exico's captai ad center and top candidate for All-America from the Skyline Conference, also
isa profdonl barber. He scans Don Faurot Secrete of the Split TI with Porky Leyva prepara-
tory to cutting the quarterback's hair. (NfA) .

--- -- ..- ..... -, -I-III





,..-w -. :. -.: .-.--

S -1WW~ g vby"'

tweigt JOE ILL I

hrsIe ar TIe i ly remon why l ar w '
le ft, I I am. ___
plonof kind we've had, has fee bet3 af oae d and clukc be
a history f lend-tease dealings ted
which ee o mke it manda- "What can we loe?" said the ebullie
r to be Bound boas only half dndlewelit ohamp's manager, and so-the
of the t-m of good chenr.
He e)te od se sport it ulant FoI, wh 1Is dead at 2-, was.1
the. o*,td e th e-unt. a re- '30 Dey. Barl ande came out of gti
match ea. about. f ast vie. The country was still in the gri of p
ti, aro, is an illus- and Sazte. like so many others who b
traon life. Idated that many securitles co
Back i. Mie. ,TV fans wll "The'Fox of Belair," as the pre-ss
remember DeMarco looked like banker William Woodward's rpsoe .ag
a fine fighter. a he throughly tined toU live his whole lifeJ In hdne.
whipped Carter'ad alned the did produced some sort of story. orW
tle. en the rematch finally The Fox home first by two that afternoon
Saeared and history repeated ond lackey in turf history to win tbree Dei
; waa the oddly named Negro star Isaac M
The cmtpetat, straight-backed From there, The Fox went on4to comp
Carter staled man, punched Joining Sir Barton (1919) as the only :1
sharply Inlide DeMarco's wide account for the Derby, Preakness and Be
weeps, then laced to the body the slightest question about his b9ing thec
a mtupa. last-round Tt. the year ended he was to be beaten by
Carter was all fighter.In Mis-
return, and he appeared to be
as fine a piece of machineryTU OR ANK
pound for pound, as we have T HO8 BAN .
the business today. It came up mud for the Travera at Bt
He outclassed DeMarco from aided t horse race botwe The Fox anB
the fifth round on and as he atedin tw orepaM between The Fax anl
chased the champion-on-a-loan ate into a pre rqu 'romp for a Cals
around the ring, he brought up n Jim DA It w" The Fox's first
onep more, the question all fans wn banks Woodward broke open T
havee as he at the end of the season, he discovered the
"How does the guy manage to was more than any other four-footed an
lose so many fights" in one season. ne
Willie Kelku0, who Is billed Although .Qya two-al him
as Carter's manager maintains beaten thi 'figure several A, but he
he has an answer to this riddle- gentleman to call attention the fact.
which was brought about by sport. He remained in the background an
Carter's losses to such as Johnny all the bows.
Cunningham, Laurp Salas, Eddie Just as The Fox gave the press box
Chavez, Armand Savoie, Art Ara- about in ande, so it was with Sunny ji1
gcn and DeMarco. thus saddled his first of three Derby wini
"After some time with the come next, then Johnstown.
fighter," Wille bays triumphant- Typically, Omaha had to fight The Fo
ly, "I come up with the answer. the year he won not only the Derby but the
He I.s an in ard outer by birth. a breeding point of view, Omaha' classic ti
That's why heo loses so m any to the fact that h had been aired by The
fights.", I Crowner to recreate himself.
Carter, perhaps the most ac- It almostseemed as if The Fox had a
complished riogmah in the game unique and dramatic. He made sure his e
today, is an example of the whole dismissed as a routine Item by d:
business. Boxing today is filled noon they were running the Gallant Fox e
with strange- Carter-type happen-. To get back to Mickey Walker and
wings, for which Ketehum-type ex- foregoing sl evidence enough that the mid
* planations are offered. saw- a reas hoMe win lt. Except that he
Most have forgotten the way bing te e*mMa weight champion when
Carter lost fights, then came back he could whip With one hand tied behind
to stiffen the same guy in a more thing but murder him In the very first
lucrative rematch. But the more --
cynical people in sports are rea-
. Aleclare Asdrade, Ryff or -...WHAT PRICE EK --
DUpea champ the moment the
match is made. Thlascould have been a double-crab.
Andrade, the Compton, C a II f., ieM's manager, because Teddy
Comet, has been steadily father- took a punch a hftm n the rin aftorW-
ing the experience needed for a and premature ded by someone .,'i
tie shot. Dupas, young and gong with a bottle. ,
strong, has been making strikes '. NHowever, It.e It as well h
out of New Orleans. Ryf, a New tlon. On adoaa k the flat.
Yorker, has been, perhaps, t h e noon, ad' haiL aft tb
flashtest of the three a*d holds a with bovemago when
win over Dupas. defintely on. ot. ,,
All could make an acceptable Wauer m Svhave H ew l
fight against. Carter-the first time he came, 39.,al l ,He ewai
around, of course.1 only 'tat save bh
But then y o u have the re- overaw m a
match. That's wh ek ee Carter round, t, ih- e u
really gete going He is probablyU ie -ode-
t' greatest "rematch fighter" In wsheVne
thesport's history.
In meeang of international ding or not, the
boxing commissionersinLondon,to mint Jules n meant edw bl
New York's Bob Chrisatenberry plant h.ox, h DW on a
offered a resolution that no title be Fox,'s 1tch had b en o fei,;
match should have a return-bout He was watching, a bunch _of bumms_ _
clause in the contract. -
That loud yell you just heard A
cag from Carter and Ketchum. r if c. CRA
ey don't want to be put out
of business and besides, it's no I
fun winning the first time, any- .e has
way. wa e
Camden, N. J. (NEA)-More oThere, nf or
'hpn 5000 invitatidns have been ht. nthee lsa
issued to owners, breeders and Pa I i S th
yGa for G taden ate Park's S t
r. Enghts It Ciub ema

OI wb se

S ) iRoaring i

Club owes t the Internaon

IAPath -IIthe 'new busU'.

k *11, *.T. :."



Very insedure,
the big hora
rMent .o rien

pe, when
he became t
rbe. The oth
the Triple
.r thor bghb
lnont. There
champion yet'
a 100-1 anot .7

and ,"t
he Fex's
Scontkn eof
omal had

too Mn
or Was.ha
d let The Q0,
something to
ners. Omaha
x for. th hB
'Triplee rogC
rinty WMs.
Fo, the fir
positive flair for 00
death would n
= the same
f at Jaxt*..
Up first y=

he saw it. he
his back did e

.. .A4 ,
Sa^-o ,.


*.-;, -f

with eci

K *

ia I

1 *1
~ ~

- .' W''W

S- .- -.- -

, /
"JlJjiBjft! D-ini! "]


. -6. -. -. --




f-. .... .. .. y 'hi

,'* 'i^ AA

to the wth
^d-,------ ke

-"" '*' ,. '..


AS Supreme Court Postpones

atorngs On De-Segregation
.:i ,-- -------- *

"am i ue nCourt, e of

S justices, ateraty poln
..whnvdown heAnw S.ate

l_ r btle school ubIa t .1 "
a ti chadi p be n he duld
la alo.eder ot be hedd

mt ri-tme, t .ewr Senatck
a tim d thelatSe Uae In. na0

S. *ebeei ofl hopes ite
i eea ooconsdering cen
.- ie "against-'Pen. Joseph

But Sen. James 0. Eastland
'-Miss.) and several other Dem-
rato objected to immediate con-
euation, and action was put onff
til-Inext. year.
rI new hearings are to deter-
nE5when and how the state
*t lower the color bar in pub-
daeools as ordered by the high
uiCin Its historic decision last
n-its brief order today, .the
cL continued the case "in view
Absence of full court." No

'Gus' Gustn Reopening Balboa

As Respait, Cocktail Loung

old, familiar landmark In-Pan-
amA City, will undergo name
change as '70 Deo 4. ortihere-

Then JGa (, uosedti, man-

aer of El Rancho Garde from ['. .H
10a to 1a51 n &s preddn and
lounager o wthe new cmpy.

e had chare of the post Ex- "ku"
change.reatqurant, the Officers
Club and tJ.e Generals Mess. Opreviously was two years w
Before e came to presideanam Padd Wh who owns
Swan ma nager of Do dy' Clam House and Pat'Cl
Sea Grull Wangto, D.C., and House in New York City.

date was seL I
mother decision besting on I
-- A*: hnmh la d t ufpersonfl lFignter Plane.

ing intermarriage of N e-
anl whites. The case was.
At oy LAone Jacksoncedof
SCounty, Ala.. wo Improve d Rocket Announce
ted in 1953 on a chartg that
did intermarry or live in --
ry" with A. C. Burcham, a WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 (UP) ne l Aircraft Corp., at St. Lou
mam. -The armed forces announced except to say "It s in the sup
today a new suprSoZnic fighter so1ic cass and is capable
igh court upanimouily up- lane and a~ Improved rocket carrylnr atomic wekpons."
ie right of cities to acquire have bee im o America's Qbservers believe, however .
wo property for lum alear- growing arsenal of atomic wep- can exceed 800 Miles an hour
ad redevelopment an' then one. obviouPly also is very large fo
lease it outright to rplvate The Air Force inveUed a etSt. e ghter, pO55bly weighing
1. Lois its .ane Spl Voodoo, a mucb l 40, pounds..
V ment plan have doublue-duty 'b eauAble either Thb F101 be amned
Oa me courts n 20 of eortn. atom bombers e. Curti Le y. a Stra
af have deep "t(r o Air Catand a Air Fo
at. carrin. et hlf. d. The guarded anaoan
W tetp rl e The ultane- it ndcated the Voodoo co
li whbrela Idh was .A ro..v1 escort.h Aae600-mile-an-hn ..




* It
r a
7 'Y

w Icpal govern ed version'M W ries ohn" and B62 bobere-on long range
=+ 'ou maaon pro, oCket with grate destructive missions, evidently by Ir-flight
mBlp. power and range, but wfth re- refueling. .
s d sise tor easier hadM It could strike deep in eon-
S The Air Force refused to ive emy rritory on atomic missions
Z way Gafes performance data on the Voo. on its own, perhaps opening the
produced by the MoDon- way for heavier onslaughT, by
J a A Ma bomnbet.
!1 A report oar the Army's m-
-' ] i C lpl roved rdekst development
t. "m INl| ade at a nfwt conference by
I 'W .. Maj. n. James M. Gavin, as
| uiStA w chief of staff for opera-
outo "We are just making break-
Iins-po O-ti nf l m through -n i tactical a to mic
YSB il'Sh~iem the hqu t-BB. *H M tW5 weapons," the youthful airborne
Spl Oad, at PARI, Nov. 24 (UP) A hav a long way to, o"
ft time that French sclentimt ac eby a fa- ""Honest John" In its
Wa of t Gatus WSn mous Nobe, -ris y s0lelst, present form weighs three tons,
have b ee n d at warns. the world last night 30 Inches In diameter, 27 feet
I ,u!, time s ec.nm.ber more hydrogen, bombs explosions. long and has a range of up to
.., pos .on. might bring. "Incalculable chang- 20 Miles. The roct has been
m e e earmarked for use in Europe as
of the 12 gae Ato itist Charles Noel Part of he NATO defenses.
i ec,. essary to keep the Martln.ud the warlng In a Gavin sai d te new verson of
rireo*" 'rising above a safe sciti ar. in he weekly the' rocket. which clan carry an
atng the Bavy rain bulw4aetl -o he e.ltemie del atomic warhead, will have "bet-
over the Imus and Stlenoes. He published it with ter yield and range He said
-'a Op GetmD ,Lake ana =0 bkROW q PrIce Louli De weapons like the ont John"
Geek A. ]RD are pri Winne% and and the Corporal Otid le
I=Sthe threof the Ga- Pecret of tbe faimbua atade- now must hae grority.
i U"lye year. Ma a appeared --I .. r

,04 S tat.. Wicffin
kInil lC. I t W gbeg,0

4: soccurrPany*-
I.g ft. oarers.who
Ina igrht, whi
killed W. e UIsruadetCds t
fy tyo tt e ibe

ofMe Hse I h e alth-

Ir LAm o yter of a floo&-/

I tr e o medictilct
i UPn N lOW atM eastles-

7. _ak T ahe s

IDr. em .Ia lCtra ted to
I"Pfto bus, fo-o -


F 'I
SM. .1.


, -.-

7"' .'
++' A .+:+ P ,' -- L -. ,+ .; T~N .'Q p


' ." i a .. m -(- --

**Let diI

peup 1kno

ther a p .

.ountry. i



Army 'Operation M e

Leaves Tomorrow For--Sduh APri
I +; *;. .*.1 *,,'.. a

"Operation Muscle," a six-man
demonstration team from the
USARCARIB School, Fort Gulick,
headed by Lt. CoL John J Davis,
school commandant, will depart
tomorrow for visits to Ps r,
Bolivia and Paraguay hert -they
will demonstrate the reaclla ri-
fle, 3.5 Inch rocket launtter, 4.2
Mortar Communielctios, ',quip-
ment, ad special Engine equip-
meat sch as the flamethrower,
mines, and booby traps.
ThU is the seventh trip
members the 'JTh SA AU
School as a pt of the "Opra-
ti k Muscle" ta put iNo effect
by wUnitedtalb t ArmyW Catb-
bean to demostrate wea-
pots and equipment to tde na-
hens of Cental and South Amer-
Peru will be visited for the
second time sinee the pisn has
taken effect while olivia and Pa-
raguay will be sted for' the
first time and wn l be Tbe ninth
and tenth Central and South ,A
merican countries to wi tn es a
these demonstrations.
Lt. Col. Davis senior officer
of the team, is the .pre .Eoit
Gulick post comma a., i
a c oo Icommandant nd is a
aute othe United Sates M-
ry Academy. During wor d
War HII he was 0-2 oT 4th Corp
and prior to coming to the school
he w" Chief of f at the 1st
Armored Division. In the yarY
of 1947-10 he was Assistant Chief
of the United States Aft. MisM
sio n l Bolivia ant is looking for-
ward to visiting his may friends
in that untry.
Maj. James R. Creighton, Chief
of the Infantry Weapo-. Ta
ties D division, U- WA5'
School, is a combat veteran
12 years .ofmilitary rce and
is decorated with the ver Stur,
Bronse Star for Valor With Ckwa
ter Purple Heart with elter,
and various other serv*f. uibborn.
He is a graduate of th.iArmYn
Language hool, Menterey, CaL.
and is oabrge the weapons
demonstraon for trip.
Other mermbels of the tea In-
clude M-Sgt. Pedro Rodriguc.a
veteran of World War II and Ko-
rea and Sgt. Jose Luis Garda, a
Veteran of K o as ,forward b-

Outlaw Teorsbts

Raid French (olumn

In Boldest AHack
ALGIERS, Algeria, Nov. 23 -
(UP)-A band of terrorist out-
laws swooped down on a French
supply column in the A ure s
mountains today in the boldest
attack the "Army of God" has
made since it rose in arms Nov.
1. -
SThe supply column was raided
as it wound up through twist-
Ing mountain roads from Frecht
headquarters at Batna to Arrids
in the center of the range, and
the town where fighting first
broke out.
The attackers were quickly
driven off by French troops a8-
companying the convoy, and one
terrorist was killed.
The raid came as reports from
loyal tribesmen said the terror-
ists appeared to be moving south
in large numbers toward t he
towering peaks around Biskra,
southwest of Batna, an impor-
tant French settlement in south-
eastern Algeria.
The report said that during
the last 48 hours the rebels as-
sembled at prefixed rendezvous
and evacuated the northern part
of the range wbeoe they h a4
been concentrated until now.
The "Army of God" is an esti-
mated 3,000 men strong.
SBalboa TIms
2:44 e.. 941 am.
3:17 pdn. 9:25-p.m.


republicc, c"to at& f aa
my generally by a g in-

tax rolled am twe

session p, uh a meh' a u aof
fta raesrn-, havde a pri-
rited Deo atiDemocrati l nexta-
He s@ecifcAy did -ot say,
however, that the Deaqerfewi
try, to ush .tt1ath tam ta x
M nnesv1_53. UVd
pose Democratic stra .a
year would be devoted largey to
delayed ul 1t
the Wra te.t in lbusem

SWC HAMBY D. CLARl, Conwiumnuakons Divisian (left), 8r r- o dro&
Vision, bothag The USARCARMIB Shool, Fort 0 14,- te somea Rs-- M
e ulpment tia ill .be demonstrAted whm " 0mle-h~Vs ,M ,. to lfall
Uvia, and Paraguay. gr\tiN
server, Heavy Motter Company, r i .
who will demaitrate the wdg- "Z@l.l be"'M
posam. SLC Albert R. Duncean. a I Vlw Oft I
Pad ate ofths: Army ek adtha
R~od and holder of e r
Heart v servicee in the oth
Pacifi .m gWorld War wilT .
demonstrate the special l ..
a mt and $ Harr y .
,also a gruateof the Tewcan
my nguage So and a Navy ....
man during Werld War II, will .
demonstrate the communication
equipment. a

The members of the team are
considered as experts and have
spent many hours preparing for
the demonstratios. Many rank-
ing officials of the visited coun-
tries are expected to witness the

Blue wlSodSked

In Sheppardl Case
CLEVELAND, 0., Nov. 28 -
(UP)-Th stite spread Marilyn
Sheppard's pale blueblood-soak-
ed pajamas on an o tibit table
today 2 feet in front of her
surgeou'husband. .
Dr. Samuel H. Bheprd clos-
ed his eyes at the sight and sat
splhipn-MI, pale u without
moving a feature of his face.
The pjahmas were the opes
worn by Mrs. ~eppard as she
was'bludgeod to death in her
bed last July 4. Dr. Sheppard Is
on trial for is le, abused of

wcGT. JMIM otg
ner ofii N c n n n 'n mm i, v -- o bot .^ B "iE

br Dio "V. 1BrbwnelPri'ses

Plan In Brazil "
SDPAULD, raglBK*. -. p.
P).--- tt *.R: e ethe r t
BowneU r. saJ tday Prei,*
s *4 MBenhoweo's pdwam
peace plan Sir now geared au s
dvaled for the well gf.g of

In a speech to the. -Amers
lean' congress of pl w ad.
Preeldest's. (flppcal tii ir ex
aqBpit 1his sqt deter-

lbs p


. If





, 1 r
A, '

-W"^'T-?'' '

.,* .1

s "



A .: .

,/. ;




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