The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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oathe lTd n or .. :
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eclailon to nation "fiterR
_ cloas to the Costa ican coat

i, as well )w any 9W1
pheecout, Is co due
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able to.agroa nt

d ecr tt. of ItOte Jom,
te ulleas t "noon ith;
to the White ouke ,far
ttn and lunch -with Prel
a b shower; Later I
"ho planned to lhud .i...
Departmiet offtl Vor

nce and OO haverwk
al but Iv rtIe ,
for mdathis -th adi. E
d articleT. The West
year offered to accept u
lte Sovet Unon u
on t.eimW t O

IRu&sia ha Inlsitedd "elp40 t
.or to w SnEr Au 'A

ived me ae T-in to:
Uue problem'. .. b e.b"
.R ab, who I8a on rMcordt Ji
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td to urrep ullsto -'

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rt on, and a four-
Is suffering from
"AAnto ToMa8 Hos-
* were. bought

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liberto PdAtrico,
ed to beJn serious

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A mPWmi1ed t h e
main faeturer
eanan id -tho
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'' ". -, mue- SITINS AAMAIh Ic R *-.
:,.* : UT, Mi,* a. en S O -MA..-0. : F-,P.
.. m" Aa t PANAMn R PANAMA- .
~ *e (Mlf S 12.179 CENTKAL AVINUE at*Wet lar ANa 151 6ABM55W
245 MA sOIN Ava. NEw YeoK. (V1i7 V.
.kan,,. ,8-.-. -seS a .. ... 0a1
,,. "
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Th0 1 ll ston u ao M fosm for rfMof T' Psumd AiM .
Loa stai feelved6 gtelly and aeM handled Ia Iholly .. tSiAl
Mwte ... .
St* _fk.4, aned't he 4I,~3dast t eIr el.
: -J"l -- M&& heM el 'd e
esF!5heVlejP seMWhW s::'f l" "
I twlu .h W e hehold le, e M li
Th p ey5 .aums- respe nHmilthl f stleS aospI
emluwad Mir. fom modems.
I rs' .- O "

'Let o rI let 'em reverifew' k ta- ep
r f gnent from existing. Le them Id -ia.l.pline
Lind loalty. 3t,. don't let 'em change your th. |d on-
*VyotU=Os Dleellne and loyalty and pride of Iu-r actly
what you tInk they are. Absence of same io d d
,with Just ar you did.
If a soldier is In the 33d Regiment and can't loyalty
sto that tr he should be reduced and tr to an-
other o wo choice. If a soldier is In one d ca'tt
nwsl his loyalty to that Army, he should be of his
cltlzemhehasntransferred to the one of his ch so:dler
;Iant IoW_ iAI country, he (or a civilian) Is br traitor.
,..t& a high ranking man, he I told "It's okay i tat, you be
5loyaI to who you want." Pfit and splat. .
Wan are won by battles. Battlesre won by W Armies
are made up of unite, smaller units. ese ma llu eight the
wars. They bdled and die and get maimed. Wfl'pu bleed
Sin combat, 1 'A for your country, yes, but even n so, for
your Regliht. The tetm 'Prime Of Regiment';-tMis to be
only a term of.I &f E outfits_ :-.
go, Colonel, I salute you. However, whether the Incident
which made headlines- was a PR a other race, the actions
should have been idential.
When the day arrives that soldiers aren't soMters, loyalty
Usn't loyalty, esprit de corps Isn't eprlt.:' .corps, pride of
regiment Isn't' pride of regiment -Uod d sJ&e la us our
Army won't be able to do the job. a


S L *. 1




By ^braith



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: n rvAl4 AN ,- AN

Walter Wineill

In New Yor

The Broadway LI
Coasters are convinced Joe and
Msrilyn will. "work itl out" if
every.oody just butts out ... Big
geSt feud In television circles: Max
Uebeaan, the producer at "Spe,
tacular," and a cosmetic ad agen-
cy chief ... Josh Logan told 'an.
gqls" they'd get back their 370,
000 from "Fanny" by March Ist
The very .social lliam Bur.
tons, II have .been Beaota zed.
He got custody ot the to ...,Ba
let- star Jeanmalre and D. Biocks
are a new Two ... Jntimates of
Marion Brando are reported uncon-
Svinced on any marriage to, Jos-
anne, (I think he will) Paul.
ette Girard of "the B.2 Frlend
has a favorite ty. He is Freeman
Parks of the Summerstock circuit
... Lady Sylvia always marries
fellers with mustaches: Gable, Ba-
ron Stanley, Fairbanks and now
Prince Dimitri ... Quotogravure
from Jennifer Jones' new play,
"Portrait of a Lady': "You have
to admire the young" "You heavy
the young, you can't admire
Coeksdoodle DoW:- Frt_ the
Sept. 5th broadcast& "Att'n Cleve-
land News: When the Dr. Sheppard
murder case ip tri.e the.key word
will be steriliy."
From next .day's Cleveland pa-
pers: "Defense counsel Corrigan
called WW'i statement a journal-
istid cruelty."
From the papers .last .Tues:
"Sbeppard's lawyer -orrnij hopes
to save his client by rumors and
reports that Sheppard was sterile."
In short: News 11 weeks in ad-

'iBlack Eyed Susan," starring
Vincent Price, got several sugary
rearts from the Boston critics...
Judith Paige, who makes her
Broadway debut playing Rose in
the rebived "Abie's Irish Rose" at
the Holiday (tonight), ran her own
theater n Africa ... Guy Boltcn,
who will be 70 (on the 23td), wrote
and coqabbed on more than 100
product ons. He will have a pair of
play on Broadway soon. 'Anas-
tasia," with Viveca Lindfore and
Eugenle Lecntdvich and "Child of]
'ortune," for the' uuikl ,.. Prime
Minister Mendes*- France and his
wife will be the next foreign d4ig
nitarles to view "Pajama Game"
.. Lindy's newest h-tchecker,
Richard Erikson was an Emer-
son College teacher ... Geo* Go-
bel, teevy's newest star, worked|
around Now Ypor .vpral times
and couldn't-e. _1.A,...
Agents wrete him off with: "Ju t
another midwest comic."
I I--- -

"Her The. I B d.

ars Burglars took r.
ane ("frag&e Fox") Clark's
mink coat ... Tune detectives say
the "Dragnet" music theme is
oolly imilar to the one in the re-,
vived film, "The %Ws" O.,-
Martinez1the maa badf e0 4"
starts a tour of the Statler HotelS
at Detroit Mondoy. His latest
RCA-Victor recrding: "Rocksa.
bye My Baby" : Eli Basse,
who writes Joe E. Lewis' hilarious
materit; p'oNe the hospital
ask about Joe. "He's doing very
well," said the nurse Fine,
kidded 11. "please tell him that'.
better than he did at Las Vegas."

Leadinir-lady Cloris Leachmann
wasn't ink about "ng .of
4 ,- + Heeartso" CI Glods and 3rooi
SGeorgeanticipate another
imae.. XtKing Cole's "take",
a te .. tn ...t thme p'. r 3 weeks) W r
i wn n t Moh- eo ,Oin $,500. N '..op,,,ago there' e
Otie s TVe it $3=af or t lants .-.-.Cole
included a "All of You"
S which may r the nwork..
.u .' Oneu hain-e the mouth

m larkshe, writer for Jac
Parr's ant. am, have Pft
S"T... "o.we "Can-Cat'
intothe... in-eb

E a (a ....... _: epressces me"y. "".

.PV arm "itd 4 Sn Se _a S
S.S"ban thare stepreoses me.
.i U Lst itrMn o. P centur-feu, yea-rs a
4T4S-atetfer as their "De : dis nsth leto d
A'r'retMAacInyour s deted.yo ads

_I_ was "lKlWoby eedandLou


,. .^ v -' ... -- -. -,,.-.;
-r-.- .
"'." Pg .+p I ."I"'' '".
t "*+.,. .: ;.Ni. ,.
D C' ; .:, : --: ,. : .
.f" : :,+ .->-.

. .

*.'.. .


.e. "rMrde. .xpbag.
n'.- t .o t of




Mauy of the])12
Ased snoe

.o .t ea let" that
i ___Joe never t r ad was in
......' J ct'eyer i+njenrt was -Idn
S. good. physal. trm or whatever
girl for the T. Hardlings at long traffic tie-up atentura Blvd. set) jittery. Fearful "It wasn't leslative bat any debelop.
Dri.' s o S ,1. a top-notch near my bhome in tl.a0 I walked good enough".. Elsa Maxwell The po ar, ear-M speaker,
writer for and The Sat- a couple of b lock t get my car: who panned gossip columns In a ho, w step down to come
evepost. .c Jimmie Ko- Through the apeak of a lnbg statement some. time ago, has House minority leader in the iext
mock has one the leads in "Best line of cars ( mr to bumber) to broadcast gossip.. Congress, recently had a thorough
F Forward, the next spectc- I caught eautsofyour Carl Haney h film offr tomedica check at a Sayre,
ular. He was completely broke a broadcast (via auto rad io with- portray Fannie rice. A wagt Pennsylvania, clinic and was
year Pgo ,. .. aul Galileo's out missing a wd. IL proves. I at the Sirloin, wondered by Betsy found ,n excellent health, despite
ypu ggnt son 'B. |i, alick at the think, that thimnlgavq't changed .volt urptenberg kept her mar. a grueling campaign itinerary, of
Gole 'Theater, Dublin.... Sue- much for you M ar ye riage ag tuy Vincent a secret since speeches In 23 states.
ee Fordhm surprised the Comrn- Except. when t t stais June. "Prob'ly," he added, "so
poser Club crowd by announcing spending 20 milon e lth several her army of stage-door -Johnnies Tougngal and Jastice
she will wed WiM jazz musician watch frms (to m precision in- wouldn't know-". ..The charac-
Alex Kallao Sunday night. struments for id1ed missiles, ter 1O Merle Miller's new book A backstage incident has Just
bombs etc.) lse a sponsor. "Reunions" is sqid to be inspire leaked out which throws shocking
"Dear Walxer, writes Ray Hein-. One ol the h Jest romances of by well known mustaehe'd pub- ht on the Justice Departmet's
or r qt.Warner's Burbank .C all. licist. .The Roney Plazn bae charges of prejudice against
tn ._ bhtve.buried radid had ... I declared war .on.ts. new conbe- Judg!l.ther unjgehl Jquace
Utr4 give other look. The me- Co.ler Young's .kls-and-maeup tition. Its reminders-say: "'There has .nFv abl It. elain
diwn Is not even gasping. I just gift to Jo iFontaine was a dia, are two types of hotels in Miami why Y i prejudice ex-
read Ben Gross' new book: 'I mond clip. 'one owned by Lucky Beach. The Roney and all other cpt s eed wtit the de-
Looked and I Listened," a breezy Baldwin, he tall zillionaire. .... ... .The Duke of WMdsor will get p tikmore
History of radio and television. On Despite the --scandal a t w $000 per for appearing on two as -
page 1 S he- ts: 'I secaT York's police there a I progpams .T e New .rt -;T b" - eve .jfdomop.ain, .,'"

broadcast as his -voice call e metoo. .. .BigCros I I any cosati need l
.a succession of open wit- mates know that with allt he wedding, the Runyon Fund wui e what ougdM aMl
dows he's had still comes hore cheer accept a fee for "Ki. blicin, ha an enthusi.
"Last Sanday night there was a from a broadcast (or day on the metics." astie g,.
', .. _. ...

I-- ..

In the Panama Canal and

in the Ticino, Switzerland,

Movado impermeability remains intact!.

In Panama, Mr. William addrs, head-instructor to
the divers of the Panama Canal, has had a Movado
waterproof-watch for over ten years; he wears it for
all his diving operations, sometimes going to a deptl
of over 120 fact .
4 In the Tidno, Switairland, in 1.950, a surgeon
Dr. Bazzi lost his waterproof automatic Movad6
watch in his grounds on
the Monte Bri at p-ialti-
tudeof 1,000 mets (over
a3,00o feet). Nei* g t re
years later-his son found
Sit and at his e ouchitutiart- .
ed goin again pufactly.
*. i m writes, "I am prpud or my Moirado! ...
S, i eloquent examples illustrate the b*4y f, '. *
St* lMovado in ctfact with *altr. Letters l i
.". Mthe world are constantly being received.attestin. to
is seco. If you want a waterpr6of watch .to .wWr in
.I t "and with which you can swim and dive without t
,test misgiving, then choo..a .MabVd I- .to to
*"*'* "4 ous Movado casm with its cm pensaled stresses, J J
c ire is enough to preserve its impermeability,


S You

a T.I
t.a. IL.r_.


can r-.'

E S A't4
*Ps. .

. w M w '.y "y "."...
Ca440aq-Vf 4*...T^p
mats .. _-wrare#A

aA-p4$i(. -.
-pwU ,fl fl&,


* -I;

IThe 1l4e turned down the Invl
station, eSplalug that he. was
through with plitlets and was satis
fled to spend the rest of his mi
on the inch.
It wa after Yomungdahbl's refusal
that tlb attorney general cooke
up the unsupported charge of "pite
Judee" against the Judge.
N OT-a ;the same evidence

Some withe amma

back u
WS IW i ----

wh e, byql the
to be when t.orew wan vAr
out. He Is now dvrti hig
as the Aman wo l the Air p
to victory the Korean war.
Aetlly, he came dwn with a
haart attack at q- beight of I.
air war In Kort. it the Air For.
ion hh the hb
been. ti. hrt/ck oF ,
Ot the 4lf links of a- Tokyo :
s e r 's i *- ;




. ,r .;. -. ., -f .. ,-._ ...! j
Hi :, J.- -.. I *
*., _- -. + ..- .' +* *: "R. -


C, T "' '." '" ".7
Industrial apiblcation of atomW
knowledge is causing technology
al chaisggift the most raanU
rate the world. has known.
ring a major war,. techleticag
vindu ds sbeyo reogn lit
within the next twenty f,
years. f .t-kq

w ly uaie who rules ainast 't In the mi-nineteen th ese
Justice Department cod be aC- c a n a I eoany stoks
used of "prejudice." out of sight with M-e buldh,
the. uroa 6 Todaythe inb"
Vice President "M6Nioa' l It faced -the- Tod, the S #,,
f .dl. aom io -atco..n
Vice President Dick .I.on. may lMes .at Ma .edivZ es .
have, him.n wth he. fedaed, perhaps to the0 i
aurshed his campae Dm tacti with the sole re, by ew the s r
endeCar y m tax'e theul -ard velopmts ding .
cent bitter ele action gn. A wreent magazine artlet
po realized the a rats cated thament Wetric currat go

mone ba the oppositeng thas unite ed im to comste. mi e c
thed guard, who feampaign tactics wouhe but wanderahg. the e-t
in earp Wto f he.ol d s dOat tf i at tn I mwe Br ph-

aes h r it e will beprhblvetl is. ezpt
Ltb U: hlohasas r4,e

hon -.aics uS ail. r m lrnmes tIs n i ao30-
d ust the oppose. ia l ne. to comy e a Oea
Asaresult, a ew mpshire, sNOWck in %a; t is
hY ;o, .g -ltor d

In the 60 co to w aes G al tri
Caugh .... .. '. .. ..'.. n___ e m*n i..a
t, ...sY 7 e ryto Efblrmbtso o.u.g= t unt, as

... A wac
.; ^.:.l. -:,. iI..
,'A. .-. a.~ Eudto.

I 'C'
,a -

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* 3 .. .. =. 4'.-. -4 ....

*m:*... -


k" "+ '"

, ,; ,., *. ,
U,' -l V

< \

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_i_ _~_ I_


i ll .

n M T

..... ,.- .-.. .

ivar .-am

- I




* II

I. "-;,. r-"

4 i.?-.

-. .
7 A

T 4 -


-o.* -.-. ..r- .. ..

-. i. : ?'-..". T O A X :.T

-N.fkce, 4.
j~z^ .- '^ ifet -- 'a -
-" .~Z-.~1 k "~hL S1.

w, M.,,
ri a.. .

at the

*~t In tho 4--H program

;to. luet lock
l -jun'tr ohmplon
a..ongto nn1"


at he'i
f..... A -,'

l. u mE. *

n small part fit Jkap-
'$an,"s trie brhvi p

In one uwery, be Us 40 to 50
uacity paYl. another
1,300 tree. .

St. Lawrence
Project To End
Treasure Serdch

N. Y..

cusqpprp _e% -naaipoin of
rT 05p c- aMlt wW
aelftlon a dte grand chmpion
hog and thde d champion
'A eatutr l the hattae s'how
thIS year wUl- be "cutt-n," con-

i .. -, v t- ---A 2An4
nirantefd arin'co
w Ogde. tio' wl s e a bt r
ee.Rivei.- t of feionaluebas
r het of tst*ona Waguet
on it by the The ba E
a70 of to be placer..
e fcoded the ase will wh about t two.
wv and It.beplac Seey Part




4 ON A k1ve

-, .' *-,4 t2 aeMtraI Avenue na t
to The bCoe Matinal adsak


as nual at No.1 Um ierts Avenue.,
our Main Store.

At*1W51055, we Offer you tIO bggeat


u. 1 -. ... ... ...... m. a ... .'
2. CW IS ": G"
M T '. .: .-iu. O. 4D t .


i L.-. .' U-..--



; ^ ^ <* '-.-.: *.,.

,r- Vt.'
"^- r. .-,- ;. .,
/? ;: .*- ',^,. .

.r I.


S. A .. i





aM fpsG kt.Aamf
--a-re r-



i r.


fr- -*;iz






w 'eA.

- TO P S!--- I ------- :.- '.'

.OI.. Ii... i. I. 'C.,

ji mown

- A new sW.mentf

15 Jewel (rFW N JEWEL)
r .'-. .. 4 i. .

5 7 "5

snt Y 1.--i "t
Semlj -thle..hutdktf tbman
wor ertfqy^KrJI@NI

dofly the

tO A.l (W"

'* g-**
i Sr."-ii

.4 -L IE

n '


- 1 -

t AL

d. r




* a/t
* y


' Alr w ='.c.. w MAwum I
- op' O f .-iV ._ ... .' .. ,,,

,%'.JJ J ,_ I .,.. '^ ."^ ..f -. ...
tb@'XP P

r Cal
.ta te
hi 3



U. 4-
.- 'u.'^r
,.f "* ~. ': *- '

~"' *"'~

.. o. p
K mw.


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'.! ;, ; ;
;i" i- SS
p .

:T. ^ M I

a mw. rJ that .Im1uu ..

I3, of a, I
,ea,' not.

4 1i

Money. an
: --* y. T systenmy., a the #d
Records a CloVisihR have tape to a mitqMUl.
brought Bwt W 8 idelt
on of ame. And it is DICK'S ?IC Af ne, ba
ft At bnat r a ocidohi- tiful number he oad
h a e te tigh Blacrs Kor cury); e Li
S Bill a ag I RCA) isthi "The W4.
u n piraO S Otherb : c i A Fro" ,
su' l 4 to se to) C l)t; de" (A
r* pala DW'1 ) tgled ,
S ( the M ghbr, or cury); "m, m the i
S 1 i B sye BCtol); "IM nanM

Stav ardnd la bo oWith, I "Glad to B9 (Bauy
T I T ,noivti, Jr., (BeS
ey iould nave seen what ,.
en the band dnt even Top stao w W album:
to me. But the n-grial'cjowaur
I was lead i ) do
Sin th neighborhood y In al) s
' a w e n in-flavy

S. r. there' 'so t m tf
Day and /.ns offer a
rs "o~'" ore from be o vi "YogI
r S C4 ("Bfeafast At Heart" (Col ,
Club," ABC-TV): Ifyour wife
S 6 t- la to drive, or aood- Two allU-tiLe favorite
hannodher r tehNqt

eariiM Istory
SoW. Foa gad Up

V '

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Pb091 ANPI .w5D1

is' *r.
-~ .. ~. I

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tlwm ouat
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"'Op Vowlun

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Nnow S

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vf. .'." I "--, ..
.l Jk, ; 5'-7" .,"
-] \ .^.*. :-,* 'T..,- -',.,(&, -.*. ^
"atf -ci f'^ .:-=;.,,
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. j 6 "
Lo UM-

1 '~"l--
A4~P'I~ .rn--nvjs ~

.-" .- -* .,' -^ "
i > ** ,^ .l
. ....' ., 1: ,, ;^4, u,- *.
+ .++ +: 7.
^,.-.'**.fc?.. "fe^f

*'l^ .r rr.* -+ ** *.+*;;- ,7**.*^ .. ,"
'.V *.- -. ^ ^ ... <* .. ..+
* ""v .' 'Cr ..... .
"-* .... .: + .- "''+' '-F- '
.....'- ;)'+'-1' .r ,' ."* ^i+M w r*. + ++ .+ .-.-'* r -...?- ...** ( ,- "r*

i* f4.
,r_+_." ..-...-. .-+/++-'-+. .. .'].;." .'. 3+. ,+,.-


.. r ...
Vi.f,. f ~.,.
A^+, +. -'^iil^,


Di 4. D- N4. .aN v.30

tiEattmmptttu fto.
gI ilk the fortbaomilt oeg;rs.'
Rep. Bam Rayb f T ,
tevft& om m, but m etid tax

Dend :.,whoMe eome-
e re party leader 'have
nr did their didike af some

H~igL~Lonte^^t' a many'

Com dfvitends. l aas. pari of
program q by. Reed

I Itrd Pt Congest-

Mgt S World ar IL i
Tl- -year o ortera PPeul-
denr t ytera'.. s l e-. 2od P e-
sWons Io war-torn rttpoeto cuip-
tries, Ii. dui at Wan airport out- I
-de l -G r-any. totlay for as
W"- West German a h
~al d Adenauet aL-jN. L

rate ThbM iA-'t-e govern
fesat abeut 1 rev.

Democrat are expected to
.coinu the present rates on most
of those items, although the 10 per
ceAt tax on autubnles may be
reduced if car sales are slow .and'
there Ik unemployment in the In
duty. ,

F* AvoidM War.
NEW DELHM Nov. tP) -
Prime Minster Jfpawarlial Nehru
p9di tribut' today to President
'L seaseer for the part he played
I"a. biug 'war O tyvear.
*Jleru told the nInam Paralea-
m t be feired that crises between
the East Al West would have
erupted Into World War 1I.
"Fortunately these crises pa s-
sed without disaster ond on this
matter I would like to pay trib-
ute to the part plaedby the
Petlident of the UnitedStates iM
a#Miance p~ war." N hru sad.
-'The. Prime Minister .said he
believed the Genqva conference
which led to an end o the
china War marked a turning point
in pstwar "at__ .
'umnfortuna r l M a n a
Treaty 4afrP
southeast -

IBM's show tl
D4 Vinelu*aeds
el la pee his
water wheel,

Visitors who have gone out to
see the amazing -m es of the in-
ventions of Leonasl da Vinci and
the re.'roduction 'the great
Mti atmngs'no oon display
ins -Peama come away remark-
no this is o,esbiBit forshe
sole pieamu or n a rion of o-r
nel In.particular find a fascnat-
sole pleasure or edbattion of peo-
pie who have a per'sal interest,
m the fine arts.
This is a show fa vyody.
fEngineers and istary person-
nel i particqla r find a. fasci at-
ing array of designs and mschlnes
invented almost 500'years ago.
The exhibit Is. readily accessi-
ble in the "Aula Maxima" build-
Ig of the tPanma University only
a stone's throw ff the Tans-th-
mian Highway. There is plenty o
parking space; no charge for ad-
mission; and the show is open
daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.-
But its closing date is Nov. 30.
One visitors remarked:
"We on the Isthmus are so far
from the great museums of Me
world that really do-we have a'
chance to see a show of this cali-
bre. It gives us pa Insight into
the injd and talent of one of the
great men of. all time.
"No child oer the age o
t miss.; end
O should un iawlft too
a iss daily affairs to take ne
i enjoy it.,;-

te last moth. pld Wetit was ideally suited egapB the Metrooln ousw tt A-
r. t.ePressoto be rvice trelopoa e
for all Mr. .Hooverbasovq pin o e ei n ommemmoration of
none for Alhmtyt s as well as i td e he 50th anniversary of DaVia-
e aor a humny, as we a aNd tps. i's birth, the Magay:n "Art
Gemawn. e sh_ .-a te saod that probably hI visit nEd-is tosay
T6 frmer President wl sa hi heI little ,in ce the twevtinthcemhht leo-.
far different West Germany than iTg eItg at rMons Min dmoc- nI ar,-who wase 4ca l. ny y p feored
he t ied In 1146 and 3X7 as Pres- a, and ioitheast Asia."
Ot b lWt*aroravaged "ht k a -dhre at flying but an exceIll ent
e nd oae Germa-. people "as ens H tu SGc kineercs"- semeried as a-t

Sbr o t ISVLLE Ky. -(UP-A. ine l, geology, hydraulics..optlcs
Gr. 'M-.r fWreia. dai e, drv of aun truck, etc.-fmind Tfhemselves ac eaipsed
t h- i t tw o ens re- in the thousands oe ma'nasrp
Srthe.Gra i d thestampll *pen dry filled with his mysterious mlWe d
s-a t inhes l tiuco. i v writing and .the hundreds oraw
for a 'raigs he lft behind. e yateme
m a.rt.... Sca e study .of thes wht-,8SB
S Arketow ai Is B began i i a r evIdencew of, Leonardos fni arlty
Sad c htorme hoo praser b a ate wo-irth a, number of facts land aws
.oal inin to watch what fl y a tossing the ittens in the dovrof whih have been
-h0 a nightly. attributed to latsr men. A drama,
So Turner hid the truck one tic demonstration of this has late-
Lastf month, Adehauer said the ift to catch the culprit. ly been made available in the form
recimsnedatons Mr. Hoovpr took .bout 10 p.m. the kittens slid of models of a large number of
aokmtbwplrhgn wPit bathad LOWS a wire coming throa a his mechanical devices bfutit 'by
brought shirt chnges In West. two-imcb- hole in ie truck' -dash- Roberto Gualtelli. an Italan soia-
B poj ward Get' .any. board, and, Ignoring Turner, wet, neer, in consolation with a- grl
r e also o au gnat to bed. .' wf Leonardo scholars. Scaled mok
Oema- fntom fzr prodo-1 He said he hd driven the A aiteiup, many-of wbhitb actually
ti stlints .which .eulted if truck for two years and never .n4fupoticn, these have been acquitr-
Lat monthAintiin the Germann'ced the saU opening ctul-p. by international Busneies Ma-e
pot-waionsem r. ":bato = kittens slipped m the o i n s es corporation and are nm.. ei
... I t.o/',t. be.L, *o na. .. .- r,* "g ._ ._ .

. -.4

*- 94

. A



I a
r'-^. "'- '" -- '"
'* :"t *"- "

'Ian to the Metropolitan Museum
.... .in p exhibition celebrating
the quceatary of Leonardo a
IJtb*4.1rUil 15, 1952. Aceomy-
-in the show are- = g
Sof the.draw.g
.o, s
UtNG Msemm s aown origin
by and his shool
I : -.dtiange medley of 3me.
iero mUvM parts., a h as-
X variety of useful ofa up-
t enges the ear and eye
lan ofmetal and splams
o f Mi; an ahi-cohditioning unit
d d for Beatrice d'Etet
cAse-e a hydraulic screw antiti-
pi the modem turbne; a wa!
terl 4or .a canal from Floreace
ta a..sea; a hand-operated coin-
mintiw machine- a steameoper-
ated a mobile military task;
aer tl ombs; a helicopter; a
parachute said to have been sue-
ceasfully' tried out in Leonardo's
day;- a scaling ladder like those
on modern fire-fighting trucks; a
variable-peed drive on the same
principle as today's automo b ile
geat shift; a rouilrbeana -axle
m!o.qn- a nap-raising textile -mvy
chi#; a flyer spindle, forerunner
of iemodern textile winder; a pro-
jector With lens for throwing an
,JIed-~C~Ie on a screen; a
meical les grinderA a self&
t3l ._apfring-driven ca, r
f f bridge; a two-level'lbridge
r- gryap4a and vdebitl; a
doul etuH tt make a ship uwink-
able) a dvingl suit, etc. Leonardo
was 5ef eooNS not. the o. y artist
Sl t he. ntU-

IW~~~asIUum u &SI~nin~

Amy; t lae i ology, Piero
delIa Frocesca and Ucello among
the many who pursued geometry
to master the laws of perspective.
But ot. oese, .eonaruu w.. atone
to &e0rge0a"t pure.i'la t and
eMiprica)iBtgtoi u athe mod-

"bI endless, observltions: a n 4
experiments ad .with boundless
,euvXosity former haiarbeLed fo r
W t altiplicity o ia. iden )heno-
jAtAes *eemna to open up wt ev-
'Ary new discovery. In him the
fillies of the artist, of feeling
and .aeeig, are put to the service
and ieeo pre put to the service
of science. His supreme gift of
dafttr an obsession dwarlt all
is i ci p interest, became a
'" ..t8.1 -and extremely flexible
ecord"9 II dvice to explain things
timpossi toi epr In words:
to represent pas, proper tion
and tire inte hatlon c. parts in
a complicate,,maehine, the ar-
rangement of leaves around the
amns of plants, the complex func-
onig and position of anatomical
organs, the structure of rock form.
nations to show geological change,
the Mysterlous m o v e m eants of
matter and of birds ilustrate
tuuen principles o gravity or i-
nertia, fantisatic facial expression
as psychological sotats of mind."
"Heri e gain he stand apart
from the' scientists of his a g e,
such as the .lathematician Luca
racoli nod .ee-Antonio della
faz? ^.aduan -anatom-
Sb i.ero.e fian"ls of

matbaem icali tereats were Jimit-
these only in s far
n m les, in optics, In Carta-
ist, both of whom were friends of
graphy, etc., and favoring geome-
try because it .reveals -mathema-
tical.values by visual means. "pro-
portion is not -onl found in num-
jbers -and measuremenuBts, bt also
in. sound, weights, im and posi-
tie ond whatever power tere
may be," is asn observydton. llch
show th breadat h of hise ook.
aatomy, w4Leonardo. was .i-
neW in dissecton-ii wag tat
he rt dissected more than
ty orpses, fr wie h h ,.-was
+ si..-mm,.eniH k d, 'of

,A A~ Known tmat a*ea
overies which m.mi tMlt A

O N, NtM M )

theCon te Ur t
Debate lc

said he has iWI
Hila4t tfat they

ttaen a ra p n
, oi the- coent tt of aj
.ed tpic o coieo e debit*,l
.has en ba ded by a neU -.
er ofI oealIs, lMudint the .T.S.
Mtary ad Naval Academies.
Walsa.e Maid. he told selectl Ip
committee members in a le1tt
liMay that he believed a plic
statement should be made. ..
He rMesd to speculate what
p atl the committee might tak.
btaddea : "I do not know oi
. mel'er who has eveh -sawu-
ed .t the Communist Chi-
na topilc e changed.",
Wallae said from the letters he
hal received, it appeared the asea-
demic Wl world is "upset" over the
l ue, vmif many educators do-
KPlh mithrenats to freedom -o
The t first. wO -beaned y
litt fNerNeb., State Teaek
stida dtt Herbea. dt
Oct. bhf Ow N1e-l

It a desird
gained atioal prom-
ee Sa" s the. service acad-I
plrtaae. tlh topieiab w
ftate a "that sine Ue..0
Bd~tteipS taken ia
aet r cadets andU mishb-
1o .0am 8u1d
IMa to\:|bte it.

. The national headquarters of
the Veterans oft Foreign Wars In
UKss City, Mo., annousned to.-

muIof ta wo
Uet fl in ehie!; Don-
sd.L.-Hngheas, Curundu lseatnt

t*MIW4d. nni W.

lin16 mensrertOp .and other 'flds,
Sthe announoemen said.

Skool AS Fonner

It's not often that a student can
attend a college nly 14 ears after
ts gasO*l an Lmakt beck ft-
the salbl lP 1 manaWversary.
Mr'" Andrew Jackson Reeder
Hopkanvlie. did, Just that at Bethel
College this year as each reached
the century mpkh. .
Mrs. Reeder .enrolled in the
swhoL then known as Bethel Fe-'
msale 8gh School in 1867, only a
few yesr after the school had been
used as a Camlederate hospital and,
later, s -a bae for Union troops
when KVlatui 'was occupied.
The ea E currIculum, according
to an Od catalog, was based e'
the idai..M, "pversation, compo-
sition and these three
exercises the life, soul and
body vt 's intellectual ex,
itenceU er nearly all the
possib condition In the
'rdae probably would
.o the admonmitio
literary public..
tIo auh co which said:
"It is Mglproper for young
ladles to t themselves around
a'ca.r*, dCoot tr the purpose of
startling mlodat young gentlemen
out of- r is they enter the'
house ip"

Study SIbted -
PHOEN% Arz.--(UP) The
eventual W4limon of the greatest
Betential souie of energy to man
ad how it aMj be accomplished
1 be disc4u ..s-ti Phoenix. Jan.
.The me will lbe Inthe fort'
of a world-w symposium on ap-
plied solar tao --4 pss of
the 00% OWmJo of

er Mtt. T odrnzo, an-
p to ototh.d

0 Er. sash (i

ph a m =aft .
V. NA, er- :.. ,r C Be.-
Bn1dh a freed

Noel' andotl fia elld etoda
by announcing that former Social-,
Ist leader- Ann m 4 .4m as "
pardoned. ^,. a
People announcement caused ne
spe-ulatn as thea Vi that the
Hounuists b t m._ eight fred
4ted C a r l M inty. Hun-
aW wltb was1
Lntenced f riim Feb.
a,14. '
Ann Ketbly had No,' missing"
for more than fiv'news and ma-
ny people bellidhenas dead
-.-ust as they flibeflelds.
Last fall ta, 8: 0 a- Com-
raunists began .*te hundreds
of former pe-ttost leaders convic-
ted in a pU:ge1Utps 117 and
The Hungarian news agency
MTI announced; "On request of
the Ministrh Of Jtictle, the Pre-
sidiam of the Hungarian peoples
republic has decreed a pardon
for Madame Anna T. Ieiy con.-
cerning the execution M the rest
of her sentence."
.fh brtW a M aem
bled that -dm-t'a't'.L ueady
WFewwlh&F1 el $40A.Wleased
tnd- !faethat
Oharges a lobeen
g eun-
fit the
lAnnm jef* h teeu rt ested
and convicted. S: vanIshed In
1Bs after oppaing a merger of
the, Communutsem nd ialists.
91w had mn. Socialist Party de-
p e shaimuan 4wor years.
S.eomunlque today gave no
details of he arrest, conviction
or sentence.

building Nest
In Plane I '.'t
An Easy Job
sm=l, bird with a Cair far-persis-
tence and mmtulfty went about
Sb ul th'e hardt way at
iUle'; liford Air Field.
,W .Isparrow' or linnet,
li "to lHGt In the tall of a huge
airliner which arrived at the field
at 2:30 p.m: each day.
As soon as the plane taxied to a
stopa the bird 1gan- carrylqg bits
th 4taw aid or into

wvrk vhqthe itto plane returned
me# da e t
I T sillwe .doM ont-wuam thell

ni e_ hi 'equipment before eaeh
takeoff make certain the :mail
tenant ha not damaged the tail

e /'
../ r

owuVERY <

4l IetaSahowyotuahi7Ie .. ..,de4 Ip.. nhh... e,
sahow you i, Skyl J.

Steri K

- A

*~tv 'K
-~ E~.ii*.

* -ma- ..--

*t .- i 1













;S a AlTHUR KI-r


0 DR. E. VA





Remember NO DOWN PAY

LDES 4%-


'kS -



,- Ay;

- ,J' *-Ita


/ -- ,

"'4 W/... *ADEMB y
I -' '-- -.9'+ "

IL <*~ ^ f -. l : +-* ^
4J ~d ^l-- ^' ''1-7-%-

+-. .
* .f."




_ ___






v -.....

, m.,-


*. ','. .. .

-'C -

Mr.. cra3Th~

mix m fle4A
*' '. X


7 Street Ne. lS
i Ave. & J St.

F urth of July Ave


^ i F(R SALE

9-Mj LE.-tvinl room set: 1 Da-
-a t,, 2" hflht Ik choirs, 2 side
E 405in pefnt condition. Phone
:'?ylE S E:-60-gycle console radio.

4F "R S -- 0- cycle automatic
S hirlpool washer, used two months
$200. Call Fort Clayton 87-6147.
FOR SALE:-Crib with mattress and
springs. Phone Balboa 4416, 5337-
C, Dioblo.
ia Real Estate
-L -FOR SALI-Two-boErm ,enerete
Shaleti Mi lrt eers. large kilth.
n-, living end dining room, extra
siing rsea, im.ndry eem, garage.
-" eMd,. hot water, lawn fenced-
S* In. No. -54. I Carmen, turn left at
fr treHff light toSan Francisce.
Wanted. to Buy
y'r WANTED.TO BUY Single .oJtfc
c desk, good condition. Phone 3-

S Help Wanted

v ~WANTED:-Maid for general house-
'* work and cooking. Must have refer-
ence. 760-B, 'Borneby S~reet, Bol-
boa. inquire 7 a.m. until noon.,

STwenty Boxers
'To Vie For Titles
41110,~ ." I I

Friday At Kobbe

.. ma .. env W r. wi Uviea f r

to Arme a ure
sals slated f
feltner Arena.
19U windup w

AW Air w ere. Base

3,500 fans eyeing
egard another capacity
's how Friday's contend-
Sht DhMFo

igamsweipht Division
s OlaFort Kobbe. v,.

Io Costa-Adino, Fort
i b Meleades-Bo.
p b bbo


' o FA"IN. '

.. -- --' -


FOR SALE:-Due to urgent t '51
Mercury sedan in perfect c dltion.
Bargain. 48th Street No. 27, Bels
FOR SALE:-1947 International ,4-
ton pickup truck, new tires ona bat-
tery. See at House No, 786-C, Ta-
vernllla Street, Balboo or ph o n e
Balboa 2-2736.______
FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Customline,
radio, w/s/w tires. 6 months old.
perfect condition. Call Suismon at
2-3648 before 5 p.m. and 2-1827
after 5 p-m. __
WANTED:-Girl's small bicycle, pref'-
erably 20-in. Call 2320, Balboa.
WANTED: One hutd thousand
visitors at the Expo0tlM and Fair.
Cuundu, January 14M3. The fin-
eat, ... .. \ ___

Pittipn Offeredi
I ^e._ 1 o. __

WA .iH:-. t cleassok, male or
flllrfor "stablishiUitt in Chiri-
nly dependabi Mell experi-
enri4 person with bn t references
appll. For Interview phone 3-0208
from 9 a.m. to 2 p.Ai.
WAN ED:-Experianced bill collect-
ar., mle or female, ih good ref-
Srert. Apply "M nleria Eur-
prX. Central AM.,,d East 21t
Street No. 1, after f.O 0a.m.
LOST: Brown wallet, torn zipper,
Identification papers ipOst Impor-
tancetr. Finder coil Dl y W. Hoy-
man; *Fr. Am.ador, Zay-.

-- r, ---- .-,-"* : -

KOnce PCoapbller,

Dles, ^Hj)e In US
er, former
i nama Ca.

ry throm-

of M ~ er's death
a 'om another
re J m Y A. Com1e?,
to w mer telephon-
ed the the death of her
huBband. Funeral aervlcqs wees
to be held In Bath Saturday aft-
0Mr. andur ha n retired from
0IrMe w rin anM after
neary Sa year, orrt sice. He
then besnip the Caribbean a-
re regional upervisor for the
Unte Services Organization
(USO) and served in that capa-
city for a little over a year. He
had been ja ml n health for some

gt? Divilson ? i A native of Bath, Mr. Kromer
s, Army Ataticame to the Canal Zone in 1904
a az-Llomas. to work aaa clerk in the office
of the superintendent of Build-
lterweight DIV lme f Cotuton at Culebra.. In
PFort Clay 1907 he was, transferred to the
and Pondexter,FortLocal .Aditor's Oflce of the
Pama sallroa4 in Colon.
n this office was consoll-
rweht Divil dated wth the auditor's office
m, ort, Xbb, vs. of The Panam l in 1914.
a, Abrook AFl he was made RaUilroad Accoun-
M14bmeght HDvris tant and In 1919 was promoted
sFat, 9ort oCe, v. to Chief Accountant of The Pan-
,Spe al Troops. ama Canal
;r4 r 1%wt1* 4V ha tte Comptroller ,in
RET g a Am. 41936, s cceeding H.A.A. Smith
naywoinght Usli. land held that position until his
tra y Atlantic, retirement In 1942.
IA~J WJ' / .ZUK.

iam F obbe
1 !9 1 1, ]L. '

Mr. Kromer was active In'
FB,ur and community affairs.
Me helped to organise and was
a chawr, member of the Balboa
.and held the.
'PT' Mitfl U.v

"r.g -WCY -' TOO --n
le S0ety.
Mr. Kromer Isa survived 'by his
Ie and two sons, John and
boas whom are living
th ri~ Staes.-m

Do you have a tabe
Whi* you want to .
M-Erve new?

wd Informatloni

vii el in

209 Central Avenu beside Cpito.
lo Theaotr. Phone 2-34791 Pop.
onw .I .. 4-- .',I


full \ to t (I ftll
days) CLUB CAM SfIRE (days
,El Val. l-
Spend the week-end in the mountains
of El Voile at lovely Club Compestre
(Country Club).
Sight-seeing. transporfatIon rIam
Panama and return, hotel expenses
anr return by RIO Mar Sunday. ofter.
noon for swim.
Tour leaves El Panama Hotel Ftl-
day. November 26th, at 5 p.m. $24.00
each person. Club Campestre wil sfrve
on old-fashioned Thanksglivinb irter
Thursday, November 25th.
For further infonamtl phone sngle
Jim, Pamanm 3-1660 or Baiba
Itprem 3-T10 S
FOR SALE: -- Swivel chairs, .office
choirs, rockers, kitchen chairs,
metal porch choirs. Big lot. Cheap
prices. We'll deliver. Household
'Exchange, 41 Notional Ave. (Auto
Bow), Phone 3-4911.
FOR SALE: 1948 gray Fleetline
Chevrolet, $300; 25-cycle Bendix
autainottc washer $150; Simmons
studio couch with cove $35: Call
82-5121 during duty hours or 87-
8170 evenings.
FOR SALE: Gold Fishes $1.20 t6
$3.25 pair; Tropical Fishes 50c. to
$3 pair, including Neons. Rasboros.
Ramerlzi; singing Canaries $12.50
each; Parakeets $8 each. $15 pair.
45 Via Espafia. Phone 3-5411.
FOR SALE:-Westinghouwe refrigera-
tor. 9-ft. 25-cycle, good condition.
$100; 15-cycle transformer for
electric train, $10. Phone Balboa


- ..s


GramEH'i mS'o ip t Beach Cot-
ta d. 'Maodrri iavmninces, mod*
e*ra rfqt. Phone 6-441
.-f NO AtU16 ,J

I WlWhi. fr~mr, Beah Cot

I Sati on, tw o-
j lare. tb klj o Phone
PaaOma 5a t fttebaI 3-1673.


lor, mold's qu and garage.
50th Street No. 4. Phone 2-2737.


ATTN built modern
furn t qe nl. one two
bedroom. ho-I4 water. -Tel-
ephone PoIme *l494l
FOR RENT.--2-bd m apartment,
13th Street No. 16, ,Son'Francsco,
Via PorrO': Living room, dining
roor, kitchen. phan 3-2457.
FOR RENT.--Un Zrnished w portftent.
2 bedrooms sitting dining room,
maid'q rom, 2 -fit, kitchen, ga-
rage.- per-ti at Belle Vista, No. 23
N. Obarrio Street. See De Castro,
Avenue B No.. 24. Phone 2.1616,
FOR RENT:-Bett located one-room
furnished oparfmeuft. BeSautiful res-
Idential area. 4!3d Street No. 13.
FOR RENT;-Furnished apartment, 1
bedroom, North American neigh-
bars. $60. special rate by contract.
S Phone 3-07 1.


!K)5T' APlI-mis mile post
salb CT,2 o lot, Phone
Balboa_1-1866. _


H .. ,
Fil 0^ ^ / -.- *t -

COMm#4AL &


Soil WoWWm, W*. No
RBeult -, the Cioh Bug
Ave. Cetra SM Tel. 1-141


General Repairs, tune ups
(fat service) all work
guaahteed. (Da A Night).
,(VFORaly at- A. S.)
ae Sm 3W a 2-M.


PHysical Them e sms Violet
Fe lae Mi r lc bhetine*-
ties, ih i and Faar.
S .--. g -
Ai11ort bade (Jll) m wme 1

.s R B '- .. r V ^ .... "!rJ .* yr;- i ^ .^ ,' >,
. *eat, M r4 Sam on
Sdeclar na by A
hwale sh seem V

EMs. Efs.howi

Women From L

,t .- .
tA*INGTOR, Not. 21 (USIs)
- Women representatives of
twenty six United Nations coun.
tri were welcomed Saturday at
the, White House by Mrs. DWight
D. enpwer.
M,- Owald B. Lord, U.S. rep-
resentative on the UN CommIs-
0bot.os Human Rights, led the
p of more than 30 represen-
6 from Europe, the Near
a# and the American republf
on ;elr visit to Washngt .
They were met on their atrival
v*a train by John F. Simmons,
sttr Department chief of Pro-
Mrs. E*senhower entertained
the woen, most of whom are
delegates or alternates to t hq
Unted Nations, at a special
Thnksgiving luncheon, an d
tin led them on a tour of the
W House. In her luncheon
.greeting, the expressed her
thanks to them for accepting
her invitation.
Miss Minerva Bernardino, rep-
uecMetatUtB envoy -etnpr4Min
and minister plenlaptenclary. of
the delegation of th Dominican
Republic to the United
replied to Mr. a I
igreetin on behalf of the .
ing the women were l
apt Mrs.
I out invitation and
would take batl to'
jlatds the remembrate d

Sh was the fint tipe a
Lady of the White Bouse
tvied all the UN women
r lntatives, Miss Bernar-

Werntetao ns

ther *'art sh nr om t
ed by a an. by wiIeYOf
gallery=fa ",
When a member 'of e UfS

bovlet Umon, the.'ld"e'lpli,
t anyone. Is
S tart Sel
Ierl Be erased 'it hop e
art. ftbn both countries would be
M. Lord entetaine tK e .UN
group at a' reeptlon a d super
Satutay evening.. Member of
the Preuident's Cabinet and their
wives members of. t-Apreme
Court and their wives, and em-
bers of ongres also attended.
European countries rpsent
ed among the U delegations
were Belgitum, Denmark, Greece,
Norway; United lingdom, Swe-
den, Y oslavla, yrlorussla So-
viet Sia= t Republic, COeco-
slovakia,-Poland, Ukraan lo-
viet SociAflst Republic and the
US, .
Near last countries represent-
if and.Paisln.'
e#donaes and New Zealand
anog the ar
ublic represented
: Canada. Airentina.

R Inw-notes.~

(UP)-toe hDIM9ft wasbospl.
talized t oda ff AM W of a
duodelw alcer thmAA trouble
b tan for saveal Ie *
The Tankee CU loo
pale and draw, e l btie
.M..% yesterd*y "qA- ,---,b

o rest and Ios of Z
"My main oncer Is that the
ulcer doesn't perforate, Ben-
nett said. t would mea
le said the former-New York
luThakee baseball star should be
able to leav the hospital withvl
two Or three days.
In Hollywood, DiMagIo' di-
vorced .wife.
sata she does nte t t
"im .nb8.w.lt4.-Shq refused
to comment further.
Joe visited Miss Monre. ev
day at the hospital w l0e e
was recovering rom 0 o.]
tlm earlier E.moh.

rr-American Economic

iferenre Onens In Rio

She called Mrs. lnhower --0
"not onlythe 'First Lady' of th Ri .DRJABIRO,-VOV. 22 d buy many raw materia"e
United States, but a nmot R D anfr. 22 end
gracious hostels of the .- nai6cI miisr a .e erui topic of
Stats." fShe also a eskd re ibno froti eran e& thedl

aardriv leth et Mare h b the "enm nt* lardin
iodent'g wilatcofAe to extend te"on
gredetdnr to her huba erd. altered o heret otftreaWen tie aor male c Ifir .e
Aoue event qontributer on o a Pma0"eti$boEau I Hoah Org-
jhdeh Quife 91.
great dals to dd relat i e aD Brazil, will address the ug- tte invAtm. itn of
Better une rtiento. B raer-.n Ldecaoetton te inO!i e .ald ad

enardino latn tee Ints er ITheS Ptario lop
Most of the delegate weow m- ometnte 'fro her ro aii

nnewhi a-- It e,-'na p them. t
rrew me. tram, hr Ac-e bf
pressed with Mrs. al econs matters wa Is the dete r mat a-
gracious mded.ere arbeau- tmadairo'fteCl otel(ndem.AThe role of sar-

y," sh addedrs, .b beoit aS could o stJon t
women were "Proud Ad "gl& Th economInc conferiece was tearing, as a kj' o b ltt
that Mrs. LotrdNld MOw to the le last Mrha by the Tenth to'find al re-
united Nations. ter-Ame~anGCoufpreAio, the goss, '*Wil bW s na.

rhesau int oan I the I eoter-e The Ia of deaeopment
Amon the U Oonpguom- Americn system o cooperation, ects anther t por-

~~~leen and Witear t ,e-_p A
House lune WalSl as program. F s on tbeA oe .l bf
Margare -_ h L econoFic matters w sed eto

A% thh 40 -the lb~t .IB
Noure Roge economic ad of to m ist i spe- cn
son; and rs, AlieeoP> ber countries could Tanms. to ration to La Aperlafl ne

director of the i bu- meet together In a sa to find 'new get
reaun in theP Departmntre of thore chtfl.-bbth wat. aan
bor. The nance mst public-forsc develo ypmen

Shemisphere b d by .ets. tr
Foleowig their Witte Roue obeers fr omW. red to W M a
tour, tMewlaflnut. tradtig catt n nB5, S
to the f A Asia. The filtr-American eca- flat patti e Itt-AtrifPA
wberer hI samet~gag 11 iaad a cosoll had sy.tei of qo = There



of the. a
The pMUE
mm, vJ v vv

-- j

W .. m .Ct .*t *E..

m AIti"

.. 7
r" -



mm I

-~~~ ~I ----



aI -




. .. .. .. .- .


! .- -- .. ..



I I !I I q V




I ---- ---- -- --

J. .





Ix.r l r =
3"n U "t forr

o'sa triad fao r,


H aimed byL aourt was .t roamed up but t

.a-i sib told l t siet
Soer &bt MI os wil I .,l F
writt@D out of scenes Sotld for went into opurt
m iMo HoM"Kg. b -e wa
ST o the hope of wo t reeoai thodl-
LAor u seltt t tn di t the RM '
?4s aKo5IA WWnaos TRJR in-
i to n a k emr k Yt lawe Jpb Wah1 1'
lee. als say Phlis is ahy "The mrs ofAga must
of the- "'r.itobets"troup m themlio se wmnu for her tot.
mmah .... The Don Tayl@$'bYls Y a. The Aga arge that in
Is :Wieu thin co.latici with Islamic law' two
Arr sMsst ate must
to another try, but that nsn't Yt amis vasP hgis death e d
seth.t Ygsmin it get her proper
sure. ..hare of Molem plrce', for-
Carl Bofter' of Francis Mix- tune eventually.
Sitery act qts show anawe toerit s t hat the
nes$ to try for a basbau career should have mud a trust settle
with the Milwaukee Bravesin mmnt on YasAmi'Ato take out In-
Mrc. srae fo her, the Ag -says that
when Vai l- marries "either my
ROLUNP RUSSELL ekes out a sen I wl arrange a reasonable
Uvfngaialirian before inherit dowry for her."
ina La Vega hotel-casin o
"e OMN RuaS" Asked how the ComedWan Joey Grey laments his
Ulke the library job, Ros flips: youth to Ciro's cutora with:

g.. .. A
fw -I is sta.91,

ta ffo ker

Lewis: ....

A mow vnIo of ou)t Ait-
sth-re, autmoap Y, skit-
Ing set up by eIngo ftI~t$1.
bA ther ort tor.... u
Van DOa.t Malyn fateV
doll a.t U-I; .l hit !Las Veiss
Couple f yearn ago, as Jin-
Ar sung for peanuts at fli
mncho Vegep.

travel v com"orilf to
r coat. .
Collier re-modeled 49 Intdrim
&Wmi.l rillinv at 1e eaeesad
a waterjColi d iscent kg

Scco nodatIon ,
'Launbry was the only chore that
hid to be farmed out
-Mrs. Collier cooked iverthlf
l either a skillet or pressmuem cook-

There was one dismoncertbg
matter, Collier said: '
'When we happened to iht lD

; na gniway aO O n erw wme
Eddie Fisher is still go'n, time a regular bos wa due ppa
overseas junket to entertain troupe, ome tearing out t d2iW.
bit Debi Reynolds w tp ways deperately tryig t aUs'
have gone wit another u down. Wpe got sqmie Fdrt
bowed out becausee th a eks when we .went lt pa
much I have to do0 at home.' them."
UMare Windsor and ex ll The Collgr's only casualty was
star Jack 00P are eon dogs. ep. fHe strayed from- tt
attorneyabo the a in ssoul and could ot be
Mexito-wedd bo reid. When t returned
month in Whe Ja- Ivor e b his.e, postca w waam,
final. Marie's currely elmot n saying at Sh had a foundI
U-1's new Abott ad C and would be whipped back. The
comedy, "The Mummy. *Mfwas 64 .
-I! /- ,f r

: i ,*7^ ^ "* *

Wl with C^nttUflaAP<* ,
IT Of *

To AIIT Rord

WASIH TO Nor d 22 Inoawe Autestl
r ,er. Ttwrmofl vwl and V -wiry tw#J tur-
"Amlo rdb k ea moetn ox Amerian woodland, not
li in l hi rtheo 0l- pUl better fit today's smaller
TLrkeys an ot faily atherUis, but also ap-
o ntheo o tpea l t roweg by coor. Their
the National eSocty It piat a nearly
salt Ietoat'iSible .d rB aAses.
1tounaman thretlos hm OV U
o ome rom Nor ezoffarm-
And ih le matter o to ooau s. enifall onF rida. er an3
twrgyste uaioUntWh te out- bir A oseem the stupid-
eats the whole wbrld. t th fi llw'y.T most catter;
largely because aen etc. ebr- gained pf lrea but they
cedWd a decade'a to breedA l en. ali tWuilht toward
'oW the great gobbler to nore S t .
esid i propsr t r keyAl,,andane"e n; to
tn sav ear literally i ou re e tight how to eat. .ive a
,"Wlh urkqa- le ,OOO pQmW tantiled torn unlbit-
officlal estnmte, an all-time re- wier tQ drink, .and he ma
cord. inyfrtage., lt4o near- keep o n drinking u n t I 1e
record production steod only a d -owns.'One unw farmer M
Utth over 41,00,P00 b"rds. an 4t barrel in his tut3r$
The boot's end is not yet In ru.Ita ,ozen
sight. Chl reason is a idg6 ltppOd inside to see what
phenomenon named the elts- rereand in the ensuing
vylle Small WhIte. De__d-biiqst- all smothered to death.
ed. plump andllavdred to aT-- when the founding fathers
for rue turkey yet weighing were .ouin about for a .m-
little more than a healthy c il- onal lmbol.BenJaminPra-
oken, this custow-bred speciesMf'A usYly 'sd the tot-
Is revolutionizing American eat. key,, nosw Its ancestry,
ing habits. Instead of appearing T tIbelinj perhaps the hut
nly on year-end holidays t ar- MMagnifcent wild birds, that
key now. comes to the table all
year round. 8 SHARE BIRTHDAY
Beltsvllle birds, sent to market RA BIRTHDAY
as young as three month, may ROANOKE, V. (UP) Even
weigh less than seven pounds, when it falls on Friday Sept.
By comparison, the biggest birds is a big day for the Hubert W.
of heaviest breda entered at the Whitlel family. The latest add&
national turkey convention ear- tio. to the family, Nancy, arrived
Uer this year nudged 70 pounds, Sept. 13 this year. Two older .
dressed, ters, Alice, 12 and Jane, 2, aw
Beltsville Whites, a mixture of were born Sept. 13.

MgWINWO. oay before,
i otk iHoiif un~dej i,
acciulen -bird. Bent ILt
as early u 11* I-,. turtel sy
over a urope within a
9"r al x"ve Wihin '

r..e matlon.: of the tur'
bkkm", I nakUW nn 1
brd1 wit the gpouea tw',
which acl*e .to e
fm the er Bast. Another
milt be' ia the cobblers call,
"turk-to l iktg ,''.
I' ? 'A i.s;





9 A 7AL "M';mn-1.. ', -1
AM& 7 b) -1


9. .


T.s-. "TUE

PARAISO 6:15 5:15
"Take The Highm Oreqd
| i i. **'****'*


- I M

- ~-- -- r

... .



-" ." *NL F'

'., ,

~44 i~s4'4

, -
, ( ,. :

* j

F After two years we feel its time to

inform the Public that TASCO is the

only battwxe A" 4UCTURED in

the ftepublic of PnamLa. We have

produced a battery that -has with.

stood the heat of the topics, service

that we are proud of, and at a cost

that is a saving to each usr. A guar-

antee that is comparable toother bat-e

tery manufactures.

SWe invite everyone to vitour mod

ern factory wheorTaso:are anan

fachrd, and ass youti you will

beweleo bya cotus staff.

SWe do nottees

4. Taut RaceryIS u ycr the a

.'. ''
ii "*: '. "' ^ "" -'i ,*
" .. ** : .- .. "* '. ". .,..';" ^


-Vt "4 A tjlll
..- ..- ...




. Improed Veate:
attraive opors"
the 9M.

lartle, unbreakable sadd nrdta m
with' Vent. holes looMed to IpW t

2. Visual control It tens yon when the battery at ,

3, Molded in lead terminals Form ragged meanheift
acid seepage to damage cables. held-down, and

'4 New meroppores separators resist heat and hot 8si -0
High poroety keeps plates moist.

. New eompeummd makes plates etrnger, vealt*A1.
overcharge. Adures l u a st and effielent start

6. New Gridt reduce "'se.lf4-sharge" ad z "mm
Helps keep battery active ln ger.

7. Hard Rubber centsiners sl-mnates add .a
age due to vba .u p4d extreme h



j~i St


,', -

4 .



<_- .p .. -. -

-' :.,^ ..

a *

* 4

. .- .. ....7
*_." .o ." li- tc

*I.'t. 7 !'- '
^*y 7i' ,; *. '.


*4*4 2

"A.n', -'1A

m tbelr'flrst .Q. .4%..t
rnter. ...iiii
il" (i-KI
._ ^KB



Tr w- "


- : .
" -' !' *


* -. -V

F 'C' -. *

e : ? n n
.' ". Y ? ",

";,-' ,

-.lf 1


' .!?,;?



"* v

I .... -. I



-W.~%L. ~ Vt.
b~h *~J

- ',f~r

iirJ and1 OIwr wie 037.,
N. d... and Ot rw

.-:fs ... .. ... : ,; : .^ -
.. t .
.- h %... J',; ;S.
TL .'*- ,.."' r '' ''1 -
..^ ; -:? .-; :..
-'" '' .
tat. '$ *,-
, -.' ^ A .&.....i .-

*(Wimp* 4- .I ad a

..i.~t~, 4- ='.. 2 .m = a d. -d 10
J(L. ujmS^ a.IU- Psa s-quoW4 2 0$ Adam 9u p00 mmd 10 a 4



l r e stsnfoerd-OC fomrnia ail foitbll
et-tfgether at AlIroekOflicers Cub Driftwood
mA igQht eonelded with bigt ame klek-off Ume
S Mad friends, the graduates eo the rival Instl-
cocktaUl together while listening to the game

prMntinjg Stanford slu mu i
i Cod4 fe Mr. and Mrs. 0.
wrth Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo
Is Cat. and Mrs. H. l,. Bach,
t. and Mrs. Clancy Boyd, Mr.
Mrs. M W. Elselt, Mr. and
L Earl Fidanque, Mr. Stanley
mtfe, Comdr. and Mrs. G. C.
her, Mr. and Mrs. F H. Ir.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kadoch,
and MrsF.F. H. Lerchen Mr.
s" Moberly, the Rev. .T 8.
ualie, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin
pel, Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Yerk.
Ip. i. Golinor, and Missa Gil
IF&oNia alumni and friends
Cat were Mr. and Mrs. L. H.
*s, VisR Mary J. Fansler,
rand Mrs. David Meikle. Mr.
SMts. A. C. 'Plfbeek. end
Sand Mrs. Geotge Stinman.
Uhter f ceremonies was Mr.
E3selt of the United States
. Frank Lrerwa prejifed ov-
port-wave tadio equip meat
r5ught the bad netasto the
ord' followerss -of California's
Pli.- Big Fashionshow
f lrr" r IaMBtew
landing among the social
of next week will be the
F ta vtr. ta agnd tash-


the Canal Zone schools will mod.
el dresses of their own 'makits.
Tea will be served during the-
Tashion 'Show. '
Tickets at $1.00 may be pur-has-
ed at the door; from IAWC head-
quarters in Ancon, Balboa 3465;
or by calling Mrs. Otto G. Hais-
fann of Bella Vista.
Ladies wishing to play cards are
asked to bring their own cards,
score pads and pencils.
Lawsons Eatertain For Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Law-
son of Balboa Heights entertained
on Saturday a the Army Navy
Club, Ft. Amador; with a lunch.
eon honoring, their daughter and
son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Estep
S. Mansfield, of Atvae, Ga.
Flunegans Have Guast


the Panama Golf Club or wives
of club members.

MOnewee bridge gas be
played as usual- this evenile 't 7
.. at Tivoli Guest houses "an4d
pm i. at Margarita Servicel
Ce4te. Both groups welcome new

Le .,

Parise Chapter
CIO Meets Tonight
An organizational session" of the
Paraiso Chapter of Local 900,
Government and Civic Employes
Organizing Committee-CIO Will
be held at the Parasiso Svilce
Center auditorium tonight at 7:30.
The current information on 14-
bor activities and the present or-
ganizing drive will be reported.
Ellis L. Faweett Paraiso Civic
Council representative will be the
guest speaker.

Mr. and Mrs. lowh l Finnegan Added on the night's agenda
have as their house Best for a will be short topics for your en-
week Miss Maureen Kvilehan of tertainment.
New York City. Maurice Haywood, chairman of
-- ;the chapter, extends an invitation
Bridge Chsses to all members, friends and em.
Classes in contract addge will ployes of the Company Gover-
begin at the LSO-JWB A r m ed ment and Armed Forces.
Forces Service Center building, ----
Balboa, tomorrow evening at 7:30.

n oitcurtsnI will be unde l-


w to J given by the In- reaction pf Pi. '$y Domnnitch of CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (UP) A
ea Women's Club on Quarry HeR t and Pfc. Paul University of Illinois rural slectri-
r, Nv. 30th at 2:00 p.f., Bobbin of Fort Clayton. fiction specialist, Frank Andrew,
ru;py and Navy Club, Fort has told farmers to get rid Of those
to, rai funds for the Military personnel and their r old metal pull-chain sockets be-
,Ae Children's Homp of familiedtas the public both of the cause they can be a hazard, espe-
City. Canal Zone and the Republic of cially when the person using it
Aries will be awar d e d. Panama are cordially invited to stands in a damp floor. Porcelain,
liltalso be a "white ele- join the class, plastic or hard rubber sockets
Sals ad a home-baked- should be used instead.
Isa The faeldao show will Tea At Golf Club. -
*4, .m. and students of Tea will be available tomoWr*
rne" Mr'8e classes of afternoon as usual on Tuesdays at

04.i- im m for THAN


NOVEL FIGURE .- Actressm
Martine Carol Is one of the
..r ns Emile Zola's famous
novel, "Nana," should be a film.
stccess. She portrays the
,cotatesan in the film now being
sho in Paris, Franl1e 1-h one
musical sequence, Martinp'
wears this black lace and flesh'.
colored nylon'costume '

Poraiso Episcopal
Church To Open
The new St. Albans Episcopal
Church of Paralso, will open
next Sunday,
Members arq now busy prE&t-
ing the church lIor the Mrt ere-
mony. There will be a HoCly-Com-
munion, at 8 a.m., Intfet Bap-
tism at 2 p.m., a program at 3
p.m. and Vespers and Sermon at
7 p.m.
Pastor of the church is Rev.
D. A. Osborne.

tus 4 ~.rj.
Vt ~ -

So, though his jealous behavior
often irritates her, hi- mother
tries to give -Bobby tl#q :reassur-
ing" love the book says lie needs.
It is not producing. P.Fvatel,
Mrs. D. wonders stl-bes Bob-
by will have reeplved 6 uh
"reassuring" love t make it sae
to leave her children 'alone or
five minutes.
Mrs. D. has been misled by the

Pearl Oysters Back
Off MadrsUCoast
After 20 Years
MADRAS, India -(UP)-- Pearl
fishing will begin off the east coast
of Madras early text yeat asfte
more thap 20 yeaM.. .
Recent ipvestigai by th& tat
fisheries department have d.oiSed
the existence of' developed
oysters in the .' of
Tuticorin, a east W-t port south
of Madra*. .,
A survey carried "A1t In Novem-
ber, 1952 struck a .large shoal of
"spats"-unmatufed "pearl oysters.
Later expeditions confirmed that
this shoal was malptalning isa
Before beginning operations, two
more inspections will be made, 6ne
in December this yer and another
n January. .
There are about 40. main "pearl
banks" over a 100-mile stretch of
sea from Cape. Comirin to Tran-
quebar in the Gulf a Manna'.
No pearl banks li. ,bo the west
coast, except a minou one in the
Gulf of Cutch.
Peter Devadqs, deputy director
of fisheries, 'told newsmen that the
"Indian pearl is the finest of its
kind in the world.
"Madras state was so famous for
its pearls during the. reign of the
Portuguese that its: coital was
called 'Paralia.' which means 'The
City of Pearls,'" he added.-


.., .
..A.. S

of thdir

S .

S- Vege-table Souyp, a

FMwmpd" in viA bnku&u1tiby n wt-

'' ~~~-1 ^ ii m t"

jj -*...





L .

a ~




How did sie she

get enough Ioeat in her house!
don't adre a k
fhoeepl .

by's pushingg e? Bak
oly dbtr d" slapp te

hIf rs. D can ef.i_ what

was-back af her attA*-iaatye*,
stop ritatg her. nhe bad ose
have w begin to dissoalvi ke
s m ping the pain ae 'as
not unher imodL n *
And the "reassurance" her
book has been reaching about
will burast-ck- ta so spoatan.
eouf Wthatr little boy wdil 1 -
And the ."reassurance".h r
Vill burst hw. her so sla-
in really believe in t.
For jealoay is suffering, no
mater' what age we are.

Daily Cost
Fo0 Motorist
Is Estimated
BOSTON -(UP)- The Ameri-
can Automobile Association has
come, up with these Ires for
Mlassichue g otoris. .
The. _v*n=ll oats, qoperatint
a veBclcIb-psoflhe, o,. mainte6
nance, and tires average 3.54
cents a mile while the fixed costs,
insurance, registration, and depre-
ciation, amount to $1.5 .per day,
The total elpnse oe- dJ' driv-
i;. ga.L55. I mile.

Wildlife Will: Be

It's Chlorophyll*us that makes
a- "
":' ,. .* ."'

bestrw uqj
I* "* ; -/;^N ;l

WadigMIW CIlSf@AM Tooth Paste coa-
tal Alot .of Chlorophyll, nature's !flg ;
hstMSid by dedstm i dodop;,---
nvtlim And- l iatated pofhi
dqMe teelStrably better tan lty
atBingl to*t vpate formula. Chlaredent d,< .

it Just aak moW Wdir
+.,+"iver "w m hhor

.....I i v *.l- ...

- I

a ., ., -,.




The StUateoWa!hg & ATftV -most"

Fort. t, sin wr.tap e bw:dt .
or ovM'Subtly spiced aS .t Arraing dumplga i large
th. a: oOp of ce cream, ma ge Bakhe inhot even (425
Stothe ,Ar e4. i utesountil
S- dare brown am? apples
5 go :. ate teser. Serve warm wih cream
s -h .been flavored with re.
S-,.'- : .. sauar-sweaIluxt .
poops dyabls-auting ba pw. the pdgltving meI Butthis
ler, 1 te en salt, cup short. time, sewis t the Washington way,
nlag, -1,4iIp milk, cup s r, baked and topped with chopped fil-
Steamj cinnamon ta.- berts.

spoon M 4 .red .
Sated, R, ed cp fred-
ded, .aeo ti,3 tablespoons butter or
marga rie .
Sift .s once and measure ,
Add ba" iowder and salt and siff
t Cut in shortenn.I
Istirr just I
tr drjl daa 14m8nch thlek o
floured- b d apd cut in six
squares. -l together sugar, .i
samon aMd nutmeg, reserve one-
i d eup the maiture. Place oae
sliced. ,al, center of each
square, 5 9inke with 1% table-
AO spice and tar
l cofwt. Dot with A tabIe-

Baked Sqash.fMrt Toped !
(Serves 6-
One-half -cup coarsely chopped
fberts, 3Cups steamed and
rnasd squads, 2 tablespoons
brown sugar. 2 .tablesppow- bread
crumbs 3 tablespoons butter or
Flcse salted and aAshed
.qlash tn a greased casserole.
Mplt butter or margardie and add
sugar; bread crumbs-ind .Ilerts.
Spnjnkleover squath. Bake In mod.
era len (S degrees Fs for IS



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. .f .^ ;" ,.. '^ :, ? _. .. .- -, -,--"
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TO UNE2:6, 1955'

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6 1955


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r,/ 't .- ..-' M ,

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Afr-' J

A of uatial


Webs vaimin tia
I .t f ol German

fo w a idn Atoder

"iWerwaliA" (AMU&l
sovered the firlf 1,

Mda admitted Ub Is
e..t eFay" the rest
, reached ursnpo
*d UmO n t J2M:5t
It 'my ert u no

".I ~a ethe
_..I .yIo
httier~sW1 (MWZ
30V-lkl~idjb Qthe tit 1;-

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roppan uiop~auw u-'* edatizb .rwiIFnE PErezauth
P .wor. k a""wed of f pound n thup
(m- without haV ng to diet.
m cord Tr the the lb*sln w M To
ftn AmerW fn ... ud.--,, ..ftia told United Pr*
and extended h4lxitd qUlmhll t MRlI ofS lil", IsMW t aeftbi weLll& a
-'s .-.leel-Wh.te Farrari cl ng
Onluy to dthbai tof1 M rB".d T- she dOren-d confidened.that
rtsJI plotdby. th talian s her husbnd will be suceetful
ps :p0, a( the fifthh *defense of thititle t
into the.'_ wrefted 1omi Daflali".
I-.,n.. 6! r .Honolulu 4 '. a lB& a;S
aar e then he has uCM
Xm) of Duran Fg~oll and T Sa5 tth p I
minute of distance tht .epragt. n, Oct. -19P, and Leo ping-
Ad them at the 7:10 am. (COT) wa, of the hipplnes, May,
S %w v rDr. Alvlntlh shtraI -
1L* IAI av ghtly lean manager, haa carefully m-
in theya 5 iMeflpa j^ 40 Whil4 he hasedonej troq pr^
rainutes *ictU an Iuthln t victory
The rice fidd wavu trimmed to big nwate .he wnao S aai


*aid~ "Wbra ia nor&&A biAmrl
_ut the out ome of the fight."
before ptponement o the fgt
Don Oct. 2.h6ad predicted a one-
idetL Wiftehf for Shirai h ava

W-2.,B4 .-v % :" T'4

_g^Bt il- ......:'.. 74
I .*... ... .. .


amet ge Sir of
Diae lters f be o%.aB
Label B T ,-e
waw"i (iiir ,"rf

the t

lctlours oeolca fr
wotmd up te A.;fte Elected
were: ares
Preside*-L Jpie,
Vice-3 alcat b
Twomey %
dBy the ft ulatfn the prmo- e
4ent appo 'the tournament h
chairman dAd the publicity rep.bac w
esentaive. thein

/ '. *.
'- -7;'. f ---.. ; .. .

~- p :, .j-* ~#A ~ -

*iLc'&it Jb.i

and Amorlo.
e eatent of $1.074
ufnn. *. '

.. Fo-o...ball... ,R,.

So. Car. 7'

., s.C. tate 0
ry 1, Wake F'rt

7,^aI. 90 -


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ing acip 1005

Buoyant Cuions

Fktter BiS '

w after Skis

p I.-V
*W"t.e, Sr:r,

five, Aquapti5g


s' -

Niy-r. i. Jtad Mo.
B.E. La. 32 North (La) 8
Tarletoan t. 27, Arl. St. 20

La. Col .44, E2outhweter 27
Clsflin 3, SaTan. St. 6

Allen 0.S Bethw., Cook 7'

Whes i1 SadI,

POOeLE Predk

i w9rld
la a. is,



a oIpDwr 3 I p.m.

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-. .~,-3'a4p&'3.34-~ Sfr4 133-sa.sia-w4.Jq
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L ~ -'3 .3

t 3~f .. ~'I3-tt" v*e~~~- .3
3 4--
3 k. 3-~-'' ~ ~Ib '-'-
-n-s i.$b~ ..s .rA*~ra~'.3.a." &

r ::4
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-~ ~ 74; ~ ,

t outcome o Nat ArfltI
League pfnant race ...
tie) Iva, o-one.of-t two Podi
er Wtew utS C Wi ade
trip, tem e c"k percent
on. thei fut of baseball the
Antle-. The adccent5heF h .

always ..sure a o r ,l

as 1 sany taris a they could,"
saia.Bnavasl. "Now they're ,-ting
to get the better younger p 5ayvs
from noubl*A .d T I-Aj
ia in with B. and C .kida, 0m,
enda had played i Or-ub'-
ed Bal3 in the Statekduria the
sutmmer. '. o .o

As. a result," h eon nued, "Vt
say that the -caliber of the cor-
' petition has- droed maybe a
notch, from say TipgfrA to Dog
ble-.Abut look at e way that
league Is going to develop play-
Iras's visit along witb the
other Dodger brass, was restrict
ed to Claba, but eaid that an-
datlans were that the same
Ihing waa' happe mg In- Puerto
Iftco. another strong ld. of win-
r. l ., as
"HIavana M colw, 1s the .o
I spot i baseball a My e
ribbe rea is-"B .cerd'
dti da. Davuu, "but what o

Fri so Thanbmon the other
Brooklyn vice-pres ant, was .,
quall amazed at te6. pleo tsi
made intet ball since the
end o World War IL. Hae nmpba-
sized that it was now an orderly
operation,-with the players *p

otWa e oI ematcht ing that
ofran .. c "a le ..r alu0.
"Woent'.a you match. tbe
str des havan "has made In base-
ball-from a ClaM C _dotan the
Florida Internalenal uLeaea In
a hal-doan yefli, to .TrjP-A t-I
the i unteoaontfal" he' asr.
CoUM Havana eAr he consider.
edt potential city for a major.
league ftincaese? ".._
Here Tbopkps rw a 1d&
t h o i b t f u I ann slid, .Y .O_
couldn't ve oe y cie city n-te.
Caribbea -playing major league
bal There'd have tobe twoI
4 a t er sBe tvsmuch-
"Whmt I mis AJking about Is
the que tioo of a treas rivalry,
the best.W _iO e for-, a, abox aft
fice. B y4at t-I,.mean two liubs
where the customers
it. to we tboqji y no. Inat

Lie in the le
.sfore is

^ .. :% '- ': -.
3 ,' ,a- '. I '

L '-i-:.,.

^^.i~K^wa^ mdb 4W=
- 'w i.; efl f.r
bp' .. u--- e

..Bsb ia O U Cub4 Abiur.
l.he ...~IL5uls Wietls.

fa clubs, and heten, e his
k#5aMC dn jei io-tat ev.
rihosst ltetested
now.e e.. "Ad ev D
Wmwn, whor c taers hm-p "n

o ACl-Star 1e ani urce .l who hit ro tor
Sban." fo 4r

be or-babi d phy. iah oins slt meo The footed Mirman f o
djflasteatf t n it.,with Abe r eXso n the ri n nWest Te is-w enloo
o.. to e oet of downtown e n aSue. Mi man's homSwlaW. i Wa#,ngt D. C. .
lsars, e teams evaer r y-
were .t'hemaid. "And e v .n
downatnr, w hq er there's a va.
cant -so big inacugh for a game
of tch, yl o kimuch the rombell, wlne, Ir te
mThe aap clxu wa chrefe own boW1i

duro'p red. Independently lIt-
rseaon, buth. has ines e nt d nI. .
jtoe a ingtarema wibtih- For a period of ix or maven year.sive rn, Bithe ra
ecnalpl.I ,_, eztraierdinay fight club BR A1me1i6. A weedA n fine45, pS*
Bo terantMn a-Wi r th eeanIl so n ll "o ner i ver frontt iL n Imphiterum
ao the d br.iuchb the nsame pour t I be)ield, 'o nt;b i ove se udr Mt ls
itue ei t ar o tituted the beating te u the w ner

tw rated a one of its a i
nose 47i naatd fr -one, of tL.S stationed at each stove, w I egro attendant with-a tinec tb1
Bs, nnt ~av' -a -good dial uf l of'ater a protection agait an errantSlaze..Haaek was
maor eone-on nexs vYea. It is
more cohesion n Y t evrtltnzo, promoter, metcbmaker, referee, his own boX-
Carbi Fank a pcrtt an g i ing c n tmess ion.
Sha to e -L L.. president 'is .
eienl 1i-pteeitOd'Wa i V -a And of t-hspis, for wo f primitive io ral
ty of n t onef e every chadlbn bkmUfonip aspirat the f cntep
weaker. tb. In te le tag the orig wwas found int the udty old barn, ertoeay dosa led th
tpMit wN leh-n. no, baseball Phoenix AC. It should bdA noted however, they did h not ligbo
ta ari bet a a tlit ot r wthe be thanae particularly though choice.

area. 1Tr"face hs the bhep In. Ilia or ehmen
las. and, hugeVVjoattle pit were phenomena ai re
t'xone ttmed o i t i el th re "-0 "",t ,

af miben me r&gMCo A sWthie l otrd d... aes h.a "..T LoudnIrblid a rClionr1al
et, te .empl7ame tO .n tpoi Nt of call for waAtor ,oo
the Mb eventual destIn t on wASe gsI ore a, thea the -egdthe -cite it
two tle t t sane -. one in the country, If teW rire
anO ini. Wt de 6nee to

mat e i Bai ue t B lbau ther aa n me r h e j a taken .
Sarn n:oo upon tr A.ehint at the old p hoenx as no more

aracas t ti5. U asek waS as as.Jae was hone. Yethe etel a 'e*e
Tahet a ste t I than plessant- erltk It l.a ong train. nrp,- toaep .
la stS n e1a th t rd. -Er n k ore d ll a
.to eclipse N Geare Truaun, ..
minor. miea4 'toaO im o, pihs- i eaa
'ad cthuig a '12. werriter Hn iONEST AND AKlE
' ff..L,* ttge No. 1: rol -that Haack didnt weigh more. than 1r0 ends 41U tlot4 dit

the Cribbeaaria will play in and there mayld haven oee or twop rie fighter s etoulan'te
the mat e- b have whipied, but thers Wu none he wouldn't have taken on.
esarilyn betat oatL talent-pro I never mawa man who was lest awed by the press clips or
dqclng area. The rface h-a a the biceps of -a ring champion.
*barel" b anter ." I
ThtaaAprintery d, prMotln w sdelne which beco
ye of. 'sa- wils ducted ha a self susta nlnt hob. More an once be thre-
Igays, riozt ,wart *id S' the featM.ghter.Oabt Of therb*., z~e the patrol H chikus
re4r aan ..n, Ac l e- u. ot a l-ta the nd e""ncharity; m
t..e 16r.I ltheofal a uead 76 mthe oa eta #atetd EBly worked 10 00 fIghts in
this sthen Isthe aore which heb hda dowe t h e decislo. It In pgbably a reasonable
plesioalteamVor a ce te. Ther wre no adges and Hasck worked the.u. card
r min jon .M a fromap. t bottomm, p. ... .to main bu I..saw.- rk.a
leagoerge gete .m..erat ti inc me, b e ical.r s u. g
r; mad,- ore.o.D.ubA t T t en .,ao t would lift the hionbe of tie
; dihc n "p P~gighter1VI th ifds lthe me cou ld'out emL
ehad the'-x"eree e,f silno proved e nilly Wi iktlorfy.and once in it w1W th cns-
-a scansceor" .xiiansed tomeres prtestu v ehentely. Usually, he knem everybody in the
so~n in- tbcq. '. I arena. He'uASle over' the top ropes and try to ex mIn the
-el Hiso which he li decias Failing, to. wemadj-ay:.
,-au MLwhabt. N.,-next week you reatee, and I'll alt
vmtothert cre Wre you Are...

I WhIle tck .ruthlesly agalot atMllers] e had
sympdthetle qarga.tam hgor fbbterrs wild tried thefr bst, but
aomehqt .faileIli t e Qs ea..One of i steaOdy cus
homers made a hibitz tf h.vqilng indiscriminately.,He w young
and _mu*th_'. J k.uted him up, got him tW.. br g In
a preW, a&W a yehookahim a rough going over.
saw him, man to -HSack the eUtme he
sI nw h T4, 2" Jdl1 tough the o' I .Inthege can-."
the blupearance gh-the
,to furnish and once the p went to
Handy 54 nhis etow.a.vtAt. totlof our, timemory mesu.
and ft "sE lSf nI11- the musical world tbia he was
'in gettiugr tuWhoWouldn't cost muck. -once heard-
Mmsajyhl toprice ot a. b&end warn 5. romably ti s ppld
ImotonsV .wet was tha i-. not at 'all.. npflble to run a.
decent I-. opraCto When tble mira_ lA chrp.Up charac-
ter It will geneetil .J2, In the. way he done thin.The
only thing wrOng.s $e Ple io .le.
L -" / -- .4 n ,, ,,
C J /.-'
,'- ..4 -i ". : W r'-"."- .* ,. = "



m -. ." -'l.
a;' "*
3'. i

-, ~9fP ~ ~SS -- -'r wr'wF~-4w-.~' v~. P ...' a.

f _

.,-" '. w -.-. -4 --!- ^ .:..

I ; V I

...- 'I 4 V i '


* '. ; ,' : .... .3-
' '* ..' 3

NM III*Itin~i jin 4s1 1W.
""3wIS-----'11t ..l m i-ti
-it%. J1 -4r.

_~liool~`7'_iWiI;Qri nf

-- ,- t1m i 3, I3LJ -I -. |' HaN t',w l. '. Ws^

Prie.-wInnfn i N, '..mstr DMotb fglawing N tpraII; .* a En Third 1 Pan .pma .,.

', t. o*i tIk a e 44.,fece whh.le, eparp*es the bf ta, s' "A" a& M .A


Signed by The eretary of the Governor of Panama FELIPE ROMERO LOPEZ
: he.f teease$aAattve Of Th Treasutt $A L
Henry LaIey. WOed. No. 54-a -4 O 0ONOO AITD PAO A,
arbs~!E. Wakefleld, (ed. No. 4-3 Notay pulWc. Panama Sam

S" I I : -.. .,-,-- -. -f m

S" .- ..g *

S. .


When good

get together!

SHaveBykoti dthat -
LUCKY STIWP oi arettw on
milder, and #rs pleauinT
There's a.aoi t Tb tt
-*toget top-for.tabtu
tobaccos of U~iwcwld.
.Yes, blending ths t t' Mixing .
aromatic Turkb AmeriC q
two great IIb&COs.
golden, mild Virgit and soothing
Kentucky. Thft *oe way we
make LUC.AL to make
a- Hiking more eb4lble for you.

9 WCke KICBft&** bded ge

vi .* .


"' ;'
at .. ". -',,
^ *L .' .*- '
I.!.: -^ ,--..*"
1 '&" ; .'^

* ~1

: ~'~;

. .. A.


12, ~ -...; ."T 3-

- MeK ,Td KE. grow, therTdwu

N' *SuhNm do Ke--tcKy CewL

mI A'. "" 1- -



Jr -'^ W38.
,. .' ^-- 4

's '*...-;- n ".. ".-* -- ; *" j
:L .4 ." -'.7 J
^ -:, t .- ''- a S : : -.
.. ''- a ^ i S -- ,- .
*" ?*?-?%* L S ^ -

L- ,
.3 V '4**



* .1'~~~'



S rIl

____~__ ~~~_~ iL__~ ~_~__ ~__Lr_~~


--. --

Ayr '

_L _

- 77



". .;.. ; .:. -at a .'


* 4

' .. .. -. .-"' .. .. .... .

.4.A...', .-t;. ".." A,,, .... =. -, -',-4
'PS-,'H~l'f r;t& Ad-,
,.. -"-' ''. L- "" "k t" "

", -Ad NO-2
'"......-..:....; ".. + "'";...."%: '-" ''

...; o. :. ...J..L .,. .4.,;- :- / ;+ +-
tOAI,,?f N-I.WA...hf :., .....2... a

IT- "


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r;* .





Ne wRd qr nese A gr '

SASHINGTON Nv. (U o one Def pse Secretr Charle the Nation said b t be. abor b
Senate Republican leader Willialt; Willion has said the a teri.ative lieve the kremi Wu -icut wi be could tr in
F. Knowland predicted yesterday to o-existete tith tlueia ii war. He said ti s must be tt the south said the
H ^China will launch somenew.. ." restrain our IMpul .tow.rd.From IVee e ed,. ,.
gression "Within a ,wr and a 6ea WilIan aW gtt(D. McCarthylaSo, exaggeration of P remle.A aboutHec
aed on the United States ta "he Ar.) said ofloa our weakesea" moving af ad thret he the ao ity ppoga a matter
thi will" to sat I e e vi e But Knowit W. noted that does mo si tha t s amptic
E3tphhsizIqg 1' was .pe preentive war." H aid the his job gives h1in Intrnation not way." .
S Dfor himself and uot fr the ad t eltA a. re- available tto the onem l public, He said the t"m sthting n. .e
Istration, he osid the ri to i said in r ply toa q stlon that Asked if the United, States we do not have a pdrca' o
atEk ma-y be ,against .Fr pY dao ." eul "I think t g ese om units should. " issue of, it" if a t se rity ri in our govern
Sit maym abe aimd at Sou tf Korea ce. e will move 1 somfewheat vit athie Cobmastad mo e it ginst meut d pectim of wh
or Southeast Asia. t wbo ap, W ,on the year." South Adil, Keoeland re liedP him,nshould be out." r
howland also said "it is po Ct "ace "The fact that they fre talking "In my pinion, es. F not the A ad Harry
(NMBATlephoto) sbl" hyo gd arid a to "F e speaking the administration. White cases te b k lp i
h d-n the UABt pes tw i dm n .*: le o th k .I a olI e th .a~k .. M. ar
f u u -Coaroner StB untS 'II. Snh.wouldnot:-beausediin abe o afull-- Bu tt, w-he agaus ti Jeth Democrats.

artc b h oc the SFd .a Btt he said tl o airn e atntt td to ac i t th. .. l w t h excaer to she des0* .W *wt

i s o |io dpnd eor a fl-dr"a .m W program. .Pn
-In,~Bay e V Olggribec pnselilas.. atomic lead Is the only .be, 'n tal e
"I.t l eh n the t. Wo. .0 _

attk' som bes ,uapnh 'Ie Wortt W-o t.l T hRlat on- Rtp iN-,,,e .ho-Able iu
So Bcowtthe.euet c a Iha wouldaveWeten Eu ierpe redy o te w T t nil olta te i ab o
Corri f* iterviw the Co puni ght a Ck -- -co vic a the Comunistma o .e a th r bre, ag. d twte
in Sthse ot a as or two." Ient-W In ta past that-we wo f t-s Apro t c arf #a t

*Ch S n Teonoer.~~ n.h ld Y.leader qn nei time. :ali made ~s e e p ge nave cpe adw tue afere pew l
S u.tirred .- iHT.r. fr .last k W Aaty tY *in t hr, Orient a a-: i qflh into-the ear ly p Zia8

W.A m'- dfrm a e i fd "willin tbprogra Up i S
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