The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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4 MaoION AvLS NEW YorUi, 17) N. Y. I a r a a -
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I .. 5. 1O 2-. I A"- Mop
ONEDN_ By VICrOi 31353L'
So little trust does oar I P if
Mendes RFrane. c no
longer u micnl a Sigle
4tE MAIL OXl .- ,:
6 s l ,thte sentltdve weapons Ia are o

i e F or, apparently the milk-r i nk-
Mendes-France is ot as a-
The Mh.p Bo isla* fo m fN o reed.Mo of The rPa ea werek*in t o' s.lin.'.e a h ..-. t
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i f ye, t e rla bute auel doto e Iaprelnt iIf it dome t eoppeee th g orgie i in an e

*h ^Identit of lwrilter is lIng homes arae bisng as &1
This 1ewspepe1 ensues an O een e esl of e The Panam an a
WMy m re illy nMd aee the nrowBo _r t os ing ars OB. e iNs, to pttin -Aw t

0. iHOW NOT TO WIN DONORS! rased. n e rt e -
police prot ecton. olUce offers hiM was gsl 5 .

Shave lfor man years and will in tie future sup rt the a- terror. One re told a friendor
nual Communit east drivs. Not too long ageiv Statee I nine just back 1n Paris that thatgA t tie
atlvly elad a soel6BnX e ndse for thia o rt..l w our he has a of and li l~ taei no are on" r'
actieen lago that contributed generous amounts but n6ver chance Isfigh teomis. tHeDiro
tdid we embarass dr ridicule those ther didn't kick i. he ust doent want any of his % s aPan EBACO nvei has shohn are

S to all hands In the squadron by being ordered to write" t desN.are' a t e at Under reta r o
afford It" beside our nameI Not omy are ewe genct bea i dizoveres a thear kuan derseerete o *dtu
-I tbe oam wid out, but at least one ve .the. AIrm la n eandf e is iorry
-Vountary Sam. gstio into the Cnmmul et ne eo e- e d I h a e a t r t
Sl nags network which stole the scper it Dem
f o in front o. Hanoi-in andochi. act 14th dst et
O BGGHEAD CANAL DIGGERS rao be n rd haverelp

k-ral oas t f Interpy sh' inmv S h k ^ fI-iS intelligence unis Wes in
S i:e tht IoThe 14 Ian Sof On rc 1\ came to hie

visitm., ni. a ar t ot intretilng i otem froma Ino e ning jtust. back fro Pai that6
de Monte, where It hs bteen my .pleasure an for toune frenufr wa orbhs a yu aanm wil tae ni X" ohda
olet Zrmabu Mthantacbntyibutedor generosemount 1o -hancte- lan'Commfigh st comi'tsf

, the yea book of the Universt Club of Panama for 1915.* hed quarters hom Paris to S ei, eepaBr sl6 Ma. Gen. B oi, L R Smeedo
It is the latter that I shall review briefly with a lo as dirlaAitd Ko. Dy D0B RUAIRK sL -i. 1the A Ir n to Im
to Mount, the Republcan elephant boy, who probby t orn wseatlhne us ax e Libertd Iaan a ge of the Atorm o LrI"
pr in happy otr snappy ce o t est sorhotn, wear -ye e **r*s -- or-o r adu e s "leto u- -
Amerieans or Panamanians. p ctcof CPoco.. My 'm t t e, m wno ru nhs akno sah Itth di T; are r tHe r police a

time, the late Samuel Lewis, vice-pre asi PerSd sthe previous anti-Communlst ae-~ ou he an emus her u dua o atei. .Imore m es s I won relation to the location of the .
thilsknd sretar and of U brdh e A n E. Ipr ms ad ,' i nd... hd to live b in a house o ,o'.serv c e as g u hade md anything an mo re ules .Om*as s team an"by war .
to Al tf everyT E foui e a se enoea a llobsdli a iw ntt vis B* we dn
I ent atory when one runs down bth*:emerp sis er) h eted by t m ama do. Es four lan- no teeth to spak of, any more, so na, you do it witl b y eon eclo ui-
St-rt-n .... -- t ""'-" -" 3)nd Cm AlIaro, 'i -peein g and ahup do a in n havi worn moff in flhts when you te fadl thea r et Joh' H tare s a-a
moadl o i and Florencioo H. Aroaem "B .tere.e oterwro wstl an t h O t ,t s a rnd twIehae ac eansaily been aste, but itns lrs to ad h 1 i fo .t Jon eri. a o
hao into trumple up nw WhB 5Pb sick t& queks lap and a pt jing to c Ut ad up lii the
John Baxter Gerald D. las, Dr. o, w e It is belng terrorized beCause it ooo m wllve Iet. scarred in the anto eu Its, suchr ats drWing onto .' .' h
deL." hhmalu rede .H. CalhounJ Dl ot, J if led by ,a 5. oricrand.r p n d n p' be bi ended T Jharat
e Cedica paper in his mouth, and In the come with all e myeins from your plate. tan S-pound er l fel al "
0 CollIn, nd at's about all. a membe an a l Hous'-paper, was a short piece t of a to strep, an the peelUlin, thRis not cute.. and-and S).ona p ed .W
YTSang tIyhr litarb eain mo Coemma theto yardsite. at fteint nea5r Weesat sam -s
do hon whhre t 'I Depehs. orayea 0 ew dbet fore esur umagoed f o r e aon .. I Mea
adt J exoigCosi a first, on human atr lo ho te itm = another abts an ul beingo to be' I. o An
Th Pnand Gue conohn s ng. Ctans pb sh in 1r d1 bos1 has an se S c withof res'e-. c aihnor~kn ov a(ver.
It ie tlhe-l tt bo tea ls o.i brIrieflay fr w e O m .. B L JOS ROARK -he o thi AA_ ntr,

so happy ,oe o orS, s s e Naov. 2. Mos of i wr ed.ln Adr.hi t 5 '. ut i

STone are amn the "'." Other still Ihe ut up g A ecns day ace ad throfoin jI eye ae
t s L C-uS Ina r bar.e. dta aero W.- r at e thadhim'ov lo e r n
Joh Kra Blarera president t of the cl b ta cpk. eie We wth a ts. ie t4 du- ,d mi t d cm litte Shi ofc to 0t, Wones,
Mri Salld 0 oud pate stl e overn ioked vithela-rn p ne shoul hh is ors eO w
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-Pr o.wouldyou not sdo t by pat a ar o the anw mvtio tremmtnes is rseld nIth.orer thWloc an oe
sc retaryB .d t auch anti-Coh- ,r n etball, lock bi a ed frof to se placcue uS l as.m e making r l-m i. poy to raeny or dnhes Il
tin Paul David sd N ew tou bow that e sbe!s do "se vrltln for me, I have ra edn o C o ir by half U )II. Nowh
I ata e vfri. ,vs side Fremh ani has kpt me busted for wch s a knock ansy way you except that b wae h hetae f h owIt te he pantg ha"
tlers a eria g" ". Samuel,.ar l i ster o f ao d- the goSle eas. He has half- read Ii writ n of tis wth a boelsield swas not tt led, utse Thip mire sro lus dWa sne, y,
aP tees, .,are o.u,,l. as t hsbkhi nWe-th bs l ree e d oint i s thlt.sene he Fsdaln le I have onehng "Wen read s letter," e uts .. Tax bos T Co maI4
ed Sa-ams atngb-toa:'o lThe wdo le mh said, II. wondered about the to st ows mow writes toubad M u te
-specide oghmoea. and Twas chair man o i M hn a tl of rn wtn yl aed itors m w ae b'mo. e

W eeke Id s'Some Aann ao us. uDterH the dconict yt a had the Indatvd
o.cio, u ,, .... .. aft- ehere We oab k ick I .,to. m.e ta mustt. N e haet e to b d

Theh _tub WAil r GTON-v(ee) -A scare rn wh re vera oa andgtebitmof .ol ife n ta de d
0. Preh. tes mentdos aimout o. unpubl ncm a may trad lif over to th to met. The me treats o urse, U *,attach .special.i sirpt acane t
'8 t Is ab ut'o t I alamonge the waon reorte g western et- f orce. But tre is nh en an prohi is ot .rmou. ., ots ,_.O eHolel "a
no. fez as harm a are ls been don abxyl aar s at s eachs to mc.1 an9 It e betack. tha t nef r I e
been gdw f
FUred last 0 t.' asfr o hoaHs sofa hen y
am ence and e completed and largee volumes Officer, pW .dencus Scheols German hMaAv eqlpmeit letter." ..
timees hae wi- t ot
P% ,.= vern of t ne e as om bee uri out1plans1for a.1n ... p,.i.o, p ,e.

.o n,,m4unm men ac a=ns use ttav e agbyre forik fw Amnei Jdai bo -rue "As t-h e ote."
hew Jones ar field "h "Ila." Other believe shit in too hes is dne ,peeh the Be ad. .,i
Md. of', the ...t are Z.L.eozkctuborhe knad, wsJoa tatl dal withhpim amed nor it a for Thle afe I#l Iof tIha
a sf at h w v .. t ..', ..t.ies n .Inis ** a bN E

they anti- 40h "ilabetwoyearandt
: dd yarmy division anI au-z-i Ba' U.or.
"h"e ..... o e lPere Ru-A, u ore for8e ty air ooree it swo
an thr laor to. ,.. th.e_ pas seven ,tears. Heud ta helf rea _Ia~ wri.tin fl i wit a y .

W "" "l et. o fed : '
powa Bsug, Uould be er
*a SUGormany toJust an
I 'ha.- Dscratch m i Germany -he
mS Bonds ._e oWEs "Pot1 and .trai "hehe
aoopoo tr to aniUt8 ait
ap.Mt. bprl a e g aso'
A.,, I nae a,4. u.,
%bra draft eAwma
Mhe United asked o
4 supplemeted .
.German V-l.ce o
A,- .2... over into r .
Rmaw earg ly en ma
.L O a.,ce S and aucommI

& L a____,. ..., "

7~i *;

P. A.
I ...

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took the
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4nd the
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Lay that 3
Kwland's r
ty. said. .& n
.W 7 .-1. f

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tp' the shambsl II
.MW-neof talt
-inlon at tu
M, trapped

p.o've. O Ij e ePlans

ked BY Dixon-Vates Group
;.,. <. ., ." -:, ", fl *i ? ;" ,''. .. .

STONUP) M=0p6 Ar aable of gop-
-- Dixon- YT group-, ug 6puatt,.of pow
by Pre qt B lower T. Teplat X ply -ow
to p po r atm to tb, Tenn eV y u
spa the SIsIs VIleUy W mreplace.TVA power
Ct.. ,c v" iu- ad. mx- fWnmedby tb.. C 'at Phe06

amIWtC pmv -Xd_ t. uu_-i mm Md
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j.C~4. edbtl t e Sitir C. 'Ehid.
',tac "t a in- ts hepflgt fbqb
i Awlu- W"fhi a ig v
mmo s rd t tab

*mody any;

Start cteedtb $Wtsltoday fi
? Ft T ftt ,ooooeo

2nd P '-fl 9 3rd Prize $100.00

S- .For evcas u.h 6rt., ur O t hu m durl
b sovemoer d DecembeW iOEw receive a numered
S ice tb P wmvctte uclt tioae in ac6orntc
With tb NaMoRMl Lottery 0.rang on $mday, Dee.

,, .,. O ,O.~. .ATORN
NO. SflV9 AvTubf
iA~~ ~ ~ ~ ; *.-**.C. f. tflS S S w t iS

mswet m
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Ja owner
la tivv1
s. But he
oati al-
efli pro-


A., : m -.- e-'o* -
, bu ;MINe tO te p
on y *'B-fi **s sW

yrt 34d ditributor
or urile

SIust4 possesMq AT*.
P. so Tel. -

;~~pot 44
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V.- : ..-
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.7 so-*ahrd
-' .o.*r h s *' .

Momwyja a New drw
Sonnytt agne suit Sl

But D.ty -
poor Dadidy

last year's togl Is h .p a g

Daddy, give yourelf a P
-' .6 "-

It doesn't cost a mint ,to dress

When you buy at The America air

SUITS (imported) from ..... ... ... ...4..

PANASILLuAS (Peasaulan Spout d
6 new and Gierent ..
model& In nen and -ll~ from...p...b ,
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Harlems ............... tS95 S M1 u. 4

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...And rmAmdr C"e "w
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LAK rs'ii. CUBA :


Ave. del Fltnte, cOa roftOh Street



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iii 4 WAL.i om

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-- --I-.- a- r ,-
TV'R-trod'cUon wizards have'
a. n~wti trick to make a
g k like a lcg fire on your |
Iqoae screen. They use logs all
abht, bit the flame comes from I
rfias of Sterno underneath. I
Throw other can on the fire.
LarrJ4 lvkah's "Meet the Press"
ha lf a scoop. They've
u _. race's bl-ligual pre-,
tier, Plierre MetlM-France, for,
** a arance -ia Nov. 21. F
!-.NA Is* 'J' li th1. AJ. a1_ *L-J I

qa qu u, tP pw u
, 'eelle -Falr*. La Conuaissance
eJa -Preue."I

Jack Carson is enthusiastic about
you ng Kla Novak, who appears
with-ims and Juldy Holliday in the
new movie "*Phftft." He says that,
unlike, 'most starlets he's acted
with, she makes an attempt to un-
derstand the pdrt she plays.
"That kid's got something up
here," Jack says, tapping his head
v significantly.
People may be people every-
where, but there's a big difference
in the way they seem to a lyric
soprano. Standing up three on con-.
cert stages throughput Europe,
pretty LWy. Widwr has aeone to
realize that when you go from one
country to the next you'll run into
a comLpletely different type of au-

SFor example:

ENGLAND* -The -start- ap.-
plauding when you walk out en the
*i. stage. It feels ood makes you
right at home:; Tey ave a 'we're
with you, kidk attitude,"

* ,,m
S -ation," NBC-Radio): Exercise is
supposed to keep you fit, but do
you fabw whyt I think it keeps
you ltfor? Just more exercise.

Sm, od.. "TI audience is so
cold as the gather. Nobody ever
S smiles, va' the street.- Once
S n Am spmani laugh-
" a ed ]o .'i-.Swe dsh street-car
, and ev There was a
story in a newspaper
about th e ditorals
S tyiag -t:o reason for

: : a:"

TIT- wow*"

The concert audience is the same;
polite but cold."
Italy-'-They know music like we
know baseball. They hiss and boo
a bad performance. 'I saw them
give that treatment to the tenor,
Laori-Vol. It was an elegant au-
dience, all over jewels, but 'they
hissed like the Ebbets Field
bleacherites. I've seen them throw
tomatoes at singers they didn't
Germany-"When they like you,
they stamp their feet. It pounds
like .hoofbeats. I thought the cav-
alry was coming."
Denmark-"They don't applaud
alter each number. There's no ap-
plause until the whole concert iz
over. Until you get used to it, 4t's

Miss Windsor, who comes from
Hawthorne, N.Y., where her fam.
ily still owns a delicatessen, has
made al trips to Lurope. She
confesses she's a bit honesiek foat
Europe again. But there are com-
mltments here first.
Since her last trip abroad, she's
appeared on countless TV inter-
view shows. She finds them help-
ful in reminding concert mana -
ers and such that she's back l
this country and open for business,
. Betty Grabib's Jatest TV aea.-
anace, on CBS-TV's "1- bw ot
Stars," bears the name, ter.
talmtat an Wheels." .
Few viewers, willW b*-,aking
boat wheels, with 'iEse legs

:-I --
-- :' K W .. ,.

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^, j ,rt(_
:." '?* -

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I '5j I
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~e A_ :

1- WIF .AS

V. *.

w~~S. P


.1A *"'
S'.3. ;:":
t t -.....

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'" .4.. .r.
--, x ff.9
T ** .l : 1 if~

, IX p
7-- ^X4".1

*'Bak to -kK

- I A4

I; *#mt~ 9- -







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thr.persorsom froatt

kids with good voices; now they're
our nice-loaking kids with good
rqlvces and a big helping of show-
Mathip. They're making this a
iopacatanner show.
I. *. ea panel show

mt. Tos -,e o panel shows
C .h does some
y: aen New York TV
hE P I O J sAan ,
I I.t7 memorizise
whe 'clothes."

Not Enourgh "

A. ";I .

.I -. .. .

ley too .A #4
2 V-

2 DIy. Til.

Firemen's ball
Seuervatos -

1 ^ '""i i -" "^ Ql45


S- G Wa-
csbnuy Ware,



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7 ,"'-": '[ .' .' .". J';t" S .l' ...

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ibr i





It Sa

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. I :. :

About Miss Blue

,-A ~
- .~ -
-, *1

MO P ,

ita~r ,

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,'.- -., ..",

- L


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- -go

*~.~...,, ~u~urr~h~a ...-~.~i~.c,. ,.-,..,i ;.

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.--.'* 'PW!
jiLt 7 '1-

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~u. -r L ----~~~~To

n ---

S.C. A. Br temer, both o Sharon t of h Street

U _R. Yestsr 10d stee
7 *,7, A ma 4w,:A3 ArnscoeO
n Jur Mr..eJ imU a of the Can-
"So .2s aFlone fcS an e Mr.G ,. M. G D
H- lumes, s. I zlv Squardo.guest 0 0C? COLON
,fs ,+te y Maker, and Mrs."
T.- Beulah Nickel ptSavannah 1L
r m~i ,*' ,>'. : '- ZUCt 01 Ja .. o ,. it w p j ^-.e o .-_-,-, "- '.'i B '* ________. -__ _.. .

R "a "' "''er le'a "enj'"oNgF ,

9 sWeot "of M rs.o teL.a
NOW-me t-o av A
eMr s..Pat Mn, r ""

?'.. alstmcee of '_"X.M.e-' '.S t'. -
-d on Ihe 1Mw it in the
rtyt ~ eqtedos ~~ld eoaqtr y,I

Os B (as 1 d o
.( A l r f I. / .
i th 'Mrs. B. 1" b i. -
7r n. of te w sll a'"d"" '.
,C V I. .m. very pleasant "Don Voy
vs on Im WX : ._ \ St.. t... .. Vats
Fled 'Ren c r ,w el
t 'bd a wllt .. ""hall -V
100 th 0 ite74R- 1Grain, Hel oHydenad
aft ga.a te.I .l UNHS.vo ';-W
of S Machalts m and. ... -he- some
tie a- 1e,
it. 3oeo11, ] ri m Bt ~l re orow y edandvie. Maile eh jdr ,. b" ..

.. ... hare ite ~ ee Jq iign .E
-.,+ ,,e ..., era ll. dm

,.", M I I rri "

a a 1si.i" ftOgiviere:nf
ur. IFd I/', ,

_" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .. .,, .",,"... .. ".i.,.,"" ". _.. _.i

**'* "^
^ ** *?,
-i -'A".

~~ iii-

., ~ ~ 4. f ^
';_~ ~ ~ -e A ^ :<'' r

, n't ray as doM oryi &-ng
Ito pass .thm onall. a*

... rji.

.: .f. '

iono?"^^e& .me, i^^t infli0

-- -i~flS~e^?^^ r y? "S'^171 F J ^
T ;- "" ":i "" ;" *y CP^ -.." -'--. Yo-11 ^ ,B,

..r.,.. in, p s d :am

i- .. 's an Ra O
-' S o A ,..8

.., the uvk t m S i as
.X, b_ i b -- ,I"
-IN,....., R_ fmm a
nsad ut J~d guest

la m" y cents-a p Townen 'e te s d75 get
.- .. t tal olf ed

, l .7

Noyden's future o tt Ilti
at If-Chil '

jo' t ho jg %e Carnival D*"
it im -,ia'bv held *Wy
Sevl -It 7 30 fMA-
tn tonight It er s

tm 3. a, ,-

Steach r ofttyo ri the ical d
aLM .L fa el Candet at n

Say, uat l .'le bpm.d
a.d Zod-the .ead theo t t 1
Of DPi .to W-r. M Cordial l
lto, aphd J'rOram .
ArtnalmLo h Bo e Coernt at

^Lrfc1 Is

invites all its members and friends to meet
and listen to


of Chicago, Illinois, who will speak on "RELIGION
AND DEMOCRACY" at 8 p.m. tonight, November
18, 1954, in the Community Hall, Ave. Cuba and
36th Street.

in frost of V. I LI

'el TOY t

!*19p B Olct *

from 5 for c.
f to $20 Ao

.MAZA 5 w ,
in front of P. It. RL


Open to I j

up to Nv.

O ..


Orange. Lmon-U me
Sopq Strawber .
lRampbs" Cherry 1 ;

.~-...I;.I ~Y;-

-.,. ;, .~ ..-,,~ ,'

. -- .

oC oR



LA' :-DE

. "R.i




JL- If.*''f

..r t.-f i.

"The finest
beauty care I know
is Pond's,"
he Cowles de la Falas ".
ouagh her backeass f- EntW-
r fath w-ethe.l Sir Oswal
MW ElgylaI Ca" 6omler-d
kyeg Countem ardliaFaihe has.
sWa of a trud NOmUFr N W
timutely lovely Iie4plozi"J6
aste ts mi is o Papor Creamt



of :o


-see her corn
almost ovem|

This T a of w ,g Pour ,,Co "Cre, .& -';
( ll US dim m- .- ..mdea -for yonr ald- l.;- #- .
- ^ --" S, 'c iigsrif PESf ; -.-
_ teg*A f^< andow.inB. qiStofm
^ fljirft, llM -lm tion. B up frenh c .lor .- A i ..
F '.. N ,, a,,~o,, "r "im.,,,f e e.jf .;"
r '-*'.* P~a -o~d8 plexion care make wl ponilep *' -.'.
tange ibyor'a r
sht .,', "
ght .. lr, ,o '.Y"EA

a dear Jw-o pa .
iht.TorPond' a
eidleane lk'img"aiuim to ivr's "
your pote-open-. l sday ihthat
k enlarged, your t lds it Ot
:ient clemainp y kin wbene'
^ ASSS" Gbe your skin dew A^
A dirt. A Ponds ( Stanxt*O
tf .it.u.. ...
:. le:er:
"- "

For a velvet.-wsooth texture,
Pond's Cold Creaming every n
COWd Creas io unusually iffe
oE.dir that goe deep into y
ings-making your pores look
skin look muddy. Less effic
lasply skim ownihis embedded
Cold Creftw amansd -i,
ing your akS. nmmsoulate,
fier, smoothr look.
*;. ~




.'. -^,.'

i i : '-

.B 2 '.: ,-,g

. .4.'.

L--- 1'_.- ...~1 I~I


W.-A .- -t

of .. 'o -'

. 1 ., ".
lives s ou 10, f -asses f

M-- MM ~~just og2 envelopes ." *':-

.M- i.
rfi i,'^-


the g-se



... ** t-?t- ..v:: -* .*-- **: r:i-

r wj~l p'a~ t

tsi. fAmAMA 2
. 1 HI / j i ^ .r l'}..-' 1 t-

Ar -

. .D a

= :. .. .. ",-; .

tM.,, .... .- <,:l.r.o- .. ,/. .V g .:'^ 't


No. 3 1,o.
fourth of

H lStrest Nom. h

S' Household Atomobiles
DR iSALE -Philippine Ratftornlivng FOR SALE: Used case. urselns.
roI set. nest of tables, mahogany PANAMA AUTOS, S.A., JSu Fram-
dirt g4oom set. rrmhogany bedroom cite de te oa sa Ave. Ne. 45.
ei b A bCIAco.9m tau Chinese F0LE:--^ Codilloc se$on, Hy-
c fV ., Maytsag *a.tlhfl a. drf.. WiRell reawronably or
chi 5-cycle1, 9-cUff.: t. trade. Coa alboa 241t6..- *
S in refrigerator, metal dinette ,- .
os ps, tables, etc Leaving FOR SALE -1949 Chevrolet 4-door
SIf at 6403. Dos B6cqa St., sedan. be san. g Uio r iol.
C, 'Q" Stft, lnF ronf _"ertltion-
S. ... Stadium r i n -otaffice hbue.
'S- it fofln^ubpow- Btlrew '. 'Monady' ihrougR6oturdoM.,Sealed
i Ln hoped ma- bides ecelted u it.Nov. 20' t954.
instantaneous water Unoh it reservesthie right to re-
he h do Frigttoi'e,. rado- ject any .
Ph h-tire raordg, A brass e ;> d. "
Sed chairr. Calf Quarry FOR SALE:;-1949 Nash 4-door s-
H. 2c;B. radto,-iMW.paint, $400 cash,
'.. .... J. Yonoparlqqe, 4 ne 2-. 526.' I I.
A --Coldsoot refrgeratcor, 9 4 h of yul Aenue Panama.
eq 60-c:cle, excellent con-
IGO. Panama 3-5320. FOR S&E: -1.90 Cfadilae 4-door,
..-.- perfect condition. For more details
:--4.p ece wicker set $ C; oll1 3.2165, Panama
ach. Very c ocl con- -- ----
di a 2l --327, D;blo. FOR SALE: 1952 Hillman sedan.
i. ,r..rhsed Jan. '53. 11,000 miles.
,.'AI'I'iO cdu.- paid. Call Quarry Height.

Si .Pr 1aitrI nFCR SALE.-'52 Ford Fordor ma.n-
.. B line. Coll Navy-242. -..
SCall Cyvton.2203 tdLt -FORtSALE--i951 "ardbtck 4
/ F or 8198 ierenihgsl. -door sedan, (ltromota.'it lve, $950
-- -"--- --- Curundu He.ghts. P h on e 2208.
..' I lAeuse.o53rA.
3U V I. 809 C. Tovemilla St.. Balboa.
T Afi ORSALE:-1951 Chevrolet .Srotiori
irs To RV po W-gOn, excellent condition. Bolbob.
C lRg FOR SALE -:1952 Morris Minor. low
a 8s AIRES. NOV..15. IUPi) mileage, excellent condition., House
Pr AintJuan D. Peon's 076-A., Willamson Place. Phone
iig called Jual memb.ero's 2-4312; office 2-1261. Dickerson.
rt' called on all members,_ --
ro ghout Ar entina to be on FOR SALE:-1952 Chrysler Windsor
ir u ri and port all i sedan, duty paid, excellent conc-
d"oft -Ut4cal activiy4ty ..y,CatlQlil lion, See at POWELL'S. Colon. Call
*Clerwv. *y.'.*4*?F 3Cri5qobal.?2192..

The peonista Party directive
was fsied I a tro g wmu- Wanted Position
iquqy 'qits supreme eidttAcU fot-
thi arrest of three par-;POSITION WANTED,-Sponish-Eng-
in Cordolt proyinIce lish speaking maid, general house-
They re reported .work and child care. -efre
)oaBnos Aires. -.. avalble.,Coll Balbo 2.3r2. *

theil thei anco rh.iA M dta.ron k 60
EilPusS 11ev. Melon^Hhu h amsecW Dales'

ZALDO Agendca Internal. sde PFabliheA FARMA IA
a 14V 45 L.enimu -a' 14 Cm
tely ilaza ParqueI Ls a re 7 .
.uav Ave 10U Central ve. J. ao de Ae I

DR. WENDEHAKE Medioocal Clinic,
209 Central Avenue, beside Copito-
lio Theater. Phone 2-3479, Pan.
ama. .

S MIiueelaneous
FOR SALE :--Record player, 3-speed,
25-cycle, $25. Phone Navy 2293.
fell I to ( full
El Vslle
Spend the week -end in the montaln;
of El Voile at lovely Club Camphstre
(Country Club).
-Sight-seeing, transportation from m
Panama and return, hotel expenses
anr return by Rio Mar Sunday after-
noon for swim,
Tour leaves El Panama Hotel Fri-
day. November 26th. at 5 p m. $24,00
each perEon. Club Compestre will serve
on old-fashioned Thanksgiving Dinner
Thursday, November 251h.
For further information phone Jungle
Jim, Paneme 3-1460 or Balboi-
Express. 3-1025.
FOR SALE:-A.K.C. registered Cock-
er Spaniel pups: I blond mole S75,
1 blorand female $50. Albrook 4121,
call after 4 p.m.
EOR SALE:-5uHll engine, marine or
stationary, 90-hp, power take-off,
clutch; air or plug starting. Air
compr ipr air tank, 1000 hours
use. Cal- Mr; journey Pan. 2-0600.
CRISTOBAL Kiddiwsf'Have your pho-
tos tdkwr th it Santo Claus Friday,
3-5 p.m., ot.CRISTOBAL Toyloand.

FOR SALE:---'-Fleor model 2-speed
r record- Iloyer IW mahogany cabinet.
'* $50 B Street No. 50, ex.Alamo
* Club -
FOR SALE:-Large boy's bicycle, good
.condition. Balboa 2892.
T'HE FINEST FAIR of fifty-tive will
be in Curundu January 14 to 23,
FOR SALE:-Venetian blinds for bed-
rooms of Type 332 house, 1 baby's
crib, mattress and carriage, toaster,
p-mm. Cine Kodak movie camera.
Will accept good 35-mm. in trade.
6403, Dos Bocas Street, Los Rios.

PaAmolran Union

Composers lusilica'

WA 0GT14Nr-' T a- WASHINGTON Nov. 18 (UP)
B rthre ted tatea -enator- -The, Pan American Union has
a fl ickenlooper, n P. publahied !utita da, tlna-atsa
An4qMe A d John N Pas compnoon by'Juan Orrego Ba-
r eed th gra I a'I- lat of Chile as part of Its pro-
mnestw w a."e "n L. t hleWnc Energy gram .to introduce the works of
o nucear Honor aardhs ha tin American artists to the U.
Mto nuclearsolentiat Enrico B. pulllc.
S Fe. The Union initiated the pro-
-Va f *,& ... .. ... gram last April when it issued
tonye. F.. ermi. a professor at the an album of nine choral ar-
I Institute foro Nclear Studies, rangments andiftmsongs by the
r University- 0 I. ,.'-has. been Mexeie composer .Lula Sandl.
ame reeln of firstpe- Publication of Orrego Bala's coh-
S tlfra:ttacelk W.aaward&-i.be6p*. ..Senate posltlon is the second in the
P a d lBat Pf. h ep thee0 .j1i. llators series.
... ;. S loermls atIomlc enerVy Orrego Balas Is now studying
on 'rg O1 includ- in New York City under a schol-
j:s.. -.t .A., ier. n particlelarship from the John Simon
as, the t o Beta-de- Guggenheim .fou#ation. It is
te Fermi- model of thsecond time he received
Sio, neutron aft ra agenhelm award.
W "W,, a thew. Of the origin Ouilermo Espinosa, head of
I e -rasya' O -which' are the enlbn's music division, an-
him Iexperimental a no AQunce that t h la following
..l works, Lati n W oAi cotm-
t:() E pp"pra will be pui"6ld -next:
f torAe A t Ofl1954l Sota' No. 2 y odof o .Haff-
meritorious contributions e in orchestra by
Sevel use, or U to Martin of Cuba.
of at she u. The donatina Rustica by Roque
SDr. hich was Cordetf'of PanamA;
*t. ..tre1om.mended' by the General
t 41Mw, ommittee and approv-
11PresitJ t pr, Is

r I.) mn i in .awarded.
2MOng oth nors, the Nobel
toe a ya-g and his ete president of
he. American Phystical Society.
W6,*a ',.n teke off -yo's ." ..... 'i
,MM+,t at.o 2 A Year Sentence
wt And 2 Suspensions .
A ~iht Is at good as
I' for returning to the Canal
h.Wi ,l2iW Zo ne'after deportation, a Pana-
.O1ri aa n ,Qr landq CumiLp was
-i1, leW to a two-year penal-
If. bt e -al ~ eli ...e .. .... .. ...

inb,,s _


~ r r
Kt~~ i~.
-J -

Dans Dilemma I
ODaa's peketa had no slver

Ie soews meyW
Ihea a P. A.

hsWa Ipalalt
Was Ai he

I pro- Gt a eftl.. iMw bew oe Urhted!





5 f-..-.- B &. ".. "44


via Za,5-Moa a

aoamlich's Santo Clare Beach Cot-
tages. 'MAodern cdnvenhences, hoid-
o: rate rates. Phone Gamboa, 6-441
or Pedro Miguel, 4-567.

MFST'S COTTAGES. on mile post
tI Clem'-a. Wmtu. Phone
Rboat 2-1-.a

W LLIAMS' Santo Clara Beach Cot-
ftaes-rockgos. Fefgeration two-
-droom. Phone afitao 5956,
niNi Oc.a-nri. f $0m
Clara. Box 435, Boll Phom
Panama 3-1877. Cristabol "1673.
SHRAPNEL'S furnished hou ar on
beach at Sonto'Caro.- Td'eoeon-
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772 *v,-'
nlngs. .


lireP AIf

A. >Wl.,t, .


If Chineh B g,
Chewing UI 6
They Ca e le


ol Woerm

Ew. F. NW.. N
A. Ceutp % ,E,. H^ ,.

* I

FOR RENT:- Four-bedroor) mansion
completely furnished; allc conveni-
ences in exclusive residential sec-.
tion. Suitable for diplomat or busi-
ness executive pf discrlimnatling
tastes. For additional information
see Mr. Fobrega personally at No.
18 East 19th Street, near "Mereado
Vasso." between 10 and 12 noon,
and 3 toa 6 p.m.
FOR RENT: To rsposlible party
only: 3/ manlkh, com-
pletely furnished, in meet auadusive
residential district. Sudsolj. f a
diplomat or bWf eine '6
Sdiseriminiethl Mete.. Sq 9.4I -
pied by feth po U" M*-
Invited. Pleas-p 2-S4S
4 to 7 p.,w.. u ..l ;.
9 p.m.
FOR RENT '-22.bdr bk*Wol -iT'Gol
Heights. Phone 3 3605 ,Miguel A.
Paredes Street No, 8&..
FOR RENT:-New, comfortable, mod-
ern residenwe:.2 c ro -,maid's
room, garager 4th St.,
Pa2ill#f.-; t 40 nmenl 'frBM 50th
Street to Vao Ac puqrto,' $110
monthly. Call 2-0544 from 3 p.m.
to 5 R.m..,4.Calvit.
FOR RENt, -. Furnished chalet in
Bello V m .3 bedrooms, no hot
water. CVat uoma 2-1225.

M '

a Pef g
1 I block

B np. e. .. -
General Reeart. tune ups
(fast serve) all work
imaranteedo (Dag* )lt#t1.F

FOR RENT:-Unfumrnished apartment. I Next* q1-1SU ipol J
2 bedrooms, sitting-dining room, 2 ""
baths, kitchen, porch facing front ;.,..-
street, at Via EspaAa No. 20. See Sm
Do Castro, Avenue B No. 24. Phone
2- 1616, Panama. w-.--m, wlk.W aw
FOR RENT:-Small attractive apart- TA nlaa l
ment in "Glorielo" Building on side IT 9
street across from Hotel El Panoma. .- -;
Please apply Foto -alcon (next- namE Iobb a .
door Phone 3-2407 or 3-1179. IA VUE ,
FOR RENT -'Sppifal. Completely fur-
nished aoprt t, $60. North A- W AW WY. ?' )
mericon neoAori.'Plbone 2-0471. I- e United M ro-
WA TED deall ed study" tobA
-. Cult Altdavota" o 'a Is fis-
IAp ingrea rding 4te verl*-suga
WANTED: -V Vaation quarters. q, The. A1iea,. prom a .a
Dec. 1. AWreio couple, excellent, .t at. U. to..f a series of
references. No children. 2-4320. Un. td sts- an conver-
WANT Eb:-Completely furnished 't on re"atiuops-
chalet, one bedroom, living room, the two OtritS A Rmema
dining room; etc,.,in exclusive resi- 4dtl wo b.etweW .;
dental section. Ph one 2-0983, a
7 30 o.m.-1 3:0 bp-.m;. .,. i E .
FOR RENT:--,Anrtmanrt at "Fl on.- ; ,

grejo." screened, hot water. garage,
maid'; quarters. "D" Street No. 8.
Inauire Apartment No. 4. Phone


FOR RENT: Room to bachelor or
couple without children. Via Porras
No. 56, AIpt-4.Phne 2-2109.

Coarnbo Memorial
Service Tomorrow

For Mrs. Yard
Memorlat se5t A ff lbe held
at 5 p. oaMfw at the Bal-
boa union Chu p or irF. Flo-
rence Yard, ,p Iled Wednes-
day afternoomp br home la
Gamboa Sheo 'r years olf.
,Mrs. Yard-, X & made her
home in t C ne since
1922. was tha Ctan
Harry B. Yard4-a ,ird employe
of the Marine oDivuion.
Captain Y-d pa aaked thAt
no flowers be sent; friendss who
wish to make donaustion to thi
Cancer Fund.
Mrs. Yard w8 T active I
fraternal Ikuteh
Bhe was I*

Circle; a -as^ ^t-^i
Woman **Elater

. *am-a

pbleed blout

and a91 p41

and i


; ";.. ,

:., .

;. ;(* -

sun .un nu
9, of Jaek*M9
drmk" *
shotgu.t* 'tI
wounded hi' '

daUb uer, qu t.

But he wan d S.
C. A, Alp

wthre te weeksA .lap 0 I

his wife Toarouenm-iht ante tp- i
But ame h"M.o-R bu e e'

wife this mern d t h ...
he wanted t otI

door to Mthoe otwine Ft -

Alexander solaid Robert. then
loaded his shotgun;. HFis, we fled
to the Hinso hoe. ,
Kathleen, five-year-old Njte.las
Hinson, and. rs. Eula Mtu-ana.
52, were standing on the front
orch of theb Hison ho ra vilen
front porch-i fired one barrel
of the shotgia at em. A' Were'
struck with several pellets but
doctors said lobe was very seri-,
ously hurt.
. Kathleen Wa 'bit in the cheat
with everL pellets, Mrs. Monta.
na in the legs: and Nicholai iSnthe
hand. -
Alexander sald, that after ,fitr
ing, Roerts went- back in his
house, dat on a bed and turned
the weapon on binself.

13-YearrOld Boy
Spook Cave Good
For A Boot Ride
JOHNSTC W1, Pa,i Nov. 19
(UP) Leroy, alnts, 2, was kill-
ed today when he was shot bY
his 13-year-bldk brother who was
aiming as0 i rabbit, otalde- -the.
window of their home.'
Leslie Salnti told police he
saw a rabbit outsl4e the living
roqm winow and ot his ia-
ther's 22 lIbef ri e. He maid
Just us. fted. Ledy walked in
front of'him.
Leslie, the oldest of- four elt--
dren of Mr. and: Mrs. Walt.r
Saints, Is convalesoing from an
appendectomy% ,, .. ./

71 r.twoi, t tat!'h
at the GbuEy ab t

i r -I-. i : -I

es-wa-a ic iiT

UStaitfl *e
57-Girf'* M m
Wfanf "-.
ab~slout et
ush -
waiPtn '
wpinus 4

: I -.

I ri I- -

rr'r' -"!


! ,i ._,'



-., i

S.,... .
A. i ..: .
,\ V .. .; i ,


** .... J


"' ,
-'. ..
,, :A,
, t. : "-",~ ""y a r.
F, :. ., .-. .. ., .S W.'-..

: ": '/''" i ," ;':





f : 7.

XiA FCIADO 7I Street No 1
.to' 4N orJuly Ave. & J St.
WI.. J.u.. o Aroemene AIe. i.d s st.
s LA .Cagapiw"ula



;rj~---- --



" N

tP 5


---- ^ '* io n






. ; J

l .'

L V.. -



IF brial


*-R 6i:t

A -' ,.' "-"! ....,- *-
,;, i'.: -" ^ ^ **,,,, ,,, *,, ........

fwas u uar ww #"iar e .3 w
*1 '. a 5 H -i"

-i. reter ?1Z0 "WOMAN OF WPSTIHCTION" "
VLW arm .,. .... ;19

;' 7 ,' W .i'
* i1?" '* ..f"'
;i:. 6 riiskjse'a.


.4 't-f -

W.'tApCU ?

ait. AL'. *


14.4 -,lf


C eager was cited f6or
9tm X1A rlCCt. recastch .
at a world's record speed a
miles pbr hour at Edward
rd" 11"aav CW, lh tDeal

d ord of 652 aMtaper hnur ift. p
.Rtb -, r .
The P odenm told YeaTr tat
it mUast be -sort of like beinlgo
Sa i .t.f .itLd 6 t.1ma plane about
.- twice the speed ao sound.

0433 kUg. Units

siding Officers

TColombans wbre the M-41 11.
fa t. Of, prie- Interest tohe
'thnkls and fhe 4.:2. lth heavw
morta Questions were answer-
44J~ wr 91..-KlweaJ.. Col. Owens
and b&'cr'6A s of the 3W
trlts o I 3e
1W.41ken 'mr"pstinin t O n r,
vi..%.. t andard

S .V ,
'* .-i ., *;.

S. .(NA Telepkioto r
, .A fl -, *t or*Je.cJrlos8ip area at the main portal
.V. 19Bta been abandoned for 15 men trapped
.ft -S Grd.i- -l-
************************** F_ _. _*

r' ~JXA4

MINNEAPOLIU, Minn., Nov. 18
(tIP)-Evangelist Billy Graham
vialting his headquarters here
Jor the tfirt time since January,
said today hei ay take a round,
the-world trip n 195BM.
He said suph a trip appers
the only way he can fill all th
-sequests which have -poare4d i
from throughout ,the world for
ievagelistle "~rusadea,"
Graham said hi 'has b ur.
Kent request. that Ihe vit such
tlaRes- as Ne w;.Zealand.m ; -teia


r :-~ .. 1

I m -


.l k -.I U .U.':
'.,, i. ti^jx *l,^ ; ,Ivr^^.

be lame Wa.l

.s trip., d hq.l yu corn'

f'V -NS b :
n.j TY y.- t r ot 'to biow

-how td aI o. uin f adot.h

to u ueccfop c'W M ie

f Teafl I& Mw l

awen an e e

a gi .g '-. ;

ti --h a L lw if. l

e-I *lwys felt

t. k P) r n .- ". e..- rbage.

ralito ioe ojj j jcan the jweaka lUnk.-th
T. -C n ted Amers&a sanitation syste. city
y I lue *.offialsc a- ,
re.o A'ch$sentd Volutio* 1.efse .-I f4ltion.
_34 m bevate larbale mmans
t la te it The m emp av ubw s
rom Tank itny, L a nttats ayp m. city
.J .obi
S. The system epls i6 bag

wito. theZr at e tf- srove pp al nees. to

T he il.o r4 ;.....
re.ei nt .sred .t. whe-.wet.fmaese
L, bwyi Iar cnemA tec

e- ef Whe the. cllector. g m ,
1, d tr .ifle round. .he. .
AN a Wte'r al& t7h at a512---
iogs^ flflC lA i. a T Official Maid the E*^

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M mR..A. xi.dM&- RMlace Charles, the Duke of Cornwall,
SsmitUep i*. tfi official dourt t~ot li o ihonor of hbl sixth birthday.
Thie o n aoti. this birthdyl of the Prine taien by
--. tRteT,"Mlret daws in London. *

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ty's Biggest Dea For 3rd T
By k word .' .. .ro ft,
NEW YORK, Nov. 18 (UP) -. The New York rnretwi crw *.
ed hortstop Biy Hunter and piatth -% ha veis
i hat ad on Lan for seven player Wed among tBe
S e n Orioles in "the bigest deal in o tame. e ,
qp b.^ Trjyg g p ...unced, P'," -,, YO.U
11 d ,ton It backe
y lsth drllta toda a t -
MI.-Zftd of

were aqi .by deaalS r q ,l, ?_, title
Sd ^1 a m. hE e t aB. to roll over ore a cr1od i
l Acausethe YaTrl aUs was 58,67.
ion' dollarplay Md. Tho 1
ao o Yeonc itemThmeold he said rI el
Swill receive two I hae several good yes The old po, who will 1

r of players aICarer drophed hh
attl .. ae scheduled ale ry wre i atn, i ar s l a w ahen tho.e.d
ba both the yankees heamed Iatry= -nexmoth, n a-
aI nt a.m. (he ST) o ,111L 't wt..- 8i-7u, w r" +bst k-allve hsso t

he.W Boo elovto n co wo; "

.o therIg -recap dre- tt ive ..

S f teh ate an d c rne how to be a man t In
_r onount W bf tre, they're gret t up ae m : wi the
e I mbr of at s at to hparoolarno
ttot val yalss was schedulW sab ywitCmf w nea s e last "ahse a.o t
I"ntllhnp. t o ar ndtho rdnd. heZare, it.

1 n,5dT fhkenB rownto2M m

bohth heI recaptareklver, b At o ive

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Pa Smith,'Albrook APB, T
Thomr nSlbOmk, Special Troop

'4 'R7bci $ ck$ bart COyfe,
vw B ...A.d. Albrook A

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~a *( *~4~?

of tn aas. r Ty n
then was and-eto
A com- the canvas from a ift hook at
baseman, the bell enig t-14th.

that the Yan- totb-euse 'a hen's
Should make a' e| and that farawaylook in
IK two or three ~eYu, totted ou tart the
Wva no official IBand lztealu ly stalgered
itia nejatg icapmr before a l C oi
at deal between tod t. rholW4 .1! 4gt Wa
mine-player deal t wa.
*rver and Vic t.he crowd ,"Stop it," II fr
ns Teg rs adret florm eAd between Mana 1.
., 15m1 haditm and CArter wng once we bW hnt-
es4argest a mo to-L,

.. .West, ShotI.. e t mo

'r y Te-leeloar. beal WdWare

ley, w .move i. club
atnd I t be afth
.. f -- wae

t a-eth a t m

fro .. t not

reseat new teror
PThe 3Is In
stron.. the momeqa

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Of Pittaburql
a new aooa
i purrent ,ee
Tom Hamal
tr Saturday
v ouel
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N.ow s "

ball a ear later. ",*'e T he mad101 ME.A Sb.

aa blofro ama Waggoner and Grace De
Pros -barreled" tolm Boys d r, B. uoyI".o eyes were wee Nelson's 52 and
.im .u f 0, Go oke-M ..'a 2 Bob ftne
,the nation'srthed-MaMcolls Thompson's450. ft,.
nfl- would be Tommy 47 wt es linger'sa were tops for t lh e
A e's lSg0..pound shotgun aef a& r the Lucky. ..
Ila *es 1.Onz Olsus'IS Sbe theBTe-"m..d
has placed opposme11-: 10 s ."They all b& s iand iJim's took 8 big points from the an
es tl^! I; had others. Bill Coffey was agaln
haves a "'lled a ,_ re gun fworerle gnliftor with.
;Cpf+ n ... ,-
%egWhen it was fo3nd t el .. .
splasyed football at Wqst Polet .-
ave seasons. Tommy wi.g _
team for onf en
xnpeat bla. utizs be. :.
6wjO' P..ur Uaermic Bo, B :
inp 1., he a ed on the Army
varsity-aoua still a Pebe I
s a g .
Sfar as Army's opponents-
season are concerned, .the
hingcame tio late. They
thswiv~ aat- about he only, way .
could be stopped was by a pobe...
._THE ~' W W IIna eight games, n .ad *" .

a b lon t tackler b ttl hfim rom of ab-uS 81 tiSab.1 M ,

-4 perative c fits n p .. .
with I dea of now 4

Pros Replace Glamor Boys, L .

With Meat-Potato Men u"s "
wm ib matl r what the oppoLltPA
does..- e .D& Isthe kind o pla er
whoD na.e you to do ti. ,'e .
By MARRY ORATON lo W4S g in the entire wheel1 ai pt&# ard-and b blocks,
and aw L I cleatly2'
"1o n wts(EA) h opthe old .e6l, was Arpy s big games, M was
While .1.4 ._e 3ange,, he a,*a .moved the gui who anoexed tie oppose
Were V-16,b.a e-*fo Arkansas to ew Jr and tid. tg nt Mighigan-the v
fore the Polo made it an all rimd Jo ob. wch stated Army's rise
Seomf,.s The toering rrouded was the hEart of the Army
rZe st ,oeisn the so. t"m d s pine"
,NU 'fom Its own territory Agi
'NW e hinan seateds Af ns D Ctoou6 13r,'dtut ..
him. '. named Now- ,Stiac,-the -. -... .

Ott # 'a
lit qas iwn. t e lse.s ,d ,
heom rthe'ta s .. do,
a p a r peri acma belo ithis head

J a a ss-mae a b.l" I a ,',athe aan ee Rad us

Shon. thing. Tommy hasa
o o en s-done In e"footba su" he
"coe, & -" the apa Tackle aCl, rp alwa -to...reamb aht on

ear, only Bk Shaw of the San er Bill vo r.
trasMths the Cl'e Jich made the defense Stout- cmi Tud

THE GIA0 ? IWSUIG3 *uorf Howell built an attack and Dawson aged one tothdown.
sa wa1aree ,a-Mmine ca.m defense. There's nothing else to in every passes col 9plteted
astern. Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Shnlke cast obthe
.JS t t todayis an or Jian L ee powell anHisas a lot fa tends bar at hotel
Hmte o. e to imo b rearuvtertaE I. Here's the gret car w of the year Never before have

Se e tou p Ai whthnme n evr a deasa rd o yo ha s much choie In a car.u.l. 4 brilliant Pord eerie!
boi of the b Grounders were football. th w It's different model Aiow of coo AndIn.

No attfhatthou eont Indeston.N .h the 1955 yord aaa n't!
o0= 6-of theP a Tacle -Ray Collins.-- hsadore- oetsea ehapoato r ,that on ,

BearAwfby a ntheS B vo thad bthe washing, ew arddbck Herb o
othe Cloe!M made the.defene Stout, OPT has ata the meutSew car lek r Now, tati e*' -
lend dBrown'Paulbrown havee-t wawsunder&out eve a family oar based on ,tw wit h pearsseadsuatlotrontmapt... all tN

TEX I S ]A NSw a" Nb O eowell bultanattakand aDawsn, from "the ..r of.oot.uc.
-V-" dmifes; eaois this aases power.c..mpletedTANTT( .
minetefresh, bold color schemes rth tr

itbead-ae bupholsteries in the eld; b
V w~m .tnAt o um fthth momemaedamI I 1VVT'IFTHere's thgreat carc i of the year Never biffore have"co-

tnstant A AIa r-block V l l re apons et or tray, passing t ime "f I ts fied V e ft oa-
or_ 1_1b clipibing. ord'. long p nee with V-'s makes It possible I e ." ... .

S wat w Ntb aboist tomgoth out rougk on the

+++a aaa
VrF i

i #OR.
f '1
+. +. :- ,: !: : i: : ..:: :,: ': .

a5, a t -i....,j'i r t 'i

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..[ i,.., :

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; + .. .* : .- .
...... +..... + 7 7
+ o r's-!"+. ++5

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v----.-*1% -: a ff" TT tj R MIT &k.IW :.JW W :W WG f 1r-r4-v
the YoU I L N t-W W ." ,. .-I I
Wa boa inryI IWPtU-$

tr as, uer cer cele. THE MOST- BEAUTIFUL CANAL ZQ1E MODE
or soo earfs anniverrary to- DISPLAYING THE LATk STYLES IN
o0 for the P tion has empha-
anye advan- "TATLINA" SGW.M OITS ...
firm ei weull..
10,770 affiliated
Sa, d given an ener-
S.tothe national econo-
tional training of
..the' ualon the merits and
.t-s well established

Fire Damages
AtAncon House -M.W W
boom iOM, the 12-. n
Ancn,,.W ,,h-as &I-,.
n .,,, o, ,~~ .. "Tehihe

i t w i;-

fnir and

t"&. .A--f -

ow the truth she count ..b am Lincoln.
T .T T YEAR .PANA A X,,.v-DAY,- NOV* -, ,. C T

Temporary Hal To Cre e

Seen As McCahy To Hospital
WASHIUNGTON, Nov. 18 (UP) pitalied" be cause no matter own behlflth0 ad dis- Senate a a t ly
-Senate leaders considered call- how much I dleagr my cussed it with ", iDe,- comprm -
(NEA Telephoto) Ing a temporary halt to the his- %hrlstianity teaches me not to e" and that other p*ipa"Ot day speeR
torc censure date today in hate people." -e offeredty'sa a
msKilroy removes the haidcuffs view of Sen. ,Joseph R. McCar- Dirksen did not reveal the de- Actually, howev sen S% Senate Canur CO -
I S heppar Kilro h renewal of ShO- thy's sudden tri to ahital., tails of his coM e formula proposal makd big Senat b W
his lalmell to ICe land.ur Smthmecutr hde e deputy. hn.) hadP to introduce IUcton butmErces blunt or at. least mft pow- he is stil sopf de-
hi la cell to the courtroom handed to e ep. ng-promised compromlae pro- d A vi Mc- erful censure-drlve.'T were bate can 'Ie endQd. qre e- o Pao. ,
___________________..___ _________--- poaal at today's scheduled a- Carthyu flaendadld )nentlon all sorts ol. o pinio s the ThMfanr s~ wih a om- .
-si aon. But with McCarthy out of the WlcoMsin by chance of .SUaa..- ing the efdnthis?.w ar, *.
v y_'1 C u II "t LtAAr l action with an Infected elbow, name. next weekssd bp not
e ll s C O Urt-M a ia l the whole controversy was plung- *at...Br s think ^ ?.1 bo dnun, =,.ds a.. 1 S
ed Into uncertainty. tea, it a tr4 da ys of' 'f d nse H nts
L i .Sen. Br n Welker (R-Ida.), Ive I a can* ready *
S" 'O nce H ad H im 'B urewedCIM..o n t k.u, *n r- Sr .,, + Iu-,_o'--m an.-
a until returns toJ to gnatorU.4mroney 4"i 5 W the deb Wa i O
atfarens. f heard of a I (R-Okla.) awardad ZThYe
UTA. Nov. 8 1 t olng an trial without the e R-Minn) .Se NAur V.
v .at w enda o toe n reent." he said. "T1b1 t ia o hlj WatkinseMbadOwung O4 B '!' ii
,do ath 6% `" ufa. Ib &
ce orWM rleInd.), a staunch McCarthy sdt.l ptuneit wre o be h i 'aU to do we'about 3m-
imoe+ ect and.e.1&b or. a 0&-y later Anderson ac- porter, declared that going ahead held to .
ross "very dr, without the 'central figure 'raaCarolinayc. ussell,
odp1y Sto lele, Lown- iatrt aoho and a very serious question of pro- ongtime Zone post Office
412.. e ptied on th bat#1i w' Ith a -opg rsg r^rUbbed pretty'"
aEy of th ee-M pe a in e d t, Steele McCarthy .andthe Censure o gtnea n 'I a -
L .MrC. 9 oh, said. T.'the 1and'b ath" Committee appeared to hold the o take h h lands.
ar ofbi n tY tr the lieutenant, key to' what'-happens. Senat ek to t ake pla Igln L e- ia
Bic tr at nearby 'vt feat-Of Coate Repubillin leader oWil. Acc wotd r e tabdx-

tak Slt s .S to rigid a tre.hout a cos, phrae y ." t AhHe eao .oo ce ded the Cens:t e .

-,' the m were not fly smWep At tt of Besyemer, dos (R-N.imr ), senate preal-dlbedt

Ala., Wya.t tled about ~fl dene tem at a MtCarte.
no 2d, ,swsn -.ta.=.
C. .spo rthnodeh, sai de t dbe-t

In s a d outwof .4 of the ent while his se is e e gre de-renw Be-,
l n lost, thereG absece.rtain. wht her s

aAnoMarthy ,ut hbi elbow In
t e o nd WIthe ea ,she ,n t unidentified pers .

theada, Md. di cal cen- rand mwe oagi, aho
4he Ag ding Cff. havy to remain for several days
h errle mnt. .

tw of l of- Sen. Arthur H.. Watkins (R- -EE
Srinof then Utah), censUre Con mittee .m .,
90 nUchaind ean wer lanched a new rhaen
4tTrot-on.. esearl owIn e.ow m..6 ...

mae. ,nrm"- ,i,-. ,SPECIAL APPEARANCE. OF
b''"am" OWa250s
':F C.W. ,.s.Fak. d


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