The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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, / ..f".
4.-9 "-"'

,;. 4 ..4 ;;. .

149 a fl


'.'. ,,. .. <* *' -

Three men amised to be
solved i-n a gol fd niwe WJ
dwe severe Paena m City t
augmen, are beht held iu

wi y, were d
ing by tb-
Iae. ThmON
'who works
Selects, jw
. ti


A Cairo Ho

,CAIO,a Nov.. 5 (P) )Arored
fod.d 'mu aqus. of the ouotwed A
> th*r!lghoftfgdSgated in thearlt


- ].t .*1

l ,itaup

s uuI.

sts rday. "

rmted M hagmmed Shidid, o 4 e
ghd's rpoi ltioina didt#vwa(
14' ystsiday betwnspR0
^Pj~ll^^lWBy** L" ^ -,!: ft' f,

stops B &yLVIitt ,
S vit xu Fred brenkh
a drink of water dAw-
Wi reAm In the murder triW.
Of pt. Samuel Sheppard' in
Clesnd. Dren an wa th
flr lee ofliper on the seeap
a& att xa of Mary NU
all tt was needed to get the
at cleared up was to get a
eonf ia n out of Dr. Shepard
--Zgftm in jail?" Corricap ask-

Th afrolman said h4 couldrt
r aat.
Du han was the policeman
kbb entually arrested sep-
%WWA -

are still looking- a
ar of Marla. hiep.
an 24ked0.m,lm.

contend that
S Rned tis


D nounM

i.0, .3who twKs uinpwrd mitr
Sdi 't yoths eaped. latlo
hacker Arites kitis

SSotland ard H.n ts
.. -m ". a :., ..- o. .. -. -... _,

i a_

Way t coV with mrno
.k tatio'altatiM^h,.yfour C
*==mmui Chn orpdo
Latest uncopfirmed reportss
said Nationalist warplane a t"
7asplanes had picked u.-IN k batg t
28 of the 200 crewmen Ci were s
aboard the destroyer-e T-Tal T o
ping when it was attacked early "
Sunday. ii
The Talping, formerly the n'
U.S.B. Dexter, went down north
of the Nationalist-held- Taehen b
Islands, 200 miles north of For- C
m9as, which have been under U
communist artillery.- fire fpr
several weeks.
hSinking of the Tapr.
e thr' spectacular M mu- ti
nuat move in the recent outbreak a
of fighting around ChiUag's out- u
t islands. Earlier the Reds
Heavily shelled gamoyr Is- s
land, l15 miles west of Formosa, el
and bombed the northernmost P
Tachen islalda., ji

The action of the Red torpedo
boats surprised military circles
In Taipei, even though it had
been reported that the Rusians
were handling over these craft
to the Red Chinese in increasing

lonalist newspapers angrily
tided "maumve retaliation"
ist the Chinese amid de-
ced the attack on the Tal-
4 a deliberate Communist
ipt to strain Nationalist re-
ns with the United States.

sh Priss

nan and hare champloneo
cause of Jui .p.. -
lace we h bee out
e have Seen aare thatk
maN ecgpe was- plumned
ome sort of masIer mta1-
to-do a ig jf er some-

iAm cm


Webb, 4 the *julie not
*" rnabuishMh. 'Th, re-
I planned O get way to-
anid topecap wasto
he Ir ONtbe
a 1E A, ME

:, 5ov. 15 4-(W)- ant u mid
Sen Joseph R. M- hte's a
".t i0-day drive to' Meeki' e
,Oee inattres
i-. t U. s, Sat -'_
itRepublian. ,
mus nnounca* yea
. Gen. George E.
ratt d), chairman "
d group called t m
Americans Mobiliz- _

ion, which Strate-
war formed on a
aV non-partisan"
'A vice-chairman
",p fleet, former
is Commander in
dr Buaden, former
Jrgentl. iMs.t
1til of Pa-
Charles Edi-
Secretary and
v Jesey.
addressed to the
that "subversiVe
of out to destroy
iIstaken an, un-
Muld help the So-
b .ir the safety of
a, the appeal;

- 7 the organia-
tiou'g .ala tye the Senate
"te- .of tes., f ml
lions -of A-bi, people on ,thi,
vital is u H-prpposed censure
of one-ote- wn members for
doing a. duti states that
He -a. tn-stateg that
"Seat#- y is reaUy not
Siaigt, a symbol of the
SetWB ,o inquire into the
a o ftaiiutimve branch,
Wothoit w -would be iMPOs
sib*ato ph Miet and d4p-
al emnploes of the govern-
T lhe a memlbq:
tgF nate Sp-r
da is duty would est.
I.government the
Vr agt by the en-
als sStates."
Strad when the re-
LU s natIuw have
State will pre.
ase' to Vice Presi-


g offeer.'
er (D.La.<.S4d tholv

Wek ...Oi-- .
** ieP" r'i n AE

.a. ,-;
Ct .07. A .

0 a-pcree he aupptt -

-ed with iabed
hower regarding "U-RP old i
tot T -g in -real-sou

d a expect ttpil report Tces
co r ._w -ith Esen. b. ..r


ls WI

- 'vi.)


4ro t-iocal-rst9 A

atrk. mis ry, "
the mon Balt a i i
day trate a c' aa
a, a tery. a ,

ked the cop
sti James s. dh

brthtMiod; asked
was a had p
wed wgi.
Nwvltoth- that
card, Ji
ghe in the
NAZA line. .

or Adults

a v a.


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... .

59 A, puUNIMUlNlll e J WTQR
in, waH grnI' P. 0o N0 194. PANAMA. I. OF P.
tb igr P ANAMA u oT40 (B LiNNs)
d MAbiseN Ave. NZW Y n6 (17) N. Y. -
an1 .. 1 e I.70 ,o S2,0
lom lm -Am6C. 8. o It Oo



p p

Peter Edson

Wathin w

flai L su 4 n o .uor
paogft-a gms of ti

- AN INDuim



L-1 atorCnw magsA to woor ratme m an fne .4 jS
-40 foreign countries wiaL sau AS
p 0 '. eat Li i'niiia Mag60
,!r, o. P aNov. 15. be t o= e .
he tMall ga is h foraum Use f o# dersuu the PhamansA pIeII
are gAmen i y n d @ Je handled i Ja lirn n InnIM b e 1o .f
4C *-sMme obe IftIt dAessc t aaa Xw

feem e re s ptkam reacn down a rec to
..m.; e most deserving of the pNor
--"' B.. o e .n p~a. nd hungry compton people. .o

a few wvr*d to Joe Blow's gripe a ut the OCoco a ich benent les oapl e o nly
u ponacbleWorn4
i ntal o bter o i t, o not Sna i o year' Utel Santa Claus
SClsn to of equ wn as

, nof us have been requested to hen he flag nanled wsome at aitfrently

of Pana ma... The U.S. flag. at -uch tlmeg, is f low ehe tm e ongs U. n p go er '
S ator. As mentioned by Joe Blow. Said janitor, wmot even meb. V."ae to Ie I'p1f W il
IacltizeD of the United States. 15 rspt cases. upplHgm k dnd pIl
I' shame with v ll the military personnel o, .O.Tth fth, chuuieagts orun taes'otansa ns

We expect tizens of other cou ntries to respect our flag and will bIJ close o m ao e e, or
iat with dignity. Let us show thm, by our example, that W= abouMte a package. Tatis w t l-- .
memer o- Patriot e fd w lc will m coaime fr om uoa -. t- .
moelt) rem 4 w Cr poon smrr
of Panama..The U.S. flag. a t such timtso Previeow Pu.eBI w producoa ain zatse dpraw
by &p ji ntor. AsomentionedibyuJoeoBlow. a o ees ne Saidg Jc rnotevenbee s ey (ol ofood.
Win a CitizenofbtheUnitedStates.In.MOMu_ C..oadpay By .

I Mducsdotaranst -

St t m uit al e m Wtisr c e e tae sto pass, and I mande o by has been a lady of tragedy al her adult
ad .!pe$owth on the zone, not to menti Mr. enover rts. hen I read t I sppoe ihe was foreordained t
s average arounI o.a a Holma some back to the n ta1e to h ier ano e soma how hshe t it into her songsane
Sfrom to mane the Dtroit were for watanygovet of. Bt hernment'total
t it with dignity. Let s show them, by our. example, that we ab a package. T tat Mr. a e
et our fla. eage lited at eloworof8. I remember both ucky ornes are
(fB fe er a o pery --Patrioti15 co and Libby as little better th an adolescent, ao with cona de fl
etregIi oo u, varying zromn ioy to Apart from doing things to a so'n l csl CqBoernAng 3 rth its
U' 1d.1lla-country according to customary 'Moaning' Lo#," which still gives me the goQes** W be was. k o
30al^aHS^ lekle S 48 EU uea. PwyMu piz*plea. Miss Holman also provided a very raci his first penIatat
Tn'm e Passe basi package for northern bit ap.Wapa~er copy when IwasacubIR o&. WI.wag
-Hu '81 "'I" U S Europe wui lie one pounu emlea n o lege. A grea many million words and at least din 3 l
d~l^^^K~isplease S tIsah aBbutter, sbewteSu, ury.. 5.3 "3, en.enouel' wain written about a ruckus they -hM went -1
.. pe a gidol p us toz oee pounds up Win ton-Salem way.
i -of rice "i.~oVe rd w at At top of the heap, professional, t 1 e e o -
S lateral like "BodyandSdl
a-latish -twenties.

I qme .. 'It ,c- 6W W'e an softn f oil in place who nt a lot medally wen ., Isupposeewforeordanedto
M or .avera b around nn. Tea t sot.1yHolmanofcornliuome back to the salet t4%W somehoww h It Into her =o arld

Emu. Rulebitand-.""yk Harrisha ju st9 0M~~h and week ne especially t y riotous mouth
f.b from Wta s n tol managed to geto- Det .were for, wor .d o ut at. But heS
in packaging was a euspjct t more or les, but with at M r tao theoa
dogab ad therp packaggi gers lting at Mr. remWalker. The Buewr t oeause tareth;01

wbll AsricA. f and the' gys I was in. with. would fire- ism
be to r a big red i ed b ry aslittle else for months. aoescen bd w to toll in ther v .
ia a nove 'Apart from doing thin.4toapon ad. urned rWa Ing rfirostDeetlO
(gt 6.go ..7 mirx message Loo,"w In conchu"e heWp I should W
7lt 49 ~lo oe p There was a pHo sel of confusiode and ar rli, while a paVagon of.

: 9Wthea Aen- bodr ev tor jaimered anyt inog. ag co- afcard erm. edheat t anyone emI met

._.'are basic te Amrnorthern Mod r we op w eai l wor an h cub HlZ nwh e ,. d call upon the entire .,re
rd .- o ,tary Agencies a., av-Wrt6 a packet ten bout a ruc. of her son, of W to as witness. It w t
S. una Inc. It has but nsUP W lton- ago the son went fy mou.ati- of heart ris that fst reeled l men
Sof ricefAV oa wath A- top of n the heap, prosand that wa te have ion, th. a bit the

...her.I..e. beast.l m oous....
.noldofthetNorthm Carrolina.tobac."

O--.- t ..c w .i v ,e rWa pa a..liv In the manor how eN r.

i D ear tgioi Paratrooper Res (th latest ty") pentlotopeet f ti. kelaroundthe W.Vc
S... Can Je bThDiatribgus- D eaRe ental Combat-taiorlluking hisat .u .-
aisef' feors P smelo rl an madwees ... at was that loud talk between exploded!
s bt no Freedom, Cub, reporting: songwriter Caesar (T For

Aurch WEatRice, I1d all knee!" .l. *, etc.) and Victor's reed-e M Medle bave
O ad. AU 9 e pac at the Runpelt Carlton? SepLa~ld~e. And .Iy
a .tvere n ed. erylittle el se for front of boms s into oll .in-other
.... ,I Ev So-~ ,othe Latn. e Ar aover anb&,e on e dt p o.V.'Oa" Bl a: '
',U 1-" a My h at dhe axqu utodM'in mhich o Ishoulod
peoteal e.blio e tt money up around Gree.sborbdh- modelmW i ed
this W, Y e adRfeaan otj wth setry nsmmered and died andrn6- a card e fe dheAon ever met

bob._rnher bet t toorchan yi0et. 1An from
foraIt hnarm u0.agothesonwentb-e. 1?") on W. l so rSo_ O n the vancy ert4th artth hatlf rstway m

'. -,," ,anl' i r 1tie mt o U -d Spiro'a on tth-- court is Judge asato m .
.. .hoff od C oulord .l

463eIase .

cat TO.'',i^


B War K mudt Owvlftnuo f
XA~iinu Catholic Wel fare
SJAWeO Servie.wl ll distrib-
Ib two m pbnpackaisi
fIn Eumf. CARSwill
ea millia and a half ip
ra. e ts and Chunk
a a t 7 ,000- .
Allk A *

R.s whom aib .Y. lSideshow: We recent ied bng-pIu9ge
daide almost t I following query in eery let... A
1- Irving Berlin ph: "Why waa w- ers' songs wibe
r 's image) in 'Kismet' firWdl".. Op 15th ..
Ie wrote about idr newspapers wer w g cpm .tOcr wIMK Jiw
tas merely an who honed to P at e
ent Ele- curiosity ... Ever w e all .. e,
back repeated* t readers stopped for --
Igtd and her sue. *-owdown. tc... It was T mesqu
jFanny" an. om u n. Trdc rnp
csmA* hours I tdao
y: Fanly" with other wth w
reviews and to-a "Asalt
. One of the .a I*,ea rt, bra
was in The1
c_ ritis ... heir alI-ell .
Ix" naked an. Ahord alo I see crak

"Oh," said a' ea ed: "oh

they :mr- .
E^.tu nH lTS 71L






. .

r fNOiat step -iset MI
t and bi bn s fro

GEtAIC 5 v atI


j .. 1~


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p I--

L___~__n__r_ __ _~__ __

; ,1

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..I. .1. oubm


r r.. ~~, ,f cuJ



o 0 .,--,

," I .. '
, e s La i s o f .* '

heft- h I



an O

afttep, the rep-
a tu In Oer-
r nf the Olvn._

diw -voftr did
u wh lt fields of bipartin m

iro t ai;m.4,
Hoser th e a t

who ped o ib i~fle hB~otert.Arportr w&-Mh.
ib outd nenuiI; hne tf~erfhoaWW .h.

Southeri~, Govrnors F

To Unite On Segreg,.tN

~ovLIkJ i~&ia

.c Oklasbma

V- -- 1 -


le.r oh were to
imptN "f on e it self -
Wt'. -zone frm tbe hi-
"&Jtuaorean auALJ'eruvlan
m lores.
Parilnsd Kumeger
MO. Onassis osetaive
soohniad tbat.'< fledonslmt
x* of the moe vesgel "Olym-
go Challenger" and 12 catch
reeNi miUnd byd. 600 Gerfmas
n.d 19 ,orw.gla harpoonLst,


the three Goutr A-
countries complaint
et to keep them outalsi
ad twhe fleet 1en
w be aer"twovailableor
liche rem srou."-
>d m b a-

is n about half.
d n igur the svian pot-
fo have been no lncadent
mertt ship returned come In-
itfteftlp where d.N are-Ph -.

w wenthe 200-nlle-mon

Sghta the fleet, no rhave a
new protests been-iled by
Countries. *Al the n
M ago ham ended
In cfttplete wItas he uSd.

- ~


dothe "rS

aBt not M galseant thema.

S A I .00

-Douwe aedstA.
wlilh oalw Mat-

l e a Bim .......

Noidef Card for ,he Aiad1
down payment,

Floe Swhiu
and Men's

p t

Asa e



This Week's Winners

All Slips Ending In 4


Ini! Aek YOURS!
E* kloA de 6BARR:
* Mrm. C. H. STADLER -..

It E .1-id

TeL: 3-4911
41 NatIonal Avenue
(Auto Row)

,i .i.-7



* .* .-

iection, theI
, joiner sev
in signing a:
okA 1-meNsl

i of Bou
P. K'aIm
an Tal

-u. w 5ppswui uuur u m .a -BuB-
Florida gation rul i1g.
en oth-
.d un- At the closing session the gov-
We""y a lo approve creattoho f

r the cotmndiyear.

lag farnn IftLithumsa gow of the is Atted wft
W-ortibp buI& wOst at varsou ieth. Pktue I
,n(*,,m o fog

C. i wil'iuanNlfers in the Ori Drawing No. 1862, Sunday, November 14, 1954
she whole ticket has 44 deces divided to swo aries "A" &AT "B" of peeI each.

First Prize 3034 $ 44,000.00

Second Prize 0238

Thid Prize 0267

t 13,200.00

$ 6.600.00

u -am. a ke u jin w Flmds Ms. P lMb U1.h I Im. I rP. r w, ruP

SM M MI =f 'g '_Ml I 3U.

E lm 12L-

A- -

. *I

She sees in her dreams I
ME Ml,. ~hi Al

-V F



n ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a M" ... -- _. .

Id aI mI 1t dtt sAi : ,i.IJ laIs. ,lI d I

I ..I.-. ..' I I I b-s iIl
.. ... .. .. b ; .jsa.mAD. -

.,-, ec ,y o oi nrfi m TMe Im l
a. Ia. rm.4ua a6 paaJHIM


p~u (NCI:-~

-r -. -

P:- M :,
I"" "' .
. ..... ;t =j-^
_+ _- .';" -- "B.,2

44: 1 1,-*< ^


L ***
I *' K

r .#

-I, ~


~ -~



rr. i.

V *-.~.

momem m mmMEW


~-- -- ";~;"'



- -"I.



> "



N06 .1





4 .9 ,~.- -~

ley Has Fewer Cops,

r Crime Clearance
I0 -

W1s ey is a per-
t ray .the officers of
one of nation's model police
Forces tink of the business of
4i mining the ir department's
" hi standard of efficiency. They
:bDeve it was superior personnel
rather than "super-duper" meth-
oda that made the 49-year-old de-
partment outstanding in the first
place. -'

alone unless an emergency forces
h.m to call for help.
In order to maintain the depart-
ment's reputation for i egrtty.,t
officer is prohibited from accepting
gratuities for appearing in court
or working at any part-time Job
which might hinder his official du-
ties. e
Vollmer, known as "thje father of
modern police work, ', is not the
only faos person whose naipie
eAssbcia wih h nranization.

The force safeguarding Pr. 0. .Wilson deanoftheUn
!'he welfare of this city of 114,000 versity of California school of
has fewer policemen per capital criminology and chief" of West Ger-
;than almost any other department many's police after World War II,
a' 1n California, yet its crime-clear- is a "graduate" of the local force.
surne rate continues to lead the
t 2te. Other notable alumni ars George
This rate long considered the Brereton head of the Cilifornia
yardstick of police efficiency, rep- state divion of criminal investi-
*resents the percentage of the city gation; Walter Gordon, chairman
major crimes, usually felonies, of the California Adult Authority;
cleared by arrests. Last year Ber- Willard Schmidt, head of the San
. 'keley cleared 30.2 per cent as com- Jose State criminology department
*pard with a figure of 26.1 per and V. A. Leonard. director of
cant for some 1,706 departments Washington State College's police
Sthroeuhout the nation and 19.2 pe school.
cent for Pacific Coast police forces,
similar size. I J. D. Holstrom has been chief of
S The force's long record of effi- police since 1949.
cioney can be traced to its unique ----
-orwig and the wisdom of Its found- Frog T r I Up
e. e John A Lindquist of the r__ Og iU r Up
,personnel department believes. i
Berkeley had ho organized con- o0r First- Day
stabulary in 100', wilen August -
llmer, later to ber nie a School In NY
one of the world's leading crimin I.. ... .
nologists, was elected town mar. PLATTEKILL, N. Y. (UP)
Sshal. Usually it's a little lamb that fol-
,h l'ilows Mary to school, or maybe a
Talt meant that Vollmer didn't Ma. to or maybe parted
pen his time tryi.g.l f rom its young master. But here
,)anite old-tens peace officers who.!theversionwa-iferent.
might have a their own ideas different
bow to r.n a police department. When Plattekill School opened
Instead, to was able to start from for 6 fifth graders, a dozen frogs
scratchch by atren!ng the men he ganged up at a cellar window,
"wanted to fit the uniform he ostensibly hoping to get a drink
Vo.g.het threshould.tear h at the font of knowledge.
'bIexperienced b tIntefll ent men The youngsters spent' the first
to beeome .n of oficers-f- da, of schoolchasing the frogs.
liient.- u, onsible and incorrupt- f
S Belag new to his Job, he worked
with equal diligence in preparing
minelL He read tirelessly and
; enfrred with law enforcement
leaders wherever he went.
W HWis contributions to the field of
ecriminology-4he lie detector, the
,patrolman really light, pioneering
i police radfe, and the modus
di (L, 50.) file which be

, Ap zt m t in 1S his d per-
.men ts reIbae .
for employment
ii su war m an~ .

-. ;: .. .
-. ?_ .
. *. .' ,+ ^.-., .- *.
* i -" "* giN ,, ^
*7 .i1

"f+-*' :- ... = ... ++.. .. T.^..-.-...* -- *-** '-... + .;o_. .-+.^ T '*7 -.".+ +++ + +.-- T ...~S -
.... f t .. ...... -. ..-. -. VI ... : -.* +'.,..--.* ^** ....
.. o_..+++-,., ,;... ..',----A
,- *.1. ,.,;-' }..,-. ... -..- *.. w,;.2-..-_.<. ,,<-,. -- -- *.J- -'-
- *;- .i.- : '**' .. .<- ->.. -... ,.j *4A *' ;-+ .A ? i ?'s ct8'^'U i s B B

S- .- -
.-. ." 74 k;-. .. --_ -,


IM -

- 1,

Negflectad Ortl
i. -- .

S //&.2
|T.Mia,*e.e.k hR L

"Whaddaya say we get engaged, Madge? We could both
use an office ocolleqtion!"


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service Arriver
*S.S. "YAQUE ......................................ov. 20
8.. "MAiNA" ............................s.....J M
B.S. 'MATAU A" ................................ NO. W
*8.8. "MOAAN" .............................,,,..NOV. 3
*A Steamer ............................... Dec. 4
*IHanding Refrierated Chlled and General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
ri. tobal
s.. ...............................Nov. s15
8 ., ,. ............ .....................Nov. 16
S. ................................Nov. so
88.'."OA ...........................Nov. 23
S.8. .AVNIR" ...................................Nov. 28
LS. "LIMON" ...................................Nov. PA
8.8. "COPAN" .............................. ,...Dec.' 4
Weekly seilul$oi twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Oulens, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round tri. fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
', """ '

^^BW^N^'N^ "WON,
Ty11~ ~ ~~~? 6wI' 0* 0 1*4 OAP 0f -^|^ *& V~.~

[11 'sii

MU? 00W. -




Away Ten Gol


Hey, Waltl

a look forward to a lIfe
i f alnng" courses and
- tthe latet erme dee
h dament believes its of.
erage ceman because he
@Wl at own blaliwvck" as heb
I r nsible for everything
A n traffic violations to
Sas be ide alone in
tls own e~ar or covers his beat on
pot. If hrtalpeai td be in a me-
ere parking mone he leaves the
*iu 0 o9 overtime parking tickets
another officer. Otherwise he's

! rr
-.' clo x OF MArTRA WAYN

'. CH.
-kkYOUMAst A
c OF -
i. Ar

CRIS AL 2121

PANAMA 2.2904


. .

COMEBACK-Hope Hampton,
ucresA st of the '20's, who
later dllMUatd to opera, aye
she plans to givesMarilyn Mon-
roe sme competition in a new
Broadway show called 'Hello,
Far e." Th. onetipe .opera
sInger ii frequently seen at
Broadway bpenin decked out
.tJai" .e

-. y

. Something Ele?

liridu~KE mirfi~a



. S @ .IwOI



The teacher


iii,. '.

Needed In Ha ystaek





GrowP's Idea


.- ..-. .. ; R-t. .







44.' :..,

W Vt, .




---~~~ ~--~~~~~ ~~~~-~ -- ~~~~~~-

I= ----Z:



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....- .'.





.~ '- .4
L4'.~N ~

'~- ,4*~,
4.4.. f j.i"'%
* --,*2 :4'..-* 4,

,- ,, .. ... '- -*;t <-,: +....;..(i^f'l*f-
- .." .. -^ '' '. :* **' ', A -".' -_- ."'.
... .?,. -. ^ ^ ^ ^ .^.((.i A.i.,;
,.. '.
..:,.F4 < ;
., a:

I... ~

~ *d74b ~


,Dan D
4. .

SSttes for .. .
"R..Otseo'. .. for it f lntoas" w

a Bei%. -g be be Mr. obeEf. Ga of Pen.
_m n"., -" l.- Wl-ub s.C ola. 1, M, its the -huaw guest
a d ht : at 8illo hrias-ents. Mr. a :d rs. Hen.
p.m -a .lea on the Antic
.Ti,* at .i' -
-had -re ,J. B, .. Mr. and Mre, Michsel 8. .
chatrma,. ._. P e c. xfaski of .,age ig.entr
I:: he, R.abe, Mr. axg lo, n Mia;er .so,- ,
ILH. A. Stagler nd C F- Richard. ignau Br kL
bough. .- -
SM.mBVr Bteta' 1- ugter's i -
At et"we i -Mr.s and M s. J. H. Gesink haves
The o of the United aounwwced the birth of dauslh-
te an. Mr. R ob n. ADn C e rinej bor' yester
-t m er ntertad day at Coco Solo Hospital.
en Sa da y eveainr with a. large __--
t cocktail 'arty at %; =mbs 5y WSu1I65
toowi program of wrks
Mr. d .p or, ~, ted the Music
C estertn, .annou Grou .at theV 1J5 .
Sed themoed Porees Seire rc on
.:-, -" ,.. ,- ., M Wedr, 7da; a : p j L
... r..... .A e .a -d
B. *v o e n a .Mis. b; j"a-el, an "on C l-xx,
,' JT Ac i lSisl


dsG a ...v. .
Mr. and Mrs. clarence Boyd en-
t' rtanedat a.pccktail party Sat.
rday tla nt l observatitom of
"Mr.. B a.irthday.'

4. 5 lIH'1

MnZrt yein a t tb-S
Center.. .... *.-
ThIs program,
Muitary pae .Eb
familns, and the public, loth
therCanal Zone and .the Rep
of Paama are cordially ivit
to attend.

F ltER

un sA

S '.o _.

.u d ... : ,.4.
7 \ -Ir M "M6 r & -'.-b j .



.rfpe.. ...y tohe Ieveaind O
A be 'ormerly ivev

4br de, who was escorted
t ae r ,i wure a wQunutg Mu
o .aNNluu a Aue, over usue i
t .A. a was oaienna
-0r 0IL of dusiun w"a = -Tne nae ,eane a '0
tU ipuquet ol w 4 1rses, i

Miss elen Matquard. sMooer
the briaei,'was' aa of noa
ukw dress was ate aaqas
At., In Coa It lla te
-bouquit ': d roses a
ia n carnamuon..-
. Donald Flach, borther
the groom, was lte Des man.
.ers were Mr. Dean Cha lson, a
mi. Asur Anderso9.L
The wedding maceh was play
by Mr. Stanely, and the vocal
los given by Mrs. "Aaron.
A reception was held, at U
home of brides parents. Mr. a
Mr aruard, now residing
I Milig Ave, Vineland.
The bride a-d groom left fo
honeymoon to Virginia and o
soithbea states. tley will res
an East Seman Avenue, VI

The dde, graduated with C
Cls -it a, from Cristobal H
schooL. SBh is now working
the C. G. Winans Co. In Vineiai
The groom, graduated from
Vieland High School, with Cl
of IM.. He is employed at Cd
nial Boat Works in Millville, N

(uests from out of town, foi
rily of the Canal Zone were:
Mr. and Mrs. John Sadow
and, e the former M i
'Mate fom.of Gatun, Mr. a
xMrxa hman. a o4 ama,
for6aeband Bjulah. 410"o

tn~di.av s h.- f- mid..

-Wi. n

-z etthat inpyaces weas th.e... e it :se w ow t.
S remWned blr water fa*t fr a time

bUs at4 .eo clear sewers and imove children to play in the standuc
IUede abr.. .. water .because of t he possbl
-,e rice stations buy a n pre e of sewage.
Sof er cent of'alT e weathrmn
Ni. tand would have to r mied raifal w a enough p th
e because of waTr man g.- city's daily need t 2

mu. Wajer for a ltime s.t gallons for two years. The city's
c lael9dSep on .the ftoeim fhn- freh water supply Is pumped
ibd dieda of homes in eight blgou._ from source I20 mIles away.
SId in t of cay," e sa ,' 'theIs
town storesObservef said the fast ~ood rain we've had for
f the dmage would not e etslmath a month er
U- f ed mtU the city dries out.d
md 'Sam Goldsmith, metorlogt .The record rain for any 4-
SI charge dlear sewers and a e ildren the United State was
wil err"stormtargetin4tWe set in California when 26.2 inch-
O:d dabre-mles of.thislan ewat ed fell on Jan. 2se .of14. The'
S ling"ce a hurricane wbu thsut world rsecord of sewagnhes as e

e wf n t." "crde4 ,pJuy 1911 atBad Lu
After half as hour of city'sn hilyppine.ed of
a RI afoltgallons for two ye re. T*he" aty's
S o a n. f "Ironically "he said th Is

Da- Od ntUthe tity driesout..I

nA- r x.






"Y" on Thunsday mornug.
At puent the groiIp biS miad
every Thursday moroiag at rO
a.a. for callISthelnics and-illey-
ba. ,
If O1N5gb ibdiviualve a ie
S gaed, -go uesd marbing class

(For e aotety Uews ense
turn to page )

We wish torexpren riBe a to iar u sray
friends for their M6. 4x-semluuaof sympathy, florU
fferi and to a du te rieent death lo
of our beloved muths

A Bt IIOBR and other relatives.



D 0i tm-s ftate

I;lb fO

170 7-0 4 -
S i 4 I r I- :i: IIII .
"* '- i 1" ~-I "

PIVRK V-^1^^^^*1

By Starting

4 ]Anno'n
.. .",:.::1.. -. ..*


* r. .

o u r :I- "

O S. FARBMAN W. C. '..i.



Place Your Xmnas Order Now '

4 it
Accept Delivery When You Desire

Begin To Pay Next Year


No Interest Hidden Or Carri.g

Ou- k .-Q 'l
444 k ._- 9.: .9nv



ri" Ann"u' a
Christmas DrAnnual

Christmas Drawing-


. 41

4 .4.

~I '1

First Prize $

Offt Certificate

Second Prize $ 200 00

Gift Certificate

Third Pdize $.

WINNERS select mereSandise THE
from- our entire .stokl

out C

-Y WANT ..

*_ ,: ..
*- -^4.-.

4' -4.-I




I' '.'
~ n.
4~ .4 4 4




4':. -.

r.a. -
,..- .--i


'; 't'~~F~t.~ ;* it

K-fr*. '-.





'44 -~

. ,'

-j~Y-7? *-.'
* ~. .

_ ______ r ra wwhitt-'
Sri-~~ r'q -r~

LEW.. ...-. -* ,
,- ,a


.5 4'

....aiA UC x'DO M and N.
r^S4* tb -mry AV:. JI
ju to uU Ave, end 3 St.L
.,, rmnt HARMAC!


roertha t" tuiy Ave.




unehold AtKlmolliln 0 c.

SAE sd le 2262! Seag^ .od *A. h 'a.-w- T IE
T---th ND. AM AU .A., e .-
L -cycle Bendx auto- d e O .'. us 8 13th St., Cl. Phn tte
c %wah machine. completely Fn :-1951 Sick Super h ith Rio Abao wThe O
led, lie.nt condition $75. radio 51050.... Con be financed. or xT y0
A 52e.en c Hou7e 587. s., ateet incon. FOR SALE: -Leaving Zone. Ctiplete Grr MIam, na Car en ch .
-ou be be d (complete). FORu SALE:Himin'gun 4-doo r household furnishings; 1951 Pack- tagsoderonv. n C onlns, mod. ma iul
condition. % Balbo Rod. Tel Phone 3284. FOSTER'S C E mile
FOapSALEhon 1 2-12 lnr iSaa Cara. E s
O SAChinese adored st. Coil Fe Sr I FOR SALE:-Telvar radio transmitter, Bnalboa 2-rt ..
ru.g, .Chiese carved chest. Call FOR 57ALE.:-1947 InternatioalBal boa 2o0c .Lee
boo 2956. .'ato- up truck,- nemw rem, bAt- crophone and crystals. Call evning.
OR AL : -i Maytag wash-ng mo- lbo 3
chine, 60- le; dFouble coil eFOR 0 c se dan. HY- SWAP:.-2 ,in. boy's bicycle for 20-
r ando--tess. Phone Kobbe sonably in. irnls bicycle. Phone 2-1527- C.
..fter. 3:30 p.m. JiNtdb.tfl
SSALE -Desk with chair, small )l LE :--La tricycle ; and FOR RENT Foa ur- nqdra m onl
I toble, 2 occadlonl chairs. Phone chin clot $ Call after 5:00, completely furnlheo all convehl-
3.4Zte29. se sHOu Balboa 5S1462.. e nces in e xluuW* r esintial Si HA Ebbj
3-4229. ___ ,.__ "_- ,,tion. Suitable for diplomat or busi-
FOR SALEl- Canaries $12.50 each; ness executive of discriminating
r' t"Ip noted a CKW#ak" "'Mlo"-e.,0A( l..R Nov.2I&W.or).
el- qne .f.,lI. g me- Parakeerts (Budgles) $8 each. An tastes. For addilonalbl, lIformrtlbn -
_hN ,a cprodition. Apply 9126 color. ACUARIO TROPICAL PEe see Mr. Faobreo faMnaay at-No,
. ANTEDr-- Tustwortny English Bolivar Avenue, Cblon; 39 Central SHOP, 49 Via EspaAa. Phone 3- 18 East 29Stree a o -Mercdo 4 t AI et 1 r cil;Iw
peaking molaid to coOk and keep Avenue, Panoma. O41"I. Vasco," between I and 12 noeon, .T eatr' ta 1
after 10 a. with reerence: ANTE Te best exhibits by the FOR SALE: 2 boys' fur-trimmed ond 3 to 6 p.m. er 60
Curudu Heights. best exhibitors in Pen4ma for the snow suits1 sizes 4 and 6; 2 boys' FOR RENT:-Furnijhht eat g dUfurish- =10 a a at wouldthwr a p
Curundu Swimming Pool Associa- short heavy fur-trimmed winter ed two-bedroo" chle, suitable for s omulatthrt.
tiionon O ered Fair ato Curundu. coots 8 and 10. Both sets with two couplesI.Who killer ilo, tr
ANTED:-Tutor In English for two FOR SAkE Balboa 4244. looking oSA Ce Viapla.VUa Be c v t,'
eANTED:-Tut.sarlo Porras, opason-o.
American boys grades. 2 and 5 PANAMA CANAL COMPANY ble renPho
Complete schoolwork. Recomn- O, a Mo O OFFERS MSCELLANEOUS ITEMS P able rent. P hollt .
nations required. Phone 3-1795g or BOA' AND MOTORS V I "0R SALE IS e 1... e ae TaMt .we
2-0170. FOR SALE. 14-foot bon Sealed bidos, for opening in public, will- m /4l --Ii, rr, OV edo n w., ...
WANTED: -.G r I Secretary with Fi4nqbput with trailer. Best offer be received until 10:30 a.m., Novem- plSea1nbf l Mm aelmAive r lpinepanig
kwled English and Spenish 2nd Avenue, San Francico., Phone ber 23, 1954 in the office of Super- presidential dd i le for OyLlbserveI ane h ih Nrwo, e0
.corresondeofnce.Observers n tehigh tmot
correspondence. Apply Case Can- 3-2345. intendent ot StoirIhou ns, Balboo, for dlome r el boded .well 16r the center
c 9 vr ---- tractors, platform ono lift trucks, cons dlldimS wdtl n" U.
tral, 9126.lvor Avenue.. Colon. air
veyors, weitlng and road pld ~~ -, and mot abitentil nor- -
,- ..,finishing i o~~+onCrete mixer, ,mawadbin Poabenom or- W.T .. 1 hi
L police ound ,Tropslr o .adrol l...to7n.,. ,. ....e.-, '001119..rom moderate- WASUMITONN6 .1
I ooIecerouutp ldrls, Ports. toms11e111fUN&plantsPI4 Ce? nkB- Iean Ugemr
y1)compressoe Ibting machine .en 9 Pm. b brat her st a i oigt
I (Conat li$..S .Vase ) Ri press, blower iter cooler and sods FOR RENT: -P ipbomt' furnished 3f]I3 T,1e,' tartheted at hNtt ihihetro e -.

CtIHICA TOMAS -Adge 0*11)0e
-I"v1tuatiagoneN o. 1$ yei5 on Alt,-ndB eo2t

u coItntr;eunisan.

wwmthsmlrmlATUf J mode t

tronv the Zeilab El A rost the he .North n J o o'm
i Iof forhre p rf t eeh Nt antuou g civil- FOR MINt: -- Fumied t unless th g r
wife ofcra p PrOMIlir A.r ian h i Fr rhtFurei ensd ,lmen durig r..... ..a
.,, t i defense uoflon duflnt end tow thenBt/.
ttls of eastern were re- Anyone to hear le F,'Aht a6 r ar t
Swnfall of aguib came rtend digging in one to heater of- re a t up from a be
r n s P7t 1) rel. Fn tt r ^ 8 a :NT: Small furnished apart. ef n 1hDme aft& L
re ,a.m.In each, Ime on No0 itryInspected., ie Parrot -s md

0 Ian;vieth 7 t ons plul TAouni- ;: ;d f r t Fmetr::z;;; APad4%Xc Ma Sta
Ave.rn ld-cn onul

fd ra b th rlthto P offlne -)- 1
per'aYthatalou e back of During that pulri. radio sta- .n the w t Ysm4o-ln1,

B B + I J.B1^ .tejSM on. Io tonsIt oVe*'+.-rwhlch twhiy h 1: S tL', .
lstring. lbeomnuon,..whichh. be-ewich WAfNIEU ,Dtith con
grN..ov. 1, hi. bn boken b makes it ln uablbe for "- "waautla tifa h
reinforced en t roachingbombers to fix their
Fecvoubet didffiult task t ean the positions by using radio trains-r WA-it)fiNT W ,- W .ase.l 4. .
Sbr e o t r of o oh. n o f oael e coom a.n ea v 11 !
r bes otors1Ja M -mitters as cheb points. s room ftTs house or aportmentspl t t he'
Iftem sa ge W orld. forP rrA" ,ican Vf bmily. Phone Pon a- : o6
it wThe Defense Dept r t m0eon t ma 3-4740 bi2-4722, Mr. Hef-
r t a nd fle 1el.wtUNao t pointed out* at h under normal "' h t r tV Mlm" 1gg
7 t ,adfled. 0ty Congress conditions piussly on a radio Pe leldWn=tL=
aespn std I cate their pool- 0 oP Cep
h4er-i ao co15n- (re on With rel ta n tosradio sta- l,.
M3 o u on -a io te a, toheriwo te
ahee u yestem, membue The stem .wo. rtedOut by the i n ff I
o, of federall co m that "this on a d Co a.-
tnf- .. .nilai o4 for .wimr acy use Is
s knownaor short AWe ACCE
almosed the hue 1g. hradiations." *h ro C
-,f the World.s b oa -(.Ore.) to.
casting on either Or "24O i- dbror-atrmtPer- l1tor orostave
INtW,-Vn.b- tr -n Na"...senhow.
aai o ateanrn_@ adata forPresice
risen WABAt!NMGoN, 'Nov. 15 ( onetimeners bhus dentn anfoUon"
uSg aenp Of he ob continuous program uAUIC aXIoxchange for a new t o--.

-. identificationn *111 be f, Off -
-The bmiasneuren, members ~'S~scd, during the teat. by the record that "tyar

A'exorcise beioulbu r.

asked*r o -


..1t,.. nd, with a station plemp ', Morse ai. 3
ItteeMm wbers, y O f lw .f te.ond CAd
I+ .fe

.. t M,. ros d ,...Glass.-o

beautify your home.

Isit or call us and we
hll. gladly Infofn ywe
. Othe various am.

ittlliM '
*,e f "my-*
I Vm Lil4Uy 0,oyed, = a%
I-Ims Iot .ay sn

o ft h er a arlfht

Tohdo P t t tiM y
Te ga e o
LtdeU fr lhggS e
liWIr birthday. '
kat tNational Prubyi.
C t was faed today a *
e more than -the 9 A. 9
number o onfeookes crowded ti
sidewalks, outside the bulldb*.
Mrf. Eisibower, fwaring a
dard suJt, Rred ad white hon&0
fur -stole, waved gualy ito
lining the streets as jhe a asser
husband loft t1 Ochdeb. -
The-Presiden save his vS a
surptse party at the W Brim
on her birthday w. -. -
day rSception was ,.tteadq 4ly
bout 100 persons Inc audlog.
inet members as their wives and
e mbsad t -.Whte- a]LO .

T.... the

nlion with
ion WBas t "ralo w

w6 e W be fh .-. *

stalffe 2t el
The chief executive cut shoL.Wha1 -I
.... .""-* 't"' ;~ ."'~ ae



ant -
lfqf.' a






, .,- ,


* r ."
is, -- ..

**-: ia- ... t I .*"i,, te, ..'.^ i~' :? 'I*
._. ^ i^ *, .. .. -
;]' .,*- *. ,.*:..% ..& '..-... "' .* =xfc..
;, *..^ t.-..' ...- % s
.4 A.. .:.. 0
9". ; :,: :. ] ; -':!,p, 1;w_ :'

*' I*'
I' --

SWv4'AM -

'n "!p

* i

At jp r ;


ciS^ S. enterpiece of S t.r t. ,,.ght Brickman, director of activities
elmI# __6f th&lboaof the USO4W5.
F-. D. iimnder el,.. .5 .
.rPlace, Ann'ounues
k hl ) test5An extraol testing of the
5. M axwe.ll -s. mith will ornment at a.v.e'i -o'e
ea4 the a m 0 ugtion t t and ganhuing cdniitteC.c un. l b(
f4 tf ts a t5 7 Willf show held-tomorw at 7;30p.M. kt "
tao r4" M talke b O t"couting.'tee audlim of the-Pa, iffc
''Servi ter. ,, ... A..
.c Ini! "l n .0e wt,, A
.I v S' t nhda.t A detasilpre pot on the luret
n? mil lutheon labor situag w be gve
.?mei -. s fIuV oft' beKowe iuerB Wive' Many im-,.Etat labor problems FROM
b ai a ir ClubtW l be held O1uraoy, at as they dcowefi and affect me ""
av f she os ti o ma Log100.m at th robbe Of. berm will be dicuased.
leave-fo- honewhome...w#6Wl Open ,rvss a
e e -Bostetes for the lunpheo are The regular Stewards Counil
esa r uN. W. rps M ra'A.'. et- Meetings o the Balboa and Paraf
Mrs. Sa. pe snot e -i s l er .:av Ar orced pS u ariney machine.aod affe otrm -
IrwM tweoad M. L. P. whueth o A so Chapters of Local 90Q GCEO .
rs.Ruth -ao w d 1 C. A. tet speaker, Fred C IOh 0 will be held tonight at 7.0
sand M r a. -- ,.,00"
-'Wesley Aft G"l q.e. ,p wl 9p.ak 6n Sout Aneiea ani p.m. The former will -b helda
-I aMr hddlt Es ESat 1 4( lOw 'a h0 i008 t91. UnionI '5 office at the Pacific
membe: afidL i f Ila. appatlon can be m service tinter and the latter at
wife #A. z. Persounerie L. *4o, M. We. Yt, 6i. the Uc'4a at the Pario

tobal Woan Club was bul Of the m u tthely s io
We at, the .d CV a s trotive p aarmcle auBB ? at r"e 0. t
B111 DI OladtA owith. the1 te tbrld-mo4" 1i Cao4 tmaet s veO
ttBint; -oorge pthlof Pcienow" 13a Now Peasnu Rary Club dy G~ JO by B.S. O Gr$
ft. Wqe! wmed te Ker always Ve aService Men of GtD% o has also-edited an
mh-s* n ajelf4 pong the ..A'sThitedayeGuests titled hi. 0w. At'm
guests wm-i,- "P Du, a. In' o the or=rwV# in commemoration of the tIud owij-, 4: ..Ii|
wife of tlu United Ste Cqum these Items WV a AtOt- an Day e Some A p-1. films of the Sates
Sowu Mr. UM^ a#^ t toon beor hColub of Pansaa b ho by Dick-Park willlsa be hiown,
Mrs .' s' pL 1n tOe 50 uerv4cemen from the Army.; and W. M. Masan will bring his
|^ B r. : <*t- ^ 'la .1, the "1cai. noth 'o0-U'cue Navy, Air.Force, and 6ari editing machine for a de.onstri-.
S uwhproducts. te s Owi corps at the weekly Rotary f**
sue $10 p..oheW them Luncheon which will be held 4 4""1'.4A
outt atC ,'5.,HotedUPanama, Th rsday- at
il." S --r'. t", D

SravoA i"
w f. h oa-a
^ *ln ^*' .*:-

,:--,, .1 J .I .III
.... ........ S

,j 41N.I- S -

COLON l Irept. Ave. 1(M94


Ion cotmf and f .rper

'1*' ,

lt m 4Slt abd a B6th
I Iat th

T e, No w SerBa a

' a, wn ~ .--" ; a."

-J -

pn a5

S 1I

ah awha
The be



an inte
the Unit- a
ce on tth mus,
Srob slems it



MOo. M

M4Dd*s Elm

tars Sam Friedma
Bob Woruley are the coLs
ochame of a wAle
natk which has been planned Lt 80 ; o ourora and corstry d1part.s' ,teowje
de d personnel only. Friedman N. o.v..- "
B Wor4sley are members of
the committees of management of e Discuss your indivdu problems wt M
r the USp JWB Armed Foej0 Pla inlw Qoup Discuss yourAIndividual pmroblmwtt *W
"S ge C enter and the UO- Roger. See the newetLFE"rton kll
MCA in Balboa, respectively., The lay Reading Group of the Rogers. See the n wetr & LIFE "creatis sl"
t re Cooperating withthe chairm Canal Zone College Club w fully designed for ompe "Figure-Typ" .fit
*a USPAIg DaC O W at the home of greatpat ee of lcoaufort.
tee are It : Col. Elmer C. Howar ousWe 16U HSLe tt tree, r .s .o.'
&NOW eof Special Services, U CN bIghts,emtrn--wat "rR A SWmI# 4EART- r A u
d atea 'Army Caribbean, C a p a *- .;.*-T -.
larence W. Boyd, Secial Sew r. Henry Starrett harg ....
ces Officer, U. S Marine Corp the program.
Lt. Joseph Kotsko, Personal Serv- .-
1 icees Officer. Albrook Air F-ee ltt lemeana Meet
'ENTER ws, and Kt. D. FBurns, utmorww N ina d ht-
,ENiaTE Serives Officer, U.S. a The junta Femenlna do Bene- .
15th Naval Dlstrict, and At ,ficencia will meet tbmprrow j '&
nm director, USO-Y nkht at 730 in the Pacific Club i
than Within diree- mse to scuss new emergency 6 ) W
8:15 :55 Armed Forces Serv- relief plans. -All members are '- -' I
ee an sMisa Doro thby utged to attend. -.

1:34. WW \ f -- 1. -
SS S :' *. ,m.* -.. _-.

wr *Enjoy Clean outh

ai Io
-- ..
"-'U p.I" ; ;. ,,
~fl mm a

ty nand.

S1 .


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r \* '


oMOar roo* Chdo Plus
*iBts'lbtim itli oawr isuimBpand meath cam. By
(uns utg Paimmely : e mte, y . aemaeekfvuhnmouth af

.. ... ,..

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w Wi
* a1

[.Vj'~W~' ~unE&at7r%.'murrJ
-. .' .. I'
- .. *., .J
.7 .4

* zAtj9M~Aff,.4A ~


P. A"'" +-, -
.-... -
* ;-* ,- "-- ..--.
*.. ti- :* : ^' ^ A s- s

'2.. .. '. : :. -
- .- ', .rj **. .,V .-' .* w- ,, -
.. .- .- '^ *^ ? .- -.a .. o. r .' -
,To.:. .,. +,+/..:- : -.. +

..I. -.

r ears

0. *

I' *; ^a' cycle .

'ItA3I'14#EL PHONO1,

*i '. 71i0 Bollvar Ave. .- Coln, Tel. 40

i All de Lsaflyuweswmwil enjoy the -- -
Ro styling 'ad t wasd musical quality of dhe V.
I Aplusfearumis Sunisiesarhus of senotvyh
plifiur and lasp b i oY afar the last recon
SYou ca playfme U4ue* and sihed (twel
ten 12" or fourtMeen 1" aicoeda even intermix 1
12" noedis of the same siped. patented tri-o-ma
prommc your records... they are lowered (NOT i
Sto upig&l self and silenAt alushion dropped0a m




R E IT UU U*te 1ULp -W _, to "A eadm m'
oU r... .. .L.... ..i. i at

Los~O, Ia la i ms Womaned tine a long time to etlmtng to Oe M k T.

line1aur tem t aer thit 1

*Moscow Radio, in a broa kindred spirit" in the 4etof a lofe in a lung, tom a, ABC n i: "Bothtie, 1 IT a d
monitored here ~ nnound cre mn who lived 18 e4 an titude." '. l out la- ,that fu more
henew method lug s ai h u "ou h.ave to gt tH ht at- than rt Ir,..
have worked ou a ehehldu "e e otude she er At Art ru 'hey've
:e of operate on the hea t o v i a respirator longer get iyo- t the lifts o got l ptment ov oking
M 972. 1C, Riss 3urov ann She cpnatn l Boston .
i (am. The broadcast, which an- n #n O un e.ties 8 e
t.y,. s,esion devoted to heart and on'tw ot gql w.ho "aP,,J.WM K"id Olivii Qolonto
,0o,. blood vessel surgery, claimed has been in a iuvs rr "Iand ihp it wh i.L ,.ante
lw10. that "prIority In this sphere of a dubious honor, but how it. h wa be someone
0" and medicine belongs to Russian You can't take that away from man years. 'tpaLbued"
srik s oug eons..." me" sS B..any yar a _O, A10 I _
Opindle The -new operative method, S joined io patients all o- deno thes'mL dae r hba TS'O,-..-15flP -
oppe te bd TOdn usl or s W P ver ate wof B. mourmning the .Miss Surak' lh ActsOa D vild'.
the bu oa.t of .u l.o rS dearthe ofrFld: Bn nite, Jr, Fo- frames a pleasant face tast. dA. ance", h maaijne executive.
Mubie. imtbOut Ie.. t tandwblood su.. may, at W t' alaw Beach, Fiori- t reflect suffering or -nhp Pierrp OIante, h.flew nher he s--
t i' M-d that, e. nda. lIte, 4, u oef a wealthy 'as. terday to"oia unt- hefm-
.- *r*tp^iIbpa. tOn .ls Obigo fnancer; became the She aid the ma i lnkes her current film.
nt ,hero. anntSo outhreis, children after be-w ang ao u ulin his" was y s
Stflied by ia ng id to the iron lung. akof icyto The couple sad tbay pland
pre SSearvew d'ha 'hmvey shocked about the an MINF9lmrt 2 ^dtowuis
ld opel oratn otht e in Vieauum death of Mr. Sitee," Miss Surov" tng to seem-iewp.,^ar, .And a be ar l som eti ..I
P "e .,.tuseo o l ky said. "-But ti n nota discourag- Butegt s'upt'seI'd gel oneyif execi withbP ais
s iEtiu 'h they did' come In."
The bro c .. "1 lInea full life, I s.pit e ci-- *-*.
n. .t. the lung," she' sm ed. "SB do mey ....: ...
py. t s .o ,r ,o 'o a favor and please don't write a d -ii
-. sob story about me." ",qi' C^45.tHWfHIBI k'
S1 b v.g c eni...[U
s, "'Cpantb novs kv1L,
Tie nw peatveFhd, Mel nd Wlpaiet al J

itt~t mpm. uiv0o a walh
abaw A eaeth h adth ms =y se d tin


r 4.

weekly to
.., a :+-


,' tourist service you fly -ll1t e way- ap
P. .- 0 h. -" o 'i. .
_. .A o,.One.set..of. zggage 's as simp .sf t.
A z --' .

..~ ** i. .-'-
W }:-..... -' *.
.-. .^^~^^ --'4- -


*'*. Lowf! .. top comfort! On the popular Rainow -:?
pelIyr; 4 giant "Super-O' Clippers '
most modern aircraft uservWl aIattfrYca
T la famous plSes,.re-pressuri -. ._ .
4t*111 sandsontf tooedtog-
I &nas,- ltlying comfat Aid thsafa..4 n ced
flight erews who've been -flying Pan Ammri'*N,-
Sde luxe services, are-ready to gLwl-you t.e superb
. attentionon the RabiboMw. You'1.a6leaJive
Pan American meals.: served piping hb ati flig"
with true Pan American graciousness.
Far speed wndi economy -forthe most direct swniie
SSouth Anmica make yowur e trip a Pan Ahfleann
l YU9 see in rrefrs. hoose

j ,d ,+ -:ZO.E
+ +- J ..:=- -NF

national governmi tc.
One such m nte came from
their former ni:bos, FBI director
J. Zdgar Hoover,. and another
from Robert M. Don, New York,
retiring president of the Society
of Former Special Agents of the
More than 1;00-- members of
the society hat-e been holding
their first conveptian here.
Hoover urged the former 0-
men to continue to exemplify
the qualities which form' t re
FBI motto: fidelity, bravery and
"Once a man.takes his oath of
office and is assigned the gold
badge'of the FBI, he acquires a
status that imposes upon him a
grave responsibility Hoover
"When he leaves the service
he continues to carry that re-
sponsbility and should so con-
duct. himself that lWa
deeds will reflect crt upon tu
good name of the F and. the
men who have served and con-
tinue to qerve in thke F1."
The society selected Detroit as
the site of its convention'next
year and named Mortimer 1.
Davis. New "York, to a.ceed
Dore said the ex agent s,
through their training and, ex-
perience, "can be an effective
force in Improving standards of

6B Delegates Find

Reds Wai Foos

Wthout Atom Bos
LONDON, r sW ( UP)-
nese Communist s are "defterli.
ed toregain Formesa sooe..Ar
later.' a Britsh parliament ar i

u-s, W tU-







~' S


C /
.* *.- **

+ ,b-

.- F
+. '.-.-",
..:.t f i

..,; ~ : ..;,.-.
+3'..=:~ .- o.. .
I-, .- : +

'I.- 4'
'1.* I~..b'


".,. .- .. -
4 .,

%., : .

'" *ey
,:.x. c ; .

.," .'
, *. *-

l, ..- .. ..

K^i^-', --
B %.:, q'-^rrl'- .1

.-!.- < I.. .*"- -.,
4 .' :.. ....

j ,h::,:, .. i' .

I .


..--- .- -.

('Y' .



.'. M -.w v
rivnt t im.
bw'& *OtL4

'V *-

: -, .. ,

l .'-.s.

A. **

:to Carac and Bero-

to Caracas and Belesfi

. --- -
* $. 1


'U -~

___~ __r _____________


., .


STrO W9l
an wet


W : 4 i f-' 77-:


5-. -'
"p~.U ,~

n, -q~

.- ..*. / ; .nl- '' '' ." .

To HardW Textile Industry

bi rican. now use pn
spuat foRem a utad) sna! r Kietimnm a betanoalnulrom. a.
lie w orai asitIt
an w. *tC sa *aeV *Ord etw-about S6 _oan uti ast year .od 'a reeord

M f. 0401m6a .

CorpM, a leading Modwear.
trucks thinks attC metai
yam buddies Is Jst ttaig to
Slt now u up con-
turD outu ynm

At il
. ... ... .

The Pabte ha biew

etlon 1s .eaT
-en* as ni d "
t 1tootow target! o tt
sefo"re World Wair" BrtDl
notes, "metallic ya ued In t
country was celY an ial
fromICet plae coppw wli
wpa thuee wCOP I



mm M

476 14II8

.-,-* : .I t .- t vi A... **
a-' .' 5

" a Vx M"
O' s/LoI

IT I -


.In the hand showtAdgaV. t's
was rathe.t
play, however, a"
lst a Perfectly mak iconta
W nt cpend aJr t an3

de tg
tight paiy t1e R y
at 4ac l trick, J

korse the g oam 0at-

ual e. Delarer ldh

Soah son with ae qo.n ea
hearts and eashed e e'- of
clubs, but, he couldn't get back
and hrt .0nvent(nBny enopub. If
he *"1i- hwa. .q

edtn w





C. T. Rlebardon, Jr.
The following inquiry is typical
of many I have had recently:
"he Demoejats are gene rally
conceded to be less friendly to
business than the Republicans,.
The Democrats have now won
control o4 boh .usa of Conress
from j Yet, since
the 'e1ee h Sura stock marekt
has been suring ahead. Hoqw do
.m-wi Sgte.^ ?-^

drop et of apai
city. E vdently purchasers of
tee shares were looking ahead to
the pick-u in demand for steel
ih currently has plants operate
Sat about 75 per cent of capa-
almost eveQrine tedo Dem.
ocratic gains in:.'th heIgtios. The
only real question- wi how big
the gainw wold -be .Que a few
Investor-# btsBulad securi-
ties or witAlK from the
market in td pectation that he
lion esi o would a leas
porarly m s.e uek prices.
Despite a-t.tM, stock prices
Held rIdae- y i steady before the
elections, Th tadiness in4icat-
ed a tn udzw erlyng demand
for stoc. -;/
The elecWitri turnd out consi.
dera ble0 .uiaavorahly for the
Re al ofatsn had been fben-
rar atipre This fate r a-b
ne ould etedto give the
ost-eiltaaio market a certain a-
mount of 'tuyancy.
SIn addition to the relatively
J:avonable election outcome, how-
ever, other. was a substa nti a
up demand for iquites o n
se w of those wb had been
wa -g a more farable buy-
!ng opportunity.
SApparently they decided not to
walit'any longer, and the result,
4u we have seen was an exploI
siVe upward movement In stock;

i tce.

. -..

4j~ '-V.~'


'.2J8 &tI.



. .. ,. A .q


Roam dSisers
Clarice and Mary Lou

' ..
Show Produced by VA


Peggy Mansfield
Exotic Dander (Made at Home)

RaquelteCuban Llypop
With her jet-propelled chassis

S Famous singer formerly with
-' the Marx Brothers ,

Eleen Dawn
Specialty Dancer
Chorus Girls:
"Girs on Parade"


10 piece band under the -
direction of

: > .,;,,, tl ,
*. ~ ~ ~ ~ :. 'o.



"1[ '^ -

1.4 .'" '.;

I '^ ''

poMA .~~R




' .. .. .. ..
'.C_. .. ..
,. *\ : .. ....
; -^ ...*. ,. ." : B
^ f- > -. / \ .'. *
* 'A -- :.. -A f' ^. -....



r,:6, -1

'r. 4 "

5 ''- e'

, f f ., -- ... ".- '. t .- .. .,i -
'.. -, ..* ,.. ^ ;.- .. y *. -

*1* *


* I.

* ''-. .. -; .- .
.r *'.; .:
.. ..- ,.
V .-' .'


* I

",' .i" J -i~ u '.
y ,.* ." .=, ,,wl^ *r
"". : ^^KW S?" "*^
-.. .', .E-.4

- .; -_ .Y---- ~~ ~.~L

' "3 M .


J ,




e ;.-... ... ,.r
*.; :i .
L.^:;.:-: -


ri I

1**. h


lnks first .Caribean

Gil Morland, general manager of the C.V. YTan-
4' mfi received a cablegram from field manager Al
' s this morning reporting that eleven players
'Ik anized baseball had today arrived at Flamin-
Miami, for "spring training."

Slayers with their organ-
E ba ffllations are as fol-
ehwe qKropf, Charleston, A-
mo f Association.
ps, Rochester, In-
Charles Wilhel, Ottawa, In-
attona League.
'%tV9r, New Orleans, South-
abek. Mobile, Southern

iW Mueller


.O, N l op) -
1ueier, ex-middleweight
ffAerican debut tonight at
|||pon oG ermany makes

'XP^BR ir, who one knowe-

a-- annoying ,referee
Jt Cologne, hopes to flat-
'tleiBppr min er malI West
d. a, and ,farch on
ih American rings to a
Sthe ge ve Full-
Simpreve .while up-
kle last week
l .M dmaflk to d ay
Mielm ~the favorite at 8Y
1 ,t~elster his 26th straight
W aA professional.
enough, both Muel-
iiM~qller weedmfated for
-out as substitutes; but
shapes up Sa much
M attractive than the ori-
of e Duranao
i o T suf-
r fracturIdR hand
. .^ .'. ....-.

ha be apped four
Ufr.who wo theOerman
UJ6950. and lost it back
on a foul in 19523. h
o American Burl Charity,
IV Ill and Ken Stribling.
jean Stock of France. e
id in New York on Nov. 6.
S$i described as, a "club-
ke" who wades In and too-
.unche. from all angles. His
Amerian performance will
levlsed over t 1eAABO net-
.t 10 prm. (W.
te same time, the Dumont
o*r will carry the 10-round-
tween welterweights Italo
Oehinl of Italy and Luther
Sof Chicago at St. Nl-
)-a. scortichini Is fav-
IM 7-3 because of his speed.

1 19-4 rd in-
Italian 4-14-4 record
60. eaqn*. Bazyalo;
i, drewth Chelmbr,
rim ]okeand olo, and
liePedrn te ea.

Jack Falls, New Orleans, South.
ern Association.
Vie Stryska, Oalveston, Big
State League.
Bill Harris. Montreal, Interns.
tional League.
Charles Douglas, New Orleans
Southern Association.
Rollins Ludtke, Mobile, South.
ern Association.
Oil Dickens, Minneapolis, A.
merican Association.
Three more players will be re-
porting but so far their names
cannot be announced until ap-
proval is received from the Na-
tonal Association.
This Is the first time in the
history of the Caribbean Con-
federation that one of the teams
has undertaken their training
period in the United States.
In a telephqoe interview, Mor.
land explained that if was al.
most Imperative to make these
arrangements as the big league
operators had advanced the
deadline set for their players to
cease winter league play.
One of the conspql s ol
this ruling is that the Panami
League has to open onDec. 1 Ir
order to complete their schedule
"We cannot go agalst the per.
centage and expect dry weather
In what Is supposed to be the
ettest month of the year, said
Morland. "I1 the players had re-
ported here this early the7
might have had to hang around
the hotel most of the time while
clouds and our money rolled by.
"The opposition of last year Is
so much stronger and' one game
might be the difference in the
pnnant race,-if we could have
earned one more victory in last
year's regular schedule we could
have avoided that tense playoff
"That was a tough season -
part of the time our directors
thought we were a cinch then
they gbtpanicky when the run-
nerup club started playi ball
like they should have been all
"Then camne the tlpond
calls from Panam 'Ask him
what was wrong with oe lub?'
Well, tele that a Is

unct lity tttched to defend-
ing a Wenmp.ousb"

Argentine Rcer

1st Death Casualy

Of MexIco CarRace
PUEBLA, Mexico, Nov. 15 -
IUP)-Argentlne racer Juan An-
tonio Oatti became the first
death casualty of the fifth Pan
American Highway race, which
starts Friday, when his car skid-
ded off the road south of this
city into a canyon yesterday.
SHis Argentine co-pilot, Alfredo
Doura, was seriously injured In
the accident. Doctors at the Pue-
bla hospital, where he is being
treated in an oxygen tent, de-
scribed his condition a s"grave."
Both racers were driving to
*Tuxtla Outierrne, Oaxaca state.,
in their Ford for the start of
the 1908 mile border' to border
Police s e thy took a curve
tpo fast ana the "car careened
off the highway into the canyon.
i a died, cet after the ac-


TW T W.-*-



i; ~fe spery-*

nI' a a _

- I-.


* ,.f ?.*,:.
.1 -

MONSTER George Blinds
again has madi' the Chicafo.
Bears the Monsters of the Mid-
way. (NEA)

Parke Carroll

To Be New GM

Of Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 15-
(UP-A general manager for
Kansas City's new American
League team may. be named to-
day and thke No. 1 candidate for
the job was reported to be Parke
Carroll, who served In the same
capacity for the New York Yan-
kees-owned Kansas City Blues.
Arnold Johns6n, owner of the
new ans City Athletics, ar-
rived here yesterday from Pitts-
burgh and went Into an Imm.e-
diate closed amson with attor-
neys and city officials on organ-
izational plans.
xsttonme, Edward VoliUf
otcago, aid Jjohnson would
hoUld a prm ess eeen todTy
Vollers said oBason we
make khown hts eraaton`
plas- at that te. Na. ng.
the general meager Is expect-
ed at this conferenMe.
"There are a multtlude of der
tails to be ki Mout con-
nection with Ae and W
Of the stadium and In the -
modqlog and margin. ot m0e




ida 14 Tenn. 0
U. 33. Furman 14
Auburn 35 Georgia, 0
Georga Tech 20 Alabama 0
Marynd 16 Clemson 0
Bxke 28 Wake Forest 21
MissisippI State 25 LS.U. 0
Tulkne 6 Vandy 0
Kentucky 8 S 7.
Mslaid, ,uti 27 Villanova

Va. Tech 2 Waynesber 6
South Carolina 27 Vi a
West Va. 20 Wlliam and Mary
N.C. St. Col. 41 W.. V. State 1
V.M.I. 42 Citadel 0
N.C. State 14 Riphmond 6
Chattanooga 21 Xavier 14
BW (Memphis) 32 U. Of Bo. 19
Carson-New'n ,7 Howard 7
Parria Iland 26 Norfolk 0
Newberry 14 Troy State 14
NW. La. St. 34 SW. L 7
Catawba 33 Gullford 7
E. K. y. tate 20 Lorudtt'
cente oI W kea6. 14
I3.W. TenrY DWswahnee 9
W. Va. Teoh. 20 EBa. andHen. 11
NE Mias 8 Mar. T l l.
Hamr. AB 14 Ft. Ord 14
Davldson. 2 Wofford 0
rB. Tenn tS. 30 Mldle Team 6
Maryville 14 Concord 13
MS La. 50 McNeese 6
Delta St. 53 Southern State 0
Tenn. Tech 47 Ark. State 0
Quantico 61 Great Lakes 14
Elon 14 Lenoir Rhyne 6
Presbyterian 14 Appalachian 7
W. Caro. 64 Newport News 7
Flo. St. 21 Jax. St. 0

Army 35 Penn 0
Navy 51 Columbia 6
Princeton 21 Yale 14
Goraell 40 Dartmouth 21
Holy Cross 20 Fordham 19
Harvard 31 Brown 21
Penn State 37 Rutgers 14
Boston College 7 Boston U. 6
Lock Haven 20 Lycoming 6
Kings Pt. 18 Kings Col. 12
Delaware 41 Lafayette 7
Muhlberg 33 Frank and Mar. 6
ogale sI ehighis

mM.aC -Lj- u~YCarri I 1T-- LLC~U1~m~ I WW q(W L

o0D pnd 18000 tor tilt 1955Asea-
Vouiers and Joh3-B. Angle,
another Chicago orney,; ve
been here seveya_ di cemfer-
ing with city-Ot ,onthn th I
sa of thetadlmi. t .the cityI
and the bsequ et 1sin, of
the park to the A'%.
WhileJohnson and sociates I
worked out the retels. KansasI
Citiaris went a&hadewItM plans
f6r a huge weloo ing dinner for
Johnson, the ainw.ho brought
major lea ue bab.a to tIheI
banks of the Mlssouri._ His four-I
month fight to acquire the Phil-I
adelphia franchise wP Won a
week ago In New l7 vh en A-
menrican League cli0W9fw vat-
ed 6 to 2 in favor of the trans-3
IThere was considerable cee-
brating in Kansas pt benfl"1e
news reached here.o t John-
Ison's unannounced arrival yes-
terda met with no awae. He
went u noticed frontile airport
tothe ueeBhlebach OtN and im -
I mediatey disaPppeetd behind
cloud .doors.

0353'S V5I9' W "

Penn. )o l.. 01
n n T'-NgOpkini"6
Mass. 19 Tufte 1
Drexez l-I Co IS q 9
Amn. Int. 6 New Haven 20
Bethly (WVa) 27 Gr've City 0
Mansfield 42 Mlllerswlle 7
Moravl a 34 Wagner 0
Kutztro 20 MUotclar 13
W. Va. Wp. 13-W. Liberty 6
Rhode 1wAnd 20 Conn. 0
Rochestet 3 R.P.L 18
GOettysburAT 37 W. Md. 0
Union (NV.) 9 4amllton 14
Westm'n 47, 1p'rry Rock 0
Penn. VM^^ ^ al. 14
Branded m a so
Shlplburg 2Bridsewater 14
Morrtc Vokehead 7
E. Stro V jpI~ye
Clarion W! P9 8
ind. (Pa)' *-.iQ.7
Fairmonp oiM St. f3
Wilkes 49-1d 0
New Brtgs A galeBs 6
Temple 20 0

tp-w -W w "W

p vimTr
VV :1


as 12
8 14
roll 14

0 son
time Ii


0 -
Cen. State 80 AAder 0
Evansvlle 3i w 1
Concordia a ..lud
SOrlnnell 8 Mouou
Ind. St. 33 tnto. I19
Principle 31 Roe oly 0
McPheraon ),3 wO 6 6
Grand Rapid' 6 Olivet d
Heidelberg 53 Akron 5

S.M.U.. 21 Arkeasa )4
Rice 29 Texa. A and M 19
Texas 35 T.C.3. 84 .
Tex. Tech 55 T .lsa.
6 :turry St. 44 AustIh Peay 7
STex. A and X Lamar 134
N. Tex. St. 25 i. .Aust, 21
SW. Okla.20 N MXM. A anA M 14
Z. New Meax. 27 N. Me.) 0
SW Ola. 20 N. Mex. A and M 14
Mexico U. 69 Hwmsn U.
Mexico U. 49 Motterrey .q
Ark, Tech 47 enort 2
Ole Miss 26 Houso 0
H'ardln-Slm'ns WW. Tex. St. 27
.Howard Payn .B Sul Ross 2
Aboene Chrlsan B MMIdwest. 1&
Ozarks 19 Ar. Tea0ers 1-'
SLittle Rock J 44 6W. Mss. 0
9 SW. Tex. St. 26 "Nm Houston 22

South cal. 41 W ahington 0
California 46 egon State 7
Denver 25 Utahsate 7
New Mexico 3S. olo. Aggles 7
Pan. A and M 46 St. Mary's 6
Wyo. 34 Brig. Young 138
Colo. U. 20 Utah ?
Colo. Cal: 6 Colo. St. 6
Ban Francisco 40 Sacramento 0
Redlands 20 Santa Barbara 0
Cal. Poly 47 L%. St. 0
Montana 25 Mont. St. 21
Oregon 26 Washinon St. 14
Idaho 45 North Dakota 0
San Jose 19 Stanford 14
Pomona 31 Whittiler 6 '
Puget Bound 13 Pac. Luth. 7
W. Wash. 12 cenr. Wash. 0
WUam 7 a Col. Idaho 0
Wt. 55 E., Wah. d. 0
San Diego 20 Peper. 13
Ore. Ed. 27 Ore. Tech 7
Pac. Fleet 35 Ft. BlL 7
C'p-Penton 78. B Olego NTC 0
Hamilton 15 Toronto 7
Ottawa 14 Montreal 12

South. niv. (La.) 33, rileona 21
(Tex.) 19 t. (Tem ) 13
La. Tech 40, Austin (Tex.) 14
rexas Southern 6, Alcom A and
M 6

Superior (WiTes.) 13. Mm. Duluth 7
Tex. Western 41, Arlsona 21
N. Tex. 20, Arl. St. (Tempe) 13
Cent. Oka. 60, Texas Lutheran 7
S. Texas 26. Sam Houston 22
Delta (Miss) St. 53, S. St. (Arki 6
Ouacehita 19, Arkansas Aand M
Tenn.- Tech 47, Arkansas tate 0.
McMurry (Tex.) 1,d Gust. Adol-
phus 6
Marquette 19, Col. of Pacific 13 1
Linfleld. 20, Whitman 14
Chico State 40, Calif. Aggles 7
LewIA-d 0ark 23, Pac. Univ. 0
t p. *NEGRO .
FIa. aM 68 Alen U. 13
Xavier ) 20 Both. Cookman 6
Ehl.. a27 WUWs.-Salem is
Mdt. 7 Va UhnIon 13
Mo a 39 amp u st. 6

M 'ia IS s.C. State 8

Fi U 3 t. Paul PO. 19
B44104" 1IS8S. Aug. 2
Licoln -(Pa) 25 Shaw 6'
ToM oo-21 Rust 6
IS2 11 13ow ard Univ. 0
iKy. MCSI.



Anto o

A normW as i
eased up by th
Main Roid.
succeUsfl M
to campaign
many years ha
bi cladlcs 1t
t s wil n
effort to no
the big Indep
sic on Nov. .

haI -

n in

' horses

spectvely. ..-
Amtwo Preldt at
hionst dstae run ta
was M raaco
ular rtop cla hord
moved h ofhim n a lout
to sw ee A46t
most Biwots of.

Only one order t able to
garner morethan one victory
yestewo rda at nor oing to
eteran t re w won

with o al the first and
Cara de Oto in the seventh.
The dividends:
1-Clpro 44 2S, 280.
,3-Merry WUppe* $5.2.
1-stoneofAcoe $5.40, 40 2.20
abo WM, Y20.
First Dotble:
(CiprdAl4toneDC 41 Scone Sp.
'elmB.lA S%. J!

1-Don Ooyo $4.80, 2.40.
2-Jachaln $23.60.
C--Cylone Mlone .6, 2.40.
3-Gay Spot *.

1-Cara de Gato $4.40, 2.20.
S-Another Fuliar $2.60.
Second Dbl: .
(RoyaI Emblem-Caz de Ga0o)
1-Westow $4.0, I, LA
2--Turf Lodg e F.
Qo ipela: (Weeta -TfrtLha

1-Barriroe $10.20, 7.80, 3.80,
2--Fan $3,60, 2.0. .
3-Nobbacrook $4.30.
One-Two: (aioe-Fa7) S
I-Main Road $31.40,10 60"D.
1-CameB $7.80, .0;
-m Fener $2A0.
Along Th Fairways

INov. 20 at Pan=ma Oelt ab
Is in importantvd*w tr/ she' -
AIa Women's oft.O
KIt election day .. ofiem*
of 0.19 and the Ptui antOu
tournament. -z'


P+= *'*

.. ? -
"U' ." ... I

Tess Shcores Unarnois

_Dec-ion Over Sonry Le

nae I e -or to r
gtovera a wo rbeg scori-ltam fght. Oru' Aeore-
nR Dtopun outa veic- carda Tesis out tntby a
tory ovr VnezueWsla's 6-pound 7-81 gin. Jude ermsan
camp Sonny Leon, I, beforeq-airosgave the nodto 9es
tf 4wed crowd, a the Colon '91, h nI ,- d
L06 toOk the fstround.oby- aeree Al-Brown ha the
wide margin and had TWles 1nwinner 90-a.
bad oS&sanraiv qc sM.Rodolfo0 *x Pfncl '* nxvinced

how ever_ boed s blyo d. Pran*cls who

for WA to be n charge tol bm io

forhas atway bein CoIng d I blro ianem. wii W"t
nate o i.t. s .ep"o of th.. un.-MOt. manhger-of Wara.told the

reservations call the club-repaw Wimott also sa, at tht time
sentafivPs or IDene Robnsaon.tb be has t e ited to havs. jsa-
Panaga repetativ, honiOeet Leon on the 0ov. 28

CEN RA. i.. "i '




w i< -

* I
,~-. -V.












..4 ?s '4I i-


-U" "g

:- ... ". i r-- *- *". ; T .*:'; ,t
:! ..*-..;w *'* .. **


1f~. -

* d~J *~

L ~

Me and combine Iiwm meke i sm,"A
that's re ly .



'r .ii ,* ,
NO -. .,


ll-j-- SO *e lht

E? By JIm n 4.

.. ..a .The"ampigA

ak up iSon ran (

S r fe S "cro n .ainst r at a
., ......tthe Aght.' w wh^ ^will the even 0l pt
Carters from whom he ;" t o ua .
m the Co Pe alace th'an l. o or boW s
ed. thrBoughout wthe n a
cpt fc the Bay CR p itY f a l
as DeMarco wAhopulled opk wI as ith o
i-stpon ed. wiu e w ge.- VW 049 w Teatollen
Rhpen the pug-nose d Brioklryn.rt trW i *Ao amP
bbxer fin11 vey does btepiksnto there Bth ld e
fring, e 'veryd concerned Wit ll a1 27441 lad mis s, otr in I 1 to .
B2 relieved, Cd arter at the herad i s I O e- oh ne y tats. it wars knowl e
..ofh the parade. He hbeee tha wrd still dn m -t
-' laA his heels nd wkIllet oliae los- 141"
i ngthe nl a gupethirdpltlac many today are tlled le. r. d, lp ..-
Now York last Marhb.
ii Just as happy Will b such Carl, ,rule7 %The Cleveland browns moved a Vi

have title aspirations. octs from an Andron,Id. qa whe Grita s 'owliem TeT
As for the DeMarco-Crtr t e- r A) second of each er.rt
adanAy. Those who swt& first oode led the 8 small It towar his al

dg, turned what wa teele. Jac bath p later repeated
plausible fight for him. H dane- for e Red touchdown a his rectl
eljabbed and body-whuoked his: let U th.[Thin religious rite -isbei

wa y to the heights. He do it arded ThCa or Ccam. cardinals I t, to have died out ofter t-e ife
the looked-icr billy goat tactics, r na rthe Rams at Lo Angeles t II century. i7thno, howev r o
et- oepp ede frter therougt 15pnes e pi rages ard knocking or nt e
idh is a must for PaI. unbeac e t Includint e oingle cb or gr
o h a g onhimolpi chy RED GRANYTGE A Press s trvey sows only 26 ts clubs rhad caught on as a s rt.
o en schedule, many would haNve Written for P wiA honor gro Inludes three naj. event ally with woodn ba1,
e Hf ermPaddyto do itG a in- o r teams .CAuOhio state bowi g b amei ropar i

lot of edge from the sharpness Walker wa s caught be"da n. Tlog a cities at mase
which is a must for Pad. Se-,fcifal and used him a n.t -oteynumbere ad ali

Saa doesn't figure to help him much. yrds. s thin ed al? Tony Ad pod froi theperfecta varied nywhe S
ve on.Al The p..ker-faced Cahrteas" dsab. theek emMn"l certa h iga --,atl. a'_ -
Ya..AT grW20kept himself, reasohably b. An :,nY tdommo Oho. Mdc- came tandaA a the tgame Ipread ".Jo gi
He belted Chay Riley, e t I, and the ocialrt and in central and north
__r__by(babe) Herman and Glen Planme-y wants no .. ApptNorth be e
Stsiogan around while waiting fonD- ,to the defense, t ac f al lCa rolina.T o
arco. like a Metre any 3 ortMe R Meantime, sn bowls d t
De dmay otshaegs.t wh ich1,wre a be raai 41 tou eo w Vo n
thing timeA,.,eficialwas bete V a I atistic-Wml ,the Brit l
Bob O, g to keep him clear o f Carter'sa-at : Th"nglaly ralpto ig calledd it--wn
chew-him-up attack. You also nI"io.m fla td fllng e tus."1etwosports are quit -

Shve the angle cf a Catr whoLq. How hams th eGreal. Lawn bowling cas r
S-M ajlor g om ingearned to his sorrow, ht he Q. How og has Tula LPacCKfic Coast TKosely-crop ed trf, aIeh
p o by l w n erae laers Carbodd the samen o' hrBrooklyna boy oua with e t PeJackd out QI heclwnC0 s It the
Ol h liw .iaMc Coe, ahrt- and rpunchetr pl an n e. donnt-mn.'betelo r-iil.t '".
c ik Cartrr figures toemake atdiffer- dt00 h a whd "f..
on us m. e g ses he w coast e eadedmake ruly 'mok-p41atasso.
"* Xs 21 ha yhwll be a wee-receda-FIs 1e
ax 0.6I e J, the .,imartobys,.ofursemr, toil Q Ute SIO t
hKe d omsandCrb*strl byx ewThey pt an game, ayror -
.to ki-ube. haio t oo jacv beOine OArt Aragon, L81u- nr Trkish of A It has held asma am c he amm
lgt Vn#..0 kepusetting at nwt ou r t pic a kerd pofthelA. iH
hfb "ae .. wone 0a= 7 intner et t. also hald i e al an rn-n eed in o5,-o Chavez, Afnai3 .r a a rd i t l-
e 0a r aw veler tl ager o oifIeue lousei, te y whipr er, rsAtwh s o eoI e
,Cirter'semanager i aeat- prie fhte.. Cohen has been-temmorarily re- up big phydayr a solid match
Chumtehowaseeaner oipRob.V1r1 Petra.o, sthrehwith sonmbodysucked in off one
e 0 fedealzukel. ofwhih j~teof his .poor performances.
the New Tor~k =I etic Eisbon, 911uuINIn r to ad him in prison for five years Much of t.e luster has been
as one -of the hoodlums who run tKelauver for not paing enough incomeworn off the second DeMarc
Bobo Olson will dehni : 14md- A "' *h o.* I Carteensc b op
diewmgthagainstiJeyGjar- 1O'iounder to chaoplft.WIlIla me fact that iIs in San Fran--
o .sehlc01o 5O IAoNllphe. isco, however, will domuch
Olson" and hiismana have. [itate0Csl
stayedpclean.oapdrtifg e#Wts, zcingOndby two ofhis nug, fitsi
atde lhas gained*tlne, .' enged In thnaro- Joyees dressing room, w avved San Francisco now Musttbe con-
tion for the wa w h .Uon.isg-un." La gun at the beaten' fighter, and sidered the leading fight center.
ho .aa. ou ii r ;,, .val- lle-.creamed, "Youl-lru blow Your Poor promotion and rer mach-
opmonent a l.a"bh a ntm e ..uou. t"bak f ut, as have Jll b killed thebig east,- Sulttni,
so".thiWMidwestern- citals._1aeln ool'
JoANe w.. .414 to take pyndat. hweveh, .ThChien 5o complaitiweas em ahd i-oesfrofl, mAl Well,
dive last D 'aglu News. ha leahr- n1-ttbe. om oflain w'hit coes

hoh bhitat-d a .a erane-nit -- r a title. 141#1h. -
-ohdnghmcar I- tngmon a little ;W. the bes. -
Jonas' cmennt *as: so e.,fe p mobster *th-,--'




.....- ... .*.*
[ .

*t ; ,*''
t '
, s:'--
t ^

^A 7TelNi
HE GRIP OF THE5 LAW Jerry Anglin is forcibly retln-al-
y an unldentifiedadeputy sheriff (right) after the pr1 oner,
g with two other inmates, tried to escape from Wayne Coum-
ill, Detroit. The prisoners attempted to climb down aheets
un&g froep a window but their weight, tore, the sheets.

Srth Carolina

sks Latitude

~t Desegregation

- 0 *

!IOH, N.C., Nov. 15 (UP)
iCarolina asked the U.S.
e Court todayto grant
latest' latitude"
nlg il decree on end-

pt tho
tit mlte taere on


o lat is ui

hority er' t nday-
ti ath itbe takea on
vaonA a t

l eae sasgreg tln ae.
1 "ecaatue onlf the
v the motpte
h artaSourt
.e.- W ss' Mna
ie emhesedebe has
bkrlty w7 Ver" to say

u c m 'be state ofn

th a ad hata
s In"te Affl ax sodwp

i a to ypar thieuolar
puse of w the'

dark da.

r -.



paralleled .gravity .of nullifying
the-Constitution and laws of
North Oarollb affdlcing its most
cherished, important and expan-
sive enterprise, Its pubUp schools,
and for the purpose of stating
sincerely and- emphatially that
the subsequent decrees oU this
court in these eases should allow
the greatest possible latitude to
the dlatrlqt J.ud0. in-. ca t-
tB8' sutttequent.J eaun ., In
drMnk' Wfina deert,. If. any of
t jeothves soduht by this
t de sion Ito be attain-
,' **- :" ,' ,4 '. 4., In

s e ndancontinued
e.(ffI iewoe of schools."
The briel satd lhigh court
should not ad-t,& decree in the
pmnt segre a..sieq before
I whih wo.uf t.-A, pattern to
be followed .. in 4br cCue and
dilcts because. o"tbhediersity
between stat and... state... and
between reitons and communi-
60 Il the sasm state."
s uggested reminding the cases
tja-dlltrijgcprts w~.wth orders
gma d ipon
.',i ~tne' T ewtifbt- may be
tatnd to exist a_ that time." The
brief admitted this might lead
l -tae tgaion t said
tt would blt4 ,erable to the
St ctio, a .a ocial order
-*hlch is the poduct of many

t *. m. 1!39 a.m.
2 6.M 207 p.m .





"Let hik people know the



tru .pd the ,co. :- it ha
:',%. D.$ mA" .mrA

,PAAMA, 14 P., MONDAY, N .

-,.. -,, "
,,' -,;
.., -,rS
,. ..,


ussian Aneti-Rear men,

Won't Stop Adenauer s#I s

BONN, Nov. 15 (UP) -Chan- eral in European diplomatic 1
cellor KSnrad Adonauer agreed quarters that the Soviets would e
today to push full speed ahead hold -the meeting Nov. 29 even a
With the Western European un- if the west ejecta the' invita- '
ion plan. despite a Ruaslan bid Uon, as appeared lil~ely.
to wreck German rearmament The 14-member Norfh Atlantic
with a call for an all-European Tqeaty Organisation &lled to .
security conference. A counter the Rs1an bid to go b
A conviction was reported gen- over the head of the eatern Big t

------------------------ --

US Still Hopes thee

Will Aco

- American Q
that the U.S;- l
deadlock could
viewof theU J ..v'ai .
the Far Easte
They emplae -.
United States hop
suade South Korean,
Syngman Rhea.to_.& e
ica. conditions altlM
$7q00oo,000 aid-.p
thereby avert su -a .
thay would make no t
about how soon Rhee
breitht to terms.
'The United States
haggling with the gor.
la July on the aid po
th 'dispute has Lroa
sharpy worded bar-s'
M erg n government I
and -s aides.

three. Spo etae Unit- 'coolly t~d ted at
d States, Bt France tsmptV" to Werma-
ilmost ce i artave re- ent wh stalled
ected the p aoutght, be- aroulnl S.
LussiAns- h Ore. HoweT eomntrles
assador edthingcertain toa' oept liUttle
Ssay Aprp choice. .
H Asa ah- ... ,':-
Ocall, V_ ISp" o '- Pi
Adet L pro- c L of
Dsal w*t1h f, aldes to- a "o! n
Jy. He Irwith the
e three:R is-declded p
owners tha. o the their t Rian
onn gQv public the.ra
ts fo r el s-had
Inf ed It _m any and
d e It
Told nn s vehmet w
under te e i to es'f d'0th
)e welc' fldt! is ap-
roacnt n the W i'to. sit
own onlyawith th e Sviets.
ut hoIdflibaebh a meting now '* /"'
el wouda-P tamCow'sn
^ ^ w-lnewow's -a teJ' *A '*
ancts:d Laelw.Llo (raUP)tuo o|n O
ie rearmarmentaniu vtelgnty *'Hay .Qw
he Bon move which n wl V
0 0lur-o.ja sdvest8ded
reed r 'lb.. iurciaikhe'
S and ofl 6for noew talks ,^^"d.h t,.. the'
"ib the oviet.. .veteran .p"
Adenauer, In a. ptch at a
.rmtad l rat'. .S..atur, BritjnM moatColorful motor.
asy night, weicomedi the idea of *i event, a bilf-eentlury-fto
security conlereUce. utOue torgyt
ade t he *I*u pR ; p01- hourala 84 NAfncibit vehicle
lity of holdingAtS by No. 2 ch0 sO afrM I-eo
md favored it only uxt 10aie
ropriate M61ment" .rea=_. WWI,"WI
Tirat aounding b 1*Wpt- JAL
n diplomats' In icated Wes drivle.
whMoB iVceh Infor'moY, ab oth
mdon Msouro sa aid W a .4 utbea hdaJow ft~d0t '


9 -

..e. ,o 2
".. .aM or ,
Se pHo-po ueIn'Sewi,

M- l o, iof-t s s.. Fs5,r*?'I
~ ,h, -pm rn zh

daB beeb4'wlinlngprtmeer tb1he.

'jhroug R'd 5by-8 ma.ah

Ir the week.
d to a' i0.
end of thi
with a phi

e*ater frn


ept Aid T.errrms
V. 15 (UP) Officials ed Rhee late last
4aid today month .st ,Washington his
4ern aid roevi dtV of aid "terms of
Sfull re- refe would make
ram to the unsatisfactory
fto th"'tea They said
hCat the the Ut s told Rhee his
es to per- verse is table and that
Prealdfnt the j -,Will not back
apt Amer- do position.
led t the ONeAI slaid this leaves
ram and th %a0 almost where
elsw. But they we re n ey started
predictions nekptiationas fia months ago.
might be There ha b b en one recent
cheerful notot the tug-of-war.
a bThe. South' 40Mrga government.
han been whilchhad frozen all hwan a-
esns sn valuable to the United States,
']em and has released enough of the Ko-
at.the rean currny to let American
rom Rhee n. oeesa meet their cur-

The primary argument is over
fopr conditions tie United
'tq inslating )CoUZ a agree
O.ibore geffattg .e aid.
aqna that Korea mast:
Sto a "realistic hwan-
dollar exchange rate, 32) Take
sttlct measures to control infla-
on., 3) Buy rehah tiqnUods
M the lowr r t

p.d: .41 9 1 t e ed
k.0te an accounting of its dol-
'9"' I h h iawn onr-aAinht
a ,moe "Vesaftt1 exchange
ebe awd ir bmhlpg at ste to,
Inlam .
r'af wlant4 #mor nf the

Sis be

.' T AY
A-:. ZA ** aR

Officials h ope this indicates
the South K ans are beginning
to eeot..a. l- is to their ad-
Van. a. t9 ft. American dei
mad on t; exchange rate.
Ihbe r,&te hoae n 180 hwan to
I U.8. dollar. The United States
has sought &aget at least 254
hwan for a &.Iar.


l ,. ov. 15 (UP) -
*at*b y bet.A
erican hurri-
in gV1 rcles otlmat
up. e Florida coast.
... y iM.iuch underwrite.
ermMdsfamred insurar
SO pay out .w
for many monthgo
W t amount of dam-
the eight stom
assessed. But a Lloyd'4
mald today it will de-
Ov M a million dollar
.: Wr Put the Loyd'a
S their lnZd

-, ..

j .,? ; "

"1". '

I f-I&

* I

.;.. I
* I





'4 51




:9 r -



- 1 --~~--I-----~

.. r-'



. ;: : ;.





eodioSof-drn se=
t ,i *
Cho be iasil



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