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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Voyer of Plbnkmae Usable contribution of $200 f ------ tt Secretary of Strate John Foster Dulles au doaw

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a P.M lut e E rution: Mrs. Laura Mc "sveal anD .n articula r et emai s red m-
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Prs en. Io shw iroe mom m a in cnrtibutipoyaninoild r e Ci20i0 opne in o A S: W Premtal ry ofr Mala pnrfesh O bet ibrt
n p e from books they've read. This was prepared In conjuncoon wnith stance of tonal nies." the Rusans that their approval Am today
S Beefitasin o timeoBook Week. Of Hbeit otof an Austrian treaty would be a cent verM" n
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So games o Taylor who was flown to Gorgas their annual peek at what Ju- da, the water reservoir while he was to the Library of Congress a col- hUrKc
o eads are e-from Ecuador last week nior does In school, as the doors Special exhibits honoring Book travelling ,orth up Paralso Hill. lecton of his musical man-
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TlaempyoftheAn-day yesterday was responsible cut-outs een class- The car roiled over several times Galties" In 1925, were nepresent-c t i
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May R D i 'U mIs Saknmg--
May Run Dixie's Unsegregated Schools l-rutOldhiM,.
DURHAM, N. C., Nov. 12 ation the state might pay each ment, unwilling to permit several 3-Y. Od Chilfr Tueer w ha
(UP)-- IfSouthern statesdecides p a fixed. sum sor each million youngsters toremaan J i -un le
toget out of the business of pub- child's education and the aren't educated in a modem world,
S lic education completely, the led- in turn would gIv it to te pri- might step in and take over the .... .
ral government n t well step vate school system. job. PHOENIX. Aris., Nov. 12 (UP) Defle and rs the
in, a Duke University law profes-. However, the court is likely to The professor analyzed several -A three-year-old boy died ear- o
sor sail ton lghtL rule this Illegal Kramer said, on other suggested means of avoid. ly today several hours after his
the argument thal the system s Ing the court's decision, mother s a I d she gave him a l t
Robert Xr mer. professor j. receiving state money, as well as Gerrymandering p sool dis. whipping because he awakened
the Dute .School, tressed from the fact that eaeaion Is a trlets, he said, m t succeed in ber two other children from
that he w WaO neither ]in function and the state is ties if .-hrents their naps
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art~~~ Io.culty in plans sor t egt gregaon. Gregory Treguboff, son of Mr. hu t 1
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team" sJAM 0190Sof pobiod fo- wo ses in separate [ma ,tate ofeal shock at h ero
i st V ,a-12 ad e4"M soo, he ald, -o accom. homdt Medical Examiner Dr.Da- Csg,
SI eight not avoid an unfavor plishsgratfoxn. lel Condon was to conduct
-lsp actfon.eof, mental a n d an autopsy today to determine Labor
acowIs r- h s maildtrds ra ,sacbools the exact cause of the cWM's
I com, lalory '.sad a agoemight bb so heblon d that the rae. death.
. o Cous 10m.l amalog l, Kramer sheriffs investigators am I d
ad W two ssth ers one and oua yieas
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5*7. HM TAUy P. 0. s0 4. AIA. R. OP P.
COLON 0 Piesi 12.170 CINTrAL AVENUE DOt wgN lam AN D th H *Tm
348 MADIsON AVL NEW YORK. (171 N. Y.
I Pin MONTH. IN AVANCE -- 1.70 S *.5
SFOR *ix MONTHS. IN ANVA4C E----- --- 8"0 13.c
FoPD ON YEAR. IN ADVANI, 1 .O 3 24.0


The Mail Box is an open ffrm for readers of The Palame Americas
Left es are received gratefully ad are handled in a wholly confidently
if you sentribute e letter dpn't be impatiet if it deest't appear tH
nmet day. Letters am published in the order IVOiled.
Please try to keep the letters limited to en pbge length.
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This newspaper eamumes o responsibility for statemn as opinion
o.n-I eed Ia letter ferm readers.

Should Canal Zone employes pay all or a major portion o
0 the costs of their medical care?
"Yes," say the GAO and the House Appropriatlon Commit-
S. These agencies, in arriving at their attitude, apparently have
K^ Ignored or overlooked one important fact. That fact is this: In
the Canal Zone you have socialized medicine. The Canal Zone
medical program is a socialized medical program, with the winter.
., ests of the State or the Government playig a major part in
shaping policy. You cannot compare it with Stateside medical
care or practice.
The Stateside employee exercises a certain latitude In select-
ing his own doctor. When he wants to see him he makes an
appointment. A close relationship is built up over the years and
the doctor develops a personal interest in, and responsibility foi
his client.
SWhen the Stateside employee is sick, his doctor treats him at
his home. If he needs credit, it is extended. Hospitalilation, ir
contrast with Canal Zone practice, is the exception, with home
care constituting the rule.
Contrast the foregoing with the situation of the Canal Zone
employee. When he requires the services of a doctor he goes to a
Sclinie, during clinic hours. H* is assigned to any of a number of
doctors and the relationship between doctor and patient is that
of stranger to straigor.
If the Canal Zone employee becomes Ill he gets to Gorgas
SHospital on his own Initiative, or calls an ambulance. Home care
4 is an exception, with hospitalization the rule for virtually any
incapacitating Illne. Hospitalzatlion, when pad for by .the
patient, runs high-particularly in contrast to home care cost
I. It also has -its 4lawback--partllarly.when small children are
The existence of 'the differences between Canal Zone and
Stateside medical practice do not constitute a criticism of the
former nor should they be so. conaldered. The Canal Zone med-
ical care program is probably as good as can be devised, consider-
In the S niOn t has beep given, the probleras inherent In local
te edcal tw tare. 'fands Appropriated, and the fact that pol-
i Is based primary on the convenience of the government,
rithor than the individual.
But tle doen'Mt mitigate the fact that Canal Zone medicine
Ji soelhlized medicine. It should be recognized .a such; its cost
abould not be borne by the patent: and it should not be com-
par wl privqt medical price from the point eofview of
0 YemDbae of the Patient, or chaergep.
S.ttidLt distUdb onc t sbet is lut one more reitera-
on t iaif'a suhBte dngl t 0g to put the Canal
e ame the de employee with
Sos*i, od 1, etc.
"_ : t, t A0t'te t. literal adherpnoe

p h 'ail Mt an epd of thae odlou com arlsons be-
g w trIanmd continental U, 8. employee tn an effort
S prreogatves of the former
"" p11 .1 .Wm_ be vaUd when the understand-
awy- M r, t nevertle workersr' parade" conditions
Of tE U t Io'aexztindqd ti theU A.
.. "" ,. 'Professor Montessori
I ol h TO.YS

in front of P. om for kicked

The TOY LAND. o tourchase

soiPan maClY |r0.LflB

. Wt'OUR 0RAND | Z 5-,.DI. Ao
Sn tinental U front of P.R. R.
In .t of IP R.front of P.rR.c.

: Ope to -pI..
up to Nov. MS


ws hew to a your gift
and aget balaneel
nowl Way a lit-
k !

Labor News


Despite reports, neither the
H o u se Un-American Activities
Committee, nor Its overflowing
files and Its veteran investigators
will be wiped out next year.
The committee may shift its
scenery from Hcllywood, t he
Broadway theater and the televis-
ion field to less glamorous back-
grounds in smoky, defense packed
*. cities-but It will continue to dig
-/ for the subversives entronrhed in
our country.
Ccmmunists who were preparing.
to dance at the committee funi
a struck .p the band Just a lift
n too soon. They had heard that e
new committee chairman i
Francis Walter (D., Pa.), wanted
to dis-establish the permanent
probing body and throw it in witlI
the work a the House Judiciary
Committee under Rep. Emanuel
Celler, (D., N. Y.).
| Knowing Walter as a man who
hates the Sovieteers inside our de-
|fense plants I asked him what was
behind s l proposal to take away
e the committee's independent stas

The Pennsylvania representative
explained first that any shift in
SUn-American Activities Committs
wculd not end either its appropria*
tions or its investigations. Wal-
ter would continue to be its chair-
1 man. He would try to slice its
r membership down from nine to
three. But he would go after such
t pro-Communist line unions as the
I American Communict tions Assn.,
a the Mine, Mill and Smelter Workm
ere Union and the United Elect-
e rical Workers Union -- which now
a are inside the very core of our
f uranium mining, uranium smelt-
t ing atomic heavy water nickel for
hydrogen bombs, et radar tank,
9 machine and atomic equipment
e industries.
Y As Walter outlined his strategy,
e he plans to ask the new House t4
abolish the Un-American Activities
e Committee, erly in thesession. He
*ants to transfer its functions to
I the House Judiciary Committee,
a headed by Rep. Coller. However,
Walter would stay on as chairman
of what would then become theC
I Judiciary Committee Subcommit-d
Stee on Un-American Activities, for
Walter is the next ranking Demo-
crat under CeUellr.
t When I asked why the shift Wal-
ter retorted that the JudicilaryL
SCommittee prepares all proposed
anti-Communist legislation based
on the facts dug up by the Un-
American Ac t iv Aties ommit-,
tee probers. "This means that the
information gathered by one
4 rou of congressmen must then
1 be gor over again- by those on,
h ,.r Committee so new
4 oesid. '
erie, U vlee
shifting Iw tcr s t
'We to do & twitb Vg
three co ressman, who vt
Job of framing new bills, anyway
and sholitCsJr the .evidpQa dt-
rectly," Walter added.
Walter said he had talked about
the shift with Sam Rayburn, in ,
coming House speaker, an had
'been promised supp o.I .tevee,
if canvass on the U.phows that
there won't be e sprt for
the dis-establishment &the Un-
American Aetivities group, and
that ad te wi read the
impression across the Land that
Walter and his party want to cur-
tail unearthing of the Communist
underground, the project will be
Walter told me he would not then
propose the shift. There has been
a canvassing ao congressmen and
It is certain that there will be vo.
ciferous opposition to the Walter
There will also be considerable
opposition, incidentally, in Sen-
ate to an exported move by Ar-
kansas' Sen. MrClellan for a Joint
Investigating committee in up-
per house. Mr. McClellan is au-
thentically reported planning a
move to wipe out the Jenner sub-
committee of the Senate Judiciary
Committee and merge it with the
sub-committee of Commitee on
Government Operations now und
Sen. J. McCarthy's chairman-
McClellan is scheduled to be
chairman of the Sen. Committee
on Government Operations and
would, therefore, lontrol. a joint
committee on subversion, If it we
placed under his committee in the
new Congri.
However there now appears to
be a su tly powerful coalition
of ll and Democrate to
beat the mves in the House and
men.quet e said the'd vote
agsixthe merging of committee
for hey believe even th formal
Changing in Jurisdiction can be
bexploitedby the Commies.
It appears that there will be
no comuitae-clde for a while.

Found Innocent
Of Wife's Death,
Gets Inheritance



Walter Winchell In New York

MAN ABOUT TOWN Carthy's next war will be with a over for Ray Weber of Chase
Midwest Senator whose interest Nat'l Bank. He cAught Judith
Jack Dempse's new excite- in the Owen Lattimore matter is Edwards. They'll merge in June.
ment is Eileen O'Connell. .Clark anti-McC. He will allege his .-. Peter Arnaell of CBS is a
Gable has the colyumistq confus- fte's Girl Friday is subversive... prisoner -of love. She is Isabel
ed again by scouting Carlyn aul V. McNutt is very ill at Dawson, dghtr o an Ohio war-
Dumphy. .. Forces Langford's New York Hospital. .. M y n den. The Jack Mocn had a
dx (Jn Hal) i romancin star. Capitol Hl swapped election tiny consitlsation. "CanCan"
let Lnda Daison .amie Van in suran e." Tradel were dancer DetDee Wood cancelled
Dis rn and Peter Hunter won't made on committee assignments. her troussea..
le go.. They say Steve Crane Each agreeing to take care of
is the reason Ida Lupino isn't the other if his party lost. .The --
blue about ofard Duffs walk- tax people want 10,000 from
out. Starlet Lor Nelson is do- Mario Lansa... DR. was al- The Cables: Queen Blizabeth
log her best to help James Dean so defeated the first time he was the one who stopped the
forget Pier Angell sw e.d din g ran. As veep in 10. plan of her son taking boxing l
lahb with Vie Damone... When sons from a Yank kid. Ip
the Bhddy Ba ts' Oorce arrives wanted it ... Garland Brown,
showgal Rornxanbe R may be proxy of Flurida Trading Cs.,
te woobw .Dolores Gray The Dick Powells t (June Alyr- oand California's Jacquelne -aro
dTod m d a duet. son) confounded dthe rumor-start.bonell w sealed in Costha .
i eng,.a'ra- orbt11 he "Mista- order by doing the Stork Club Cir- ca. he y Italian film
spana cuit. Joan Pierre Aumont and star 8allyvain is H
ri The rrya- Dora o a-re playmates. hurer C wed (eb b an ch.f) and
ag)are e becoming there ryiam Hopkins and di orset P. merget proxf n Mea, io.
m oist Long are "... n me u ages"... be Wbauy .nn .
e. Broadway hears the Ust Attor- Joan CoB 's ice-show
Sf sd to have ney ha a sailed her fi rsttment Jae her (formereen hon with
T'heInide w ackito lthe "Miss murder) involving a prominent ritisher David ath. Benny
e ld The Harry l ht. D hurler Carter (ebony band chief) and
Belafon : (they just had an m- Loes took Pa age to a Caucasian thrush Diane eay
age) are reported becoming Re- pary but escorted Denise Darcel merged via proxy in Mexico.
noafal ome. Latin Quarter beauty -
Betty an had her first Jackle Loughery (former "Misn
The Washington Line: Sen. Me- song .. The chase is (Continued o] PaUe 8))


cli s a l i r s to wa aba

snmtarins them as pt
Very : '

c' ame& ed
fold indanewforBut
sen IaMr so itah t- a-e it -when Dthe


t- Mnn dU^Cuff NMlttRl M 19S~ ft~w retedS^-nU^K^4Ea

Sow 610d "& to IfGane & A vW w M fwii rented
was dm aa house iWaingt
on Cin... China to
Reds and y our ys are fighting REPUBLICAN HEZADAC=E
"I also campaigned Montana RepubliUea are woned that the
leainat e nator Mauld d M earthy e ensure s bn will
Washinston against senator Ja*l turn into a party brawl with the
son," atusow said, "but the Democrats sitting serenely on the
smear techniqu was not sue sidelines.
ceassuL" Their chief conern tos that Moe
Carthy, who lnasists he oa'$ be
LADY WITNM 3S 178 bought off with anything les than
Daqto#al on the ensure charge
Describing s work for Me. will aim his smear machine at
arthy wartng the senate Reblans and d them down
committee robing McCarthy's n- with him. To avoidU 8 a roup
oances, Matasow said he had 1a of moderates headed by Majority
Wdved a call from Mrs. J. Leader Bill K wlaad wll try to
Matthews whose husband was water down the onsh* resolution
then MeCarthy's committee coun- and persuade McCarthy to Sacept
sel asking him to take Mrs. Ar- it.
v-l-a eniey out of the United McCarthy is almost sure to s
States until the probe of Mc- fuse and will carry his fight on
Carthy's finances w over. for weeks, not matter how much
Mrs. Bentley former wife of the censure resolution is toned
Cong. A. Bentfey, had loaned" down.
$7,00 to McCarthy, while the con-
man "los d" ,00. the
S rdil th and other contr.
tons. M entlay, Matusowa ,.
had paid for a Mutual net J
work broadcast which McCarthy
made before the 1860 ae0letios Wv
Matusow said MeCarthy knw
all about the idea of takn Mrs.
Ben~eI out of the United Jates .'
away from Senate probers and
that be Matusow, had talked to
McCarthy himself about it. He1
also waid that M a 9's atto '
y knew about

Did Mrs. Bentley have ay
r .it sh iBhlmats i the 1
of Seneatu a fo r-.

to n out d i a boaick

Mathat McCa rthy WASideh
had asked him to investigate the

New York Timee, Time Maa .ne1

"Did Mrs. Denatit have any

idea thao t t McCarm wae going to
to r abon the ui
lied. hed said that if she hadL_
Crown Senator McCarthy was go-
ig to speculate with this money wA
sre never would have loaned t
to hism." I 5e
hid asked himn to investig sate the
New York Times. Time U4AgaIn
and other newspapers with a view
to pinninothe communist partY.
label on n em.
,They had been attacking Sen-
atOer McCarthy," the ox MeCar-
thyite explained "and he was
his revenge."
There was an interesting inside
reason why the Republicans elec-1 N40ft 40 0R 1898
ted one lone Texas congressman, R9AO Y AI NSIAlIN




3 -1- ~ -- --



rmGa TWO


. i.

- ; ,_r.

F ~ .:.eA7

t **., -

: ,. ..~ -: ,,
J,- .-'K v l t& ^ .^ .,,.I|H|IH li l *'i .....ifil ,.
. ., -B--.-
.. .. ..-. ..
'A ftW 3 "I "M"

n. ,~ *;
- ~r.


- .,;

a '........................


TAX O IT EAgk---J. Spencer Houk, Mayor of Bay Village O., 9
relazes with a cgaette and coffee after tetifyfng n the mder village home the folDwit dayland voluntaly to reeve a
trial of Dr. Samul aheppard In Cleveland. opuk was the irat to .Ve hie belongings ad exonerating Ue- to, spt. ',
official to learn of the murder of -hrilyn 8beppard from her continue the journey webtward. Hoversten ble that no wa \
husband. Before he could return s. e meesd of he crime, haa since
81he1 rd was dead. -ve revealed Bhepprd dliesse dl-
CLSV9LAND; 0., Nov. 12 (UP)eOn-B last July 4 of h4 aWl 0 f to
-Police 'maintained a t.-hour preganSt wife, Marilyn, 31. of 0109pard's- ors, and ple lived ft LM "n an yo
Kard at -be hotel room The handsome osteopath-sur ely 'returned to Cleve- Hoversten also Bhe .-
Sr,. Letter Hoversten 42; the geon has .said an intruder comw
trendd wl t essity uf tted the crime, and F I
ta' ff a= %Ionst Dr. knocked him uncons.ou ." 1 .. A;
heamwere hia wife's cry 1 Jt
% don't want anybody talk- nap. 1
ingft before h?^e tettl, The date says.Bhpipwd ramn- ^f ^ M ^ *0
.im-cu. John :. A d.' the. W-d sh on his SECOND FLOOR BONE
-.;e be under pb~lo wife's hoid and should a Q, 1
gumtd until the minute he tawe the Itue over hlautionton Q'| ,,.*'' the standd" to women, prtaiell M
B Susan RaX7, a -24-yeat- la
ver a reldet of Olenn bogatory technielan. ....
dole, cIf., arrived Wedneda
ht plane. Be cheeked Into u routen was a botie guest
a hot under an a-of tae. Sheppards untl til
sumed name, morning of July 3. He accept -
uSheppard' Invitation to stay at <
He was accompanied by a de-their, -home while he was, on
tective, and remained, locked in route to California after a u- -
hi .or a brif trip opean .
to tdeof- a confer- He wen to Kent, 0., the day *
e6.frts .prQuon lawyers. .efo e the crime to vilt an' t re u1 g
i-* Bt d 83%' charged with other friend, and planned to *q '
mtr for the blud-return to the Sheppards' Bay .
B Plastic bags to g"tard your .
good.clothes ...... ..... .. .9.
.-- ', .... Plastio, l-pair shoe bass ...9 2.95
", o:', r u .gsJ Catt s in modemn colors ,

^^"^ ^ nH T^ ^ ^S~ aronSIM n quality towels ^
.. ,- Wrought iron telephone e '
t alen with__ stool ........... '3.30
Iron tables with glasm top
and lamp ................... 16.50
athh combi on V Y..,.... .. S.,

SATURDAY Ironaxl ta .......
e Big auortment of modern

--D- .- 9'a PlIU4c playyiftg cards
SUNDAY ,, wit ",............ ....:...
,* -P te- card suffers ...;.... 2.95
i. --AT-- Hil Modern pictures In 3-D ... 3. 1.50
._ wS^ ^Si *Artiftcial -flow=
Montherrin Street Near TROTT The CLEANER I 9w- V
____ '. / .. ^

?.- ;'r~


-r M-Q dbmlbpto
w wr"te

Mz 114 TeL 1-1911


.; ,,.. --; -

":. *a w ,,.*rMr -f

*- ;: : ""'. "" "/ --
t. A

i -'"E -'sswmw mw ii ^

+:~i *" :; '~
,, -_, ,,, ". L ,,, e
- '.- '.rb te .o r

, ,

, -Vv...; _.r ,T ,- .' ",,t
...p. '-'f ,-* .



* t


.1: -'; -



- so thick and


luxurious underfoot,
so flattering to
period.or modern rooms-


: ;

t and 'e'l *

ft tatd well
t*Kftife lM





it will Ii
- you to
tt 4 +

lyon- wist


As dewnlwment w f rst week
e-li-I gas lteem aep
0 o"he. or T~
' to,4

s lO & .
Fein ars
5 1 "alro 9 M D
ICA_- L..__ g"-


'. + "It" "rhima
,yth n perfect comfer *t home. Don't de ay.
tf Ad#alindte ^m you want it AvaM the last-
afR Prba m".-- .
non i ln: ..r 11 you


-- -. '-.

..'- -y. "m'_' --

F,~~ ~ ~ .,. -
" 1-. .-,,--,. .. .. ........ ...".. .... ......... "," .. .. ..... .- .....- .* ..
1 ,. .... ..... V .... ..
.e Jo wl- ''






A oth r Ford V. triumph-*ait.

^ -for the 19S 1Ford..
.., ..' '

.:. .1'

I 4

, .- ":
,i- *. :

*r-. ~. -.
*- ...,_ : 44.<
,: :- .,. ... ."., a
-.. ..*., .'.




K~i *2'~



di** *~** ~
~ *.:-

- ~iF/4S ~


' '...

* -.-1-Y--

* -

The day after the new lay, The
Rainmaker," cpened in w Yorke ,
Sthe city was drenched with he
heaviest ran in several month, .
Drought-stricken areas are advised,
to get in touch with the producer *
immediately. ,
You don't get mike fright on I*
television. You get good cid-fash.- r' i
loned stage fright. Thin comes d. ;
retly from a suffererMlargaeut
"Its absolutely wful," sa ys the i
star of sta gefri.t screen- frglt
and.M Vght. .least. on The
stage, if you're Icusy you can al. "And another redeoag feature
ways fall back on what you know. is the money. That's .ery redeem.
You can wplk farvnd, or lhghi I
elgaret or something. On TV, m"t she gives it her all. And BSul-
you're stuck in front of the caM' lavan's all is a pretty large hunk
era. yc, can't move. of talent.
Alter Mo a years n to h ste e
Mi w nsoth ta_ e ,ad T. oBreadway ha a w a lI
Miss sa is co n be k to Stanley's name was eere
....lts in C-TVp laced above the name oem.e
*'rAmcerm eweasa" doing the ".The Travelig L ady, u m,

Col Cmwell, has ults -- line tar -
w o her on Baoaway in ."Sabrin t i -as a ve lw
Fir*.-" ,MIss tale's hon At I aril Is Am
ol"T should make it easier." tne Msn of eoa y. travel
min ullavan says., with a smile., lady Is going places. _Mines
"If we. blow a ne we can at.- 'I-,
ways g iht into 'abrina.'" A CBS emplovye called the pub- 0 A111 4C.Ia
mhe 't what you'd ca bll ishers of Edward R. Murrow's"-
ornA j sleon, although am Aew polume of "This I belive." wI MioNM Is
i t gHeo asked bow big the first edi- c eapittalIst -
9108W, -me15 1171. 1"Is tionwas. I ban
blues gh VAfeat js oaN the eiterlman 7 Bllrthfnow
e d. h 4 "Just a second said the girl. d! A ak of account.
jog lke movi "1 measure It."
,no llt Sites the tim.t. VM i w e--athe ,I .,-P *
Sft ih Istage. To hate Irig Berlin is one of the great- 0l cal 10 i ru OSU
.U woi Ibst the uilcrhou s est insomniacs of Our time. He 14 1 Ltsqfall
t e- Inp radlt. can' even lep through a trave- IS.1ecte 3ImP 2
g, which tak l tea. At Ieast., Cmpss pqatt oSl.a S
TV TOPPERS that's his story, but afthr an even RPOmi Sv~i Pan
of tAis past summer, al1 family 31u19 r st SMpunged 360hb
jAC ("The Morning bas come to suspect that he'd maa 22 JIght 37 .at
a They Jstphoto. sleepy fraud. ;w -,
M t h us oto 24 Pamots 24
Sm11111 b ismordAmeOntink It was at the aeals home, whiTh TEemural440 x I
t 11 "-oa"1 31 Wormlike- W 341 Unit

It, veto f

omaam InedV IM F

dr lmraed, pv. m H latest.
EEL h wo bit gn ..

A el 1 1 ever war a
Yourgae idns Instead sof

Me-; 6Ue jcls

3. much RCwUia toua
of tl^ (yiea )


ft.cjg I

Bate" With on"er
malea~ss mma a


pI~_ O ga~t

> I

q *~


'K>~ ;~'~ w


- ". ... "

. 'W Seor
Bioiidli 1tory

' \S



Sf : -





m le. mii W

".. 7 "
-. t .- ,


it /V

I .
p-." -? ;*-*


That' ,How It I

SI V. WhtMfli



. a

4' 41



S. i "
i ,

* i

; .i

: f





S i .

-- -


'- -V

r-T/Ai*. h

: -;:: :

Gnat* *

- .

t rIo
11, .
to *




,,A .* *
+'. rt -y | ;,ti i. ,^ra^ *- wh. -~ u V >* a-- t' .t -'At. '/-
yy-" e lMM:i ^ ,--* i-' ^
*' Ir' "f w j 1 "'1 -1 1 -"**''i '-i ""-- '":', L" y

..A. -

4 ~ *~
*~ :1.~" -
. ~W~ii~aLZ~ ,.5ip~tA4~ ~ -. I qj ~


r of t., corn'- nt -- R, ,. .T,"
diel a, tt congresun- th an -mzal cell-
..., th e re- ... .. .. -" .. .n,,, .a 58- -o ..

lltaic satw -, St. Lucian, ,. survived b. Her 4 by whoi.
it, ". ,- sa-d thi *de-t O u ,band, AP".,, .-and---n aw date l metnes .- l.en

age t lwasMe A side reement alao pro" Bea oes Omets. to a dance. Teach him to say el-
B t th o'tesi th.thr and Theodo t, who is their "Yes, rd like to" or "rm
*i the utility cncel the cn eFreb, States in a time for the funeral
wa' "In liht of a re- ten effect ay the brc a and nd .Tjat ka: r0 let
cnt l n=ot a i. In ,ddtop to herchdrn ,
deal ke oves the and Exchapne Commilof3 children. down for a gfaL
ed West m The AEQ disclosed at all t .
S all cD' -assme all obl- contract at a meevng Wedn- win
Sb e. e r t adao to v >at dt Io-orea, ime .. -e--, ,.- "oS
I .eMb ear- Chaidrmn Lewa L. rau .. I ... I .,e,

h1 23-yala on te later con- and members Jonph Caxbll h1
chi flgb*. It. Member W. F: L IB T. ..J el, ry S e
Rep. jam- aMgrnvZaildt cR- dictated approval- though notA
a.S) a coninr to 4BDoht ne, said, present, the AmC said, 01-
hl e 401 lnsit a tvote la-Ster to- The cotelthero -0lndsa owho18ther"Yenton ca' or "ed thrm

day to let work start immediate- ew changes "favorable to the fe
ly. The ..contract could not take government." .., ad
effect utilMebruay at thl e The utIlffty-chiefs, President .

S earliest unless the committee a- H. Dixon of Middle South oUtlllet
Hreedto waive a legal barrier, ties. ad., and E. A. Yates, board
I iubred ommittee chairman of the uh Co.. three and-
ernment ue g a bad e, signing. frthe cntr a
Ark., t year and let t sr The said the contract "e ,
a qulet Le uth. ft tb&y fail to !not Initiated by us and the
baalfunds for the projdet next make it attractive as a usual A small deposit holds uu
Yeq wtal they have a major-. business venture." L i
Ity Congres. The modified contract and re Selection untif maS..
The contract was al at latedi-cocument a ree uires that ,
the office by commit -year con the An C approve any Jose hired T A
V oft c itd e representatives of by the Dixon-Yates gro3. u to de- ST E .
ihe n combine. ignt. Membeldr manage. d pro- SInT IN
I It ovides for construction of posed new power plant.
ap Jt-operat1 d power plant Critiea ."oe denoatlrSt Ebaore
apa. tro ntomP 600t- Ie., anouuee ID BRACELETS
W oa. o lctr power.. b ieaapresent, the A wIE gadd nt, f I D BR C

The power would be fed into the a o-emlIsdi eo" onta r
Tenness Valeworky Authority ays- nelr project for the AbC t he
uSed by the u A TC Another modification would f6r Teen-Agers. $ .25
.. The-lontc t.he contract let the federal courts select an
I modified to limuay ait the co- arbiThe trator or disputed contract
yearles.unlea the committee ai ete. Dixon of middle South Urt-

seed-to waived a legma imum clauses. The government could F i, Ms. b
0o sit aO e. -mb d is just extend the life of the Sountract to F..or Him M adV Ji I

abo caw t ph o int on the r [5 years at tie end of a Itt 25-
V#Q j Tn yea AthoSe inlllson- year term if it wished. MaCaine.. ... .
a .. vemp isent, President Elsenhower appealed
dh provides, how- to committee Chairman W. ter-
eek oifn Diwon-Yates earns yUng Cole (R-N.Y.) Wednesday DOUBLE YOUR MONEY
$8005 lA& one year it ca.dnock- for prompt acceptance of the
t *000o0 while the other a200- contract it its terms meet corn- i- RAFF
e0 g of f la special fy. i mtee approval n Ou FRE WEEKLY RAFFLE

. I-

+" (

r Pi
+- ".+ ,++


It's got a "V'" i n ts boMnet.-
or your choiceof -two new sixes

The mot0oramie hevrolet for 557,

* .4.

Great new

Two new 6s

It's the valve-in-head V8 as only 4
the valve-in-head leader can build it!
You'd expect Chevrolet to out-VS the field-ued it has! Cbevntefs
new "Turbo-Fire VS" puts a brand-new kind of excitement under your
foot. The excitement of 162 horsepower! The excitement of an 8 to t
ultra-high compression ratio, that, squeezes more pure fun out of a
Gallon of gas than you ever dreamed possible The new "Turbo-ire
V8" is so effhiient that it requires only four quarts of oil instead of the
uual five or more. And it has the shortest piston stroke in the low
price field, for longer engine life. But we can't even begin to give
you the whole story here. Come in and drine the new "Turbo-Fire VSa

With enough new advances -
to fll a book!

Chevrolet offers two new highstepping.sixes for 1953! Thele's the oew
"Blue-Flame 136" (teamed with Powerglide as an extra-cost option)
and the new "Blue-Flame 123." Both bring you new, higher-reed
power-the zippy, thrifty high-compression kind. Both have new, more
efficient cooling and lubrication systems new engine mounts tht .
result in almost unbelievable smoothness. And, like the new "Turbo.
Fire V8," both are sparked by a new 12-volt electrical system for finer
performance and faster cold-weather starting. They're the liveliest,
smoothest sixes Chevrolet ever put into a passenger carl
.-. .rsk

~v. ,~ -


tii ya~ see .t ol new Low
'iihouette 1955f4I har4 top.
/*-:.: .

in front of P. R. B.
of Panama (li

evpen tol, CC. -
up to Nov. .2 aS

From 5 for 5c.
up to $200.00

In front of P. R. R. -
Just Say:

Or" W..rd l om* i r ad ,da .m
1a speaft govrgrm gas

. ,1 .-,'. .. A M RT .

*IS Wee u .*.Ip** .r

Strike the
right note


The good hot strimes the right
note by serving "Black & White"; it
is the drink most appreciated by his
ests. Every drop of this famous
whisky is distilled pnd bottled in
DitilId and Bottled in SMotland


- .. .S .L

More than a new car.. a new CONCEPT of low-cost motoring '
(and much too good to miss driving !)





-r -.

--a I~

*i ,-v-'

'4., -- S S





I 5 ~












I _

_ __~ ______


` ''


.- 41

~ ~



* ~
*4** .~'. -




: UDIZZIA ra CIADO' 5'r I W t No. 18
:MORBISON 4u1 of July Ave. & J t.
Justo Aroa sena Ave. and 33 3 t.
i1n La Carrasqulla

Ceontrl Ave. tt

No. 3 Lotery Plaza
'Fourth Of ,v Awm.

mu -

Household Automobiles
'rOR SALE:-Living room set, 5 pieces FOR SALE: Used ears. argelins.
$250. Phone 3-4944. PANAMA AUTOS, SLA.,Jes in-
OR SALE: -Sofa-bed $40; m, eel cliendd Is eam Ave. Ne. 45.
loneous itemL. Balboa 2-1794. FOR SALE:-1953 MGrury 2adster,
*' f- perfect condition. Consider trade.
ELLING: States- solid mahogany Speed equp. for Hillman Hi-cam-
bedroom set (Colonial) : 4- posted n he, d ancld
twi beds, two d r se se r s, nieht Phone 83-6185, eveninol
tab, mirror, $150; mohogoanyit T extra carburetor $70. Call Albrook
ing room desk -kneebole. 7 draw- -6147,
es) $30. Gall alxbo 2585 week-FOPR $ALE:-- 195Medrcury 2-door
ends, or BalI& o 13507offce. sedoi, radio, good condition. 65-

IERS A!-t.CompeNt r rnpaior-renewoala f d
your bamboo Rattan furniture at FOR SALE:-1953 Ford 4-door Cus-
low cost. Free estimate- delivery tom, $1350. Priced for quick sale.
Used Rattan for sole: 1 sofa, 3 seats Phone 83-6185, evenings.
42-strand) and foot stool $50 1 FOR SALE:-1950 Chrysler Windsor
chair $10; foot stool $9.50. LUM convertible, yellow, good white-woll
JHNt.RYd hol 2-4791, Pnai tires, radio air-conditioner, deluxe.
OR SALE: -- Refrigerptor arid ,o excellent condition $1050. Col l
range, or. will pxchonge for electric Balboa 2-2585 week-ends or Bol-
range, Phone: 3-5637. boa 2-1350 office._____ __
FOR SALE:-Bleached maholaony bar FOR SALE:--'54 Mercury Monterrey
with four stools. Cal, after five. hord-top coupe, 2-tone, white side-
34549 wall tires, radio and tinted glass,
5 oelow mileage. Bargain. Call Harris,
OSALE:-eroi cliic .wahni O2-0660; after 5 p.m. tl 3-4679.
nutchins 60-cycle,rexcellent c9ndiS, t'wo .-,- excell-n-
tioh. Reasonable.. 168 Via Bollicarie o0iSAL-New 1954 Oldu lle-
Porras, (cottage. rer), San Fron- sedan, 8."Immediate d4"ry New
cisAd. JWeAey. SMOT *e PA NIt.l
OR SALE::--Complete household fur- FOR SALE:- Splendid 1951 Pontiac
nature, Including bedroom, dining Chieftain Deluxe 4-door, Hydroma-
: room, living room and dinette sets; tic, radio, heater-defroster. C.Z.
console Aido, refrigerator, washing 4-542.
machine, electrical appliances, and FOR SALE: til 1950 Pontiac-8,
Schildrens furniture. 4th Street No. woi-tone green, 4-door, excellent
23, Panama. shape, $895. Balboa 4475, 0550-
EOR SALE:-Westingio4se Layndro- A, Chagres Street.
mot. 60-cvclb2 Vear old. Perfect FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet 4-door
running ordei Spin-pry, fully wto- sedan, Can be seen at Union Oil
Smatie, $150 Margarito 811 -B. Co.;, "Q" Street, in front of Nation,
SPhone 3-1679. i S stadium, during office hours,
7 R A Monday through Saturdoy. Sealed
F OR ALE bids'accepted until Nov. 20, 1954.
R I i.A O .Union Oil reserve .the right t roe-
Realk tate jqct any or all bids.
4OR SALE:-Cpnerete chJlet, screen' FOR.SALE: -1952 Morris Minor con-
Sed, hot water, mortgaged. No. 54, vertible $695. Original owner. 4500
; E( Carmen (turn left from Via Po-, miles. Cloyton-3217.
Srrosa traffic light). I FOR SALE:-1949 Nosh. aood condi-

so, why not come to Tampa, Florida
live. Our c ity s only 4 flying hours
rm ,th Canol Zone. Climate is de-
Ightful. We have homes you caro af-
Sord. Prices range from $4000. Terms
s low as $1000 down. Vacant lots
rem $400. Writ tus your needs-we
Ill' 1eply In detail.
.$MOAK BROS.. Realtors
512 E. Lafa#ette St., Tampa. Florida

Bdst. &lblm

STOR SAtI- 1.#aMbegrd ftNi
beat, gd condition, good price.
86-6188. 1
FOR SALE:-Two 45-hp.' Red W&g
m rirm engines, right and lefthond
'retotidn, completely rebuilt, excel-
Slent condition. Can be seen and
f ted by calling Cristabo 3-2486,
er ddres: G P. AIer Box 1921
Critob6l, C.Z, %Mlill 1 bot fo
price'of one.

tion, $300 or best offer. 57 Airport
Road, San Francisco.
FOR SALE:-1952 Olds Super Deluxe
88, Hydnmaotic, radio. low miletae.

hP one 25-1952. Can be finance *
had A **PEWa
W0404 I Eld
E RISED TO PLACE excellent house-

ker. nursemold. Call 275-2148,
d'y hours.


WAiNTD:-- IBot-troller for 15-foot
bqot. Balboa.2-2718._ 1

WANTED:-To let vya know about
the coming Eeposition and Fair. The
Swimming Pool Association of Cu-

LOST:-S20 Reward for the return of
Passports, Health Certificates and
Plane Tickets, b'beaelngto Harry E.
Trembley and Sarah A. Trembley.
Notify the Tivoli Hotel. Bolboa.

Teo Don't Have to Goslp To Get
Alme5 With Oters
The letter that raises that ques-
tion says: "I've moved to a new
community which seems to have
more than Its share of gbsips and
talebearers. How can I be friendly
lith them and still not enter into
teir vicious talk?"

de la
eet from

Y IA oer Only Philippine
S iMan. Lax Furniture Store.
- l Our lrees are at least
S. leo s than any ether,
am quality the best.
ebsy cret -.tema.

Lii Veiti a Bid.5
Tel. 2-2737
Open fom 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

I '"*

That's a problem mnst womema
who hve no interest i peddling
gossip have to face. For the big-
est gosips are sometimes neigh-
amsom, e mes wives o a bus-
bangs binenea a oatei same-
UmP members of-'one'a dub, -r
eve, sad' to say, members of
one's nchu c
So. woaes may not be able t
turn her bnoe on.a gossip but
must get along with her. It can
be done by observing a few rules.
One. Show only mild interest in
the gosp reported to you. Go. .
ps pedde eratories w
they are met with. avid inere t,
and soon get discouraged by the
person who obviously isn't inter-
eated in bearing the srdid. de-
taUi of other people's li ve.
Two. Never give the gossip. any
tidbit to take away from a.ehat
with you. This calls for extreme
watchfulness, for the gagt can
pump you for information Without
seeming to.
Three. In your own mind. dis-
: credit the information peddled by
4o10, so 'that it doea net o.5
f*len your regard for othes.
Foew. Put in a good word for
others whenever yea et a chance

Hey Look!

CAP t ___


DR. WINDEHAKE Medical Clinic,
209 Central Avenue. beside Capito-
ho Theater. Phone 2-3479.
KIDDIS: Hove your .photograph tak-
en with Santa Claus Thursday, 6-8
p.m. eand Saturday, 3-5 p.m., at
hav'e)4st reCeived a large variety of
Gold &,Tropical fishes. No. 18, 7th,
Street, San Francisco de la Caleta,
Phone 3-5587,

FOR SALE:--BI & Howell 16-mm.
movie camera, model 70DL w/3
matching "Comot" leret. Camera
like new. Latest model. Call from
*7-3:30, 3-1594; after 3:30 Coco
Solo 579,
FOR SALE: A1kC registered oxer
pups, fawns, black mask. Phone 6-
377 Gmboa.
FOR SALE:-For information an the
"TROPIK-SHOWIR" water heater
phone 2-1326.
FOR SALE: Gibson, electric guitar
with amplifier $40. Leaving for .S.
Must self immediately. Cell 82-
4110, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00
FOR SALE:-5-piece dining room set,
household furnishings- 1954 Ply-
mouth Savoy, 4-door, 5 months old.
House T6, Gamboa, C.Z.,

FOR SALE :-Zei Ikon Suer Ikonta
camera $35. 885 Morgan Avenue,
FOR SALE:-Floor model 2-speed rc-
ord player in mahogany cabinet,
$50. "B" Street Ne, 50, ex-Alamo
FOR SALE:-- Boxer puppies, A.K.C.
registered. Phone 84-6193.
FOR SALE:--Bathrnette safety server,
safety gates, scale for baby. Call
Panama 2-3877.
FOR SALE:-Metal desk. $12. T.A.T.,
31 Automobile Row, Panama City.
FOR SALEt.-Girl's Z6-inch wheel bi-
cycle, good condition, Phone Balboa
Z-4441. r ,

Wanted PositiOn
MAN wants.job.on chicken farm or
ats cretoker anywhere in, the Re-
public. White Box 3306, Paonma.

Position Offered
WANTIDa-,-Amelea pemipeu needs
COMPITINT Iagil-Spalk elm.
egepher. We **to Apeigd 155
Panama, eating age and experi-
*nee, m6 1o Ply fte eesonal 14e10
view at Aveeide Cel fal He. 97
WANTED: GI r I Secretary with
knowtedget of english and Spanish
correspondence. Apply Casa Cen-
tol, 9126 Bolivar Avenue, Colon.

liet -.

WANTED: VeWhon quarters. fur.
nished apartment or'cholet in El
Congrejo or Bella'VIsta, for one or
two months beginning Nov. 29. De-
sire three bedrooms. Phone 3-4935.

a& stand by itsel, 3upportei
by the StiR pelloa IuIng tha
make t stand out. The outfit,
:flrt phwn in Miami Beach,
rfa, of a arapim
kese-mIlM Asort and
-mpa g skirt, -


$ 4951.=

.. .. ... .-' ... -
-" .' .-* -**
' ,',, : ..... .* .


Via rapafa No. 34

IhilUl. Ocanlde eottasa, Snta
Clara. Box 435, klbao. Phone
Panama 3-1877. Cristabel 3 1679.

Gramlich's Santa Clar Beach Cot-
tages. Modern conveniences, mod-
crate rotes. Phone Gamboa, 6-441
ot Pedro Miguel, 4-567.
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, na mile part
Santa Clara. Low rots. Phone
Balboa 2-1 66. .


FOR RENT:- Four-bedroom mansion
completely furnished, all conveni-
ences in exclusive residential sec-
tion. Suitable for diplomat or busi-
ness executive of discriminating
tastes: For additional information
see Mr. Fabrega personally at No.
18 East 29th Street, near "Mercado
Vasco," between 10 and 12 noon,
end 3 to 6 p.m.
ft RENT:-Furnished or unfumish-
ed two-bedroom chalet, suitable for
two couples: Two kitchens, bath-
room, refrigerator, gas stove. Over-
looking SAS Commissary, Via Bell-
sario Porras. Son Francisco. Reason.
able rent. Phone 3-5D24.

uR RENT ;:--nChalet, bedrooms, 4
baths, garage. Good neighborhood.
Phone 3.0771.:


ATTINTION 1. .Jut built modem
'fumithed op.rtman ne, two
bedreem, hit, (ol. weter. -Tel-
ephone Ponema 3.4941.

FOR RENT:-Unfumished 1I-bedroom,
spacious, cool, apartment in be#
residential district. Phone 2-16.61,
during business hdbrs.
FOR RENT:-Modem I and 2-beW1
room apartments In house No. 45.
Avenida Jose Francisco de la Osse.
For informatigp call 2-1616.

FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment,
13th Street No. 16, Son Francisco:
* Living room, dining room, kitchen.
Phone 3-2457. .
FOR RENT:-Aperuents. Call Wil.
tox Aparsents., bhase 77. Coleso.
FOR RENT: 1-bedroom apartment
wifh, small kitchen and bathroom.
in Explsition Grounds. See Fobrec
personally at East 29tF Street No.
18, near "Mercado. Vao," 10 to
12 noon and 3 to 6 pm.t
FOR RENT:-Modern apartment, one
bedroom, living-dining room, kitch-
en. Suitable for office or clinic,
$65. House No. I, Eost 29th Street.
Inquire 8th Street No. 15.

FOR RENT:-1-bedroom apartments,
living-dining room. House No. 5,
East 36th Street. Inquire 8th Street
No. 15.

FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment,
living-dining. room, kitchen, $80.
House No. 44, East 46th Street.
facing Urraco Park. Inquire at 8th
Street No. 15.
FOR RENT:-1-bedroom apartments.
living-dining room, kitchen, $60
and $65. House No. 15, 2nd Street,
Perljil, fcink the new Javier Col-
lege. Inquire qt 8th Street No. 15.
FOR RENT.-Modern apArtment, one
bedroom, livlngLdining room, porch,
kitchen, laundry room, separate en-
trance, $70. House No. 77-A. Jose
Francisco de la Ossa Avenue, above
"Heres." Inquire at 8th S. No. 15.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment,
hot water. Avenida Cuba No. 38.
Phone 3-3329 or 2-1227.
FOR RENTr-Apartment at "El Can-
grejo," screened, hot water, garage,
maid's quarters. "D" Street No. 8.
Inquire Apartment No. 4.
FOR RENT:-Furriished apartment, 1
bedroom. North American neidh-
bors, regular transportation. Pne

FOR RENT-'A god furnished room.
for a single men. 17th Street West
No. 64.



If Chinch BuU Ar.
Chewing UZ ow LH
Thny Can Uop w4

Chlordane an R"thasie,
Which A xe
Against Gras De rying
Soi Worms, G T peero
Results on the u Bag
Ave. Central 271 Tel. 3-0140


4. to 9 p.m. MAut, p-gm

After 4 p.m., rmams I-14O0

* *

to oato

m "Wm t .7" o
loudly I cannot har wht o

Ben Homer l. et,
region ; mp a
try o be "wig to
the lRumlai8 more tn lp
It the would ut copet
promote private mnherprle
dividual dignity and opporti


RM 1- "'U- .4
0- wows ***,
MUM ^ ('*^i

oaA dlitn t b hWA on a ya16 -
sadoer pf ent has credn n rae.
Je em, where the aaelr-
ernment maintas its fo n "LO at that mahe I the
office. Wddle of the Unel" the
Lord Reading told th "a- fan in a burst oa e a u.
louui' Arahbi*AOp of ork tontbe.
ouge of Lrd at Londo two "Mayem?" querid the blon&
days ago that Britain regarded "Whata his number?"

There will be 4 sparkling new body style in

the ,1955-Ford. You'll be glad you waited!

I, 'lii


Cradle cep worties many moth-
ers. It's a yellowish scale on the
top of Baby's head and doesn't1
Indicate skin trouble or anything
serious. If you've been washing
Baby's head with soap, try just
water for a while. Some dde-
tors recommend a touch of oil to
soften it, but it's generally quite
soft. One day you will find a
e Of "the crmd.e cap coming
I. f t e gently. t will 4
ao way by this method, if on
don't try lot of fancy remedy.
If Baby spits up a lot, sponge h1s
head nightly until it goes.
The Baby who's never beo
splashed In the face during ati
bath will be wary of swimmnIg,
says the nurse. And it' teat mi
with many things. Exrceive aef"
will make fears. If you're ob"'.
gentle in playing with babV, 5-
may be timid et game s
does et mean he i to be n
m but heMl oy


11 black bm L=i Theare)

General Repairtune ups
(fast aerice) all Work
guaranteed. (DMy & Night).
(Formaely at 8. A. S.)
Telepbeam : bay -.-us-
MIAht 2-M3l1- 2-2M

Physical Mnt. IVltm Viele
Fer aure m Nas *the
n Arhr1g. bagma8 Pr

58 Im. Tel. 2-36 -- .aLs
Alnpet Read .(iphill) Reau N. I
.E Fort'?l-lDL,

Electronic Equi ,ment

& l 45th N. oe. 8

lpl 4th o 3A Ave. 36.
rm er reftw Imtntructee or-pr.
town Utalv. Wuhinugto .D.C.
Fonner DistrEit DenUst Pedro Mlu
and Gamboa. C.Z
Ipefallze ht: IPaoSTHOToIUl
(deulam e and Briewoft).

rheae't.Paaam (14) t-M1
far ausstntin
reue I a.m I o- to

PoammiaO4 aCross

Gotr, $O n F0rom CZ
Fbr Fire Rftfuft

I h fcok .,166eprounun

Ra* Chptear of the seriaan
O Crosa.
zThe money wras onjtriut
driLay the pst few weeks toe

C Zone Chapter and w a a
earmarked tor use in aultng
th t the recent or-
rUlo re,

Previously several trudka loads
of elothig, shoe, bedding and
furnishings, donated in the Ca-
nal Zone for the Chorrlfl fire
victims, w taken by Canal
Zone Crou ofleu to the

We have 'exactly the




1955 A-50 CAMBRIDGE $ 1685. 1 C.Z. Direct Shipent

QTY PAil) $18M.00


MOTORES HUL, S. A. 43 Auto- Row T. 3.060
I ** *** **

.. i


Admaoblme groups for the budget minded home
or for the wealthy residence. Built in Admiroble.
Poanmantai meopany and upholstered in
Adikirbile modrn fbrics, plastic or 1t1er.


Coe*te fedi Myla- -eWr pemean e*ew. J- Admlr4l
N v lhNg reme grwP
4. r."

C .

.... Ak Ma @,!n I .** t- n U .' ta. 2.1111

K*. el if ." -x*.*<'"-f i' "

k ^ *
. .. .' ,, .. .,, ..,
.- -' t (.. -.,: ,.

.- ism .

. .

H, t.reet Nn *I

Atli* IxV & a FARMACti AD" ts1rj
I 16,Ies O14@ C talAm
Parqua Lefevre 7 Sire Ot S t M
160 Central Ave. J. Fme de do l np q -_ (;


U-!-- =





. -I



M ,, I -_9



S -- --


-- I.... n I I



- I

.- I -- -|



ilL I I


I --- -

. I ,


r --- "~~~-- -~~- F~---'-------- ~-~~-~---e

-; ~




I r


- I

I mr,.

I 'k

:' 1 ""2' r 2 ""Aw'-
-I. '. *- '* "*_s-!a. -':



.- ., -*
.. ... i %' ;.' "- '" 'r .'T/j*.
..., + ., -% z: .. ; .. ,_ ."K

, TH ..
-e ,

WA C'.

rwoIDL rNIGT! pag pe CAN?

S. with -


with -
Glen FORD Glora dBRA2Am
and eroIdk cdaAwFODA -
Phlus: -.

**CO ..TIC"
Als: -


i; iLA~~itd#)CESS

HGL W.VOOD (NUA) ',T, -.was
elusvet yeuri. d to a. lomp V l ;t
uI m=r feora .tr fo a ttWr Wd e
weed O pan;.ror rhat a plied xs4ii
finshto Ital"n the sa "
e id it b d that "I As A Stage Actr! Occa.
.she's c acceP o ne ionay, as I wander through ,
as verl ta tooer y N tIJust (top VIn Hol yood WVplk
letow ..Maro i a few berrits to finance y
randb t ea muste oer. stag career."
e's buing enough wardrobe to
.e all 10 of the nation's lqst- Stephen Longstreetlts Hollywed
dressed ~pen .. erry Les' re- a ovdel, The eaell. psel
turn to health brings hi back l adap W kW ard r w 1r
into the TV spotlight with Dean h Rose .. The Rit Brhrs,
Martin on the De. 19 Comedy workjig P a rotine to kid Mae
^ t fyr NBC. Noft's ght-ciub.ct in their
Se-v .... ,m I Hotel op ng, hav ,
toward Hughes decided on two p d mazons.
"Underwater!" as the release ti- '
tie for J. Russell's flicker, "The ClaIk Gable, vexed3 by ,Susan
Ialibow." Haywand' bow.dt from "Soldier
S. ,Fortune," is aiming high for
Video gossip tem: "ok fr ea ~Etareplc t. wants
either a ay'or Togh show Graee Kelly, va Gardner, Audrey
to came out of La Vegsl around epebm or Deberah Kerr.
New Yar't ve."
Medical Tesats on Bridget Dufft
Todayl Whos p in the daytime who's'the tot of Ida IAUpino and
la Vegas? Howard Duff, rvpl that thet op
S. action to remove a growth from
A #sork visit is the hip reason her arm..was ueeras. :
why Zva Marie:Saint, the blonde -
Duse of 0n the Waterfront. Isn't Hollwood'sabit to dish upa
accaptArn Mevletown offers. She's aew.type of tow to reI1R the
wed tTV director Jeffrey Hayde br slea tye g eby
,LaddI 'in'iShne.'
The Rod Cameros say there's It's a brave iKirk Douglas in
net a ghost of a chance for a Ar- "an Without a Star," -but h's
conciliation before the divorce Isg it. 'Pi
final. "I'd at be a marrid a wboy who TAIKI"
man," hbe told am -on' Republiob With four unreleased firms on
'%mnt te Passge" st "But the shelf, Kirk and wife, Anne
there's po loin going on, with Buydens, are headed for an Aca-
a rk yle both linI ulco vacation they're calLn a
ea second honeymoon. "On the.first
.. one." Kirk, "Ane went
Vir ~ a Grey raises goose pim- alone.".I wastiedu lhp th 'a ie
lae n friends about the week making after the ceremony and
atwas erased from her memory Anae Teturned alone to her Uttvte
r head was injured in a Pans to sever personal tieOL
falai autoaccident. qhq had
i t up work on Water- Stil being kidded for his B
lm wlen the sma hup ef" banj o.t
tdte Atentiy, she was show sao Jk ow,
S not remember i .thl. ribbers a .
t. loed up wrrs. ,
Debbie .yld d Xddle Fish- Mario Lanma.- h hot candidate
,erwBl ha. ow *ta (he knotty for Paiakioant's "DThe V
religious_ angels 0t Tlt upcoming .ig" few weeks ago, sWon't
marriage. I%! a erdsp. y that the tbe p iture. ... '
can't be married b. o a minis- .
ter an 4 r ,' as the pair an- Not even by sending er a
nounc, BMdthat. one will have emeu of two-yser-,d NOuduAg
to accti t he fitW of the other ift, of h voe.,
it is tle a religios ceemoy. -I-
John Ca often called an- George Gobel's .deadpan .suges-
nther J. Barrymore. is even talk-I tion to a photographer posing hm

Everything's new about the 1955 Fod except
the price. No increase. See it soon.

m 00,m mm o m 0
I .-. AO -'
SMw TO AYSh1 w:tiff5:mu


t.o *




li de (B)

2o $43 le3

PN3 4A S
0, I9AI I
4K 5 'T

8 eut 3 L

4 lif'4 Q

RIi 'na shown today. Souh Is a
wrong favorite to make-at least
. tricks at a heart contract. With
thi th oft t dat ~dthe
uen of clubs favora&y locatid,
oth cannot avoid mak all 13
I The pro~m ow to
each the small m contract for
which South is so heavy a favorite.
When South makes the normi

S12 points high cards and
therefore knws that the opnd
..Ont total only 28 to 0 poluti
SIee 33 points are usually needed
t provide a good play for s lam
many players would abandon.41t
salm without a struggle.
There is actually no need for
to at On abTh e,
tto f t
7 5hw th as 4
S hearts, No an tale a
intt a in slam because of
tn$th In hearts and hi den-
Iuen n g foa4l
Moreover, North' can afford ib
bs mildly interested in siam be.
cse the bulk of his strentgh is
1the form of an ace and two
Ek s, far better for slam pur-
poaesthan a collection of musens
Jan acks. iao

BV Coibraith lSpouse-Shooting Starlet

.' p


1I ,,- yw,,p- +T b w _, ,

SI -


ic* t yu fall whe he shoots you? We m lnly -
't toj meto ed lpterest in his growing upl"
S -

-AIbm 430, 6:'20 8:10 DIAL HMM T. :S I M:
ATR.CONDITIONED "Hell and Hig Water"
____ ___. ____ lCinemaScope an dTedhlcolort
"III 4ATU SatTurday ".B L, W B"
IWPWU I pedro Miguel 6:15 7:85

t ComeUdamd GAMBOA 7:00
A UBMWC ImCmi "Snows Of Kllimanjaw"
saturday ,"rAti*" Saturday "SsINS or EaEpEl"

u Ta N Clark GAWL r Ava GARDNI

MARGARITA. :;15 :0
"'10* TO MARRY A
Sat. "Affair Dole GlUi

SPA I15 8: LABQCA ~ .l 1- 8:
"9=S9 AND FUBY" ,." VICe "
i~~ l l II II I i I .. ...

the beartalimmai
ws on"- purpose in
diamonds first was 1
mild interest in slam
past game.


To Go 'On Milk Wagon'

MIAMI. Nov. 12 (UP) -"A one- told low she drank to "humor"
time movie starlet was acquit- her .husband.
ted today of murdering her hus- Mrs. Zint was arrested twice
band during a w 11 a drinking for drunkennew during the In-
spree and pledged to "go on the terval between the shooting and
milk wagon." the trial.
Blond Joan Stratoon Zint, who 'You know how It is wh en
testified during the three-day you're lonesome like I was," she
trial that she 'could drink the yawned after a few hours sleep
best of them under the table," following the Jury's verdict.
said she would "be just a social "I had this thing hanging over
drinker from now on." my head and I wanted compa-
After seven hours of delibera- ny.
tion, an all-male jury found the "I go out to have a few drinks
31-year-old beauty not guilty of once in a while just to hear a
fatally shooting her Chicago in- Julke box and be around people.
dustrialst husband, Charles "But now I'm on the mil k
Zint, 53, after only two months wagon.
of marriage. She said she shot "I'm so tired after the trial. I
him Sept. 18, 1953, with a gun want to take a nice little rest
she pulled from her bras w ere for a few days, then go up North
when he "rushed at me with a to see my seven-year-old daugh-
dagger." ter."
She was married twice before
Mrs. Zint, a native of Louis- becoming Zint's wife, she said.
ville Ky., faced still another One .marriage was anlled.
court suit. Only 10 days after Mrs. ridt said she didn'tt feel
she shot the retired foundry and
real estate operator, she filed
suit for her "dower" rights to Rep. Hugh Scott
his estate. Zint had made out a
will before his marriage to Miss Named Ar
Stratton leaving his estimated a e Adviser
$100,000 estate to his two daugh- T U Tea
ters by a former marriage. I 0 UN I m
Florida law provides a widow
may sue for one-third or a WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 (UP)
child's part of her late husband's -Rep. Hugh i cott (R-Pa.) was
estate. Mrs. Zint, a silver St. named today to be the congreas-
Christopher's medal clutched in- asonal advisor to the American
side her love "for luck." kept delegation attending the con-
the pace courtroom spellbound ference of the United Nations
during a four hour stint on the Education. Scientific and Cul-
witness stand. She crossed and tural Organisation UNESCO in
uncrossed her shapely legs and Montevideo. The meeting begins
_______ __ today. ------

They told Joan TrOtt she would
far go places when she took a job
at a local plant two years ago.
S l Since then. comely, 26-year-old
C. Z. Personnel Joan has traveled som e 6,000
miles-all on foot. Her Job as
_walking tester for (Hood) toot-
wear takes her on a 2.2-mile
These" days when "Do it your- course around, the plant six
self" ideas are becoming so pop- times a day. '
dlar. -you will need. a good tool
chest, electricdrll, etc. The Oil-
bert Company, founders of the
world-fanous "Gilbert H a 11 of
Science h a v e specialized I n
these useful articles, and they
manufacture complete sets of
various kinds and sizes, suitable
for ordinary work or for use as
hobbles, for both men and boys.
These excellent sets can be ob-
tained ffor ash or credit) at
the local "Hall of Science" at
Canal Agencies. BA.. Cathedral ,
Plaza (round the corner from
Felix Maduro's), Telebhone 2- .
0324 Panam. Th trouble with betting on
Advt. ure t. l is Onthe uncertantyof I

CAMP BIERD 6115 8:05
"Ret In Cell Block 11"

Tonight And




I time :,a a


A to ally new as eand i
sterlinAg silver by
"Silver Scupumre" by Reed &
Barto i a dramatic new sem
IIq pattern that actually Is
sclpmro'd11te'. Fresh an dil
warmly modern, yet adaptable
to traditimd doer. Come in.
and a te exclhi ly ditere,
-Silver Sculpture" 6-pe. place
ueloJust32 =50

Special discount for C. 1




. In Town!



Rhythm, Cuban
songs at it. b)st

S AVS, Nov. 12 (UP) -Public
Workeft called a 4-hour strie
against post officts and tele-
phone exchanges today but the
government reported buainqes
proceeding normally.
Strong p6lioe departments were
sent to guard approaches to the
Place dt L'Opera after striking
postal workers called an unau-
horized demonstration there.
PoUce bad not authorized
their mitng.-.part of the 24-
hour civil servants strike- and
Police ObletAme Dubol met
with Mi 1o the 2Itttor of-
wficiall Ust nwht VOimn to 6t.

h.h ,

The *-. II


*.- -* .
,,.. ,. i -


Lovely Spanish

0 IRDA do MB

and a complete NEW SHOW from M1t ?

3 SHOWS 9:30 13 ,PA, -



~'~y '-~--'-.'-* -
-' .


- ~~'EI~ ~W~*' -.

-'I--. -

, '-



. ,


CRISTOBAL 6:15 8:00
0 Richard DMNWG
BLVER" Cplor!.
Sat. "3 Colnain the FouLtanl"








~ '~ p

' I



'* *- *


n p



'j I I I)


-- -I

"'~I-" ~ --L

CM ..!f -. --j'

.. I





~;~r -i-


F:q QF<


. ,j r *-

+ .a.. ir'" ". e "
.-' ;, *. .', '* *. .
,' "r ," .
.,B, .. ..J-. -_..,.,il .. *. *" .. .-- t+ ,.. ,., .., t -. T.. ,-Sf .

* *. ~15 ~'t2J
S ~,*...
* .t -:a41-Ar'm *b-..-Z

.- .- -
cia/n1d 0 tw i e
-w .. .. ,.

ox .5037, -Ancos

,. ."
&x' &134, Panama"
F' a.-.
-' Lrf

, / 44 ....,. tqdhA &ls4 Park .4 Y,.taU.As 4 mat pvami4 isLs. ~
-A.-4/ 1. ,.i L bf4 ,A.. -, Pi.- .2-0740 : 2-074;1 id 9,00 .4 0 ...
...i- -J- -.- -..
'-.. .Both Miss Beauchamp and her
fiance are junior students at the
University of Miami in Florida.
Miss Beauchamp grew up on
the Canal Zone and was graudat.
ed from Balboa High School with
the class of 1952.
Mr. Shutter is now making his
first visit to the Isthmus and is
the house guest of his fiancee's


. .

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Beauchamp of Amador Road. Balboa,
Sannoune the engapement of their daughter, Edith, to Mr. Ed-
iwaW-hht~s, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Shutter of Vine-
ln., New-urysey The betrothal will be made known this eve-
Sninat.. A eotall party at the Beauchamp home.
K imJmedlate date has been set for the wedding.


+ Just about the Be t

I.'i. youvar h
| fa ,.l^~

4has all- tb*t old-fa
wholeome goodne
one loves! Made wit
cial can you use in.
k e kitO Heinz Tom
4i a Bal itlf. Filled with the rich
pure, .m ended tomato, de.oned t
tion, Heinz Tomato Soup is the key toc
tempting recipe.
Try it piping hot-or lightly chilled.

. ,
4-". ,?



flavor of "'
o perfec-

It's won-

IP 3


a a W r, h
reveal day s-=
Aoistent Mlreetr
O0 USES Pee -., .
Mr.'rank Oren, Dilttnt
rector 6f the Ud12et1 W In-
formation Service hedqu ers
in Washington Is arriving is
afternoon from Trinidad for a
short stay on the Isthmus.
He will be at Hotel El Pana-
Scadrons Back From States Trip
Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Scad.
ron of Panama have re t u r n e d
from an extended visit in the
Couple Club Plans
Thanksgiving Dinner
The Couple Club of the Balboa
Union Church will hold its annually
Thanksgiving Dinner in .the
church parlors on Tuesday, at
6:30 p.m. sharp.

sere f f A typical Thanksgiving dinner
A graduate of Vinceland High will be served at $1.40 per plate.
School, he served for four years Attendance is o be by reserva-
In the air branch of the US. Na- tion only. Reservation should be
vy during which he saw serv- placed with Mrs. H. V. Howard,
Ice in Japan. Jr., Balboa 4424; Mrs. R. W.
Stouanor Balboa 2640; or Mrs.
SEYBOLDS GIVING C. W. K1lbey, Balboa 1584. N o
DINNER TONIGHT calls after Monday, please.
The Governor of the C a n a I The entertainment for the eve-
Zone, Brigadier General John S. ning will be furnished by Mr.
Seybold, and Mrs. Seybold have and Mrs. B. S. Lnisnolm, who will
Invited a small group of friends show the very excellent colored
to dinner this evening at the Sey- slides taken on their recent trip
bold have invited a small group around the world. The subject of
of friends to dinner this evening the pictures ranges from scenes
at the Governor's House in .bon- of floating seafood restaurants in
or of the Honorable Walter M. the harbors of exotic east ern
Mumma. Congressman Mumma countries to ornate Shinto and

113 Central Ave. close to Savings Bank



Fa'hion'consultant and figure expert

-uddhst ta "ti
beautifull scenemn

A-fi. and m:

of Ar entina whoM: AN

Beta Cheapter, MS
Completes Plane
For Bingo Party
. The regular m Uetp-g of Beta
Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi wa-s
held on Wednesday evening at
the business meeting which tfl-
lowed the opening ritual.

SFinal plans were made for the
charity Bingo Party to be held
Wednesday 7 at the Margarita
Service Center. The proceed f itl
go to "The School of the jsBlin
In Panama City. Prizes have been
donated by numerous Colon mer
chants. There will be a door prIpe
and a $25.00 Jackjpt prize. Tick.
eta may be purchased from any
member or at the door en
Wednesday evening. Tickets are
$1.00 each.
Doris Leeser gave a cultural
talk oU Art in the 15th and 16th
Refreshments were served by
the hostess Jessie Gardner, and
the white elephant prize was won
by Elsi Hoberg.
Leneve Dough passed the tra-
ditional box of candy to the sor-
ority sisters in announcing her
An interesting talk was made
and colored slides of South A-
merica were shown by M a ry
Danielson. The countries Included
were Peru, Brazil, Chile; Argenti-
na, Ecuador, Uruguay and Co-

Members present were Marion
Greene, sponsor, Edith Cl e i s,
Jean Coffey, Leneve Dough Pat
Brenner, Jessie Gardner, a r y
Danielson, Jean Judge, A n ita
Oberholtzer, Eva Harte. D oris
Leeser, Trudy Gibson, Elsie Hob-
erg and Joyce Burkart.
Pledges present included Glen-
na Thomas, Kay Klenta and Ma-
ry Roddy.

These tqwns ,wem-*.
cated on the bsaksot
or and" .e.
top; o of frm' or,
feate r
fee.t r than
locationT flT e
Coal, wih Wa n
broom Itraw eMOO

vffllae. The M W as
S here U the

had tr;aveed.
The T1e call was ro,
ed after an unusual
native to. Panama* andW
ig eaoutrles.
Here they saw .the .rislmit
method psterate r *
straw from the ra e.n
main staple fo ) A ydumatn
stomped, in bas feetL, ,on- o
straw and rie, using a cow iae
as his stomping groun There
was also a visit to a small' ele-
trie plant where the group bought
some of the finished rice.
Into uded in the et were:
oL E. C. Howard' s peral ey-rv
ice O ff icer U.S.AR.C.A.R.LB
Johnny Nugent, Beryl Des Bri.
shy, Jerry Lippman, Ruth Schroe
der A. Prabler, Dianne Skinner,
Arthur Higvan Herdenia, Gwath-
ney, Joan Meearnesi. Col. Moo-
dy, Charlotte Gay, -Francis Leon-
ard, Berniece Sofar, Mary "Jane
Bugby, Paul Robbins. Stella Og-
den and Fred Busch, tour conduc-
The next all day boat trip
scheduled from-Gatun and Sunday
Dec. 5 at 8:15 a.m. will take in
the East Bank of the Caial Re-
servatlons are now being taken.
Balboa 4394.

(For more etety newi pleas
turn to page i)

Ford 1 The style leader in 1954 moves way

out in front in .1955. Coming soon.



WASHIMGOTON, Nov. 12 (UP) tion Is Oen. Svetozar Vlakmano-
-The United States launched vic, viee president of the Na-
important economic talks here tlo:'s Federal Executive Council
today :wth'Yugoalvia, now the and Yugoslavia's top economic
object of a fierce East-West tug- official: The' American pai -.
of-war. pants will be led by Foregr id1
ugaoslavia is expected to seek Director Harold Stauaen and
surplus. American grain to off- Undersecretary. of State Her.
set a wheat deficit resulting from. bert Hoover, Jr.
last Summer's drought and oth- After the iscascfons, wbhch
er American help to bolster her are expected to last about three
econotlmi position. T7ie United days Vukmanovic and his -party
Statesohas not mpde up its mind Plan to visit agricultural and
yet what It can or should do to Induktrial points of interest In
help the Balkan anti-Russian the Midwest;.,,
power.. i The Unlte States and other
The State Department said on- Western nations are especially
ly that the talks,will involve an anxioue-to keep Yugeslavja in a
"Informal exchange of views on healthy economic condition so
a brad range of econoile ,prOb- she will not be tempted to fall
lems of' common-.Interest." back into the Soviet camp.
Officials Sald no written or Yugoslavia, a keystone in al-,
formal agreement! will -be made lied Medtterranean strategy,-wasg
during the course of the dischs- violently at, odds with Moscow'
sons. But theiadq it. clear the. after Its break from the Sovaet
talksI.likelywl' lay teground-orbit. But -slee -the death of
*Ork for decisions on aid to Yu- Stalin, the, remlin hae bem
0ala whlchb may follow short- making effort towoo it back
ly after the discussIons, to the fold. w tb
Heading the. Tilayv delega- In an effort to keep Yugosla-
via firmly on the Western sde,
the United States has given ,th
Z Balkan nation 8a8,oog0.00G in
"'aaus economic aslstance since 1948.
UIn ddtion Britain and Franrif
have supplied Yugoslavia with
the equivalent of ,77.000,00 In

m7 iss arjorie ioers

in our bra and corsetry department tomorrow
Saturday, November 13th.

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lace youErl

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Colle 9A, 6..2 Audia. db 1bi4.4

This 4 C, ma N WA.


V -

-.-.. "-

..'-" -_.;fc ,+ *'.. .<. I ;' .. ..;
; .+Si -sr.M. ^ .& ,:.:- :, -. ..- +'+ ...:.

F.. ** .,
'i,. ..
- .

*- *"'-" -6 -

*%' *

,,Irpe t... l*


wN FAmrNAM AisaCSAt .4 $3 mbwePWNDRmT

" S '


_ __ _~ __~__~ ~, ___ __


- v v v t ,




" 'W l

MP'erWiAtIan"o "r" f*M'

US, Yugoslavia Together

For Economic Powwow i


.t~* -:"'"~I:FP~~

-. .... ,,., .- o w. ., ... *,.,, -.. .\' ^-. ,,.+.
.., r... "", *** .. ..- : ..+. "T '^ *^ -,^ i A
**,'.**', *- .. I ., -', *- .* -' ." Y. *.*^ f ^ ^
:. "+/* ;; "/ -- .. .' \ '^ *< ;* *'- ^'
= -. ; .. ". ., .. '. 7 ',." ;
....... ., ,.., ,. ., .'. y^.
,,, .. ".-. ..., f
.. ........ + .. ..- --. ....

4 ..

'- ,? "

I :
,. '-:- "'v .

t .of i
A' p-B-^E.?

sives "WhyT? '
They ped their nswer along
i.M k dab Imm ja *l.

u aal'. eo di f
B T. S4 f that I
mens th m e Othe n
pa t lmo at dimat p.m
ecue fr soth, ,rmn
tic mubs. Si.k "tarsm

pabtvo to rvt s".ndisa6
thleyOdlapp~ad. .
B ri toinw wM inilt i


m--- -
., ra+,lq'i, i .kPMi~ed

m,-+f -^^^K tj.'aT*Ia' --^
moo "


*I ouer m am"d %ito lo t
1w oe th r,4o .esa.a. -erat, ,
es de Groa voc om
mMser pulr uongl
monusheu." and uCpo. chb Brands. R|
teter,' harm fel it of AdMth
..Ordunanee, 'oa; Q al Bob i
Fremont" of te &lht a Co.,' Pie
For Clayton wll act. as ac. do<
edmp.unlst; .and "MaUory m

adits poll. Ccmo Kiang sou
and Kn M? Palo lot I IA- B
ear W. .BS, ownIs' tt In ww I lIIo con
Saton e the

starts Peace Propw s
r ,- Baaper in ,U-e D O war
u W:ms (fired NEW YO No v. tW bin
h s. Ba IL k. Director Theodore C. It rt ie
hav* ,po.- .r of~ Ue 1. o p Ag nyol

hr m "9ai o wsat- d o tatee .vo t ba Wlptredto flOht. llt "
Belqr will recognize the rtatist. to heInvt dtaaIte w
calon did the roy ed Event" hidden to thverse

eisween Ixcu e -*-II StB Tahe a .,au W"Ii nt re a I

e ID hi nde ill. ywooi the Christmas TrheeCt Romkeit h

aC amnt' tmu lMary Ke l utton. Reaes-e are trapl leyes. ull
duet. And C. W te..gMrspet. xoboy Rul es 1ro, ,in m "e
teevee s Coleman Jebydue bck in towh t the m
S the ma s t 10, I" eed Event." didde an an even u

Lue l Mil al of* am wht e r tments... J. ooThe D elt'Fiy Circle
cc onde i lywod.. the Chritma Tree.tlp a ockef l.

ersn of a mo"ur 'an Sa .I
l ex stserry r Center. err Lwe the
Coper d Dny Roer ( girbow. and her grsoo-.-t
ganto the,, 151151 loFa showing. Hon.m. .C0laO' [
Ad ak Tee .ui.: no.t to *) h e: Sto 5
and CC ThatTu thaerhsary Mc utton. i lugyes..
Coy and C =ieto I CaspenteI. Monto%, Ru- n*hyrbuwr crel
deevee srgMer Coleman Jaccby due back in ilw0 at 1lie s in

the tBhwe) a s- b "man eEd Ruth vrenq eves alleged -v
tocrat Mixe MCntock like letV sng *Vtyleburgl.ry" New
.g.r.Te pubfiher of the Ad, Ilocaa judgeie mpkine ite tough-
form. utumeisbl Films which th.e. C Roosevelt's election
bought ft fr a title T(e was apparentip ad vote e Th*
punUeniers of a. new. bo*e named Amourican Way. -

DuOl exhausts sMetdord -mif the WO

ndw 1955 Ford V81s. Coming soon.
decree.~~~ ~ ~ ~ 7, BzHyt~~rth"z1f imweeeta~ros O.rl

JFirt At.iversary
Will be solebr-fd at the Church of the Miraculous
Medal, Coln."Iaturday, November 13th. 1954 t
800 o w,. for the r.oe of the soul of

Friend are attend this Holy aervie.

a, Sf^Sc,
6 -' ^

I @^*miM^


pAWU4u~r .4.4

t e travel
MIa-mi CAs atd
he J.eo aoW"t, so

mio Brekds r
TI mee1-d Predierique Ven
IKnem tlerna of Washngt, D..
, H ll Brooks ined saix

those who. called were MN-s
dames James L. Prlee. RielTd
SMahoney, 4tobert G. Last and
theMiaes Elisabeth Kennedy,
T Ce aelw and Eloime Mon.

A k


roes said tda.. .
ut ttse soures said he will
n t0 elt aliert party'sle.n the-

etum" Ie ftoor dalLan
,d loe-wolf polllt *
bi g, even i the premier

votes m the
Ut orin she
ep M be ftasle and
I. aby v uet Of



.r. ie pdriaue.n e_ "
pefreltain ant Ci

LE which we offer

mo m sy "


Lou writes: "We're sick o t.
arnte always chr b U
t agers wt4 2t. J
each um -a u .wuuld. Wh g S:r
wants d o f Man I bw V
Vew OWa her paretSa tBaa

these yusters -told m about 'f y ad
eNo would. Bun't why have m'Iem hrt t
pres them to4tir W+10 e I rM lo ues ; den t ans
LEg me suggest th i; e lub the O think e Jasljust
members: If we live with quar- ing So .whenthy em
remng people. we have to learhereber how
to express our feelings. feel.

For such people, no matter what
their, are uncertain. about
their feing at affection
they have for t other person
i all mixed up with resentment
at he's not somebody else.
This uncertainty is so abseerbing
that they can give none of their

If you wan"your parents to me-
speet your desire, you'll have to
develop better reupeet for tIL f
selves. Right now you haven't 4-'
nough-or you a Ibe w i can
plning bt tbt. to others
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them were I som g to a
shamed of.

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FRes feos the .ea UtIn^,

0 mi0 4reookis!
go 0
Our own iae PFV party hins with a lovely
lemoa-y 'ff4 A4 dtey leave the mbsh a"g of
klem on o I hO wonder! The bwer's
A bs&* 4w swarmAWvWlm
lds 4 M oii f )W ihaseei p d





a~,U 4



a~ ~~L~'L
-',.. .44-


1-he study deals wMth e Iaree-
erent methods mtesa e iulfed-
tlmlg, pro'iluim .wa6 _m.s of
1 court, wIt to qod-
pich date .ieA ft ftVWt
=.ofln th e om e AoA
as *


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UF~I ae~k'
*~ .4.

* .. I '

*:; ,
*1 -

tam. w. i

treasle chest -oflo
".. w

I lea~i,.t &' .3f... t

_ ~ ] tom_^ _. "__^ ^ __'^ ^ ,

C- -


...thl fno, mildM insh
ciarglte tdMbeofpw

trn uBslad-M M ., aof eorn ~ .rotet
atburdlstavU freor serqroma.

l _m,..-. y|B \ t~rrtn

I. ,

;. Alate


-- -- --


- --,-- -~M


for weekend fun

' -

W- .

-.. ..- .J -



' A
*- -







1m WA.~A.-N MA MW._nDPB I

.-.. L .r...

_. _i~ii___ -

*" *:. / ...'" *',:..
',1 ,
it '. :* <'- 1 A, ,, S

* *- ~
I. -~

- V

- r .. VT

eedy Atys

ABlarge Royal, Lexden,

Mason In $750

seven Furlong Sprint

", The Stud Montelimar's speedy grey ghost Atyx
tdl get his stiffest local test to date when he goes
iaJt*t six battle proven Class B-C 'racers in the
featured seven-furlong dash at the Juan Franco race
track tomorrow afternoon.
T-"'e Argentine-bred t hr ee- ECOND RACE
-old son of. Tonto-Peony 1-My Dear $8.20, .40.
could lead from start to tinis. 2-Mar-lanins $2.0.
~ 2' thp racing strip turns up firm First Doable:
,.9ough to suit Atys. This horse (Cardlnaton Green My Dear)
*-ri.] notoriously poor mudder mS14.
has wound up dead last ev-
1 time bo has. performed on a THIR BAC
-*U Sopy py THIRD RACE
I yE eo.n should be -Jal Ala $1140 4.40, 4.40.
Merry Mason, Leaden and Barge S2-Cora $4.40, 2.O.
loyal which finished in that or- 2-Tuira $4.80.
ir behind the vastly, improved One-Two:
,m PFineer Sunday. The first (Jai Alal-Coran)
.,ae. mentioned horses wound ,.80.
p' noseu apart. ...
Vulo iado Chingri and Flo-
complete the seven horse FOURTH RACE
rPers and Vulcanizaado 1-Metto $9.80. 8.40, 3.20.
went for three-quar- 2-Don Oratu $4.60, 2.40.
stance last Sunday 3-Chepanita $3.20.
ongrl was scratched
f f the event. Qulnela:
It the track should surprising- (Metto-Don Gra) $13.00
turn up dry, Alfredo Vasquez
v.- ijeuld have I other easy win to '
! ehalk'up to his jockey leading FITH BACE
1- t0l.In all f his local victories. 1-Bull Flea $3.60 2.80 2.40.
a s nierely stepped to the 2-Naranjazo $2.40, 3.26.
nt Alpedlately after the 3-Regla $3.60.
r: at ad run away from the op-
timon" hI SIXTH RACE
Ts time, however, the pros- 1-Nobbscrook $7. 4.60, 2.80.
iets are that he will be bArd 2-Double In $11, 4.20.
ed even if th truk condl- -Cbarming Prince $3.
re to his. liking. Barge -
S al, Vigillo Castillo has the
S fup Le,,aa Ld Luls 1l- SEVENTH RAC_
d -.tMe Mason. 1-Batats.o $7, 3.60, 3.80.
Srjb races are included 2-Cyclone Malone $4, 3.20.
S" J gram. table's -Gay Spot 6.20.
SAran five year old Second Double:
g- II sud-i (Nobbscro;- Batataso)
Senly-i form and 14.6a.
.- fswe '!o~ stretch
*'w 1, hurst of speed
to nip niutu 1oice Turgot by K EIGHTH MACE
; nc '1 _the tured$650 sev- /-RmeO M 5.20, 4.40.
S furlogs VeSno Day Han- 2-Westow $3.40.
ica. Quinlela: (POmer-Westow)
q Jockey GuUlermo Sanchez, MiM.
S ow ridllg the crest of a suri .---
" rising a o wint ing l ,.
de.a o, f C dal-
a 513dB an excellent 77p rmr54012.30
S ReulmgrPOIde s badly out-
2u 0 durln the early part of the
oae dealing which Trget and One-Two
Cormorant raced away from the (Relamipago -Turgot) $41.
i q ek. Turnin t or home. the e-I R "-.-.....
"t "t d "h be three-way
tamong'igot..Cormorant ln p r
SHowever, midway down. Ih m .o the ...
ioestretoch Reanmpago beSan ,t Pr J"Bm I oW
pass horse as though -
, i were stanmdini and shot. lht t a-uA
Chum then Turgot0 1n h JrleSl
fw strides 0 rabarely
as mormant faded t sp ia l, Kn. 11to s -
l fAae'r s i $ l 40 andMTomanager of
t'En one-two t*l beB i iw Colonels American4 aso-
inth one -t o f.:-ins asy tio baseball club last f b
,-e% i9 Od .o% i.- ''e 39B-year-old brother of
I" .-m Jr Ms *,140 Althe Ma rt. Mai ab l e ptay.
S r race in whi nd anh- -ucceeds Milke
Is- rie ., mnnthe the parent n M Red
I- :,aridingar was the 8?H ,w, n
.Oevalo dol0= 1 vwho 6oxsthin.,
l .t! SMariSon has 12 years of man.
-.".rJ. .. M aarld epWlroiene o the lower
t'eataD n 2f. ,on I sin e of thou
FRT RACE thre ".he
Green $5.0. man 4.
I f iulmdn r $5, 2.2 .0. `iclhei. _s .an
$' 52 to S,20 wu W .th p ant by a
i....UMBW ','Yourthe
i :- i 'r T. "Kf- malo maknged temms at
fat. Tfiranco -ipANY. s.oko at;
-, fi 'S1 ,.P nd.. happamtl i .Hl. e also
o -Jobs

^bow he would hi
a to e- t oullle Mimlon
_-3--R o.l-led'ho "Boy, I'Ilovayit.
g.gets a ittle rough rA-.

Coming 6-n the oil new 1955 Ford.

Be sureto see it before you buy.
'i "r *. I II l

.f;r9mi for Sc.
lie efte

rffifc .of. L IL'


O- 8 o H. Rua uo -LonJuugou posaluiUnty 10-1
7-Compo G. Graell 112 -Must improve more 8-1

7th. Baee "F" Imp. 6% FL. Purse .fe00 Peel closes 4:
Second Race of the Double
n Prince V. Ortega 120 -Excellent effort last 2-1
ncgas O. Sanchez 112 -Distance handicaps 5-1
tor A. Enrique 116 -Dangerous in mud 4-1
4-Newb -ihton J.G6ngora 108 -Chance In mud only. 8-1
5 tuh BAgIurre 110 -,Broke poorly l time 3-1
6-(Seythi k A. YcasA 113 -Back In winning form 2-1
7-(Oranero K. Flores 114 -Rates outside chance 2-1

5th. Race "I" jmp. 8% Fgs. Prse $375.00 tool closes 4:40
1-Lujoso ...... 110 -Good early speed 4-1
2-4. Windsor L. Giraldo 118 -Dropped in clan 5-1
3-Montmartre .J. G6nora 110 -Notin g recently 10-1
-Atim O L Pits 106 -Not with s rider 25-1
5-BIrikanp Dtdge H. Ruis 105 -,Usoally close up 4-1
6-Delbia ,. H. Reyes 110 -Has late foot 5-1I
7--SatW a e V. Castilo 118 1-Should sere this time Even'
I-Toleta.s Sanesa 112 --Could take major share 3-2

9th. Raee "B C" Imp. 7TEL. uoe7.e Pool closes 5:15
I To inM -lould b close up 4-1
F r. A&Adhi 7xfQ.lts luy orplate 20-1

*Il cliss 1:-1

Syu 1 4 1 .t s-

.+--; ,:t | (. < -. *, ij,.tL Il.

,.,, .,', .. ifi-

lose your skirt
on wrng



It wil be worth your

while to wait for

SThe 'NEW '55 DO





ThI New ge b. cor-,emfotle
*and D'Wara^~~g vr Wlift.
- rrn1M~ # c k.
a ** 'f^ B^


4 "-
. -' .'-', ,

re- -

io A& Io ou

I'. "


_I ____ _


I .

Three 6T


ship Boeing Tuat sa Area
W 1ht, with twof dlef e wehtteel
a rcountang for two of the wison a
In the first fiht-te put the C
In the 0zI I. a nine coun
Ral. Cald.. W orst Also in the
ton gained the dollgesonfrOPk. Donald M 1eR k
won Pa rlTorret ., Ij on to USe OW
Kobbe. Pa was the Im Ig a forfelt ~ 7
Area and Caribmbean fly o Spe al
champion last year. n a to 0elhn r

Id plenty of Cor i nea. dem
capacity crowd at Are- form by_ declul
an. Ramon f teia.A13k Army cla., 144Fort
Athletic, surprid n, Putting n the
131, Fort.Kobbe, by t Ng ads-of boxing 11-
claion, while Fmransm ia.s lam i Pram Foit o
mas, 129, Fort obegald the gained a O :Ut i of th
nod oVer l meni ue. 123. second round pvtr his oponent
Ar m Atlantic. Oatr; usd a from Anri Atip tic N 3.0-
Seft jab to keep t hisoppo at off Clark, 153, n the light Q mddl -
balaic Di s o utelamed his foe weight divtion.
and hhim detr for aeout of Rallying in te aeod and
I niaine In w the p ein g arund,- tthird round, 1 Rlchatd N I
I ai 1 eso b /Defending oih. weltr8we/ght, tale, 148 Special ,o AId
n champion of a'Ps ma. Area, the decn over ForW be's
S0a o Co~l gae 137 Ces-ar Shes RI, 1521 also I
Fort -K obbe, overpowered ah e in the .t 1 41i
Wesley, 1371A A1aw 4la.tAc- Albr AryGeell
II learning a JInc~p. ,okbut at 181. advised to us heavy-
2:.12 of lthe Ueo d d. 'Weley weight amo by d l qm de.l- ...
/ 8BOgwas down ..A the f-froma on ov eMNf, -I, P.n hl c ._.N I .
i la._+ u~. efe i homodtllphtlortle, t 'ta Sot ~ .i eight champion e-
ll. BowIn a very dow j el.ter- few p punch ..ei otp n h's I important et e e.ope fim
fwmudexa V. Rodt txe1 o-er m fhro 18 Fort -i Im oran f hiys a e take fr d e chtelm 0 wit h a r rth e m
/P.P. noise ljockeW &-.a .COMENTJwhht Ide i t o d e n ltth ,| a| ie Leo n a 9 ie et.
1st. pacelow :a-, ~'1" on closo 1:45 took a de- weight finr a l~9; of t -e emlJ1 that L" o af ._poko.,= -
st. ,sae e o Imp S% 0 m uo oe uN-Pool.eles S:d -ia adgmln n '
F M of 'the Doublem tef 1362%, Fort Mobb e's -B hir leo e4 Dec.* *a
I-Pebetero E. 10 Ran wel i n la stey -I 136% ed ver- round 'IK ov etR Main De, e

4--Tru Blue 0. Prescott 106 -RIates chance too -1 The upset of th evenroc- at 1:23 gU the third 10. yrd
-Corongno F. Godaoy 05x--Good early speed .8-1 ourred In the welter class the e asthne n PMraa ry Area
6-Paragon F .Bnche 110 -Dangerous contender 3-1 when Lee Wilsonr, 141, Fort heavyweight ki g.

2nd. Race "I" Imp. 6% gs.Purse 3S7.,a 841 class 1:15 CCat lysm" Is eW ay P To 0Pera
-eaond ace of the Doublphi a i i e N I layen
1-Fanglo L. 01raldo 110 -Back In best for 3-1 -
2-Esquidor A. RYca 110 -oLast was revealing E TO Express H pe U pset O ic rease in the dra ft
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2-oquique II = ure n to recommend 5- tumult andA 0oui tool a com a Branch R.okey, general man-
3-la ,.......108 -Hasn't shli n-much b 10-I Now on and read mY -bold "." ',n .S. Il oelr of the Pittsburgh Pirate.s,
l _4Xr do Sa--p voIL l Wo ,,8 Ha goo wokous3 o" zve recast:'ball hee in Md 1.0 GUN CLUBea d edlthehcommitteeiWhich.also
5-(Avlsps.B.ue 114 -Odds-on favorite 1-2 Amy 23 Penn 13 Schroeder, man 0iuen/loded Boroepsreof the
__,_' I Colgate 14, Syramuse I The players .. 1d. ohn boa Gun Club announces a reg- Murphy of the Boston Red Sox,
6th. Rae "I" Nil e 46 4 Fgs. Purse 831105 Pool closest :35 Corntl.2% Dartmouth6 California: wiian Ih..cunann, Nov: 14 at 10 alm. Yankees, Frank Lane of t h e
-' rRa of tothetDuouble_ Clemson 14, Maryland A I IIatcher. Los Angi"te, Q -.V Col-, Chicago White
S "aeof u 14. Nebl.a., olope; Donald .i.h. pitcher. Members of Isthmian gun clubs rence of Portsmth,
1-Chic's Ned A. Ycaa 112 -Ran well las out .1 Phuot IEa set_ .s /Alet I gId i andi a _dtheir'f I r cordiallyIMann of Atlanta, G a.. a rl
-..PreStaroiu L. Gl7rldo 112 -Must imissemrn last 0-v eNauI4U,10. R ayYoung. pitcher, Stanford. I Invited to participate. Mulligan of Sacramento. Calif.



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"Let rhe people knoie the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham Lincoln.

McCarthy Wo A Apologize;
0), was found on the rail- MME
tracks in northwest Balti-
ie. Police ay she had been CpOlt
l PeacemakrIng Effort Collapses

B i WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 (UP) lunch Re ai | |ne emcas ceUllunch. He said .nie Democrats8 = .S Sfamous-
e 3'flH -A compromise plan for endin actually were present. The SenI Power CommtihsLi.n roeds ea wm I thmua
Aft clidOM W M ^actually were present. The KeII Son. 1C. 11"'''^ ^ S
the censure dispute collapsed thourispk b ak eiilonsto aonois.appro ve &I t hse Ta.p.Is pewd.I
like a deck of cards today with ig a lunch hour from 1:45 to 3 pr i ssiod oi rd thep
Sen. Joseph R. McCaMcCarthy refuse p.m.w o MounSvi The W titlee Inch Section, ati extend amIots$ um #e 00
'291 t o apolo for"bull aMcCarthy said it wasim .O of thee001110
9-2 elections subcommittee. Ug.Ht that "al l'en ater' Pmee t ca t-. u would bcont Uoftl.i
SBov. 12 (UP) Sen. Francis Came (R-S.D.), a discussion so they c a vote in- d.1 wtht capacity. U Woch ws ds c6od..
g t Ct C member of the Watkins censure teigently." durig World cay p
en at d by Prsident committee, said last night that Case addressed he-Sez tox-
SPeron Wednesday ni t McCarthy could kill the charges plain why, as a member of the
S Argentina and r ag t him by apologizing for Watkins censure committee, he *
S ir fired fom a teaching his attacks on the elections sub- Joined in the unanimous comit,- U
was report t committee and one of It neeevote recommending that
red oofArd bMhers. Sen. Robert C. Hendrick.- ^Carthy be rebuked. He cited lMc- S
Nicoas Faso 0, son (R-N.J.) Carthy's denunciation of Hendric-
leet or R e&IGe But McCarthy stood his ground Mnckson was a member of 1. *
udlooRomedrikon was a member of
oba province h as the historic Senate debate R-a I0-Z8 Senate elections sub-i io PuV
dreatta w as died moved Into its third day withmmittee that investigated Me-
e commerta gh school sen. Frank Carlson (R-Kan.) Crthy. Case said he voted to
he has been teaching re- listed as the probable first recommend censure because Mc- SAIGON, Nov. 1 (P)
Un a Adspeaker. Like Case, Carlson Is a Carthy based" the subcommit- AFrench Offia. l har ed a str overtment *hieb, with talks wi be h grave pitical
*jino and Andreatta are member of the censure commit- te Frmembers instead oftrying to that the Vietminh m t id teffloent pole M6- cris whf fo o h
S the churchmen Peron tee. er with them. threatened to o fir i lures could hunt down troqble- practically para e south Viet-
iooperate with them. threatened to open fhre if French some'
Itackig those he blames friends say today that Me- eStwork warships enter Red waters to Meanhile Emperor *ao Di n
Ig d tm Im-aoe scenes to Whip 'r^ a a: a s n e
while -69 tracking somewhat on his state- norlA persecutioo taff to G -n.MgiiVan Presidenwe
H uiio Jubule, dert ment that Hendrickson Is a "liv- unfeatable ly' mw. Meanwhile US. secretary of W to France for urgent talks, envoy Gep. J. Lawton Cflins
Ient miracle... w Itracleeitwithunbeatabl cnsare move. State John FosterD92es' stateV
Pred b rains nor guts." He sid yester- were sports in ome n that the situation in free m army sources said to- twho e w
the saidasme mout that the Situation in free df .
ionit a o' day th at "Bob and Iare good e-- 1. prh a t hi GO leaders have Vibilty is "not at all rtisfa
iot a compromise, the French press by order of grneralip 11h1 eo t stuhin sout a h
io Maro Zaun Was But McCarthy flatly refused this.eBwe notin Of Premier Ngo Dinh Diem's gov- rebethe ld n e noand
ed tot F ignit to take back his charges that (NEA Telhoto) down a suggestion by Sen. Hom- Dulles was testify before the There ln bt, these sourc- Cofn show "great der
S hre the elections suboonltte, ON WAY TO DEBATE Ben. Joseph roCarthy is In a sm er Capeart R- .) that the Senate foreign roe n commit-esthe in of it.
.4V against wh ah let tely l- mood just baPre entering the Senate in Waington t take prt Benate put a vote until next tee in Washington on merits
ptyin the debate on censure proposal m to the eou because of a post-election of the Southeast Asia Or.
byp the debatei& censure proposal submitted to theU^ Hou^ Nduiat
aO31Ut.Dy ea I"iauotdU members. Know. ganization pact (SEATO) and:
i aS 'iS t eYork5,ande a Wasoit landsaid aloate should be taken was, according to reports reach.-
enrmon? R., W oul- era r ai* "I e no thing ee set up for last ht's event. at this session. Ing here, can for a swift
t to;les *e sed that wle have been done Schultz was cheered when he meeting to discuss Commui6 at 0
_____ of_ J s t differently If I were doing i read a telegram of greeting from A c y ae subversion.
t ve today." Roy Cohn, former aide to MPe. eedA Salgon's important daily "Jour-
mon a a Cathy, who was in MinneapoUs nal Extreme Orient" received an
This shotholes n Case morechers when he intce official order to cut out of its
Wie ant With an apol Ce the columnist Westbrook Pegler, frrm or US SuI columns all those parts of Dulles'

i m zerond committ -ad e e an metms ps E.rundt (H-N(D.), chairman of To St (@ tuit
nchthey would prsen re o r Rhep Hamlto Pfrs o Rep Fred statement concerning free Viete
ts erlndtI~c Alt he decindtreie Cou- d lN).rtcia air f a this was added an order
9, Switzerland, Nov. 12 He said it could disavow hi Senate committee which In. that ta p e per leave no blank
to a n L. Richards, first alleged abuse of Bril. Gen. Ralph e o ace to ensored that an articl csu gti.g In Ober ema has adnm d -Te usual
the first presidency W. Zwicker-saecon part of t o Se Denanis Chavez (D-N.M.) g n Ober ma pracs here is to leave such
Sh OJ65ertfcsre roesoten-ad thens auof e dnepnced five alleged agents of thema
h of J Chrit of cenure resolution -nd then angrily told McCarthy yesterday blanks so readers will know the
Day Salte, aivs I wind up the A pecIl session that ouated diplomat John Pa. American Secret erc censorship has been using its
land today to lay the cor- quickly by adoptng four Senate tn avies r. ju as terms ranging from life to three shears.
of the f first qr nn rule changes recommended by trio as the juniorsena orrd abor, the official Today's censorship ap lied not
to be butt oP the censure committee. from Wisconsin -which Is not oviet German lanu a go-paper only the French sream t also
o tomorrow Sen. Everett M. n(R-a much ."elihea to newspapers in te Vietnamese,
near Swis capital Ill) said meanwhile that the a'vemade the statement af- language.
o will be attended by pro-McCarthy forces have work- ter McCarthy blocked Sean Her- Y three days ago the B Tne government also scissoNd
embersof the over 2,000 ed out another compromise plan bert H. Lehman (D-N.Y.) from ane supreme court n another out before publicationthe state
eOm e communIties -of which they will present to the inserting in the Congressional Re- so-called spy-trial sentenced two meant of an important Cambodian
and Austria as well Senate later. cord a radio-TV Coerss n's East Germans to e under the leader who, in an agency di-
t l os tlosts. fs "eulogy" of Davies. at guillotine, WhiletwO others were Patch from Paris, said that ua-
l co cs Althou he decl inedto re- was ed by Secrei Or Btate given life terms and three others dripartite (France-Laos-Cam o
plend at- ormedsourcesn John Foster Dlles for were sentenced to terms rang- dFree Vietnam) talks the re
0stoealtemplilsdwat-ivesoudetelsn- John Fenter Dulle1w to- 1 r su neor2k
power erected according dictated it would both praise and lack of judgment and sreton, Ing from 1 to 12 years in pri ave rn in, extreme dit er
made bEdward An-gently blame McCarthy without McCarthy protested and ulogy CAIBMA rtr on. ties.
Los Angeles, ., actually censuring him. to a person "dischaie d because Watkins (R., Utah), chairman sentences aist other In one part of his e r tatteD
ted at 200.000Swi More than 3000 suprters of of Communist connecto" and of the Special Senate censurewith reported here, that the Die
McCarthy protested t censure accused Chavez of "defending committee, prepares to enter espionage are still pending in government cpt out of the Dulles
move last night at a rally mark- Communists." the Senate chamber for the munsee other trials at Ehfurt, speech, the secretary of stated:
ed by singing, slogan chants, and Dulles had said there was no debate on the McCarthy cen- and Magdebourg.ts at EhfurtHall The U. d:ovennt I gv-
placard-wavin questionn of Davies' loyalty. Mc- sure resolution. and Magdeburg. he.S.govermentIsi-
McCarthy self put i an AU arthy recalled he had named Igits full attention to the pres-
unscheduled a parance and Davies iii his original Commu- situation in south Vietnam
a for ie 20 minutes ofnits-in-governmentchaes I know John Paton Davies, and which is not at all satisfactory."
three-hour rally at Conastitu- The fireworks e oided in the I k40ow his family," Chavez said. In another censored portion, -..
second day of debate on theM- They are justasDullew reported to D'FEw said:NS-A s.L
C arthy censure resolution. which is not 7, s8 ma s pt muc h as the region h great ed of o Ip radar antenna I
At omepoint, he teamed tear. When the discussion finally got senator from lnsin.i" S Ie r erAnita. The ew radar hei
wes serifemoersbdclarc to the censre issues Case ahmnh e wnally ended the setPJ.At by General Electric, in y
when0 erba otorthecesur risua1eto by sLhayingahll e de Run 08Democrats StillO bem Itde e todetect p t ee r
sit in aa to tell them thie tion of Hendrickson was "slander eulogy ori finally given by CBS TOLEDO, Ohio, Nov. 12 (UPn b CBSp
INIS **etlass of 8 maalveo 51 in any state.". commentary Eric sevaryid, on White house PretsssecretaryFighti ngd oerSpd o
umet that has been gn Case said McCarthy's "coarse the Senate floor so it could apJames C. Hagerty said today a d- -
refor year." mark" was ade te gron d pear in the record despite t- report that Preasident SEen- Senotorial Vote
for censure, But h o out to Cartly's,-objections. He originallyy shower has promised, Republican
He brought cheers from his au- McCarthy the chance "to a sought unanimous- consent for It lea ptomru a ine epubisan TRENTON, NJ., Nov. 12
Wen he promised to car- the record" and set himself to apcpla ato run agi in s96s -Democratic leaders win se -i T A
"I 'to=e 80those straibt with the Senate; Case Mto aithy a tlted that so ltf nonsense."N
~who w tero nations aid 'the record is not yet close many Democratc senators were when told a story of thea tur comment co unties demain a 1re-
regardless of what t Senate may edl absent from the floor tit t oold a story o that nature Jersof cotes demandinth g ei
do with my censure. The debate also was interrupt- looks like an organized boycott was appearing today i A- count of votes in the enatorial
McCar and his pretty wife, ad by angry outbursts over such of some of the speeches." He Ohia Beacon-Jouford CAse end Democrat Charles Em
Jean, sudenly walke into h other issues as lunch hours for said he saw only six Democrats A the same time, Hagert de- R. ostel e
famed auditorium as Sean. Her senatcrs and McCarthy's chare present. scribed as "ae lot of nonsense m o
man Welker (R-Ida.) was three that Democrats were "boycott- Sen. S sard L. Nolland (D. another report that U.N. Am- Complete official returns gavel
quarters through an hour long ing" floor speeches. Fla.) said McCarthy's charge was basiador Henry Cabot Lodge Is ea 3, vote majority over
speech b of prae for McCarthy. uadredei of spectators In Ca- completelyy unfair" and th at slated to replace Sherman A- Howell.
ofcmrridero s cheered MeCar. members were only trying to get dams as tpo assistant to the

were paraded around the hail The spectators, who were ad- while President Eisenhower was HAVEN
Hearing such so0 g aa as; "If monished by Senate GOP leader secluded at a private club as a (UP Yale and Princeton will
THE T Lt.- on epsure McCarthy today, will William F. Knowland, a parent- duck-hunting guest of reasurp have woman on their 'minds
LeslIe R who t ie Nin, McClellan or 1k 4 ly were some of several hundred Secretary George s Humphreuual tomorrow eight Ila
the U atom pro. tomorrow?" and "Sen. McCarthy McCarthy backers who attended about 1i miles from downtown in thelr aung debate.
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