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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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WAIrllNaTON. Nov. ,11

puN., offlc. a
t on w os ge ,esto,_ also said he did not

Mr. Eisenhower said he found such a conqlwion inoiona taftle and did not believe I
a man in the Presidency would knowingly injtte the Unfted StOeb A
Us. Is g"ea r artude railm- ment, faets. eat "
ed tih aothe Con- Bey gtra ..
In tSheaHtMO r. Tr- made pa owne .
si the 4ma efd of.f. But Wdt"'s & i8 teINDnsit
G*as .MatlW is the handa sdle& 0ht e knew hlnp- -.

'-f ficrtg

SHAry Amistice Day Irked Wheh Ask4

sfSr^.tedquietly~ -'d wth
.- n. ... Is of ist ances, aI C
I" .Pauam ., .-sh goner-

at w of heoada sines stores win were
Shei w asata p by ffi edtobeown ovthe a cllp pi. Sources close to the Albrook Field PX declared fe.
tivSIh t the s on the bsis bu an, Canal's nodat y that the sales cerk who served Ga". Anastasi o
r n Puer o .' rrn, ten Nove e nt h'a been con- moza Saturday demanded to see the N"e pn,
ft*= en airex a hinDay engbups fo ao
tr nd t woul i t Igal holiday produce one. .
t airfaAB 'oNt. () An officaLof the PX.was then umoned, and
by feto a showden. t anbowe rah t permission for Sontbza to make ht pUr ie. es.
Swas ..t. erap S to be abl al *h Of c a iefly Smoza offered to pay for the mayr,. idise
t mern ift e aq as- obida gWae $WO00worth, encoding toy and pt*meby c
of ca 'c..TouPa he wastoTo t

Mre PROW ohv er to lar w-osepaq Ie led off soa bils to
k w. a a wi iUaw
s bilcorecret.j .,p 1Iccronies were

theorWar I hen' tSturdy demanded, to seaa..@.nNia.r'an plE
a p hmtweasn't =U IMbefore Con-

lay: .9 A '

; ] tl61--TitJ

-",- ," ". I
t he-' ao t e e b u t a d,. h h a d s .
I.-,_7 I-SnMre MSU M Entirely Possible bi uIn e ce lm .. m .. ."m
g. ,th o e fe wth e r. "atea.t m t LI 1 u|,, from .s oen the i n "" .o
~oCf herr 19 9 S A.a conferees his3 po a s com ." There.Is not yet available ae
h. r"I..eb = have ben called olear account a to who
c3anth o n a d efet dmoday IICa on tin ('En ti in elyriu n f t 5re di the accompanied him.i

6Sr" 11.'11 h1 vd ny 1. RAP a confersi t *t
M bl i h t od the m er o f wI cam t t for Adh a bette i)t Sie thd matter. ..
edm conf aws aln ee, at hersbrg W cn to t t of my f I 't." 3 clam down one "
t aite V, when fe B It on =-. a Sh kne. nothing o03 P5. t Albi yeter-
Jel Tom R.rd 9ep pm a t .e noW. thnl wpho L t .. Ruselanee dA u .Me

naspe ot re~a"ana f r.Truman. esM al. I.... .s,, doMW m sommsrt
ad ,s Rewds S W o eFirst t t" wk d e medhtoday t ow a ere, he 2: w .e...
to ath It nub- The former .IPrefsident spon White ust. bee been searchi M s ft Pliwo te
S'-,oin t hatels l htd t ate f .dta yerofthae n .the disciosro te ,, be. t ,.. .
<.h"a Ex-Pmresident EvPreubpetnaeid a.. VISA It .s -tt- r .* ,I
t l paing re ce to the doilth have nythin about our hlnia." .......... I7 US

aSsE-%<^sa?'s' """**" alSr n f' 10s (UP) em hO 132.10^';e ^oa-e au
neste1LlAhateorBeat di tic oOK Novwei

fee h "Tl tht pflederence bureau oeref riandlvdusl aga o un c iin a o tUon ,rovs are he "adder.t Cr
<(! in 1hi hfe 1 of Congres. l-,, .ou demagoges aond for kdthat no.tremdeous ex- the w. .the A.erta .eol
peeh laf t mday v* bureau said no commit- reason he was lceabtd of being pedt ing made n the ae blnd twhathaS go on
~glB gll r f sT.PATRBURG la I as I ot wt s n pre- "soft" to=8ward commuagnm. fooAde-or the Manahat-a in itan d ca?
tment 11 d.UP) The lat ry a r s a t the lsb- s pears ble to to p ec urii y.
haibe b a1! e r %WMiW. was re toid y e tboaonat 'rat e lo na s cor Tves mMaa q e ntol iates Area U
Inhbn% U m rdng t t ha tried to prtcICActivtie Ctas heigh o "a Lf thee das tW nted public teI general hae hve b th .
toe 'WA'estfdm

o hf .I hre b the wina of nvd l aubpennin Truan of y eown abmt the sWallowet a great deal of fale l
IVsn.,w he.nheS .imdo ht 2, became he s prnl r dmeg Th1eore were tonr fprmteod"he passld ",tooh nAto Iro a"Sih 2 0t1
Sv han,_ Mr o1d been Whitesasd landlady said "e -. el ID1 in a pltlon to hdwest on the le c oast o Mant
fsrst I wi

S" government official had whether Truman coa d. artl ay New York T" W.W, Nov. 11 (
r. Al d aot Fnttvled himel to her aa a be Sace to amwer q aest on otf Ttow a om. In the aT e Grovs i d i -Tr a l racial barrle ar d a.
T her ef o rmt..Pee sfden to th e rM n a e w o r ld"te b t e n e iant n :-ar e g a rd e sa d

jeset.te aVtlln in Wathett. i Apri" Pt. longrea s to "attempt to ub- .GroW s a lunch address ton o eaton mo l- n .w Wn -
t ha. 1t. pa. .t. oner.Predent Tr- toy the National As- u hlS S Wt n v tthe a h utse t
T I i rSfth ta toa had aed Pol for thenMo" r e or atiW..Wutacturer. s in ) -- -sMr W i relay tottefetefatt
itser s bI s of all payment fThe Tennegshe Democrat ad which e atendtry H N a tl&t o
s Ne Ddnt. We lold offersy to aonriy ha po- met atbede of gcuriety rti p as s a
w qU i o Id -it.. II I.
1a r Mlo r-a theadmr-tiof400of e -bioasoder I a
the .^S Le b tto ? ra n H n %n .F rig id ity ? Sa

.ene byILco ntgrApioalco.r. s r. TrSt ptsuffB 11- Issiajut.. bbeca use d alhr-V'

-Truman Sai ':, ": ."-.e .- .L"" -- S ""
breu f anivdul against de oeaof ysinteth ey bl o e-en le s T e n
spevechalot d y- bewasknowAtremendous theway mA merichNaoa As wVree wanept a s r a

alW Utem n S i Ur*Ru said oo hom ie -aa ave ien reasornayer thas bo Ahred tc th Wbt m I
that M.yak f n." te Idust

hedma 'snofa sesenathn sodbe oetoaekee a aEs

i11n- 6Thespet tSi b r theohfthn'o rre l4
attheiweoeworetI"iyr tahece a r eort s

by ptt the ter Whitewatsoro s o" with regardold tc the .rta nt. Thet mRma a e toyoaoicwlr qiate ti g
to be en qustion be Atty.he Gezi. Wh hrerbft .Truipw n throfenc ires I. m.a th ave program toymd & O tr te

-- low. of them dy "Mftplhinwsnclo 'nSehsalj

hib 7Thliarsdthtt fomrPsdnte rt oafsV. sue inoleueas

blbInt rasur aae a r st sp sgtomh a 6e in
.1- rof2nabene apanela."aybidthechinaeseno t iest a n the oa
Trum~w S.NMI-t~dwif, ttivoan l Tey Cll owe expect tom#J

l '' LS, .- .I-..

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"fl~ T""H

*i I .P 0 i 454, PAn., .
--- ;* T -PAMAm pm lhT440 ** LINMauI
Peilal. mlauugNTAIv3- JOWMUA U POWlns
240 MANMeN Avg NEW VYanR 1TI N V.
PW in I. M. 49sav NAU 1.70
0" 5 *lou MONYI q l ADVANCI 0. e30
tt'.o yEp. D4DVAN leg~~s- laos

Labor News'

Comn xt"


Mw PFANAWA kIMVIWAW .. -/ .. .
- I I ." -' C" 'l

TM IS YUS DPOKUM THIE RADIE OWN COLUMN For a few cents in st ms w e.
could have saved hundreds of0
millions of dollars Ip the 20
T i& l sA A Ift | IA sr V years-simply by ma lll' all, '
n rJ I l n A ultra-secret weapons blueprints 7
SM A IL X directly to the Kremlin. And a
~the manpower and money spent
by ouzr counter-Intelligmce a-
Tihe Moll lB o ano pen forum foI sedesn of The Popeme Ames- gencles could have been put t I
baim. LMteus e received gratefully and ere handled ix e wholly s ol I some practical use. like. solving
deaial asooner. big city traffic problema.
It f e ribue a letter des't be Impa Hoet it 41doesn't apperM the What Is more appalling than
Mo day. Laer ere published in th order cehived. the grim fact tnat the Soviets -
Pla ios e yt keep mhi letters imitd to fee page lo nth. got all our secrets, from sky-
hlmletolk, of lhe writes is held i isrlltest emftMden. platforms to aerial bomb detec-
This wmge esm seMas m eslpesiblly lfor talemets at s piions tors to the mathematical formu-
esMpmeae i n loners rm f s rsn. lae fgr atomic energy for air- 400-
lanes is the deadlier fact *44g ""O
-- that some of the spies used some *- J
SDEE- DrERT of the "independent" pro-Corn-*-
M DE. ..November 1 1953 munist unions as fronts and /I
M*.. .ox."Edtor: that few In this' country seem T A1A
During the past few years, the Panama Canal has built up undly alrnd.
e pretLy residential areas, among them San uan Place and Ib ponted at least 33
he new Ancon Boulevard development. A considerable amount --ion '- oen.. ffltl. ad a t l
union den n r .| offil + ls and
I appropriated money was spent to landscape these houses, and their law_*,- who save re- '
any of the tenants themselves have. gone to great expense to f sedta odooesionage aetiv-
ake the exteriors of their homes as attractive as possible. It is --In, t donf i sspionage Caiir-. /
asonable to suppose that the officials of the Panama Canal The mns C 'todu e ea nd' |
Save considered these efforts commendable, since over the years active though er refsed to
Jey have frequently deplored the complete Indifference of so den assocation with Soviet
ny Canal Zone residents to their home surroundings. master spies Jay Peters. Ar-
It It strange Indeed, therefore, that nothing has been done thur Adams, Alger Hiss and I
curb the depredations of the deer that Infest Ancon Hill. These Julius Rosenberg,
er destroy in one night what God and man together struggle In the robrse of this -cloak-
or months to create. In all this world, there is probably no and-dagger activity for ts':,
ore discouraging sight than to come out of the house in the Third International, they have
iornig and find yesterday's beautiful plants anp shrubs chewed moved In and out of the follow-
d mangled beyond recognition-almost beyond salvz ge. Ing secret qress as David Green- '|
--. gss soon' will testify before-a
have heard that petitions have regularly been sent to the Senate Committee
Governor pleading that something be done about this situation,
but with no results. Why are these particular animals so sacred? The Rosenberg rings. which
They bring no pleasure to anyone that I know of. They are night are tied in congressional an'l ".V
feeders and are rarely, if ever, seen by day. They are a menace coort room testimony to the old J
to tftic at night, and will be increasingly so as- their numbers Federation of Architects. Chem
Increase. Just recently a woman nearly drove her car -over the Ists, Engineers and Technicans.
bank near the Board of Health Laboratory, to avoid hitting one had agents in the Army, Navy
that bounded Into the road s .she was passing. Must we wait and signal Cormp. They had ac-
for a really serious accident before recognizing the need for at- tess and walked out Ith buig- T ve
tion? ihX brief cases filled wth data A irp r T ra e
on the Bureau of Ordnance. They ",
A great deal of false sentiment has been created by children's were in a Navy cell which had
stories about deer, but I fall to understend- why this sentiment the most detailed information on l By OB RUARK
should extend to protecting an animal that is so definitely de- two of our latest battleships. y T "
strtctlve. Mickey Mouse is also a charming little creature In i g
cartoons, but what sane person would want mice to be protected They ad sa it I -ty -
and encouraged to propagate? (Given the protection, I under- which Worked under the fo l
stand, both deer, and mice usually provide: their own encourage- lowingorders from i Ro I seems to me that the airlines are very much den, with the idea of eventually displacing, their
ment "mienerg: to get fora tion" justified in asking the Civil Aeronautics Board entire domestic service with the big whirly birds.
"military equipment, any new for-the right to fine the "no-show" passenger or Two of our major companies have announced
The next time you drive through the new residential areas equipment, plan, boos, 'any.. the last-minute canceller 10 percent of his tick- the existence of big new rotary'wing types, cap-
djstent to Aaconi IHL. take note of the,Vorts.og the people liv- Uhini of value to th $lm e* et price, and I don't see why it need 'apply oly ale of carrying 40 passengers, and I woul4 dear-
i t.ere to.qeautify their home' broiWpg sun Uuito,." R hi*-fift to coach services, either. ly love ito .e the companies get cracking on
under which they labor, fhe moneythl p on pants and into ma k cislflah fAt one period you found youth ticket automatic- stArtithg copter seryet.
lgtiWera, the tlme they give to com~. ing multitudinous time Bh Jrahwaseay ally canceled if you didn't phope up so many
a. JKoe- the attempts they ot;r e ,t! lt t pa n Cleva- hours ahead, to the flight time, even though.yqu I love the airplane for the. extra years of llv-
-tbe u wire fences, the pathetic th ta4 had already paid for the ticket. If your forgot Ing it giveh -a steady traveled and have flown
the tin means rattling In the breeze. Notice, too, the houses no ni ed ale dIn th r or the phones were tied up qr you were Jqst plain considerably mord thaW a million miles over most
barren of plants and shrubs. They are the homes of people who flndeamli oCaentrated Ohio war busy, you stood a good chance of finding your of the world's, land anl nearlyall of the water.
have-finally give# up the struggle, the ones who say: "Oh hell, industries seat taken., But on Slmple paelnger relations it has devel-
w ht's.the uqeof trylni to make a real home in the Canal Zonet They got our latest sonar an- I reckidnif we keep on plugging away, we may oped more slowly thMiin y other form of trans-
the a, administration is qo apiathe I-.ubm iln Jrin .eces. I ye. etg he .wrlakle tIoned out of the airlines. port Jcnow, with tle -pdasib except fa-of -
V, be.A use dn the l nge, mels. .he wonere maw an ses froa; per,
5 alists t must seatinally be bsa b bat"' I
tieI Weiri ]W-lr ItaionM. a o- i ei st wek tailt b to bf submar. rt d the food gen y wonderful. moe l tatng f a
.dlet o A oa R 4 conld be rounded up and disposed of, and then ie." And lrgb 0on tlanklg and baggage service trote on more creature obr ..- ,-
Sesm f great irtaton to a group of hard-working, garden- hey lamented a n taent in the and imila clhtical satff, .the airlines have im- Where onee it was the sut est service, espe-
Sloving Canal Zone residents would be eliminated. Then, at long Navy. which sent him into the proved better than a hundred percent since the cially on the ground,it Is now he potltesut. Whfre
last. fAJ Juan Place would be the show spot that Its dwellers OZl plant at Schenectady grisly days just after the war. This was because once the ticketing was the most Involved, It's slow
-have tried -for years to make it. which counted 'on the Navy to of beeft time has me the simplest.
screen Its people.' And. 1 guesm n* hai the time has come for The rival lines have long since quit cutting one
Discouraged But Hopeful They 'got 6ur latest fire con- concerted 'beefs on transportation to and from another's throats publicly, and now cooperate for
trot system (gun firing.) airports, and the utter futility of trying th sfe .the passenger's convenience. -Where once a man
Soviet agent Morton Sobell time by taklbg planes on short hope, say Wasdi- was completely n ;the dark as to the state and
r rO:E PAINTING .. now in Alcatraz, gave the Rus- ington-New York, when you kill twice the time condition of his flight, the shape of the weather
Dear Sir an 'devices which ae part of gettar to airports, checking in luggage, lating and the reasons for delay, we 'now have the
I am writing this letter to protest publicly the cruelty and the systems used to control, and for luggge, and.getting from airport that hearty bass voice of the pilot filling in the un-
thoughtlessness of an Incident that happened in Curundu Heights tp drive equipment and to take yo, spend In the air. asked questions over a public address, which still
the night of October 31. 1953. ,It i my sincere hope that the par- (electronic) inteUlence and to They have known for years that this problem reassures me when the wings apparently are
ents of the' child who brushed a thick coating of red paint over use it in any way that is neces- would- ave to bef solved some day, because the coming unbuckled or the motor's wheezing.
the entire back of my son's pet hone will take immediate steps sary for computation" In firing airport using fArther and farther from But the big unsolved problem still Si the bust-
to prevent any other acts of luch calculated sadism. or handling guided missiles. Just the cities, Ue to popular objections from subur- ness of getting a passenger from the town to the
a bagatelle. baniths il t E planes flying over their plane in something under half a day, and with-
The intense ayons of tlh here whe nJn Sttempt. was made At one polet, JuliusRosenberg homes. 4. out scramblfrom terminal to airport to baggage
to remove the zial wh M frntine IW y not worthL the simply woeild Out of the Emer- The i with landing fields cfose to the to plane. We have invented the H-bomb, and a
peculiar pleasure hat cone capable oih a performance ato Radio plant. where he was a etor atop buildings, has got to be man recently patented a way to walk on water.
would derive from it. It was impossible to take off more than a government Inspector, with our the a Pease, friends, will you not turn your tame
mall art of the paint nd whether the horse will survive vtal proximity fue in his brief The British, I notice, now an ounce the mitn- genit tloose on a system to get me from Times
Toblematical. case. Later, this master spay and tion of beginning helicopter service.out of Lon- Sauare to Idlewild in less than half a day?
payoff man taod David Green-
Aside from the monetary value of the horse jon' lass, who told vthe Senate in-
I the fact that something must be lacking ls morl vestigators the other day that
ofLyoungster who could conceive and per a dee of Julus- boast Of gIinr It to the h o
this nature. Unless the parents make a de L ed effort to Russians.
- el ck this tendenev promptly It Is to be feared tl t the child's If hL" Reba dicoe N
cruelty will increase each -.. I .l IN Reseberg disclosed -
U e he had sto-
myrma caarrett I len t sky platform frouas. a
S- .. .. ,'. Whet the oesige San arked
,... -" :t, at. ws. aS ds e MAl l Woolworth coin) has flippe over hip-flipper
wo1 be u se0nusp at n Lady Fairban next may i Sanmia GaG I in Cairo... Britain's "hottest"
S it w an the _La.ell of CaDf,..Arleen Whe- sports car standard Triumph) will soon invade
"n th a'r to marry r Bently the U. markett. .Austrian Archduke Virdi-
S- and te ands Bye frsor wr.B S&har- -nafod offe ed a $2 million dowry to wed
Sth," 3,tt isim a OP ug a rii- al, according to gab in his
S e that, t eg in to Ioo .K yn's is Byrob palmer...They set.. .Ona Chaplin has been peddling in
Sskward fried. They waste tell to water against Ava and r Lo What became of all that money/;. The
S* tt i' H litte time y coS Beh are losing sleep. .Trt ,aek Agaha wMI disinherit his youngest son (Sa-
b^ I Rosenberg revealed that he chunk oft "D lt"g. t...Dorothy li d Mtoer "Doon" Plunkett, who has her own Fort Knox.
was the agent most trusted by Sports Show eset F. Pittera blend ec. M... Jeff
hreseltS- the Russian. tHe called on coum-Hunter is rushibg Barbara RUs oft Universal HopB Hampton, who has been a target for
--tser Betty Bentley for something. Pix...It's a sis for the Walter Matthius of "La- burglars, were all her Tiffanys at the Colony the
mHe knew of her. She didn't know dies of 'slm Carldor." At N. Y. 'Hsp. Margaret other aight...A big-stakes poker game on a
,E ~of him, except by password. And O'Braea'5s mth is mending after major sur- N. L.-to-Maml train wound up with rame-horses
^W 'mu 'I eOthe t into BIx;loslve gery... TIhe. I, Jsorlti's Mgr. Case I shifting to swapping owners...Joan Davis and her beau-
rll. mae i Plcatinny. N.J., the St. Le i' -...Margaret Whit ng's ehMe t- manee chneked it after a long idyUl...Riehard
m -- WEEK-END RELEASE! Aberdeen Provlng Grounds It terest 3i Beloi5 Kennedy.. .Locas bsk from Hayes..t)t crooner, and atress-thrusIltContess
-I. m Maryland where they picked up Mexleo say M UUl O'Dwyer is freed he will wed a Gabriele von Hammerstein are a Major's Cabin
-i- eww* 1,14 l ... 2:t A'*A -:5 p.m. the aerial bomb sight detector rleh Freneit ndlqwoman. rendeuwoosome...LUfe-size nude postralto are
Iand also into Oak Ridge and Los the "rage" among solaliltea...Henri Soule, the
Alamos. PavilleS host, turned over his SSI* cheek (for a
I .- j^ Finally the Soviet agents be- Frank Coste.! .Is puzsled over the Tax D pt's eiggle endorsement) to the Ramyon Fund. The
| JS i came suspicious and started run- plan to opiMate for exasion. The day after blia Fund seed 3 new bequests (making 175) this
ning their boys out via Mexico. return fom, he got a tax refBad...The elst week. From the wills of Peter Coralt (Jersey
SIn the Federal Jail at Lewisberr, atty has w'- on Michael *regaa (the eock City), ymana Kats (Queens, L. I.), and Mary W.
Pa., Greenglass told the Senase leader ona rmrned) aUlegaing mwauer. The DPuey (Arliaton, Mass.)...Gastl HaUber, fem
probers that Rosenberg tried to ease megy k t 2 weeks...Tamueqv' sweep lead ef "Dtial M," tmred in her neitie a a huff
nget him out too, and when he will MV- lt- xty probe *Hfte books... after a aeites of battles with Mgt.
demnurred Julius said "It can be They sl boaMt Wagner'~ ehlee Peelle ---o
done. One of my boys, Joel Barr, Umm. s .iwl Beegaa. Tapimy kvem JlUs Ia BRomes's solemn comment: "I grew up
d 'did It" Adriar a. re's nothing Eke etag e ten years in ten days".. .Yule oramsna mqid-
-r r-- .... Well, Barr and his girl friend, wife f a Jgalttite-w afer geo f fw t- ed after faces of stars (Oroucho. Uon Olea-

vivian oGlasman, worked at tem n l Popular Betty il stnfed' Was son, et a) Will dangle from hlM l'th
Monmout cre radar la at Du nr :-mmsuger, and bef kentlhmed Christmas...lAfty O'Doul, disco Di-
rr, who Is undoubtedly peep- It... h lctim d bW *Ot anMAL a being cOqded
a h from behind the Iron to Wteakamdl eaglphtMTWd...The .Deitlthe sa au&or h
was the Rosenberg link a s1a 81rn t0 Utandesolh
-OKO s anw. .t@ nul
Soit goes. 0. John Rogge. at- week .. AM) rm O 22
tom ey for Oreenglass and otheNa ".-a' th se Chotaseatar
.DAY. $100 F who were In Soviet espionage, ... ol1
'601"- $100 FREE! says:a
---"There still Ih Soviet espion- .
But it's a ast jigsaw pus., MoreMI.
a fuhll story hasn't been Wfmep i
told. My diantje will coopeera'p
a. -.d t'l the authorities what Cot
thy Am*I
authorities do2 a N1lc A: ...W
"-- -Jr' "
"6 .; .. .I .o..

- :-.- -



.... .. .. .
'+- .: *.

This writer has worked with Harold, -aeeon, now In the
Elsenhower official family, qe d with C. D. Jackson,.ndw isen-
hower's psychological expert. pn the Germn sed
propaganda balloons and freedom manqsags to Czecehlovaki.-
a move which electrified the Czech people.
The men around Elsedhower arzt old on the strategy of
penetrating the Iron Curtain. They really meant it when they
wrote speeches for ilisenhower's campaign a year ago. But they
have been unable to secure action at the top.
The unrest that ia so evident in the satellite countries eap.
not continue indefinitely. Meanwhile the lucky breaks of Stalin's
death and Berla's purge are not likely to recur.
The Reds keep on harassing us in Korea. In Indochina and
the Far East, but we do little to harass them in the place where
they are weakest-the satellite countries.
Dwight Eisenhower was a young lieutenant during World
War I, given the humdrum -though necessary job of training
student troops back in tihe U. -
In World War XI he was the great leader whose unpleasant
job it was to order troops Into battle, int- battle from which
many did not return. -
He has seen the long rows of- wooden crosses, silent, name.
less crosses dotting the battlefields of Europe, staring mutely at
the sky. He is familiar with the words obf Alred Noyes-
"We who lie here have nothing left to pray.
To all your praises we are deaf and blind.
We may not even know if you betray
Our hope to make earth better forimankind."
This fiid of foreign affais .is one in Which -the President.4as
had great experience. He may not know farm problems he may
be rusty oa economicproblelms, but the field of foreign ahd mil-
itary problems is one whnih. he knows, and in which he Aan
rightly be reminCed on Armistice Day that he ennot, must (at,
let the people down.


F ~" ..sWF .

3Wi~r, -.. ,
I @t 'unrest blhin
r levels. But when
chill hand of. Inm

- -":


j.) -
/ -

.. -

L_______ ~___~1___~_

Drew PO* S.a : op-AN other Am i-A .L

IheI frM i. ICm oHfnt iy; ...

.... h t or oi C o a ed

d one of.t_ a m tastute obker tis IS

neau Nb or the1Itmoer front hMe te'
diei flet's ew that Pr Mlx o
bulied ll positio i Rssd a Ue'
among the Ugsan people, an that mO e 3
worse, pomlbl9 alasMt theo. 2 o
triumvirate, foreign minister and ce-re? x
Malenkov is reported worried over arhl i rabid -
porter, some of. whoi ar e still lItrkla InBla, e tH I
easing up the Kremlin's foot on tht neck of the farM'Imd
letting the people hqve more consumers goods .- all a ulgn (
.As a result. Bohlen has recommended an extre61 ely mporo

ICentral Intelligence reports concur with oh t ll-'at
Kremlin today is preoccupied h Inmret n lde td at.baerm.
with holding the satellite countries In nlh, nd a ndt e
liv standards of the Russian people. thermhly
doubtful Rusias would start anything until her to
bombs is larger.
All this is why ambassador Bohlen believes that .2w is the
time to press Moscow for political advantage. Later it wil b too
late. ,
All those highlights one of the greatest falnrea of the misen.
bower adminl.tration-failure to formulate a constructivb, ag-
gresslve policy to put Russia on the defensive and -1Tposlible end
the cold war. .
Never has a recent President had such opportunitles. irt
opportunity *aop Stalin's dAe th-brnging the lon-awalte
ment when Allied dlploma Communlm nmSt bei6
to Its foundatlonl. That it Was shaken was Indicated by th te
and opportunity-the purging of secret police Chi.f Ber.a-
other great piece of e oisenower lucdk. t-
Cet lqt one important move has beer made fo take at .a.
stage of t hat luck.
*. "*' "S URED G ....
and over again he promised to push propaganda behind the ilron
Curtain, to take the offensive in the Cold War, to prew the lrve
or peace .
in John Foster Dulles, mainthe same pledge, spelled it out
In great detail, told how the Eilsenhower admtnalstreton would
encourage "quiet revolutloa" behind the Iron Curtain.
But when the big opportunities came In Ruuia, they were
fumbled. Exiled leaders from tlne satellte countries urged the
President to can for free electns In Hungary, Rumania. Polasd,
Bulgaria Czechoslovakia. Under the Yalta pact we could demand
free elections. But no demand was made.
The one move made by the White House in this detection was
highly successful-food to East Germans. But the next m0e
finaled, thanks to White House inertia and carelessness.
The State Department dOnceived the Idea of sending ok
clothes to Sait Gerunani as a direct ift from the Amerlcan
pI e. To spark this irive Chancellor Adphauer was skoed to
a letter to Prepldent Btenhower remind6la the Aimerd in don
that Georman winters- ar ntl e and ;u pl tt ,Asp edi
u n d e r ta k e to o b lle t o ld h d o th e Es e. 'h '.,. .w
2 .. > m z lB AI L ;P' '" :"'Li9e tr u-
Adenauer.dutifulp-o sMt"the lehi r. It was eeil r by t

_ _T__~


f ..

S- i .

An r

at of


S-l7~1~ ~ ~ -~ -~


ii W in T1 0 Alo Docs Ro, iHd
W tll,.n :o ., .

_______al_ tdof the mercyc laying of a
-. his fourth bid to win reinstate-
.4LOt4l No. 1 ) .- inme Minister Winston Ca atue a M adlon m an inth yHus borouh County
fI, red I o e atit Me.cow "on a fact .e t in- iembsers attending the so-n
llatemiud t emntik, authoritative sources s iad 'Ua in ment, but that was six votes
-.A. .^ hov. n i Modm A o, .to-m apo, short ofthe necefarytwo-thirds
r Ad ratio Ioa oIns 'ia.t ..ui majority needed for readmissilon.
ucill a trip Rssia in 1944 to Soe the Cuba at goMd.t John McAndrews, Bid by ,e i l l ety-four of the Socety's 180
Skit Preler Jof Stalin with the late President romply rered the arreat of artsand director of the Fara ,, panled aS golt members were In attendance.
90 or more arty leaderv. worth Museum at Wellesley tS gtaff Sander a native of Schenec-
i lm .. R oo S ins. The 40,.00-member Popular dollg n Masachussetta, is an. of.the kown tady, N.Y. and now a resident of
The Prime Mnister would go to Moscow only as the Socialist Communist party was the I us to give various led ihas Candla. war acquitted March 9.
of fr l and not to neota t So legislated out of existence with t- ern art In the Uni aspublic 1950 of the slaying of Mrs. Abble
oOf me free wotrd and not to negotiate with 5- th official publication today of edlakv to observe the ad at BK^ *Aleaston C. Borroto, 59. by Injecting 10
| t Premier Georgi M. Malenkov, the source laid. Chur- a decree, previously approved by development In this country.. e of acve andcubic centimeters of ir into her
o ... U, l 'ound out.. hwht Malnko- ha- on his the Counci of Ministers on Oci. McAndrews will ve his firnt travel meniberrof the veins. She died Dec. 4.1940. while
.llull WOU Only sound OU What MOluen V has on his o. lectda about "Modern alntg nate. He has visited many a patient at Hlsborough Coun-
mind, the source said. Publication of the decree in the In the United States at thi countries all over the world, par- ty Hospital at Goffstown.
I .... ..... .. official gazette made it the law University of Anami on .Fri-ticularly every country f tLatin_
, iAcciding to the as aur ce, tie the future of Germany and of the land. day at 8 pin. In the .t1i 'sdAi- merica. er cout To a
auhu ill feels .that President Austria. The government lost no time tolum of the uilversl -the At the age of 86, Green has amera
owner is unlikely' to parti- Britain, France ap4,this coun- In ordering a crackdown on nu- sublect of "beyond i tlenal- held office for'a longer period of T
lto blbtelf at such a meeting try are in complete agreement merous Communist groups in lam." time, than any other member ofTo ITlMorg Garuens
tist stage but that be might that Russia now has abandoned Cuba Including the Sodialist His lectures will be U trated, Congress. Set
v his iadlag for chirchul's the "soft" policy It assumed fol- youth movement, the Communist with alor slides. These lee. Green is also a well known at-Set For Sunday
e-man misilon, as long as no lowingr Josef Stalin's death last daily paper "Hoy," the eekwly tuars have been a by torney and has been accepted in S d
te ent lar mae. spring. Churchill took the inl- ltima HQra" and the Federa Prof. Alberto de St. dean every court In the United States The Fort Amador Service Club
.he dPrime Minlter d s tiatvt In setting up the confer- lion of Democratic Wom of the School of r",ng ncluing the US. u p rreme will sponsor a camera todr of
tort Sel reported l sill tbo nee. Government officials dthe and Arhblteture of thUnlver- Court. Graduated from. he uni- Morgan Gardens on Sunday, of-
"obsessed bthe idea that Offlells ephaslsed thtat -Red leaders whose ar has Slty of nama And e Unit versities of Harvard, Bonn Ber- ficials of the lub announced to-
asteffort mustbemade to tendance at the Bermuda eet- been ordered were being hunted ed States Information services lin and Brown, he has taught day
nd the Cold Warand that only Ing in no way commits this by police. (USIS). Roman law at the latter institu- irl dressed In local costumes
oSnif top level meeting country to a 'Bi r Four" meeting Andrews is on a four- tlon- will be on hand to add color to
if at all establish the basis with Malenkov later, although month butural tour of eight pictures taken by shutterburgs.
's ait negotiations. they said the U.S. government Mrs. D. Bissell Latin American countries. A J A Busses will leave from the A-
Me e from WasbhIn tn is open to reason. Before coming to Panama MCe. *n leidU IAsi mador club at 1:30 p.m. for the
iMe orted that the United The State Department alad GitS $10 AWOrd Andrews visited Melo Ciy. gardens. How eve r, personnel
-ta "It Britain will put today It has no information a- n, where he lectured at the.l- r, e WU rld Trale with rivat vehicles are wel-
vyTsreonFrance to a- bout reports that Malenkov For question f Mexico. He will en IlU rli comet eet the roup at the
ee oucklv tothe ropean has Informed rita e ta ce to -Colombia, Vene la .
mi plfa to. counter Russia's Willing to attend "BI Four" Mrs. Dana sse, astant and other South American0 o m0nS
-new Cold War tactics. on ne. rollkeeper with theP ro .
isenhower s Aid Church- .The Bermudaonference or- Branch of the IDivion of BRLINTON, Vt.. Nov. 11-
were said to'feel that rench finally was planned for June, the PanamA Canal Company has (UP) World markets must be
remler osech Laniel would be then put off until July, and fi- received a cash award of $10 for re-captured or ,the nation will DelayS are costly. O
old that action-on the German nally postponed indefinitely be- an employee suggestion which RWeWsveT vuei l move in the direction of Co-
rm.tent issue is lmoera- cause of Churchill's ln ess. will facilitate the computation f mu RimH. erschel D. Newsom. .t o o c
il""Atbemuda w ase Since he returned tohisd of commuted leave incertainm tmaster the nti a G MI te stock of co
ir argument n Moscoew's un- ties the 7ayear-old Churchill cases. w muvuss W----- dlA t ah mnul convention ln
opromsini attitude toward has said he was staying in of fice n addition to a cash award, m day*
Only to try to fulfill his last Mrs. Bissell was commended for NOV 1 Farmers are caught n a price
m grnfeat ambition of helping estab- her initiative and interest she *. --=w il squeeze similar to those follow-
The Bnermuda eonfrene, h real East-West peace. has taken in her work. n World Wars I and II, the \
yesterday for Dee. 4-8, i Mrs. Bissell formerly was em.- The PaciIc side Navy and Ar- Columbus, Ind., farmer said In
exnct*ed to moot the tbie t Of He is expected to push hard ployed by the US 8. Navy. She has my chapters and the Air Force calling for j full national policy
Cold War with more defen e for some common, Western plan een working with the PanamA Chapter of The Canal Zone De- aimed at capturing and main-
w plans ad settiml. to break the current East-Wedt Canal Company since August of apartment of the Reserve Officers- training those avenues of foreign
Formal an-ouncem-ent of the deadlock. He might even offer to this year. Association of the United States trade.
S on-level meeting was made by go to Moscow alone If he could are sponsoring an Informal As a means of reaching such
e White House and by Church- win the blessing of Elsenhower Featur cockta party.and buffet dinner markets, Newsom.,uggested:.
then London i and Laniel. J B 0 creature from 7 to 9 p.m., ov. 21, at the 1..A two-price system for
Elet on the agenda will be Churchill also may press anew Albrook Officers' Club. domestic and foreign ales.
les by Churchill for a "last for closer coordination on atom- Barber Shop MUSIC The club's regularly-seheduled 2. A lowering on tariff bar. I
mace" meeting with Soviet ie weapons development now informal dance from 9 p.m. un- riers.
mler Georpi Malenkov in an that Britain has tested a series Next SundaVy Night 1 a.m. will follow the reserve-. 3. An easingr of government
t to ease East-West tension. of atom bombs and Russia has I sponsored buffet dinner, controls.
*enbhower and the State e- tested some type of hydrogen- The Balboa USO-JWB Armed Chairman of the arrangement "If we continued to make t t
rtment still are opnosed t bomb device, Forces Service Center will pres- committee, 1slt Lt. John F. Oster. difficult for free men and free
urn a meeting without coBpete The Elsenhower administrator ent a program of barber shop USAR, has announced that all countries to market their prod.-
vidence Russia reillv wants P ais known to favor.some increase mustc on unday, at 8:15 p.m. reserve officers on the Isthmus. uce o rsez vices, we move in
ttge 4tfiereneer with the West in exchange of information be- Two quartets, the Jungle Ares Including those on active duty the direction of the opposing
o-e e they feel Is totally tween friendly nations. and the Zone Tones, members of and their guests are cordially in. philosophy, Ideology, and.politi- SERVICE
g adn. ..hus for. .. __ the SPiSQA will be featured. vlted to attend. cal structure, and away. from Ol< O M
S Secret ,State John Foster The following wUl appear in There will be a qhareof $S.- the cause of human beingsu buop s.vU
^"fi^^ ^IA .8 ? '- I^ t ~ule. A isos p:Ga oM a&aMws ... R jWe; ask *t o
11 1,1'1" o W "111 fu ",-- Jerry M Hayton and the folowi members of the
accompany the "BIg Threa" .year-old boy may doubt that Paul Helton, and the following arrangeme committee: Lt. Cdr.
four-da..conference. at "honesty is the beat policy." He with the "Zone Tones": Dan A. J. Jansen, U8NR; Capt. J.
"sannvy itish vacation Isle found a-wallet containing $100 Blater, Jack Crooks. Harry Davis, c. Twomey, AUSAR or lat Lt. W.
the Atlantic, at a swimming pool, reported his and Pvt. Dick Bradburn L. De la Mater, USAFR.
Plans to hold the postponed find to the pool attendant, who Both quartets will sing at the _
teeitu.g now resulted directly found the owner. The boy and concerts which will be presented w l,
iteMll R-sis'srecent note com- thd owner were introduced and at the Balboa Theatre, Nov. 17 Offical Carelessness
pblesil evading Western pro- the honest youth received his re- and 1., for the benefit of the COLCHESTER, Conn. (UP) -
-sual for a conference to set- ward a quarter. Bella Vista Children's Home. Directors of a bank had a few
anxious moments during a meet-
ing when state police converged
upon the building after a burglar at COLON
Sarm went off. But when.- it .
turned out to be a false alarm IVOlI Crossin -
all were relieved-even the di-
rector who had accidentally
touched it off.

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NEW YORK, Nov. 11 (UPI --
The Bronx Zoo announced
proudly today it has found a
mate for its lovelorn hippopota-
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Her name is Phoebe. formerly
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United Synaoogue
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Convention Nov. .15
The United Synagogue of A-
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here Nov. 15 with more than 700
Jewish leaders from all parts of
the United States and Canada

Several associated organiza-
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CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. Nov. 11
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day was in strong disagreement
with Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy
iR-Wis.) on whether invocation
of the Fifth Amendment auto-
matically implied a confession of
guilt on the part of a witness.
The educator's opinion was
contained in a letter which he
sent to McCarthy in answer to
the letter's second telegram co i-
cerning the retention of Prof.
Wendell H. Furry on the Harvard
The exchange began last week
when McCarthy wired Pusey de-
manding to know why Furry had
r.ot been dismissed. Furry, a phy-
sicist, allegedly had refused to
tell McCarthy's investigating
committee whether he was. a
Communist or had engaged in
Communist activities. including
espionage and the indoctrina-
tion of students with Red philo-
"I cannot agree that the use
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provided by the Fifth Amend-
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0*.S. "SANTO CERRO" ............................ Nov.
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ...............................Nov.
S.S. '"YFJORD" ................................ Nov.
*S.S. YAQUE" .................................. Nov.
*S.S. "SANTO CERRO" ............................
S.S. "C. G. THULIN" ............................. Dec.


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S.S. "MAKNA" ..................................No. 15
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Other Plans





(**- "

. T. s
tU5 U S.I. IU



Ita --- ------------ --- 0 R -A \ W | l L 00 AA -I --- -W \ fe-W ^W "
-te Oki sos \LL 90tl iMI IiLL ff % DO I%0h THW4i 0I -M t -KE oL-.
.V1K 0 O H& | <0 f ME fffiwOj- L\? T H W M ALt TH1 'TIM L
VAtWC toa'E N itAWTt4 SOTT M I'LL (1T PLLh
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TI4^C W LW S.TOL 60- I ti*5th T -.
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% 1 S,. UdT s f;l. K BIEL2Tr

(A Lasit N u 1 PlsrnuMt Derths,)
,' Z= ?. M,
MS. wmnt r.( "....j ..... 2,...... i.... Noimber h
S.S. Valgnes ................................ November 24th
.MS. Wahinston .. ............. ............ November 30th
S.S. Liberte ...................................... November 25th
S.S. Liberte .............. .......... ........... December 12th

Weuakl fsrt Carso Srvee Metwem CrcitSbeLe, adbMe Wae sest
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Custadl: FRNtCH LINK, P.O. oSex ms Tel. 84MS6 f 1818
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fall IIIA1611)
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In i J I ll-R.e de..tri a y b. '
-.. -s.,--o..,. ,. -- Around L s Prwo wor s. t
i I M ., 17 &Lal o z- c wa thr .5to sk m
heeatamCliffAacreaor their loe vlente.
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I f re _." I"MrADDOX r drugstore.
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ttsy, dau ter of Mr. wah lk whh. tra cms,
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a tny for
Balbs Women's Club on It aa woman is on Cb.
3rs. Jacoba Joustra and Mrs. ls Idea of aettin 8l1c
Olivhr cu p were co-hostesse_ i to i t..r. e mtl. TsnB-
for a Card Party given for mem- the shower and 15 minuV.
bers and p eta of the Balboa combing him hair
Women'sClub recently yat h Oly few girls meet e
joustra krealdence in Balboa. ofi n ine-,-&-u-
SThose attending included M. COL. CHARLES B. BATHURST presents Ivan W. Herbert with a lr a ys the ame
SBourgeo a Mrs. J e Bin- commendation certificate for "a job well done."- Herbert .eo- rate with the rest et.h.s -
o ui Md w. tlon ar jardized his safety to save the life of a man and home from fire He Ii suae lIfe begin t
ton lJ hnson M last year. (US Army photo by Bgt. Harold Sellers, you get your drivers |l i
U Foote Allen,. Mrs. H. B. Yard,
lH- -- -mal he Is pokin around in 411"

dress, Mrs. -Beasle Babb1 MrsLocal Rater Gets Pay Raise a'theneanUlooks pained. .
Maud Clihard, Mrs. Edith Local Rater Ge s Paparents e each other a
Eppley, Mrs. Blanche Wrigl, m e o .
Xotalk,Jr., Mrs. W. C. Mer-, FOr Fire ight ing Exploit .d a .a
--, -chant, Mrs. James F. Tbbwin. o ve n dre t ght.
Mrs. Murray Klpper, Mr. n.0'1.T a1 uaI' the u wa e o e .. .. .
Thomas Dee, Mrs. C. V, Russell ol as ThA o reached the stage where e
and Mrs. L. D. money. ----- ... A ceremony was held at the. On the morning of Dec. 6 last thks that chances are
ndnMrs. ------ .... ,. leArmay -Engineers Offi c e, Fort, year a cabinet top was being In. ar wrong.
Around Lancaster, Pa.. you'll fresh tomatoes, salt (to taste), 1 Clayton, recently honoring Ivan stalled in a Curundu home b, His idea of something ratl.
Fort Kobbe Officers Wives Club find real Pennsylvania Dutch leaspon whole basilU leaves, % W. Herbert. a local-rate Army Dale and another employee of 'neat"for his room is a moate
The Fort KobbeOftficers' Wives cooking. We were there recently teaspoon ground black pepper, 1 Engineer employee, for heroism Transportes Baxter. ers head
Club held its monthly business and are still smacking our lips. cup hot water, displayed in having the life of /. quart container of highly No matter when you pop ito
SMRS. ALFRED ALEGUAS meeting. rec~6ntlj at the otIt Here'sthe type of hearty fare W. R. Dale, an employee of volatile cement was inadvertent- his room toask him to putm
o bbe OfficW Club at which we hd. This recipe eae zrow a Cut-beans ,nto 1-Inch peces. TransporLes Baxter, from a fire ly brought near a stove and be- his book .nd turn out Mk
ROSAK-ALEGUAS MAfRRiGrE time several- le were discuss. "Dutch dinner" the American Pry bacon until crisp. Drain and in a Curundu home. came ignited by the pilot light. he Is just "at the most eclIng
8OLMINZEDINMARY A D ed. The.pre nt Mrs. R. W. Bplce Trade Association gave to put atde. S.ors4 ont -in bacon Col. Charles R. Bathurst. En-I Dale's assistant immedlate, part."
S M L_ _- ott annoNDedatta Cocktalfoood.editors recently., .at until t but, not brownn! eer, USARCARIB, presented1 picked up the flaming container
Tht marriageyU in ever Jseanoen, daughterof.Mr. ay would given December dd remaining Inredients and rbert with a commendation In an effort to get It out of the When vo start looking do
and Mrs. Williap L Re an of Pedro Mlguel, to Alfred Aleg0uast at the lb rom, 7 to 9 p.m .tisel mitt Cm. simmer, covered for to % of certificate on behalf of MaJ. Gen. building, but the cement gen. him you look first to see If h,
of Coc Solite was solemnized in St. Paul'rs Catholic Chapel, in At the end of the meeting, (reWas Clan Bisquey inhout r until beans are very L J. Whitlock. Commanding rated so much hea t that he bike is gone. It will be if he I
Bala biIdge, Maryland, on October 17. Mibas- roth rkinan of the (Sorvos 6) tender. Serve topped with the Ieneral UBARCARIB. A lo n_ dropped the container in the lv-I more han three houses away
Mrs. Aleguas was bo in Bali~mor, Marylansd, a nd I an USQ-WB. medPres .O ne T7-ounce can mliced =as crumbled bacon., *Ith the certificate. Herbert will Ing rom floor.f o
banor graduate of the H Schl Cla. of wher U ee Center. Balbogave art and Iquor, 2 cu e ed olam also receive a salary increase. m oe.
she ee ajlso a. aber of the National I onr Soclety..- She is teretn talh on the vo ar broth, 2 cups teaspoon Herbert was in the next par- times an't mde nd f
ntly emplo ed at the Williams nd Wilkidns Publishing Ite a l-d fturbt plan t ,e- un leaves. 3tea- mont. On hearing the commo-" at -ta4 kef"

Swith the Cassot of'51,and Art. D Me ls eutvently tak- "s.anwdow at Sawt~oth* oplaso2 th2a,1on lesu* u exr
Mr '53w ut hi s o rasidatedof Bahabr stoe MatRlHid. TeSaoght laiyr flames rn drlo4grs 1 FR A*rare 3 hethaink ad kme a bt,bariver Monryahueelight or0h..-ea*y jLONDON, Nov. 11 (UPWtputIB pa.f9L--
Governor Seyold Is HOst prtment of Stte In Wa- night at he b.1 I&ClUbo M creaan pa u Eelarge pretlo I.i th o.ut of. m pdi 'o save
he, Goernor o the Canal afternoon 'b, lane from. the con eT ise.T""r hei mby claims. Place liquor In her golden coach on coronation man life ; bir t in .0pardilng MS -.
Te "o I ee the. houy lne'fomt s auce n Ad broth, akk day won a special award today hs o ) Esa rtb ingulsh the
Zone Brigadier General John S. United St4tes For a short visit to, e t sauce pan. Add broth, mik.
was ,o today t fo se Imb th ngwhich tie benefit .Ofatunt acttv i tI t m atn rli alt, black toselect British press pictures _g n l n a grea. loss In re m
Gove Pa. resden e idhtonor ofThthepAmb-tsrdorkofythePUnit.tvery.enty ... ....,,,-.. -- ...
T, dr r e F horeeno oiState smtbasao fThn i-ooperqd-cated to -American cation not allow to come to full Thef picture, taken byU. P. V
Rho Island who arrived ye- Wiley pnd Mrs. Wiley at e ek- 6i.alt 2 tablespoons of the staff pi tog pher H. P. A .t
toe d by plane for a short.-V basy lesidee. -.Tickets bay. bdenon. sale ofdr btier o m arrne 1n saucepTn. poaoronation phto cats
-an ITS'sthmus.o l-, al- oro"ationphot"tu -i
on lethmus. some time and w l Co Ue 0 -- gory that was added this yar .
ca'"-- ... be e n.l o e sale e re. ..l Weamnshouyear to the annual contest span-. ..
Am -A-o --Entertain'- .ReturnFrom U.S.U inIn. v scoredd jointly by the Encyclope-'. ,
WithReepon.p dMrsr1"Thecast elude.Shir 1. n a dhogapyoung manaussy o 1s .rttanida andtheInstitute'
The Ambsador of the t eA.Mar oloaare.. .lion, WnA A beat kn t 11- faPo ap fytirh Photographers.lU TORIANAS C.
ed States to Papma, John Co pass ngers driving Mob Gla. I Am. Nickelson h u, o a him to allmeons.e u U. P. staff photo grape AROVIAS
er .Wil wmq host for a -h te .-. e.nama. Qun, B.ruce Orvis, In -n, e don't autograph it with eytrava- Dhrje Dawson Won first
Ece '., a .Jo *, gao wods.if 'tu love. Rein the.ppt,*.

n t e overture at h d lisy logafter you a- feeliHg-seotil- bted photOgraph of he '- 0AYAJ Op Way
to on t ere u m play b etw een lra. m ental aoput som ebody elab. diant queen. QI T O, OW .-,Rd r
ihdmyof this week.rCa nts. m nbQUITO, One Way.....
-.(Serves 6) And even if love lasts you. don t Andrews won third prze in
Visitor house Gudests at Mr. and Mrs Velta T One pound fresh snap b I t to advertise your tfeelings the s oa news category last-yearl,,. ., ..
Embassy Realdenee lBack From Interior B.saar Friday the Thirteenth 4 strip. lean .bacon, 2 la rento all who Rappen to see-your withLhis shot of famous stay-. Conult wit our offl I
The Honorable Theodore F nan Mr. Alfred T. Vt The League of Lutheran Wom- onionsd,chopped. 2 cup cho photograph, do you? t Cap.KUrt C arec at Perd Avenue No. 16, Telephone 3.323 or so your
ehe .- ..... -1.A..a-dMrs..,-lf.ed- theit Reee Lt "ohe railof his frelinger Flying ,t ,ao.
rn, e ator Rhoe turned Moda. oto their home Chu ronQ Road will IEnterprise before It sank. trv a
-li.and Mr. Patrick Solt of the lin.Gamboa from a action of sponsor a Bazaar to .e h ...... i 1 II i
--"... ...... ........ a- -i, ,da.the B lie Center begin- !________,____I/_"_'_'______/
hlg at 4 pm. Attattious, wwill & dramatic c t.ievement O. ,
includ a Baked od rdbooth, a
Christmas (ift booth anmda -pe- -
The public Is invited a t
No more tend
-f AfeeoldE UL
Bamakl-up boa Woman's ClIub A
ma .-up Card Group Notice 1A YO
troubles Mrs. Murra *Kpper and Mrs. Th'B W Victor''
H. Yard wll serve as co-host-
.easses for the card group of the i f
lalubff, 2on; CNL100R01M AI
Vewish Welfare Board Center. t t.e
Reservntlons ma be made by E the t agg
or Mrs. Yard. 2-1953. i"

Bingo will be played this eve-
-- -.- nirng at 8 at the P6rt Clayton ,,.

:. For Auxiliary iU aer 1 I before aveltlble ,
.*.ereey o 7, Unit No. 1, w meet t is -
.. .ips eveOing at 7:30 at the American 1
Legion Club, Fort Amador for a'

--.---- Y8 pwarful RCA tubes

a ..eMONTHLY" jsmti
Iolu ,inidsiyl ,thing. fascinating

Now, in its lovePampered. RADIO CENTER cit, famous resorts
new Mirror Cqse'RADIO CENTE I Rand perfect climate.
'-- ...the Way You'll 7110 Bolivar Col6n 40 I '" al yours ,to h t ., ',
? AI Look This Sason. in few hours flying the mark of the well-dressed a
,, a -_ ._,_ _"_-_,,I" ',time, th nks to PAA's
by POND'S luxurious Costolla. Me. who eldet their cloth And. ofi, th .
u L-f-vFOE SO N lion-type CIIppes*. to create an impression of Sala ,so
C"-. 'n.a ., l -O 1rFr0 my oar I disonaction have rallMy tys ..hoaiveA. .
Newsueiest4n u ., aW s ry aw by a your Tropt Aen or "hwn-s a. marked prefeoepop dealer's t i Ag for
., .Ps.. Mt SPKI -' Ithrmm for e en Anew^ Arrow "as" ai
:TI. SPEC-r d.--w- T M-se -superb shirt s we fintly tal?'' p "'. m'rt*
; It's eo ming? s Wday-tMU fareD made of top-quality fabric, in w
ta pe airbe has, cU -ou -win an the wonderful fe. tavag.
Sthe oftyawLasw me, N5, l.8.t-0670 .-Wres athat have made the
m ytwue aaere .l a [iB / Cl.1T. .T097 Arrow trademark faloos- -
aye A B It l y, ftting collars, Is .- -
,.... 6 .u --W.. .._..,a ., ..,.. e dyo desiy, securely
_ ___ _, nb i., ....,,' ,:....o '


S- ..

---------------------------------------------------------------- '- ----

-1 .. -
S. .- :. FAt .'+

'- .~;- -


-:^ -- .+.-

. -: ..-*' *

. I .

---- ----, ."--

f. J,". -. .,, .,-: -._:'
="- *" ... -.. .. .. ".-,. ..

TiB PANAMA AmmW1mN,- A m WUsl a RU enWWWSPAPrt

You Sell'em .. When You Tell'em thru PA. ChfiIj
Leave your Ad ..... ue uf our 'nts o our offirc. in No. 57 d" S t Planama
No. 12 179 Central Ave. Couon

No. 4 Ilvoll AvJ -ione 1-229) and

Via L, -' 34 P i ,nl R P.
itUb V iMethmeUt .-4J-j


l0,pouuldt.da .

Phone 2bb. Colo0

Fourth o1 Juiv A( PL .ne 2 0141

AX -eic Inlter,aci I de PubHcaciones
No 3 Lottery Plaas Phone 3419.

FOR SALE:-Electric Sewing Mo-
chine (Desk Cabinet); Refriger-'
4 otor, 25 cycle (9 ft.); Wardrobe;
Mirrors; Dishwore; Ornaments; Tel-
ephone; Chicken Wire; Folding cot;
Water Cooler: Camping Ice Box:
Cabinets, Benches; Desk Chair;
Household Items. Dress Goods
, Phone: Ba!boa 1413. House 595,
near Balbou Gas Station.
fOR SALE- i cu. ft. porcelain Frig-
idaire 25 cycle, quiet, recently
overhauled. $110. 0-779 William-
son Place. rel. Balboa 2457.
FOR SALE: -West inghoure refriger-
'ator. 8 cu ft. 25 cycle. $80 00.
,'.ood condition. 268-D. Gamboo.
FOR SALE:-Leaving for the States,
Double be,]. dre.;ers. QM single
beds, child's crib. drossei, toybox.
highchair. kitchen table, chairs.
refrigerctor-. Cold.por o id Frigid-
S are, waoshi-r machine, immitation
bamboo i. ingiconm .el, :ouvres.
blinds, lailcework, dishes. shelves,
tables. House 0310, Cable Heights.
FOR SALE --- Electric stove, 4 burn-
ers, refrigerator, mahogany dining-
room and bedroom set, fine custom
built furniture, oil practically new.
very cheao. Arrangement con be
made to rent apartment also. San
Francisco 3id. St. 25-A. Apt. 2,
Tel. 2-351b, Ponama.
FOR SALE:-Coldspot ref-igerator 9
cu. ft. 25 cycle. Good condition.
$30. 86-6296.
FOR'SALE: Wordrobes $19.00.
Metal desks $25 00. Complete
double bea 5$48 00, Metal Tables,
$1600, ,troight chairs $250,
Moc.ern Vniities with stool $39 00.
Sofas $59 CO, Complete livingroom
sets $159 OC. Guaranteed 4 bur.r
Gas Stove., 569.00. Buftcs 5,18 .
00. New mrottreses $16 50. Chin,.
Closets $15 00. Folding bed.
i (new $27 00, Dinette set ime-
We deliver at first SMALL DOWN
Automocbiie Row No. 41
Phone 3-4911.
SFOR SALE- 60 -cycle automatic
washer, Bendix Economat, 3 years
old, for sale or trade for 25 cycle
Swgsher ir) excellt C"lpB.07J
R SALB ,fou i
various household artlcles. 609,
SAncon Blvd.
'401OR SALE:--Bendix automatic wash-.
er. $175.CO. Call Amador 82-
'FOR SALE:-One 9 cu ft. Westing-!
1 house refrigerator. Good co-irntior.
Porcelain in and out, S65 00
*.Houfe 0834 ArAador Rood or call

tad0o ProgramIs

I HOG-840
Your Community Station


. A

wood News
41 Thomas
Jo afford

-Report from t
-Evening al a
64Owumeagprv --1n

-Thle BatatlHo
-HollywoodO n
-Old Time BflrooP
-The Owl's N,
6-1ga off -

OR Tht

-flmed Hsart Pro


-i -,

FOR SALE:- 1942 Chevro'ct four
door sedan. In exceptionally good
condition, inside and out. Must see
to appreciate, Not a war surplus.
Call Fort Clayton, 2236 after 5
p. m.
FOR SALE.- Milircry Jeep 4 wheel
Drive A-i condition. Excellent for
interior. Call Clcyton 4270.
FOR SALE:--1951 Chevrolet 4-door
sedan, Power Glide. Original own-
er. 13.000 miles Curundu 6245.
FOR SALE:-'52 Ford Pick-up, likc
new. Tel. 2-2064 __
FOR SALE:-1951 Ford V-8 Custom
two door srdan. Fordomotic drive.
Good condition. 1426-C, Carr St
Baiboa. Te;. 2-3583.
WANTID:--Good cook. Bring refer-
nces. Good celery. No. I Cub.
Avenue. "Nestle" lilding, up-
stairs. Entrance on 28th street.
FOR SALE:-1950 Custom DeSoto
4-door sedan, Fluid-Matic, leather
upholstery, rodio, mileage 21.000
Mallory ignition, Thompson Vita-
npeter, chatsis undercoated a n d
rustproofe new battery. good
tires. $1,'CO. See at 1517 Akee
Street,, alboo, .or. telephone 2-
4284' f 5er 5.00 p nr.
FOR SALE..-.,949 .iord Tudor. Good
tires.' :.COIloh. Duiy Pa cd.
$75O0.:W ,eil. 86-3272. Alb co.:.
Position Offered
WANTE -- anaomanion irl fpr
secretarial Wrk with' goo .com-
pony In pleglsant surrounding;.
Good lrgi-,h, experience in
and shorthar'd obso'utely necessary
Salary based on e'.erienne. Send
complete background information
including and picture sf
possible to partado 705 Panama.
WANTED T) REN`T-OCne bed rom
apartment. unfurii bed E:Ioa Vis-
to or 'v,ta del Mar Area. Tel-
ephorie 3-0010 Ext. 27.

Boats & Motors
I~. ~ fgI*~ishlg bo

b SA1E;-1 ft.' 99otPishirkli-bo
Slon. Reasonable. Abernathy, No
" 99, Peru Avenue

Rlmes W. (Dad) Montee, 91, of
Los Angeles, rides with the
times. The one-time Kansas
stagecoach driver, who is now a
t r licensed pilot, recently flew this
U. S. Air Force P33 jet trainer
S a galloping 500

* rIte 12:30-Popular Music
1. l:00-News
CA) 1 :15-Pepsonality Parade"
SPORT l1:45-Luip.anc Abner
2:00-A Call from Les Paul
Science 2:15-A Date fur Dancing
2:30-Afternour, MelAdes
2:45-Rattle of the Bands
3:00-All Star Concert Hall
A Show 3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music for Thursday
4:00-Promenade Concert
he US 4:15-Bob Eberly
4:30-What's Ybur Favorite
World 5:35-What's Your F a v or It
+ (contd.)
(BBO) 6:00-French in the Air (RDF
House RiVIEW
S6:30-The Telephone Hour
7:00--Lowell Thomasa
7:15-The Stamp Club. (VOAI
I 7:30-Report from the U
Nev. 11 (VGA)
S 8*'00-The Platter Parade
AlUm 8:30-Adventures in HiLtor
8:45'-C: momentary on Worl
k. Club New
9:30-Over to Tqu
10.00w-Jrge Far a and h s Or
10:15--The Lat Amlerlean 8er
pam enade -
10:30-The Ha fe y (VIA)


inc a.... -.


2 ".. es". e fs h .pM.Il
2051 AMe C3 ____

DR. WENOEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue "K" street..
Corner telephone 2-3479, Panama
Sealed bids. *n triplicate, will be re-
ceived in the office of the En- rc.d Construction Director.
Ponar a Canal Company. Balboa
Heights. '.Cnal Zone, until 10:00
a. m. fJor-ember 24, 19'53. and
then p. bli'ly opened, for furnish-
ing all plirl, tools, equ pment
labor, service.. and materials, and
for perlomrning oil work for con-
struction ou roof hooks for quarters
at Balboa, C. Z. Forms of propos-
als, spccilial tons, and full paiti.
culars may be obtained from the
office of tiae Contract and Inspec-
tion Division. Room 343. Balboa
Heights I Telephone 2-3739 or 2-
26981. Specifications and draw-
ings will oe Ihsued on a deposit of
520 00 per set. Deposit will be
forfeited if specifications and
drawings aie not returned with 40
calendar days after opening of
N. F. F. E.
Annual meeting of the National Fed-
eration of Federal Imployee, Lesel
Election of Officers
All members are requested to attend
this meeting and help set the policies
of your local and the national organi-
sation for the coming yeer.
N. F. F. E. Chive Chive
Clubhouse. 7:30 P. M.,
Thursday, November 12h..
FCR SALE:-Deep Freeze, 25 cycle.
Phone Baltca 1718.
FOR SALE. -Used machinery: auto-
motic washers, extractors, com-
mei:1al gas dryer, 110-220 volts.
gns water heater capacity 650
g:i.,. per hour, commercial iron-
ing boards. 1950 Chevrolet Sedan
delivery, g-od condition El Lava-
rrmaico 8054, I th. Street Tel.
1462. Colvii..
Earrings,' bracelets, pins and rings.
Hawaii Jewelry Store No. 56, Central
-FOR SALE:-Boby bed, innerspp
mattress, used 3 months. $28.0
;c'ear bed. $2.00. 1940 Ctevrnlht


Houses on bch, Santo Clem Also
In COOL Camaue moteelm.
Phone S A.Ii, iBalbm 1389
or e carfake there.
Poster's Cottages. One mIe pust
Santa Clara Please brId your
lnens. Phone Balboa 2-1866.
WILLIAMS' Srate Clara Bech Cot-
toges. Lore. comfortable, medqm,
nor bech Balboa 5050 except
Gromlich Santa Clara Beach cottoes.,
electric refrigeration, gas stos s,
moderaratrates. Phone 6-441 4



Plllips. Ocek lids -onoOage. Santo
Clara, Box 435, BaIbco Phow
Panama 3.1877, Cretobl 2.-1673.

FOR RENT: Chalet 4 bedrooms,
Lefevre Pcrk, 9th Street No. 39.
Fer information B Avenue No. 7.
Lost floor. Goleda family.

ATTENTION 6. I. Jwit built modern
furnished apartment., one. t wo
bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
phone Panoma 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Beautiful and cool fur-
nished awortment. one bedroom.
No. 2021. Via EspaRi. $90.00.
Phone 8-0749.
FOR RENT: -fihed bohe&ler
apartment, I bedroom and bath.
44th Street. $45.00. Telephone 3-
FOR RENT' Nice unfurnished
apartment. Carrasquilla 642 San
FronCisco. Telephone 3-4418.

FOR RENT: ButisAully furnished
room for- ouple,-kjtheni privlteoq.
In Bsea Visto. Mexico Ave. NM'
69. Phone 3-0553.
FOR RENT:--Specially nice furnsh-
ed room, quiet, cool, all coewenien-
es. For cre or two gentlemen.
Sqth, 46th street No. 34, garaole,
Allf4Lt t. .elY. .,* I

Club Coupe. Call 83-4377 morn-. Shopping Bag
wings. Shopping Bag I
FOR SALE -948 Oldsmobile 98. 4- NEW YORK, NOV. 11 (UP) I
door sedan, radio, $850; 4 piece "I'll take two pou"bd of sugar
bedroom s.;t $100; gas range $50; one can of asparagus tips and
deep freeze $350 Quarters 41 Al- two cans of corn," a woman i-
brcol. Phcne 6185 or 3105. bout 45 told grocer Alex Shapir.o
SALE Small upright piano, 60, yesterday, '.
$250.00 Course in business ad- As Shapiro placed the items In
rmnistrctun, $40.00. Tel. 2-1282, the womin's shopping bag shi"
SPanama. pushed a mu in hti ribs and
FOR SALE -T.. o l po.. c added: "ll also take your moe-'
FOR. SALE-Two male police pups eYJ
Via Belisor Porros No. 19. Frs She put 80 in cash and $3
..-.-- in checks in her shopping bagl
FOR SALE-- Lodies woolcoamels hair with the ether Ilte walked our I
coat. ;ize ;6. Tel. Balboa 2189. of the 'ore and fdiappeared.

State Department In Trouble

With Chiang's US Friends
- -- ,
WA;HlNG rcN Nov 11 tUP| confident that relations between
-The State I lartment ap our two countries will be on solid
peared headed for trouble today round because we can talk'
as a result of a hint that it frankly," Nixon told the Nation-
might consider recognition ?.v alists. ,
Red Ch na if the Communists "In the P*r 9st. the mentoell
I behave themselves. of communism will not be ell-I
Vice President Richard M. Nix- minated until the Chinese main-
on., a staunch supporter of the land is freed," Chen said at thel
Chinese Nationalist government dinner.
was reported angry over the ini- Dulles said in Washlng .m
plcation. Other pro-Chiang Kai- Monday that th6 administration'
shek legislators are expected t) never had maintained it would
sound their opposition, be forever opn4 to recogni-
Soe experts believed Chian.. tion of the Peling government.
himself might stir up trouble. lH. But he added tat so long as
has stead vastly maintained hi;,the Chinese Ruls promoted ag-
Nationalist administration is the r-ression the Uited c C'tes w s
only true government of China.not likely to consider recogni-
The implication thit the Unm:. ilIon. c
ed States might consider reco- Nixon said h. would confe. .
nizing Communist China eame with Chen and U.S. diplomat I
from Secl-eti-y of~ tate Joh1 nvoys on Fo'rmosa before con,-'
oster Dulles at a ws confer- nelnting on the Dulles stat- I
?nee .niday. ment.
He said the administration Nixon and Chiang review
has never said It is forever op-.15000 Nationalist troops taking
e nosed to the recognition Of a part In the biggest war games]
Red "oveinment for China. Bit, ever held on r w m osa.
) he a.ed that recognition would Nixon braved lashing win-
S nodt be considered as long as the and sand andl'teqient dril ,s
Communist re e commits orIto watch the two-hour field ex-
suppor ts aggr iFrdon. ercises with C4lang.
Nixon. now In Formosa on u, Mrs. Nixon shivered in R light
Far Eastern goodwill lis. cot as she stood beside a coiat-
Smade no direct comment o ,ess Madame Chiang wh le re-
Duules remarks. But observeni sMiewind tmeCh t angos.
else to the vice president said viewing the t ps.
y he was "obviouslyangered." Ba e .Fund- _.
Nixon was dqesrlb-d by clop1 MT. D9 UT... OCK. Me. (UP).
d observers &a obviouslyy angered -Fisherman Laurence Newman I
by Dule.s' state.ient that the hauled a balloon out of the ocean
. Unite States did not ncessar.- here that h ad been released I.
olY IM re01gnPtlo0 night before by a theater in Pa(-I
CrOf.rson, N. J. he balloonadver-
r- Ixm laid at a imner in Tat- sing a mooaa picture and con-
p;h, Pb-.a m by Premier taining an admison ti t, had 1
r- Chenane Ng UMNant Cmit- been car W0 efIn h
na the at he Iwas odent that hours aV Le.rg easterly ale.
people will never allow a Com- e Earned It
munist o*ernment to prevall BRIDGPRT. Conn. (UP) -
over ftem t. wA trafnc coaot judge let Geor-Ae
Hicomment wasinterp trple. o with awam i"r
r 5v e.- athough N .ixtuore, I y a t eldefly motorist, who
ill toull~e~s. although Nixon di 4 nt',Iw" chatge -with Ignoring a
'mehim. I step diw-1s had driven 52
Slook to the future, I am y g i
L- -

Here are
The Facts!


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whie Odeam n pu pea in MNew TO*rk usteldw.
I L DMP rrowneil Jilday 1yrnis Geo"ge U OISM.
SCOUMMERCIAL (7 was one of a01msaadm. fhl l sa ie ihe ain"m
PROFESSIONAL s been given copies of I re
I ports on White. al yft, Apo asidam p eir
Truman id, immediately eWu w
Everything that grows after Brownell's Chiao e "ae told me to te oa sow
r that he did not recall seeft th at he didn't thbrw me W1,,
grows better with reports. e ad n r
repsutKS Byrnes contradieted thel at Waldorf-Aalortaw"M"
VERTA EN meat Monday night. Be said his Ne York visit.
Trnuman discussed the reports Truman learned -that he
The plant fooj that works with him .on the verr day' was gong to be a ned
Whlte was eonfilrmed by %he from reporter while ueh-
miracles with your lawns, senate as U.S. director of the lg it the Thre-L.te Bualdit In
International Monetary Fund., Romkereller Center nd hbe gave
gardens and plantations of The Senate Internal Security ewonen a vdw when liey
all kinds. subcommittee also has subpoe- askedhim If he were a uralMed.
naed Vaughn and asked Byrnes *I not surprig ed aa y-
for a statement on the White thing," be aM. s Ti a rya
GeCase. Wer hedIi to 5l3 t
Geo. F. Nov n Un-Amerlan activities He brushed asia question
I committee Issued the subpoenas about his reaction now to the
279 Central Ae.-Tel. 3-0140 for Truman and Byrnes after White developments.
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R- "I have no reaction, or an-
.Wis.) said his Senate permanent ewer." Truman said, "I won't an-
i'' '' investigating subco m m It t ee swer 'ift' questions."
CIROPRACTORSA might summon the former Pres- He was asked to enlarge on a
iIVrORA IUKj Ident if no other congressional statement he had made previ-
o. agAe 0., Oasuc group did. odaly when asked it he would
P mer OMreaS Before the House committee's testify before a congressional
-oC 110 H -o R. action was made public, a committee. At that time he told
S A- as : U- b spokesman for the Senate inter- a United Press reporter:
vet Am Le aTel sM nal security subcommittee said comment. I am a former" -
A rom L= a it will ask Byrnes for "his recol- dent of the United States."
I reaction of the circumstances" of Yesterday he said: "You can
the FBI report on White. translate that any way you want
'TRANSPORiES The spokesman Indicated a to."
statement from Byrnee, rather Then the former Prealdert
I BAXTER, S.A. than I: personal appearance strolled past the loeskaters in
Packers. Shippers, MoAr would 10 regarded as sufficient, the sunken rink at Rocketellec
SRUDS Bro el fll d that, In addition center, watched them briefly
T, 8, RUDtE to* V E th first repQt. onil remarkilr that It's "really ,
Talle Traspeortes Baxter te ent to Vaughan, Su- lovely day," and returned to his
CARLOS ELETA preme.Court Justice theiftto- suite in ten Waldaf-Aaterli
I *and VALERIO TU"ON y eral Torn C. Clark, the Towers to catch a nap Defor.
aR TUON I..-_ Justice Fi-'1 M. Vln- a banquet.
Expert Mechanics in Ultra- pn secretary of .ieTreas- Truman took the occasion of
matic and Hydramatic Trans.i- ~ry, eet -Adcp Willian D. Lea- the banquet to defend his record
mission offer their pro-es- hy an's personal chief of in office and to warn the iEsen-
s0loa1 services. staff.'the late James V. Forres- bower administration that if II
-,- tal then f2 ry of the Navv. doe' not. distinguish between
Repai. nstallation of pS SpruillF p (thgn assistant "the real dangers pf communism
stoves water heaters, etc secreta of OGen. oyt S. and the hysterical fear of it"
SIDNEY MORRELL, Vanafenbetg (th Ailir Force In- this country is In for some "bad
eraltelligence chief, later air chief times."
TOeeral 'Supervisor. of staff), and Pred Lyon their "I hope." Truman aild."t6ll
Tell.: 4-62 2-2451 State Department security chief, our justified concern about com-
-ALLr WORIGUARN ITr. and now U; tBaIlH-gIienMt i tUUi ln'the#e*das will not
S Paris.) lia._ further addturther into
.Dduplie-Truman's stattemeni ta Io o1f haystdria-as in the
I* Sd that he had lie oreetecO' of past
seeing FBI reports branding "Ih all -did. when I was presi-
DEALERS IN NEW AN White a p By rmes said the dent, to combat comifunlsm. I
J TIS Ri- i t., feDi P~e bt "sued a ways sought to not erve, the

WB BIT oAND ll.. ,,S', and that he male -sa ap- which can be so easily Alal-
-*- pouitment to discuss the matter ulated by unscrupulous dena-
I ** with Truman at the White House gogues. *
Sthe next day. 'or thls I was sometimes
LUX "The President stated that he accused of being soft. Tht, of
VENETIAN had read the report." Byrnes course, It ridiculous. I think the
said. "Whep asked the status c! record will prove it.
I BLINDS the nomJtdomuot,4r.W-Wte, he "The great measures we took
said it 7 SenateI petd ingfn the in foreign policy to check Com-
Te 31713 nate, I ontned w of the munist aggression abroad, and
charges contained in Hooer's re the measures we took at home
sB St. I thought we should mmedra tto enforce the laws against -
So wh-plonae and sabotage andb-
ly slthe Senate to withhold ve- rsone ar even that wa
La ExposikoI t.oa ed then lthaw rsona, ane eidencethat andLwas
to rn. and then vilthdraw the moving relentlessly against all
re said, and. ea d the our enemies, both foreign and
I noaaon." domestic.
Truman then telephoned Lee- "But it oear central govern'
iUe Blffle. secretary of the Sen- meot does nqt dlstiIrdslh-by
ate, Byrnes maid, and lermed the tSwo the-a danersa of oem-
,. Senate had just confirmed thEc munm and the hystersl
Byrnes said he then suggested es do not, sand firm against
Ii^ that Truman ask the Senate tj ai, and against the tar.-
reconsider Its action, or that he min of idlldkual freedmlf
refuse to Lssue an actual onm- then we are In for some bad
I mission of office to White. times."
Truman was opposed to t The former President had been
fIirst suggetionB ....said, n -in -high spirits, throughout the
doubted his legal authority to dayHe took hils usual 7 a.m.
take the second course. He said throughthe streets around
Truman told him he wanted to he Waldorf, followed by trotting
think it over." reporters but about the only
Official records show Truman meat they got from him was the
later Issued the commission ) statement that he hoped the
White, who served from May 1, Democrats would win yesterday's
1946, to April 8 1947, wheo his California congressional election.
resignation was accepted by Tru- cab driver pulled to the curb
man "with sincere regret." and yelled: "Boy, we sure miss
IWhite died of a heart attack you Harry."
16 months later just after he Truman laughed and waved to
. -. ..'appeared before the uno-AmeiI. him.
alserie Aimes j of th e_ __ _

ma m...e" -.. I-_ALAir


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"*" ^^a' ';: ..'

g. -1:-

eV I mha, eN*ew Vr ,a U a

-tna h* .
ii, is hu,~L. hi'i bi~ 5t ...If i t,

Mrs A. ind. M nriah, Jr., Mr. bretu
Aftiorc rl iiastt the ho rS Mr. 'Vsetr 1iiMr-
agrne itdre ta~bl. '. N.1 ner, Mfrf.. AdFI
InvUd4 to mett bohe sree M Aata Hsettn, .
wBC lTeutt, .~ Mr. s._ Ma am M. ta.
John rpbpl. Ms. I -r ..
ClaIwto, Mirs W. C. Qlat, iE -%-
J. *. st, SMrs. S A. .
UMr.T, a IaM Orant, tm Y-9La. t
Hearn, MU. W. Laulbamist
Mrs. U. M. U, Lbe1r n n, No. 2,.
uleging, mold An "o --"S ,u
SMrs. .U I -Xice* m Dot X
ise W.r. Rowe, Mrs. Following L the s there
SMrs. 001 W ite, Mrs. Ar- I rOfficers
thu: Under, Mrs .rivk 'Masgon
Inf. Mrs. Gge Geroich. Meaday ala e.

the aB- rAmerBic Womelti.
Chh .T. 's- r"SA 01
Dr. IPb .Adress -e sr's i Monday uuee ws' held at

b. Ithe te hor ueof Mrs. A. A. ank
5ie1IS of the Mararita of t,' With Mrs. WU1-
SOf oprest oiam Clut d p iung.,

o i*td 4lused. Jtebookn- sd.n
,g,,t. Ete8 p th k s- TheMrJombers attending w ere : p
sure of he s eDre. snito Pa- ed n charemen for the pro-
bon, &,rethry General of the gram for the beginning Of 19
ExpoiltI dofigttOge 91"

ot of proposed C lter-i Roors of te mod
natr onal rad :PIlPtln to man 'compOsr, Paul Heind-

bt fhold I Col f o, 'arch muth werc l pyed anmd discus-
20to iAprlon wh o4ustrA ed. boo rsed. "
lFernandenglish affa ipa ish

wheld sit thee clb Thb om mbere ttendinm were
me. bers. Teodgin the001-Mrames cer, Mrsrr

Miss mtherma rodwtn fll beM h.
tion. Te coopae rnd na gol, Ms.. David KapanM
club wmberso wn s requested rn J en, Mrs. Me
ae3tla ioi Making thebeaffiir alMrs. Brt Watson, Mrs. 0. N.
elt9-e proposed Ctrstm par-
tmy forn p 200 r roi t "Puer-
to Pedo was pditcussed by Mrs.

22. Mrs. e. dullinds Ja en
,Miss he ima Godwi W ll, be

Aer commbelter s related t ostemone t-
tolon the nameoat'letld and

repa reAonnindividlI tfro tod.
thia person. These gifts-B
be bceught toe the General As-

osembly on December 14 w 0 l dd
asign up for achld atthe c

La'r motherW Day Buildult on. breACb- mog w
mastese e and nativity scene. .T
fth a regular in chrlgst Ma r. t s.

Pwill cobprovided for the c- il i abve, Irl vlve Mo
dren. and Santa Caus s wi- d, me- I ; ,, o
tribute the diecton of Mts iss lvia
Vllareal will take place HELMETS From
riday, Nov. 13, at 4 prOm. cotermonger to Queen Lo-
Afifteen la.ette te was fperved donersrememberAwin-
following the meeting by Weekend." during
HopG erman Lemm and Mrs. Rob-
ma's mothers'e nDay. sulto -f
The ad ub's mqpthlyo card AonedBu..To oneble

Pap cookingd classes will be above,-lIsn coralevelvet."eo.
onheld Thursdayc red and blu9 am. In-
asd of today asprerviously dotted coral chlo.

members were:d. Mrs. 4ame An. a
Wi rbe theoInstructress.
clam s foi. atypicas lrd8=eun- -
tn Villareal will take place .

Friday, Nov. 13, M at 4 P. M .
An elaborate tea was served

following th e meeting by Mrs.
ert Brennei, Jr.. and their co-

is, Mrs. Poyce Eaves, =Sn


Bedroom,. Dining-Room, Living-Room
Only finest selected dried mahogany used.
Choose your own styles and colors

7110 Bolivar Avenue C616n 40

Panama Canul &Jheaters -

.. A ., _^...e.a. ,
hoS At So' i C t7

VeA Q0en Is Crowned" Color!

f^ B Q A 4

S_ 1 N

SF l l M ,I :

S1:1r ll -

Carolina after' serving -t 1f
Sherman and Fort u.Ik2_
They will spend
with relatives in Rhode
Mr. Am# %Vzetw
aMr. d -Mm. djck A.-
Wyokoff and their y
man, R -f-rom PWM tH_
New Yorkc arrived aboard the
"Ancon." They wl be the
houseguests of Mrs. Wckof e
sister. ad bother-kinlw, r.
and Mrs. James T. Redmond
of Margarita.
Spanish Cla To
An element ry Spanish spea*-
in class is to be offered to
officers Le sted, e men,. de-
pendents and civilians residing
t 7ort OuPlc* sd-Port Davi.
Nov. 1 i (UP) start November
If ait6:Sc pf-*B;?the N.C.O.
Building at 0uaft GOck,

T"ni Star Sues

Dodge Auto Heir For

Nov. It (UP) Tennis star
Gardner'Mulloy suMd auto heir
Horirt F, Dodge for $300,000 -0-
day, chagig the wealthy De-
trolt playiboy directed "obscene
and defamatory remarks" at
Mulloy, a Miami attorney as
well as one of tli world's lead-
ing amateur tonits players, filed
the suit himself in Palm Beach
Circuit Court. In his bill of com-
plain, the. former national dou-
bles champion failed to state the
circumgtaces, time or place of
Dodge's alleged remarks.
But Mulley contended Dodge's
statements r.dNaged 1 is "repb,
tatlon. persemwl-Mlfr v- nt
profeslonaL fereer. "
The cwinplat stated, "Qia*
net, )uJulq sue. te de ndaqt,
Horac bodge, for that i
sId defendant falsely and 3
Hciouir s 0 a4;d: ,ublish"d


Written for NEA Serrte s

OaTH (0D)

I8712 6K 5
S 72 V*4S

't ts I- '-
eNlniInd-4 "4

S Opening Ia- J
-Paros'..'4,11 i

Ann A. BeDker, the. 5prtswoman
who been an.route from Ar.
g to CanL ban hor1mbak

trip" here today- after more
than a two month delay.
STe 3~7-y(r-d sunburned
blonde plans to resume her trip
interrupted in Brwnmvflle, Tex..
by U. immigration agents
Au. 31, In "about a week."
'M sls Baker. flom Buenos A-
irea. said that, S.. Rmbassy of-
ficasls treated -her very well
when she showed up to apply
for another visid.
"'They gave tt to me quickly
and wished me'good luck on nW
A consular official told her to
'gui;ard the letter" she received
last week troea the district of-
fice of the Immigration and
Naturalization Serice, ,i San
Antonio. The district office re-
Viewed her caM eand authorized
her to reaplyw pr admission to

~-~t- he United States
Brdbea very They told me (in the U.!.
e ld s u rel mbusy here) that te peope
following the rules. Anb on the border are not goin
with a good. memo.rm Would then put more obstacles in my way,"
be an x Beber saM.
ct i i't an easY as all I he had a U. 8. "non.Im-
that. Thuer.e times whnn moU ig lrant" visa, affixed to her
have to.break the rules, an It sort wiefl Immiratlon a-
takes tod judgment to kow ents called ten-wetk halt in
when that th eones ad what oer long ftd, An agent in
to do. Brownsville said that she did
Take tod brnd for ex-ot et 0he requirement for
&mple. How .should South stion-atus. After
the trump The old "i c
I..s fo. qu.en view of th eso, she was grant-
says "Don't zns for a* queevleoh .II
whn you have pine cards of a ed another n-immigrant visa
Let's see where that gets outhl. spade trick Uto keep West out
West opens the Jack of eubs, of the lead as much as possIble.
dummy covers with the kinl; Hence South :ruff the second
and last wins with the ace. ast elub, -ashes the king of h.artt,
continues with the queen of and then faesses dummy's jack
clubs, and South ruffs. Following of hearts. When the finesse u-:
the old rule South tiles to dras eeeda, the rest is easy. South can
Strup by laying down the ace draw the last trump, knock out
and th n. the ace of diamonds, and discard
This lands southh a nice soft two spades on dummy's extra
nest in the garbage. West g1ts diamonds, making 11 tricks.
in with. he ace of diamonds and But South leads a spade. South must losa contract even If the finesse f
spade trick, giving up a trick in the jack of hearts happened to
ach suit. This is one trlck more lose (as itwould if asth bad Q-x
than he can afford. of trumps). East would be un-
IThe story is quite different if able to return a spade safely, so
South looks at the han~ 'ao 'a he would return A diamond.
whole instead of worrying about West would take the ace of dia-
the trump suit. South can al- monds and return a pade, but
ford to lose one club, one dia- declare could put up the ace of
mond, and one trump-provided spades and dicard his losing
that he doesn't lose a spade spades oa dummy'. extra dit-
trick. The way to avoid losing a monds.








Amerloan citizens are now allowed to send
merchandise to the United States tax free,
providing ie value does not exoeWd KTO"O.

for you. No worry and no work 6r you,..

I qU reui9Uo
and profession;

I uiP
lU iA'vu

1009 awls eor

rofl-Ao ,ltOIl

sO WA6t '
.;Wrt seNi ewff c

1:00, 4:15, :55i, I7:U, 9:15 p.a
A Big Western
Spectacle In

Shows: :30,. :10, 10:10 p.m.



$1.10 per CAR!
George Raft, In

CECIUAi loram
ProitQ ed For Morsi'
An important
fuml .
is a Umu oT3a l

"Marder Wiaent e"

LUX X .,,- ..-
Si 172:i 1:U i. 0. *i. _
A salutto those who fought
at he Korean frntal

j.4 lavishlmusical spectacle
with two gorgeous women I
Marilyn Jane

1:15 3;25 --6:0'--- 8:35

Tu i1. II Il,

I ;


WElbE*scKE *
with -
On the Screen: -
Robert Cmmng, in
Also: -

ame s Warren. in
Plus: Walt Disney's

At M pnm4On the Stage:
ctheoen: -
Oi;s .as at "

aaan Ftwr, in
mwgd Warne, in



* 4

L* ..

-~ .. ,~ -. F *-~,. L.

-- 4k
: -^ ; ;, -
* .. ..__.-. i.-/..., .-



mm m Id



HOI LYWOOD (NEA) Be- Blue popped $1300 In the Las sad
id Movie an V ces: aVega in ens during his but Mn ynn, i.
yrebroys are still litted over the recent stint with a TV revue a l afm. alM, n thei
appearance of Dean martin ad 1 Rancho Vegas. vee .is Ltb aut
Jerry Lewis on -th Abbott and Fireworks are being lighted in d a
Costello TV show when llnesl the RoMwPy Lane-Bad WeFt-|'to _,3K
kept Lou I nbed. Lou oe su more marital tangle. He's been ate ft'ior
Dean for 5 pr ent of his earn-conferrlin with Attrney Jerry .
ins on an old talent contract Oelsler. AaW'Am I
and. there has been bad blood, An independent fi m 1 apiuleM de. su M '
between the two laugh teams flew to Nixon, Nevada, to buy among he first stas to
ever since. the film rights to the lifa stiy big income from oil
l-- of Gareth iughes. But the si- but tbei an uncasb
Bette BDvis i well enough to lent movie Mdo now a mi n-l hek faed their
hbat via le s ltanu every et- ary to the Flute ITloan. refused HlIs off.o .
yer a with r Heollywood agept, to discuss a deal.
I ll fft Bt she ull wo ~ The t
ay "yes" oWr e about starring Prgrams for the Paul Greg- from It's ,W_
In "Que Iabeth and Sir ory-Ch Laughton produc- Te., AitI. 1 UL. aid it ft
Waiter aitgh' ent a Ulading tion of 'The Cane Mutiny Court tlsat el'se c.
man who ilafs with her ap. Martial" now read:
proval Is signed. "Directed by Diek Powell, un- The omotes serbbled lan
der the personal supervsion of red letters above It: 'A a
Lucille Ball's writers will pen Charles m aghteo." forget, 27% per, cent is tax i
the stanzas in "Those Whiting There's a sizzling fend story
Girls," the upcoming telefilm sq- behind those 11 words. ALL MU E UP
ries costarrlt Margaret Whit- -- Director KEg Vldl r and l
ing and her kid sister, Barbara. Homespun humorist Al Pearce, who mad the front
/---- once a radio great, Is listening to she aed for divreae li
James Mason's singing was ,o an offer to star on a quis show sensaional chari au
painful to the ears In "Lady Pot- in the Oroucho Marx-Ierb Shrl- Hollwood's app Mr.
sessed" that the film was sent ner manner. He bowed out of an Parade.
back to the sound stages for a early-morntng CBS variety show -
voice dub But ie's still deter- "because it wis killing me." Claire Booth Luce, outi 1 i
mined to make the Crosby-Co- *. sador to Italy, may not
mo grade and is studying voice lapses story: The Sheld. but her screenplay of
with a too Hollywood coach. Reynolds who has made a mint WO i" for RIO has been'
THAT'S BIG DOUGH produela Foreign Intrtiue was pify rewritten by Rbert
The boys wlo figure out such a $1-a-week movie writer four dr who will hare screen
things have it doped that Ben years age. with her.


ii _

_ -

-;. .. .^ .-..,7 ...- ,.. : .... ,^
-- ..,- -.- /-..':
:' t "' '".
_* ., : :_: _d : ':


1- nauw1n ruMmi.MICwz NY -SIM. wxH YlwJ .


Bout Is Montreal's First Satchel Paige

Championship In 22 Years'May Retire



-- title

___________,' r .-* *

I J i. ,. ," .
S ;. : ::-::; :

Gavijan Says He'Has Surprise

In Store- For Bratton Friday

NEW YORK, Nov. 11 (UP) Champions and ro Bas I Game
4.rmer champions are in the late boxing news. m DaseDall ,..S Friday 's J.C BHS Game
Lightweight king Jimmy Carter is a solid (5-13)J Fr m
CHICAGO, Nov. 11 "-- Ielter-
*avorite over Armand Savoie tonight in Montreal. weightchampidn KR i vianr-
o .. mets t.I Nt E WYORK. Nov. 11 (UP) eghts Cambpu e readn to re-
c Carter-Savoie meeting will be the first title Agee satchel Pai he r w D e aontest-UI-l ear
'bout in Montreal in 22 years. probably nas pitched his last fends his *orld title a a4nst a -
-m*lor league baseball game. veteran challenger, onny
'Carter Is known as a "chips New York Commission. Chair-I ld Satch" frequently. y Bratton. a e. "r It be about time for the lads] Robert Morris will be favored1
fowin" champion. The 29-year- man Bob Christenberrv aays changes his mind-but, as of to- "in'm not say what it of Balboa High School and the with the task of corraling theI
ad Champ has lost three non-JTurpin vw.s suspended when the.dal ralge says he doesn't plan is." Gavilan said but I have a Junior College to again test one J. C. boys and leading them to
title bouts this year but won CommLssion learned a New York'to join the Baltimore Orioles big surprise ready for the whole another's football gear. In mid- their body-squeeing chores.
bth championship fights by a woman had brought assault next Spring. There are several world. And It will be a surprise October. the football lovers frol- Morris particularly likes to play
knockout. One loss was to Savole charges against the fighter. reasons Paige is leaving the to Bratton too. And I'll show Iticked in the mud, scrambled the defensive side of the game.!
which is why he got the title Christpnberrv says the suspen-'majors. Satchel .his heard dug-'to him." wildly for ball carriers, returned Prom his end position, he hasl
Jut with Carter ston 1ill be lifted when "the out talk that his fast ball is! The two scrappers meet t to the locker roomS uand the his own techniques of looking for
In Chicapo. challenger Johnny police and correctional authorl- gone. His sponsor. Bill Veeck al-t the Chicago Stadium at 9 p.m. showers, sent their uniforms to back-field men coming hLs way.
Sraton promises he won't "get ties give Turpin complete clear-so isn't i-ound ay longer (CSTi with their battle, over the cleaners and one crossed sympathizing with their Inten-
S.areleas" against Champion Kid nrce Veck has lost his job as press 15 rounds, slated for a nation.-'the large white stripe into the tons. and then prescribing his
avilan as he did in two other Sqys Turpin: "Rest assured. I Ident of the St. Louis Brownsi al television network with the end zone. 'own therapy to send them back|
V buts. .-iall if T can appeal and fight when the club moved to Balti- Chicago area blacked out. Coach John Fawcett, has been from whence they came. Posses-i
.Bratton says: the suspension in every possible more. A third reason Palge is, The Chicago blackout made hard at it with his Balboa Bull- sing skull-feelers for fingers e,
S"You can't fight the same gpy wa y" quitting la hils age. Fritchel ad-,the gate sale. at a $15.000 to dogs, brewing some hot "T" wraps them adroitly about the,
twice and not learn something There are conflicting stories as mils 46- and probably is old- price, boom and a crowd of peri leaves to cool off the Junior Col- heads of opposing back, casual
about him. I'm not aR fancy as to Turpin's future. Randy, who er. naps 15.000 was expected. |lege castle of drealk. From like.
S'used tp be. And my hands are lost to Robo Olson in a bout, P.,ige isn't too keen about Gavllan anticipated little trou- these torso-busting scrimmages For you residents In the moun-
in good shape." which filled the vacant middle- pl.ving in Baltimore He re- ble In making the weight foJ will no doubt come new aptterns tains that haven't yet witnessed
'Bratton has been troubled weiRht title, says: "As I said In.cently said --Never got treated the scrap. but he bad plenty of: and skills to confuse thfiOreen the game of football as played;
With fragile hands throughout New York. before meeting Olson..too good in that town, even respect for Bratton, whom he, Wave. He'll sharpen up his re- in the Canal Zone now is the '. 1 .. ethus i m'a n'tWl he sas
his career. I intended that to be my last when I ply.d a couple of ex has beaten once and whom he serves to wear thin the dogged time to have a look-see. Younv i o te d tenth new' Ah ti
Heavyweeiht Chamnulon Rocky I'm ready to retire." Turpin'htons ere I P e stickbelieved he had been twice. :College defenders. And in on men folk bash gally away at die su d e he
prclRno probably will defend in raner -- Gevrge Middleton to hi uns hema will James May he has a big chunk each qther, zebra-shirted men mft tnager sould be nnis one. u ode 5 h r ,
3ilemi next February Manaeer ~ayv'- "What Turpin means Is hei osuon s its m sjorl er The discrepancy resulted from:oOf stalwart laddle who s capable gallon about waving red hand-, eft to right. Deros, 9; Donald. 7: o 5t'he ante o how who
l Welll says le will take the doesn't Intend fighting until his osone ofts mo colorful per- the last scrap between the two. of sweetening the malc potions. kerchiefs at the spectators and veteran shortstop's wife and boy dnt hit t
amo on a tour o he Pacific dometl troubles are over." ormers. As Page himselfsaid the Stadium Nov. 28. 1951,1 Last time he 40 od man Bal- young folk, and then all the boys their favorite ea is. ...
' and make plans for a title de-, Finally. another setback for one day- Take a good luck. a when the dispute ended In a 10 boa High School team met the .sneak off the field for a pow-
fense when he returns. Well veteran Ike Williams. Jed Black Lgu. like me don't come around round draw. The outcome was 15 man Junior College squad the wow. Fifteen minutes later they
v : "I want Rocky to fight the-of Michigan State University every day. assailed by many newspapermen. College, lads were 7 points favor- resume their antics. Sporting
guy who would draw the most' deri'loned the former light- as a "hometown" decision,, ed not only to appear for the game. football. t
Mbney in Miami." weleht champ Monday night in,"SA e "I beat him that timr," Gavl- ~ame but to win itl Being as Girls, drop the bingo cards elSTS ing t
y Fort Wayne. Indiana. Wllllami: V | | lan smiled. "No matter whae pow an expJanation Is in order Friday nite. Nov. 13, lay aside
Former middleweight Cham- saYs hlls future Is "undecided." they say, I win that fight.*" 1 ere it be. Since the Balboa High Mickey Spillane's latest and geti
in Turnin arrived In South-'lke -.?vo he will return to his I "But Bratton, he's a good School outfit was home team. to the Balboa Stadium to ogle |.
ampton. Englsnd. veetp"'v and h I Trp ton, New Jersey Il fighter. He's fast and he can that game. and was the under- at these boys. Husbands. stuff IM A
nrn.ed of.his .-spens.rn hb the -1"' > I)r.-f' hit. He's probably hitting bet- 'dog, the Junior College is now the kids into the mother-in- n 1
-rn -- --.- .- A ter now than oe used to, when the host team and retains the law's lap and come on out.
By Lluing $68)0 I fought him before" favorite role. Logical, that. So l G If
In G" Oavilan In his last outing, a-:with a 13 man squad (minus one! Folks of the surrounding hills.
Kentuckv Coach aTl Brvant DETRO, Nov (UP- The ainst Carmen Balle. success. gone thataway, North) the hoo out of those hammocks, get ui Or o I ns Fuction
SIIIl AProfessional Golfers Association fuly, defended his title for the a gebraic formula comes into astride the burro and trot on In J n o l
has opened a five-da0,m ee.ic sixth time, but it was a hard play one simply changes the here. Tie the critter to the goal t -__
S 1 l in Detroitby cutting up $ 8,000 struggle and he triumphed only s!gn of the subtrahend and pro- nost and squat a while In the
Needs better, Ilal 4U-e14 e monbe was rised urn by a split decision. But both Ga-Iceeds as in addition: result. the lboa Stadium for this specta- At the end of four lessons, the clubs. There is still a need for
y the National Gols Da tourng- vilan and his handlers come-Junlor College Is a 16 point fa- cle students of the Junior Golf equipment, especially for ladles'
th, ... menationsolreGolf Day tourney lned that the champion wavorite. ends. it'll be frightening. Instruction Class in Balboa are clubs and Isthaians are again
wT I' s H in ,Lr Some 0 er wtoo eak because he had too much ...... .showIng increased enthulasm usl to donate or loan old clubs
core To Im press H -r th orne tn trouble making the 147 pound' A ? and turning out in large mem- to the house.
art in the tourney, trying limit. bers. f anybody a a btter
-_. beat a score posted by Julius Bo- g he uno h '
ros At that time Boros was Na- "He took of eight and one 'there Jhasben-a group of 1 wlOh amr, he
By UNITED PRESS r'adrice. St. halfbackaLeontional Open Champion. Thehalf ponds in two wee." nin irs. 18 boys) d o ou h N Lwt
It,'m-o ,than nson eenj daga on ntr h s toird.. A g ree. They N ow H avete., :
S nt pld ,o, 'f lv ur win.t I.tu buat were able 1 tanothe field next ear. "and half poundwas ntoo hard. l -- o e undlh ers tandO e fi war so
1 .n e 4dt elo "k nioren Cler in a ht dma e ti...d another $10.000 of the oney- won't, have that trouble this. t te otheon would be oining
i -et ^ h,"Wildcats neet v I ne. e Jerunior Golf Chasm- oiv efonfcaddirmed that he had es.There YORK Nov 11 (sP) ,- ad ". u n
e lait tPtrrdv ThWdd tne ed TUe hed e a-G-A Tournament Co-, I I strong, he said, andthey have added s se al cularly the possbilities oter- B t F
at mentor ernt h. s ,ta t for the past two weeks with In-imttee Is planning a new tor- I know I h et down without weak- sllo view of the 1yuprem a. eritorial ex n." a. t* b tha hao .a h. 1 ? be
t-o,- in .. hrko- c'S u ue" seh.- inney fornext S eptember with one ening this time." deaton Monda. The t, by General manager Branch lesoha.' f. are. t ah e o oed'tver t .th.e hool Dfv-
of lin, tv' p taeam the usua r Fllbgack Bill DeaUrlu waseof the abigest purses In the na- f a 7-2 vote, rud baseball a Rlckey of Pittsburgh says: iummt Hnle_ .o b where ala for. use In .an that may
ronav off d n -o'd outer $10000 for the restightofdays." theton. All pros takln part will port, not a business, and doesn't "We're on our own. We've got t ro onny w takes them be made a part o te regular
Son bv the Florida Gators. have had to plav in a certa'.n fall under the Sherman Anti-Ideal creditably wiGth our play- onto the course For actual prc* school crriculum.
d rntucpv wpM n't ti o. Ceddea lost end Gene number of summer tournament I fTrust Act Commstrongissioner Forder, our fans and everyobdy, and tice and ae .chanc to wcoraronl.te,.ps oter-
S--~ent sen -for "the past two weeks with rl n-a mitteeTh idan is tog a new to -r'c sa "I know I w tet down without he resurwIoneell." Hammon ds reahng mehor t ment on lan wl e
Cs''f a rln'h wornor t neA i u rn m Itwey for next September with obse'euifrg this thJDn."odecision Monda e Co rt bye General Lepague Presmdent Gio1 h Ewerhg o ffela e f rue Iof tand may

to'-" t e the uu Ftalbqc 1 Dearin w the bg west purses in the no- r a 7-2 votes, rulAed b5 s s as Rickey ofrng wt eew sseerereu a
"n' my offt dpre a sessl,.n ah rt d out for the rest of the tio. A pros takin g part will sport, not a business, and does t n "We'yordreproach. We always have o
G'-y the Florida told d to ply in rt fa!- t ll under the erman dealcreditablywithe canging present." elt we were entirely within the
.T'ntuc ae to wpcit p- ol Ceeay loo end Gene number of summer tournament I Trust Act. Commissioner Ford era, our fans andw."

v-t ,'to compete In -h, Confer- g..ti- we. i Jly.. 't s ..Prickty emphasizes the Court's Trautman also ays five mwor w,
t- i .' .m : .- ** f ; '^ ruling, doesn't give baseball a leagues may fold before Hmt tI ai s
pl drirllet l tnd wr o license to do as it pleases. Says season but four "new leagu\I
PC ~ In "op or p,' ..o.ter nrobab for The I deaIs to get ton pros ick says: have asked for aInformat '. e m on l wi
up' of orimi hty Mr 1o thi bea ntrest of tans plmyersnbout operating in 1954 TrGoer-gs i-finesofa
ve- r." b. uta sod th, Pel1 t'..t ani others wno make, baseball man says. 38 minor leue .. ..
t'"' ye dr'l'ri' nd tet or.baseb onall, ofme.eting the chal- ted this year. The iruinor witgh tCe "inewl inae btra t

bIttor than the one .-it iMppin ]yn Pr e"id "n .alt .... y czr says: "Radle shd telev
,up-e,.aietf al e..,changingconditions'challenge to be baseball' be major ln I

fi burn OF w ent ti lr-n stepping from past Into d reproblem Some basebalways haven
it-er t ti eih rn heg Pti. e e ,nt. ee [consider T- a monster, but we t.I
a"''t< O2iThua n visit ^ (1 U ^'S = ^ cnn gt we were entirely within the;
wed laVe n toh .Ol 'H .F I ^ I Prick emphasizes the Court's Trautman also says five minor
v 1-t to cpmla.te inae t Confer-, j -1 has doesnt 3 age may f befre .t AT

nssotoght to do as iet ret leases Says season but four "new eauork for
i -'tslssippi State vred film, i By he "We must consideS In apan, the thave asked f or in g New.format

Fte it victory over Tulane 1 st Y bet i. nte. ests of ans. players bout operating a surprise where
ie.tay an e u rd th e tackle Bebanwh make baseball I n it hurts most -38 minor the pocket-
Mrrs may mis. the Lau u. '. book. tThe iants exVcted to0 Wper
a:-ll~de this week. Morris hurt his' ,. o1 The Baltimoen Ool,,,saI, earn some $.2,000 each for thet
Against Tuane. ma be the en ~ Brook-: ated- t 'ur. Instead they netted only '
Sya rg .a eh a l' ..3 -, lyn .P : resident W alter O'Malley'czar says: "Radio, l telev
e wirthan te unes, iut n-i c continue to be ba ll'majornext season er- paity crows -b ff
r M M is off te hospital l st.pb aem r Art Eh r lersoal clal have me baseball mends *"
"Orle Vereen out fort' aed S o- reveal the- dciS~i onosider T-V a Monster pa but wes.
sou ght to weeks, returned tor mu9ttoday or tomorrow Maron in Manager Leo Durocher is tryin

S 'us.aeiwodkcoates he belerves'the club wll towork a ea. wt ,he "-A.
O rlssIppI S rtate vi.hedd fio B[.S" Jap e through, each A-
it victoryoverTHU FTNlpek Mnn merikan lts got a surprise where

'I 'At Ct- t er thtlne it 10 BaDeUal I hurts most in the pocket- I
STqm IuorrisN Pe an h t on e o e aay miss the LSU' book. The Giants ex ected to
',ee this week. Morris hurt hisCr r g o ed altmr l, P itearn some $2,lt 00o each for the:
a Is- Tuelate. tmay be the end of ttour. Instead they netted only
Mu fore they announce wh eth $33.aiec ..

t on 'e oe d a nwoea ti t. a yd.Nonderfu soft TheoGiausphaedn- eefoe .
SGeorgia T eh pltovers are Marty Marlon will mana a the T h ans p be-
wit inTuries, btan. l next"season.nn s Generarfd Mty crb l Off"",-
la.. soff"wthInjur i.e so butaolsltucimalhavelearned that thousands'
r s t hwo w ee r Tho isretr I to t a1 Ar uto moZeIher a originall y a gf r L"e fan '*he In a" tryi
Orville Vereen out for ealed tooreveal the dcahgesi fMan '-**erLeo n"-es.g
dictates he belervesothe cl to whihosporkoaedealwithethe urewaoI-
Shorties ghes oh-pick a new s o h u
3PatmUnitedtHesnitpeanlmerican -laOer willtreceive a-
amn oe f.Aym bebson school Doer bout $1,00
!rR sisn'tethumbingahis flosetat 0Pe* omt Caesteework, reo rtt players bsa d n

Sr'poruents as he gains around bend, Pyea erdBlNewarroset tl obston re tourout-
.p.CHUNK. Pe.aen. Novr ''Actuallythethumbbelon otonolifield Mta s-te1'L Me as the
ce Chunk P slva M ne5rdigls anawoula-be tacklerdfrom Edison I 'ormerbg oer. Irwinhe latNh
was Chunk. playednatgaonsiieager still is on the critical.listteven thosa dr*-

hoI 'fourat o laugher' l eis0W FBRT P;L492

A oP"Football gate recei ftanoce e AIDS wk
"- "msbG :-other'Colle geathletics,' b as ua"'a""
S -(NAI.-The "and someth must be da"t t "-"
g -The i protect those sports. W m.ha Ve
As W the pubie's i droof TV e lly plaso w '-,
i theI.M .. -.atndance. ;' --ne I a. Mi.

.I .. .... .. .. .. .. o. o o t b. .. .. ..

6 P ". "= e i.

-.' i:.

. '

I "

E artery

_ ___ ___ _I __


_ ~



A -: ~ t'-

-. --'I
~ --
..~>.' .


~: ~

o. I
i tinois


-lIW CO Nov. 11 (UP) -
Al h f C oach Frank Leahy
lives In constant fear of a Notre
Dame upset, his colleagues on
rte United Preod Board of
oachbes rated the Irish tops
Tuesday for the seventh beek Li.
a row.
In fact. Leahy's marauders at-
tacte4 31 first place votes. from
the 6-man coaching board and
a total of 345 points-lust five
short of a perfect score-In
making the best showing of the

'- "AE WRICAWAY ..No. 9

ve'n though the Irish en- |
countered unexpected oppoei- .
Stioe n b thi Pennsyr "BvaElal i i p
only. A-26. for thetl slth s
rightt trinlub last Satr-
day. many of heir rivals .o
Sational bonerl were even I
mere hard-pressed to win, and I 1
one top power Baylor-was
Thus. the Irish enjoyed 67-
noirt ede over runnerup Mar -
land this week. The Teros. als' .
unbeaten and untied, received -- .____
ROCK AND MOK action as shown In this photo will be comn- the four other first-.ulace vow e
mon on the Ildiron at Balboa Stadium this Friday night when and a total of 278 points. Panama Marlin Club
two undefeate once tied, football teams run head on into each Notre Dame's 345-point totl
other~ with the Championship of the Interacholastic League was only one short of the all- Eyepp g W est g a Monthly Meeting,
the possession of the winner. Balboa Hlglt and Canal Zone time record of 346 set b SOkia- m .I,,in n morrw
Junior Coliewt e the t s Invoaiveo ; with aanda rUme of tha homa In winning the 1950 na-Dinner Tomorrow
game set a pan, The picture shows Jimny ,; ifest back tipnal championship. sThePanam MarliClub
ever to play in the Canal Zone, bel hit b thre of the Junior nofandMichi gan C I ir l h ts monthly meeting
College atalwarts.Fr LanclA Boyd (38), J.0. end, .Dick Dillman. PriznoSleapdrichiganegeGameaed dinner tomorrow at 7 p.m.
and an unidentified player from the back clobbered May after erch moving i one notch after Summit ills Country
She h a W up.sshort CI.I, -et-e.i- tough Pip Ten rivals. t h- Club.
_-__---____________ _-0 251 and 225 points, reapec- 0 -C lub.___'
'Ively. MOROANTOWN, W. Vs., Nbv. There are reserves, of oursne,
10-(NEA) If the Sugar Bowl and he freshmen are commen- M BIG ONE
C! A. which had an IdS osor are smart, they'll aurate with t varsity.
aturav last wekend.jumped t Southern Conference O West Virgnla's squad is awe- tDURHAM, N. C. -4NEA)me
three ple to fifth with 157 West Virginia's going to Nw Or- some, It backs. guided by practice before the Armygame,
oinis. Oklahoma remained in leans on New Year's Day without W5-poud left-handed passer, Red Smith kicked 30 straight
,E, irlth Vince with 111 poiftts, delay. Pzeddoie-want, eye-popng. extra points.Ile missed o n e
JO E WGI I S eoria Tech held seventh This wouldn't take much do- the sucleus i to be against West Point and Duke
it .and Baylor had 106. Ing, as Commissioner Max Par- fo 6r some time. bowed, 14-13,
Fatting ,e ,ti word ar a r nd whatever besn West Virginia retained the rington has indicated. Ivery oth-
Partting mne little wor after another and whatever bea m' ninth ranking with 72 points, er league but the Ivy Is sending
of Reward Mograth, the great ermddrTOn.e o of the Ol.m.. while Suthern California r.- representatives to Bowls, so.why
poft e ors taw"s that Billy rtla ttYankees! World goIr turna4 to the top 10 after a shouldn't theouthern. lato
hild, msa he le sntW the Awmyn neA t smasom. Eli a.ft. _I,*W4 week s absence, movingup one the mer Moint moey?
Boukel o.., r-s""ew"imbis defrls".rean.tod gally."snotch ewith S po Ints. The Tro- r a d be el mdb y
iAnlna trep bleleM wnanin t h e a Id-cladded.- Moun 6 d
'At ukb te 19Vatmarried rand clalidsole lah Th rid-dedr inb y
MIWWi ooubbe deo

S ,. '* = ,Te Dodger. The s1 9.e h e o r. Th e r

Fastlich League Ti

Nov. 7 Whopping
-0.. ..

The Fastleth Teen Age Base*
bail League held its first annual
tryout of the season Saturday
from nine to twelve at the base-
ball diamond behind the Ancon
Laundry, in Ancon. The tryout
was. marked by exuberant en-
thusiasm of the rookies, bril-
llantly perfect weather and a
full house of rooting parents.
friends, supporters and League
Forty six. eligible, formally re-
gistered, teen age boys turned
out for the initial maneuver of
the coming baseball season. The
potential players grads from
the Little Leamge and newcom-
er3 to the Pacific side baseball
scene listened quietly as T. F.
Hotz, layer agent and principal
of Balboa High SchOol, briefed
them firmly on their responsibi-
litles as members of the League:
their places as individuals and
players; codes, ethics and clean
sportsmanship: reliability, team
work and Integrity to be marked
at all times by fair, play.
Charles S. MaGee. dean of
umpires, spoke briefly to the as-
sembled hopefuls, on what is ex-
pected of them on the field of
play, their place in the local
sports picture and the meaning
of the Fastlich Teen Age Base-
ball League in general.
Veteran Fastlich Teen Age
Leaguers turned out in a sizable
chunE to since up their prospec-
tive team mates with a practiced
if jaundiced eye. Anxious par-
ents groaned in the bantam
grand stand as the new players
swung into a full scale tryout.
Under the alert and weathered
eyes of the entire managerial
and coaching staff, the prospec-
tive players were shifted and
shunted about, split into groups
for a fast- paced It-field session.
while another group shagged

e .--

cloud hlgh

up for a pitchnlS stint.undtfW
watchful eye of cautious oel<
es. Batting practice '
the activities of the DpMntDiD
of the season, whie ealg
teen agars eyed the br
scout-mlndd oacheg and *S#
agers and old line teen ~;.
leaguere glumly walked &i
with sun-burned parents.
The entire staff of offit
and managing personnel
on hand. and. despite the
a-hundred teen agers who
turn out for the try out,
feel that there might be
who ate i terested but t
they too late to regdster.
boys who have application
and haven't turned'them in.
urged to do so immediately
those who wish to secure re -
tration forms can do so at dt
the p office of f.T Bot, p
pal, Balboa High school or U..
Mchel, principal of the
Junior High School. All
as soon as possible to have sk
roster for next week'astryoutes'
Further tryouts will bheld
Saturday, Nov. 14, from nine i
twelve at the Ancon diamondli
weather permitting for yit
out any new registrants
were not at last week's tryOui
Also plans have been made S
form the new players into teaH
for a series of innings saidd
style under the gleaming e
of the training staff and the
talented thumbs of willing and

Whole milk hnd
Weer are In it.

the pioneers


~do right. people, eeAse f htis Intretsla inbar-
nerasheaisagreeable fimes uig-trri, Wil
liam BleakI 2 wtchester-Republican power hbaa lost dout with
the thorouhBed people: As their #MWB pIr yer mouthlpeces
BleaJkey.was totaive led-the march on Albny in an effort to ket
coaeessions claimed necesgry it A new track s to be ulR. Now
the Bmpire-Jauilca-Aqueduot forces see him doing more harm
than good. A guess from the sideline is that Arthur Schwartz
may rattle the tin cup on Tom Dewey's front steps.
It Is a mild coincidence that both Johnny Mize and Johnny
Slain should leave the Yankees to go into retirement at the same
time, for they are two coaeplcuos reason why ba.mball:law was
changed a year ago. Formerly 4 players walvel out of one league
could be sihed Immediately by. any club in the other, league.
Under the new law. such a player must first be offered to the
last place club In the other league. Starting with Mie, acquired
from the Giants late in '49 (one of Durocher's prize skulls, by the
way) the Yankees made a practice of taking on discarded NL.
material and, in most instances, getting valuable mlleague out of
it. So the revised ruling was aimed directly at the Yankees.
Foremost in the fight for revision was Bank Greenberg,
Cleveland G.M., who appeared to believe the consequences would
beo njurious to the Yankees, and at.the same time, helpful to the
Indisans elronel runner-up. As everybody knows it didn't work
out that way. On the contrary, the. Yankees won more deciidve-
ly than has been their recent custom. Actually there never was
anything wrong with the old law. Indeed it has its good points,
like permlttfag a player, through in one league, to work out a
good deal for himself in other. But Greenberg and a few others
raised such a wild clamor the fans got confused and suspected
chicanery and so the fathers, playing it safe, succumbed. What
happened was simply this: The Yankees' George Weiss outsmart-
ed Greeabeg at every turn.
The teenage set hopes Mickey Mantle will improve his bubble
gum blowip technique during the off season. Perhaps it the
magzne editors had offered a two-year contract along With the
$4000 Mrs. Charlie Iesen would have sold the letter. The office
cynic doe't hAblnlt will make any difference who's the next
Mayor neo that Frank Costello is free again. Dexterity with a
baton is no-ruarantee the pretty college majorette Is going to be
able to handle Pots and pne. As long a the bartenders remain
at their posts, the big town will always manage to take any strike
in stride. In Jersey, Saturday. a 2-year-old made $151,282 In lessm
thin two ianutee. And we used to think Shirley Temple had the
golden touch.
,John Morris, who runs Jaaica's open-sr wheel, is against
offtmek better because It Invites people to bet who can't afford
the gaming firit. Well. be'd know. Hi granddaddy ran tO
LMaidlan lttegy. If our ree traeks are so epomsemd by taxati
whl is it that Weoodcoek. Me and Co., speetlats, has't a single
shier of steak to offer Inoesteuan Not even n Saratoga wheIA
haituafly soe poor m sath, nd puts eo a pneronal two-weeks
ehabty *et here at which an endless run of nodescript glue
MdawOth iaetie l g. *e o- ..display.
SAldetrte.soqel amiable hecklers: You're so right. Stanley
ufr. known .O the "Michigan Am asin." not Ad Wolegat.
A flck of new sorts books n the column's mail, one of which.
Frank 0 Mena's sportss and Anecdotes," should be on your
Xmis shopping lit. Tia Hall. dMlstingvhed cauliflower addict,
is 06 new manager of the fashionable Sailfish Club at Palm

"fi-t IMeMl We M*ws w *,
... ....W

!tela Mamn-a-MUote wittare i to form e the _W AH.
ri for. NA Service -lantic Coast, but It *Was ust as
QUSON: A halfback, about wel for the .powers" that W ht
to catch a pont, t1 tackled be- Vls was left behlaA Art
fore the ball arrives, but war Law' young men should go
aes to catch It through unbeaten and take .
while falling. I winning streak of 15, the l ,get .
the tackler pe- in the game to the Sugar Bowl.
called? Ater Vrinia oly only South
Answer: With Carolina I capable of ast
t h possibility trouble. The Mountaineer.s in-s
a f a fair eatch, with North Carolina State.
thereis a 15-
tyhaerd penalty Hidden away in Morgantown.
tfor interfer- West Virginia turned out to be
ence. the season's prize sleeper. The
Q. What is the Mountaineers served early notice,
penalty if a crushing thoroughly capable
team refuses to Pittsburgh much worse than the
put the ball in 17-7 score indicated in their o-
pJlay within two pener. Although the Panthers
Xed Gra minutes after made things tough and close for
ra having been or- distingilahed opponents the y
dered to do so by the referee? weren't the same for fl 'weeks.
A. The referee shall declare West Virginia easily could turn
the game forfeited to the op- out to be the Oklabkot of the
posing team. Southern Conference. Like the
Q. What does an umpire do? Sooners, the Mountainers do not t
A. The. umpire is responsible have to be up for toughles week
for keeping line play free from in and week out. In their own
fouls. He covers open play after company, they have ample time
linemen make the ir initial to rest and doctor their wounds.
charge. For plays from scrim-
mage his normal positdn is be- West Virginia may well. have
hind the defending team. He launched a reign that will last
adjusts his position to the for- as long as that of Oklahoma. The
mallon, avoids interfering with Mountalieers are ably coached
the vision or movement of play- by an old professional with a
ers. highly competent staff. They are
situated In a more or less Isolat-
ed college town, where young-
sters have little more to do than
sI tudy and practice football. They
are the standard-bearers of a
red hot football area.
Graduating Will be the re-
markable backs, Tommy Allman
and Jack tone' End Bill Mark-
er; Tackles Raiph Starkey and
Ruy Walsh: Guard Frank Fed-
erovitch; and Center Bob Orders
the former Army man.
But eight regulars have an-
other year or two, including
Freddie Wyant and a remarkable
halfback, aI x-f o o t-two, 214-
pound Joe Marconi. The latter
and Wyant are sophomores, asn
are End Joe Papetti .and Bruce
Bosley, a six-two, 212 pound
tac k le who right now is the
match of any All-America.
mThe starting guards are .ene
afifaw M Lamone. a junior, and SamR Huff.
-n -a soph. Bill Hilen, a formidable

No mA wd -icn nYot hI. backs up former cadet Ordert at
ra. bwuq a i Ane fod _'_ center, are Juniors.

to e -,- -_A nib....m d I ,- I

vim.n, ab


tbe world famous extra-low pressure tire
'The ost modern features for car owner of U. S. Rubber. The AIR RIDE soaks up
s tisfa@don are built into the U. S. ROYAL jarring bumps and bounces.... its trimmer-
AIR.a DE, and keep thdm famous te right than-usual tread glides you defdy-mf/,ly-
i sop wUh the rapid strides of automotive around the tightest urqs, For the utmost in
S ogresw The Air Ride PriMnte-more ai at riding luxury, equip y6ur car with U. S.
-Jsps Psuie-oarimiuted in the laboratories ROYAL AIR RIDES!
Alk=__ AM^ ^ ^^^ ^ -JI'


w .- OP a
ALMACViNSlf ". O CQlfm A

DAVID. VANIA" a ma1-

'. 1 -

Rn Btes Notraime






* y *


. ,'.

_ S







- '5' .~


-Score Victory

ozal Kids Get
- Transportation
I bug'transportatlon for
whose parents rents are a-
moving into the new
Ico immunity at Coroaal,
S one Ivie of

.t va






-a-vgsss Aga

o L t pr ,.t t.. '"+. u' i s ..a
"Let thw people know the truth mna t&i. country is ijaf s\%d&Mb U'ouln.




. 1 -.

- '* I


In California

.. LOS ANGELES. Nov. 11 (UP
S- The Republican Party cami
back to win the last skirmish of
the 1953 Congressional by-elec
tons with a sparkling Californrs
Victory achieved before a sen
national spies-in-gover n m e n
Glenard L. Lipscomb, Repub
llcan, Is the newest member of
.the House. When Congress meetR
In January the party standing
'will be:
Senate: Republicans 47: De-
Inocrats 48, Independent 1.
"' House: Republicans 219; De-
mnocrats 215: Independent 1.
Returns today from all of the
l 1.precints in California's 24tn
ongressiopal district gave:
Lipscomb, Republican, 42,800
George Arnold, Democrat. 34,-
S"4 votes.
Lipscomb and Arnold were the
..hloces of their party organlza-
tons. Independent Republican
John L. E. Collier got 3,616 votes
and Independent Democrat Ir-
ying Markhelm. 1,152.
.o President Eisenhower said to-
day he is pleased that the Re-
)iublian Party won the Califor-
nia House seat.
The President volunteered the
statement at his news confer..
ence. He did not amplify upon
Tle remark.
He observed that at last
^ week's news conference he
was forced to say he was not
wholly pleased with election
results In New York. where a
Democrat was elected mayor,
'-'and in New Jersey, where the
Republicans lost the governor-
ship and a House seat to the
Mr. Elsenhower said he is glad
'Sw' to say that he is pleased
ith the results in Calfornia
r* terday.
,Nattrial OOP leaders played
own the effect of the sensa-
*Mii l spies-in-government case
wlhic' burst into headlines last
Nwpe"and this week.
pt Indiana National Repub-
Man. committeeman Ralph M.
said in Indianapolis that
e y Dexter White CA
yes the OOP "the issue"and "It,
can be exploited... "We'll win"
eight Indiana house seats in
year's elections.
lican national comm
an Laeonard WHal
t the OOP victory in
o a w-a "an endorsement
the :ienhower adminlstra-
He also ca ed It a "tribute to
wse power of enthusiastic orga-
Iton" and "a good omen" for
f orthcoming 1954 Congress-
ional elections.:

swvings For Low

Lanse Numbers

November 18
Automobile owners applying for
maw Canal Zone license plates
ar required to submit the last
ieme receipt issue with their
appUcations and the proper fee.
was announced yesterday at
:. tCixil Affairs Bureau.
Aeveral applications have al-
been received unaccom-
by the last licence receipt
Ro though Canal Zone traffic
Illattons require license re-
te be kept by the owner or
tor of a car while it is in
n, a special clause
S y. this requirement during
*F 441me between applying for a
license plate and receipt of
'new registration.
li.ap ons for the 1954 Ca-
-one license plates will be
iVd all this month but the
will not be issued until
l r 1. A public drawing is
m held next Wednesday at 8
aok in the morning for plates
11 to 999. This is the second
when a public drawing for
lower-numbered plates has
conducted with the cooper-
and supervision of the Pa-
Bide Civic Councils.
-h applying for licenses
have een requested to
Money orders or cheeks to
9 the registration fee.
lieaton forns for the new
1MMplats are available at all
Zone gasoline stations, the
Section in' the Civil Af-
D Building, and the Drivers'
) ir's Office in Building

sholce to defend my-
rsmarkse md Insults
ed back and tl and
h again jumped to his
ded for the, exit door
arently hanged his
lfway and, grumbling
Mused to his seat. He
rters later "I love It
Fc nI col."

ld To ive

d- (ac i

I" Tonight
Warfield who capti-
Panama City audience
,y night with an oblig-
.y of musicianship sel-
locally, makes nts
appearance on the Isth-
d performs at the Abel
lege auditorium in the
olon .with a entirely
ram featn elec-
m Hande Brahms,
nd Vei*j,le five sea

,:By Staging Heart At

TEHRAN, Iran, Nov. 11 (UP) laughed, wept and yawned by low this man to talk for me give me
Ousted Lx-premier Moham- turns, declared, he resisted the He's not appointed by me. He's self."
med Mossanegh suffered a brief Shnh's order dismissing him as a traitor. More
heart seizure during, a recess of premier last August because he "His father has burned. (the were tosa
his treason trial today after he thought It was a hoax. Persian equivalent of a vild, Morsadegb
told the military judges to "get "1 thought it was a coup cunning and Udiaonest person). feet.
up and go home" because they d'etat," he crled. "Could a pro- You've no righl 'to fOrce him He heal
had no legal right to try him. mrler be so unimportant that on me." but appi
The 73-year-old Mossadegh even such a royal order had to The Judge rapped for ordea mind hal
went paJe, clutched his heart be brought to him by an army and told Mossadegh: "If yoq aloud, ret
and called for coramline officer?" continue this Iu Z'I hpve to told repay
(heart sthiunant) drops as he Mossadegh shrieked that his order a close i tahig. Keep here-my
stood in a corridor, defense counsel was "traitor," quiet." -
Ushers brought him the drops th* n chuckled as the prosecutor But the 73-ybar-old Mo.- WarI
and a glass of water, Mossadegh Brig. Hossein Azemoudeh, ask- sadegh, who u.Adeo Wed last f H
took a few faltering sips and ed in acid tones whether Mos- August After an Jii4fted at-
then. his energy apparently sadegh realized the meaning of tempt to oat the ha red: e a
restored, strode back into court coIrt procedure and the law, Fl1 Ilave the court if don't r w
and resumed his emotional ap- When the presiding judge,
peal for freedom. Gen. Nazroilah MoRhbelI, asked
He burst into tears and said, the defense counsel, Col. Jalil H i (0
"all I've struggled for Is for my Rozorgmehr, if he accepted the
country and my nation." court's Jurisdiction, Mossadegh William
The balding former premier, leaped to his feet. vated a P
who has kept the court in an "I must myself defend my on Monda
uproar with his tears, laughter case," he -houted. "I won't al- Ing display
name-calling and threatened dom seen
walkouts since the trial began farewell, a
Sunday, cried: r rus .tonig
"I have committed no crime Pap Warflelc
except tq protect my court a- L I r Bravo Col
against foreign exploitation and W ial Mi cOity of C
intgues so my nation could be new prog
truly indeapendmnt" i3 Ta tions fro
He sat do a di renewed his 1a Ial l
attacks on his atgrnay, th& T A 1 ):
competeger ot. to Ozrt and OTAWA, Nov. 11 (vP) The
Great Btithin Ehilh he accused French language n1w%0 ape.'
of inof Iraan officials Dro hat
wml. hne wiS e profafpratln the it.d e beteo .be. the oe
Anglo-Irantan Oil Co.'a billion 'fInal testame of Pre~tler o-
dollar holdings. set Stalin, smUggled out of Rus-fd
Mdssadegh,an going sia an employee of the former
t uhr deh the whi. g;i g u san cre$- pce chieff Lay-
bed *at th"SiDonf IrAn a tic
rounded bytrattsbUghtofl, had be. tu over to it
b_ Britai. aformnet dlomat who quit ab
98 Wp ot when hls country went me I of
The moody Moaeadegh, who TmeT. apw said the whih to
exiled dlomat, who was not a program
Parn T named beved the document to Ri*AL TOUG u Paul pollee chre
be authen e, of reeo,e visiting the farm of Vallarino.
~ To The dooment id Coimmun- Georga 8nlt near Oswego, Pianist
Lh~AlhLIUL.. it' leaders "l ier that IlL, to et a farm-yard companion
"no hsinrh between the kitn. s Queen, Frederika, added lus
capitalist o 4and Commun- had been confined t o bed Ir mian debt

Thursday, Friday ap'rtezg th e E t stg aursm
SofI t he tons of the cold war College n
i ant cheIn hopes o sa t s i the Brit E-GM Wilst n acom pn
Principals and teachers ofr the ilsh-U.S.allileam dm weakening _l "Inf claiVm
various Cnal Zone schools are th North Atlantic Treaty Organ- ofellfi clams
preparing to receive several Isation. T SJoke extenalveli
thousand aarenta and other in- 4tcalled Chinese Red leader v,000 angel
nresited adults who have been Tee Tung "one of the great- ns
invited to visit the schools to- eat marxists of our time" and Icated by
morrow and friday of this week urged Russanleaders to accept W 11 (UP) Colon Gov
In celebration of Amrican Edu- Mao's advise in Asian policy Fotore Preal- les. Mayo
cation Week. h n t aside matters and to maintain close dent r o told a que D
Tomorrow has been set aside lance with Red China. Loke tdW attheexpense of bel Brav
as Visitors Day i the secondary "One error in judement In Defene etary- Charles E. wives
schools and Friday will be Visit- o ne error in Judat e relatmeon with W .. Warfel
ors Day In the elementary our diplomatic relations with IWtAa C rs wives.
schools. China could result in a serious 'The Jbke. told by Wilson In the scheduled
A variety of schedules menace to the victory of world course q a .National Press Club
n ariety of schedules are be- socialism," the document said. spdeCh, went this way: U1 *.;t
incip arranged by the schools In hn- The newspaper said it would A senator wanted to get a new U il iti
or of thncipals o the schools n hon "leave It to experts" to pass on car and askd "'ne bf my General
Laort ofyear more the occan 6,400 on. th authenticity of the document. Motors fritea' which of GM's Harris
Last year more th 400 But. t added that ts informant product uld b e best buy
oasion to se e of the yerkin was justillfed in considering it a "My Genemal .' or friendsaid Dies
te scon to see as they go aot document of prime Importance, they all were d suggested es
heir schools as they go aout possibly even from Stalin him- that he try me With an auto- BAYVIL
schools had brief programs or self." matic .m The senator (UP) -
s l ab fssaid, 'Well, that would be fna
seildecorations but most l r 1gh there is no lit erfina
showed the visitors only the ally ltWNDthere is no ad his per
average school activities as lived22 Hurt In Pennsy efut. i do I put m
Thee of Amer- RR Derailment Over .said 'Put it In y tur mouthdlike awh alt ci
can Education Week this yearIs my former boas m' after bre
"Good Schools Are Your Respon- Scuylkill River my mar br
sibility." / "-"uylO-t-'-"v"rfall ont hi
_b __l_ _MW WEasy ray Out said to ha
PHILADLPHIA, Nov. 11 -- MEMPHIM, Tn. (UP)-Birth- coron
(UP) Thc first two cars of a days are no prolem for Mr'.. "- h
While HoAus Holds 'Pennsylvania Railroad cor- Byrle Kyner er husband and Mona Sti
WhileHow Hldsl muter train were derailed at her two ions have the same long note
ipthe height of the morning rush birthdayy, best dress
Oi lamal ag nl hour te aYt outside the 30th
Diplomatic Pageant trestdt1 4 on
II At least 22 persons were in-
Uke Before WWn The eighth car tian had pas
sed through the station and was
WASHINGTON. Nov. 11 (UP) cr'suing a bridge over the
When President and Mrs. Schu B iIl River when the de.
Elsenhower retired for the night railment occurred.
the diplomats whirled their la- The firsT car was hurled ur
dies Into tl.? east Room for the against a nine foot high steel
first dance of the evening. retaining wall at the east end
The dancing, first in the of the bridge. The car reme to
White House since 1947 came as rest in a leaning position a-
the brilliant finale of an eve- against the wall with the too
nilrg of oomu and pageantry part hanging over the side. The
unlike anything se~n In this second car bueklA and crashed
town since before World War into i concrete abutment.
II. Most. of the Injured were in
It was President and Mrs. the firt car.
Elsenhower's reception ast Police, firehmen, rescue squads
night for the diplomatic corps, and railroad emergency crews
The invitations called for wee tM scene within min-
white tes and tails but most qf te. Tsn, took the Injured to
the ambawadors, ministers and Juffergon, Presbyterian. Unlvdr-
consulate representatives turn. -alty and Philadelphia General
e. up In full-dre. diplomatle hospitals.
aunitorm, resplendemt with gold D. Krul, superintedent '
baeld, swords and jeweled de- of the S teh1 t Station ter-

Sturbans and obe. Dia- aia, ueape iy but was
d and rubles gleamed froue l io aa to des. -

-- .. ,+l G l.. -? ,.-.

. ./ 1
C .
- I

but -on'
551265 W

NO Y V a broken leg eeps he IoaX c tln b at Ouzh (N ..m-
dren'~O a- DO FaYe Rakow, 11, ftund-no mapes fft her schoolwo lew 'ho.-
pital employ a iular ashooltehber so that young patients won't fall behind in their stdis. He
S_ Donna works out a mathematical problem. _

, :._.. --.- -. ..,. .- ... a .t
'i ". .* "" -* t A ; .'* '- '"*"*. "-
.,- ', ---.., ..* / -:.- ..-. -.-. "^- -.. :: ;,.*,* .. .-: ; -..
" / *" P -' -" .. -- % -. .i ...;


.- a

. .

. I

I __ _I__

i i

I _



m Bfim
a-tmd I

an i iai zoinm. aOng
i do fthe .curtalWon
i rendered in honor of
ef and Mrs. Bolvar. E.
Otto Hers, whose -sa-
dent was most sensitive,
ire to Warfleld'S lath-
it. Herz is the aaswul-
or of the New York
I Music and has been
yrI distinguished sr-
mer he world. He him-
s to have ttraveUed
y, appearing in over
's concert is belpr ded-
Westerman Concerts to
v. Jose Maria Genna-
r Jose D. Bann and
osman. director of the
o Collete and their
d's farewell proam U
to 'begin a 8:30.

es Magnate
on Williams
t Age Of 80
JL, N. Y., Norb, 11 -
larrison Wilinms, uti-
neler who once count-
sonal fortune at (680,-
dled at his home here
at the age oi 30.
a had been confined to
iair for nearly a month
making both legs in a
s estate. His death was
ave been caused by a
im was his wife, Mrs.
reader Bush Williams,
d as one of the world's
ed women.

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