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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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61efor LocIA
No. s, Room

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At CatDal Zoniea.Sdof

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Vip. Adm. Laurane T. Du
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a, M, for the Aiores and
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it was appelniatalt. 480
at sea.
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Joined in stie arch for
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to 'dius devel.
aqa stive program.
n. aAyburn (D-
U. T ofe speaker
^j1 l CogrMs- Johnson is
toxaJeek .. new farm
I enat," in labor
S stii resources pro-
other legislative ob-

.gldtlon supplies an
the Demo-
thearp Min control
'. The .'Demooratio
dariues men who
r ad against the
Iw and the party'
laborr movement.
t for Its com-
y row on this
trying to write
tbor mAll which
adme of the more
in this field

lester (D-Mieh.)

master (D4re.)


': ;-"

Lr -Na A (MiT

likely Rep. w. ure
raek of Maiach u 'tti s
will turn to his old Job as por o
Huse. Democratic leader, eudd with
ldes Walter, other B Com b
eras who.-probably wills ah .o o. ow ut
ver.mhalrmanship o fthMa Hus8 B of
eonmnitees. Pre: er i s
Rep. Howard W. Slmi (Va.) a a
rules; Jere Cooper (Tenm Wa onf
S)..m elCr .m E ar --t

.fv ; Graham A. ar- had not at
(dea ( ), eucatlon and I anr d nie. P
Nixon caM
"amUP. Richards S.C.), fo president-
fr arst Waillam .. E2wson prtry t
,-o ernmea;t opera r
mnr a (Teon ), ad- align H E
eministraion Clai ad4 cal-
C, W i (N.C.), merl6a1nt a- Deawua.-.
r Toin Murray (Ten.) (P
Coffe ivi service; Charles
BucilB (N.Y.), public work s,
andr O1n 3. Tegmue (Tex.), vet-
Ie m-gayw 'eg.n race k
qsuu s V ss ha
Jewe's In"waS evum
a-th aw AJe.ej sey 1

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4 gg g e INIL* IBM .
57, H STREET P. 14. lNAMA. OF P.
*0-041b 1 ni l 4S-- --1 1.70 5 2.5O
P. ".IAwxn"lm, M, VA. *.. *so 1O .300
A sm VA ~ O AOVANCW 15.50. 84.00


?: M el BeI a i as n oem fe r feedes The Pasn Amrma ee
LeteU s m e rseved gestaflr ed sen he i e i whey eslMdetal
It ys searstW e 9 ,Inar do1W be bM_.If b deas't eaper th
mat day. LeIMes are publMmed.i m de hl
PIea hs to keep tihe lhten Im to Oma lea 9l0.
IdeaM y of letetr writn is h eld ria sL flwd
Th newwsper emam,s me .sspqm for statesmeas sq ,pllm
-aspesd i .Mas iro. readers.o
Curundu, C. Z.
r May I endorse the objections of several parents regarding
It is a fact that a superior student Is able to complete the
asslgnmeitos A the Junior year and sleep eight hours at night.
The avqtae alow student inust sacrifice sleep, recreation home-
; chori: H ae huplo a choice of slighting work, copying, mlulg.s,
.i and other asimir suterfuges in order to "keep his head above
. waterr" This lMter possibly is the greater menace, since It de-
stroys one ol the bsade goals of education.
I believe a patents and teachers forum should be estallh-
ed where asn matters cold be threshed opt. I am not hopeful
that this will come about. Those who object to te status quo
will be told. In effect, "If you flon't like It you can take the next
boat home." or some similar Inanity.
There is much to praise In our schools especially ih bcn-
trat to the "Idt and miss" program of certain soboola at -hose.
'TIs is t to say that perfection has been achieved.
The o lM.Is a very real one and should be considered fully
by all ceemred.
Our bJect should and must be solely the welfare of the
Still Another Parent
SDear Correct roeedure;
Your asgletion to have legislationn drafted giving Navy a
,000,000 ret to apply against anal Zone Government charges
to Navy for education and mern care iu the Canal Zone s. a
n fine and noble thought, but rm afraid that $4,000,000 will not
Last very long. The Navy paid the Canal Zone Government a-
Sprouate .ly 15.000 for h ietallation and caanitations in the
month of September, and thi Just the warm up period.
C "ontaes,w assured that one hospital was sufficient on the
" Atlatide dideb It would be able to handle a Ltypea of peron-
Snel, then our maers voted in a law to that effect.
S Mow, how ist that the Navy amblan es_ are crosing the
: Isthmus to deliver patients to Gorgas? WaaPanCanal after the
* money? You need not answer.
U How gullible is the Navy? Next we probably will see Navy
dodtora tafing the hospital and the Navy paymaster still pay-
SIng. -


Labor New



By VICiR 'R 3'L
DALLAS: ,- Afr sWPlr
around the country ebema-w
one can.conclude that te nati

this labor "party" Its strength.
For example:
Weeks before President Eisen.
hower used the. tlephoie
to contact 10 Repu)lcans and
move them to contact 10 others,
thousands of 'alter Reuther's CIO
Auto Union .members. had been
told to use the sane technique
In behalf of the. IDemocratic-labor
coalition nominees. This CIO drive
was kicked-off In Reuther's De-
troit Auto Union newspaper, which
ra an editorial headline "Our
United Auto Workers' Votes Alone
Can Win It."
"The UAW-CIO has approxi.
mately 1% million members. They
ave wives and husbands. Some
have children old enough to vote,"
the'editorial said.
"Say the average UAW-CIO fam-
oly contains two people old enough
to vote That's 3 million yotes in
the UAW family.
"If each of them contacted four
p that's 12 million. If each
of the 1 million convinced four
other, that's 48 million. Add 48
milli to 12 million to the 3 mil-
lion and you get 63 million voters.

to :lw that the Auto Workers ar
a b ugh segment at the popu-
I b actually be the margin
o epe a decumtion"
Reu is far-f ut. it
does evel the scope of the CIO
leaders' thinking. And It does in-
dicate the power the national un-
ions can draw from their vas#
memberships. The union with 850,
000 to 1,000,000 members is no
longer suAque today.
Hevily-floanced efforts were
m tbhis campaign to draw
ut tsa4 The ptblel is
gel is r odly with the
M IHf Atam Committee


-. ---.. j&.

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' I..


year's elections will proba
given more pf g post- mrten
ysis than any exeopt'.948,
all the experts were wron
the factors influencing ithl
tion result this year lend
selves to many interpretati
The easy explanation for
happens in any mid-term el
is that local issues and per
ties decide the outcome.
This year. however the I
Ilmni iMdalnd li t -Mnri d tu h

Election Analysis. ..

S 'F'
U ~ -
,,By Nr Mn

- This Westea Germany, give her inde- ally, the party in powder
bly be pendenee and adit br to North has.i ways lost pongres-
Sa lAtlantic Treaty ODrga lzation are l ets a mid-term elec
wheh really tremendouab lUlevement. t. -
g. For On iFt alol thfjepubican Hibrically, there are always
e elec- administration wul1 d seem to changes of political control after.
them- have a big adva~ta G, deserving a, depression. But this has been
mo a& to win control of Cosrss for en- true oly when there has been
a er two earsto tidy up the gpeaterA tress than now found
What lce for i some fart and industrial area.
lectjon But the Dmcrat nature His. the Demoerati
sonali- showed no enthls for ta vote inr presidential ele
Sabou t Republan aceomp p yeasa thn in mid-terma ee-
Repub- lebte. b eys wnede campaSnS A s. decline afmuMta
an ons wktem P ght per c* a. 1t4
.---.(* terkllMUk~n'-fteflM---l jir-lfa.4HgI~h bcrf_.

wirnw .- .. I. hH. aa .u
an .n I m-
t And I !sr 1?rL ^Sa

A S" ese thabit heL
was defefteda he avily De
wobesmothere; b t b tare why sha1oUt .
has gon m Senate ad t
It OWN= who a e te s, weri
clal deisid to use Me arthys ta. gofg -ao oi ,
ctic n the campan. He sold the ig. ,Caared ot;C
idea at tve- Dinver confmwce, amtra os Mief i
where he blntlnforml the Ohio. They cme
President that puWbW t ranks f th Dee
iAIrested in N eslae

isiuhr o-ti on as pro-_=
heiwr or *.e P ft toward
, p t eanwh le .

ir 7ogla the world
pee plmae to tale ,r ak from hr
;the qultest plae ever constructed,
oletrc un&d laboratory in Pitta-
I seated in hfeat of a 41-foot-hgh I
wedges that abbeor sound. There
t o them wedges i the Mooe.
-4-i ----- _

I Legislative

2 Nal'tD l 41 Poetry Isht .
28 orever$d 42 Pettly uarr. 1
ever.- ,. 43 Operatic olo.
2 Counsel. 44 Spread t ed
31 Hbew @ac 4 Prehistoric
3 *-A ent, ler, tool \
3.WWpS 4 4Naked
4W W--'lf tW e 41 In the
trap one can heart of Texa
.haw 50 BoIri.

l, -

ofv'oher potal pmmitt
of which general public knows
little. These groups run from the
natioal Maehinsts' Non-Partisa
League, which spks for S.O,00
workers to Ideal political action
committees in Texas ports, for ex-
The accounting doesn't consider
the money spent in a dozen states
nationla Macinsts' Non-Partisan
san League, te 250 regional po-
liTcal action committees of Dave
Dubinsky's Ladies' Ga-ment Work-
era Union. Or the heavy expendi-
tures of ths powerful action com-
mittees pt into the field by the
Railroad Brotherhoods, the Car-
penters ang, of course, the Team-
sters, which spend hundreds of
thousands of dollars in each im-
portant election yar.
On the re the labor groups
which fe d the government
spend some AO0 additional be-
tween Ja -ad Sept. 10, 1954.
This ~;ouI6.5- e the official count
up cloue to J,08,000 But again
tWi total don'l include the AFL
and CIO's i nditures for their
national ho and daily radio
shows, whic~' them about $1,-
00,000 a year and must be con-
idered part of their political ef-
Nor. are their included the
money spt for the production of
Sa those pro-
b aof the late
) and Jim-
ay 's Union.
auS. Truman.
the r. moe of other
S flms Ut you have a tab
wal er $100,000 for
e. e example, it took
Sto carry Mr.
(who t not too well'
thn) from Msui to Chicago fo
the Musleians Union Convention
at which the 15 minute Petrillo-
Truman picture wau made.
The bills for million of buttons,
thousands of signs, sound trucks,
radio and TV sp o public opinion
polls, IBM tabulate machines
and pamphlet running from four
to S page fo candidates such as
Averel Hat ima Paul Douglas
'and Hubert syre were paid
by the a ran into sev-
WhXen aress country
aid ma* machine work,
m ve no 4 that it is a po-
a arty, which some other
w ten dvote perhaps, but
dl In lhe, coverage or


J a t9eol, as eongos. UI tO.te northtaaAt mo
? ', relSef that was considered Made-
Squate In the southwest, and the
OovernI ent expenses have been new farm legislation.
reduced. Record tax cuts have To meet this challenge, the e-.
gone into effect. Tax legislation pubcans started throw
n-rally has been overhauled. In- p inches all over the lot. tkea Into
tion has been checked. The cost Bea. Jogeph M4.Carthy l rtes tbi e
of living hasn't been brought been te m s~ilnce by latis i w Bean the pg
down, but it hasn't beep allowed WAdn M e e sibility f the Demoeras winni
to spiral upward. For the first on forSenate censure, control of the Senate a couple
time in 20 years the government publicans again attempt to of seats. He didn't dignif as
las a fiscal policy that makes make charges of communism e a predlon. He put dow a
unse. past- pemoa atic admin-tratlpns guess.
the pi joe le issue of the cli.
The international situation looks phign. Further to play it safe, Dr. Bean
Better than it has in a long time. What should have been the real admitted that all. ealcultions
Fighting has stopped in Korea and issues of the campaign were could be overthrown in the last
Indochina. A Southeast Asia pact therefore thrust further into the week of the campan bb, tet con-
has been negotiated. Trieste. Suez background. This also tended to certed Republin di to
Canal and Iranian ol! crises have fu*z dr the national factors nor- 1954's rm election an ~-
been settled. In-Europe, the new mally i nlhctngl midterm a lec- alent'toth lepr Mid al rl
series of agreements to realm tios. tion of 190,.
-~~~~ -- -




uhL 'i'



-i %4

*. .. -i

WA& V[ IR "

'T4 Ib fair to Nixon, it should
be noted that he did not steal this
from MeCarthy. He had used it
himself to get elected to Congress
from Calif. At that time 1946,
he faced the problem of defeating
a liberal young Con-
gresman Jerry Voarhis, aaS
anything but a Comaunat, tig
he had a ro-Ilar voting reelrd.
To beat aVogor -IMpor iisgued
a battery of
many oftf -
who did no
anonymoly. kno Co
Igesan VOO $.A Commu-
nist?" was w that rever-
berated al "er M -' strict.
It did the trck. ly 3
ears old d oo u own
in" Clftbfobla i da W -
During the same ear, 19, Joe
Mire At7 eted to the Sen-
ate in W a -not by oppos-
ing co bu thhe pub-
lie sup iunis. His.
5,S .vote Lom Ful-
lette, agalasu-
nists e just
about repre e tof
the Communist a in Wisconsin
And Joe, when abked about his
openly-avowed Communist squport
remarked: *Communists have the
same right to vote a anyone else,
don't they?" "

.*= I

eo ar sore; ImsoiMfp iS7'
gon be to Irfi-rl tn1l
emoeratid vote.

Actor Asks Court
To Lift Tax Lien
On Wie's Estate
Film actor fted MaeIMuray
sought throl a probateM ort
petition yesterday to lift a
lien on the community p
estate of a lft
late wife,

terday ..
Mrs. Maclisa ft
and their t
reduced dEo
tate taxes i1'
federal governmen-
Bo C. Roose, the actor'e b
ness mans aga
estate, sal I
caught so tt m ta
in Mrs. raecumys ta teo
be sold.
Mrs. MacMurray nWet
or when. he was a s.aa19 e
player with an o t.t
died June 23, 153. LtJe u m
MaeMurray married film aect.
June Havers.

By CablroitI

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p ~
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by i:.' -i

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n~b ft

toflttoywakl my

tatmeuc, .*I


OP-^ Wpm

" "

16is$j.-ap'Sw q.t~

e I'

s. mtent' to out C
ko. vat to

i aU Iron. dut
l two otob *



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, ir,.





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* .1* ,
1 "

M., Tle headers in Style
NMwMeods the Prw in presenting new Modri I
FOR T1955 '.

JY' AuT, <
.,i, ATC"i t



t tr,-'UASI,-'MAM, ,A



r &lcovere d it au ot I
agse. h'f

me your -0 distudbter
*r utt.e .
F. ICAZA Y CA., 8.
1 Itm Ar mes A. aw
r. *0. fzi %ut. 2-2113 .



9+-- 4.
..: '^ ..
,?* *_.s, .. .if '' ... *- ...^ A .. ;f .

" -'.- .

I was


bring -O

a of tui t Um you ew nirte 'for
lpaiwmetL. Theie anvow PtAnI e you'i
buy for refreshment Soft-4plat frooem-
bp. e, tan, gre and mnby amro beautiful
hade*.. Flae-looking, fine-wearing f.brics.
Smart smmow collar styles-onh-wit col-
lars, soft collars, wide-spreads-all the
, ARmow favorites.
And don'tlet the wondseful ofter",f
*.; '. -'

~1 'P 4
7 C

k** *ftft *. I

* tones god textutes:'f tih j.'pi
Theme Aupow shirtsi w af d iraS I
handkethief. T ".y e ; tt i ".a
labe-l, o they" ..never O kout df A
Why don't yo take 6t .
some Aaow airt atRyoR e Aqw dealer'.
reaL soon?

Q. sure took for
lures you b e

r rwlabe lt.

r' ,;.


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v.' A.

<-- k(

* cr -~y: -.
- "1~


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htar "l_;r_~ __- ^^

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It. .'

. -
"' .

I2TWC Nov. 4 (d (U
SVan Johnson

of ill Ia
w "shocked and

since then and diad not

h.,aey iesui W Wli:t

altoI I have never
hgt asl an has a right
his mothexe sinco shem
Sm. father Jehnon said
,i fchettlW'. wrts were divore-
i~hreew a e allrs child
ft'z P ,at -he had ,ved with his

rs. tNeumann sad didshe wasn't
fferin mother untiom several 1944 when
wh h prev ted her from workb.

hn as a dle oIen. She e and theo
actor's father, Charles John-on
hson were divorced ln h19.a r
his -d meot ., since abe
NOd Novmy. father 4 (P) -
im pynI wan threeoye trs oPll
?ers. Neumann said she was
S tifferinr from several ailments
which prevent hern-haifrom work-
i as a detwhician. he arrivedd the
actor's father, Charles M. john-
on. werevor divorce frin om

Sn-Amercan became, 21
" + ,;. HrNOLULU, NOV. 4 (UP) -
U, tky movie ctot 'Jnh Wayne
honeymooned oWAy with P 1i a r
] 0.te, the raven-haired Peru.
.,* viua fb ty -whom he married a
few biojr ater hI4 divorce from




r .. .
L"- Mmus

O bO. o -a out c cpdww lesb
I" ...w =A4lt loueam seow 1umbeKsewt
* TeItaU mpnl* min In IM whmenthey


177.+ 774-."+.N :+ ... +
* -; -.g :' .... -, + y .1- +.+- ; ? H,. ,
.* ST .; '- '
.. -

4>; .,' 11+ "+

. .,'.




*~S Wi








.4 -.

GreTr t .hits FWi

Si .. ... .............................. Nov 1
W .... .......................... .Novo 1
,.N" ... .......... ..... .............Nov. 14
........N o.*:".: .............. .. v. 20.
...................Nov. 24
g ........ ..........................Nov. 15
r .. .... ....... ., .... ........ Nov. 23
ospnlag efrllerated ChiDed al General Cargo

NW o$ Arrives
............. ........ ....... Nov. S
S............ Nov. 14
....... ......... ....... 1
S. ... .......... ..... .......Nov. 19
uLL ...U'3 L&RGA ................ 10..... Nov. 22

Wekly suahlqgs of twelve assengef ships to New
York, New Orleans, L A em S Francisco
Antd 510le.

Spinal read trip lars from Cris, I to New
York Los Anel, San Francisco Seattle.
I To New York ..................... ,$240.00
To Loe Angeles and San Franoimo ....$6270.00
i S Seattl ....... ......... ..a.. ... 365.00




* PANAMA 2.2904
. *

. ... 1 .. I i I. .. .
ie*t '* et ^ H raw /

'And n Oa-page Inspectlon lane
are required to use te entrance
gate facing Curundu Road at
tae rear of the Oarage.
Connaerelal vehicles registered
im the of Panama may
be _lpenAed -at these same
loatiroe efftiuve Dece 1953t !
It wlU be unlawful for such'
rebase operating with 1954
nsp n certificates and wind-
shield stickers, to operate on
the Canal Zone after Ft. 1,
1055, nulem a valid cerUficate
of inspection for 1955 has been
.suqed for it and a correspnd-.-
tug'valid inspection sticker 'lp
d aOlyed' n the windahleld.
Itnemption from these provl-
is allowed for vehicles
licensed in the interior prov-
lnces of Panama when they are
nprato d transit through th
C alkO eaW designated routes,
a n a in the r Canal Zeo

Vmehoita Ugu aIon.
Own .a of commercial vehicles
arurie toae their Inspec -
tO imopo_ fopllr ed as early V
bA l .to avoid a last min-

.. i i n- (UP) Tripp
ens ave proved that a
nircu cau n be imrfit-
" oifPa nyamr, they earn-ey a
atr tur the circm into ben'
home. 'Tyreated this year,
and made'* t.i.


* j-.

4. 4,4

- imeAe~

.tA Am

I .I...

*.I f. c


4. Oa~e~onuS

.& 'I~


- ~ ~

- i~. .

u~Izo@T ~S WAS

ST ~ m.'wutsqU

,~*vl 5mw!

iLitlhm-imiin inimllmmliiE


- I



i .

Sbeu groly g Holywood with that liU lampi"
- -

s~JFI*S~P 4111~1~LLIIC*Lel


- 4


WeN r tfeef

to commUnIsta i ,.
Times discounted mta
ment that'the
na were nlxio Im
and avoid wr.
"This sounds w1. o V. nw-
paper ld, "but M0d b .
the 'internal amfav tof M a*
country"' tid t *
Self onp lueto_
most citical P
the eoerale h. k6h 2S

regime t efii
teal tt0 um f, tI
been made t. -
"Although Mr. NebrM hnsObe I
viously made up le to
'like and admire'the Red
n China amch a poale he
must h at Ma= 4U
that rled In 'hbet

ad itor ts have alns
oreadytlC iIIlM .
India, andde d

.of 1adl". .-4w e .1..-

urfaee nevd r hat cor th
a stroniig -lt q rust. ME$

The anna uala o n ecton of
conmimercl vehicles regilatered
in the Canal Zone, wabegun p. T
yesterday at t10tor Trans* .
portable *US" I *.
Ancon adtobflI The in- .
aphecU<-h bansercial vehicle 1' *.
registerd Paama wlml be- vi- W

Owners of elm#=WEjl'rehjcle BQ2002 D f A BiQlm
rettere w In i the CanOal o
were remfdd tbhat 'co
ant* with MSils the

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That's Different


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'* *; ~'4*''t s

-&N am

&J~lAM l& CB H ISOhT 613503, wheoe maniUa
am event hw .e,, r oeturnl. t .oay tam a weddn
trip Ia its=j. ig.e will make leir ho e1i Cow oOiWso
UYL C m Is the former aWIN Marie Bonedict r i f Of ba.

o Mi .al Angel brofi~ of PanM .Cte r lved of
.t*il md- 1 eW"eIr at s home at A f.2ept oter t-
tpae n aW i through the streetwi f Ma ty.
S*.aw.-a ftt- Ot t 'f IrfmMfai asnd tlts n the
ayu!. mteo~ Tt~ ~mamr N as Is in I el Fm-
~BdwEu~MM *f In eMpswese when y W tteS40they
wM :W doved &"nd arrested as revelutleua, ld the
Sffg a'te nb' Be repubib In the kIthebn o fdeeping.

Shas returned to her home aft.i
4 receivqg. a B. S. degree ever
Sdnc Sat Mt. St. Vincent of rudO,
'.at olf Club
M 'ntt 12:: a.m. Th daughter of an d mi
v**yft will furnish Baymondd arvie v
NoVelubn ,a
'' .a a La... ,,am..^, Pninam5i
k-.-"S 'SSWOOL3

Soelal Wel-
to be given
Uainin, U-
ire P l-

of the Atlantic. Side, whoee paint-
r.umay awards, asain capture. twojprizes
WSQ Sxhbrltlon are "End of the Road,"
Sthe oils elase, and "Wash Day At Pllon,"
a show will continue through Nov. 14 and
lb hours free to thepublio of Panama and
Shung in the ballroom, card room and bar.

BY MU. MURIL LAWRENC .gun to realize bow she has mis.
C sod her mother's love, it is not a
ABOUT a month ago, Mrs. P's. calamity. It Is a valuable per-
son-n w left her. daughter. Now ception and can be used. For her
Nse bl'bamed. He Satughtr says mother also missed love.
a- lal to e her husband Thus we havd two people who
because her to give share the same feelings about the
rpropr le m aeStd. giesame deprivation. That is the ha.
.s. P,. e's as, not for separation, but for
eight rve to mutual understanding and com-
he. My I was fort.
1 fa a s wsh ere What obstructs them is not Mrs.
we flnt olwess" to her own child,
t weren't for m husband. M but coldness to the soared little
be. I'd have wn u. to b A orphan of the empty home above
'bd grl. He mde me marry. the saloon. Were she properly lov-
him. I ws 17 when this girWas he i
born. I loved 'Tony so that I ,.owappealil...y b. ,could'
an .. kid round two women who think they are
"" ..different could come together to
lurayl didn't. -So.why diover their oneness.
MM't- l ItAb made to war .ow can we possibly persuade
Sr=t i PM en t. children to love us if we think we
ibrte at .M'. --d1"8- have nothing lovable in us to of-
9or.w i d St% !M I M .
seO s G...D

n~e. .

r IR

tho Chris
Is now in

en' annual as l be. held are con
this: year on N'ovA. lOtg at will be c thm I he
B' Club p.m. worst vertebrtoated the ha. yet
PIS clw eface&L uw,=y ,,4t.hda te!
s A ew feature w beropea rabbit devastated lre
ness at children's table. his tabe will areas in Australia and New Zea-
be femod doll e1-o thIn xof all ggy,
served. kinds. .
j. S be. ae m Isb" ..t Federal law has long barred Imr
SRat h. The, baser i*s he6 "St e portation of European rabbits to
in the role Lutheran Service Center on this country. They are being in-
Balboa Road. traduced from the San Juan Is-
Tickets for the ham sp lands off the coast of Washington,
be held in conec e where colonies have existed for
ibe helduinnconsbeca t many years. Interstate shipinent
_ Comndu b ar ae now Mo apparently is legal. -






r ~-a~ir~;

" A FI

Dam u, tamender ad*I- Cod; and Pewch
Camd-l mfed. ntdy *ft
the kAWh. e-'s sm-Aetdy NO WASTE! Every
bowue b a -9r a4 ...yo.a,'n Jove BIRDS
n ma "t !Baed, kMM or broed-any of tth
Ukt MsL wamdmaf inLr dW

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:*, .?": -v : w -,

.~ .'. "_ -, .- mJI
*r503 7,41

IP ~ ~ ~ ~ df 4! > *.
L' "
^f fW fl f, :^^^ ^ "f'
NI':i.1 -' '.' "{ -.' **- A ,

At night when she asks yeo
what's new at the office, tell her a
few things that happened during
te day instead of mumbling
"Nothing much." If she weren't
really interested in your work
she wouldn't be askdg you about
When he ts all drsed up to
go to apar take time out for
a long look and maybe
a r. an e whie.
Sher about something.
even if it Isa on as small a seale
as which ofat two tie look better.
oth our A t
L ar when you come
home at a ight rtpu can comn-
men on how nice the house looks
ifter bhe has spent a day re-ar.
ranging tutnitue. Or notice that
the rose bpsh she has been giving
tender, lovng care is at last in

Compliment her once in'a while
on being good and understanding
If the thought ever crosses your
.mind that you an a pretty lucky
fellow, share t with her, Just as
quickly as you let her know when
you are discouraged, dissatided
or feeling that you're en a tread
No fooling, the are the gifts
that women really treasure and
they cost nothing.

The is b O s long to young
children. So tf you are expect.
ng anew baby, put off llng
small son tit It's within the
realm of M understanding. The
ou tll him, hp l ex-
te bab tom tow. And
do't lmua Io that l doent un.
thd whet yu talk to your
fretta ab owu ow fegan&=. He
dhervem feel *at-be ahe
what's going on and th at ~i-
baby, too. Don't discus it ln frot
of him untl-he knows about it.
Often, babies who try to tand
up early, have better-fitted 'strol-
ler. A stroller where tbu' foot-
ret ls f* below bi' Mt gives
him no oppertn 'tWe W'anmd.
ing. TWhmea.e ean- heki'mad toe
the PootP tie w .nrgleMfly

yours retar -10
L Hi yo try to make him
sit up or give up sa eveaing bot
tie because a friend's baby does
it, it will only make bothof ou
B ad. rable in the long run. Re .
one has ever seen a heal
Speuon who failed to learn to
p or give up drinking from
m bottle, But one has see people
with weakened backs, who are
ri plely eaters.

- Only the s fresh-gound
pure spice have


S Itca'tbeduplicated-olyfriveah-
peved pure spiess can give yea
Mo true flavor of natuani pios.
rench's Spices are specially
milled and peeked to give you
authentic spice flavor


LOVE */ d ...


.. .; ..
r t-
Sma'K lein-


op of Bradri. mt bMeauifl-
wl I6.aserf. SderS eip
rys "Po.a'. Coid Carm is
.r.l.ou-lt gIu th uka
mW lBs em. meshMessl


ays Se&n

Cream your skin to new beauty,
am lovely society women do. Get
at hidden dirt that hardens and
sticks poreopenings,encourag-
ing large pores, blackheads.
Pond's Cold Cream is specifically
desipg to soften and lift cit
thi4 embedded dirt make
your skin look clearer in color,
finer in texture. Every night:

a Lage "Y '
1. Clrdle Pos Cold Cream q. A
from throat to forehead. rTh n;
leases embedded dirt. Trw
well. 2. "Rinse" wish .'
Pond's Csm. 'Iua. u ,;
O g l WOX
ing. lrt Bew. You i ....
skin-so qurcl ; *

MInIthS, efiLne

Amostam iiism

- L~S5TM
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tS' :*so 10.-
owlf. o~~jldft

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* I

TeptisW, dm-rmh gre* M*mw
saw eocx...with just
the right amount of
Msaonilng. Serve CEmp.
bell'. V agetrbl Soup* aaaB

Cond nsefor Qr PaVorue Look for tael.


ae f ja t a~~ m wti b a gut
wse thin dime?

DmjWnt-mb d"jW.bat'. for din-.
r?" budavAndy type id kiss.
Take five minutes to cali her I StIat se
bom the of/le-z t to remind her Ptee 2-1 *
to send your blue ault to the
plener t just totalk. ." .P

. -72a



* r .,









r'' -'- -T .- *. A,
.- -. ... ..
... _,.~ ..rS -...
t.,i #,, .#tp J : .- ,-'- .' :
.~*8 1 *" ... 's, t ,J'^ .. ,'"* lx : i ,' / ,',

T. lnf';1 ? .& O

I... .



SO'Omt r, 1
- uAres mes Av and 33 I.t
- 111 L CrraouUI ___

Central Ave. lt
Mo. LotLera Plza
rourlb ot ,uly Ave.


H 8tre M6 57

Agenda IntermtL de Pubdliaonels I PARMMC
45 COnur Ave. 1
Fais Levre 7 StrM M
1U0 Central Ave. J. rac. de
Via sin"ot 8. 54




FESA NAL oed FOR SALE o a. cwt'as 4 "3 l m'
FOR SALE:-AII porcelain 9-ft. West- Panama 3-1877. Cristobal 3.1673. UNIQUE OP b~W Two
three. 4-ft. and one S-ft. bamboo Gromlich's Santa Clara Beach Cot- ished, wi thr-of -
.n .oi .. ----- house 25 cycle refrigerator, M. B-- a GramS ch's Sant Clara Bonh Cot- shed w lt Iu tf n ,
SChinch Bu r A hbli nds; plastic rug; Simmons mat- FOR SALE:- Magnficent new blond ages. Modem conveniences, mod N exc.eptionn
fAy g Up Ya th tress and springs; heated wardrobe; Spinet piano, African Avodire case, erate rates. Phone Gomboo, 6-441 servants' ,po, s
Spd dining table and chars, and other perfect condition. Must be seen to or Pedro Miguel, 4-567. etc. Pri ced foi' 4qB'c a ginst
furniture. Dial C.Z. 4-542. be appreciated. Owner leovin .oWill FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile post long-term to th Il t
Ae AT lPH..sll $200 less than cost. Can be Santa Clara. Low rates. Phone party. Ppip -- .
ho n and FOR SALE:-Will let person buying seenaot 536-B. Curundu Heights. Balboa 2-1866. CO, S.A., Averic. Cae l'b.
turniture take over modern oneB-ab San Francisco doea Cales. 1rn
hldae and othane, bedroom apartment, 46th Street. WANTED WILLIAMS' Santa Cl dea. Cot. 3-402 Fl
Whih Are Exceelent House 27, Apartment 22. Phone togeW--rockgas, refrigertion, two-3-.
Aainst Grass Desti" ying 3-3551. p u i*aelleO bedrooMr. Phone Balboo 3090. PositisnL ered
:l Worms, Give Peer FOR SALE: Whirlpool automatic SHRAPNIL'S furnished houses on
kalte ea the Chi*nh Bu, washer, 60-cycle, used two months. WANTED:-Ar conditioner, 1/3-hp., beach 4t Santa Clara. Telephone ANTED .. r~a Ap
Phone 87-147, Clayton. used. Perfect condition. Telephone THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, eve- ply Pan Amla l.n Wo ays .
GEO. F. NOVEY. INC. FOR SALE:-Gas stove and electric 2-2027 or 2-1111. ngs. taton Ma r Cen Aliport ADU
.ye, Central 279 Tel.3-014 both; table and four anchors. for d Help WantedOR RENT D notapply unm holder of "lader-t t c earl t
Ot both1;ta dgatelhaies, 3- C.A.A. I .of 9theI t in adlt Sct woTk
"..11e a -. .c.h-... -a ete. $10; logate- 3e tables, $3 WANTED:-English speaking maid to HOuCeW = APPLICANTS fbr imrvice Club Caneee Ohe ae 3 unts irn aprit rta
elRhTiA.E...c.Coil Panama 3-0816. lve in. Must cook and help with a, APPLICANTS for _X_" s.vl.,Cnln. C"M'
LERN T FOR SALE:-48 Fod-6Clubchildren. Call at Apt. 6, Colle 50 FOR RENT: -ChIlet. 3 be .rooms, 2 (woman desd at Fort Gulick; TO .... .n M o .
ChM-hr-Ch FOR SANo. 40. baths, garage, all ,cos veninces. teen ae l6 and 40; rduate o c
Ruemeble Mtamb- Au3tomobilme @n "recreotio or o Slted field, Utnjted the ts aul _
SStates citizen. May statute for er I n ato e
Tm04iseo W. s FOR SALE:-1949 Buick convertible, FORcollege'up to two years of paid ex- Itleg a al tnCdO ir t l A- k part -
uliibiA paid Call Melvin 2-2116 before 4 pAUp if us .imilarbr zons. ApplyMon-AIT .hd
Hotel _3 m. ATTENTION G. L Just built modem day. November 8, 1954, at 10:00 tra t 'men .Ina h.ale a gowd i toandlaton In frst hindering the oprga e -
fir. 4 to V pm. FOR SALE -Exceptonally. clean '51 furnished apartments. one, two a.m., Fort ulick Service Club. Scout the aid', fcenc mre gl
Smile I 4-door Pontiac Chieftain-. new bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel Boy t o the oe Stince Its blshment In J947 anoths--short o. t
w/s/w t res. puncture-Droof tubes, t phone Panama 3-4941. have t n or-the Inter -nal.Boy Sct has'a t
er 4 pm Hysramatic, heater-defroster, radio. gen eam s in o grown to an enrollment of 200 an intensive six-d
p-miI N 27.000 miles. other fine extras ORRENTC-Furnished &at es. Cub soum (aged 8 through 10), camp wa held at Mdd Dn$.
Dial C.Z. 4-542. ote eeted 2 & 4 bedroom apartments. Thi s erife, cared .aot 150 p*oyeota-(aged 11 through Headed b Rayaond Oorg,
DUENTi C ..- Contact Alhambra Apartments, This Is the end of'the league colb on. WlthW..Do13),-andw oe
AR ETT DUNN FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Sedanette 10th Street. Phone 1386, ColorI play. We have a playoff deae to ea.# utsn,4age 1 rd0 oor f oran oo a
torpedo body. For info, call Balboo FOR RENT:-Modern apartment: settle the "A l l iague champon- chief. s a f dlLeatr Ied n four Zone cormlreu leso wp iOt L go
1 2_775.bedrooms, living room, dining room. ship. The fist aing second. tar- bulldpg, h lbility-teahl All together there are 32 ulits, tion to a their ut
FOR SALE:-'48 Ford-6 Club Couoe. porch, kitchen, bathroom, hot w term go. We dPhlo as' activiies" p!ted h by llnc)OWN ten Cub packs, 12 as t r- ora.
custom body and interior. Caloil An- ter, Via Brosil, Airport Road, Pa-i. team and.i cha'.d Hene tt's more than and young Scodt' aoops and ten Explorer
con 2-3"405. tilla No. 88. Phone 3-1010. team stale~$6 at 0-0. a roximately 200 units. S e then they hA been p
.tahme~ lets I FOR SALE:-1953 Hillman Minx. FOR RENT:-Comfortable Ibedroom te'sn 1 yardm lefas o our ocal dult leao owr the Baiy theules to excite eratin in three ted~tas "
I nO cellent. condition, clean, 19 apartment. North American neih-downs. But als' team'held and focal Sing orga .. rtain the ntersta of the men eahe, conducting te
Sa non. miles. Kobbe 84-6116, 7.30 to bors, reg ular transportation, $65. this may, ae been the turning y.'s ctnvt oz bpth edl i rlo
1;a f4ri veLmm TqI. 13s 4.30. Phone 3-04.point of the game. Almost all of Its operations are he Isthmuas, poout gather al munitlea, to seoure
,, blnck ul "UCee FOR SALE:-'42 Chevrolet Pick-up. .FOR RENT: Furnished apartment, In the third quarter, S8las supported by. Voluntary contri- known as'Cuberees and Scod- and reserves for fu e -eda.
good running condition, $250. cool, clean. Refrigerator, gas stove. passed 15 yards to -0 .e're-rbuton of time and materials, seaqn both Pac~it and A Thus the InternaMloal .o-
4-567. Pedro Miguel. 182 Via Belisorio Porras, San Fran- ra who run 10 More= for but.for its unavoidable cash ex- tic sidesaCampqree at Rain Scouts and
',ETR.AS.PORTES 4 rcisco. touchdown. The try for point penditures the International Boy bow City with boy and I dera are doing the r
e .l te r tune uP o R -r. Fnk an FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartme was not ood and e quarter Scouts rblyin the Canal.tone from titrleo that this mm
serve) worktor re n St a ground floor: Furnished $95, un- team m s In s Honorw
FinerpreeningthCoumia furnished $75. Inspected,Coaolo d* Qeremon
teed. (Day b Night). BroadcastingCompany,received furnished $. Inspted ol a In the fourth ar Ham-a 'em. fr toand Carter oe oft
s1. WADc, Pp. saious. Parking space. Inquire* on &mabe rir In adno 'to .ta pr*for Coreuothe
,t F A.3) Fo r the American Cancer Society's 41rd[Street No 58.Pond, paU4 frBnett'a In addition'to stan pro. outstandifg.aetiit~s of the
tIL A.ndistinguished service pwmrd forN am, let a pa p fall Into Hun- wt:t o
.4.T award was mad. for T berto Oro's hands. and he ran
W A, Sold ,f a 1:1101.842B3 ran the exbtra

a ...........eBuild... .L.karssl tn o alas f orthe we

D j 1 C i entrance to the building and in I
.' t alge upright ease In the cen-
fit?. Equip ro tt O the lobby. Each water
Sblor Is accompanied-by a card
S-' vgng. when available, both
S Egalish and Spanish names, the
teK L -'G. flower's botanimal name, a n d
.E.. the area of which the plant is a

The paintings are accurate in
Et. T (t s aJL AYt 4. 5 Mlae and color.
In.t to ~r e .lss Morgan, who formerly liv.
am na.D ed In Toledo, Ohio, recently re-
IV, bM .* e- turned to the Isthmus after a
m w nton D.c. year's study In the United States
et Dmtenit p dP ai.,l under a Ford Fellowship.
'- G Cr." Her work during this Fellow-
lE gsWlTiSA yhlpyear was at Louisiana State
e tUniverslty at Baton Rou g e,
f whqre she studiel taxonomy, and
at the University of Mi a m i,
n r. where she studied in local flora.

A' democratss Control
W M e (Continuedt from rag 1)


-ir takes
Lm ea-- k

; AEC MEMBER .Jon von
Neumann is ba wept memo-
ber of the Atomic IIergy Comn.
Imitlon. The i Hungarian-born
naem .tcla~n. i a .sta mnm-
ber of the Inst.tute kor Ad-
vamAed Study at PRtom, N. J,

the President made special ef-
U8 forts, the returns were against
MThe 18 boom for Adlal E.
ed Steveson already Is sounding,
led by Mr. Truman. Stevenson
was the Democratic top cam.
tor lalgner.
ilsar A New York governor always
Balt1 figures in Prosidential specula-
miay tion and the state's next one will
dgn~ be AveaUl Hartiman, favored by
^the, asitm political counsel of
gadg Tmm.ay bts Carmine Desapio.
easy One fact was emerging. The
voters had refused collectively to
orn give either Republicans of Demo-
iole crate a blank check of mandate
erisp, to take it from here.
it to Unempleo ent had an evi.
dent Election Day impact. Re-
ei pubMicans lest seats in troubled
*. eal mlnig and indastrial a-

with .Th ballyhooed term rebellion
owi. gainsd t the admisnltaoun's flux.
S M peris suptIort policy was a
.. if ~ leeaetuns mean

J l J point making the f1 al score 80.

c h Teaechampions of the three
Sentenced To Jaui 0 0,o, the thr
As Spies1 Traies eag ue e Snow.
"B" $i eague--AE rm u ,
"A" Leape-P able alas
VIENNA, Nov. 4 (UP)-Three
former leaders of the Czech So-
clallst party were sentenced to
life imprisonment for espionage
and treason In a new communist
purge trial, Radio Prague said
The broadcast said two others
were sentenced to 25 years In
jail and "others"t, lesser prison
It added the defendants went
"on trial recently before the su-
preme court in Prague." The
broadcast didn't say how many '
defendants *ere tried.
The Czech Sociallat defendants
were found guilty of carrying out
espionage under secret orders
from the United SBttes, Canada
and Switzerland, the broadcast

Six Die As Fire
Guts Frome House Qui'mn -
I, f DaniW MM eh U o
In HamiltonO. ArSS... .A 3
Ti) B r freom ofM ,ieov. V.
HAMILTON, 0., ov. 4 (TUP) As *,md of the I
Six persons burned to death to- M hs ba,1a bM 11* i
day when fire gutted their small uI supuwbwh lte
frame house here. South Alia.
The victims, all members of
one family. wre trannaed in th I 'I i

beds as flames burned out the
entire interior of the tiny two-
story home.
The dead were Ulysses Mul-
lins, 70: his wife, May 69; their
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Ella Mul-
lins, 21: her children Glenna
Lee, 3; Jospa, B; and Denise,
four months old.
Firemen said all victims were
In bed exept Mullins. His body
was founfl in a doorway beside
an oil st"e, Indicating the stove
might have ignited the blaze.

'The Dutchman'
Pleads Innocent
To Bribery
NEW YORK, Nov. 4 (UP) -
Henry (The Dutehman) Grune-
wald, alleged Washington influ-
ence ma pl 4ea4, Innocent to.
day to federal indictment
charging n with conspiring to
bribe ad government
employs E x cases.
Daniel L ,-former asds-
tant commissioner of internal
revenue, twe other-former Inter,
nal revenue offices, three at-
torneys and ap accountant were
named with Orunewaldi.n the
indictment. AII had previously
pleaded lanocent to the char.
Federal Judge Edward Wen-
feld ca z Orwnewald in the
1081W oted In Wdash.-
Itnfna TmA = rsom at* w-. *

- .
-I" .IU

bem vi*. .
": m-a ,A 7.. .

Tp nargam nsi Uw uatixting uWW-sae SpBP
I e Colamr.e Srt. Dai m, o &a in sl i a
is and wuit home with a gerutpe, Gout g
I Ford. There wm t42en sli
SMae. to a 19n atm

-.. .

rL f (


I -,
* S
-. i~,


4w f

I ~





Ir ~'

*- .,



__ '1 (.

" .t .'

*. .* '
, J 5.

, ^ "- ..-k^

p 4


.. o; ., ..t .-,
,. .*
- .i ,.. .,. ...- ._.. -..
I -- a"?'.-_ *.

whal. oo # atabmn* wtua
wi -%
t'i l '{h 'tyKftfa.t = "i'*t
,' .*,, ,B ~ l~e t ,; --*"("

I* -q

*inI .*

"mn RE"
Gd, es
Q .

*P O


S- 'J r.1 ,


n iW i'i
!'. : ... L ', .
>it.0?Lr-vU ^|

any tnlte.

; AdU,.wi w ,the new,

O'TAWA, Nov. 4 (M
wo-hnm ommgdon t t
mated the eot of A

' m s. ,
,* CLOMiBO, -eyln, .MO (OP)
r..eylt a today awepteU t Idoib-
at i'a t;liat. 'td Co-

ombo" conference m. fad

s done' -
9t itcoufld tl
t the five free

Ibor, Thailand,
Ieatact aivity lan d m
Th next h on e-
pled Dee, 28 at a" She
hinst one that ended Co-
lambb, the tivepwirs -
04 colqpa In :imy atrm

But P nehas shown her
coftoUnig distrust of commu-
An. China. am, n t",o Asia by
Join the south Asia Trea -
.Oranlzatlon ain t stop-
X- further commit expan-

, e Ad.' ..Rt. mo




MODERN-ART -- Impltoity is a fetre 60t -is ,M tg
painting by Andre PouJet Called "gilp6uc Alfred,. ft -'1 4 iz
bltlion at the Modern Art Ptait t Paris, Cail'

---i--i.:- -. "--,. :" P -. -.---

'-. t I Ann H -Tr-
l* iOU1e vRANQ5 --

. "' ,


0, i in <

:' Olt" r o f A
U^^Se Vfttsele Pa
* ceee hlei .t

A;. ...t.
. ,, i ,
" ** .**

PD 1~P UUI l'- I 01'

, --,-- ..i..... Im Frway .ma jiO :
t"rti. about hits lons of Arny regmul
-s: waentned. to dij
Sdro .ve into 1 service and forfeiture
lMil a _eonver- and alowan.m.

Friday "Battle f Ronge ive" r

Friday "To w
! '. h AR afs. ",.

CRISTOBAL r ,'v-AOi ,.
A IIi-C u lIoid w i f -WaM -
0 iicf 1.4. .


PARAISO 6:15 7:30 1I1- A A :15 140

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"HIGHWAY DRAGNET1" "Sallofr f The Klig"

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hwt Cate& k

inrC~aritos Sklark U.P. Coachs 0Sony 0o

nvert8 One-Time Failure A ai Rte FOr TI -
-to First Class Router u.o T.p -ea
B .--e,-,...... p,. n Son... "- ,-" .- lon. "
h r.e dleo--e- e.....n.i. o. .nt,.....:.

" Cinderella hor. e Came. y",terday cane from .hdud- to me e '..
la tima finioshor by a fleck oYer King's Priue NUW Rons, Nov Nov 28 is DOWseps t a-ig 0e
xilidfns nthe $10,000added Nov. 8 The bule on the arie at Tocumen a 4un- Ho s n
once Day Classic per one mile and five ,

bts etoie a capacity crowd at the Juan France cu asig week. adt Orilen aU7 a As.
un be .atenUao r ".

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rinceS Ca me. "Tongs P arie p- a whp in cons- .n Lless than--'a OiState.
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amaer: the an ar fo e tr li ov on/fr f0le 2:f 3 uI. ., ,.. uhd.
I e sthe e Dont Caoreb a wh no mouPrize tractateMile a-
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W ttcSityN Towdn tuD thea 0ue.0 seave- wis. a le e to m t o t, viTtle. -O A t h p a-

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oo n st, n r oe a d- Qtol Ninth ;link d M ssispi ha d L t r.rp tt e N C A T e a o s e as a t eS At e r p re s th o a i @
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a pa ena n d E eso$5.80. T h on- tw it ed st tidla o. l sTh ey."L n a as te t in t e v a a P naiis a yl ou a w n e

.. ..-Mug's Prizeronowhoppi ngo wAd W ss hab,. o .
awincolumne Int e.. prool low- the race a 10/5r a s5a lfa.- n .a "-- -thetoo---n ,.
amer:the tipleentryof1:63/5,1:352/5, ,05,2:33theilt PER. yeari

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&e9 Mllar,88.20. 7th a be-aqme pdP.-mnh a 4 b'~S n
1 Wae-Knd= =Pim) $129.10 -Sna'swe yp el 7 p o te''bjo W
0,Nboard l m h~anyj 119f and rtopik w.-and,. Pirs
and TRIM Msus. 240. tet he east.1Rud ~pie
(o __ 2Chseat 3.0, W$240. betwdeenr ott~pptr yr lbUIu SW*!~L
03g.20. Ins tm, gn Qaemsh cthi ta
ra apnnte 2-' -Kioco$230 e sam du nuwx e. ue f~b~,wr ati ieaY htPnm nai
__________________~ ~i~t~ ~e3IS~lb0I. ay h bss e ~yuPiobnl v~
have tn O a.tter npotobl h alioe FsemnWsStatiint ih

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enostV 11baleSem. ias StsWrld dP1
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f'U M puin-thes, acsopi
an i ft nlssh fl s TW -.he29-yar-l

IM i '45-6. $4.- IngdingeirSat if r #dw'r Arm atle. Fo

av liners. Pga litwilt usow
UV hAe -gaining
ad 9. WWelIM with theo h
n ea in best r..
Slo 0.. A.. .rmy eIs
pt increased0 in with an aver- ,
SCOur ae a at even yards per
ter, ,A be ex- ga et a"
lo:leavin ana two yards
should per this fall.

.' *
be" -WB Inany
ourns- if Gfervice Bureau**
: tone tem wouldabaw of Oregon -**
J lOf the isfatbb ve leader A.
W~:Sbndin gemn
,twoe a of California,.



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.... ,x .. .
-'S' A
I. ~ -- ___---a

AndI Judj by pro statistics
that elnfcross the desk no
one else has changed Pete iPhos,

Little League:

The last try-outs for the com-
in season of Little Leai.1asenr
will be held on atrd
morning, Nov. at 9:00 oclock
at the Little League field ln
Margarita. ,
Any boy between the .ges of
eight and twelve years Inclusive
who has not tried out and is not
on a team at present, should re-
port this Saturday morning.
In the event of rain, the try-
outs will be postponed until the
same time the following week.
In recent weeks some changes
have been made In. team man-
agers and coaches. The follow-
ing list Is provided in ordei that
players may contact their new
Mutul-of Omaha-W. French,
W.- ott. ',
Little Mottas-J. Bowers, C.
Coco Solo Braves H. Lutz,
Police Pals--W. Egger, F. Eb-
Cm ooa c Botters-.-. Wainlo.
M. Suram.
Coco Selito Cubs, L. D. ZUsey.

nd.the ai dn t*,

"a. 10

. 'i n i Til*

,}c l, ilm ll l





OVER!-.otto Graham really w over against the Cardinals Is cao. Blocking for the
Cleveland Browns' quarterback were Lou Groza, 76 and Abe Gibron, 64. Tepicture is strlingly
=Snidul of ,the Marines' jlag-raising on SuribachL (NEA)

-WISTl IT...
TWIRL -cT...a
OURL IT... ...



Small wondr th Van Hosamen Century shirt is becoming the
motppub shirt in the world.
It's the wi.d's only aHit with a patented, mot, as-plea
col~wr tha woa't wruisol Neither heat nor bluaidty can
- in"akit wil as V#n^ p Century shirt is avaldis tcolrs
aid i h ~ Iao U original coar myww
Lip a .ag,, Century t ,give up
to c a .m y ,'- ft..

Football Sci
--- 0 ".W

Aa,. A

^ ''- ^'', ,Bm ., 4 ;.*+ .. .
iK .:.-- -i hmi, + aIr ++ uk, ,--",m ;. ,+.+. ^:4 .j<
HgE'v',,.. T .l .* 1B0Mdlk. rid~it'l tln'.M voatf A'*1 :Ji4.- -- ---i "B -,Jaig +uT.m.U '

w. *s ~





By \Uaed Pae s

F r yNov.$

x-ehadr SemtK nDt. HSt -

( stur ist, Nov. $
AdamS St. vs. olo Colrao
x- A ro vs. Kansas 8

2- o v. ouln ot
xi Dalkota v Morning-

-saturd.l, No. I
Adams St. vs. Colorado ol
x-Akln v. Kent tateo
Alabama A and M vs. Alabama
Albright v. Lebanon- Vall
x-A r vs. Wass Pqta"
Ala v. K alWaster
abu vs ncna
x oed vs. Toma Tn h.
Arkansas t. vs. Autin
Arkansas va. lRac-a
Auburn 1v. Misal, Fla-3
Augustana IL. vs. V. Central
x-Austin Poy y. Ten. 'Tech.
BateO vN Colby
Baylor vs. Ttise
Benediot vs. Allen
Bethany, W. VA. as. Orambling
Bthune-Cookman vs. Oram.
Bluefeld St. vs. Shaw
Boston Univ. vs. Villanova
Bowdoln vs. Maine
fowflng Green vs. Marshall
Brown vs. Springfield
x-Buffalo vs. St. Lawrence
Butler vs. Washington, )Mo.
California St. vsa loomsburg
Central St. vs. Kentucky St.
Citadel vs. Newberry
Clark v". Xavier, La.
Clemson vs. Purman
COst Guard v". Rensselaer
Coe ys. Monmouth
Colgate vs. Bucknell
Colorado A and M vs. Utah
Colorado Mines vs.\Idaho St.
Connecticut vs. Northeastern
Cornell va. Syracuse -
Cortland St. vsiE. Stroudsburg
Dartmouth vs. Columbia
Davdson vs. Catawba
Dayton Vs. Mississippi South.
Peoiane vs. Ash a .
DeAion vs. Munx

GY y vs. nata

x~ vs Adoiphus Vi Dulut
Branc rag

Hampton Tnst. vs. Howpt
Hiram vs. Kenyon

,*-afvfis. Hamilton
x-ofatr vs. WClkes
E.Hpeuv. Albion.
S vs. nTu s

Howard Payne vs. MCMurrw
-H ornton. v. an ran-
x-"iso St. Cafo Poly
GeOrgi vs. M-salspThONMCo

do an l. vs. Kette x.

Indiana vs. Miamil o.
Iowa St. vs. Oklahoma
x-ow v Adolphus D uluaota
How vs. Purdue. Howard
x-HeldelburT Ohio Wesleyan

-ohn Crrol vs. Missavppi er.
Iohmi .No kln vr. won rthmore
I. Cdlt vs. Hamilton

Koa aichr Nebvm. Da ol-
xIoa vs. W udke i

ons vs. ho Tulsa
Howard Payne vs. McMurry
x-nuboldt aSt. vs. $an Fran-
Id1ho Col. vs. Seattle ramb.

Lake St. Norest vs. ll. WlNormeyan
Lawrence vas. vs. Dakot
Lehighowa vs. MPurdue r
Lehigh vs. Mublenbors

vs. C1

Wx sn-Sale n. va.
Wiseofasin vs. orthw004
Wooster vs. Mt Uo* ..s
Worcester Poly vs. Norw/e Jt
Tale vS. Army
x-Youngstown vs. LaCue S,
Sunday, Ni. ? .
American Inter. ws.
Loram Ns.e S. i
x-fablt Rgames

5-At Romoke, Va.

.' ~..I- I

' I


MiM-o rl vsc vs1.

O EM ....,-.. +

Penn Sa= v. Hal, 7
x-Pepperdlae vA. 81m
Prairie View v Ta L.
-Morgan St Va. P %a .
N eay v4. D ,-.,

Richmond v Wase For.
Ripon Is. (aerton .
oh. v ,. .
Ruters s. Lafe ;
x-stoll. of Pcific .Js
Penn State vs.
x-Pepprdrte vs. Central
Prairie vs.e Txas O,,.

Preton i. Lamv
Roch ., Trt ,__

RuzI s. LafJtte ,.
SewpMnkrg& *Centre

..~ 1*

r* c e ...... a .

- --~-~-

----------- r-W

___1 ~'

:- -- -I -- .. -- -- ... -

- -1 --7 7 ~~ --- T~~


- I -- I I


c: Ki'i~"


. '- .

.75. "W4" -':-" ". "

jjjjj %jjj, j-%


4 ;' J.u..;,' P.

-Let the people know the tru wai44 the cour A.braham,

Talmadge. Seg#rdi o
a series who comr

Win Georgias Shol
said ino:.ass
ATLANTA, Nov. 4 (UP)- The are determined to.iewrve m-'The M .te-put the amend- five .ON n ,en-i "., gI.tat.' of rural votes at first gregation." ment I today and. the nese, anumbbr e ae
gave Georgia Talmadge govern- mWgn steadily toward rolina mad 'won rew res in ma OFF
legalse the administration plan tion of tryinL.Ato a df- The eleton ra.nmostly to Texas. IlyMW an 1 mot*Bhla *that l
for a court-proof segregated fervent I-ssue' l nig that DemoctI t r. elh.wher.e in But ROD, Wliiai 0. WmP1er the same names a ar through- ne:t
school system. the granting .m ney to the SoUth. (R-Va. 'Idefted brDemo- out the lis bf offle ofes
Returns from 1,852 of the private school 1o 1 nations The .6puhbcasas bold on to cratlc I J J sof various civil org .0
state's 1,003 precincts in Tue-. ,wouldbreak owa publi am iy inu o Tout Nmi
day's general election showedschool structure.. believes that
196,4I votes, favoring and 172.- If, 4!, vv.
715 against the amendment to Talmadgq. and his successor, l g t- the coiemn, bide o
shiftstiols to private opera-who takes over In an Mar-
to last resort. inGriffin, d would. .
l "MOTHERING" ROLE While Madeleine iemann, consul- o ed a statewide "Save Constitution funds j, tak Ps
-.tantf at the Lexington Houses Children's Center in New York, Our Sch Committee con- ainteratd system, EIg ~3 a loo.
.cedad de eat. -m."t" the S upt -' s egre- Ek "atI& aih. look t.
engages her in conversation, Queen Mother Elizabeth tries to Outgoing Gov. Heramdm Talmdue nation ruling thaltandin p ho -ARM
Sold The people have given "the By puttIng t school uner PARIS, S 4 (P) An es- A2 0 (.eg 4
serythe Billy Javiin. 3. Billy was frightened by the flh of sGenel Assembl o fG end quasi-priv 40 management, the timated y A esicans 30, ov. 4 J U 1 Our Resu
I a k i d. '---" "
tographers'lights and began crying. With the Queen are uhpawd wemobvoegtZ o n I o ovinI cera m'in
top o ,lo"gase" hee. a
"ou n die rp l efor on c mi ll d ay e uon. his doctor an U l. ; j *S ;
nis B. Rundall. Britain's Consul General in New York, n it will never become could attend wWat Tlas. ble draft."Ido n thfl4, thee
and his wife. ment," a"dge added, "But And n ther I way' o e mhad 'lied i NNicer 4 ove rwnaa '
m aa dg n t" .t y 6. Is "r h 16 ..b 0,". e ,
of the isat nd tand th f tim t e Heed heart atr u
theplleglation rvior the daft returning st all officers should nbe Prelnt
tice that the people of Georals The so-called dratg of ore h w ai he tookWn from supervisory person
Aamea a gcare eeies c n edh he t k are-
butRthe tV" p
33r.Wid GmalnTeam ds iorg iacau ahcupcna & o l acoa0
I ', b.,. 'i"I_
and vassed tiaftnigh twhen effect bi aiFe- wipqW J.
teheetraditioolll be a omu n saidthat bean-came fn eo r
ur 'I Team the ~ad y UI. s 0wsran8,o. ws t fehoo a
i metropolitann areas completedflo*in oof b" lawyer. Cptin taksh It you feel ab ae wil
Wn o1.nii
antheir tally.a hoth n 6ari s he oi let
Ao iwts o RvT io mp-- he wa deterined n hioe A-rnu orinPe rid, Thesq12fen a ea bi i n ofierlt"...
countin.thto"".oteboi".&a A 'U. e rtof -tiheia-erthUa me neo u by
Thb 3d egmety. ombato ll adistlts whine ramio e ha n eaid ho h ae o Ide a as t how and o ban eadt twh e law orlit m the ss ane cla eow
Team i cromdn t as a unique o -andond u s, 101 das n i. s.c 1 0A ndona r the ra h lshdt udidrntheofo--e v le rh .o t r i...t.eob
dceremonyd t e r ed dl V ear p a o bSat"r-ouI.lan a ar nd tootl o
day, when .el ann el o n
hielu ral eo ecton t s ow ed ino untur NW.'be eveh t oeAtn .. 'S.O te"h,

e c seletes relew tore1 1411d 2P0dan h n-e
eAlso Ins the aen entviwing8 htortyro Ta g. o the or, tit
will be Brigadier oherlai -. A o e, o n e.r in t gt
0.Elner"eLd a-Ceibne ,onts AoobbtelA.n whoarl Pama niany tw rglasenteethellargn nroew.p f p a fA rm
dad oercbt n 11eda st eam Ia"eaerto tud 30 days In tnJaild r iinegn, whds' "..' oe ttI A
No !Regular. HArmi, National this ngrs a' S on i n the ,p.ft ride", in ae f o he t b
GuardAorEhn. litedlReserveperb ranb age'C f ,w ,4quiqS s
sonnel will paAticipate..Out:-bces 2his pCF ,an ,Uzd s eethei
their leadership, military bear- On another charge n e of loite ring 0usIFIMe ate Jho hean 17, w. he ous stment
ing, and command voice will o in the players bevc arte a uat, re Mornarneinnsater On, t7dwao notae4.Of a torw hoo'.m-A%
cupv all command and staff the LP Boca Stadium where LOr ndo e. 4 -(UP) -The r e ported heh-
tions fwrom RCT todcompany es e ile n I ta douncedtod that The ofier dtIn aI-n ws are n -th re
Be ie mp it o willve r bycho lon oud at ion aol 1 Edays inouself Co r mm Bh
Thecearem to shbe tinegcon- an Hadtna 10 doaye in ahI d honvolved In running thel lecal, .
ducted at the expressed desire Sebastian Vasquez. a 39-year Pesh airlier-of Hainan Island on a spare tied n e alo getg a fre ride. tr s i
CsoAl LynnEdard, ,urtimMouesrnansh t of the Utel.tateAm apdcond erson of jail for thre o them- American.
Pnea sleteonU All.personne l La- Bca. Oenter a siiarchargetakenteps- to etatitdidmtoffers oul"e

tChied, th f e r C e f e u d omH i o a C n t-
act U v t :' .h P

the dasayrub 8 a~m
patched the former Army-Chief Office hours dal rom 8 &m.He did npot say hcw China omB-h
of Staff on the surprise diplo, to 4 p. Monday through Fri- ed to pay th* elaim. But hed
By nthatchesdeciv
match mission last pight to see day, telephone Balboa 3294 say that hen the su is reeiv-
what help the United States can For the benefit of veterans ed, arrangements will be made
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Te urgencydOf Collins' MI Thursdays of each month at The distribtutfi n of the c o m-W
sion was indicated by the White the American Legion Clubhouse penatlon salAntly was Inte.d-
iHouse statement that Vietnam, between the hours of 9 a. m. ed to ilefude payment fo the loss
.. .. Hn na u non. f Amrien lle"' + 1 ",vided into free and Comm,, _n 1 no._ u .m.e ocus am o n
-t halves by the Geneva truce nt of American life.
cement, is "confronted by
r ',gerous forces threatening Its .- C nr l .
'evendence and .security." 'irth Cont ro *' [ .S a .
Collins. now U.8. representa- Ij Oi f S r '
tive on the mility committee of .
the North Atlantic Treat Or- e g
'- ,j| ganizatlon, will "coordinate" the, a/iis cove rea In -mi
.- -operations of a U.S. agencies in' ISCOvered vIn EasV t
"that country concerned with
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tic affairs. w n i OTON.a-Uresearch today an- women any ote m
While Collins wll inquire In- Harvard arch t oa a- wom w
to -future U.S. military aid for lnounced discovery of a birthh ,pre .a "
Vietnam, government officials control" oil served from an East
Indian oieldperiear. nEs
said the chief purpose of his trin field pea.
Is to give "a peycholo.ical Cbooat"/ Dr- -. I
to- the Vietnam government. it r. Cla en e J. Gamble said Ges
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