The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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husband, actor t ed aiue t voide. lugd .te s ib t er "
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ervative leaders mlre ad y ceed awork h i

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W .o e niate the widow, e twl remove that e Dta p nutel,

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TE LANAMALabor N1167
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1 T P. O X 4 PANa R. OF T.. A OF P.

4, MADISON Avg. .s-w Y. 17 N. o.
O aI. INg.vA1 70 S 5 sd0 0pd

SI OWN_ I NwApeA sp.8 0o. se p e a ByoVic w oR
I -l N- TH HI N .AV CANCE -- 110 o X4.00 -
",+ wt+ IN. AA- ,. .;- ,.,Last June.UitW .;. wL 'as

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Sbom ha the explosive a

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m., Sed te haned In. a whoy ofldetal B- bombers. .
s do.. loe thtr all beoimpaentot itIdoen't apear the Last week in Plantla ,,flets.rgi

a--- -Lepb- the rder lved. Secretary Charles To .h
en t ryto e kthhe Aettrns 4 ton page e lclnthe. closed that Soviet pa1 .
e mi e, O DY letfarwritersIS hl d .eInoreb o eneCiats. y' faster seth an suni d
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ipouhseed is le Urois to e whades.O ones, too. I presume. Then i.

THE MAIL BOX Tom Eisonrha
S----- Russian will, y 19M., WA I iy.
SRULESO R XODUS drogen bomb of 24
Mir: /h o means thatifonelhtitt
Withr: apology benjamin Franklin, I, modern simpleton, you would have to be.' ,
imake bold to address Wnoo.s to the Wi oe men In W hngton t frtener of@utt1 i
S .t n.utyi odm nla o a emeundanitktl.rules m overprestii sure and tml
eha l aoereW. will lead titthe spoantanoeolt hre rtto1 l- ,,
greatly n e hdebplped Anorlcana bshibnafterh lfaed otoh
Zonisa leMUoent htold,I InU |M. tgg dUN% nohw w h t I
of, onw, ho .atean ow v poater*il re.sualn n adll lL .
Ke nonomy. (C that 1be right?)o "cnsdetatte Camn Ida ral o nt' eo t riee1
I. First. re-an you should C wonder; atn theto Ib.uoZ e o T1the
e o by, ca .ke. Is m.ost eailly dlmlae&!rat.w tih o W
edges. Turn Or attention, therefore. geintlemll th n o say tha. t lb and

emovaln oall f aben fitsl so that, as you get rid.f d h01 e o w ta pe r lico a
rest tfolloworder.rat z, te attention to problem dapar

LTasote e Ri can aree hiet Po pn t. .d ho ot

lon rights and privileges Create numerous among s l a .
veeged ordt n the wso ome of tat a che an-rmiedentp will i behW o e
dto priocure e vacation tra sportatin, occu _houwt. l, e ee D a 15 t
c medicalcare, earn leave or buy ,,. c bgaretedesol uasel valves a .

Sot.h .. .he carries. mBy r ly ma and prhsi b lea "i eoue and union aiy ac c .
r such distin s you will (o keep my sImile the act are Allaatatheoui Ipdlfegne

raemgngnrbtead baker. who, to facilitate a divisioncutsts do "moderate dnal to llortb. ,
Sdoreugh half the rough in thse places where, when baked kquhre .mutei t to thppe uld er There've been so mnty double Or I
od. have It broken to pieces. sudden attack. Th esM is lieween ms n- .1 a tL
I. f there remains In the Zone any noticeable number of__ fmnln t an ere lia-un

lii# I"old-tlmlrS," who ab-sorbed the attitude of the construe- for as evacuate, i
lin dale regard all that as prejudicial and resolYqto reward of tal om cn g megto di

Waywill-upset the sentimental dindruffle the morale come wrigmn

'moeraate Jauhage"yo uto 112 for a -A a9 fb. govHae


% older, read on dull subjects, knowledge-
yable, able (I still hate the word), 'and
though they worshipped at the shrine of
ring of the assorted double-domes that
him. A Rootaet .had drafted into his
am his brel fror% the vaomuelf-
peace coI ,WsaJm liberal umelties
ument where It as smart to be as far
t least. left. as you could sway without ae.
1 of the tally carrying the card.
- the -
ad the The dates were usually dowdy,
thes t either to all or too dumpy, witah
es it mousv hair that needed washing.

R. nd- a
ChaI ers. toile
It. diffiult to
become of wIt,
about to be lo I. :
depriVed or about
of his govenmem
course he wMll b
and I pra

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the buspJmj
a pathet- mistake
Sister, yhen were d at
I at Frank- crass, atuC
hand at i as they
d the whisa liked ba
ears could without re
( anti-Co- They wer i

oi trt. j w O! lan. to vycwte w ers and S -... -
'11 1 wa a ll their fatlfl*Aft few miles. The
rtPwait a d U i naml 10. -p:nortbbound scientists report tbet t"a prdent
Iiesmimlsm'*" Wrantt bevig- '5.
:.ff.. youjt<4 -: th tere are at "ByB Jil c Itussians!hou3 W a shlf n
Olestsun the Canal 2t nev ew hat t are wide- be assumed capable of producing ,. a s Il. I
'ad. or that you hav o t them about; therefore, do not a bomb with as much explosive
ak of any remedy or of any objectionable measures, force as that reported for one of .
ore ll. disregard the oonu and,. recommendations of our 154 Pacific tests!" That "
7 objective urvey Whi l compiled. To do so rweans 10 to 16 megatons-or from /
aid._ 6 aby. nal g to. be realized from the three to five times the si ze of
seeding rule. Conseq o grievance, lest it should buiaus wnichi would endanger au
courage the red ea8 .a sanceso rant no request workers, and families within an WASMINGOT A-iAS. U. 5.
st is reasonable bemoioM rmoet eelalnly be followed by eight mile area 'of the center or Army has c oe m with n Ets
other -that, Is un a t. Take. aImur 'ltifrmation on- ealcsgo. .. diis--S boe t -cut
Sconditions In the o n from tad GoWor or memes o fa lThat-in thmse aars. badiscovehr abo tuanOut
I Board. Believe you hear trodt 41e ordinary Zonla 2 The point now is, we can't stop in Jdale schools
n ean safely pme tha ch complaints are invented and, the Russians from Improving their Wh the ptudnts began their
omoted by a feW union q1repentalyve. whom It you could bombs, we can at least make plan wco ..-^ ore all given aa pe.
tch and silence all would be quiet. Hold Armly to this at- against a sudden attack. ciasoof .1i teSt to det*
,de end abide byth In a nd. you can count on Naturally these plans depend on rme- would show the
tuo wj, ttrl n, which, afer t, amount of warning t1me our ine~ omtieadnshop Ah
ohat YOUwh ae rkrs get. Thi..s means.n the USF Iralg ceae rn order to
S-T. L D. 1954. aference between warning Yel- cut down the number of students.
Note-The author wishes to point out tOat, in his opinion, EW"-t4e first alarm and "Warn- This was ne mby tighteningdins.
resemblance between the above rules and what actually ing Red -we're being hit. The ex. cipline. Te toighness of tehi
*0 in the Zone as pures coincidental. The rules are primart- rar**s blleve that by July 1, 1955. course cause v number of stu.
fr the guidance of the bureauoratl and the lawmakers In our radar screen and aerial de- rn tO drop oqt voluntarily
wahlaPton. )ap and irmail to a Cbnrman tonight-you fees will give us one hour's time They t couldn't take it.
y _ear ftvobly by Prdoy night when two orthree benefloial ,hween a yellow" and "Red". 0,n a htbrakh out had been
i tf.* O ZO. are to be eonald*Nd. The approach here made.bokever, it was discovered
unt anyway. Old Ben Franklin used the salpe approach _Secretary of Deftnse Charles t the alt who had been fors
meg lly back in 17 U Wilson has said that perhaps in ^ t hohad e gW-i
two years our detection system IO"ut .v.. i e'a.--"d hi tt.
--- _-_______ ____ _____ will be completed to the point to te PooiotaB ,,' w"hoep 6ucke..
Where we wi be able to haven under tot h pr .I .c-
"". 'w ha.. re d ..... "o underwtorter".o
'fair chance of being tipped offe who cekd
w n the enemy starts moving its Ihe r r t wo
U ^^ ^ --* I .bombers towards North merica- ha, S1eand that may give us up to six "--klpgae.
b ,houri warning. Tot Te n-Daet. I
hBut,r aeni we have plants in Bi.rr ....1:=,--...--e.. Dav.
I I I I li l theooutdrs of our cities, unless I fact t",.- aths
-*-" I ^. w; _".. e v W have rehearsed our workers so tev taipir
-- r/r .ma they ""c-an evacuate their factories fs,, r -,

Sals.up have moads the decision
*us aY fa gyto n
41i-j, st a y, the ee wil c, g and b, .o. several
,,, ,iiiien h...o urs *> will not be sufli- c ---a ;c N.
" 1K I I I 't -M- Vea t. y .g F, -lS t to get byong the range of P m u rSP.' u
m 5 Iat te... -5 -..i-- e( w., + -aupet .gatoms. al -t. iNt.l3 SOpbI
ee h gftflat i- ,tt i.S
^^IB" Ad *a rg

tin .. :

-:":iW '* ."." -l -",,, ", ; -


Ito etapnoratyidee4tl

Yi1,4K I*

* :.i4i1Pt ~'r.g

* high ordar

P th is or Dr.
it wo hadthe most
4isn the dynalt
boo the social a
epmic s ai
t broad "' In by
as s
cntfls 'or peasant
JIA called us, whs
Ilh( the hot dog
ag motive into it.
at snobs of
.-IWtellgeft, vastly-

got lordlydrunk ftt e-
lorit=t They were .fa" .of
eveybody'l future r uth Intel-
lgenge was too good for te
masses, oor dears, who had to be
steered by the- sel-aolted few.
Theyhligh-tqid ttbIaes lyA t
Into te eager aris of the COrn-
munists, and shortly you will jee
a product of the elite cOrp of
superbralns. He will e *oii*g,
bent, out of a prison. fumurMl
and an object of scem-r-us ke
any poor bum that got thrown In
the drnk tank or stuck up a fill-
Ing station or embezzled a bunk.
He paid a high piece, todeed
mental ascendmeal n r the hgr&I

in News Notebook
i- \


as, federal spport riv
-Jg M Seymour, ldll of As
tr comply
a of America.
s h. havy S Beck i a
f! coailntee's report wil"as l
Jtuni ular between r=alhm'a
'd'since it can't pos
S everybody.
tWliam. Stoeffhaas, an lal a
the Arbold Swinn Bicye
papy one eat"oldest neU. S
ia town remntly an
jMre the Tariff CouaMlt
to get higher duties t o
Uthe S. ba industry

Renlahardt a regular Army officer
and noted weer on mrl pro
His radical i-uusaI to e
the mission ial
Army rdl t
IVand Maril^ V.
t Force i-

and ient t11"

t wa iii i
t around


Senauo mjae us m=u
ce a N ar aW Gfll M e
ot ates a o t. saety o( t
senates r aftr rpor the
he received a $10( fee fropm
tron for a bre housing pamp
Since then, a Serate commit
passing an McCerthy'di
confirmed this up to ,
Congressman Parnell
New Jersmg deied i
called me aliar, b .
because of thos g
J. ManageO/s
Sing his aperatlof,
j : aa a re of th
STanforan racetrack oal5
6d me a liar. and offierte t a
suit when their violatlpo of
% relations (In. c"a9fl
with Margon and G..M eIt
VughanM) w" exposed. 'te w
to jail "
President Tru an gave a =4
twist to the r ar after
nitlcized hil frie a
aide, General VU prae
nDftorP was manc-


'*- A


accuwa ani cnuC a one 0:


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b had to rush fol
4t 8.1 miles from
it heavily concentz

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M faM.

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Make beauoful i gq mis, n, trim,
S. ..- ,.wItho ."r o peedbas
with StitOh Look for constant acuracy
with all-speWd control for sewleg a
White Sewing Machine Department

** -' -' -* f I

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lh -f .j 2 *'* .-.. *

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. .-.' -..- t. .
OUR .*ifi



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?. 3 ,9
.ii :-. .+-.:,

-5.. ,- .... _...-

IS ONARD" refrigerator m=Ae
Vz LVT.M L 7.1 cubic foof with. B
*^'.. ^ t ie r n i .f, 4

: VAL E.y 398m.oo ,

]. S ON, PRIZE:.

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1 -'i.-.^ 1 *

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'* : .i. < *- "; ** i .
14 ., ,:;-i .-.-a* *-
'.jf: 9 a^^ ,..j^ ,

"iOOV r wsaig in

S L' .$120. o

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if if i

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swif~~t n~ow-U r Ck- ipp "
-nSwif't new-En'e CippiM

siie -a nmci a WtseAubw,
7' i


f-...'. .

'1& I Fee Vaca Travel Policy provides the meelns .

You'll fly in the most modern, aircraft, enjoy the coam-
fortable accbminodations, e'nipertAj service that hat*'
Blade Pan Amerkiqt hecholie of more tua..
any other U.,-, .-.4 b ea .l, ,.
realy .enjo y "Moy.
really enjoy th4 U|y8 .-

Thuandsgftihg CCmias, N.ew Year',- .esae are the
S.'.. =uet import ..i 4ta.-.and you'" t to nd
all the time yq ca .-h h dos closest

Toe. thaLtyou get o eon imie in the mient
w. y-Pan B'rde e. yo un equal ".as .of
Ittios ove t .. St..oates.
4- -. *' if *. -'* ,

... Pan American the wayt
^.* .' .

U*'e plqnine trM.~*Asnr the
V. "i- -. .'". i e' li
.,+~~~~ .. ..on.""C,""""rot ,

,rf .wlf~ 0 J
il tf,...-i f0 .2x aR I EI..'.. NI
S,- ^tA .A# *.uzu .I .
a ""' I1-"' ri '"
j if --^^^t^^^^Tl"^ ^^ -r^^^^^ "y -*W
.' % -i.M'-" "." my. .
.nf'.' 4 : -.g;q .- ,, 9 w. w..mui Tt-. ,9
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t l "4 .,v t" -- a- .

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ifjif iff. -
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at -
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S ,ed the lAF
Though a Whe

ththe SAS-
-sers i and rane'a the y
Were advised at the i

t o way, seen in "FanyT" had to lose
r am is pounds to ad ard of on
e lt r and his waddng emers, he ei.
e9a1 brated by sastla 8All-urs dine
Sonce.0- ner. That's pit the a la carte
rtthr L -M

miudeniii sNv 3roaa now "On
Broadway loss favorably impressed. In
Sits second or, and ne s ae day, it was a good musiedaeom-I
Sone-rman (or e, .woman, i or edy but its day is past.
|m.Mattr)ho's ever had a Which brings up the basoprob-
o show .st that long. lem-why are such tired proper-
-, dhis record, and the- rs and. ties revived in 'the first, -.Pce?
% wards and cash thE SO with U Them are so uB young'siors
ean d lot to the non mlan and composers wosl works de-
p ang. rut be's a sensitive serve a hearing ye. producers
anit `6*01[tm pour moley Into' *A, dated
4Ba b !*t .to m. is some- show that completely dac any
* hng very .atrent. freshness. y.
i -"I &o&m .p; t"he fat that There's big different e between
D a I after open," be revival and survival.
in a whlqp
o a show frO' Wrters Al Jobsasen ("Duffy's
Stage theater, I wom avern") and Eleanor Beesn
See the bealtit s M R lo ha"spense") have combined
ift"o write a TV Shw n "Planet
. t i t' Sam." It's for kids, t theya
le 1 1 ca5 I =c it will be loss em se
a41 ive. tarI children's mm To that end
SWt t statement, the a th y e n
a. of inor took over $Rd W D = on ga ad
Ss always does. ts, a nasty man M1 E i
Ofsaid. "I ne a a a flood that e
ot't0 and mo-q ne out.
g bat some Ths i. ha__ _


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f*A-ri-- ^ l:"- -
M.6 #R MI_ _..
! cJ Pigv

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--'r'~---- -


aI 00a IMG o" w" b

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^^FT^^ird53SlT3S^- i --i-ilMtf. 'P


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.. .'A 1
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S, ~"*film .


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i -Jri4 g flat
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," 2al 0Btoom 1
" e ;, Co es .. N tu aan Pa
oSmpormw coaduotew- Dr.
tureSau; fw..:; Moainsrt Pey
iRk-'Auv. al or wb WemtrolaI

(Tranated From La Hor%) *
"N in take my Irvm away from u."
"Or mine-

A -.-.

* Adec l

* Washable .

* Dis n san hour


SE1 c10 3j
(BDuk M the I
Pbeoae X- Kt

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*LI O ,


S .


Would your watch have kept time

on the sea-bed ?


NEW YORKER is the sewing machine on which you'll
save on dteies for chidre... Your own clothes...
Home a"ricle sewing ..
fancy stitches a, d many
other types sewing.

~if m

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* *1.~

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F""k '*'.
P .d ttW i,.

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- 'v4

10% Down




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ass tanings (n As silp (as h|>rt
M i .. IN........... ,
J, ^bw hi nw o a faM"M),, .,,
hriMatMr wearp*M if ft* OM f annii a
y.... ..... W il. A f..wfvi wdwo I
ord_ F&POW *^^tfif ^^--mlm byri^A-

wa asks Ja JMr asf ^^B
rb A".Adadeh


"L Mo.A s omh-ap MW.

* I gm divan, ini nearby, to a
pmn for blbwateh.
Surprislagly, a s d 4ys lter, they H
Sfounmd it, d it w s W kipilM/ ed f L -..
It is not really so& fwU r Ml | !
w at completely pitted tem w
i In tMhsamUMy wdud by the o JVM
. -a. bt het-uii- -
Jt=bm iuby toditfawaeostf 'f

* that Ibmmuam y f mta I.-

Btn ='ROLEft. :

A B" is "aa w.



ma oIX2 WATou oomA II~ra D. ir7ZeaadO uWeSW.Miin. .
,' tB J asW rz1Lt3Z rao ss mn s.... A ..3 ,S .l_

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I*lk:, .

,I P417
IA* t1


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my; *n

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-I- ---.,r--. 1-- ..

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*^ -. "-
* 'i'.

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;p~-;ih '

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F~tt?~'4- A *`:

;. you y



Conalr Aei. d 14

lowUUm 40 al July Av*. & J At.
AAm i 'ie Avwe and a 3St.

0 l Btrewtl ..wS.n



r WAItf1. Pr*P*'
early at A. S.)
s. S 2q3

phonegohIts at

.ne d -lapse.
M/I F P, r14,

Real Eetae
POR SALE .-'-Iulldlng formerly ou-
pied by Cof6 Duljr roasting plant.
Avenido "A" No. 86. Excellent lo-
cation for Industrial plapt or store.
Phone 2-2226._
FOR SALE: Two bed tom chalet.
maid's room with bath, double ga-
rage,'spacious guest room. Immed'-
ate delivery, 43rd Street Nd. 42.
$22.500. Phone 3-44Z3.


AUTO, .A.. .* A :
awe de le Ossa.
5aw9%3 Morris MEier 4-
n with radio. Excellent

FOR AL6A*^.9t 3 Vax 4iar
sedoeh. Mle, t e.leat I a
LodewBe, milnej *
Col n. Phone 800..
SHF.E IS thot Buick convertible you
' hj\e been loo' for. Call Lewis,
ont Shore PotrJ Hdqtrs. Panama 2-
0. SALE: 1948 Hudson 4-door,
.-sedan radio., godd, condition,
.$275. Coill Gulick 697. .
FOR- SALE:-1948 Buick seden, good
' condition, $300. Second Street, Pe-
re'jll No. 15, Aparfrtiedt 1.
FOR SAUI :-1953 Buik.uper Riv-
Kra two- tone (red l wIs). w/s/w
f i, wire wheels, radio, t I n t ed
gjm House 562rA, Ancon
WBo laord. Come, look at. It, and
make e offer. Phone Balboa 2461.
OR SAE 'i.- 952 Dodge Kingsway
Curtom 4rdoor sedan, good tires.
leather urholtey,' xcelleht rrotor,
duty paid..Ph#ne B lbov 2461.

Household '
FOR SALE:-Dining room
condition. Phone 3-5284.
Avenue No. 64. San Frine
FOR SALE: Bedroorf set
rest,, Hig lboy; kitcK he
chairs easy chai; ven
and porch shades; I faon
(25 cycles); old Friglidlte
ing machine as is; m
work.. House 0823, Balbft a
OR EXCHANGE:- Bondix washing
machine, 60-cycle, porI aln tank.
Though not latest moel has been
wdl| cared for and ,til'.efble.
W accept gas orang* or; t.i"ti-
tor In exchange. Make yVOw f er.
Phone Panama 2-2856, bethqern 5
-and 7 p.m.
FOR SALE:- I wardrobe, 6 C
(dining), 2 buffets, 1 tabli (din,
ing large. Price $110. Houe No.
1424, Apt. "C," Car Stret" 'Ba-
boo. Candi Zone.
FOR SALE: Westrnghoi.s washing
machine aUtomatic. Perfect condi-
tion $195. Federico aoyd Avende
No 29.

DANCE MUSIC:--. Zez Bennett now
offers his versatile combo (3 to 5
pieces) specloUzing in home socials,
cociktails, birthdays, etc. Phone 2-
1282. .


FOR SALE: Two bodies' bicycles,
Hose 5YI25, Apr. C. Dioble Hts.
15 to 7 p.m.)4
FOR SALE:-New Hampshire chicks.
25c. apiece, Phones 2-0295 and
3-4910. _
FOR SALE: The new automatic

... TROPIK-SHOWIR," complete ond
Installed, $19.50. Phone 2-\326,
1 Civll ml~ 'afJ Radio Colidonia, 126 Central Ave.
G 2,Giya'yourself a trbpieaotreat.
--- .-- Small native geldedv
Child five to ele-
...Bo "Balboo 2-2914
e. *l_-end ot Morris

IOegn Ie Sntt CloS4ra w fime.
Overlook ocean..,.surutaded by
phOde trs..... ga range E refri-
ptor... private stps 6 beach
l-min, walk). lBarblcue, ping-
Rong, badminton, archery, croquet,
pVting graen, e te.Navy 3812.
9- 6 1 .m ,
fOl REN.T:-Fully furnished hquse, 3
Sbdroorns. 2 bothrodms, hot water,
all screened. Suitable for G.I. cou-
~es to shore. Apply 47th treet No.
17, upstairs. Phone 3-1551.

FO- iRENT:-Two-bedroom Chalet in

Bello Vista. Phone 2-2737.
ATtINTION T I. Just ipe modem
hifmlabed oaprtmntg, orr two
bedroom, hot. cold, water. -Tel.
sphorse Ponam 39494A. t
ORENT:-Furnilhed* ,pfurmish-
"ed 2 & 4-bedroWm eportmen1s.
SCor tact Alhambra A iprtments,
10th Street. Phone 1 36, Colon.
FOR RENT:-Modern oprtment. very
' cool, screened, dinii oand livir)g
room, two bedr m,. farfpekigchqn,
and balconies. Jos di re~'Ave".
nue 22 (Posodena) foc Pan-
em i vt"ersty.4Ph as S
-R REN':-Jnummhe1 roo,
apcious n
During bu-p hrs .u
F50t RF.NT: ..- OMngerte teebnsheie

~*i'. STR~i3


\ne! m~na '

i~u- DO


I toK


' 4. .

I', ''!".


l, forlf

I wmer aP
lbtto e
'108a8 4

rrhwu. un IU
Ntl 13, Bella

16 W.~io




,, e cbic, 3Ictabl Levizon oo
S a s ouadeiphlia, odmittedt
on as the .,p ilop an o,'8 about 1
I n. -bor at he had bn gv
g"Ni laeidentally taint 'bori
mpan ii help; I
,th, and .nltr-lw t On admission, the hospital
beftav the' mdaid, he aslhowed typical signs of
Se'ntlthe p3isoning-brlhe red skih
vo-Inilt and symp of cen-
aore of ted
had tral nervous system Irriltatieb.
ord The hospital said that unfor.
n s. tunately, it is not widely known
"h that small amounts of boric acid
WWdr, frequently found most
o .?.t.ehold can kill a baby. The

TO' cI! -BI-ytle auto-
nts 3 c i W'eek employ-
"orr _k. Good ref-

SI- l investment .
..l000 WE O, to be used
ONLY btmoking busi-
blilbedd -the Republic of
Mrd 0na .ne. Write for
irs to 2020,- Ancon,
tone. :--.

for rM Ion. Recoe-
a 'Peru Ave-
- 9n LMe2 Z

FOR RENT-i -uM I & 2

Jorras AveMl. .

L 1O ,.
AGERS! Join our mma Da i M*
Club. LarA Ballroom Damnchgl and
gain pose' aroce gdslE confi
dance. 1O'a-hour .IAmw'ONLY
$10. Cloew witl sta -t., Oct.
a.m. El P m il morn-
ring, Bbe 2-J;23,'iet4.m.
Pan,.ma 3-1W. R' .. &

Posio* Offeed

WANT# t owriecd English-
Spanibh t op.phern References
po ny, "nors.



1y bY away
ot found
teng. Alth,
aind "d

- it

a toe-
a bited
lla and
in attic.

I 1Up-4

t'I ",A N


^*ltS ''

..Ve Sly*";** ?5'7 ';'.'' ,t


t;1 .p **.
. -"- : .' .:


3" ,' ^' *^ '.- ', ,i'
^ ', ,- *' .
q ." "JS R l"
4^aiaixt i wtw
tY. A itt bErspt- .R j fN, gF3W^^



a .charter
ha ----* u

C... and

, '



r -

, 4, ..7;
k ** *'.

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.- -, ..
...:-., ..:

IN__ A,-$"

.o' -tbY

fmr tbot

Pi ". .
ll,, ...^ :+ *"+.- H ^ k k ..i4


S aid-- *
* so t s .....

^*^-aM^^^v^ -; r^ Ad;
+i: ". .'^ f^ ^ ^- ^ .-+, ... : -* ". ,s++ +' +++' + ..: t B *te l '.
'^ 'y '^ '1 ^ ^ .'-: ^ S i B
., I. .

.3 P' "+ j -'
'Pt,' '
*%' +qS pi a!i .. P
,. ," : :: ...F '' ": 3-' "" t ,' ., .

,o. c d. i

Ntt .-M. C. IfB.
^~~~"d L"^-^i* ^g^c

mual limber-
b e hd"
Re.mI in. 4m

t-hat t


so help me,
Is lt and
hrm tof I*

m a


After Patty Andrewsfinished
g "I Wanw Be Lqvd" at
apes in Reno, a -k-row
boy yelled, 1 'So does Joe DI.
Uargaret Whiting about men't
'gal^a eortb were pola.

" year I'U bet net year
lO*e out wearlngc Serceal
,ay l."

Senatr Keunedy

heO *ibimi

Ge Oct. l!-q I
*f a mann A.A.

then are tre
fore each dan
need wear he
A wedding
ly becomes a&
is Wdee for a&
you're atle, "

y wHr I*l LondQ 4e

,r .

S ,. .

i up hopes of ever doing 1
"W. I o Ame.
n e an a fromMG
. sto te hlo, Usn BCD
,s.KaU of Fame.

K *".;. -Pt.

~if ~mH~l


r-.w -- ..-.*~ -. I
em.i* *Warner in
i on ald Iane's tr-

.M en-fm K

Sial Surgery tomorrow momn-
t hoyi- looking 37-yeareld
a., Sa on a former amboas.
or to "r#d*W ht,bble on
hl dung teen final months
ie Senate seMaion. He entered
hpqital Oct. 10.
Surgery is urgen'Jy required
SWA f l spinal in.ur
ha Ilads% when Kennedy's PT
.was cut in two by a Japa.
* dstroyer," the announced
i ed spine was several
red Tagd bewas operated e
M0. Condition has pp-
.sivly worsened, require g
imge o crutches.
ieoe''ration has been petL
te dtrat.timem in the last 10
* .se it was necessary to
i a.of.medical tet toI

1 i~

V, *GE .TA

* o lenmr gmn boa

-lo~~ p.->
ardin* A bIit
Goldmi ai nd i11mM
swu*w- i iMiy p nli"es end
' rm wh1 'I

. I/ .

N R* *I- m r ..
*m ,...G -,t ,o,,c.m e y

IpOftil, '~


7' 3___ a

4.3 b I



I ....,

:-. ~.-.-

-t it .


: ., .. ,
... +,& ,-,"-

4- P

.n. dI 611


A' ~




. ... .7 .
^W r ia '146 ***


i. '.-+ 4
'. I '
-*" +'cg,^


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S1 ...


Luj .I' I


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!F :.3SaM-

- :1



.. .-. .. ,,A

o Man aii

.a- m.

"ILADELPHIA, Oct. 21- (UP) -.The new
of the Philadelphia Athletics, liptimetly
Alm.cpnI ague a proval of eir.pur. '
s team, faced faer frustravole today 111pe fat
titWt Arnold Johlson claimed they -0
himd'an 4hredtened sat for substantial 4osagooa-
ff tb Carolina vsth
S tocal3 tructnt eecutlve at Connie Mack or b isRonAs, Roy v = a. C d Or. i
G ded thi and Earle- who owned most qf m tanoo vs B. who .
*at **nn tbd" sad the stok in the at
A.- '""never -gave Be also stressed I legal so-- at
to sell tion would not be atth. e oner v s. c l-,. .a. U.a '
American.League ormany of twe lOlthe
er a. moneyed club owners. WoJ eWahi n is.. TWU-. Okhome .red at
ia le t JbtsOn said that If he ~o n- fman .d liM Om ah.. .V1
wph t n the t red Ut litigation with ,the Oad v. o -.ern e O a l .

o... e.."a.o t- AS ..lh er denied the d e r P.a
-. ... awlf -.e.fta.m, .fa ed n m su to w u ta nt tdlt-heby mle bt, vs. in .t1f+ dX a

# 'a d at a'of the olub 1n8 tes that re was a 1on-. v o "

him carry tro o" between the M Aok thmily rxarnOh Wtt _. _.. l ri.-A a. n the!
eaon e o_ -a g"i^ d1 a Avi a.NN a, s -tate v ,ra .. e M hoi- i. otra Becau. an
he I o ea or. .h e lOFr-v c, -- ." a via te I e
ea' o-Ui Sla t s aof s n te'ttateo vs. ast-s '. o r i

any m ale ea u ll 0 emb' a:r orrd o I r i g
S-m w thetht,.. _,W o. a iAg- v, -,,;,... .m m' s i. .ioI ,
I tA w a --....... AlabamaiM i 8u D vr.stItowa x teSth. IinFP vi.aMeohallW a -lTheml*

v' '-s x-Aul Midwestern outh Methpdit va. Kan- .

e league l we a end a v Balwin-Willace'T s ieldel- 4 aM Sat de-botfv
l itth eaInt ter i burg te tatethern U. vs. Lan on doo t -lad hi ea
ber Mee of 1v to 0. t -- Baylor v. Texas A and M a D ta y s-. North Dako- wn. AI a ht-
Sa done h smbado dnme Bluedeld S tate vs. SWet Pa nt o tI ,, mor-e v., er e d a

S.. ..oon d Z1mbad oly x-Ocutth e "c.f.lw ri nnder d
t he ient. a BBoiton Il iollet vs. le A atn St. sentence -h a -ay
0 w th ethe vesan f S .ar fr o a Brandels vs. SutAews t h e .ita Dabt vs. V Fetnyt o, seor 'S.-

: beleaala team b e t A' s I nby ade BlritihVa. baIa. 3uafft.h iB wte Nvs. h v. e r e
SAt thee maic l o nr i Br v~oe state a Cortland o Bv .Mae -Clthe

...,t h)$ le. Bd stern Uowan, _t bM -."
*ifn ov Am Intratia. vs.- deor. T-pad
.ay'srins,',,CslA i. th laM sidth vu sta ue: *ib Vi -
fe t he-hi s.f-i nal-deeisionite s.-wt.-XSt te vs.W et. P e*. "ce flaw t.' under
taf m-Va. s adt out r ..vs. FresnoPi
Aabewith, l b ha.ishers.a."wont "V& t, '3,a,,i;e he

;ictljou R- randisv. Ne-H ra

-' I

*p^i' ,s -a'

-, ,,-i ,

1,.-c -

S* -p^. .

that "it aim a t *
SJob" Ve a"id
*igsIoing onm-
PArOM are very Intl

remain In theWi''I 1.
'our "t S .

,- untBe L .
I M...I ....

'o ar

nation o*th ladt
ca"stsm a between
arley's team and
but onoe tied Ruib'
the vitoM-degs.tie4

team. frot .
ovtr Zeair's tmfm

paor ]
I twftce
qawn on
t alo ri

3e sI Lock Haven
mpus. t't XZM*ier, O.
l C e bytlan
toI 1eto~ T Clark vs. Afhama state
kets 9Thnder- OVR. CO .
I to. re pev- by va. o Colorado vs. Colorado
eEdterminlng Ptat, .
t Colorado v. Nebrask
I tue t ofjthe league and VoWlmbila a, Arm'
f, t ( "it
ob (ItrF), m (le .
te(Renealro Dreel Tech ceoaln
Gt,. ia "ht Wiett). Ftrn UlN vs. Navw Pier
1dTe w dsDi y-vei. .LrnMlnn-
eult ..St1tA), Wec'ler. (Henr xrPrenoe' IaAt vs. Murray
t 3lrl. pay ev Six (Harn"' State
iM 'tatbell), and' lammers (Eric V6- 4a.L10Ith Carolina
' Towmend). tate taC
Judith Vas Hrn's Yankp lRnIrln ant"s halrl vs. Al-
won the chanwonship of the bright
bwAi IirlfI lntranmuril vo-. nenrliiW Teca. Kentucky
Ileue. farlota Gooden's .0ttyahurgi wlhenbura
fit. (~ ill a Parc''nt'u "('rgnneli v Be.. ten
Kub.' rdi'th V'n Horn's Ypn- oye CN$ henv
*d Irene Howord'a Dndg- z-Eardln- i.- Oklaho-
iol'tet the ighedule In a ma A anen okao-
I't-wy tie for first,place h o Harvardd vs, th
the sudden- Apl arrd vs. n.
who h boed t the e v.

Laneoln, Pa. l e state
era w

e M W





Vrgir MStafe t,. Nampton

Wvy.f e. St Incent
n I v.a Dakota

a1 Central

vIL Morte

Lak drext
Caiad Tech

'. acrnerson
SNorith Car,
aount unio*
.ikomt Qoui

Momt Hope 8adlu1 i
the saee of a staI Ildron
tie c.bteen the two rival sEl
B&Mfi anda Cvtaobal, tqm(
Sea tamin WIUl be on
9:3 m. to bring BHA's fo<
player ahd fans back to
The li-t titSe a is t

" -.?

S .. a.-.

, A- ,
B~.M ~g '"<,'.'* '
p-.^n ^

*PsaUJW. 4

F.t vi.

-. ;.
At K^ X-

* *s.. q~~FWaW~


At C

T. W.rM. oflorado
ii To=
Vls. Valle
SL ar *

* | +.-:

_ __

... -. -

1^ -..- *" .


fd %



- t- -. '. ,-,

* .' r. .p i1? h.'
;, l/ ~ -'
p. .- *.; .
"win _i'---
. :, 'I*' .*'^ *'f, 1 .t'". ^-'"'
ki t ? .- W l- +. ,, ..

W4kIt inso secret that the H A
S amateurs h.

6 their favorite 2bm j R be a

"- el,; ";e -*" ,SS ,? 1 SS : 1- '' tlio i p r to'pWr a -U. Wlt M JihBi
Oftught an ther oute s It

t. ?* I'lt'lh o.h :,e B- t .,, O f C bigC, eitbhr and at mle

.e'' bie be e. nler to a world ecord. or _t, be,-- wp i lto o th qd fr sh m
'^'Sd m ff attdttbr ffl 4 ATL T10 PONT ULAGE gf ^ astlell set record. _"* Manator whofciy aSEM ^ K yonagers1 a

, .,_ .I Itmia,' T ble Tennis fo-ney,. -
I ..-. C...(ca_ S edToGe Underwa Tonie

"l te t perii ".." "e I and .lls h he t' er .

j' 1^, a; .i .^ -" ." "J -r i
Wbwb YM the4W
t .. n a d o ..... .. ..., h. f irt wo Men t"stc*asi.e .wil.

Shoadenobe a taut" a40m so a t. ^ who

Se' at ,,-pla t' il h ol" .e 'oer o I 'b n l* ..o .. .. ..m. ,, p ir'^,*. -

aftttd hs ro de Don vs oo mu aw) bsaSo reekl& t years sothe 11 totatae tla aco Rare r
4_4 1ea1e- bust ea thN ehb b ht, o a r A r S -
by MA _s. _, v ice ,. d re "_uIt Wa, 12 eitt"tii' ." ,, Few -Khiia
WEI In to to ,"., Me It we M et and he.r husband Rum ,won-. Slt fidhin. Und er a Tnd .a t AIiA

ni t* Tn" i e e !d toSamer o o t b1h aW l f a'rd.. "SmYoua te ta Run, "a l. o M m er I d dL tja n- o.
St e, u e itmftl the wi C ftrLeaguee 'RWoh SeWAP .... e tm-e bi eeg q- a

s Th-oanre es ue ar nao tealles Wrb e I Sm irdigm t Lwenner as. a, oe_ odh. It al ccran d h en It watant 'l i the a slen ren aPers ot
y "u wtod t o r 'm 1 r an dout rooi e teo ar loo to

hClic atud t *re nr. L ytltold V.u d l trta I've Cot dtest. wile tauh t eSto.a C oSn ftlct healr P
Uat ooh c. for b a e ur tes in C nior Coll e. ienr tori o wa rd re e Fr *a ft w a ad aw a uev et to oen latt-

aM a sma rMucKaa b tet hetce A.douC .la .
|a- .a. Batll R. Cumbeorbt.h sRettr A Iage t.a, dwc *o M T
SsectioJns A. tnet vs. R. ,ta AUe uI ddefainlely helped G s.E S

"*, il I u I ra. .. 1LP er va. .lfrno l "u par '
t ie i t V lentin vs. n ohnon 'c wwr t Cle e and Sund t y.

1. .a oe
e .s... Vl -* o eiCv. ,Mw t.. A 'r"" UU)" T "it firas e ab lt Af o
edt. a." ,ti* armor Lel u "aoe, d.he aid n o "n t

Io 0 0 .. Sai 4 A. t iN @M and "T ble ed well. Tor tey

S, Llordo ois g lr N .-rete ti, "', S ad li ,ll over
Se mWa --

owchK. A. B=n107ett NeTe A. hstc heboh
tn a Hill ps. offr.edU ~o ..)eIta rct eivr did1r
a .rennum .t... th a Wo Wi h too bell, b a f Ius.
to I d ~ Raart, ow 9,o .ns t. s o n, o t. a nl M, the a. uace li1 the fst outn g

g,-,r .Y.-, Zo- e a i A r _,.n u ndo Bonwlll- ver t a aslc our-.-in. I.t,
Me aid wa.. a as Tof lnot M thme n w l tht bout Clevalnd, tNel V1-0
,,'-. 1. as ell. = go Is anee ot u r1. Pi te Cpl dilo t bonlt thi for t .,_lO Joe Stead of geO t hr"e I team."ia tlm, I aad faine 118

Sn d hl Leaguebo r hamoten bpot o Talsble. Tn tropnis bCd tald is k ol wt a e

big Ly y 5n t de e enros
Is, oar hed te a n h uff I've boon l e

dwr, ,elia, C he a.d Ai r-. s,,. .. -r a.
o .l. .a v a ..[ tf tih load. o njn Nul l C ildpe v so W .-e 3. Jozesns, is eel been awl-ar oun
'e W e .d am lIo 0." v vs PH*.U 01D e1c .id.t ax w as. .. .. top ma v

to -AIt d h od ,tl. p .ear udnts : p t s he-
.oans. GI. a nd on Bt E N m, a
T- ppedm n asa "Z P. n, t tour fay T i ...
your Hoodn ", -nt and, .
-7 1 ".- Is w %ldWr thi ye r YO Ua. tao w as a G'-- ". I A It.

P.l iets. Js. No.2 _ore
,. Iss Y. o nusn gme," he sai "e and "We ran "
Il ooee v.Rfeduet t A o we over-'i
&. n1i w m n- Iin-ii
ten y .t vF8 A'dc el is oi.ii.
ad, .ilv. ans p Neu r o- term last didam
g .: eeae"R., .I -:16o s a '-

it M .ism req id uuiuth foate s t far. r' a
LNJ.UI" '. J-wen "tr ta -," ,tm.i Ia Itb t lead h
, -" There W & co e i' ha cha s v beaten th as y ag

V.LnyT.C.Ngtnae bohW-4con oia~i
M.~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Aria s.Wbe* asal h.poset'n e eu

W .. Bw*O--w -

,- .. .. '
two or I8
Ab ta 6r w p
i-'" '' 'li+i "' -- 'F"" II ''' '' :-,,.. .VA -ftii
--:" '''"" '+" +' 2+ -" -.t'

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.hlp -
77 4 '1
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....tL..rnDat tn*a't

- ` ':WU'Q ~T'W:.

: _..,
*. .W,.

fara'*,. -
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I.' .

M- L- '"
., ., W ,,

5.. S' .,.. :*

..... |l ner

Nsfazia boxing corn-
W. einer said to-
",Cavltstm do. not de-
Bt of synpthy" on the
As~te to Johnny Sax-

p decaisn was all right,
said a rly to Kid
scI A e was the
a% .,Mde-phia deci-
Th ffic claim ware all
I think Ba1ton should
M gotten the decision. Gavi-
Sno cause for complaint."
.loer said neither Gavilan.
is0 m 1a9rer, =ng Lops,
B ded "an offtal eom--
Et h bhim over the deal-
oe Said he waited Iatoa
i when he enoM
sdreasinl room after the
t, ut ea? *Sly remark
tbat ltt eelion was "er-

oldl im, _It,wasn't any
f tErrible than 'our fighter
"* Weine; sat "Then I
ed out."
41 know Oaw'ean is noto-
i for putting UP a 20 Secona
I, WeneramB ". ut last
t he didn't evef tight for 20
ds. Why onip yesterday I
Gavilln and Ltpes In my
Ice and I told them that the
Si8 in Pennsylvania were
Minutes each and I didn't
at a 20 second fight. Lopez
Wltsed me that his boy wa in
Mt shape and I had no wor-
*, that Gavilan would r lly
up a great fight.
.never saw a champion put
eight like that, though. He
4dhave put on a good fight
r all it had to be poutpon-
on his account and a
4.e ,deserves a decent
tener said aOsvila also
ge' Go mwI t about low
He s a co rn-
Vied mee to the referee
Baston had delivered a
h too low. The referee told
SM the)Mil-p idb hit the
em below the belt

cmthe oi addedii that
jBS ty "ny clos t and

ator, who Is on a pr
r visited nlglandt
id Germany, expecteto
the Soviet capital for

Edison's ectrit

Is 75 Years Old To
...rurof n to

If the lights In your home shine a' little brighter 9 t."p k.1 today
because they realize thatIvt's the birthdayy oftr.thher-0.1. ra0,
Etlon on
lacent electric lamp. From t 4 a descended a lohg.4F oLos
progeny until today more .than 0.000 types of filan e~- r m
are available. There wereac. lights as early as11 = a
started experimenting wt h~em in 1875, but soon ino b n to
that a successful home light would harp t o be minen f b. ofuoces ito
that is glow brightly it white het without consuming tple murder
trial. After long experimentation, he finally su ccert on trra~e for m arrestwr
October 21, 1879. at; his Merlo Park. N. J.. laboratory. T_.lm Were hA s June.
burned for 40 hour. Edison said: "If It, will burn 40 hours Aeqst Leech's
can make it burn 100." He did-and more. un, never been Issued
une, the filer on te Wed.
ear- oldase have been I-
died back and fr th be~hen
ofi labels h oubt the
adtlon could be carried t
legally once Germany r5Rlns Its


TEHERAN, Iran, Ot, m1 -
1tP)--Iran's lowe' House So Par-
ament today overwhelm En Ily
ratified an agreement that will
permit eight foreign mpales
put the nation'alln the
Depu tIs Malis

en a spat ei a eon
in when Mohammo. Mosa-_
doe tepremier, natonslited
thevast Agloadr ,n01i- Coin.

T agreement will become e
law after the Senate ratifies it
and itIsa gned by the Shah of
Exactly one bnth ago t he
I This Itetb shows Edison (third from IithitJ isps the r se, government of 'Premier aFslollah
I esUflal ump as his Menlo Park. N. J., isboratory on Oct. 21, 1879. Zahoedi put the agreement before
the parliament in a confidence
b...hedat that time appeared
briefly 5bfdre the Maln to de-
scribe the agreement as a "key
that would settle al our difficul-
Zahedi had blamnied the 'confis-
cation of the Britishodingsby
Lth wiMossadegh, nod Imp
,wfor dliobey M t t W

11the cotr

mno o ooom in rev-
th net hrcml ea11
ran, agreed to pay Br.tain 170,-

orerati the long-dled
l fi0000,ma mket the0oilrev
Anglo-Iranian, the French Petio-
lopens Co. (e forag ni Francaise
des PetroleS: 5F, oyal Duotch ShoDl,
Standard Oil of Now Jersey,
Standard sil of California, the
Texas, Company, the Gulf 0 11
Cop'.," and !ocofy Vacuum.

a tunto the Mnited, o n
* tia Helsinki M Finland, 1n a jm egiuitw.
th. O r a AlBt out ef a

ihah~in ofla _f ,

-------- *-

hi.' -


. '.'

lINDIANAP td. Oct.
crarhad Is a d .suit 4to


e HBalba gh ROTC

RevNWS Yesterday
= Mad,,Duel" a
Wall M AS. Bi"eth .r
e.r o a i "b to By. ot v .Pa ison
of Lt. Od. O. Paxeon was re-
a tube. view L or at'a review held

.Lr, has.-Al oteadium the review with
.'," or of ci afffras, Sigurd Es-
ser, 4tent of*schoolk
.SCapt, ", ober Jr.. and
t Bird "has .tute(d of the Capt B. lake of the
of money pas collected ROT s Wadet Lt. Col
unsml n*nneransons un- Ch)I -heiarviw

hat her alia I de .SAl=ty.''
!wth ai e d arm m money l q1cted in whicn
o S ct,.d d a e of ,a .aius religi- year.t
.C the In- cadet
in 1946(if pri
r Bi' t .rdm W ho ie.. e ad. High
i o. 'The .ult. "No portion ot s expend- under
ird "emp numerous win- e for reliUf-of distressed .Cap
M agents... to go into va;ous i the sad,.adding Co4
owns and cities ad 4'oit. t=hat Bird solicited cand y at Cadet
unds. rstmas for poor children and picked
Mrs. Bird charged the aq tS reupon distributed it to as th
md Bird kept the money, nd chidren of his own relatives." ny d

200, Atlantic Fleet Si

Set Out On. Month-Lor

Bifj wI3M .r, ,a h Marine- f l are taking eozI
maim Lat ~ 4~ a~a.41 1~.- CalCO
SW r."s ~ iraun man F.

su will act as on
eomr as they attempt to
co and disrupt am- m
x oi thexercise will be r
so M approximately a
farines from the 2nd Ma-P
r-groag task force will a
mn .amphbious landing maI
Sn.S ad waters at Onslow owS
rat phases of the exercise 6
elt ,training of individual N
JiBtl Ir ba sic tactics; de
SOat A conepts and equip-
r tMi on exercises, and
horVaense inmine n


'of the review,
he second held tilsi
Balboa High School
w an exhibition
d hld follpwilng
w the crack Balboa
ROTC drill team
ad ofCadet
VPrA al ch.--
L conumanded by

4uttunding co pa-


~ r


* .. ,*^

mllm ii no


ka~ La

L.. a



or an orp t
C 00pt : .
Tea .

imot I
At Re-
.- the
Ut of

or Repdi %eteIthe
crucial New Ele-
The Prelent, with Sen. Ives
and Gov. Thoaas 2. Dewey, left
i m A e di'ate ly after his short
speech for a threeho surprise
and mectis* d ntowm MMan-
Mr. Elsenhower told his Ripub-
lican audience t'at). a trying
to keep th i s* ., rae r I n
Washington2d Ja older to
carry out his program that .he
u also hae the same leaders
in the states I
He told the iRpublican election
officials that they must smile and
that they "hive got to go all the
"You've to make aple
-o yen beUO nh n
Mr. Ete"ho M
The President told tte. BReppb-
lcans that there was uch work

Poh Ex prtm

tel SO I %' we t are not
aitlowed to a t- oe and via-
lance just "for 4ownake."
bEIl Love, assistant head of
school broadcasting for the Brit-
ish Badcastng Cor said the
government-owned B does not
ban crime or violence on radio
and TV since that would rule out
many of the cla ics Including
But she to the Senate subcom-
mittee on juvnlle delinqu e n y
that "quite a pt trom the motal
considerntions .e feel it Is 'rtls-
ticalfly unsouid to portray vio-
lence,.in deta or to emphasize
The subeonm ittee Is trying to
determine th _opeta of televised
ermoe and vtae on young TV
viewers, parteularly w h et~h ej
such shows contribute to juvenile
rs. Clara S. Logan, president
of National Association for
Ber Radio and Television, teas-
o hn t tsr plbi vii boycott
sponsors of TV crime' programs.
h. urged parents ioly 'can-
d# and cereal" from fmirs that
mloCer proms with a "sense
!M at air "nri-W ~ blood.
V Mrs l. aiwn ave t he rnm.

star. Al Hodge

SmLeg. _a's u|

tIsabke," bSt said
eonecr "e~gt

5 1

P "F -- "t-

said It is up
Iand r
to inueM
big In their
prs me WtatO
is eliminate
y' *

*1 -...


political .t0_ _de SsP
e.r "non pme ; -
ar a flying vd itr tA Pa
eotveutto aid t campag ippy day

4AAmericant Tot PFrnpecfs

For -Nobed IA Mnkipo

inrvulfnrj TitAt- 3ie U Bt muttel hast #11

ox oeuoewiu. '
They s as atMA
ile wiulal blee Lwa

among HArvard's Dr. Jhnr.
Mnders, 10, and his
Doctors ThoIas
SndFredk.C. .
ror there ery .v
can be grow in tistacult

But the UAmrS, teawt.

School in.B@ ^t
Wit th eir

c he b

.MO .OImm MU -e .o- ,

House Committee
Member Arriving
Tonight For visit
ie ebero -le OMIhfa Reti
member of the House of 1Mph

to thel for asn

a -jv


iiH uuqm iu Y

U' Wio O, R-m
., A
ill be in the Ca-
* ai 1f, t

. ; ,


- 4 ,.s.Jh.
k A



st .: .- q
" .. ;- .: ,
^ '*.*^ ,*!A.*


- -' -


iM-111 -


, Plus Marines,

SMajor Exercises
IiU ,U.0 I '41 1.a -





~ I

- AU-".



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