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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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itoMAM In te o w
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to a

a appmerd to atrki
SAl dockers In L I
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an pw a ins asmue a a*.

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In" Wake


oft .le teet eelamtnd of fiI kes IS WHd
04 l has:-. "F
as ackNaval Dist me of 11.

fti ttobsee "ON ofega a .Millions Paid
S ny Once this 3ateli ty For Suggestionis ,e fa. ..... a
to b the trading center on t AWI rom Panama athe OHCAG0, Oct. 20-7
a ouamainland. wionan. So

Ibr u and i better ways, to opeat a in a i"
the ntd i gotten except every 1 wh Been avy a;i il make to a reot sed at t l
to e advantage of the furious from a,. overW t the exeuralon.hey elude the on o the National Autlont f
nat e I s thmus make the ro oea- ACU, S eated, sgtema, attended
L..fe-J ..I^W. ;t 'ltrip to this ..ent.-iIT:.,few .. Owl, __8 _MI .' by S evammm s ati -oA ruin, :f. SDue to MdublicdeUMlMe C- U6S Colaute. Aelnd the IS '- lte edr. *'te iiq imp
L e fb are abj2 One firm reported an' employ. u eas mu ffe-
chartered another c a t a l It 'Cocoloi it change of
p tlaunmch for the pmaal 1. .m a Saturday and to
This launch 1 is Sto card T- lean or etudI Tuesday Amulhe "Itd
grand us ry 60 persons and will a from t-t. ..; Vaa on weei I

M Army Pilot Caw etsw Emps
Helicopter at a mat""
~tovernme- WAShlNGTDN. O. dPT ,V A tota 1 o nane Jua was first in
ad baed jba j The Army anne lAuue i todayO ra 1V a the Dred
That an Army *-e AMN I -tt, Was --
toa has set an unofficlt i.- Dirpwln in I '
topter altitude at ,00 g in Oo nof abort ah
so..,feet..-.-ft the
l-1 r o z- x .'i7
Warrant as I 1902, wM.J
1In a ikorskyo is[ettm mr eai formerly was.em-
or at Dr ld"epottCOS U lan ..-
es a sr-o hold ._ tle .IA1, j." of 9 r*efd by the Personnel Bur au LORNO. O ct. P)i -
cd or the Ac hunting Dvae. B dAn serint anto e en fl
estnwablishedr t z eo a. IstLb Wr, J A Wschool of the UnIversity of -Garter edll
S involvedWidsor Ill e general Co'-" Other new permanent em- eat -,
.. ploys a from, th nted- States, Sir tIton Churchill Is the A -
their birthplaces and positions pu lij political to r
S are as follows: to. have rapedeived
Un1 M. Bach, of New Vd- oin the Garter.
Abrd M O.I nrme. Health u -
av u Helen M. Owenu, of Le Queen El 1sabet knighted
Calif nu nN d nrlngadePthi

-t of Mitchenr. Nebukca, teri- Honormable nt faM 5 ...
e .. -. .-, i -,. .. ...- ."r ni farle Healthr N tl anid Dr. .
--not "10 a.. ... ... -. & Oh o.o o... offer, before be left ler Paula.

copanoelof niomma
SAta te not 'A t merCe At." at Bru-r q Don- ed hi withe a
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where the C oa d Cro '
started re donations at Widesiread damage to crops
Its Ouratobal the.princes of qso~f, Vegm
elotu h"a cNhued bydpt reported hre tod'y as new mins f"ell
Canal Zoe Cro in an After i 0n
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96-hour rainsiwh h flf on Chird
Isrd ported to Lffering front s
Sare 2o l of cuttinou. ra in. *
woer Rtm &M. v, the j -r O -a mud-, It
atn tat tho -San Po,, a, t rt
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,.-. e JS a P.OQ. A 14..IC .,4N P.
gAmLse Ali^ ^ Avsr.s wASp
ON i~e I,. u PANAI N 0lhA :V-EN4U Y 5 t
remain E lF SNAYIVEJOSI4UAl IPowfl. iN -
g43 AiS ^sN s Av. Ngw YoRK. 17 N. Y,
o us. L. .JLk *T MtIL

..U ,. A..

Dear Sir:
I paint beenn l good lately.. AJ In alept-tl In the
=4 four nlght. Im all broke up an sined up. No lsiree. I Jt
tUt Udertand it. Its that there MarilynM.nom _oand Jo Di-
spliUt up on thegrounds of incompatibility. That what it
sad, ompstabllty. That mean the copldnt git along.
codt alongr Now lookahere.. t make It personal like
.lke -you was D gnaglo. Couldn't you git along with Marilyn
Monroe? That is, tffen you tried real hard? If en you made a
real. trons effort to find aome mutual grounds for gittinl along
on. dent you jhink you mIht be able to find It? I kinda nad an
idea you could. So could I.
I J1t cant rigger that they couldn't find anything to do.
founds funny to me that after working hard all day in there dif-
reat careeithaydshould git home at night as = tj stand a-
ound trying 4o ir out how to spend the evening together,
. Couli t the N of mnytW z .. .
S Careers. orach, imme toor barrel. Why gorsh, ist bem
inder, the same roof 'with Marilyn Monroe ought be career
q ough for any guy an ought to keep him real busy two an his
'aind often his career an on something important. Looks Mke
Sto me that keepin a big, happy, contented smile on Marylins
ace is career enough foer any manan a full time ob.
S*Oorb, what does he want to tool around wlth a spagett
" n' d at lyouhcs do is turn out different im o f era s_ araett
Zqtw~ edo~t~hagit you after you done it? Looks like to me
h batUn average is way off two. Even itfen a man cant make
; bit with hi own wife the least be can do is go down swinging,
S An brthSre want swingla at duds an even Iffen Marylin
was thoiwleurvWet would be a pleasure jist to strike out reach.
'a fer th Nosalee, that there story has me mighty upset an
,eft me sortaloos faith thl male iex. You list adnt ought
pionse that Jo. Two bad. Jo.
P Iad a little disagreement over here in Mindi, two. My old
friend Wilson Crook came over here an sat me to let him have
T an exter amount of Lady Agewood's milk to sell in hisa soda foun-
t. ror milk s htau,
t le Wil'son that JIst because we both come from the South
te DeSo Beuth that IU, that was no reason fer him to believe
Sgonaps disobey orders. He tole me he knew I had orders to
Irlt-that he was reservil of special consideration. I said every-
7,bdy f-lt that way. especially fellers over grade 12. But Wilson
al the grade didnt have nothing to do with it. it was the prin-
SSof the uitag. Seems like I heard that oncet some where
aWt place It.I
tw"son said that most of the school kids which eat at his
h eubhp in Balboa, been cutting up lately an actin disagreeable
i I. tm an atber lot of trouble an there teachers and
i#.t~steBi two,
SI.- e m rent. S ome is used to It an dont know no
h xnnn"Ay n, ers theta the way all kids act.
But Wilson b ed me for jlst an exter quart of two to use
'3 the milk shakes. He said after all it was a community proj-
aosn no one could object to that an it want fer his own per-
Thdu he went oh with tears in his voice tellin me how beau-
tif them kids was at heart an Lady Agewood would bring out
Vike best'In them. ..

tone. say wson. what a wonderfnu community this
h llthem .uttle children walking around hand-in-
Sat ach other instead of whistlin at each other,
ther Wth there homework Instead ofpeepin over
holders in the cuaerooms. help old ladles an dogs
set I tead of Hoppyong Casidying into the olub-
i Aervice center, aettin nice an quiet In the-lobby
Shomework ai payin no attention at all t te
t egt be wonderful, Wi so acttae wit
IF.. 1. ..-1 .

-- .



Wash n

George Humphrey, wife d the see.
retary 5 othe tr samoV.d
fan of the Cleveland
sh attended the last two World
the HumphreA= 1 v0. S va saye
aftrt he Cleveland tredy Mn,
Huwdphrey Wa15'et Bifg.-
ten a giant new lake steamer, so
George cent her a wire saying:
your swing with the bot-
tle feampagne is better than
the swing the Indian batters."
The recent operation #
first .Secret of Labor, Nartn
DurVs, sentthe White Ho4f into
a an flaL." When it waU
4ouni tat Durldn wastI un
dergo surgery, someone in te Ex-
ecutive Mansion raised the ques-
tion as to whether Dur idn hkad ever
picked up-the chair he had used
as a .member the cablne ler
he resigned, as f the W ause.

With ndo the qh aouse
staff at Denv nobd- e-peared
The kow Somen cad fr.ant
ed Association o0Journeymeo and
Ap ntces at the Plumbing and
efitt h Ioandu t the tee
report that thdiscovered that he hadn
chair there oom ta
There en0ue a lo and frantic
When enry Kair ser wwas in Arefoun
Daum White Huwoews led the
home, and to the relief of
everyone discovered that' he had
taken' it home and was g it
atu dining room table, '
When Venry Kaiser was in Ar-
gentina cently, neg tiatig with
re 'Peron on the bigs auto.
m bile rant aser s
put in tfierem Mrs. Kaler asalre
ahe y Mercedes-Ben Peron
was dring. She is a sports car
Next day the car was dellverpd
to her hotel as a gift from the
Argentine president.
Sh is shipping it back to the
U. B. to use in Califorcia.
Tmre was a high old time
the Department of Commerce
when veteran mployes t he re
threw a party for former Presl-
dent Hoover, who had the Coam,
mere building built during his ad-
. When he left the Whit House
the Democrats dubbed the build- t
ing Hoover's Folly," and partly
because o that, over admitted, '
he had only been in the structure
three times mince 1928. 'Tor 20
years the plac never semd v-
ry friendly, he recalled. I
When Hoover was told that 871
employee in the Commerce audi.-
torlum had been there when he
was secretary of commerce he m
said "Thos of you who weather- P
ed the storm obviously have Unus-
.,,, S' "frat "ventt o wr.

-.'. :,;_/


.. y _,-


4 :


ba" *

. %tm

S..x S r r

Did It All, Tovarich


-* ,

GWe were talking the othe day oatt
about change the oe t f be- futur
htvior expe t of day' pri au
ners of war andreommending my
that dume of its anet code of long
conduct under te Ari.lea of War In s
e relaxed to able a captive bei
older to d i a alo and didi
confess to an nd every- the I
thing If it would hel his cause Dean
Any. bitin
A freedom to sgn "enfeslons" The
and go on broadcasts and. give threat
'information," If indeed in by From
ill the prisoners, would go a Jar skp 1
piece to prevent separations in agai
prisoner-of-war eneaimpents, in the
whicJ one faction is the heroic tio,
heep, if he lives a04 the other daub!
i subject to cour-maulaL .. in t

s are espan
1 on a p
wea kllnI
* smael pril
to active we
It their ow
small pr
the abale

i"-tl eos Homer the elec.n;.

MIa ,,,r:-:..

N So he ain't talking to me anymore.



" I

[ lan in o raw.y, -g
coast." theyart
to the aquar- agansa.
has maintsin-n upeat L
house service up with t
f-fommerce. own tough
e. d the I ass
fba 11" been ft er
: bins 1de

to spy,

I Two[ the
5..hthe 4
6ithe A
*Wtenthe .^agywn .;


-I_... -

gj Endsw wit
M-.-Knea ** 'U
I-* *^



rw11ww I-11r



S14 Til Avenue

a I. S..*

.. .. : ./ ,.

a palatei-- beea ,
to thread watemne
meet (two Pew' le
",) rnle.,.-us.


r-operty damage: None
Human damage: ne hotel maid
S'--italiv conke&.ionil the head
with water pitcher intended for
, ..i,.ude ot irritated legionnaire.
.ry ice has entered the cold
war against communism. The Cxu-
sadw&for Freedom's new balloon-
leaflet campaign ndw satr-
Hungary employs a recent-
ly uneled tehnique to drop Red
le with piint accuracy.
ded froMe each of the plas-
t on i a wisp frame fitted
carrierr; one above the
ia wheel-like ar-
tecarrier is
h dry ie evapor-
teighbt causing the
carrier to inr-
.benpuss- tlgraater weight
e printed matter from


In 13th Day
ANGELES, Oct. 20 (UP)
JWB hQmas H. Kuchel (R-
'C said he wa pre-
E before PrealdentEl-
eower te facts on southern
Cl3iloria's amog blight if ex-
Seel there any need for
federal emergency Intervention.
,The Junior senator for Calfor-
pn. disclosed he had scheduled
a meeting of air pollution ex-
ports and city-county officials
to cuss the situation.
ruchel'a action came aa the
fumes eased oft lightly today
but the blue-gray ha did not
lug smog continued into It 13th
-ien. Kuchel. aid. that" if the
eroence he haa called dis-
oaed "tuffictently alarmin
facts" he will recomamund emer-
eny ation to ublic
Bealt ht P t wnter
ot. Goodwin J. Knight held

mlttute an emerggey at pres-

BUs ar me tr r mento e muIiaBU M 'yw.ip i e cop me Ta>-. SMOm wOM W I
y-riders ang to would hkve a 'great deal le hood- of pain as -# AmeasR
against their opportunity 'to drive wedges be the captured men en a 5
i., tween the strong and th we0, encourage to humor the A ei
r business of using each-against the other: and blithely eqoperate, butlwu
may, and rob- If a man can say, oh, what the with Inn= reservation Up Wo
Is. setting hell, it's only a game, let them the Ameriesan's latest aaet
in foods and was my brain while I think about been a sense of humor 'ia
* entitled to Miss Monroe, and if everybody stress. It can be used as an aeti
tting out de- cheerfully agrees to everything weapon if applied by prisoners
and similar then and there a film of res- war.

Man Abetd Town
Gene Tierney's life was saved
(via:t-p p) at here
Park AJU. the other mid-
dle -of-tJI- ".h ,.. Joan Craw. I
ford's lat4t -maker is director
Charlesf W s... Sonny Tufts
and Susan p in Pairadise.
(Susa*t 0 .. Lance Ful.
ler's eala- is Beverly Ty.
ler ... aa musical ay-off in
years: "' e ,. Friend" will be
on V41 U weeks ...
Statist te. and Wm.
Strong, 'a) are discuss-
ing be ,ol fnaid O'Connor
and MIan m Laking"
try Di-
Mahe re r here about
Nov. 1st. 4.-a food sponsor
offered Ov per annum
. Ella chums hear
she win wed medico, now
in the A ... nda Darnell's
ex-groos (Pe, Mary) re-wed his
ex-wife Virginia Gay ... Society
expects a saett from the Leo.
aid StokowitS (Gloria Vander.

The Waslgo Wire: The Reds
are very, over the FBI's ar-
rest vA E. Blumberg on
Smith Act e argues. Happened
Sept. 30th in NYC... State Dept
insiders' list Saigon as the next
Asiatic tinder-box ... Paul
Crouch's lapw*t versus the coly-
umi A SMtarts any day via
pre, 0lndiS .,'Godfrey Schmidt,
a Cardinalft lawyer, represents
him ... 0. know the under-
cover e leader along New
York's *afemt. Meeting with
Soviet a w. .. White Housers
hear b t i) become Secy of
State fA year) and run for

squelched the few disenters ... abroadI .,.Balerina_ TalTl-
College rumors have Lou Little chief and her new Bau buses
considering an offer to leave bosses are not Gelidng ,.. Vir-
Columbia U. for the Green By y .nia Popei (hon.- ed-otthe
Packers... A she-to-he operator "ONi:es) resna. March after
(in a midtown hospital) -h. eons..The haiW"r-ptlgtoin u rit
hush. Big medics fl w in tQ. ob. ar job has silready started .Ad
serve ... Mrs. Orson Munq's atole Gchulberg '-Jp -: S00.-
was stolen as sheo enjoyed.: the Waranr's for -his
Little Carnegie Theatre 1l4ie ABart, ... .* J SiWWW M Wmay
... Mrs. Lee Mortilmer is ,fo % marry Mary aBprttyflp'
Ing quickly at Memorial keOa-.. gal at Mi amt a m fms oMlNr
The wife of Chandu, the Miitg I. Fad among 11 biian Ut Bil
clan, made him disapper. cui nk ,.
-"' Mona Xnox h a sa .--
The Cables:- Ar 'Peap Crane or a New, ork dofer .-
fell hard for Lee Ann a e
(Miss America) wbeij .
in Buenos Aire ...S
ney the arcti explo n ae a
aejh oInney oareI nh
courts ... oKhan'r..
Paris is Rudp Mich
movie there. She'. an or
Club hatehick ... Me
murder attempts t. tiala
Richard Rodgers' dauher b are...
da and CBS producer D I
are So In Love, whieh
kuabnad now is co-.
House (1on

rep r that Jacki
Brooklyn thrill-.killerdtyd' Morto
Hitler!" when class te pot (p
the U. S. Flag ... L u
wishes the item-sen.1w l "
his name "right." It'l
Andrew Meyer, theb | Wall Streeter
Newest ie pender who e-tl.
The Indian Prince i o a x-wte
"EarL." Always =s6,At2
model gt her annul
hey &ingsey maycog
inand t.
divorce from Bob
found a mold

I-.- *
V .-*

S. ./
".'- .- -4 --. '

- P

um, uVe r armunwwuarsri. as
or words, South Dkota isa
doubtful state. I
a s-Sen. Andy Shoepel
.inc, t Republica, tod Vie a
Pr ent NixonWhenh went
through Kansas recently tha 'f t
the election was held today, 1
lose." He urged Nixon'o tay and
make an extra sle, which
Nion did. Despite thi
KoGgi, the ex-senator.l U'
tle. st Farm Prime l

tIablae, ansas Is also a.

Dt e gncrat ii t

table. r' e
Wet ~~~~ VigeeSn.W Suy'

- '.. ... -* .-V.'S

* I.-lb aftiW". *

-. "- t .
J~~l P'f. '*


,- ..
.- :, -.. .:t-- != ..: ., -.-

ea aa Ntl Prom
leader took #y rp .i t er
tude ? nt the
4 by Indla's prime M -ol*-
aara Nehru.
,t is weakfl.s In defend
which invites aggrnv on," sad
ll. I .
"in tbesonditions of today,
ay attitude of om Cacenc
ive watching wil .lace an
hat we value l extrea e peril.
A warned that ml litary
th is not enough. a6 sW

~cn i olt
'demme uIlS"

-. 4i

,"'-" .. A


1.2 ,...\S

i L *A .;-
J. "'*--" ,--JC*."^1-.'.f,








~4;rcrLLL .

r.1t441 --Iw 1 m--

*, -
1 9 ->
. *"-.: ,, ral'il.







...,, _..*-- --~I -




,.- '"

: .-,.- *' .', ; ]
* q-Rp~ "--'"







i%, -


O GfflGiteg

~ar~fi '


fumed teak



F 'r95
* *. :1

LICTION SPHArDS Up.-Abe. Newmap Njb
1 bold, Sb fveqn-r. liverj SK. will elect we.
M senstofsand 38.will elect Pemir. ACO
bold a election to fill the vacancyy d b
- Pat -McCtran .who had two years left n o

ury $eedla GoesSlowly

n 'Or Sam Murder Trial

CgVmELAMJ, Ohio, Oct. 'ond time. The action prompted
ieiectonof a jury to o'lgfan to file an exception,
i'I....Sa'uiel H. 8hl par leaving him the privilege to
1fCale 9 challenge Verlinger again with-
w te v Taround a.esatlos out ius one of the sa peremp-
e tor halenges allowed by the
o af n n- 'e call sex devia- atate.
murder," de- It was the first time the name
William Corrw- of Miss Hayes had been Infected
4tWS W Slectvm ft#- in the testimony.
W e tentatvely It was she who returned here
aor .a from' Los Angeles to admit inti-
I r to be forced to macles with Sheppard, although
*e a ic who has ideas a- the 30-year-old osteopath had
bt se nations o strong that previously told a coroner's In-
bereudleeagainstthe s a iw nothing more
denAs the battle between Corri-
Corrisan tlo his argu ent, gan and Mahon ra ed, Sheppard
but. sUblielnt challenges id- sat silently, clutching a mall
cedhe would pucue the aub- paper-bound book. Ae. pam-
36t as the jury-selection crept ph at was titled "The Achieve-
al t at a wail's pace.-Only two meant or Poise." a 1832 sermon by
wdte tentatively chosen, to. sit Ernest Fremont Tittle.
with one man chosen Monday. Once, oarmone' stumbled as he
The day started with steel attempted to pronounce "osatto-
,* ealamny'titmekeepbr Howard pathy." He placed the accenton
Barj h seated in the Jury box. the fourth instead of the third
It s .-Mprhing B.fore a- syllable, and Sheppard covered
gr Cr reached on the his m th with p hand to hide
a I o housewifee the.m ,
It-ah 4 w of morals was In-
.ut Pm Mrs. Borkes Y
onI stal rolowig the nofn
Stleod a the
er, s 28-ye4-
-..e manager,

'it io .Hs

ipa.i.d. "How can I t '
flc1$t6 .mind of a person
Out er deviation?" I:.
origafln turned, and pointed
the cor of newspapermen ...-
Xp trial. TROUBLE Jean pm ba
Oe tmced back to the Judge fanallyi charged with Imperil-
d aMd:. "The sex angle the ng france's national security.
S these n spaperme MonsMciet-of the National De-
P w md'o rb. Iere tbM tegse Council, was suspended
n jAopt to the deo- and accused under a military
Ms t m t to flow the ques- security law that could jail him
044 -"..-.. I % for fi ve es.

esufer d the sec-


NEW YORK (UP)-"An oer
with ally cat chorms will get it'
premiere during' the fortheumilg
season eat famous is
tie Ohestra.nd ore K
based upon Its series of children's
pDon Mars, these. Little Orchestra al-
s Rdo Havel's opera, "L'EnfanW
et l4a Sortleges," among .hi
mepsiI-beh numbers 'Is a cafto dses
7 bailey cat chorus Ia Is
"Arcby and Mhitabel" by Joe
Darida- and Gqorge Ueslnunger,.
based upon the stories of the ie
Don Marquis. Ia addition to the
cat chorus, it 4. scored for Afree
singers, a honky-tonk piano and
11 other instruments. .
It. will be.per ed att he Or-
;hestra's Town 1au series .begin-
ning Oct. 25. FIVe other new works
will see thd light during the series
a cantata by Jan Meyerowitz,
based upon four love poems by
Robert Herridk, Divertimento for
winds by R. Nagel, the orches-
tra's solo trumpeter, i concerto
oboe and bassoon by Paul Csonka,
a Hungarian-American, a concer-
to for clarinet, trumpet, and trom-
bone by Robert Starer, a young
Israeli-Amherican composer, and a
"short piece for orchestra" by
Jula Perry, young Negro com-
The acceptance of these six
works resultidfrom the annual,
"open house" for composers dur-
ing which the conductor, Thomas
Scherman, received all comers and
examined thefl manuscripts. This
year he received 7 composers and
looked at 200 scores.
The first few presentations in
the new season of the New York
City Opera- o pano have. been
I i s ......lit dfinall-- nt Its f

U ke has suggested what i W
matter beyond the obvious limits-
tio of budget. But the compa
achieved its great reputation wi
the minute budgets that come
from playing in a small theatre.
The hope ofits audiences is that
the sualiSty will pick up.
The season-opening "Aida" was
dear. The new tenor, Giorgio
Coceolios-Bardi, turned ut tobe
a routine posturer with no out-
standing vocal merits to cover.
Frances Yeaud, a long-time favor-
ite, was less than authoitative in
the title role, a new one Or her.
Vocally and histrionicall. She will
improve as she becomes more se-
cure. Gloria Lane, however, sang
an outstanding Amneris.
Even the company's speciality,
an English-language "The Mar-
riage of Figaro," came out flattish
although all members of the cast,
with the exception of a new singer
for the Countess, were- singers
who had given the company's
"Figaro'" its reputation. Margue-
rite Wallauer, of Boston, was the
Among the debut recitalists at
the beginning of the New York

' .- .--

ll ,-.... .Cn m-U Ii A ,*ujnI
. pp i^-__t 'Jd UI.b iw. a -..r


W 1..

.', y-


SIn cooperation with KLM, members of the
famous house of Parisian couturier Chris-
tian Dior wilivisit the most important oltles
In Latin America and the Caribbean. In'
Panama the house of Dior will hold a show.
ing in the ELt atnama Hotel on Sturday,
ober 30th nting 50 maniffeent rea-
tions of t t new H-Une. For this
* occasion Doir impressedd by the
elegance of fashonablo
wotn. wnhfe0l regularly
* on .KLM's do .uxo air-
craft) has d a two-
-a A 1trv@ tt MlA t "Flyinh
. Eotemtanm" iohor of KL7. -

of-t-he 1 4 eon-
tion that a u4Wto $13,-
. rwever, theu States
tdelSved what .soonted to a
1tWO O refund Ificm taxes
e oh the salaries ot its
iS citizens who work for the
UF. secrejaript. The V.. remn-
Ume its employee these

.Te United States 1 the only
Musner nation which collects
Ipome taxes from Its. ctluzens
Whp work for the w tid OgM
amtho Ths 'basa caused' ome
fmlobl-ln. -n other delegations.
Hnummarskjold's- pIlan was
drawn up-in response to a re-
quest from the general assem-
bly's administrative and budg-
etry committee to achieve
"equt aong member states"
in the matter f national Incoine
The plan calls for the United
States to pay a much greater
share of the cost of Americans'
income taxes than In the past
and thereby relIeve the blden
on other umpmber narons.t

Doctor Stars Work

At 6 PM, Carries

Rolling Drug Store

rji leases .., T Pu
has decided to go .i omotlon. Hired M. WSe
he N.-Y. Times to write
all their wonderful we,
..'TV Producer" (Hike m
is'getting to be a oi W
town. So many BIstaway
J e (arrested for this awt
Qtd themselves that y..
maags are caught
wrong romance. ~A.
fier Ahnell with her "il*reut
flme" .James Dean ...Vogue
as's Merle Andersen ergeI
sodS With Wall StreeVWs W.
teo ... Those daily red roea
(sanibg "I Love You")
r Donegan's Emben nt-
dtesitn room, come from Brazil-
Nir Edmondo .deza,. .
Snewst paper is tie aulo
(razllHerald ... Didn't you
hate thfeHottober weather?

To Dealkth 01 Even

A, 4COct.X ':P) -
A -old sheriff about to
retire front his job was hot to
dUtoioday and a posse search-
7 heavily wooded Blue
RI ..Mounfailns for an "armed
ant dangerous" slayer.
Officers said Virgil Richard-
Se charged with murder in
slaying of Alleghany Coun-
ty Sheriff Portet C. Collins, fled
a pickup truck after blasting
the law office with a shotgun.
They said they believed bhe
would try to reach a late-model,
high-powered car he kept hil-
Mayor Glenn Nichols of this
farming community of 1,000 said
the posse of "between 50 and 100
men" would search until Rich-
ardson is captured. He said the
search party consisted of law
enforcement officers front Alle-
ghany, Surry and Wilkes coun-
ties as well as highway patrol-
men and armed citizens.
Nichols said Richardson was
"armed and dangerous." Collins,
who would have completed a
four-year term as sheriff on
Dec. 1 and is not allowed to suc-
ceed himself by law, was shot as
hei attempted to arrest Richard-
son around 5:80 am.
Nichols said Richardson, an
"habitual tlrdfle law violator,"
ta m a court, and

Od to the Richardson farm,
about 13 niles from here, by
Charlie Crouse who waited In
the car while Collins went up to
the house. Crouse said Richard-
son came out on the porch and
spoke to the sheriff.
"He went back inside the
house on the pretense of tying
a shoe," said Crouse. "He came
back out with a shotgun and
shot the sheriff."
Collins, survived bY a widow
and three grown sons, was the
fourth North Carolina sheriff to
be slain ithe past .tw9 years
and the third killed since March.
season were David Abel, a remark.
able violinist who is only 18, and
Howard Wells, a young pianist
with a considerable reputation on
the West Coast.
Gerald Moore, the world-famous
accompanist delighted packed
house with his solo appearance,
"the accompanist speaks." He dis-
cussed what the accompaniment
does to a song, and demonstrated
on the piano; also singers and
singing. Moore is funnier than
many a TV comic.

"ReeUaing figure" Is the firqt
eal uny lay t Broadway.
season. ot eartshatering,
but some la s. biggest
surprise ofhe sh the ex-
leat acting Job turned in by Mte
Wallace. Previous Mike's been
trintly a and TV em-
ioye, of the type referred to, for
ack of a better word, as a "per-
sonality:" He MC'd shows, sat on
aenels, Iiterviewed other person-
sttes, and generallb made him-
self useful.
Now he turns up as a pretty
good actor. Talent will out.
Mike Waliees wife, the lovely
Raff Cobb, went to the second
ilght with Mike's mother. It was
a thril for both ladles. Baff said
she really wasn't ured, Just had
a little Mike frigh."
Mike and Bauff hedentally, con.
dut .a CBS-hdiO show called
"Mike and BDuf'4 JSi1-Rag," on
Which they read -interesting let.
One they haven't read, but maybe,
ill seen, is the foenimg, which
they sent ever for the fun of it.
It's from a New York boy and
"I have a problem. My mother.
She cleans my rooem and Is always
throwing out valut stuff. Please
tell mothers NOT lean boys'
rooms! Make the boy clean the
room himself. My mother 'ust
threw out a valuable stamp, a
good dead starfish, and six bottle
caps." My friends have the same
trouble with their. months who
throw things out and are TOO

of SAM IEVENSON ("Conversa-
at tion," NBC-Radio): A father took
a his son to the opera for the first
nk time. They're watching this great
U- spectacle, and the kid nudges'his
father and says, "Look at those
d- people up in the boxes, multi-mil-
ss lionaires. They're sleeping throug.i
th all this." The father says, "For
ee this you had to wake me?"'
Except for a different location,
)r. a few years and a pair of roller
In skates Mla Slavenska is doing the
le same thing she did when she was
1e 12. She's the prima ballerina of
or the Metropolitan Opera Company
to now, and at the tender age of 12,
- she was the same for the Zagreb
Opera, in Yugoslavia.
P In those days, she roller skated
ig to the opera house. Nowadays, she
taxis. Otherwise it's pretty much
LI the same operation.
Being. a big-time ballerina while
of still a child has Its .drawbacks,
1- Miss Slavenska now feels. In those
of days, she was pretty pleased with
p the wAY things re Otning out,
bet newas" iet tnksa

I .MnSlavnast Mtp Wallak
she started toe yeg. She actually
began dafncing-whiL she was three
which Is a god deal before moset
people even hear of ballet, much
less Zagreb.
Anyhow, strictly entrechat
(which means just between us
cats), the red-haired ballerina
says,, quite mattr-bofactly: "I
started too young. It maybe was
good for my technique but not for
myself. You get to think oo well
of yourself too soon. Then the day
comes when you're not 14 any
more, not to3 darn cute any more
and you have to wake up."
I think sne's still pretty cute,
-but never argue with a lady, so
we will assume thit one day Mis
Slavenska had to wake up. It
seems to have been a painless
awakening, for she Li regarded as
one( of the primest of the prima
ballerinas around. This will be her
first season with the Met an she's
quite excited about it.
"For the first time since Pavhova
danced here," she says, '"they will
have a special ballet. sNo aging.
Just dance. It is an original ballet
that Zachary Solv, the Met's
choreographer, iq doing, called
'Vittorio.' "
This special ballet will be pre-
sented on the bill with "Salome,"
a short opera. Miss Slavenska
points out that most opera com-
panies around the world-from
Amsterdam to Zatreb-have bal-
let nights, and she -hpes that
someday maybe the Mjket wiI have
the same. This may be the first
"It will be a nice ballet, I
think," she said. "We rehearsed
today. We did the seduction scene.
It will be very nice, only today I
had to dance Without eating. I do
not recommend the seduction
scene on an empty stomach."
"A Star Is Born" prqmlered at
two New York theaters and a
goodly crowd was there. A little
too goodly in fact, became you
had to fht your way onlit It
was worth t.' Judy Garlid ls In
good voice, and that's etno* to
guarantee a flne three hopre. In
this eae a tar lasn't berna s

S.BefOre you ge .d
someone os, stp apd
mtaner .ul-uMn't do,
bring the oth r
either take pidela.e-

As Jomeatte ee :.
toe heavy a i ne.-f *
carry throg '"
Asma2. ite A


deUad at your watch t '
qutmes tuit you expect W]
combines th=le nmua g .
A MONODATIC, a eaa '
on your wrld. It t1 yellouf-
tlme and the dot, Noti ths
6IbU.ity of the t. It I


It Is a sassure tMrkfe
it of Casm


- -

The most refreshing


you have ever



PreseAvena is a mew and marvelous Quaker
formula. It is a delicious preparation of whole
oats combined with powdered milk, vitamins, and
FrescAvena ot only has all the nourish-
ament of the whole oat gratin, but also its dell-
dem flavor and well known power to refresh.

It is an instant drink mke it fan othing
flat 2 or 3 tesspensful tn a glass of utok r
water, mix It thoroughly, and you have got the
smoothest and--most rreeshing bwevem f f
have ever tasted. '
,A tiU of FrepAvena really goes a les
way serve It to the kids try It y0 Ia "
by a ean at your grbear's TODAY.



'1 1.


bli nSta Oat kbh

- .. .*'~
*t~ ~

- '1* *'

a' ft .-~ ~4q


- 4. ... -.

The Inslant Oat Drink

II Refreshes! It Nouristes!





,' ..
..... -..

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Oct.
(UP) The twin problems o
getting a doctor and drugs a
night are being solved here by
physician who doesn't start woi
until 6 p.m. and travels in a rol
ing drug store-laboratory.
The night shift doctor, Fred
erick W. Carr, refused to dlscu
his work, pendfhg a check wI'
the public relations committi
of the Knoxville Academy
But other physicians said D
Carr Is "meeting a real need" I
practicing only at night. I
makes house calls at any tin
between 6p.m. and 6 a.m. f(
patients who are ill enough i
require a doctor but not hosp
His rolling drug store help
solve a problem qf obtainir
medicines at night'since Kno,
Ulle druggists close shop at
Dr. Carr was past the age o
40 when he completed his med
cl course at the University o
Tennessee and his interneshi
at a nzville o-apitaL



, _


* 1

NEW YORK -(UP)-- The do-
'" 1 3.n ?A v -ad It-yourself unthusiast now can rig
SJACOBYand up a fire alarm for the home-and
SE test itcy holding a lighted match
N se w i W r v iaces under th detector.
'. fe .or another, we get Bade part of the unit is a two-
Spe a a dozen laneh.dep metal box covered by an
From readers all aluminum late had mounted on a
r "What o room. The ele-
S do," thy want to know, *W i. irm ounds a
m y have only one card -43l .e .e box along
hand .and you draw a card at with a when activat-
"'j youa st meld? You have no ca- ed by of as fire.
m asta, so you aren't allowed to
meld out. Do you meld the card, TheWit isdesignaedto ring when
dis- rd, and play on without any the tpatur within a 400-
eard in your band? Or do you, aqua! -ftre elimbs above 140
-. mld the card and play on with- degsreb lharmlt, (Edwards Co.,
S out discardnng?" Norwalk, n.)
The answer is that you don't --.--- a
do either of those things. You sim- Farniers can spray an orchard
Py. t aren't allowed to meld in this and hom can una
S iiujop. powersaw uto with the aid
of a new mabine that in essen-
The rule states that ydu must tially a l m l1 gasoline engine
discard at each turn unless you mounted on a four-wheeled car1.
can legally meld out. Since you Tr the "Power Slave" can 's
can't legally meld out this situa- attached t gnerator to operawo
tion (without a canasta) you are two.portas 4leetric ools at the
S- obliad to discard. amse *d lso nih enough
eler 5=t,1git bulbs in a house
Y"g ean't get rid of all of your in .JW at of power failure.
eards unless you meld out. If you ; far=M get a break with
ust discard, and you aren't al- the mehine. He can atach
r owed to get rid of all your cards, it '-rn _omprelsor and tank for
the enly way to stay within the spraying nsecides on fruit tree
roles is not to meld. --or paint on the barn. Pumps for
There is no law after all, that Irrigation also can be hooked up
: forces you to meld. You may dis- to the unit.
card either the new card or the
heard that you were previously Utilizing a six-horsepower engine
holding. The point is that you can- the "Power Slave" comes equpped
S iot mseld and that you must dis- with the various attachments. A
card one of those two cards. smaller unit uses a S2 horsepower
.1 had five kings on the board engine. (Master Mechanic Manu-
with a pair of kings in my hand. facturing Co., Burlington, Wis.)
'The last king was dis' arded into a --
frozen pack. and I went to take Cattle on farms and ranches can
the pack. The other players said get quicker meals, thanks to a
that this would give me an eight- motor-powered silo unloader.
card cansita and that this w a s The unloader sits on top of the
not permitted. stored silage and automatically
l- ]works its way down to the bottom.
My partner said that I could take It operates at the rate of six to 12
the pack and start a new meld of tons an hour depending on the
kings. The opponents wouldn't al- thickness of (he s ige.
low that either. What la e ruleT An auger chews up the grass,
AAccording to the ofi rules corn or um to the proper eon
o f cunasta, you are lod to have slstency, thIM a blower and chute
S eight esar In a eanat I fact fsyteA sh-D ts it to either trucks
oae a allowed to have mere or ne b below.
SI Mthe natural The u .odadlreven can cut easily
awsdum of 9. natural cards through fodder which has been
awilldlsards. frozen. (Silage Equipment, Inc.,
S- t allowed to start a Wichita, Kan.)
,, aL o kings when yr ide
S drt d s as i meld of kings. on
S te l are the official New health Center
a be, ut some players follow l -
al that vary on t h a a e ALBANY, N. Y. -(UP)- New
t. btet ,York will spend ,000,000 to build
-, fai aid local rues are a new health nt s en r here. The t* o-
S a matter for the individual play- stoy buldn w .l house the ta
to MNoe ipon ameng them. health department, an liray .oe
4 1 gee uponamonge an V-ray roe
*' Mves. an audirnum ana a ubrary.
: ,- -"


-Ki'-!A .-**. f-V 'r^ r .,-J ; .- TA Wt

N' Houston anAd.
.:la: two'
New York Philo a

t WH J100)

a Wilford & Mc


Vil,' .A M,

I.- .W- .. 1n s .e.wes !
*- "' F2L i |F

"Mom went to tho halrdresser's-walt'll slh sees how I
cleaned the house for herr"


Great While Fleet
New Orleans Service Arrives
A. Cristobal
B.S. "AGGERBI OG" .........................Ot. 1
*0S. "HIBUJB" ..........................Oct. 2
*S.S- "A STAMER" ................... ....O-3
8.S. "PLATA O" ............................ ..Nov. 6
U.S. "MARNA" ..... ............. ..o
*Handing Refrigerted Chilled au Gemera Carge

New York Service Arrives
S.. "COPAN" ...............................ct. 23
88. "JUNIOR ................................... OitS tt
4a. "WATA A" .....@see#@.... .. ........... 2 11
.. "AN JOSE" ......................... ..........

Weekly savings of twelve passenger dips to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal io New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York .................... .$240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco .... 8970.00
,To SOqttlo ............. ..... 36.00

."TOBAL 2121 *.. .2.2904

4. ?

* ...*#.v.'I *~1
Twitp1. ttufrpl


Mr- "'
X .. ....



rI. 1 IS I

All Set

Di LA8sI

'M u ar
ti |NN

ie's a Wiril


4 .



as ano~s


' -n

-^a4 aViiM

I -f

9 AT

Thie to Go

Jimmy Is Anxious


I -.

L1. .




-iaL] ip.-^a

.1 *

outR oaWNlWO so0 ,

'*w th

MAJOR qodrsh per sm WAS

Ue- a R MOEY
^ rTr' FoR ALt
(56L. AMD A

'I ..


/ a~at4

' .'''

-. p.

S I- It. 1




4Y Af

.' ,_-'
.-A t^ ^ ,, ... .^ ( .!*..

. .*t .--.

: :~'

* Y-",- 31




hI -.


S L.

i trance
guilty of I

*-,4 i. _: '4

aid ,p to ML .
4. I r* c*\^^^^U. 15J

i -

hop ,t "B n '.101

r. .y o

Gm ," : _-

l ,ETs; ,S



,I ,,,P` + i. .

sW w busf
Wtr. n Owen's
fd f

SCathedral t

ant. Lar fiE'o. C
5T/ j '^h


canpL Zne '" att. the Nava I
I l. .;telepheak Mrs. L.

eu L X eottears, Mrs
. CkandSl tmui. J. D. Teayls

imnham ,,r- 1r w Jeann Jh d
Ir-ann of the Evening. G nU m al of
. J.'Pal atSdAth, re rt ind Que oine" .'
t ir n mne, ,-... ..- '"
rimani of the Song rug
Vnit. ride gashT he

ethe n
y e ,m .a.d

ied the .Y I not
a UM nt dA 'vaus4l
an rm's policiesad "w
t to r. in

ptive advertsng. -
It industry cmmitt 4
d that '-the seed ".,
% voluntarly end tl ob
S conform wl

tofOmaha, Neb.,

United Insurance Cot, Calr-
Sr'shpiy web allowed 2

days to file an answer to
e The FC ma then
sapIn wDeo er Int
whatere firms haveb .
miter e
P doof Oar); B Lie
IC afth, :. wh Clco (e.0
S of Das, ha
SUnited Insurance C, h

I aceh comapay ws allowed 6 a
Jays to fle an nsMwer to the
I ee. The PTC may then hold
r la.De thober in M m.
ie where te firm have tteltI
1tC T Id about 900 com-

1*t1 the faattgrow..hng ldieso]
dal vs.: ;
.~ u Is r am..

_( e C3o_., Ltt Roc, Ark

Syououp tol $15 a ott

r ao
I woluna do not provide

The cotnml~salo suda mil-
we pay up to $525 for e sur
g tal o deon" br muragla fee
yvLrA claims Idply tha
St'olloy holder will reeve ui
to the stated amount for eaci
'he fact 'ita the FIG sad
many policies provide t
Tiel amount Is ms c
I-e or two compare rfre
operations and the matmmwn a
mount payable for- the avera
operation Is one-fourth of th<
apeifled amount or less.
0 Won.


Saaos tnTGatuUnion TN

$ILW. 52SI!S t1 Shot in the stomach, an
W' 31=. tS sl3-ear-old ; i-
A tlanta Baptst will be "c back
'uest seeker. Hlitopk for the drove away from. hip
an iSe Luis. .fnd^ thro- n lb
Mrs. Pik u. wl preside here

S the b session. Johnonnable to move
Luaeonta wi servm by the numbed feet, pressed the awel.-
i 3p a h T.w '.oncureN.C., so in V ,est a t.
V Ode F Van ndwill boegro.

"' The first meetinf of the Current IA rol-q'convict Ide.i ..d.. sI.
liC. bdfo moann Tk Canio Zrc. oratorne bouot ena nd of
ST ge r to ea el vt nulto, a f a, a
.held .Nc., ,waked rito Me tna
at 3: pm. at the hoan of e m ate a
b mrs. Qeq* o. L A Ta- L10 t@ C farer amnia fd

D iaeio A6inr on Businhess T h r.
no fiMeeO mround heI. t Me nor arepi hallIll

A m. ortr Tm M t idle M al i he I who a110m.
n Sriranin. L Va anyndt, ._isl. dioto sad t Ier n
EventslG" PresfteCanal Zonepared "to w se0wof

' ta. John R. Hameiezd Jr., Mrs. ~ a pm M anda *?_0_^; at ailr

Ctollege .will be held to- N0 C p. eJoh to the ee
S on atu3a3p,- at the h a n_ shotly T-
Jneetco. K0oa lo5? Mrs.lter Hrr 1.
Shome of Mra..' ety Crawfrd, woa. d w sly bunched inoo o
SSecreaireCaire and abdomen .tfel
Mrs. ise Grion, ,Lehapeao and two buhs eton truck han arm. N 1

has called the meeting and has Johnh0t ton tw 8heriota j. w'
asked Mrs, oaie t panett, Ponm Croina ot Chatham te oe wleeNeto

their American LA on Auxiliary ,e t.en 'I an .2i c calekteree a.-s
in order to ur ay, a" duesl thso op ie. tal

reach quotaeartImental Ort- Colun the o f toroed the youth
ierealare pticarly reminded of to Johnson' ear s ad made orth
Mthe necessty ouise remitting their him drive for two ruck his arm.
hadues thcalled mother meeting and has ie tl Sanford miles .

h lieg_-- ssilla a nitht oc here.
CIO Stewag CO nc. l Ai route, he m ald. Pulton or-Chap
Local ked CEC-C annett, Po- .C. tavern Ofwhere heathabougm ee

Gatan Stewards CouncWls will four eans of beer from a bar
rold B spesenal meeting tomor- hop etla hae b
row at 7 m. at, the unions o- ulton then took the wheel, SAM PRICE

idue awmush aid ggingeO the robbed other and holding

The topic of the evenPng will -" o"
ai roprts from 0organieer Fit f.
Members ae p ay e oo. Jand made
the5, IBPOW, wl meet at 7: m e or two ho n the

r oght Iobn the Parala Lo h s
dues this mouh. direction Sanford, 45 miles
---- souh 2Of h ere.
CIO stewaus Council icoute, .e said, Pulton or-
Meets Tomoro dered him to Stop at ap Apex *l..u
Local goe, .oCOC-c.O and N.C., tavern where he bought t u.
Gatun stewards Councils will our means or beer from a car
hold a special meeting tomor- hop.
row at 7 p~m. at the union's of- Fulton th n took the wheel, SAMEt3 PRI2
t fee.os f .... ... wigmg the beer and holding
be A special announcement from -
first vice president Frank C. ....
anompaon, on union matters,
and reports from organizer Fits
,!tH ,yering. je t ., .. .
Unity Templei thin
Members of ity Temple No.
159, IRPOEW, wtll meet at '7:30
Hall to discuss im-portant mat-

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m:-, ")ra ,v?. +m '- "f "ia f.* ,.*f ; I

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he wi Chaw pte ean ben

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mol.:~lA l .- ip rl 's
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.'" -U = -
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so Mi,' af ,. iSg"Hs

e rI Iblhum et, ;L, .,,

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aY'' y< haard
.tlaV"" at


E-r,' .--- l-^,"ii^ ---" r "1 ',' 'c---*'

"*. .- ; -* "' .* t .t .-- ^, Tn ,^ ; .


: .... _' -,/ c' -. .-.- -- .

burni ur be .t '4-

!lM,.RlM *d AMiki. i
^^^^*W^ "."C^^

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.iWo omiurs In thie b
Ayre There's no need is
from the young 4. 1
wants to know la fatheo
and father won't die for
loni time: that you(willl

I1 the origin of the Maued alive
Ihtmabes children have. She is
gone (to heaven if you wish) but
not keeping. Don't tam the child
to the funeral.
As the cold weather comes o,
you will wonder Ift aby is warmn
eMulk. You know Iby now thet
W eaids and feet awe sui
LJudge by the we thof I
rl and arms. Don wermua.l
Sto get those feet .warm. o
un't need a hot haoe, eithw.
Keep the temperature in tbh
home even, at abo) 13 defgrn,
i eta chillier at might, let bi
ea sweater, no a bale d

'' the rainy day when ever-
i lusng will seem to go wrong swa
yw- and Baby. GOet reased as
waterproofed as you can, cover
the carriage blanket with a plas-
tic tableeoth and go out. You
both need to get out of the house.
.he's stroller size, dress him li
waterproof cloths and st r o 1 .
Ran s kind of fun for him, even
If it seems bothersome to you.
"o the walk will .de you soodn

Elizabeth Taylor
Expecting 2nd Baby
MOLLYWOOD, Oct. 80 (UP)-
llm star Eli]Mbeth Taylor. wife
of nfgUsh setor Mohael Wild.
I, announced yesterdaybe Is
expetin her scond chld In
Nawh. ey have an IS-month-
bd son, Michael Howard, Jr.

Right At Nes
WARREN, R.I. (UP) H m,
ueof men searched all- ight
sedyea for ax-Ietr
asleeIp aSn ratori
lrds back of his ho-

A. I w

" he elod*o"an Cha C.
Chirp, 'our cauary would uak
for FJuh's YTA. 0,*u
ditet fBird Sed ad toise. 5
toep m healthy l baaWt, .


2 44
A'' ~-
K /V~'
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*j* )c'J


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spped a1 4
-hr -Aed il
PBhey J lbu
Fewry w-

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6. rItr ~ ',~

1 J' r



w i .


* .z,
- .w

--:_ '.,,YOU ,
r -W,. .. ... ,. *


&QUl Si~lf eRSOUB0O IM ene dR 13
-;.--jAl~Ma t 0 JuA & J St.

-.. ml anUDU PBARMAC!


Ceatal AluB ia
No. 3 LAttWy PWa

4L6 '
4 .4"k -

. ... ".... Street N ..

HSI[ONAL Automobiles Household sa S f4m 'h .
FOR SALE -Used can. verv dlap. FOR SALE:--Dining rowo t st atana CI*a-
PANAMA AUTO, S.A., # 45, Ave. condition., Phone 3-5284. nings. ,
PO1 BAE PICNIC Joad Francls, do I Oss. Avenue No. 64. San Franciso.. WILLIAMS' Santo Clard -
FOR SAI s1953 Morris Mmnor 4- FOR SALE:-Two maple floor loix, tg s,,ifremre
RILL door side, with rNdle. lxalent $5 each; 5-piec, Rotton ot "tom.
(Bif cCue) condition, lwe Call Diablo 2-4327. GRAM.ICH'S Santo Clar
Carrying &"Ue pde. Cll So00 i" UNr- FOR SALE: Bedroom set (IBeOuty- fges, modern convenil
r Casepiced. C.Pse
~,aft Ctrol CUTT. Colon. Phoe 800. rest, Highboy); kitchen table 2 erote rates. Phone 6-44
Olplo FOR SALE:-1953 Vaux Hall 4-deor chains; easy choir; venetian blinds -
Wor OM sedan, blue. excellent m sheiqal and porch shades; 1 fan and iock I4W g.
p IONIC condition. Low mileage. Ddv es Hke 25 cycles); old Frigidaire h- r!4
., CA I P now. Cal SMOOT & HUNNICUTT, ing machine as is; metal a.ttcs. B- Poto J-1877. C=rl aJ |
Colon, Phone 800. work. House 0823, Balboa. honse FOSTER'S COTTAGES, am Wea l
Only $5.95 FOR SALE:- 1951 CadiHac 4-door 2-4334. Santa Clara. Low -atE I
r T O t r sedan, two-tone, Hydramotic. ro- LOOK AT THIS BARGAIN! FOR SALE Balboa 2-1I86.
). F. NOVE do. 5 new tires. 17.000 miles on- OR EXCHANGE- Bwndix washing
Cn ly, Can be inspected at S.A.S., Via machine, 60-cycle, porcelain tank. A T ,
I. Porrc!. Phone 3-4703. Though not latest model has been
MUST SELL:-1948 Studebaker Cm- well cared for and still serviceable. A ..
Ca MUST SELL:- 1948todebakrCom- ApavI"33 K $U
monder, good transportation. Best Will accept gas range. or refrlgaira-
LEARN -TO DANCEI of:er takes. Coil Ft. Amador 4155, tar in exchange. Make your offer. TTNTlh or-T ode
-., bewee 8"00 and 4:00. Phone Panama 2-2856. between 5 furlisff hed O tironfents,.,.
.he-Cen and 00 and 4:00.7 bedroom hot, cold wet. tIl
sud5le M4e109 FOR SALE:-1947 Super Deluxe 5- phone Pnome 3.4941.
S. "mba Tanf pass Ford Coupe. 72.500 miles. FOR SALE FOR RENT:-Furnmhel f unfumish-
Tambeo W1111Mits new tires all around, good condi- ed 2 & 4. boodnm drmeonts.
wlltb Charleston tion. Call Bill Wymer, 25-2373 or RlfIueefllna.p C n tact Alhombro A rtnenfIJs
retot. 2-16 I 68. 10th Street. Phone 1386. Colon..
adl. HERE IS that Buick convertible you FOR SALE: ladies bicycles. FOR RENT: Two-bedrom upart-
RHl. 4 to I pm. have been looking for. Call Lewis. nHoy 5512 nt, very col, i Hod neighborhood,
site lo p Shore Patrol Hdqtrs. Ponoma 2- t p.m.. no noises at night. Proper for peo-
M*ranfl o0508. ALL EXTRAS. r%.< bALEk:-Selling out Tropical fish, ple needing good nle ght'.rut. Tel-
AltS4 pM tanks, stands and plants. House phone 3-1637. 10lth Sr.eet, San
Pr- fW WANTED TO UYt 6438. Lo s R.s. Phone 2.3363. Francisco de la Coleto No' 3.
I FOR SALE:-New Hampshire chicks. FOR RENT:--2 r om oar
L suitable for recor.struction. Re.on. 3-4910. garage, forord.y $1, .rdo
structera Nacenal, # 7 Peru Ave- i-e Camp AlV
nue. Phone 2-0406. fOR SALE: $393 Letter Credit AriasStreet,C C al. I
________ Smoot-Pdredes. Call Balboa 2506. Raymond's Clinic.i 462.
IROPRAC.I FOR RENT FORSALE: The nqw automatic FOR RENT:-Small comfor~'bPInde JC
I P"TROPAI.SHOWER," complete and pendent apartment In "Glo v 'ef J
la. Adj OMt.LAC ona installed, $19.0. Phone 2-1326, Building (thirdhouse fromrt iwoflt on
PI a deor nRadio Calidonia, 126 Central Ave. street adjoining Hotel El Poeahin).'
I I t t '0 ..- FOR RENT.-Fully furnished house, 3 Give yourself a tropical treat. Please inquire Foto Hakon Inext
amurdt a 12 noon. edrooms, 2 bathrooms, hot water, door). Phone 3-24Q7 or 3-1179.
e A 11I screened. Suitable for G.I cou- FOR RENT ORRENT:-Modern nvery
l' tis .to .hare. Apply 47th Street No cool, screened, din in and Ilving
17, upstairs. Phone 3-1551. Rooms room, two bedrooms. ewl kitchen.
L111 TRANPORTES aD R NT -d and balconies. Jose repiW 'Ate-
IRi SORTE FOR RENT FOR RENT:-Lorge furnished room. nue # 22 (Pasadena) fo Pan.
uS. tunA u American couple: Kitchen, refriger- ama University. Phoh 3-1
Aer' ) a_%liwork MiiellancOUs__ ar. private bathroom. Also room FOR RENT:-Unfu-nI d 1 -bedrom,
W.5DRIP. ^ 50th and,12th Streets, San Francis- FOR RENT: Beautiful furnished residential district. h log. ,
ar t B. A. .8.) co. F. ICAZA CO., 1, Justo Arose- room with private bathroom and during business hbotn.
S -- I_ .. meona Avenue. entrance. 43rd Street No. 13, Bell FOR RENT:-Apertent: Tm Ibed-
t = .-. t Vista. __________ rooms. living diningI oom, i.
** l' tal AKl T'h Quit, spaclous. Calls Dprln No. 8
W AN TED I li upstairss), nebt street from 4th of
Mi cea us. July.
i l oFOR RENT--Fumlrnished one-bedroom
WANTED:-Not less than 5 couples apartment, refrigerator. Fbderibe
..".. ... t learn ballroom dlncn, tdlib Boyd, I. Phone 3.1 6,
El Panema Hot uite111. 201 -

concItion. B 2- 572. Ion period a their own oxpens
I|4 Revealare authoktzed a 76 per cent dim .' f
Sw-l L ee Lam count under the revised, he-
.. ,., ule.
A 4' wm, 6eA similar reduction IW allow-
6 D4e ned for strident, rr
WB e )Defens, who e S4N w ality e
mmQI9 7"' o" of U.S. ei. Colfay-Gov-
'iQo AL .L--L _" ermnent in lft .l not to*
QJ lO g3 OihililI exceed eoMro y vear
S10 V I r rH provided free ton
LEYTE, The pmailppines, Qct. benefits have en o eel.-
20 (UP) Brig. Oe. William L. ed in thi msewisr year.
S. Lee, commander oQfth U-., 13th A 50 per cent' d Icot Is in-
Air Force, today wrned poen- eluded for non -. 4 citizen I
S' T tial aggresaors th would eet teacher of te I n of
Sra "stone wall" IU they atta ked Schools, not ei&Ible Tor other
BMi ue. wNt S-mst- vthe PhWlippines,. transportatlohj e nefite who are TU
p 1 Pa He spoke here .on the .10th an- granted leave of abae~de certi- I
PaMg^ 1"By 4 .Pas Iniversary celebra of Leyte's fled to by thejP ntendent of
pi- pa'.. liberation and piltribute to Schools as b r t puo
Sthe U.S. forces onder' Gen. of atteidin gaUle or univer-
.He said the threat of commu- disc pO cent is
nist invasloa waBA'inot as real authorized 644111n em-
I e'" tfor the PhUlippinW." si for oth- ployes gn qa d leaw within two
ed er Southeast Adadl countries., ears of cement t ae 62'
UT later d B ur. WaT J.e sida "s ouiad not be Provided 01 transportation 2
Sd of two dia s after feared at this time b]aUse theibenefits hav, not bBM received
Sr, bhad been North. odds are against the enemy and in the prtocedi 1,. nontha,
therefore t that the know it." Other o P grated dis-
Sood d. Since "in the eveat tht enemy counts of 'centa
,VIV) V d been una o the should strike here, though, he Include of U.S. o
despite ib Is bu. will bpi running into a stone zen employ aq s tahe Company- "
d ewenl wt w ciar at West wall," he said. "We ae better Governmen wo de dents
t hintbkI s 'tbare more than about 10 prepared today than we were in do not a. ers of
In highcards. .-1941."* ImmedlStf af.o a
tur times likewise had 10 points in Lee said the U.S. h better cation tra=i o benefits
Sthe aIrdsand It ro have supply Ines to equlovtA troops, when tra with t he .
"rmwe He ft e that 9 high nad-has "more fire pf to dl. ploye, btate toU exceed one
a lnd almO vwere abo divided rect against anyone foolish round-trip atVry two years and
npain, ahocKi ad Gl the two I. Whn the enough to think he oa* g a certain retired U. citser an
s even divided, favor- foothold as he did 13 Yr as nultants ami eartai. U. 8-.
k forth ac l or two wlten permit a -..i welfare, caritable, or eda
yeral Umes ay to make about nine or ten useum O A a tMonal wbk.tttIe Opnal Zone. '.
s sar on the bal E at his best suit. Mt S 0 ) e In e it lo
out and walked to If. _East had sepped to reflect a placed into effect by the Con
--- e ll tid, he would not have Ad rCelebrater mzann-oo..nee, .eim cat.. -

f*r. ? ?" It .hin niveea n teh eedecvei oveth
de tAs th realre that East had esi an e ter modent of bw er had signed -
myib.%o5!ts b .F ,, Ses- into law Uie -yleatl62 transport

^ 'BMa opened4 me; I Thehuaeum o Art, pIroyes have ad the opporun tl
We. ot ndthe q n o swhldZfl* l the wor gs mact com- tonproeecj e& iwe s a Govern- .

asned, he took e ee t ,o al ow from inr the sed byrt
d e.p a clujcthuo te u elon, when traveling b Paam
tPUa gue cold ruff third of the 's entire Such Wi r tavel on thel

stock-areplayed anam Lime at the Speei

.e owaerer .a t.vz ,

.. ---s a
wa- .9-,14.NUVPWF rip IM I 188' tfr ontb
When the a q@-F e-
hadtIon was effetf
witember 1 -tW on cled
ty. he stea *e nolifI tae
Dede. d Canal eIO the Pa-
lama Li neio b oDt labe
hus employes s theli fa
It ralliesN,
,declarrt.1 thaf the Wtheir opti S or a in
SJ time, pe. d fa L,
-,, *-. -,



i, "






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*- .'i, .-"

.- i AA


l* IpWUl

10:3 a


12: R A

10.91 -I. mlen le e
l:30-aM?-- ,I

23h0--x:e"e "Show
1 I: 0e. Jnl
12: fTr An Not


*/ '

te Inte Ut

i# lrltjF
^ rn^ *..' *

Fo=ur raveI

of t '

mama Pne

s Pan the
Ii a~adiofeQw

t. mao am
Distriot. as5

sTeny ave t brf"C
adanoement of

64, Dlsulo and
* for their
o e Cub 4th Are

ts ad
,: d t


for Pi.r

.. ,. -.
**J^ I,/A



or aM

~': .4

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. '.' I' -


. '


S A-. -."..'' ..
.. d'- .... .,
A.;. 4.' V. W


;.- .



.lu .: .*a ie.,iwaf. ^J

~. I




Sthe TV ntwoe
Rusi e of the 8 111,Me..
tr' tt of the s
, -, i -.lB i _b aa W ,.- t- U



her "o more.

h* "i a a4 Are .

h : io. -s't o ve .the 'r, e
Ci, ,..Y-, .,U.
PA.1 wb*4,0 "*ktAw


A 2M

,,, as sa wnI-ra an u u *
vi sTA istI" he M av. "o
t y0-, to.. ... ;
Two lday bo Jimmy Dar-

. .& r n1i ,. -

Stas i pre -

"'*" lo 'i 't at
u S InI.M f H ftId .-congre--
a uSulul..cpeed why lit

.1 ffeek gad rte-a

T e ere-M

r ~ 'w~ a

Sproits for David losg on
IV. ebsopoof are belng
ied as thefte music h 25
al shows. ... W o be
Lasie wit wieho wore n in
gh chai when the pooch re-
is r MQMG rei s-ue of the
laie star's films for Satr
,. -Pp" m Isu

w e to knro BBC
,$o succW if erly spring -
SLast otch" starring J
Morrow. Picture rights ha'e il-
eady been ipusehaed by. Rusdl
ius.eand Clrme Greene.. ..
Imagine what would happen If
W' top stars and their. maa ,
pls theater owners and' t
g eg, banded.togeter to form
4 TV network that would openly
SComplet e with .C, CBS 44
'Tiat's what maay came to pap
i.Jgn dqtiIf the. srvrnmeng.Ab.
e oerdte. Television. 7oN
lIanme Co. it eommercaia.TV
d the corner In Great Bri-
Wta the now uw t, wth miUiM,
wir attempt to knock BBCo s
um k-om -G gw... j k,.

It th- laied -~ .
f.. f .U '.ad

00 Oct. 20 (1T)-Pumin junle.
Sof killer wltch-doctor who
gave them the sd jstl as. they
were 1osW ing on him. after aI
year's fruitless search.
In those onts the mad witch-
doctor hIas hacked at least
and possibly 20 native to dea
with apparent e o s-
tshlave dZ hV I 662agsi"
ai helped him d police.
-bak-elad lice Co rital Pro-
Vne got th firs t rlue to
hs whereabouts. o.Teida when
b ds discover. there mutil-
:y of a young wms an in
the bush country. near Um umb%-
I She had.been slain only "a
w hours earlier ,
Thd kler's trail led to the fSt
ot 0. A, Webster at 3 gowa.'
eice Pushei to the .tiver

"A SSvf womax tld ethem 'a
map ofabout 30 _de. in nrags
tut'pe sinn w ated ,"1iI
to be a witch do-
tlo had Iaid away in te ear-

Sa c fo nearby
- but o% a trace of the fugitiw.
ic_:e h ort went o find
l tw.miawn bef a-
Police have fund 2 -A Wes so
eoSi hembete, illaes or
proetio." But'e~iht oIrte per-

1l0na d ssey Says
She's So"io f.

-'S i.#11fi:, :1A. 5:48, W .V.-S*:IV p*


... .. .
so TO

,tzIg a- ... .. .

^^^teg the fpitA

pI bto. ~ m. lOi s-and-
one 0 the solen i aon nkthe ot e-
devoted couple i d a much pit "a ex-

wiihe TG'-lialm e who loot rI harmful
S e I iould i ot ii tngs aui the four-
ir 6AItrmeien'hour raid a* near-rot Monday
-^ night said she didn't na as
-vim w tip % Mew York to -'fat -was more spirit M Tu-
omuletb wl*S1Meu film, 'W- laM than I can remember," she
amid,"and to '~re b ea ds "I didn't think the boys had
-: etrili=r0ie it 14 them. It was good for the
for hristopher ray's play, "l's spirit "
fi l t '* *on Larargue, head cheer-
... er aiod. e the leader at the school who has had
eUt o two Romlaa little to cheer about at football
rancesoa. $ ad Taryn, 2. The games the past two years, term-
Ih -dre& r :& ain with d the demonstration a '"spirit
mother, said. movement. .

I a UI.,th. ings I a usuaUy
WRAP happen -hi the spring, but it's
L i ._ been awfully warm down here
Lt hoinn tPfail and I guess the guys
LoId ." .got the seasons mixed up.
Ex-F rA fllil ") w astrtctl spirit-just a
SI rad with a lot of souvenirs.
WAMINOTON, Oct. 20 (UP) WAliso ba st4
-4 f0eta ra.! .j ury ran 1'fl 1Il
of patiee terday and
Off Clyde L-Powe_ ll 1ad In, h1
qdncontemptb ofcourt
ery it at** g led For Ward Control
multizmlliont r hou
siandas, filed a presentment a- I YO .X Oct 20 (UP) -
lalnst Powell withU A udge F. Multi-mllionaire Lo5 8. Wolf-
iackinson LOUtt, op battling for control of
." Montgomnery Ward -and Co., won
SLetts, who repeatedly had or- lal round yesterday by gain-
dered Powell to answer the iu- to acess to a list of the giant
s quston, atrial date on re Orms 68,000 stockholders.
OE ji. aa rW MKMWO aM Ti W l W.-tl-Aslvr'the liBt

Wlpup p nalty set bflaw. thie Ihomittee."
TleW formet .ss.tant A ihow-cause order in New:
hol dI ad ota a1lo has York Ite Supreme Court, for
Infused :o"Uos 0o the Inspection of Ward's books
Senate akg Committee, and stock transfer records was
which sha n. t several months signed last Thursday by Justice
dvin Into the housing Irregu- C. Beaenga.
larities. "",
The grand jury charged Powell *
refund to ay whether he took Firm Announces
the official diaries of his office .
for the years 1946-54 with him Five-Cent Drop
when -he was fired earlier this.
ye. In Coffee Pnce
The' contempt presentnmept Is In Cof c
a device a jury uses to note an
alles ed unlawful ,situation with- .B FRANCISCO, Oct. 20 (UP)
out actually hand & bill -A five-cent cut in the whole,
an -Indictment. nounced yesterday by Hills
The jury Ma been looking, In- Brothers Coffee, Inc.
to alIdgatons that. Powe, as "Th rice of green coffee has
head ofthe HA's apartment decllAe to the level permitting
os prog maccepto loans or a welcome reduction of five
favors from builders who made cents pouard in the wholesaleI
"wi~ llf" pruits o overnc- ree of coffee effective today,"
lniat-lno ru t S T. Carroll Wilson, Hills BrothersI
AC. Ig t com- vice plaident, said.
mitee, he depositedmore than Normally, t is day or two
$100,000 In excess f, his govern- before a wholesale price drop is1
meAt salaryr between the md of reflected in the retail price.i
World War II and 1 -de Other major oftfe .P roducersI
S ". were expected to fre'-- with an-I
S 7. nouncemnent of the cut.
go e -way

?teor wky to tby tobi

ers atofpa three-mildhig vol- ^, \
-. 0

.0n inm be0 Tof the. ro (UP)
ues radioed t t they ad -
of eof a dp mountain climb-

Ad anche o mbets .f th. re s-
c; @nweps radioed theyhad lo- t

Slche of tn on

ve e l three 1e7 i*

ban ~ta.rn~ ~

A11fe'l P Lo d L NELSON CO3 WAON
SH'tAKEDOWN IIA ,...."*- "" "* A.T, WL T T



Don't be


, takeENO-fi
'4 *;;

even mPuch more convenient It
is to men in the Armed Forcesl
Although It Is a marvel of ac-
curacy and precision, It will
stan almost any kind of rough
usage. You would have to exert
very great pressure to damage it
In any way. It Is therefore, a
real he-man's artcle. And dur-
abilityl Why, it lasts a life time.
Come to see It at Canal Agen-
cies, S. A., Cathedral P 1 a za
(Bound the corner from Felix
Maduro'sa, Telephone 2-0324,


Johta .t!

- .



** *, -

mts $sbtiteS C s

r Tou downs AccMi i
0 -
S--, I cmCAAO6ct.20(P) The
r le a e most c r atoal Sa ety ress, which
UM6._ .t onedanM who p9enod today t_ study how
1 ,. utan the head Americadns dan auce- the 95,000
It a pop I accidental dtt occurring an.
d ut of ton, Tex., nually, was warned that tnere's
said he thought boelf9oM touch- auch a thing as oo much safety
ld off the ram, equipment.
S"Our football team can't win," J. D. Acree, plant manager of
he said, "and there's no outlet-the Crawfor Chemical Co.,
them. Beslesides have all been 'Bartleavlle, pa., said factories
studying hard fOr mid-semester can defeat their own purpose by
t and we- Were just about installing too mugh personal
ready to blowfour tops." ~safety equipment.
I I "It arouses an attitude of
Tulane's football team, In the position on the art of the work-
mdst of a "Ibulldg er," Acree said. e worker feels
anter, a de-empihad$ po, has It's unnecessary and discards it
im sna g t aincet e spe- as the bos isn't look-
iBul year, ut has three ties. It ,
Ilnot expected to wit any of its On the other hand, Acree said,
five remaining games ths year. Improper or Inefficient equip-
Io football players were a- ment gives the worker a false
va able -for comment. Throughsense of security.
lthe years there has been veryI "Proer *fet' equipment is
little display of spirit at Tulane more haF furnishing an array
.because It was a I streetcar" uni- of personal equipment," he said.
tvralty until the recent building "A worker wl only gain from
of a number of new dormitories, th e U.e of equlinent he under-
Tulane officials said they did stands, and that Includes under-
not know what action would be standing of its limitations."
tltken. tW. C.Creel; 1fty director of
r _e0l LNorh C arn=e Department
Pour boys were arrested by oLabor, warned t a little
lpice and booked with disturb- knowledge canbe dangerous in
She peace. Three of them safety problems.
were ordered to pay $20 fines or He urged persons responsible
The raid started- when two card overslmnficatons and
girls appeared oUtside of one of catch phraeL.
thDule means dormitories New "call-
ed for George." t. Managers, he said, should re-
Men students started yelling rain from shifting blame for
"a girl in every room" and rush- their own lack, of a safety pro-
ed outside. Igram to the workers. Many, he'
sallsd, ten to charge workers
They demanded the two girls With unsafe acts eer timean
perform a strip-tease act, but accident occurs.
finally let them go and some 700 At the outset of the Congress
students started dashinle acrosssessi-ns, engineers were warned
the big. square to adjoning, that they must ,-work diligently
dewcombe Cllege for women, to reduce d reto
l -- Ithrt kllse'd two persons and In#
Dulles Names New year 180 er
SreN rvice Ned i Dearborn, president
F reign rtheN
o bno. Be h that s oal
C1 no acci
I ,A-ftoTbN, Oct, 20 (t7P)- 31 ,.
Secretary of State John FosterM otort aeeirum-- --
Dolles today named Raymond --
A. Hare of Manchester, Ia., to be Director John Ford
the new director general of the r;r ona rw
.foreign p rile_. Under, oes Surgery
He succeeds Gerald A. Drew
who has been appointed ambas- HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 20 (UP)-
sador to Bolivia. Motion picture director John
Hare, a career foreign service Ford underwent an emergency
officer, recently was ambassador a dominal operation today at
'o Lebanon. Before that he serv- 8; Vincent's Hospital.,
cd as, envoy to Saudi Arabia and Doctors said his condition was
to Yemen. good. FOrd, winner of an Acade-
my Award, was taken to the
--I -a At e hospital after suffering an at-
Ik era rTs Ur T tacP from a gall bladder disor-
DAV Campaign
With $5 Donation
WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 (UP)- A. News
President Eisenhower kicked off
the disabled American Veterans' aptn
annual forget-me-not drive yqs- "fr
The president dropped his C. PnrsAinn i
contribution into a box after I "
Mrs.-Vlrginia Price Turner, corn-
mander of the DAV auxiliary In
the District of Columbia. pin- The new patent Rally shaving
ned a forget-me-not on his lap-I razor is a tremendous conve-
eL nlonce to civilians, but think how


_ ___ *^ ^ ^-1 6


- C I I '
I-CEN'LL--I ET4O.% a



F P- i

-*sce "*mea-, 45. *
....Po .KaHSkSJO I S..

* IIm 1


- 7.

*1I~* .

- 7. -~ -.5 .- -


. .. ^i

.f .- --- ., ..-7 ,, ,-w,-. ,. --. .. f '
ELEPHANT DOES 0. IL-lpublw eogenssnm hevr ba
better in tr farm belt tv the Di 1crats. .rewdlia'
number at st hid by eachpMty ia-doe aea from iUto s
nwnt of uy!sats In the far belt V:

B BALBOA 6:15 ":.:2S



I. Twot New
Sm IIIe lod




_ ____I~ __ __


r *"a
L-.1i -\


DIABLO Mr. :0. 7U:I|,

Than. **"Reap LM W WR I
,LILI" rtcbncoI', w
Fri. "nou 5?oaux uprboe.a'
MARGARITA 6:15 4 :eW

s LON. A I WA" '
-Thn. "wx A W* M.<---


'M:OB S A" 1 OCA .
. .-DA

. : .01 ;
tafc. -* .*>.

b fL-fie ,

o T Sraw
In Tin sWAs


i aJisks

johnnyy Saxton To Go OklahO a Lo ca

To Jail--Win Or Lose RM in,


PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 20 (UP) Cuban Kid --- ---
Gaviln, perhaps o ing-rusty, will risk his welter- Al I. D 9 2
weight crown for the eighth time tonight against D AlV ark A & .
'; New Yorker Johnny Saxton, a bnce-poor. orphan
-1.o may be inspired by the promise of gold and Contract At $35,000 Per
lory and the threat of jaiL-
ee. ,.r
Speedy, slender Gavilan is Saxton, P, has been training W Ith New Oy r. CN e A
rtttovotd to win the nation- four months for this bout, orni T IU G.UI r ^JiantLs
a"l televised and broadcast 16- finally slated for Connie Mack -
"rund bout at Convention Hall. Stadium on July 14, then post-
Sbait the uncertainty about his phoned to Sept. 1. And next By FRED DOWN In World Series "al had
condition lowered the odds to 9- shifted Indoors for tonht. premed to mail his oatraet
5. And the increasing support This is the B-1-G nigh for the NEW YORK, Oct,20 ) shortly after arriving IsN
for the younger Jol ny inclcat- sturdy, brgad-shouldered young Alvin Dark team cap and hmeewn, ,.,
ed the ringside price might be Negro who spent bla boyhood in leading bitter of thm A ,Tl_'k Dark was l
"- the Riverdale Children's Assocla-: plants In the wdold ait, e*. I world chWin ,
Gavilan's hand injury and la- tion Orphanage in New York and hip b team .tes Into ig0t a to- Eddie d tay oni ta l
"'ter virus infection caused two his later youth with foster par-I day when he signed ._-ear a.c.ontroveR .
~~ntpoments of this bout and ents in Brooklyn. His successful contract callln.,o ato mat- BOaton Bra
Skepthim out of action nearly leather-tossing as a golden glov- ed 35,000 a ya Wllard a
S-sn months. The 28-year-old er and as a professional since The contract is the second in Gordon and BAudd and
uppercut specialist hasn't 194 has been aimed at tonight's succession which. Drk ha sign.- pitcher Sa nWebb. Tp eal --
o iht since April 2, when he opportunity. ed for two years and Is bolieVed bitterly criticized at thetime -
filld to wrest the middleweight to contain a raise of about $2,500 marked the official turnover of
tite from Bobo Olson. He is younger and stronger a year over the pact he had dur- the Giants from a slow-novivn.
'he chanplon's last defense -and more explosive than the ing 1953 and 1954. homer-hittng team to the sliek
was 11 months ago, on Nov. 13, champion. Although an up- Eddie Brannlek, tie Gianlts' new model of the Leo Durocher
en he trounced Johnny light boxer-puncher, he has a. secretary, announced t h a t regime.
tn. Parinl down to the crowding g style that proved nark's signed contract had Dark hit .270 n 1950, his first
-pend lmit, now may have awkward to most opponents been received in the qapl from wsr. the lan -, then
a weakening ordeal, al- and nearly ruined the repta- Lake Cales, La. No torma year it .t the
e a h Gavilan and trainer tons of Johnny Bratton, llvi were reveled but Bralniek rose t is 1951 athe
to Medina denied It MineUI and Lester Felton..To said, "le aned for two years tea staged tht a ,
*,wen they arrived last night increase the awkwardness, he so you cn bet he was mighty .ton Hertat i 1r t
their casp at Summit, plans to use brute-strenkth o tisfied." with its pla .ffl ers s r the
bullingg" tactics tonight. Dark, 31-year old native of Brooklyn Dodgers. He Always.301 In
m plenty strong," said the Johnny wants to win the title Comanche, Okla., played in all 1052 .nd l.300 in 1953. hewhas
weed. for his bride of a year, Vivian, the Giants' 154 games this year. rated ,clutch player," or
use of the uncertainty a- and for the people who ahep- batted .293. hit 20 homers and combine hre or
t the Cuban "Hawk," co-pro- herded him during his orphan drove in 70 runs. In addition, he hislappeara s In trw World
rs Herman Taylor of Phil- days. Moreover, he believes that was recognized as the sparkplug Series.
hia aAnd Jim Norris ofPNew a triumph tonight may prevent of the world champions' air
Expect agnew indoor Phila- him from .going to jail In New tight tinfleld which outplayed
is gate record of at least York tomorrow. He is scheduled the Indians' infied by a wide
00, paid by at least 11.000 to begin a 15-day workhouse margin in the Series.
SThe present record of term tomorrow for ignoring a Dark collected seven h t In 17r
7t 0,000" was set by Bob dokln tickets for traffic viola- official appearances at the plate R e o
in their lightweight title for illegal parking. He believe played a major part in leading AABAMA C
I A At Convention Hall. Nov. the chief magistrate miaht sue- the Glanto the first four-game
INI6. The hall's capacity is nend sentence on a world cham- weep aweved by a National, .I. s. tL I n
lon. League team in the World Series 8 VanderbitL. t s 14 lEd
Fr'"e the '"Miracle Braves" of 4 TsIm I S
1914 downed the Philadelphia 2T 7*oa I

ador Mixed Scotch Tourney ode who pd in
three games. St-Aurn. mnB. '

S.. share to his church, was not ex- u s. MN. A-M ,* '
p"'ctedtoW veDpct two be very d aficult to as a. tv .
S- sgn but his early capitulation iL PaG o0 1A
St m e coi three (3) tea or x did come as a slht surprise. He 0. t N. M
'o 19r is a leading candidate for "most o.3-w. TL SUta^rui
.yBou maGWr o valuable player" of the year N.1S--At. Tto t _t
te t honors in the National Leadqe -- N.30 A t
an honor which is consiered-wymi S
*Uwill juicy ammunition at tha con- .. Ol4NA
t tract table. nw 41 u i
A mN~rce elan to the Giants
-fro ., h e-that0

aHand GosU nder -"

Surgeon's Knife -, s','"
OAi--'f t oib
,ON. W W-- ia

Catcher Roy aimpanella was N.r--Navy. PhM.. Nm-Kam. 5

wUtmend Campanella, who won athea 1

M a. _-.wew stu for derwent a mid-season opera- sanlvCoL o
.wi uoe of events tim but re progressive 1 c
sesoon wore en and his over- I t 1| uva
01aikiA7 fell off. 8.i 1 v Pin
Memorial Hosopl. N.- o
S33-yer -o Id catcher's n.,N .
toWto V,* H imaIh, Fla., sj~Pa 5 us
w tre Dodernse' lithere and a O -

NW O ,PN. N.U-at aome
ar any h Carnevale l=w.30-..t 8
Named To Manage :ter ,-" Pa'-yt

thi "amO .--t ..rrs
SBUFFALO, N. Y., Oct. 20 (UP) .. Ns--ln
Danny Carnevale returned to- hNV
-- day to the site where he signed SuOWU
contract as the new manager of a" yl a a, woans.i
p. the international League's Bu N I etb.. na
-..--at Utah

arIllsga ; es wl a idne yes- .' o.-n.hlue
terde onel- a iSn hours after and --srt ho
Hillman (Hill) Lyons was ap- 13na .,ot U
pointed m as the Bisons' h w gen- D.-- tNM
I.n=--t N. M,
eoral massager. Carnevale sucpeed cAU0o. MA
Billy Hitchcock, Who recently a UT aoIT
joined the parent Detroit Tigers a (ea
ais a coach. 1 1 T ~ N. ..
Carnevale. a Buffalo boy, sign- ..
Sed his first pro contract with l o
wthee Bisons b e 193e and waD plac- a o tII
ed on option to Cornwall, Ont., .
"" the Canadian-A m e r i c a n D. 4-at ,

CCatnnevale etered the Tigers' a
e OrdnTlon as manager of 4n~~I.n L
i1n 1983 and last season managed
All-a Inte astIrn P3_i;=_1two n the Eastern p
eW. Both teams won pen- .

ee-Mleuss 8
h~te~~fne-ysIdod wy
GLASTONBURY, Conn.-(UP ).. i
After tasting some honey right 0
oUmhe_ iv, nfive-,ear-old Lyle _
Davie.s. .'l'.med. "Boy, those i
.....- we **good cookersN!"I

4 -


d l5' tE Tn ,1

won Jl

trhe -ls or'-6 '

D Ple ndlMa. sDie. randtto0

Yale. "T-i'".'u.
..f a Scott Vt. ., st a 1 ul
possiblei ee Ladl io w e o oa afr Alathe Fed
Of the Anns Ro Bowl thw t
six went I to T fl ht touchdown passes a.x 514 SKE o e
-Wisconstn glo t State should An Lit- assr ARo *hiirne. '? ,
ad one d- te is eus re holder Anett,- o p o rd .
A Ha- with a JOn IOs only 14 ed ta e
fteilpi|7en Tzbyears Weas ail-
esru Ye' ItU af t saim mawed, I
being touchdo0 in 11 Sou1ern an
son is hol il d held r mboOlf & nia's tmph over O
heart ats lt6 CO atua light, m-here oI o ttni bt
proved last b e.d Oct. spaUri '. pe.rftem, Clensut A e
fl Ini fn idMe ,giean All M rSa i a ball w itMnewco v inS for th e money, West V .
did the eselng as Mtt apset areagood eve n oes wiJth the e t t-Lry Gor
Navy, 31-i. f get a t Pet Vann of Army, Joe W uh.

,Future Riv S Of Football Teams
DEL r I.A. A.-. INDIANA C AN &.-'1

3 t 30 I WA 62 .. a_ _eiS.

" ." J w:
V 0 .A MM

i S.uC 0 IS %"W t i : ..L I (
ni N II. s. S O. I 'M

S a S NO Mn-D A i S B.

I 0II. q IU. I
can tsotoa ..- m a w UT I

a I-balaoIW B Am

o w- "",. ,, <' l.- "" S'' .<-er' "__ L' I -.. U ue,. ,mit.

a A* ; *. 2i-4:
I' 0 T 4. sof C
sto Ivaty 1 1a. c I o -

"0. 4 iL 0l-l3A
Its ooait e ,,1. s-. .4
41 2.. U.* "to Nft .
-oo N T2it--S 1 SU "11t.

Ntil ia

14 Ifsn.2V.AR
8. -1. Th u"1& -- --"1 1.

lo om 2 0 0T0.
s .1

5-MI.Ted3 Id. N-- ,


I RU .

41 .,
. .. .4 0 isA._--

-'M. j.OW,3 1:. ...

- -. ..



~ts~R:~ ~~; L-

"' R .-


: ;'-,~ ~i,"r,~_ ~,.-

. ..-

-* "

I .LYaas~








ke Navy Station took cott
sott for three ponts I
l Into uncontiPaOaBeaa

ad. olliUgan leM e N.t
531 wblUe Sheahan led tWe
ic divivao with 5.L. The
I team weon handlcaped by
and score and won only the
0me. Stewart led the way
"g rt Bnw. Plbg. beek
rb three paint thei t
dway Tavern crew to pat
team. Into the the W. I
or, second place. xrts1
d the winners and claI
mI while dmOi posted
&hov eld.





l r" ,



Putot ffice
174 143 1 U 479
126 106 30 2 44
161 IU3 141 437
132 134 147 413
177 181 17 II
779 6M W MI
w. Ponce As
158 145 18 47M
121 1 156 401
teer 132 1 3
121 1049 70
153 142 157 451
-- -U ,
p 20 30 15 00

74 714 7531 711


Slarm increased their lead Inj
the Clab i. League lat Friday
nite ar 'b uhuttlne mnt DaBnem

Origiealo. S

's l
down re tb
yato No t h

V *w '4

y0. si t.

rA. u mft. ta

bM^t^^ mtkl

,- ." ,. /
-. 4,
-, '_.4.-- .,;;

.'-t' ..~,
~.. 'ft

7. -

'Zr- e*

i :s- I-'n'dllaii... ,'g ^ '" hw imm,
"We adb! c a few yre Warlr Gales,
ra," r-eatesC. Labh Eliot.. 0 ,- hJi aney rtdrn
rNothig but. when e he m inors.
got thm he'd. topple over a TheMyearolda baidin
we had to take hin out and weorl -- ut T "gamesei ca $
on him. Ita a matter o a a a aue t
minute or so befr be would be 1 th1a pasn I
'We were p to our ears in a i a r
Uig gaeA when the boy went )' f aia a W*I
down. He hobbled put and tb, -'
rqwd moaned. Mft't wasei it
" )ranked &.2- Tat f
"Five the N- standing the udd t when, th ISM hem with or.
tatpor* to af aL S T*a t hnd Co in 1n. g .
run a though notni ~ W .- d ad Turner came o New .ork as
"hd hedw"ne e cU, .SWl C _A ,n.0 the Yankeqs' pitchln tieh -un,
S me we tooK Was ae mons h had I der Stengl amndS ithwas -as.
prem stion Mm om to i6 Am i .V.
ae-haer. No f, 'ana w erel t, L t .C dan dli.A-
iai-t.o ddb-
She w as M hurt. 'n. p. t out," Ray .
Unaeuu w a et to t sheh. th a Ntl
_,.BAk In hvnt pretty ae" a gain s-lg but I Ia .f t -
..1 w I t k ve-. I 4t himI a .c u m am i

I M crowd wo B have t ae Ia
wall me Babb .?me a a,

_:b....- .... .....

',, thia particular Smith, -but ba1 e
Ib^ Ien intermtedl in the roe'I

on the, eto,, ee.


""'-':"s'r "5S-.: ,2<" "; .' "

H' -a-l
i '.." ." .' *'* + "'" : .
.+" '.* .+'^ ... ; .; -. < ..*- -- ,. ., % ,. .
;:, .:. e, .:-. -.' .- .. ,'- ^ .. ,. -... .'

I ., -
I.-' "'V -.
- 4
~ I.

Tf.or thePO.E Pani ay ms
ier 181 20 145 81 me w irun
Clam A-80=87, 1 bia 182 t aide 1 to of 0 the 4?
elasm4 Ii bIZel- a160 1621 IiCtaell.-
0. -sIb 517 O 203 164 179 5
9- of 179 234 235 64 A. As a rule, b I0es arry the
to Te ball in the d sway frem the
A. 181- 9 oM 98 d r fM t direction a I Ir ae. essint.
171- 7
173- Colbert 224 189 183 596
go- ,1- ,r 3I i < (s ...yu ac cn-,k
i n I 1n 3 193 20 1981 59 M Angele -(NEA) c--a lk
la 1180 171 182 M track coach at Wai-
r 17t- 102 205 187 9 1 83 g 5t t College. sealed his
achinan r __ ___R__ A0.1
,1TB 9 ee o 179 215 189 58 p h after Blocking a oser
S onu u" 3"anVa r and sent it'ebthe
TSAM TA NDIS 1 the remaining matci g rent. it s bo w on view lC


re;;e Alt %+..-- 16 2 -V-' ....din neraN .AAM. F
Up to

w ;d ., .+ ya~u e E&Ad Jm l.

mig s._ a.+ radio!

s g. 4.1 f 1 e Seymour Ag M Ii

till,,+-- an. Zmh II..
Sea O Aug. -4 I, -7 I" t

Urti.. "s 15i 18 Iato HOG. ,ah! '"
Its EP.s. i IPNAs

Droadway- Tve IS 13 34.
19 1 o t 2 '

M.hig ghl9"gfill
tJ i1iI *- i Ae;
IN" 14129"l 1 -1 104 .72

e" S 4 g"ae..a,, :'m

'...inp4 *


, i. -


'a '~'
%YT9c~~~ 17~ p

*h *it*' I if

B Boxing S ow,

.. i ,rs
SU i 'ig-

a e*meinew' D heiflsf 2tA
who their PLme wili x.
St reader ar
tuerto Wandle by the 9!w

Sat ltiul maan the house,
%&Vsh : en.thn ~.

'at'. because the nightly box- K. Zig1
inj show, whether It lai New Georgej
Obean, St. u o New York, hurt w
ea be brought i nt yor blow. d
Sroom y the' dmmple twit
on a t
With this Joe WiWdmsl ha gone t
ahead of the field p bit with

J (Van Nostraim, -aM) e i)oas
a inrtafti on modern day
i a cU olm nt n findl S ."tL

t ein fact, tlt i rated a i
f. takeOthn Twi amitants, ea wind-t
deaen ee"f abeCBtt ltherasthI. onl1
j with gooed readtY for anybody the.
wallo l a kes In rom an arm. T h
a, ulr. '
W FAIR2 "TUe t A-htr lmau a l- T-C
lon is oartm.coomnt WMimlmaPo Io bor) o
c** mig for~ the grea e oIt' over
th imek e aedd fisti e icm o.a'uhlOvt I. "Meant
Wted -with TV oemtnsat. eaoh wind-up
1ndlni week," Wmlliam say, the44 atch- od o
maker already faienetMn a thow
il roled booking- agent 1 xaept mht hegu
lbroughtp road -le.f c tlu.b pottoee
oe Lind- en instead of tap dans, orl William
swalltwern md tiaed py deg book pa
acti. plag Ci
d el ty routine, d tb
0bIogiesal squenee In the develop- a verdo
0 Ing entertainment pattern which ma oev4
inndsB the prie nhomPeting aportel
otaitoal dramatic kitem l "JoMb !
tu teed and strip teaIeitia an is aU
panel hew.." e u
ng?'- ie trl dame a lad aron

1oning Veole the an W^OI

u "hnoadEf u


- .- ,


..- U .* ,

M y fT'._B
.Wrttoa NF NBA wite
y MC Mgt~a


atht rl

. .
. ,.r .,i

r -~---~- '

------ --

mlw --

orner sR s an.

r e. h bac ;"

i -Room A. m o
k. Saw
SM (the
2" Wiicgu s
ane give athe t
f nohterse
ie*ovw. oa .
the best( I aM
ei left Oak is.. .
sQdes an

Is oith

,Wet"!' R, ,
In ge TV. f
figllhteon at tw. "

A. C."1a. rIi


- 7

I. -

- ,,t

,sr Y V Vt


... '..'_.

^ ii

fortunate becausJ he h. been
&Wto write for ailUvin. So far out" aet d OCL2 D
- .-g. r and a nostl. g -sMap- eLa g
with a map over his WWISI(W.
ead- ina now xnovle based
on his life. in CNd4a,. It is en-Ror
-'titled "Operation Manhunt" and Soy 1-
It shows how the Gauspnkom live,
o n thkqjertlfor So-
reuatlon. -
The Gousenkes still a amnts-
ed at the far-reachNat reastds

*4 U I


T tI-

S Sen.Smith -
C a .. @. I -p -5 -* AN IND EPEN DENT 9 0 *-.> .. -

Berlin Reds p flaii

r'o at "Let the people knowekM Ii
Oct. 20 (up) -a .

nuth while she Wul thre tof
I East ) nI theo
e as rty for r tak THe ITH PANAMA h
4n photographs of hr. hr
Coumbgla Broadcastin car- X I-.
~ ion correspondent "brnus

dHydrogen Bog nse|
mobile when Communist p',,

being ta=-e1_
She left before olie ari |$ aI
T" ommunist IS rpo!i0 Uel
rten released them. r i To Q ui t-i1Iu
j th'. p tty f ora' oar D C '" LLG 11 '
"One of the activist In a ridi- LONDON, Oct. 20 (UP)-Brit- made possible the u6 A. ptian Premier O UnI3 Ab- by the tw" ro sinat3
clou wa tried to hold back all's agreement to evacuate agreement. .Up to U year .d N amer ha ded- the July 27. It mrovidNd;. In 19u
Mrs. Smith's autom bile w.ith. the Suez Canal base paved the Britain would aDt hale a. aeWgtlion dgming te, d1. With .% of "00 Brit- month
his hand," Richard Hostelet way today for a hydrogen age greed, despite Amerianpre. yer .treaty for hs try Ih troo a .o the
CB" 'German correspondent defense of the Middle East sure, to the 'treaty alhe sin. British Minlister. ofn toe next 20
said. with the United states. ed yesterday. Anthony Nu 8W4 Amba- months. the frs of the troops
"They shouted at us 'Stay here This island nation bowed to The agreement gives Igypt sador Sir Ralh Stevenson have left nd the remainder il
wbvtrwe lefte" .r o the tide of history and the full control of the sues. Canal signed for BritLin in a brief lerve in five ritain
however thrywee members hydrogen bomb in agreeing to Zone area for the fiast time ceremony. 2. t wlBritain
Mr., either's ru foere the b est British withdrawal since Turkiah armies captured The to ie .ndoper-
to he ua rtes since I granted India indepen- Cairo It 1D17. eaa of s e Initial. a hi
nlwere Wiiam C. Le wIs, enee iin 1947. -^I I "tsii MB.
M i.. th's administrative as- It was a Wtre day for those
uit Robert Huttenloch, CBS who feel notalgic for the great Y a.c 800 A.l ci v- d
sourndiechniclan from Washing- days of the ratt M empire.
and a Elmer Cox. U.S. high Butitwputa ra ita. touch e he a or
on ublic information e t the new defense. strategy installatoins in the event re-
le nlent id took place when for eie The 3 We fe l lon
C- cameramen were taking Bie East rtalst any Soviet .alttd
mentof Mrs. Sith tide attack fr6m Briti s. an attack on te of the Arab
n busy Alexander Platz t freed 80,000 Brtish troops Leape i o Turkeyl
'ir East Berlin. frm a compaet and vulner-. 4AiTrap s-Royal Air
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M.,, Smith n. t te ranean iand of Cyprus,
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m:Scotland Promise Aid To Escapers.
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10-year-o treaty of u lui plOnte graoinr
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1i0 their defense =1gains where e ws. ,a wed. ,m aain
ald tXe Queen By C Cox ma SI
S nmas address last Ty ,RO O,. Oe,, SO TPa man _bout,
z Commonwealth adres u $g oe oumzenko, t former Soviet Goausento a.em e
--,the voage Carmode clerk who fled to the West the pros tniM.sJ*
Sa geen with Russian atom-4py secrets, friends sa be
S been privileged' q sd today the .8. tand Clnada "pudhad !n.*gg P3W to an-
i i Queen." .a cld smash Red esplonag e a- o._ -' ....
Jc would givea allgla-. wW.dMin escapers with jobs and timdp "a-l.*oldL-t the.
t ld. 'w'butl a uc til lart- government pensions. merc2 La nd
t.e owe otudd. Douzenko, who has lived bby reve ml"
w -t-r PEACH Janet Hoidein, 19, hl own wits as a writer since his a i eL. a1
"* : "" i- a wears a crown of peaches and escape, also suggested an offi- became a' .ou-
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,d, Calim., Cou Fatr. She's e long police protection for ly, th e -u 4. Hlis
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7s 6 Years Early

Of Comet Crashes

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