The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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SS to l? L tnu each
cam ASting t ew'rtsV by a
umni x23rgJea The 1W-m nute
amount ot 1YInSch did not quite
equal te g record of L85
Ach ich I on August 28,
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risn wore --5A
and members his c Lt
Gov. H. P Q. P'.0nal
Zone OGamrmneat, en
N. A. Coatello, chief f
ribbean _C 9ad;
W, E. L.ldlaw,
(coLm vm l-e ..

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kftOATftEfAM tat row, ufr W-left: R/f 1
le. erew chi.e; .N Jm er.; Fpl d
i PN Robert Get .,f ,o j..n M Rear. e
0. 8. Watson, Exec. fltoer. -RodmBn Naval stating
aS Wntrft, plutmanr;BS Douglis Bailey, hmn;
e ^rbtb; moeman ?pt, W, .Tucklter, comalnd-

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(u. S. Amy Poto)




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.e' w O Ep mgy NELSHON UOUiVSEI.L IN Stan
ay 5 T a.PU P. 0. lox 13A. PANAMA. n.,Oi p.
~FL=t.- ONE PANAMA NO. 2-0740 4 5 LINES)
345 MADISON Avs. NEW YORK. (171 N. Y.





The MeIH k ONT. IN AVAN foe fe e .drs of The Pan. m Ameceo. menA ps
FO Te A e resolved ANC l see h dled 10 4.0 wmep s 0 r,

If oe sdbte lter d't be i if~ It t e paid th
set dmy. bieters cee published in the order :vo .... .se soe
Plbame try to keep the letteN Nmitd t e lej .. who 1
T i e YOUR O rM THe wADe M i OWNlU i' the Wbr%

Thws-po- ressu, mosO oSpoaibnhlY for sstemmis 95 51, do the
eprmeed t lete. fero mdas. control
..- 0 "Lojan b

N.FI.E. AND ALF.GZE. t'or t
ThOur atte Ion hs been called to an article in The Panaae en pa

American for Sept. 14 which states that a possiblee meager" 1w- t3 moy
teen the Nationsl Federation of Federal Employee i the A p l
merican Federation of Oovernment Employte "was nFIn the paid t

proposal and discussion stage." -stke-d
The fatta are these: ed l
Th President of the AFE released to the pressr, riort tr an
Itlte tby the president of the NF a letter sugges at who
a mere be considered. do the
The AFOa letter was released on the eve of the Ni s-ont
tional convention. AND Aw orld
The ur FE convention took no action on such a in. re nt.a
Receipt of the A14FE letter ha been acknowledgee tby H irbmo
NFFE. executive counal Federation of rel. oye to
No further action in the matter. Is contemplated by m ineld.
NFm E. rican Fenderapendent ion ornzatio of federal n p i the S Wen

largest and oldest organ s action of Its ki st i t r

hemisphere. t
e esiderntothe A-E re Luther C. Stew art. a

Because of my deep concumn for my child's health 1 find way V
It necessary to writ th he letter. .s the imy w
There are several, questions I would like answered.. eas :
1. Is the school board aware of the fact that one of the Wt.s nea-
Balboa High School English teachela of the junior cla is WW- in dm
ing his pupils homework to the extent of three hours of work sona S
a day? l
Th Does this Englvention tookher realize that other subects are
being unwillinghely neglected ter cause after a full school day ad of
his hours of home work the p matter Is contempausted to the point wh On
Nc anI s nepentd mpo ranble?-He zai o longer teaching collg. t
buthish e. ol juniors. I
3. Is it poalsble for a puptilo do oo d work in school whe. o
they have insufficient sleep an after night?
4. Debn't the fact that a tiP ees nausea upon entering S
that room prove that he is becoaphi a nervous pupil because the big
the ssure that la put upon him in that classroom? Then
SBecause paref mnt and children haer my the right to enjoy each ,00nd wa
It necessary t for a little while eth evemg? t e
There are sthe Bible say "Ma hawould lke not swered.. by bread ch
and mothe sch t.imool b portant is the question what ao e we over CIe
In hist me add that I am not alone in my anger e d work About
isevery houpart I homave spoken o pupi s about ready to the point .
but hi-h soAol Juniorsi i t
4. Den't the fact that el nausea upon entering me

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b^l2e';.., nation
Ito any hbee.. Ash Sim

ar buMmb much as
wives of the bt9iki1g, and
eruil, "old" mtsW naoiz
aremen's Al tsw
, about whieh so much has
written and *b"qt which
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ies, ha* nd fn fully ex-
to the action ,
the men were out, th1t
eadened part hadly seem'
the pivotal plint of world
station. Yet that's precise-
it is.
atinuing prospelty "ls es-
to the e nation and, the
the expeta of the Water-
ommilsion of New'Yon
wrote recently.
irbor lies in a 1500 squae-
a within a radiusof s=
of the Statue o
wg are some IS,
* within this circle.
i.tenth of ouar ation'
. One ou 'of every
Uners in tie 300 see
e port disth, in
k 6n thebalsi
moth watefront -
rear, 1S 0 deepa :
al of the Then
which a
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eamship 11. "
average on va I m

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miles af W i lere li
rof these dodets can taU
deep- ea liners. -
tt lness ans to soae
0, ( U anna

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om.n.s evidence In at4g pre ont I the$ busnes- si
H= to 3w a Went.
Sif hs-_ a a oeand on t "U We can solTv o the reald. dLc so
P sof "pat "W ..b
us r y hiasb o C Teiby le e rt tU1pdorssea 1nt .must be;
Utactors, ft 9* o go wuit eemsto us, an4 t flLA te
'a the ield w InWatry has a pbuttai, we 2 reM loMore rthe railraS t ad,
natime progreSS anlous to ha Mi. ru.i* M uifst be repa-
"he field, 3-f., ,. %.(and [a a u
Was d,,w teacher o t
a. M iin AM nwME ha! H

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Pays 2% It3mm


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YAIWSdid Iv' couldn't une. Gf d544

,IKy pld\ &' J liBttour
Sx weeks reson. .-utside
yaS Ii o Y son. Th itau a id
to turbulent aEo bitter
Juisthe wpe ejttlands i

Machinery. V. ver controls lo d, be '. t
f. it a an,0ot mE, ctrols the port lookit tie monm d"o.te buae ,1
Mnd tr* ch atn the a bo mttWatlng for unaSam to do it.
9 ieMonday com.imwever., the nation's private
,.s f at-ht lae Monday Whenthatda
Four me .con Mao d mthiaelves bartd froM
able Iony elg- fl r as Dr. H core N- warns, p
boro;merntoObatgdow-tbewater- 5 5 itothem thin would be open tois
tAt. These wre mea ere Ha a es
AWd BeweS who controls the
Manhattan l; Tony Anastaslo,
who control the Brooklyn piers, USa
ad Teddy Gleason and cherubicvr s io
A Captain WilUam Bradley, who con. Wa if W IE
j trol the doekalde union's national
mce. i
-hL. Theyn did ft lat a serrsp of meet DOUGl
Iin ih said they want- Uy
R 'r7 a sngta there were no '
,... o. y*' onB W a N)NGTON-(N A) --Th rW"the haiu
STh didIt selves. Their coe o and rable dirve o
-.-. n T..T.s d a~ f ddnd l b eetor, John L. chn sentnde of Lt.-Col. Has l tr. The A
( ,, oun r or .-wi w doats biusn ind.Washingtonn Ft for c-llh 'i" rat with t", Foree a
P eu forweefa ks to Ua d it* wit aides and with C ets whia prisoner of t ter. The
-nA o W 1e e the an r biiatbeisanetn ovet plans to revive war S Korea is going to lau Is. 1
-a____ ac sik coal industry. There was no at l a dozen more trials in this n san
John .... Lewis magi: or money. It catp .ry.
Just the p of the four
w ea ic the O, sa etotsinvolve
wiT ua nd d g then e ip' ..-o.

-Al. ft StYetf. the l -i. the -e.. men who ^

S PaIT dks b r to point th evarioui

I. ,nd N, the


a c c p tVd | > a p e r i oea n-0 the 3 0 meIn htleo .
No:9m so e *anam* *, Cotlon, Dcal-

felGm. andthe. Fofrn centralKor Iea
.h r an
da ,ns .'



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I oew o Ntbok

-I- W a t to

*Radia Voceist

carlye .
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Po tera. a .' -

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.r" "st" MO'; S...... 10:2 p'r A-f
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nS.' o:a mr m, s so sol S m+t oM o wnt t. Ir hae

B Bdile assse QMs. I:* sa. B
nd" S., ..B .. issliw,. Potau- oos ,httle,
I .I seCII I_ --i i a IO .

aH tnd su. mAdm. IsOttA an

K o I o. o* Ff ro .-- ie 'o ImImUmOmm &fITsID I
I,.. tKCA* Se"l D.a~ 30yAY l :t t .

caBesioer e ees ?. a. e. s ^- i s Please settle a lbackammpn ar-
M t ** at te veere end of h Ae, and
Ls- T sW arm. 9 w i. a
h aI ,I l' '." t-_ ll" WmIj Died. bibs... ........ 1.t1m ma yd ,]IO whathe P the oppSnentt
.rV it JiMsaI rA -v I t= ........... INe 4 bola, ac ept the double.
S ----bm ,111801 $mi now SMI W a-m.
i 21 ca Id pt m Wf ts 8 = :36.M eno.: Sunday S o. Wash. phlayor who is caption roll has
&.le& SLUM"2 Cabo IsJ S acram- n .- 18:30 B only two mende l on the beo rd&.N
5 migg e churc iSchi aw-3: e. o a. a w he e Atlantic s ine o l te 5 p nane tae meont
.d rk- -- Obviomla, the fC S K e irst player wolln win

n or t Macias* Howl l s : a.. end 510 "r i .. Sot ithmW uInle he 'misses.' And iF h doe.s
I'. mm( rans o-, u. -n me (: --e o 1 IP.A q'll I M"!0 mi., the opponent will surely
-i CTla" "' ."0" 0ouin this Oitu .yIhe do, hol

m ...,m i f1'4, u ,n ..o.i *-.u a M o m, the o nent accept the doub or
S. and nartda __, ~ a The first player should double
Tor -- gplB- and the opponent should accept
giah ic. aWMe .. s-B. W ......... .1 a c ca or GOD the double. It's purely a questCon a
e a. MeMt t: 15 .W. o: DN sowin he odds.A r-
Ce ..mti^-- gm iAI Siam- -- I ?dy ebomalm ............. w. 1" both of his men if he rolls any
alie 'on a daible 2, The eombinstion of ny
lic e se .m -of "m bteWe muc di of lres

a:. ia sa' 1 e la doubl et n
d y. ,T L & .. A__ I
sun"y t me a ao both o
C ch .of -. ,- '- -" iea ...u........... a t Of ; m ad the unavon.

SS I---' l e ha to po in fav or o
.....t ****cy I:- d a D jMtBL s UmC Ivilut forl userequlesitsa Ud a.s

b"l SIM 31 As wSi = S ty reader. -7be question -arose!
**M.UO*: '-Ie :00 .. .. -a & AkwA se w m 3. an a "Shoul the first pl aerf doubde

a y.Ia. I t o ga ins and los
-.. ..--.- -M 5.',*. --1 aSSSS lu an ::::::::a0e a vor1 nt in ord th d.A .r ,. d ,h.

,F o- n gsys. n. pwl be o0 po scops.
"i.I_ L'm" R aI l BI y' 1I Norm s: -0 Un. .'-I simu olarS lIn thi. Aseumo that tIf eit adao, unhOua

WMdSM SAL 1I Vas low a 0m a-
............ 1l .. .- a ,ei 0h9r wfthe oned that double or o
T .. ...... W u r .. ', e m gp._ raolt w the the odds,
Di 516:8o sev s. adria o a1swr5

0ig gEm. -1* a131W D
I..... V,3 ..h dul PAL ,s pdely. -uestpo the donu
AN am. ST. Ga poa Kulowin" th

B n t aim 3a Moss: 166 ay
a S.. %- ...:.---- .. ,- .- I 1 the frt player woil obe of
II*** MY &3 8=0 7 00 IN AeL an IM o AIL IVI L m S Mi- *nlya men lp e fnt oni- the -ouI ofITijdg
10 l IumM. on "t.. and te o e in nd b a yr
*-W am l a: oser .1 5 30 VAL rn 5, o d b w armed T A.W M ett doubled l s 3, dor

311:10 1 1 214 ...- ldo e n the L .in a Tih opp oneny hae
--. .... S t men as n afo, btf the lames

." -7- --Ag S M u e ,he thre en l a he double s o t f ,
i i-i- | pm-.I Im mw -S9auAC more. n cAt he f av-o-nal et
I 1 a AM. chadtumaP y? .... -- _., ,,..-- an. the opponents wil the lyo-

I --iga. w aI s. ... _ulu la :3 1 3 4 .. A. o able r e, the nt ply 3 w o 6.
and._. t 8 30aim m a :.-v ndv 2Ml CAVA = V OL.. ... ......1. the odd a first player d oubles
SA-M O gxV lbll k Ram 7 0 800 511L D T hu rsday b s A M_, R ed T ok~ i C 4 k nllixm. H Co rn- d, In this situa on? enh doeits f hesdii-

.Ia m.. almT Worhip 3s 0 -*,I Ptel.6z r5, t -OR U r.Thio ta( whe er.qren

Idsy 7l uI: -.a -3 _u__-- ___?o __i d_ _._ '__te t t he doubI lese o
twm --- vwl M 1 101 I8 ft scoolw the ofppomate
In Lt a 929g SA :ash .w1vB 1W.U5 2 me q i? C nyud thatve- the reasont fof
I19 -- -- After- 1: : .... --m '- ame SLn

-----I --s ... A"-" ". "- C Tea- o
110;UM Rio* ....'5 nt ub e ...tbcsa 5:30 m en n es anse

1928 SIi-',1.^IL aub8 .0 4: -. a. To ---" ."1' .h.......... 1: ; 4, double 3, or
3ff f f net gaicounts for the o6 game.

mI enIm.I~ ~M 4,a ,^ m n* l'e'ie -, iM, ..i: W ho en3 6- 3 Fio w as re W ed atd SrOA.rnlON rDt Mth
*o 0 N A m g. ma. M e y aundaybl ..a-t .2.u. aa P @ 3 o nneMaur e- i ;
34" Urn Clo"ii- 3 V^ asef Sunsday ecomm.ommntw d o fle the first prlcy wwll wieninngsr
II., 3W1 i g ." t), Crn- 4IPd the op a nen lyt acet the
-.-- an. 1 end and buts whiened tlo e odd d red in aes

m. .... 4& m ,l Clause: 1 ,,-1 gm. m. mam. .................. '.30 ,o es ot matte

Cstuf ma 3 <-- k"- TSS?" ma sv FO:::: : ;tianSl Guard Unit, wasn called to
SalshDoC Army T. c ll .en 11u.b M" 115 B:cq 9ftmber IM."m

i i _o t C a 'i' o*t the 4th Infantry
i. N-~ --- & 5day -- ................... A Do L a ab. lWn ntor e.
P.1-.! tO active moriC, the
S Bnes UW a- t ML i Sia Tennese outfit was rated as
*a YT5o .'- ..... rs : the top.pnce-time combat team
MUJH. .asa... .. A8:I9. :- au hem a y tia Natonal
I l d- Wa."I a called up
l&5IL Im .ol e ... ............. thM r be n g or
It aw Von-a mTj r ATSISC 5 t tiud. Trnn., s
A "6" AM

S"1. .D~.-e;. "I
lowWa I

, L 4_ n

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-IMI rOuRt

SC4 Snap Rakses Hopes Of Break

SIn Tallahasee's Poll Epid Ic

S. I




M.V. "SALINAS" ........... ..................Oct. 14
M.V. "SAMANCO" .......................... ........Oct. 15
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (1M Tens) ...... Dec. 10
S.S. "FLAMENCO" .............. ... ............Oct. 11
M.V. "SANTANDER" ... w......................... Oct. 23
S.S. "DIEMERDYK" ..........................Oct. 23
M.S. "DRINA" .................................... Oct. 12
M.V. "DALERDYK" ................................Dec. 20
All Sallina Subject to Change Without Notice
FORD CO. {PANAMA-Ave. P #S. Te 2-15117/
FORD O. IN. BALBOA-Term Bldg.. Tel. 2-INS9

S,-- 0 -
TALLA ASSE3, Fla. Oct. 9 outbreak of the disease "in the
(UP)-A sudden cold snap raised dead of winter "
hopes today of a break in t h i s Florida A&M University for Ne-
city's polio epidemic. groes canceled its scheduled foot-
The temperature dipped to 56 ball game Saturday afternoon with
this morning in .the north Flori- Fort Valley. Ga., State College.
da city, w Idch has sweltered in But Florida State University said
90-degree heat for thle last two it will go ahead with its game
weeks uhile the number of polio tomorrow night against Villanova.
patients climbed steadily. IA game involving Leon High of
iTallahassee and Ocala. Fla., High
Three more patients were hos- was canceled at Ocala because
pitalized today to bring the total of "weather and other reasons "
. for the year to 242 cases. B u t Two public health doctors from
health officials sa:d they we r e Atlanta conferred today with state
encouraged by the cool weather. | and local medical authorities and
Dr. Joe Bistowish. Leon County visited the isolation ward at Tdl-
health officer, sais a cold spell, lahassee Memoria H hospital. Drs.
*'usually breaks a polio epidemic." Vernon B. Link and Heinz Eiche.
But he noted there have been wald "voiced no disagreement"
with the way the ep lemic is
being handled, according to State
Growing Populaflon Health Officer Wilson T. Sowder.
SI Link and Eichewald rushed here
I Ml O C in answer to a plea from Acting
Of rP o le Over 6 Gov. Charley E. Johns for addi-
tional doctors to help combat the
l I l critical epidemic. Johns said he
Is M in U, roIble I has been "praying every day for
this mess to get better and it's
CHICAGO Oct 9 (UP)-Oveta getting worse."
Culp Hobby, S e c r e t a r y of' But Dr. Dr. Bistowish said there
Health, Education -and Welfare Iis no "'mass hysteria" in the state,
said today the problem of the Capital and "while residents are,
growing population of men and, very concerned, they are taking'
women over 65 years old is one of the outbreak in their stride."
the main ones facing the entire I Although large in number, the
population of the United States. cases thus far have been mild and
no deaths have occurred.
Mrs. Hobby, addressing the Exe- The county health director said
cutive Club of Chicago, said trat' Tre beoen no l evacu
while "it is neither possible nor there have oeen nod most chil-
desirable for government at any tions from town and vh
level to attem t to solve all the dren are going to school every-
problems of the people," mod-Iday But children in homes where
ern welfare legislation must he polio has struck art required to
sought to soften the impact on 'ata away from school for at
the individual citizen of 'v a least a week-.
economic trends beyond any in- Not ony students were afect-
divduali control." led by the rule. Leon IHigh Prin-
She said that 40 years ago "the cipal Thord M. Marshall was
practical living problems of a quarantined after his wife was
man or woman over 65 were less strienle out of town think w
important than they are today." eope out of own nk e
"Homes were big enough tao Iare in worse shape than we are','
accommodate grandparents. Their said Bistowish.
work-especially in familip within .
many children-was a real econom-
ic asset.
"Today, however. millions of
American families live in apart-
ments or homes that are small,
with little extra space and a mi- |
nimum of privacy. Older people
are frequently more of a respon- -
aibility than a help, and retire-
ment incomes has become a ne-
cesaty for millions."
la. Hobby said the increasing
avora% length of life In the U-: 9.
nitd &ate creates problems not
easy to Pv. She called the cost t's surprising how many women
of "q aonic diseases and disabill- blt he be two-foced than
tie, 6old Sa" a serious nation- would rather be two-fced tn

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No. 16 Tioi Aene home -.
o.1' ivoll Avenue rhone 2-2016

A Bent Bar


Introduelng ... I


BY NDGAR MARTIN, yl raIt. ft. T. t I


S' Into the Air




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There's Your Man

'41 % NOm-AM.i n




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Sallang: Every Fifteen Day fow:
Houston and New Orleans
allBigs: Every Ten Dayp for:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vessels esa at VMRACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
EMTOAL: MN M 17- 1235


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Scratching for Proof


Nits Goain, Cicero!

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first tigm on any port ... '*


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,n,/..+,.. .Wokla co "DRUMS OF TAHITI" ADvNTS O
...N7eow York lant and i CA .AIN ID- K".. .
LA HI JA Cleveland Indisla and thV pla~ure -.- .... -.

EL-" ---"MAAN P.'-'ol s = O-" "PI- "' ila MEDINA .(.U 8-9) ith .mir
-D E LC q A,' "BmAND PA
xI tsShow: 11:00.pnm. "BLOOD RiVER M"' "ODUMOR
-, .:l"rw' "o" wIa. " Mor GOM .T "PACERS TRM with .Lid. n& h
" "' '""- i' '_ ____,-"_ __,_ __-_._.. .._._ _-._-_,__ ._ ._ _

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a im" ".' "7.'f:rom t ne canu' e.ratha ." .I C I.., -
5a ",.~onvea so Housing Scandal m i
sis a hand usdwt woode
&S43 3PaP s rPa' and used the Reveals Pressuring A
"Itefor f rice, --
b.ean retIs =ba g.apa d en
,a 7, J. 1. ..tjti t f.- .. tfor te fa i launty en WASHINGTON. Oct. 0 (UP) -Ifact that MCc
.Members the decorat Chairman Homer Capehart of and "forgot to
S.. L .. 1.,. -- 2.0740 o, 2-074. / ,, 9.00 a Ind 10 ... aM4 Ing class are taught prepare the senate Banking committee income tax.'"t
.... .. ,.them. so thatthey not only can put on hm "wi then last 24 one nervous."
S NC the Cristo al YMCA-USQ on igs, but also for utilitarian paur-committelves la.on oI f e.announcedte
at various Isthanla club e highghts of s a4 burday ev s as well as for hot and cold eral housing at ent ke the extr
w o ,' -00 mp.m.d ^Me made the.s whil slcig
tta in s tar at 8:1. Bruoe ffift taken from the National usum mack. The commit
affaire start at :W. -tdews Oriented on ein Panama a, from the "The Itacloppl, who appeared as the into FederalI
Cristobal Woman's Club Mrs. J. W. Nelson and Mrs. Ed. The new teachers of the Canal Stud of Archaelogy"by Smul ommitee drove toward a close tration acandi
Op ngMeeting ward Cbx. The were presented Zone school received a bret or K. ath of the Peaboy Mu of its three-month laguiry, te- dwardH. C
te Ctobal Woman's Club corsages of 60ow carnations. ientation of Panama and te sur seum of Harvard Univer ty, and titled McCormack was too ill to tifyibecau
laaC program after a Mrs. I gDivas, ohehrman rstndlng eogatries recently by a set of hadalitd Inca appear before the Senate inves, his tfa her,
silver recess, on ednesda y of phian spoke of the a- of a sries of colored ln au designs from the National ators. long-time M
4t tos Redr pensive work ah c h- omentary prsnt au oeu of Peru which s been Capehart then men toned power. .
'ug Mrs. doing to hep thehneedy. Itv'i ..s, Whi".-hS--_" _- eI "e_ -- _
ia, with the president Mrs. dog to he the needy. It w by Fred Tour etr loan t the Class by M I Doro "telephone calls" he had recev- Te roml
Goorge Roth, presiding. TfTls was announced that a class of bridge hr the Colon Chimber ofat Corn thy reman Assistant ector d which made the case under
planned as a Meet our "Club" Instrution under the di of the USOJ. All the de study look "ueer"
ram.iMrs. Both introduce o Stey Guest, Is bels The eting as held at t hi e have b enlarged by Mrs. en He said "tere has been pre-
ed0,ogicers, who wore tor. o to c members. t. ras G lub wre a e to variousm sied bat. sure put oh me within the last
sages: of yellow carnations. Milton Copkson ws appointed to deleiaus tal r receded b ro Wi th e approaching holiday 4 hours" and declaed that all
Mrs. JQh Brown read the Club represent the club a e Pa- gram which was arranged y t, tose wi to such efforts would
Collet ma Federation for Christian Ser committee. bome a Caphart had to the hearing
Mem ouve of twenty years or teie. Plans for a tday trip to ma, matto fam and friends, dp that Marshall Digts, a Washing-
more active muemberstheip were Judge Guthre Crowe, District a eru Cuco, the moun o- by mu 4 in the batla dec ton attorney, paTd McCormack A I
honored by were Court Judge fr the Canal Zone, Inca. were so class. i atony 4. I
M Mrs. dohy .elerdezhonorary ave a very informative talk 0-foegri t t Tyhur ollEa ch CDerson oattenAdmacetta
member dt Robert J. 'Neely, tlCourtsof the Canal Zone. C U class wilt receive a set ofxwtHe said McCorm" a. contends

Mrs. .' bel i welomers O'RdurHe and Mrs. r. Neel se by Mrs. Doao ery m o Fort ton s s ". and no .-

*.al-M Vu the Enhrs at hoe. Ble bon inviwe to jain the bate' a in no sape oa r.
t Ni a ~ l Mrs a e gos. o..Greg woi rle o m o .Gewlo c ha ima-o .-.ousing transaction l.Hlie aim

imerm, Mrs. E. P. Ta Aco nn. The Fvoal a oe o fn hates dcat Ms. Davey, wife of L t. Y Then etah returns.
telma, Mrs. G. A. Peterson and were: "Sweet Son of Long Ao" w begin et Thursday at ol. C. Davey of Fort Ama It oloffrd medical

te anos f a ,d M to y ons held atto
Mr. Ralh Graham. Each wast Charle, "Into the Night" by o pm. thcertifOstatin

me de sBase;wMrs.rtlommenti gh t t tteoCA e

,,ro.sbudi and catuatlons, trimmed Charles.lSrt hfrblmnhit .-nani nloie urc
t you have a friend thein an of- John man of the elabouarters tea, Ohicactivit.y at theus Bt u H S. Shared theatrney tore

elbow don't call her and followed the meetin. Mrp.. and r eralMA aGAR fTA :5 with his client or McCormack:1 -
Mrs. f be-wllided lconved Oa urke and Mrs. be r o(2a physician.
then members into the club presided at the tea tablewhiwhos. husband wa with tle rural M YsO t heir Dr Thornton T. Perry then

Save yfew facts at each. was centered with a lovely a r and |the--a j of. testified that M Cormackwas
w. Mebers I trduced were: Vangement of yellow rosebuds. re in- Panama.pthez aaAaone and Panama are a'!Quite gite condition" and

iel l or lh er emaploer ed. Guests are welcome. De T l i nvite TO MUtDeb" As w ashowtsn. Mrn.
S .tC lifon decor y class Wo s eve Committee Counsel Item St
e amvas Mrs. Ana.i deo. Pa on f wnT of me.nenne.. |.o BA LBO A T620 E- ae wether the. agt-

0" d c y br worry aen e ab to t

SNow an excellent new Italian Chief. aUXlef e1 :rolor SM0L o 7

-. i h ynd arw eterday fr SHA PO TINT to rev
he ik moat mlor to aprrthe's milk."h n COO"i CONDITIONS D and MONDAY.
sooe es nw, 3 amies wit h CLEANSS if "
IA Da Staalrto. dgIclor

t Oc 1 AL -
s -- Wdd-ieih b l tas-C ve Au

... ....s ..*.* ...erel.. A..'. TI.T : so e .
o.Ts ur7ay atterd yho e St.ate Mre F i.

S5 duties-with-" theT=RD= "..,-.. .
; _- --"' -"* Wi in di -" a" T

I' -
..o baie, .m.u d...W av -RUX 01

" a .: ,:-.

estigator I lM n ',d
w !vited A apeeding. Edwar J. OB. I (- j/'
uska aiederrmlsion to donate a O
pt of blood to the Red Cross in.
attempts stead of paying a $14 fine. His re- .
question Crump about the Shel- (CFpiled b-' h-4M W
by Construction Co. of New Or- Ft a_
rmack got $27,500 leans. But Capehart said young MAYANI -'i^1 lTuis
include it on his Crump was "only the mortgage O A A ATRA B.Mii
r.' Perry said he banker" n the case and the de- Tho"m %!
might "make any- aired information will be sought THE OTYAL BX0 1a10
fropi other witnesses. LParkinsonlf
td gfied, Capehart The committee heard John H. WIET TURIDAY-John Stol
Committee would Hill Charleston, W. Va., testify ,I, ..
ordinary step of he imad paid $5000 to either Me- N .EVE VC1O3IO.U0 S!v
S physician to Cormack or Diggs-his testimo- DM EATEDTayIor .CadW'.s
Tryo check on ny was not clear-for legal serv- m, ,TpgSn-oOu i .__,;11
tiqdlton. ices in getting a government dg- -S-n NG N %".. SS
t delved deeper tense housing co m mitment. peal, onn.
gusl Admls- Capehart commented that other gM WE WRE DO
ls after excusing builders made similar paymenDtr Elmer Davis, N
w Jr. from tes- Hill said he later sued and got 'uLL CRY TvOMORW1
Sof the illness of back part of the $5000 because Roth
H. (Boss) Crump. Diga did not establish a corpor IPORTY PLUS AND Ff*N
remphis political aion and arrange for interim Emily Kimbro
.financing as their contract pro- INUFS OF LAS?
itteg wanted to vided. INGGene Fowler




Dr. Bob Cook
(President-Youth for Christ Internatidonl .

lob Savage Bill Gdrittti- Pad Hauiu d '

y 7.:00 p.m. Tuesday 9:00 a.m., 2:00, 7:00 p.m.

Balboa Heights, C. Z.




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The pearl of hair oremels 1 .
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RMg ECIADI street me13CASA ZALDO Agenda laternal. do Publleadenes FABEACIA EMTADB WUNIDOM
Central. Avee 14 4 CeDantrl ows. 14 CeUIAI A
L g g SF R CI ronrth oW of Jye Ave. .o

hto Auomob, modern convenience, m PROFES NAL
E .landlx Gy dramatic wash- FOR SALE:-1950 Studebaker con- FOR SALE :-You know the best when rate rates. Phone 6-441 or 4-567.
L -chL 9ine, 1 ,b capaci ty. vertible, class all extras, you see it. Wouldn't you like o ol O. Santa
nl ot have. to be lted, $150. $950. Phone Balboa 4241. ivetry to "BESTFIT" Suits and u illM c i. fn sig0ot2a0e4 Santa T mrC
o have to be b5, locks? "BESTFIT" always has t Cleoi 435, Balboa. Phone
ct condition. Phone 3.025. FOR SALE:-1953 Studebaker Con- latest in Patterns and Styles. Santo Panama 3-187. Cristobal3-1673. Garbe nle as ne o
4ALE:--Refrigerator, 25-cycle; mander hardtop, radio, automatic nan Plaza, Panama; lth Street, FOSTER'S COTTAGES, arn mile past .
nlt ^combinaRtion radio-phono- transmission, w/s/w tires, etc. Dial opposite P.R.R. Commissary, Colon. Santo Clara. Low rates. Phone Y
4speed.73-J, Locon. Blboa 1716. FOR ALESinger inustri Balbo2-18 ENT
B < : Double bee5, bleache-d FORS 1940Hudson-door, machine, 1951 Henry-J, both fine W gtm
ahny, very reasonable; 2 m a- good condition, $125; 1949 Pack- o ne 2, shouN Tth ene, r ) Ige te b O fv. .

-Miol PFOR SALE:- 18 Bk upr 4- Phone Panama 3-0255. ATrTION Just built mod
dresser tove 2 choirs. door, radio. Phone Balboa 1433 or FOR SALE:--Completehousehold fur- u dter, Andsave

.rf :8069., t 9Ia.n. Phone 303. nishings, Including: 1950 Cadillac bed-o1o, hot, cold water.--T6-
FOR SALE:-953 Fod Consul fou- 4-doorsedan; living room, dining ehone Panama 3-4941. GE F. OVE, INC.

Colon.. FOR vrANTED Ford BosY four. GEO, F, IqM Y INCT
do or oio. FR ALi Fd owns Tr- r oom, 3 bedroom sets; kitchen set; FOR RENT: Modem two- room
E'i. l -5-piece Philippine Rat- door. with radio. Original owner, vacuum cleaner with attachments; apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-279CentaAv Tel.
,*tgp paing room set; 4-piece bed- excellent condition, low mileage, Easy Spindrier washer; refrigerator; furnished. For further details all
oom,,set; mahogany dining room ood rubber.May be seen at H lamps; other miscellaneous items. Zubleta: 3-1802, 3-3337.
- o table; other miscelneous du. Phone 83-518. 8211-A 6th Street, Margarita. FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish-
S items. Cuunu 2 -A O SALE-Leaving country$25. C19AlE: Vd ed 2 O.& 4- bedroom apartments. Lear Be lrioom Daci ge
-ous O. FORuSA FOR LE:-Venetian blinds, baby :ont act Alhambra Apartments,
l Curundu 515. Packard, duty paid, radio, OD t sea, ne basl glove (left 10th Street. PhI n i

--ucA AAQH 0Fw n, tpreet. P- l""^;yc e 13806, Colon.
j :-G.E. washing machine. RICH tubeless tires, fine mechonl hand. Phone 2-28 5. AiC
W giC Chef stove. wNo. Domingo cal condition. F. ICAZA Y CIA., FOR RENT:-Modern furnished port. Hetel 1i Panasmn
Itr u rs, o Avenida Justo Arosemena No. 1. FOR SALE:-Chinese carved chest of meant, comfortable, modest price. o.
Street upstairs. ELL IMMEDIATELY:- 1948 drawers; mahogany vanity dresser Via Brasil (Poltilla Road) No. 121.Ce t V, -L a
SALE: Philippine reed furni-. MUST SELL IMMEDIATELY:- 1948 with large mirror and 6 drawers;'.......
are sofa. e rs, car good condition, 4 new tires, Chinese chest; serving cart; b FOR RENT: Modem apartment, ira Pa1S ....... -111
: oman (cushions excellent con radio, duty paid. Contact boo tab ca carved desk/chest com- El Congrejo, 2.bedroomsconnecting
it'.Furniture needs mino re- PANAMA AUTO. bination. Phone 3284, Blboa. bath, porch, li ing & dining rooms, C al
wrap, $40 Anderson, 2052-D, rd NO W spacious kitchen, maid's and laun- Jlag rpmeoe
S eet, Curundu, Phone 83-e776, yOU O hot FOR RENT dry roo h hot water wystm. For C a
1"- 9' -SECOND'- further particularplese call Pan- Dre Paile.
SSALE Persian rug car you really Room. 3-4946 from 8 a.m. to'6 p.m. of
e 4-185.... -need in the family. FOR RENT:-Smail screened apart--D fill",
KyShow this to your a FOR RENT: -- Furnished room, in- ment for American couple, near
HFOR SAL USB A ND. spected. Dining room, iii Vista Hermosao Call at No. 4, Con-
FOR$ALEPrices guaranteed kitchen privileges. 21, 4th of July, tral Avenue.H-
o Moomuch less than Apt. 3, opposite Roosevelt Hotel. FOR RENT: Small apartment, fur-
_ti __ local trade-in nd NTI AMlle Apre f-
Svalue. You can't FOR ENT nished. Tivoli Ave., Miller Aprt-
AL-Outboard cabin cruiser,d ament. Preferable American family. D. A. m OLA
SALE:. 195 m Ene-lose. and imagine Mu(Pllr GzIhmtL
-ft., 1954 model e or $650 t use yo ouold oiIues Call Panama 2-3035, after 4 R.m.l
m otor.$se00 Im Oeeuould, _HO_:
Coil Panama 3-2434. get from a FOR RENT:--Furnished concrete -- 1 S1 $ -4- a m.
EColl Panama reliable, trouble-free, FOR RENT: T.responsiblo pory o portents, 1 bedroom. One at nAt t no
SALE: Outboard Runbout, second car nly: 3/4-bdoom m- $60; two at $100. North Ameri (1 block from u e e ofd oal Guard jet which crash-
12t/ feet. May be seen under Here are some ph0teIy funished, in most exclusive can neighbors. Regular transporta-'-.-Mrfteie ct e n , / eoike
s4 FrangipanStreet, An- outsondingbargains:dnel dti. Suitable fo ton.Phone -0471ed in thick settled rea ner r. The pilo was illed
house....+residential district. Su itablefatdand --eh 'o , go
.,con IcoH 2-4253 mornings. .1947 BUICK .......... $375 diplomat or business executive of -O RNand flaNipeiJet fuel set totwo hoines. efirwere extinguhed and no In-
r1950BUICK (Rl .......... 795 disriminang tots. Formerly FOR RENT:-Nice apartment, fur- TALLER TRANS
at 149 FORD............. 595 couied by foreign embassies. In- hd centrally located. Phon BAXTER, A.
aru of 8ss, excellent -1949 OLDS 98 # (R)., ... '695 quirlss FOR ReNT- e3-1405 artmen (faSlt serve) an work

sSAS omssr __ __ ___ .2lraenouPU e
Will be on railway 8 PONTIAC (R) .. 495 2-2856 from 4 to 7 Pm. or 3- FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment E
Willbeoon.railw .a.d.antsed. (Day& Night G1). JG uDNia id6oh
'elsfr) inspection. o-hp. (R)_Rdo09 from Ito_9P.M. $55. Prque Lefevre. Phone3- HENRY C. WALD ,o.
w outboard, Vc r few # -Automatic Transmission. FOR RENTNicely furnished two- 4436. F: ue. r .)
bedroom chalet, suitable for two FOR RENT: Beautiful apartment,' tql10
SS Lo refrigerator, gas se. Overlooking grejo." Phone Pnama 2-145.'
rrs, SFrancisco. Phone -5024. FOR RENT -bedroom apartment

COL N O in quiet residential district. Suita CbleWr0es to..... Ornnd oldhm
FOR RENT OR SALE--Modern two- forbachelor o couple (Americans).U oLE OTF, TOKYlO csi UP-A .- "TI told' them, I came tolrpy 4 l wA NGTON Oat. (UP) -
FOR SALE: 1950 PackardTudor, oom chalet: Lng room, din- Rent: $38. Call 2-280 .. R O year-ld merican Army .private their infantry and artlery positGen Lucius D. Cay said today
Ultramptic, radio, clock, other feoe- room. alt t: kit8.Call:-28T. BE HO captured by the Communtsa i tiiop," he ad. "I -u knew pray o g i
Stores. 5 89 -Boyano, Anton, 2-37)15. SroAm. bSathroomre kitchen, go- # Parutmets. O sat Ko ra ate~i Otruce ad today wouald.-not beliee ele na yunintr a t e
rage, porch, terrace, yard with bar. FOR RENT:- Furnished. apartmennt-s. % o h t o eahe ahtrdon tonay. .. t ne t er s
BpdRIB FOR -SALE:--Leovlng for Stats, 1954 Rental $125. Phone 3-0276. Utilities Included. Panama 3-2051. irehen hglpeb te epCrfin uof any r ined h oeera
Ford V-8 two-tone (block-white)1 FOR RENT:--ouse No. 8 on 48th WANTED TO BUY & 1eob u believe the eytIoldM't hJuel osla terhalt d
rT (J0) 4, Am ado wEvergrieesGardNnED TO Blla elOo"Bdstae.fbelieve the truth,.staoemesio based on wh hat.,' w4I .. ..
Fordomtic drive, radio, w/s/w tires. Street, spacious, comfortable. In- l a sa
,To ATt House,2 226-A,, Pfc. Charlev.'ulius. told ......
To highest bidder, House 2226-A formation: Panama 2-1456. WANTED TO BUY: -Up to 100 e Fpl t eblondharedsoldierwho t
FOR SALE: 1951 Buick Riviera shores of "Com1o Ac.te Urna- ed the oneio-when R d weight fell 0unds to 180 ur- n advo committee on a
Dnflbw, rdo, extras, nw tireslALE ca." Phone 2-318" B E R N A R D 0 S told hima captured Ameri ing his captivity was seized last national highway ram, ha
BEAUTY SHOP WANTED TO BUY: Smooth tires h Marine colonel t asked with him May 25 in the demlitarizedzone edited that a gram wll
in=t House 0922, Amdoor.Phone noi"ANTle Dh Ohem.ruDhti es-of Korea atr he wr wounded east more than 100 beliron dollar
CallR"2984.a suitable for reconstruction.ReconWedn piU en Jiu sad head oe.s 0 "tIn the next 10 years.
2984aeIn-Juliu.s Nacshaeridw7lPeu Aae-ldCho
$ b ..FOR SALE:n 1 -3 Ilds ole on-mIeFOR SALE: SantaClara furnished at Tetorleml l be, 7 Peru Ave old Permanents and TintN. grade educatia and had served by a land mine.
'lu; -.., 938 s lhbrup ,,,,w c...on- modern conven ences. Phone nue. Phone 2-0406.
Steo h o.. good, condition 253.... Phone 34740. two anl sentences. He h a d The Reds made "no promises He told a news coeerene his
4A duty:paid. A bargain, $115. Call __-_...... Across ftmauu* Hotel "read little" about the exeIlell- of any kind" in extracting his eomc4te is elerint a
B oa EvergreenGarden. Bsoners in North 0ore2. One time they threatened. to o, a reazite basis That, he
6942 6&AQ1081 FOR SALE:--Leaving for States, must O He said "I ;iW AS't gve. mu soot him when he ddi't know
Ia IFsell 1947dStudebaker Champion. J BAwI Sees Wheal o`4Dg ive-dUshoothemna hentheo dingkoa
4.43WI" condition. punch-proof fort ft.C.ubReds.Ohebserveame of thea mb0-yeir

r' I' F uw e 4 P roen aienGREAT WaI'i Garden Club will observe theirl l O L

Slead Znn se ch t s
Spart- r theompiti In a speech at a armer's Day effort to restaurant late last night when

rtunate ope lead D.rtm and R. E. Ha .o have the grasLanda of the r10 year. ith ton of bl of the
Sa chance to a his mor, hydrant de and Fire- Southern great lains and the L r e_ firemen tesca peflrsNruo andtoe of t
W at much careful play was man T. N. tewart, n le judge dairy re ions of he Northeast, The National Labor i urie, but they cannot Me
playewast I The Ju nddt.-AonduMtedn, rewa represents- Conne rs.
.eIsary. ndfro m the Cristobal Fire Depart- he added Board conducted a reprenta- Connera
o. moment. .j_______eeriI.I -ton election Amoag the 8Ino- gore than adoste Other fire-
Seobviously depended on ment______ e today to deterne wsen were overcome smoke vs
TeN was no nedto Almo C lu LONDON, Oct. 9 (UP) Sh they want to out of theo they fou httosAave O tWto-
T,.d CC=
lge b break or on m u anc after ship weighed anchor In tth the i 9 r d The ter firem-en
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k m n a Set For Oct. 30 slipped at Thames to twtw and aae pital he jd. t
e secret d Ions. elCl
r, enif I The Alamo Social and Sport- It wasn't war It was Lon- U2Sgndthe no 2 Mid "I tried-to. gb ..M ,rs
rib roead ht1. ing Club has just about com.-don's biggest waterfront walkout Uhgenjf fIIoas tie floor gat T- we S"
South wk d arrangements for its Hal- in 28 years. tIon barite r tl twthe GOG STMG
s He: won n dance at the Santa Cru With all ba few hundred of or "I 4w the Ocbas b |
S_,wlService Center, Oct. 30. London's 29M stevedores on ers. the h t'L S two fours, o
ts 'lbet eAlmo lnd-orVic-tor Boa's orchestra win striken't hipswith perishable or ,mand -aee'So'" packi t *.
.. provide music from 6 p.m. to 3 urgent cargps were being divert- workers have gned the noad
a.m. and prints will be given for ed to o not generally on Pact
aE bllands best costumes.Sn the con n oth e.T Meoltrie can is compltb ud 'a
raagdtto Shipping companies In other eted by the fact that the CIO "I
SdBritish ports generally were Jlocl at Moultrie voted to JoA know gdw I
Snrkeeping hands off for fear s e .t o t t equ .
St. Peter s getting Involved In similar d aft r m a hqiJn

On Revised Bylaws de.wI a is

.te i,.to U-, rlad a

viP ~ .~J7~~-%'m IL ,.A~ 4r~5
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4-tU.S.. -~
~r -'- 'p..'..' -' *fl
I'.41-. -..kB..
tj' --"Yr''.
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V..' *<~~1"&
* I. *
C, *Lfl.

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-4" *'^ rt ^ *

e w

" .. "- ".'. '."-. 'a _t .A'ti- miA L
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- 'I-



close (a 1 ~t~n^
t. .. .. F c t -,,
i tweemMh teal .e .
tend somtn. e6 _
Altr ., 4



2 rist.-W...,.........'............10 1 ss
Iam Ormen al pu' o ub ............ 9 3 .W
- 8 ,- W Gul t .....*w.....,.e...... 5 7 ".i
4 Military Police ................ .... 0 1 .00
oe Na.e 'Yu Ave. Award
1 swim Military-.olce 274.8 .22 Platol (Ruger)
2 Harrold Cridtbal O. I'27A. Tphy
3 Stewart' Oi obQ. C. 3272.4 R X-l-hter
4 Glaer efy r Na MA
I _Pate av s =, IBMx

We y"ew p'

when jWu w'

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-a".t i* a,"z s .- .' ;., -
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- >,~,.; ~
* ..1:t
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- 4.4 >4,


4-.' tr"
l-fl; w an all A


ITVAli '

S* rolia
Pretty Mambos,
Afroe.Cuban Dancer

* Bfanc

XL*r i'4 rU :I
i -rwr- a.

* 61 hn q "
Mambos, Rhumbal
Dncer. f


- N.y4 Si4. ,i,

'. .' "' ,

a Elio oria.Mar. ..* C r m a
International goftu Typ .
r *from M620ee r,
AN. r' A'. .T M. .. '
AND THE MAXiM Av"1*W.O -.P'"-
-P. S t 'os


IM. p.a. as.1* pa ..
_, .'..t A' '' "
IIsm L am-1 a % '; -,J
m. Am A -,.L ., ".

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ra R50.

.7n utne -y' 10 5. a ao p s n -fD
So n te' a an m 8 tee n th my e a b W ere u tr

f. B-n"d i 0 one.), Gene is I ejureu lba foiute i ta l

15311-t. 157 S0lDu-e, bass eheKi6n .- hams .

af slr e fwith five a w.'n League, increase M m t hei lr 10. 1oca 1 19 564 two gae sw .. theo ly, a .ee er io

b toga'2r o te -1ht B3 t oe for OlnalT o0tBoa. 18 a0 170 528 wl p hapteasu to be 't.t et .a
!Slpe w f f5 -1984 Bw a e bi 8 for al,1r1?on 183 4 225 6I a n s'. or oig leader.., saeraed' M
Pt a1 ,e' r.. .o 5ss or the ht Jamsonn 206 -107 17L 552 *o ea ls per game for the Sira s-t'ing

Ml t er was so e _ok tBher e c epc tu re m w a md uape
by W S*ears ha ae through with forw Hermann 156 150 170 541 witlh ..Mareportthat' ithe shki- e-- -
.allpwedrby Diua71ei.. ?,trong 1 2 5 26 v e fiest beit ,f thr t 1
ale. te %f r I Nt oth3 17m1 lS t at e"..a. anon 0. 171 lot of other hika for Ikl
at e oe Ta t and Miuissip moves to SA was

p Is Beet raw LeTogreu Ia yg. \v to psla MVdrwth abro

l a tpbas wi Io 1 ate.e 1Co 15 179 52 pt ti e EM w feul .
y G0lfie ., by fou towe lygbobe ii1"o, sh ahtt ,c laps an
he all 1in alS 462 C Ntrela, e will pln atoil. *loO,
t e B I Un -d ot hed sss thLeWnbt r Ba :13
dtt he 't 2 1611373 a'* orer"MO

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the $ forgfu Mu.onyionluding ay4thgame, Wh eeler 160 o 19 54

tnoets 1,1 193 6, ? 58._Ple.ho. 179 166 192 540
s a irs9W AS eonFyIpoBl
a w i h fi e Xg L ,ne ,n oM r S T A R S F R O M .M
m5%sEln ieurmsI g 7a t 2.Use-.
ele tostake 1 1846130 5218whic 330M5 6to5be8276

.C.-Pr".-rho- n1'AiL- .dTeo 1" l"n.1 T m
'4053-Cffy1 954 00moetd 1 93-1ube5as, twos
the rserila .forrthericod" Jamdw f te1
by-Ted-. .esha ithrtwo.a .1 flasot they ddn't win the" -" :
e "AI sm we 2aillt s rl.a any one of tofheauue._P.
fiu. sb&r1e p-eM nd r *oatdL
tan se lf sh oisul.y d rawO.manf ae, wW h.,h
roug Lawe bqe.b J-a ..t. ..the w re,,:.
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S nI LW with a.r e p o rt-that-.-2.rr......

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Spiem witlArmstreong

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n fe e1 lne l 161aes145o th2e 170 56 1 2 2w1 hen-
0 R .M i s i ss ap i m o e 1 0 2 0 1 -30 7

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oit e1 7 0 5 ..h.w ow "sw th hiy ,"rmt
0eea favlt as ftor. W tidlist of high average W s .in71.Not.. of 642-, were. awar
me'HoIy approved a rou-.slfu week byu the Ala ,;s G
tiit -what It tamusti -_ Another 1', a City. for tihe gh /I;
"" Tee in .the mtcr herW ere:
-'Ma-ch, Thu MILWAUKZ h .... ) .n5onA252lH,7,, e

'L as T.,t aprng.1e1 8 68 272tit 235 200 189
.Maule no --" wh, ofor w a8owiofth i 176 2 2bLu
from 'who failed to ake OewtS.ea11e.
#faPtint...Navy-- 164 15-2 16.
Ibeunverled pewsiku a came""1q thatietoI

UaBest soiNnIwFori lit,

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e ls, uI--- ****-* *.,--

SF: .
,-'" r ..
,' ^. /
^ -y .'^; .. t .-' .. .,
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-i ..--. ....
,, ..*. : t ,- ,-
., ...i .*1
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. ..^. .. ..-
.i/:i .:

- r --,,:/^
.- .;
.I -l '
-t... .

e .ense Rests

S Trial Of

o't o
Puerto Ricans

day in the trial of IS Pu
sNatlonaists charged with
,~uoiu coXlspracy to violently
eurthrow there United tates



"Let the people ken, the Wra -,J. ... -

Pftr of the Natipallass wno
tkt-part in the Ca ptal Hill as-
sassination atteml are- now
"troig sentences- ranging from
S 'to 5 years and are dieend-
t in the New York trial.
ur of the 17 indicted plead'
e utity to the charges before
V of trial on Sept. 8. They
bw e sentenced after the jury
..erIna its verdict.
7nalty upon conviction Is a
*maximum sx-year prison term
n a fine of $5,000.
Defense attorneys called, five
.itapases, including four of the
edendants. The last witness
Ruth Reynolds..secretary ol
American League for Puerto
Idependence, tese xwat
th ant clax i t.a he
f r heard any of-ti Nation-
tParty leaders diseuf plane
Sfor violent uprisnl.
-Under cross exannation te
mVmnirent asked Miss Renod
one questiOn, an iioat-
;.m t issuein Puerto Ricb am
gb hw a a a defendant Ia
esaige that she advocated' tie
viOlent overthrow of the Island
grnmentd wa read to he.:
SIf she ws convicted on
Ar replUd, "yes it
i some g th t stuff."
St n established by de-
Sthh-at h apeal nrm con-
.Jis Ati pending.
o rnmment at .the end of
week of trial had in-

g to thea ted asas-
Son of or president
S. Thong at p lair leHoU

Sart of theplan to
in edenae of Puer-
Sby the lent overthrow
S. government.


,Robrt e. Rup, a IdIlo-

S St, rNose and Trro
t" : Hospital.

9~. SJ


DENVER, Oct. 9 -4P)..-rPres- i
dent Eisenhower took command i
of the Republican campaign for
control of Congress last n i gh t o
with the stern warning that a \
Democratic victory in the Nov. 2
elections would start "a cold war I
of partisan party politics." c
The president stepped into the p
off-year election campaign with t
a speech in the city auditorium at a
a giant Republican Precinct Day
He urged party workers to
make an all-out effort to enlist hi- I
partisan support for all GOP can- s
didates. t
"You eitiens are on the poll-.
tical front lnes-the precintts
of Amerilea" he said ln hle tel.-
evised and broadcast address to f
2,40 separate GOP rallies a- c
cross the nation.
In a review of the first 20
months of his administration, the
Chief Executive said his program
yp one of "continuous and simul-
eimeous study and action." And
,e best interests of the nation
dde it essential that his admin-
I tion plans go forward.
Mr Elsenhower sai d .history
ha wn that "you cannot have
effldeut government when t he
Congress- follow w the
philo ophy of government and the
executive branch another.
"In these condition, the pub-
c god goes'e.ugt while poll-
Stics is played Wr o-tiCe' sake,"
he sAWd
"Progress slows or stops. For
partisan reasons, good laws are
holed. For .rtlsan r e a.
ad aws are asd. Mean-
a hw. artie world, we
appear ividd cocil and un-
ertainin purpose. .
"The cause i which we believe
is bigger than any political par-
ty. .. I know you will fight to
win,. for only, thtouh your efforts.
canc u programm dntAnae to ad-
WPrideeng's.mpsebh and ral-
ly hoee were designed as a great
show of can unity as well
a o i It .aipatworkers or

Alter revid wig what he regard.
ed as thbe aeccomt ments of his
administration in its f i rst 20
months In office the President
then offered a mid-term platform-
of legislation he wonts enacted
he'"PresIcdt said It was is-
t~dsgy t7 that when the ex.
Il stive branch.

~- with Vice
izdn they

ad e poreh .ard-
eet political
jgfok yood Bowl in los
Ir speh,. however
t*- tae Hollywood
&l h tainted no to.
to worker same ef

ian -"aolfo -
"I now not to win."
Sjut p n behut for a
Sctas mrent theme of

Shis i M ependenublicas
o political power

'88 a Amserica -
91& lnd deeted a rat
"taW dg in the 1en of-
"Ikght to kin."
he saidt d your

5 i' M on govern
drd. 't ag .tax eatuu .
e e fotasPU tr't anm economynue
7toa th was fightin
Jot XbOPbut for a
Sitcjl .i sa trent theme of
SRe sai Iepublicans
11 B po-lng"^itical power
1t4i eaH _ibt vancin I
UU11 -llnIM America&k
mant delleftid a rath
h" nQ relde ,6the accom'-
t h adln stralon 3

64 .-It

action on the part of this admin. executive and a Repubican C"on- resour.'"
station in dealing with those gtess. pudain
who, by force or violence, would "This cordiality has been a.wel. owl e
verthrow the government of the cored chkie f the bickering new
UnOted States,' he said. and susplen whef t. so .w t es
In the field of foreign affairs, poisoned the reaitan& betwn federal
ae found great improvement inhe executive xM legislative drive _
onditions in the past 20 months branches, he ad. ,: ions,
pointing out that for the first The Prldent potd ot th ai 8-yea I
ime in 20 years there was not an many Aima st .ed to Ab
active 1 battlefield anywhere int he done aT wi r .a ri-. r a --
world. ublic WC ng i n bring theO. wn4.
He praisefl the acccnmplsh- about. .. ..., .
ments of Secretary of.State John' -.e ltere Pri.
Foster Dulles for a great mea. tinlnng rto t eft. audi.
suresof responsibility for progress JbWs, cutes, .M
toward peace and security of the eat, A fr nt in t i,.,n'
Western world. W-shln 'thare am onVu1 .s
He pointed out that the accom ogra.i.-a t ys HoteL
psllsaents of his administration -d balMW ,
rewlor the most part out of a He sad':_ u fi '._
ordlal partnership between the also must t- later ader W
..," 5-, t Cal-(ldjclSC
'; leaderIW

1 day
a4 Iegd

*_ e-

S' t. I

'/ the
'M e t

a. Re
-' .: :' y
,- ,..l


MEET lPresident Eliebhowea (leAt) nad Vice
Preuid nt1 are shown after th *bat at the aunuidr Wh4te
House atUO s Air Force Base, O t was in Denver
to asea ft nation-wile televislopprograpq with the Preal-
'--* .; dent. -

Ike Ta s Too Mu4 :QOff Air

DENVER, et --(UTP)-Pres. KIU weil ae the Rocky Moun
dent i senh! owe lta race with tain JA we mediately
the clock by 40 !! *st night, tesi ^be yomp
and the final Ia of his fro D e ion
nationally-tele vidr b r o a d- radie.
east speech weork CM off the air. tion po ePres
Network techilg infomned was ,. '
the WL.e Hous 'tten, Bar. '
ton, Durstine"and OabomLe the ad- "I b for. Denver,
vertising agency .d,'reing the one. t.t Nem
program, sever vlOs before
the siw.that unWn Mr. Eisen-
hower trimmed h prepared text,
he would run ov16we..
The Repblicaul itionol com-
mittees bought 30 minutes of tele-
visoitie 6freso Colunbia Broa-d
caltz~oa sul e and the Mutual
net~o i.
lut the Pretident ignored the
wari s, asd even added a few
paragraph. to his speech before
he-went on camera.,
At 7:58.55 p.m. MST a studio
announcer for KLZ-TV, w h I c h
handle% the pooled television and
radio bradsast for the networks,
cut in to sy:
"We regret that the time pur-
cuabed for this program has now
elsased and that we must termi-
nate the broadcast."
White House officials apparent-
Lp accepted the hrief cutoff as a
natuthl hazard of fbadcasting a
politual rally.
4L-TV and stations KOA and

(Cfinmallon Sunday

Al SlPaurs
The Rt. Rev. R. Heber Oooden,
wi1 eonfirm a class to be pre-
seted by Alchdeacon Lemuel .
hriltey and Preach th9e trmon
at 8U 1 Paul's Cburch tomorrow
.w-spectaa sctivty at the
it 08 ftY V-1be


- 'S

rtin, in fpt
a leadeis-,f o a
lu0a fn2 tjori

k'w 'u

ieU*y *n

- ne-


n on




* -5,'

- -5~

-. 1', -

. a_


w* I

ai taI


.-. t.- *
. :t

' -* :)'

r .*

.",' -'

IVA ifm
*- ,.,p.,
. 1


*'* .


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