The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Mvd toI Rainbow
%uu i ssched-
towdw qn Oct. 31,
* alyU t Balbo4
H *@ doas i


i ore

n House-Set
Tomorrow At.
:roiso Schdol
Open House will be held at
I-. Paraiso Wchool tomorrow;
94ween .8 ad 11:50 a.m.L bd 4
d8 O.p.m. parents of t Ae Pa-
to .suentu will hae n op-
Ttit to pe theiadrIu
BaMN at work In theclue-
P im; similt oped houses have
n heldl, other Latin Amer-

MUpto H. 0. Paxson peii
rb' school during nat
__. ", ed.

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owns: ., ,,r.,D Y THE PA AMERICAN PRESS. INC. A "

.... ."a P. 0. oi 54. PAN A .A ".O"" P.
," "- 45 MBADisON AV_. NEw YORK. (17. N V. VH
.. .A. c.. ..o ": .. :.....

P 7Ws MONT.A IN AOA ac Sa.70. P.0


The Mmil Sea i a egas ferqm for readers of The Panama Amerle. ^y Believe are
L t ,rs. n sd ,r te sily s* are andMed I.n who fifdet .JlWges.
You LN saluq 1 leer doN't be imoiA.let if If du.1M 't AppamDr 3lb Preident Eei i
mat dl. Lael b2rp hed intb rri. more preoccupy EW e 17 '.
Plase try t5* bep Urn Iftfers Imlted to *sa Mse length. s Ietical party
ideslily el tar writum is held In stritest weefldence. e wlags of his 7,7
This m r ossuAme no rsposibMlhly for statements m oplnisms day turkey for a to
prMd iN from rIader. 1booe at that
GOP bloct hat wanth a u ow

Srea o leter sSeptber 2. in ans to NA C-A St WOO laorlue

othex-serviceman who retired at 20 r

shouldn't get any more prees. auh as you the ex-aervioemian,
have. You didn't havT 'O e present ilileges until yua let somre- acl bu1ines 1 P r d n
one know you wanted them. You bettered yourself-we wpnt wat showed t& suc
to do the gNme. The oalh way that. we can do it la by letting Piuen labor Jl
someone know that we're getting. a raw deal*. P1 d e I I
Friend-you've got a high-paying short-hour job, with ni p as big b
the extra benefits because we're here to see that none tukep t
it away hfoi u. We deserve just the same-and I ftink a s lop ihSa rf
more Pril andf extra benefits than oc get You're those
one, when nexut war starts. if it were start, that will be legbt.class t
t Lhat first man to oat the RA soldier on the back and say "o aM te
gRet them boy-you're doing a fine lob!" But right now accord- ta E e BE Ua ". '
tea your letter. we're nothing but undergraduates whe sho meuld KVuloni r W0. G .
ter into lfe tin order to get the benefit. We'll get ,
o u eday 'no thanks to your kind of thinking-way of wi ask lws
h i r al a tiema pt to the draftees: this o i e to thie RA im y2 si t ,
toldler: h"No weat, men-you can tell a civilian whsae opinion thi.wll be
Sthe.Art a like this t-serviceman's. to o to Hen every dy. th they do not wal a t
--Bh*- with normal olnective ,

ar GaTIN BeanEP NOW of labor, They w : for Jew o s. y .
rGentlemen: etr l e me nwr laws to cover thi following lye
We want to take this means of expreslnl our appreciation pointsm:e MAN hABOUT WN C r altopt did ... Al Khsangr. expect- their image in No,
Sto you or pntng the recent article by Blee esa Annie The JM. J. Ator nUe-crash w be a er-boy or while. ... Mary- K. Wlls, the
a remit, h the ew tatof one family who have no 1 The exclusion by union o reason (after well- r Alee et t director
frardfor eir neighbors' peOce of mind. conditions in Anceob cert aducts from the asr kown to e ut.Towh G ss' ( the London stae a)will see her Reaotaay ...
t have Im roved nslderably. have been held in check and An e e of this an d ... sSo. Pac.") ) ar at asn (with
1 radbfor longer head alte nIne o'clock at night. Poa- Glaxle Union fight a Jollet,, iiihener, te Pie au- p Bai u dept llgBs
Smths one family will eventual take the hint andhold th ainst window and door a thor, and llat in for staylig at her o i M
d endre in line. hich came with aas alrh "The Kin as a divorce .Hugh Jean
hae S they don't seem to reallet is that some of us doeit fixed in. The union 0the Prom n wroTe Last

uomeo, vnow r paper is renderut g a real service in pet anstalAr Jon. ThaI e ,g"
It y PUbli. e ourW gripes. rich we n.a'.and furyWfrom Romnd k a Ana tlo
one, hen' et entaar starts, it.wer. -Jtny Mtaria Ferrrot. Miffed. use roolld cla
that first man to at the RA soldier on the back and say "Gone the Vittoro Gasan d
get tJem(boy-eyou're doing a fine .Job!" But right now accord-, to tax&t

l ,o 'nowthanrks to your kind of thb*Wng-woy ofw a.





a Capital ui-
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Pineal a

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17ibal 4 lemt B4NambooliM
3 Genus of grm
S13 D aeen (a' honey bees 4 Pettaining t
11i a M 34 Leased a branch
lt ^ o MatMure of 3SMexican dish 48 led (Fr.)
...t.l 'a rm Sndbel ,ed ." itrvut
.... unlty 2 --Ae 38 Iplittai sM Mt ita am s a is
--- WIndlke part -6
'% ''^Abolmvtbeing45mt te

fwo= handle s product-s.
And there are construction trade
unions which refuse to handle
readymied concrete or permit
use o spray guns which can
T big wals in a w hours.
al pltimbers unns which
v banned the use of pes-

X Union ice fting. There are
uHntsf jpuh, epliaboration
Sthe pric of
b war .
4ltation on produce.
Snsuche ai 1L. L Lews's de-
oe, not to many years ago tat
miners woul work only three days
a Week.
5 Geo~ra cal restrictions
pdacd oh ea3overs by unions.
Sime lbtk des have limited
anra r In Wlih -they would
ndle i gerie coman's prod-
wit whit h esalted in fa mi-
ato n In which the firm

ake disi

real irom a pl-which
visve on revi-
sen of te afr titrust laws. The
Tex a tree ndoy i aus wi b e
hd nsid t rt after the
-edetions, a -i who have
S Attorney Gmen-
"u Bronel wl move to place
nong uldear ati b-trustrlaws.
Th e a taon s b tste is
insid te epublican
,_any h rcommen-
.r IAby L abor See.
ri nmoM l..H wmu take
to Noke Us own labor
b fo somo UmAe now. Mit.
beourse, w" have the sup.
labor an Its bminstrust
Attorney Art rg,f
we of the nation's brtgtes legal
A A buineb man's

wh.* ^>*O^"liBr fftOal the


kaeua anWVJ esAnWgM
brush at the O'do
A night-spot on tle 4Se
ves each mle a "u
ierkes oIaete attract

. l aghi,. ,7 : .Al l
l test the .lh Amendment (as
to its crrnt apploation) before
lThe High Court ... The White
House insumtd Army Stcy Ste-
Vn$ .to acel 11 press coner-
ences un alter Nov. 2 ... Demos
are ead ig a '1, efauver" into
adv. outfl mladng political favor-
ites .,s uqtce pt. barristers
will sock f lbt unions un-
r .w Ud law ... FAir-
7M $$ate DepIM
r aL.--nevvyeS

best an temver agents (in 0O
is a'igaalsth
SLuOi's medics will
lp t d surgery. :
AI S we&s...
M 3 ne' Sfter joining the,
K,.W l wed a Maxon ad.
..iexc ... "Sh-Boom," the
Iis having legal trouble.
1aMthur's Waldorf-suite Is
sqelw f powered pow.wtw
B~ and 4 star OeG
vv-,come and ...
t actor (mend

ll Ia aNov. bay

h .in

... U .. .U -,.I fl
alimony to
court today.. O t way's
top glamma pbotogia i r r
a. visit frptb the agenda des
the touch-syatem while the
models ... One of the s
in the Circus has beea
ately named Elsa Maxw
Wall Street Inside: W rted
(over the 0lr).that W one

Htton (hM. writtld On
the stock. t) w .a edl
"some gu ought it i t o
big and sold sbott

"I feel very t W
Electric ought OWS a
move up. I suspect at N.
who are not so smart
the Wincheld story, I
any Judge te t
out Mr.V
they do." er
alh meeker w i .'
"L._ L. A.b_-_ Al- B~tfiMcI

a. over
I who s

all Latin-American tunl -
Brasalian heiress Lucia Luas S
go bhete-on the Er
sidine, gt e the
ducer J Colu idlls
Carmien ratagcs); b h
bride of teyprodu
Oct. 9th .. Ed (In
Phot o) Novitsiy an|'
Mayer were wed Satev
Is Born" must gros tea
to break even.

Sonja He 's husband_ Wil
Gardiner en't they
wretly : IWiQid) was
t ing at B Coppe in
IJoas. Paia exuct them to ma
... GretcebN ester (nft a i
etta Voui and Jack at
a't be so rried. Ju
i ON,000 pocy on haers geos
ft l ..The ocialootB.3
uriburteps (Marjorie Was

'SI*.1 em

,wI wE

power, m uANy xwaww.
'are rItgt, -
p -- '; '.^

wUD UuIs USAwa
dy be awredin the two-
itude-o AL Paz, butby
thitVJ ninjg
''to buy mnore

&l i tnerawibt Old

t w
if TO oatl

Disease eLa
h&.w ie
*ward ina

3, '.
*, Y.; -:

* and
t' I

t vuwI
Olaud I
w years

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AllP, wa 10f
I-- VUorn


N "aAL-1
~ ,l :1E

' >., -.-y. 'it ,
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- S

'il L. *.I*^

: -i


if France
that If

re rfcinso D for Btide- against the runibillty or
-Uti later tlb year. r" '-wrsen.T
SPre -lLerierre Mendes- The feeling of the deputies to-
I.-before a special ses- iwa. uie Lundon pact was un-

n to EUrope: 'Rearm Germany

Or ac American Withdrawal'
o ,
O 8glad, Oct. 7. '-"' never have been sau-
Sern eretary An- ceasul without ,ttb."
Id n warned Europe to-
t .must carry out- the
r ag. cement on Ger-
=mmet or ace Amer-
tdrawl "and who
3tDBm them."' I
iprhta teldl& cheer-
Party ponven-
as the undout

Astatp John
3^tn e'o era~ p. ^ ^ ^ ^
g *pY ^An^e uue^ *-

Sf agreement ba to be
d by the various parla,-
t but I cannot believe any
1* 'them willa rest it when
sU .t doing

'. oen.ta. hd -
gway of aay-
1to the

S Dles ptlicld for Ia

the ppor at e onferen

Foreign Excess
PrOperty Adgain
"I Up For Sale ,
to b14pg 25 lots
eIpaI- proonal prop-

ate must be
ote are p 00

weekdays at Corozal.
Seepthe dlael tug wdceh is
at Pier 20, Ralboa. Fr-
Sft e d the

tt.nces to Be

VMmO N& n -.

sal dth

.8. chief

propIsl were scepuWd it 1
mean that Getmaiy would
Comm ig't-do=
any eoument fA tThe P
dent on thls," he said.
Just another Ra ian tri
The United States may r
to carry out its bnw pleds
maintain troops in Europe
France offiiall approves

ADMItAi"; Furniture

Closed, it's one of the smartest -sofas we've
seen, beIutifidly detailed. Qpen it's .0 full size
ADMIRABLE qnd cqmforl6bteied., See it!

"11 ,d w

CA 5 A'


Next to the Lottery ldidl at 18 Ce..ira Ave.'- Ph 2-1111 .
The esiablhb at of ibhe ICCHI d f ibe ADMIRABLE Club

* .ue councu g poucy.feuin-
proposed last not'that
from. Germany at

ie =arp .sa~ w for qm pa .
ae declared the So- wbHx to drIt al
"I&*-dect.ou to reuniy ..e
.made his announce-
at'a tatq recept;onin ERat
S rkaing r th fwiha v
'Of the Comunit S ,M :r
aI tate. '
*-te oboev rer ardqd the
NOlR a Il-ditch eo5 rt to
enIt iarmamipt of West G r-
Swhh was agreed at
e-poweer London onfl rene
blotov, who arrived i0,'Iast
in on a supite visit Tu
Aoday. the Soviet govern nt
i"e tvathe gai m n p n
l-govern~ents of the
es,. Great, Britain and Fa
flcht agreement on the wit-
wal of occupation troops frohn
territory of East and Wbst
many and to solve this-prob.
immediately without any de-

The couple plans to make a
apetlal effort to popular.r the

To Move To New*
The Air Force. announced today
that headquarters of the hth
.Air Force will be noved early
next year from Carawell Air
Force Base, Tex., t9 Westover
Air- Force he, Mams.
The Air Force said the move
will place the headquarters clos-
er to new Strategic Al Com-
mand (SAC) bases in the north.
east portion of the United com-
ing under its juridlaction.

' 'C




f l'sopurtoAL. M3iaWr gives ,ei a,
-ebhha"nfdg smile. It deans teeth cleanest of
y lading tooth past... keeps your breath
re ... gies you ean i mou taste for houn.
Use Fepodmt -with oaL vrarmwr d l6y




pasodoble among d e lovers.
The Hartnett and Dunn dahce
studio st El Panama.HOtel will
resmwe operation nets Monday.

Bargains Barains ,I
In Used and Rebuilt
Double Beds with
New Mattress ..... 48.00
Modem' Style
Wardrobes ....... 59.0
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ai ........... 1.00
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Room Suites
Two Toned Plastie
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Metal Dining Tablei
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(ene only) ....... 12.,0
Mahogany Dining
STables ............ 5.00
Sofa-Bed ...........125.00
We Deliver Easy Terms

6 Piece Place Setting 18.72

poSe SIL VER C 1- 4I
STORm cmm av NT AL AVIM'. M

-- '


--- '. 4 .

WVe've 0Opened




Now we're completely stocked with the finest of White amwng
machines better for your sewing easier on your budget. eCria in
and see the new White all stitch zigzag that hqs that amasxlng &SIor
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^ ^ ,. -r;' ~ I' 1 ,r3 ..^ ;




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_ .*l' ..- ". J ',.^ .. -.,; i "

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-- -


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~W**~ -

AL .
"tDE r~~

Voice of Firdustne," offers
that what's impe tat on TV
mostly the pcleture.
'The sound is 14 per cent of the
o( television," he says. "I
repeat the same mudsql pro-
ram one year patt as et no
complaints, but f I repeat nab p o-
ture a ear from now, evhTbody

Plot No. 16-B is the one about the
]litj girl who somehow is seen by Carely LdaIgh j Mary*lar
thf bi and gets to be a
star overnight. Or it could be a
ung d oy who wt song and Patrici Benolt (Nancy Peeprs)
e producer hear his songs and may Ubt the. lead in the coming
le'de who lqoks like Monroe. They're starting to call it Peep.
F Ith variations. od old 1 sB i ers Prep.

corded, ad you heard t every.
place last summer.
One morning, when the sone was
young, the phone rang .in Miss
Leigh's New York apartment. Let
her tell you about an honest-Injun
"A man said, "This is Richard
S Haliday.' I knew the name-he's'
Mary Muarinbu husband, and a pro-
ducer. He I d 'Are you busy
now?' He should have seen me-
in my robe during a cup of cof-
Tee.He said tirhBeand Miss Mar.-

-...-ecmall himbai at his office, and
I did and it was he all right. And
'-* 'that's how I-eame to do 'Peter
Carelym- Leigh, ip a tal, 3-year.
r eld brunette who writes beaueu~
Sles. Bat dse only writes. We
sJ tlves 1o "I .s I'm some.
SWa spmuare, bhe says, "but
I 9' 4a.te asong unless I fee
S Transforming Sir James Barrie's
"Peter Pan" into musical terms
was, she says, a rugged job. And
It was her first crack at a proj-
egt of that sie.
"y, ''ve u ht me in a chast.

On NBC.-dio's "Convermtla"
Sam 'avenson gave an example
of what he called a "profeud"
funny story:
There was a man who suffered
at the hands of village boys. They
didn't like him so they threw
stones at him. One morning he lin-
ed up the little scoundrels and ha
said, "Look, I want to maim a
deal with you. Every day with you
it's a big operation. You have to
go into the woods and get atones
'and you have to sit around and
wait for me and sometimes 'm
late and the sun is hot. Why should
you db this for nothing? I'm will-
ing to pay., rom now on, every
kid who throws a stone gets a pen-
Everybody agreed e'd walk
out, they threw toep, b gave
them each a penn. went eon
for about three weeks. Tha e
morning he walke4dt *ad he re-
f to give thm en s. So the
What I need. I a little rAst and
Arnold Stang: OK. Be my guest.
Rest in Peace.

RR Conductors

To Strike Against

Pulanh Company
Cm wrAPID_ Iowa, Oct. 7
(UP) qW sr4er s alway
Cond ctA aiordIeda I t*I

Union Pr. Hughes
said in Chicauo the wflkut

tut P.~NAkA. Amak.-








14 increasedM
largst decrease

-OvaU cral durf t htal
*tt above the 10IM lt'et Us'shown :p
mares was robbery with 20.4 per cent,
oent menalaubhter wi 0& per, ent.


The Allgeel Biye _, c



~~K' *~~'

..V,. J~.
* .. V

.~ I'
* -.:*
* r ,~



sow arW nw

I t^-0


That's That


-. .


* S

. .. :-g_'' '

lmaes .

IT LOOMU .. %L i


PR,:.. I.LA'S

a Point




.- -------
* I~Iw Thought

M Urifl *'*

1~Jf -I T ~~~his



SWegaml on the Job
* ---..----.^




w tb


&. l S I .I -
5*4 Pl 'v u

'OUB 4 '







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P i ~ ur-V.. .-*. 9 .

what I

ke lsm


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asrgw K



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'.-_ _L



-- JW

a- -V 9


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fr.LU f






S i'.. ", ,q, f

V .'- .
-^ -'.1 ,
B, '-,.

'... % o,..Z...,.. .Z,. ..

t 7

".T.-b.r" pa"" n, "" .. e -woo' s

h t" mi "11
`46i- f (A C .'
.. . .. o .d : .: ; '
i .. i.", L"'. .

ts n.N....0Ldho accentydr
hrbo ne tssrwihtoop
"mV-tnow S ndDhW.nm.rla b Ma Vastor Holly-
9. blAI sa now inVent 0
paswsat btus s ht adrootlnul&A81
.ber f91WhOiV a adwnlywoors

Tatidu Ylk i o ie (Cru me or Dry) i'
,ubtle*..Wlo vei estNow, tone ow
t~el nox dse- d 0 f.o t ife.' am ~['- of w u142Mn, wk o wjwer.

the"17 nItAsk for l es. you
0feennwsS. a-
4 AnXh.Wa FCamTOR ,e .,

Tbe Par i t Coatf nT to droed MiTree of un ed .t

howta ou.w
writtenIn Spanish Orn.

i ud vn'yoari.' r t. oer a agnunt .aishd d_ e, M FACTOug
r were: o The met e ill conanmat of fromze b-t-y i
"The Par leat, continues to dregged caetsofT P i t '"e
howets OUt .g_ and munuual commerelbl'and utilltt grades, *
.ttn to... s om e xtntetTInhe met can be mp aborted be
Si A T He e a at Hote., la e ito ae- ween Dec. rt la d b u' Feb. 2, Oueltas al a "fe at home a.-
ttteor l- meatskitoho- Pin6oymou ro "a "h
.11, ,n"oftvrbe coneO *a

SMc~ormack, prealdent, Dr. Hry Eo and Jeap B seer r re..w Thee wHIl be the f vae one of the oi*ffo iso
didenotlathat i' his estimi',,on "Mres. Melendes ha, dol q~re sa o er pel:- written in Spanish Or En111h." imper of U.8rse t pBlve the t he entertlla in.... g
,io elu a nua' hadtty ini honor. g j ahl1o olthe of lr Trady w esman tw es ih s ered major
Mos e wl W tn, P ndm had the Uits sub et."La Tld e meeI ." he O thr ewsafer hosin. for said that from Novel! British production, mapnnrem.. ..r'
b*p .oeSd- e lb Frdaey s 9 No ou t am e nrd n dollars. Lbeeul pu onto her dero I

-,+++...,, ,.. L Dnnlnal
OP U ALA L -Geoge 'dhu rr rs art RackttDiaa bu asavalablrimorMermtt mkeskebMP, bultnd asy
ikt cp *9. ,- orA- Th eBr .i.oisGth gover.mG et, hs ,, ...
lualpumlu' s elhriy .all honor D_ e ase ve :tp~c h.La o n, Carol the op1ortun2ic, whee it was who hae tdon o the
'of: lli.] qi**, Seagg,,rlae:ium t ibingl ,at. Htel J arese ] + t.f'Or .e Dick Ant- presented of Iuying most with. eesle sand ths they' hlavee., .,..-..

Haka.son Jimm :yw 'Brook..,"e ,- '""
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thft. r.Ftile E* niedirector.,
tt( adoer p at '.14 "MgdC1c ..
., *acnn Wit, itd s Joh two ont e te n to be st later,

mko l 1e, ical seeoratmm f Panamas from 3
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a-Karr-son, jt4tOfftlee
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Copga'essmau and Mns. Herbert 1le"
C. Belier of Nok em Carolina were .
the Monday evening on Orepe 9 ewherr
r. ""ery",MI-ater
.".. !' ..ho pew'."14 ,uy' d
------ have;", pumm aldoore rideeoJIM arti'"t-

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c.~1fca She pies ro&, ~r '- .. 1 'will-tbe the;
..... Rndr. h i R. ,, ~lIm41U ng Ilc;,ol : '9 -

;. 0 son to dine

' York after a trip to S

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J Brig. Gen. James .
who was adlatant to t
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beard the
a leisurely teip around

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* at El Pa-
ser Is a
a Merchant

south Ameri-

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on Hospital.
Viliam A.
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A. i. i .
+*-T "~ '' mllS1^ ..:

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Central Ame. 140
No. Lontery PlPlan
Fourth atof .uZly Ave.

I AowNloK hrm
Agmes la

VPeue Lfe L
c. 1.

;. iUc oIADO T sersN NI
-' l aON s July. Av*. J i.
"t, 2" "" -.Av. and 5 S,
U. Au Crv,,ulla.

- l' ;,.

OROFESSIONAL Antomuobiles lfseeneos -
FOR SALE:-1950 Studebaker con- FOR SALL-You know the best when Panama 3-17. Crltp -73.
vertlble, class "A," all extras. you ee it. Wouldn't you ,,
Your $950.. Phone Balboa 4241. vei a try to "BESTFIT" Suits and FOSTER'S C F."L5, .
Garbage Collector I Job FOR SALE. 950 Buick Special 4 lacks? "BESTFIT" always has the Clair 2.+4.
t d ery gd condition. Make of n Patterns and Styl es, t Blbo
fer, Albrook 86.117. na Plaza, Panama llth Str et. GRAMjC "
Alo can take most r.. Aibk 86-317g. opposite P.R.R. Commissary i.Clon. tages, von 5
Sof the load off his FOR SALE: 1953 Dodge 4-door, FOR SALE:-The American Educator Orate rates. 6-441 4-56
holders with perfect condition. Dablo 2-2116. Encyclopedia. lust like new, $40. -C( S Fl; I I
after 6 p.m. Phone 2-4225.
l .AN ALUMINUM FOR SALE:-1940 Ford Coupe, per- FOR SALE-EncclopediAmericana. .
SdAR At onCAN, c t io n potential Hot Ro voumes. Easy payments. Phoni .
,GARBAG- cAN $20. 5440-A Endicot, Diblo 2 84-$55191..4 40AEndAiNTION c t Just Du. l .. 0-m
.ndt 3188. 84-5191. ATTINTION 4. L Just bI lt wItem
And save money doing it -- Guara e ts- FOR SALE:-Kaiser-Frazer 1947-48 furnished optmernts: ne,, two
Sall sizes- Son Jose G rge, nd rear springs $5; radio parts letec- bedroom, ho,. cold water. -Tel-
fEO. F. NOVEY. INC. SMeleez. Coon. ge tr equipment, various kinds) ephnne Penomt 3-4941,
I central Ave. Tel. 3-014 FOMelne. Stude r Co0 fo t he l photogropbi partsFOR RENT: t- Q a bo1
SFOR SALE:- 953 Sudebkr Co- $20 for the lot, set of drums snare rtmntl Srdi 42 Un
mander hardtop, radio, automatic and metal drums with traps $75 .furnished -For further details call
transmission, w/s/w tires, etc. Dial for the lot. Call Navy <-8571, Zubietad. t tl-3337
rIII 1nDDArTnPS Balboa 1716. House 84-F 6th Street, Coco Sollto, -r.h nI
[ --- L 990Chevro.let 2-o opposite clubhouse. -ENT:--Fumilhd & unfunih-
FOR SAL:-evroe oor d 2 4 bedroom apartments.
O. I. A. a m 1. O ILLAC sedan. Call Albrook 3261 during FOR SALE:- G.E. radio, 2 venetion n t a c t Alhambra Ai rtments
PalmerO rduste) working hours blinds, 7x9 congoleum., -ft. er,- 10th Street. Phone 138, rColn.
a -12amn d- m. FOR SALE:-Due to trip. 1947 Lin gerator, child's rocker, lawn cholI t ,- 3 C
.,d o-i.d FOR SALE:n-Due. t ttrip. 1947 L und 2 International trucks, duty FOR.RENT:---Furnished tw S in
i' M a e mi L .i coin, double ,gniton. 5,,300. paid reclining cho.r. 7641 Barn- apartment with hot water. Avail-
(I block from Lux Thamile) West 17th Street No -31, Mue- by treet,'Balboa. able mid-October. Suitable tor two
bler.a Renocimiento. Telephone bcoules. 82, Vibe Porras.e
S2-2673. FOR SALE:-New Hampshire chicks, .- l. 8, V
M.. IfANSPO R SALE:- M1949 Ford V-. two-dr 25c. each. Phone 3-4910. FOR RENT:--Modrm furnished part-
-. FOR SALE:-1949 Ford V-8 two-door ......nt comfortable, modest prici.
.,' S, a. custom sedan, radio, new tires, ex- PANAMA CANAL COMPANY Via Brasil (Patilla Rood) No.. 121.
i er Rpairs, tune ~. .' cellent condition. Call Colon 384. OFFERS MISCELLANEOUS i R ) No.. 121.
ifat aer ce' all worK Reasonable. ITEMS FOR SALE FOR RENT: Modern apartment.
S d. (Day & Night) f, --- 40 ud.n 4 door Sealed bids, for opening in public. will El Cgngreio, 2 bedrooms acnnectifi
.- WALDIp Prop R Sg L .:-. 19--td, 2 -oo be received until 10:30 a.m., October bath, porch, vling & dining rooms.
g. A ood condition, $125; 19 Pack- 21, 1954 in the office of Superin-. specious kitchen, moid's ond laun-
i- .aa ord 4-door, excellent condition, tendent of Storehouses, Batboo, for dry room with hot water system. For
-. l&'i '--ij- 650. Call 83-2233, House 510-A, beds, cots, cabinets, food carriage. further particulars please call Pan-
S i. rndu Heights. chairs, litters, lockers, stands, washing ama 3-4946 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
i l-SALE'--Leaving for States, must machine, lawn mowers, digging on -
Ic is COR sell 1947 Studebaker Champion, loading machine, welding machine. rPOSitlOni ered
LETE LIN OFP ood condition, punch-proof tubes. engines and parts, urifier and X-ray
O. -- $500. Duty pa.d. Phone Curundu film, located at Section I, Balboa WANTED-- Experiel ed beauty op-
i w 83-5241, 4:30 to 7 p m. Storehouse, telephone 2-2720. Invita- erator. Fort Clayton Beauty Shop.
Sphonoaph at 8- 0 tW--- 7tion No. 123 may be obtained from Full time. 87-2231.,
Abe: 'the above source, or from office of
ouan aehat Superintendent of Storehouses, tele- FOR RENT
l **.+ car you really phone 2-1815. ral
need in the family. FOR SALE H ou-es
SShow this to your r OR S ALR m- e-
SH U S BA N D. FOR RINT: To m.resokle arty
SIiW ,Prices guaranteed R eal Esate "nly: 3/4-bedro.. ma asion, em.-
mi 'ch llss -,than pletely furnished, he meet elusive
mhe "llesr--- t FOR SALE: 4,500 meters fronting rMidedial di trit. Seniable fo I
..,4 ioal Ar al ., You c-n't Trans-lsthmian Highway. 60c. sq. dipleqeer or bulone executive of
l ose, and -imagine ~rt, Excellent location. Phone Pona- disordmnlaintl taet Femly e-
i l "the use ayoun could ma 2-3027 irom 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. cupie by fermign emboane. In.
rntl)O ~ the use you could m-"a-m
fet from a FOR SALE: Santa Clara furnished irks ivlted. Please phone
.tfat a Iu u- I l tw
.., -f hou e node, n conveninces. PhoC l.. '1a7..i to p. er I ,

_... Two kitchen boajmom,
1950 BUICK (RI... Learn Spanish by nirersatinal moth- r ator, gas sto. verloo
S949 FQRD ... 59 od, used successfully for 15 years. SAS Commissary. Via Belisarlo Po-
| d 9f 4 ^,M(R .4. 6 Mrs. Romero, Estudiante Street rrom, San Francisco. Phone 3-5024.
i-40 3 : R198PONdio C IRI ......... 77-AA, No. 2. FOR RENT--Two-bedroom chalet in
2. did d1. --Au.oraDic Transmission. FOR eSALE l Vit.hotni 2.2737.
S 'r d ~ Road test any of S. Hei W ate-d
these cars yourself. n. M tor 1 nted
.....l RLOW DOWN PAYMENT. .oni.... ..oto -,He',
STERMS. FOR SALE:---Outboord cabin cruiser. WANTED--Maid for general house-
O. T =. MeMILLAN & EAGAN, INC. 18-ft., 1954 model Evlnrude 25- work, somecleaning, help with chil-
SCOL ON cycle mor 1000 com t or Refeonces required. Must live
'. 50 almon.$0Call o in. 0581-A. Blyano Street, Ancon
650-boat"alon (.Cl"Paam3 old Corra,.Are) between 4:30
Fr rDag FOR SALE 4 60
BRAGO N. C., Oct. 7 WA. TI BU

A Flying Boxcar FOR SALE:-Com e set of furni. Tuesday, probably vicini WANTED T Up to 10
,board ]rmbe inlto a cn.r :n Junior College or Librory, small shrEs o Uto
Sn ,fog bedroom Ql black purse containin keys onl. shore of C~apo Aceite Urro-
.s *,. ly .after n oc6rple kthe D Moody 2.287. c hone 2- 7.
rom nearby Pope Air refrigerator. All half of he oigWANTED TO BUY Smooth tires
ISe inal price. Purchoser con secure.WWANTEsuitable for recorstruction. Recon-
ob c information desired thoe a part m ntw aic 'struct j a 7 Peru Ave-1
ftere were survivors." pecutiful. For information -call Loi M ;sePllangVus nue. P .2
s tested ned l Importadora Selecta P. ne2-1483. AMERCAN (COUPLE desires to rent ..
d. abtut/tw to mile frm FOR SALE:--'-nrlx Gyroamotic wa-h- vcaotioOn quarters, beginning Nov.
mway at Pope when It Ing machine. 195!. cd4pocity. Ist. Plese coll 2-1562, Balboa. ll
Ssharply Aneyewitnes Des not ove to be bte 0 WA :- o 25-cyce -
a edSne was afire. It POifect condition. Phone 3-0255. A Balboa 3002 mernInghp. 25.8 ie
throlUgth powe lines an FQ SALE: One lot f f iture. s. .1 s
-' 103 ,Cotta nn 3..1082 pm.i
M e o aI~ 02 W D:-r- aller fr r4-foot boat; t o
men FOR SALE: --Rattaliv ra "t; ft Balboa 6372 after 5 p.m.
pid it missed mahogapy diningg t rs.
and. b7.-. ch 0 e Gu li-, -Heal 1
7T s m' 670 "Ofte 4:00."4 F 4.NEW (mOt. I (uP)--
6..4 ":. KReportedly Bernarr:y idU.the ban-
reor LOOK AT THIS BARGA FO SALE ta p tur charged
t there o- OR EXCANGE B washing C tined from e 1) n m y that
i: tad A P.'1.rvt- chine 60-cycle. mBHLain tonk. : ....... his six--bOd Ber-
n a's sbenek warning of Ii x-d9ard hl six-er-
m Ofa Though not latest mlw'hs been9 .'" ,iliwy, a nda tifMault
V Of~ five .. .~. W~" I cored for and s serviceable. on .. n n '" elder n' -
e crashed abOult wf il accept gas rang or refri er- said the issues in the t" elder ean's of-
m the Smoke oma by 'in exchange. Meyour offer. .f l 'this.vear are the aame The ,MaeFadden. 30
a ra where a Flytn Phone Panm 2-285e between 5 a5 'e In the 19O52 eapaign. said S becaen.
S occurred t endare, he said, the difference said .t- hft ob bectedaus
iFOR SALE.. .' .. lk It y the admifletr-Uhon or.Obje cted
SSALE:-Refrigerator, 25-cycle; ldeft Elsenhower and Tia t ru- his MA a dancing
SZe-,h combine tio rdlo-phono- 4: "Mr. Trumn .g us Into mastr Murray. Mac-.
i "ph,, 4-sped. 71 3-J Locona. nd Pre 'enhower Fadden tt.
JU -dt us out;" ReVp0lcan proper- V!U eou'
S. lyo 'enforced security laws and "Did t be se
^ CA passed new onew agalnat sub- You t emv ructor
I i -versivea: Republalo ceut taxes, are Uly e s attor-
removed- controls, checked in. ne
flatlon and stabilized the doisr ernry objected to
Btoar-4Miss Margaret TrUMan answer

as daughter of the former Preh -Be *haf awith aim-
Se .. A .... I teh democratic nominee-to Con- ed by r
Im ... .UP).rreos from her home district, it The N eFadden dii-
i _, sl .cl nSf_. lH was ar "unced in Kanmas City played eye which an
BK were...e ,r, wlle Yy. associat rwdl had seen in-t
oieialsi ,aAMrot s of A spo.eaman for Q eorge nth l ."-a.doot
h S everpL" 8e t wa et pext Christopher, Amoret, Mo., run-i .-"me in the
Sdenta ng for Conrret I n the fourth roin rte
Missouri district, said-Tru In try
Ate mla. y said today he *11il go man would head thte ath for im n,
iite. A' temala. Colombia. EItua- Christopher'" caipalgn aiAd waU in
be le t whe t r or.Pet_ and Bolivi for about expected to make veral ap- ~h% .o
Ethee week pearances at partI, .walle incut a
H ew cases Christoaher's behalf. higher
nbs bt a g er toured Mexico Wilhaem.. afttrid t ;
"6 1Ad Sep- chairman of De St. s HW4kls
I_* _e e-Dpart- erata a e .pt
R. 3ducation.- idue im FriAr
.d a J t Bervee. and hia TNe ork. had *ml irw
,.Vo n ..W. .....1 114 Nni... sam.. ..5o..k .II

Ia wil

8 ij- -v S7R E 7, 7


___I__ I__r_


-IOW. W o 'l '

___~~~~~~~_- .-~_~ __ ~ ~ ~~_



Oldamobile Convertible, radio, hydra-
maeUS seat covers,ires. Full pew top a--d new5.00.
USA tires. Full price-095.00.

1952 Plymouth. The popular tudor,
with new tires, seat covers ani
sands of unusual mile. F prie
$1195.00. .

1953 Pontiac Fordor Sedan. Name any. s.
e Msory and this car has it, iuclilug
nw USA tires. and undercoating+ Full

1951 Nash Statesman Tuaor, e le and
extremely ecofoImi tras
/ fotegk 95O.00 -







H Street WO N





.-. -- te .rouO -th

begn to daw the tqu dh
covering o the third ro that

West cd,01d A longer follow suit.
This way rather embafrasing,
since South had to use all of his
remaining ,trumps to draw East's
l. trumps.
clubs. Sath correctly assumed
ov that the iWhe thirwould lose. Sthat

.rC did by < running -inre.
SWT he tried an endplayer leading
the queen of hearts embafrm the
O dumt y..
S Uesl.u tey- for declare, East
Shat th e d da hih heart.on the
H E E third ro, nd of diamonds. .H wh
able to aitre the qun of heartom

and thez get to. his artner'sl
hand with a low heart. West then
cashed the jack of diamonds to
I"iV k defeat the contract.
S .J South h mamade i good attempt
to rec ver, but only after he had
Splayed tee hand.o pdly. Thee was
po reason to draw the trumps so
SA I ll"After rufflg the second round
C a IX'listof hearts, South should take thtw
S. 'club finesse at E iWould

IN TRADE? Southh can drw the s
take his n Mck.
It's all to tal the hand
from your partner in order to
.. .... score honors, but if you do ,0.
IIyou VmID y us mt make sure of playing
A VII the hand correctly.


HIS BUSINESS IS ow,, oct. 7 (IM
-A four-enWoC 13-50 recmn-
UILT ON KEEPIN rth n flam near heft
night, killing, t -least IIOf e
HIS CUSTOMERS 17 crewmen. aoard. .
Four men wuse rMved In Lte
_. accident, which took place e_4
HAPPY rice ranch fi gtt9 southOast
of WInlows. TWO7 1ln were'-tB-
AND HE DOES A 71 u Air ForM .pem_
Ste survivors *IO T-Sgt. tl1*-

.. i

1951 Mercury Spo Sedan, res.t gre

c and sem ie lgre n two tone finish,

matching plastic seat covers. Full

1950 Buick Fordor Sedan, radio, -seat cov-
ers and new tires. Ful price-$795.00.



. i


,-J *


. ,"" -


; .

A. A
+. .. 7 +: o ..-, ... -. +::; ,: ** *. .; -.. ^ .. -
,r.r .. V .. .'. ,.' ...
: ,,, .-. ,- '" *"'ss -" *-- -"-" :"x^ *' ; *' + ':*-* + "',.._,* .o^.*.*..*.. -.. .i--* ,... '"
* rilTrjla || r T^ ''air ^


- *1 .

V~ 'i-'

.F I IA 4M'
pEL C A P I T-A P'

.s ^^AL

^^*T*W*!! L"
n -- lw B
"ANK No., r. ,

1s. h ............... S *5.65

0tb 0 si.(

with -

' '. F -. I



S.aMwill by the me bid-
Moe i that. has. ever
kmn place in Hawail. The sal-
antfic pr m includes papers
kwr w"ls top 4ur.
TIN*Mood nti Is exputed to
return W Panama by the mid-

' *


HUQIE QIOW like the one above attended the Central Theatre Tuesday to see the prevlow
of the M ternatlonMi -*per-productlon "Magnificent Obsessilon," which has been rated
as the beat re of the yer. .Advt.

. ... .. ',,, -

th fmn of h herNtow,

Nw Class In BateDeeseralmg
starts Next Week
a noew lowm In, tW It-

lei Force" ceCentlrIn l'

Chairman of ti U Is VlMr.
Jaa Kennedy, o wm be i
. td by Mrs. B. G. Davey, Ms.
* Blmer 1. Andersep, Mrs. .
Stand Mrs O. aox.
The elas will be Umited to
Srsonnel and their
I bt- eb of both the
Canal and Pa a co-
idialy mviei to attend.


sre an W e in
nent centre
Iwill be for 28 Years.
agreed that the de-
ite,.were 'rather in-


M W~oK
m "

d ".mep j+ m_. Tc., and. tIs sou es, comr a-

Hw .7e. e Hme TheVA aT t public power
.. h ,s .,., emo and out of Con-
Ing, 2. peChetlve i.n ey. gr,... Democrats are makin It
use o e ll urtion-dollar ,,y

". of s _vi _tor esm' m moneyArk. byIt
teS th at- e f thc e private

when. an b rpo or f the ca ntract hid
1. supporters and out ofCra a n-
i am h ocrat are maket It to be

ot uabl 1. Rub fended tseon the alctmeans
ora wof talnxpes mmoney. Itn

Scont that if cmthe private
Splant-ot built, TVA would there

mu hava ae lM- new plant wl od
Sbetween th tim be now. Ammittee
B ati tw ontaWt and the
SOteondtifvtegnral atrove
S eA -on son esos
.i hs Vrt in ea ion the oo, thre

IwatV Ie 1.t wait ealing period
Sbee r the ontrccti begommittee
Sdk f o a emoat. aurmnd the
e it effect. if Congress

Is now are at ion t he mgttee

.. a ealz e, a d nlaMe-l.l -mon-
..... CoW(-N.Y.) sad the ABC

... So the Wi t ~ ved off
th .e conat o dmb'eav plant
*k Iftheft teofmmttee@JmiUsow ve

.... -e owTne, s ,aing at 10
4 Wsd& wil toeo

x~n~fl~alssssl- i^" -s* *
*^^^^^-Bte, '~~o ^j theg1*1^^'"^



Wbeat Farmers

Warn Feds To

slky On Property
RhLLoDAL, Mirb., OCledt. 7 -
(UP)-Farmers in Michigan and
Ohio who have rebelledagainst
the U.,. Department of Agrl-
culture's wheat UIqw_.eil) pro-
gram warned federal employes
today to stay off their property.
Signs bearing the message "no
treepafag by. anay federal em-
ployae" were .ouiid. on farms
along the OhiM o route.
* A spokesman aai the algns
were directed at government
:ena takers and Dpsartmentft
Agrioul4te. workers who visit
=farma to memure wheat fields..
Whbe stu were

MOVIES TV RADIO r. o* o t t 7
by Inkine JoliMon leader (-of
SParty, uid today the
-- .. real chance" ,h10 arty
HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Un-. Grab. a shovel and bury anothe.control from 10 =
Cpvering Hollywood; Ovias. de legend about Irving Bern now inaton bu %S
Havlland's perannt addr e s that you'll. be humming hil tunes W vernment faIn t
from now on wl lJ'rl a, Frapce from Par lount' lnew museial. hate fme dety
with trips to H for movie "White ChlUtmas." Berlin may Theformer deputy
actlna only. Rush to-be French have started out as singing wait. and one- e .f
magazine executiVPerre Galan. er, but he's never wanted to be- rltry arrived y pl
joins her in own in De- come a slinging star. 15-da vialt during w
member when ash etes "Not To prove this point he tells this. f Sake sp hes i.
as a Stranger" announce story: of a bond drive.
the wedding dati en and return "I thought I was only a possible l In
... L'.- version of 'This Is the Army' and a ?r c ft.
Just as I iptdlcted after her I sang one of my first hits. "Oh, q"- bor a t "_
marriage, J. etert Is returning How I Hate to Gel Up in the rmtarw ect
to the screen.',9's in Atlanta, Morning.' Morrtaon. ho
Ga.. on location tRl "A Man Call- 9. When they played the record. several weeks ago, a
ed Peter." She co-starred with Ing back over a loudspeaker on "ormously imprs s
Richard Tod& the set I overheard an electrician OrLlS- SMaderA M.
--- tell rop man: -
Big holdout in the clearances I e wo wrote
being sought by MGM in filming could hear iBerlin lngl 1i e'i
Lillian Roth's f story, "I'll Cr turn over in his grave.'
Tomorrow," is Judge Ben Schal. -
leek, whose marriage to Lillian Lana Turner's daughter by Stevq
was highly publici Crane, Uyar-o bryl, is al- .
i --- t;Imost as tall as mama. DolorI.Is
Jeff Donnell and Aldo Ray talk- del Rio, who went into an Io-
ed over the msariage-or-career tonal spin when east out of "'io. .- k
question and Jeff definitely will ken Lane," Is facing movie cam.
go ahead with her emoting after eras in Spain for the time
she becomes nrs. Bay. ... Nora since the recent headlines.
Haymes is downcast over her long -..... .
fight with Erpl Flynn, on child. O-, IJC associations are gnash-
pport paymMz. She a..moving their teeth over. three new
to New York lth her two= iddles lms (Shield fr murder, Private
to try for a TV career. HeU and Rogue Co) in whi
A RETURN TO the GM lot D.oliemep play heives. May
for MarioLaniza The studio's loan there's consolation for them
of. costumes from "The Great Ca- "The Big Combo," starring
ruso" to ari for Mls CBS-TV Wilde. Say' Wilde:
bow in "Show StNars" cemdd be .It's an offbeat rele-I plat 'ph
a straw in the.breeze. ..Holly- HONEST policeman."
wood w e!med Jack Podell. new c '
editor of Motlon Rlet. ma e tins aricer"c l- .
at a jam-packed iros Po W'A '".
party. 'His first issue out Oct. 4 ..Wh IAVE N ..-UPr)-I
proves he's on top bO f hnews. Z-Fra a ,anL

vr i_` .- a -

""m "Ital"y
theyrp0t an9' ataly ctray:
"en ay t f the Asl StWr Dpart '"No,S na.tomaUucbi.
t 1n 5 to Its own eXs=fit b ed jr ne, 0., Art ion .tterTsT7.year-old son.
-_a whe u are buse rnl. ..d t t thet. IdependentJac, is about to emulate papa on
Ot 30 e .. anner of O io. dstribued the the radio waves. Hebr be a Tet
lo i Aanao e Ti s ret ~pjMftIng here Club recor-splnner Wth na bHe
Debo rietonbo un.h. .adWe__o0 rtr offl starts locally in mid-October be.
from en. Ohio. Indina fore joinitg ithe network:
Is Making Roo and WOis attended the meet-, .
l ui Eve Arden and Brooks West an-
F e 'lufi. 'ey; contributed to an "In- nounced birth of their ison th
,rQr r Oween dependent Farmers of America -"This is No. 4 in our tax*exemp-
._ 0 oTrust Fund" to be used in fl- tilon corps." .. And Sl.pike J.
Members of the Delbonair o- aneink Ralph A. hinaberry's has added a flea ciusotm
cal a "mpbrtin Club are busy l- aganat the wheat. program, musical troupefor its winter to.
,making pr ratons for a Hal- 8Saberry. a Wright township He says: " starting from
owe'en dance, to be held on (Mich.) farmer contend t h e scrtch on this new endeavor."
Oct. 30 at Phe Tropical Club. C- program Is unconstitutional OY BOGRS. broke aU attend,
Ion. ,' ance recordLat the Canadian Na.
InvltatIlonl are belni diatrib- Tlidely Approval tional ExItion. Quote from an
uted to, guests on both sides of official there: ..
te stmu. oiARTLAND,.Vt. (UP) An "f hbe ran forelectio ,OOS "w,
.I tem on the town meeting agenda he could be prime minister.
Th.e club h contracted the ete was 0W for the fire dert ,
services of the Marc6elino Alva- ment. Less than a minute aslr Human side of a enamp note:
rez and Victor Boa orchestra to the residents voted the approp Rocky Marciano nixed a chance
play from 9:30 p,m.Av 7.jn.' 'W imone ran in and s outo to see himself in a k eope of
Novelties have beerd ordered 'tn'.a'Leo.Gaudette's." Mejp, his.-Comedy Hour guestiung. His ex.
for distribution among the tendinl the meeting rushed to lq planatoon;
guests. : use and exingulised the '.. It would make me aertins."

-passbils v
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ac 1 Oomels once- 1 o
d5' t_ _ta "B-I -ltb




Your Face will Light up, w nh you
see these SMART, Ifahionle ,


SJut received a trend e ou. variety.
famous "Rod Iron"- and '"TleVyisio*'l



How much? 1.49--.24-2.98 to 7.90
Where? ONLY AT ..

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-ds Mrs. Guest

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* S..

Government OK s Hard-Fought

Dixon'Yates- Power Contract

Otft' a t

lilt a foot for t-'Q
a U:nDowto
sad a w "" -apU.

.- .,? .ea -:.4 ,.
_.,,* F ., .L^ ..': -,,- a i ', .A fn" ""ti '

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p) a


titOfMariano, Even With Texa e
It Of Mar iano In Game-Of-Week
. "',K i.d G a.ila-n NEW YORK, Oct.. 7 (UP) 7,- NU--..,@Il
The nation's top-ranke4 team.
o Oklahoma rates only an even 'j L
'NEW YORK, Oct. 7 (UP)-Prmoter Jim Nor- choice Saturday against texas a I
idM trove today to increase te activities of Rocky New York football odds show. -. _
larciano, Bobo Olson and Kid Gavilan-the ring's Ino ther bea-rno.1 evesn Fa 9n h df
q : Stanford are rated even... and the frigh-
He again requested that Mar- against Olson at Chicago on Wisaconsin is 13 over Rice. .a te #d g of Ahe A. ao
bleal defend his heavyweight April 2. Nevertheless, he gave i i mricane League-';
crown against big NIFo Valdes Bobo a hard fight and lost on a Close games are foreseen for ..The Tribe .sta,,,i., a new leIt.'.
se6fuba at Miami in the winter. close'decision.d Southwest teams. Bavlor and .. .. loru10 v ie- but. t
Aoed he suggested that Olson and eArkansas are rated a t-p... ha- m
v an meet in a return winter Yesterday Norris conferred for ditto with Pouthern Methodist e -
fight at Miami for Olson's mid- two hours about the Gavlan an and AMlsourl .. and Houston t Yanks. 4 e
W e their titles then. manager in New York. Pilot A&M The AL'. re Cv
.Meanwhile Gavilan will defend intNorris' plans, but "I'll have T. other games. Southern dttely' atin, -- a
h% -welterweight championship a hard time selling Bobo on the r dlifornia 13 over Texas Chris- eit n tw thee lLt'"i"l
*ainst J o h n y Saxton of two defenses. You see, Bobo and tin. Miami of Florida 20 over p. R u o
Brooklyn at Philadelphia In I had agreed there would be no Holly Cross and Notre Dame 20 for Bal i aSher i
'Aheir twice postponed fight on more defenses this year, at over Pittsburrb Ohio Ptate was way of ton es'
Oct. 20. last." a points over Tllinos. Mihl Tacticiane he .
And No-rip began negotiat- State,1 over ndli a. 7 wo1ha tak he ,asu-far -Dukel &_*W
uts, 1-pd8 O diadem gainsd over Northwestern. movment.wa.ystlned. Rbnson e
o Jv Glardeloeof Phlladelnhla II8r nor US The closest southern rme The i eto, but ews ad am ng
ovst Madison. Senamre Gardn I flaures to he North Carolina- not eno .The 'are them.L -
November or December. Glar- p. Georgia with thep Tar Heels six more likely to a s or get This series did li
Sdeo Is the top tender. T point favorites. The spread fa- worse as ng as Clrk aG ith i t anre to a ttory
nti Jneor n, t defernwait Ue Dse T vors Auburn by seven over Ken- fitted opir e an that pl ae
rcano would prr to wat tuckv. Louislana state hv 13 v d coue store. T cent of a
until June for his next, defense Georqisa Terb Misainslnni State were the owns under another that has come 1ce C ie Tonight's game apears to be
because of the 1 ang sthe f- Po el hv 13 over Tuloea. Florida hv 14 name in Baltimore, trebm this Mack coine thb l. a duelt tween the 55g at-
fered on e rt. 17 agnstEar V r OW over Clepqon. William & Morv e ly those r eming the s are As Dion Dean said, you've got tack the Athletic Club and
Charles Foreover, maW At T I11 14 over North Carolina RttAt. bly reported to be in finmntil to have aysv wio can get them the L attack f the Bull-
Well prefers Dont u tlnl of l MMi tinni in ovpr Vanderhilt dIMfficulties.,what With a sizeable guys o1 : doA.C.'sr-nattack'
nln S the June anger; and Maryland by 20 over Wake note to be nMet. Te Athleties are With at tsally porous ma- sufeted a severe blow .hn it
.qitVades. S Forest. poor relation wards of-the wheel. or leagU't le d-ooed was eT. that Wll e
Norria talked on- the tele(@Ue (P) Charley ork, a Th the at Prnlton isAevn an t th Iae otreCanal1 S3h0-l Fath-
to Wih, who is in Son"Frdreyman pugilist from the o ver PpsIulvolniq Yale 13 onvr were overnqakhed t t4t, In:the of over-an spedL cheat muscles. This, l wlt h
Sto have Weill-rAldy to -ge spotu aht today as the er. Cornell 1o ver Harvard, In 48pot we recalled Havlad of a 'the ry amboree great-
etot the Miami Viles matL -result of hi. seventh round and Army 21 over Dartmouth, that the Polo qr d on uthe way a4 thth tans ly red eeffectien of the -- -
a they confer at Miami neXt knock of Charley Powell b ones, so not World were quriel a aAisaote Th thirdenal n a
redan Btigt. See? y ge a B r operates Nttftog a nds The o willto be canllnk S .,1 h, -on4
07 wimt bavier rblomnin l bm frnd Norkus, a 2-1 underdog who an u p*l-g etageItNhcrwo tsoeeaendit

acive title. he to of left a rigt the alley at thd Diabl Heights s h w "bl New y g th J andbard
o rrwn d F'-. rv' ne- eubhouse laat lridal night M B etev sede aa,-You only hd'teok at theQ ar feb Ono;to
fn the adv.hilit- of two title brou'':own"for ate. d ed caM tm plays.IH ergieste-to .
defense within the neIwt five nica markou at2: ofi the crag nc601AGU e
wait o lx r-tbx he p of left. wrighth. a sho Pinl were turned l avr using the air a t
ripi, the alleys at that Diablo Heights In
-w wClubhouse last Friday night ra X

he 1woebab11 o NWWorkas, however, surprise
aeturn brawl with- i owl on the can
*AZWe .' Noritk bsM
t limf earlier In th
* vlm 619 bd he went. 1- knrkoat r maud bad droW
St r r_t wt L. a frlctilro .M hbttla ce l eort left hooI
Sfor .hi challenge irt as the ftprth ended.
;W .i -



lIO130 M.


d chloped in with a 647 to hel
S 1El Panama roll 297' for the hli,
i In that department for th
* league. This wasn't quite enoua]
isa Seymour Agency out five 20
Sor better games together t
salvage their ,one point and total
1082; hiRh team game for th
leepue. "Curly" Bates also scored
Ia 620 for Seymour Agency whUh
Ted Melannon ad 50. '
El Panama Hotel'
Waggoner 193 219 235 64'
Colston 103 220 181 509
ieletes 188 130 102 51
Presho 160 191 187 54'
Coffttey 232 193 246 67
973g 6 1041 297
Seymour Ageu'yt
iWlber 126 228 211 56
rates 201. 195 224 621
Thels 174 183 501 55
Janowski 1'19 17 200 55i
MII anson 2.1 171 2206 5

Sears had a 275 game throw
at t#em byJi 'Jm y Oallgan ,
a1ell's, bui ati) took a wel
earned thrdt to ope win. Bud
I ir and marty Colbert with
II e 6nd 024led Sears, while Gal.
AIg scored his second 657 tota
ad'had help from "Chief"-Lar
ae who rolled 0.
S' Sca
onit2rt 211 197 21 624
efhOae 166 16 193 531
Anteraon 160 IN 184 53'
Best 179 176 182 53'
Baleer 232 195 202 620
948 ." 97 7 M
oweU's 040"
U 140 71 148 473
Spinney 181 181 167 521
Oaptln .1 27 M W
Rogane l .148 1 5Ml6

Me winne" 01- the. dinaen
donated by Oarde
were Jimmy and B]y
Tin taft : *
Powell's it 85
Sears 7
I Panama 9.
5en dour 5 11
The Individual standings:

w V
<' =

m.. .,,I*

)ct. 21

cow" "b-

0. Keenl osr s:

l t1tton. Dormnan y .M .Membet t s- b h I -
e 3 motins, wJay 47 ..,.ntR rIo bs I. 4e4
SI Morr".. rObKen 5o
f e, J", 5 orti ie
SPaIT'S opa' (left), manager of the CleAland f, Don 40U
4_. In ,B Sot43a looking an afar hi t .o.""
Ste d e New YorGants n fou t ene Tea B ITED
7 gaiam .o .e (i ghlt), ma.naer of the G. ant_, wears 8 3ntherlantl, Owen q. l TU Fr 'I .
1 a intll qt q atlataction after te Glanta took the fautrth [ Bl. kll. Al L. little WiellS aker bMa s ,
Sand final gaIe. ... HB Raybourne, Herb s set another ridt record. .w W W
6 "* L y, arr7y 7 "
31 't.... ,". ""' L. Thayer. Wm. Uors k ws ^tya h4
IOharl etc Latet ydearlmhoemaker beame-
7 t -N .. .Y... .. b. James 4 the first jockey i nhistory to ide GIRL'-S vol
0!! I(g)mn e U. T Fudtoh-. Dorman 4 300 winners in .eaOe nt eT1Iu L., .I
8 S w. O orre, Ncola -R years. Yesterday tle 2yq'-d SU. 4
S i l Hs of tes. Iyer. W T'exan eahedthe or I
8l C **' c n *r, -nevhr_ rwrI sh .ort yer B4 'o Ual

S. rATH.TtiWCLTU waoLn the fifth race wt "First
Sfar on rouh role Carl 1 Califeoreia. t w e et
S3 .- B winner= of the day. shoenatker's ,.
hIwi n'erof thedayoQB MnBIr, Arnold 4 Other big seasons w 1959, '52 r s inI- Gaae., s
ga~~g ~,~a~ hea.d .. at' 72 m bd dr: ..
"l? 'Thomasi., Dorn 15 winners... ano er a-time rc- I: a. I
.. L lHe vS, Doi 4ord. Ye* dter dayth. 2ndla2r
41 ,TERS ,'ONeGHT re '1T ..a A3 m raorr.aim o A
A recIrd i3a i atii
5 r "1 3. I Owner Geo< Presto Mar- high sc. ie eih.
7 -'-; mI, i "likil- li of the mk rmhit300wh.ade n eib

B|O 'u u cr*i S ohnrl the 'pjahington. maerly aic
Sant fi thf athe- started the exhition eaen M YaeB,
ofd Ies therry. Al TO Clownahd coac th!. y LM b
U .t IL -it" -* -'usacp r TI nlte" coach. But I a fired hi d I or4a d
d by far, ,.u""II terbac o 11,wik n after an argof t e d vet l maced ms

I i t At.Ctled .-s a the -- leading usr, _. .. with .ch then a ..
via' :.e .r But.. a.A i'n the o tdh- Washington sB at LaB oIM t12 Waao e

,M;^l f 7:61ytip. first hAtsbalifts had plaun to the jobth
Pe also h. ta yards Ion "It was just a"
oaUatg. MarshamI
o4 ther.ep-.t-.I7 would step down" p
7 &W The 'San P f-4'er. have
7II "IL-u"IIroet t'swo i g eu d I-aeto F
I .. 7.: ,STO..L 6P:1%.;.idd M h nd"
.li. .ne-backer o. W i gn.
.. .r. I i d a r h a l s *- W e uWn e"
I IAYTeI'- IiSr lf tain

teamh:15- T jg,' 1.. ,
Air-him uhasch. han

t I

I"'" N -..l
Ila MO.~e.


?;,- ..4

* if,
* A

-.J:' '






L_ I_ :_ ~




j ;.'


I rlp.f.a i

, '.

*$ .1*~*

-^"Z e," .;" -
'ra ~^, ^,'- .1''1 '-.- g', .

V'" '"-:~-^~-OIL --"Iv s x-N'w-aloA.-A nd M a "How '
Pre" "--. Nebrmta y.i. t r

Stat 0~0 at V. o ffo
x-Baldsn *W r enta trgVa. E lb:
-B0901 f04,18..Zlmhurst A
D-o rD ERr. kkota South DakotSX
a ZrEe- rr s tu vs. 'Tewnn- orthetorn vs. Ame=s
a k at t see Tech Intern tion41
m '-ottra portNoh IIl. StAte vsa. SouthL
'he el2M44 fr x-Loe an s v L Tech o th I 8tte
Dx i xNorthi .St vs. .
The* .4132to x-Presbyterlan W.1 Da dson Simmons.-
.J5Jhoa-San Prma mTa g nmesr tateW vs. Ban Norwle v. vIs K.ven State
e intem and era. Diego Stat Oberlin vs. Deauw v.
g. for h Clan. b x-Santa Barbara vs. Califorhaa Ohio Wealey vs. Wbash
eash 1,from Poly" Omaa va. 1radley .
p.M,. '. x- ouherm O iaornia vs. Texas x-Qreana 'C"le ld
h are 4atlan U.-Pacf Colluga.$ho aPtN
to at x-Tkee Inst Clark-1 x-Pacific U. vs. aelf Lutheran
arten or elemen- -Wartburg vs. Bena Vista x-Panhandle A and M vs. New Wayne vs
tary school w are at least x-Western Ill. v. -Lewis Mex6o Wsatrn \
S.- ouryears of pip.,, V, w
four years g. of opaX-William Jeweg v. Tark1o Penn State vs. Virginia
r~t- b-AdmsStats eW rern New o v Red-
tons i. Aries, lo" Mexico
St. Mary's. -Akronv. land Wstern er h
t winners classes are open to -Akonb vs. Obt Prineton vs. Pennsvlvan Went Virnla v.
0ie Ain grad o t Alabama Aa vs. Flak Puet Soind vs. West ern a
thetw hee, aMble playerr a St. Mary's el ntry s ho o ls lgho vi Purdutir. Dp
".S',e '. ( fourth awhot hve not ed th in- Ren laer Poly v .Kingsx .- V aton va. X" -
re __ t v ^S thF wI haen vs. nosu d te Whflmt
..- neors swimmlg tests. -VAona vs. do Point.. ..
Sor Children who have ie te Arl ona State Vs. San Jose Rochester vT Un l i. N.Y..
NOEa, st cS ie a p teiorth e o --Rust vs. P1. -i
P.wever s ah and Notre Dwso ChldrenIo b( State -p lrSa l lth
atero wI 't r powerful Duke swimmers test ma entry inter- ransas v. tlorren tat vs. alor- ,
theb awa.- A lon, Mhiga State. mediate elaisrand cAr v wh"oYvs.~', nil AglesX- t .
t lIowa, Ohio Stsa and h. have passed d interim. test Rock x-t. Ambrose vs. Loras "
the.a he' may enter swimmers .esAll Bl Bell, State vs. 0trerne vs. Alfr"d -Wite p. Arns
.ww"re ice H-~It tVthe Purdue story-to make classes are open to eldta at- 2 Noit- ,Va.e x-t..Noriert vs. naroll Wile v s s
10 W ino his ,Ie cu, It even worse for opponents -. s to ding U.S. Canal Zone Shoola B Normal At. Olaf vs Carleton WI
oren. oraW.exes-wooN _pa ne""" thoits vs. Augsburg:
withmum of .a-ao plet. Dawson tale, eith. or .S. children whose pa0=6t oY W. a. St. Thomas vs. Augsburg. Sta
ds ,out ames and coma or. Th ermakers have a big erilees. Canal D Omaburg tate v. Cortland Minn. W
inn," tre. He is guldiprove stbdi- active forward wall, ledh by prriv. -State eanpe_ vs. Millnia x-WslmlnaMte
sa bl king l-4nter .i.s o3nly, ". 1.tis, a uard who was .There w T e. no cher for tBluefeld State vs.oWinston Shawftn v rinl te Wlon
.,,pmore," tU H ocomb b mt valuable player last -instructionorforadionto Sae ix-BSouth. DIft State vsa Augus- x-WlItteniur l'_
ars.' o"w Ohio ear. J center, asad /W, the pool for the class pind. taen .. tana. 8.D. Wpoter v.
story of'bow Ohio e tackle do sNo-twdoin va; rst Southern Illinois vs. P Worcestqr .
o u c ne ateo. -.jl- to help ta the .. ...t.. I v oas ul~n M a.
Fpassfor19.teuchdo~n iIed U .rgham o USW illonisnaInsat. vs. NE Oct.
o o hi fields a veteranU- Brown vs. I Sland Loulsifai Inat. 8 r.
rd a around Undu but has a deep betch F Buck.nell va. h 8tind"ld YB. ColW Oat
fao*M tnyoRAM. o a 'vho Scould xClorffLM V. l& OrCoegron W',
dir ad the Te w for Iwo Call or re gon x-stout vs. Eo a Clare
wson a fadt starter n the M ears. clu here .Ix- MONTMO0ERY Ala., ;t. 7- en 8 s Lock Ha- tat x- ttate v
D O:,.me ,way in not* m r.undy, a gine-end. (UP) James Lamar (Dust xCapital x-Sul, Ros State vs. S. Houston
n -ld trand he r wkis e the wonder of th love i-Ca 1W V.ljot=t
iiu a e, al "dy" dizedLIa bya oewere al _.wiao llreuoos"rorna toc.a
iaen oD ame. u run slans on r merchants. ur Te a SW
= "I S" ....e;It Rhodes, "pinch hitter deluxe Coast LrL .-t r l
&iI.. lt0- 51ef Da7 whu] could be va 'York hw ohere Vx- e8s, Ripen
more than an uppt, however f6r Friday:. lane from gt9 Rutgers
oth&o mplete baffleoie 'At be- VtlU .re ba3Snce Cha .C. e take pa rtlx-uaorage Asnd U v.-
h u m ees as n m .W ak i ld M in es Tv -C olor1o


M et-s P tMie men" .
h oa the mound to overema the to the bng
i If ever, do thei
as'to this a Clwvelanh t4alu t w rh wob t Uittle eati t
Id 1 n the M to gve inee the players m to
S' ** on th r equ
tall of us who had een the ladb In 22 They u
, sankes fooled so utterly ad comln tely dby sns
w ar to be so lml W ovetd th e at h
I.. .. We cave .-o much ttaUdthg to pWhnv1l wt
4U*wlhIn a league. h
favorite ta et
,UB BOOMS CLVRD DI IN 5 Uon ad the
ftthf dl defeat the an Ie8 in that com tl beavie
e-usadr nh S ept. 1W. I flgul that the bco twofold.
t to Itr p in MS. I am t rlt4'a 1B4
Sap s _to oldoe a obo of demany ptheand
iMi toiell 6I"r onB at Clvela-d lity to e resu
e il a are toneat rr. for a fi
S t ds to that. t 1a 13r.
Afl the ~. ad lon't Sthk tha4 the bieti Pho I o

And tSaen wi hllhwn n
mthe Daft atv w*RM N hur ie h
asmb6and Mon

e e rbe th lwnta fqok t h

WAfI r.MWted o SiR i he I.
^ft,^ anr. awocu wihhd e ^ 'Hfi'gJ
^-W~t~fefi~ln tur tral%-gmet^^ SS?*all"
^ft*% toIUat g yMIear. theeetA"-fle

t alwaysi
era I

i abitor
e new sp
me. TAe
s abck j
sand sld

Searn a Ibeh
MI .
practice ses-
Ssame sched-
bo. ys, learn
hat have you.
time they are
r the opposi-
ir Job of over-
er competition
Tigers have
I on their abl-
s much of the
football chan-

the Rme a-
gh'la# Friday
any tnea ran
izlxhtely five
t. for the moqt
af to elude
andl that

and coaches
er figure this
elntly in
U tamji

I 'Shofes

. '5SEBALL..

J, hW St.Ad

the ,tNle maw %" ho..-
weighs t at 186 an seen
plenty service at tackle.
* wlT aber will be maklnu hii
weight felt hi the case of Cri-r
tobal for three more years. Hisa
eager willingness to, learn will,
someday, Make him an out-
standing member of the CHS
a res. Bill 0 bson Is a fresh-
nend an if the reputatI
of the two previous GbsonD
Noel and Bob, mean anything
and we feel sure that It does,
Billy is headed for a brace of
good years at Cristal.
There ae several- ers th.t
ooint to a.brlght fu t Cri-,
tobal. but the lob at Id right
now Is we 984 Tomor-
row night Cristobaw their
second rival in the anteUseholas-
tic race. Jpnloi Cn omes
toMt. Hope- for-toMtl's en-
counter and. on the strength of
C.HAL's 204 le 6 *boa rules
favorite to takehom. the bacon.
But there an enough Tlers who
feel that 'tiW Intead to do
something aibut that situation.
Who .an tellH with a determin-
ed will to w*1' an upset might
be In the O f.. -
,,*'- ;..., "

i-Big.e 4IW" '
and twicels.. ;

M .M' h.ri. "
WOO" w

i o

S.X at ate ~i.
^^ ^ B^CIi city wi'r9 Paul's
as added two E fe s. V'ValpaI '
otbr homer, in Plaette vle vs,
the s g games. Perns lt. i i
x-PlIren Sa te r
Rhodes will be presented at a State
high school football game Friday Florida A and M vs. Vt. Valey
night. On Saturday he'll take part' lorida N and I vs. sava ah
ina arads climaxed in thprs- tate
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tioi. unrman vs. South Carolina
S. Georgia Teh vs. Louisiana
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Orinnell vs. Lawrence
<-Gustavus Adolphus vs. St.
x-Hamline vs. St. Mary's
Hillsdale vs. Kalamazoo

X-lLouaton vs. Texas A and M
SHward Co llege vs. Mississippi
x-w afyn e vs. Now Mexico
HOward U. vs. Virg&Wa U.
SIdaho State vs. Colorado State
Illinois va. 02o10o state
Indiana vs. Mihigan State
Iowa State vs. K5ns ra
x-Iowa Teachers vs. Drake
'.. .ackuon Co01ege vs. Prairie
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S3. C. Smith vs. St. Augustine's
MUM.60 .30 Ju-t vs. HavDtford

TO D A Y Langston vs. Texas College
Z:." -'Are9P*. Lebanon Valley vs. Western'
Ma ,land
Lewis and Clark vs. Portland
Llncbln, (Mo.) vs. Kentucky
Lincoln. (Pa.) vs Lycoming
-Louislana Poly va. McNeese
S-Vi. New Hampshire
t-Missl llv s M orrie arvel
Marl 8d State vs. North ar-
OleaA .and T
z-McMurry vs. Midwestern
x-Memphis State vs. Murray
Miami, Ohio IXavier, Ohio
Michigan vs. owa
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Ke n Aga hoin N ,ct.U).Pan

Soral ory t.7a in- "Let the people know the truth and the& country is afe- r Abraham
d.g ar Eastern speciallt
o ntpeorjuycargs. te THIRTIETH YEAR PANAMA, P. THUSA.OC,
grand jurors charged that

indltM end es-France Sod Rec ver R
'VTestifled that he never lol-

nests. ,
ys indletment was re- PARIS. Oct. 7 (UP) An ing before Mendi-Fsce p hment after becoming pre- wanted to his side of the edor o
lred before Federal District alleged French traitor charg- became premier wt m. story to th left). agreed
dge Edward A. Tamm. It sup- ed today that top-sect m ill- through Turpin's co oed In MeanwhileU the ter o10 us "The at the leaks has
lements a perjury indictment tary plans stolen from the the council'. pe se-o 'Monaleu Ohals W-sought by just eon l second sta.e,"
.tuked against the 54-year- French national defense coun- retartat to Mendes i-oe, police al l oryt showed Dides said.
Jona Hopkn University i ll ere paed to Pierre en- The connecting n i'TUrpin Up uddenat t before De la Rar, evited war
uet er in December, 1952. des Francs before he became claimed, was the director of the qmil l treIhBt .rins, At minai .9 mfrom
S premier. pro-Communist daily Libera- in the sn I to
Of he e the The charge was made by Rene tion," Emmanuel D'Asrler do la The y witness. Al- abe ome
indrt Indetment, two have Turpin. a central figure In the Viere.. frd de la Rue, was campaned of his .m
been dismissed by the courts. investigation of the mushroom- Turpin said Roger Larimse by police inspetor Jean Dides communhft I Barnt pe. L
ko diasmissed include so. ing scandal involping spies who another member of the perma- whose Bupuodn first brought Police oLla naoton- i
;i first "key eopnt" which leaked the secrets of French nent sedretqriat, told him the public attfttiOn to. the corn-wide drDe la Rue In I
Iars a that IWtilore lied military planners to the Reds. transcript was given to De las plicated sa6y of cloak-and-dag- hope isfbe able to clear '
hesaid he was neera Authoritative sources said Tur- Vigere, who passed i along t g esplona. up the
p 'WN tor oyp1t. with Pin told' a military tribunal in- Mender-France. Th new js Mt te Eme a 0-manute TR Oct 7 (UP)-Unit-' In thof aff
tl vestlgating the sources of the Obpervers questioned how sena tloni!b.'M s1 came questro on by the mlH-- ed pa pngceo
,.lot aftedei g..e newtnatha "udo-nout of' teJs yeas ato.;of,,ybbt
leaks and the mechanics of the muelfbrdence could plat- after No. t h t ry agrily de- out of to today ine
In'Utie Department officials Red espionage network that ed in TUrpin'sk aega es n a that ounces years i ttron of-tiea-s t
aid tha If the new indict- some of the stolen secrets were Tuptn was said to have told the ni r tha "The the na- tic I r st of iso
is sustained, it will becon- channeled to Mendes-F r a n c e the inVtgating tribNual that hp party., py- tonal e te leak of th 400r d ara
-ssed.wlith the five rehaln- when he was a member of the the moye linking Larse, D on t p areon of theUnted U.. n rumble- o coed turnzon
toorlinkinoDeI enao n of- theye d oU.'nhut or
WhigOuhts of the old Ipdictment government opposition., la VtIpe and Mendew-France oh m PM*sg lng Statea."a-* l d. "They seek Tri mintotor co fthistie. so t as d- to 6al aio
-mldbring Lattimore to trial. Turp in was said toa ve tes- a was ebe-mutual d fr a nc. a don in er a redomt friendly e-aent
e ft pIlfned that a transcript of the speed peace In IndoIna. A 'The pudgy mer k ran leta ed wh them to in-toe one be twe o
rttimore, a longtime tar .daelon of the national de- achieving that peace was len- who was the a ler the to inc e 'dlette of straw enefor the free Italy. 1 .
Se Joseph & McCarthy (R- fense council's May meet- df-raie'sa first mar-eaCom- p4rty at t the t ona." pam I n nena -bt n, r
S.l sMt Inde'ted in Deecei. e .b h a, tEB called pok man id. Trieste.da- a..bA .u-- f a a
92h on char mes that he w lied en' r to c, ar. "A- e "" "-"..s-ta' ....a t..d+a o -'
times 1p1952 testimony ceived the secr infWe add on. ret eg .f the Sf Ir A _h- g
-f nthe Senate subcommittee.IA the eh for epare
subcommittee, then head- .et i De la Rue D. i rited e t the Amerles o" ch w "
prthe late Sea. Pat McCar- byparatth il bp
^i-Nev.) was at the time in- an w ere i m1 a Tor rl om t ut e t p"
ng the Institute of Pa- a Polioote-bd -
Relations, a private re- o r de -u e n
lnzstion -on the Far haed left aw.po ,Whre
Au tiatttatie d risore hadI oat elo told pn l l.e ... l
he *s h ee g I s e o eed. -i ut e d. ,, O araent. o t-i' "h I'
r mllt lin w en e u cu. -

.,-. et *t rt *e ed ateri (questined hidwr He adoedl" .le then efl- t.oops spesr, weie rleH oefe l ..ofl oth-r staf
fle .t m ni .thtion ons u s brNthd..ath, hr u der- .(OJN.DtodC to i t).O et, ne
near)tment oi soee. espione networ0 th ew iAn pvponnoft, 7fio. f hd t no la. rhcan y t o tio.,- t eBra- -ecd pwitt to a.

.I. i i ldtha ,her tew a tfet e eer etsl wee, To1 t was perd t Btdthed laUd Slt e r rpokd ffitl lAl- rnhbeote Hi,--domaTt%"o"N., nth d ghe __ri .bla s oWer W
^ _th( ISo.susined, tswailn d' th- chthnneled% tonge. rt 7 nP geuth in hNasWSWtat his nd tohelie nhdr b ry t7. rs ti to Hollywood receivit
E0 w he CoerJ whenhe w ere thrs.he beenod .k t S, lr on .'rtu ..l he i De ted ot, Bote se w eJiphenV
'tad othk srouqTce tohe He. addtd Hota re tod yb amt o L-
expedw* do= ci r dtta0 BO ot cil mow S uipeSfldsd r j At.u a the t
thorta aatVsethi ntwaspere Nota-Riverackflcd theitb ee i ot-
a1n h t on nder e Rhine pt r s dih e or- o eenT n s t re ss whasanokr'

I& tol i tohi the owhatetrolve rnenoppoitiono, e ie d v.. Smhl a-e nd uende -re 6h m( a. --tom- w t ov o in

IWIB 9 l no.urOctt 7e-U)in-at hihante eveninotY.inahrack dw te We1 27-foo. t 8, ,iB: lor* Itoe or t the T.r-rd e, 4
ehhlerer tettial..woda yela" auturInalun d ert 'r idlsneSept.0,r -. .i .rapIIlt. ,r matJr.rdpt, N dna r

SmeC..durt.b o -oth he a n h er i e vr tun onfl a th o t p _wa. o e nth itis- a o S o S nd. .. i o .o .h T -ererM ,, ., 1 'ofc m shw
l"oollh Rtle eauy n fthee Mar VoDidesmnthed0 art .a lthteeiO f' .llo w ine. em
.r j eury Investi ar rla w no b- ~Uard bla l o t Polie sa.,
heeeacnso"-hfrtenrehsa said. th. e-badIt aredt% theciv eW'".W-torrel
tes-ttiA .- doherr i pit o mprese uui- oarta jo M Lena RIoe aEa t

r- liby lov er, bon Viie tn w as f we re A t hio wtDIE

o g t i Zo- v a t
."" 2K .. ro andd..ttdchasers both-wsirs
tu iw., ccre prnlpl n is 0l WD
ico' oiint-. cari ++ -' m lirse -, ..~ k=o '8A.- ,.,=,1,+, +.,+

.S It he hd I I
"She said the aceci enlthi R "e +
the-W i b wounding occurred after Lord oitn dcourageme ,Mher -,us- 0 of
Vivian had started to climb ba w s-petimaa alsO caught
m ~ V iv ia n h dW h eto~t m s U g tS T '
dhothrough a window, carrying two the eye Mrs. Wl eelet, Arced ".
as we e bottles of stout in o l and. She wife of archeologist.Ji Morthne Ad10 nWAS-:1r0 Am p- A
s c hdm de no b a en u s O a "9 A rm d a d .'.!h. ./
r or said she was wavtn a .45 call- w elrA. w'l .' different
t-r _bra wer in the other whilelbyo
be cOw the b 1i-I% M t7%0iA -
e~yu hoo n llPsmething ...

Is onobon sie&f 4 en
.+ !tit s .nedl k. ,ick e, uP." Loc l 7W00, Arm ed 1,I .4 ... Ll t' '
a. Water that the. wa_ acl dentalerrh e.. ..
Me was.but a ce- o this of in w=eeMesD.o.- A
.Ot'_ O + i ndtdl d o a heS r s '- / ... .*7 :j~:*
iL e~ ~ ship .: r s ... ..:C; .' .
af..c.. ... .o00 ra e d 3.
'i..... tCov etw t :lO8*the ft Affl Suv- tO'"
IcsObapte o0c1~U OrCUOC
offuinto the..

'in -
.__ ,.. -< -_ -m + :;.,
......... 8 ~e- asowi b

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