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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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A ,Asion aS tI boot was published she began to receive let-
teM from reader. were are two excerpts:
', 4 wd like my thanks for the wonderful message
ounvt of u..I am a fairly new member of
eaa-iyour book came to me at just tfe
ymoonOerl bd' was over and te
oiftl M ft. It Ltve me just what I need-
te that prompted you to tellU Our

te. n ibo But with the grace of od
an drink i years. The night you wert. on
Abelew I Was a. for you that I couldn't rk
rta rl 'lli
Q R' never needed the help of Alcoholics

Sid I have &ft theMAA %work in the

Swe 4d the number in the telephone dltec-
H. ..*Mo.* i in the U.S. Army Air roreei r-
.. r iN '"iI W otld to have been. an alco,,e.
Il .NO,." he said quietly.

,zt. A L.


isams nemerorfe of tb e 0 0"
M -*,- &W. a r swe "-a- .
* rLPteU UMe I let need m p te* e*s* e e, a

e) saft held ai sNO -t p ,W M 1e -sl *
|Ue, a. lus.s" hem u us -


1 i I aJad' a drink In over two montip on my doctor's
" I~i-t e o.3qip of iUano before lunch last Sunday,
-today. But this letter has to do with drink-
'as book, "I'll Cry Tomorrow," a great atory
m a who came back.
.,-,ld timers like myself will remember Lillian Roth,
of her fame over 25 years ago. She was S
d at 20 had three pictures on Broadway at
awA Sand wpent a million dollars before she was
',. became an alcoholic.
arrow," is the story of how, with the help of
u, she came bauc. My IntereSt ioreasWed
tta friend of ine was onb- of the *-
BAnonymous. But let's not bOIgt Lill Rap h,
bijbapbFor 10 years I existed in a nightmare
& oh in-a enter but few ever leave aluve. That
a -that there is a way out from shame, despair
Uttear eue-that is the sum and substance of my

4 -
7- -t

I. *1~~*


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;' ... .." -, ,-...
r t


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J *Briow much
p1reams. Nomw

Ti rdous duty lMe com
chose uo d S d man
for it In a labor, pmer.
It san:
0 *43",r clel

by the Alm lty w
in his ...t
Forgetting or a ba
taste of tu sen
I, t *ay m a

puk bea kn he p e
ow. Mllowers York
rae track

we a r thi trse

his gratklie l asa s pi ua g M
B bo pr rul

on man.for ra
bunt arres

ts Itand
woudiff't t
mlaned of l la a L
. Y in D Nin

murder launched athe many i
aeea fand inesiionsm wnw flha

dterword aor racpkete Itie-
unpotic aithe thfre astuelnde one
sor Wtmhn "his m and er atite
started the treasury Dept. al
.fare Aundenhis *name wer sU

new pon that wheh many fp the
plaboro thm a ll.."e ..c e
uTiso ad fo his ki ethd andrtete
up lineofduty.T Andoinnae e ll
mure hunc hed thufaer.andy d- te
fare fund investigatiD now flap
ing through the nation. BS bloody
probe of the Joe .Fy-political-un,
derworld and labor raeketeer.tie-

scandal it ripp ,wie .I iOpen,

Iftl myoept will.

Vr.. '


Army? Ah, me!

By RlaR

hasIt Inwe t mu teat the Arm writing l thoe hard notes when waa ft g it, ,stragtwu.ff Mana
s instiqited arelarkbdy i- U RUB who had maybe ratc(ngreps, a r
lg~ent pnece uf repair tb tbelr ot the waacmm&go ale fM4c(^kgre4A~nhbxl~acce asu-
2theOr out the war eegw ro torx hIes
forces, in returning to tough" up. Every ttoe u a- u eiur -hwed
training, reviving the off-pot thing b uvrl military hU, fied a with e a-
lute, aId seneray reqiumlng the training the u gWent into the gon. I hpve said it btore, but
troops froi .the cIvikao &t', least circulatory. maybe It'l stand lUtUIor rub-
|t's i)- cn 7bl irlrl lstand vowh
the Army uys that' W atit's go.I canob believe t bg; it ins to do. sf noelfw now the ia Amy 10see everyT' qd p-
A sadder state ofa h6lit y uhab- thineg.t a b thee Ka A1 plattt. a eanae r
biness was never seen than what *t sejV l 'b c1e "Inco laoran0e of
happened to us at the cAd World bortOfa Ir -tr ,.EL
War it -fl-- I L_ ft all te J6 Wrot all* vThis j-Jf Wn An- PM~l t We *G w 4b- bei No W
the Moms, and a lall th em o teIn was ltlWrot.eAiny su ths yearthey halg .
all thi eongresmq gd. pWTheth someJohe rIml-a
meWwVsa^wol esty.I'a s n e& -0lhr lb lI
rmyt K14*-i.we] asaIaMB IRS;?

^a~te olwHIs vtlw to ikvery
*SW^ anwhy S bn~erdlea
ingfro tat Nuntr low.
Tin lrons Ruled
To get the tue picture of what's
honing y have to go Jback
t0 '- when B=livia Was
conte y tI=resat tin bar,
oo ,.lu fa es. Ofw
on WtI.hwn ~uni ~-v

r;per Scard. I h e needs ~or

G e t .bn,.d

oam* mnts Deleasyev

Sof lpe faith whoo* y thfey

ubl~tb-e Wfmotv tur got the-
fun* i nto. .
aprma M "mat


R& o hfe tae -

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__^r rrrnrrS.^^~j'^-i 'w^aC
thy .

tNM hoet a-,tMaw 1e4& a
we mwilllar to

h-. 4.




M me, Forlthetd
sa t ,a I w ; wasILdfe retilof w '

been tou Iexcept mi.qinm But to be, or to have bee and end a Iattle Iron i *eir wt I
01act 19e bca u -ioran tax k- officerater the war was a ha lumps sy bravo nd hp the Air F
aet. ous career, because people rating. alt of the non-c m s in its otst glory follows
if the policy s carried th apt ston you when tey saw the were sort of strange ila Ape In my th AF al
the ovrnment will determine p Utand ol. ca who t aoe' was e c ub to
how much of the E kpenau was ositch ,li0 fftite i a s a nd Noe

ebuuesa sue us y"aOaIy of t eew. isroteItg. .
te nlimitetexpense Account in the new batch Ms sta didt wa ge raland is not nducted by civilians.
lamirarameT mary ea-be ove. -..-
Furtbhwterule, teL r leaders
ma have tgovertheir returns
a far batk as the Twenties. There
is no stalute of limitasons on M C II II y s Jury
ht you might call "civil M
draud. u is a six year D L'I-"
Sof t a t on cim- By DOVUGAS L SI
foal action intax, av o i d Aa nee
- that is active conspiratorial ..
mpto vade payments, Jug- -- .
b aokete., etc. So the -'
meant may'decide that some WAINGTON (NEA) Th That's the first A. w dictive i *vte. In somne clubs
arot s TmyLewi es willav e f endi of the Senot te ie committee sn the Sete," the.a xtor ca1 oi bern a
eTommy L es will have U -ntor McCarthys should be Plid. "if you let yo l braesaad aInoe
on u osi inotme fork-aw sOWane e
e a o l come nsred n two ountc is about .motions t -mixedup e aged lunai would be-the nt
bacst on la t iears And the equivalent of grand Juryacio4 issues you're ture to ed up ith ocesurat(nou Sld
itrest ars and a S r oprcent tha euivalent grand b us anda l.o .', Even
''rr N t e u them's a"guilty" verdictte rations bsento
A u t Senate will then act as a. to*
a K t ax e s althoseand hosea" onounce a "sentence," I t4fr eq e hatheWi
mentionedinthe ras of welfare At tMis point the analogy breaks lto the Wi.
ti nprob hera to the West do n because a Seb. "sentence" The record varies 4 the away hl
Sfrom here to tle West most anthas m tens se for n em mat
lO who took excessive corn- strafed In the following anecdote: In.f tors'e Ie has '
inor kickcks or tpaid A furious debate gd in t ti in
t nl small.r lls h for Sen. between two member. Elo
,a union welfare nsur- uent vitriol was hue&-back aL
an ount t s broker forth. At one exclt#z4 moment-it 'held up from
amds ut reort tse money ina seemed that fisticut thateI"neRd. 5fi *wbla tIW#4*l aide e fa
S Sma even go to Jail. .. the iname atorySe ,
ntheS men a ublicly ex- a ma In the gaUery rushed dwn O thi e4a m n plus ot
ear dfrauding eir c to untry rgte oe. e ( sin pusa ,ofbe ead
datt2 heir Q unon effie But *h~en he got "downstars hen
'wolt S ete ioIesWilii founldthe antaniilst'e of a fewma' O" troasm t
o sold on good work. w diW Mtheft
th e nt AWL convention 1 don't you some along in &11101 so sped-
SnaUonal labor leaders M' ta the dine and save ai f-e
Far oft the punksNow is st 1 A rmaqst af i
SoasAFL presi- .,, Plied Nothr, 'ad ., 1 W, .
M Mean said, and not ew ay ta ogse. ,. -.o -
sts wai the District hayS i curtryagainbecBausethe onBd r a
Ammey, or the Inernal Revenue S amend spectator but- f the

Ordnonce Club 15a aonm inute" an ,i s
To Sponsor Dancee.. a a ...cad t
p Colon Nov. 6 _. .. ,.
'Club 16 will no
i ip around th e ', ,

otte .,e*,ibyV -... A .:.
*Jii~b ll~ssU~sk *~sifM t ski ifi'^ ] '" '* *A

4- ..

row aman wasto
was wv e^ "
4wwD as at
Of his latd- e
i ix n"onage.

AdEi e., lvila's first thous-
and f slbt their sons to-
ford a au, th sent
Indian ta casion
Cochbafhi adiTe
ofh W 5i.m m to aaf

lett I'
MFtermon- out of BoUlvits
i*woe-ilffeOsr;=.ytv own.

an yt esy to. Ze

aessrt qf a y a two

Such was toe ommic status
of BDlivia until; adnae=
out dl afJKthe amYom ago to



mlerie had Cured so ft o^BI
only W.o,. '.-' a. *c. _- -. *

LAK.viLLE, O. -O. W),&


dim, 4-CtS


.11 '1


Sa. ~)



.*ii ..... .
\'^. ''


1.6 6*.

S *
.... ." *"i

- U'

-- _.* :-;-

. t7 r

,. -


Y------ I- -~ *~ "

*C m -...;i,





-- -- --


.- wombil-I




4 (


-~ ~. P~ C





7 ,",.

A.* v

'Oct. .
ty ystei
in trial"


rh the sme pe

tarns. Transcrts a
a th
lment for posilA

Mrs. *
t a blb
tisthat 0ao0
to 'et
bt rowell ran-l i-
Scrap Vjootin at i
bight A pot. He
wr repad him n
Pie 741

*Ffr fO~lglBCb~~' s (P8 ( ~
MQuoy after a six
Sweek t t E a, Germany
1 and Frtie s and sW he beevof
* the Western powers still aPe' on
d re m track with megard to
" aa en pthe r eknalid. t
V, ednineotir prc
"'A see k what bu happen-
r ed si this'Iae'i. "A tinrun-
- oig on ie wO t Ws de-
f rtilled Au o b Prerrmhn
!1 National sei Mg flted -e
5 3aromtea esen Community. It
"Be.'s*en put bask on the
Trails, dthis res the pas-
sanger, "t te trafa still in on
the wrong track-the track that
lead to- War. rather than peace.
"By agreeing to ea the occupa-
tion of Wer Germay, ant
so t to Re-
puc, iYt to
Swe have le p apins eve-
W to give...
I e have create siuaton in
a which the Germans will now look
t the East rather than to the
West to satisfy its remaining a1-
SbNions. Germ will seek re.
bififeation.. the London
treaty goes ito ect, Rusia
alone can give Gemany ts east-
Sern territorieL."

rourrt &UP)


Sdecided,-It a*
were John U; .


/m..ove me back when I Former Sherfl # ai
S ve the others." wa called as a .
ar Officials did not disclose i said that a af b-
of the^ Os f the four I Delts nosed rvov e rt Cook
Sver the by Acti Police P Dan.
Srased ord of sti at l after a gl was e
S"' ov wer to Mdm eeasmtdf.
collee w0 invest!titon Matwssaft h&Intu4 gave
S aS hearing frn the .0to ettdl1htor
Special solitor Ribt.
.douisde to* orders Westr Frrel had donat
Sin t 0 is t tem aden sr*At .
Tstudents drank an avera int Or mist ted
a'set, and a half quarts ap f a h efl uted.ed
,1 dra abW than ght Rtiru Ferrell, one of the 1ot. publIJ
S1aatte of beer were on han .. ..cited of bPhenix City Kdth, has
for catotest and about 40 wern Oct. 8 (UP) been called the "bins' the
consuntied. lower yesterday late gaMbling syfate here.
Tbe contest r. up without 'a meMactlve order directed the He s under indictment for vote
t drinet of the venerable or- fraud in Brimingham in c nnee-
S y kld choir leader at the tion with this summer's -Deme-
y Academy, cratic .primary contest for state
IpWl r Pl os Ka er. attorney general. That p* was
Swo well ver t .n by Patterson shortly before
rIAtlment age of at-sassination..
.W l 9 1 1 Job Dec. 1. Ferrell "was relieved of his du.-
Wet t ties in the Patterson murder n-
I anM yat vestigation and the State Demo-
Woul D Again only sfter beg nomination to a new term as soli-
NEW YORM, Oct. 6 (UP) -- t Vould be M- citor.
A year-old mother told as a One of the last state witnesses
m the's court today she b t for t ainst Cook was Louis H. Phil.
S year-dM n 'ighbor boy plpt ". an Investigator far the state.
cause his mother refused t chapel. said he visited the scene
ntle hi Am foI tim hat-I

pWafi mmazar gW aur uwT
chd of the same ige.
'AS fId do it &ogain," Mr
Glori CaplaS told Magistrate
ahew aCan.,
lura. asel ornde told thi
court tatWca itu n t the
WN of ti wreInus40
hard that.he Iod and requlrs
-opla oetm~. -


i at hWi talk.
wa... bat e tAlk.

6r the


ii county THE
w cause DUTll sv Ifl-
xshopldi 1,mi75- cNI. :"*Ito"
ton a pe- TO STI CONTs AVINUI NAse

w..wa, ases~ror V

q the last daecA fire has kill-
ed more re8M9 persons and
burned OP dlm f many hun-
dreds of thom ore.
Each year abut 12,000 Amerl-
cans de needed in fire and
more than twktlUt number
are erimry un or disfigured
for life. Old UWDpe and res
school children Ie prinecpal-Mc-
tinms of fire. : .
very day th w pre 1087 homb
fires ... 3 de by ... 9b
store fires ... f factory ires ...
8 church fires ;.. 11 school fires
... 4 hospital fites.
The eol$ned US. and Cana-
dian fire loss total ip 1953 was
the larsest In history over one
billoi dollars I
Most deats by fire taglcally
involve wom an and chlen in
.te home. MaN y are auffoe d
b smoke and a- M aseO witloo t
Ww aetnHTb*MuoL.Mn
Ja^Mil'- ntea -tteft

The Jewefry

Will Be CIO

All Day 11


rjt-s-^&i.," 't'f.i'.4-
r! ', 0.7 .
F" e'.'r ''t
.- ** i~ t


! 7'if1y


"'$ J\
f BL '

t '~~c .i.r.quw I*f
"; "- i
;. ^^el.'i

. fresh fleveri That's the pleauat
sei ate QOLQ eigrettes leaveln
ourmouthand tja... for t long
time. The ierf combination of its
jtb mentholated tobas* uakes qKOOL
the cigarette that gratft and refrtula
- ave you tried the ont,"ft h flavor" !
EnjA it with eave r it .a KOOL
ciarett. The cork tip l p your ipVe
from tikcing'to the peapp and mak
Syour smoking )es*e co' tete.

.dA iu .
tepi' agd-vimbf


* r -
* -p."
2.~. 4. i
*r~5K .1 I

- >
*...,~ 4'' ..-<





Dine .,d Dance from 8.00 p.m.

LA andis Orchestra

The Best ?6d In Town

*i .


OYSTj ,.


F <


pIGHT OCs; 6

FOm 7 P.M. TO 9 PM. .

OP E ,"L.9
,a. *'I fl
OPEy* St

- hekacke. L1 P ,r-,.

you f-ee yOunr, utrolor and
wind lthout ntorU1t;on.aet
ROONA from your oeuSliast!
grtf UiriCmfle& _


?ftc s cQkwte.. Octt beOFtd



-*' IV
.: -'t

I dhta'p
wad bI Ap' -M

-L M

-%2 ffihItc week e o

Pyut and., POh A PO M
.* .,e... U. '.. a .&...M i ,.
.na ,r au-.. s ,l. P.,s ten
arto s w '
-. a~h' LhpjespitweeG l9

1.:. ,. ,' -, *.sA

.taS~s 2!'efl ~ -


~* Iw
. -.

V '

~I *'~

: 1 :* '

-uw 6 0

,. [, ... .. ,.

., :.,J

, ',



S_ "al l

.r J '''~ CIII

-, t11

.4 Li.. 1il


. ... .

* 1

:f ;

: i


. /

o ."

. -.1





is WJ! 2?~? '& .7

I P. q
.44" *

-. ~~i~re *t'. a 4.7 a
a I
11&r *k-'s-~. ~,f'fl a

t.. .' -
a ?- '.. ;" .
ir I"'-" .

~ ..'g 'tA
a *pt
44*~ '4



p. 3a


1 -1 ,

Oharlel 3.

no t ma llst t an

c submarine as part The
l expected that the atl
aaxne 'Nautus" now g
, for Its sr sea t
aomnd e o
narn t carrier Nwit n

r ---'~-I- ---'n j -'a

I ,

AWt N'
,. .. '" to
' i~


*;~ j


Wadtev4Short Southld

04. 8 (UP) A!dMdalW.-.SWiWsttecan

"5. a-

k4 weather buare au as T
roghiU sbo-
r ince- 1, and the il
ne oly r colder. re ost at
.lseason,.Uai m @ iw Ittun
e was o yet DO te
WHIter holtuptot 1011
SS.Ci,. and .Mr h l *
r Mis., ar_* s
-0Sta, G, and co nm a
I t, itWat s TLu- los to farmr
j poi, aPrched bg d up a PM
e d, hope that ao
TOM, Kot delparcled 1
kiwnl, C.i Trhet, sme
banA,.M.. 1.o ,
ai.,..c,.-.. y Go I th h,, ^,f, S*
ma I reAO f Uomr. eu. .
Winw n whera. riefa some. emersel
to, atl r loans and others for emergpepe
.. 0 l0a *feed programs.

o AtM.lM
-fihpond i w Iw

at .

I^Mlt th I- ^^f P*^---^~~

r "

i 5
rf !

* a:

UNMt 1t pNY

S a r ....... .... ... ....
. N_ sr l, m ,_ I, 4 i. ",

New_. "TIP


^ ::.::::.;: :,.^ j
....... .... 4 s; j ;
* *** ll** *. Ilte '. B i | .W


* ,~.4..t~4.a4?.I4
~ .~:


41 Permit
43 Queen -o w
Antotnltt ,:
4 Studb ..

Mw. tr. -"

Indian w

I Pulpit' a
2 Put to I
3 =do~

(I. ,-

/. /

.8 r
ad We r :^.1WDDI' '"*'
nob.. .A. M is en -. ...




Wi-' Baotimore

,' Inc.



SA, s- ... f
"i -- L --. ,i ., _- .

Special mrud trip fares from Cristobal
York, Los Anglesl, San Francisco and

To New York ...... .............$240.00
t'o Los Angil ai'd San fraowi,.. g .oo
To t .......... .... ..



4' 4. .

to New

- PANAMA 2-2904 COLON20
3! wa u2j

1.44 .A'd.. .-TN

La4i 26 *


w -..

WE S wreMSB ^'1



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a #

rvC rul

mr L vBaMuu

I N.


"Rd NU

WemKble ;*'



le ,. ,aw

900n 4 OWT out Am




I 4.

: I, "

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, '*:-. *

- 4. Mwi*e~~L.
.4 -. 4

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..'t ,- .,.
f..'. ..

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ba i- "71'1

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' ,, ..


" F & ^ ''--+ ',. '*-* ^ *AZ
..., *.:-, -, .-.t ,
ft'-t^ .t -, .. .i. 7
-Xt'H: d_.. '_; -r-.,, '. ,l. ,. _+ 3Bt3 .. ..; ,- -' l,. ;: -.

* ..~ '

.- -, -. : :0

a.". .:

In -~ ~iJ
t.~ 4~'~ -

1. 'Yr

ma wl
. .&B, .. ,.

els M U .te a.W
NIL am &
,. m a '4c
Op .. 1,

&fwffyra a1sm EY'

T Lceon F2 e rehearsal this eve-
nin $wt fe wedding Ai Misa
rtb Claytoh Oficera' SheU alnd Mr. Glent
td their reuar ic t ebers of the
i Fort Clt y ers- da .d & dew friends ,eaiout rI -the guel 0io Chur to the home
So colorful Panma. of te b ter, Mr. J. D.
yBriem"anaa (8*Jote) "Hiai for a rehearsal
,err .)Ve Aong th who wiB ho vt.
rr ea.otied, alo rs.t
l. m.Ut u s bride and groom are the bnidws

Or Earl. act- luncheon ata ed at hera

Bin Pamne by members of
-- r e ludedeo I
abs elats' Mn. &. li4
; Ii, .
f Otr 416480Ni l erD u
Mq e tedby MKit Muriel Mykland was hon-
ary r ed yesterday at a birthday
.ari, act- luncheon arranged at her office
in Panama City by members of
"**" her office staff.

1wltb q hgfet [,
EFu7 40 lpbl

3-". *-

fter two mntU h in the Sttr
during wbhici they, visited th*i*
dauhter, and in law
As 4 -3 mottle.., at,

and KN. Jpsu C. Cross,

ley, who tl r younger. ion

,o ( Who be ,

The a one College
ho le, 1 Ob1ers -nadW
at the

spofsored ta. ichacrd
*enmAN; Mrs. Walter hiaI
entil Edittion. Th pr
parti Kay Hareeii,
iniaiela 'iwU

I m of.i ww

GTim 6 (t.Im )
da rCatho. -in the
s a e ath atr the

S of m natltom n 18 4 of

l,"tIn. 18 lat
ntta e vH g4w! lt~e

ary Roe. .J,
levington. Ann g


if club Vre f t
1m'. Casl bwne,



. .

; ." .I "I ,

It's por telephone manners
ever to hani up without MAjI*g
good-,. And i sn'tconusidred
ohfi k 4 bang the recelv&
wben. yea hal.g up. Iweys rw-
,entbwr thaontwhts w .fh a
tyo a
b Ltfn ifw t4tf

Itft ElT vknd mand
i KMand
)^lart onlAt the
BpHiT;the fui by
_ "*l '1' Advf,
11 em_

i 9wohni auL tle world* wiD
at, iemt "
down andrve -

a Wlkn, dbictbr

om, eppur iervlceod.Forrow

w boglm=tB Bam. an wlon-
B center ,on o Be Road.

Inue trougout thedi. Mom.

Aine 4 _, '. .
Ciwa en attorney Ar-
thur Fr .,a ,aml, char-
ed tst wie hid eeh
obetmuetei-bv f-thoute^ na&e.

thr~eelinva*guUon* of bth~ |
Srape bad destroyed f

flieting or prtlnaUg

- -r----AM


-9ap s

w make

"; ""'" .. j -

* .I.
* r~ d fi4~~

I -. '

CqALUWT -ae double-
MaG pALdwe,:

I'll UMBT today




I a.
,mU lan

ad -new

; I,*1t- rlla % StWt 1.

' .j s r... -u gw ..-

,,es- --

' fght-tW
your hair b

PtamWhe W.16
*^N^ 'b.4a

F .I J .'

- F'

| n I n.l J ....

".. r- F ,. ,
.t. .- rsO Q

r .

r Thlid*ely poorl nisaqpf
yoe fa ohly two eaMATO
boB akL2p ogt Ia
#miaIdlG al Tabais d#Mt
it i dy!
SA TINA ao k mk iin4

yow~ bot*. ta maku. yoit .

-**s 94,16n2

S + ..-

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. ..- .. "

peau4Tbe firon H dW amoothly. ;;
ime ^i...garmgentmdulotwzhsi
4sand*Wsan 'Wane~e:
SAT4 yawr ctOBfclme
much iwgs noema l w
kwy iJ and a "m-4w" appear-
ane. Et 1NA tof4t... tad-
va ta thie sffr ad make at
-a i. .u p bcklace Yemta


#~. ,wi~
* '*3*



a wre to see the ECC .<"rck^)
IttqMI is not just &_th~ se^ing
bii nes the performances of twel
gas machineq* Into 'Oli While vmw,

*OMIIs -easier a n o gter to
wing machihiel You will rqsfta
ln omachine- of esic S
4 ters. You will see th' MAIA WIC
-_s.. --o f differ e n AOy At
.. al sseo e M how. Ntl's M
ay inn Into ah expert within


. '


r1 r~*S

- -' -w
YY~ t~,4i

I -
*.* *0~1

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I : : I I I I



;, ]A"




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nome1 a ise

..; 1

O .
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I ^^-lw." *lm ,^B-t, i^Mi




- *.,..I



' : P .

'. aj

* ... .,:..
** ,* '' .

at '' ~. 1'

. _


n !1113'L InMCIADO I srbt N
o MIO t 41o as July Ave..
m Juo uLoemenua Ave. ad i 5t.
.i L Ca.rrqul~



SGarbage Collector's Job
is not an easy one.

You can take most
.* f the load off hi
Shoulders with

&I money doing It
k nal A-VO. L 3-01




r, as
J 5.


Cewal Ave. 1
No. 3 Lottery Plana
Frourb of :uiy Ave.



FOR SALE:-Panel in good condition.
$150. Panama Golf Club. Phone 3-
FOR SALE:-1952 Morris Oxford se-
dan. Duty paid. excellent condition,
fully, insured. See it and make on
offer. Phone 3-4050 Panama.
FOR SALE:-1950 Studebaker con-
vertible, class "A," all extras.
$950.. Phone Balboa 4241.
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Special 4-
door, ypry good condition. Make of.
fer. Albrook 86-3178.
FOR SALE: 1952 Chevrolet Club
Coupe, excellent condition. 5965-B,
Smith Place. Dioblo. Phone 2.3026.
FOR SALE: 1953 Dodge 4-door,
perfect condition. Diablo 2-2116.
after 6 pnm.
FOR SALE:-1940 Eord Coupe, p-
fect condition, potential Hot Rod,
$250. 5440-A Endicott, Diablo 2.
FOR. SALE: -. Guaranteed used tires,
all'sizes. Son Jose Garage, 9th and
Melendez.. Coloa0 I

FOR SALE: 1950" Pontac sedan~
Original owner, excellent condition.
Phone B lboa 1796.

. .S.J--195 Studeb, T',
r ander hardt6p radio, autorilatic
e"* transmission, w/s/w tires, etc. Dial
Balboa 1716.
4 SALE:-1948 Studeboker ,om-
hioner, Overdrive, good condition
N''.Pft Amador 4'r55 between 8
Sp14dP p.m.
FORI LE.:-1950 Chevrolet 2-door
- sidtn. Call Albrook 3261 during
working 'iourq.
FOR SALE:-Due to trip. 1947 Lin-
coln, double ignition. 5 tires. $300.
West 17Th Street Np. 31, "Mue-
bleria Renoclmlento." Telephone

V' ft De DQWea., s5u. 5
-f&Iteont Phone 3-0255.
*e lt of furniture.
Panama V10862 after 5 p.m.,
kLE;-"LIcorera," vanity dress-
lit Street, house 24, room 9,
'hopall. .
LtE:*,'-Olnlng room table and.
oirs, $20. House 5186-B, Dia-:


stm viaal

Tour leaes lute afternoon Fr iar,1.,
tober 9th i freturns to Pan I_-
ber 10th late afwnoon. 2tI
ilght-seeing, swlrilMlng. mouafi
qoastol drive. Quaint villoagl o It.I
'beolWn track." For' infolri
phone Junglq Jim, Hotel El Paerl*n
.3-1660 *'
Balboo Express. Pan. a-1)02

Mhuel*aeo u>

FpR ALE .--You know the it 'whi
yo she It. Wouldn't dr ; give.ty t"'BESTFIT"r r tndl
Slacks? i'e'TFIT" olw tl
latest in Patterns and Styeind 'o ta
Ana Plozo, Panama; 1Ith Stfeet,
opposite P.R.R. Commissary, Colon.

FOR SALE :-Cheap Fire extinguisher
on wheels, No. 76898 "Phomene"
new. Capacity: 40 gallons. Tested
to 400 Ibs. Purene Manufacturing
Co. Newark. New Jersey, Bargain:
$460. Phones 3-1791. 3-1039.

OR SALE:-The American Educptor
Encyclopedio, just like new, $40.
Phone 2*4225.
FOR SALE:-Encyclopedic Americana.
30 volume Easy payments. Phone
FOR SALE:- Winter overco
mackinaw $10; heavy wool
ond; tux ,suit (Ije 36>
S 1.0 babi t r$1Q; beasWIietUnd

FOR SAti.---KSFraer 19q4-qn
reas springs if radio parts Itle-'
tronic equiprni t,' variou kinds)
$50.obr the'lot;t phobgraPhfc '.rts
$2,for.the luet se t f.drumi 4sne;e
and 'metal drt) I with traps $75
for the lot. Cell NbWy 3&.8571,.
Houae.84-4 6tt,'Set, Coc Sollto,
opposite clubhouse.
FOR SALE:- G.E. radio, 2 venetian
blinds, 7x9 cocgoleum, 7-ft. refri-
gerator, child's rocker, lawn choir
and 2 International trucks duty
paid; recliningchoir. 764-B Barne-
by Street, Balbo.
FOR SALE:- Kodak-3--cauerd wit

Real Estate
FOR SALE! 4,500 meters fronting
STraps-lsthmion Highway. 60c. sq.
mt. Excellent location. Phone Pana-
ma 2-3027 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

FOR SALE: SontaClara furnished
house, moderm,conveniences. Phone


FOR SALE; -- "Florenc"'4 -burner FOR RENT:-Room, furnished. Fourth
tove, lighted Oven, drawers; sold of July Avenue: One bedroom with
, Ww for $265'-,-MW 2nly $k00. balcony, small dining room & kitch-
year old. looklk n ow, 'o. enette, refrigerator, screened. Suit-
N, 1th Street ,Son Froancisco. able for one or two persons, $65.
Ph1e'3-5565. Tribaldos. Phone 2-4912 or 2-3584.
FOR SALE:-Rattan living room set; L E S S O N S
mahogany dining ro set. Qrs. LESSO N S
507- Gulick eight Pone 8-Learn Spn by convrs nl meth
S"rer 4 od, used successfully for 15 years.
FOR SALE:---burner ge stove with Ars. Romero, Estudionte Street
oven broiler $20; Coldspot 60-cy- 77-A, No. 2.
cIle -year-old refrigerator $180; -
dreser ard stool $12;. writing tablePan Ihe
$S;. large chest of drowersa'S8 (ollPan' Line
metal; ',4-bed. complete $25. Coair l I i. frM hg *"
P'Ma o 3-2449 from 10 a.m. a

".*.fb~in*""" 17r---------------

OR SALE:-.36-ft. boat, completely
Equipped, good condition Phone
.82-,223 days, 84-4171 evenings.

WANTED TO RENT: A three or
.t'..,. four-bedroom chalet or apartment.
Must be screened end have modern
hli a i~etlIy convenmices. Good residential sec-
e tion,. Cil Tivoli Hotel) Room 336,
Sor Panama 3-5227.
e AMERICAN COUPLE desire torent
rlvo vaocation quarters, beginning Nov.
.e-k' .II"Mn 'I.IP. Please call 2-1562. Balboa.

It"a.B"fltWANTED: Boy's bicycle, 22" or
I -24". Phone Fort Amador 2224 or
Fort Kobbe 6233.
I3Sl.. it e., WANTED:-- 4r or "'2-hp. 25-cycle
6W0 r W. Balboe 3002 mornings, 1588
,try- A ai evenings:

15 years of

Quest Mry and. the... Frenc
Line de de France. ..
P officials Ma 'liUt
by the 'r'lav.bay.,
w(I =amoit tle Mt,.

l heir own truto -and
bfare to, 'i'l bomn
t lotalerooms and -ot the
A iAft.Ip 'We' of f work-
e*ift to qu -t tie up

e agreement calls for each
dock worker to receive eight
cents retroactive pay for every
hour be has wored since Oct.
1, 13I. It boosts the average
hourly wage of longhoremen to
$2.38. The payment will cost
shipowners approxtindtfly $4.-
0001O0g which must be paid Um-
meiat ly.
Orulinally tbhe lomshoremen
had aked for a 10-eentd:an hour
package settlement of stroactive
wage and welfare demands.
Wth agreement on wages
came the promise of a 30-day la-
bor truce on $he New York wa-
MAngeament agreed to thbe
wa setrtement on conditionn
strikers return buedly to
wortk d the union talks
on a eA contran. = proC
om ad the on that
eold b& no for at
INAbl 35 days while ontiast
talks a alsl.
*Iale'USfI e ambe ILA
uhave l-a Ww winout a
Anmben& aei ftajk I in


I --- -- -- -

R l ti o-. '
Zubit6: 3-1

FOR RENT:-.Fjni=shd unfumlsh-
ed 2 & 4 bedroom oportments.
Co n t a c t Aharib Apartnmnts,
10th Street. Phone 1386, Colon.

FOR RENT: Apartment qn .JBth
Street .No. 21, San Francisco.
FOR RENT:-Jrapeted two-beoaorn
apartment, grour Jlgoer. Fomished
$95, unfurnisled $80. Front and,
back yard. Very cool. The best that I
you can get r.the price. 43rd
Street No. 58. ,..
FOR RENT:-F! parrient, 1
ed ._l nIch' o

Via Brasil (Pil I.12
FOR RENT: Modern oportmre,
El Congrejo,,2 bedrooms connectir
bath, porch, living & dining room
spacious kitchen, mold's and iau
dry room with hot water system. F
further particulars please call Pa
ama 3-4946 from 8 .am. to 6 p.

" -7
Rott fLuA 1ve.
Francisco del after 10.
WANTED:-". Op.
erator. Fort laI
Full time. 87-28 ; 3


FOR RENT: '- To bspelble porty
only: 3/4-bedrme.o'ni*,emleo
pletely furnish. t n uet rae
residential dlstric. Suitable fer
diplomat or buisnes executive of
discriminetlag test. Former# oc-
cupied by foreign embasses. In-
quiries Invited. Plose p h o n a
2-2856 from 4 to 7 p.m. or 3-
0393 from I to 9 t.s.
FOR RENT:---Chalet .ViC' Beisario
Porras and 14th Street No. 3: Three
bedrooris,. living room, porch, din-I
ing room, maid's quarters. Fair
price For inform uaion, telephone
3-0280. '
FOR RENT;-Nicely furnished two-
bedroom chdlet, suitable for two
couples: .two' kitchens, bathroom,
SAS Commissary. Vla.Belisorlo Po-
rras. Son Francisco. Phone 3-5024.

Hep Wanted
4Y.NTED .- fqr go house-
dren R r.J at live
In. 058t.A, 1Byano StrHAncon
,Iold Corrd- k J bet.W 4: 30 &
6:00 p. 1W -

GEORGE D. BARI, JR.. H4. European
adjustment te.Ihniques, 'release of
nervous stress nd strain. 75, Calie
Estudoante, 2-B. Phone 2-5159, by


I FOR RENT: ~. ,corner
Fiftieth and'welf Sess, Son
Francisco. F. ICAZA E C., 1. Jus-
to Aroseness Avenue.
FOR RENT-45 Hory mecyde,
good condition, double seat, $125.
Via Espana I. 5. ,

was decided nl a lead-;
ers planned "a le"mber-6
ship meet to discuss
thealso deman

joining th awhi
already h. sup-
port of ,
The a
new ra

That d

Itax cuts' IesImew .

... .


* I -,w



.' 0 *

n '
P -A" .

Iy.N, -.









Ikli ans Ciehrate

RReturn Of Trke

ROME Oct. 6 (UP) Thdu- build its own p ai Zone,B una-
sands o i uoud Italians matched der the agrtSeaet which be-
through Rome under the watch- comes effective In three weeks.
ful eyes of police today to cele-' The' entiTriT e area of.Q02
brate the return of coveted Tri- square mrile is about the ael oYf
este ilty to the "motherland,," New o. During the
An estmatl~ e 3,000 riot pluee, month b ti~t teys elfax-,
were on aleLn the capital but ed at -Lldon's. jx e-power con-
remained l 1 the backround ai fterence,-dI &tIVda fatid lch of
members parliamIent, wa vet- the arumet w" over teritomy
memory of %I lais who fell In At the end. Of Wod War II
two World- for Trieste. Yu'gslav partial occup ItI
' The re'- -nadgreen tal- for 40' dysdurng which Ital
Ian tricolOr tung from all public claims 50Italans disapearea,
buildings to celebrate the a- BritisO Gen. 8$I WilHaum Mor-
greement signed It London yes- gan made a platol-point agree-
terday by -hieh' Italy e ts T- mept with the' Yugolav com-
este city and hIfI t f ae sur- mander for the .Adiulo4 of the
rounding torritgo9 territoIy Wt if
WJlle ihe n puc theae
showed esly a it
wjW .

of th cl ftfil, rm
the eys Of th4 W yR green
Focal point of aO lnmcheW was
the Plain V4nsla.J.r_ mVn
of all polltlal Dnslcf
wreaths on th ~ of the Un-
Iwown. Soldier..
I' t talla- gen a
ragw i g.^
e' -by4 IIef tbe eeveted
Adtatile port.-
I Gen. Edmondo de Renzl, Italy's
envoy In plainif. the aaump'
tion of power
teano urcjs, wa ie the
lerrtre flas edTront
at p and. He ty achaie of
mta f-ATO e Euro
O4mallnd at. .
' D: Renzl's wa
Meg the Brit l t.
nor, uns. oen I
toerton, and state arra.

r -ulu
ste's I
-0n *Tl

i d .,Briltil

e the

i" i ,4 .t


".f ~ex~tly at


sead aG-bit

- -- r' .



foretners #s0lo.
Ita a0 e af
of a ta tprQdooh
Ian populat
the new seo

argiy q lie "

On Nov. s, 1)8
landed in.
to wa complete I

ilt ii

ai .jr 031,m,- Mp wl
Le ava to pOr-t .
tcipat4 more close wAnLA.e It wasth' e polic rndue-
NATO powers. betwe
It "cleared the'way for Italan problem acvi e. .
troops to hold the Autrian bor- ". -
der while W Yugalavs hold the bn IMalol 20, ft, the e3
Luhilana Oap inevent of inva- of Ital
slon from th Eaat Thosa It plugs Bhu to
two mbre ole which, wre used l$hwdoep
as h at"a t6. invasion. d ; Y n1t'R
the -'character repaop. a normal note backed ta
In Rome the .wIre mxed claims on a'fe e t
feelings. Half .f e country tory. I .
lined up against the en.B the promise never .wU
That group wand aU .a T. a101t. "; W .
,RUPI was eKpeeted to &r- T Mwa l Mar,'
test the setUlenet ae n brokeft.ay a, the Cf.
United .Nati.i. W.,

the to.ium,

swqou *

SO l.. .- ,. _

ua V

Ay *
a. cioa

N tiis ,trfuckp ,... l rn
tton l f a J -. ". '.

,r^ .v ,., :.. .
r;v ; .i -*,'* "' ,, "*-
", -; .* ..... ,'*
'12..-' *'

' '- ." .,
--*' -' ': ;'' .:



- I-Vk-I -

.-3 v"


wyosW.swo sia


I 3t~---)Y"r- r-~~~rr;



-~ --~-






i 1




rls" ~:

. .? .


; '* i

, IVE ==s]I

I --



.4. f k.. do14
OM WW.I"- ". o





d Fr cafn
2. &37.


~jJ~r.*I .4-,L

C -.

-. .- Lb i. +
-. **" : '.. -.. *- ... *' r' '+" ..:+ .' -.+ .' .....+- '," +"
'l l.. i~ i. ." **e '1 -- l "

'. "- m -w "
"I. sr LLTV4N.te "i
ut^ ^E"
4' *

'*1 T''

.. ;! .,,,A.(K.IY: ,
~ W4JC R

LI~ *.

* A.- *. r*IY-4

. :Wt

A S.. MiR screen version. \ wi wear uwwoeu. iney uvuu D
-at Ito into-the' is I a ta h sidelines a& the' adjoInn rooms at their hotel and
r9t ".e "jt de, W .nd baet members rehearse, were together often.
A p i t pasturee ape Abdr raiset
fibaek Ac 4311' reuecty de
tNFC lwluMim '"fSI +B iWUM O .... _*i**_.......a^ "!^1
~vce~ w 5. Snul ma taseuIM
%Oiw, aahowt ,. where t ,e n.tledivrs we r rant-
5. t,5om,,-S down the.m th...
% ^ V aS A.Fegi fO rod, thbe y l11 *>&W$"
th. &. -_each othses.Vwe l.b ands.
Seat f rtl4h -te -w.
Ahir"e" sSoturnewcomer Aay
,XPIf-Jone s, limari. e rat. a W ere marr0ay At
MY aan i,1"S Zg U-
kb-Greeio 'finoJases boo ben
^lS~ ^W lilen~to ... .laterl Ih5?e--,-S? -Inl
j~ g34ama ou emarri~.~ 4.~ed Ta
1 ew Capiii llml peodiatlo d0 v churchh. .ncle.,iT w' Cj:
onr gand "ain't" and 'in
Medoio a T a |t t dnOfVw,. "
mnI IWae lton tlIl a yeW44 In wT l It
Ljfto Al Jolasa 'we'xe all t~nMag ef bjiiatRne.'uahaz -a a.9r~~angeeiiMsa."
aftI ';;- 'In tbatih ii, tJ
Uioif A Jl IwVe tabe."a. tlf an-I lm Iie*AGWye
V6. ie. In. 1: 7 av Th is I-lywo i
blind of Betty, w lto|_-A ID I^ nELS, 1fli, lAU the chi i'- tic Par-hou
IHIiCik~M *:hte- |MM' lli'i -*-* .j.- i. lilt-l li mi+.1i J- m* --. -A# *,..__ U kll ^.ke l -llidaj- -i
Kj-lfKE~l 1H WK~K lrl f 1MNI1-- -" tiilM fWR*.ItH'l*o--*' i". -~ *-ll-

oawoe, a-' hewed to w assk
I bly. The Stevens were oat
dt amd Jones would aL talk
nt Od O f ete

l yan the swap.
.* r eyler te ot as tMWe "big

IMr"no From

TOKY& Oct. 6 (UP) The
withdrawal of even community
blnese udivilons from Noth
Korn has been completed, a-
41o Felping Mid today.

Shln.ottle daea a btog
id at ab oue the war-

tnKo leel'of..'OO0,q e men
raiteln Cbln with .qorth
*l n ., : ;-.. .. I

FWIR w Ti ..n 9 wuw i hs B u q rouite, rranm
.- umo. 'n "o t iit. a lyinga nucer, and
artawes came out- of the craft, looked aroioi
Mtrius hbd l ial police Investigate the

K y-,tad.
3, re.
Itr n-looking
d ,afd depatted.

;Is :uaLa W .R



a Hu|6 H :IS *
'* AIT "
ihmA. "IIT'si e idS-
M 0' w~ uln"

LA~t1. 6: -. (5

CHAGDJRS; 7:3Ol.-. j~

1:.c'l lL

F OSOIL- SprouUm WdOOyft I
d efatof wil or sunliht m the Ht orvd.
Wa Pluto iter, a'tfturb t il
bitocag fuoiceni cause the beans tsnout, Mr .
ro ila lat beani.I 21 days eab'plft bhd theuM a" e
b iow d, a" 10 daj. Wtr each plant had wime mumbe -id baus.
. A .. '1.


WMEEC-" YouG$t
; I. .. ,
i"+,. :.'-* .* i. l U "

, I, -


'"- fl aue wit the theW latm. St Orient i
i. r -But to Bob Hope It loo Ik w
al at wei be wllsomething else. t ex
D and Jean against a "I never knew it wodld .hapea, rooms.

-.D A C A a i A-' i

- I CH .n I UU K K O h 4 SJ I '

HOWS,: 1~00 2:26 4:21 6:42 9:0 P.LM. .
..... 2..-

-/ -

IC. Z, Personnel

The, world-famous Rubatex
fdam rdbpr mattresses are
made frol Ike natural latex-
no other mftif l u used. 4l
their manufatut Hence they
are white in color. This Is very
important, so in considering
btpint a foam-rub er mattress,
make quite sure tat it i white.
These are obtainabl (for cash
or credit) at Canal Agencies.
8. A., Cathedral Plae (Around
the corner from Felix Madu-
ro's). Telephone 2-024, Panama.


Wit a.

Lem a bWthe.

.. ... ..

'I was







The Greatest of all Tenics
THOSPERINIh is 5 realy woUUerfu
w- for the weak and dg, the
casOaMiscew and therun-down. he
3yowule PHOSFERINyuw Ad
".w ............. AnmOemm you
^^B pWryfood tbeghi w do' you

"--. *- i ..A ...-L <. "





They're worth 80% of full
for -loans at Banks


Fre of, any taxes in the .tep i .
Title to the bearer (Cash In ), .
Accepted at par as payment f r prgmuintM
some insur %ooc companies
Guaranteed by. the Panama nmatfmu
which has never defaulted on 6a^W&
A contribution to the progress o< .#
making posibl.o the cw en .ot&
modern national race track for tha
Isthmians and vlsitra .


AL4O AVA1AXL M IN X M -, I lk.,


* ", 1 .

. $ SoING. AT YOR S5

*I A *i A l 'W a

' a
o s

Nt; '



' 7-T."

2: --- w

w m

' f:-





5' -B I

. ,. .

* ~ t


.*'I 3 C'l -

.... .. -.--- o- .'-.

dueVaultsToThird WaiwePo 'Bar in injuries 'I D+

As N.D. Drops To Ninth r. Rat.s FaoHte to .cp ye
ANW YOK D win Over C Rates Favorite To
I .^,, '\j
NEW YORK, Oct. 6 (UP) Oklahoma, which' orto ayton imm an 2Pd ool8'Str htG G
sat by idly last week end while Notre Dame absorbed riday eadthe 4Pa o a- 0 C .... ..
Uhe upset of the week, took over the No. 1 United water Polo team 9 to .. .o 1.-- ..
college football rating today by a narrow mar- High scoring in the game was By 'o IM sONs ook for t h
gifrer.UCLA.made by. Evavion saena, Jorge M b now n.
fPver UCLA. Panasyv and Ricardo Arosemena ri nol riCi SIm. n
Prdue's surprise 27-14 victory Ponts for the Panama All Stars. ach been t. winds and th the in
over the lotre Dame vaulted, 1. Oklahoma 274 toman made two point. Don or Clay- u in r
theBod laker all the way toe urCIAue Rafferty and Bill CreWy who n
lace and dropped the 3. Pardues 22 scored two points each. ebm: n..toWe in -r
S mroe, first place down to 4. Wisconsin sr Napoleon Franco. etain o of th
uli~ in this week's ratings of 5. Iqw o0 Napoleon Franco. Csotin ofa
Ir lading coaches who con- 6. Duke 116 the Panana All sta t. leader o a Injury Pr
3led heUnitedPress w atio co 7. eii 4 of all swimming aaVIes for a charges 6 meo
__ei United Press'Panama. In I Q01 he ghd the160 W ChagesJo
td P 9. Notre Dame r Panama All Stars to victory in olm flboa
10. Ohio State gg. the Central Americant On tes. I foo rr a be- With
s&e Big Ten conference placed Se, nP- ten; 11, RMe; 13 Penn The men who compose thinfast ome tlUed la th
to teams among the top 101 State; ,.; "nfd playing team are: Anibal "n'ut as twO

e wht. bnd sathaiss ysri ip Aets-- lrt C'leton Cwntarl. TAn m. osd $i ts n
_hst ate.rt Clavton W atr P,0 Tea ltaoenn3!

T9ms Deny Dirty Football Be. Hme eo A Ou
e*;, wt ion asnrepition won three and r to 1 a- wsee andann
1 a lost t ree. oThe. men who e bore- rnd. ver field.
*I ih &aai a,.0t ep Nae.Ovr beleen-A 01


.5 .flA

10 for -
p" ski

-5-,.~ -~ 5

'he is '
t t.7
-base-.~~i~ -5-
w~g a- ~ fim~e'-A~

Gene -thi Me
b ". night,3 z. t ow r .
to he -i 4 e q-iL *.ttnow
will forf aSn maor Waens bt k S
young ob' at lea i'n doubt'... laaer 1e win an
the WasTerrj' e of the Pil lphila1e Cubs 5 are-
enter 7hlaull.t the osIe wal TIrtrio Mr t

byetrmee J Gal Ma ager Roy atrey low s vctv. ty
the bacstide A tod1heI10s time m a muragt n. COfah- S..r S.
the, he*..r t, s ^bl m ehlwi 6t th P 1ui, lnone MI dr." *- "?.J*S. eli&
weqllly a eu f or n e haen't Made e tr ....Daom
weIs k's 09 ts t strode y huutm.," samys Baey, and ay Bliad. ao hIve obe-s D-
reld has been one 0( pdeter- a ',e. npet i S ee ln sa
mined eam -for con- %Uen's I seekin
quest on Cris, ploppeS to but' ei t out,
meet Junior p= on Tweir own The t .
home g inds.' R port* from the Moa*r, .a forx ea St. Louis The Ptt1buh Prates b n Harry ch
tPacifi side t the sUmthmus are cardiasl star, ripuaed stev.. 0'- winter wSirdteIM Ol "e*
that Jnulor% Oilaged 'orkout. NSl'M my through the 13B4 untrpn onk Nielqre ndle Psi ov .Pnl
thve blhen somewhat fo r s soto n .ehiu dt ist. Te< 1 .er,
they lack enough pliy er foray a nd, si the g od afth Me- irnroke into b aw .in he n
good scrimmage ad what they son,,tphae been speculation And hau payed with lye major ]iWHt" He m
nave are jiot expendable and the Moore will not be e-hired. league teams Me Horton Red bre" Vp oaf
risk of injury is not permitted. "We ca't 08o4 t pec.lion," Box, St. LOuis frwk. Wdel- ok eso
At any rate, action wbe the saysBarney r eone hi Phl, Cinnat and the to
by-word at Mt, Hope tadlumn writer frd hm'.t Frid'y bud Pirates. e 'e' ro
when Junior Clege takes'r. -on re-hired him y day. the T w rack. "S, he
their host'lor the nght. Cristo- situa0uon vtl eCaHngNd.I We l e p m b a h
bal Tigers, on r ngLt t just aven. .o' tor1y. js'se. UV

Enjoy comfort...s
., ... +.., .. ,, + ., p --+- ... .-


chargess Oy rnsco '7er5 Nwa5 &dOj to
rSlhirmer.FPll Crea. Jack thu'fina mnte. of the last
V ,ANolO ct. 6 UP ill, e mor hard work today l ter, of an lntergepted Cristobal ps.
6n -JAB in na- sayiEd Wednesday. The Timra n the other hand,
wa no Three Notre Damera swere hr tFhav"e showf flashes of power
F opluryed 'r a .mans ha d bruited ribs and alling before Balboa High last
nif-ootba a halfbacks dDick 20 to 6. Eacht just
211-14- tie.,Ftzgerald hurt Cor when the OiL.$.' eleven seemed
i Tony MorabitoofAeto e rollftg, an unfortunateI
Sccs thes Rams of tdir- Ano there f otbai story romf pi mistake of s.te sorts ho'pod a
n.Fo Francisco theUnidStsoret Prod- andpe4disaster..ut
S uri the ge, uct Laborato rye at Madison. o Tobaloe tob1ot1 1igt-hrc ht-
goy. we-be-Wisco hnui. centi surt r f aores mI... nteam s ori to

fo fut oor e l. a.,fineof the evenfn sa.

Fh mta po af The scientists already have m htwei n P t. Francis la- (By -a.)
d*.- trap S aW f the seats s ate riy oy id hook ft erwAreny,

i They say 're trying solve the Lawson, Tank Company, t33i d f he Al nes Ba ktba pAito j
a" water resistant ad Dr.aust- hae sianed Mlwa uk e pi tcher
tm ov Bob problem of r.u, they will be a i. Gene Conley

tal k db to keep the seats dry. n the a ght middlewe ht en- The s x-f oo eight-inch Con-
aPam* d'ais The Scientists already have _htwegon Pvt. Franftlhat faoloe A J.s
H t A iry' treated Soof the 5.-thougand Lme aA. A o pmpany, 33d Inf. jab

seats at te versid y of ut e won way to a 14 ame and lot nne
thl Iabout consin s am Randall Stadium. S delmon over Pf. W ilflyi ote Bras Cblao r
S TheyI ay 11rie y eAc1 solve t AlereaRoso D Company, 33d o al eas
tllld. o A nd Bob poeM of Go neys Coltb ll be -' Ienf

auitd a t ur o Iewey st1 ando1 at nn
WSP)-special wTh Proo. forn thenthe
Ine iat weigh A/icpther scry. In the ligh midewih en Thiard-l Rodete n hr-

crooun eased the attack all te A s e w aeddit l to the ping k
ilb e t s Dr Ploy way gaining a unanimous decl- ranks "Nefi" has won the
Ss- plIboi footbl d sot over Pfc. Anthony RP mos, $15,000 Br r in Steeploehase
ad ths of 1ts game fSpecial Troops. a 8Handicap at Blmont.
o ge o e le Bobby Ruben of Ban Antonio.I Jockey Doley Adams brought
Sa weadre ChattaBnoogan. Teomsnn essee In a early leadr an d fa vie -
w "'Dr. Eastwi st someTexas pinned Dimay Hurst ofr on Nelae with a rush fto best the
o e o Chattanooga, Tenneasee in a:,,Kli ledermander"v-- y
l rthlini facts in a national wreting ebition "K I ng Commander" by a
ago., S $ magazine ,- TheAmerloan Ms- In the sedlI-feature contest length and one-half. "Coveted"
S4 rrl A lulme. He says football etliple A/e Paul smith Albrook remst- ran third in the New York field
more boys between 16 and 18 ered a TrIO in:14 of the third of nine.
of were ies than any other a-ort. On the round over at. Conesa A. an- Nel alternated between hur-
Pal Dane Put bais of at e erce, a a Dr cheRiver, D Company, 33 dle and flat races most of the
te E o e sa t.ooeA se onB tom, wi lln 0 year. The four-year-old irelding
Iiri foo tbal- l Special Troops.. anbca wtl Iem.
of the 4's ause f 20 to 30 death and 60,000 tnran second in the Broad Hollow
Spro football seriouss intue this year. In the feature attraction 8N Stteplchase In his last outing.
a w a .two he says most of Benjam in Thompson, ocoe owned by Mr. d
=D Be eanjIis siubee mroet- So olo received a unanimous nod Phippalfo.t
a eed new y- injures oud be revent- over Pvt. Guerrido Barcia, D Tne for the course about
e r JiedS men. ed. He says hand-me-own e- Compnay, 23 Int. The .initial two and one-half miles was
-who Lipent i widel Penn- rounds saw th men box cau- four-39 and four-fifth seconds...
I u ne player asis o kise nation tiouDly looking for openy in only four-fifa ths of a second of ft
t 0 says h me 2s to in linods. in .te third with accurate t. the r ah e
r .l se which had' two d"ear.h from punching. second choice inthesetoting -.
fho ractured skulls and more than paid fo.10, 3.50 and 2.90.
a.ri.nJas. q .--om a donen brain con ussions last 33 ntIng Ealneh a in -exT
dMorl. eys.I d oz is1..o In eour : National Open cham-
="g a, aft t Noa s kort pion odn Furgol, Marty Furgol
T edocrwior onva S comanDutch Harer sor and Tommy Bolt
dhcal will represent the UnSdet at"tes
S -_ __7" 1l ? at- in a month-longseries of Ausa
.cose Joe Kuh tite and tl, d offi- HALIFAX, Nova ote--(NEA) tralian tourneys starting next
D me ec, alng, and t l_ 0 recognie +all ks is reported plentiful in In boxing: Welterweight con-
motion whai a mongl boywe ova Scotla. tender Oel Flanagan has signed
y Ua l' Thts year deer are especially to meet Maurice Harper Oct. 27
.f m ls.t i Dr. Eastwred leads the corn- numerous and sportsmen havse In San Francisco.
o a ittee on and atlitle aix-week's season, from Oct. 15 In racing: Jokey Paul Bohen-
9 for the Po o t b a to Nov. 30. Deer maybe taken in ko rode three er at Suffol'-
tW Coaches ot. Former A1- county. Downs.
SAmeria r "Brick" Mull Other game that may be taken In baseball: .The Class-A West-
_7.omWEniLr and v e er a Vi coach Clark l all counties are ruffed grouse, ern Leunie says all eight teams
y at .S8outlhaughnewasl slport the doctor's e Oct. 11 to Nov. 11, and rab- indlcatWthey'll play again next
.enan dicates there article. s, from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15. year.
o. s Joe ..- In weig-ht-liftlng: seven Amer-
"-IO idlans have arrived In V enn to
otte y o e fl Inae starting ThurSday.
for. th N-to otba1toN in 30.In in Ird the worrs aion-l
C'chT "I BHS uch Foolball

that U KNOWe takn IIn "A" league competition Ro-
yo's leatn was toppled by Bate-
.when travlilidg 'to the United States by commercial man's t*eBa 6 to 0 in a battle of
airlines, you are a.~ torizd to take the leader. coring for Bate-
man's team was Chanis.
5 'FIFTHS'OF WHIi Y with you DUTY FREE. In "F' league competition
Musser's team edged Azrak's
team h13 to 8. Touchdowns for
.'- ,Your NATIOIL1 DISL-LER caln arrange to place Musser''t4,am were scored by
8 bottles V any of e followingg produote aboard Wtona sons the tra point. ay-
yo airp, reduced cost. rk hs team's only
I In _tO!other game PeddAcord
o our I Tocumen or to leaving. I scored point and Peddicord
oW. I Y* w "Tou DUY'Foleague com edition aon-
*SL.CK-LABEpL RUM CORTEZ mis and Solt playj to a 6 ton
Utie.. M scored for his team
aERVE *CASoL CLUB and for Scottws team.
-?..... N AD CANAMAn WiMSBY GR APDuscr
.y'A:'"1...CPresecutor Sinarth
.Hoffius a "Vote For Hofflus"
NAC ONAL dk the rar bumper ofp i
Washe ash pb
ha rn r ,khi prtou nl yie

Inet s'tiker.gameI -e ,di
Ca -71-o'0 niakfr" b:]T..cmen 1501 ; F0.9.- tea"mu to '. ._i.

5 1

. \ JI -



S ..

*. ..

5. *~
* .~d* *
* .

- 7

5$ ....

Nothing gives a manmoem conide has l
that he i prcdy groomed. Tha's *y ,.
and more me a tg to AlW t it;he ilti
Whether youwa t a .esr casual pAt, :.
you'll go for thee ]aow beutiea! I '


-J Il' .
', -i6

- --.- --



- *~~6'~ ~
f -~
~I. ~ 6

* io .

I ..J ...l.

-. ..- -

- ~ -,
.6. '6

gaasern ltereNlt.
id on tlevia- l
I p ad w rl e
I ahfanot r l 198
pm- mod"* .'1

- ~* w,~,

football o i. L illuat*tsI six
eft to right. 161d* Mu ution.
yiver down field on a pit- I
1 signal; and .ef O ide. t )

Ir Tea
FutureRivat Of Football- Tea s
i W-cIArkS14 sO ._MMA u moaA ,aaaeer aaTIEAS A-19
CffkDSA 5 fhD~Io A gU N W EIUsN31 6aga.aIf
VC...I A "'
0 o --a, ,-o o ,

AM!at oN.
hjMML fiix O.e.

"A gjxn r M at
... ,.. ,-W ,

WCa'l S. li. aes.

U- -w aa

A Isame U~ jSN
OF ..
13 O3 7W.1
Boom-,,MO.DI1r WAKS elOTO

84 M 3. C A RM0 Y5 I'a
0. 1. Nrow=
pme 31 -41 N o u. c al.
St. daGL 1

U.-1--m. Itad.eM

SO2. ft Ca
1= r TOL is -ULAN
Is -=I _wM-CL

St. cw-kams 13is a4

-.St t Aa 3.a 0.1.b
: u -.;i -lo-t 0. dO St
CUM Z. C"D 0..1wi1S


N3- L141A';i- -


a ._ 17i, M 911, s ,
St. 32 sumbg

m lINS 41- ooI, 'ke

P.p +, ,.',., ..;t t + o,

t St
Trp -




A t ,.l

football "a-10 ( foo1

Athlete who have bass-
e ethe or
mao, he," team, it

t smfirst. *Uss, end
'o an-thelo r

dc Bead e asewilee etwMeen u tti wi

WaS t Athbleti Club's .ee tftthat qg6 you've
star of i a doubts begun to l4 v6t m t per ANp
Starter in II' gme a a a .de o away
he is sufferl n am all* you've -.worn lsnse, over 4 Be
ment. years t he set has to I mde
Tne Athletie Cub will have at with bifocn lese to Iandebh
ends. Jerry Ca. Jerry ar e, namr and bat wptr e e Usll
Bill Nickler Ad Jaip Love. The takes place about the tiee the gn
tackles will be fomnn Thomas, Ed hills start growing steer. no- have ee
Cherry, Dick LonMJicq and BHJ tice?
Blacklrn. Jik LD ards will bhe
Peta Jt..Woods and Ralph The fact is that as a man moves
Harris. the 1eis Tony Dyer. ,midde 1e treds towaru
A c u Arwnoill prb- als _1leB

Trlowiit t ttlseed f thei
A 'voIs AlIb 14 lt rel, ta'

'dl day* Nov1 4 -- MtsKle3

t vs CS at Mt Hope ta -

Along Th Foirioy A
Waft401sle Cub'itieta h.pyuv t
star~~~~~~1 010'sadutLbp oen a

,a100 La3es i

Tiere was another good turn-
out for the "Flag"tournament
on Lades' Pay Th ay
there were two flight and the
winners oere: i
first Flight: thel Perlatle-
Net 61 (Otss,0); penny Dan-
niele Net ro (O1WOs b1
Second Flight:. Bleanr reeine
-Net 67; Phyllas lAs-Net 71
ithel Is to be commended on
these coistently good golf
rounds In thlow 80Al. o, cih-
gratulatlons to Penny on her
good core for her firt time a-
round at Amador.
The putting competition con-
tinues keen. Ethel, enny a
Eleanor came in with s0 putti
each, but since they had already
won a Tournament priz the
free golf ball went t Ruth in-
col who had 31 putts.
The tournament for this
Thursday will be "Low Net on
Par Three foles;" % handicap
allowed. There will be a golf bal
forleut putts.
f re iI Smore new, onrthe 154
Fort Amador Women's Club
championship tournament. This
is a tournament opento
all Fort Amar women club
members. No handicap will' be
allowed either. b the qualifying
round or the match pl to fol-
The quallfyilg round will be
the first round-of play during
th. period Saturday, O. 9, to
Saturday. Oct. I. W seeded golf-
ea please note. As many prac-
ties romnde as wished can be
played after the qualifying

All qualylng rounds will re-
quire lay in elth threesomes
or foursomes. The tournament
will be played in flights depend-
ing on the number of partici-

Beautiful silver prises will be
awarded to the winter at the
completion of the tournament
in Noemb*. Pick up sere card
marked "Qualifying Sound" from
club manager or sectary. Check
blletin board for a l"Tourna-
ment Know-How." Op to num-
ber one teoo, and happy tourna-
ment golfIng tol aBI

spe", i 01,;on" r1
trickplayStt6 Vbe ru-nt.

fit ~ "h<~ yiw'"
Mooreto nBS a~,^ ?Pe
'the T formation alway
run from &bji.ced mne? am
Km. o. mlcbhangtate. for ex-
ample, a vmaxlt fm an
ualne iune, -as do many
other. ..
Q. For what college did- Char-
ley Powel, th fightr, play? -

school to the prtfololn o
a e ruW lon hais LOU Little
a, ColumbIe? B rnaioe
A k nib Uthyear.


N 30th Century-Fo prentr
Calfen WiEB Jeau i gii

satd wice-aw
ai voes-m .

Io t

;, o*fL : -"


', -

, 4W....

A;, 1,'
,t. .A /. :'-.-

wS -

S. -
," *t

I -'



L_ll_ _~

___ ~__ _

__ ____



_ C _L ~ I


.* '


B: :

1t **1

- ~ -

'j~. -


NOct. -(UP) -1
?be stage today for w
diplomate suspect
ategic "surreflder" by

' S minutwer V. L, Mw-
Ib to agree to free elec-
IBast and West Ger-.
ffort to smash re-
Iot L on nin6-power
S.ovemmet n ewspa-
m c arrival In East
wst nalt with one of the
Sappeals for German uni.
pr d by a Russian pro-
s' t believed it
atl t tMoeletov
free l.-Ameri-
sIfag hbb visit to
S ie a fifth annl
tile Cqbmm-nist East
ee diplomats said any
ItenfV" by Molotov
;atIs of the 12 West
divisioni planned at last
ine-power London con-
ilet Union, they "eason-
it well be prepared to
t East German satel-
tha k for a'whole Ger-
S4 nk to the Western
are Gem n de y

$*T i Ue D

6 (Communist)
has become
to the stru t -
ation 6f
"B6n, how-.
pulation a-
idre to reu-
on in. East
wa wiquik to
arrli in
Mto 6ows

May OK Free
t iei Map. "

West.German Rear
e an ..... ..

what __ "_'__"_'_"
MA, Y.


CONFERENCE ENDS-U. S. Secretary of State Johnfl t er" Di
that concluded the conference on the rearmin R of Os any in
to right: Dulles; J. W. Beyen of the Netherlands; J. ke.ok of IA

- ** '* "^^-'" ***-'-* ---
a .,';: ," .*
,-' f, '
-.. .; .



* *I*. ** *-*;'~' 9;4;


* I,.

1 -

aape MAPuiUred he*r Sats^ Grl: Fnid
tg lt or utthqts to
show any re iat all on D IfU
the part Of yn to am
Referring to.VWt key's bitter
attack on the St8tates in his 0 "
speech in the generall debate last URY 6(UP) fixed o M. Wh
week, ,Ledge aid: ._-LordW hgee0- rd
"It Is too bad that he insids on re today
a name-c win.ocy which day .tha'ft Mlo. h *b
Rusalan people." t

&*. ,.,,


-*Iap ile wi in'd state John Poster Dules
on -a Aecent LoAd since
.vot- t e pqartte esma
Wt ndt i is 1 inpinc8bCthe
Yi.yl e70~ e ,aO h a s'rttostta
thow e r to Dews to rer President "
they aid. r, in W g for
0.eliATQ council moply two da4; of consul, with Do-
apvdLo AiNIO N &l ack* e Depmrtmep o#M, told a
ort Ge enerence tat tran the
within Aetwrk oft an t e on dil rmn er rmy author i
Iade h'elct and the i zed inprncip bythe Loindi ot
Satii TatyOrganiza- conference wll have to "start
a~on. mrk. from scratch."
G i Alfredjj.kOrueitber,
Nerth Atlantec faty Omtni Oice the an*areement to
u en o a M l a alin rearm oerman aN* bring fr
Wasingtonma yt _will taSe into NATO is rall bI.he said,
two year to add trained weso it .l take two year to train a
German Ary to the anti-.Cmr. Germanm army and three years
out lerees of Western Eu- to train an Air leree.,
MM" tt ChLncellor K o a r a d Adensuer
the statement as the said today the London nine-power
f Naol urity Coun- ardent has restoredd the uni-
s foloed o eio tonor- t he Western rdd" and has
al a erepo fr er ed a climate for eventual re.
T 00 l lation of Germa.

hthSTesl bno R 91e

Us ed N Vn e I a

WAMmM .rM Oct (UP)t T 6 "U...--
The first .Ae trlsld qftthe Nau- W9gSlON ^(U)
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spent Af. hou in Colon while
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paper complained., that' lw
Yldu river anctuart had pr-
ently been Bet up along the luth
China Coast to guard against the
"little war" at Qumoy Inviting
' bluer conflict.
iltary spokesman, Gen.


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Owfn attempted murder m-d un-
lawful woundlng
Lady VIv$aia sat Iapasluely In
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. a g.y *nm chlic'od and
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,t at M rs. i hearings
at, Mr*. Wheeler as ealous
tt hat s_ sot ..Lord, Vivian
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