The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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TE MAIL bOX **I. fu n ua gsi"
FOR THE COPS, TOO! ul Uan ,,,Mhad.
Paraiso. C.Z. u couibe, soU ad the 500 dele- .
l tg htse sy iaytuijiela b~a L
noticed the letter. Rainbow City Ruckus. In your paper on LeL uiwul. ato- wail, were .i
Wednesday night. u~i~~U r,. y hu iMnUi
In Ies sad to y hav that many of our parents are resDonsible umuAs Iu u y 4Astu u"'" an ule
Sor the disrespecul attitudes of our boys and girls. In order iy cuargela ia cs4galft'aes, wevr
make a neighbor uncomfortable or to spite him some parents .ais O m mw 4 .
encourage their qldren in wrong behavior. he Alane nu onot &u
In the end. however, it oI really the children who are hurt. us wa ~daer a Yainatingl
oly th~ parents would wake j before it's too lug many a oonfvlwuAl. A6 was l AU nutW O
bovwill not wish to bite a mother's or father's qar pate. iM. lng4 ir laws wee risen ou,
The oce, too an help to male better citizens of our boys. u r Lr" Wr-foIWi .su.a u..
A word or two to the boys about respecting the rights of others u ria prus',u wuai e u asM S
Should cause less violation In the future. usts VTought. unon s aI ovr UI uC et
usts ThougJs. @aunaiun LuCat ansr vor i.S MIDA aSS
Wa__U L__ uy huI MW ulu Dy luiAe a a-Si
AW* MwE iONT LOVE uinuy uas ilngIIi wue ile ,.I- d.4
w *uall.uain.uue .wuLuOEu"d a. au 4
S Sir: &uI liw nll, wuu uslt wu s
I To HOG: aV- .v"'up ala Weu
S 1 heard an announcement over your station about the son e' oir eessc I u n sUmmeUr l o U a
"Honey Love The inoutl er stated that several people wrote Vf cI' aI1IZe I uslvA lu!, wals l,.
Into the station thamtho song was llMlropRt uld not fl 'a al % &,&AI L496 i
to be heard by th"ir children. uson oe m "'a1sU U
I have talked il5varst poople and nose of t".lit' a.. with i whfUl inings *
this minority a.!0r w oes Then Inis goodboiiodflhAaa IMuvlunlula. Wu o -W&. 40
ood jumoy tune, ad.t very popular. .aia. e c 5 u "
I believe that any i.the rtyn tuiat they heard in thL USUrs151* ian a a---- *
among was In their-own I ot e erybody takes a 'teyR IMfm a..w
big from this ani. :M -in tbibp played 14.114i6di wb QOAw a ""
dirty meaning I perso wtedto take them that way. people ears. d
listen to sons because- have a good tune and good lyrics tCtmireV magS edl oeat Ow
to them. not to hear double meanings. j* e asofi iAU uNa a/
IJiso l woo gave DOO #A-
I believe that e tmaloal tf te people like e"lRreyLO OV, caAar m L.W a6 u
and I think It should be ute on the air. Let the mnltit avaWq acuw aa. uehwA* v --B
wah their ind- out. -Honey Lovq. ve iva n raumatcl age e w he*
( hM iie.mtlwt ai ".u- M- WANIITOlN l-.(Ng) Thet lions 1
D oANSHnre TEL a syupuGcs 4&1-6-. White-Hous .s Al"bqrdto The j
oiys IAJkgkill1umulus U&baaI uer cWo14b
DANISH STERLING coIrS sLa sutanenius 5AVu9., tmheseswall lers daml *mit inI
Laa S5 c 1the way Ua i lVi5%t
lan s aosesian am, raA y ujri aU tarmy emplos w in for- senmt
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* SPEC^bUIhS Jgnf ple Sa Is
Direet to the Canal Zoeat at
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Get More For Old
Furnishin. With
SWant Ad
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WIaIeaes, were Known as w tae sa-
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trWl matseai n me cuarmweln
flvoIuwuI& .1 PItNi. LMie' 1.0
men use wlnuu dliii JlisMui, 0u-
ecoW r uolrg.abUqn.
anore ar iU lover s colleagues
WAU tUtiK Lila 0 b16 L wn up p AvAby
W lenu I tal W les O eulUn u uu
walr euacise in e k99 asb unalears
JSiUtWI r Ocdi-. au1t: U Lu, o ia
Vartu Marua, a muoo charming
meot apuanu lover wns tne cuvie
unWn. u, maue a ooui ue war
wiutoy he elp pr01esen o mn r
wager "54.inumuU"& UCOt &ar
I'bruuer cau 118ine.
Iru lce yuu uow good. Carl Aldo
Marn wass AlieaaU siam jau 111
#l pre ar se Jnoa wtbe s. e u n per-
JUlj in COlAneCulI wia a guvcrn-
meg% appcauacon in wacq ne ue-
RBt nWAS 4 O^mbSuuik1. iial
'epvcadokn auAu gobhen mm a psis
Wruli Uba. AntU ruai, a posw. ne vab
deputy cie ox yreeuiason
brnActi. he made poucy uecisions
Mn proJeums in rbju wi ta te un-
ael.-ecre ury 0o war antu tue aep-
hy enag0 o saLs. *i piexed t..e
gtaigets ort ue Moouite raid on
wuen Marzand was released from
jAi, w,was P re or toe ulieu
liectrieu lL WoIrs ulnon xor its
researcn aepar'meit. :ibo .
leadill apparently oun't Lunk ly-
It oou connections wIli tue
mti asts was a poutical nazaru
STAe is a unlua s.raw oss
allmeo huss Nixon, wou auls nao
a very hlu n military post. ine un.
4 1 caa mm tneir wnurlnlwnu lgeg.
native representative. 'aneie as
obstimony otore toe House Un.
American Activities Committee in
ales a witness quotes straw boss
Nixt as saying:
S am more interested in the
of the Communist party
alons in GE, Westinghous
RCA. Unless the Communist
Aerty is going to be rebuilt on a
solla foundation within those three
plants, then the UB will certainly
not be able to carry on its pro-
ram and Its politics in a cor-
ret manner and fason within
these were strong delega-
a at the UE convention from
G, Westinghouse and RCA. I do
Shat their polities are. I do
1M record shows. I've
Record. Now let's
h.=- is. The UE as
A M 1 Itn the center of
Si*tnery. That's a

ioe Postponed
MAsishop Fails
Sjrrive On Time
ett U heduled for to-
tlghtW T.t Bethel Church of

ealt m r

es and 1 diS rs rultment a aa bg
es ? and d is t 4_
systems. o r
On top of that they',l'have sop.- 7 I pa n ad ri ges ash n

hereare three ate teo- y get extra cost g a-
Reerve, Foreiga Serviec s t a If pay weg In Btatw." says. pua
atnd Pont 4And within Point i4 an Air withl, p
thute are three separate person- Tokyo. "OUr so-cAd -zi- b'a- five
mnel systemsraon, etmit like aoad PtZ
A major effect of this confusion are suPoeed to make up the -Dul
ois saious blkserhg. jealousy and LaeeaState aDeprtnt liclt
noncooperation among the various poe use our commais arle s imall
U.S.there are abroad tao "The cl raims. the
"This friction xstsF not only A el father ageu e bill, .
abgo employes but w teetn I home
U"~e'IStttes U8ge abroa34 selves, Iatey e.ed now
house kpert stuck ith thep
sdult taAk and try Point 4g to ate of
m are thresep sn- d> P' Tko.lme mgivaI


Feuy. a
tal me'
bot the

Slncles. flt k .f3ri
country to advise on
sposal probe ps lu do
wtand all .t in. p*
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or in D., -i
etch of smm hugta in Mh ,,.
T"i.n TO U "

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Solif sliver

famous DanMih

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ink In

krgo with bring
jpptsIn a vica due
yew ago. one
Fan4 another left

.., erOu Prom e n efforts
t& place the -ngatet behind
bars, civic ader arft rushing
plans to bring I Indutr to fill
shutdown of v operatlona.
The Mnu a Agle;. blow to
,th& tram-ee m so de
by m w7tnr" 'thocWlU at



G0OWING FAMILY-Mrs. Iae' chlemmer, 41, cuddles hw
triplets, two boys and a gl~, ~itr theiu birth at Danbury
Conn, Mrs. Schlemmer. who hau had 14 other children, 12 ox
SwhOm atr living, M-'thnre itandonim.
N *EA Teolephoto)

Colne l Flies 300 mh at 13;000 ft.

Pracically Without Ay Airplane,
SOUTH BEND, md.,. Oct. s ftot A grip, and was haul-
(P) An Arty celmonel whole .
a lueked ha out of a ed- the meatIe the wind
Ulfalr~bm 30 feet Xr the' GreDwini a wrist watch.

M!, lI*


S Hlt-eoat. t:
mind the lom a bft,'
who seastion of height
gd out of the plane
ipd he breathed eaaU
h 'he wu faeefg the
ner whioh' had been
Pr wiRenn mInd., at 300
le Swaouth Be an.,
mu*3gers were tran-

moter* pil

1ed nat d e at al

n another s um eston. su r ot-
vide betterr defiero woMpote t"
"n addition tthe ubeneftp re an

worelt of an advi o4~ n'd;

NATOg. res wdentiwe ould -et

pert4aet fs meiratt pl eqep in
expanding nd thr. n

In aPnoteross and poteLtal t
hdraw criticism m, opO t of
Another proposal wthe ground d
for an economic advisory oun1#

workers to adviseni the aounilan
other NATO aRencwhic ould meet
pfert o their poles 0 vitt f
st likewise e alledor eotables.h-
coIn dmmitteeon to rather under stand
pByrnogres, whobroand polteitall with."
Another erpresaent tel would pro rvin den
hisfor an economic advisot as secretary ofacile,
Ilmade up both of employes and

Made Equal By
New Peron Law


Dine and Dan



ce from 80 p.m.

his Orchestra



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Th6 Best Foodin%^

Some Of Our SPEIA4L .

I.* F D E AKS.
:SMA^ 0 F_, *" 1 STEAKS, 4,



16 3 9 Pan ,4
Pon 4 9 Pan. Paw
- I

.i u to o trength. om ex
a r ter a s s iJump 1 overcl o th ae
Ss,.he an oda hand w
t m 18 .eup or n a ve

mr, nd b his d t ashowtu a v g
"qR, botb ad he very pro &_y t
I property ou his good diamond u'd. 'St h
,tu. 's t Mback to hearts, 'to
Ia w" "- merIe b r ym,,the
ceanaol u.
n ait n w t
Sw ? _, p carter was owi rg

spedes-a an mam _mld
o 1nd jut hto wtryhi Sood

him wpM. WRaith iA
o ....d .-, !le;~;~ilfr q ~d
Of I:m"I- --t
spades afd could spart..W .at' d
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Sore turn th tble qe t e. n,

H e smid t1.1
^^^ "hd atN d last.e' aneek th asdei

M1 s.beurn, b oer to c3.B 'Ut
-w -d t-i ri f ut dU

J l e b e r e Wed't b Wed .n
r/ k!of Apk'jW^'wa

o hi-- on a. 5Wud day a hs eai nfathor 4tood
.im on _.-"". .1pron by.
ot h ee in a flash, he TWefyou rToo0 r "M he
laid, andth& next thing I knew considered t a greatt utivilere"
I vs half ofut f the, airplane" to become thO eWet _td of See-
"I could fee the jelt holding reta'ry of State John foster
my knee!" e 'aldI. but Dulles.
thought saoetUng was wrong Dulle replied that he hada
with the e ila a been most fort te,oIn having
"WhenI aw he plane Omen. Walter B edil mithu a Un-
jemed to be lying all right I dersecretary in the iast. and
th 1ght I Cald get JustodWof that he cooler hiuelf "ex-
y.fiandaVa ho f thee I trenely foftunate" thaO Hoover,
..ooUl save he Jr., was stepping nto Smith's
N "worked his hand inside the ob.


or out of ,wedlock.
e.T law pra ~des that civil
reglater uthorlties must Issue
birth oerlfloato to all without
any referenp as to their legiti-
macy or lllegtmacy.
In the matter of inheritance.
however, the law ,provides that
children bom out of wedlock are
entitled' tdozv one-half of what
legitimate children get.

adopted w


" -" *<
-5-: ." I

- *,
.NVf 4heph @ '


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.C ~Aw.


FROM 7 P.M. TO 9 P.M.

* So Fra cico

Tl $.1JAM

ith enthusiasm by the deep-sea divers

In wof mom-to"gr o wnu momis no" mm

f bn e = 6. as ubS se .lFI: .-_ b us
Hlb n o P"d 1. "a-B" iKiuB --l6CJJin ,ow 4" 4

.hich is the eg .gg g. .. ..,

y 1 n ,Besides. tea olt uI f fe l, .Sig .. ".

r alg H ass to ltshe tch' 3eiar

BoM can rel on your -
,. ; -*t : Jj-/' .. -, '


v* 'er- -.- -
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,e' -. 47-
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' ., ^.. .,. :*'. .. .. .- ..,<
(-..,--,1.,- f, ,, ",.'-n ,V .;Mil.. ,-" i*:- -^,, .

- I',.


-*",. -" ?,** -
'- _-

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* i.~ry .A- ~

. 9

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tos a gao-
ewn in
is wnt lato


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7.~::~ ~

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S:.. ,: .. ,.'* -.l '* .'-* ,
" "* ./ '" ".* _*,._ .' .

*7 '11!
- *~. a. 7.


a- S


sorry way. I was trap at nme

sWt~.~vu pe, th people on toe
S mme rsela have it horrn. er
phtiiy' ve got woo that's measured
S ever.'" millions of kilocycles. t'
-o-- xto. make a guy want to
to worry luky thng for me And n.. The con o

that I met e g Buttons before his reo n ed with a *ad shae o the

ew NBC-TV rie tarted. He non-red head y w that TV writer
teemed as n'ie usuai a b e e ere as hare nd s a good
rri Itub, w810e 1 n Boe waurant, 1(F \

Ihot pool and heWkled n the back- To'utrtont' new sBrtea will not U e
eve., year on. 0 =o. T
Itround.'He e emed pleakything but much different hi orld one,
that I mber th Ws before his eat ed wiit a sad e
new NC- tarted. e e n god head, was tha e rt T ers
seemion," asn diceasusual,an' a 1 hy e ard tohe thabd a' a Jgoo
r of serambled,.j at the sirlolib ak in a vegetarian rep-
Friars Club, wWWeM 3 ,aurantL 0
shot pool and h .led the back- d new series will try to be
round. He seemed e bu much different Iom', hisold one,
reenivmber this w se at *0 O
ri s started. "12 0oMtlaI
tional hum bWei If He'o a8no a"- U7t.o k, te be
mal. He h isn't time nte eor fnay.
rational. Dont talk to a comedisan
during the season and xpt a Later in the season, though, Red
pleasant conversation." will probably take k stab at a soe
t*, .toee t was ifwer the rious dramatic role on his show.
asnuOtWeea w M" et He figures he's primarily an actor,
.e was tmogiag5* so a why shoutd't he act serious
aid oauMl for a change? Strhnge things are
d$ evaThe "thOfeO

e a e o ("

woA"i !*O~ '. *. --is fo a baa been used
P m ., e -

NBC- adtQ): Th b gywaw a
within Cnersmaa dbd he i
ra "Madmwi, nlarger an
,OWr at off?" She says, aehandt
,M n. .... I e m

) a .
Netweari, beowL a

T he Jackpot I. an
f e with howdah
., 6 eac


SPaidic S1eam Navigation Cmonany
Royal Md Lines Ld.
.................................0t. 14

DEL PACIFICO" (1" Ta) .....Dec.

*7. 17 -

- *0'

Questions Aw iur
p% I

-', 7ki~ '

B-5= An .M DDB

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~~s*~: j~

................... .................0....O t. u
P DYK" ......................... ,...Pec

PANAMA-Af-At ide. M.TeL 3-1N8
W W. i BAlOA-Tenn w ida. T t-III,

SD 'pw-ar.Dn air co
Em. pnsr thA ua>w"to isentir e
,,a',B. eo~tl~o~n of v a by simply
LiX p I a button. Children comet Wt u


Ut 3ir2 Ywoseol

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VA 1 af~ *, .- : ** .* **** 7',. u .he g;'.i

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A die :
.*' 'i n

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4M.6d not ay a .l

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und si s,-int.1s ,,-

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_ iS*'.*" .1
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mnthh. M.i-Mi o



F a' series
m Govelnmant
Ippre -enaed

A, '.;,


* N I

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Md somt" ur. Ana Mrs.
i Bleapertassett.
est upMUr will, be Mrs.
Mine Oan. 1)vid M c-
!s'*lit,'iD be Mr i.
.Dvid Mc-
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PtA SCIADOI s. t .
lOUm3 ON e0 of July Ave I t.
Jte Arnemew Ave. endm



A R p~i;~ iUIE3 WAN~p


Youear .
Garbage Collector's Job
is not an ey one.
fa scan Wur meot
.-T ofhe load an his \
-:4- ."houldt withI

.r Akd save money doing it
"eitral Ave. Tel. 314"

FOR SALE .wP~ in Igood condition,
$150. Panama Golf Club. Phone 3-
FOR SALE.-1952 Morris Oxford de-
dan, Duty paid, excellent condition.
fully insured See it and make on
off.u Phone 3-4050DP"anama.1,
FOR SALE:-1950 ,Stuqtebaker cqn-
verflble, class "A,'" all extras.
$950. Phone Balboa 4241.
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Special 4-
door, very good condition. Make of-
fer. 'Albrook 86-3178.
FOR SALE: 1952 Chevrolet Club
Coupe. excellent condition. 5965-0.
Smith Place. Diablo. Phone 2-4021.
POR SALE: 1953 Dodge 4-dior,
perfect condition. Diablo 2-2116,
ofter 6 p.m.
FOR SALE,-1950 Ford Coupe, per-
faect condition, potential Hot Rod,
$250. 5440-A Ehdicott, Diablo 2-


er. 21 i trwee, nh
Guoch 2lfti.
5 chairs, $20. 2f
lo. Phone_ 2.2.



'N, ".
I',.'' L

on wW tO NO. IO5'51wmene,
new. Capoeity: 40 Tested
to 400'4bs. Purene M ahufactutdg
Co., Newark. New JerseyA fatrIn:
$400. Phones 3-1"791. 3-1039.,
FOR SALE:-The American, ducotor
' Enryclopnio, just ihke fiw, $40.
Pho4n.,e ,225, .,_


- ) I! I-


;,*. :
;4-, -.
,, .. .


J- ~



FOR RENT:--lnm~ited. twd-bedr
aggrtment, ground floor. Furnish,
"5; unfurnished $0. Front nd
-book yard. Very cool. 1'h beet th~it
you qsh get ,fgwthlsoprice,
Str.t No. 58. '
FOR R6NT-. Fumi.ihed aO Irw t,
one bedroom, ilh; ro k 'no ln.
$ ':Bella Visto on 3-M648.
FQ IkNT:-Furnished opartmet; ,1
bedroom. North awricoha-neigh -
bore Regular traalportatiqn, $60,

Help Wonted
W-NTED:-Maad fli general h6u-e-
w6rk. Via EipoAea 114, Victiwoa
u lPsition-. f.
Position fed

WAITED: Saleslirl at Philippine
Rattan Lux store, No. 6 Avej Jeis
F' rancisco d lo Ose. Call after' 10/

.. mtfrtn Fnrt.

arieiced beu oD-
a orBe
L Iw M h~


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Saz 5ta n 'h i meth van. .t| .B ,i _t ,.
&i2D t* t W6Y Thifrt..ede .senod Suit- O
e---i or ..1 i v-. mo der
SoEoe is o had aWN

lletreat o itegratin pla* W
Sdaw i Th. Dceedmo In N$lford5 Do.

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U1ma t is loo l.,n -w leaterne fo ts ultimate ae-
h ti..ea ntof 'he4 .rt nt.

-MeTorlal prubyte t t e, warne,
at AtMC""n -,-ro

hftribc ch jiadtited with t tpfana are "re-

Lf .a N. L xcuntd e orild, orebouterm .t i nedl h his1
a .eeemr lEee to renr
4.i Weri tU iwel2-1562. l *5oa. I

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oil "...W. a e the Uhted
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issolls 1A asm e la.wer.far itsh"uetl a terme-

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coultry goo, otheregi .4 nieque

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th T pi- onti-
So'..ap action.
Mst I to 0e defeated.
tiseat carriess with
At -, -polItical.
l a .. ritual

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,!iW Eiuim un -

- Sighteelin tour In 126 Nort
American, ti re.aork ,nu
able at, Braniff
Airways' Panama. office and
Travel agenutstrotm an ,40 -
qnt just Mg Ine o betwee the
Irlne and the Gray Line sight-
Beeing Companies.
Oldest and most well known
touring company In North Amer-
ica. the Gray Line Is world fa-
mous for its professionally Iuld-
ed trips through cities, hlstori-
cal sites, and excursions to the.
rural areas, All tours ar'e a-
companied by a profesiOnal lec-
turer a well.a the driver.
* The new t*vel convince to
Braniff as#nge wil enable
Of the .Gaytle tours it the
same time at the air transpor-
tation Iu-. chased. Complete
catalog Vhb dleacrption of
the hundreds of dierent trips
offered e avalble at- the
Braniff Ste and at Its locall
travel a
$'Under ,. agreement, a
visitor --to the United
p3tates the time
an dtroun t to select
and pure iOfter arriv-
Vl," Mel itIa, Braniff's
anama r, k. In addi-
ion, the ransportation tax
s not c ot bought
in Panama,- .
Among u trips offered
from Ne s a boLat ex-
cursion hpe latgeal.berty
and aro l t Man-
hattan. feaii tosar in Los
Angeles O th ns popular
Is a' half- U. p through ma.
for Holl movie Studio. An-
other fa to the western
pnrt of 5U.18 ig hree-day
trip aro .and Qyba,'one
of-the wonders of the
U.S. A at te Alaskan
excursions -t 1 across the
Arctic Ci o of
e terr thext
point to vel la
aUowed. .- ;,
The Gra_l" AJ tion was
formed litt m ad ts
greatest .e. i1f I -.p w
period tol p sa with t e in.
ned alle p. l

has been 2 Ha4.
SJ. 'D" In the
La lly eed
ake up i aoeia-






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I ./ ; ... ,. ,C -.-,-^ ,
,-, ;: p .. ,: 'a ., .. r .. .-. : ; .. .:.
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a q as :

A- -ad ; : T
.. -y VWAiLK, RY NIGHT.,
^tY~lKlYllO .

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4 II
;'-'--. I :i S 1+ i *. i '. .' *,''

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-- p** s

^^" 1' "I" W r i-l*UU .
.~. .. .. ** ..*. r, :< # ......---<,-T ^ 6 .,_

SLists 'Rihtf M 'Wing' AX
O 0 .*;* .. .. R ^ ';-^.+ :+:;U
Congressmen yvotg R' o4-

.WASBmI TON, Oltt. I IU^ -Tl htoB
f t today Uge4f, six tei*Z'-
lllaecn Mras at cac l ,l! Ufa,'-t. Up i
mea-lncludlag o DemIn l _



I. > .'

)a wmj

le, Net
Pa were
* m if ,

r...] to-to NI
Dallet to
iY;fw from

Svember eletitons whose ioif c
on the asple luane were "r ht."'
Thers wrone the ltand-outs m;l
Sthe CIO'r litngr we hh ooaeredll
r the votes of ll member oh Cotwi
grosY Tion seven lsues In the w F.
str and SIX In te House. 3011
rest were a mixture of 'rl "
S. .. d Th Cd'wrongl," theaCIO aobl
-g0 L % o -t t George MCokgh was iwo muc The list frs perthe ont pmu-
at a state-bys s.,r vision o be t elltng "LUh e." But ".ie., te. ri $ pblat being sent to the C 8
L am rOqep lga ao e e to hea r, ashogram" of he lunch r om hd ger a adopted m ulatir of ore than five m ilioi t l
or he st aherfense Community. buses, e iedonemnin Hoe ro ula
take n the Noeenhower elect. Progress. Present and cs pretty much on reco as
Sthis oul relet administration must not similar believe in a few controls for the election, of one th1at 1

he out e on .It l be abandoned to the hands of business p ble Such con saidthat
t t e a net treeof Congres who "f a a ou are ony t for the
ala wo Sen seats or a 49 ti Lookpublicntert" came om "

Sm rwINGTO the RepubOt Dewey praised. 5 (UP) tiue" W t It m aid s. w
r- o -geo McCoMihoy was sworn much difference In the contrlbu-
Sat essin ments the irst two year otedayton which each of the" ps tes
The newpa Oct. ()-ever, that Ein the French Nistrationl As- tobe charm o the Federalmade" to. the publicc ntst."
ow. YOiLKTimies reported t oIday embly where, he said, "the dl- CommunIcatioins ommisgon. I 3n 1 "showdown" votes Is the
a state-by-stat. sla bM vlsonwas ma close that the Comrn- .. .,.:..10CIO old 80
Its so m oD t0be m arunist minority wasablejori eaty" Askedn abopts"a i to- p arernl t tallltaote In

oratea dosge" for ayfoeat rt ogram' of the Zuh rn ean ward governm er tIs
a l Cgommuniy business entertW Ises, he -r -h 0:toHou Wre "pro public in.
itake in .the Novem e tio. "President Eisenhdwer and his "I'm pretty much on recordotn e
thale outcome A=&i ono I tiy be abandoned w to cthe hands ao p lble S uch c. It AmId.only 1 eep eit Inl' "
W e. t n ext ntrealsts," Dqwey saidIn an ar- tlare o .nly juatfiu .when'the Senateyand' ad cent In '
oafi of twSonste ats or a 49 tide In Look magazine, are in public interest." ,ll5 im t'ciase.
916 m.jorlt oer the Republi- Dewey praised the accomplish- .
cae at t=eet session. ments of the first two year# of .r"- 'to Issues" selicte b,
thalttoO many of the races "are ste Its "skinny majoritY" in. jote Z _lmno tineR taxesi
ratfd close" for any forecast to Conres. "" or i, p m. -
be-t -o4-,,e.. ." .... etent. effectve novemnsntinue cor- Ti ,: en'

L nr s A ew 4 th e C wu "'i -r -'o_ _o
a..a u r._. bETROi, Oct. (UI)--T o r want to get Ino arsenal con I"ll .A Ml, ,
lit'atM person, one of tema meitalns troversy' over the i.e. GIl WA ugmgS
of, who was trappet by m-e. whiHe M MJ MH l Democratic leader, have cni- .. /
i:!?A-tftt lt," trying to save .iIotrIoI..e, la lIW! h tefed .ti. i a Nxn made DA wa-kall CfaC
Oasl we found dead in th saideram "earli er about mowar maubver. W1yl W
muitt mgdebrs 4 of th dwe r .l..a..n bl.m lives the Elsenhower adminstra. An
t B for borlylroom 0 ttl. .I thon has weeded out. || .. A. L.
tW as a tr e l. wrtriKted hi u w to I I I
Sovie. spacious pavilion. l fla "a great uber of ecxity.risk
u nalk' Ia the heads Moit than 500 other reos E J VJ/ W L UL.a remove from the iyY By FReD PARKER
*l'l ni hlarriet il. fled the amusement patrk .avi ol roll ... week by week" and add-
,ay last n hil ht w thefli, b- PLAINVI1W, Tax., Ot. u (Pu e bhe would "not eihiat ." MILWAUKEE (UP) Talk
tbei.r dsitarte by e.ghtang, bat -Doctors attempted oto The vie-pIretaldeat a a told the about eating your cake and bhav
i of: th u O te. disease fromt spreadige to pside overthe Sr s baseball fan who la up to her ears
aJaworsi. as f Detroit. 01d o by Wideman who died en. Joseph Carthy (R-Wi.) *When I was a kid, I always
i'h n. r-of s WeaveI's band which Saturday. Nov. dred of working in a can
omk was playing at the benefit dance. | However, he said he does not dtorea" Mis Griffin saidn "I cue
be m e a 'trebrisoft ft edoasw ts 3-year-old ster ospl e- il to cEt a eBnehave te e dream, bt
man*A U1of.1Windiee ooThoasw Vewad said in out. when I older. I
t1k J uW -TV ver. J sl wo yesterday the al- h tfea b
|K fi* beaming once played Xavir Cu t's oerly of Able.e Kan., dIed of of a Demratic Cof5 .in No- she ai "So when the BraV c
chirtra, Mofiled u aterho-rhriedrlcbypn di b c ltrow cotry re Mlwauk apped t
B2 the others but I,.bgql sewen homur e 'i Dynto real ttoIIe a 1t -oandmhere Ia r t
se ai-" m2.. s rl -i body ." Wast ak few honr te --. l-owvlsevery minute of it." O
e$W ntues found near the bandstand. nd was rushed to the L e is an assistant to D e
Sam iet faeB Mna er Jame MiMan a He cod a tiny itcity direct o t
a ?be lstoni tJ t.PLmVed by at ned t eb oMLaveE -t (ian cap m
ad st-'.b a aibolt truketa -tab g v i itvlalllew hospital and st te, a for Ph the M nwi aukee Na -
IiB ar 1year-old frame buildlag, 'gue n """ "i" ^"t _^ e baseball teams. {
_. -_ i : -..__.. 'But rir. Dorothy _._ _, e_* __ ,_h dlon, who stands about fr -
a. .'t 'lm t the hospital nad once was a vaude.f
of I 're 'sieer dSnow oa ar e, a pretty for
.. comm .m ea eunic'te throes ntMea .t b ravels ha ont oi ce.
Tu ." -l i ..e bacteria of Witerhouse. with the Braves, 8d
SOn of t vci ws l tedrlobsor disease Is thn td a ihas added to the staff .l
'. 0. by anto. I des B ro ys r ed ,o odu the ;ateR swaitW andd deao mynage ,
b o iefll t i eel asb an wichll ass causig hemor- it ain Ng Ionn ar
-bagng h under te fl iSi dow yeomn bworr

tda q, O" ^ aoms re a hijv a4 e s iz raptrues most of
-was aga.t e"'.,da nce.Ho v A .l.m emn n b sof he W idem e MIan"f Davidso sk
e o wt -. ,, fm Hisy, e wela scloste frI ienasamde r ut
.,-". .. .L ,.. A. $iewithte diea seM ? tm o i vt. .ee. nt wana tpsling sp oalfrm.
,- .o _r i w measure MILITARIY= Im Uder-. Pbn hee ka toio.n apt ol .
a te-entlW Wimyvlre John As fr waiting the dnaves,
n' Kl a-- w3 gi g -,-e-lgade to Clue aid, "I ee nearly all n .g
dsv.the Swary aid prod game and usually manaagef
iet' gram withp Yug vImnliry I'v.'" -- kway for a innings- el

lHeSf r +--- .-.,. + '., L m .a M __L_- hr of NlAtO, tuolavlt re -IBea m "-3- -.. Of-C -

-Now orkysf tedytelrptem whenthe teas

Ktata bflee Chief S. 80-v ga IUwIwa ife Itrl hircd re Wtr
SH e d. t oin d .ai d J e R lnar .
il siB t o, ,EUSsist i.n, i i... fl1 dFe- nbatan

faceManager. 1no m r aOa=t ctyi
11 da.' t h UsIs.o

I"TWo. r lives ta
AN4 imob b"yod
6rtb*r tes t
ie-h ft o loZZ
e Ls
bwkU *mtmulner

p pa -

* k

VHONen mmui-mr, aiB5u
'sybizova, who has bWiemnate
children, weats medals for the
rsti second and third-eias of
he "Motherhood.Glory Order,"
warded to Russian mothers.
)ver four million Soviet wom-
n have been decorated with
he "motherhood medel" in a
move to boost ,the bith rate.
'hoto and caption material
rom an official S6vief source.

WOgWins I 1.41I
In Used and Rebuilt
Double Beds with
New Mattress ..... 481-
Modem Style,
Wardrobes ....... 059.
Vanites ............ 4&N
nSage Beds from ..., 9.0
Chain ............. 1 I
Tables .............. 380
MahoinMy Dininl
Tabl wth 4 Cairs 4.00
Brandt-New Living
Room Suitee
TwA ToTed Plastic,
ONLY ............019.o
Metal DiBang Table s
(at x 42) .........
Dressers with Miner 11 IM
ChUMm's Wardrolbe ,
JamaeBy) ........ ,i-
Mgahoeany Dining
ftbles ............ L"
-ola-Bed ...........-- 1250

We PPTr may Turns,



BALBOA : 44 .- 7 .A.t. .. 3:1
*AlaH-COnMorro -.8 W;B:V"

* : i ..s-^ mf

1 r

SLA PO A1: Is'7:50 P Is


. t ,ud
C ". .4


..- -,- ...;
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**a -Dmw(.1 cm <,sll
tl to) LAP :

*&y. of knowinl

4' -&

1' i.uj' Uk U iIIT *'. B ri

Mja~g rffneIb
, -- .i "ii. i. J.. e ?

i l ,, *1 "- ', r.' !1: ",:... ; .,

*edicts Stronger Club

For 1955 Pennant Race : ds415-D

SVice President Feeney Ji ent
67! .... 1' b a !n I % _. --- --|
I, -- o -- ..... .... 't.A)
14- By FRED DOWN _AV e "

plainn New York Giants have postponed "concrete 'he m Bor w l. /,
'alks" about possible deals for at least a month but tt ", reat moe
.1.belJeve they'll be stronger on opening day, 1955, than fot han
t" tteam which swept four straight front the Cleve- hi -b;ea t n ihtbnaetm
"and Indians in the World Series. A a.. to t I Sr'n t
:...That's the official club policy annual dinner of the New Yor ak ds nel
As outlined today by Chub Fee Baseball Writers' Association. h ou
S~no, the Giants' aggressive, Top priority in stregtheningin o awithe taUs~ orf
S vice president, ho pre- the olub is expected t 6go Ito- ~r atU t dl- M. Ta "Da -- g.h
yeBar ago at this time ward obtaining a 1front-line MU s4 s s orl Te footba l
that Willie May would be a con- pitcher and perhaps an outfield fic e rotund t en- fers tall
tender for the National Leagueer capable of playing re early the start dt to t tea C- to ga
title. if the 34-year-old Irvin all to day after the fofft
3 i ) hope I'm as right a- come through. Irvin batted only imposed ano n o r a for
S team in 195 as was 262 this year and will be a de 00 fine or 0 m days jail, the acy Ten is
bout Willie in 1954." Feeney ite question mark next suarng. ut xtom pa 4 the fi co aS
tMenW.-? an of t y T o s hoo
ied. "But I see no reason Feeney, however, is not n- 8 or the re .Io- at ahe ol
t his team can't be Uexpected 3ae .that the Gnt csannt t e t fo u l
J8 ot better, have the added starting pitcher New u pkCw oa s u ch coa e
wd",We feel the team is basically they want right on the squad In drive .Who igm bor/suchaCan. owla
, flng onA' Feeney continued, the person of right-hander Al-e er slfnl, Ferhy flcer
A illie and Johnny Antonelli Worthington. Worthington has 0eam f Jo ekJAan i bnort.Wdat Coac aft crtan
re around 24 years old and Al been a comp lete disappointment f r A t-int e toyo do Iar a oar.
Dark and West Westrum are on- since break ingItohe majors dan fln I igh w ---- he b ---s- w -do I t;a- -- ufer- fetwAertoyar-,
32. The other regulars are un- with suc cive 'utouts in 1953 I ulee h fewer n-
er 30, except Monte Irvin." but the Giants believe he can .i." -- .-L r ul thm hisC o c -
Feeney said the Giants had no develop into a front-line pitcher. ., O he 1Ir Gr ne s .c f tomlaeto ite
Ions of "standing pai over L Le OUTr..necholneateshig
ter" but that no definite think he can win 15 ames -- chad bldlera to .or than
would be made uftl Man- for the Giants next yr, Fee- c the aratt of a Builder seat of
oln erroaterrnthisyear. Thepts&strngar.He n'dsppeitchseede bl e Back -
lice. is expected to take well In fases and there's a 7 shh 1ols have co9ege
in early Decembef he i good chance he can do it over wn 4 o0- 081ItO. Some get hal baa- HOSE OF PUT URST.-u8twm
er fies lasot to attend the the -long haul If given a chance. FByUmeT ID mu cai a u pNe Akethi.a ticket sales, football lote*i eM& t-tfi
B' UTEDfcar was shal p. Nineon taear- reei carry the entis athletic Fu ist ot. M s.
noldJackie nws tken oadat man idw prep f iahilahBCoedIn
TMuday N h manager Leo Dracher of the to the goodtya eionIbjso Man wi hopr
-.orts. Brien Thhos I *frickarrived'atat hisaein ds Inoon as l. .f has a
He rly Hillsi California, late lon. more x 4mate footbadR st-

y tmgVonnie Colby-of Holly." Tu g e SanhFrancisco 49era a re 0h s he wi ay ifielde"r eNaI esc o d

s Amateur at Thomas- ls sonic ever bll witness part of this answer e t ement reports. Lopeu says surance." Goage o eI1has a bad Ian, In Ilans W sconsin, Illinois.
IVl pi-gameb Thursday pight, when the Bal- -"I'll he back. Would guoas we knee, ad Cass =haela suffer- hnsann Iowa. By UINED PURSI
Vpol outlasted ler more That dbinn't seem to be the boa Bulldoga meet the JamboreI may make some chains. but I ed a skull fracture late in the The Florida Outor. aend atop
d nqut in a see- case. thoOgb. The 49qrs came out winning Athletlc Club in the wouldn't want to mention any season. hIcW State'a remarkable the sotheadesrn Conference
a ran right down of their 2424t4 e Snday at W Balboa Bulldogs meet the Jam- position." a old was almost today...iied with Alabama:
14or~t1~ even at Ith hospitallat bores w ining Athletic Club In Reports that the Indians will The "Little World e backnw i s se boot *
a IOven it the Asnone than 9wehdbe sold continue to manke the tinues at Louisvill. outhpaw team because of a rvioent The Getor who- weo gropned
htohles and a-bTony Moraitdo leadr the ..smin Tangling for only one quarterseve rod es cb ofofier av Dill Werl wil Is for Lof pr. olden, whwron sma l u
y t what in the J. boree, the rAt etic treIetved. Former chief cut.ebtb .ci ae Ane ca n ,M s
pays -000ey'i Club or. one touch o a- Veeck say$:ie has 210 IDtefl chamo the nVr,lubscarenow
o gal the Sulidgs 8 In of retuh to leia iA
o n. oa-loin W say& bi1144-4aTi"


r t.

In T Sa.' Bri G- '.,

, '..... -. ff .'.
o. I A" i


T f
T.I 41*frrt 1

-.* Iil'

at BolUsont

ri SmU

l) *

h nt 4g Ainserr tiniager MiiM
ng*with thi cu1 on a suppery b i 3,n
nu w= bef Lodon, Ohio. FoMe
nnntr of skipper' Fred Hutsel B o
and Wally control of hi car It SBunaday
wn to Canal night and skidded into -.&pl.
: *' Hutchinson escaped injury but
~ betsone of two sons riding in the

y D "cl r 9 :, -
S Baboa will i Rolng into
ie Thuosdavy nights eme M an
o even match with te Athletic
Club. The depth and condition-
it n df the Bqi. _ogs should off-
d pet the shie d exuerienee of
- the older AtMetle C ib eleven.
Barttaw Sitlurwe in this week's
workouts, the Bulldogswill be at







full strength fOr Thursday
niwht's battle:-
Game time will be 7:00 p.m.
at .lBalboa Staium.



,a UOllevball Intramurals are in
ll swing for the tirls of Bal-
Senior High and Junior Col-
gie girls have been divided
Stp two groups "A" League
i "B" League, with well over
girls participating.
"A" Leapue consists of five (5)
A mR, and "B" League six (6)
ams. Team standings are as
follows: "A" League: The In-
iais, captained by Marilvn
Bevlngton. are leading the
league with four wins and no
16on; the Giants, with Ol'ep
Citch as captain, are In second
8ace with four wins and one
los; in third place. Carolyn
,nas' team, the Jones' Eleven,
te wins and three losess' the 4
ting Eleven, (Carol Adamls y
), and the Rep Cats. (Ca- a
lle EIs' team), are tied for '
place with- o win. and t
vW Leaue: The Indians. with .
Nelle, Ray re as ca, n
b4d h aqrL wIth1

,- .
;. r''

.- 1
= tn the
Uone e, Is

d *
Monday the ouh Riders bat-
tled the Heavy Toers In their
Junior high school "B" Isomee
circuit and beat 'them 1 to 0.
The win move them up'to a tie
for first place with the Tigers
and the. Muddy Pip.s -tehe tr
having seven po, ts eh.
In Order toavoid the custom-
ary early onrush of the Heavy
r, a method which hs
helped t~OU ssh ny of their
en tmenUt, the Rough, Rie
re te to a stubborn front line
attack, and using their half line
n a full defensive measure. This
tac.tC proved good as while thq
Ridera scored a first-half Ioa
their opponents were kept at
bay, falling at all attempt to
break through.
Things are still running in a
one iy dref intn the sen-
e league am the Red Devils still
ho .undisputeI4 posseauo of
frplce with 10 points, the
i eitf tour victories and two
6rS Theyv are followed by the
ahpl with five hointe. muster-
dno.eW and tbrw, e dmw.
l a re in third pol-
." !PObin e the
t i \k.lWftlois stand in the eel-

eon In quest ,t' eir
swafw .iowc when me,/D-tC

'SW._e, i frttru h rd fia the
periodr holdlne tbelr Olp-.
iUn far Into the second
A.'itto pierce their dtse
~la ll' goals. TheRe-era
e w iththE Wokest for


.'; what. "
I. recivW.9, *
ion a W-.

ngP e bag Mw bsweaken
up o_.rm erl-, into the- mighty Tide. Vander- 'S &.&
At wA ront tcurhnee of iih .--renth ofBurft p .ren t'.-.s.
younstertat he would hav tJ nU DOWAIDnIMn

foacL- -o. sth-er Metaodict 10 to 7 y -oana
In front ath perntiM aid the stentth of BIurtop Grant's
the cose'a N o B sthaffe goad from 10 -s_,ie' "
anow. if yot i:a make the .d ItPl, out. I e ,ale
because tbis I room -The W dcatof Kentucky n'D"
lruad for V hoe. I beive T idat
wduld be bte r o all concerned d a two-game lOing stre e di .
If ^5u dronnn&*oetBal.". with a 7 to 6 victory over Lo*l- W07ui."mpAlo W
*"It wonMSSwr~ppen agAto." lana State Uriversity and Mts- pubic W l promised B-I- .... .~--sippi ran rampant over Vl- ;M, *kehS-7
hasn'tt Ui Michigan Sta e 1i lauba 52 to 0. Tulane rallied
happy. ," i ts forces to tie North .Ca0o0,n JB n, UPBy-3
Controlled anger is some g 1 16 7. Texas A and .M han'e6 F "br
else again. Georgita s first defeat to 's BM
athletics, fooMtball ja partlcular. Altansta Stae 46 to 13., n al .. .
.<~~~~~~ *!.''i .' "



use' THE iHt rSA IT
"^ "^ r "^ .'i' .06

:. ".'-REVt '
-4 Oer I 4

|JA- m' a ,"
. L .'
< '- -

H3fx ,L: '"^' ?'*****'-

1. ~I'


;~ j..

* '

:i eiai T:




- r *i*

I :

a', I

. ."-ww .
' "^ ^ -',. "W

-- ~
~ N *N' -'

S .3



th m

ode ,. and,

Mr ,-iftiM& the tor mor than thrs hmurs the ri
a emedt to prevent batters from pu

IM to the and the an

a. n.ats'the Polo rd
of Chtee homa the deplwe
%= ua = from the field In triumph and Lemon wae
It V1 4 s juM another fjybal.- ., ,
ia si ward for leret. After he- hd ft
Sans hi11 s tin left fielder, he wa aasks

wu wit t probm all night, and decided
imrl m se a the kad of..allplyer who rises
wa iWl.esod n the bench, ready to pinch hi

pIM i

rx..g-. .- ...o .
-0awhen Cleveland t Er ly
o 4futl- toward e left, Rhodes drifts ard the9
roes glued on A. ter hlep h as the. ball (arrow) way.
gst rRio l t, fao snto nare ba, hod' al t the ground. Willie Mays retri#W the ball In
time to hold Wyan to a double.
Along Tho oirwoys..-

GOLF CLUB 'etch Out Differs
-I Cincinnat"i P hOu D fers
First road matches are com-
gg 6 "M i some uptF o
-sa- From Usual-But Works'Well
beautial -tndhe eour in I~n
ent cODto, M no bl4a Byr PAT HARMON Quantico Marine. Ohio! State, the forward ag irlngy and
e placd there for ad Indiaa, Cincnati an4 Dayton. sucseasfully. -- rew fwe in
CI CINNATI Oct. A (NBA) Ohio State,'beating Iaa, 28- the first half abd connected with
Sthe nati halfbacks operate 0, looked powerful. If Oalsi tate both. He tried five In the last
i.n th n*i a= u t rote t around nd ifferently can find some explore, it will half, succeed with three.
imCapt.J many of the other een be quite a football team. Ohio
M seen o far. State made most of its yardage Ohio State h ad a good defense
grinding out four, five, six yards for Milt Campbell, the 9.6 sprint-
'. Th teak tarts around at a crack. er in the Indiana back qld. He
mad-WNW'1 detaantoed was not able to get oital e.
houh I tht' Although Howard CU dy and His b play was a dart
k w. udenly he lanes. obby Watkins, fairly speedy straight over tackle. He finished
S of acryin the he backs, played most of the way, with 48 yards la 13 tries,
S ". y 9,1 it out to a ha there .were only two Ohio State Florian Helaski, Indiana,
nSL "i ~been lurkin tI e rear. runs from scrimmage :of more quarterback, threw strikes all
. adan football o play than 10 yards until late In the afternoon, bpt in crucial spots
Paul. .e _I hthe eteen'ton, That game. Dave Leggett, who did the hisa-receiver did not hold the
O. athe' ~ ameo word describe .the way most Ohio State quarterbacking, used ball.
r WAUU Th-_ r m 4Wne ai .*

he Iqoks
Id the
teo er I


Jeit Ctte did it with- ne .pbnt
-high class medal. Meld had 3
fine score whn thb udd it
too many on the Jast 10 shot I
The scores follow:,
1. W7 am 8. ,ftray ........
2. Norine E. DUllman .......
3. Sturtevant Todd .........
4. Wlliam 0. Bingham .....
5. Lt Col George M. Manning
6. Jeanette' D. Orr ..........
7. Melvin.F. Millard .........
S. Norbert V. Keller .........
9. AlbertJ. Joyce ...........
10. Fred E. WMl ............
ALL AWAR B: Blaeklnton n

-15x 200-11x
-13x 107- gx
- s 1- x
-lO-xx I- Ox
- 41 19M_-.- g
-llx 191- 8x
,lax I2- x3z
-4lx 187- 3x
a4n .I8-- 3
XMhom. ." -.

UwnumI"JLU : 3 asnozw MH. ,_ .. -
roe U i ,.u. i l 8l4
Rank Name .- Yard
1. William S. Jaffray ..4 .
2. Norine s. Dillman ...
Bigh mmits -pB
Stur vant Todd ,.. 4 ..2Q0-10m I Sic
Sharpsheoter I M CI =lass = .
1. Jeanette D. Orr ......... ..18-4Li ll- 5x
2. Melvin P. Milard .........1- 1
Afe a iaelina billion Ot9 n"t to-aioog
match fired at EPan Sentemlh m, he ai,?

h Southwest Style Of Play
Then hel
Wh Makes Best Pro Player

.00o entry, wl
v. ,....

U w" i -w U uW U NOM U S Ms irisw j

Same of the 1947 lasc.
c~cb ? the plae at the head Of the Ut,
*a b oen ea of nkfly
l sBombers and thOiat&Z
et* picture. eppe raed out wtI -
0to thl e step. luihed tha
ran up to tee dressing room. Zvrylx y,
SO been uiked pot to leave untSI Preden
iN. d not Joe was forgin ,or iiav-
party mbiane r
3a RiCe.unni cter eder of the Giants, ob
i^9 ay inGou retc3h In 42u. Bin raced over to-
aML-llw.nys-e* bltatlpen. There was a auppey stretch of
..-wet from an early morning rain. But Cunning-
t f6tas he selzed that ball.

St thi .s c atalogueo of treat atces a the
ait, shlevend 1925B. for the Piratesaant the Sena-
In. lt suuugh. Rice dived into a temporary bleacher In
isSur anrd same up with the balL It was' game-saving

areN 14-tmers tio Pts burgwho tO M lbst I
AAthe Mt h sed ofM

,W um mlow -

*' : "- ., r

: .
/ 4


- .-y

* -. ... *


ks bte J. Owens, Bud Rleer
won the easy y, bp default
In the third flight, WlVkes de-
feated McCue, !alvosa beat
Hardle, Medinger overcame
Wheeler, Mike Zombory stopped
Doe Smith. Scott eliminated DiUck
amllck ourville deeated
McOtede4unger beat Hennes-
and outmgs ooutlasted Bar-
r7 Mufofy after 29 holes.
In the ladles flight, Ann Little,
=orse Heord Holder, defeated
vrflene Howard, Maris TbbS
ov ime Ileanor Wilkes. -Pat
Warin beat Bloom Middleton,
and yla Carpenter had a bye:
In the lower bracket Lynn
Jones defeated Betty Curl, and
Chi McCue had a Bye.
SSeond round matches must
be completed by October 10, and
the pairing asre follows:
First Flight
Deane vs. Stuart

Shaw -abu d

SjHru v" car'e I
Third Flgt

W vsT. alvosa

AnnUtes. M 'Tubbi
Pat Wring sylvCapenter
L lines at.Tim
L. a Ones Qh u


ffWe~f Minl4

ISteps. TDe ne veereda o one s ,
Att t ant three blekers
Oees *t. no .sped
yards to a touchdown.
Jim Nieman, a sophomore see-
oud-stringer, showed the same
style. When he accepted the
nitchout, Nieman seemed even to
e one step toward the middle
of the field. Then, a blockers
convened, he ambled toward the
sideline and gained 13 yards.
Zither the Cininetl pattern
on the -out i different, or
Its ha s are muen faster
and more nbnble th e oppo-
sdtion, and have the Individual
ability to play this way.
Nleman' seems to be a half-
back who will do a lot of run-
ning for Cincinnati before he
ends his career. ge has a de-
ceptive gait. His ride Is long
and hi legs do not a.ear to be
numpi very fat. .In reality.
he is covering a 1 6o ground
in a few lopes.
This agent has seen eight col-
oe or services s en-
tucky, h ,aer,

Cutl$6A49t M
CLEVULAND, Oct. 5 (UP) -
ch member of the New York
wi lreceivea proszmat"-
$0.95.a tfor = ng the
World B grt M wNW achmnmw-
her of- the O l evelad In-
dim an re abSot. .,4A.-
19, -aC A to an Suefficlal es-
timnate today. '
The o hare of the
Series'i ~e t amounted to
P9,Ytto ch was added
p -w ih-trh NWee (or e
pre-garomev:0on show.
Of the total player' fund pool,
70o percent g to w two team
eompetng th erie-ti
e remW ix -Per. vl
..I !TW4
W ON,,n

always has
if football players pre
e who come out soutOrn
se",oos, preferably the southwest.
Kerbwy, general mnger of
the Detroit L ., speaks with
authority. His club has won the
last two national Football Lekaue
Arguments on the subject are
quickly Stifled when Kerbawy
poin .lu two main offensive
cogs rtbi troit lineup. They
are, eO ts~, Bobby Layne, the
SWte lkittd Doak Walker,
etjM ra started at Highland
PNark, Tq= -igh&. JFrom there,
LVner we y; Tesiu, Walker to
Sootiern Methodisti
,we best in the south-
"0" M*Xthily the

w.- out kind of
4 W* the AWgki.
ere, big and ng

'%.% fleotbbetting ndustry-
rangtIg hor a Vool to a *-br-
fANr bet-i s huge thing.
"-r,4wy1 'pnblons were tak-
an to heart by te millions who
aI for these things, any tlekat
e ~a mild national reeeabn
9*A be squashed quickly.';
* -'F e the first big Saturday of
t1 imsoa Odds,- makers. put
am ofa at -a % point ad.
oae r over' Te Chr
wam- Wo llowern of the' -
osmeth g akin t$,be-
ta wed to betshow in aS thpee-.
hore ce. y were riglt Ok.
a wn s a last .ap

i new ti the
Ion~ ce. Ye a 1I n
and year eat, l you are leeoin
for ibotba l thiis, the southwest
is te Place to go.
Its cray."pfit, upset-every-Saft-
S*M#4e aons it takU for
gAnd hatla last-placMS, -d

SOt s only o et
absla to

I ;i

I lJUam" Smith -
TOP mICK-James Ray Smith
of Baylor Is ted as the na-
tion's meat fermable college
tackle. NH A) .
Irish beat Texas. 21-0, in' Terry
Brennan's bow, but tmy advice is
to watch the Longhorns carefully
the rest of the. way. Buck Lans-
ford and Herb' Gray; the tackles,
will cause trouble galore around
their own precincts. Rice figured
as a pre-seson threat with Dick
Moegle a big reason. B a y 1 o r's
Bears. with 6-3, 225-pound James
Ray Smith touted as 'the nation's
best tackle and Bobby Jones an
unknown until his passes ruined
Houston, must be well 'ranked.
But the whole conference is fill-
ed with young men who can step
up on any given Saturday and pull
a run-of-the-mine outfit to victory
over a top team.
So leaded, In fact, that our idea
pf a od living-almost as good
as gtig some of that oil down
Houston way-f to spend Friday
nights peiking the Soathwest Con-
ference umdedpgas to win the next


.1- .1

.1 .* .4''


;*N. ~.


*.' o.. ;.,.-,'
.. / / ", -.* '' ... *.....-,_,
; **^l^ *- :.A 3 :-Wfi

, 1.

l A

iirMient of i
wonders .tb
he Minneap


---------- ----;--- -~--

"" .- 7t.


;OXr v f^'. *.^- --

* *> -* *"



p. -


xfon; 1


- .. I

PC Co.r
of rmanent em

Sof whom were hired.
Joined the C9a1 1Lt the people d' ,;-riuh .A e .c PY
tod urlny g lthelast two
nSeptember, according
o aton from tb Person- T1 U IT H YEAR PANAMA. L,, TUB5DA ,
" of the new erkiveyes Pad '- 'W4
l the Canar.aniza- .

tH. Rup,6 q nn Ar-
Labls. Lond-on -eet
' ias first eoJoyed a .
BclLst with the mechani-
iovilo in 1940 and was on-
:ioperator Din 1lotic Hechieve
in but was em-/0 M
4d p. rthe alast ,"r on. W. "
S overhaul. He i now
pl a machinist with Oct. 5 UP)-Pr- The T8year-old e state. French adlamen, .which killed Senate has a o
i IntuLrlal Bureau on the dentt Ei iower today described who faces- an battle a- EDC jus urn t to w
lIfle Side, the agreDmant fbr idarmament of against determined p Dulls s stateD for immediA rei bu
Rop took' his Internship at aGwne tp sibe "one of the poith to the p met atAmer Some ti s
us Hospltal in 1942 and reat diplomat achievements of offer a chance to e t can, Brit th
ed the stat of the hospital our time." o the Western comm ty of t ut West Ger ny. Officials tr
194P as a resident. He remain- The Chief xect e said naons." orex ise of mot must be ake Ger-
on, the staff until 104 when felt that the ninpower decision of their occiht" many a e en sc o
i0 aff hntse, wth D -. w Itf h treUel--aacea T e anod torestoreaf, 'uehI' "
d r ed to the to end the o nation of Wet na one-hour review of the Ton Te Utdsm" he curs the Senate quired to
e n hias bn Germnly, tarried "a eat prom. don decisions to rear Germany sai, "has llde a. entos ratify the treaty chan ge.
e sa in PatoamA ise" ofl, stronger ter Eu- s a member of the North Atan- ig4erm n e of its
pue. as as- rope. er edtic Treay Organization and the military f on continent ,,
.. e~ i" t .. ffCr..Elsenhower talked. with Brussels alsance, and to restore of Europe .
Jmoyth alm abS S etary of State John Foster her sovereignty, Adenuer told
_lyaw eymp1-rs I the ofl br en telephone. fie also con- the Bundestag, lower house of .Under the ent, Germany
S t tes, t h lace erredt the Denver White House parliament: allo, a Uldim arm
tons are as tow : th Defense Secretar Charles ofo ,0 a eee Air
K. Barr Ae-re- Wlon, who report a "s "The unity of the Western Fomre t men, and a coast-
Rico.' m ot fl- d u .campaign In his depart world has thus been restored, al Lavy men.
Hospital e nMent aga st subversives and se- without which there tou4d be no Britan to ee r
of PhIMdelp .curity risks. peace, no freedom and no Unifi- divisins sd a ta i S a Ir
.th Bu: BIt ... d cation for Germany." .up on the n tinent Miatl e the
ud of McCo .8C., As the president started an aft- Adenaer addressed the Bun- 0Bhels Trety esxplrs i 1n ._
loth Bureau: Dolorea.d ernoon round of golf at the Cher. destag. after holding a' lengthy, Bulles told reporters "Western
of Cleveland. Ohio. phy- ry Hits country ub he issued a closed session with his cabet il European unity-will be developed
cation teacher, schools formal statementrasing the out-,which he reviewed the ondon w the famework of thd Bros- .
come of the London conference., conference decisions. ads Treaty.. The treaty mo-e
ew nel employed local- I hears. will become dental with the
Personel- Charlotte A. "All of a have reason to be The chancellor was loudly ap- ojeeted tnembership .of DC
.g*tfled by the outcome of the plauded at the close of hi speech wh the addition of the Uite
.lvyon Billy Bell. sesalm," he said. -"It- psprs A full-dress parliamentary de- Kingdom."
th iurealu Helen J. S. that the agreements reae at bate of the London agreement "Thus," he said, "it salvages
s Hormecind, .8 Her- the nolnepower conference. In will open on Thursday but a vote mapy of the values of the EDC H. Hunter and Elea- London WMI-w hen ratified- is not expected on the issues un- lan, and will give the opportuni-
':Vandenheuvel .nurses;- preserw ot .fthe values In-I til later, t for te others to be achieved
Havrisehk, clerk- nerent it e original European The aged West German leader by further effort."
Defense i anilty proposal." made his points in a clear. fore- Calling Geerman.rearmament an
i.ey EM1lleen ful voice. He appeared to have 0- "fndisplnsible contribution to the
Cpl Meanwhile Moscow launched a overcome the wea iess he show- defense of the West" he said
loud propaganda campaign to ed immediately after returning "the fact that all of this wa done,
head off Frdnch"'approval of the from London. and done within 3 days of the re- ...IM...
new German rearmament an by Dues a aled yesterday f of UDC, show e vitaty
labelling it a adisa -DC. U. for the nfew Euo- of Atlati cI Vd
SdioiO tax e me ut-on 2 a 1 nted 1 s
t .at a .m aM u snk.. i..A9a.

' ''*d1




Prutwv *AN bNth.
pal weraneJa

Poce sald It wa t luk
u o .( 4o
ZIMstaeop.of -two bi5
eof under ai
' iaran. .whn .mnf,,,.al ha m

I M Nt.the

bd r .ln E" tator

West German Chnllor Mon-

L 0 D A.-,
i ret Gernar today- urged paria.I
fir to ratify the Londo,.n ta-
of otv Europdeani nd Atlant


L *ew
.- Aaber

wch can reserve and tr c 10 t an
Senthe Alatic community giving Mt Kremlin A
Itt heard ce of 4uLopean ul- ondon plan" for
fiee Gaerna.
DuDleq made the sateniint on it a JXoseowwhad slect.
bo~u, p'r.
his =tupf h.l onq a ,d P .ra iras the HI lweqt-
ftoeccT^m erjM ,no tii eein alliamierW GofC0m
diplomat triumph fo anti-Corn- mit ad rJ.tatg wm.
us f i 5Dtp,*2p. v 2. anit peme, :~
mis alt fores.I eHe said th kil con- of Gen mDy em.
fort appar "slid results" Iru Vi aonDa Atmr
i ay of the Val. .

,w IIe of thew,. ..2 ". a a m
a, to Fan comad
wouoea The annesment O Arms

AdtnstrKb atoi sNour es satoi tt in.

pT are a nt Or sonczatio .16 ora toe
Con' St oted ei beh a o sai d

-ia l u n-e te raeat received i
ti teple go il~dser a
on"mmedsspoeb Wl ea, e ."^^ S

-thoebrmanyW3 nd commit- Cook, utv,.4. Alfred M.
e Bitish too on the con-. the QienUR-army"
to me2 cal g tort Owiaay'saad. art'^J from

,JSi~o matnt must he ratified AmeNr4wgb
Tre~ty~rgnte~tlon.over~ ^ ^Si
TlWNWStates and eight of said, A.i .
,its W qlian mnelOBUBaiFesnSc- the Rp e flg hiro a

S ew r ed n .ived
SWOs Gman ene
ue t '~t controlled re a r m a. '
4W T~Many 41ad commit- Cook.'~t.' o tr. AlrdM.
ment'of British troo* on the con- Gruenth&si qimn for
'^ "initallymcan* (Uxelj from
ATheagemnt must be ratified Amerie^wn!.
brvarious paramepWlt.- French He W~Aveoi-wn
Heha lris Menitel *frazee Germ aii*ben ritdd.
4&trdfe an f:cfrly test in the 910,000 ^S'^SS or.
*&- J. DrB~r 1-HnCD Cook d~a*usi~ sir

R ONarWiEWtI On oue. lyhom
S*I oadf pr ed tor I
n vm ~in o

l w ter h lro o rThon
",S .t 'a

SwcIwCondl to aon .ounce- ly0*
mUit made by C. Pt Raodrlgues, la and
mAlMiofi. the company's oper-I At 3,
ah n ps~apa. tFrench
ith a4 y i experience in tori a
i. i. Brower Succeeded F. H.

b oU induttry
I been acquired In
area. in l
t yean old, he
is o lTft r to bo-
wl heper in Arm-
P-1 YOMr In Ar6af
thIn agh -T9
hi aa 1A-u- mell


For Violt ng Proe ,
m r "r"' %a"u, ''
i :~^ r\ *

"" A u ob.
O u" Y e, j" g .n."*-
i.. u '"* '' '' ''~s

a ,d onl A i 6 I ,.,hi ,. ,--on

,,,tn be wa fon gue ltro. Ca h nW
impt we nd dethree brgqy and asy^ ^out of
in.l tw-erm fpeu e a tress.atedtat o

perd for five yers The far R eu nucdt lntuth o
ttrd ok-i a t, had
uswc conviepm' Thl SUI, lqL-1f^ with --I1110^.'

a r ee wa'b londi, ca. Theo

ta~endereeburilw~ andl Bi^ o.^i iL
ar nte t]edr i tha i

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