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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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nn w
o --
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 (UP) White tudns l
,wo high schools hnre demonstrated todaqa.4 int
Mitegration of White and Negro studen
It was the fitit prtst in the capital W t IE
iwer had express d lope that the c I
erve as a model for ihe nation in th i coI
tin of Whites an. Negcoes. -'.
Other.demoiontrations also ocl rby
ore, Md., where r-riot was
Some 000 teen-ags
Rough the downt or.o,
py went to City Hll and fr
IFAl umtro. ,. ",
tome 00, extra 9la orp. a Gip. ill"

on rdat ,ntnWn t e
JYA W anh anton t. the


V. 'frotles '

erman Co unt
antd ben rsfrt
-- "
f'ilbK iLE(: ii n. br .b~

mdw, Ja m"
It'2Osp 4mb..
KiM-ey -wit, *_i

rthve t -"o

he i r "'
-"B tt1z.

uie stahe


war WuH w
e llped the
SIn its
s 4eted 8
r btilde
S, sought sanc

*O .

wi th te

e. itent res have Sa
thtbe e i athe French Com'm-
njist kPr i nomi conneMons
i-4Uawew, the Red-led tVfTp.
SMbo knew a the soUlll

rk D TNwOct. 4 I
It to
0 om of W

!%Nrr ir son-or dte
tat the 2le, ti a,.ll t ,."
h ding e apo flttl for tdm,.
tegf Ikm, of I I imp-t f .you don't knom I

Pt'~ r
'.d++, .. -!+'+. : +, ,
.+, P -

+. fro; 7
a. ib eAg a t b"in u 1 ',!a helle-
Swater, foed ae dliT.beinr Ihell-
ao to se trnded INlJl widely-satte..d "ne U.S.
mMu rM *astane famw r IWonduras Is a Joitnt Army-Nn-Air
Vi undert.ib ..Caolbbn qiCab, wmilh hU
ite Headqumrtdrs at quzrelghts, c. Z.
S(U.S. Air ores Photo)

That KiC A Swift Kik
adm better-tpan arising i pnrenateart infancy
pl childhood M ad aMncegs.
p.e DrW. MaDr rtha M. l ot chief
eby vane the bureau, einphslzeed the boob
b isen u1.; fleet does nt I&Y down.hard-san
ltrIare a rim, ske-sa Is'th ite paren*l

last of a A roa e I .
S is i a ar lit she said it soubldi

_e~p ...a.t. en 1. .1.nmnlr w uid 11 n houM>


",. ,
** ^'*^l^S'l^;

be of Minerest to parens to know.
that today's .yongste-s on the
average, reach pbety bwo years
earlier iiNa theb at 8 years a
Taekftg tkb ryissue of.
dating, the Bo ai .dd' paren tl
Inevi bly f uel "eai wen d
time .fo datin arrives. W
they'd worry if their daughtl
wasn't attractive to pos, they
worry .if she is"
"Pnarmn lfnstead t hiu sini


fm', ould o -abc,
tliy omne
"1'U 'o.a et Sa. .

thbaMeno it
s athtrily. S

19' .


SdOU e lIrser. : ..
Gasin today wasu vWaltl tor
rd m enitarily .froi. tohe
CIO -.t.o F-edOff, y r.
anof I Ach ow as
to meet in W hington
to discu the local rnm-

Local O9's president said an
'Appeal to revoke Local M7's
en a r t e'r, wal made by them,
thr offloal chal mn Gas-
not received an answer
S the union's appeal. He
opposed the formation
t ru.on, and asked for
ts charter .o e revoked.
A reglar meeting of the tew-
counoil of Local S-was
uceled to meet tonight i% the
Plcfl Clubhouse.

Freed Gis Report
Czechs Quizzed

Them Da & Night
Seldao_.a Geras na, Oct.
w P fOp)- TK'> Amwto sol-

we r **'

strt cr nn

*, .7:

was greeted with hoots o err-
sion and boos when he appealed
to the students t o in t thqir
.Six policemen tept a close
watch but did not try to inter-
vene as long as there wasu
violence. -
The large majority of the
school's IM White students and
46 Negro students attended clas-
ses as usual during the demon-
Pelbee and reporters fount .dte stafor seemed
to r rd their performance

Rep. aMuial Ceer, rt g
Demodrt of the H uie Judlelar
Commilee, yesterday called on

Oglesby Nmed

To Succeed

Ge :waw e

1as *.,<

iM4. *sIOt .r"

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gt c,'.

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f.t,; {

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of tINO
a fsM


no wan
ce of ti
ke ano
let at




I I I .. ... .

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T~f '9
: ~r~~

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M[ ucA.

L i 'aia

-,m e h M. --MNV.

r' y** AAYtSWIS

w'- -l .'-. *
Thl Me I i oe o e m I fe nder The PIusmm AeU
len. Wrq *' ( ~ melved sguPol **4 sfe h.dd s whilMy olselm
.41,etI a pq*^ saleft;e e3 b"' Ia 0 0t 1aethe
e'elsl ledi n mpeA 4 eeuwt es I&
ir: .... fc r o
nthe loeo"n Une te s eg w Inqt.
muryI've ben In i as be to Mwhi aole myl el
Thiso e should t-akee I now that thegspue Is once s re art-l

culate.6it in comforting -to be relieved of the effort of thinking
S Let us all ate praise to Allah that our local seer. Mr. Crede
Calhoun, has riovered fo ro whatever woun Is ng hIM. (Nothing
I opportune s loed iaw, apparently.)
I've been In a quandary an to what course my political con*
lctoons should take bito now that the'aage us once more arti-
culate, It eI comforting to be relieved of the effort o thinking
for oneself and accept the guidance of a pundit who -assures us
that what ls best for Mr. Crede Calhoun Is best for us all.
I have al antlsed his book reviews, For lack of prper sug-
Vestion. I haven't read anything but "Little Orphan Annie" and
"Dick Tracyg ainle'Mr. Calhoun's services have been unavailable.
Welcome back to the zoo, Mr. GCalhoun, but don't -bray oo
loudly in the presence of the elephants.


e State D

have ganged-up alh
odd-ust about a&
I retumnedfrom
to find that these 1
ment divisions have
by uble reaction i
d from cogres
by a series of artik
from Rome little
month ago. In these
repahled tht our go
been planning mll
Communist ontrolli
taly. Aqdth.t muc
Ment was 9eng 14
vorno .bittr, U.
munist longsioreme
As a result of the*
dreds of protests pi
desks of congreasi
apartment officals*.
ir<4--* i~n~u>.

le spot at
.a Dot, l




*~~ Au ;..

. .' -..i 7"
;,- .

i .

Califomia, Here I

M poi -.
a Joan

California, and they better elose the a r prt art
t, nd peially from thpse vits, the lad cof .
te lon la stant h s not eeun. ixanor
known for some hide me n the. last Aute' t
atse W ONi Pot ar y"sh .1. .;'.
I nat Ve e if I5t be h g i


.I'n ::~ Jt'gI-~

\ 2f* I


to the C
Ie are so aeeM stmed to In t "
rai, SeofJ'k
Ms.algmes.+L ." .

w-- r.m

4 6this tdocs. TB n eaes times New York S u n aid 4
on"t k"I:'."i 0 a. taxes tw,

b r9,b,_ thorles. o g hua been done, al- taes. ut never did m SI out ith w
though there are other ports with state thatentoff on a bil ags Jmmy tk
: 7b jat joaind in gwemW( r hue affaciltl where non- raid, t isapolitico, to *lt boa
'mm. pl-t ns"horeul re1iv- wta M to pt ParY Aea
ailable-eoa ,.
clifc cor 60 erml6 e beei I hav m lr l
"" "*---^-- 1 f nd ra Iff^ _4 _
tlod a'te. For th or, I have Uer f t."swnsl,.
tuvsthe From d # llvd tietUlMi,. The as time the Us W -dPatnitW,
Un Cofamootte tU sAlM to W owl* ls othveri *sapar, wiftw
ou satutff s Bmo wY Lail nOele* was fr aesays
o. CChePtsh I n" i '^2 I. IA campaign' 1" kItrV,
members who in the past hoayn to I spent iwer.o We win
pla tarod sigs over the lcountry- L ts San Fran fiso lt lsts from the
side s yi "A nmr Aerlcan r. o i Jgo wy of I eoiunhi edt rating and aouta
eSores of mUili ons dl tues a taxable liab it ma ending money.
rs ini NpT li ingRton NewUl
radat 14 aU t %TOM

s.o La to Mifia t.vo hei
Asu m^ tu Ip am' *1 ,.- .,
owe So control.W- b
adtS De- GTON--(NEA art specialist from New 'Y
OA reply to ust think # eysseas the edal point M OI,
SFO repy t to@c these days u nimpressd witthe sNd-l
fmsay not a r el existence in the U. ast pace of Amedlcahb li
btnta si ge Pone. o a factor.Ik the count
A U i. It s al for h a osccle d. d*rattmket. Td h w,,
S, 6 Iwat? it longtime but s" ates.
lrwill be to debunk it. at," he says, 'Tn
We'r~, will, ay att the pace may beI ternv,
F I h, aDfot,-for best heal "s oes,, ,.
pba b le P .r Iles that tste d I
r, f asnin to sd on It is the to-
th I something W
TO N ariort fo
,ge y te In americandway Uofel

,.vlnt nl n thin Ui ,
in eosthcoma.coun
ICedol- "' les

fa tlich bn
ti o they mairl

tim. Ni mhv the'~ CU. harsl
boa AI.m Arerian
PANAMA -i cl 4nwtry'V iwd in

IS sit of CA MFAtlich mow 4O 3 s e rtih ttah "
ou ..,, is moreI

e E VisM oet
sp~ininsmr e enu


ar e

to chbrt atA
ivt b"y wily

r*. '. ) '

r are iIA with no _xaa .
g mde &at the,-y t,' i.,
dat. e sys .-
1" o" U nt or *y 1= dJ *k<. "- .


trw o weno
ion and as
Bolivian idS
more tit.


-_ -. ,
. A ^ ..

4 .F~.:a~c~
.i *~;. 4


- 4

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oout a i...
MnLt Mt Mm. tr 4ll




r~1 ~.[fr





-~ i' i
p ~ I~P~
rF- 'iac
L~e ...


- __~I~IL-_-- ~-

Wm.A 1a0a I

'T ;


. ";

l P i


.1 .. ,: a,: 3.. s ...
,-* ., L .,- -

,, P

*r- -
* r -7..
.4 ,4

.**, A .t ., ,.* *.
~ ;.r
"'4~a .

4 4!.*
C'' Cdr

be. e S .P._ per-
f where iaRHtex perts made a
a, 'oot by 4o,0 eth park

b ut f*- uf' ar g Ir w ttle

b n t his old
a ei n,if or c ed
^06e quickly lJt.

Y6., '

.-. .bc
..1b e b
G~~: :.cJ5^&


eain -of

preo a

-tlcertu 12:30 ,
eort clay-
Af a"'s b.Membes are,
c. g to guests to
thils ideon,
arnatUonk mist be made IFy
aUng Mrs. D. Shine at 87-3148.
A-dt fKof Officerjr Wl
will MoUtheir monthly cqf
," butee meeting on
ore oonat 9:00 a om. at the
Iobb- Oflcera'Clubl
M rs,. HU sTr a na -M rs X
F oreswal h. os. r Mros W.
Yo ad.d J p-. F. Garrity will
RRetIrv~tlo can be made by
calling Mrs. W. Yost, 84-4207, be-
ore noon Wednesday, October 6.
Cimandu vrom--C',b I
S_ W-e an' plubu
wi. hold heu regular uanesI
IMeiWed iayat 9:00 a.m.-
J. B ,,, Mr'. ttrur-Bo
land 4M M.-BI. 7 N.


shop .She $cren Stoas

Launch Fi t Against Rids

At uge 'Fedom Festivl'

C t. ( tan O ra danced a upeclal
il BH ernard J. iue, t enttrd 'A,Hymn to ree-
rtico .. Joseph ,. Mqc- dom"to music played by a 60-
hy, Lrmiched hisa '*perSoal s mphony orchestra eon-
ht" ntcommunism y- Ited by Morton Gould. Singer
tdey at a giant "Freedom. F- anElepura sang "The Lord's" featuring many stage sAd Fiayer."
t,.recn _tan. Many of the persons partlcl-
SThe feathral was held In the ing In the huge choir came
ILtematn l .a mphitheater. irom smallUer choral groups rep-
Te Ie 1953 political con- re~entin churches and national
veonm'an th irOuoanu te of ganoations of German, Ukrai-
. i dfrom rOnthhout the ngn, Latvian, Lithuanial, Pol-
ge area. to participate In Ih nd Czech extraction which
the draatAc propl featuring hae close ties to Communist-
famo ht] 00 Wei group, a dominated peoples.
symmony orchestra and a ],ON-
voice cholr. The consul-general of all the
'The program was sponsored bY free nations stationed here at-
Shell, auxiliary bishop of the tended.
Roman Catholic diocese here and Ministers of other alths, in-
fo laef of the Catobble Youth clpud.u Rabbi 'Louis Rinstock
Ot ti2on, ,v and Dr. Preston Bradley, acted
Sdrw widespread' atten- as co-chairman with Shell along
tb el4 months Ini a wlth aralall Field, publher of
C tt ' yarmys a the ctb TribuIe'and. btuart
- t k AdAI tAhln the r.ls_ tm.lh e of the h Chierao

AIi1Un1e imeloaen D.-
rdfLOeUtl ,dtlW. Stunos..1985 De-

b "ul.sc1 eonflu
'by' hfts of a td
lhM ai to the clm
u yhaom in Dal

i&.* bd
r4.. 0-

D ens w ,'f orklc, ansrs
1hs been aopro e ubtIr
^ ot i, S. ,f.T"I1


-. iN0CtWIr

t*stWifw .
I: &W


This' Weeks t* 2

Extra Low Sle Price.
,441. *
*i *'4.'. *












4aNO "soTag

* 4



.... '-""" 110.""'901 r b ,
BI t t o .3 d, autd. ,,t, c5,
_; ha bnthuan aLWI has been
ie eUle" hBd ta ltoh orue
he Atlantic C ra ct wMll tain of tyranny."
meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock at "we are not here to weep for
the club In Mt. Hope. This will them," the bishop said, "al-
be slide clinic night and the though our souls mre addened
slides to be criticized are from b'y th knowledge and our
. wee' entries for PSA co~- hearts burdened by tate.
Thpe tao m g "Rather, we are DMs to do
The ACC s making up slide them hohor to proeadt. before
et for the Clap Circuit. the whole word, .iie
S' thunder, of their comnp D Mber-
S.I. on.and victor" ."
SOf The "Frildom FeUtivi* was
ed In both a matIn and
Sbening perfiorroanceru a Shell
sa5l it may be shown,'Sf in
i;;9 9 pwfrmmc--el

STo signal the event, Mayor
Martin- f enneU llpo med
this Sun ay:A "Freed s'-s ti-
Val Day ia Clcgo."
Top star Of Holywo d and
the 'New York stage contribute
their talents to the urbgmOa, led
b movie actors Jos$r and
Edward 0. Robitson t depict
man's' fight for freloa since
the days of ancient Irael.
Mia Blavenska of the Metro-

A I -p '' .6 Ehtg 3'
'*g '

We Anounce Wkh Pleasur 'The


of our


A Ab ok Pl lxckange

as O ober I
s.A akry "


iA ~

t I. -.
'., ,,:A ,

', ,
A -r

-4 .
4 '. ,
L .'... ,

I **



Co tiniw

Special ,F#.

^- ^tiryr u-tri ti:



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, ;


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* J4 ,
,l.... -. ,


"s^ -A

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*'5 .....A.


7 -T- -7

I ..el

k MWo

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Ilk"-- -

- -- --


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, m 1


M Va Fq
D toi-~I





.. .. "., .

* JUw j
.. .
A -

I -

I~'k~~ .

* i )~6

A-f .- 40 .N Aftam

-'-s. 1. ,
3 .. -,,<
yi .

.ll ..:

-to .- -
*1n*TnA *WGTr, the beauthi Sidne ReIsick, a staU wrt
.r4 fat singer, comes frum a farm in on CBS.TV's "The Morning Show,.
Daval, Wash.,lner grandmother, a lr- the-llaudr of a book called
Sianlt, taught her t ing and she' "How to Write 'okes." Auon the
1 iud pacl her scales and rleriwa 'i ne from a M elUan
"' *in h while mllklng the cows. llrlim. A few weeks later came
One day her grandfather told a repeat order, with a letter 1at
her, loey,-sro e ofhc-co re 'iwdr "eur book *help the
sour lk. Couldn't you prisoners' minds off other tn."
*while lr'@ feeding .the-
Ssr4 lae' one perfohaer you can't
SR~'be At deIts second rlay insult by calling her a ham. That's
'hl Broadway, *All Summer her name. .
oI n wo'SlouMe a si moh en. Mary Mayo, the *inlbg| star with
i af sou'r "Tea 14 Mike Wiallce on CBSRtdio's up
but in -tse wa. It's aeeoming "OA a. Sunday Afternoon
j job. TAbse in't as- mucb Is married to A Haa. Whice
al ftsstg kbut maBks her a Ham In name only.
SBerm'.u lb Ihi TV-OPIERS I
SLb N I MeN I -L 4' "reaktast
Nw i Y al CI'O ABC-TV)' Gardent, is
'the ep -akn sA i a matter of. your enthusgi
Vel Astllep. Aw I. Jyour back
IMF 0210 Itors gets a if.

Sis 'one t

Ata X .Week
1 rlora srervd,

--- B. "P oom. t ,C.,ls

t Bbe hld fery hursday eva-

teffil^ ~ P ~Jt,' -8 t d rei leade.
Sl" V T eIto teachm l,at-

hs 11tllooan tinan

"?yieru U.21L awbiectb wll be: How Is.
rplaydt a m a Nation, The He.
tk dtra at S bWr Kigdoms, Exile and Re-
Siii fl PP oer c and
3 WIti ~f1 Nsr _t ti"eS!Faith

a.I tu il' Tl m an l t oki -u-.. ta'-"'
c>q U w m ahen s .. The phone i sBalboa
0yar )kt6

Sq- Vegas.
61 Ancient Irils


Great White Fleqt

RNw Orleams Service


S"UA* ...................................... October 6
. AVENn ...............................October 11
JMARNA UI............................. ... .Octobr 11
*- d. s ." .........................Otober 21
*U8 I EAS" ............................October a

*Bandlar. efrlserate4 lie. ad Ge eral ar


NIw Vor9 Sevi!



* .( ... I .** *t

.'.p. ge. -

,. II

i-~-1~ -- ~


*~ ~ ~ -' .

I'I "q

w Abteet.
.* .
r 1 RN ',wM.,I ..".o -. '. a,,, .

4 A '

*'At OP




Ii~,wa~rl~r M
ag~:Wdu iB~

- .

,rw~sra .

Wekly sallgp of twelve
Yak, New Orlans, Los Angeles, S
and Seattle.

Special round trip fres flrt to New
York, Los Angeles, San Franucl;.ilsr- battle.

Tq New York .................. .$240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ....$270.00
To Seattle ..................... $366.00


CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAMA.;, ,W.-. flON 20O


4~ev-, 'in

*ll '. i*-l01 ~tlqWI
*& A ,* -

Knoeoue4 ont


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** '~. L. *'- .- ~ a '
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rll RMWAr M B
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Therd,'s a im trin hb lei
"ood so f t to"

i.ta it t .-..

le9t& -A _.1 o bri{teo t r smos,
it i.ult ar o toSt I.N

hi, man, "efor the' nt.. qeum r s e r a h
fUl o re- Saw iiea Jfan i ea"you i
aP4.. ,w ,m ww
two t h 'ar as, a

Swit" i. results are a," ht me.. .a.
nowhe. handles re vb so th
S So many".nP p,. ,_a,_ent, qunl. --so r.... ..
ft over incl Wrrare a edly pd it you

a ti o thbrush-t his'eon and wM 19
let him scrub round Mis tiouth brltlei s l- pWt
. m-d b it is an its way., orc- Afte w.e" ,, ber U
I him ftoeTIk's awszo bflae rinse m1h;N'througmy
fact that grownups do it yWH set Youll yffo #m- ah bras
Oyou iowwere. .bWn

    le abt Jbs ac-.
    f "a"s i';o Iello to Mrs. Neighbor,"
    SS weurs the polite mother to her
    Sit'tlarr-old. Three. years
    hn bck lu
    i'S Gsa nui t 6 as Si w
    ii; s), are mother greta her neighbor and
    onit. chats about commontet,
    a 4 tMthe sU aor, o while holding thr n
    it ta et to p oon the e one 7wil
    e tb wevwAft- aU tidbit. It Ma Ve some-
    with sea tg about what ddy did
    mtets f 4 whdn he dropped his rao on his
    iMw it, in't It toe .r .what happmnud. when the
    iytedinks to 'ibke toilet baeked.up, but tt's what
    faewh war now t aiS olts intereo im.; He's hearing to be
    ad ideas is, the s ec al g f seeaable .
    "_ : ,. ,. .'* .-.- '. ,

    .( i

    IR.EU inj~ m

    .4i f 44) -



    n h r Pa-Ce M w.A,
    spantely. bath bwues
    hopld get a OeiasonBal drying

    flew I auaeed
    otan, ,

    CHICAGO -,P) -Add ,other
    food to t lit of
    those whi to be
    brewn i
    are available
    first time. The asker (S
    Co.) s7ay that a eotrait
    the regular link au S
    ,,Af a -I

    sad Mor p .t

    nmlt' that aIt i
    do. erP i"W,_ -a

    .m_ = tm --&a. t

    ,th wolMtan that everyone li .

    J- "--'"--- W^


    M o. rs .,M"..

    tawvote W lSWoatd t

    I sW.d'. ervic

    No. 9 ~4 qir AVw.
    .* .. Ke,.4.,

    - ". "

    4 .

    - 14

    47 416
    - InMnI
    *t '*.r

    .S2 e~cnIt

    U. .. arm,
    hmet th

    '. '
    a' ~TAiggb 'ABOUT Annual Mens' Beaib Ia
    B paost tearv Asediation, held at Navy *St-
    anato, Dwas a great saocew. Tbe
    ofbr mla** c I....46415a ..a.B
    aen werealtU gon e i It th rni
    thaarwat'the w re MRS,
    bta ettd g odlf ti uriuduil superior
    tef w"f1U 30 Peund cae, dUeaiW and Ad*o-
    BIfbd .UBMcAte of ta NaYvC-n mir6y

    EW StIlP f

    allic rafter

    .. ,

    DZ. I5

    i r FR.OM.

    tie de w

    I .i.

    ... LE !
    ".l '.. or0 Os .
    E I


    -B '-HI~U

    :4'' 44
    -. 4

    - I

    .^ "'

    M ,I .irt a' .-

    of ges*41&u.esiWed

    *h? ei .
    '-'L*C^. X.k^ --
    ,o. d .aa _Ml..

    .m "- 'im 4
    Tbaf. re it~o

    R.. .

    ' .

    4 -

    c./A Case
    {ofs L;am

    NEW YORK (UP) Here's
    an easy to prepare topping for
    coffee cake. Combie % cup of
    granulated sugar with 2 table-
    spoonrs of brown. tuaspon -i
    cinnamon, 2 tablespoon&, dtahe
    butter or margarine d d A eup14c
    chopped walnuts. Sprinkle h e
    mixture with the batter before

    VV.m' .f ,t
    .". I- l ; '

    Al AIbr,* INW

    ., ,t "i_ -.
    ,w -. ,, ,

    1 *I r r~-' 4--- --

    c1d*a persona

    thank each and everybn-
    - the marvelous way e
    aedout for Or

    44~I I

    Dr. C "i % re+"

    SCopt., W.Ei
    C.. w 0.

    e:..M .F.Y n i :W n '

    '* Au.ith, K.iB .

    ..... ,a s
    J1l. ti

    * Daphne Downing .

    * Col. Wm. E. Cheatham

    * Lt. F. R. Hoyt

    * M/Sgt. A. Sloon

    * Lidia V6squez

    * edia Justiniani

    * Rodolfo P"ello

    .'-* -, gV. .
    fr^^*:*: :^. ^ *

    ~ I

    - *.-' 1 4i ..... ? ar.




    and the CrOd Opni

    4 NEW StO.i

    And Now Here Are Soe OfOur Lucky Winirs'


    , .,_ "ling

    0 ,








    ' ane

    a,.. ,r e s o sougP
    .to i "ra:, a iau j thi.
    Place unra ott. tty tfmS

    ~ .


    I' 'A A .i i :.;
    * I r 1

    1 3 'i "


    - v &

    I. .


    Y1 i

    I '

    lir of eftni
    twiel in
    t: R~ae~rveA

    .4 '. Cl.-. U





    .,- -~

    ' l.-T-Y i Y:t

    .4w. '1
    IL> Vl

    b\ .\~,. 'U


    uIvY TIrWn eIfW

    - aNo, **tets'Mye



    F SAL6-Faol in good conditflon,
    Ma 50B Panam I Golf Club. Phorig 3-
    kitch. 0631. -

    * Bedr,
    iuse I


    tldltkVL I

    - "florenc'". 4- burner
    ted evd~' dr~ers; sold
    $265 r-w'-*h'v $100.
    old. looks'like new. No.
    SStreet,wsn Fmncisco.
    5565l, Tribald
    .E ....


    Furnied rom, in-

    WA SAV':X-By' rlginol owner. f,953
    Chevrole, deluxe, w/w tires, pow-
    er, glide, off & gas filters, ner-
    odoted, low mileage. Paint, tires
    and upholstery in excellent 0ndi-
    tron. 'Pone Bl. 3036 or BaL 2697.
    R,-5AL :-r-1954 Studebaker had-
    top convertible. 4000 miles, 10C
    less than cost price. Call Ba j.o
    2984. ,

    QR SALE:-195d Pontiac sedon#W -
    cilent' condition. Phone i
    1796. ______ ,'

    FOR sALE:-9953 Ford Cosul fqr-
    ; door with rodio. Original owner, x-
    cellent condition, law mileage, ood
    rubber. May be seen t House 257.
    East Seventh Street, Curubdl. Tel-
    ephone 83-5178.
    FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrolet Bel-Air,
    Power Glide, excellent condition.
    Mu't sell. Make on offer. Phone
    Ft. Kobbe 3276 duty hours, Balboa
    3404 evenings. I


    ion ,0 s4uore nMeters
    'fruit trees. Only nine
    Colon on Highway. Ideo
    retiring Camnl Zone em-
    *! .,i Fze Zone executive. el-
    piralWboa 2506 or write Box
    5; C.Z.


    FOR RENT:-Cofweirtiol site, suit-
    oblq for Office, Clinic. Store. Via
    Epaio 'No. 3. Phone 3-3340.

    r;,; ~. ," '." ,

    e Twi ft. rl 'S r


    30;iOct. 4 (W) IPDOC* d healthy-Just like thel4
    ~b aw an said.
    ZanS W wrelws is a strklng1 i

    Swill be tran
    W'S ? ree fma-txoiko 'the Unlver-

    S a tl fanned Brodle.t n a drama

    n r I- t Dec-. .n
    ,.% i ." ,. '

    11", eubpt that where
    embrohrc faced the *
    on, the Andrews a
    a opposite directionL
    Slrl lies In the crib-I
    the other ia facing
    'ew s ad today h
    A not seen her new
    ab".r. ." h "be
    tOiofwrow.i heji

    pwuse uJ4 a
    feet, 3;l h
    afam e s

    b~-r6 died 34 days aft-
    IMlouaNea, buth i broth-

    arP ,~o provide
    S. another or

    Id I kiao%
    So .encourage-
    t^e dews and

    bore u

    Ie, took it wonderully," he
    ctora said it appeared ti4
    a0~ Joined by a bony skull
    tlu q,.tlila t6 1h1 Brodil
    0 1 *i be designed
    .jW mettr they have a
    mo a astem of nerves, blood
    II, an -p. y-brain tis-
    within the bone.
    State weeks or
    t to complete but doctors
    thela learned much
    Wte Brole cae and could
    'mSne hope of a successful
    dwa said he and his wife
    "' t and see what the doe-
    adviue" before deciding
    1r to frsk such an opera-

    dow Crusade
    A _- __., ,

    4amMay, Oct. 4
    S 0t baJlooMn
    gtkijjt leaflets
    WiB li' b theo
    Sell on
    tor the fint


    2 FULL DAYS '
    Tour leaves Ite afternoon FrtdWpW
    tober St yad returns to PoariOcth
    bar EI late afternoon. 2 full days
    sight- a ng, swimming, mwIfW n and
    coastal drive. Quaint vifl'og bff the
    "beaten track. F r Infmoation
    phone Jungle Jim, Hotel El Panama
    or P
    Balboa Express, Pan. 3-1025


    FOR SALE:-You know the best when
    you see It. Wouldn't you like to
    give a try to "BESTFIT" Suits and
    Slacks? 'BESTFIT" always has the
    latest in Patterns and Styles. Santa
    Ana Plaza, Ponama; l}th Street.
    apposite P.R.R. Commiuary, Colon.

    FOR SALE:-Cheap! Fireiextinguisher
    on wheels, No. 76898 "Phomene,"
    new. Capacity: 40 gallons. Tested
    to 400 Ibs. Purene Manufacturing
    Co., Nlwork, New Jersey. Bargain:
    $400. Phones 3-1791. 3-1039,

    FOR SALE: Bargain In religious
    books--ibles. Adventist, Jehovah
    Witnesses, Unity Christianity. Ben-
    nett. Phne 2-1282.

    Hampshire checks,
    e 3-4910.

    B Ionl..
    FOR. RENT: Chalet, Corrosquilla,
    spacious fenced grounds, overlook-
    Ing golf coree, four bedrooms, two
    bothrooms. Phone Pan. 2-0083.
    FOR RENT:-One-yeor-old ch let: 3
    bedrons, 2jthrooms, 2 throo, rc, liv-
    Ing-lning om,'"big kitchen, go-
    roge big yard. No. 29, 11 th Street.
    Son Frd'n0i.-No* $S100-.'; Phone
    3.5565, Tribaldos .
    FOR RENT:-Two-bdroom chalet in
    Bella Vista. Phond'2.2 737.

    es idudin Del.

    aware and 1t1and, have ogne
    Ahead with in t raation.
    Ober said cy Officials are
    "prepared to act immediately to
    revnt trouble it the city's new.
    ly- integrate public schools."
    He mide thl tateient in the
    wake of a Friday client in
    Wich a crowd e I qbouO.800, chief.
    )y white high cEhol pupils, chass
    ed NOlr s eavin an integrated
    bibehbool. SiXtme welear est-
    edfiandltoota wdre ed r street
    .fthtih.- I I
    Aes cassooms prepared to re-
    Opel 1 i BUltmnor'e civi. reli-
    gious and lab org anizations apt
    "led to their board to
    td b its dti iptegrate

    and poL

    S e -C. Pow.
    e ary-t
    I. spokesmen
    tg o observe

    court con-
    s ty of state sedi-
    the uni-
    a constituti o n ay

    At an additional highlight of
    the occasion ne of the four teen-
    ~W P IPAeol s who will attend
    a. e reS of the justices this
    i l tn ph 14-year-old Charles
    .t "Negro to serve as
    Florida- At. Gen. Richard Er-
    in s ad a brlef asking that
    W-91ven the widebt pos-
    sible latitude n earring out the
    I 'sado l ." attempt at
    hviol pe result in
    14dolent pbyslci resistancee"

    Per The
    "IFvs. Sam-

    to' e

    a e re iry do-ys

    Guthrle F.
    to District

    r., lerk.
    :9ine .

    WILLIAMS' Sonta
    tog .-rockgos,
    bedroom. Phone I

    phone Panqme 3-4941,
    FOR RENT: -- Moden'two-bedroom
    apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un
    furnished. For further details cat
    Zub-. ta: 34s802. --3337.
    FOR RENT: Two-bedroomapart-
    ment, 2 baths, mold'si room, ga
    rage. Belld Vista, 44th Street No.
    32, Apt. 4. Phone 3-0815.

    FOR- RENT:-Furnished G
    ed 2 & 4-bedroom
    Contact Alhambra A
    10th Street. Phone 1.

    FOR RENT:- Furnished apal
    Utilities included. PCnama,F

    FOR RENT: Aportment on 6th
    Street J o. 3, Vista Hermosp, $40.
    FOR RENT:-Modem .new two-bed-
    room apartment very cqol, wel lo-
    coted, with city bs, on Vta Araei h
    tina El Congreii No. 59. Cdf3-
    104*3. JII

    L E- SOS.NS

    LEARN SPANISH by Ce teimoneal
    method, used successfully fr. T5
    Years. Mrs. Ramero. Estudante St.,
    17..a ,p2. ..
    Position:ffe e4
    WANTE --gllih.spokhIi.
    latote sates ooet sWl lo .lht
    to co p ,
    doilwim n

    S s5 ,

    4 A ,

    r .et -. a.

    ..M. -- .

    _m oo"I._'_ c c r 'tt e

    24 Phone.Fort Am idor 2124 il
    Fort Kobbe 6233.
    Sl ber -A Ue
    DesCpoedfi uI Wr to
    ill UW T- ks 'e plaque, whlc wb ac-
    Kills Ir To ed by b of th
    Zina es sf prg and
    I r i lde h gl ted to
    the : .I
    Husbad And seo p t beak
    OAKLAND CalIf. Oct ) ,o nd,"Alex
    OAKLAN Calt.n Ot commemoration
    A kindergarten k iverry of the
    spondept-c of
    mind, Ormf "e't t' pn o f,. I'
    teen.aged sada to
    East Qgaton in Port.-Prtce 'At te
    her own i Decm
    Police CtI Anh1 r1 D
    said Mn.: Lyser, A.- t. Chs. ..
    ed patel m tn -10 W bvtlnsmtrhe ftd .
    hours toreturn lot.,t la maknlL bf ei
    from rn. Be. gons iia S reeiv.r -
    lay sprayed deat u .at
    The Los- 0n. 150 Calle

    stores, .S _
    s her 1-old Doboold'l n ..Rl ...

    room i en t e lVin g .ohn88. Campbel], -
    ly ait a < amily wih- 1 .

    murder eep ielf..o
    PoliMclsed died.
    ieha 52 km 15re asleep on adom* n w
    his baslpfi bedroom. Sha'& at k *..1 k -
    hais e Walked stain to

    n heo titlern K e ol In
    er e od sonM Da'
    room ntnt saying.
    him inur.dr Am. e

    Police'i sed tbat.the yo ,ram
    Inwaves .,dsl db xi r'

    memory e r 'W"ou e What

    care of
    his bas bedroom.- SheiK

    and lef jqrald diA' irg toL F

    for her 19- :oj d some n. Dona

    the bo^ he fase. a. C= *WA
    H[ei84 t -I tthe yLouS

    Usser ad c

    femoryher o wm a = 7ftal
    f i 'l ra m
    th oji

    -t V-
    ^ *

    - ti. I

    .. ..- .n

    b, ;! ^ '.1

    tI as
    ORuvcsiait^ kv* ,dlro,~eit


    ;'p.-' ,.' -.. i'E, '

    e^T?"dse, O l S,'
    Wlon '"6g -A. 04-0l

    a'itd a fe rbe

    it batten

    .1 .x
    A .aH''rI .n-

    WOu rawvwu

    urn wl
    tbbf;rX~tia y

    B Zone.
    red and
    t- K

    ... ,

    -, .,
    - .


    4M .- ** Av

    ajBrjjs? AUD

    .. ;
    *- ;

    ~~c~--"src~-- ------ ------- -r"-'

    i I I I i .







    , i





    r -

    Wo '.. Aw\-,,

    ....-. r-....


    ' ",'.* .. ... t-'4, .- '/ "7 '" 0 s ':"
    ... f'.-^.- 3.,,' '* r-:', '" /'" -. :.

    ......... .- ,............, .. ,-

    Af ',

    -" v ^ i* :
    * 41 ,.*
    oi.? ,

    S. .- : '** *: ***' ,-

    - I 1

    ' '

    ' r......... f 4" ...

    2: -'
    I. *
    "~ A.
    t-' N'' 2

    $i ;.4-
    .. ;.o. ,
    :,; a
    Ir :o. '-"* ," **N 1
    ff" ^ yS


    r ,'I,, "' -" !I-t

    2 1 -
    - .

    Rs ago*
    ta ato x

    V -
    S:.r.. ,

    w Wl e uJo


    "SABIA ..
    -i AS : t oT K


    X '."'

    -Also:.- .
    -" AIN AMn ab
    - AMA20HS rfla

    . l- A.S-i

    - I ___ -~~

    : Hooverji, T. P

    S" *WASHINGTO. bet. 4 -I
    S Herbert Hoover, Jr., Wi
    AI'fra sworn in as Uaeretai
    State and the nas t 's No.)
    .Pww lemat today eapd WuaNmyi
    .er winl be on a a4
    Amoany. .

    C. T. u*~ibuI r.. oq~ floor office aot.M rear e
    SState Departm 'a bue
    The Crn e01 the lled room on the W
    laret a Murer v-et l Hoover got M'i 1 o
    In e u aIr- year ago whe3Ga r
    taat to res him to Wha to take
    and heating appeca flrtt govern It Ut
    n eQm t .-tese wor out a,,
    4 rWne D. hfcve twaen Iran Antd
    le luc rk-de- such a success 'the l
    SIn the patt- earn- tion that PtMa Eot tF
    a hav held at fairly lev- er and Dulleas w
    Sbut have ded ward home to Pasa
    Aof per ------ -
    9 IM i m r in the U.S. InM, mid the
    the first six m nts ofinent rew Si ly Is dte
    lM,."esrrina were only T es of n vin9 p btton Ince
    Share compLrd to $Tor the to ten times a amount
    m petiodin 1053. TIh preslt- %m t
    dnt of the company .recently Titanium 441 r tb
    aid, however, that bualaam is governmental .:.,le, a five
    improving an that the outlook ILre flt a u
    orh the remainder of 54 and nnld'n to ,, ny's r
    1t iss good. 1se ($316 n i
    ja I -in good. Crane's une ga ln
    Re added that profits would nfum and er nw field,
    "eaasiy". cover the 1954M gvidend. In time, enbmnce Its e
    The current dtd Iate l $2 power whleb would, in u
    Ta r, n ths t was suit aIn g market
    i ad by extraa flasip for %% AXa.
    e a ;195 2
    -97 1 Wl~AndB' i4
    r9VkA m.Afi&Atti *w- >4 twb f U____ of---

    rabl below bo value, whl
    ru from at the end
    1944 to $61 as of Dec. I1, ,P63
    Tb mnAagem nt is t *lng
    i r r eamrtmim nto


    k opt rb nrew
    S elctrodnt"., air-
    A#14Sca rake earths

    ."C. A, Ne*s


    C. z, PnmnlIi

    Ihis. PhfsBe raem,
    Sto t oaescots. lWearing r s
    Lhll~~tC(IW. u
    =,1 .. .

    S t- M6p Y arMC T T hw .M .r 44...
    sihen a nta m 4
    *ppor u a i'llchtq than -Ikaan maB4 b-seatt *
    thau'U O, *eNordlu | "US remlme w O, menuS
    ctead the rplne." w baeiS pluOmw mh bepaww<
    Geoly engine. It w.* bt s teZU with Jep l
    .lU i i*' *11* .1i i Jilt




    ' '

    idn't we tell
    o ne Whn *ra"..

    .-'m.two .. ..NfS tel 1 .
    TM, ln*tWce R .f


    for a




    -' ~ .' *A


    thn e t el r It

    saa d
    ai o. oW ehr

    Wa VAW51
    *AKa e 44'

    4A 165


    ma m rfl Iad.-
    us -D o 6l' *..
    DOOW ftW

    mara. wj rd@ly a r-t Whe toay'p' hand wai played;
    SSouth had a 'oo t blue '

    eied ert *irte emus eont

    as.; a cn t nt
    :22W4 ., No'i y MWil o.iap bdi

    1 cut" "In ehi
    MwSr"W_844 ') w pa ? sap

    wsa ra mah

    d ''
    .....SzL -n .l
    Wa' mIdi ew Is .
    e ,, aau for

    S R nloltt 0ai "atl da nnot
    tthae'. b ecome
    at ae ah a n V,,

    a` a. mil d leave Y .
    ohm026a Wlvema i ,ota
    8,7S o'mbottl.e- a%, ve m At do,

    S@q that
    wlind-all Is t t bud clft a

    slo-been,,. Sett int
    ^^^^^k^^i~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ W"~ IMfti 'l flet -^vCw^B Of ~
    wnft 161 U>^lul~^*f _"a' ; OdEis'fl^^s

    f6 I

    .'. .j-q-

    itIseal twso r "I O."T IV-li i. t
    V Adto about halfa as cbpiete in. It$ =arUy>8tyl4
    a neul, twice a rtro=g as cArrybix ase. .t 0" uR 10M
    paum able t6itad for life call at our wto to we
    heat d corral this little marveL We w:1 ls?
    e Yi yeouanu to t, y out. sre s a r
    MMiltIt ECcash or crewst. Toive sIs only
    ie toftp most p"u-gs9.95. Cowi AEnel ,.& A,
    y Inn cite aviation. cathedral Plan round the cor-
    M lL'uIS tlolr-e. er from Plx Maduro'.), Tele-
    irhu L;


    OWW Tdr

    ; 7- .. t .


    e ,

    .Thmdar 'JY.- 'SA w..

    4aPOCA t:l o:U "M
    S 0 A t 0
    SAMA l--- --fCA*
    M5A. CAluI .I "

    .. '
    i *"
    -. 'aM
    sat II

    i--A .L

    i*': L S -'

    fly BRANIFF

    (Y f. bConquistdr/hiA ieeiprebla
    S 'Ke4 deper or tibC-6 ursi service.
    Mp down the t your detinatin
    ,lm be handed afl y to. Iart new car
    .t during O. ay. Whr a grand
    S wy to discover S j4..A. You cover
    h e lung part of fur irip In the speed
    and comfort of a g IrelIff *yllner;
    Thea-tAke over 4klmelh highways
    yeomrlf, seeing lrylng fre behind

    'rwiler you've o r pleasure in
    inbnd. Th eostfl less thn you'd think., o0 s need only a rmal
    Pnd on rAiei n DrM,
    {: ~in5r (idb efs, e
    I I n ty B0.

    a .".*. a"r a'ss4 ,

    a -

    n rent a Gcr

    .P WI~s~n -

    t-i. T, ,
    II, ".': ".,

    A *I


    i .' '

    A~. I

    AIftTf^ -
    UM di-,. *,* q ." .


    V S\._-

    ,+ ii r l~Tnriieii~fc
    I ".

    "tAi WWEcJUA a
    IWrarK l~t~iM LO"tBi i


    , ir
    C.- -t



    * -.7.
    .-: '/

    -. a

    a *
    * '* -

    I A. .C
    r --J<"

    . I- -
    .-i .

    A111 -- _



    ~_.._.. -- -- --- -- ---

    O p p



    ,0 -


    r'. m


    ..* ,,.

    * -...'~'~ r ~


    * ,; ,la m
    -. n; i


    *'N. *:
    't. '

    ~. '-,~ -~

    - .




    te aten Indians Escape

    SWIthout Having 'Goat'


    N W TY RK, Oct. 4 (UP) Jim (Dusty)
    'and'ftng Johnny AntonejIl were the co-
    - heroes bf the New York Giants' World Seies vic-
    tory and tllere were some consolation for the de-
    Sfeated Cleveland Indians today in that they iesped
    without a "poat."

    kbI' the way around among the which netted five more runs and
    Gfonts but you can get an argu- pushed them Into a 7 to 0 lead.
    tmtt as to wheWer Rhodes or And the raucous leers of ihe
    oneIli deserves the lion's crowd made the Indians appear
    oe,.ode-s one-man!as if they'd like to cra in a
    -,Ml,,a pin c rter and An- hole and pull it In after tlem.
    erle* h Aer with an It put them "down" a bY i as he' th time they shook tbea lves
    JgE3amemdi saved an- out of It they were too late.
    But Wertz. batting Afltly

    Months ago. So his Wtting
    ked the horns Ioae.

    Chess News


    7.*1. .7

    Tuesay Adufff

    At Diablo Gym

    tried the game of Wl9wtlmi
    Are you yet intere.M
    ktball? Come to tl'pitb
    Gymnasium Tuesday 0eni g'
    and enjoy the active ,
    While the adults Se h ving
    fun in the gymnog the
    younger set may roile a un-
    Cder the school bul9dW e on the
    encrete. Tennis m a )xW q -i
    ed any night on0 4 1.. o
    courts. All interested players,
    young and older; may qn the

    Sylvra Carpoter

    PW6A Chaiplon
    8ylvS Carpenter is the ew
    women's Isthmian golf cham-
    pion, She won the 1954 PWGA
    championship tdu~wnSent win-a
    lning over Ann Litt" 1 up. More


    J :.
    he game at Oh
    pg ocko Conlnn.

    hesis Retains I

    i po' d~ nert'. f4i0-fooit -..t han a dozen people ollowea ne _
    I WO in the first The Panama National Che match at Fort Devil on Batur-
    hi th Tournament Is now entering Its y.*
    Wi s turned h is k last week of py at the otel clos ma tch never
    rel and sprintedad l wsv El Panama, with John Evansm Itrws a close .h 18th. ..-,

    ve bigshaoulder.. ton cannot be decided until the ed an esy up tfor B&brabut she aIspi
    re bo~n w.atchng b.n make last night of mate s.- .miass"d e putt e andri
    oatch e that for so long that Over in "B''Class, A. De Bla, mi the second Na% ,
    o say it was the great- won his last game to clinch the 2 put Sylva I up b1- u.... -
    .t" Jnanager Leo Durocher as- hoonra. even l theI score. 7 m _i oevten,
    ekTe. The standing follows: 6 pu Alnn1 up. d7 9 Syl te pion Pedro Th;a, 126, ghhs
    ittl it. wbas really soiethlng t CLASS "A" s re. holes a on th yva 1 on Pedro Tuls, 12e le spltalnu
    S was th fine defeve Name W L up at the turn. The n w retned hsle on- split an
    -f DBYr t and Nn J.Evan 7s the ame, 1 up and even. Al. protested. du.O. ovaC
    lp aner c Cumbanbatch 7 2 though both players had putted' iter Isidro Martinez, 18%W, be-
    nA lm d r. C e rb a tch n s 7t d t h b t p Ppt T re i s ea cit o C r o w d of 00 a t
    lW 1 s1 handled oe Denis for birdies non's birdie on w 17 a o crr
    'hu-er. ea lo a o .f hAn Ot'nez u e-
    W h~ s .f ?tl e towy e aess 7 5 2 was the first birdie of the match the Colon rena
    a iS b i the ebut rh. 8o4 04 p art 'e old t b fightinoga
    O tnp is of thei trinp. urr o 8 They went Into 18 I ven. ot Martiez fee
    2hil %n th eh Tb o
    lld of the trldownp. an .uerra 86 3 players $ot long r. 8ylva the way ad had q own
    .hr, iaoll ft w floor. Yet 7 3. 4Maritantea bmit far to the r 1ht,Anl'dU. the nd al-the fir_ und
    Aver n Of = floor.YeIt YeDr. 2 5 the middle but a dwarll tout a co00nt.T l l-
    w" l1 and,; whil e E cP Venero 6 24 ylva'seqond shot wLnot gut ZudroO a0va
    l Un ~tO ex~-, Jo~ 6H 1 to~h rigut a copnt the fourth
    1on1, was bad enough h to bare y on the alrw with
    arnnul tb np. tl hems. CLASS "B" ,bad lie. Ann's $cond was not The action ktled at tst
    S, the o A. D I a3 long but in the midSle. Byiva hthifans on af it the
    MY'd or '.es closet ton y A. ZDiblano 4 4 1 8w4 short on the:thlrd. Ann was finish
    tiroato W. Wolff i,/ just off the gr'In on 3. On 4 Martinez q de cut
    du h e Werts. Ih A. erra 2 1 1 jylva was about 12 feet from the InSId his lower Hlp. ada.
    ou I Vea r the regulars A. PlotnAkof 4 4rr cup, Ann. about 2 festt frO the sImall bruise ueder hbieYat L
    I Asuais. yet It pp h:q A suitable trophy will be given So It~todd all pen thethe endSo the' bw.Ouwas
    terwlnch sent the Glants offbV A uthe winners. inn .i pa sunk hetF long putt. n e. eRver, h n was
    toWard viotory li, __ G ermet hq
    6 eve*y

    Mcv. Per lu a, ha ah 'W 1 A

    :t Lt



    thm a

    -.L 5 t'.,t iA.'


    angaR s

    ~-~' ~T..

    Sf S ~hE which -VUIED W ______ Champlonship Tfpoutaimeia ranusa gave mts Bh W 1 r wr 15 W. 31 .Jl IBf 1
    --4u... a rea.ed. l the lastfiverY aft3E".. s the4e". .... T Jl -. g .l
    the su ga the --
    . allu Of -wressure fin Pjt tm u Sn, the .Jok dw, 1, I ,
    .0rely the Indians. finals. Saturday the detlted, aunimous decilon over. Wil; .-
    Sir,t..hwhen 'Davey Wrlllae j for the thamplesuht, Lit- fredo Brewster, 146, in the'-l ht
    fu T10'to MM the bait tie, one of our but we snn Pt- round semitinal. It was am St,_4 Valentino'
    StT le tg to Vera, who won the PWGA handl- phal dbut for Edwin,. .foer running of
    -'Elowa p- -i 7 cap tournament earlier this amateur champion. Br-wtter.tund eon f a
    y. to EV ,ufcne4 (MP) year. The PanamaPWolmen'd Golf announced his retirement at-the t 1
    t O s 'i he Wes~ttntm field .l ea9lal l the 9UM Association congratulates Sylva end of thi eight. ee $2" "-6
    S 'knew he had to make a Atedanee CaTlO Watson unanimoufn trewy -
    ry to the plate. He tried tn Net receli ts. It.*38XI GraC Dehlnger and Peg"y dlee aoned Hapkin Barrows o e.) 4rD
    rowthe ball bWeore he got It, I Players'hape 0.71 Johnsaon played off the first In'the, 'main preliminary nd J. key JJonB rt. P
    and on this errok caused by the waIes' and eltWd' share flight. finals at Fort -Dtovis n ManueLPrescott ekedaou a slit r right aChing
    b4. toe the Olapt sconred an- ~iR,.W.4 Saturday. It was an eeyW n for decidsoaover nrevlOWQIMnb-Uat. ff oad tart tntbt -
    run. Commlalonen share SS4- Grace. The trophies for the tour, en Maral Mllnar tr t qpen- rt t e ntl
    There voy had the, key 9'le. nament will be awamred at the Ing fot-round, contest,. 'bkeLr wh I
    n of the WlnduD name.' federal tax 9U15-.43.8 regular PWGA t'rnaent on All .ti. we r aeti 1move and old.mat
    n of the Winduot on, "a if= warp scin Move and 40
    ilats were Inspired to go. City tax SI,4".4. Oct. 16. Ipactaetot ook Iomand-ei t
    f 65 __ i en of the fet t
    ..... ."'" ."---- '. s. -r aw to -lull of runa
    D'" "ny awwhich

    ,,,o~U ared and..rn ,
    t' twifiter '. f
    complete Prize.wla l00fluaibers nh the Ordinat *wing Sunday, Oct It1984ertrer it.r
    The wbdl. tiqket has e44 places divfied Iii )O series *A" 0 "B" of 22 pieces eacli e tois
    y withoutthterla
    w+..o. u ri th 'tod

    FIrst Prize 8Z4 $9 44,000.0 I elfnt gr.
    fnished WIr tes.rt tite art-
    CAddof the
    Second 'Pr 2 Pi S t 3', 2 o 0.

    '- ', .. 8 Rig..._ 6 .6...0.0ca-i I* ..ltby

    i. 2ss T 132.60 132, -f
    A 1.6, 6 0 0 0 '.fh : e md
    t; la .1 .' i I5 as s'g 3d

    7L41 =3. A

    U",, a 13 20' a- g
    -l.b- l
    SApipromiUtios a'F r S d ,C_ fl'e .
    0 AsbLifrl 9.& 1 evey ball
    ,0~4.3 I' .ev. "" r i thou
    is -,u .o 4..

    .gITr o- i^' ,to
    All 0 .a 11..9 .., e b thou
    Zm. ........-L .. .
    PVT,. 'bit. ,I+. o,
    It _. ,.. +:,+
    ... -j- .9 .. .
    S" k.-- e
    C$'ta i E=I ~ gI~be
    ULN 7 t


    F r~
    \T~ar "'1




    as second
    Gane ca-
    Lo o
    i ** "-

    * .; *




    , 1 l d1d07. 4 eu rawing re NM at: lm i Chlb qul; Second
    upCti' IB n A et Ialdglethe 1e oIst win Forty-Fom
    tetet m*o, ^ LsmAgf "A" And an

    .W.. of RO-"- .I OMERO uL

    S.. PAH



    4 J -,a

    '' '
    ~I B


    ..- ,.
    " t'


    '" ** .

    * ri--.. iF '1.'

    "r ,. ,-:."

    . -. .' .
    S -- z i

    i" "-- ,L -
    ;_-~? -a~ ~'. ;
    a* 1

    "| wk

    {'A-^ t ,
    ~~'~'U Uj~b

    ) at, ,,u, Fais


    TOhri l), ( r6i)1, DaX.
    i. ) To
    S(hln.) 14,'lt. Thoem-

    t .
    oen rf
    . Ie

    A andm Ml 1, N.M.
    i I W -rk. Stats
    B^ I&^ .p Ar

    * I.. -~;~

    . i'

    ' -T .

    *~~,-I&.- .~,~

    SY U, Voth i s ar
    to nA i I dayr oeet the,
    '0; ro wit i n IS-o doh fe 5
    .ra 6 1r o s I6 r ho lot .a t e O ti a ous Waw th thle d 3

    o mna t : "J.t o dby dr tIo o Heb, 1rr. ae oe nnh lm, All a & 84 t-. d e agueryrLu -* eIny .b:
    te m o:asad b e l "It's hon gr ae a -the, whi le- o-r b rr.n
    St A inf 14 : f. "he Aat. were on the road.l for l l b1sualll.tew three m m l R a
    1eleal7 'I T GD nof firt wlwie t h e adW s m and Vir gini t pparformanPo--
    W ash. 51& dyur a dhl o mh at iop. th oV ... .Lo
    -0a t I H h or the 1oi Hods were oAboutaday

    a '* -Aoupd the Luckyn
    8sh wISK. othea soDa e* pay.Uf Mwhein r emainng In tht Lucky
    4 ypre b es h anks to R o mnt

    W ito C7GDn ben other words then, aou GThan L o y hbaalad Wire 414 th yyae0"
    rrvon t8tve -Cnt Zone. fr6go 9 form .o fe r o o
    C"- -. d at e 1i,..l took Lo HL:e victory fromra frl l baglr the 'otwb a Ro. to gm

    u .ey t8 1 s p fe-O l 0"
    Sso ontoffiedecide hat L As ti r H Rot Rods wer e B .ob.
    tdl esta* 575 aM lis ouh

    Ai s28a4lbe I should wait until %they reached want to play but the At p daka on 7

    ". ), pme "r .r n le &8 th1 be- -.i b toresuto l n .
    Utah a New o te whlth the alIC n a I I home." l w me to

    -l04 1""4S. 2m C ooe e. On alloys 5 &o the Heal rots also AX
    hn d "rwordsthenyo "Thanks very muc, Juniet DO1n. II
    0 -t m ni ta n d d id n ot k te t e a m u n til 't h e y A z O r elm e m b e r th a t w e w ill a to o a 2 g om e v ic to r y fro m th e Vb

    a 3 1, CaciroOl hihe got back Lmat against Yreem bbe fryou ob all- ak .h S Curly Bates le dthewk Ia..b. I
    eM-t.).0.aa"an geto, ai y out the Dck ea. V

    bu I .So Hi land eIr... ... eW. t hre ga te.m a fhthe"e rcs.w.itth, a 33.3:3fo their ,mu biv -.

    11. halt sog ta 1s ti bi -whu
    I 0,A St.o (,i, tf h e~h g am hw -siai st the rSd. everything e ith iMm i rhR tp. sal wit e t '
    tIle team. aswast thear ksBerre impressed me sible to Justify the faith you=m a 542. Marge Nicksthais. The over
    0. poa 6to dr-a, rogbtc- .19 Buckeyes top Dlers weLie o World Soda show-

    ,,go --- th In T
    ;1 U .t tI ... Ig- Ith. s o ,Gaunersr 441.dUp.
    paj .oe W i to b WL "r rnaa o- Pa tn-al- to tI th ou d off r g enuol

    Te :ch .. l1m toqrl I 5t r rei r
    tb. stat-, S e & Im i ( e Le the t teom s Nec..-" ms qi r a s 8fpuitmd te -. h e i e
    .r) pezr m ,, th.e M.,.M.,.,
    A. d his tarer m ad with Donald." VitIL. arrival on the~ sb miter knocking out a -2 to 1 via' this nth, admitted '1

    N L -ist are Oil and Uu. were.thavam s,, dI
    ,lines When114aa with severalH L: ;IJUL ains0 !or, I walk- tal. sge to lay aae back hos- The chewing Termites while Atm was no Gatit n of Cleve-,e ersrs a someo or r eageBo ns wet.high for thh1 ge0i r
    AU ofs L o nick me t 4em aed? unhear#UR b e we h

    the -. t f actthat nooth l 3It'h un-atth
    g throwanla& d higstatw in. ed from the states, so now Bill
    IBT- I hadt &Chas fr a short Vacaition. Have a to W 1hink till 8A

    r ea at.1 rs osw bl. any think Io nta L

    1",a, a. or.I bit- Um. mol V..
    te t% no ra u n a hWon Lost m 4 f

    *Yn e foarcats 9 a6 onbs aDey Wy
    sh ou d r w 14 N ot R ods 7 6 7a riAiof n t -ad
    asfangeyes a clevefn4s unexpe efitod OPE
    Ait g* Vo It ot, bo hwAer, t it i

    10n he Series were n4sat

    t A~o ham#

    fA I

    ~ ~~T~S li~ ~
    ;~ C~:5~*
    ;i~48~aa;ab. ~ -ld~

    :I r. .ed4 U 1m







    ftw w81





    l 1




    -Y~e C:
    A. n

    n 'I. f 4 4Tae6 East &

    f TILT Oct. 4 (lqla )

    t Os .b an h =hap bh
    sah atp;tefli pave oft
    llinos lost eits ta. kle
    Ip _Nbe o fuste A ap ass *ing

    s al nerp f .iM- / eleI ta ar k I rla_ II&
    *Waatand 'thee 6entr.

    ,e1f "5at aiD a Cd e Penn Stater td aowrd.
    Adequatel th made Italtbeck Lenny Moore -o

    ,"- with J. C. e m~piUk r..akg__n
    7 p. It '- an S e ver lor ft

    Mrge By e tlkn e the M llts-
    .... o .n n serie o rwold s t ah.
    Mth a ng wt whi le lto. m d h It ercil t ,
    aOr! o k Coplateo bow with at

    awharge of p lintra romt rt il tmte. r
    ie a n In th ei, wna 4wt d m minute
    powerez.W, to a UAWyffiNo.

    aI sout Tahe tNoVgw eeUy boy
    ~a& tDUn MePnSaeat yof high honorsw fr n t a u

    ai e i oor.. aomlr eth tt rof 1o osfne l.-. N
    mea.. Wh. fer, le p I.,el eWh he .t[ -. / wa o. l no b~- Ina

    Jup 12f4 f th ee1 rrie
    W0400 and an, %a. 2 1t

    O ur.e Wih ule 26"0 ed.BO& IMPwtoC _

    r -..v



    - 7V1fvw

    *-I -^;

    W I s

    ... ........ *. mnm ... ,..
    S4et thf peop ste arfh do co is hnt UAW
    TON, Oct. 4 (UP) ,
    ,it McCarthy said V., 2.I- A"" 1,
    Shas never misused TWWT-NNTH TEAR PDAT.
    a.y. given him to fight" -
    ..m~ s ut he will not y ... .. g

    a Adenauer Faces P0_114
    1, Mc~arthy made the statements
    fto atelevision Interview. NBC'e

    red for, T10 W in -OK- F-;.o. Lb-on'. .fW"
    I. lig to ex-T W OK F
    Handling of anti-com-
    funds el the Sena BONN, Qermany, Oct. 4 -(UP) ference. A clue t t late of the gfamg, 4..t
    ole or to aneectionsermn hanceloeement m then. "0t 11k I o o
    a utee that Investigated his rad Adenauer girded for poe believes the Ase will 'i 4 a
    i nees in 1I. 2. | battle today, confidentof wnng ratify it for he was e to lace "anh I
    s .w5, McCarthy said he was port for the-historic London agree- complex system of trols. by bolo special
    : o explain has position on ments that promised this natntheorth Atlantic- ty Or enl at lles
    its independence and will arm it nation and an expat Birussel ""i
    pot on y uaed my entire again inside the Brusse1s and Treat Organization. ne
    ,. I have b erowed all the NATO allipces. And he. was promisd Alnerican hough WeVtOf Vrany "i .st ewof all
    ay I coulte ft iendse I The government chief flew back and British troop support on the n to fay tpe
    broke on communist froih London last eight and today continent, upo ofo e i-napons u a iW n3t bA
    Il| f1agt" he deld "anda summoned his cabinet for a spe- Once ratification isc depleted' a be allowed to ma

    ' ue for any other purpose is scheduled to make a formal state.- y 3 ost of their equipmsent, tel lt at
    ountruthfZl." ment to the Bundestag (lower Germny wi man ufacture the terlcan .Ib and6 o ,a it t

    at coutlg of his debate, now fixed for Thursday. any h, abiolol chmc.n ha W. controls ole, e
    v hng if it. we-e tns' a lowed by a full dress BundestAg s 4pro bited fmrom talt r a o ;A sou ci.
    Money the senator ctl First retlons Indicated tha ial weWpons and ere to be no A Fo
    SMaroseothe o oe fro Londolthe =LGtmndthe tyo ten Gf o eavy wTh

    ta' he gcads that sopected, have to face up tof tt. later diite. *m'iMdv fo r- W o T' u A
    ote ove anlit of the ipe s .eur attacks ftm the Socalist Garmay also ifrb-den to o e to o .r nar .
    exp ntrutedhu. to t o, thai country sec manufactue guided miassf at- ur rell
    and the nrnal aBe arg est party. ode sub W s r wa P a0Ip of .de I a. folo
    uoeau has u completed M t.thou g the agreed mts he more tha tu .ns subarines the ,. to
    ~rosilete invest lgl.on- of this bu bac fell short t oa very. of moere t a long- i ti-n I
    StBl" operating (and) I hahe had hoped to let in Lorn rage rocs L
    et hat they satisfied." they were none heless e-. Germanwbrillbe pertted to rI he
    dtha te,--- a s nou 40oensure that his own mas- manufacw, tan kst and aet Fancs e'd"s t a ma
    1 siva a epsive aellition majority more lanesa cosninertblen to ,airr Im... t
    .- lw bh hm a t.iO Nrul mthan to athuirds of the Bundestag ga, but-obr Io onazr'alcrafts : S-
    HU M.I issgude t ,-..r .
    fIB LpUUO rments E ad their the -their sub- andsh. e amnstartU$ ain

    Stdu j eaent today y The firt *t (SPD) reac- eethe G .r orfms tay t
    that w engersn tin was sour bt restra ied. for only der are Prmitte
    ot.ylete re almost Ebrich OUenhauer S cDa 1 t '
    ta flyin the te sthsrowid i judgment musf be witheh eld Gaem i id Ga tac ton t
    a' Is n front of a Mnth it coulE be seeb how, far s tbol Arn mi ,ta en and the'W '

    - 4 i-1

    '4 '



    ; fytj


    a ues W
    ,fctdis lor
    heive the aliz
    Sappov- tax
    rk toward der
    ki4d' d- badc

    S- "a I
    f IWI..r

    .:,-- ; ,-: "

    ' .' omic ma iva, taix
    .am ..u o ol- tyP

    aid toda. .
    .'..cayl wl-w permit a
    (ipt, woel be due up ay t!.crylw ses back as far aa
    c S ry t s-a ,


    Dt road look-
    u but .when

    , s~ a aid.e
    Just ba1-

    r t mxit him.
    I- my he your <

    iwmuitl Se...
    Ite, a. ~

    .1" .

    Syearst Germane
    1 mars bf German

    WEp Wi t ~,WW wi -an .meBm- m ,,-yYMw -
    nyor for o o rtitioels. Europe ito a grave
    The other Aembers of NATO st, was a personal
    will of coursewe iabW tq permit BRsitLh orilgn Secr
    the German a&my to expand If the ny Eden .wo pulled
    Soviet unions or h*4saUteles at- together, ap4 fer DuH
    tack the Westk She cld raise an ed as a peace-make
    army of several mllin if neces. new respect from u
    scary from her OW million popula- MendepFrance said
    ti ing session that he
    The Soviet Unlan ws expect- the "pateit leaders
    ed to counter ta e Wesera dec And he added: "N
    i i i i l.


    ieraa left that nation
    frotlos4 riaq-te Wovest C state
    rwi te Collaborating Corporal's Weeping JapWife
    i, t new respect from ..
    spope major pacemak-
    ga tt "one,$ Sorry She Helped Persuade Him Retuff ToS'
    Sreotert, iall time -"and aI
    mor step the cherished
    The a e t ra. TOKYO, QOt. 4 UP)- Mrs. Her atr Ryolchl Arikl, 62 can't hp talking
    Sfld by ps lamr ats of the Kyoko Baohelor, the Japanese reac ted' t bewilderment saad m thin.
    nafst t signed it-the wlf of Cpl. Claude Batchelor, said, ia. penalty was so harsh Sbe pnted out thmt.Cp
    ,aM 4I Uli,, tain, France, Ad through a flood of tears to- I canai unaertand it." .a.ceme another i
    erSupy' Italy, eium, Hol. sda he regretted writing the "I Itk'the Americans hate W." who i b u
    IVad, Canad and Loxembourg leWsEa which helped persuade Co nhiinn,;' he said. "But they. ,returned t. toi .w .s
    ifre Rt beesmeeffectlve. hitao.return to his country. are th. onsa who appealed to en a15-year lS t
    'Trance, which fear the rearm. ,oelor was sentenced to life him toqome back. And when be q to five aS tPh. i ,
    Ing of her traditional foe, asked l nmet for collaborating came bk I knew he had to ed five,or,ten t
    S nd received strait-jacket con the munists while a pect s art of punlshment,
    is anc German arrs and the oner of Wk in Korea. He had But ltis unbellble. '
    SCerman army, but within four unced A was not returning "Hs ea ri wa tht h was. too
    Syear Germanz, whieh signed an the Unied Btas from the Ky went into hiding "to and wea," Si y i
    rial surrender in s145, In prison a MIa t changed think a out" yesterday alft. aae to Japan t when
    e d to have 500,000 men un mind ihen Koko wrote to ernoo h she heard that a 1i waoug
    ms. h en. ilenern ., court mart itn SIM aa no op
    ranchh Prauier Pierre Mendes. "I it' was to be Ufe itnprison- Anto TeL had sentenced P acter n
    Piance has promised parliam ent It would hve been far Bat i to'if mprisonmea here. e n
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