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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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IN..1 .ave been settled. by other mean.
ort 8w it Col3uD ,it St a a w ds uort te United States will have forces
Csstro M aW rerk.O Aug. @ 3 Western Alue agaii s v so s tha t inEurope," Wiley said.
& Rouge It NowY ork. On A A -
& a w k. OIfing bar Red Chia from e VtN nw ao v y feweole n the "I, o.n the other hand anoth-
t the .ed nxd. toin what likely will be a sharp f..... d .bo.. erouran Is worked out,' e ad.

Todai "Jge issuedd tan- Secretary of stitejobn Fostert. e _o o l,, os orb
order *Wc aiin pat:"It AP- 5 Pes backed by pledges of`Ma ees g of th hese
r 'thatthe Aid ve sel Is s port from irtain and other q UN. the asrd. ...
ej t h at t s d e i, +,l n .is the
elatingdand is perishable"- t, MW .effortoto give Red Chi- nltYofStates. e r e
veel should be aoffer- na Nationalis seat. Aft eating the s "acts of
S o sal de- The United states anticipated piracy y Red China, Lodge rop a
Seto8as the for that Soviet eat Andrel Y. said:
the ation Vi inar will emand ahe TAIP, Formoss, Sept. 20
.- f Peip regndt the In rn, this series of acts of (UP) Chinese Nationalist
start t ual session,' per-Piracy must be viewed
mbly chOseN Its new president to the ChInese rec-u tWheavess taair atc
s of The Nether- f e ation again the sinc the bae uemoy

There appeared to be a safe which ons have 1;t the Heavy bombers started the
S vote shelving of the lives; the boast of theconcerated bombardment
V l iss ue for the dura- Commnunist leaders that they 2 am. and kept up the steady
HOLYWO ..20 tiof the Assembly, a. move have tsecondlargest army i pounding until dawn when
similar to that taken la year. e word- nd nly to the termbe took up the at
Poln thrtened y ambassador Henry Cabot Soviet Uelon. tack.
file a 0tDllt. girllpt 'i Lodge, Jr., bolstered the West's "Wt this larger pattern Communist junk fleet, artil.
s taree, l& eRitan Monen a nglast night by publishing a the many violent ,actions off ler positions and troop areas
at .I *4 W S lKit of 39 "acts of pira" by the Chinese coast over the pa-t at Amony and other points a-
ho O meat P the ommunists during four yea seem to reveal the rond threatened Quemoy were
ia hae 0or .W" the lIat four ye rs. basde charace of the Red Chi- hit.
an .* narcotics hL Lodge made public for, the first nese regime-a regime commit- Nationalist naval vessels mov-
The -Incident oc, -d at r.l time an offielal ist of "warlike ted to any means whatever, but ed closer to the shore before
Bo mels Holywood lls home aetsby the Chinese Communists especily, to violence, in order dawn to pound Communist tar-
S pol ad trailed t te ships and alrcrafts to acvt alma of conquest." gets at Weltou, on the main.
i fs m a fahion- ofree nations in the last four land opposite Quemoy.
ble-t eusaat.- A3 Bt- p.lreno yearss/" a .Lt lT Gen. Chang Yl-ting, Nation.
s eeping ,on a 11ch in- It Ineluded T7 Ineldat I ln-, l f allst military spokesman, said
W, bohouse Aad legedly vt the Britis fl, the the Communlite also had in.
Ikea pXoee .sergeant when vlvn the United States, creased their fire against Na-
h1 a pt to seach er two each oeeriag Denmark 1n U-*rwaNlllN tionalist positions on Quemoyl
Sovaemlbt bag. adwl anama, and eoe each In- and the island of Little Quo.
At a pres conference late r., olvin Norway, France mad Is moy.
Ithe .boe .y 22-year-old a tre Pa ertg q c-C ommunist guns also hit yt
said she thought 'the whble Van Kleffens, with an eatil Chang Shan island in the Ta-
ting w a gaag." mated "sure" votes, seemed 20chen group, 200 miles south of
,,-,-xor a frrt bllot victory o "QUIRIU1, N.M.. p 0 shanghai 2
foove r first bW WallotvictoryUP) Dr. ULncoln La Pa, me- All of Formosa wa cked
Wnin o isln srcoreWa m nsrte, dwho tloat t ae Uaversaty of out for an hour early today
I supportedd the saUngtedrt wp in u h -t when unidentified aircraft were
iI now, patee of the nation reported 100 miles off this

ui -.delb e b o_ Hee made the observation hter 1:45 a.m. and the all clear
Swith detalld n thie y i the Ch c a one hour later
th (eP) .I. .f h el persons who It was the second time this
SThe r e c rol center at identified planes ew over t
causing te prope m-a France A the Municipal Airptt here re- suburbs of Talpel but drop-
Iai and n gmore a -- I t w ed with edales ed no bombnc
lcore of a ier Nort African trday nit by P o who nb ombt
u rao1 -A dispute bto wee thteb l l_ n a d
Sr s Asba aid o tf
the -rawte ct-Ct and tehe Un- m reported seins a whbat Glwill hV for
io. .i s's M1 aote o1

1 tomb.y is. s...edl.. ed to e n re taifa in gT aI'.,-- --in To
atu pl wNers- A a Mere adDh a three-at l ght murder

I and. hf e dof a Ito- i el- lping radio aid In [a Pa id the Baturday night mystery calls for a east of -.
wer me b n hell- a brnpd heard to don Tandemn'ds s garenltary There are three female roles.
tm-- l ata V oteV Erb arN ria It- S i sibeae it was it c om- G I d members and prp.e-
ite to two inch_ i. a oo i fr Mr. as found, as meteo- ve members are dto -am
ta at t to .o- Twt wil be hel to-
MfImt MO hM raw wtth- erl si1. C tr iasnsm an ordinary marlow and
at j-b anhr me& 3iei jad ad av 5 (e a n- at s M

i' .n -. .. ,- -0 ,tre '
~ ~ ~ ~ ~~T ,As~ 1s,-* Schad.^ to*>_ with'?!. a peen tzf.rft. slo Main TO be- Rem" -'* .AL.,. .*-

These fItf-Ia- emphasized It
would bo a alistake as Dulles
said in.a statement Saturday, to
take a negative approach. B ut
they revealed that top U.S. policy
makers still are far from optimis-
They expect the first showdown
on rival, plans for enlisting Ger-
many in West Europe's defense
system to come when the Asles
hold their scheduled preliminary
talks in London next week. The
real test, theft -aid, will foHow-at
the projected North Atlantic coun-
cil meeting in mid-October. I
They see nothing now to indi-
cate that France will drop its op-
position to any proposal to let
Germany act and rearm as an
Allied equal.
A long series of incidents, and
attitudes hav* combined to pro-
duce pessimism among high U.S.
officials. '"
The Unfted States is apprehen-
sive about the leadership of Men-
des-France. This stems mainly
from his faflt to make a fight
for the European Defense Com-
mutnity pla* .
l is :rsoM resentful
of the way i feels France fall.
ed his tnru.9n EDC after he
had battled flr equal treatment
of France ,in e Allied council.
France, 6 Dulles' opinion, has
shown eo elthusasm for solving
the German.tarmament problem.
(Ceonltin~on Page 6 Col. 7)

Jodh 13, lit, bad every-I
thing to be "Dw Chkae eox-.;
e-t OW thbaa-she waM't of-
GcWaly Chmagw. As a rnsa
she hd to turn the erew ver
to Boko Dembeck, rAgM. Of-
Acts s Id Jeeanle didn't have
the wuei-ar six mondWa no-
- whe she wote scomtw

C( Owner Asks

Dog Be Destroyd,

Then Collapses
Mrs. Glady
viciousdo attacked poce
man. his son and a relative, col-
lapsed in the Administration
BuIUndin this morning shortly
after she requested that the dog
be destroyed.
Mrs. Thompson, who Is a Ga-
tuM resident, was admitted to
Gorgas Hospital after she was
examined at the building by a
doctor who diagnosed her as
having a "case of nerves.
F ow a 14-da eana-
tlon period by health authori-
ties, the do may be destroyed,
at the owner's request. It was
understood that Mrs. Thompson
went* to the Administration
Building this morning to ask for
the canine's extermination. and
became hysterical after doing
The animal jumped out of a
car last week, attacking thesix-
year-old son of a Canal Zone
policeman, Dennis Tomford. The
dog also bit the policeman, Rich-
ard Tomford, and his sister-in-
law Mrs. Dorris Bitter. Previous
owners of the dog had also re-
ported vicious tendencies.

S"uh Koreans

Protest Withdrawal

014 US Divisions
SEOUL, Sept. 20 (UP)-A new
round of public demonstrations
against American troop with-
drawls from South Korea will
start within a few days, it was
reported today.
Patriotic organizations, most
of them controlled behind the
scenes by the government, have
drafted messages to President
Etsenhower, the u.s. Congress.
the United Nations General As-
sembly and Oen. John Z. Hull.
VIA. supreme commander in the
Far East, calling for a buildup
In. Mouh Korean forces and
"Piv measures" for Korea's
The messages also request
that the four American divisions
being withdrawn from Korea
turn over their guns and tanks
to0e .outh Korean forces.

iWneMn on American military
ll r. Infmed ,, soureO id.
3M Axwell D. Taylor &l-
rfy 'has Inuisted that the
with wal of the four Amerl-
can divisions based elsewhere
wlB at ngtheMn Asian defenses
iaga*ft Red aggression.
The departing divisions may
leave some but not all of their
weapons la Korea. Part of the
lth teans Divilen. being re-
amMnIS to Iewa has left Ko-
- w'i M sE pment.

an yR waw in inowu wzen
he was sent here to investi-
gate the United Publig Work-
ers local which was linked with
Commup.t el(m Wnts. As a re-
suilt, the ID(ntrntlonlal C10 or-
dered the UPW charter taken
away from the )ocal here.
De Nucci, Who had. jpst re-
turned from Europe, had been
In Washington only a ,ew1 days
when Reuther requested he
visit the Isthmus as his spe.
cial representative.
Local o flfcbals could not
be reached ta for -comment
on Dr ivii slt.
A spokesman for Local 907
said he had been notified of
De Nucci's presence on the
Isthmus, and believes that

Pop Appars

On alconyFor

Wal, Pilgrims
CABT -OANlG O t, Italy,.
Sept. 20 (UR) Pppe Plus
Xn, suffering from fatigue and
spasmodcl attacks of cups,
canceled a scheduled speech
last night on the advice of his
But the 78-year-old pontif
overruled his physician and
made a brief appearance on
the balcony of hli summer res-
idence In order not to disap-
point thousands of waiting pil-
Authoritative Vatican sources
said the Pope's hiccups were
in mild form but "troubled
the Pope 'from time to time."
The sources stressed that
the hiccuping was not the same
continues attack that accom-
panied the Pope's grave attack
of gastritis last winter. They
said the pontiff has had similar
mild hiccups 'lasting four or
five days at a time" during
the past two years and that
the attacks stemmed from ner.
vous tension produced by over-
Last Thursday, an attack
forced the Pope to pause four
times toward the, end of a 35-
minute- adds, to a general
audience. Thl Pope successful-
lynegotiated a special' au-
dience for doctors the follow-
ing day. But Vatican sources
said he did not want to take
advantage again yesterday of
the special medicines -which
helped him thmaugh -the ad.
dress to the odoto.

Youth Jo td For
Having Mqrijuana
AU3 t anamanian,
Ambrog to
spend ten morn-
Ing by Lo
E. M. Af- IimlawfI
hab&" madpn e pg

Upon completion of -tran"t
the French minesweepers wuW
depart for Martinique an 4ne.
Italian minesweepers for+W-
folk, Va.
Included in the task wiun
the French minesweepers ta as
gliano, Magnolia, Jacinthe, ly-
cine and Pervenche, an~d4
Italian minesweepers Olnie ad
Senior officer of the l
and commanding officer Im
Garagliano is Lt. Cmdr. G W
mazures. Lt. A. F. Reed IsX L-
manding office of the oJi.

Once Convicted

Of Jewel 1hf -

WASHNGTON.' Sept. 20 (-P)
- Attorney Oerpai Herbert
Browntes Jr tC y he has
ordered a species 9o= s Itn-

theinal conduteral In stheg Aema

ti tn
Housing program.
Brownell instructed US. At
torny Leo A-Rover sCO._ficc y
souiltles of rde L. "A
former as"no l r
the Fderal nlbng Adnuntt-

The Justice Deparmient.-noW
that Powel l o ta o -.tetel
FiA assistant Oomsm W -
spite knowledge ol the fo-r

U .,~


.kn anTE AiU NUEBW-LeRIDWUDR blr ~~'

STft PANAMA AMRICAN I Well, Here We Are Again-Faceto ace!
,.VO ..sN* Labor News

a.eM" %veNAMe i omst easl And se'
t S *" x ^ ^eensv '4 NAve I NC. 'o m maut
43 94aDOMMAM v. NEW vk. % UA s C e L #

da"RIcities as "Tough Tony" Ana- preobl ers hUat
I t -l AL A f f I a Y stasio, hed a long conterece wa problems. ... utnwoee "
l I I '-L representatives of Harry Bridg Real story behind the MCearthy Senate

n d powerful labor friend in the back taxes, but how Commnialoner r JA
ad Mpol wef ls eb rpen dornmt herMs w:st faijMateAmr> i.s. G T. Cole an Andrew. apparently Ratg *g 'f
|i e.LiSLan ***ivod iotefully *id *i* Il toe *rOIi w l ""-rT"ough Tony.'s" Iuenfluence over dK Ire I j y.^l^si detracted a criminal investiga- Jo:.i 5
ge.0 wXhaze as mlaterfrou t lony" mTny" Ance oAer Lion. hieInomet
1 ltte d't t t yy prhas tsffasly, in a case I ke Mc. gy
t so d L 0 ilp a*epirbilishedin the 0110 rec onefrom his blood relationship with Carmy's, too Revenue Bfvice 11 lte
Flosm* hiekeepl letters l14 d ** s -a peg let. Albert Anastasia, sometimes a "" to Coui a @" i
ideath letter writan rs ibld lp strictest co*d$Ag piquantly referred to in police V ViIate ayd,
Thi- news-peapemeoW. S .a easibrity f"atai sli tNa W circles as the "Ixecutioner" of ad a brush a 1are
,le, S Murder, inc. I Amtoaw hid a brush w a egr .. ... .-. _
'we i n le tters how f o"So we find Tony Anastasio sit-. in -a Cadillac, took down ti- I'-t I.
... ... ting in New York with representa- -. cense number, looked up the Ne-l ,...,. *. .S
LOCAL RATE COPS FOR LOCAL RATERS tive Pete McGoldrick of Harry x retu rns ad found e had
"Dear Sir: Bridges' pro-Soviet International repaying e uspiciou d -low ta .
In Ithe light of the fact that the Black Gestapo at Mt. Ho+e Lonqshormen's and Warehouse. es. Andrews immediately put
dong s well, why not have Local Rate policemen i Local men s Uon. This West Coast out- s ialAes t"on the ease. p
Rate commn ties. Im quite sure that we will have lea trouble fit will .on be lilt by the new AlC 's easnt owtver.
RatecoIe I ..... anti-Communist laws, for it is the Andrews not faied to futu l,
than before out racial pride will see to tha t.nIi we wonot ase o ridges r p-mmuitst over to a" "cb ,,
The old thoughts or beliefs on the fancy that we won't base of Bridges' pro-Communist Agetbutlef
ho rough coonialsm were well oriented with humble- in the vta e e angle reach- t rla tien. aioe en
nesc and racial inferiority. I ou 1to Hawaii. .. Though a sincere yong. m strings Word has
But this does not hold true today. W. .. .......earh,
Ss tt ty b h We now have printed evidence Boyle uent ostuckonsim ottrinv
As time Wasses by we are constantly bettering outselve d n .ow ted eidenq ___e ot otet n ha o. .r
.A*lib before us to show that Bridge "pie questions of procedue a had i"
striving to prove to our American benefactors that I people are boasting Anas t asi o e o to veteran aets for advice. ommust" the In
worthy of their trust. D bill ano some of his colleagues at that .- e ex ned ecarthy'na tax re- enue Service.
meeting "pledged complete moral turns and financial records but
Support' to a drive by Bridges' made no-"specla" investigation. PAT T
PEN PAL union. This campaign is aimed at In the end Boyle claimed there i
Deam interested In reaching Penas In your country controlling ship stewards. It is in was he rimial case against Me- the nt
I am interested in reaching wme pen pals in your country. the hazdds of itridges' new "Stew-C I ab pe wold
the hands of Bridges' now "Stew- Carthy. It may have been purely
BoAnth insexes, Myoucan dob fo tamS.e will be appreciated. Th areas Dept. Organizing Committee.' coincidental but, about the same McCaoty' .
Anythingou can do for me will beppreciated. Thank you Furthermore, says Bridges' un- time, Boyle was suddenly promote
In advance. tr ion in a special report, Anastasio to be an alternate squad chief, by been n financial t
d Yours truly, and his aides said they "wanted to _, passing several senior agents sine he was a1$5,
-- Nate Gershon, see the closest working relation. rine lieutenant and
6931 8. Merrill Ave., ship" between East Coast and We FRIEND OF McCARTHY'S up with $42,8.3 In
Chicago 49. Illinois. Coast dock labor. This is a thouhtprofits. He had never
which gives my goose pimples Commissioner Andrews, top tax than ha,500d ayear al a
__ ______pimples_ I I Se sion collector for the nation, had Previ- where he gt the money
|_Awr to Previoup PUtle The conference on August 27 ULN S sion ously entertained McCarthy his enouh in th k
Signing SongS broke up amid the warmest frater- home in Richmond. Va., and intro. clean up $42,838.3 Is
Singing un nal sentiments as the East Coast duced him to an audience as one mystery. *
ooys pledged they would also sup By Peter Edsonof our greatest living Americans. MCarthy tried to et
ACROSS DOWN port a Bridges strike If one were Andrews has also turned over to og state taxes on
pulled to win control of ocean-go- o McCarthy approximately 2,000 cop. sum, claiming he waw
I1 "Somebody 1 Hairless i ng stewards. The report c o n- iesofoer pe's tax returns nt Wisconsin in
--Stathe 2Operatic solo gludes on a note seldom achieved WASHINGTON-(NEA) Pre-Greece. flonalist delegates and to admit without a mrty vote of the Me servingwith the Main
WeddifBe1U" 3 Lowered by our blobal diplomats. liminary talks on what to do about The Greeks and the people of Red unina W membership. Tnat Carthy investtaing committee, the same time he elam i
4 "The Old-- 4 Deserve "The.. .Brooklyn leaAers stated the French turndown of EDC-the Greek origin oA the island of Cy. will be opposed by the United Andrews' faure to assign a dence he was actually a
Stream" 5 Press that they had the highest respect European 'Defense Community- prus in the Eastern Mediterranean States. Aumission of other new "special agent" to probe McCar- ircu judge, sce he
1 "Old Folks bLoiter for ILWLJ international officers" now seem headed for private dis- want Independence from Britain members will be blocked by the thy's taxes seems strange in view up the join the
at--" 7 Headed .. .are the exact words. onions during the opening days and union with Greece. Russians or tneir satellites, for an- of the fact that no senator, per- McCarthy not only w
12 Exist 8 Excavations In some circles sucn sentiments of te United Nations General As. other round in this long-standing haps in the entire history of the to pay $2,49.54 plus
13 Great Lake Bakin 25 ro l Wa would hardly be considered blue SEM BLY. It convenes for its ninth The British position is that Cy. stalemate. United States, has had so much in- est to the state, but was,
14 Egg-shap chamber 25 $rrly chip investments. But remember, session in New York today. Most prus has been one of their crown teresting data made public regard. additional asaasment of
15 Mouth p in26 T allowance Anastasio control much laboron of the European f o r e i g n n- colonies since 1878, and that the is- Independence for Morocco and ing his monetary transactions, his federal income tax.g
Short I Ist27 ho o-r 4 Ai' lf. pex) the vast nt o r k of Brooklyn masters and U. S. Secretary of State land's government s none of the Tunisia will be brought up again. The Senate report on McCarthy' During his first thr
rhym 10 Tangles 28 Upon 44 Fasteners piers. A link with Bridges' empire John Foster Dulles will be there Greek's business. The British have But the "'*rench record in North finances gives pages and pages of the Senate ,he re Irted
18 "My e Otherwise 2 Beetles p I tne west would make this a pow- at the kickoff. offered Ote Cypriots a new con- Africa ha. improved since the last official evidence regarding McCar- come of $59,604,5
Nele Gy" 17 eviser 31 Wish t 4' erful coalition controlling the glo- stitution and, a measure of inde- session and tnere may be less ten- thy's hu e bank deposits, with stock losses Of
20 Tck Classical 33 "Rose- 47 nqun al gateways of our country. German Chancellor Konrad Ad- pendence and self-government I slon now. photostats of canceled ch cks terest payments 4
21 Consume language 38 Analyzes I report this conference to you enauer will not be there, as his their internal aftalr-.lf they wat Tnailand has decided not to showing concealed transactions on added up to an
22 DCocord 23 Turning part 40 Plying toys 48 Pieces out at tnis moment because the Com- country is not in the UN. But be- it. But that isn't wblit they want. press for a UN observer team to the soy-bean market with money $61,480.83 or 87
2 D ord 24Tilt 41 Snow vehicles 0 Brazilian coin munists, tne proComunists and fore the other Western European So the issue goes to the UN de. study Communist threats against given him to co unism. hi re
their unions i ttakecover or go countries can meet with'th Ge -bating society.e rder When wa wr,
turner unde .ir T void rtae mans, it is now believed-there will IW S' i 0Ue U citedd Stas will Tr
-anno bi J- have to 'Ie some exploritionw& ti M" a
v the U. S. for a new formula., tPsa I e
Is a nis n not me the Chancellor Adenauer has been naval nd a -ase in the $ Ang com ash and wa a a at a
r lpro-hoviet ope ts ai va run for shying away from any conference ranean is the number one quest. 'te lai d Indonesia tee' v estiatio sh that M the local race tracks.
~ Pnl cover among wit olce rec- with the Europeans which will not tion., will resent an argument ove Carthy's financia problems van.
words and those ls,4 some of have Secretary Dulles there to western -New Guinea, each side shed after he started his cam-
the unarWorla's" I'st notorious back him ulp bthe n9w demands Other- matters to come before accusing the other of not negotiat- paign against communism. 1 Se
STeiladit policy makers. We have the word for West i e an independence this session-of the UN General ing in good faith on the future The report showed, for instance
of no less an authority on comn- ano rln Assembly are largely routine, un- status of this big island domain, that McCarthy's deposits at the VeSSelS TO Get
h T Waemunism tan Dr. MellaDodd, now finished business which can't be The Marshall islanders have a Riggs National Bank in Washing- V s G
"- d A a respected practising attorney At thA present time, it can be wound up because of Russian ob. polite protest to make before theton, together with t deposits of nc Repair
... In and Instructor at bt. ohn's LaW stated authoritatively that the struction. Trusteeship Council over U. S. hy. his Asstant, Ray Kiermas, "in-
the Dark school. Mrs. Dodd once was high United States hap no fixed policy drogen bomb test in the Pacific. creased contemporaneously with
41 ght' tle n.the ommunist party's legisia- 0o r ace EDC. It W- ll take time There. ill be a report that no The American government is ty- the advent of McCarth's 'fight' to WASHINGTON, Sept. 0. (P)
4 I ltive apparatus. Sne has since bro- to develop a substitute. That is satisfactory solution for the Ko ing to work it out quietly. But expose Conmunists.' -The Maritime Adm ilqtrationl
m soen aluu attempted to smash it. why informal talks on the subject rean question could be found at India and some of tae Commu- today announced award of con
4 uiet It was Dr. Dodd who said the --not on the floor of the UN As- the Geneva conference. There is nfist countries which want the H- NO REAL CHECK tracts for the emergency repair
II eperritat other day that many times in ne se 1y,.but outside, in private- no plan in sight now for new Ko.- bomb tests stopped may ry to of 13 vesela of the national de-
SIIrritate a -- Se years mte Communist may. provide the most important rea peace negotiations, whip this up into a major protest In four years, 1948-52. the co. fense reserve fleet.
53 Watce aaers would send out word to news -developments of the forth- issue. mittee reported. McCarthy depos- The emergency shi repair
SWat l party ine tbers in the labor and coming session .There will be a report he ited $172,23.18 in the Riggs bank, program la being carri out n-
B< P~ ~~ohsliical fields asking tnose who I'. I" Disarmament Commission, which The U. S. delegation is expect. while assistant Kiermas deposited der a 12-mllon-dollar congress
SThrow d any underworld contacts to OqiY one new sue now seems met, in London last summer, could ed to present to the UN further $6,21.26. Of this $172 623.18, the sonal apropriation to increase
eotrin -" report in for special duty. headed for the UN. agenda. This make no progress. It will proba- details on President Eisenhower's Sen, noted, $19,000 of MeCarthy's this country's naval mobilation
Consent- % epor in I mo r special duty. is the Cyprus al of the pro-ovet, Commu- cause the Aperican delegation hapse with a new committee. sources for peaceful uses. And this was rom "uidde til sources
-ist-controlled Progressive Party, P t tro l. because it in- may be one of the more construct while .0 was cash deposits cluded Norfolk hi ding and
its New York Communist leaders volves g two g friends of the The Russians will try their usual tive things to come out of the by Ray Mtereas. Drydock o V.
met frequently with the Manhta- United States -- *Britain and moves to unseat the Chinese Na- Assembly this year. But though the Senate committee i5mr; Orydd1k Co,
met n underworldy At the parleys cited chapter and verse to hw Baltimore, M. 154arn-
tan underworld. At the parleyforvo that there was "no connection be- nah Machine and Iouny C.,
stheymade many a deal for vote
which the mob can deliver. The tween many of the disbursements avannah, Ga., 13.945: Ta. a.
) munists offered the underufrom thinaccougnt and ayom 1Shin ar nd Drydock .,
iim pi (8ly us blackmail based on o titnesat and w tmhe ert ua Embarrassed Chie

-ot so ago'Drt Dodd putomt dROADIWAY BALLAD pal Geo. Solotare. 'How could some new spai rs keep rap power fhor suh a d Coin MIDDLEBU V t. a-- ( )-'
.ine otehs nto the record whon 9 .e s anyone be Jealous of t a whole ning McCarthythy'rom, nh a t sooner Anhreowshasn 'toedto fre; Chief ]enneth Cau.$#Ok.
sheand ared,, bfore a hearig (C You must forgive so many thengs cityd" hepoor oierld ily orberut olfr atssgn extra agents to te.job. and saw a rega b n i
wi we useIdraw ne up sta mrs Thme bt e.-ns manyold Th reporters ndphotographer e"" mit found at McCathy had prti eb T -

tto .e mderaps Cost-llo empire ritolendngi"n w -- Bw Time var enedevblle ae, te th et t e \U
and taking sitions in the ac- ghosts I know that you willposg for their speia request r at t i gven him by the in order r l
.,l,,,,, never see, between those 15 takes" o the ouTo enly p in .p t pay his ownl ,icflh taxes; construction p t ro t.1

i" o, "-1 -I. *I -1 -1. atst d th artment 1 d ThAnd8 The urge o with heartbreak oresidewalk.ts gor tt na fotr he 2..s we bokng '

,U fr .. ad is rite. Reno Zsa Zsa and Rubrosa were The Woodward ootel and 1949. aso e of: ..The (Commu narrow streets "She knows," said a scribe Vega h Vatm ath ose rseDGaLANC ESB C b t

eo ro ebto e s .I knew at the timroe s .set the ck. S r a r ond
bo Nrwep be Costello empire .....rdagerridesooneveryoMarilyngot.morepubli cityon -- Time vaudeville se t, Is the nlh .t

assMBe~ by atn groups and the amount of lg they compl Ct movement Duri n love w- e A photo assigned to Maregeiyn colorus er.efs tI s e
m5myo-wng-adtkwnthr a hi hptschool i on Ithee- sultrywind-herttrips t tuo N. trgroundyou an any Hollu leas 175 ne w op e, s uowes rk will el. I
at aga M the man w l o hoo r at w~il Sad a ,ar connection be- In am one wih hartb wood actress ever got on a r olenge to" ... very c'ritics ths seso I r
Bf Kto-4, hslewieelt tweB these two forces. .. learned to cri think," he Z ald, "we've Ted friendly HBroadwayltes who do

Yu a lad who gn pictures of01 ner?" busnaa with ea 'oue are mu.
*_ ______You must fge a_ la ho'Are__oukidding?" was the re- sic puhIlam Eddie a_
found too l 1 'Py. 'She sells more newspapers Harry AngWer... WAi
-_..... ,- T.-hat l..ove 1 1 -aand locked a an Joe McCarthy!"' autr of Me' Is m e n' i

MAKfWERINOS -Den Wo. Wed )w W 10to
S. Kravitt of New Haven over- uthe lead a his. MsOw. f
Street Senery: .Joe DiMagMg heard a Britisher's opin1o oI an towne, GeIN. s C s W" to a U
S- never witnessed hi wise, Americn's ia h sa ts r de M athat a. I
Marilyn, make Dove scen iun- 'He'll order whisky ear A ts a \dof a ar:
S .til the other aA.n on strong, pour water in-4to make o it\ U
S^ y I IO I 9 f I V. .xu Aeam when she weak, pu'; in lemon to mate it .-.--r\f
- r *. I I troUe d over a .suay agw: sour, ad im" to mea it -l -l-imr fl 7
S.KR! e JCtayIa r-machine '( n it)'Then Fhe -UameIto- --itI s i- a
REDdrpWe stood withe(on~ the edge1 and drnks It himself!" ,, l46 10
S /o Iat1/ aI alepavement crowd) asher to"i. &aa-m
n ^ PANshrCA4A 7 -_------f N .
lSA.1. .A.&A(4thenwten'sAdd 8bow-08s: Nur ------
-. -s' on aroundbere?" cashier in N.Y. hospis" o N it. : Ar
n-a,. .a ted ....r vi--- t. mea r iduren ) ... r...o L iimene s tis
,a'19 Km ,w,, 912 KC & .,. i.. s the .ug est City i the Funks aM@ ). i ''
,: __._.. O.n M** .."7... ._
.- ..M... -* *Vo

...... .... .--- ....----.--,fo.,I--

.. t '

ji>,fipamc V"n


TIf rApnAnA AmBmuCAl -- ANM ImWmrrlW5S IAi. wr.Bl rAMlI

id eW MA t to do.

- -'T

'.. ;

lto n

iMdl who served with
r me us a irt. lam J
John wa. 'S e7 1 quiet ad
Iest m -. SBt. e was amso
of tie moat capable and et-
*M~aflvfeerap the (Uivisoe.

ndLW V"ing amumn It ws0 wa no o- OffiC ? .
S AI- --= iBnce being back in the
a uit dsody He rmpltly epeaed the in- John has commanded a do
: rtructisUons perfectly. And the ration battamn at the A
ettw.0 and actual presentation came off Infantry School at Ft. Be
S ur tnly jend- Althenut a hitch. O. He put his men through
pl% we It R th Davldw, attractive mother, rious maeuvers and e
0'i1 AIn the Whte rbara, had to squeleh young there for the instruction
David's earlier eagerness to have students in the school.
-- his picture taken. At DBenning, Barbara
lt dIr David was being Not long after Ike's election to John were kfnlted with i
how 1-- accept the the Presidency arrangements old friends whom they
mi. White House sides had been made to get some pie- known from dutyat other
mt.t .4as a major tures of Barbara In her home They occupied the same
* S t e TV camera and several photographers had bedroom t pq quarters
a the m ewpe there It in .room. Bt b assigned to an
gW ---.. .roe Barbara was ready young Their c f entertamest
Wt as a pretty comr- David sneaked through the bridge and hat pg friend
rn for David to kitchen door, went to the ce- for diner
gift he ter of the room, struck a Napo- John, like his dad, has i
drums to eonic pose and announced: ple of favorite recipes he
.Barbara Ann, 5, and '"All right, men, I am ready to to ppare for guests. He's
O 2, and Richard have my picture taken." ty good on the piano and c
# A-~
AJ-ng On Blueblood Ba
:i -*.f L', I..u r .. ,. ^, .

K P INT TNWbN ,d S Th yr.s Major Is
aheat to tara'a ebi eamer am tla1 Fes A beenadag WeicneraL
e ,l~n4to some- heal* l3I~ to at,around a
a~iu the evening weart O, i :bIuse they
I e 'oI htok Be They i ilt pleasant
Cret Servie man around r and OM that
house all the time. The e n chore taken care of by the Pres-
referred to the 88 men as "un- dent of the United States and
cle." And John got in the habit the First Lady of the rand.
o taking them golfing with
him. DOB Fire
John'B golf, inidentally t WINDHAM, N. H. (UP)-
not u to his dad's cosisent, When Bernard Thompson' family
accurate game, He hau't been couldn't find the source of smoke
PgilK too long and ha4 a ten- in their home an alarm was
aey t c wdneua. sounded. Firemen found that a rag
John and Barbara also have a do had short-circuted an eec-
host of friends in Washington, trick wire and was smoudering.

lon -- --l-1 B--

ly ,
iM p * 1'


; vs .-
,: ,

,.bI0ng cockeyed waffle ironu, tb8 pattern wh speially w-asdf
S in Tokyo, Japan. They can race their engines aroumnAte.m M
S 'ax t abreakneck apbteds t itIMa'lidaugerlng the Deutriaml. '.
, .. -

SMlid Gold
Wedding Bands
From $4.95


| Gerald L. Hau
i Emilia de Martinez
O* Santos Rios
Aminta de Hqrtz ,
L. M. Youghn
'*. S Earl Omphroy
Bella Aurora Magali6n


I 6 .' i .1 "
IN 6


1.- ,u'


i +

.. 1.

;ecGs touzOst trade.
%lPO publieity-minded
aul and Queen Frederika
i resulted is a w2 day
tt reunited all but two
TI S crowned and un-
din an dqueens, along
ir children.
ei' Invitation list, Paul
Pderika had merely to run
r dowqm Chapter I of Gotha,
siW -manack of reXa"-
mU aW thos which have
In Enuepe."

I, W* B ds concerned,

. t Wlchell

phone calls ... Why does
imalt id movie news when
Jeovie-new staffer vaca-
.. That new sarkler for

WHILE YOUNGEB BLUEBLOODS watch from apper deck, mem-
bers of the Dote royal family board Agamemnon for erUlse.
that none of its members can take gently came off the ways in Ita-
part in any commercial nter- ly. a a S14-tonner. It can earry
prise. 420 cabin and 00 desk passes
Atthe beginning of the centu- gers.
ry then were 37'famiUes occupy-
ing thrones in Europe. Today The appelatments are haur
there are only nine. Thrown t ous. Lounges apd d Zg rooms
of their respective countries, the are decorated with scenes from
ex-monarchs have found refuge -reek mythology. Eacbh c abi
nla Lisbon, Madrid, Rome Geneva beas the name of a Greek s-
or Alexandria, we' t jy live ln. There is a sw ing pool
like any other citizen. The only inatrels mosaic, a solarium,
thing that remains ato, other past a bar, a hbdrsaM 's salon and a

o nly small bils." ed as M
STdd's counsel to her iamge the Agamee, naS't voy-
n not D t fects of IlH a a4,
a .st t au larft.e -flt-';,, nt included tChe
I- -.dean and ythe = ,e member
~ pto batPru:."Marm of the P.prr, veneble. Pn
Uin i!Seh btter hba. s in George Greeae and IrI..,
.tmn hlove scenes."' year-id daughter of Frederikav.
*ls uermarried fevers ne. Tbhe was the. Grand Duchess
e eir next kin is IiB o with .er family.
W.- r -* eto' y.Frerlya';a

.*Ms tftd bow ebrah luPds In eem rd* in
i hepaW as been ta hing Lt.
IMameLan .M n st changed

da with

mv 5L


Protoeel sad eeo r
were abolished by King
was full evening dress.
however, were discreet
ed not to wear bikinis
to go ashore in shorts.
To' avoid al Bard




17 e-S .. i cy... ..
4- 4; K ___




David Voltz

Julia 5+Beytia ,.

ry^ aiy aty

SM Helr

And you can + you' ngos idI. .# EI

TA Tl Ji vSt.r *j.- <
Remlember ol.ia eoperffie iRw N WI

you. Smar s pers follow ar f.

p ~. .1k-

Quaitry Luw yjC9i-mrti Beairi

- I

. .

, = ,.* ... *^ V ^ ; lir. ',-". +
'.* ** ? ". '. -',^ ." *l -',", .
^*^^^ JaS~atti'*'*' k-le.

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V 1,^ ? : ; f
^ .,.- .. ^ -
I -kiwi,

- a


f V..... ..

"tfH^. b$,

... ,..-. ...

'^'*^^*k tf'l S" S

THE RECORI41HOP: There are roughly ix ,a what s&c made
two interesting rw series of class, bef gs Mean a Lot."
teal musie--ltth the symphonies ,tue Ut san an awful lot to
interlaced with commentary and her. *"
First there's the Book-ot-the- -
Month Club's IMsicAppreciation
]ggards." 0 s hasee mustsie DICK'S FCM Como'I
-- te first has London Sym. "PapI a eot Maibo* (RCA)
bony playing Beethoven's Fifth should be a big one for him. Other
Bymphony-w th a thorough analy. good ones: "Sisters" (Resemary
sis on the other. Thomas Seber. d Betty Clooney, (Columbia);
man does the analyzing, and it's "El Coco" (The Hi tOs,
s interesting, although fairly Mercury); "The Son That Brok
technical, discussion. You have to My Heart" (Ginny Gion,MGM)
have some prior knowledge of mu- "lory, Glory" (H a Thomas,
Sie to understand it. Tre n); "Lov s Gamble" (Von.
o.Th other new series is Rem- e al te, Capitol) "Waterfall"f
o's "Music Plus" series-mu. (Leo Dlamowl, RCA) "Madonna,
Dlus commentary by the Madonna" T y BennettColum
S cmm1ntM Sigmund Spset bia);, #4 pty.Bump" avidd
*ere the word re placed on sep- Ca r cury).
ate bands, eowig each piece.
onere are sevo al music-plus comr. De 's2W anniversary is eel.
1 aries on each record., ebra with Qf fle albums
cap of eo0 r, tby thb gea
his story is a definite contra. Bing a y almaIn. Amon th
actionn of the legend of Samson, oths fine series of k-
ho lost his strength when his ground, Id music by Van n T
hair was cut. In the se of the an iestra; Jerry a' STUBBORN MAMA-"Ralph." a tour-year-old jenny pule, 1
C g ot i n. "M the experts scratching their heads after giving birth to a colt e
soud mseeat t g's "H onI ingtheOld a farm near Elgin, IU. Veterinarians 'ay such a birfh is '4
top of the heap Songs," an ood albums featuring rarest of animal world occurrences, because mules, being iybridi
guitarit.n Segovia and'Bob are usually sterile. The odds against such a birth are 10,000 to one
Along about tils time last year, Cr "i(nob Cats. Here, the black colt is watched over by his phenomenal moths
the fouer boys who comprise the ....... ..._-_
Crew-Cuts were singing around On the classics, RCA-Victor's ox-
Montreal, biDed as the Canadairs. quite' taste in packaging contain. I
Far from having their hair clipped ues with two fine new offerings
Im a crew clfree, they slorWte both featuring Arturo Toe
long hair-d fe typpreferred and th symphony. Onep on
by the younger- d hairer-HoI- whlc tie maestro does Schubert's
n fe tAh.eswere In nGreat White Fleet
one! they were in fine
and. re st sitting a hu-
,a eu is be New Orleans Srvice Arrives
Pdrm todo with the anl- h a Critobal
Wedded i new namee lovwith a gold' 8.8."AlGEsRORG" ..... Sept.31
1ghtl e.' in l e, naturally .8 m ou A" .... ............ Sept..
b't very commercial. Some- ma n .tea praena- .S. "BYIfORD" ....... .............,..,....Sept M3
uwesdt d r w-Cuts,' andt ta *8.. "VERAGTUA" ...... --. -.....................Oct. I
ay we all wgnt out and got S.S. "AVN '."---------.----,' .,........Oct. 11
e11-I. ..." .-. ... .
FPrm then on, history. Mercury *Handing RefrigerateO Chilled and General Cargo
Records signed them, and the*r)
rewards, like "1i.Boom," and the ..
current "Oop Shoop," are big sell- New York Service Arrives
" ."'w They have continued to get New York_ e ce Arriv
the/r hair crowed every otder Cristobal

problem. of cor is what 8. "METI1APAN ......... Sept.3
.Wil happen If nature I S.S. "SPARTA ..... ..... .......... ....;:,.. ,-. I
iolsse ad one w.ner t.l4 .. 85 .8. "MAJORKA" ....................... ...,..t. L'
b te mmentc-ite aan ases B.S. "FRA BERLANGA" ........................ 1;
SBarrett and say PM are
SPerkins and Man Weekly sailings of twelve asner s .t.L ew
Yqf, New Orleaps, Los Angeles, She Frfndse c

.e. Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
.# isW6e man who York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To Now York ............. ....... .$.240.00
"Well." said the comedian of the To Lop Angeles and Ban Francisco ....$270.00
s ,Brrel "tt, "i welove our h To Seattle ............. ........ 365.00
W611wJll ust call ourselves the .... .i_____________._... .__.
,kr g.deads." I .'
^uwe hope tat by the time TELEPHONES
eat huem," Mauesald, "no- -P
body wi care what our hair looks 1BIO OIANCE-Hlegarde is CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAMA 2.2904 N COLON 20
Zlke. Actually, tiA Crew-Cut name offering something new to
oi com to mea our spirit. rath- viewers of he ias V as su._

mr than our hair style. Our crew
tw r aren't too Imbrtet." i
w (reful boy -that's the way
t son ud-t talk. -1
S y Kae. now commands ia
guest apparonces, that's'

I F vou rpm


-W-W& USYW~f g VgSP.
per-club the daz.
us for

vi*- timey






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"l f 'j

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We Step Bea






Careful New

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jPu T P .
tl fgAT

utt Straights


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Ai*49mhais eJ.



POP Off WUith Bang BT AL UIM L


SF *








wih smAM'dooa, outrW Swas N I. I. wimeA '
A N OW ," pa".
.' Iar llm W glp "~a I .
.^^ {{nWL~ff S 3 AljyTfle~ft /i fl&reIBTHTIBt


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, pJ%;VALL
men mew

nil ni

ih04 iie

rDecd.;es Wfin

L? 5O37, ^Aw


S. 134, anama

.~ s. d4- ... .l.
4"; ow i. P '2407 0w 2 0741 ".9,00 wa 10


ACKL frn m Burr cane Newcomers Clb ers Club and guests who enjoyed
tsk a slap at a- Ameon Ey- Bea. t Trn the boating were Mr. and Mrs.
8 va Bt*e in Mauaehe- Boating was the theme of theHarry Seamn, guests of Capt.
tub Mr and Mrs. wllam day for te members of the New- Parke Mrs. RnitZuidems, guet
aI ; amid their tW su corners Club and their .es.s afM. Edna Wluse; Mrs. Fy-
M t ot to psoet aome 1 W.e4nesd_ Throuh the ct Stemmel. eSst of Mrs. Leona Me-
*tla age. W1 thir eos,a WBI- of Capt. ".Op Parkr and his Larnan; Ms. Delva Westrburg,
J, Jr. (Bee) and Rictard, the boat, the Seahorse, a wonderful est of rs. Telist Rett iert
i y e p a brand day was spent by all sailing in Betty Joh en, guest *i
w 4ha iSnew Terk ands the waters of Panama. The group Mrs. Marie Rice; Mrs. Gladys
sti, up to Hvlle, Mass., left the Cristobal Yacht Club. and Bousoumet, guest of Mrs. Kath-
m 6 e *telm d.sght them. On .roceeded'the entire length of the lee Progler; Mrs. Louise John-
imbd red, wit SIeM at the ChagIrs River. They stopped by' 2 Mrs. Elav Woodruff, and Mrs.
S. wkkch the bank of the river and enjoyed 1j bel Tryunr.'
muthe I th n lyr, Any ewwe.mer to the Atlantiq
Ins-e-Bilns 4 driving eotrto s a1sdeWofthe VCTZme who has arrived
t- -L e an to rU farrwesla tn the ast
"mutate i ailey.wl te ar. Cl ub Is oaked to cell Mrs.
0e knot.Dee winl y to !U IINsi Ve 'elLouise J ttl. 3-3M or Mrs.
n. nd 'the family will are Edna nWilsonoE V
iK 4 Zone In a few kwee. x -d
W-A d 1. h Bewnskaled ,Beota
W Nursery iool Openl..:g Soon I. iaiaonslraed BeB
Margarita WASHINGTON.Sept. 20 (UP Beta Chapter f Beta Sigma
S Jack and Jill Nursery Th world laet plasticPhi was to hold a bake sale
'Ite youngsters of from thr.veawel da shallow draft cargo day at 3:00 p.m. at the Margari-
ears wf ropn on Oct. i oraft that can be easily trans- ta post office. The public i idvit-
am. rs. ei Place. Mar- ported oyerland, will be demon-; ah d
pI, h jitrated fbrmllltary. offlolals and -
S of the school state that industrialists at Fort Eustis, Va,.
fer is cool, spacious and 'next Friday. U
.n.lndsiiheqinod with col-h IdlsH ellI I
.r m nn sa a uo lies. i The boat. weighing o F 10 b
entws whin. Ato enroAiltheir tons, was built by the plastics o
tn -may ra a Mrs. L. H. division of the Englander Com- \hl
P 3-202lf Mrs. J. E. Erik. E. Erik. pany. Inc.. Baltimore, for. the
5-2B Uor vista" the nursery in 'Army- TransportatlQn Research
after Sept. 25. land Development command.
.r -- Englander said the 51-foot Scottish Ladles l o ial
.i-Frm_ Vacation vessel can carry a maximum of club To Meet Tomorrow
i dr. nds Mrs. Antonio Arias ,five tons of dry cargo in a hold The Scottish Ladies Social Club
re turnedd from a vacation 20 feet long and 9 feet, 9 Inches will hold a bingo party tomor-
HwropCafornia and Hawaii. de. row night, folwin Its regular
S Do n oi--n meeting, whl eg at 7 p.
S lve Dinner The company said the boat Is bers are u urged to bring a
. and Mrs. WilliSamnBoyden- designed to be shipped In sec f ale guest to the meeting.
waned recently at their Golf tons and "easily assembled .ilMembers and guests will receive
fgts home with a dinner for the water without special know- surprise gifts at the bino party.
lS group of friends, edge. the use of special tools or, u g __. .
a equipment." NARCE Ancon Chapter
Sat oco olo Meets On Wednesday
M or officers at Coco Solo Each of the vessels' 15 sections The Ancon Chapter No. 18,
B 60 Satu"ay" evening at can be shipped by air, rail or National Association of Retired
b with a cosktl dance truck, It said. .d Civil Employes, will hold an Im-
e 200 guests. The vessel, especially adapted rtant meeting Wednesday at
I., .. for use In shallow inland wa rs, ?Y30 pnm. at the Pacific Service
Be n is powered by two 165-horsepow- center
SBtnhhy an dor diesel-engines and can push "
were onb ond a f iet f. non-lwered. baq rNed de V. Bill, NARCE field
part- to 1 llaent retli the preaslentsof

reset. se fundsfo

Mrs. Al B Pern O 'O S Suit he dftor .Freedom als
theof Athe Su" Wednesdars
epaisegers off the Ruahine Wins quit jta Femenina
ng with ocal friends. LEXINGTON, Ky. (UP) The Junta Femenina de Bene-
- G_ .. ,.. ,-. I Clayton Eversole borrowed a blue ficencia will hold Its regular

n I



Mad4. In ,1w Zealand by


Thk lovly peodM nedko'an be yours for only
two empty 8ATINA borns and 20 enta. Take ad-
vantage of this offer today!
SATINA is the product that makes your ironing
easier... ive new life to your clothes. One little
squaSe OatBATINA added to your hot starch makes
your wk a pleasure. Te iron glided smoothly
...never W ic...garments do not wrinkle... they
nMin frant.
Buy SATINA today! Make this splendid neck-

0006ot yr Mdelace by going personally to:COO

C. O. MASON, S. A.
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- .

They discuss other problems
too: British shipments to Red
China, the U. 5. tp~ff on British
bicycles. the -divor6 rate amosg
the British brides of GIs. f f
If better understalading doesWt
come of it, it won't be Lord leat-
erbrook's fault, for he has thrown
all of his energy and zest into
improving Anglo-American rela-
It is this drive which has
earned him the nickname af
"Eager Beaver." .'
The Beaver started life as just
plain Max Altken selling news.
papers on a street corner of New
runswick, Canada, where he
was born. He was too poor to
finish high school, but when he
arrived in England at the age of
30 he was a millionaire.
By the time he was 40 he had
been a member of Parliament a
knight, a baronet a .baron and a
British cabinet minister.
Britons remember him best as
wartime Minister of Aircraft Pro-
duction, when he bullied factories
into producing the planes that
won the Battle of Britain.
But the Beaver'smos spectacu-
lar success was in parlayinga
50,0n lnta Iv estment in the
Daily Ex4 s n to ownership of
a newspaper with the world's see-
dnd largest circulation.
Today, at 75, Beaverbrook can
run erieles" around most of his
staff,. His working day starts at
8 a.m., wh* l be tens to a di
gisit il t morning's -newr oveio
a loudspeaker telephone while
having. hiMr bath.
.By 9 a.m. he i s through on the
phone to hb editor to dictate the
line of the day's editorial. He is
through again three or four times i
before lunch with items: bits forI
the, gOssip columns, important',
scoops, pats on the back. ,'
The Beaver once remarWke
that he owed everything to oat-!
meal porridge, which gave him
strength, and to Scotch Calvinism,
which gave him courage. Certain-
ly he i fond of quoting the Bible.
O u oe occasion, an edi t o r
guilty of a lapse of vigilance was
told "Henceforth let your motto
be Isaiah 21, verse 8." The har-
eased editor looked it up. It said:
"I atald continually in the watch.
tower i5 the daytime."
A s a special treat, the Beaver
will call in an editor who has
produced a good newspaper and
read the whole of the Scottish
minister's farewell sermon from
John Gait's Annals of the Parish.

School KIDS, Teen-
agers and Grown-ups
Build Inside
your home.
-Sp cii Sale Of
ria0AionaAl Osmes.

- .

MAT;V ssrrmMR M, IM'

lHall, it repd

reatsof the begl Ciub of elevenSt

yeif 1 oeftl nuae. fellowship
mmk tie Wted couples of
the church ...
prior to 1M5 thire wua held t
man"y metng of bachelors,
with the Very Rev. Raymond T.
Ferri as ahe leader. However,
tha club.wau.confronted with a
problem when, in the middle of.
6 Da erris. was married.
Imo ot ilmedately the club
wa converted to a couple's club,
with five.ooapla present at the
fint meeting. Since that time
the meber p has prgreve-
ly increosd l thW number
now ode hundredd mar.
ried couplqpe who meet monthly.
During tMelsl years the Tower
Club has had as its main pur-
PMp ovldn uldance, care
ind financial asstance to the
iellsa Vista Children's Home. and
promoting the solidarity of the
At Christmas time each year
the cluB plays fanta Claus to
the forty girls at Blla Vista
Children's Home and plays a
very native part in the annual
Bpriln Festival of St. Luke's Ca-

FBI Agent
Can Be Costly
ST. LOUIS (UP) John J .
David, fired from his job as an
InsurAnce salesman, was too eager
to find out f he was edible for
relhiring. It cost him $l,%,.
After being sacked last June
David called his old firm, General
Insurance Co. Of America, end
I Identiid hh as an FBI agent
He asked te personnel manager.
Russell Jatk, w h o recognized
Itavld's voice. If John J. David
was eligible for rehiring.
I Appearln in federal court,
Dav-d p ded guilty'to Imperson.
ating U an FBI man and was fined
S,61 by Judge Roy W. Harper.

Genefrl Store
MEMPHIS. Tenn.-(UP) You
tan get a wide variety of things
at one store here which displays
this. sign: "Worms-Cockroaches

ii e CARD

Under Beaverbrook's goblin e04.
American airjnen in suntans and
Britons in tweeds gather each
week in halls, like the Corn Ex-
change in Bury St. Edmunds, to
discuss such questions as:
"Are the British reserved, or
are they just plain snobs? And,
ithe Americans-are they a
loud-mouths? Must they alw
brag about,, how much bettf
things are in God's Own Cou
4 prj9 "

be 3l aBnalihtyr of the independes of Chile wa
'Sa..OWNe g wI a al _.recepties at the
a i l aedr E e Lagrese ad. Mr..
.,- tIIshe v Ml satr of GOvernmment and Juatie
.-. 'alm S w-as desertei by Ambamsador Lagease
-S~lSSNow Rag

their lunch amid the beautiful d.pi
tare of Pnamea's nature ,
The weather was ,fZcL..toe
water was perfect- so a h i
and eareftl ~re returned, slg-
ing Nos very bapy for a pleas-
a*t My Ant u s to say, re-
itatltUa"ve-Capt. Parker ad
mg Peahemr when they arrived
at the Yacht Club.
AA -M a 6 n ffs 31.~

.- -- --- iJ Ir

Mrs. C. R. Taht was hostess nailhead-striped suit for his trial meeting tomorrow night at 7:30!
Sa irday at i luncheon at the Ti-. because be had a theory. in the Pacific Clubhouse.
vdi, Guest b4use honoring Mrsi Eversole reasoned that since
V -. who i-leav;-s. oolonSherrid Wolfe, who wore the suit AltarRe-ary Soeiety
iowa who two days, before, was convicted, Of Sacred art Meets Tmoerow
he would be freed. It worked. The Altar-Rosary Society of
Miss W, Feted IEversolc, charged with assault Sacred Heart Chapel will hold
I ss Marrie Lewis entertain- with intent to rob, was acquitted. their monthly meeting tomorrow
ed. Saturday at Tivoll Guest The suit belonged to Fraitis at 7:30 p.m.
Housr with i luncheon honoring McNeeley, awaiting trial for for.
her daughter Miss Dorothy gery. The three men were prison- A. su l hour will follow the
ring~ ers in the same cell block. b i*al houmeeting. Co-hotsses
for the evening will be Mrs. Dale
.. ,,, ..___. M-er*wther and Mrs Maria de la

S Notie la hereby given that the Motor Tank Ves-
I sef sA aRINA. a vessel flying the Pamanlan flag, Reg-
I stry 'No. "7597, hOme port, Pamaa R. P., a twin-
screw ship of 7,831 'gross registered "tonnage and net
tonnage of 0.046. with an overall length of 464 feet,
Built at Mobile. Alabama, in 1941, will be sold at pub-
Slic auction, under order of the United States District
Court for the District of the Canal Zone, on the 28th
S day of Septeber, 1954, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,

Sti A/B and Wl
lAtak vessel AR
; Navegaculon Anni
SHypethecaire Su
I++ .-+P

Deobay IstalUation
Tomorrow Eveaing
An open installation of officers
Sof -Atlantc Chaeptr, Order of the
eMol, will b held tomorrow
at 7:0p.m., at the Cristobal Ma-
sonic Temple, at which time John
Albright will be installed as mas-
ter councillor. Leslie W. Croft,
I Jr., retiring master councilor, wil
bI n the installing officer

Stats District Court, Ancon, Canal ----
a decree dated September 20. 1954 in Rev. Milton A. Cookson will be
led, 1ederiaktierbolaget (Hans von Ret- thers s"nakrf
h. Renson 0/Y) as owner of the motor h s s e o Ch W
UBA, Libelant, against Cmpafa de and Johnt Thomas, P..., wl
Se Puer L Navigation, SA., as ter- of Rainbow for Grls'l t
..... aas escorts as the new officers cn-
n, Canal Zone, September 20, 1954. ter the chapter room for their in.
Pnroctor for ibelant. 'An invitation Is extended to all
rosCTH L KbeAW ID DeMo ., boys, Rainbow girls, Ma-
United Stes MarshaL sons, and interested friends
Lte to b s" e e lowing the install.
nation there will be an informal
dance and refreshments will be
served in the banquet hall.
Robert Cde Spaks
u Ifil M 9 lwTiug Eveiniag
mai ammri l MIM SB To Alantice Camera Club
l~ul UI[kT U ll UAt a movie division program
IME nU ln F RU VW planned for 7:30 p.m. by the At.
^ *w -,* 9 mI a=ti Camera Club, Robert Cole
will talk oa the titling of movies,
J c m M ua A hieUM rFuId and will also demonstrate the use
of his titling machine. A film of
Moesana cools, eases heat rash, the Jet air show at Arook will
... .... ,___ k_ ,hlbe shown and Julia McKenzie
prickly bet and diaper rash. Bp wil show titles from thlast meet
Amylum base is super-soothing to ing. If PSA color slid4 arrive
baby's tender skin. Medicated i di- time they will also shown.
eats cling close, form protective shield PFaralse Chapter-CIO
Somte ha. g. Grand M tCh aerof GCZOC.
for all the family's minor C, Local wilI hold its regu-
nreal arete'o foot itch. a I othly meeting at the Purai-
a so Serviee Center Auditoriam oR
aThe execp ve board report of
na dg io t last Saturda will be given along
Sdi it, ith other Items of Impoertance.
P Matterser tanigto both em-

-- I "+ A 's-m. v
Sloyes of the Ar mbmed Fo ers and
[a the Bell VIta Cbiliren's Homea
ifin Panaman's Club will be d eldt
Aim a the t:3' a.m. at tbers
cl committee of the Inter-American

Shme itGrs. E. G.Abbot, 5W
I Prule"s Diz 16"b eilt'I

~j- --

-.~~~~~~~ 2-.~~.C.~ .--r .C- ~T ~i -~ ~~ -------



Beautiful Chrome.4

in dinette sets

.* -.* .. .4!'. *

t ;

From $99.00 Set

Club $2.50 -.



21' E.ST.p- 0 OS.2-183 0
L 1833,.


Ja ut the rAup -

V. feIie



"~ 4.~

4' 5

- ; Heln CreamofToBstoSopU.
-s hsh all that old-fashioned,'
wholesome e- vry
ogelova MadewtMtesp'
^H" cialeftanyou uM"Syour own

as a i it~sf. Fbd with the ricflavo of

tion, Hein Tomato' wp s th key t6heoutl-m
tempting recipe.
Td pipau hot.-or da btly chilled. It's won-
d-U '







-"A* U,



. .I


"EAGER BEAVER" BEAVERBROOK: At 75, he can run elreles
around most of his staff. Here he sits In the press seetion at a
rally for Eisenhowerfbr President during his 1952 visit to the U.S.
NEA Special Correspondent
LONDON, Sept. 20 (NEA) Are," he is said to have remarked,
Lord Beaverbrook, Britain's im- "but Washington-I thought that
pish press baron has decided that ihe died In bed."
Britain needs America and has Now, 142 years later. Lord
set out to put things right. Beaverbrook finds that relations
haven't improved much. The
Reminded recently that t he British and the Americans may
British had burned Washington in not be firing each other's capi-
1812. his lordship was horrfied. tals, but effigies of Eisenhower
"I knew that we burned Joan of and Churchill are burned sym.
bolically in private.
With the backing of the Beaver-
brook Daily Express (circulation
SU U 4.077,835). his lordship is sponsor-
SHr rC D l C W I ing Anglo American Stud
Groups, where the t(vo can tal
S N..ow. V ...r. it over.




- '- W :^-..



* f OS N

'v ... .

I -

terBCUDP7 0-0 e, isl
T E jul. AV & j MI
teawapu Ave. And 33GL
i "- 155IN- IA C4"UiU-,

: Ca"rAve. IWf
V'RM -L 4"M0


I I~ WM *5~~

Ho.old Atonm*roi bt
S L r g a refrigerator, FOR SALE "47 OTIsmo6fIl 4-dr.
cel Inside and outi 90(, con- HyddrornGtic 8new. Air. Cl
I ble bed bleached tma- M aod6ws, Gulick 88 3
n Call 2- FOR SALI:- Used cars, low prices.
Coldspot refrgerotor, PANAMA AU S;A., JM Fn-
-c ,excellent mechanical con- cisea de Ie Ose Avenue. Nq. 45.
i,. 5.,Sgt. Allen 85-2128. FOR SXLE:-'51 Packard Mdan, 4-
SA Watnhuse rfrir- dr., black. Ultramaticdrive, $1150.
t r77ipm siz e, House. 0767;A, Ph-e- Cwmundu 2208.
-- FOR ;SALEi -eaving country, 1951
S SALE| Packard, 7 y paid, radio, GOOD-
RICH tu ss tires,?.,fe mechoni-
,. cal' condd c F. I.A A Y CIA.,
e -Es e No. A ida JusArosemena.
$200L down. $50 '
th lovely" two-bedroom chol- -
.:. Even nve r ....
8th.treet No. 44, Lefevre, en- Even n Yve
t ng Cathollc Church. Price
$ i00.PATTfeRSON, 2-2346, 1 ls ,,
A tehue 1r .111 B' ,n'r
FOR .E:-BARGAIN: Corner lot,
63- meters at only $1.75 .meer,i LOOk retty
near Pueblo Nuevo Road, with bus, L -* 7
ligt and water nearby. PATTER-
S 2-2346, 16, "A" Avenue. AKRO',,.O., -- P) The
"OR -' LE--Only $1000 down, $50 lowly conveyor belt has left its
monthly, three-bedroom house, Le- drab original state aUd, blossomed
fem 400-meterot.. price $7500. out. I ,I "I
P E,RSON, 2.2246, "A'" Ave- n ,,. .
nue, 16. One ru__._ ._._ (p, i.Fa
F SALE: Los'-C-mbres, choice Goodrich) is making the belts to
level lot,'910nte i1 90 --Pon*am nr.olor, specification desired.
2-0083,. .
tSlbee belts already have
be.d tat or resistance to heat
|" JARI. m amo ,. grease and every-
y thin(" might damage
f I y t, them, io of color has
ball by ~one .i

~v k(~

written for NEA Service

g Ngp .ggg i

Q 10742 .... K J 9 4
S,.PJ,10v 8

8a ,4 3
SPa NorthS ul

Open0alu leed--4


It's usually a good idea to ruff
,our losing cards with dummy's
terwise useless trumps. Declar
r tried such a plan in today's
and, but it didn't work.
West astutely opened a trump,
reducing from the bidding that tne
kmamy was very short of heats
Oummy won with the ten of
padres, and declarer hastily cash.
i the singleton ace of hearts and
id a diamond towards hi. king i,
M hope of ruffing a heart wit
jimmy's remaining trump.
This plan had no real chance of

trto establish du4fs seh


Agbedas lutalgabWde f lblidoneas' VMACIA ETAD0 CDIDO
aque Ltetvro 7 Str*Mn
1SO Central Av.* **oOiA .Ht


209 Central Avenue
Beside Capitolio Theater. Tel. 2-3479

ACCOUNTING & Bookkeping serv
ice. Graduate of La Salle Extension.
Box 1782, Bolboa, C.Z.

Well established firm of Scotch Whis-
ky Blenders and Exporters ore now*in
the position to extend their export
sales in Panamo and will welcome in-
quiries for distribution of their well
known brands from reputed agents,
free to undertake their.ogency for
Scotch Whisky, and Gin. PUBLISHING
Strand, London, W.C. 2, England.

Sealed bids, for opening in public, will
be received until 10:30 a.m., October
5, 1954, in the office of Superintend-
ent of Storehouses, Balboa, for boiler.
diesel engine, meat slicing and food
chopping machines, tractor, winches,
cash registers and vehicles located at
Section "1," Balboa Storehouse, tele-
phone 2-2720; vehicles located at
Cristobal Storehouse, telephone 3-
1265; lathe, planner and jointer and
bond saw located at Mt. Hope Com-
nissary, telephone 3-2650 or 3-2612.
Invitation No. 119 may be obtained
from the above sources, or from of-
fice of Superinftedent of Storehouses,
telephone 2-1815. ;: '

WIUI u eue Mi"iunumuiu ,
--o- 0-
WASHINGTON,'Wept. 20 (UPI so-called' Wtckpr imAnded ."
-The Deocratic National Comr- U B4w e
-i tte today armed the party's IoI B |ia Dixon-Y tes
| a ates with fr B'rpage "fact atohtzm t andl1.
^ok" cra wr ,a the '.
ammunniton. needed" to wrest ttenip o va small oup
control of Congress from the Of stockfmen "virtual ownership"
GOOP in November. of public grazing lands and had
The tone of the booklet, which defeated the "timberlands ex-
lambasts the Republican record change bill."
of the last tno eaa on 26 ma- I "But for the Democrats," it
jor issues I I with for- *1id, "the atomic energy bill.
mer Presiden, Truman's recent would have been the biggest
"Give 'em he', lero aDe give-away of all."
ocratic meetnIg I ln5aaplis. It urged the election of a Dem-
Some ofhe eubleet. d=sc ed ocratic Congress to give the ad-
and their subheadings: I ministration "greater freedom of
PVarm: qlMW MJN, ., promises action" in forein policy, It said
while,, Benson'breaks the farm-,President Elsenhower "no long-
ier." !" _..VN.d t Ler^0uld have tp wrestle eitherF
Taxes: t helpwthth Old Quard" or the "po-
th I Orator. .the at to
FI Fthe Old- le aed

SoalgU that four adminlstr-
joy." 8.eveme eh i.46 1 o recurl-

Trade:s eent w s kunemploy-
watch are b 1a." insurhhea eely were
In a letter the e tension oi .0c-orii-
Ih al ? ".'a -a e en., expanded.
Told thO p 'aTao dit not been for
IDemocratic candldato speaker GOP oppltion." ,I
need resort t wiu"'wIt accu listed three Items as "only
tons, distortions and exaggera- Partial victories for Ike" and
tons to which we have tsald the actrially "amount to
"accustomed during the t efea4taor the people." They
f years of Republicn oa tion." were:
He advised th t .to 1. Trade: "Ike surrendered to
S"the issues an he r ,d'bf Old Guard protectionists, gave
- the Republican rty Dem- t'P his three-year tariff lowering
ocrate inss er the program, settled for a one-year.
past two YOU. "no progress' extension of the
The booklet said a leocra- present law."
tic Congress o ffrs the best 2. HOusing: "GOP die-hards
chance of enacting President gutted the public housing section
Eisenhower's trade and public gave only 35,000 of the 140,000
housing program and of staving units, asked by Ike and the GOP
off another .atte alptto pass the bill makes almost no provisions
--------------... or middle-income families"
3. St. Lawrence Seaway: ';This
looked for a campaign that had bill was final enacted ,ri hari-
f some chance of being successful. y abecu sefllh.admintratio
far. t ha. v~ to chose to d the the contra-
r As 40..a..ll -La Versi nl laue of how- the power
Souh 'f features o r the project should be
a o ce lopd and or whose bene-
Striandcks" lu ge -te V-. .
tricks, en"i im,. mana 4n-J ',__,____"_", _.

Tm pan es t .e"
first club trick with his ace After sinning the first trick in
Slremptl s shifted to hearts. the dummy with thqten of spades,
Two ear cks. were easily o clearer should leM 4 e king of
atetad, so that the debnders S4 dabsfat once qeflfgs can'the
total of four tricks to t e ubsh atace. N oIE t
eenltract. trickssand he i one f iU-eeed
It should have been vious to in making 11. "
declare that he defenders were South can surely get back to!
to stick to their defense of dummy with the of hearts to
xtri mPs in order to prox. discard a oise ff the queen
"V a a lng hearsIa of clubs. He wIMr lo-t
Vo uda tl ans most one
*~i .club


- '

coW C SC- ?'-: ".
., ;

GRAMUCH' Santa Cla'd1wi Cot-
toges, modern convenience mod-
erote rates. Phone 6-441 or 4-567.

011"-. Oceanside cottages, Sa
Clar. Box 435 Blboo. Phone
Panoma 3-1877. Cristobol 3-1673.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach Cot-
tages-rockgos, refrigeration, two-
bedroom. Phone Balboa 3059.
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, ons mile pst
Santo Clara. Low rates.- PhIbMne
Balboa 2-1866.


FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom cholet in
Bella Vista. Phone 3-1713.
FOR RENT: Three-bedroom chalet
with maicj's quarters, diningeliving
room and porch. 42th Street No.
121. Paitilla, Airport Rood."


ATTENTION G. I. Just built modem
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details call
Zubieta: 3-1802. 3-3337.
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment, 2 baths, maid's room, go-
rage. Bella Vista, 44th Street No.
32, Apt. 4. Phpne 3-0815.
FOR RENT: Modern apartment, in
El Cangrejo, 2 bedrooms connecting
both, porch, living and dining
rooms, spacious kitchen, maid's and
laundry room with hot water sys-
tem. For further particulaors please
call Panama 3-4946 from 8 a.m.
to 6 p.m.
FOR RENT:-- Nicely furnished two-
bedroom modern apartment, six
closets. 46th Street No. 42. Call

FOR RENT:- Apartment. unfurnish-
ed, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, maid's
room, parlor, dining room, porch,
garage. $105, at "El Congrejo" No.
"G" Street. See De Castro: No.
24. "B" Avenue. Phone 2-1616,
Panama. nam
FOR. RENT:-,Apartent, urnfumish-
e0, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths,. maid's
room, parlor, dining room, porch.
garage, $100,$100, at No. 23, N. Obor-
rio Street, Bello Vista. See De Cos-
tro, No. 24, "B" Avenue. Phone
2-1616. Panama.
FOR RENT: Unfurnished opart-
ments, 2 bedrooms. 2 boths. parlor,
dining room, parch, facing front
street, $90; olso oportment, I bed-
room, parlor, dining room, '$60. at
No. 20, Via Espoaa. See De Castro,
No. 24, "B" Avenue. Phone 2-
1616, Panama. -'

FOR RENT:-New modern apartment,
two bedrooms with maid's room, at
Ricardo Arias Street No. 11., Cam-
po Alegre (bock of the Raymond
Clinic).. Information: Phone 2-.
2197, Mr. Taquis, or in the some
building, Apartment 1.
FOR RENT:-For couple, cool oport-
ment, two bedrooms, dining-living
room, garage. Call 3-3393.
FOR RENT:-Cool 2-bedroom apart-
ment in 47th Street No. 14, with
garage, maid's room, hot water, etc.
Phone 3-0373 or' 2-1248.
FOR RENT:-Modern apartment, two
bedrooms,' maid's room with both.
Via Argentina No. 55, "El Cangre-
jo." Phone 3-3164.
FOR RENT:-Large 2-bedroom fur-
nished apartment, hot water. Tivoli
Avenue. Panama 2-0170.

FOR RENT: Furnished room wth
private bath, Compo Alegre. One or
two persons. Meals ovailbble. Call
FOR RENT:-Furnished bedroom for
couple. 1st Street, Perejil, No. 10,
Apartment 6.

Boats & Motors

like new, $265. Phone Novy 3 119.
FOR SALE:-1953.15-hp. Evinrude,


33% Off

until old out; a stbed
saaortment of
Bell & Howell

8 and 16 nunmm.

st equipment in the
world, American made.

Plaa 6 do Mayo
Lay Away Fir Xmas


A1k ywr Deakitrlw

the Now.Weldwood Olue
livp 0o-.s"

for Home or Industry
Sets in Minutes
Bonds like Magic
Packed in Handy Tubes
Ready to Use ,on
Wood, Paper, Cloth

Geo. F. Novey, Inc.
Central Ave. 79
TeL 3$414

Learn Balroomm Dancing
at El Paanaa Hotel
Studio. We will be
eloed from Aug. M2,
to Oct. 11.
will brain back the
latest eps
In Paso Doble, Miembo, Gsa-
racha and that lew dance
Ch Cha Cha.

E. A. t LAC
"(Pale Graduates)
-12 and'2 -pSm.
Saturday; 1 noon.
T5 Per) Ave-ne6 TeL 3-iM8
E- black from&= Tbatrei

Packers, Shippers,
Tels.: 3-2562 f 2-2451

We Pnt an kinds *f ept shtsu
and Deaf, tlan.
Color. nL
Excellent Mimegraph Work!
1f St. East, N* 6 Tel. 2-417

W a ic 0 a f
Sphonographs at
records and
-u-* 'm pre-corded tape.

Robert Cohen Cops

Bantamweight Title

Over Songklfral
BANGKOK, Thailand, Sept. 20
UP) France's Robert "T'he
RUthless" Cohen won the world's
vacant bantamweight boxing tl-
tle here yesterday by pounding
out a hard earned 15-round
split decision over Thallander
Chamroen Songkitrat.
Referee Teddy Waltham of
England scored 73%4 points for
the punch-throwing Frenchman
and 70% .for Songkitrat. Nat
Flelscher, editor and publisher
of "Ring" magazine, boxing's
"Bible," awarded Cohen 73% a-
gainst Sengkitrat's 72% that
judge Chua Chaksurak disa-
greed by giving the Thailand
police officer 72 and Cohen 711/2.
The United Press score card,
on a round award basis, put the
Frenchman ahead at the end 7-

Hot Ice
NEW LONDON, Conn..-(UP)-
Investigating reports that smoke
was coming from a rairoad box-
car.' firemen found it was vapor
from dry ice used for refrigeration.


We marantee *tar prel arMe
at least U% less. than w
their aa4d r aty sI*.
CoM and visit 1 at 1r
OILYstee heem at AU

TU.: 5-1715
(oee a *G pa) o



Via nofta No. 34

sue this stamp us
10th anniversary oftIa MII'-
try of Finance. Ptlstead 0 the
stamp is a "Ship of State" car-
rying figures repret'ngPub'
lic Fortune," *"Financial Ad-
milistratiom, "Vigijaac," an 4


* r .( .. *--

'Sn. iiacoticst5llif~
. .. .. ......
/1FOLLYWObD, Sept. S1 (UP) let Rita m
o-t p,6ie r .1Goge oA. ad Mtmne,' .-
Hort IA all tearrad on a. d .ed
,nareMe rHA today ina TlO TIM d
sene in Whi~chely mOtie star- B f rt -a










"50 CADILAC--"6 4poer-Radio, s/covet, back up lights, hydraeist.
SCe=r light blue.
';'50CADILLAC---"6" 4oor-Radio, hydramatic, aw upholstery, back up
,t, etc. Color two tone blue.
"" CADW'-L'-iP 2soor -Sport Cow, re, si/cmers, hydraumatic etc,
S -.-gfrey.
"51" CAuAc--r4 dor- Coplete equipped, lad a th.Mst b Hmull
S..he ye yeer assW. C.lor gre. -.
"5" CADILLAC-"62" 1-e- Sport Coupe, all .xtras, T e0 fa)ee

: NOW -: 77


-_.. 4a






C. I
American Telephone &. T lI-
graph stock has long eee, se-
nuiea A.# standard lna
investment. Itis9 d mtvliden"rate.
in effect since 1o is regarded
as something of a bxturfkts ap-
proximately 1.3 million, s a ha -
nolders iho own an aveu"w f
28 shares each) are asi numerous
as the stockholders of U. S. Steel,
DuPont, Grenral Motors a0 Gen-
eral electric combined.
Of anl the companies d i ,in
the N. Y. ptock" change, T a
T in 153 paid out the moit lvi-
dends ($3i4 million), and its gbou
revenues ($4.4 billion) were sec-
ond only to those of General Mo-
tors. Despite its relatively righ
price -Icurrently about 170), it is
consistently among the moat ac-
tively trailed issues.
A'R T Is the parent organiza-
tion of the Bell System Which op-
erates 32 percent of the more than
50 million telephone in the U. S.
Since the ena of World War 11,
the Bell System has Installed 2u
million new phones.
In order to finance this expan-
sion, invested capital has been in-
creased from 4.1 billion in 1945
to $10.6 billion as of Dec. 31, 1953.
Less than ten per cent of the
increase emanated from retained
earning, while the balance ac-
crued tram the sale of bonds and
debentures. Sinte a considerable
portion of the debentures has al-
ready been converted into com-
mon stock, debt currently consti-
tutes less than 40 per cent of ca-
Despite AT & T's post-war ex-
pansion and the general prosperi-
Ly of the U.S., per share earnings
have improved only moderately.
The reason is that public regula-
tory bodies have held rate in-
creases since 1940 to 25 per cent,
while he consumers' price i n-
dex (and concurrently the compa-
ny's operating costs) rose by 90
per cent In the same period. There
is, however, e v e r y expectation
that the rate structure will be ad-
justed as required to ensure con-
tinuation of the $9 dividend.
AT & T yields about 5.3 per
eqnt at its present price around
170. Stockholders may also from
time to time be Issued valuable
"rights" to subscribe to converti-
ble debentures. ("Rights" issued
since 1946 have had an aggregate
market value of about $12 a
share.) It is not easy to find a


Is Will Stay
wtIae thw Parge 1)
Sals aid Menp ed-Franem rais-
ed42ho ble conditions in eoont-
havuesaM been w ted ne-
goaan w British foreign sec-
retary Anthony Eden.
Mendes-Frances avee n wost a
giUmpee of his new condition or
rearming the Germans In a
speech at Nevers, France, yes-
terday and premlaed to give the
Council of Europe full detail to-
He also dispatched memoran-
dums to the nations that would
have been Franqse's EDC part-
ners-Italy Germanyo, BeIum,
The Netherlands and e1xembourg
-and to Britain, the United states
and'ad Cnada. These nine nations
will meet in the preliminary show-
down conference oan Germay in
london on S6#t. 2.
MandesFLnsee saMd Sn a d
War II memesral eremony at
never that it would be a pee-
sible to bu an asn edatin of
Western European nations withl
out equal British representation.
"One of the-strongest objections
made to te European Defense
Community was that in order to
bring us closer to Germans,
which we wanted, it separated us
from Britain, which we did not
want," Mendes-France said.
A British foreign office spokes-
man in London said M e n d e a-
France's proposals left "plenty of
room" for negotiations at the
forthcoming nine-nation con f er-
British Prime Minister Wins-
ton Churchill, who studied the
proposals carefully last night, was
reported pleased with Mendes-
France's statement that an under-
standing between France a n d
West Germany is imperative.
Mendes-France also said at Nev-
er that France could not be
ignored because its National Aa-
sembly killed EDC, which had the
full backing of the United States
and Britain.
"It is clear that Western Eu.
rope cannot be organized with-
out the agreement of France,"
Mendes-Franee said. 'Our role
is not one to be requested or
begged for as a mark of favor
or sympathy."
This statement was viel!d as
the premier's answer to ,uiles'
by-passing of Tcance lat. week
a he discdssed a sa

Eirope. goaded I Arican i-
sgatence that .%e.
rearmed speeddy -
1. The East Gerad-'loims
government sedt an elbissary to
West Germany with a new offer
to negotiate in an effort to reu-
nite the divided country.
2. President Tito of Yugoslavia
spoke out for German oe.reign-
ty and limited rearmament,prom-
ised Yugoslav cooperatf6n w.' .
NATO in resisting aggression but
refused to join it because of Ms
growing anti-Communist hue.
3. West German circles w el-
comed the "conciliatory tone" of
Mendes-France's speech and espe-
cially noted his reference to "the
supreme desire for definite recon-
ciliation between France and Ger-

the home."
Hormel was arrested as he step-
ped from his ear and then th of.
fcers entered, tlhe house. t,
isid the remdents of the home
were not involved.
The Investigators said Horme
told them he had shocked mari-
I huana once when he was 18 year
"He said he had some earlier
last night," O'Connor said.
Hormel divorced Mits Caron
last April, explaining "I'm a mu-
sician and ny wife's an actro-R...
our interest were widely differ-
ent." He has been dating M iss
Moreno three or four months.

,, r i l i




i I I1,






I -



-- --

Er i




Mr I


~___~_~ _~~ ~_ ~ _~__ _~_

* t 7

orme who e aet

he lefte a ma -4 '

of mareotlem.
Ramel was released
bout. syebe I lM
a bondai .writ
him to e for arrign
Police 'John E.0
ofwe. ofts

min Morena hadhd
Hormel and wasi asap- a
ing room couch.
"We ,ske. Normal to .".mJI
her" OConener asd, "mandte
told her of the clreumstanses
introduced us to her."
0 "Then she got into the a
O'Connor said. "When we
search her overnLght bag,.
near the coach, she arte
in, slapping and hi
. ready an objecting
O'Grady said Mi'i Morenq
him, "Buster, when
paper you can look ne
"We searched her
found nothing." 'Conno
O'Grady ecomnted
considering seek 1'a bat
complaint against ahe
though she eoiedthe struk
The 20th -Fox
who currently iW wOrkln
film entitled "Untamed,"L
she pays the part o ha mh
denied through, hdr studio
struck the omeer.
"She ,sald she pushed hbi m
he 'grabbed' her purse,' a
man said. '
The studio spokesman
Puerto Rico-6rn m atren wa
ry upset" over thematfer'.
though she was not involved
narcotics charges."
O'Connor said Miss Mo s
not arrested pending eurthI
vestweation. "


- ~ .
-. .A '~-

- ," .. .- ,,. .n *
,. ..... ..



* 'I,.
I' ~

.tr .* i ...
,: : .I ,




1 .* '. "*

Anthonny QuInn. At'-
"?, TUB LONG, .,
.', WAIT*
"F. A .o:10
.... Frw = In

to -xi '

WEI Fe f*Escapes Zoo
: .1 .

wM em. e Anu at t.e o. f ,ebtu
wM "Its M I -

f lis would try tq wiet said be

m car probas b has ale slugi
entrl-..s pe of bad news hto
vere on. n r.

ft xprswere not certain b ofr
I runt he w dtry to go. They sald he
Os can prably has us
if-foot so wont try any long-disance
trips-a plee of news to Jlit-
tery goo segbboers.

,4 Make x

m the ython In-
cV fd one, big
redlisep ftound
l In zOo aethor-

I eython Is
*y a4 hq's too
r wy found
r anyone," said

I The python found the door I of
his cap ajar mand slithered ovtr
a six-fat nce Friday or
I aday morn. An at dat
found th pty cage at
a.m. saturday and zoo vidtos
were shooed ut. More than 100
coen rushed to the wose to
O g those ot eocekned
about ge g e smke back n-
to the pit was owner Harry
Jackson. Jackson's hand Is still
In bad shape from an encounter
I he had with %last July.
Pete, who hbas more teeth-49
-than good manners, npped
his aws en 7ackbon's hand it
k-xemnployes 10 minutes to
wrestle ete to a ai.


Ir 4 ~ I


i6ORtH ?

aiw* Yowr:a Layarr
"An for yenu" will
>asd juto VB se'
tIngathe WWbusoaaeuw
terU. 8. ar the i
made fi in She at
A it fthe i I first
S of Troy," is under I
arm sand she's prsoHlly U
release deals up anddown
aly. The better the deal-th
ter for Hedy- e'11l share i
,Loss the "HIBelen Troy
was a bitter blow -bt W
Bros. got there first in ie w
horse race.
Arti Shaw, in Las Vegas
solo holldayk denies rumors
rift with his dxut wife, Doris
ing. He says SeO's busy wt
work in Hollywood and he
membering for his propose
919 aeeBy get things to re

Foreman i
singing 0

Vie. He's a

at Wayne-
enoug for
rrs LO
Lynn and
Vic. He's
at Wayne,
enough for
land's "AI
leased in
WInd" mI
ning time


Reynolds was wit
it AcIlyAMh'snig
a .ut in mn ie
tot afidelei
, :: uc be frnt
star recently divi

Andy MeLaglen, a
a production exe
.Fellem and hand
r movies. ... Judy
Star Is Born" will
the "Gone With
Irathon league. Tsb

Me, vimatepany
aw apperae te
ap Jungle." ... It'



Boson Student Admits Sy

Of Her Kidnaping Was Phony
V' ,.v- 0 -
SBOTON, pent.0 (WP) of her studies, the bigma"naie
I tty Miss Nancy m ummer of her twin sister ao wnue
nke4. ago, and a recent i while a
** glass today Id i r swarm of bees chased her."
xl chaes all that e wst kI pped Marckind completed -the girl's
bpel ,and dope when hae disaeared story. Bhe told me she got pan-
bean Yul Bryn erwearing band. rom b 4(e Coleg Weds- icky when she saw the head-
- a on b day--Ae wa ond lines t newspaper and e-
's11p; a3n0611d11f Re oe diIn MN am eided to fabricate a story to JUN-
Voma a Kand asc- I saw the tO in a ia ify the alarm over her diap-
tallah- endteat Anels and medley n Portland, (Me.) y pearance" he said.
rs. ordered rry w o. atuday and got when "She hurried back to Bost
ttled ~ I sr er y SrI rel led eve dy on a train but. was st too
fedys n e and ucle" me me," police quoted the at- scared to do anything when she
ak" move bu te aoitl sid ti rctle b co-et who w the arrived Saturlay afternoon so
mwe\ IN o LA TION-NOTn: "Five bjesct of nationwide search she went to movie. .then she
Sbet. i es to Cse" has been re. r her mysterious disappear. ot on one of those shuttle
in the I "ix B to Cros." The dance. tran to Dorcheter and showed
obviously needed another The pper sad I mihIt hav at the garage... he was
' "The paea b per sold I Might bavi wearing the same clothes albs
SMigse bof it e ams across. been kdn, o I tlouht t e
oden ulle all and De A sounded ase"Iues the kid was just un-
.e e al lsan Deal Ama xfre ite ssaidthyme-are Wtar-,s',ic.d
which they can ford to own M mmer, who maJor-, "You ought o see tma t-
of a ... cJoana Dru, LIndon r-e r er while workIng- e. It must wel.h 25 po ,ndel
DO .Jroalnyms rinLo fhe lk ar Iater.'.degare bPhilO, and It's full of nothing but G r-
P Dow rFliyns 'atar In "Te BlAdksophy, td Cambide detective man books," he said.
T rI ban l. e to tape oe ne lBe of Sgt. red MI rflni she bad tah k e
Sis-dialog to e bted w i w th sound en dia pounds" of German books
tack a of E her o.wod I eaIC o b -.,-e makng l-.
d wf i"m l relyer 6es l ,re"i sl to athe Mane Cit "for a f Iew
mIssI- nme" Th li e l hat day i ne-d r an quiet.
I have traveled a pret dirtane. decided upon while she was do n
ar, her wa to the Germanie Mu-
ih Res o fora Doris tay's flat shoseumt Iac I ed It
t n the, Net of "Youfiiat NXear"-- four hectlq days here of search
But so she wonpt tower ver Fr ank and conjedo ure about t her well- 'n
., hBiMtra. br oin ct w, capped by the
n TV Arthur Franz and Beverly Gar- naosr cnM.d byante Ms.Fd i
oreed land were invited by soNe New P luer M e rs. Fe
OD reans society so" to "i' x" -The l ha pycouplew4s reunlt-"
on a day offfroTolum '"Riot -he ule w e
son on P" Sa.i."The croo.r didRa ...... SID ENTh I
l ro nme of the b eat: 'ow Yawl"n P was discovered in a l. Dorches-
oo- TENN s)E ERNS N on CBS tl public garage making a tele-
r. rar- o l phone call.

Ue ...- ----m------r--r hwie rea Ice Miss PummerI

S?, u, wife1 .am 'ralpit and 'MPrgo' kY
, B :.w folnrHarrd ge uare entrats e >
.5.=- ladis dsrh a-hotwne She topped to give ther Coun rair at Pomons, Cawtfh,

in Dublin. Ireland, where U-I is dareotbtis. She added that she pause for a rest before euu-
Wminl.e "Captabi lghtioot." T was "doped or something and log their duties. Sally Ann
Shu eialli Is g on Jeff nd taken to a large house with high cm are is competing for the.
het Anns, whose seven-year-lid dau-h- windows and dark shades.u "Fair Queen" title, while the
wise 1ra iae. L.m wi ll U..,whwo Mr. o and Mrs. Plummer o- ra. a.mb i after a-
I an. plys wl the dUis of te blue. plained the girl's actions were rie in th Uve divson
w bods, weph thne her rent: "probably caused by the strain --. ..
Inoy *I wi a ritle swl"eehe ca t s w o

in Dublinelaned wherPRESIDENT eE
|E Hen Goerdon, owner ofm e travel ite.5yA
Sistke heue, seeve f apost acard M THE ATRE i
from th Furness Bermuda liwe h er. Ave. Pl. Tel. 34H471 ^iae
vbon for a dk local couple. "rhe card ed y ari
wls potmOrked"New Yor y," T O ,0 .D

HOLOK.Nw AT 8:30 P.M. I^
1 C. Bermu ln peTHEGEN.AL AND 2es04




- I

Worth his salt! Same is true when you hire a
e-.d station 1 a muwlhmiion dollar market.

Woexlure tthis a-way. HOoG Is the NUMBER
O -M Wl i stat s in In nama. We have th
Wwst Iatenrs because we do the best selin jb.
on radio.


MYfW S Iei whAW 'I weri
-;~~~~ ~ -. SW N



C. L- Personnel

In considering buying a rub-
ber-foam mattrem, it tI, of
course, very Important to make
quite suru thatit a= made btf
natural rubber and does not
have any synthetc rubber mix-
ed wftl it
Rubatex mattresses are all
100% pure white nastral rub-
ber; tbd that belong s, you can
He on them with the comfort-
able assurance, and the equally
comfortable feeling, that you
ar enjoyrng the use of the very
Mattress obtanabe for
or credit at C l1 A 0es.
8. A.. Cathedral a (round
the corner from F Madur'),
Telephone= 2-04, a.

AL M) iDI tll.. .., J iii :UI
BALOA *6:15. -M:15 ndUT r. *MS. :

0m n&* wae n .
0.. 1w. *bar t. ,9AF m 1 n5AMM


LAI Boc a :i $i
"ANU T6. k .8. WOs vM l .AG


wedefvI CMrdwuentTooth Paste con-
tains lots of Chlorophyll, nature's magic

Mifae. And its pae teibdp ai at

give you a cms bmI -wi wow
adis a ~'td p m odor,
buAt dauisyakG WA. d MI rtaly,

AU-DAT r uTPsmhiaii i gs %fty.
ChID"bl-hoio*ftiWR .,

- w -Wtq' b4b~. *--*



STAY IN.SCHOOL. GIRLS-The advaataoe of nlabng ist l
school is even more marked for girls. The Mna woman
graduates from high' achalo makes consider l rmnatre age
or 21. than the avege eighth grader ever beaches. Above K- ;
chart mhows average Income for women by ge and amqou '
of schooling complete Dta mpedf bye ,. 9. --,l5 A .. -
....- of Lsbpr._____
i iI I~~~e~m* i I I ::. +


*' w0n

RCA'nsw jMta MP

book. _'

Nb. 7 10.' Ave., Col6n


Iesrved TIkts Art "4
At The Thesto-Sox-Officl



'~ .~,
'h~ '~



P -! ~

5.1.4 >4
~ 5~I ~

1 ,4


* ,-a h...,
n4 NI-i

ci. ys


'". .

It's Chlorophyll* Plus that makes




I .

^ *





i c:7


Ima' :

.- 1*.*** .


-'. .

iMwa maGHT

- 4 -,~P


;. -.. .
.. *. ..

....... .

"4,go ,M"ih.

'I -- il i

ver, iuamsd- der;
l, TT"j -"31

Aompton-Hoverson In

I .. Capt. Bert Allen and Fred Meisinler created a
gildsurprise at the Brazos Brook ,untry Club
Sbvimday when they capsized veteran yrank Wlliams
1 'Ifld rookie Eddie Eder by the ubOaatlsl: ore of
isid feand 3 in the semifinals of the Mido Mltitfort
Watch golf tournament.
Slhre combinaMon of Allen's Iru to the to o when they
Ol driving, who hilt& them as defeated _r. vn rier end Joe
4aj5edtb he had Ispeat a lifetime Kenway by a core of 2 and 1.
g 3~land instead .1 the seven however, thy did ave their
Mas together with Melsinger's troubles in tel n batcb mainly
deadly short game was the sto- because. sey did not auplilate
A b 4ftt 4beir success. their flI, ply of the previous
,fwI I'sT team now looms as the rounds.'
F Ul*tb winner over the favored ,
4 i~0asOf liwood Compton and Given fIeak the right
3 WHoverson when they meet time wli thy lost a hole they
in the finals this coming week- should lave won, Prier and Ken-
end. way could have emerged as sur-
*" 1**Compton and Hoverson ran prislnga, all.t.

S.SPOft Note Easy Winer

h nJuan Franco Feature
SSoft Note, usually a poor '.IR
Seatker, yesterday got off to a I-Metth i1.040 3
-lowd -start and,. quickly out- 2-Cheopnlt"I. 20-c
toPted h field, to race to a One-'r i (:ettb-cwepa.
(;u -to-t victory in the fea- nita) .917. _
L tured 30 Claler "B-C" seven VIMers RACt
p,,,jAurleng dash at the Juan Franco l-Juli e 3.40, 2.40, 2.20
,Jpoe rack. .. 2-Naran ao $2.40, 2.20
Na .lucanizado- and Regal BllsS 3--Can eflaa a2.20.
,fterg6mated In a e4ocandn. 171717 POn Ioa (jIaJUe-NaranJaso)
^.b .irnBated in-second and third 144. .L" "'' '
place most of, the distance with 'RAC
.J ~~o mer caltag on In the 1-Pet'teI .0, 2.26
Z to ears;cond money. -- 'm $2.40, 2.20
Ja ulmazo trailed all the way 3-Don ium (0.
*up ith e'a e,.
r --.8 I-RoNe P.10, 3, 2.80

LstAday wa& Copeltlds whleh 2-CaMe h$1.60 ,. .
Irturned 125.80 per win ticket in 3-Persian Cutess 2.20.
the second race. Other mild up- Second diUble: (Roe Hip-
*tfras were TUama ($14.20) and Tilama) $SiM.0.

ti from thes 4 ruiu4 m .- .. -.
iBd sluawkers wI l'e I
with mutuel favorites MINTH RACE
and Don Cuto. The for- 1-The Bouche 17.20. 3. 2.60
Sba l crosed by Tila- a- Meees -.80 -..
the clubhouse turn where 3-TSurgot $2.80.
ae wa vetually decided, One-T- I (The Bouche-Los
Don C as hbl usual Morros) 824.40.
1, self. dWIF ame on late
t"e run. TENTH RACE
'dvidend Il-Soft Note 84.0. 2.20
*. irWjWiWSCE 2-Vulc",,-',,ap 12.20.
agrico $0. 320, 3 ELEVEN H RACE
ey Bree 3.60 2.60 -Riomar M.80, 2.60
e ane Udy $4.20. 2--81rm k440
: N D CE
IW !., 8.20. 4.20 CO Lkrl lada ib
20, 40 th o .
In d i
IEspagfrlco- mud g7 1i8ij whand k g


rw J p Po a-
ama Women's Goof Asoltio
regular monthly tournament. pt
Waring and Ruth Uinoln tied
for low net with. IT af Sylva
Carpenter and Ruth Lncoln-ted
low gross wore with 'really
low score of 70.
Other low net winners were:
Connie -Bishop 69
Thelm de Prado 71
Grace Dehllnger 71
Ann Little 71
Pearl Trim 73
Peggy Johnson 73
Penny Danielle- 7
Mac Askew .
Marion Taylor 76
Cleo Burs 78
Margaret Leigh 78
Alyce French.
Charleen Howard 70
Mawgle Dalton 80
Edith Mathleson 80
Jane Huldqulst 82
Nellie Humohreys 82
Dorothy LaCroix 82
Among the pries were a bot-
tle of AMewood given by the Na-
tion l Distillers and two dowen
bottles of beer givn by Cervece-
ria Nacional. The bottle of Kings
Ransom given by Jack Schor was
won by Marion Mallory as a sOe-
clal prize. At each place at the
lunch table were two packets of
white Canadian Club toes pre-
sented by Henriquen L And Co.
Ruth Tortoride PWOA club re-
presentative from Ft. Davis be-
gan the awarding, of the prizes
hvby Cleo Burn with a ulaone from
the Fort Davis golf Club for
brealring the cloW recQr4 on Au-
gi1t, 19.M..wlthv,.73.
The owes J"'4 the
to.oI,rM We w&* OW l 4 eDavis
rolf Club was a fine host and
it -*ns P rand tournament.
The first rounds of the Pon-
pr Wnmenm' Golf Anso"iAtlon
1954 PWGA ChamdlonhblO 'o"ur-
nqmpnt which is being he4 on,
the Ft. Davis course was played
in conluntion with the regular,
torni ment. ....
In the championship flight
Ann TJttle won over Ruth Lin-
coln 2 up. Ann says she has
pnver had such a touch match.
Thev were even uin to numb"
17. Ruth nulled bpr anornaohi
on t)fq last two hales which cost
her the match. They eech bl*
birdies, Ann on.16 and Rgth
on 8. b,
Connie Bishon beat Margaiet
TLish 2 and I. They both arreed
that the putt; Were the deciding
factor In their match, Margaret
says, "and I couldn't putt."
Cleo,.Shrns played Pearl Trim
and up. Pl ddid ot win
1y repr6 two
rSpar "w t'from
u m ,4' an ylva
bn -'O Mthie first time at
Dvis with her 79.
In the fist flight Mae Askew
heat Marion Taylor 5 down and
4 to go. Marlon says. "No com-
Detltion. Just a walk-away for
Mae" Orare Dehlinger won her
match with Alyce French 4 and
2. Peggy Johnson beat Jane
Huldquist. Thelma de Prado beat
Irene Robinson 1 up.
The second rounds will be
played this week. Ann Little vs.
Cnnie Bisohp.
Cleo Surns vs. 8. Carpenter.
Mae Askew vs. 0. pehlinger.
P. Johanon vs. T. de Prado.
The trophies were on display
in the 1 il pro-shop and will
14e awarded at the regular PWOA
meeting In October.

S. 1 -M1 4. .. ,- 66 -,

erFed FPr Secom Prize

Magli B
A1 .. '
"*.+...* >+;,.-:. .*t i

4: f

1 20. Ken
1, Me let". I
2 7 i h'1

Ole Miss. 35. N. Texas 12
Lenoir R. 32, Newp't ., 0
Chattan. 24 Jax. (At) 0
Murray St. is, LouisYIt 13
How. Payne 38. MIcNese 7
N Car. A&I 18, Ceo. State 12
Clemson 33, Presb 0
Richm'd. 46, Rand. MAi. 0
Maryv'le 26, Hwassee 6
Carson-New. 7 W; Care. 6
Lt. Creek 14. Canp Letune 6
Parris Is. 48 Char'st.' AFB 0.
Georgia 14. "hU 0 .
Emory &i H'ry20 ltcordO
Wofford 33. Cata 10
William Carey 1 lAl,"P 06
W. K, State 32, Wttenberg 1
T'l APFB 21, W'er 4 6
La. Tech 27, La. C..tS 0.
E. Tenn. 28, Aiston r et 7
Ky.St. 1. John 9.Jo .
ApIDlch'. 19. 1 Gulfada 8
N. W. La. St. 15. C4O, Ol.
Mid. Tenn. 52, Sew*#t AFB 0.

Rhode Is. 13, Norb*ast. 7
Ouens (Out.) 41. ft.LvW. o.
Cal. (Pa.) 204 3dnlePia.) 6
Unvsala 41t Nrwic
W. Liberty $3, St. VIMct 0
W. Chester 6. Z. Ca.r 4
Geneva (Pa.) 6, Ind. St. (Pa.) 0
Carleton 21. Cornell (a.)
Ripon 14, Knox 12
E.vansvie 30, f cguw 7
Duusqn6, 81 A leai'et 0
Nft ta 2. 3tA e4 12
Carroll 20. Wbitewater St. 0
Wabash 14. Valparaiso 6
Gt. Lakes 14. Camp Carson 7
St Johns (Minn) Hanmlne RPI
Colorado 61. Dra;i 0
Lawrence 20 Mqnmouth 0
IBa 4t. 4 ".-'. .
ialt St, : '
IctcksvTe. IS. _W i 0
Emporia AS, Mriend-0
N.D 8L. 6, AuguBtns a 6
Valley City 26. Ullendale 7
Jamest'n. 13. Mayville 0
Ottawa (Kaim. Ow1eM. Mo.
Buena Vista 13. Weatmar 0
Luther Ia. 28. Simpson 0
Kearney 52, MePherson &
Cen. Ia. 25, Carthage Il. 7
Suner. Wix. 6. St. Cloud 0
LaCrosse St: 41 St. Norb. 13
Peru Neb 19, Cdocord. 0
Denver 72, Colo. CoL. 0
Wayne 7. Hillmedle I
S. Ark. 14. E Cen. Okla. 0
Ricks 33. CfArod1 Mont. 19
Cen. Mich. 42, Ia. St. Tchrs. 21
R. D. Wes ., H. S tron 0
Idaho 26. Idaho tate 20
St- Olat 1. Grlpnoill I
St. Joe. (Ind,) 15, Eadham I

..*-.-, F

-%MHo A Ul I t 4 M INr -
in 11W H iz- lS
:0 &SOIWA Na te

Fmr Rird Prize

- -t *'




I -

go wbto a
tt theo
soift ow,
^at n-u

Ala AAM 20. 'taskegee 0
Pamo. Inst. 12. FaystWle. 4
Ky. State 21, W.-Va. Tech. 12
Bluefield 89, Norrist'. 0

Wam'ton. 7. Moftreal 6
Toronto 84, Ottawa 0
Win'peg j. Saskatphewan 10.
BaltLi. 49 RedjskU 14
Browns 5. BeaDs 7
Win'peg 38, Oren Bay V27.

Players ab t h e a
Gilliam., 2b 4 0 1 2 3
Reese, ass 4 0 0 3 1
Snider, c 4 0 1 2 C
Hodges, lb 4 0 0 10 3
Amoros, lf 4 0 1 1 C
Furillo, rf 3 0 2 1
Robinson, 3b 3 0 1 2 J
Campanella, 3 0 0 31
Meyer, p 2 0 0 1
a-Moryn 1 0 0 0 .
Hughes, p 0 0 0 0
T015ta 2 1 8 8 14
Roberts, 2b 2 0 1 1, 1
Skinner. lb 2 0 0 9 0
Ward,; rf 1 .
hbomas, ef 2 0 8 o
G ordon, b 3 0 0 1
Atwell,c 0 1 8.
Lynch If 30 0 10 1
Cole, 23 0 0 111
Friend, pa 0 2 0
tf.ea IIf 11 8 .1
a"Struck out fOr Meyer in 8t
Broeemyn 00n0- -

Errors-Furillo. RB1 Thom-
as. Doubles Furilo e. Trl'
hce fly ThomaDoUea
Reese. Left ae-
8I, Irateu 2. 3O -
Hughes 1, Friend HIts off -
IMeer 5 tn 7, Hughes 0 tInl. Ruas
and earned runs Meyer 1-
WP Friend (7-11). LP. Mey-
Or (10-8).

A's G6iveLez,

bmetle las t h a ae
that 3 i ism IN


An' D in Va
MIW M is 83I-
+m a ,i. ul

Miow an

mHw pW e W avAr. 5iw
ord of 110 triumphs ta season.
Ia Is an weu d toe p
the .Ie-_' a j uliit Chab
F"oft..e"O pAMdMOa of the
Gante, 1i e the eof the
"eriem. Jed w It up
right ff ,elh It Iight there
in Ibets Fleld-their own

The odglers weren't talking:
They cng only the slim
matie~maucaJ~ee left them
plus the old bmaee axiom that
"It's never ovea'$ he last out."
johnny Podre, 22-year-old
left-handed baller, Is man-
ager Walt Aton's mound choice
Tor the Dodgers' "do or le* ef-
fort. Pdrs owns a 2-0 record
agajnu the 0lants this season
but It's the biggest ponsiblity
he' b hi b league
eare er' Th. -v rdkohe was
doing hi ptc fofHard In
the Mounta t League.
For the GIanta, Its -year-old
Scurvballer i -g the
h4 r.MB 3fabu-
os1-8 On them for his ca-
reUr. Maglle, gunning for his
t Win of the year, ha been
reIed since lapt Tdaf. He'll
eafj another q1I ,e.%e if he
wins toight.
Alstoat, man who vwas hired
to beat the New Tork Yankees
in the Wod series, anoupced
he will fogow arM with Cmsl

c la .

BOO bu t e
etheraee I a ea mle. -
The Dodgers just about
Irian 'Sobt s pitti-

ite run,he qe fourth
ainft when al n-
Sraced to I Pu-
Wis. e w IOUi an

pver 154k.

1m1tm,. e" arte "A" .
-- -. .- .. .

I f Panama FELIPE ROMM O "
e*UVarS WasO Aa. Am aAM A

i^BJHoBft Pandona.3



no0 00 oI. e"d-

Milwaukbe 30 100 000-6 1 l
t. Loul 000 81 11-7 10 I t
ob.. Koalo (1-2) and d i
dali Lawrence, Br ae Ws i e. w alt
Staley, Haddix (184-1) and Bar hli
tn Pi
Chioego 001 -00 .- 141 ua
Cincinnati 310 000002-7 a 4
Cole, Jeffcokt, Davis, Trema lW
(1-2) amd.l F4 ing. Fowler, 0o1.-..
/l i Hdojn, Drown(.F4) t0rf
abd SoMinick. an

snore o

llett (10-

O-qiQm a ,

Georgia Tedi, Mi

Alibama Start 1954

With Last Year's


Georgia iMeInb

uiua upuoiUng-u up" u -
However, the experts aren't
ready to thuw. Coah Bed. ;
Drew' 4ws to tl f e._ .
yet Lat year Alabama e, i tI
o0 er to Sent 21, a.
reeveed In toM elalin
the 8EC erowsj.
The teams that Alabamra edg- o
ed out for lastyear's champion- t
ship Georgia Tech and Missis-
sappi, opened witlreasy wine Just
as they did in Tech tok a p
conference victory from Tulane
28-0, and Missilppi rolled over d
North Texas State 35-12.
I Mississipp 8tate and Plorlda
als .used year-old omn -da h
pts withM mssl. s --
gain droppiln MeSd li
27-7. and Florida no 2
Rice 34-14. Texas It
1953 plot by dump'z
State W0-.
The defending .A
Champs from Mar
Kentueky's opener a
win over the ild
IIa pleked up a

ktr to nML
Iou nalm^m lata
gisffiS~ p

Sthweir thnr
be other t
lined Kentu
owiki, p~uni
own andus
s Geolat
Geo0aA, t
strong ~eafein'






-- I

Of havese~

~a1.J~ I

an6. *

eaS&in homern

Pipwte Prize-winning gImbml the Ordinary Drawing No 1854, Sunday, September 19,4*4
The whole ticket blhp iece divided in two series "A* & "B of 22 pieces each.

First Pri e 1116 $ 44,000.00

Second 'det' 9462 $ 13,2 00.0 0

Third Prize 1377 $ 6,6 0 0 00

Na Ps N.a ia MI ra.: Fm 'Me eb. -Ms ul Ne r s a Fr tkq O1 5 sr N K

n.ql 13 M 31 M rm Prize. s 7W :tas
s.. ImL s IS' as 2 a

.,. .~.. .... _.... rr

...+ +j II '- V

1 _

4 -!-


---~ --


, p., q "

;*, ;**>. -
. ^.y-

. N.. ,, ,
.***;,, '., ^
. I;" ... .' .

-~ -

-Vfuqr ,


i '- '"m

' **
~, t

,'1 -. i .


*-: '


-5 z4~~

Bg l Tribe Infield Wor-t ver .*
,9 a=

1Wtb^BI hdt6sn &Dont.#Iae WhW.'Mkdfl

Ia.N. ,-
has sden been sprayed r an obSect orwhh he i the w nforld erields which en- .erryfor.a ble but

the l a afrfee ton. M an.ey o nt n bled them to racially rn lld, and the noble athleR e Bo reneir
Showevewas wy nd hide the American who shorsend maged rat
- h naa. i "h"" ta e e-.eW YORK, Sept.Xn0 (1 1 A) 7. a
s"ItLar sot sugs 'he t almod Ioosbe tThe Indianda feel t lat thefie- book on the hol he ong- ftb. s b

Oro& %them the ame bhle panona. bt t Mu of a er hit. a gro ba te
Seuwt aamttf tt the an obo m e M bch t he staff gves mo Erl Wynn athd a e t enr to nteeer. -l
a w4t hu t afdfeo tl an o ey for win.tano nem. in the World Series which en- m s I .
t tot & be t racticallyrnLouBdea o f th ReiBi ran rofu

hon owAe tonoe ay awn and."one hideb awael A who shots cypHah mde gd ratmraPt
unot* ce a. the siaate timeas te tone Of h er vine lvod pioahi I "tl."hln nmvmently dit t jiymbllt n hred
not suge st th W situ aton was o re that onabled for uextended ro ther g The Cle e land club ma co n- nehawathledofrextWnred theoiste ron tdd s lAt

nnts. H. theClevat i i bhrenof tha.t' ed o tildr s the r
l Thlg iDtpil which enabled Ca isy rvet l hg t wo i t awm f C on1 tL he IndEnia nse tha re ht o dnoodn to e al toher p e u el l ak'- DSdI .

tiim. lthe penantsm andkee would wiesn seemed no tdiferent n l hand loaded Brookelyn batein fretloionl oldte meor.nt ever.

s H^e1n^ ^ ^ "fo no T wors opla Foe d dtere, hehd fevei
peaafo.without a dy.astYe toea he had. pitchin peut obne derdgBowik lyt atwsCl lo 1Ye' in- C'nAdg -r
1e1901 texancelys ou leIkowuastoa yc stpwhere kiy.eGus Wynn. as histeammates lty to do oythlnglaboutItI
Plt .""" e d'Y "T e add ed o m el a w in n e ase-,H,, ,m- 'aibi -.
"If'm t exan tlay esuarebe I know what dne areis,, he s call him, has an earned run A The fie4me nat winnr e la

think t wa in sharp conflict with teng' s w ho t talking of Ferankge of 2.60, Gard and his aLtantm- idthe Cleve nd pitchers, Bou lid everbutl t *
mIn shorttop o Mickey Mahontle and a withird baseman, or i tency on 2.84. Bob Feller, were talking de can t lt t Cleveland The sde whh tower
which t s Y nkee s w epu .Aod lalt .- I ,bly will finally get Another I 'd like to w .' infeld ,b i
closing paselder of thYoge racBerr. Coit manmmifestly wplease? to Ideny tiETIOA about ths ears Clemon sh-ined- r he

that somebody thinks and Weiays re his business. All rtIm say- COUPLE Oa men. sain trJimd1. w tredght- w he topt d Soldier whIl wnca
eraWlsrs misath

bmomlpaerbn the tadum. We stil he a lot of iprot s w d mainly fm or on aaer wtob ca t I i
Mr. Weso w as asked If i ntentasreonable tO tl e oWn SuA, the fireball N irat. noAy the o p tio ita eir e talA
Yankees would be inba blllAdGorback Inothe dynasty buir, to go aWongwith i O AOF -arieskiethefbesm ark fi n the d iretl de atd ffVcIrtze CA.N i

the reca t the l e Be rra played the outfield ard saidt h a Ty nverted outfielderndght anat -Sf
Ars usual, we will be the team to bAest," he nodded..'s cbt hhdks, r.. ma...
-eregare n tUm. a baseball hIstry proves, that the h eam to Ahe Inansdo re who eydn to ued. e uhe pe e U -Bll D ey.
beat oe saten In fact, the Indian were proving it at the very. wins the Nation'al Lewe hmn- the wnl ar U e pla" u A. I
moment. An explanation seemed in order. /sofrwhe&athd a. w o wa rd fhm tedb.n ol ando te p l ,,n an Nw of

n o WTheyarepulligfor0'Ith CLllen isM IlIi OfSr *U
THN THERE WAS PANIC conIIInrg~ on re fel through. inexperief. and slow Werts TODAY .75-& M
So te Y e l t B the Giants because the Pw and n ill n it be n Al ti a d t
i amon rivals, to et them to play us. With new completed planccommodates 24,000bmedocre secoll and cause a bad feld shows: 1: -
"Teir e wtc ost Icen Bton on AI rthem lat trip there" mHOUTON 20 (Nn Houston "We drew 20 yo an beat oest o to et too
said Mr. -We as a ft erthought, he pointed out that thoughhe frt lr b r and o al, and I H
losing the flag. the '54 Yankees would win more games than any wpuld be beat ewe tab
f the five dynasticchampions. I menon this becausOr ase therelibrary? gather with the dea of opennch Comear Hh The Un ifent that tanrry
ms to be a popular miscm nd romptonception that we broke down like /Theybefore., tS, h on -bdnvSooi.

-- ,, DM /u canoe we uld-- have. ade Houotrepyan," sad Mr. someeng r o uro greatC usr oe*
th We e-. hishay.e him toyoudifferent." ho had n
Inferentially. Mr. Weiss seemed to be saying, pitcher He announced he wa givingY h i

eluded the Yankees should witbe able to pig up were what I would The University of H
off without ay new I strength o majnces are he doesn't share my ,A50,000. ,,e -'l .
thusing wasm for birn shd watconflict with tngels, erheleo Is Frank Howard andncm- his tant,

bt upon me rtto set the record straightle and a thirde Yankeesean, orCLEMShad -ON, B. -t e la
no chace to deal for Houtteman. My Information was incor- '
oan nte eo l a f -about this year's Clemson fresh- ct- h .an 1 f .
."SWlody e th inks and says Are h businesss. A msay-n d ,reefamoul chorelcfto r ep Cel'
I th a t w e a re still th e Y an ke es. W e se .h a e a lo t o f go od in_ C_.. i m en .Geoe d t gis 4 nti Qt5 ,,str esses e c,,,.,. fIorl as' _t"s

ballplayers in the tadum. e smed have a lot of fndering prospectslbly
In our farms, and we haves no intention of resigning ourselves to "E4oR We get 'em mainly from orth C oae ia oy.:s he'st doinre NOse Ski lb.
roleinbseball."Own South Carolina, North Caro-bS a rouna Kc jate'an dAlR

"Wrecalledtardthelastl onidnerraphereteeer rroughree.eoe.. A ndAlowWR,
eabe'" Herman threatened to sue for plagiarism, and that the "heait oetest cat "ne beau yr ., n eAs

playin him. at.shotwherehewouldrlepdtedymbke Iruly ea smoket g tCelevelay uEand ne ld pro babl y s awU- S
perilanoMantle's trick knee couldhardly be more accentuaSusualamounlhere
thandA plainmayoterrtaste tomebodywassedrehiaboutethe AviatHInAt
b. q. the rough and tunbiq of the double-play take out. SomebodyllkedIh:m 0out-theAvila .tpnolva. a "o show

hi mApe.u"to the inte e wittl obsrve lougtefoarfe ,i bl emnos
~Stepig a on the levek. Ile better be careful the man in the out that way."tHowardosmiled.eos
ev esntrck a im ie."the Inh mevieNwe ,. uu pe l. ,op n.Playedthem occasionaly ..

bitofdoEeASbwaNICproablytteo opsou-ed he w ente MW u hn oa rthCl le Dscp Maliosaer wpnd.T
THENhbx back. TcoulEd r W Wis countinron]ere fellythrough. itneh e ec aet d y S low Wert. .75'
le back, could We oSecoind of two dispatches Southwest Conference game has rector Harry Fouke emphatIcal- so we ayedth e mist mpositivlt

We-neverbe lBayloriou .rcent aBad yoo g'sCKYa m tually t n on we dani.... ., b, ,,
strengrthminoHittthtat,.Wan dthewe'Yh e .B.N HOu.edsir h e made.forInteyestinew ulding Sotewoshls o to- e etCle -e t
.th9 .wl o..s_ t h, n fu In asig ton n rheosver-all burden," atmo noniathe o ou gan p-,- lay s nget "hewttoeiday ofsopeingw-compHigh, T h n madifcent th bat seman
e tehat a ndimpli theaty hra bere outma rteoean,"eped by. te. br ieda""remwitng ol-gifts,-inMrCu becsays thefirstic cpaoosteradiumndeoffiialanwgowstron t hleticeal a nthana complimentay t
Mofdya cants wove weobudhave w ad HoutAtheytwan," said Mr.dsomething r ourgr /eatuer-at
SIr.ea beginNwith, andd without pusinged to fure whndant I wouldy ThniersityofHoutn2, --nbdinU"SYthT
theretota lr bird owatchng, anyway ) iot isu nev terthess. n
dowh l f had hm(cha-ncesihedoves-an'tbsrdenmy2000.blThe
be- dtuponemearesetrtherecordwtraigt;stheYankees, h srtheni.taH)
ATat iTroihthepealttylydatr.d.eisucoess," ad r eiss.ncd e 12g
iowwihneInIhaduim.(c ha you.are he doreetfah
"Nobody wants to do businesstwirv All they want to do is '. eet i
Sultan and the KentuKc o C'elnek

bl ". .ended make trulya smoIng trea, ,

SM,0n0h0 in cash and ou royal- the mild cigarette with something more, \. \K,, --..-
First- stoneAMsdmarble ba digs.He That's the way to make a cigarette .
Y r- mm Am^B ~mu 4 CMaiMA 0; the aU| w^ -W.
comes of 'ien ts.Blend the finest toboccos of all the world '
oa i.s w M S jh w uld cattily insinuate and combine them to make a smoke -
Most saisfy: l &moWpt pood Souoa" cpl trmoney hos been tho that's really pleasant.
Wiski a lack & Whiter ws a ia sprun Into big-time foot- Light up a LUCKY and you'll see that it's so
t.true. 'lut the same holds true
the Susschoie of tdm in"" "* for the schools s-ence depart
"te an mmeat, Its department of glish,
SDisted and Botled in otad hee all-state footba ll
have fond th way to
n be s juist a rare a o nnWW\
track Oad tennis.

UKfour diferent ot t Confer- r an

scpvau wma-v as transfer. C54d Lee
C iPl WM Oadyled each boyto go back to
whom he c Sme from. I
Jack Patterson 's thin track
forces certainly coqbave used
w mthe two dist"Mcru s tnf
the 19. --'s No better combination for smoking-pleasure :------

O**IG G : aIe a As. w4 s.--*w. u v-z II L C | t

i- i f i E- IA i ll at s a tu a .. r' = "" rI ann

[f 1 .- --- -. -; -' "
Sa~~~~tdfiA.,;^ -- ~~~~~ ~ IM ffW"_bdkve'?. *- .,-* .* -.. ^ .^M



p i al tta~l~



Other Pok

1 McCarthy

Ralph E. landers
'e- n. Joseph R. McCarth
daif creating a new ru]
accusation" and
c ap to pa
these the C tnlsts"
$4=tlgatlng. _"
4ni a series of sharp
Oarges filed with the seb
special censure study comm
oc Vermont Republican ali
-rted that McCarthy
*questionable" staff Invesd
rs andd accused him of a
disregard for accuracy an
H said McCarthy let his
Investigate "possibly nuni
enators...with the obvious
t of coercing them." He
l subcommittee in sue
slovenlyy" way, Flanders
Ltat "cases of mistaken I
tes have resulted in grie
'he junior senatosenator's e
as well as his tactics, appe
parallel those of the Cor
tewi as shown bY his end
i-ent and use of 'Indian C
lie' methods," Flanders said
k *Lenin's phrase, 'the
ianctifies the means,' m
well be quoted to describe
JuoIor senator's own expia
.1o. hof his methods."
Fjnders' brief, the iftl
two: days, was sent to Sen
1tgr V. Watkins (R-U
=b~ftan of the special cei
committee which resumes
o report behind closed
i tkIns said he would
^Vldge receipt" of the n
rij As he has done with
I g tprevlous Flanders bi
W e said. the committee
nao receive it as "evidence"
(ta.EItn a report on its re
=w-day public hearings.
vMocarthy, who .as called
70,ear old Ilanaders "sen
available for commit
i_,10i.ns would, n9t comr
cW &reWictions by' some. o
coilatttee members that the
ma, group could complete
work this week. Once the re
,-finished, Senate leaders
decide whether .to recall
chamber to consider.. it .-be
the November'electibns. '
ders, who 6mde hls
bi, reentered his fire.
KMlarthy's activities as che
map of the Senate's perman
Itstigating s u b commi
and the qualification of s
staff members and G. Da
SBblue, Donald A. Surine
Thomas Lavenla.
He said the subcomm
showed "a lack of meticul
21ss in the gathering of in
nation and a crass disre
tor accuracy and security in
almost frenzied haste to
the press supplied with rur
alarms, predictions,, threats
"The rights of witnesses
t pled on and guilt by a
seemed to be the
fe on flimsy or tLrelevant
formation a lifelong repute
l be denounced via tele
hlire the defense would:
#J loult or impossible
H ."the rebutti4 into
he said...
tders also charged
bhy has denied men
P fsress access to subc
att lies in defiance of_
a|rules and that he has
g reports and records "In such a wa'
ubatantially change or
..^ltal meanings."
said material favorabi
SS .9 under subcomm
Ras been left out of pri.
Wo ittee reports while
Sgvprable material was inclu
p# also said McCarthy
BR ien misleading report

Future Costs

,lfs SI


I (UP) "Let the people
hy to-
he i

n te lAdlai 1
i 1ttee,
hire 11956 F

residential Nominee

Harold A. Patten (D-
nest K. Bramblett (R-
milllam A. Lantaff (D-
nes 8. Golden (R-Ky),
r. Hart (R-NJ.), Alvin
el (R-O.), and three
,0of the Texas delega-
'rank Wilson, John E.
Lloyd M., Bentsen Jr.

:I Applcations

hWe 201

natIons hc. 11
iath annual compettl
amlIation for high'
eniors who desire to-
ollege and train for.
s Naval officers .Will
Dec., 11, the Navy an.
tion for NROTC arpe
ablee. but must be .re.
* Nov* 20, the an-
nt added.
Iul candidates will
r Naval careers ,In'
and. unlvetsliles in
t substantial financial
ofrom. thea roveti

stsff INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., S pt. 20 favorably impressed" with Clem- C. Johnson (D-Colo.), Edwarda He .
ierousi (UP) Adfai E. Stevenson has ent. D. Crippa (R-Wyo.), Sam J. Er- Arlia, Er
s in- the inside track for the 1956 Clement, once an FBI agent, vin Jr., (D-N.C.), and Eva Bowr- Calif.),
e ran Democratic presidential nomi- said he has "given no thought" ing and Sam Reynolds, both Ne- Fla.), Jam
ch a nation, party leaders agreed to- to the vice presidency, braska Republicans. EdA rd J.
said, day. "I am just trying to be a good Crippa, Ervin, Reynolds and A. WechI
lenti- They speculated further that governor," he said. "I have not Mrs. Boering were all serving by members
evous Gov. Frank Clement of Tennes- discussed the 1956 campaign appointments to replace sena- tiori, J. .
S see might well be his running- with Mr. Stevenson." tors who died during the past Lyle and
this, mate, with Paul Butler of In- Various national committee- year.
ar to diana headline party reins as men said Butler, now Indiana's Johnson is quitting the Senate,
mmu- national chairman national committeeman, has the to run for governor of his state.
orse- Democrats were "running inside track to succeed Mitchell Hendrickson's withdrawal was M ,
char- confident" as they wound up In the party chairmanship. They attributed, at least in part, to a NRO| |
1. a two-day natloisal congres- said he has Mitchell's blessing as split among Republicans in New N....
end sIonal campaign kickoff yes- well as Stevenson's. Mitchell Jersey. '
eight terday. Speakers from many plans to resign after the Novem- Two House members, Reps.
the parts o. the. nation, predIcteI ber elections. Laurie C. Battle (,.-Ala) and Clos I
Rna- victory -w g 2. I Pat Sutton (D-Tenn.) ,were ell-
The Stvesdn faction." had The predictions of victory minated in primary attempt. to
th in solid control of the rally and came from every speaker. As wrest Senate nominations from
. Ar- claimed party unity was never Rayburn expressed it: "I've well-nown Incumbents, John J. hAW' I
tah). better. National Chairman Ste- felt the pulse of the people. Sparkman and Estes Kefauver.
ensure nhen A. Mitchell said Democrats They're ready for another Battle and Sutton gave up The ni
work "have a better:working relation- change and they're going to chances for reelection to the tive exi
door. ship all over,the country than get it this fall." House to bid for six-year Senate school sg
we've evr, had before." What would a Democratic terms. ... attend cc
"ac- Stevenson. hedaed on his am- Congress do under a GOP pres- Six other House members were careers a
ate- bitions. The, 1952, residential ident? said Rayburn: "We'll lay defeated in bids f6r renomina- be held
the nominee commented he was glad down such a good program that tion to their present positions, nounced
riefs. he isn't candidate, then ex- President Eisenhower will be They were Reps, George D. 0o-
will plained he .was "expressing my glad to endorse it." Brien (D-Mich.), RobertCrosser Applicat
in sympathy for all candidates, Regardless of what hap pens (D-Q.), Homer D. Angell(R- now avail
cent having been one myself." in the November elections, there Ore.), Don Wheeler (D-Ga.), ceived by
will be at least 25 new faces in Wingate H. Lucas (D-Tex.) and nounceme
the "Candidates go through acute congress when it meets again Ken Regan (D-Tex.).
ille," suffering most of us know noth- next January. As usual, there also was a I ..ccessf
ent. Ing about," he said. A change of eight senators group of veteran House members start their
ment His onetime campaign man and 17 House members alreadypullin out voluntarily to return start themes
other ager, Wlson Wyatt, saidStev- is assured by voluntary with- to privatebusine. The group 1955, with
six- enson "undSubtedly" will be drawals and defeats in prima- this year included: assistance
its the 1956 nominee. ries They are exclusive of re- ment. Aft
port "I feel very strongly about ent deaths such as Sen. Burnet education.
must that." Wyatt said. "Last year, R. Miybank (D-S.C.) and Reps. a|Al D A l commisnlo
phe people had some doubts about Paul ,W. Shafer (R-Mlch). and JaledU r u I can Navy orI
e what wod happen, but this A. Sydney Camp (D-Ga.). tine duty
as year,it is all.convincing., The voters'"in November will mean w se nt l duty
SFormer National Chairman determine whether any more in- ema Vi U IroCulU al .
MW Frank E. MeKlnney characteriz- cumbents will be missing when Male ,e
of- ea Stevenson as "always good the m8th Congress convenes. Trt TA s 'A,
air* presidential material." and the Fewer than usual two Ih ee IIeH VUI and 21a
ent man who nominated him two senators and eight ne se -for the
tte years ago, former Indiana Gov. members were eliminated NEW YORK, Sept. 20 (UP) -Persons pc
uch Henry Schricker, said the party by the primary route this year. Charges that a guard knocked ying sco
ivid is "united behind Stevenson." Ti e average in recent years out three of a Puerto Rican's Navy's ri
and Clement caUed Stevenson "the has run from 10 to 15 in the teeth in city prison caused Fed- sical exam
most intelligent man and great- House alone. eral Judge Lawrence E. Walsh to ary.
ittee est leader ever temporarily deni- The two senators already beat- order an Investigation into al-
lous- ed the presidency." en in bids to return next year leged beatings and intimida- From t
ifor- The 34-year-old gove r no r, were Alton A. Lennon (D-N.C.) tons suffered by 13 Puerto R- candidates
guard youngest in the nation, was bill- and Robert W. Ppton (R-N.H.). can Nationalists on trial for se- imately 1
Sthe ed by numerous party leaders as Both are now serving by ap- ditious conspiracy. be selected
keeD the Democrat's answer to youth- pointment. Both were beaten by Rafael Cancel Miranda. 25, NROTC an
mor', ful Vice President Richard Nix- men with wider political repu- one of the defendants, came in- choice.
and on. tatlons in their home states. to Federal court today with
Rep. Sam. Rayburn of Texas Lennon lost to former Gov. W. three teeth missing-knocked Students
were called himt a "bright boy," Na- Kerr Scott. Upton was defeated out by a guard Friday niht ular NRC
kccu- tional Committeeman Joseph by Rep. Norris Cotton, a veter- apparently for no reason," the spend the
new Gluck of Washington said he <'is ais of four terms in the House. prisonersaid. In cruises
t in- the kind of man we need;" Incumbent senators who drop- Miranda Is one of the four will recel
tioni Butler said he "has potential," ped out voluntarily were Robert io took part lT the March tainer pa
evis- and McKinney said he is "very c. Hendrickson (R-N.J.), Edwin received a long prison sentence. lege
time* will study

thatCzechs Seize GIs eOn Frontier'ib
ibers I T col]
S-C ha rge 'Espionage AssignmeIsal
FRANKFURT, ermany, Sept. the following day "a group of Americans were seized on the will be rn
de a0 (UP) -- Red Czechoslovakia American soldiers" approached German side of the Iron Curtain clal quota
le to Americanph sohlap- Serzet by "Thedgrouowas carrying a The spokesman id he did not

g a rlt. by Czech guards that the two obtainra
of for the immediate release of an The U.S. protest note, accord- had been taken to Pilsen for or Cr
Army lieutenant andprivateing to the spokesman, said the "suestonin.
''' Ali VrOVI 10^"e~.A A.. i^ i~ "qusti oni s?

*' 'i~~


SBURY, Md.--(UP) The
ianeil is conaidering an or-
e raising the cost of fortune
licenses from $300 to $500.
- i --- ---

I -

As Democrats

ber a normal -ollege
, graduates will be
ned in the Regular
Marine- Corps, for ac-
with the Fliet.
citizens of .the Vted
'tween the ages of 11
are eligible to- apply
NROTC aptitude test.
'ho maintain a quail-
re will be given the
gid midshipman phy.
mination next Febru-

he pool of qualified
a remaining, approx-
800 yeung men will
d for appointment to
id the college of their

enrolled In the Reg-
>TC program wll
ir summers on train-
s with the Fleet, and
ve $600 annual re-
y until commisslon-
dition to normal col6
ses, the midshipmen
a planned course,
science. All tuition
books will be furms-
e Navy.
lege training program
an to enlisted men on
y with the Navy and
>rps. Such candidates
elected under a ape-
established or the

Ions are now avail-
Ill high schools, col-
Navy Recruiting Sta-
al zone seniors mnay
plications at Balboa
Il High School.

p dledcu up r ruMy dy Rea guards
along the Iron Curtain frontier.
A spokesman at the American
embassy In Prague ,al4 the U.S.
demand "was Baided to the
Czech Fortign-Ministrl Saturday
night. He-said the communists
gave no indication they would
U.S. Army hedquarters in
Heidelberg iued an immediate
denial that tChe American sol-
diers purposely crossed the bor-
der on an "espionage mission."
An Army spokesman said the
Americans "defitely were not
!cloak and dagger operatives."
Radio Prague broadcast the
text of the Czech note It
charged that three American
soldiers crossed the "clearly-
marked Czech border, took pic-
tures with thelcameras, and
searched the afwlth bino-
culars." ,
"They record 'th tr observa-
tions on a Cz klitary army
man," Prazue l.
The radio claimed the three
soldiers were seized but one "es-
caped lot Western Germany."
Prague Radio identified the
detained Americans. Spelled
phonetically, the names were
given as 1s2t.LEsImst Dry&,
and Pvt. James Blsc, 22, both
ed to the American Army
unit No. 317 stationed in Welden.
eram,. one ,;tw
R an other
riu cari by the t o
tt .py ad been into
an an0

Wm ao- further charged that


.~.-.. p.....-
'a ,- d


-r-,, ,, Read storyMpe

Premier, Gea Feu.

Crisis Tteatpr To Spilt
A O Indochina, 201. A told rp ort
P) A minister In -fiRet- er n tt- ao t ma findm.t : h"vhir.E

minum government was
lss g today u both
the ten-dy crisis that tl
to' ipUt the country ape
by their guns and fierj

Health minister Pha" Hum
Chong has not been he from
for 48 hours, and edlfeting
rumors sweping orlgoie d he
both deserted prmler ,o D.nh
Diem and was on ipt mis-
sion for the gove
Neither side In thiedispute,
which centers fundamngMtaly on
the control of the r has
given an Inch since D~ psum-
marly relieved chief of staff
Gen. Nguyen Van linh of his
post Sept. 11 and ordered him to
qut the country immediately.
Yesterday Dinb DnbUaWy de-
clared his enmity forte pre-
mler and4 set as "uIiliatum-
demanding he "solve" the eris-
is presumably by dismissing
the premier. -

Nwe will take
,--.- Im-

bid and gid i Is a Teasdon nist TMO
. S t" he cqm prove it Saigdon1 ad. t da .
by. mf e In s, *trughler',!!
hav md it. P-ogirpthoy wil F."Wch muBuvratlg luho
tb"d, anie country of str.t -
rilu la g Into anarchy _that Ing It was an Inted alr
can only ad Mvan e the "Ment Viet Nam Wa nowindpoWndat
conquest" of South Vietnam Privately they were IndSpa.
by the Communste. The crisis came to a headtb
The chief hope at the moment morning. when Hinh I~Mhtual
lay In the arrival of Gen. Le Ban told Diem to resign,
Vien leader of the Binh Xuyen "All we have left i A chole
rellgous seat, after conferences between two slution" the ete
In France with dBo Dal. eral said. "ty
He 'I expected to see Hinh to- tickets for the army or1 bu J
morrow and officers said he had aitplane ticket forte ,ai
-A -i
MW, t of aOk

Criis also flared In the neigh- F I I Readies New Crackdown
munlst terrorists assassinated
defense minister Kou Voravong O .
or O On $oviet Espionae SRio
kone by throwing eades into '
Sananlkone's house where t he o "
WgiWTvin0 a d6 ,, WA OTON Sept. 20 (UP) turn "tmene"
.s, o.-rea.o .renice cled._4UJrate meant officials be toa S o.
to Lash back at the gener al'ssaid today their grand Jury in- nesses -or do c n teld
Ae the em termed as "an vest tigqn of the Elizabeth to corrobbtei rf.l
1ot 6soupbedloence unworthy of Bentley spy ring is "only the be- r
an oce" Hinh's action in ao- ginning" of a sweeping crack-
pealing to Bao Dai to settle the down on suspected Soviet espion- .
dsP age agents,
They said virtually all of the .
Hinh, wired Bao Dal denoune- department's old spy cues are
ing government as "do nothing" now-being reviewed in the light
and 'demanded the Emperor of recently-enacted anti-Con-
"find solution" to the crisis. munlst legislation. Wherever
The a appeal was regarded as _n feasible, they said, grand juries
ultimatum to fire Diem or see will be asked to investigate the
the country plunged into a blood cases.
bath. The current drive was prompt-
ed by the desire of department
nffi lale to sea If the* l*

Amy Employe
= ~ q : A, m

S --uA w s 4e t a UW n awI5
would enable them to get Indict-
>ents hicases heretofore not

The most

1 Oatu or accouao grounds of po st.l, self-l*cinUe
Spl .in the muoe r of a nation, to answer quest.
cemetery watchman. lmst Janu- Once given this immunity, the
ary has been cleared *t.1htrges witness would have to furnish
of complicity by the,- J A. of the grand Jurors with the de-
the First Judicial d tlct. sired information or face con-
After, a careful owy of all tempt of Court charges.
the. testimony Invoyd in the Armed with this law, the Jus-
case, Dist. Atty. bWs A. Lo-tice Department promptly im-
pez concluded that Cecillo Gar- paneled two grand Juries, here
vey, an Army employee, was and In Camden, NJ., to re-in-
totally innocent of charges vestlate what one official said
that he was an, acessory to washe "logical starting point"
the murder of Lule Peralta for any review of espionage cas-
Mules, Jardin de Paz deme- es-the Elizabeth Bentley ap-
teiy' watchman, on the- night paratus.
of Jan. 24 Miss Bentley, a graduate of
S. Vassar and Columbia, has told
The testimony indicated that the FBI and congressional inves-
n the night of the murder, tigators, that she was courier for
two separate Soviet spy rings
his father, Milton Garvey, pack that flourished within the gov-
his bgs and accompanied him ernment during World War Iu.
Tocumen airport, w e t he said 37 federal employes
S"t were part of the ring
older Garvey took a plane The otwo roth ere headed
im The twogrou were headed.
Syon Garve she said, by NIthan Gro
nagter v wnds st de B ,ilvermaster, an employee of the
stter telling friends a dk Boardf Economic Warfare
O a.h acommi now tour- later of the Treasury De ard.

peof delusionbrut a- auction

ieare stillholdin a m White ce assistant secretary
known, -as "Elbaby grande." of the Treasury and' Lauchll
who Is!accuseodby his common- Currie, wartime administrative

ie past 11 years. ley's story. But it failed to re-

eW A^o r ---l M

uered fihM' r ni-
to 56*0 weiv

aw atdreagd eI^


The drama of the Ioust "saw r
War I Wbe gamedi goa l anintI=
statue has ban com st M. y., legedry
UA In to Whaddt. q-, ovdr am

Ied ted ea IN 11, sad *fI all Mag
M o hw. y a@go wkhu m=i-t.P a -



a ~

PAPb ii..;.>
L ~

e know the truth and the country is safe" Abrahem Lincoln.

own.- ... wwwT Im=. -OJl ]ft[ U-LI Iil

n. -. ., .



!' '

"-* ,".






_ _.I








nohn^ a -

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