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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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,D. Red Chin,' 1"w China ws territoual ater." No other o The complaint state" that on
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.- -. l W. -M. oe 'ton June 2f ns a_ 0 "fThe prayers of all denomina- union." she oaid. I mioa ns
Aimlwee m. mthoe of the dea. "o"S bal" te -ence ihons have been simply grand. "It was three weeks afterward today. hat
i Uor aerr icr t L rothlrsE everyone has been Just wonder- that we received word he had low teller
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it L f the attack is s .a West .. pt herd 8he heard the news from her Dick. I think It had a lot to do n aed loltto do
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.Will'.'.. radio ........... home from mass at Sacred She said her hiband "is Just R.e
f.e Sset #n I;dc- Pll s weOr Il r-" Heart Catholic Church. He had as excited. am and thanks ee
bit a Ussuaoilt on ahO at the i- ats on a 9f At8f kl-attended an earlier mass and Cod all t e mbe"
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SAirore d one Nation- Atis M ia t btg f o B better re applt-- e nds ra rushed over wth the good ThApplegtes worke4 uzntr-
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wet m the waterumj 'i S,. Pacific ares nar the ot Neighbors who had known lease during his 1 months im-I flal I
weat t .Quroy. ...!Lab or urrnd In their son when he was a toddler prisonlent They bombarded two
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Newspaper readers in the Canal Zone were greatly cheered
t week when the President of the United States expressed a
action to take America away from the bureaucrats and
'it back .to Americans. It is a cheering statement because
Canal Zone is today more effectively strangled by bureaucrats
any other branch or section of the Government. The Gen-
I Accounting OiLice has set the'Panama Canal Company aside
its especial plaything and only action from above can bring
t restoration of intelligent management.
The bureaucrat is disposed to take the Government and cut
It dp into more.areas of operation than there are states in the
Union, and then to operate each as though It were a separate
and distinct principality. In the case of the Panama Canal Com-
pany the operation is visualized as a commercial enterprise al-
though under the control and direction of government clerks.
.A a commercial enterprise It is visualized as being outside the
Government and, operating under that faulty visualization, it Is
Lilnanced not by The Government with a capital "T" but by sub-
Ilslons of the Government.
Under this curious visualization a ship belonging to the Unit-
ed States Navy is ordered from one ocean to the other and if it
0Mto carry out the orders, it will utilize the tranpltting services
of the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal was originally built
or the purp se of transfttlg ships of the United States Navy.
tt hov does work now? ore the ship enters the locks, the
'United Stteslavy writes a on the United States Treasury
m' the o0 of the tra ing cost that is returned to te
cited rtat easury by way of the United States owne4 Pan-
Canal npany. In the rocess the Panama Canal Com-
tf cues -e check and writes Its own check to the United
y. At the end of th the Panama Canal Com-
i profit of say. m$5 (ranastting the Navy ship,
-$tH mat C a n claim, 'VWat a' bright boy am I!" Uncle
have made a profit o $8,000. But the Canal be-
Sto, l .operated by Uncle Man wh6 will not be able to
the PanMta Cgnal Company's $5,000 check and hand it back
'M the tax payers: because there is no $5,000 i) hand back. Uncle
m hat. engagedIn the well known deal of taking $5,000 out of
fund an g It back into another.- The Panama Canal
Danv k 0eep set of books and the Trefturer of the Unit-
States keeps aO u -set Some income tax evaders have found
he double set of book useful, too,
b ThI losp s n andschools fall into the same classification
the Naval ship. There is a fixation upon bookkeeping the
mnama Canal Company into an appearance of solvency that
ngas into play the skill of the absconding bank teller who jug-
a accounts most expertly. Armed forces dependents are en-
dled in the United States Government schools located in the
al Z e and which happen to be administered by pe Panama
Ecm l ip~Bftyl. These Armed Forces children obtin admit-
1t4hai te$lWOovernment schools upo payment by their ems-
Sloyi l9ee s of a fee that would do credit to a frst class
private o. At a great cost. in processing credentials and
other ppeork the other United States agencies draw money
from the United States Treasury to pay the United States Gov-
ernment schools for doing the work they were established to do.
e Panama Canal Company insists that it pays Itself similar
j per pupil, and they will let you watch them take the money
9I me pDocket andaput it back in the other as proof that thi

It seems that the bureaucrats who set up the Panama Canal
(bpany In Jt present form have gotten to belliving that there
Sjar actual commercial entity known as the Pana*ma Canal Com-
Ui. tei r minds it has beo a little extra domain, though
Stuall an integral part of the ted Sttaes Government. The
Attmnt Is now being made to 9prate It as though it were. In
met, an Independent commeralal enterprise. As at present con-
d In the minds of these people as a separate entity all other
Ctoftm ent agencies and branches are considered to be its
to and customers, but it retains the policing authority of
he United States Government to compel compliance and pay-
jnt, of tribute by the other integral elements of the Govern-
unt,- I thi oceure it cla.pis, for profit purposes, no rela-
balance of the Government as represented in

w -Unfortunately atted pting to put faulty reasoning into opera-
a .resp tsIn such end products as dissatisfaction, resentment,
ay s confusion. We have many Government elements
Eo ted here in the Canal Zone and they would get along
ether if their inherent cohesion as parts of the same
ent continued to be recognized. Today onenuf these ele-
e es as though it were a auper-government deriving its
wet, and energies by exacting exorbitant d arbitrary
a from all its associated Government, agencies.
oI seems to involve nothing morM complicated that a
return to reason.
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labor Newo


NEW YORK-The name's the
same, but young Franklin Delano
Roosevelt isn't half the politieian
his father was. The son became
the property, Instead of the part
ner, one blo labor at
was a serious error, for many of
the friends of his father political
partners of the late FDh, chilled
on the son and moved swiftly to
kill off his political career.
This they seem to have done.
So the old magic of the tUals
"FDR" may soon srp from public
life and live only In th engraving
on a white stone at-o yde Park.
Long ago, young Freanklin Del-
ano Roosevelt made his pact with
the very same union which played
such a strong and controversial
part in his father's political Ufe-
the Amalgamated Cloting Work-
ers Union, CIO, onem led by the
late Sidney HUilman, and really
the creator of CIO's 10-year-old
Political Action Committee.
Leaders of this union some time
back promised to deliver to FDR,
Jr. the Democratic bomlnation for
governor of New York.
Theyohad around them the lead.
ers of the CIO Auto, Workers Un-
ion, Maritime Union and others in
the New York City Cl Council.
In turn young Franklin Dedao
Roosevelt, in many a skull sea.
sion, pledged them them tesame sup-
port along the entire way-right
into the White House.
Thus, despite that young Roose-
velt was elected to Congress with
the substantial ad of eueh AFL
leaders as the Hatters' Union's
Alex Rose and the Ladls Garment
Workers Union chief David Dubin-
sky-intimates of the late FDR-
Junior went to a CIO unloP con,
vention and gave CIO mostof the
redit. From then on' be was
known as the "CIO's boy" In ma-
ny circles.
What young Roosevelt didn't
realize-and what his father, to
my personal knowledge, was a-
ware of-lst hat labor is not united
movement but a coalition of men
many kinds and many view_
_!1_&- 1LA...L. --I. 1ANA.- t M

Honest Ike

o -

pommin .t, wne waUUSe ; o, It Is very pleasant to see the riods of the past 12 months, is interests" when he was giving 'ea
algamated Clothing Workers press fawning 'on the President critics read more like they were hell and s trusted ape were
sthe "next vernor of New 5 again, and te members of his talking about a criminal or an stealing the county b .
ork"t andthetall son of FDR Coness clutching hotly to his idiot than the President, and It Ie be a stau friend
took the n heers ith the famous aed, and everybody applauding seems all he was doing was taking of business, because business is
n, he may have cut ith the f amol n the wings and saying! ney, ain't a little time. Certainly, the record whatha made us great, and busi-
rin, he may hae cut his political t boy done good] of his Congress bears out his of. ness is what keep communism
hroat. Just a few months back they forts. I from being popular, and business
There were AF forces In New were beating his brains out, and The McCarthy hearings were is what has given the money to
York which estillrecalled that i n calling him a weakling, and laugh- certainly disgraceful ana a vast keep a bunch of dependents afloat
the Truman administration, it was ing at his effo ts at home and waste of physical hours, but in ac- outside. Business won us the last
the CIO and Phil Murray, not the abroad, and preaching poverty, trial value a prettier thing couldn't war, Pyrrhic victory or no.
AFL and Bill Green, which could and, in general, approximating a have happened to the country or to I am glad Ike continues to play
come in the side door of the hitegood Harry Truman effort for the Republican Party. Time will golf and is a friend of Bob Jones
comuse in the side oor oe midnight sneer. I remember writing a piece tell, but I believe they almost def- instead of Bill O'Dwyer or Harry
telephone calls to he President on a big ago in which I said I thought initely dismissed McCarthy from Vaughan. Golf is a capitalistic
the private wires I might vote Democrat, next time, serious consideration. I think Ike sport, and we are a capitalist
These AFLpri forces had Influen just so Ike's Republican Congress came out of that episode strong country. I am glad he likes to fish
ial friends high in 1 New York could turn its guns on the oppo- and good and lasting, and the get- and paint. I am still happy about
emocr party. Tgether they tion, and give hoestJegoslation it-over-with geniuses start t4 Mamie *nd her bAngs. -Tre are
feared R, Jrty., as governor ot chance. .. scream and eck at the xstl when a lotof dull teen around him-fine.
the state, r.,coming into the next Bernie Baruch used to say that a man fails to perform a miracle Let the colorful play with the
thDemocr static presidential n nat- there were two kinds of social im. overnight. The Democrats had two Democrats.
n convenmocration with the most pminw. proevrs--people who wanted todo decades to mess up the kitchen.
erful bloc of votes-which would everything overnight and people It takes a little time for the new Ike Is a tough man, a decent
e influenced by the New York who just didn't ever get around to factotum to wash the glasses and man, and I think an intellectually
CI ust enas the Michigan votes it at all. Baruch said he was a un-gum the pots and clean out the honest man% Nor is he operating
are inluencid by Walter Reuther. gradual sort of guy, himself. He icebox. in a nest of thieveL who betray
Thus a new CIO-influenced bloc wanted to do it as soon as it was It seems to me now that Eisen. his confidence, because he is a
would b created which would possible within the grounds of hower is gradually sliding some man of quick wrath, and most of
woe le to decidin who would sense, racticality, and decency. sense back into hs are forces, his bowers don't need public ef.
run for Pr dent of the U.S.-and Ike's en one of those middle- and into his diplomacy, and into fice to fatten their Atpngboxen. P
especially *ho would run for vice- road liberals, so far, but they sure his domestic reforms. He is a still like Ike. He come slow but he
president. This time these Demo- mmered him stiff while he was staunch friend of business, what come real good, and e may be the
crat did not want tobe haunted taking his time. During some pe- old Harry used to call "special best one tun century has seen.
by charges that they were clearing
their nominations with anybody.
So old friends of the father de- .
cided the moment had come to kll

ing on any of their principles. In P I Wht
Averell Harriman, as their choice -
for the New York gubernatorial
spot, they had a gentle millionaire WAAM GTON (NEA) The The line then was that-continuity one good thing about being an in.
with a pro-labor record and a deep 5 the National Citizens for in the conduct of the war should dependent is that you always have
understanding of the danger of E nowe Congressional C o in- not be broken by Swaping horses the unanimous support of your
Moscow militarism. mi 's documentary el section in midstream. It was as e that whole party."
It waa Harriman, as U.S. am. camp igh movie had been chang- worked. -
bassador to Moscow, whoin. a ed. I %% bthe 9ilm which will be Edmund F. Measure, head 'of
private conversation with Gederal Ma b m inthe close congressional Reports from Campu Gondn, Ga, General Services AdministratIon,
Dwight D. Eisenhower not too st this year to convince in-. indicate that the famous Pv. G. which is Uncle Sam's housekeep.
after the war ended, revealed that depe4 s and Democrats that David Schine has shed some of the ing agency, called on hUs wife for
he wis sending home reports warn they uld vote for Republican great humility he exhibited on tel- help during a tour of GOA offices
in that the "honeymoon d mandates just to support the vision during the Ar McCar- in the west. At every stp both
wfth the Soviets were over. ase E t. Title of the picture Is, thy hearings. What his wraks Mr. and Mrs. Masure made ita
was surprised by what Harriman "The TYer of Big Decision." buddies resent particula* is the point to meet personal and shake
had learned in he Russian capk. I thel original version of the way he spends money so estrava- hands with every GUA .employe.
tal. I. movie t re was little direct O- gantly when off the post. The idea went over bg with the
When he returned to America,. U1tieu pitching at the voters., v- Flying all the way to the west employes, who agreed it wasn't
Harriman met repeatedly with la- was on ah gh level of in- coast for a recent leave tdn't sit every day that they had a chance
bor leaders. Once, in an exec ve e al appeal in which the view too well with some of the less for. to meet the big boss from Wash.
session of a Senate committee r ad the pictures and the listener tunate soldiers. ington plus his W After some
which had met to questionhim to the soud track was supposed Officers from the b Georgia the particularly ng handak
before confirming him to a high to* the big idea by Indirectil. militarypolice center fupd W8t ing sessions, Mrs. ?96asre.1 to
post Harriman warned that one 1 the new wind-up, President when P rvate Schine ogt bck oth- soak her hands, but s took this
of his me objectives woud be beewer comes on with the er soldiers threw dirt ad s punishment amnetr, as part of er
to win an labor over to the oei lg statement that "This is bunk to get him in bad at Inspec- husband's jo .
aide of t .5 and, his quaues- ei year." He goes on from tion. 0
n didn' agree with him, be thar to tell about his fear-year U. S. Coma EducA
would prefer niot bd confirmed. po and then makes this dl. Department of Interior's Bureau tion amusel M
SThereseemed t norea=so recoitcal bid: of Indian Affairs ran intot a fumny er Attorne
why any New Yom labor leader "A. er us who believe in the one in connection with t phai
inside the DemoMat party should alam f this program should join gram to liberate thew iMII.-av empha some at be
reet the state tnther to electRepublican sena. wards of the govermet and ive
CI T reckoned ton and co ssmen who will them full citizenship rights. e u I
that the iang.eot eoFrat work effective with leaders of Kiamath tribe,Io to regno, 6 albto aseM
DaIlano 116"000'name 5d the Executive Branch toward the decide what to, de R. ey Ss
wee 00 a. it Hida'tt. Th fufilnlment of- that program. I they sput. Ha 0 the-V w sed poor P"
moms tINdWyee foratie White "You know my friends, It was come "civilised" citizens like o P#.
Sa man we all revere Abraham other Americans. The et e t
S .. a didn't ddet tsl Lincoln whq ons trngly ad. of the tribe voted to remain In. 6= ra alo t sa
____ _vised thdt we must no t cda adins.we a
*- .------ bhorses in the middle of the, i,,ael
,i u A stream." -. Wayne Monm, the O#n0 9 a1nM1 fl
Ineidentally, this was much the Independent, who boasts that -agI
same pitch used y President Rao- caiu a od his ay cae-, ina now
r MW N NDS n'seveW t in his hid for'afourth term. I tolenphone 19 ysa "^9 1MW ,". ,.. t


*4 -

o M h. stew
, ,alStial viewtusautlImihu .

GtP MeAair IN
set an.1 *"*'agamL thU df thaniw

halp. it insito
D frere Miste", thr"iSit n.ny mr
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eo tfewratento, b aathn t ml m o- th ted
s ortha i caeOf l & Einho er and he a ask
who.. lia, lte YOU e"Us

Udty up tW. Pr.a arl Gera
ws Dee
Ca1,%, kpaos a .6

o ltyseetost tr t h~t iNw Y *garment _as
re. of the taxaer' n tohae sneo _a oeseW ok th= m te te
woay be highly nt St o t e U.Air ForeaBe.

Actually the transcrig invols th s wiyaW anaew" r
no militarysenretsi barather this would bd n
usof othe taxpay 'mbaney inc vo n tro r. r M erhl
o.Ieraton wit the U.S. A pays Air Fore.s an A, th butwe
for an nes and any carrier sent tn arran itime r we d a
to ow.AlCaofiney's ertto t taxr via s bleA trn e."
up na thpowmanner n t the hpe e O Mr. P Cater: "The is alenso
S vo a amanal moveateth ent i the Airvy

fsCLoCrne"s m hae osAdmiral Corney: r. y have anrsl
operations wthe s most important cdemy (an AFir Academy) but
Shcordiglyed the etin rio air and ..Sttng good menrt
converapn 6 C& The Britsh it"con-
neompona s Densthe M ir respond an ts maritime air ewpoin the
ibl C ty a's effort and to build Army s get. ting now some of the
upis thea power y t tahepee o the Mr. Pasardi: thin confidence
Paiardi: "Yes, we have that where. Be patient d e would pro-
ADMBAL CARNEY Eoke a d movement *a Air

law nd small Air Force. It pare.", when we have jets,
too small to dividt we." ill b differal Carney: Yes, little by
Admiral Carney: "have one Apt littal Carn make adjustmhey have ans
lof o t h wh r counmost important academy (rstandn Air Aawill tdemy)
service, as studied the que as tipossible, be g of air and hey arehowgettingr what you men

penthe weapons it needs to aeom and then their viewpoint
sb i'i of WArmy and the Nvy. change. light now some of the
They WA have tasks which re- Air t'orce officers are immature in
Ulantml of aircraft. I have their thinking; they would rather
about and told him that Italy administratve work "
is the t country s k s assigndhere to the Mr. Pacciardi: "Lithink we'll
Idea that everything that flies be. succeed, but not with the law, al-
longs to the Air Force, and Italy though we must aead, under NATO
has a law that says so." have the me organization every
Pac ford: p articular t hat where. Be patient and we'll p

Mr. Paciardi: "Thea sma Air Force. It pare"
too small to divide." Admiral Carney: the planes to the... M"Yes little b
Admiral Carney: "No the onceptAir title you can make adjustments
of other countries is thatsseah I understand, and I will tellgn it
service, as far an possible, be giv- eral Elhseower what yon
eforc the weapons it needs to accomn'tsaid "
ss the ts assigned. This Mr. accards completely tr "Little by littlene

effetiveness that ou Nlavy has
rmy and Navytems fm it is just a ques-
tion of uniform.avys need to keepI NDIA
Admiral Carney: "No, the Air Is The StarnofoThi M moth
Force has certain primarrespon-trol ofpectacle
aibiities and always will assign its
forces to its priority jobs. It won't
voluntarily assign forces to their
less a man is completely trained
n the Army and the Navy, he is
not effective. We know that. The
effectiveness that our Navy has
obtained stems from the recognA-
control of its own aircraft, and no
the U.S. Army also has control of

mature question; we have aBLnBf
Air Force, largely obsoletexad'i
when we have more, it should be
possible to have aircraft for -the l'

At this point, Admiral Carney
baldly threatened the Italian de-
fense minister that he would get
no Navy planes unless he changed
the Italian law regarding the sep-
arate Air Force. Furthermore,
Carney took the amazing step of
making the same threat on behalf
of the Army. The conversation I
continued: ,1
Admiral Carney: "There aretwo
factors : I



By Colbroith

-Ir Al



Sa uasMrmanmam
oe ir ort f



WASX iTwrar|.



I[mr 1 'r ^wBt dle.


.'- 'f

raE aNuAs MA A9M A -- aN D]

r *-



o Adenauer

After France s

Takes Electoral

Scuttling Of



'-. -
SM. Germany, Sept. 13 rea in )shi t in NATO "tand the West
.-hancellor Konrad Adenauer's n go government a hes this
Christian DOmocrat c (CPU) c.
party lost ground mharp I, ..tso
first election test since. i' when the two sat down .
rejection of the Iuonpexb Army gether In the Poakt SthaumS-
ian, final return-.a rowed to- bur 9 raMatterof coordl-
sayt Scustnatg detais rather than Eden
The CIU' vote In the 8ehles- putting his wares on the block
wig-Holstein state election yes- and ivk Aenauer a basic
tiner was more than one-third sa les i
less tan the 47.1 per cent it T I
polled here In last yier's nation-'I Theodor Blank, West German
al elections, although the party defense chief who has been draw-
lost one at the state Up plans for a new German
legislature. army, t in on the meeting.
The opposition a Socialists Eden was scheduled" to meet
piee up gie eat--enough the U.S. and Frtnghhigh coa-
to damage Adenauer's reputa- missioners -to Germany before
tion considerably, but not leaving.
enough to run the state If the
present CDU-Refugee Party Informed sources said the Brit-
eoaltlon desires to stay in Ish plan envisaged no-discrimin-
power. nation safeguards bY placing Ger-
The campaign was fought 9i- man forces humer the NATO
most entirely on national and command Ilong With those of the
International issues, with the 14 other nations, forbidding the
CDU pressing for immediate manufacture of certain weapons
German rearmament and the In such strategically exposed a-
Sociallstotalling for further talks areas as Germany and gving NA-
with Itussia on reunification of TO more power over the arma-
Germany before rearming the ments of all its members.
France's defeat of the r- HAT IN THE RING Sen. Irving Ies (R., N.Y.) strikes a happy
mean Army plan, which shat- pose beside a mirror in a New York City hotel after announcing
teed the proposed community s bled Vele d his candidacy for the nomination as state governor.
basis for rearmament of West- lqIo Sa
blow to a ers t i wn pro aWest-
er Inp oew b rElobitfed by k e Panamai Line Tal ado e Says Ike
The CB U polled 384,870 vote
2.s percent of the trama-S o eri s r in otel I Carry Slate
hoi o But te CDU and CINCINNATI, 0., Se t. 13 (UP)
the Refugee Party together re- -A disabled war veteran shot In Solid th
tained a one-vote majority In and killed his estranged wife in
the new legislature. a crowded downtown hotel cafe F. R. Johnson, supply director WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 (UP)
polling officials reported about today and was pounced on mo- of the panama Canal Company -Gov. Herman Talmadge of
70 per cent of the electorate cast mena later by horrified hotel who has been in the States on Georgia said today he doubts
ballots compared with the 88.8 patrons as he attempted to flee. leave o absence for the past few President Eisenhower would car-
per cent that partlelpated in thee weeks, is among the 147 passen- ry a single Southern state if a
1953 federal elections. The small- Mrs. Juanita Coffey, 26, who gers scheduled to sail tomorrow national election, were held this
er turnout was expected to hurt had predicted her marriage from New York on the Panama year.
the Adensuer forces. Would end in tragedy, was fatal- liner cristobal, according to the Talmadge said on the NBC-TV
Political observers regarded ly wounded by three bullets fired advance passenger list. He will "Youth Wants To Know" pro-
returns as a bellwether of how into her head by her husband, be accompanied by Mrs. John- gram that the Republican Party
the scuttling of the EDC, Aden- James Coffey, 35, of Indianapo- son. has "lost considerable strength"
aner's pet project, has affected Its. Also among the passengers in the South since Mr. Eisenhow-
his party's vote-pulling powers. sailing for Cristobal this weei er won four Southern states in
The old Parliament consisted A slightly-built bystander trip- on the Panama liner will be a the 1952 election.
of 26 Christian Democrats, 20 ped Coffey as he attempted to large number of children of He listed the Supreme Court
Socialists, 14 Refugees Party dash through the lobby of the school age. The Cristobal will sail decision outlawing school segre-
members, four of the Danish mi- Sheraton-Gibson Hotel. Coffey from New York with a full pas- action as one of the factors. But
nority, four Free Democrats and was immediately seized by two singer load, but 46 of the pas- e said the administration's farm
one independent, state liquor agents, Stanley Bom- sengers will disembark in Port- program Is an even bigger con-
S The 78-year-old Chancellor has nes and Don Van Horn, who were au-Prince. sideration.
ught untiringly for EDC dur- paying their hotel bill at the The complete advance list of Reaffirming his opposition to
ng the last two years amd suc- cashier's window. passengers booked for Cristobal the segregation ruling, Talmadge
needed in getting it ratified by follows: said "no force whatever cou d
the Bon federal Parliament. He The agents were aided by a Miss Sharon Arendale: Miss compel" admission of Negroes
apparently also convinced a ma- crowd of horrified diners who Lucille E. Aindt Justo Aroseme-. and whites to the ame schools
jtritylof Germans EDO was the had poured from 'the hotel's na; Harold W. 4bcock and son: In Georgia.
best method of rearming Ger- "Sidewalk Cafe," ad swarmed Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bartlett lie said he sees "nothing what- bipebls foreign pol- around the prostrate fUrmnan. and four children; Mr. and Mrs. ever to be gained except trouble
Iy on iats supernational "Euro- Donald J. Bowen and son; Mr. and perhaps bloodshed" ftrom
peand" clauses-rnly to have the Mrs. Coffey, mother of two and Mrs. Paul W. Bramlett and such a move. Any attempt to im-
entire project killed ty the small children, was a waitress in daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Harold plement the ruling. he said.
Frpnch National Assembly. the cafe. Witnesses said she tried Burrows; Mrs. Joan M. Camer- would be "the most dreadful
The Socialists always Aden- to flee when she saw her hus- on; James F. Campbell' Mr. and thing we have known since the
auer's strongest political op- band enter, but that he herded Mrs. Robert W. Chandler and 3 period of reconstruction" after
ponents, have fought the Eu- her into a- cafe supply closet children; Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. ne Civil War.
ropean army plan from its in- where the shooting took place. Clarke and 2 children; Eldon W. Talmadge, who leaves office in
ception. Now that it is dead, Coffey said he told his wife, Coffey; Josephine Con;an; Mr. January, said the new state ad-
the opposition is calling for "'You always told me it would and Mrs. Edward T. Costello; ministration will be "Just as
new four power negotiations end in tragedy and this is it,'" and Mr. and Mrs. Wendell j. strong as I am about the ques-
for the reunification of East Otton and 3 children; tion. He said the vast majority
and West Germany. "'Go ahead and shoot."' he Mr. and Mrs. Amos W. DeRapsof both Neroes and whites In
This state which has more ref- quoted her as saying, "'You don't and daughter; Francis Diamond; Georgia feels the races "ought to
ugees from Communist-held Ger- Gare.' Miss Marie Dresser; Mr. and Mrs. be educated separately."
many than any other ,part of Edward E. Ederl Miss Doris V. He said if the federal govern-
West Germany. "I shot her three times," Cof- Ehrman; Mrs. Maria Ehrmanl meant "attempts to use force" to
Meanwhile-Foreign Secretary fey told officers:. Mr. and Mrs. Evan C. Evans and end segregation "I couldn't he
Anthony' Eden, Britain's travel- 2 children; Mrs. Gertrude Fel- responsible for what would hap-
ing salesmani of a plan to rearm Liquor agents Bomnes and Van ton; Mr. and Mrs. Willard H. pen."'
West Germany in the North At- Horn said they saw Coffee dash Forristall: Mr. ardlMrs. Rudolph Talmadge noted that Georgia
lantic Atllance, lined up the sup- through the door of the cafe. A. Gangle and 5' children; Miss has plans to use qtate funds to
port of Adenauer. "I saw this man running out Mary H. Gray; Mrs. Marcells a. send children to private schools
EdeW*Ibw to Bonn from. of the cafe and somebody yelled, Green; and Philip T. Green; if it becomes necessary. Denying
Brussel% where .an official 'He just shot a girl,' said Born- Mrs. Aurelia Hadarits; Mr. and that he has ever advocated
stateai said he and the for- nes. "I saw him try to pull a gun Mrs. Ernest Hall; Mr. and Mrs. "white supremacy,"', Talmadge
eign awbisters of Belgium, The out of his hip pocket. The gun Eugene E. Hamlin; Mr. and Mrs. said Negroes "have accomplished
Netheslands and Luxembourg fell on the floor when he trip+ Elmer F. Harrison and son; Mrs. more in Georgia than anywhere
reachd."full agreement on the ped. then Don I went after him." Amelia J. Hedman; Miss Vivian else in the world."
aims aS4 methods" of filling The dining room crowd, at Rita Hale Hedman; Leon V.
the vacuum left by the defeat first stunned, swarmed around Helm; Mr. and Mrs. John Hen- Mrs. Walter E. Marek- and
of the European army plan. Coffey, as the agents pinned him derson Jr. and 2 children; Mr. children; Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Le
His sales tour will take him to to the floor, and Mrs. Genaro Hernandez and Roy and son; Mr. and Mrs. Hat-
Rome and to Paris for a show- son: Mrs. Jofin F. E. Hippel: Mr. -ry W. Moist; Ismael A. Olivares;
.down with Premier Pierre Men- Mrs. Coffey was dead on ar- and Mrs. Louis B. Hansen; Mr. Mrs. Carmen C. Ortega;- aInd
des-France. rival at General Hospital. and Mrs. Horace F. Jenner and Mrs. Frances Pril land 2 sons;nd
Adenauer, who already hadi 3 children; Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Mr and Mrs. RoyalJ. Redmond
come out for the British plan,, Charles Miller, chief of the ho- Johnson; and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs.
greeted Eden at Wahn Alrpiort.ltel protection force, said he did Mr. and Mrs. Jacques K. Lally; Carl W. Reynolds and daughter;
The Chancellor had cleared the not even go after Coffey, but Miss Rosemary Lazard; MIss Mrs. Barbara C. Richardson and
way for Eden's visit when he said Isought police help. "I didn't want Helen Lazard* Miss Hynda Less- daughter' Mrs. Mary P. Ridge
in a speech that Britain had the crowd to tear him apart on Iman; Mr. and Mrs. James 0. R. and 2 children; Albert H. Shoe-
chosen West German member- our doorstep." Maguire and 2 children; Mr. and key; Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland .

_ _- I

Soper; Mr. and Mrs. GorIdon .
Theil and son; Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond E. Thompson and 2
children; Wallace E. Thrift and
son; Mrs. Ruth L. Turner; Mrs.
E. Louise Weisselogel and 2 chil-
dren; Mrs. Eleanore Wiese; and
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Yost.

Is The Star of This Mammoth
Spectacle !


' d ~- t -LUX ?=m'

US Food Supply Would Be

Prime Target In Wartime

WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 -(UP)
-If World War III should ever
break out, one of the critical U.S.
tat'gets for enemy bombers and
saboteurs would be our food sup-
Followilg an order by Presi.
dent Elsenhower, the Agriculture
Department today was taking o.
ver responsibility for protecting
crops and livestock with a corps
of some 12,000 state and federal
animal and plant disease experts.
In peace time these scientists
work in fields, laboratories and
slaughterhouses. They i n s p e c t
meat, direct disease quarantine
and inspection programs, a nd
lead campaigns to wipe out di-
seaseS spread by natural means.
In wartime, the veterinarians
and entomologists would have to
cope with another menace-biolo-
gical warfare.
Under the direction of Agricul-
ture Department authorities and
state officials they would be
charged with spotting and curb-
ing artificially-spread outbrekas
that could threaten the nation's
food supply.
The President's order last week
also directed the Agriculture De-
partment to operate two other civ-
t defense pfo&rams mainten.
ance of emergency food reserves
and protection from enemy-caus-
ed fires in rural areas.
No final policy decisions have
been made about the civil defense
food reserve. An official close to
the problem pointed out, howev-

Radio Programs

Your Community Station
(Telephone: 2-308)
Where 100,000 People Meet

Today, Monday, Sept. 13
3:15-Sammy Kaye Show
3:30-Music For Monday
4:00-Feature Review: Story,
U.S.A. (VOA)
4:30-What's Your Favor ite
(Requests-please phone
before 4:00)
5:35---What'S Your Favorite
6:00-Join The Navy (USN)
6:30-.-Melachrino Musicale
6:45--Here's June Christy
7:30-Report From The U.S.A.
8:00-Music BY Roth
8:30-Proudly We Hail (USA
and AF)
9:00-You Asked For It (Re-
quests--please phone be-
ore 8:30)
10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse
11:00-Masterworks From France
11:30--One Night Stand
11: 45Music To Dream By
12:00--Sign Off.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 14
6:00-Sign On The Alarm
Clock Club (Requests -
please phone before 7:00)
7:30-Morning Salon Concert
8:15-Church In The Wildwood
8:30-Musical Reveille
9:00-Baseball Today
9:15-Sacred Heart Program
9:30--As I See It
(Cutex & Odorono)
10:05-Off The Record (Requests.
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11:05-Off The Record (cont'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainer
12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
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1:45-Sclence Survey
2:00-Instrumental Capers
2:15-Singing Americans
2:30-Tex Beneke Show
2:45-Hank Snow And His
Rainbow Ranch-Boys
3:15-Freddy Martin Show
3:30--Music For Tuesday
4:00-Feature Review: Proudly
We Hail (USA and AF)
4:30-What's Your Favorite
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5:35-What's Your Favo ri te
6:00-Here's To Veterans (VA)
6:30-Life With The Lyons
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8:00-Musical Theater (VOA)

8:30-Cavalcade Of Amedica
9:00-You Asked For It (Re-
quests-please phone be-
fore 8:30)
0:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse
11:00-Muie Prom Hotel El
11:15-To be announced
11:30-One Night Stand
21:45-Mus TO Dream By
12:00--Sign Off.

actkilant of "f bob

A--U Air ror
OBH--U Navy .
V4R.afVte Of Anwmer

er, that huge food reserved alrea-
dy exist in the government's sur-
plus stockpiles, accumulated un-.
der the. price support program.
Instead of building a new sepa-
rately-tagged defense f o o d re-
serve stocks and organizing e-
mergency food distribution plans
with the cooperation of local and
state officials and the private food
The emergency fire protection
organization, like the de fense
against biological warfare, is al-
ready in existence. Federal-state.
local cooperative woodland -f i r e
protective services now c o v er
three-quarters of the nation's pub-
lic and private forest lands.
In an emergency, a committee
of federal and state officials would
take over the direction of this and
other fire services, operating a
flexible nation-wide rural fire pro-
tection system.
Farmers would be the first line'
of defense against biological war-
fare. They wbuld report "anything
unusual" to local veterinary au-
thorities or county-farm agents,
an Agriculture Department offi-
cial explained. Experts t h e n
would diagnose the crop or ani-
mal disease and rush help in eli-
minating it if necessary.

Esther Circle
Of Balboa Church
Meets Next Monday

The Esther Circle of Balboa U-
nion Church will meet next Mon-
day at 7:30 p.m. 'at the home of
Mrs. H. V. Howard, Jr., House
6412, Dos Bocas, Los Rios.
Mrs. Daniel Harned will be co-
Mrs. G. H. Davis will present
a program to include movies of
life In Colombia.

New Group For
Music Appreciation
Meets Wednesday
Music Appreciation Night, a
newly reorganized group, will
meet on the first and third
Wednesday of each month at 8:
00 p.m. at the USO-JWB Armed
Forces Service Center in Balboa.
The first meeting of the group
will be this Wednesday. Under
the guidance of Pvt. Sy Donmnitch,
who is stationed at Quarry Heights
and who holds a Bachelor of Arts
degree from the University of
Maryland, the group will study
the background of the various mu-
sical movements through the
ages, note the influence of the
leading composers and will have
the opportunity to listen to record-
The first four sessions will be
devoted to a chronological survey
of symphomec and ore h e s t r a I
works from Bach to Stravinsky.
The first program on the classicist
period will be concerned with
works by Bach, Handel, Haydn,
Mozart and Beethoven.
From the record library of the
USO-JWB Center, the music group
will have the opportunity to listen
to the finest artists and conduct-
ors of our age as well as to the
greatest musical compositions, for
the record collection is a conti-
nually growing one.
The public of Panama and the

This Week's


Berta B. de


H. S. Driscoll

Margaret Martin

Edmund Wozniak

Robed N. Small

Fabio Arosemena

Donald L Reeves

Canal Zone and military person.
nel.and their families are cordial-
ly Invited to join the Music Ap-
preciation Night at the USO-JWB
Armed Forces service Center.
Beta Sgma* PML Meets Tomorrow
In Curundu
The Beta Alpha Clptero o of
Sigma Phi Sorority will hold its
next regyla# meeting tomorrow
evening in the chapter rooms of
the community center in Curun-
Members have been asked to

contact Elener ri

There will, boeam
at the MarigaritaSei

ed at the
Ancon at T p.m. aid tJ
rita Service Center a$t t




$1 OO's worth of goodstf

at the



'.. U-R

DUTY Ca/a ra

I -, s





" 'a l e.t -d meeta,

Distinctively Styled-
Dependable Quality


r Key dica oand He doep,
vaoveblae Miidvflry w In .t.
Chice of round, oval or square
GemAe Snoake Chai. See o
*pleer collection In stbedng
Sver and 1/20-12 Kf.aold FMed.


Miguel Nollo

All Slips
ending in 4 win!


5"7 re nt ri r w C4

JiONAl m iw -,

AD f



iio 'I



MONDAY. 1 TWlBMR Is. eq4

U---- UJU N
'During brzipniber, L,..- coaxial leaving his old stand to go to an
cable tnat carries live television earlier evening hour. And the rea.
wui,oe extended to 17 more cities. son should Interest you, even if
TAree of these Albuquerque,i you don't know Art Ford from a \ .l
N. f., Valley City, N. D., anad hole in the record.
Mancnester, N. H. are in states
tOah are now linked to the. cable! Art says the late-night audience' 4
for Ie first time. taste has changed. They want a -
AS tqe man said, there's no place Jazz now, says e, and Art isn't
to 1d*d. too much of a Jazz p i nner.
'Times, tastes, and disc Jockeys
HI Brown showed a friend from march on.
Minhesota a still photograph of ol. .
of the locations he's using in film. The boys on the staff of Ed Mur.
Ing his new TV series, "His Honor, row's "Person to Person" (CBS.
Homer Bell." It showed a lovely TV) have great fun figuring up
home on a quiet tree-lined street. how much it would cost them to
hire the talent Murrow interviews. o
f'he man from Minnesota wanted At last count, the bill for last sea-
to know were the house was. He son's guests would have been close
gpessed Ohio, maybe, or Minne-, to $2,000,000. All the talent got, ac-
btae. certainly some place in the tually, was a bouquet of roses,
idwest. i They all got roses, that is, ex-
'"Ha," said Hi Brown, "that's in cept for the wife of Secretary of
Okyn." Labor James P. Mitchell. S he
skipped the roses and held out for ou" s.' .. ,
'And the series is being filmed a dozen eggs from Murrow's farm. /foWf ewrP S-. A
ad cuilvely and entirely in Brook. They were delivered, as prom.
lOn, waeae producer irown saysi.sed. party
*e can tand any Madwestern-loo.. I
iug location he wants. Much of 0 t The Larks, a vocal quartet, are,
wu be shot indoors, oi course, 'in doing pretty well these days both
the iusteric arner brothers tu-. on records and in personal appear.
alo-ume site of some of the ear.-ances. So well, in fact, that th DUyer STandS
Wlst movies. *'Ae old place, s8uE leading Lark, Orville Brooks, has
for 15 year, is inm usihess again. p t in an order for a Jaguar. Not
the ordinary, slowpoke model, but
Star ,of the NBC-TV syndicated& a modified job that's rated at 150s'ro A | i'rtm is teaie Lockhart, who 3s mph. FrI I Al -lU l mc
participating in a seanes for tiae I
tirs; trAe in his long and uusHle-I Somebody asked him why he -
alus career. LOCKnar6 says ne'd needed a car that goes 150 mph. "
bien working on nas own idea lor DETROIT, Sept. 13 -(UP)-
a TV series, out wnen ne waso -V "To tell you the truth," Orville [Somebody might get hurt in the
terpd Homes' sell ne dropped m1s said, with a sly grin, "I'm only 1955 automobile market but chanc-
on braichild. __planig to go 120 but may ed are good it won't be the buyer.
S .want to pass somebody... One of the stiffest competitive
S TV TOPPERS battles in the history of an indus.
TV TO.ES try known for its competitive
VEKALLEN that hAurrcane Carol has blown *4,' model.year. That means the buy.
through, ive only one ning to ..era who march into showrooms
ug"-,Muedo .ong "slana, wnerever late this fall will find they're still
YOU ae. in a buyer's market.
you ae.The pickings will be slimmer
than a year ago for buyers who
s the same type of show, want to dri~e a bargain for. 1954
w," Locknart samu. -A ciCt,* model cars. The industry has s
ar y man. Mane wasn't a juage been careful not to get caught
o. erwise it was about Lie with a'big back-log as it did last
Brown and Lockhart hayear.
Brown and Lockhart have But the competition promises to
uppes *or Homer Sell. 'ey be o stiff that deals on new cars
I maine waustc, auumor. stiU should be good.
a gend way, uanina. i 'o Best estimates now are that the
en, me ets ase t an use t ld industry will turn out more than
ar satuse are real sets, wita five million cars again next year.
maurture, ano real doors .l That will be roughly the same as
slammed a ooor Lo demon, this year. This year will be eith-
i. saammea uke a soor. er the third or fourth best in his.-
producer as ecstatic aoout to', depending on what final pro-
uperatlou new's naa from tne d ion .figures. are. ,
a ot srooklyn,. e ays ine i it five llion cars still is a
.an. d re bU'o. o tfietals an i drop of a mfllio from the six mil-
all the residents hate been more lion and more turned out in 1950.
tair-helptul. He thinks te New That frop-off in the market hasl
krea is ideal for making TV 4 hurt the small producers. Ford
,ims--the crews aWt as gooo, tne .. and General Motors have carved
rs ae as good and the acti-. out for themselves more than 80
t is better." per cent of the market.
th Chrysler Corporation, one of the
About the only thing they were industry's big three has watched
worried about was where to eat its share of the market drop from
lpnch in Brooklyn. But they dl. better than 20 per cent to as low
!evered a gooo restaurant run by as 14 per cent or less, but it is
-a man called "Cooky" not far ready to come out swinging with
6Way. Now that NB C's color TV new styles, stronger advertising
u,'io bas moved across the street, and a sharp sales campaign to re-
vooky bids fair to become the gain Its ,old share of the market.
TooIs wor of Flatbush... ... .. The smaller companies,. w ho
THE QUEEN-Lovely Henri- have seen their 20 per cent of the
detrimmdarto leftsteamshafter
Art Ford, for years and years, Lamba left beams after market trimmed to less than five
.. P ppst.-midnight disc jock. being named "Queen ofthe r cent, also are ready to fight
show in New York. There were Riviera," in Nice, France. Con- ack.
S..otalna New Yorkers gratulating her Is Dominque Studebaker, which started turn.
H be sure would happen at Germain of Juan-Les-Pins. ing out its 1955 cars this week,
t-It would get d;ark and Art has merged with Packard and the
ord would come on. Well, he's two are busy revamping dealer


Well, He Asked


Trial Spin


, huh, Mom?"

To Benefit

)bile Fight

set-ups, cutting costs and taking
other steps to get back ihtd the
competitive fight. Studebaker's re-
cent drive to get employes to take
less hourly pay was part of the

Nash and Hudson have com'bin-
ed into American Motors and are
ready to swing out for' a bigger
share of the market.
Kaiser and Willys also are join.
ed together. Reports are circulat-
ing that the small companies
might merge still more later this
year or early next year.
Ford and General Motors Cor-
poration haven't been hurt yet,
and have no intention of getting
hurt either. They'll be fighting the
competition at every turn.
The plans of the automobile
companies now call for waging
the fight by giving the buyer more
for his money not for less mon-
ey. The new cars will have new
designs and-a jot of extrs like
tubeless tires, more powerful en-
gines, power brakes, more
power steering.
But dealers still will have sharp
pencils ready to figure out favor-
able deals for buyers.
There are no signs of any gen-
eral price cuts at the factory lev-
el. But if the ttompetition gets
fierce enough, that could happen





A Good Trick


Enter, the Bride

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Sdl r adio Dalz, Jorge Angell ni Jr., DO you really w i a r A Rto kno

SVitoa and opinions on local, national and yte rrlt aW ct
S Fa Give In October the will visit or Abad, to Benedet, world affairs. nd t
P i Flrt. thepmuseu and re sideciPe ItaandPerceyhNi- ut?
D t t Pa nam The God Neighbor ithe 9 i Alrto, Dicky and There Are Family Problems
Mr. ad Mrs. Otis Baron of Breakfast" which will honor the Patsy Gloria and Car- ggg ygyM gagg v ~ gajiwnrg mumm-. -.-,-^.-_-ij T-..- ar- -' .g a'
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junior year at.aylor Universi twehe pointed as fol t, Merand Aeric oo de la Gurdiaret Long, uxiliryng-crnberry tur Cl u er than to drilonrom day to

ty In Waeo, Texas, and Donald Hispatality: Mrs. Elva Woodruff Lilina de la Guardia,. Tere sit a president, and her active co-work, tll-the consiteoney q$atbeaten egg day and note ven knowing what Y
to enter Us sector year at the U- and Mrs. Georgianna Ori s- and Daniel Aleman, Sharon and era ten us that oven-baked chick. white. Turn into 20 M-cup paper you want out of life.
nlversity' of Tiexs hi Austin, wold replacing ? rs. Helen Harold Phillips, Dianita, Julia E. en, baked haan and gelatin salads cups. And when she says you never
n. rL erciach. lida, Maro and Mariaa Eritrca are dothe fot popular itNDms. e "tnal to her, the uproar bly also
lal ndor ltanid Te mdr, and tephone Com mif er : Mrs.uardi, Guy Canavaggo Jry e o thrbest li men T to Perfctn d means tht youl never clsen to

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tonight at a M arcoty andalce on Sut Zent, Kenneth nd Kathy n poo ine ad of feelib g shut o eut.-
he hamon b etball team Proram Committee: Mrs. Thel- land Caro Vivien and ichal with m and sour cream rto-goodness tterst in what she

frome te Aptllrde- A ttger replacing Mrs. de Janon. John and Richard Hern, ondress ,too perfection salnationalad andt ho to uice I saying.
tmentwho won the USARCA- HarriettGonzales. ugene McGrif, Gary and Lynn rolls5ter or margarine, water- aon jictomato j eTs cruo So don't dismiss .her complaint The All-Steel Bicycle
e tthe museum and telPresidenclP edrtOiablta and PerceyN*I-

e twve m are avng anaMembership: Mrs. Louise Johnan is del Gurdia, Robert, cinnamon an- abe Are l rghtly th e world can a
Tursady toe. Otis Barowt o f Be t son replacing Mrs. Louisne Sthe .Mihel and Shrley DGlori s, An dd ea t tt s, green be"ns a le m mn xpt his we t undean A NTE S
Cundupt. F. Pieigts fiheldan of thpen Good Ndbr of thdear will be losW Ro crarrs rear ish Mladr los .fin1 110. i ^a hl b veA alvesuse ehr a
A il o n Mrs. K lalenP and, e s arleDna Mrs. ae us her gelatin bu y p e 7110 BOLIVAR AVso. COLO 40

eaion ot phies for the smen h eld at toan ards HooC en tran aes d n Aae : Relish Salat juice o sen A DhO tomato she is a wt oneof
at Ft. Amador. Child Care: Mrs. Dorothy Chror Smithr Jon .and Dale Stuewe Ro- (YSdaf erviags) uice; stir until .diUolved. Add
Mrs. Hugh Farewell party of e A beautlu Verian: Mrades. by an, ull Meast uot, Pedro, berry envl Foo n- the d Marnsikets Editor the children. I an really di-

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shorter honoring Mrs. Naom Marie Rie and wrefresh ents d a atse and Wayo e L u ary of he V- wit whoe cranober sauce x stea feeling that
versiies.e wih tle name "Newcomers" on sai Alfredlto and Yoyita Ale enna, a., Volunteer Fire Depart- well. Sprinkle gelatin on cranberryfes in You, you will jump toi

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bsn et trimm edto oy cake, ners and the tme in the u Ine, GCa and Zlae. m e Me are Vmove from uea an sunr ad Srl o i n d to

ladies enjoyed the afternoon. Side of the C. h. who has arriv-tjs Blumberg, Bruce and Garry Ho- c r a sye j sti un tilI d il Str &n ori
2- tI r --- ed from the Stao pr tes within the lupast m. Cesar and da Rennet, d keg d n She wou p lain. keynow and thensl to i
laOn Thursday JoNew Met tors two year inte rew Committee Ch joining thme Grover and Ellen Mathernandey, DiaOl- stir until dissolved. Stir to orplan with you for the tu 0
Sher Newcor ye aalrwere aaUmet at Wsilso n 3-329. Beth Hack n a onito ande avier e a Mgaret Long, auxiliary a.e-cranby mx. e Chi ll un. er than to drift L S fro day I

the Cristabal4 Union Church Thurs- -- .' Leon, Fernandito de I G, 1al .1, 1 *
ty' In WacoiTexhs, a Wd Do .ld MHospitality: Mrs. Elva Woodrusff ia da E s uardia, Tore s I t pr and hser active co-work tl-.the onsis tey q munbeaten egg day and note vyen o what I t

son presiding. By Mrar Barker lond, Rol My and I
tour nes seniorear ae -' arnd Mrs. Georg ianna ri-and Daniel Aleman, Sharon and Guert, u t oven-baked ch n hite. Turn Ito 2 -cup paper you want out of life.
university' 6f. Te p in Austin. wold replacing 1 rs. H e I e n Harold Phillips, Dianita, Julia E- On, baed ham and gelatin salads cups. And when she says you never

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rt oaleherW Tea ir. i T lephone Comrs oi thte ne: rs. GuarEda, Gduycan avaggio Le.aretwo theireat selling men- TomatoPerction Sad means that you never listen to

Mrs. Marine i from Micgan, at a luncheon gove n at the p voli and Pat MeGarragher, Ripuard, U (24. s aervings) her. At east 0 with your whole .,
tonight at a-party, ifld dance W Toni Wldred. Susan and LOrraine Ure War- 1. Ovenbaked chicken, potatoes pou ed mind and with a shr w of honest-s ,R A
than Mrs. Alieon Robinson from Program Committee:turday by M rs. Th el- land, CaRobert and Do hael with mustard and sour reama v e gdne nt in what she

e li ois. Lewis W. Barkerbm Morse Victoria, Nancy Jo ana s Al ti c
TT fsprom t wahe t guest lit dedm Miss Clare Janon, John and Richar H a em, dresps. per fecton salad uarIt -hot olate / ca
CandJefanho who display the Harrett. Gonzalez. ene Mcrlf, Gdarand ynn S orargarine, water.emon jce asnTabasc So don't dismls her complaint The A eel Biy "
imported merchandise available Helen Key, Freeland Hoowell, I raine, Ralph, Jerry, anesd Arvin. ligt l. w n --,ran O

hei n Colon. Jeffany pointed out the A. meapinos, Charles Barton. Clar- jWa rd ls h a cem, Paula and Lyn 2 h, in- tepo at1 rt graed lgty t Hat you nee the herlc o
reat diference in teaspoon inihe q ty of e rs teroa un, Ted, Diana and Tesive h a
Aetiolen special service offi- 'ublelty-Mrs. Leonad DMclirl lPrgi itawe.wesrd ,,R a nny ocolate cake .ecup finely chopped grtee ed chance? .

the merchandise. .. rie B.. alfour, and George C. Ander- sie Bembenek, Annabelle Sa.n-... ... -- o.u1egBtinoiv es., 7110I|4
The party will follow a res nlga rentertacing ed TedMrs. Hedy O'Masta, eda, Bruce and Johnny salad recipes.: rinle lat t t ^

Capt. "Pop" Parker Wednesday Mr. Abedino Zuniga counselor Amparito Rui, Cal, Dicky and
morning. of the Spanish Embassy, who is Bobby Beal, Richard and Linda W N- -
trophes to t leain g Coo o ee olwsendu, oan and liehard Cre Re bi Salad juice to soKten. Add hot tomato
at Ft. Amador. Child Care: Mrs. Dorothy ChromSmith, Jon -and Dale Stuewe Ro- (Yid: 24 Servigs) uice stir until di-ssolved. Adda a
ento Entertains honored recewontly at a dinner giv- Guardia, Chris Mar seeded,3 1-po cans whole cran- mix well Chill until mixture is

Sen by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jonesl and Patricia Croom, Harry. Lau. Two oages, qre adlmn juce Tabasco a l t EYE VIEJU T ,
Mrs. Hugh Fenton of Campo Parliamentarian: M rs9. Louise and Pat Dillon, Mrisol, Ernesto, berry -sucv 3 envelopes tin-the consistency of unbeaten egg you can get yourself ---
Alre entertainFriday arentsEntertain lda -and Marco Fios, Shleflavore gelatin, cups bottled white. Stir in cabbage, celery, o
no1n a a miscellaneous baby r Williamr prize was won y Mrs.andBoixen, Muarhy, Andy R ed on, Cha ranberry jot.e cockta, o cup Ion, green paper and olives.

.Mr. and Mrs. William James to Sawyer, Teresa* and Aminta
LO norng Mrs. N a oP) r BMarie Jr of Curan d u Heigh m e ts Al amora, Patsy and Patty Jone A- sugar. Turn into a 15% x 10 x 2-inch II
of Ancon Chur an hi Lady weresnt served Sunday Betty Ho anbeton, ettha Dust, Alcibiades Put oranges through food chop-shallow baking pan; chill until
Cle armentin cel terpd their 48th S eptember at the Elks Club iand Ramon Mlina, Richard Er- per, using fine blade. Combine adfirm. To serve, cut into squares
used, consisting of a miniaetur en GerBalboa onch cleverly carriedon of utnest Frank, JBarry and Vicky ALACLOCK! S it h i t
bassinet trimmed pink andtry ,biethe "Scool Days" theme in tl e rSchock, Irene, Gregory and Zac CoL E. B. TndRot. Col. R W. PEDERSEN
The same tneme was u as e d table centerpiece. kary Michaelis, Letty L aou ng- i.-- L E2 .....a n.i
througlpout the.__affair. About 20 Any newcomer to the Atlanticblood. Shirley, Alan and Lesli' a los. Luminous and Cluwu

Tladiesenjoyed the afternoon. iof the i Z.f bl ho hn s arrv- Blumberg, Bruce and Garry Ho- A. MINOR G. BLISS
champagne for the small amily traction was an enors birthe past y Romer Yra, enneta Car plain. ART EDITH McALLISTERsell
r New memberstwo years interested In joining the Grover and Ellen Matheney, Di. anywhere else for
troduced Club is asked to call Mrs. Louise ne, Delors and Kay Mary tep- J. CHOLS CA LO
At Newcomers' Club Johnson, tel. 3-395or Mrs..Edna eslUon, Betty Lou Beavers, Mary
he Cristoi Union Church Thurs- Leon, rnandto H al Yvtte T C Be J t A Lu
y afternoon withragettes. Ednail Mll and Teresa James and.- ToEsermmy, Billy, Jamie Wand .
son presiding. togetheratBarker i lond, Rob Myr and
Four new mOeD1441 were into. Mrs. Lela Gift-of Miami, Flori- Gtlberto ,d I Gus -Robert M0RRO"
duced. They wer: d M toMriesa- dai who is the hou e onguest of heriLester, ierry Ann a o c ek Tmi N W A

ralght. A eow weeks laterU, Swith a o Robe r and Mary Duraerson Teodorna, Aris Mrs. George
Ruth Belcher from Weft AmeVin-a,rr of Lo is the honor guest dock, Maryann,B B. ," Mrs my,_-Now
Mrs. Marie Rice from Micigan, at a luncheon given at the Tivoli land Pat MeGarragher -Rihard, -r '
and Mrs. Alice Robinson from II- Guest House Saturday bbyMrs. Genelis, Robert a D o u gIsa D
Tie guest speaker wah s Taa The guest lis t included Miss lare Jean B ar t e c ch, Mick-ul c
Chand Jeffay who dishe acRuth Dier and electionthe Medamescy ey nd SaroThe Wo drousn MElhone, Lo-Repel
imported merchandise Lavalable Helen Kelly, Freeland Hollowel, ralbottne, Ralph, Jerry and Arvintempting, garden freh
in Colon. Jeffany pointed w ut the A. Kapinos, Charles Barton. Clar-a War m, Pau snd e ----- Vebl
great difference in the quality of enft Priest, Walter A. F. Marjo- B r a un, Teddy, Diana and Tes. W
the merchandise.. ie Balfour, and George C. Ander- sie Bembenek, Annabelle S a n-
plans were made for a boat chez, Paulette La Roca, Ruthie
trip from the. Cristobal Y a c h t and Ffanny Adams, Georgie and announ e
Club up the, Chagress River with Mr. Zuniga Entertained Teddy O'Masta, Melida, Bruce and
Capt. "Pop" Parker Wednesday Mr. Abedino Zuniga Counselor Amparito Ruil, Carol, Dicky and
morning., of the Spanish Embassy,. who is'Bobby Beal, Richard and Linda
leaving soon to enter Columbia U-'Li atton, Mariela, and Alberto Meg- W IN
rlims~wbiII Ha=vai Ihonored recently at a dinner giv- Alfredo Luclani, Dorthy, Mary,
o mU I IllD UliVV en by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones. and Patricia Croom, Harry, Lau- in"ihilippine
4Nl NM Parents-Entertaln At Large Party Barbara Lewter, JTane and Rodld
O u u.A1 v Fdr William Bright in iendixen,Mairy Redding, Chariot.F EF
Mr. and Mrs. William James te Sawyer, Terea' and AmInta
LoNm* ,r 135 (0P) SirrBright Jr. of Curundu Heights Alzamora, Rita. and Patty Jone, FREE
Winston chtre i&n his Lady/entertained Sunday afte r n o o n, Isabelita, Milly and Jorge Do-'Y o-
residence at Cbequets. !Ill. Ir, Horacrit. C a,, Lstk er, nfand

party, for tine is c so the4annl-Smounted on a revolving turn-table. ub rieilla an d AlVin weeen, John

Sw o te year, wi8t so Jimmy Candm C0thy Wainio *. l Soup are slowly cooked inm '
In Wthe and Johnny Jansen, Patricia and Obser s ent oth, erfuy The Luxurious Duratx Rugs in the
e mad Outide arcel Michael Hayes, Cathy nd Riech- Mr. and Mts. IPerry Francey seasoned with real hwn carel
th oL watc. wer ard Cs Christina Bates, Ma- entertained Saturday evening at
the bidsroCcteris the iDat U p of the Rainbow.
shoes thtat d math. ria Isabe Kodat, Ciley MceDo- their Colon residence for a small Heinz Vegetable Soup is good for lunch and
nald, Alcides Garcia Correa Jr group of close friends who gter- n year 'troeunrd Yo kno ita good
The bride was so excited the M and Sue Halley, Bobby, Peg- ed to e obrve their dtb.. a year ro You know it 's good
mnlter had to strain forwardto gy and Billy Hall, Charles Kee wedd anniversary. because ttn Lvng Room, Dining R m nd
h her whispered "I do." nan, Patrici, Mary and Joan
WncHUlboom110i04 1 re1pe1na Best, Dina, Norma and Tommy Pamy Cae Address OOm Suites.
In the ones that later G Eduardo Chu, Eillen, Har- Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bird'
wa to hitor. old and Danny Olmstead, Freddy have changed their residence to:
"My marriage wasmuch the and Mike Weade, Did De Cas- the ia Argeatina ii El Canigreo. e
met fortunate ad )qnous event tr, James and Jerry Roberts Maho---gany Period or Modeirnstc.
which happlmed to in theaii m J a a y Vi Mett as terta '
thJrOW aria de oLou- Undo who we use for
whole Of .n r hat ca ma and Rafal Bmila, Amilear Honoring Mr.and MWt. Edgar
i = waoghdes =sie Xvir and LAng el aGeorge Remember There No Dow

!01 SOU Fovor the Two For One Stoe.-t Fvo. Yo r

iffi i&arst N i 1
--; .N .. o

h_ -I = ~ I-LI-~-~--~L~- ~ aaa^-a-ir--nu~lhlc~.~r~-~AI~RLna;*D~p


I- I :- *-

DRJIIA pBRCIADO street n, 1
. iO3B35ON 4UW JuI Avs. A J A.
juMuo Aroaemew Ave and 1 tS.
S182 La Ca Tqumia

FOE5LE:--Admirol rfrigerotor, 9
cu. ft.; new Kenmore gas stove.
reasonable price. 5344-8, Rainbow
City. Tel. 3-1845.
FOR SALE:-60-cycle Thor automro-
tic washing mochine-dishwasher
combination $120; yellow maple
dinette set with chino closet $50.
lort Clayton 3244. __
FOR SALE: Mohogany livirgroomr
set 13-piece) S70; Fr.gidaire, 8-
5 ft. 25-cycle, $60. 603-B, Fort
Cyton., ofter 5 P m.__
FOR SALE: Double Bed $19; Cot
$8.50; Dining Table 4 Chairs $25;
Mahogany Modern Wordrobes $59;
Mahogany DiningroOm Sets from
$65; Metal Desks $39; Mahogany
Settees $2.50; Modern Vanities
with Big Mirror $69. Other Bor-
gains in Use d nd Rebuilt Furniture.
onal Ave. lAuto ow). Phone
14911. We Pay Cash for Your
rd Furniture. Open all day Satur-

SALE -Double bed, chairs, used.
hr.-Zylstra, Panama 2-1481. No.
, Tivoli Ave., Apt. 26.
SALE: 2-year-old Norge gas
ove ard Bendix washer; chaise
Snge large chair. No. 52, Ave-
a Cuba, Apt. No. 1.
SALE -Bargain, leaving: Beauti-
S10. East 45th Street. Phone
'SALE- -4 metal chairs, 4 wood-
SQuartermaster chairs, 1 metal
sk, 1 meto buffet, I mahogany
%r/stools, mahogany dining ta-
" vn chairt. 4 louvers. 4 vene-


12 wL ds YOU CAmNPL aIi "aA xwm.JBS.m '5& P-aaMM,*,, -


CentraJ At*. 1U
No. 3 Lo'.tery Plaza
Fourth of .uly Ave.

O.--.r. A 67

H oreet a

FOR SALE:- Leaving country. 1951
Packard, low mileage, duty paid,
radic, fan, GOODRICH tubeless
tires. Price $1.200. F. ICAZA &
CO., I, Justo Arosemeno Ave.
FOR SALE:- Cheap, Model-A Olds-
mobile-8 sedan, completely over-
hauled, duty paid. Reason: Leav-
ing Isthmus. Rousseau 8-A. Phone
Rodman 3169. _--_
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford V-8 2-door
blue sedan, engine, body and tires
in good condition. Price $575 or
best offer. Call 2-3785 after 5 p.m.
FOR SALE: 1949 Chrysler "New
Yorker" Club Coupe, equipped with
radio, white sidewall tires, nylon
seato covers, Fluid drive, excellent
condition. Price $1000. Call 37-
88-638 after 4:30 p m.; 37-87-
315 till 4:00 p.m. _______
FOR SALE:- 1954 Ford Customline
Six, 7000 miles, Fordomotic $1750.
Call 2-2984, House 0922 Amadoc
FOR SALE:-- 1947 Chevrolet Style-
master 4-door, good condition. Call
Navy 3744 or 3226.
FOR SALE:-1951 MG, new top. new
tires, recently overhauled $850.
Phone Albrook 3223.
Boats & Motors
FOR SALE: 34-ft. Cabin Cruiser,
fully equipped. Phone 84-3244.
GRANT: Everything all right. Come
horme.- I

n blinds <46ft.X2-ft.l. House LE 5 S 0 N M
59. Davis, Diablo. Phone 2- L E S S N S
95- I ENROLL NOW for your Ballroom
'FOR SALE Idance lessons by leaving your name,
phone at Hotel El Panama's desk or
M--t repVl write Box 106 Balboa. Classes will
or' be held for Teen-agers, Married
SA t,E' -- English motorcycle. couples and individuals. We will
Jaorton.' Leaving Isthmus. Apply contact you upon our return.
th Street No. 27. HARNETT & DUNN

soyTour shirt

- on wosg

Sca ignps

in the


and keep it on!

MO.TORS, 1,t


mtl sOld out; a limited
Sauortment of

Czechs To Return
,400 Greeks Home

Agenca InternaL doe FbUioselnUei FAIMACIA ESTADOS, UNIDOS
a Cnmww Avl a149 cnUnl Ave.
Parque Lufevre 7 Street 0 Stt Na a
160 Central Ave. J. co. de Ia Os Ave. No. 41
Visa foapmf4 NM, 36

GET THEM, while they lost, at EL
CORTE INGLES' Annual Sale! Com-
plete suits from $4.95; Pints from
$2. All guaranteed. Low prices on
credit terms. Just say. "Charge It."
tral Avenue.

FOR SALE -Boiler, "Power Master,"
1 5 horse power, automatic. Suitable
for laundry or dry cleaner. Panama
Hospital. %I
FOR SALE: 2-year-old pony, spe-
cially .trained for children, with sad-
dle. Phone 3A4156.
WORKMEN: Grasp This Opportunity!
EL CORTE INGLES' Sale offers
Khaki pants originally sold for $7
at the reduced price of $4.95. Low
prices on credit tErms. Just soy:
"Charge it." EL CORTE INGLES,
No. 73, Central Avenue.
FOR SALE:--Two puppies, fine breed.
9th Street, Parque Lefevre, "Barrio-
do Pancrma America." Familio Va-

WANTED:- Two-bedroom house or
chalet in El Cangrejo or San Fron-
cisco, with ample space. Panama
WANTED:-A forklift in good me-
chanical condition. Apply Casa Cen-
tral, 9126 Bolivar Ave., Phone 414.
Colon or 39 Central Ave., Phone
2-3048, Panama.
Help Wanted
WANTED: Maid to cleon, cook,
sew. Call after four, 33, 46th St.,
Panama 3-5101.
WANTED: Nursemaid and a cook
with experience. Good salary. Apply
Coso Central in front of the post-
office. Col6n, or 39 Central Ave-
nue, Panama.'
WANTED: General house maid.
Must cook. Good pay. 6260, Los
Rios. Apply after 6 p.m. Tuesday.

General Mcaarr


FOSTER'S COTTAGES, ona mile pst
Santo Clara. Low rates. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.
GRAMLICH'S Santa Clara Beach Cot-
tages, modern conveniences, mod-
erote rates. Phone 6-441 or 4-567.
PhIips. Oceanside cottage Santa
Clar. Box 435, Balboo. Phone
Ponoma 3-1877. Cristobol 3-1673.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach Cot-
toges-rockgos, refrigeration, two-
bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.


FOR RENT: Attractive 2-bedroom,
2-bothroom house, completely fur-
nished, for one month, Sept. 15 to
Oct. I 5. Also large patio and bar-
becue. Phone 3-1027. L
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom chalet,
31 st Street No. 24. Phone 3-3084.
FOR RENT:-Modern chalet, 2 bed-
rooms, maid's room, hot water in-
stallation, properly screened and
ventilated, good view Panama Golf
Club, $90 monthly. Miguel Hive,
Phone 3-4844.
FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom chalet in
Biella Vista. Phone 3-1713.
FOR RENT:-Chalet with two bed-
rooms and hot water, unfurnish-
ed. Phone 2-3035.

ATTENTION G. I. Just built modem
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot. cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish
ed 2 & 4-bedroom apartments.
C o n t a c t Alhambra Apartments,
10th Street. Phone 1386, Colon.
FOR PJENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details call
Zubieta: 3-1802. 3-3337.
FOR RENT:- 1-bedroom apartment.
new. No. 96, Via Btlisario Porrms &
18th Street, Son Francisco. Phone
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment, 2 baths, maid's room, ga-
rage. Bella Vista, 44th Street No.
32, Apt. 4. Phone 3-0815.

ATHENS, Sept. 13 (UP) FOR RENT: Furnished apartment, The
Caechoslovakia will return 400 V- o Vn llll two bedrooms, for two couples, $85. the
,greeks to their homeland on Bella Vista. Phone 3-1648. wond
Sept. 27, it was learned here to- n ans ..n .a F RENT The
hday. w1e In Latin America FOR The
The 400 are Greeks who were both
taken earlier during Greece's Maj. Gen. Lionel C. McGarr, Rooms Footb
civil war and sent into Commun- Commanding General, U. S. Ar-:-- night
ist countries. my Caribbean, will make his, FOR RENT:-Furnished room, kitch- scalp<
Meanwhile. tal Iks between second of a series of visits to en, gas, refrigerator. 31st Street at I
Greece and Bulgarian Red Cross United Army Military Missions' Est No. 9, neor La Piscina. Greer
organizations were under way, in Latin America when he en- FOR RENT:-Nicely furnished bed- the b
for the return of "several thou- planes for Colombia and Ecua- room, couple without children or yards
sand"-Greek children. dor today, gentleman; kitchen privilege. Coll up an
S2 -5265 retu
FOR SA.EThe Army Military Missions in g- l'nkt p Call
FOR SALE Central and South American Ben
New PHuILIPINE RATTAN countries are under the direction Mys. er L..Shrouds lone
New PHILIPPINE RATTAN of the- Commanding General, 'mIyST ry arOUGS 25 ya
IIIX FURNITIRE USARCAR In order to become (Continued from Pae 1) quar
-l Kldh I acquainted with the local opera- (Continued ro Pae 1)
We guarantee our prices are tions and' personnel. McGarr colony of Macao. At.
at least 25% less than any !plans to visit Pll Missions as ra- Flying a U.S. flag, the 42.foot Eagle
other, and no.r quality the pidly as possible, steel.bottomed yacht was seized nothi
best. by a Chibese Communist gunboat Walst
i Come and visit us at our I The general will explane from off the tip of Lantao Island due point
ONLY store located at Auto- IAlbrook Air Force Base today for west of Hong Kong on the way to Passn
mn1l's Pow No. ?8. Bogots, Colombia. He will leave Macao. and k
PAN-AMER o AN Bogota Wednesday for QuLo, E-|
PAN-A31FRICAN :..~h 11 ...

5eo. F. Novey,Inc.'I
Central Ave. 279
Tel. 3-0140

Deo. A. and L. ORILLAC
(Palmer Graduatel)
S andS -p.m .
Saturday: S 12 noon.
IS V e Avemue TeL S-13l
(1 block trm Lux Theatre)

ackemn Shippersm
Tes.: 3-2$6 2-2451-

We print all knlad of Sport Shirts
and Badges Slga.
Colon ral.
Excellent Mimeograph Work!
1C St. East, No. 6 Tel. 2-4Ta

Sports Briefs


SChicago Cardinals and
Washington Redskins are
ring what. hit them,
Cards. and the Redskins
got trounced in National
all League exhibitions last
. The Green Bay packers
ed the Redskins, 31 to 3,
Raleigh, North Carolina.
Bay's Al Carmichael was
big star. He streaked 95
for one touchdown and set
another with 50 yard punt
n Againalan registered.the
score for Washington with a
rd field goal In the second
St. Louis, the Philadelphia
es dealt the Cards a 30 to
ng pasting. End Bobby
ton scored 18 of those
s. Walston scored twice otn
plays, converted three times
kicked one field goal.

cuanor, where e will remain While the precise position of
INDUSTRIES, S.A. until Frdiay before returning to the seizure was uncertain, the U. GOLF
S Tel.: S-13 his headquarters at Ft. Amador. S. State Department reported a
LUX VENETIAN BLINDS few days later the cons general Defending champion Mary
------in Hong Kong had reported the Lena Faulk has her eye on the
N-tinl is t Blows yeacht was seized while "apparent international entries in the
a tlona Sly in waters-ordinarily considered Women's National Amateur gqlf
(Continued fro 1 international." championship.
(Continued from Pais- 1)
tive with Dulles, Atty. Gen. Her- The consul general reported the The match play tourney starts
bert Brownell Jr., FBI Director J. craft was taken to the Commnu- tomorrow at Sewickley, Penn-
Edgar Hoover and the National nist-held Lapsapmei Island group sylvania. And Miss Faulk says
Security Council were expected to five miles southwest of Hong rm her international r s.mtit
produce momentous decision for Kong. her nte tiol t
combatting Red threats. She Includes the two-time Brt-
American correspondents in Ko- Ish title-holder, Frances Steph-
Dulles reported to the President rea and Japan repeatedly peti- ens.
and the National Security Council tioned Communist Chinese offi-
on the SEATO pact just conclud- cials for information on the mis- The British golfer flattered
ed in Manila and the worsening sing Americans, and their release. by Miss Faulk's respect re-
crisis in the Far East. turns the compliment. She says
SThe S.S. State Department in- -"I think Miss Faulk has a good
The secretary of state headed tervened, and their fate was chance of retaining her title."
Sthe U. S. delegation to the Manila discussed at the recent Far East- But Miss Stephens adds -"In
negotiations. Later he visited Gen- ern conference in Geneva. championship play, anything
eralissiio Chiag Ka|-s h e k on can happen."
Formbsa and held'toplevel con- Immediately after the Ameri-
S* ferences in Tokyo before flying cans disappeared, the U n i t ed All told. a-field of 145 lady
hee .to report to the Pres, ent States asked Great Britain to golfers will compete over the
S and the Security Council. seek their release. Britain main- par-75, si -thousand yard course
tains diplomatic relations with at the Alleghany Country Club.
S1Among other things, the ehief Peiping, the United States does
--- executive's talk with the secreta- not.
ry of state was expected to in-i ATURF
elude the new Quemoy crisis. His A State Department statement
conference with Hoover was ex- denounced the action of the Chi-! A 16-year-old stable h a n d
pected to focus on activation of nese as "unwarranted" and said named Frank Coe is the big hero
new anti-Communist legisla t i o n "points up the fact" that more at Hawthorne Race Track In Cl-
passed by the 83r Congress. than a score of other Americans cero, Illinois.
It was the first time the NSC. were in prison in China. Britain
i l m ,whose members Include Cabinet 'passed on the U.S. protest, but A fast-breaking fire swept
S on S Dilemma officers and key defense officials, nothing happened. through the stables last night,
ever had met outside the nation's but Coe dashed into one barn to
capital. Dixon was an INS correspondent lead six horses to safety. Twen-
in Korea during the war. ty-nine other horses weren't as
Uaf's peakets had ao jv Besides the President, who Is Krasner was on the run to Mur- fortunate. The horses worth
chairman of the group, members mansk in the war, and ran the $200,006- died in the flames. A-
gage of the Security Council are Vice Chinese Nationalist blockade in- among the horses killed was "Run
President Richard M. Nixon; De- to China ports for a commercial Red Run," valued at $27.500.
Fw -ase mameu l ewas ptafg! fense Secretary Charles E.. Wil. shipping line after the war.
son; Secretary of the Treasury --
tMth aI P. A Waat d be George Humophery; Adm. Arthur Applegate. who served in the:
W. Radford, chairman of the joint U.S. Navy during te war. join- BOXING
chiefs of staff; Dr. Arthur S. ed the United Preds I Portland,
t a i..J e* --s a Ii Flemming, director of the Office Ore., in IMS. He served in ev- German heavyweight Heinl
of Defense Mobiliatio, and Har-teral Far Eastem bureaus a a Neuhaus scored an upset win
S.. Stam foreign operations went to Korea early in 1151. over seventh-ranked Dan Buc-
Sdirtor. cernol of Philadelphia.
i. .. !He left the United Press after I Some 12.000 fans in Dort-
Also on aand were Adm. Lewis more than a year and a half ad mund. Germany, watched Neu..
-.Stralss, chairman of the AtomicI war correspondent to take his haus the 10th-ranked heavy
lEnery Commission; Row I and yerht on a world cruise. He hadl box his way to a 10-round
Tl ughes, bZen t director, nd Al- been broadcastin from H o n g decision. The German weighed
le, Dules, te. CeatralKo for NBC compUg ; in at 213 pounds while Bueanrgi
S- -, m- |w an the ahk hit 197 and Lhree-quart-
.. >. m

When Peter Grace, grandsn
of the founder, became president
In 1W45 at the age of 31, a-dyna-
mic expansion rram was Ini-
tiated which nbt only enlarged
the company but also transform-
ed the nature of its operation.
While the company,' Investment
in transportation stayed fairly
static at something over $40 mll-
lion, its present investment in
South America ($60 million) is
double what It was in 1945, and
over $70 million has been put in-
to chemical and fertilizer activ-
ities, formerly a Ininor factor in
the company's operations. Chas.
E. Wilson, one-time president of
General Electric and head of the|
U.S. Defense Mobilization Board,
is in charge of the chemical pro-
principal investments in Latin
America are in basic industries
(such as textiles, coffee and
sugar) In (olombia, Peru and
Chile. Collateral sales and dis-
tribution agencies handle prod-
ucts of these industries as well
as imports of Grace products
Wad, those Of other U. a. com-
,panies. While exchange and oth-
er business problems are present,
these Latin American operations
fhow a good profit and also pro-
Wi.le business fo the Grace Na-
tonal Bank and other Grace
commercial Interests.
With tiet exception of 1909 and
1933, common dividends have
been paid annually since' 1899.
The current dividend rate is $1.-
60, and this was supplemented
by a $.15 extra last year. Earn-
Ings for the past ten years have
averaged 4.31 a share and a-
mounted to $3.61 in 1953. So far,
the substantial chemical In-
vestment has contributed rela-
tively little to earnings. Profits
from now on, however, should
benefit from the recent merger
with Davison Chemical and from
the fact that the Grace Chemi-
cal Company's first plant, a *2
million installation In Memphis,
Tennessee Is nearing comple-
PFor the lon -term Investor, the
stock of W. Grace and Co.
(currently selling at abput $39%
on the N.Y. Stock Exchange) ap-
pears to offer extraordinary geo-
graphical and industrial diver-
sification as well as a promising
growth potential resulting from
its current expansion program.

Chinese Reds

Talk Trade With

West ermany

BERLIN. Sept. 13 (UP) The'
Chinese Communist trade mis-
sion In East Germany said today
China is seeking to Imoort heavy
Industrial equipment from West
Germanny in return for Chinese
agricultural products.
The Chinese offer to trade
with West Germany followed an
invitation sent West German
businessmen earlier this month
to visit Peking for trade talks
with the Chinese government.
West German business re-
presentatives and members of
the Chinese trade mission In the
Soviet zone also met recently to
discuss trade posdibilitles, the
East German radio reported. ,
The report said China Was
seeking to import heavy indus-
trial products, machines, chem-
icals and other unidentified
goods. It offered to pay for the
imports with Chinese agricultu-
ral goods including meat, BOy-
beans, slk and oils.
.----- .-

Requiem Mass. ,
For Rupert Roger"
Tomorrow Mor ing
A requiem mass for Rupert
Rogers, who was drowned INt
week in the Pacora River, will
be held at the Temple Raphael,
Old Catholic Ch tomorrow
at 6 a.m.

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TiM.Creature irtS
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Plus: "WRIkIng My
Baby Baesk ekmM


Mark Stevens. in
Plus: -
Barry Sullivan, in

I3:5. 2:u0, 4:35. :4w5,


(Italian Dateoes)

i A A

Furious Love in

I lonnls


ORIVE-lK Theatre


8MASH -DOUBLE 6.60 & 0.30
Vincent PRICE. in


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with Charlton Heston
"Flight To Tangier"
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0.35 20
Anthony Qutn, In"
Barbara Stanwyck
George Sanders, in -

..... .CrnA The FieryGyy 8 Million Allergic Children Are Born, Not Mad
I1.N Dancer, Debuts On Friday 17
At The Presidente Theatre NEW YORK (Ne A) Does should avoid "ood binge."
vour child frequently have a should also avoid eggs, and limit
inning or stuffed up nose? Does her milk diet. These may caned
AMOVIES TV RADIO 0 cough, wheeze, sneeze, breathe the sensitization of newborn -
ard? These may be the tell-tale fans to certain foods. Her diet
by Erlkn4t aJnd Lign of allergy. For one out of should be greatly varied,w t
every eliht children under 14 unusual or esoteric food
.uffers fromone or more aller- out.
HOLLYW D (NEA) Be- medium before, her' debut next gies. Or 8,000,000 altogether.Dr. Swart recommends break
bi p blhe to th o udette O etashing chom may be fleetingwherever possible, a
tesrs Il -in l ovare wthe tace stkoef! f or T0 a another horkn at first and ard to detect. But, 41c o ik
some uW I who have in a Ford .Theter telefilm, Lady left untreated t n a n e

someid str oroany i sse, a th ema n o says, has seven times as m an

*bheRRYe n EIsl, bedow am aeop oe dog store rs h oram hearVget W rone o er o par i"_rently causesnaeoes are sr- i --
oder'ir zaon ethTt Va sen De n s g trom TV. mnr paveie or there's rea history, say, involving
oto.Taste-ma in the family, the out-td a
Ma t ite si om o new erSAllen's hoes o look is much worr syste m of. .
lThercode is slated for some re- e sponsor. the body and leading to innu-o ua nc od |.es a 1

v ion nexthmo nth but the l I nes meDr. Harry Swarts, New York. AH-H-H-H-H-H-H The simple rashes and colds of babyhoodr
ar far from # e expected afterlA Aert Payson Terhune e a allergist, comes to these conclu
Se Mont Is fBilue i eame a ,u tr g to kres headed for the TV It on e o r bot h parents are ald". -
Sdustry's on.standing set of mior- tro the TV ameras.' ... C or there's a history, say, of
I ofU ralt i asthma in the family, the out-

nation,er scinuling and narcoto s Leo Gild:
warc helo and damne asking $300,000 for her services inr Children only make a habit of k a c"
Sthat th e deI s Blue" remain the independent flicker she's ta discuss. g our shortcomings with A Cinderella tory with a
toeaned lst i allowed to make between commit- other people when they know they new-romantic lan
h sleeas n m -me to Paramount and Asso can't discuss them with us into fulblown hve or ay fever. CH--O-O-O! -with

We told you wrevisio eeks ago that o ated Btisth aThus, te e ier people are not OLANDE DONAN
Guy Mitchell d Jackiie Lou- our problem. Our problem isr ands and passed on also by some rep- Respiratory tract reaction DICK BOOARDn
nery, whose divorce is said, wilot yet 'I'm still howling about Daily Thour refusal to acknowledge shortwo utanble physicians. They are thaThse ar th current ods
fitial, were coong up a rn mil- anety's re rt of a foursomilm.e of mings. Somehow we he allergy is o outgrow; and chil- with -Or without foer, disappear-
eationg. Hs g andere a ote r Texahs g a Hollywood cout t our youngster that in any dren can be too young to be A ng in 24 to 48 hours. They may
Guy, and use aking t aste, Jc or words club. As they reads agents are td t co e ld nre
gikeu he rlg and men creer paof on oil m n akiwtor ter services in tate.b tu c o l s he u nsa f- T U SD

i.Me tphe Tiamn e.ove itiare k of s toe oaeld ean keled a s othe Alwaysdre overseverityt o wa Nothin ait farther from med- quency makes threm noteworthy. I
ot rdsti in loe wtk y acd." ctakes wh d tbey insered anothr Auances, we must be the Always cal truth, says Dr. Swartz. ThoPe Nasal stuffiness. occasional --
-a- I-e made her a proposlte." casually: sual bet w arleas Right Person and he the Always simple, itchy rashes oa baby- sneezing. cohs tant sniffling. Rub- Fiery live Fiery Advente't e
........ -oea or ee rale betaann D iane WroIeeng olne hood, those attacks of colic anbing the nose may be a habit
SomY andis, t o i thwe- athe a e other people when they ko th ecurent "colds" easily turn yn-spam; could be sinican
lar atani s g oa. p i. he s t to t an sso can't discussothem with usNto full-blown eczema, hives, pasmodic hoarse coughs with wih A
Gar sasiate .a Lprder no Dean complete genial Gy dancer the world has ever ice, m. )r stomach an d intestinal upsets, sore throw L and difficult breath-1 LI f ULAN
ry, w hose divorce is not ye known; herstil al ht is un e,owing ab and it out Daily ds with her brilliant perso-ur refu bronchiut is, hay fever andhe ath-g. W heezy recurrent "coing.
hflit ion sere eav fote .oi ety 'ep a alityscmnero m.oe iohhow we have con r- t ece ma outgrown;Eye reactions. Redne ndchi-ss i er es u app
c temper ed our youngster that in anyrThe consequences too youngld btoe ds; n 24 to 4earn of the eyes, ac-
y, who e th a b they readiedhe r show is just a big splashing fiesta of glorious color exotic true colds. Their unusual
S It's been a see-saw romance CARBONDALEv Ill. (UP) movements and fast tempo. Carmen Amaya makes her debut in INDIA well as the future health of the matting of the lids.
between Dan Dailey and Gwen The term esucke nowadays caan PanamA at the beautiful Presidente Theatre on Friday the 7th. Is The wtaser This Maamoth growing youngster. Yet few par- Head reactions.C plaints o.
give up'Connor but Dans friends are mean a fishbone lollipop, unwanted Ths aA theatria l pte tat nobody should miss. Advt SpectaceNothings farther fo ed- zzeny makes them otewor -
betting it's far more ous tha shoot es plant oe.ep al pa- es, we must be the Alwayscal truth, says Dr. Swartz. T Nasal stuffiness occul
he admits. .o .e d o newos i iotrn but it oac ieas t popular Iileadpo pnt ae s tDru reaotios. th he o Ir oulfa r
Sfilmusical fans: ifty' song-a ae for stern Ill Right Person and he the Awaysimple, itchy rahes of baby- sneezing, constant sniffling.
dance e pictures are sche4lded for re osidens Wrong one. hood, those attacks of colic andbng the nose may be a bIt
the 19- movie season. John Allen, acrent "colds" easily turn In- pasm; could be sign
loijaundice, is collecting theIy s in the e r mAmayI Irritabilty. e move- s without doubt the most, magnificent, the eifhra ewawews, NEA Sero ull-blown ezenaThey are warning ase ougnals, how-
yoers znest g ag presents Deanis wi i ot the lete and genial ypib, dancer the world has ever ice, .) stomach and intestinal ucr-psever, wh ich should alert parents
warm to hot but there's a "Nois- and the.residents resented their her art Is unique, and it blends with her brilliant person- bronchitis, hay fever and asth-ling. Wheezy breathing.
iest" label on thfie Maureen o '- nickname. Allen gives three ver- her fiery red-hot dances.
hreouge Nade 1h CMYs o. the oiLopoldStokowsknsaod:t"She's got the devil In her body.,', ed see e cmoul o Eyereactions s bRednest ys a

ar o Nd 1he in oto be on the run all the time. todhurdles; writes Dr. Swartz. mny
laundry. eBecameSucke bsameAmayais all fire and temper, rhythmrand accentand FABULOUS!... MYSTIC... damaging to the personality auscompanled by ruTbing; ebeln im

romantic in U's. hLady Godiva Early settlers t his area grew BY MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE LET'S not go foro anyu silly ac- start il

down with metal costume jewelry to get rid of suckers, or unwanted BETTY F, 15, has developed Instead, let Mrs F look at her- reactions. c p at
plate suit with chDn Dain mailey and Gwen Therim Many of the settluckers nowadays can Pana atere thare beautiful Presidery nt Cle Theatre's a idcusaton If she the first day of life; welts. r-due an.
miO'Connors. S but Dan's friendsrr: e meand fish, lollipop, unwanted the gument s a thea h as with her motherllt knew herself not to be overms. Adtrict to minor injuries. unusually Actually, the prevention o-
grab Mareen and say, tobacco shoots. Then, when her niece has arriv- toward Bett, would it bother her large swellings from ordinary n- gram should begin before birth.
betting it farling, come fly with me," Anotnher theory Is that during a ed at her l p-ouse, Aunt Clare calls She'd laugh a it. Why can't she sect bites. Insignificant rashe Ideally, allergic should not mar-
Sthe headmits meeting .w .two peo carried long sections of arIs overstrchct with Betty? appear with teeth. Scratching or cedes this is harsh advice.r
hot rodfilmusical fans: Fiftyar." ng- ane which they instherted llinto Always, Aunt Clare seizes her cubbingr Swartz offers the skin. Unusual red "com- Pregnant mothers, pdinarticulay e xp
crawfish hothe 1954-55 movie seson. John Allens to get water. Allen chance on these occasions to c I think she is. ness of the cheeks and a circle those with are not Infallergic rlescord
Danny Thomas brother, Pau s inclined to distorian, says the theor ticize her sisterin-laws overI of pallor ritabiliout the ractlips, which teheyes, but a lso i all others,
Movie love scenes range from was widely used in the earl les he stritness' toward Betty and con The possibility that we haveet the b o
aom tht b the ren seN has studied weren't straight trast it with her own sympathy made a mistake in our treatment ang bto r no apparent -lto keep a close watch.
ean assot"late producer on Danny's The theory Allen beieves most three ver Gas turned sleep. Larontestinal reactions. Re- ventionIs beset by mA y
aGgsouthern llino s went to the Gale nothing about this situation,"to be on the run all mand we make upon ourselves ac- bout the lips or in the mouth rdles writes Dr. Swrtz. r
rOLLYWOOD'S In U alk's.Lng About: na arlyea to work in ltead mines in writeswBY Mrs. F. 'I am seriously counts not g for the ani we feel when loa-oste bowels coagainstiparentiounscalable. There can be no or -
home screens as the hureer'o of e fall. The migrat miners would ar see her a What do you t ink suffer from need tori appearendTshry tandteaersonohgsIna vtea
"Jdow n wit h metal costume jewelry to get rid of suckers, or unwanted This idea? This woman'sdeveloped in- an Always Right Pers on, we. F. ook at her- taSkin foods or refusal to eat atses But s)ecfic stps a
and Nade r wears a theavyters. tim e that the fish sapknown asthe strength. lan annoying habit. She runs ce.." don't get too angry at people liked all.
plate suig thep," with chain mail trim- Ms began moving up t htl e Mississip folher Aunt Ciare with every ar-lAunt Clare.s ausationIfshem the first day of lifeweltsdue
miBogart an d Lauren Bacall, mak. pr: and river to spawn g ground s and Wise animals pursued by ar mother knew herself not to be overstri-t to minor injuries. unusually Actually. the preventionn-
Ing comeback as a Warneen re. ndSa they soon became associated. ter do not harge him. Thec e hs arr toward Betty, would it bother here us of mis large swellings from ordinary In- ra should begin before b
issueQY Daring, theyome fly with me," Another theory s that during are, the morus e Cskillful they 'd laugh a it. Why can', we jst say, sect bites. Insignificant rshe Ideally, allergs should not
the ulting s d effects resem period of drought In the area the h evading him and his s traps. "So Betty has told youa that I amshe that come and go; rashes that ry, says the author, who
eThornton Wild- r's answer to the peopan't Mrs. F. selethat forbid- carried long sections ofi overstrict? That is interesting of I appear with teeth. Scratching or cedes this is harsh advice.
hot rods i n a kd n yardng f." cane which they inserted into Always, Aunt Clarse her eaun i t eso ea L nre sh
hav ." unOrwentana dec-because all the crawfish holeshe i strictness' toward Ba t te han The possibility that we have; may be taken for the bloom oa

ve to a d surgeons sweahsstudied erentstrIght trast it with her owm de a mistake in our treatment health but actuallyAB RDEEN PROVI precede aNG
ssocate ucer on Danns Teteory Alenl eves mos,

--- uk wiv, u--' r --It Wasnt b
"That's My Boy." CBS-TV comr in the field manual, but the cor.
edy series, switching from live to poraf decided the time had come
film. for improvising.
1 The time was 2 a.m. at the Let-
That "Need a Jeeces:" em- terkenny Ordnance Depot where
ployment advertisement in a mov-; a group of Aberdeen Proving
Sti'ade paper. The young fellow Ground ROTC cadets were train.
asking for work as valet,, dmauf- ing.
fear and houseboy described him-I Company C was'changing guard
self as 'asmaing, Insolent, Intel- and began marching over some
igst asd lneszerlesed." metal runway strips-an opera.
S tion which set up a loud clatter.
GINGER ROGERS's. n b illed The corporal halted the guard,
visits to Hollywood TV studios as I and realizing the hour, command.
an "observer." She's studying the ed, "Tipto--March!"

BALBOA 6:15 8:20 IABLO rs. 6:15 7:45
o Dennms PRIC


T..r Nato Y4 ,m lw "
Two ColM.04

"TIe Great Adventure"
CRISTOBAL 6:15 :40
Aur-Ciwmw .



I PRICES: 0.60 & 0.30
IL Maus

AGA TA O r OMO.A e wadt a GAY
MAG. JA "Mr. Potts Goes To Moscow"

A UOCA 8:35 PARAIO 4:U S*:31
*HOu~I~~ND "s M Always hw TwimW"

I O X '' mmw bi.. War

all day long. with
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* li




izavorites Prevail In Mido Mu-li

t 3rdRound

u.t i -. i p f.i- .. .. .


Semifinal Scheduled

For Coming Weekend

The third round of the Mido Multifort golf tour-
"nxament was completed at the Brazos Brook Country
"'Club yesterday with the results turning out more-
Or-less as expected.

5-Dr. Vern Prier and Joe Ken-
* ay caused somewhat of a sur-
.rise by overwhelming the high-
'* rated team of Anibal Galindo
"*nd Hferbert Toledano by a score
of 5 and 4.
Eddfe Eder Jr. and Frank Wil-
Ag bt had three birdies in their

steady round which was suffi-
cient to overcome Cliff Maduro
and Oil Morland 3 and 2.
Jim Hoverson and Elwood
Compton experienced no diffi-
culty in disposing of the Mal.
Murry-Jimmv Raymond combi-
nation 5 and 4. The winners of
this match are considered by
many to have the best chance of

na Syra se ,winning the -tournament but
V fiUu SyrCSCO they are bound to find stiff com-
petition from several good teams
la f r 4h which include long-hitting Capt.
I r Bill Allen and Fred Meisinger.
Here is the draw for the semi-
Bae In Int L final matches featured for the
ace In I0l. Loop coming weekend: MEET CHARLES ABERNATHY
WMW YORK, Sept 13 (UP) Williams-Eder vs. Allen-Mel- -Hes one ol e pandrticipan
SCuban Sugar Kings and the si-er. Hoverson class to be held tomorrow ai
ytacuse Chiefs, who came Kenway-Prr vs. Hoverson 30 p.m. ass to beheld autiful Ho-
ough with clutch victories in Compton. 4:3 pm Panama swimming pool.
last day of, the re ular sea-- Anyone interested in aquao-
Syesterday, will clo th tonight Anyone interested in aqua-
f yesterday, will aclaofh tf for h T lung or skin diving is invited.
t Syrplacuse in the teyoff for na In he There is no admission charge.
o41th place the .ternaton- The class is sponsored by Aber-
Seague. nathy's Sporting Goods Store.
The Sugar Kinrs gained the I tter D X ---
ith in the playoff by trouncing p L t 1 ?
at hester. 12-2. in asin s le game Internati n
Elle Syracuse held up under i l aUo
r sure twice to sweeo a dou- Sports Editor:
6,a4-2..apd:t-1l*. t An occurrence took place at Loop Irla
other i rmes Sunlday. tel Ft. Kobbe last week which weLoopllStandings
eant-wilnnin 'Trortn Maple believe to be worthy of note. .
?fN swent hOlh enrs of p twin As we all know, the Fort Kob-
It from Plthr'onr' hv IfentieW be five has been "entertaining" L pt.
es of 4-1, and the second- the team from Puerto Rico to Tem 7 0
'e otr l Rovalt hounced decide which will be the USAR- Toronto ...........7 57 .630
0k' tnn t Mo -0"oOf CARHTS basketball clqmps. it el'r. .... t... 66 571
'e ob*e~e r fro 1uff slo. Many of the men here in the Rochste ......... 8 6 .558
0, after l flng the Opener, command make tboheir home ilavana ........ 78 76 .506
4+he Antilles Thus, it is not odd Syracuse ..........78 76 .06
1 hat many of them favor the Buffal-......... 71 83 .4 1
0ontreal tro-petne rero team. Richmond".........80 94 .390
theater .t witn e fh in th After having been marched Ottawa .......... 58 96 .377
"ea of fhe temi-fnal down to the gymnaslum in uni-
Sin the playoffs to ow rm. wearing ties, an attempt YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
A t. .So ....ded 18Pimed towards -regimented en-
The SIcur tnR t 0tio 18 t, husaism, two men who rooted. (First Game)
ts. Including a pair of two-rmaln for Tortuzuero were reduced in'Buffalo 120 000 000-3 9 0
taber Pedoro Formns. in ,rank for "uniform violation." Montreal 000 000 000-0 4 0
nt Rochester.aM Jin Mpe- Lary and Lakeman; Roebuci.
l-went the ri.trln, e to win A Dissillusloned Fabbro (2), Owen (9) and C.
h ine-yehit pndTimr Sports Fan. 'hompson. L.P.-Roebuck.
jobn Meyer pnd .Tim Owensi ---
piteched a five-bitte- to rive (First Game)
SVIreu.\ its sowe-n Tn the nine- 4mlf I ASIIA Richmond 000 100000-1 4 2
inln'n opener behind Meyer. the a1 lkw "H Toronto 003 00001x-4 8 u
bep tralled,2-0 unil Fob Bow- q" Fanovich and Johnson; Barnes,
lit a bases-empty homer in mi lrl na r Minarcin (6) Crimian (9) and
S tlhm ead then they a l Howard. WP-Barnes.

- w lhe rame' with a three-run
S0g0y 11V the .seventh. Syracuse Based on 350 ((
took the seven-lnning nightcap
with a r-n in the fifth and three NATIONAl
In the sixth.
F'aton Howard's sole homer Player and Club
'sarlked a three-run third in- Snider, Bklyn.
S IU, rally, that gave Toro"to 'tays, N. Y.
S s first win and lefty Vie Muslal, St. L.
Lem*ardi lptehed a five-hitter Klumewski, Cin.
to win the spi n-inning second Mueller, N. Y.
game. i
Prank Lary of Buffalo blanked
Montreal on only four hits in AMERICAh
Pteir nine-inning opener. But
the Royals came from behind Player and Club
to win the second game with a Avila, Cl.
r'- -"un sixth Inninq hi bhllgbted MIAoso, Cht,
by Don Thompson's grand-slam Noren. N. Y.
Fnm'-r, his second homer of the oex, Chl.
game. "Berra, N. Y.

fficlal at Bats) (Second-7 Innings)
Richmond 001 000 0-1 5 0
6 LEAGUE Toronto 011 020 x-4 9 0
Fine and Tabacheck; Lombar-
AB R H Pet. di and Griffin.
546 116 187 .342
521 109 177 .340 (First Game)
544 115 183 .336 Ottawa 100 010 000-2 5 2
.533 101 177 .332 Syracuse 000 001 30x-4 6 0
568 83 188 .331 Ditmar, Haag (7), Robinson
- (8) and Watlington; Meyer and
Lonnett. LP-Ditmar. HR-Bow-
AB R H Pet. Havana 023 002 014-12 18 0
523 102 170 .340 Rochester 200 000000- 2 9 1
IS35 114 175 .127 Melton and Noble; Luna, Mar-
403 64 131 .325 kell (3), Jackson (8), Jacobs (9)
597 106 192 .322 and Bttrbrink. LP-Luna. HR-
539 80 167 .310 Formental 2.

CARIBBEAN COMMAND CAGE CHAMPS This Is the starting lineup of 'the Camp Tortuguero
basketball team which.Saturday night defeated the Fort Kobbe quintet 71-8'in the final series
game for the Caribbean Command championship. (Left to right) Jose Linares, Ken Robbins,
Kevin Duggan, Howard Haas and Willi Johnson. This is the second straight time the Turtles
have taken the title.
.* .

Torfuguero Five Edges Kobbe

71-69 On Two Free T
Two free throws by little Jose of the final stanza, the eventual Marshall Fo
Linares with exactly onerminute winners moved into a ten-point Don Fuachs p
remaining in the game povided lead and stayed in front by that
the margin of victory as the margin until star center Ken CAW TO

Camp Tortuguero Turtles won
their second successive Carib-
bean Command basketball title
by defeating the Fort Kobbe
Lifeliners 71-69 at the Kobbe
gym Saturday night.
The charity tosses by Linares
put. the Antilles champions a-
head at 71-67, but the Lifeliners
fought back on a pair of free
throws by Don Piersma and a
desperation hook-shot by Don
Fuchs which just fell short at
the final gun.
*Fort Kobbe took a 2-0 lead in
the contest in the opening sec-
onds of play as Piersma hit a
driving lay-in, but Kevin Dug-
gan tied the affair a few seconds
later and Ken Robbins drove
through for two points to put
Tortuguero ahead to stay.
The speedy Turtles rolled to
a 16-4 lead before Kobbe fought
from behind to make it 20-17 at
the end of the first quarter, Tor-
tuguero still out in front. Then
the Turtles spurted again led
at half by a 15-point margin,
From that point on the Life-
liners staged an unhill battle,
but they never could catch up.
Tortuguero barely held on at the
end of the third-quarter by a
50-48 count. .
Catching fire in the early part

tompletc .,ize -win-rig Numbers inm the Ordinary Drav.i No. 1853, Sunday, September 12, 1954
The whole ticket has 44 ot*.es divided In twu ser'ea "A" & "B" of 22 pieces each.

First Prize 5304 $44,000.00

Second Prize

Third Prize

Me. aue Ne. Prui

2M 12.M9 114 122.M
6.4 132.M I1 4 132.5
4M 132.eT 1"M4 '132.
WM 12S.M 1. 4 s12.6L



$ 13,200 00

$ 6,600.00

No Prima No Prb No me. m Pri M.
2M4 132.2 3M4 132.M. 4M4 122.6 64 132.M M 132.
214 1s.M 131M4 122.60 4104 1 s 514 M 132.60 164 1.
24M 132.6 31 132. 41M4 133.6. 52M 132.M M4 132.60
2360 '... 264 2,2M.666 4s 4 2,M .* P 04 4t,0.6. |b3M4 2,26.
2404 132.6 34 132A.M 444 132. 44 132. 6404 1232 0
w .32.0 M 3M4 132.6 454 132.U a5 132.6 6I 132.0
2M4 132. 24 132.M 413 232.MM 5M64 132.M 6 132.60
24 1i2.N O IM.Mi 47"M 13N2.M 5704 132.6 64 132.00
2564 '32.6 4M64 16M I 1SM IM I M4 0 132.
2M 3 122.6. 4M4M tIs" s A12.aI '6M 1"32.W
=4 :30% S tsM 149k U15S. sm aSKI I :s~a

Puft No.
132.6 8004
132.00 8104
132.00 8204
2.0.M0.M 8304
132.0 8404
132.Ne so54
13T.0 8604
132. 0 7064
132.M 8804
102.01 9so"

Prit No.
132.0 9004
132.90 9104
132.00 9204
2,206 00 934
132.00 9404
132.00 9564
132.00 9604
132.M 70 4
1322.N "4
132.M I M4


AporoximaltioWA Derived From Frst Prize

n 4 I S I40 M I 53 44 I3 440 I 5312 44 I
I4466II M2 40MI 44:.1w I 4nMM I6 U 4W.M A S 440. 5 I S3" 4"1.M I531 440.06 5311 44"."

Approximations Derived From Second Prize
s s $ I 5 3 5 s5
1 3 3961 22.80 M m6 221 1.00 -61 51 22.6 1 2266.9961 220.6 9I 226.6
h. i10.l6 T!! 11t. I;::! 7sos 1l6.6 7I T 116.6. j n !1P | 71. 11i.65 7565 11.6
1 6i. T I6 TO. 17 1. T I .6. 7562 110.6 T 1:.6f TMI li6 756g 11i. 7576 7. l i.

Aiproximastion Derived From Third Prize
f -

MA a .
mlS!- umS

25 .$

4M1 1326.
M- Uj,6M

5051 132.M
ese sam
MM -.
6.0 SS.M.

not1 132
ms as.e
M4 a6."

TM1 122 N
Mem A.M
6m A .

mtl 132.M
657 AR.6
6em 98'M

s I
5551 1326. |
65 5.60* |
166 88.M6I

Ji~ambrs of today's pottery Drawing were sold at First and Second in Panama: Third in Herrera Province.
bum wb* tiektas endig t 4 .aMd not laeladed to the aberoe it win Forty-IFour OoUa (44.00) each.
The e ole ticket Oa k nlecemI wituh comprises Me iOW series "A" and 'B"

by ALiERTO ALEMA, Governor of the Province of Panama Ced. 47-12155
The Rdren eat e Of The Treasury RICARDO A. MELENDEZ


MotM7 Puw nMoth..


Robbins fouled out of the contest
with three-minutes and 13-sec-
onds to go.
Trailing at 69-59, Kobbe then
began to move. Don Fuchs hit
two free throws and a lay-in,
Piersma dropped in a one-hand-
er from the key, and Howie Mc-
Callen hit with a long jump-
shot from the corner to make
the count 69-67.
Linares then came through
with his free throws for a four-
point margin, and the Turtles
stalled effectively in the closing
seconds. The Lifeliners regained

Haas, f
Duggna, f
Robbins, c
Alderson, g
Linares, g





TealmM W L PetL G
Pw- York 88 3 J A -
Brooklyn 86 57 .601 3
Milwaukee 83 57 58 4
Otot nta1 69OB U1 .48
Phladephia 668 73 .4At20
Bt. LoulA 85 78 .46123

MUwauke at elpha (N)
Cincinnati at P burgh (N)
No other games pdul ed.
St. Louis 201 100 000-4 7 0
New York 000 002 010-3 7 0
Haddix (17-11), Brazle, Law-
renee and Sarnil. McCall (2-3),
Hearn, Spencer, Wilhelm and
Katt, Westrum.
(First Game)
Chicago 001 000 010-2 5 0
Brooklyn 000 012 01x-4 8 0
Jeffcoat (5-6) and McCullough.
Erskine (17-13) and Campanella.
(Second Game) ,
Chi 000 003 000 000 00-3 10 4
Bklyn. 000 021 000 000 01-4 1S 0
Klipstein, Backer (6-13) and
Fanning. Meyer, Hughes, Loes
(13-4) and Campanella.
(First Game)
Milwaukee 000 200 000-2 8 0
Philadelphia 002 000 03x-5 10 0
Span (19-11), Johnson and
Crandall. Dickson (10-18) and
(Second Game)

ITeams W an .et. 03
Cleveland 104 .7 -2
New York 95 48 .M 8
Chc01 o .1 8am i
64 7 .9 M 39
Boston 8 3 T .4444
Wh n 61 82 .427 42
Ph=aderphis 48 .333 56
Baltimore 48 333
Washington at D
Only game scheduled.
(First Game)
New York 000 001 000-1 8
Cleveland 000 010 21x-4 8 1
Ford, Reynolds (11-4) and
Bermr Lemon (21-6) and Hegan.
(Second Game)
New York 200 000 000-2 3 0
Cleveland 000 300 00x-3 7 0
Byrne (1-1) and Berra. Wynn
(21-11) S HRegan.
(First Game) '
Boston Oi 0 000 100-3 10 2
Cheaigo 100 310 00x-5 11 0
Brewer (9-9), Hurd, Brown
and WbUte. Keegan (16-8) and

(seenad Gae)
Boston 010 110 106-5 6 0
Chicago 302 000 02x-7 9 0
Sullivan, Kemmerer, Brown
(1-6) and White. Pierce, John-
son, Trucks (19-9) and Sawatski.
(First Game)
Washington 000 000 000-0 6 3
Detroit 000 302 40x-5 12 0
Schmitz (10-8), Shea and Fitz
Gerald. Gromek (17-15) and Wil-

ord tallied 13, and Milwaukee 000 110 000-2 8 0 Wen earns)
icekd;up 10. Philadelphia 100 000 000-1 4 0 Washington 200 000 001-3 8 3
k 1 Philadelphia 100 000 000-1 4 0 Detroit 001 020 32x-8 12 0
IRTGUERO (71) Burdette (15-12) and Crandall Porterfleld (13-14) and Tipton
Roberts (20-14) and Burgess. Fit herald. Gray (2-4) and
8 2- 3 4 18" (First Game) -
8 3- 4 1 10 Cincinnati 003 301 8301-11 16 2 (FlfttGa.0me)
5 2- 4 5 12 Pittsburgh 000 000'104- 5 9 2 Philadelphia 000 001 200-3 7 1
6 0 1 Baltimore 000 000 40x-4 9 1
5 6- 7 2 16 Nuxhall (11-4) and Seminick. Gray (o-10),Dixon, aid eRob-
2 0- 1 5 4 LaPalme (4-9), Friend, Law and ertson. Turley (12-15), Chakulsa
0 1- 3 1 1 Shepard. and Courtney.
on(Seo Game)
0 0- 0 1 0 (Second, Game)( ond ame)
0 0- 0 0 0 Cincinnati 342 130 000-13 15 2 Philadelphisa 400000 401-5 7 3
Pittsburgh 000 010 010- 2 6 2 Baltimore 100 001 200-4 9 2
2U 15- 2 19 71 Sima, Oter, B hrtschy (5-1),t
Bacsewski, Lane (1-0), Ross ftdxn and Astfoth. Pliletted
KOBBE (69) and Seminick. Theis (3-7), Pur- Blyska (1-5), Fox, Chakales and
key, Pepper, Hetki and Shepard. Courtney.

possession with 8-seconds re-iMcCallen, f 5 7- 9 2 17
maining, but a hurried shot by Ford, f 6 1- 6 2 13 *
Fuchs missed the mark and the Fuchs, a t 2- 4 3 10 11 1
Turtles were victorious. Plerama, g 6 4- 5 4 16 lla l TI ATw Ir
Howard Haas and Duggan Nickles, g 4 .1- 2 4 9 JlI.lClJL O *U n L U T d
sparked the attack for the win- Gates 2 0- 0 1 4
ners along with Robbins and Li- Clapperton 0 0- 0 0 0
nares. Willis Johnson, who was Edmondson 0 0- 0 1 0 A A
injured earlier in the tourney, Mitchell 0 0- 1 0 0 ll III I W I | tj
played only half the game but -- .... -' -- '
prominently in the effective Totals 27 15- 27 17 69 -- --
game of keep-away in'the final wh pitched a two-hit-
seconds. Score by quarters: NEW YORK, Sept. 13 (UP) -- I Wym Pnwhopitchda two-n t
The Cleveland Indians rolled er against the Yankees on Aug.
Duggan scored 19 points toTortuguero 20 21 11 19-71 over the stricken New York1,settled downafter e first
lead the Turtle attack, while Kobbe 17 9 22 21-69 Yankees toward t -he America the la dii d-
Haas had 18. Linares tallied 16, Field Goals Attempted: Camp Leagues' all-time recor. fort- a totalf-
and Robbins hit for 12. Tortuguero 54, Fort Kobbe ~4. stories today, but it's still a dog- g up wn a strike-
For the Lifellners, McCallen Rebounds: Camp Tortuguero fight in the National ue o drove he win-
was high man with 17 points, 56, Fort Kobbe 63. th right to meet t. n Carl Frill de tne-
the richest of all WO fl.nm run in each game as the
while Piersma accounted for 16. Referees: Williams and Chance. th c d-DoTgers built their winning
nant clinching a mere fi s .lty streak to five games but It was a
A m rlaVTo. oftffinepiching jobs by.Carl
Amorio Races To Third yesrday w it a 4-1
mr^ Vo d loAoned their first-place nar-ln held the key to the victories. Er-
g O I* i 0l Te to a massive 812 games. WIth 10 skine went the distance in the
Str igh Fea ur ^~ games left to play the Indians opener for his 17th triumph and
Strain t F feature W in can mathematical endthe LO, whorelieved Jim Hughes in
Yankees' live-year reign with on- the seventh inning, struck out
0o ly three victories and they need- eight and pntched eight scoreless
only six wins to equal the 1927 innings In the 14-Inning night-
The Stud Santa Cecilia's for- Quinlela: (Piola-Ralta) $31. Yankees' mark of 110 triumphs. cap.
mer track champion Almorio, FIFTH RACE In the National League how- Harvey Haddix received credit
now back in his best form, 1-Tampol $3.20, 2.40 ever, the New York Giants' first- ,o.his 17th win with the aid of
yesterday made it three 2-Alonsito $2.80 place lead dwindled to three ninth-inning relief help from Al
straight over Juan Franco's games when they bowed to the Brasle and Brooks Lawrence as
Class "A" horses in the featur- SIXTH BACE fit. Louis Cardinals, 4-3, while the the Cardinals handed the Giants
ed $1,000 seven furlong sprint. 1-D. Club $12.60, 6.40, 4.60 second-place Brooklyn Dodgers their third loss in four games.
Amorio, under a hustling 2-Gaucha $12.60, 6 downed the Chicago Cubs, 4-2 Stan Mus-al -sat the Cardl-
ride by Blas Aguirre, displayed 3-Black Sambo $2.20 and 4-3. The Milwaukee Braves nals off in front, 2-0, with his
unusual early speed to keep split a doubleheader with the 35th homer in the first inning
within closest pursuit of. seedy SEVENTH RACE. Philadelphia Phillnes but remain- Id also drove in their thi
Alormina all the way to the1---Oranero $15.80, 6, 3.40 ed in contention, 4/ games out run. Manager Lee Dsreher
final sixteenth when he swept 2-Batatso $7.20, 4.60 ef first place on the eve of their to" "2 players into the eon-
So scoring away by a full 3-Young Prince $3 i nportant three-game series with' tes and now has employed 25
length i a Second Double: (Devonshire'the Giants. pitchers In the last seven
Dark Millionaire was third Club-Granero) $168. A crowd of 86,573-largest games.
Dark Mitw Onaire wa finr. ever to see a big league game- Murry Dickson pitched an
aed fve way aoun d and finor EIGHTH RACE lathered at Cleveland's MUI eight-hitter and Stan Lopata hit
id fhe ileKnghts behind Alory.14 s cythia $5.80, 2.80. 2.20 cipal Stadiam to see the Yan- a two-run homer as the Phillies
mina while King's Prize quicrl2Explcito 2.40 2.-20 kee ake their last stead. But snapped Warren Spahn's 11-
faded boack after a good ta ~3-Toh Collinsi20 once again it was the Indians' game winning streak with a 5-3
Only four horses ran in this aUIet: (tSeythia-Expn I magfaient pitehlng which win but the Braves bounced back
race eo and nay behind Lew Burdette's four-hit-
The day's saddle star W dealt the "lod champs" the ter to beat 20-game winner Rob-
apprentice Felix sanches wo. NINTH RACE death blow. lIn Roberts, 2-1, in the second
entered the winner's circle for 1-Vertieordia $14I, 10.20 60 Bob Lemon hurled a fine six- game.
the first time in his life In Cuto 3.80. 3.20 hitter for his 22nd victory in the. The Giants have 13 games left
the first race aboard Cobrno- 3-oesoo $3.60 opener and then "Gus" Wynn to play while the Dodgers have
rant then returned there in One-Two: (Vertlcordla-Den tossed a dazzling three-hitter for only 11 and the Braves have 14.
the third race with a senaa- Ote) .40 "his lst triumph in the second The Braves, therefore, have
tional victory astride Golden game. It was the fourth victory their last chance to controlul"
Fan. T NT-H RACF of the year over the Yankees for the race in the 'three-game se-
Cormorant paid the day'sl1-_ aorlo 7, 2.20 each and Wynn climaxed the ries with the Giants opening to-
best win odds $19.20. The 2-AMormlna $4 great day for Cleveland fans by morrow night.
doublescombination of Co striking out Inoo Slaughter, In the otherAmnerican League
morant Yoalpongo returned ELUVSNTE RACE Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra games, th e Chtgo White' -x
$203-.60 which wasit for the 1-nni arkeS .80,420 I t nIinth. Ireahed tVe w-win mark for the
day. wh W tpe for t The, 4n sna ped a 1-1 tIe frsttime ince 1920 with 5-3 ann
The di n In the seventh of 7-5 wins er Boston Red
iidns I D -0game when Al Smiti and Bobby Box; the Detrolt 'igers beat the
1-Cormorant 407 S orts Shortes .a sored ron a double by AlWahngto Senators. 5-0 and

W bt re dand Berra In the nal ague, Ted
rnr.i *bt~s&lMinklm $te@ota eham.b.Imomed bat ralied for tree it his 47th and 48th
le s q win.p r is-v-5 e to win om the ift n singles by hoemynsn, _.. nine runs as
a l h ti WIo th pAviland a the ro



--~IIII'IC-- 1

II .....

- .. --- --



I Ir


w~a~t~ buTrr~u II, II6(


, -




.-, *9^:

-S.. -. -. -

,-'CM I

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aah :lmau4I
y a My boyoty for me. I f

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a t 2 He has an awful lot for peant We t eor h
S totigh hee Wins tet ae a

to. o way M O a al
I troonoldrapern gJPp fos
when I pI a fighter's career. Wen I ee ow the pe
Take n o the fleets r e te f te r f
had-.iV "mbel, Joey Ar.- want it b ack, I go e rg
Marty e and away.
that. They Wive
earned.r I rredS Past Charle I don
thesfi&doe 6 tthys wlenl .=till low w l wibe '
could make mey Mwith their ar ote o let of
flits, but mSWk It the way aso amvin i Sctdw
Al WeOI atnever will. None thing. fio Valde is
of my fIghters. my boy Rockr tong who Can P
included, over took .r will take Coke sed
a kicking roud ia e ring. sing
When saw a y like ew wflv tht Tez t
Jenkns knock out Ambersc, e .
xigni* Amberb'toB- lO0year coP- professional fothave
treat at a dollar a year and then comingalong! onV
told him he w rn't going to .t The more chaen be
no more. No= l se could rer ;epeclaly lnes N ug
him into fighting for/ o Sydays cae Jackson droNd out of th
and atng. He was through pture. When te Hurricane w
and I retired him-ut like I lling, he and Rocky wou
retired more flghters than any have done over a million. Bu
manner around tody, they neglected to keep him I
Protecting my filhe even ellopne, where the Hurrlca
against themselves- bas paid lnb ed. until we could accopn
rich dividend. I get a lot of let- modate him.
terms from tighten askan me to A lot of people say I should pl
manage them. People Write mmy boy Roky Marciano on or
about fighters. Why. It was a of them Bun-of-the-Month Clu
letter from addle Boland, a for- things. I'm against that.
mer promoter, that led me to You cheapen the champlor
Rocky Mareano. ablp putting It on the line wit
A lot of thng-turning down a lot of two-dollar guys.
Louis until I was ready eand a
doen. oth anles-went nto NEXT: Reeky Mareia., all
. my planning for my boy Rocky's time champion.

Carter-De Marco. Bout

By UNITED PBE8" the De Marco-Carter fight has
.. been postponed. The bout orl-
A bad elb4 w -s eked ally had been scheduled for
lightweight champion Paddy D ely this summer, but De Marco
Marco out of title bout *1th c5=t down with a virus Infec-
Jimmy Carter., tion.
De Marco was scheduled to de- In San Francisco, co-promoter
fend against Carter, the former Benny Ford has no idea of a new
champno, .ept. 2 at -n Fran- date for the fight. Faid says
cisco. Bt now the International -"We are waiting for further
Boxing Club says the bout has word on De Marco's condition
been postponed "Indefinitely." bef e we make any decision on
The aonuacement of the post- setting a new date."
ponement came late last night Elsewhere...
after doctors found De Marco Heavyweight Champion Rocky
suffering from bone chips in his Marclano Is busy getting set for
left elbow. his big date Wednesday night
lef e with EZard Charles.
Dr. Alexander Schiff of the Marclano will wind up train-
New York State Athletic Cor- Ing today at Grossinger, New
mission agtys cha 'a left, el- York then leave, for New York
bwo 1s ad ul, o muc city either today night or Tues-
so that e s 1r unable dy morning. challenger Charles
extend hI .m. ]Dr. 1tft's of- als winds up training today.
fiilal digaRqls "acut-e exaer- ielU drive to New York right
baton. after be's throUgh. *
Thel marks the second time It's expected that Marciano
will scale about 186 and one-half
Sounds at the noon weigh-In
SInk BOX Wedn ty. T t's one ound
leas than Hky welhed"ast
June when he outponted Mosard
anDsox In the Yankee Stadium. Charles
ED BOX plans to bht 189 or 1o, between
ab r h o a four ad- five iound Increase.
.rdmahb 3 '50 0 Ie hopes the amtolonal weight
G n f M4 2 1 2 1 0 erll ve-.1-, more punch
Jnesen, 4 0 2 Det the expected differ-
Ag lb 4 1 1 0 0 S we
ler rf 4 1 2 0 top-hey (1-5) choice.
Whilte. e 4 1,3 5 1 -
Conioo, ss 3 0 0 1 3 Rl ii f It n
b-. ell 10 0 0 90 0
Leptlo. as 0 0 0 1 0
Brewer., p 2 0 1 0 2 NW YRX
Surd, p 00 0 0 1 -
A-Olson I1 0 0 0 a h a
Brown. p 0 0 0 0 1 Bauer, rf 0 r 0 e
c-Mele 1 0. 1 0 o Carey, 3b i i 1 3
d-Clevenger 0 0 0 0 a-laughter 1 0 0 0 0
Tno e o -- Mo 0 0 1 0
Totals 25 31 4 ae $ l tM e, 4 114 1


Mo~hee, cf

a-Fled ot toe He
b-Rolled out for C
c-Doubled for Brm
d-Ran for Mle toI
,: Bm.ed
, a c ,~e. ,

Box Robis. lb
S0 A MoDougald, 2b
5 1 3 S "yrne.'
"3 a 221 p
2 0 1 2 0 Tetas
-4 1 1 2 1 .-
4 01 5 0 CUM
3 10 20 e
1 2 1 2 m1t&aIf
t o5 o A-
8 0 0 1
S St W7 etlnake. c
d In 7th. b
*oRo *thmh. b-taenb

o a-. a..E C,
1- $1. -- WMGM -p

_m_- mr .

2 0-'-0 5
3 0 0 2 0
3 0 0 1 3
3 0 0 0 2
u 1 I 23 S

0 0 0

2 4 2

S 1 i I

K a in 7

e by

[p -

Pop a Warner was the bet E g feetbal ever
had. Oh, yes, even better than his Stai, because
Pep n* more. He preached g the tridiron
f to east. There was a Sunday In him,
toe e. lad a premoter'es fnair for
S-owever, the prime reason Qlnn Warner was an
outsta ngm succ in col-age football wa his dedication. To
him the sort was his life. Unlike some others who made coach-
ing. a cater and achieved sports-page distinction, Warner had
other talents and an unual mind. Im told, for instance, he
was one of Corneil's brightest law prospects.
It was aLOornell, as guard through 18M31894, that he pick-
ed up the football virus. In his senior year he was captain,%and
in those .days the captain was the assistant coach; in this capa-
city It became his duty to see that the reserves and the younger
players got the hang of the basic formations.
several years ago Warner became the first of the pioneer
group to receive the ScrApps-Howard Coach of the ERA award,
and on that oceaslon I had the good fortune to find myself in
his company several times. He was crowding 80 @ven then and
he needed the aid of a cane In walking, but he still had the
physical outlines of a strong, rugged character. There was power
in his voice and a rationed sort of liveliness In his dimming eyes.
It was plain to see that this man came from no ordinary mold.
On one of these times a sports writer approached Pop as he
sat in the lobby of the Netherland Plaza Hotel in Cincinnati, re-
flectively tapping the floor with his sane. Did Pop still feel the
double-wing formation was superior to the T? Pop did.
"What's more I'll live to see. It proved."
The double wlng Was one pf several enduring contributions
Warner made to fmo all's bag of tricks.
K: ute Rockne ged to tell a story about the birth of the
double wing, which may or may not have been meant to be taken
The coachpg hool was an adjunct to Warner's missionary
work. The schl drew young, discplerom coast to coast They
studied at the 1eet of the master and then went forth to apply
his teaching practical form.
Warner dlagrammng aS 'ingle-wing formation on the
Inevitable bla4board at one such session when, according to
the Rockne story, an unidentilfed voice In the bak 6f the room
apWed up;
"What's wrong with putting two guys out there and making
It a double wngr"
Warner ine the i briefly, admitted he could
see nothing *og with t, ed to put a second ".W on the
blackboard ad presto-the double wing.
I always=jneast to cheek withWPop on the authenticity of the
story, but somehow I never gqt around to it.
The deep reverse was a positive unequivocal Warner inven-
tion. It is still one of the meat devastating powei plays in the
game. The formetlon has a certain gothic beauty about it that
is fascinating. Jock Sutherland who played under Warner at
Pittsburgh, probably got more o of it than the old man himself.
When Jock had the material, a tidal wave was easier to stop.

Although Pop ha much better teams at Cornell, Pittsburgh
and St for perhaps even Temple, chances his ry
will away; Ue asii atted with Carlisle and Jim .Acls
was an Indiansehool In Pennsylvania, which has long since
ceased to funtion.
Warner was an established coach before he went there. Per-
has the ovslty -t the situation appealed to him. .And it may
also be that be w certain box-office conesons. There
was only one a iement; the Indians-hadto be on-
the-level Indians. would hve kept them o the road
all season a an o the would have eted. -

In the field.
Pop was always sinoem In Insisting Ernie Maors, his Stanford
moves a at later date, ach at T he claimed
Ave Bhuldwa fMback, was not o superiur Thorpe, bute
N ev t. It have letter fn h which he made out
a hmet ar e ase for Nevers eriorty s tion, hcom-i
petitive fire nd pride. But it pointedly cntmiledn ference
Smd to t ere ome thin
a sorts writer Fay d be able i W flg out f h~mselStaf t
Tem Pop resort to rather drastic mean to attract at-
tent et y. U tickets. Hence the SmuTer buold up.

Faltering Philip !

1- ***
/* **sn n n..

Atong Tie f*I
The Panam Womes lt ,~~ .-
,~r .

atlvCarpenter ve"ru Penn
4Iae Askew versue Marlon Tay.
Pey Johnson versus Jane
Grace pehllapger venrus Alyo

0 s- s



Alal ewrad i


Enconto Today .35, .20 IDEAL Today O, ;
Kathrn Gran, In MacDo Carey. in !'
% IS ME SCAVW- oCVIC c o u T'o m
Rr 'f Yo
a e--

Three famous kwractrs' repesent.
LUCKY STRIKES' tofebct the Vir-
gisn tobacco grower, the Tbrlsh '-i
Suhtm and the Kentucky bk "':
,i .,.

Despite Dallas' last -ae
fiaish, st, recently slM to Na-
yauB, habaket ap sa 20dH

Not content with his outgtand-
Ing work In the Texas .Leage,
Ksantlebury made his debut
Navana relief, ept. and
than tli next e0enn received
etdt for a 15.lnnOa. to' vie-
toey at Richmond n another
brief ,aee rule.,

jn i talahed wL to
half iIZ In the fd-

o80bby Precott, Dbnvett
A Wwten Leaue, 'wa
to an all-star iup epo of
m agers con ducted by.t. DaM.
Moin"e Sudky RtfW. .-
Denver won the pela-at In
the Western Leamue.,
Mnager-Player Al, t' akl
Blackwel. Clan C Watern Amo-
latlon, hit his thity-Oevonth
homer of the seaon to ie the'
Mni e record held by Joe eran
of Huteinhun. |

M(NA Telephoto)
END OF A LONG SWIM Marilyn Bell, 18, nears the break-
wall at Toronto, Canada, after swimming 32 miles across Lake
Ontario from Youngstown, N.Y. She is the first person to swim
across the lake. Choir girl Marilyn probably" will escape paying
taxes on the $60,000 in cash and prizes she got, tax experts said
today. Canadian law provides that you can be taxed only for
services rendered, the experts said. Since the high school girl
had ,not attempted her 32-mtle swim for any motive other than
"the honor of Canada," sli wpuld not come under that classifl-
catlon. they said. -arilyn received most of her rewards Satur-
day night in a formal presentation at the Canadian National
Exhibition fairgrounds.

What's the secret

of these


A touch of this, a pinch of that,
and a bit of something else...
blended together make a
French sauce delicious treat.
Blending's the secret
and it's the same in cigarettes.
You take a little Turkish,
with its sweet and pungent aroma,
mix it- with some golden flakes
of pure Virginia tobacco, -
then add some cured Kentucky
and you get a real knoke.
Pleasing and pleasant.

That's the way we make LUCKY STRIKES.
We blend the finest tobaccos
in all the world to make a cigarette
that gives a pleasant lift to your spirit.
I's fun to uioke LUCKIE,
they're so smooth on your throat.
Why not light up a LUCKY? Yous e th Wi so.

', ,,




No bttr combination for smoking pleasure
I M.



- .:-*,-*

.i-*. -4


0 ~45~

Frs In US Leagues

S. e-e-e-yeSW

I *

'' '

_ __



"i l K IM) '. g -

:__z -------------- #- -

-- ___

. .. ,,, -4,.,y '
*r- ---^-MA T* .



^ "- ;
;. -"-

o :-

i ,



b command, US Helicopter Discovers

IP Champs, Play i

A b e n e fit b a sk e tb all 0 .e 0 IM....De b
Sc.t 307 More QuakeVidims Debrto ln
lr the "Mereedes C.a sa der
aws Nationa louo Fun.- -lFod.
be played tomorrow igt ORLEANSVILLE, Algeria, Sept. exact epicenter of the devastate, T o .'
a tthe anaa Gym between 13 (UP)-Search parties directed in earthquake.
the Caribbean o3m man a by a U.S. Air Force, helicopter French ay teams set offd ii
champions from CamS Tor-ts but the N, I pt. < 1 )-
fon 307 bodies today in
er to co, a the mountainvillage that was wiped 1900 feet into the mountains was The era of commercial t-
r sa CI arts, 195 ou by last Thursday's earth- hopelessly blocked. Then the hell- evison began s
Ms LMsinge uet hmp. "i quake of copter went to. the sce the first in a 14-m- dollar
h tog eth uudndeayat t0 the death toll In North Africa's Tdies had bee n p oustll of the the naoR I~ m 1l '"
worst earthquake to almost 1600. ruins of Orleansvle and other graph tudio In rookYn, where

towns and villagssoviet iorn thegn ministeroponee movieswere t-u d-
e .e .outonly each In 110.
R J ssia Tries Vultures flying above the towWn river valley. theb rl i e
ofoBeni-Rached, 15 miles fom With the discovery o Vivacious Betty lut mde
ruined Oreansie aroused the dies at BeniRhed, t h e her video debut from 6:0
curiosityrofthehelicoptercrew.toll mounted to and thpm. as the st of the
oanoleft in the town. A new danger now threatened Broadcasting Co. called thi. ,
n Ilanded on the onlyat spot tragic enumeration was not over, showonwhat.
Te crew found that every per- Orleansville and the surrounding sponsored series prbd u d m en rt
o son in the village was eiled, in- region-disease. Not only were oaely for mha h 1n one n 'ow e i
al A esy From nUS .re eTe BCo bctl aqn-dis, he e lp a ts r i
A ay Fo m son In the v llage was killed, in- days after the disaster, but the System will get Its h o "f hM lSSa a mer".e "o '. po.o
Sl rhave reported.the dis ster to carcasses of hundreds of-goats, sOred color w nduter wayp I t T h t wi r lur er o trd ca w

i al retich author ittes. cows, sheep and ether domestic Wednesday ega ht. Ra.W Z c theGno enn -te. ae reu

Sai'Ia. t 1t M a nhabitantsbwhowere animalslitred. countrside.i) fM ht i* Ever.. wuro SOe
Sp (Unot killed outright died slowlyThere w er pe re of re c ol Nd or lcs the '.rled I hec l l r.

y e fifot tl o t .ke 13saMayn tnabte ofts-who-were-animal soterdtl countti T aer were aula 7000 on l or d eAtdt hthehu- harid Hrecarh.ytold Eona oalusAru 2 Af e asa Waf Billlebasse.
ASI tOo and horribly in the broiling un Many deadanimals -wene lying TV sets, costing, bout 1000 dsh b joIrv r iIe e oon lw o n_
Americanofficials today without anyone knowing of their in streams or had fallen intoeach, to receive last niht'a beforteetest f fr
scribed Russia's bid for closer fate tintil the helicopter 'whirled ws and springs. Tl doses of program, but It Wa bm- en. Jeh L. McCarthy

6ne r by thn obviousintolmeovtllage.De isToa,
ties-withJapan as an odbvius into the village. every ed to the more t that ftsnf.mWt,.- t1o

t o" r ea f o o. Tn folw C r a w emk .Tt t n M L H 1 ( U P )k wa his of the m o n S a plo y m eB t waba. h e Aaid,
u1 'AId avdl iilluma. ik
effort to dre ie wedgit een water upply but utefactioin b la and white rci "EinM y. Mof S oL
e great e Asi an industrial pow Only a few swollen bodies, half the terrific heat still ightraese the nation. The tllim gel to t the wek
.r and the United States devoured by vultures, ay expos epidemics of cogious diseases the w haen "A1 the S e1i I dR byw
S Theysaid this country has no ed among the nightmarejumble Bo nd Mi Hurtto, a eout aate 0 N igAsi i dtte's ear. t"e

Sections whatever to the e- of rocks. Most of the victims The earth wastnit-lastN50 Mo in colorful cowgirl r e allHa, IU am the an eral'sr. thed-.
rishmentl of peaceful rela- were buried beneath. tremors were f elt siAne a tremor romped though a m usidal co-m-A W oftmr swore h b a s id .

cwa Soviet TrTrninidsernd wwonder ed wha t adtdasdh
tiosla between Tokyo and Mos- Until yesterday no one had at 11n a.m. (6 amn ls weyester- edy entitled "Satinseand Spurs" b.ard .C yrthy reer- ow *.isrpe olacal

cElow eSoviet foin iit e wondhreignremninisterped what had happendatday.Tmnthie dspot where old-Osn y po- t a
o.. M. Molotv e proposed in a Beni-Rached, believc4 to be the di o a e. b tned t i j. st e .

p htttelast night.r ould turn out ,a IS t- n breast ern a-

doubts aouta a nle the the stineafitlonai- Iteadasernd autercmty of ero .were re- a round town and 5ometimes downthedela&"
a ota offer. They noted t hat e old Vitagraph Se artudio to the
bout.the.sinceity N si it hadcon .ert eat h

tol made the pro e sal s-world's largest color TV studio -
PaperT O8an's quesTrlnoi rathd- loor years after the fill Indus- Tuer- a V r
nl a formal note to JA-dmy moved to Holl, w*- the unabl eo thet. ac d swouleot

Sr e t ae build ing had bean l s ner d f
m1otov charged tha t the t- 6itorehouse. "ws e ihe ltr-pnd e had e le bea
isCtryingu tos Ae s I- "hasIo Cel woode.
l l teost ontl o ae The network Is bull e d
studio tae In trying so ank dWausteI Wpeak 05on2 F
aoIn the position of a "16- O "kbt sexleonlble o a-nacstmaBa..
Ident country" and, .tb, teo present a 'o No a -
P. ;1 Wh up or reelection this ;ar

im atsrie" for the l e s yesr. fe di addi he **i h.e i e."a lot of lr i uta
mtlignmet of normal rel- ear.rrr

tra blshinrp e sr o h A hairme health and yeT nati on al ed up~e dea,

Ssalnd a government re- Ae cosmethes PcI.le;d e ohtN-D pt co mmDtrmen have asked me to n and tt elflth eatotoa of Its
.e.a ofi.nusual na e ic r te.9 b_ .t t .atm e w h v eght i h ha ve bssi arot l a e the m acts

f pred. tn adri sincton te ,atlangtle cAc hntr sww n cOnted t se e or a "cogtr uatolo
atit is win' to conclude .ai. to enr d ay'witnesses were to be whh io s u that the Aaond
re t a reaty With Russia along$0,0 ososran!i-Tecoests.
.lines of the an Feranciscro u NBmecleanToeo iesVte
treaty rw whI nch it p- N BC.".ecs orr."t ab ut ofr e of the flves sau t patter is morhe oacnlely
athe Alles. RusMia refused casuon with en thusiastic use a. o n f.iia ee a gaonsta ., I a,
I n m this h epact. her powerful vocal cords.Yt -c....Amrica. ttatuarpeda..

IaPe ,he co A h hi.g auo dre wm a tt e n n.eo .
*Egesture wa undoubtedly NBC will produce 32 more col- hew aYork ltu Fc7um IneI tt r- rnhI
obkto te advantage of New York let February. ho..tthe cultural plurlism
oor "spectaculars on e e ry At the hear
a diatfacfourth saturday. Sunday and e hea t fi towear e so tha laws of or
ame Jaanes eire les with Al- Monday during the 1954-55 en- t.nt unlform" h eas e fnu- cause a ma. to feel
.el reatdrtlons on japanese tertainment season, as well as ae Cd to tell the --ubcom--rl-tee wh o aue o C.iat..
e with Iron Curtain coun- two-hour color version of Ver- ,adto.tellthesucom ttee.
t i, the ani-American feel- di's opera "Macbeth," half-hour a authorized a n honorable dis-
color films on tho "Ford ea- .or.. ...t .
'. -)omb tests, and other A- ta" e nd outoor orhsttlfw
ma ean-Japlese Irritatio ns. events, su asski ti in GRIM REI Costeebatan Zocco of Old ay eCathy r ted his o -
'jWQIotov noted that the "main color. brook. Conn., boards up the windows of his cottage at Great ..i ..lm of Zw.cker. Hea s d cero.
olWtacle" to resumption of nor- Hammock,d onn. H e getting prepLr-'In case Hurricane he.was Justified because its
aJapanese-Sovieta ionsIThe first CBS regularly saon- Edna hit the ar. At rl %his neigbor's cottage which was eZw er wa" "one of the moet aployment abat, he sad.
te desire of some Japanese t s~red series, "TheB est of Broad- ?btHurrie Carol.
th e ir c o u n t r d ep en d en t w ay ," w ill sta rt w ith a present ,y... .
l.C.the United 8tes. (NEA RadioTelepho tation of "The Royal .
It wasassumed here that the CITY DEVASTATED Workers clear away the rubble at the March and Claudette Colbert. A
sinoval of this obstaclel" and large manufacturing company
conclusion of a treaty would Hotel Beaudoin in Orleansville. Algeria, after an earthquake Is the sponsor.
halt their Cooperation with demolished a fifth of the city. present from Hollywood the At Least -Bc
Ihe United States. "Shower of Stab." sponsored by
Oonsequcntly, some officials an au e company.D
doubted would make a will bepresentedDs $50-M i igflDa fl"` CHIGNAHUAPAN, Mexico
rVO colm evey fourth week. (UP) All his life Filemon San.tI
,Aod even of It did, It Is ex. .mchez Trujillo bad wanted a bicycle, n
-Atd eve conditions It woulddsh rejply caidIlacR ,I o but there seemed to he no way to A
woUlad be considered tooad a have been pro- (UP) HurricAe w le l dlsturba ru few cents ad sy at odd jobs.
,vy a price for the Japanese sente In colorr during the last Into the Canadtabl time torr r uoqm Ae'5 The thing that kept his omb At
tO pay.Jew yea. But sponsor have provinces yesterdayleavingatandda sk t
paidofor tee shows at the regu- least 20 persons f d dam- homes.t
notn '001 a7 single show, the In its -path along.rthes aternpsistercity of ro Ware re-rwn d lgt te e
F e w spyooewIso s m cahi S w e seaboard. e ported the w finding m oun tain road to Co l. re a'rower, he
ctir iihes would increase as fifth such storm a nfb10ada ent re otf_ he yor' was notonly .mana lcer
e mIn of color shows Police said at I"a- six were 4 boufat an acco
hn Trinidadothe_ _.'m drowned and seven wnrthernprtofthecyclui. ttohthat..-eewelln. o.
"._ n. arY of Health, Trinidader-uoIu
Was declared an "Infected the'spo es e.i' id."It was the Edna, meanwhile r. n o /gotFdlemon studied the maor'sa tt go
dueatoIL recent outbreak w dia r nd bak Those missing were feared the Bay of Fundy.-- N ow bicycle. He thought a nt
ofever."- Whttele.i i pon.ssble victims of flash floods Brunswick and -Nov. .and e'l e day. t h oe It /F.ahe
4U m.eans-that the sland, whichwashemd out bridgesend sent windr soofasnan-Ie naroundiclt.T the

h,,,insty' ore nflowe-i eer trafic. An auooie n="albig ao cl aespd
f =t.. as. wela eemitob er

a tore houses am ami store.
^ "-nc aion- "-ss' to 4 "W

S Navy Plans Guided- Mistile S Zhips pins
11 -oand the v poacatlrb iipmni n Itewr Vd a faaefal ea t
OSLpt. 1 UP) construction program, it faces next 10 years. That's nearly triple lMBe ships with p le oa Isme f he factors Prompng te Martha's Vine ac the-
is drawing up plans "bloc obsolescence" of its fleet, the program authorized for this wa dslabowr bbe ai oWt t mur naval leade. .
Sreolna starting in another four years. year. A fe More than a
for fir- "The hard cold fact," Bnscoe Briscoet giving a gliUm ae h N ha Ice Mld, Is that theulk t Iw WYork to
S Ad said, is that as technological de- guided msse fleet h tei a t world a d. Ma a S AS
velopments move on, the present said the emphasis will be en me- o At lOn ew
fleet becomes obsolescent." biUlty, with the Navy rell a SI.s-.. hw s w| ano
Nal Oer- AlsoemU need for number of smaller l OnIMe thir kd N a su Lighi
sthaos and moderpizao t aeet, Bris- .missiles, ratherM than a a & 'stedyto
d a boe said, is the 'siable" ship- bati hi size. .LoW "itasilt
S bulldIng program. of the Russians Theuded missile w a sV ad or its pt
whopper MIntent on wrevsting wa- tthe
eoe "mud str e as away from the carrier s a eS ci u 16
U.l.ed Se c. o Firiag sgidedvimo.n s*bwto
do--ra ed --eat le a suba Ed" e't..-.on
WOM'M -,.which has w-M- g wi. ,m- N_,

S or Me force or the United StIn's
$MsidgtheThe Navy Is
StheItooand CanbrarS--ate S a 144t -.s

.. :.- <;Jt

LAg.,.~ uL~

* a t