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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Death Quake,

esAlgerian Town

city of OrleansviHe before down and sent devastating
shocks ripping throughout the morning up the coast to-
ward Algiers.
Eight hundred persons were feared dead.
Hundreds of persons were injured in the sustained
and-monumental shocks that flattened an estimated one-
half of Orleansville at midnight and shook Dupleix, 60
miles from Algiers, at 10:45 a.m.
f In Orleasvlle, a city of 3,. The wide-ranging and continuing
/o 000 piOa 10 miles southwest earth shocks some giant
SAer the tel Budoin subterranean earth fault smah
collapsed and buri 40 gusts n ed fars and viges in its path.
ther beds. Six persons died in Braz 16 in
Half the penteUsry at Or- Flatters, and four in Hanoeau.
leanve slid dow SIn a rear- Algiers itself escaped the sever-
geyser of dried md dust, est shocks, but only six miles a- 1
b isg eonvicts and Ilaoring way, houses collapsed.
Pilots flying over Orleansville The quake razed the principal
at dayht said the ancient city nIst osce with all Its telephone
looke a bomb ruin, half its And telegraph lines in Orleansvil-
a shattered. Piles am lmok- le. The mam police headquarters
in c rubb covered streets, caved Ih.
l on. highway from Algiers ..
to Orleandvllle was closed to ci. Odeasusls e an adninletra-
vilian traffic, but thousands of tiv eed fou-A in the sie
..ecB.llsd alo.g /
^ &?'b^ K~u 'sreat.^
&t 'URAL''SCi.T~mv~sjESS., 7 A*j~~ --; 4a- *.ri

: ? k
SEGB EGATION E I ERE--Mrs. Louise 8nee (back) leads her third rade class at Fort o yW
Elementary School in Virginia, in pledge of" allegiance to the flag to start the school term. Neart
public schools continued segregation of Negroes and whites. Federal schools for military person
nel, however, followed the Defebse Departmmient order for integration.

Chiang s Forces Strike Agair

At Red Buildup Ne rQuemoJ
AL 0L .9, E.. m l lA a- L%!rRvhemaO. I Vaed ttate 1

/ 1

Would Want It

Open For Own Use

Following Battle

Russia or any other enemy bent on conquering *
Western world probably would avoid attacking the Pon-
om6 Canal in wartime, according to an op'VIt i .t ed
today to the commander-in-chief, Caribbea Cmianid,
Lt. Gen. William K. Harrisan Jr.
lo a story dateline Quarry Heights, Miid HIerald
staff.iter John S. McDermott quoted Harrison (q l~siag:
ft'would seem logicol that the Commueistk, Ru
er or anyone else trying to conquer the Western hemispqbi
'y would be more interested in preserving the Canal
destroying it." .
Harrison said, McDermott reported, that-an eneW y
nation undoubtedly would see more value in having ttl
7 Canal for its commercial use after the battle tWo. at-
tempting to wreck it as a military objecive. .
Phizh hdk M& MMi p 'tair I

jI of his 'uneral
of public rejoic-

Like the famous actress Sarah
Bernhadt, he started by order-
Ing h1"sesket. When it wae de-
livered he toured the village with
In hut horse-drawn cart. This
ws naturally an ocason fo
njiushconvivilq drinking.

The he dren
thee-oasemo :
b ealu y as
flowoft as W1

the -Wba
al tVes; afp
tfte I 1

wo Im

Shki wim with
y funeral is to
mbrlcitous; noe
Taths, no prmy-

Ssidld iAlglprs to th. Orleans-.
ville airport adfl ew tel mat-
ging to enlarge the field at Or-
I leansville.
The plane flew every availl
able doctor from Algles to staff
a field eM eptal set ea the
outaidrts or OrIeansve.
Tros and police flown in
requsitioned planes tried to re-
store order. Returning aircraft
were laden with injured. Soup
kitchens and canteens fed survi-

PanCanal Co. Wins

By beauk 2 Suits
Brought By Employes

et will he arriedTwo suits which in effect chal-
whist stneRs: le*gednadministration policies ol
0 bad .SW had the Panama Canal Company
Sad will play were dismissed in US District
ter the dereseny Court yesterday because the
e who attended plaintiffs-all employes or ex-
rgo to the cf employes--had no attorneys.
drink to my Both suits have been contin-
upd repeatedly.
S35 with the su. Dismissal was effected when
S for ~the drins Judge Outhrie F. Crowe upheld
t fbras bnd ands demurrers filed by Canal attor-
* the -ravedisges neys Paul A. Ben and David J.
wa known to the Marklu
looked on Dare One action was that filed Dec.
s. Recntly he 9, 1952, by E. N. Eberly, John B.
va-isei. No- Bopabeck and a score of Ameri-
iitlnnhis can truck drivers who sought an
After' '58th order to stay their replacement
re hun a notice in their jobs by local rate per-
Ieh sad"House nf sonnel. Since then, Bombeck and
set the caskt number of the other plaintiffs
set he cask-nave either been dismissMed from
0e ,lAc, his will. Canal 'employment or have re-
try shampa gne d. Thet attorney, John 0.
SOf"lbac-'a" Co011", was" suspended from the
ranch pipetZ .prtlee of law for two years on
3r the raveu-I- A API1 1953. Attorney Donald D.
0r shot i McNevin took over the case.
& The other action was filed by
mdk found McNevin last November on be-
reai her fouad half of admeasUrer James F.
" as h- wasRedmon. against Canal person-
le he e nel director iMwauR.A. Doolan.
--- ad kep." It touit 0,000A datagees on the
Sat will an t 's allegedly
not entirely fol. "etcru Isto to the Civil
n Service CoiMiaislo had caused
siaus decided Redm d "lrreaftbe injuy"
ra tinMes were "a d-ug& .ijwu- and subeoe-
im dW.,t.a5o qwnues nlt t & el l.
laSed ,funeral" Re y tSLe Canal lawyers
.-Aft time. filednotlx with the Court fhatl
aloiIde- MCoievtI Ow L left the Canal
lo their ZbMe p-"wt prompt intent to
LaW veNs' P Mlatiffd wre notified to
SJS aoM w coawnel or argue their
own ase. Yesterday ey failed

4a. .. wi.
~1-aTh as

W9-i -f ild- spmaA l on e-. outn
skirts of Orlsanville. Police and
troops formed cordons to protect
the surgical tents.
In Paris, interior minister Fran-
cois Mitterand put $43,000 Imme-
diately at the disposal of relief

HopO Abandoned

For Lone WoEr
Chamin Swimmer
DEAL England, Sept. t -(UP)
--Searchers abandoned hope for
channel swimmer Ted May today
30 hours after he dove off from
France alone lugging an inner-
tube loaded with rum and cookies.
May, who spurned pleas that
his daring swim amounted to sui-
cide, had vanished in the 22-mile
wide channel.

Before dawn yesterday he jump.
ea off at Cap Griz Nez, France
towing behind an inner tube e-
quipped with compass, running
lights, food and rum.
/ It was his second 'try In two
weeks. The first failed after sev.
*en hours, but a freighter rescued
him. Never before had the chan-
nel been attempted by a swimmer
without boat and coaches to as-
sid him.

enm W~5n UK 3u 02amuss
into UNe ther sa*~t day sad
claimed shk N = unt were
sunk, S damaged and tree
The defense ministry said to-
day's blow knocked out troop
barracks and pillboxes near the
Communist port of Amoy. The
area was left in a shroud of flame
and smoke, a spokesman said.
Claims from yesterday's at-
tack, in which the Nationalists'
American made Thunderjets
went into action, were upped to
include destruction of 100 more
Junks and the sinking of two
small gunboats.
Officials said an alert at Que-
moy Island, only seven miles from
the mainland, yesterday was a
false alarm.'So far no COmlimu-
nist aircraft have Joined the ar-
tillery attack agaistQuemoy.
However, the Nationalists were
reported alerted to the chance
the Reds were regrouping and
bringing up additional forces.
U.. secretary of state John
Foster Dulles arrived here today
and said the United States would
not be Intimidated by Red Chi-
na's new military an propagan-
da activity against Nationalt
Dulles' plane was escorted by
American Sabres and Nation-
alist fighter planes between
the Philippines and Formosa.
In a planeside statement,
Dulles said:
"The U.S. Seventh Fleet is un-

Harbor-Bound Princess Waimai

U m 0, --oc ia j pemam -
stand Wth those who have pas-
ed through so many trials..."
Dulles received s 19-gun salute
and full diplomatic honors as he
was geeted by Chiang Kal-shek
and a corps of Nationalist lead-
ers; He drove immediately from
the airport to a private luncheon
and conference with the Na-
tionalist leader.
Meanwhile, Nationalist fight-
ers patrolled far at sea to guard
against a possible Communist
air attack. One report said an
aircraft carrier of the Seventh
Fleet was assigned to Formosa
during Dulles' five-hour stay.
An American embassy official
In Manila said American Sabres
from Clark Field escorted Dulles'
plane to the southern tip of For-
mosa where Nationalist Chinese
Thunderjets .and Thunderbolts
joined the *protective shield. The
flight waifwithout incident,' he
Dulles will confer with U.S.
ambassador Karl Rankin, and
American military officials be-
fore departing for Tokyo.
Defense officials In Wash-
ington, meanwhile were con-
vinced today that the (Ciznese
Conmmunists are planning an
Invasion of Quemoy, Chinese
Nationallit Island Just off the
China mainland.
The big question was what, if

Puerlo Rican Cop
Saw Nationaists
At-Terrorist Moet

Encounters More Legal Shoals K. ept 9 A
witness identified today two of
13 Nationalist defendants as
having attended meetings where
The yacht princess Walmalt- left on shore 'without clothing, the president ofle the terro rist
already in custody of the US wages, or means of transporta- art ure iolene to out.
MarsBal and harbor-bound' in tion" to points of origin. Noting Americatns from PuertoRico.
Balboa-was attached in a fresh that under the Merchant Ship- The witness, police Lt. ao
admiralty action at the U Dis- ping Act of 1906, the British Caler, of San Juan, Pet
trict Court, Ancon this morning, government became responsible feared for the government for
lbellant in the. new action for these obligations. Milburn the second day at the trial of the
was Reginald Mlburn, consul states that he expended the fol- 13 Nationalist Party members
for Her Britannei Maet's gov-lowing sums for the crewmen wh are charged with conspr
ernment to Panama, who was named cy to overthrow the U.S. gote-
acting on behalf of hIs govern- mer n
ment Ethelbert Pierre .. 189.80 o Calero named the two Nation-

ter and owner. B. M. Cwllong S. Bakiewic ....... 300.20id a. oB r n
who is a Brtth itisen,was A. Mendoa ......... and said they were embera of
by Dr. L. S. Carrigton as proc- J. B. Rios .......... 412.30 e et corps of the lberating
tor for the lbellans. Besides the above amounts to- army.
The suit is described as a talking 81440.65, Mllburn seeks
'cause of wages, clothing, main- to recover costs of the action. Benefit C in
tenance and transport In" in As crewmen had been picked n t w
which Milburn to recover up at various ports, it to under- O e ns Tomorrow
the sum of $1,4t49A5 expended on stood, cost of repatriation varied .1
behalf of hi government to feed, widely. The regular benefit 'gum-
clothe, pay ad spatriate six Several weeks ago the Princess bong e will be in opera-
seamen off the Priaeei Wtln al. Walmal was aahed in a $2,500 ties again this weekend at El
Claimant alleges that at Jul bl lt filed on behalf of the BaMche Garden.
30, while in the Bay of P a, owners and crew of the Panama Play starts toemrrow nht
owner-m ter Cw g st the coastal vessel Darien. This was with the usual games of e,
men aare, O me a caim for savage for having roulette, bach jack ete. tfered
busonem for the sp, and thed tower the sailing yacht to Bal- The b t 1S another I the
lifted anchor and preceded to boa after it was found disgast- series to help raise fWANs fer
sea accqmpaUli b his led in the Pacific southwest of the establhuAment of chiblren's
wife. -Panama. playgrfunds thrmugh"t Pais-
All as men, be cared, were The first action is l pending. = City.

M e actually will try to take tw
a communists have laid
clatim- to the offshbrde isIadA
since the Nationalists were diV.
en from the mainland in 194.
Despite the threat to Quemoy,
officials here still see no indica-
tion that the Reds will attack
the Nationalist stronghold of
Formosa, which the United
States is publicly pledged to pro-
That still leaves.the question
of whether this country will help
Chlang's forces defend Quemoy
if the Island is attacked.
There are not likely to be
any public announcements.
The United States prefers to
leave the Communists guess-
not openly taking a stand,
military fclas believe they are
maintaining a flexibility of ac-.
tion to net the Quemoy crisis
as It develops.

' ISI -i V a r ns m- W"r y o
e tthehau e g
make the point that tb canmi s us
ndi so prfsa asen
wh the was ted y-
a w enemy
uring Vagrod War II he recall- "
ed, te was of vtal impor- "
ta-ne Jntselaneuver-a ty of
warships r one ocean toa noth sand miles or so e u baan to
er. The Japs were on one side, the P
the Germans the he oer. It is It is a kon j trop
estimated that from three to six and warships bad er now *0
days are saved using the canal fewer than a any time l n
instead of having to sail around years. But the aftllted- -,rIs*
South America va the Straits of not great Combat to.
Magellan. and more planes enod4 be.rumd
here In short order were they
In ease of war with Rusia needed.
-and the danger does not seem Don't talce from this bQwer,
great at this time Harris that the Panama CO
elves the Soviets wold attack guarded. Far from It. cw
either by long-rage hydrogen precautions of every emievae
bombs or by guided miss. nature have been
this lifel. e.
In either case, the distance 2zarid
from Siberia to such Unites States of a
cites as Seattle, Boston, Pitts- UntPd S I
burgh, Washington, etc., is a thou- posts. The attacker is

Hurricane Edna Veers

Away From Florida,

Aims Toward Carolina

-a -

WINNING decisively in the 1
trial, surprise strike using l
missiles, air power and ,ydroj
and atom bombs.
SCORING decisively, but the!
tual effects not known until
battle had progresed for I9
additional time.
FAILING to knock out-b th U
ed States on the initial assufilt
forced to carry on a war of -l
Aggressor nations sad dIW
go o war only when t a

1 sonably certain o
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 9 120 miles an hour shortly before gy victory, Harrzl
(UP) Hurricane Edna lumjper- the vessel pierced the eye of the ed that the dag
ed out of Bahama waters and storm. Following a brief lull the possessing bombed
aim in e d its 115-mile-per-hour winds picked up again to 100 power-is the tem
winds at the Carolina capes to- miles an hour, the ship report- war.
day.. Radar planes watched .ed. However, the vessel appar-
hopefully for a shift toward the ently was in no danger. C e
open Atlantic The Air Force Guided Missilei l
The tempest, fifth of the sea- Center at Patrick Air Force Base, .
son, lqft scant report d damage Cocoa, Fla.. said it had been inc is_
from its brush with the Bahama "constant communication" with | LA 1
islands and apparently spared its lonely Bahama outposts. An w ---,
the Florida and Georgia coasts Air Force spokesman said ob. l
in veering into its present north- servers on tny San Salvador. U
early course. where Columbus discovered the
The Miami weather bureau Is- new world, reported "some water
sued an 11 a.m. advisory showing damage" after 100-mile-an-hour I UMA -NATIC
the hurricane to be about 250 winds whipped across the Is- 9 ')The-
miles east of Titusvilie. Fla. land. Security.
Hlmb*t winds still were estimat- Forecaster Leonard Patdu eex- thewgr"
ed a 11l miles an hour. plained that the breakup f a the
The million rodents between high prm. M area was rspoc- an ,lan
Key' West and Palm Beach sie for the hurricanes change '_'
breathed easier as the hurricane in course. The tgh pressure TheMl ue
lumbered northward. area. which extonde from the e
The th Carolina capes. ut ile Meabord to geU-M!
were the only land area in lts erated wld earenuts siafter hef'
Immediate path, but forecasters, which steered has" s ontom ward uiU
emphasized the tempest still the mainlMd. m I or. mtJ
could change direction. "We thought the high prre" e jA l'ttertftmZ
Nmssau, te fame tourist mec- area wwas strong otpeee.- t11 UAs i.
ca and easttal of th Bahamas, vent a turn way om the tack took p.
battened 4own lot the full force coast," Pardue said "but it turn- t ionl high
of the R but t dnal ed out that it wasn Navy
swerve and missed the Island South Florida started board- weacef Um
city by tha 100 nmes., ing up Tuday aght arftethe tack w=
But ev though it was out of We& issued a re- t1e" M
sight, NW.'t out o mind. Re. I ~ y Ii l _mO1 l wrn _g. ,
mc lm n aircraft found har- boat. b aw BM up the Miami In aeumd.
ricaWaftore wWgds extending 50 River to ~ a Mr .ign cum- cedure, the Ii
to .'IUlS to the north of 3d- ponies dmalaI n
wlnd aead outward o 15a0 owsiini

JIpyatimumsa" S&ah "IVe68s&M77

er of
iptatiak to 5i


IMP -'lB

. =. .

.* V. i.' *; *

i* 1 n I| "Lu e people know tAe truth and t country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
.. I i Il II I II ___IllllPANAMAII. I, T1I.SDAYI t >ai 13 1 ,


* 1.'--I
~jW ~.



The Jolly



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OK o" brie
ka andthe era of
0 have beome ...IeejmtlMIIJ:
w In w r NI




Mipuage my NIM IOUNGEWV.L mL in w
NAnMe sAOW a4s. s MMan
H nmI Pe 0 *o 14. PANAMA. i. .w P.
upMoLeW e PANAMA O 2-.0740 '3 LINEIl
C"iO oN iolm ISa ITO CasNT Ai AVsur *6TWElN2 12A*1se311 9w IN
pIromen III s__ TATivat, JOSUMIlA *tOWCU, ING.
,. ;MS l: IS Av E. Vew Y e.L ilt N VY.
Die n mmO m OAMMI" S 1.70
Pi xN MONM. H1 AVIANM e *,
we. ,w gH 'S P. vo


The Meol Ble ts a open trma for rdis ofThe Paama Am
iee. ti.tes are eivwed g.atefully *n bandied In a whel i
deuiel omafe..
if Is s eel lete don't be impantint it it Wde*I't sI10
deas da. Lettem aee published in the ode e fc.ved.
bPie toey as keep the M limitedha fe ne pate h1111,
liass eh ow w ritoe ishebowl Idetet sautldew..
Syased hlr lestees hem frmMedi a .
0 -
Sir: .
iThe United States is the greatest country in the world)
all agree, and one of the primary factors of Its great ness i
proportion of highly trained and educated citizens.
Do we all realize 4hat with the unlimited amount of kU
edge available in this modern world, and the increasing tan
ce ay. othe average citizen to meet the demands of a
technical and specialized civilization, .... nlmore

so bllity Fof m alinas or r o action g our greatness.
Another important factor in the greatness of the Un
Mttes is the fact that in most states the schools are free,
Kindergarten and often on through unior college.
Add to thief that a person to be useful must be well adtJu
and capable therefore he needs a proper start aychologic
as well as i h scholastic standards all the way through e
This creates I at need for kindergarten witl properly traI
teobers tatten edby all that Ilt idr.n. h- he weord
If the U.S. is to hold rtsenv ied potion o the worlds
must strive always for progre, ufor r enin our t oundat
a bettering of our 'nderstading and more well adjusted, t
nically prepared citizens. Progress is what we desire, not
Can It be called progress to take away our kindergart
No-that hasn't happened yet, bu t a monthly tuition has
et on kindergarten protest willvrmay step o retmprogressibleon and
average wage earner, with a family, to send his children to
dergarten, and tIf there isn't a Ill attendance, the next po0r
tstp of a short-sighted Pand econmthin xn governing thatpower
be to pretend to conclude that kindergarten isnquo.t neeest
any value and kindergarten will be discontinued.
In the meantime, is it good .for the child, or the pree
of the Uhnted States to have poorly trainedand equipped tel
era, paid a low salary and Incompetent? Perhaps incompet
slon of our schools's poorly-adjused cg.lren will increase
be the nest step in ihe retrogression of our citizens, our-eo?
Could it b possible that the United States is retrogress
Perhaps-as fast a the Canal Zone? That it willlnot be by.a
"-werful outside force that it wil be subdued and desert
Wtbyf the Indifference of 'It# own people, the shortsighted
of its oWn governmefit and theIncompetence of a new gen
tion to ompete with a technlcal and scientific civilization?
Who of us wants our country to maintain Its status?
of us wants our children to be well adjusted, strong and
to meetZthe to-telivinr p. the future? Whether we I
childrencdtrnet concerned this year or not, Il is vital to
thavehebteveryone, that all drenhv best chi
possible that sll of them are educated to the peak of their
caeniy. It Is vital to all of us that our country maintain Its I
Ptacam. o Ht its prestige. nt .progrs If w
progress we must protest every step of retrogression and
woe; must insist on progress We must protest the tuitlor
kindergarten. Protest the hiring of incompetent teachers.I
test their low wages, Protest anythingand everything that
duces-the standard of living-the status quo. Protest It
and long. -A Little Citizen


yofr /Bride


.A -Diamond


Faltering Philip.!

a.- il w

Labor 1News "Wil There Be Enough to.Go Around?"

And -i r I


On the sultry afternoon of Fit- b'ei
day Sept 3, as the rest of the ,- W/alw
nation was packing its bags for of
long weekend holiday, tiny units of
pro-Communists were doing whatwi
they have done for years while the nae.I
Test of the land was at play or ab-oEisen
sorbed elsewhere. These Sovieteer-. 'InL
ing cells were on a picket line out-Vaug
00#. side a Detroit plant which had Ike's
been shut for months by a section White
the of the United Electrical Workers b Per2
Union, many of whose national Pen
chiefs have been linked with Soviet *g \.p et h
activity in many a federal probe rank
and hearing. p other
S""m The plant, owned b, the Square a oad
D Co., has been shut sinee June -erted
5,. although it had extremely stra- tary o
tegic orders for electrical eompo. who

neren ets for our mil tary draft ay D
We secret Atomic Energy Commis. oenr
SIts ion material, elements" used in Henry
guided missile and electricaCalling on all the facties for own colonies? No not very well, bodyl con- let him. One European
oWl- trol equipment. other 4
nt In che wordkers of the experts, the affairs that a glo not on the record of North Africa, joke today is that France is sore xcept
uiore company's products "In war and,1927.
and peace are vitalto ev tru bastied bal like me has available. I Madagascar andndoc at England because England gave
orted dustry in the U.S." firm con. Why are e Frenc so touc away the Sue Canal. Mendes- i
And suddenly last Fday, word fusion on Frnce nd her plce bout Germn rermment? We France reckons that's unfairco m
re- was passed from the leftwginn singer an EDC. Give er te arter- f you rearm the Germans ere on in diplomacy less the
ted to the pickets to rush the patrol ster Corps and an wl be less Germans to ht for glish will end France Gibralow
from men and mounted police guardcn Dior to run ng. Th ll leave e La Belle France in th over
the installation succinctly traces the fiht of Germans. This may b why the positively. A Frenchman can thanked ce
sted There was blood on the sidea rabbit and a carwalks rot and a p cousin
o, outside plant which becomes 100boand cannot do has been made e Frech build? No, ot of athi and turn into a 10
per cent military in a defend by the akingly and em-the srvey on the record. Theyfailed to make course mea, salableto tours at

ed ergency.ommunts was written by J. Pe- has come to one conclusion: the Maginot tne long enough nightclub prices. A henchman W
SWere I writing thebakground secondarily, the French are ood D.C. Look what ha ned to Sue Edouard Condon one remarked Jo
ons, story as a movieana ip, I ton the d in one McCarth gotwo the qu mas up
ech- now use flashback to a tinhy and tree expediency. They a secret
re- secret Communist convention al. officer
most 30 years ago-in 1825. fhr L cation
infiltrate Soviet's earliest chapeir s hemlines. E Put Dior vely? Ye they ea wonderful are counng the n ap t
impen heard of converting American : e head of cahe corp which ood. At la op- "t they hd s on kins and checking on the soap.
l clothe and feed an athee arm for five billion dollars in hey can take a ength o burla
kin- told that the way to the mate- force, and he can drive the enemy relief. But we got eough borrow and turn t nto a horror th i
sble tarian paradise wasthroeel min- madrs on te team, already, un a wmen rush to pay a thousand T
ill cvetration on unions Secre of t ion because a swift rundown on a fresuckers. We have made a bad mistake oc
production or consumption, ke what te French can do yields What have te French go for in ring to get Fresance to play n
Srue Once ths understood, the di-ry very well not on te record of if e asn't been relieved by te o up a few sidewa cafe, e
c ference between legitimateam andtwo World Wars and te business tim this hits rint. And he is tysto sewing, and give t
n hydroelecticalried left-wing strike oes will By out of p UAces to give away copper pot or so and few
textils- be understood kingt was decided that the French keep a govern to irst J
and the Communists must have cee lls same cabinet France is like a quiz way. Especially if Wrld War to
y among "the miners qteelworkers,cA-im
now is at ermaritime workationers, Calling r for morethan a few show with no more pries. To Three is m. One European, .
chemical workers and others eChicago settling foreign affairs that a glo not on te record of North Africa, usoke today eeps that France is sore
oyed, plyed in the basic and trustifled bal kli like me has available. I Madagascar and Indochina. at England because England gave the le
tness Industries ..." have finally reached u firm con- Why are the French so touchy away the Suez Canal. Mendes- Israeli
-ea- elusion on France and her place about German rearmament? Well, France reckons that's unfair. com- marti&
- That was the beginning. Now in an EDC. Give -er the Quarter- if you rearm the Germans there petition In diplomacy. nless the City,
Who there is a brand new report before master Corps and get Crlistian will be less Germans to fight for English will lend France Gibral. is gove
able us from the House Un-meriena CDior to run Thadministl lave the La Bele Francealin th- Foreign tar, so he can give Gab to Spaih. Gene
have Activities Committee which for the other European countries free to Legion, which is largely composed The answer then is to use France much
first time succinctly traces the fi ht. of Germans. This may bo why the positively. A Frenchman can take vice
anue lne of Communist concentration. close inspection of what France Leaon occasionally wins one. # rabbit and a carrot and a plnch troops
eft- It points out that the first manual can and cannot do has been made Can the French build? No, not of any*thng and turn into a 10- stars
high on organization issued by the painstakingly, and the survey on the record. They-failed to make course meal, salable to tourists at WA
Communists was written by J. Pa- board has come to one conclusion: the Maginot Line long enough, night. -club prices. A F'enchman
wint tern, who "directed Soviet espion. The Frenda are good cooks. So+ Well de Lesseps built a canal, camnjump on a grape-better th Gen
win age organization in the U.S.' let them cook for democracy. and L'Enfant laid out Washington, anybody else In the world, as M.
Secondarily, the French are good D.C. Look what happened to Suez Edouard Condon once remarked. Joint
n on The congressional committee dssmakers. That man Dior and Washinton. Th Egyptians A Frenchman has all the skills of Franc
pro- quotes the manual which llve trws the whele world into a ot one andMcCa ty gt the a perfect quartermaster--supreme Germs
re- never f seen ur be ,Pea-he every Mush chops, off oher=.. Ispshma, extreme thrift, and
loud listed the wo n g Indtr l bosoms or Ibsen or soten s Cn the French do a *'W- e expediency. They are
infltration in the order of ;t i hemlines. El lan. Put Dior tively' We, they l m al wonderful are counting the nap- cly
importance to him: the head ofihh corps which ood. At last Count they had us on Ilns and checkingon the s cap.
will clothe and feed an armed the arm for five billion dollars in They can take a length of buns movin
"1-Those which produce mate- force, and he can drive the enemy relief. But we got enough borrow. and turn it into a horror .=t lnes t
rial for production, like steel, min- mad. ers on the team, already, unless a women rush to pay a thousand ...TI,
Ing, oi, chemicals. 2-Those which This is patently a good sugges-.special scouting force cas turn up bucks for. tourinj
deliver material to the place of tion, because a swift rundown on a fresh group of suckers. We have made a bad mistake Meno-I
production or consumption, like what the French can do yields What have the French got for in trying to get France to play in Ma oif
railroad, trucking ma-ine, etc. little of worth, as see the follow- statesmen? Well, they poortold the European army as combat ; gs
a-Those which produce power for ing. Can the French fight? Ito, not Herriot and now Mendes-France, troops. Put them in striped aprons his sl
running the wheels of industry very well --not on the record of if ke hasn't been relieved b the open up a few sidewalk cafes, set mtheB
electric power plants, steam and two World Wars and the business timrb this hits print. And Ke is sewing, and give them. a tCleme
d.roelectric antas ... in auto, in Indochina. running out of places to give away copper pot or so and r few sprigs "ritis
textile and packinghouse .. ." Can the French keep a govern- to people. of chive, and.they will earn .ir elan
Let me report here that there ment going with the same cabinet Mendes France is like a quiz way. Especially If World War to be
now is at errific concentration of and minitser for more than a few show with no more prizes.. To 'Three is fought in France.e, b ...A M
Communists in some Chicago weeks? No not oAn the record., keep up interest he's going to have cause the shopkeepers wil winhd fed up
packinghouses which feed the na- Can the French administer theirlo start stealing, and maybe no- up with it all..., of he
0 cklughous... s ______________ Nehru,
U and liv

As a result of this policy, the
House committee says, the "hard .L. L J -
core Party members ... formed i, r r
unions on both plant and Industry i JI
level." One of these unions is "te m ^e t 9 n- w
United Electrical Workers," a sec-
tion of which is striking the Square
D Co. The next vital Communist
policy was outlined after the war WASHINGTON (NEA)-Un-
by Communist labor secretary, the dersecretary of Labor Arthur Lar-
now imprisoned John Williamson. son got In a good Rapublican ad.
Said he, the Communists must: ministration plug for expanding
"... direct our work in such 'a the social security system in his
manner as guarantee that all in- Chicago speech before the Ameri-
dustrial districts, particularly New can Bar Association, and told a
York, California and eastern Penn- gqod story to back up his argu-
sylvania, shall have a membership ment.,
whose majority is industrial work- "When you come right down to
ers. That Michigan, Illinois and It," he said, "the critics of social
Ohio shall aim at 75 percent indus- security are really saying this:
trial workers. They are in favor of freedom, hu-
man dignity and of the individ-
The party must give "100 times ual's rights to self-respect and
greater attention ... as far 'as pride-until misfortune strikes and
speakers, literature organizers and his mtney rua put. Afterthat, his
press .are concerned to the so- self-respect, pride, dignity and
called small industrial towns, such freedom can go hang ... This is
as McKeesport, Schenectady, a pretty shoddy conception of
Youngstown, Akrn Flint, Gary American traditions.
and towns in the anthracite region "This isn't a question of being
and West Virginia." liberal or conservative," Mr. Lar-
son continued. "A good conserva-
They succeeded and there are tive doesn't h ve to believe as his
undercover party people there now great grandfather did in every de-
awaiting signals-despite T all the tall.- The sort of thing this leads
new laws. But Detroit was the to may be illustrated by a con-
greatest concentration point. versation I had with an English
friend, Major Millstone.
Before I close this report, I want V
to point out that there are current "I asked him why he belonged
Party plans for other tumultuous to the Tory party. 'Why,' he said,
strikes in Detroit this coming year 'my father was a Tory, my grand-
-especially at the Ford River father was a Tory, my great-
Rouge plant. It is the world's grandfather was a Tory, and I
largest industrial unit and the shall always be a Tory.'
party strategists believe "the en- "FinallyJ asked him, 'And why
tie labor movement watchps t." are- you a bachelor?'
The hope, therefore, Is that a Ford "He shouted: 'My father was a
trike will enflame the workers i n baelor, my grandfather was a
the country's mass and straegic bachelor, my great-grandfather
industries was a bachelor and I shi 11 always
Thus over the years, the Soviet's be a bachelor.'"
champions survive despite laws --
and probes. The pressure of working for the
| -, government these days is some-


Ion In Washington

times too much for anyone who out that if dairy farmers achieved
has ever suffered a mental crack- the same results nationally, all
up. their surplus. troubled would dis.
Thus, in its revision of its basic appear.
application 'Form 57" the Civil ---
Service Commission has specifcal. One out of every two children
ly added the query: born this year can expect to be
"Have you ever had a nervous injured in an automobile traffic
breakdow?" accident' at some time during his
If an applicant answers "yes" life.
it doesn't mean that he can't work This is the prediction of. Amer-
for Uncle Sam. It will Just serve can Petroleum Institutc expe
as a warning to personal people after a study of the rising tiens
not to assign such a pern to a in accident statistics
job having special mental pres- One other fact disclosed by this
sures. research is t ore Americans
The new form also makes a new have been kdled -1 traffic agel-
demarcation on traffic arrests and dent dung the past 50 years of
juvenile delinquency records. automobie history than in all the
An applicant does not have to wa's, bat and skirmishes
note traffic violations "for which fb t by soAld from the
a fine of$25 or less was imposed." Revolution tough the Korean
And no arrests or violation of the conflict.
law which occurred before the age -
of 16 need be noted on the appli- Department of Justic and U.S.
cation. Attorney Le ower will present
--- an entirely new ease against Prof.
To convince dairy farmers that Owen Lattimore before a District
they must advertise and promote of Columbia grand jury. This ac-
their products more vigorously, tion follows %a knocking out of
Department of Agriculture put on two of the -wen counts In e
a special "drink more milk cam- original perry, by
paign at the Pentagon. Federal J father W. -
Cafeterias in the big defense dahl and elktM decisions
headquarters have a captive eH- the U.S. Court d ppeala for Dis-
entele of around 25,000 meals a triet of Colkmoa.
day. Posters in the Pentagon eaor- The counts wee dropped on
ridors, leaflets on tables and signs technical grounds. Ra r the n go
in the estaurants and snack bars to trial with a techatal weak
were therefore Lsed for 30 days to indictment, the government de-
push milk drinking. ejded to stalt al eve again.
.. nRoy Con, fomer c meonl
The result was a 10.1 per cent fot Sen. J 1. McCarthy's
increased. consumption. One Pen- Commis ine a l -comalttes,
tagon worker in five drank more worked on the indicmeet
than a pint of mnilk a day. against Lattime when he was a
Department of Agriuelutre point Department f Jutgles attorney.


S.- .
------- -- -- t_' -

to the
ing ar
tary I
but re
the ne
him. v
to dea
the la

mNGOTON. Maj. Gen. between el
r Vauh, the *wei-remem- George of
I Welt-e dt President Demoerat,
in. ce a JAhr quite h bit ting Se, I
lie ribbing by this newsman Idepepda
others for pulling political Georg 9
which were none of hs bul- ber1 fbe
He now has a rival in the lee,. is one
shower administration, respected
fact, it begins to look as if past has
ban was a piker compared to policy on
chief military man In he rally vote
House, Gen, Wilton "Slick" hengW bg
ions recently pulled wires to bill for I
b cousin promoted .to te ness andl
of rear admiral over 35 Elaenhowse
nav eap1 who w9re alge ofus
of hm. To dothis he -v- always to p
terrific pressure on Secre.
if the Navy Charles Thomas, On both
ras a little reluctant but f- and George
came through. "You hae
eral Persons' cousin, Capt. in protects
SS. Persons, graduated from than Geo g
ois in the eins of 19. All tke Oregon
captains prom oted th time, only talked
one, were front the class f but the bq
deals with
motion to the rank of rear source of er
al is one of the highest hon. George we
at comes in the navy. Only the-public
n made it this year, and for in a few p
er classman to be jumped can supl
higher-ranking captains, tire Unil-d
s to a powerful friend in the that contra
n, has really made the navy real questic
g mad. ic-energy d
fully, however the navy
o cover up. At first it issued George ai
leial statement that Captain ly that at
is was promoted under See- solon made
2-A, which specifies that the in a secret
ary of the navy, can promote a result, S
rs who have "special qualiUfi- came to M
as." But having made this ex- to persuade
ion, the navy then took it her of the i
by virtually admitting that during Mac
in Persons had no special "You hav
castons., The -ecrhetar of the him than
it was stated, was simply told Morse.
incentive to younger ofi-
SWbrk harder. George i
E r-General Persons won cause of hli
nickname "Slick" in wartime necessity
hen he acted as thter the ad
st with Congress. It was his
ob to push army legislation BETHIN
h Congress, and he did an
Reliable z
-e -On the other side of iron Curte
dger, Gener-.n Persons was Kremlin Is
l responsible for getting Russiane
ii law invoked in Phenix After Sta
Ala. The General's brother the Malenk
'rnor of Alabama, and It was getting itse
al Persons who applied so ft appeased
pressure about crime and with an ab
affecting adjacent military ries. Some
that Governor Persons taken off t
d his cleanup of Phenix City. "Party Lsi
writers ant
eral Ridgway is urging the But a pu
Chiefs of Staff to abandon posers eari
De entirely and concentrate o been follow
my and Spa n in budi drive of gn
ean defense against RuR an1 Voaw na'
ay has rcmmen4-tad tense it
ry aid to France be drast m
:ut and that the army begin oEr,
g its billion-dollar supply in satellite
German and Belgian ports duced over
le British Labor delegation defiance of
g Communist China was reigious c
ed to see how sick Premier sources so
tetVng looks. Mao looked dressing foo
ie had Just' gotten up from
:kbed to talk briefly with
ritish visitors. As a result,
nt Attlee has informed' the L wh
SForeign Office that For- J 1
minister Chou Eu-lai appears
the real boss of Red China
adame Pandit Is reported so
with teei pro-Russian policy _
r brother, Prime Minister I
thet she will leave India
ve in England or the United J I
Midame Pandit used to be I.
sador to Washington, later u
e hoad of India's delegation / I
U.N. Her brother h& now V
ed her with pro-Russian. d n
la Memon ... Senator Me-
r's No. 1 pal in the State -
tment, Scott McLeod, is look
found for a new job. Secro-.
DuUes, who fired him once A mother
neged, is now talking about year-old.
MoLeod for keeps, Ihowever, birthday P
iw undersecretary of state, out being
rt Hoover, Jr., may save of their m
He happens to be a good pay. Tb
of McLeod. to make U
4 a~ble and soe
of the strangest Mendsaips nbthenem a
eiop o. C tD Hill d /ring children,
st session of Congress was up wha I


these subject Morse
were on theiae side.
ve done ag ter Job
og the op power
iendo i rris
ittle yo TAIN .puup
control or h future
inrgy in this nation."
nt on to polit out what
doema 't'iqfr is that
ears 1 at"a-Freaetors
all the .o ey the en-
States 9 need, and
Sof this .power was the
in at issue in t1e atom-
id More g 6 friend.
cue civlilm Georgla
a spee a t Morse
Democratic taucus. As
SOL. Lyndw Johnson
orse. a 'ked.m to try
e Georoi&,.- a mem-
Senate committee cen-
ve more flunce with
anyone elst -Johnson

Sgretlful deIlined be.
s wife's Jeifth and tho
of leaving Ws 9hngton
Journmet cptongress.
reports from behind the
in indicate. Ahat the
=cr, *%wn on the
N lndwhile
ov admits' ration was
If settled in le saddle,
the civilian population
undance of Blile luxu-
of the- hlestjas even
the chUegMel hitle the
e" wh bn s Soviet
I musicians wht they
nd play o e up a
irgp of Com-
y tbis nowr

aeoat aVOin
ecent s" rti-

rusade, bt Jno&Med
y t's window

r who invi 20 six-
to her yorrg son's
arty says thst, with-

lameant she had
he mother O mnforta-
rye th*_- 4Vaddition

AU have byuwa their
St en for tmea
] INS o .

By Calbroith

4e ,ni es h".t m m a as
tin* S


_~F__ __ ~~__~_lly______


* --i^,.

~ls~i~ :


" _* ,

T WEUIUR 3. 1u4

e n i '/at $ -, -
.. .

__ 2 !....,...,..i=,., :.^^ ^,,,M[




~~**t5. Y.~'K7,. -

*.r;'i f .~i E42..' .4 4:;i '"~'rP~~C ~ -~~-9Crf`; ri ~ ~




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linking the United States with the Isthmus to those Canal Zone
residents who will now be traveling homeward every two years on
sincere desire to help you arrange a restful, enjoyable vacation.
Pan American flies only the most modern aircraft over direct routes
to the U.S.A. Our unequalled frequency of services means maximum ,
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5.4 .t~*
4. 54.
I .~ ~
9 *'*.


.- ,i.' -:. -.

* H'..-*.>'* ^ ..l ''-1, vr;-

.- I ; '*, :-- -.. ... i


wM .

Independenc fy

1,7 July 4th
rates the
of the
1 Infirm
14 Wandering
Clan4ette Colbert, Helen Bayes to rins forithe man in the street 15 Man's name
and Fredric March, starring in the So she broadened her repertoire, 18 Grumble
first of CBS-TV's big new series anu got a spot at the Latin Quar- 17 Pacific
"The Best of Broadway," will ter. There Dave Kapp, of the new-. condiment
have rehearsed two full weeks by ly-organized Kapp Records, saw ;18 Eagle's nest
%he time the show is seen, Sept. her and remembered her from one 20 Pewter coin
15. That's about as long as any TV of his Parisian trios a few years of Malaya
S program has ever rehearsed, ex- back. He signed her and produced 21 Perch
'jept maybe the World Series. the pleasantly whacky number, 22 Anent
The show will be the fine play, "Baseball, Baseball," which is no 23 Hen product
MThe Royal Family." Miss Col- French love song. 24 Darling
set, incidentally, will be making 27 Wages
Mar TV debut, It's about time, ,TV Toppers 31 Mouth part
o33 Negative word
the comedian with DON MeNEILL ("Breakfast 84 Fish
lways on s Club" ABC-TV): Most men think 3Make lace
t ondencyt ~ et as they're smart enough to fool a3 Provides food
de(m tly herc). A lyh l women and most women are 39 Pesters for
ind fren ve a smart enough tolt 'em think it. 42 Light rown
k. A few days later, the 43 Measure of
tted him stuffing himself "I like the song," she said, and 43 uo
taes and pastry and oth. launched into a beautiful blonde cloth
oles too fattening to men- discussion of her theory about mu-. 45 Choose
e. "You know, there are two 47miBitter vetchk
ha ppend to the book I school of thought about songs. rhoeof ag
;ga you?" the frud asked. Some stger--wlth better voices sRockyensg
S 'Oh, that," shtngged Georgle. 'than PlI ever have-go for fa 5y 2 Harvester
1 ate It." arty ballads that nobody wants to 5 Withdraw
SI hear. I believe in singing what 56 Fisherman
Take a continental chanteuse, I the public likes." 67 Selects by
once the toast of Paris, bring her That's what might be called the ballot
to America and let her make a public school. And a lot of people 58 Moves
record. What song does h e are very glad that Jane Morgan furtively
choose? A little number entitled belongs to it. 59 Emphasis
'Baseball, Baseball." DOWN
That is a digested version of Lassie, the collie \. o will star 1 Fireworks
, what's happened to Jane Morgan in CB8-TV's new TV show called, -- should be
in he last two years. But it needs naturally, "Lase," aki at f air careful this
a little explanation, which the very conditioned kennel all to herself, holiday
beutiful Miss Morgan is delighted Is this'what they call .a dog's holiday
tosupply. life?
ems she's a Bostoan.girl who .. -
wfbdered over to trance in 1947 It's amazing to what lengths a
or thereabouts. At first she sang man will go' to Imitate-or 'emu.
American songs, exclusively, but late-his, idol. Les Elgart always
gradually she learned French and idolized the late trumpet master,
soon became a French-song sing. Bunny Berrigan. His style is agme-
er. one day an American agent what like 'Berrigan's, although the
happened by, on the trail of a band he now leads (it just finish- .
French singer, and signed the lady ed playing at the Astor Rbof) is
frome La Boston. Back she came quite a different thing. A ,
to the U. S., and knocked 'em But Les admits that *s passion
mote in the chic supper clubs, for Chinese food is a diect result
sgteIng French songs. of his admiration for Berrigan.
0 But I wanted to sing for Joe Bunny used to dash out between
=Dkes," she says, smiling her sets, to sample new Chinese dish-
tul blonde smile. "I suppose es, end often the youthful Elgart.
71 could have sung at the supper who played with him, would tag
aels forever, but you always pee along. Les 1Lu likes his food
thk same type of people. I wanted served up in Chinese style.


Many lights weekly from 'AMWA '
* Choice of Super Coostellation or J)C-0B
De luxe or Tourist elise service
-. For tll information ee
your loeal tvl algept
-Or oe0cios bos,-$A.
No. 18 Tiveli AvePne
WORLD's as! lAuNJ


Harklns Place?

I01iWi A 5513600tiD


io i
'a -

-M S PLAMcswL.
gas AT LEW M A
., Am uIL




Attractive PoelibUtles

* m

t os avaiso !


Swr uT 7*lnf
as. I We agr.


Aneirr t*


3 N'tave
2SLeepin' s
5 bride gIn
6 Hinder
7 Half (prefix)
8 Looyal T 04
9 Wile
10 Rag
11 Physical 30 Aleutiin
power island
12 Straggler 32 Through
(Scot) 36 Lurch
19 Legal point 37 Handled
25 Dismounted 38 Weight of
26 It's a nice day India
for a --in 40 Heed
the country 41 Golf, tennis.
28 Social Insect football,
29 Burdea -baseball, etc.

42 Gull-like birds
44 Entices
46 Lock of hair
48 Look for
49 Makes
50 Dissolve
53 School group
55 Three times
(comb. form)




Stuff-and Nonsens BT V. ta UtI
--r. ,


A Thought





A Balet Rrs


H~R~6 0*9H'At#Of A
IcoI1kgelS~E SQi's
fvSLL 1%1






w*Jy Rads Qmssf&de

Moon I

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--` *




5B OBDAT, B2T 3B ,R 3, 0 1MO

t VanAMA AJmaUSAn aM IINurhsnuznTr DAxLrt nKWrArm

-.i. ...-... 1 ......- T .. ... ... ar ..- .. -.*tf
al ...

As V .-u

0 ~ A

::, ,:. J W ^ aua/o ... J

* _.. _



W!ill remain open for the Season till
September 31st and invites
lost week's visitors.

The Management.

ia "' *- Ads.

an employee of Twalsker TrApspories.xier,
S. A. and no obligation or responsibility is
accepted for any traasaetione in which he
may ake part,

F. R. RUDESHE1M (General Manager)



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m* rn



1111 'I


tres o Mtel Paummment reminds
us, for a low mere weekends at
Beqgte In the 'lriul mountains
b te tb na es twIe Its a.-
aW l Saune o rainy sea-
Mo., PS!!veewlcl vise Oct. 1;

hamapa ewley, Jr.,
*Samuel e owiey, Jr., who La
leavitag pon to enter Carson-L4ng
Military Sehbe in Pennsylvaala,
wasp srprid on Tuesda, by beO
sister, June Rowley, at a going-
away party at the sp I y tome
m Cocol ,.
Besides enjoying refreshments,
some 15 young friends danced,
played gAnmes and took part iaa
scavenger hunt. Louis Bateman
and Peggy Eliot won the prize
for beingg the best scavengers.
Others who enjoyed the affair
Included Mary Willis, S a n d r a
Vadept~.t, Judy Henter, Ann
Days, Micky Walker, Nancy Web-
ster, Martha Webster, Corbin.Me,
Tim Pays Ger Bar-
r. Nm aedersan, oe r
9riffith, Lem Kirkland and Louis


1)6*1. Cornem C
Enjoys Week End
A group of Diablo Camera Club
members visited Abe Island of
Jamaica on a photographic tour
over the past imkend. The group
traveled by airplane, arriving in
Kingston at 9:15 a.m. Saturday
and returning late Monday.
Saturday afternoon was devot'
ed to a sightseeing trip through
the city anid residential outskirts,
to the famous Hope Botanical
Gardens. An unusually heavy rain
delayed the photographers for an
hour or. so at the Gardens, but
cameras clicked as sooeen as the
downpour top .
An all-day trip by automobile I
across the Island to the north
coast on Sunday gave the 32
meaberas of the group plenty of
opportunity to record am film tie
beautiful mopatain scenery an#
the sandy eas of the here
Itae. ThMn ibA -weae 4pnt at
the Tower, the orth
side df tte ltead, Ier. the
Group had lunch and ame aL the
party put aside cameras long en-
ough tor bathing at the hotel's
private beach. On the return trip
S te 'ite afternoon
the party visited Dunn's River
oia gin utie cameras
seconded this beautiful work of
Monday morning was set aside
for aboWing in Kngton a n
more picture-takig.
Those in the party were: M r.
and Mrs. WUlia Clark, Jr., Mr.
and Mrs. W. R. Waies, Mr. and
Mrs. Noraiaas hnson..Mr. rad
Mrs. Geore M Mr. an4
Mrs. Frauk Cu, Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Hlgh, Mr. nd Mrs.
Preston Minton, Lt. Colonel and
Ms-. George McKelvy. Mrs. Mar-
garet Murphy, the Misses Alice
4n sPcAelIvy, L.rgwt Brenne-
man, Frances BNan(,.Mary Me-
Ewen, Helen Krodle, Gllete Con-
ner, Beatrice Simons, Ethel My-
ers, Jeanine Dorgan, Mrs. Dora
Kridle, Mrs. Berecice Conner,
and Mr. William Brandl.
msn Leasre tOW
urWuda Woana's
Miss Louise ud of Golf Heights
is leaving Saturday for the States
t enter her senior year in the
School of Jomrnaism at Pennsyl-
vania State University.
De W Retner
Fresm mey
After a honeymoon of eone week
spent at Hotel Pnumo te ino -o
quete, Mr. and Mrs. Frneato de
Diego have returned I the ca-
Conte Mendea
Ch fe Recdenee
Dr. and Mrs. Heradeo COnte
'Mendesa have changed theirreal-

F. Critics Corner

.~z,- '

S g 'a
son L ow
ad all cagtawa tpjes. Inb

daef other ideas are
belbbl the mind of ettr-.
cameraeon Wimter, who is 1t-
S toO SWaSSio U Wea .x
cta i to. itp 1a ,imua a.
on his wawy torth Inth

BEAUSIFUI, VWOUM all over the
world are devoted to this one
special skin care .. they find
it so q"ick. sy-so sure.
For Pond's Cold Cream is spe-
cifically designed to soften and
B^ sdesreniwe4irthstaticks
in pore-openings, encouraging
large pores, blackheads.
Each Pond's Cold Creaming
cleanses deepdown makes
your skin look clearer, amoothe,
finer in texture.
Make sure eery night to:--
1. Circle fluffy fingerfuls of
Pond's COd Cre up and out

from throat to forehead. This
circle-cleansing frees embedded
dirt. Stimulates lazy inculation.
Tissue off well.
2. Now, "rinse" with fresh
fingerfuls of Pond's Cold Oream.
Tissue off Lahy-leaving in.
visible traces of the ceam to
soften and protect your skin.
Start now. See how quickly
your akin looks newly smooth,
newly der!t


Dellolous, refreshing

10f/t glasses...from
just one envelope


Mi mon and MUlfons love
S .. and u wIM loo I

Guests At Panamonte
Among the recent arrivals at.
Hotel Panamonte in Boquet. were
Mr. and Mrs. James Gresham, of
Los Angeles Calif.. Lt. Col. Mrs. I
Paul C. Davis and their son Jim-
my, of Balboa, Mr. and Mrs. Pent-
ti Pajunen, of Panama. Mr. James
F. Smythe, of Panama.* Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Burus and family, of
Balboa. Mr. and Mrs. D. Islly, of;
Panama, Mr. Tomas Guardia, of

(Opiplte Aaeon P.O.)
Offers you
this wek a
of Picture FRAMF-
They're made of
metal and plastic.
cl0ors, You'll have
a chance ti
Wednesday Olyf

I. EIL.~

Da n~ ~1




A fine iWd )oon of art work b James lpn American
4antep t Is bo the .Univerlty of sPana costing -
of oils, drawings, and watercolors, tie pictures are on view In 1. ,.
upt a0- attt0o1 nn, blddtulg of the University uUW til Sept. 11T.
The firma American exhibitor tihs semester. Innes gives us
an oGpMt<fa to are whit the younger paint are dong in i .
the p. g. 11 the fitd of serious painting. He has studied at the
A* t Studeat' l eague in New York for several years with George
Orosz of the German explls ionialt school, erris Kantor and
Jon Corbino, painters already firmly established. He also studied
41 the-Iim es 1'Oy Arft Institute with Edward Lanning, muralist
ad asl later at of Middle-West.
Perhaps working with Grosz helped Inces become an admirer
of the German expressionist sch ool at ainig. However, despite mMg- lHe H .
his Interest and admiratwo, he Is intluened littliby It. The ier is e first Abert Lasker
.German expressionists generally used form and csmulating Award Winner foroutsteading
*color for psychological effect. egitning Jt e the first achievement in the develop-
world war and pqternlg out in the early 1930s, the turbulent ment of services for the p.hys-
times were refleed in this school of paintlagby an art of so- cally disabled. e is dctor
cial comment, sare, or acid observation. As a matter of fact, o his own rehabilitasIon insti-
Gross atcke Nazism so fearlessly and successfully with his tute in West Orange, N.J.
powerful rawIngs that he had to flee to America. I ---- -----" --*'
S is oasible that Innes also senses the uneasiness and In-!
tecuritles of today and they have manifested themselves nebu-,
Joualy in a few of his convases; such as Le Opera and Composti-1
tion With Christ, both social comments. I l UE IflN ij
Painted in a tmilder version of expressialam, these two
paintings ilves pa a glimpse of a way of painting, an opportuned
convenience lot us lack of galleries betng what they are here.
.X coUd be due to Morris IKantor that Icnts appear to be \
painter independently seeking his way. Kantor encourages his
students to develop their Individual creative powers. The awra-I
-lon i~ painting style (manner of painting) and the variation
of paint quality (manner in which paint Is applied to the canvas I
surface) all Indicate a period of experimentation and personal MEETINGS
development. iSt. Luke's Morning Guild
A fA otparativte exWple can be made between La Chilnlta Meets Tomorrow
nd14 Doraa with Le and odegop. The suject of t M The first imeting of the year
first *0' are quiet, withdrawn. contemplative and remote in of the Morning Guild of the Cathe.
character, painted In a very simple style with Smooth brush dral of St. Luke will be held at
strokes, colors blending Into one another. Le Opera and Bode- the Daaery tomorrow at 9:30
gon are binatedmore vigorously, producing surface texture, and a.m.
color Is more vivid. In the case of Le Opera, color is somewhat I
somber and stark for psychological impact. LAdge Meeting
The entertaining little whimsy-an oil composed Inven- Pacific Lodge No. 5, A. F. &
,Ib Ile tW and a wind-mill looking dredge, is AM. will have their re ula r
Igt and delightful. It was not meant to be anything else. states communication on Monday.
The Jamall drawing of a sitting semi-nude is executed in a at 8 p.m. at the Masonic Temple
manner recalling Picasso's, classical period of simple sensitive in Panama City. Visiting Masons
line drawings. In a few instances, Innes' love for simplicity will be welcomed.
O Xes fthe uapressaio of statements toe abbreviated or a feeling
of a picture being unfinished. However, art is a personal thiag. turn trip by Army bus from
In this caw. t is a matter of individual interpretation and to Crlstobalrom
set a criteria would would confine the fleaxlility that makes art
a fine art Ja paintingg. Members and guests are invit.
It should indeed be considered an unusual opportunity to'ed, according to Mrs. Shine who
see the show. Space does not allow further mention of other i may be reached at 87-3148.
paintings that make up the collection,
Innes has exhibited in New York and Kansas City and is r W '
represented In private collections. The exhibition is open daily Carndy Woman's
from 9 .m. to 12 noon and 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. during the week, 'ub Card Group
aecebt Sundays. Mrs. L. Zent and Mrs. H. A
Plan to spend at least an adventurous half hour in creative 'Starrett were co-hostess for a
nspection for it Is worth your time. All pictures are for sale breakfast given the card group
although prices are'not quoted. Wednesday morning.
i n t u r Members and guests attending
dence to No. 1S on Sixth Street in Liner next Thursday. included Mesdames W. Meltzen,
Golf Heights. L. Thurgood, Wm. J. Bright Jr.,
S --- The group will meet at pier 18 E. J. E gllten, Paul La Rocca,
Ft. Claytoa at approximately 0:00 a.m. Ac.- E. C. Valentine R. A. Jones,
Officers Wives Sponsor cording to Mrs. D. S. Shine, club' H. A. Starrett, IH. Locke, Burton
Trip T Cas d .fasnal representative and the price ofi Robnett, R. K. Frangioni, W. H.
The Fort layton Officers' Wives the trip will $e 5;50 for adults Shlrey, Paul Au Buchon, H. I.
Club is sponsoring a trip through and $4.50 for childrIe, Htas .will Homa, Forest F. Hall. 0. E.
the ~Jfstaa Cani via an Italianm include brLakfat, unch, end a e- Michaelis, F. J. Leap, L. M. Rup-
1 Mrs. L. Zent and Mrs. L. D.
S1 i '.







Buy One
And Win
One In
Our Free

TIl dIW lt V rITO I
117 t es r l c4 'e. i l


Beuq B irdw B~cts


Lu"as yemraw pea
dde--s -L m
SWOmm JUM d owM

Teay p- hm
WO. Get8 -i4 g.


&h 13414 P~As'

The latest Movedo C oluz
shows you date, dy and at a
single g for the dial is b .
markable aty.
And no winding is sa ce
it is fitted with famous ovasdo
movement Automatic si a of


- LANDSCAPE by James Jaine loses O much In b ack-Sad-Wh*e
feprodputiop but is a sqdy pated cgnva which seen
'in ts original colors is one of the eutstandlig pictures on
display in the young American artist's one-man show at
.4the aUogMJ University in Panusa.
PIRATE DOCUMENTARY ... Thinds of perMson inthe U-
OF, MD PANAMA ite States have viewed and
IrV -aa the 4hsrt ~whik W ir We
j3 IPA Mea for a few days ports is one -ftheMt owar
je 'e area at 15 ailg KY libraryy." In s AE-a t W n ao = ant., the r .
&ydrges ler. set Oldafo (a
aA&Ac sr fIr a Ooetucn. a narrative cande*s most eof the
ofof th Pirates." *raMsa.


.1 *'






. ... ..,


r.l 1-



*- =-.


::v r. -*. '*-- .? ;-** *' ~-r-'::r rc i; .P


'U -.--

,AU3~AZ ~ P~S



LIBRERA fURBCIADO i arfet wi as
MOBIlSON 4t ot July Ave. b J St.
Justo AroemeOM Ave. and U st.
In La CariaquilS

cantcaJ AvI. 149
No. a Lottwy PlWA
fourth of July Ave.

u f.__- 111il

Hn Sute ta. W

Household Automobiles
FOR $SL--Bo-mbto diningroom ta- FOR SALE: 1950 Cadillac Model
b nd' .hars to match 4 odd 62, excellent condition, 5 new
poblrch chirsnd glider. Phone 2-3361. white tires, new sedt covers. Phone
Horch o 84. __________ 88-836, Qtrs, 116-B, Gulick.
FOR' SALE:-Couch, chair, end and POR SALE:--1953 Studebaker Cham-,
coffee tables $35; ten-piece soli pion 2-door, perfect condition, only
heavy mahogany diningroom set: 8 12,000 miles. Phone 5-521.
chI, table, chino closet $150; FOR SALE:-1948 Dodge Custom 4-
mhoany d e s k $15; venetian door sedan, Fluid drive, plastic seat
blinds: five of 36"x60", one of covers, good paint, one owner, low
36"x40'. 5524-B, Diablo. Phone mileage, $600. Balboa 3755.'
2- 1310-------- FOR SALE:-1953 Super Buick Riv-
OR SALE iero, V-8 engine, yellow w/blaock
FR SA E top. Call 2-1503. A good buy.
Real Estate. POR SALEA-U ed cr at low pre.
PANAMA AUTO, S.A.. Jose Fian-
FQR SALE:--Concrete home. 2 bed- ciasc de le Ossa NO 45.
rooms, large livingroom, dining- -- ,-.. .
room, k then pantry, servant'si FOR SALE:-1949 Cadillac converti-
room, 2 bathrooms and odie' rest ble. new top, 5 new whitewall tires,
room. Also 2-story building withl_Albrook_86:-7228._ ---
3 rooms for servants' quarters, re- FOR SALE:--1949 Ford sedan. Tudor,
lhoble Diesel light plant and water with radio, good condition, $500.
system, on 8500 square meters RI 5-A Rosseau.
land, nine males from Colon on SALE: Hillonsedon $350
highway. Ideal home for Free Zone FOR SALE: Hillmon sedan $350,
executive. Phone Balboa 2506 orl balance on terms. Fully insured.
write Box 415, Ancon, C.Z. Phone Panama 3-2333.
cown, $50 monthly, three-bedroom ,_ L_ E S S_ _
house, Lefevre, 400 meters. Price: MRS. ROMERO'S Practical Conversa-
$7500. PATTERSON, 2-2346, Ave. tional System. Take advantage of
"A," 16. your time in Panama. Learn conver-
FOR SALE: BEST PRICE, $2000 national Spanish spoken in 19 Cen-
down, $50 monthly, two-bedroom trol and South American countries.
cement chalet, Lefevre. Price only Estudionte Street, 77-A, No. 2.
$67000, PATTERSON, 2-2346, 16,
Avenue "A." f
FOR SALE:-URGENT, must leaye. Sports 0 1els
cement block house, brand new, y United Pres
with almost acre of' land, Gorgon A By United Press farmhand
Beach, $2000. PATTERSON,2- has been voted the most valuable
2346, Avenue "A," 6 player in the International
FOR SALE:-Corner lot Pueblo Nue- League.
vo for only $1.75 meter, with bus, Catcher Elston. Howard of To-
light and water. 631 meters, $25.0 ronto was the first choice on 12
down. PATTERSON, 2-2346, Ave- ballots cast by 21 baseball writ-I
nue "A," No. 16. era from the league'clties. Out-
Ffielder Bill Virdon of Rochester
LOST & FOUND was second. Last year's winner-~-
Sfirst baseman Rocky Nelson of
LOST'-Horn-rimmed bifocal glasses, Montreal-finished third with
brown case. Finder call Balboa Ottawa outfielder Joe' Taylor
1648. Reword. fourth.
Howard In hittln .333 andt

leads the Ieague in riples, withj
16. The .24.year-old Negro from
81t..Lou has hit 1i homers And
2'1 ,d qi

Agenes la ternaL de PbleaeIem
a CentU Ave.
Poeque Lagevr 7 Stred
S0 Central Ave.

_-_ ..._o _"_
Via pafta No. 34


TRADE ONLY:-Beautiful complete-
ly furnished country home in Santao
Clara: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, large
living-diningroom, kitchen, patio.
Variety of fruit and shade trees, on
large p!ot of landscaped ground,
cool and secluded'. Tool shed in rear
con be converted into guest house.
Has connecting bathroom with
shower. Will trade for land to build
home within city limits. Call Pana-
ma 2-2521.
GET THEM, while they lost, at EL
CORTE SINGLES' Annual Sale! Com-
plete suits from $4.95; Pants from
$2. All guaranteed. Low prices on
credit terms. Just say: "Charge It."
tral Avenue.
FOR SALE:-New Hampshire chicks,
one day old, 25c. each. Phone 2-
5206 or 3-5739._
FOR SALE:-31-ton air-conditioning
unit, 25-cycle, specially for the'
Zone. Placed in Gamboo. Call Pe-
dro Miguel 4-674._
WORKMEN: Grasp This Opportunity!
EL CORTE INGLES' Sale offers
Khaki pants originally sold for $7
at the reduced price of $4.95. Low
prices on credit terms. Just say:
"Charge it." EL CORTE INGLES,
No. 73, Central Avenue.
FOR SALE:-Singer console, electric,
practically new, $150; Domestic
1950 cabinet $90; Sewmor Zig-
Zag, new, unuseJ, Hollywood cobi-
net $180; Pfaff, new, unused
Necchi Distributors, 18 Celtrol
Avenue, across from the Nofional
City Bank, next to the Lottery
-FOR SALE :-Boot and 6-hp. motor,
$150; also oquorium. Via Espaha,
Paraue Lefevre No. 828, Apt. I .
FOR SALE: Generators, 3-phase,
220/1 10, 60 cycles, 40 Kw., 90
Kw. and 120 Kw. Immediate deliv-
ery. Coll telephone 2-0381.
Position Offered
W#.N E -, Secretary for dentist.
Must know English and Spanish
perfectly. Experience not necessary.
N.-11 A.- ~ N. L I- Af 4-- f *- '?


SHRAPNEL'S furnished ho uses on
beach at Santa Clara. Telephone
THOMPSON; Balboa 1772. eve-
WILLIAMS' Santo Clara Beach Cot-
toges-rockgos, refrigeration, two-
bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050. -

FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile post
Santa Clara. Low rates. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.

GRAMLICH'S Sento Clara Beach Cot-
toges, modern conveniences, mod-
crate rates. Phone 6-441 or 4-567.
Phillis. Oceanside cottage, Santa
Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Panoma 3-1877. Cristobol 3-1673.
FOR RENT:-Cholet on 15th Street
No. 117, Poitillo. For information
phone 3-1886.
FOR RENT:-Chalet, 5 bedrooms, al-
so smaller detached apartment,
bath $150 month. Overlooking
Panama Golf Club. Panamusica,
'Phone Ponoma 2-0083.

FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom chalet in
Bella Vista. Phone 3-1713.
FOR RENT:-Beoutiful residence of
three bedrooms, hot water, terrace.
Phone 2-3035.
ATTENTION G. I. Just built modern
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish-
ed 2 & 4-bedroom apartments.
Co n t a c t Alhambra Aportments,
10th Street. Phone 1386, Colon.
FOR RENT: -:- Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details call
Zubieta: 3-1802. 3-3337.
FOR RENT:-Semi-furnished 1-bed-
room apartment, gas stove, refri-
gerotor. Very cool. Overlooking
S.A.S. Commissary, Via Belisorio
Porras, Son Francisco. Tel. 3-5024.
FOR RENT:-Large two-bedroom fur-
nished apartment, hot water. Tivo-
li Avenue. Phone Panama 2-0170.
I iViS 'synue ~g.Iarro -0 FOR RET-U. irFaceinpet

A*-W ..fTivol Avenute No. ,6, from to, FOR RENT:-U.S. Air Forc.inspect-
l A en l : O At ed one-bedroom oportment,ceO n-
SThc _levela-nd f. o o. '' .. pletely furnished. Apply Peru Ave-
By US Autheties *a h lardner Throws jmlI_^_____.
Tackle Dan Colo "left the FOR RENT: Two-bedroom aport-
EDINBURG, Texas, Sept. 8 Browns in Dallas and returned to Niml4lI hl(( ment, with balcony, in Iella Vista.
(UP) -A U.S. commissioner to- Cleveland for treatment of ,Bell's d i is| u1 a aI Call Panama 2-2601.
day ordered charges dismissed a- aplsy which has numbed and FO .-= i sdo--
gaminst one of five Cubans who dItorted one side of his face. R H I FOR RENT: Unfurnished comfort-
tried to enter Texas from Mexico cleveland has three other pla- u s Rio ele building, with hot waterand
on Aug. 20. ers who may miss the exhibition ,:...arage.Price $110.Information:
i. ilth Detroit this Friday night at RIO DE JANEIRO, Sept. 9 -- h g e2. 6 r In 3 omti
But, another of the Cubans was Dallas Guard Charlee Noll has (UP)-Ava Gardner said today hone 2-2416 or 3-5322.
bound ovet to a federal grand ju- a wrenched knee, halfback Ray she lost her temper and threw a FOR RENT:-Cool 2-bedroom apart-
ry and the other tnree were held Renfro a bad shoulder and half- martini. glass in a dispute with ment in Bella Vista with garage,
In mm00grati bon each.nts said t back Chet Janulak a hip bruise the manager of the Gloria hotel maid's room. etc. Price $100, with
Immigration agents said the The collegiate injury jinx also ear'y yesterday before she mov- hot water $1 10. Phone 3-0373,
five were members of an o %of-continues to grow. Guard Dennis ed out.. 2-1248. __
, n O hodo aty An f Cone Is outwith a She blamed the Incident on her FOR RENT:-Furnishd two-bedroom
aud tney ,ere on tne way rom Miszewski o onulder. End Stan "Irish temper" and nervousness apartment, Bello Visto, $85; also
saexico ity to Miami, Fla. m abelszewki of C onnecticut hadlresulting from wild receptions giv- one bedroom. Tel. 3-1648.
ic o City nto .iami, Fla ,be his o editor because footba severe en her by crowdsthat greeted her FOR RENT: Aprtment entire top
missed the charge against Dr. boulder In ury se of a severe at the airport and the hotel lobby floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, hot wa-
tanuel Emilor ereaaio a ioubfrt. juupon her arrival. ter. No. 117 Via Espaia. Phone
ut ..orde otht e L Football men around the The hotel management said it Curundu 51 8.
Shades Pablo Pellegri -eral country are paying tribute to has asked the Hollywood movie FOR RENT:-eautiful furn ishe d
des, be bound over to afedrathe late Pop Warner. star to leave after other guests apartment with all utilities. Via Es-
grano jury. Tpe 83-year-old Warner died had complained of an "infernal poriAa. last house before Juan Franco.
Two of the three Cubans belingI'th afternoon at Palo Alto, Ca- racket" coming from what sound-
d bo re ni.He coached collegiate e like wild party In herroo FOR RENT
,e ;6 the single and double-wing for- denied she had been drunk and
wpresyil. e',Mesica7 fa- ere ar osaid the only reason she had Mov. Miscellaneous
wrt shaui, A2ed1 meP Here are some of the tributes: ed to the Copacabana Palace hotel FOR RENT: Site for clinic. Phone
tes etredonter Texas at Former Minnesota coach Ber- before dawn yesterday was that 2-1657.
5ia Ot onief Blerman calls Warner "one she couldn't stand it any longer
Hidalgo.! of the greatest figure in foot- at the Gloria. FOR RENT
The 'other three were charged ball history Mis Gardner said the Gloria's

r .d..... sengas, fre frig erator 3stStre
ith Aiding and abetting the first, Referee Ron Gibbs says War-k nger ie la
twd That was the charge against tdIes "one of the three or four' manager "begged me to stay."
im i California coach Pappy Wal- rlai to get away from the crow en gas, refrigerator. 31st Street
dorf says "All of us have copied which almost tore me to pieces at Eost No. 9, near La Piscina.
Immigratl6n officer Charles B. his innovations." the airport and the hotel lobby, --
Motseller said Serrano-Jou b e r t Coach Buck Shaw of the Sanshe said.
would be deported to Mexico. "He Francisco 49'ers says Warner'si ..
was not coming f or legitimate "influence on coaching wastre- When the manager arrived
business or legitimate pleasure," mendous.' with a book for me to sign I said .
Motseller said. Coach Hampton Pool of the1 would not stay. He insisted. I --
He said thfive were in an au-Los AngelesRams calls Warne g ssf ros ablerthrew a mart n
tomobile with New York license "one of the few. coaches who glasst hprnbabl tthyt nee u I d-
plates, belonging to Dr. Emilioreally contributed a lot" to the have happened except that I was
hoa of Miami, identified as the sclence.of football. terribly nervous after the airport
elf-exiled leader of the Orthodox1 Former .p.LA coach Bin experienceIt as the most fear-
?arty. Spaulding says Warner "always ful reception I ever had.
as pulling tricks out of the Hotel officials said they w i
bapr, bo t tey were all leg- oeRofficals said they will --The+-
w rbag, but t ey wer.e .all legti- hold Miss Gardner's studio re-,
mate." responsible for her bar bill and for
BASEBiALL glasses, pictures and a chair bro
nThe New York GLo ants have kn during herbrief stay.
made a ove to strengthen i She is touring South America to
m er-,ord etocstrngse ortheir publicize her latWest picture, 'The
over-worked pitching staff forE barefoot Contessa."
the pennant driver.eo ones- -
The Giants have bought right-
hander George Spencer from ei c n
their Minneapolis farm club. Three Americans
Spencer has a 6-and-7 record, B
Working in relief. He won 10 ,nn Arrested n Reds
!lost four with the Giants in 1951 er n
as a relief pitcher. In GermanZone
The New York Knickerbockers
pro basketball team has signed BERLIN, Sept. 9 -(UP) -The
two rookies. Joining the Knicks U. S. highcommission said today
are seven-foot center Bob Peter- th3 Communist police arrested
sen of Louisville and Ray Son- one American who rode into thi
nenberg of St. Louis University. Soviet Zone of Germany by mis-
take on the Berlin elevated rail-
TURF way and two others traveling on
The board of directors of the the superhighway to West Germas-

inZe the ~t. Adams In the tap the tip i

De Atkinson had a bk day. ridinConcorde, you are wrong. It's
He90110 the ,a-Athreewinsonrh at Aqueduct. Jack Just an optical Illusion caused
hdereewinrsKurtzabooted Aquedthreew. Jc-by the perspetve. He is just
~ds pr ners at Lincoln Downs in RLAN MOTORS, INC
'Ku rtIsland.booed ethe ou tag t area b

aablr, e we5a
J. rea doe Ia em Ave. No. 41




1948 Hudson Commo-
dore Sedan-Ra-
dio, W. W. Tires
Seat Covers


1949 Nash 2 door Se-,

dan Seat Covers


1950 Buick Sedan,
New Paint Seat

1 $975

1951 Packard Sedan

Ultramatic Drive

Radio W. W.


1952 Buick Sedan
Dynaflow, Seat
Covers, W. W.



1949 Dodge Sedan

Seat Covers -


1951 Studebaker









COMIU1,- AL '&

Auk yeor Dealer ,.
.the Nw Weddood Oee
a m.

for tHome or Indutry
Sea Io Minuti
aed In Handy Tubes
Ready to Use 4n
Wood, Paper, Cloth

6eo. F. Novey,Inc.
Cbtral Am. 27
1 .1TeL -4-1


(1 IModi tem L ThI tr')

Paerse, Shippea,
Tets.: S-X56 X-251


5. J i. .t. ---
We pri-t.all kands of isert Shirts NEW YORK, Sept. 9 (M l ly made that decision, I stilf wfl
S a .s signs. i !Sen. Irving M. Ives agreed reluc- try to get him to reconsider."
Colon fat5 tantly yesterday to run for gov- Ives said he would hold a press
| xedlent Mimee-mrph Werk! ernor of New York, bu', only if conference, possibly tomorrow,
nH St et, Me. s Tel. s-4TM Republican leaders fail in a "last- and announce his fial plans.
ditch" effort to persuade Gov. State GOP officials were eon
R Po a Thomas E. Dewey to drop his re- vinced Dewey meant what he aid
Rado Programs tirement plans and seek the of- Tuesday night when he announe-
flece again himself. ed he was retiring to private lift
Reliable sources said Iver' had after 24 years hi public office, 12
made the tentative agreement dur- of them as governor. '
H O G -840 ingprivate conferences with top One key leader saidhe under
GOP officials, stood Dewey already had signed *
But he stood almost alone a- contract for private employment
Your COmmality Station against Republican Party officials and that the agreement would
in his belief Dewey might be talk. prevent him from changing his
(Telephone: 2-340) ed into remaining in public life. mind.
Wore 1 o Peple* Meet Ives, with four years to go in Dewey, this leader said, has
Where 100,0 people Me his second six-year Senate term, closedd the door tight" against
Presents denied in an interview he was an further political activity.
active candidate for governor but The executive committee of tha
indicated he would accept the GOP New York Republican State Com-
nomination if it is urged on him. mittee held a meeting yesterday
Today, Thursday, Sept. S "I never told anybody that I at which it unanimously recom-
P.M. was a candidate," he said. "I mended nomination of the 58-year
3:15--Freddy Martin Show don't want to run and Mrs. Ives old Ives and passed a resolution
3:30-Music For Thursday doesn't want to run. In fact, all accepting Dewey's. decision to re-
4:00-Feature Review:- Family Mrs. Ives wants to do is retire. tire.
Theater "I have always maintained that Dewey has thrown his full sup.
4:30-What's Your Favorite I was not a candidate for govern- port behind Ives.
(Requests-please phone or and I am still not a candidate The Republican nominee for gov.
before 4:00) for governor, ernor will be chosen Sept. 23 at
5:30-News "All along I have tried to get Syracuse, and party leaders said
5:35-What'. Your Favorite Governor Dewey to- reconsider Ives was the 9nly candidate oth.
(cont'd) his decision to retire from public er thai Dewey they had consider'
(USTD) office and now that be has publc- ed. .
6:00-French in The Air (R. .. F)
.:i VILVo IT MeneFrance Says Tighter NATO
6:30-To be announced
I ORAN Can Curb Fears Of Geman Arling
DELITY (Tropelco) o -
.:30--Report From the USA PARs, Sept. 9 - (VOA)PI Si
8:00-Paris Star Time (RDF) mier Pierre Mendes-France de. European Army pact.
8:30-E i z abethan Theater cared today that fear of German An authorized resume oa his
(BBC) rearmament can only be allayed speech in the closed session said
3:00-You Asked For It (Re- by "ever closer Atlantic soldari- that:
auests-please phone be- ty," but meanwhile served notice
7 fore 8:30) that France will neglect no oppqr- "German rearmament gave
10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse tunity to resume talks with Rus- rise to certain fears. These could
* Party sia on European problems. be allayed only by evidence ofg n
11:00-Music From Hotel El Pan- IThe French premier spoke to I ever closer Atlantic solidarity.
mae the permanent delegates of the:
1:15-Serenade In Blue (USAF) North Atlantic conference at the "France could rot be thebonly
11:30-One Night Stand Palais de Chailot in presiding for country to give up part X.0 her
11:45--Musc To Dream Bv the first time at a meeting the sovereignty in vial 6il64s; the
12:00o-8gn nff 14-nation agency. French people were however re-
M.,,e-- S-gn _r ea. f solved to participate -in -a at
morrow, Fr Mendes-Francre ec a 11 tem s to reinforce and co.srli-
T-omorrow, Friday, Sep. 10 France's Allies the fundamental date th AtltSe alianes a
km -A. l m C coniideratlons of Frenh policy had been shown in variou4,sug03s.
6:ol-Slgn on Alarm C ock affecting Germ a rearmament tons which France had
Cphubne e p ea to; the Atlantic Council during re.
phone by ":00) cent years."
8:15-Church In The Wildwood Miss California c y
i s8:30--aical Reveille1 In hisbrief formal speech Men
9:0- y IA, l r odes;Frahce also touched on tal
-:10-aed H rt rram I rr latest proposals contained in a
9:30-As eHeart program Out In fon I Russian note for a European "e
10:00-AJNIFS e'S O curity conference. The Westetrr
&10:00-JENN OR JOUR N A Am allies are expected to answer th
(Cutex and Odorono) Miss Al e a Ktnote week.
10:05-Off The Record (Requests note t s week .
-p.eae phone before ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Sept. 9 Speaking for France at lwao,
1:O, 0), -(UP) -Miss California, a tall, the French leader indicated t4e
11:00-New c curvesome beatuy from San Fran- door would not be shut tight a5i
11:05-Offt The Rtcord(cont'd) cisco, captured the eyes of the against later talks.
11:30-Meet The Entertainer judges last night to win the first '
12:00-News swim suit competition in prelimi- "The French government Ia de-
IPJL nary judging of the Miss Amer- termined to neglect no rt
12:05-Lunchtime Melodies ica pageant. ty for resuming talks if the st
.-120--Popular Music n Ann were likely to ve fruitful" 1O
1:00-News Nineteen-year-old Lee Ann Men a i ..c..c.rin NATO, "Unfor*
1:1-Music Of Manhattan wether appeared on the stag e of said according to Nared at Unfree
1:30--Son Of The Pioneers Convention Hall in a white bath. 'tnat, there appeared at pres.
1:456-ongs Of France (RDF) ing suit with ruffled tulle at the ent to be no a. pe lable change
2:00- )ate In Hollywood bustline. The brown-haired Citytin the Soviet s"tion, particular-
2:-igi A iana College of San Francisc-o coed ly with regard to German probe.
2:30-Tex Beneke Show wore white shoes. leiD.
2:4--Hank Snow.And-HMs Rain- The competition was o n e of _____ ..
bow Ranch Boys three held last night. The others
3:00-Festival Of Waltzes are talent and evening gown divi-
:15--Sammy Kaye Show sions. Each contestant will appear
:30-Musie For friday in each category by Saturday .
4:00-Feature Review: Paris morning. No winners will be an-I
Star Time (RDF) nounced in the gown tests l 'I
4:30--What's Your F a v orite Miss California is five-feet, 8 '
(Requests-please phone inches tall and weighs 124 poind. I
before 4:00) Her measurements are 34%-22-35. :"
5:30--News The announcement came as the
5:35--What's Your a v or I t 50 Miss America hopefuls turned
(eont'd) on the charm for the judges.
-JO--onest Starw (UMTD)
5---u=LUB RIBBON SPORTS USAF-United States Air Force'
*- MEVD USN--United States Navy
11.l0.u USTD-United States Treasury Mbxdco ylawIityui
6: On The March Department in wh a thtk of
.- B ORGAN 1.L- WRUL-Worldwide Broadica t- l~d
Ing System
7:) Party _._.. "__ _
1:-s From "The USA -
M iN PW I (Re- 7
mn Vhe be 60 0 *X t .....*....... 1395
67 ISw ............. 4
1 "0* 1 1m ets Penthouse

e:ht Stand |EKy Tie GiFTei, r W 'Ta "0V
~No31 .ma..81M .-. 5,
... '. ,. ,


SCu~ban Oppoionk -

_ __ ____""Olin

PEPAR ING tfM SPC-. In ew Tack City, GoV. Thom" 1
Dewey puts the finishing touches to a speech In which ha wlU
disclosed he will not Eeek a fourth term U governor of New York
*k '

Sen. Irving Ives Reluctant

To Run For Governor Of NY


1~ _1_

I -




~. j ;; ~ -~- :.,:



' ..,

L .'

"-S^ j^TgiT lt*p\ 'j.iia.*1 ^ t

i* ~ *inn f Jifi-ir'f ^ _- "- _n_'l_' 1^ -- ft -^ -. -,r >1^ -- *
'""^BsI- -Ia. "M M-- if-q-- '""a

...'* '', .
"" "
.'* .. .r .f ~ '^ 1 .,,,' ,. ,. 1|..

AM .ITAmLc rrALIAN BPMzTAtZt' "7uiwO. Th Plin"

.. ,, .Troctoh.,luru *.". tifalaan DtoloeaU) .'SILVER LODE" Tqchnicolorl
i..lS .'s -' or'F THOU8ANSI JoIn P4K .Iabe.SCOTT

Rugged menl Rough adventurel
In -

SMAhI DOUBLE 6. A &.3 Startingthe ial
SA- Plus:- -

; AMAISSURG, Pa., Spt. 9 (UP) Adlai E. Stevenson
tI u ed off the Democratic campaign to win control of
Congress last night with a scorching attack on President
Eisenhower's foreign pqicy which he said "wallows aim-
leIuly and dangerously whilo a bunch of bickering helms-
mein qquarrl at the wheel."
it a twit blast on GOP domestic policy, Stevenson
deplored "most emphatically" the administration's "of-
ficial complacncy"' about the country's present economic
The 1858 Democratic presiden-I the Nixon foreign policy-or Is
tial candidate took to task theta there a 9Whl H house policy "
new GOP slogan, "peace andl Stevenson asked.
prosperty," in a speech at a lO i 1 "If there is, you can be sure
a-lZ ,Pennsylvannia State Dem- It will need Democratic support,
ocira -Party dlnaer. like most White House policies.'
le fid the Democrats would Stevenson said a consistent and
plan. .'country- above party and positive foreign policy "isn't pos-
detency above ambition" to lift sible as long as an irreconcilable
the t n ge al cam- disunity exists within the Republi.
ign i derable no th can Party."
abve te level of slander and ug- "Before the United States can
ly, bitter name caring to which regain from the Communists any
e postal dilgue has sunk in of the initiative lost, or from our
recent months. allies any of the confidence lost
"We're going to talk Issues this during the last two years, the
fall keshether the Republ i c a n s Presildent will first. have to gain
want to o not," be said. the, initiative In his own party,"
"Itf irt the Republican1' deci- he said.
sion to generate heat, it is still
out. duty to shed light." Stevenson said the "fi ne
The most important Job of the phrases' ef the GOP about
Deinemratic Party this fall he prosperity "have a way of get-
said, Is. to "give direction again ng p ched in the Jaw by hard
to a Ioreign policy which wallows facts. And the hard fact is,4ast
aimlessly and :danerously while to take one from here at home,
a bunch of bi kering helmsmen that almost 40M Pennsylva.
quarfelit the wheel-I mean the nians are at of work this week.",
full time and part time secrets. He said he did not feel anyone
riesio state." should try to make political ca-
"Instead of foreign policies we pital out of unemploymentt when
seem to .have slogan policies- it is unaboidable, "but Ido de.
Daille sound and Knowland fury, plore most emphatically official
saqnifying nothing and accom- complacency- about the present
Ushlba less." economic situation" e
-a 1 StaenoD scoatred. White House
rhe fl'feabignp Ucy- or dent's Council of Econmic Advi-.

FNCY PANTS-Actre Gloria Swanson, left, and her daughter,
cele ~mnner,are right in style wearing their slacks at the
S1th International 'ilm Festival in Venice. Italy. Press designer
EsIo said that sladcks ar not oply Idea for lounging, but are
____ __ here tQitay as formal dinner attire.

ALBQA 6 15 7:55 oIABWo ass K u. s 6 :- s
S-o.w W r WEr

Wife To Press Divorce Suit Against

Detist-Husband Who Shot Her Lover

IQNlIA, Mich, Sept. 9 -(UP)- Ing car and sped back to Detroit
Society dentist Kenneth B. Small with his parents and brother for
was set free yesterday just 53 a private reunion with the three
days after being found innocent sons he hasn't een since the
by reason of insinty ina the killing shooting May 9..
bof hi wife's wealthy le~r Y6rk Friends said they didn't expect
suitltor. aLy reconeiaton with his wife,
State psychiatrists who had ex- Eldith 30 Whose romance with
amined im at the state hospital Jules Lack, 45, a New York air.
for the criminally insane here conditioning executive, tou c h e d
said he was "sane and sound of off a storm in Small's mind that
mind"' and no menace to society. led to the fatal shooting of Lack.
Circuit Judge Morris K. Davis im. They said they expected her to
mediately ordered Small set free. resume the divorce suit she had
Sml-, pleading with nesmen dropped after the killing.
to "give me a break" and "allow She remained in seclusion in
me to go back to ,oclety without Detroit yesterday and cMdn't at-
further fuss," hurried Into a wait- tend the hearing.
"She is forgotten like a cloud "
Small's father, Jacob, said. "iMy
SLcou t 1ews bet a good boy. He has tasted the
Scout News' Inis going back to Detrofan
__.- bitterness of life."
In contrast to- the sensational
Registration Notice for Marga- and highly-emotional trial in Aue-
rita Brownies and Gitrl Scouts: gan in July in which the jury
SNew yr.-old Brownies, Mrs. cleared Small of murder, yester,
Muller, No. 46, Thurray, 1, day's hearing was quiet, Small
Margarita Oym. ain Iled confidently as he sat
8-yr.-old Brownies, Mrs. Brun- through the hearing besia. Dr.
dage, No. 61, Thursday 16, Mrs. John Haarer, the paychia t ri st
Brundage's home, No. 8124B. who has been assigned to him
8-year-old Brownies, Mrs. Red- since he entered tite hospital Aug-
mond, No. 6, Mpnday-13, Marga- 12.
rfta ym When Davis announced he "will
9-year-old Brow n I e, Mrs. sign an order for the release,"
Dietz, No. 38, Tuesday 14, Mar- Small clasped hands with his at.
garita Gym. torney Leo W. Hoffman and hi s
Intermediate Scouts, Age 10-12, roer obert, with whom he has
Mrs. Ralney No. 50, Monday 13, dentristy offices in Deroit. H ran
Mrs. Engelke's home. _to his theater and embraced her.
ior eo e 1 nd Then after ctti for a few
u hJ Tue.sday 4 minutes with friends he drove a-.

At meeting all regtrants he told newsmen. u'v all
atrn g. ,d"ea- been wonderful. But now I would
,on appreciate it if you would allow
me to go back to society without
sort that 1954 is .going to be "our further fuss. I want time to work
second best year." out my problems. G I v a me a
"Well. 'second best' I s n' t break."
enough," he said. "In fact it He refused to discuss any
isn't any good at all-and I'm an plans. Still hanging over him is a
authority ,incidentally, on t h e$250000 damage suit filed by
matter of 'second best.' Lack's divorced wife, Jean, on be.
He quoted the report as blam- half of her sons.
ing present unrest on the fact She has charged the killing de.
"the thinking of many people is prive them "of his love and af-
geared to the concept of uni ter- fiction and income they would
rupted progress it will no longer have received had he lived."
be the America we know and A preliminary hearing on the
love. suit is scheduled for Sept. 15, but
"Part of the trouble with our Hoffman said he will ask for a
Republican friends-and with delay.
their single-interest government Small killed Lack in a luxurious
and slogans like 'conservative In villa overlooking Lake Michigan
economic matters and liberal in where Lack and Mrs. Small were
human affairs' -is that they see among weekend guests.
several million men and Women The jury found he had been
out of work as an 'economic mat- driven insane when Mrs. Small
ter'-some statistics and a line met Lack in Florida and returned
on a graph, something to be con. home to announce she wanted a
servative about, and not as a 'hu. divorce because "I have learned
man affair.' to live big."




An KQ RADIO picture!

*AvitS TV RADIO f;
V|\ by Elskin* Jhnonn

HOLLYWOOD -.(NA) Ex- charming St. Andsewa Presby-
clusively Yours: Marilyn Monroe, terian Church and a wonderful
who didn't believe that every in- sermon-by Rev. immy Stewart!
stallment of her uncensored life I was almost talked into skin
story appeared in a London news- diving in 20 feet of water for
paper until I proved it to her, is abasine but my teen-age daughter
on the legal warpath. Kathy ruled me out. "Don't Dad,"
"I have a telegram from Ben she said, "you're a cinch to meet
Hecht (author of te series) tell- Esther Williams down there."
Ing me that the articles had been -
stopped after the third Install- LIFE IN HOLLYWOOD DEPT:
ment," Marilyn confided. "If the, A movie trade paper called this
entire series has been printed, a "Memo to Producers":
Ben and his literary .agent are "Mr. Cecil B. DeMille has found
not in a good legal position." his greatest film stories in the
: bible. Just to vroteL0c. yourself, you
The world's top jet ace, Cipt. should read the Book."
Joseph McConnell, Jr., fell to hisi
death In a seat ejected from a Johnny Johnston's off- ain, on-
Sabrejet because he was flying again night club partnership with
Itoo low to give has parachute HilHdegarde is definitely o ...
time enough to open. IDespite their separation. Charles
O'Curran will stage Betty Hutton'
An ironic twist for a sequence Vegas act at the Desert Inn, open-
in his life story, which Warner ing Oct. 12. ... Aly Khan' law-
Bros. will film from Ted Sherde- years, I hear, have bought the
man's script. On his first practice negatives of those dreary photos
parachute leap, McConnell wor- of Yasmine recently splashed in
tied his superiors because he de- a national magazine. Did Rita
played pulling his ripcord. When Hayworth inspire the move?
Scenarist Sherdeman asked him
About It, McConnell said: |
"Free falling was so pleasant I
was reluctant to open my chute." ..
Sherdeman's tribute to the ace: .'. :
"'The most patriotic man. I ever YiU j
The Don Taylor-Phyllis Avery
reconciliation is a so-far-so-good
news flash. Pals say it will last
for Don and TV's Mrs. McNutley. i.-
... Peter Lawford's conversion
to Catholicism is now complete. ., '
He began his studies shortly be. *. :'1
fore his marriage to Pat Kennedy. ::i.
... Zsa Zsa Gabor's writing her
life story. Title: "Men." Nora
Haymes, who needs the weekly
pay checks, lost her job as a i
typewriter pounder at a Hollywood ip:".
nitery w he n the management i i4
Bo I go on Vacation to ,Balboai
Island to escpe Hollywood.- iWIMM ji 1:
But there's no escape. I spend | i |.:i- |
most of two weeks standing in .N. .
line at the Lido Theater to see i
"Gone With the Wind." I'm out .
35 miles at sea, hooked up with i- '
a tuna on Byron Cunningham's :
boat, Areta B., out of Port Orange, "
and a fellow on ap passing cruiser
waves--it's Broderick Crawford.
A Mexican dinner at La Pbsta
and a waitress I've never seen
before in my life says, "If you t a li
want a big thrill, Ginger Rogers
and Dinah Shore are on the front
porch waiting for a table." I leave
by the back porch.
JiMMY CAGNEY at the Balboa
Bay Club--brother Bill at the A delicious meal in a can
Driftwood Room in Corona del v o i b i ..h
Mar. Golf at the swank Irvine htve to do is heat it Each
Coast Country Club. Ruby Keeler made with the best beef. c
in the following foursome and the finest quality. covered wi
Producer George Glass in a sand one of the famous Chef Boy.
trap. Sun bathing beside the bay
-and California Gov. Goodwin 'Feured & *
Knight and his bride sail by on ..
the yacht Mojo.
Hollywood dolls with familiar
faces-and rhumba~movements- -
at the Doll House. Virginia Field
stepping off a fishing boat. Sea-1
food at Tom Norton's Cape Cod
House watching Red Skelton
cracking crab instead of his head.
A hot fudge sundae at the Jolly
Roger-watching Dorothy Lamour
sign autographs.
Sunday morning worship at

,,", ,,
'. *, W .

MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR-Tom Elliott, 10, Batavia,
Ill., has a rough time trying to alm his bog for judges at the
Market Hog Show in Chicago, 11. Children from Indiana pnd
Illinois showed some 640 hqps they fed and fitted as 4-H and FAA
vocational projects, Tom was the youngest exhibitor..

(A ~ ~'

Quad, convenusle all yes
can cowains four meatballs
combined with spaghemi of
dith delicow tomato sauce--
-Ar-Dre siuces .Cu


W S ', n
.z:::-:::;il:M.-i*|* '.2

II=; *Us : I I I Ili I |

1,11 -


Who can resist

A beautiful smile is an irresistible charm ... esp y t
sparkli rseono r sniL! Pepsodent's onrAL a rt *
gives you a particularly beutil smile beca- tii elnt
teeth cleanest of any leading tooth pas ,be
breath you clean mouth taste fJi4 ? .-
Use Pepsodeut with oas. maWrreaIegl "f. ra '."

-umu mm -1 U

>- -







I .

* -. '''. 1 .:.- ,' r.'



SAll- Time Victory M" ... .-cevii

'I ,
I '

.Tribe Pace Threatens Esso Tourney Frick, Le

"*Yankees' 1927 Record Final Round Pleas To

,* NEW YORK, Sept. 9 (UP)-The Indians set a This Weekend
new all-time victory mark for Cleveland clubs to- rePim a Is 4
S-tday and kept threatening one of the Yankees' proud- Eo ournament moves into Ie U U A .
..,,4st all-time records while taking another big step final Round this week.
toward their first American League pennant in six The finals o the 17th annualL
,, towad .h r irs Ameia Leau Esso tournament will bo splayedil u
frustrating years. this weekend at the Panama M s e L ei
, ,. "I: i -golf course.
Early Wynn defeated the Ath- victory for the White Sox. The This has been an excellent 0'
l tics, 5-2, last night to protect deciding Chicago run was asored tournament and the members By HARRY GRAYSON
the Tribe's 40 game lead and off Bob Portereld in the second and board of directors take this
become a 20-game winner for inningon a double by rookie Joe opportunity to thank the Esso NEW YORK, Sept. 9 (NA) -
j&Ahe third time in his career. He Kirrene and singles by Ed Me- standard Oil Co. for the beauti- Terence Brennan is the greatest
., thus joined teammate Bob Lem- Ghee and Chico Carrasquel. ful prizes. young Irishman ever to come outI
,**"1 in the elite 2Z'-game set. The Red Sox knocued out In the first flight quarter final of Milwaukee.
,: The victory was Cleveland's Steve Gromek with a three- matches, the feature between Terry Brennan no doubt will re-
bn.9th of the season, one more tri- run burst In the first Inning Maurice Muller and Alberto A- sume the cyclonic pace at Notrei
.**.a ph than the previous Indian and went on to defeat the TI- rias lived up to its billing. Thir- pame that his Mt. Carmel High
hig -water mark compiled by jers, 5-2. Frank Sullivan scat- ty-six holes were needed to el- squads maintained r the Chica-
the Tribe's 1920 team and two tered seven hits to wrap up minute "Negro" Arias. After A- go Prep League. The boy head
r- more victories than the 1948 his 13th triumph as Sam Mele rias placed his 7 iron shot on'coach has Ralph Guglielmi andI
hb.. World Champion Indians were and Sam White each homered. the 36th green about ten feet the horses.
.' ale to register. .1 Milwaukee moved to within from the pin, Muller, not to bei But has 3rennan the proper
Sc In beating the Athletics witV four games of the National I outdone, put his second shot schooling in histrionics? No mat-
,.. the aid of Vie Wertz' 13th homer, League lead by beating Pitis- four feet from the pin. ter how successful the foine broth
Cleveland Increased its percent-, burgh, 5-2, as the game between Muller sank his put for a bir- of a lad might be, he'll never peo;
ege to .712, only two points off the pace-setting Giants and the die three and Arias missed to ple Frank Leahy as a master trag.
Sthe league's highest total com- Cubs was rained out. Eddie Mat- end a well played and close edian who outdid William Holden,
- piled by the Yankees' famed hews' two-run homer off D.ick match. Gregory Peck and Humphrey Bo-
.. 'murderers row" in 1927. Under Littlefield in the third inning Results of the quarter final gart.
* the late Miller Huggins, the provided the Braves with their matches and pairing for the
'Yankees won 110 games and lost 10th straight victory and War- final follow: What are football writers o-
but 44 that year for a .714 per* ren Spahn with his 19th of the Manuel Arias defeated Roberto ing to write this fall with Leathy
centage. Under Al Lopez, who season. Torres. gone? The Master's September
I wbj)arely beginning to learn The Dodgers dropped two full Maurice Muller won over Al- utterances are legend. His quiver.
baseball ropes with Jackson- games behind the Braves by berto Arias. ering voice sent away many ad-i
ville, Fla., in 1927, the Indians bowing to the Cardinals. 6-5. FINALS miring writers, hat in hands,
have lost only 40 games so far Carl Erskine, aided by Iuke Sni- Maurice Muller vs. Manuel A- heads bowed in grief.
thei season. 3 her's 35th and 36th homers and rias. Charley Callahan took his copy,
Cleveland has 15 more games by Roy CampanelU's 19th, had a Defeated 16 1st Flight liberally spiced with quotes from
left pnd should the Indians :'-3 lead until the ninth. He left Fred Gerhardt beat Thatcher The Mester, to Leahy before mail-
win 12 of them, the Yankees' the game with one out in the Clisbee. ing. With a picture of the p r e-
.all-time American League ree- ninth and St. Louis runners on Raul Arango Sr. over Frank vious autumn's undefeated teamI
uIrd will go by the boards, second and third. Jim BHiehes Mornce Jr. before him, tears welled up in
The Yankees, who still nurse h was greeted by Joe Cunling- FINALS Leahy's eyes, then dripped withI
faint hope of overtaking theiham's double which tied the F. Gerhardt vs. Raul Arango. the steady patter of ram in the
Tribe, defeated Baltimore, 8-2, score. and Rip Repulski followed Second Fltrht results and van of Hurricane Carol. Shift-
v:'h the help of An did flame- with a single that drove in the pairing ing his deathless releases rapid-I
thrower, so't hpaw 'tommy winning run. E de la Ossa defeated F. F. ly under Leahy's nose, TubI
F'vrne. rchpd from the P~- Ted Kluszewski's 45th homer Purdy. Thumper Callahan thus assuredI
cfe coast League only Satur- and Wally Post's 15th featured a I C. Paz Rodriguez defeated Joe each of his customers with 'anI
dpy. Byrne, famed for his wild- four-run sixth-Inning rally that' Putaturo. original and genuine tear-stained
nes t his previous tenure with gave Cincinnati a '9- decialqn FINALS copy.
the Yankees. walked only four over Philadelphia; Re I ever E De la Ossa vs. C. Paz Ro- At thnimes it was plainly evidentI
end contributed a triple and a Frank Smith postedd his fifth driguez. that some of Leahy's gloomI
dile with the bases full. B)l- conquest white Muaty DWison Results 2nd Flight defeated 16 rubbed off on Callahan. For, at
let Rob Turley struck out 12 suffered his 14th setback., Leonard Hale. defeated Jullo any given moment, and after aj
Yaikees during the seven innilne. Vpldez. 10-minute heart-breaking confer.
he "r0 oroudbt byIt syll suffered, YESTERDATU M .- Tonm- M. Banks defeated W. Daniels. ence with the head man, Calla-
bli Ith loss. mv Byrne, w1ose lttehln r'and FINALS han wrote prose with such emio-,
"orrl Marthi limited Wash- hitting gave him l4i'trst.min- Leonard Hale vs. M. Banks., tion and blubbering that the copyI
f"-'0 to twob" h for 8 /3 in- 4or lerP-"e w'n o the wear,nid -became frightfully messy.
S b"t nep e, -ir .Tn'i'ron' s bol-e d te Vaneer fti an -2l Reading Callahns releases was
S the ninth to n a 2- vtry over the trying to fathom the Con-

.ALA Ar sr Sr StandiTS Marciano C
| + 1o0 0 A' S A T U R (M Y I too Standings .
t '--' i'' '. '' "-dIr I ; T -' To Build Tin

By United Pres
W L Pet.
Sx-Toronto .........94 56 .627
Montreal ......... 85 63 .574
i nchste- 5 5 4 Aa .i.






his Bost
the trail
car while
is getting
It wa
weeks I
forget a
wit pla
port lik
we are
the Ne~
made N
after an
ern Con
"After '
little sq
writer v
tie hole
where ti
the prac
ing roo
out her
boy is
sadly an

MacPhal Eoter

ve Minorr Leagues

aerom two ront this
YRSe. (U)

noon. Taking e flor were Com-
al Record while looking unlimited tonelevir Ford rick in New
fish bowl. the mYork and Yankeed willo'the m club samedi-

SCo rty ctora on sve base ball n a down
F"rc told the New York 8
Broadcasters AsocIaetion that
al Record while looking unlimited television 1n) kiing off
a fish bowl. the mnon and will donthe same
eft them laughing with to the majors. The Commson-
Usic, Therewas the time er, asy,te prlm o.,d be
SCollege varsty was onselved if baseball men sit down
n bound for New Orleans. with television reptemntatives
we are," moaned The and work out their differences.
"cooped up in a Pullman Frick urged such a conference
Ie that big Tulane squad and predicted itcould reach a-
g in good practice agreement In two weeks.
s Idaho in Boston two rik ys money is the big

you ever turn in a re- e ext ,etur rom. Pirobleaway He y teleast visionr-
...a re co-achin -g ad he co;I rIof a o

restingon a train while i
wearing ourselves out at ague fmest under one condi-
aoand go n o Hn baseball owner wouldhi
was the occasion when .to that It televiaion sta-
SYork ootbal writ ^ c&trried the gamma as L 'b
Sfotre Da the nextlast lie service with noponor. icne
nspection of the Wesu ad ne er that probab ineero w
ferece. happen, and he says that only
Alfred," helloed Leahy. pots up how thinking about
ein all those Big Ten money is threatening baseball.
what do you think of our Theother plea came frdm Co-,
iad?" lumbtus, and the meeting of farm
there was the time a club directors. Lee Mac Phall, of
ras standing neir the lit- the Yankees, chairman of the
ih Cartier Field's fence group, says the minors are in
be Irish charge through to trouble because operating costa
cticee field from the dress- have increased 100 per cent over
n, ithe last 10 years. Mac Phail says
e not getting the boys group hopes to have legisla-
e any more. The strong tiob ready to present at the
going elsewhere," Leahy baseball meetings next Decem-
inounced. "We Just don't ber.

have it."
'At that moment, a yell came
from around the corner and the
Irish charged through in white
practice jerreys.
Coach Leahy, from experience,
stepped back.
The writer stayed put.
The first guy to run over his
foot was 220-pound tackle Art
Hunter. Then came Johnny Latt-
ner, -a poor undernourished 195
They broke the writer's toes.

amp Ha

n O onennts

The Detroit Tigers front office
announces a schedule change
for the coming weekend. The Ti-
gers will play a double-header a-
galnst Washington in Detroit
this Sunday. The original sched-
ule called for single games Sun-
day and Monday.
Two aldetmen in Milwaukee
see a happy future for their
Braves. Charles Quirk and
James Labelle want to increase
the satg. capacity of Mil-
waukee Stdium to 5G,00. The
aldermen say-"After all, the
Braves probably will partici-
pate in a World eriei this
year-and rIn n years to
com e." +.. ..


M4Now Yoz414
atl 66 72 .47821 Boston S 11
65Phia IN 72 .47S 214 Deort ro it S g
t* : Washgtn 79
Oheago 58 8s .420 2 IBaltimore %
Pit h 48 90 .34839 Philadelphia .3 J24 54
St. Louil at Brooklyn Boston at.Detro'
Chkl go t New York (2) New York t 3tBlf lri
Only scheduled. hl p at eveland

-I Phldelphish 1 000 8010 20- -1 I
Ne? -or Chicago- Podt- / ,._._

Milwaukee 102 001 001-5 6 1 Cleveland 01 70
Pittsburgh 200 000 000-2 7 1 ray (3-9) )ad riberts
s (19-10) and Crandall. wynn ( ) and Hega-.
Littefield (9-10),, Friend and (Night Ga.,e)
Shepard. New York 001310 12038 a
iht am Baltimore 002 000 000-2 7 1
(Night Game)_ -uByrne (1-) andBera Tituey
St. Louis 001 020 003-6 13 0 (11-15), Blyzk and CourrTey
Brooklyn 000 200 120-5 10 1 Bly nd Courtey.
Jones (3-3), Staley, HILddix Detroito 000 61000 7-8 81I
and Rice, Sarni. Erakine, Hughes Sullivan (13-11) and White,
(8-4) and Campanella. lromek (16-1), Miller, Marlowed ,
I(Night Game) Hoeft 1nd lHouse.
Cincinnati 200 104 101-90 14 1 (Night Game) -
Philadelphia 110 010 000-3 9 1 Waanto 010 00 000-1 0
l th'4Chiao 110 00 OOx-2 13 2
S engine, Smith (5-6), and oerfield (13-13) and Fits
Se--wck. Dickson (9-1), Riduik, Gerald. Martin (5-8), Johnson
Moznky, Kipper and Burgea. and lar

Ft. Kobbe Keeps Slim Cage

Title Hopes Alive; Series

Continues Tomorrow Night

High-scoring Howle McCallen dropped in at the final nb hut
and reserve guard John Ed- it was not enough.
mondson combined talents to Robbins scored 20 points for
keep Fort Kobbe's title hopes a- the losers, while Linares 'so-
live in the third game of the counted for 23.
Caribbean Command basketball Ed Nickles and Don Fuche of
playoffs at the Kobbe gym laist Fort Kobb layed Important
night, pacing the Lifelers to a roles the too.A lay-n by
thrilling .142 win. Fuch pius twom4ree throws by
Tortuguero still leads in the Nickles. actually Zovjd. th
championship series two games winning margin. 1tCallonicr-1de -
to one but the Ufelinera wil beled out;a C alten cM s"
out to even, the score in thee bee thrwto 'in evt .
fourth tilt p._iay. night at t;t. lxakM t,--i r .
Iwn ..f Td*tut.uer .n. call P; ,
the crow. m 4, u

-.- -.... "/. --r'Jr" -..-. ...... i. I McCauen tameeda i pomt m, CAMP T.iMu.. ..
the Kobbe win last night, andO (MR
-- m i Vrdi SaV grabbed 23 reboUnds to earntqp G -a
By HARRY GRAYSON So Essard Charles had definite a. r S A s aly othdonnpart nt5 0 I 4
ly made up his mind. Well, we've *A eh In the t are to f 3 -
NEW YORK Sept. 9 (NEA) seen filters flattened by many l 0 1 poit and sew-up thI 9 -1 3
Studying the allyhoo for a Roe- a punch and in return matches, ,. cos vctor 1 8- 10 4
ky Marciano match gives you a but never simply because the oth- Ou f l IIA A' Alv-it by mondn t "'. -
better idea of just how good a er bloke had made up his mind. VUIVI U VfI l eth liners aheadto tayw~ith.l 1 #0 0 2
fighter the Brockton Block Bus- And we'vs seen plenty of guys a minute and 35 seoindrema-I e'arson 0 0- 0 1
ter is in relation to the rst of the who had made up'their mind to CHICAGO, Sept. 9 (UP) ing at '7-76, and the Panama t 0 0- 0
heavyweights around today. do something forget all about it Manager Paul Richards of the champions held on grimly from T
The pitch is to build up the oth- when hit on the potato with the Chicago White Box has put a that point on.
er guy and knock down The Rock sort of right -or left, for that dmper on a report sending him Tt ro made gallant
in trairing-and then sit around matter-that Rocky Ma r c I a n o to Baltimore as general managercome behind Ken bbs O
on fight night and count the swag throws. of the Orioles, and Jose Linare*, bt justmissed 11 14 2
while the shoemaker's son does The fighter never lived who Rchards says he has only oneo thei thid 2
the knocking down,. could outsmart a jolt on the aw. thing on his mind-the urrentvicto A lon shot by es
You could see that the day Mar- n tiation of a new contract Nickle 4 7- 8 4
ciano started work at Grossinger, Os n n h, | w the White 8ox.And he says Plormi.C 3 2- 2
N.Y., for the second edition with Iany dealing swith Baltimo are, Edmondion 5 3- 2
Ezzarsd Chearles at Yankee Sta- or Ae In San wiago n g r e ae .Wy f... No 0 illsor0 O 2
dium Sept15.a 1 Rck wtian- word, "out of the ques- 0t.. 1...

AlWe l i screamed "Time!" as erinwthrlaia andath -yearcontr Wsot......... 4, 1 1 0 0 b 9 g
Igood rest and' 15,rounds of"se-
r the doe d Itaiunder his belt, l b o- yterdayaii h trlier yesterday, a BaItimoreph DeMaestrl A ..... 4 1 3 4 TotOS1 .
over a tohak palrounds three ed in te baseball writer--y igh Tader of Jacobs 2b ...... 3 0 1 O ore Wby llarter
first two after one of the mr aiffllgAepeltheo News Post-ard th e O roles Limmer lb .......... 0 0 120 & S TOrtaeror fm

"A a writer said to thveter- O.rl-, a ofarerite the president Clarence Mes full 1
anymore anager, "he looks and a w Panacing to md ra- Totals b .... 2 1 4 b13

ful. He could fight tomorrow. This In which he itohes for i change. Asa tarult of the Cleveland .---
sn the first otin, yee see e, e tea cti thgen an- Smi t ......... 2
Charles prepared I want him," fr actreher in thAlbe .. (earmavil) manager. The writa and manager Avsad.l 2b the........ 4 0 0 01 2 4 a
threplied Weillond. "He needs plenty year olhen h was hilet by an- l fferul Dykcalloranideghsalared to oby t .......... 4.0 2 3 0 ru t
of work screamed "Tica gme!o in witash vering dthrids anattg practi be three-yeopardcontract. Rosen b ........ 3 0 1 1 P mp t4

the doe-eyed Italianes.o climbed all to yesterday neapois, Clat Elswhere ITn baseball, taTlk of an Oriole shake-upDMesrta lb ......... 4 1 2 3 0 Adco3tKobbe 5.
over a shag like he shouldparmate, threoday. t- edA American Att city, the Panama started Tuesdaynge. A pitcher who a-Olynn lb ....... 0 0 2 0 Math w li landCh
ven nihilate the pr sap. A n lear yor boa of eor e hGray r ........ 4 0 0 3 0 Pao
THE writer WASd to tcovetr- Oso a favorite en the president Clareng back thMiles trickland ..... 3 0 2 2 r

an m manager, "he looks wlander- MamaUa Pefor 'ver weu acki ng tob mak. e s-lled ".s- Ttals 31 2 8 4 I1
ful. He could fight tomorrow. This in which he pitches fortl tichanges.!A s result of the Cleveland -

manipulator, aouldn let anybo- team the a ee e ber jy e "o tter" would man- StAh .
is the best I've ever seen him." Bombers team, uffeed a S action, tme job ofg.eneral man- Smith If------2 2 1 0WUK

"He isn't the way I want him," fracture n the U.Sd ealy tpe. aere rt lher, an mranagere Avslat- Tos 31 5 27 4 M r

might hurt te gate. s we prlot -Ran or Wert in 7th. Total 8
"Chareplied Weill win. "He needs plenty year henhwashi on ybyour e s, are coideredtoDoy f .......... 4,0 2x-5

op works md tt he cagoinwibth Mar- ve uring. bttin .al b en jeYou d.otb ..ha.... 0 4 0ve to t you
guy like and tharlets a a ge didn't do with his M o yl heren baseball, talk oWerrorsz...ob.... I-Wr 1 2 7 0 Adcock, 3 1

anything like he should today. rc e-AAao w t .eran A another, tchange.e A pitcher whiDo-Gly, Ren Ja Aab0 0 0 2W 0 oath a
even..." away wih he suff h team got ROINOR ., ept. won252gu ames for the Whito ue hson scorlley rf n ......4 00 0t 3 4 3

across laTHE TRUTH WAS, of course, Thurn (U) Championo M te iiryIpinftawt. tobring. back the Strickland sodoublep t 2 2 Crnad4, a 0
thatch Charles wiano be too martin by a nging te hestalg a t. The "y Hegan c Jac........ Triple 0 4 1 4

ect. lBut WeJ 1, always thue smart and e- was o eet E by tha For er p y with SmitherUrbanRed" Wynn p.......h Home run-Wert0. Stolen 0 1 Dter,2b42 0 0
manipulator, couldn't let anybo- team monte='or& besaus IFiber. Saysrte "sitter' would-spah p 30 0

fd go aVh y and f herald that. I of hesoneweek frad today at hke for t r, morse nterest-b Totals 31 5 72Sacrific- 0
might hurt the gate. like lit to the top ag me ws a eed as proong a a-Ran forWertz R Ien7th.A lTotas l 3 5 6

up his mindthat hs punch. He whe hhee can beatnside tMahe r- o don't have to twist yourer

chess real g with the right his sparrin partaer ThI in- 1 M.0
.d He's yonag. He's.been 10 sd k gtives ier~ yortte ... d .
cwa around that s all a guy Rli ockye -who S le arm.Erro acobs. R I-Wert2, -, l

like that short. This is going to only latches ,rola Iw* (CT) ---T RB -s2.
him needs to do. Marciano won t Faber, the la AmricanDoby,Rosen,Jacobs,Al (W- sirdon, 4 0 2
pitc away with nothe spectvuff he gop-t CR N N.Y., Sept. -Le pitcher pArmitted to useson scored whqu Robertson hit ShNew rd c 0 1

ponslt* tireaceoMlas -M. Wlty. 1U IN ASiYork hou t.Ino tre utr (mU Ade-c=, iab=la -P
acr"Dd you las e ou. n a reBucrn ) ham of M la i t. itter, ulknow whatInto doubleplay I 7th.) Two base 't ini, b mr
maeron Charles will that smartt" cland .l atucks s agleft te hetal.kingGut. The 0 year- -Robertson, Jacobs. Triples -- oallf .P
the othaey nihto" hman acquiesces to Rocky -has moeed it zthe o eran t 20 yer1 with Smith. Home run-Wert tolenI 3
knor the ood of the ticert sale. Charles one week frla todaut e Wht Sw labr's spit-hall basest-Avila 2, t wo t acrifice- t ,.lA p 2,0
"The boxer has an edge in a New York--anmred "his wy' fomula l ll cw _# h -o .. .......Gray .. ble-p tikldFrend. a-
return." says the gnome-like lit- to the top as a so-called,"o baccoin o wu hee and a wad Avila-Werty Rolen-Avila-Wertiend.0 1
tle man wloti envelope and trains side" slugger. But at pres- t, oOarfIum n e wDeMaestri-Jatb- hmmer., Left-

Mot a oriano.r On- Wl ln tot iht s i_ t t B lu Pn du a n weday feta-tl s nt

ly aboit La Btaza who bmree ca'mpNIsaconpetrtin An aZM9. 1 u mT o 5 bl laseath tRL5India na7..
Befn two the secthand outinger within "inside" attack is a tin _e T M a you Jusgitaton To an-AthlesIr 5,W n.d 7 'si
Roland La Stape,Goldman said: at Groe ginger, U N ao Trero sd N 5Wn o ru ed e

.and the hungry fighter. Eve rybo- his p heads at kn t a e r a L -
y J.s bouner-ra his punch. He when he .I s S i e '
punchesreag with the rightI his sp-rfng -partners-. The Inra(-)._ .
ha. He's yo He' been 10side attack gived a L And S. -.S"Irties
rounds with Rocky,k. s his fighter the And
way around. You can't sell a guy Rocky --m I"I -"
like that short. This is going to only 67inihs sfrom e0"tip NM Y1OK, So (UP)912 -
be a tough fight." to finger tp--ir th1e ortt (SMued M n OW w it 6ZTS)wo
GOLDMAN EVEN PUT in 2 arms of an bevi~weit -cham- AAI AL j OIMMfly
pitch for Another prospective.op-.pi n.B yflag ik. 0* *a 3A P.t. _Madison SarnN-,
-to ,. I"Y he

hi, who collapseIn fro of the .... .......L.e.......N114.-
puntured freak, Hurricane 76m- ..l.ntWEroom T.

S. I --






3 0
9 0
4 1
2 3
1 4
7 11
4 4
1 4
5 0
1 1
4 0
0 0
0 0
0 1
0 0


T -
*4 7.
n -

_~~~~'Z _~ ~ __~

-77. ..-- T-rr

_ ~ ___ ______I _I_

' *" *- j

: ?~





7au-~r, ~r~d~a~ra~,~;J

- I.~


14 $Stong Atac;

Mis Auh rn Bear Watthing

ByH30W (RED) DREW Crawford Mimis, and center Gene
He- C Alabama Dubuisson does a man-size Job.
IIf Coach John Vaught can fln
TUSCALOOSA All. (NEA)- a quarterback, Ole Miss will hb
Well stack-up hSoutheastern Con- bard to handle.
Serence footba with any in the
n1 ud acted to be NIA's P
lust as tough ald t ta i Sea- A iter
ion as last, when Alabama won Tn ut
champblorsh em. the last day P- ak eeL8
if the s o.nWT7, over Auburn. iS Lm
Most bne.wspc.rme have plac-ita i S.
d Georgia Teh in the number Guard-F. 3 ,"a t i.
)no spot, followed by Alabama, 5-Ir G,--. S a,
sa lsslsppi Aubur, mTesusee, G Eas 0 so
Auburn-;C.. ..lm.....mICe--"- r- iie,'G.eekL"
Loui Wet MISSISSIPPIsI State, B' y .nmm Auburn
Florida, KT ey, Georgia, Van.- m bes,
leebilt and amil. / Hjmmy Z,, t .esse
Missdtipp- and Aubur could be .m. e .., .iss.e
the teamspo w.tch. Ole Miss has Normal ia center.
the schedule and Auburn has the N P"y cen"r.
talent. I
Qne big reason Tech has drawn AUBURN HAS PERHAPS the
the number one spot is i.l-AmerL most over-all speed in the confer-
ca center Larry Morris. Junior ence. It's a young squad with on.
guard Squinch Brooks, tackle Carl ly nine seniors. End Jim Puburn,
Vereen, q ack Wade Mit- a junior, is classified the best by
chell and halfback Billy Teas are Coach Ralph Jordadn. Quarter.
classified as tops in their posi- back Bobby Freeman Is a great
tions in the conference. ong passer, and halfbacks Dave
Middleton and Fob James can
ALABAMA WILL be better on move.
offense and weaker on defense in Tennessee has three top tail-
'M. Most of our best defensive W",de, Pat Olek-
men are gone-center Rrlph Car. alak and Bob Bringle and a fast
ri"a. end Bud Willis, halfback A [i A'num Tracy. Re-
Bill Oliver. Leading the way will say the wing and blocking
be? Au-America candidate Corky backs are not upto Vol par.
Tharp, conference coach. I i sq another back-breaking
ps the best running back in 1953. schedule but will win its share
Bobby Linea and Cecil Ingram and pull some upsets. Tackle Sid
will share left haf, with Bill Stone roumret is rated by his coaches
at full only he still has trouble the best in the country. Soph full.
with Korean shrapnel wounds. back Lou De utschm a n, 230
'Bama tackles will be strong with pounds, could boe LSU's best in
George Mason, Sid Youngelman years, and also top-rated are Al
and Ed Culpepper returning, and Doggeto at quarterback and end
quarterback Is a bright spot with Joe Tuminello.
Bart Starr, Al Elmore and Olie Darrell Royal, in his first year
Yates on, and, perhaps the best at Misasiippi State, has a big
three t S'ama, many a year. job ahead wth Alt-America quar.
At Mislssippi, fullback Slick Me. terback Jackie Parker gone. Cen.
Cool is they to watch. -The ter Harold Easterwood is tops, and
19-pouner has speed and power, quarterback Bobby Collins could
with a host of fast halfbacks in be the boy to make them forget
Earl Blair, Johnny Barber, Red Parker.
Muirhead and Pepper Thomas. REPORTS SAY Florida mayI
Guards Buddy Alliston and Ray have trouble a t guard and tackle,
James compensate for the loss ofhard hit by graduation, but cen.

ter Steve DeLaTqrre the Gators' back with its best freshman tean
best in.r'6, returns., here is plen. in years moving up to the varsity
tiy'f quarterback experience in Vanderbilt amdT 3lua also are U
Bobby Lance, Fred Robinson and the same boat, with rebuilding
Harry Speer. jobs built primarily around fin
.Coach Blanton Collier has a sophomore talent. Tulane w-a
rugged job ahead at Kentucky in particularly hit by tip loss of it
his first year, with S. Meilinger, two top backfleldo.
Ray Correll and Ralph Paolone (Sixth of 10 articles. Next: At
departed. Th- big hope js passer tlantle Coast by Jim T a tama
Bob Hardy a. quarterback. Southern Conference by A r
Georgia may be ready to come Lewis.)

Kramer Primes- Youthf .
\ Kramer Primes You#hful yUt

T Yeas In National Lag-e
Written for NRA Service
QUESTION: The batter swings
on the third strike and foul
tips the ball. It slams into the
catcher's mask then goes straight
into the air. The catcher grabs
it. Does this mean the batter is
out?-Roy Titus.
Answer: He is met eat. The
catcher must get a foul tip with.
it It rebounding off any part of
his person or equipment except
his glove or hand.
Q. What kind of a bitter was
Jack Harshman, the White Sox
pitcher, when he was a first base-
man?-John Ewalds.
A. Harshman was a ls ball
hitter, whose average did "not
Justify hl being ea a hi leape
club. In te mi s, be was rated
a pretty god itter--wtfs" his
with 36 omers fer-Victoria
of the Western lateraat I on al I
League in IT.

Net Aces
Jaek Kramer'a "tennis babies"
are getting the full treatment in
the hopes one or mpore of them
may be come a major star- some
Fresh from three weeks of tour-
naments, training and instruction
under the personal supervision of
the king of the pros, Krqmer's
kids are heading for Los Angeles
and their first International test
this weekend-a "Junior" Davis
Cup match against Australia's lat-
est Whiz Kids.
"We'll have a team meet Aus-
tralia's 17-year-old Roy Emer-..
son and Ashley Cooper," said.
"It'll be at Los Angeles Ten.'
nis Club on Friday or Saturday.
We think it's a wonderful thing

Tennessee's New Grid Coach

Harvey Robinson Sounds Like

Bob Neyland Predicting Doom
0 -

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the
first in a series on the prospect
for Southeastern Conference foot,
ball teams for the 1054 season.
m United Press Sports Writer
n KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 9 -
g Tennessee Coach Harvey Robin.
e son, who stepped into the yawning
* shoes left by Bob Neyland only
last year, sounded today like the
general's equal as a prophet of
. grid-iron doom.
He said his Volunteerr might
i have to buck a king-sized sopho-
more jinx as well as a tough 10-
Sgame schedule that includes Geor-
gia Tech, Alabama and Duke.
Robinson, who served as back.
field coach under Neyland before
taking over the Tennessee reins,
said he must build his team a-
round sophomores-and he doesn't
.figure there's enough talented sec-
ond-year men to make the 1954
squad compare to the "Flying
sopomoores of 1968.

S104 teams wil be "the most in-
experienced in the school's histo-
Sry-the price Tennessee is paying
for inadequate recruiting I the
1951 and 1952 seasons."
Of parospects, Robb"sob has
49 sophomores, 1 jurors and
leiggt seniors.
"There's nothing wrong with
sophomores if they include one or
two ally outstanding players and
the team ls balan by experi-
enced hands at key spots," Rob-
inso said. "The 1964 team ,has
The unbeaten, one tied 1928
squad had Gene McEver as its
sophomore spark and. included
Bobby Dodd, Robinson pointed
out, while the undefeated 19 3 8
sophomores, who also won in the
Orange Bowl, were guided by such
inexperienced players as Bowden
Wyatt and George Cafego.
The weakest spots in the 1954
lineup will be &t the crucial block-
ing back position rnd at left end
and left tackle. No letterman is
available but likely prospects in-
clude Jim Beutel, 188-pound un-
ior of North Tonawanda, N. Y., at
blocking back; Buddy Cruze, 188
pounds, a Knoxville sophomore
and crack high school pass re-

Nausea Forces.

"Chadwick To Quitl

Lake Ontario Swim
TORONTO, Sept. 9 (UP) -
Florence Chadwick, suffering a-
cute nausea almost from the
start, quit the 32 mile marathon
swim across Lake Ontario at the
15-mile mark today and thereby
lost a $10,000 Jackpot that await-
ed her at the Canadian National
The Anna III, a pilot boat that
had accompanied the San Diego
swimmer from Youngstown, New
York, rushed her to Toronto
shortly before 8 a.m. when she
informed coach Vic Christie she
couldn't continue.
This left the so-called "swim
of "the century" to Marilyn Bell,
a 16-year-old unofficial challen-
ger from New Toronto, and Mrs.
Winni e Roach Leusler of St.
Thomas, Ont, who were still in
the water when Miss Chadwick
gave up. 0
Neither Was Bell nor the 28-
year-old Mrs. Leuslor could
claim the $10,000 if they com-
pleted the race, however, al-
though there were immediate
rumors that exhibition authori-
ties might make them an award
now that Mla Chadwick had
forfeited the purse.
fpokesmen for the Canadian
Naioal Exhibition sead Miss
Chadwick had taken ill at the
two-mile mark but bad contain
ued e before the nausea
aompley overcame her.

LawrNce, Kasas (NEA) -
When Kana meets T.C.U. here
Sept. I, it wM mark U- st*rt of
the school's th year of t

For 'Jr. Davis Cup
for youngsters to have the ad. thia or well never oa t D&
vantage of some additional play Vi up agai.
under International pressure.' -
leading amndtdates for the as Krame. had moreq an ,.d-m
merican team are Jerry Mon yof n 01t i bo 4010.
Miami Beach, the Natlonal Jun- mentis toanaeRmt
lor champion; Jon Douglas of He coached them 15
Santa Monica, Cal Mike Green the were trooping asltw
of Miami Beach, Jonnie Holm- men to tnames Mad'
berg of Brooklyn and Myren meets he o aye them
Franks of Los Angeles. eisethanics and round
"I'd like to say which of these tra-mural" tournam eato
youngsters is the best prospect them sharp.
but it wouldn't be fair to the oth.
ers," said Kranier. "I will say In the N
I'm not disappointed In any of ed the -tM
them and Isure hope we can was beatmi .
work out some arrangements so wall A-
I can continue this program next Green get to
year." but bowed wit t
KEramer personally Is feeling. ace to Art SM
the travel expenses for the ea-.
tire uadand d a national mag- Douglas won eight sam ,iris
aine is picking up the tab for Vie Seixas in the ae d ed3
the rest. and Allen Quay of t.
"I thought I would have money another of the uniors took a
to burn this summer said Kram- from Neale Fraser o Autrala
er with a wry smie. "But the before going out.
pro tour didn't do my bank ac-
count any good and all I burned All of them are far behind.As-
was some dreams. I don't regret tralia's Cooper and Emersom lA
tackling this junior p r o j e c t, the matter of development ht, u
though because I think we're so Kramer lasa "If we give- otd
far behind Australia some of us half as much help as theAtA% u
just have to pitch In and do some- lians get we'll be all rildgb

ceiver, at left end; and Charles
Rader, 105-pound sophomore of
Greenville, Tenn. at left tackle.
Tennessee will be strongest at
tailback with Jimmy Wade, a 16-S
pound senior speedster who was
one of the conference's top scor-
ers last season, and Pat 0 eksiak,
a 200-pound junior with the power
to balance Wade's speed. Olek-
siak sat out all of last season with
an injured foot.
The remainder of Robinson's
first team probably will shape up
this way:
At fullback, Tom Tracey, a Bir-
ming h a m, Mich., junior, 186
pounds, a good kicker and punt
returned. At wihgback, Terry
Sweeney, Lawrence, Mass jun.
ior, 197 pounds, who played some
at this spot last season.
At center, Lamar Leachman,
200-pound senior of Cartersville
Ga., if an injured knee from last
season does not trouble him again.
I it. oqa, sophomore Ch arI e
Scholes-1, U1 pounds, Paris, Tein.,
may take over,
S.right ackisDartls McGord,
225-pound senior Franklin Tenn.
At rig t end Edd Cantrell, 184.
unds, para, Tenn., sophomore.
ut rit guard, Bob Scott, 20.
POunds, Cleveland, Tenn., junior,
t left guard, Charles Coffey, 188.
pounds, Shelbyvllle, Tenn., Jun.
Tennessee plays a tougher.
schedule than It did last year.
when It wa six and tied one of
11 games.
The schedule:
Sept. 25 --Mississippi State at
Memphis; Oct. 2 Duke at Dur-
hem; Oct. 9-Chattanoof., at Knox
wille; Oct. 16-Alabana at Knox-
ville; Oct. s2-Dayton at Knox-
ville; No. 8-Georgia Tech at At-
lanta* Nov 13-Florida at Knox-
ville homecoming; Nov. 20-Ken-
tucky at Knoxville: Nov. 27-Van-
derbilt at Nashville.


muND IT...



Small wonder the Van H uen Century ahirt is becoming th
mot popular airtin the wod.
It's the world' only shirt with a patented, ft, oem-p
collar that won't wrinkle wr Neither heat ar humidity an
make it wilt The Van Hesu=n Century dirt isavaiableia oolom
and a Variety of apartVan BHeumR nIdal cabratyAl. :
Laundering tests prove Van Houm Century shirts give up
to twice as many wearing and wushB a oalary daftf

VAN Hausm*N CENvy o
* e nT s..m... t'...1i ii..m



-" t


'Ji~l~1C~W. jd~b *1 rU4


w: ~j




~ r'

-Ac; i



SFrick Voices


To Sve

.'j. .1

.-' -


V.story on pag -


said. "I called them Fifth Amend- loyalty, McCarthy said he was
ment Communists." i not. ,But he said he cpnsiderd it
McCarthy gave vent to his feel- bad judgment for the general "to
wings about Zwicker after reading say in effect that it was all right
excerpts from the transcript of to give a Contmunist an honora-
the controversial secret hearing lle discharge."
Feb. 18. Zwicker was Peress command-
ing officer at Camp Kilmer, N.J.
-I said he was not fit to wear McCarthy testify ed the told the
the uniform of a general," Me Army about Peresa more than a
Carthy exploded. "I t b he month before he called the dentist
was not. I say it now. I will y before his subcommittee.
It again.' McCarthy also insisted no exec-
Watkins pressed McCarthy for utive order barred Zwicker from
specific acts or displays of arro. telling him who ordered the honor.
gance on the part of Zwicker. Me- able discharge for Peress. Zwick-
Carthy said it was Zwieker's at- had claimed a 1948 presidential
titude as a whole that-made him directive prevented him Ir o m
an "arrogant" witness. making public any Informaton in
He cited -Harding's testimony personnel fels.
that Zwicker had called him an McCathy said he told the Army
"s.o.b." even before the, general more than, a :month before he
testified. But Watkins noted that questioned Peress that "a man
McCarthy did not know of the re- who had been a leader in the Com.-
mark at the time and It still was munist Party" was stationed at an
not a proved fact.' Army port of embarkation.
they were impungning Zwicker's questioning after "nothing w a #
done...Peress continued to serve.'
McCarthy said Peress reflah
ed to answer questions as to
whether he held party meetings
In his quarters
Lawton's refusal to testify y
touched off bitter debate when
McCarthy's attorney charged the
retired general had been gagged
by the Defease Department. Me.
Carthy toldi reporters Lawton was
"ordered not to testify."
Defense Department general
counsel William M. Brucker said
the department "is making no
effort whatever to influence Gen-
eral Lawton's testimpy in any
manner not covered iy the pre u-
de al directive."
=a=* Swtenhad t-
manrl a at .ho,4r, as k
Lanetve officer, lie was band
b yth.directve. Ue causel di
The directive ed bidws ks, tive
Department officials to disclose
eonfldet ial talks a the depart-
The Watkins committee p r e-
viously took four days of docu-
mentary evin ence on the censure
charges filed by Sons. Ralph E.
=FIbright (D-Ark.) before calling
h A eesses, -
Meaziw"llo, Flanders made pub.-
lie two more letters to the con-
mittee suort hisoorith n
L- Sen. oseph McCarthy ., charges tht cy sho be
BWilnliams, confer in h censured by the Senat for his
o enate committee to contain e conduct. h tro
arge erandng. Ho a ccusedM t MfS"nat sso.
r Impropriety" in h8 'questping of
A ed uthe.
Obse id suited and ab sed the g ral
and tried. to fore him to violate
+his.oath" of of_4e.
American policy of rearming Go a-It was the ZlcMr case th a t
man and Japanese militarism'.." helped touch off the bitter -day
The commentator said ,+e-ee ArMy -sn ,Carthy hearings.
"actually was mainly worri7 Lawton'i name was mentioned
bout the fact that United States frequently duringathe hearings but
would not take seriously 'his ben 's was not asked to testify then.
ments on peace and friendship McCarthy charged the recently-
or any appeal which American reeognera l was punishedtfor
congressmen call 'Communist pro- cooperation with an Investigation
Observer said Attlee made his Flanders also asked the Wat-
"ill-staraed" appeals to the S o king proup to check into charps
let Usqion obviously with the hope that McCarth' cenur
of being reinstated In the "eyes for accusing-f --To.n r 3 t-S ry of
of reactionary circles in the U. State George C. Marshall of "trea-
nited States a d Britain." son" In a 1951 Senate. .s,"

Veterans mjinns NeW f

rapsFake Caims F Benefits From U.e le+


"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abrwhem Lincoln.


I A:

IN .OUGLrS U. X right forgeries. The' other two
MU gtal O-,,t l~claimsrave ti being evaluated.
S, Not lot ago the mother of a
WASIINOTON (N A) -Vet- dead 01 claimed to be the len-
eranG Administration has per- eficlary.. Of his policy by sub-
fecte_ a new electrocule weap- ntting a letter of recent date
on Itn s fight against rapidly- from thn saying that this was
mounting efforts to defraud the his Itention. The oI's wife had
U. L Teasury in connection already made a claim on the
with the multl-billiot-dollar same fly. Examination show-
veterans benefits program ed that tje mother had altered
It's an "Infra-red eye," bor- the date on the letter, which
rowed from the. Idea of the had been sent to her from her
Arm y' sniper-scope, Whbch In- son Before he was married.
stanly eeals erasures, cWtch- Several months ago a fraud
outs, ob tons and al other which at first missed detection
attm change deaments came to light when the wife of
llegy are m offered to a dead veteran applied for his
aupprt ao VA claim. insurance. A check of the rec-
A tempted frauds on 01 ben- words revealed that a former
efits have risen to the point wife had already collected the
where more than 00 suspected money on the bads of a forged
doc ents per month, bearing death certificate. The new elec-
on applications for benefits, now tronic 'eye would have caught
must be subjected to laboratory this.
examination. ....
efO thre Infra-red e was, Within the past year two
developed b, VA'sRichard J, druktgsts received jail terms for
Kuhn, a document analyst, it attempting to swindle VA out of
took a Whole day to make a $000 altering- prescriptions.
comparable examnnatton of a The ame e been prescrib-
dubious paper. The new device, ed for certa vets receiving out-
which costs only $ to make patient care and the druggists
does the same-ob in a fqWsec- had a contract to supply what
onds by eliminating the need to was prescribed.
make photographs.
Their crime- was erasing the
amounts of the medicine after
The device jmps ahead of filling the prescriptions, increas-
the Secret Service nd all oth- In the aae of doses, and ch-4'g-
er federal inveistive agencies e g an added amount. There
in 'the field of ana- were 1,000 individual prescrip.
lysls. tion forms analyzed by VA in
this. Investigation.
The we of Infra-red light to The biggest single type of
show', up. n rks on paper not fraud cases VA ever had con-
vlable to the naked eye Is a corned doctored attendance re-
relatively old technique. ut it ports on veterans attending
has had to be done photograph- schools under the (I Bill oi
Ically. Kuhn's relatively simple Rights. Vets -bad to attend a
device combines the Army's certain percentage of classes for
sniper-scpe viewer- used for the schools to collect tuition fees
night firing-with a high-pow- on them.
eredlamp giving oft an Infra-
red In many cases It was discover-
Ncety was the- mother. of ed that school officials %re
the'6flve. In 1951 VA's Investi- altering attendance reports -
gottn' Service saved the 'Treas- made out honestly by instructors
ury 41,840 on false claims, In most cases-to show students
Sear fraud probes at ex- present when they were really
pectedto volve moe than $4,- abse .nt .
000,00 in claim. A th e.Serv- The back of this racket was
is *work-load *. 1Ull Eoinx uni

let's worK-oao is atU iloin up. .'
by conflicting clalms on 1OX a "I --rfn '- 'fe
Iaurance policies. Several weeks y Ol i Ce
ago, for Instance, five persons .
2 lhW d for the mon on one -+: 1, I f $mon sone Is Too Polite For Words
ance poUliy. Each calmant pro-
duced a letter from the dead
an.saying he was the one to -
be b y of the policy. NXW YOM- 8Wt. 9 -(UP)-- ulred a real uteom lat b
t** lMarilyn Monroe si te ppd off a nce .her m i .
nZAIuatia quickly .proved plane from HOlywood at Idlewild "Well," she saidslo*, 'YW
threeo.ofthelettrs, to be Out- airport today and Into ma in ohb e he s
scene to6 lite for words.
SomeSo0 airline clerks and
ground crew men busted down
the o bl'Trier and crowded around
for a wonderful look. Miss Mon-
roe, In a low-cut beipe dress and
a fox-trimmed ma n coat,
beamed.them good motnhn. The
geatlemen beaded back.
Nobody said much o0 -anything
Nobody stepped on her pretty
bare toes. Pretty son, the police
broke it up, in the interests of

Th curvy blonde actress said
it was all something of a sur-
pIse. Her husband Joe, sneaked
her on the plane through a back
door when she left from Holly-
wood last night.
She'll be here until Sunday to
make some scenes for the motion
picture "The Seven Year Itch,"
she said.
For baseball fans: Miss Monroe
said her husband, last name Di
Maggio, plans t& come to New
for the World Series. 8 '-B epr Erl 1
Miss Monroe said she wouldn't loggtalotofdirty looksw"7e
1,,be with him; she has to make a hedidn'thaveabeardtoshow
movie. at a utest at the Floyd Count
Fair in Charles Cty, L A
"I'Tm disappointed," she said smear ot honey around his fay O
"because I've never seen a Worl and a walk through his a bo
Series." bivesquklyprovided Reft
RICIARD 1, KUN as Inte o The beautiful blonde s m i I e d h p a crawiaded mrl.-
the 'magle eye' he built for VA. when reporters asked if she'd P-

Popcorn King Make Cockney Eyes Pop At Adam In Buff
*. *, _. 1_ ,_ ,_ P* .. '*.'*

en against rearmament of West By TOM A. CULLEN
Germany and Japan. NEA Special Correspondent'
(At that time Attlee, who had LONDON (NEA) Charlie
completed an 18-day tour of Chi- Stafford, the cookney popcorn
na with seven other Laborites, king, may not know much about
said he had told Mao that "peo- works of art, but he knows how
ple know that Russia is the heav- to give art the works by salting
sest armed country in the world.") It with a little sex.
Currently Charlie is cleaning
"He clumsily tried to change 'up a fortune on the works of Sir
the subject to Soviet armaments," Jacob Epstein, the celebrated
wrote Observer. sculptor, by exhibiting them as a
"freak" show on the boardwalk
"Thereby Attlee made it clear at Blackpool
that as leader of the British La- cpol.
or. Party he was ready to support .vatein-Immortal or Immor-
__ tale sereanLu the lign on the
SbutMlding ouing the pstein ex-
hibit: three huge alabaster- ta-
Clayton Hunting tues. a bronze and 51 paintings.
S' popcorn Charlie bought
"its To Be them for asongin t he days
Permits To Be when stein was down on his
luck. Today Epsteln's matcr-
C elled O 1 pieces share honors with the
Cancelled Oc t. I w awork models of a stranger n
the gallows and a female arsen-
Penrmits for hunting on the lc poisoner 'in the death room."
Peat of Fort Clayton issued prior --
to June 9 will become Invalid And Epstein, now '73 famous
as of the First of October re- and knighted, by Queen lia.-
gardless of the expiration date ,beth, can do nothing to reclaim
t on the permit warns his sculture-or to top Chale
Major Victor A Gray. Post Ad- from exploiting it'In JeaUon-
lttant of Fort Clayton al manner.
"Step right up, folks see
1bw permits or renewal of old Adam as Eve saw him,"
permilts may be obtained by in- mlnstnates in his best hue tr'
tgulingat the Adjutant's Of- voice, referring to ltem a'
/ Deeilmmg No. 200. Fort Clay- sevr-foot status of AdlRm it t
tcMaday through Friday. bmat,

But Charlie lsw ul in walk-
ing the tit-rope twen the
artsc and the ouageous.
His voice, boent, loud-
s speakers, tells, th pi od
that half ot thm p ,dn
Epstein's work Is = M andI

Chkaom Wloues

-Am iin

strut-ted tf Unmp tock

BUly 3 jebuontb animal
to arrive at the-yards, the
world's largest.
as owner,,-I B PeVold, JtMW-
boldt, Iowa, 'wMl a a pecal
price of aoni far the tew
..a total of I ._ ...
Fevold'sa MgIsert fag to
Chicago to ee sestk futm
William Weed I'b at s -

than lour.USt
ez te1 jta h.ate

beautiful while the other half
think It is shocking."
They line up to find qht which
half is right.
The mastepeces are flanked
on one side pey peep ma-
chines and a blaring uke box,
on the other c a counter where
trinkets ad c" postcards
are sold.
By thetim e the cash custom-
ers see the first of the three
great carl-"Jacob, in the
embrace of te Angel"-there is
ribald laugher.
Uy ti w tn y come to the
tto,-ton .pofoiulI-blUt A-
dam. h lower has largely
fawd" & JI* oseer embarras-
aent. .l a rude shock.
inte v who was born In New
r. the o of c A~ws r Neb
trm C arC&t Ausia, otld prob-
sh i much to his e*lp-
t o. But CharIe, who paid
WU for Adam, wouldn't sell
h fatr ti ttles that amount


INFRA-RED EVE' phto re-
veals erased. abent marks an
GI's school attendance report"
broken by Philip L. Schmita,
head of VA's I.entlflcation rV
Detection Division. It t d% k
months of lab work. But the new
device would cut the time to a
few weeks. -
Another Icrearsing area of at-
tempted frauds is In connection
with applications for 'srvice-
connected disability payments.
A typical. one uncovered by
8 chmlt recently involved
forged doctor's report. .
The report showed that.'
vet had been treated for a-id
injury a few months a
got :Out of service. He sub -
this as proof that the.
contracted while he waM
for.m-But a lab study- of.
paper reveal-d that it had befa
manufactured three years afthr
the date oi the app latUon.
VA officials are confident that
the new device will be a
aid -in uncovering and baHklU
thi.s growing effort to cheat-t


McCarthy Again Declares

'Unfit To Wear General's U

Wis.) and his attorney' Edward
ton as they wait for the special
its censure chi

Pravda Las[

,I I I TS'. areM-,. '-
-' .. .- ': ^ .- --,. ..

I i I



, I'








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