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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"Lathe pe pp fAtw 4ne t&ruA anmd the country is safe"'- Abraham Lincoln.


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GI In Gorgas, Labor Dap

Girl Friend in US On

Dies In RP =WS
no t o helppatol deaths climb-
ed stesdsly today bir at a rate
A Puerto Rican soldier, Juan only half saLey oifld had ex-
Fidel Garay 28, was in Gorgas pec M during the Labor Day
Hospital today on the crIal weekend.
list following h attempt to
commit suicide by drinking nu- ThL rate ldigated motorists
rlatic acid in what was believed were heed.i the appeals of
to be a love tryst n Panama Prident lnhower and safe-
City Friday. ty officials to take t easy on
Garay was transferred yes- the highways.
terday from Santo Tomas Hoe- A survey showed 38 persons
pital where his 18-year-old Pan- had died violently since 6 p.m.
amanlan girl friend. Della Mon- Friday, 34 of them in traffic ac-
toyas died after the attempted cidens. There was one drown-
double suicide in the Hotel Do.- ig and three persons dled In
livar on Central. Avenue. mbcellaneous accidents.
The couple, according to The Safety Council had ore-
lice investigators, apparently dThe Safety Concwl had prd-
rented the room at the Bolivar, dicted 390 rsons would dt e
drank the acid together and' from.6 p.m. Friday to midnight
then waited for it to take f- .Monday, or at a raJe of five per-
feet. ons. per hour. Today the rate
-. An employee of the hotel staff wsn r ang about 2.a per hour.
(NEA Telephoto) entered the room shortly after- gn and Wisconsin or-
SURE-Resid tsofTBrookline.Man ,ob wards and found the pair un- der Aoit National Guardsmen
RE,--Residents of Bo Ma., o- conscious. They were rushed to to lbelp patrolitheir highways in
t food in their refrigerators from spoiling. Santo Tomes. an attempt to save more lives.
ocked the communitY's electrical power sys- The soldier Is attached to D Meanwhile holiday motorists
of commission when it hit the area. Battery, 704th AA Bn. at Fort in Michigan found themselves
(NSA Telephoto) Clayton. under a near-state of martial
law today as Gov. '. Mennen
Wi li mie called out the National
'The Bo Y' Md stole wo Left Guard to cut the high rate of.
e Boe McDTona traf ftablitis
Shoes So Hetrf f atlitat
$50 For Auto Accident Sends Back $20 t'n "t a
dialty !1:, ate. the
LUDLOW. Vt. -(UP)-A man geverner
----- who$Wle .two oMboes alongbn istig wil "ey

IFof drugs-end officers .a Shocked .aft Hve. h,
he "anwith "b : -m ,apl"sidth7

y Road Death

ly Half Last Ye


To// Military Mission

a Officers Die In

Big Bombardment

TAIPEH, Formosa, Sept. 4 (UP) Two Americai
officers were killed in the Chinese Communist shelling of
Quemoy island yesterday, Nationalist headquarters here
announced today. -
The situation on Quemoy was reported quiet up until
late afternoon with no additional Communist activity. Un-
official sources said Nationalist Chinese air force planes
were patrolling over the island.
The two men were not identified. But informants slid
they were assigned to the U.S. military advisory assist
once group headquartered in Formosa. They were under.
stood to have been the only two American military per-
sonnel on Quemoy at the time of the incident.
Top-level Nationalist Chinese commanders' met in
emergency session today and discussed the Communist
threat to the bombarded bastion.
Military spokesmen remained which the Nationamlits are co-
silentaon the results of yester- fident they can hold.
ay'sr "heavy .bombardment of The offlcas Nationalit miU-
uueMoy by Communist Batteries, tary lenforulatoa airies aM
ut the Communist Pe more than
ea i=. t

sThe u assessed the Il
Spared car, to ch a
ir ca rl 1; o.
guilty plea was entere&At
neys reported a settlemnW t had

actress Mc ld ei not as t
tributed' to her Weslu In
which o she acnend eMverl
Ct perce ft striking her, e-
tsslE te let her callU her bhs-
band and not iplaclbnher in-
de thecartof a police o ratr.
while and wasie un r tody.
Miues McDnald did not oappea
in otdrt today when the sctti -
ment wee reeahed but was re-
resented iWer lawyers. Acting
Ciry lAttY obert M Dupi a-
eewd thlat the charge are operat-
i n iautor owie under the mn
fluence of drugs could not be
tablished b the prosecution.
At the 1tic of Mis McDoU -
aid-srrest June 21Police Chief
Clinon H. Anderson said aBev-

Travel mane,
pavel minded eoniUes ae or-
Sor economic group
rend ler -name of Isthmian
t velarociety. The club was
fed w ille returinBotgab a
W Tour of Peru. The main
p of the club is to "see the
The Board of Directon are Dr.
*tev Mehaffy, Gogas; Ann
Prebtey, Schools. ColOnel C.
V d, Specal Services; Mil-
STrlewdwell, Army; Ritnz
Bchrveder avy; Namey Ram-
Cristbal; Fred Busch.Bl-
e rothy Brtankman, UaJ).-
5WA. Mra. WMI. H. Comley, Ol-
fievra Wver Cubs.
*h nteresd In :.Droup
trave mat hav qn beruhp

as. n hek Christ relo
tri Indistito tlher -UUmc. I

iCht tmas holiday trip to Uma.
frB day). Next year a 25-
WH rui od euWtb America
e lowed by W 7-week
QUr ofjurpe In September and
.Vadcus one day and week-end
M n scheduled for January,
on -' Botelo will be shown
VSO.-#.W.3.m La Bosa
-"d e 'Dow"

sleIs.ahoft'.he ..i.* <.'00m r _e -_ "
to be blded by a were r the left foot. e&ftaine rplanes were we v b
Released without tb to e ote he dumped them in wo to the service. ounds o ieve the enlariO se her-
Osy of her husband, sh.o trash can. tino 0 of "We don't know yet If the patrol fore and the publicly ald the i-of a Rea at-
tHarry earMichhigan aaay .dt- athe plan is working," Gov. Williams given it will save lives" Itempt to tn up" QuemDoy,
Dnl wags ten home and lat- 4- J 40n mo t
er went to Honolulu for a rest. Baboa Tides
it was w*hle she was in Hawaii High Low
the actress made her accusation 8:16 a.m ..............2:2fa.m. T a t P n Cin O lm rl
of police brutay.. 8:48 p.m........ 3:02 p.m.IO. o u Is J C ai O Ilm

Only Alternative Now For west:
* A, _,J __.-- I.. MAT'^

But Has Margaret Really Given Up On Townsend?

InclUOe Armeo iermany In NAIV By ROYST7E HAROROVk Balmoral Castle, where the Roy-
al Family are spending their an-
-- LONDON,: Sept. 4- (NEA) nual vacation, there would be an
By N ENN 'e free world is not ike to Once again the question of the official anuncement. But the
NEAStaff COW dent kw the answer ford d ln time marriage of Margaret, England's great day came and went and
EA tent the fact remainser for th princess who goes her own way, nothing happened. Even the
PARIS Nowtat the Euro- cow's unvaryemaingAls t Mo-halts the sbUe4t of conversation rain prevented the traditional
PARIS NoW that the Euro-|ow's unvaryig i l to halt at home abroad. Royal pictUre in the highlands.
pean Defense :Community has the process of embody e- at hme d abroad. Royal pire in the British wonder-
been killed by France what many in the Western world. Her faithful'people were con- ed, not whether she could, but
next ror West ropes defense This is the Reds' No. 1 target vinced that with the celebration when she would marry brilliant
agalTst Red agre son, for 1954. Behind It is the wider of her 24th~ rlthday recently at Group Captan Peter Woodridge
'"T1he only tmatives the objective of isolating the U.S. t- Townsend The average English-
peedy inclsion of a re-artned from its friends and thus West Germany in theNrth ruptnthe North Atlantic Trea- riage If tit meant the happiness
latict Treaty Orga on,", one ty Organization Itself of their madcap Princess.
of the ablest UZ diplomatsI By .. t E-. dt
France told NEA-e e. n By voting against EDC and the This ye4r another candidate's
It Ws net only EDC that was inclusion of West Germany ut name has crept into the news.
burled by the disgruntled and the European Defense system, It is that of 28-year-old Colin
badly-confused French poUt.el- France thus played right into Christopher Paget Tenant, elder
ans, the American offclal said. the hands of Moscow. son and heir of Lord Olencon-
dent nhowe's pat ner.
dream of a united Europe able to Under the cireumstances there **
resist the Commilsts suffered a is no other course left for the Tenant is a relatively recent
stgering blow." anti-Communist nations except addition to what is known as
The ,dr6am" formed the cor- the tragic alternative of re-arm-. the "Margaret set" in London.
neretone of US. foreign policy, ing West GerminAny. He lives in a luxurious "mews"
Tht"^ soon after the debacle Now is the moment-in view apartment off fashionable Oros-
in o-China.-the tat De- of Communist experts in Europe w veor Square.
apartment suffered another men- --for State Secretary John Vo t has been reported thavt Mar-
oaus diplomatic defeat in the hot- ter Dle to carry out his "agon- g a an her ftenrshaeteter
cold war. The Moscow-PO Vp g singrepprattU" of UJ.S. policy gole t e after the theater,
Axis gained -another bloodless toward rance and Germany. with the Princess taking posses-
visgory Time is, working against the sitn of the ultra-modern kitch-
pcow's Pravda has rea- free worl.-especlally in Get, en and cooking welsh rarebit or
sob to bt jubilant over the antt- many. The recent desertions to bacon and eggs for the crowd.
EDC vote in the French Assem- th*eReds of Dr. Otto John, Bo lmors of the new attach-
bly: security chief and other kie ment gained ground when Mar-
1. It farther weakened and di-West German, politicians ar ret went to spendhfive days at
vided the non-Comnuunlst wkr4 symptoms of a spreading diems. seat in ecotn. Th en Colin was
It deepeni- the peUtica invited to almoral for Mo wasr-
ris In nraa ad strengthen- The eyries and extreme a- et's thday party and tonguea
ed the neutrat forces. tenalists are on the rise in West et's i even faster.
a. I enfrmed the belief loag Germany. They am saying that i wt has been called the
he l ean Rtet oervrs that Chancellor Konrad Ada eer ~ Set's cover-boy. Tall,
.- .i &lly ai tw aum because of his trong support of 1os handsome elegant, he
wars 6gau Gesr 1a r m l" -Dc-a4enated the Pltudins to :_posed-uat vearrwith aDorman-
tsn"ra allyin (0e gM~al no purpose and that.VWest G ^oer- nequin on the banks of the
againalt immm-s.m. many should now develop .aA Thames for a magazine cover.
--cl of a "deal" between independent if not an outright THeIs an expert on the interna-
t sm Premier Paerre mende- pro-Soviet policy. tional nobility and is said to
Sthe Red lo-latnt The 79-year-old Chancellor, know his Goths (the aristocrat's
a plomatic circles ever alce the death of Itly's AlcideWho's Who) by heart.
Rees the dlenva conferenee-4s de oasper, Is the oly remain- His most recent title is "Prince
ag saisig is ugly head. Ing pro-Wstern stateman In harming of Balmoral." One of
E.- Brope. But he is fghtlng an up- hs s hobbles s acting. He took
a u t eMnm l mt dia b le to keep the Bonn part n the charity performance
the P1 w make whe a he fmetoeeral ]epuble In the demo- of'h Frog" which was put on
privft neva with Soviet cratte camp. by tondon's smart set and in
Foren Minter Vyeeheglav Mo- The danger Is that Chancellor which Ela Maxwell also appear-
Igto d ed China's Prenmer Adenaser's whole Kuropean" o'- ed. Stage. manager and producer
? ;y will be writto a off by theUr- was PriniM t Margret
iM 'll s-Frsnee's "eu- mans as a failure if theU J. and *
=3 0 debate part Brlitain, again bowting to France'. GROWP CAPTAI WN The Mtit of boron which Colfa
of B Sit Ir the traic wilhes, fall to grant the Bonn in Belgium: A 0a d" to ive will Inherit is only two enera-
ln i 1-b.Zlimb Republic full sovereignty*. .t t tons old. but the aily fortune

London apartment, royalty coo
dates back to 1798. In that year
Charle Tenant took out a pa-
tent for a bleaching powder for-
mula for cotton which was to
save 90 per cent of costs then
The Tenant fortune grew with
the great industrial expansion
in England. LordGlenconner is
now at the heai of some 25
companies producing chemical
products and representing a
capital running into hundreds
of millions.
Colin has had the education
of al ung English lords-Eton,
d anda commission in the
swanky Irish Guards.
On the other hand, people
who lay claim to inside infor-
Matidn say that it is quite possi-
blehi that Margaret has not given
all hope of marrying Peter
tw end. still "In exue" as
BritE ab attIhe in Belgium
ThJb-al theu say, a few

TENANT: In Colin's fashionable
iks up bacon and eggs for the

loose ends to be tied up--n-
cluding that of a peerage which

nommun st ra party lanw.
ed on the slasind
Red Chinese leaders repeateft
have warned tha the Chionis
Communists lated, to "b ,ftmW
Formosa, Chlang'a great baon.
But Red propaganda broad-
casts did not Connect the sheU-
ingR of QueMoy with the "Ubera-,
tlon" of Formosa Itself.
Reports received in Washipng
ton said the barrage consisted
artillery and mortar fire. The
Reds apparently were firing frof
neighboring Communist-held I
lands. rather than from tb&
mainland Itself.
Defense officials said the ti1.
ing was "nothing tQ get exd*
about." They described it -
a salute to the Southeast
conference" opening In Mia
next week.
Ever since Chiang'u fewea
were forced off the Maljns
in 1949 there have been raidg
and artillery duels llevlvin
the Nationalist outpost em
It Is an Island about 70 miles
square, lying about 15 miles east
of Amoy.
Last week the Chinese Reds
claimed a small Communist fore
landed on Quemoy and killed l
Nationalist soldiers and cap d
One of the most determigm
Communist bids to capture t
island occurred In February 195,
It failed and the Natonallsts
claimed they captured 7800 ROd
attackers and killed as many

Drive-in The-o

Comfort lie n

would then make it euaser for YOUNGSTOWN, 0.-
Townsend to become a member mund Takach may tow
of the Ropal Family. solution in the drive 1I
la TfL, m _sSHe's invested ana
Adult Troubles speaker that not
more clearly and
Hol_ eA Ivolees, noise and
outdoor screens,
pipes in cool or warm
FLINT, Mich. -(UP)-A Flint i on the season.
psychiatrist believes one reason tube is a to
many mb become mixed up is be- which is n ha A
cause, while boys, they try to act leading about a
wn like their father wbho A motor vS
th are dependent. O thr arm, air t et
mother escoplc te
Dr. Paul H. Jordan, director of sound. No W-or
the Flint ChAl Guidance Cunle, are exposed. T
said he believes this is why four and the tbe
out of five persons who have ward when l t a.a,'e
speech or reading Multem are n the life ofet
boys and why seven at vd eit dust and oolobs
abouaes Oare L, kept out.

O-a h

V -



CS -

Y~. -
-4- -7



Tr ,*-."

. .'. ..

- /.


l ^



. _


p- p


4'-- ;, ..
- .C

3.c, naa ntar .. -. i --"--- -~
IT'S ALL IN THE W4TERI"-Dairnell Whitt demonstrates the
effei of the drought on irrigated, right, and nonirrigated, left,
cV i" an qxperleqntaJ farm near McCredle, Mo. The corn' in
both casesgwas planted the same day and given the same soil
fertilizer. Whitt towers over the unirrigated corn and is dwarfed
... by the stalks that received plenty of water.

New Plays Being Readied

For Broadway's 1955 Season

.. .. F 'r"--

N E W Y OR IK (TANS) and Sympathy"; "The Floweringi
Broadway Is starting to stir a- Peach," the latest wo*k by Clif-
gain, although most of the ac- fdrd Odets In which Menasha
tion is still behind the scenes. Skulnik-will make-his first ac-
No shows are scheduled to open tempt at a serious role after his
In. New York in August but re- great comic' success In "The
j"henSz9sa are getting under way Fifth Season"; "-The -Tenaer
-'4"1ows that will U cotning In Trap," a,4o bldv Shul-
o.r' man and pert Pal Smith i11
which C Mitchel ,will be
S.tna hly, twd Of the' shows starred; anoer edhiey, "Re,.
*mIch 1o into rehearsal in New clining Nude which wl be dl-
York thia month will not be ~een reeteb g Burtow( and a
on Broadway until 195. One of psychological melodrama, "A
these is the Producers Theater's House in the Coup~rry. .
production of Bernard Shaw's
SftlAt Joan" which stars Jean T u
Arthur with am Jaffe in a sup- A ssles M l0oo
Drting role. It will open in
1tifford, Conn., ont September ft pi
oceeding from there to a
tir -week tour covering twen -
cities. New Yorkers won't see MELBOURNE (UP) Tat.
SApril 2tooing is g out of fashion here,
AL Earths. Aits and buslHa was eVe better for
a th... .. the skillI tatoot ,,-
e other play't will go to Use oif new en me
eountrybel6 comiln tofor the paltiless reovarb tato
SOWy_ ra. PatSter has become so insla'po at two
h_ Mlbournli. Geran tatha. an h

AM. 6:00














P.M. 12:05

12: 0










:' 5:4

nik ave baeen' rises, briling out the tattoo pig-
gthe first half of ment. Witin a week or two the
wo seasons, no less skin heals and the tattoo is gone.
four musicals go Into re-
ir1al this month for early fall The physiotherapist declined to
5nings. One of these is "Fan- give his name on the ground of
adapted by Joshua Loga11 professional ethics. He explained
S. N. Behrman from three the anti-tattoo .rend with a terse,
Bach plays by Marcel Pagnol. "Men don't like them on women,
ords and music have ,been and women don't like them on
Itten by Harold Rome. Ezlo men."
iza is starred. Another is the
pival of the Rodgeri and Hart Many of the people who call to
atical, "On Your Toes" with have their tattoos removed shyly
ra Zorina resuming her orl- reveal that the "Gorgeous Grace"
6al role and Bobby Van taking or "Big Jim" have to come off
e part originally played by because the husband or wife, as
y Bolger. the case may be, wAnt no former
Imported Musical attachments around in tattoos.
Imported Musical
The physiotherapist blames A.
&n imported musical show merican servicemen, nearly 2,000,-
im England, "The Boy Friend." 000 of whom visited Australia dur-
satire on life In the Twenties, ing World War II, for Melbourne's
o goes Into rehearsal this tattooed w om e n. He classified
)nth as does an American- most of the designs on the women
ide musical called "Plain and as "American," explaining tattoo
rcy." styles run to different designs in
Also starting practice sessions different countries. Furthermore,
I month are "All Summer he added, mostof the women who
ng," a new play by Robert An- come to him were between 16 and
rson who made his debut as a 20 years old at the time the Yanks
kywright lait season with "Tei were here.

Se W ta i-Tida, th iunll ptrvkile
S~g *b lMuiht Aat mam cow couldn't pro-
her jwmugpt. A buaWry cal tes the chow being hed
WOWs aeil SBecher at a Miami, ha., dai._
--^ ^ \ ^ j if ; ., y >

Studios at
57, -sutree

# ,


-. -

*do dow Meod


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Musicisd, U.S. (VOA)

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Bhiebll Today

Mesidand, U.S.A. (VOA)


ELondoCTSiud A eCocr (BBC)






























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May Be Entering

A Golden Era

we pove sa t earktu i Pn d i ;Ma-aubsl feouded f
Schur music Sn the st r blo o- ". Md.
.No Aa G* ,b ~O s*,m h tta ~e- I sa e tea ~ W .
vive otut por of the groat g a- t uS .
which ha been neglected. e p arme and chant
otherseeks griter ece At U the ety,
for mases m mtsu and founded by Grman Cathoi im.
*eher comapesitions f a ods rin to n'r t
mon4radiimalhr er.n n it f c urch mrco l t.aed A
o m e % not aclude the secular influences, and some Pro
other; many instances a estant churche-also listened to
ot chiaster seeks to eated ita counsels. This movement was
tde aprecati of both traditon- only moderately successful how-
a I sa onmapora music in his ever.
entur, North A new erar la Catholic Church
n hurch made that musicA n the United States a n
in o, was infected with corn. other countries, opened in 19
pos ad styles which were when Pope Pius X issued hs "]o.
oft te or secular n spir- tu, Propro" decree. It td
it or erely over-entmental. A Gregrin ant and the poly-
n aeed t ls to elevate mua- phonic music of Palestrina as
cal taste, altugh much of the models, although it did not rule
unsuitable church music has been out other truly spiritual nm. fe
replaced by some truly sublime whether-ancient or modern. In
works. Prtunateliy, in the past 1914, leading chuta musmeianasn
4o year a rnaiance has been the Eastern seaboard founded the
under wa .which promises to Society-of St. Gregory ad began
raise ms at standards in this to publish a "Whit of ae-
centurto the highest level in U- cqptable mu and ea n 'd lack
ited Sta story. of unsuitable works. These tom ars h e .u wirthe dhw.%e d mna bei
IE are still used as guies in ma-b nae ewt b hut en a be d e sau wamd aL. Ii1
Church nm t was ntrodueed ny dioceses today. tw- bled aed wbutton. t lef t)ue
into what is obW the United Bs (e ae f e x tl Je aing I the het. Ad It right
States an ft e wh ierr1wtlew now late0alfled v s feet Iea. Cela b actually a iden bas aMne wear. All three delgms are by 3
Universities now intensified b fd
Spanish frmasIren lcxie their interest in liturgical mu-
brought e ass Into the te B GAILE DUGAS The fur blouson bhas been
ritory of New M a nd T p- ....NEW YORK (NEA)-Litte furs moving up steady In fashi6a
as, while at the same time A The Pius Tenth School of Litur. POy Problem favor. These are the small, sup-
m England brought gical Music, part of MInhattan with big, futures are setting a pie jackets handled like fabric
Stgi heeaster lle College of the Sacred Heart, BETHANY Conn. (UP) real fashion pace this fal and meant for wear over dresses
ny of Virginia. at, Putchase, New York, is the When BETHA N ois Edw Up y suits and simple, untrimmed
Whil th far Wst remained most famous institution of Its rn amuk and tangled up traffic Rainbow colors areypical of coats.They can be worn closed
lightly populated for more than kind under Cathoin c auspices. It state. police used their ingenuity. those small furs: pi mink for a look that's bloused at the
200 years, Europeans pf all reli. is a well-spring of music a n d They lssooed h pony with a onk beaver, .#oen fox an. hipline or they may be opened
gious beliefs were moving into the teachers; from 150,to 200 students hey ando pon w a tot b ermi. Ths m oxe ans hipline or they may be opened
eastern section,of the country dur- are eold n its summer e and him ack to the e ermine. is mea to look slim straight and boxy
ing the 17th Cntury. Throa est sions. onks from Solesmes have for year-roun w e a r on the They're given colors that make
the next Century these rs taught there. on them good company for co s.
were sopreoccupied with 'wrest Sacred music ,Is also taught at have Improved the quality of tumes: creamy nutria, charcoal
ng a living from the soil that vir the Palestrina Institute ift Chica. their ot ll gray mouton, silver-betge coney
tually no sacred music was creat- go and at the Gregorian Institute, A y revised hymnal pub- N t D l and sheared white muskrat.
ed in the United StCtes. founded five'or six years ago in shed by the Episcopalians in
The first Catholic Church mu- thq State of Ohio, where Solepmes 1940 is used by many choirs and Goat ISLAND, R.I-(UP)-..A A continuation of the bloused
sic printed in the United States monks will teach this year. In congregations of other Protestant batter in a baseball game between silhouette Is the waist-long b o-
appeared in Philadelphia in 1787 Washington, the Catholic Univer. churches. In compiling'it, half the sons of Navy personnel hit a long lero that gets easy blousing at
collection of litanies, vesper sity of America distributed hymns formerly used were reject- one that not only cleared the bases the back, then is fitted into a hip
hymns and anthems. However, throughout the country instruct. ed, a dozen classic hymns of the but also the field. The ball struck a band. Sleeves are bloused, to o.
down to 19506the Catholic Church, tions for teaching Gregorian chant Middle Ages were included and fire box, sounding an alarm. These bolatos look their best in
at least in the large cities, de- to children. several new hymns also were ac- the beige and brown furs.
Vended on Europe for its music. Catholic composers whose mu- cepted. In May 1953 a new Cathoe
Unfortunately, European church sic meets the standards set up by lie hymnal was published by the
music was then under theatrical the Motu Proprio include such Plus Tenth School, containing
and operatic influences. The Gre- contemporaries as the Rev. Rus. chants, hymns and polyphony or
gorian chant had been all but lost, sell WoUien of the Catholic Univer. the entire liturgical year. The de.
although the Benedictine monks sity of America, who writes mass- mand for this book has been ea-
at Soloesmes, France, were begin- es in a modern idiom; Theodore vy.
zing to rescue ani restore it Marier, who writes Gregorian mu.-
Dur the 19th Centary Prot- sic;' Richard K. Biggs, Joseph J. While both Protestant and
esants .North American pro- McGrath and J. Vincent Higgin. Cat", c Church music has evaok-
duced suitable to-a "new son, who composes under the ed eriticlsm in the pasi few
way of tson the New World. names Cyr dq Braidt. years, maiucal authordtles have
Some of these were of notable As musical tastes have improv- also voiced optimism.
quality, particularly the creations ed, so has the quality of choral '
of Oliver Wendell Holmes,.phil0-music. With few the The.. Rev
Sopher and sesaslst John Green- ,u dL. Nr

S....' Ae. h, ,S. 'the ever-increasing -requ
Sa another m of Scanchir i perha that of the ed at the progress made e rearranged and dded t its fl
.Stl another form of religious Episcopal Church at the Wash. past 20 year. Mis Margaret Led rearranged a ed to its ig
music emerged in the I D Cen- ingtoa Cathedral in the nation al, assistantprofessor of music. lI;A n fas a
tury. The spiritualss" were crea capital at the PusTenth School listedclients of fster and more comp
tons of the American Negro, al- is gfoup of 20 men and 30 specific advances by the Catholic
though some of them may have boys sings throughout the week. Church since the Motu Proprio September 8, 1954.
been derived from songs sung by The boys. hold scholarships in the appeared,
the white race. At any rate, these choir -schopl of the Cath d r a I
hymns are dignified and deeply Church of Saints Peter and Paul. Theteaching of music in United
moving, both n words and melo- The Episcopal Church, which States seminaries has been made MONDAY FL
dy. From Negro spirituals the has always maintained hi h more systematic. Elementary and ONDA
Czech composer Anton Dvor.ak standards of music, is among the secondary schools, musical con- FLIGHT No. 1 Lea
drew melodies which he used in leaders in replacing the more or- ventions and "workshops" have Arr
his "New World Symphony." The namental works of the last centu- been inculcating higher musical Leave Tocumen 8:00 AM. Lea
spirituals have never enjoyed ry with some excellent music. standards, Leave Tocumn ............:00 A.Arr
widespread use in United States This church draws on Palestrina Many dioceses now have their Arrive David ................ 9:30 A.M. Ar
churches, partly because white Mozart, Bach, Handel and own music commissions' which Leave David ..................10:00 A.M. Lea
persons cannot sing them too well. Schuetz, among other great see that only liturgically correct Arrive Armuelles ..........10:20 A.M. Arri
On the other hand, they have be- names, and on such contempora- music is used.
come familiar to all through per- ry Americans as Leo Sowerby, Such efforts as these must yield Leave Armuellesa ..........10:40 A.M. ,/
formances in concert halls and Everett Titcomb and C har le s much fruit in. the next few dec- Arrive David ...............11:00 A.M.
on radib and television. Dickinson. Sowerby, an organist ades. They serve constantly to Leave David ..................11:30 A.M. FLI
Daring the past century the in Chicago, won a Pulitzer Prize perfect and purify the melodies Arrive Tocumen 1:00 P.M .
post important center of Catho- in 1946. with which a nation worships its Toc """"" PM Lea
as Church music in the United Protestant sad Catholics alike God. Arri


... you sell English-
speaking people using

Over 100,000 of
the people in the
Panama Canal Zone
area speak English! I
And, that ain't

I s 3n- imagmag~t~ rLoi etlekt~l

Leave Tocumen ........... 8:00
Arrive Colon ............... 8:20
Leave Colon ............... 8:50
Arrive Bocas ................10:00
Leave Bocas ................10:30
Arrive Changuinola ......10:40
Leave Changuiola .......11:10
Arrive Armuelles ..........11:55
Leave Armuelles .............12:15
Arrive David ................12:35
Leave David ............... 1:15
Arrive Changuinola ...... ;:00
Leave Changuinola ...... 2:30
Arrive David ................ 3:15
Leave David ............. 4:30
Arrive Tocurnen ........... 6:00

Leave Tocumen ......... 8:00
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Arrive Changuinola ......11:30
Leave Changuinola ......12:15
Arrive Boca ...................12:25
Leave Bocas ................ 1:00
Arrive Colon ................ 2:10
Lave Colon .............. 2:30
Arrive' Tocumen ....... 2:50




espleti hooked fa perfect
for both daytime and evealag
eynard of New lerk.

The fur stole continues to be
a favorite for both day and
evening. A single skin N o r w e.
gian blue fix stole can be worn
six different ways, A pd the
three and four-tier stoles' a n d
capes are just as versatile. Many
of these are in the long-haired
furs, white fox, Norwegian blue
fox and black.-dyed mink.





ests f or- '. M
ht schedules to exceed a demands and assure our
lete service. This schedule is effective Wednesday,

ve Tocumen ............ 8:00
ive Changuinola ...... 9:30
ve Changuinola ......10:00
Ive David ................10:45
ve David ................11:15
ive Tocumen ............12:45
ve Tocumen ......... 8:00
ve David ............. 9:30
ve David ..................10:00
ve Tocumen ..........11:30



Tocumen ......... 8:00
Colon ............. 8:20
Colon ............. 8:50
Bocas ..............10:00
Bocas ..............10:30
Changuinola ......10:40
Changuinola ......11 :f0
Armuelles ..........11:55
Armuelles ..........12:15
David ..............12:35
David ............. 1:15
Changuinola ...... 2:00
Changuinola ...... 2:30
David ............. 3:15
David ............. 4:30
Tocumen ......... 6:00

Leave Tocumen ......... 8:00
Arrive David ............. 9:30
Leave David ................10:00
Arrive Armuelles ..........10:20
Leave Arrnuelles ..........10:45
Arrive Changuinola ......11:30
Leave Changuinola ........12:15
Arrive Bocas ................12:25
Leave Boca ................ 1:00
Arrive Colon ............. 2:10
Leave Colon ............. 2:30
Arrive Tocumen ......... 2:50







Tocumen ............ 8:00
Changuinola ...... 9:30
Changulnola .....10:00
David .............10:45
David ................11:1S
Tocumen ............12:45

Leave Tocumen ......... 8:00
Arrive David ................ 9:30
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Leave Tocumen ............ 8:00
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Arrive Changuinola ...... 2:00
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Arrive David ....*........... 3:15
Leaye David .............. 4:30
Arrive Tocumen ........... 6:00

Leave Tocu(nen ......... 8:00 A..
Arrive David ................ 9: 3 A.M.
Leave David .... .... 10:00 A.M.
Arrive Tocumen ............11:30 A.M.

Boquete is served by the airport at David You'I
enjoy the scenic 40 minute ride over a fine highway.






," ,I .. 1 .





UpW 5'.


,. r ,' '

.4 ,.. .

htane Larport

Ito ixtra Room



Rle0 i l ummer reom for a small boase in a new suahb
W e from the earpert. Aluminsm mOrWEns and modest
wiod at roll-u porch sae make the 11 bI 10-1owt area
acootm, u rodwtable. The aadoledset rays to keep th
rom.ogew, miand they arq msdly7 a4lUtd to provide IpiIVacy
'. at all thnm"
J Pulling an extra room out of a and safe pl.y space for young-
t, so to speak, is the sort of sters. But screens alone don t
gi that most home a k e r s provide the privacy wanted. And
Sld like to perform, especially the summer sun flooding the area
S have a brand-new home in built up uncomfortably hot tern-
and new subdivision. Word peratures.
w uound, and first thing you, Next step (and recently comr-
friends and reliives are plated was the addition of roll.
a ut to visit, to stay for up porch shades. These shades,
rsahd to chat long into the made of sliced basswood slats
Swoven together with a strong g
tebh to the hospitality is tine, are finished in a natural
ftIma, ,re snuggled up to- wood tone....
r m and th privacy for out. Easily Installed, the shades
r lvinj and entertaining that book to brackets i rewed to the
es and shrubs may some day beam along the carpi t., oof.
trd is nonexistent. line. This
.was the dilemma young Made for run t e trum
mine faced when they are treated a-g i ildew apare
f a cjty apartment to and finishes are weatherproof so sar
5.small home in a sub- that they can be rolled -u p in posir-. same,
S Chicago, What they tion for the winter. Or they can to Be
a screened-n porch be taken don down for storage to pro- plaid
family and their guests tect them from dust and dirt. BY ALIC
all the fresh country Shades are rolled up or down NEA
ithe mosquitoes and according to the demands for
privacy from the in- shade qr privacy. By deflecting The college
ast if neighbors and the rays of tlMu 1 r na4 mi her ward
Sat ,h- stays cooler. By tbuTt riTz-. -
..J Iau..t. 1.. ea. binw. thrnuh slats but uri- l- i

tbook r. n tsifor dll
Ss rt ar A card table with a cheerful ta-
eco weather bleqloth preads the buet$ sup-
the man of he house aim- per. .. *.
Meak the section facing the A woven wood basket filled
Kifld Into the shelter goes with pots of pink and white #era-
lly car. 'niums and leafy rose geraniums
id weather, this serves as '-1 a garden touch to the set-
comfortable extra room ting.

o Picnic At Home Is
S Labor Day Adventure

. <
'-- ..

p '-


W. "

Accessories Scho0 l budget i

1on4. ]jrm Spark Ciom

young co-ead h assdded aw interest to her wardrobe for a leads a double life at ma Oe Ai
phan return to the campus. Her handinadi ra6 i belt I with gltter buttoiW aH uatd W
cd with bright fr e h ung a ily-colored buttons (left). Th gloves are trimmed to matchP.
round buttons trim ner para o a'To l Iv. e a ted at' ok glamour p nexpelve lteh
muda shorts (center), she trlqp a smile eardi46n wit1 elan cod ftN btten at
ribbon Saished with bag buttou.. A LaU hl pfiiculkex iuC J a irobu e emas laxto
CIA HART how important it is to own clever On rainy campus days a litti
Beauty Editor accessory But, vepy often, these button-an.-trim cheer will bright
wardrobe-stretdhet dre at expen- en up youth day is well as you
ge girl who's prepar- sive as they are interesting.. rainwear. A paMasol decorated a
drobe for school knows With purchase of a few ba si round the edge with various size
items', an assortment of button, buttons to math or harmonicz

eding and
luems t ke certain her
eyes do no suffer for it.
For the results of eyestrain are
many. And! soon.little fine lines
will appear under tie eyes. When
these lines are sttoQgly visible,
it's time for a few horte treat-
Take a compass of cotton,
dampen it in cold water and
sprinkle it wit.. eye lotion. L i e
down for 'IS minutes with the
compresses over your eyes. Do
this every day .until you.- notice
a marked improvement,
Bags and puns uuiier the eyes
may be due to tension or inade-
quate sleep. To .remove these,
try this. To p quart of hot Water,
add two- tablespoons of s a 1t.
Squeeze out the excess water,
then place the pads ever the eyes
and puffs. Pressing gently on the
puffs, tap lightly back and. forth
wfth the finger .ips. .As soon as
the bads cool, saturate them with
the hot salt Watet again.
When finished, wash your eyes
with eye lotion and apply eye
cream. Remember, always .use
light touches when working
arpuid the yes.- If- the puffs
dd't yield .to .yoite.hbme treat-
ments, consult your Aoctor to de-
terminte their cause.
Meanwhile, to detract from the
puffs while you're trying to cor-
rect them. use eyebrow pencil
and eyeshadow so that attention
will be focused above the puffs.



. yu ewumgkit, plus a little ima- with it color la a oretty accent to when roa prounuu,
nation. you can create high style a suit or raincoat, you'll need a smart evening bag
ior a few pennies. Your raincoat can take on a or nrakesup repairs durm an
' For iotanoe, the ll-impotant new k.oA plain belt trim- evening of- dane l r g and fun.
sweater couectorr 0Os1' br a l- w ihi buttons .a .a d our
'itew when you add* ribbob tu im.
After you've tacked it to tle neck. api

lorsthatliitch tlf iyu T tt v =Ilbox u
awna pair of clan plaid ermu- wore at last yea's ouly a
da shorts, trim at least die sweat- needn't be tossed aside this fall Ask the best-dressed girt on
er with cla plaid -ribbop.. Whn after-.serving y6u so loyally. A twe campus for the .y to. her
worn with sorts or your favorite ring of litter buttons sewn around w. trobe success. Bb'll tell you
Sskirt,.ot ribboned, a to of tV'hb t gives it a dres- it's; ie acessories he'i made
rie skaters will rivall o loo. h et that rounded out a well-
expensive in class or theater'dates in town, the planned wardrobe at a tiny cost.

'Move Chore o Sunn Outdoor3s
NEA Staff Writer
Take your cumbersome home-.
making chores outdoor if you
want to savor every minute of
lovely late summer weather with-
out falling behind in housework.
Some chores which are tedious or
messy indoors (scrubbing shower
curtains, fiber rugs, polishing sil-
ver or brass, cleaning l amp
shades, to mention a few) are ea-
sy and fun to do outdoors. .
My back yard work room equip-.
rment consists of two saw-horses O
topped by a plywood plank, The '

S ',

Baby will start laughing po u t
S[ /loud when he's about four months
J au4/o dU old. He is notice 1 people at this
time and respond more- and
more to them. At i time, he
12 q p dlisn't much affected by seeing
afa strange faces, being in strange
GUENN FAMILT f DtVMuport, Iowa. loya pleale right n places, or being left alone in 'a
Ilr own ba yard on the banks of the Md ppi ver. THE teenager can do most room. But, by the time he is five
anything to. beautify her h air or six months old he will be quite

can add extra sheen and sparkle 'a'nly, that ^e recogmzes a.
Banks of the Mississippi i 3 to 5 inches from glowing coals, by daily brushing. friends. From then on, he'll show
Davenport, la. Dr. and allowing about 25 minutes for a About the only thing she can't a lively interest in other h-
mn live with their six ehil. I medium steak and tu-ning once. a and should not do with her hair dren. He may act auspicious of
ey have given us sugges- Do not use additional salt. is to cut it herself. Because of!strange adults, or even -of per-
r a Labor -Day-at.Homet To make sandwiches. cut long, the current hair trends, many sons he knows but has not seen
the kind they and their loaves of French bread engthwise teen-agers have taken to cutting recently. This shy period is often
ve. into halves. Spread cut surfaces their hair whenever they please, over before the end of the first
ay not be able o watch with softened butter or brush with There's a good deal more in- year.
us vp and down the river melted garlic butter. Cut grilled evolved than just backing away --e
e Glenns can but we' steak across the grain into thin with scissors. Having Baby in another room
Semenjoy a get-togetler slices and place on bottom halves i First of all, even with a rear- has the advan that he's Tess
y and friends around a of bread loaves. Cover with bre-d' mirror view, you can't possibly likely to demand attention whe
ast or a steak broil in Itos. Cut crosswise on a slant into see all yo are doing when you're he wakes up before you do in1
baek yard.' idtvidual portions about 3 Inches cutting the back of your hair. the morning than If you are close
aen say. one of their, thick, If preferred, use soft frank. And even the teen-ager who's at hand. f you have only one'
plenc meals is roasted further rolls in place of crusty had practice in cutting her own bedroom, it sometimes works ut
ter, which the older chil- I French bread. hair doesn't have the professional well to put Bab" thren to sleep
p prepare, battered buns.i knowledge of thinning and trim- for the iveaWlTh beforwyoi
Siced ad yellow .Cheeseburgers mng the hair. go to bed, air the living room
sneI carrt ...cks To have a good-looking coif- thoroughly and tove thi v r it
and aald For 4 cheeseburgers, mix togeth- fure, your hair must be well-cut there for the t. Ma Its
Deert e r pond round b .i and well-shaped. Since you prob I genty won't Mbt ~U .-es
-AM Ada B l salS. r tWiak n ably s -.hamr oo e; your ahair sound asleep.
t .11bolol-owIt bons,,irwou .t be too. ex- :
Ste ad teaspo r- agant of you to save your
ldd fruit jk.s ma ew ateha. ldi a allowance for that trip to the Baby is one of the stauni4est
Iay p. -- a-Bt tlto Plat. beauty parlor. rituaits toin ml. EH way
SMa ria isa p I youer hair is short, you'll o life. toedaatW s M6
.ealcad iattmle:.0 erl o d to have it shaped at least sleeping r ern me, 5ar T fi
-pS i-t e traM m. and chpin ocl e a month If you hair ir importance to him. whe. U're
fat aand dla Mal r tlM r all r over long, you should have it trimmed staying overnight in a
to prevent doneness, n e very other month In an case, pla, e sure that you hmare
w Joth. Jon't wait until your hair is eluded Babx'LY tllje
:J._ ttt ai for ataggly ad completely out of, toy in ylr w.
11'.. Let r1400We l0 11. s r_ r '.. returning to your keep the at
'Ib 2 1amW bim t Wno harresser Lavorir'3s503sO 1 ans.

G1vta Cd shower curtain a t perouOa wwasi Is a mse job in-
!doos. but it's a pleasant thore outsidee where splatters sad
splashes fr peaop aad upoge den't matter.

hose is always handy, and a buck. aay day to dunk her washable'
at of warm water and suds drawn di shades.
from an indoor tpp won't cool off (be says she has her best Juck
quickly in the sun. washing them in the laundry tab,
With an oot1 ors to splatter thpu whisks them outdoors onto a
in, ce ings th e soap sm ai4d' blanket of bath towels spead on
mineral deposits from shower the grass. Hot air dried them taut
eartamlas s a inch. and in a hurry, reducing the dan-
BlaUket the plywood lank (any gr of rust spots and puckered
old table-*wilt do) wit newap seams.
pers, tbep pread the shower cur. Although the laundering instruc-
ftam on top. Armed with a bucket tions for some of the man-made
of good thick suds, a sponge asd fiber curtains suggest hanging
a. bshr for stubborn spots along the curtains back on the window
the hemline and around the groem rod to dry, I smooth my glass
riets, acrbi both sides clean, i ins doubled over the
'the toss tbe certain over cin m the shade. Don't use
elothblinand hose of lingerbig clothespins.
suds. Smoot out the curtain .- tearta r ucs y and
vealy nd pe 1 the dripping It gives me a '- exscse to
lwiste with a clean absortbnt stay oatdoers, mO N g wiTO-
cloth. If you waqt to dry it rapid. iles ad flger-rtoeg Ms.
Ny. SItin in the shad the ol
SIidentsily. if you've invested elm e listening te y
j a ft pttemned vinyl shower smog the katydi and smen
l gn today are the sweet scen ilate- bloomnI
.the parkthe dr puts you k proper re-
'f.t a fon). h 's a trick IIt mood for a atstatng I-

Enough To Enjoy. Family

yoe' hah only 124 hours tA llve?"
Perhaps it It a foolish question,
but when a national magazine re-
cently asked its woman readers
what they would do, almost all of
the published answers :expressed
the same wish.
They would spend the time with
their families, much like any other
day, but with this exception. They
would try to make the day seem
gay and leisurely..
Perhaps, that is a wish of most
wives and mothers. That the time
they spend with their families
could be lived at a nt re leisurely
pace and that there was more
light-hearted lau g h ter among
members of the family.
If that is your wish, are you do-
ing anything about it?
Have you cut out all the unre-
warding outside activities that you
took on when you had more time
but which now make you feel
rushed and pushed?
Have you cultivated the habit of
really relaxing when you have
few free minutes.
Snme women can't sit down
S-'i- tfhat there's dust
on the piano or listen through to
.-* e.u of a child's recited conf--
.denoe without telling him his face

Cab you laugh, at small annoy-
ances, or at least accept them
Do you stop your work 'for a
minute to watch a bird or look at
a sunset or'notite the pattern of
shadows, and: hare the moment's
beauty with any member of tW M
family who is nearby?
Do you usually remember that
it is more important to listen to
what your children want to tell
you than to rush through the job
you are doing while you merely
pretend to listen?
In short, if you really wish that
you had more time to enjoy each
day with your family, are you do-
ing anything to slow down each
day enough to enjoy it?

Curly Chimp
PORTLAND, Me.--(UP)-Cindy
Lee, two year ol' chimpanee
owned by a schoolteacher, Mrs.
Alita Wescott. has a. weakness for
shampoc. and home permanent.
The pet "sits patiently through the
proceedings and rushes t ,mig
ror when the curlers are removed,'
she said.


HkMhr '.

* A


j -*-.T -r- .'M.

PrW .1 '-- "i" -"* .'* u .^' iljIJ 1.. "" ^

- -.1

" "f "- ,*p e *'4




. .'....

.,, drs, : d a.col t

-r -- .,
....... o oo. lt-. r o o m e d .. .

TJ'P3 .eAsiest wu career girl day typg and taking ditatble
can go from 0 offtee o date and will n that S. d crean d I1
loo'k well-groou la to keep a oothihsg p tired hands..
desk drawer reserved for essen- How many times have yoe left
tial copmeates. the office with a broken nall or
Thqen, .with a few .roinor isake- frshly chipped nail polish? bsat'Is
up repairs after office hours you why it's 94ae to have a 'mall
can feel refreshed and ..cowdqzt manicure- kt, on hand for. such
Your ftiice groomim supplies Just before you leave the offic,
should include quid cl answer to remove old nail polish from both
Remove old make-up. ftcial tis- bands with bricant polla re-
sues,- foundation, powder, rouge, mover. Then file nails to as
lipstick. and eye make-up. oval shape with an emery board,
You'llW ,need a small clothes working from side to center.
Sampus pl M w 'hen trismmd brush, too, to brush your should- Then apply nail base in a tip
vi e paperr right). Black en after e bombing your hair. A coat with lght, quick strokes.
P rop datus our op-e# adds sma bottle of your favorite per. Follow this wih two cota. of
by Iropt with round fume Aar cologne also belongs In nail polite, avoiding 'Pes au re
news the key the dawr. when'stroktn It on, as this
e same little illbox can look dif-
- Just add wite. silky n
r fringe to the gHtter buttons. This
- ctalbe. ,done in no time at all, for :n L'
d the fringe is te but-
ie tnons in t atl f o r ew For al._sl nil p h.nnds.
e t'Msa -11. .." As.n e nFornl laDnineos Slow Down




yT -~


&...V .w ininranui w IE



- I, -.

134, Pana.' i,

Box 5037,

. ~ .-i L P4.,,1 J 7 e ; i 6 pe .iy o J.x e.2 4 ... lc"ou
J t4/ m cs i l.f. a P "a... 2.07.40 v 2-V7o1 hIwE 8:30 am 10 am4. 1 ,

l er e

AScadron Children
7 Return from Califprnala
Ql 0la .AriaJ i de tAaJ Master Richard and Miss Nan-
cy Sue Scadron, children of Dr.
and Mrs. Norman J. Scadro, of
.9 'Panama, have Just returned
from an extended vacation In
Los Angeles, California.
SIAWC Committee For Malambe
C n In.- At a meeting of the Malambo
a.. .* Orphanage Committee of the In.
Ster Amnecan Woman' Club held
A, on Friday at the hbole of 1M.
Cecilia Arias, It was decided to
give a big benefit at the Central
Theater on Sept. 38 to raise
funds for the orphanage.
of The benefit will take.the form
of a movie supplemented bY a
floor show. Ticket* at .$ are on
sale .

Cov ered
Defies Prop

RIFTON, N. Y. (U) ..-Two
thousand tons of .supor4iighway
have taken a detour becaats o
M rickety covered bridge, too West
.even to walk on.
The covered bridge, more than
100 years old. was to be tor own
for the NXEW York Thrway But
,.,,l -the people f Riftonl protested loI
S- They had a soft spot for the olid
covered bridge, though It had no'
beei used for seven years--1n41
.the Thruway authority gave in.
n They moved their highway 100 feet.
Today, two bridges spas th e
Walikill Riber a stone's throw
apart-the gleaming steel aft le
"three-span, cantilever, peltia d
er stri ger type" Thruway bridge,
rI0 in eand the old etrden out .
Cbarmhige In the role of hostess on Friday evening aer intodthid ge- ia
Dofha Olga Aruias d Arias graciously performed the role Perrine's covewnd brige o is te
Of Aceting First Lady when hundreds of friends called to third oldest eI New Yotk, and o
A raes A their good wishes to her husband,e hlar do Arias o left n the state. the
pinolsa. who had been sworn n to serve as anmas roof ist here bridge to keep hee t

SEspiosa rias, at whose suburban home, La Loma, the The bridge sags badly and was
family resides Also on hand for the festivities werethe closed in 1947.
Actinh President's young son, Ricardo Alberto, age 15, and
two daughters. O gultna 12, and Ans Teresa, nine. This has meant a problem for
Before her marriage, the Acting First Lady was Olga the Ulster County Board of Super-
Arias Aea enp. She tended St. Joseph's School in visorsm They need $0,000 fix the
Pan ama City, and Later went to Cillfornis where she was bridge, but they cannot ue state
a student at the Holy Name olee n a highway funds, since it no long
st u tahe Bormd s o cth erpat ofa b gh
Maud Pacetti Will how school and onvttion Of the wN. that the re hs been
Water Color At USOhJWE eDance Maste rs ot America In spared. th6 county feels obligated
ay Mrs. nld at the RoevltHotel repair It. it had not ye
a Oaot, willa w nts a s or ci.e Texten tet o made an appropriaton
Ma dlpcett i vit lon ttis eve-New York C ity Meanwhile, the bridge still
l thel aust th e O f tBlbeoa i t Istande-a sight for te minlitons
ner the auspice, ofh lena 1'11 Gboet' Ohid On Display who 1 SWM isthema f Thruway.
M. poettstudied oil pint At IO-JW Blbo l
IMin Norfolk, Virginial will To he Canal Zone Oerhid Soc
Mi Olenna Lati more. For i Forces eir a teUSO-JW -

Nel .rooke r Mayhew. in oil lanto, ri known also as the epi-bA
p a nus o etmchin Tandwit to teriahelate, or dove orchid.LEd
Voill a w..eforke als wtc ls In early days In Central Aier-
She b wnrkerd I1n wt Augustne lica, the Indian. regarded the
tlo reWae wa-ho p. at 'peristerla elata with such raver-

Dncling In Badboa Is apendlng Mr. Juan Blauyand son. of Pan- Arriv
rs actti has exhibited sev- enbo,that the only place Bal-
Stimes on the Isthmus. Heraed enough for the sacred flower
water colors w ill remain ane tohe-wa before the altar of theI Gil will reoptn B n; Miss Owergin Petteanry Todember The ave

g ar teGlley through pt lower Ins known an Mrs the Ho- iiaton e Ghost" orchid. The center of
A cordial invitaSCHOOL OF DANCING blossom b
d tomilitary personnel nu eopena striking resemblance to a ,Si.- I
their families an the puTEMlic f aure dove with outstretLacd S
the Canal Zone and Panama tOwings. This orichic was, in 136
visit the art gallery at the U60, adopted as the national flower RELA
JW which is i open daily from .of Panama.
:00 a.m. to 10 pm.ALBOA
For several days, the blosso-
Panama Golf Club In plant will be on exhibt at BeginniqgSepter
Announces Tet Tuesday the U&O-JWB Center.
The Board of Governors of theghout the w
Panama olf Club takes e ie Members o th Canal and hstella eq LACTO ip
in announcing that card gan.B Orchid Society extend a cordial,
will be held at the club ev'rv Invitation to the public of the..
Tuesday from 2 p.m on, for the Canal Zone and of Panama and zUela, Panama an
wives of members. Tea will be to the members of the Armed
served at 5 p.m. Forces and their families to at-'
Ig Wie-- tend the exhibit.
VIAS JamaIca .Guests at Panamonie
Dores. Waltes. who operate:I Latest arrivals at the Pans- I Leaves
the Dorese Waltes School ofmonte- Inn, Boquete. include-
Diacing in Balboa, is spendingi'Mr. Juan Blau and son, of Pan-! Arrives
the week-end in Kipton, Ja-&ama; Mr. John J. Silva. of Bal- Leaves
malca. boa; Mr. Reed Mcllvaine, of Bal-
MAO will retuii 'bY Diane to-iboa; Miss Mary E. Walters, ofi Arrives
morrow night, and *ill reopen Balboa; Miss Owen PetitJean. 6r. Leaves
hbr dancing5 4.2oo00 on Tuday. [Balboa; Mr. Oeorg Erharda, AfI
garlier in the bmnmet, Mrs. [Panama and Cant. and Mrs. W Arrives

-r ad -e y wth LATOGIN,

S.he oil mott shimilr t9 Mothers' milk.
\ lTMg Vh b iii nalN and

: __eby_

A q Lor call LA

Social and Otherw'se



international Air Transport Asseciation


mber 16th LA V will operate with "Con-

ment its weekly flight between Vene-

nd Peru, with the following schedule:



09:00 a.m.
12:30 p.m.

09:00 a.m.
02:00 p.m.

0OYoD RoS.
V -ffw TelpphIe 2-40M sad 24403

4 *~




A -

4. [-



tr..s to ,ah de b s a1 ,
like a nwo\ocho s male, eef o. bea .. e' .""th '
,M afoett.
Smknowin ot_ r A.iovewhelping b of the *

y DORTIA LA NO eN treated and t caip- e th eis ta .
la ~ap) adia h In

nationa 0l4 n-- > at em a b *v.
knowing what to buy 5g overahten b tbe of theB,, 0.-4 S moot

o season; but ti: rel Aerica rp .a its

they taste ood, and mak tt Mrs. er- O to hey might r
Alegre Smt dphasro. s1 tru-th .iprigg.fedo N ATO

pre-Colomi n rset Is te a of thi t e erown oest milk) oad tre
apt e, wsth eWr ,depth- the plant toim* auy .iow- t us ugo one a hd In tkeeforn 3 m
th Artional value fthe hered., rTemPor (this the
*nd l trb In a ford. st l stu ,-tilr Wh i- t ';- .. io; Br
vgetabl pn fruIt IIt'sqited lnk y t if they thsne beautiful f o l

amaernl an rt hem be- t d y ome nthatritic ous. into n o t
They taste good, and make temple msi r en t they might oc
feel good, toe ut the fi- havie thi roubl so d -andl YO td oCrooto. d lyr eoot

ampless which wa darib tate lont. t a ,l ma W" toh as uInm the m ly frrhmm t
that potst &,. b 0;;s f thn extondv stud troptlo thaov' ,Son e ftawou y. haveu
and miralP thfe de ay the .i, f hgo has ;mi CO enia io r ow-t iotow); yo r
is todyd ofmay of .4dfor jado
nr-ikanoftitanF Two r, ine oenuce O Ts (buy only the Ao quoen Cel0 ,t
adred yea -n Mbore vlthis n ad r like ca]- hune ad o.sand led te

different asl better to I a "
as one ot e reo That i e of thte
he Ae of o arned t Mu, who t
nd thdat eth re r oamany, vne of thie hOonethe o

other de alo l and hmu. a a-ts
iS'S and s.y 4

^ ',VWbles stillW.eaforul, d dy se oth. y, wh h .
telt tt t, lae am i ,

s ad lke is m- eea only V.t UARrT
,- ,e itwasa s deleu as ew aon.-r r FICAROS _QUARTET
reraron we hs r foods. The aurnnt I w-
sThe an3sae gar some- ionev bebtt( pIk W( p le,
diffearet hanin bettorto- ___U____r.r t p ,

inrs one et ra ons are That os eofl the we've m ith it all
alt to. trn Iea n stone-ap soup Colum th...t your family or feds for te, .
arketit's quite k ym'I toned, for I use l eal hour a inner, arid enjoy the evening.
helped int buy poll- usually m bted ars.. wth
unre fruiteft o miry wll sa t wE NEVER rCLOSE
ust tha t teo se. k in P nm City. T he

thereon, I think, dat muf PanaU s mL ,-
Splnt like dn ut t otheri i SUM w
dscotern tropics. only to N a e an d
ftop t off, suly eo b- ro al. p o l ... J n .Heileba. mte, w Ii B
ed thig sa e that ea I atra : v ae tm 7

t )NhREGAION mOL deinot an o r.

Members are requested to attend a general moeet-
Swhich will be held at the onunt Hall (Cuba AR QUARTET
tenue & 36th. St.) on Tueday, september 7th., rt
p.m., to elect a n -w board. Al mmber are urigd
--tte totd-- i fil ie th
Slaip &if the.m fi t no i,

)nG .ruit NOLsHEary. I.ISLt.W,*EVER
o, toiehect itewsoa tAllr emar$apeu

,E .


- 'a

' Y- I rrrrrrr~s~rlr~


---- --7 --- -~~. ~ ~~~--~--------- .-- -- __ __ I


t I

' L i
* -. .' -"


your bir wilrb sunshine biqht!
els.Nw Newte siohe.fat

_ __

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,I *~." ~ .'.

-% .- I T
i -/ ;,. .
-;.T P,, "i-in y rty -f "., '. "" "l""'-* *. ....*.-- '
4.uiininmi"'*-.*r mii


.TWO P...arlmamanM
WAGIONGTON, Sept. 4 (USIS visual Communications (AL- livia and Miss Kugenia Oug ;
l: UR GE lt l ''FFIh TsT 57H SITLTs PANAMA The community spirt of tht AVI The charter embers areilez o Perhn. .c ..
fti a -dgal .A it &5 A o people of the United States; i lolivia_ Brazil. Chie e.Costa Rca en h returns to lioIih I a
P I A nr e A a A TO NDO Latin American trainee e A uba. Ecuador, El Salvador Ha- Beltran will rejoin the ador Hal

*^q||l: ,.. ... .,+ do a JAAI *T or hp 1fod \nm Merlon who In on th ta ofm *
: 1o14 ceC A v lieves, hold the secret of thel. Panama, Parqguay Peru and tural ervlce conducted olntl '
: *ti to ri4J great progress and well-being. Jrutuay. by ,OA and his ovelnle.
lCM LI I D'FA U VACN-L3-DIS In an interview here, Jaime The organization is interested Talavera will u in el-ri.
SI. l ",. -lsire L 'sse I' T o1 !S "Padill of Panama, said: "I have in developing the use of audio- te audio-visual unit of sa b .
B- C t.-il"ls.l .. "HOUSnROLD IXCRANG attended severAl town meetings visual and mass cortimunleation viclo Interamericano de CoaoSp
SF u Apfer 194AvNo41 fin, tl 1United State an each stem to increase the effective- racon Agricola in Panama. -

Mf^ 5 6th ,,* thCE Clin C in t T. W Ie *. nVi ve" lKo. pared Ste and. hot mes .^. and BIach '
-.. l flndg way out of their proS-ems. Latin America engg ed i cong- too in the ublicatol
0 ".Thfey do not sit back and wait mlc and social deVeloo tn pro-tofthe Minit r? bTranr.
.....____________ "T-or hope for aid from the outside. grams. Mron, who is on the sff of

.., d ti, is the one great lesson, oa-r Beltran w named presi dentthe aervsch io Teoind t of ntriP .1
b..-. .AI part from the techn.leal knoow8- of ALCAV and Talavera, a eacan.- no o l de Cooperac ci e

....__ A br S atake away Hfrom te UnitedF along with Alberto Tardlo of Bo'S- d ala dt P au
B F O S"ALE,-Ta1948 Chevrolet cn FOR- IALIa a w d hll lSiin l Stet
Boho.odS. ates.e C o. d" .

Pale be. S K B ow us- B be SantoA yu a h o, alFo foP thsrt dmmo* lipr le edbtr

M' -1 D i..___. ,^ --. 0 FR-ir.l .Eubbdro 'pcen a. p Fredn Oerant w lolr-
,fe--eior- aIs 2t F ommu nlity spirit, recilU show
L 11 bb-i- a, any Bla ---m d

Iie 4 n ndsft iof LOW fi ConwwI br or 'n wofst YeCor c fb"--_ pi thel N h u n essee, m aed theirero r lasl t
g. trh'. come e July2togre b eC eo nl wa Tel, 'Jl ethro h coPueldn o .th
--FOR-.d SALE:u -- ".Cbl cogo" Res ltaur nto6 4 rate ior n4-567. _o le oth
i nd Bair, e xcellent d bushes. Inquire *rote- I d A -b e r rean i t
2, S a p aom e. a olon.A b AeN t r c gricultueralle extension tothe
d .FR SALE SAL"r.Pion rgood c b R eondAe ition;a o HO ry E taeques. uo

E Dc Hydramat ic. 20B oered, c0 A r Pa r 8t, l bs.ree N o. 2 n I las nts lngel tlvert aomos fn e a Pao th iNna aT hnad
-n r, t c.4-burner gas stove. Hou 7040. e rfHd Il LuuTr3 tlh gl tiy ya

4thA Street Colon, Bans Fort oe Bel V
"ol-ck. DOICLUBHOU Go reM. Aply Ponamusica, Pac I to se r sd t an fo t

ass$ by Idfl~ FOR SALEt :n Baaldwe Somert FORe Zub a: E-Moder f-3337. form prt woth a larver gro -
Rye lrR te 0 U L e, Iqa e their, land from rFO N be oo p rtm
': 0.eo Rivihera Bu -8e. Bids will be received by the Cocoll Caile Mo he riin. Tel.- Pan. -0 to r CAS 'tion" he sai. u

3 jeI .vli 6 ., -V* n i l r c iE o cn c l 7 p 1 6f 2 .0 0 83i *. po d p a w Ith e lj, ii k o r i u ti -0 p 1 6 t r a t ow a n d-l ^ fro m -.m n t n g-

Pot. CBruebel .y k-^.fl. mo Wxd<50il'e frot e.. nf nm wed and grag. a"h Wod, 'avt per, Btkn losn," heti .e us Thped m thea Nu.s A to n the
51 0 o r' t. For +..k September 19 4,or Concessionaire R Ft

WANTJ :e$ed0sototake dv8r FOiro ..r a A E F ,At hne FOiR ~eorvi t R E N T -a the night while th e wlVo ~ re-k
120o! 4ki 1`10 n,. --- C. o p r ; o Aprat. the Fo andu Related, ervicaseU
CsolW Te. for.. po c. ith Sam l onis. ven pared olfee o and. ot m Wla.
$C.. tylple "'- ,.,50ecficatjins co. iring Corcjd on-ATTNTI 4L t blt 'edra. -.. 3. 10 ganilzed.and everybodY willing to
Pieme 3h- ire .SFoperation oethe CatchPuClubhou i partneIots,aort w "cooperate and volunter. u r. ,L
dFiO, SAiLE fi.. Phu U u vaOresS qbtoinoble fI ror the Cocoi Civ ic bed hot. cold water. -Tel- =0 th.,. l e oudo is I t s ,,
esit. th foaly I3 a2Nvl OR- g .REN.-Fudrnhe ._urrisd or. appreciate the power o this
tie or te -1954 .ri E:rol-t0 o deluxe m n, Canal Zone or contact Mr. R. L. ofo n t e e a TSiLon ItS
dor3 tu--p5,3-.,h "-a-aS s-0 -RFurnedroom rtnts- was a wonderful demonstration

forAa h .normtRe P Bers, vi CtAcra3-093.4. an d t. put itn the m roth to peole of a cou ty cooper-
o rfil .oa S.n, ce. W1.t Bon. dg regular work- of how ree and Ind peI nt
lets dror c. 5.4 .4, hourCan ctC SnAlhmbrapAuplmenp. 111t121 A-.OWAL ort citizens t an rally together when

ot ,pn frdl .: I t re a to Phone 1386. Col n, lsi G rammn the time d in nds it." ",
ro' ully. -mon don. .Woe SrtALE-Just three blonde Cock- FOROWWth adiea an B
ti c' Rixn ha dsion Jaet SpanielhpuppieslfnAe rof lem nd
e. l ndr .-h-- d. $40. Albrook 3198. apr t, 51st Street Nl. 42. Un- o n. U ni A lT
S sifur For further details coal lI. IC ase 2 lh i cS na e OT SMeen of Para a.
S ae P n Street. Ancon FOR SALE:- Baldwin Spinet piano, Zub a: 3-1802. 3-3337. o form part Of' larger group of
iwOR SALE:-1947 Chevrolet $400, recent model, excellent conditiOn. OR t2-boom apartment. tinLees fro ev c1
new rings rods valves ad Guides Call Ga o 6-423. s best o t 0. a R which has been studyingU.

Rtr te3 And ac missiooearroTrs O ww healroa nrunu t -ha -ant don $1 50S wlRAN PORTES r ich hau bexen a A stou U a1
= i ml t --- ; Kingpinj pointed. Leaving Isthemus thod oew a A
il00. 500a vao eR-3o I-D Rouasset,, CZ.E ay ln itrn ol l osr $ 0 pen of NT 2-bedroom apartment BAXTER, S. p ra tA ior nsr. -
T e T pr!117o. land roa ol C l d ,n col 4Ioern A
miles from ferry. Bwib6a 3631. Porrlmald's quarters and garage.t Shippeki s ion, T o JiIl 1 .P Yesterday The American Nurses AssoelatIon inthe U ltd

1 1 odi. reios e V Ho rml n o.p6, Aprtent he I'i bl e SItates presented, through CA an er oN b s g h e
WANTElD .--dLadies to take advor u-e Help ad a FOR SALE:-Almost new Elna paort-c" 0s from Hotel El Panamao r e our s TheOur youth also perct onw choolp of Nursing at Santo TAn. ea noe T kt
ofriw ooihin-Jl kinds.-of'.- ,I ble dsng mchiperfectl oAd- reR T e.t kpantedin an l other FOA prhdhooks hh owaseenpresengted t cs ma iEbyfAFLnm DMrs. AMA
wearing aparel.o r the VIanoio TED- -Amrcn famly requires tion, $180 new; will acte RENT: ine-bedroom part- ad in athe a te ion Chilef, herl n Pna en
.. e salary. Tlephone.for appointment. 46th Street, Bells Vista. th I hul surround dings. 4h Ave nue ith weeks of trint t here: Dr. Alberto Bsot, Jr., Dre tor of the Deamu u
-"Panama"3..0732.. 13, Sain Fr-ncssco. e ing enrveity of Pueru ano ih W of Publlc Healh of the Ministry of Labor, Publile 1
Gd, ......e caFOR SALe, 8- I shre icln airpt colno RENT: Comnletely furnished (wNove-mflep ber and conlc dd wtua, Welfare, D Mario Rognoni, Director of Santo Tom ,lMe.
i Eand perfo romance 30. Hongored rment in two-opoitment house. (Coneined rn ran P i dy tour of U.S. udio vs, ualm Pisoo .l arlAndT son at Admlnls MaUve 1. on.sultnt4 o e ln1
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SHJLLNDLEBtU I, +Fla. -FOR SALE:--Chalet, 2 tar~l I smallPosition Offered Call -4602 or 3-0972. heals Itself up. and remains finerm ss ofthe dio visual medium presentation..
P) When a boat on the to. r nh, r o ta RENT: 2-rofurnie d r and white lde. The way to a- n tMulatn semi-literate pe -
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beplineefor !the ldro= te drawerveZ= y5 4 4e r months ploerorte prices, suitable fornreason, hgenttole.,feudr,.,lo"R NIn SLAudFst oie "r
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I.. reuI p west of Rio Chin VIci Rarqe Lefevre. Pon 28. d on' myave to atsy close to it as mentary filmerepared by the
ailh titlldDarm e
..$T LOT.- A yeFOR Ie..p earrota Just hack U.S. State Department.
tw_ _t ale. hil Road.c
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dshe- m3.1407. conveniences 40. 9th Sreet, Rio Perat tIamne After the showing, .
u ,wo pken from g o t.o e D uand so on as well as cortisone. the audience began to discuss
es a .=Keeping hands oiled, scrape the own Cmmon problems.
L: S e end be hu1ni~stud take turns I MI*, gm fl n_- P51e1~Z&P~t.I*o jn cubes._th -efI- mof" rback o
on e 24-ho ~~tak. evet during F. IarchW Wro ot. Juan tlit nigbt igle people
the 9 qitaneb.aponeuring -kl With the yncafroot, Helales had oralailed nm
.Oa ,ouiunthWhechunksimitte ocope wrhalocal water
b. titak A 'find the bark comes off as it Nineteen Latin Americans at-'
.bu w -e st i ge should InhaIk a thick stri ff you usei tended the FOA course on the
b-idse." .a- ulted 5tates'flavjnis nd h M o t UUeltesideIofjthe ble, dii ia prying i use of audio-aids in educaUon,'
fta eg ue reported that net, fashion By the way, buy It only! As a result, members of the 1211
eIt,didn t te hBnmau lon gs.v b,'receips after wi By MURRAY MOLER w itiurewinside.Ii
t ]aarn how ti.i ite thi eiet'idd the nation Usistednsia.s internatvnalFust
triclly-controlled draw, :,which i# amountedt o an organiation.clied t Latin!
run from a tin1y 1iii atop the'00.000 during the SALT LAKE CHeresa m familiar plant
b eaptaiicent over the" tact the presence of a material thodox way-
'year. It was also the go o -n-whenrIts guantily is only one part
T hey a riji 6 o their whistless crease on r.crd f ;r the fivc in one m illion is ty c l o te or tw o ears of fresh Anre s
Evene-when talitb(n o aAto cuose equipment of the natonr newest coresRSc, off the keraelsIf you'
wTpersist in ..d mostb ondernw metallurgical re-want th r natives downi and" g
Rrr.o their ".. .....Cal.Be The $1,250,000 laboratory and oPlacetheseIn simmering broth Aut ORSON WELLES, MARGA
..Dr.lJames" or -"Mr.IBlo"l."lc utte o sever ontslundertklb the ..... MICHAel WILDING STAR wN THis

B H feretreo A a d n o JOd 1him sociallyas "Jim." '9 ome laboratory operations have- iYoumay think by now thatpers s ugse mdountermdin tel s d news,-
.beenu -n- Ed tr A i o erw in thevresearchI we could throw the plantainoandspe atols u ae e_ ian financial lcoun whose d had toun .

b y 'lectroly ls.s Pure copper th' e prin ted page is Still the m ost' N ,,, ,,c c n.ra tio, ,mU mm -i hI. ... ... ...t e. .t.will.. sn 't m ean G e orgiali N o. 21 A utom o blha R ow T el .: Z'4 1
anl aeloet. isgold r.shd as d treatp e uiv u. .u.m o r,,Dull E Brt ,n, Re I N. C Others dentist will work onwhere various t will be made fatal,thisdoeia a
asui The d an si' ver remmlds torw a s'Ve moum foe" telling a ... .. -w a. o r.C ......n m metal values to im prove ,l = recovery m.h ..1 i ei 5 are m ore lethal than Can- __-_lL__ _ _
as ainoe i as. or wds. s CHAPEL HILL, N. C. (UP) by hydromettaBrgical, or water Another important phase of the neticut drivers.
e re- oli2,t el ile mar- Speaking at the New vork .it c-- Earthquakes are rare in North 'flow, processes center's work, a spokesman said, .
Insists upo. buying all gol .y Bankers Schoolt ite .Carolina, bit at least 66 have been Still other units are conducting is designed to increase the per. A it means is that Connecticut
d tenited States. It pays.tons, Clarksaitelevision felt In this state since 1776. Others research with the us-!of furnace, centage of gold recovered fromIhis a better method of collecting
...a esteadyd e-abs pic sp aeariuk o may have occurred but were not roasting and sintering equipment ore ned by Kennecotts Utah rp i
oytead reliable ce t.115 at.o a.. hav t reported nor recorded. They calt his pyrometallurgical. copper division. at I huge Bing. i often fall to report minor and non-
no standard z for a ace coneyg essagt Only three earthquakes known or fir e treatment, research. ham open pit tatal accidents.
is-no .....f the i '. Only three earthquakes known One specific project is designed The instrument that can detect', ..... ...o.. jst' A sl iI I I A I V A I c
gold brick. The Bureau M s e uc to have originated in North Caro- to improve the recovery of copper a material when only one par is Zeisel said the trouble with mos
ys each mine atoses "But the ele hitter to bor- a are classed as "im ornt," and other metals, both from the present in one million is a specto. accident reports is tha heyv p|
ore into pure lw for sale to row A Lfro .baseba, by Dr. Gerald R. Mac arny of native ore bodies and existing grph, which utilizes known color too much emphasis on description
TI .a.... s. aP..r flm stb he department of geology and wstedumps, throughthe leachin trr fhva raousdtyptofasub-.anu nsen o
at .0awed ars rw T. -. .a- geographyUniversity of process stance. But he rdded tnat some sa .
.,,, r .. .- Carolina.' helargest me inmod-, Thepreliminarylaboratory wor Its rator. is Pr. R. E. Wood, tics at least provide clues othe
As ahy r p ma= em tiles ras'a oa kerti6rlnating on lei which invehlvesa ore formerly atof Provo, who has been causes of accidens. According o0 OR T i l E
.. -.--..o_- bt in the Applaifnlow gradeA it is noteconmical onuthe center's#"piopeer" sta0 f or Zetsel:
t" Fb.2lls m ,wasa to handle under retular milling, nearly a year. He insists the spe- .
is a"& WM i tow ad. itY. m 'SOcaroal0,*on the center'p p ee sarri erir
tie~ mped gold de" r is id" 7 a a0'ap0 square alles but has already progressed into the tograph "Is sple" but to an us Unmarred drivers in their 20 s .
imaste gopb e M _-ll -It did no -major damam -. pilot plant. initiated ewsman. its controls are below-average safety risks PANAMA
SpIg l author I Tie mM t rent earthquake felt There three large columns have look more complicated than those Forty per cent of all accidents
or prucW a ,y anytbin lexcep* ; -- o Cala oceared Jan. been filled with one ton each atof a je fighter., occur on week ends "
m e y. il, 12, and was felt wer a wide typical ore samples. Water-borne Although the ultra-modern re- Forty-five per cent are at night.
If a gold dealer a& &i d o .d Area of the eOsters per of the acids and other materials are *r-ch center is located on thel Drinking drivers have more ac.
money, It worid be eounterfeiti-' tate. The seismological station's trickled through the columns and University of Utah campus, the cidentat han sober ones.
Pudthr4e ore, eveo the mist ea sensitive instruments here. v'- *i their ores and the resultant re- hennecolt Copper Corporation will I 4.e'o-e loea
m.e "d. Into moev a'.uwr aor can dect earthquakes anywhere covered materials ar closely ana- coneetrol al its operation and activ- People from low rental areas
Go' wfl demnt isepin .r .. in the world, indicated the Jan 1, lyzed. iies for the next 50 )ears. Inihave about four time% as many -
a t.ad_ 5,an smoDw ___-_-_*_ ,.._,r,- Vai.. o6 eses teh.. .-., .. I g 3l4M. it will be turned over to theaccidenu as those living high. ... .- '... 4,.
eented t gets and an e ,, taaim at TBseWt. I In other parts of the plot plant, university as -a gift. rental areas.

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You'll never see
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| Space 'Vtkfgr.. man's
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Spectacular New Ad4efitures


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An ItsaIan picture ful af-MeolieVal
splendor and shocking orgie!l
with RO8AO BR.itI"

_i I

Burt Lancaster

- Plus: -
with Doris Day

Pli -' ''
Fredc MacM rair '
*w-h*ls Yth

Bre oot Girl With Mink Is Ava Gardner UP And o on 'RidersTo T
0 ..oo ....
I`AOK -rcogIto Broadway
S"wom. c .Min. her a"g'

Cot' l. s about h ever run. Wilder state work be fing spac pilo attnewomer to capture a
er-i wa .t' x e _bNe h n sn It in 198 and ocayeonally meteor and return t to the ea"b thtub
I' diva a then i he has. indic d that i s now showing at th e Lux Thea-
The thq e 31, aviaGgtsne au hasb In p waentlyo preodueh tre. Cast in the film re Wilam
a .l tan. aIt- wasitolmost ready for
Seo tlo. However, the play n Lndigan, Herbert Marshall, Rich
i late .ean w. finished and here is apparently ard Carlson (who also directed).
What's the story behind one iUt pibility thatI it wi be fint a cl cious newcomer to the srenp,
i d .o c:ee..o .ead herse a : ,s -a str-o nge-- 1shed within the not year. Jhed Martha yor and the u "baet

litZ "16, 6W= w4e8 o tele-oered .an w r t iM. S h wand ocit mete o ar re tigunedgo b the Oearhf
Thvada e to fd.r. ....31 heAaG aes a seras 1e ntts, who ehas been waiting pa- gien" frowi nThe Moon It Blue,"
cVrpnthe sais tie hillbillya a headline-h a ay gently to producere produ ver Dawn Addams.
nd .i girl? Is she th dvoie f m te Wilder bem it a aen r Ivn Torn rTduced and Curt
ta. -e- aw, r- e _.s? r h.e m" ei; H ayng to s or atgomi pery Cls Siomak wi er the screenplay
Riugheard a e .i adtho-se'o For a oA.o and Mary MoeiEel in i t back in This ias te sAme combo theat urn.
|t, the story "I 6tl He still pib s although, s p et ed out the sro u e ssful "Magneti~W
S ea de- things Ig her beeto w i quipped recently, thex may out. Monster."
vada e U divwa7 Skrnny in' montherelrrlsgetro Sinar Ht- H'rs who has be --p--f"hoII
art n q a klde n, A ethrWido ther ma yee the mTs pgrom their roles before WilderIh s
gets his work done. Thea to caioe thereen

shines in the spot wasight back for ii nsiection. Tes i o m ecba t -
r o lMe t28- Yet she a h ps" Sally Forrest, who is playing op- sary in orer to find out wh'in
ei lttwho "Nysbody s going to ruin my life 9te Tom Ewell in "The Seven causes steel to disintegrate while
o~from t ao eto earS oaI ttche tn Broadwhay puton h outer space. When
Madri4 nwho to be She- yelbed b t m ops her makeup for the show in her this problem a solved, space ra-
n. rm the press d i was "san- Sutton Place apartment instead of el will become a reality.
r l pW the- dmtea whu she was r, in her ressing roo at the thea- The rgged heparatory tests
ards s very .week onee- Avered eatng y et it tre. ays she can do it better at these pilots undergo nd the ha
vl.. .s ienvnersa ot. .irnaamT efC home... Paul Gregory, producer rdous flight through space and
Sns-wow. ed or f "The Caine utny Court Mar- their even more hazardous return
The cast Would include: te, ,, tial" and "Don Juan in Hell" on to earth make up the exciting
'rnree former husbands itm" ..It maes me brag. ,she rgedBroadway, will make his debut tale told in "Riders to the Stars,"
s .Ml_ e .y A- ia ee I oe as ie evasion p uer thi ea wih is being released by Unit- ri
star M b.e n ,se:i s "h n ej y -r :ee ue, Ith on y .,. o.r... i ng-th- ough. oute.... ace... ... .,
| m~arriedL. AKJng of S wing" e !Fan oe _nme.. son as an associate ofLeland H-y-Ied Artists.
Shaw 1A was o 5) sad e broken ui bye I had anything ward' on NBC's ho Iur-and -aha The ietuie uses b background
bow-T i er Sp .tra. f Mao w ti m" prn E e spectaculars n colo. an uimnt emlyd by phy
[headed Ib Howard D iif, Hughes, then one of hollywood's top sStu.a s,, aituch machne sle sn s toe emi ntr-
Richard e plus severe oth- she dfetded herself with., The complete text of Tenneaseefuge, which tets a person's tabilel-
er m be." i e t a l tw a pres, TMeo i me. th a a W illam sa most controver al ty to withstand ravity. Stanley I
cryr6tlM TMr is e lotof stuffhat wat t" d In the August issue of eatre
Dnin AS"a barefootde nt farm., Artl agamine Rbetl ot- r
Si, A's o apb wuld ars g n sl gomer pl ans r to df i eet a Broad- ,
be: Faded and .Btorn photographs town, Avk Gardn ir's rise to Hol rate a bo Ja o ,s the
of a barefoot on a tenant lyw stardom was real Cinder- p t leas. b
'" ,- i- brothe ur < hyes.. ee UayI M a s ...Cotra...
far in Smltheld, N. C, -and ella stuff. In 190, her brother- a ea d to a ar la o ay I t
omma4ent10 ghow f he stil" pAre-in-eaF a New York photogra- o oI ofLe .r. pd TlaYy eA
T f AV '-e i a. l5 it p.e e some p ictu res. of e enters win. I
m-e med soie, -Ae hfl w e hrhm. ^oNBshu -va. and pt theem' in eatT eLtheys oi" to n t hey us bgn
er colle ciotb her hands while sw strddio Ato MGM 't THIS MA. Tw o theyT.. y
eaP at aii atI si sld the St nteresbed in prAoter ite l d se 'alis: O
Shers asnr reports everywhere ad o id Joan'of Are .ill be well rpr-
s f p ce a ng at It was one of e strangest in brought o Hollywood n 191 as career will' come first; naturally.' sented in the Broadway theatre
rinarde ug. rmamin ia history a $50 a week starlet. Then, as she "So the first thin1 you kow this season. Jean Arthur will ap
.. t he- hick' Soutler "onec told me: I'm married to Mi cey Roony. pear in a new reduction of Ber-
omdi i .stdo"to Then to Artse hawd I as o nazd Shaw's oalnt Joan" which
"A .asked me she bss ettl marked 'a losint wlfl reaq lmw.York in April
asd 'would one t te ried Iaih r e my 'y eoI aib 't k i olr iea va -t thistrty week tour of
he' tet ws ut a se a gw o er a that wasn't 6r. ra versionof the Joan storm "

D-m n *A- 'ba'refoo ted tonant v fa rm.,o wi bel ..hisr. s dretoal M gort.
Aeapboo w: .'r ueg smy l du" sc eups 1b t he French playwri ht, J n .'

Theu; .e@Dteb o a r
b B -aridS'torn pogt town Aviv o M. f ld Anien dn wes Ho- W a mhichls Stl. be It'srie

farrw ai niscussig sp chkaisman wae l. conversaion on the bank of the produIoro- make memse c\ta s
Iheexe. diobisW Aote r The ie-olddA i. d er and sa.hesmewa the rgzamnut from fare eto ogh toro-'

B .a.o i.d A.o.._ iM I o .oM I h. o oln i Hr w ill b-" rea WNilB "l
I IrI i&r IRo ER Wyler, noted alyO fdi-r om
i o I -1 ohesuio to o u oa p Ae 4 Ju he w h wr frectori, will s ge The Lark."t Io

*- RuuA a..".E -N.O T ,, ba -Ia I .Ithe rn epedBroadway. C dh"

FIIHNlabi e LrdD-d I ues sh san iguja atrlmrml
Ir anreoLrtseve wheeng nhkOtJ" ITwo aofheWb the most ucesstul new r
H "Y | o tWlOOD- sA- d -Mar there thrumh the spitit .orl" theatrih .group to a tear in
arriv ingDUT" oI Mai t..he looausel uph. osered S tanley didnt though she'said iNew Yor as season wil oin

ibemllew ith th cee.. gn e vo. although l hater we had a nic forces this season for at least one
Is d--u s ni- ng snt Aalthsh re. t onvertn oan the bank on the pProduti on e groups ar t -
to i-aI 'mma hoisAnonmos.anod clothes On River ." Pee nix-'ssan re, w hdc pr.on oduced
"'Bc- fM tho S l s laroud cfes She assr e sii pat MGM four higly sucesul shOs
... ... .en toAe on y -S s "a Marjorn e brought home a med rst year, one of thembeing
T le p a ndto ae h said sth." i o M prize winning musical, "The G ld-
l ,.. ".C.E. he=ta c r rsing pabo inen tI dh. A tol h-e ol s osie dons whh sponsored the long-u
act.,,. .- .. geth ariedo. Isai hd. th wo Se'r was ha ny bon 1ctract it0 on t c eqoemeche he
: -Bth e MIarind.. .hoe.d I s a h H oub carbon co iese" production will be a musical all-
aada -, :1 1, 8:y0 g California-type bungalow. Mar. Marjorie lowered her vce and dSandho, adapted by Earl A
.... -a.. og- M NOe, with runs in her stockings, sd oRoSatrAro
AFoked out Of place t oh, thou "Just then we heard a knock-'yTheodore.Dreseres short .story, I,
I "tag_ _Ib ...g. a hea wa-out e" "SainmtC oumbiaacnd Tte Rt ver.",,
z", eMuis'sIcGhINGd LlADY" dIgu shes rd a "M r" ,dThe ujec matr i extremely|.
i C TTDYO" AII ow Iar ,aged ith, mie tA On the ceilings I stuttered unusual fort a musal-e storry

stamba thehean h
,easrTwooa"t'e h e most;ucceswas taklseew y

a"halh-ooIfer thanoneeasd kheuahterfhes hle tw spesych... .. .. DY andton
"elalne ow thcofe -sgrinnderrvie l d ca e sa s ew ,aic
I whsder nieo'h"a yiound cng sp And rW-al- f ortn me hoa sen ori g Rdther esi I e

LAafterAsiOning-at:MGM, ef oik n' w She'sohappy aboutsher successit
IM..46Me TO ..Se .algtnd"thedd wM s aujch riHolyoodh busoena she dnul T'

TU i ~ ma loluds dlo thari t Ih Shasapscog A
'0 I, tone meetoGfind, o I-thogh thean sti ishbalehadvi ti kes toar- puthe fiianeosth
SN wa a glo s er facejrat ie-sipeo en p le," a ,team sei thnr "ac ts. enAY Youlcanaalway

AW-11 _r, .wihruihronsa hrO&.DId Su________eaRso WSaltorir nPm

Is I beak--RYAt ,,MINNO F HI e".shed aidh-ldn t alasInabone ojdclothes. a, A tiver.".0
a-nc need thae din'l ik Anor."Iippsingmesienghrtroy;frem
Air1C[ At ione wornrtandthaugsheregrlyf..r e.t.sinwfraadios.e Hrier

I:3I ,30 :1, :3,1& therelcoholics. ,ony aos MA R.J E SEsyourcoll
thereishe",plainedsh"Ie addnd." ye,, o, .
IN :1Se: le oYne="deaths-I.geassambatetneotra TODArY
iw and.. .a.... -t--se-ter-eat.4 hEyes of a nom an next.... ...
"ay4f -toHlocfShsis ellea I maried. Them"-she SUadaOn...1e
where youcanspendafortuneonh adaseancer ight wet hd aerin t her for e
wit &m Ir... -,. a: -"they .. ,'did .--uch,---wod ecaseno sh cn Ttye"of -- uaric

M~ md~arvlousJota~t I beaimdc~we-r""the-m. ......bas iapyc,,oo,,,A

Wi ,' C S .,t ,, O A N" tral StatUin at if a.m. ........ --. -- -. .I
.,Kn--.,r-. .- -- fB ~Dm 'I was playing e Birodwy in |.in -, I
i ,ii III' | 111 Deed End'-at the timee" she said. A ILL "I P -E In
6I etts :1S I615 ft s:m6 "but every morning for a year Shows: 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.
agla redBE AJIiM' RAT" went to Grand Central Station at 1a 0
Ill o'clock. People thought I was 6 n d 0.30
Sa little crazy. but "omehnw I ex. PRICES: 0.60 and 0.30
ipected he might trq to contact me ,_

he Stars' In Color Is

feature At Lux Theater >

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gly good-food quality the same high s
*nr more delightful there's no dinner ch
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fost Fiierience A.4irline

bsst No. 5, Tel. 2.40 Saet IdW., Tel. 1097
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Goyonder Choice


Vulcanizado, Vedette, Juan Franco traded Edtries Where .
--- rFshln -- Where
SlJaqumazo Contenders P.P.Horse Jocke7 WEt. COMMwENT ODDS
Ist Race "I" Imported F.urse: W35.00 FPooldloSs: I:S45 .
S -- 1-Prestiglo 0. San. 118 -Distance handlaps 3-1 F -- *
Goyonder, a big disappointment last week, is. ogoin 2-3- or1a H. Rees10 om 51- NATIOAL LEAOUE .AMERU N $ ,AGUE
.,the choice of the majority of the railb ds to cop today's -JerseAm. J.oongo. 05 -Rates good, ee 3-1 By FLAC6 t L B S
featured $650 seven furlong sprint for ais "C" importedX 5-Pc a 08r-10-Could score herO 2-1 e-h lro o o 80 -4 8.AN
uicd Chanis 110 -Beat spned 3-1 Wellthe marlin are still out there oftSan Jose and from8S M4lwa e- 2S
thoroughbreds at the Juan Franco race track. 7-cafonaso H. Ruzl 112i -Returns from layoff 10-1 the looks of the weather 'we should see a number of fsh take Ciniw 5 e 7
Mr. Loly d La n's brown Sierra Veld .402.60 8-Black Bull J. Chuna 110 -Nothing to indicate, 8-1 this weekend. C., 46 869 812
S ac 7 .Mrs. Loly de Lazzarin's brown DerradVlllud$3.40,w2.60r0s 477 2 2
five-year-old American-bred rac- 3-Cdtan $2.0,. Jhonny McConnaghy, fishing on th Viking, caught a nice 7.t. 1 4% i
or,, went off an overwhelming 4klelat e Don Gra-Sierra s2nd Race "C" Native 7 gs. Purge: $35: Poel 'cleo: 1:15 blackest week and veral boats reported strikes. a few >Chica57 77 .425 28 Ph~ad
mutuels choice last Sunday but V e ) Second Rae of the Double boats are out this ween -with the three day vascatI and we Pittsburgh 46 h58 43 39 .l
failed miserably and did not even WT' RACE" hope that many a ble fag will be flying next week. -NMght game not iaelhl .-
hliithe money. 1--Valley Star$7.20, 4 1-Yosikito A. Vas. 110 -Dropped int laser 2-1, Bait isa still pletiful and the dolphin are thitk agin. In InS 11
Se the tipters are a- %-Birolo 8.1 4 2-Daniel E. Ortte. 1Ox-Must stronger di. 10-1 tact, they are gettUg to be a nulsane a they were early In
jg by the son o Goya RACE 3-Golden Fan H. Ri U3 -Ran well la t tP.- 2-1 the season TODA i n(PSt era NewalI
terna. %tg Flores will .14 Of S FD0, .20 4-Valaria F. Rose 111 -Returns from 8-1 Brookln at New An eb 4 7t
g 1edo Valuez in the ., Bra* -Don Jaime 3. Gongo. i13 -Dangerous c3-1 York (Antonei w C
ti me to Votcher Novena.La tw o we re-k. ..[ muta w n e r -e "
o ee ov THAGooder will aba A. 20record sholdnt behngd to beat ad Pancommnd 10ma-1ad a good at Plttb ( r 1- boner. The world record rkr mar m 1- at
aqmo cont. Gomez), alspeedy o TaVe- mpol 7, 40, 3 4 he "Ea Imported 11 DiPurse la$27 t even waPool e. 145 chane of a oran f i from the rie lt March 17. t m) at St.
second to Dosny Boy the br roc 5-D M oy M.. .uriey 118 -Looked good last week 2-1 am hed a pounds and haig beeeel g t d by the Lowa ( 2-2). Boatton c- 0-l
A yna hu s o~he raa Second Double, (aStone of I Don nsoo In fact .Say A we P delha
in w lbdGoedop i rf a il e d t o li v e.Sc o n e M e G11 3,o d g d l t wku n ,.'M1 ) a dtdC I l a n O n ..1I
ir e c oefathitn s... S clipper) 2--. Bound F.San.1IiX -Returning- to form 5-1 T,. STE.DATS dB. ..b Ni
IdHBbor eturon from a bIaef .I NINTH RACE 3-Wn4th Raba A. onzative 4 -othe: n5. recommend 10-1 0. we pu boner.The world's record lver 4 marlin y(1 ) d, brte,
I-Tampol $7.SO, 0.40, 3 4-Che .A. Vas. 113 -Disappointed last even was.c pui, emdToran Cfish(Pelrlmethe Berle Ust March-1 7. b.a- Ttt 1m '

nrepof lni -Vertico la 13.407.4 .0 QUINIEA r the newsn ou eolum of h "first club." Milton New ork o x8 13 0n R Nixon (I).

S. an outsprint Vbdette. JAqul 2- Devon Maiden 12.60, 7.60 1l-Rislta F. Rose 116 -Distance to liking 3-1 Crowthber o Lonsdale,Rhode Island caught his first sailfish in Erkine, Hughes (7) Roe (7) Baltlmde 112 000 000-4 11 0
mzo usually returns to life when.-3-The Bouche $6.40. 2-Proton J. Reyes 116 -Runs well In sprnts 3-1 Panama. The fish weighed 110 pounds and was taken from the ofey (7) an Walker Campa- Detroit 022 210 Ox- 15 0
event dro ped down to this class. One-Two: ( co117 dl-De- 3-La Chula Reyes R. lOOx -Good early foot 10-1 Tin Goose. nella (7). Gomez, O (7) Coleman, B ka (3), Chaal
Vulcszado, also a disappoint- :,, NTH RtACE 4-Golden OGla FA. Vas. 112 -Usually disappoints 2-1 William Ney of Ponca City, Oklhoma also caught his first and Ktt. WP Goomes (13.0). (6) and Moss, _urray (8). Aber,
met last 'veek., waste far back 1 lilseate 43.2p, 2.40 5-Marfil F. Hidal. 114 -Rates fair chance 5-1 sailfish n Panama from the Tin Goe. Ney's fish weighed 105 LP Ersklne (16-13). HR Herbert (), Marlowe (3) and
of edette, which finished second, -e P, -lola A. Ycaa .116 .-_Will be close up 3-1 undS. lllAm (12), Thompto (23), Bouse. WP Marlowe (5-4). LP
pt the end. 8 O O t, RAC8 7-Con Valor I H. Ruiz 113 -Longshot with chance "8-1 po"" Katt, (8),.8huba (2) Blyska (1-4).
Several other interesting races *l$3.40, 2.20 ___ Welcome to the club fellows and when you return to fish ------"
n Star e included on the car Fast 1retch 2-Rosme Hip $2.40. Panama, may you join the deluxe first club by catching a marlin. (Eleven Inpiag) Cleveland at Chicago. (Night)
n tar w inn attempt to sreak against gooe th Race "A" Native 6% Fgs.Purse: $375.,0 Pool closes: 2:55 ____ Milwaukee 5, Cinclnnati 4. Game),
bunch of lass "A" natives over -Ocean tar A. Yeaza 116 -Packs more weight even Th marlin pri the Secnd International alfsh and Chicago at St. Lo. (Night New York at Washington.
sai:, furlongs whl l, f 1 2-La Enea B. Agul. 116 -Better chance now .2-1 Marlin Tournament hwere all won by erlocal fahermen. In the amcle (Night Game),
Ion eight BypCONA4VB more than heHlt -:X-Lack4 ^ g^^clduohBa
from start to finish:n hy CONRADO M atru .ro a 13-Cac arl s e-1 fis Jhon th und fish was second. Gedrge Only games scheduled., Only g a .
F breaking Risa Roi will be Pinell Bull- ayut Nicol w the unlimited class ilver marn price.
int -hero to extwdOa n1Starbe P ne 0l. l 6-Biscayi .HMift 110 -Rates fair chance 4-1 wndicte ulimoted clas slver F rk ws era oives
dung the early stages and could 2-Galde an ltoto -- e pencer family took care of the 80 pound test blaok lC Le Sne n t0fVho
a go ha's promise t Raceurse oo oses:3:35 rli n p e. W an fas first and Don just a few pounds be- r

St van e; pe t. ~. tt': '--( U R Oom :--Faa .:.aeI mo td.F 4' .. NatOn F e l Contenders
Valley Star raced to a post-to- S-J8ot O'Trouble V ambatro 3-Montmartre F. Hidal. 113 -Not against these 8-1 Buck Baughor haA the largat sailfish and won the 30-pound
post victory In the fifth race -I -GoYOiender vI o 4-Cruzada A. Gonza, 104x -Nothing to indicate 10-1 test prim Ms 162-pound fish.
"D-E l horses hch carrie a 1-Tomasto 6-ebetero g -Magoas"sleeper -3 .ohn Rybovitch won the Julia Crandal prize with seven M ake W ord S s
purse of $ o00.7-R. Signal B. Agut. 115 -Returns in good form 2-1 Salfish released in one day. ac year Julian gives a nice
'kopoIIchased Valley Star 8-Mr. Foot A. Ycasa 110 -Must go lower 10-1 trophy to theftisherman releasing the most sailfish in one day. -
fthe w ay but could not thC Sit I ....Pr.k NEW YORK, Sept. 4 (UP) -|two-doUars.A Tive-percent tax
ithe fast going leader Al t w.f 7th Race "F" Imported 6% F.Prset $58.Pool oses: :05 The boss made word series plans must be add or New York or
lah Valley Star was still two Secad Rceof the ble Plans are going full steam ahead for the Panama Marlin yesterday afternoon. Brooklyn tickets.
ngti's in front. Eonia wound e Race of the Doble Club Tournament to be held in November. Advance dope would CommissionerFord Frik met Cleveland ir baseman Vi
n t-irO anooer two length. I-Turf Lodge H.Bulz 108 -Rates good chance 4-1 indicate that almost everything that floats will be In Pifia Bay in New York with officials of Wertsi has noma as
br of Piropo II. -E l" 8 l 2-Don Cuto L. O(tal. 113 -Only distance handicap 2-1 early in November. five contenders and decided the "goat of the year" of two
'he ninti rate, another D-E nl I 3-Grlau E. Darlo 108 -Could score t rie 8-1 Sries would open Sept. 29 n a sixth- Inning errors whch er-
o600 seven furlong sprint, was 4-Kelphrase A. Yaa 1atmall boat should not wry about the trip. Plenty of the Neriould mitted theo akSe a win
copped b*Chispepte in a close CHICAGO, TP 4 (UP) 4-Keliplirase A. Yeaza 112 -Distance to 3-1 l earoundto lendanit t ar t t national League Park. mi
ts t kodds-on Georgian,7-e.-- fte sids. inn p Mna110- } theefleet, ou could even fish a skiff if away could be the m g r Wet esay sIt
owne Le adenlt i t y .0 (Gomes 1 %.-BeatNational e:gue, NWP York and ex
W'o -(Y.Print 011,108 -D-sappoin tar 21 11th -ace Nn-Winners' 44%Fg.rse: $2.80 Pool 0l0se": xxxxCleveland i. the AmerIan. The bLeon,

v but ldxdsoi kept up a hard Victory was worth IN.fn&to 8th *ace "I" Imported 6 Purse:4$3.0 Pool 4es:
Sa U the way to the finish the winner Simmy. whinh Q PUSLA
I lessillos than 11006, thirt u'eDoS %: Wreon 015 ,ICoronellno 3Prte. l -Inx-I *Ide open Mrac
, V -telonne from the wire. i Rn nd4 .urt hoem Parador 2-S. Windsor A. L-ul 103 -Distance could heM p
Y h'i -te"Acorned by head un- A 000. .-Flambaro ,Reyes 116 --GooCd recent races
I h do te s or re PFavorite "ioyal Note. ridden- bh 4-Lot O Trouble "B. Agul. 118 -Dropped in class
S Vnall eStir 'ald S7.20 while "idle Arcpro. set t'e padce unt I AtoiO J0. Reyes 114 -Rates good chance
C" t 'eaite returned 1.20. ithe-stretch where he audden~vl -Ciprodal K. Flares 118 -Returns from layoff
SFavorites -donrted the nro- 1owpd gwn and passed by half 7-Matruh A. Enri. 114 -Last was nice effort
'a :r,-r except for Orefo's $17.60 ,he el.ld --
,A anl Verticordila's $13.40. No rider (nrt. at57.0.S21.4 lae C Imported 7 .Purse: P0.8 P elclse
cnred mrore than once. ,.wv 2e6e ONE TWO
The dividend': arP4 s 4.d. S ow for Dogoon O TWO
FIRST RACE wps .6.40, 1-Vulcanisado A. Mna 108 -Usually close up
, 1_-9Ptoazo $4.40, 4.n Georin.n which broke frorm 2-Jaqulmazo R. Gomez 118 -Down in class
* 2--rl n Briirn $11.220,7.20 the nutride. gained steadily on 3-Red Ebor H. Ruiz 108 -Blasing early speed .
--t s0ril ,V. 20 the field.turnlna In the home- 4-Goyonoder K. Flores 113 -Poor race last week
S- SECOND RACE stretch and gradually took corn- 5-Vedette A. Ycaza 115 -Racing to best form
1-Oreco $17.60. 5.8n. 2.80 mand to draw out and score by 6--Noveno A. Vas. 118 -Dropped in class
2-D. Club $4.20. 2.20 two lengths.
3-rtD.uchaD$i2e: (Batatazo Pr.omoter M f0in 10th Race "F" Imported 61/2 Fg.Purse: $500.00 Pool closes:
Greco) $103.20. 1-Charlier B. Agui. 113 -Post position helps
THIRD PACE0 Leaves Hopital 2-Kiosco Mena R. 112x -Dangerous this time
1-Regia 4, 2.80, 2.40 eHospital 3-Scythia J. Phillips 106 -Returns from layoff 1
2-Lady Moon I4, 2.80 Promoter Enrique Martin. 4--8. Barge A. Gonza. 107x-Nothing recently 1
3-Annie N $2.80. who had been a patient of the 5-Westow R. L. Gil 108 -Could score at price
One-Two: ( R e g I a Lady San Fernando Clinic since last 6-Remero A. Vas. 115 -Mutuels favorite e
Moon) 521. week Saturday, was discharged 7-Bolo Joan, A. Ycaza 112 -Last was revealing
FOURTBH ACE yesterday and wfl convalesce 8-Darlene F. Hidal. 110,-Was never better
1-Don Grau $3.40, 2.40, 2.20 at his home in Colon. 9-Dlxlprincess J. Gongo. 115 -Returns from layoff

4:40 2-Tmst

5:15 GRA
3-1 EA
5:. New Yo
3-1 (Gulf

. Agui. 110 -Will fight it out
L. Giral. 115 -Should beat these
F. midal. 100 -Has shown nothing
R. Oomee '108 -Disappointed last .
0. Chants 106 -Rates outside chance



Accepting General Cargo For:
Sailings: Every Fifteen Days for:
ouston and New Orleans
Saiings: Every Ten Days for:
ork Philadelphia Baltimore
Vessels eml at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masenle Bilding, Cristobal, C. z.
BPNES: CRISTOBAL: 308 1740 2535

third-place Chicago White o says -"Both of those o
were not represented, balls should have been hbts
Frick says the first two games errors. Werts ha; been doing a
will be played in the National terrific job for us." Yankee first
League park. The third and baseman- Ed Robinson, who hit
fourth and the fifth, Iff neces- one grounder off WerOW mitt,
sary, are in the American League goes along with Lemon. Robin-
stadium. There will be no extra son says -"I not begging for
day for traveling unless Ml- hits, but I'm a first baseman and
waukee plays the New York I know how difficult it Is to
Yankees. handle that type ball."
In the event of a playoff,
there will be one day between New York has dug Into the
it and the series. The National minors and bought, a $ormer
League decides a tie with a Yankee for the Setember
three-game playoff. American drive. He is southlpa Topmy ,
League rules call for one game. Byrse who has wonL and
The Cleveland' Football Browns lost 1 with Seattle el the
must change their October third Paelfle Cost League.
date with Detroit if the Indians The Yankees sold Byrne iLd-
win. The Browns are scheduled way In the 1951 season because
home that day with the Lions. he lacked control. The 34-year.
It had been reported Cleveland old lefty seem&sto have located
agreed the Browns could play the plate. Byrne has 201 strike-
the night of October- third but outs about doule the number
Frick has nixed that plan. Prick of passes he has given up.
says he doesn't approve any The Yake aa'so" bo[Lught'.
other major sports event in the fielder Woodyeld from Kansas
same townlon the day of aSeries City who shouldsee plenty of ac-
game. tion. SteIgel says he will start
Box seats will cost $10 each: pinch-hitting earlier in the
Reserved seats will go for seven game for Gerry Coleman and
dollars, general admission four- Willie Miranda, as early as the
dollars and a bleacher seat at first Inning if men are on base,




lit, 2nd th, 7th RACES

rd aWnd 9* RACES

2-MAIN ROAD .........
3-KINg'S PRIZE .......
5-AMORIO ...........
6-ALORrillr'A .......

S. e. ... *. .. .

... . . .
... ....................
*. a *........ .......
* S *.e. S S *So* e

.... A. YCAZA 105
... K. FLORES 118
. J. GONGORA 102
.. B.ACUIRRE 116
..... F. ROSE 128

4th and 8th RACES


_ 4.

'*' tUfie ram




For the monvenieuce of
our patrons we are oon
opera ti I both at the
" A VY "

OPIE'N -- 1 MiLE PURSE $1,500.00 (ADDED)



I I~_ .. --

I_ _. I





lip,.-. .~ : 1.-
, s, *' .^ .*^ f. ".,



I ~ _____






These Runs IV
S -. .' '

A lea

-p ---- -------&-
SAStt. At N.A s.4,,% "Suchaitakltag out (Sam) Men-
II .. "" P3 C tEa witchingg (Bobby) Avila. to
a Co c Ta ehort'top and using (Heinie) M.e
Tea seald at second base to get more
Sf4 e oAUSTIN, Tex. (NEA) 8 -In That was the case when
r' the Southest Cference, whereMajesn bhit the three-runh ro er
.. ..: "F' a SVprtethtahmie tcomes almost a fr to give us a clean sweep of the -
qu y as the, expected, close ob-sson's erims in Boston and a
serve ers seldom go for the unex- four-and aalft game lead coming
Too often they oint to Teas. "I used (Wally) Westlake in
Uo1954 rtis n o exception the Steersright field at- Fenway Park be-
1954 Last year' record nd eptioncause he was more likely to take
l g personnel Justify ranking Tex advantage f that short left fieldave)
as equally with Rice and Baylor- wal than switch-httng (Dave)e.
but not as a decided favorite.
S.We lost few imst but will miss "(Bill) Glynn goes to first base
the end play ,of Carlton Massey In place of (Vie) Werts for de-
and ilmer Spring, spefensive purposes when we are &*
defense, Gonealso are wm ding head.
ground-gainer D0Ugal Came r on
and all conference guard Phil "Little things like that, but I
Branch. wouldn't call.ut platooning."
Offensively, Texas should be Maybe you finally have inherit,
Sagpfgyi more resourceful, with prominent ed some of Casey stengel's luck,"
backfield lettermen like quarter said one of the writers.
QUINN back Charley Brewer, Billy Quinn ,pe Couldbet eaed Senor Lo-
10 ERAEo N I (shifted to full) Delapo Wo. pez.
_C4CM ED i mack, George Robinson, Bill Long
Wa to remind you that with a little
A 0 1 "p- NEA PROBABLE help from the outside and a break
7 7. NNEA's PROBABLE here and there, the Tribe. easily
ALL*SOVTHWEST could have won three of the last
End-Doye Nix, SMU
End-Beani- Sinclair, Tex. AM. "We were due for a few breaks,"
Tackle--e~b Gray, Texas said General Manager Greenberg.
Tackek-4. R. Smith, Baylor "For four years it was mighty
Guard--ad Brooks, Arkansas frustrating to see the Yankees
I"Guard-Kenny Paul, Rice mop up the Red Sex in the closing
Cenfer--4kg Pitts, TCU days to beat us out. The Red Sox
IQ3--M rIM Brewer, Texas at last gave .us a lift by beating
SHB-Dlee M egse, Rice the Yankees three straight on
BB-L. G. uPore, Baylor their last trip to Boston.
FB--By Qulinn, Texas "I don't have to tell apy base-
Sur ball man that everything comes
ILD- your way when you're winning. A
W' Veteran tackles Herb Gray and club can't do anything right when
JBDuck .Lansford guards Kirby 1il.It's losing.
ler and Jim Iesper, end Menan
W 3COM SWIT? A f^ Schriewer and center Johnny Ta. "We have won numerous games
.i tumn make for improvement ,up this season under unusual circum-
Sfront. Proming newcomers -. stances that in another season
Selude guard Ben Woodson, ends easily might have gone the other ...
Mort Moriarty and Mike Trant way and left us in the ruck. Com.-
-:, l and fullback Don Maroney. ing into Yankee Stadium for the
Rice suffered heavily from grad. last time, we had won 28 games
b uation, especially in the line, but by one run.
S__ .........~ rebuilds with lettermen headed .. .,
n 1b W T T] AM S by the great Dickie' Moegle, reli- "There was the time Ale Rey.
J JO JL IL 2Jj.I A JL able reserves and freshman stand. nolds and the Yankees had u s
outs. Guard Kenny Paul, center beaten, 74, in the first inning.
Don Wilson, back 'Morris Stone Then three relief pitchers pitched
,Ptting oq ,ttl word. after another, and Al RogUlaao, 205 and end Marshall Crawford are no hitball for us until we won In
mus tional new talentOf admired le as te upec v .it'sthe 10th 8
Mr Pause, fr wa t A W A essUtele 101 bede informs t r Baylor faed st eason "Bob on had ane t-run

Indians'year, but e won't believe as
Perhaps there oughtuing to brtse a lawof a TV p ogranL" What through lack of depSouthern Meth, buodist to lead overt the last shot has been first
aseball teams. ew it any, of the sectors who nam ed tears will be more as dapotent offensively and ending The first eight men scor-
S Brook havelon copu d uthave seen Jake ubert statement bas er and perhaps betough def repsred.ed No Lemon m this inchrst out, he

Hodhes. Actually, there is little comparison. Daube was strict- demand in the league's toughest left with the Yankees and White
wou ouahead of him? At thauning ththe ttle Dutdchman First-rate veterans like a c k I e t was rae had thatruggle to win
Marh, in wl e' bs w ,I up." And-nl tlfellow -noJames Ray Smith guard Clarence that one, 34."
(510 ) co domore with the love than Terry because e he strerkngt h in Frank dom Hal O. riing therest, wanted to quit
.had greater mobility. He did ost of hi hitting against the Brien a, d .. i nd. Center Ago
ead andtw ledthe M L. In 1913 he it a resplendentGlass heads an array of exset. like tha, GInuns were g oing badly inpr
50 od has much more m e and probably woud have htional new talent si admits he has to suspect t it'sthe
ot oreome run, but Daube have done better than losing a topnotch lineman a ndian' year, though Le won't believed
Perhaps there ought to be a law against an-1910 m, alltha-star Loolback for Southern Methodist to It unith lst shot has been fir
baseball te ts. Few f any, of the selectors sto named the be more potentoffp hands vely, iand the third straight year. There was
Brookln vrson could have seen a takeDauboert phim.y Nonerst ase. vuarterback Roun enscalvey detac. o pennword from Greenberg about T
f therefore becomes understandable that ince they would go for il sin the loss of Tinyter HuGoss. next year ulwhen y aveaes
thdges. actually, there Is little comparison. Dubert was strict- demand e n the leagunny es toughest left with the Yankees an white
y top-she merce. How many, besides Bill Terry in the defense last year SMU has exped, had it on the lakefront was rex.ady

The grand dame of tennis is 1rtrs. ,asel Wigntman of Bow- but there are reports tha sophe. tormove.
L would you s ut ahead of him? Atookt, the little Dutchman rience and superlative backfie Suddenly the Injuns caught fire,
(5:10, 160)la stracoulhtd d more with the glove than Terry because he strength in Frank Edm, woHal riding the lacest, wanted to quit
had greater. mobility. He did most of his hitting against the Brien and Don Menny. seeks a eare be sego.nd edged by the
dead ball and twice ed the NL. In 1913 he hit a resplenaent Abe Martin has been beset by The Injuns were going badly in
.350.,r odges has much more m and probably would have hard lus at Texsparked the estarl Aygust, attendance was off. I t
gote nore. home runs, but Daubert would have done better than losing a topnotch 1953. Beman a n appeared a though Lopez would
ra against the lively ball.. He got eight in 1910, and that wasafullback through ineligibility, .Hefinlsh third, instead of secorndfor
oy twohat underlathe top ark for he r league. The selectors still has op ands h however, in inthe third straight year. There Dolan,
should have asked Stengel a teammate about him. one of the quames. Therback Ron scae, taopnot wor pretty uch runbergs abthe works
mathen, first basemen Sthengel has hadsince he's beenwinni. ng in otballe rs still, centerd-men Hug e Ptts nex Director of
he Stadium could havefootball league begin's fungolating an enlocks Mard Johnny ruch.Tate. contract.
the one tateAran looksto ew bloodan a-encnnaksook a econee schedue-Lope round.and
arter. With numbering only five seniors Craf the Tampa Tactician, thinking he
beaten freshman t Yale gur lat de ty Lamar cHan has departed, had It on the lakefront, was ready
iv e grand dame ofenn team that beat Prince and n-but there a reports merely t he .soph to-move.
ton. Whend Army in other areventh. For Armoo the women senior dou- more George Walker might take Suddenly the Injuns caught fire,
bs straight sets,ly matured and aerac ed. They had better beaom-up where McHan left off. won 21 of the last 24,r t once
AshA etaL Inaidenally, shiteentialysn Lewis great" fthe. satinl Texas A. and M. seeks a re. more be second, edged by the
Army Is touted, p as ben yle enouh toa contend for national Big acemSevent for quarrback Don Yankees by no more than three
A1011"Cur 9911. 91011111003114n"n, nl~uft. unction hs A farm Sys-/Ellis p who sparked the early sea- games. -
um emafor the pro. t expected the new campion, Arnldt by son success f 1953. Bear ant
Pstat ,e.utoin the cash and carry boy's before the snow flies.,likely will be shorter in numbers Officers of the club, starting
Firstach re tated to home ato y ttention i at eve, mn-than his rivals, but the Agges withPresidentors. The on Wilson. an
ey thsa'Mre.a.o stOps Chlrles. The bet was Made at Mar- have a way of coming up for big insurance man, and Nate Dolan,
ragansett Park between races Saturday last. F the moment,;games There are some topnotch who pretty much run the works
then, that's the prebo thie champ w ho h to e wth ootbalers still around-men like although istitle is Director o
BennieSinclair, Fred Broussard, Stadium Ojerations, had to talk
Don Kachtick, Sid Theriot and the manager into accepting a new
The closed 4bop Ivy football league begins simulating blocks Mary Tate. contract.
and tackles week. h r the team tobeat, and Yale Beore going overboat. 4 (OP) rd on Tx- A Tolpez is glad e stuck a-
saonethat sur1pe aThe tMogRet ha. an. al- ver trn. back as, look ae ,e sched of ttsa core t alua
fieldreturn, e. by-apl Guy ola t a, Dick, na" State hlc gave: us tou r a -o
Me& e and D l ack #* t tthe.baves & ythe NDraaf ct sou t kgd one last yar .

"*e -ihaipleauhips'by de* Only two ot qr American As- ,
quarter. With B Ia solOrat n Ie n o ter's un-te kw lWaomanf Ame st.- ela action pite n" hatve vot
beaten freshman team. Yale figures e l de vep nl *the top-a ed ed mot valuable are
five veteran are back- from the team that beat Princ34 minuteeton and And en ere's merely the ---
tied Cornell last fall. The Ells draw Cornell In thilr fourth conference slated the Austra orest Evashevski sayths owa wll erb
game print from the hiher seventh. For Arm the bet of his ability. an star. be unable to repeat their 10 -

print frotn -the higher ups is qare out tO the best of his ability. H lan star. be. unable to. repeat their 0.I -

S.-- point defensive average tof last
GROSSINGER, New York. year...Ouard Ray RiUcher of
t h fes wup _eW aws, broughtas.much shame Heavyweight Champion Ohlo State has given up football
to ,b ..-- Wh alma ianbdthe eounter-* Reeky Marelane who was 80 because of a knee Iniury.. Cen-
felt rediTL Ws thereai emercial tie-up be- years I d Wednesday re- ter Jim Minor of Illinois is out
tware Gard anthe athletic department at ceved a belated birthday with a dislocated collar bone...
CCY?, sasws" a lst n a S a prt of headline meeting today. Coach Jim Tatum of Maryland
5reufSir mbutas a aloamAd sg sta re Iurwm I a It telegramw- from Jake warned the players won't go un-
a -It eo* dmI O IIS!v l dbe twn Mts and T*om Tauna eo- defeated as the Terpe did In 1953.
se--theSNObg__ r 011s10"Wr m, Hi msan may have of LnWrd Charles Tatum says-"I want our boys to
--Sof;fah e----.- ww -ivrim uawa re o; if htedid who Mareane for the think they an win every game.
i e a su elp, he shal speak oum. Clean sports can't title September 15th. but it looks like a seven won .
bv e aay frtem i It urged Mareftno to stay three lost season."

e's never a man left on base. A pinch-hit ter can't a hasty, I
n't refer to the boy friend's attitude. The s portaminded young
ngs In the stadium spotlights as.wal as th e men. And it's no
gue of four'te playn real ha bhll. \They're stenographe
careers, attract from all ovr# the U. iS. and Canada through]
.. Lilan Carri the girl getting the hit In the top photo.
icislon of Bob Banderson. Joanne Winter can't resist combli
at bat, photo at i ,
ja- -.' iiL"

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1:00. 2:45. 4


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wokoke-arIMI "

and they do their share of umpire baiting.. k.


)PPED.-Tugo Portuguez wa
10-round fight with Moses V
Costa Rican middleweight hai

t the a
In the

William Holder in,.
"Escape From Fort lrgo'
Robert Norton, it .

Lnft rXwl

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Dul ies P, ror~

S- ..... Filipinos A

an Against Aggression
"iL e the people know the trA m4 an. the country is safe" -'Abraham Lincoln. 0.o.---
4 .MANILA Sept. 4 (UP) Sec tary hqnors upon arrival,
Yy of State John, oater Dull- weary a tr his long fW from
es, Raured. the Philiplpis today the Unite4d atns.A,. mlltary
h- at thTp UnitedS ates would bandPl iiaSi nd a 1"t- lute
a t should this country ever be boomed.

a ying Tempers, C lashismg Pn s .nrs-a be -
9 d, the Unitedtates and tAheSPhil- nor O". ?nt the
ip'~ i- plnes opened this morning, two wife of Prdent Carlos
before he start of the Gar, Gt. d ts. Carlos
Southeast Asia defense confer- Romulo others.
ence on Monday. After wig the honor
"If the Ph li pp nes.were at-F ard Dull .drove into Manila
Stacked, theUted States would ith Rau Manglapus, Philippine
act immedi ely-," Dulles said. foreign uundpr9 ptauy. IWe was
"The e nf the United expet-d .to 8 4- teUitent Ramon
t Sept. 4 (UP)-Fray- special meet e 01of NA TO rived In London from Germany, His earliernt protest a- stores or r .t. der Stt n .
threats ened today to sidetrack Canada a seat at the talks. West in this troubled hour, I ashim mediately broght charges invasion by Communist aggrea- W Mto the United -
t"iftamatf a.nd arkable u-s .an mea h wo oe 8 Te .Barai A "In the casA the Philippines, stand that = A Or pcin Autop e W
sap en and anger h plan ca he was more 6. The British foreign office enauer was Intervening i no specltic ors are required, goaranteskg and peoapt ac- to Waahlton5 paper f
i Fre rejection of the Eu- Interested an $ A.ite- announced Prime Minister Win- French affairs. Our forces would autopiatcally tlon agabt y agressio.
tpea Communit fig- pated Europ d On Churchill had sent a "per- In a radio speech to his na- react."
Soently talks in in West .r- sonal message of "sympathy tion the 78-year-old supporter Dulles' statement ought to .
srndp capitals- were an al- ship In NATO. l tal o and encouragement' to Adeiiau of European uni ty also renewed fs tht
f replBtavor might ondoners All rut Up Over Topters
ternative plan was sought. favors ZDC by: r ng- er The spokesman did not know his demand for full German Uited States sln rnot come o
Here are the latest develop-+ Ing Germany into the northh At- whether a similar message was sovereignty. But he said his gov- to this country's aid If It were
etlantic alliance. sent to Mendes-France. ernment was prepared to re- attacked..... P
Meanwhile in Bonn, Addhauer nounce part of these rights vol- The military talks were almeO
"I. West German Chancellor -tThe mili ta gra nted were.aim
1. West German Chancellor -'rnce sat tlglt on a .4l- predicted "the European De- untarily once they are granted at ettin a guarantee of auto-
Konrad Adeauer charged with terni to ED she sense Community will come Adenauer said that in the in- matic assistance from the U.S.
S ttraordinary bluntness in an conceived 'and wth true" in one form or another. terest of peace it was necessary case of aggression against the
interview that French Premier a resulting o uro- He offered German "national that Germany contribute to Philippines.
4endts-France "wanted to de- pean defense 4 forces" for any E irmopean army. Western defense "without any In reassuring the Filipinos.
tr'Zoy EDCW." Adenaer also de- 5. Sen. Alex .- Adenauer spoke against a discrimination against her. Dull" a
elaed Mendes-Prance "has no Wis.), chalirm th background of growing .itt t. "The federal republi will al-
ma rity behind him." Forign Rela between France ard de ways be prepare tontegrate "ontheoffe United States could
|. Canada, a member 0o the declared- ,Z7air that threatened the her national- forces nto alu- pints of its choosing."
British Commonwealth, differ- has got to oa whole A1O alliance. ropean army, such as oelgium, Ainy U.~. help would be given
ed with the 1BrUith sugges- Holland, Italy, Lu ze bourg a under ter-s of the Plhulppine-
on fweror .al ens eght- -as we p-raneo e AmericaL mutual defense pact.
0ower european denge con- gid* This provides that the U.S. will
erence. The Casdan govern- Te referee to "sfonal consider an attack on the Philip-
Pant psed instead for athe n" stunned obre ier o a i nes a threat to-Its own securi-
P*tted States proposal for a tg Io thih nb ehet. h A
Bont.fTkDC'wCas enttaaged y.In such anteeent, the U.b.
buFrance loguard 1et a wold take action In accord-
German forces onl o A 4e atement,
Sill iggn omman4.l n al Phid lIppIne levie president and
+ ,~ p\y~ "~ *. cforeigng ac retar Carlos P. 1 "'

'Te ret. Thisg-atortic pla of rola Ind2leteiot cus OFF 1 OR LONDON TOWN: Helicopters hover oer a Lo dn a be for central
European unification cannot veram a ke to have Londn-where they raise a racket that stops the ,0use o Commons pa they fl the Thames.
killed b the vote on the proce- ore dfi lnd "strong"
T OWNN. Y.e lon-ra (p du oII f t\aohe ZDC omftment o U.S. gd..
tredd by o the d" ,l A c
AW Muska hE s been digging n- trat on te ahT Ye a CELoncia wasd ctedto p'r b er oo ot -ll n the r ew
_ r ny yet ol h ias obeen d 1941.g a Inde, tt ndr0.a tone oNthxers-we ift h s "lre h nt, 4 9000 e a .ri he U e. s att e II)ule
hle for 13 years, and he's not e feoe hen taoto 'prsn ,irhhel dudo thedhll-hrrnao

oreu tha ,0 te o dig r Wh(heepl.n t nn a a m e es hi p do-b ea set hod/ de t do wn t rn r h toA h e url
hol a's ho e cis to feet ea li an ar n e olith ...hno t al 'on theothe XJeStts heh ic.ohehve

Ssow, and every day-ot gesn aof onDullesaad last night o l his ylaii aon wth the electric plnW, ahdeieof London's largest,
t 6 te radr the ohn o er. os the ol r e m I Im n Patients at St. Thomas hs- ti e business.
outdtarrival here .-for the Southeastr ht bu l aet, h t ee r ic ltha b thoLo e ,
eepr.Somewhere at the wttoTame p Women'hereforthein e as lghtbulb,sthe telephone and the grolm a idncore the march Fther o, p he helicopter
ahin hl f r r~ seoal curity conference he Ws Ste aenine progress. of t future will be ber an
ftoCnf ?Udent "W sall. ftnd away For ever since London's fi.t nosier,.duetolnreased ,t
n r e l i To U) to ontlbuten tothefreedomand helicopter alrpott wu opened on This of LoAdom County Has delivered at take-off and
inirotolhim oinb te independenceof others.e the Thames life han'taeen quite 9 000 emlobe, who haven't yet throu t
since then Musk. has,.paid I Md. ."m Dulla s fos tpd the a, tasne dales-the same. In fact, It'A been hell- adjusted to lhehelli-hurry e
Sret a a pa t'snotthatanyoneobjectsto windows to the helicopter enoughinth there have beenOhints
th atrone downch thouighis 4let .. ...h xlu i ycm oraiao mei pt tnthtaoebcshi ntfEuropean, mrandAsanetn lino t t trp s in re da
of oll, R 0 feet of limestone, 00f A r of seer elect -music' by te01a ane A flym eSbeaters a.s such, It's the land. thatadverters would ll to
of$mydgranite, gfet teWes .. i..nfernal noise-like a pneumatic &For having diasuptedlife along hover Over the roof-tgdPS to fre
black genre d atwthteegan itee. .e.1hee ciremreesoehift want o strong road drill at roof-top level.Tead toea
iacr granite, green rante, aaudaenilfty.. agruemepeterquick -
oethsebe gone 100 or so afeetd Um ay eof Omunt hoe'r pwhatneco ams drnwheng a9 ua e land. w Ot step 0
SP re d Tables0seop e n-AmTerh s YthTrmes:
o. fP i.nfors to tion in a nutes in rvel time from far disttr when a politician
u t wooh at lob tos try s In. Floyd Jy DLofeial, mes lof "e mod Ta e At the first fUpIump p ndnA rt to cent ma have himself lowered i
Crll, eef Pulask the. lofWomen. Some ofthe most D le wpas cd nttheir lda in oa ate r non chair to a point just out
"W'' stay here until they tell outstanding artists In Panama nes helicopter blade heads ate r lse4 l that bOOdy noemut of tato rae to harangue the
x '.ot" Crandal said as his will take part oin t his event. The in m ouse of Comoui, speak ters a janitor the House of ver, a practice already put to
rs o singe into a l er .Mo c evioiner eeo stop dead in-their traksp, the Commons,. "s tBat fOUrr rich u by some U.S. candidates
ewite. a Iatold Mr, uska veoeoinp plyse ralr dnumbers;.- o he ts dese wonder on their faces givnwayine afor
rto l~l I r nso e le capping equi0 wip- *l layers; m nxnpo t e rree.nsrd bl e of r tello''
e n as posible, beuse a Thhhouni flute.virtuoto Eduardo obEW YORK (UP)-Tapoof te suppresuerage, their first cocktailsat 5 o'clockin-
in t te granite is where we Ch aI n tSe r Jr. will alyo take s e, Iuc pil "steindy"hertiste d of 5:31) W6o61t
,se-o I la ou, into aid., .the g."... P olotas well a tho e renowned, many years, take on new taste ami- Itwle mo L "oLet 'em tanrke ,rddp motor Tke
u sreduf d orar ailr oad na omhone Federi co Jimeno and peal when prepared this way. a" c iM coach Let 'emt slae a b ok
Mu orks... hilo .ingn D. ., concert pianist Prof. Hans Jano- Combine 4 tablespoons of quick- w n c ol or think noble thoughts"
S 10 o f wiWe a o W h Vodng tpioca, cupo' hsiarh kmes pa d-- For AnSwer
__________J__" lThis high-qualityartisticeevent do sh of salt and 2 cupS Of in iiiiOI'D a B.tthe helicop wt-
___J _________ E ..- Is part of olumbus )ayI" c, e idm or bottled.ppl, !juice. Cook out Its iiu... .... =I= Duke o AU ,M(P-Sm
rEREScm en lon. on O. TWIST .to-* aturre'sfrequent .freaks- bratl and for this r eason the Ba haieeoan, stirr-n over me- e rdenta d i nL Ednburg l f
lms Made In a buna mmh IM whichhbs to be growing out of numbersin the pbrog m wC ll t hat t tetlue omes Adlo t v vr England in hover planes Maine's fish and am depart
hthe ti tree Whhichino'to a banana tree. Th excsive chosen rs y con- o o i. emov fromeat, cA t-"LL a off from the Lrounds of ment has losd Its file a sal-
derground Buckzines mnonuthetwarm ofarketnewitcomanmeesitallytopotect m- 14 b Oimes fomhea rchktEgnure.
I he uid isno hcur osy. otn o to doh far fon carnacon posers of t the American cons- o stiragin after 1 minutes, p. Arae Ls Coaf =t) kn m Paace.t
irRaid Prold lonr l eGonzGalepn .s irgal. Cnent oer. and .hille. I Mnea e d-.(uP)- _sed nthusiat re tst jw tag as rt a stud of fish
1o R 1- c e r- (Un -. Kea st yar a -s .n. wn n o J.. Carlos YW hite g Oaksmse t w een rLo doon arlsutet- T e s l n as ug t y i h
-oe" ,A a a t ir a l. Odnnex oor kinderga n and m, ,Brussels willm-, Im nfu i e ntemt
N ethisercontwolrhof i firtade oad nno using 30-pe;ng;r-At It scaled three--ant-o a
,aM a I arrom om ,,an ned AmerIc9dSirth
s0t d hnswe wease canf h -,w a np.t redor thre i st time, th
1e".Idnms are the longlranget I sa i' UNA II o 11 n tot. Y alt rl taescribe the new shol in

nai sohopuldtedthIeshor t Ye:l-'eo spioe erootdd-s. rit the s burobae n e .o moneit a n te
u l&o ritienann oftheeplce Ip"ltt's out of.c thheoo weao.rit- auction o_ a p .tio or

oty ge onstuct.sion in could be told IeaI. Wen te A- ainsnhe to expect tno- erv i th-er isre th newen cnme besieet mis their t e rs ea-.

.. nf or-pac e A an -- a rsa stsr. "o as t l' t e
ro0cipotion Urged and Plans to b astorm o t thing we have to ea... *ty f Natlwa. C C t Modifiers aU
-+ of the 48 states dur ng the copo- most e the current diffacutie mader oo stwp intMac p -* .
- hr- community participa- ng year, usg local Legion pots EAORN COIN8: "When with some of ouraldlies that tes, however. I D
- tn first "Veterans Day" as his platform for helping to e of yor partners begin to national sentiment will become t I i
t of the nation se the public an UMT. drop by the way..." strongly holationlst," he says. "The Legion is foundd on e
tbhePanr II- wana urged 'Tle tmpat way to Saoid the ideas of democracy and each VERMILLION. D. -(UP)-
the Panama Canal Be's the seead Air Force vet- Te. He. was born In Maybelle, this l tokee the p c better pt and state departmt Is Dr. Sherwood Cunrings, an BUg-
f the Disabled Ameri- eran to head the Legion and Tex.,. n 1912 and has two young informed n just is gong enttiled to take any action it l ps at the Ifveity of I
ans as it calleon civ- the first to come from the New children. He's a gnial man and on M d just what .t S fit on any matter which uo utk ota.,has anMenal way
o to begin planning Mexico area. His home is Las ag i cellent speaker. o goals.are int e aes it." m M. j htadeat the s .
..r.C the evnt. Cruces, N.M., where hUe basnj-es e _w -110 0" !f -i.t.ders t* .ia
Recommendation of the Interests include an Insurance In the pa year the Legion eft gw y'a matter of met p a atenee.e
S(C. Valentine), Coun- agency. a coabtructeM firm, a has been In a battle with the C 111 Is also. eea r concern to tie Leg D. teae bhastuldentalthsesMo JUST t
the local chapter, sad lumber yard and a real Mstate AtA .eaa Medical Association wkh ma-t t the Sal the gOe1tmtt t .ae. "R .., th.ath owd ata -.pB
passed a bill that Was company. ell-offifancial- otmbeaf giving we- er U.S. et g its veterans o- aip t at hat .si sW
the President -ly, but Olde. n tIe at ma of- usa lre each u
b* 'Armistice Dar" oto -ar Collins ,ot Danniel l V l r as andi lgmi sum mt
SDNa." Baker WMro%0wnwodPAW &s-ita. Its u gat o
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Forget Your Number?

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Playing Witb Numb rs
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GA.' Your Tongue wa rt
R ,BA% rapidly aluud wt"huut togue Ip4;
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Magic Colorrap I
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maLS tesutity. 8
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i port of torse t
o twberd Ithe book of R

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rW O Mf
the Aamonitee
13. 46 lafest

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T0-LT Oe t0Me who eamo to be
with David wwr Aked t
*wn Io what a?

i da- VITIWAL -I
*ela- 1-Bibliteal word of ooateMpI
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IAsts wh*or Sewds 'st*'
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are a*"7

M-The dtughhr o< Mihb were
to be at at tords of what
rI-Dver? oLs. 1& )
57-Greet Wks.
8-Dy" for mid"

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U-Prior, m toUs.
l7-,rork lettr.

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Ready Men?
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AS a clue to MO D ue. Ute UWls
letter" MN are giveo sad 5 ms
pouitUo n MeOb word iW isaos
heated whue j e mmuitg letter
are repreRpted by dot. Can yup
lu tw A t* U words? The. lIr
go. MEN1

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- '------~--~;- -"' --

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L ('<* *
1t ,^d




PART OF A CROWD of more than 100.000 persons parades through the street, of Seoul
in a government-sponsored mass demonstration against the projected withdrawal of four
American combat divisions from Korea. Here some high school students march with signs.
IT I.. A k ek -


HEY, KATIE, TAKE IT EASYI Can that be sophisticated star Katharine Hepburn taking a flop into the drink? It Is. Her fault was na accident. though.
It's for a sequence in a movie in Vehice. She fell into one of the canals (left) and then had to shake some of the water out of her costume (right), _

1 4,

i ^ 1. .' "



G QUEENS (movie) and a joker might be an appropriate title for this photo. Maii-
ilb e (right), pinup queen, visits Merle Oberon on the Hollywood lot wheeic she
9y"ng l Napoleon's Queen Josephine. Director Henry Koster seems to be the joker heie.
*k .- ..-- .. ..- e..-. --

HOW'S THIS for a serene.picture of mother love? The Here-
d rof family is out for a jaunt on farm in Cordell, Okla.

RIDERS REST NEAR the Continental Divide basin rendezvous center for trappers And
Indians back in 1825. Today it is a spot where businessmen like these forget their cares.


MOST MEN, when they retire, try to take it easy, but not 75-year-old George Eagar,
who serves as a forest ranger in the Seventh Lake area of the Adirondacks. George'
a relined electrical engineer, and his wife live in a comfortable tent in the woods.. They
use oil lamp.- for illumination and wood for fuel. They keep in touch with the -out.ide
.-orld" with a battery-powered radio. George goes into town twice a week to pick up
mail and provisions. His duties include helping campers find sites, checking to see that
fiDr aic out and enforcing sanitation rules. When he isn't working, Geolge goes fishing.
iijgB Al /ii ., I. ..

Serle isnst mak-
director on his *
show, but just : -
16 to sight* at Las Vegas. FMn? kr e ftoffee emw u aslw-burning wood fire.

a ~La iQP

r. S* *

The Egors disevss what te ySt kewn sire. This Oi ore's rangw h*odgqu rsn d
'^.5.l*w Me'e*

Eoger gto exrfiseu md fool by sowing weed aee e tei.

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ANAHiA, 3 1. FWNIMAT, SWITMUR 5, 954 1

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Up L.o Run. )


'ew Of The

-o- o
ONE Wi OF defense has caved in and an- TH M i CHEDULED for tonight at Co
other must be found quickly to protect Western 16n Arna between lathmisan ftherweight -
Europe. That to the immediate reaction of Washing- pioif a" lyde "baby Plac' of Triidad was
ton to' the collapse of the European Defense Commu- called off by the Coldn Bo* ng. Co0umito.g when W
nity. The administration is stressing that it does not Dani4 failed to pass a special tst or the benefit of I
consider the French Assembly's defeat of EDC as the the Commisi on.
end of the road toward a united defense Western Eu- Daniels showed- "nothing" against lightweight Car-
p- los Watson during two rounds of waltaing. Te Cqm- t
President Eisenhower lost no time in assuring the mialos then called on amateur feat erweig El Her- i
free;world that the United States government will not bert-DOugga, youngest brother -of one-m e n
slacken its efforts to discover a new formula that will Young Finn gao. Douglas tb floored oan
be acceptable to all concerned. alter administering a thorough lickin to the vilt,. 1
... The Col6n commission Imediately cancelled the proN-';
No one in official Washingtop however, is conceal- gram. .
Ing the fact that the end of k Is- a big blow to A- o -0-- "
merlcdn foreign policy. No one, either, pretends that Featherweight Tommy Collins continued his come-'":
tne task of finding an effective substitute will be at back Monday by. making good on a promise to knock t
all easy. As of now. it looks as if the only answer will out little-known Johnny Lemmons. v
be to bring Western Germany into the North Atlan- Calllns kayoed Lemmons at. tWO minutes and 51
tic Treaty Organization or into some variation of seconds of the second round after landing a right
NATO. hook, a left and a right to thechin. Collins is best re- e
Smembered for his losing fight with Jommy Carter f
The new Western European defense set-up what- which Carter floored him 10 times.
ever phape it takes will have to be bolstered by o. a
British and American fo r c e s. That's the only way Light heavyweight Bob Satterfield put an end to
France can feel sure that it will not be entering a Frnnkle Daniels' taunts Monday night by winning a
coalition dominated by German troops. technical knockout in ite seventh round. a
One- thing is clear. The essential significahceof the Daniels annoyed Satterfield by dancing around him .
collapse of EDC Is that the word "coalition" has re- and calling 'come on and fight." Satterfield finally m
placed the words! "international army" in the think- moved in and floored Daniels with a hard left to the t
Ing of free world leaders. And as all experts agree, a body and a flurry Of blows to the head. Daniels, his-
coalition is a more difficult and unwidely vehicle to smile gone, struggled to his feet at the count of-
handle than a single integrated military force. "nine" but was too groggy to-continue. Referee At
-- 0 Beri stopped the bout at two minutes and 44 seconds e
Chinese. Communists have bombarded the two Na- of the seventtr and awarded Satterfield a TXO. '
tionalist Islands near the China Mainland. Satterfldl weighed .78 pounds... Daniels 178. l
The Reds.'aimed artillery fire and mortars at Que- -nercan League Pres..dn -'wnlom arridge ined t
moy and Little Quemoy, a few miles off th- coast. But, pitchericans Steve Grme of erolt und Marion Frickno e
deei se officials In Wash in gtonP ay.I t'sna "nothing oligh wh start-
got excited about." They, ,say the< i"opbn, iy t "prnoba ed when Frlicano hite rome with a pitch. Haride e
S salute" to nthe anti-Co munist Southeas Asia Con- a as he has recano it ved reports fthr a pitc. arrgea
.le.nce opening in Manila thi..we .a etlso -ays he-had ree ved reports from umpires n cthag- RE
Ingnc opening in Manila thi Fricano with in Harridge's words deber-
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles arriving ately throwing at the batters. ,
for the Pacific Conference in Manila has expressed A Philade hi Iietis has withdrawn his of
confidence that, in his words, "we shall find a- way fer' to buy the Athletics'..n
to contribute to the freedom and independence of Ve2e n ay hoe ar o
others." pulls plans talks with Philippines- oikcials Matthe eS asa oerw mad 'ev tr
before the conference opens Monday. weeks ago has been rejected and .he no longer is mn-
Defn-- e Comniypn .T Fe n terested. McCloskey says he and Paul Harron, owner
Premier Mendei-Francc pputs oh his foreign min- of a Philadelphia radio station (WIBO), offered $530,- a
Sister's hat.., and goes to New York City this month. 000 for 315 voting hiares tnhe club. The arrange-
One policeman goesijment calledd for. McClorkeys a bepresident of the new .
The French premier says he will attend the United management but the A's turned down the proposal.
Nations General Assembly session-acting as his own McCloskey says I do not intend making any new i
foreign minister. Paris sources say one purpose of the offers"- tI
trip will be to consult on a substitute for the European vice president ROY Mack says he hopes folks stop
embens kille nity plan. The French National As- speculating about the A's. Roy says conflicting rumors
sembly killed it last Monday. are only hurting his efforts to keep the A's in Phila-
Pickets fought police in Detroit depha. "Therp is nothing definite yet,' says Mack, w
One policeman was injured and two were knocked so none of the stories is true."
to the ground as 300 pickets tried o prevent 100 reg- The McClokey announcement lead observers to be
ular employes and 40 newly-hired workers from go lieve the A's will accept the Kansas City offer.
ing to work at the square "D" plant. Some 15-hundred 0 -
memnibers of the independent United Electrical 'Work- A Canadian-born hardbootbecame the fourth ock- e
ers struck on June 15th in a wage dispute. Union lead. ey In turf history to win three thousand or more races. in
ers also refused to approve what they call an "iron- Ted Atkinson hit number three thousand in the
clad no-strike" clause. third race Wednesday at Aqueduct when he won with
a horse named "Devastation." The only o t h e r s to b
The compare y announced a back-to-work move this reach 'or pass the magic three-thousand win m ark
post week the first such move to take place during are the now retired Sir Gordon Richards, Johnny tr
a strike in recent Detroit history. A company spokes- Longden and E ddle Arcaro.
man said he is convinced the strike is "Communiset The Queens County Jockey Club will present Atkin-
activity" because of what he calls "the appearance in son with a trophy. e
(the) plant of a notorious Communist." He said the t
company is studying possible legal action to end the A virus infection contracted by welterweight cham-
UE's jurisdiction. The union was ousted from the CIO pon Kid Gaviln forced an indefinite postponement
-for alleged Communist domination In 1949. of his title bout with Johnny Saxton. da
Searchers have foun4 five bodies in the wreek- .Gavilan was scheduled to fight Saxton Wednesday
age Of a fish and wildlife service plane that nightat Philadelphia. ButtheKd'smanager-An-
crashed on Admiralty Island, Alaska, Wednesday. gel L6pez says doctors have advised against It. The E
One of the six persons aboard survived and was doctors say that Gaviln suffering from a 101 de- u
rescued by plane Friday. agree and a swelling near his left ear won't be able
0o to fight for more than one month. eC
Eleven-yearrold Patricia Brewer chose her mother Lopez mt ade the announcement following a two- R
for her birthday present Friday. hour get together between the promoters. Pennsylva- b,
Behind that deci4.n is this siory. nia's three boxing commissioners, and Saxton's man- et
Pat was taken to live in Cincinnati with her pater- ager, Blinky Palermo. a
nal grandmother Mrs. Josephine Jordan when w
the little girl was only nine-months old. But her L6nez says GavilAn first showed the trace of iltl-
mother Mrs. Eimo.,Pinkcrion recently asked to ness Tuecday morning. but did seven rounds to limber
her daughter returcd. A Cie:nnati judge told Pat be-fore. The 28-year-old Cuban champ was supposed w
she would hve to decide between her mother andw up. T
to have fought July .14. but begged off because Mh
Friday was the day. before going into the judge's laimrned an injured right hand had not yet completely
chambers, Prt rld "If I'd go to Texas. I'd tIe with healed.
niv mother and don't you think that's where a child U0ah haweght Re yelmber anot r notch
A few riinute-n la er. she acted on that bit of chil- on the comeback ladder by winning a unanimoous 1-
0ioh wisdom. Sli chos" her motmler and now will round deiohon overt Cluck Woodworth, a student o
travel to Texas, to be "where a child belongs." Brigamh Young University.
The execi tive vice prme dent of the American News- Layne. who entered the ring atw208 pounds aadteWe-
paner Guildsfavs in a E 'ement th-t Commlnfsm has heivy favorite and Ilved up tois'advance billig.t
not been an Issue in the Guld rin-'e 191. when a fie piled up an impressive leadduring the firs
lef'-wing nr.tional adminis ration was voted out of eteht rounds with stinging left jabs and overhand
office. rrphtIt s, e
oflce. "Woodworth, who had to give .up 28 pounds to his
R.iah Novak ss there are nn Comn mnl-ts or fel- larger ropponentjust was not strong enough to handlee lo
low travellers retive in the GulLd' n."'c-v amini- Lane's bull-like ruslft- In
traction or ite tlh euminlste'-tion of any of the locals There were eo k tnrck owna. h-
governing the 26-thousand members. Lavne' tireduring the final two rounds and Wood
worth. a Jop i. edf ighter, aO red repeatedly
Also. Novak snys the nrainlba'ilon is not attempting with a4 strong left TIok, C- e'
to interfere with the right of any publisher to pub- More than elhttho nd f crowded the out-
"All we d" he avi "Is to nrotect our members and' door arena at West Jordan ofr the-scrap that wisblU-
to seek better worlfng bonditlofis."' ed for41se intermountain heavyweight cb44pfoAsb p.*
-- o -- U
British Laborlte Aneurin' BevAn told a crowd of posed -outheast Asian treaty conference against bom- t
three-thousand Japanese socialists in Tokyo that munism which opens in Manila Monday.- v
world problems "nnot he solved by wllit'-ry alliances H said the mission of the Labor Party's delegation te
fo' what he n" ed "H-bomb arbitration." to Moscow and Pelping to aimed at prqinatiing*peacc- -
-,?r1 "t'P- a pr4epresentgty-rafaA ttjypg- ;ttf -plte n y-smorn all. the- .tit..&'J.. the world." i

We k


area upon rterest when they are elgible.
d dependent.r

vacatlons. .
.Kplea Who travel toe tblh state via Ri tee,
ether c tal boat or plane, *il. 5_l helt
ares upon when they are .

None of the military servicess had yet reedvd word
as to when ot how teemplees will be lien t0
ame privileges as those of the Panama Ga M Op.
Where the funds were coming from w re
gained a mystery until the law could be ply in- :
erpreted in Washington.

Although the five per cent pay raise for iment
mployes .was vetoed by the President were .
hruwn a bone with the pleasing of rn eft
igislatiqp. This measUre was designed to eralie
overtime Wage sale% add 150 "supergrade" Jobs in
he $11,000 to $14806 per annum salary md, and
nodify the Whitten rider. The latter ly re-
tricted the number of persons
dby the federal government 6 .pe16tsl.
nd now 35M0 00 permanent job opening wfl made.
Two important "first&" were .ga the first
V September.
The Canal Co. annournce the
peratlon of Hotel Washlgof which had s
o Iwvetslones Motta, 8 r eight mey
I. Hamiltln of the Tivo en name r.
The Coco solo Hospital was taken over an-
mi Canal In a forinal-transfer on.-iis
n keeping with the ordered ospltal It .
was anticipated that it would take alM -weeks
o ready the Navy. hospital lte an talent
oad. Meanwhile Col6n Hospital con opera-
ion until all the alterations have been completed.
Before school starts this week. teebers wwere
given the glad tidings they were given pay pisu.
Governor Seybold announced he had a vved
the application of the th final phift,o1 r
pay scheiiuluea ftPml ZoIse tihers whi them
on a par W., tVW4Asbf g on. D.C.
Canal 86e s w gVetting ready to receive an
extra 500-" t a a year as an increased entoll-
ent was kntIcpa..-
Registration fo' tuition and nqn-tuitlon students
begins Wdne i d continues through to Friday.
Sever nes have been made in the school dis-
ilctt ,'aiWilfl on the Pacific side.
-- o- o .- +:*
A Coldn Hospital doctor, William S. Smith, riquest- -
d an air search for a smnalf boat of his .whlw was.
e reported, six days overdue at Its destl on of
rand Cayman Island. with three men aboar r
Three rescue planes from Albrook searched for three
ays the area in which the boat was last 'een. but
aet with no success. The mission was called off when
cheek wfth residents of Old Providence Island re-
ealed that the skipper of the craft.( Capt. James
banks. was considered to be an expert seaman who
usually takes his. time in. reaching his destination. L
A successful mission was carried out when a Royal "
anadlan "mountle" was evacuated from his ship St. -'
och which was 45 mlle. eouth of the Pacific border
etweeO Costa Rica and 1NIC gua. The young mount-
1 police constable, S. O. Jennn was suffering from
a infection and was in good condition at Gorgas
here he was transferred from the plane.
The first polio patient within the I ast few weeks
as admitte*4 to Gorgas Hospital witht light ease.
he victim' -Is an eight-year-old Amerlian boy who
ves in Cool.- *
On the other side of the boundary lve. m puir-
ed a new' aeUig _teIdenl when Don R arde
Aritas, 11 vhis-aroeuWent, wto 6wem *n annms -
dent for wat wetekWurati di ibE o f -|
Presiderntvice o whPis ta eorge sWeIsS We
he disewsmat, hW T t t
ta Band:oeiem/ atlon wh h fta Pee ,if
ftaftw e I* jai fM Age wwv \u e XH- f i
Its ladependenee In 198 .
Befo taking his approved leave, Rem6n annornc-
i he was acting to end racial discrimination in the
insular service of PanamA. George Westerman, as
eal newsman, had brought to his attention several
stances of discrimination which PanamA's President
as promised to correct. The most recent complaint
Lade known Involved Dr Harold L. Edgehll of the 1
esideie' *taff of the *oix Ameriean Adinistration
ospit* who traveled here with his wife and daugh-
Two Panamanian tcachezhave been awarded six-
>onth grants to stilty1Wnced tecinnqweBIn the
nitqd S8Ates. The all-expAe ellowshls wee given
o Luls C. PII. an. 4nllsh teacher at the Pe=lx O '
aresIHlith School at David, and Nicanor Mard wi
aches Ehglish at the PanamA City Bgrh Schojl
Aanal Arts. They are expected to depart for
: -- -- --rtmaSi

*-, '<
* 4
"**"' ^'^


RWBB 'Ni^W ^a~^fW".'-


STHS IS FUN?- You'd nevwe know It from thbl*J el xpreeG .
a. ,butm ir r. p. e lox lade on the
a re lifted by cable te to towd et a0 fot befabove the ground Te
I edeae ts tripped and they plummet 30 feet before the parachute
opens to hyeak the (al

0 U LE IP HADACHES-Altouh she's allergicl Jo money.
, Schrak, Oni4eb., claims that money is not the
rot of aS evil as far as he conceirned. Working as I cashier
19 year ago she learned she couldn't handle money without
Setting "Ithey GMera." Neot, she developed an allergy to sun-
shfie and end It-l'cut to avoid the sun. Now she's confined
Sa hospital with a heart ailment-she's diso allergic to the

uTHi M8E tadeit erd L"eW" left,
l no r Gnrer, th t perfume-scented papers
I, an attempt to idmtly different )rands. It's all prt of the
examniation required S o graduasteo rom the Frankfust (Ge-*
many) Institute a Cm.nUcs.

PP4mAY fr~aeR?

~, 1W


*M a

,-^--^ ------ -y^- ------ *--^ -----

S 9 --- -

vz, avoo
--. 4- I --s -1

^- --- --g- --- --- ^ --- -----T ---

.--.-..-. .- m 1"- -
--"--- f-- -- ~

-- 1o 1
i ,__ 5 1. ___ _- .-_ S

t3-- r5- -- 7----- ^- -
;s i..... "ii l.= _




for em -
(vark) .
46-Size of

68-Make a..
60-For each
r oot
grass for

i singers
88-Cap "

or clay
of wheel
126-A ship
127-O- a

c salmon
6-Antelope .
7--t is
17-Blow a
ment in-
'by fraud

ing In
60-Title of
novel by
* R1chtrd.
62-A hike
67-Coal dis-
priest of
73-Go in
(poetic I

of heat
100 -A protu.


For the Best in Fotos & Features

...It's The Sunday American

fsiK Jl J ,AU& j jA6

_ *: .

u:nmr HMA roi'Jijjiii-iMir~im YIuam rE-M .M IIrvmr7-jl.^'|li~j ^u

I--- y- Ct1j~~t. t'zk 1

m "lJ

w i

Ma I -.


o "a ^^ L "Umlems 'omll

m vor m m A m a n4 .e&
. -.... e .. .


By Louise Bogon
Women "have po wilderness In them,
They are provident instead
Content in the light hot cee of their hearts
0'o eat dusty bread.
They do not we cattle cropping red winter grass,
23WY do not hear
Snow water going down under culverts
Shallow and clear..
Tley walt, when they should turn to Journeys,
Tey stifen, when they should bend.
They use against themselves that benevolence
which no man la friend.
bey cannot think of so many crops to a field
Or of clean wood cleft by an ax.
Their love is ;an Oager meaninglessness
Too tense, or, too lax, -
They hear in' very whisper that speaks to them
A shout and a ory.
As like as not, when they take life over their deor-sill
They should let it ,go by.



O God; In the dream the terrible horse began
To paw at the air, and make for me with his blows.
Fear kept for thirty-five years poured through his mane,
And retribution equally old, or nearly, breathed through his
Coward complete,; I lay and wept on the ground
When some strong creature appeared, and leapt favor the re
Another woman, as I lay half In a sound
Leapt in the air. and clutched at the leather and chain.
Give him, she said, something of yours as a charm.
Throw hikn, she said, some poor thing you alone claim.
No, no I cried, hlie hates me; he's out for harm,
And whether I yield or not, it Ui all the same.
-But, like a lion in a legend, when I flung the glove
Pulled Irmra my swea Rtg, my cold right hand,
* The terrible beast, thla no one may understand,
Came to my side, and' wl~adown his head in love.



(I) I do not wish to know
The depths of your terrible jungle:
From what nest your leolord leaps
Or what sterile lianas are at once your serpents' disguise
Tam the dweller on the temperate threshold
%lhe strip of corn and vine,
Where all is translucence (the light),
I4quidtyand the sound of water.
Here the Mlays pass under shade
And the nights have the waxing and the waning moo
Here the wths take flight at evening; I
Here at mornnfig the dove whistles and the pigeons c
Here, as night comes on, the fireflies wink and snap
Close to the cool ground.
Shinnag in a profusion
Celestial or marine.
Here it is never wholly dark but always wholly green,
And the day stains with what seems to be more than tt
What may be more than my flesh.
(II) I have wetb with the spring storm;
-Burned waih the brutal summer.
Now, hearing the wihd and the twanging bow-strings
I know what winter brings.
The hunt sweeps out upon the plain
'And% the- atden darkens.
They will bring the trophies home
To bleed arid perish
,Besldethe trollis- and the lattices,
Beside the fountain, still flinging diamond water.
tWh M isVgM t-sided, like my heart).
(III) All has been translated into treasure:
Weightlets as amber,
Translucent -as the currant on the branch,
Dark as the rose's thorn.
Where ti the shimmer of evil?
This is the shell's Iridescence
And the wild bird's wing.
(IV) lenorant. I took up my burden In the wilderness.
Wise with great wisdom, I shall lay it down upon tflo
SV) Goodbye, goodbye i
Thre was so much to love, I could not, love It all;
I could not love it enough.
Soe things I overlooked, and some I could not find
eITU4 crystal asp them
w-..-4 P, your weIn a#Una.,
T' f/' -*: c.3, '"<"


New York Condentia


Memo to the A.E.C.: I have the hear; t nit'h* paprs ke a t al Businessa Mah es flnaHy
name of a seentist who wants to stor its s h agot claht up with T kester wh
talk about delay and sabotage in an engaged in a was defacing the gs by
the U.&S atomic submarine pro. brawl. End of uo tf g-ai OR T I ..
gram. Says some of it is still go- land. Bobo oc.keeler is Asn g
ng mn. IHas been afraid to that ive-andt.-a-hat lf IEi1-
up because o reprisals agat No, No a Thousand Times No: vault to vault carpeti n
Americans Op leterto Eddie Fisher fan Park Ave. sack ..
Snose. lu--you sa tear up these la- maestro (whatever tiat
You Read It Here First: I mean dards and t away the eryng chael D train ~l l !
the virus that caused Kid Gavilan tower e and Debe aren to play dead at t h6 i
eln. to cancel the bout was11 pounds ready, anyway aceerding to her Meyer Davis, the
overweight. That's a lot of virus. ma who's her back to maestro ... Lepre
S 'wood... etire a
Ston's aget that's Joe Glaser, t es (the td" irM s at
Around the World in New York: him hbe was a rr an a trip Bub Olln's (t rtUred '"r tr")
Tennessee (he rode a street car) around the wer, -L o s re- and she's a gal who has ba
Williams is just agoa over Krista pd: "Are W t iduta g? Every- battles herself (Come now Mew r
Olr. They (I mean e prs o's thee. L's go sme- timer, aly dne day more. Can't
agents)-.tell me she's a TUrksh place else.' you wait?)
beauty. Dines on champ agne a '
lee cream at Hicks, whiis nice No Gossip, N ews, N. NOtb
food i fou can get it ... My is- The 4th Congress: e deMing ag: Louis Amtm, who emash
vorite 'rTr, that's tumy-tosr vote in the nest CC *a0 all aords at a l Str
Nejla Ates (Gezundhelt): s show- comae rOm queens w b .is. cabelet brd the t air raid
ing on the screen in "gla Ric the GOP Is rnmtg State er alrna ad hopped "'I mut be get-
ard and the Crusaersi" and re- Seymour Halpern (the tg old, man. he s that ,eat
hearslg for the f vote-getter of either rt .Y. that can hit a higher a te than
B'way mq leal "Fany, whihState) n a normally se district me?" .. Florence Gibbn.s the
the Times drama deprta ent has Halrn feght the erim y model (aer pa is Temmy GL
been nl.trteted to. refer to s cato P.K. (pre-5Kauvei) i I tuar editor of the aoinag T
Frances.'" ... Zinadad Vihbloky the most eO-1 Sd ww la graph) and Franels Jeaph Easa,
(and yoeow of what Vishnsks) the State. Just what a vet, htebing ... Liable Joe
is causingla local drogbt in bi needs s .. Straw in the wi: Kipess (the cdoak and vui r).
black velvet departme1t-4noping There's at least one Jersey DePm. were. off aneling B'way .,ss
e an, up the Manhattan suppi of ehat orat for McCarthy. That's .T. (even those with petty gals.
Sa pagne and stout. James Tumulty (nephew ot Wil- next venture is a de luxe motel on
son's famous secretary) who's run- uhe Miami Beach front.
The Little Scarletinas: The mis- ning for Congress is Hudson
named American Committee for County. He's been blastedby the Confessions of a Cautious.Cutle;
Cultural Freedom is main to Daily Worker ind the CIO hates The successful gal tells her past
every congressman and seat a him and he is supposed to be a by her presents. (She has a lear
. new hatchet job on Joe. Whose push-over to be elected. conscience because she's got a
putting up the money? ... Re- .. ..poor menor
. mind this quote from the Election weeks; Inth -
Sound Of department of the cur-hu ah e e cCartn
rent American Legion Mag: smear, little being printed about
'Mass and Mainstream,' a Com-. Eaters le.twing w* siph oed .
munist monthly, instructs Reds to into Illinois to eat House Un-
do at in their power to further Aerilean Ativities Chairman
. sun the circulation of four books, in- Velde e wHtpped e t r .candidate
e s eluding (Elmer) Davis' But We i the primary; they're eut
Were ra Free' and Commager a on uemploym.nt irn Peoi to
'Freedom, Loyalty and Disset' beat him in INvehBrbuth a 11
...Praises them for their as- win two too-- and ktr lT"y
sionately expressed abhorrente for America! ....Godhir Pa Scs ,/"
Sthe rprep sive character of Me- Ifamed .sl fighters anw dde-
Carthyism'." -.. When are you bat e mo a bum oh t
"liberals" going to get wise to the H 'arvard L.awSh-a -mo --in
way you're being used, : backing Sn I Mk aT _l. .
HIusbands Ahoy: A17 present ,niUiA. *e
minks are now obsolete so tell O -
your wife to throw hers ..way. The' OWIC O*' DBut Wbt Wioll fl
well dressed woman will be prac-iJOey, A"a bow aj1 M .
tieaty naiae& this Wier s e's re in .e ,
she wears a Ceralean sWftite SA hu le 'ork He a.
(that's sky blue) at 25 grand. Any- helping the chorus gSis. home. (No,
way that's'what IAn Fleischer. n~ot that!I ... Remember Frank
1the theatrical fur designer tels Bessinger who ran Radio FraMnsU,
Ime. (Heck, you can stage an en- OneS the attest Intmeale s~pt l
tire show for that. Town? Ife and Teddy Lane are the I
_hbig draw a their C Ups age.'
Why Dent Tr .ei Us Thes (frank was the irst spa ored
Things: The fo owing ix printed radio act a the ren-ArY, but "he .
|Twithout comment) from the usu- hats 'em out with the m )!
ally anti American Manchester Most dramatic t me e I
(Eng.) Guardian and I outa. Al- year (of, the ,-,Guatemala e- .OnWTh- --.-ina
wer. Aost any American airman, how- UOi) li current .'bt.o g .era tto on a wll om'r
ever peace-loving, if he frequents 'Amual -. Impeceai e l _Ray mou ntted In atbles mmd as
Manchester or Live.pool on Sat- man's Casino-i-the-Park (that's m t, aaat --- -
urday nights, is lible to be iU Jersey City ~hrte the west e-, -'"wn. a -. _" -1
"jumped." Soemetime he may begins) is a great hidew.wey or General MtrT be I -,
pulled into an alleyway, particu Neew Yorkers. I. mt
1 iarl'y if ho is alone. The.'e i thbel n- Mu e lmpm. se
*lsadotN will-r sat oklf he b o e M ...w- S.,smS!
;. ta, .,t j who 1 .<4F Uty'i ka .a .....-
...1 *
_^^ A ^ltic ar j


** M(NBA Tophaoto)
'OPMEATION GLOW' BMONS-The first group of 0M bedies of Unlt.d atibus war dead are
traunserred to UN headquarters at Panmunjon, K ea% m the oeninda of "Operatio Glory."
EBiht Russian-buflt trucks brought back the bodli esf M Amaericas and seven nknownm sel-
de n to the free soU wh th died to defend.



^ pd^BS that it passed an
'It ans=aatr- da 1new iMprOvements the Social
S-Aha. a .pow t r'. c A s gress earn a

J. -V Or uBlnlessr -the retreat is promptly I UMIKBDMO1ON8S
.e_ ,halted.
Neurj WOJSaltWare e rturbed by the

Wh"f 5I5 Labor ham daded in Vain thewit acee a b orntaee
Kg.. W5 AwGTOq W .- Labor hongreas a tse adminta d by the u3rateiB our horizons
Sa 0aw 19K4,U G the American tra for corrective action. We ffid fa or futte Dagtorea. laO wlon t t more ybigb. ias"i running the wor Fki ali,e "Are, shocked by the
**-. ju uit &otl^ ^ aW nay t in in Wahinto-awd doing 4 p e: effectiveness at
J c 5ob. "2 views o labor are oAven e.ey. The AFL
of atw t a .O.l. little ift ay,-conaldent4ah. and tly engaged
down from4 h over. a.WO ft a for o te a tfain reasoa for thly Thids conclulont Ia s amply con- with the free labor movements of
d muri momurd the erpal-mobc *oM L wS v development is the firmed by the record of the 83rd other jand in the fit against
= = aWSt W s s cmsefal operation thusa C res. Labor challenges Pres- comwuni. Tho e Inrna-
Sthe n what Bad ma that o the fwralirg. eem dentEiaenhower's praise of that tonal oderatio of Free Trade '
had between the AFL .re Unions cord. r helped to prevent
T. heyr by gAfter tree months, not a siagb We can find no satisfaction in the Kre HFi froa gaining further
t 'hey1 ^ M *pore Aa ca been referred to the ima. giv6aways of the nation's oil and conquest by subversion or workers
tr ed lb atta on p urtial Tpie. unions in both atomice resources to private exploi- anywhere M the free qorid.
STdt. _t& hu cats in thea tato. day we find that our allies in
dead, ='tsMual I.* A n m h bet aietly letUg f ar people will derive no nour- the free world have lost confidence
was -ef 'b of a o f togheter Setting their organ- ishment from the crumbs they get in the flameft of American lead-
elem Iu w basfew a alationa frnce without much under the new tax-revisialon law ership in international affair s.
ther urb d-"" w out i. W e t ab "-leas W've still g our flagers which grants huge benefits to cor- They arE even succumbing to the
to dth1ey r1 but if b! new era of good portions and wealthy stock inves- fata Illusion of "peaceful coexis-
S;e ei Bid ng ep growag at the pres- tors. tence" with communism. When
M* u zte., *at rate, actual labor unity in Eurojean labot leaders make mis-
S1 America nay be closer than most The complete failure to fulfill aions to Moscow and Peiping and
me vwiw qimw I3 Dunasy did net fma jr the observers anticipate. cam a ledges to remove the shake hands with dictators who
or people who knew peo plewho stratagenm-and other labor lead- unf on- asang provisions of the have im prisoned more than 400B,.-
just to knowL men ers shId take note. Sq *a went There are many significant rea- Taft-Hartley Act is aggravated 000 workers in slave-labor camps,
we were about to expose on the air and. thoroughly and un. sons for this. ase from the no- even further by new administra- we know the cause of free labor
S One of, Pressure cans to mistabably described Mr. Levine. raiding pact. Outside pressures- tive rulings of the Elsenhower-ap- has lost ground.
Steve AlS- came from the mat- economic, political and intern.- pointed majorIty on the National
ager of one of atthe nation'p mos Thenw ra a vrte poit- saw erd to wel the Labor J1bala Board which make Occasloany, people ask us what
g1`a t hnd ins outfat tthe mobs in labor had oncehostie divisions of Amecan the law more oppressive to labor, advantage wou e gained by a
tird eirn' a J o we ers a t 4 lauI d latenabr ainto -rtual alliance on all It is of great concern to us that merger between the AFL and CIO.
S ask *6,to 6 -kt'at u, through t maor lases, Conguess did nothing to improve The answer ia simple. Labor is
maMk e who tr outto a"wns elbio(about efive Malabof r is deeply disturbed the standards of unemployment strong only when it Is united. In
be a r otn ef a m guona r percent a home). We told of the by the slipage in our national compensation, that it failed to my opinion, unification oi the labor
named hC A2Levine, metime as. sewen percent terror tax o hod economy. Adjusting th official raise the minimum wage, that it movement will revive and fortify
soel"ofthe b igme MNob. AN en bysome mob esntrolled unions. figures to the realities, there are completely neglected the urgent the liberal forces in America.
agr t. take the aaWl. reported details of the M,- about 5,000.080 unemployed in need for federal aid-to education -
,l tabor racket take a the action. This means consider- that it dodged the responsibility of (Tomorrow's guest columnist wil
T MbR i gcaller aid it would Na York waterfront, riame which able unnecessary suffering to the enacting fair employment practice be George Jessel.)
be ry aee if the show didn't hft the AL has Lust uMNsuccesafumly
Mr. Lwie wbo a Io bit spent $1,W,ON to wipe out. *
rob, r se geI Isised aa e watching an
_m_ ____Pmafor aan 'Mhter Edson in Washington
theMO% bockIn MeTbir- stick out his jaw and come of age.
I ties W0 W emud make Um
p isabr .emtacta whMn a
astr was eeIg too g. Be UA .) WASHINGTON- (NZA) -There their principal role the keeping of Arabia Egypt and L bla have
was a OW tI feN il i W VI& I s a g great temptation to think that the peace. only vaguest of ties in the
als tel a rly ran everything in the Middle East is Cyprus is agitated by ad inde- Arab League. It $s largely a paper
ion ee t aw h n f a m u tob just dandy, fallowing pendence movement and by an and talking organisation.
a e to thrw."s armat fl rft J E1iewment of the Ira il and A t h e n a-supported campaign fot As explained by Egypt's Prime
cerw h ie -v at-ais Sues Canal luaues on terms suita- ceding. of Cyprus to Greece. Minister Gamal Abd el Nasser,
labw N6 W i ataIanstike M. I. J Ue to the Briatish. The BriUsh-oered new constitu- the Arab League countries have
Abel t wants "' J,.55 Any improvement IL a net gain. tion for an Independent Cyprus agreed that no one of them will
r however, vn was But this partn of the world-aet smacks of d-fashIoned colonial take any foreign policy action
hokr COO TOWke N. Y (UP) only in he Middle East proper government. But the British have alone. And no one of them wants
rac eaas which brke t1elpsthat tela-aous p-. but in the largest, Arab belt from apparently decided to put down any military alliance with Turquey,
att he adaasIntif atf te craft carrier Saratoga had two Morocco clear through to Kaabsh- any opposition to "is offer, by Pakistan NATO., the U. S. or even
BuQb a*orvlo and Track Ban- .'s bells. One wont to war; oe mir--stil packs a larger load of force itf necessary. with eacL other.
dime. Wuisa chlef Tomm Lewis. 't. dyn amfitethan even Southeast Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the
So, StWve Alls aldl thdirectors Asia. There is no b ais for other Arab countries consider Jar- They are an so concerned with
- of the New Ye ork y- %Pwe The one that survived World War stabilty. dan a completely British-subdized their own. internal problems and
CommOitt1e=wo lhatl t I t r eSarat as rescued The current riots in Morocco puppet. If it were not fr Jordan's struggling nationalism-fre-d from
set TV show, ded t a eatedto city of Sara- and Tunisia are one example, check on Israeli expansion there French and British colonialism for
t the Jav5 story atHI be toldw a= jn e lr e el Israel is hot and bothered by the would be Arab agitation to get the the first time. They have no fear
At that point Levine shouI have earrir, ecamea sitting duck fr Andglo-E tian agreement to eva- British out of Jordan. It may and little knowledge of the threat
lived by the rules. Freedom of the BiUni atom bomb tests. cuate British troops from the Suez come eventually, anyway. from international communism.
speech and freedom of-the abe are Authorities terdore were a lit- Canal area, fearing new embar- Israel is of course the number The most remote problem they
something he can't tamper with tie surprised recently when it was goes by Egypt on the movement one thorc in the side of all the have to deal with is the resettle-
like he did with picket lines years aimnnouared tha "the" ship's bel of goods bound for Israel through Arab countries. Incidentally, they ment of The million Arab refugees
back.. bad beesaes at to te New York the Canal, still blame the United States for from Palestine and the fear of
He puAt himself out-ftent again State Ristorlral-Museua this Israell invasion of the Middle further Israeli expansion.
Z by owes mere rfutisg toIveby The British talk about moving East. Anyway, the Israeli-Arab In.this.situation, any talk of a
S the uft hat's bad sasegh. ,t Mayo.hours of researhhi later, their Mid-East command head- war tis no nearer solution today new era of peace coming to the
he o w the Navy's Bureau of ips sup. quarters from the Sues to Aden, than it has been at any time since Middle East before some better
ranls bse it should t1 st re ied the answer. The paratoa Jordan, or Cyprus. All are poten- the United Nations peritioned Pal- settlement of the Arab-Ilraeli war
the unati. Afte r Levin eogow adtwo bells, and When he was Ial trouble spots. estlle six years ago. can be achieved is completely un-
got an advance copy of the TV prepared for action at the begin- Aden, at the southern edge of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan. Saudi realistic and wisihful thinking.
script, he managed so get someone 1mig of the war, one was removed the Arabian peninsula, is astil the
to We alse the crusading AFL and stored in a West Coast ware- most backward of all the under-
Lad Gamnt Workers Union 10 boge. developed countries in the Middle -- --- gy
he David Duhinsky. The nice- East. This fact was Impressed on
S age Dbipsky wasW a "w That's the one going Itn t this corspoldent during a recent
that the TV show, "The Tilnh a here. Siaratega Springs v iA to t Seuez Canal area.
Commandment." would be "anti- has be that wenttowar. A Brit Air stry informa-
M etion, offleer at East Air For
headquarters was giving a brieT-
fag n its mission. Aden, he ex-
plailed, gives them a 'AlNe trouble
SMany of the people there make
their living by pillage. So when
tribesmen ot ny little shei.c-
S.get out of hand,.aJritih
warning is sent out that theit
village would be bombed.
This give them time to eva- -
lshate. een on toe appointed d ay.
one plane files over and pulvet
ises It.
This woundedd terrible when it
was reported in the press, the Air
Ministry fficer explained.- But it
Scraps unnr control, when i ey go.
I|-AjL rs


~.* ~ ~
*1 Ip

~r. ~'I




~ j r


~. 1~.




(Fixs ad Text by
Tomorrow will be Labor Day the Falchon *ad Iarco compa-
for most Canal Zoners but for ny, she has had a chance to
anxious mothers and dancing learn many phases btof show busi-
children, It will be "The Big ness.
Day" Among her teachers, she has
At 12:30 Ann Lattin's Dance Included Bill Robinson, the Old
Review will be presented in the master of tap dancing, Theodore
Bella Vista Room of the Hotel Kosloff and A n i t a Petters
El Patama. It will tbature a Wright.
larger number of children than With the Albertina RXaneh
have appeared previously, dance .-groups she toured the
The same sh6w plus major cities of USA, Canada dnd
ditional dancers will appear at Mexico. And she danced several
the Fort Kobbe Service Club on seasons do-Broadway.
Sept. 10 St 7:30 p.m. When .Will Mahoney offered-
While Mrs. Lattin's main danc- her a five year contract in a"
Ing. school is at the Red Door London show, she declined and
in Diablo Service Cehter, there is returned to San Franclsco,mwhere'
a large branch-at Fort Kobbe she opened her own dance stu-
which teems with Armed Forces die.
youngsters. She taught until the war be.
And starting Sept. 11 there gan and she went to work for
will-be new classes at Fort Clay- the Government as a teletype
ton. operator. Later she came to the
The recital will include stu- Canal Zone.
dents from three to 12 with a- But she says, "Life was never
crobatic and ballet work, as well the same without dancing in It.
as tap and toe dancing. The nicest thing that ever hap-
Not appearing on the program opened to me was to get back
ballet exercise class which Ann what almost seemed like a lost
Lattin conducts for business girls talent, by giving it to others.
and home makers! I "Watching my pupils change
It all started with a group of from shy. backward children
neighborhood children in Gam- when they enroll into confident
boa who wanted to take dancing little dancers at recital time Is
lessons, They persuaded Ann one of life's Joys to me."
Lattin to Instruct them. Three Each ear Mrs. Lattida givel
months later the kiddles enter- her dhite review at El
tained their mothers at a clublThle yea4 she says, it.taser
meeting. That was the beginning and better than ever..O n thig
of what is now a full time page afe some of te groups
school, who Will be presented, as ,Well
Mrs. Lattin goes to New York as some of the featured dance.
each year for new material and:ers.
Ideas for dances and devotes her| With the exception of a'group
entire time to teaching the rest of Fort Kobbe real tiny dancers,
of the year. Iall will be seen at El Panama
Starting as a teen-ager with tomorrow_

Students and, teacher are 1, to r, Suea Robinson, and
Janet Madia lan front row, Barbara Holhte, Ann Lattin
the teacher and Ellen Dudyk, second row, and Pamela
Ralston and Heled Joe Tomlin, bacie row.

Taktin a bow Is Barbara Bolate.

Irish e*oeems are, 1 to r, Jackie Fowler, Do fly Bates. tBen Belly, Stephale ower,
Reberta eRobertson and Jerrilym umt. -
s^'aihh 1tDAt,~ f BEt^w"

Smiling faces feature the D.&aee of the Tre pak with, I to r, Lillian Vall, Jones,
Sd Lewis, A~Jae .ames, Mars UaspHrre, Trrty Staey,~ Candy Milligam, Marist
Sm Jan a FI ,
Hre .! syeilati


" X ~- ~ "~" Cr. '-~' ---~iT--~~-l ~ ~ T1~ 7 ~- 1 ~1




S'- -. *

.'iilt s emack dd ltacrlIng th Tint Flute ianee are. I to r, Gloria Umplerre, Annette
1 0l..lJ.. Wefohey, Gwen Yates, Carol Kaiser, Carmen Hernandes and Lin-

The Chicken Reel features, 1 1f .r, Jerrilyn Hunt, Roberta Robinson, Stephanie Fowler,
Ellen Biefly, Dolly Bates aadaackke bowler.

A damer tbrm eland ir amela s a;bso

t.~. Pamela3p w~aN.* 5.Rbms


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LM 2/66d

_ __ ___