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m .. r g.


TIO' A Paiiatua UlQU(&f .11
r"T IoN AL AIR WAYsie pe le know 8khe truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln. 77 7N ". "W

Vacation Trips Start Tomorrow

c an e Do ly Fringe Eisenhower Signs Bill,
SOTo Benefits Canal Puts Provisions

SOut T Sea OK Too Into Effect At Once
FRAER, Colo., Sept. 2 (UP) -
president Eisenhower today 0 -
ned islation to give im-
n' Imp aawage benefits to Panama Canal employes soiling tomorr W morning n
The measure provides a num-the Panama Liner Cristobal for'leave in the UnitedS t
ber of adjustments in federal
Scales t ha an mc one t will hove the option of accepting their travel expenses M id
workers. Mr. Eisenhower previ- at Government expense, it was announced today.
ously had vetoed a five per cent ,
general wage increase for gov- The announcement was modeat r news w r e t
ernment white collar" workers. The announcement was m e after news was receive
The "frige" benefit bill sig- that President Eisenhower had signed into loaw the hoan
joda au ,dI 150 r uere"ll
oe eme oa O to ,t 4O-a.- leave transportation legislation which was approved by
Sea r asoe. eyit Congress in the closing hours of the last session.
cream est w ,at yeswho Those employes scheduled to sail on the Crist6bal -
Sme i the ete nedt tomorrow will have an op rtunity, before the departure *L i G
ia, ovr~e~e m e soaks. of-the ship, to ascertain if they desire to take advantageLegion Group/
Sliberalies rois erof the free travel provided in the legislation. Those who
r enua leaR e an so co :- do so will be required to sign a formal agreement to con- W ants Canal
a nd set. W1a 0tom npue in Coial service for two years after return from
O1 TOR' C WRATB-,.Pushlsg ttheidr clothes in a rowboat, Pa im fl th aeor a s bla eo This r is required o y.ethe new low w a it m
rat wrsa l 'each .-m olrd e, C sthe .ea..oHs up the shore road from-the socet val 0e m a eaglema se of the short interval before the first am-

Sof a feee trip at a later date, it was announced. ca
Em yes who are travelling leaving to the Transportation thea uu a,
by means than the Pans- Section of the Administrative areas
eEffect of the moficto t durig the immediate Branch. must be redga td_ qIW a"
make 368,000 permanent Job- fut re-will be accorded the same ad-
o indpermlj on as e-rights. The formal announcement ju Wher eas, utowet an M
many prom on e concerning the wtomne leave ans- ereas, the Pana
which have been temporary un- However, they must communl- portation provisions stated:y t
der the current restriction. cate their desires in advance of was to afford mobill.LM
"Until such time as regulations fle et n t oh ersae&
Survey To Record 25-Cyc/e emu.atinar "Iul
ployes who have comply aete u tioOn of ao. e1, aft"W.
Zneoesary period of service an etydstat toi-
Electric Units In CZ Homes whose leave been approved hoep mY b rn
-.- o --- round-trip travel for temselves Ivl ate dectalon s
A house-to-house survey of type numbers, and other pertin- medrate raines to the. actu "N, t eretoe, be i tcan ved
frequency-sensitive equip m e n t ent information. In.................... a .a h e American eo
used in the Canal Zone homes Buch domestic appliances as place Of residence of the employee national convention
will be started on the Atlantic washing machines, refrigerators, In the United States in the supo rt the immediate modprnt
side next Monday in connection clocks ironets, sewing maohlnes,condition as ifdthey hol t ar- on of the Panama Canal l.
NATURE ON RAMPAGO-The ocean pounds the lawns of these homes at New London, Conn., as the five-yaon of jlectfrc cr- er pletris ains, ac inmate and be repatriated, pro- rrain the mo of oar sea
hurricane Carol moves uu the New England coast, rent from 25-cycle to 80-cycle, it power motors will be listed. id .ha new writt.n power be. d the
was announced Thursday at Bal- When survey has been comr- ment to return for an additional President and Congress, I.
major disaster areas as soon as so were issued to protect property Weathermen have been watch- boa Heights. plated the Individual owners J agreed period of service is enter- means, a the d isosal ths
he receives reports of damage from looters. ing hurricane Dolly for several The survey will be conducted will be fmrnished a duplicate eed into before departing from American Letdno, be mrje to
from Val Peterson, federal civil Disaster headquautels establish- days while it was an t e r 1 y by a team of five electrical en- copy o the lt. aI the Canal Zone. give priority 1o the
defense director. ed emergency kitchens and shelt- wave of squalls around the Dom-. gineers, and will be made first After this, it will be the re- of measures necessary for thp
er for the homeless in scores of nican Republic. In Gatun. The team will then sponsibflity of each owner to give It was announced that modernization of the Panama
Governors in all New England communities. move to Margarita and later to notice of any change in n t w ndthe list ~C-'ml, ann t aoraee'
states called on National Guard After moving across the Baha- other Zone communities. both new equipment iistaesed amship rates now accorded bae lcted ie
state and local police, and civii Emergency power crews were mas, it developed the circular It is expected that the survey or old equipment sold or discard- Canal employes on the Panama
defense workers to help, clear sent from Pennas Ivania, New motion of a hurriane and the will be completed early next year ed. Such notice must be made in Line will be applicable to em- --& *
streets and highwa7: Orders al- Jersey and New York to restore winds increased rapidly. on the Atlantic side after which writi. to the Engineering and ployes and their families at their "e S'
electric service to an estimated 3 the team will be transferred to tConstucion Diector r. To A...
million persons. Hurricane Carol was spawned the Pacific aide for a similar job. Th requirement of furnish- option i for an interim time with- Open a 1 a
in almost the same spot several The men assigned to the sar- ingsupplemental information out prejudce to their rights un-
Gov. Denis 3. Roberts declar- days ago but moved closer to shore vey are T. S. Mcltibben, Ralph is important because of the ne- der the new provisions of law At El Rancho
ed a state at emergency in Rhode before becoming a king-size blow gotten, Leland Slick, George G. cesalty of ordering conversion pending final decision on this The re e d benefit
Island, the state hit hardest by with the power to heap ruin up- Bouche, and Hubert Oken. parts at least a year in advance hr lwebe
winds reaching an1 estimated 125 on the entire upper Atlantic sea- Residents have been request- of the actual conversion. subject. gambling casino will be Is
miles an hour., board. ed to cooperate in the survey Under the overall policy of operation again at 31 Rache
which is an Important phase conversion, all regularly used Garden with play openmga

in the conversion program. frequency-sensitive equipm e n t morrow nigt.
In making the survey of do- privately owned will be convert- Ba bo a Tides The benefit I s 41 a
S mestic equipment, the men in ed free -of charge. of the ealm n to b
S-, charge will parent proper cre- Generally, onl equipment or Friday, Sept. 3 children's pla= y.
4e, .: +.' g i-, .:. '.r dent als in calling at the homes, appliances in acual use or that out Panama Ci tyr
+-'.. -They will then Inspect and list which is deemed a reasonable High Low The casino, as ner ual, wi
all frequency-sensitive equip- reserve supply will be converted 7:07 a.m. ............. 1:01 a.m. feature roulette, dice, b ack
ment, including the aerial and or replaced at Company expense. 7:28 p.m. ......... 1:28 p.m. and baccarat.

Navy Admits 'Grave Injustice" To Civilian;

Promises To Revamp Security Procedures
WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 (UP)- Smith publicly apologized at a Security Review Board will not be Smith granted ChasanWs
The Navy today dmI tte d a news conference to Chasanow for permitted to reverse the decision peal to th special r. w beU.
"grave injustice" in the security his ordeal and said the Navy of a lower board without first no. One of the, oriwl arh
case of a civilian employee with "wishes to emphasize the findings tifying the accused of a hearing against Chasanow wasU0 l
22 years service and announced of the Security Review the and appeal the decision. longed to an aleg &a
it will revamp its security proced- pattern of Mr. Chuasanow's life Chasanow, who attended the group at Grvebt- 'a I
it will revamp its security proce- trays an above average loyal news conference at Smith's invita- Deal" h r e i
dures to prevent recurrence of American citizen.'B" tio expressed no bitterness and ban Ma d.
such an Incident. Smith conceded the Navy was at sa idbe o wants to return to Greenbelt with hisit
Restored to his 250 ost in "fault" in allowing derogatory in- his Navy children.
the Navy's bydrographie oece was formation to be filed against Chws- Asked how it felt to be cleared.
Abraham Chasanow, who fought now by persons who were "not he said "It is like waking from 'Me review board 10gta16-
a 14-months battle to clear ls wllina to come in and back it a bad dream." ny contacts OCasandew
name of charges t~st he associlat- up wen the chips were down." Chasanow was suspended with.- had with- m1 su 60 7T ,
ed with Communists and contrib- He said the Navy was "a little out pay in July INM, but was "were at a I n_ 1i
uted to subversive organizations. naive" in not investigating its in- .leared by a security board last dividuals or
Chasanow was restored to his formeants thoroughly and be in. Oetoer. not g nrab
On's Old Paul Chres ,thea job effective Immediately, and tends to check into the.ssibilty A appeals board, which reviw- 'u t,
eaW RomPealRer d's e, HIGHlASl--8maerafat O0eanBeach, NewiLondon, Conn.. will receive full back ay for the of actl n am e l the cae without ~mpermittg were
IlS mitae Sn hour hurricane straft at the imoortbg as the sea raises as hurricane Carol year and two months as was sum- who .rru-ponsil- ~es o be pre ruled In and wose
g la s. the deabrisn the moves up tMe New .Z fW d coast. The hurricane caused mijl- peided. n the ase. Aa ,e was a sefurt.y risk CausamW--
41 a s steeply of d*laus worth of mage alons the eam seaboard. Asa Navy Secretary aeuE n H. the. tOr, Smith BAK the Abnaud. ties "am a W

~n~;i"r~~4'~~ ''~



ems inlm,

4 -.



Labor News




"Trigger" Burke, an artisan in
his trade of swift murder, i
known among his goon company
ions as proud indeed of the faci
that so skillful is his use of a
machine gun that he has been
offered as ch $10,000 just to
wound a man. Not kill him-bul
make it look like a b -dly plante<
murder shot.
Elmer, the Trigger, would there
fore feel very bad if he learned
that the mob which had pinned its
hopes on him as a front for the
newest and lushest of labor rack
ets, today values him more as i
psychological than a lethal
The mob "sprang" Burke from
Boston's old Charles Street jail as
part of its psychological warfare
against labor-as well, of course
as against other elements which
aren't enthusiastic over the crime
syndicate's resurgence. And re-
surge it has.
The mob's prestige today, as a
result of springing Burke, is enor.
mous. That Boston jailbreak
proved to undercover police con-
tacts, certain labor leaders and
mobsters tempted to rush to Grand
Juries that the crime syndicate
again has a tremendous function-
ing organization.
Otherwise it could not have had
the detailed knowledge or the
equipment necessary to reach into
a big city prison and free "Trig
ger" Burke. Furthermore, the mot
as other machine-gunners. So the
"wise money" knows that Burke
was snatched from jail as a public
notice of mob power to all circles
about to be shaken down.
Though the police in Philadel
hia, New York and Boston have
en particularly concerned with
the Burke escape, the mob's de-
1iance of East Coast gendarmarie
is of significance right across to
the West Coast.
For, when Burke v s picked up
last June 19, he was Ueing pursued
by at least three New York City
detectives who knew that he was
about to be used by the mob as
the "muscle" in a drive to take
over AFL stage hands and theatri-
cal trucking local unions. The very
well-informed police knew from
their own sources that "The Trig-
ger" was to be the advance
"troops" to infiltrate thet elevi-
sion industry. From th re he was
industry and then attempt to work
from this base back to Hollywood's
The mob, having lost much of
its "take" on the New York and
other eastern waterfronts, dream
of. the Capons salad days when
the movie studios were shaken
down for $1oo000000 Di one ymari
Willie a loff is still live
W e
to eoldhunting gcp .
W th Burke cooped up, it looked
like the boys might have to fall
back on some reserve. But, snatch.
ed from 9ne of the grimmest pens,
"Elmer, the Trigger" is additional.
ly valuable as a psychological fac-
tor. Few now wil dare defy any
emissary who comes from the
mob-as the Chicago boys once
came to George Browne, then head
of the AFL stage hands-and says:
"We have a car and a bag of
cement downstairs. Wanna play
ball with us or take a ride to the
Browne played. The mob has
tougher opposition now in the na-
tional stage hands union chief,
Dick Walsh; so 4ta.boys planned
to go after separate locals.
A this is just symptomatic of
what's happening in a dozen big
cities. The crime syndicate Is a
loose coalition of boys reaching
from New York, through Pennsyl-
vania, to Detroit and Chicago,
where they have been. knocking
each other off at a satisfactory
rate in order to .discipline some
of the old-timers who still think
they can ride on Scarface Al's
reputation and organization.
The mob is still interested in
terrorizing local unions, not only
so the gangs can sell labor peace
but to force the placement of mil-
lions of dollars worth of welfare
insurance with their friends.
This is the big gimmick, though
there is still money in phony locals
like a new "independent" textile
workers' outfit about to be launch.
ed in the south.
So it was good to hear the other
day that Pennsylvania's Rep. Sam
McConnell, head of the House La-
bor Committee, had told New York
and Chicago labor leaders that he
was "quietly" investigating union
and insurance welfare funds. He
was using ex-FBI accountants for
swift probes in as core of cities-
swift probes in a score of cities-
his first public hearing Sept. 22 in
Los Angeles. Investigators are
probing that city now.
Then the committee will "prob-
ably" go to San Francisco and
"one other Pacific northwest city"
Chicago, Kansas City, New York,
Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.
There will be no sideshows, no
"headline-hunting," or TV, Mc-
Connell said. Just the facts Well,
the facts are grim. But if Mc-
Connell searches them out and
makes them public, he'll shake
many a trigger man lose.
It's time, too, that decent men
did not have to move in the shad-
ow of killers for hire.
_i n. J l --.

Not Quite a Fair Fight, But-

Pimply Oafs

0 -
For as many years as I have er man. They came from "good whip, raped, or otherwise violated
been writing this column, I have homes". They ranged between 15 -which is what these pimply oafs
screamed steadily on several con. and 18 years of age. have been doing all over the coun.
stant subjects. One was on the At the same time this happened, try with great consistency.
pampering of criminals, yourn a Domestic Relations Court judge It Is not a problem only for
and old. One was on the senti- was saying that strong punish. New York. Newspaper records
mental coddling of children, ment was no deterrent to juve. ever since the war have recorded
leaving them free to express their nile crime, and that rehabilitation vandalism and idiotic juvenile
unfettered personalities no matter was the answer. I respectfully thrill crimes from Vancouver
whom or what it hurt. submit that the only way to re- south. They've got it in Denver,
Sill another was against mawk- habilitate a thrill-killer is to ex- and in Southport, N.C.. and any
ish lenience in the courts and the terminate him, preferably by the other place where the boys grow
advocation of punishment in such same methods he used on his in- ducktail haircuts and wear jeans.
a manner that the penalty more or nocent victims, but certainly as Abetted by a lot of nonsense
less fit the crime without too swiftly as gallows, gas or electric about child-raising, with the rod
much respect for t motives or chair will remove him fro-, public spared and the child spoilt, the
background of the criminal In liability. teeners of a certain infaptile in-
eight years we were never too As for the lesser offenders, the telligence have come pretty close
much concerned with the sad louts who haunt the parks and todestroying law and order, he-
plight of the malefaotqrt it wts the ,rW k property and terrorize in. e-use the cop gea publicly casT.
poor, dead pgy on the deck that nocents for na, this business of gatd' when he roughs up some
got my tears. slapping a kid with a one-buck young bum who'll cheerfully slice
You pardon a little gratifica. fine and a suspended sentence is up the copper who wants to give
tion if finally, as has been graph- completely ridiculous. The poor him a break. Old women-male
ically shown in the recent crack- "boy," apt as not, weighs 200 and female--weep over holi-
down on crime, and especially ju- pounds and could stand off Rocky gan in court; they et sen-
venile unwonted, foolish crime in Marciano. He returns to his ne.- tence suspended, an let him off
New York, if some of the ham- ghborhood as a big shot, at the with warnings, and talk toughly
merging seems to have paid .off. same time his father is being to his parents. Eventually, the
The police and the papers of New slugged $15 for illegal parking, hild winds up in a death cell, a
York have declared full-scale war and gets chewed out by the judge child no mere, for kicking an old
on the thrill-killers and thrill, as a scofflaw. lady to death to relieve his bore.
robbers, the punks and the thugs There is some unknown, as yet dom.
who use their exuberant youth as unisolated craving for importance I say that anybody old enough
an excuse for wanton slaying, van- in the pea-brain of the adolescent to commit a crime of violence is
dalism, mugging, rape, and gen- terrorist. He wants to be a big old enough to pay the penalty for
eral rowdiness. shot. I still claim that public that crime, wth the possible ex.
As occurred recently, four teen- whipping, and a session in the ception of aimless Idiots who
agers confessed to kicking two stocks, plus shaven skulls, would should be permanently shut away
men to death, throwing one in the be a fine counterirritant to such a as menaces. I've been saying it
river. Thqy tortured two men with misplaced arrogance. If it sounds out loud, for eight years, and am
cigarette ends, and horsewhipped barbarous it is not as barbarous happy to report that finally It ap-
a couple of girls. They were as being kicked to death, burnt pears I wasn't whistling into the
caught kicking and beating anoth. with cigarettes, lashed with a wind.


didn't take the cabinet very long to
highball it out of town, once Presi.
dent Lisenhower had left for Den.
ver. Some of them hit the vacation
trail even before the head man.
The result is that if the Russians
dropped a bomb on Washington
now the most the' would hit
would be an occasional under or
assistant secretary plus a lot of
nonpolitic 1 civil service holdovers
from the Democratic administra-
tions, who keep the wheels of gov-
ernment turning.
Vice President Hixon, groggy
from almost a month of 10 a.m.
to 10 p.m. and midnight Senate
sessions, got away at about the
same time as the President. But
the V.P. headed for Maine, to be
with his fr mily for ten days. Then
he'll go to Cincinnati for a GOP
strategy session, before starting on
a campaign tour that will take him
into 23 states-every place a Re-
,publican is running for senator.
The trio in high command at the
Treasury cleared out as soon as
the tax reform and $6 billion na-
tional debt increase were in the
bag. Secretary George M. Hum-
phrey went to his farm, Holiday
Hill, just outside Cleveland, Ohio.
His office staff said they had no
idea when he'd be back.

By Peter Edson

ing, but he's leaving soon to be-
come a federal judge in Alabama.
Assistant Secretary Andrew N.
Overby is the only other little cabi-
net man around to count the
Over at the Pentagon, Defense
Secretary C.E. Wilson got out of
town before the President. He and
Mrs. Wilson went to their home
in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., to stay
there until atfer Labor Day. Dep-
uty Secretary Robert B. Anderson
is in charge in his absence.
Army Secretary Robert T. Ste-
vens took his vacation right after
running the McCarthy gauntlet in
the Senate hearings. He was gone
a month-July 14 te Aug. 11. While
he got in some w. _k inspecting
Army installations abroad, he has
no plans for any other vacation
Navy Secretary Charles S.
Thomas is fishing near Great
Falls, Ida., and will also spend
part of his vacation at his home
in Los A- eles. While there, he'll
also inspe t the Navy's Air Missile
Test Center in California.
Air Force Secretary Harold E.
Talbott took a week's vacation at
the end of July. He spent the en-
tire time at his home in South-
Hampton, L.I., visiting with his
family and playing golf.

Undersecretaries Marion B. Fol-I
-in. the tax man, and '7. Randolph I ( attorney Gennera Herbert Brown-

ball games.
Postmaster General Arthur Sum-
merfield is another cabinet :r tied
to his desk by work, with no vaca-
tion plans announced as yet.
Secretary of Commerce Sinclair
Weeks is spending a couple of oth-
er weeks at this Lancaster, N.H.,
Secretary of Agriculture Ezra
Taft Benson knockedd off regular
work as soon as the farm bill was
passed. He is trying to taka a va-
cation at his Wshington home
without too many people knowing
about it. Hie wants to build up
strength ;or a majo-rpeaking tour
through thp midwest this ft.
After his business trip Lj Alaska,
Secretary of Interior Douglas Met-
Kay stopped off at his Oregon
summer home for a vacation with
his family.
Secretary of Labor James P.
Mitchell beat everyone to the
punch by taking an early vacation
with his family at their Spring
Lake, N.J., home. Secretary
Mitchell is beck on the job now.
Last nut not leadt, Secreta of
Health, E a sad Wetare
a vacan 't take one
last Year. She s oer one-da
dent lsenowae's Cam David re-

Burgess, the debt man, were like- ell, Jr., g in a week's vacation treat is the only vacation he'll
wise missing. That let Generl with s family erler in the sum- get this year. WhLh o r &s tf any-
Counsel bert P. Tutte in d mer. Yes, th spen t most the ,th at women's wok Ia aver
of the gray granite Treasury afternoon evenings going to d




II J I I I _

(While Person is on a
brief vacate the Washington
Merry-Go-ound is being written
by several t columnists, to
day's being rank Edwards, com-
The Washington Merry-Ge-Round
Frank Edwards says: Underfed,
rmote South Ameriean'communi-
s free of cancer Passenger
Plane seed soon to ,e Increased
Hitler unwittlgly helps Minnespt
WOHMPth9an Wrhnglig
Jingoits make thehadlnes-Abut
quiet researchers make the prog-
London ... In a gigantic hangar
used as a factory during World
War II, a select group of eight
British scientists re conducting
closely guarded tests of a radi-
cally new type of automobile. If
it lives up to their expectations, it
might revolutionize the industry.
The new British experimental
job uses a very small engine which
Soperates a tiny hydraulic-, pump.
Tase pump delivers the power to
the wheels by activating a trans.
-mission filled with mercury. The
British are so Jealous of the ear
that they teat it indoors in the day-r
time, take it out for springs on
the air base only after dark. Since
it is light, fast, and has surprising-
ly few moving parts, the Britian
hope it will open new market in
areas where price and dependa'l.
ity are of paramount importance.
Brazil... A recent discovery in
the war against cancer ha.; upset
a theory and replaced It wita a
question mark.
In South America teams of blo-
logists are probing deep into the
jungle in search of the answer to
cancer. They are studying the liv-
ing habits of isolated communities
where cancer is unheard of. By
our standards, the people are un-
derfed. 'hey aftime lack even
rudimentary medical care. They
have poor sanitation standards.
But they do not have cancer.
Why? Tne biologists are checking
the water supply, tWe food, the air
and the soil m nope tnat some-
wnere i that combination tiey
may flud tne factor wnic- enabies
these people to withstand toe can-
cer scourge. Research under those
circumstances if grn-eng, heart-
breaking work, but it goes on 24
ours a day.
Paradoxically, the discovery of
these cancer-tree communities' in
remote Soutn American areas de-
niates the theory tnai cancer might
be caused by exposure to cosmic-
rays from outer space. Tnese peo-
ple in the borders of tee juggle
get Uie same dosage of cosmic
rays as tee city dweluer receives.
But certain groups 0o the jungle
dwellers do nuG nave cancer. Why?
Thus tar, nobody knows, but pa-
tient researchers are trying to find
california-One of the best-kept
secrets of the aviation world is
the fact that we nave been thgai
testing a ram jet plane for sie
past tree monras. Jiam jets are
we so called 4ymig stovepipes;
with no moving pats, they are
nowning more whan a tube with a
fire inside, fed 'by fuel pumpea in
at higa pressure.
Joker is that the ram jet cannot
operate until a comparautvely olga
air speea Is reached. Our oesigi-
ers nave whipped that one oy
equipping t4e iest planes wisa
conventional jet engines wnmch ge6
toe plane mo Tme air and moving
the required speed. 'Taen the pilot.
turns on toe nugnty ram jets, cuts
off the oraliary jets, and goes
streaking away at speeds in excess
of 1,600 miles per nour.
Test pilots have been tiying the
ram. jet jobs regularly on a course
tat takes them several hundred
miles out to sea oft the west coast.
They are in constant touch win
radar stations which track them
every inch of the way. In case
anything goes wrong, Undle Samr
wants vo anow au about i asf
quiciuy as possible.

Test speeds of today become the
schedule speeds of tomorrow. As
Syou fly over tne Mojaye desert in
sodays passenger plane at 300
miles an nour, you can sometimes
faintly discern the wagon tracks 8
of the 48'ers wo did weas to make
three hundred mis in a month
And the three hundred miles per
hour of today's passenger liners
will soon be outmoded by planes
which are flying secretly tody.
All change is not necessarily
progress, however. For example,
m the New Hebrides Islands hyo-
gen peroxide is on the best-ats
ast--not for its medicinal valUe
but for its ability 'to change-the
color of the natives hair from its
normal black to a brilliant range,
Since the change 1st ar from per
manent, the natives are spending
too much of their restricted in-
comes for peroxide, say the au-
thorities there. And speaking o .
bleaching the hair the nese
girls are turning blondeat per
treatment Ose Tokyo be sal-
on reports that 2 per cent f the
customers are w6men who want to |
become blondes-or who are a)- e
ready blonde and stay that *
way. Editorials In Japanese pa- '
pen denouncing the fad have had t
the result that such editorials use- t

ally have when women's fashions
a concerned.
k M L york-Latest trick In the
aettsin trade is to hire models
who me .emnous pe. At.
tracsattetin to thedv
and saVes' cost lgeurige
end t elebrly. One
youn man hat he good for.
tn l-o b a famousmovie
star suddenly found very
muh in demand. In one maguine
IS appeared in three dter
t t ds pIuIn$a tooth paste, a
"w. and a hearing aid.

Mesabi ae are seriously de
plt Still plentifu, however, a
te vat depopsits of low-grade iron
ore called taconite. It is extremely
hard to work. Ordinary explosives
can't do much with it at all. But
thanks to a bit of bungling by
Hitler's air force, Minnesota's
taconite ore may soo i be flowing
to market.
Hitler's fliers tried bombing
some Spanish cities with a mixture
of liquid oxygen and carbon during
the Span=sh Civil War. They had
some stating results but because
of the uppredctable nature of the
explosive they also lost a lot of
bombers which exploded in mid-
air-in bunches. Hitler ordered the
liquid oxygen bomb discontinued,
at once.
Explosive specialists who studied
the disastrous efforts of the Nazis
eventually discovered the reason
for the premature explosions which
had destroyed Hitler's planes in
mid-air. They worked out a mix-
ture, which handles as safely as
dynamite, but which packs a wal.
lop far beyond the pacity of con-.
ventional explosives. In a recent
test in the Minnesota taconite de-
posits, test boles were loaded with
the liquid oxygen mixture and
with conventional exp losives.
When the uproar subsided, it was
discovered that the liquid oxygen
explosive had blasted out 12,000
tons of the taconite-aboutt bree
times more than its compettior
had accomplished.
Adolph's folly may have paved
the way for Minnesota's prosper.
The man In the moon has a
scratch on his cheek, and astrono-.
mers are baffled by it. First noted
by amateur astronomer Frank
Manning of New Orleans, the new
marking has been photographed by
several observatories and confirm.
ed by others. Frank Halstead, in
charge of the Darling observatory
at Duluth, located the straight
black line which crosses the
crater Piccolomini aE.- showed it
to more than 60 visitors who were
participating in the observatory's
guest night. Halstead estimates
that the line in the crater is about
15 miles long and perfectly
straight, He has no explanation to
offet, merely says he is certain
from his years of study of the
moon that the marking was not
there before this year. Perhaps
somebody is opening a parking lot
on the moon.
BIkinf ... The sea water poi-
soned by the hydrogen,bomb ex.
plosion. has drifted thousands of
miles from the soene of the ex,
plosion. Radio-active fish have
been found as far away as India
and northern Japan. In spite of
official warnings that the water
along the beaches of Japan is ra-
dioactive, iany persons have gone
swimming. Thus far no fatalities
can be traced to the exposure but
Japanese mqdics anticipate plenty
of trouble later on. Next question:
What happens if the radioactive
water swings around the north
Pacific and down along our own
west coast?
Indiana-A businessman brought
in a three-pound wad of gummy
black paper which jie claimed was
money, damaged by w-ter. The
banker sent it in to th" Treasury
Department. It was eventually de-
termined that he really did have
some damaged money, more than
W40,000 worth, and the Treasury
replaced it for hiri. The Treasury
also examined his income-tax re-
turns for the past few years. As a
r( Uncle Sam is going to ask
for L..- entire amount which it re-
placed for him plus interest.
Seems that the gentleman forgot
to mentU n that he had it when he
made to. his tax returns a few
years ago.
Although the cost of living is
still hovering around the all-time
high, there is a bright spot: the
prce of dinosaur bones is down
lightly. Ifd f'0,re ilrnnng to
ake part in oe of those safaris
after biggame in Africa; perhaps
rou would like to take wth you
these words of wisdom from famed
white hunter Nicobar Jones, who
said: "Hippo ham is delicious-if
row remember to shoot him first."
Commercial Cndse

Ih1* Chamber .2 Commerce took
early 300 businessmen on a
teamboat cruise ofarraansett
Bay to show the some of the bay
trea's "Industal and tourist ad.
nest Regained
HUMBOLDT Neb. - auer, a Falls Cit t two big
eac that earlier ad got away
il#e fishing at Humbot Lake
ear'here. Bauer's line became en-
angled W another le that held
wo six-pound carp..



SEPT. 1 TO 4

COL(. ..





-- 0"' a- '- I
L:j ulwoumlourou

Eimpizi rim"u quyu
I-IL IL X-lUlt 1, [--]L'9rAVJL-JrJ
Firm riur-jrj ULIL-11-1

L [AIII-14 vt2j"L1
Li Ll 'A .1
-j 1111,41


- '. : "

:~atHUUb*V, i~3F~zm3.i 1354


f and w e & '4 Panam.

Ax 5037, Jnc

.l...m 4 --- .. im. & P7. w 2i 0tj 4 .J.U 2. mL7 1 ,.654. L0
Jf i, m. .- t4 =L ... 2-0740 e 2.0741 /.t .. o .. to .10 ..


The Bal L s Club
even at their regular wepk
the Fern s n of the Botel
EKtertailment wil be furdshed
S by Mr. aM irn. Beaamin 8..
;alaitanet aI Baa, who wll go
guestsca of the clb fer the evening.
Mr. aod rJn. Chisiab have re-
centy returned rom a trip a-
rond the world, via air, leaving
the Isthems im early Aprdi. t&art-
ing from' San Francasee, they
flew to lawali, Japan, the Far
East, nda, the Balka Countries,
Greece* Itay, Switterlatd, France,
Holland Ezsglsad, Ireland, and
then to New Yort. From New
York they returned to the Isth-
mus via Panama ine.
Mr. Chiaholm will show color
slides a4 explain their erMney
and relate experiences o travel
through these ad their countries.
They visited a total.of 20 different

Parties For )oa Humbert
Recent parties lor Miss Esther
Humbert, whose marriage to Rene
Orillac, Jr., is scheduled for Sat,
urday, include a tea given by Miss
Arianne Linares and a shower
tendered by Mrs. Maria Linares
de Clement.
Traflc Officer Little
Called To Active
Duty in Army
Traffic Officer Norman C. Lit-
tle of Balboa is leaving for the
States by mIltary transport tor
morrow en route to Camp Kilmer,
1. J. Mr. Little, who has been
on the Canal Zone police force for
the past six years, is an Army
reservist who has been called to
active duty. He has the grade of
Sergeant, First Class.
Mrs. Little and their two chil-
dren have left for Boston where
they will remain until able to
loin him later at a duty station.
ee expects to be on active duty
for the next two years.
Bridge Winners
The winners if the games play-
ed every Monday evening at thee
Tivoli Guest House, were: First,-
Miss Anne Allnutt and Mrs. Fran-
ces Getman; second. Mrs. E.
Boon and Mr. T. Wilber; third,
Mr. E. W. Hatchett and Mr A.
Delgado and fourth, Mr. and Mrs
E Kohn.

Embassy Secretary
Back From Washilgtoen
The Firs Secretary o: the Pa
pAma Embassy in Washingtog,


wiB entertaIn their ladles this
ly dinner meeting to be boheld in
ThlL The hear isto :3 p.m.
isis Judith Mro, returned by
plane yesterday for a vacation
with her parents, Dr. and M r s.
Grecorio Mi.
Ecuadorean Clseul, Wife
Guests At Despedldas
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos R. Gomes
Mancheno, who are leaving soon
for Chle, are honor guests at a
number of despedidas. Mr. Gomez
Mancheno, who has been Ecuado-
rean Consul here, has been ap-
pointed Consul General and First
Secretary of the Ecuadorean Emn.
bOssy in Santiago.
Parties in their honor include a
dinner given by the Ambassador
of Ecuador to Panama and Mrs.
Hugo Moncayo, a dinner tendered
by the Chilean Ambassador, Ad-
miral Esrique Lagreze and Mrs.
Lagreze, a luncheon at which Mr.
and Mrs. Bolivar Garaicoa were
host and hostess, and a dinner
offered, by Mr. and Mrs. Bariga
Demarests. Leaving
For South Carolina
The assistant executive secreta-
ry and physical director of the
Balboa YMCA.USO, Howard J.
Demarest, has accepted an offer
of reassignment as program di-
rector at Shaw Air Force Base,
Sumter, South Carolina. He has
been physical director here for
the past six years.
Mr. and Mrs. Demarest will
leave Sept. 18,

Schnake Brothers Leave
Messrs. Edward G. and Jo h n
Schnake, who came home to Bal-
boa for the recent marriage of
their sister, are returning to Buf-
falo asd Mexico City, respective-
ly. Edward will resume his medi-
cal studies at Buffalo University
and John will return to his posi-
tion with the cotton brokerage
firm of Anderson, Clayton & Com-
Miss Baverstock
Enters Senior Year
Leaving tomorrow aboard t h e
Cristobal is Miss Cecilia Baver-
stock, who will enter her senior
year at the University of, N e w
Hampshire in Durham. She has
been spending the summer with
her parents, Capt. and Mrs. Clin-
ton Baverstock.

Ft. Xaytme Teesagers
Plan Sports Dance
Te initial event of the season
for the Fort Clayton Teen.Age
Club was held last recently when
dinner was served to 28 young
people at the Fort Clayton Offi-
cers Club. The dinner was follow-
ed by a formal dance at Fort Kob-
be where the club members were
guests of the Fort Kobbe Teen-
Age Club.
A sports dance will be held on

"W IPOMil M I "lll I

Ms i

lda mr a s drink,
m baisnp. Fr daem. dm
bIilds ieal Eatraxys ss
gas Nestid's EverReady
co..e is h w.e-jst )
mspooeubl i a ep and
add ho water! It's deli.
couS- 1owll vb ric
dwagom ftwrt


u UmWmUa

P Goalds Vheeta sauce, hot bMadst
acnd *extr ,chi', or twiey-make
tmoto-thslina dhhl rW Su rmiIus-4or
evry serv g of Vehovt eontai,
more food vale than an 8-os. glr
of ak. Helps dldre growl
% lo.d.-** f D .ha s el a..
dele bawer. Add i a L BWesr e dad,
bmA4l* mgr em eeT. Theo dd I c.
ame ter r cMdem ed I e.efi mId
S imekd we y0em 5e* he be mweem
S hbead Mre-d ba d sip wft ab*1

Mhen m wsn si food w.h
t4n an 8-O Osms of mik

Monday' evening at 7:30. Fo r
further Information about t h is
dance interested parties may call
Miss Joan Petrilli (87-287) or Miss
Patricia Tubbs (87-6226).
Pacifo-sector teenagers are in-
vited to the second function of the
Engagement Announced
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel JuareM Of
Panama City announce the engage-
ment of their daughter, Anayansi,
to Mr. John P. Ott of the 71st Ar-
my Band.
Al Groups
All groups on the Gold Coast
and many friends from the Paci-
fic Side are pulling together to
jnake this year's beneUt ball of
the Guardia Naeconal the gayest
and most productive ever put on.
Canal Zone and Panama cops
are in the fore front of the ticket
sellers .
The Second Section of the Guar-
dia Nacional, that of Colon, will be
hosts Saturday night at the Mona-
co Garden for a two-orchestra,
floor-show and dancing party that
will include all the old wrinkles
and a lot of new ones in the way
of entertainment.
Starting at 5:30 p.m. the dance
will continue until 4 a.m., the
sponsors assure, as long as pa.
trons seek admission to he pa& v
which is to raise funds for a nome
fbr Colon's youthful delinquents.
In addition to good music and
floor shows featuring all of Co-
lon's night club stars, there will
be additional entertainment for
patrons a Guard spokesman an.

Piano Pupils

0M Leo Cardona

Play On Saturday
Leo Cardona, pianist and
composer will present some of
Is private pupils at a piano re-
ta on Saturday. The program
will be broadcast (by tape-re-
cording) over Radio AtlAntico in
Colon at 1:00 p.m.
Cardona is a former professor
of the National Conservatory of
Music and was the winner of the
first prize in music known as the
Ricardo Miro Prize on Panama's
50th Anniversary.
The program includes Grieg's
Piano Concerto arranged for two.
The following pupils will par-
ticipate in this radio program of
an hour's duration: Irma Lara,
Esther jA Attredo M6ndet An-
drea Oreblen, Loreta Hershfleld,
Esther Miller, Marvel Davison,
Mary Surgeon, Maricha Tagaro-
pulos, Oraclela Williams, Fortu-
na Abbo, Oertrudis Serko, Con-
stance Nelson and Jo Ann Su-
During the concert, Prof. Al-
fredo de Saint-Malo, ex-director
of the National Conservatory of
Music of Panama, will present
his violin pDuil. Charles Monlouls
playing the sewo"4 a we
from Handel's third sonata.
Margaret D z v a Itauskas, a
young and taletned pianist, will
close the recital interpreting the
solo part of Grieg's piano con-
certo accompanied by Maria An-
tonia Marino playing the orches-
tra part.
The broadcast will be made
through .bhe courtesy of Tagaro-
phlo S.A.

Miss Eunice Fray
To Study Music J
In Chicago
Miss Eunice Fray, the daugh-
ter of Mr.' and Mrs. Henry Fray,
left last night by plane for Chi-
eago where she enter Sher-
wood Music School.
The young musician Is an ex-
studen of the Pan-American
Institute in Panama City. she al-
so attended the National Insti-
tute of Music.

Political Dilemma Over

Successor To Maybank
-S *

COLUMBIA, S.C., Sept. 2 (UP)said he never again wil run for
-The death yesterday Sen. Bur- public office. However, he might
net Rhett Maybank (D-SC,), who accept if nominated by the Demo-
Cever lost an election, has plung- cratic Executive Comr ittee or
dSouth Carolina into mourning special convention.
and into a political dilemma over Thurmond was defeated by Sen.
selection of Ms successor. Olin D. Johnston for South Caro-
The name of Gov. James F. Ua's, Other Senate post in 1950.
Byrnies, former secretary ofr state Thurmond said "no comment"
sad justice of the Supreme Court, when asked today if he might
Immediately was mentioned i n seek to succeed Maybank.
speculation about a. new senator. The third possibility, Brown, is
The aging Byrnes was-a close a veteran of state politics and is
friend of Maybank although they committeeman from South Car-
went separate ways in IM2 when olina.
the governor a Democrat all his He said, "I wouldn't want to
life, threw 6hs support to Dwight comment on that now, but you
D. Eisenhower. Maybank had re- can speculate if you wish," wnen
placed Byrnew in the Senate in asked today if he would run.
1941 when ayrnes was appointed Maybank waj the fourth senator
to the Supreme Court by Presi- to die in office this year and the
dent Roosevelt. eighth during the 88rd Congress
State Democratic Party Chair. which adjourned Aug, 20.
man Neville Bennett said a spe- Flags at his native Charleston,
cial primary would be called "If on the state Capitol at Columbia,
possible" to choose a Democratic and at other points throughout
senatorial nominee in advance of South Carolina flew at half staff
the general election No6. 2. Dem. today as the state mourned hi a
ocratic nomination assures elec- passing.
tion in the state. Mayoank was elected to his first
Two others mentioned who might full six year term in 1942.
seek the job were J. Strom Thur- A former chairman of' te Sen-
Iond, former governor and the ate Bankmng Committee, he h a d
States' Rights candidate for presi- spiraled up in public life, start-
dent in 1948, and state Sen, Edgar lug as an alderman in Charles-
A. Brown. ton in 19W7.
Maybank's current term expires He inwroauced financial reforms
in January and Byrnes has the au,. that won mm inwo oxur-year terms
thority to appoint an interim sen- as mayor beginning in t1I.
ator but not one for the new six- He was elected governor in 19.
year term. The governor said he 38 at toe age o at and was tie
would give "no thought" to the sixta memoir of hia family Wo ue
appointment of a temporary sena- governor of Iouth (,arouna.
tor until after Maybank's funeral. Tne senator, woo spouse in the
The 55-year-old Maybank died is picturesque n.arlesto aial e c t,
bed of a heart attack, the first was a moving spirit behind pub-
he had ever suffered. He retired lic housing.
Tuesday night, appear ently in However, recently he announc-
sound health, ed opposition to an expansion of
Funeral services will be held at the program b e c a us e tne Su-
St. Michaels Episcopal Church, preme ..ourt ruled tnat Negroes
Charleston, S.C., at 11 a.m. tomor- could not be kept out of govern.
row. -Burial will be in Magnolia ment-suDsidized projects.
Cemetery in Charleston. A member of an aristocratic
A delegation of senators from Charleston family, Maybank was
Washington will attend the funer- generally aligned witn too con-
al. The committee weighing cen- servative wing of the Democratic
sure charges against Sen. Joseph 'arty in Congress.
R. McCarthy is expected to can- Byrnes said ne was "too shock-
cel its hearings tomorrow so ed to say anything except toe
some members may attend, state has lost an abie public serv-
Vice President Richard M. Nix. ant and I have lost a de a.r
on, who presides over the Sena- .riend."
te, expressed regret he will not His colleagues, admirers and
be able to attend, friends, haa equal words of trh-y
Maybank was nominated with. ute for Maybank.
out opposition in the Democratic Maybank is survived by h is
primary June 4 and the state Re- widow, Mary, a son, state Rep.
publican Party did not nominate Burnet R. Maybank ar., of Green-
an opponent to oppose hit In vile, and two daughters, M r a.
November. Elizabeth De Rossett and M r s.
The state election law contains William F. Prioleau Jr., of Co-
three alternatives for choosing a lumbia.
successor to a nominee who dies ____
between the prima-y and the gen-. pt. dg
eral election. Mrs. Capt. Hodgson
The Democratic Executive Cornm- "
mittee can call a special prima- To Speak At Gktun
ry, nominate a candidate itself, At .wtun a special state nominating Mrs. Captain E. W. Hodgeon of
convention. the Salvation Army will be tho
Byrne,'1, a veterandf half a Ruet speaker at the Gatun Un-
entury in politicsleaves the gov-. on Church on Sunday morning
ernor's office in January. He has at 11 o'clock.



SEPT. 1 TO 4



Delicious, tender Haddock, Cod, and Perch:
Cleaned, filleted, quick-fromn im diatdy after
the catch. There's absolutely NO WA!MR Every
ounce is super fsh-eating. .you'll love BIRDS
EYE FISH! Baked, fried or broiled-any of these
fillets is a wonderful supper dih!
Fe.twed in your comitnsary






a O

PA mia

omen don't cook much because
ey eat less.. ... ... ..
"Men have only themselves'to
ame itf women have become con-
nced they don't have to cook to
ake their men happy," Edward
Meeman, editor of the Memphis
ress-Scimitar, tells me.
To back up that statement, Mr.
eeman points out that It was
en who, through advertising, sold
nerican women on the idea that
Wds prepared outside the home
e Just as good or better than!
memade foods.
It was men, he reminds, who
mmered away at the idea that;
modern woman Who goes to any
Mible at all to prepare-meals isi
t of date. i

And t was men who sold women
on all the easy ways of getting
a meal on the table by-opening al
can or a package for everythng
from biscuits ready to go in the
oven to the main dish that needs
only to be heated in a sauce-

Mr. Meeman didn't call the men
to task for another reason why
women have lost' interest in real,
old-fashioned cooking, so I will.
One other reason why women
have lost interest in cooking is
because they have lost interest in
eating. I
That's because they are con-






. lm

(Opposite Aneon P.O.)

Offers you
this week a
of Picture FRAMBS.
They're made of
metal and plastic.
colors. You'll have
a chance till
Wednesday Only I
m_____ ^ *


vinced that in order to hold their serving contained.
husbands through the years it's an But today's wife,
absolute necessity to hang onto ing her figure, get no
their girlish figures all their lives, baking hot biscultt; Bm
,ry pie, whipping up r
Sure, Grandma was a wonderful etc. Such food she re
cook, who didn't mind spending threat to her figure.
hours in the kitchen on one meal If men were willing t
because she thought of food as plump wives they m- gt
something to enjoy. To her, it was en once more interested in
not something to eye with suspi- lng the kind of food Ori
cion as to how many calories each used to cook-and eat.



Family Pre School VACATION!



j)our tfflill (rour ids-sndy 0
ourself will enjoy the warm, relaxing,.
d educational entertainment found in
he music o a late model Wurlitzer Piano.
*M W,,IgU*N1 SIS tM l0ftni,-, Wuilllif
hm is a ama ad p w Ua m inbso a s
110 Boplivar Ave.
Col6n Tel. 40
; C90*0toN*y* go
S^S*fts Obw Ow Nor'

ily these fresh-ground
pure spices have

n't beduplicated-onlyfusA-
wd pure spices can give -yos
trne flavor of natural spices.
inch's Spices are specially
ed and packed to give you
bouti spice avorl


CAMPESTRE where relaxing, informal country living
begins Here's where the young ones take off for
swimming in the pool, hikes around the valley. And
here's where those whose body can't keep up with
their youthful spirits Just breathe in El Valle's wonder.
ful clean air as they wait for their horses to make the
rpunds. At night they'll go indoors to the big lounge,
after a leisurely drink at the bar, and play scrabble,
cards, talk or dance. It's such a wonderful change
on our rooms Doubles regularly from $5 daily.

For Reservations, call SPECIAL
TlvoUl Travel Aeney FAMILY RATES
I TivOU Ave. Tel. 2,04S Just Inqulre


LOVE &am'Wf /


10fil glasses...

from just one



I --

* I

-4 Ii~

S ''i





N -






* L1 --- ..---.- -.-------

e e's Support Pledged_

jo All GOP Candidates

CINCINNATI, 0., Sept. 2 (UP) He cited GOP gains In 1948 on
-Vice President Nixon yester- the "great issue" of price con-
day pledged the support of Pres- trols and in 1950 on the issues of
dent Eisenhower or all GOP the Korean War and domestic
congressional candidates this communism.
al. (The vice president said he did
,'he President will base his ap- not believe "the issue of Me-
eal for votes on behalf of a Re- Carthyism" would make any ap-
ublican congress to carry out preciable difference in the vot-
the admiunstratlpn program, Ing. :
Nixon told newsmen before clos- The personal popularity of the
being himself with leaders of the Presdent and hi program and
Republican National Committee the "positive type" of Mr. aisen- F'5' l $AND 'Is
at the wind-up oa a three-day shower's campaign this fal-should
tall 4amnas n strategy meeting. help attract votes, Nixon said.
There willbe no inividual ali- 0_ A
peals for any singular congres- J. r... LL
Mional candidate and no barn- 0WLA
*tdrm tours by the President. B -' -N-
Nixon said. The vice presidentR AIEl
expressed doubt as to the effee- SP- J1 N
tiveness of one Individual cam-
PaIgning for another.
Instead, Nixon said, Mr. Eisen- M ..
t0Wer will support all Republi-
can candidates for Congress, re-
|ardless of whether they are 100 BY OSWALD JACOBY =- *i "*
er cent behind his program. Written for NSA SeriO e s_ }
Nixon made It plan, however, WN------ -e. r
that the administration program "They used to call iM Lucky Simpson before I was bomn-
Will be one Of the mnuin keys in now it's Tough-Luck Simpson!"
Wtracting votes for the candi- NO-Tn oS .....- ---u-----
tlae in question. 6 4 Q105
"I do not know of any Repub- -
tlcn candidate that the Presi- *8 4 3 twice with trumps in order to ruff Is, of course, far better than an
debt is going to oppose," Nixon 48 S clubs, and can get back to dudmny even money shot.
#aid. "Obviously, those who have WEST EAST0 with a third trump in order to South thought that he was play- ALLEY OOp
fn for the President's program EAS cash the last cluo. Ing for either the club finaess or
11 i benefit most from he type \ 4 'This line of lay will succeed If a 3-3 club break, which would have
of a 'campaign the President is J 1072 K 4 the clubs break 3-3 or 4-2, and If been a good combination. It-West B
going to put on." K 5 7QJo J 10 neither opponent had all four had held K-x-x is clubs however,
Nixon appealed to the OOP 4 K 7 0. J 0 8 trumps. The odds are about 3t o 1 he would have won with the king t W U19 OH, I NN
leaders to emphasize unity Its, OUTfH (D) in favor of such a break. Taslng of clubs and returned trump; j H
rhe campaign and to beware ot 6 AK J 0 2 the club finesse will succeed only and then South would be unable to E T
pathy. He suggested all candi- V A S if the finesse works, for which the develop the clubs despite the 3.3e / '
dates ,run scared." A 72 odds are only even. A S to 1 shot break in the suit. J$ HAl40a G
The President will not make *AQ
he mistake of the late President North-South vul.
ranklip D. Roosevelt, who at- gaSth Wkt North EBut
mpted to "purge" certain mem- 2 4 Pass 2 N.T. Pass
)ers of Congress who did not see 3 6 Pass 4 6 Pass
4ye to eye with him in the 1936 Pass Pass
C Pai gn Nikon said. Opening lead- JCOM PANY
SNor will he use the "too vl-
rlolic, too negative" approach of Great White Fleet
rirmer President Truman. the Great White Fleet
'Vice president added. When today's hand was played,
Nixon said he felt the prece- somebody committed a horrible i
dent that the party out of power bridge crime. If you are a good New Orleans Service Arrives
ended to gain In off-year elec- bridge detective you will be able Cristobal
lions would not hold this fall be- to spot the crime and nab the *S.S "UIRIUA" ..................... e 4' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES
eause the Democrats have "no criminal. *S.S. "VERAGUA" '....... .. ....... ..... eP* *
great isaue this time." ..
Nixon noted that Democratic West opened the ack of hearts, "AVENIR" ............. ...... ....... et.
talk of a recession "has been East played the queen, and South *Handing Refrigerated Chilled and Generi4l C V
, prled out from under them." won with the ace. Declarer led a a 'CO S
The years when the party out trump to dummy's eight and re- -.4/ : "-S t
of power tended to make big turned a low club from dummy in C- C\TFCOLh.Pr *TWI
gains, he said, were those where order to finesse the queen. West New York Service ArrtivOs M a.C\' a
Strong controversies prevalld. won with the king of clubs and MA. L ".uT E
led a low heart to East's king. Cristobal M'AL" tI

queen of diamonds, hoping that .S. "ALCYON" l. '..........;,...... .'l
Sh South had only the king of this a
.iI suit.. South won wit the aceo
S-diamonds cashed tie ace ol W ekly sailugs of twelve up ,se pr W,
clubs and entered dummy with a York, New Orleans, LosI An2A 5 "Fra4 04a
J f trump in order to ruff a club. As .W a rr
it happened, the clubs failed to and S
break, so South had to lose a club,
two diamonds, and a heart.
Somewhere In the bidding or
play of this hand, a horrible bridge Special round trip fares from Cristobal to w
crime has been committed. See
if you can spot it for yourself be. York, Los Angeles, San Fa .. CAPTAIN ASTr
fore you read on.
fore you read on. To Now York .................. ... 02 .00
;:; It's very difficult to blame any., P,. J NAT N Ag
f-- .... body for the bidding. There are To Los Angeles and Sand Francisao ..$27,. i R -P PoLI, h
nlefot tricks at no.trump, but ... \eso

If you find yourself seated oouth cannot be criticized for re.
text to a person who is shy and bidding the spade,..por can North
difficultt to talk to, don't freeze be blamed for raising.
pp. Chatter on about first one The crime occurred in the play
thing and then another. of the cards, for South should have
If he is really shy and Ill at made his contract. Upon winning
dase he'll be grateful to you. not the first trick with the ace of
bor what you say but just for hearts, South should lay down he
illing up that frightening si- ace of clubs and give up a club
lence. trick. He can then get to dummy -


To Seattle .......... ............ .$36es.




Nice to Look At I MRIoo BLOBEs

Lover Boy 1. 5 V. T. A


Still Squawking



Boy With Grit


All Packed Up

ru.. Pa"o
rr! "tate
r rr! MA

rJ OVf






Fast Work


r, _' .i..


~IPPPAT,( SmNui, IM -

- -. L'L~ ?AIJ(AUA. AIICD* p-, ANl0U WNE

t11 I

"' I t

PdfeS: .36 & 0,1f
Anhe Baxter, In
aG -
S.sW-m *

New Chapters of.
Plus: -
and -

w I'
a m.

- lb _~_


You'll never see
1 Je likes of theat

:I MIIal :7:O1 if e
space Vikinp.. man's
greatest adventure I

DtRIV(IN Theatre
. PRICS: 6 e6.3


An Italian picture full of Medieval
splendor and shocking orgiesa

Prices: OJ5 & 6.15
Humphrey Bogart, in

Also: -


2 Good PleMutre!
+-s e
P1ew1, $* 84-1

by lukin" timu

HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Milt? The noise of streetcars, elevated
Crandall, the Barnum-type press trains and automobile brakes
agent woo once dragged a whale disturbed him. But 'he noise gave
to the top of Pike's Peak flally him an idea. He went to the may-
has arrived where ho belongs-in or of New York and said:
Hollywood." "The noise in this town is driv-
"A-. Pm tlad I leek dumb," Ing me nutty. Why don't you de-
J sap "That helps in HoUy clare an antinoise week? Call it
wood.*' Hush Week.
Milt Crandall is as fabulous as The mayor thought it was a bril.
movietown Itself. liant idea and forthwith proclaim-
For 33 years he has been all ed a city wide "Hush Week." As
over the United States, beating the his contribution Milt "1accidental-.
publicity drums for motion pic- ly" found a photograph of a beau-
ture'. Gorgeous, colorful, sensa- tiful doll with a finger to her lips.
tional, super-colossal ideas. First day of Husn Week a movie
Maybe some of Milt Crandall's Milt was working on conveniently
Ideas are pretty wacky-likthe opened in New YOrk. The film
time he wanted to int the Wash- was titled "Hush," starring Clraw
ingtop monum eti ack as an air Kimball Young, the girl In the
raid precautln photograph with the finger to her
"But most of my Ideas," he lips.
say, "have real value. I've work- The mayor of New York defied
ed for only three e.ppanies in 33 his own Hush Week by swearing
years and that's a record in the loudly at Milt. But the press agent
movie business." was forgiven.
At 52 Milt is.bald and paunchy, "When the heat goes on," Milt
but, like a kid, he lives for fun. confessed, "Im always building a
He's all over the room when he church or *something."
talks-acting out everything from While Clara Bow was making
the way the girls walk in Atlantic personal appearances in Oregon,
City Miss America contests to Milt topped himself by having the
murderous impersonations of film chimes of a church play, "Oh,
stars with whom he has worked. What a Beautiful Doll."
Milt started publicizing movies "That was easy," Milt said,
in 1911 "the chimes player was a fan Rf
"We always had to make a tie- Clara's. I just told him it was her
up with an undertaker in those theme 'song."
days," he' remembers. "Pictures There's no space to tell about
were being shown in storerooms the time Milt put theater ushers
and we had to have th: underta- on horseback to stir un interest
ker's cha zs." for Loretta Young's movie, 'The
M.t put the whale, made of Lady From Cheyenne"; his "jaw-
wood and leather, atop Pike's bone derby," to see if a man
Peak to ballyhoo the picture, could out-talk a woman, and his
**Down to the Sea in Ships." The rocking chair derby in which he
whale even spouted. Molt hired a took an unsuccessful flier at pro-
fellow to sit inside working a selt- motion himself.
*er bottle. The story left the entire "They rocked me right out elo
nation laughing. / $3,00,"' he remembers with a
The first movie for which he wince.
heat the publicity drums was But there's pathos to Milt's life
"Dante's Inferno." The picture, of fun. At 7, he was an -orphan,
advertised as a classic of litea- living at a Baltimore, Md. insti-
ture, was laying an egg. tuition. At 8, he was builag a
Milt tore down al the posters boat, using a hatpln for a tool.
*nd put up big signs reading: The pin snapped and Milt was
"Go To Bell. Go To Hell To. blind in one eye for eight years.
Idght." A famous surgeon finally heard
The picture turned into big of his case, operated and re-
money maker. stored his sight.
Working on another movie,- Milt. 'lIt's my best eye," he says.
was trying to dream up an idea in "l's the one I use when I look
a New York City hotel room. at the box-office figures."

Phoenix City's Military Boss Puts

4 *
Town Off Lmits To Bifly Graham
0-- -
PHENIX CITY, Ala., Sept. 2 earlier this week that Phenix Cl-
(UP) Phenix City, the South's tv also needed a revival to
"purged" capital of sin, was de- cleanse the city's atmosphere
clared off limits today to evan- spiritually and Graham was in-
geliat Billy Graham. vited formally.
atj. Gen. Walter J. (Crack) He had not accepted but indli-
Hanta, military boss of the once 'cated lie was considering the o0-
bawdy but now strait-laced town, for. ,
said-he will "not allow" Graham Hanna emphasKied he did not
to conduct a revival here. object to the motive of the
"I couldn't be responsible for meeting and would be agreeable
what might happen at something to having It conducted In near-
like this planned revival," Han- by Columbus, Ga., a large city.
na said. "But I'm not going to allow it
He added that his National in Phenix City itself," he said.
Guard forces are not strong Hanna, a strict disciplinarian
enough to "cope with" a crowd has been involved in several
as lar4e as the proposed religious military spats.
metMhg would draw. In 1951 he was relieved as dep-
Graham, now preaching in uty commander of the $1st (Dix-
Nashville, Tenn., was not avail- ie) Division after a disagreement
able immediately for comment with his superior, Maj. Gen. A.
On Hanna's decision. G. Paxton. The division was
Hanna and his Ouatdsmen training to go to Korea and
took over martial rule of Phenix Hanna complained that "raw
City after gamblers and proti- recruits" were being sent over -
tutes remained in business de- seas.
spite a close-up' order on the He also accused the Selective
heels of we aas on ofxa- Service agency of discrimination
Ut-vice crusader Albert Patter- against "Southern white men" by
on. drafting more whites than Ne-
Minlsters of the town decided groes.


BALBOA 6:1S 7:50 M DIAn LO e" S:U U:U

* W' ,s'-. rl.''











Legion Feuds

With AMA
0 *-

tMl Ametical Medical Ass. ye-
terday for opposing free federal
hospitaliation for veterans suf-
fer nan-service connected dis-
eLge's 39 auatal ceon
mention u nune apreved
a resolution. deo g the AM.
A for "a enti*nued, warrant.
ed attack on veterans as a
The Legion rejected 2,351 to 561
a resolution which would have
called on Congress to vote all
World War I nd World War II
veterans monthly pensions of $75
at 60 years of age and $90 at 65.
A similar resolution was adopt-
ed in 1948 but has been defeated
every year since.
Chairman Robert M. McCurdy
of the rehabilitation committee
called it "absurd" and said its
passage would be a "disservice"
to the Legion and the American
The convention also voted to
poll all candidates in this year's
congressional elections for ,their
views on universal military train-
ing and other questions. The ac-
tion was a prelude to a vote on a
resolution putting UMT at the top
of the Legion's legislative pro-
The AMA resolution was the
latest Legion salve in a running
feud with the ANA which be
leves free hospital care yet<
ermans uld be confsed to
those with service-connected all-
The resolution, which question-
ed whether the AMA leadership
speaks for a majority of physi-
cians, accused "certain cash-con-
scious" association leaders of sub-

ptituting a devotionn to dollars"
for the duty to 'care for human
The stand of the AMA, the res-
olution said, constitutes 'an under.
served attack upon the sAtk and
disabled veterans of America."
On another Impertant issue
the cevetle lted evea
-m t 4 and i to
accept Negers ad Orientals.
The Legionnaires got down to
the business of acting on esolu-
tions on the third day of their
four-day conclave. Most of the
first two days were devoted to
speech-making and a massive 11-
hour parade.
The proposed resolutions cover-
ed a broad field. They included
pro p ls for withdrawal of rec-
ogntion of Russia, prmpt rearm-
ing of West Germany to offset the
collapse of the Broean Defense
Community and continued opposi-
tion to United Nations admission
of Red China.
AFL President George Meany
charged in a speech, tothe conven-
tion that the ieubower admin.
istration Canot escape a major
share of the responsibility" for
the Geneva settlement of the In.
dochina war.
He said that '"when the t e s t
'came our government lacked the
courage to make a hard-and-fast
decision and did nothing." Meany
also criteiised the admtn Is tr al
tion's "new look" defense 'pro-
gram. .
The Legion approved a tesolu.
tion that urg ed Omic book. pub.
lishers to police their owp Indus-
try to eliminate "poisonous filth"
that is being portrayed In a small
percentage ofpublicationpr.

Justice Department Wins

136 Housing Indic tRents
V- 0 -
WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 -(UP) owners. However, in many cases
-The Justice. Depart m e n t an- no federal law has been violated.
nounced today it has obtained in- FHA Commissioner Norman ?A
iictments against 136 persons in Mason said in Chicago his agency
the last 20 months in its crack- henceforth will take a more liber-
down on criminal offenses in the al view of "quality construction'"
Federal Housing Administration's and "functional contet4porary de.
home loan and other programs. si~n" in appraising homes for
Both the administration an d FHA-Isured morelages.
Congress have been investigating Mason told a maikating epnterl
scandals in th- federal housing eftee of building materials and
programs over the past several equipment producers that FHA is
years. revising its appraisal standards
A number of government offi- with a view toward "helping the
cials, a.ociated with the pro- home owner to obtain a more liv-
grams have been ousted or re- able house that in the long run
ilmed under fire. will cost him less money."
The depart mnt said most of Rogers said an FBI report on
ts oases involved false loan doe- fraudulent practices in connee-
uments in the home loan improve- tion with. FA-lnsure loans for
ment program. home improvements convicted the
Others included corruption of Justice Department thousands of
government officials mail fraud home owners "had been taken in
and violation of nbaklng laws. by confidence men, principally
lixty-seven persons have be e n during the peak years of this pro-
convicted. gram from 1946 through 1X2."
Acting Atty. Gen. Williaih P. But, he said, in many of the
Rogers said in a statement that coas no law was violated,
he Justice Department is mak- The cases proeeeuted included
ng a "vigorous ad continueing f- "improvements" onn -eisatent
ort" to protect the I.tosts of home, l)opp for "improvements"
oth the government a dbhome- never mads; calh re bates to

''a )

homoe i
by houi
Baby's first toy should be a tIen ini
"mtoh" toy. Notce how be en- class.
joys watching slight flttering _,-
on the ceiling, or the flutter of _
leaves he can see ft Usm s ear-
riage. A string of gallyupanlted
spools, hung over h crib, will
provide interest If he hasn't T
tarted to move his hands very
much. If he d.ea keep hU. a --d
busy, Baby will get fui out of a
rattle, hung where he ea hit It t i
by chance, lo? bore he can TOIm
really grasp t.. Baby prefer.
strong, clear colors lk red,
green and yellow, instead of the
pastel shades. FIRS'
The kind of play pen you use 'VCI
for Baby depend on several .J11
things. I you have plenty of -
room in the bouse you may want
to get along -with a homemade
pen that doesn't fold up. If you I
make a pen that doesn't fold up, |
be sure to make it narrow enough
to go gh doorways so that
it can be moved from one room R
to another. The bars of thM y
so that A )W
10 tBaby *a at %Is
ge casters make a pen easier M
to move.
before Baby started to walk, t.
sbeoes can be sot n They arc
needed only or b teo
keep hia s t f-rea ofl(
scratche by-I eif
=r s It tel twwo s B
Ue fl Wer" U 0i is eleat
nd free fn spmntan. ad the
arteUB 13 fe fm tbujh, glts
or their ein hs 11.1
oot auKlusrWngaUt m. Ie


AY 9:10 P.B.

, Roman pectacle
dn ay of





Gun-Handling Course Seeks

To Reduce Hunting Accidents

WASHINGTON, Sept. -(UP) Artificial targets, In the shape
ery year, some t,000 hunters of rabbits and birds, popped up in
are felled by strey bullets fired front of brush patches and other
, by careless fellow nlmrods About hazards.
one out of every 10 of these mis. Maj. Gen. Merritt A. Edson
haps is fatl. USMC ret., executive director ol
Maybe that sorry rerd wil be the rifle association, gives these
Improved before long through ed- simple roles for safe Bhnting:
ucation of our young. Treat every gun as it It were
Lastee atCa Perry Ohio, loaded, unless you have personal-
the National Rfl An.. & o- ly inspected it to see that it is
operation with the National Edu- l*no
cation Assn., put a hundred men
from all over the country through Watch your muzzle. Make sure
a safety course, that your gun never points at any.
Among the students were repre- thing you do not intend to shoot.
sentatives of state conservation Be sure of your target, don't
and fish and gaweo departments shoot your partner...maie sure it
and private hunters interested in Is legal game before y6p fire.
saving life and limb. Be sure of your backstop. Know
The students themselves know where your bullet will stop. Don't
how to handle a .22 caliber rifle, fire ovbr the brow f a hill or
a pistol or one of the more dan where richoehet can cause harm.
gerous weapons such as deer and Be careful when crossing fenc-
antelope guns. es. If you are hunting with some-
The "school" was supervised by one, let one man climb through
top men in the hunting and wild- and then hand the gun to him,
life fields. The chief aim was to muzzle out.
train youths in how to handle a
gun before they ever set out on a If alone, place the gun through
hunt. the fence then cross at another
Children, with p roper escorts, portion of the fence, and pick it
went out in pairs down a simulat- up after you get through-with the
ed hunting course, carrying .22 muzale pointed away from you at
calibre rifles, all times.
Know your gun and ammuni-
tion. Be sure your jun is clean
and in good condition. Use only
the proper ammunition designed
for your gun.
Remember you are the guest of
the land owner. Don't shoot his
cows or chickens-or him.

Clson Offcer

Gets (roixdoeGue rre

The Croix de Guerre has been
awarded to Major George B.
Powell, 8-4 Officer of the 65th
Antiaircraft Artillery Group at
Fort claytpn; canal Zone, by the
Government of France for out-
anding actions while serving
i*th the 37th Field Artillery
Battalion at Heartbreak Ridge in
Corps Commander General
Monelair, Comma n d ng the
French ground forces of the
United Nations cited Powell, then
a captain and operations offi-
cer of the 37th Field Artillery
pattallon, for providing surprise
fire so vital to the French Forc-
es' safety And advancement.
The award was received bv
Powell on Tuesday by registered
mail and read:
"As operations officer of the
37th Field Artillery Battalion, he
spared no pains day or night, in
the course of the operations at
Heartbreak Ridge in October
1051, to provide the French Bat-
talion at a moment's notice with
the surprise fire necessary for its
advance or its protection, the
positions of the artillery Itself
beitg subject to frequent anti
vioent bombardments."
The citation was signed by
General Monclair.




of the

in COLOR juses4Acsmu





WELCOMED TO CONVENTION President Eisenhower *0-
knowledges the ovation of the crowd as he takes the rostrui
to address the 36th annual convention of the American Legion
in Washington.



SEPT. 1 TO 4


S :..:.: ..:.:*':; ..:f:!I .i:. !:;i ;:::'!:..: .; .:* ll'if B ij;

.. ... ..
:- .. :

." i' ,.- : i, .'
..: .,. ...:.,
I jff"' '

f: ''

I -~


Have you tried Chef
Doy-Ar-Dee's SPANISH
SAUCE? Iich. peppy-its
really ddicios for those
Spanish.syle dishes. Try
it on fried eggs. cheese
sandwiches, over mat...
msd msny other dilhe.


Italian cookery Is ado wel
repmre d in O e Boy-Ar.
Dee's S s wai have a
tih pan of kaliks cih.
nmay epett! SPAGHETTI
make any >spssL or vIpl
-a wRY -ML

Chef Ol .Ar.De Sauce wih
Muadhoolm is delicious m o
French Rle diheo with
Sgheni...aemember dha
0* Boy-Ar-Do his mm
for every tan. prepared with
fio ingredienua ready to
open and het ...
5 cb po m ,dd, i 4iJ
..v.. "':. a

S ;:. : ........
-^ .?.""^ : "":' ""':"'"'"":.: .'ii '"... ... ... '



~I NWrbsrrrrrrr

- 7------- --


I _,j

_ ~Jyyl-



__ __

I -


.. .


--. .tc 0Jl? ^ '

- r -vii





* *

I -



for 2 words



BINKmA PIRCIADO 1 street nmr 1
MOBISOMN 4t at July Ave. & J st.
Jast Alot aa Ave. and St.
1I2 La CanraqutUs



Central Ave. 148
No. 3 Lottry Plam
Fourth of .uly Ave.

H Street No. 7

Household Automobile
FOR SALE:-Due to trip: Bedroom, FOR SALE: 1950 Cadillac Model
dinigroom sets, kitchen, etc. Tel- 62. excellent condition, 5 new white
phone 3-5624. tires, new seat covers. Tel. 88-836,
phon Qtrs. 16-B, Guck.
fOR SALE:-60-cycle washing ma-
chine, furniture. Coco Solito 3rd FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 2-door
Street, House 10-D. sedan, perfect condition, 4 brand
new tires, battery, etc, MOTORES
FOR SALE:-Toppan gas stove, de- NACIONALES, S.A., Automobile
luxe model, with automatic oven, Row 21.
very well taken care of $100. HAL-
MAN, S.A. Via EspoAa No. 1. Sealed bids will be accepted by Point
Four until Friday, September 3, on
FOR SALE: Venetian aluminum sole of one 192 Chevrolet sedan.
blinds, plastic cape, excellent con- Automobile may be inspected at
edition, practically new, complete set Point-4 offices, Calle Q (Colpon
for Breezeaway type house. Also Building). Moil bids to Box "J,"
stesl blinds used as breezeaway po- Balboa, Coarol Zone.
_io enclosure. Phone 5-364.
FtO enclosure. PEWho usne 5 -3. FOR SALE:-Leoving, 1950 Chevro-
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse 25-cycle let sedon. 1946 Ford Panel, I ton.
refrigerator, very good condition, East 29th Street No. 18, reor Mer-
$125. Easy terms. HALMAN, S.A.. cod Vosco. Fabrega.
Via Espana No. -1. -- FOR SALE:--1951 Henry "J" $550.
SFOR SALE:-3 pc. Rattan sectional includes $75 insurance for one year
& sofo (3-strond), coffee table and ful coverage. Phone Fort Amodor
corner table $200; 2 limed oak 2142 or Panama 2-3058.
lamp tables $15. Phone 86-2293. OR SALE:-1949 Pontiac Tudor se-
FOR SALE:-"Maytag" wringer-type dan. Must sell. Leaving soon. 2-
washing machine, just pointed and 2348 Morrell, or 25-3380 Men-
checked, perfect condition $70. dez.
HALMAN, S.A.. Via Espoao No. 1.
FOR SALE -"Servel" gas refrigera- FOR SALE:-1948 Buick, good con-
tor in good condition $60. HAL- edition throughout. Best offer. Al-
MAN, S.A., Via Epaoa No. 1. brook 2166, 7:00 till 3:30.
FOR SALE:--GE. washing machine, FOR SALI:-Used cars, very cheep.
used. $25. Cuba Avenue No. 85. PANAMA AUTO, S.A., Jose Fran-
FOR SALE:--Quarter sawn oak din- cis__c de le _Os Ave. No. 45.
ingroom set, completely modernized,
brand new. never used: 8 chairs. FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Customline.
buffet, large dropleof table. Caoil 6-cyl., 4-door Fordomotic, 7,000
Balboa 2870 -_______miles. For appointment phone htal-
B lbo 280- boa 3359.
FOR SALE.-Servel Ice Maker" re-
frigerator and Philips console ra- FOR SALE:-1949 4-door Ford and I
dio-record player Phone 3-1975. two International trucks, cheap.
from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Duty paid. Child's trainer. 764-B,
FOR SALE: Leaving, livingroom, Barneby Street, Balboo.
diningroom sets. double bed, refr- ORSALE Tw 948Chevrolet se-
oerator, baby crib and dresser. Call dan, o condition. By competi-
1 -4888 after 5 P~m
-4888 ter 5p ______ tive bids. Call Quarry Hts. 4143.
FR SALE -Dningroom set, MagicFOR SALE:-952 Chrysler Windsor
Chef stove. 43rd Street No. 2-A. deluxe 4-door. Excellent condition.
-lhone 3-4014. Otrs 316-A, Albrook. Phone 86-
001 SALE: Baby crib $12.50; 7102.
buth bed $10. 712. El Prodo. FOR SALE:-1953 Lincoln converti-
SL L.I_-J ble. Low mileage. Will consider
-Josition Ottere trade. Call 86-2107.
", R SALE: Experienced salesgirl, a
L must speak English and Sponish, W onted Position
S" oll 2-0895 for interview.- _e P sto
stoes wIhIn l ehfrese. EUROPEAN WOMAN desires to take
Must ave rienc, erenes care of small baby. Good references.
and good appearance. English and Phone Balboa 2-1471.
Spanish speaking preferentel. Goad
ule and working conditions to EXCELLENT COOK, capable of taking F
. hlt party. Apply personally to full charge of ordering, planning
ALMAN. S.A., Via IEpetle No. 1, and cooking meols, wishes situo-
Panama City. tion. Call Stone, Cristobal 3-2747. ,
WVANTED:-Electrical appliances re-
psirman. Must speak English. Apply L jf
Soturdoay, 9:00 a.m, Appliance Re- LI eTI eague
pair Shop, Corozal. Phone 2190.

Local Ratle Ddvers Boys, 9 Girls

el Safety Awards
*Two sets of twins were born
More than 2,000,000 miles of at Gorgas Hospital during the
Striving without an accident week ending at midnight Mn-
cau ing personal in ury or proo- Idaynlht, according to the
damage were clocked by 18weetal report.
a-rte chauffeurs of the Mo-
ahe p ortation Divson dur- The four twins were all boys.
-e past fiscal year.o They were among the 15 births
a. announcement of the out- reported during the week. Par-
S- -n-- sa. driving re d wa ents of the twins were: Mr. and
ding safe driving record wa Mrs. Porfiro Rosario, of Fort
l e this week following the -Kobbe, and Mr. and Mrs. Bau-
r of safe driven erwh a oates dillio Gonzales, of New Arraijan.
U ue drivers who had no acc- -
There were no fatal accident The were 162 patients ad-
Itrg ethe t fiscalt ear In mitted and 186 discharged dur-
L= h eI rl ing the week. One death was re-
cha. ours pro C- prted the cause being cancer.
,equipment were drivers, and
of the accidents were of a Six of the other babies born
nature. Any accidents or during the week were girls. Chil-
of traffic laws, no mat- dren born to parents of U~. cit-
how significant, zenship were: Mr. and Mrs. J.
from receiving a safe driv- M. Powell. of Panama City, a
erltii cate girl: Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Johnson,
the total number of 238 lo- of San Francisco, a girl; Mr. and
chauffeurs of the Mo- Mrs. E. I. Dudley, pf Panama Cl-
Transportation Division ell- ty, a boy: and Mr. and Mrs. W.
Wt year. 62 have had con- O Pelegreen, of Panama City, a
s service for at least Woin boy..
and will receive certificates I
to their long accident- Parents of Panama citizenship
driving records. The other were: Mr. and Mrs. A. 8. Parch-
rivers who received awards ment, of Parque Lefevre. son;
M received certificates cov- Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Moreno, of
various periods ranging, Paralso, daughter: Mr. and Mrs.
one to eight years. S. R. Gordon, of La BLoca, son;
is estimated that each Mr. and Mrs. Crescendo River,
ieur employed in the Mo- pf Panama City, daughter- Mr.
*.a portation Division drove and Mrs. Faustino Martinez, of
average of 11.000 miles dur OGamboa, son: Mr. and Mrs. Ma-
the past fiscal year. This nuel Quintero R., of Panama Ci-
would amount to a grand ty, daughter; and Mr. and Mrs.
at well over 2,000,000 milej Arthur McKenzie, of Panama
Driving. City, daughter.

wel situated, in perfect condition and with modern

priced to suit You!
Mo. 23 East 29th street, Exposition. B/.19,000.00
M0 42 East 31st street, Exposici6n, 25,500.00
: 7th street, olf Heights. 24,000.00
I with 3 bedroom, service quarters, etc.
For inspection and further details:

,& Company Ltd.I|i
r "*- II

tret No. 22

Tel. 2.2388


Central 209, beside Capitolio Theater
Phone 2-3479

TRAVEL! Enjoy a wonderful week-end
in Son Juan, Puerto Rico, September
18-26. Call COPA Panama 3-3171.


FOR SALE :-Complete dental equip-
ment AC-DC. Call Pedro Miguel
Dispensary, Phone 4674. Also.other
dental items.

FOR SALE:-Suits and Pants, BEST-
FIT, superior quality at very low
prices. "BESTFIT," Plaza Santo
Ano, Panama; 1I1 th Street, Colon.
FOR SALE:-Agewood Bourbon. Spe-
cial Club Reserve Scoktc Royal
Mounted Canadian Whier, en
Cortes and Castlie Club Con. At any
bar or bodego. Your Destiladora
FOR SALE: "Nick's Bar." Owner
unable to attend business. "K" St.
No. I. Phone 2-3152.
FOR SALE:-'48 Crosley 4-cyl., com-
plete running gear, no body. $50;
'49 Crosley Hot-Rod Harley-David-
son motorcycle engine, new tires,
ready to go $200, spare parts in-
cluded; '47 Crosley Sport Car, 2-
seater, 4-cyl. engine, tires fair, en-
gine good. no top, ready to go,
spare parts included $140; oxygen
and ocetelyne tanks, small, hose,
gauges, torch $50. Phone 4-567,
House 120, Pedro Miguel.
FOR SALE: Puppies, 6 weeks old.
17th Street No. 14, Porque Lefe-
FOR SALE: "Standard" 30-gallon
gas water heater, just painted, per-
fect condition, $50. HALMAN,
S.A., Via Espaina No. 1.

FOR SALE:-1942 Packard Clipper,
good transportation $150; I set of
rosewood shades to fit 1-bedroom
apartment in Dioblo. Call Balboa
2-4162, House 5777-A in Diablo.
FOR SALE:-Diningroom and living-
room set, swing, child's tent, child's
wardrobe, washing machine, type-
writer, radio, dog house (double).
Farm at "Lidice," new "White"
sewing machine. 1948 Pontiac car.
I Ith Street No. 29, Son Francisco.
FOR SALE:-1941 Plymouth conver-
tible, radio, 4 new tires, good con-
dition; Crosley refrigerator 5-ft.
25-cycle, good condition, $55. Pe-
dro Miguel Barber Shop, 8 a.m. to
6 p.m.
FOR SALE: "- "Chicago" Restaurant
and Bar, excellent business. Inquire
same place, Colon.
OR SALE:-25-cvcle air-condition-
ing unit, specially built to work in
the Zone. Pedro Miguel 4-674,
8-12 and 2-5 p.m. Price $245.

US Tanks Explode

On Britain's Biggest

Aircraft Carrier
DEVONPORT, England, Sept. 2
(UP) Fume-filled gas tanks
on Britain's largest aircraft car-
rier, H.M.S. Eagle, exploded to-
day killing one man and critical-
ly injuring another.
However, Royal, Navy and
Devonport city firemen prevent-
ed a fire started by the explosion
from spreading through the 36,-
800-ton carrier.
The blast occurred when two
Admiralty scientists, Kenneth
Thom, 28, and Edward Gore, 18,
were testing empty aviation fuel
tanks for fumes. The explosion
killed Thom and injured Gore.
The carrier was in dock for a
The explosion was the latest
in a string of disasters, some of
them sabotage attempts which
have plagued the big carrier
since it was commissioned in

White Rose Club

Enjoys Gala

Evening Rehearsal
At' the regular weekly re-
h l ree-ul a t-.

Agends Internma. de Pohbiaeolenes
a5 Can"l ave.
Pqmue L*levre Street
10 Central Ave.

14 CsntrMl Ave
s0 Street No. i
J. Fco. de 1t UsI Ave. No. 41-

Via bpfta No. 54

FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile post
Santo Clara. Low rotes. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.

FOR RENT:-3-bedroom beach front
house, Sea Cliff Acres. Tel. Balboa
3022 after 5 p.m.
SHRAPNEL'S furnished houses on
beach at Santa Clara. Telephone
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, eve-

GRAMLICH'S Santa Clar Beach Cot-
tages, modern conveniences, mod-
erate rates. Phone 6-441 or 4-567.

Phill. Oceanside cottages, Santa
Cg, Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Ponh 3-1877. Cristobal 3-167.

FOR RENT:-Very attractive chalet
in Los Cumbres for 2 months, com-
pletely furnished, telephone and
hot water. Very reasonable. Pay ex-
penses only. Phone 2-1881, 8:00
to 5:00.-
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom chalet, liv-
ingroom, diningroom, porch, go-
rage, maid's quarters, in Bella Vis-
ta, Aquilino de la Guardia Stteet.
Phone 3-1713 during office hours.
FOR RENT:-Beautiful residence of
three bedrooms, hot water, terrace.
Phone 2-3035 Panama.
FOR RENT:-Chalet, "Borriada Do-
mingo Diaz," to responsible person.
Bus service. Reasonably priced.
Phone 2-3627.

ATTENTION G. I. Just built modern
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot. cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.

FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish-.
ed 2 & 4-bedroom apartments.
Contact Alhombra Aportments,
10th Street. Phone 1386. Colon.
FOR RENT:-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater, manager's office.
FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details call
Zubiets: 3-1802. 3-3337.
FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom furnished
apartment, spacious and modern,
price. 43rd Street No. 58.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment,
spacious, best location, $150. Bol-
boo 1866.
FOR RENT:-Nicely furnished apart-
ment, including refrigerator, porch,
parlor-diningroom, bedroom, kitch-
en, garage, $60. 112 Vio Belisarlo
Porros, near Roosevelt Theater.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment,
screened $60. Via Porros No. 56.

FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment,
concrete. North American neigh-
bors. Via Espana transportation.
Phone 3-0471.

FOR RENT: Two-bedroorm aport-
ment. Bright, cool, sea view, $90.
Elevator. Coill 3-0934.
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom opart-
ment a block from Hotel El Pana-
ma. Very cool. Call 82-2285 dur-
ing working hours.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment.
East 48th Street No. 22. Phone
FOR RENT:-Modern furnished optrt-
ments, moderate prices, suitable for
American families. 11th Street,
Porque Lefevre. Phone 2-1282.

FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment in Bella Vista with hot water,
maid's room, garage, etc. $115.
Phones 3-0373, 2.1248.
FOR RENT: Army couple wish to
share double apartment, private en-
trance. Phone 2-3065.
FOR RENT:-Furnished one-bedroom
apartment, opposite the ocean. Fe-
Sderico Boyd No. 1. Phone 3-1516.
FOR RENT:-One and two-bedroom
apartments, unfurnished. Sea view.
Uruguay Street No. 2.
FOR RENT: Very pretty furnished
apartment. All utilities. Via Espa-
Ao, house before Juan Franco.
FOR RENT:-Modern 1-room apart-
ment, stove, refrigerator, hot water.
51st and R. Arias Street, Compo
Alegre. Phone Pan. 3-4242 Sunday
and Monday.

FOR RENT:-Furnished room, kitch-
en, gas, refrigerator. 3g1st Street
East No. 9, near Lo Piscina.

earsai reeny ai amoa, al FOR RENT: Cool, big, furnished
most the entire membership of room in Campo Alegre. Private
the White Rose Dancing and bath. Meals available. Call 3-1789,
Sporting Club spiced the eve- 2-1693 .
n ag's activities and contributed "
to the occasion. W TE
It was "make ha while the WANTED
moon shines" as a danced a MisejlalnAi
real Quadrille Jamboree. Inci-
dentally, t was the ladls night, WANTED TO RENT:-Furished 2 or
too, U the gentlemen played 3-bedroom houe in Golf Heights
hosts, or comparable location. No chil-
Sdren. Call 3-5661 or 3-4685.
Saffairelso served WATED: Thoroughbred female
anoteim purpose. It w l omeed German Shepherd. Call 2-08601
the return of Jack Alleyne back from 7:30 to 12 noon and 1:30
from the United states. Alleyne to 5:00.
and Kenneth Brown are the '
mainstay of the musical atmo- I
ere of rehearsals. FOR SALE
Thl mnamth the ladles are ex- M tr ces
peeit to return the homage_ __
D 11Ty strawgly hope FOR SALE:-'52 Cushman. excellent
tdab W e-a a35t the m ae cdNoMan. CaN Fort Clyton 3140,
mM A5. -A&


Ask your Dealer for
the New Weldwood Olue

for Home or Industry
Sets in Minutes
Bonds like Magic
Packed in Handy Tubes
Ready to Use on
Wood, Paper, Cloth

6eo. F. Novey, Inc.
Central Ave. 279
Tel. 3-0140

Learn Ballroom Dancing
at El Panama HotWl
Studio. We will be
closed from A
to Oct. 1 2,
will bring back the
latest steps
In Paso Doble, Mambo, Gua-
racha and that new dance
Cha Cha Cha.

Dis. A. and I. OILLAC
(Palmer Graduates)
S 1- and 2 S p.m.
saturday: 8 12 noon.
5 Per Avenue Tel. 3-13fs
(1 block from Lux Theatre)
E M"oo

Packers, Shippers,
Tels.: 2-2562 & 2-Z451

Acros om lt lPanami Hotel
rFiust Winn and
Open Dail from 10:00 am. to
10. 0 p.m.
Sunday from 2:00 to :00*
Rapid Home Delivery at All Times
Tel. 3-4758


Shepherds Club

Installs Officers

At Court Brook Hall

The Novelty Pride of Cassio.
peia Social & Sporting Clut
which was recently organized a.
mong members of the Order ol
Antclent Shepherds on the At.
latnic side held its first Istal-
lation ceremony last Sunday al
the Court Brock Lodge hall.
An attedance of over 75 mem-r
bers and friends witnessed cere-
mony which was performed by
Miss M. T. Martin the Instal-
ling officer.
The meeting was called to order
at 4:00 p.m. by Mr. N. H. Am-
bursley, who recently returned
from vacationing in the U. s
After a few brief remarks ex-
plaining the purpose of the ses-
sion C A. De Lahaye was in-
troduced as the chairman for
the evening. The roll call oi
members which total 45 was fol-
lowed with the roll call of re-
presentatives which included ev-
ery unit of the Order on both
the Atlantic and Pacific side was
called and the delegates were
seated as follows:
H. 8. Williams of Ebenezer P. M
Club, F. Robinson of Efforts
Lodge No. 2335, C. A. Motley of
Casswillpold Lodge No. 2804, T.
C. Gibbons of Atlantic Union
Lodge No. 2807, and H. A. Forbes
of Loyal Victory Lodge No. 2828.
Miss T. Sobers, Provincial
Chief Sheperd of the Central
American District from the Pa-
cific side represented the various
units of her District, Miss R.
Wright of Casswillpold' *S&S
Club, Mrs. D. Archlbold bf Eu-
siblus (Female) Lodge No. 2608,
Mrs. H. Warren of Ebenezer
Lodge No. 2784 and Mr. B. Phil-
lips of Pride of the Oem Lodge
No. 2833.
The following officers were In-
stalled for the term ending June
1955: Mrs. E. Laing, President;
Mrs. E. Sterling, Vice-President;
E. P. Jarrett, Secretary; A.
Laing, Treasurer; L. V. eter-
vile, Business-Manager; and
Mrs. 0. Forbes, Chaplain.
The various representatives
gave impressive addresses of in-
spration for the welfare of the
There were vocal renditions by
Mrs. E. Samuels, H. White, Mrs.
G. Forbes, and a duet by Mrs.
E. Samuels and Mr. Mayers of
the Progressive Choir. H. 8. Wil-
liams said the invocation and
the benediction
The primary aim of this club
is for the promoting of esial
contact and well-being of its
members and membership is
open to any member of the Or-
der of Ancient Shepherds. Meet-
Inn will be held at the
of the Isthmus Lodge IM om
fArth 5andau at sma k miMAI

Premier Pierre Mendes-France
holds a news conference In
Paris after a crucial cabinet
meeting preceding the Nation-
al Assembly vote on the vital
European Defense Community

Radio Programs


Your Community Station
(Telephone: 2-308M)
Where 100,090 People Meet

Today, Thursday, Sept. 2 \
3:15-Freddy Martin Show
3:30--Muslc For Thursday
4:00-Feature Review: LU I S
4:30-What's Your Favorite
(Requests-please phone
before 4:00)
5:35-What's Your Favorite
(cont'd) Guest Star
8:00-French In The Air (RDF)
6:30-To be announced (WRUL)
DELITY (Tropelco)
7:30-Report From the USA
8:00-Paris Star Time (RIS
8:30-E I I z a b e t h a n Theater
9:00-You Asked For It (Re-
quests-please phone be-
/ore 8:30)
10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse
11:00-Music From Hotel El Pan-
11:15-.,-Serenade In Blue (USAF)
11:30-One Night Stand
11:45-Music To Dream By
12:00-Sign Off

Tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 3
6:00-Si1gn On Alarm Clock
Club (Requests please
phone by 7:00)
8:15-Church In The Wildwood
8:30-Musical Reveille
9:00-Baseball Today
b 9:10--News
9:15-Sacred Heart program
S9:30-As I See It
(Cutex and Odorono)
t 10:05-Off The Record (Requests
-please phone before
11:05--Off The Record (cont'd)'
11:30-Meet The Entertainer
r P.M.
- 12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
I 12:30-Popular Music
. 1:00-News
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30-Sons Of the Pioneers
1:45-Songs Of France (RDF)
r 2:00-Date In Hollywood
f 2:25-Singlng Amerlcam
2:30-Tex Benek Shtow
2:45-Hank Snow And HiW Rain-
bow Ranch Boys
3:00-4testival Of Waltzes
3:15.-Sammy Kaye hbow
3:30-Music For Friday
.4:46-Feature Review: Paris
.......Star Time (RDF) .. ....
4:30-What's Your Favorite
(Requests-please phone
5:35-What's Your Favorite
.:00--Guest S r (USTD) ....
.......(BBC) ......... .. ...
6:30-Melachrino Musicale
:45"-science On The March
7:15-Your Dancing Party
7:30-Reports From The USA
8:00-Music By Roth
8:30-Take It From Here (BBC)
9:00-You Aske4 For It (Re-

10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse
11:00-London Studio Recitals
12:00-SBgu Oft

Zxplaatlm of Symbols
BOC-Britw Broadcaatin Cor-

US-United states rNavy
Us. Tr 7
USTD-Vi- gt TNa fry
WHUL-'WorldviS .Bmoadeat-
lu -B.1.8

Formosa Is



HONG KONG, Sept. 2 (Ub)
A touring British Labor
Party delegation arrived here
from Red China yesterday and
one of its members said the
Peiping Commbnists were so
worked up over Formosa that
any incident' cold "explode a
third world war.
The eight-member Socialist
delegation headed by former
Prime Minister Clement R. At-
tiee came here by train from
Canton to end a controversial
18-day tour of Communist Chi-
The Communists gave them
the red carpet treatment up to
the end. Their train crossed the
Lowu frontier rail bridge the
first Chinese Communist train
to cross the board since 1949.
Attlee and most of the dele-
gation members appeared weary
from their long junket which
has brought angry reaction both
in Britain and the United States.
The former Labor prime min-
ister had no comment to add to
the delegation's statement in
Cantn Tuesday night which
said a peaceful coexistence with
the Communist world could di-
minish the chances of war.
Most of the talking was done
by Henry W. Franklin, of the
British National Union of Rail-
waymen, who told reporters he
was impressed by the "great
drive and energy of the Chi-
The Chinese Communists,
Franklin said, "are working the
nation up to such a pitch on the
issue of nationalist Formosa that
he believed any incident, how-
ever trivial, could "explode a
third world war."
Franklin said the British dele-
gation discussed the Formosa
question with Communists lead-
ers who have threatened re-
peatedly to "liberate" Chiang
Kal-shek's island bastion.

He said Formosa was a
"dynamite subject."
"They maintained over and
over again that Formosa is
theirs when they are powerful
enough to do something about
it," Franklin said in an inter-
Attlee will stay here for three
days before leaving for Austra-
lia via Singapore.
Other members of the delega-
tion are to leave for Tokyo to-

The Judge held that although
preliminary hearing Is not man-
datory, and may be waived by
the defendant, the p e r s on
charged must understand what
he is doing
Mrs. Caballero testified in
court yesterday that she was ad-
vised by police officers it would
be better for her interests if she
waived preliminary hearing knd
secured the services of a lawyer
in the District Court.
Police who took the stand
denied this.
Mrs. Caballero was fined $100
in District Court on May 12 for
selling liquor illegally in the
Canal Zone.
On July 9, police stated, she
again made a sale of a bottle
of liquor in Gamboa, where
she resides.

She was arrested on a war-
rant July 12 and appeared in
Balboa Magistrate's Court the
next day. As a result of her hav-
ing waived preliminary hearing,
the case was bound over to Dis-
trict Court, and brought before
Judge Crowe yesterday for a
This afternoon the woman will
be tried in Balboa for the alleged
July 9 violation.


600 x 16............13.95
670 x 15............ 14.25
With Your Old Tire
Mounting Included, Flats Fixed Free
Lowest Prices on the Isthmus
Every Tire Guaranteed, Credit if Desired

No. 31 Automobile Row e TL: 2.-424





0 A



5.0k .

Ihmmandedlo ale

Court For Retrial
The ease of a Nteraguan
woman charged Vh" the un-
authorized sale of lquor In the
Canal Zone will come before the
time this
Mrs. A=gol Prmne Caballero
the defendant, will be turned
over to the Baboa Magistrate's
Court at 2 p.n by her attorney
Charles Ramirez of the law firm
of Van Siclen, Ramires and De
In the U. 8. District Court at
Ancon yesterday, Ramlrez filed
a motion to dismiss the informa-
tion against Mrs. Caballero on
the ground that she had no at-
torney when charged In the Bal-
boa court on 7uly 13 with sellin
liquor illegally in the Canal
Zone, and that she had not
waived preliminary hearing "in-
Judge Outhrie F. Crowe denied
the motion as far as her right
to have a lawyer present, hold-
ing there is no provision in the
Canal Zone Code which requires
the appointment of a lawyer in
a preliminary hearing.
However, the court granted
the motion to dismiss the
charge because the defendant
had not waived preliminary
bearing Intelligently.



I .

I -- -

- I


, -




- I

- I

- :T

> *





. .


TuBlSDAT. sERTMBB% t. Jiis


--, .-. -- -

Giants, Dodgers Lose As Braves Gai In NL Rae

Ed Lopat Again Tames

Indians In 'Must' Win

1NEW YORK, Sept. 1 (UP) The National
League turtle derby waq rolling along in low gear
today with both the Giants and Dodgers playing as
if they didn't even eare about playing the American
League in the World Series.

Cristobal YMCA-USO

Swim Pool Reopens
After extensve repairs
renovations, the Cri s t o b a I
Armed Serviees YMCA-UBO
ool a again open for use. Pool
oun are from 1:00 l t
1H0=Mm. daily for ad ts,
Clen are offered iitrs-
tion in age akill group For
Infomaton regarding elses0
S. &s may a 'Mrs, Britts
Marcy for girls' lases and
Duke Wlson for boys elaMsse.

Whichmightpovde renewed Cubs. After spotting the seventh-
h o the tMIlwa- lacers a 4-0 leadothe erd de
p t -u Her s Welcome

Saves gained on both for-runsixth e aIn Colon Awals
teams last nhtwhen thw top- nor singled and Walker Cooper i
d thePiratss -1, on Warren doubled and Hal Jeffcoat was i be Robinson
17th. victory and ow are 68 aIlbot singled for ris third hiti
S c T Giant dro to score Cooper and Jeffcoat al- Coln, R. P. Pitcher Humber-
games back. The Giants d. p-,,."."
ed horrendous 9-7 marathon so scored on Furillo'sa wild throw. to Robinson of this city will be
to Cincinnati in three hours and Talbot reached third on Furillo's given a hero's welcome on his ar.-
13 minute and Brooyn's d- erro and scored when Robinson rival here sometime in mid-Sep.
sense collapsed in axth inning threw wildly to the plate, terber. Robinson is cur r e n t I y
ensedy which saw Furillo Pee campaigning with Jacksonville
cwee Ros and Jackle Robinson Things were not much better in the Class A Sally League.
make rror in a four-run win- for the Giants in Cincinnati al-
ningke ing forms in cago. It though they put over three runs Jacksonville clinched the pea.
nchicagol S seventh straight v -l the nnW two on a homer b nant Monday night with a 4.1
tory and Broo..lyn's third Dark in an effort to ull pa ictoryoverSavannah.
straight defeat. the 5 piky fourth place Ohieans.
trEd Lopat,the Yankee "junk Ted aE- Uwaki paced the losers (nn the season which ended last
man strewed Cleveland's en1 with four hits and three runa night, Robinson has compiled the
nant path with Utter wheI he driven in. The Giants used seven ,- rmpresluve record of any
hurled a 4-1 "must" vic for pitchers in the lost cause. itchgames wn the losing only eha t.
the world champs that featured Dan ny O'Connell and Jack Robby while losruing only eighe vt.
a two-run homer by Yogi Berra Dittmer each made two key hits ny wo r unner-upnbe plt-
and a two-run pinch-double by the Milwaukee victory ln for the "most vd.luable play
Ed Robinson. The Yankees now which Spaha won his n T mmittar.
trail by 4V2 ames and pl a ht me The committeserved welcnsome for Robin-
ag today tT L Mnace) E s .ell deserved welcome for Robin.
Cleveland a n today. eLop ne ni son is stepping up its activities to
gave up nine hits but stranded macked a and slam homer In make this a cty-wide event Al-
many Important runners on the first Inning at St. Louis torma ny-wide event. Al-
many onpo. .. .. e- -'- n h... ,. ready many congratulatory let-
base, once retiring the side with' a o'Dickson's o path to victory. Its e a m nd notes have
the sacks loaded and none out wab his 23rd round trip blow of been sent to Robby. Many social,
to achieve his 12th win against the year. civic and s rting organizations
four defeats and his 40th over have pledge nto give support to
Cleveland in a 10-year career. Schmitz, enjoying his best sea- this pro-welcome committee.
In other Amrelcan League son since he was the ace of the The committee, Alfonso Gis-
games, the White Box defeated CUb staff, won his ninth game come, chairman; Joscelyn Ever.
Boston 6-3 after losing 7-1 and and hi second shutout to keep ing, secretary Riamon Mendez,
stayed 10 games behind the In- Detroit away from fourth place. trustee; Jeff Joseph, Astor Lewis
diana. The Senators topped ID- The Red Box stayed half a and Herbert Molse, will receive
trolt again, 4-0 on a seven-hit- game in front of Detroit with all suggestions and opinions that
ter by Johnny Schmitz and the their split against Chfcago. Har- will help to make this welcome
Orioles and A's were not sched- ry Dorish won the night game for Robinson the biggest event of
uled. The Phillies defeated the for the White Box in which its kind.
Cardinals 5-2 for Murry Dick- Johnny Groth spunked the at- As the plans unfold, the commit-
son's ninth victory in the other tack with a two-run homer. tee will make public all items of
National League game. Karl Olson had two hits, a sac- interest The complete program
Brooklyn showed no pennant rifice fly, and a steal of home for the affair will be published in
pretensions in its loss to the for Boston in the opener. this daily.



0.30 _9:00 p.m.



I m.I. m.iisz, Im, Jji
M W O -.. I .M COOK- I NES ..r
*vn o i BW u fb* m w *M l u

BASKETBALL CHAMPIOSN of the Panama Area Armed Forces League are the Fort Kobbe
Lifeliners, who finished with a record of 17 wl ns and four losses. Diplaying their team cham-
pionship trophy are, left to right, front row: D on Fuchs, Marshall Ford, Howard McCallen Ed
Nickles, Connie Coleman. Second row; Don Stillwell, assistant coach, Rom Mitchell, Andy Witt-
man, Don Ellison, Don Pierama, Lt. John Garver, coach. Third row; Ken Brown, John Ed-
mondbon, Walt Duvall, Pearley Gates, Walt Kepke, John Clapperton. Back row; Dale Carlson,
Norbert Hummel, trainer. The Lifeliners meet the Antilles Armed Forces Champs, Camp Tor-
tuguero, in a best three-out-of-five tournament for the Caribbean Cage title beginning Satur-
day. Other games will be played September 6 and 8, and, if necessary, 10 and 11. All contests
start at 7:30 p.m. in the Fort Kobbe gym. (U. S. Army Photo by Sgt. Robert ShireUng.)

Teams W L Pet.
New York 82 48 .631
Brooklyn 79 52 .603
Milwaukee 75 54, .581
Cincinnati -.65 67 .492
Philadelphia 60 69 .465
St. Louis 60 71 .458
Chricaao 58 7a 424

GB Teat
- Clev
31/2 New
6 Chic
18 Bost
21 V Detr
22 Was
h Ohil

is w L Pet. GB
eland 95 37 .720
York 90 41 .687 4j1
ago 86 48 .642 10
hon 57 .7- .438 37
folt 57 74 .435 37%
hngton 54 76 .415 40
.X*X 4 IA anUUJJIj 4W ... ..

Pittsburgh 46 36 .348 37 Baltimore 43 90 .323 52
Brooklyn at Chicago Cleveland at New York
Philadelphia at St. Louis Detroit at Washington
Only games scheduled. Only, games scheduled.
(Night Game) Cleveland 001 000 00-1 9 1
New Yorke 100 200 103-7 16 1 New York 000 202 OO-4 0
Cincinnati 104 010 03x-9 13 0 Garcia (16-8), Mossl and He-
Hearn, Worthington (0-1), gan. Lopat (12-4) and Berra
Corwin, Grissom, Wilhelm, Lid-
die, Gomez and Katt, Westrum. (Afternoon)
Nuxhall (9-3), Fowler, Smith Chicago 000 020 000-2 10 2
and Seminick. Boston 202 200 10x-7 12 0
Pierce (7-9), Strahs, Martin
Brooklyn 004 010 000-5 9 4 and Batts. Kemmerp, HuM
Chicago 040 014 00x-9 11 0 (1-0) and White
Podres, Labine (7-6), Darnell .....
and Walker. Hacker, Jeffcoat (Night Game)
(5-5) and Cooper. Chicago 110 220 000-6 11
(Night G e)-- Boston 000 100 200-3 8 1
Pibu gh 000 000 010-1 6 1 Dorh (6-3), Johnson, Harsh-
Milwauke 100 002 00x-3 7 0 n and Lolhar. Parnell (2-o4).
Surkont (8-17), HetkI and Clevrier, Brown, Kiely, Hudson
Shepard. Bpahn (17-10) and and te Brown, Kel

(Night Game)
Philadelphia 400 000 100-5 6 0
St. Louis 100 100 000-2 7 3
Dickson (9-16) and Burgess.
Lawrence (11-6), Poholsky and

(Night Game)

o00 000 000-0 'T-
004 000 00x-4 8 0

Aber (5-9), Herbert anl Wil-
son. Schmltz (9-7) and Fits

Wright HarringonUpsettersSexa Hoad Brown Reach

I mmI R*JA. Ai s : ll t o T a a o% AlL D....J Ai r... 1 .. .
btl* *~~1 ~rrrs 111


Governor's Cup Outboard

Races Scheduled Labor Day

By Pedro Miguel Boat Club
The annual Governor's pup as it has been noticed in the
Regatta will be sponsored by the past few weeks that- test runs
Pedro Miguel Boat Club on La- made by his brother Tommy and
bor Day, Monday, Sept 6. Start- those by Jim Riley of Margarita
ing time will be at 2:00 p.m. flave very fast.
The regatta will be run In four To date, the committee has re-
classes. The Class "A" and "B" celved an entry list of sixteen
iHydroplanes and Class "B" and boats and expect one or two
"C" runabouts. They will be run more before race day. When the
in eight heats at fifteen min- majority of these bats start to
ute intervals, line up for the main event It
On completion of the regularly should be a thrilling sight for
scheduled races, there will be the spectators, who will be ad-
a fifteen minute intermission to mitted free to the Pedro Miguel
allow the drivers and pit crews Boat Club for the days activities.
to change motors and make ad- The Club has arranged to ac-
justments for the main event of commodate the expected over-
the day the Governor's Gup Race tlow of patrons by opening ex-
which will be run in a single ra refreshment stands, and
heat. parking space will be readily a-
The present holder of the Cup vaulable.
is George H. Egger Jr. of Cris- A final decision on the prizes
tobal who won it in 1952 and a- has not been obtained, but we
gain last year. For permanent have been told that trophies will
possession, the Cup must be won be awarded first and second
three times by the same driver, place winners in each class.
but not successively. A complete entry list with
George will have to show names of race officials will be
flashing speed if he is intent on1 published within the next few
retiring the Cup this Labor Day, days.

Leading Bafters
(Based on 325 Official at Bats)
Player and Club AB H Pet.
Snider, Brooklyn 491 171 .346
Muslal, St. Louis 505 173 .343
Mays, New York 480 164 .342
Klussewski, Cincl. 495 162 .327
Noren, New York 376 128 .340
Avila, Cleveland 476 157 .330
Mifioso, Chicago 492 .325
Fox, Chicago 553 178 .322
Bauer, New York 322 100 .311

Toronto Needs Five

Victorles To Clinch

'Inlemrallonal Flag


The Balboa Gun Cub will hold
a twenty-gauge skeet shoot this
Saturday afternoon at two o'clock.
The program will consist of fifty
targets and will include a two-
man team race as well as thW in-
dividual competition.
If possible, there will be a team
shoot between the Cristobal Gun
Club and the home team. The
highest five scores on each team
only will count in the team race.

Bill Cunningham has a trophy
for the individual winner.
There will be an entry fee of
two dollars, and the purse will be
divided according to the Lewis
Class System. If there are fifteen
or 'more shooters, there will be

NEW YORK, Sept. 2 (UP) three classes with a money divi-
The Toronto Maple Leafs of the sion of 50, 30 and 20 per cent Hi
International League needed on- Gun.
ly five mor victories in 11 re-
maining games today to clinch ere will ble so it isof twenty
their first pennant since 1943. gauge guns available so it is ex-
The Leafs jumpedonthe low- t that there will be a large
ly Ottawa Athletics last night trnout.
for a pair of triumphs while the
Montreal Royals, who were in Roswell Player
second before Wednesday's ac-
tion, dropped a twin-bill to the
Buffalo Bisons and the Rochest- Near All-Time
er Red Wings defeated the Syra-
cuse Chiefs.
The Leafs, who wonby scores Homer Record
of 7-3 and 9-0, moved eight
games in front of Rochester, who ROSWELL, New Mexico, Sept.
won by 4-3. Buffalo edged the 2 (UP) A first baseman for
Royals, 4-2 and 5-3. The Royals Roswell, New Mexico is closing in
dropped to third, nine games off on the all-time home run record
the pace. of 69.
The finest performance of the
evening, however, 'was turned in Joe Buman set a Longhorn
by Tommy Fine of the Richmond League record Tuesday night by
Virginians. The Cleburne, Tex, hitting four home runs as Ron-
right hander set the Cuban Su- well beat 8weetwater, 15-9. Bau-
foar Kings down on just one hit, nan now has 68 homers for the
or a 1-t0triumph. Loser Vicente eason with 'six games left to
Lopez wasn't quite as sharp as )lay. The record of e6 was set in
he allowed the Virginians 933 by Joe Hamer of Minnea.p-
hits Havana won the se 1 in the American Asociation.
ase, 3-0, as old Kenny 1. .-.; was tied in 1948 by Bob Cruse
emnsberger hurled a two-hit )f AmaritU of the West Texa-
ahuten t orI a -0 dMcal New w UMn co Lausa.

U Ii ouri ound AtForest Hls
FOREST HILLS, New York, Fry advanced to the third round&
Joe Harrington and ChuIg Sept. 2 (UP) Veteran Vic Seix- There was one upset-17-year-
Wright, who were only suppose |as has gained the fourth round old Barbara Breit of North Hol-
to be playing golf last Sunday of the National Singles Cham- lywood," California, eliminated
morning for the exercise, caused pionship at Forest Hills, New England's ton star, Helen Fleteh-
a minor sensation when they York.6-37-,ol
defeated the highly favored Seixas the second-see d e d er, -3, 7-9, I-love.
team of Don Mathieson and American-beat Roger Becker of
Freddy Huldtquist one-up in the England, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. Ham
first round of the 13th annual Richardson-the number three
M i d o- Multifort tournament, American .joined Seixas by
sponsored by Casullo's of Colon, whipping Henri Rochon of Can-
which is now underway at the ada, 6-3, 6-3, 7-5.
Brazos Brook Country Club. Eight-seeded Tom Brown also
The results of the other gained the fourth round. Brown TY PRICES:
matches were as follows: --a 1940 finalist--beat Austra- T n DA .* 3
Don Francey and Capt. Bill Hla's Roy Emerson, 6-1, 6-2,--4. '" : :00. ,.- F -.=,
Lewis, the long driving team S.eventh-seeded Oardnar Mdlloy BIG SHOTS! BLONDES1.
with 12 handicap, easily dispos- reached the third round by beat-
ed of Al Nordstrom and Howard ing Ed Kauder, 6-1 6-1, 6-4. LOVE NESTSI
Finnegan. Husky Lew Hoad of Australia
kept on the heels of the Ameri- SCANDAL!
Finnegan and Nordstrom just cans as he reached the fourth
didn't have a chance and the round. The top-seeded foreigner
strokes they were spotted were routed Andres Hammersly of
to no avail as Francey and Chile, 6-love, 6-1, 8-6. Little Ken
Lewis, considered the team to Rosewall Hoad's Davis Cup
beat in the tournament, scored running mate won a second a
one over par golf for the dura- round match. He beat Crawford
tion of the match. Henry of Atlanta, 6-1, 6-4, 8-2.
,And Rex Hartwig of Australia al-
Anibal Galindo and Herb To- so made the third round by beat-
ledano disposed of Al Clausen ing Al Harum of Coral Gables,
and Mike LaCroix, 4 & 2, and 6-1, 6-1, 6-4.
Jim Hoverson and Elwood Comp-i Among the ladies, Louise
ton made it 4 and 3 over Joe Brough, Doris Hart and Shirley
Wright and Dick Brown.
The first round consisted of
only four matches as many of rts Brie s
the teams drew byes, but the p.I 1
second round will find every-
body playing and the draw will By United Press
be announced in tomorrow's
Panama American. Priate
ase Of Jittes Famed football coach Amos Secretry
Case Of JItters Alonzo Stagg will be back on theSees
job for the 65th straight year AlI
BROOKLYN next week.
The 92-year-old "grand old,

Gilliam, 2b
Reese, as
Snider, cf
Hodges, lb
Amoros, If
FurillUo, rf
Robinson, 3b
Walker, c
Podres, p
Labine, p
Darnell, p
Talbot, cf
Baker, 2b
Jackson. 3b
Sauer, rf
Banks, ss
Kiner, If
Bilko, lb
c-Fondy, Ib
Cooper, c
Hacker. p
Jeffcoat, p
a-Grounded out

ab r b o a man" of football has accepted a
5 0 0 1 1 Job as advisory coach at Stock-
4 2 2 3 3 ton College and Stockton College
3 1 1 3 0 High in California. Stagg will
2 0 1 8 2 help to teach passing and kick-
4 1 1 2 0 ing.
4 0 2 1 0i Stagg-who began coaching
4 0 0 3 4 back in 1889-recently turned
4 0 0 1 1 down an offer to assist hi son
2 1 1 0 l at Susquehanna College in Penn-
0 0 0 2 0 sylvania. Stagg's wife has been
1 0 0 0 0 inill health.
0 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0 TURF
34 5 9 24 12 Owner Alfred Vanderbilt has
decided to race his stable in
GO iFlorida this winter.
I Vanderbilt-whd's been racing!
4 1 3 2 0,his horses in California for th'.-
4 1 0 3 5 last three years-will run his sta-1
4 0 1 0 0 ble at Hialeah Park. He and
3 1 1 4 0 trainer Bill Winfrey are expect-
4 0 0 0 3 ed to campaign a strong string
4 2 3 3 0 of horses, including "Crash
2 0 0 9 1'Dive," the winner of the Aque-
2 0 1 4 0 duct Handicap Tuesday.
3 2 1 2 01 The Vanderbilt stable was the
I1 1 0 1 0 leading money winning stable in
S1 0 0 0 the nation last year and cir-
3 0 -.rently is sixth on the list for
34 9 11 27 i1954.
for Labine in _

-7"th ..The veteran Ted Atkinson
b-lied for Darnell in 9th. has become the fourth jockey
c-Popped out for Bilko in 6th. in turf history tO win 3,000
races. Atkinson won number
Brooklyn 004 010 o0---s three-thousand aboard "De-
Chicago 040 014 o*xr-9 vastaton" In the third at
SAqueduct, New York.
Errors Reese. Furillo. Rob-
inson, Wilker RBI Talbot 3,
Sauer, Kiner, Cooper, Hacker, BASEBALL
Hodges 2. Reese, Amoros, Furillo.
2B Kiner, Cooper, Fondy, The New York Giants have
Podres, Snider, Amoros. 3B -;bought two slugging outfielders!
Talbot, Reese, s8 Hodges 2, ,from Nashville of the Southern
Sauer. LOB Brooklyn 6, Chli- Amocation.
cago 3. BB Hacker 1, Podres 1. They are Bob Lennon and Erk,
80 Podres 1, Jeffcoat 2. HO Rodim. The 25-year-old Lennon;
Podres 7 In 5, Labine 3 in 1, Dar- -who set a Southern Association
nell 1 In 2, Hacker 4 in 2-2/3, record with 56 homers-is bat-I
Jeffeoat 5 in 6-1/3. R-ER Po- tlg .34. The 4-year-old Rodin'
dres 5-5, Labine 4-2, Hacker 4-4, ha a .33 batting average and
JeffTo-t 1-1. HBP-by ]eker l5 bomerL7 Th, wi report to
Pindli Dogg wbsm tsewar1O i oLtanto in the
-- 2:2. A 14,1736. '

picturization of
the best-soiling novel

P Ke in




Encnto Today 25, 15
Paul Kelly, In
Robert 'a'aylr.NIn

MDEAL TodWy 'I, .10
_I -
X^kOy%% U-M

-~ -~ a- -











* CENSURE HEARINGS BEGIN-The special Senate committee meets in Washington to begin censure hearings against Sen. Joseph
McCarthy (R., Wis.) At the committee table at right are (left to right): Sen. Sam Ervin (D., N. C.); Sen. Francis Case (R., S. D.);
Guy G. de Furla, assistant counsel; E. Wallace Chadwick, committee cour/l; Sen. Arthur Watkins (R., Utah), committee chair-
man; Sen. John Stennis (D., Miss.); and Sen. Frank Carlson (R.. Kans.). Senator McCarthy and his attorney, Edward B.
Williams, are at witness table (left, center). Sen.-Edwin Johnson (D., Colo.), another member of committee, had not ar-
rived when picture was made.

* *

* *

* *

McCarthy Launckhes TV Blast

At CensureGroup, Newspapers
WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 --(UP) workers to give him classified pa- subcommittee members of im- ings were thoroughly covered by
-San. Joseph R. McCarthy said pers and his use of such a docu- proper conduct. the press, radio and television.
today chairman Arthur V. Wat- ment is his investigation of Com- Censure committee counsel E. He said he was certain that "ev.
kink (R-Utah) of the Senate cen. munist influence in the Army. The Wallace Chadwick also read into eryone who cares to has long
sure committee has taken t h e charges were a direct outgrowth the record a long transcript in since formed his individual judg-
"fantastic" position that it is not of the Army-McCarthy hearings, which McCarthy was quoted as ment on the merits of the-contro-
necessary that committee mem- Edward Bennet Williams, Me- telling Brig. Gen. Ralph W. Zwick- versy."
bers be impartial. Carthy's attorney, gave no hint er that anyone who acted as he Associates described Stevens as
S MCarthy also attacked t h e as to the type of defense he will did "is not fit to wear that uni- not overly upset by the reports
Washington Evening Star for what present. He said he wanted "to form." and said he has no intention of re-
he termed "completely false re- hear all the evidence before decid- signing.
porting," and the Denver Post for ing on our course of action." Zwicker, then commander of
eing what he called "viciously The committee rejected, b u t Camp Kilmer, N. ., testified be- Cohn who resigned under Are
tiU-McCarthy." may consider again later, .a move fore McCarthy in New York last after the hearing, said in New
by McCarthy to t h r o w out a Feb. 18. McCarthy wanted to know York it is apparent that "anyone
he M Wisbn! RepaH c o's charge that he showed contempt who ordered the honorable dis- who associates himself with the
blast came in a statement for a subcommittee which ii ves- charge of former Maj. Irving Per- cause of exposing atheistic Corn-
belfre television movie carer- tisated his finances in 1952. ess, an Army dentist who refus- munist infiltration has to contend
as Jut outside the Senate cau' t also slapped down a move by ed to say whether he was a Corn- not only with the smears but with
as room where the committee the Wisconsin Republican to ques- munist.
W -as considering censure charg- tion qualifications of Johnson to McCarthy's remarks to the partisan politics as well."
as against him sit on the six-man censure corn war-decorated officer touched
All three accusations revolved mittee. off the first open break between New TV Station
around a Denver Post story last McCarthy and the Army and led r
March 12 which quoted Sen. Ed- The committee then moved on to the eight-week Army.McCar- For Puerto Rico
win C. Johnson (D-Colo.) as say- to the second of five general cen- thy hearings.
ing that most Senate Democratic sure charges against McCarthy- Chadwick also read into the WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 (UP) -
leaders "loathe Joe McCarthy." a claim that he has "abused" record a charge by Flanders that El Mundo, Inc., applied to the
Johnson is now a member of the some of his colleagues. McCarthy "has attacked, defam. Federal Communications Com-
Censure committee. It introduced evidence that ed and besmireched" Gen. George mission today for a permit to
McCarthy said he saw Watkins McCarthy once suggested that C. Marshall. build a new television station at
on a television film last night 73-year-old Sen. Ralph E. Flan- Committee members were un- Mayaguez, Puerto Rico on Chan-
making "the most fantastic state- ders (R-Vt.) was a victim of derstood to favor ignoring McCar- nel Three.
ment I ever heard." "senility." The committee also thy's attack on Marshall, in a It is the only applicant for
S #'I saw Watkins smilingly say- heard a reporter testify that 1951 Senate speech, on grounds that channel.
fag that it was all right if com- McCarthy once said "I think they did not want to interfere with El Mundo has a San Juan tel-
nittee members were not impar- they should get a man with a the Senate's traditional freedom vision station, WKAQ-T, on
tlal," McCarthy said. nes, and take him (Flanders) to o0 speech. Channel Two.
"iThat doesn't quite tie in with a good quiet place." The committee turned to the .
repeated assurances that t his Flanders was the senator who new phase of the censure inquiry
would be a judicial hearing." originated the censure charges after concluding its presentation
The Senate Censure committee against McCarthy. of evidence on the charge that
completed work on three of the The committee later questioned McCarthy showed contempt of the
fle general charges against Me- another reporter about a quota- elections subcommittee by resuf-
Carthy yesterday after refusing tion attributed to McCarhy that ing to testify.
his request to dismiss one. Sen. Robert C. Hbndrickson (R- Williams, McCarthy's a t to r.
Watkins said the comm itt e e N.J.) was "a living miracle. ney, contended his client could
s would finish up the other two without brains or guts" not have been In contempt be-
es today and then let Mc- Hendrickson was a member of cause the subcommittee w as
=-athy start presenting his de- the 1952 Senate elections subcom- acting without authority.
a; se next Tuesday. mittee which raised a number of Watkins rejected this argument.
11b committee is expected to questions about McCarthy's per- He said the question of whether
tomorrow for the funeral of sonal finances and other activi- the subcommittee was at fault "is
Burnet R. Maybank (D-S.C.). ties wholly immaterial."
will be no session Monday In all, the committee took evi- Williams said he will offer a
of the Labor Day holi- dence showing criticism by Me- motion later to strike out thee n-
Carthy of six senators. tire contempt charge and all evi-
videnace introduced yes t e r- In addition to Flanders a n d dence relating to it.
y covered McCarthy's al- Hendrickson they were Sen. A. S. The subcommittee which looked
coatempt of the Senate, Mike Monroney (D-Okla.), Guy into McCarthy's row with the Ar-
of fellow senators and un- M. Gillette (D-La.), Carl Haden my provided fresh fuel for the
treatment of Brig. Gen. (D-Ariz.) and Thomas C. Hen- censure case by filing two formal
R# W. Zwieker. nings Jr. (D-Mo.). All were mem- reports Monday night
2 W dnsinAdicated that in taking bers of the elections subcommit- The reports criticized McCar-
t "two remaining charges the tee with which McCarthy tangled thy and the three other principals
ttee will want to consider in the 82nd Congress in the dispute-Roy M. Cohn, for-
Reports issued Monday night The alleged abuse in these cas- mer subcommittee counsel, Army
3S e n a t e subcommittee es was contained in letters Me- Secretary Robert T. Stevens, and
investigated the Army-Mc- Carthy sent to subcom mit t e e Army counsellor John G. Adams.
dispute. members. The letters were intro- Stevens said in a statement to-
charges In o ve Mc- duced to support charges that Mc- day he would have no comment oil
y's invitation to feed e ral Carthy had unfairly accused the the reports because the proceed-

'Glory Is The Reward For Valor'
O~UNE DE, Scotland, Sept., In India in 1938. World War II the way that I know would
L-- P ) The last of the Clan leam Her secnn n d Rn i, odric ...

- --. -- --.-- I U-L .... -. ...--- L-, "Z' "L", Aso, e my boys' reply," she!
obert Is gone but doughtI died in his fighter plane over wrote.
Oman ever will cherish lraq. The baronetcy passed to "I feel that a suitable name
oera Reply." te.third and last son, lain, for the bomber would be "Mac.f
SRachel MacRobert, 74.; 24. Robert's Reply.'"
W of a baronet, herelfli e crashed to his death in The plane struck deep into
In Worcester, Ma., Aed the Atlantic a month after Rod- Germany. It bombed the Nazi
:day. She left a Ieend. eric. warships Bcharnhorst and Onel-
obert'sReply ws I jLady MacRobert's reaction a It plot won the stin-
to the death of i was swift ad unlibheiguished Flying Cross
o sons. Se tra d is a cheek for yWo the When the t of the MacRob-
S and fire ited Of Air Ministry and asked the t died, the clan died. It had
b i__ to buy a bomber. lved up to the family motto:
s 3 l ^obe.rt lt A ,- mi s in to ma a "Glory is the reward for v-




Boat Races Monday


Kids' Fashion Show n Balboa Gy
n owloa'Gy


"Let th people know the truth and the country is sae" Abraham n

"*Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

Most original costumes
Moore and Billy Brandt.

Steady Enough

Ceorge L. Holmes retired after 41
years with the fire department.
When he was hired, recalled
Holmes, the chief warned him that
"the work won't be steady."

ROYAL CANADIAN mounted police constable 8. 0. JennIng
(shown on stretcher above) was considered to be in good con-
dition today at Gergas Hospital wher he was brought last
night. The 24-year-old "Mounte" was evacuated nfrom is ship
"St. Roch" which was 4 milesm sou of the Pacific border be-
twern Costa Rica and Nicaraguay an SA-16 Altm air-
craft frno Albrook. In the phto abovar. Pight Su OWa.
Charles A. Berry, who aoipeied the sick man n I She i
and gave him emergency freAitmnt shoGn bnd ow h Ue
stretcher, amist to .aent.I Ot r a the
l i h a to I M E i ~

"Little Mothers" and "Little
Fathers" from 4 to 8 years old
gathered in the Balboa Gym
recently to participate in a fash-
ion show sponsored by the Phy-
sical Education and Recreation
Branch of the Division of
These tiny parents came "all
dolled up" in hats, high heels,
long dresses, pocketbooks, bas-
kets, false moustaches, bow ties,
coats and suits. The miniature
stylista paraded in front of the
judges and a large audience of
Prizes, were given for the best
looking costume and for the
most original.
Best looking "mother and
father" were Charlene Rose who
was dressed in a cutq white or-
gandy dress, a big blabk rimmed
hat large purse and high heels.
and Jerry Brennan in a brown
serge suit, loud tie and Panama
Most original costumes, were
worn by Sissy Moore in red wig,
hat and glasses and Billy Brandt
in khaki, knee length shirt and
military hat.
Runners-up in the first group
were Leslie Clark and John Mo-
rales, and in the second, Lanna
Nadeau and Bobby Schildknecht.
Certificates' for perfect at-
tendance during the summer
program sessions were given to
Robert Burgener and Leslie.
Clark. For excellent attendance,
Beth and Kathy Rose, John Mo-
rales, Jerry Brennan and Bobby
Schildknecht also were com-
mended. Cookies, candy and so-
da pop constituted the final
celebration of the fashion show.

were worn by, I to r, Sissy

Best looking "Little Mother and Little Father" were,
I to r. Jerry Brennan and Charlene Rose,- holding their

Strip-Teaser Almost Stops Ship Alom-.Ru Plants

MIAMI BEACH, Sept: 2 -(UP) and shoes in a neat pile at the mus Power
-A strip-teaser almost :topped a side of the road.
ship today. Traffic also began to pile up Pert Patrona Bugg had just, fin the busy artery link Miami een n I
ished work in a South Miami and MWami Beach. Palman
Beach nightclub when she deeid- George Zoller said the cars Atomic r..
ed she would like to relax and stretched for more than a mile. Atom r fOr the
take off a few things. Her taxi- Zoller and two blushing officers generation of electricenergy for
cab driver obliged and dropped stood at the water's edge and peaceful domestic and industrial
her off on MacArthur Causeway. begged Patrona to come ashore. use may chan1the basic econ-
Hupdreds of cars screeched to Patrona just waved and climb- omy o Latin America within the
a stop. Patrons calmly stripped to ed a cable support to a utility next decae.
a leopard-cloth Bikini bathing suit pole. Drivers started getting out .
that only'took a baby leopard to of their cars. Thls i tee good news that a
make. But a hastily summoned 1 if e top-level American atomic-ener-
The SS Florida, on its way to guard and the three officers man- 9Y consultant Is bringing to the
the Miami harbor, drifted past. aged to pull Patrona out of the electric-power-starved people of
Witnesses swore the ship listed as water. She was treated at a hos- undeveloped Latin American
the passengers rushed to the rail. pital-for feet cuts, not exposure areas.
She left her dress, slip, girdle -then booked on a charge of dis.-
orderly conduct. Consultant Robert Le Baron's
"I didn't know it was against statement that atomic power
Cll- *alls O t he law to te a swiminMiami n lants are now economically
Alir Force s Off "" .
Beach," she protested. feasible was part Ully welcome
The 26-year-oH beauty who in Panama where _e seasonal
aIr .A- come from San Salvador, demure- variation of rainfall and the
a r Wfo ly dropped her ee s to a blanket Configuration of the terrain do
an officer gallant provide for not lend themselves readily to
A three-day air search for a her court appearance.- the large ale production of
missing boat with three men Judge Lawrence Hoffman se power by the hydroelectric meth-
aboard bound for Grand Cayman tenced her to 10 days in l but od.
Island, was called off today by agreed to suspend sentence f the
the Air Force. 101 d stripper re m tin aon Le Baron also told newsmen
The suspension of the search ,go behavior. at a press conference yesterday
was due to information received When you feel like a afternoon that within a decade
from residents of Old Providence again, the judge warned, take there wil be an atom-powered
Island, where the small craft yrr dip inthe ocean, not where a craft capable of stay-
was last reported seen, to the et- n tfor over 200 hours. But
feet that the skipper, Capt. atom red automobls, he
James Ubanks, of Grand Cay a A addd an stUI In the far,
was a capable sailor. ac5sor g- Ar n tine Planes Iu *d, at e
ed to taking his time. Tn Route
They did not consider the boat o Stop En Routee consultant
being "abnormally overdue!' A CM. afwn | s off here According to the Air Force, if ITo Guatemala from 8 Paulo, Bral,. where he
nothing is heard of the arrival Five Argentine Air Force planes rres d the Prealdent of the
of the craft at its destination of were expected to arrive at United Sttes at ceremonies
Grand Cayman Island, another brook AB at the end of the marking the city's 400th anni-
retrch may be made, if request- week, en route to Ouatemal sy.
ed. The planes left uSea es Aies
The missing boat belongs to yesterday to brtag to -. 5fetuABd there wVa exhibit
Dr. William Smith of Colon Boa- gentlna 120 refugees who have "Atoms for the = ot Man-
pital. It reportedly carried nobeen in the Argenti as kind." p ore the U State
cargo. and was believed to have since the overthrow of the Ar- Department m e Altomic n-
enough food ater to last be regime. er. Caml Thegraphic
-ane time. It was also reported AThe Argentine m n tow wl r lana ntil
that the boat w big ent to Panma r. that,
a ptp a et &a mad ei hi ABwa b.w.aoie op
tthe sjud -.. l --twteaC w


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Some of the little "parents" In the fashion show were, I to r, first row, Mike Hollen, Jerry
Brannan, Carl Thompson, Robert Burgener; second row, Kay Stevenson, Lelie Clark, F r9 y,
Bethy and Charlene Rose, Sissy Moore: third row, Bobby Schildknecht, Lanna Nadeau, John
Morales, Christine Clark, Marilyn Canby, Carolyn Canby and Biily Brandt.






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