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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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--i o .
Oper Firi^ E Debate U.S Could Use In World-wide

W |Jomn *.0-o tirCI ^**l^^i ^ ^M reln' a tM 1 to 4:30 this aitemoa ||| VVell ViriUC~c hssu;em
"f "" E-ae lat RP Expected Sea-Level Canal r
n'dbpt o1 M e to T T L k. tWASIT Au \ 28 tme ago ot two billion dol- e im m***IHII I a y Studir
5 o~oyooo ear r proe IP lg Ta e OVer up)^ChiefofavlOp-ar.e Say
n sJen, e ea see e.atis eroagl hOT tions Adm. Robert Car- Another plan calls for the --o --*
u^K^ ^ S ?'~~ ~~ ^^"^ ^ ^ tl Hotel^ W ash e :::, it ;; 1, fu C(MI :0:^":: of nt: w .:". 1 *4mdA sud which nlue fthe Canalp Zo is nosbn
who hadged at B l fa ft killed eby ight heo iedtates -- OCro Central Ame rica NICragua. Seas wherever U.S. soldiers are stationed.
ree J Set S Vo senc r nce-asI -a-thenit ha y acoenat with The Panama government may would be "verydvna n haomcgasy ntThe survey was started by the Armed Forces
ern.WSSS A ope d astc aeates and Britain immediately th^ nt c forer mlitary take over the administration o ous to the United States. level canal would be very ad- and Televi Si' m h .
wet his PS8?-tem ted to will tackle the German rearms. decilson in Indohoa. ^ the Washington Hotel early nexit -1s. *^. vnaeu nI fw ha iso tati^oron s main headquarters in LOS Ap-

kill leav today abard two all overe the _M1lt b tty~ abthwvewsnt"h r
ceases we~etween ment problem another way. In pa e ypatrd fordeonh informed sources said Of course it would be vntageous to us, f we had geles, Calif. and is now n the initial stages
n pa er to'ffi me a g uA y o?^^?^^^f c C in erd beneficial to have it Car. st," Carney concluded. It was not known what the re uls of the survey will
revSnue dantmme- IntoxS stes up wsK8es g enda ulesesin~nThe sore said n outa. ney said in qnswer> toal*" que-l-M ~c show or when a decision will be reached. A spokesmanfor
Th b o t di be divid^ toe tw So r heS t oe tiZ. weedt d Cana Gov1. Ison askd ate mt wth g fe the Army here said no direct queries haver beenad
em. dtarted ocn Ie rman ution and Competsent mla d a Jose Ramon u padhd been "Imerd. .~^ OCiS* here yet.a
en ^ ^h tep tarm tgo down o ve > ch ad dand th boat hb' ,we won d epu^ pro; g Wa ( 0 Whe" aked what he thought of the chances of a

VOrel binhous 14 a
r~ i^ ^ ^ J&e enteoonrm I ^^ 1, e na satlo w r be action (in case of another Of N g 0 Voters i n teo futre." n al ha is very fir
a wet rish Y^mun&is'L^ 'f^% news pe al- agis uch action carrie ot war)," he added. It was understood that the Far East, aod possibly EE.
'Ku hetwrlando said, 'There ace now o other 'It was a strange decialon," The main problem was said to Corney said the problem MACONG., Aug. 28 UP) rope would be included intheurem IIT nt h ^

O P0.0 firom I to 4:3 afternoon
a n to a d "W ured 8,000 be he mount na- "wh r the hea co if e 't in survey, as we as anal

I A bit- the Froitech Nap-o A""r*11
^^^,radce ln o the e European and draw other poples71nto It. stind~tna way ( a period of the hotel, wich the present the project would require sue an injunction against the The Panom6, ooe n t i adfutnlr u j

-',g( h)a RP Expeted.0,4 inaly deide
q ui kl reg ardi n h e n swer~a is e c p t o e f r es o e e e s ta n 1 m onth s, a nd ihe n^ l s e I n r son s M t a a as Id b b e n ,d R.1 a and l h C o n y G a. b oa rd of 5o; ram e n I S C O r t i d ng & ^ns t ud

ontia ce e rnhdtmd o nWsen'hrwstedfeene"mnhfreooyraos oeohrpoetm l hio waoil tda-m e altN ,establishmetofaZn iowoli csde
TS'iS'.. ^So iCT th' itoi orain Tines r 11Cown sai "acts of appeas- Th Motto nrm report y urgenty needed oro defns greenows toa T stsu t. on infringement on Panom6s broadcasting rights.
B~~~ ~ armTllrTn T f**'-"? Md to men -t or cm~promlae" ma post- had lost some w4,000 alnce tiS- the problem 1$ priorityf." uan-tete,^"aS -------------* in *-t r.t ,

ANIM de 0-0ocrin a
tuin *ch deE too penpb oe tod lebt th nerer jh
27 m r A o J e* i m e ia e re o ts of &aoil i t t e R l a pr es e S eetr
Shell," he sa. "ch time keea the h oteopen ra the retrars from certifying
t tDC X we make a truce with (the Com- rney soid one oP the plasi the of voters until the names |/

w=OU S linludd&W aeot t 164", W__ ow 11her
*;do I .y of Danew delay t= tan ie. bt team cl a h ses o us ContemploAe modification o tf Ther dn rgs r bogt by callsc8 I I Ufl 1 the W V In ow
% blo ro hUeia Io o of. theo cings ----- beolow the lam e ci t nem th e c l a co t 2 con e ds true r eio of a rd n w anald
govern AL n#Adot el W sno t h ,ea A study which includeshee th r ouny ffcias o

SLoudi cost "too -much oe & Neagreasrllm vCorii 1it former JH ane foremognd mies ras deact bed a "So e4 ex*
= OnW 0 d nonAo tA ormal Foroe ReC oi the slealros ithei at another of al^ i o 1ol
Irnnded at ompleriatelan-S ATLANsT Ag 2s (P Ies ofh ee t^ bweintes iting 10 ne asdtoethe^ festbltf

hlo hoad 9lead- At Bus. J d a hogtl T the ,saheen chr acosrCentrls me n co iargr
wgeekogt, vsofivehWest- If C n final lyt SO kalchdb ystamiedntes Was whereve U.S.. se eu e C k otc to llpoldiersarel
,# : "* d r sA toygom Tol ong =*,,, -ag :* e*" .e U ited hadn t edh a covenant wt T Panama lv woueradvane "in this atomi c agedaepn sh. Japanese eo flMad
ernc s er op5he delmtl" oldf ABndron 52 wata nof eof ehn aini Clr o t ofo sere? the 1lvland w of the state uld beroug the wdowa d- th oloin
di d-r a Gudi aStots a d he Intended te lh yhdl wi U r y b MS w n e th an n De, who filed He ot1 rbr wre i ved teSov
Mrs S ''too t. th sv the Crtsei -^? Bra$ perature iof 10 dees GENEVA, Switzerland, Aug. 28 2e WeStalttue oyr%^ reahe afeth egossa ni by hi trous belt but could rint nc. n
9% o, a p.t Bmon wiltackrlent dtheGnem a ro m tabl and ten (IPut Ninc Le716, the man b cener was IA Ioohn thar e Wsrng Hote ee rth orl ntext and Teml viPlicetaco'sm-ai
Chang" In aack on porerare fdpo -fdi coursr it would be enoh towiu our whouossl" to us, if we had

wal 6,t a o ntinu eto p o maen ther fy. ioeaor tub with I\ce piled to his t& umS1iso Callf *rif daond, iskrnow in thefin
lower mth lSSSSS tlna^ % it^ to oof than a month, the tons no sunced toy. Th Air Force, however, did ivelec ynondS he l to be er n&' the coummneat of I
or to esr o trcs1h valots eMrds a be w 90Oan He made 13 Atlnti -ro--gs 0ne55- h% h pan aM^^ emC~ee otin righO inld-Ter s no
uen anl poi and byM wwhipeteVgoes 100orClonaow oly beauey he had noet beneficialtohasit, Car-sit, Carney cocudd It was n o wt
lan P M Intomen fetrErope pill"Iev redi-hndertore"dplomaie"nts bhensen sunshas Oidr ources said s0,000 feet esa id or hersertoa oue sh-
WBohW d emanded i ably" b de d svidedIntotwoa' rm ew cool morning hours. in 1929 of Russian refugee par. J about 18 miles was "a good >Mstn MEXCo CITY, Adec i8 (P jict o mprsol be
ared spOeech Hrt in eOpto theee dwl-d be It had nothing to do with the ents. He lef t Hong Kon by air gessA" Dr. Rafael Calder n ouardir, ort thn one yea o a 3
session of te a reassessment of offil coe weather but the launch of at the end of Julo. 1s53 and ns.lformer pre o Cosa i abou 75.
security coma&on. Tcom poey t he country's biggest icebreaker, embarked n the l "Bretag- On Defense Department or- a nclaJsmed today that political en a d
ison Is e 8,300-to US Glacier, re- ne" at Genoa. At this time he ders the Air Force has sr emis are plotting to assassin
mend'tat tbeaglon adopt res_ "i'm against the min nlamt minded Pasca oals citizens that was in possession of a Brazil- rounded the new altitude mark -ate him to present his return to
oluthons aspporting atepped-up gold price establiahed for coUae there are cooler places in the dan visa. During the voyage his In tight secrecy. Air Force See- .IP power.
defense a bs a progeam of un-and equivalent to 87 cMornt world. visa was cancelled. However, the rear Harold E. Taoott was al f
versal ,gitry training at its pound for the Iantos No 4 The Navy announced at Nor- high commissioner for refugees, lowned last Saturday night to fl U He said the murder plot Iras M
toth convention opeieon here type," he said. folk that 11 officers and 20 men requested that a Dominican ve- saw that a new record had been VI hle rI uncovered by Mexico City police, I
Monday. will leave today aboard two sa be issued to Levstskt by the sTe. Talbott, however, was not "who are trailing the suspects Vot eri thef
with W"My policy will be antr-an- transport planes to fly patrol for Dominican consul In Marselles, allowed to say high the plane VATICAN CITr'Y, Anu 28 -including a woman-closely." Ii WnWB
U PL^L--1 IUJ flationary.. Above all, I want telscientific ships in the Arctic re- where the 8.8 "Bretagne" is due had gone. who flew the plane. -Pope Plus XII toa Med -
IMS LiflNHH UO put up a rleClr in the way iN -devaluation of the criro. is between zero and 14 above quest has now been granted old. and mleof at. At.ustin solution to the now President Argentine -born sing, qpo .iw tattot* MCOGe o eLa.Aug. 8c(P)ra opeFwoulrdsbehintlued'inthet sap am oa ae

T heA A f atre l at ---- mirndow otueof p orcs oer owr h th e p-C setd y hohd n o a t oc o d a f aveyd at i f or
tort Mo* u i fi W WOricaD I rmimelarebrhadid tietofthourtwouldnaywhor he oamoo
rard To ig Ieot IS -t h U KiIt. K aer i o SicO ntr eSS t hetea" 1"h pute hlhpdsu ,N an omnci istth
if 1 the answrI exep. toufoce o teegeless i yi 'j than 18 months.^ and^.L0 theninan lee-nerioe away.ean RadlhG. orfTh ao6gvrmn

i^Sf&For Colling Hungarian Bishop^^ ^^'^i
Caglcttan eve* tto ggANsTON, wllc, Aug. an (-ba season given in telegram by Dr. business and not set Involved churches under communism wI nIn le ,ad fr-0: I the. p atirtwl l take?
tdepmsil -Two gAmeth ean cvnrch- F." in outside matters. All attempts enarecafoc Msem on the agenda of reailbonn idonlar54 Censoalps Lufted ittty .
ralef tfds it waea a te telegram. Dr. to Involve them have been by ttesasihmbly here. cefancee,8 ofin n B a Z*rone
ti"l e.Sy ^JS^S "^~ teP"Pfa n n( ." franklin arkFyrsdnt.J o Amercans." Fdy diealso heoa been riegehrveJ dso joined the On BogOta Dosl V S^L^?^SS^iS
Yorlast Fiday b hands senal aommlttes ila America, told Bentley he was Fry, who is vWe chairman of tions early in Augusta and ar- i I said in hi letter that After IAPA A eal broke m ona
al -fr Comwunist to t -amaed" at the ivitation and the WOC's powerful Oentral ranged for a meet en s with the 's writing s were .. pp hearing and
$twas rgelatent estof Hungartan B~ho Albert Ber- considered it a "clear improprie- Committee. minded Bentley congressman. Be said be had glsr1ho who ls. an ia. s
A. W. West, e^!i scaky to testify. ty." that "these men tre here tor lon talk with bl ty and came ,rin b dism th snares BOGOTA, Aa.8(P- The The adge p2
tion OBeSM~wner, wh*o ana" chursh converencea and this a1ry with the s" that and want to free them*ld -s uche nrD beach
aged th j otpelb ofpttia1" Beresetky, head of the Ban* Fry was backed up by Metho- fact heightens the clear impro- an invitation to a Hung arians selv Ora.*,?tce was awe to funeMon forI.ymer0 on ^S K
herabar '' .S. Quee of*1 delegation to the World edist Biso 0. Bromley Oxnam prtety of your pro oa." would not be made. worna paJSga n 1in Tagatd* widMoo t h today. other ex^.*^"iB,
Bermuda jhseaaorig.^ Oon t r Churches asebrof Wahntn D.C., a retiring At Cleveland, whwhis com*- H(owever, Pry acknowledged Ndrth Africa St. Augustine led The oenetlited Its Haymnes,_who~ga Wb H
Aalid or"lyNI an-"" hem, briM nenrdlse.d th resident oa the WCO, who mittee is hearing testimony on that Bentley made no "specill iagoltate we and followed the cesrbpcontrol! ove the in allmionyjaw-j_ .
Sg !?er .1! s1ad a? Ivteation? a "anworthy of re- termed Bentleys action **most Canmmnist brutality In Hunga- promises." Mg|~ean^ heresy before be- newspaper yetra, after thie TheP-- Sy~~f
untends1 !and^*. -ES piVy'"haiy ,ut was peruad- fortunatet" ry, Bentley responded that he TEhe squabble with Bentley as?6!.'chrstitan bisho.- andi Inter-Arfa Anssoca Adas dellortaia amiBWsla r K
toSX'6 afte five ed erIIIB s^" to make a "'I can understand perfectly "would be very apy" to re- temporarily overshadowed use 4fi"1 greatest theologists of tion was reotdto have ap. ran Act on cye aaEH well bow the H arisa--who ceieen invitmatn~ Berees- routine gasines of the aR d thes peld to Posstepustavw country
..W^('y ite fac N'Jet* _,1?son *" to Al- *are here on church busineeB- sky to go to Swu examine In which delegates ftrag th? s-tory1 of his conver- Rojas Ptoma. an alien ^tf^K~
S de^*" vyL h.), c about the m atr.fd Oe- rega=ous fre tee. countries sought to draw up vhi famed "confessions" Ditle Oratto is the organ because hto
idefo ar aa of the counitte, who Is a fee sentley defended bIIs tCita- their views on toe man theme sid terI y Cotholc mystil s of the entenrvlve from
Wj~ h read1 0Y11 telegram Ben. Joseph t. tt on the eonomydo e tnder- of the meeting-"Christ, t1e 0e of i greatest guides to mat poeed pres- he was al law.
Ai r o cepi wr wnt to tend to t er dtood the position o a Ch oican wope of st a world." a log r Ieter onyifiaasco

^i^^E- r^ Jult.~:7rf (1t tt' ^"" *B
F 911 b


TU MP J.i U i IL

~r t

VI Ci~dering TV, For Isthmu
.1 9 1 .1

;~~~~ : -""


--- r" -" ""--.i I [ --_ Ili
wII I Ii iai0|i i I JI II.


I i

IS-igineer Plans US- Wide

Copter Ambulance Service

WASHINGTON (UP) Hell- air raid casualties as well as for
'""" pter ambulances for emergen- accident and other disaster vic-
..,-i.. anywhere in the country are timrs.
the aim of the newly incorporated The cost, he estimates, would
-Netional Air Ambulance Service, run about $50 per rescue at the
S An aeronautical engineer, Wil- start; less as the service expands.
liam F. Samayoa, dedicated him- He thinks any number from one to
self to this idea years ago when 10oper cent of the population would
a young friend died of an accident use ihe service.
on his father's sugar plantation in
Guatemala because there was no At headqtuarrs-7 Pifteenth
way to rush him to a hospital. St., NW, Wasington, D. C.-a-a.
Today S o. reports his mayoa is planning radto-controlled
plans are rea o roll. Directors public exhibitions, to promote inl
for the non-pro service are being trial support. He plans to set up a
lined up, alone ith .support for system of annual subscriptions
its operations Dem6nstrations are from organizations and the public
planned, with m6del helicopters to take care of the continuing ex-
and model emergencies. Actual penses.,
operations int Washington area
are the next, jjor objective. His plan have been' submitted:
Here's ho, the i49-year-old Sa- to the Civil Aeronautics Adminis-.
4 ayoa de a typical air res- tration, which mnuat clear them for
cue: By tl a heliambu- safety, Samayoa points out that
lance would. moned to the human safety is his objective.
site of an accident, a He wa. to start th tihlng.
burning lr' a tornado ton service with a staff Ool01,
struck ne This ambu- sons, who would be on a 24- ouFr
lance wo doctor from alert for any, emergencies within
its base, or rickl e up along the 50 miles of the capital. The sky's
way, by Ian ingtt a hospital or the only limit to the eventual ex-
hovering overhead. tent of his operations.
Arriving on the scene, it would
again land, or hover and lower the
doctor and a stretcherfor the in-N w rk ae Is
tured; the; pick them up and IK Is
speedto e spitalasoon asCelebratin-Minded

nelad support for National
Air 4idabi$lano Service, Inc., is
I solicited from business and ALBANY, N. Y. -( UP) New
I f japsurance companies and York communities are becoming
h tion plans, auto clubs more and more celebration-
S fe general public. Samayoa minded.
l l telephone company here More than 200 events of vari-
SgVl,8ple4ged its full opera- ous sorts were scheduled during
r"Itl dII he is working the spring, summer and fall.
m cooperation with hos.- Scotia, in the Mohawk Valley.
lon the area. celebrated its golden jubilee, and
Service will be available to Poughkeepsie will mark its 100th
ghAeeds it. Samayoa fig- anniversary this summer. Albany
t Mal as, with their is planning to observe the 200th
r distances and fewer im- anniversary of the 1754 congress
I rvd roads would benefit most at which Benjamin Franklin pro.
m the service;,but the most con- posed his "plan of union" for the
1uated support for its is avail- American colonies.
a in city areas.
He intends to make it n a t i o n- The sessui-cntennial of the
wide as fast as organization pe- founding of Amsterdam was ob.
mits, to provide for the whole served July 3-9. Hlaveritraw, on
civilian population the same res- the lower Hudson river, had is cen-
cue services the armed forces use tennial in July, and a week of pa-
with success. In this connection, grades and pagentry marked the
Samayoa points out the air ambu- sesqui-eentefflnal observance of the
lance service would be useful for city of Olean.


I Ph.1
fj i ,

5', ~

Studof at
57, H *reet

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Cord LroA oLea ,her

For campus wear this year, corduroy teams up with leather, with in pumpkin-colored cotton and worn over acorn print dress. Mix-
cotton, with Jersey4 Al three combinations look fresh and attrac- mates in corduroy and Jersey (right) have moss-green skirt
tive. All-purpose ebrduroy coat (left) has wide piping of beige teamed with jersey blouse in gold. Huge pockets are piped in
leather. It's weatherproofed to ward off rain and snow. Ensemble red-and-gol to pick up blouse color. Corduroy is used thi year
of corduroy and cotton (center) has brown corduroy coat lined for back-to-sehool clothes In all age groups. j

NEW YORK (NEA)-Fab r I c
and fabric combinations are get.
ting a big fashion play this fall.
Ths applies to back-to-coll ege
fashions just as much as it does
to high fashion.
This year, corduroy Is used in
combination with other fabrics
(cotton, jersey, leather) for more
fashion interest.
Corduroy is, of course, cotton
and thus makes the ideal team-
mate for all types of cotton in
suits and separates. It's at its
prettiest when it's used in com-
in&tion with cotton pr int s:

South African Dog

Knows The Answers
two-year-old dachshund, Kina,
who can cout, add and subtract,

Kina given heroanswers to sie
sums set in the Afrikaans language
by her owner, Arent ter Weeme, a
Hollander. If he asks Kina, "How
many?'" the correct answer is
given in barks.
If he adds a threepeany piece
and asks for the solution in pen-
nies Kina again knows all the an-
But that Is kid stuff to this dog.
"How many do four and two
make?," ter Weeme will ask.
Six woofs are the confident an-
"And five minus two?"
If a number up to 10 is whis-
pered by a visitor, Kina barks the
correct reply. Her master claims
Kina has most' acute hearing.
He says he has no idea how the
S dog does her sums. He has been
training her since she was six
months old.


blouses, dresses or coat linings.
Corduroy with wool jersey, one
of the newer fashion combina-
tions, is seen in perfectly-cued

Irish Prefer

To Believe Legend
ANTRIM, Ireland -(UP)-Sei-
ence and legend are at logger-
heads in trying to explain the sec-
ret origin of Ireland's greatest un-
solved wonder-the spectacular Gi-
ant's Causeway on the coast of
Scientists hold that the 74,000
separate basalitic columns can be
explained by the cooling of lava
in ancient days.
"No suchthing," say the old
men wise in story-telling. The col-
umns they declare, are all that
remain of the home of Ireland's
.ndar y giantn, Pn MacCum-

ancient armies *of Ko Go e
The giant columns of his amphi-
theatre would have remained Just
so m a n y columns-a geologist's
scientific wonder-if the Irishman'
affection for the art of story-tell-
ing hadn't given each of those pill-
ars a personality. And tourists like
it that way.
Lengend has it that these col-
umns are all that remains of a
great organ which the pagan gods
silenced when Finn's poet, Ossiaa
struck the false notes that angerse
And the harp that remains petri-
fied in stone? Another lava fossil?
Not on your life, say the supporters
of legend. It's the harp whose
strings were plucked in wild notes
of joy the day Finn beat back the I
Scots giant who came to challenge
his superiority.







* Eliminates messy hand defrosting
* Plugs directly into wall outlet-no cords
* Genuine Telechron movement in mar-proof case
** Cuts electric bills-increases life of motor


Defrost refrigerator manually and wipe it dry.
TUr the pointer until It corresponds with nearest hoar
a EFROSTAUTOMAT. lto wall outlet. Pl the
7fraft.ertr cord into DE-FROST AiTOMATIC. Then forget
about defrost nulnoo--you will never have to go

US Retail Price .......$9i5

OUR PRICE ...........$4.95

Tel. 2-0600

colors so that blouse and skirt Bold taffeta plaids look new as
might harmonize absolutely. Fash- a dressy touch for blouses o r
ion interest lies in the combine. dresses, for trimmings and ac-
tion of the two textures and there. cessories.
fore, they're usually used in plain

Print is handled effectively,
however, in circular corduroy
skirts that are topped by black
jersey blouses.

For outerwear, the w in ning
combination is leather and. cor-
duroy. Travel coats in dark pin-
wale corduroy look smarter when
they're lightened by a touch of
leather at collar and cuffs.







The first modern power workshop
designed for today's living I

34 9 "



- .No. 3 AtNsmbNle ow Tel. 3-311

Michigan Voters To Ballot

On Bingo, Raffles In Nov.

LANSING, Mich. (UP)-Mich-
igan voters will ballot Nov. 2 on
whether to legalize charity bingo
and raffles,
State elections officials ordered
the issue placed on ballots after
accepting petitions bearing 326,100
signatures initiating the constitu-
tional amendment referendum.
If approved by a simple major-
ity of voters, the proposal would
amend Michigan's 1908 constitu-
tion to permitlegislative action
legalizing lotteries for non-profit
charitable purposes.
At resent, the state constitution
forbids any legislative step to
legalize any form of lottery.
The constitutional amendment
drive in behalf of charity bingo
and raffles was instituted last year
after the state supreme court ruled
that bingo is gambling and hence
forbidden by law.
Previously, most local law en-
forcement agents had winked at
the popular games of bingo, lotto,
keano and such events as turkey
raffles, new automobile raffles,
and similar enterprises so long as
they were operated for charitable
or worthy civic purposes. State
officials likewise turned their
backs to such activities, describing
the problem as a local one so long
as they remained free of anytaint
of commercial operation.
Confronted with the supreme
court decision, however, local law
enforcement officials had no
choice but to instruct church and
civic groups that bingo and other
"innocent' games and raffles no
longer could be condoned.
The resultant furore lead to or-
ganization of the Michigan Asso-
ciation of Non-Profit Charitable

Suburbs Are Not

Parasies On City
CHICAGO (UP) -John Scott,
village manager of suburban Park
Forest, Ill., disputes the idea that
suburbs are economic drags onthe
cities they surround.
Scott voiced his opinions in an
article entitled "Are Suburbs Para-
sites?," published in Public'Man-
agement monthly magazine of the
International City Managers' As-
Scott disputed the idea that sub-
urbanites travel to the big city
each day, use its streets and facil-
ities, earn their money in the city
and tuck it into their pockets, thus
removing the city's source of

Organizations which set out to
amend the state constitution to al.
low the legislature to enact means.
ures permitting certain non-profit
charitable lotteries.
As worded, the'proposed amend-
ment leaves entirely up to the leg-
islature the exact scope and limit
of gambling activity when con.
ducted for charitable purposes.
Sponsors of charity bingo and
raffles expect to launch a state-
wide campaign to win adoption of
their constitutional amend m e n t
Opposition already has been re-
ceived from the Michigan Council
of Churches which adopted a resoo
.lution advocating defeat of the
proposal. Foes of the amendment
contend it would constitute an
opening wedge for legalizing of all
forms of gambling and allow re-
turn of organized vice to Michi-
Most state officials and political
candidates thus far have dodged
direct commitment on the bingo
issue, although generally they
have agreed that the issue should
be submitted to voters for a final

Man Here Had Fine

Time At Alcatraz
who spends 13 years in Alcatraz
might call it a "long stretch."
But to Army M-Sgt Parrott Da-
vis, now retired and living in ease
at San Lorenzo, Calif., it was not
a sentence.
"The 13 years I spent on t he
rock," he says, "were the best
years of my life."
Davis was sent to Alcatraz as a
guard in 1919. At that time, he
got orders placing him on de-
tached service with the U. S. dis-
ciplinary barracks on the island.
Davis stayed there until 1933 when
Alcatraz was changed from a mili-
tary prison to a civilian coop for
dangerous criminals.

He said be does not discount the
problems facing big cities, and
contractual arrangements or an-
nexation must be worked out. But
he denied that suburbs are not
paying their own way. He used
these,points to support his argu-
1. Suburbanites who work in the
big city provide labor that makes
wealth for commerce and indus-
try which in turn pick up most
of ihe tab for public services ren-
dered city residents.
2. Suburban residents pay for
their own services. Park Forest's
tax rate is considerably higher
than Chicago's.
3. Cook County, which includes
Park Forest, takes out of the vil-
lage almost half as much tax in-
come as the village has to operate
all its own services and offers lit-
tie in return. .
If any governmental unit is a
parasite, Scott said, it would ap-
pear to be the county.
Large Rise In Illinois
Corn Production Seen
CHAMPAIGN, Ill.-(UP)-Louis
B. Howard, dean of the University
of Illinois College of Agriculture,
suggests that the average Illinois
corn yield may reach 80 bushels
an acre by 1975.
Howard said from 1868 to 1936,
the average Illinois corn yield was
33 bushels per acre. This rose to
52 bushels with the introduction of
hybrid corn, he said.
"On this basis, estimates have
been placed at 80 bushels per acre
for Illinois farms by 1975," Howard
He estimated that by 1975, the
nation will have a population, of
200 million. Meanwhile, the total
number of acres under cultivation
is decreasing.
Howard said this makes It "nec-
essary for the development of bet-
ter farming methods, increasing
i production."



(Main Only)

Will be closed ALL DAY for


No. 21 Central Avenue MAIN STOREL .




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SUITS from 4.95

SLACKS from 2.50

All alternations
done free



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on quality and prices






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311iL sl CI a

* MOAR MoVrfWp, UM


* SUDA A t

pnlk fari reaction:

: &Srif Lean
S- o --
NEA Paris Fashion Writer
PARI3.-- (NEA) The ap.
pcarance on the fashion scene of _. .. ......-----.---
"'I~dme -String Bean" would .
t.. o-have caused more of a '
A sensation in the United States e picture, 3M
tImna in her native land.
Thie majority of Frenchmen are .
in?Uned to take the vagaries of
fa;i-ion czar Christian.Dior in the
same philosophical spirit as they,
would aif other new school of art.; r
irew wd 1t9e ready to take up
rms for the cause. By GAILE DUGAS
Nevertheless. the H-line is be- NEA Women's Editor
Sirg commented upon pretty wide-
Sly not only in the woman's page NEW YORK (NEA)-No0w that
4 of Parisian and provincial dailies 'the shouting has died down and
but also in the sober weeklies. ; the pictures have arrived from
. "Espress," a political public. Paris. it's time to stand back and
atlon, devotes a half page to it. l .. -- take an American appraisal of
After explaining the cycle of a Christian Dior's "Ligne H" or
py one fashion, the writer con- "the lost bosom."
Sciludes: "The 'String Bean la- There's actually nothing of the
dy, as she appears at her birth, flattened-out flapper look in the
is supremely elegant, supreme- new Dor sllho e. Te sweater
5 ly beoig, supremely Joyles, girl bulge is ou and in Its place
Siikherffaced bosom and nar- there's a pretty. geotle, lifted and
o lders. But let s only slightly flattened line.
t Wait: she will get over The edict says that the bust is
Sth Nnhase. now about eight inches from the
k5' "Whiep this fashion com es shoulders. American women, ac.
2 down IMn the Parisian streets, oustomed to shoving their hips
It will do so bereft of all exrg "around and moving their waist-
m rion. Remember the ag DIQOB' -LLiE ippired this lines anywhere from shoulder to
V i H OH w Look? The strain. aketeb t e ar I "xpers" knees, should be able to achieve
W ,Cllne, bulging hips and of "Madame String ea" this without trouble.
,IMsn t hwbing around the an- strolling on Place de la Con-
kles, once they had been broken eI crde. What happens when "Ligne H"
in like a pair of new shoes by hits these shores like a tidal wave
the Paris-enne, gave place to ous to fight with. Best regards." is that our owr designers will
the youthful swinging dresses A Dior spokesman declared the fy it for American women and
whIch every woman has worn author of the first cable was not present it in highly wearable
since 1M94." a manufacturer of brassieres or form, Thus, the sweater look, pop.
By 1956, say the experts, the ,falsi pular in certain circles some be-
RKew Look will be as old hat as Perliaps the most pertinent ap. fore World War II, will disap.
thi Ae will have lasted 10 prciation of Dior's "MMala me pear never (in some circles) to
life i a an of any one Haricot Vert" appeared In come back.

Ioanwhile Dior so ar has re- fraud. If a woman's charms are
teived about 50 letters (less than suppressed, a man no longer runs What do American design e r s
vhen the New Look was launch- the risk of being duped." think of the new Dior look? Fol,
ed), about equally divided for and Vertes, sue ul paite r, lowing an old American customt
against, from people at home and pts.r arot tsg by cartdoelst they express highly individual
a ad in fvo r iim t b s "Fabut the and co gopinions. T h box
nfncrlegfccai of remains.' score on some of the top designers
thosirigainst protest #aaint .t But M. .eilpovici, author mo- l ts
"suppeaion of wqtal tar n st vie producer and husband of beau- Mollie Paris: "I don't think
charming asset" ( lesm an Amer- tifl actress Viviane Roman1 c e American women will .ive u
lean whose name canadt be dis-. protests: "I am against this ob- what they fought so hard gain
closed), session of an elongatel silhouette. a neat waistline, a pretty torso
The following -able, however, Above all else, women must re- andnalonemedplook.
caused quite a stir In the Dior main feminine. The H line is Lilyn Dhee t itim. for
entourage: "I hereby challenge merely an androgynous complex change and the more startling it
you to a duel on behalf of the (something to. do with girls and issthe better."
American man. ? have glamor- bos looking alike-Ed.), from in a
ized and transformedithe natur- wlIcb Leonardo da Vinci suffer- .ea nZucaikerma "Dir I rat
al and full somnUe. I a a bQ2 Y.ust ..eAu r at tmpt a h something. But we all have our
f u t aIr Atho ad C o dest as ohve reged
Small the matter: I.. in mynown way
t gto an W p 'raIsing the bust?' What woul tfind self in an argument with
a, a- women do it they werr ordsomed to th e
a n per" Dor womenoo h we ordee t but in this one, I am sure
wait yourynres ott 8 Te of wear their bosom below .their women in America will
e waistline,for example? Wom en joinome. We want romantic curves
TovMck Dior replied: "A cable are prone to think too much of -for eveni esp 1i11y"
demands a. cable. Thank you for their outward appearance or line. Claire M ardll "I am not in
your interest but pins, needles and They lect their innermost favor of any silhouette that com.
scissors art weapons too danger- line." presses the figure, either in the

I think real fashion is always a
design that lets the natural figure
________________________ show to best advantage."
SEvelyn Dawson of Susy Perette:
"Dior was 'misquoted.' His new
Often Its etter To Have silhouette is simply a step beyond
Sthe American idea shown in June,
I n-aw s Er An 1954. It doesn't flatten the bosom
S d InuLah WS f re o r Away but lifts it very high. It is a be.
coming line, already accepted
eo Vfundamentally in America."
lJack Horwitz, Jr.: "I think the
bArmy private who has only lems. So don't kid-yourself that it Dior silhouette will be popular
Sfl married a year is worried will. with young people who are bored
= .-eaoming out of the service You will both -4 e to 'start try- with the cinch waist and very
and facing his interfering in-laws, ing to understand ea- other, in- full skirts. Young fashions are apt
.EverLtime that he and his wife stead of "fighting out" every prob- to be even more exaggerated than
have a misunderstanding his wife lem that 'toes up. the clothes worn by older women."
goes hoiffe to Mama. Then both
Mama and Papa take her side and A husband and wife aren't oppo- ^_-n-_______
try to prove to her husband that nents-the.'re a team. And unless
be is wrong, you cau both stant thinking in
terms of "What is belt for us" in.
.a. his better r he says: "I see ,p stead of' "What do I want" you'll 13I
ay of living with my wife after go right on fighting, in-laws or no
JI get out of the Army unless I in-laws.
get her away from her family. On
.n and, if she didn't live So don't start, laying down the When Baby starts to creep, he'll
same town she would want law to your wife about moving need ret freedom for reach-
i every weked away. the situation over with g, gettg aond ans and
W -*advisem. you to get l her mso that tDe knows y are s uendt ted first steps. Ia'
I ,on it of o returned, except trying to make ypur marriage a most thel in athe have thil
dr i year visit. success, not au t trying to get her freedom his l s during the
If u a t your marriage to- aw v from her parents because r een re rpi tg should buy or
have e td working out, i you are 'tired of having her run make hits cot a with extra room
Mee andPupgh you and youw some t thea. e in sch places as the armoles
rf yopo ve to getfar, far away. If you'- treat her like a full- nd crotch. OVeralls and sun suits
S Buet just moving away from in- fledged partner, perhaps she will in Baby's way less than dres-
olaws isnt going to solve your prob. Itry harder to be one. res. 'hose with fat~en'her th







"EL EcONoMIco"

J1 "q' StrO (Op.pite Stadium)


.- -.-t*o ,

crotch can go on awd off easily,
and allow for changing the diaper
without t a.k in g them off. Those
that can be laid out flat for iron-
ing are timesaving but it's even
I better to u a e no-iron materials
like cordurouy and. seraucker.
A protective food every baby
Needs is fruit juice. Orange,
grapefruit and tomato. are the
most commonly uasd juices. They
upply large amounts of vitamin
C. Orange juice is the most com-
mon juice for Baby. Start by
giving him one teaspoon of
t' ""1 d ji.ce daily. Until Baby
to the new taste, mix
the jWues with. a little cooled
_,er. lhen, increase the
iamnunt of uice until your Baby
is getting four tablespoons u n.
I diluted, or two once a day when
She is two months old. Later, the
I amount should be increased until
he's taking three ounces or six
tablespoon by the time he is
eight or 10 months old.
tYou Baby may have a great
I fondess for holding onto some
special thing wiile he is falling
asleep. It may be a certain blan-
ket, a stuffed toy, or some other
t he may have become at-
t td. P haps he lkles to
s e a blanket, or rub a corner
O f against his heek. There's
1 an o fT r denying Baby any
comfort he get out of this arm-
less kind of habit. On the other
haud, if you don't always give
Ihim the same thing to take tn
bed with him. hL may not get
LeW a1s to have one

I -



Mo.,i Pani

- ~



... Notf "f^^
w e o t 1.

!'___^ '.:.,. ./

1 t ^^^^Bii


A FIRST LOOK AT DIOR'S "HLINE": Despite all the hutllablob stirred up when Pars de-
signer Christian Dior unrveiled his new sliM line, these fi pictures from his collection show
he hasn't really flattened out glwmor and feminine flattery after all. At lift: *.soft black aylon
and rayon velvet ensemble, dress and matching Jacket wit e etrim At right: palelow
evening ensemble of pylon matte velvet,, band t
Charles James: "The furor that then stunned resignation andfinal- them have come up with pretty,
Dior's new cojiettion,has caused ly enthusiastic acceptance" highly wearable clothes Infact
is a perf ect example o the.humor ere actually are some Lother Paris has produced 'a variety ol
s a percent In very public reaction designers in Paris, strange theaoug Ashonp this season.,
to forward-ok i crtati de- the idea may seem in the midst of But none so challenging Line
sign. First, indignant resitanc the Dior excitement. And some of H. __

0 O1her J4iy41.hti 2 '
________________________* \ ', '~ '- '- l*.* .. f/ ^ ^

JMAN P&TOUW &m is alefedim f Irm-gray flamel
-.h Was a s l Otat doe a-

** a -. 7*. -

8tab. *I W telrhf a r 7A mw of .WM ute laWse tf
em a teem rubber emal makes a e ertabMh m t 0
black Mtal bemb. Ten's Wet aled ea r.
ease ye' tasdded It yrouself. '. '
By KAY SHERWOOD a door to remove wndakls. When
cutting .the platic ,,bheld ,tern
NEED an extra cushion that Is, pieces l4 place with a h
bright, but practical? Perhaps the Third, when stitching plsatio
outdoor, awing or chair rates a m the machipq A use f~ nje
face-lifting or the top of bencH or mercerized thread, light es
window seat could be made more light pressure and a gtltex.
comfortable if a pad were sued. Sewing center teachers: apsure
us. umachieT attachments .ay .be
used. Tow use th-heomn4r, ri.
a hand needle and draw ,h0
point e the plastic' into' tu
No n '' tofold gedl

other, ar e bey tte:t

The boxing'stht

(you may need to pie"' -
I neentmeatiaa s lls es
,mi e ..

k. Baste withU eilfetaa t
)press out wrin- blMd Mer W t p*se emlem -
heat may melt ewer. Use a Se n-adle, ad
the fab c over adiW fW g 'I

The American Appraisal:

Goodbye Sweater Look

NEA Food and Markets Editr-
0 --
Looking for pleasant summer Try these with a fresh vegetable
dishess that are as easy as they plate, with baked fish, or just as
are delicious? Most everybody is is.
these warm ,lays. Well, take a look
&t these recipes We picked taem Potato and Omi.d.Kabb.
up on a weekend in Connecticut. (Yield: 4 sefvtlgs)
Potato-Stffed Frakfurters Six uncooked -inch potato,
(Sandwich Style) 6 uncooked 1l-in "o-nions, dash
(Yield: 4 rings) salt, dash grod black r,
Eight skinless frankfrters, 1 pli f 1fld
can hfaely diced cooked toe, .* ,
i teaspoon salt, teaspoon Heat even to 450 degrees F.
ground black pepper, 4 slices Wa- (very hot). Wash, peel ad cut
con. potatoes in half, crosswslae. Pet
Beat even to 40 degrees %F. Onias ad ut is ha Merewise.
(very bet). Split fradnnkfurtk etrmma hIne ke.
engibthwose abeattrou to the bob sta iwr
Lay p. Combte Plaen a n ee a a lu i-
Stto p t a num l ash aind
arm splt4 black place I
Top with anolra mSkfurneo S

ots andwicssi each 1 F.) G a
a t V atButes r mat beom is peaprlka.
Note: If oven is aetat a tper Note: U even is set tat at ,
atuut lower than 430 detre store IBwerthaa' 4O d Tr *
br another dishb, bake the above for1 a hedr Aabi.
4dl- th1i same ihrAtlnow bea am. at 101 0 e. g,
Ito Ubw p nand salM -


JEAN DESSES' sait for y 4
er women I In shaded
rlpe4 h wet k


~I I


Youa Can I(fak( e s-h-A

P Cu4ni.,




L ,





- -

y ZiqAj. A1MtWIS. 1- ..

hi^Sad ( W i3. 34, P M.

.. 5037, ,
_. .' .o o ..

American Artist James Innes

To Hive Show At Un"v.'sity
*^*^w p ity **-- *. ,. ^

Ft. C n ten Wi WiWi
Will Meet WedlUl-
A busalneu sA Of fee
has been annoucd Nf or- Wednee-
day 9:30 a.m. by thp Officers
Wives Club of Ft. Clayton.
I ,lA A, k ,I2b. b.lJ.. d, a ce. .th
rllttn j!011%ln U21

c- i l .i--- "t !" a "ub M ,
o:e year at* $Ja njerity ol D. of n 81accept reserve

orMnm _^ _iyn w go r"me fs4me -f-- AGat A tW Jec To Meet .On tuormd ay

1aggwip hte G" t JiewArthur" An outsthe ntigevent of o the r. .ll rle,, o thealea Union
r c er He the at-- Chuichn will be meld on Thuras-y
.e l. .. o sit d da nbielt dance ben day at 9'00 &m. at tbp home of
to PW I fit Nl. y at the ar. on agnt o r Mr. roeogte B. Daleb, an
WhIrs. At ib W.Mer. Loeas, e. i [ y urd- Jun Place t AncoA.
C s f roffl .late. at the ideb- -Mrs. Wiam Oliw1r will diseuis
Sto ono -. ceold lr eh community theater move-
r ....... you th ful offbiders. me nt. Mrs. George O. Parker will
0rrO. C. L e reg mA 1l Police e of both PanaIra ap. lead .te devoionals,
g .w me.with M Joan eorbes. the Canal Zone are sell, at r
Ss.e etu al et for tit which
a-vea d.a. natte ndet inntren
w.s", whr e d Ie oa, tedwo
.lG=m- The lean 'A it -j#
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i^-------- VALABL ES *t this QIC M U(&
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Iudfrl'ual t ATout NO stiii, Ad the men- whilE her MondaY,. 1 'tH
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T. E.') 9 from Miami tonight by plane to iand'reg-nab s .LEg. po d a ad.t vriousalle VTp nd S
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M a.Not even with chains could your valuables be better
SThe Lowat Rtes protected than in a Chase ank Safety Deposit Box.
of from P0 m pnnaa
SIt's downright foolish to keep important papers,
/ AT NO ADDITIONAL to SAN JiOSE eoweir and otor valuabloxppred to loss by fire or,
COST i m T. (i ht thyftn when you can rent a Safety Deposit Box.
T, A.S. o,... to ,N U T(ya
tr ve tond the fly iret to M AsNs A wAy Stop in today at the ChasteBank branch nearest you
11 r (8 m or. msthE and inquire abovltsur modwtatt rentar rates for Safety
to HAVANA Deposit boxe. Yu'Il e glad you did. -You may -vold lm
S" :r toraVI. IM IL RoOunm Trip
to MIAMI JUST ONE DOLLAR as down payment a

i ,| M*, Don't forget "VENUS IMPERIAL," the mat
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For Informatlon phone a -23$ -'
Member of Dance Masters tf Amerim,. al. 1
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As down payment M4 fst
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get froen a single CHAIR, to t
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FulyA Jtori FOR SALE"t L-- 1941 Lon Zephy ATTENTON w yu on o dire fere tigers are plen-
p. Pho 3-55 hone 5167, Hou 22-A.Gat bedroom ho cold water. -T Hotel Julon proves ou clean rom spiced with officers a a jucioen-
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F.O R SALE# FOR SALE FOR RENT RESORTS oaals dee gln c *atth tormm lb. a
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FmAtE$-e FOR SALE A uraler phone Panama 3-4941. and good meals. Arrangeentscanbesicieditrada ows

on rin mattress 2. Phone 2-3035 Paname l ige. FOR RENT: -Furnished or unfurnish- de-Write for206 b eservation.lTheate 9 come thit way, tge subse-
FOR SALE:-Singer sewing male, Pnet -7 o ed 2 & 4-bedroom apartments. w ULIAN, Hototh VolcoN Chirui. quentollow the wounded
Sportdble Universal $35. 2t7-C. FOR SALRENT:-3-bedroom chalet, yard o kr b bathroom porch. For Phonde Ameican Man nt. Itself a n extensive t the cene
p at ,IALEt-, o e1 antt y fr i P FOR RENT: o re rtm ent s, Co a es I0Io.m the dhrteMs taition nwh n

25-^.r^?^1 one 60-$40 cash0. Rodma- e^ Stret a7hnd A Ave ue Posriu. 10:00 to Pho00 2lo2 o nd er Coll for oning 3 7 pub The Iron hiiden Edin are dsrkHess
ree6-Bft.,enC tam l, eFOR RENT2bdom Of et FO d ro os: 20 pb room. living- INtic o Nr Fe ort P R EA S '.ta SS"r, rae) nis a

Stately. e hou, e Laundrs o room, diningrooma kitchen Storh o a I deve
rrht cairs $ned r I. Balboa 6344. h bathoor o, e a office, telephone 2-1815. a r t
until hone 3-octave. 25-60 n ookkin irtw ll Street No. 53, EICangreo. -niTh Pa ed. O the Staff as the bosCsft WTiife.n
Phone -l2 iod L couch R s6 t2reLe b rm s hat.o manager's office. Clara. lo ats435,, eolbri.. Pt on m
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t fbre U s; a i2 Best offer. Ph one 5-296. aparbtmeen, Phonst Street No. 42. Un- anG the e h een

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r boo828 R.P. giving prtculrnd recent FOR RENT-Best location sea view FOR SIATRLE TRANSPORTESnd the paper s she has vainly loved. The dramatic scene rom MGM
phoWestito.nghouse FOR RENT:-parntmhed aprtice re- Rholstering Advice in e thbecame more tion of the bestseller novel. Executive Suite brought t th

FO R RENT WANTED:-n eoexperd edoos, atoosll pointed hen the manain edito een
Reg or conditions. $140S FOR RENT Beautiful r-sidence of2 rm d n ro a o 4t 2 opp4632. s r po lnced
Phone 2-267R Los Ris Four th ree edroo M rees, hot wat rce t es able r DPens hon y i.Al tes Tt.: i to1alnh k n n t niat a Ts

-blc SmoE diningroom & kitchine, Phone 2-3035 Panama. FOR R :-Furnished or uE Orien r inese aters-y Dkin, the c and "The Bad and The Beautiful.
a S^reatl es 65.r Po.sxe55oo nee 0bedroomn apartment, withenore bi cross. Call Albrook LICORES "21" auntfolloimaw uopid tethah

PPL, FRn th LESSONS sono fh anhd I m ai
F nr $E0i; e tF ainrse per weho rnn athoe Panama"de cornete registered, 17nmonths old,9 $50. ho e with Carolyn picture s adbefore hi
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Singoa n scoFORa uRENT:- o Veroou mied or ubber rndo 1 mpa euddebal ne d fer es the au-nsl k
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L idro o 3- ing wheels; eneB&60 l gem makers, C. i atte trps y famui nthe th news COLPAN MOTORS, INC. .
n e Pi AMARYANNE-DaphneduuMaurier p wth mond saw sd- ea" PVPeI busisess... E io ad ha n
eH Kod Med alist $. n likenghtelepog- ra4 b e1er. And A STRAr EnR ior ongf t ing discs..I. and felt uops, dops 12and 2 l.B Vwoto

SWANTED: r USED BICYCLE, good SWE THURSDAY-John Stein- cihat Gae/ 7 -.,No. e t mb r est wua witt e South in his hilar-
PhoneRBalboa1828.rphotom. t oom apartment. Pre re- i rssAL T"eqt, r es tmionabecame-b oesistant;

St condition, not rusty. Phoni Mon- beck ice aneus A Aelu ew the e srl e Yene *
sdoy 3-3497 or deliver to Grnant THE hA B- 0958 lboa. Phone 2-1470. h rVfls (Doubledayuing. Smith, whose statureMs t a a'o
AvenidP Cuba No. 2. By OSWALD JACOBY and inson Keyes FOR SALE:- Blonde Cocker Sponiel as an Amenan humorist ineas-
ALFRED SEINWOLD TE DOLLMAKER-rriette Ar- puppets, AKC registered litter, $40. es seady hit the "grits and
OR; fh Fr Written for NEA Service now Albrook 3198. Trs gravy" train an effort to find out ldl

SM e Photogrnpe BLESS THIS HOUSE-Nora6 Iofts----- just how the rebel yeox was ye.ed
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erc o ni l cards without Indicating too much Non-Ficti FOR SALE Portland woman, paralyzed from Naturally, he has a lot of trouble. "' .

P PA DENA, Calif.-(UP)-Wor- of their attitude towards the dis- and POWER F POSITTVE the neck down since stricken with Ris research carried him throuat Caerl-wory neps and r- ht ue.
nry W market operators over cards, but even experienced pr SALE an otriq rn11 yiars ar0e can Boke and way interpretations of the soutn .
the nceasng multi-milliwoon-dollar ers somemes make a disc INKING Vincenter telephone calls now at her e battle cry, including those of tr wd lee h e e ew

check forging racket no lon with obvious reluctance. You are LL R M rn W i all n FOR SALE--Cobin cruiser 22 V feet bedside simply by moving her some distinguished southerners, a rht le!
o ames S Smart a entitled to draw I Wferences from R loh oMRRN o W3'G i lia n .S t 7 cheeks but h e is never completely satis- be
S Char es F. Goldworthy, owners of o this reluctance. equipped. Call Albrook 183. V fled. m a- h e

a sial markPt in East Pasadena. BUTWE WERE BORN FREEB The device waMals invented for Smith links the rebel yell to hog
hmof, and Goldworthya crash Your opponent will be reluctant EmrN Tas t iae wn FOR SALE:-BoK H'2y sNe pmen MsaMarViWlo trtatn1 e ionalsa, sadmthye aisat

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rivaTE en nc lie fo r phone at Hotel ElfPanamanrsdesor 8OR SALE --oek rubbe r rn-nwh l, eoker, rvees an gro d Isu denly hdoretiefrmph as ons the i..itued To t r

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I Ap MYA -nRool, niel crn e Mauil 1nc lesn bn at eyu at vdrac r ln c by h
rp of a 10 fingers hand. F or example, if he discards ble rod that slides up ad down at e s is e t e l '
FOReve nd most people l arg e olthe ten of hearts, you should sus- wllR| S Ail D ye A* the side of the bed. When a calU |J e b h r l ll .. te

o f o.Su newDnsten'e Prw thrt o1ds another ten or B8 od g ritsA fiveI/g comes in.m Mrs. Ws csan anwtr n wN cheofthiina a I r- .. you sell E h
a "Ti tnto thnneor jack of hearts FO SALE0 C HOUNS: aim2 N ly by 0Wo her N hnaeekm md v
old e odpon't have to r nthe discards up to that point will aoi- call out the ame way. The light ne gs- e y di Engsitth-languager
rm p eraE 8 THDrAcation.ce p tell you exn-tly which related est touch on the Dr signals hians N is tand Ni +
atne protection machine is ards he hs. This information o .operator at the syardtiine nradir

L of hs st beg produced on may be important in guiding you LUANDAs. Angola -(UP)-On a The biggest problem is educa- telephone comparyeieriy wio te n
Sale by plants in nearby to your safest discards. continent often torn by racism or tion. To instruct native children in rator complete the all to the

( and Alhabra. nationalism, Portuguese Africa is rudimentary matters, some busessred number A

d maid so-ice.No When it is very unlikely that showing how blackS and whites h schools for nearly 20.000 children very ln D fr aA. te--- lxo
S Call your opponent has any cards re-can live together in peace have been set up by Portugues ain i finish

EN, Mass. (UP) late to his discard, you are en- There's neithR.Mau Mau ter Catholic missions The government S ed M a ye2rs dsoeCan: Cre h m Iersel o \ b s
alt Kosiba and his wife tiled to assume that the reluc- rorism nor an official doctrine of and th-e Catholic Church work la uchoethe a = I REMEBER.
t oa burglar broke into tenc of his discard was caused white racial superiAity in the hugenclosely 1In educt attionte S agah er e h r 0
stole Mrst Kosiba' byth e fear that the card was twin Portugue-e Afian proving For more advanced training, as. si he
a Kosiba is a euten wild. This r ear will indicate that e of Angola and Mozambique similated natives and white chilse r in the

1 a o ma rketiv E s. Pour opponent cannot hold certain "The existence of peace in Por dren attend '9 state prim ary The d i w ve for \ li k th re e 11 o hoV .n '.
A t u thi information may tuguese overseas provFRes," said schools and n school posts in Ai Panama Canal nea
S lp you fnd the afest Possible Overseas Minister Sarmento Rod- towns and village. It's common y c er ri
ith e e p discards wtin t rigues, "comes from our fraternal to see a blonde gil from the north elom a larea s n epeanrlad sh t
Relationship with the various racial of Portugal sharing a seat with a d h I

a takle O MIc CA How much reliance can youbput groups. All are considered equally coffee-hued girl from northern Ana B h V 8 1 An t 6
a rbukes stoper. acO at toer ,o n your opponent's c appearance of Portuguese." iola. G iso
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ingewhoo rms Marvin. Wiso mother ofetwoncalligmd sPANdM t
ch.g N D without t qhaleswbecause to discard apcard ifhe that poinksit1nrOese Motr 0-hp.Wi-r with outthesamew_._t-_ishn
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gin players makeutheand csaPOfTabedN one or m-rerelated cm nted, ra tsoeend ofan adusne ta-he
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a& sour"nlew sMstme pect tha me olsre t at otherdwa te n orn aluno-Ahrimn provtlecrymorecada ne edtraigh aim[ by Oeri 10 `
don'tes h... ve.. Oversetsown sor thedsareuctnce. thatipp Cad llag .Io mmoa tthe ic tP. eo
ElmerroDv.JFlOR machine n I s rs h .rmation om en op erar vat the .swiptch fhoaIngth

a4I Mass. -(UP)x27Ic eswl dor mheisndis car yous b a ren Thee's ogeth er e inp equace I have been seTHupCbyTPortlugu es e tte'nth C al t i s
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rI iit SW e* reluctance? That depends on the IThere are also some secondlary PHILADELPHIA-(UP)-Amerl. o \* & IIOG-was
-No. 4005 ort of person he is and on the Therein lies the basis of Portu- schools for high school pupils and can industry has comeup with a
Monition, AGENCIAS tradition of ethics in your partic. | guese colonial policy, whose aim some technical schools. new "pressure" welding technique "
VS.A. UI dan, oi ular game. There isn't any rigid is assimilation of the natives to a Particularly here on the west that Is paying off on the assembly 0 c
*nd crew of the /V "standard in the game of gin rum- point where they are full citizens coast, the Portuguese have not line and may replace the old, con-
andts my, so you really can't complain I with rights equal to their white' been troubled with a factor which ventional "hot Weld."
against WAxMAX, IIf you are deceived. Most oppo-1 compatriots in mainland Portu-: started trouble in Kenya-white X
i nets won't bother to put on a gal. To become assimilated, the settlers taking the choice high. W. A. Barnes, vice president in,
the f et a ag A i show of reluctance over a discard black must learn to speak and lands at the expense of natives. charge'of engineering and produce. -
' a e Van r=i unless they really mean it. Even aid write Portuguese, renounce Although white etlement has tion for the Utica Dop Fo ge ad
n beltInt s the-, a rafty opponent is more often fetish worship and embrace Chris- been going on here sinte the turn Tool Corp., Utica, N.Y told a
^ntt Sutaes "ton= th andeceptvein the re- tianity, takeonly one wife, and be- of the century, it has been slow ma of the Amereiar Society
nalaI naatola W and emotions he displays. have generally like a European. and there's been plenty of room f Tool Engineers here that the
Ll In tn s-ome of my friends say that The government has been care-! for everybody in the high, rieA "pressure" method has achieved '
and Maritime, in OIl ye ya lay off on gin and others ful, however, not to uproot tribal kplateats. Although white imi ira, things never done, by convention- (I C-)(
^t j W dt yyou can't "Which is the of- 1Ife without replacing it with some- tion from the overcrowded -ain al methods.,
w. to mue 1re. sIWO6 ? thing of at least equal value to the land now is being stepped Up, t "
miye of n a t i v e: "Asshtilacao," as It's natives are also bi at rage Barnes told of a tool similar to -- '
tW. 00-,A-Both rules are playable. The called here, has been slow. Latest to "colonize" good landsand aren't pliers but capable of exerting tre-
S 9 m SS should agree before the figures show 139,639 "civilized" being crowded into -reserves. acados pressures on mall areas.
Sbeginson which rule they persons out of a population of more The black are "The process gives except welds
to follow. In the ab- than 4,000,000 In Angola, whose Kimboakig o copper and aluminum, some-
tso agreement, we would area is a large as Spain. France sturdily l. ,a wi wg w s thi g never before e _eved by
say that the mor4 widespread rule and Italy combined. There are Althoud ame na tive conventional m methods a. e
Iof "i r as a l apply-that you can NOT some 80,00 whites in Angola. on theou i oftthi~l t Barewnsaid the whole technique
ar 'a- by 4ff on gin, With their policies of gradually of 25,00Mwhites and lU atvm started in England. when It was ..
ri s bit a 5 + .developing the natives to the point leave much to e. deeired. tile discovered two heets of e er
v; v wa I. mp old is the game of gin of assimilation and full Portuguese' governingt Is pattig up new eat with dull shean ,
a citiseashlp, the Portuguese hope to tive pbts in e i fat the edges. Pasnma's PF ST aM ONLY fail-
va-^'' "- '*"" ''was invented hi 1910 by rievelop a country such as their of the N a ea is w t .........
e- IthAe -. a T. Baker as a modifica- former colony of Brazil where' ies-inelchi ig matu i ioa the laborat nto
lle f,4 -a Al d older forms of rummy. races live la harmony. -are expand tg. ," aU-d
-_ .. .... ... .... :..... + 4 1-01

""'I' -


___ __rl~__

a m


1 f

~~4-~: ~'.f".~ ~*- :*


Al-m UDAI.d V I F
mod.. .

tob'rt in
B I s *CRiassrmE.

oITAL Theatre
g ,:10, 5M9 I, M:., 9:0

w as


.81iewb mmnB am P
3:60 -
5:06 -

*: l.^* f S"
g*gg d I1


R lTk EO


DRIVE-IN Theatre
Double In
Jane Powell,
Burt Lancaster

Fred MacMurray, in
Plus: -
Alex Nicol. in

Rock H

Plus: -

~-'*.~ ~ -r" ** *- '* *
1.5~ .Z'weatee'~ J'rIave~A~ igew
.'.. *~

tf.4 w W^ -' ,_e

sweater i fashion accessory on
th* eai pau this yar., Whre it
uz.d to oe a part of a kind*of col-
le`6 uniform (worn with small
wifte collar), It's now taken on a
roei individuality.
Even t h e classic turtle-neck
h hg goe off in a new direction.
Typiea ts1 a pullover inM gray

heather with a lhi-ris ng eek. tant this fall. It's shown In del.
lne sth "a sh*leu trfwsT"hGeIe icate collar and neckline treat-
are turned ack l'and tudded with ments. Ribbon crochet also makes
tiny pearl buttons. a pretty point of interest as col-
lar trim both back and front.
The sleeveless slipover vest,
handsome in its own right, is worn We show (left) Rosanna's all.
this year over cotton shirts and wool, V-neck sleeveless slipover
also over a comp..nion piece in n heather pped in white.
form of the long-sleeved V-neck- Costume look appears (right) In
ed pullover edged in white, silk-spun orlon with white yoke
Dressmaker :detailing is impor- and curving collar.

ARTISTIC CONCENTRATION Y- Jon Robertson, ten-year-old
planeo prodigy, is a model of artiltlc concentration as he sits be-
fore the concert grand. Jon will be heard In a single perform-
anee Wednesday at the Central Theater.

Young Piano Prodigy Said

Destined For Future Fame

-- -

Jon Robertson, who is ached- pchubert, Beethoven, Mozart
uled to appear at the Central and Chopin.
Theater next Wednesday, is des- ,
tited for future reatness as a :"His renditions of Liszt's Grane
concert artist In the opinion of in E Major No. 6, Liebestraums
critics who saw and heard the Nocturne and Polailne in E Ma-
-.-- -. A -i-i hi mn. urw ere nvcre thrilc hv hthe.

S ten-year-old prodigy durUing iiaur w ".. u w
S. A New York Town Hall debut last spectators,
Lo ely North Of Australia Fling P. 0. In Ocer. "The 'Thirteen Variations' by
NO Aa i -"Unfettered by a .massive ego, Schubert on the theme by An-.
S. lit h-nbe knows his playing faults and elm Huttenbrenner, enabled aon
No So Lonely Any More Service On res lately to correct^ to uttrovero e t
S 6 A ny -M ore Ithem" sai an article in re- an also e his complete mastery
''OL) FORGE N Y.-(UP) A ent issue of the Ebony maga- child in years and stature, he
A U o ** a ^r'ia shyly 4a3 he wants his d sel f feare In u de
ies to- bereceilved not as aweriof depth of feeling dnd
*ahs t ce,.P the lone. 2,000 children are- attelndg school A oof sikc e in the dwe;- of expression.". -

.eu *-" "h eaa a Three weeks ago, th Jamat ove ell Frlsco
,u II He said t n- born Jon demonstrated his a
4i "rasrlway"ost t ive land in fthe Wardn his Naove Hi Town
Share inv onthe remote ste ffice.
TerrI "Wast "heba in particular bad undergone a in Kingston. From there he' flew it l Lk '
t .a striking b iNw as. st l im movement. t.o Trinidad where he played aLike NY
.da4 ittors l a bU t New i thout s Itt oo. W the p loneerin of the e large ctbin and pa5enger the Deluxe Theater-in Port-4 1 mOsi NY
an prewar days men out-numbered north will always call For rips down the lake between Old As rp orn h
awao f men ot rea blrr e don the lk ebe n Old A report on his Triidad con-d By GEORGE COFFEY
towoon to o t hi ,e we cannot afford to wait for Forge and the town of Inlet. cert published In the Daily i
No* the ratio is something like 10 moo r leanld SAN FRANCISCO-,UP -On
to seven. the birthrate in the the one man in a hundred to come A railway postal clerk sorts the Oleaner of Jamlca said; SAN FRANCISCO-(UP)-One
Northernm once lowest in along to endure and conquer on mail for each camp or hotel during "Jon who Is ike any other of the easiest ways to rile a full- p
Australl.. higherthan in the his own," he said. the journeyandCapt. Don Bhrnep normal rankster at his age In blooded San Franciscan is to tell
thil southern states. blows a horn as the boat nears a private- Ife, was not lon- in con- him that "San Francisco's a great t
Hand-. wiL ths. invasion "'--The north has to 'be made safe dock. A carrier rushes down to the vincing his audience of nil prod- town all right, almost like New 1
S. rovemet and habitable for the family, dock and exchanges an outgoing iglous gifts. Spectators were York."
a This, in otherwise most of the population bag of mail with the clerk as the taken into another world as his 4
turn,'- -as L to the will be shiftless and adventurous, boat cruises past. fingers sped over the Ivories in- This white-faced city on the bay i
ntri, ia tee change while depressed minority will be terpreting such masters as Liszt, Itas been compared with the Big M
tri.e Pa g e. hopeless and faecless." Clerk Lou Edwards says that on Town in many ways-its cosmo-
e f"C .... aul M ^ al ... feck ls s."rare occasions a bag gets a dunk. f politan air, reputation for cultural 1
.HaIu a .The area's main hopes for do- ing during the quick exchange, but i I taste and respect for the Bohe- i
"We the age o the velopmen, H a de ad a te ,this happens less than once a year. W rmian element.
and are in the a t the gold, copper nd ofran depo summer resident o f Second Lake ra But San Franciscans, both the
w airplane udouer, refrig- the prospcting for oil ad a bigwas influential in getting the mail- rare native variety and the more
ormroo in r berevemeen y boat launched after he left the By V. VARTAN militant transplants, insist every-
' e dta- rd 'of li-ving and the a oe ar g pus s. Special legislation nW tOeK -- thing the city has it has on its
w av4T e ta. M4 authorized the boat 53 years ago, NEW YQR -(UP)--Men now own-New York notwithstanding.
whe -S yS mo nst summer trs ao star s apphires-true du- The only thing they'll concede to
Su-trala than they used to be." a e Says e m s vplicates of nature's rare ems-in tham" upriorit i number
SDoctors and hospitals are within only reach their hotels by boat. Gotham i superiority in numbers
reach of tht population through The tooting mail carrier runs their shirt studs and c links. -San Francisco's 1950 population
eaora ab a th pood po ven tive H-Bomb Has twice daily from mid-June to Set. m. of th e an-made j e was 775,356, New York's 7,891,957,
aena a md b ltance, ad re Aretv a H:J tember, and once daily in eay ow wo peret six poine The San Francisco lover will
and ot iv heaecet mIreS asrJune and early SeptemberB stars, oie a either poIe of the take off from there and lecture a
1 o )it a ken.has arly trebled is the third, contract operator of ash' th.. I visiting New Yorker for hours on
tn last l: -s." MATBUYAMA Japan (UP)- the boat piue its launching. ro es s the sapphires are tdeei l Neor k merits of his eity ner
r imet.14 in the past If the swallows Jon't come back to Thma boathas its own can. prc physically nd oateial Manhattan. -
o*, Ie ,ar-1 00 W 0O wasCapistrano, Just blame th R- collration,. .IlOld 'Forge a.P o t
pa We ,0" 0 area (of. ta e (fsor railway postoffice The clerk in gesoBu h cos I First of all you can breathe
o big improvement is 4s Prof. Hideaki Shimizu of Ehime stamps the mail on the return trip e frac m.op of that of then n^ here, he'll say. "The air isn't all
eeded the standard of housing. University here says fewer swal. i from Inlet. gem. smog, Anked plook at the buildingsmze or
"W' have to get rid of the o lows returned to Japan's Shikoku The company originally turned look
Australian ha it of thinking that Island from the South Seas this A camp or hotel owner can re- out the sapphires for precision mil. they re clean and white! Sure,
the only people whoe lve in the spring. ceive service from the mailboat by uses then switched to we've got fog, but it adds romantic
the bnly p.mle "bo -i te spring fewel mystery thon thche o ity andwctl
remote areas rt a few deadbeats iHe blamed American H-bomb! providing two mail bags and sa ss. of ke. p mystery to the city and acts as
surroSnded by c ot flies," he expriments at Bikini, which he dock. The boat served some 60 cus. t detergent to wash the grime off
belve are radin readioatlv- t,, this summer., emergency., (Union Carbide & Car. ldg
Polatig to the stead increase ity over the birds' South Seas wl..- bon Corp., New York City.) i y wa ros-
l hin t t e North- ter homes. .J ..., o e hv t And yu wa..nt to go cros-
e = W ig Iunel iples You no longer have to worrysufaen ano d aonty, ovesicrodes
"There s a hae more mpres For the survivors, the trip to about wha t type of eyeglassdown ino a sooy, overcrowded
siv thante Inrease Inumbers; Japan is hardly worth while thsea t t of ea ss subway. All of our transnrrtatisn
today allie are living in the days, he added, because Inseet e Of ial graph takes care of the probe. he i S
north. The test of the value of de- cides are destroying the swallows' lem have cable cars!"
velopments the kind eo commu- food supply here. COLUMBUS, 0.-(UP)-A wind Optometrists use the raph when
tun-el to test airplane and missile tey fit a-person for gasses. The mit there are any defects to this
Models at speeds up to three times optometrist sk etches the patient's I it which hare s anb described va-t i
ti t teed of sound is being plan- face on the paper graph, asch[ a w hihh s betw nscr IHn
ned by North American Aviation eas ures 10 a ches wide and o12m.ius ap a omOf b the leS
Y I^ ^ ^ ^ ^^Corp., according to officials of the inches a long. o wencand rills some of which he
-' '-.-^^ ^^ -Columbus division. The tenter line of the grath bga i-hie'a pao ,tsme o lt 1
NAA offlciam said a $4,000,000 tse s the ace, while oaers are almost impossible to climb
contract for designp ad engineer. line mp the jaw. The completed Ies a Olympicta y ar t
ing nha been signed with Pitts, drawing of the patlet's face pro' e o l ers and refused t ohey
burgh i tes Moines Stel Co. in videos taie kpey for e best shape godiscuss them beyond euthat.
-Pittsburgh. and type of spectacles. (Facialdiu them bo ha.. .
Ile tu l wl b Graph Corp., Detroit, Mich.)
SThe tunl wil b tn1d 75,0 -W att Bulb
near the North American FT- and A time-saving aid is available for B l
F-100 apsebly lines at Los Ange. persons using electric shavers. Will Be At NY
les lnter atiobal Airport. It is to Speedak tr astorms AC current to i ,, A
be completed Marc. O E DC current and thus makes lec- tate a I
perimealt work there wi tric shavers operate faster. utes a r
affect research actvl. The d Bov ,e was perfected to
ties at the Colum ompenate for lowered voltages SYRACUS N. Y. -(UP) -
Wind = in wiIn, some areas where housing de- The lar~sest incandescent light in
be pra byeair v menua and -e w indus- 'the world-a 75.00-watt lamo -
rusn a toe vol. taxed the power supply. The will be on display at the State
mume or os at al oad'V often becomes so heavy: Fair here ". 4-H.
along the tuneL Oceljsaid during certain hobr of the day The hu e light was made by the
each test be o loss tha one that voltage is reduced. General lectrie Co. and will e on
minute drat s will be co. But the new Unit helps to boost view as part of the electrical in-
dued on plane or missile models votas*e so electric shavers will dustry's observance of the 75th an-
with four-foot wingp ds operate at peak efficiency even: nlversarv of Edison's invention.
during low voltage hours. G. E. Spokesmen say the three-
."Not enough to keep a bird The Speedak will work with all and-one-half-foot bulb equals the
r* d f'gt Am Wi l., moi I alive" is a misleading statement electric shavers which operate on light of 2,874 60-watt household
los. -e feathes ad s s appe y add & concerning diet. Mn birds con- both AC or DC t when the bulbs burning simultaneously. It
485del was brought saou sume haiw their w in feq4 each shaver is run on AC current. uses as much electrical energy as
wesi ls 0 i h bpr -day, white 1 urds ~ freue y, (emingto, RA in, lnc., Buffalo, ii normally required to light U
eat more than weigm a h. Y.) homes.



. I

College Courses

Go To Far North

To U. S. Airmen

perimental educational program in
evolving Air Force personnel in La-
brador has demonstrated conclu-
sively that service life, even in the
isolated posts of the far north, does
not necessarily lessen the desire
for knowledge.
Two college-level courses of
study, offered to the Aircraft Con-
trol and V'arning Squadron at the
frigid Labrador unit of the North-
east Air Command, brought a to-
tally unexpected response. T h e
project was initiated to determine
he practicability of introducing
the curriculum into other out-of-
the.way bases in the north.
Frederick S. DeMarr, flown In
to conduct the classes, was greet-
ed by-a surprisingly large student
body of 55 airmen. This was a ra-
tio of one out of every two men in
the squadron.
Enrollment in the courses, "His-
tory of American Civilization" and
"M a j o r Foreign Governments,"
was purely voluntary. Three sem.
ester credit hours are given for
each course which may be used
toward a bachelor's degree and
can be transferred to any accred-
ited college or university.

Dairy Group Plans
Thr.Mflitv MeM I

industry leaders from many lands
will meet in three cities in Octo-
berto compare notes, swap Infor.
mation and study dairy progress
in the United States.
Lested Olsen, president of the
Dairy Industries Society, Interna-
tional, announced that his organ.
ization.aworld-wide body inter-
ested in dairy enterprise, will hold
its review over a four-week period
in Waterloo, la., Chicago and At-
lantic City N. J.
- f -lNati-al Daff6 Congfess,
scheduled to take place in Water.
loo Oct.2-9, features the official
national cattle breeding shows.
Some of the other events include
4-H contests, dairy products judg-
ing contests and a farm equip-
ment exposition.
Chicago is the scene of the In-
ternational Dairy Show which is
scheduled the week of Oct. 11-16.
Various contests and expositions
are planned with daily entertain.
ment furnished by a world cham.-
pionship rodeo.
The last of the expositions takes
place Oct. 25-30 in Atlantic City.
The Dairy Industries Exposition,
the largest regularly held single-
industry exposition in the world,
will display the products of some
400 firms. Concurrent conventions
related to the dairy industry also
will be held in AtlanticCity.
Olsen said tours and trips will
be arranged for foreign visitors to
inspect dairy farms, factories,
and marketing and distribution

Good Reason ,
For No Service
At This Bar easy-nx conection to so a .
At Thischildrens sweet tooth Ju
.DI.N..U. x. ..U.. I .. I colored marshmallow hilvOek'
EDNBURG, Tex .-(UP)- Al. melted candy-making cboetolt
scno Reyna told police he had a then quickly roll them in shraegd
Strange experience when h walk. coconut. Cool on waxed paper un.
led into a local cafe one night and til firm
!stood at the bar waiting for serv-. '"_fir.-..
'ice.. .. ..

Reyna said a man, looking sur-
prised, rushed out from behind the
*' 1 '


I bar and left. Reyna then,onelM
he was the only one in the plai
and called police. .',.
", ** -



...'.* _


bA It
. ... .

55 A

A call to remember

There i no more wholesome and pleasing drink
than good Scotch Whisky and there is no finer
Scth .than "Black & White". Pistilled and Scotland, "Black & White is
Scotch a-r tb bstem.b* O D foer
Black &White" next time you call for cotch.

Distilled and Bottled in Scotland -



.r p ,

I, APv9bm antt iS 611 Whi11y pimn .> *'I 'l "


Distributors: AGENCIAS W. H. DOEL, S.A21f
No 1f Central Ave. Tel, 2-276 ,.


DIABLO HTS. 2:30, 6:15, 8:05

r ----*ma

2:30 6:15 -. :40
Ar-Condfllnnfo -'


I i -- -

: 0

2:6 & a:36 p m.



Tualday "WAC FROM WALA 1


Clark GABS e VivMn eIH n
Maoday "The Wonan They Aluimt Li

LA BOCA 8:0 ARAISO g-:5 -:

* *_ *_ _ow =% V



--u' ~
* .s. ?

I Monday 'TORT Ti I ANTA CRUZ 6:15 : CAMP IRD 1
Fond."SO BIG" a Christia andg

SA I| r A Air-Conditioned Added: CARTOO4. 4 E
BA LU 8 A 2;3 8 #20 4:25 610 8-5 Alo WN
THRILL IN COLOR! Smashingthrogh the thr barser..
MOM's thundering drama that h anH the fury, sweep and power of
-,the Nvy's weapon... the jet pilot!

-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *\*--?*(>^'^ B

T ~-~---~--C~ ~ .C

_ _I __ __


_ __ I __ ___

"G A M BO A 7:

a l


-'K fif- -'.%.i> -11,

I m w'w dF



. . . ;+ : '+ +? ".; ',:."' -'. ." ",

,7 7.


.ug arplum, High Heaven Ta

...~- I AT._~


gli Again In Sprt


k Millionaire Back, Juan Franco Graded Entries Fsi Where ,,
S--- iiIshnmg-- Where I
...... I --~~N .P.P?. Horse Jockey WAt COMMENT ODDS -
g-erousI II5 DIasVhI. l.t Race "I" Imported 7 F.Purs.e: 375.00 Pool closes: 12:45"
First Rate of Ue Double
1-Montmartre F. Hidal. 115 -Rate good chance 2-1 I
Don Antonio Anguizola's Sugarplum and Agustin 2-w. Justice 0. Chanis 113 -Returns from layoff 5-1 LE UE
Sodne's High Heaven will again match strides in today's .Sanitto 120 -Excell ent e f 2-1 FLACO iNor. 't '
S$750 Class "B" six-and-one-hqlf furlong feature event at b-Peace ul D. A. Mena 113 -Could be winner here 2-1 B rkS I
the Juan Franco race track and local turfites expect a -ersey Anne J go to recommend 81 th nner m marlin were olan ost M a
S repetition of last Sunday's hair-raising stretch battle. last ws The sailfish not too plentitul but almost every ;Cinelnati f l as A 1
,2nd Race "G" Native 64 FaS : $175.00 Pool 10 : 1:15 boat reported catchlat 4!= a few. SO can be had In one St. Lools 7 .4D
These two classy Irish fillies EIGHTH RACE Second Race '3 the Double form or another and hlw tould see so very good fishing the IPhiladlphia 6 .4 0 Sa
dy from the. same horses -Gonzaga $40.60, 9.60 1 Alonsito K. Flores 1 well in return 1 next mOnth or two. 5Chic S ago 4W 76
meet today with the ex- 2-Charming Prince $5.40. 2-Coran J. 2g 114 Rt good chancO 4- 1 Am1 iw
6- of Dark Millionaire, and Quiniela: (Gonzaga-Charm 3-Rosa B E. Cana. 113 -Will fight it out The Spencers returned from a long trip and have a very un-
'al .and-tuck battle from Ing Prince) $62.60. 4-uira Mena R. lioo recent races 15-1 usual experience t tell about a school of marlin. They were at- TODW GAMU AB
to sh in a virtual match NINTH RACE 5-Buresuito A. Vas. 11--Wnner again? even traced a huge flock of birds and whe they examined the Phila. at ncnna (2)
race. 1-Chingri $4.20, 3.20, 2.60 6-Don Orau A Yca 116. -ies ru neru s 2 ares om thing was churning up the water. Brooklyn at Milwaukee (2) (a)
S lombian ace Luis Giraldo, 2-Persian Countess $4.60, 3.20 kes runnerup pot 2-At the first sot ut of the box they booked into marlin on Pittburgh at h(2) )
Who rode Sugarplum, and Chilean 3-Oranero $11.20. '9 thread thatkept them busy for awhile and when they had New York at St. ) ()Y 1
saddle master Jose Bravo, who One-Two: (Chingri-Persian 3rd Race "E" Imported 6% Fgs.Pae: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:45 time to look arund saw several marlin swimming around on top '.T7 3--- T
Lulded High Heaven, will again be Countess) $14.80. ONE TWO the water looking for something to eat. T. BTUDA'S RE80LTS a U
Sthe saddles of the same ani TENTH RACE They iSt tqmatln after a long battle. We do not have all NeW York 000 010 001-27 1
mals, 1-Amorio $34.80, 5.60 1-Marilu J. Reygs 118 -Post position favors 2-1 the details but Don or Jean should be able to tell you of a very Milwaukee 001 000 04x49 1 00 01 01 00- 0
tI has been added to the 2-Alormina $2.80. 2-Winsaba A. Gonza. 115x-Nothin recently 10-1 exciting expwience. __T 01-3 5d
ast with the return of Dark ELEVENTH RACE 3-0. Bound F. Ban. 107t-Not wi this Jockey 15-1 _______ G Oa(am (8) and fre- g e
lenaki, a consistent top fli ht 1-Atys (e) $3, 2.20, 2.20 4-Don Wende Reyes R. 97x-Brtef early sprint 15-1 Ahle wet flatis this last weekend and was trying to trun. -pahn (16-10) and Cran- (I Knde
IMrer. Blas Aguirre will e 2-Lexden $6.20, 2.20 5-Pregonero A. Ycasa 108 -Longshot possibility 8-1 catch his first salish. of course shouldn't have been too dall. IP Gomel (2-9). BR (8) an White, Owen (11). WP
ng the "rich darkie." The 3-Bendegun 2.20. -Metto B. Agui. 120 -Will fight It out 2-1 hard as he was fishing ro the Caman However, In the Th pon (1. Knder (7-).LP -Chak
Report that Dark Million- ------- 7-Filon C. Johnson 115x-Not in winning shape 20-1 sailfish line he didn't get a strike but, ,fore you start feeling (). HR ele ()
dangerous contender 8-Chepanita A. Vas. 113 -Seeks fifth in row even sorry for the lad. ten to what he did catch. Philadelphia 000 000 020-2 1
Sis returning in e xcel- Fts t7irst he tld into a small black marlin on cut bait with 24 Chicago000 400 0x-6 61 Clevelad 100 000 051-5 01
S10 lo'an whichwill L r Ba 4th Race ""r Native 7 Fgs.Purse: $275.00 Pool clean: 2:20 te l hwasaded I rnd ot t a r Mr, (4) Kipp
uc brs wing s D able record s i the mIaest ever taken in Pan ama Bay.WP tobb Peal (8) and o
St s much better wpa o as A 1-Don Pitin J. Reyes 115 -Returns from layoff 10-1 Then he turned aroud and caught what should turn out Col (3-5. LP 4). WP a (1-7). -
S the trailersmlas week we hen 1oUjoL) r S 2-Kontiki Mena R. l15x-Must go lower 10-1 to be a new world record. On the same 24 thread rig with a ,, tobbs (8-9).
e retundom a long lwofRe. e 3-Enriqueta A. Ycaza 109 -Distance to liking 8-1 strip bait from the center outrigger he hooked another marlin. Brooklyn .100 102 012-7 9 -.
S r ul Dark Mioonare 4-Yostpongo R. Gomez 105 -Showing improvement 8-1 After the fish was landed and weighed It turned out to be a St. LouIs 001 100 001 6 Ch o 010 200 020-5 12
s a cheded started In the La- 5-Don Goyo R. L. Gil 113 -Should score easily even silver mrlin weighing 4 pounds. dre, Hughes (8) anphia 010 000 1002 7
r a Classic which will be run _. 7 6-Regla J. Phillips 118 -Dropped in class 10-1 The last record chart available shows the record was held er. Rachi, Lint (7), Brale (9) Harhman, Pierce (7), Jehn-
or ay 7-Mufieco F. Godoy 115x-Not with this rider 15-1 by J. A. w tha flah that weighed 352 pounds. wi took and ar. WP Pores (8-). sn (8) and Lollar. Keler,D..
St which was a oor 8-Lady Moon M. Guerre. 118 -Dangerous contender 4-1 his fish off Ta hti In 1953 to beat Bob Walker's 24 thread silver Reuik88) i- '- WP -8 ar'-- -8) andA'trot
td t wee, will a un By Milton Rchman 9-(Tap Lady Reyes R. 7x-Not n this class 3-1 that was caught n Panama Bay. So It looks like the record s o (15) (P Harhan (18- -
der e guidance of Aredo Vas. 10-(Annie N F. Rose 113 -Scored easily last .3-1 back In Panama where we feel t belongs. Pittburh 000 000-1 7 0 ner (17
S qu This promising colt is anoth' The Brooklyn Dodgers moved ---~ Cincinnati 000 002 00x-2 5 1 Detroit 001 001 000-2 70
er lich could improve this time to within 2% games of the Na- 5th Race "A" Native 7 F,Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 2:55 With a little luck.. P m hould be able to get all New York 000 021 10 7
Sorry Mason (Johnny Gongo- tional League lead today and silver marlin records. The all tackle and 130 pound test fish a Palme, Thies (7) and At- Aber (5-8) and House. Byrd,
ra), Jaqulmazo (Emilio Dario) and Carl Furillo is the guy who got 1-Slxaola J. Chuna 110 -Not good enough 25-1 was caught in Panama by R. Dugan., the 80 pound test seems to well. Valentine (11-10) and Be- Reynolds (7 and Bern. WP -
Noveno (Alejandro Yeaza) com- the moving done. 2-M. Matru J. Bravo 124 -Could score again 3-1 be taken care of with the above fish. The 50 pound is a very minick. LP La Palme (4-8). Byrd (9-7) Nean (8)
plete the field of eight scheduled Furillo batted in three runs 3-La Enea B. Agul. 116 -Barely missed last even small fish that should be easy to beat. It was caught oft Aca-
starters. Merry Mason is a long- with a homer and a t:!ngle to lead 4-Biscaya F. Hidal. 112 -Will force the pace 4-1 pulco and weighed 163 pounds. class we have a 12 pound test line on which a 158 pound black
r -it possibility on a dry track the Dodgers to a 7-3 triumph 5--Ocean Star A. Ycaza 108 -Gets stiffest test even There Is no silver marlin listed n the 30 pound class so all marlin was taken. But we would like to go on record as saying
S Jaqulmazo and Noveno have done over the Cardinals. And while -- you have to do Is catch one and don't worry about the weight. that when a Panama black or lvet marlin s caught on 12 poun
L g o note recently. Furillo's handiwork was enablin th Race "I" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $75.00 Pool close: 3:35 The 20 poud class is held by a fish that we would bet a new test line we will be happy to Kive the fisherman a full quart of
yesterday longshot Amorio Brooklyn to register its courtt h Race Imported00 rod will be beaten if another s ever taken on this light a rig. his favorite drinking whisky.
too advantage of a sizzling straight victory, the third-place Fit Race of the Doble It only weighed 44 pounds. Also because t Is listed as being
dieting battle between mu- Braves upset the league-leading 1-C. Brand H. Ruin 115 -Second to Tilama 2-1 vacant, we will say that on 12 pound line no silver marlin has The corbina and red snapper are still out around the Islands.
ce Alormina and ou Giants 5-2, to climb within 6/a 2-Alabarda A. Ycasa 118 -Stops after sprint 10-1 been taken. A couple boats came in with nice catches this last week but th
e Royal to come upn games of the top themselves. 3-B. Sambo J. Bravo 110 --Should be close up 3-1 This, of course, may happen any day as in the black marlin fish tre still deep 80 to 90 feet.
inish and acore andy one 4-Vampiresa J. Chuna 115 -Dangerous despite rider 3-1
in the $1,000a -an-on- Furillo put Brooklyn ahead 5-True Blue G. Pres. 118 -Rates outside chance 4-1
Bar o ythe fra in hi rand fourth off loser Vic Rasch and 7-8. Of Scone F. Rose 05 -Usually disappoints 3-1 Sp tsB s n d : I n ven t v e In g enIty
ed te r after the Cards tied the score at 8-Nehuinco San. 113 -Gets going ooate 10-1
S .p trst t.urn while Atlormina 2-all in the bottom of the frame, 9--(Mngo J. Cado. 113 -Could help entrymate 2-1 .A
l bi $, severe hittimes ha best the Dodgers added two more 10-(A. Fulmar B. Agul. 110 -Long overdue 2-1 By UNITED PRUS
Sd Alormina quickly rushed n n he st lontod G or The U.. Armed Forces
-A;. SiitI.49d s ot &aIoni e o- anmd single bY Oil Hodges and BOXI: N,
.on%,- e, turrasin g Furillo. The three runs he bat- 7th Race "F' Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $500.00 Pool closes: 405 .n a ENNTH O. GILMO"
e bult, oto Barg ted in today gave Furillo a total condo Race of the Double Champion and chall eGn oOr By Cerr0spoRe
faile toflo of 32 runs batted In In the Dodg- oi..tet l t ,l. -
and they continue head 2 runbatted in in the Dodg- 1-Verticordia A, Onisa. 182x-Could score at price 10-1 worked out esterd4it fo gr
i ternatinS in the led era last 2-Quo Vadis r. Hdal. 110 -Rates fair chance 10-1 heavyweight title gt ew WAhI T (Nb A) It
e 'nomestretcn. Southaw johnn- por,, 3-Discovery E. Godoy 103x-Not against these 15-1 York Sept. 15. Y.can tir up a batch of plas-
', 'q,.* ia finally drew clear chalked Johnny Pei h ores 4-Grisu J. Bravo 115 -Good recent races 2-1 Champion Rocky MrlSano U tooth filling or dream up a
vI' 1IIraightened out la the alth u h is eighth vic a tory 5-Y. Prince K. Flores 115 -Dropped in class even parred at Grossiner, Nw York death ray weapon with a range
SIO ut Amnrio, which'had lto4 w ee suffered a streak -Regal Bliss B. Agul. 112 -Also dropped, chance 3-1 and trainer Charey Goldman of 500 yards, send your scheme
badly outrun during the o i tne o J, i H'h ghes" 7-Don Cuto L. Giral. 110 -Would pay nice odds 5-1 says he is trying to build upthe to the Government.
St a '.mry sta a as usual, was now r. hes. champ's speed. Recently, d- The National Inventor's Coun-
U coming ke a house afire and aghes was nicked for Rp m89ps sped. hcII under the Department -of Cu
gaining with every stride Alor- epulks 17th homer in the 8th Race "B&C" Native 7 Fgs.Purse: $350.00 Pool closes: 4:40 little of Rockye speed, .to get Commerce has drawn up a list
relpo ded namely In ethe ith. QUINIEL more leverage and hitting power. of 200 such tedccal puszles
hIa nth bu his 126 pound thpaw Warren spahn lim- 1-Portal Can. 120 -Should be close up 21 At Monticello, New York chal- which the armed forces are an-
on hi and feather- out w -ot 2 o o l r Essard Charles smashed ous to have solved.
ted-Amorlo 103 pounds) cited the Giants to seven hits in 2-Dalida P E. Orte. 109x-Better chance this time 3-t1 lo se Of sparing partner
*by to store going away recording his 16th victory. The 3-osikito Reyes R. 9x-Completely off form 30-1 the Jnoe during a workout.
S- --lenth. Bare Ro al yfin Giants tied the score at 1-all in 4-Don Temi A. Vas. 118 -Shoots for repeat win even Gene Jon be Charioeutser
B ''o tle B R" R y the fifth on Hank Thompson's 5-Black Gold V. Alvear 104 -Dangerous this time 4-1 Joe ine t ohe Army. I 'l e
Se6 o returned the biggest 21st homer but the Braves rout- 8-Don Jaime J. Gongo. 112 -Was never better 4-1 get
odds lie has ever paid since he ed Ruben Gomez with a four- 7-(0. Wonder H. Ruiz 105 -Not good enough 5-1 NEW ORLeANS. General
S st ed racing in Panama-$34.- run burst that clinched the 8- (Golden F. F. San. 97x -Nothing to recommend 5-1 manager Branch Rickey Of the
0o win. Two other mild long- game in the eighth. A walk and .. u.e Pittsburgh Piratee says he has
ii tered. They were Dan- Cr daY b Thmo 9nth Race "CD" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: 50.00 Pool closes: 5:15 fully recovered from a fainting ,
S0) and Los Morros d nny Logan ac- ONE TWO pell suffered Thursday night. -
Bo Doy hockey Rolando Lo eszGrisson then was tag ed for a 1-Valley River J. Reyes 113 -Could score again 3-1 ed from a chronic ear allment A BUGGY FOR THE MILITAR, YE While the National
l was te day's saddle ar -ru single by Sp n. 2-Donny Boy B. Agul. 113 -Serious effort now 3-1 Rickey say, just have to lie Inventors Ceeil was Iss a lst psses the armed forces
with three victories. He iloted 3-Beonia A. Ya 108 -roup s s tough 8-1 down for a few minutes ,is would olke solved, inventor l. s l ame i
H g The Yankees still entertain- di o A. Vs.k 10 go d upveem s h-1 'k s: wustave o-liet
newcoi r Tempetad. h k 4V e r ulanizado A. Mena 113 -Racin to top form 3-1 as my first attack in years." r lik s n t. ghd was unv n
l ChlnI to easy wins. hopes of catching Clve- 5-Vedette F. Rose 112 -Doesn't seem likely 5-1 The Pirate general manager ak m i r
fReyes hind the Tribe in the Amera- occurred. II ue05t bws in NewnOrleansrwatching wo, evee send (bve c
FIRST RAC hind the Tribe in the Ame- 7--Supersun F. San. 100x-Suddenly off form 20-1 the Pirate farm club when the terrain. also cruises In waoe bew se d oer
os $16.80 4.80, 2.40 can Leagm back by beating o-D Sunset Reyes R. 100x--Mt t lower 10-1 attack occurred.lBs wto eo ana. _.
$2.80, 2.20 the Tigers, 4-2, while the In- 9-(Goyonder V. Alvear 116 --Shoud beat these even BIul t by hgrmoh-werriniy
O.$3. C dan .were licking the Sena- 1-(.. Edgar Cana. 115 -Could be winner also even CORK, Ireland. -A prhhen 1 higway aA psn der-crn w l ab
So$8.40, 5.20, 2.80 10th Race "B" Imported 6 Fgs.Prse: $750.00 Pol closes: 5:40 make the Fighting Irish football
3i -shO $4I80 260 Shortstop Willie Miranda drove te.. tougher than ever. -
lur 2.40 in two of the Yankees' runs with 1-D. Millionaire B. Agul. 118 -Returns in good shape 2-1 -t n, I orelaned a esent
i.B lBroble:" (Los Morros- sacrifice flies but it was Yogi 2-Relampago II K. Flores 116 -Dangerous In mud 8-1 A firm in IrDel m -and alhas sent estailored
Tempestad) sl50. Berra's sixth inning single off 3-"ugarplum L. Giral. 118 --Seeks repat victory 2-1 t h. from a tree 100-years to the inventive Cenuity of the
l5 ._ RAC.0 Al Aber that scored Hank Bauer 4--M. Mason J. Gongo. 108 -Chance n dry track 5-1w The rector of Notre 1 ame- American public Am teurs,
i -Jal Alai $5.60. 4.60, 3.20 with the run that snapped a 2- 5-Soft Note A. Vas. 110 -Rates good chance 4-1 old. reverend E. J. Murray Aentists, technicians and re-
a-lays $4.40, 4 60al tie. Allie Reynolds took over --Jaquimazo Dario 103 -Nothing to recommend 10-1 B ere d N. Billeh which -oor se fhn srout s are beins urged to
$-Tin Tan $8.80. for win n pitcher Harry Byrd 7-Noveno A. Ycaza 110 -Not ready yet 15-1 derend ll the lagbieh c lst search groups are being urged t
One-Two: (Jal Alal-Malaya) at the ta o e seventh and 8-H-. Heaven J. Bravo 112 -Form indicates even $15 and is called thwith some b it and come up
7.3. gave up only one hit the rest of er e" Many of the problems s ould
FOURTH RACE the way. Bob Nieman homered 11th Race "I" Imported 7 Fga.Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: xxxx To -ranked middeweight Joey appeal to do-it-yourselt minded
-D-OSta hl na $8.60, 3, 2t.60 iu r ow. "Gt i -" "' i ar ello 13and Ralph "Tiger" people all over the country. 1 ,or
2-J...o 83.0. 2.20 1Mike Garcia gained his 16th 1-Matruh B. Agul. 112 -Will be close up 3-1 Jones have signed for a Phila- example, there s need of a land- i
8. -.M-anolete .$3. victory for Cleveland although 2-Flambaro J. Bravo 118 -Everything indicates even delphia bout on September 24th. Ing gear for light aircraft which
IB l5 I : (DoA Chila-Joe) he was trailing 2-1 when the 3-. Windsor J. Phillips 110 -Returns in good form 3-1 Second ranked Del Flanagan .will can be easily adapted to water,
II3B ..S b B ITribe rallied for three runs in 4-(Copadora Reye R. 96x-Blaing early speed 3-1 meet George Johnson in Pila-U land or snow.
1B fSwIF.iH RACE the eighth to beat Chuck 8tobbs 5--(Amat A. Vas. 112 -Could be the winner 3-1 delphia on October 8. .
el $17.0, I7..0 AT Rosen, benched for failure to T he Baltimhore Bullets haver bome of the items are mo re
84.6ry e .0 hit, batted for Garcia to open lkned a e AnAt er le score 18l ompecae. It wite ak a reh il
S-SIXTH RACKE the eighth and walked. Al Sr'ith s Iketball center w so taore 1a- ompeli d. Ito ma oewrlDtak a vehicle -
SI.TH RACE sacrificed and was safe at first points in one same. Johnny Bar-.versile enough to perform he,
1 o Joan $7.0, 5, 3.40 when Mickey Vernon dropped 1er also scored 150 perienta s tests demanded of what the li.t"
nn Colli-ns *7, 3.40 Stobba' throw. Rosen went to other experimental am terms, "Artic Tra srt" .. ... ...
II B $3 hird "on the error and cI mel o i n which he played iLtle de- Thls buggy has to bn designed chemical or s ubstecce that w en de.em ltdarerony and r.n-
Brt MCdl $1.0- 5.0 3 Fo e nsBob Avla'I mBith t feaense.., to traverse all types of Arcti do the job without causing dam- of under tarts.
oble: (Bole Joa- nettedtwo morern s. Don Get More For Old circuit in Ohio predicts th ground and ice, deep snow, slash, headache. Dehydrated corn bee sertion in a tooth cavity
? I1 Midi) $67 51om- ppnetted two more runs. Don os- Itle Brown Jug" thIs year will_ pond, marsh, muck, floating hash, meat and rice taate more
I.. T* 1 vi or asd theeWhto ,-, Neville says the Sept. 23 race and steep embankments. ratures around 100 degrees. lad to receive
c i--. even though he Whided relt aere se,--- f-- w-r---r ve ** Middlewe ght Paddy oungoeS ent some of be most beIfling of the de gimmicks on the 1940 when the Council was

F ox, two walks, an error, a is a club fighter... agency substitute material sod solder lnst lncal savings
r Sacrifice and a acrifce fly The nation's number one team be on hand. which be comfortable and mater, e and mon, ac-
Kta, subbinot for the nure of 1953 Maryland opens A personal heating system practical to wear. to Secretary o me
Sf M. caIels ft third. ootba trw.ll net WedM- needed for men exposed to sub- --- a rence Lanner
BWC'hicgo 12-hit attack *W*I b ___b se d&*** -iobs day with a squ which include sero temperatures. This devoid Some method to permit com- in prti
Sa triple and three mles. g -* 38 soph M Coach Jim T- Mt disibute heat over the bat vehicles Wo operate under made it for the yt
Sotwtha frst W Ad tunm mst find replacements for human body and yet be indepe cover of darkness without di- empl t gae M leh
S s S tn homelr lndo ended the a frstBA last year's entire starting bck- dent of any restrictive or heaoy closing their location through co Wread from the sade of
Swe ku _g homer and ended the nolectrbcal haVard with '.W wrn sun u uuy t detof
with an th nn sin- ld eetrical power source. It a- the usal means of radian, a ship. athiss oad to he
that cored Ted Lepclo an not be a fire hazard with liht and nee. doe fro to de
M the Re Box a 1-2 trimoh spots" and must operate for A A simple directional intru- how mu watt was bei
STROPHIES r te Orole. a-. otined Ocepa. i -ard minimum of eight ours wil"ho ment to be carried by the foot drawn.
TROPHiPS"* fO- r al M nrt. e HATFD refueling. soldier which can alrne true Due to ipublcaon o the ist,
-W m-f 1-m-," ,s\^ ]RTFORD, Conn. (UP) north indepenBient-4ohe erth's notVble adaee have been
f *'- 'a' f-l' Pi d-r 4U, N A M A, Alter a new garbsae disposal olan A chemical such as cal maa c field. made in th field o soB stabM-
i I nUi ^" nr 1 ....c C is i/, 'uS/_-'-tN chloride melts ce on runw s iPlment capable of prod.I-iaBt lerolIdeas icam
S-. re1,,s ,d "t-et- I4 ,s ec AM nrutrae rats temperatures as low asM d t aInII- t of e
JA----r Megry te ni d at gar greft be'ow- nero but IM b*a wtIhout
I do e n ninth and gained kV to C AN a t o e effect on mtaL d MiIt ii
Sr|e. -they aaL fr e Air w g other tefc aanle leI

E -P --naan,6--e rlA -- --pmrrr~m~lm~ll~Irrr~%l



_ __




D~WU~IJ J~Wjr~U'-r. .. ._ __ _

..'" '

T', A- ua i ---.Tourn t S.t T

.TM#A "A ual .PrinajMarlin+ Club Tournament Set.For- N




Bease racing papers are noet ustomarily required r
in all boy's amt, it wasn't until I had emerged from the
woods with a nt brown, gangling 18-year-old, who had
ulousl grown another yardthsat I became aware of I
Incidentally, I wish toi correct an Impression relating
camp junket that proved somewhat embarrassing to the
men In charge. It was Indicated In this space that the
relative had cracke' under a merciless regime of fresh air,
abundant food and sound-ae-a-log snoozing, and wanted
As a rule, letters from campers. aged 10, all read alley
are limited to two lines, and present no problem in comp
sson. This particular one, however, was nothing short o
minous, running to nearly five lines' and was quite dist
In that it suggested my presence would not be consider
gether abnoxlous to the undersigned.
Any reasonably acute parent would have recognize
come-on immediately. n thisa. Instance, a reporting job
be don. The young relative had won the al -round cha
hlo o the junilors (group 2) and. loyally, was givingrt
Kaffer a scoo, and If Bill Greene .wanted to take a pa
Tn nder Athleticaeon thefOwboo
n ileed. gallf bthenrs ln rowing a.-ebaob
distance and kicking a football for distance and excelled
Qlw s.Ths an ,is one of the

Andrew J. l ewon D r with Determine
and is the leadiagtf Interviewed in
Lexla ton, t respon-
sible editor, run young
horses with IOm "We* do't
try to win ur iersa third time. We
are not. stabe .w 'tha to tryto win with
ou rMd.. We.* hm *zns goini to try
ft" horses, Imbros, to
J- -_G. day had come up
mu to run the horse and
came out to see him and
Sth. .cougn't handle mud. Our in-
was mhe horse back to dead last
liWas d In't want to hurt hma
^- tehon park, Crevolin Ml: "I saw
a race, bese b, l a r for and I never saw a race where
so many files were being pulled. I mean, the boys actually were
not trying. Nobody was really cheating, but nobody was trying.
It was a small $5000 race and they all wanted weight off."
Well IL
Herls the leading money winner in racing who admits he
doesn't try to win with .ds honres the first, the second or even
the third time; who confesses instructing the a stake
race to place his borse dead last; and who chareea that in a
certain race at Arlington Park "nobody wa trying *
At first, Crovel ntdisclaimed the Interview. Then, he said
he was "ktiddlg" Finally he begged understanding on the
found that he is "exuberant and given to exaggeration.' Editor
t e a close study of the form on his subject
UservYiw. I note he used a tape recorder.

t it la the best pr .ldVpo.n the
it-e. then it- ian Idle b a1, bu every
ItsiaI mosn orr letrue. Exception miu be made
b t.'rlington Park racs ta a specificexample it represents
opinion only. However, pulling a horse, to get a lighter
"aAr a device which Ia been put to effective use
oa~en ery t :D'UAmereca. ...
+Wa"' 1Wkt M. he wasa dding on the level. It is
.Conl f$8 vac itft It eaI y with 2-year-oldajust coming to
nce.,ftho "expertly or trotoughly they have been
- scoolesd10 't had their first taste of actual racing,
ad tln thy dotIs IlIpoisle for the most knowing owner or
tinun tJilow they all react.
SThe Jocey, up on a fltsat-time starter, Is usually instructed
lealo these lines: "If you break in front and nobody challenges
you. No and win If you can. But if you break In a tangle, or
somet1 t tarts to crowd you, pul back and take it easy.
Above all don't do anything to hurt or frighten the horse."
Actually, there is no other way to give a. 2-year-old the feel
of actual racing. A justifleation of sports can be made for the
practice, since babohrmeers are expensive, fragile and none too
precoolous. TMe owner has a good point when he asks: "Am I
expected to ruin my erse Just so people can win a bet on him?"
And the people who bet have an even better point when they
reply: "Any tioe you start a hrse In a better race and don't
try to win with him. you are engaging In a swindle."
Obviously, the choice here les between ruining the horse or
ruininr the bettor, and which would* be worse for the 9aort? A
subject which wil be further examined at another date.


be signed bvy ne iwmmoem ."-
ing the catch, the tournament
weighmaster and one Panama
Marlin Marlin Club Member.
The rendezvous areas will be
as follows:
Cocos Point Anchorage-St. El-
mo Bay, Sat. Nov 0,
PifoS Bay Anchorage, Sun.,
Thru Pri. Nov. 7-12.
Cocos. Point Anchorage, Sat.
No. 13. ..
Balb Kait Club, Sun. Nov.
e14. official
turn ajnS luM at the
rendezvous areas and times list-
Fuel, both aOWline and diesel
w ill be va lil le. .. .
Gasoline will be 20 cents per
Diesel WU be 19 cents per gal-
Breakfast s.
LuAch (Box Lunch) $2.00.
Dinner $1.75.
Bed aboard the Barge $5.00 per
person per night.
Showers (Soap and towel fur-
nished) .75.
Reservations for Fuel and Ice
must be made no later than Oc-
tober 6 to assure that your re-
quirements will be met.
Distribution of prizes will be as
Winners' choice of trophy,

La= sgedrhtofl Iap
sad maa le ater stffi
Amt*moilse ow We.
TeL. 3-1M


9to oo an extended tri as they

aH emergency nse. ^U "

S ama for the tournament. Pioa

hoet beautiful pots of all- the
atg have been..-

ed at our i. The accomo-
dattos luual, o

1orn and die. ce bed5; .
era, ameals and many or
geis. A doctor wQI aceom;
any us on the tournament and

radio contact will be maintained
between the boats, Pflay Bay
and Balboa at all tinme
the whole of Panam aoney o nd
Smles soutifh ul po a f allfromthe

Pftas Bay to Cape Mala.

Entrance fee will be *18.000
erern and it mt be d

no later than Novemfer 1. ThIS
fee will over trop le, pries
a on thed tournament expense
The contest will be mgin at ned
betweenth.-boats, Pl S

Is a boa Yac t b at Satura
The fishing ura s will be udto
the, whole of Panllqr B #md

0 miles. youth of hooed rom
Pits Bay to Caope Male.
entrance fee will be $15-000
per ron d It must be id
nolandedr th Noemr 1,h hooe e
toowill,. 6ver- trophiesp
and tournament xbpten es.

The onr ter 100t will be eigioe,
aYach t oClub at inW Sr urdeayl
orv a0.nd enliletor compeu

eating reel and mt conform to 1.0.-at
M- A. rules. Arll fish o there than
1'00affr Jewf -u fishheOked obe-

ftorbe 17.00 Z beSetlo
gent competitnrigmustewighed
sports, Tournament Com okedte.
.0600 or after 1700 willw be ,judged .
ehen- according to the number of en-dVO
Alll itio eligible for COMPnt-

S sheet inmust be caugh t on rodfrd
rsdintog reel and must h onfr Isto rm0-
lioneFA. rules. At fish ota er ty toh
ate ewfishtournamenust be caught on (24-l
thread or 15 Cord) No. 80 test
Sto the line or hour of the
young official r cables provided bytthe

Sl orts, Tournament Comml.ittee.Afisbehconi
ou. wsill be jih ied as weighed. Ont al
W be and ties the Prizel will be divreu
rf voluo tries tied.

an__,., s.ut-lit hand NMIser Dally,

N. Y. (NEA)- I've beans
ing around with a pet plan i
bag and this seems to be the
time to sound off about it.

It has to do with scraml
You know, the game that
you here, there and every
and yet, thanks to fine reca
shots and putting, still in the
n ing. There seems to be
talk of scrambling than us
Most people accept it as a
enough way to play. Yet sc
blng is only a polite way of
ing that you are nothing
,et e. than a wild man. The way
should be played, the only
for scrambling is n tho e kli

ytwo .30 hitters, ilve o wireh allt us. tsh
e Lip, cdet has a nab- for good olf.
t of knocking nm wood after ev- A alf strokea? oe beard
cry aftirmnatve statement about right, partner.
his team's c ni n pl
On the re he c ast they'reI Say you are on a par 4.
an wants to be ra bigle" you will use two shots to ge
manager,-he ought to out out his the green and a normal two pi
bush tatleis of tinruwat j Under my plan, if you re
etc.... One veteran says, "He the green with your third
could never manage in the m:w- and hen canned your one' ut
Jors-because he'd never get to the par, your score for the
see his club .. .h would be 4i strokes. I'd p
:----- ize bad play from tee to gre
The Pirate- .... are isn't as A lot of top golfers are ge
helpless as it looKs with young by because they turn Into a
ballplayers like Bob Skinner, lie Hoppe the moment they
Gerry Lynch and Curtis Roberts onto a green. The shots they
on the verge of establishing to get on were scrambler sh
themselves as big leaguers ... If just plain wild. But the mi
the Yankees' Bill Skowron had they get hold of that putter
his way, he'd be a third baseman how they love that club -
... Frank Fritch says Joe Gara- whole picture changes. They
goia has been the most enter- down with one tap and come
rinlng guest this season on his just as well as the guy who
post-game TV show at the Polo ed the role well all the way
Grounds.... This isn't pool. This is gi
If umpires worked according
to the. book Johnny AntonelH can't see any reason why a st
would be guilty of a balk on ev- and straight hitter who is al
ery pitch he throws-for lifting on the fairway should be pu
his feoetoff the rubber In the the same class with a guy w
course of his motion.... constantly on an adjoining
way and then saves the day
There's a possibility that Red his putter.
Sanders, one of the last of the l i-a bs
single wingers, will Aesert to the The adjlnig fairway bus
T if the Coast conference insOists anpter thln; that irks m
on its 1955 spring training ban.. nuhkai 54 big tournaments,
..because, says Red, the suppos.- rough Immediately alongside
edly intricate T Is simpler to fairway Is fertilized, watered
teach than the supposedly simple allowed to grow.
single wing.... College of the Off a bit--out where scram
Pacific inaugurated one of the spend their time-the roug
more practical football clinics dormant. Nothing has been
this Isummer one foF sports to it. You're better off ho
writers. the ball 10 yards into that
Mississippi has a tackle named and easy-to-get.out-of rough
Rex Reed Boggan, who threat- you are rolling a foot or tw
ens to rival the Poole family for the fairway onto that new
longevity there.... He's already gluey stuff.
put In three varsity seasons, Courses are laid out with
played service football for two fairways parallel to each o
more and now Is back for a finalS o, it Is really no problem k
crck .. .. and a potential All-tguy who is real wild. He si
too.k. .. a apoe Al- goes all the way and comes o0
America, too.... another fairway and in most

tackle or money.
Largest Marlin: 14% of prize
money & Trophy.
second Largest Marln: 12% of
prize money.
Third Largest Marlin: 10% of
prize money.
Fourth Largest Marln: 8% of
prize money.
Fifth Largest Marln: 6% of
prize money.
(Largest Striped Marln: 5% of
prize money).
(Sixth Largest Marlin If no
striped Marlin are caught).
Mako Shark (or Seventh Larg-
est Marlin): 4% of prize money.
Largest Sailfish: 0% of prize
Second Largest Sailfish: 5% of
prize money.
Third Largest Sailfish: 4% of
prize money.
Largest Other Specie: 3% of
prize money.
Second Largest Other Specie:
2% of prize money.
Third Largest Other Specie:
1% of prize money.
Largest Dolphin: 3% of prize
Second Largest Dolphin: 2%
of prize money.
Most Unusual Catch: 1% of
prize money.
Most Sailfish released by any
bo t urging tournament 2% of
p rze mn ney. ,, ,
ieavfest fish caught by a
woman but not included in a-
bove'prizes: 3% of prize money.
Largest fish on 9-thread: 2%
of prize money.
Largest fish on -thread: 3%
of prize money.
Largest fish on 3-thread: 4%
of prime money
The Board of Judges of the
Panama Marlin Club will render
all decisions in regards to catch-
es and prizes, and any conclu-
sion reached by them will be
The Tournament Committee
will do their utmost to make
this tournament the best one
yet. Additional prizes will be an-
nounced later,.
Anyone desiring information
about the tournament may do
so by contacting any of the fol-
Army-Robert Daniel: Tele-
P.C.-Zd. Kennerd: 4-343.
P.C.-Russei Melssner: 2-3563.
P.C.--Hilton Wright: 2-2428.
Army-Samuel Torlan: 277-
Navy-John Schmidt At
Large: 25-3184.
R. de P.--Luls Morales At
Large: 2B-3-11T6.


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service Arrives
*8 "QUIRIGUA" ...............................Sept. 4
&*&. "VEAGUA" ...............................Sept. 11
8.s. "AVE I .................. ................Sept. 1M
*Haading Refrigerated Chilled and General Carg

New York Service Arrives
.. "COMAYAGUA"............................Aug. 24
A teamer ....................................... ept. 6
8.8. "AL TO ............,.....................Sept. 10

Weekly saiiogs of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Crittofal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Frapcisco and Seattle.
To New York ......................240f.00
To Los Angeles and Sand Francisco ...$270.00
To Seattle .......................1365.00


es is just as we ouff as ne W
be on his own.,
Is this any way to play golf

' !PARTNESIIJ RECORDS-Cleveland's Bob Lemoi
more teammate Bob eer talk ngs over in Tribe dugoul
u a 1. on threh of h lxth -vctory season, a mark <
good holds among active hurlers. Feller generaly is nf
iram-. iavin hlodl reva Lemon from an Infielde to pi

e. In
h is
o off
their '
for a
ut on



Fishing ParalseUp North
Fishing Editor
A LATE summer round up for
be vacationing fishermen should
be headed by the Lake of the
Woods, which is one of few ponds
we can count on for good angling
at this time of the year.
In 2000 square miles of water
you literally can't missl Lake of
the Woods is situated partly i n
the Canadian provinces of Ontario
and Manitoba, anl partly in Men-
nesota. It has 60,000 miles of shore
line, and between 14,000 and 16,-
000 islands.
Present and unaccounted for A
are muskellunge, lake trout, north-
ern pike, walleyes, smallmou t h
black bass, and most pan species
in abundance. -.
The choice fishing grounds are "
found on the Canadian side. The neau Penunsu
Minnesota portion of the lae lake lies y large Islan
west of a line running north from Aulneau probi
the mouth of the Rainy River to ing a fine a
the Northwest Angle, and con. great lake.
lists chiefly of shallow water in There is
which few game fish are found. sa fishing i
The Canadian waters of Lake of'ly these bass
the Woods aret fishinedbyg camps
ways 71 andtr 70 wipsst out of Fort beens
Frances, Ontario. Camps along bo
Hiweekshway 70 atNestor Falls Crowre
LakeSioux Narrows, Reed Nar-
rows, and other points possibilities.
coverage of much of the water. ENCANL
One of the largest fishing camps, and An 8
in North America operates o up TmA I

tional smallmouth bass fishing dab
of the tchawn of Rainy River, Ont. -Willia
day trips out of the various | Robe'
camps, canoe trips of days or
w eeks in duration afford m ore __________
latitude and fishing possibilities. "
This is a camping area supreme. DEAL T
Whitefish Bay, Long Bay, and An S
the northern shore of the lake up &TAKE Mo
to Kenora, Ont., provide excep. |
tional smallmouth bass fishing 1 van
Centrally situated In the Cans.|
4lan waters of the lake, the Auli.

will provide a half-hour of delightful

and entertaining music on

at 6



P "I n lo'4 "-

j "- iaM- "

ii .
'* f f -

"Cavalcade of Musircjr

Be sure to listen for Music in the ,
distinguished manner of Moa ,u


HOG840 oo p

U ______________________________________________________________

T74ke Cascadcng Strin3d

.0/f ,e World 'amous

i/ontovani Orce3 tra


I ....


Ll v


.. .. m ..m

_ . .

I ~

"Exothermic" is a word in the
title of the alloy firm for which
Frank Leahy is sales manager..
.."The word," defines Leahy,
"has two roots-'exo' meaning
'out of,' and 'thermic,' meaning
'heat.' Which means out of the
heat, just what I am since I'm
no longer coaching." ... Yale
coach Jordan Olivar has a son
who's 6-4, weighs 220 and is just
venturing into football, now that
he's 15 years old and eligible....
Bobo Olson, who started out as
a jockey, has picked up a couple
of show horses.... Bobo's little
boy is called Bose....
Between you'n'me, it bores us
to hear that the Yanks, Indians,
Giants or Dodgers "Is" dead....

t -"

'A'.**; ;



g ,' 1 a-'; nL
Lea >7

i *To The Pre-Ceramic Age By Motorcycle

Young US Anthropologist Di


irazy Central American Potholes .
O OLIV__E BROOKS was either slick mud or dust ,__ _, A__--_ _T
Ot hlVEpdBROOKS T N-- ... '. .
ank it to We made it to one of the X =xAPWC
e, you can make it to im's house at 10 p.m. The. -.e
m along most of the whole town came up to look
fi the proposed pan at the machines and the fools
fl 4 n Highway. So say the riding them. They gave us hot a it e S$
Smaulke itwho do. t seemwater and bananas.... Nothing
n make s it, it seems of would have been better....We
r e theB a sturdiness of a l~sept....sleeping bags. .
,and a specially equip7 s 'b
rehicic HELPFUL Cy
eery c etsra ahelp. Bu t an ful for one Incident just
also a help. But nslon Costa Rica the young Nthet e es
re udholes along the scientists found people and of- h
yut ,of which not even ficials helpful. But even with
w pull you. Cooperation and good road WASHINGTON, Aug. 28 (UP). The Navy said its Icebreaker
there were hazards. Two U. S. Icebreakers hve Burton Island and the Coast
t801; tey SURVIVOR at... ue, "! :^'In Honduras they turned off smashed their way through the Guard's N.rthwind cut through
L ;the main highway to go up the frozen wasters of the last unex- McClure 8tralt, western entrance
ong the few who made it mountain cai 1t of Tegucigal- plored link of the fabled North- to the N west Passage, In
c nhos and8, ssol survivo Cc le. cnn ectst sp
S antropolofist H. .. pa just as t.e first downpour net Passage to find a "water mid-Aust. The Strait, far a-
S picth of St. Peters o wthe rainy season fell. Rock- route" from West to. ast; the above the Arcet Circle, connects
ch~ie and sole survivor and-mud slides began blocking Navy announced today, the Arctic Ocean with Viscount
t vo-man motorcycle the road; visibility was poor, Significance of the exploit. is Melvilel found. If the voyager
Ao isn the Zundapp but there seemed nothing to10 something fo the future to dis- continued on through the North-
~- A rican d do but push on. close. Some Navy officials .be- west Passage, he would emerge
sored art by Florida lieve the Ar tc channel might in the Bering trait between
hinivrsly. HURTLING BOULDER be used by aomic-powered sub- Alaska and Russia.
Ah and his partner, ge-M wamar!nes moving under tlpe fee The icebreakers are od a joint
S Robin Mrlsr, came b r Mills was riding ahead when pack from one ocean to another. U.S.-Candian expedition con-
terls. he heard a roar; the head- The Navy already has con- ducting oceanographic and hy-

Sthey arrived at the pkedup a fast-moving mas marines in Arctic waters. In fort Sea and McClure Strait
; b they arrived at the as a boulder as big as their addition. Russia is said to have areas.
bit e Stun comfortably motorcycles hurtled down the. established stations in s o me
. beA and violence. mountain crossed the road be- Arctic areas. The National Gegraphic -So-
lgued b oth men torcycleon "" Street, Panama City. Besides ath et, have passed successfully through
entered Mexico, de-, on the carburetor, the machine has a raised exhaust to forestal low. haveseacheor Amthe great McClurehae passedt.successfull aidth er
e onia which ni ng, or using steams in place of roads. fields bff North America to find McClure Strait. But it id other
it pneumonia which conking out while fordin, or sin steams n place of roads. In Nicaragua quite a group a short cut to the "treasures of vessels may have come through
ll ack to St. Peters- uch evidence is hard to foot paths. Four hundred miles of venturesome travelers ac- the Orient." onmore devious routes.
recognize, he explains, because of their route were traveled cumulated to wait for permits One of the earliest Northwst
recognize h B explains, because of t eh route er Mareh to oss the they Ioned with Passoge explorers was Britisher
YU AND TRAIN at i ht consist of lit- where their was no road. to crou the border lined with Passoge explorers was Britisher
AND TRAI might consist the as troops and guerrillas. John Cabot. In 1497 he discover-
tle more than a earpointsMEXICOad the coltat of Labrador and CHECK MI N I
laur&a, cayuco, train and with bits of stone chopped of MEXICO A Frenchman, an English. Ned the cot of Labrador and Kmarne
K's came on to pan- inthe w tork e Co making such AF c Nhmanw fo ndlad submari nd d.
in the work of making such Leaving Florida last Novem man, a Packard-borne middle In effect, Christopher Col. a., and I
no archaeological But even a single site of this ber, Smi th and Mills joined at kged Americand couple, the t wo t atuOr ing t fr man gb
hgotanical research type would be most fruitful, if Bexico City college groupfor a cientsts and some ots he a lled much farth r buth fa itd ane Ate hat'o
n 1 arcooa it could be found. e trip to Mt. Tlaloc, a 13,500-f with a variety of vehicles hud- r h
as director of it could be found.. s for s of the ancient died together for prtecton a ch.exPlorer Jacques Car- mnde and In
s m n sie fto Panaor o acnon the way. All made it ntotier csaed up the St. Lawrenceb a -t-tr .
nobiqtgy, Sm ith explains, Both on his earlier c trip a-nd Aztec rain god. n tC o Rica along the highland River aIn1535io about thel rene LAas
a scieAce of man's wtiliza- this, 8mith has kept in. close They live for tow months a route near Lake Nicaragua. htte of Modtreal
rolt_ niedicine, or cloth- dez, director of the Panama'trip to the Pacific Coast dis- There they-beam to bqgIn was locked In.b p
tr ot nlcrwise. National Museum, to whch the covered some, archaic carved mud- so oozy that soepieces -2 ,avs
ho1 p to spend several yo ndedscientiet hsores ed stones which one of Mec. of road equipment had disap-
S ntPanama doingwyfd somematerial.,Heimakesi experts termed of ma-e e
%a. iT e am iddin ds fo tow montgs leadies
sto ger data and spet- clear that all material from jor importance. TENSION exap n wa it
to used in written surface collections and one The find, with a photograph, ot ed that of enry Hudson wpo
ial for a master'sderee stra aph diin 1952 are was described In the science tr hed i discovered p the
id the route ed March 8, 1954. other when they could and The ker na saHiudsth e W 2
la n t a ent aln co e HARDY MACHINES ing out of Mexico Into sent trucks a nd oxment back to urton Islanidskherd b y
lpped direct to the school Guatemala they passed up the p topull out. Bu t t an eerie ten Cm dr. verett A. Tickey, Ar-
llahassee. Smith and Mills planned usual train ride most voyage- lo in the faces of thrie t ople I gfton, Va., pounded its way
their. trek carefully. The Uni urs take with their vehicles a- the mt didn't add tofthepir h McClure Strait east to
PRE-CERAMIC versitydesi nated it as the to a railroad flatcar tot th comf et dntestah. 11-16. It made the re-
Zundapr M d-Amerlcnm Expe- cir y of Tapoachula. Instead they mft tu Aug. 1-19.
archaeology, Smith has dition cause the Interna- set out over the roadless moun- Smith and MIMs had stoppedDoyle, tur t 1- in c
J casual interest In the tional Motorcycle Co. of New tainous proposed route for the for a moment's rest when adTI. o NE-Cau t De, The 269-ftn Northwilnd, conm-
nti, elaborate gold hua-York supplied the motorcycles, Pan American Highway itself. sour-faced horseman pulled up ., of Beaunolt.Tex., is a handed by Capt. William L.
Highly deorated an- one object being to leare s n Kindly folk along the i way and leered a t them. Jus then celebrity, and didn't feel like Maloney, New York, entered the
pots which up to now whetherated a n they re suitable for told them th age paths and path- a pond of frogs started croak- losing for this picture He's 1* strait from the Arctic Ocean and,
engaged most of the at- less stretches were often dan- og and bellowing. months old and just cut his rst; went through along the.south-
n d t o the rough field research. e the a u hear those frogs?" the tooth. it was the longest wait ern edge between Aug. 13 and
on of archaeological par- The machines experienced no gerous for mules, would be im- baleul one asked Spanish for the first tooth that many Aug. 21.
mechanical failure in over 10,- possible for machines. (of whleh n the yedlists knew local doctors ever heard of.h
h on a much older era, most twice their own wel ht. ZIGGING ZAGGING enough to understand). "They A.
"pre Irc." This was They.averaged 65 miles to he toa erainga Guateaa, o fhe-re." ou itplanes
nd Mey Enie age before lo-,gallon. A ph ule.rInstemaladt ofheyre."-
a lats learned th e Roth cycles have raitsedx- took t em trwo days to make ith at he wheeled and e
Of eIalint and baking hatsts and "snorkel" tubes on te 3miles fromote frontiert0s nd Re Varies .
int o ensils.h carburetors to prevent tpointof Guauhtemoc to a walked hi horse slowly away.I
i ed here In the the expedition to use streabed "We P began to zig-zag back cycles and tore-maud or no e .' OXNARD, Calif., Aug. 28 (UP) wood talking ,boit the
wad i hera nt here thee wereinto roads and fo rocky and mud-south toward the town -A unique irplan with scoo eg Cassi, pictured I
rsi t whether teyre s e or sandy, and on each zig or zag of La Crus. shaed wings has success a test picture, "Rear Whi
you gain about three feet. The It wasn't until a month or red over Oxnard airport at Titerney, metR Mie phqU
agrees. ama that Mosran Smith learn- .. a running man.
"It took us two and one half ed what boefe some of his tUs inventor. Williard R. CtA
hours to make it to the top. At com anfons of the road. Most tet-clmed today thea
e ek td or nal r e- imany places we haed to move of to people who were head. aed "Custer Channel
large "stones.. the averaa ed for Panama made it by one 5,"'will revolutionize airation
mhslope of the trailed about 2imeans oru other, but not all ring the lan
delees. of the vehicles got through. T wa a $a hwhiles
At te efore- top, the trial was 12roun.eira d ae ilnte darg
Inchisdd to song MURDERreqidealandf
the brinkft o tnytoan. We '" .t-hen
udn't see tthe boea. I guessW The America couple with the 2 00r7o
asts thetee$ weald have stopped I i ally he eded -bracket.
,,.de u s thSe e arburets t o p en t t re Po uln d ue uhtec topa warnited taote would wbe y. e OWOOD) 11Fi 4
anale possible for any heavy car this 8s a dog you are wrri r-saidthe plane provide"
'PEOPLE RUN' without four-wheel drive to ,-'s awseries of knots in a piece ed."the same lift per pounds of
get through. veneer which fored a per b power at 11 m.p.1, as th
"On top It'was about a mile o s tti dog's heaa The one- b -trans-continental airliners
or so of twisting trail, but fair- Already stuck, they sought cunce-in-a-million phenome- a leve. only at regular flying
ly flat rocks. lOgs, cdws mules help to turn back, sent a pa.- I was discovered by Mrs. 13W
horses and people were 1he on. tive guide for food. e faled Pap-e Chance, who picked' u The CCW-5, unlike the wing-
ly road hazards. Mules and to return but later as they re- the wood while doing her wort lk s helicopter utilized a "tod4
horses raise heck when the traced their route toward Ni. at a Hope, Kan, factory ntdo principal" in which twin
motors go by. Dogs bark and caragua, they were shocked to _pusher-type prowlers on
chase them. Cows stand in tWe come upon his body In a ditch. atri es a wingesS
.get ofdf the trar dereetum the win which liftsL
trail starts down. It was total- They were. permitted to sell r the plane. sel
old zig-za. bus s again. er nmen officl. so o afd tail-sassemb n a tricycle
time t tree-roots and They came on to Panama by h gear.nWroliad h-
i trunks to contend with. common carriers and enjoyed ate controls e urin the
"We were halfway down when trips to the Swn wler and El vdd a ufew d aysag wash ter
a.. .. flare teshlightae ver a peaed omn Vaoebforn e f in h o ne to" therevoltio Chan- i

l l l b atos theyhad8he ard Be sh a Tiut n ,I brought the ship from 160 a
from India, 1ip Mar Pdilexe.s and the c u g and had s per hour down to s low know| by
attending the Ival faith, wats s anp, Where there 4:18wa.m. ..........f10:27 it
s exposed onythe tronl it 4:34 p.m..........10:42 p.m. only 11 miles per hour," Da-
-- id, "I looked over the
nd sa I l ". ill .. .

an wn that sailors and mothballed sons for wanting to make the Japanese surre-der aboard her the amssed
A ed to ships as at u Wash. he me- trip, deck in Tokyo tay. In ma .
were women and po ride His reasons: He helped put the
nto "salty" Navy e"ig Ditch" aboard Missour into commission back As a result ot these ties, Chls
~rd-boiled." At tti al eag t was meus- the Canal on her maiden voyge for the 'Mo!' And, snce he was t CARACAo, Venisual l, A s
U~ e, take Chief Store- ed po~n d a only. "a few while the Maoort' was en route' aboard hem when she ilade her JP i- Pranis
nbert R~ikard. who is of wdr yests would to the war sone In World War II f first transit of the Canal. he earfg blt am
yto the Military Sea be h and that Proadly, the Chief recalls thatwanted to be aboard when she teve of WinasbotO, S. C, who for several weeks

B i n Service office they- d be mited to Canal the first official order given a-'made her lost trip through the X p e nas already le s V.ishly here. as .."
,fteenth Naval District Zone itary and civilian offl- board the "Mo' was a notice ap- "Big Ditch." *beea named Mis South Caro- 'baador" from the nd
clal-sad gaid tiarJom the Repub- pointing him as anent chiefI. Miss U. 8. A. and Miss te Pharoahs, began iein.
f Rikard heard that lic tI s ,caw. co erble action in After hear ing of this, efe The S-year-old definite sentence ,
iouri was go to the Pacific aboard the "Mo" but made an exceptioni t s eame W N New ork City ls deportation, o ..
Canal this ex- was transferred from the ship andallowed him to m "- L.b..,aadh
Cp -r o be g es* he itri sn g of the Itrip*WrAn a

I.. *~~l' *-






-- 1. ~~.. .

-. ,- ,-, -,'- .
' ^ : -

i L I


" 2'' K


1 -
.5 L*i


i.*iI~ eq

*miii ""hwt Iwtt Iaaim adptbleto
IKS' *^ ^^-

Jo' e a player, the other to held playwed
^1. 4^ ^tT^Bk It to alm adaptable to a awld'dI
Ig ME ise ia at mvnieat hdight for
PB- J c? Bograph. ____
(Jar 3POO8e Or f9Mf edup we Bav -ise
ge eof ON"" Iep g"din
hiow R ga as ed F 4ARMW JONS says a co
A waIon4'e w m anacre is twi asm
amgbgi mm"g*IN*$swpef the0" yield of 40 bushels an ,63
d4*Smun (those my be Tar4ed e suppo that *e figo thu?
p oJW o e)q-3w; Width (botV, i -*m n I
I S i pl e (to )m": hSsbo (Miid ll ---*
vitoo)-.4dspth (tmPt toea)1. wpTI
% .^ tat wo wmI Tbwa' UP AND DOWN
1an as 681110 Wthreb almdwe0 attwed;
Ln d saw Madderhe was
mmd ~s 'aG'%tPutow tye b t ul a ladder. #
m alt sp Agur* L This went up four rungs, down seven
at euoan gant and rungs and up ten. That pot Mad-
to p.Toppoal dat a4bi tp of thesladde.
habi ewentdown de rung,
0 UbmBupndw1.. -
Bf ? WA-~ *him nnt hi t tebtMo

MMM, plywood to ult of aeeemary

tie ladder, that i. with his feet
on tUe1ground.

Itirek aew or is. Palt or a How many rungs has Maddefs'
i oh "U w .... nri a ofladde

..i,- M >1.0 :.:_ WO: ._" .U o o


Ll I


A=B of the
blocks at left
oontains a key
word .whleh you
am asled to re-
oOastrot, thusly:
all of the

Intt ,-
tal tows. Now.
wherever po 0*1-
ble, form new
*"or wOd by
trial and error
until you have
under all ot the
moMing lettirm of
the Individual key
words. The key
S-i ;.m0 lr.
*, : *f*lK'$& L


unplayd reords.
colection bower
younDgter' pho.

mr yield of 50
profitable as a
cc. How do you
T fl :1Tm5


BD sale. tMal l
DeMere, a. s men- m
oeed to save at M
whoen be landm
on a GdepMrt tla
Ia paw i of etr
one emat and
the other eiat e
tun of amlodIne
for season lmsii

on one of the

squarebir' w ay. dowas Amemontly turned,
however. to ind that tie amount pr esorlbed was
exactly onealft jar-no mori no less. ut bhow
could he measure it out ?
Being a panssst, Ma) thought for ,a moment
looked around and found ineo obJeets on the ground
with whlot he devised a aiple eU" 9f meassnurns
the e"act amount required. How did be do It?
Note: bi jars were of nasty the sane else.

tas 533a1o 3 I neas oe q mP 9e. aI l ew eoas

Self-A1naly by Doodling It

a I M A a I a f Y


By D. X Woodmmw

BOOMNRANOS are highly sct-
S entflo weapons, but they can
also be amusing toys. Her. are
mome miniature boomtersng with
which to experiment.
Cut out and mount the designs
below on sturdy cardboard. Hold
a p e o board or. a book in one
hMi dt aown at right). S a1
k~idpt lightly and pla m
.l-M0 Mtso that one edge n- ;-
trodi.; Tap the boom aus
sharply with a pencil or rlV
and wtIab it sail-and return. -

rour Tongue a Test :
ia wisbiua lap, /t you,can: j
M&' ,-Ijag greal 'gr amelemeuly

aph for Junior Readers

i^. ""

Whatt Num
.yIlAT number to a
Wgaater thaa aMas
th 1 B5r Dca*t jump to
dithat you can -i
dMdig the differece
S i J9b e


A SOOMtel / -.

u toM 6e0ii- MtN WN Oto ,ase olt
mateml:sh:eu pWse of 1 0 a; 2 Tplatee:
6 ,.4.elrl tme or 3 pt e es ol I' 3 for

AUttt'M-W*tt to 20 It V as shows at right At-
tach wOO we t poutsto vxS6-. Set sup.
ports to so""" to =13k* S tadicated. Bury
imnder -ko-p w". A t wood and metal with
several "o of u*se pa nt. House numbers may
be af1n ghfa Iuftwa Uoa@

pR T ar SupIorour sorte told in cryp.
-to m taU tom. The object, of course, to
decipher the puahb a" of the tory by replacing
eac letter with Saothel-the eame letter through
Today' tale a0eM Tom Jones and thi wife
who. after h et a fauet, were stU at odds
whether to 4ad their vacation nto the mountain
or at the seashor, finally. in deperatUo#. Tom
bowed to the stro M r will of his better half and
sarcateally opied: "It's no use knocking my
head agait a sto.e waIL"
Hia white's reply was just an caustic:

"CCAUBINALL.t, a crypt will contain a letter
That repr t ttelf au attempt to throw
the decoder o the track. Itt wouldn't be fair to
reveal which letter l thl crypt Isa uaS d but we
can give you a hint-the letter l see thtaee tlhis.

Solve With 3 Crayonsj

patchwork quilt
out at the design //
.at right with
pieeam of cloth of
just thee colos.
ror example re d,
yellow, blue How
can she arrean
it so that the
*ae or t It \ t
used in any two
adjacent area? !
Solve her prob-
lem in the design
with oraypn. or
colored pencils,
or It these are
not available ,
write la the color
Initial s with an
ordinary penl.
A oluUtio ap /
pears elsewhere
on the page If
you need t.

What can the
dead and lving
do at the eaRn
won in awy
If I were lan a
sun and you were
out of It what
would It be ?

,uiz CnosswoRD Wit Wisdom roI thke /

1I By ft
1-What kin
years old
q relgn? (2j
9 -Son of M
14-What is I
New Test
lI--Cast lndi
17-Englishb r
S 18-Ma culine
,b 1-Branch of
22-Note in
23-You mus
Sad (J-
Make bel
13 Afternoo
24--A* e I lo

S/ 30-Friares it
42-Two mati
1 -TO what
of Assyri
v'1i- the fty?
-4- 46-Note in s

- much 5 th
It to lees S-Hall .-
Sthe oea- 57-City n t
id eot by Lm f adSA
btwomt I
MT ~r

ins Sheflse
2i of Judah was 20
when be began his
KL. 1i:2)
auch. daughter of
(S Chr. 1'20)

6--What did the Lord command
Moees to tell the Israelites to
kep? (Lev. 18:4)
s-Tow in Iow*.
70-Fixed gaze.

5meIIit? s- 1-What is the fifth book of the
an plant (var.) New Testament?
river. 2-In what was the oil with
name. which Samuel anointed David
f education, held? (1 Sam. 18:13)
3-Nautical direction.
GUldo's scale. 4-Encircle.
t do this before you 5--Roman cotn.
t.-) 6-Cravat.
dyed. 8-Old.womaalsh.
n performances. I-land dweller.
d. 10-Humbled.
osu denomination 11-Place to which Paul and Silas
were sent by the brethren
(Acts 17:10) .
1W7 13-Artilee of office furniture.
21-Prosecute judl .
ehed units. 25-Son of Asr r. 4:5)
place did the King 27-God of lower world
I take the people of 28-Facial disguises.
s after he captured 20--Plaee to which the brethren
(2 KL 16:0) came to meet Paul (Acts
cale. 31-Indiana (abbr.)
3. 3-The houseof Millo wentdown
to what place? (2 KL 1:IM0)
Ott. 35-Auri
an truth. 2-Savor.
DO"Woam 3fl-Woodla deity.
41-LO of one of the seven
he Inheritance of the churches In Asia (Rev. 1:11)
S as this (Dan. 11:1) 45-Se was careful and troubled
e-. (luAe. 10:41)
Y 47SnrNAM Is. -
% o3WnigS5 U5L Eis- Eauue iadi. Urns

t-Pr4e three.
52-Turn mi d out.
54-Name Naomi ehose for her-
self (Ruth 1:20)
56-1Od No$e lterature.

-r.eal*e chicken .
84-Goddem of he"lng.
W6--Symbol for neon.


r NABl~m

t's Your Moe

Y ITu'wB forces seem side.,
tracked, but not for long.
In tour moves and three jum"l
Black la reduced to a single manj
for whom there Is no e"capi
White. moving rst, up thd
board, requires seven move* to
win and mop up. o
*OMI W tr3 r ms 1 3m)M
4nq suo n ujm eag oe ) lm, IMe
IlS 1.61 -*1hE rt *1Iwi,
ing -I"

Amnwr Quickly
TwO number an in the ratio
t a to C. ft seven tos su-
tr*oted from each of them, the
remainders are n t he ratio of
2 to 3. The numbers are under
50. What are they?
*L-,u4 p3m w3-LI3S., 'Iil

i 1

Word Cont e
ALLOWING yourself one min-
ute for the Afirst and two
minutes for the second-
1. Form five four-letter words
from the letters 0. 8. T., P.
2. orm seven five-letter words
from the letters A. E. P. R.
'3*0JM 410JLd 'J11d
Tewj -.mas "swj 'adi n T *od
lode Vdq '4dor *'lod i 1 oJo*V

I I *~

-A- -A -. AL a AP

- .

S o

1 -- I W



I, *s *i

*I Ia

-- -- =maw




. 0

vLaLusu I"=A


M~jJW lj-- i&Xy

I rlq .

* SlmMUHWUK KHAN takes nis assignment witnn a dignity inat Dees nis tnree yeans u n
SftIseU over the shoes of some of the Moslems who attended a religious ceremony in
Suwr, England, in observance of the festival of Id-Al-Adha at the Shah Jehan mosque.

.r "

I .. : ,. ..,.-e

-Owi. '


IF YOU TAKE a careful look, yeu'l see a small head stiLking out from
the pouch of -Tilly, the Australian kangaroo, at London zoo. The head
belongs to Kandy, who is caught by photographer looking for a tidbit.

WHAT SOME PEOPLE have to go through in the line of dAuty
Perry Fowler had an assignment to get a picture of stae star
reheara ig for hqr role in Peter Pan. To get this pht,
a flying belt above her as she sails through the air gr

ECRUiTIG FOR the Boy Scouts should pick up quicklyy when the "trains bn made up in .'ump" yaas tsak at t J
news gets out about the newest merit badge award. It's for railroad- and consulted with vetera railroad me. Thw ar
Ing. Here's the best part-the Scouts are getting a chance to tour railroad railroading under the supervision of local railway e
yards under a program set up by the Eastern Railroad Presidents confer- tions experts. -This on-the-spot knowledge will e co... .
ence. In Columbus, 0., for instance, Scouts climbed aboard a huge diesel pamphlets on the subject. What they learn about thrall
locomotive, visited car inspection and repair shops, watched long freight them a greater understanding of their importance

* '4

`` :


15 of a giant floaUng Navy crane, the only one of its kind in the world,
tender from the hold of a freighter at Terminal island in Los Angeles.
and eight tenders were brought to port for shipment as gifts to Korea.
"4..,~~.9-- %_._44

~ g


OF the U. I. AtAya3Wd anti-aircraft artillery brigade demonstrate the new j
w" for ritI.oeb evwe v n the command firing range at Norfolk, England. I
* Ordt uni i e M o be supplied with the 75-mm anm i-aircraft weapon. L I pel1 0.-e Peneh-a is i ml be wing lrwbW.. is
JR .- ,,_..Uk^ J^^^J^ ^ "*'

59 C~WW_ 4


.4 *. *q',21w,.--...
.K'. *'

' -






_ ___ __ ___ ____

. -.

* ~'"r~4nrzr'rr

.-~ 4~.,.
**~- ~X. -.




"This Is No Laughing Matter"

This Toothy Tabogan


TQ^oo thySpemrfwhnan Francis Chapelle
r~ ^ -'o; t^ t^i q' ^ .^ vile 14am
>:< I < 'i f ^ ^ ~ d to ^ tt M l -H

7 .SUN.olA




S ..-
. "- ,


wi t h f ate eTu-1AN
* NEW TALK OF compromise came from France THE IOUtT I HIHEST money winner in racing A NEW PL will provide Ut.
with the fate of the European Army knging In history has been retired to siud. Owner Alfred ior all U*J brutt wV ers,
In the blane. Vanderbilt eys his big gray colt, ."'eive Dancer., clisems goes .the
French Preier endes-France was reported ready will race no more. k .Waiver fo Ib ch I release a
to hold new six-nation, talks on the EUC treaty in Van4erbltt's announcement followed a workout by gettlng the i trae. If be does iot e
hopes of finding a compromise that would keep it the four-year-old Sunday morning at New York's Sa- being distribute by the PanamA Canl d 1
raom almost certain doom. ratoga Track. Vanderbilt says the Dancer re-injured military services o the Isthmus. However, f,_W
Mendes-Fraiee held a conference with his cabinet a bruise on his right front foot. Bays the owner ticipated that vWy few would refuse the bene
mixnsters on the showdown debate over EDC wh.i 'Th o ere pp to be no other choice but to retire him insurance.
started In the French National Assembly Rqleie m rtJ' This is the flrt time that the federal govern
sources say Mendes France told his 'ministers '6e l iya Native Dancer, who won 21 of 21 has provided insurance by payroll deduction Ar
would be willing to re-open the EDO negotiations, t 1 ter stud at his Sagamore Farm in workers.
the assembly wished. The EDO talks e wee pn T *my Ooat's bankroll
ago when tne other nations. ijuse d to a=cee ..g- last Mbidayt when he won the The insurance ,l automatic for all tho who d
Strench plan that would weak E. etn tia ,1dicap at earatoga. Only "Citation," not sign waivers; and trel cost to the empo is r
i o 0 Stymie"' an" Armed" earned more than the Dancer cents per $1,000 o Insurance each b-weey p pe
A big task force of RUssian warships called P P he story f the Dncer's only defeat will be retold iod until he re4ides thage of 65. After that be wil
o. way... but no ppe attached too much signifca as lop entucky Derby Is run. The-Dancer a pay nothing. The government will hre pay ibe cos
to the news,. red' ,+ ,. as
to the newBritish f red t bumped ear)y in te rous of this Insurance oy contributing half as mich a
mne riaty says r wea r eer oV th e r an ille C a At- mnake or tt. At the i the employee. -e
12 destroyers sailed dow the orweg itn oast -e-nd a o ar'tn won a photO finiwhe. o --rer
probablyly heading for the Baltic." Admital 44 with S Meanwhile, the order which requine a-rance
tnis Is t time since world' a two th"at *tu wth eac Oomapaniesonew operating la there zeas oS ve, warships i such numbers I mano ve rd "so, T e nd-iTltteotlhad been entered In the a-. was prouetted vehemently by a chapter the A-
lar from their normal exercise are*. ratonas OW ae Friday. After that. Vanderbilt had seriean Legivs. At a recent meet they ed
e ar n e ant 0, o n.i popped the oltt to isuope before retirtog him a resa tla opposing the ,al g. .-M-r how
Former Armny sergeant John, .%b Provo0o4 nu tp la I r teo es ,rrln uy changeSd they will go about enfortiag their retat was
traor no more. he n e a alle brought on thedDancet'srettreent w- not known.
A Federal Appeals court has wiped put Provoo'r I d l-t-i a. bou on tome D t a o .t --o
fiction for treason while a prisier of the ., o- It was sad news the night Canal Zone empi
"ourimn a lifrd p.. rio s n z o qkns Doris Hart an Shirley Pry won their learned that their anticipated five-per-cent ra.
boughtehim a lifteprisony senten. o. rth a national doubles championship, was vetoed by Ike. The raise, which was pald by
Th eres been testimon y in roi to t H team beat touise Brough ana Mar- House and Senate was nied by the resident
fect that he had tattled on his Amy buddiesto the are Osborne u ont. -4, -4. In the final a Chest- o -
Japs... had once kicked a fe Owi one unconscious nut ll. Ma.ssachusetts. Miss Brough and Mrs. D Two days before the forthcoming hosBptal conso
He was blamed when the Japnese killed an A t Pont have won the title nine times, but Miss Brough nation waus te to go into effect t was learnedfron
can POW Captain Burton Thomson for alleged was off her game. the PanamA Canal Co. that the Colon Hospital wil
non- cooperation e Mrs. Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman and Mrs. Nell Hop- continue to operate for some time because of "exten
But there was other testimony, too about pr. .Hopman is the wife of the Autralian Davis Cup cap- Navy's Co Sole hospital Into operation. t
oo's personality. A three-udge federal cot ruled ain. Mrs. Wightan on her 44thnatonal-title, go- Itwas tic ted that the changeswill be mad
tat testimony had no place a treason traL Its g back to 00. She. is 7 years old. In "several wee." Since the Coc o lo Hospit ha
oly effect couldbeiopiejudice thejuryconsildering 0- o recently been functioning as a 40-bed unit, the fact
tAnd- unanimously the caurt revesed Provoon k Argentine driver Juan Manuel Fanglo has ellnched lbtles must be greatly expanded to accomodat future
cnherenoIndication Ag iving a German Mercedes-Benz led has been geared towards an increased patefit lo
tasrt hr te goement wil t t the wy to win the Grand.Prix of Switzerland. It's with the cosng down of the Ft. Clayton Hospital.
Ie rs Provo trial cost more than one-million dol. his fifth victory In seven world championship races so 0
ars. far this year and gives him an unbeatable lead. The Kids and curious grown-ups can have a,.plnic al
Chain reactions are not -honfink to the a+to.. husy Fanglo can take it,esiy in the two remaining afternoon today roaming around the battleship US8
ld reaction's ns fr t confined to the atom a races the Grand Prix ,t Italy an4 Spain and Missouri which arrived on our shores yesterday.
roanld... here one fromand still win the title. The "Mighty Mo" is bert4ed at pier15 In Balboa
Wretling referee Joe AlvarezC te ou a r Faniei averaged al nost milz s an hour for the and open house will be from 1 to!4:30 this afternoon
te tling referee Jo. Alvare. dnted out a wres- tle co rse. He also had the fastest lap... better The 45,000-ton battleship is bound for Bbemerton
r called "Theng a ma n exco 9 ml an hour. Froln GonzAle of Argentina Washington, where she will join the "mothball" fleet
.The Mongol kicked Alvarez out of the rin and Into finished d Hans Herrmann of Germany third o -
the lap of a spectator. The spectator splIledi.* soft and Robe Mieres of Argentina fourth. American Althoeugh only two more days remain for the ex-
drink on a woman customer. She jumpedtupe trip- driver Fred Wacker withdrew in the 13th lap. piraton-ef the Hotel Washington eentract with
drink on a woman customer. S~e Jumped up and trip o -... Inversiones Motta, no information was available
ped a beer vendor. He stepped'on the injured foot of Middwc r Meight oses Ward won from Tzo Portu- as to who will take owverte operatiob of the 41-
anotherh spectator. He screamed a- d hit The Mongo, Iz on a' fifth-round technical knockout in N e w year-old Atlantic side hbeteL It was rOprted that
on The eadMongol with his carried to his-dressing rom.. the. k. And Portuguez didn't like it. the PanamA Government might do. so.
crutch swinger tol Jail. om Ward was far ahead after four rounds, although The Col6n firm asked to be released fr a
ru singer t ortuquez hadn't been on the floor or even In serious five-year contract si in January due to in
The communist threat to Invade Formosa is getting trouble. sufficient business. Whether the pool w1ll remain
more threasto Invade Formsa is getting Mdwai the fifth round. Ward connected with a open to the public, was not known.
In Peipipg, Red China's dictator Mao Tse-tung ask- d right to the head It knocked Portugues halfwayes were s to ow thir tr
rBEmployes were still curious s as to ow their
ed Clement Attlee and the other travelling British aross the ring against the 60s. on travel wil be work ou on me on ov
Labor Party leaders to get tle'United States withdraw At that point, referee Ray MfIller stopped the fight.apto ae r
the Seventh Fleet from the Formosa 'traits. Portuguez was so surprised he ran around t ring ernment agency n here said they have received n
The C h I n e s e Reds have been increasingthei making wild gestur. tin.d. _e%anding further Instruction regar4in the new bill whicl
threats to attack Formosa ever since theiGeneva Con-the fight go on. ii o thePortugue' promses free transportation to the States fr. vaca
The British has begun to take alarm over Formosa. make sure Tuzo w :. A suit was slapped.on the "Princess Waimal
and so has the veteran British diplomat, Lord Vansit isowne
tart. He warns ummthatthe Reds' tactics on Formosa are Middewernonal htrules. re- t p that Piootente d y h ., Dr o
suspiciously like those Hitler used in preparing e igh t es okda ta u Ladlumtfus donA M C awiong. se'mh t ho
of his aggressions. He says Peiping appearah to be M'Neseotre og r ~t u t tpon t a
testing sentiment in the West to find out if the A- Fernande fig not hurt the tilasoal Pa Cot Nobe rto would
mericans really are willing to fight for Formosa, or If Utah veteran obut 4oie P Ter h t being sued by the Daoin, a bahn
Britin will keep us from doing so. who weighed 161 ii.o 15 and oe boat which claims she towed the Wai whe n.
w a s elected to the Senate. Wheto on warn Attlete and his quarter, fought ha actobeat at the storm cara away led too late W nepay
companions that theiretour In China Istgivingaan im- youngster at close ., rs 'went -to-the i outside of pier '20 wh le the owner and h i Bp
pression of British gullibility that could cause ta new canvas in the not scored a wife aat ae toa 6-y
war as knockdown. a trckr to h ohelp a idw who
as idly as The areer of etuio Vargas, who died as Presitterly dent- bouThe International Amateur.Athlet Federation as case of the a"free" catalvogues which wednesday n
a suicide, was un !que n Latin-American polities recognized 29 new r re tand A mode health unit o the Darl an Aprovince UMle

censoruled Brazilth e p ress severelyss a virtual dictator family. But, e he found that te two "Jttor" agrrie at the Rojas residence after the babes weI
ued b il r- -e o e by John Landy of A mralia. publisher of New York, Americang

wasGood uek and bad comes in big bunches for Benny and he caos gt o accent. aent sold 200 cos -
come to power n himself and then five years later he Another record rt hved was these bontroversials feelave-s Dr. e dea uardia a inet Pana
enny erraro thn throw of 2word "-feet, Jun10-nches, by udhis Hld former- dstributor whoa electurnecold to and ole. Cans
was re-eleted president in the cleanest election Bra-ly of Stanfrd.candlnavlanshadontende thatthe for the mall order books.-A p st to th cp
Vargas was a magneiccharacter, a strong, vigorous hollowey havelin used by American doesntakes wnins to South Carolina Mills was made bya one
man, and a consummate politician with the virtues international rules. 0 A report that Presilent VDu msh, roes""
and raile. ties the word mpli ng some 5-thousand they got and s took a twocoth vct be
Not the least of his hold on the people was the fact Welterweight Chico Varona battered veteran Fran-tPeur daysaleave to dscuMsam study ite
that he represented Brazil's not too remote frontier kie FernAndez and won a split decision In a 10-round-' pi a dsCiSo utry hos et off
days. He was born In 1883 in the cattle-grazing state er at New York. uE d sn,
of Rio Grande Do Sul and spent much of his youth There were VgSowt but Vroa opened cuts r i he
as a cowboy. He remained a marvelous horseman. near Femnhdes' rigot eye and his mouth and gave T report saidSDecon d VicnPreRsidet ic dow A-r,
asve cwby.hislate0,adreailaned admarvelo horsemanthe Hawaiian a bldy -.Reeree Ray Miller gave would assume the cy duin .fl
~even in his late S0s, and Brazlians admire horseman- VarOna five : a-'i reZMdez .four. Judge Jo day- leave, becauseonirsato VicelPresident- .oteigwih MIIR
n 1930 he ran for President, but when the results Eppy called Var.nathe winner, seven rounds to three ater Josi Ram6n GUI.11o would be W h Presd
when against him he decided he had been defrauded and Judge Perry Carnegie soared It -4- n favor of. during that period. Politica o baerolferat
match on Rio de Janeiro. The Army came over to his
Heiheld the office 15 yeats. ry Moore be% be bak to manage the club th ttey '
The Army ousted Vargas In 1945 because it suspect- he4.ars ched oid sra led.tioretu.. .. wee
ed he did not 'ntend toLgO through with the fre Te former St. LOei Cardinal outfielderlw rte-o t -oev w r-._Threpotin
elections he had promised. Two years later, Vargas placed Steve (YNeill as oman~ger of the ealeas frleav betwnSept. 4 and 8.
was elected to the Senate. When he was elected Pres- dast month says he has not signed a contract yt .but

by Van Sickle usually makes about
$13,000 a year, but his salary may
be as much as $25,000. 1e has been
with his company about 20 years
and in his present Job about four

Baleles Home
For Many In U. L
by chance, many Amricans live
whefe otne of the country's hard.
est battles were fought,.
Boston, New Yor, and Philadel-
phia sites associated with the Rev-
olution, and French and Indian
War bwttlefelds along the Moqon.
gahel a Rirr outside i Pittsbugh
are aimoiw tiose invOlved s

S=I-er Fars s
- British railways claim A rp~wr4
Mtr the distanee that itemi softI
family budget. can e carried r
mPe OPe -4b odistiace feor. :ut
eirfMno; m le.; ea L 4S mMM-;

"NCCH buh forced Amricas machine to so as foray la. of im-
rwemetis to muets competition* ...
"Dxo o swdireWs$ of coustrwctio-... the *ivi*mcsj mid 6y NECCHI
ims the Suewing Machin Industiry... it w decided th s NECCHI woedd
but swit *er purpose"...
"Te'Grea US Testing'Sead is dwA ed to NACCHI for performiicf;
for stadisess of construction ; for aval4bilyt of parts aed service.

FREE: seen ** oe modeM NECCHI Mwiag medteds. FREI: Ilmstitie -m
the e"n meolpatimel'ef iM NICCHI mchle s FRIE: em etemetc needleM
Wmedur, -rnoppr end tto omle is atger.

The New Magic Wheel


Installments from $300 up Liberal trade-ins. Prices lower than in U.S.
NECCHI "BF" Standard Mechanism from $1.50 up and no down payment if you trade in your old machine

CAA AOMIRABE 18 Central Ave. next to the Lottery office-Telephones: 2-1111 and 2-2027

1. ; ,I in:,IADIO CENTER,
* f hin- -Ic. i.A.'- (2) rJ3 s '

on lWoIvar Aven, 71.10. Telephone

* /l. 9 J j

lz iUd rlb ___

4.0 l '~A 'i ~ I'3'

I. :i;i ~'t -

~'~" K' -'.*~ ***~ ~** 'A. -

- ---


- ----


[W1OR i4JUST iOOKIN.k tTJi0:;




IEesind it Sf ***u*


-~y ^^Jfiiyq.fia~fai^

I V --"w 4 ew' t

M IS l nard aeen., a'
Dear LordJhe towns where I have n,
bOUt qf my Maker's boubtyl
Bluefielda, kne- in mud obscene
r Burvla in Augusta tUnty.
Where lit ,wato hear or see,
_Ft tits with painting or with sIir
Save an ma, In slow enni,. *
neck of t nwrnlaiL
Or Melvlk wtore blue 0 n "W
0 Look down, incredulo- an's
Great acts, which all too t1Xv Wa ?
Conued with bottWeabd tin eanfl
Or Kona!-Tt-ere the tiger ri= .
Of Kmg Kam6hamehq massed,
Where functinkl Socony tanl ,.
Rust their way slpw' toward the Pat,
Yet once I watched there e a reef,
While a fogged sun surely set.
Against pale vlare in datk rI:
A usatve fisher cast ..4i6
O'er waters that gave back. t, )eapi
Of grim light dying a ae
Honmr, perhapd, could buldJ .. b d
Out of dulpaces d kown.

By Loaise Townsend Nicholl
Glossy, acute, the habit stilt aikd brief,
Ilex, the name, came first: no one could make
A word which duplicates the holly's leaf
With such exactness Just for holly's sake.
The word was earlier. fnhd sooner b ,
The leaf came second. tra8en%.4rt and sure
The sharp-cut lines the bound with tV
The indentations of the slits
Rlung with Its name abundantly, precise
To the archaic plan for such a tree,
The shining bush displays Its own device,
The decoration of Identity.

By Thomas Caldeet Chubb
Set these things down for my biography:
Not, "In that year, he lived in such a place;
Wrote this for book; or studied -tediously.
And learneLdthese facts," but rather that the gr
Of beauty let him look upon her face
On such a moonlit night, or such a dawn
All diamonded with dew upon the lawn.
He was as one abashed for a long space.
Do not say: "Thus he did," or "So he thought,"
But rather: "Here he heard the mockingbird,
Smelled the wistaria, saw the Cherokee rose,
And ever after was as one who erred
Prom a far land where magic things are wroua
Having learned a wonder he could not disclose."
By Mary Kennedy
Cpme'oUt of the jungle, Lydia. the mud is deep.
The .roots of the ferns and grasses silence keep,
Why- talk to them?
The wind does not blow, the leaves hang tangled an
Fragile birds shake and shiver beside the muddy r
Over the velvet stones vines twist, slither and slide
Bright-eyed in the shadows enormous creatures hli
A ripple of fur in green flickering light...
Is there a prowling leopard with the soft name of
Lydia, Lydia. come away, come away.
Monkeys, awing high in the white trees,
Nearer creeps the furtive baboon.
Roots glide, the rock comes alive.
Run, Lydia, run.
Slip silently past the flamingoes
Stretching their scarlet wings, winding their long
In thb( hot lagoon.
Reticent and proud the troubled lion passes.
Take eare, -take care, come away.
Roll out of the relentless mud.
Stretch on the deep soft moss and run..
Come out of the jungle.
Lydia, Lydia. I

- 'T7~
LW... -,



t i -~Z-t u, m Naa-v.--. r-----.
GMO6t.LY HOAX-A guy can't epve dig a bole, what with the protcal )ekers" Harold Den-
eaurant ownr n Combs Oi mad an excavation out front preparing to install a
e0owllg qtem. When he arrived at work the next morning he found the heap of dirt decOrat. I
with dupnW fet dptrUatVda a cross and flowers on tp.
"'' "^

Pearsons Merry Go-Round

.LWhIDrew Pearson Is on a my motorcar company. t medif we all forget t
tr vamtcaion the Wa shtTton, = te ofha dse oe wom an. (A smil
m ..rry-.-"be is being written MANY OT A S o won Iant. par.
byseveral guest columnists, yto- o od er ya n-t thr best
Being the welknsown star, In my role of God-like puppeteer c listed b ustbe
ton Webb.) it would have bee so easy to sue- .y
cumb to the Belvederean legend yoi, e.
CPe FTON WEBB and throw oatmeal in their faces- .
as I: onee did to aa impertinent o th ent elIkes e ..
Ute in "Sitting Pretty." But yothe e uet ens e, the acow.
one dd this would have violated a high re- m o .Is Miss i .a
e W toaastlv Merry-Go-lo d e to demonstrate Webb's many ?, whaus t IW mean
moter unique thespian talents. In- am "!Tkt Just w
ASINGTON-There is a time- stead, te attte chose was Wei p Weba.
ridden tanard that no con edian Olympian and even Webblan. Hu-
can happily enter the actors' Val. mor, sympathy and justice; the ALL YWUNGS Po0 e a
hall or bear to see the .lat cur light touch, the airy gesture. A t t
taI l g down unless he has-for ehance to e needle my bewildered ve y 661ythe"j
one rmance, anyway wed pets but ill to enjoy theirWebbtowhosescree
ttem # WinsockliI be levd that 00o0 Em .u .s thsl sii a ssobla -
is the phrase) with his own per.-ts in 1surrond Ilagou
sonal version of the tearful and Forinstance, there is a scene tf t *l S T-fl nOu tf
tragic Hamlet. ie ethe pictur where I have tUe al o fa t lI Y
Ths, I maintals, Is..ebsease. t i ew Yorkthe tbree wv ven as Mr. brow Pearsn.
Lyiawo ntew othenchanted wi tbt
ItIt am leever er 4haai ductie.. e r"as wl as u id ttel c
me. plain <^n1^ 1 the rote j*MM 4 t ofbe0 6 clc4als of my as i,,,it, I would not & iu
SWebb. abimy company, ie tax deductible, T omy sublease on the ammts
to replace the nw wi e husbands are on top. as who wouldn't?
Pearson for a daya be tal a tey kw it. And yet
trepidation. he doMs te une fr e and ner- But the o course, there comes
faint-herted I can demols I vous tha her and will get the the end of page, the path dow
once did a brash producer who job, makes a slight faux pas be- the mounamn. Jove departs and
s ested, after one of Wist cause et one Maetni too many: Webb becomes Webi-.again.As I
S vedere pietre W thaWebb Hiccups, unexpeetsd and uinhib- once sa" =*mewhere I invaa
Should no longer be speaking to cited, overcome her. Her inner bly remember my best lines) "If
ht small fry now that l had straggle plays a counter-point to you wat audiences to bave a ap.
achieved this enormous success. my welcoming speech. petite for more of you, always
leave them n ugry."
"My dear man," I replied iefly, "Let me suggest," I say to the Did I bear a hiccup? Thank you
"I lave always been a success. assemblage "that when we are very much; that's just what I
One more will ot unsettle me." together we wiel have a much bet- mean.
I am not is a mod er fable,as
someon- mee osance -
myself), and yet I must confess
that here s an ego-ting ling tle-
ment of piquancy in the knowledge
S our t s, that I can assume, temporarily, at
Liver. least, the cloud-topped and jovian
e mantle of a syndicated pundit- dis-
de. pensing last minute exclusives
from a hot seat oS Olympus.
yI can see the advantages, but
without altogether desairig them.
Not perm an entlyVniP Fom
what I recall ofrm rm1an yth1-
ology, Jove was a man with ample
we but with a certain quota of
necks Cachee alsom. I-Fdo= ,m y
headed!. I do ot Ingey -,
seats, either, 0: all the concomi-
tants of power, but sometimes they
are unavoidable.
Take, for illustration, a certain
picture I have recently completed
at 20th Ceatury-Fox called "Womz-
an's World." It is a moedern fable
dealing with that phenomenon of Resewith AIN&solion. to Sutnday rm-
our t i m es, the contemporary Ale IN.. 5I, punished tedar.
American womag. It tell.- hew
th00e wives, Juns Ale s Laures I Sir O uNday, f tI C ppte elr.
Bacall and Arlene DahI, influence VITAMINS GIVU MUCEtU-NADUD VDU VICTIM
the selectipi from among $ltr oW aGRAVI MALNUTR9TICK 310W.- -FIAXIR

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -- 4-...4&.-W._-",a..,

1 1

Moit duei" merusi
aUthln bhlueM. Sb
The bride, semgia
! -N

spough I
waIt d
I unawa
whe just

at 5, 5. takes her ower-
c to ms If the bride's wearing
dinte, as the artr was blue.
tb tfear-guard action, Is Mnn.
0 gvfeeag, hWguapt at the
Un8gl6 IL

UE PROFl'-ar. Deans 3. T ehst, o Chkeqe, In., admima
taadoi an d Child" Pa htt be purchased lat eptn SemM
few TYork antiue dealer or An-ert lletedr elaaM the
inag is a earitoal by :Leardo da Vinci and is worth about
a ill on dollars.


By Colbroith



5-h1rub cC


.t-O6 plan*

***, *ufasim
y (pMger
8 7-Feeder'

0. -wMotha

,. ha"4-tow
5* adjuster

fl-A bu~dha)

57-For fear
62-River int
4-For eash *


78-Of the
r 87-Large

ported In
vehicle on

put in
101-Place of
116-And tot

12r--F tigue
S attention

strip of
34---0 hield-
of India
tus used
In chem-

garian< *
08-Fish -
77-Of that

tral ma
119-Title of
124-It Is


S. ." r 4 ..

t*. ler sr -r -50 18f


,. a. @4 a
___ r--- ,,

it 10 N4 W 5%'" 1*3*r

2 I fi fi3_

4iA~ )1V~ **,j* r

a.. ows m usa4L. A

For the Best in fotos & Features

...It's The Sunday American

7 Y


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A'* 444

- V


-_. -

gsseensiik q llla rau easaL. ops e ateI


STI*'s f Taboga

S(li SOne of thmee days we are olg tp e and triggerfish which used to stun other smaller
to surprise the spear-flshemmen an these pages. And of because it is hard and can Sra
those underwater hunters, by r 'Major Francis 0, 'Aha- a heavy blow. A friend from m
ting soide shots of them at, work Fo t ptd, w! Id a wani w therm at etrigga
(or play). What we need are w w oo mugging with a rocks or coral, erects the. n n
s me sun Saturdays. And a Chapele a a c e says the fish lodges himself
some sunnySary And som-reect
pass to Taba erwatr fisherman, and some- rocks or coral, erects te h an
Recently whae we were at the day we may get a pic of him with cannot be disclosed unless o n e9i
Slsee of Flors a title b which rouper as long as he s. reaches in and presses the trig
Tabopais widelyknown 9nPana. gerl.
ma m es w ere seven spear-figh he trigerfish was certainly a gl
Sermen but theday was rainy and curiosity. t has a protuberance Taboga has a history which' Is
Swe didn't want to risk gett the ik a hard fin from Its beli The worth relating, but we have told
cameras wet. The actual fiSn f ih can erbet this at will. But it before In nwe SUNDAY SUP.
was done over by Tabolla dead or alive it cant be retract- PLEMENT, and there .re books
the trip over wa made in an out d by one but the fish unless o the subject a the brary
board without any shelter from the ri r" is pulled. This is a However, we can say that there
the rain smaller otuberance in the fish's is regular P Caama Canal launch
STherefore the only shots we got belly, which trips the big fin. service to the Island of Taboga

Underwater fishermen and their pries. The.fl h are. I to r. red snapper, triggerflh and red
snapper. The fishermen?. We didn't get their names!
_4. i 4.'M : I &_.D_':SW. 7 'PW -5.Um'mI m

' 'rkt 'J *j' d.f 'a Il alal" l t' f .1. l id'g", ,,i -Tl ^ ,l-ll A-
AI P -* &1.I1g %m IV %I I&0 t IV'
r ..o weL.'.. '.me..
P+' '1'i \ .r l .., '.,.,

PaM is sally. to have left. heolsthi Tab-s church wbi he
S anled to Peru. Now it u. at electric esock In its facade,
which eota *1 each way. It's plied he lived on Tabogullia with
wrth it. And there arre rtaurt about a dozen other farmers.
ants at Tabqge gj well-as a Gov- Thi wa surprising because we
tOment-spo hotel. have heard many time.hat no
S ce eve a souve oe lives o Tabogu1lll bt4ause of
no. :rWe can two as water .there. h a that
t al of Taboga. One is edibl 1 tf the water- had been
won' la n the t t to the Uited Staterfor an.
it last, a Th and the rtports 0were L
is a boga. pieap i-eutdl thre f farmers had
bMre Juey and weet than t0oe they do .- *
a other loratmerr. -. Ia frind an d -
te: hem lhe aP S as
is' A' e to'. A '
.09 your All
S to a est. a, was Cacayfoowltsaa4 to0
;: e-ad near ly as ide or a dal- te va e f ab ewind.
'loere's a atle kloako near it 4 a te meet Ae
k where ltent per lwho are wo.
*3at te had. e r t i t eir
e is n e nci e o t
Ss w he ori Pee m this sea
h ha buto h Oms farmer b e hgaowd another it,.
Ara m t .'wo l d the er hen e ene!. .
S fe W tt way --IN t htbe quaint ts
iSo t ve itself there are what is without a uto-
!.jw6 pd atfg e one aebilb. -A^ -.
nis coral ni blen bed be- b Te dAsre T eop h everywthee
the house. One w di who to ee riy ls so
liv6s on the second n tor. at a ie ed a .Her an an-t
house at the far end of th a et Taba froa
has good pieces t reason a e whi story relates, P rro set
prices. She said that her grand- or to t the gold ofPeru.
ather ied ato dclea and sell coral, e reer tha keep its ams
and then his son and now she s c t nes, te folk of Tabo.
ices. She said that her grand- ga have Installed an electric clock
ther used to clean and sell coral, I its facade. When one consider
and then his son and now she Is how the years. seen to have pa
the third generation to do it .We sed by in Taboga ithot
took a picture of some of this t appears lamentable to iEl a
coral the woman had for sale. timofter in the venerable church
Some vendors paint the corals whi has gathered centuries.
tips with blue and pnkcolo but And, while n e subct, the
we don't like it. The white coral lonesome electric light bulb, nak-
is handy for decoration i the ed, und eoratve, on the steee
home in dozen diffrentseem unnecsar. It there mu
On the ach the be a light why not enclose it in
we saw an ntrestng st. a dome or antique lantern
caynco' rove up oat- the beach setting? *
and a manstepped out with corn a mai e village wholly
hin a band i with i.sea, wa e beaches
-Women caae from several hous- are lOd with boat, mostly small
as with buasl ts had bought the c equ p with -saf
cor and oe other produce he ar a ra inut saw a 'man us-
hid, Then a woman came who ing gourd to bail out a cayuco
wanted eon but had no basket on t beach. There wefr pwim
The problem wa quickly solved. fronds spread over the kWat o
A y~oug fellow ssta nef arby protect it from the weather. To
off his shirt, threw a the tie zu1 eye, the a-
sand, and the corn was placed on peared nseaworty mad t-
it toled up, and carried home. out m value. To its otaner it
SWhe the corn was on th irt, eMa p ane to wrest a live
po lse to the water's tt igfr bsa dal Is hid'
e ted to as like fish, and i we m st v ed ossa
SArhildly took a picture of the A-trip t boga s a efreshing
scmse. eXeriece those who lie to
eeause the man was friendly, prowl armoud, talk *1 the na
we aastt wi th ls seas-g6ing awUes An oot for t, and

-ii'' '.,, ass a i x..l NDAYA JGLSWZ29. 1954

i:t iL i; \. Ll*t '51ri'.j *

* /*


Main street In Tabega bI winding.

Boat-lovina Taboan has a window bex In dpe *f bet.

InpnsIve but usel oeaWii dt Tabfga Ib eoraL.

Tabega pines (plamppleo) ae tames for flavwr. Aand .be


_1 S u ..A...... kI l an, m ut. .ea *.



JfJMft &VIMbwas h water oof his eajUm which he brot t
.lbe ..t. f with PAe frond.N


I ? I ICa r~rrr~iwmalsarr~y~ ~

~-~ -- --L14~L*e.1~-~~- ~ -~i--;i--;---;.--

'' ,'2_ -./ .... "



No Tabogan has an automobile.

7 -Ls I,


"x "...1-


'. -
r W', .-%- ..'-,,
-,. "" t. "i* &*" -'
... ..,: k/ -.,.. *? .;, .. ,

.~ ~-4~,;.., .
,.. .. I... ,:.

s~. : .j ,.,"..i

" V

." ./4

;':" '4

~~Chyh 1~~ .-L--- _:j(L--.L~ L;L~I~hY__--I *-*

a ~1~.
m .a ~ -t 4- 4. -p

I ~*. .
I ~ -' -
4 -j A- -4

/ *-j.
I, .~ -
*~. ~
.L-*. -

. .. d e ...



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-- -;-- i .9

*- .. \ .

uM 2/664