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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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'Ld Ite people know the truth and te country is "- Abraham Lincoln.



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ewFighExpectedrue Push Buttn Warfare Bra Shipping Alerted
Era Here, -Says *Expert Remains

SoL th ohn Choasti.Ca/" _de la i woot Restless As 115mph Blow
1M I ff VW *, /tRheP. Carl .Hinshawe. M ember of uin, and that would Me the begin- of u and tha begin-
S, the Congressional Atomic Energy ning of a certain on."
TAI Formosa, Aug. 28 Government sources belittled Fleet which is committed to de- Committee, told the American In his speech to the Nation Se '
) tary observers re- the. ra spokesman sm te endn msa n the Pea gon today the world "may well curity Commission, shaw said RIO D JANEIRO, Brazil Aug
ditedtoday that there w be tuaon nearly so tense dore islands midway e n tearing the era of true psh- intercontinental guides is es 28 () Unrt on ed
tween Nationalist anComm- ed." The California Republican urg- sight. De ve o p me ns suchas government of Pres entoawi
nist Chinese forces along the IA ed the Legion's National Security these, he said, may mean that the Cafe seeking to end he tensl6n
South China as. The Nationalist said one ofree Commission to take a c r iti c al United States is 'approaching the following the suicide of Presi-
There also. as a rising fear their soldiers had been captured view military d e m a n d s for int where we can see the end of dent Geulio Vargas.
here that ommunt hi but they denied Red claims the more men.Hishaw, implying e manned bomber." TheCommunthaveleda
tthrowi power a- ading party reached Kuning- criticism of the Legion's univer- "The defense fighter may also ress cama on the Varas MIAMI, Aug. T
Fislormosa before suffic"nt ton, a town on the island where sal military training proposals, be on its way out," Hinshaw said issue ws h S to riots In Ro, a The.eoson's first full-blown
arrived for the Natic a military F said the nations nee sientts "The battleship admiral went inPorto Alegre and Belo Horizoncane picked 5-mileer-hour winds today as it
Sair force. has its headquarters. r rU OuAIU more than soldiers. to limbo with the coming of the tli
SBut AAst. Army Secretary Hugh airplane and the atomic submar- e mved lly or the Atla c towards the Georgi
iTe United States will turn However, the Nationalists sent MANILA, Aug 3 -(UP)-Ve M. Milton insisted that "the im. ine is about to consign the carrier Reports from Porto Alegre, C0roflOs COdSt some 300 miles away
o s -Lbres to the Nationalists their naval i orces steaming clos- PM-sdentan dFrIA, A gn 8-(U t-V portance of the Army has never admirals to the samelate."
o t eArst chinese-man- or to the W and w rc rT o fRi o Grn ati do l st at e
r oe sdnnt teadii an d CrosFPrcia Sa d taryin greater." He said it i a d"ba. s. o a ntiv The center of hurricane "Carol" Ws o t 300 miles
to be op- mnt hledditionlair pa- Philippnessubstantiallya rthe sic fact" that no war is won until Despite shaw's remarks, it ceestimated that more than east of Jacksonville, Fla., and was moving about five miles
eds l to1 to o p n es p tros whie atoea ir pae hies r ground have "possession was expected the region again 40 buldng an d private homes per hour, in a direction between northwest and north.
Sth4t the U.S. will tane of Amoy, long ha been a Southeast Asia Treaty Organiz- He ad a strong reserve force standing military force couple looted by mobs. The weather bureau's 5 a.m. said the hur-
as psr of,-the general redeploy- They tried to storm the island thes were only two points on re et reserve program 4lg program to make possible a sent claimed that the tr alonfisepesentouin
mntof American air power n ithtwo divisions soon after the which the Phil pe govern ent ely adequate to the nee big reserve. Porto Alegre and the interr of tr on its present ourse during he next 12 hours
th East. it e an ees with he A m e r c an Hshaw, Milton and a number Ri Grande do Sul wee calm. Small craft along the Georgi and Carolinas coas
Hower, there was noindica- hlatd. 1.force was aOn the type of military com-ofther government of ficials a It W re and laborers' unions uea were warned to remain in port and other interests alone
However, o n the nvasiohnd l-hlated. i On the type of military corn- spoke at Legion commission meet- p Wressnstatemerntsa isgey awi ercoasnedon tfh
or al invTh and, shaped like a iten the treaty. s eld in advance of the th. presstatement sayin they will the coastline urged to stay ertforfurthera
The Nationalstrushed shis,dumbbell and almost 10 miles 2.On the life of the treaty. national Legion convention ope- ta rtofemand to ee s.
lanes, guns and men toQueemoy long, islarge enough to serve as Garcia said t hie Philippines Ig here Monday. i ,n support of iesads tar;easeI....S.
Islandesusterdad in the wake of a qingarea for a major wants the North Atlantic eaty Thousands of the peeW pric AesT r Tnrh mwd a
atedac in ter a ke f t h asmo rbat- Organisation type of pact w h i I.e 150,$ delegates were arrvrie
carried a reported stteet by ago off Daytona Beach andye-
fRed commando raid. tack. it has long, smooth beach- the U.S. is for the Australian-New in 'the capital for the four.da former finance minister O wal-Tterd as windstnrasat
There was no official Indica-es and a flat Interior. Zealand-United States type of conclave. ey ISnclSded the t r ftDaytonn&Rt an y
ti the thret heralded th A er Nationalist-held is- ganization. iey-makers w are Inclg up a e 1Oa ha e, Vargn right hand huerricane force. It had been an s
0tf,;Communist attempts to lal5, es bleeae a between it and Garcia also saiE the Philippines-- wp. I be
'Spokesmanf-yve afo r s,1whitreatytouthts by the eonveatlo m awi the. ma s X-ray program was president committed suicide to Caribbste hat Mu dy before
5'o fclal be-' efeiveWhile the started four mon b o 'by the 'We three of to trhbuld e.iru
MNepar, we.l -

r On CZ Must" Sign
Ss rme R registration Coirds
Pelping radio has b 0 ent Parents of tuition students
trumpeting Ommunist atb$ to Junior High School, Balboa High
capture F0r he Island bas- School, and Crist6al Jun r-
tion of OeralI Uipo Cb an Senior High School last school
Kal-shek, and obserVers believe year are asked to report to the
any Inva idoi would not be Sue- offices of the school principals
essaful unless the Reds knocked prior to the opening of school
e1t the V earby islands. who were enrolled at Balboa
The Comm nlsts hit Quemoy on Sept. 9 in order to sign tul-
(also clled inen) Monday tion registration cards for the
night. new school term.r
Peiping called it a successful Principal's offices will accept
landing by some 40 men and said registrations between the hours
they withdrew without losses of a.m. to noon and 1 p.m.i
after killing 10 sleeping Nation- through p.m. Monday through
allst soldiers.Friday.

It's Back To Scho
A Statewide campaign to draw Canal Zone Schools can show
housewives with teachers' de- a total of 31 housewives now
grees back to the clasrooms ready to assume the role of
as also affktetd the Canal teacher this term. .f
Whereas a recent magazine A short two-day indoctrina-
Article points, out that 10,000 tion course geared at. helping
college-educated mammas In the the new educators brush up on
United states are returning to their past teaching experience
teach school this semester, the was inaugurated lt Thursday

inclv n 'the treaty a provi-
si exn sing recognitio of the
right ocno*lf governing peo-
ples to self rule.
Benefit Casino
On Over Weekend'
The benefit casino- at El
Rancho Garden, which got un-
der way last night, will conti-
nue tonight and tomorrow.
The benefit, which was ar-
ranged once again to help in the
campaign to establish children's
playgrounds throughout Pana-
mA City, offers the reg ular
games of roulette, dice. black-
lack and the French card gams

ol For 3
and Friday at the Balboa Ele-
mentary School building.
The mas local recratment,
done for the first time on
the Isthmus was the Idea
of x three supervisors. Neil
Banutatter, Gladys Eliins and
Jean Karsh, who were in
charge of the capsule cours-

TKAc r from sgZone haw. receive tet tbooi t take
an' Thursday aad at a-ea ememntary actooL .mteod ft
.,M .g I..taa, mam mSo-W"ao Mw and Os* Le- a
ftSIN: lbvfo Lwnae Mow A. Cost. Mma Vtes
*^.. t ahm ti bu /84

wealth speakes to w rom ^ lefedull tira "All inte*ret In North and .1
wlt speakers w O n -an-one- mU South Caroin should be on the
ast it e using the rly. pr cent of the persons sche alert for later advise over the
AnstI. .etary of a Living ed fall toshow up, but lJtr LONDON. A 18 (UP) A weekend" the 8 0-m. advisory
. rchant e came voluntarily to have theirgroup of 15S viet warships said. "Imall craft along the
Legion's Foreign nations ermu. X-rays taken, showed the red l the norh Georgia and. North Carolina
milsion for sunirt oftheadmin- Exceplent results were due to Atlanitc today. uthe a ppear- coasts should remain In port and
istration's policy of stegthg the cooperation this program ance of such argue number of shipping from present storm
through friendships. received from the community, Russian vessels western wa- onnorthward to Cape Hat-
Merchant said too inay Ameri- particularly the national au- terms caused no concern arid lit- ras N.C., should exer cau- c
cans view this policy as one to thorities, private and govern- te surprise. t, on.
"pull other nations' chestnuts out ment Institutions, public and The presence if three cruisers "
of the fire." No t h i n g could be private schools and commercial and 12 destroyers of the Red One ship, the Socony Vacuum "
farther from the truth, he said, organizations according to the fleet off the coast ,of Norway Oil Co.'s tanker Tatarrax, klrea- '
because U. S. interests are "over- director, Dr. Agustin Sosa, and was disclosed last night In a dy had breasted the hurricane's ,
whelmingly involved." Dr. Amadeo Mastellari, technical public annpunqement by the fury apparently without mishap.
"We cannot' go it alone' because advisors of the Anti-Tuberculo- British Admiralty. The vessel reported yesterday t ....
there is no where to go -at least sis campaign. A spok esman gave the was being buffeted by hurricane,
not for very long," Merchant said. This program has now been strength of the Soviet task force force winds but later radioed the JAIME DE LA GUARDIA
provide the leadership required, pected that it will be started of their presence in northern an hour.
we can be certain that the Soviet soon in the Chiriqui Province. waters for the last five days." AA A med .l
---- ~A Navy hurricane hunter plane W W W
from Jacksonville flew into the e O
teeth of the storm and clocked
Itop wind 1 of 15 miles an lvU ROW VH
1 CZ Teacher Housewives -~-& a at nala U llde
Hurricane force winds of 75 +aaUU
When the housewives com- pletely fill the needs of the oell, Ft. Kobbe, Diablo, Balboa, miles an hour or better raged
pleted their condensed classes school system on the Zone. Gamboa, Cristobal, Gatun, and outward 50 miles from the cor- Members of the faculty ama
of instruseton, they had a pre- Heretofore teachers were re- N. Margarits. paratively calm "eye" and gales student representatives of the
view of latest methods in art, cruited in the United States. Some ar wives of military for 90 miles around. national University yete
music and general supervision A statistical survey showed personnel atoned here, other The hurricane, born Thursday City surgeon Jaime dla O
of schoolchldren from grades that they have taught in a are dependnts of Panama Ca- only 325 miles off the Florida dia rector to succeed the t
one through six in. the ele- total of 23 different states cov- nal employs. coast, has observers "stumped" Dr. Otavlo Mdndez Pereras
mentary Schools of the Canal ering areas between the East as to its probable course, said De la Guardia who was v
Zone. to th West oast, and have a were given a number offorecaster Cecil Gentry of the rector and professor of sur
h l -average of two children ch. text, books study at home be- Miami office. in the University's sehooi
The local women will com- They will be teaching at Co- fore classes start Sept. 10. medicine, won ut over Prof. .
He said a high pressure area fael Mosoote, Prof. Ricardo .J.
existed to the west of the storm Bermides and Dr. Baltlzar isa
over Aabama and another to za Calder6n.
the east in the ocean and either
could direct the hurricane's The new rector. who had beeS
path. acting-rector since the death
M6ndez Pereira, was elected f
An Air Force plane out of Ber- a period of five years.
muda hovered over the whirling De la OGuardia received 5
mass of squally w e a t h er votes on the first ballot* with
throughout yesterday. Capt. Moscote getting 28. Bermidet 18'
Charles C. Whitney, pilot of the and Isaza Calderdn. one vote.
plane, radioed observations con- oonote and Bermfidez wit a-
stantly to the Hurricane Central drew after the first ballot an
office in Miami. on the second ballot De la Guar-
The Coast Guard had received dia received 79 votes.
no reports of any vessels in trou-
ble along the lower Atlantic sea- n s' Troubles
board. aymes Troubls
Ships on the edge of the hur-
ricane which reported winds up
to 50 miles per hour Included theSn u U
Hera, California, Gulfport, Chat- O O
tanooga, North Carolina and'h HOLLYWOOD, Calf.;-AuE-2
Koten. (UP) The arrest of. 1XIX
Haymes was ordered today. I-
superior court Judge beea s
Edmundo Ros Ork iger faied to appmar
To Be On HOG suppo. --is
At 6:30 Today ,was cited for
lusle of Cuba and Brazil will Judge S.Odetar
be featured eon Station HOG fixed pealtf t five
this evening In the first of a jail.
series of 3C program featur" The born o
Ing AmundO Rn and his or- who aga
The prbegram whleth gets
udmierwa at :3 p.m., wiln al-
so include a embypeo eatitled
"arew sn l m S OK-imadttms
: tso ussea"0 ulLOW Anent-
2=8 IS NOW ~ EM are going to do it, so new amhooiteah i b and fn- Can lose
at h cultivated art of finger-paintlL. In the selted~em 3uene as bn Il reiak due-
M. Oln Cdhi, Geneva Bowen and etry Hurater W POMm llr- the mmbeFs, amie of wh&
WiSe, Vir ia =6 DoftvyI. Crowe" remain stndis n. he wldlg as well.,

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- THE PANAMA AMERICAN p' r A Dual-Purpose Instrument!
LUMN oo. Mer Go Ro- is bengWriice LUJVBI T ro waite pave the
a?. i M. s.. .. fir a X
.......ANI... .,I-,

S"f U a U IC W ASH NITO 3E)RhRG O e e a e T n w a ne

----Congress slapped through in its h Mery m. re Bay Te0o ay
S 0*so wi v O eHA oe am o e POW Rl INCwe ing. A bit of background is neces-
age It Ts held la seiet COLUMNd bAyINGTON -ere s the several guest columnists, being way for any oter Who may want

Saws t--READeR union angle is perhaps the most Mr. Pearsiou a sitant Jack An to hp celebrate to e l ad
X o ds whoment inlsatuoto the bew Con. Not e a o, m n firt o naval h Pyawdrt's rah ,ibrt esay.

D*OIIbs- reepidr no ateon a p t, W Nead the malran The citiens or Valoejo Calif.o
u I Ms isapOlM ma trgER of i5 4 rd B wc thNhe senators the are throwing aa sWO rthday
final whirlwind Thweek of Iawmak- A. Ae a-rty for the shipyard istember
STtoh fn S th e lady hori w'o fsome hn o e 11W *"ering. A bu it i o ba ckground is ne ces- s onr te ne r n.
-I n HMg u'f unwv ri the wrm ong ti e 0 We t sary to get w hat this is al about. suranc claim fro m G eorge 16 u m e nie B ob -C os n e l mos9
d' W--l-o r bm t Wh ent Nevada Sen. Pat M. Car- o. asm ble? i 8 C. i sod m d ith n New YorkC md-ine

Dh omunishoe Ernerhes p D emol rattnon1 oand ed A hherornW Borige hsa sc to saneier : r eas t the
I- tto oere e Cabld oe k e I was before Congsress, practically o le country in a noty, dft but
4" l u. i doe rtel.t' limi o he h P he-up Tha every top labor official tetifed WASHINGTONd,- Federal agent' above al, pok.aron infth rans.

on t d vioea oo io ho Itrls t hteo ui D against it. They were afraid this .P Fo are b thge countryse for a port plane. They edd cross.
lT th e Civic C ounh, i euofld d o Oyt i n itselMcC arran act w would he used Bainsh arp it r w o et iafleec ed U ncle S am dry re c t m y bs I om e 2i
in answer the m "lady a su n ion-busting device. Su. or lout oaf apr, e Vand disappeared hours t he d os .
b o re c Pivresident Truman used this arnt o 64 ae a without nas rde The rlewo an wis r tee. that
s I gument in vetoing the bill. Con. 1~tr since havconomanen .ou I gat8telai om eorge ENewYorast B tb Rfd Tribune'als
mDOGS ress paid no attention and passed thoe d o ) wsheaefore rsspre Cot \ Brooklcyn Brla s mca veteran war cos e ardent, Ho-
ing mt is toa matter of record that Scott o Abbeville, S .C. mi n e a t old a cuce
dir e to an o ne tn s o this act ander the compcansaion Sub- o La Maroe' thoe Vte1r1s Ad- "Two must bed ecoy :" .
l tminiasnsttration rec d W ash inetinDarai- dernatal ntll ewsc e re col.
n a er to th lad who wants something done about the versive Activities Control Act of co m g V c ount r- fi
u. Wlsl lady they ary barkingtup there wr teen w here is m vnot been used against /f surhe lai from George o: t he umnist Bob Conssdine almost
rhn kingt. be doe aut the ds in the C lZone. T a bo u nirnss onfar. Scott of Abbeim., B.C. His son, missed the plane. He told a New
osedo to have t leat one dog more is better. If you are not a case was brought before the Sub- s G \had drsowtr lce.v nh f 000 e airport! I've got to get toCaor
l og lover you lust don't rate. o versive Activities Control Board, G.I. insur e. The father was nia in the worst way
It won't do any good t complain to the higher-ups. They created by the law. This is the amed benleary. After bouncing around in e air
tronamed paidbnenef y. A ca ws ftr serN b ouncingcaround nsthe ald
ebout the situation, subversive organization and or- a the paers were found in order to California in the worst way.
npeople, the Poli, and ay throne else whos could do -t i ABhas fouattealecornd the part ysplaintakJil G eenge u tted. May e Isltdmy whI
Yesterday afteron went to the ost Office to get my dered it to register. This finding and a check for $10,000 was made The press gang was greeted at

Underothe C eubnilofAmicansaction to aminged hsonusinet ats0 ontheyar apd a o he bree a
i.tres I sa the ne menace that hde a wt th is headed for a Supreme Court owe t not ma Entwistle, shipyard c
allowed to run loose in the town Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. dental intelgence that the Mar-
S T theoy hae the evert en r the os fronts-none of them labor fa the address appears on the tai got Its name from near-by
arckinga. They have the run of every place In the Zone unions. The International Work- claim f
trying to do something about the dogs. a Communist front. Cases against Tt c s Meanwhile, a stranger moved rediscover t o Iae thee mares back
P, Weary Wille four others are still pending l into the 19th Street rooming hue Mare Island took its name from
S aat t_ Jefferson School of Soeal Science, nd registered as George E. Scott. an amphibious mare that somehow
S..... w National Council of American-Soy- e minded his own business, as- was spilled into the brine and
Iwndayi s Dram c tam mnr poteAbr-hem drneolnearigade. yC ODlaT. Tnisaion n sn ce.oT hat nelshl tsl m eah ertriasa-
de Answer to Previous Puzzl let Friendship and Veterans of the ____________________________ ing no questions and answering wam the teacerous tides to the
Mon adpeoplethe oloar Pn Te A IA was nott he deceased sergeant' pute whether she was dumped by
________ _____ When congressmen who wanted AIriU| I'FKaEEIElLIIEE father. a capsized raft or an upset ferry-
r e of g something done about Communist VV I JIY Fi L/ IV III'i L The mysterious stranger stayed boat. Inl any case, the mare's de-
ACRO Perod of domination of labor union saw long enough to receive one r termed owner, General Valejo
1t1 Dramatic moment M acw that the Subversive Activities Con-s It came from the Veterans Admin- found her on the island rad
actre, Helen 4 Eternity e s i t rl and Internal Security Acts istration and contained the $10,000 promptly proclaimed it La Islde
m I 0 Heavdy tooidwyt s3u hsrdpre "Dh Ming usdfrtisu-edoraSpr ouo to b n M Ck and check. La Shortened to unroman.
S She Is known ammer a g a pose, they drew up new legislation tic English, this means Mare Is-
as thel 6 Wooded trade t h I n to deal specifically with this situ. --- o S TREASURY DEPARTMENT l and
/ Lady of the n7 Follower Ravnom e rn t action. The result was a bill intro-. -- CASHES CHECK The shipyard was founded Sep.
Theater 8Rave duced last year by Republican Daily Worker Please Copy: Un-Tat) to investigate possible ed More of Thisa Than Thatta: asto
r11 Interstice vt She s a W a Sen. John M. Butler of Maryland. cle Whiskers has been alerted to infiltration of the Central Intelli- Now that tneir romance is re- The morning this important mail te er 16, 1854, b Commander
I'Tmeatefr9ypos 2 Tbut0Ihavennaha0 mn.David G. Farrahut, one of the
13 Revolve prominent This was the business before the possibilities ot monkey business in gence Agency, but Pres. Ike let out kindled (as o this writing any- arrived, he marched straight to the navy's celebrated heroes. In the
f 014 Term in aroie- 2 N tes i r 45 Mark Senate when Sen. Hubert Hum- he National Guard, where able- a scream that could be heard in way) ariey ranger and sheiley Treasury Department with the century following, the yard has
Horseshoes Hardy ro 27 No es in phrey (D., Minn.) proposed to bodied "undercover" comrades are Maryland. That's how Mark ClarkW iers no want l leave eact check and demanded payment, built nearly 500 ships for the navy
Natn AmionpaiCou nscstai onfGuidoanY Gose m )esrdeegisteredaleeorommuneo tt.
Sranoar stakes Guino o scale m e tack onto the Butler bill an earl- suspected of enlisting. Get military came up with the job... The State otner.. te's trying to shelve con- Treasury officials looked at the repaired thousands more and
S iet 13 Hindu queen 28 Uncommon ier bill introduced by Sen. Mike trying in their spare-time for the Undersecretaryship (w h ich he mitments on e coast, so ne can 10,00o figure and shook their served the Pacific fleets through
rheami 18 On time (ab.) 31 Pronoun 48 Twirl Mansfield (D. Mont.) to outlaw revolu ton, and figure they'll be in didn't want) was first offered to starintoe upcommg 'way mus- heads. They couldn't cash it ney g
W17 hMneobee 20rssomenhrey-suohda 1teasedangrgs f wrs.
Ml 20 Lamprey- 35 Hors gait 49 the Communist Party. It sought position to knock off an armory or Hoover the younger as a gesture cal "Plain and ancy wnlst sne said. the check was too large.
Tanoe catchers 38 Wrench a balanced to do this by making membership two and grab the guns. (Won't do and he turned it down; but when snows sere in "'aser, easter." Why didn't he take it to his bank? MARE-GO-ROUND
S (.)Tnpo 21 Tremble muscle 50Africa flies in the party punishable by $10B000 'em any good. The Americans are he heard that Harold Stassen, the .. Overheard at Billy teed's aLit- The man rwho called himself
A (RO, 22 Walking stick 40 tee ea coming.) perennial boy scout of the egg- tie Club: "Please move over. George E. Scott became indignant. Mare Island officials are sti
SH rer r ag t 23 Profess 4 There is considerable doubt a- n.C m heads was reay slated for it you're sitting on my nerves." He spoke bitterly of the sacrifices looking for a souvenir hunter who
been brilliant 24 Proportion 43 Negative reply54 Hail! mon lawyers as to whether this Hoover accepted. (Much gnashing (Well, it is a little du.) ...ip t of fallen G..s and the way their off with the per corner-
actress, Helen peternityothatomieg.ubvrennieat ivy itw ossoco though eg- er sm oh plare slanched oin re18

Sa t! make the InIternal Security and Cardinal wearing a black monocle the U.. erant Marine e take his complaint a the way The plaque mysteriously isap-
Sa l the Subversiv e Activities Control and puffing at a small pipe... Gag: She was so dumb whe she e at Kings Point, where fourt tthy e Treasury
a- t ttunal. Zr azae room they left the vacant toia owcthlyced letpprhs- a s .

: tprovus~on was borginls sedat rsown Wolfsy (nc p det: n M oe f or Do-ceps u. dre. ibtig aeoU whmeon e hadplalled aa cin te ,e'
T. Gtr $ R tipose. H e had voth saed for the Intern- you tno.w I ean) is so funny Thi Seople's alerce (But is It?): Haeurod'r WoMld O.K. to cash ubit.tin Mh o om n
3, R hacdte9Sars was e De ad thttd t h t een aoreracho. Latest howler that Eit senhower proised the LRe- dresses inAmerican Embassies identifying hime as Geo e Whiteman once served as
STruman's e to of the act. If the is chaining the pepper mills to publican Senatorial leadership for overseas (for inclusion therein) is cott. A few minutes later, he ay musician at Mare Island.
1 Te rl a d e hau4ve been made unconts- hunks of Ion. Caeio b aa sad hun- next term to rHomer Fon She uDept. double n domes didn't walked off with in csp The syard holds the speed rec-
eni t now, it would certainly dreds stolen. Get him to show you (Mich.) if he wins this time up... have them. Just wrote or cabled new treasury bills. That's the last ord for uildng a warship. It tooke wit he
Sn removed -e fear of union his new "El Jointo Questionnaire." Sen. Saltanstall, the Mayflower lad "American Embassy. London," gan of the spurious George E. only 17 days to build the destroyer

Plnt parus labor leaders that it would ever be It's a scream from Mass., faces a tough cam- etc. Be better if some of them vcott or the crisp, new bills. W d launched in 1918.
48 Seaport (ab.) o use againstthet their organizations. of nistingpaign for re-election and wants Joe didn't know wer e -he sidptate sh ept. Agents quickly discovered that _.e-
ppelganon28Uncmmn 6Mmikw iobillintr would doythisn. Mike s Rthenolen. nt h nd to show (which.) so briiansl inestim esup.. hverlthem iuEestwreete or cable surs givls. Tet's thestoo
18 Ontimebe"remoed Preo oeas of unomn chaias Rnew"Erintoh d hestionnair edSes. Overenistal, t he Mayflo er ld wiAmen Esontrouoastsy ohedcan, 1eern wf h sgur ost n eargh e Eoo

SlReiterante r. This point i s now somewhat aca- Strictly Not Personal: Mrs. Babe McCarthy but bad, to speak for is, don't you think? the original claim listed the cor-
1 Rsa deMoltbtmel since the House amended Ruth and Warren McAllister a duo him. Joe is not too interested, will a d rect Abbeville, Sc.C. address. setooA r
Sstoreouses le v afth 1t as originally passed by at Manny Wolfs. (Incidentally the not accept a direct invitation Sn W L ing meone had pited a suast-minute r uf
SGirl's name the Senate. This saved the Interns Babe Ruth estate is practically (which Satonsta would pussyfoot Where Men Wear Lace ingerie: h substituting the rooming
i oDeeporg Serurity and Subversive Activities broke. By-products such as dolls, over anyway) but may speak if in- Mindy Carson swears she saw o e address. .
157 Closd car Costrl Acts. he Senate then ac. bats, gloves, caps, etc. are forgot- vited by some group like the Le- this sign in a Greenwich Village hse words, the fast buck e i w
Ml Grants use r l ... cepted wte House amendments, ten by the new generation of kids gion ... Senator Langer, the North atmosphere joint: "Existentiauis ts n fothe wo n hd anst id
temporarily and that' the t wa the bill went who only know DiMaggio and Wil- Dakota GOP who rode on the Tru- Go Home!" (When did they land?) artis et stt have had an inside ac.
SDOW to e Pl resident. lie Mayu.)... Enjoying a seidel at man-Stevenson campaign special,... Looked like the old Green- omplice, someone who knew cxy .i
SBut the uter bill to ferret out Luchow's famed beer hall: Her- is chairman of the parent commit which Village down on McDoug actly the right minute to switches
j$2 Reion Comtouniti Activties in labor un- man Schuelein, the distinguished tee of the Jenner Committee St. when a Village chick ripe o a t ar y investigating all possible
t -- ions is still there. It would do this "Miss Rheingold Man," and I bet- (which so brilliantly investigates her, clothes in toe street because ets, giving le detector tests
; hst t e L ao N d i i' y reati g a class of Co-cha it was Rheingold he was drink- Reds). Over night, wilee Jenner he was so proud of her clean p everyonewho got near the vou- e
a i ni nist-infltrated" o r ganzations ing (wouldn't tell me who wins was out of town, Langer ordered undies. chers. But so far, no clues.
Sris G vi L aor a Niw Din it Thls classification will be in addi- this year's title) .Julie Wilson's Jenner's staff to scram from their meanwhile, the Veterans Ad-
*30tMem oranfsecond date o night since f oe and reassgbigned them into Fromg
o, By John J. Kisa, P. r, S. Staff Wite' and "Communist-front" organiza- her return from Lunnon) was Curt three tiny rooms (one a former tic: Dan Lau, fighting chief of mengot intoan a squabble paarovert ptwho 'S -
Hut Activitiesearsortgotnintolac-squabblen overMbwhoage
tions with which the Subversive Hayward at Cae Arnold. The won men's powder room). Committee is Honolulu's coppers, having ame ouldmake good the 10,000 pay-
WO IM wounded still ort "not Activiti control Board ha to derful thrush is playing the field practically paralyzed. Last year trouble with aoooders that face to the real George E. Scott
phmr.That's why Labor bread alone doeo man nove." A d ba r sielumber.eaV.VA. claimed it was the Tress- I
Sis c uing a es t t deal (Herels y mer.) pals of Langer (who is also on the police-forces throughout the coun- th e al re. tetO
Sh ste work in Foreign Relations Committee) ran try. He's backing an honest gen- responsibility for cashing the you're a city dweller, b
olloers. wo The wa this thing will work is Washington; But Is It Confide- a $100 plate blow-out for him and darme against e Civil Serviceheckfor the wrong man. But n't p n their hopia
Unl Chrt was bern work life to gain eternal rest. something as follows: Whenever tial: Herbert Hoover first recom- high pressured all the embassies Commission and may go down ini Treasury insisted that the V.A. ty. Some peopedi whowulntd
Snever much more than a T A the mason, the attorney general believes that mended Gen. Wedemeyer (he liked into buying te tickets each. (Continued on Page 4) should get stung for sending the
S punishment inflicted by God for the steamnfltthC the hod carrier, a union is infiltrated by Conmmun- -..... ..ol -d check to the wrong address. on ^L ct frnd orrltvswl
p the original s tn of Adam snd the architect and the contractor 1si. who can dominate and con- r.- e-. -* i... 't. To settle the dispute, the Gen c i onthwtth a relative wo' lives
Rhui. "su shalt er thy ek build an earthly house and trol its policiesHr. C a, or have done so Cod ""'- fcs..ial blamedtheVAo
." "nerAconting iOeflon wltheiousesamhealled safeh ruweint o e relasive whodslves

irsnma rIinTalypbrought the As manbwhonywors ony ThisInpetitiony*tellaskcthatatheccityvcoaus ino pR btjst
tharoeaeht Buavt dthInthispetitionewateaskpthatathe MOD(ERN PIONEERS rate of your -utsutas of oum
theHouseamendmentstennythenewgenera tion 10ion be declared Communist- tyouln, abouto returned Jutw
orga ahnewdigijty.Wen aliving, ean no more than 'dominated. The SACB then holds B A band of pioneers, packing metieous abot r trn the
works t a man o works to a hearing on the Ietitionb If it ld typewrGoits, set out h e had to re- heo. altty.
with hii handsao i please Odk hask God Himself as found that the union is Commun-
today, he is do- hish rewar. The man who be- ist-dominated, a declaration to aebeHrshimnoftepretcmit hcVlaedwn lGen ctyterghtAinutetoswitc
R Ci wh et gins hisme day by putting before this effect is issue t M o d.v e Cgn t are cnn ed
t e od ha Glod a asn offering everything Thereafter this Communist-doiIELm.n givin G1 Bli C e
Iensbbeforelhm. that he will do during the day inated union will not be able to asf____,ws____eadikRd.Ornhhl___hws-po of rca
The o si udw dig- has his day's work elevated to ,.re N agt 1u0 alwr Labor Relations ,hvo
Vsof work, the level of a continuous prayerBoard proeedgngs lb any collec- '"t- '
.... ar new the workingmawill answeron as a bargaininw agent. wo'- "- ,f- fc mt osw
u-tastd th eternalphae-pIn abort, what the New Corn- -'" f 's
pnilabr rd&o dos ali.Adp-a.(Hr'sm 'p a dsy with er (, his-ato onmuniotlabor field Ae todenlargeon thethee-forces"throughout"the .n- me" to the
has aoLAOf DAY a god time to functos oS the Subversive Acti-".
Slethg hinJVb grudgingly. wAcltl this truth. Too m t Contiel BTrrd, now headed"
I Its highest purpose wasChristins are working In a pru- by former Gov. Thifomas J. Her-

e o Christ changed tha the bread their job earns Tho other members are formerkth wn M B
thisg. Their work has no more eterna Sen. Harry P. Cain. David J. Cod- -

S WHEN TM SAVIOR of man- significance than that of a draft daire Watson B. Miller and Keth SAD SACK STEE-Besdecked toin a strange-looking coat, this armored charger does its joustitng
kind chose the lot of the laborer, horse working for hay. ryn ilcHale. n a sweet potato patch near Trenton, N. J. The plowman who draped his noble steed in potato
He set a new pattern. Hene@- Labor Day is a good time to The fact that the board has so sucking to protect it from the sun'and flies preferred to remain anonymous.
forth a man's work and a man's become a workingman after the far handled only half a dozen cas- '
salvation could not be separated. mnd of Christ. "Workers of the es does not mean that it will be
Ohrist was mying, "Thou shalt world, unalte," He inmates. "Unite swamppd. It is empowered to use
Mear thy salvtionU with the yourselves and your jobs to Me. hearg exa miners and can han-
. emst of thy brow." You have nothing to lose. 'Y deany number cases.
M Wood a wrarearns MMmeternal lfe to gain-"
e e ..... ....,,..M i sI.D Best dea Still
_._ Is To Learn
The Hard Way

Faltering Philip! tapeueteofwhe. .r,.oaynp
w help Ind memore something
tepl m a" rgp'le ss. leatric Co. scientists
ab meweof"hat uM- haolgilsts say that
der certais n ere-mstUnees
S right Mall amount of poetry or words'edMthatmannse LISTiwl TA ris wi soonto be able to improve their I
.' ~r at ne8at this all-metalow totargt. 714M-peund target twed at .speeds a .m ds m I Hk the far. bl t dad wants me home-.-ke a v
bUt there ls no peef that the effect It has a 25-foot wing span tad eam be aled two miles eind its medium Jit bt wer tlowd
i a lastionG Tbhe Is also some on skid-type run-, the ta.O. is o, ght atto a --op by a perev-mute tht MU s. I left fw th e. twa of m
Iesesm ,easp t wheter nd Sucht h 0 L MtIh ei





OUE68 WHAT?-It you think this looks like a pretty flower
opening its petals in the early morning sun you are wrong. It
Is a rattlesnake with its jaws open, and deadly venom dripping
from the'-angs. Dr. M. S. Mosquflra, of Argentina, made this
remarkable picture, looking down the throat of the rattler.



No. 8 "J" Street

NLRB Hands AFL Setback; Democrats Map Strategy

Recognizes Independent ILA For Getting Rural Vote
-0- -0
were found guilty last Ma 11 SIOUX PALLS, S.D., Aug. 28 Democratic Party, said "the na-
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 () of ignoring a back-to-work in- (UP) Democratic leaders, ac- tional committee believes that
-The Nattal Labor Relations unction In the dock strike. causing the administration of agriculture is going to be a cen-
ou handed the AFL a stun- Three Brooklyn ILA officials "broken promises" to farmers, tral issue in the 1954 campaign."
n0 etbac today bY recogniz- were indicted March 5 on charg- converged her today to map
eonestime racket-r en es of stealing union funds. They strategy for winning the rur al e Pe
n dent International Long- have not yet faced trial, vote in the November elections.
en's Union as barg In a bargaining election last Adlai E. Stevenson, 1952 Dem-
aet for 25,000 dockworkers n December the ILA won a union ocratic presidential candidate, Blf k An u
e New York port arpa. victory, but the newly-organizeedheaded a list 'of party bigwigs C On Du
The decision climaxed a long AFL dockworkers union chal- and leaders from 15 farm states.
and bitter struggle between the lenged the result and the NLRB Stevenson highlights the con- AI ChrLsI fiuh
AFL and the ILA for control of set aside the election. It ordered ference when he delivers what Isi
the dockworkers which reached a second election which was held expected to be a "major" speech
its peaklast spring when the last May, at a $ib-a-plate dinner tonight.
ILA staged a 29-day strike in It was not known in advance Services at Christ Church By-
rof its demands for bar- The ILA again won but some whether Stevenson would con- he-a tomorrow, will be con-
ganing recognition. 866 votes were challenged by fine himself to a speech on farm ducted by the Rev. Mainert J.
The AFL previously had oust- both sides. The board disposed topics or branch out into other Peterson, who returned last
ed the ILA rom the federation of the challenges's de- ects, but local leaders ex- Tuesday to his duties following
on grounds It was dominated byc prison and said that even if the pected him to take at least a an operation at Gorgas Hospital
ree nd riddled wit administration and a period of recuperation
racketeers and riddled with AL hadbeen upheld on all ts sideswipe at administration farm spent with his family at Santa
crime and corruption. ILA Pres- challenges, the result would not policies. Clara.
dent Joseph P. Ryan was indict- have been changed. Clara
ed on charges of misuse of union The AFL pledged in advance to Stevenson came here with his Tomorrow will also mark th
funds. "fight to the finish".for control son, Adlai Jr., who recently re- Tomorrow wil also mark the
Ryan's trial resulted in a dead- of ast coast longshoremen, re- turnedfrom Korea. In a stop- Axniversary, of the Woman's
locked jury and he never has gardless of the outcome of the overduring the ay at Water-uxiliary,d there will be cor-
been retried. He resigned as ILA election. loo, Ia., Stevenson told a crowd porate communion of the group
president Nov. 18. of about 400 persons that voters during the 6 a.m. service of Holy
Three local ILA bosses also The board decision was by a 4 should check their party care-Communion. At 9 o'clock there
to 0 vote. Member Abe Murdock fully to see IU it has fulfilled its ermon and at 3 o'clock in the
did not participate, promises. afternoon a special service to
In the May 26 election the old "Regardless of party ties, we celebrate theanniversary of the
ILA got 9,407 votes and the AFL have a common objective every Auxiliary. Activities for the day
9,144.two years to see if the party in
This is what There were 666 challenged powehas fulilled our hopes an will close with Evensong and
votes, 491 of them by the AFL. aspirations," Stevenson said. plans are bel made th
eVeryOne At a hearing on the challenged Democratic National Chairman pars t resen Prof Alfred o
ballots at New York this week, Stephen A. Mitchell said the de St. Mal, violinist and Prof.
the New York Shipping Assn. principal target of the confer- ansanowtz, pianist, in a re-
and the Independent ILA said ence would be "broken promises" ctal at the Atlantic Theater on
in Panamo they felt that the 491 votes chal- the administration allegedly Sept. 28.
lenged by the AFL should not be made to farmers in the 1952 Proceeds from the concert will
counted, a board spokesman campaign. help to boost the fud for th
said. "The conference will include renovation of the church organ.
is talking about! panel discuss on "REA andrenovation o the church organ.
The board set aside the 491 natural resources," "taking the
votes, leaving 175 to be counted. farmers out of the farm pro- Character Analysis
So Remember The board, in giving the elec- gram," and "farm income and
tion decision to the old ILA, pro- price supports." CLEBURNE, Tex. (UP) -
MONDAY 30TH ceeded on the theory that even The latter is expected to gen- Police got a call about a "shady
if these all went to the AFL, they rate the most heat, with the and suspicious-looking character"
is the day. could not overcome the ILA's Democrats blasting the new flex- lurking around a downtown park-
old victory margin of 268 votes. bible price support program of the ing lot late one night. They found
The May 26 election was the administration. it was John Rodman, special of-
second held since the battle be- The.Democrats believe that ficer and night watchman.
Re UCtons from tween the AFL and the old ILA the decline in farm income, cou-
started. The original election, pled with new legislation giving"
20 to 5 0% held just before Christmas, was them lower support prices, will
thrown out by the board in up- turn farmers against the Repub-
at holding AFL charges that it was locations.
conducted In an atmosphere of George McGovern, executive
"fear and intimidation." secretary of the South Dakota A MASTERPIECE IN


Tel. 22910STARTS SEPT. 1
Tel. 2.2910 .. ... .

. -L. II







Natwre's nerest rivdl to
he diamond. Full on*e-
cormt zircon-looks like
a diamond, cut like
diamond, spaorkin ie
a diamond. Handsomely
setti ng m ofar design.


&w>Uy .(a if




, 0"



Atll orders of refrigerators, washers and stoves taken during this week
will be delivered FREE OF CHARGE from the pier at Balboa or Cristobal
or Freight House...
Ordinarily you pay this expense, but on orders of refrigerators, washers
and stoves for the week of August 30 through September 4 we will effect
home delivery at NO EXTRA EXPENSE TO YOU.

Extra Large 10-Ib. Capseity
for Big, Family Sise Washes
Washer has new Visimatic wringer
with all these great features (1) 25%
wider feed tray to guide clothes to
wringer evenly; (2) Safer, open-top
design for full visibility; (3) Safety
push-pull bar immediately releases
pressure, stops rolls; (4) New inter-
lock prevents roll drive until'wringer
roll control is reset; (5) 1-pc. wringer
construction; (6) Wringer swings in
full circle; (7) Rolls automatically
adjust to proper pressure for maxi-
mum water removal. The new "Roto-
Swirl" agitator Is tough duralite plas-
tic. Timer shuts off washer automa-
tically, rings bell when wash is done.
New center drain pluz drain pump
empties tub in 2 minutes. Heat-saver
double wall tub keeps water hot for
additional washes. Gear case I sealed
and lubricated for life. White baked
on enameL Free-wheeling casters. J-
HP motor, rubber mounted. UL ap-
proved. 110-120 volt, -cycle AC. 46
M. high. Fits space 26=3 in. Shpg.
wt. 216 lbs.
2 E MT4270-Was $144.95
New S UM

-A m


( O,0N



And Models As In Our Mens' Slax


SIZES 8 to 12..... $1.95 to
SIZES 14 to 20. .... $3.95 to






Opp. Ancon P. 0.






The best magazine
published in Panama
with the last news of
the latest events in
the Republic.


Ball and Roller
Bearing Throughout
Standard and Racing
5-40 Horsepower



mIoutDd in 'm9ugd, mmmd.

- CEPT. 4








Ave. J W A" a&M e Si-- bla


" -. '" ,*







* ,



I I I .I I II I I." I

Written for NEA Service

& 10974 4 None
VJ 104 9 86
1065 972
*K83 4Q10764
North-South vul.
South West North East
1 6 Pass 34 Pass
4 N.T. Pass 54 Pass
5 N.T. Pass 64 Pass
6 4 Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead-- J

SN. Y. Confidential
(Continued from Page 2)

the battle himself because he's no!
politician, just a good policeman.
- NOTE: Honolulu city has the
largest pro-Communist population
per capital in the country. For
many years, its local government
(Democrat) has had to take orders
from Red Harry Bridges, who
owns the three largest unions in
'he islands.

Our Paradise, But Not Pacific:
While Honolulu is building Ameri-
can (Miami style) hotels catering
to fat tourists in mink, Gotham is
going Hawaii nuts. You've got to
shake it to be i i the swim ...
After nearly two decades, the Lex-
Ington Hotel's Hawaiian Room
(with wiggles by Loma and hulas
by Kamucla Makia) finally caught
on and is hottest place in town
... There's big money in the ex-
otic, too. Kay Yamato, a Yale
Law School grad, gave up Black-
!stone to open Orchids of Hawaii
where he sells everything Hawai-
ian (except tne wahmis). But
such pretty sales girls You get
wahinis from Tutasi Wilson, a Sa-
moan, who provides South Sea
dancing gals and luaus (that's the
eats) for private parties. Is my
Aloha showing?

How ,should you play today's
hand at a contract 01o ix spaucs Postmortimcrs: Marilyn Mon-
against a heart opening leau De- roe wires (1) she wont be at a
e on your own line of play be- Democratic jamboree in Westport,
zore reading on. Conn., (2) she's in Hollywood
When the hand was actually (3) she has never discussed poll-
plaed, ouh won the ties in public, and (4) she keeps
in nis own nand witlt lie King Oi rh
in as own nant d wint the king her voti ng preference to herself.
hearts and then laid down the ace (Just what always said. Dames
of spades. ins was a fatal error. belong in the kitchen.) .. From a
Sc w reader: "It was not Phil Sheridan
South could count on winning who marched through Georgia" as
only ive tricKs in tne side suits.who m arched through Georgia asm Tecum-
He therefore needed a total of seV you wroe: an"bt W illa Icu ll
en trump.. trick in order ... ma seh Sherman." (I knew it all the
en trump tricks in order to make time Just wanted to see if you
his contract, did!)
South must ruff twice in the
dummy in order to win seven
trump trick, butn e cannot afford Wisdom of a White Way Wolf:
to ruff with dummy's honors. Put it in poetry; make it exciting
South struggled on manfully for-but whatever you do, don't put
South struggled on manfully for it in writing.
a long time, but he eventually lostit in writing.
.,club trick and a trump trick. His
rcless beginning had defeated dummy's low trumps. You return
5 e b to your hand by way of the king
lr : of hearts and lead your last dia-
t is easy enough to provide for mond towards the dummy.
U- en trump tricks if you simply
S analyze the hand before you play If West discards, you can ruff
S am the dummy at the first trick, with dummy's remaining small
Having seen what you need, you trump. It is then easy to cash the
Sn the first trick with dummy's jack of spades and get to your
Se of hearts. hand with the ace of clubs in order
I "' to draw the rest of the trumps. If
As your next step, you lead the West trumps the fourth diamond,
queen of spades, discovering the you can overruff in dummy and
bad news. Now you cash the king draw trumps with even greater
San ace of diamonds, after which ease. Either way, West cannot de-
Syou ruff a diamond with one of'feat the slam contract.


Accepting General Cargo For:
Sailings: Every Fifteen Days for:
Houston and New Orleans
Sailings: Every Ten Days for:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weeks)

Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masonic Building, Cristobal, C. Z.


REAL COOL KID-Mary Ann Young, of Columbus, Ohio, is not
only by a waterfall she is IN a waterfall. Looks like the greatest
thing to combat hot weather since the invention of ice.

The Pacific Steam Navigation Company

Royal Mail Lines Lid.


S.S. "FLAMENCO" ........................... ...Sept. 2
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ............................. Sept. 12
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Ta).0.... .Dec. 10
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ..............................Sept. 13
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ...................... .......Sept. 25
M.V. "DALERDYK"........................... 31
M.S. "LOCH AVON" ................ .Sept, :

M.S. "DURANGO" ........................ ,... Sept.
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ............................Sept. 1Z

All Sailings Subject to Charge Without Notice
FORD CO INC. JPANAMA-Ave. Peru #55, Tel. 3-1257/8
I BALBOA-Term Bldg.. TeL 2-1905

rfAybody feads Cla51ssifie

The Raider




r____________ _______




Food for Thought



No Ideas Wanted




Not Nice

At the Lawyer's BY LESLIE TURNED

Just In Time


A4-EA-6-.- KAFF-kAFF pLA L- 6
-ryAPD NoDN SUPPOWE Ur o9r 60 (6eT
Lrr-I0A A4D 6LI16


L e
s^o a^

*s4e SEZ eHe WO'T
s v_^_WITHrr/ S






- --m-

S ........ ( D I 134 P an baptism At New.

SI ,SoAr 5O3x 07 neon 7, Church in San
h .l es aS --will be held tomorrow at .
1urcu' @1 p iu C*tu.du ea n' -o" Posts and Bases Rev. R. o. Van Royen. -
Se m #o* asnd ml *EAhu- -Od R**,n t.e.t, oL.Southern 8

S MM th st |||M" A ggdot Ml ll lf vium & Amap plb. 1 YOUNG VISITOR HURT ON WAY TO CANAL ZONE Girls, and her mother, Mrs. Mau- Britain motorists v ho were speei
Sg i -- u"r t ri sumem a sinaatl ar "d .* i oNote ......... si ...... b. i h u visitors on the Atlantic Side Thurs-passing a bottle of liquor sfro
l. ; lme umee a t ri- laI .t es a SchoO. (building "O... rt Lo / a t2 20740ov o-0 ,o 1sa t 30 ad he meeting of one car to the other.

r o i- W .. do. Har t party where youngster and adutts who have ing included Leneve Dough, Bar-a d .. .
Im ,o s. lre *s joiiSir-' .....S"" helped her skice her accident wmi also be feted guaes. bara Thrift and Shirley Keepers 15 ".ears o
l M e m. u | SO1nsM i "o" ................" io Thouh te Ha0rt are the hosts, the party will I given aof the Cristobal Asembly, Anna experience
^^B^^ a JWA amed 1 _w -r- -r.- U. oT n'offoisMh" aN in the baemment of the nearby home of the Charl.e P-wvelys. Johnson of Balboa Assembly and' D.,I, *
hews .ve s. lcI ca wMe "oeF kalM 8 M. e 111 e1 Go0 -0"A CsSunday UIe.nBuUdinNo. 30 ome fty uet have been invited to e affair 5hedued Anita Jones of Pedro Miguel As- 1 0UUng

1Ow mv;e ^. .'^ S :00 am' -- .-... "" ..... o To ,b a bly. Er n.t.ous- i. E ....
Li.. -- .n ,d m ,I|,_.W ILL.o .o FeTe D __P T. A N D M R S L S H eAR T rice T ew inkel of C u rund u, w eri u g br a oni s y hi w

S .. ..... an on the irt Sunday ntha summer vist. Plufe were made a ack, carea au ave tra was tor e s scene on Thursd Iof e
c ehgs WforOs ime a *PMlonon oo te-yar-od vt te y *e to tesa Price will be honored at LO R r m Cristobal Assembly No. 2.
910"' ___--- ti -,veiu-t ,- =. 4v r-.u au andr uncle Capt. and M Leonard Other Avisitors over for the mee.

GOsta ub 7.- see at D theaof m ............. .res.g.r aftme twn mOns eOl t but has ecoopered to ha.te nd them m gn toeth e o er.
- ..0" 9i. S. Hrt ont'eparty where youngsters and adults who haveincled Leneve Dough, Ba

J12 .11. .Sund..a.y. S cS oOol:::::::::::::::: ... ^_... S ksS er ,.1,; e o we Harse t ha tess p ,J or deesdmes.t ie r ". /.
cn. Thoughthe ........ c ly apeed by are tinhe est, the party. w he give w n of the Cristobal Ably, Anera -
sA as as~. ? W .SS..~...nar neosT*ATIO"N.R"*D ** s esnt of ytheTnearby home of the Charles Ptwve t lys.Johno lbEaibo AsScb rt Tands

saea l.A go "it.- /'on sC =s.r 3 d Daaan.a doin a u Buidn .r ut g N. ve b teod tfo tato wcodue her Aaa t tor reed. a heded Anita Jones of Pedro Miguel A
d., .... IH :oi y p us b .r:is.. .......p .. ....... : 30.. m: Lastde d ar t e re. r lea nite d permanent teeth in haou accident. Card Group Enjoys Luncheon

0,&. sa ::: :* .ae a tmrda:. U1 aulda y: : *-: t a 3:3b ro- 50 and and a b ro
alow S i a7ro5:00 P M&_ ,,:.. :d I.m. CAT o btirt I n. ( yC I o" S. 1nyo Jteea t9 come iown for To. a b at their residence s The home of Mrs. rrtt o

Confs sions So l .. r s nsoO A EYC(mmu-Of distinction
sea amp....a... b5, -/ 1 l P.m ." en|oe tFrs nion on tn first .Unday In the a stummeri dtplu w ere made bad lyucs. chadre a na aet have tra was the scene on Th nursday.oI S
reunion- Me ali Vmo1t),forAtNht..y.rdIton i r, r a 4see.mohe the lonewa trll were he oo ueld To sae era al mee ting o. the crdad

HS^ 'jrff ^ ^ ..... 00T o pam. on ast O do .. l.|- ,' Mo. Nda s olr d bed. ins i are o el* uc
et Cs U, aa-J ""SWe o:a.n,... :l : IB.B. illO f ebRGd rn w can b udn,.o- who 1. six I.,
e r Wida N e" "nray gtso Mbnufl*a**a 7 0t iThe GrJnd cro s. hof e ol i eing o fo d c
idrna t 1 8" B~C, o sSCat-efodteIle **h*assds hde .. ...... .a.n hosa e re the Balboa Woman's Club. Mrs. tTur.ihh'aths
Ba cjla n :Clas S (after 11 0 1 g ain A SALFORT AMADOR too $Palmer iofhCanal Zonebhe be erfe for Several Wa later A. Daniel served antcs

2L 2a rs .... 00P.Pt i. Mimg n Thumat Us neese Dilman ................. T: 0 pm. yo gter. Fro her home I months ye, and ed up i roster averaging ix e
.i ^ ." .'. ..... .-b -, ,, ,o, .-, ., r,,, s. ^ w ,s &..:ag ...... r.. .. oto ,t a...M aerr ao nshosrete or Mesdames L. u oM, d sl n t o
._ _SndCa o5sv~: :3y 0 p. mdy. on Tu:d. n d ,-i Wwd Chhipr C,, CR O. T N. ...H w t poI t w ere the Harts felt that pel, Joe Nordeng, A. EttingePr,.

"tart n n 4i "-.dae- ,,.__and Thrsiday. ac Dbl aSh. ,t i. Gyam B ."w aritai a iro, helu Tn urih e ve-w Mrs. Edmondson, the wife of a .
_.._..T. .....wm -u aa- ,d s erm nn 2, wl .. e : ," nAfter. Miso' Karn Stroop Wor- Jersey City, N.J. truckdriver, andu e

. .. .. n.. -A._T DE LA SAl W y Thurdays Box Gaibo. C.z p e rehape, Advisor, and other officers mother of three explained why III llllllii l^
af '. St ** i .a SACREDM : u R A.., Yout...7 .. ..... : 30 ca0"[ ay by-arl iing of u n1 G o i K i pero, G. 0. Parker
0 asses: 51 ., 7:n and L16 0 =Oarr M sne:00. ae** etoTocunenfound friends would be ju os h I ht whatJh C de ErA cin

-7.&** Contfslons:s 4 am .and 50o o s c S mot) for the ceerPg of thL honorary ad Height is an obstacle unless

RIO n"S -w. d W ", am. an 3 S5. uu ah.a. a ......7:45whereherai and uncle ha It the doctor ordered. Ae the doc- W. C. Me rchant, F. R. Gregor.

g ot-MCOU SA"err -cU4 I ?Saturday:3:320 50 iand ai ; S..e drive. out to welcome her. last rc tagaret Joudrey; Ster of Vi- fashion hows. f ihe new lCollcton

r r7:15 .:' p.m. Thursday before irst/ 8n G rter and n E leeoe r G on wrestr i e inlth id eh 4
r = ,.ViOLad Dets: a M.EDaly_,Mass....... rah........f6:00 Bution the way IntotoawMarquesa ndMarquesrs cha re

aiIes--- rridr -, D. A o.SS cheated girls. Moot of ours are the a watch as beautiful s the *
Sconvt ls: t m. hi n Thu ol y CBaD4 uc ovAa n Also assisting in the ceremony pinup type." Josh Bo at Ma ........... :45 1:45 the art car reached ph rey and Jean Chambers, as who had a modelling career and re l

M^u,_a* .,: 4 ,-. M- ;^^_s .*,l C u c h, fL. .R lower girls was onh.,re of Bh lRoses Diamod
a .........* uetr any M.: : *d l- ts DAt A t Tueray) Her. '. ..NSpecial guests at the meeting marriage. Mrs. Edmondson meas-.
a m ,Sz M t .cp.d n_: 4:*4. 6 DL40 laTr.yI .... ,-,. Su"d mn lo WySu., aGyee included; Mr. and Mrs. Harold ures 3. 26, and 3, and weighs a -I I
Union...... w. C.. PA ILuta .o STAIO. ODAIthl Sgh n' a a eESTRAINEDa rather tha M. Chambers Worthy Patron and 138 H..nds. (Naionl Ot an

WON... ........ a/ ... Ma... la :1a4m..4 .. m t i' m v flatten ed istheword for Cas trillo were ,o n of Royal Palm T gency boasts a willowy bal-ex. w
"'A So Cod y a 3 Atda s bJewis lli and rIyon vat e mbel i dwee k at a cocktail paWo rty Advisor, actress who had a ucce l ca -
u.....sdoMass .......ndayp 70." und.y chool-......... .%CLAYTON

6SO pr s Da ,am: 6 A IScoals i r 12 pm .Before with all over could see en b A assembly No. 1, Order of reer on the London stage and

Tao _ovirsIfrid l :. 600 am. (ftb bra dery.... Wateh for l further the Rainbow d or Girls. British television before Ghe came
W e ISal O1 p.m. Saturday Ma a nws bout Pr fhi o n Following the meeting refresh- to New York, and several German) .
r S t. 4Ctio0M e am.. 1: 0 a :on Wenes .iA Saturday.. .............. .m. bundled into. aris as chairman, taller than anywhere a I do at teir a Vie"
GoA.nSao A-4- Sateidla ss o : :0- wegnaedyb:00roken r ayhgoteIsashew WrkeM oe G

.... ..b. -b"- 3 Cl- a..k... N 24uda.Chi n ,- t e e 3b oe Th'ur1:3 0t..........h vis itors f _:0i a brokeer o
Om m p. An w' P" yrtr8M SerAICe .

Md r"lWC. Momway -C1 Cl 3:Tsm p.m. oa TwI e ; svra were entertained by Mr. and Airs. Scott of2
PaeI, Twn-IOUR Club: :1 OF ATIMA Wedn- iBa ItS a HaDe Se oaglso of he Colon have announced the birth eine ts ot
SSunday man, a" a- .. 0 am'a-m .-U O DAVIS Manuel Jose Paredes, who gave wea shod e ac r.I-

Ila= ss L as s:t r D6:00Pim Churcho.. S oS Andrew Sunday School ( n a on Thurdy t auctionolon OCeaOn- as
: pmiieonSet-- The Rev. William W. Baidwinte).......... 1 I:30_ arb uat.their' residn mce. .n

s" .. "' a "M. 'a' a a n^ n t or P e ra l r a n r n r M r a.
S-.... o urdy: 4:00 .5:00 Holy Communion. w ...............1i l. The baby's maternal rand- GFORME BtsLL

RALW..s! __: :e .... r FT Mce WJi wilchols m mbe RADI fT n oE.
Si uSub PMC" Class 1010 1 am. on .U yo 0an SC--hurch :Schod oaml. F ORT sh (o say a ste r "ra ..
i o t _as: 30 p&n. e nd s rl D. lA O atS r a o s. ts ... :00*** Mrsang Carl J. Browne of Balboa olorsWill R um ae n

wheiAeef- tousest.e: ns "i 8 aerda. do _. SK"I "O_'A......... I ..."^ ^ U was hostess at coffee yesterday ype. pallet, Tap and To -
a Ca Sauday. M. iCt-Sunday Ain Moth).CA TIJ7 on "A terredoNancy e BALBOA arg.C.A.
SA, v, AI .. ..C Evening Prayer. 10_Pm. m_,sud School.................59:00 B border ro the Rainbonwon

cIr A s. o DAadeaa ns asto- sembly o of the osZone Cot ge Minlong-stemmed co ntainedy eptember 13th
Cordr f0lam. u ndat aWndl':3ailymMass...........e.....Ia0bow Tor Girls, held Tnw-saay eve- in Manhattan these days.

SS Ts 1 3 1, m.. : s .an. nd w. o Th iM ..Ci. ....... p.m. The first thgeneral autumn meet statuesque blonde named Sawill be held at the

So :o Tu-day. onr e O.. B ey. on ........... ** ..... t O r t e anbo c a lAg .b.e aui;..t Wednesday and
Ms..-YI :0.. :. M 0o. ,P-- s.# 1Udn eal A.a *.m.r e t WOrry. g ... .o.. sero .. sEpondorss 1s nd2df

a nd t-n0ru t o : th e G ran'., .a a30 oft.. tob or T Hi Weg JTewin in rNhh
o C fe las s- 3 at /O:00P rdaTs td y 3lCuc- _3 .00m. M d --ULICK.. 1.. .. : the Sou bt were e Aose mbrle in calletheOrde thd G ara de on, haso0 brtIesd

7:00Sn d /rv w C a.. ..* a sS: m h r da ef .oAre .... ... o eb wn:00of th e R ainao wa anLcf r e upn. ,i Its b oewr haavgut, ie M s. E eo n

nertae7 uo. saNoda: : 00 $ 1 a .. .. ..n. V. ......9 ..v ry c r M. d onr R aieo G im orstant job required abrolte Gafety hin the opira-
Rev.ST. IM U"O$ 29ssit-7:30 feet, ando r s n c otineof t he ls iunde

a *i .... ..I m C atohis eCss tar 5~.- 0 a om. 0.u .f f. sndayMss................ ..r n t E. frhiss c eara s tu e h a a u ole. .

a p t C :30 a s em u. nv1 1 .AsH a nd sC10 c .ra. ahot oraryde greof theRain dbow sif eetalfourlanonly. inheOel
and Thurd83 y U0 8A s:. 5 ad a S tundayMa ss Gy MsrEdonso.hewieA

to = 1a610o1: U 01Zl.s:ds 7:3,.P.M.., ,tIISunday .School........... :40 0.m.nter, O byab ma tceralre pnd- srse,,eai ni x feet
.M.. ..........,s tp.m Sud Mss: modl ,,.vend 1:20 m-.8 s lae dLemaud W Shirt c. .. prm.
scam ....... day. #.F.andCr asterosfC olstook.theira nretionsdtheocarerofthe tallg rl sheunderr -
I a w .. 8 0I I lM O I 7:IC0p! =_ Colfassl s: Afer: 30 &-isd ew I aSeRrvice.ices renderedf.......... 7:en pinches.ISIme-.oar
IN-W -,,n,.--r,,t: 30/ M m: .O Tuesday 10 aa!mNovena: nd1 mpmsix. ..........o..G deaIree Casr o. Cerow e mo n s theoa gi rl f i"onds onther ight de -" .. I
o.ssefandThuryi 30 NelmM. .e .E m.ndsn .4 tmewifhde o Mody weaptlear

-M ,.. .-R.. w.iST.anrt tintiSnsteg!o Vison-M is.vL=anS pnay Scoo, W.....ed nes and T o. :na
IO"is- Mnaee : -110d : 30a imer. .---. ............... ... 3 .m . try 81de Di moa H
HursayYouth berviFei : ,-,, -,- ... ........... :n em p and Grand Keeers_ oftheDoraind e INofashionesh ved.waH stgha ns
C la /nss: 6 ".10 pand a8.1 0 *.m. I R ASS S........7:0Aplso as sisor theco tfeing on theicereono ry spin isan

Mee__ ng. Sunday Ma es/- : 7 :00. 60 and I Iyflowergirls,"Wwas oeoXfBillyoMRstie srDDiUon
i.'s.... i s..Ra ogd -,- .e cuua uo F JaU3 ch SunHorseshondM s Nlso eth gew ho unes f O
" C,5..:.15 p .m. includedru ps'M Mr. ad MrC.s. Haraol urIe ng ,p 2r and 3ob aeq igst
Williamsonfessins: Saturday 4:06 o-5 andU ,Suday ame .n..." i....... ean t

1owed,--1ia.malmoveraetemia# Balboa --Asse',-.M brsR lyNo.1,OrdeH ph rey; "Fer on the Londaaon istage a

nM av. Aaandr .Lsaw.- T r c- YsI : BibleLecture. 7' --a- M I OODRICH tre
Me d. at San Pablft. S-- .5:4S and : a: n. WyDNSDAY: B e Stufdy d r Wm. J. J rt. Wa T t treatments COnCCa ODRCHt l ires.
p.aSE0-Ml.oiS-ChurMtOffice .am0 a. Ho 6:.005S, !dS0 S cpn. and 4.@ Service.- 7ae p-. Sunday Tol.. .. .nt............. -sc I p-n --.S. I-i -
M chure a School Prw bam service p.m ..Pacif. p dce-SM-Pas nr Saom MoraiDs w~rSp ............* *. every Visible Strand of dull. I
Maraca ibPkles a ComnasioM M 5:0 Mad T0 .- 1:00 District Pastor W.. Waer n-s- ai-- ......... e ry v u shoW Mrl RldoO .
PMu o Gt p.m. re.t 2a s-sn) or gray hair, give spark lig The piure O
O 1S..r e IThe Expanded Catechism Class: H11oa.m. on Sunday. Cabo Verde. Ave. J. F. de la O, a .rin, manager uagry ai.iof Fe IC" ie
onr Nurserwy. Klndew n. Mlracuious Meda Novea: 7o pmL. 17. Paneam"No. iJ.mai'ca SW aMW w. e ., highlights and lustre, adds IN- nc., showing Deputy Chief a
= yad Junior Deets n I.. .-l St).eNo. N.L Chorrillo.2M StN. Ma,iiiSt.C __ I ;...
Cuc -tme NUr fr or children S. Sred V we Nis:ToSn O...Pueblo.Nuevo.2-A St. betwe 3rd. 1*:M subtle, natral-looking color-how oI
-r 3. Friday. 4 f Stt B l o Abalo, l St. M. 7. o r Wahr w ...........11 wp. I water out f tread path fo b that Chagw OUr worry ter traction in wet paemets.
,- t---S...,.. a m ...I...... pt.--,Rubd A. Rus School .............. :30a. 'tht
1fv son Va W D eride No63. CridatSs, Marning woesie ............0I aLY

t. S-L," I ^ .. ^D sI At G. NewS.- COLORS CONDITIONS I t ollowing added pro on:
Gan I"c t. a ts A v Prude. CLEANSAS

-fM a. P v _City e (TeL 4S A- lI O o t
20 NNA .dW o a. MraesPrenoa mbW PrAgaahe FAAI i-O.t Parkway. $10 LAMeSH TINT RICH'u t


r- .-. __ -_- CLEANSES o -, "

3. ,- _5...... @mm gari8s a li* Dnsit. .....u I*s :
n!Coe, *0co
VIM z- .

h IL~



S I|UV ArMIST 5 22 U

V.r- .



.G WTUU a 1



MORRISON 4o 01 uly Ave & J St
Just Aroaemena Ave and 33 St.
182 La Carr.sqiusia

Cenuall As. 149
No. 3 Lottery Plaza
Fourth of .uly Ave.

..* a nr A 5

H Street No. 57

Household Automobiles
FOR SALE- Furnture, due to trip, FOR SALE: 1941 Lincoln Zephyr,
cheap. Phone 3-55AL2. excellent condition, $150 cash.
chep._Phone 5 -_-- Phone 5-167, House 224-A, Gatun.
F' ,CC W est, n gho.use Loundro--. ...... .. ..
mat, 25-cycle, used only 18o months FOR SALE'-1953 Plymouth Fordor
$250; Hoover vacuum cleaner $25, sedan, 2-tone, radio, heater, di-
Q.M. dining table, black hard plas- reotionals. Call Saturday, Milt. Al-
tic top, 42x42 $8; 2 straight choirs, brook 3114.
$1.50 each; small wooden desk $7, FOR SALE: -- Allstate utility trailer,
Leedy 3-octave vibraphone, 25-60, $50. Phone 4-573. Pedro Miguel.
cycle $125; Kodak Medalist II, lie i --SALE '- 0bOdsmoble'Club
new $223, radio ear hearing aid, FOR SALE- '50 Oldsmobile Club
used one month $100; Phco I I 1 coupe, excellent tires, radio, clean
tube table model radio 40 3-' throughout. Car finance. Phone
speed record-changer $30; other ,_3-4050 Panama._____
items. 786-B, Tovernilla Street FOR SALE:-1953 Ford 4-door Cus-
Phone Balboa 1828. tom 6, excellent condition $1485.
FOR SALE: --Tappan stove, 4 non- Phone 83-6185.
rust burners, oven with glass door.
latest mode, NEVER USED. Bar- FOR RENT
gain. Phone 3-2057, Sr. Lopez.
FOR SA LE. W est n~ house r frigero- ... .. .. .. .
taor 50, 3-,peed record player wi.h FOR RENT'- Furnished cholet: Two
exit, 60-cycle transformrr 40, b-droms, livinroom, diningroom,
both 25-cycle 21 I 8, Sago Ave ,' n cid's room, garage, patio. $130.
Cocc'. BiBela Visto. Uruguay Street No. 13.
FCR SALE .- -pc. bedroom set ,ith Phone 3-1686.
box spring mattress $125. Prho ne F RRNT. -- 3-bedroom bungalow
2-2490. 135; 2-bedroom bungalow $100
FCR SALE:--' Mahogany ,ngroom Well located, good neighborhood1
furniture: 8 choirs, buffet, tobne, and il modern conveniences. Ap-
china closet. $150 or will sell sep- ply Sonny Boy 810. Tel. 3-3041.
aortely. House 4-B, New Cristobal, FOR RENT: Modern chalet: Two
until Sept. 1. __ I bedrooms, maid's room, properly
FOR S-ALEU:-General Electric refn- screened and ventilated. Lo Car-
gerotor, 25-ycle; diningroom fur- Golf Club, good view of Panama
niture; wicker chairs, chest. 746-B, Golf Club, $90 monthly. Miguel
~lboo. Hive. Phone 3-4844.
FOR SALE: Simmons couch-bed. FOR RENT -- Beautiful residence of
red; floor lamps; pair twin beds, in- three bedrooms, hot water, terrace.
nerspring mattresses; one 9x 12, .Phone 2'-3035 Panama.
one 7x9 fibre rugs; wood table iti Offe d
Ho 8564, Margarit hone 2 Position Offered
.- -...--.- -- -- WANTED -Young man, experienced
FOR SALE:---25-cycle Westinghouse in 'horthnnd in Enh!ish, Spanish
refr.geratcr, 10-cu. ft., enamel, ex- or'd boo' k-Ppinr For interview carl
cellcnt working condition, 140r telarhone 2-0894 between 4 and:
Phone 2-2670, Los Rios 6380-B. 6 pm m,

portable, Universal $35. 2127-C, for the Canal Zone, including the
East Sixth Street. Curundu. Panama Canal Co., Army and Navy.
FOR SALE:-25-cycle G.E. wringer- Apply P.O. Box 1721, Panama,
type washing machine $25. 6410, R.P. giving particulars and recent
New Corozal.ph______oto
FOR SALE:- 1 /V2-ft. Frigidoire, per- WANTED:- Unmarried experienced,
fqct condition, 60-cycle $140. Al- bil-Nngual, Panamanian secretary
brook 86-3115. for small office. Must type well,
Stake dictation in Enrllshi Spanish
FOR RENT 't required. Mall references to
Apartodo 1172, Panoma.

0 Rooms
FOR JiENT:-Room. furnished. Fourth
qf July Avenue: One bedroom with
balcony, small diningroom ( kitch-
enette, refrigerator, screened. Suit-
able for one or two persons, $65.
SPtone 2-4912 or 2-3584.
FOR RENT:-G I. inspected, cool fur-
nished room; kitchen, Frigidaire,
diningroom privileges. No. 21, 4th
of July Avenue, Apt. 3, opposite
Roosevelt Hotel. Pay me payday.
i' FOR RENT: Clean, comfortable
rooms, furnished, maid service. No.
3 "1" Street, opposite Tropical The-
ater, Phone 2-1541
FOR RENT:- Cool, nicely furnished
X room with private entrance for
bachelor. Estudiante Street No. 71,
Apt. No. 5.
FOR RENT: Cool, big furnished
room in Campo Alegre. Private
both. Meols available. Call 3-1789,

condition, not rusty. Phone Mon-
day 3-3497 or deliver to Grant,
Avenida Cuba No. 12.

Will come to your home. Zez Ben-
nett. 2-1282.

The United States District Court for
the District of the Canal Zone,
Balboa Division.
LIBEL-No. 4005
In Admiralty Monition. AGENCIAS
DI CABOTAJE. S.A. a corporation, on
i own behalf and on behalf of the
Master, Officers and crew of the M/V
DAMIEN. Libellants
a ainst
Whereas on the 24th day of August
= Charles I Ramirez of Van Sircen.
amrez and De Castro. Proctors for
the Libellants. flied a Libel in the Dis-
| tlct Court of the United States for the
strict of the Canal Zone against the
S mllft yacht PRINCESS WAIMAI in a
e8 Vt. e of Monition and Libel in Rein
Amralty Civil and Maritime, in the
nM' of nseoeI
-Ad whereas. by virtue of process in
*0'form of law. to me directed, re-
l~ kble- on the 10th day of SePtember
Save seized and taken the sail-
SYraetht PRINCESS WAIMAJI. her ap-
W "r. tackle, furniture and equipment
W Ilhave her in my custody. Notice i I
101sby given that a District Court will
It held In the United State District
CMen oom in the City of Ancon. Ca .
t Il o. on the 10th day of Septemberl
9-r the trial of said premises, ,nd
-Jewet or owners and all persons
mny have or claim any interest
.ereby cited to be and appear at
t re and place aforesaid to show,
u l. If any they have. why a !inl
-ea should not oasa as prayed.
B'Dtd State Marshal-ln and for
'te D strlct of the Canal Zone.
^ .1

POSITION available for experienced
English-Spanish stenographer. -Ap-
ly P.O. Box 555 or phone 2-0690

Helo Wanted
WANTED:-Girl to iron one day per
week. Phone 3-0378.

Chuog is the new Viet Nam ai-
bassador to the U. S. President
Eisenhower promised him addi-
tional assistance to help his
country toward solution of "the
.difficult problems of peace."_

Agenda internal. de Publesaciones
45 Central Ave.
Parque Lefevre 7 Street
160 Central Ave.

Vtia bpaa No. 34

FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile post
Santo Clara. Low rates. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.
Phillli. Oceoanside cottages. Santa
Clara. Box 435, Bolboo. Phone
Ponoma 3-1877. Cristobal 3-1673.
Spend your Vacation in Volcan in
where you can go riding, fishing,
hunting and enjoy a n ic e climate.
Hotel Julion provides you clean rooms
and good meals. Arrangements con be
made.-Write for reservation. HOTEL
JULIAN, Haoto, Volcan, Chiriqui.
Under American Management.

FREE ISTIMATES Reconditioning and
Reupholstering Furniture. Advice in
Interior Decorating. Call EUREKA,
Central 206, beside Copitolio Theater!
Phone 2-3479
TRAVEL. Enjoy a wonderful week-end
in San Juan, Puerto Rico, September,
18-26. Call COPA Ritnama 3-3171.
PIyANO TUNING and Repairing done-
by Sidney E. Hyams. Tel. 2-4843. f

electrical parts and equipment.
Many other miscellaneous articles
going very cheap. Garage 761-X.
No. 1, Borneby Street, 7 to 9 p.m.
Phone Biolboa 1828.
FOR SALE:-Complete dental e4tuip-
ment AC-DC. Coll Pedro Miguel
Dispensary, Phone 4674. Also other
dental items.
FOR SALE:- Oriental rugs, Chinese
antique furniture, figurines, glass-
ware, diamond cross. Call Albrook
FOR SALE :-Suits and Pants, BEST-
FIT, superior quality at very low
prices. "BESTFIT," Plaza Santo
Ano, Panama; 1 1 th Street, Colon.

FOR SALE:-Black male Cocker, AKC
registered, 17 months old, $50.
Phone 2-34011 1502-8, Gavllan

Boat$ & Motorn
FOR SALE :-Cabin cruiser 22 V/ feet
long, "Grey" marine engine. Fully
equipped. Call Alrook 2183.
FOR SALE:-Boat 12', Marine ply-
wood, live bait well. Trailer for
boot. Motor 10-hp. Wizard with
long ranoe press tank. Coco Solo

ATTENTION G. I. Just built modern
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish-
ed 2 & 4-bedroom apartments.
Contact Alhambra Apartments,
10th Street. Phone 1386, Colon.
FOR RENT:-Aportment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater, manager's office.
FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details call
Zubieta: 3-1802, 3-3337.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment.
refrigerator, parlo r-diningroom,
kitchen, bedroom, garage, $60.
112, Via Belisario Porras.
FOR RENT.-One and two bedroom i
oportments, furnished, hot water,
reasonab y priced. Belisario Porras
Avenue No 10). Phone 3-2568.

FOR RENT --Furnished apartments,
2 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms, living-
room. diningroom and porch. 48th
Street No. 27.
FOR RENT -Furnished or unfurnish-
ed one bedroom apartment, with
smail kitchen, bathroom, porch. For
information see Fabrega, East 29th
Street No. 18, rear of "Mercado
Vasco". 10 00 to 12:00 noon and
3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

FOR RENT :-Modern furnished apart-
ments, moderate prices, suitable for
Americon families. Ilth Street,
Pairque Lefevre. Phone 2-1282.
FOR RENT:-Cool 2-bedroom apart-
ment in Bella Vista with hot water,
moaid', room, garage, etc. Phone
3-0373 or 2-1248.
FOR RENT: 2-bedroom apartment,
hivingroom, diningroom, kitchen,
laundry room, maid's room with
bathroom, garage, Alberto Navarro
Street No. 53, "El Cangrejo."

FOR RENT:-Apartment: Livingroom
and diningroom, two bedrooms, ga-
rage, gas. All screened. Calle Ge-
rordo Ortega & Via Espoao, "Cam-
po Alegre" No. 3. Information:
Apartment 4.
FOR RENT:-Unfurnished modern at-
tractive 2-bedroom apartment, ga-
rage, hot water. Residential section
44th Street No. 22, Apt, 4. Phone

FOR RENT:-Best location, sea view
two-bedroom apartment. Price re-
duced. Bello Vista. Call 3-0934.

Invested $20,000 In Housing

Project, Made $4,880,000
NEW YORK, Aug. 28 (UP) committee was anxious to learn
A housing project builder told a whether Traub had turned over
Senate subcommittee today he any of $500,000 he drew in con-
made $4,880,000 from a $20,000 nection with his handling of the
investment in five rental proj- Brooklyn Vandever Estates to
ects, the biggest profit yet dis- former FHA administrator Clyde
closed in hearings on "windfall" Powell. Earlier witnesses had
profits in government-financed testified the Vandever Estates
housing. builders made a 4-million dollar
But Harry L. Ostas insisted he "windfall" profit Ion the project.
was "one of the few builders who Traub, a self-styled real estate
hasn't taken a dime from the'lawyer, said he handled FHA
windfall." Presumably he meant!projects involving 100 million
he had not distributed the prof- dollars in mortgages.
its nor declared a dividend.
Oslas was one of the last wit-
nesses before Acting Chairman
Prescott Bush (R-Conn.) in the .,, .... ..
closing session of five days of', .'
public hearings by Bush's hous-
ing subcommittee on windfall t
profits In FHA housing here. The I
subcommittee was scheduled to: ."
go from here to Los Angeles to! '
continue its investigation..' .

Osias, who built five rental
projects in the borough of
Queens, said he bought the land
on which they were constructed'
for the $20,000. His profits, he
said resulted in the difference.
between actual cost and the
271 -million-dollar FHA mort-
Igages on the properties, plus;
$579,716 he made in premiums
for placing the mortgages.
Osias also said he was trying
to work out an arrangement
with the banks now holding the
mortgages so he could pay them I
1off. get conventional mortgaging
and "take the government off i
the hook completely."
SHe admitted he had not drawn ah
dividend on his $4,880,000 prof-
it because he wanted to use the;
money as an investment in!
!equity If he got conventional!
Israel Orlian of Brooklyn, an-!
other witness, testified he made
a profit of $1,847,000 in a similar!
fashion on nine projects in
which he had invested $27,400
W E AMASADO LtM.- Orlian's projects, located in
COL Jgeg LA CtUt Salamr is Queens. Brooklyn and New Jer-1
the ew Guatseleanl amba- sey. had PEA mortgages total I1,
der to the U. 8He recently 16 million dollars and he. lIke,
tsd us credentials to Oslas. collects rentals for the,
b" enwer buildings which stand on his
P d n land, as well as rents for the'
Bush sharply criticized Abra-:
RESIDENTS IN THE ham Traub. another witness. for'
CANAL SONE failing'to appear with his books
We pffer br and new elee- and records In compliance with
tr Ref1gerators 6 cf. Bush's request Thursday When
1Ir a on 'M.a m seyel m Traub did not appear Bush said'
A1.0. ,he intended to get the book.;
SLMANa w the n subcommittee returns
Turewla thb sub-

HIYA-Pretty 7eny Johimaf
of Nashville, TeaM., -nlet
chosen "Miss Temnesse"
waves a cheery greiMng _,
arrives in New Yatk Cr. Oh
will represent hwer sOl* ia M
coma Wia A*-iM Nd-m

149 Central Ave.
50 Street No. 53
J. Fco. de la UMa Ave. No. 41


IN THE BRIEF INFORMAL CEREMONY at the American Embassy Publio Toala, of Panama,
received a keepsake which he holds very dear. The photo at left was made last year by RI-
cardo Arias Jr., with Publio's own camera at the White House in Washington and now bears thS
personally autographed signature of President Eisenhower. The Dhoto at right shows Ambas-
s :'or Selden Chapin handing over the snapshot which President Eisenhower autographed and
the White House asked be delivered to Publio in Panama.


Protect your Cargo

Utility "

Central Ave. 279
Tel. 3-0140

Dn A. and E. ORILLAC
(Palmer Graduated)
S- 12 and 2, pm.
Saturday: 8 12 noon
5 Per Avenue Tel. 3-13M
(1 block irom Lux Theatre,

Packers, Shippers,
Tels.: 2-2562 & 2-2451

Across from El Panami Hotel
Finest Wines and Liquonr
Open Daily from 10:00 a.m. to
10:00 p.m.
Sunday from 2:00 to 6:00
Rapid Home Delivery at AU Timme
Tel. 3-4758

B 0 0 EN

No. I Is St.,
T*e. 3*I
Tell V lt. S
Bella Vista

Market Manager

Leaves Bank, Held

Up For $12,000O
AIKEN, S.C., Aug. 28 (UP) -
Three unmasked bandits today
robbed the assistant manager of
a New Ellenton supermarket of
$12,000 as he left a bank after
withdrawing the money to cash
payroll checks from the govern-
ment's huge Savannah River H-
bomb plant near here.
New Ellenton is a small town
built outside the H-bomb plant
gates after the government be-
gan construction on the billion
dollar plus operation near here.
Sheriff Price Fallaw said Har-
old Jones, assistant manager of
Ballentine's super market at New
Ellenton, was accosted about 9
a.m. by two unshaven men as he
walked from the New Ellenton
branch bank of the Bank of
Greenwood toward the super
market about 50 yards from the
A third bandit waited in the
getaway car, which later was
found abandoned about a mile
from the robbery scene. The car
had been stolen in Aiken. One of,
the men, apparently the only one
armed, stuck a pistol in Jones'
The money, in $5, $10 and $20
bills, was withdrawn for use by
the supermarket in cashing
checks of duPont Co., employes
at the H-bomb plant, who got
paid today.
Jones told Fallaw one of the
robbers was wearing overalls and
the other khaki clothing. 14o de-
scription of the driver's clothing
was available.
All three bandits were middle-
aged men and unmasked. Jones
At Columbia, State Law En-
forcement Division Chief 0. L.
Brady said the robbers reported-
ly left the spot where they a-
bandoned the getaway car in a
1950 blue Plymouth, and an a-
larm for that vehicle was broad-
8LED agents have been in Ai-
ken County for the past few
wekes, working on a mass clean-
up of gambling, prostitution and
other vic conditions in the area
surrounding the H-bomb olant.
Brady said two of his agents
were working on the robbery

South Booming
In Market Sales
ATLANTA, Aug. 28 (UP) -
The South, which has boomed
from the nation's "No. I econo-
mic problem" to the land of op-
portunity, placed second among
all regions of the United States
in the sale of general merchan-
dise, In 1953. It was disclosed to-
day. US, Department of Com-'
merce figures show the South
marketed 42 billion dollars
worth of retail goods. In total
Mles, the Southern region fin-
imbed tird. I
Dift also eame in aecond In
4allar Vlaum of tranmacUe in
VWWWi JtHlftB' atB-

Panamanian Boy Receives

Eisenhower Autograph

A year ago Publio Toala hadispecializing in cardiac cases, aft-
two very important things on his er he completes his education.
mind. One was his entry Into the When he is not studying, he
University of Panama as a fresn- usually may be found at the
man beginning his premedical Presidencia, running errands and
course and the other was his im- making himself generally useful
pending departure by air for the to President and Mrs. Remon.
United States as a Junior Am- Born in Panama City, lie was
bassador. graduated from the Instituto
The trip to the U.S. was an ex- Nacional last year. He has four
citing prospect even though it brothers and three sisters and
was for three all-too-short his father works as a painter in
weeks. Public flew in a special the Canal Zone. An elder broth-
airplane as the guest of Panagra er, Rafael, now in his third year
along 'with four other Panama- of pre-medical school, is an in-
nian boys and five boys from spiration to Publio.

each of the countries of Argen-
tina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and
Colombia thirty-five Junior
Ambassadors in all. They were to
visit Washington, New York, De-
i troit, Chicago, Denver, San
Francisco, Los Angeles, San Die-
go, Dallas, New Orleans and Mi-
ami before returning to their re-
spective countries.
The real highlight of Publio's
tri was his opportunity not on-
ly tO bake ha -.with Peaddet,

photographed with the U.S. Pres-
dent at the White. House. He
prudently had brought along his
own camera and asked his friend
and fellow Junior Ambassador,
Ricardo Arias. Jr., to make a
quick snapshot., &
Back in Panama, Publio had
the idea to send a print of the
photo to the President and ask
im to autograph it, which Mr.
Eisenhower did and sent it to
the American Embassy here to
be delivered to Publio. The au-
tographed picture was handed
over to the proud recipient by
Ambassador Selden Chapin in an
informal ceremony In the Am-
bassador's office.
Public spends his time working
and studying. An ambitious
young man of seventeen, he fully
expects to become a surgeon,




Guided Missile

Station Slated

For Santa Luca

AU... U ( O LL1I)W5 A r
i^. f l -- -JJI ^ _

William Sheddan,.

Canal Purchasing

Agent, Dies In NY
William J. Sheridan,, purchas-
Ing agent for the Commissary
Division In New York City for a-
bout 20 years and father of the
Canal Zone Public Deftnder,
died Aug. 20 at his home in A-
von, N. J. after a long illness.
He was 78 years\old.
Funeral services were held
Tuesday in North Arligton, N.J.
A native of New York Citay,.Mr.
Sheridan was assistant purchas-
ing agent, for the Commissary
Division from 1909 until' 1922
when he was promoted to pur-
chasing agent. He held this lat-
ter post until his retirement in
1942 after 33 years service.
Mr. Sheridan is survived by
one daughter, Dorothea, of Avon
and by two sons, John F. of
Glen Rock, N. J. and William J.
Jr., of Ancon. Sheridan, Tr. is
public defender for the. Canal
Zone counts.

Local Archdeacon
To Be CeleDbraz
nT-O P a. .,l~qq m.. '

iur u.8. Air Force officers and A -
one Royal Air Force officer from St. Peter's chiArh-lariftU Oe
the guided missile station at will have as celebrant and
Florida left today for Santa Lu- preacher at the holy coiWmunion
cia, Windward Islands, where a tomorrow -morning the Venera-
new guided missile station is to ble Edwin E. Webster, airchdt-
be activated in the near future, con of Western Panama, who is
stationed in Almirante.
Before departing, the group This will be the usual choral
discussed with U.S. consul Wil- celebration at 7 a.m. atid "the
liam Maddox several aspects of priest in charge, Rev. John 8.
the recently-built site in Trini- McDuffie, will assist in officiat-
dad, as another link in the guid- ing.
ed missile control chain. In addition to morning' prayer
and church school at 10 a.m.,
The site is on Trinidad's north evensong is scheduled for 7:30
shore and the talks were believ- p.m. with sermon by Father Me-
ed to have dealt with local bad Duffle.
feeling towards another U.S. base It was announced that enroll-
on this island. Residents have ment is still open, for a limited
never forgiven the Americans for time, in the confirmation class
taking over the island's finest started for adults and- children
bathing beach as a naval base. last Thursday evening.

fCaicading Strinas





will provide a half-hour of delightful

and entertaining music on

HOG SUNDAY at 6 p.m


mercurbo -0


"Cavalcade of Music"

-- -I.. f. As-i


for 12 words

" 1

r is %Y 1r,



I -

I -

I --





cnrrr2~v, z TL,

Y _~__ __

I '. I-







So:1:O31 :,70 :-uI CENTRAL Theatre ___HTEROFLOTERY NITHTe
VA& 4----Shews- 1:15. 3:19, 5:U, 716, 9:00 -nth~T "flAu.TEWRU '01~ ~TA~

.JotkDeri~ek, in
*Sbaq W.LOST

-and -
Gig Young, in
-: and

*VICtOr Mature, in..

and -
,Robert Ryan, in


; BEFORPrices:
s .0.6

- I -

Technicolor I
Jane Powell,
Burt Lancaster




m_ n

Jane Wyman, in
and -
George Raft, in
"Johnny Allegro"

Iw E 1 A

H L. Scout News
9I Atlantic District Fanoree
STo Be at Ft. Davis Sept. 11
I A funoree, third Arc ivcnt for
> RADIO Cubs, will be held at Ft. Davis,
OVES TV RADIO Sept. 11 at 9 am., Maj. Wm. Ger-
Jr n \ 5 Iard, chairman of Atlantic DIs-
by Erskin Johnson trict Camping and Activities
SCommittee, announced at the At-
W lantic District Committee meet-"
HOLLYWOOD (NEA) -I door, back home in Mudpuddle,' ing last evening at the Margari-
went to a movie the other night Iowa. ta Service Center.
and I got so mad I could hardly 3. The district attorney facing All cuba, leaders and parents
finish my bag of popcorn. a couple of pot-bellied politicians of the Atlantic District are urg-
Tiere it Was on the screen across his desk and solemnly ed to attend this event. Cubs and
again. I saying: leaders present will receive their
A husband and wife were at the "Wait'll the g o v e r no r hears Funoree Arc.
parting of the ways. An obnoxious about this."
little offspring followed her daddy 4. The detective saying: Gerard also reminded scout-
to the door, tugging at his coat- "This is the break I've been masters and explorer advisors to
tails. Then the little kid started to waiting for. This will crack the turn In the names of those corn-
whimper aid finally she said it: case wide open." pleting their ten days and nights
"Daddy, dear, why are you madi 5. The nasty heroine saying: of camping for their third Arc.
at mommy?" "Okay, say it-I'm no good." Training chairman Lt. Col.
Daddy replied, "Some day, dear,! 6. The wagon train, caught in Royce Eaves presided at the
when you. grow up, you'll under- Box Canyon with thousands of meeting and announced that a
stand." screaming Indians playing ring scoutleaders' course would be
Just once I Wanted to hear the around the rosy and the Texas started shortly and that there
husband say: I Rangers suddenly appearing from would be at least one more Cub
"Because your mother is a stu- out of nowhere to save the plon- and one Explorer course yet this
pid Jerk." eers. year.
But he didn't. say it. He never,
does. And it makes me mad. And| The next time such a scene ap- The first aid meeting for Boy
I don't enjoy my popcorn, i pears in a film script, Haskins Scouts and the health and safe-
I was still mad the next day Iagreed, he will cut from the men- ty tournament for explorers, the
when I met Director Byron Has- aced wagon train to the Texas fourth Arc event will be held
kins and we got to talking about Rangers playing gin rummy and Oct. 9 at 2:30 p.m. with Mr. Rice
movie corn and cliches, bromides then cut back to the Indians scal- In charge.
and banalities. ping the pioneers. District commissioner R. E.
I was declaring war on them, I 7. The romantic fadeout, with Cox reported that all Atlantic
I told Haskins, and in the future the boy and girl, holding hands, District scouting units were op-
he agreed that none of these situ- tenderly facing the sunset. Can't rating well. A discussion on a
nations would be found in the mov- the boy burp, or something? scout-o-rama and camporee to
les he directs: -. The hero saying: be held on the Atlantic Side in
1. The situation in which the "Now listen, baby. I'm right for 1955 was held with recommen-
only hope of saving the poor little you, see. And no jerk of a boy nations to the C and A commit-
girl suddenly stricken with a dread friend is going to change my tee that the scout-o-rama be
disease is to spber up the drunken mind." held the second Saturday in Jan-
old doctor. 9. Gangsters with hearts of gold. uary at Mt. Hone and the camn-
"If you see that in my picture," 10. Tough chorus girls with oree be held first weekend in
said Haskins, "I will have the hearts of gold.. March.
stew-bum take one last shot of rye 11. Hearts of gold; Committeeman J. A. Howland
in the operating room and prompt- Something has to be. done, too, presented the problem of a new
ly pass out cold." about indicating the passage of meeting place for Troop 12, Ga-
2. The gnarled, crusty heart-of- time. Please, let's have no more tun, while committeeman John
gold stae manager grabbing the shots of: Williams reported on Troo
leading lady on opening night and An empty ash tray and in the Wiiams reported on Troop 6
sending srq tage. with the im. next scene the same tray cram- meecutiveng room faclitiesshbaugh Scoutn-
inotal ied with cigaret butts. The wind nouex tla
-,,p J.t tj, lpwlnr paes off a calendar..1nouhedt lontqc District
you've er-Aa r A -teaf tme'darn the, salne tfee, (r_ t.O 0 U... -. "# 11A t

FOR HIS OUTSTANDING work as an analyst with the Criminal
Investigation Division, Headquarters, Far East Command, M/Sgt.
James E. Cavanagh, 514th Military Police Platoon, Post of Coro-
gal. was presented a Commendation Ribbon with metal pendant
yesterday at Fort Amador by Maj. Gen. Lionel C. McGarr, right,
commanding general, USARCARIB. The presentation took place
during a Retreat Parade in which troops from the Fort Amador
511th Military Police Platoon, Headquarters Company, USAR-
CARIBB and the 516th Transportation Company participated.
(U.S. Army Photo by Sfc. Lloyd Grigor)

Canal Co. To Take Part In Program

For Rockefeller Public Service Awards
-, -~--- U -S.

I even made Haskins promise bare against the snowy blanket The Panama Can~r Co.-Canal The grants provide for awards
that receive wouldn't eve permit herof all I want t hear Mrarita Cubs T Meet Zone government as been In- to be made annually over a pe-
to eive a telegram as she is But mstof all I want to hear 1, Margarita, will hold its voted to participate in the third riod of three years. hey are suf-
waiting in the wings for her cue,! that line: first fall'meeting at the Margar year's competition for the Rocke- ficient to enable each recipient
telling her that her dear little "Because your mother is a stitaGym this Wednesdaat :00 feller Public Service awards for to spend from six months to a
moth is wavering at death's pid jerk." p.m. AllCubs and narents of the which selections will be made yerr in residence at an institu-
pack have been asked to be press. early next year tion of his choice, or in some
Sent as well as respective Cubs Full information concerning comparable educational activity.
CA A l l and their paren v the pro ram is to be furnished The following announcement
Para soutual A id Club and their the hea s of the principal Canal from Princeton's generally out-
units during the coming week lines the type of candidates de-
Visitingfl Wilsns and applications for the awards sired and conditions under which
A announce Essay C ntest llshouldbesubmitted prior to Oct. the awards are made:
Wl s ,a it was announced yesterday at "Theprogram is open tofed-
TO los Preachn the Personnel Bureau which will eral careeremployes whoseror-
The Mutual Aid Club of Parai- Essays should not be of more Preaching The Rockefeller Public e formance has been di taing' 't -ed
so, has announced an essay writ-i than 500 words and the names of A I, awards proram is ^desr ed to by intellectual maturity, leader-
ing contest in connection with Ientrants should be plainly writ- |us Nex tgive special recognition to out ship, character, and competence
;he unveiling, of a memorial ten. Essays may be sent to, The gand who evidence a sincere in-
plaque on Nov. 11. Mutual Aid Club, Box 1158, Bal- t r o executivenbranch of t i tereest in public service as aica-
The plaque is in honor of local boa, Canal Zone, or Box 531, Pe- Due to return to the United the execu tivebranch of the Fed- reer. It is open to federal civil-
volunteers who enlisted in the dro Miguel, Canal Zone. They States shortly, ending their visit eral government and to estab- ian personnel whether employed
Armed Forces of the United may also be left at any local- to the Isthmus, Elder Ernest C. lish incentives fncemr ne contnu- in Washington or elsewhere and
States during the Korean War. rate Service Center on the Pac- Wilson, field superintendent of n e evose without preferential regard to
The contest is open to all stu- fic side of the Isthmus. the Christian Mission of ana- he undertaken on ansuch factors as professional in-
lents of Panama City and the! There will be three prizes giv- ma, Inc., in New York City and ex program unertis waenon an terests, sex, creed, color or na-
,anal Zone, on the Pacific and en to the three best essays. The his son, Evangelist Ernest L. shed at Princeton Uniserst tional origin.
etlantic side of the Isthmus, in contest opens now and will close Wilson, of Philadelphia, will close under a grant frceton m John D. iversiThe essential criterion s evi-
;he Grade .7-to 12 category. En- at 6 p.m. On Oct. 15. Winners their preaching engagements the under a grant from John D. "The e ssential criterionvalue of
xries will be accepted in eitheriwill be announced through the end of the coming week. Rockefeller III and is being ad-idence of demonstrated value of
Se throh In connection with his recent ministered by Princeton as a na- the employee to the government
panisho fngliah -and entrats press and individually throughombia, El- tonal trust. Service and evidence of future
nay write on an of the follow- the mail. derWilson will givea report of value in terms of general prom-
ig topics teWisnwlise of usefulness or in terms of
1. ContrlbutlQ -of'the Pana- The committee in charge of the activities of the branch Erl. a specific future assignment.
manian Youth to ocracy. the project is comprised of Mil- 'churches there during a sneci al VIL 0 S Candidates need not 1e grad-.
2. How we cani )help in the dred Sawyer, Daisy Robinson, service at the Christian Mission a o a college or university
eight against CoMlati-'sm. Cecila Richards and Elena de ofPanama in Guachapali at 3 uates of a college or university.
3. Community contribution to Garcia, A. E. Osborne, Dean o'clock tomorrow afternoon. I Affcent, preference will e ivento
she erection of the plaque. Butcher, Herman Itayne, H. H. According to the schedule of candidates of from 35 to 50 years
4. The significance of the erec- Lavallas, M. Haywood, E. Evagelist Wilson, he will preacn ELIZABETH,N -(UP)-The of age and with a nim of
;ion of a plaque n honor of the Fawcett, Pablo V Caballero and at the Panama Salvation Army history of early civilization re- five years' service in the Federal
.ocal inductees. 'Rev. F. H. Walters. church at 7 p.m. tom row Aug. served in stone, is located in er-ovenment"
branch at 7:15 p.m. Monday; anbert Kraft's attic. The Rockefeller Public Servica
conduct a women's meeting from Kraft. 26. boasts a collection of Iwards program has rovedi
c6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the C.M more than 5,000 stones and relics highly successful during the first
of P. in La Boca, to be followed of ancient civilizations. He started ten years of operation n -1 I a'
with an all night prayer meeting the collection at the age of nine received high commendation by
starting at t10 h p.mwith discovery of two Indian ar- President Eisenhower.
starting at r0 p.m. a d owheads I The invitation to the Canal
A farewell service will be held' As a boy, he traded comic books organization to partiI, -li-'s
for father and son at the Pacific for additional arrowheads. Now he been favorably received by Ca-.
Service Center next Saturday has collectors' items from every nal officials who hope to receive
continent, claiming one of t h e several aiu)lications from cm-
alargest private' collections of E- ployes who meet the qualifica-
Dancing, Games gyptian -elics in this area. Other Lions.
items are from Palestine, Greece, A limited number of applica-.
A ng Attracti Crete and Mongolia. tion forms have been received
mongA rac ons In his American Indian collec- and these can be obtained upon
Stion,he has pieces from most of direct request to Daniel J Pao-;
t Shindg Sept. 4 the 48 states, along with Indi n lucci, training officer, or thr
B iA-"^ Dannceremonial pieces and the only e an be obtained later throuihi
Dancing and a number of new I monolithic ax known. the various Bureau and Division
i Games are among the attractions One of the skulls in his collec- heads.
;for a shindig to take rlace at theb tion is believed to be thgt of a Additional information enn-
Lateen club in La Boca Sept. 4 16-year-old Indian boy. The re- corning the no iatio
under auspices of St. Peter's Mu- mains of an arrow are wedged in awards will be announced at a
Stuarl Benefit Society. the jaw bone, later date.
SThe committee in charge has Kraft, epiploye of the Singer
announced taht a basket of g-ro-, Manufacturing Co.. also f o u n d ,
;cery and other prizes will be a- time to collect relics of such Eu-
warded, while refreshment and ropean cultures as the Swiss lake,% P t
tasty dishes will be av-"",' ", dwellers, the New and Old Stone
HOMEWARD BOUND-Brazilianbeauty MarthaRocha,runner- The object of the shindig is Age, aid Bronze ard Iron Ages ,jt4' THE i, tt
Sup in the recent Miss Universecontest, tears up her movie con- to promote wholesome rec1 L,. and the early cave man.
Strict and announces that she's'going home. Martha says the $150- for members, teenagers and a- WORLD OVNi
a-week offer she got from a Hollywood studio wasn't enough adults alike, whilehelping to Alb
and besides she's homesick. hoost the annual bonus fund of, 0 IC Me ia
the society. H
SThe Con unto Tropicana will e e Has
take care of the musical aide. T.V. stem

C A F E Well, I Swan! ALBANY, N. Y. --(UP) The
Albany Medical College is one ofI
F TULSA, Okla. (UP) Three the first institutions of its kind in
hawk Park Zoo here under cansof teaching purposes.
w in I ft c.a sermother-a chcke A zoo-The system provides 160 stu-
employe, Lawrence Fletcler, saidI dents with views of operations and
D r Fl r !his hen was set to hatching three laboratory demonstrations. It is set
aum ,aawF swan eggs after the eggs' parents iup in the college's auditorium.
Shad broken wo other eggs. The The screen is a C x U4oot affair.
up e r hen cared for the cygnets as they An audio seteir enables viewers
grew up nn a dieto I grass m d to ask que sa the surgeon A-t 0a w
I"preparedfood. during teevisinof u-rq.

23 Die In B-36
Landing Crash
RAPID CITY, S.D., .Aug. 28
(UP) A B-36 with 27 men a-
board coming in for'a landing at
Ellsworth air base last night
crashed and burned and the Air
Force said today 23 men were
killed. One man was missing, the
Air Force said.
Three men were taken to the
base hospital. All were in critical
All three of the survivors were
thrown out of the'wreckage.
Before last night's crash, there
had been 13 fatal crashes since
September 14, 1949 involving the
intercontinental atomic bombers,
in which 132 men were killed.

Owls Take Care
Of Captive
ORLAND, Calif. (UP) The
wise old owl proved to be just
that on the Alfred Peck farm
north of here.
Sometime ago a baby owl fell
from its nest in the Peck barn, an
one of the Peck youngsters built a
cage for it. That night the parent
owls left two gophers on top of the
cage to feed the hungry offspring.
Nightly thereafter the parent
owls left two gophers, and young
Freddie Peck put them into the
cage the next morning. But soon
the two-gopher diet was not
enough for the fast-growing owlet.
Then the parents began leaving
four gophers on the cage each


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* I

Card-Playing Leo Getting Pennant Winning Hand
Wllin n H9and

PBack-To-Back Rotation

Of Aces Works Nicely

NEW YORK, Aug. 28 (UP)-Leo Durocher, an
old card player from way back, was emerging witNh
a pennant-winning hand today by working his aces

Gold Dust

Just in the wake of our series,
"How boxing can be revived in
Panama," just concluded in
which we rapped everybody in-
volved, the Colon Boxing Com-
mission has put its "foot into
the bucket" or so it seems on
a look into the Imbroglio involv-
ing the Isidro Martinez' manage-
ment and promoter Luls Craig
and VitolaM Totrres

Sal Maglie and Johnny Anton- and was aided by Irv Nored's Once again we have taken to our
elli of the Giants, the top one- eleventh homer. George Zuverink typewriter to defend the Colon
two pitching combination in the was the loser. Commission, an action that we
National League today with a to- Dave Philley's error allowed hurry to take when, in our opin-
Ntal of 32 victories and only nine Pete Runnels to score all the way ion, these gentlemen have acted
defeats between them, are now from first base as Jo hnny within the norms of their du-
hurling in the same familiar Schmitz beat Cleveland. Bob tes.
tandem that Johnny Sain and Feller, seeking his 12th win, ab- This current control v e r y
Warren 8 pahn won fame for in sorbed his third loss. started when promoter Craig
sparking the Braves to a pen- An eight-run third inning en- presented two boxing programs
Snant in 1948. abled the White Sox to humble simultaneously (August 16) for
SMaglie, for example, registered the Athletics, 11-0. as Harry approval and had one 'approved'
* his 13th victory of the campaign Dorish hurled a five-hitter. r or October 3 (Pedrd Teals vs.
with a five-hit, 3-1 triumph over Johnny Groth and chico Carras- Isidro Martinez, featherweight
Milwaukee last night to keep the quel each homered in Chicago's title bout. The other was turned
Giants 31/2 games out in front. rout of Marion Fricano. down after a long stormy meet-
' On Thursday. Antonelli pi.lced Sammy White's two-run homer ing in which charges and count-
up his 19th triumph by beating and a sacrifice fly by Ted Lepcio er-charges erre hurled with
the Cubs 2-1 on six hits in gtnd. produced all Boston's runs in a acrimony against everyone in
second game of doubleheader. 13-2 victory over Baltimore. Rook- sight.
SMaglle's conquest of the Braves ie Russ Kemmerer was the win-
last night marked the sixth ime ner. The following week, with
this season and the fourth time' tempers apparently cooled of
since July 20 that the Maglie-1 YESTERDAY'S STAR Sal and reasoning brought into
iAntonelli combination has pro-i Mealie of the Giants for his 3- sharper focus, Craig presented
-duced back-to-back victories. 1 win over the Braves. a program with Teals and Dan-
r No other National Le a gue ----r iels, a foreigner, as headliners
"pitching combine can match the. ali n and got the Commission's OK
combined record of the 37-year-i e w for September 5. This, believe it
omid Marglie and the 24-year-old r. i l b or not, was the same program
Antone The closest a combine raad i P Easily vetoed Just one week earlier.
Stln to them is Carl Erskt ine and h nT tm Ei The sudden change evoked
SBilly Loes of Brooklyn (26-14), e d many bitter criticisms but a
SfollLowed by Spahn and Gene l A n a n technicality written in unmis-
Conley Spathe Braves (28- and ene SARATOGA, New York, Aug. taking terms on the contract
Harvey Haddix and Brooks Law- 28 (UP) Stakes champion -If had to be referred to before the
nce of the Cardinals die Arcaro ave "Great Captain Tesis-Daniels card could be ap-
Even during the year that all a steady rrde yesterday to run proved
raveu farin theyear that all away with the $15,000 Saratoga This technicality states "that
-eravesl fans prayed fore"SatnCs. 'no ecl boepre ter hatne s foht
d Spahn and one day of rain," P. napo boxer after having a fight
the famed Boston pair won 39 Arcaro took the five-year-old hcbition or hecxng ln any ex-
games between them, only seven at the start of the mile and ssn box matches n-
more than Maglie and Antonelli son of "War Admiral" out frontless given permission by the
now own, while losing a total of three-quarter test and stayed he approved figh
27. there. Great Captain led by a Inf this case, Craig is the pro-
Male gave up Milwaukee's half a length after half a mile mter of the title bout and is al-
-t.,e run in th e first inning last and held that margin until the so ithe promoter of the Daniels
nlht, then steadied to hold the stretch. Then Arcaro let hi go fight. Obviously, o tha e required
- res scoreless o nd the rest of the andtheOgden Phipps entry and legal permission was auto-

way.The dte s a ni pulled away easily tor bat "In- matically granted -o by Craig.

Colaeythrege le, b aseman plor sary engs pres edue M a fora
fortw r nit he third Cinnind mater" ran third tt,anotherln ht, the Martinez camp started

fo re.n yest rd --- ernoonwh.tthe heat a dould no beto ne
Gendw unersi's 37hth ird innings che d l ef d ol have ing theio trtle it
on WesqWestrumn single, a field- and one half back of 5 puisivoboy bhawlOin feralea thateMarton eir
er' c choice, a sacrifice, an infield Great Captain was timed in boy too. Other pleas fell onto the
out and Don Mueer's double three minutes two and two fifth ears of Vitolas Torres and he of
The Dodgers came tinp with seconds on a fast track and paid fered them "the privilege" by
four rnsin the h innin to $350 and 0. There was no having Horaco Otis sign to meet
beat thA Camrs 8-4. l Hdges' A how betting because only five Martinez Sept 12. This program
infield i ke a U,*All tie in horses started. will be presented Monday for
Idsingleb_ approval.
the 10h after Walt Moryn ha ed What action the Colon Cotm-
tid, and g e w ith P icht.3 n Littl we L re emission will take Isonda matter of
ionh oleverla d'it hree-run n Developments d of this affair
homer r third b rew the le t reach white heat and could
Ted Klusewskila 37th homer have bearing on the title bout
hex Srkont gave Joe Nuxhall of team from Schenectady, New We were told that Torres had
the Redlegs a 3-2 victory over York, is the new champion of asked Craig's permission for
the Pirates. A sixth-inning triple the nation's small fry baseball Martinez to fight but was re-
a.y,triggered by third baseman players. fused.
S inams, helped Cincinnati At Williamsport, Pennsylvania, In our opinion, the Martinez
to win. yest e rday afternoon.. the camp should not be too prone
Tne Baker's 12th Inning Schenectady lads defeated Cl- to have their boy tangle with
squeeze bunt scored Hal Jeff- ton, California, 7-5, in the final Otis. We feel that Martinez can
coat and gave the Cubs a4-3 of the Little League World beat Otis, even KO him, but we
decision over the Phillies. jim Series. still see the possibility of Otis
Davs, third Cub hurler, was the Ben Masuci abowas the fifth star hurting thefeatherweight con-
winner after Ernie Banks' 19th for the champions. In addition tender. This Otis kid is a real
homer off Murry Dickson tied to a four-hit pitching Job, he hustler who throws punches,
the score the ninth time in g staked his team t a two-to- nhes tho deeat hurt.
after Granny Hamner had slug- nothing lead with a first inning An advantage favoring Otis s7-1.
geda three-run homer for the home run that followed a single the weight. He will undoubtedly
Phiia in the eighth to wipe out by Jim Barbieri. His team" scored come In over 130 pounds to fight
a 2-0 deficit. three more runs in the second Martinez who should try to keep
The Yankees chipped a full" inning and two more in the fifth close to 125. We wonder, is there
game from Cleveland's American to win handily. any "good to this apparent il
League lead by beating the Ti- For the California team, short- wind?"
gers, 4-0, while a 10th-inning er- stop Ken Hubbs was the big gun.
ror by right fielder Dave Phulley He! hit a homer and a single.
helped the Senators nip the In. Colton's Norman Hausley also played yesterday morning, Ma-
diana, 3-2. hit a four-bagger with two sontown, Pennsylvania, put to-
Tom Morgan, beating the Ben- mates aboard in the fifth in- gather six run in the ninth in-
gals for the ninth time in 10,ning.I g to defeat Melrose Park, Il-
starts, limited them to six hits In the Series consolation game lnois, 7-1.
I odfetMlos ak I-




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listeners. Yes... Sponsors
cn HOG radio...


oyour dial '

NW 2-3466
e _. *i j j

SPIRIT TO BURd-Tommy Herbert, 8, of Cleveland lost both hands under a witch engine when
an infant It hasn't bothered this counter, however, who shows he can handle a thing rod and
reel and play golf a step ahedtiDepite i handicap, he a learned to hit goa
aball over 100 yad. (NxA)

National Net Championship

Opens Amid Frayed Tempers

Head-Rolling Seems

Is Store For Orioles


BALTIMORE, Aug. 28 (UP) -
The head-rolling that usually
hits a last place baseball team
seems in store for the Baltimore
Quick denials followed a re-
port by the Baltimore News-Post
that manager Jimmy Dykes and
general manager Art Ehlers were
Included in a shakeup. But Clar-
ence Miles, head of the Orioles,
admits -"I am prepared to let
anyone go from the president on
down to Improve the club."
Hugh Trader of the News-Post
says Miles announced te possit
ble shakeup Thursday night, in
Boston where the Orioles were
playing. Trader says Miles was
asked if that includes Dykes and
Ehlers. Miles is quoted as saying
-"It includes everybody."
The News-Post also says the
Orioles have contacted Chicago
White Box manager Paul Rich-
ards about replacing Ehlers. The
newspaper says Richards would
have a free hand in picking his

has been any dissension. Roberts
adds -"If anyone said 'We'll get
Moore like we got former man-
ager Eddie Sawyer and Steve 0'-
Nell it was Just a jest."
Center fielder Richie Ashburn
says -"I think Moore Is a good
manager." Ashburn then made a
motion across his mouth as if
closing a zipper and added -
Third baseman. Willie Jones
says -"I'm 100 per cent back of
Moore. I think he's going to be a
great manager."
In the minors, Miami may be-
come a member of the Interna-
tional League next season. There
has been speculation Ottawa
may drop out. League President
Frank Shaughnesasy visited Mia-
mi yesterday and said tha Flor-
ida City would receive first con-
sideration in the event of a

Trader says -"Richards' name,
along with those of Bucky Har-
ris, Charley Dressen and Lefty
O'Doul are most prominently
mentioned to this writer."
The News-Post says Miles met
with Richards and White Sox
general manager Frank Lalne
but this draws a denial. Richards
says he never conferred with
Miles. "I don't know anything a-
bout it," says the White Sox
manager. Lane adds: -"I'm not
commenting on this. If there is
anything to tell, Mr. Comiskey,
one of our owners, will tell it."
The Philadelphia Phils re-em-
phasized approval of their man-
ager, Terry Moore, before taking
the field in Chicago. This situa-
tion stemmed from second base-
man Gran Hamner's remark
that the players are beingtreat-
ed like high 'school kids. Pitcher
Robin Roberts says there never


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SATUDAIs -4 ea a te SlES pa5'

FOREST HILLS, N. Y., Aug. 28
(UP) A volley of harsh words
has the tennis world buzzing on
the eve of the national singles
at Forest Hills.
The verbal round-robin be-
tween Australian and American
figures started yesterday at Rye,
New York. Harry Hopman, the
Aussie Davis Cup captain, insist-
ed that Vic Seixas and Lew Hoad
play the first afternoon match
at the Westchester Country Club.
Seixas scheduled to play
Hoad in the second match a-
greed to the change though he
just finished a heavy lunch. Vic
played and lost. And a New York
paper the World-Telegram
and Sun reports Seixas did a
slow burn on Hopnam's rejug-
gling of the schedule. The papers
quotes Vic as saying "Hop-
man sure has got our tennis of-
ficials jumping through his
hoop. He gets every break here
for himself :and hi boys. If we
open our mouths in Australia,
we're crucified."
American Davis Cup chair-
man Alrick Mann takes issue
with Vie. Mann tells the
United Press -"I'd say that
Vice's remarks were, in my
opinion, uncalled for. Purely a
matter of misunderstanding
which singles match was to be
played first." Mann adds -"I
appreelated very much Vic's
willingness to go on first."

Another American tennis of-
ficial doesn't quite see things the
way Mann does. The official -
who asked to remain nameless
for obvious reasons says Hop-
man is the one who started the
rhubarb. The official admits the
Australian official might have
had a point in asking the sched-
ule change, but says the Aussie
captain did it in an 'unpleasant'
manner. Hopman, explains this
official, was arrogant and curt
in demanding the change.
Fr, r champion Don Budge
side S th Seixas. Budge says -
"The officials ought to change
the schedule first so players can
get their. lunch. You can't win
on a loaded stomach." Budge
adds -"I wouldn't have done it
If I were they. It's a mistake on
our officials' part."
As for Seixas, Vic just won't
talk. At least not about the Hop-
man hassle. The only thing Vic
will say is the Nationals look
wide open.
It won't stay that way if Tony
Trabert has anything to say a-
bout it. The singles champion
wants to make critics eat their
"They say my tennis looks bad
right now,' Tony says, "but they
never bother to ask me why."
Trabert has the answer for
them. It's all part of his plan
to repeat at Forest Hills. Tony
says his timing is faulty after
a recent 10-day layoff. And right
now he's working on his weak
shots to perfect them for the

Trabert says -"I have Just
one big goal... winning the
Nationals again. Everything
I've done since returning home
from Wimbledon with a blist-
ered hand is p1rt of a plan to
keep that tithe"
Forest Hills play gets under-
way today, but Tony has drawn
a first-round bye. The top Aus-
sie threats Lew Hoad and
Ken Rosewall also will be Idle.
But Seixas, seeded second, and
Ham Richardson, seeded third,
have matches scheduled. Vie
plays Army Lieutenant Spencer
Brent. Richardson meets Douglas
Reid. one of the lesser known
Aussiles,. In all, 114 clsallengets
are after Trabert's crown. '.
Among the ladles, malor _a-
tion won't begin until Mo y.
Most of the top contenders are
busy winding up other tourna-
Right now at Pobrt Ills,
things are a little slew. Offilals
of the West Side Tnals Clb re-
port ticket sales ar "a n be-
low normaL" But that do- t
worry them. D0aniMy see a-ll
peeted to take up the ll -
and the loB".uags
forecast del sM"
tam I gn f -

---; ...

Teams W
New York 79
Brooklyn 76
Milwaukee 71
Cincinnati 60
St. Louis 59
Philadelphia 58
Chicago 50
Pittsburgh 46

L Pet. GB
45 .637 -'
49 .608 3%
52 .577 7%
66 .476 20
66 .472 20%
65 .472 20%
76 .397 30
80 .365 34

New York at Milwaukee
Brooklyn at St. Louis
Philadelphia at Chicago
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
(Night Game)
New York 002 001 000-3 8 1
Milwaukee 100 000 000-1 5 0
Maglie (13-6) and Westrum.
Conley (13-7), Koalo, Jolly and
(Night Game)
Br9oklyn 000 110 002 4-8 10 0
St. Louis 030 100 000 0-4 9 1
Erskine, Wojey, Labine, Hughes
(8-2) and Walker. Lawrence,
Staley (7-10), Brazle, Wade and
Sarni, Rice.
Phila. 000 000 030 000-3 10 2
Chicago 010 000 101 001-4 8 0
Dickson (8-16) and Burgess.
Klippstein, Tremel, Davis (8-5)
and Garagiola.

(Night Game)
Pittsburgh 020 000 000-2 7 1
Cincinnati 002 000 001-3 7 0
Surkont (8-16) and Shepard,
Atwell. Nuxhall (8-3) and Se-

Rough Shave

Lockman, lb
Dark, sw
Mueller, rf
Rhodes, If
a-Irvin, If
Mays, cf
Thompson, 3b
Williams, 2b
Westrum, c
Maglie, p

ab r h o a
4 0 1 9 1
5 0 1 3 2
4 0 1 2 0
1 0 0 1 0
3 0 0 1 0
4 0 1 3 1
4 0 2 1 1
3 1 1 6 0
2 1 0 0 4.
33 3 8 27 9

Brutonm e I 2 0
O'Connell, 3b 1 1 3
Thomsom, If 4 0 8 0
Adcock, lb 3 0 1 13 1
Pafko, rf 3 0 0 0
Crandall, c 3 0 0 5 0
Logan, s 3 0 2 0 5
Smalley, 2b 2 0 0 3 3
b-White 1 0 0 0 0
Dittmer, 2b 0 0 0 0 1
Conley, p 2 0 0 0 2
Koslo, p 0 0 0 0 0
c-Aaron 1 0 1 0 0
Jolly, p 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 30 1 5 27 15
a-Grounded out for Rhodes in
b-Rolled out tor Smalley in 8th.
c-Singled for Koslo in 8th.


Teams w XL Pet. G
Cleveland 90 36 .714
New York 87 40 .885 3
Chicago 84 46 .646
Boston 55 69 .444 34
Detroit 55 71 .437 35
Washington 52 72 .41 37
Philadelphia 42 4 .333 48
Baltimore 40 87 315 50

Cleveland at Washington
Chicago at Philadelphia
Detroit at New York
Baltimore at Boston

Baltimore 100 010 000-2 8 1
Boston 020 001 OOx-3 6 0
Kretlow (3-10), Chakales and
Courtney. Kemmerer (3-3), Kin.
der and White.
(Night Game)
Cleveland 002 000 000 0-2 11 2
Wash. 020 000000 1-3 8 0
Feller (11-3) and Naragon
Schmitz (8-7) and Tlpton.
(Night Game)
Chicago 008 300 000-11 10 0
Philadelphia 000 000 000- 0 5 1
Dorish (5-3) and Batts. Fri.
cano (5-10), Sima, Oster, Burt-
schy and Astroth.
(Night Game)
Detroit 000 000 000-0 6 0
New York I0q 100 20x-4 9 3
Zuverink (7-10), Miller, Gray
and Wilson, House. Morgan (10-
3) and Berra.


Loop Standings

W L Pet.
Toronto ........... 86 52 .623
Montreal .......... 78 67 .578
Rochester ......... 79 58 .577
Syracuse .......... 67 68 .496
Havana ........... 67 70 .489
Buffalo ..... ....*1* .456
RichmQn ,.. **
Ottawa .....i.
(Fart Game-i Innings)
Toronto 102 000 0-3 10 2
Buffalo 101 102 x-5 12 0
Johnson, Crimian (6) and
Howard; Mass and Ryan. LP-
Johnson. HR-Jethroe, Zernia.

Send Game)


000000000-0 1 9
000 002 00x-2 3 0

Bares, Shore (7) and How-

aru; Lary
002 001 000-3 Barnes. HI

Braves 100 00 00-1ochester
Errors Dark. RBI Dark, Syracuse
Mueller, Maglie, Adcock. Doubles Passholz
- Mueller, Logan. Sacrifice son. Loven
Maglie, Lockman, Mueller. Dou- WP-Peter
bleplays Maglie-Dark-Lock-
man; Thompson-Williams-Dark. Montreal
Left on base Giants 9, Braves Richmond
3. Bases on balls Maglie 1,
Conley 1, Koslo 1. 80 Maglie Roebuck
6, Conley 3, Koslo 2. Hits off Fine, Medl
Conley 7 in 5-2/3, Koslo 1 in son.
2-1/3, Jolly 0 in 1. Runs and
earned runs Maglie 1-1, Con- Ottawa
ley ,-3. Wild pitch, Maglie, Con- Havana
ley. Hit by Conley (Maglie).
WP Maglie (13-6). LP Con- Trice an
ley (13-7). no and No

u and Lakeman. LP-
001000001-2 6 0
00100002x-3 7 1
and Burbrink; Peter-
aguth (9) and Lonnet.
son. HR-Bowman.
000021 232-9 15 0
000000000-0 2 4
and C. Thompson;
linger (0) and John-

000000000-0 8 0
00100000x-1 5 1
id WatUngton: More-
ble. HR-Noble.

I -- :

0 a


I -~


__ ~~tr;r


*, L -





Yankees Say They Will Triumph, But Dont Know What Wif
SNERC iAomeback Coleman Hit With Orle Fans*
Roman Club Tournament to 28n A)e
don -e G ,ets Them Home From Ballpark Earl
S. J back to eveland.
Cham pionship Seco.nd RoU U Ta.d Yees a s i, y JIMMY BESN Be w exactly one game over last year, remembered tat game ,
S"They ever saw he day te '* NB 5IT a Correspondent the next two seasons d Was and made a deal for Coleman.
S. .. cod bet ds. We'll get 'es." shipped to Ottawa in thelnterna- The 31-year-eld'hurler has been i UiUrO D
S. But by now even tne more BALTIMORE (NA) tonal League and then Savannah firing his way around the lea
PaY~irlings, I~rt .Ruui Resuls~,tic mebersof toe Wo hifAdm. "le. .,.
airln s u n u n members of d W p your' time watching in ithe Sa y League. with a hopping fast ball. ut
ampons'party are wend altiore Oriole seball game Dykes and pitng coach Harry Lu L adn
S__ audibly: "Wat with'" '_ on a day-to-day basla, you find "I couldn't win at either place," Brecheen give a 19 of credit to
_Wnea pain developed in Whitey youreif startled whenever the the Oriole bhurler recalls. "Final- his sharp curve and a slider. T o o
iXty-four golfers at the Rod- B. Donnelly over H, Hff ( or's eb ow while e Astoria k irds step out and put more than ly, a doctor said the arm would As far as the fans in the Mary- Tw
man Golf Club are now in the and 5) was shooting down the 'ow-zqing. two hits together over a game. come around, but it might take land city are concerned, they like
middle of playing the annual Odoles the ostar evenindg, sa There is little cheering to be done time. So, I moved my family to Coleman fine. He has earned $2000 NW YORK A-r 8 iu3
Rodinan Championship Tourna- J. McNulty over J. Doerflr wYork Americans were to- *ben a club is something like 50 West Palm Beach, Fla., from our in special awards so far this sea- The B OffCl Biso sn hope
Ron (Default) dped to jut one dependable ad games off the paceand making a home at Maiden Mass. Is figured son. But there's probably a reason e Buffalo B n ant hope
C. Copeland over F. Reddin sound start pitcher ecti definite bid to make it more. the more heat, the better. for that. Coleman. you see, is one off makebut thehauhned
The pairing and results of the (5 and 4) Bob Grim. But every four days, Manager of those fast working pitchers. He b h a of
La s Flight a go p er for every e concerned a treat. He names Joe season, I cameup with a three- 1:55 this year, for example. And to Leas all-t-
Champiomship Flight U er Bracket uave re, remarked one of te Coleman as his starting pitcher, hitter against the Red Sox and I he's always close to the wo-hol pursuers a ray of hope that
Upper Braket s h. .l older Yapneeas.r o .f is probably the only knew that with a winter of play- flat mark as much as possible. cstc be caught.
u PRpper Br e bgahssg tiee rather alarming bright spot a the entire black- ing down at Havana in the Cuban i cooled off the rst
BD. ean over B. Franks (3 and s P 9 situatteon with the ers t w i tinged Baltimore picture this sea. League I'd be okay." In other words, he makes the lace Maple Leaf with a -3 and
D. htcn overZ B r en Nulty (10 and ) Bombers and their closest follow. son. The strapping 6-1, 200-po 4 agony for Baltimore fans as short 0 weep last eight that Includ-
2) D. Hutchins over ,Keith (7 s s -e enr, you wonder now Casey. -righthander has made an eye-p Jimmy Dykes and Baltilnore and as sweet as possible. For that, ed a one-hit itch.t perform-
S and) r Coores -Bye et has keptst em within i = ak ping comeback from the washed. General Manager Art Elers, both he sure deserves any awards he dance. Harvey ern homered
and. 6 u over H. Swartz (2 Mr Cooper Bye stance. d up, dead-armed who had a 3-4 of whom were with the Athleties I gets. both games, his two-run clout
and 1) Lower Bracket The Big Three was broken, up mark with the Phladelphia Ath. in the sixth Inning deciding the
0. Bosworth over P. McKeown co9, Veiey wlen Allie Rey n&letics last season .hcp.
(1 up 21 holes) Mrs.M. Hut.. .. back once more kicked up a&od
1 1r nd atU,,0onger eoulSP This year, firing the ball with The Montral Royals took ad-
wer Bracket Mrs. J. Coe a Bye n.d was p i iw6ddl hIto s i old-time sip and control, Cole- v a dva c i e ton s dothi e
Lower Bracket Mrs. B. Lu Bye rdnl. on o o n BI HIT**Vivian. C1 h man was ableto snatch 10 victo- i or advance to within a
Mrs. J. ffner Bye t n theeard bi na s. Young Tom Mt own as -"Little Miss Arch- ries out of his first 25 decisions ames of ir, place w a
R. cooper.oyer C. Boyd (7 an Mr. .sf- y has been the biggest disappoint around
R. Coopror d (7 a o a l p er" around her native Southiea, with the Orioles. This kiqd of rlumph over the Richmond Vir-
conceded)England. She has been record, wth a club of Baltimores gnlans. Ed Roebuck tossed
R. MIlls over Barry(1 up) aord w ten yeasthast the a n shooting for two years. (NEA) caliber, easily places Coleman two-hitter for the Royals behind
3. Ray over M. 0. Mathnews and he aad r ite n eer r e va i ha ve,-n an.. h ahNee C.
(1 u w wthin d te cirle the American a 15-hit attack.
and 2) h rw r would collapse awith Phil Ra ,izzuto e i t c clem the Aicn h
T. Murphy over P. Ryan(2 and P uls (* atu re. I and those most interested now League's top pitchers., Juo Moreno's eight-hitterm n-
(1) u fear the worst. Glasses failed took this obe the Haan Sugar Kv
1 Voe Of Conf nce helpLittle Scooter whose reflexes nf re lys to glad to rbe l. to beat Ottawa. 1-0
Upper Bracket a e t reoe en chance to talk about some- 8yrlaue Chiefs edged Ut
Up Bracket thing good, gives this strong sup- Rochester Red Wings 3- I
ovBer CyaUNIT(D PRESS l5oilng Tolumeyport. other games.
j. p.Jones overj. Capo (2 he guy has had his heart
up) The Phillies gave manager l N h we a broken on a lot of those genes he's
Terry Moore a vote of confidence A lobbe nday lost," Dykes says, "but he justENCANTO Today
H. Payne over C. Stenmoe (6 Thursda before taking tae field .. n y
and 5) against Milwaukee. At the same Fort Kobbe will hold the first in gives you a real big one the next William Holden, in
W.. Young over G. C. Heffner time they gave second baseman a series of three boxing tourna, time out. He's all pitcher and he's "Escape from Fort Bravea k
(1 up) Gran Hamner an implied vote Ments Monday night at 7:30 in all guts. With any sort of luck, he Robert Horton n
D. Chandler over J. Mclad of censure. Lfeliner Arena at Hangar No. 1 should have a crack at a 20-game "BRIGT ROAD
(Default) A 10-bout card will be presented, season."
The statement from the Phil The three tournaments are in- The bad breaks certainly have
Lower Bracket players says recent remarks tpnded'to decide the champions of beent here for Coleman. He hurl.
were strictly the personal opi- FortKobbe in the various weight ed a three-hitter against Detroit, IDEAL oda
Chaplain Hamilton over D. union of one man that they do divisions, and will feature some of gave up only onerun and lost the .10
not represent the feelings of the the top fighters in the Panama game, 1-0. Then he went 12 innings Laura Elliott, in
tz (upentire squad. The statement con- Area. against the same club and lost by TWO LOST WORLDS" -
p. McDonald over P. Browne t inues "We have too much Asaies Rey ds: Area. against the same club and lost by,
McDonald over B1)rowne tinues "Wor Moore to lhave too much Ae dBe One Caribbean Command title- 5-4 as his team left 10 men ont Brad n
Wr(3 and ) respect for Moore to let this re holder and three Panama Area base. Later on, he had a 2-1 vic- "CANON CITY"
V. Smith over R. ca presentation o unanswered.Mam-champions are slated to see ac- tory in the works over Washing.
V. Smith over R. McClain W N GIL cDOUGALD J tion in the elimination t o u r n a- ton-until the Orioles made three
(1 up 20 holes) The statement was signed med h left hand making a tag in ments, and will be out to defend errors behind him in the ninth
"The Phillies." There were no Detroit, the family man of Nuttey, their 1953 titles. and Coleman was the losing hurl-
R. Blankenship over 8. Ulmer individual signatures. It was N. J., jammedbe infield. The outstanding foursome includ- er in a 5-2 game.
(1 up 20 holes) Hamner who Thursday started Next to the scarcity of strong es the Caribbean bantam-weight Things like this don't even dent
the rumpus when he accused the pitching, Manager Stengel c 0 m- champion, Ramon Parilla. T he Coleman. He figures, you see, -that
Second Flight club of treating the players like plained most about the lack of hit- three Panama titliss* are 'light- he's lucky just to be able to pitch
Upper Bracket hiLgh school boys." Moore said ting around second base. At the weight rapper Jose C ol az o, in the major leagues. Back in
earlier yesterday he and Ham- taei end of the batting order, ene- featherwei-ht champ Esteban Me- 1949, Coleman hurt his shoulder
B. Malcolm- Bye ner had patched up their dif- my pitchers find an oasis, where lendez, and heavyweight William running the bases and he found
K. Broesamle Bye ferences. they may ease up and doctor their Byrd. his a rebelled with a sharp
N. Kaschak over E. 8ovey (3 wounds. There they stumble into Winners in the various weight in every time he tried to throw.
and. 2) eAlso in baseball, Commissioner Jerry Coleman, Willie Miranda divisions will represent the post of rom a hurler who had won 27
representativeandthepitcher.Fort obbe inUSARCRIB xi ames over two seasons for the SHAE. PAL hamp Rocky Marciano takes time out fro
*.g w m4 hompetiton-wi is slated,46-be- isa t -- po. t, to.Ai. o as ...,,,
A ra um t Pro a h to trunlessfr t m nkwent on a strike against
Sept. to make plani for the giveuponRizlto.Colemail 1' tlthe 4All-Stargame-Cole- tographers wen he was asked to don grease paint while
It Vaudenbsook over F.' ChildsWorld Series. Barrin playoff, in Korea, as one observer pointed man was reduced to dead weight .posing. .(NEA)
(6 and 5) the Series probably will start out, Miranda is hardly a Mickey on the A's. -
B. HLadley over 4. Childs (8 September 29, a Wednesday, In a Mantle at the plate. Coleman is
and 7) National League Park. expected to play shortstop when
F. Ogle over A. Hughes (4 and McDougald's 'hand gets back in
3) Arnold Johnson met with shape.
J. Hazy over Blagi (Default) Kansas City officials yesterday Ihe visiting fireman couldn't
to discuss his chances of buying help but note the lack of enthu-
Third Flight the Philadelphia A's franchise. siasm when it was announced that
Upper Bracket The Chicago realtor says the Gene Woodling's wrasit was n o t 1
chances "are good" of moving broken but badly sprained, and
E. J. Shelp over B. Buchanan the A's to Kansas City. the outfielder would be out no
(1 up) more thant we weeks. You were
G. Wise over C. Crayne (3 and Southpaw Whitey .Ford of the told that Woodling had lost a step
1) Yankees passed out cigars yes- or two, had been off throughout
J. Vose Bye terday after hiswife gave birth the entire campaign and no cloubt '
J. McGrath Bye to a boy but it is an old story would be traded-ff a taker could
for both Whitey and most of the be found.
Lower Bracket other players. Ford now has THE YANKTES APPEAR to be
three children.- and the Yankee where they were under Bucky Har.
A. Teitel Bye players have a total of 64. ris at this time in 1948. They must
be rebuilt.
Stengel started a good job of
that in the spring of 1949 by defi-It.;.I
nitely establishing Yogi Berra as ./ ;'*.a*
a catcher.
Pitching and sbortstopping a r e
the major problems this time.

r.uea, are quite likely to make re-
tirement threats good this fall. ""ICEROY
Lopat has been redued to a Sun- t i
Steady Eddie is ineffective as a gives greater smoking

suAnother rather famouss name::".,'eeps'ylip
who appears finished as a major VICiaOY is the cigarette for me.
srpus istb asma on. f its exclusive filter tip keeps my lipsn
Making things worse is the fact from sticking to the paper and loose bits
"On your g4uard that there isn't e dueh onat turn- f tobacco from getting in my mouth.
ing out pitch ers. VICetOYrs filtered tobaccos are wonderfully .
The best is Eiston Howard, who mid and tasty. When housework gets me
is hitting a lot of home runs for
Toronto. IV, down, I relax with a VICglOY, and then the
whe you buhwho can play the daily routine doesn't seem so grim." "*
o d lston Howard Is fairly
certain to be the first Negro to
wear Yane f -ls. ,.

See Sooners

Only the island of Jamaica (British West '
Indies) can produce the real a&d genuine By A LandsldOe .
Jamaica Rum. LAWRENCE, Kan. (NEA)- MrsA. 0. Mahene popul e
A pre-season poll of 56 sports-o
Rt ybo label his Were writers and sportscasters wh o matron ofPanama City and the Canal Zoe.
SDcover the Big Seven shows that
Jamaica Rum. Oklahoma is considered a shoo-in R& "i
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VI M pg it a. Ow0"1 6W *The Seoners undefeated in Big Ai Wh
Without I4PU pimi ** N f~. Seven play since Bud Wilkinson ye discwesed whet I mev
took over the coaching hores, "FIsrv t Comatsi s des wit h V I
** ni ha gnefoa .ballets. .Ve... -,., V YL

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Replace Dykes

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, Chs L atin American Mildtary
At Rodman, Dies 1--ana M riertau Visit Contractors Hill Piojet
A first-hanid study of the work. Jennings gave a word ple- Caroe Asun46n Ina
SContractors Hill work, the larg- ture of the project and how the Horac Iopes A-
est engineering and construction work Is to be accomplished. dolfo Casco P., Jose Hunberto
project in progress In the Canal Following hlt talk, the officers RaIos B., Pedro Dmauo Cede-
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln. Zone, wmsade this week by a broke up into small groups and fo 0., Guillermo loy Mendleta
grouo of 17 young officers and were accompanied by Spanish- Chavez, Miguel Angel Cordero
S' cadets from six Latin American speaking project engineers to (mes, and Uvio Arturo Trevia
TWENTY-NINTH YEAR PANAMA, R. P., SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 1954 miJ CKNT3 countries. visit and Inspect all phases of Lasso.
Nations represented in the the Job and the machinery 'in Paraguay: Lt. Alex a n d ro
group were e, Costa Rica, use. Schreb
S Colombia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Ramer explained the tech- Venezuela: Lt. Rico
and Venezuels. unique being used In blasting and Lt. nriue Rodrige Guar.
The officers are in the Canal operations and they later saw a da.
s Zone atten a five-month b off
course of ad training Followingithis the were taken
with troop f the Caribbean to the t-nnel which has been re W
New D delaying TaCommand. Thegroup c For presenCdriven nto.te side Of Contrac-
t W 1 Al attending the -n eer Di/- tors Hill to ln su face water TOr
.ft whth n otheeyIng itac in-or C:e\^ o. l*e*i and^y*nrisre
school. below:
...PARIS, Aug. 28 (UP) Pre-, Germany, proposed giving matned Officially solid behind France's strategy around to an- Lthe i. Dv s comm anded Chile: .InsructLoper. 1 e
mier Mendes-France brought the each of the six army nations the EDC and the line that no other tack. Lt. Col. ohn. avi, with ead- Costat instructor. Aug. (UP)
Col. Charles 0. Meints, com- stalled European Defense Com- the right to .appeal any EDC alternatives must be discussed No reaction to the .Medes- engineer Division, with head- Costa Rter Victor Manuel A y In a o e to bolster
handing officer of the Marine munity (EDC) project before the decision that threatened to until.the French National As- France feeler was reported im- quarters t ortBlummensein. ologtstrrb.. Pe-ro Tavid ih combat .atreth bmo
barracks at Rodman died in his French National Assembly for damage their national inter- semb) gives the final verdict mediately from West Germany, rectedb bY charged with S marltoteu t,
ep early this morning at his debate today with the prospect ests. nexteek. Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands he vision and prsent-nto orgue and h daw p o
uartersat the Naval Ammuni- that the final make-or-break Accordingly, Mendes France But authoritative- sources and Luxembourg. the pnrtechaatlca and tactical Nicarauo e A-- dn o raher tat n asa d re-
u erthttefnltion of .-technical and tactics, Nicaraguan : dor46e
tin Depot at Rodman. vote will be postponed. avoided subjecting EDC to an hald there is a woriled search Any move take hin up instruction in Spanih covering Ferinanide Cadlts lejandrio plcements, it wMd to-
Informed sources said Mendes- immediate vote which would for some speedy substitute that and call a new conference was i hv cement, E Ar s A
e was 53 years old. France finally yielded to de- have killed the project and fore- will tie German arm'd expected to be handled, at surveying, heombatvy enuipmering. Aruorenlo oresonrn
ol. Meints gave no previous mands for delaying the vote on- ed the United States to make its strength into Western defense least in its initial stages, so visit of the officers to the ttil. tentative. Bu final fa-
ication of being ill. He and ly after three members of his "agonizing reappraisal" of its and hold the United Stites through cled diplomatic actors Hill ob,was timely vorable decision I peted In
ts wife were visiting friends coalition cabinet turned In their foreign policy as regards France. firmly in the grand alliance, channels. C th had ust completed Uk L the next two or thb wteks.
t evening, but returned home resignations. It was agreed that one of the The crisis even may keep For- In the preparation for the de- since they had usment comphase ofUnderthe lon
early. He apparently died in his The three cabinet members- proponents of EDC would pro- eign Secretary Anthony Eden bate, these developments were theheavy equthis gave them ptie objective of t a y-a
sleep and was pronounced dead commerce minister M a'u r ice edse the "mandate" shortly after from the SEATO conference in reported: an opportunity' to see heavy iB divl6n auilt shp-
on arrival'at Gorgas Hospital Bourges Jamanoury, justice min- he legislative commissions re- Manila. The cabinet approved 1. Communist Poland,. In an earth-moving equipment in use. ped overseas for ta three
rly this morning, water Emile Hughes and labor ported on the project. Each vot- Britain's stand on the SATO obvious broadside at the EDC, was met at the siteear tour of ad of
funeral a r r a n g minister Eugene Claudius-Petit- ed earlier this week to reject conference but there was no an- asked France for by Lt l. Jennings, the division
although funeral arrange- withdrew their resignations when EDC. nouncement whether Eden will tual assistance pact agaiesit "re- bprojd enneer for the Canal, Ag2 repc t, Iivdtgi.raon-
pnts have not been completed, Mendes-France finally agreed to The mandate then would be- attend. surent and aggressive German Roy er construction nel, as at pr ton
was announced that he would make another effort for EDC, come a motion to reopen the The United States and Britain mlutarlsm." a e Polsh note said erinnden for te Tecon M A Aug 28 (UP) -rete
S buried in Arlington National delayed thus far for 28 months. deadlocked talks with the part- are agreed on the main lines of a rearmed Getlany under EDC sorupel o, contractors for the leader f th n states at the end of otr
metery in Was gton, D.C. Mendes-France insisted, how- ner nations and delay a final SEATO. British sources said would mean War.' revlt for more opthaen dn replaced by other
'liative of East Pt. Louis, Ill., ever, on a six-nation treaty vote until results of the confer- Eden's presence may be needed 2. Reports cicul ted ttthat e chars ln
vMeilnts was a graduate of that would be strong enough ence were ascertained. more in Europe to help save the United States mimlW beco d- cdaiTdidhtontf rebellionn, murder, robbery, dis he er
S N a v a lA c a d e m y c l a s s o o f f o r t h e U n i t e d S t e n d T h u s t h e f i n a l v o t e w o u l d b e W e s t e r n a l l i a n c e e I F r a n c e r e -Ing s o m e s p e tiL s rt i e t o D 0 -r r o b br1ndoEd uca-t i onl ir d n aiq n '.oan d 'ar s o n.
He serve aoard various Britain to accept and tmild postponed until Sept. 22. jects EDC. dramatize the lIke.liModd of ..United aStates troam rseas,
and stations and saw duty enough for the French paIla- The British Cabinet mean- Responsible sources said that France being by-passed oonf u- ATaruce; known .as the "Fox of could take over the'j of some
ateduring uprising n 1926 ment to ratify. while decided yesterday at a Mendes-France would be willing ure German and Europeand A l l the Candaba swamps," asked the training thus
ant aer in 1930. This was interpreted to mean 214 hour meeting that Britain to renew negotiations with the sons if the French kill ^D Manila court :fr m.moderation, cutting down on thea Army's
During World War II the col- that Mendes-France would hold has done everything possible five EDC partners. 3. Chancellor Konrad Ade- EVANSTON Ill (UP)-A re- In fixing the penalty. manpower overhead. One of the
oeI took art in the uadalca- fast to the conditions which he to push through the European Spak was reported in con- nauer's Christian Dem ratic port released by Northestern! He said he surrendered be- frequent complains Deee Sec-
1 and npeGloucestert acam- demanded at the Brussels con. army plan and that its failure stant touch with pro-EDO ele- Party and Canadian .Foreign University indicates that modern i cause he was not In agreement retary Charles E. -Wllson has ex-
MI s asnd ae' Gloucester a ference of EDC ministers and or success rests squarely now ments in hope of working out a Minister Lester B. Pearson sent schools redoin better a educa with principle of the Philip rsed nce takin office
e First Tank Battalionof chiefs of state that ended in with France. compromise. He sent Mendes- Mendes-France new representa- tional job with the "three R's" pine Commnupt High Conn hat th"Amy tpo wauy men
First Marine Division. failure last Sunday. The cabinet remained publicly France a proposal which was rd- tiona. than their critics have supposed. ell to whieb he.en e ong
These conditions would allow silent. Informed sources said ejected summarily Thursday as A stud by Dr. WendellC. Lan The roecutlon t, was acu cArryn rifles'
ol. Meints served as Marine 500,000 West Germans to rearm Britain probably has uttered its containing nothing new. 4. The Fecb cabinet. agreed ton of third and fifth grade pupils not. asking the death penalty The ner rl .na will
Liaison Officer with, the Chief ahd enter the proposed European last public plea to save the Eu- But a growing movement to on the astonishing. procedure of enrolled during 1953 in eight be c u e of. certain crcum- probablynot eect in
,f-Saval Materiel at Washing- Army but force them to stay ropean Defense Community on save. EDC through delay and abstaining entirely n gvanston puble schools shows stances, Includt the guilty tme to be eton
D.C. prior to assuming comrn- within their own boundaries ex- which it bases much of its for- negotiation together with the tote on EDC If no agreement a- their achievement in reading to be plea, and sa fW i n dmposuo, th w awal
W-ad of the Marine Barracks pept when granted permission eign policy and which it has ad- struggle n unifyin his cabinet among the divergent fact %e had superior to that of a similar group of life imprionment. pu
mre in July of last year.1 e re- by other army nations to set foot vocated with the United States. was said to have swun Mende- been worked out during debate. studied in 1914. udgI ief-Wth t fis-
JeBtly completed 30 years in the on their soil. Britain's last psychological .ape to In spelling as .rlthmstic., the Jud Orego Na sa ra oe s
OW and was slated to retire They were rejected because push came Thur4day night when tw a g p total g a yol e- expee r o
they would destroy the meaning the Foreign Office made it clear at"oot, g
.r. a f A y of the treaty. Britain stood for the plan as it is sts o wed that or reed
Ne, Is survived bY his wife MeAdes-France agreed last envisaged now. 1a' cdren m1h siite-
n, daughter, Ellen, 1, who night, Informed sources said, to A spokesman denied Prime tly higher scores.
treeoily left the Isthmus to at- accept a mandatee" from the Minister Winston Churchill had In spelling, third grade children
tt school at Greencastle. Ind. assembly to reopen negotiations put forward any alternatives of 1953 were signlrleantl better,
" mother. Mrs. Minnie with Belgium, Italy, West Ger- when he met Mendes-France t while fifth grade pupils showed no
ites of E. St. Louis. Ill. many, The Netherlands and Monday. ,
Lt. Col. Wilber F. Meyerhoff Luxembourg on a compromise The cabinet meeting was callmet the
hbs-taken over command of the formula. ed to consider the EDC crisis,ignificantly superior onthat
trine Barracks. The formula was expected to the forthcoming Southeast Asia wepart ignificthe test concuperning fur n sat
follow lines of a proposal made treaty Organiza tion meeting in mental, while both grades in both
B' B 0boa Tidfe Thursday by Belgium foreign September, and adverse world years scored about thP same on
minister Paul-Henri Spaak, one reaction, particularly in Ameri- actual problems.
SUNDAY'S AUG. 29 of Western Europe's strongest ca, to former Prime Minister The composite arithmetic scores
NIGH LOW backers of EDC. Clement R. Attlee's visit to Mos- slightly, favored the 1934 groupof
,18 a.m. 10:27 amn. Spaak, sympathizing with cow and Peiping. third-graders, but the composite
44 p.m. 10:42 p.m. France's fear of a rearmed Britain made it clear it re- s scores of the 1953 fifth grade group
were significantly higher.
The university) said total
Sergeant Wins Reril On achievement scores favored the
The average intelligence and age
of the children were not of gig-
W amp Treas$on hL 'nificanit difference, and the tests
-were given wnder regular class
room conditions. Pupils and teach-
ers were not informed that they

W.U higw ape oFULL OF ADMIRATION-TWo-year-old Donna Lee Mock wtexr paint.
e ,Aug. 28 (UP)- Francisco. He studied for the the same thing will happen to Johnstown, Pa., loves "Prince," her talented four-year-old boxer. "The results of this Investiga-
eUntedIStates Court of Ap- Buddhist priesthood in Japan you a shappened to Thomson." and her eyes show IL But the sophisticated pooch with the dizzy tion suggest that educational at-
n conviction of John Da- He was charged with making ended Feb. 11, 1953, with his e of props doesn't even seem to notice the starry-eyed little girL t met has not deteriorated in
Provoo, a former Army staff propaganda broadcasts for the conviction on four counts of past 20 years' Lanton said n
srant who was accuse* turn- Japanese after his capture and treason. He was sentenced to Amrceordnly, it seems the ad-
b on fellow Americans In a with contributing to he death life imprisonment. Later he Was verse criticism of public education
Scamp on Corregidor in in a prison camp of Capt. Bur- ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. I so frequently heard may not prove
ton Thomson, an Army officer Before the actual trial began"
S three-Judge court ruled executed by the Japanese for both defense and prosecution
mously that Provoo's trial, "refusing to cooperate." attorneys traveled to Japan at
,fih cost the government a government expense to collect MilesHood
M lon dollars, was "plainly fDuring the three-month trial, evidence, and some 20 witnessesM e H
judiced" by the introduction another ex-prisoner testi fied were brought here from Japan. Visit P r
Irrelevant testimony about that Provoo "even bragged" that including some of the former
e charged also had been Japanese guards for refusing to pine prison camp where Pro- Two ting it ofe wht Ei se lhvtnd
uht in the wrong federal give up coffee, tea and sugar voo was held. The preparation Zonf te er visiting Lima as guest ntr T-as evns New Yorta lt o Tb. Fisht jde pate
trict. the appeals court found. to his captors. took more than two years. of the Peruvian government. TN -.rt Th ehr paint
case was ordered returned Another former' POW testified Judge Thomas M. Swann, who o nfBoth MaJ. Gen. Reuben C.
a lower court for a new trial, that Provoo once warned him wrote the appeals court opinion Hood, commander of the Carib- /
fovoo, 36, Is a native of San that "you better be careful or with Judges Harold -R. Medina -. bean Air Command aid Admiral
and John M. Harlan concurring, A. M. Miles, commandant of the
said prosecution questions about 15th Naval District are in Lrmn
sex deviations had been injected to observe the activities of the
into the trial for the sole ur- peruvian Air Force.
NOW PLAYING! poseo, degrading and hum~i~at- Gen. Hood was in Peru last
N Ine Provoo. January when he commanded a
The questions also were aimed "Winrs of America" Latin Amer-
LUX THEATRE ( CILIA THEATRE at increasing the probability of lean tour by a group of some 20
1:05, 3:., 5:9, 7:00. 9:9 ntinuous Shows from 1:04 Provoo's conviction "not for the U.S. Air Force jet planes.
crime charged but for his gen-
PRICES: 0.75 0.40 .m. PRICES: 0.60 0.3 eral unsavory character," Swann oneS
Provoo was being held by mill_ HUMAN-CARO--An Indo eemotherand herehildr e -
taty authorities in Maryland on a group ofdrefuge es m hT 121 Refugees
a sodomy charge when the in- part of a group of refugees from Communlt-controlled TIonkF rom Guatemola
... ....ON THE PROWU vestigation of the treas s wait in the shade ofatransportplane before beg takemaloard.
"O Pcharge began in 1949. The so- The air shuttle will carry them from Handi to Saigon Ia southeU
domy charge was diam)ised and Cochin China. BUFNOS AI veS. Arentnlaa
MA.Y LTS E ONL DAME P ovoo was brought to New Aug. 28 (UP) o ta oe -

WH A KISSOF FLAMEr oY Yok given in undesirable" 1were re -rte -todal be
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mediately by the FBI on the 'e with 121 persons granted poll-
treason charge. -- TODAY tic l asylum in the Arsntine
The appeal court decision S hows: I :M -: -S mbassy in Guatemala City.
said the 2nd Federal District o :1 M -3:0-5: The 121 gained sanctuary fo1-
Court here, where Provoo was 70lowins th e overthrow oa ther-
tried, was without jurisdiction PR CBS. .75 .40 Communist rovernmenft of ae*-
because the treason investiga- tenal President Jaebo AbIN
tion was begun while he still Guoann an have been gratln
was held In Maryland. safe conduct oit of they y
Provoo, a former employ e of at this time.
the Federal Reserve Bank in :k rext
*honorable discharge In 1946 and 'ADNON ri
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Japan. and his attorneys argued ft1menanForenter. j wke w ith
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