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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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'letf the people knqe the truth and the country u safe" 'Abraham Lincoln.



-. :.c






Treaty Parley Report U

ises Spec ulation

Widepread speculation as
set offt e today by report
that Pre nt Remon would ask
for four days leave of absence
from' iep 4 to dieuss U. 8.
comunterproposals with Panama's
treaty negotiators who are
scheduled to return from Wash-
ington Aug. 9s
Although the counter-propos-
als made by the U.S. have not
been disclosed, President Remon
said at a press conference last
week "they were well worth
studying carefully."
Remon stated at that time
that these proposals included an
increase In Panama Canal ren-
tal and certain offers of equall-
sation of wages and retirement
procedures on the Canal Zone
end economic cooperation.
The leave of absence request
report, which was not confirmed
today by Presidencia secretary-
general Victor N., Julao, said
Second Vice President Ricardo
M. Arias would assume the presi-
dency during Remon's leave of
absence because First Vice Pres-
ident and Foreign Minister Jose
Ramon Ouizado would be with
the President during his four
day meeting with the negotia-
Remon's country home in Cer-
Imefo wa said to be the place
where t meetinMg woulo take

- r S r

INiOtMAL VISIT -, Preident Jose A. Reaon (center) poses
Swth whaling and Panama officials during an informal recep-
" tlon aboard the Olympic Challengr y t ay. Pictured above
(L to r.) are: Atonto TarO ; cpt. Joto Palas, en change
ofe whu xpedton; Capt. W. lehert, master of ?
Chasnpremon; RP Deputy Francieco Pardni, RP Whaitng
= ,petor AMlolfo Quelqeu eu; -ecret P.Ice Qnlet Jorge L AaVwo
-- and WTagaropuo -

CROWDS ASSAULT NEWSPAPER A police squad car stands on guard In front of the after-
noon newspaper Tribuna da Imprensa at Rio De Janeiro. Brazil, after dispersing a group of
rioters who attempted to storm the building. Demonstrators took part in disturbances in vari-
ous parts of the pity following the suicide of President Getulio Vargas.

Si i I Panama Decree
RIO VirTually Laments Death
A A Of Gen. Vorgas

An Armed Lamp
RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 26 6_______
(UP)-Presdent Joao Cafe, Jr..
pressed efforts, to organhe a "re-
conciliation" cabinet today in a
city which military security
measures had transformed into
a virtual armed camp.

President Remon has issued
a. decree "lamenting the sad-
den death of Gen. Getulilo Var-
gs," Brasillan President who
committed suicide last Tues-
The President abo decreed
that the flags will, fliv at half-
nt before all public build-
ags, effective today.


Invasion Threat

Scraps Navy Plan

To Reduce Force

WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (UP) The No said to
day that plans for cutting the size of the U.S. 7th Fleet
have been scrapped because of Red China's threat to is.
vade Formosa.
Adm. Robert B. Carney, Chief of Naval Operations,
yesterday stirred speculation that Naval forces in the Po.
cific might be cut sharply because there no longer are
any shooting wars in the area.
But a Naval spokesman said plans for a gradual mt
duction were set aside because of the "touchy situation
regarding Formosa. The 7th Fleet will be kept strong p
long as it is needed to guard Formosa, he said. r
The 7th Fleet, built around our carriers, present*
has the duty of defending Formosa and the nearby Poe-
cadores Islands against any Communist invasion sme.
thing the Reds have been threatening in increasingly beld
ligerent tones in recent weeks.
Discussions are presently go-
ing on within the adminstra- N0AW l V A.-
tion over whether to extend .u8. Wor Ird n
commietmet to some of the off-
shore iSlands till hMbdby the U ,ma, Wt L3A UAM -

1"7 -- .-0 e Vargas to suicide two days ago. _____reer. Carney disclosyesd th .
V .sits Pluit O Zone liiareuto P. -that the Naw recently reduced Fbrce or Panama Canal
Sc c tion Miln pberecautions here had its Western Pacific forces by a yet received w from Wat
e lin, been ret ed somewhat since Cines N tlonal four destroyers and one battle- into as to the details ot
A fkthe n, n Tuesday, when Communist-in- si. new legislation free
he be constita fluenced rioting flared in the Un S k o oa y.
Compartively few r U hours immediately after Vargasn n -_ In passing reference, Carney PIlyes of the federal govern.
death, but the central areas owe do expect some
hm Pans het ciya aino-Red Transpor desoye
haee by the cial sources the city still had the look at a Transport iulon In the Pacific as are- twas not. kown ay o
t RmS Canal Co. and the Navy fr to Roman pi
President Jose A. Remon go maver forms from ae who cate a hi api at war. TOKO Aug. 26 (UP) The warsit of the end of the shooting e aene plan b
his first limpse o the inside of wish to decline the w ow-cost d or days of absence Five hundred troops, support- Nationalist Ch inese Central to effect or how soon employes
a $18,0000 whaling KUMP of soP insurnte which goes into to study of the U.. ed by strategically-mounted ma- News ency reported to ay The destroyer division andthe ,lbe t. awly ,* terday when .e was guNest of effet Sunday* co.. prpsals witheat bets chinegns, wrere posted found that Na onalist Navy unite sank battleship were withdrawn about vacation ave .
h0a or at an Informal rcetion To date onl the Canal Co. distracted by other affairs of the lS. embassy, and military aOAO CAF 500-ton communist Chinese two months ago before the Some of the questions which
held aboard the Olympic al- and theNavy have received te tate. police with submachine uns transport n route to Hainan s- Formosa situation began build- were bothering Zolans today
er blue waiver from from Wash- ._- and bazooka patrolled Cinea- land off the coast of mainland ing up a crisis were:
S e 10-n Cha llener, Ington, while the Army and the -. llM dia, Rio's "Times Square.", guard ua .every important inter- China on Aug. 11. where w t money com
whichls the factory s ntpotTe Te saiForce civilian personnel of- Army and Navy enUstet men section Rio, ready to put A spokesman said there are from to pay for the trips?
b eat ee in the fleet said today they expect to with bayoneted Springfield rifles down of the Communist-ed TheCentral Ne ws dispatch no plans for any further raduc- ow
w d was ber the oe Bal gt theirs soon. .IA were Josted on every corner outb against the, United from Bong Kong said thestnking lon in the Pacific fleet at the
boa bas near Pier yesterday Waver forms, for those Pan- Rio ranco avenue, the it tate h flared here and in occurred off Tanu (Big Tiger) present time and particularly no How soon will employes be
and led last night. am Canal Co. employes who do main street. the ipal cities of Brazil Island. The Communist vessel plans for any "wholesale with- eble to go?
ana c not wish to subscribe to the i i T, was identified as the "Nanhal drawal" such as are being made Will they have any choke
Sanama's chief exeae, surancte plan, musto bube submitted In Republic Square, outside Tslcide is considered a No. 105." by the Army and Air Force. to mode of transporftion?
Swas Preseate by by ose of business toaor- thewar ministry, armored cars, morta-T by the Catholic -
sipper.* The an wce nusoeao- z trucks and 'Jeeps wyere, parke churechew President Joao Cr e

te h S the rc Au. 2 P isnd Te ay an nced d-r p- b_. omehatecuve semci r rclue lh g. 2 (UP) however, the committee said session by Biopeight days .
te rt Nt to t i the w as reo ued to nue cotege.o Meanwhily ar s' body lay trtroke -cuador, Ncaraua, ment prepared by
--e -alsn D. hevast changes that hae- -anc ee e she heard the cratut-e-edrg both Communist and The committee report was de- theoloUluyoians onPa-the t f
rheeinsmourn i effectivTo Criticize Communismd Capittllwi
Sless waver orms are submitted. t is my firm belief tary science be buried. news o blic capital. vered to a plenary assembly second assembly, Crist
Se mfa that waive have ml training fr every ei nes carried hope of the world
seea S puS SSn t their employet. habved by Army young atorn, exctween ovnly The President's b anha, g life-long friees and
td whe r o .., rbe ov up fo te pyn-siadllyM dile~i flown there yesterday, but plans chiefs red in farewellr by ment
as ^ os., the am a t .e date wheiu Martin ceaid the nation should Thfor immediate burial we reek am in t tthe air to supply a plane- However, the committee hpu
t e al-Od1,Y-z$ a tt ubt wave eave a highly trainedswe l it nwell d ere funds re rent- called becat use of the huge from rwwth Vargas' bodesy andcoma
he l I Reulaton s ride that an of mode se po ored A speal committee recoply demands or Vargas resgnatonthe statement needs expansion of Hanover, Germariy.

9thsW f=w e tshi 4, ofl s1e who faleoe to take ith t. s most pweat r onds w be rese this ied to A deathhat the second to show there are many signs cussions into the reports
wh u catches an the Caf t insurance will be t aI the avy mrcann Air Force "uar to pay their last re e-day Troops throughout Bra-il were mitted to the full asseMbn r.
th lt i.. Mt e y r as f utrmie ~hi ve and n spowerfuleech that wthe could casino at El er Mrs. Ada Sa- assembly of World Council hope for mankind manifesnfor eptance i a 1-day.
othe fe o t t_ wnn .b. ,ve com hn e n tht den. the mno ioa dene of Te sroe f Churches adopt a statement themselves dailythat as
l req whuo tes air and enoh planes t arr The eain, whTesd hen she heard the crit ng both Communst and Triothe committee report was embly accept theft t t
the by med capitalism vered to a plenary assembly S wld In he principal cities, at ment asembly, Chr toe
oe&, bcin e o takin dy hop enll ltan. tacking otieal and private U.S. church of the World." si
t.. ~ e ae mndoi th mde MO ha te not altered th r asino at offices and opposition nes with a summary of thcarried

tun a =041 eOfem w =,r*toa. commented that erl ee trained tdtios In ton Br ft newspapers attacked obedience."
thel b a free republic is the solem ob to the Freh ard ame e t ed Communist in bit- e statement recommf about 0nd
yr fCU age, t acoonna llts people." Baertt er editorals and said "there is or"acceptance crlticesa
tor fh erbunting t e twl be.... .ti .rg.u tor Tat, t Sratoromorrow Night The p oe was a private one.
.Tmhe of l3*a bMeaorifn wawill abe a v u da ort said. Mrs. Vargs scorned an offer byment
tmeot of 320 m s l surane asmt a iters date ,a when tin maid the nation should The weekly campaign to the air "fd to supply a plane--
t I u t submit wlvem v hgly trained, well rae funds r governent- for It Was the air force whose
.-thi e .ntir e 4 Rea g:ue i ro den that ao st aodW S sponsored Panama it play- demands fr Vargas' resignation digeed and sunmaled
al the tn 12 one year a fterlnles toetake' n""- an = -i grounds will be resumed this led to hI* death. were iuions into the rerth.
whale ftbevl ndn 0oreb weekend with a three-day Trwool boughout Bragl were an /itred tF the full asseTobly ,w
ofth. waitersone yee waaiAv Th1M3 the ud powerful that we could casino at El Rancho beer Car- on the Mott for any renewal OfdaY.
TWO0Of t i mi Of t Waiver T d will be r .'Chamve complete sup...remmacmu In the den. the mc Violence of Tuesday
ty of -officials who &A uce .evidence of U -air id enough planes g M The eain, whb opens whem o i l de the
Tr tro the o m a scmd- acep ti thies
~aunt.dw e ship. frm e b of t to day, will olow the usal pat- tack Wan rivate' Uhes o the orl
odlWhO tcldfo"amtnne eoof wekn asnos at offices ad opposition newsa- wifo % g nth a summary of the
a Vr Atn on who MororcyCae pets or di stations.
aa go.v. rni. Insurance now, aTd ft A& ttr at ptrioic fervorr" He the beer gaidn, offein the p ao
tear w to t Wil be p s a *a freerepublic Ios the solemn ob- to the Freneh card game hIe utiwed Comm.unists in bit-fTeptae t
l.gat"n of alIt peol.ct lno room in present circum- lm as dosrl nthe
...* .. .- :-.: -, .. .... Istances fm. a foreign pat nor "democratic humanism" for
." ..' 7. 'Z' '."' ldisorder." I ability toworkouthisown faro,
'""" ,ethe world and failure to -
44o r ha m

T* sine hour of the Pan-

-The Xwoa' W& saik to- 2MING Dr. Geoffrey F. Fisher., the Arch .bp f,,i'ft
own ,. a ve at tMe r oW nut a policman's motorycl at 00 ,st. 1 T-
kru 1 *AL. tasaout houoilsein ane motorcycle after.c to a a
Tke dkp to Us er 1 ds160- William Saran (left), that the D bM l
.2 = l enjoying the -1 1e In office r flm.
W ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o n61 SU1 3W ~veof emmw INlua

~ ,,


._T~~-~-- --'- ---` II! -- ~

Y. "~EY~I


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" "rL ,."
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_ *,M Oe 40MwU LIS1U0',oD w Tll PAN4AMA ANI AN PISWA IM.
pemunwgn ly NMU.ON MN WMVl"l IN I**
a emen ,r, o so 2_4. PANA.Af. o P.

Labor News j
&nd I

Yeh, We're All-Proud of You, Son!

from toe Argonne National Labor. on l foreiI l WIIIII Tha dvte then given to a one-a r, WOW K4-_B.ttc-_aM witf'e -_ i ieym a "G i
F lAnm imal tory, n Cnmcago; from General was 144 D. and 181 R. for the unit program, which is hardly a was lled in the mitt se s. hey a delinquent werll7 I'm P url.
stomach I I I Ilecuic s p 1 a nts in Hantord, measure, 85 R. and 43 D. opposed. Democratic victory. and 75 R. against, 12 R. i4d 14 to reverse a disgraceful nation
WMarh(omb wash,, and tne hignly secret Scne. In the Senate, however, Democrats On the Administration omnibus D-. favor of it. trend. By 1960, unless that trend __
f2Mahm) + i_ 1 1. |I nectaoy, N. Y., instadations; from took the lead in trying to cut ap- tax reform bill Democratic con- is reversed, 1,800,000 youngsters
W eattinguouse's Arco Falls, daho, prppriations: The vote on the final gressmien took the lead in oppose. The Democrats' final embirras. each year.will be in trouble with
site; National Lead in Fernold, 0.; $200 million cut was 29 D. and 12 ing tax reductions on dividends, mentor the Eisenhower adminls. the law. America cannot afford to
American Car and Foundry and R. for cutting, X R. and 7 D. They tried to substitute across-the- tration came in the Communist lose the good citizenship of these
Z the Sandia Corp. buildings in Al. opposed. board income tax reductions to Control Act of 1954. Passage was boys.
C. Z. Employes buquerque, N. Pa.; Bendix in Kan- Democrats gave the President benefit lower income groups. unanimous in the senate, THE BABE HAD TOUGH START- *
sas ,ity, Mo.; Dow Chemical Co., his main support on three-year ex- They were defeated in both Hous. overwhelming In the House. But I wonder how many kids in
SARMLA AY N D NAVV Y PERSONNME ocky lats, Colo.; Proctor ano tension of the reciprocal trade es. it was Democratic Initiative which America today know anything
ARMY A NAVY RN L Gamble Defense Corp., Amarillo, program and for freer trade. Similarly, onfarm legislation, put it over against 'White 1Hose more about Babe Rutht han that
a. Tax., and the Silas Mason Co., On the 1953 Simpson tariff-rals- most Democrats opposed the Ad. and Department of Justice wish- he symbolized the home run?
Surlington, Iowa. ing bill which the Administration ministration flexible price-support es, thought they were able to wa- The Babe meant much more
Opposed, the House vote was 137 program. They favored continue. ter down the bill for final passage. than that to an older generation
ISE INVESMENTS There will also be celegates from D. and 104 R. in support of the tion of high, rigid supports on In summary, Democrats seeking in his glory years-a big, good-
the union lodges whose members President 56 D. and 105 R. basic crops. The House vote on to ride the Eisenhower coattails natured orphan who learned to
E aINR LA L work for companies constructing against him, and for higher tariffs, this was 182 R. and 45 D. for in this election don't seem to have play ball at St. Mary's Industrial
a And maintaining atomic install. For a three-year extension of flexible supports, 147 D. and 23 too good a case. But on many School in Baltimore.
SEAD TO SECURITY tions. reciprocal trade agreements, the R. for high rigid supports. The key votes it was Democratic sup- What he stood for then, in what
S EAD TO SECURITY A listing of these groups is vital, vote in the Senate, where the fight Senate vote was 44 R. and 18 D. port for nonpartisan or bipartisan we have come to know as the
for it reveals that the delegates, began, was 32 D. for it, 39 R. for flexible supports, 3 R. and 24 measures which helped passage of golden age, was a blessed land of
ATER IN' LIFE together, represent a pool of al. and 6 D. against it. The one-year D. against., presidential recommendations. rtunty. Baseball made the
most complete knowledge of our Babe, and the Babe In turn made
basic weapon production. baseball.
NVEST Yet our government did not hes3. Like so my kids out of brob
i t tatf to permit this three-daygath- K I I i V JP IIUI I homes, the Babe might have got
-AerLg on Its most secret of military into trouble, real trouble, but for ai
OW IN sites. Our security people trust the guidance and understanding of
this union-Ocric of the White t I Rthe brothers of St. Mary's. lie
IZATION Hous though it be. They trust its By LEEowed much to Brother Mattis
R leadership and Its rank-and-file of- and to the brothers Paul, Albert, a eome money he wae plalogl
T RUSTWORTHY MANAGEMENT ficers. Our government felt that and Gibert.
it was no breach of faith with the They taught him the moral val. rhen S P. WRat 4 N
PERrATING SINCE 1928 nc arenoe oland toemit this The Sports Page: Curley Lam. they'll act out the classci as bed. atthe table. (What, so vanity ues; they gave him relious tra i
union conference to be ld at Los beau, famed coach of George time stories for the kiddies. c ase) lg. They en our.aged mtop t .
Alamos. "Wetwsh" Marshall's Washing. -- Don't Call Me Madame: With b inhis free hours. He wasaaot Gets lob .Uw b liegt*
N OW IS THE TIME It will be held-and with po- ton Radskin pro football team, Love Letter From Jane: Of the Clare Booth Luce's reolgnaton as a good student, but he learned to
litical overtones. The star speaker didn't quit-he was fired because Kean sisters that is: "Greetings envoy to Italy expected on Im' distingui sh between the good
will be a former Truman cabinet he insisted on hiring a couple of from Cincinnati. Last time I play. des! shortly (she's aling ey the bad, and by the time he w asi -.--
member, U. S. Senator Clint An- Negro players, or else. It was else. ed here I was a single (with Joey say) the post will be otered to
darson of New Mexico, a member Marshall is one of the last (or is Adams.) That still made me a AimYy secretary Stevens. I Cri
OR ofthe Joint Congressional Commit- he the last) holdouts in either single. It was the year 1947 B.C. SIDE GLAcNCE- y Soh broio
te on Atomic Energy. You can league. Curley should worry. He'll (Before Cindy.) Now I'm at the Hocus Pokus Focusn he. body ---
M iALLake book that at this moment of vacation on his $250,000 California Beverly Hills Country Club wit of Vfrwna Mayo in the ads tor
TO CALL controey ver atomic energy in- hacienda which is wat you call a my older sister Betty. Someone "ing tchara and he Cr- I
S C stallation eentracts, Clint won't ex- ranch when the mortgage is lifted. told me the act needed a.ittlsex saaers" belongs to b w rd WI r,
N EWLY APPOINTED AGENCY his politica o pponents Ch orMan so I replaced J.A. with loca TV actorIe and otedeL A
WE Ghisplhtcalo e opponents in te White Man Bites Do:+ John Jacob everytrpmgis now O.K.b (What's wrong wit Vwrg iSM nsy)
ICK DEHLINGER ef, the U.. govern- Hoywood, shouldn't Con. Help Wanted: Prof.Jules Pode o
eyes to look intio 'e lives and Hollywood, It Shouldn't Con. Help Wanted Prof. Jules Pode
mP Et todA ova$ 33 ities--atomic oves of a newspaper editor and fidential: Johnny Desmnd (e' wants gals for the Copacabana.
eePHNyciti PANAMA es.s ch The1 sa publisher, and I bet I guess who the terrif singer) gets the coveted Pay is a C-note week wy a i
PHONE PANAMA 3-44 from in each of thesefederally first time. Russ Columbo role half the film chance to make like June AUllyson
owned municipalities as thes s colony's been shooting for and it's and Joanne Dru wao once hooted
SAVINGS PLANS at Los Alamos. The test in N Make News: Yvonne not because he's got 1 G' in- ere. ((r maybe marry a mil.
AS LOW AS 25.00 PER MONthe Internatienal Assn. of M* Dianne, of t he Quints, cancelled vested in the film either. (Strictly onare yet.)
A. Ecls delegates "was--can t s to an m r engagement on merit which the lad has plenty
be trusted?'Nothing else. Could a Canadian lawyer after her Of.) ... MGM-biggies tell me the H(
not J. Robert's embattled boys say sister's death. It isn't off, how- "feud" between Dore Schary And More Help Wanted: David (Tea-
s ... something nice about this? ever...Gloria Swamson is in- Eddie Mannix, the MrM Mr. B iuse of teAugust Moon() Wa
vesting it a Madi d Botel. (Watch er, is not over who shall be r looang for a mc* young
W wholesale Food out, C San h s iayut the golf course go scores, (or do they play gplf?) her for four years. (Just a tem.
1 Prices F l 1for the nowoAftre Academy ... Margaret O'Brien (he POrarY jo
PANAMA A EC AN (in Colorado 8~) and it ain't doe) could open a flower shop >e Yr .---- : Bo\
O u 5 P because he plays with the Prexy with the posies she's getting from New York Kt Confidtta ob 2
YORK, Aug. 26 (UP) either. Glenn Hogan, theerl an, who's Olin did not ose a "deammi" at
s Wle o food prices fell 18 making lke a cradle-robber with Lindy's, but wvat do yr expect
cents this week on the Dun and her from alleged reporters who try to
B radstraet, Inc.. index, in the Cafornia, But Why: Billy Eck. -- blacken anyone who b s or
Ssharpest drop for more than five stin. thatt' Mr. B.) andDenise The People's Cherce (But is it?) rats (The rat whoi sale di
Years, It was announced today. Darcel (thtsa NisO Double D) At secret conferences held nla the should ght s get a 84 et e bAat
aren't making o aereat Of it. He Essex House suite of Buffalo G kP of fast.) ... Mar ,
Declines In coffee and cocoa picked te up at herbeauty par- leader Mahoney P. was 9 Mills Msie i
sent the index down to 6.89- r ana they wet into a stted that Toa Dewe wl ma e U Bl
OA IM Ia M the lowest level in more than clinch. h et l the t n frt re-leetin. ag Mand ay hi e 's
"aiseven montts-from $ T07 in the too ... Pac Sera tamril 3a4M wl be as w he's Xr W. of
SpriWoas wek. It was the bil- and his vwift U Hlede (Wthe oa Luthero Gvllek wk a s en..
Nlalas w, l s s ej a t "c OVtl" 12ig, We e B k'e IIan
ow ab er, the latet figure stil Kttorean rai o W now a afrohm 1o s y.
S 3.3 per cent higher than the' ee whevr he is ... o neg to hire at at, .ew (Herem I a) ... S
$.687 of a year ago and 15.6 rerlBob Neal Ite n: Prem M Fe e. Ft eMe. re I bra l es t I
een't abve the pre o orean War man to Martm trtiSne (You away, Md t ts ) Naw as
Ia I :- NI- ,levela ateitr m way.). hi s kl.l to plug a- s lowa ... .... ..
F. l YOUE D .you: Sid Ulw 'I foser hNo'MidnigtMahatI(Tr a kwn asOR Mi,, s
TheInd"x represents the sum OCoa ) ispr a Capote (be wrter be ter "d Ith. MIE r an Pd' ,
lt price p'er pond of 31 NBC TVb tshf e de M a- th In fi Ma
f1eda id senal use. J* by mmchalantly i "- ft-

'"" I.






k *.

, .- < '-7

* x


-HO-PN Ml I nPANA N- o140 16-L I
la Op1aW 1 170T CINTIAL AVeNU IWEIE 13TI" AND 13Tm iTo m-
peag 4 NasN in E W2IT Commvs.nJouaPOW NGC m ent | B W iAp
24 111 AV 1111V fl l I14 N V-

TheT cul-oft wh h emes ha s; tten b7 y seversa- I don't know how lthe
c TmH.0 MA I B O I.....
oapisirepreaab hdohrm.wod wthe be io do a c y udter m wh m e

I'2:l3l I ese "zterush our souan or well ASwat"pNt,h he te "b e b 1ab n

,Ti, is , _.a.s..r-sp.-b, y ,* *.* s y un 'roa K ^*** **-* ** *^. o othe t.. day, I re Io l t*'N
S..- nd Intellectual support in oth a b
T IS OU INSURANCE TH E AT LASTS OWN COLUMN moomnt ea a lays r m N rlOehs d yt

ir : lAl I can >y Ki that the new insurance the government hs tary support av welld on agress Ad Sg pr
S ermi.ttg metoet now is a life haver. ,tomehow dcultws likes the Oppen. and viil6 Wt

aOnly t hin wrong with It dt that U is not enough, helm er squads never can onhde. The ra It ou magathi at capitaL CPOP alnA WI'orH a
About ears ago I Ia p ubed I rn t mie d t essed. wa by in hteianylone d rse. Yet to d aT wb nrow o
confined. to the .hospital for abou3 weeks, and since that time I y and security r Bch
hae not had the slightst sign of i hat nd n look nrtiohr tan te va, st-erae

I n e ahsta nBut the insurance agents in the Canal Zone canot gt thir atomic proving gon c a

S companies to accept me. I am a bad risk But now can get apultd riJ', no*lanUtopbey J. Robert and our tsI tom md side th tinher day we to 't Iet't a eaes th e
some Insurance security system into controversial I R edrot pe lo een, was't ju.t a ase wfpatUhld
'eFemed insouroanobrce -me e:o rire tor scra' har.of1
MndILntellectu uort itho swf theve ro

S---te------lsecret grou wel man oft t sommi on juv bas.
..inis C that J. Robert's band nos ey is to ,of me dell queny. Tere nofaTlnce m et 5 B t e kids.. -o o
A Ji r sare Itahe er ii#ail theaoneried isNa tryh ouppot ibeaswell, dwere snaon s there tl, hevfeltbeer foroe oct.
##hYotin etolettno lesaverult le the Open le e a atos ad viaiinther of

J Korean Journg wit ti s untary words in behalf of our land. ', weIrI-e go l .. ow about
a ia Kortea r also ii chambuerd er i led bwsny ian outspoken critic de Pr l f delinquency. thfaennadth
Known ast t- Courtesy fo IS ident D Eisce nhower, a pomlal t heyne. Whee e i we weln tsc u felte Babe'as Tw s to M

Its native 5 Respets5 my of the Repuolican Party and *Jn bheeound. Basbae helped hd pa ytand. A ^fOi
S m-,- nmsi-- Birds'home, one who has aenounced the OOPWAi /., li U O*-ihusnbad a it T hel p thousa-b nearby andi ee
3a Correct 7 Atectionate as vehemently as WateerReuthnero a he a rin.n lo / n uhe h aor ae h bat ob ..turm inm lF
i '4Itonce was 8 Princes or any other caustic ceZnnurr oef cant gt tJihe it mi p r ou dram tasoday-kids who are rest- a adlt w as thed.up ie
S copallied wito the 9Epistles (ab.) b skB t i- tn e Waite House. The ionu their I c r eA ii le" and b'un p with .... "u"ced at th-
i Chinesei- 10 l Striki eseo s nations third largest, is the lnters. |g ds nWeimd ro pe dInon. ea w. sewav- u a casedof u -s
I; 11 Martian national A lssn. of Machrinists SI'-- I I L 1 ,w b- 1 i d "'n
alarms (comb. m) 2Passage In l (AFL). Its leader is Al J. Hayes, We ved Sen n of

1 S1uattr 12 Fidding brain 43Persian prince a veteran New dealer. willpro--a ----the same committee. "The aJve ab scocar Or a ra pao..
S7 easrv'orn emperoor 28 Require 45 Genus of camtie inof adn broken h ome," he s a idae r ca eo. oe
Si altudmlS 29Terni willows Furthermore, this strate- r i l t te "o n er bs a nl0 something back.
tLake Indian 33 Wool clipper 4t Duration of gy meeting o te union's Atomic lI Babe would hit'm in Sportsmans Other Ykee ad port rit

Scana 21 Quis show 35aStraightens office energy tumerence, representing Park, St.Lou.s! That mu.t have Fred Inteb tolowed in theBabe!s
SIritat i gro uI 3 Verb forms 47 formerly t, workers on our molst secret i. be i favorite ball r" The a th notie the t esbl 22 Seen at a rink37 Finish 49 Chemical thner..onuciear weapons, las been BtV eter nEd or waOu*pl*n t F.a .d aar ....

Sonfd3 Pace 40 Checkered sux facilitated by the rwek and ane s ta to group 6n yougredmfrom.h was oedrwed. Hke IaUP.
aC. i rO 24 Rip 41 Full-length 51 Drink made Atomic energy, Commission's own --,o -- Joplin, Mo. I am sure they'll over and ovlr, "My boy d
mnothad 25lGaesic vestments with malt gecuy nsysdmh WRep n tne partley vadry ca -s

tn ti uraic tite i8 er ascusio o e the u. WASHINGTON (NEA) A extension was then passed by both A further obstacle to the En- long a. th eee. Senator H twoar. M h "
c0 Gull-like n .s reaationsmp to te govern- od eight can be stared any time Houses. Te measure w come hower program came from Dm. *wo a trak tndat i.Cokins -S yo. up
S birds P n tne giant cop nies ow on v'hether the Democrats come up again next year. ocratic opposition to the new torHendrikon played i ghoshool Ther was sonetein hfron
,1 Solar disk a e t n t wmc maxe tle sg Domo ay its hlped the Eisenhowerprogra On te .ricker conUtutional atomic energy bill and the propose* baiebali bssd tor serbavper about ath abhedad .the
3 onelty a 8 lt grnm pants, every delegate will ongg more than hey Lder tamenment go red ene e resi- ed Dixon-Yates r va e power plsa daot baMsbal and roetba, lear of delhquency old E
,33 Charger t is a i '- ave special government sec during tlhel rd Congress which dents treatyymaking powers, plant conrtt in Tennesse Tere were kids from Jackson, hae overwhelmed him f to
34 Church earancei r jt cled h t t te Atmsan oppose alley. House action was on Ten., and they were d by t been redriht I

dignitar t ey are not all seated at the the question in more extreme the nal vote was 32 D and a voice voteDemocratic senators senator Kefauver, also of the co. too much tre-toomany ha
8 Droves session, it won' be e gover dd D crats hp the a 25 13 L. tor. forced a filibuster destrucve side have
1 up esavesn, wn be hale of our n-land. d eDeort hp cMheeabok heheadal

3Slm ou ault. ante enhower program more than When te Democram gave tne portant patent and public power hurt the kid. Certainly the-a
8uicall stuy Soo 2TD willowenuringthermore, t anr l Ayrptemb.r J orth

SAiatic an ours ou o norrenous snees Most Democratic support for GOP on domesc issues, it was ever, and these the House ac. t en w n o o

Sollower to make it posibe or te ma. President Eienhower was n or- often to support an oldemocra cepted. 1, on the ball field instead of on aware of the problem. utOW I
48 Citrus fruits I cainisis umon comerence to .meet eign policy matters. Where they tic policy. dimly lit stre cornerss" Keatuver say, let's bury those headlines. In
80 Volcanic on tne highly restricted govern, bucked him was on domestic For instance, on me President's Democrats forced recommittal to them. "You don't get into troes one way they multiply the .rob.
opening men reservaon. isue. program to build 140,000 pubic of Republican revisions t the ble on the ball field" m, make phony h
63 One holding -- -- e union reports that in addi On the first session. 1953 fe housing units in the next four Taft-Hartley labor law on straight Seator William Langer of the idds. Let's tell them of the ood
goods in t rust 47 F tM i on to ts members in t os id l five Sene and r theoueotewa R partylines, to4. Demoraticuvenle delinquency committee thekiddo. Andletkeep t
Sorret 7feconateasavt rIn 3 Fi4Ceiaher men & terzonrOutherbago weapBn, as beenoe a

others e i t tn 's otnr leading atom. orats for the President's proa opposed. Te Senate reso ths the vote to year re- crease in rural areas today than l etr trouble
Is n an test bi repre. ar d fewer Democrats a gle pvis by W ne our sltio wiu
3 4 E ^ C h u9irc hi1 I- ^ k i i s pe c i ag o v e r n m e n t s e cur< i ty_ d u r in g tl h e 3 r d C o n g re s s w h ic h d e n t 's tr e a ty- m a k in g P o w e. r s pl a n t f ruL o nJ Pd b o th ba s e b all a n d *- -

dignitary ciearauce, h~~~~~- ~ as just closed p sho. Orno ptwihteAmnsrto po-I i ense hr eekdrmJcsn


U government a-s Few

For Using New Anti-Re

- -I -mmtar-asmnner-a. 1M

WASHINTON Aug. 26 (UP)- went even further. It added a
The Noverment 1a no immedi- number of extra provisions strip
sate =a for craekng down on ina the Communist Party of to
Re ,nd erthe neComunist rights and requiring mem-
control act, official sid today. bersta to register.
t even oapeaed doubtful Sponsors of the bill claimed ft
omen vs5t sOf the law, aim would outlaw" the party but
ed at Oaw the communist other government legal authori-
Party,:Oever wieued. ties were not certain exactly
Itwas uertood. the Justice what it would do.
s 'rtnent is planning roviso, When the President signed
the a one under onaeg the bill, he said "further study"
the one g 'anl 1 l will be needed to determine its
rW Ui tons0 effect on existing anti-subver-
Thl r mesuons. w h r ident ve laws such as the Internal se-
eenhower sined T us d curity Act and the Smith Act.
Elseower signed Tu e styt' The Justice Department gave
started out as a request by Ay the imrssion it will continue
Gen. Herbert Brownell Jr. forlts aetfvit its winder ontes e
authority d C unist- s act under these two
dominated unions or businqe laws.
cedoun which migh enfidang It is involved now in a court
nations mity dangr battle over whether the Comm~-
s Browne asked in t d the Internal Security Act.
onu anotherdirection Asked about registration pro-
ton, but i another direction cedures for party members un-
exp der the new law, a spokesman
i t said, "Anyone who wants to re-
Stre he department and get a form."
Kills Woman G ler, It was plain the department is
Snot planning any sort of regis-
Sd expects to make no move against

from a torm u over thnerw enlaw p than they were under
The opinions appeared to pe

rar im sweeing er theta 1950 statute which compels
adwas ithy Hinkel, registration if the organization
46, Lombard, Ill. Her husband not lled all re-
David was knocked down and uirementfts. n
suffered burns from the belt, but It likewise was doubtful com-
oufr oedbrns rom.en bife in lt, muniasts will feel any immediate
four other women golfers in effects of the section-of the new
shelter were unhurt. law denying the party the right
rto sue in courts, to own proper-
ty, to sign contracts and to en-
Ster candidates on electioelection bal
Legal experts pointed out that
the Reds often use separate or-
ganizations for such purposes
anyhow and that the states have
rendered the ballot issue a minor
The party itself has said It will
continue to function as a politi-
cal entity, while seeking to get
the new law ruled out in the
courts. It contends the entire act
is "profoundly unconstitutional."




A P ,,( .... i- .,



$ 4.95


TeL 3-0383




up the bill he sighed at Lowry Air Forc
the Communist Party and cracking d
labor unions.


Plans McCarthy's Senate Accusers
ro*Ca lled On To Support Charqes

d ill WASHINAu 26 (UP) tocondemn McCarthy's con-
-Sen. Arthur V. Wator ns called duct. It also requested the names
on three senators today to fur- of witnesses who might testify.
'nish documents and witnesses to Watkins said his letter was not
support their censure charges a- an invitation to the three sen-
gainst Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy. ators to testify personally unless
they have first-hand knowledge
The Utah Republican also said of any of the listed incidents.
his special censure committee He would not identify possible
probably will question columnist witnesses but said in response to
Walter Winchell about the so- a. question that Winchell proba-
called "FBI letter" that produc- bly will be asked, at least pri-
ed a sensation at the Army-Mc- vately, what he knows about ex-
Carthy hearings. cerpts from a confidential FBI
S Watkins chairman of the com- One of the charges against Mc-
mittee which will open hearings Carthy is that he permitted the
on the, censure charges next document, produced at the Ar-
Tuesday, made public a letter my-McCarthy hearings, to fall'
he wrote to Spns. Ralph E. Flan- into Winchell's hands. |
ders (R-Vt.) -J. William Ful- The columnist told reporters!
bright (D-Ark.) and Wayne during the hearing he did notl
Morse (Ind-Ore.) publish the material because his
friend, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoov-
The letter asked the senators er, threatened to jail him if he
for help, in documenting the did.
charges they filed in the Senate
in support of Flanders' resolu- Indiscuss ing the comin hear-
committee intends to conduct
N.Y Afg fthe investigation with a firm
N. Y. Confldental hand-sticking strictly to the
charges, barring radio and tele-
(Continued from Page 2) vision coverage and malntain-
high class) and came here with a ing a "Judicial atmosphere."
movie bankroll. A reporter asked what would
happen if McCarthy raised fre-
S uent "points of order" as he did
Undercover Stuff: Sweden's durinthe inquiry into his row
"famed" detective Soderman has with the Army.
Watkins replied that the cen-
been hired by the Americans to sure committee will decide Mon-
esident Eisenhower holds find out what happened to Otto sure committee will decide Mon-
ce Base, Colo., outlawing John, the lamister chief of the day whether it will permit points
lown on Red-infiltrated West German secret police. (What- of order.
samatter, haven't we any private "We've set down certain stand-
detectives of our own? How about yards and were gointot enforce
SRay Schindler. Or did you ever them no matter whether anyone
hear of the Pinkertona? Or Jim objects or doesn't object," Wat-
nBranlgan?) klns said.

Moo 1

...and you said you'd give her the
moon Ma the stars... and that you .
would replace the rint you gave hfr
then with a bigger, lovelier onel
Remount her stone now in \
a modern, larger, more
beautiful ring... -

7TI *AIWfttV- OTf I
L.ut' T9X4 l 09 ti




Our BIG SALE starts

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We shall remain closed tomorrow in order to
I prepare for the Special Sale

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The Business'There's No Busi-
ness Like: Jean Simmons is taking
dancing lessons in anticipation of
playing the lead In David Selz-
nick's Broadway musical version
of "Gone With the Wind."' That
is, if Mrs. Selznick (Jennifer
Jones) doesn't decide to do it ...
Claudette Thornton, the Universal
starlet, has been signed for the
lead in the American version of the
French play "Mou Mou" which
means woof woof, or does it?
The Mortimer the Merrier: Bar-
bara Hutton's son, Lance von
Reventlow, making like a junior
Rubi with Jeanne Clayton, the deb-
ble, at Manny Wolf's ... Betty
George, the warbler, may be bat-
tling over billing with Berle (at
the Sands) but she sure is happy
with Tommy McDonnell, Chicago's
spareribs king. He remained over
in Vegas. It could only happen in
New York, I mean week-end plas.
WIT ws'! f. Dr. Greg P01Wk, who i
rewltd!,sme 6f thes'tars, averb
the current fad is a nose-bob over
Saturday and Sunday and back to
work on Monday with a new
schnozz ... Tip to Talent Scouts:
The wonderful Melodaires (that's
Tom Moore, Bill Kane and Joe
Nevins) at the Hanson House, De-
posit N.Y. (when last heard of
and they should be on TV.
Wisdom of a White Way Wolf:
Girl who rolls eyes at man has
eyes on man's roll.

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~pvrars+).rrrrrrr -- ----


m I


-- --








" r.E FOPmUor

US Professor Visils

SArchdeacon Son

,r oWIn Almrlanfe
MWritten for NEA Service Professor Edwin White Web-
ster of the history department of
4 _____ Ripon College, Ripon, Wis., has
'been visiting at the home of his
NORTH 7 son, the Ven. Edwin C. Webster,
6 10 73 Archdeacon of western Panama,
V K 7 4 who resides in Almirante.
K QJ 10c The elder Webster and his son
6Q are -arriving today from Almi-
0 rante to remain here until Dr.
WEST EAST ,Webster returns to Chicago on
65 J 4 Saturday by PAA.
V 1062 0 A Q 9 5 Archdeacon Webste? will re-
S 9*32 8743 main over Sunday and will be
AK J 72 5 3 the guest preacher at the Cathe-
SOUTH (D) dral of St. Luke on Sunday
&AKQ93 morning at the 10:45. service at
V J7 3 which Bishop Oooden will offi-
*AS late.
# 41084 Father Webster will also
Neither side vul. preach at Evensong in St. Paui'.,
S.r It Church, Panama City at 7 p.m.
.h W North ast ion Sunday before leaving for
I 2 4 2* Pan Almirante.
2 4 Pass 3 Pass The Rev. William Baldwin of
a Ps Pass St. Andrew's Church, Cocoll, and
SOpening lead- K Bishop Oooden will continue to
take care of any baptisms, wed-
-- dings, funerals or cases of sick-
ness in the absence of Dean
North's bidding in the hand MacDonald.
shown today is a trifle ambitious. I
.4iMe doubleton queen in a suit bid my and thus bring in the setting
by the enemy should be almost trick. The defense took two high
entirely discounted. If North for- hearts, two high clubs, and a club
gets about his queen of clubs, he overruff.
has a count of nine points in high If East had signaled immediate-
cards and one point for the double- ly for a club continuation,' the de-
ton. A free raise to two spades fense could have taken two clubs
would express the value of this and an overruff to begin with.
hand. i Then, however, East would be un-
South had only a minimum open-, able to take two heart tricks.
Ing bid and quite properly refused I if East attacked hearts, he could
North's invitation. Even three take only the ace; and if he led
spades was, however, too high any other suit, South could discard
against the sparkling defense put two hearts on dummy's diamonds.
up by East and West. Either way, the contract could not
West opened the king of clubs, be beaten.
and East joyfully noted that he
could overruff the dummy if clubs
were continued. But then he had a
sober second thought and played
the discouraging three of clubs at
the first trick.
West saw that his partner had
played the lowest possible club
and therefore made the expected
shift-to the ten of hearts.
This was exactly what East
wanted. He took the queen and
ace of hearts, and then returned
the five of clubs.
It was easy for West to read
the situation. His partner had sure-
ly returned his highest club, which
therefore marked South with the
last missing club. West therefore
led a third round of clubs, and Daylight
East was able to over-ruff the dum.

f -.Me ERiED


When one woman invites an-
otgBr to lunch as her guest there
a Iouldn't be any cause for argu.
ing over who is going to pay the
cheek. If you're the guest don't
feel you have to make a grab for
the check or insist on paying for
,our own meal. Accept the
manners when you've been invit-
luncheon graciously and return
the favor at some other time.
Cheek-grabbing isn't good'
ed to lunch or dinner. *





CF ,7HE MUggrI
~' I, WOIIK 2 H



"I suggest we put her in a hospital for
the rest!"

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Going Too 'ar BT V, AM
,. ,. .; > o,

The Spotlight






SW. IN4v lEA 1 1 Y. M. F-D a P.i

The News Breaks

Into a Trap






Li. ~

--I ." 'p



A Boy's Best Friend

SYou Can't Win







5i -

S4-. .
1.C., Aw.
L .-. "V
m m LIA L aA .inu,.a u a =twswuiMlabu ,.Mg InTY WIWAPAPURK-M-

Ii~~~s~i8~s Sr, Y~~ i~eMIY~~l~~UPLL;5~t31II

Sand O t'erwie, &, i 34, Pana_

St/ 5037,
2 7* 2.7,1..0 1 T

i Pmaas se 2-0740 w 2.074/ daw.. & SO I0 a. 4
. ..

and p
the Fo


MR. AND M BIS CHARD L. OFFERS .leave the altar at Ft.
A ordapelS following their marriage last Saturday evening.
SJeffere Is the former Miss Barbara Schnake. Other mem-
bqrs of the wedding party shown are Miss Vannie Smith, maid
of honr..and Mr. Edward G. Schnake, brother of the bride, who
atred a beat man. The Jeffers are now at home in Balboa.
Mi'. Melton A. Eady, who Is resigning the presidency of
thbrCuundu Woman's Club because she is leaving the Isth-
mus, Wa the honor g est of the club yesterday at a farewell
iwachoon at the Army and Navy Club.
SThough Mrs Eady has been president of the club only for
the past five months, she has been actively identified with
4eI and religious work since her family moved to Curundu
Wvera years ago. Besides routine club work, she organised
thisyear's arts and craft recreation course for 0 young peo-
eand arranged the summer program for the swimming

t y's fieo or assignment as Chi -d'

le C t@of -the both F4b eof the liqe. T was
] randn. ,g Ead. in 1948 when Walter J. Donnelly
shvoeleed tbe appreelation of a was embassy counselor. Later he
th members for lfr. many serv- went on to bigger Jobs, as US
le 'ti the community; and pre- Ambassador to Costa Rica and
* d uthb e club's gift, a gold to Venezuela and as US High
ShB and- pendant. Mrs. Zent Commiesiona* In Germany. Now
read a better of commendation working in private industry, he
for her community activities is an executive of the United
* to Mrs. Bady by Lt. Col. States Steel Corporation's sub-
Whitus. '. sidiary in Venezuela, where he
-makes his home with Mrs. Don-
Thoue Attendbfi the luncheon nelly and their children.
S vert. the Mesdames Melton A.,
r ,: By H. Whitts, Lkhe.ellynt Marques, Marquess
m%. i. d'. ixene, i e.da Honored at Parties
Senk D, Boney, M. L. The Spanish Ambassador to
t, s;aXrn. A. R-.1. Panama and Condesa de Raba-
i_. S. ..Wall, J. A. ne- go gave a formal dinner last
W*..' LDBeath, B. V. Colbert, evening at their residence hon-
W pta J. Wright r.., J. ". oring the Marques and Marquesa
S. D Grilfths, H. IHo- del Castillo who have been hon-
SA JOSeH. Locke. A. T. ored at a number of affairs dur-
1W. IVM.eltsen, R. R Ing their visit here.
] wJ'.WN;aews, M. D. Mon- A luncheon in honor of the
O J. M-aells,.. Red- Marquesa was given on Tuesday
SJ.-. KRihart, W. -J Sal0, by Mrs. Matilde A. de la- Guar-
A. Starratt, M. N. Quintero, da
MIAM 'C. mugwable, Marshal
i.aemonda. I.F. Taylor, E. L. Invitations Issued
4 G. Stiliman. E. C. Val- For Orillac-Humbert Wedding
Weild Wenstel and L., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Humbert
V ptbert and Miss Jessle Penfa, have issued invitations to the
wedding of their daughter Es--
TUE ARMY AND NAVY CLUB their, who will be married to Rene
beya yesterday with Orilac, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs.
,.la rog reas. TheiMRene OrlUac at the Sanctuario
a* 'i S aIn .CU. Psfonowm. Naclonal del Corazon de Maria
anteiWr-AmepN e a Wom-1

S. #oe hvn This time it's a
t- .a...te SPECIAL SALE
coernfee* of HAND BAGS
tmtl e t e for girls and Cow-boy
.*,stud*, befts for boys.
A Macy's (New York)
S. sells them for SI$00
Anit;ewftofb up to 2.50. We offet
sally betw een em for oy
go-ame= I Zeaa ONE WEEK
snled yester. (till Wednesday)
t f p ble of te from 59c. up to 1.24

5f11" AD A OR=
ever the w oked of a
almU wehexen -a_______
ihua x f\ ^of a n


also active members of the Dance
Masters of America, Inc.
Will Resume Classes in
Ballet, Tap-and Too
at the BALBOA Y.M.C.A.
onIi Monday, Septen*er 13th
Registration will be held at the
"Y" from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday and Thursday,
September 1 st and 2nd

*a.r "r~. r.,A c

RsMier p Pho Balbo 1751




in PanAma C t on Sept. 4 at 8
A reception at the home of the
bride's pret will follow.

TeO As De*ee
It naow Gym Tomorrow
Teen aers are invited to the
dance at Balboa gym tomorrow
at 7:30 pam. AdmTson ls ee.
1 __1 ".will11 ,b m a *flbo lp U

|on Saturday evening with a barn
dance at the Union Club.

Mr. and Mrs. Welbern
Announce Birth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert g. Wel-
born of Margata have an-
nounced the birth on Tuesday it
C0oI0 Hospital of a baby daugh-
t*r who has been named Marilyn.
Mr. Welborn is assigned with
the Cristobal fire department.

Parents Fair Per San Xavier
School Postponed to October
The fair oganied Ib parents
of students attending the new
San Francisco Xavier school in
Panama City has been postponed
from te coming weekend until
the weekend of October 3.
Merchants of Panama City had
been cooperating actively In the
affair to raise funds for athletic
fields and equipment.

and Mrs. Walter Dianiond gave
& dinner.
Miss Altaan in majoring in
speech correction at college and
Is working with students who
have speech handicaps, such as

Beta Sigma Phi
Meets At Curundu
The first regular faU meeting
of Beta SIgmA Phi, Alphk Chap-
ter, was held at the Curundu
Chapter louae Tuesday evening.
Colonel William LN Rice, Army
Chaplain, was guet'speaker. He
presented a brief thesis on the
program topic "Definition of

Members presn t ere Eileen
Adams, Barbarat M6k, Shirley
Barca, Blener- orgis, Virginia
Capello, Ain Maloney, Fern
Morse, Mary Rortson. Betty
Swearingen aind Cnnie Thomp-

dance wil obe a Wk h nup, ,son. ... ,
ripes will be, awarded for Miss Altman Returns
udest socks and the most To School Tomorrow Hostesses for .the evening were
%lly decorated socks. The Miss Elki Altman who was via- Eileen Adams and 8hirley Barca.
tion supervisors have is- iting her parents Mr. and Mrs.
a general invitation to Barry Altman of Bella Vista, ex-
ters to come on out and pects to leave tomorrow after- Coral Chapter's Tea Is Planned
the last dance of the sum- noon for Los Angeles where she September 1
is attending City College. Two weeks from Sunday, Sept.
I-- i 12, is the date selected by the
Club Giving Barn Dance e"ral. farewell parties have Coral Chapter, O.E.S. for their
dent Farewell been held in her honor. Tuesday silver tea which wl)l be given at
mians returning to school evening Mr. and Mrs. William the Sibert Lodge in Gatun. A
United States and other Jafray of Curundu were hosts musical program starting at 4
n couzdtilet will be honored Lt a buffet and last night Mr. p.m. Is planned.

Wodob ly tender, plump and fJiicyl
Coms cleaned, cut up, ready for the
Illet. The flavor is out of this world .;.
ad lthe's no water whatever! You pay

only for what you eat. That's why it is
such a big bargain Birds Eye Chicken is
perfect all ways... and always: Serve it
for supper tonight!


"The finest
beauty care I know
is Pond's,"
the Countess de la Falaise
Though her background is English-
her father was the late Sir Oswald
Birley. England's Court painter-the
chic young Countes de la Falaise has
the look of a true Parisimue. For her
exquisitely lovely complexion, the
Countess insists on Pond's Creams

One of the great beauties


-see her complexion care make
an amazing change in your skin-
almost overnight

For a velet-smoohd texture, clear tone-a
Pond's Cold Creaming every night. For Pond's
Cold Cream is unusually effective at clearing
off dirt that goes deep into your pbre-open-
ings-making your pores look enlarged, your
skin look muddy. Less efficient cleansing
simply skim over this embedded dirt. A Pond's
Cold,Creaming softens and lifts it oau-leav-.
ing your sin immaculate, with a clearer,
*net, smoother loo

of society

Tbis way of using Pond's Cold Cream does
wonders for your skin... 1. Every night-
circle fluffy fingerfuls of Pond's Cold Cream up
and out from throat to forehead. This circle-cleans.
ing releases embedded dirt. It stimulates circula-
tion. Brings up fresh color. Tissue off well. 2.
Now, a snowy "rinse' with fresh fingerfuls of
Pond's Cold Cream. Tissue off lighdy--leaving
a light film of the cream to soften your skin
while you sleep. ,
For a divinely flauering powder base- Before
you powder, smooth on the sheerest veil of
Pond's Vanishing Cream. This delicate, light
powder base disappears on your skin. No
streaking or discoloring. Only an invisible
film remains to give your complexion a
lovely, satiny finish that takes make-up beau.
tifully, holds it how s koner!
Give your skin new beauty with these two
famous creams. Start today!

keZ6u 4



Tips o. Poism Ivy

Given y Profssr'
persons who haven' the slightest
idea what poison ivy looks like are
getting a chance to learn-pain-
lessly. 8
As an aid to the uninitiated, Dr.
William M. Harlow, professor of
wood technology at the State Col-
lege of Forestry here, has erected
a sign alongside a certain vine
growing up a tree on the campus,
It reads; '"Polson Ivy."
Shoes or other apparel that have
come in contact with the plant
may carry the poison around for
more than a year before Infecting
the surprised wearer, Harlow
He also said that few persons are
immune to poison ivy, although
many may think they are. Some
who handle it'for years ia perfect
safety suddenly become hospital


K 'l gives you 10 fll glasses.. .from

just one envelope!


and Millionsn s l.

love KOOL-AID and you will. too!





-r the making of Campbell's Vegetable Soup goes a wide
variety of tempting, garden-fresh vegetables and just the
right amount of each. Red-ripe tomatoes, sweet golden corn,
tender peas, white and sweet potatoes, and many otherr-
14 in all. Each contributes its own special goodness, blends
in its own delicate flavor. All are mingled in rich, invigor-
ating beef stock, to make Campbell's Vegetable Soup
"almost a meal in itself" I Serve this family favorite often


'~ ~-b.1.

-. U

b e,
3 '-

l w ,,

I, te




~ _

-.-.7~ --: I~-.

,;I I- Io tL. 1 i~k;e'


(. .

I .- I".-

'MOBBISON 4th s July Ave. & J
Just Aresea Ave. and 33 St.
112 La Carraaquila

H Street No. 67

Houebeold Antomobfles
WFPR SALE:-Complete household fur- FOR SALI:-Used cers, cheep. Pan-
nishings: Refrigerator, range, wash- m .Auto, S.A.,o Jo5e France de
or. console radio-record player, I *a" Avenue No. 45.
beds, tables, chairs, dressers, etc. PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS
No. 58, Avenida Cuba, Apt. I offers for sale to the highest bidder
Phone 3-5805. the following used vehicles: One
FOR SALE:- Aimost new solid ma- Plymouth Utility Station Wagon,
mahogany furniture, blond, modern. 1950 model; one Chevrolet Truck,
Colls Uruguay; 2, Apt. 9. Phone Van Type 161" Chassis, 1951
3-3245uuoymodel; one Chevrolet Panel Truck
3-3245. -- 34 Ton 1950 model. May be seen
FOR SALE:- 1 /2-cu. ft. Frigidaire, or demonstrated at. Super Auto
perfect condition, 60-cycle. Albrook Service (S.A.S.), Via Belisario Por-
86-3115. _- ras & Calle 15. Sealed bids will be
FOR SALE:-One 10-cu. ft. Frigidaire received for the lot or for individual
refrigerator in perfect condition; units at the PAA Office, Collc "L"
excellent price. Call 2-2835 be- No. -5.
tween 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., eve-'
nings call 3-3301. FOR SALE:-1949 Oldsmobile "76"
FOR SLE- mahogany and glass edan, radio, maroon. Top condi-
china closet. Curundu 2113-C, East tion. Rodm 435 after :00.
5th Street. Phone 4135. FOR SALE:-1953 Jeep, civilian, 4-
---OR SALE ----eneral Electri rfri wheel drive. 6000 miles, excellent
gerator, 25-cycle; diningroom fur- condition. I 17-A, Pedro Miguel.
nature; wicker choirs; chest. 746-B,
Balboa. _____ FOR SALE: 1941 Lincoln Zephyr,
FOR SALE: -- Leaving. Livingroom excellent condition, $150 cash.
dilragroom sets, one bed, two cribs, Phone 5-167, House 224-A, tun.
baby dresser, stove, refrigerotor.,
Phone 3-4888 after 6 p.m. FOR SALE:- 1952 Pontiac 2-door,
AL n3. .12,000 miles, Hydromatic, seat
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse Loundro- covers, new battery, good tires,
rmt. 25-cycle, used only 18 months point. excellent, duty free. Ban be
1 $350; Hoover vacuum cleaner $25; financed. Balboo 6344.
1 wall clocks. 25-cycle $2 each, financed. Balboa 6*44.
.. dining table, black plastic top, FOR SALE:--1948 Studebaker coupe,
42 inches $8 2 straight chairs motor overhauled, $350. Phone
$50 each; child's luminum fold- Blboa 2984. House 0922, Amador
inl porta-bed $12.50; child's ward- Road.
ro e chest $10; small wooden desk
$t; Leedy 3-octave vibraphone 0k11 SALE: 1953 Buicek Hardtop
Y1t25; Kodak Medalist II $225; Riviera, 9000 mile, Dynflow, ra-
rao ear hearing aid $100. 786-8, die, w/s/w tires, $1900; $635
TrvermUil Street. Phene Balboa down.. J. Kenealy, 307 Herrick
1g8 Reed, Ancem. Phone 2-1503.
EOR "SALE: Double metal Simmons
innerspring bed and mattress, like FOR SALE
net., beautiful study table and mo- F O
hogans benches for chdlren. Phone eal tate
2406 Balboa. House 754-B, Balboo Real aatate
Rd ______ ____ ----- FOR SALE:-Beoutiful residence, ex-
FOR 'SALE-- Furniture, due to trip, elusive location. Hot water, all com-
chgap. Phone 3-5552. modities. Con assume mortgage.
_... 1ningrq .ea ~rn ir I Street. Poitilla. 50 meters
'or i perfect conlton. n Oth Street. Phone -.501.,
Sola Street No. 3. A. 10. P A ATL: 94hectores, Trans-
sthmi l-jighwY, Rio, Rita. Viola
FOR LE-.Venotati blinds for any DioRt Voo
I 2*family house, complete set. l' F.rron, Geero Delivery, Acon
2- 358 1550-B. Govilan Road. P.O., CZ.
- :--- -- r, FOR SALE:-Santa Claro-Beautiful
FOR 'SALE: Gas stove. 4-bur3ner' lots 2000. sq.meters, 50c. sq. me-
oen, storage space. House 0303, lots 2m000.eS.meters,-50c. sq. Me-
"ove Heihtsorg Ancon 0 ter; Cerro Compono-Lots with
S_-el Heights. Ancowater at 50c. sq. meter; Arraijan
S-Lots at $I1 so. meter. Phone

Mtlserious Illness

Delays US-Bound

Plane From Tokyo
ANCHORAGE, Alaska. Aug. 2
-(UP)-Twenty Lhree passer
gers, all Oriental a b o a r d
Nor west Airlines DC.6 were hos
pit.lIzed late yesterday with ax
unkr1W illness.
Thi cail Northwest st at i o I
manager said today that Dr
James O'Malley -"as checking th
cases and would make a report
later today. TI' plane will no
leave Anchorage until a diagnosis
bas been made, the manager adc
The station mar.ager sIid tl
mas illness "definitely wasn't
conuagiois," adding. he though
the passengers became sick fror
something they te.
None of the psipengers became
sick until after the plane lande
at Apehorage at 4:40 p m. yester
'"day., None of the plane's cre\
members was hospitalized, a&
tboufih some of them felt slight!
al The plane,-a Northwest tourism
flght, was en route to Seattle
W ., from Tokyo.

U u iUr ert Court efor
SOMbiet e- Casa ,zn
llalhe Dlbtd
ULBEL-No 400
In $Admiralty Monition. AGOrCIA
5 C ABOTAJX,. LA. a corporaton, a
bofnbesU and on behalf of th
0ua. Oc and crew of the M/A
an Yacht TmeSa WB m l
on the Uth day of Aiew
tarlesa Raznire of Van StclT
and De Castro. Proctors fo
blants. filed a Libel in the Di
Mt of the Unitrd States for th
of the Canal Zone alnst th
Monition and Libel In Bmn it
it. Civil and Maritime, in th
ee. 'by virtue of pro*es IF
of law. to me directed. re
aen the 10th day of Seotembe
Shave aelid and taken the mal


2406 Balboa. House 754-B, Bolboo

ATTENTION G. I. Just built modern
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot. cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish-
ed 2 & 4-bedroom apartments.
C o n t a c t Alhambra Apartments,
10th Street. Phone 1386, Colon.
FOR RENT:-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater, manager's office.
FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details call
Zubieta: 3-1802, 3-3337.
FOR RENT: New three-bedroom
apartment, living and diningroom,
maid's room, hot water. Telephone

FOR RENT:--One and two-bedroom
furnished apartments. Hot water.
82, Belisario Porras Road.
FOR RENT:-Furnished one-bedroom
apartment, refrigerator, balcony.
Federico Boyd No. 1. Phone '3-
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
refrigerator, p a r I o r-diningroom,
kitchen, bedroom, garage, $60.
112, Via Belisorio Porras.
FOR RENT:--One and two bedroom
apartments, furnished, hot water,
reasonab y priced. Belisario Porras
Avenue No. 101. Phone 3-2568.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apartments,
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living-
room, diningroom and porch. 48th
Street No. 27.
FOR RENT Very cool 2-bedroom
apartment, 1 block from Hotel El
Panama. Stove and refrigerator for
sale, very reasonable prices. Call
82-5205 during working hours.


FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet in Son
Francisco: Living-diningroom, three
bedrooms (1 oir-conditionetl), two
bathrooms, maid's room, garage,
yard. Phone 3-2366.
FOR RENT: Modern chalet: Two
bedrooms, maid's room, properly
screened and ventilated. Loa Cr-
rosquilla, good view of Ponamo
1i /-I..Lr u 9drIt h-_ i.. t ....- I

',.' ~ .7 ~'

. ~:,'a *'

... -. ;
,. ..
' ,".. 'T .L ,t
... ~

.. .. ; r it-

'K E,;IoH0 TO SUCCESS-With qimething-1 i. tham Uibo
testanh akick in unison during rehearsal foi chboms d" in a !
right are: Marjorie Wee, of Singapore; Mona Stprqe., tnamrwnw
(Evelyn Orowitz, of New Jersey; Aviva Pe'er, of Israel; Rlf"hild 0
ef Wisconsin; JoyCe Landry, of Canada; Ivana Kislinger,. o, AwA
^ Can; I'aith Randenbugh, of WyomSnag Shirley BIU, of ustulJ

* ..

, ^ '.* '*

HANGOVER REMEDY--Ablastlitdynaumitellfts a lei"i
-pect Point into the air dnw .'remodellg operations.a- a
iting was designed to elear away the dangerous overbangiog.i

Dutch Seek Help To Identify

. Lrflj

FOR RENT:-3-bedroom beach front
house, Sea Cliff Acres. Tel. Boalboa
3022 after 5 p.m.
Phlllip. Oceanside cottages, Santa
Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Panama 3-1877. Cristobol 3-1673.
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile post
Santa Clara. Low rates. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.
SHRAPNEL'S furnished ho us es on
beach at Santa Clara. Telephone
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, eve-
FOR HEALTHFUL change of climate,
visit Club Campestre in El' Vale.
Just 80 miles from Panama City.
Newly remodeled under American
management. Inquire Tivoli Travel.
Agency, 8 Tivoli Ave., Tel. 2-0461.,


FOR SALE OR TRADE:-28-tnch bi-
cycle in new condition. Call 2-3753.
FOR SALE:-Beoutiful dogs'of pure
blood (Pekinese). Ave. Cuba No.
8, upstairs. Phone 3-2988.
FOR SALE:-Leaving. Must sell all,
Radio & electrical parts & eouip-
ment, Philco I 1-tube table model
radio, photographic equipment, and
miscellaneous articles. Garage 761-
X-2, Barneby Street. Phone Balboo

FREE ESTIMATES Reconditioning and
Reupholstering Furniture. Advice in
Interior Decorating. Call EUREKA,
safely. See "Witness to Murder,"
for the suspense shock of the year.
Central Theater today.
Central 206, beside Capitolio Theater
Phone 2-3479

Help Wanted
I URGENTLY need a bodyguard. My
life is in danger because I om a
"Witness to Murder. Se r nme
today at the Central Theoter. Ask
for Barbarao.


Protect your Cargo



Central Ave. 279
Tel. 3-010


on. A. 4.@ HOUmAC
8 12 and 2 p6,
Saturday: 8 12 noon
r Pent AvMen TeL. -130
(1 block from Lux Theatre)

Packers, Shipperl ,
Tels.: 2-62 & 2-2451

Acros from El Panami Hote
Finest Wines and Lquma
Open Daily from 10:00 a.m. to
10:00 p.m.
Sunday from 2:00 to 6:00
Rapid Home Delivery at All Timme
Tel. 3-4758

B 0 0 EEN
JpAmplif er's
N.. 3 456* h ,
Tels 3-11
Bella Viata

Guardsmen Raid Phenix City

Crooked Dice, Cards Center

I l veu u, W P U r4 ur4 nly.4 Miui
Hive, Phone 3-4844. --0

We offer the 3 best and PHENIX CITY, Ala., Aug. 26 cense made out to M. T. Web- 'ATmaJ _c F e r
only available lots in Golf llh aUP)- National Guardsmen to- ster, doing business as the Phe- I 0 00 0 / efCOn X- er
Heights, Panama's m ost ishBel ve day raided an alleged manufac- nix City Card Co., permitting
residential development. during center for crooked dice him to make playing cards. -
Wii6 o i a raand marked cards and seized Hanna said Webster would be ENSCHEDE, Holland, Aug. 26 number as Q-137485 which would
S Wolff & Company Ltd. m g several notebooks containing ) Dutchauthorities a be that of a reserve officer.
Russin Ai gine hundreds of names from points The notebooks included namesWar II
Sth Street No. 22 hroughut the Eastern part of and addresses of hundreds of in- ng a master ous, tattooed manmissons as a first lieutenant
i the United States. dcviduals and-aclubs, many ofy i r s an Ameri-twith the U.S. 36th Bomb Group
erly-marked cards were confis- Among the cities listed were can ex-fpier tortured in a Ger-statoned in Devonshire, Eng-
Tel. 2-2388 IFor 500 Submarin Set e d die rand cv tem nr mlita ita ns wano cioerd h was amen- wih t US 3ho t BnB Ger
n _11 _- _2__-(UP)-_Icated at a suburban private Hinesville. Savannah, Macon,an prisoner of war camp lland, a nd wa s shot down over
. LONDON, Au g. 28 -(UP- home, Maj. Gen. Walter J. Crack Atlanta, Augusta, in Georgia; Across his back were tattooed. Holland, captured and sent to a
-L l Juna Russia will have S00 submarines Hanna, military head of this city Montgomery, Selma, Birmin- cosshis back ere tat e PW camp caled "Sta-
f f in l la within thee years, the British Ad- under martial rule, said. ham, Ala.; Columbia and Charl- the words: "o befalls a US. lag 17'-also the name of a
"'Eytat Jun t Jmiralty said today in reporting a Meanwhile, as the investiga- eston, S.C.; Gulfport, Miss.; fir murders and gangster pi- postwar Broadway hit.
A I detailed survey of the growth of tion of crime and corruption in Louisville, Ky.: Chaileston, W. lots." His head bore scars of old U.S. Air Force authorities in
Re redlr SpillpoSoviet naval power and its future: this sin city spread to cover a Va.; Kansas City, Chicago and wounds that could have .been Wiesbaden, Germany, said they
d' roF edly Split prospects. possible abortion ring and black Portland, Me. suffered during the war. could find no record of Rollins in
market baby racket, it was re- Earlier today, a 40-year-old The man, who appears to bethe Air Force.
uez A reem t The Admiralty said the Soviet ported famed evangelist Billy woman was arrested by Guards- suffering from amnesia, to.d
,On Suez Agreem t is putting "a very considerable ef. iGraham might stage a revival men on abortion charges and Lt. hospital attendants he is -n
't fort" into strengthening its sea- here. Col. Jack Warren said "this American, that his name is Da-
S CAIRO, Egypt, Aug. 26 (UP) going forces and- at present can could possibly be a break in the vid Samuel Rollins, that he was
Reports persisted today thatbuild at least 60 new submarines A spokesman for the Graham case." shot down over Holland while
a .split had developed over the a year. crusade said in Nashville, Tenn., The woman. Mrs. Louise Mal- flying in World War II and that
e recent Suez agreement among where Graham will conclude a Inowski, "spilled the goods," German prison attendants tat-
d army officers In Egypt's ruling The present Russian submar- month-long revivalSunday,that it idles satd, telling of eight tooed the words on his back.
. military junta. ine fleet has been variously esti- the evangelist would "consider or nine abortions she perform- The tattoo, which hospital au-
w mated at from 300 to 400 undersea an invitation" later to go to ed during a three-year period. thorities said appeared "old," '
l. The reports spread through craft, but many of them are re- Phenix City. Guard officials also disclosed was in German: "So .ergeht es
f Cairo following Premier Abdel ported to be small or obsolescent. Two of Graham's friends, they had questioned Fannie B. usamordbrenner und gangsterpl-
Gamal iaasser's absence from a George Burnham, assistant city Green, pretty 33-year-old owner loten."
it scheduled cabinet meeting last While a large number are be- editor of the Chattanooga, Tenn. of a night club here, about her Dutch authorities have been
* night. lived to be in the Pacific, many News-Free Press, and National relations with former Asst. Po- trying for four weeks to identi-
" are considered suitable mainly Guard Maj. Gen. Paul Jordan, lice Chief W. M. Buddy Jowers. ty the man who was found un-
Instead, Nasser attended a for close coastal patrol and for commander of the 30th Division, Guardsmen said she began conscious on an Enschede street.
N meeting with some 36 army of- operations in such places as the conferred here today with cler- working in night clubs here U.S. Army and Air Force head-
ficers at the military academy Black and Caspian seas. gymen. three years ago and since then, quarters in Europe, have no rec-
in a northern suburb of Cairo. Hanna said the Guardsmen has acquired the night club, an ord of Rollins. An embassy
He was accompanied by Minis- However, the British r e p or t found quantities of dice, play- expensive car, diamonds and a spokesman at the Hague said
ter of National Guidance Salah pointed out that Soviet is spending ing cards and cheap novelties of home. Jowers was fired for al- there was no proof he was even
Salem. about one-fifth of its current de all types in their raid: They also legedlv taking part in political American although his fin-
fense budget on building up its turned up a special federal II- activity. 9erArlnts and photographs were
The cabinet meeting was held Navy. Tw dy- thet to Washington
O'tder the guidance of Wing "Every day there are GI's inington.
e Comntiander Gamal Salem, the "The Navy is clearly develop- CC C The Netherlands in hospitals or
v number two man in the junta., btg to a considerable extent both l ails and the military attache's
The premier was reported to the quality and quantity of its office does not have time to in-
have defended the agreement men, ships a Air Forces," the b vestigate each case," an embassy
vorously at his meeting with Admiraltyp aLSU Car ba Pve5..zgat each case," an embassy
Officers and to have L a lDUeai I Rollins' story was foggy and
Sstaked his position and his life often confused. Dutch authori-
on its success. 'Cuatemala Junta ties said records showed he had
The Anglo -Egyptian agree- The fall session of the Loul-,fered encompass English com-Ibeen found in Holland illegally
n ent culminatedgyptiarsofn agreeg- siana State'University Caribbean Iposition, a survey of English lit- and sent back to Germany a
*titmeon and calls for thf e- Will ExeCUte program, beginning Sept. 6 andierature and a survey of Ameri- week before he was placed In a
n ovaof ritishal troops from the I ending Oct. 29, will have four can literature. hospital here for treatment -on
Smo al one Bri o hefirs classes meeting two nights ai All Of these subjects are worth uly 29. When found he was
e in 17 years- The Briltsht ed Terrorists week between 7 and 10 p.m. for three college credits each ing crumpled civilian
n the igh t rea i tecit eight weeks. The schedule of classes is asciothes.
t won the right to retain uebach-se GUATMALA CITY Au. 26 Two additional classes. how- follows: -p ie said b, told 41 e PlJTTONED U -DOreMedlike
a lcans at the gority to reoupy (UP- Te milttar unta gov ever, are being offered on Fridayt History 1, Monday, Wednesday, born Sept.'U, 1M22, ew monees who entertain street
i Ie zone case of war orecmer- er ment has eredt ra evenings for a period of 16 wee .. Fort Clayton: English 51. Mnn- indon, Conn., and that he was Dawn diner left, and Christi
I gecy which threatens western traction of all known Communist This plan is being effected so day, Wednesday, Albrook APq: a captain in the wartime U.S. of attention as they strolled al
Interests. sympathisers in Guatemala as that a wider variety of subjects Government 51, Tuesday, Thurs- Amy Air Corps. A. 9O5
dangerouss persons, and decreed may be conducted by the two a- day, Albrook AFB; English Ib, ho is .treating h*m .

4. population welcomed I The fall term's curriculumto; History 85, Friday. Fort "f.athe.r," nNthat,-.4 a. .
S gree t, but there still Provisional President Carlos consists of history I, a survey of Clayton; English 122, Friday, Al- dSed to: "IMrry g3ii
440 o 0 e. oogsed to astillo Armas told newsmen movements and Institutions tabrooA "WashingtonD.C asgwn
50,0106-lealbe "ti Is th* laW the Guatemalan contributed most to present dty I Servicemen. civilians and Pan- Bronx 3." .
h which has people demanded to combat civilization; ancient and medle- ama Canal U.S. rate personnel Authorities *600 16.
following in the army Communism." val period; gowrM t 51 se* can enroll at the Fort Clton he had several e ix67 IS...
veys the principlo structure EMdcation Center on Sept. 2 a 4nd -_
processes and ftnctadon of Amer- 3 between 7 and 10 p.m. tolt Dutch OU e '
SRESIDENTS IN THE ican Governn t. Officers and enlisted men maTried a Dutch tir, MMH Metn Imelaed,
4iAWAL ZONS For those t Colan- should be cognizant of the 75 per van Routes, in t-BrLow Pue Moss.
S We off a braNd new elec. ial Latin AminS 8 80T Of tuttons assistance the go after mee tig le in E(rx6 0 o
S tre Ir c.. er the eoau empha off- e et is offering sel a
j S S sizin u f t? tt ._
"lU.. =W i he MaW ledT.A T-IRE
SCLPAN MOrU I1 M Is T. IaM pendeD mi.nimam of two yea r l M 0- -


.1 --


CASA ZALDO Agenda Internal do PubUesclonesI VARACIA ESTADS IDDOS
Central Av 14" 40 Centra Ave. ; 14 Central Ave..
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Parque Lefevr 7 Street street J. o
Fourth of .uiy Ave. 160 Central Ave. J. Frco. d a Ave. eo. 41

Via jBpam No. 34


Few Decline '.
(Continued ,from Pag; l)'
from participation, a Caual
spokesman stated. -
Canal employes mayobtain
waiver forms UponI requeTt'.t
the Wage and Cliasfitcabi Dui-
vision, telephones 2-3013 ',or ,.2-
The group life insur*ncte for
Federal eiPloyes costs -25 cen
per $1,000 every biweekly .;ay
period, and 0Woverage isi In
aiponnts base, on the.antnual
salary to the nearest tt*osand
above the actual salary.'
This Is the first time that
group life insurance ls beingof-
fered federal employee by. means
of payroll deduction.

tfh! peart-button-covered eater. '
crowd in London, W0-y.M-4
,e Martt m ,i-etalsite

\ a o S.

* 4 "

e 4 25
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_ ~~ ___~~__


__ _~_


__ ___

~_ I_









.::C;~~;:rl*ci :;

.- I

' *t


A- T ,-



1. .





Rhews: 1:15 3:16, 5:M, 7:_. 39:6_



t0:75CI U
a' Li5-'^



- *m L U -IIIII

DRIVE "N Theatre
-INil SEGMAN, ih
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3:15--Freddy Martin Show
3:30-Music For Thursday,
4: 00-Feature Review: LUIS
4:30-What's Your Favorite
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before 4:00)
6:35-What's Your Favorite
(cont'd) Guest Star
(USTD) .
6.30-TO be announced (WRULj
7:00-NE~CAFE, ORGA14N IlL,
DELITY (Tropelco)
7:30-Re Art From the USA
8:00-Paris Star Time (RDF)
8:30-E lizabethan Theater
9:00-You Asked JFor It (Be-
e s O;-please phone be-
N *MACIHft READS FOR ALIND-in- Modena, Italy. ore Ey
el u-non a is 10:30--Neis6n ddy's Penthouse
eleatfle.gineer Antono Rubbianie rign demonstrates his nel Pt .
r a machine for the blind to sightless Guiseppe Cerrdnt, who 11:00-One N t Stand
r newpe with hi; finger tips. The machie consist of 11:10-Serenade In Blue (USAe )
l e tellr m ounted ode fars sa tem e w b eor, i te a B lue (U S A F
Semounted on a framework, rsig heWbic I 1:30- LUIS ARARAZ AND HIS
eec r IAl impulses,, letter by letter, .to corresponding ORCHESTRA
o- te e on the keyboard of the reception bot, left. 12:00- Off.
of n aTomorrow, Friday, Aug. 21
.:0 -- ignOn'-- Alarm Glcek
Neru Reviews World Situation, 6- :-gone.g a eas
tt l phone Sh00o

Pa s- Special H ed To Goa, SEATO 9:04-Saaseball Today
r'. ..Ucred heart program
r p" The e n haIn
(UP) Prime. Minis w mZealand, France, the Philip- (Cutex and Odorono .
arlal Wehru reviewed Id pthes, Thailand and Pakistan 10:05--Off The Record ARequesth
situs atpn tfday, npay- will meet in a Southeast Asia -p lease phone before
lar attention to the or ubuet defense conference in Manila 9:3 0)
territoileS le ths Idie anSe1pt. 6.ts :00--News
, continAeto Nhru ll:05-Off The Record (cont'd)
olntinas Nehru, in a major foreign af- 11:30-Meet The Entertainer
Opening a' foreign affairs de- fairs statement before a packed 12:00-News
bate in -the Upper House of ar- IParliament, said the alliance P.M.
liament, Nehru referred to the "seems to us likely to reverse the 12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
recent Portuguese note propo.s- trend of conciliation released by 12:30-Popular Music
ing the establishment of a group the Indochina settlement." 1:00-News
of international observers to' "Collective security, according 1:15-Music Of Manhattan
study the situation in Goa. Ito our belief,\cAn only come by 1:30-Sons Of The Pioneers
Nehi said that the observers resolving world tensions and de- 1:45-Songs Of France (RDF)
"are not going to discuss the veloping a pattern of collective 2:00-Date In Hollywood
transfer, efacto or de jure (inpeace, the Prime Minister said. 2:15-Singing Americans
fact.4 r ir law), of the sovereign- "we are apprehensive that the 2:30-Tex Beneke Show
ty of-Goa They are not going proposed SEATO will presently 2:45-Hank Snow And is Rain-
to s4lve the basic problems. The do more harm than any good It bow Ranch Boys
observers can only discuss what may hope to do in the future." 3:00-Festival Of Waltzes
is happening there now." He praised highly the roles 3:15-Sammy Kaye Show
He added that "our subject is played by Soviet Foreign Minis- 3:30-Music For Friday
to proceed step by step peace- ter V. M. Molotov and British 4:00-Feature Review: LUIS
fully. Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden ARCARAZ AND HIS OR-
Nehru* said yesterday India at Geneva. CHESTRA
will shun participation in the He also lauded Communist 4:30-What's Your F a v o r it e
Southeast Asia Treaty Organiza- Chinese Premier-Foreign Minis- (Requests-please phone
tion because 'he fears such an ter Chou En-lal, whom he Said, before 4:00)
alliance would sharpen present whom he said, "distinguished 5:30-News
world tensions. himself as a constructive states- 5:35-What's Your Pa v oraite
Redpresntatives of, the United man." | (cont'd)
6:00-Guest Star (USTD)
=__,__..._,_, ~ 6:15-BLUE RIBBON SPORTS
6:30-Meldchrino Musicale
6:45-8-cience On The March
7:15-Your Dancing party
7:30-Reports From The USA
(VOA) ,
8:00-Music By Roth
8:30-Take It From Here (BBC)
J 9:00-You Asked For It (Re-
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fore 8:30)
S 10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse
11:00-London Studio Recitals
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USAF-United States Air Force
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---U.S. Treasury Department
USTD--United States Treasury

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Soldier Leaves Bride Here;

Meets In-Law At Camp Kilmer

-- 0 -

PAA's 'Jet Sream'

Schedules Win
nAMJMM..- T,... L

CAMP KILMER, N.J. Aug. 26- be married, he had no knowledge ur lrlllalllncu Iopny
The "cross-roads of the Army" that the event was past history
Camp Kilmer, N.J., witnessed the and was somewhat awed when Pan American World Airways:
first meeting of two related Moody said, "Corporal Bravo, I has been awarded the Frye Air-i
strangers today when Pfc Sher- would like to introduce you to line Performance Trophy for
wood Walz, Jr., met his brother- your brother-in-law." 1953 for pioneering in the use of
in-law, Cpl. Eduardo Bravo the upper air "Jet stream" in
through the alertness of a tel- Mr. and Mrs. Jose 0. Bravo of regularly scheduled commercial
low soldier. Rainbow City, Canal Zone, are flight.
Two months ago Walz, son of the parents of Eddie and Fran-|
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Wals of cla. Eddie's only comment: "I Vice President Richard P.'
2010 Dunlap St., Cincinnati, was really surprised!" INixon presented the trophy to
Ohio, married Francia Bravo, a Juan T. Trippe, president, 01 PaIn
citizen of the Republic of Pana- Walz will/ send for Francia as American In W 3hington re-
ma, The Cincinnati soldier was soon as possible. cently on behalf of the award
assigned to duty in the Panama _____committee, consisting of Maj. Al-I
Canal Zone for 29 months and exander P. de Seversky, chair-i
decided that severing relations man, Gen. Carl Spaatz, Oswald:
with the girl he had met in a Veteran Captain Ryan, C.s. (Casey) Jones and
skating rink there there would V John B. Walker.
ried before Walz returned to the etS O Cc Line s The award was given to Pap
States for transfer. I YArV Medal American for Its regularly sched-
Walz had heard his wife men- t" ear uled non-stop flights from Tokyo:
tion her brother, Cpl. Bravo, so Capt. Albin A Andersen vet- to Honolulu, a distance of 3,8461
often that he even referred to eran Grace Line master and miles. The distance Is flown byv
his, brother-in-law as "Eddie." ".ommodore" of the fleet was four-engine S tratocrulsers
Eddie, volunteered for inductionpresented this week with the through the Pacific "Jet stream"
Into the US Army in August, 19'. company's Forty-Year Service at an average block-to-block
After serving n Korea for 17medal by William Holloway, a an average block-to-block
months, Eddie came to Campchrman of the board of W. R. speed of 334.44 mph In ll/
Kmer n route to the Canal Grace and Co. hours. The jet stream has an 80;
.Just before Walz left ,his wife Also taking art in the certo 100 mile-an-hour "bult-i
to come to Kilmer she remind A monies were andrew B. Shea, tail wind. It is the longest non-
-Jnes ee -- B. Shea
him that Eddie was returning firstvice president of W. R. stop regularly scheduled flight!
from his tour In Korea and that Grace and Co., C. C. Mallory,: flown by a certified U.S. com--'
Walz tried his best to contact president of Grace Line; James mercial airline.
Eddie on this vast Army post E. Magner, senior vice president;
and was about to concede defeat Fred M. Rohrer, vice president; In determining the winner of
-when Pfc Eugene Moody, a mem-and Walter Prengel, port cap- the award, the committee took
ber of the Public Information ta, these qualification points under
Office staff, heard of the seituar Following the presentation, consideration:
t.on and localted Eieal oduc.edr Capt.Andersen was honored aL'
Seetn alf these wo in the Puba luncheon at ndia House. The development of safe, more
ic Information Office L efficient, faster and more econo-
Although Eddie had received He joined the Grace Line nmical commercial airline service;
word that his sister was going to mid summer of 1914. contribution to world-wide com-
Smunication and understanding;
SHOWING AT YOUR SERVICE CENTER operation ohf te tfaest cmmer-
... -, clal schedule .Vo thpi 'e
S THEATERS TONIGH 1 distance, and pCi9 of na-
vigational means and methods
BALBOA 65" 7:-55 DIABLO HTS. 6:15 7:55 such as the use of meteorological
BALBOA 6:15 7:55. advantages.
A.CONDITIOND John LUND advantages.
LYNCHED" The annual award was estab-!
Fri. "Mutiny On The Bounty" lished in 1952 by Jack Frye, pres-
ident of General Aniline and
PEDRO MIGUEL 7:00 Film Corporation, who pioneered
"Wac from Wallsa Walla" for over 20 years in research, de-
Fri. "Ma & Pa Kettle at Home" sign and operation of commer-
cial airline transportation, tak-!
.. GATUN 7:00 ing a major part in the early de-
S.*' "MAN IN THE ATTIC" velopment of high altitude over-
m m m* J* weather flying.
Fri. "Gone With The Wind" weather flying.
MARGARITA 6:15 8.20 Winner of the award in 1952i
MARGARITA 6as Pan American-Grace' Air-
s Clark GABLE ways for Its" "El Interamericano"'
"An extis SMITHC a flights along the west coast of
Any Number Can Pay South America to Buenos Aires.'
---... .a^*ma nn ri. "A PERILOUS JOURNEY" The flights averaged 325 mph.

"By the way, I switched the labels on the
beef hash and dog food!"

cans of corned







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Thrills O?









AL m1p TH

,. -..

1 11

, ql





~ his;


~r---:---~--- ..I-.

I -







-~ ~i~


.leveland 'Bench' Helps
Mg~n '*** p

". 1 *-


To Sin Yanks' Chances

, '


StartingSundaat 6 p.m.

*Starting Sunday at 6 p.m.



(840 on your dial)


" Jewe

S Pres






Of Music"

featuring the new music of the distinguished


Listen thi Sunday and every Sunday for the

"new sound from across the sea"

Presented by MERCURIO


44O G 840 Kcs.
a4e---- r

F,., -,b ,*


Giardello Regains No. One

160-Pound Contender Ratingl

Grimm Says Milwaukee Still

Very Much In Pennant Battle

Reserves Come Through Co-Favores Lose

Against A's In Tenth 3rd Round Matches
W R -o- In U. S. Amateur
NEW YORK, Aug. 26 (UP) The Cleveland Aug 2'(P) Thecoh-faor
"bench" is fixing things so that the Yankees' pen. have lost third round matches in
the U.S. amateur olf tourna-
nant chances are hardly worth a wooden nickel any ment at Grose Polite. Mch-
more. gan.
Former British Amateur sham-
"I can't praise the fellows on Jackle Jensen were the big blows pion Harvie Ward and Billy Joe
our bench enough," manager Al in the five-run fifth. Wlillard Patton, low amateur in the Mas-
SLopes of the Indians declared Nixon gained his 10th victory ters and U.S. Open, were elimin-
today. "They've done a wonder- while Steve Gromek was charged ated in the morning 18-hole
ful Job all season and without with his 14th setback., round. Frank Stran a an,-
em, we might have been sunk." A volley of five homers by other one-time British Amateur
There's no question that the the Dodgers buried the Red- title-holder, eliminated Ward,'
Indians would have been sunk legs under a 13-2 count and one-up, moving into the fourth
last night had their bench re- enabled them to move within round. Donald Doe of Oranby,
S serves ailed them against the 34 games of the National Quebec. sent Patton to the side-
*- Athletics. League lead. Rain postponed lines when he won two of the
But Bill Glynn, who went in the pacesetting Giants and last three holes to to ake the
to play first base in the eighth Cubs. match two-up
t Inning, drew a walk off south- oil Hodges and Rube Walker That Stranahan-Ward match
paw Al Sima to open the 10th each hit two homers for Brook- was a thriller. On the final
and then, after two were out, re- lyn while Carl Furlllo hit one. green. 8tranahan putted to
serve catcher Hal Naragon, whoIn addition to raising his home within 18 Inches of the pin and
also had entered the game in the run total to 34, only three less Ward conceded a par four. Wardc
eighth and had appeared In on- than Willie Mays of the Giants, then tried an 18-foot putt -
.a. -ly 38 contests previously this leader in that department, and his hopes ended when the
S eason, tripled to drive in Glynn Hodges also drove in three runs ball hung on the on the lip of the cup.
and give the Tribe an uphill 4-3 to Increase his total to 100 RBI's. Doe held a one-up lead over
victory over Philadelphia. Billy Loes picked up his 10th Patton when they teed off on
The victory, Bob Lemon's 19th triumph, yielding all three Cin- the 18th. Both were short on
of the year, kept Cleveland 4 Icinnnati hits, including Jim second shots but Doe dropped
games ahead of the Yankees, Grengrass' 25th homer, in the his 10 foot putt while Patton
who defeated the Orioles, 5-1, Peven Innings he worked. Jim missed from 15-feet away.Ml
Sbut the Indians knew they were Hughes mopped up. Lloyd Martz of Royal Oak,
I t a fight before overcoming Stan Muslal, with three hits Michigan, also, surprised when ,
**. Philadelphia's t w o-run lead. in five tries, took over the league he upset former North and
S., onny Dixon of the Athletics, batting lead with a .347 average south Amateur champion Ho-
nicked for Al Smith first-nninng as the Cardinals took over bart Manley of Savannah, two-
homer, nursed a 3-1 lead until fourth place by one percentage up. Headliners who advanced are
the eighth when the Indians tied point with a lopsided 13-0 vic- Don Cherry of Wichita Falls,
the score on singles by Bobbyl ory over the Piratess.RookieTexa Bill Campbell of Huntln-
'Avila and Larry Doby, an error Gordon Jones hurled a five- ton West Virginia,, and Arnold
by Jim Fingan and Vi Wertz' hitter for his second victory Palmer, recent winnerof the All-
double. while his teammates collected Americar) AmLteur tournament. l
*,three Yankee homers, plus a hams ninth homer. Maryland, Janet Hopps of Seat-
three-h pitchint effort b Ed Milwaukee edged hiladelDhla. tle and Ruth Jeffrey of Melrose.
Antacombined to hand the lwaukeeo ls usettm
MRoes their 14th setback in a 4-3 to stay seven games of the Massachusetts.
row. Yoi Berra hit his 17th pace Errors by Richie Ashburn
row. Yogi Bnrra hH t his 17th a^andobby Morgan helped the CLEVELAND The Commis-l
4, oen eachhihis 1a t ntur an IrvBraves to three unearned runs sioner of Municipal Stadium In'
ren each hthiss th to a and Lew Burdette to his 12th Cleveland apparently is con-
: cun t for all but one of theictory. fident the Indians' lead will*f
,_, unkees' runs. Bobby Young'e cs tory, stand up.
forth-inning homer was the YESTERDAY'S STAR Paul Hurd has asked Mayor 0
f. 'foly run allowed by Lopat, who Stan Musdal, Cards, for hiR Anthony for permission to build h
- -Sut aeve n ls 1r conquestl three hits in his team's 13-0 two new "slings" for the con-ri
-. 't of uthe season with ierce, ouall. win over the Pirates. venlence of photographers and
l...gos of te season whti an all- ." [television cameras. Each "sling"
ag arm, gained his seventh vic- would cost three-thousand-dol- i
tory while hurling the White C i-" KnU Jars Hurd says "The move is c1
Senators. The W7i2 trmp over thae 2, In preparation for a possible h
senators, The White .ox gave --- World Series here in October." [st
Pierce a ?seven-run working mar- NEW YORK, Aug. 26 (UP) W --' a
Af. #in th6 first two innings, Chi- The U.S. Lawn Tennis Associa- VILLANOVA, Pennsylvana. ei
*o nCarasque!Land Minnie Mflo- tion has named three hold-overs Line coach Eddie Michaels of b]
f'paclng Chicago's 12 hit offen- on its 1954 Junior Welghtman Villanova has resigned to enter I
sve with three hits apece. Bun- Cun squad. private business In his home h
ky Ftewart was the loser. Repeaters are Karol Fageros town of Wilmington, Deliware.I
i .Red So, scox, in all their of Miami, Darlene Hard of Mon- Athletic director Bud Dudley t
runStL n Clhfifth 00.0 te1e- -alifornia and Patricia sy a aues pr to Michaels-
f tbbee-ru.def l ( of Indlanapolisl. ive Wfll tw bsn#a a few days.
r-s,. Aj Oin'brith-lnewoomners are Barbara Brelt Michaels iarre a Villanova
l e rt~ _dtp.erce tge. Point of of North Hollywood, Judy Devlin and played pro football with.the
pl aice. Do.uble by Billy of Baltimore, Belmar Gunderson Chicago Bears, Washington and
solo, Ted Williams and of the Army Chemical Center in Philadelphia. j

I I I i i IIA II I ^ikirrr

A grim Charlie Grimm say
his Milwauzee Braves are ver
much in the pennant race.
The manager of the their
place Braves figures a little hit
ting will get the club back or
another winning streak. Orimn
says: "We have an excellent
chance if we can sweep the Nes
York and Brooklyn Series thi
week-end." New York plays ir
Milwaukee Friday and Saturday
Brooklyn then moves in tou
three games.
Milwaukee probably will bi
withoutthout third baseman Eddie
Mathews for several days. Ma.
thews was hit on the left hand
by a pitched ball on Sunday
Three stitches closed the wound
but Dr. Charles Lacks says thi
band will be sore for some time
Grimm says: "Maybe the rest
will help Mathews. None of the
boys have been hitting." Catcher
and field captain Del Crandal]
adds: "I don't know what ii
vrong. I only hope we snap out
of it."
In the American League, the
newest member of the New York
Yankees denies he has any hard
eeligs toward his former man-
iger of the Philadelphia Phils.
relief pitcher Jim Konstanty
ays he and Terry Moore parted
On Sunday, Moore said he had
ooled the Phils into believing
e would manage only for the
est of this season. Terry said he
bought this would uncover
layers who would support him.
'he sale of Konstanty led to
peculation that Moore felt Jim
adn't co-operated. But Kon-
tanty says his sale was "Just
coincidence." M1m adds: "Ev-
rybody knows I have never
roken a curfew and they know
don't drink. Moore couldn't
ave meant me."
Konstanty thinks he can help
he Yankees. "My arm feels


.oop Standings

By United Press

ronto ........... 85
chester ......... 79
ntreal .......... 76
racuse ........... 66
vana ........... 65
ffalo ............ 58
:hmond .......' 64
,awa ............ 53


(First Game, 7 Innings)
Buffalo 000 000 0-0 23
Rochester 024 000 x-6 9 0
Froats, Harriet (5) and Ryan;
Picone and Burbrink. L.P.,-
(Second Game, 10 Innings
Buffalo 200 020 0000-4 7 3
Rochester 200 011000 1--5 8 2
Erickson, Hudson (10), M.
Johnson (10) and Lakeman;
Jackson, Blaylock (5) and Rig-
gan. W.P.-Blaylock. L.P.-Hud-
son. HR-Northey, Burgess.
Ottawa 000000010-1 3 1
Havana 00100110x-3 7 0
Ditmar, Robinson (8) and Wat-
lington; Powell and Noble. L.P.
-Ditmar. HR-Hartung, Supliz-
Syracuse O-Oo 000-0 3 0
Toronto 100 201 00x-4 10 0
Meyer, Lovenguth (8) and
Erautt, Heyman (4); Minarcin,
Blake (5) and Howard. W.P-
Blake. L.P.-Meyer.
Montreal 000010300-4 9 0
Rithmond 0104W 00x-7 13 0
Lehman. Miekens (4) and
Howell; Fanovich and Johnson.
L.P.-Lehma. HR-Cimoll.

good," explains the former re-
hef ace," and I'm ready for any-
Ailse Milwaukee and the
Yankees concentrate on over-
taking the leaders, dix other
clubs are more Interested in
fourth place. Detroit, Boston and
Washington hive a chance for
the first division the Amer-
ican League. Philadelphia, St.
Louis and Cincinnati are in thea
same boat in the National
Maybe a fourth-place finish
doesn't sound exciting to the
average fan. But it's serious
business with ball players. The
difference between fin 1 s h l n g
fourth and fifth could be one-
thousand dollars per man in
World Series cuts.

Hopeless Chase


Carrasquel, as
Fox, 2b
Mifioso, cf If
Kell, lb
Batts, e
Rivera, rf
Michaels, 3b
Ooth, If, cf
Pierce, p

37 7 u 27 8

Yost, 3b 4 0 1 1 1
Runnels, u 4 0 0 4 10
Vernon,lb 4 0 0 8
Buaby, cf 4 1 1 3 0
Sievers, If 4 0 2 2 C
Vollmer, rf 3 0 0 1 C
Fits Gerald, e 4 0 0 6 3
Killebrew, 2b 4 0 1 1 1
Stewart, p 0 0 0 0 2
a-Umphlett 1 0 0 0 0
Pascual, p 2 1 1 1 3
a-Flied out for Stewat Ind.
Whites~ Sox W I V-" 7
Senators 00 010 59--
Errors Stewart 2, Batts,
Vernon. RBI Mtfioso 3, Bats,
Carrasquel, Kell 2, Killebrew,
Yost. Two base Carrasquel
Triple Pascual. Stolen bse -
Rivera. Sacrifice Batts, Pierce.
Double-plays Pascual-Vernon.
Left on base White Sox 8,
Senators 6. Bases on balls -
Stewart 1, Pascual 2, Pierce 1T.
SO Stewart 1, Pierce 10, Pas-
cual 4. Hits off Stewart 8-2
Pascual 6-7. Runs and earned
runs Pierce 2-2, Stewart 7-6.
WP Pierce (7-8). LP Stew-
art (0-2).

Toto Ibarra Fights

On Amateur Card

Tonight At Gym
Isthmian bantamweight champ
Alberto "Toto" Ibarra will meet
Juan Lezama In the featured
three-round contest tonight at
the Panama National Gym on
"A" Avenue, facing Police Head-
Ibarra and Lezama are sched-
uled to make a limit of 11
pounds. Toto is a crowd pleas-
ng slugger who has, lost onlyI
once to a local amateur. Claudio
Martinez, classy Isidro Martinez'
kid brother, gained a disputed
decision over the Chiriqul lad in
Colon two months ago.
Other contests on tonight's
card include a 126-pound con-
test between Luls Oarela and
Pedro Estrada, another 128-
pound battle between Pedro Ro-I
mero and Carlos Sierra and a
119-pound bout which pits Sal-
vador Molina against Clifton In-
The program is scheduled to
get underway at 8:15 pm.*

ThM'. ight They'. vented a sadet that
makes sha*in hstr, emsir, more plear-.
ablel Now you ca Set u a creamy lath
dtht out of a ca... ready to usel
Nobiah todowou dowa... og rasy
amtodorowmrux.Justpaubvtl, e...
Swmeakdt That'e Atno Sav... d4M
woMdedal ew eamd bktr" dt atcoe
SbMrd-aole mto wilt ouKhese whkisk Is
a W ... ;&.P .a dau st~m p rwe
Adi *ama sl iAm mrnst .
Got Ano Sms utber l oamb oay ...
Is the handy comtuiner with tde tuan
top d oa't uwmk whk m tryo el.av



S0 5 .718--
M! or 85 40 AS0 44,
8 82 45 .6468
55 .09 .44434
s5468 .443834
ft 851 71 .418 37
S41 82 .333 47Q
Baltlmore- 39 8 .8312 50

Cleveland at Washington (N)
at Phiadelphia (T-N)
Detkroitat New York
Baltimore at Boston (N)

(Night Game)
Cleveland 100 000 020 1-4 10 1
IPhllt 200 001 000 0-3 9 1
Lemon (19-5), Garcia and
Regan, Naragon. Dixon, Sima
(2-6) and Astroth.
Baltimore 000 001 000-13
New York 201100 lox-$ 80
CoILea.n (10-16), Blyska 'fid
Murray. Lopat (11-4) and Berra.
Chlcago 250 000 000-7 12 1
Washngton 010 010 000-2 0 3
Prce (7-8) and Batts. Stew-
art (0-2), Pascual and Flts


NEW YORK, Aug. 2 (UP) -
Hard-hitting Joey GOlardello Is
back as number one middle-
weight contender in the latest
monthly rating by Ring Maga-

Glatdell replaces ocky
Catellaaw who let a title
boat to Bobe Olon last week.
Giardefo had dropped to see-
end following a May 21 loss
to Pierre Langlos.
oard Charles remains top
contender to heavyweight cham-
pion Rocky Marciano. They meet
In New York on September 15.
The leading light heavyweight
contender remains Harold John-
son despite his kayo by cham-
pion Archie Moore earlier this
Carmen Baso still tops the
contenderIs n the welterweight
divimlon but he must cool his
heels before meeting Kid Ga-
eilan for the title. Gavilan will
defend against sixth ranked
Johnny Saxton in FhIladelphla
on September First.
Lightweight king Paddy De
Marco will defend against top
ranked Jimmy Carter in San
Francisco on September 22. Per-
cy Bassett clung to the top rung
on the featherweight ladder and
is expected to get an October
title shot at Sandy Saddler.

Louise Brough Ges

First Seed In U.S..

National Singles
NEW YORK, Aug. 26 (UP) -
Blond Louise Brough is rated the
girl most likely to replace Mau-
reen Conolly as National Singles
tennis champion.
Miss Brough has been top-
seeded in the National Cham-
pionships in the absence of Miss
1onnolly who won't defend be-
cause of a broken leg. The seed-
Ing committee placed Doris Hart
second in the tourney which
opens Saturday at the West Side
Club in Forest Hills, New York.|
Beverly Baker Fteit of Long
leach, ciali~rn*, is,
hirt, .oad t 't l _Mo
Point is fourth and Shire n
fifth. Betty Rosenuest Pratt
of Jamaica, British West Indies
s seeded sixth, Helen Perez of
Encino, California seventh and-
,otis Feliz of Meriden, Connecti- }
cut is eighth. ;
Defending champion Tony
Trabert automatically gains firstJ
eded among Americanmerican men.
Vic Seixas is second and Ham a
,lchardson, third. Art Larsen is
fourth, Eddie Moylan of Tren:-
on, New Jersey fifth, Straight 8
Clark of Pasadena, California r
lixth and oardnar Muloy Is t
seventh. Tom 'Brown of San
'rancisco is ranked eighth, Ber-
Lard Bartzen of Dallas ninth
nd Billy Talbert is tenth.
Lew Hoad of Australia ls top
ceded among foreign men and
[elen Fletcher of England a-
nong foreign women.

Weak' Entrymate ec

Vins $25,0 'Cap i
SRecord Time
MAYS LANDING, New Jersey, Ir
aug. 26 (UP) The weak sister
f an entry won the $25,000 Mer-
laid Handicap at Atlantic City _
Srecprd time yesterday. K
"Singing Beauty," and "Brazen n
rat" ran as an entry from the ft
able of Mrs. Sam PIstorio.
razen Brat Is rated the better
horse. But this was Singing r
beauty's day. Jockey R. L. Ste- p
won brought her f l y i n g c
rough the stretch to beat the h
avorlte -"Cinda"- by a nose. to
;anadiana" ran third, a head m
i front of "Emardee" in the o0:
eld of 13 fillies and mares. s
Time for seven furlongs was ci
ne-21 and two-fifth seconds si
er a fast track. That's a new ir
ack record, two-fifths of a aec-
Ld faster than the time regis-
red by "Pampas Beauty" only ja
L days ago.
Siining Beauty is a flve-year
dl chesnut mare. This wa her -
rat win in eight race atce
ay, although she's finiShed In
ze money nine times in 14 out-
ga this year. The entry of
nn Beauty and Braaen Brati
ai .60, (3.40 and $2.0.


NO oklyn 70
MOWaukee 10 01 79 7
St. Louis *59 4 40, 19
Philadelph 583 8.471il
CIncinnati SO.66 A7 1]
Ci -ago 48 75 Wa0 .
Pttburgh 45 79 3

New York at Chica (2)
Philadelphia at M aukee
Pittsburgh at &tLouis (N)
CWy Pgamne scheduled,


Los (10-3), Hughes and Walk.
er. Podblelan (7-7), BacewMaki

(Night Game)
Philadelphia 200 000 010- 11 2
Milwaukee 020 200 00-4 5 1
aimmons (11-12) and Burgess.
Burdtt (413-1), Jolly and
Crandall JYad

(Night Game"
Pittsburgh 000 00000- 0 5 1
St. Louis 313 013 20x-13 18
Thels (2-6), Purkey and At.
well. Jones (2-1) and Sarni

ace for the fat
treeasR"sans were out

wen and Czohdesiiij la o
tb unoffical leadwitS h
P oints.R Ia second with

lack In this country, echoes of
the 152-olytea a charge
that Ameirca lost a battle In the
cold War with Russia. Dean John
Hubbardof Tulane says a two-
year study just completed howa
America taled to display enough
warmth during the Helinki
Games. Hubbard says the only
official entertainment shown by
the United States were two
semi-private parties. Hubbard
adds: "This cost us much pres-
tige in the eyes of Finland a
very desirable ally In the cold

Hubbard. says the Russian
crew, which lost to the United
States, gave the Americans ex-
pensive gifts. In return retur, say
Hubbard the Americans gave
the Russians only chewing gum.
Hubbard says the French dele-
gation gave parties for maids
and kitchen help when the
Olympics ended. The Americans.
says the Tulane dean, handed
over some pocket change in a
can-whih carried a sign reading
"Wonet you help our old peo-
Hubbard's c h a rg e s have
brought denials. One is from
Harold Berliner. assistant man-
ager of the men's track and field
team. Berlineraner explains the
chewing gum episode by saying
-"Every member had pockets
filled with bubble gum whicl
they handed out to youngsters
whneJver they went." Berliner
Sadd'-"We were the most pop-
ular people there with the young
Berliner says he doubts the

BERNE, Switzerland, Aug. 26
(UP) The European Track
anMd Field Championships. at
Pegne, Bwitasrland op d aqui.

Emil Zatopek and his 'wife,
Dana, won the first gold medals
and Russia filed an official
protest. Soviet officials claimed
'Insufficient t r a c k arrange-
ments" caused their ace, Ivan
"ilin, to lose the marathon The
Russians protested that Filn en-
tered the stadium first but
started around the track in the
wrong direction. This enabled
Veikko Karvonen of Finland to
go on and win by,15 yards. Ka-
avonen won the Boston mara-
hon last year.
An official Jury immediately
went behind closed doors to
study the Russian protest. One
Jury member announced as he
filed into the police-guarded
hut that a decision would be
announced late today.
Outside the hut, arguments
continued. This is what happen-
d. Filln, the Russian, Karvonen
nd another runner entered the
tadlum tightly bunched. Filln
turned to the left although there
'as a sign pointing to the righht.
'ilin ran 75 feet before he notic-
d the mistake. By then It was
mO late. Karvonen was far out
Front and won easily.
The head of the Finnish team
-Armas Valste-says, "I hitbk
[arvonen won. After all, It is
ot his fault if the Russian can-
ot read signs." No Russian of-
cial was available for conment.
The story of the 10-thousand-
ieter event was all Emil Zato-
ek, the Olympic champion from
zechoslovakla. On a track made
heavy by a night-long rain, ZU-
>pek finished almost one-halfI
minute ahead of Joseph KovacsI
f Hungary. A crowd of 20,0001
at under the floodlights and
ried "Zatopek-Zatopek" as theI
peedy Czech Army officer won
i28 minutes, 58 seconds.

stu1iaMns gave our crew expen-
Zatopek's wife, Dana, won the sive gifts. "Mostly,", says Ber-
ivelin throw. She took her Iner, "the crew members ex-
changed their Olympic pins."


TheA nM cyed


" .4r?


First Day Of European

Track And Field Games

Ends With' Fireworks'

, .11




...'~. P~_.-~ ~.

200 010 000-3 9 0
000 050 00x-5 7 2

Gromek (I-14), Mler, ra
and House. ion10-1
van and White. (l0~pSl


U3UDAZ.A~yo~ 3,4

"-.* 1" -i ."






1WIli Bobo Olson Fight Moore?-Su&te, But Gtf Up $15OAI 0
... ,. .. .; .

The golfingar attraction rhe was the Canada Cup, a Intel
o national competition conceived and sponsored by John Jay Hop
N kings, whose business is plans. Those saber Jets which gave ti
R' ed MIG8 so much trouble in the Korean mess are produced I
his MontrTal pnt, glf baby Is worldwide In scope, lven
o try t the world s nvted to enter a tworman team. Nata
S w it Itt epeted the two players named will be the country
best. They may be either amateurs or pros or both. The team
with the lowest medal score for four rounds holds the cup for
year. The cup certainly isn't the oldest nor the most distinguish
ed, but It is unquestIonablmy the most valuable in terms of money
S It 1 solid geld and Phil Kiuto wouldn't have too much trouble
bathing In it

Most golf competitions are basically alike. The fundamental
attraction Is the high degree of proficiency of the players. Th
Canada Cup has an added touch that I found* absorbing. A
chance to see leading players fromi so many different eountrie
A S in action, to study their golfing techniques and their compete
4 tive behaviorisms. This is a subject rich in potential, but brie
glimpses of swings and emotions are not enough to do justice t
it. There was one characteristic the players seemed to hav
common, a rather grim Intensity. Another common denominator
was an urge to knock the cover off the ball.
$ 0
The 58M yard Laval-Sur-Le-Lac course, some 20 miles froe
downtown Montreal, has a woodsy pictorial charm that compen
sates for a leisurely 71 par. The spacious fairways are soantls
trapped and hence unduly tolerant of wayward drives. As usual
ly happens when conditions are such the percentage of down
Sthe-ilddle drves was ab formally high. Experts llk hackers ar
Spyeholoilcally relieved when the view from the tee discloses n
pitfalls or booby traps. Even Otto Schoepter of Sweden, an 8
shooter, looked like Sam Snead at the 14th, the only time I saw
him drive. Ali muscle.
It was At the 14th. by the way, that Snead elected to show
the boys how to drive. You can always tell when the Millionair
Hillbilly is going for the downs, as the broadcasters say. He spit
in his hands before taking his stance. On this occasi*6 he pu
his tee hot. out thee for what looked conservatively to be 30
yaros, The pslbUlty Opt foreign players reing Snead fo tho

t fthe
driving may become n Itegral part of golf in countries wft
S.the sport is Just being to flourish and very likely will b
known ps the "Sam Snead system."

4 Actually only a small percentage of the competitors In thi
event were leaguers by accepted standards. This was less saw
rising than the fact that in some of these countries there ar
any golfers at all. For instance, one never associates golf with
the Seandinavians nor is there anything about Egypt that is re
mialseent of the Jones-Hagen rivalry. The two Eyptans wh
competed here would have a hard time qualifying for our Ama
teur championship, yet who Is there to say that 20-30 years from
now an Egyptian won't be the player to beat in our Open? Gol
Is a one-world game. It knows no boundaries of nationalism
geography or space. And to the two Japs who played here, golf
appeared to be a one-word game. No matter that the situation
cl"umstance or predicament on the course they would bow, sail
and say "fore." "
S .The Canada Cup is a competition of unlimited possibilities
for good will and good sport. Thus, Mr. Hopkins is In a position
to make Important contributions to both and it is to be hoped
he is sensitive to his unique opportunity. As Jimmy Demare
observed while the winning Australians were being feted, "'thi
teournapent s the United Nations without double talk."
t .- .. I I I I



IMPORTAMTImare jon s t1
mw Ja e Iad b..t Lm
.*mel'" Bau I tht OuOW.
lisrt(l ad usesbsia~.


0 t1faonle- ol

W tlh wd bl 'mH PAS= AN ai of d gswa
b.12pour" wa w o-aw -m-iIeus.em "a

VA (. t Mh o TA MIDINQ A Mma 00. tNua. -
a- -, A P- W4__

&4ft#p4@JywwJ. 4o
bw lS ^^s~i'la 1

Ptyy1W w^


W nn r- PUFlerty's only previous expert.
. ence i the sour science came as
o an occasional spectator. Consider-
a ing uWs tremendous success gives
y you an insight on how simple the
. office end of prize fighting really
I is. You don't have to have under.
world connections, ~ie up with th
a trust or be a member of the man-
agers' guild or a genius. All
is required is smart and hard.
le headed business sense, a flock o
fighters who can hold up their
hands-and one Bobo Olson.
WHEN OLSON HAD successful.
&I ly defended the middle we ig h
e championship against Kid Gavi
A lan in Chicago, Flaherty was ask.
s ed what he intended to do nexi
. with the Portuguese-Hawaiian
t Swede he picked up in the Kalihi
o district of Honolulu as a lad o
e 13.
r "Make money," replied t h
Mlek, 'who has broken horse-i
throughout the far west since h:
was a kid.
n Joey Giardello would hae
. been the more attractive challeng-
y er had he kept hid string of vie.
. stories intact, but Flaherty promnt-
S-ly signed Olson ot fight Rocky
! Castedani i nSan Francisco when
o offered $125,000 on the barrel
o head.
w "I realized Castellani was a run-
ner and grabber, but I also knew
Olson could lick him, and t h at
w was $3000 more than we collect-
e ed for Gavilan, the welter, cham-
s pion," he explains. "It was more
t than we could have gotten with
i Giardelloi' .. .
0 Asked what re wanted for Ol-
son next, Flaherty, now a ranch-
b_ ard y San Martin. CalM.,
94 1125 et u ore
But who did he want? C'he ans-
wer came as something of a sur-
'Archie Moore in San Francisco,
s said Flaherty, without batting an
ASKED WHAT HE wanted t o
h send Olson against Moore for the
ght-heavyweight lead ershi p,
o Flaherty named his price.
o "One hundred and fifty thou-
sand dollars," he said. "If we
got $125,000 for Castellani, Moore
should be worth $150,000. He packs
If more beef."
It cost Al Naiman, the Cleve-
'land industrialist, something ap-
e preaching $50,000 to give Castella
ni the crack at the crown he took
s so half-heartedly.
It was pointed out to Flaherty
that Moore was mighty tough and
t cagey for an old geezer.
S "My guy is pretty tough and
cagey, too," he assured you.
Olson made a remarkable fight
against Castellani under distres-
sing circumstances. Here was the
most unusual case of a champion
doing his best to make a chal-
lener look good. Olson surprised
Casteilani by starting at a cycloe-
nic pace with which he plans to
wear down the antiquated Moore.
IT WAS STRESSED that Flaher-
ty would have all the best of it
negotiating for the Moore matdh.
The venerable Archie is badly
in need of any kind of a payday
before time, runs out in him.
It no longer does Moore any
good to make 175 pounds. Doing
160 hurts Olson, who has weigr-
ed 167pounds more recently and
has the frame to pack more:
Leave it to Bid Flaherty to
drive a hard bargain for Bob,
Professional managers w h o
have spent careers trying to out-
cheat one another are still play-
ing him for a rank sucker-a t
$125,000 a rattle.

Playground Sports
The Basketball Free Throw
Tournament was held at Gam-
boa, Monday, Aug. 23. The con-
test was under the direction of
the Physical Education and Re-
creation Branch.
Each playground was limited
to one entry for each classifica-
tion. Each contestant was allow-
ed 25 throws, the best out of 85
being the winner.
The w near's are:
A e Mlt Rodrigue of An-
con with 21 for 25.
2nd-Bob Zumbado of Balboa.
3rd-Andy Bleakl Cristobal.
B la eRio eleadb of An-
con IT r a.
ntd-Je amilto. Cristobal.
c .s gu-Alei auts of Ancon,
2nd--am es Lovea ly. Di o.
3rd-Don Noble
Balboas 19 for 25.
rd--Edwin Idol. ambo.
Z league-Chico Martin of
Gamboa with o20 for p.
2nd-Bobby Brandon of Bal-
i 3rd-Ralph Blevs, Cr1atobal. .

Porterfield Has Hard Luck To Give Away;

Nat Hurler Even Passes SoMe To Yankees


oE'D HfLP-.Casey Stengel wouldn't mind hav Yankee cast-
o Bob orterfield on his side during the final rush forAhe pen-
nant. The hard-luck Washington hurler kept near the .500 mark
this season; would be a sure 20-game winner with Yanks. (NEA)

You almost had to expect-it. The
Galveston, Texas, entry in the
Little League World Series here
stormed into town with not on-
ly the largest and noisest dele-
gation of parents and backers,
but they also brought along an
all-southpaw battery.
The pitcher, Hal Newkirk,
414n .tisr more than a usual
amount of Interest. But his
er, A. Warren, certainly
IDid i *A. J., as hilst.year-old
teammates call this youngster,
dbes- all the mask-and-m i t i
chores from the wrong side of
the slate and it doesn't bother
him -a bit.
"Nothing to I' the boy said
when asked about it at the Little
Leaguers' Lycoming Col 1 e g e
headquarters. "I can catch a ball
better with my right hand in a
glove, so I do it that way, that's
A. J.'s glove is a made-to-order
affair which, according to the
Texas boys, catches everything
in sight. To them, it's nothing
out of the ordinary.
But a fellow by the name of
Branch Rickey, who has been
doing quite a bit of theorizing a-
bout a portside receiver, would
do well to take a trip down here
and catch bld A. J. in motion.
You never can start a youth
movement too early, you know.
Baseball people in town for
the big Series of small-fry base-
ball can come up with only one
guy who ever caught left-hand-
ed. Joe Wall once made the
majors as a left-handed catcher.
He played for Brooklyn, of
course. *
The Schenectady All-Star's ap-
pearance here in the Series con-
stitutes a zillion to one shot
coming home, Pete McGovern,
the LL prexy, points out. The
New York State club lost that
1-0 game to Birminrham in last
year's finals and the odds a-
:alnst a team reappearing in
Williamsport the next season are
But Schenectady did it and
convincingly, too. They swept
through their seven regional
tournament games with six
shutouts. Bill Conners. who was
the hurler in last year's final,
did most of the hurling. Bill Ma-
sucei also got into Ditching ac-
tion on the way to Wllliamsport
-when he wasn't hitting at a
hot cliv around third base.


Masucci is another veteran of
the Series. His .625 mark was
tops in last year's affair. The
youngster is a son of Coach Lou
asucci, who along with Mike
Mietta, guided Schenectady to
the Series.
Conners was one of the fastest
pitchers around last year and
with a year's maturity added to
his hard one was rated as the
guy to beat in pre-Series talk.
Small Talk: Colton, Cal,, *as
W lvs~topL In the
2 pa n t -and the
act that people wl travel from
Caliornia or Texas to this city
show you. the hold Litle Leagu-
ers ha e on adults... the other
taems to make it to Williamsport
were Melrose Park, Ill.; Lake-
land, Fla.; Hampton-Whythe,
Va.; Needham, Mass, and Ma-
sontown, Pa.

Sugpris R

By JIMMY LISU The injury was nothing out of -
the ordinary for Porterfield MBW YO3T ,. .
NEW YORK, Aug. 3 &NA)- however. The same goes for this The rjuinateda
The Yankees, It ses. ,'do thins season's heart-busting one and the 3tat
just as another basobll club, two-run defeats. That's because g Owner
at times. A walk through the Porterfield, throughout his ca- eo thto k
New York team's dressing room reer, has made a definite bid tWp nerea continu.g H
shows that. be named baseball's all-time with T ifap Mia., w
hard luck hurler. aR trylIg to buy the
"Stuart," the name on one "--
locker reads. That would be It all started in 1948. With less Yeterday Selbold ae with a
Marlin Stuart, the well-used than four years of minor league group Tampa, but later he
hurler picked up this season experience behind him. Porter- maid became of jbd
from the Baltimore Orioles, no field was brought up to the 0142a.egManwhe ,-th. w-
less. A little bit down the line, parent Yankees and given a wa'o nt out 2
Ralph B r a n c a changes his start. A line drive in the asxth fourth traght t
clothes. Nobody wanted the inning of what had been a fine 7-4 deci owr the MAMtal
right-hander when the Detroit effort ruined him. The ball R Oy .-aAd Pu out W the
Tigers let him go this year. struck his throwing hand, break- league cellar.
ing a finger. .
And now. they are pasting theg Sinfe Aug. 15 the Vir'inla
name of Jim KOnstanty on al The next year, two separate have won nine of 12 balf ames
Bomber locker. Every club In the' injuries to his throwing arm had and their current streak of for
National League waived on the him back on the Newark farm. lwif is their longest of the se-
hillies' right-hander as pitch- In 1950, he was hit by a pitch Ion. Of their three losses n the
tg-poor Casey 8tengel made a tossed by Paul Calvert. then of tI 10 days one was a 14inn
gab for him. Detroit. A half inch higher on affair, another went 11 tanaIg
his head, doctors said, and he and the other was a 1-0 des.alot.
These names, so far, have done would have been killed. e leagueladin
little more thanch point up the The Yankees, at this stage, Ma ple Lfdefetd
Cardinalsearl of Vic erthis year and traded him to Washington for cause Chiefs 4-0,. Rtudyt Mmll
Cardinals earlier th yonef the Bob Kuzava, since departed, and cin and Eddle Blake eomaed to
a guy who hs n one o the ea Porterfield then came through pitch a three-hitter. .
toughest pitohers n he league- with nine victories. 13 the next
Bob Portereld o Washington. and last year's harvest of 22. The victory left the Ieatf al

hThe power-tlrqwink right-I
hander, traded y the Yankees This year, his hard luck is still
with him. His balance of 69
to the Nats in 1951, has what strikeouts and 56 walks in those
appears to be only a so-so- rec- f1Lrst 22 games Is more than ac-
ord for the year. He split his ceptable. No more so, however,
first 22 decision., than is his fast ball and roll-it-
Bt, arond the u. t i. off-the-table curve.
secreBut, around the I ue, s no Porterfield has that hard luck.
secret that you have a tough Only a lot of it seems to have
game coming up when Bucky spread to the Yankees, too.
Harris sends Porterfield out to

warm up. Of those first 22 de-
cisions, the 30-year-old hurler
went the route 18 times, some-
thing practically unheard of in
these rellqf-pltching-every-d a y
times. While doing this, Porter-
field was'compiling a rock-bot-
tom 2.57 earned run average.
Jr+A --&..... 16- -- 1;.A-3 R- -

It docs.nos aae a vivid Imagi-
nation to figure out how much
Porterfield would have meant to
the New Yorkers this year. Sup-
pose he had the hitting of Yogi
Berra and Mickey Mantle behind
him in that 12-innin game he
lost to Detroit by a -2 "earlier
this season? Or If he had a few
of those Yankee hits in ,the
flock of one and two-run con-
tests he has blown this year?
That's something which must
be haunting George Weiss and
StengeL these days as they make
a sputtering try to catch Cleve-

th 7t rd
ttngd. uhe 'p see. is too
busy trying, to salvage what has
been a bum season f9r him. Last
year, he became the first Wash-
ington pitcher in 20 years to win
over.20 victories. He c a m e
through with a 22 and 10, despite
being sidelined for a good part
bf the season with a torn. muscle
In his right arm.

games In fronmt of t-he secn-
place Rochester Red W t who
scored 6-0 and 5-4 vietor aove
the Buffalo Bisons. Zn tf o a
other action, the Havsaafugq
Kings edged the Otwa- 3.1
the loss dropping the Af Into
the league cellar.

Quarter Mi fl rwi

Giardello Match Races To Be Herd =

Awaits Ward After Sunday At La Jo
This Sunda ug.2W dM
Win Over Portuguez date or an, se t
aces tthe airstrip at
NEW YORK, Aug. 28 (UP) Nr 2, at the weatriD at _lJ
A match with top-ranking Joe te
Glardello awaited middleweight There is a new "hot w
Moses Ward today, although his the Pacific side of the .JIm=".
victory over Tuzo (Kid) Portu- that ght l e out *f fS
Vuez last night was de-glamoriz- bugsn t are roned out .
ed by muddled mercy. t will move out in a L
Unranked Ward, fighting as a
substitute for third-ranking The starting time will M1W
Holly Mims of Washington about 1.00 pme "l
weighed 161 pounds to unranked about 1.00 pm
Portuguez' 157%. Ward is 22
years old.
A 2-1 underdog, Portuguez lost WAHoo' isow`
gin, suffered a severe attering Richard Wifdar,j
in the second, bute ade the uW ..
tonBf n xne fourth. A- -
percUt tothe chn sack
on his heels in the th and a
straight right to the chin sent IDEAL r- To d
him lurching backwards half- Joan Crawford, in
way across the ring into the
ropes. It was then that Miller. *' O"
former lightweight contender Howard "" el in
stopped the bout. Tuzo suffered owanr T COeAr yn
his sixth kayo in 75 professional "IN FAST COMPA-'-.
fight. .




fi r'

* *-,-

- a .



mWilMlsAY, AVtGUlfI, 1m

rves Still In N. Race --rimmw

|erd sIcty on page: .8 |


:"Let the people know the truh and the country is safe" -- Abraham Lincoln.

Adlai's Appea To Mendes-France

On EDC Wins Washington Approval
SlWASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (UP) group of deputies that he would kill EDC despite Men de reconcile varying views on the
-"-State Department officials to- not take any action to restore France's admonition treaty at the recent Brussels con-
day hailed Adlai Stevenson's ap- sovereignty to the Bonn republic Failure of the French to grant ference.
paeal for French ratification of until he had the chamber's per- West Germany at least partial The meeting ended isn failure
3 e E uropean kilCommu- m nsovereity could lead to tthe when the Netherlans, Belgium se
Wnity-(E T, as ua move to At the same time Mendes- downf iofChancellor Konrad Luxembourg West Gerwmna T O BS .r. b..n '
strengthen bi-partisan foreign France warned these deputies Adenauer's pro-Western govern-Italy refused to gO a to M eF. "tlsmembers of a loosg Coman. ow even aol eer ,n
Spoliy. that the United States and Brit- meant, administration sources Mendes-France's proposals to o am tel hmers o un tre mbonse In aong therbn ~ nderatn
(NA TelephotO) t dhe 1982 Democratic presiden- an consider West German soy- said n Washington. water-down the project sian Alrm he ad raped her outsfle a eunsarl farmhouse in 1944, t her haer nd to e
Y RUN At Fort tSll, Okia. 1 candidate announced yerter- ereignty and rearmament essen- They expressed fear, decision Mendes-orance scheduled next were o eld nlefat agunoit). ie. ig to Pe tet mony at the edra courthouse i-ew
tilerymen practice a mock day that he had sent a letter to tial and will gain these ends by France to withhold support week's vote in parliament but Yo. are (left to ig): eP. .dw(dR,, Penn.); Re. Alvin Bentley (R.,Mieh.); Rep.
e I f for Pr Defens n ot aus m ission. sovereignty fl tout whe the teDfeeoth me nr A. Feighan D andr ..t. mal a
Sell blast which will climax French Premier Pierre Mendese eventually. omun h rean would have disas- wu aonont stand or n all on the* c
S .& Ary Aviati on School's France because he hraad become as ef ts pn o hae dadeciWsion.Wr n ot ston o al ong wth "Madam," .... .
demonstration at the Natloal "alarmed by developments in trous effects on the eropean Air Force' s Hd RP cos'
i ;raft Show iph ayton o., France." athellne against communi s Atr Uhad rand hu 'a s
Sept.-. 'Dayto, Stevenson said he was in favor be particularly hard on West American -fflcas eea do thits he orc et -u vu us r
R Sill, of the EDC treaty and assured Germany, Itaey and France ant elan. Dulles said Tuesday he still w
renicth e French premitter that the is a se l e s e parliament ill
en ra aL rps sue was not a partisan one in tne Besides wrecking ED Itself hopes o the Frenh parliament wille
Unwilcima Ffstatesn., hr:ndeenually Mendes-Froance's decision th r EDCha but he) an hi hope M aye ti
Carps Un ited Rsi reholdecrhoareheattesutpprtdi not add uptotexpmons. Be W id esp read 1 n Se r e
tai White House ess secretary at ithd heeae srl i do J tyepro n army ny den- I S < et o t E .
i d S IJ James C. Hagerty immediately coal result in an end t.. w-ere pote u oan y rin e
,irat Shanding said President Elsenhower "is Fn military aid to his country and Aisters were reported today the
delighted" with Stevenson's c Italy a would leave West rnment of Pierre Menes SAN ATONIO, Tex, Aug. 2 which resembled the marks selves as Pahuco" onl a a
tion. the t Germany irtualy defenses race efore the parliament ade- (UP) A specter Pachuco the Paco "lark."
W l State Department officials, against possible Soviet a es- bate on the European Army e ng member was discovered at Their distinctive slgn is a fig- Nevertheles, Gates, said for-
ore a or| M "s was too, t a were happy. Altho ui gh alon unless a substitute pan i an begnaslaturday ,ackland Air Force I ase today ure resembling a ross carve on mal charge are bein drafted
gloomy o fv Her prospects for Frenc- t found. re a The Cabinet members were and MaJ. Gen. John H. McCor- the back of the hand between under the milt coe of jus-
-KB : tratific-ation of the treaty no Arem r thm tat reason, a high ad- said to beweighing the move as mick ordered 25.000 basc train- thumb and forefinger. ti ace. He has ordered court-mar-*
.. ate at sixnation European my ministration spokesman said, the the "fairest thing" to the Pre- cees at ackland screened for Officers a a d 10 airmen tials for any proved law viola-
SO NDO. la., Aug. 6 (UP) they said the Stevenson letter United States and Britain plan mier connection with the hoodlum roundup Chante tors a th Pahos.
.. Gen. George E. Strate- should be helpful. to move quickly toe grant Wests terrors t society. e steigaon Sahoed a "pattern" Ma2. h Allen, siante pro-
forme Air Force corm- These officials noted that tust Germany pts sovereignty without The five government members of otheeing residents of California ot marshal, said the most
the ar Ea t two dy s y ter Fenhapv ti thde F rn wnreme T co ada anor or of oe bn s ltere. cm Tr t to

Korean (DWNmv .) came ae n oren p till m e By rers nens Aug. 21. were Ws ast weere the o- uley g hd aong pnle. ai sbersot plan Is
R toath yesterdnpay ohnd Fostneru ha p ad oeseas ommsso met fWilas towratify the repor o bebiens at mere Txlad Air Fore Base o dabaseased fr ti. tobtcoD. tey omt ethre ere n od epo

H. 5y hepar dAstin to n o .dtwo ay As g etare o sta e potly caren s ttas ..... r ofee Mthe Ofen-s hbegoePDa a rruleahit e sth on no- blaioabs ge.wos ad
tc- vhotrts reeateynray kehnyo Dulves* oe pns Minister Mauroce Bourges 1Maun-5 informatsmn a u t Pachuco L los ah e i lehsreun oeLar t.ment br il possess o...f aweapon.
oisrtneceealsti nSt heve crasn greats e teneisein t o, LabOr s ecretaryd C E fr audiouspe ote. He icsaia sUlan plcion juvenile s came here Allen ad ny of the men
Sr Atemian oer toe oliDes aoni e t aton fre C are a i made a Pe r as Minister the oanu Th oris, left apparently had been lvinr up

a Mar te C- 'a l a said th tae to be 48 the mov e as Is one o0 basic twdais n- thum aebnde. fzerefingam
n ae senate nations s and herir Uwitro, budet andt d addicd tioneed for d base. a" ahi ,d" ItM

a tee handed bysen. c would stengensns the b- rdsi- e u daoe futile attempt to ...u.. r .tic Miister Ee ies in beatingsrape, murder for Tnexas to G ise t the ShePard to the Pachoco to carry
a the men he reported u beieve, the would err FO rce Basice at Chante Aira D. O commandant attshon ofablactjrung" gns a
-e h ond trop spna raet eadFallnecs ared M atoAL ecary ABp M -r he em- Force ase at Pantou, llv. Sheppard, asked him to stop on

.Gen m u wtho hSl rived tin ao- behind Dunpes. of State John Foster Dullet, s finding his gov- The oAier Firce caught iorce h ethurn toaos aed s. aa- l ete
l-11 in s the alth. d. o a, vi e in the oe gv Ge rmang th izer anInhad |WhieC saih o ldtei naot 3,i
liu there required to olot France as titular head of the seneaingh hinsg aeas tnhan alsot Tihe e w spared the hum- wes draTinlte formal changes a- cat he wanted an i nvt tli n o im IlMd
o Ftranettate oroe the g U- orn ofa dhavingt theB .h w e rp 3e tohem qut nr a or saridn pethem.| be aise fr

l Sihe s yester dayJo t hnae Fosterd ha d eresenttige ro nr rtornsy a .. in the mids aS t of the debate. M c brhi,"p to Roe D A.g. l6

De parthen ld- the the Preside Ge-r ofu -- Eisero, -or treaty In ke vonte nextt Ond e Ma urc- An lgd eeaMorqde was f b o u. et aL tod l pao
or wh'avti t e lleg o n a sen id a hs Aeb bes ED aneer weew ure weo round a ealye da Lator Sec sary pac ghnch indication daa os a opacion trp to be disio, cam
e a erher ge.n e ralsan tfo goeDnor' i WsTN u. ca smi toe of forein ,e For their own v art, a the Minie Lcblan h, theni i ba ds tat ci saqh e orba- e aioa een Nu n C'se
S^ae cosel C ar-e(ly Iop tht he beore ta on of CThye S r- iad nataniae s ca. Beon d the w Mo l nt e w nt t eda co h w iet tEmal mahd er continues of bt he

0-, boraet t mea hvn-er of h nWar peo desir t ll fer' Tnea ttAte ar- o vana m anearest u. ...eW a ooasth hr h e Tere un mor n r ise onrst cain, t the n o
.iumat Y qDnmly,.er write suih a l better, and asking Also, Socialsot Party eparlia- with returning tom. the Canalafewr sl e .neo....... stockade, where he had been put secret society.

to haed y in S o eati ne teennt .w against giving the .Germans any bound over this morning in then ed. ths" nve tinh e appearance ofec et ,ry Sv e m ert autthCt es- acknowlere

it i ecess was y to Str wrd eien iII mI ben 1Poted 57 toi5nbZoneAf oaericanscl free ld saeoaod wtold P dma fnr.o IWreultoorld Wor A I. ie h arogl Vn e aed ,oaK.rpola. e d, a- Widlia n Ule w ied
Sienou h ond trof o n Hb ert sais Dues ard s ld uu e e of the sann thePhuco Atat-embds atieer atorce.u S, sairuh
taobu t "cl h n tt esatile thatsuc ahreon oh a national army. Ali- Balboa Magistrate's Court. The abanbedoin v ther toeed o n his hand. Aeier the st investigon VIENNA, Aug. 2d (UP). -a
tired 65 -a old ArFe me pn t re ta t suchansog slightly less than half defendant is in jail pending the Un Mendes-France t ssues He a Bu a o o a r t

Iw o h tas loivd In o. o G re arm. bh Dle o S t Je imdhrias l ordre ll o fidn Air Forrrceuge 0rdWe -eofn toemp f te-
whatt we iaon theat Son let htev nsouN. au sr- wrht M a n dss eo a
t wh we ado eron from Stevenson would be the Socialis es iand sena posting of e re 200 ide Ib o h tanefo. ue of thied atngser t here andomot ehaneplo. ote Ae u-
ran the air we d been helpful, ran far from embarrass- o torhe attended rhe vote was con- For passing a no ping aifcation the vote is taseadow n eo mranides ato hakelf oaves ae- raspne hei on e e Esouie
said t ey the ieem t eradered rignft cant, zone, fael Ara, 27, Panama- go heavily against the project on for illegal guns and "shiv" an In Washinn, ho "wanted" lito and his girl corn-
itf standpoint. rtevenson did not contact the Mendes-France has received nian, was fined $A0. dih.. ro pn policwn eve thratiee at klt s Aes" t A)r rankon ed higon Ath sovere
whchUS.Emurro tttothe Itc yor h bao eain themfromthde waist sprema Ali .tthhe Air Fr t madsone aef tihenn ad feaer
o the int % t O- Wht H oue nor d he uEls- Pbnb l t past o for mio p" -cC arks ein dic i aun ot codaytint an y or kd ape b o the tu s re-
bArd I ~ p thet et hilett to eHft- Duu. Te oarn of teore rti W 2anamanianaidal ow fin e for L nc mae tmberso theip n-e Iuve atho adond tha Ple in sou rerted
e a hell t th e President. German sovereity after the parking his bus on the roadway Only France and Italy failed McCormick s aid there was n o Pachucon activitysat p reent ap toay. l se
a ta In a statement issued at his Asembl buries EDC nextuc week. Failure to report an accident to ratify the army pact, which indication there was a cohesive feared to be ted to Chute te informants 4 it now
of the W. He led home in Libertyville, Ill., te-aBut we s t Germany would not be netted Ronald K. i Davey, a 22- would brin West German troops Pahuco organization at Lack- Thirty-six young airmen were
men of Getineral enson said he hoped for French granted theiht to rearm, year-old American soldier nto a six-nation European mirnd. arrested at ChanutesLsupect- "osee atn les ean-
l a tur durn the ra tification of the EDC. In his appearance yesterday fine. The accident occurred on hinR force. eBut he said Lackand got ed Pachuco, and 70 more bear- t ene Neu a
a o ."earnestly hope that the before a oot sessions T ee at 5s aIn onja or all ther Force trainesl fro m tein ads marker ad viliaeiedThe
nsiy rote -eeVivielas what we e oee Said a serab posting of $200 bl wanted allo apera a dro sha e m ove,, to get ri of"i
t. inratemeyer aso blamedb the events of the nexmfew days will sembly's foreign affairs, defense Aug. 21. -the West Coast, where the or- veo were found among prisoners Soviet zone town of Wiener
srtn and sa ne vau to Dndoverseas commissions, Men- James R. Williams was fined alyager tamoyhe se ga l gr ounst an bash iton adde.
Militartn partly for Stevenson said. "Asa step to- ndes-France strongly reminded $10 for drvwithut a l license. se Th suit" gangs in Los Angeles dur- Officers began a req lon-Nestadt, south of here.Ar
ideits tL Wo r d ouhit o peaHenor did h s be ar o rot tNew ban d gadton e 0o. raet ot oen buiti te be ctado r u
thFar Eas tateeonh iext unification I be- 125 deputies that Germany could He s a 24-yea-old Panamanian. d e i n World War II. n in an attempt out Kripolsky worked in the Vien-
Obte it ne'elryP idn the stong, freet. arista inl a soverei if the par kiing hie Pros T He said Lackaarnd couldn't help how many were actual mMmberpc nai office of Radio Free Europe
rhacited themaon pf the In a stcefnu lred aC hikiA lye s Commissary, to P. repobut get West Coast Parhucoh be- of the gang. They said they be- csas an interviewer of refugees
0 the of t eHen world." h oraquelsde e Bo cause it is one ot the two Air nbeved some had branded thea.efrom Communist Czecha 2ova ia.
at' ld Wf .l M wohi- awhile in Paris, French then vted overwhelmingly to 33. were each fint $10. Tthe of kid
Mu l with the National- amdt Inpfrm grew today- Ep la
nditappaeddthenNatinala t'ion T dutieof te B wer Ieill ofassuumeys tathe fAlthoughN the Pachucos M Iost 0Hke [WI tnnd 70 na u
Joh nsoen et fewo delays thel ..Sru dd oopresidenth o heso Stan- e on the West Coast, there atls months ago.. w f
,%t tldeartmenhals b tatme antingovereignty to the ters Old, withseaadquar- was a sign the organization had Los Miss Newgmarno 23, also was
the Cinese Fenc Pemiererndes l -a h Fspread among Eatern civifion as said eCc r N

oft0h fighin Steinsn id. Pa"As Rodrigue manager of after two yc srgs were found to early today in the Los Angeles daVi on a vacation tribtanCarn-

Sth Far East ok a ter and Bihar today. Communica- been addae. bargo list. Other members of the -s Soviet party newspaper Prau
hen Mae ur, "on tions were cut and thousands Foreign Aid chief Hrold E. r s charge today that "bre
h eatst comma deA r o fled before the waters of the The polloy of banning ex- Stassen announced a new list, coStandardin ueard who wil crat and rred twoape"iin a J
was ermoed while Brphmanutra and Kosi rivers. ports Of sategc goods will which reduces the number of E Butler and W. Ma caused the failure of the ov
t his forces "hbrillant- The 25,000 persons of Assam's continue, under stricter enforce- embargoed items from 297 to Blackeby .wil .cnud h.s eminent plan to produce more
to unheard 'of handl- shipping and rail city of Di- ment. he said. 217. iods exempted are no company Shcwf: 1:yr-o:nm 5:00 -
brugarh .were told to get ready All shipments to Russia and longer considered of war-making ^with ssor i re 33 The newspaper in an 7--d:t ".m.
er has long been crit- to evacuate their homes as the the European tellites will still importance.. fore left o c entered attack
the pate ,,Dpartment's Brahmaputra threatened to in- require xpo ses from the U. policy toward Allied as stant cam troller of Stan- Minister of M tactaed"
postwar affaJis in the Far undate the entire region. government. Trade with Com- trade with the Communists has .dard Oil Co (N Jer ) to S er ood &.
in the n War.' neighboring Bihar the munist China and North Korea been criticised y so e H th tim of e to i b
WMorPhalh, 't- Koi river. rose at and alarm- is not affected by today's an-, bers of Congress, notably Se. consolidation of the operations
t l "" d and alarm- nounceient Joseph R. McCarthy (R., Wis.) si o affilite in o f ewooe a
S"'- rate and swent vast 1dfertile o fene anes thshe h r s- oEn- a e in the.. O
fields, creatingwdsr list of embargoed goods num-I has recognized West Europe'sarea and Mcnti as A rdT m-
the Cm'mtinsts a e bered more than 1000 items. claim that some trading ne- are ha s continued as board leve
l ? Kai-shet' -s n. in tKhe flood-ravaged aroke, ao Weeks said the names c' essary to aid their economies. hcr n r scb
report the flood-ravaged areas, Items removed from the list wil Stassen said he is convinced -nand W sMi
control of ChDA to th services sad h ar state be announced shortly. The re- the revisions "will result in a Ike, Hoove- Will Bah
ar. e e sa d that Cho- movals are expected to includee net advantage to the free' world been attacked for
r., ra already has claimed 51 such things a9Lmachinery, home of expad peaceful tre Fish For Trout the
"oa ne. J t. M.'- e. appliances and food. more effective control of the ton.
"(R-Wit.), is -a vt*r- Weekr announcement follow- war-potential items." T
service worker who ed a related move by the For- "It is a move In the best in- in The ROCkSes
inm C hina before the o eign Operations Administration, terests of the United States,"; en QUO ds
ts to ove. which Issued new regulations he said. i DENVER, Aug. 26 (UP. The *- M
rthv Pe #s. d him of try- yesterday making it possible for Some of the items removed nation's mort renowned treut 10 T @F iWif
work (r!r'munists Intr r-titons receiving U. S. aid to from the list formerly were fishermen President a- s .
*-, Intelfie, ne Aer. .I VATICAN CITY, Aug. 26 (UP) rade a little more freely with scarce in Russia an dsovtet hower and former Predt Died Yesterday *,*
Ss -.nw .... -i Msgr. F,,lippo'ernardii 70, ,he Soviet bloc. satellites but are now produced Herbert Hoover head for
".vi In Limas. T- sectetary of the Sacred Con-I Both actions grew out of re- in sufficient abundance to mountain streams on the west-
,.Ech""'nt hi. kbee" inl- gratlon of Propaganda Fide, cent trade conferences in Lon- weaken their strategic value. ern edge of the Rockies to~etf ,Item, i "
txia his oake we thir died In hWs sleep early today of don among 16 nations, includ- Very little change was made next week on a fishing bK.
Sa heart attack. Vatican author- ng the United States. in the embargo on arms, am Press Secretary James C. -
I t--- .". ounced. Agreements reached t h r e munition and other implements erty announced toda that
P q Bern.. 1r rdi.t diedin his home provIded for somewhat freer of war, or items with atomic Elisenhower and Mr. Hoover wMi u el br*g
In Pleve do Usdta while on East-West trade in peaceful energy significance. spend several days together t-
PrIday, Aug. 27 ieston from his duties as goods but also for striter en- The major pruning was done In on St. Louis creek
wei lif rr bfrcemeent measures to prevent on the list of Items which eorafs through the Byrs".
S::.'::. :.. a mm cA pS bDelt of items still ban- might indIectly add to a con- Reach of Ak l MWeie lad O
I try war potentaL iNcrgr
,. .,-. ., .. -. .- -- -: ,,. ,. .. .o :71