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the pepe kn h ad the cunry Abr a n
F"Ll the people know.the truth and the country is sWe" .-- Abraom Lincoln.





Ike Vetoes Pay Bill

But Concedes Need

For Such Measure

SllJ ER, Aug. 24 (UP Pres- The top raise would have been
, lgaMenihower yesterday veto In his memorandum of disap-
ill granting a fiv pera ceand proval, President Eisenhower said
pay raise to 1,75000 posl an he felt the bill failed to correct
It was the Pesadent's first ma- inequities in the federal personnel
l since taking office. structure.
jr vetosinc memorandum of is- He pointed out that last Februsa-
approvalthe President conceded ry he submitted a seven-point fed-
theapprova e Prsuchident sconces, ral personnel program to Con-
ut IJed the bill 1iesin gressr, but that Congress had fail.
thabut "ignores the bl ty for o enact his proposal for "gen-
that it "pay fores the r oeral pay increases based upon the
revenue to pay for a9creas- purposes of correcting inequities,
esThe President arrived at his promoting efficiency and regard-
summer WitHouse offices at ing merit and experience."
Losummer White Houseaeofoces 8 He said Congress in consider-
Lam. He conferred shortly thee eore in improvement of the pay stand.
aer.ith Sen. H. Alex a n d e r yards fpr civilian federal workers
Smith (R-N.J.-, chairman of the should consider that a complete
Far East subcommittee of theprsonel pro ram must eventual-
Senate Foreign Relations C o m- y include members of the Armed
mittee, tacked a mass of paper Forces. nt said he would
wo his radio and telev finishion retoh- continue to seek passage of such
p;t o tkhe radio and the accom re- a program which he will resubmit
p to the nati of Con on the accom- congress in January.
n ts a Congress.d the 312 He estimatedalso the bill would
M onM oUpar pay raise bill Fri- ha,'e added 112 million dollars to
ml Uion gdolar pay ruse towa Fr the cost of operating the Post Of-
a I i d e in its rush towrar flee Department which now has a
On that thep bill did not deficit 9f 400 million dollars a
laelude co Mfion postal rate in- year.
WIeNa tftthst the cost. Repub-
)E M I had precasta the e.
LV .DII.ish Crewpen
I ; "' ", J_.___ -a .~.+_'

sorted bail tik morning
In the Criatobal gtrates
Court on a charge of disorderly
The men, Aage Andersen,
Bent Fritaner and Preven Jen-
sen were apprehended when
they unhooked a rowboat from
its mooring. Their ship, the
8. S. Astoria. sailed early this
morning, with the three crew-
members aboard.
They had each been released
on S10 ball which was forfeited
by their not appearing in court.
Russia Charges
US Giving Asylum
'Act Of Violence'
-Russia has charged the United
States with "an act of violence"
In the case of Soviet diplomat-spy
Yuri A. Rastvorov, who has been
given asylum in this country, dip.
lomatic sources reported today.
The charge was made in a long
note delivered by a Soviet Embas-
sy messenger to the State Depart,
ment last night.
The note was signed by Soviet
Ambasssador Georgi N. Zarubin,
who had refused to go the State
Department for an appointment
on the Rastvorov case on Friday,
Aug. 13.

Five Tremors

In Chiriqui


Residents of the Puerto Ar-
niuelles area were considerably
alarmed yesterday at a series of
five earthquakes, three of which
they said reminded them of pre-
vious tremors which shook Lhe
town and destroyed property
several years ago. No damage
was reported however.
According to the seismograph
at Balboa Heights, three quakes
were recorded at 6:24. 7:05 and
9:36 yesterday morning, at a,
distance of 210 miles from Bal-
boa, more or less the same dis-
tance Puerto Armuelles is from
Meanwhile from San Francis-
co today came word that a
sharp, rolling earthquake rocked
three Western states last night,
striking hardest at a Nevada
town which was shaken up by
a quake only' last month.
W. C. Marion, assistant seis-
mologist at the universityy of
California, said the Jolt may
have been an aftershock of the
quake that caused heavy damage
in PiFallon, Nev.. July 6.
Last night's quake hit at 10:52
p.m. and registered a magnittde
of 6 on the chter scale --.7
less than the July quake. The
quake lasted about 5 mulinute.
IsWmJ ssin took the runt of

paired after the July quake
was destroyed agan.
Cement highways buc ked
slightly, and power went oft. in
Falon as the temblor struck, In
Lovelock. Nov., bricks were shtk-
en lose frot the Lovelock Mer-
cantile Building. F .
In downtown San Francisco,
an office worker reported the
quake set the building "rolling
like a ship at sea." Residents of
Klamath Falls. Ore., said doors
banged againts walls and dishes

Air Force Told
Group Life Plan

Stars Sunday
The Air Force today received
official notification of the new
group life insurance plan which
will affect all U. S. civilian em-
ployes on the Canal Zone.
Effective date is Sunday. The
Panama Canal Co. and the
Navy were the other two agen-
cies which had already been
notified yesterday.
The Army remains the only
service awaiting word from

i Es Proey flt

Of local Gas Co.
The resignatn of Fred H.
I Billups as presSient of ,sso
SStandard Oil. A., effective Oct.
1, was announced here today in
a release from the company's
International Office in Havana,
Cuba. Billups, who is well-known
in Panama from several visits
+ here, Is resigning to assume the
Sprelsdency of the newly-formed
optical as Co. a Panamanian
Scorporation whlc recently pur-
a chased the Faso company's 11-
qulfied gas interests in Central
Ambrica and the Caribbean area.
Billups Wll replace R. T. Has-
lam who was vice-president and
director of Standard Oil Co.
(New Jersey) a short time ago.
SOn assuming the presidency of
Tropical as, up terminates
26 years of service with the
Jersey firm in the United States
as wall as abroad. He began his
career with Standard Oil of Jer-
sey, working in an Zsso service
station in his home town of
Norfolk, Va., on graduating in
engineering from the Virginia
P9Ultechnical School.

Hun gariar

Seeing Red Informer On Brother Clergy





c le

NK Il 111., Aug. 24-(UP). Q. Is there any other sense of munist aggression that Peter is Communist aggression that he
9,pl X Peter of Hungary, the word in whichyou could prop. a Communist informer, selected escaped from the Reds in 1947
Sto the .World Council of erly be called a Cbmmunist. to come to Evanston because he and fled/to the West. He now is
ea whi has been accused A. Properly speaking, I could not was willing to collaborate 7ith the pastor of the Hiagarian Reform-
J aet t said today be be called so. Reds. ed Church at Buffalo, N.Y.
SChristianity can "co-exist Q. Can one be a Communist and Vatai also said L&l sermons were The witness said Peter, a bish-
Bma a Christian at the same time? censored in Hungary before de- op of the Reformed Church of
. .den, i.eing a Commu- A. Yes, In a certain sense of the livery 'in churches. Hungary, was an informer in Bu.-
*rever "informing" on oth- word. But Peter, asked what restric- dapest for some time before 19-
'rgmen. Q. Can Christianity co-exist with tons have been placed on Hungar- 47. He said he kne Peter in
p of the Hungarian Re- Communism? ian churches, replied, "none from Hungary when Peter was work-
church submitted written A. Yes. the point of view of the churches." in g or the country 's President.
s to a group of questions Q. Is it true that you have in. The bishop noted that his re- Peter at that time was inform-
to a group of questions formed on clergymen resulting in stricted visa forbids him from en- ing on the President, Vatai said"
up by aewsmen covering their entrapment, mprsonment or gain in any activity here which He did not give any dates or i-
&mud Conc's second as- execution? endanger the welfare, safety or se- identify the president,
. A. No, .it is net true. curity of the United States. Questioned by Rep. Alvin M.
Q. If not, what is your explana. "If such rules wert valid in my Bentley (R-Mich.), Vatai said that
r temof a restricted visa tion of the stores to the effect country, I wonder whether you "it was well knownt hat he Peter
be te Departmeent, Pe- that you have done so? could call them restrictions?" he was an Informer."
s feiaddea to take part In A. Those aurborities which re- inquired. Later Peter was made a bishop,
thecelder's formal press lease such statements have false Vatal told a Congressional in- the witness said. He testified he
Bed I I. information. vestilatlng committee he "as- assumed Peter replaced another
brIA statement preceding Peter denied he had any confer. sumed" Bishop Peter was sent by bishop who refused to cooperate
swers, Peter said be came ence with Communist officials be. his government to the meeting to with the government.
nly a representative of fore coming to the assembly or spy on other .eorchman in the It was then Vatai said he as-
rkj Commnait Hunga- that he received any "Instructions Hungarian delegation and report sum-d Bishop Peter was sent to
from them about what he was to on their activities to the secret the Evanston meeting to keep
d at alt to o take ptl do or say here. police. an eye on the other bishops for
Aialdisc sd I dM J. B. Matthews, former emsal Vatal said the other delegates Communist authotties at home.
aU en oa r allm e e th of Sea. Joseph R. McCarthy' were chosen to attend the meeting The head of the Htngarian de-
il a m member o vcstigatiag committee,' said flatly because of their wllgness to legation is senior Bishop Albert
otail Assemb," he said. in a reeeat speech that Peter was collaborate with the RedHunga- Bereczky, of the Hungarian Re-
ist of queesisand answers a Soviet agent. rian government, but officials ap- formed church. The other mem-
In New YWrk yemterday,t be prently want to check up on bers are Dr. Laszs. Poop, of the
re__amemer a the Com- Rev. Lassio Vatal. who escaped m anyway. same sect, and senior Bshop La-
from Hungary in 1.54, told a spe- Vatal speaking in broken En. jos Veto and Bishop Lassio Des-
Se l edal iouRe sae oUatitu es Can -i lisb toid the ouse comdttee e'es7 ofa the Ldothers chin ch


aw 'a'

_ .**** ...

a '-
WASHINOTOt Aug ( UPY y 19Y' laid down bV
- 0,8. offlclalasaid a& they and to continue. fiMenly
eect a peacefull and erly" er ,on with the united S
potical adutment ln Bra I-
Sthe wake of Presldent Oetulio *'%ie State Department learpee
Vargas' suicide. of Vargas' eath through p
American leaders were slrk.- reported from Rio. Officials
ed and saddened by the suicide that up to flur t ours after t
of tae Brazilian president, who Preildent's death they had 7
was regarded here as a strong direct advice from the Bra al
and true friend of the United capital regarding the circa
States stances of his suicide or eve
States. leading up to the tragedy .;-
The State Department deplor-
ed his "untimely ,death" but Those who had known Vas
made no official comment on for many years specu
the Internal political situation however, that his death can be
in Brazil., attributed to bitter disappoint-
BQt diplomats with long ex- ment at the disastrous ending
perience in Brazil told reporters of his second incumbency in the
they were confident- that lead- nation's top office.
ers of the armed forces are in
a position to suppress any vio- They said Vargas was deter-
lence, and that Wy awill take mined to leave a proud record
steps to see that order is main- behind him at the end of his
trained until a' *r government long public life.
is firmly established.
Officials said that Brazil's
new president, Joao. Cafe Filho,
has an excellent reputation In Vatican Newspaper
the United State.
They said thatafe Filho the 'Dis ayed' News
vice-president uidea Vargas whO DiSm ye y y WS
is succeeding to the presidency
at least on a temporary basis, Ia VATICAN CITY, Aug. 24 (UP)
likely to follow the general pol- The Vatican City newspaper

Ousservatore Romano today said
the suicide of Brazilian Pres-
ident Cetulio Vargas was a cause
Qf "dismay" for Brazil and the
In the brief last-minute Item,
Osaservatore said:
'We learned at the last moment,
with dismay which such a sad
event cannot fall to cause in the
deeply wounded soul of the great
Catholic nation (Brazil) as well
as Ia. the conscience of the civil-
ized world, that Getulio Vargas,
president of Brazil, has commit-
ed suicide."

Accosting A Cop
Nets $25, 15 Days
In Balboa Jail
For accosting a Canal Zone
policeman, Agustin Ace v e d o
was fined $25 and'sentenced to
spend 15 days tn the Balboa
jail, during this morning's ses-
sion in the Balboa Magistrate's
The incident with which the
35-year-old Panaman i a n de-
fendant is charged occurred at
Back Home
ROME, Italy, Aug. 24 (UP)
-Mere than half *f the 17,-
-0 prisoanes rteksed fr mo
Italian jails in last Christm '
holiday amnesty an k In
prison or anre dg m It for
new crimes, the 3a ry. r
port- leasy,

1 -0-

Puts Bullet -Through Heart

After Being Forced

'Leave Of Absence






i Bishop Visiting US Denies


RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 24 (UP). President Getulio-
Vargas, 71, committed suicide today with a bullet through
the heart.
His death ended a crisis-ridden rule which had extend-
ed over parts of nearly 25 years. It followed by only a few
months an unsuccessful attempt at his impeachment, and
was the direct result of the murder of an Air Force officer in
which his aides appeared to have had a guiding hand.
Vargas left a note which said:
"I bequeath my death to the hatred of my enemies.
I regret I was unable to do all I wanted for the humble.'
Vargas' suicide automatically made Vice President
Joao Cafe head of the state.
He called upon Brazilians to "render Dr. Getulio
argas the honors he deserves" and said that ar"myjfirst
B mritmamt, I promise always tha.v;t 'bund, llet'.

a act of extreme desperation
meA lke a bolt of lightning.
"The nation must be stunned ,
by this tragedy, unprecedented -
in our history.
"I never expected to assume
the top office as a result of such k
a shocking event. I ,
CARLOS LACERDA, anti-Var- '"In this hour Brazil should put .
gM newspaper editor and tar- aside all party differences to P
gt of the, assassination at- render Dr. Getullo Vargas the -
mt which resulted in the honors he deserves. Dr. Vargas
th of Brazilian Air Force did not have to take recourse to .
VMaj. Rubens F. Vaz. This of- such extreme action which the
icer's death, blamed on mem- nation must receive with con-
ners of Vargas' Presidential sternatlon. *
guard. turned the Air Force "I for one lift up my soul. As .
against Vargas. my first commitment I promise
a U.gains Var. always to give the humble the *"W
protection which Vargas always
gave them." ,
S I I Army troops were posted at "*. .
etllnhgovernmet bu dings and
U 1 strategic points in the city to JOAO CAVE FILHO
maintain order. But no dis-
turbances were reported i. during the attack in which Alt
Ui rO mediately. Force Maj. Rubens V waS
ule In mid-morning small groupskilled. Object of the attak r
of loyal Vargas followers went prtedly was Carlos Lacerda,
alone the main business streets anti- government editor who
18 Y ears a of Rio de Janeiro urging shops cape.
and business houses to close Four minutes after Varp
their doors. oue died, Gen. Calado de CaT.
Many complied. All govern- chief of the Presidential inlltUt
RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 24 ment and municipal buildings household, and finance
(UP) Getullo Dornelles Var- were closed in mourning forth Oswaldo Aranha arrived.
gas was one of the few rulers in president. Aranha wept at the sight St
history who returned to power Small groups of workers pa- his lifelong friend.
by means of popular elections raded through the streets sing- At 9:30 a.m. Vargas' body b
after having been overthrown by in the national anthem. was in his room, surrounded 17
force. The government announced his family.
He ruled Brazil as provisional the president's body will be em- News of the Presidlent'S s
dBde shocked the City lb
President, constitutional Presi- balmed and taken to his native residents had knows n
dent and later as dictator, from city of Sao Borja, in the state ofcrss hat a not
1930 to 1945, when he was over- Rio Grande do Sul, for burial. ris but had o exe
thrown by army generals who It was from Rio Orande do Sul such an ending.
feared he would eliminate elec- that Vargas started his famous bAll radio s fatons lmmed
tions. march on Rio de Janeiro during Flags on government bural "
Like Napoleon Bonaparte, to the 1930 r e v o uto which re
whom he bore a certain resem- brought him to power for the were lowered to half staff.
balance in stature, Vargas return- first time. -Troops from the Vlaii
ed to power. But unlike o- His family said the President outside the city were order
Ilon, he returned to lead the des wished to be buried in his native take up guard posts to preerve
tiny of the nation by means of soil. The announcement said peace.
the purest elections ever held in Vargas' body will lie in state in Only a few days earlier Vatr-
this country. He again assumed the presidential palace beginning gas had said he would proifot
the post of president on Jan. 31, at 1 p.m. today, his post with his life if nema-
1951. Only a few hours earlier, in ry ee of Varas'now-dsbam-
Vargas was one of the most a meeting with his cabinet and edThPreside of V guards nowen i-
discussed presidents in the his- high rakin Arm ad Air volved Presidential urd er of VL
story of Brazil. He was a born Force officers which broke up killed ing and the murder of V. i
leader, an able politician with at dawn, Vargas had agreed tion touched .off anU-V
an attractive sme, an amiable to take a -day ,e a I OfA riots earlier this month d
character and a charming per- s en efro h I fflIe c ly two days ago 30
sonaty. His flowers caled him ternatve to demands that he lyjoined ndayse anuo ing u Vi-
Getullo, and sometimes added n
the friendly and familiar dimi- The next the Brazilian Mple gas resign..
native, "Getulinho." knew of the mounting cris a Var s aC reed about n am. to.
The late President returned to an announcement by t he offia (Con on Page Cl. )
power moreImesmthan any of jRado National. It said Vargasl
predecessors. He made firm had killed himself at 8:35 a.m. Revo
friends and bitter enemies. His The official announcement from
followers showered him with the Presidenlal palnoace followed
praises and attributed the great Afterhis -metiet" within the
strides made by Brazil to his cabinet and mi a leaders,
leadership. His enemies said that Varias erred with his ownl ,
his first 15 years i power re- fami ly. rIn Ga
tarded the progress of the na- Then be entered his ownroom
tion. and t'-a-- -s
Durin the course of his first,-a th lM s-. hot was -UEI Or.
preiden term many of his heard. sources here
old friends broke with him. The The ee-tame diete,'s body an undiselesed
majority of them made up with was feId a'awWid on his from the military"
him and some even returneO bd, a ony a'nea his right tem ala City wVeo
Varas was confirmed at- .by a foud Var- er a eourt-

'(m0m Mleas ftpa 6ae, V.l. 4) uostl(ma -es awedal at or- abortive





.-L ii

PA .I, fA I

Peter Edson


great un American trout bill"
7 mkh which touk such a tremendous
'I' fW hA I I K J amount of kidding in the closing
Days of Congress Is only oneof
The Mail fox is an open forum rao readers of The Panama Ame- dozens of "ays in which congress-
eia. Leften areMreceived gratefully and are handled in 0 wholly conti- men put o~er plugs for the prod.
*i. mnr. ucts of their native states. Purpose
de e te. don't be i it t doesn't of the fish) bill was to make res-
I ree cttribut a ltie don't be Im- i" 1 t doe" apper h maurants label accurately anything
a, e day. Letters are published in the order received. they served as "Rocky Mountain
Pd easn tiyof keep re better lrs tled i t** *ce pge length. or "Pennsylvania" brook trout,
; Ideaty of Iteer writers me hold a stricestl contdence. and to prevent imported Japanese
Thirb Meweper euumes no reponsibkity to statements as opinioM or Scandinavian trout from being
epesed ii n I etten frm roearm sold as American products.
-- o There's a publicity gimmick in
BARKING DOGS man3 things that congressmen do,
BARKING DOGS consciousl., to promote local in.
dustries Editors who try to keep
ir advertising out of their news cof-
How many volunteers would I have to help pay my fine if I umns or off the air have to be
shot I few dogs like the man in the flats who shot the air corn- along with th gag.r else play
Dresser? When Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy
Being a mother of three small children, who believes4n keep- before the swiggevision a erglass duof milk
ing them in her own yard, I have to spend a great deal of time ing the Private Schine probe, Wis-
cleaning the yard before the children go out to play. At least a consin dairy farmers were delight-
dozen dogs leave their calling cards for me to clean up daily. ed
The minute I put the children in bed for their nap, about the As ifo ompe Hte witharrWisonsi of
same amount of dogs start barking at the next door maid, (we Wyoming had Wyoming cheese
cant afford one) the garbage man, or a visitor. The children, put on the congressional restaurant
not being able to take their nap because of the noise, are cross menus not long ago. This is an
r and cranky, old dodge. Senator Allen J. Ellen-
,der likes to plug Louisiana shrimp
I not being able to get my work done which I plannU to do and strawberries-separately, that
while they were asleep, follow suit. is, and not taken together wita a
dash of Louisiana tobasco.
S My husband doing shift work finds it Impossible to get the Jesse Jones used to plug Texas
proper amount of sleep and wanted to move. We started to look grapefruit. The Idaho vs. Maine
at a couple of listed houses but were greeted at these vacant potato controversy is freshened up
houses with neighbors barking dogs again, every year. Sen. Margaret Chase
Smith and the rest of the Maine
S We criticize India for letting the "Sacred White Cow" take delegation traditionally ut on a
I over their streets. We are to be criticized more letting the dogs Maine lobster feast. Virginia's
take over the Canal Zone. At least the cows don't bark morning, Rep. Howard Smith complains that
Soon and night! "Too many Virginia hams come
from Chicago," but lets his state
Would it be possible to require barking dogs to be muzzled ride free on the publicity.
and dogs put on a leash. Each neighbor thinks the other dogs The national committee for an
are annoying, but not their own. With the houses so open and Effective Congress-a non-partisan!
S close together, something should be done, other cities are requir- outfit which aims to channel cam-
ing It, why can't we? paign contributions to independent
candidates-is in something of a
Incidentally, when we lived in the "Fish Bowl" and Diablo pickle in Idaho. This committee
Z we had the same trouble and have visited friends in San Juan backed Claude J. Burtenshaw in
i area and have noticed the same nuisance. the Democratic primary to oppose
Former Sen. Glenn H. Taylor, the
A tired mother singing cowboy, for the U. S. sen-
atorial n o m i a t i o n. Burten-
__.. shaw lost.

Fruitful I

1 Citrus fruit
13 Right of
4 Subdue
Church fete
i 18lXst(Fr)
*I.T Britih mdi

4 Canadian
province (ab.)
5 Born
6 Vegetable
7 Abstract being
8 Many fruits
ripen in --
9 Confessions of
.v 10 Bird

Answer to Previous Puz~le
ff I,


2To27 Inse

Ae[ p fabric 34 Ester of olele
S of Judah2l Most fruits are acid
Sound in an 35 Fish eggs
i 4i peasant orchard 37 Shark's
- mopen 23 Helpers companion
inchs 25 Labor fish
2$ GeOa tooth
0 Wand
!lVentilat. e
:32 male saint ,
ia (.)
38hivt4part 4

. 3 Make mstaxKe
39 Lone
I 0 Numbers (ab.)
1 142 Hardens
" 144 New Guinea
S port.
.45 Obtain
,: 46 Witticism
-* 47 Another citrus
3 fruit
S 50 Neglected
,m 53 Compound
9 84 Closer
4, 5 Percolates
IS Barter
1 Acidy tru ts
SE Zxpunger
2 chiey

A Some fruits .
41 Stupefy
43 Cubic meter
48 Fiber knots
49 Grains (ab.)
51 Seine
52 Persian gate

tu WN A*




! e


The committee backers still don't
like Taylor any better But rather
than throw their backing to the
incumbent Republican Sen. Harry
C. Dworshak who is running for
re-election, the committee has de.
cided not to back either candidate.
The alternative, which is now un-
der consideration, is to see if
enough support can be found to
run lurtenshaw as an independent
in a three-cornered race.
Monitored radio broadcasts from
Toyo strange, delayed
thin e bp who
wre nts of Nagas a at the
time it was atom-bombed in 1945.
They are a 19-year-old girl, a 36-
year-old woman and a 32-year-
old man.
Dr. Seiichi Kitamura of Naga-
saki University discovered that
capillary blood vessels in the skin
of the three patients had expand-
ed three to four times normal size.
The doctor first came across the
ailment last spring when he exam.
ined the girl. She had been near
the center of the explosion, but
had shown no radiation symptoms
until late 1951.


The Faith That Moves Mountoins

Moon Struck

0 -

Igot no business on the moon,

eight-hour limit for intercontinen- drid, La Junquera, Nagpur, Syd-
tal trips. You have heard all the ney, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Ha-
arguments. Even the struck chauf- vana, Lima, Colombo, Bombay,
feurs knew it was a lot of non. Djakarta well, I haven't seen
sense, because once a plane is up Japan, but I was smuggling cig-
in the blue there isn't much to do arettes into Germany when I was
but watch the wings, to see if I twenty.
you've lost one. I can cope with Tunis and.
But they struck, and tied up French foncionnaires id Algiers,
communications, for 35 lousy, and I have dined wit'i the Legion
technical minutes, due to prevail- in Sidi Bel Abbes, and I know ti-
Ing winds. I have flown with Pan gers personally in the Madhya
Am or TWA, I disremember, when kradesh and lions on the Serengeti
a plane got all the way from the Plains of Tanganyk, I
Azors to Boston, eaely, paUn ur.- t_,lt i
ad.-iack to the-', e t
judgment alone. Nobody
about 35 minutes then. Safety of moon's hotels are full and the cus-
the craft was what they were con- toms hostile to earth people.
cerned with, and they bought it It seems to me that the pilot
with about 10 extra hours on the business should be as dedicated as
return flop to Santa Maria. doctoring, and that when a man's
What I started out to say was life is voluntarily placed into the
that I don't want any week ends handp of a man who drives an
with any illegal blondes on the airctlft, that it should be way
moon if the pilot; are going to above and beyond bartering. Too
get technical on me about an many days have wasted waiting
extra 35 minutes flying time, for some pimply secretary who
strike against the dirty bosses of couldn't fly a kite to argue out a
Interplanetary Airlines, Inc., and technical difference with a boss at
leave me up there looking at a the home office, while the passen-
frigid crater with this unfpigid gers sweated in some hole, invol-
blonde whom, by this time, I untarily helpless. This has happen-
have begun to hate in the mnrn- ed at nne time nr another with

d at cocktail time most airlines, and mostly it has
been a pressurized reprisal.
I have worn out So I do not wish to fly to the
nd am pretty hep moon, even in the new Rocket-
and hotel accom- cruiser XB-00. Not without I got
.ch places as Fiji, some guarantee I can get back,
pore, Tangier, Ca- because it's probably dull as hell
bi, Entebbe, Lon- up there on a LAbor Day week
e, Barcelona, Ma- end.

tes And Reds

0 -
seek to apply their power of judgment to the ex-
periences they are having.
One cannot imagine that any of the Britishers,
with the possible exception of Bevan, will prove
so gullible as to believe the visual picture they
get of the Communist world is the full and true
As for what they will have been told by Com-
munist leaders, the Laborites may find it more
difficult to be realistic. In Moscow they listen-
ed to a lot of fine words about peaceful coexist-
ence. They are getting more of the same in
And most of the delegation are so eager for
that kind of a solution to the world struggle
that they may be predisposed to believe what
they hear.
The question is, as it always has been, what
proofs of sincerity they will demand. The Labor-
ites did not need to go to Moscow and Peiping
to learn that Red dictators are willing to talk
"peace." The trip could only have real mean-
ing if they should learn that the Communists
are prepared to do something about it.
In the absence Of those proofs, the only rea-
sonable judgment must be that the Reds have
not given up their dreams of world conquest.
that they talk "peace" only to divide and delude
their enemies.
The proofs are unlikely to materialize. Should
the touring Britons accept anything less as jus-
tification for relaxing the West's guard, they
merely will demonstrate their own unfitness for
governing. This trip is as much a test for them
as for the Communists they would study.



so I do not particularly care about
space travel, but in any case I'm
told it won t be long before you
can whip off to spend a week end
skiing in the craters. This comes
out of something called the Inter-
national Astronautical Congress,
which has been meeting lately in
Germany, and is the best example
of idle hands devils' work, et cet-
era, that I know of.
They say it's no longer a. matter
of speculation, but just a matter
of time, money, and work-like
peace, I suppose, ot a good fiv-.
cnt cigar. Any old day now your
ein call up your favorite airline,
ask for the straight-up branch, and
book a ticket to Venus. And on
the new, handy-dandy, easy-credit,
pay-when-you-get-defrosted plan.
I am approaching, now, some
thing over one million and a quar-
ter commercial air 'miles, and I
must say that I have not yet-
knock cloud-cracked my skull on
so much as a low-flying cherubim.
My best friends are pilots and the
people that service pilots and hire
pilots. But I still ain't a gonna
book no passage to the moon.
Because of lots of things. Cus-
toms, for one. Climate, for anoth-

Adm. Lewis L. Strauss, chairman er. And facilities, for a third. And ing, evening an.
of the destructive force of thermo- the sad record, too. The pilots as well.
sion, gives this realistic picture sickened me when they threw that Since the war
of tne destructive force oft hermo- strike at American Airlines, be- two passports, a
nuclear weapons. cause in nearly everybody's book about customs
"If you can imagine a whole that was a real foolish strike. modations in su
fleet of ships, tied stem to stern They struck because an East- Calcutta, Singap
and reaching for 20 miles, all load- bound flight from the West Coast sablanca, Nairol
ed with TNT, you have a rough took 35 .minutes longer than the don, Paris, Rom
idea of the explosive power of one
hydrogen bomb of one 'megaton'- .
or one million tons of TNT equiva-. r
lent." British Labori
Some Department of Defense of.
ficials keep nibbling away at the
presidential o r d e r which elim- By Bruce
nated the "restricted" classifica-
tion on official papers in the hope
of getting more information passed
on to the general public. I We must assume that Clement Attlee, Aneurin
Latest effort of this kind comes Bevan and the other British Laborites now tour-
in a set of regulations from the ing the Communist world expect to learn things
office of Navy Secretary Charles first hand that they could not find out by stay-
S. Thomas, creating a new unoffi- ing home in London.
cial classification of "For Official Their two days in Moscow cannot have helped
Use Only." The general purpose them much. The visit was largely a round of
seems to be to keep any informa- dinners and receptions, with here and there a
tion so labeled from being given I guided tour thrown in.
to the press. To be sure, Attlee and company twice saw Rus-
-sian Premier Malenkov and other top Soviet
Greatest political riddle in Wash- leaders. Malenkov was the very soul of the
Ington is to find some Republican gracious host as he picked a garden bouquet for
congressional candidate vho hasn't Miss Edith Summerskill of the British delegation.
been given clearance for a photo- There were many toasts, in the Russian tradi-
graph with President Eisenhower, tion.
or who has been turned down on

a request for a White House en- Amid all these warm-hearted social niceties,
dorsement. Sofar, none has been the Laborites could hardly have sandwiched
turned up, much serious talk, if any.
One report had it that Bevan had Malenkov
ET |Florida's Record aside for a time, while other Britishers content-
m f a ecor ed themselves with lesser Soviet lights. The con-
a. vivial atmosphere, nevertheless, was not the sort
Po o O break likely to produce shattering revelations of the
P Russian attitude.
The story may be somewhat different in Red
Sadi nd RPeakChina, where the Labor Party group plans to
py landlos and spend two months.
We can anticipate that, in typical fashion, the
s e together /JACKSOTVIE, Fla., Aug. 24Red leaders will try to assure that the visitors
(UP) -Dr. L. L. Parks, head of see only what is good for them to see. But sharp-
h our want-ads I othe Sventate Health Board's Bureau to eyed observers can always spot more and occa-
SPreen da thabFTridass record out slonally hear more than they are supposed to.
She. Te to k po appears to have The real test will come when the Laborites
reached its peak.
waF-ads. Check "We're riding the peal: of the
curve now," Parks said and he
IOw I recommended that schools open
as scheduled during the next two
weeks, a recommendation which
was accepted by the Health
Parks said new polio c. ses have
S* every week ery beenave*.ging50ato00a week in
PANAMA AMERICAN carries MORE WANT ADS weeks.rught Aug. 13,t are'- P. A. CLASS FIF
Sord 740 polio cases were recorded
al eOter daily papers I Pasamd combined I in the state.
iThe health expert said thel
board did not recommend thel
S I closing of any .eaters, churches
o r other public gathers and "we
\ ...... iee it's just as safe for the '
\,:....^ .....^...........^SP{AM" IN.s Ole---

Nk iODIO a11IA. *DITOl
I7. N STT0 O BOX 94. PANAMA. f. W P.
LGAL ** "A
or *1 MONTo .1. I ADVAC --.00- 1.0
I-Far O f EA. 'N AVm-* 1 0

Most important lesson Elsen-
hower learned was what every
lawyer knows: "Collect your fee
while your client's tears are hot."
He failed to collect his fee in the
first session of Congress last year
when his popularity was at its
!height and, his power over Con-
gress at Its peak. Instead of col-
lecting he let Congress adjourn
last summer after passing only the
refugee immigration bill, a cur-
tailed military budget, and other
minor legislation.

were splashing barrels of ink over
the firing of General Douglas Mac-
Arthur because he hLd urged that
Chiang Kai-shek's troops be sent
to fight in Korea. When Mac-
Arthur wrote a letter to Speaker
Joe Martin aboUt this, Truman
fired him ... Congressmen made
speeches, commentators declaim.
ed, the presidential campaign of
1952 was highlighted with accu-
sations that a great mistake had
been made because Chiang had
been kept under wraps ... Or If
you re-read the headlines at the
time that President-elect -Eisen-
hower flew to Korea, there was
more talk about Chiang's troops
being released later. When Ike got
into the White House he withdrew
the seventh fleet with an official
announcement that Chiang's navy
was now free to attack the main-
land ... During all this time Gen-
eral Omar Bradley and Dean
Acheson quietly argued that the
chief problem was not attacking
the Chinese mainland or sending
Chiang's troops to Korea, but of
protecting Chiang himself .. To-
day, judging from the headlines
and the official statements, it
I--- 4* a *h i u -- ,irh T-_



WASHINGTON-Most important post office hatchet man named
development to come out of the Gerald Cullinan turned up in their
current session of Congress was home districts to apply the pres-
not the legislation passed but the sure on the voters back home.
education of Dwight D. Eisen- Other non-conforming congress
hower. He has now learned the men were bhuled down-lo -ummar.
techniques of being president. field's office. Congressman Joe Ev.
Ike went into the first session of ins of Tennessee was told to vote
Congress more than a year ago, "right" or expect no help on a
nervous, ill-at-ease, dubious about mat transportation problem in his
his job. He has come out of this district. And when Congressman
session with political know-bow. Otto Passman of Louisiana signed
He now knows how Congress a discharge petition to force the
works, how to crack the whip, how postal pay boost bill out el the
to push/a program through despite Rules Committee over Summer.
opposition, field's head, an unusual thing hap.
He knows how to stay back in opened in New Orleans.
the general headquarters tent and
let the lieutenants slug it out in Summerfleld had fired the post.
the first line trenches. This was master of New Orleans, A. Frank
something Franklin Roosevelt Fairley, who happened to be a
knew how to do to perfection, but good friend of Congressman Pass-
which Harry Truman never learn- man's. But, believe it or not, when
ed. Truman could never resist go- Passman agreed to take his name
ing into battle himself, almost off the petition to force a vote on
seemed to rqlish getting his nose the postal pay bill, Postmaster
bloodied. He never let his Cabinet Fairley was reinstated.
members take the punishment for Such were the tactics used in
him. Ike does.
Some of Ike's leaders have been one of the roughest, toughest sea-
so battered and bruised that their sons of Congress Washington has
political future isAublois. But the seen in this century. Ike got his
Gallup Poll shows Eisenhower's program through and he learned
rating is still In the upper brack- the Rooseveltian technique of
ets. Senator Knowland has been so keeping himself aloof, but the
tough, has aroused so much re- enemies made by those rough and
sentiment that he may be ditched tumble tactics may seriously at.
at the next Congress. Congress- fect the coming elections.
man Halleck n the House cracked
-the whip so hard some of his Re- LOOKING BACKWARD
publican colleagues hate him. The
President was able to stay aloof, It is funny how times change.
unsullied. ay If you look back at the newspaper
headlines of three years ago, they


S l ,Ii iiI n


~I~CB~~~P~Pa~B$~b~I~a~L~ -r~l~C~zPlls~`p~;r~r~3e~8~


e- F

~ ~rfi~i~~trj~ ~aL~a~tLLo, .VC&;li~c~j;i~.i~~~ba;l.~jllY





iR, Aug. 24 (UP) President Eisenhower last
on the American people to return a Repub-
ress to office this fall to insure the completion
inistration's program for a stronger America.
hlef executive was highly laudatory of the 83rd
and said all Americans should salute the work
ase and Senate for the post two years.
characterize the record of the Republican-con-
angress as an excellent job of putting the no-
see in order after what he considered to be a
process of federal deterioration under the Dem-

than raising the work
tly adjourned Con-
lnoked to the voting
,was confident that the
*people would back the
supporting his legisla-
m because the program
at improving the wel-
egments of the United
the public a lengthy re-
work of Congress in
television appearance
ce stories on his speech
on the basis of note
tn the telecastH did
ka p-epared text.
second time within a
President heaped new
the Democrats for hav-
last winter that the
et- raits would 1ead

He said the success of the ad-
ministration's program in Congred
was achieved by good coordina-
tion between the House and Sen-
ate, between Republican congres-
sional leaders and the executive;
a greater role of importance for
committee chairmen and bi-par-
tisan consultation on international
Without these elements of cooper
action and coordination he said the
83rd Congress would have; been
Just another Congress like many
of its predecessors.
The President did not criticize
the Democrats by name, but his
target was obvious as he empha-
sized the error of the depression
prophets. He said the 83rd Con-
gress deserved much credit and a
national salute.

McCarthy Feud Republicans

Agree On Unanimous Report
0 -
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 (UP)- The three Democratic mem-
Chairman Karl E. Mundt dis- bears are expected to file another
closed yesterday the four Repub- set of'findings and recommen-
lican members of the specialAr- dalons before Aug. 30. The en-
my-McCarthy subcommittee have tie report, plus any individual
agreed to file a majority report statements, will be made public
on the dispute, soon after the Aug. 30 deadline.
The SouDh Dakota Republican's All seven members previously
announcement put an end to had approved a 250-page sum-
speculation that Sen. Charles E. mary of the 7,404 pages of teUti-
Potter (R-Mich.) might refuse to money on Sen. Joseph R. McCar-
go along with his GOP colleagues thy's row with the Army.
on the report. Meanwhile, .preparations mov-
A spokesman for Potter con- ed forward for a new series of
firmed that he had signed the hearings involving the Wiscon-
report, with Mundt, 'SBen. Ever- sin Republican. They will begin
ett M. Dirksen (R-Ill.) and Sen. Aug. 30, the deadline for the Ar-
Henry C. Dworshak (R-Ida.) my-McCarthy report.
He said, however, that Potter A special committee studying
also will submit a separate re- censure charges against McCar-
port giving his own views on the thy was to supply his attorneys
testimony taken in eight weeks with a list of specifications
of televised hearings, which will be highlighted.
Potter is in Europe for a meet- Chairman Arthur V. Watkins
ing of the interparliamentary (R-Utah) told reporters that
union. It has reported that he none of the 46 charges brought
was insisting on strong criticism against McCarthy will be for-
of both sides in the Army-Mc- mnally ruled out by the censure
Carthy controversy, committee. He said all of them
Potter's willingness to be a will be "considered" but indicat-
party to the majority report ed he will advise McCarthy's at-
gives at least a better appear- torneys which charges will be
anoa nf harmony than many oh- aRiven nrimanrv attention.

into a devastating As President Eisenhower listed servers had thought possible.
W or Id War Hi, the accomplishments of the Repub. Mundt said the tour Republl-
chaos in the Re. lican-controlled House and Senate crns agreed on a 3,500-word
party. he said the recently concluded ses. statement of "findings and rec-
be felt that every fact sion equipped the government with ommendations" to be submitted
in- ce today made liars of effective weapons to search out to the secretary of the Senate
w termed at Springfield, Ill., and defeat international commu- for inclusion in the overall re-
last "prophets of gloom and nism and subversion. port.
doo He said this legislation was the
He. *the work of the 83rd product of study by the Depart-
Co of necessity was devoted ment of Justice and the Federal i
to .-national house in or. Bureau of Investigation. Baile For Conrol Of
der, easing gurante e s of The President said that evalua-
p and getting the nation tlon of the record of the second
rea what he called "the A. session of the 83rd Congress could
tomorrow." be brought into focus only byMo tomery Ward
t session of Con-reviewing the backdrop of world Ca.L
Sor on the and domestic affaris of the past een I The Making
asaic administration program. 19 months.
"e toned, particularly, as t CHICAGO, Aug. 24 (UP) -
t o the House and Senate He said for an exam le, there high-stakes financial battle for
In bis national hkgbhway pro- was a stalemate In Jorea, a high-stakes financial battle for
itneral lway Iprov. "o ad seemingly endless war control of the big Montgomery
d relationerhip with t. In doha, a fanaticn power Ward & Co. mail order firm may
or nations. in Iran, a deadlock between En. be In the making It was report-
Rh visioned solidification of, gland and Egypt over the Suez ed today.
relay lps among the free na--' Canal and a Communist bridge- Ward stock soared to a new
tlon a point where they need, head in Guatemala. high of 80 on the New York
noto Saut th e n nt move Of I Stock Exchange on reports that
S--the next move oI ... .. ... i Wolfsrn.m a multl-mll-

Sen. Henry M. Jackson (D-
Wash.) was unable to say exact-
ly when the three Democrats on
the Army-McCarthy subcommit-
tee will have their report ready.
He said he knew of no individ-
ual reports to be filed by the

Brazil To Gel US

Wheat For Three

Strategic Materials
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 --(UP)
-The Agriculture Department an.
bounced today it will trade, 100,.
000 tons of government-owned sur.
plus wheat to Brazil for three
strategic materials. thorium for
the atomic energy program, mon-
azite-a source of thorium-a n d
rare earths.

The Cristobal Is scheduled to
sail with a full passenger list.
Although the "techea ec1al"
will not sail until the fonowing
week, there are several school
teachers returning on the ear-
lier sailing.
Among the Canal officials re-
turning are Henry A. Donovan,
Civil Affairs drectr. He is ac-
companied by Mrs. Donovan and
their daughter.
The complete adanceasn-
ger list of the Cristobal follows:
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W, Abell
and two children; Miss Dova D.
Antill; Mrs. Marian Ar-strong
and daughter; Ronald L Bau-
man; Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Billerman and daughter; Mrs.
Francis R. Brassel and daughter;
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bruland
and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs.
John T. Burns and 2 children;
Miss Alice E. Candee; Mr. and
Mrs. George Case and 2 chil-
dren; Miss Dorothy Chan; Mr.
and Mrs. curtis L. Coate and 2
children; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
K. Cone; and Miss Nadine D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Daniel
and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Gil-
bert H. Davis and 2 children;
Mrs. R. Alvera Davison and 2
children; Mr. and Mrs. Cyril D.
DeLapp and 4 children; Mrs.
Laura Dimmick; Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Donovan and daughter;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Doug-
las and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert 0. Engelke and 2 chil-
dren; Miss Jo AInn Euper; Miss
Elsie F. Fanning; Mr. and Mrs.
George W. Fears and daughter;
Mr. Harold M. Fraser and son:
Dorman L. Fulton; George F.
Gercich; and Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
liam C. Grimes and 2 children;
Mrs. Robert Lyon Hackett and
daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Carl E.
Hal and son; Miss Danielle Har-
net; Mrs. Ruby 0. Harper and 2
children; Mr. and Mrs. Donald
A. Hause and 2 children; Mr. and
Mrs. Gardner Hayes and 2 chil-
dren; Mr. and Mrs. Julian s.
Hearne and 3 children; Paul F.
Hertgen; Mrs. Marguerite W.
Hertgen; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E.
Irving and son; Jules Kay; Mr.
and Mrs. Dale D. Kelgley and 2
children; and Mr. Char les
Miss Mildred 3. Ladd; Mrs.
Margaret M. Larrison and son;
Miss Judith Lindsay; Mr. and

w te Korea serious Inflation, and war. been buying l up the stock in the 000 bushels will be taken ro de Mr. and Mrs. James
rea bushes. TbenAgriculture Depart. Mrs. William B. Mallory and
Administration pol a he f Wolfon and a ociate er intereted" government agen M race J. Rider;. Mr

aey erl f partnhe othership among ee peo- th roughout the country were said ces wi be handled through A Mr John E. Ridge Jr. and
a re taxes and the been vast changes f o f to be buying as much as 5,000 merican private trade channelsD. chodren Mss Mabel Riehl; Mr

Lan Seaway. He sa ite eute these shares of Ward stock a day. Exporters will sell the wheat at Elizabeth W. Rowley and daugh
o act that the OPspo t M whether he s buyn the stock wheat agreement levels. The re t and son; Mrs. D. Elae .au
o ta ion pro gr because of administration as ain sales tment or na bid to cepts wll be used n Brazl to ders; Mr. and Mrs. Furman und
he e etaxpayers a, policy dedicated to bullngdershi and wronfsted control of th ell Av- spending scarce dollars. Saunders and children; F
disc themat length as vast stronger and better America with ery, 80-year-old chairman of the The transaction, developedd Co- Pritham; and Miss Geraldim
S the national good as greater securityand increasing board. As the mat erals are delivered and Mrs. Russell Schm
administration pol. prosperity for all within a world and S tate"Departmentsoand 'loth.
of ptax savings farship among the ree e Wolfson s record, however, has in the Unirested Stat e s a sum equal and 2 children; Miss Virg. an
is te Congressd the saidcy wipe m throughout the country were aid es will be handled through A-ences Smitrs.John E. Ridaniel Jr. andmith
LAs Sewa L He said the execuiveranch of to be buying as muchaess 5,000 merican private trade channels children Miss Mabel h;ss Mr
pass te the seaw ctpride government implemented these shares of Ward stock a day. Exporters will sell the wheat at Elizabeth W. Rowley and dugldre
toen fact that thatOP n. gains with strict security stand. The financier did not disclose prices reflecting internal io n a Smoll ten; Mr. and Mrs. Clifton W. R
Wo arrevion' program srds, honest standards, and fair whether he is buying the stock wheat agreement levels. The re- ten and son; Mrs. D. Elaine Saus
afve the taxpayers woula. He was round of the fact that as an investment ores n a bid to cepts will be used in Brazil to dteven; Mr. and Mrs. Furmand Mr
n essential for an exRepub can leadership and wrest control of the firm from buy the strateraon.c materials. Saunders and 2 children; M
taxdef savings far surpass after years of appalling federal de Avery. As the materials are delivered and Mrs. Russell W. hm
Sg o t tal res he strides toward federal economy been one of buying up companies to the purchase pric will be re- Schmidt; Mikids problem will be re Schmidt; Miss Bonncastle ... ... ..
ta ee re essaid and efficiencylbreak is schedat axn distress, usually through huge aid by the government agenceis Smith; Master Daniel W. Sm
thlone would constitute an honoruled for Sept. 4 in activitiesstock purchases, and putting who has worked out a planlved.r
a oteaway eelopc igthem on a firm financial footing rilyn R. Smith; Mrs. Mildre
able rd for any Congress and the jail, butIndus attry sources here saidClub. that enble Stevens and son; Mr. and M
that e py demonto the near t really s another ancy-named But this capital has been built m instead of beng
m -n essential for an ex lub o Colon ex panson. Sears Roebuck and deservestobe heardo lets hear nese style houses, with one bi
ASfor Wolfson's type of operation.
baseball parlance the L Romantcos have Avery, who has voiced fears ttor to Organizin the ob licks house om and sliding panels to par
of ds and metal resourat es to edAt Troight in Club a depression or a ecae, hanson work-vs.d problem. ton o sleeping quarters, ma
,omaneuvered the firm into a posi-
to the fact ofat the nation.rd wreck" and "Western Rodeo." the result having salome 300 millionut- f a h Am ican s
He said tente two measures -which A legal "veailbreak" su ched-ssful strip Wards. e motherofthree small children who says one authority.
lone would constitute an honor-,uled for Sept. 4 in Colon, not attdoars In reserve agamess tatendwhohae hwrkedt masterher
able crd for any opongress anby the Armil, but at the Tropical Club.oa Last year Wards sales sank to enablesher FBoest housing consulther
that stratey demonstrated vision and t really is another fancy-named But this capital has been buhit homemaking e for the ant to the urduead of being
he capacity for work to maverag e dance sponsored by theRoman- u a the expense o pos-warrun by its demands upon her time SAN Foundation, told a recen
.8 come true. a gticosd videal Club of Colon fromexpansion. 9 Sears sales havebuck and deserves to be heard. So lets hear nese style houses, with one biof hom
Uaerg bageall parlance, the Los Romantiles have sponsor-ningCo., Ward's big competitor took from Mrs. M., who writes: room and sliding panels to par
President took great satisfac- ed "A Night in Havana," "Ship- the other road of expansion with tuition off sleeping quarters, ma
tie Ins the fact that the 83rd wreck" and "Western Rodeo." the result Its sales now far out- I tve neveried founllowinmuch n or take over the American scene
Cogress went to bat 64 times which rved very successful strip Ward', etc., type of routine-and felt ing. whoe authority. use, an ex
on es proposed by the Armando Bo and Victor Boa Last year Ward's sales sank to wants to organize her work in such Carl F. Boester, housing consult
ad stratio and scored and their orchestras will play on a seven year low, whie Sears' hit I a way that she has time for the ant to the Purdue University Re
children (three in my cmae .and search Foundation, told a relen
laW' for a battle average of a "set-for-set" schedule to pro- an all-time high. Since 1946chdren areeasnm aab g dj sarchFran ionventiondof hcmn
sA@ wich he said was. a gpood vide continuous music from 9 Sears' sales have increased 1 5of housekeeping, eob no ist co nteoraryham
average In any league. p.m. until sunrise next morning. per cent, Ward's only 52 per cenmt. eepg economists that contemporary ar
architecture must spread throughout
,,o b"I tried following the Monday the nation because it is cheaper t
...,wash day, Tuesday general clean- build and fits modern family liv
thing, etc., type of routine-and felt Ing. The Japanese house, an ex
like a slave. treme of this type of design of
i "Finally I worked out a plan fers the added advantages of littih
that is a happy solution for me. furniture and sliding panels, he
And it may be so for others of explained.
your women readers. ____e___aned

into jobs that are hard, physical 1
labor and can best be done first
'thinginthe morning before I ampI) d1 ro Tet
tired; jobs that can be done-in Pomie m
spare moments; jobs that aren't
too particular that I can let the
children help me whil These are CHAMPAIGN, In .-UP)- Unil
saved until the children start d versity of Illinois research work.
manding my attention. Then there say orcelain enelich .
are the jobs that require some ere say the porcelain ena aelkb.
peace and quiet andarebestdonemoderatear amount of bumps and
-while the children nap or are play'bruises without any chipping.
ingh apply outside. M o e h n+e, .n g O lenam el an s

"It is amazing how much I can
get done with that kind of flexible
schedule and how much happier
the children are, now that I tailor
my jobs to fit the circumstances
of each day."
This reader's work schedule may
or may not work for you. But she
has the right idea.

A woman with small children to
look after only makes herself and
her family miserable by trying to
fellow a too-rigid work schedule.
What she needs is a flexible
schedule built around the needs
and activities of her family rather
than trying tobe ndthe family to
fit her schedule.
The housewife who can achieve
a flexible but workable schedule
has her job licked. She doesn't
fe itbat she is a slave to a driving






have been tested by the university
in a "4-year research program
sponsored by the Enameled Uten-
sil Manufacturers Council.
- The university says resistance to
bumps is promised through thinner
coatings, eliminating the standard
blue undercoat. Metal with the thin
coat actually can be bent beck and
forth without breaking the glass
finish, the reserachers report.

Another Of FBI's
Most Wanted Men
Is Under Arrest


through pickets into the gas com- route to Montgomery and SetMa,
pany property. Ala`
When e crew was laid off
pending an investigation, other in the builders' trike, wbceh
crews of the Terminal line walk- has habelted destruction of a .
ed out. Members of three rail story bank building and several
brotherhoods employed by the new state office buildings, the la-
Georgia, Atlanta & West Point ternational U n ion of Operating
and Western Railway of Alabama Engineers AFL turned, down a
refused to run trains through the ive cents an hour wage increase
strikers' pickets. The latter two offer. Three other unions also are
line comprise the West P o i n t striking.
a mII


Declares 83rd Congress Panama
Nearly halt of the pasgengr
Sst of the Panama liner Or -
b:hal sailing today from New York
for Critobal wll be mafe up of

i Ir returning in time for the
opening of Canal Zone schools
next week.

ine Sailings
Roy C. Stockham and daughter;
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Stone
and daughter; Mr. Remus 'Ty-
lor and son; and Mr. and Mrs.
Peter A. Tortorici and 2 children;
Mrs. Jacoba Van Der Heyden
and daughter; Mrs. Elzabeth
Van Geel and daughter; Mrs.
Jane Vinton and daughter; Mrs.
Marie j. Wall and son; Missa-
ie Weir; Mr. and Mrs. Fred W.
Whitney and 8 children; Wr. and
Mrs. Randolph M. Wlklngstad
and son; Mr. and Mrs. Ray D.
Wilson and 2 children; Mr. and
Mrs Allan Wolfe; Mrs. Llle W.
Wood; and Mr. and Mr. Harold
J. Zlerten.

Atlanta Rail Strike

Affecting Service
To New Orleans

ATLANTA, Aug. 24 (UP) A rail
strike which already had cut off
this Southeaste.n metropolis from
the Augusta ydrogen bomb plant
area to the east began affecting
Is 2nger service to New Orleans
Meanwhile, a general construc-
tion workers strike which h a s
frozen a multi-million d o ll a r
downtown building program went
into its eighth, week.
The West Ioint route suspended
four fast New York to ew Or.
leans trails over its tracks from
Atlanta to Montgomery, Ala. They
were the north and southbound
Crescent and the north and south.
"bound Piedmont Limited.
The trains were idled after the
crew of the .authbound Piedmont,
due to leave Sunday at 7}15 p.m.,
refused to cross a picket line in
nearby East Point.
Already an affiliate road, the
Georgia Railroad, had suspended
four passenger trains and all
freight service between Atlanta
and Montgomery as well.
The Southern railway system
said that it wou'd continue to run
the Crescent and Piedmont trains
to and from Washington but it
suspended two others on the
route, No. 35 and 36.
The railroad strike mushroom-
ed from a local strike by 300 em.
ployes of the Atlanta Gas Light
Co. seeking a wage increase. A
switching crew of tlh Atlanta
Joint Terminals Co., local line,
refused to take a string of cars


No. 38 Automobile Row *

Tel. 3-581

(IA Beauti/fu 4em Seautifully Mlounted

Can Re your proudest pos6esion






Credit Terms
May Be





WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 (UP)-'
The Justice Department an-
nounced that Nek eorge Mon-
tos, one of the FBI's 10 "most
wanted" criminals was arrested
by Fm agent at Westestoer, a
suburb of Chago, IlL, today.


iAivow s3, It"


The first modern power workshop
designed for today's Hvir,7




PAGO --a

S of

a r
4 her

i -L-l


~ __



- '. .


. A




(Ki wwd


Average US Income Up

WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -The instruments. Agricultural income
average income for each ma n, declined in 37 states and rose in
woman and child in the United 11.
states rose 4 per cent last year to I Ca-ital income topped $2,000 in -
-4 new record of $1,709, the Comrn- nine states and the district of i L.
-imerce Department reported to- Columbia, which had an average -
day. of $2,109.
The department arrived at this I The nine states were Delawa e;
per ca-' figure by dividing the Connecticut, $2,194. Nevada, $2,17,
itetal population into the gross na- I New York, 2,158; New Jersey,
t iitional income for 1953 which, at $2,095; Illinois, $2,088; California,'
'* 70,577,000,000. also set a record $2,039; Ohio, $2.012, and Michi-
and was 6 per cent higher than ,gan, $2,003.
the 1952 total. In only four states was total per-
""Th, national income rose more sona' income lower last year *
than the average because there! than in 1952-Idaho, Iowa, Kansas
were 2.700.000 more to share the and Nebraska. Income in those '
total l:st year than .there were in I four predominantly agricultural
--1952, when the average was $1,644. 1 states declined 3 per cent.
'__ The per capita average varied Lar, e-t increases-r hanging
Vidcly from state to state, with from 9 to 12 per cent-were re-
Selaware posting the nation's! ported in Michigan, Florida, South
high of $2,304 and Mississippi show- Dakota, Ohio, Indiana and Neva-
ing up in last place with S834. di.
Total personal income in the` On a regional basis the Co m- ;
first six months of this year was merce Department reported that
something. less than 2 per cent un- income in New England, the Far
,jr totals for the corresponding' West and the Middle Atlantic
-, period of 1953 states increased 6 per cent-the
e"Today's report on 1953 income same as the national total.
"Vid not take into account the de-' The central states total was up
t duction of federal :tate and local 7 per cent, Southeastern states up
taxes. 5 per cent, Southwestern 3 p er
,Earlier governi.mcnL reports said cent, and the Plains and Moun-
the national, pr r ..r I in- tain states were unchanged.
come after federal; incomI ttxeF The department report showed "Where'd you say to water?"
rube fiom $1 49' in 1l52 t. s61 553 an 11 per cent increase In wages
last \car. and salaries in manufacturing in-
L[.argest u n.1 salary i n- dustries, little change in lumber
createss last ..ii % Aere in nianu- !and wood products and textiles, al.Ft I l
.facturlng inrdii..,i s, pa'icularly slight increase in construction, and rFriends, Foes Pay Final
4.Statals, eli-trical mi.chin, ii tranr- declines in agriculture and min-
kprtation equipment cepnmicals an i ing.

Tribute To 'Mr. Italy'
Small Blonde Is Raising --Tribute
S m ROME, Aug. 24 (UP) -Former lion pass. Another 10,000 persons,
A G i -- Pemier Alcide de Gasperi was were in the procession which mov.
'A G reat 1"ig ( VIr C P t buried today, with friend and foe ed amid a sea of banners of the
-A GatlI gIi r .UsJ e.t alike joining in the final tribute Christian Democratic Party
to the man who led Italy back which de Gasperi founded and
S-- o from post-war chaos and came to made the bastion of the fight a-
y ARY ANN HARLIFN and refuses to go to sleep at be known as Mr Italy." galnst both communism and tas-
,ByMARY ANN HARLIE, ,!and refuses to go to sleep at night1 Some 3,000 Italian leaders and clam.
United Press Staff Correspondent; until the whole family is in," she 74 foreign diplomats, including U. The procession became a oliti-
.....cEr. ll- LP i-A f E.this s r S Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce cal demonstration in the final mo.
-HERSCHER, Ill-iLUPi--A five- Early this summer. Bobbyetta and Soviet Ambassador Alexan. ments when Amontore Fanfani,
fot, three-inch blonde adopted a agreed to care for three more onsderBogmnolow, attended the fu. who succeeded d. Gasperi's par.
mne-foot red-beige lion and trained -all from a circus and needing a ral services for the se ve n- ty secretary -general and leader
to eat an ice cream cone from pla ce to stay between sho*s i ns Premier in the Church of mae a strg nlea for unity a
her hand Just because she al ays "Just for the fun of it, she said, mon the Demo.r acpleaf rtiesy. a.
wanted an African lion. "I practiced putting the visiting ganJesut the rDe dan ers of the
But Bobbyetta Porter. 29. didn't lions, Tyrone, Prince and Sister, Palmiro Togliatti, leader of thei e treme right ;and left.
^^ 'S rV ^ ,W r ,T' ,rPa~lmiro Togliatti, leader of the, eremni ari a et
Stop there. Ths summer she con-through their act. I ont want eto en in ad cortyr ader from at d the
acted to board three circus lions be a performer, but I'm always in-/ri'schimef eneatyindthebG ats e-loun e, "heresto mourndthe loss
in the family barn here terested in knowing more about ri s chief enemy In th liter country, here to mourn te' loss
Her lion-boardingactually startlionested in knowing more about years-lon political "battle for I- of their captain met tonight,
--- won friend aban doned u lion- taly," did not attend. He is vaca- seeking to give the lie to growing
-wan d le and kittens on the She needed a rod and whip to toning in north Italy. The Com- reports that only hours after de
rter puppoesn command the visitors. Although munists sen+ a delegation but it Gasperi's death last Thursday, a
""otr t- h ko i te fi.r w it'- Tex will eat hamburger daintily stood in the square before the revolt brewed among right-wing
the big cats she explained off a fork, the boarders gobbled up church during the state funeral Christian Democrats against Fan-.
Bnbbyetta's pet. Tex, a 300. their food while their new trainer services, fani.
pot five-year-old she raised stood at a respectful distance. Following the services, the bo- The government of Premier
from a cub, lives in a pine-paneled Bobbyetta can walk into Tex's tdy was borne through the streets Iario Scelba also faced the pos-
cage built in the middle of the cage as if it were another room in of Rome in a horse drawn glass sibility of a crisis. It must decide,
Porter living room The handsome the house. But she had to learn hearse to its final resting place as the rest of Europe must, where
creature, with his long black and not to turn her back on her new at the Basilica of St. Lawrence to go now that the European Ar-
geh mane. obeys voice command, charges. Outside-the-Wallh. By special per- 'my appears to have been tropedo.
Bobbyetta, who lives on the farm Tex gets up with the family at mission of Pope Pius XII, the bo- ed at the Brussels conference.
witi her brother, Bill, 31. and her 7 a.m. and- is given a bath and a d;. will be seal i in a tomb in. De Gasper' led the fight for
mother, Mrs. Pearl Porter, said mane-combing every day. His food side the Basilica. European unity f. the,. free na.
Tex. a little like a child and at -six pounds of meat and a quart S'bte 300,000 persons stood 10 tions.The -Deaderatic o t I es
tim like t old lady. of milk per day-Is served with a and 20 deep to watch the process. have pledged to aesry It ea.
S "H ro then one of the fa nap ki '
Jl./I leaves @.ehouseowithout him, h'S dity, heW,. epatnd I__
.... any other wiy,'" she explained. I ___ ..........

Dan's pocket

Fer some moneT
Then a IP. A
GOt a loh now

That operation or illness you
had was a big thing in your life.
lemmaO Every detail was important. But
only to you ... remember. Don't
expect your friends and even ca-
had no tqr sual acquaintances to want to
had no itlv hear all about it.
If you want to discuss your
health-see your doctor.
he was Dipn -
'Want' "hr' PIles Hurt YOu
Don't suzer from g nful. Itchini
Pile another hour wtthout tryin i
he'- delighted Chinnial. Upon abeolt tlot hinarol
starts curbing PU4 .Iasila. 5 : I
Vases pain and s linking. i
ore, awop a tissues. elv R m N
heal drritateomMd _fb esand aU&
N, une Ask your cU Ysge m

ne Pacic Meamn navigaflon company

Royal Mail Lines Lid.
S.. "FIAMENCO" .............................ept. 1
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ..............................Sept. 12
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ...... Dec. 10
S.S. "KENUTA" ...................................Aug. 24
M.V. "SARMIENTO" .. ............................ Sept. 1
M.S. "DRINA" ...................................Aug. 25
M.V. "DALERDYK" .A..............................Aug. 31

M.S. "DURANGO" .........................Sept. I
MV. "DONGEDYK....." .....................".....Sept. 12

All Salinf

Look ,Who's Talkint

Subject to nhbane Without Notice
NAVIGATION CO Critobul rel.: t64/
IPANAMA-Ave. Per #S6, TeL 3-1W7/8
BALBOA-Term Bldg.. Tel. 3-145



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Poplar Gl -



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so w- '1K-E

WCBt 10B6 S I1



Plmaning an Accident



S .... A .'T .. .. i.

S BUNj On the Tmet







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....3= .?VA... ..2 N.F. ISA l4 PI1AN mAN U1"pI n'I OABIL NEWSPAuER

L Long Hair hs Coming Back Crid Ca. O. Guardia Dance .,

a1 34, P ed I UEexcept For TennimsBgall Cut Pa..'n Will Raise Funds h rd or
sExcapt Fon TCniso
S, 5. 0 To Aigt oino f J- Guardnen hav tkets
By GAY PAULEY "Where else can they go-except SAN FRANCICO- (UP -Dr A.
S--- ; to let it w lagai. Women won't Judson T. Landi asolate pro Atlant. e de oc.iety i
S. h which has been fashionably "Cofort or no enfort, women University of Calfornia Berke- i, for a good c
Sw out just sort oft baldess, is grow. want to be different," said Fred ley, insists a few parental mis on Saturday evening Sep ber
S. ng again. Frederics of John-Frederics. takes with little Jdonny do not 4 at Monae Oarden. i
"lf... l a... 2.0740 r 2-0741 &0 10 ". Th Nattopal Hairdressers and "Th6 new aUsihottein clothes is necessarily mean the child will ,T-i ... m he y
SCosmetologists Association has de- slimmer and trimmer, and a h a permanently warped per- th'rn dihe Nain. cNo n al
| HHt tlBB BB B "- creed the end of the .shaggy bob an needs fluff somewhere," he sonalty. peranetl w p pe the 0 a Naclonal I- -
tion and Mrs. VigMinia Faris. With wisps straggl across the added. "The hair is the easiest Guard) of Panama to raise funds
The cll i of the enjoyable forehead, or the even shorter butch place to start." "Children are very tough," Dr. for a farm institution on te
occasion was the presentation f cut. It has endorsed a high line, But for the female who wants to Landis told a recent meeting of Gold Coast for youthful deln-
one or mor prizes to the fol- with width at the temple, and curl keep the shorn looktheres somehomemaking experts. "One or quents. Plans also ca for teach-
lowing lucky winners; Li onel or brushed up at e back. thing new called the "tennis ball even many parental mistakes in ng useful trades to young mi-
Smith, Pedro Rodriguez, Cynthi The new length, says the asso- cut. Hairdresser Enrico Caruso, training a child do not ruin the cents n a long-term n Colon.
Spencer, Julia Rape, Kathy Ha- elation, is about the middle of the who dreamed It up, described it as child for life. Most children, with
ton, Ann M .r. Garcia, Nelsa neck-or "high collar." "round, short and fuzzy-looking- help, are capable of optrowing Tickets for the affair are ar-
G\^^umban, Bobby Wilmoth, Noemel Hairdressers, hat designers and just like a tennis bell." their parents' mistakes. ready on sale, with members of
SScott, Patsy Ann LePert, Imus a woman's eternal desire for But he offers a longer alterna. the Canal Zone police force also
Monzon, Judy Maxwell, Judy Wil- change are responsible for the tive. It is a variation of the page Personality b a youngster is not putting on an enthusiastic sales
moth, Linda Talbert, Marita longer trend. boy. The hair is siraoth and softly fixed at any age, Dr. Landis as. campaign to help their buddies I
Hawkins, Ariel Rodriguez, J ian Hat designers, featuring deeper waved, and the same length at the serts. While rsonality patterns across the line give a gay party
S Vega, Robert Smith, Leslie El- crows for fall, say more at calls sides and the back, aching about are fairly wel established eary in for a good cause. I
L. y, Wayne Hopkins, Carmella for more hair. mid-neck. It is curled only slightly life, he said, they can be modified
SColon, Humberto Rivera, Bobby "Otherwise," said a spokesman at the ends. through guidance and understand. Heading list of honor guests
Rusnak, Sont Martinez, Joell for the Millinery Fashion Bureau, Manhattan hairdressers. survey- ing. from Panma and the Canal
LePert, Osbaldio Soto, Andrea a woman will look as if she has ed predicted longer hair, but as Zone will resident Jose An-
Hamilton, Tommy Rainey, Aure no hair. A little will have to show Michel of Helena Rubinstein, Inc., Dr. Landis explained that par- tonio Remon who once served as
i o Soto, Billy Wilmoth, Earl t the sides and back," put it-"Never, never that flowing, ents are taking too much blame chief of police and later as corn-
Anthony, Pedro Mon;on, Rosa Two milliners say hair will get shoulder-length stuff." for juvenile delinquency. The mandant of the Panama Na-
Torres, George LePert, Danny longer because women demand "The shaggy look has had it," school and society are also at tional Police before It became
Desjardins, Ramon M elen dle 9, change. said Charles o the Ritz. "Hair will fault, he said, if they do nothing the Guardia Naclonal.
R card Delgado and Roger Reed. 'They've had hair a's short as t get longer and fuller at the top to rebuild a child's mental health
Acrobats Provide Enrtainat can ge t," said Sally Victor. and sides." and change his growth patterns. Two big bands--the Puerto
Acroisbats Provid e P.... .. .Rican orchestra from Ft Oulick L
At Cristobal "Y" Dance Dr. Landis said an increasingly and the itperlal orchestra of
"Changing Partners" was the ia I T n U M complex society demands that in Colon-will lay from 830 a.m.
theme of last Saturday night's A ieril I K IUM IagU VI WVV U school he traditional three R's be All Colon's night clubs will send
dance at the Cristobal YMCA- expanded to include a fourth-hu-
USO. Music was furnished by the Inau rae ra Th rda man relationships.
60th Army Band. To Inaugurate Library man relationships. .
For the intermission the 'Trio __ I M -
Adonis Acrobats" performed ex- -- / 5
cellently. This act includes Janles The Pan-American Round Table The Inauguration will t ak e e il on COME TO
MacMurray, Lester Lawton and of Women of Panama, an or. place Thursday afternoon at 4 .
Abelardo Herrer. ganization resided ovet by Pana. p.m. in a simple ceremony to / MI XnPllDDI N' I-
SI ma's poet laureate Mrs. Maria 0- which all members and the pub- on t a a e- RRiVN J
Appreciation uacheon limpia de Obaldia, will inaugurate lie in general are cordially in. R ,,R O ..
At Ft. Gulick on Thursday its library which will vited. and get yourself a ver
Fort Gulick NCO Open Mess ta in Panama City. be made by Mrs. Ligia Herrera ITHACA, N. Y.-(UP)-The per- 5-year-guaranteed Al RI
Swas the scene of a luncheon giv- e Pan American Round de Castro, chairman of the libra- fect lemon pie is almost as diffi-
.i en for a group of public-spirited Table's library will be open not ry committee, who -will- be in cult to make as the perfect souffle. D ATif M eI mI U T "
women in appreciation of their only to its members, but to all charge of the library's opera- But a home economist at Cornell r MJilR IIH W
S MR. AND MRS. DONALD JOSEPH CONNOR help with the Children's Sum- persons who may wish to take tion. Mrs. Castro made special University believes she has found a a I I A
0l mer Recreation Programs at advantage of its services, studies in library science in Rio how. hADl I w
-- o-- Margarita and Coco Solito. de Janeiro, and is at present a A H I
During the luncheon these la- member of the National Table Prof. Alice Briant of the food
AJOSEP CONNOR OF GAMBOA MARRIES dies presented a lovely handbag J of Brazil in the Pan-American and nutrition department has been Only $1.98 till
JOAN BETTY HARTMAN IN WASHINGTON STATE to the program's coordinatbr, ..Je Round Table organization. working on lemon pie on and off
_Is of the wedding in PasCo, Mrs. Mary D. Parker. Mrs. Park- e 'nSeveral of the American Re- or three years--nierspersng pie Wednesday. ,
.h. n An 8 of Mr. Donald Joseph Connor of'Gam- er, in turn, presented beautiful publics, through their diplomatic tests with research on thickening It comes handy for
SnBett Mrs o o rchi corsages to each of the M ssionm in Panama, have a qualities of soft wheat flour washing your ear, dog,
students at Washington State College at Pullman two chairwoman, Mrs. Mildred oee an ready made generous donations She's concluded that it's better and use around the AuhoDeler
.Mr. Connor, who was an outstanding swimmer while he and Mrs. Virgia Fa- of books by means of which to add the lemon juice to the pie garden!I A n n
Sattending Balboa High School, s the son of Mr. and Mrs. ris. Mrs.ived e of the literary produ- mixture after it has cooked, str. COLPAN MOTORS, C.
es Conner of Gaba The bride is the daughter of Mr. ift set of earrings and brooch ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.-(UP)- tion and culture of their respec- rin in very gently. If the pie is
a Mrs. G. Hartman f Pasco. rom the ladies of the Coco Boll- The housewife can give the com- tive countries will be increased then meringued and allowed t o
Th Rev. Father William Schmidt performed the single to program and Mrs. arise was mon house fly the bird this sum- on the Isthmus. cool four or five hours before serv-
Srite at St latrck's Cathol Church before 00 wedding presented a gift of perfume and mer-and then relax in compara- The Pan American R o u n d g it should turn out all right
at t, i Catol Church beore 100 wedding atomizer by the ladies of the tire comfort. Table's library committee has al-1 Miss Briant adds these ti s:
Margarita program. Or, when day tW done and a so asked all members, writers and Measure all ingredients to the let
Side's gown, was fashion. Boyd, Mrs. Florenco Aroseme. Those who attended tis e- shampoo is a girl's best friend, she people of good will to make do- ter. Don't be tempted to add more //.-// M
e i't accented with rhine- na and Miss Lilia Sosa. lghtful affair were Mrs. Mary D. can attach a doodad to the vacuum nations to enrich the new libra- lemon juice than the recipe calls ,t: a E W
It -tas made with cape Also on hand for the festive oc. Parker, Mrs. Mildred Shoemake, cleaner and use it as a hair dryer. ry, whose objective is to lend for. But it is safe to add more
s ad. a v.neek. Her tfnger casion were the original flower Mrs. George Carlson, Mrs. George The fly-killing bird and the hair community service and colabor- lemon rind, if you want a stronger A i
i white silk'net w edg- girls: Miss Cecilia Heurtematte, LePert, Mrs. Mike Delgado, Mrs. dryer-which also transfers feath- ate to promote cultural interests. flavor. A A K S (
ae and cault to 'a Mrs. John Moses and Mrs. Juan Peter artz, Mrs.A. Santiago, ers from one pillow to another- ----------
B eadre ~ he Galindo. Former train-bearers en. Mrs. Earl Hamilton, Mrs. Virgi- were only a, fewtg the items dis- UL L la llub f the filling still is runny, re-i I
h affair were Mrs, nia Fa, Mrs, J. W. Muller, played by 600 companies at the re- US urb Ladies lUU duce a little the amount of juice
S f ,a D. C. Zetm r cent National Housewares Show in the recipe calls for.

S H.e.alt. 0 corna fetlea Anniversary
s ardo Arias whotre card-
hban ruled the w .dng rin for Dr. Mrs. LaSr oSe Brogle, board abo nd The Suburban Ladies Club had 10, *t = hWtIm
aa ~ i flower a and Mrs. Arias, was also among Mrs. Eleanor nc an one ants gala te Saturay at the rs
ed a nosegay whie their guests. W. Huff. treated with a ', emical idence of Attorney and Mrs. Da- w. '
a .tions centered with a rose. We el- s preparation which is a lure ford Len o cf 8th Stret, Iu -ut O Y
b-Announce Birth lys.v The fly alights, is paralyzed, Lefevre. T he occAon was the L
."' BAnnounce Birth bet. || wt r Ian M W d and' dies. celebration of the club's second WHEN SHAKEN I WW1 SOW.E
SS. Heck was best man with Mr. and Mrs. Wendell L. Lind. |h I The bird-which the manufa"'ur. anniversary and the Installation
S Bqrre Hartman, brother of the sey of Balboa announce the birth M TUlG 1" er calls decorative-can be hung of officers.
: bd, and Robert Gwyn serv- of as on, David Wendell Lind. from lamp strings and in windows Miss Vivian Witter, well known---- I
in S ushers. Jimmy Boothe was sey, on August 18. and screens. community worker, presided over: when shaken the on I n I. 11
SMr. Lindsey is the Internal The hair dryer and feaththe formal portion of the cele-
g the ceremony a re. Revenue Agent for the Canal changer (Ultimo Manufacturing ration and installed the follow- .
a given at Hatten Hall, Zone. Co., Orange, N.. J.) also cleans un ing officers: Mrs. Elisa de Leon, AIwy* o s "d. ElyB" fidrom o. Pt :
fl t MethAoit Church. der beds, whisks dust from vene- president; Mrs. Agnes Smythe,
Sweloing er guests the Cocktail Party At Washington The Rainbow City Civic Coun tian blinds, de-moths clothing or vice-president; Mrs. Ines Gal-
bi s mother wore a red-and. The Hotel Washington was the cdl meets tomorrow night at 7:30 shampoos a rug. brafth, secretary; Mrs. Carmen
Sheer -dress of silk with scene of a cocktail party last at the Rainbow City High Another manufacturer (West. Appin, treasurer and Mrs. Vera
wh acc:sories. evening when Mr. and Mrs. Ar- School. This is the regularly chester Brickote Products Co. Wil. Sinclair, chaplain. SAJILBBD Salt remal
F the wedding trip by motor thur F. Howard entertained 60 scheduled meeting for the month liamsbridge Road, N. Y) presents Mrs. V. Alvarez whose birthday dy. Pppr r n .
to ae Wah on, the bride guests in honor of Mr. and Mrs. of August. the answer to the man of the house falls this month was presented Rileve BabL's CA 'T CORR
a ack sleeveless sheer Walter Macrae. o who must burn his rubbish-but with a gift by Mrs. Smythe. T The swI ne td l ta I
trreu .with a white Pe. --- Board of Directors with class. president, Mrs. Leon, made a SKIN IRRITATIONS i I ,,.-,-s.-
ter ~a dr. Newcomers Club Of Union. Club Meets Tonight For $95 he gets a rubbish burner presentation of a gift in the
A|rak at of. Pasco H I g h olds Breakfast The Board of Directors and of special fireroof composition It name of the club to Mrs. G0l- this MEDICATED wayl
Scol, the bride is a cheer-lead- Another "galloping breakfast" stockholders of the Union Club is of simulated oak, an looks lie breath in recognition of her
er qt Washington State, where for the benefit o' the Atlantic will hold a special meeting at the a tree stum Holds plenty with a work. No unmedicated powder can re-
she i also president of the Wes- side Newcomers Club was held club at 8 p.m. 0-inch height and $-inch diame- ieve your baby's Diaper Rash,
ley Foandatito and a member of recently at the home of 'Mrs. -- t Picturesaue on the lawn D iaper Chafe, Urine Scald and \
the Do 1 Do Club. John.L. Sugar in Margarita. IAWC Lancheon Is Tomorrow .. New for the fireplace is a port- acuum e ef r.i aior Prickly Heat Rash as Ammens \
!he greos ,, who has continued New residents were called up-; The monthly luncheon of the i able glass urtain screen (Wilshire Powder does
hism competitive swimming at on at an early hour and asked Inter American Woman's Club Manufacturer Co.. Los Angeles). I ForAmmen isspeciallymedi
WiC-'as co-captain of the 1952 to come "as you are" and bring bwil be held at 12:30 tomorrow The screen with unbreakable o7 11 / ad --- to.... 00 hH p..e. a hlp LooIfo this. ....o. th udrr
.t.nm, and was also the a quarter for coffee and rolls It. .eAry a Nvy Club, panels which move up and down o er Jev-ce | ,
Sor 1151 and 1953. laughter the guests were return. -- the heat radiate, yet givest he ture wonderfully-and is so soft. p s I 'is yo"u aJ
l living the Isthmus he ed to their respective-homes. All Star Circle Meets Tomorrow home owner the satisfaction of see- CHAMPAIGN Ill, (UP) A it promotes healing by cushion o ouhnti in,trdionl, :
w ii aber of events in both Mrs. Henry Tryner, Mrs. D.I The Scottish Rite Temple in 'lg the flames. home management specialist says ing baby's chafed skin against I. superior croftemonhip.
de ~ Bone and Panama and E. Grier and Mrs. Andrew Chro. Balboa will be the luncheon meet- your vacuum leane r cano help further irritation. Get Ammens --|. ,
dti Jihe IS-n-meter and nims were assistant hostesses, to ng place tomorrow for the All your refrieraotr work btter. Medicated Powder today. *I0u --? nM *
'iene.irds in the Zoe and the Mesdames Roy Fort, John Star Circle. Miss Catherine M Sullvan of rlo-Try Ammens at our ex* I .) PAIR
thd I.r reeord in Panama. M. Brown, Duke Wilson, M. B. .Wo a Tl Y Ub M Jathetversi n o SI v e o sl- r a eand aou x A A F A CS T1 rv '
i._s Breakfast Wilder, P. Johnson, Fh Executive Commt .o Yotur / LStherIx n F or s c abso- A SA Q 1 ERIt C N E
M a tth Aiversary Johnson, Leo Retdnger, C. R IMeets Tomorrow C used7 c leand iof refigtor' y 2 n an a to pT
Ft -minent Couile Progler, H. E. McGauga Wal-. The Executive Board of the ondens er and improve its per- GK. BristelI-Myers Co., Hilid SI CENTER
-members of their orig-ter Woodruff, George ersie, Balboa Woman's Club will meet o m L A re-rator has to run loner (Oter epire Dec. 31. _
npl pa joined with Dr. A. L. Rankin, N. E. Gibson, Wil- tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the JWB j A i to kre thebox chso r li ong r |
AdB A an Of anama City and liam Lewis, Gene Clinchard C. USO Library. This is the first' .-/j l denser is covered with dirt and .. .. ..
his Donella Cecilit Espinosa R. Aldridge, Jcen Campbell, John meeting after the summer recess. tv lint. If the weather is extremely 4 :
d s t a s-ccia. mass and Griswold, J. F. Meehan, R. S. ---- V^ pqLilft f hot, the reierator may runcon. U F q T THF qTY/ F I K. *
-. ebrationa of their MeLarnan and Carl Maedl. Grand Coross of Color Degree i / l santly and sll not doa the j o. W E ETH S L E N
25th odpge ananiveesary. | On Oct. each member of the 'r Be Conferred Thursday / For an easy-to-make shoe rack, *- ;' I
ll W-ass, 'luk the wedding, Newcomers wilt bring as her The Grand Cross of Color, an tack a curtain rod on the closet r'T- ":'''-"'
was lieard at the oldSan Fran- guest to a Good Neighbor break- honorary degree in recognition of /ll^^ door and hang shoes by their ," .".. ',o,, --" *; .7 .,;-., ^
cis Church in downtown Pana- fast at the Brazos countryy Club outstanding services rendered the; i" < heel ,... ." -',,,,. '. .' ..
ma.It was followed, as was the the Canal Zone "older resident" Order of Rainbow for Girls, will ne "o _lre i e tO.e ...* of' .. ..s f. R. .fo il
| weddn, by .a party at the U- who befriended her and helped be conferre Thursday at 7:30 A., '.-./ .... ... J lrl-
Fnson Cb. Father Manuel Magu- her the most on arrival in the P.m., at the Cristobal Masonic .... ... .
regl offielated at the mass be- Zone. Temple. ***your eood health einer a 1: ,.

r fore pn altar decorated with flow- Miss Nellie Holgerson will be -
ets and tall cathedral candles. Coce Soltto Handicraft Exhibit master of ceremonies and will A
Dr. Adolfo Arias, Jr., and Mr. Well Attended be assisted by other members of .- .Xack twauS ic-'"
Raul Arias Espinosa were pres.i Coco Solito children's Summer the Grand Cross of Color. v f-- -
ent to observe the occasion with Recreation Program ended Fri- All Rainbow Girls. Eastern n
their parents. Six of the couple's day night with an exhibit of their Stars and Masons are invited to
grandchildren also attend. handiwork at building No. 98 attend. Following the meeting, NEW YORK (UP) Stick to
Me*pers of th orial wed-'under the supervision of Mrs. refreshments will be served in black and let colors fall where
ding part-- present included Mrs. I Mildred Shoemake Chairman. the banquet hall. the may, is the advice designer
Arias sister, now Mrs. J. J. Va- Prize-winners in each category ,Mone Parnis gives to the woman
Ilartin, who was her maid of were selected by the two cap- Cristobal Star Club Meets Sept. 12 puzzled about what to bu
honor, awd the bridesmaids: Mrs. able judges, Mrs. Mary D. Park- Wednesday, Sept. 12 has been The designer called this fall and
Reprilue Obarrio, Mrs. Augusto er, coordinator of sum recrea- selected by the Cristobal Star w inter the most colorful fashi ..
Club as the date for their next has see in 20 years-with colon
Meeting. be group will convene h including futed -whites, coIlear

"If so much color dazzules you, EASY PLAN PAYMENTS ALSO CLUB SYSTEM
tRebekah Ledge N 2 just ignore it, and stick to black,"
Mrs. F RENCE NEABREG and aid Mi Parnis "You're always
n MA...E "AB f a d r-A" "The regar monthly. m.eU. ung sure in back. And this season, it
of the Cristobal hb Lodge lklooks as i the woman i black ,il
| __ O .__ ... t ,No. 2 will be bekd at 8 p.m. stand out from the crowd."
aiknowledge with grateful
rCRAIGMONT, Ida. -- appreciation your kind expremion Chapmian told the jde I; was "a yS TORRINGTO, Co. -(UP)- i.e lr C TI
Just ily tssng bes Into Big Y wI tdy? An excited county housewife tele- UI IUK
of sympathy in their bereavement Canyon Creek Nar hee. eBut the lamds i lne h, cennd hso 1i p deportment .-.
.nwarden, Satw., --- I s othe sme ad CENTRAL AVE.s 21 siM _pON .s --, -s0
try-tg to idt s. He was -ed fe the pma, we sprayCotETA AV.gVE. 24B33
I,1L. me.oitb l
-" .. .. ... .. m nm II Il li-r

p t I ,'

ha. i .L t .4j.ii..L'a-N A .u f. .i GALX 1WixAiaA



MORRISON M oa0 July Ave. & J St.
jmus Aroaegma Ae. and s3 .
192 L.a Car-sqUill

CentraJ Ave. 149
No. 2 Lottery I jza
Fourth of .uly Ave.

H Street No. 67

S' Household
FOR SALE.-Be-dix washihrgr
60a*ccle. l 7,P. Phoner
Ap4, '5713. Diablo He.eght
l *So ALE -Coa-plf Couie
i/'': njihing,- Refr.gerctor. angi
*r. Opisc.le oda-record
be&s, table chao dessi
No[ 58. Agenda C.Doa A
Ph Re 3- 580
FOR AL.E Alm.:,r ne. *o
moogoar. Ir ltu' bin.l d
S Cole Urjl'..,o. -. Ant 9
Ii 3-- 24
FOR ALE -General Electr
G'entor. 2'..- cle d -.....gro
Snot re, wiciie cr'o'rs chest
'FOR ALE -i 1 '. c IFr
perfect cc.,tIror. 60-1.ccle.
FOR ALE Sacr.t.ce o0
a tol 25-c,cle placed
Vel good cor-,d. "r Coil I
gg -
FOR LE -West.nghouse re
r bpby crib Balboa 1885.

1 1 STIMATIS Recond taon,
S: holsternng Furniture Ad
Intelffr Decorating Call El
See "Witness to M
the suspense shock of th
;ontral Theater Thursday
U trial 206. beside Copitolio "
Ii: p Phone 2-3479

"Position Offern
o. NTED: Topnotch sales
pble of shouldering respo
s, supervlsing sales, person
Swas men. Good chance for ad
hient to right party. Apply by
i giving qualifications, past
Snc nd age. Box 3173. Pl

N & POPULAR piano plavr4l
t Begnners or Advanced. Zez
iftt's Studio. Phone 2-1282.
|,evelt A'venue

S e Reopened

borrow AM
velt Avenue which h a s
sed near the intersection!
ao Road In Bal )a for a-i
b b weekA will be reopened
ite at 7 tomorrow morning.
t same time, G or on a
p ll be closed to traffic be-
i the intersections with
evelt Avenue and Morgan
e. It .wll remain closed un-
"yut Sept. 17.

te'closing of the streets is re.

rrachine FOR SALE: 1952 Hillman sedan.
2-637 Priced for urgent sale. Can be part-
ly finance. Panama 3-2333. .
hlid fur- FOR SALE:-U4d Swosh- ame Aute, S.A., Jose Francisce do
player. le Osse Avenue No. 45.
er, etc. FOR SALE:- 1949 Chevrolet sedan,
op. 11. black, white tires, excellent condi-
tion. For information phohe 2-4605
i.d mo- or 3-4845.
modern. FOR SALE: 1951 Mercury sedan.
Phone Bargain price. Leoving.,48th Street
No. 27. __
om fur- offers for sale to the highest bidder
-46-B8 the following used vehicles: One
Plymouth Utility Station Wagon,
.gdaire, 1950 model; one Chevrolet Truck,-
Albrook Van Type 161" Chassis. 1951
model; one Chevrolet Panel Truck
Ton, 1950 model. May be seen
ner left or 'demonstrated at Super Auto
etriger- Service (S.A.S.0. Via Belisario Par-
h[lboo. ras & Calle 15. Sealed bids will be
Panama received for the lot or for individual
units at the PAA Office, Calle "L"
fnrgero- No. 5.
Cheep. FOR SALE:-1949 Oldsmobile "76"
Us sedan, radio, maroon. Top condi-
)US tion. Rodman 3435 after 5:00.
.ng and
dvce in WANTED
REKA. Automobiles

Driv-e WANTED:-Good light sedan, 1947
rider to 1950. Must be very clean. From
e year. private party only. Tel. Miss Nunn,
3-1660, Panama.
Theater HelD Wanted

I URGENTLY need a bodyguard. My
life is in danger because I am .a
"Witness to Murder." See me
Thursday at the Central Theater.
Ask for Barbara.
WANTED:- Maid. Must know how
to cook and iron. Phone 3-1852.

Ronl Estate
FOR SALE:-Lot, 480 square meters,
at 27th Street, San Francisco for
$2.500. Phone Panama 3-0301.
Corppaq i Ajfero, S.A.

FOR SAt!$:.8i tiful residence, ex-
clusive Iotllon. Hot water, oil com-
modities. Con assume mortgage.
18th Street. Paitillo, 50 meters
from 50th Street. Phone 3-5011.

We offer the 3 best and
only available lots in Golf
Heights, Panama's moat
ref:dentlal development.
Wolff A& Company Ltd.
5th Street No. 22
Tel. 2-2388

Agenda Internal. de Publicaclones
45 Ca~snJ Ave.

Paque Lefyvre 7 Street
J1S Central Ave.

148 Central Ave. -

60 Street No.
J. Fco. d* I &oa Ave. o. 41

Via apamta No. 34


ATTENTION G. I. Just built modern
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish-
ed 2 & 4-bedroom apartments.
C'o n t a c t Alhambra Apartments,
10th Street. Phone 1386. Colon.
FlDR RENT:-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater. manager's office.
FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details cbll
Zubieta: 3-1802, 3-3337.
FOR RENT: New three-bedroom
apartment, living and diningroom,
maid's room, hot water. Telephone

FOR RENT:-Furnished or Cinfurnlsh-
ed one bedroom apartment, with
smoil kitchen, bathroom, porch. For
information see Fabrega, East 29th
Street No. 18, rear of "Mercado
Vasco", 10:00 to 12:00 noon and
3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

FOR RENT: Unfurnished or partly
furnished modern attractive 2-bed-
room apartment, residential section.
44th Street No. 22, Apt. 4. Phone
FOR RENT: -- Two-bedroom apart-
menrit, furnished or unfurnished;
best location. Price reduced. Call
FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment,
- Regular transportation. North Amer.
ian neighbors. Tel. 3-0471.

FOR RENT: New modern I-room
apartment; stove and refrigerator.
furnished. Tel. after 6 p.m., Pano-
ma 3-4242.
FOR RENT:-One and two-bedroom
furnished apartments. Hot water.
82, Belisario Porras Road.
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment, I5th Street, San Francisco
No. 11. Call phone 3-2152.


FOR RENT:-3-bedroorm chalet, ga-
rage, maid's room. Suitable for of-
fice or store. 32nd Street and Jus-
to Arosemeno. Phone 3-4332 or

FOSTER'S COTTAGES. one mile post
Sonta Clara. Low rotes. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.
SHRAPNEL'S furnished hou ses on
Beach at Santa Clara. Telephone
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, eve-
Phillips. Oceanside cottages, Santa
Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Papama 3-1877. Cristobol 3-1673.

A sole of merchandise will be con-
ducted on the 26th of August, 1954.
Mar., Corps Exchange, Rodman Nov.
Station. Bids will be accepted on any
one, or oil of 4 lots up to 25th of
August, 1954. Merchandise to be
sold: Greeting cords, articles of cloth-
ing, jewelry, figurines, Xmas decora-
tions; mechanical toys (children's),
women cosmetics.
Cloy Products Company, Inc. offers
you sanitary ware in white or color:
Water closet complete with
haidwore .. .. $30.50
Lavatories complete with
hardware .. .. .. .. .. 17.00
Bidets complete with hardware 28.00
Vie Ispele # 37 to 47 P.O. Box 775
Telephone 3-0160 Panama, R.P.
FOR SALE:-8 cuft open unit refri-
gerator, air compressor, one, one-
half, and onethird horsepower 25
cycle motors, sidewalk bicycle, tri-
cycle. Telephone 2-3775 Balboa.

FOR SALE: Craftsman wood lathe
with motor & bench, wood chisels &
extra equipment, $50; bond sow,
motor and bench $40. House
5333-A. Diablo. Phone 2-2337.
FOR SALE:-Like new, 16mm. Bolex
w/case, deluxe model; 3 Swiss lens-
es; octameter and reflex finder.
Price $250. Call 3-4117, between
1-7 p.m.
FOR SALE:-2/4x /4 Speed Graphic,
complete with flash gun, f/4.5
coated lens. holders. Price $125.
Call 3-4117, between 1-7 p.m.
FOR SALE:-Beautiful dogs of pure
blood (Pekinese). Ave. Cuba No.
8, upstairs. Phone 3-2988.

Miseellaneoi g
WANTED TO BUY: Payable busi-
ness established in Panama City.
Have $10,000 cash to invest. Write
Mr. C.A.P., Apartodo 719, Pan-

FOR RENT: Modern chalet: Two
bedrooms, maid's room, properly New Law Signed
screened and ventilated. Loa Corras-
quillo, good view of Panama Golf F. r Canal 7Zon
Club, $90 monthly. Miguel Hive, A1 F HoI -al 0lne
Phone 3-4344.
Phone----- WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 -(UP)
FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet in Son -The President today signed in-
Francisco: Living-diningrom, three law a bill providing for the sur.
bedrooms ( I-ir-conditioned)l thwoe vival of tort cases in the Canal
bathrooms, moid's room, garage i ne after the death of either
yard. Phone 3-2366. principal.

FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet in Be-
lla Vista: Livingroom, diningroom am i

0 per-nit the intanllatlon two bedrooms, maid's room, garage ; qfL
jroe drAoe r u I e r t odS oYard. Uruguay Street No. Phone
he albo F't .rea. 3-1686. h
1!61rtanw cp Dk'pan wil l
mporarv barnades ird ccan Merchant By BEANS REARDON
1i at the construetan.# s 24 Years in Nateional League
Bdftraffic.06 V 'Ws t e T I icWritten for NEA Service
jAA ,BERLIN, Augu 24 -(UP) p QUESTION: The' batter bunts
eating East Germany secret police chief --and the pitcher fielding the ball
declared today that the Commu-heAl A Mlcllll II throws wildly into the stands. The
Siss have recently dealt de- batter heads for second, but the
orow nior Guild structive blows" to Western spies i RABAT, Morocco, August 24 the catchall rebounds from the stands to
era o te Junior Guild The East Zone propaganda ma- (UP An a ttemptto kill aM- He throws to second and nabs t he
iet tomorrow at 2:30 p.m.. chine began announcing the ar- irbccan merchant known for. : e throw r s th ron g the
Balboa. to castrestof Western "agen' soon af- nationalist tendencies tqday ruf- sAl Hochberger.
g.t e directed byMrs.oer, Dr. Otto John, West German -oe the t cal. of Mo this

rap. will be present 1for, ..... h .. ........ .. .... Answer: Yes. The batter Ib a.
.s- Th ... i Police at Casablanca reported warded second base. He gets two
The Communist police b oss iSi Abdelatif El Alami had been bases if the bal goes into the
r .,vorable comments t s arrests ook ut note shot down by men in a fast-t tands on a wild throw whether
t d tvr te build on nts these "arrests" 6 e made nomovipg car as he was getting in- it rebounds back iate play or not.
I y offering, "Theonmention of the num ber. to his own car late last night.' Q. With a runner on first, the
nt rd .offering "Thel rfrr but the hospital to which he was batter drops a bunt between the
Wollweber also referred to the rushed said his condition was mound and first. Is there any way
Defection of West German law- not serious." !the first baseman fielding the
j majer Karl Schmidt -, ittmackis ball, should approach it so tht he
o ur who followed John behind the Iron The shooting brought to 209, can figure out whether to throw
Curtain last week.the number of known wounded to second or back to first? Al
S. since August 1,'The death tally:M,)ody.
*He said West Germany's secret s 106 death tally
JJ "Soil service had gotten orders to Ppy A. Yes. He should move in a
lon members of parliament since, Otherwise, police and security little arc so that the ball is
Schmidt-Waittmarek's defection. forces from all parts of the pro-p ways on his right. When he fields
N, Neb.- (UP) -Clara I.tectorate today reported Moroc- it, he is praetieally, facing see-
of the University of Ne. In a speech at an East Berlin co "all quit" while French Rest- I ond base, in go posi sa f et en-
suggests this method of factory published in the Commu- dent-General Francis Lascote ly to see if he has a hace, but
small cotton rugs from nist press today Wollweber said met with government leaders in to make the thow. quickly.
aWd soiling rapidly. Rinse "in the last few months the Fas. Paris
lan a weak'plastic starch; cit agents who carried out ,es- j Q. I note where Milwaukee
The starch restores the; pionage in the German Democrat-. draws crowds in the 40,000 cate-
r finish that resists soil! i Republic received destructive gorv to its games. I thought the
mis the rug body. 'blows. .". A .nAiDark a hi.., .1.m. .k5tf At Am I

Situated, in perfect condition and with modern

priced to suit You!
46 East 29th street, Exposition, B .19,000.00
,42 East 31pt street, Expouici6n, 25,50000
7th street. Golf Heights,. 24,000.00
I-. 3 bedrooms. servi, quarters. etc.
For inspection and further details:


S- I nigger wAa PW iru w r&. **
NU Doctors Are wrong -Milt Susman.
o Be Drafted A. You're right. The stadiAm
o e eDrofted I seats less than M, b. bt h Ias
Spent of room for expanse.
during December n y f o...m
I iecoreqd in every inning of a nmine-
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 (UP inning game?-T om Dunphy.
e Defense Dep)artment said to- A Yes. o a lot e eenal,.
y. that 550 physicians and 150 Ys What is test Sec for a
ntists will be drafted during batter to handle a c Sage-up pitch
ce~mber. i when it crops up-Andrw kBar-
Of the ohysiclans, 100 are
eded by the Army. 250 bv the A. He should force hIe to
vy. and 200 bY the Air Forre wait untl the ls" -M As eM
I of the dentists will go to the meat, so that ie cam i1 It 5Me
r orce. he opposite fieM.


LIM .lc~b tfna, lioru.areiloe.
Sws Ma aCard as -
YOUPaso= a ef ar 1S- a .-e4
.jmm, p n tre. Ahk te
Tel.. 23-r" Cis.


We offer you brand new dwe-
inc Servel Refrlgertorsm ciL
work on 25 and,

1 cet Ave..m


Protect your Cargo



Central Ave. 279
Tel $3-140

Dn. A. and _. oMLLAC
(Palmer Graduate)d
S-- 12 *nd 2 -- Sp.m.
Saturday: 8 12 no.on
5 eu Avea'm Tel. 3*-1
(1 block from Lux Theatre

Packers, Shippers,
Tels.: 2-252 6 2-2451

I, Il

Across from 2! Panama Hotel
Finest Wines and Liquors
Open Daily from 10:00 a.m. to
10:00 p.m.
Sunday from 2:00 to 6:00

~I --- r U SDAY,


The crisis, which had been
seething for three weeks, threat-
ened to explode into open vio-
lence yesterday, when Army and
Navy units here were alerted to
suppress any air force attempt
to overthrow the President.
. Vaz was killed Aug. 5 by gun-
men who ambushed Carlo" r.' -
cerda, publisher of the outspo-
ken anti-Vargas newspaper Tri-
buna da Imprensa, outside his
home..Lacerda blamed the gov-
ernment for the attack.
Five f the seven suspects ar-
rested In connection with the.
crime had close ties with the
Presidential palace, and three of
them were members of Vargas'
now-disbanded bodyguard.
Cafe suggested yesterday that
he and Vargas both might re-
sign, leaving C o n g r essional
Speaker Nereu Ramos to govern
the country until Congress could
choose an official successor to
the President.

Rapid Home Delivery at Al Time a
id Tel. 3-4758 1

B 00 E N
Amplifiers b
NoU-1M. I L, g


Jersey Bounce
MOSCOW, Ida.-(UP)-The Uni- d
versity of Idaho has a top col- e
legiate rodeo rider named Howard ;
Harris. 'e irom cowtowa New
Jersey. I

Wet Address
Gilbert Malone of the Northwest
Lumber Co. got his most unusual
order-a load of boards to be de-
livered in the middle of Lake
Worth. The lumber was for build-
ing a judges' stand (for boat rac-
es) atop two piers remaining from
an old bridge that once spanned
the lake.

Short Trip-
VIDALIA, Ga. -(UP)- While
his father was taking a nap and
his mother was answering the tel-
ephone, Jimmie Barfield went for
a ride in the family automobile.
It was halted two blocks away
from his home by a telephone pole.
Dr. and Mrs. Barfield, were un-
able to figure out how their son
got that far. He's 2%/ yea." old.

No Room At I=n

When fire damaged the home of
H. S. Green, managing director of
Western Hills Hotel, he called his
hotel to6 get -a room for himself
and his family, only to be told
there was no vacancy. The Green
family was forced to move in with

Shock Absorber
HARTFORD, Conn. -(UP)-Jo-
seph Dulka 28, got the shock of
his life when his head accidentally
brushed a high voltage wire run-
ning near a building where he was
working. About 11,000 volts passed
through his bod y. Dulka recov-

For Aa Lang Syne
Deputy Sheriff E. N. Buie arrested
Charles Jordan, Jr.. on a charge
of theft aed passing a worthless
cheek three ears ago. Soon after
Jordan competed a tree-year pri-
n term oa the charge, Buie ar
rueed him taim for the sam
tng-aly time B le's name
hade agned to a forged check.

TOKYO, Aug. 24 -(UP) -Peip-
ing Radio Said today the British
labor delegation to Commu n i s t
China resumed its visit in Peip-
ing Monday after a three-day tour
of Shenyang, Anshan and Tun-
In the evening, the broadcast
said, the whole delegation attend-
ed a cocktail party given by the
Burmese Embassy.

Sale. Service, Parts
223 Central Ave. CaUdonia


During the next few
months, we are bringing
out a new catalog of
eur products and prices,
and regularly we will
publish information
about new materials, etc.
In order to send out this
'bulletin," we would like
to .have your addresses,
and ask you to call or
write to our office giving
up-to-date details of any
residence changes, so
that we may offer you
our effective information

C. de Productos
de Arci S.
Tel4: 3- M7

EI -
i: i

A BRIEF AND HPPY CEREMONY held recently at thel
Vocacional Justo Arosemena was participated In by boy- s
Centro when a batch of kits containing both garden
center's tools were given to the Centro by CARE th
organization's Panama representative, Mrs. Mary 0,. Lo
carpentry kits include hammers, saws, pliers, braces
etc., for training apprentices while shovels, spading f6rks K
rakes, and other implements for gardening make up
dener's kits. All these were made available through the
sity of Mr. Neville Sturgis, 99 South Avenue, Weston 93,,.
chusetts, with whom Mrs. Lowrie had been in touch
covering some of the needs of the Centro. The boysw
work immediately with their carpentry; the garden tools
brought into play in the near future when the Centro is
lished near Los Santos, adjacent to tillable land.
Surrounded by some of the grateful boys are (left to rlg)
Miss Maria Echevarria, social worker for the Centro; Mrs.' E8.
rie: Rev. Patricio Larafiaza, director of the Centro; and'im.
Elsa Valdes. director of Social Welfare. 'Also present at the
presentation were Miss Tomasine Mendricks, Social Welfet
Consultant, Point Four's Mrs. Georgina de Young, Social Wel-
iare Technical Adviser, both of whom expressed Interest In -A.
gratitude for the useful gifts.


WAR VETERAN, wishes to locate


citizen of Costa Rica, who served U. S. Army
during the World War. Please inform at
Phone 2%%380 h-a .

;--- *rrm~nnbnraU








ij otff & Cove?

treaFt No. 22 .

& 1 words

; r II 'iil




~ I





J /- ..-^

? F P. .







Brazil President-
(Contnund frem Page 1)
day to remain In his home.on a
'leave of absence'" for 90 days,
leaving the "government in the
hands of vice-president Cafe.
Sources said that Vargas re-
fused to resign despite the
pressure of cabinet members
and high Army chiefs. How-
ever, he agreed to the leave of
absence. His decision was made
at a meeting with cabinet and
army and air force officers.
A little more than an hour
later the President, who was
elected Oct. 3, 1950, for a five
year term, took his own life.
The armed forces ousted Var-
gas in October 1945 after the La-
bor Party leader had held the
Presidency for 15 years.
However, in 1950 Varras, with
the backing of the Labor and
Social Progressive Parties again
was elected President.
He defeated Brig. Ed-
uardo Gomes who headed the
Air Force officers who forced
Vargas to agrge to the "leave
of absence."



_ AL- -

W VAWINA Warnicaw IN IUhEK)E? 'F WE WI VA2te -- -,

- rynroi0

*[ MflCABS -
*, At 9 pDm.
ITuf Th The Saddle"

ohnmy Welsumull-
and -
with Alan Ladd

7MW-iI-S .V .-. .

ifn ~ow'i -D0 -TrH^
by Eaneid 6 0"

SHOiLLYWOOD (NEA) This have vanity mirrors out of camera
ip Hodilywo6d, Mrs. Jones, range-so glamor dolls can w.
Where time never goes by. der there noses.... Where GM
Those clocks in film scenes are once changed the title of a plc-
never wound. The ticking would in. ture from "Happily Married" to
terfero with perfect dialogue re- "Happily Buried." .... TalkIg
cording... Where there are only about a scene for a picture, Mi-
two seasons-summertime and op- chael Curtiz, the Hungarian-born
tion time.. Where Jeanette Mac. director, said.
Donald, during world War II, "It's so exciting, it makes year
wore a star on a charm bracelet blood uearl."
for her Newfoundland dog that Where a tailor on Vine Street
went. to war... Where you some- calls his shop a "valeteria."
times think there are more sound THIS IS HOLLYWOOD, Mr s.
stages than sound minds .... Jones, where:
Where keeping their wives in the The screams for leading ladies
bluebook keeps some of the citi- in horror pictures usually are pro.
sens in the red. vided by professional screamers-
This is Hollywood, Mrs. Jones, at $25 per scream.... The first
where old-fashioned stagecoaches Hollywood city ordinance forbade
more than 200 sheep being driven
down Hollywood Blvd. at one time
DAAIA DrA~amC *Where a sign in k, Hollywood
Radio Programs Jewelry store window reads:
"Wear a fraternity I-_a sign
of distinction. Easy credit."
Where this sign appears in a
HOG-840 I beerparlor:
HOG'80e wife can't be any madder.
Your Community Stati0on Stay awhile and-have a few more
(Telephone: 2-3066) There the most popular mi a-
zine among Hollywood's highly
Where 100,000 People Meet trained film technicians is "Ama-
tour Photography.,"'
PresenTs This is Hollywood, Mrs. Jones,
where Tom Collins, a Hollywood
bit player, Is married to a girl
Today, Tuesday, Aug. 24 named Ginger Ayle Where ple-
PAL tures run in cycles and producers
3: 15-TIy Martin Show run in circles ... .Where a paint-
3:30-MO For Tuegdty ing in Micky Rooney's den depicts
4:010-Featu e Review: Proudly Greta Garbo ac a fan dancer.
dWlu (USA ad UBAP) Where a "B" producer calls his
4:30S-Wats Your Favorte home 'Sleeve's End." Everything
(Ito eats -pleaae phone in it is on the cuff,.. Where more
be ore 4:0) than A registered doubles" rent
a-at-NwsPart of their bodies, or all of It,
t' Your a o r ite to the movies. Their legs, hands
and feet double in close-ups for
Wd ) alrs, and others perform difficult

.. .. or sist -A
1tfl-#OW CH1TI AN C0- Jones, where the late Fannie Brice
NC S insisted on having her name
7:30-Reort From The U.S.A., ed Fannie" int billing, but
(VOA) s gned aP her personal letters
8:00-Musical Theater (VOA) Fanny" .... Where department
8: 0-Amerlcan Roun.d ta bIoi stores, have special s ho6pp in gI
(VOA) rooms for stars-so they won't be
9:00-You Asked For It (Re- mobbed bye tourists.
quests.-lease phone be- Where there arw more eat and
f or :) phone dog hospitals than hospitals for
10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse humans The average screen
Party eight, lasting two and a half min-
11:00-Music From Hotel El utestakes 12 hours to film.
Panama Where the first actor to play a
11:15-Broadway In R e v i e w dual role in a movie was veteran
(USN) star Jack Muiha.. The; picture
11:30-One Night Stand was "Pat and Mike." He played a
12:O' ign Oft policeman named Pat and a gang-
ster named Mike .... Where arti.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 2 facial rain on a movie set is some-
AXm.- times part milk-to make itphoto-
$:00-81gn On -The Alarm graphbetter.
Clock Club (Requests- T O W D Mr s
please phone before 7:00) THIS 19BOLLYWOOD, Mr a.
7:30-Mornlng Salon Concert Jones, where:
8:15-Church In The Wildwood Of the 167 trained dogs used in
8:l-ChurchmI The Wildwood M ^" u"^ 8 1
8:30-Musical Reveille movies and TV, only three are
9:00-Baseball Today thoroighbreds. Mixed breeds are
9: 10-News the most inteligent for movie
9:1-S" acrd Heart Program work .... Where arty giver No.
9:30-M A I See It 1 Elsa Ma well leased her ex-
10:00-News pensively furnished Beverly Hills
10:06-Off The Record (Request. home to actor John Loderon one
p e phone before 9:30)qe condition-that he wouldn't give
n1:0-=ews any parties.
11'.i-Off The Recor (cont'dt Where Spanish explorer Gaspar
11:0-ffThe Record (cont'd) de Portolawas the first white man
12-n:rS to see the area now called "Holly.
r s wood." The year was 1769, and
A12i.Lnte.e ,l* ies- when his expedition reached Ca-
12:- pular mMusic huenga Pass his men engaged in
1'- News a knife battle with Indians, setting
1 Music Of Manhattan quite a style.
l Of M anhattanWhere Binnie Barnes was once
1:30--SOs Of The Pioneer askedif s.e couldremember her
1"45-R84io Univeraity (VOA) first stage rce.
2100 --Date In Hollywood "I don't remember exactly," he
Ssaid, 'bt I think r played a pot-
1. It' BTenxinetakmee Showwapae
2:45'-Hank Snow And His Rain- ted palm."
Sbow Ranch Boys
3.00-Festival Of Waltzes
3 :16-Sammy Kaye Show Ie C p fewei
3:30-Music For Wednesday
4:00-Feature Review: Musical /
Theater (o&) o
UO'What's Your Pavorite o e
(Requesta-please phone --
5 b30-eNoe 4:00) NEW YOBK-(UP)-The jewel-
5:35--What's Your F a vorite ry industry is making passes at
(cont'd) girls who wear glasses.
6:00--Here's4To Veterans (VOA' Now, a girl '*an cti costume
6:15-BLUE RIBBON SPORTS jewels to the frames of her regular
REVIEW or sun "specs,"~ the same way she
6:30-Melachdlno Musicale them tosa dres or suit. Th
6:45-HOLLYWOOD NEWS clip., which fit on the top of the
(P0ra Rount) frame, come in finely-cut rhine-
7 ISA ORGAN st- ons, pearls, birth stones, or i
ODIESS 1""" silver or gold. (Glorlif-yos, by XII-
7:lS-Your Danelng Party ton E. Brwn and Co.).
7:0-R ort From the U.8 A. /!L I r 'eai
8:00-Muaic By Rote J
8:3S-Family Theater ~-
9:00-You Asked For It 'Re- NEW YORK- (UP) -Give the
quts please phone be- children a treat with their break-
Toe8:30) Ifast cereal. Spice the sugar. Eli
10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse 1 cup sugar with 2 te cla.
Patynamon, 1%' teaspoons ute, and
1,:D0-Wayne Kl erenade W teaspoon cloves.
1I: @-n Nht Sad- ___
11:4S-Murico Dream By
12:0o-asOff Fore-bats

_Espias on ofSymls iANSONIA, Conn. --(UP- Three
B itsh Broadcastna Cor fire compass rated to a o,
Arm jalng to Ignd that the blb wata o
o America .jalted sa a *cnamitm 1pt

Spy Melodrama
Filmed in the Very
Heart of Berlin
Sn: -

with CK BGO

She danced to conquer her man's
heart... and destroyed herald
(In Frenbch with Spanish subtItles)
with -

Thai. "Wac fom Walse WaU"
"Gone With The Wind"

CRISTOBAL 6:15 7:55

8:00 P.XM._


-and -
Lovely Singer

PARAISO 6:15 :5

Plus: -


*M 03

Oreat Adult Double Feature
Jennifer Jones Montgomery Clft, In
Plus: -
Cleo Moore, in "BAIT"
with Hugo Bass John Agar

Ray Milllnd. in
Kirk Douglas
Burt Lancaster, in

IIi I mmm l

Chrisi For Youth a hemkials 6alore

Fellowship Director But Food Is Okay
a in Al For Summer Appetizer PHILADELPIA-(hUP)-There's
Speaking At G 'o F SmA p i not much chance of a fruit or
vegetable reaching your table
vangelst Ernest Wilson, vis- f Ty Cantaloupe oolf these days without It being bleach.
itingl preacher from Philadel- ed, polished, preserved, stiffened,
phia aan d international Director softened or tenderized by some
P thae Christ For Youth Fellow- sort of chemical, according to Dr.
h rwill be the est speaker at w W. E. Has son.
shei aw n bet gues k t Dr. Harr ssondirector of the La
therGarnboa Baptist Church, to- Wall and Harrin rogram ab-dn
night and tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. oato ine tArrioson Research Lab-t
Meetings will be under the oratori es, toldi a m of thea
auspices of the Christ For Youth American Chemicals aepety that
Fellowship. A cordial Invitation some 700 chemicals are- presently
Is extended to the general pub used in food production. And he
i e to attend. th ep uB said modern methods call for a
oatn."planned scientific attack from
Rev. A. W. Crooks, pastor of the field to the dinner table."
the church and president of the But Dr. Harrisson emphasized
Evangelical Minister's Council there is little need to worry today
will welcome Evangelist Wason about crops being sprayed with
on behalf of the church com- mixtures of arsenic, lead, copper
munity. and sulphur as was done 50 years
"In those days we paid little at-
B ind araee Man tension to spray residues on
Blind Ex Man grapes, apples or other crops and
thus were exposed to chronic or
learns To o On even sometimes cut poisoning,.
11-0 aid.
NEWARK, N J.-(UP) NextA lB
time you think your job is tough, Animals Strik Back
try doing it with your eyes closed. In New York State
I James A. Smith, 59, has boon
uming his auto repair shop alone ALBANY-(UP )-Animals have
that way for eight years. He's been fighting back recently in New
blind. York.n
A housewife in the Cooperstown
Sfo1e siglt left him eat the age area was protecting her chicken
51, rsmtty" was an expert auto flock when she was bitten by a
mechanic and had been hii own fox.
boss for 1 years. Hii s blindness A policewoman here was bitten
restricted his business to selling by an opossum she had rescued
gas from a hand-operated pump,
charging batteries and s a is eravicingy trt ist from a pack of dogs.
tires. DBut ahe makes a living for Two teen-age girls in Broome
thirds. and he as ai vge arCounty reported fox bites. This re-
.himself and his wife. suIted in revival of the county's
There are tricks of th.; trade he By GAYNOR MADDOX fox-trapping program, abandoned
had to learn with his sightlessness. NEA Food and Markets Editor since 1952.*A $1 500 appropriation
For instance, he feels the length o was authorized ior the campaign.
of the stick on his air pressure
gauge since he can't see the mark- Our California friend, Helen use rubber spatula and work con-
ing si. e Goodrich, has thought up a de- tents vigorously to speed blending Milk Men Embarrassed
Smith said he has a lot of loyal llghtful cooler to eat by hand. She action. When contents are At N.Y. Convention
cSmtomesaid e hautsalome aren'tas also reminds us Western canta- smooth, snowy consistency, serve A ..Cneto
iop re at their best during the In tall glasses with straws. Or' the
customerslefbutsomearen'tso loupesroe athies a lads, frappe may Le served in sherbet SYRACUSE, N. .--(UP)-Milk
pa ycne mand bu s ptizer and desserts. glasses; plain of with fruit mor Is abundant in this state, but you
Recently one man bough me as app! rn ertwhipped cream.culdn't have roved it y the re-
S a ad._wSiioe waa was ma Herf's the cooler (apweectw cent meeting here of the Eastern
A.4r0 Wabr ppiu6). G IB'rL ilk Producers, Cqoperotivv A92- -
*iVei Good: BevT'o.Live nation.
Several times customers passed -Cantaloupe OWOI Longer Than Husbands Proclaiming loudly and fervent
off f1 bills as $10 bills before Smith Cut wedges of chilled cantaloupe thb necessity for increased mu
worked out ". iy own system" for into bite-sized sections. Top each SCHENECTADY, N. Y. UP) consumption by the public, the as-
distinguishing them almost as rell section with a plum cold, juicy -Chances are good these days sociation found itself "all out" of
as change. watermelon ball hel in place by that yohr wife will live longer than its product i.* its luncheon meeting
"A man must learn," he said. a brightl:- colored cocktail pick. you. Medical science says so. and again during the evening ban-
Add A wedge of lemon or lime for The latest figures show that the quiet.
Utflity Executives ak tangy toucli, and the ,cooler" -.rage length of life in the United increasing the discomfort of the
GT o is complete. States has reached a record high dairymen was the fact that the
Go Back To Classroom No silverware needed here, just 0 68.5 years-a gain of four years cheese, resent in abundance, was
pick up each melon section on its in the past decade. 'ipre rmWsosn
MOSCOV, Ida-(UP) District own cocktail Ick. This is an espe- The average lifetime expectancy
managers and vice presidents of eiallY good appetizer to serve in of women at birth is now 71.8HeFro
mighty western utility companies the living room before going to years; for men, 65.9 years. He Forgot
were merely students in a special the table or for a patio meal. Gay -U )
course A the University of a I ah 'in color, most refreshing. Well, Dig This! SPOKANE, Wash. -(UP)- A
summer session. California, home of lemon has b.'Rburglar returned to thscene
another idea for sizzling weather. FORT WORTH Tex. -(UP)- his crime to leave t h I a note.
Th p utt ex cu It's made of frozen concentrate "Psychopathicepersonalit is an "Please do not report this. I have
tives attended classes, six hours a for lemonade. old-fashidned term, explained broughtaly urstfbcko
day fie dys wek, o cmnlt~epsychiatrist testifying at the trial you." He returned 80 cents, a
"The Pubsic U'e, toes Excmives Lemonade3Frappe of a man pleading insanity. The tune-up kit, a tube-tester and a
Course." (Serves 3-4) new term, explained t-D~r. Philip box of tools. But a .32 caliber pis-
May, is personalityy trait disturb. tol and binoculars still are miss-
Dr. Donald Hart, dean of the One envelope plain gelatine, % ance." ing.
College of Business Administration cup frozen concentrate for lemon-
said the course was requested by ade, 1 quart chipped ice (prefer-__
the utilities and was geared to ably fine).
help the execuivs ak anage- Empty gelatine Into blender con-
ientplc decsos esakif it tamner. Add concentrate for lemon-
mn Ph t n oi uI os m ams n a"r'de r-b dC EN T R A L T H EA T R E
m a k i n g e s o r c t c h d oi s o s A s y u m x i e l c r c b n d ,1
epai ed the "availbility o ade. Blend for about seconds toTH A R
fact and resource material for dissolve gelatine. Add ice.
guidance in making ch decisions. AsYou mix in electric blender, AC I A
TensDSy Melodrama FiLmed E ITh



. In 1952 it was "Sorry, Wrong'Number"... In 19?3. It
was "Sudden Fear"... This year's top mystery melo-
't -'TT- "'


plitg Trfofe
ismi, m using__ me. -ames
'Si?. WWIO "I .********* --
Imm MIBNad pi*o~asni~no_
a.^- .1"*:<"""M-*- -
A iew kind of picture! Musical in cinemaScope!

* ay WB in .^

Martin &t Lewla.
in -

0. .-

"No, no, 1wtedl MPe-WIlt frPP

_____________. SIMLTAEOSL

and REX THEATRE (Colon)

.OWs t
__________ _______ ^ 9^^ ^ ^^^^^u:r




-66s Twmpmes's Seq
"In Hint is 0."
"A Mlm, A Main, A Main"



Wmay P A amYaKLEA M 1"m Cam NWA o -=A A *r

Get More For OW
Fumishig. Witih
Want Ad
Toud be ew
we'* *-*et
-R VONoW #a too* 1,
OW ebsae wiwh w PtmI-Am
W-o Aj

Ie b*uyt ving,6. offg. reff*-
t ioa f o sweplag. "
H Wan A*ds




* ** -;;


,VAX- %oLA r ~ol
Tense Spy Melodrama Filmed In The
Very Heart of Berlin!

DIABLO HT8. 6:15 7:50
"Wac from Walla Waila"

GATUN 7:001
"Charge of the Laneers"
mThma. IN nv AT-rc"
MARGARITA 4:15 7:45

Screen Attraction!



w~inmur "bI4, ATU5 .. AT Ii LauyW

LA BOCA :15u :15

SANTA CRZ5 6:15 1:M | CAMP MROD *:15 :1
*OWB m2 BOr D |__ "OLAuonA xi
IT- 1 --Io [II II .m^m.i

___~__~_ moo

__ _


" .


t..A-~r,. q~. pH,- ~.


omba itLeesCe, o B

combat With Leaders Chief Hope Of Yanks, Bums
~~~~~ OftWih ea-r"i....s


I -


. C
. ehunk
' today
the Do
eel ha







i 0oa



Over 100,000 of
the people in the
Panama Canal Zone
area speak English!
And, that ain't

Pacific Coast League baseball
player says he saw the two
men shove each other during
an argument. General Man-
ager Dick McCann of the Red-
skins says Kuharleh is coach
but that's all McCann will say.
Kuharich once coached the
Chicago Cardinals, then entered
private business. At the same
time, he served several pro foot-
ball teams as a scout. He joined
the Redskin staff this year.

Asthma Mucus
Dissolvd Ea Wa
Don't cough and suth, tn ,
and choke so bad that yo can hardly
breathe or sleep--do't after mother
day from Bronchltis t AIthma wltiout
trying Mendaco. This great Internal
medicine, recently developed by a.
acientifle American laboratory, works
through the blood, thu. reaching your
lungs and bronchial tube&. That why
Mendaaeco work so ft to help you three
ways. 1. Helps at&l= = aolve and re-
move thick tiransling mucus. 2. Pro.
motes free easy breathing and sound
sleep so you soon feel O.K. .. Quickly
alleviates" coughing wheeling, s".e-
Ing. Get Mendoe, from your druggist
today. See how much better yog may
sleep tonight and how much better you
may feel tomorrow.


Automobile Row No. 29
Expert Mechanic
In Body
& Fender Work
Guaranteed paint job

- == -a e"ates! -u -- I colors mixed to match

ic-To-Fa' Warfare Magic Number Daniels No Pushover; Tesis

8t Way To Gain Fast 15 for Toronto Opponent Fights Bigger Boys

By United Press in --Race- AMERICAN LEAGUB NATI
NATIONAL LEAGUE Panama featherweight cham-e W L AL LEAGUE
Splon Pedro Tests wil not be fc- leveland T W L Pt. G
a i .pushover when he tackles New York 63 40 .715 N rork 73 49
Games e NEW YORK. August 24 (UP) Tr d 6 -und camp C Ne orhlka 5 a .
.r ,yu champ ._ 80 40 ."o5 3rBr
'eam W. L. Pet. Behind malnlng The "magic number" for the Baby a angels cedwaue 8 51 .
ew York ........... 76 44 .633 34 toronto Maple Leafs, who swept uled ten-rounder 5 at the BostonPh phi
irooklyn ........... 73 49 .598 4 32 to a twl-nlght doubleheader Colon Arena. S M67 Cincinatl 64 .i
ilwaukee ...... 68 51 .591, 71 35 triumph over the Syracuse The 26-year-old Daniela is pi 51 SI 8;.I 8 6o .
AMERICAN LEAGUE cChiefs last night, was set at 15 widely e erienced and is a for- Balt1 .31 i 7 48 74
leveland ...... 88 34 .721 32 to d a y in the International mer amateur bantamweight ti- m 84 17 49 Pttsburgh 44 78 33
Few York ........ 83 40 .675 51,2 31 League. tleholder. Baby Face has been a DA
so 45..640 91. O TODDs ARM
hicago ..... ... 802 45 .640 9'2 29 The Leafs. who grounded out pro for the past nine yearsCleveland at PhTODA ES
E-- -- 2-1 and 5-3 victories, have a to- at hilade (N) New York at Chicago
IEW YORK, Aug. 24 (UPl. Face-to-face warfare with the tal of 84 victories with only 22 He has fought In British altoa (N Brklyn at Cin(nal (N)
ns and the Giants, in which it is possible to gain huge remaining to play. The second- GuCh" ianacaoVeneel t ashing (N) Phaelph at Milwukee (N)
Guiana, Veneuela, Aruba nsd Detroit at Boston (N).ta u N)
ks of ground in a hurry. Is just about the chief hope left place Rochester Red Wings, who Curacao. He was a convincinton ( Pittburgh at St. Louis
to those rapidly fading "old champion" Yankees and dropped a 5-2 decision to the winner n last bout against ET
ers. Buffalo Bisons last night. are t .Kid Beau. (FirstGame RESULTS TSTEDAY' RESULTS
in this respect at least, nightcap when the Senators and one-half games back Danels lot two of his l ashinton 000 033 101-8 12 1 poed, awaukee
dgers have a better chance wrapped up the game with five wt oe l t three fights but both were a- tPhilae hia 000 110 021-5 12 3 ri
ke up the four games they runs in the seventh frame. Thus if the Red Wings wt ainst much heavier oonents tobbs (8-8) and Fit Gerald. Only game u
he ants than the Yank- to in all of their 21 remain- oni n of Venezuea out- Frcano (5-9), Burtachy, Sima,
ve to make up the 5 YESTERDAY'S STAR--Clyde ing ames. then the Leafs still weighedDaniel 136 to 124 and terandoberon.
separating them from the (Dutch) Vollmer of the Sena- could clinch their ninth pen- ... .. was losing to Baby Fanre bfo r Easy Pickings
s. tors, who walloped a double nant and first since 1943 by ICG SPREAD-This 670-pound bluefln tunajould handle the fish he came up with a knockout Washington 1e)111 10 I
's because the Dodgerd and three singles and drove in winning only 15 of their 22 a y needs of a city. It was caught off Liverpool, Nova Scotab punch. Washinton 100 510W HINGT
&ve six games left to play three runs In the Senators' 10- games. Col. Andrew Jones, who relaxes with his foot on the fish. (NiE The other loss was to Yack 8u- Philadephia 200 100 000- 3 8 3
Sthe Giants, while the 3 second game victory over 'he Connie Johnson was the win- bero, one ofthe leadln light Kerazakos (2-1) and Tipton. a
es will meet the Indians Athletics. ning pitcher for Toronto In the weights in Venezuela.Daniels ro R ls Dxon and A-Y2 s
ve more times Theoretl- opening game Johnson. who A lists victories over Al Simms unne s5 2 3 0
he Dodgers can remedy 3 Fr Cam permitted onl six scattered hitter can ,lyce. Young Abreo. mes eduled Vollmer,
)resent sad situation by n8 scored his 15th triumph of the en, Hernandez, Speedy Collins, Don- OnlBusby.c
Lives, but the Yankees can former m y year against only six losses when aid Gibbons and Kid Beau. ever, lb 4 1
l five remaining t will EimInaI in the Leafs shoved over the win- **UmShlettr
he Indlana andoAlt swillnine run in the bottom of the Sweep US National Net s International
ahiona0 POmleur -Finals Loop Standings
outside heDoer. huplp"nU re d to win the eignrhth.Ba ed with elief he side indicated that Tesis i tak-
,a ti CrmEddi an In the eli ef Ltu Ing the West Indian seriously Kerlakos, p 4 0 1 0 0
S er ha the Yank- t na A Natia iian theei CHE TNUT H M ., and is going all-out during his otas
an edge inthhe season Inning. gained his 10th victPoryf U ies nal workout. Pedro work oust wrl- oo m
ale t Giantse hvean a r GROSSE POINTE, Michigan, aekinst nine losses in the second ly at the Colon Arena.
over the Dodgers. But Aug. 24 IUPI Three former game
igers have won their last chm eliminated esI The Bisons scored twice n the ed5
etings withaew on theGirants i he Natielonal Amaeur first.Inning and three times In CHESTNUT HILL, Mass., Aug. he teamed with Sei o xas to win program is an eiLht-roud semi- L Pet. Jacobs, 2
Chamlorahlp opened In ,the third and then held off the 24 (UP) American men and the National Doubles Champlon- final between 145-pounders Jose Toronto ........... 84 .6368 _gr, 3b
Golf a n nhe nee ose oneMhip openedain um'pi.n.e. Red Wingstogainwomen swept to both titles in ship. The husky, 24-year-old Edwin. amateur welterweight Rocnester ......... 77 56 .57
ak rolling. h First-round victims includethe'- triumph ,l .d the finals of the National Dou- Trabert says he's the best in sin- champion of Central America Montreal .......... 75 56 .573,R enna rf 0
e National League, t champion Charle Co 1946 The Montreal Royals move bles Tennis Championships at les, too. and tough Baby Hawkins ThisSyracuse .......... 64 66 .492Power, 4 0 3
plee NMilwaulee Braves winner Ted Blshop and 64-year- n within a ame of sermon Chesnut Hil. Masachusett. "I will prove it again," says battle could turn out to be the Havana ............ 646 .481 lon, 4 0 0 4
Mlwac e s winnave r TedBishophand64-ye- Ottawa...........3 -8.381Astroth,
Sga a old Chick Evans. who won the place by slitting a nair S e ic Sexas of Philadelphia and Tony. "The only excuse i've of- most thrilling of the evening Buffalo ............ 58 17 .450 8uder, s 4 1 2 0
lye games left to pa title in 1916 and 1920.emes with the Cuban .r Tony Trabert of Cincinnati won feared is the bad hand. I'm not Two tour-round prelimlnarils Ottawa ............ 53 .38 Astroth, 0 4
he Giants and Dl itle in 1916 and 1920. Kines. winning the enter, 52 the men's crown shortly after looking for alibis." complete the card. Marclal Moll- Richmond ........ 52 81 .391 Kener, p 0 0 0 0
St Orleas upsetCoe, 2-and-il, owhen for Ed Roebuck's 15th triumph Doris Hart of Miami and Shirley Trabert's racket hand has nar tackles Hankin Barrows ot Dxon, p 1 0 0
Ae ers. ican Le the Coe bogeyed the long 15th and l, rol ame rthe Ro.ras Fry of Akron repeated in the blistered badly this year.. had 132 pounds. Barrows is riding! (First Game, 8 Innings)
ace Chicago White ox 17th holes. Dick Foutche of I d o te a runs n theo women's. Trabert and Seixas enough to force him to take wo the crest of a four-bout winning Syracuse 00100000-1 6 0 Totals 34 3 27 8
9 games and have six Charleston. West Virginia, eof score d al ei r needed two hours before they weeks off before the doubles streak. Juan B. Salazar meets Toronto 00100001-2 7 2
with the Yankee s minated Bishop, a e- ninth on Virinupset top-ranked Ken Rosewall championship It started attManuel Prescott in P 124-ourtnd Peterson and Erautt; Johnson Washinton 10
t the Gankeets and the former champion took a four- te te m of the celland Lew Hoad of Australia. 3-6, Wimbledon, and his game hasn'tcontest that will get the program and Howard. HR-Babe. Phadelphi 200 100 00- 3
n their last west erar74. Lincoin Roden II et se plae O 6-4. 8-6. 6-3. Hart and Fry de- been up to snuff since underway.
o en ofast Ateangtond Pennsylvania, trim- defeatdthles an ed to heated Louise Brough and Mar- Davis C captain Billy Tal- (First 7 in
for season-thame Gianth med ngton, 5-Pennsylvania, trim- t of tics. 5-3 and moved to garet Osborne Du Pont, 6-4, 6-4, bert warned In a magazine story Montreal 200 003 0-5 8 2 mer. RBI Buby, Power, (in-
fora day gsm e with med Ens, 5-nd- t ithe Virgin ans third victory for their four straight doubles- in sports illustrated that Havana 101 000 0-2 8 3 an scored
a nhtgame withColle late champion Hillman fourgameswthOttawatitle."no one is going to hand any Roebuck and C. Thomson lt),
. ech wi la 10 Robbins. Junior: of Memphs, urgameswi awaeixas and Trabert's victory titles to Trabert." Talbert ouot- Cueche, Harris (7) and Noble. L. mer 3 ebrew 2, (Runnel
i foreign aio before and former public inks chaim- brought the men's crown back to ed former champion Jack Kra- P.Cueche. scored on error by Limmer in
h foreign" o eoe ranked trafaci. Others ain-a the United States for the first mer as saying Trabert "Isn't as __ 7th), Tipton 2. Doul ade
Son ners include the new Canadian n S time since 1949. In that year. good as he thinks." Kramer ad- Y I ,
won o l v of Amateur champion Harvie Jack Bromwich and Billy Sidwell vised Trabert to "stop looking (Se d V lbm
teri i W ardI Junor 1953 Canadian won it for Australia and the for alibis and work hard to im- Itreal 10
dland b a a m- chWam Dunio Cerry and 16-year- Aussies had retained it each prove his game." Havana
could be n i troum old Poster Bradley of Los An- year since. Trabert says he doesn't agree Fabbro, Mickens (4), Carbo- pays-Finlgan-Jacobs-amer
tonight at Philadel- glees. the National Junior cham- U American champion Trabert with everything Talbert and nardo (8) and Howell; Moreno Jacobs-Lmmer. Left on base-
tri on which the will pon. thinks he's the best amateur Kramer had to say, although he i and Noble. LP-Mickens. Senators 9, Athletics 1. Bases on
tr on'which they will --- tennis player in the world, read the story before it was balls Kerazakos 7, Kellner 2
a .alnt Swhom they s' r md I Pat Scantlebury, Dallas. Class Trabert has had a rough time oriented. Tony says he'll prove Ottawa 000010101-3 10 1 Dixon 2. O0 Kerlazakos
record of 45 victor- u01 ommerc 1 AA Texas League, chalked up his in recent tournaments, although1 how good he is on the courts. Richmond 000 103 10x--5 1 Kellner 4. Hits off Kellner 1
only eight defeats be- sixteenth victory of the season -- Trice and Watlington Nardel-in 7, Dlxon 2 in 2. Runs and
in on to meet thell A| Aug. 17, when he went the route la and Johnson. HR-Llttrel. earned runs Kerlazakos 3-2,
ite Sox, and Oroles I II u to defeat F)rt Worth, 7 to 5. Toe Kuharcnh preIlPce Kellner 9-8, Dixon 1-1. WP -
While the Yankees face oear Buffalo 203 000 000-5 15 0 Keriazakos (2-1), LP Kellner
le, the Yankees face. T : Clyde Parris, Elmira, Class A Rochester 010010000-2 6 1 (6-16).
re in a night game that nd T.nICt Eastern Leanue, was second in Mass and Lakeman: Faszholz,
2-game home stand. hitting, with a .319 average, as urly Lam eau As Coac Markell (), Blaylock (3), Jacobs
l or actio n yesterday was Tonight will be opening of August 18. (8) and Burbrink. L.P.-Fasz- B efs
n stda as nlht the Colon Commerial Parris' 78 Brs topped the. O s hing t Redskins holz. HR-oderlein.
wet, wih ,,a night game I Redskie.
nat, nhaa Francisco Vllamil. f Wash gton Redskins
lwas rained out. The Inautural game will be Marcos Cobos, Denver, Class A (Second Game) (By
MY action In the major.,played between the last vear's Western League, spoiled a no-hit o Syracuse 000 000 310--3 6 2 The Brith
saw the Washington champions. Hipodromo Naclo- bid by Omaa's Harry Hotsma. Th British Columbia Lion o
sweep arom nal, and the runnerup Canal Aust 15when he hit a sixt By UNITED PRESS Lambeau spent most of his Williams and Erautt Blakthe Canadian Footba League
crep c so, 8-5 Zone Steamshle Lines in the inng Grhomer.een Crimlan (8) and Griffin. have aof tired halfback at Po-l
to move within two "Claudia Lowe" Gym of the Denver lost the game, 8 to 1. The Washinton Red ak in a Bay Pickers. Then he joined the Blake.H R-Blatnik.P laer ofle f al
Ier ie u p aceAbel Brav College at 7:30 found a new ead coach when Cardinals, and Marshall hired Pollard
Ch e brt. Mott, chamber IT'S NEW TO HIM they reported to the training him for the Redskins about this n l Loyola Unvery ad
Chuck b gain- Alberto Motts, Chamber of field yesterday. same time last year. 11 a I Point before turnin pro,
wla in the oener as Commerce prexy, will toss the Milwaukee (NEA) Henry J V
mountedtree-j first ball. Aaron of the Braves has only two Curly Lambeau was coach Lambeau and Marshall had Heavyweight champion Rocky
,he fifth and satthl i- Games will be played on years of minor league experience when the Redskins left Sacra- been at odds for some time Marclano took a da
kle Gus Kerlazakos Tuesdays and Fridays of each behind him and none of it in the mento Sunday night. Yesterday Sources close to the team sa e training yesterday at longer,
.. eond win in the week. The public is intited outfield, his present position. Joe Kuharich took over. ,por the situation came to a head New York. Esard Charles, who
say Lambeau was fired af er a after an exhibition game lahstad In M" In Fl r challenges for the title at New
hot dispute with owner George Saturday night. Marshall caught t York September 15 sparred four
Preston Marshall, lend Hugh Taylor and defensive rounds at his Monticello, New
No one will confirm or deny 1 halfback Don Paul entering -TIME Phil Rizzuto of By UNITED PRESS York camp.
ISthat Lambeau was fired. Curly their hotel room with beer. He t anees dons glasses forth The world's fastest miler The National Girls' Junor Golf
ISHING IS ... you sell English-in won't even admit he hBt ad took the beer from them time in his career n John Landy of Australia has Tournament at B d or
,a,. ., oeakinft o e ua n I words with Marshall. But a_. attempt to lick a_seon-lon ,.o f. .. T-ur e

IMaam' rIet -m ONLY t.-

"ii" .:~.,,p

nnvere n





S 'iN4 AUtUie M e 1 5 E A .Cs i

U.S. Net Titles Merely Exercise To Cup-Conscious Austfrclirds


by Gold Dust

-B__enito Tufion outeponts He
Thompson in amateur teat

If you want to see Marcian stopped him. Gun shy? No, the
and Charles do it again, it's go- referee, Charles told me.
ing to cost you 40 bucks ring- "Every time I threw a body
side. James Dongan Norris is punch he screamed 'keep 'eni
selling you the press clips from up.' Had me daffy."
the first fight, which was, n- -
deed. a thdrierk.Thiere Is no iuar-
?S pmr be CHAR S A GUESS
--.... Charles has always Impressed

.... .1me as a fighter who honestly
As a rule, heavyweights fall tries to rationalize a problem.
miserably when they are hope- What would probably be an all-
fully rematched following a rip bl by another fighter, is a sin-
snorter. Almost invariably. it is cere attempt to explain and jus-
the underdog who falls ddwn on tify a action or a consequence
his end of the assignment. The with him.
spark and drive which he unex-
pectedly brought to the first Although agreeing with him
fight is lamentably missing. You 100 per cent that the referee,
can see he still remembers how Zack Clayton, first Negro to
hard the champion hits. third-man a heavyweight cham-
In proportion to poundage, a pionship, was a nuisance and a
lightweight will hit as hard as a hindrance, it seemed to me, a
heavyweight, yet the smaller tel- more determined o n I aught
lows, as a group, are less affect- would have won for Charles,
ed, emotionally and physically, anyway. After all, he was seek-
by knockouts or extreme punish- ing to win back the heavyweight
ment, the gun-shy giant, on the championship, and he had a
other hand, is anything but a dead-tired, physically spent
rarity. Champion in front of him in the
While heavyweights rarely re- last two rounds.
produce a memorable fight, the l
smaller fellows seldom miss when A more assertive, dominant
asked to do it again. personality would have ignored
How about W llie Pep against the showboating referee, shoved
Sandy Saddler, the second time him out of his way, if necessary.
round? For once it was possible and beaten Walcott to the floor.
to use the phrase "ring classic" It wouldn't have taken much. In-
without apology. Other sizzling deed, a shove accompanied with
returns were Graziano and Zale, a loud, defiant boo! might have
Armstrong and Ambers, McLar- sufficed.
nin and Ross, Montgomery and This was in June, 1952, and if
Beau Jack, Robinson and Tur- Charles wasn't gun shy, he was
pin, to list a few. too cautious, which amounted to
What's the answer? Whatever the same thing as far as the end
it is, in. the end, it must come result was concerned. And yet
down to ability and willingness two years later we find him mak-
take a punch. There are fighters Ing a magnificent 15-round
who loe both as soon as they stand against a man who tore
realize to their horror that the Walcott to pieces. And if he was
man in front of them is actually gun shy in this one, so were
their master. And when they a- MaeArthur, Patton and McAu-
gree to a rematch in such cir- Uliffe.
cumstances it is not with the What kind of a fight will he
thought of winning, but of pic.k- make the next time? How can
ing up a fast purse before call- you tell?
uing in a career. ---------


-Oswaldo "The Phantom" Clark
steals show with flurries.
-Alejandro Pacheco being evad-
ed by other feathyrwelgbts in
Benito Tufi6n, pride of "El
Ptfion" (Third & Bolivar Ave-
,Vc gouater-AWS11 b4... 1a
,to a unanimous clslon over
Henry Thompson In the main
-event of the Colon amateur box-
ing card.
Thompson outweighed Tufton
139%3A to 132/Y but failed to
capitalize on his weight advant-
age. Tufion's victory was clean-
cut as he repeatedly landed ef-
fective c o u n t e r punches to
Thompson's head and body.
The semi-final event was be-
tween two substitutes. Stanley
Rey at 127-1/4 outlasted Vernon
Cuthbert, 128.
The star of the evening, Os-
waldo "The Phantom" Clark,
eked out a decision over Tony
Guerrero in a thrill packed con-
test that had the fans on their
feet during the entire nine min-
utes of fighting.

(Filling in for -Harry Grayson)
NEW YORK, Aug. 24 (NEA)-
A mental quirK seems to De ihe
only obstacle to Australia's com-
plete infringemeint of any Ameri-
can tennis title worth its expense
Take the U: S. Singles Cham-
pionsnips at Forest tills, starting
Aug. a2 Lewfi Hoad and Ken
Rosewall, the sprightliest of tne
Aussie horde, couid carry our "tup-
pence" into center court with tWe
surety of a Native Dancer in a
claiming race, based on their ex-
ceptional class and ability.
This is more so because of Tony
Trabert's inconsistency and hand
Yet Hload and Rosewall didn't
make it at Wimbledon, ond they
have been upset a couple of otner
spots along the route. Why? Be-
cause the mental approach to Aus-
tralian tennis dictates that toe
uavis Cup matches subordinate all
else, according to one prominent
American net official.
It used to be that when a Kram-
er or a Sedgman or a Budge
or a Vines came on to dominate
the amateur game, he was almost
invincible, no matter what t h e
tournament. Lo gicall y, Hoad
should be at that stage now.
Built like a fullback, but agile,
with tremendous wrist power and
one of the great services in
net history, he can blow any op-
ponent off the court, including
mate Rosewall, when his game is
under control. In temperament,
he's fairly stoic, so he should be
Yet, like the other mechanical
Aussies, he can't seem to get het
up for matches other than the
Cup challenge.
Rosewall, a Bobby Riggs type
retriever, has a magnificent back-
hand and unparalleled court fin-
esse. He's been handicapped only
by a relatively weak service.
An appraisal of Aussie strength
doesn't end with the 19-year-old
wonder kids. Rex Hartwig is a
forceful, aggressive player-short,
stocky and rugged-but he tends
to get discouraged when he gets
behind early in a match. As a
front-runner, he's a match for
In the coterie of Coach Harry
Hopman this year there's also
Neale -raser, a 20-year-old south-
paw with h big game and a serv-
ice that kicks up high.
Against this entourage, t he
American case must begin a n d
rest with Trabert.
You can't count Vie Seixas in
Tony's class any longer because
he shows signs of being over the
hill at 30, and the slight slowing
up accentuates the weakness of
his ground strokes. Art Larsen
can be bothersome and at times
brilliant, but he's unpredictable
and can't expect to maintain a
peak for a- week's play.. .-
i Ham RJbhardson still has fore-
hand trouble, and Bob Perry is
rusty from a service hitch.
Straight Clark is in the dark
course class, and, of course, there's
always Gardnar Mulloy. But he's
a year older.
So we're back to Trabert, who
hasn't been any ball of fire, what
with blisters and unexp 1 a i n e d
sullenness. His blisters are sup-
posed to be better, and winning
makes anyone happy.

24 Years in National League
Written for NEA Service

Clark, 118V2, fought in flurries QUESTION: A switch h itt e r
under instructions firom trainer steps up to face a pitcher who is
Alfred "Totomatty" Brathwaite able to throw with either hand.
and barely managed to outpoint The hitter steps in left-handed
Guerrero, 115, who came back and the pitcher has his left foot
strong after every flurry to stay on the -. bber to throw righthand-
close to "the margin of victory ed. He then switches around and
In the second bout of the ev- gets set to throw with his left
ning. Felix Archer 112-1/4, re hand. The batter pulls out of the
nel rner, ro- ,box and move over to bat right-
lentlessy workedon omtohanded. This could go on indefl-
omez from the opening bell ritely. Ho would you handcl it?
until one minute and thirty oneand thirtyokie
seconds of the second round Answer: This is a hypothetical
when he crossed a right to Go- problem because It probably Bev-
mez' chin. erwill happen. So, you use com.
Gome held on to Archer then in sense. Call time and tell each
Gomez held on to Archer then them to et set na do your
sagged to the canvas as his re- bestto hustle tem aloog.
flexes failed him. In the opener. Q. How many hom_ runs did
Arturo Smith. 10i. knocked out Rie Ashburn of the Phillies hit
Alfredo Grant, 10934, in one min- until this season?-Bill Marshall.
ute and 55 seconds of the third A. The centerfielder hit only 12
and last round. i his. vears in thi u aorsa

Jersey Joe nWalcott's etched Vi elnia Claims A..n. h .. O o" the
efforts against Marclano in their. Alejandro P'achcho. feathr- better pitcher, Warren Spahn or
second meeting could have been a-a n,, weight knockout artist, has been Robi BRoberts?-Al Zimbrick. '
foretold from uis past perform-ba o $ st inactive after two fights be- A. That is one we wouldn't like
chart. He was surprisingly First cause the other anmteur feath- to hazard an answer on-inor try
valiant t against the muscle man iers are evading the hard-hitting I to get a bit of either of them.
In their first meeting that is. Jy iUD Pa *. "e' th rough comers.
until he abruptly discovered he Pacheco on by andthe What did Gene Woodling hit
had flagrantly under-rated his WILLIAMSBURG, Va.(NEA)Iothery deconoY K a in kehis last two seasonswith the
opponent. -There is some controversy a-,.hYankeesoutfHeward.
This discovery came In the bout the first American Jockey Match makers are angling to A. The Yakee oatfelder hit
form of a sleep-producing belt Club. have Herbert Dougla, Young "- 3 "and .309.
on the button. Throughout his Charleston's South Carolina Finnegan's kid brother, meet BASEBALL ONLY
career, Walcott had scant enthu- Jockey Club, established in 1734, Pachecho early in September. E RB NLLO--Dd e r
siasm for anybody who might is claimed by some to be the first, NEW Yr Don Zmmer turnd ow
hurt him. By the time he crawl- even antedating the English Jock. I- nfilder Don Zimmer turnedown
ed through the ropes in Chicago ey Club. There are others who be. a football scholarship to the Unr i-
he kewhe was doomed. For a lieve that the Williamsburg, Va., L CJ O versity of Kentucky in order to
guarantee of $2,000 he gave Jockey Club was founded even sign a Brooklyn contract in 1949.
The customers less than one earlier by the Right Rev. James YAo 1
round of fighting. Blair who also started William YOu LOSC ,. .
This was a fit that was alo and Mary College in 1M. The F
sold on press cm g. The first date would Indicate Virginia's GROSSE P 0 INTE FARMS. F
one in Philadelph ,ha been a contention may be the valid one. Mich.--(NEA) In discussing ....
combination of Pickett's Charge, '-the rules for this year's United u 'n a-
the McCarthy hearings and Bob- States Amateur, to be held here, i nril I ( m
by Thomson's epic ho er. So GOOD OLD DAYS Aug. 23-23-28 Joe Dey of th Unit- EmU in W E II4 n
James Dougan Norris upped the ed States Golf Association point-I
bite to $50 ringside for the re- Deal, N.J. (NEA) -Superin- ed out the 1920 chamnian hil, WAn
turn.4mplyingthereby that there tendent John Finley of the Deal 8. Davldson Herren and Peter m i l p
would be more of the same. Golf and Country Club recalls Harmon were in the final. On the i youln uer s stabbing pena, if
Turned out It wasn't worth 50 whe golf course laborers were 39th hole, Harmod's drive went o30 are m Owll*n. l .o your blood
cents, Mclx. required to bring their own hoe, deep into the woods on a dogleg th Mt.W?.
What inferences are to be readirake and shovel. to the left. Thinking it out of orders are Burni, ii
from Charles' past performance bounds, he teed another, then a f lhrom" Cuda Ba re-. Lep"
chaOt? -third. All of them landed in the Pain Nervusn a. Dissnhl's. Head-
On the whole, these are more ANOTHER ALL-AMERICA same spot. "hei. Colds. Puffr Ankim. Circles un-
complimentary than Walcott's. My.tx hL ck Of 3a11e1 MA ,e.
Notoriously inconsistent, the Milwaukee, Wisc.-4 NEA)-For1 He congratulated Herron and Remlt iitg measi w : 1. Helps
Ebony Dude. nevertheless, has the second year in a row, a Mar-lquit. leesa ot s se Ids.M ComnbaU
bee.resolute and effective in a- quette University track man has ,rm I the n Ut 9ra.nt em oths
tonisg for previous failures. A won All-America honors. The NC- The next day, Harmon went rrom any5 rg See bow queikly I
sapUtia Woa his mw k- AA Bmame broad Jump r aru John looking for the threm bills and Yo onds.s e sae lat
neas agalnat Wftott who had Bennett to its dream squad. found them all in bounds. -

Like Your Gridders To Run? Then Stick To The Colleges
'PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 24 8 "We have more trouble than move those guys around and slip Coming from Kerbawy, these
)nea) -T'ne way prwuessional usual with the kid who comes up a runner through for the four or observations would have to bre-ac-
sports run into each other Lnese here from a college which uses I five yards that split.T business cepted as fact. His club lWA1om
cays, it is perfectly obvious that, this attack," Kerbawy said. "He's needs to keep operating? Y o u two straight NFL titles and ap-
in the middle of, a couple of boil- got to learn that you can't grind can't do it, that's all. You've got pears well-loaded for a third. The
ing pennant races, a guy in step out first downs by running with to throw the ball up here. lesson to be gleaned fron them is
with the times should be talking the ba! around here. a valuable one for the football fan.
about split-T football. I "Our Doak Walker Is a fine run-
There s nothing unusual about "Take a look at my lineup out! ner. But he could never crack a With it, you can appreciate why
it. You swat away mosquitoes at there now." he went on with a line. time after time. the pros don't spend too much
a night foot all game and later on wave of his hand to the blue-shirt. time banging the center of the
wear a iopcoat to the World Se- ed Lions on the field below. "Bin- "TATUM," KERBAWY SAID, line for a couple of yards as do
ries. That's the way things are gaman (Les) goes about 315. That "should have known that. After the collegians. In the past, they
done done today. I Leon Hart is down a bit. He's on- all, he's close to Washington. He were calling pro football nothing
So it seemed perfectly normal ly 247 now. How are you going to sees the pros play." more than 11-man basketball.
to find Nick Keruawy, tne Deiroit
Lions' general manager, standing But the very size of the average
on a wooden platform high atop pro line indicates the advantages
Municipal Stalum, watcning his of throwing a pass when you have
team and talking about the split- the ball. Well-seasoned, pro line-
T. men rarely are trapped. They
Kerbawy was an excellent guy' don't get moved, so there's no
for ...a us5bs1u u ius. 111s 1 u3L.11, sense scrambling your brains by
a while back, had shaken the sys- running through them.
tern to its roots in handing Jim If you want the emphasis on
Tatum's College All-Stars a thor-' running in this kind of football,
ough belting around out in Chi- you better go to a track meet.
cago. Better yet, go see a college game.
Kerbawy smiled when the sub.-
ject was Drought up. "You know," n_
he said, "Tatum would have look.-
ed a lot better if he had forgotten
about that split-T formation and
Its whole school of football thinkk'
Ing just doesn't go up in ,ton is
A first, this statement was a
bit of a shocker. The split-T, 3ou
see, has been billed around thel
nation as the ultim &! in a foot.
ball attacking formsuon. You can :
run with power out of it, they say, -' .
and yet retain the passing fea- i 01 1
tures of the regular T. "" ..' "'
But Kerbawy-and the record- .,
seems to indicate the whole thing ..'
is out of line with the footballI Order Equi
facts of the matter. Sandy Consuegra For ,.4
LY unanimous pre-season choice ANOTHER TRIUMPH Sandy Consuegra's pitching for the Chi-
as the nation's top collegiate elev. AIA. IRVINGN sZAPPp..
en, uses nothing else but the split. cigo White Sox. which saw him win 14 of his first 17 decisions. is A Z
T. Its coach. Bud Wilkinson and Tel. 2-2835WBox wd
Maryland's Tatum, 1953's Coach 1 another testimonial to Paul IJunkmani Richards' teaching. T
of the Year, preach this forma- Panama, R. P.
tion's gospel wherever they go. (NEA) --


f SHOWS: 1:30 3:25 5:20 7:10 9:00 P.M. *


defies every obstacle of nature to engulf you in-

the spectacular panorama of a sava ge wilderness.i


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Alan Ladd. in "S*AW

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ENCANTO Claudette Colbert. in
WA1 m Etond O1len. In t"OW CO NTlr'


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Washington Knows Nothing

C r Trial DPrnn^l

formerly stationed with the
Army in the Canal Zone, play- WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 (UP)-' night he was confident a way
ed with the Yankees of the Secretary of State John Foster out of the current stalemate
?anama Pro League here.) Dulles may spell out the admi- would be found. In a nation-
nistration's reaction today to the wide speech from Denver, he
NEW ORLEANS, Au. 24 (UP) latest effort to salvage the Euro- asked Americans to have faith
-i- Birmingham's Jack Urban pean Army plan- a suggestion in "a lot of our good friends in
Ditched a seven-inning no-hitter that France join it on an 18-month Europe."
against New Orleans last night "trial" basis. Although Paris sources said
In a Class AA Southern Assocla- Pinay had American support for
tion contest-but the game end- Highly placed officials said they his eleventh-hour proposal, a us-
ed in a scoreless tie when light had never heard of the proposal ually well Informed official here
failure ended the game. until It was brought up last night said he knew nothing of the idea.
While Urban fashioned his in Paris by former French pre- As far as he knew, he said, no
no-h i t t e r veteran Bob mier Antoine Pinay. American official in this country
Schultz of New Orleans re- Despite obvious gloom here. had been consulted about it.
fused to hand out a score and over the near-collapse of the Other U.S. officials, meanwhile,
the game was deadlocked European Defense Community, said the United States is. determ-
,when the lights went out aft- President Eisenhower said last Ined to rearm Western Germany
.4r the seventh inning. even without Allied support if ne-
A scheduled second game was cessary. West Germany, they said,
postponed. BienthoWer ig holds the balance of power in
E o gerw mrian e Europe and must not be allowed
SJoe Brown general manager Oulla to drift Into the Communist camp
bf the New Orleans club says in or adopt a neutral status in the
the game /vill not go into the A VUlw in Cold War.
records as a suspended game o un it Por
but as a tie. A l li i P V If West Germany's skilled man-
41om ui sft e nea power, industrial and raw ma-
Although Birmingham got to trial resources remain with the
Sehultz for four hits and the DENVEN, Colo., Aug. 24 (UP)- West, the Allies hold a crucial
Pelicans contributed two er- President Esenhower t today advantage over the Russians.
errors the third-spot Barons signed legislation "outlawing" But if these resources should
Could not muster up enough the Communist Party by strip- fal to the Reds, experts be-
-offense for a score. ping it and its "fronts" of all le- lieve the powc pendulum would
-'- .... gal rights and privileges, swing to the Soviet side and en-
; Brown said the light failure The new law also requires courage the Russians to gamble
Waa cause when an underground Communists to register or fce on a big war.
eght cable blew out. heavy fines and jail terms. And The National Security Council
Ui:Arbah a 25-year-old right- it imposes tough new curbs on decided as far back as 1950 that
hinder with a record of eleven Red-infiltrated labor unions, free Germany must be brought
wins and ten setbacks faced The overall effect of the into Western defense plans one
just 23 men. He walked two and measure is to toughen existing way or another.
0tRIck out two. laws restricting activities of
L CCommunists, the Communist
Party and "front" organizations.
remy Accused Under the internal Security Junketing Royalntyi
Act of 1950, "Communist action' Buses
T-s- T Dgroups are required to register Out l|
Trying To Break witth the government, but the Sets Out In Buses
1 Tr ngo Br e i courts have not yet determined I ol
oilne| pritm rl e finally whetherthe Communist M.o
Colonel S pir dParty is defined as a "Commu- fT rM. s lympus
nist action" group. The measure
FT. SHERIDAN, Ill., Aug signed today would identify the KATAKOLON, Greece, Aug. 24
# -.SHmHtR AN, p Ill. Aug. 24- party as such. (UP)-Europe's biggest boatload
t ) ) Hometown supporters of The measure Mr. Eisenhower of royalty buzzed off in buses
Lt Harry Fleming, decorat- signed wd as an "extra" Congress today like shirtsieeved tourists 1
war veteran accused odcoa- tacked on to his own Communist- for a pilgrimage to the ancient
at with te Communists control program in the closing kingdom of Grecian gods.
tea. supplied him a top attor days of the session. it was a The 90-odd kings, ex-kings,r
ney today and accused the Army toned-down version of a Demo- rulers, ex-rulers and elite of
trying to "break his spirit. cratic-sponsored bill that would fading European noollity dock- 0
c Fleming's court-martial opened have made Communist Party ed aboard the yacht Agamenon. r
with Alfred LaFrance, president membership itself a crime. But They rode off in seven coaches
of the Wisconsin Bar Assn. ap- that provision-once passed by -not the horse-drawn kind-to
ring to act as his defense coun- the Senate and endorsed by the Olympia.
House-was eliminated after the Their destination was the
rand vi..ormluer his s- Administration, said It would temple of Zeus and the famed d
re volunteered his serv- scuttle anti-Red laws already on Olympian Plain were Grecian
r i ma protestmeetin Was thet books a hletes honoring their ancient
atownn Ws .h weem ind DMr. Elsenhower last Friday gods originated the Olympic a
I overithe.wekeend signed three other measures de- Games in 776 B.C.
S rt meaisual wasj orn "signed to crack down on com- The roval tourists are guests E
Srti-anortial w a adjourn unlat subversion and espion- of King Paul of Greece on a 12- 1
neMonday to allow La- age. One would compel witness- day oddysey to areas Greece dh
manee to familiarize him- be fore congressional commit- would like to open up to over-
wl it i both by tees and federal courts to testi- seas visitors. h
K!orea is charb fy against traitors, saboteurs and King Paul decreed informality
nd Kre o s n d a spies by granting them immuni- on the tour and welcomed his t
m ingpr Con amu. ty from prosecution for any guests aboard in shirtsleeves. hi
sians while a prisoner statement that might be incrim- That's how they set out today, v
s at Pyonegyang. inatlng, the Hapsburgs chatting with the e
the.' first Army officer to Hesses and the younger set i
don sucl. charges and ear- craning forbbest seats In their
adlea of innocent to e Drops sightseeing busses.
S accusations against u e gs The Agamemnon, a sleek,
a W. Ehrlich, reserve As Judge Legalizes white-sided yacht, anchored at
lteantcolon-' W nd Racine realereKatakolon some 20 miles from
te man, was appointed by the Marital S Olympia on the Peloponnosian
S protesters to coy the A met atus Peninsula's Mediterranean coast.
prow ese it ome It arrived this morning from |
Inform Fleming h is TOCUMAN, Argentina, Aug. 24 the Adrlatlcs island of Corfu
ads are behind him. (UPJ Antonio Robles and De- where the last guest, ex-Klng
Hri sid when he arriv licia Del Carmen wentni4 _a Talnberto of Italy, came aboard
Zhrilch said when he arrived justice of the peace today tole- yesterday. .
urdsy he was subjected to "0- goalie their 10-year-old common Swift winds hindered yester- f
Mehring, disco u r t e o u a and law marriage, day's sightseeing. Not only was fl
tl!-.hanled" treatment by the As the judge said the words "T it too hbrisk tn wear Bhirt.olevo d



w I


France proposed the EDC, with
the integration of -six national
armies, and that plan has been
the cornerstone of American po-
The French originally believ-1
ed EDC would provide adequate
control: over German rearming.
But doubts intervened.
Now that EDC appears to be
dying at French hands, American
officials are casting about for
some alternative.

The first move is expected to
be an American-British decision
to grant sovereignty to West
Germany. Congress has author.
lied the President to take this
action. It will come swiftly if
the EDC fails to clear the
F ench parliament next week.
The United States and Britain
would tell France that they plan-
ned to set a date for ending the
occupation. France would be svit-
ed to join in the withdrawal Re-
gardless of French action, offi-
cials believe the way would be
cleared to arm the Germans in-
dependently or in cooperation
with the North Atlantic Treaty Or-
Mr. Eisenhower told Congress
last week that "no measures to
defend free Europe from Soviet
aggression can be fully effective
without West Grermany participa.
tion. The EDC offers the best so-
lutibn for the difficult problem
of integrating German a r m e d
forces into the European defense
A State Department spokes-
man said yesterday that failure
of the Brussels conference to
agree on the proposed six-nation
European Defe e n s e Community
has "created a very serious si-
But, Henry Suydam, department
press officer, declined to say what
action the United States may
take other than to "study the
whole -l.icture."
Suydam said the department
iad no immediate comment on
the Brussels deadlock.
"Naturally, this is a very se-
rious situation," he said. "Before
commenting on it, the department
of state will wish to study the
whole picture."
He declined to say whether
Dulles had consulted with Presi-
lent Eisenhower.
Suydam said he could not pre-
lict how long the department's
"study" might take.
A highly-placed U.S. official
said Mendes-France has the pow-
er to deliver a killing blow ti
EDC during forthcoming debate
n the French Parliament. But
he raid the administration still
hopes the French will ratify the
ong-stalled plan.
Dilles considers ratification of
he proposal so important that
he sent special ambassador Da-
vid K. E. Bruce to Brussels to
emphasize this country's interest
n it.

American Airlines'

!5-Day Pilot Strike

Ending Midnight
- American Airlines resumes Its D
lights at midnight to end a 25- d
ay strike over the scheduling f

provost marshal. ronounce ou man and wife," but the -Agamempon couldn't of non-stop c r o s -country
Shared that Flemingthe 41 -year-old bride dropped dock and its guests had to ride officials sad partial
been kept in "almost solita- Idead of a heart attack. bobbing lighters to shore. Airline officials said partial
confinement and is allowed schedules will go into effect at
01 twice a day to walk a midnight with all flights to be
ribMed route. I L i u. Coc Al resumed by the weekend.
SFlemingasked to have r u Conduct Ard The resumption of service was
t changed to break the set yesterday when striking AFL
tony and was refused. pilots and the airlines ironed out
ms they're determined t Given To Firem an M cD aniel final details of a truce agree-
;s spiritt" jhrlich said. G iv T F M c aI ment they signed Sunday.
ie 90 days he has been at The AFL pilots struck Amer-
heddan his appearance to me 0 ican when the company schedul-
l indicate they have done ed non-stop transcontinental
to- break his spirit than the An Award Certificate for Mer- Lisholt, placing in jeopardy the flights of more than eight hours.
were able to do in Korea in itorious Conduct was personally lives of sixteen men who were United has one such flight
years." presented to James E. McDaniel, performing their assigned duties scheduled. TWA dropped its one
ming has been in confine- Balboa Fireman, by Governor on board this vessel. similar flight when the Amer-
three months but his arrest Seybold shortly before McDaniel "Fireman James E. McDaniel, ican strike began,
ie charges first b e c a m e left for two months of convales- himself severely burned and in- The truce agreement provides
Last week with the conven- cent leave in his home state of jured by the said explosion, for a new clause in American's
S'the court-martial. Virginia, without regard for his personal wage contract under which pl-
In the picture above the Gov- safety, did succeed in transmit- lots will not be required to fly
aed Forces Will ernor in white suit is shown tine a call to the Fire Division. more than eight hours non-stop
F r c presenting the special certificate "The action of Fireman James on flights other than the dis-
S a to Fireman McDaniel. Attending E. McDaniel resulted in the puted trans-continental flights.
SU p Spending the ceremony, left to right, were, prompt rescue and treatment of -
E o James Marshall, Acting Civil Af- the explosion victims T "a
Western Europe fairs Director, Captain A. J.1 "Fireman James E. McDaniel rFood Fr Thought
esern u p Troup, Chief of the Fire Dlvi- is commended for his action a-,
INGTON. Aug. 24 (UP) aion, and Norman F. Johnson, above and beyond the call of duty NEW YORK, Aug. 24 (UP) -
STN. armedug. 2orc4 (UP sent mploye and Labor Relations thereby exemplifying the finest A Bronx resident paid a restau-
S. billions dollars abroad Officer, who devised the certifi- traditions of the firefighting rant owner for two meals today,
94 bi llasade cate. I service. eight years late.
year, but will spend even In making the presentation. The certificate, signed by the Al Newman, a partner in Ro-
'this year. the Department Governor Seybold said that the Governor was presented to Me- Toff's restaurant, just off Times
Uunerce reported today. certificate was something in Daniel and a facsimile was Square, received a check for $1.-
*ncresen will resin Westerm which McDaniel and the entire placed in his personnel file. In 70 in the morning mall. '
SLargespendin n Wrel stern Fire Division can take pride- addition, an identification-size With it was a letter from a
a rest recwith ent lat "Itn was well deserved, and res- card with the inscription was al- man who said he and his brother
SJapance wa n with 775 mlli cents of the Canal Zone com- so presented which may be car- slipped out of. the restaurant
Trance was next with munity should appreciate the ried by the possessor. eight years ago after eating din-
S high type of service you render- The certificate presented to ner. He said they didn't have any
I ed." he declared, the fireman burned in the Lish- money.
Bal8boa Tide The Meritorious Conduct Cer- olt disaster was the first of "I'd like to pay off now and
e tiflcate itself described action by its kind ever given a Canal em- apologize for trying to beat you
oW nesdmay, Aug. 25 McDaniel for which it was a- ploye. However, It is planned to out of the check," the man
& Low warded as follows: present such certificates in the wrote.
-. ............ 7:08 amn. "On February 9. 1954, an ex- future In Instances of exception- Newman said the sa8ae meal
M ............ 7:44 p.m. plosion occurred aboard the .S8. al and meritorious service, today would cost $2.75.


"Let the people know the truth and Mhe country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


PANAMA, R. ?, TUjiSDAT, AUGUST @, 1854

Britain, US Urgently Seek to Salvage

German Rearmament From Shaky EDC

LONDON, Aug. 24 -(UP) -
Britain and the United States to
day began urgent consultations o0
salvaging German rearmamen
from the almost-doomed Euro
pean army.
U.S. embassy counselor Jamei
Penfield went to the Foreign Of
fice for conversations with Sit
Frank Roberts, Britain's top ex
pert on Germany.
Sir Frank was present yester
day at the hush-bush talks be
tween Prime Minister Winsto r
Churchill and French Premier
Pierre Mendes-rac on the on the fail
ure of the Brussels conference to
end the controversy over the pro
posed European Defense Commu
nity (EDC).
Both the United States and
Britain were groping for a quick
alternative to EDC If the
French Assembly finally 're-
jects the original plan as ex-
pected Saturday.
Informed diplomatic so u r c e i
said today that Churchill h as
promised Mendes-France to ex-
amine with the U.S. what further
steps could be taken to make it
easier for France to accept a new
military linkup with Germany.
Highest diplomatic s o u r c e a
maintain that so far no alterna-
tive solution to the EDC has been
evolved which would satisfy all
artners-the Big Three powers,
he West European nations and
West. Germany.
The speediest way would be
Germany's inclusion in NATO but
France's consent would be re-
quired and at present it is not
considered likely.
What alternative will thus even-
tually emerge remains a mystery
to all.
But there was certainty t h a t
"something" will be devised as
all Western p o w e r s, including
France, are agreed that Germany
muit not be neutralized and must
lay ier full part in the West u-
ropean community.
Meanwhile in Paris, former pre-
mier Antoine Pinay, "the man
who saved the franc," called on
France today to give the Euro-
pean Defense Community a fair
rial for 18 n-onths be fore con-
demning "t.
Pinay was reported to have A-
merican support for his l as t-
ditch proposal to save EDC, but
well-informed officials in Wash-
ington said they knew nothing a-
bout the plan.
He warned that France must
choose between the "leadership
of Europe" and the "perils of
isolation' in asking at a press
conference last night for the tri-
al period.
Pinay. who halted the rise of in-
lation in France when he was
premier in 1952, moment a r i y
ook the spotlight away from Men-
les-Frence, who failed in his ef-
orts at Brussels last week to wa-
ter down the six-nation EDC proj-
Mendes-France last night gave
French President Rene Coty a re-

Argentina To Keep

Trading Foodstuffs,

Goods With Russia

port on the Brussels conference
and his dramatic flight to Eng.
land yesterday for consultations
with Churchill.
"I will do all I can to help you,"
Churchill told Mendes-France, but
urged him to press hardest for rat-
ification of EDC by the French
Mendes France scheduled a
meeting with U.S. ambassador C.
Douglas Dillon this morning and
an afternoon session with his cab-
Pinay, backed by, Georges Bi.
dault, former foreign minister.
and other Popular Republi c a n
Party leaders, appealed for one
last consultation with France's
EDC partners-I t a I y, Belgium,
Luxembourg, West Germany and
the Netherlands-before the As-
sembly casts its vote.
Pinav said France might ap-
prove the long-delayed treaty if
EDC were given an 18-month-
probationary period after it
goes into effect.
"The question before us now is
not to know if the EDC will'be
created or will not be-created,"
Pinay said. "It is to know it the
EDC will be created with us or
without us."
Piaty said the question is "to
know If we are to abandon our-
selves to a double threat-from
the outside that of the uncon-
trolled reconstitution of. the
Wehrmacht (German Arm y)
and the resurrection of the Ger-
man general staff, and from the
inside that of Communist aglta-
tion and propaganda.
"We are on the threshold of a
drama which we must recognize
and which we must forestall at
any price."
Mendes-France dealt the EDC
project its worst blow at Brus-
sels where lie held out for pro-
posals that would weaken the pro-
posed Eurpeasn Army W b oatin-
in German soldiers to thr own
The representatives of France's
partners in the Army rejected the
Mendes-France protocols on T h e
ground they would destroy the o-
verall unity, or supranational na-
ture. of the project.
In falling to accept the plan in
its present form, Mendes-France
risked forcing the United States
to make an agonisingg apprais-
al" of its foreign aolley. U.S. Sec-
retary of State John Foster Dulles

Adone Zoll Named

To Succeed Italy's

Late De Gasped
ROME, Aug. 24 (UP) The
governing Christian Democratic
Party elected Foroner Justice
Minister Adone Zoli today as
president of the Party's National
Council to succeed the late Al-
cde De Gasperi.
0ol1 is considered a "neutral"
in the struggle of factions in
the party which leads Italy's
government coalition. His elec-
tion is expected to lead to great-
er stability in the party and to
avoid dissension that was Indi-
cated after De Gasperl's death
five days ago.
The post of -president of the

National Council is relative
BUENOS AIRES, Aug. 24 (UP) usoaI onct D npri last
supplying Russia with foodstuffshad over they
and raw materials for another party post of secretaryageneral
and raw materials for another to Amintore Fafani,
year although Russia has failed Zo Aml, 66, is a m ber of the
to make full payment in promis- olS 66, iwas a member of the
ed capital goods for Argentine Senate d was justice inste
shipments in the past year, it in one of De Gasperi' cabinets
was learned today.
Included In the goods that Ar- US Poet Claims
gentina will ship Rusata in the
next 12 months are 20,000 t Politics The
of wool, 14,000 tons of catleIs
hides and 751000 tons of linseed er Of World
on. Cancer Of World'
A Russo-Argentina T r a 4d e
Treaty concluded a year ago ex- LIMA, Peru. Aug. 24 (UP) --
pired on Aug. 15 and was ex:-Robert L. Frost, octogenarian
tended, although the Argentine American poet. described politics
government has yet to make an today as the "cancer of the
official announcement of it. world."
Under the treaty,' Argentina Frost was on his way back
was supposed to get $30,000,000 home from Sao Paulo, Braill,
worth of oil field and coal mint where he attended an Interna-
equipment and railway mate- tional Writers'Congres.
rials. South America ImprsMed him
tussia also'understook to ship deeply and .will *so irene of
Argentina 500,000 tons of crude his future ooems, frost ad.
oil. 300,000 tons of coal and $1,- Commenting on the Sao Paulo
200,000 worth of steel prodts. Congress, he id the only trou-
Argentina completely filled 4 was that "every intellectual
its part of the bargain, while debate led fatally to polities.
Russia claimed relays in produc- -"Politics has nothing to do
ing some of the good with which with poetry, but politics today
it was to havempaid Argentina. is the cancer of the world"




threatened that appraisals would
be made unless France took posi-
tive action on EDC.
The "agonizing appraisal" was
interpreted to mean the arming
of German soldiers outside the
framework of the European Ar-

Mendes-France was In posittotin
to absolve himself of blame, how.
ever, by putting the full responsi-
bility on previous governments
which also had refused to ratify
the EDC treaty.
Soirees le to Mendes-
Prance said the premier bellev.
edt here would be no "agonlz
ing appraisal" In the United
States because France can con*.
trol the pace of German rear.
mament by exercising her veto
In the North Atlantic Treaty Or.
Mendes-France was said to be-
lieve that Anless the United States
cooperates with France in t he
quest for an acceptable alterna.
tive, the entire NATO alliance
may fall apart, to the sole benefit
of Rusia.
Churchill and Mendes-France
agreed yesterday on the urgent
need for shoring up Wertern unity
against the threat of a European
Defense Community collapse.
They were silent. after a four
and a half hour emergency con-
ference on what they thought
should be done about this gravest
crisis of the anU-Communiat de-
fense setup.
The busting young French Pre.
mier flew here from the futile
Brussels conference on the EDC
to seek the counsel and support
of the ,old warrior who first voic-
ed the concept of European unity
after World War II.
Terse statements from Chart-
well, the Churchill country home
where the conferce was held,
and from Menda-Fra*befe
be departed roi Fatne show
that two basic ple y agreements
had been reached;
1. The West must maintain uni-
2. To do so, it must quickly take

Indian To Explain

Policy On Goa

To South America

NEW DELHI, India, Aug. 24.
(UP) Informed sources said
India's roving ambassador and
Geneva mediator R. K. Kirshna-
Menon will pay brief visits to
South American nations next
week in a tour connected with
criticism there of India's policy
on Goa.
Krishna Menon, leader of In-
dia's United Nations delegation,
is expected to visit Brazil and
other countries before he at-
tends the U.N. General Assembly
at New York next month. ,
He is scheduled to depart Sat-
urday, these sources said.
They linked the tour. to South
American criticism of Indian de-
mands for the liberation of Goat,
a Porturuesi tefrrltrv n tkt heT.n-

Steps to fill the breach in Western
unity caused by the failure of the
conference at Brussels. There e
French efforts to water down the
EDC plan were rejected by the
other ive proposed members.
"The Prime Ministerof Franco
uacconpanied by the Fre am
bassador and M. Phllipp# Bot.
lunched with the Prime Mlniter
at Chartwell today. Foreign Sec-
retary Anthony' Eden wag als o
present together with offlclals
of the Foreign Officee
"A general discussion took
p ace out he situation arising from
e outcome of thee Blsaels on.
"The ministers were agreed on
the importance of maintaining the
unity of the free nations of the
West and on the necessity of early
practical steps to give effect to
Standing in a drizzle at the
nearby airport before leaving for
home, Mendes-Fraice clasped his
hands and said to the Britons,
"main en main" (hand in band).
* "I was very touched by the re-
ception I had from the Prime
Minister," he said, 'and I am ve-
ry grateful to him and Mr. Eden
for our talks.
He started in English, faltered
and switched to French, with an
interpreter picking him up.
"I was pleased to note t h a t
once again we are agreed that the
Western nations should work to-
gether and especially our t w o
Then he climbed into his DC-3
and flew to Normandy.
British and French sources in
London already were writing off
the European Army, the keystone

IALm I M -~

Master Dies In Fla.
News of the death of John F.
Latimer, Sr., retired senior tow-
boat matser in the Canal service,
in Jacksonville, Fla., on Aug. 7,
has been received by friends in
the Canal Zone. He was 66 years
Capt. Latimer, a native of Ft.
George, Fla., was employed in
the Dredging Division from June
1934 until his retirement in Jan-
uary 1948. During the last three
years of his service he'was as-
signed as master of one of the
Thatcher ferryboats.
He had had many years of
service at sea prior to entering
the Canal service.
He is survived by a son, John,
Jr., of Jacksonville; a daughter,
Mrs. Rodney Turner; and one
Funeral services and interment
were at Jacksonville.

McCarlhy Commitee

Of Censure To Issue



List Of Charges

dian subcontinent. -WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 (11P)
Cultural ties between Portugal A Senate committee studying
and. Brazil are especially clo, the censure move against Sen.
observers pointed out. Joseph R. McCarthy prepared
Today to Issue a list of specific
SBraniff charges to serve as the basis for
rs. Brani Public hearings starting Monday.
Chairman Arthur V. Watklna
(R-.Utah) said the "bill of par-
Dies In Texas tular" against the Wisconsin
Republican would be turned over
A cable received at midday to Edward Bennett Williams,
from Dallas by the local Braniff McCarthy's attorney, sometime
office advised them of the death during the day, He said the
there at 7:30 aum. today of Mrs. charges then would be made
Elizabeth Thurman Braniff. one public.
of the vice-presidents of Braniff The speclficationr mere based
Airways. on the special six-nan Ca mmit-
Mrs. Braniff died at her home tee's study of 46 charges filed
In the Texas city after an tlness against McCarth by Sens.
of several months Ralph E. FIanders (R-Vt.),
Funeral arrangements have Wayne Morse (Ind.-Ore.) and J.
not been announced, but in ac- William Fulbright (D-Ark.).
cordance with her expressed There were sqme duplications in
wish it is requested that no flow- the three sets of charges. ,
era be sent. It was sugmted Watkins has Indicated that
that those who would othfiwise none will bq formally ruled out
do s inake a donation to their during the hwrin. But the bill
favorite charity in memory of of was expected to
her. ind the c dAtion and sub-
rs. Braniff was the widor of ject matter of the Committee's
the late Thomas, X initial hearIg
founder and preldent of r Other considered to be
Airways until hl da a of leby the Cm-
plane crash last winter. mittee, wib held in abeyance
She has been a frequent vlt- pending new develo.ents or
or in Panama. the reeilpt of new evidence.




Beginning Sept. 4

-- Ending Sept. 4--

Reductions Rangi from 10 to 50%o
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In 7-Inning Duel

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