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"Let the people how the trmth and the country is safe" Abrahrn Lincoln.






Indochina Prisoners,

TeJL Of Death March
SAug. set Some 4600 iFrench Unin saol- marcation line in groups of 40
ar 1 eased diers came out of Communist by Vietmah drum majors
hene warsaid today nativity yesterday after a fre- The clamor l an of Communst an-
the ges the a ne w g serenade there r ovided a new propagan-
the5routethe I"deatgwomen isingerernda b b s t
m "romthLofnfortr essELong live o-nh:LongAuthorities had no further
ot Dien Sion pbW live peace; LonglieFrance'word-on Brig.Gen.Chian de
Tb:puisneathe women chanted between Castres, commander at Dien,
tt soo-ore pac"d their "democratic" anthems. Bleft Phu.
teybilaengiveun- The prisoners sang with The Viet Nam radio had said
by fie 1ilsifl*W' them until they stepped ae he would be freed soon. One
W elea In aS ross the e to frtdo. freed prisoner reported that De
fatten "" --- 'up Then they ,*p Castries had been forced to ap-
P They ma us sing with pear in a Red propaganda film.
I themm" one explained.
infeted prisoners were handed
aind eIsyn over at Ri, 34 miles u the McCary Sa Wsfied
R 'Iivet from Hanoi, n ex-
The sidl te RO eptup fo 1,000 Vie~cp
kepatane *ra up eg for 1exchangetIK PAYS TRIBUTE TO LIXIbtON Making a political lWgrimage to lalnols, President Iri-
an barrage t. The exchange of war pris- senhower stops to honor the memory of Abrahba Lincoln by placing a wreath at lis tomb
and tried tgetthem to Sing ofter gWan Wednesday. 1n sprigfleld.
Community hymnsbut that few that since t true 1 slA 1i ne
soean prisoners responded to t onrs had fatter ol h
Sthe "oM iteIit proiagan d. the like prize geese.
Fr e a tohorlti5wsreported ra wa stark canmWis.A e cAgn Sl Pl2
'aISOpersshhdfled t e Atrst tt oftDien BiMen LWKE WisF Aug 21 Rr IlP 1 he d no
e lasin heaseeke c e P Phu prisoners freed earlier (UP) aSoneJoseph MH MCar- Ea rine IonanIIUplI Fheo
;jp~dly 2 itoaotothe n on keletoii-l Iskesuryioso thy (R.Wis.) said last ngttthat U1J
to todathearhswicO hskl. lhe dow'Was "completely satisfied
They said welcoming ters ed hundreds. w't
in the south Were Par-in hs onUctbofi Flies .Atlantic In Sm all P lane
M Mq mxhyIdicaed that he
awaOwl else lcof -. aod'ieM iotpan t -coseaieLIMERICK, Ireland, Aug.21Danaher landed his sinl-n o'peig~flight from Argen-
to f"Idle -nrexhage at bs*olh* cmmitte (UP) -Thomas H afh caIFL g ilbe eor h oDanahr. a gine Be~ecl aft tBonanza plane tin, ewrounqladI 1hours.
ymbu odleave Mest to his coun- frmr fighter pilot whoahalf or eoe last midnight. He said he hooded first for
MoteLM. fls e-engie& ln aWKs.Pa ,but t I As.ouldn.11
Ifno:or P
SOLA _ed odayUn
5 AIA"

he tOOFh
DITRiOT, Aug. 21 (UP)-On- i heb l a a few from Argentia Nfl. and Iaded
ly three weeks atr giving rt Two P nsamanan vagpants rela0ak a ta I dinner" just before mdnigt yesterday WS GTON, Aug. 21 (P)-
twinirlB were each sentenced ea am a onredPresident and Mrs.
t pov gave rth to .a a .eaildurt yesterday oVnteranaInleft here aboard thetla
41K uloK S ^ ounceboy Kiefer f nte tat3 alO But he refused to let rp a SpanO0 bine at 9:i24 A.M.tW
s th an h ear Aua lre oaol ToqeMcarH r plmned to calnleinm e a l "wrg wayfta day for a late summer vacation

dren, mo he ha lnev cared AOi without a anyl k to a GOe grp won't aellw single-engCe j.t- from Washington National Alt
oct medical history." l craft even along the Ca port. e the presidential
.1 my .A $10 .was imposed on shoreline and they wont staff who are remaining here
caeitthey ant toe." shesaid Henry A. Clarkes, 29-yea l QUe HonoPrlq single-engine aircraft to mala as weoare on and in the misty,
u st I jidtwantto have a nor- Panamanian, for striking PMearl te w b. trans-Atlantic flight."a damp weather to wish thm e nr
mal b happy family." Hanes.-, i i n Pa on To Be nher said he flew Douglas idenrand Mrs. Etsenhower t are
Mrs. Braxton gave birth to For Ilegaly carrying hunting | Eekynght twin-jet figetere In the we.
twin daughters at Kiefer HoW- arms, Paro hBarcea,5 4,Pang-4' lth ier ofnt-e Marifnie VMn 51dth eurasIon ln Part of the staff already s nl
toal July id then went home m an l-t-er $5 jr U Iheine I UmorW Korea and that he piloted Orum- Denver where a temporary White
to awaftr the third chculd wehxte i$ o wi ut a -icnmsA net- man Hellicats in World: War IL House will be opened o make thee
doctors told her she could x- $10 fineto a young Ame- FOSTAINBLEAU,Fr a nce, "It was a true adventure." he Presidntr tMp a mixture of
pect "at any time." cn; ROY Jeffri1 S. Aug. 21 (UP) A plaque honor-said. "It wasn't that life was workand relaxation.
iter physlisan, Dr,.Thomas y. Ten dollar fies were Imposed'n a
r hsaA the, baas a on Molses Vel, a anda manilng the ltb e Gen. George 8, Pat- dull, but everybody ba shme sort Mr. tand' ELsenhower's rea-
twh wuomb aald a an ha a 28 Vella s during rowill ce dedicated here tomor- of a boyish Idea arid this was Idenece -Unti- sometime In Oct
d twitn womb ad double f. ru BaUboey. otru llw u was driving row at ceremonies marking the mine." to oher will be the Laiayette Street
and thr t concept"mT- ottV boy atr auck without a registration fth anniversary of th#e crossing He planned to walk A.ound home o- MIr. John S. Doud, Mrs
? probablsr occurred *dut two plate, and Bal1eter wa trtt- of the Seine by V.& forces in Cork, 86 miles from Lr&erickM to. Kfsenhower' motljir. Summer
weeks ater tiat c e iwn Iassingin threTvon ommissa- n world War ni. w day to see if he could find any White House offices have been
9 girls. Despite theV j e Beto'eny oBore anamanlans. The ceremonies attend- relatives. He explaii*d he was a set un pin the administration
birts, hwevelt br l-INl).JrdonaPanamanian, ed bytenchMarshalAlphonse third generation at Lowry AIr Force
drun wll be bynItd h A tripluis, fined or falling to stop Juin and US. Ambaagdor to I'd like to fine some of the rele- BasaL about six miles from the
Dr. Hum said. his bus at a stop Ign. 'France C. Douglas Dillon. tives." Doud home.

Argentinian Accuses Catholic Church'

Of Fomenting Latin American Unrest

VANSTOAug.21 (UP) The Rev. Dr. Guenter Jacob thesis between the Communist Commenting. on recent vio- ical Confederation showed 53
-methodit Uber- said communism 'reduces God to ideology that developed into a lence In Colombia, Barbleri said Protestants died, 116 primary
to Bb ofcharged* product of a primitive man- fanatical religion and our Ohris- a report to the United Nations in schools were forcibly closed and
yesterday ta omS Cat- ids anxieties and Jesus Christ tilan faith." April by that country's Evangel-143 churches were destroyed by
olc Church is foamenting "un- at best to a revolutionary who fire and dynamite.
test and p udice" in Latin failed." He sk0thb report stated that
AMeeAat to pro Jacob delivered the boldest at- the violence was "largely Insti-
serve a religiouss tack yet made at the assembly gated by elements of the Roman
Iron CUAhi. of the World Council Of gatedlbY elements
Cuc-fChurch- Catholic 'clergy."
BOA.-of 18Aires, told ft by any of the delegates from1
the nembly of Coun- behind the Iron Curtain. Barbieri who is residing bish-
il of w h"es ltdirect or Council spokesmen said they op of the Method is Church in
indIrec Cathol influence Is "at understood the RusaSan govern- Argentina, Urugeuay and Bolivia,
the bottom of eve curtallment ament at first refused to let him said "simlar efforts" are being
of religiousMe in Latin coghe here and then changed its s carried out in Paraguay
A ca. cHe listed Peru, Ecuador and
"She (the RSoma Catholl Jacob said that from 194 toVenezuqlis as other countries
Church) is the Instisator, VW I Mthdg f of churches in the wh ere rgbDus restrictions are
inspirer and the prompter of Soviet zone of Germany was. In effect eor are on the increase,
much fthe relfgl unrest and dey scarred by bnrsh mea- ^ but said restrictions are declin-
preo) CVps p up hea ures, but conditions have im- Ing in Arntina and Mexico.
an there O In so doing, she poved sine then under a "nw Dr. It E. Nelson of Nsew
does nwt hesitate to use fe "ik proclaimed bF the state. ~ ok, ai secretary of the
dbaneful 1ntendent said d alise ou feedComno.
-W Jaicob,*t s upef7rineden t American Baptist Convention,
said. Union Catuh lyin eg n in the United Sta se ar to
blo ssaid ft ,sai t he church now is be-
X04oadcome from "a religious conserva-

mm ^ ^ j ^g ,ehrp set b-Vfc iF'iS proy eBiy~ theb di-
a A eI y o a and tion of the right which equates
which sieks uliy asng t children In- Christianity with reactionary
jcih. oet l wi~th' -materialistic plce.
t -r i n o hop of a 1 o&" state schools.
a in the Wb O the is beNelson 0a94 another threat Is
l^ < Si U.a ^ Bqle te Is better
t~he W W It be, said, com- the Roman Catholic C church's
dsto r ia eti Van l tdoctrineoof Infallibility which
bar SUN laI tU4 t au tueto wsanywotdT -leaves no robm either for ade-
94MM e n fJacb ga pl N O n a.- quor answm r by the
said. 40ft"Wa am "I" twl-
In~ W-110001111 "!--. hodoe as (NSA T9lephoto) Be u We
a absolate ses- ,i3w. 5 3!3-Yaw tinM near the rafters of Mc(raw Me-
Moina111m vsm 'ra = (left) adwynt112a R11ift
jqsqUIUmgXr0111110011161= = he waIC11103:35aL.m.. .......3so A~M.
ODUNG f Cb W19 PAL............ 4:13 Vp..

Farewdt Swervk

Pia oe For a
Premier Wo Gaseri
T I A (UP)
- e y ofhe laue Premier
Alcide De Gasperi was brought
another step nearer to its final
resting place in Rome today.
Civic leaders knelt in silent
vigil throughout the night in
the wide, frescoed council hall
ot the municipal building. A
farewell funeral service was
scheduled this morning in the
Trento Cathedral.
Tomorrow, the body will start
its laaW journey across the coun-
try hie-rescued from ruins and
anarchy. The funeral train will
stop, at 1 cities along the route.
Tomorrow the body will reach
Its final destine tion at Rome.
Then, on Monday, De Gasperd
will be jaid to rest within the
ancient Basilica of St. Lawrence
by special permission of Pope
Pius XIL

APPOINTED In his United
Nations office in New York, Dr.
Ralph J. Bunche smiles after
receiving the news that he has
been appointed a deputy sec-
retary general of the United
Benefit Casino
On Over Wekend
Another week end benefit
Casa is new uder way at El
aboe Gardena. Starting last
USK iwl etifnve tbrssgb
Preeeds of this b benefit will
Increase the funds being rais-
ed he fiareltag the emrue-
tist and malatmnane of play-
P Oeerer seetiops of
aTo-g poplar gams --

That rf Uld both uta
and SpalU that th VA. n marked by
tinted to support the titon as well as gaas.
of the fiv toer nations hsan their ic, werCemm
row with the French. vict o r I e In Indochina and
He was saidtohae reiterated rench and Italian failure t
Washington's belief there should ratify the European Defense
be no major watering down Of Community treaty.
the aspects of the DO treaty as
the French have demanded. 'his latter deficiency corn-
Premier Pierre Mendes-France, Stituted the most serious sin-
fighting hard for his plan, con- Ele obstacle to an adate
frred or half an hour yester- n po he
day with U.S. Ambassador Fredsaid.
Alger. Reports circulated that
Mendes-France made a last ur- The President reported that
gent appeal for U.S. support, and the United States hu given Its
warned of dire consequences if allies $9,400,000,000 In arms,
the Brussels meeting ailed. munitions and otherfighting
The Belgian move to give the equipment since the U S.
conference at least a face-saving tary aid program was launched
end came yesterday In a 3% in 1949. The lion's share or
hour session. per cent, went to Europe,
Informed diplomatic sources Seventeen per cent to
said the main points of the Asia, 10 per cent to th
compromise proposal were: East and Africa and one p
1.-The six EDC countries cent toLatin Amer a,
would issue a joint declaration Some $2,614,000,000 w set
lodging themselves anew to a- side for the Far East from m-
bde by the spirit of the EDC tual security funds in the
pact and specially to maintain ix months of this year.'
Its supra-national aspects. than $1,600,000,000 of the ms
2.-Experts representing the trial was shipped.
nations would go through the 14 During the sms eliod UV.
points of the French plan and military aid to inI bd
divide them into two lists. One billion dollars. Otheraid t6
would contain items on which rope totalled 132 Millio.
no serious disagreement wasv T- he President's report M
dent and which would need no $840,000 was tlcked for,
new parliamentary ratification Near East, South Asi d
The other would be those on a. Military aid accountedn
which France and the others 541,700,000, development-Ubt-
were at odds.anceprorams 2000,000
3.-France would agree to seek techncal cooperation and re-
the earliest possible ratification fugee relief $906,000.
of the treaty, Including the He said members f the North
"protocols" by which Mendes- Atlantic Treaty Organlast
France proposed to water t have gone "steadily forward wi
down radically. their plans to defend the area
4.-The other five would un- against Soviet Military upsa*
dertake to submit the texts! of sion
the French proposals to their An aggressive assault from
own parliaments after French the East could not be- a
ratification. without extensive
Reaction was not promising. I es w hichwT"i
French sources said the Spsak time for mobilization of def
plan was "Insvired by the ori- forces In the European ra
ginal treaty text, and would said
mark a return to It." But they_____________
professed to see some chance
of a compromise between the
Spaak plan and the French U G
The Germans saw little hope A A
of agreement. Chancellor Kon- AsFR" W Np
rad Adenauer, looking gloomy
and disheartened, made tenta- il
tive plans to go back to Bonn to- ,Ww ( Me
Some conference sources be- UBDDA, Spain, Aug. 21 (P)-
lieved that If all other solutions Five fighting bulls broke OAt O
failed, the foreign ministers a bullring cage today and t *
might go home after agreeing to paged over the Oranada. ee
turn the French proposals over tr slde, spreading panic a.-'
to experts for further examina- seriously goring a farms.
tion. one of the bulls seriously tIM
In Washington, President E- jured a 62-year-old am __
senhower warned that measures other charged a tactor,
to defend Western Euwp from turning it, and killed a
Russian attack can not be fully Both were shot by
effective without rearmament of mounted ranches an
West Germany, guards.
Re deplored faUre of Other poe raned
France and Itlyt atify the sou*ern Spa t n
European amy o as the bore Granada seeking


C ~_~~____ ~__~_II

__ __

i i


1. .




Bruce Plunges

Into Powwows

With Dulles Note

BRUSSELS, Aug. 21 (UP) The United States threw
its full weight today behind final moves to rescue the
European army project from still-threatening disaster.
David K. E. Bruce, U. S. ambassador for Euro a
unity matters who arrived here late last night from aris
on a hush-hush mission, plunged into conferences this
morning with West German chancellor Konrad Adenauer
and Belgian foreign minister Poul-Henri Spook, president
of the six-notion EDC conference.
Bruce was reported at midnight to have delivered a
message from U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
to French Premier Pierre, Mendes-France through the in-
termediary of Jean Riviere, French ambassador to
Bruce visited Adenauer at the time since the end of World war
Chancelors Hotel at 0 am. and II and could net be ord Win
conferred for an hour with him a. n tf KS
a t n aan State Beore


);)#Z ~;~!C~6C


S* iUNDIDev mv NL.ON mOUNouVL. IN los
M Tlm'irr P* 0 0 134. PANAMA. N. OP P.
TEL.PHOm- PA*N*AA NO 8.0740 4B LINmsI
S$43 M5Ameo Avg. NEw YORK. 41t7 N V.
N". IN BNCI 9.70 1.'0
X .." -D.V. n f-., 5 4. -


CHILE RECEPTION-Russian writer Ilya Ehrenburg angrily
shakes a finger while protesting to Chilean customs inspectors
,and security police as they examine his luggage in Santiago.
jEhrenburg made the trip to Chile to present a diploma and gold
fmnedal to Chilean Communist poet Pablo Neruda and demanded
'immunity to customs inspection because of his diplomatic passport.
H... .. He didn't get it.


4 CHILD'S BEST FRIEND InDenison, Tex., three-year-old
o Paula Dyer holds a picture of President Eisenhower in front of
4b I'Tang, a collie, who won first place in the National Heroic Dog
Z& I contest. Tang is credited with saving the lives of four children
.. I by knocking them from In front of moving cars. Tang's reward
is a gold collar and chain and $1000,

Answer to Previous Puille
Video Star

ACROSS 5 Writing fluid
6 Worms
I Video star. 7 Fondlem
eo 8 Native metalI
'7He is a 9 Males-
..1television!Vo Greek letter,

13 Feminine
name (pl.)
14 Interstice
15 Meat cuts
16 Rent roll
17 Pull along
18 Before
O0 Shoemaker's
21 Presses
25 Home
28 Features
32 Doctrine
,3 Tidy
34 Genus of tru
35 Food from th
,36 Grassland
40 Perfume
41 Physostzgmiis

I 1 Talon *|W .
12 Vend IT| ^l l
19 Narrow inlet
21 Form a notion
22 Seine 31 He is a 45 Smear
23 Township 35 Masculine 47 Contest of
(ab.) person speed
24 Legislative 37 Pronoun 48 Things done
body 38 Try again 49 Nuisance
25 Above 39 Silkworm 51 Fish
26 Mr. Lugosl 42 Bury 52 Born
27 Individuals 43 Greek war god 54 Compass
29 American coin 44 Native of point
30 Squirrel shrew Latvia 55 Short sleep


I saw it in the






Labor News




Here, as in Europe, it's always
e "masses" te millions of
.orking-people who vote in surg-
g waves, who have the balance
at power, who must be wooed by
,nose who would lead nations of
power. And the most ardent wooer
of all is Dwight D. Eisenhower-
now determined not to be labelled
anti-labor or an enemy of the
masses of "little people."
The President is making this his
personal campaign. He has or-
uered the conservative wing of the
Republican Party not to get into
ne public hustings and joust with
the labor leaders.

He has ignored the bitter barbs
and angry criticisms of George
Meany and Walter Reuther and
has appointed some of their lieu.
tenants to high foreign policy
making posts abroad. Even now,
Ike's foreign operations' chief,
Harold Stassen, meets with and
takes advice from such un-Reopub-
lican intellectuals ag Walter Reu-
ther's brother, Victor, y
The man who will head the Par-
is headquarters of Harold Stas-
sen's and Dwight Elsenhower'e la-
bor activities abroad is Barney
Taylor, assistant publicity direct-
or of the CIO United Automobile
Workers Union, whose De t r oit
headquarters is presided by Wal-
ter Reuther. The entire labor see.
tion of the Foreign Operations Ad-
ministration will, in fact, be run
by men named by Mr. Reuther
and AFL chief George Meany.
This won't still their tough criti-
cism of President Eisenhower's
administration-as the President
will have a chance to discover for
himself. The President remembers
that last year he dispatched Ri-
chard Nixon to speak in his behalf
to the 700 leaders of 10,200,000 AFL
workers. Dick Nixon was booed
This )ear Mr. Eisenhower has
ordered his aides to twist and re-
shuffle his schedule so her per-
sonally can get the AFL conven-
tion platform in Los Angeles in
September. Ike would like to speak
at a night session of the conven.
on Sept. 23, I'm told. But the AFL
leaders, at the moment anyway,
are shrugging off White House sug-
gestions that they call a special
evening meeting.
Still, Mr. Eisenhower is trying
to match his tight travels with
their wishes-and if it comes off
he'll be the first president since
Wilson to speak to an AFL parley.
Not the least acid of the .Presi-
dent's critics has been the embat-
tled 4oh; Lewis who' Aow sits

the t Ine. For some mo nths now
John L. has used his. going rou-
tine of needling the White House
out front while sending emissaries
through the back door.
And Ike has moved to help the
hard struck coal industry and the
150,000 miners looking for a hard
swinging day's work in empty
pits. Through the Foreign Opera-
tions Administration the govern-
ment has just ordered $200,000,.-
000 worth of coal for shipment to

Sorta Pathetic, Isn't It?



On The Firing Line: The Ameri-.
can Legion is split wide open be-
cause of National Commander Ar-
thur J. Connell's "soft" stand on
trading with the Iron Curtain, All
hell is expected to break loose at
the Washington convention later in
the month after the boys and gals
read here that Connell is some sort
of consultant t4 Harold Stassen.
Stassen is the chlef scrambled-egg.
head of the FAO which promotes
the East-West trade. Issue came to
a boll in Boston the other week
whan.4Lgiolnstaex.J -cketlng g'od*
from Commle countrmas,'were ftak.
en over the coaIs by rtee NNatoal
Commander. What Connell doesn't
know is that the American Legion
Magazine's upcoming issue (Sept.)
prints Vic Lasky's no-holds barred
article on Stassen which was held
up for six months.
Ye Olde Feeling: John Carroll
and Mary Florshein, Picking. She's
the shoe heiress and they're shin,
ing brightly... Today's Lance Ful-
ler item: Barbara Stanwyck. Well,
whadaya know?

Asiatic and European nations
which have little money to buy Sports Page: Marco Brioschi, the
good quality fuel. This will give the Jersey millionaire who's been try.
industry and the United Mine ing to send Joe DiMaggio and an
Workers Union a shot in the pock. ai star 'American Italian major
etbook. league baseball team to Italy to
combat communism there (by
It's a victory for John Lewis teaching the American way), is be.
who spoke personally to Harold ing held up by the Red infested
Stassen and Milton Eisenhower- It an Feeration of Sports. Our
and thus got right to the President State Dept., which okayed the
with the near tragedy of the coal $171,000 project, now isn't acting
patches, too eager either, and I wonder
Another labor group, led by an
even more tenacious and blunt A Great American and His Fam.
talking critic of Mr. Eisenhower, ily: California's most fabulous
has just been helped also. This is character is Gon Sam Mue, who re-
the New Dealish CIO Textile cently retired after 30 years in the
Workers Union led by Emil Rieve. U. 8. Bureau of Narcotics. He is
The other week, the U.S. Army still making front pages in San
was ordered to move a lot faster Pran, though he's laid low by
than union officials expected it dread multiple sclerosis. The Cir.
would. The military were told to cus Saints and Sinners elected him
spend some $20,000,000 for 6,000,. to life membership, but San Fran-
000 yards of cloth to speed the cisco's snooty Exchange Club
changeover of army uniforms black-balled the same honor be-
from the drab drape of today to cause he's of Chinese descent. Sam
snazzy, highly-styled outfits for our his anglifled monicker is Sam
GIs. Gon) is an American born college-
and-law school graduate and for a
No gigantic order, this. But it quarter century was the only Chi.
will provide 1,000,000 man hours, nese peace officer on the Mainland
or 100,000 work weeks at 40 hours of the U. 8. His amazing record as
per, mostly in New England
There the work is badly needed
because the woolen and worsted
industry and Its workers are hard *
hit by the cruelty of fashions
which have wun to new syn-
thetics blends and lightweight fab-
rics. The order can't keep New
England going for too long a time,
but at least It's a start- and or-
dered by Ike.
These are Just a few highspots.

I There are others. The President
has. for example, cordially re-
ceived Teamsters' Union chief
IDave Beck and discussed a way to
Open a trucking corridor to west
The President listens only to the
pro-AFL and pro-CIO Labor Sec.
retary Jim Mitchell on labor policy
despite explosive anger in other
sections f the Republican Party.
The Democrats are getting real
-ompetition for the labor vote from
.he man in the White House.

to I

One of the things a kid has to
team mnmwdays ot his mother's
meIsto lookout forhotcigors IN T I R N AT I 0
I e s I

WANI(O CenfunslNo of a Caousm CedeR
WsNogghp4 r Sohant4 steNo man Is a miser with kissa,
WtoeoM -aour (Frotatiaas 0 of M Brra
-iadisal o 's NIck y usroclocc
IPVWS91 I is-aarg- -aew

Only a few Inside the White
Hos know it, but an efficient
but lowly secretary was response.
ble for te appointment of Brig.
Gen. Herbert Vogel to the vitay
important job of boss of the Ten-
nesseee Vley Authority.
What happened was that Eisen-
hower ha dropped TV Adminis
trator Gordon Clapp when his
term expired, and was looking for
a new man.
For a time he considered Bob
Neyland, athletic coach at Ten.
nessee University, but it brought
too much criticism from the al.
ready critical TVA boosters.
So one day the Army engineers
sei, me name of Brig. Gen Her.
bert Vogel to the White House to
be approved for one more year of
active duty. He was behind retire-
ment age and could not continue
further military service without
White House OK. This was all the
Army wanted.
But a White House stenograph-
er looked over 'Vogel's biograph.
ical record, saw he had spent his
life in tn peering work on the
Panama Canal, the Mississippi
River, and the Rivers and Har.
bors Commission. And, knowing
Ike was looking for a TVA boss,
she said to herself: "Oh, he ought
to make a good TVA chairman."
The stenographer took Vogel's
biographic sketch to her b os s,
who agreed. He passed it on to
Sherman Adams, who passed it on
to the President. And that's how
the new head of TVA was appoint-
CONGRESS-The letter Jack
Martin delivered to Ike from Taft
-after he died and one of the
last he wrote-rasking that his old
friend ex-S e n'a t o r Brewster of
Maine get a job. The request has
not yet been honored. .. The

Jones .and the Dixon-Yates eo
tract when it came,' Newsme"
agreed that he handUld his
conference quest" !boa

What conditied Ike a s .
stor Morse's waM rc n4ial
the atomic energy uers
Is no yardstick B hp
bill. In fact, ngajike 2 Snder
what kind of a stick is, the bll
and if what we are d6ing is sub.
stituting the golf s*ik Ar the
public power yardstick.", The
Morse's crack, aimed at Bobby
Jones, was reported to have up.
set Ike, but he cooled off.. ..Char.
ley Willis of the White House
staff is doing his bet to give the
smaller airlines a break, but so
far hasn't been able to upsqt the
inside track of American Althops.
. .. Senator Knowland's whopping
victory over Vice President Mi.
on during the recent California
GOP meeting has shoved l zon
a bit farther into the White House
doghouse. He seems to have a
way of coming back, however.




way Senate page boys all rooted s
an ace special agent was always courting' Khan is outa town... for McCarthy while their l6dersA
"copy" but he himself (as befits an Prince Vava Adelberg and the Bar- rooted the other 'way. Impres- m
undercover man) was quiet, retir- oness de Jong (whoever they are sionable youth! The public ti
ing and unassuming. Few knew but who cares), are romancing... utilities lobby that operated from in
him as a tough, shrewd and daring l Morocco's annual vacation this the Shoreham' hotel. Headed by gI
oe of law breakers e is a mi ay until Sept. 8, to present a Edgar Dixon of the Dixon-Yates
die-aged grandfather, with a beau- clean face for Jawn Perona's re- combine, it used Ham Moses of p
tiful wife, Sue. One son, Doug, is in turn from Europe. Leonard Mac- Arkansas Power and Li g h t to m
the advertising business i New Bain, its elegant publicist, will va. pressure Arkansas Congressmen, la
York. Another, Sam, Jr., teaches cation in St. Louis where he plansLouisiana Light and Power to w
n awai. H roster Jon ownsa to learn the beer business. pressure Louiana senators, ad o
S. F Chinatown's famous Kans orth Carolina utility peope to a
cae. California, Here I Seram: .,he pressure the Carolina senators.
Today'- BrokenHes l ameg item (about the ta In "all three states they were suc- li
Todayns m L Heartsbo ceafft, ,
Jesso's over recently e.M423t do5k fWN', M a sg "teiin o' w wo
S ghes. (t o- was meeting i Abe f went down the line for big idus- I
soled via lon dance by Patcia of the Wm. Morris agency, and A tl in the atomic energy fight.
Litlebear. Gwan. It is too her aite and eon ne.of Colum Fellow Reublic. Hickenlooper
name she's an American Indian.) bia pictures. Purpose was to try to of Iowa had to c h i d e him at li
. .arlon Brando's. over Cecilia settlethe hassle between Rita and times The way elder states- is
Webb, a socialite who won't make the studio involving the $1,500,000 man Senator George of Georgia, re
It final. (All the others are strictly she says they owe her. Columbia is onetime tax friend of big busi- a
for the colymns.).. Don Cornell's standing pat, however and not on ness, excoriated the new tax bill it
(he's the singer and No. 1 candi- ly will not shell out kt will not as a windfall-giveaway. So much g,
date for the Russ Columbo picture) give Haymes any of the concs news was breaking tat most A
over airlines hostess Ruth Tipping. sions he asks, include financial ewsmen missed it ..... The way
help. to pay his tax and fight the Senator Lyndon Johnson kept pat.-
An Ex Arabian Kni ht: Shep deportation or a voice in the direc- ting Independent Senator Wayne
(Abdulla) King slipped of the Rio- tion of her pictures. (How can he Morse of Oregon on the back dur-
bound boat at the first. stop to fly direct them from So. America, ing the second round of the atom.
back to the arms of Toba Stevens anyway?) ic energy fight. During the first
the sensational blonde warbler at round, yLndon was on the other
the Viennese Lantern. (How come The Coffee and Cake Circuit: If side, but later he seemed to see
she isn't in a Broadswy show?) you've been wondering why so the handwriting on the voting me
many public speakers are lefties, booth wall in Texas. t
It's Underground Already: Not this is why. It's difficult to get lec- .
waiting for the official gag, Lillian ture dates unless you're a double INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE- th
Gates, wife of John Gates, now in dome. A few lecture bureaus are I., wqI all set for the 8 t e v w
the pen, went underground in frankly transmission belts for Red Mitchell blast on golfer Bobby to
Brooklyn two years ago. Since then propaganda while some others fol-
her name stopped appearing in the low the line of least resistance and
Daily Worker and she ceased at- supply pinks because they think nothing to do with it ... Luis Do-
tending party meetings and func- club secretaries are "liberal" minguin, who fights bulls and C
tons. She is the nucleus of the un. which most of them are not. To breaks hearts, has a new trouble m
dercover cell prepared to receive combat this trend, a few of the in addition to his arrest for being It
the comrades when the ban be. most popular anti-Communist plat- in Mexico illegally. It's a knee in. ho
comes official, if it ever does. form figures formed a co-operative section. (Holding too many gals on ro
-- agency (operated by M. Catherine it, I presume.) Advance orders for Re
My Broken Promise: (But I did Babcock of Stamford, Conn.) and Bing Crosby's 30th anniversary al.
have to print this Gabor item:) they hope it. will worry the pink bum for Decca (89 songs) already
Jolle received a call from a TV punks, but soon. The originalgroup broken all records. Couldn't hap- ti
producer who told her if she spoke consists of Irene Kuhn, pen to a nicer gee ... Pot go
better English it would be a cinch Burnham, Vic Lasky Frank Cho- O'Brien's wife opening swanky la
to get a sponsor to which Mama dorov, William F. Buckley, Jr., dress shop in Beverly Hills ...
Gabor replied: "My Henglish he Godfrey P. Schmidt and yours tru. Fernet Branca (that's for upset
ees joost as goot as Artur Got- ly (who is not one of the most pop. stomachs) mixed with an ounce of
freeze." ular p 1 a t fo r m figures either). beer makes an effective Mickey
More names will be added. Finn and some Hollywood bars are m
East Side but Is It Best Side: using it on pests. Oh, my aching b
Maybe she just tells him about Ali Hollywood, but It Ain't Confi- tummy!) di
while she holds his hand, but Gene dential: Rubirosa asking pals to .
Tierney is plenty palsy with Ed get him a date with Eleanor H lm
Corti, an antique dealer, while the and I betcha that $1,500,000 has SIDE GLANCES


world automotive capital and
industrial giant. Fly there by El Conqulstador,
Braniff's incomparable DC-6 sleeper. Or
at substantial savings via fine new DC4
tourist service. Ether way you fly to Miami
connections with million mile captains and
experienced crews.

. or Information and reservations, cell your
travel agent or Braniff at Avenida TIvof 18,
telephone 2-097O Hol El Panama 3.1660,
Ext. 130, or Patem 3-4726, Colon Ticket
Office, telephone 779.


aLOAKROOMS-The N av y is
fferlng congressmen free '.Buro.
ean cruises. Wives, though not
carried free, can go for $110 each.
.lot of eonaresmen deserve a
aetin aa tter thb way they've
eqn working. A lot 4 ..* n.
Mtor. FP son of, Miclft do.
lands that the Air Force make
plenty of a p a ce available for
ives on his Interparliamentary
union trip to Europe ... Con-
resaman Dan Reed of New York,
he taxation czar, sent word that
e wants an Air Force plane with
keeping accommodations for him,
elf and wife. There are very few
F planes with berths .. Dyna.
sic Joe de Silva, Los Angeles re.
all clerks union chief, seon l'nch.
ng with Senator Morse of Ore.
n, says Gov. Goody Knight of
aliforna is sincerely, genuinel
co-labor. He says Knght will
Lade an almost Rdoseveltlan pro.
abor speech before the AFL next
eek. .... Ex-Senator Harry- Cain
f Washington was seen Lobying
against the bill to outlaw the Corn-
iNWt Party. With. the CP' out.
wed, Cain might be out of a Job.
ouidnt' e.acS~ oa Job
ecgkf on suberslves The
ytuny Evenin Post story of
adding Cartter'oh "The Repub.
cans muffed the ball in Dixie"
getting dog-eared in the Senate
leading room. Both Repiblicans
ind Democrats seem absorbed by
... Ribbed Republican Con-
ressmen to'majority whip Lea
rends after the vote on postal
sy increases: "You want those
reign postal clerks to be well
aid but you don't care about A.
nerican postal clerks."
One of the most important a-
nentdments introduced in the a-
imic energy bill was to set up a
bor mediation board similar to
ie railway mediation b o a r d
which has operated so efficiently
o prevent railroad strikes.
Congressman Chet Holfield of
alifornla introduced the amend.
nent and pleaded for its adopaon.
was promptly brushed aside,
however, by Re ublican steam.
ller leadership In the House of
epresentat ves.
So instead of an atomic media.
on board, the government had to
o into court to head off a bitter
bor showdown in the a t om
ants at Oak Ridge and Padueah,

There is nothing that arouses
ore labor resentment than a la-
ir injunction, and atomic pro-
iction is bound to suffer.

By Coalbraith

1emLain.... i

_ ____ __II~ __ __ ___




. 1^





-1. *.'-.




TN.......... Retalatio N O T C KAmos Robinson

IST M AN NOTICES Masse Rtaliation t Key Dies; Funeral
NTo Military Strategy Murphy Monday At PM
TO ,ditar ,s I_ ---- -..-y Amos Robinson, 59-year-old

te e 0 Ct Zeaen B e -o employee of the Panama Canal *
church of Cbrist l 1 sts and Bases A (UP)- uon of the situation that has exist- orgas Hospital after an
Sd ^ s d m e n Underscore, ol bate Robert ed for years." 0of about two months.I
N, a"l* -' ege PACZ!c am Murphy sai.d today the key to the Earlier, the AFA, headed by re.-
AtaAs a puf r., Ie Ik Them Aumuims- I lw, SRT AMADOR nation's military strategy is still tired Gen. George Kenney, had A Jamalcan, Mr. Robinson was
s as ee fl Sundy School (Building Na, 8) massive retaliation a and "we have urged a "clarification" of the poll. employed at the P.R.R. sagial
.slHal.lL. L arige el ee ftm dL f the aim Wombi.p ................. 10:0o in ample measure" the might to cy. The AFA said there was con- station at Paralso. It s not
riIa_.a ISOa.n ei an*am at We e lleau an NMl under "Ob. = o r' CLAYToN uidM .o back it up. fusion about details of the plan to known whether he had any rel-
agS 2W IM asiS wvises ." A -sp is ....aded .r sees .t Anm p1y unn = =.s) ise Murphy told the eighth annual strike back at an attacking enemy atives on the Isthmus.
...._-- Ae bd "" Air kFrce Ann. convention that and that Russia was "therefore
l.4 f s rps ....... I ........ 10 i I t ge I -hkel t e deter redSso ipz **** ***** tu Americ te g ill hinges on unlikely to be deterred by it. 'Funeral services will be hed
N4fW t es b y islm d l a w e in 5 s chool (BuUdi )... *" a "great a ty to retaliate, in. Twining said that "to fail to at te, Coroeal Ch al on
hege he s p's s oge. =Wobp ............... 10:45 stantly by means and at places make it clear that we are always th p.m., followed by burial in
C$ iI2* i. warship ........I... an. of our ow0 chlooaing." ready to fight .back with every theorozalCemetery. He was a
5S uSwornu .He said this country holds a type weapon we hive ever used memberof the Star of Aaron
S100M ALsanlool AR loaif"liBAji "commanding positton" over Rus- would tempt an alert and aggres- Lodge, No. 31, IOUM'S.
ii am. UU ic EMiscM ay S hool ..............3... I Sia in nuclear weapons and has sive enemy to gamble on our inde------------
0:4 5r S. a --"3 S .. u1 A .AZ rST A% ion the lanes to deliver them. cislon to make feels ft move." tbmlrpicsa r

ntmse ."go u ST. N.- a 11 m L C-. .y Monoa se e, h. e "I t is not exaggeration to saydthy 'saideesse aiandonr i w s ..

Sun da .4AR 1;V 4. No m Dal Man ................. 30 7M uptho n a s a i v er sary da nce o f C l ubttC Alta mira
sun + -s: i s-" a ms .j f Ir sMaUiF Ai ................. at never befoxpre, ing coa p cerod short can be Communst exploidecisive deterrent to he Trocal lub in
12:00. amYN IL -h uile. H vHAPX

Aam. a n ounces ** *" Sote 6nrSss::rAs.."l sa ige a., ...s. sA a.N a1nos)TAL over the lanes tor e "mon.nenal Mup in defe plmnin Ine dochina. 6ept 18 TbB A
: Vie Ka. i 541 ...1M >:11 and t O a l EM st........ n..b...... :a of general war, has American mil. general war, but "it is not neces- AUTV
Ss"e 5:r VAL St raiyxS" a uMnio .... Sunday titary power been so great relative sarily the complete answer to all the dance include a h pa e ... ..
1010.060 P. u1 I .... Mmf 8 P a. *i ... 0 unday mnnthe tive enemy, or combination of The State Department feels he DsnIsowstepiecesh'd

Pa7y K Wst rrR (Oly CAomtoi- t taC Io anyavwe oppsani D V o anc o
wa an AIyMO e a. SoO Maie a. .... m ....s eenemies," he said.' said that "local defense and sh or- h e b u d
11403, crnde 'S* Club 8" a r $Meh mmb ee ........a ohs;e wISMu 1 VIA.nL FORT AMADO L COB Top government a ilaynndov military ing up of local governments a- pe. a e .
sea 6= 46 JoAL an e .m. at 0 m Daily MasU Dl............... :0 leaders used the AEA convention galnst internal subversion and indi- Invitations were being clrcu- xiec pa ettinp.
.......a.. ...* .... 5 ei FOMR". CaAYOS...d S..-..ya. .. a forum for discussing the na- rect or minor satellite aggressions' laed today for the second anni-

6SrB S 08 p S o la 9: <5 3S c^aml; .............. .o.. ........... 3:3 p.S-FORT
S* Ma :HK 7 A0 ad s m to am D ................ ..... I'm tion's survival in the hydrogen also is vital verar dance of Club Altamra
Ss am. .. ^ d M m ................ age, with some expressing concern He said Communists exploited a at Tropical Club n Colon oAMATEU
.am *** as urso cmac5 st R HIA over the need for a "continental gap in defense plans in Indochina. Sept" 18.

coXess a_ n .. C a con. ass:n an. Sur a::-jad SAsundy school ................. *. l..defense night huntedain" against enemy (Chairman W. Sterling Cole (Ra

S u...... Mass: SAa A'3y;sa. s d 'lO8 Mora, worshilp ............... n:1 def tennis player, Joan eunanne real swanky place, too. THE FINEST CAMERA
sTu sd7:1l- 8' Vn.ure m manday s ........ ...........*R1. attack. N.Y.) of the Joint Congressional lPlan for the dance Include
SXJames H OWo.Ao Ee omiaduse apy t .r. Pn _o and4 h o I O-BI-I-. 1 7: A group of international ten- $CoEnergy Committee urged
..a.. a .M To .*A Gen. Nathan Twiningao, Air Force the United States and Canada to chestra and a number of doora
c, 5 ,ed B eat Dv Tiplsu 1e0tPpa. *a.owto

s" :: ........(It. -: a s-... :41 1 S a ass ......... *..... 030 denttyo aman who had a O.K. See you.a an
aw ...... "B" 4aboa HeigC and :- a T.. Wn rueA yU ........ V1 at U.S. NAVAL iS date with the blonde girl Juste ug frn f Cmi. toae Sow
.a3 .... U at C p.u .... ............... I T."massive retaliation," enunciated meet atomic threats. sHe saiwtd it best suits and their

o:1 pa V. easier -m. The lat person to see Miss ensster. Untin three ysar to
.. o...... D110e sA "an presr their westcs Bsnt

Ste IThrday. cl by Secretary of State John Foster Dbwould be the continental defchle hnseloi
03"i"t a K am 'if S& --- d&Y r" zo 6b C AY Dulles, is "noter at the or of spacious. equivalent of the North Atlantic res
S. JOHan. d Ay Mi: LA A L (it It a s. Saturday School ........... It is simply a forhright recogni- Treaty Organization. r
94*6,sa Ct mClam 0590 U SA am iesaOVm Saturdayn o.p................ :30 m. Tn
........3. 56 pe m.a 4 Saturday. gs. S 1 -- " .p" I *e o c o o.
aP .... P00010 ATLI S.ID Blonde Tenu ls Plbayer Vanishes
aa .. .-- o, -, oA .Im: Mam C FR I E C Middle FOR Sw a k nS
I. ..W ... _.. ... ,..:.. ,.r2o. OX : ac o e al TOr nsFO R T H E A M A T EUReri

S a.e WlS W. Balw ........., .a C..a M93,o ,,f, M. enough In caue amneSa nk Tournament .
~ Co-C aiosMa :. 5:50 P.m. ed country he wa ro t nd et
lb sad Vecrs Club : 100 m. 1 As an der 6 d d d 0iff the real Ge IWt 11.e0

Cnm s oe ,s;M. 6 h s s M Wff "~LI -' %n AND SCIENTIST
I anchool I.... ..SORoo. 910
d cem ........ 4am. Satu-tray. a SSwy n a I I U a .... o......

ASSoan UT0ON M. Mo, o* wot Ner CCear -root twrodb U SA U aA on Z N D LIE MStS dg MA : 5UL aooa L STATIOAu -g.21 (Ups)) Po- Jean, Miss Ross-Dilley Said "Back
n *. Pry '.............11s tlve tennis player, Joan Suzanne real swankTY COMMANDER OF THE PAFINEST CAMA FIRE DEPARTMENTRA

a A a atho Ross-Dilley, o sl INSTALLS "B.F. GOODRICH" TUBELESS TIRES IN HIS CARheadache thanks

*o I 0dci Medal Nov: 5*? ad ^fUu u*0s.E he Atlnth Branh Though she apparently hurt her
Sr 5 n L a. .. ......... who vanishe was not treated o to falling on. Endara whatose important job requires absolute safety in the opera-
S. T ...... ..... a tennis tournament you expect? has equipped hi official automobile with puncture-proof B. F.
,C.ua410 6 P 756 p.m Sundat- (B.- ss. oS .u"a ...............
Id MC. IN aM, :rlt aaturrdsy: MF. at0a. CM..t CUC .COA 7:45 A group of international ten- "Come back for my dinner in-

c. Cluo am c3*0c -:S 40 pa. i Cc L SNAV SSm IsB Dartner, Mstars competing Ien Rthbanyu- vite. John left me off and I
Corners Clan 70 P.m. on Thursday. boly aui s ......... "o 6 y .................* e.o tional doubles at swank Long- get the 3:10 bus early. Shall be
ST.. VINC Nt'r Fua i C.y Sn da y CSoh ...... CoC To ............... wood Cricket Club were being out for lunch and dinner Friday.
uCOLOM' C"IAL HALu a MilSusMdi: .O and: e am. neMC s today mv as................... questioned by police seeking the Hope I have left everything
f tls fdo, n Mffuydaud: : aa p.. 0 e Tu ad M. S O Dettve Lt. Jeph onley than ou."
STe Club: pnn. as. I ..d "she may wand....10:30 iereddentity of a man who h ad ot ofror be
Scms S Oa A anCd 8 ap. 1 VA d i He saidthe blonde girlnote ould also remember that ust

oe Oas 1 Confessionso: SatMurday .31. 5.0 and And p, lrhoul Or tC Su' date with "John" only an hour shl For few dollars more than theiss
ST m, before before dshe left Marshall's cost of a regular tre, "B. F. OODd.

*t a weiom-e bINA y F ridy 7: s 7L30 pabm.t h >b raise RICH" Miss esig Unri
Villag.I 1ed&. Four Miraculous Medal Novia: 1 msa. U The last person to see Miss missing. Until three years ago
1111..... 6ach C: SAL, a n- rd ,O hr Chure Rose-Dlley before she disap-the Dilley sisters lived in Surrey,..
M = .... UAi m. ,-ab i aug s RmT peared last Wednesday was a England and represented Britain '
0 ... ... 1.01.m = onmvert ; p.m. an Tuesday 1 sad cinai rc O T= NAZAIM man identified only as "John" in in tennis matches.
Poa t eetn WMed- and Thursday. School iablo Sch. Gym a note she left behind to her
I o.. u.** for ayt p- C3r GI. C. one *-2e6 twin sister at the spacious es-
S sAre MsiusaySo .......T...A 9:4 m. tates of a wealthy Bostonian.

SModa WSC m ....A m ur-day. Maa na r 30 tliHONESTY LEADERSHIP QUALITY d doino WorERVICEshp .........10:30 aamr
,ll a C$ S t. s .venin Se ....... ... 70 p.m. appearance was disclosed today,
*li .A... atR nol M im 650 and .. 91416 i 'L ts'- service ........ ...6:0m- a: l Th feryo ug woan, ho sel befos-

S eilAm ate125 See o pm O otn. ro .M
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S Sub..,....=.......5 Mrculmou dal Tvi W ......... a-pm-r* c ther fa was searious NI

pm ci. on Saturday. tAS? Sc OFI GG Naear e being poted missing, police
seMpMir .*t* 5I oatcldaus Mo AW OX Vt 3= o nig said. They said there was no In- 10
Sunaay Sob. .3s .treet.l.. 94 L .. Cs Radio Pro am each Sunday wtto
a 1.3. A: on"cas.3..0 an in.y. a001.oOver 3:0 m aiti on:antly alif ng Juer- t mfdi ca ine ere
Tusa II F2.s yaw'00 8l-ongt N dusta0 t f
NATION aAcr7d H rtv: 156 p m. n- Min Rol-Dilley' ruge country, shewa am rel a
is RaA quO: 1:3 VAL anud Soma r"O'a 9 Oin Jneoa F en ttroblee amnes of pro
Ta oelDI, piya : 65.m. 812.. e. nd Stree. O- lapmv wed fond wawern Inade com- lob Ih s calld Ar m to

nd1,a for Fri W my 2- v $LvLA8 CdWwy SchoolS 1 ho ,re n vanigh seh N-STALL not medicine sets
sLArdwo Sma VAL aIP S O .'r couory she wasO2t t5:1 5 Pi your, Snrwe auindedshe
PANAMA C dv Meal S Am a n eS hursdaoo 1e On ot e shy before wvitsherd GOODRICH" sUtB TIRES IN HiI CA
$00SundySchoo MAL Holy Roo-ie wad l'bb a 110
ma M7po Monday. WI. an' BZondry w her otr Also at fourth she m rtl hurt her

so. First Saturday : Mmm1W3 or ag of F. in t h o.,
60" Suy Day Kama: 75.60 and umm. Opdpo e et LWaItn C AIN aCWil Boston Miss r arhl DEPeTossey wasFey
COooSa=va 111111 5ANK Sunday Sgubn. ta dul tour namentnateLong
LA POhmC.-elmatd fLcor tom the naona hpU sho wso r.eb Riar 0.u
Sen t .pnfte Roam eCas 3:4- anm oelief Scdetecv w th Josp Conleya hrow more than 00niBc

U.0. 7-U0'U' ft. CU 750 pw. b e s d W landaen B Thodgb soe apparently wun't
lIina Moths: 5:s5an an. VO a. adult srcces Cwam. 35 hol. he sai aot thente b Y hol also r m that your
Suno da.... 0 and la a" Miss Ros-Dalle had auuc doEtenn pSlAFe Hayer."SConyRd
Meses 5a5 nayd 60 day. Tdy Sera I Uncton ILof a eqsu h o autymtbilh
a.""am Con.QsioAg:" Satu"day 450 "- 5501 650 p.4" On uh. dr before e leth For onlyRaCfe dl ors.
Mhaace thou Med mOy Novae 6:15h d FistAYS 1o`st of a re ular t.
AT0 7:30 and S9e. .O:DT s----sOO.. 0 Boston, hMiss Rowp-Dilley wasn't
Sorrowfu M : r. m. I 100 e.uirC w Chaplain Ca elminateni smh atidnal
Ise Sjeo,..ift a' ......," 94 d playe r tour" at C one yhe
w11o apa 0 9 on ClveCIl st and Sern on oOias- e.tblhe INpe ra g o

Cat eet.m 7lams:03: p. an 57 and 15. and Set. OoxD u140 No. 1ei Lt. Josepn Ave. how
teh :.m.Class d...0p aim. on1S0n day ---- at- In a note (timed at 2:30 p.m. HOELEADERSHIP QUALITY SERVICE

J1u K Mams: 75: and $150 SAm.
"b 3 "a Ma 6--50 A Seventh Day S Sund ay1k .

SWS m T en-mas Club 7:20 -* 80 .m. A SATURDAY: -- -sl a s.W .......... 10:, -
55 aAnd" & Sb -9 n m"h -a""SN 1 wI ram M OUTBOARD-MOTORS
; C. m m 0S m. .6M Hu.. $ and GO service I Sunday S ..b ............. 0M am.
lS'" -SUanA'7-*s M -w wa:a Sri e i:::::::: ^ FULL JEWELED POWER!
w Srvi The 6"s m Cataebism Class: 11 a.m. on Sunday. cCabo Varde Ave. JF do a om No.
fa r d aMiracum Madal Naie": ?D0 p- n. PananA No. L Jamaca SociSy HallNow lhme
tim 1 S. F..,d y :0 DAL 00 Pu o N,. SL s m rd @M dy Soe ............. 1o0 &.m. Ball and Roller
S 1 Junior-Hh Fe ship. _s & 4th atsb Rio Abel% S11thI N. No Morning Wrship ........... 110 a.m.
-0 PodH .m MF aSpe, O asdao R U Bearing Throughout
Maethod(Sturday ont. ".so" Reed
Spanish -o & 2whia Re. WlIam lAvingulan Psiff
S- Dtri-t tr Res Bul= Sua School.............. .m.
Sr U M Phnami, Cale DmUtn N& n. ..........m. .
*ito.o sda-a miME* %Ee1w -M-UM-St a i A1 Standard and Racing
S. -, le" Lutheran Models
S... lPae Mty em 4 MM)el -d1
.Nmen ic.sem (.L 2 OWL) Saun.a .ad. ..ia m.. .. 5-40 Horsepower
s a aet. A Caral Ave. 4ithu Caes We -wa &D A oo oAed." A

'INm. d

law a I SN~SPSlbe sn -'
u Pa S .m C___ Iu
Nave& In dRaiILh. T. e2 ,

at our SHOW' ROOMS

Am. Jlto Arosemena and 2 th Strew

S*t'. i


bATUDAT. AInran t

.)A cor ON BRIDGe
Written for NEA Service




49854 4K106
9 None J 1084
*40542 *83
*KQJ72 410953
North-South vul.

THEIR WAY IS OUR WAY-Four-year-old Rachel Lysley is going to the dogs" becauM she
can't help It. It takes all her braking power to hang on to these three lean Saluki hounds strolling
in a Roehampton, England, park

South West North East
I V Pass 14 Pass queen of spades from dummy,
S 3 Pass 4V Pass and East covers with the king.
4 N.T. Pass 5V Pass You gladly ruff, since you were
S 7 Pass Pass Pass not quite sure whether to try to
Opening lead-4 K discard your losing club on a
I_ .. good spade in dummy or whether
--" ---...- to try to discard dummy's losing
SIf you reached a grand slam i club on one of your good dia-
trnOtract on today's hand, you mounds.
would have reason to congratulate Having established dummy's
Yourself for good bidding. The odds iack of spades, you return to
re ft to 1 against a 4.0 break in dummy with the nine of diamonds
trumps, and the grand slam is in order to cash the jack of spaces
'therefore a very fine gamrble. and discard your losing club. You
can then lead a heart through
It is possible to make the grand East.
slam even, against a bad trump East puts up the ten of hearts,
break, but it calls for the most and you win with the queen. You
dxact technique in the play of the next lead a diamond to dummy's
cards. See if you can work it out aee'and lead another trump back
for yourself before you read on. through East. This permits you to
I You must naturally win the first draw the rest of the trumps with-1
trick with the ace of clubs. Next out loss and claim the balance of!
you cash the ace of spades in the the tricks.
first step of your campaign to ,_,,
.guard against a bad trump break.
You must begin the trumps by
leading to dummy's ace. If West
haippens to have all your trumps,
"you can do nothing about it. If
"East has all four trumps, you
.must save both of your high
trumps to draw trumps without
loss. West discards a club on the
first round of trumps and the situa-
tion is therefore exposed.
Your next step ia to lead the


Accepting General Cargo For:
Sailings: Every Fifteen Days for:
Houston and New Orleans
Sailings: Every Ten Days for:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masonie Building, Cristobal, C. Z.




3 S.S

I .



Great Wh

r Orleans Servies
S. "VERAGUA" ...........
S. "ESPATA" ...........
S. "TALAMANCA" ........
. "QUIRIGIA" .........
*Bandlun Refrier m d C

Yr ork Service

1. "MAJORKA" .........
S. "COMAYAGUA" ......

of twAve pa
s Angeles, S

lpecal round trip fares froi
Los Angeles, San Frai
To New York .............
To Los Angeles and San Fr
To Seattle ..............

Fortnightly passenger ser
New Orleans via Sants

.. -OvaTyOM youlT -Y ._ !MUC14weMI vOU 00 WA41MMXNVM
- -*-IDGWTN 9roo PHAIM rwtwL -- anm vou.
THN6 lo'It No ,IT41 A B l,



I A 1-




It's aa Art y MuRRILL LO

That's Right, Bub B; V. T. AML

For Shame!


About Grandpa Potter

Belle's Reply


ite Fleet
.....................Aug. 21 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES
.......................Aug. 21
..................... Aug. 22
.....................Aug. 28
.....................Sept. 4
ned .un Ganeral Carg

.....................Aug. 22
...... ........... Aug. 30

%iOn5br silp. to New brl
an Francisc and Seattle.

m Cristobal to New York,
nelsqo and Seattle. CAPTAIN EASY
........ ......... 240.00
ancisco .......... S S.ffWA
...... ...loo...... ..... 00 a
'NA lI, IA T4~I i1

vice from Cristobal to I S e OW I
a Marta, Colombia.
MA 2-2804 COLON 20


TFwo fiOOAlN6Mwb 10TwE v

,B .g Mo uWHABW y< F Ihm

op wfr



a, *




JIIIM __ -- __ _

..' ,





tuuurx IJEE I

* ~44.* ~ 4.I~4I

&. -134,

.. f W.. 0.. & P O -


49?jAA fflg,, flee, et~


ThOe "dd g was olemnAed at the Albroek Air Foree Bais
C S Swith the .Lr. ser Gooden, Bisho at SL lake's
Seal Ancon, effilatib.
lte chapel was deerate w a white altar cloth. Fer candela-
ibank gee apaee w bra eaetalalg large cathe dral
tar was draped candles ere anied I grasp
L^-^r~^^as =pod-^

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astau a rmm i'-'

l lsweoa llerina
leaigi ro sa abfea aff naI
IMan M ove tr t Mffie fSr-
at (-e *arsle j

a jacket wte ehatrla
ITShO masari teamlr, t
leaves load
added a s lovely IUa
to tes gawn Blr.slas
er-To was, amahe to a lice
JaMet trnd aeearrb& a white
owver bek wilth a calcade of
M.HN.V. DV. iel was mutre ef
heroin. Her gow was pewderMue
eldffn ever tafehl wit a ortri
neckliao o grae fold extdlr-
ing t the wait. ComplemaesMd
iher dreswwere matching oe ari
4 petm hat. She carried a cir.
ular amMrrangemtl yellow mree.
bed addina elighUud ecetrt.
nr. oeed, chse for the octa.
dsm a dress of iht rey e
with m atch b= e e em ed
in white bea a rage of
pine erchild, aad white acees
Xn. E. I. T as, granteoth.
r f the bridel wore abllackct chf.
foe and lace ares, a corsage of
white ardelas and black eces.
suso "

Attending the rboe as best Idan
was Capt.D Rahael B etchner.
alaitednbd y Malt James I
I Ba lg, Col. M. Alu,
Lit. Kuwel T. Duse.
After the ceremony a reception
was hld In the home of MaJ. Gen.
and Mrs. Hod.
ilh guest. in the recTptioa biU
, The brike. a gram 'reove
decorated with baskets of white
Euater illes, with their be oIets
of white flowers distributed
thrghouti the banse. A tiered
cate was centered en the table
which wasa Cvered with a cloth
of cUt workA m point velse. Two
low candelabra ,ad identical flow
.r a rangemente of white tubwr.
eusses and ferm completed the
table decorating.
Mrs. Lorraine Albaugh presided
*ver the guest book.
The bride boe for her wed-
wIt y and white acce oes.
=Afteward the couple wll make
their home at Albrook Air Foret"

.- atA.a ANl WDW31fi~blCMIt AD NWSPPE1R

A REPRESENTATIVE of the International Federatlon of Univer-
aity Women iIFUWi, Dr. Minnie M. Miller. was among the guests
who visited Dofia Cecilia Remon on Thursday. Dr. Miller was
accompanimed by Miss Clemencla Diaz, president of the Associa-
tion of University Women of Panama (AMUP) and Alfred Leven-
ton of the US Informatlb Center. Dr. Miller who also repre-
sents the American Assoeiation of University Women (AAUM.,
discussed with the First Lady of Panama the growth of social
consciousness among the women of the Republic and the role
played by university women in this development.

uimbus for 31 years, was born in J
CiAdrelta, Spain, 67 years ago. In Li I P ama,
1904 he took his first vows as
a religious at Vich, in theProvine f. -
of Barcelona. He was ordained a n lH nelp
priest in 1912 at Cervara in Spain, 4 Zon H
and, shortly thereafter wat assign, MIIL k Il lA
ed to Toluca, Mexico, where he Milk DstrIb sIF I
was engaged 'in missionary
work utl 16. After serving as For more than a moth lad
asasstant Pastor of Our Lady of of the cornmuity have be
the Aels' Curch, in Los Ange-. busy several morningss a "week
les, C o r J for- fouryers?'G the GimnasidLucha Libre, f,
was, ap isto Ie o 1th Street West, In Pana-
Angoles. He remained An this post r .ey UPe lkpfcr rees'dtr
for six years and during tis per. .l.... b
ld was a carer me er in-the to members of select
founding of Alambra Uil needy families where tubercuu
the Knghts of Columbus. is Ss exits.
next assgnmet as ta of pastor Thee ladies have lunte
of the immaculate l a TheeladieshaveVoluntee
arish in Sa Antonio, eiss. their time in order that the po
r six years, in 1930 he was trans. dered milk, a gift of the peoG
r osf t i.ed wstr ^he ..t.
erred as pastor of the San Fer. of the United tates throu
sIando Cathedral in the ame ci CARE and broughtto the Re u
ty. In each parish where he was le bty the Panamanian govern
the astor, the Bishop built a ment, might be distributed
parochial chool p persons In need of strengthen

Father Preclado was consecrat-
ed bishop at the San Fernando
Cathedral on May 31 1934, as Titu-
lar Bishop of Tegua and Vicar
Apostolic of Darien. He arrived
in Colon on August 5, 1934, and has
expressed his desire to remaining
bip present post until 1959 when he
can c6lebraite his silver anniversa-
ry as a prince of the church.

Farewell altty Hoinori
,.B -,... Misi Costane. Calderon
mmo ed CB- C Miss V. de la Guardia, daugh-
esTe o,' rc.... ter of Mr. and Mrs;. oEnque de
n d Tw Aovera prs os I Guardia, held' a dinner dance
Bishop Jose Maria Precl I tiNve at their residence in
ve of Colon was ionor6d at are- vita, in honr of Miss Cons
aption n~.oriam .oon' n Calderon dsuhwer of Mr.
Nra. Manuel 0e.DD of Fai.
es ds and on his 20th anniver.-
M' biss Mary Morgrn, daughter of
ary an"bishop. ..randMrs.EduardoMorgan
The recepdon, which was at. ua o-o Edurdo Morgan
tended by over 100 persons, was w"a c tio- edhoss s .
arranged by Lt. Richard Keating, (Continued o" Pae 7)
who was assisted by Mr. George "
Marcean. A program of songs was
presented by Mrs. Marg ar 1 te m r-r mirl-r-i & t
Schommer and Mr. James Mc. -I l 'I A
Gloid. Throughout the evening pia-I, TH E.a. JLn" ..
no selections were played by Mr.
Ivan Thorpe. A. check for $50 wasi ..
presented in the name of the Coun- press
iell by Grand Knight Laurence Cel-I
lucI,- after which refreshments
were served. "KISS AND TELL'
Bishop Preciado, who has been ", ,LiT TL ATCT-I"

a member of the KngI6ts of Col-


with the

V most sensational orchestra of the Americas!
-UI ARCA-RAZ & his 21.-piece BAND

for diaciag all aight, alternating with Azcarraga's Coojunto.
axw-nss-j$ 3Wr pnn- *

Ab anVAL-ro At00raCQN DAc by
t POOLSI to pm. during lunch hour unday to

k*h de atarUI orWnnj |
A--a D "^3NL4O ATRCIN nMCN .-i'

A Kirftby Btel




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AM l rl'Stret TeL 2Z483

781i Bolivar Ave.




The work of this international
w oup of volunteers is the final
link in a long chain of effort of
many persons, organizations aria
the governments of Panama and
the United States. Their gesture
brings success and gives mean-
ing to all other preceding efforts.
On Wednesday, two distin-
guished visitors dropped in to
end extra encouragement to the
volunteers: Ambassador Selaen
Chapin of the United States and
Dr. Alberto Bissot, Jr., Director
of Public Health.

Members of the volunteer
group Include Mrs. Maude de
Canavaggo, Mine. Lionel Vaase,
wife: p. the A-mbasador of
France; Mrs. John 8eybo4 wife
of the Governor of the Canal
Zone;- Mrs. William 1C. Harrison,
wife of the Commander In Chief
Caribbean Command: and Mrs.
Mary Lowrie, CARE, Mission



by Hugh Herbert
. .John Anderson

Nightly at 8:00 at
behind the Ancon Laundry
Tickets available at Dagmar's, Tivoli Ave.
or call Balboa 3461

it... -M. CAN
Shlm, ieramdgden-wft i p'a, I the u-and-gold
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Justo Arosemena Avenue
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Alredo SI. Malo

Will Play Moway

At JWB-SO, Balboa
Appearing In concert at the
USO-JWB Arzmed Forces Service
Center Monday, at 6 plm., Alfre-
do De Saint-Malo, violinist, will
present a varied and interesting
program. He will be accompa-
nied by Hans Janowitz at the
Always enthusiastically re-
ceived by Isthmian audiences,
Saint-Malo T1il pkeaent the fol-
lowing program:
Sontata No. 8 In C Major.......
....................W A. Mozart
SAllegro Vivace
An4date Soatenuto
Rondo tAllegrol
Sonata (1943) ... Aaron Copland
Andante Semplice
Allegretto Olusto
Sonata Op. 45 In C Minor.......
S................... Edvard Orieq
Allegro Molto Ed Appassionato
Allegretto Alla Romanza
Allegro Animate
The public both of the Canal
!Zone and the Republic of Pana-
ma is cordially Invited to attend
General admis'lon is one dollar
.for adults, fifty cents for stu-
dents. There is no admission
charge for military personnel.

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Cup after CtpJ

. 9Q o t








i 6 gm-

--- -



i Hi SITC" b



FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile past
Santoa Clar. Low rote. Phone
Bolboa 2-1866.

elpmes Wn-A 3
^^^^BL..^lL' ^Bl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^S^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HWm^W^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^v^^%: ^^^^W^^^ :i^^



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cil Club R rve Seekh, Ryel
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bar or Wde"e. Year Dsmteders
FOR SALE:-Mole Boxer, 4 months,
registered AKC. Phorne 1271-B.
Colon. __"___,
A sole of merchandise will be co-
ducted on the 26th of August, 1954.
Mar., Corps Exchange, Rodman Nov.
Station. Bids will be accepted on any
one, or oall of 4 lots up to 25th of
August. 1954. Merchandise toI be
sold: Greeting cards, articles of loth-
ing, jewelry, figurines, Xmas decore-
tions, mechanical toys (children's),
women cosmetics. *
FOR SALE: Upright Lenox Grand
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Bolboa. Telephone Balboa 3'88.

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phone Panomo 3-4941.
i RENT -Furnished & urifurnish-
ed 2 & 4-bedroom aportmnenls.
Co n t a c t Alhombro Apartments,
Oth Street. Phone 1386. Colon.
SRENT:-Apartment ,bov, Cen-
ral Theater building, Central Ave-
Lie No. 141. Inquire Centrol The.
ter, manager's office.
-T-- Modr two-bdroom
portment, 5 1st Street No. 42. Un.
furnished. For further details call
Zubitta: 3-1802, 3-3337.
tRENT: New three-bedroom
portment, living, and diningroom.,
maid's room, hot water,.Telephone
-2279. r.
.RENT: Furmished apartment.
uitoble for 2 couples., 63, Fourth
July Avenue. Hopkins.
, PRENT:-Aportment: Living ond
iningroom, two bedrooms, garage.
,11 screened. Colle Gerordo Ortega
No. 3 and Vio Espahi, one block
rom Hotel El Ponama. Information
n some building.
SRENT: --- Unfurrished or partly
urnished, attractive modern 2-bed-
oom apartment. Residential sec-
on. 44th Street No. 22, Apt. 4.
R RENT M:odern aoportments,
furnished or unfurnished." 3-491 1.
,RENT.-Apartment: Two bed-
)oms, two services, two bathrooms,
ot water, completely furnished or
furnished. Ave. Cuba No. 58.
els.: 2-1227 3,3329.
RENT:-Furnished or unfurnish-
d one bedroom apartment, with
moR1 kitchen, bathroom, porch. For
information see Fobrego, East 29th
street No. 18, rear of "Mercodo
aosco", 10:00 to 12:00 noon and
:00 to 6:00 p.m.
RENT: Furnjshed double or
ngle apartments, screened ond
spected. Phone 2-3065.
RENT:-Beaoutiful and cool two-
edroom apartment, large balco-
es. Price reduced. CalI ,3-0934.

-Household Automobile|
FOR 'aLE*-Mahagany desk and of-' FOR SALE.--4954 Ford Crestline 4. ATI
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ture., blnd, mode,-,. almst -, .ou con he? ht
Callfi U uBgay No Ap. Q S E C 0 N D D
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FC (A LE- A oortm en; L r-.t,,T need in 'tn e tam ,Iv
.co lete-. G o* s o.e re r a, or nSow S h I. h o %out ,
an telep:co.,e. Will ,nr. ooo '.'nt H U 5 B A N D.
1t, b eL r 53' e Ch^' Tlp'?rhCne Pn-es or meefFO3
2' -.! 67. n-,jcn le.s i"nc- FOR
S -- [ local tradl e in ,5
F: S LE Rtn !'-' 2 ,-:t*e value You cc~n'. JL
gaod cbdmlt'ir r',4 D G ,.ra. Ia lose enc ,im c _, -
Hcod, 4 to 9 D .he ue vou could nFOR
-- -1 1 from a di
FCR SALE-.-8 tables., folding I t, get o o
by 33" 150 chairs Oak For Chu,. reliable, troub:d -ihee, A
lo'gt or pny oraon,.zao- Phone, second car N
r".tun 189 or 319 ,.,e ore soeme'
_ +. .... .. .... .. .. OUt.tanjl,no ,bargamns. in
F SALE. Lvngroom. 947 BUICK .......$ 575 FOR
nigrcom. bedroom sets, k.tcher. 19r0 BUICK iR, ..... 995 f
we 3-5 :4. 1949 CHEVROLET R, ... 795 a
FC' SA LE -S-cr,fice,. le--n- coun.- 1950 CHEVROLET .. 895 t
ry: 25-cycle Frigdore. veryoo 59FOR
cond-..on. lo rice 1574-D. G1-1 949 FORD ... 95 FR
_ilan Road. Or call Pn -ma 3 3 0 ME' MRCURY ... 1295 fu
all ooV Sunda,. Also foldong couch, 94 NASH o 59, FOR
195 I NASH Sta Wagon I R) 995 no
1949 OLDS. 98 IR 1 .... 895 h
WANTED 1049 OLDS. 76 IRi # .... 895 u,
nrr 190 8PONTIAC iR ... 595 T
,M;r*-|hn ^n 111J ---- Automatic Tronsmission, .O-
b R-Radio FO
P A R T- N E R REQUIRED with about Road test any of 'ded
'2C 000 capital for interesting ond these cars yourself sr
ro.'itcble tu..nes- established -n LOW DOWN PAYMENT. |in
Pao C ztv onnlete detail: TEPMS St
.,! 'be cr 'u"-st M,e I.,-1 rn McMILLAN & EAGAN, INC. VC
r .,,, .- ... C v Write Box 1"2 C 0 L 0 N 3

,rw eAvensonf at S. Peter's
church in La B 6 e a tomorrow
amber that ght, the vestry committee ill
ng But he Wmee, with the Rev. John S. M.
d more Dufle. prest charge, presid-
larlter services for the-day are
endment- choral Commuion at T a.m. and
e-a f t e r morning prayer at L0, followed by
sted it did the church school session.
raising the The feast of St. Bartholomew
h workers, will be observed on Tu esda y
vei the vot- morning with holy communion at
mpression" 7'elock. Father MeDuff.e winl 44o
e supports celebrate the usual midweek comw
union on Wednesdoy morning.
Pleas Innocent,

es Of Killing Wife"

g. 21 (UP) Dr. Sheppard, at an bmustMU
ard plead-. following hi s wife's death, deaned
s arra being intimate with mins ,
dering is but liter admits, it wtm U rM
beaten to turned "'veltmn ;t
!8a ee live a- uniim

|back to jafl, d i"
or, is not discuss *his rea" n fr notsek
we counsel Ing bail for his client at net, as
o m m o n had been anticipated.
y, but he My moves Irom now on," he
Sat this told reporters, "'are ny own, anil
ht to with. I'm not going to announce them."
v date and Apart from Inberest shown in'
ever mo. the proceedings, Dr. Shep-p a r d
eel neces. displayed no emotion.
tter." Dr. Shepprd, who was arrested
a routine on a first degree murder warrant
hte charge July 30, gained 30 hours of free-
don Monday on $50,000 baUil when
o thin g the prosecutor's office decided to
minute ar by-pass a preliminary bearing
and take the case directly to the
as seen to grand jury.
o his chief However, now that he is under
W. It was indiM bi attorneys m t
( contain. convince the court that 'grect
stallments presu "ti (f guilt" does no ex-
ist. Thi the only contien,
ably, will provided by Ohio law w-.eey
acies with bail can be granted under ft
24 year- degree murder indictment.
ry techno i.
Wnt seven Dr. Shepprd h as contend
er this since the n that Us wto wa
hips with murdered by an I intruder In their
ma, whose Bay Village hobe. He has tests-
ht out by fled he was knocked conscious
lgatian. twice going to her assistance.

ced. AntisRed 'Bil

oHi r ByIIe.

I I i



FOR RENT:-Furni&sed apartments:
One bedroom, hot water $60; two-
bedroom apartment, kitchen, both,
furnished, hot water $75. Via Po-
rras 101. Phone 3-2568. 1
fOR RENT: NFurmld e apartment,
concrete. North Admricn neieh-
bors. Regular transportation, $50.
Phone 3-0471.
Help Wianted
WANTE I Experienced cook with
refereices. Good salary. Telephone
3-4619. '

LOSTi-Brown male dog, 30 pounds,
crooked front leg. Reward. Call Al-
brook 4227,

WAirgE6 .os D ight'edan, 1947
toeJ95,,ver clean. From
private party only Tel. Miss Nunn,
3-1660, Panatma.

Beach Fe May Now

Be Imposed In N. J.

, I I

ST. LOUIS-(UP) Have yo
been a government worker at any
time since 1860 or been in the
Army aince 1127 I sto, Uncle Sam
has a case history of you filed in
two mammoth record centers here.
A civilian center spreads ever
328,000 square feet of floor space,
nemptoys 2 persons and is run by
the General Services Administra-
A military center occupies *0,-
000 square feet and keeps 1,000
workers busy.
Combined, the two centers hoe
more than 64,000,00 records, in.
cluding one that states that Wil.
liam F. Cody, better known as
"Buffalo Bill," was hired as a gov-
erment guide at $125 a month on
Oct. .5,,8m86.
Ontop of the destaggering amount
ofth records, the civilian center ex-
pects to receive 41,000,000 more
records soon from the post office
andt he civil service commission.
Acend the militarycenter is prepare
ing to receive 5,000,000 Navy and
Marine records when the unifJea.
tion of the defense paper empire
is complete.
AIthough new records come into
ite military center at the rate of
aemile-high stack each month, Col.
Harold H. Newman, chief of the
center, says there is no such thing
as a dead record.
The centers are such treasure
chests of information that demands
are huge and continuous. e anctoubms. T-
itary center receives up to 55,000
mail inquiries weekly, while the
civilian counterpart takes care of
more than 2,000 inquiries daily and
etpeecsL 850,000 du ring the coming
iscal year.
Discretion 'in answering inquiries
Is the rule at both estabtshments.
Each has its own regulations, but
government o agencies, naturally,
have access to all files.
The civilian center has furnidh-
ed congressional committees
the records ef such headline ig-
ures as Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter
White, and even the executed atoz
bomb spy, Julius Rosenberg.
The subject of a record can ge9
available information with th ex-
ception of some medical data. U W
uaily at the civilian eager
tions concentrate an empleymet,
pay and retirement bezeftts. -I

FOR SALE:-Ice cream cabinet type
freezer, 25-cycle, can be convert-
ed to 60-cycle good condition
$100s 25-cycle motors, 2hp. $50,
1l-hp. $30; 4-hp. $20,; /2-hp.
$15; V4-hp. $10; metal buffet
$8. 761-B, Bolboa, 2-3630.
FOR SALE:-Set of hickory shaft nolf
clubs: 7 irons, 4 woods, old but
serviceable for beginner, complete
with new McGregor bg $2; also
1 pair Bouch & Lomb 7x50 bino-
culars $50. Phone Bolboo 2490.
House 6351-B, Los Rios.
FOR SALE:-Orchids, palm, shrubs,.
small and 4 arge plant oted),
many varieties-for plnters, metal
trays and stands. Leaving perma-
nently August 30th. Mrs. White*
12- Brdzos Heights. Phone 3-
FOR SALE: Commercial store on1
Central Avenue opposite Capitolio
Theater (Colidonia). Reference:
Phone 2-0410.r f
FOR SALE:- Girl's bicycle, full size,
excellent condition. House 875,
Morgan Avenue.

Higher Educat

Is Really 6oing

Up In The Air

ica's colleges and uiversities
sometimes take to the air to carry
out their educational jprogramj.

dion. Balboa 2-3630 1 and bookkeeping experi-. VjN R k
"n.Bb- 30 ence. References required. Apply #",' oba
Central American Transportation Ocealn a utbo
FOR SALE Co. Hotel Wosh.ngton. Colon, R.P. I l;
Read Estate "tars
Rr-ai; n FOR RENT eJ 80*
FO SALE: Only 5300 down pov- .t lals, -eo.
mirm, Pueblo Nuevo lot with light Room@ for-the-day bat
' 'ind water. 631 meters $1 :75 per 0 "aside dw'

mte234r. :PATTERSON. 2-2346. O Room furnished Fourith explained that
--'-- .-- --- roof July Av gentlemen or ladies, t f lo vday of
fOR SALE: Wonderful farm.n l c ,o to bus-a to. Private entrance" itout con"b
crete blaok a lae a concr mete hrsou scr enette. sceened Suitable for onortes tof l oSl
a- s. four acraion highway, with riv- or two persons. $65. Tel. 2-4912 ISwM
*r, swimming Pool $1,50r 2-3584.
price $6.500 PATTERSON, .2-, 8-------Mayor Warren
A "2341-.F0o' ." Ca bE seen o- Lrge el furnished explained that at
Con_-.-,,-.,. r-- oam for 2 gentlemen or ladies, a full day ofI

SA R.ON .-34.. O. 'm Street. Bello Vista. 5000 week-end
POR "SALE^ ^^y -^ UN EN $7
SFR SALE UNEE RENT:-Furnhed room for cou- th-is category.
down 40 rc othv, large house pie: D-n-groom. kitchen. refrigera- co on
"four. 0 Tem. upst "dr tor privlege. Inspected. Fourth of ; -.ety w
l. sta. ^ ^P .;00 meters, Jeou(' ly Avenue No. 21. Apt 3. Oppo- "."C-^
PATTERSON. 2-2346fr m.t e Roosevelt H$otel from 2 to $5,
.... '" 'under .12,lbave
FOR SALE -BARGAIN! Only S1000 -der- w.a1 r
"*'. three bedroom, Price $7.500. FOR RENT mnothbt
d o s t v p f e r S o uF ORR ,E N ,t u h U
PATTERSON. 2-2346 would beu
i Honlg" Awould be sub
SLESS0 N S FOR RENT:-3-bedroom chalet, g.- Ach lhgh bnse
I rage. maid's room. Suitable for of- ,bes for yeai
D pRESEWdAITES SCHOOL OF DANC- 32ndree dus- or below Atla
ING reopening Sept 7th. Regitra t ^an --332 or played the ,
t lonn9;00oa.m to 5.00 pm., Aug. 3-0790. d el..
S 23rd 24th Balboo Lodge Hall. FOR RENT: -- Chalet: 4 bedrooms. Besides Ventl
Residence phone 2-2363. living-diningreom, mald's room and eigb"or to the
'... ., .',tk Akn .ro" r.,i.. --l' service. Seo View. newly paint I .Margate and
ADERN AND POPULAR P.ino p a- Ca 3.1275 or .-3341 a idedof g such a
ing thought. Beginners or Advanced. I
SZez Bennett's Studio. Tel 2-1282. FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom chalet in
ATTENTION! ATTENTION!- Cornm. BleloVisto 50th Streat No. 48.
plter real esate service: Buy. sell. T '73* Do an Catg
fortgoges. Insurance by experienc- FOR RENT:-BeautifuIl residence of.
:- ed lgent. Thomas RlI Estate three bedrooms hot water. terrace.' I *
Aaglies. Phone 3-1069, Ceontrol If interested phone 2-3035 Pon-i 1 1i1ic
; Av- 259. P.O. Box 3404 Panoma, ma ',

oyr mb'rand new tlee-
Tw1Z lReIrtgeratora c.f.
M 26 sind 80 dyOle*f


F ,P .






* .
R1A PRECIADO 7 sured a' ia
SMORR18UN ^ 01 JX>Il Avg &J SL
Juno A-,mwewm a and S3 *W .
18I2 La Caralui


CASA 2ALDO Agea la ter%&L d oefbUlicacloes F A IARIDMSS
Central Aic. o mel A14 24M m A.
iNo. 3 Letters Pas Parue Lw v sre 7 Strd r a
fourth of .my Ave. "J. Im doSIn
NCLI 5 Via Awnf A& Wo4 M--- I J



I i I

PkhipUl. Oceanside cottage, Santa
Claro. Box 435. Bolboa. Phone
Panama 3-1877. CrIstobol 3-1673.

CGrmlch Santa Clara Beach cottbaes.
Electric refrigeration, goa stv&.
Moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or

oare .. t s court wll telude (Maritza Van Hoordel with the Maritza Qn of 9tel
rr. re royalty than any court five Queens who will form parz Pnama, Miss bola M ani in PaNama, when she of her Court. .rom left to right last year's LIoNs Club Sweet.
reigns over the Weekend. Car- are: Liky AroseinmeA, Union heart ad Mi Aurita Carbon
navalito at ,l Panama on Sat. Club's Carnival Queen of 1952, former Hotel El Panama's Oar-
urdal and Sunday. In this. pi- ,MW. Gladys Altamiranda this nival Queen. Advt.
ture we We Queen Marita year's I ons Club Sweetheart,

Congress Okays Pay Raise St. Peter's Vestr-
Group To Meet ,

D fe I e's Obections Tomrrow Night
DeSp te le s+ O echtons Tomorrow Nag t +

Learn Ballroom lDancing
St El PansmaS. Hotel
Studio. We will be
eBo"* ,Pom A~G. ,

w bring l b ak the
Isted t. it
In PM Doble, Mambo. Guo-
racha and that new dance
Cha Cha Oha.

ft &,*"_L eOHrLAdui
(aor Grs
12 and -
Ps.ort- ,,,m T I m.
U1 block from.IAW UNtr


WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 (UP)- his 18 years In the cha
Congress overrode vigorous ad- he would work for nothi
ministration objections yesterday said embers deserve
and-passed a 5 per cent pay raise money,
for 1% mi postal and other ..
federal workers. He withdrew the an
Republican leaders promptly also politically explosive
, ted President Esenhower several colleagues prote
would veto the measure, expected not belong in a bill
to coast the government about 336 y of executivebranc
mion .dollars a year. The admin- Case said it would gi
istra lon d wanted to increase er. u- ..
postal rat" to partially offset the reCongress cut priq
House passage came by voice
vote after the Sepate had approv-
ed it 69-4. The Senate earlier had' ne n rOf
slapped down, 55-16, an amend- i .| w w
ment by Senate Republican lead-
er WilliamF Knowlnd Cali to
hike first class and airmail rates O f Charg
one cant each. .
Knowland's amendment, .which
had presidential support, would
have given the government ad- CLEVELAND, 0 Aug
ditional revenue of 240 million dol- _Dr. Samuel H. Shepps
lars to help offset the cost of the ed innocent today at hi
pay raise. meat on charges of mur
nowland preited sen- wife. Ma who was

a-lt ae a ade o mom
Mn- GOP leader Charles A. BI eedom on ball
Hailsck (R-Ind.) said .tat so far The pies, your honor
as he knows the President "bas uilty,, Iasociate defeas
biany lacking a mail rate boost Pleas Judge Arthur Da
Voting f te Senate bill were added: We would like
31- Republcans, 37Democrats and time to reserve the right
independent Sen. Wayne L. Morse draw the plea a a uture
(Ore). lie with this court wha
Only. Knowland and thm other tions or pleadings we fe
tepuhlicas Sens. Francis Case ,ry regarding this sqa
(S.) Andrew F. Sebo epe This was seen as i
(Kan.) and John J. W illia m s statement in the event t
(DI.) voted against passage. might later be reduced.
The measure calls for minlmm Dr. Sheppard said n
rai $300 a year for 5 -,_ throughout the two ,
mailmen, and a $170 a year nm-l raignment.
imum for about a million classi- Before it began, he w
fled worker. The top raise would pass a sheaf of papers t
be a ear. counsel William Corg
,te le action is regarded as ter learned the per
poiticgl hot potato. I it sveto ed notes of the first in
it wuld be an Issue in the Novem of his life.
bar angssional eectis His life story resume
Knowlad received support of include details ofintima
.5 other Repubicans for bb a* s Susan Hayes, the
meandent to increase mail old one time laborto
rates. A combination of IT 1 ep- clan with whom he a
aliens, 37 Democrats anda MOe days in California esr i
voted against it. Year, and his relations
gs amendment also, wuld have at least three other woe
p i three annual 10 per cMt names have been broug
ases in second class mai. police during the invest
Jut before-theSenate T00 .On---
Edwin C. J1UMH ti rais. theI .
posed an smenment to raise the
hr of congressmm and federal to (22,500 a year-the sala- I w lm
ry Jolmwn wnho ri e
lwis.otprHd toebea. .atortin lU fll ]

Sealed bids, for opening in public, will
be received until 10:00 a.m. Septem-
ber 10, 1954 in the office of the
General Manager, Commissary Divi-
sion, Mount Hope, Canol Zone for
500 only empty metal drums tocted
at the Commissary Division Wh-lesale
,Groceries, Mouht Hope. Invitation No.
13 moy be obtained from the office
of the Supoly Director, Bolboo Heights
or from the office of the Generol
Manager, Commissary Division, Mount
Hope, telephone 3-2653.,
Why not have all modern sanitary
conveniences in your country home or
week-end cottage? We have in stock
sets of colored sanitary wore at the
following minimum prices:
Water close complete with
hardware and seat, from.. $37.00
Lavatory with hardware, from 17.00
Bidet with hardware, from... 28.00
VlahEmma Al 37 to047 -P.O.e K775
Telephone 3-0160 Ponarno. R.P.

ri ,,,, .L.- .. .
Anc..n, Can-I 0 SALE 19 7 Nash. excellent
WANTED -U-ed bago for ao'f clubs condition, new tires. After 4 p.m.,
"Herresra. Telephone 2-2027. 2-1854.
,U l FOR SALE.-Leaing country, 1951
k.SC ELL// NEOU S J Pockard, duty paid, rod.o, GOOD-
M IrSJ CELL"MPl- RICH tubeless tires, fine mechani-
R.d....n an cal condition. F. ICAZA Y CIA,
PIll ISTIMATIBu Reconditioning and Avenida Justo Arosemena No. 1.
ARsupholstering Furniture. Advice In ... ..... ... ... .
.ntnOr Decorating. Call EUREKA. FOR -SALE:-1954 Chevrolet Beloir
S-4632. Tudor push button radio, w/s/w
---: --2- tires, teother ond nylon upholstery,
*] glilt CA/I; ,*-. -I Iton -MW beie,. now:r,,ondltion
r. ? ,.. I 2._l. 0813 Plank f1it, ,alboa.
3 QASALE 4?0.0. lank 6tf*~
Boat & Motors Mhne 2-3654
.- JFOR SALE-1953 Ford-6 Custom-
FtR SALE:--Outboard cabin cruiser | lin 4-door, 2 tones, superb condi-
I 8 feet. new rmodl Johnson 25-hp. tion. Information: Phone 83-6185.
1utboord motor with outside stern I ,. .-, ,--
racket large enough for 2 motors. FOR SALE.;-Nash Super Club coupe,
4895 complete or $650 boat alone. 1948 model; Radio, good tires, new
SOtrs. 0434. Ancon. Call Pan- upholstery. motor recently over-
Ams 3-4383. I hauled, new broke linings, car in
." --' --- .-- --- excellent condition.: price $475.
FR SALE-- 40' racing schooner Call Bolboa 2-2896. House 5184,
'Kelpie," good condition. Can bi, Parsons Street. Diablo
Pen at Balboao Yacht Club. Call -- --RK d--- --
2.3000 FOR SALE:-First King midget cor,
-..00.- brand new. Good buy to travel to
FOR SALE -21-ft. boat with inboard school. 743-8, Enterprise Place ,
engine. May be seen at Diaoblo dock Balboa. Phone 2-2791. '
llboat No. 5011. Phone 85-4172 -
a.m.-t 4 pm 828-3463 or FOR SALEt-1952 Oldsmobile Fordor
P28-3335 after 4 o m Super 88. Hydramotic, 'two-speok-
.-L--f.-s.n ,boa er rod-o. dual exhaust. Continental
FR SALE- Lightweight fishing boot- tr two-tone. other extras. Dr
Also racing run -obout. Consider ot- Bernhardt. Albrok 3185 or 4175
jar or trade. Used motors 45 one -- ..-..... i
Lp. ABERNATHY across side street IFOR SALE -1953 Plymouth Fordor,
Hotel El Paonoma Everything for 'radio. heater-blower, directiorrals,
the fisherman and athlete. Liberal two-tone M.l. Albrook 3114.
discount on direct shipment. '

V.ANTED TO BUY Position Offered
SWANTED:- Bilngual female Pona-
*NTED TO BtUY -80 Bass Accor- manion secretary. Preferably having

Acrems froh tp an& NOW
ast Winem -d uln
oIJp-nt I from 10:0 am. to
.lo 0o l eG."
omwo, at B W
sundIran I.OO to s.e
- Ba d. DCB- .. __ *. .;

. J.- (UP) -The
in the Atlantic
iar*ge.soon may be
mot here and at sev-
rt in- southern New

tending that down-
h are crowding
aners, are consider-
ieasonal charge for
ears who use the
U -law permits re-
Meir own fees.

WASHINGTON. Aug. 31 (UP)-- ela. in- -the Califoria m. ta
President Esesaower threw h i s were they had- bees hidg in a
aeWly-enacted atl-Oommu sir st cabin with the aasistaneq parto
xrograe into high gear today by inenrs .
lgaing nto law three subversive- .4be .th measure sign gn
control bills, including, one to nak crime to jump .
iree testimony before congres- It wss an outgrowth of m .
donal committees. Met leader Eisler's *.&
The measures wer key parts of cape fMM the country aboard V 16
bhe program succesully souht Polsh h Batory. At present, a
rom Congress by the President defendant who jumps, bail is i
o strike at commanma at home subject to criminal "..lties,.
nd protect the nation from mspia some prer to fOrftt ball rath
imnibus Program wil be signed One of dop anti-Red bills still-ea
Mo law later, -O President's desk is an "extra
One of the measure sigod to. handed him by Congress `hass-.
bay is intended to fare *itOBe day. It produced some of tfe .a
e befo re essional commit. torrid debate o the da
ees totestify agat te of the lei.
and traitors. It av,. the Hed. a measure to -t.
Amendment reuge r orad- law" the Communist Pary, it
)loek by permitting federal courts M strip %be pruty of all #P
o grant. the witnesses immunity legal rigts a deny go
rom prosecution. =ib =n services to usios .
Any witness receiving immunity munist iafftnted."
would be subject to prosecution if Americans for Democratei Ac-
i refused to talk. in the past, tion, liberal anti-C o m m %xi s4.
ay witnesses before Comma. ,urged the Peds* t 0
lst-bmting con Ia co t C the outlawa" bill
Mlttees have refusd to test le61t n said, because it
oundstey might ftcrl e teT Sbvever a ctSt4
hemselves. ntrolBoade"a y to
The second bill Iagress. imte bargaining. rights of t*r- ",
* the penalty for- EidMf or i .... .
0 Etling peos from &MOt T blr e Cin as e
ZM: it departm t -said tIh co" ----m ,." el..d .
Me a1.000 $ n ram d six su i t h .
Mnfs Isprisonmet wo I &aad. sabotage aM d

U pelt to 15,.0 and fIve 0 ftof .MIBM ,L I ',




i'tus of Ventnor
oneay visitors get Schools in1i states orate 111
healthy recreation aircraft which log approximately
utaing much to the 4,000 hours of flight me a year,
merMhants HUe-sti according to an official report of
meant s ,t out of .the Aircraft Industries Association.
Sbathers fall into A nation-wide survey revealed
that planes are used by schools as
,il is now consider- 1 a rof their educaona l facilities Fees raring or pilot training, air-mapping and
excluding chileni Photogrammetty and in crop-dust.
e been suggested. ing on school farmlands.
receive a tag to be .. ...
wir swim suits. Per. )
ch without the tag .
ect to a fine. Antique Autos
.hin fees have beent .. .. .+..
vera North Jersey PROVIDENCE., R. L (UP)--
ars, no resorts near One hundred one automobiles in
>tic City ever em. Rhode Island are listed officially
eUee. a "s antiue." The state issues cut-
rate "antique" license plates for
nor, Atlantic Citv's cars at least 25 years old on the
South, the resorts condition they won't be used for
d Longport are con.' general transportation. The oldest
s plan., car registered is a 1902 three-pas.
senger Cameron roadster.

. Athough he's NavaJo Bradley b
usually plays som othertribes- t
Mae, mostly a Ute, SoIx or t
A e He's a Uto in "Sfoke
Only thing o with thea
w Hollywood makes *I hp
to, as Bradle see "is tt m
aot screen the inMas meverla
.-Is real we. te said, "a. y
that we always we. e 01
we're goang to cre, Up the
AIidtrrs.atn, % ,Ln
--hy w W.ant I*.t or SK0I, .
i ll bms I in _Alr _,71
boa f o h PC
I VAi *8s M"! he i tp i
In: ta a ia L/t.. 1c

"_ "- ) ,' '.. :-"- "-

Still Marching
Henry A. Huaston of Kew Gardens.
, N. Y., claimed the distinction this
year of beIng the first member of
a class graduated 75 years sao to
Sjwalk in The procession of a Bow-.
d I om College commencement. The
JL I 6year-old ebemist and former col-
; lege professor swung into step aft.
Nt is er remarkilg that other 75-year
Now 'graduates returning to past com.
yE mencements had been "too feeble
to mare."

At the military center, nmo wt-
2 u'les are for information ftr si-
clal security claims, honiptailuthia
and siailary fueaul",

. 1 : L.- -

v ; :=.


Maritza 9 .Has 5 Q




Central -Ave 7
eL s.0,1

Pcek Shippers,
T Aoevers l.
Tet.: 2-2M2 &t -M51

h IAmplifpers

No. 45th st.,
TeL s-Us
a"ell trta

i" m Movie Vet

H Never Evn

MOAB, Utah.- (UP) -iWdB
be?#Aever beeo to Hoo, Ue
Brdle. a full-blooded Navajo In-
dian I Kayenta, Ari., a
played in 57 motiudn pictures.
of.dlt str. to_?fct D n
ins when the -ato tH~ard Dix
wt to Arizona to make the "Van.
SqAmerican," and he has been
Witn into the dust under the
g ( the white man evero em.
1"*watt work, is i "Smoke 8ig-
Bal, filmd beae.

I 1-" ik '

,. j /-

' BAtuRDAT. AdUCST U1. 199S

-,--- ~1'

WL a .

1- _________^i^. "" ^-

p : curmt, In

Plu<: t
Charlton Heaton
SJaeo Palance, in

Oreat Action!
Plus: -
"LMoeo In London"
East Side Kids

A Complete ClamuseMepe Program!I
"Thunder Over The Plains"

1 V

t4m e"c'an Mn
Social and Otherwite _
NA Feed Maid Markets Editor
,, Nantucket Island is a dreamy
Mis Esther Hdumbert Several Dame.e Scheduled place surrounded by the Atlantic
red at Bridal Shower For Tonight Ocean, with cobblestone streets,i
r group of friends of Miss Est,b Panama and the Canal Zone will beautiful trees and old white house.
et Humbert will give a tea and be lively places tonight with ma- e, built by whaling captains. Lots'
shower this afternoon at the U- ny dances scheduled. of gopd food, too. i
nion Club In honor of her comn- Frank and Maud Dinsmore, our
ing marriage t- Mr. Rene Oil-L At the Hotel Panama, the famous hosts, met us at the wharf and
lc Jr. Latin American band leader Luis took us t othe Opera House restau.,
-Arcaras will play for the Carnavali. rant for luncheon. Owned by young
Chaplain Cyril Bept Speaks To to, and poolside dancing will be Harold Gaillard and his wife it
Naval Officers Wives Club provided by Clarence Martin and. has a bar that once belonged[ to!
Chaplain Cyril Best spoke to his orchestra. IAnna Held and New England food
the Naval Officers Wives Club on Iglorified by international touches.
Tuesday noon at their monthly An informal dance will be held Our menu: Cl am chowder,
meeting at the Fort Clayton Of. at the Army and Navy Club at strong with extra clam juice, sau.
ficer's Club. Fort Amador. This will start at teed plaice, a delicious local flabish,
8:00 p.m. with lemon parsley butter sauce,
Mrs. Manfredo Engle from the, genuine Italian bread, a wooden
Trying Zapp Company gave a talk The Albrook Air Force Base Of- wl with French salad-romaine
Problems of Facial Make-up." ficers Club will hold a formal and garden lettuce with subtly
and presented a short film on "The dance starting at 9:00 p.m. blended dressing of olive oil, wine,
Hostesses for the luncheon were vinegar and herbs.
Mrs. L. R. Coughlin and Mrs. B. At Brazos Brook Country Club For our dessert, the French chef
R. Lambert. the dance will be at 7:30 and the had glorified New England Indian
Royal Sultan Orchestra will provide meal pudding traditionally made
Welcomed at the luncheon as the music. of yellow orn meal, scalded milk,
new members were: Mrs. H. H. butter and black molasses, long
Marshall, Mrs. C. E. Smith, Mrs. and slowly baked. But he made
J. Q. Jaxthiemer Mrs. W. C a souffle of it by adding several
S Bri Mrs T. J. Alishouse. Mrs eggs. Just before serving, he
W .-Baun, Mrs. P. P. Hunter M TING poured brandy ovei the top and
aqd Mrs L. E. Holllday. ignited it. It was served flaming,t
With slightly softened French van.
Cocktail IBuffet To Be Held ila ice cream.
By Reserve Officers Group The Dinsmores arranged a clam
The Canal Zone Department of bake for us near Madaket Bay,
Rs'erve Officers Association will Miss Marsh Will Show famous for its sweet little scallops.
hold a cocktail buffet at 'Doctor's Holiday' In one rf the oceanside dunes that
night in the Driftwood Lounge of Before Evening Circle protected us from the roaring
the Albrook Air Force Base Of- surf, coals glowed In the pit where
fliers Club. Miss Elizabeth Marsh will pre- sea bass, clams. lobsters and corn
All reserve officers and guests sent a series of pictures entitled in husks cooked in sea weed. It
are invited to take part. 'Doctor's Holiday" at the monthly grew dark while we ate and stars
at the meeting of the Cristobal came out over the Atlantic.
P-ites Leave For Singapore Union Church Evening Circle to be When we sailed away, friends
Administrative Officer of the U- held Monday evening at 8 p.21n. us the Nantucket Island Cook
Pd ,d States Embassy and Mrs. at the home of Mrs. C. F. Maedl, ook, compiled to raise funds for t
Johq Seate, accompanied by their House 46, New Cristobal, the I o c a I Old Peoples' Home. c
daughter. Jimmee Sue, and son, Grandpappy's Sauce is one of the n
John, left yesterday aboard t h These pictures were filmed by recipes.,
S. S. Panama for New York en. Miss Marsh and Mr. William M. b
route to their new post in Singa- Kosan in inacessible areas of Grandpappy's Sauce u
pr.'e. I Code Province where they went as 1

members of a medical mission led
by Dr. Jose Reverte. Dr. Reverte.
a graduate of the University do
Madrid. was at that time Work-

One bottle ketchup, I lemon
(sliced,. 1 tablespoon Worcester-
shire sauce. 1 large tablespoon
hk.t.r n.aalevu nU nnainnlt


In His Greatest Adventure
with -



As different as the seven colors of the rainbow in their In-
erpretations of the exciting role of Sadie Thompson, the provo-
ative young woman who unintentionally turned topsy-turvy the
noraa of the mlslonary who was striving to reform her on a
South Sea Island, a rainbow of seven colorful stars has lent the
rilllance of its combined talent on stage and screen to making an
unforgettable character of the heroine of Somerset Mauhagan's
great novel "Rain."
The Miss Sadie Thompson of each of the seven famous ac-
rqpses has been a vivid portrayal, but the latest interpretitlon by
ovely. vivacious Rita Haywort .is said to surpass all previous pet-
. uu~ ~fjw-"qUTESICCE. BA JS 1.a5 SLi-, lkI.&- b--OTU& -1-intUp to4--A-6--wirn1

.^i Sr rtlee. sithrsh is BE o-5.A
ofthe mursing staff at Co Dx water adding thimer tothe W P' e sultry Sadie on the stage, on the silent screen and In talk-
*tal. mixture. Simmer until thick. Re- in pictures, send the six names at once to the manager of the
Move lemon and parsley before Lx Theatre. The first ten persons who send the correct names
All members and friends of the serving. will receive a Lux pass for two persona for one week.
Evening Circle are cordially invit- This is s delicious "dip" for Lavishly filmed In Technicolor on an island in the Pacific
ed to attend this meeting. steamed clams, lobster and an ex- NMls Sadie Thompson will be presented simultaneously In the
cellent sauce for fish and meat. Lhx and Cecilia Theatres during the week beginning Thursday,

SLadies Auxiliary To Be Founded MOSS In Memory AgLs 2 h Ad-
Lt. Garvyn H. Mumblow, Veter.
*.. an of Foreign Wars Post 3876 will Of H. Montoute L
hold a meeting tomorrow at 2:00
cr .o -he fui-- p.m. at the Post Home on 14th Tomorrow At 10
Street in Cristobal, with the pur- morrow At
A hostess can help her guest.' pose of forming a VFW L a d i es
Va'e care of her furniture by just Auxiliary. A high mass will be held at
'w tricks. Have plenty of deep the Lourdes Chapel in Carras- MOVIES TV RADIO
i trays around, hand guests a Any eligible ladies are request- quilla tomorrow morning in'
?2ster when they are handed a ed to attend the meeting. memory of the late Harold Mon- by Ersking JohMso.
gl-ss. and keep a mat outside the toute. who died in church last
fient door. speakers will be Mrs. Lacey dnd May 23. -
by not encourage guests to Mrs. Ripple of Post 3822. 'Ihe mass, which will begin at .
care of your possessions, b) 10 a.m., will be attended by his, HOLLYWOOD-(NEA) Hol-! Ida Lupino is telling pals that
r hig it easy for them to do For further information please wife and children, in addition to lywood and GrapeVine: The bad she may be making the biggest
so. call Mrs. Robert Micek at 32723. relatives and friends. luck that does the footsteps of for i mistake of her career in playing
mer film kiddie stars has skipped the role of the prison matron in
_____ Carl Alfalfa" Switzer, the free"' Cilumbia's Women's Prison."
ikled-fced toothy-grinned kid of It's hiss stuff from beginning to
Tthe Our dang comedies. lend.
and the Mighty" and a bigger one NBC cesors scored Alan
Air-Conditioned DIABLO HTS. 6:15 8:2 e. a n rctinngTrack o Young's Saturday Night Revue"
.Jane Pow. about film rubbing hi a'd sketch about a man who can't pay
A:45 4:05 ~6:25 ~8: 0 GWi" --uwodterin emoting again and night-cl ub billand telephone
S0 8 Gordon MacRAE wondering what happened. a h bt s
"Three Sailors & A Gir 'pals desperately from the wuh.
Technicolor I I look just like I did when 1 room.
Sun. "GONE WIH TH WIND" was a 'kid," he says. It's hardly Alan, never before accused ofil
,,. 0 for a child actor to start working blue material, wasn't nappy
again. I've never played a part about it.
PEDRO MIGUEL 6:30 p.m. over 19. I'm always a-teen-ager
o Clark GABLE and there haven't been many jobs Those two-hour lunch periods
"Gone With The Wind" until recently." Esther Williams takes don't add,
Technicolort For the last seven years, Carl's up to "exhausted" rumors. It's!
Sun. "Mutlar to The Bounty" been a bear-hunting guide in So- been in her contract for years... |
__ ,__ ,-- nora.County and up around Mount Susan Cabot, the U I glamour doll,
GAMBOA : 15 Shasta. He has 18 hound dogs and will get a Decca recording con.
a couple of movie star customers, tract Now it's Ytonne de Car-
| Jack PALANCr Roy Rogers (who got two bears lo, authoress. She's written a mov.
"M Constance ATTIC" last year) and Henry Fonda. lie treatment of a space opera com-
"MAN IN THE AlTTIC" Says the onetime kid star of his edy ... Ann Francis' mate, Barn
_._ t't roherat Sun. "Ma & *P Kettle at Hnme" newest role: Price, is on the recovery road.
GATUN 7:.0 I'll see how this turns out If'serious pneumonia bout, hate
this doesn't do it for me. nothing healed.
V augh nMONROE will. I go all the way through the --
Joean MSLI rE
"Tnushest Man In Arhona" picture."

\ --" You are
INmtAM-Am NmAMP miracle
\ e m roch wc
' K-' -

MARGARITA 6:15 7:55
Rachel L CARSON's
Technlcolor I
Sun "Three Sleon & A Grlr
CRISTOBAL 6:15 8:20
o Shirley BOOTH
Robert RYAN
Also Showing SUN. & MON.
LA BOCA 6:15 8:15
"He Ran All The Way"
PARAISO 6:15 7:46

SANTA CRUZ 6:15 8:5


CAMP BIRD 6:15 8:0

MAYBE THERE'S a lesson for
Hollywood in night-club warbler
JENNIFER JONES has David Pearl Bailey's theories about man.
0. Selzmnick's promise that she can'ey and billing-two little words
try the Broadway stage next year. I that cause more trouble in Holly.
It's now a matter of the right wood than anything else.
play ... Big quarrel between Pi-'
erre (Moulin Rouge" author) La-. "Billing," says Pearl. "means
imure and Pat Clark. a former, nothing. Money nothing You
Warner studio actress, is a cur- achieve nothing with billing and
rent Movietown gasp. It started' money They trap you You find
at a party given by Mrs. Philip, yourself doing the same thing
Yordan ... No significance to over and over."
Mona Freema n's unexpected I
flight to Baltimore beyond small It's the kind of talk that has'
daughter Moanie's yen to see her made Pearl's agents grasp for the:
grandmother. smelling salts but by now. she
--- says. they know she means every
Those talks between J o h n word of it.
Wasne and Republic big wheel)
He-bert Yates about The Ala-' She'll come out on the losing
mo" must have come to naught. end b. canceling night-club dates
Wayne wants the story that he to play the comedy lead in "Car.
claims he poured money Into. but men Jones" and she intends to
director Frank Lloyd. assigned to let more mon-y go down the drain
direct, is dickering with Gilbert when she stars on Broadway this
Roland for the role Wayne had fall in "The House of Flowers.",
staked out for himarif i
staked out for lfAs Pearl looks at it
ANNETIE KELLERMAN. "I started out to achieve some-,
water nymph long before Esther thing as an actress,. then I got'
Williams was born, has delayed turned' around at some pnin! All'
.completion of her autobiography.'of a sudden I decided that I'd I
I'm crmbtaed that tkere will rather do drama like Fthel Wa.
be much more rma will kappen terms than make a lot n' mtiey.
to me," Aannette ays. Why write '"nu ran't keep the money any.
that last chapter." bn,,."

with East Side Kids

'Chapters 5-6t
Plus: -

Plus: -
and Vis Orchestra4-
and -
'2 Good PketureT

-I I I'. .

The Poor Girls! Life Is Grim
When That Mrs. X Won't Eat
When they haven't anything else
to cluck about, some immature
women will make a mountain out
:of a molehill. 'They do it just for
the excitement of having some
,thing to talk bout.
Listen to this so-called problem
A woman writes: "We have a
Ipioblem in a club group and we
are asking advice from you in the
"There are nine girls in a card
club and we have a grand time
together But when hostess serves.
one of the girls will not eat. We
usually serve a salad, rolls, a
sweet, and tea or coffee. This one
member will probably just have
the tea or coffee and a roll.
"Teasing her does not faze her
at all. She is a lovely person in
e'ery other respect, but this atti-
tude of heis is pulling down those
"The girls are thinking of not
eating when we go to her house
in two weeks. But I think that is
wrong. What is your advice?"
My advice is for all of those
crown women, to quit acting like
a bunch of kids-picking on the
one kid least able to defend her.!
What possible difference does it
make whether Mrs. X eats or
doesn't eat-to anybody but Mrs.1
X" Maybe she is dieting. Maybe'
she is allergic to certain foods.
Maybe she is one of those persons
who has a violent dislike of many
kinds of food.
Whatever the reason Is, It
doesn't really matter. Let her have
her little idiosyncrasy so long as it
isn't hurting anybody.
As for trying to hurt her feelings
by ganging up on her and refus-.
ing to eatat her house, that is not
only childish but cruel as well.
If she is a lovely person who
pleases In every way but one. why
can't the club members concen-
trale on her good qualities and
overlook what they have decided
is a grievous, Ilt? A
'The only poisble 'answer ts be-
cause they want something to
cluck about-and apparently any-
thing will do.




PEACHY MEAL-A grasshop-
per munches on a peach-tree
leaf as stripped peach pits still
hang on the branch on a farm
in Columbia, Mo. Hordes of
grasshoppers devoured crops
of drought-stricken corn and
wheat along with the truit n
this area.

BUCK.A'tOO-Texe, Herok,-
son 'L. Bunt has been pamed
by a United Press survey at.
the richestt man in the gorid *
Hunt replares the Nizam of
Hyderabad as the top money-
holder Hunt's evinmated worth
is set at two billion dollars.

5our stomach?

for quick relief

r A Sour Stomach makes work dicstdit,
fun impossible! But why suAer -
Alka-Seltzer brings relief so lutl
drop a tablet or two into a 91 of te
and drink the sparkli nga 'MI
Alka-Seltzer acts at Or as
settle your discomfqrtt Notf
,. cagi take Alka-Seltzr a y
8' ajnd25 tablets. Also i
st rile tablet. .


6 i u le mdd f lmmH .M

a p

K- j




*t -


- -- ~ .rr .. r. r~.. ~ ~ I. .r. -



- i i n n li I

- .. c^, *'. *

, ... .- -. I,

/ *



IT'S A PLEASURE-The Navy sure has changed as pretty Irene
Smith makes it a real pleasure to visit the Navy dentist in Boston,
Mass. irene is a dental technician and is holding down one of the
__jobs that for many years was done by a male sailor.

Come to Carbureter Hfadyucrters

Solurdoy I Uvwe
1o end


Your carburetor is the Power Center pf your engine -
and the key to peak performance. It is a precision "
instrument requiring expert knowledge to service prop-
erly. That's why our organization includes a mechanic
trained at the Carter Factory.

Bring your car to Power Center Headquarters tody. '

Ave. J. Fco. de la Ossa No. 45
0 Tel. 3.3050







.Giants Pena:P
r P J

Smallest N.Y. Pitcher

Sln Three-Hit Shutout

-O -

NEW YORK, Aug. 21 (UP)-Like the widow's
mite which became the mightiest gift of all, the
Giants could well win the pennant on a "Liddle" con-

tribution by the smallest
their pitching.staff.

Little Don Liddle shrugged off
his role as he stood wringing
wet on a scale and registered 1571
pounds after registering his sixth
vIectory, a 4-0 three-hit shutout
ove the Pirates that kept their
Gtltes two full games ahead ofI
Brooklyn and 6/I games over his
ex-Milwaukee teammates.
Liddle doesn't start games oft-
en and he has become known as
the throw-in pitcher in the big
deal with the Braves which does
not disturb him in the least.
"B4 t even though Johnny An-
ton 1U has won 18, I will always
fe'0 n my heart If we win the
t that my six victories or
0440Ty I may win were
a'to." he said today.
we.wlI I want to thank
t'from the bottom of
ar for trading me to a pen-
n ear. I've got nothing a-
ga them but my heart is all
w tlib team. I don't care
w i they finish, but I know
w think well finish."

and most modest man on

ball to beat the Yankees for the
fourth time this season and also
drove in the winning run at Bosa
ton with an eighth inning dou-
ble. He hurt himself trying to
stretch the hit to a triple and
Sid Hudson had to protect his
margin the rest of the way. Bill
Skowron homered for the Yank-

lard Nixon of the Red Sox, who
beat the Yankees for the 4th
straight time, 4-3, with a four-
hitter and also doubled home
the winning run.

Sorts Briefs

All but four in a poll of 56
broadcasters and football writ-
ers predict Oklahoma will win
'U_ i&, 94- 0-" rA~faiaer

Vddle bold Pittsburgh to the 1954 Big S even CVonerenc
th singles t while Don Mue-o championship. Missouri was vot.
ler M'npplied all the Giant ed the team most likely to play
f punch with a grand slam hom- in the Orange Bowl. Oklahoma
per. It nmarked the fourth is Ineligible, having played last
< straight complete game for Jan. 1. --
naflager Leo Durocher's reju- The Washington Nats have
S enated pitching staff all bought three players for Chat-
The wins. dians tanooga. The three, who will re-
SThe Indians boosted their port next spring, are righthand-
American League lead to 3 4. er 1 BillC urrie and Dick Hyde
w- ,ne by defeating the Orioles, and first baseman Roy Hawes.
7-2, while the Ypnkep I'-ft to
the R&d Sox, 4-3. The White Sox
stayed V2 behind in the third Mayor Leslie Saunders says
place by topping Detroit 8-2, Frs the city of Toronto will build a
Virgil Trucks became the first larger stadium if businessmen
American Leaguer to win 18 are successful in obtaining a
games and regained the strike- major league franchise. Saun-
out lead with 134, adding six. ders says the current Interfia-
Th Dodgers hung on gamely tonal League stadium which
by topping the Phillies, 6-4, seats 18,000 could be enlarged to
handln Robin Roberts his llth 30,000.
defeat against 18 victories by --
putting over four runs in the Third baseman Andy Carey of
fir~ktwo innings on homers by of the New York Yankees suf-
Carl Furillo and Duke Snider. fered no broken bones when
Saidy Amoros also clouted one struck on the l e f t wrist by a
for Brooklyn. Billy Loes gained pitched ball Thursday night in
credit for his ninth wfn and Philadelphia. Carey left the
se-enth in a row. game after being hit in the sixth
However,. Milwaukee lost- a full inning.
grme of ground by attIering.a .
-1 setback in Chicago to the Former head coach Bob Sny-
Cub5 tad CIncananettI wet l ^Angeles Ratn has
0urth place from Philadelphia i n to handle the back-
by defeating the Cardinals, 3-, field at Villanova. n y d e r
on the seventh victory for Joe coached Calgary of the Cana-
Nuxhall. Washington and Phila. dian League last season.
delphia in the American were T Mon"tra"l'Aoutts of the
ginad out. TheMontrealAlouettes ofthe
Bob Rush, after a shaky Canadian League have asked
-tNs", pitched steadily to win waivers on three players from
his elhth game for the Cubs the United States. They are
and substitute centerfielder halfback Jimmy Robinson of
Bob Talbot shone at bat by Pittsburgh, tackle Tom Hughes
getting three hts to score all of Virginia Tech and guard Tim
three runs against Milwaukee. Moriarty of Detroit.
The Cardinals, in losing, tied National s champion
a National Leag rec ational singles champion
a National Lea e record by Tony Trabert returns to the ten-
makin six double plays. They nis wars bn Monday in the Nas-
were the seventh team ever to sau Bowl Tournament at Glen
do it. __ Cove, New York. Trabert, side-
Larry Doby had a two-run lined several weeks with blis-
triple and Al Rosen a two-run tered hands, will defend his na-
homer in a productive first in- tional title at Forest Hills start-
ning that enabled Cleveland to ing August 28.
coast to its victory. It was Bal-
timore's 10th straight defeat. Art Former Toronto Maple Leafs
Houtteman won his 13th game goalie Turk Broda has been
but Hal Newhouser helped him named coach of the Junior "A"
by sto pping a rally in the seventh Toronto Marlboros next season.
and shutting out the Orioles Broda replaces Reg Hamilton
thereafter. who resigned because of busi-
Willard Nixon pitched-four-hit ness commitments.

Maureen Connolly

Files $163,000

Suit In San Diego
SAN DIEGO, Aug. 21 (UP)
Women's tennis champion
Maureen Connolly has fiued
a $165,000 suit Ianan Diego.
"Little Mo" is suing 'a con-
crete company and track driv-
er. She charges she was/
thrown from her hdrse one
month ago when the truck
bumped into the horse. The
19-year-old Miss Connolly was
thrown and suffered a.broken,
leg, brain concussion and in-
ternal injuries. She was hos-
pitalized 10 days.
The accident will keep Little
Mn frnm defending her na-

Olson Punches Out Unanimous

Verdict Over Game Castellani

Rich Ameri

May Decide


ican Derby


lip Honors

tonal singles championship By United Press beat older horses in the Ameri-
later this month at Forest can Legion Handicap. Last Sat-
Hills, New York. Miss Connolly A Hasty House Farm colt bids urday the three-year-old colt
holds every major women's ti- for three-year-olds honors to- won the Travers.
tie in the world, day in the $100,000 added Ameri-
can Derby at Washington Park, "Native Dancer" was expected
Chicao. to run in the Whitney, but was
BauereirHasty Road, a bay who won withdrawn yesterday after a
the Preakness and ran second in workout. In his place, the All
Sgl Wins the Kentucky Derby, would have Vanderbilt stable has entered
Or Porfugal Wins a solid claim as the best sopho- "Social Outcast."
more if he wins the mile-and-
L l w ri one-eighth test. However. K'in SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y.-
Ranch's "High Gun" and Joe A promising three-year-old from
FOLKESTONE, England, Aug. Gavegnano's "Errard King" may Greentree Stable "Diving
FOLKESTONE, England, Aug. have something to say about it. Board"-yesterday won the first
21 (UP Powerful Bautlsta Pe- High Gun won the Belmont division of the Susquehanna
reira of Portugal today won the Stakes while Errard King won Handicap at Saratoga.
annual Channel swim from the rich Arlington Classic. Er- Diving Board fifth in the
France to England over a field rard King's victory may be dis- early running made his bid in
of 15 entrants, including Bob counted slightly since the Clas- the stretch. Jockey Ted Atkin-
Paysour, a 26-year-old fireman sic-at one mile-was more suit- son got the bay colt to the wire
from Gastonia, N.C. ed to the bay's early speed style three-quarters of a length. in
Pereira emerged the victor of running, front of "Ordained." Another
after once becoming confused All three will carry 124 pounds nose behind came "Bobby Bro-
and swimming the wrong way. today with Hasty Road getting cato," the early pace-setter.
He splashed ashore In a wildly a slight edge by starting from Time for the was one-38
exciting sprint finish, the Inside post position. Errard and fourth-fifth seconds over a
He crawledlout f the ch King will break from the nuim- fast track. Diving Board-a 2-1
py Chans nel waters to te b he br five slot and High Gun from favorite-paid six-dollars, $3.90
cheers of crowds on the beach- number six In the nine-horse and $3.30.
es just 12 hours 25 minutes fimberld six in the nine-horse and $3.30.
and one second after entrellg At Saratoga, C. V. Whitney's Eric Guerin rode "By Jeepers"
the c old Channel waters. h little "Fisherman" heads a field to victory in the second division
P5i0a0 ( v1 in t ^,cs and a of 10 In the $50,000 added Whit- of the race. "Post Prandial" ran
tro0 h, worth nut a 240.n naey Handicap. Fisherman, *who second and "Icarian" third. Time
.r. r h o y r ran second to High Gun In the was one-30 and three-fifths sec-
Millionaire British holiday re- Belmont, returned to action two onds. By Jeep paid $11.50, $4.-
sort owner, Billy Butlin, who weeks ago after an injury and 70 and $3.20.
avthe heprizes,ird the start-wees ago after an y and 70 and ..
!ng gun that sent the interna-
tional field of swimmers into the
dark Channel at 11:30 p.m. F'ti" i t 1 A/ t *-
(7:30 p.m. EDT) from a desolate t.L L. LO, .17 54- ervV -
spit of French soil at Cap Griz 4 service
Nez where Channel swimmers
traditionally take off. a
Soon after the start of the race Sae Leag e Champs
Pereira lost his accompanying
boat and was swimming strongly -
in the wrong direction -
when he was located again. His Panama Area Armed Forces contest on a jump shot by Ed
pilot boat informed him of his Basketball Standings Nickles as the Lifeliners went
error and steered him backs In (Final) out in front 68-67, and were
the right direction. never headed thereafter.
Brand Fisher, 27. of Brita Teams 'W L Pet. In games played Thursday
a leading the omen. The Fort' Kobbe 17 4 .809 evening, Army Atlantic upset
first prtse o woman ftish- Coco Solo 1 I .762 Fort Clayton 70 to 66 and Al-
er is also g sterlng (1,400 Albrook AFB 13 8 .619 brook AFB stopped Special
dollars). Bunched behind her Fort Clayton 10 11 .476 Troops 97-86.
were Toufic Bliek of Lebanon, Army Atlantic 6 15 .286
Margaret Feather of Britain Special Troops 4 17 .190 FORT KOBBE (84)
and Antonia Abertondo of Ar- xx-Navy Pacific 0 6 .000
gentina. (xx-Withdrew from league). Player fg ftft.fta pf tp
Britain's Jenny James was McCallen, f 10 10-12 5 30
unable to start when Butlin Fort Kobbe won the 1954 Pan- Ford, f 4 2- 6 5 10
fired the pistol at 2330 GMT on ama Area Armed Forces Basket- Fuchs. c 8 0- 0 4 16
the Dandy Beach at Cap Gris ball championship Friday eve- Gates, g 0 2- 2 5 2
Nez. She got seasick on the boat ning by beating Coco Solo 84 to Piersma, g 5 2- 4 2 12
ride from the English side. 77 before a crowd of 2,200 cheer- Mitchell 0 1-2 0 1
Briton Kenneth Wray and Mex- ing fans at Coco Solo. Kepke 1 0- 0 2 2
ican Damian Beltran both gave When Kobbe's high-scoring Coleman 0 3- 4 1 3
up after swimming for several Howie McCallen fouled out with Nickles 4 0- 2 3 8
hours, seven minutes remaining In the
Miss Fisher found the going so game and Coco Solo holding a Totals 32 20-32 26 84
good she sang to her accom- 67-64, ede, things looked dark
paying boat during feeding for the Lfeliners. COCO SOLO (77)
stops.i But the scoring lack was r
t indep nt efforts to wimtaken up capably y newcomer Stelzer, f 7 11-14 3 25
the Channel Lebanese Nicol Don Piersm as Kobe success- Lott, f 3 5- 6 4 11
ours lecau o24, retired after three fully overcame the lead to win Oliver c 2 2-4 4 6
h ours because of seasickness the championship tilt. Karklin, g 0 4- 4 3 4t
while his company Osman Phenomenal foul-shooting on Rupert, f 6 12-13 4 24
Ghandour, 27 kept on swimming the part of the Coco Solo club McLauchlin 1 3- 4 0 5
and was believed still in the kept them in the ball game. Hall 0 0- 0 0 0
water. mi., j.... .- 1thA A otTn_ f rn 10 *2 1 21



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It c

onyo i4

oftycr dial'



I I Ir


ruo uie iiirequenzit l, e iAiors
cashed In on 39 free throws in
47 attempts. During the first
half they converted 19 of 20.
The biggest lead ever held by
one team during the battle was
a nine-point spread when Coco
Solo led Kobbe 45-36 just before
the end of the first half. Even
as late as mid-way in the third
quarter, Coco Solo again stretch-
ed their margin to eight points
at 57-49.
Fort Kobbe grabbed the lead
with five minutes left in the

Margarita Tourney

To Offer 5 Nights

Of Top Baskelball

August 23 at 7:30 p.m. marks
the opening of the Isthmian In-
vitational Tournament at the
Margarita Gymnasium. The first
game on top at 7:30 pits Batt. C.
903rd AAA against Military Po-
lice; following this Junior Col-
lege meets Army Atlantic.
On the night of Aug. 25 we
find Ft. Clayton playing Uni-
sport in the 7:30 game, and Ft.
Kobbe playing Gibraltar Life in
the night-cap. This game should
be one of the top games of the
tournament and either team
could go all the way.
Aug. 27, Naval Station steps
into the picture playing the win-
ner of the M.P., Batt. C game.
In the second game 26th A.R.S.
play the winner of the J.C.-
Army Atlantic game.
After the completion of the
above mentioned games the
tournament brackets wll include
4 teams which have advanced to
the semi-finals. On Aug. 30, the
semi-final game will be played
and it will offer the top four
teams of the tournament in ac-
This will be followed by the
championship game on Sept. 1st
which should flu the Margarita
Gymnasium to capacity.
Don't F eL August 23-25-27
30 and September 1 at the Mar-
garita GYUndum.

Totals 19 39-47 19 77
Score by quarters:
Fort Kobbe 17 40 62 84
Coco Solo 20 45 59 77
Referees: Douglas and Tom.
Line-ups for Thursday's games%
F. Clayton (66) at Army A. (70)
Chatwin (16) F Kohrherr (7)
Romer (1) F Rivers (6)
Maas (11) C Yarborough (16)
Kalish (2) G Dinflo (6)
Wilens (10) G Chaleki (14)
Substitutions: Fort Clayton -
Scully (7), Simons (8), Devlln
(6), Mosley (3) and Lypke (2);
Army Atlantic Landau (0),
Swinson (7), Howald (4) and Mc-
Nulty (0).
Score by quarters:

Fort Clayton
Army Atlatnic

17 34 49 66
21 33 50 70

S. Troops 87 at Albrook AFB 96
Sanchez (0) F Sharp (20)
Mirman (28) F Helmuth (2)
Miller (27) C White (15)
Wiernicki (8) G Diamond (16)
Venton (10) G Finnegan (10)
Substitutions: Special Trooos
- B. Thomoson (6) and Hales
(8); Albrook AFB Flaherty
(0), Scott (8), Pazera (2), Abey-
ta (0), Young (18) and Rahl (5).
Score by quarters:
Special Troops 20 47 66 87
Albrook AFB 29 40 60 96

Sports Shorties

America's two leading tennis
players have moved into the
semi-finals of the National dou-'
bles championships.
Tony Trabert and Vie SOeias
beat Bernie Bartzen and Eddie
Moylan, 6-2, 6-4, 6-4. at Chest-
nut Hill, Massachusetts. .1
Defending champions Doris
Hart and Shirley Fry reached the
women's final. They needed on-
ly 40-minutes to beat Califons
teen-agers Darlene Hard and
Barbara Brelt, 6-love. 1--.

I .

wins out of 25. The Giants and
Dodgers are playing god ball -
bat treyre no hot lnoe Milwau-
kee." eye
NBA)-Stocetain rdiua emrfyp
| DariUate, &C. ")-Steek
car racing's b$1it p W,.
D. wi be aggtsd to wBmn

Ne York 72 4 .44 B Clolnd "L

P adelph 561i .4 Boqn 581 T7
St. 14oui 56 0 .471 18 Wn 40 .4
Cicago3 3n 22 Phadeph&a 3 78 1
Pittsburgh 44 78 .687 31 Baltimore so 82 A

Pittbrgh at oNew New York at De&aft
Cincinnati at St. Lousla (N) Wa hniat phiadrit
Philadelphia at Brooklyn Cleveld at BaltiUMONde
MUi ke 100 000 000-1 0 0 (Night Game)
S100 010 10X-3 111 o 200 100 1
Conley (12-8), Johnson and' (18-6) and Lo
Crandall. Rush (7-14) and Gara- mek m (141), aI
t Gme Washington at Phll 1
Phadelphia 001 101 100-4 9 0 otnd
Brooklyn 220 101 00x-8 12 1 (Night Game)
New York 001 200 -00"
Roberts (18-11) and Burgess. Boston 010 o000 2x-4
Loss (9-3a Podres, Labne and Grim (186-) and Berr'. I
Camp nella. (9-10), Hudson and White.
(Night Game) (Night Game)
Pittsburgt 000 000 000-0 3 1Cleveland001
New York 000 040 00x-4 7 0 Baltimore 000 011O 000-2
I Houtteman (13-4), Wewh
Llttlefleld (8-7), Purkey, HRetki and Houteman (-), Newhv
and Shepard. Liddle (6-3) and Blyska, Fox and Courtney.




(UP) Carl (Bobo) Olson shuf-
fled home to his wife and four
kiddies today with the world's
middleweight crown still on his
balding head and $125,000 stuff-
ed into his back pocket.
That's what the relentless Ha-
waiian picked up last night for
chopping out a unanimous 15-
round decision Over Rocky Cas-
tellani of Cleveland, Ohio, before
a crowd of 11,873 paid at the Cow
Palace. It marked the second
time that Olson had defended his
title since he defeated Randy
Turpin of Great Britain for the
'championship last October.
Castellani got the leavings
of Olon's healthy guarantee
--0 per cent of the net gate
receipts which grossed S121,470
plus another 6M per cent of ra-
dio and TV rights. These went
for about $75,000.
The bout bore some overtones
of the Olson-Kid Gavilan in Chi-
cago last April. The Cuban Kid
asserted that a bruised right
hand thwarted his bid for the ti-
tle and Castellani came out of
last night's mill claiming a frac-
tured left thumb.
Rocky said he cracked it in
the second round against Olson's
elbow. Dr. Don Lastretto, State
Athletic Commission physician,
said that the challenger had suf-
fered a "chipped fracture of the
left thumb" and called for an
But this handicap did not stop
the kid from the coal mines of
Luzerne, Pa., from fighting his
kind of a fight-back pedalling
from the pressing Olson and cut-
ting loose at times with desper-
ate counter punches.
One of these, a right cross
dropped Olson for a two conti
in the 1lth round. But the
spindly-legged champion un-
corked a smashing right cross
to the Jaw in the next round
which spun Castellani to the
canvas, for the count of nine.
Those were the hottest rounds
of the fight which otherwise fol-
lowed the pattern of the hunter
and the hunted. The stoic Olson
constantly plodded through Cas-
tellani's stream of left jabs to
batter the challenger tith left
and right combinations to the
head and head and land sicken-
ing left hooks to the mid-sec-
.-Crl (Bobo) Olson, deceisve
victor ia his middlewelght clam -
1M p defense lst night, said
ay 'that challenger Rocky
Castellani "depended too much
on his corner."
"Whenever we fought near
his side of the ring I could
hear his manager 'go ahead, go
ahead' and when he spurted I
was expecting it and ready for
And Olson just wasn't a-kid-
Castellani's corner was crowd-
ed with no less than five hand-
lers plus manager Al Nalman
and an assistant.
Throughout Castellani was
conscious of his corner, tossing
inquisitive glances after every
Olson, who won over welter-
weight champion Kid Gavilan in
!his last title defense, Laid the
keed "was a much smarter fight-
er" than Castellani.

A's Buy NYU Hurler,

To Remain Another'

Year In Philadelphia
NEW YORK, Aug. 21 (UP) -
The As have signed a southpaw
from New York University and
will keep him the rest of the
season. He is six-foot, three-inch
Bill Oster who has been pitching
independent ball this summer.
It also appears the A's will re-
main in Philadelphia for at least
next season. General Manager
Earle Mack says he has come to
an agreement with his brother,
treasurer Roy Mack. An an-
nouncement is expected in about
two weeks.
It also is learned that a Phila-
delphia group interested in buy-
ing the A's has approached
Charlie Dressen about taking
over as manager. It has been
thoutht the Phls were interest-
ed in the former Brooklyn man-
ager now running Oaklad of the
Pacific Coast League. Nut Harry
Sylk bays his syndicate sounded
out Dressen and that Char-
lie showed interest. It is believed
the Sylk group will take over the
A's and keep the Mack brothers
in some capacity.
Back in the National League,
shortstop Al Dark of the Giants
can smell that World Series
money. Dark says "Brooklyn
wll never catch us. A couple of
times the Dodgers have pulled
-loke. but we're in front lad we
a going to stay there."-
Manager Terry Moore of the
fifth place Phila d(im with
Dark. Moore refum to ek a
winner but warns that ilwanu-
kee is the team to watch. "They
are hqt, reminds Moore, "with 21


S (8)
d Erau
ock, N

Ottaa ooooooo-- I
Richmond 2308020x-12
Wheat, 9 (3) su

uenns 5 0 0 6 ,'laaton Zr5ad 1
1tfield, 2b 4 1 3 3 1 lWheat
Nieman, If 5 0 2 5 0 (12 I
Boone, 3b 3 0 0 1 3 1. I(iings)
Dropo, lb 3 0 2 5 1 Rochester 000 100 002-5-
a-Souchock 0 0 0 0 0 Toronto 000 001110 000-4
Belardi, lb 1 0 0 2 0 Jackson, Jordan (8),
Kaline, rf 3 0 1 1 0 (8) and Burbrink; Job
Tuttle, cf 4 0 0 5 0 Wesler (9), Crimign (9)
House, c 3 1 1 4 0 Howard. WP-Jacob. LP--
Gromek, p 3 0 0 1 1 lan. HR-Clark, Virdon.
Marlowe, p 0 0 0 0 0
b-Delsing 0 0 0 0 0 Montreal 110222000-8
SHavana 000 104 000-5
Totals 34 2 9 27 10 Black, Roebuck (6) and Ho
a-Ran for Dropo In 6th. Raffenaberger Moreno (5),
b-Walked for Marlowe in 9th. che (5), sanches (6) lot
and Guerra. WP-Black.
Chicago 206 00 0 50--8 Raffensberger. HR--moll.
Detroit 002.000.000-2-
Completion of game suspel
Errors: Rivera. RBI Mifioso, July 4)
Kell 2, Groth, Carrasquel Rivera Rochester 000 100 0-1
3, Nieman 2. Doubles Groth, Toronto 001 002 x-3 ;
Carrasquel, Fox, Dropo, Nieman, Markell and Burbrink, Ril
Hartfield. Triples Mifioso. HR (2); Shaffer, Crimian (5)
- Rivera. Stolen base Carras- Howard. WP-Crimian. HR-
quel. Sacrifice Trucks 2, Miflo- hat.
so, Kaline. Sacrifice flies Kell
2. Doubleplays Carrasquel-
Fox-Cavaretta. Left on base --
Chicago 5, Detroit 10. Bases on MONMOUTH HANDLE DOWS
balls Trucks 4, Gromek 3,
Marlowe 1. SO Trucks 6, Gro- Oceanport, N. J.-(NEA)-1
mek 3, Marlowe 1. Hits off mouth Park Race Track suff,
Gromek 9 'in 7. Marlowe 0 in 2. a dip in betting during the ree
Runs and earned runs Trucks ly completed season. The tra
2-1, Gromek 8-8. WP Trucks handle was down three per
(18-6). LP Gromek (14-13). But attendance was up 500.


Institution Guaranteed by the State

Pays 2% Interest Annuily oa S a gS Accomets


We make loans with guarantees on first mortgPs
or other securities.
25c.- Oc. $ Q and $SO


deposits are accepted thru a peria
of 48 weeks.
Individual saftMy depotbeoxs, for Jewelry and
dosmnnt In 4 differt sins.

.J Central Av. at
emer of r STae&


Ftat St. at mwe


HOUR80 S: pr
hem :00.m a mS:L SAp.m.
ljkUg ~na~ ie ft *: ftj ** dl u: j& ^

I .~ S

(Night Game) 0
Cincinnati 101 100 000-3 12 1
St. Louis 000 002 000-2 7 1
Nuxhall (7-3), Smith and Lan-
drinth. Beard (0-3), Deal, Brale
and Sarni.

Speed Trucks

i. ,

t "

i, .


m I I

-- -,-- -I

- .-I

. .

, '..

' *---

I .



Carrasquel, ss
Fox, 2b
MflAoso, If
Kell, lb
Cavarretta, lb
Rivera, rf
Lollar, c
Michaels. 3b
Groth, cf
Trucks, p


Loop Standin






_ Toronto ...........
Rochester .........
SOX Montreal ..........
Syracuse ..........
ab r h e a Havana ...........
4 2 2 1 4 Buffalo ...........
5 1 1 3 3 Ottawa ............
2 2 1 3 0 Richmond .........
2 0 0 3 0
1 0 0 3 0 YESTERDAY'S R
41 140
4 0 -1 7 0 Buffalo 000 000
3 1 0 0 1 Syracuse 0000001
4 1 3 3 0 Erickson, Harriat
2 0 0 0 1 Lakeman; Owens and
-Harrist. HR-Blayl
31 8 9 27 .. --*



- m yaa Aa N Aii wuwmU D M? K PMR



'aries Keep Smoky Burgess 'Big Bat Sm oki4
w ^~ '^ f ^*- _______________. __y

(lling in for Harry Grayson)
NEW YORM, Aug. 21 (NSA)-
TbIs was an average noontime for
the Phillies. They had a 1:3,game
and thMe who were not out tak-
ing batting practice were sitting
arond the locer room.
tVYt Simmons sprawled op a
rubbing table while a trainer gave
W- taaned left arm a brisk rub.

hand and Terry Moore, the man-
a r, walked around trying t o
find somebody with a match for
his cigarette. !
Over in a corner, Smoky Bur-
ess was sitting with a heating
pad and towel wrapped around
ea ankle. He was in a spot where
you didns t see him at first, and it
seemed the per ect place for
Smoky to sit.
For some reason, you, see, For-
rest Burgess is the kind of guy
who goes. unnoticed. When it
come to National League hitting
S Ahonors, n get inundated with
words and statistics about Duke
Oaider or Willie Mays or Ted
Klupsewskl. Yet, a glance at the
averages shows Burgeass at the top
of the heapwith a battinaverge KICKOFF-Lloyd Merriman, C
which has remained bett dn .360 off first base, but the flying Flocl
and ..380 all season. Merriman's roller to first and th
Bur es it must be added, has .
no chance to grab the batting
crown, for he has been strictly thea
platoon catcher for the Phillies
Line injuries put him on the
bench for two weeks early in the
as own. He played in only 77 of
the Phillies' first 108 games of
the year.
But wnen he has been in there
Burgess has been spring hits ad
gae.s8 'c over the league. To the pitchers,
he is no secret, particularly in a
Brooklyn. Smoky hias the Dodgers
U & as if he were in batting practice.
Sats The Course Record? He has something like a ..7 mark
against them so far this year.
eEven if you were to leave his -- o
hitting out, it would come as a
wy Rfe Bax r 1m distinct surprise t h at nobody Written for NEA Service
r, I bv would notice this 21-year-old guy
from North Carolina.
StThe dressing room was a quiet
Sort of pldce until somebody asked
s Future Golf Links Great Smoky hw he was feeling.ed
"Well," he began. "It's been
-a like this right along now. You
By FRANK GODSOE This is the bold young Texan some twenty minutes later, Sism-
who was National Junior cham- mons, now down from the rubbing
HOUSTON, Tex., Aug. 20 pion at both medal and match table and dressed for the game,
(NEA) America's g r e a t est play a year ago, and who won stuck his head in and cheered on
teenage golf prospect is Rex Bax- three 72-hole medal play tourneys Smoky's filibuster.
ter, Jr., win -or lose (he can't during the winter, one the Laredo "You tell em," Curt said. Bur-.
draw) in the United 8 t a t e a Open, shooting against 20 or more gess continued without even tak-
Golf Association Amateur Cham- of the winter tour veterans, in- ing a deep breath.
pionships. eluding Dave Douglas and Porky To many baseball players, "hel-
Joe Dey, executive director of Oliver. io" and "goodbye" constitute a
the USGA, amens that rating. legitimate conversation. For Bur-
A few weeks ago Rex uncoiled This is the kid who two weeks legs it's imate conversely a device to start-
his tremendous repertoire of shot, later beat par in the H o u a t o in -
to the detriment of par and be.- Open, won the trophy for I.o w "Last two years up here I hit
came the lowest ualifer in the amateur while obviously off his 6 and .29,"he said, "This ear
ation- Efor the natnal amateur. game. tho
"D diilki tie tourb eDrd tq 71at .I t46om.Ith to
sophomore ~fronm Amarillo!ea at Dring te tourna nt e- I wa iting for the good"
regulatiounfiguresby a dozen wali body remarked that being the I'm waiting for the g~od'
r alops, bag 1 birdies and twal Houston Open's low a m at es r to show. h e d
eagles, b l5 birdies and t would be mighty nice. "But this has been no bed of
eagles lga e oSure, said Baxter, but what roses for me this year. First, I had
distinctions: would be wrong with winning the stomach trouble en s rion train
1) The pleasure of beating Billy tournament?" didn't have ulcers, my father gets DkHa
Joe Patton in the first round at sitk. Then my son had to have an
Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., or Sports Joins operation and my daughter fell on MONTREAL-A fast once-over
2; The honor of losing to Pat- some cee-ment steps and hurt her of recent happenings on the olf
ton which, believe me, Is no dis- March Of Dimes head. circuit leads me to believetat
grace. Then I hurt my akle the the only way a guy can make it
rThe nation's low-quamlifying E other one, the left--and split my these days is to get on a diet of
player was handed no cripple. Emergency Drive finger and, of course, this finger water cress, tea with lemon and
And neither was Patton handed on m glove hand has to be held melba toast.
any setup. Patton is a South Caro- NEW YORK--(NEA)--The March outside of the mitt, It's got a
Una limberman with the fastest of Dimes has started an emergen- pinched nerve. Take a look around at a couple
backswing and one of the biggest cy drive for additional funds with "Seems everytime I turn around of the top winners of recent e-
knocks in the world. which to fight polio. The sports something happens. Well, it eain't vents, I guest you would have to
So how did this affect the young- world has quickly agreed to lend keep going' this way all year, I say that Boggy Toski didn't exact-
ster from Amarillo matched to a hand. hope' ly hur himself by winning t h a t
play this new Bunyan of the fair- "HHe's catching's answer to Luke World Championship at am o'
ways? wy siBa Will Harridge and Warren Giles Appling," a guy broke in. "T h e Shanter. Well, he M g h ty
The way I figure it," said Bax- of the major leagues and George only otier time he was hurt a lot Mouse" is a strapping 127 pounds
tor, I have just as good a chance Trautman of the minor leagues was down at Springfield and he with his shoes on.
to beat Patton as Patton has to have agreed to aid the drive with hit .327 that year." Jerry Barber, who won the All-
beat me." special collections and March of Burgess broke it off aid headed America tournament at the same
Brave words, aren't they, com- Dimes Day" contests. for the field. Nobody in the early course, isn't the kind of guy who
ing from an 18-year-old boy? I Boxing clubs from coast to coast arrivals at the ball park noticed dwarfs anybody. He's only 137
'that's the kid who stepped into and various thoroughbred racing him coming out. pounds and stands no more than
the golf shop at the course where associations also 'are planning e- five-foot, five inches.
the Jaycee International tourney vents to help gather needed funds. Gene Littler, who has created
was held last summer and casu. a real ripple in golf with his play
ally inquired, What's the course so far, has a build to match his
record?" SMALL SLATE last name. He weighs about 152
That's the crew-cut slammer pounds.
who takes a look at the average Ames, lowa-(NEA)-The Iowa
olf course and often will say, State frosh football team will playAnd of course, Ed Furgol, who
far for me should be about 4." only two games this year. woni the Open does not appear
ready for a job as left tackle with
the Cleveland Browns.
..._ __ IAll of this leaves some of the
old pros in a bad spot.
Take a fellow like Ed Oliver.
They used to call him Porky."
A t* Now. it's Corned Beef." And
NCouw* Africa's Bobby Locke. That
rMuffin Jowels" monicker he has
didn't come by accident. A n d
there's a lot more of us in the
g00d taste "same boat.
for years-a scale which always
registers 15 pounds less than it's
supposed to.
Sometimes, a fellow can be
pretty proud that he's in gol f.
hat's the way that yarn out on
I Dick Hauff's play in the National
Caddie Golf championship struck-

they found him homeless overseas
during World War II. Major
Frank Hauff of Chicago sponsor-
'ed him and with the aid of a
whole regiment they hustled him
0@ 18 through immigration authorities.
I Since then. Dick has taken up

STIu. GOIG golf and come along to the spot
where, they tell me, he has a
STRONG chance of being an excellent play-
rnd, we noted here before, the
Ibag-toters oen is one of golf's
4F_ 'ibest events. It gives the caddies
a clean crack at some good com.
SI D f* petitave golu-and is restricted to
of.a those who have-to play their golf
Johnnie Golf cantake a bow for this
style as he gets out of t50trnwei
an the C OiMM&r(IMU) N Fred CArerersta, the man w bo
h had so much to do with making
W W Uprofessional golf as big a thing as
HARRIMAN FIRST t s today, was doing a little rem-
iniscing tee other day.
FINE t SCOTCH WHISKY Chieago (NEA) The first i It looks like this Is the first
home-bred Unied States Amateur year," Fred observed, that a
Id wVawo & a Lna.0Sq0 3 h0i"bV Dib a, KilEma*D golf champion was H. M. Harri-, professional pUsr will be just a-
. ..._ man, who won the 1iS title in his bout the hiDbet paid athlete in
home city of Chid o. me?

incinnatl outfielder, appears
k pitcher is only trying to ge
ey collided as Erskine made p

We did a fast double tak


that one. Who was he k i d d i n g,
med Answer: Yes., but 9f the umpire
Look it over," Fred insisted, at first base sticks to his guns, the
Toski should come close to $130,. decision bolds. It's hi to make.
000 in earnings from golf t h i s Q. The scoreboard shows that
year. That's more than any base- It's three and two on the batter,
ball or football player can make. but another ball is pitched and
And its more than a jockey the umpire says it's ball three.
clears, too. So instead of walking the batter
doubles, scoring men on second
Rocky Marciano is, the only and third bases. Can the defend-
athlete who has a chance to go ing side appeal?-Joe Flame.
over this figure. And he is fight-
ing twice to do it. Normally, a Answer: The time for the ap-
heavyweight champion defe nad s peat was after what the score.
his title about once a year and board showed to be the fourth
unless we go back to those mil- ball was called ball three, but in
lion dollar gates of the Dempsey the end the only evidence that
era a golfer, in a year or so, will will stand up is what shows on
make more." the indicator in the umpire's hand.
T'e, man may be right, and it Officially, the figures ot the score-
sure set me off on a thinking board don't mean a thGdg,
spree. Toski got $50,000, plus an
nqull sAm guaranteed from ex-_ Q.'4B". 48s, O aWi .lame
hibitions, at Chicago. Bac k in record for most consecutive its
'13M, I won a Texas PGA Tourpa- I one gamnet?- Ilp Sanders.
ment at Dallas and came away A. W ier R on, seven for
with $25 top money. I was high seven with the Baltimore Orioles,
money winner for the week, too. June 10, 188.




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to be kicking Brooklyn's Carl. Erskine
et out of the way. He covered bag on
putout. Ump Donatelli Falls it. (NEA)

24 Years nl National League
. Written for NEA Service
QUESTION: The club at bat
contends that a batted ground
ball got a piece of first base, but
the umpire there called it a foul.
Can the club appeal to the plate,
ke on umpire?-Royee Williamson. i
thton.Wh1ash k dL Ase:Ys u fteupr






., .-*II




^ *
It ; 1'

I *^-
I-i *ri


I .. .. 1 .. .

I ___ __ _

1 *'. ;


3:10 5:05 7-00 9.00 P.
In The Proud Tradition of "The
Third Man" Comes Carol Reed's
Sensational New Thrillerl...



re BLOOM Hildeparde NV

* TODAY ": ..

SI' '
nora Ruffo, In "QUEEN OF SEEM"

l maae


Year- Old



S ake


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frsallie Midget \\lI/
colors Become AN INiDEPEDEN -
.... AN INDEPENDENT nI.Y I"H '.'"." ;.
;'%m Faveorie Paan
NEW YORK-(UP)-Small, com-
a=t tractors with the power of a
ataimweight fighter have brought
46w popularity to home chores.
These versatle hot rods not only
an till the soil but, with attach.
"Ments, can even help paint the \ "Let then people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
S Souse or cut the winter wood. A
,"-iogthern farmer turns his machine
hloie high in his silo to run 'round TWINTY-NINT YEAR PANAMA, R. P., SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 1954 FIVE CENTS
ltd around like a mechanized Jit.
bul to pack the fodder and re-
spoila ge, while a prospector
de north west uses vehicles

'ate sysmorechation mar K ep ubica Congress Pr ove
twa, official publicepub ocan Congress rov ed
She American Iron and Steel In-
Ititute, says this mechanized mar-
e, one of the most s ificant de-
relopments in agric ture duringT
Scompeani re ls iproduc To B e Internationally- Minded
SLatest Department of Commerce
*iread show that nearly 200,000 WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 (UP)- ate approved a resolution which an .830 batting average for res. a compromise bill bringing 10 rail.
adien tractors are being produced The 83rd Congress adjourned to- authorizes the President to take dent Eisenhower's legisat v e lion more persons under social
IsUly and take 20,000 tons of day, winding up roughly two years any action he sees fit while Con- program. security coverage.
t wkIn the making. One firm is of accomplishments which proved gress is not in session to restore The House and Senate, their In the midst of the getaway
telorted assembling them at the to be far more internationally- sovereignty to Western Germany members straining to get home rush, White House aides said the
M of one every six and one-half minded than most political experts of EDC is not ratified. for election campaigning, wound President could claim a "pretty
Ism. had believed possible when the The White House is claiming up major business with action on good" batting average of .s30 on
DesJgning and working out the Republican Party took control. his legislative program. They al
details of a practical midget trac- The Republicans had been known so said he had "played ute an
r was a surprisingly tough ob. traditionally as the party of isola- i appreciable part" in seeing that
T were being tailored for an tion, had fought and defeated the 80 per cent of the measures he
army of backyard amateurs and League of Nations; and raised the sought found their way through the
bad to be strong but lightweight, highest tariff in United States his.- congressional maze.
amenomical and trouble-free. tory when they last controlled Con- They listed 65 administration
le tiny tractor filled an imme-.gress about 1930. measures, large and small, and
ia-te need. Inexpensive, it could claimed that all but 11 had been MEMBERS OF THE WEDDINO-We-.behaved wdding guests are the ons O the baclground,
rate more cheaPly than any- But the 83rd Congress which passed. who looked on as Lion Tamer ublue Pilers and Numerl Killian were married in their cage n thet
else in its cas, including opened at the same time Repub. Aberdeen, South Africa, zoo. There was no report as to whether weddin guests cIded the bride.l
Shorse. With the proper attach- llcan President Eisenhower be.- As presidential assistant Gerald
i, garden tractors can be used came President, has been about D. Morgan, put it: "The adminis-i --
Sow, edge and roll the lawn, as Internationaly-minded as its traction was up to bat 65 times
Bread lime or fertilizer, hoe, opposition Democrats. Of te n and struck out 11."
3leh, spray, cut wood, drill holes the Democrats helped the Re- Some of the President's biggest
sJrateo power, sow seeds, haul publicans on International mat. r triumphs came on legislation in- e
... ....10saadeso-serapetioultryWaess.
ton 1oaad s, scrape poultry ters. evolving farm policy, taxes, and
es or plow snow. anti-Communist and atomic legis-
Among its acts may be one lation.
J|aBP wuldnowhich will change the face of in- He sautered major defeats on M eans To You Tl ap y er
klgHn n. C c international affairs tremendously Taft-Hartley, Hawaiiand at e- I l I O U I F S
some day, namely a law which .hood and health legislation. He
l iasl. 0bt Ai will permit the sharing with oth- had to take compromises on 0rAINT-" .. c l
CiaOer nations of atomic power re- T reii -te reciprocal trade and hoe usng tax evo n ,i "lll nt signed int o isan'
serves to help develop resources The chief executive also could law revision bill ust i gned Inh e
iA a and raise living standards. claim notable Victories on the neg- the b gest piece of legislation Nw T
S yas 'IBy and large, the programs of active side Early in the session he ac e
foreign military, economic and went all out in his efforts to de- ente this Congress. It is
II Fedtechnical aid to free world allies feat the so-called Bricker amend- so big that it took more than 1. It DOES NOT: cage the eInome ax rat r take
I ,. ich.- (UP)d d fared better during the past two meant which would have greatl tWO weeks from the time te o Lhome atos res e yel b n ect
Jahl Jpd state ag riculture depart- years than ever before, restricted his treaty-making ow- Hotuse and Senate pawed. Ithetb llDI LItD.(m119rA4ene. I
en ffl.eals claim a first ron p to get It printed and Into shape|| --di ... l
i In outbreak Because their own p a rt y's One of the administration's most to send to the President. 'X It a new tax br 2M eir..
. pay moth infestation In Micnp.I =deit requested the continua-
pay moth in et r aus te th c in spectacular triumphs was on its In size, it looks like a Ma nhat-I aIen laeoinc soekau ipay d rules ha
a tyev voted frthem who arm program. Over strong o c* tan tel phone directory. .

S la Iorpole er. dqt h 'oiplns of farm tstatee members, C.on,.. .. ..
g larv ne against what have ten de- BARRLLY SHE ROL ALONG-At Miam Beach, la major overhaul l been teamuch of your deductions so that It 1f has sot etled) trd
SMennn Wllams alled srbed the traditionalbrotectionist model Leslie Westonr left, dramatics her opinion of Chttan the structure in 7ears. much oboe material id hat itemiTe now r separated adetnew
al session, iw aa Dior's new A ce etmedsa sahe sIM n effot t revenge more tions for 1954. ed $ l our e o

d surrounding craunry i ao ried. cion tar.l Securty i Approved h Gmlo hd ta w Theca ns a Afe ng utstaheid t s adee

plu ed. vm vt adotroarendin wthho ..ope gesa hea WA NO Ab 1 Pan re rops bo8fe t5e. f r ant i-l toins ae to iraahlrene or i tn t -u nOn gat w"he ano kelep no matio E'o,~f bi
' a l ad a v Democrats also claim credit for ne efevte ; mssored T erne b ll m pt te iast g loPrm adat wto st oafut st i.e opanystourt hve ptenmal per-eucn svIeft o o aorer tl w or p u ( '
mo a-c qu yaarr e,0 he0l d, amgrmoFcrxaaow rndold ohef foreign trade mpo the donors f o per cent a o thoelele.. whoi...o ofo .) e d
soiwd a ii ons oted by MichP dting a e session also saw th e first o er tinl oe t r at detthel nowbllduction mut mao edtemin. nce

arter t leglat res achine- legain tpower o hfeV S OS A At M e t b aj the Ex da lms aen dl ae Communist rety andme mbe ry the epnsof cairo ftr i o o d*
aaln o gieltesn W oictallpolicies of the Repubcan 0Party, n w Bnchsd.,wastehios. ,hnoee oew ts he'd at er ma t anisen tm wo personanefortob The you fa l oueorll 14ias ofrag.9.

itsan t entomologists Nowiled the sCongress y "the h a nS .e ary pedaTe n lweniget-upe tp e a o provide s n thre00 e tInacpay wIto h the"y mFeda lree renu e Is too aeto o r a -wo
thi ieri a spraying uofrDDT ade.the. letrsi aaes te o, andetcompTe tres on monrelsed b T uaffy Arto $ e1.r can and oo r.o e i not aebtei y e be theoly e edlM sl g uthet to t n

eT4-a he romag dating e forl a ca sec u beneits and"mates is anrewi sotihw santsomanH wmehcreatdoon s gnd er.nhe b t kerally xpaersc whea d ion1to which Yo u cn not iud n the de-
sda kae utarea poine "o mission that the nroram should t I engin rta0 i itndev duoe the ltis o a lso iinc e a Ca imnlssed trcegs th enrou In t n toe a r aes4 tor t ..o td. re yao-u table ble-.duction a 'u ?"i do an in-
bIoe, g~aso or e extended for t als three years wio the ents and layers ino pte utvgh a blon-dol atg ntdhe ndrh hofeangan sn e t hed tIw oradsor3 otao tmor 4tan1 y1nf b' i
caEert s aeied they Da sta Ntiotlarlns if reduction ar- Iseord personre theges c t isetaxil" for tax law. The changes ffectng .mounscbiedb Ise: o t r e
Th esumasirn. lortreyoir6adauthocimed. hmmteTeicinspasocial S security Bonher-tswllprovnedThseatnisecterdtrionheuhta olengn ees al ebs deducIntonsD n -oI tda
$2 ay wtwanother one-year extension without crC kowngrs or nsuvrives.e rs trs "ne ie d by thecia s i dtu.t herins oln loa wteuran, dei op nf cld to rn o u
m peifd m e monistprogram and saw cimost erofeqtemntiln "tai u i' sn"yurtext I fd thr a budr

St.. .... he aes Ony also it and If the For signature after the fiot r Te orersnt maxt-imeu is fai edAtoo at thru tame bioapl t. on all of ..19 54....e clre t deduction rnol) a ieduc by-e
p l motbhalready n h3av 00 oendme00a10erillarm lborersons In'a o r For example. some working OneO f those wh o m dsv e

millons ono acors te itam il1st, c -am pe n for Ien aed aparo tliednthe $aone tewa timeadwo 7t whoHhavebto a orl moe of yuhs ba a nd, futhe m-ore,
In easternstatesandk U gys De.moth agpo deofinthe eatme da. Ealer, theos achimilbtheersnolimteohe ducarihnforrne
an ,nbfA uturelie yans prtiuank ly i t00h f0,0oian d make Communist Party mes a berr- Btwhetensyofio yorta (e )for ewaitca extp, ( fer amunt (
a n heuicacidreventat ael ii- 1l9adened the e wspe ofmits a evT- WASHIe GTON, p A ug.2 1 (UP) thedcouplebothm0of65, t$127 nshi lacirm i e. r chiden.s etom red peansong.s ,ad (4) for oto4utya- l cee s .0

uaved the central Michigan wies.i-Congressoyes Tterdaye s ene i-. ent wo snearl r ie s i ep lt y o .re. r mo rareturn.eIt'sotoofse-uo orgehor
frsom a drasticquarantine. The leaders faced, and de- compromise bill increasing xeso"iurea at $108.50eandex62.80. oftheanti-Red bills yesterday, now eHowever,ethereIsr'nochanceovelo-al-egal conwhichdi Inud t e-

Ib heated, strong agitatioD fo r a cial security benefisoanred as The legislation also includes a lo armed with weapons.emakeIn the Income tax rates For could reduce your tax b l.t to amount pald o a-
efoiaatan trhee out- AtIesolu s t snutgestioNreth eentd- baeginningne xtaym. oner-on esra wo aedin ,oramssoa td isspleawfhorhHaaithisrtd t t yourn take thomeoeh el
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i erwadmttte.The measure, last on Preso- o 65 and 72 can earn as muchs;asoh turn on eaush wue r hillionot affectedal pyers bill ke eat theatre
meamsuere- hhadm oar.em e o~e liaal yewthobacil fe tof r so tstatho b enti usi edto ee. wthde old lw aaind allows additt onal .te t aow a
ls o hand Ident Ealsenhow her's tst of "must" sfice wohers0 yeard pity fral- wise crack down a t subversives.P dedc ,n i dtO deductions tn, a r
The European Defeinsme Commu- legislation went to the Whr fa aboe. However, thea e ist ote i even though it wilrmn w e o fYOuned a ut
toould not account for the it afuls of ratificincato ame in for Snenate approved bit.eI s etsofb authoerizinge wire-tas in eshion- e oibr la w
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lawyerslisteopasapadarinthern tlane the .tfetpote i inteaofoit
empeboin pnextrJans on pernig rurns,_w_ be t
_:j At nn1.Ahmxpertsesaidla nt-to try t ond eanngmored tenet he with, the medical profession; was turnedrdownrecause he re- And m Lions of .axayersywinl Wcomer ;tt
numb6-year. of .merians..cfiremendpobycemen, federal civil fused to also request statehood be entitled to addtionl.." ne!dtl,0 theam
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P- Rep. Reed said farmers even- the local sta transport thneau- love is more than a figment on pna l td uue rdigs. O e. About 00,00tape.s ...
*...I:| D.A tually will be entitled to about dience back in memory to those some garret-grtt poet's im inm-I aCorlass yn ..,l 0rs wffPll e
HU mitaI tii POSE t 40 billon dollars in social secur- misty days when holding hands tion has, for the purposes of the of producer in a man- i a randomU, a u -be l new pvion t
--j t* a 11 ity benefits. in the movie matinee was more play, been unquestioningly as- In allared by ComMs a"d 11- seant 9. he I J O-m the law *wc allows a deduc-
L -CatheS Up n Waltr F. Beorde (D-. fun than an after-dinner snooze, cepted by author F. Hugh aer- drl s, Hr on the program tii f -latet on nstllment
-*. --. .Ga. a) and Harry F. Byrd (D-Va. with snoring. ibert, director Roy Olickenh as, I a Offee. nr. even thou iterest
p With 1 refused to san the conference Fact is, Eki Altman as Corliss and most of the cast sturdy And hile toe n an I o .pr in the
an report nandsthey dW not Archer, and Bruce Quinn as holdouts being David Browne directors ovSadowg Inspection revealed this purchase agreement.
f RENSSELAEIfAR N v-R,. ^favor includiti farmers. That Dexter Franklin, are backdating (as Raymond Pringle) and a clpAel thCere It pnteraa, Ou eq mnt -to d. admirably,
....... %R-N-_SELAR -.- Y- P--- was the chief controversy that reminiscent but rheumy theater-, hirsute whisky advertisement i memory Serve a, prte and dsted. Mrs J te law, you got no
U pt is c watching with a had delayed agreement. goers to within dangerously easy called Arus Glly of LasCom- nrd d Rem brnd, w ad further e nt r. JohMn- tet auction n such a
.... OW- ptWar -- --'o h T. r hec rejecting the reach of thedraftoard. bres (a a hair ofnthedo Sdto 5 e forhsp M t -
t benefit increasses will o ut late Not to speculate on what ult a captivate l npg ea elr." f tff. I h
her 213 w seU e DI oS tef and will be in the grown ups may excel at. It re- of eater by Min Altmanae aLM par are tases t1ha sl8 success r "y
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q f' C1rarolls a early Olow.r this show are a wh ao lot better griefs and joys in h lae- I yC Btlyn Tf t AnWWit t
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S hppe from Calrie to a *d. ent minimum benefit of Md a pirants of more ancient ardor .dience fh r a j f 4aft Mrs. JTe taaw m
6l surplus warehouse here. He month for a an-ae retired per- Led by IM Altman and Bruce TO self-assured David rIas s sm, f I"i
Vdahe4M _1140.'Under present law. the maxi- of a good neighbor policy whi"h matter lass. For Lila gu
turoedIOver, wam monthly benefit far a in- would make the Depart. and Warren Cook. as
.. S k. le y ta p *Armar- mnnt a iMUMu ia la1 indeed lin Archer's parm-#, they 9m i *u.
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