The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 18709335
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* aglagK wgi ould 'form the Zn-
ged, a' community aCo
S. THURMONT, Md., Aug. 14 (UP) Preidet

d ano lob e hisbl? al e. .ocrwome hower today was rpy ready to fight the San
*.. .d t .. a w ere ornre proved bill to outlaw the Communist Mr. "
,,the Party.

Sa ft .-atonsd h.Wr learned of the Senate action at his Marylan
h ed l "andI s. ofs the r inistration sources said he objected to thl

enrl othenm r te amp o co n enD it a l e aeercde o ae bill on two counts:
'ThEdw rdS G ermanf ta goperto -aCd ecmon.

tonrt y Cio, lmp was faovd by w eWre on ppo pl a l ICOs EAnaatrn-
by AM the it Rd u eb alsowrefrdre P.toae wl epre

"' Sy i"iS"Oto M d" "" e I-t eo
France through diplomtle of bn own b et *for the plan It

ne. e p2e)Cn wl -e the to e bi t ommunists will be driven undergooun
Say arlC S-a icsoamnMr. Eisenhower feels that thihs bill is not the
o ogt- way to contrSl subversives.
a~~~itani rs ted zConsequently, prson close to t Chief Ex

ve o ca te House consider.
m t.are a w 1 Admin istration i neoxg leld .
y'e ,S coeu boAed tto he the wb iresi r t'fee ready o i t t r
b a o my seso1 0p..'in'eo ew .
., _= 111 en d e wnappr.

ad and tr ug dmelatiC anison, nproiedanblTooutlasn t Party. CA ide depn s ai m
d wito" Uha d 40 a r ae -ateorrg g h h ae "hIhooa vrhlarnee Gald o hePres de oulawr ba l eS ll Tuuati eonU a t hif M*ae
Gaullsopehiouat. Mte. rtbal A ousdnt1 nfols

ci r*l ote Ip l. Tn i eoer esn Am ne Ioutd trytin toe atelsi h e o j ected to til

gw t- p view usa l qf q let what appearic triton beopi R n tthe recrearhd erme apd we Ietlv Coa lonal le s aor d 2en ps Th
l d II io h eI C e C? waotTIda n ko wr IS a e abn the Dmous rats m.

S eeab _lr pa.iu ar." il le bence te re ---- the mau re darpaie tha, the wth e mbr4:0artyrs o .i
Th ew Navyhsme ll*ol. Iu wastri (e to mf n I 14 ya or wrh to Dees tl
aI s.. 6rIr te-ottan e m to e i bahsor y of t rou th e Cany e r l w s o, Co tsh,.e atr a lo C om m unist wpll e e d v e d e

Sw 14o. wnUi Panal-t he *as onvra vgs n ranI The Preald la l ntm A dvis e
EBJr, gl P Te todatp we res oign twos oad b m o :mldn o maer. the cos o a mo op t-w te oenmend. Pesona and a
w th. e mn ion a d s t ed fwn uo hr tr. Ces.. Grhey e TA* tlme dw c r. wasow t o th u d Jthi billel l nor t *M I

Edw aees hevrd teceaU* were wi*efng couty G awnt m o R alad fully and W ateo ntla llr u emin aindes. a There wa

Y* to bp t r t o To the case p ar enl aat er wathe 0 cunt o- Thee0ncOludWMe a,300 an Batrn eded wh B Isn tehpafl ed bI Jon p Eu Sg
t.o', she d I he w oudd t a e t b t er f w the f rie w ha e a at n
i aa es e w en r rs,- .a,- e a- sh e C nl. u gut e. fr rn a .1o a0 b o B

adTandeo b Ywo menw bloo tifid B ano t.e leadeS oa ther we. old Anonwsm aTon ad aabhr booer I tNDO, "a de 1 t byPth- eOx.H Aug. 14 from wu Mdrieth om 35\ o S1
At aoheisvel a. tn ,i tos. Te e o e a.vs. selo o0r. ." t.the .t, ul co e deded sde touta the It a
aftl de R we a' sed "m e w poide e cfaapt- te taransit o aob a the p t a t n karp p o er mt op -oomat
ti MS ao te e o an a vi ..l. .-ath'Ameo n-f we iln ne ftr Aeotn o sfe s r to od cti Heir ce
tef. g. f p e w n ri p e e p ha ne ose ir l ba e aetoM. w- donwasot, .ex_
'" "earr 't oau g t fofth e ana Itsl.t hirvtalwa t erh- "baAu-Trinmedand mu a del m ar e dulares t h t l s w I'-

rt~sTh Naional Fedraao oum dort anc New Zld tae lone word thak he waet the to the worldu.ta artWenate r l to
There haAso be Co liisof fts t to th n& -rdt iaAg.d a Vt temnooop, e geidenat ce puary bvin e amin- munlt o h
ret o shp of f*lo n nd R stow y to ete vale io rfcetein aeaCnatiet o ar ones pia cytole a ov er- soo
q1u -rM... n today et oftw_.os pi o enedrtTrd.ecenthe w rlad h v oe l bof 0aassedr eht as wo .at he goeme n t P leons day undr e v er ct
te n an ardet oodu-oo a ssibl onyAg.15.e191 4.w the Ai o footaet con itd of ow. li ttoa. _r

L1Jw. A poeltle a d lpoi Btnsed btie to 'thu on c stl e wth FAromz the danlye n the A*Te finac t le acvipnth wer t ba e the e p ar m a 'U*******W. BBment to
V V ut surale. ofollreatir-a.roa:frer t wb soig oa first o upndtl Julyf a ao* r otisnh afor trapys otoenCar nas 40c a toB five cars iont a'of 80on- 0.t'

SSeto Fr -u..g. s-(Pe oh i-weaas 00 a00 ye- a gtpoodions a y .a ------tit oe Proprdine nst o o o tor te fiovernl EXhoe --"e
e th e o line and .am g qa, th fe woe guh E PF lC Grahm to ade0 hae peen o oth i t t he Pan- o t e .. r rosl leck clearly pdded Prest- -ep..eeentajM* ...
reay l- '. this "e. rd~ .h ;e al-re Ietn ont aam, oen bo gereotarn a eti e rs hdsteo m e acherkrd el3e A doi Ao non andth daM-d
dy .OISSI ( ,RPOL d red to be of mthe s eric o ad commercial veseal of 100 tons orl hor meatC Theo br' a e ouse w.t
A f aoi A a na,.. d dtanc m the a be dt40ca minutes. crhe sil more whose ownIershav e saved Cran Teen Ms sonrnBee ," tor th p o -
w fi oes f te W al ed to sid er It dbedreed r Islee ai r bal eis oe on at- e u ,plo eran naser er esthatyi

Md la uIts a b ivtisffi .mothwhen It retmr s eftote- wfraln. thrug'hh the Moeh yeaa ot hes erGo ,o iab r "vaden- -N Auno t P ao ntI-ublesdI*ve llnd fS
a,, ri h, ,,l, of lal then ,h wreo. e aof noher aAg sPe olrground and e it h.rd.

t nm- en. .sBl dtw me r e S odar later. men vtess wrh lps of o ath u g. .. (p ) e..... ra rol 24 buts ae .f d that he SUflp i Rs n t
catio. ed today snar- historiot oldwhoe n wae atihos ande amon wol u rr roemercl vadracertain hther w i
of i, th le ficl a lly by thed. ~tial th word ed south nd fm hcrh edhetha ritish butcher s oplai nedn to- s apo d osaenhTheler tes
d yal ar S LMerdve o -M .wearr d -sAe g time c l h teasih e _e ,ty of small c. ft.... .... to .a wholalersent Lamb liver went u rom bi to outlaw the dlaty. 6. andl

h te-eenno tt hhe The" Natonal Federation o et b an New Zeaoand the amb. long word that he wanc tho up" engineered Pr"o
rd V cieslsinditheouthiurdfromCris vtoa aretyhofishtipsnileJloatigMatrdr u. Isud. aa cooh~i, eVlnh .ncled. in toerhe aCan-almt er
..oM do "fosAImbor-offreightfor.. a epentsmofmrda ra, Increase ro.f tt h v le st, aiesaisn w.a -$1
Bn"Inme mo es tlisbr earnearlte emor-a t" Ii eIus
", P r oi through thi CGoanal the day Ever since the recent dera- hstoIldnt hth e whomunipddht yrt
S a e Hd "Ea d ln e tr m ieswP ita waas fidrsht opened to. traffic. ione a lf 14 e.ears .nof nea e wooe o ilto .'n.
A.x 40thqothOutanivere!rish at retat d ion BaCams ThlhentEis meaure hls;ra c om aon-o
hile te cA tie14 ( Tm a le tmi nt weg d te gfA e aor P O C. Grhae ofe i Dadeo the recent Korean conflict, heaBn t th ers cehigher e it o t uldODe, io
getU1 le",ive _thI heard t.e call" were efing a u n sty ,.Ga., wentto the mremor-te C a -al demontratdI ndmp-d- ome_ butchersraid ..holesa..e -O,. iI Re .".
oa 6d iedsnabs whenRasewaldorc of the servicestodayand r ad: asavita- Th o n s t ipr d bor ile p ito henthed laounlosa nr e
da a' e TotheCw par l aterrenwthecountytofThense i othe Uni 3Sttles ad lrdroteup end hed w ep t high omproi0 0 Arow ed Io l.n opo
wards wasians dH igh t e nofo tisceue -t oonitothexproposalasnrecenon e ,X "sWhtea A na Repubiat d o
toea.Ails ten W v .ig t be Iesbi against sr iinog M otof wholsale p ics for o tp ee foeu as April 12 onothrn thath at'
,. Tetw'o mnI e ntk- s Aw blood euohis the olw of he w 1 wer .tve se Warsh 1:seofte and lmb in er made t lrPO'. W.lig TON, aus. 14 (UmP) uAld drive that *eo unlsts'
were.arreseddaytheyhavantoefuydwholo aveeas--en a -.mwho were amon he w to v a
IIao th po.mcesoLesman, ku cA erca-H ae a i an.LineTt olls whIlc locksuring... .as t tcher." .nfr toea aid35 spendi4g tc1s Te Hele tle doubth a I! -, .
u-,wa. !a gI oea mo to have mavet-t with fa f f semiete- n- -- oblwthat-e yer. sHougt ss drsibeAsk .b-
.m tied a-moute, dt$7 o2,0351ar LJwI Alabaia makesr the I I.adadin, o Al C B._.s The money gbell i lsfaproe the outlawry--ill

-, d Vic te e Des In W e-i 0rdvar'eirowsorkA d nd.fatinMeatradersa' aemoenn An approesidenbyoftheHo.s- mense I. cuadn ..he anse a-

o-,".."- -e te- meo- f paed, te measure would a e I." labo u..n.lnsI....
'1'"o~ia.IIa ~OsdIocend -a|rra erogted at o h s, the dae ot thr TOKYO. Aug. 14 (UP -- Ra- go to a House-Senate conference Sat euhui m,
a. IIu'nivrs- l hoe formaBiy "a leaolracallIvot- "f 8theos0.
ce deo. "Duringtw orldaWaradand oild ingd cPpn toa a e o to i out 1.fe e-.Measwieladtia
UaGafIA --ug-d U aTmosai- _gIeg s a ol. ,ulsa. gI o'eIleooeh d e hp separateAPooposals.n*i s
es to r leaveathis mnu.uhe&W twer hfigCu ty. on.,.ent.tothe 16othsCanal demon oostrated t her rons.n-I rglonal communist Party
rites. vbe :ere Aains t shave bee Mosote______.eml he I. .leaa lme nt Aiceeo romported an inritwo onisoneauthtam'th. _

S ," --. :.. 7 ...'. 45 -..
., i.^ ,. .. ~ -- "-'. -" ,.., -"
.... .. .........................................................,-. r,,r ..................._
---.. -% ," 4 .w .. .., 4 :- -
."-.t ...* 7 -'. .- ; ," : '" : ,:;-' -* --


F .::,- .i'l 9. ., ..



*CCLL-6 A fish with trust in a frleqd bobs to the surface to
take some riooiom the hand of Mrs. L. Arbln, of Gravesend,
England. Her mimal friends Include a collection of trog, toads,
slowterms, an alligator and the tame carp.

.rey Halr Can Be Chic In Business

atOUSANDm of stature wo m-
Whose children are grown,
r masking carter comebacks. to
join the sweling ranks of
wm en in the business and pro.
tsailonal worlds.
...~cr these women, success d e-
mudls on knowing -their job thor-
'UkIlY and doing it well, It also
''maS presenting a smart, well-
m I ed ao pearance that says
Ba they're *in to way out-

They inow that good grooming
miMns constant attentlo to a
careful planned and faithfully
e uoated beauty program.
U ity.lsred rqien'woman con-
sate on her skin and hair
than ever now since the
of 'her hair calis attention
Her sakin Is a little drier
s appie a little
to it as prbtection before
a foherfoundation base.
# current hair
,the ol r career woman The ray-piared career .woman
.pver look dated. Short hair,omo nwn a MM" appear.
Saei ".Ig h h -brushed, aweas-we- ll ja abIlnty- bdo
M r ing g hair. her Job weLA pepe ivexam.-
,euoB ..des s de- pie Is this bui ess wOnma
agrger'oWrtitr short hair stylke.

Sto di or heir hair. Onebubc
t W $ permanent contains a new in.-
1redwent which, It makers say.
brings out the natural beauty and
inferences sheen of gray or white hair.

S u. Home permanent' are an ae-
CMHCAGO-(UP)--A social se- sential grooming aid to the ma.
a4u p at the emotional make- ture woman who goes to bust.
ata salesman recently showed ness. They can provide her; on
l sales conferences "fail miser- a budget, with a natural-looki n
:My" to get at the root of his per- wave that sets off an important
galityy. bbui ness requirement a chief.
Weiss and Geller, a Chicago ad- looking appearance from 9 to 5.
,vertlaing firm, arranu ljtpt-

,fi. e salyz 1 .'. birish Smugh ing
S ey nly :.r ales
*pn a s a as vAdusllt
t firm sald.l, p th a teay-
viws" showed \ and, m I ,s A .
.-esolvuemave petsdft a ised r VIP
pe r siv.b feel he bt per'thWd DUBLIN (UP) Smu g lin
Ihe Is stronger other per. --either as a spare-time hob or
as lt~ies., as o* whole-time job pays big
ales meeting "tri chain dividends to some people livi on
Section of comusion Ith1 sides of the 270-mile o
utet, anger, rebellion or crois and refilled stock ponds, but,
and send th sales force wrer between the Republic of
work feeling they have Ien Ireland and British-governed for.
ted by their baospai" a-. then Ireland.
9mordg to conclusions made in the Althoug h police In both Belfast
I1 M1Y. .Of theesm IPlt and Dub n have organized racket.
use of the salesmalin to be buti squads to deal withsug.
a y"rahrah lectures or soft glera, tile trade still pays a petty
mi L ents of anaige ont." penny for effort expended. Becuse
"reported. It mwude&d rices are lower in the republic

i iM & ,iowatems as cigarettes, butter, e-
f. 'paVS l I lers, pigs, eggs, and cloth tese
to produce psycho ogical ftems form tAe bulk of the for
bidden cargoes that cross the bor-
ar4 W.W sas's reuvdent& dter nightly.
em suggested that. the I N s ,ad t

Mere profitably used re "sm ito Northern
et sale.eand n.o l r ey mntb. A year's
Affaft ifcjRnj He asked for "a con. profit.
effort to let each salesman tidy profit.
to brid e the Not all the smuggling, however,
i s done from this side.A real old.
ean sold, If he is time touch was added to the game
to fl t a teacher rather not Ig ago when Northern Ire-
land fishermen sailed their catches
to republic ports where better
prices were obtainable than at
in Themse pirates run a double
Srisk danger from their own as-
m thorlulies in the north and danger
A from 19cal customs. A govirument
Yea r order forbids duamping eatehas by
Northern Ireland trawlers ia lrt
N, IL-. (UP) -An of the republic. But a B d the

fm eM ral L ON, ida. UP ic-.

"'11srame : b tkanap u fr

7" p of eaffe
s.b. has prompted a number' of Iw-
rnm to notice that the chi ry
s, whih went twased whey
_p8 ikp

It 4a4S~ m tA 5W~~-.- a.

studled at
P., H Street




____ .2:00


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Preprit or an afteneon tea, this ealdenato girl applies (left) to peeat the lipstlek i fr Next, she blots her
a a-aearte iUlpaLSek. e don want tewoamper her alflips retf y ( er eiate g is m aost a
stand. g oroil her reputatem for goodr m agrm by meani alle eas ptkiremoed Js* wayr. At tea (rlt),she'
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GOOD grooming and. good man, clear skin and bright eyes are After applying mascara, she se careful about applying her lip.
nets should always go hand the rewards of a -well-kep Pt rates the lashes with another stick. She will use a nonsmear
in hand. The woman who poe- beauty routine, slightly damp niaseara brush. The type and blot it carefully. Then,
sases great beauty is at a .lss She also Jias a vitality and result I a happy one, for the oth- at an afternoon tea. she can .ip
if hr. lnk of interest and rude- alertness that gives evidence of er gueatu see a glowing, pretty her tea graciously without an
nes ata party paint. a sharp good health, which she guard face. .ugly smear on the rim of the
cotrast tolher psical a trac- carefully r The mpet peeve of most hostesses cup.
contrast to h physical thtrns-ao. Tay .__ .. ...... .. i w oo a s r
tiveness. er make-up always looks is finding thick s a ire s ck smears on
Tshewoman who heads the natural. b e applies it with a her recious glassware S ist an aconfi .
Saand. and silverware. Lipsticksears obligation conversait iowise, tooe.
in thr stguest list for a te d partyorel
mal dinner usually merits that e removes all excess powder an ile napkins too, are a most She must express sincere inter-I
iortant place. wia powder brush so her face unattractive sight. h
wih her grooming i e a luminous look. he The smart guest will be most er hostess break the ice. a
impccanle. Her s p a r k I ing, places rouge rather high on her slas in a chair is a direct test of
brushed-every-day hair, emoo,, chqkbones and blends it wll.B S i heS p en T he
.nu ripuin c DISiI Ifirst rule in sittingis not to be
indre... / ""wwr'"' m I a great hurry toS it down. As
I /f ir I. .,o, e t s you enter a room, mentally
har te ASaINUTON Land's I- choose a chair fo r yourself.ij
eater,1thedAlasknelet a small air .which
i h~bear, inhabits Alaska Peninsula's w ao ae t dur I
np ssans the N&U ?eor feet So. stand dimefly in frontaf t he
.Uc .chafr. i o qtht 0.omn feel it

t h 'a or v o ut r ust masking yourself sit
keen nose and u to wn quetly will have a soothing ef.
Danger. feeton your nerves, o say noth-
h~e e stat m a ins of its relaxing effect on the
dn ge.e o e i n the room.

hOLLINC a new rug will
be more feible tUis fEl for
hoi aer with y g. Ideas
and fted budget. prices in
genera haven't changed mueb.
But the selection of patterns and
colons .ia lowerriced weaves is
more vdriSd. Its. likely. Yanb
find the rug yot want at a price
within reason.
In the new Axminster weaves,
for example,. I've flipped through
doemngt at ntemporary patterns,
nudin e-ontoe abstracts
tweeds, Inflormal horpespuns and
more traditonal-minded flo ral
design that look like pos point
-and clsmie leaf metes. Other
new carpets make use of the
new, tufted construction, which
gives a luxurious pile for a
sensible price. Beid M otton-
tuft d ri t see more wool,
rayon and nyjxn tatting.
Mix w at wool or. coton
with rayen, yloan or sara are
calculated to combine the best
traits of eam fiber. Incidentally,
all-nylon em4eting is on deck
for serious cdaideration b y
toos who sa c led about $
p squrrsw asd* I can remem-
e' not g M a when all-ayon
wart mue is twice that
t*_ MiI i m is a dle hi
Nera i _.1dI grasy
ehar u are w -Iep4ieslted
this falIn t U bpbu bride.J

years. Consider the color, the
general appearance, the type of
furniture you have, .the lfe you
If you have modern r eelo.
all furniture, random weaves,
abstract deealgs and ad-craft.
ed effects make a gseed back-.
If your furniture is a colBetion
of hand-me-downs and good,
-old pieces with a traditional air,
take another look -at floral pat-
torus and scroll and leaf motifs.
I love to see the pale pastels and
off-white carpets on a floor if
someone ha the time and deter-
minaton to keep t hem wo.lgrom-
ed. The twist weaves, pettered
or textured designs, are more
compatible with small children
and busy family traffic,
Remember that the carpet
color, or colors, will be a domi-
nant ibflueoee on t he color
sebheme of the room. So con-
sider the finish on furniture, too.
For example,- know fer per-
sonal pesrlefhe that blond
wood fnised lash with earpt.
in. that kas a roes or P s

two ocean sutio in tui racul
to aid weather and navigation
studies. One ship is stationed a
miles northeast of Honolulu, the
other mid-way between -onolu
and Tokyo.
4 "water-boy" was employed
on passenger trains in the 1840's
Before the days of news butchers
and dining ears, he iwet through
coaches carrying a tray of glass.
esa a a pitcher of ice water.
Railroad managements u r ge d
conductors to show great courtesy
to passengers ,and see that they
got "a plentiful supply f good.
cold ice water."
The highest automobile road in
the United States winds to the 14,-
260-foot summit at Mount Evans.
The world's highest suspension
bridge spans the Arkansas River
1,053 feet above the riverbed.
The evening of June 23 Is a hol-
liday for Norsemen, set aside to
welcome the warmth of summer
with bonfires. It is called St.
John's Eve (Sankthansaften), or
Mid-summer Eve.
Yacthamen of Grand Lake. Col-
orado, boast theirs is the coun-
try's highest anchorage G,369
feet above sea level.
Honeybees use sun naviation
in flying from the' hive to distant
flower patches and back again on
a true beeline. Returning bees
"tell" other members of the hive
how to find a rich feeding place
by means of a complicated wag-
gle dance, shown the correct di-
rection with relation to the sun's
position in the sky.
Finnish Lapland, covering 38,-
000 square miles and warmed by
the Norwegian Current of the Gulf
Stream, is Finliand's fastest grow-
ing area. There are about 34,000
Lappe today, more than ever be-
fore, spread across the bounda-
ries of four countries-Norway,
Sweden, Finland and RussId. The
La po population trend is expected
to continue upward.

I'm not closing'

my eyes

ito fthisfct:,,
Th w

The world OVer,4

Than on any

other make


& A

Sent To Li ry f
SWIoLA p I MBRLAN lo. Maseii If om t-s
fted' Pms Uall nsr snt 505 g a g 'ii w t ci
WASHINTOW- (PP ) -Do you cl l
ave a hoe nfae or warts?lfr a a4r
an ye stl ote r "tonue- Ma Is

hL o. o remove with a dry mop,
rub them with fine steel wool mofi-
tened with turpentine.
Small tears in net curtains can
be mended by applying a thin coat
of colorless nail polish to the tear
and pressing the frayed edges to-
gether with the fingers until the
polish dries.
Try this crumb topping for your
favorite coffee cake. Sprinkle it
with spicy oatmeal cooky crumbs
which have been mixed with a lit-
tle brown sugar and moistened with
melted butter or margarine.
Try dampening the string when
tying packages for mailing. You'll
find as the string dries, it shrinks,
giving a tighter wrap.
Freshen wax flowers by dipping
them in alcohol and swabbing
them with a soft, small paintbrush.
Remove the burnt taste from
scorched milk by putting the pan
In cold water and adding a pinch
of 'salt to the milk.
Picnic sandwiches will stay fresh
loner if after they're wrapped you
seal the edges of the wax paper
with a hot Iron.
Save syrups from canned fruits
for sauces on hot puddings and

Now doesn't it
stand to reason
that the tire that
gives the most -
satisfaction to the
greatest number
of people is the tire
- for you to buy?




(JUS LOW -EL BANCHO") Telepha 2-131

(Cornmer o aem Ave. A W ) Tel. -MN. u-ZM, i-4

.Pri e In S S twisted" thAt e -oher
A .FS'-000; W. W ODO." taught you? Or a tail. el that the
old-timers told?
'7 lVe bilEnle an ia-.
delloadw htioninl Then Dr. Durian Emrich, head
a aI S .M _,that "off- of American folklore section of the
,W ,!u-obiles Is Library of Congress Wants to bear
*Idur e firmly fro ou.
u .e 1 the central ZEmrich's five-minte folklore
i t a of American section of the weekly NBC radio
ties. program. "Weekend, has brought
haim thousands of letters from lis-
emusei~c eamor for teners tohro bout the United
irkg f 'eatesd within States and Canadq, both for *use
*e core .ww business dis- on the program and for perma-
xt .a, of-stre<* paruuIV establish- nent filingin the Library of Con.
Shavl o prosperous ges.
S .. ". 'But he needs much more materi-
e I tt, despite the al for his files, BErich said in an
increased r of the parking terview.
business, 'is i known about its l"a. ..I
required as a business opera- He emphasized that folklore does
lion than rlmoat any other down- not consist entirely of "Burl Ives,
town actlty." Paul .Bunyan and Grandma Moses,
as most people think.
In the ULIbulletin. John F. Hen. "It extends from te cattlelands
don and Howmrd D.Lcake outline of Idaho and Texas to the adobe
the factors gad problems involved houses of the Southwest and from
In establishing a arkl ,business. the lobster pots of Maine to the
Both men k'a frol wide ex- Ozark mountains of Arkansas," he
perence. Hendon Is president of added.
oendon i Co@,.ofl Birmingham, "There are no books for folk-
Ala., operators of a string of park-
ing facility in cities t throughout
the South, %. also is president of li i 7 IA
the National Parking Association. _.J 1obbuist J9(l
Leake is secretary-treasurer of the .
Hendon Company. I 7 nal
The authors point out that at one -AO Jo flak
time, if a parking lot venture fail-
ed, "little had been lost." But now
"the path to a decision involving Ylo,,O ( )n / jf' "
millions of dollars, a half centuryi
of time, or perhaps the entire
stake you posses personally, can ---
be nothing nse bt rugged and GRANT, Mich.-(UP) Mrs.
troublesome." Mattle Love's hobby is making
Selecting a location In the near Mrs. Love, who has bee Grant's
vicinityof department stores, of- chief telephone operator 20 years
lice buildings, theater districts, began making prfumes a n.
railway and bus btermioals has sweet-smelling bat saltss s aho"
placed the parking business in ac- by 10 years ago.
tive competition with other leading She won't ten how she produces
business es for "key locations in her more popular perfumes but of
city cores. Competitive headaches fers her basic flower base formu-
also include the "presence or lack las to other hobbyists.
of curb meters." and the "effect "Just pick flowers of the scent
or good or poor curb parking regu- desired and put them in a combi-
lations." nation of olive oil and salt," Mrs.
Love said. "Allow the mixture to
Unlike the cindered parking of sit in the sunshine for 10 days.
yesterday, the modern day parking "Then draw off the liquid, mi
facility is a major development in it. with grain alcohol and store in
architecture, construction a nd a dark place from six to eight
somewhat complex bookkeeping, weeks. At the end of that time
Cost of the development, rates to you'll have perfume."
charge customers and calculation "Bath salts are even easier to
of turnover are just a few of the' make," she paid. "Just mix rock
items that involve the careful salt,alcohol and cologne. When the
groundwork an operator must pre- bath dries& you'll have ath
pare before tventuring into bu.a~ ,' '
as.." -' -., ,,- ',.T
All of this adds up to the fact HELPFUL HINTS
that parking has become 'a highly
specialized field of endeavor, I- ___
evolving. many facets in addition to
those recognized by the highway By United Press
engineer," the two experts report. If patches of dirt on floors are


9 4^--

in 7dasion

DRESSES for every occasion just arrived
at our Panama and Colon Stores.

Mr. Pablo Aroaemena-peor of
Panama's Dress Dener-la
at your service in oar Pan-
ama 8tore and s offering In-
dividual designs to our pa-
nta In whatever price Vop
they desire.

a m. -


was Proven effective say tiesi"
Inded in the subjects e~gxrd
by the aflkore dvi t the. 14.
brary at. Congress are toqgue'
twisters, wart and hiccup curq
and otbertraditional home reme.
dles. tall -les, folk. speech ad
folk langige children's moas
and rh)wa, Hallowe'en customs.
beliefs and custom relating to
love and courtship and cattle
Inclu4ed in the tall tales
tion is the story about the euela
in 'the windy section of TexaOs
Residents eldia she put her tall t
the wId ed laid thb same egg,
five tfltsi
And fstpeah wind, out in Ida.
ho ty maure wind by wagon
chains. If thas'heavy chains are
gently awunNla s a light wind,
Iut if they ste blown straight out
from the wagft, it Is considered a
heavy wind.
Emrich said the 99 per cent of
the wart cures submitted are
claimed to be completely tried and
effective. The few writers who ac-
count for the origin of wirts place
the blame oa the handling of
Some of the home cures actually
do have a medics' value. Emrich
pointed out 'that the home-cure
remedy of applying mouldy bread
to wounds has been Justified by the
discovery of nencillin, a mould-de-
A home cure for a sprained ankle
which might have some medi-
cal value came from Texas. The
writer advised those suffering
from that affliction to "put red
clay around the ankle, wrap it with
a clojh, and then soak thoroughly
with vinegar." lmri explained
that the, wet clay probably would
dry inibta very hlrf and effective
Many of 'the Wle number of
tongue-twisters ie oived originally
came from early ooks of rhetoric
and elocution. However, many of
them have begin chabfd as they
passed from pe to person. It is
possible to distf=ulsh those that
have been subjected to folk treat-
ment from those that "still have
the odor of the kerosene lamp up-
on them," Emrich said.
A few of the many tongue-twist-
ers include: -
An old lady entered a tinsmith
shop, saw the man mending a boil-
er, and asked: "Are you copper-
bottoming 'urn?" and the tinsmith
answered: "No mum, I'm aluai-

bists bd a Is t mixer.






*UuetaueMe I

*_ -




A ,L '1
,1r 2



_. .
,- -. 2 .-- -- ".' o .
. -.. .. .. .
j.. .-_. -- : fi .: .- ,..._... ,.. ...

- ."-- -


5 -1

_ _

gfa o thf
sno lU of dat



WeV AW yew inssf


( *



, yo wrn e..


4 -. 4 ;.ir '

~'5~f. .W


WISW. .,
W AName&

Tgw4 (Jolthi, sCurtaind

....3 J dtct en _" .
TihI *. '. 1.11 Iii ii i--nepeBs,, y



S -room"' ki asre becoming incressinl.y.P W| *M
Sl& ad eg el tablecloth comBblhatto In e rre06rd&
iM tadd to the h or the room. Yon Tea carry Marough
the i ,.ld towels for tier etal
.. .. ..' ..-- --
--'rbeo creasingly popular pic-I This latter design looked like an
trohe- "lvinI" k then where, invitation to a setting for provin-
g.-u.tCare entertained, children cial pottery, or a trivet stand and
ad tinkers and m'o t h e .- a pot of herbs.
o frces us to take another thought it was a rare, fortu-
wtsr' the furnishings. Somehow nate coincidence that this design
Stood old flour-sacking dish also made a perfect setting for a
,.th-e slightly ragged table buffet support paper latest and
and limp curtains are out cups smartly patterned In a simi.
S glum thought crossed my lar provincial design and color.
asi wats trying to hide some Then I found out that the same
'but stained dish towels (all designing team of Scott Wilson
so I didn't bleach last wash' and Fritz Foord are responsible
from the appraising eyes for both.
ecrwd. Whna had seemed a They are also responsible for
hole in the cloth suddenly another happy idea in yard-goods
like a crater and I wasn't which match ready-made towels,
k enough to cover it up with cloths and na9kins.. Printed with
ager bowl. a mouth-watering display of ripe,
the curtains fluttered dis-. red strawberries on a w h I t e
y, calling attention to their ground, fabric 'by the yard is a-
eopdition. available in 17 inoaf' an 52.1 n c h
was enough to send me to the widths, and is Iited in design
department sore, but fast. units of 17 incllge hs means you
'a happy trip it was, too. New ran cut and h ;ir own mats,
IM ens are so pretty and curtains or U S thout s.ic-
resh and unusual de- ing into the m le of a strawber-
inis new life into the work, rY.
hiteh A fresh new look for a kitchen
that needs prettying up comes
tad color schemes pourtesy of correlated design in
de lo w non towels and 'tablecloths.
kM M*. li ,4oth here, ftures "NCuOc-
H ^]9| :| .i? : vedebrHM, .a
I!'e, everything matching Wide border of chocolate brown
B i patteUd. wels ,&an Is picked up as background ,color
I team up with matching for towels which are printed with
m k eensembles stiamir design of vege tab 1
fu ti" uttaisfs to toweal op@ieed to their full
S" 30-inch length are clipped td brass
towels, for example, rods to. make tier curtains. Yel.
printed with such fanciful pat- low, coral, orange, avocado green
as' vegetables in wire bas. and beige are accent colors used
fish,'. rench menus, blocks, for the vegetables.
eMa and so on. Colors have a .
new : Avocado, ch6co-
eh sbareq beige, coral,-' or- al .
e jt a few. Neat Idea on .f e e c, e dirc o ...,
Sof the towels is the printing
Pattern on each halt so thrt /) t I t /
clearly on'the ratk..So f ./S isLtO
dlf'kre' th6e Suew owql -L ,E
Vt-ey'couldeaMly be turned
tWr 'atains by the' addition --
; or clips for hanging. NEW YORK-(UP) Here's a
minated tablecloths in lin- gourmet rich dish you can prepare
crystal cloth (cotton-rayon easily. Just take a 5-ounce pack-
Include some designs that age of pre-cooked rice, cook ac-
easy centerpieces. n e, cording to package dlBections, and
H "Bumper Crop," features before serving add % cup chopped
Mr border of seed-catalog-awd stuffed olives and 2 tablespoons of
Il in wire lettuce ba.- butter or margarine, mixing light-
S A natural (I said to myself) ly. This Is delicious when served
S bakground for my own wire with ham or with a tomato rarebit
filled with the fresh fruit sauce.
available for eating out of
P And let the squash, turnips ONCE INLAND SEA
I wait their turn on the Great Salt, Utah, and Sevier
I red in the basket. i Lakes are remnants of an ancient
the other designs a r el Ice Age inland sea, which geolo-
seashells and a provin- gists call Lake Bonneville. This
Sttem of white trivets, can- sa covered what now is western
e 0 2P to a b*red L4ah, eastern-Nevada and south.
-) .,.'. e'eho -.

.d4^ '.

.' .
"". .* *- ^ .' -^' ^

.,9*, :.i i


v *.*I .' '. i.
L i*'*;*., f

t. ...^ # "t .<*, "I-' *' '.4
eCam. "'*t

," ,

4' ="1




4 4 a. .
Pier Angell's preMtty, eplnu:l aee Is a perfect setting fir herla her te uaftr. Pier es very little eye make-up. Net eyes
ge, radiant eyes. Her ey retan their sparkle because she are hasel brown, and she aHes dark brown nausata to the tlwp
follows aneye-beauty r6utrpe'each day. She exercises them, and of -her lashes only for a ttral-eeokinr effect teenter). The
then se covers them with cotton pads soaked in witch hasel alive, Interested lok she ekpfeMes with her 4es (right) is one
. (left). She leaves the pas on for ten minutes while she relaxes that adds to the magnetisa oiher beauty and wanhspernality. ,

. EDITOR'S NOTE: Is this For example, during the film.
uslive story, written eapeE i, ing of my last picture the direc-
NBA Service, Pier -A tor gave me typical instructions
e youthful Italian actress,. for a scene we warp about to
womm how she makes the m a, shoot "Pier," hq said, first. I
q her beautiful hasel eyes. w want you to smile with your eyes
.eauty secrets can be use to far a few seconds, then smile
Sake ordinary eyes apper luve with your lips." In a matter 6f
r.inr Te actress canm aruray seconds, I was able to do my-job
in Fla s an actress, that Mo c
.... bor wanted.- .
SBeauty-w I have I have stded all
Wrta freMEL'afies types of motion picture beauties,
ONE of the most Important lee- important thing tI common. They
sons a yhung- ctreab must learn al have bright, sparkling eyes.
is to register her thoughts and They have succeeded, through
emotions.; with her eyes. I have eye make-up, in glamorizing the
\es,1 p, xcoi9pfEtheir eyes. Tly
g ". ar '-u6 nave &ie, eye .mae-up with -re-
'k66 .Ie straain,- tsweverrand ave -care-
r rt f fully avoided giving their eyes any artificial look.


So, I realize that my eyes are care which I apply to the Ups of
important kst and 1 reams m arishes only. I darken my us-
faithful toi my ye-beautt outingn turall dakt brows with- a dark.
every day. EVen on my busieat bro tW4 eW h pencl, at1 sbor
days I find time to pamuper, hm. fe, trolb that "fml1w the
I devote 15 minutes eahday ar of-my brotow.,
exercising and. resting my eyes. ly for evening wear do I
The exercise I use es qeyite t w, use hUsuy
ple. 1 just 0 my ees. wur o


cotton pa that have been express"nta t
ed in witchhazel Then I e ye moreattra v an
in ny favorite chair lor about 10 teresting.
minutes. I find ths ritual especial-.
ly rereshing after tedio qp A littd ne and.ffort in ar
studying actipts. In for then, and eye m k
Since I feel I'm not the. "ultra- up, ehp my eyes y in 'eouM
glamorous" type, I use very little c4diltie' r expressing "my pep
eye make-up. My eyes are hael aonallty-both on and off the
brown, so 1 use dark-brown mas-n screen. -,

SweaterS i7ake A elaborate

NEW YORK (NEA)-The easy weights, this fall that they're a
look is the important look in "must" in the wardrobe of any
Fashion on the campus this fall college girl. Thqy, too, get a Mft
This means ease of fit (bloused styling and vibrant Colonrs. Ev
silhouettes or middy silhouttes) the texture Jla .at to the head'
and ease of fabric. gone are ths weks, twiae an
twias ofa t r,
Fabrics that drape softly (jer- The sut is sown for dressy
seys, tweeds and knitwear) are wear on the campus, along who
those getting the most attention. the knit dre ets'a rlly en
The kinits are particularly good elongated aw e, the dres with
eoapanions for the college giri its own Jaselt n 0 1e sissy ahirt.
since they travel well, take read-' Charcoal *a t* '. Ni'
fly to ft drapng and blousing, basic mean's war flannel shirt
Mg. coaen and fabric trim. jackets, jumperaad peants.-N~
-- Swater have anything but color is mei Ir brew.
,,ng t what the o m girl used to re- are bright Me*met I0g '4r--S--
Sfor to as the lassic look. Many trast and let of jerspey bes
oWthem are eHlpped at the mid- in &owlag elrs:.l .tuas.
F PK^ ,b o them are big and orange, PM. L -
-.,.ber&t have fabrc. erM
," .7t.-" t, ".to i. n .eeket

^**^^ _Ja"LA

,ntn ..74. P.*#"

-THE woman wlo Ikw rlw
a e and should .b
to a whole after o0e-a
e and i appear attrae-
It's a matter of au'rSng
er accessories eas
5 th petasw
be out of her hair, .b
The first thing to do is ei
r pou fingernaIls scrcS &i
at ap in advance f Oie
aethty A. This wi

.B eaRA be washed dMus.

IEILt t~6?~~"" St

.da. ar, a)

witafirf NOraTu e o MOr amy Me.
lr-f)" samher,j eat c Mout:J'

NWA Feed nad JiftC. 341
Let's face it. Corn on the .- ine and salt and grasiund Wat
tender and sweet-da one of Amer.. per, Allow 1 to 2 a per perag.
lca's greatest gifts to a hungry *
world. We've eaten ail over the Carm Butters :-
world ia, the finest restaurants
and hde most hospitable home. One-quarter cup aelte matgae.
But where did we find corn on the ine or butter, lteaupoon groen
cob? it here, and only here, in I thyme leaves. ,
the U. A. Combine, and simmner 1 to. I bt
utis. Serve bruhed Oer e
Corn i available April through fresh corn. Serves 4.
October, reaching its peak in July, -- '-
Aogust and September.. One-quarter eup melted-sfasO.
ine or butter, % teaspoon es'M
L When buying corn look for coke nutmeg. '
which are well fitted, wit bright, Combine and serve ove' t"hI
plump, milky kernels that are firm ears of corn., erveh 4.(The. ; .ie
enough to offer slight resistance to 2 sauces contain approxi
pressure. Husks should be fresh calories per serving. Oe
and green, ear of corn contains apprm&eately
84 calories.) .. '
Fresh Con on the Cob .. :
S Onequarter cup melted mtrgar*
Remove baskr and silks from lne or butter, teapem eiet.
fresh corn, (corn. should be so ing salts (garlic, onion or-- 'er.
young it spurts milk when kernels Combine and. serve over fresh. ean
are pressed), Drop in boiling.salt- of corn. Serves 4. .
ed water to cover, using 1 lea- --- ,
spoon salt td 1 quart ,of water. One-quarter cup ,me6ip ai'_.
Cook, covered- tightly, ust until ine or butter. cup guSted '..
tender and milk i set, 5 to 10 Combine eand serve over,, O f*
minutes. Remove at once to has-. fresh corn. Serves4.
ket or platter, covered with a nap- contains ap spmateiy
kin. %erve with butter or margar- les per serv. ).. -



At N'.. ." A

n Girl

He's at the awkward age, too
big to ride past his girl's house
on a bike and too young to take
over the family car. He thinks
the only bridge to the gap is a
motor scooter and wisbhehe could
make you see this from his point
of view.
He .and his friends could all
qua-lify as moten-amlng expert s.
They transact moet ot1 their s
ness lying on their backs with a
telephone held under their chins so
that their handuare free to leaf
through a comic book.
He can talk his parents Into and
out of almost anything he sets his
mind to. He can convince them
tha it would be terrible..em-
barrasment if hi bad W-wear
Mblack shoes to a party when "all"
the other boys are wearing snay
blue suede.
He is nevqr as busy as when one
so '*dm honeful parents mentions
that the lawn needs mowing or'
that the car needs to be washed.



s Eyes,A A 1

He likes -b, ut not .- t
point of.dIg pe S _l.
asets to please t tm. ,
Rather than ead teep. I'
corsage, which 'a mfla4i
has a date few ma'lS.

dance and buy
He has manj
He hates to

JUST as the older womap looks
for a smart, simple line in ~hoos-
ing her wardrobe, so should her
Jewelry reflect good taste, too. Sn baths are
Many times the right touch but overexposure
Jewelry creates the complete ec- On.da ; "b a
semble effect. And a smprt bra. tm D., ena
let and pair f eac~ng Mn roperl. So h
a personal note taIo t.aed shinoe outdarsP
black dress. dow I34 nya
Some woman de tend to -Ego a^tieh
overboard in the jewery depart- t
meat. That's Why you see a ly ed pr
woman wearing rhinestone Par- met- the
rias, a pearl necklace d avert o a a
1b" -' t t-.e-t ^E .da) i y 11 w
S-- r~wise blaiC utBt -'bths in
dress look busy and elttered.8 a. m. to 1 la hI.
SrnoulW avolad But keep Baby
iW, kind of extreme Jewery. ng the noon ha
Italap hoop earrings, or i n. -
sapwe,.-are ,r fo- her. Ta >-lrf. If Baby repeat
us, 1~ol .rthinetoae ehrnt s pusance f bhit
ra rnltj A rr'i~n ? oEly, a lac g instant a2.
~~tentfm ~iaela w eor taa- ben, Pnt t6 bl
Is jai ables. re th demand
-Jiaw ibecklaces of -eN, -r& Rale that he'
-. per .or fake Jewelty b *1i
be worn only byA Nt or WY m
women. Delicate neeMtlaces tW l
t ell. on. the dat, utra. lam and ave
feminine type of woman. ( Cok.-satoa 6et
s are becoming to a womsan M e w
with a nther aug face buffe b afle' r I
almed woen wMhl me war V-
6k-^^. 0601iIis&" first

Ir Psm and clips are god i
Far 8M, yhave foi"eAwl .I
s1-w ane errelyl wo
S- OW Ae loks IP-.alg
HiMn -tob yer couate.
nu Peiar. are flelrisioZ
"Ina typs MWr an 1=41- aLP
-mb I or tt's a yeart ehshtr <
^ hT nfabla


in- 2~~*S



* 'I


i =m .

I -


* ; -'



w r..

'7A M-Tf. =-.1


^^pl^- '--



tets of MO.

5'r ~UI~


4 -.- Navy

gL A at i anudi g N al
4 A! Tues-
daa. U "a A.

OtSv ofM Sto utudeat' *-
ili-a; di J aoe alo t .tver
wL wl at Nav7 on tho am,
V. mer Vat, B ,a sbm .

i a f a aort

Amain i rroolve t, Colomrbia. or

Atr., DJibavi Tiht e h Fair
at f ,returned fero -his nt a-
mnu feda f on thae far a the
acTae fi. U%.6a C on
A io n

ae i a ldSav ba it
Jr, atDiibl Jadg To e Falr

s .cus'r o ththeeNs-

n h^ir offil-.graduat
boaft.-epd is class vMledictorian
I -
Tor., at Olable Heghts He ha8
mt returned from his fnt 'clans.
aa's cn use on the "U.B.S. Mlt -

edma aoighsael withb

a ,.ard

at Union Club' e 'WTues-


, I ,

SI will be asved from :1
fif +, p.m., .!^ by
-enaoMeR I me are
n vited to this old timi
tet together.
,tTlmr will be a charges el 2

Pa m l Chapter No. 2,.
01 u tpasoring a Pubict
Card rafy at the CriAstobal ia.-
oalnc TOn'e, 'on Thursday eve-
IXMP., Canata, Samba, Rhum-
myor Arabble are the gaman
which can be played. There wil
be Wv a for ea b table and rze
akte will fbe served during
the avolg.
T ckets ar 75 canto each and
may be purehaped from Miss
Franes Scott el. 36M33, from
w"J onte Wfailts at Marprt-
ta florist Shop, or from Mr. Cla-
ra Chambers. They may also be
obtained at the door the night tf
Ut card party.

Honor System Gets
Five-Cent Boost
LEXINGTON, Ky. (UP)-Arthur
I. Ba nrmw t_ edO, p edt. f War-
res ;Wllon COpage, wasnnaso,
N, C, ffred assurance Ahere re-
l y at athe honr sysate I
not .
SmibruhNA wrote a-letter to as

a .P. L-... vto .. m l. I
-- losd-

ocean 4o e-,peyi ace .- --

the ms Has New.' X-Ray Eyes
yuxu g the t chWIr4 I 44
Sae lto ._acksuwiM alt-e
and cnm Peer Into Packiog Cases
*e(iqtric -
wit P-W it WU -W W*IJWJ

w c. R. Tahl Atianuo dlakt
advancaaent chairman CarLI
Mad i and pacific district al
vaoement chairman Robu A.C]
WorW". Award will
both Boy Soumt Advandem tI
Ind b plorer Ratinp eared.
WBOOd o held at Ft. On-I
lick lal

Meanwhile 'BDjcouts and Ex-
plorersa f th C1a8al Zone, both
Atlantie atd. -tfic Dattrcta,
have Waa t"ed -ito lake a tour
of thea' Plameae Installatlton
and wMtsm a "Ahbot" Wednea-
day, A W. 35, .ordlng to an
announcement b Maj. Robert
8sier, chairman Troop 17, Fort
Clayton, at the Pacific district
committeee meetIg last.week. at
the Scout office, Amador Road.
MOVI arges will provide anl
added tiArlU the different-
alaed guns demonstrate their
prowess. The demonstration will
albt P* 9 a.m. and those need.
lin g tiahl are to meat
at the Dbioa y at 8:80 a.m.
Treps and Explorer units aho."
anoty the scout oaie no ater
than Aug. 3 how many are go-
r. eamr. dia'lut halrnanm.

he wrote, "I n rt, Ieil
^klet >tw up ^e c W" 2 3.wiS Ce Z=urt pl
Fiv cent isn't a b Honor scheduled for Sept. 3s. Al-
a w o has .bu7- a ready a number of applications
ar t-+ think the DMy at e on file.,
ad brke down -Iam am The health and safety tourna- five cents whieh I wil-ap mM i aN first aid met for Ex-
lreioat heag you drop in the r a and Boy gouts will be
slot for me. heOt. 8 from 2 pjm. to 4
l-,---p-mi. at Fort Olaytbu. accordipS
to health and safety chairman,
Key Situatli Win. Loehr.
Altman reported all units were
MEMPHIS Tenm.-(UP) Mrs. re-regxlsered with the exception
L. F. R ynod had to wait when of Troop 3. Pack 10, Oamboa, is
she went ta department stere to duo to re-regiater In August,
have some duplicate keys made. Pack 3 in eptember and Packs
lema the man who makes the 13 and 17-in October. Ho briefly
eys hat forgotten the keys tor i reviewed the new unt c mttee
w mkreaom ad had to go back responsibility shet s e.
home for thdmn Taht gave ab rerzM -o5 the


Registration 9:00 atm. to 5:00 p.m.
August 23rd 24th


A pt,
Ajw iakai.

SStailobcated I Balboa Lodge Hall 804 Balboa oed-.
Resideace phone 2-2363
/ iier of DItce Maters of America, Inc.








S.. -*.. -A .L
\F A*A A N .

T E. I S m

nmai v: NOW

o aa.u
8 *5*



N W YORK -(UP)- U. S. CuV. picture of the rate appeared. The
tom .-ants' are oing after. slaugl dqeprative ironwafe inside the
lure with new "X'ray eyes" that crate was clearly visible.
ewsvatol.saled packing cases in The inpectosco j 10 feet high
* lat con otraband. and 14 feet long. If mounted on
Ru_ first inspectoscope" ever a trailer so it can be moved from
W ut been put to work on the pier to pier,
Maw -Yo r k waterfront check- Baldwin said that, with experl-
ln -eiater and cartons that may ence, an operator ouild become fa-
cawy forbidden .cargo under nn miliar with the appearance of dif-
cent labels. rent materials on the inspecto-
The device, which works on the scope screen. Then he could tell
principle of a doctor's flouroscope, at a glance whether a package
was built by a West Coast firm at contained burlap, for Instance, or
the suggestion o( customs oftnlali, some more expenaiv fabric.
It coat $8,000, and Is much more The power or the ispectoscope
powerful than similar instruments is so great that an operator can
used to detect weapons or file on remain at the controls for only.
persons etnering prisons. two hours at a time without risk-
Leroy Mackerodt, deputy survey, ing harm from its rays.
or of customs, said the inspecto- Baldwin said the machine ought
scope can "look" into about 800 to be feel-proof, with one excep-
packig cases a day. A conveyor tion. H cargo were packed in a
elt may be used to speed up the case lined with lead, which re-
process of moving cargo before the sists radioactivity, the inspecto-
Inspeetoscope's "eye. s"ople would go blind.
Customs aents believe the de-
vice will bee specially valuable in
tracking down ma parcsrels 1
nqrcotlis that can be hidden in
cases containing otherwise ano. I
cent cargo. I
hi inbnectoMtma o later.may be.l

put to n choking the baggage
ftrdvd The prent odel

s C inspector Jo'T Bald

wl. dmonstrated the ipeto.
scope by exanidnlg a crate
marked "Iron ornament." to see if
that was what t really contained.
the isreen like eye of the ma-
and Baldwn flipped a sw"toi.
On another screen, much l
tha( of a television set, a ghostly
national council meeting held In
Washin ton, D.C. In May.
Aast. Dtrlct Comnrbaloner Al
Bloan reported a fine Roundta-
bl held at Fort Klbbe, July 7
] tt b t nee oet to be at Ganw
i spt. 8. ihfrtera. woI p
nied to Tro6ps 4 ands ad t
Poat ~W KIW. endy it the new
ioutmater of Troop 7, Curun-
earn reviewed the unit condi-
tion in the sustaining member-
Vincent-lava and Hans Pe-
derson, both Just rtrned from
servingR 0o4 tuiI Voica camp
staff, give reports. Blai report-
ed a ful achedu of hing and
camp ap.rked acn eicellet
rep td qn. tI ,vncement
thUM1f merit bade' wer
p%i it the 4,wek period.
Uf.- ..- -LDahyniple, new in-
stututional representative for rt.
Kobbe wa tntrodftt to the
Froub. nIlhtutlonal ftjreaenta-
tviveTWI Maiti reported the P#-
droe Uieet cub pack was sttil In
operation although two Cubmas-
ters-had been loat-in the
couple month due to moving. An
lnte of te 'work of the
nomnlbt=u Committee was made
bY Scopt Sxecutive R. H. Ash-



The.OpId Coset Orclid .ocietv
wstl, h0d a meetig. o Monday
night at 7:30 In Bro Hgta
at the home of Mrs. Harol 3.

I" I **t l'l Tf

5y4r rF

) Club, I
i Aloo ase
embers sal
b. t
In the a:
ib, but th
a coffee
a t%0e w

.; .. uati he begia'W g the bot-
Use. "I. drank up yMY ie, ear,
and job within six emth,'* he
Then he became a 10,.000 public
relations man for a manufacturer.
But alcoholism lost him that posi-
tion. Since joining AA, he'a become
a successful real estate man.
Denny, another member of the
Alano Club, says sohe.qhb's mem.
bership of some 305, 1haLsuarters
of them men, ru-Mth:. iamut of

from mi0ow res to men. Whose
salaries b5ielx reach:four fl reu.
The place always br. a good
crowd from opening at I a m. to
closing at 1 a.m. on weetdasi and
2 a.m. on Saturdays. Hug)i, the
manager who has't #bd& a dt.nk
in more than four yt he
has "never, bee" in b hiding
alone for the three n I've ben I
here." .
. Tox d" l.:ook upon his sue-


sociaTl lif of a tavern."
Tom IaMws that one drink w
be the Ides of death becawu
would set him back on the reoa
alcoholism and Malure. "The ds
go into a bar for' a quick onep,
lon gone.".' -
The me. o gree that wl

Arizono's Proud
Of State Fore
PHOENIX, Arix. (UP)-Arizona
claims that Its state fair exceeds
all others in percentage of the
population attending.
In 1953, for example, the fair
commission said attendance of
226,705 at the 10-day exposition
was 30.2 per cent of the state's
population of 749,537 based on the
1950 census.


---. Ot 6Irb ll



ta '

B. ,

! a



Or*tw, Nldb





Due to special arranfgemnts made-by Mr.
are reducing. prices obn all legitimate FORD

UW d '"

Om -niiirdl t rip to iUn"id
spare-pats hl' r-mke '
*. I YB,-

" ..HIS ,
L .. .. '

2 SHOWS NIGHTLY 8 to 8:30 & 11:30 t S.- EIA VISTA

Here Is a rare chance to enjoy the terrific
show of one of RCA Victor's favorite dance bands!


Atersaft with Lucho Azcamga's Carnival Baud for Dueadi ..*

Join the fm presided over by Queen Maritza i aid her Court!
Pw Mr om-i, co max -IA.i

No cover No admission s MIhlmum check of
only $2.50 per person (oe 1:-i-ad in food or drink)
d"4 -

; i

a -

* 1*...-~ :
'C -.4.
'Cf ~~:->'. *.- I

it- _

and c9ppeT



r .





, K =


-. :, -
, -- .-^

~"'---~Y"'";' FL-_- -L -- --

t a





1-* 1-7


%piV II syl


- (,/+'.;


L': .

!1I; rtLA

* : ., _'., ..- -, .. ._ k lb ,

RBEA P BCIADO l.sume Mr 1s
OFBU go as Jujy Ave & J Bt.
J Aveadea m.
"ULa CarneaUult


lNo. 5 Lotay P
tosuil Tuo w A m.

H nemset No. 5

' *'-*I, .
-t' *
- <'': -

*^i '
^f i"
/ :

Restl Eate

::-1-,000 squoar nmte" It
property (land) an Avni-

entrariu. Gasoline Srlce
n, i v( n dt ** am .- tc, u VV edu I rn the vi-
of $28 to $30 per square
will sell for $22 per square
for Cash Sole. If interested
Mr. H. Pearson, c/o Apartedo
noma. R.P., without obliga-
or information and inspection

'ist Church
New Course

on, wal cov"r mJe equuiv-. -
regular seminary course
he same as that which
students in religion would
urse is open to the public


FOR SALE:-.1951 Custom two-door
Ford, Overdrive, heater, seat covers.
Excellent condition $749. Coco Solo
.726. -

FOR SALE:-1952 Pontiac two-door,
good condition and good tires, low
mileage. Reasonable. Balboa 6344.
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford 2-door Cus-
tonm sedan, engine hod new block
Installed lost year, tires, body, point
and engine oil in excellent condi-
tion. Tel.,2-375. c-..

FOR SA >,.-.-10 *.l 4n Minx Le-
d&% excellent cndtion $625. Con
be nonced. Call Curundu 83-
*> Qn. Qc.2003-D.
FOR "sA :-Chevrolet Super deluxd.
tste\'l442. Demonstrate and buy,
$325. House 219-D, Paraisoe. Tel.
A-145. .
FOR SALE: 1953 Singer, 10,000
miles. 578-E, Curundu Heights.
"hom e 41 63.

Hosge. -

-SALE:-Very fine teakwood fur-
ture. carved, mode to order direct
rom China: Complete sets dining-
and bedroom, including glass
>p mirrors. Beautyrest mattress.
brings. Used only few months.
Pave to be seen to appreciate.
lesonable price. Party leaving.
hone Colon 934-J..
SALE:-9-cu. ft. 60-cycle Fri-
doaire, separate freezing compart'-
ent, excellent condition. 57
bert St.. Dioblo. Phone 2-1540.
SALE:-Gas stove, four burners,
rtment size 0778-C, William-
>n Place, Balboa or call Balboa
SALE. 9-pc. mahogany dining
t $1,75. Will sell china close, or
affet separotelV. Tel. 2-2417.
house 887, Morgan Ave,. 0olboa
u! STIM J Reconditioning and
upholte fnO Furniture. Advite in
tauior D .r*ltJng. stl IUELtKA.
4632. : '. I
iNIC "OY f& Service
Irl Avenue 209n idi Captolio
eater. 111 2-3 .',;'Pnama.
URSION to C rt, Colombia,
ugust 27th. return g 29th. $351
pund-Wtip. For reservations call
OPA. 3-0097.
-. -1 _- -
received. r ,
Cotton Dresses. dresy. -Iho,
Life" Brassieres, ol rt sis & Wtyles
No. 115. Central Aenue
live in the Tropics. .you have
title competition...but does that
scuse you for going about so care-
slyv groomed" Run-don't walk-
SGenell's Beauty Shop and gelt
Durself a new lease on glamor
adman 3812.
D INSURANCE? Hoppital, Auto.
erine. Life available. Call Hatten,

FOR RENT--Furnished house, 2 bed-
rooms, livingroom, diningroom, 2
baths, maid's room and patio. Ca-
lile Uruguay No. 18. Tel. 3-3477,
office hours. '
FOiR RENT.-Be-, t, adutsfI v of
three bedrooms, terrace ld t water.
For immediate occupancy. If inter-
ested phone 2-3035, Panama.
FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom chaler in
Bella Vista 50th Street No. 48.
Tel. 1713.

Position Offered
WANTED:-Experienced Ouiity, p
orator. Genel's Cocoll Be"uty -hopa
Rodman 3812.M ''
WANTEDe-- Eaperlenaed File Clerk.
Apply Tel. 2-0369, 2-0479.

Glut 'Brain b

gi named UDEC is getting has
berated on here. and sae-L

memory six-fold.
UDEC is a huge electronic com-
puting machine #eveloled by the
Burroughs Corp. three Iears ago.
Industrial firms bring their com-
plex mathematical problems to it-
for quick solution.
Known generally asi the elec-
trotic brain, UDEC's name stands
for Unitized Digital Electronic
Computer. The device can handle
mathematical problems in a few
hours that might take.months or
years by humaq or mechanical
methods, i
. The 40-foot leng, shaped
computer is being taken complete-
y..apart. Wbe. it's reassembled,
urroughs' engineers said, it will
solve problems six-times as -com-
plex as before. The device is com-
posed of some. 40W. vacuum tubes
mounted in 650 electronic blocks.
The UDEC generates so much
heat thatthat seven-ton air condi.
tioner was built inside it to insure
Smooth operation.)Tbe dis-assem-
bling job will iakq sven weeks.
New Water Purifier
VfEW YORK-(UP) Nursery
note: Bacteria-free water for in-
fants'. formulas can be obtained
reMdily from i new ultra-violet
purification nilt which attaches di-
rectly to the home water tap. The
purifier, about the size of an elee.-
Itrio toaster also can be operated
from the cigaret lighter outlet in
Sas oMO-L ..(A. R. F. Products.
r._. -. -

Aw m

de Pblkabe
ma Av. -' 4 "
m I Btteet

ma Ave.
.. .V

m,- It -- *l -



ATTENTION G. I. Just built modem
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Pbrjamo 3X-494._

FOR RENT: Furnished and unfur-
nished 2 and 4-room modem apart-
ments. Contact Alhambra Apart-
ments, 10th Street. Tel. 1386, Co-
FOR RENT:-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater. manager's office.

FOR RENT: Modem two-bedroom
apartment, 5 1st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details call
Zubieta: 3-1802. 3-3337.

FOR RENT.--On 4th of July Avenue,
small furnished 2-room apartment,
new furniture, completely Independ-
ent. Suitable for one or two persons
$65. Inquire Central Avenue No.
68., Telephone 2-4912 or 2-3584.-
FOR RENT. Furnished apartment,
diningroom, bedroom, kitchensand
bathroom, independent 465. Ricar-
4. do Mir6, 52. TelephorWe 3i~9.
nRENT: -,Apartm-nt,---'-d-
rooms, livingroomi, i n4l i m,
- kitchen and suite. 13th Strh i No.
* 16, San Francisco. Ph6a4,l3-2457.,

FOR RENT:- Furnished diout* and
single apartments, screened and in-
spected. Phone Panama 3-3404.
FOR RENT 3-bedroom furnished
apartment, North American neiglT-
bors, Regular transportation. Phone

Globemasters Flying

Us S. Aid To Victims

Of Pakislan Floods
-' The Defense Depttment an-
nounced today that two Air
Morce transport planes left last
night with a cargo of about 60,-
000 poUnda of medical suppllea
for victims of a flood In Eia
The planes Douglas Qlobe-
IlAM*arcrted b W*es-
Dacca, East Pakistan. ey carp
rledt doble crews t expedite
the ftight through l rth Afri-
The transports and crews are
from the 62nd Troop Carrier
Wing, Larson Air Force Base,

Upson completion of the air-
list, they will continue around
thd world,, covering about 17,-
000 miles, before returning tq
the United States via the Paci-
The department also said
Army medical corpsmen the Far
East Command with supporting
personnel and equipment are be-
ing. readied for airlift to the
flood area by troop carrier wings
of Far East Air Forces in Japan.

Common Cold Virus

Said To Look
Like Billiard Ball
AUSTIN, Tex.-(UP')-Scientistas
finally have had/a look at the
common cold virus, a University
of Texas publication reports.
Electron microscopes revealed
that the seam resembles a billiard
ball about "s- three-millionths of
an inch thick, Secording to- an ar-
ticle in "Texas Reports on Biology
and Medicine."
A team of researchers from Wal.
ter Reed Army Hospital, Washing.
ton, D,C., and the University of
Maryland conducted the study.

$' .'

FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one rnmile pst
o Clra. Low rote. Phoe1
A-bawo 2-1866. :.,.:

Ua. Ocmnse i't
Cl0w. Box 435. j Y
Pasama 3-1877. Cr1tobdl 1-l t

Grmich Santa Clara Bih2ij6pgM
flectric refrigeration. go
Moderaraterates. PhmnW.V 44: r


FOR SALE -Suit; and Pants, BEST-
'FIT, superior quality at very low
price e s. "BESTFIT," Plato Santa
Ane, PanamA; I lth Street, Colon.

FOR SALE:- Large Dobermma male
'from Germany, good looking dog.
Good watch dog four years old. Ex-
cellent with children, not vicious.
Phone Fort Davis 455.

FOR SALE.-Leaving! Man's bicycle
$10; girl's bicycle $17; kidney-
shaped vanity, glass top mirror, etc.
S10. Choice land atop cool Cerro
Campano. 40 miles from ferry. Tel.
Bolboa 3631.

FOR RENT: Furnished room for
couple or bachelor in Bella Vista
with European family. Phone .3-
FOR RENT.-Nicely furnished large
room with private entrance, bath
forge closet, screened. For one or
two ladies or gentlemen. House No.
34. upstairs 46th Street, Bella Vis-
ta. Con be seen from 4 p.m. on.

2 Polio Victims

Use Ingenuity

To Keep House

d .s home nker a learnM s
gteat deal about housekeeping
frnm two women .who became
household efficiency experts be-
cause of crippling infantile paraly.
Guests at the recent American
M e di c a 1 Assocation conven-
U"ta sstv; petloip women
whdse nomes are arranged to abol-
1is teetering on chairs to reach
high shelves and getting down on
alT fours to drag out the Sunday
The "dreamhouse" arrangement
was no accident, Both women are
almost completely paralyzed below
the hips, yet both are able to per-
form nearly all the tasks of the
average housewife.
Mrs. Grover Wilson, 33, of San
Rafael, Calif., carries on' all nor-
mal homemaking activities for her
husband and nine-year-old son de-
spite paralysis of both legs.
Stricken with poliomyelitis two
years ago, Mrs. Wilson uses a
wheelchair only for resting. She
moves around her home by grasp-
ing furniture or railings and shift
ing'her weight from one leg'to
the other. When marketing 'she
uses a crutch and her own apecil
car. .
In the kitchen Mrs. Wiok pivots
around a large round table to get
to the icebox, sink, stove and with-
in-reach cabinets. ..
Ironing a I dn asittng down. At
her side are hangers or the fan.
ished pressing.
Miss Marian Anderson's Berke-
ley, Calif., apartment offers an
equally convenient working ar-
rangement. This cheerful 57-year.
old woman has been in a wheel.
chair almost 26 years.
Miss Anderson lives alone. She
uses a plainboard jOve feet long
and 30 nieh lw da o4 slide into
bed or gid00I r outo*6f.'ar with-
out assistance. A simple home-
made elevator operated by weights
and pulleys by-passes steps to the
apartment. .. .
Like Mrs. Wlon., Miss Ander-
son has arranged her home so that
all clothing in closets, articles in
cupboards and -other equipment
are within easy reach. A pair of
pincers with a long handle enables
her to pick up things off the floor.
A small broom and long-handled
dustpan complete the light house-
keeping eqdipaeat.

Sheer Curtains
Give Long Wear
With Proper Care

LINCOLA,-Neb.--4UP) Sheer
curtains can be made to last with
h the proper aea, n .
Magdalene Pflster, a' home fr.
nishings cosaelor, said curtains
I I should be the right side for a wia.
i dow to meent them from wear-
II ung ot re=constant brushI on
furniture, radiators or the Ioor.
.l. I thenya t* o shmrtor narrow
(NA Telephotos' stretchbt to make a proper fit
O"T OF' TWE PI -- Bepjnamin butn i resrained byhis daughter, Elaine, w-keps the fabric.
O After her apflt e ssmajackFiall u aib ekground) .fre caught up with She said curtains should be sL-
hIa Jyaod. Jn osquet (-g foeground) triMd to keep the peace, from de to side and win-
Bit M tot U* his cot. Pall clald tbo t he and bt the Miss Philadel- i'dow to widow so they'I wear ad
* recent Mi Universe contest, were married. Elaine denied thls. At right, DuFeen fiad evenly. Some may be turned
)Foyw. W S.l ap Ib hU camr. went bom Wh-dad. upside d-wO ,


I.. '-JriKt4~

I: F. NG.* Io-C.
I .'- '

LS .' .

, l
I fnmma

Spdca Sump Bates

Ifimb. ie. STNL-Imb
I OWLrn k.m lsh Waitk
Learn .am,, *%alel

Hornett &Dunn

Packers, Shippes,
Tels.. 2-2M6 & -XUI

Aere from N Panamar Hotel
Vliast Wine a- Ugue
On.. elly fram 100 a.m. to
sunday tram :.6 to W0
plow -.'saw ^1

Your Home In Cool
Bollute, 3M F. Alt.

hu- reamse- hut wa-.Jinaee.,
.lap. mriceu frim gmie qm
wah per P n iseeaep-
Yaes r~ o rsat t M-
'maset f



II, a to., i
Tel. 2-eS
-Bcl V-t

Houseflies Live

in Brief Luxury

A Company's Lab
The common houMsf lives like
king here as part of man's never-
ending fight against insects.
At" SiDlac e Ig Coa
entomorog t tory,
housed and fed as pampered pets.
But eventually they pay'tlh prlJet
for this luxury treat nt,
In a. typical lab teat, 1060 hlthyg
flies are putt IA at -
which-has bee t
aecticide. A The. luSer Of d as
during a- peeiffled period-'.lde
researchers with key da e
effectiveness of te spra e
suit is-better ch- a-si
At the tlboptury, flies- a ebed
from eggs in. soals, a uture jfP'
and &0v;in aUep carefoly cftra-,
led for tempa atalt and h l !.
The mature fly--three to -Of .ay1
old-even is served a dilute d ilk
solution In uhaow dishes dealie
to prevent drowning.
SSinclir estimates that khreed
Sill- e than bd a a ml-
lion files every year-at its "flyi
farm." The dead flies afe
burned or sold as fish
gly-refined oil prfd the.
sus eun element for
which the housewife usn Waymw
cans. The oil has been mied with
minute amounts of poison, usually
taken from certain flowers. t
form the Insecticide.
Since insects develop immunities
tp killer-sprays, researchers co-r
s:antly must come up with new
solutions to do the job.
Actually, it's a question of ans
survival. One pair of flies, for la-
faoe, can be the pares ot f=1.-
lions- within a few wee. The fly
is an annoying pest, but tt pr Msts
Sfar greater danger as a "ra-
For experimental puIa 4 e te
houasey plays the leadfg rame
"' a pig." But ianeseidim
I knock out the Wf lgW MW
effective on gpats, osrnauIe.
maotf and other insectU.

illa to -th bage-doeklii
be sit. The chain of
ean and will stretch from"

Hawaiian Ti

Plant Yields

Rare Sugar

HONO~UT (UP) The ti
plant,, uSed mainly up to now to
make grass srt for hula dancers
and a native liqur known as
okoleao, mky be a valuable
source o a very rare pugar called
levuls i
The Grove Farm Co. sugar plan-
tation on the islad of Kauai has
about 12 acres planted in ti (pro-
nounbe tee) and is investigating
the possibility of extracting levu-
lose for marketing on the main-
Grove Farni is building a pilot
plant for producing levulose syrup
and crystals from the ti root.The
pilot plant will determine- the cost
of production to find out if a rea-
sonable market price can be ex-
Experiments by Dr. Harold L.
Lyon of the Hawaiian Sugar
Planters Association's experiment
station showed ti to be a promising
sureem of levulose.
Levulose knownalso as fructose
,r fruit sugr, is the sweetest of
0al st ars.4i i. currently used in
Intravenous feeding and treatment
I diabetes. Lyon says the best use
levulose would be as a syrup in
the canning industry _d inA .til
I -i kj, n

inU T" I i'.lU IIJm JUa U IUW
of levulnee, and Superior Honey
Co. of Le* Angeles.
A hardy plant, U grows wild over
vast areas of the Hawflan Islapds
da land that can't be cultivated
for other crops, It produces less
I slger per acre than cane or btea
ad, therefore, wouldn't compete
th cane or beet sugar. Sugar
eane-growing is Hawaii's major in.
The roots, from which the levu-
lose is extracted, is the source .of
okolehao, a brandy-like liquor that
can't be made legally and is- la
tledand -boottegied ln ways rem
Inscant of pro0ibon time0., ,
Success in the commercial pro-
duction of ti levulose would be im-
portant to Hawaii's economy.
which experts feel needs a broad-
er base than its present main MR-
ports-sugar, pineapples ad fed-
eral spending. -

Gh ostsOf Ms t

Good Fold Of Ck
*0 -

CICERO, Il.' (OUP-Cicer hAs
set up a civic comlamission in an ef-
fort to live down a reputation It
feels is unugstifle.
In ptobbitao-9 r v hrs teeming'
Industrial su o chiO ws
the tronghold of the late arface
Al CApone.
More recently; ft was t e scene
of a violent racial disturbance.
But-tue Cicero Civic Commission,
headed by Josph B. PertU, main-
tains that Cicero s unsavory repu-
tation was built on "exaggerations,
distortions and half truths," with
no regard for the "clean, honest
and decent people of Cicero."
Jerry F. J tUn, Town Clerk, ad-
mitl notorious figures headquar-
tered here at dhe tbme. "But most
of tlhem came from elsewhere," he
said, "and we have rid the town of
them long since.
"Cicero residents are proud., of
their town and want to remove the
stigai of years of bad publicity,"
Justin said.
To. rete end, Pertl a Jus-
tin sai, The 68,000 men, women&
and children of Cicero have con-
tributed their nickels, dma ,
even dollars to oranize the Cieo
Civic commliIsslan
As tle most recent at, the.Corn.
titled, iTsis Ccero."
Ci"mro. the ,amohlet saa.- isth

the ropp For Co.
SThe people described CMcer
as a "Immuly witout slums."
]ighty-five per cent of its residents
pwn their own -hones -pd 70 per
cent of these gre l-Wltgpges.
Then are W -cb
seating an .mEtl p
000 in the clq,the bQ on
The school system m u.aipal
library, park aidecr.eatoilf fa-
cilities, and polHe 0e artmtnt are
of the highest type, Iehppamphlet
Cicero's crime ratio, according to
the annual bulletin of the Federal
Bureau of fnvestigat*in, Is-'"a-
tually low and not high," the pam-
phlet said.
But in spite of .this, Pertl ad,
townspeople complained to him of
being greeted with coolness while
visiting in othey sections of the
country. everybodyy -looked- du-

o '4r-
bloua. whesatetI mawseagooi
bote .glter-I 46
a tomm1y gu i tear

SThi sort of unds
setrvd, Petal .. ,
*3uloea's me, Jisan aai:,' .
not invest m.y a. crime in,.
feasted town, t- Ciero has bee
growing by leaps and bounds.

'"Tes. people ee: o id.
cero, he laiI "and ly :wa
other. to y the r abi
their hometown .
The do=n goIts retail as -'
angsterl-rddn community is t
when. C p nea 8=sUl .
datedvs v 1o, I ...- ,

r., l -I ,

t wh Harvey Cart, a N

Clas-lateOrmoedew t O 1
suburb. ere are. omi "sme.e
two" Neao famml a iing.:.a Ci
cero at tbis tlae. .

Dog and :Cat
AI N "8.' .

$. wrong dItestn W"Oft w he yto ua 1i rr
'.- mnarkat. but you'll strike wary time whem you _h..
d a j yW .-.pftCTif teo-eu in r luowhuoMo-
'0" eI t to cary
wIlIbhie "to n*tNWeve

-: -.

'ii -
-~ &d4~J1Ltti


r I

FOR. RENT:-Chalet: 3 large btd-
romns, maid's room. pon oraoe,
NQ. 14th Street and Via Belha-&
ro Porra. Reasonably priced. For
information: Telephone 3-0280.




* *


. r


--:-- k

D -




-I 41 A- W 4- ,














,. I


,% .m

w I.


___ -- -- -- -- I


,l i .! 1" IN ---

I i

":-." mm"









A- ". .- --.
c -? ,', -- -v y

* -

A ;" .*, *.. ;(
**'..-f '^" ^ ^: ..,

4* '*

ID *



AMag a
L Murpy4-

4 --1

*rnwa $


S.iC S tr


Soak lfudas, lr
A' UN4AriH^I*/*%s..,

Bsign Go' a Beverly Hills
.... ... witha.big. lats' trck: "O ur BustIn
low Xt. yet, but S alms-ex have receive. ,
6nf3i5, hoamid a c;frOi4 SM -ri oto to thel Overaisrd-'to's said 16'
tstar it R W'Nilumove maia tbI wdon I i oft she an -at wemarriw
Wa hn compubW9
raeB as'ma Britta beok tgits, too. -
Ser. But f It does, maybe Marilyn's Overheard "Every time
"This Is W Life" will be sam- takes off a sweater it loots
Myrna. raA ba been ttlaet ledM itW@.lie. It's been bhut up twice!"
1Wl PdtsJneglt shoont A tower' attIreleaPda."u
SWilfl .'dio aersstarlet to fill
Nwyw'ghw '.cIr -eRV ado Ilandrs, qet She came to
twttl Now Yoqlrkt4 muslVul tat. ak reading "'ingle, Ma:
WAy. wig and able. G nurfl:kr and M. Divorcedth" ht ", minute
.-t 1 act itre after die,
Th~e marriage eo Twalelse Pat- winds Lbo as Irrl Flynn's tostar -
ah, who was14 "TTwer Smart in "The Black Pirate' StadtO de ive this wae
irv w fth De mana Drbin, isa B when a 9t visitors on the
w "y, T d. -' i.s a three million d
On view at Ieverly Hills silver. production-Io burping, plea
Wu it- th a. smith Spencer. OrgeU's shop: A A
I ate' S 5s rgt f a e silvetephone once on. Cg S a
VLo ish ae d -y Qad Wete.Weren ..a
ed atot er recuat la (her
Ric*) iap" bit Goao 41aboe: The biI bun-o has been order- .A.
(-fmy aec x n faers. d at Fo lt Virtgia Letth, of
u -Ja f alhMln XAWfe V Black ldoM a VmW,.' a oa orer model MOiX P edod
aW.6jaid, btha wbp's Ien "kept adtr wrMa fo
W 0. a I hope tat tIS i the part yer M 9ontractu thaern 0 '

"lliectasi6 it- i. ICy
and t bad it will woaHe" r helap ethe aums a
sa me th "'laea i
at conelt- Monroe. ---
S back. CHICAGO-(UP) Moat Amer
ards) may be the raaaon for Richard Oresp har. beet teri- women bave accepted modern
al iermy'q current pique. ously m at British nursing home. sign in home furashings, say
*y jw .The ament halted production on of the nation's top designers.
his new movie, "Cotrabsand Ma-
' S A$DREWS baren giw- drid- Thle fiveinterviewed during|
s&lc arnfl~a afrilaaa l f recent nil-sununer home fug
INS' "iud with rsfles ings show, Sefern to toe
amnmd eho ist sast yles as "eontwuporary"
r'Brxflt ft defined it as "modern under
K Meflti. a a asutinuous prunes of r
a___ ssaid,
.Jj'.* CflI Sooffr
iW^lft Irv o*tha arC1 Aan ~ tHe~fi hott .WHant Bft*0, of the W1
J te^red ^. sid,. MR o


r41*ilaasaa z*bw'a uatap- Isstau. -wea a
1Wl A
:r ^o~lD'0'n 4ebig nix 4yen 'baangs.e
.Ie zr venlotB ot "The Svn a
hisestep qi

oas In th bag fot him.
*'rear Itch." Up uota- la w. wieeks fadl S
ik in om asasrt the bage to M.iB Fix-
George Jessel Uas been in the, Bca
market for heart bandages ever also
nlace kathleen hughes tFel the 1 T
Oapt wlrodw Stanley Rubin. dep
OWN- can
0 btcur-said
OWe, was l- C
~of c

Diablo ta. :Ut. 6:1, 7:9S
S*asci' t bAor.
( -je ~Mb7ud Ader so."r

Pedrne IMld 2* i:K
"A P-r J a o r J
run. 7MM In Tte A tB"
*^gPEjrsl us"

GATUIN I .. CAfsl@9 34S .s
am 1:6 sMaesyO'Keefe" Cotort
A Tum:iar "WC OP W@YK"

6 GaS .Uk I.w A*r**->Cemimeu
Mmiaj "awl oi tLOW. MMa "as &3 i sG Clan t'y

BALBOJ2.00 -4;- 10O -: l 8:30

...osetg&bAA& u At
MkA-bk*e 1
*** ed14 i|

jffih~jlpuur A*ade a

arcy DC
Pe itagt

- *1-

Ao I

-- --- I~-r U

Se I
a la
- N
4r c
is a

A cit Lvwhich has been much in tme news of recent years. Is
ad, tme background for Carol need's exciting new thriller, "e Man
mint tween." which stars James Mason, Clatre Bloom and .ilde-
garde Neff. :
The city is Berlinl rope's bigglut hot-spot tday-.- a city
badn in for and icidetdth
ftau of internattonmu inmtlg and incideuL -aM tM i the ex-
lfig background for One Of the most grippftlg stories ever sen
-. oir the BcBM& *.
*"The Ma Between" Is In the proud traditiftn of Carol Reed's
ti thie Tbitd- MW'' wbAeh will be remember fr-T Iamazing
r Wrt-wid Saeai. HisW latflt flin la a dynamic Sature drama
vhi black market aM ters and a nd noPde tneI who
m Mrendpeg seeape fro IInto We Berie. h fln, in
-t-t baa everything ueam can n la.moving entertainment.
James Mason aeores a tremendous Lucem ia thk, his first
- tth rujnse 1do .S M.
SaLowely Clat4 a flfM proves that her tremendous per-
-nmaoe iht" Was oat just a flah-lo-the-pan and
-^ie ri toreathlsbii- These two stars are matched In dra-
pa power tlt actftr net JGarbo. HIldegrde Neff. who
iv. a perflrlmlee at Cgo G quality and fMtillae. Adv.

- .-r .. *~-

A; m .. r a'-- it.
.:"~~~~ ~~~ ~ .- .i. -A- -. ...t -k ;-.^

i v l in .- ,*- ''

on and Improvement af -C.
Wowne Doneyr Mlae saida
A had c raut c sa w
ir n~atual beauty, use of

he aturia of smodeI fu an

ends on producing Items u
hbe lived with pleasantn

ILionel C. Algerea.
rank Helms, art of the oCaod

~.sumn ted up his aprac
Softod aind the future.

contemporaryy mate l, at
urietg processes anid the sij
idon and ta improvement of de
g of cutwo years bet.
g and thure of American con
aeptaends on producing items

ser live withaes or pleanakes
d Lionel C. Algeren.

syrup. Helmsat 1 eup of ma CAv
dd summyrup to boiling andc

up of drat ad, canned, crua
apple. Whedsn chillede, this s
contemporary matei als, I
duringg processes and the AS
needs and taste# of the use
lie designers agreed there;-
as of about two years betv

gonad saucthe Amon erican cream
aepta. of it
FEW YOBK-(UP) -Next t
serve waffles or pancakes.
Syrup. Heat I CUP Of Mal
aded syrup to boiling And1
cup of drai ed, canned, Croil
apple. When chilled. "hu $7
good sauce on ice cream

nor- WV.

*ir -.)

B w q-oB. of "GrCIa"i,. gade what 1VIt had
Sdancers 1611b051 called nobody
tonel0 4.'"^ '47001M4l watch t"
she nftsays, opa^ I you want to rA oft
l.b 4.Yda.,r look bid. ou bsverou Whave tor tings.
w < rwok i 4tt Aast that's
-I tJ. hdk Ii.qasays. In ora *Mhd 9
out appearances a yea "f = are: talent, ev1e of b.
the ""haet ours tp W good behee a aa-
usC, isfla h h At urnand a aIce jhonality.
thee Woton is terrilbfe. baut1rm The first three are wicexpan&-
faces don't dnrt as tory, but why do you need a brain
S fJace. There's less to sing today's popular songs?
Stodistort. I have a strong
sets. and not much fleash on my TV Vees
sel" b DON McNEL (ABC-TV)-A
Stuiht tR c'll d. big, judge NIn VrgBia is really dli-
rds ala. ful dring ca ayn old- me .doaern court.
reer.Xt bU had lutes tepy He lets worn witnesses
plen ty of It dwO iv their ap eORE they
cil. pitroltalsa P sopularow ear to tle& t ruth.
and Zne of the reasond to tha r -t-----t---thb---
ma&i o( the anwer. Warren Hull u said Mindy, "youve got
Vqte killquiz 4isietm ata.xrto-b e..Anot big

9Ve SIM. hand AT W ed, Andp f ofe. hnale puis
Saatter -what you think of t hed Apo? u nt
pream, you l enjoy ome a, rhie tSn3rytoo. bwsIour it 7e
0~81 04 cdTiestnu ad. atst inker, it Shqo.
All u sonictS tin: -- She left 9sa .faclor-a g-oo
,a Ci4hIMpboardm4-yard ap c days, you can't
-i" t e tenInher gt anywhere singing unlessyou'r

asien. twr otferset tenrnhs od-okn,001*3b it
fie hsemsiase rench s ald rIsedTsP pb ito
ae tsWe F -or what it's worth, this is Mil-
Sthbuseo alesD i hton Berle's favorite gag:
o actrolysd s" somehsta tes "I *was fLAdy'shth other day,
dir? pu munhwai tv -death. and if gav eat'f utUl*bl order-
Wo s T*PntbY-t coda cuA b e p of clcoffee. Then he put
labs. U ar010 I about ten sP of srr i nt.

peci- vauxsays.L^S "Yo jus liev to be W o waim.w aWi -dn'tya
wee p ere .. to .stsotTr/ l *
^fflW'S "1w a"i Awh "lrrte oWhy. 1141116 t
111IM1 atit anaR *wa,1

AM.. 6,1FiWhc
a 5 Debus
imatl D A ilan baby... u

he iltor tefatr l the Krat o nhPanama
*tphe 21600e, tofhey_ ther Or
I thl j Klta Hari means suicide in P The very finest
lrnii. 9 linewe I
I de. owaay an ohlpboard man C aa 33 5 a
w th biggest appeUt. H fMlBly
Conervti-tahbie talk. A
plif. A~ntmonl-maoney, inherited frpm Prrfcd
esign your mother's sister. i m Pre-ecorded
Boxing the compaoe-tva JizeI TAPES
fighters going in opposite direc- E E A P E'S
WeiOb -N'. Ci L for use with your
tly," Jules Herbuveaux, E Tape Recorder
go bons nys he nation E Tape Recorde
can be-amd f 9nerai Bar- C
qIler buveaux was respoaulb e. for 'ZOD T 125
la to Parkde," which. certainly fills the
na~t bill. R *
tanus- "loa Parade is both,' Harbn- 0 khbflern a-il
pIel- vea.ux says. "You just hRve to be waer Urahms
wast SIbello m Wait D "me?
SMea Mf C "--
s -. D-b;
ime I DJAKARTA-CUP) The value
try | of electricity wee -brought home f. t Pmnasni i-i
ile- forcibly to about 300 Itudenesia- a.. Center
addIfamilies here recently. Consistent Y"-j"% iyan MEnri
iii violators hf the eltlt! raton T, fl.Si
rrup usyigncd them, they fifC d their trw wa
and Iower supply abut ofor from one 4M S a Bella Vit
to three weeks. L Na S Della v

VICEROY Scores A Smash HitlII

SThe First Performances


"~ '1
A. -~




:his 22-piece orchestra and

IVONNE' the sensatiotal sentimental singer ,
under the auspices of

have been- a tremendous success
American music at its bist! Mainbob, gitarichas by -
(the mo ppa orchestra s ambuy ahivel -"


at 5 and 9 p.m.

On the Screen:



rP 2 ..Y t4*
'V-vt, ''

9^4-R ,/aaw





..' .. .... .. ... ,. .... .*? l
you may find that Chase Bank airmail payment arte re o tkrumanner of t mws
business. .- .
Unlike the bank draft. which you transmit gr land ySurV1t* .tn6hIn payment Iso
Chase Bank to asy of the Chase Bank brlches or krriWrhaM the wO *orld. .-
You are assured payment.quickly with rb' .. : II"
Ask us about this tVice ifbyou think It 'r be hif4 .bei .


11SAlitSIS Jll:
Balke. C -Puseems. 1Cusi-Dvid .
I.;ajN gA 1 4
**l-Cfha|faRa.Cll4lvi TAL
CF-641 a'W -; dS'






.1110 b riYOVR SERVICE

I tignt LtWb
/ g ^uo

at 11:00 p.m.

Continuous music
for dandcin
all night!

A Greatl ew Thrller 'The Nan Between"

On Thursday At The Bella Vista


Another Chase Service


- 0




. .

* +.'-'-S.t^
*,- '"

.im ._
"CH. I4'A$

Ss D' Nags To Race

SFor $600Purse,Trophy

I The Harry T. Hart Handicap, a seven.furlong
; Class "D" race which. carries a special Oliver
trophy for the winner, w)il headline today's pro-
,t m at the Juan Franco track.
Hart, one of the many Amer-
,, w swho aided to get horse rae-
firmly established here during
trying postdepression .ears,
deserves this honor. Harry
"WAs the Juan Franco track's man-
.- detring the early thirties. He
S be the track's guest of honor 1
tdeKay and will present the win-
owner a saivertrophy.
': favoritess to cop the special e-
are Lexden, Supersun and.
g pa a The letter tw(Humbo w Re wi
and time out whchburning Postino -
,-'i. d~ v a whisker. i/l.
I*t -rk ak the rider Bas Agurn tore

sy;) and stretch-burnlng Posthi i-iil
v ich (Jorge Phillips) ate danger- a
Gu 'us contenders also. Goyonder. a
;, lp4gher class horse, is the question -- AJi T. HART
a rk Sunse the race. He returns to
: te acing wars after a long lay-e-on i in the mutulls
i' a d She ed Goyod e ri coulde rn ever by I 1ecol n we rst-

awa and bidsfrom this field Al- Delhl 0
Sfredo Vasquez, c. muor enty the ered with Piropo II leading. t ne
"'trek's leading rider, will ride groupp with a 114.20 win payoff n
l' ', d. "" ,a t e ninth race.
rk Sunset, which wr the cma-. er S 4v.M

Sof^ a urSS o erd3velend 0 (Gs:Del
S it thee lighteset wea chance to make T ACE
; i v rates a soond Iosne da FIRST loACt
Se w e e. rddenp bnmr e 1
,g John y Gonora. Dark -1. 5.0
tsi. with 105 ound- 2--BaUto w3.40 2.60
S deatured wtl0 mille atoed 3. Dvonre Club $
'if ,l, u.p seod SCOND.TH RACE
1 "C tImportd ug M 1-Plropo ,.$6. 30. 2.60
Sl which will via e or thea- 2-.-..V ij $4.60. 2.20
,one hit lf a Speedy First Double: (Grace C-Dl-
1which rae3 miserably is) 542 ..
S eek, gets a chance to make ..H RAC, 0
] ,up that disappoi ntmnt 220

,. I Mil-store. ting).
0 .-t &b -e track )edt-rday A- 2-Coran 19.2, 5.60
in lbe t his nin th p t- .-Voladori0.
1 victory of the season I n in One- wa: (Col-Veolador)
-. featured $1 ,000o mile gallop. E.4.60.
n.ounad up second. Barge, F RTH RACE
,pa? third -dPir Main Road5. 3
o ad anod .last. --P her .umar 3.60 2.80

B *"W[WM um who g---tone Of Scone $3..
TU 'kI5 Altredo Vasquez ,who 2-Piol Casela 3a.60.
Silote two othernnrto Quintela: (Empirpe MalCa-
SAnother Fulmar) .

I:i a r o lips NINs5TH RACE

W flying paces ett .-PTropo II t 14.211 7.40. 3.60 .2.20
a h nveMflashed' 2-Newbrighto 1$3. 2.20
sea. (el inRa "".e 9.40Ac

the da-hr.- TENTH BACE
.ioaed t he fini e f1in -Alormina 18.40. 4.640

iwt P. Snlagete 2-TilAmoio .20.2.30.
R oadeLady M oon t- olden Wbnder .20.
fte beig lug ina. S eond Doube- .Toletaso-
gol *oB uoon- oya- ZMl enbl ,80.
e Wh ich e I G ar

Q ews ; -:(Empi re Magic-
Fr, +n c T Another Fulmar) 510.

BY CONRADO 1--Propo 11814.20. 7.0, 3.60
"l ams $ 2.60, 2.20
l,4bIkn i3rid L. Anne One-Two: (Pirope u-Cames)
-DO him. (e) R( a bi, o310 56.40.
.-- a. .e u.. ..te .......
0) 1-Alormina 5.60,. 2.40
3 VIA 's Stur
Imetn '--.o, .1.0. .11.40, 2.20
e IJm'. Claw 2--Portal $2.40, 2.20

".....................................Aug. 32,

-.. .. .. ..& .. .. s.eattle.

i .. ......................... ,N

rriwes fom Crles"l to

.. .......................Aug. 22

i 3 tR*- *-UM COLON me

"'' a-'1 ** .
9' ..g.i

ROOKIE-At nine, Lma Ky ob*i.t, bluasting out -,ii
trap, had to be the youngltt emtpat Jn the iA M.
rournament at Chicago's Tam S'hbaiter. The little ]
Ill., miss had shot the eoWgWe in 92. (NEA) '

Juan Franco Graded E-tries
fPP. Horse Jockey Wrt. COMMENT ODDS

1st Race "I" Imported Fs.Purse: 1375.00
Firnt Race of the Double

Pool closes: 13:45

1-B. Bridge A. MMa 116 --Hard to beat here 2-1
2-Montmartre J. Gongo. 112x-Bad legs handicap 18-1
3-Jersey Anne B. Agul. 114 -Rates best chance even
4-Royal Claim J. Bravo 110 -Jockey should help 3-1
5-Rosarlo A. Ycaua 110 -Nothing to indicate 15-1
6-Prestlgio O. San.-110 -4Serious effort here 8-1

2nd Race "D" Native 7 Fp.Purse; 5300.00 Pool closes: 1:15
Second Race of the Double
1-,-Golden Bound F. San. lOOx -J6ckey handicaps 10-1
2-Rabiblanco A. Ycza 110 -Loves runnerup spot 3-1
3-Daniel J. Bravo 116 -Could score this time 4-1
4-Metto F. Godpy 100x-Not with this rider 25-1
5-Redondita F. Rose 118 -Returns in good shape 3-1
6-Winsaba A. Gonza. 97x-Lon shot possibility 10-1
7-Bagdad J. Gongo. 102x-Can't be overlooked 8-1
8--(Fllon M. Guerre. 100 -Could be close up even
9-(Don Jaile B. Agul. 115 -Seems "sure thing" even

3rd Race "H" Native 6i% 1s. Purse: 5375.M Peol eloses: 1:45
1-Proton A. Ycaa 108 .-Rates good chance 5-1
2-Marfil F. Sanches 112x-Doesn't seem likely 50-1
3-Manolete K. Flores 113 -Should be close up 2-1'
4-Nacho B. Agul. 113 --eeks win No. 2' even
5-Rlsita J. Gouigg. 103x-Ran well last time 3-1
6--Plola A. Gonas. 96x-Rider handicaps 10-1
,7-D. Chila J. Brato 114 -Rates good chance .-1
..... ... .... .- -t--i 1^ -'- ". ... .'." -....
4th Race "G" Native gi 3.l, .l vh : 2:20

1-Riomar E. Camp. 104x.-Dltahce seem short 10-1
-Anite N F. Rose .114 --NothIng recely 8-1
A3- Ientida A. Ycaa .10 -UkA short Joudiey. 2-1
V. Brown 11Sx--ew in 3.1
5--luto H. Reyes 108 -Not oft hf t start 10.1
9-.1irna A. Gonza. 105x-.GOd recent effts 3-1
7-8. Velluda F. Hidal. 114 -Should score'here 3:1
8--Malaya A. Mena 112 .-Serious effort now 3-1
9-T. TUW G. Graell 115 -Returns from-layoff 10-1

Sth Race "G" Imported 6V2 Fgs.Puse: $450.00 Peel eloees: 2:55
1--xplicito A. Vas. 118 -8hould 'score again even
2-LuJoso A. Vas. 118 -Distance to liking 4-1
3-T. Collins F. Hidal. 105 -Nothing to indicate 10-1
4-Camblat K. Flores 115 -Better this week 3.1
5-Charming P. A. Ycaza 105 -Chance la mud only 8-1
6-(P. M.idn A. Mena 110 -.Should'be close up 2-1
7-(Vharlier B. Agul. 113 -Could score again 3.1

6th Bae "N" Ipported 7 Fgs. Purse: 800.00 Pool closes: 23:35
First Race of the Double
I-Rose Hip K. Flores 115 -.Known in-and-dtter 4-1
2-Courtly P. A. Mena 113 -Distance may help 2-1
3-Preud Pearl J. Bravo 115 -Ready for "psyo f 5-1
4-A. Mald A. Yceza 110 -Chance in mu- only 8-1
I-PIrenae H. Reyes 115 -Not ai10-1
6-Pegetero A, onza. 107x-Doeasnt se i 10-1
7-' a queO L. Giral. 114 -Ddnro MOtdCr 2-1
8-ZNticar E. Camp. 105x-Chfncf deapit -rider 5-1

7th Bee T"' Imported 7 Fs.Purse $49.00 Pool loses: 4:41t
Second Race of the DUble
1-Lord Basur E. Cana. 113 -Disappointed last 3-1
2-Riqui B. Agul. 110 -Returns in good shape 3-1
3-Valley Star J. Bravo 115 -Has best workouts even
4--Royal Robe L. Giral. 112 -Impressive neWconler 3-1
5-El Regalo O. Chanis 110 -Will score soon 3-1
6-Fairlyable J. Gongo. 103x-No. 1 contender even

bth Ra.e "F" Imported 7 Fas. Purse: ~500 Poel closes: 4:40
.1-W W1 A. Ycza 118 -Dropeback down 5-1
2-Discovey E. Cana. 115 -Would py fat price 10-1
3-Grisu E.'Cana. 115 -Muddy track would help 3-1
4-t-uo, Va F. Hidal. 115 -Not against these 15-1
-tegal um B. Agul. 118 -Dropp In class 3-1
6-Verticordla J. Bravo 118 -Also dropped class 3-1
7--Granero J. Phillips 116 -Rates o .o ide chance 5-1
8-(Ays L. Giral. 118 -Should score at will 1-2
--h(Clpeante A.-Vasi 118 -Hard to beat too 1-2
E9th fee r Intported 7 Fgs. "HARSiT T. HANDICAP"
Pue: SM e Pool closes: 5:15 O A3WO
1-4SMht A. Mena 115 -Ba4t 1nXWIIitn if 3-1
-Ogodr A. Vas. 113 --etmr..-g- 2-1
t J Gongo. 105x--Lon1Mb reallyy 10-1
_4 *I Reyes 108 eCoyues 2ae wy 10-1
R- Io h J. Phillips 110 c de 4-1
S" B. Agul. i118 -Rat-.o m s3-

10k bM "C" Imported Pgs. Puse: ,lP Pe. alo eohm: 1:4
L AC 8 n HasEE..
A. Vas. 110u 5-1
B Cana. 118 --O eI aI'II 3-1
I ga d A. Mena 108 & -- N 4-1
J. Gongo. 10o5- 4-2
J. Brvo 112, Wye'i b ev

.ith me "" NatIve 6 Fra. POsN.W. i l: xx
J. JReyes 113 a
-w Ie Fleet F. Rose 113 -Mtael.ld 8-1
3-VwNm ero A. TYeaza 112 -E el tlat 2-1
F. San. .7xx-LModt tsl lMar, -1
S- Phillips 10 -DlstamMe alt syb 3.1
7, _. M. M. Guerre. 110o -MWta fwlte 2-1
1 CWal B. Agul. 113 -..x^ -lS=tb w x

.^ *- ,A ..... .. _-"o .+ ..


" ':"- -T^S
.v.w .s?
^," .._*. .
" ';'.2 ** <" "-" "'*
"*'. ;7 "'-' --3
;.* '- +t*,'U

. -. .- .._ +.,>.-,

,' .' -.. ?-, '

*.. .;,'^

'* \'l

?' ~

I- I
4' i~ I
~ .5



9i 'S' .

, ':+r~d ,,
,' .'4-

4,." -
*.V .~:
a -


+.+. :.+ : .' ..: .-. '.... .
;, ,. ", i-

WHOPPING CATCH Mte. Jean Maron pom odly with
her 772 btoad bill gwordsftlh,a world record for men and women
on 80-poUnd test line. The fifat, largest swordfish bver caught
by a woman, was caught in waters off the Peruvian coat. TIl
world record swordfUh catch (and largest official catch ever
made of any kind) is a 1,18 monster taken by Jean's husband.
Lou. off Cabo Blanco, Peru, two years agb.
'. ---. .--- [
Haven't been able to get the results on the tournament win-
ners. Seems like lots of t h olks ust didn't turn in thetr cards
till the last day. From where we set it looks like Johnny Mc-
Connaghy won the big prale with his 641 pound black marlin.
We have been promised.all the list deflitl6elyfr ext week.

Have had several visitors from tbqhe States this As wefe..
'Dr. Tracy Haverfield from Miami spent ten days T-Ding the
Pifia Bay area with Barn Moody on the Bkdp-Ja4Mk lIOn this
trip Jim Harned joined our "big club" with bhl ta&k. Marlin
taken spout ten miles South of Galera.

The Marrons dropped In .for a day or two on their way to
Peru, They had lots of fih stories and are looking forward to
fishing Panama for a nonth or two starting late In October.
They have been catching l1ts of fish working up the coast from
Chile. So far they have taken 51 marlin, ill striped, and ten
Jeap has really had bh elf a field day. She has brokenI
four world records. The fixt on 20 ppund test line was a 331
pound stripe marlin. The second on 30 pound test line was a
289 pound striped marin. he third on 50 pound test Ue was
a 316 pound striped iar OTh. fourth which was the
(in our opinion) best ctch ihe has ever made was a pound
Broad Bi Swordfish op.80 pmad test line. This not oWly broke
the women's record for thIs .., but the pWen' asm wll,. The
fish in a way holds e 'rld records. BOth 1e aw' aF d
women's 80 pound c I -ls the largest swprd a em takenI
by a woman. This ia ll, more unusual as. t makes the
Marron family the top wr family in the,,Wolt,. Lou with
his 1182 pounder hal the ltateit ever caught b# a 5 pd
now Jean has the largest oalght by a woman. Tht ke a
we say hello to all ther rnd and that they w the m tbm
in a few months.

Capt. Robert oerp jiied our first club when he casut hbis
first sailfish from the m laNt week. What are youe .lkwM I
doing on the Alibi, 'friMt a fishing. school?. Dot get as
wrong. We get a bigerttek out of seeing a fisherman bring
his first to the leader than catching one ourselves.



SmUaw:XI ify fteen Dai sm
Houston and New Orleans
SiUnlp .fprI tin Day" ec
New York Phitadelphia Baltimore
(Gunllf Bj ACBuW *tmm .h

Wilford McKay, Inc.

-.4 S

New York 01010000-5 10 2
Brodlyn 0 02-6 6 0
Oom Uddls (. MC, h (8),
(8). 0*,. (1), New-
WHubg (7) and

- Law

Chicago at Milwaukee (tight
St. Louis at Cincinnati (Night
Game). ...

WHAT IM IT? ..-mbliDg
something out f a J er
novel, Joe C s e ge
from San Fnco Bay fes
tooned in seaweed. The 'Havana-
'born marathoner was prepar-.
ing to swim the Ow23 le length
of Lake Taboe, a never-before-.
attempted feat. (NEA)

.ODA ..i a ,
Botpa t. ew ,k ;" .
0te at e001 1) 2 0

Chicago 100 ft 0lOx-4 g0
Conuegra Martin, Johaou
(7-5) and Watts. Hoeft (6-12),
Herbert and Rouse.
(11i innings) '
Cleveland 4, Bltimore .

I-LyTbrk 3, Boston
la at Wakington.

BASE, England. Aug. 14 (U.D-
Fog fouled up .a big weleam
home for track star Roger Bia-
nater today wlpzn It forced hi
_T1ns-Caisada Arliner to detour
from London and land at this
Scores of offielals newamen,
cameramen and 'e stives l-
cludiftg the w Bive' of tr
'and marathon mrunew.
twiddled th three
hours at London t while
the plane brimhnlua $th ath-.
letes home from tI aouf

The welcomets went lugiu
when the. plAne was dive"-ed
here. "I prefer runalag to air
travel," Peters he Inched
In a queue past the Mnkle
swamped custom officials'on
duty here.,
Ban later Wid "I'm goin to
take a wee's rest adthen head
for the Guropea omeas as
Berne, Bwltrnd I'm in the
pink of condition."..
Peters. who collapsed .ear the
finish line In the marathM at
Vancouver, said he would rest
for a month before runnl. a
rain. Bannister, a doctor said
Peters was In good shape ubcepn
for "physical ex*zhaustion."

Playground Sports
Pedro Miguel wound up Ite 0. Flenlkan, Margarita
archery career in a blaze of glo- 8. Ba4bw, Balboa
ry in the all Canal Zone Arche. N. Middleton, Diablo
Tournament Friday, at the Lock M. Bleakly, Clstebal 31
City ballpark. Besfdel taking ISy me"s Rumd M
first and second in thbqya an aynolds, Pero Miguel
girls team shoot respec elyPe- B. Klelhoffer Whboa
dro Miguel capture fie out of L. Weritn, Ottun
a possible eight ft4plce. B. oan rkatobal 41
Balboa was easly see~4d, with Giro Daren Round
a win in the girls teaqn shoot. J. Doherty, Pedro Miguel
while the boys took second and L. elbof fr, Balboa I
n the Individual corin4g, took 8. Figueroa. Oamboa 14
five second places, a first and a Beys DDaie Bound
third. Margarita ranked third In C. Martin amboa
the shoot. 0. Trai, Balboa U
Altho went underfoot, the W. Peterson, Orlatobal
weather was Ideal for the many J. Peterson, Margarita
competitors and parent present. Girls San Blas
Pedro Miguel, rated the pioneer M. Jo Mack. Pedro Miguel W ,
archery community twenty four C. Smith, Cristobal In
years ago, under the tutelage P. :Johnatone, Oatun L
of 0. C. Lockridge, now head of T. Dun. OGamboa 10
the Canal Zone's Phyoal Edu- By Sa Ias
cation and Rereation Branch: B. Rowe, Pedro Miguel
has ben a mecca for lftuefd of T. Deakons Margarita
the feathered &haft ever since. T. Marti, Balboa 3
Mnnv will miss the beautiful fa-T. Du Otun 271
cUltes as the area will be ban- Girls Team Sheet
ddned in thd not to distant fu- Bklboa 07 (Linda Malona
ture. June Barlow, SBIlrley Barlow,
Individual and team scores Lynne Kielhoffer).
follow: Pedro' Miguel 370
Junior America BRound Oamba 30
J. ner Ped Migul 320 Boys Teom geet
B. Balbo 312 Pedro Miguel 433
R. Lei, Diablo 304 (Joe Reynolds, Tony Womble
Brian Cox, Cristobal 263 James Boughner, Felx Riggs).
JaUder C010a4 Be0 a qmd Balboa 400
J. Barlow, Balboa 334 Critobal M
Girls new Re-am Diablo y2


'*-, .'. 4, J J S

I bwd it over



.J __ M
^ '' -~3

- ----n~- -;~----3

_ ,~c


," ", .

.., ,. -:^





* .

Am eua A

*H*. ^17


---- *~ V --".TO. ;-
.I L. *.i
". .". *.* -

,blalloo ftjr thretmu

1" key
y're rea
a wae wh

14-' 51

- II- -- -
A fence company has come up
with' a portable baseball backstop
which can be assembled or dis.
mantled Ii less than 20 minutes.
It appears to be the answe to a
lot of headache, caused by the
necessity of moving backstops to
make room for other sports.
The whole works can be taken
from a permanent setting and
stored in somebody's garage or
attic with ease.
SMALL TALK-This year's Lit-
tile League World Series final, Aug.
27. will be handled in strictly big-
I time fashion, as usual... with an
added touch of class on the broad-
casting and televising supplied by
Mel Alen ... the voice of the
New York Yankees will do the
play-by-play of the final over a
radio network and ajso wll sup.I
Ply the commentary for the filmed
version which will be shown Sun.
da afternoon on the nation's TV
s.... Wlliamsport is 'puIlng
:itself together for the jaip. of base,
ball people from all palta of the
country at Serier time....,

t thtrabbit



But he has oe bi atae
,try wa iater

liek hduri e Er autand
early fl whe *srt s
mot aesi thore.
skeet whim you'e .-tye for
t e doves or dueit aa Novem m
b r. e
=20M 8 p



I '~


Figures this is a cinch. But bI x
next round is .a dismal 12. he
practices real'hard and to the
point where he's breaking 23 tar-
tit tAt diil> il-i .. l.l .

gegs area ya nauy runs on e
But the poor sket shooter has straight found of 25.Then he's
to undergo a lot of igoieu within really bitten!
hitnself. I don't know of any
game. unless it be salf, which can, But clay targets are a whale of,
so quickly lead to violent frustra- a lot of un. The~'keep a .man
tion and gun-smashlng frenzy. from stralOing his. back with a
Take, or example your- cor- spading fork or a lawn mower
respondenil a little aeont a few during the summer months- and
week back I a gridig emup certainly keep a field shooter
good In the last round of 25 tar- from missing too many of those
gets, apparently nn the way to November game birds.
winning a papier-Mnchka. traveling (Distributed by NEA Setvice
bag or a sfiver peanut dish, meb.
But on the next to the last ar-
et a little puff of wind puchses
tha sailing clay down off course
-and I blast my charge right o-
ver it. No peanut dish aqd no tray-
eling bag. Sharp l astightlon.
A sweeping impulse to heave a-
bout $300 worth of shotgun in the By REANS REARDON
drink. 24 Years.h. National League
Written fba NBA Service
Or consider the case of the ex-
periment-minded gent ~h o whit. QUESTION: When a fan 1 s
ties on the stock of his pet smooth, stealing home, is a right-hand
bore, trying to fit it to- his phy- batter required to make any con-
sique so it'n point by itself, not cessions whatsoever at the plate?
nedd any control from a human -Sam Sehneider.
eye, hand, or brain, but. operate
by radar. Eventually he has it Answer: On a pitched ball, none,
hacked and sawed, or built up as long as the batter does not in.
with bumps and pads, until he terfere. If the pitcher has stepped
can't hit a barn with the door off the rubber of .te steol I. being
closed. Then his scopes really go attempted on an lnflelder, the bat-
to pot. ter most get out of the way.
And the chap who arts in at Q. Hobw many years did Yogi
the game because he's done a bit Berra spend i n the Yankees'
of bird shooting, figures. himself chain?-Andre Vierick,.
a fair. hbnd with the mattergun. 4
He tries the course, breaks 18 A. Berra spent a year wifh Nor-
birds out of 25. the fir#t time out, folk of the Pedmost League be.
* .* I:' .*> $4qflt t'

* wrew;rapewewa
Famed Stage St. I
M-fi-Ntoor M


Rock Hudson. Piper Li
Edward 0. Robing

/ Steve -(ochraq, I

7 -f,7 w -
-And tin tuh I got In ___________30.
didn't help me an181%he add kAMr
S. vosehto help yoUbt htu*ILs wa"l, w a uge. ar-o Id
it affected mine. I couldn't bre91b&- bonus baby, to Ernie Jonson, the WATCH OUT-Charley Grimm
The punch was e al e himno strong middle man who is 30. In reads Leo Durecher's story,
S he wa handicapped tre a between are towering Gene Con- "How I Watch a Ball Game"
he lan the type that bas a ay and Chet N Ie s, 20 Boh but now the manager of tUe
I rteaU Ja'k.VD"miW h Buhl, 26 Lew Burdette, 27; and Giants.has hiseyes glued oa the
S in the f6ort round' of :Te1 r It Dave Jo i9. becoming Braves, (NEA)
larynx. an .Tsunty *s ai r. -
talk for 30 minflts, or o.The Braves hays every nt ing yJIMMY BRESLN, powet, a stout de- BY JIMMY BRESLIN
4 *d. in those days. not being able to talk, was no mi fense and i aeeand figure to get
&didia to Tuniey, who hadrecently discovered hakespeare. better. They are players with NEW YORK, Au. 12 (NEA) -
..hleS.tshe was more ftre t the succeeding rounds whom a manager can play ball. The banning of bubblebowing by
Si.- than he had been in the preV n ones. and, as it turned out, Headed by Bruton, who has stolen gum chewing players during a
S the fdrth was the only round D won. 24 times, they et around the game was lightly dismissed here
Sbases. There isn't a heavy-footed the last time around. But the
member of the paty..,Evea Cran.- small-sized storm this local option
Santhe thitchro h. speed. rule has kicked up ar.tnd the Lit-
LOstg PIGHOTlVWEST., BAYS CHARLES Ad the you catcher, a aren't tie Le.ue circuit give us some-
going to-tire i the last sixteenth, thing to chew over again.
As I saAhe fght, Marclano had become the boos of the- Take Birmingham, for instance.

rintwoorthreeund &torto lhse In MadtOf the wind pip e .cod- wDown t h up tht bue A whl am acity, they
Still, ho would know better than Charles how much damage.u iln e kicking the minute the no

th l did? After all, nrheWas the guy who got hit. tct th
S ten ond e o of th reluctant drao th the tion 67 homers but tha b bl kept pyloing rule firs, but manobody isan
roarintitn. In fighting techniques. hewas knownto be Mar L consolation Lo Fi rate hit- more .light-earted about it than
sirr si" Tte Baimo I he c atjtlft an sl 1 U W ha T ismngham people point
un c oh him~Ad he a.1 0 mayset,. In. 'Beauringdw thrpe to aoey Sims, their con rol artist

last tbhe allny rwd want to n gee Frank would hal e 3 and pits made national headlines a
p henslightl .h iy sl over the wry he
,eia t t.t h w ltn was tou at othw v e sat ttotheear nbuno N O ourledhisclub to the Little League
Unitsel.. however. f M h eomoran een. championshipp at Williams-port Pa.
S "It's muy h" he reia. "nd I"y It's gtt wore." t 'PTBRG, Au. 14 (UiP)- Between each pitch Joe blew
he expet to o o h betthe next one o. n fThe record alph ineows P ent to in houp that bubble goodwhile waiting
may ha thou he Chicage eo lat yoffeneby tarng down for the ctchewoulds sig This, ac-
'" fort ~f- oe LOau. lie in ,perfeat'physcal cndltloi, Greenberg Ga.rdenfs after last cording to the southern city, an-
h men wa r and ne t season. tmaticaly makes itOK to pu
hot n i the fiht was how Charles would e Mck Manl ac w gum.
gdog o thtef Ingth aa t mor e r has cot the Pirates 64 home in EltLh L, theids in the
dtenor f. w cmpo r. In t he r lrctaot ed oan e hre of ins so far. It has cost the op- local IL scamper around a well-
roain t ins.sin f ighting tebn lue*, h ew s o t e position 67 homers but tat is kept playing field, but nobody is
lAn '- s lweria, AWhe hd been around much longe s .and was small consolation to Pirate hit- more light-hearted about it than
I b eteo's.m!, If he coud matchrComn0tener w terms, especially Frank Thomas. parents around town. The field,
-a a;ol in- anycase. hedWould be O ro The Pirate outfielder has 15 you see, was a sand-pitted death
Plaip the fo 15. .homers-butprom a observerstrap only two years ago. The sand
U taD llagree Prank would have 33 and pits made national headlines as
kcerpt th~t his resolution ws as stout at th~e finsh as at be hitting .350 indeei of '22 they claimed Pa. lives of four
te stA t.uthi era notng ab stout C atlg the fors asc that with the Gardens in business. youngsters within weeks.
theJ i.a themAm.* M nx about Cng sdt.. .perfoTl aw ace at OGreenberg Gardens was erect- When authorities began a clean-
ew h w, nh hasun Wr fulnhheanIC watsnt d in 194'towhen Han] Greenberg up drive, they decided to erect a
dou one? Joined the Pirates. It was torn Little ITeague field on the site....
e down after Ralph KIner went to in hops that the good accomplish-
Chicago last year. ed for kids would ease bitter
UUARixe WO" as5M SING80OFTEN Yankee manager Casey Sten-
gel favors a rule change. And It
would benefit Ted Williams of
o nd. Iflo k"ad rrinedhim far with the ruleryer
w- jt hg*C i t h floo O EM, :e -to have atKeOst400ofialtmesM
aAoohn.. his bead out of hAWpe-at the plate to be eligible for the
had M Whir d, ? battlnz title.

WI131toat nffi*Ullyv mh 236 thmesabe- I a. m.

average. ..
tengel av this tent fair to
Rlams. The Yankee skipper
nits the rule i'a made to
rd against a "cheese cham-
n"--a player with A high av-
ge but few bat. 8ten-
snaps "Everybody kpows
,Hams I nt a 'cheese chan-
1.' In fact, "everybody knows
is the best hitter In base-
tengel ae the rule should be

frwf I








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# *


-.. -* _. *

- "7-

~' ..



q v


-,. .m
.' :.,^

ml '' ,"^1 '. .. "i
*".k,,- -...^

i'-- 8 / ,

"Let the people know te Itruth anI the country is safe"-' ib 1im Line


-n1. -

enegade German Secauity Chief

eted In US Before Trip To R s

TN, Aug 14 (UP least not through of con- ranevd a visit John made o the plus data on actIvTW NIt
) .r Otto John. West Germa-' tacts with U.l. experts FBI early In June, where ib _1 4:1:zone

States shortly before go-voeto dscus the visit, or to from his inner
I ned and greeted by some topping it. his desk less than a minute and with officials, it was

i o t re to erest s a ohn was escorted "
Sv eWhile reluctant to talk about e ny Sus tod m u ertao -lHg .

S John's visit, officials s s te dart t d not sonir tor of the FI to v iew exhibit

nit Statesrshortlybed i for e go- Romo am talked tet
f 'uliely ohe got any valuable John's trip here. suydhm anid open to tourists. The F rmIS l n ke .
IN e d gren b ere athe GermsI came to this country warm attitude might ben traced of Bl isto o
on his ow as far a the to n ti previoUS reports, un4t or t r o
Wh.,ileadyuta tadilk kt tt o nntae tabout Inreaplyto Co.3 r_ tt tethat John wdn- so dra
J voad sdhe aer finoths pisit orftheoFBIUtofview wh*irit
'Unlikl hovauable daco e'mntge d. y aitJo psvely andn often talked tloo,
!while he was here. much.OXVILLE Tenn, Aug14
rAspieced n tether, the story On June 10, ohn went to the 1 O qual Th eenn AuT. 14
CM Taxs~ ulSer of John's vidt appears to be State Department shortly before. -ee on il w s

B1 tLSSSS er soclyrs~ri Iteald Bald to a sec 'rlty to t O icnr teaw dontiea tiWNeg
thlo ised hoeeltrrprewental Ohio stateU
Scth is: Af w l t confer wt eve non te o ha~ve ca e entel red the o i rat *
J oo Sen p o ngo s th irn the office of G' erman e nMtnese nhe schools preme m. -
oiree heilare toulh of tn tol.Onofficialstwho went bebind'Atio tonh was openedtoroo in

log iCentraltb studying for a te
t-to collect soIie a security tertained John at a ilI pri-r ;utomay wtho foeg f 1 d ecialized education, .uk J bn-
ae wbtierd bY y r vate dinner at his t*dto4 ais John's schedurta uled "courtesy nHn whil continue The dI at
ut Uncle Sam avoided home here calls" on military representa-Ohio State University'
The- CIACOMBoMuss., nu 14 (UP} the ntgvet o ne he erdhlen ,

tor.guest list on grounds the affair Tohs trip presumably Washeetrdth of s -
nternal Revenue Bureausder tood the conversation did feIn the s country ee a indte provide "equalre bl tcoae gnr Pi(ne t
ishaewo th e salary of touch on international co- ta n first-handI nformallon l t for Ngres or ad t en a itod

nal aned leal owner o the week-i and sat John did most of the formation on organshatole an ned school co gantin laoget-
mim. Bul t Sun published near- ta icg ipdtherdurlze. ud ntang em for enters t n
hadtor gt e Pist on atn the Sun affair.htr Als o ab 94 Tee ntpd ucthe mode ||o1-| Taj -* a, ("
rs. Caintrn e u school a era ta
pl t ishes Butl her artnie tce S veral dororn Pers n ben n te

Stpaer. toi er unt Legion Ball Srill Unclair e n ehe iar
l, egalmneu v fothle week-rand that J 'i d mos a ofo thenformationon-organig tions and e i eitVo t|
Sthe new aper d e also moderator of al o s to their children in
......... been ftoed ,

nrs. Cain r used to pay t an Chu rch, t. .I. northern And (e il
8l taxes as a self-employed tMranche This latest 1'heater Guild prb-
e n an got back in by Miss Smith said he believes auction wi, open at the Gld
lle she lock chain, and kept he l erNoeverDoor Prizeshbaoea o
nlas while ie her case went itted to the la o the i und, Tursda. Augut 1

high court rejected her n aid .....
ntion that the tax was un- rule ins altsh~ th e t
letitutonal aneud Mvers. Cain followed n ... e s unt

s challenged the government as Smith .a.... 1 eoPa o -ions-are times l
nment'r. or a rom in i pad- a age. Corls Ainpad-
tae Miss Buer 's salary freshman ord tor n tti U iot enfa teirial '-to her ui
Mrs. Cainrefor the 0d to play terian told te be a attheisame a l thiea
M CntcnTt build
n, Mrs. Caingote back n by ..-Miss Smith said she believes ducon will. open at the O^uld

cotsl Her employee a, J.d kt sned the fire. toe ad- tWorkshop in back of the m

-': ihan. 8100- and88 would bet.edw

K wle here c e went mora nd r tT Ths wl dan o
high court rejected pellerdrve omr fully funny oher
nation that the tax was un- atom bomb e aier, t was deL-

N Se tary o h DePwfe3 tn Ats lined for a heavy haober wing The Archers, oildred s p
an of the mitad Mrs. iaison at di uae ots, eto e
tt'-to the Atc E Wah., from the phroctin he and thgs reay r
mml onM will viste dt Pan-' at Conva re when theoare are w teit
ch after ope the The B- a 1-eie heav a bab. Just whse t
onerh. bomber with -ton bo t revealed nl h
Mn Butlr's salary pa rest hand 10, o mi le aneen, Cin atrial-to'orf1
Aug. Yp. It now is he Air 'x act thi blarious
dHrNfte a 0 ps a been tolad *hthtr ater m Aic at thesame teadelld
Charles Jase vocalist swng P of 154 at the Command's bth e t plane and recn'tor Roy Otblicketnhau

an interview here TeBaron "Night In Paris 'ali' at th Legiem est Nqi 1 durin eventually will be -replaced- with aembled a varied cast. ,,
"Atomic energy, by helD- Set the all-jet B42,30w coming into man, a newcomer to tb oiU
eorieft vpd "Th ere re, seth Pth rol th at B ri Te

f d amonreas The follow door prize from Among the gusts attending The final plane was delivered the A h r

d ethe 'Night in aris Ball" at the were: Panama's Fore Minister at a public-ceremo by retired
h$10eta0t and -have less ort Amador have not bA anama Lionl var predet, an cept by a
outo b e led into salary. claimed Persons holding the Vasse dor to Pan- Ma. Ge. Franci rwld,
Stubs for these prizes are ama eldin Chapin. These three ve-commander ofAC. afor

.I a great longing in quested to contact the Legin to Iof finals made brief speeches to The irst B-S was flown justA a
tie People must be Prizes still to be lied and supporting the affair. Also at-1946 The first production model Aug. I r e
e in th tremendous o- Round trip to David. 0 Laidow, Chief of Staff, USAR- 147 a nd was d delivered to the
today of nuclear energywhe General Electric Clock .... 85 CAB. Air Force two day later. MIDLETOWNJ Cos n

-addedget of Car Seat Covr .... 6 Another prominent guest was The Air Force said acceptance (UP) Miss Viol
Spwer aed electrlle 15 lb bag of candyr-drv.......e623 of e184 who acted as oia eavy barber wiomge were now e concerned, but
Sand relch prlfunnyumeto........ 735 othersto the success of the brothers in 1
first need, then, bottles of liquor ...... 60 iencladi6tercontinei: the numerous round Alantic cpia -
power rRobert Leenaron, A ch vase............. 1241 merchants of Panama who do- omb I er.A r beaas ding a.
aoitined for*eheAvnt c wiarl

botIh, of lquor.......1701 gthe floor sow, thy Williamse 19. oft .t
Passes for 2 elia ta ... 1y are: the at Army sex- WATERTOWN, N.Y. (UP) t
mmdo wivisit Pan- es for ell Vista .. 170 Orchestra; the Nati onal have bee ai reported .e the near test staged
Soept';lV2 after opening the The B-36 sdies and elvlana have was the choee of a retet
Ses for st Drive-In ... 52 Chls Jansen. vat: Lda seen withe asts and claim their on by the ConnecIta
exb for at Drive-n ... 1082 the Legion's off icial owls an t on the peaceful use Iheard at bight on Chamber of Cmt
ulearenery at Paulo The dance held to raise fund Pot" Miss Panama and Al tree reand 10ms l the post. Leonard evy
se who nto buy ddvo Nlss for oningI master of cl 4 at the Command g the Jferso County Patriceo said that

S to Fnch trop In P B alad l sheriff ae a rBe.nt stote ruling America Paeant -
Sinterviewhere at French ptIs was termed a tt of the "Buddy No.durin eventually will be o repac tly contract with Past
e ucce,. Oer r ban arted bY paymes. Fa now a this the ae thed
rooa maorcaue the Night Iand ariBot was e a and will atewere:Panam For be for- county a -wepublc-ciller's m only reward frac e to the
tn.i-beAmern o o. n indLeglna sNrt.y. will hO the ase mal's carcsn -0. -er.

1.-5 -. -

S ... .. w. .
_.. ...-, ... U. i-ya J .w eua .s :

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pend-sisato Ceor

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--" "' -: +.- -"++' ":-: ." L
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"' ;,. :;: -:..-_,- .

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C***.- -. k ;*^ -?

. 2:r .'-' .' ." ,.- .* *.- ,. ,
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. .: *.
:.., .: ., -_ ....- ---

W K,


is YO tP .-


v to iMp a meiinagli Center card
eMil tabe toii*iiiu~twono -table top
a taButet dote. Affix l-x3'

a ', ais te.w other strip
(out- may added Pto des

PayingkH SWay
"~ w a g Ueup .t the
tiUe. ,ad sad 4 DQGIsS
te 'a car totS ahim to lWe
OfIc am. wt: Lt'im i mto
hi. o~esthea *in. taetly
=oeaiaf of th e q$ to the aofte.
ome sawsamS-a uf to a
bilnd whbb Nla ia the iase
.u-itagS. Whp thay reached the
utaidhig, Caq *maedd to give
his fiend I lit hlack to their
rtiia0l maWt poult at te mnd
U* .t Pt" that evemng.
m ns -$ .a. i
im Whfat .u
weldftD tI t' ,nte~m


ihs asstof lettems see
nuMaoq them.
ha I;aly squasd- apoil
ap a wm d by -Mglg.bni oane
spare to the ast quae la imy
L..s l t5, ho andll

b orea. who wao trylto 8e
ae atagp.. a .aeye U

, lif 111W .. a l .ll...

a a wat '.
Se pm0S4en*vatr
I A-. Au a saW n~ t aM
VfU. -aDSD -B. LA rUUi
WWIL- AAs =n Au Am. u
.LW AB ,XA *9A

U K and. ora' '
Sh-rt swee wy JWe, and rdMleo
my asoer;
Bi~- -a t bheed onee seas
Qlne Mat Wat

ta-4O.tas.ia4etter9 word tat
'i ts. key to w sol nuti.




D.i At-mdi M .T I

am .M e a


. 17

u msTersm

EgW ar essm en
' am aiMe

. -

eal y6i(1utStat f "y

audiece tht. ;e
have to r
8k Mt *
s ,its thW .ar

Sor e i"tta.
Rb oA uts a
tie. Mo i.

1pe4 him. lat"Num. besdiylgetosfk the bead
at the volastte #ad push It th'nwh-thetbmle Ithe.-
"th"l .viatla,'s headt both haldsA he pre,
tods to me ig It Wlt4 0*0 0taepgth. rimal,.
he amoupap, the bead (s Lwy (the qdaL ae
wil mow pus$ it .Ulrobthe 1 hofldtig the
papa -to font of the vi ta performer

Van You Find dth Nymben?

L. What r l ur foeMUed .oIad luWltas thelf
Cive. ?
S. DIa 40 inat two ob parts that one exceeds
theother a b ,.
5.' is number aum k tIt t when '13l addd to
ita du. al, the reult wil i *XI .
L. lodd te whole au4@ that adsi to 1,000
givem a higbhs result ho thie tbaU e wu i41 mu)-
p1n6d by 1,000.
W. at s sthe product f: 5+0+iX5XI5X
a X, A!E a?


tlsW mms appea lrgroup two. In
-trf7 ,'to get from an as a0t, you
may pas at dot .o ay or all Srops, bat you are
sot permitted to pass both dits of any an group.
As a l otr asses, croacg thea or atrtctlag taep
is problltfd. Can you aii the trip the a at time
you t0? Bsgn at ltar upr right or lowel left
U mopane ane i to to try, -Go, tes n No wtht
iarn or4t 1 -paper bef"o you bme '.
Gvi yur it a the mit of 8m o"ura s


over as.q at
uis pts0 .
10 pn u : *|
oagxIat. obut L

tot More tira at
Mi /m ithh !
l -r elest tbar;
utae tape/to 1 1 B
upper -ad lowerwg.
buni l lae-eted r oIt
Wh drbdag
Lvpcth bu Bad btcht ftbas Gor fa mowvned
o Jalfta asu w of closest and of Junior.
Wbrm RfelMt pM IS available, Mother can
UNG aw etrlag tag Ry to add a gm or toy holder
of ps at o or ot tereitallM.
Whag JuAor sougW rW8. Ti doubleleckr oloset
arrgagmentL it aA Sbe MaRy Mwved.

W Is' t&.. Ca shier ?
*T organfUal of Uathe buinemoft%* of a oar.
& tam company 4s eft 'a teollowiag: Man-
War, Amt& MeaNair, Cashier. TUer, Clerk, -=Wo
rather. Th DBn" of Me .onewm l of th offic in
alphabeticl order aft: Mr. Brown. Mr. "nbarg,
MU Ooral. Mrs. Johnn. Mliss LEaonard, and Mr.
Q'Shaunm 'y.
The Anutei Manager I the Manager's gadaon.
The Vemb w M tfA SeomographeWr's osin-law.
Tie eMp lotsMs ate' stepwseter.
Mr. Brawn I hOmMor.
atr. bwrg pu wesr old.
ENP6 O'dPhoeaev to i Manager'a neighbor.
What Is theb Casher' name?
nIVM *i ajoaauL *jn

orItMe e I9 LSMnSI o i ""

teiw ms q pMauinu gic
,"X r ".AIr *Mi o' I Il if'eL

OS 4 -PO SON A Af o ,C:n
be. M s to ap.
Spa~r by abading
iy -t In the Aum a of
sines At riot. ro
do so, ade nach
are Ia' II ae g to
m. t1l AIfor
DIU" t I trows;
U.| I .* r i Vi, violet; It, red:
MIIIJ [ III I gea 0.
I II |IYe a3m.llow;

M ;, "t 1, "- .9 o
J 1a f yvramo
r I ,1 Tesars
W hy tas a"
the kitchen l ke a
Sb houneonfln?
IU Sao a 1 | I3|'
- I vl*eg say
Otber than
tumlap the fau-
cOt. what is tbe
purest way to
_L keep *wEte from
6000 m into your
Abouo y Poser
A "ype h rae are you
is your waft Atbd0* What fggO Oe to go
parts of the body wa nard M .ra yoi are
^A1 Pkoary. (rna-beyeats
(0) bt.i rpu *:0

Colorgraph '

i 1 SL. s

swouo Wib Ui*w kox ( Fic
_________' S t

Mg I w Afer 73-Cm at~h75 e*o
I-A I0tp ai l ;tirftte wre
was i. b ted? to wt.INa thre s-yr
-e ,r what ,ilM di0Dd ,Jo.b fbA hb
Ai -a-- u V.VMMG&L

- a.aW i" .. '
eases seoa a.O .. wan.... -.'.'



F ,

Pigs and Peas


P LACE the digit t In acb oi
the aght boxes on the ldues
ofut this diagram. Plgure that you
nave two piga in each of eight
pens. or a total of 16 pig. with
six pigs on each side.
Suppose you bought four more
pia-making 20 In all. Could
you reaa_6ng kthe pigs amapn
the eight Oen so that you SUI
have man pigs In the three pasM
OD aaah al MT MIX.0
nooa k 3 19'1" l 0





BLAC a, A u% d e _
state pas o WiteB,
up th board, uev a
wina ta fous tovUa
8e If you ean wo this out
as Mlard Rapper du B

'u a dEu'OS#

amuswoes aseW

I. :

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, U .




Sow Things That Run in Pain



20 -



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'at '5


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- : <
" "" l'
., '.:,,i

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U --

'* 'n ..r -. .*,',. ..Y .. *
.A .
m *

'^ *, ^.. ~'^ ''' ,.. ;'* "^, ^ H
ip. T 7

.":. --.


:. -.-,, 8.8,.;l-.
" .-:, 1 .
S .,-, *
"* '. -
A '' "" ". "
.. ;.* .


UL LYSLEY and three of her friends stop for a short rest before
period in Roehampton. England. The dogs, saluki hunting dogs, w

,, ../ *',W
+ ,l '

V2 ..

.BRTA PETERS, Metropolitan Opera star, receivwl r
resuming third crown as "Queen of the Opera" Jrom Ohio Goy. Fraik'
'ere in a show. ausche at Cincinnati's outdoor theater. Shp waswovI$
1i0recognition of her popularity, which has broken tnm
S, ance records for the 33-year-old Clnclhnati Summer Oper..
-.-,---,-- -
f ..'# ,:,, '
4 ; ." 't p :""
? I .+ i->

I i": '4 "

* 4 ) 34 -4.

MITIS In uniform lead, their elders as the volunteers of the Egyptian, National
march in a celebration of the second anniversary of Egypt's revolution. The city
to was in gcy spirits as thousands of people gathered to Watch the ceremonies.

i :. .. -.


+ "...i

NOT-SO NiCe in l9 rance, Ii the case here when the 1
Duchest of-Win~sor-ftVto the airport to meet the Duke.
A stroni'gale caused Sltchess to hang onto her hat. The
Duke tried -_ t i._.t l le keep his grip on their dog.

medi and Ad

M m .i a

Memo"ial bd dai are

Mi W a possibly identify tis. I car as a l106 Wolveey.
i' t#awlest might identify the spot as Windiw'r 4te, but those peMons not
Mi either will merely agree that the combluatiAlankes a pleasing pi e The
ipse with others against an American tenm l e ci in a rally this falL.

called t
From hi10
c 48:1 lh

|Pitaggigh. the coaterthiwi l
teoi a Hollywood musicA.
.-W lligi. favorite of the ultam.
" a Mp

.4. ,,.~h. -.


' -'.: '. o'Im"


S 4.. '


. '


of We0
tails o
f citia





,- -,,.

', : .
,.t, "' *





L'Ltr^ r^ 3
^'l ^. f ^ *;. ^ '' 'i .. --

-*S.,,.,-i ^ ^ --- ... [- ....
a N r .' ,-


cn-cr--F t ~-e








(Sm s.. fe sw P &

~.. es
nt: $~ ash
~u. saw all

- -a.. "
Li. i~ .


Simr, A. AwO I IS i;
,,I :! uint .saj .uom'n i,N 115

- W 'U


* I


2:-. ~.:
- I-. -
It -. -t.~ -


I- I;''* ^*';'^*'^*-i

4- sA. *^*

.; .^ '

'." f- -. j- 'B

* : ." ': -.' ;
.-,** -y- -< "^V '~f'

I ~ '." ",.-,.".. ..'>u'q- -. .. "

of handler, l' ald
* ** b m f 'ndjj't('*li --bb~

) .2 ,'


* .. ,

3Fv!'s Coco eusk thebi wBtl -tod *
f care of G old Cot ,ept. .
ci will. be'donverted into a dspensry wittCA,
sm a ,. ,,
It was not. yet known how many of the "fihltB'.,
personnel wili remain -qn the Isthmus .
The exact date for $te Col6n tospltal _tb-oler,
and details of tho plais to consolidate i tie an-
aounced later. .

Members of the heific Civic CounCl were noUhti
las. week that employes will now be ohargea *8-&A
month tuition for (ll kinderarten kids. At a jeaet"
Ing, they expressed considerablee .dlsatisfaction" with
the now edict, and appointed prepideat C. W. Catse,
Jr. to investigate the necessity to. the charge. Thip
marks the first WtMe that Canal employes are ling ..
hit for school tuition.
An American electrician for the Canal, Joh i,
Poole; was released on bail while PanamA Police Con-
tinle the)r investigation of airautomobile accident In
which Poole's car allegedly ran over and killed a pqn-
ramanian pedestrian, Alberto Torre.
A $213100 libel sult charging breach of contract was
slapped on the freighter Babing by U.8r arh'al ,.
seph-Kincald. when the ship was attached .as# p.&
i bellants .In the ssuit are owners of the MV. Am
who6 charge the Cbmpafa de N&eacl6n "ae l.
ownEq of the BabrtnalW polaing I s__
hire of 213, .. ao sf have ap r as
ye, with 'ball' in th m a cot bond ff
bond which would ruasew the freighter trom cU.,
An eye hemorrbaOe delayed 'n Ameriams seamas~'s
return home to aam e.VCalifornia. Geor.e l .va,
etewmember of the tan oaAmerican auty, w h
together with Oarl Dibbl were evacuated fro
ship at Talara, Petif, and ouhtto Oortmop W
caught a flh hook in his eye. A ~Complieation delay
his return home, while Dibble, whose foot was bitten
by a shark, was returned 16 the UB... as scheduled.
Eight seamen off the tans boat Gulf itar,
twhiob-ran agraund sedide of TIlra, PerJ wae
in Quaratine StatiUnm at Corsal awaitiag enrt
a to their repauriatli. rhe meno mostly Costa
KR N, were apealiag to their sensl. here for
bete *hsir pepcn 3$ peneial betoglags wse
left absrd thi <4W-tom.hlp when theme atm-
donned It.
0 -
Other News in Brief... Four Pagamanlans who
pleaded guilty to burglari inr the Coco Splo clubhuae
wer given sentences ra nging from 15 days to 'i age
In .Ja. The youths were Amando Espinao, 'vpdoro
Palaclo, armodio Machado all 15. 4and LalO eo,.
13... A bus driver. lo Cordoba, was fine $5, given
30-day suspended Jall sentence on condition be meim-
burse the Consolidated Bus Co. with "2171 In fares.
4e Jailed to turn in... ,
P' ollee vI1rs a rele aam City streets sad
higmwys a been teuep ep Lwiaw a wave
*oftraffIc eamideq wafleftt a too et gUred
and killed l flve days. -
Waffle iedre Seb-etMtn tfs. Ised warln .
that iltleal Influence will be of no awvil If traf-
fie police eateh any drunk driver. He reoaded that the fine for druk.drAvlaig l lm
S2 .to US and aIdefitte susenui O lti
Included among t dent jcti la l well-
known Pnnma .City bu Jan Victor, 81, who
' ran his car into the back of a sloW-moving. lumber-
laden trailer. causing the death of one of b enm-
ployes. Miss Elvia Herrera, 32..
Vletor su.Uered a pos ible kpl'frqtwre. e-ed
thor a (onbi fracture of. hiteright fd
Tulacs between PanamA government pad Unit e.d
Pruat Co. o als tor the renetot atlon of the com-
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For the Best in Fo s r Features

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Ass aastream;
iome i n tears,
S metory.P h le" of fithed year-. i

Moreamity aat is e
meAMORyM hpDI ,e, o =e i.As oeo t.

Yet. : *. ;n- m e .. .ao.. 'o %m CA

*0h, where are yotab c rlth your nsh d flowiy, Tirs a Aristst. s5e .
On the2s wwdu along thebid trackhv tery air -w aa Ooe Wale r d
tThe downhee p i h la comv with I an it pneat y .... .. ""
r ""-m"oas_.ase wrr --a

So theytw. ^ went tw.,in glow-i, Augus, weather. a *e e anwrt Webh aft,.+n mS..-
e -bre heather layto their left and rhtad
And dear e was ui wi, her Twift feet seemed to foat on w Wag .--i Tt e e. t '
The air wt e atft ta geon too u por ve to i ght. a .ta eert hve "Wethroa ..

Coereb_ coe d" hto rias, t h"at myeh .w ,. h
'Oh. that's a meteor aent ue a mefba h: errld (o a endearing "B aper h W en a* sitp
_An undenIpheratenlIo gnaloty l helg ao wea et 1v0.4
AMOe rarlmer la theirtf'aR to E al es be brw ight- bal R -4, -% k

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The air ~kscen tsif Ich an 9'too 4w a toalight.ooded ,bgwpserats fevre C ao retnamgy.

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tThw beaten -I & hl own peas Ey f uln aiopp "i "ale
*Nav too ee o rm n late ror oa tg; conmitte w ,rrul U l g t ,
ThW daalld.. thel ,ino turn seov e n lnin be a' .
or, ., e ..M1M _e
h, what's that I .n heaven weree mgery fa -Whe t aei "I ag 541 h"4 .nhtWrru1e lI
Where b aeoest clouds hang ri en just at% the rainy irt'P ta a a.t the M st *vb. "ems ar
Oh, that'ta metor sentus-amwsageas em. .- portento a $R "

WHEN I AM-6EAD, -Y DEAREST* *'" i' r a"| ,. ,te.. -.,,-,__as
An undeclpher'f4 qemn ipofto oriderI orF i

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Tien I ase dead. nest Bowe r5laA"a admittd nbetdtheel b eM .Ad,_ '
whf that5 a t isd Kt thatlCle ON qu icTyNG PAN ^
BeterOh, what'rtthatino, quake w tof o.?'ta s-llti h
Wi that's a th 4 AS&dwbowe.andd.wdrops wteternalle factte ile;i-i ath y
oAnd 0If t a r ae r a naw o fm / S wa l
AThis beatn hih ber h od wnt abe
a againU. Ioy idfleete st. Was

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This do*tahilpath 1Ae two no 4 tp oi Wiing L

W inH I I A inM pA with CoYrEA. E t 5efl I J e dow to et to _. -a
iWar- d awearts i oa t ha mernq os

Atra th ou Q hton h'4n-heat. ti his po sinosm al n ma. a w vsem i aa lent.
aHlr AWdyi yreD WeAe:. oa B CO PE"aUdiTiON setat al
amwde padres t w c irb ewhe Bot i fatte. s eae and land, he g eetit e
the graboveme at thaeaT..e g oa. at,. pre ,asater ,.te a,. and
SWith- n a s ers edewdropawet; the t eea ss.o oer r a. .
sha ls a l nn t Com ea aa clifha a a aw at

And BT L I ff wilt, remember, gaan seoretwaraly ad ted t the@iemqd
fishaR notanTClwthe. r a dianThoseae just a few th e ehe ti I a rs pr fth a
iJ fno Mte~al thease rnthe TrZise ado e rmiisotrs a-d a hibe the dki M
shallmot httr the nightingaleWith e abo t" g ttig g a ga wg

HSin:on oas If in pain: wngz t n Br ba lw
And dreaming .through the twwightr ou t toa MEr- C orns7 tNaa aXo cl ii tt t
,, That- Oth no*V. nor see matr- ome r t Mp *amt no no sd,- o-
Wnewhy trend of thte tl Mw isoPga3IflodWI ame Cm& -C
nes ndf etomoile -aca tap t sueto bject46essa fr tmyear-
add hbasin s e eM0on tbt stateso.h

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'a )strazuB I .Robert

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I, Cara WIam,w the er water,
l fighbtunga"mlsdr albotheb
maral: toI rh ila aw.

hbat A UJthm lrNean trMse
.thednewam which' abt Se.
dUstpfted "ruItalgu last
Nr, *o'A the crinetwpe
was certain to follow'
zlingofn the gendarmes. they
td that the cops be allo d to
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umi to b HlrWmet IowM. LiAl LLau1gtr- *
Il"an Not amauai: Ja Senator:

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A JapAmS em *e tBeaw hlwa inl y- (Steak .is mowre
-)-rjiof- "- Mafba abtC

HIGH Y L-rFarmer Worth teorm f Lamar.Mo., Is mighty
poud ofhas t ylp. Planted to October on prerie land, his
ex-macre farm yielded an average of 126 bushels of oats per acre.
About 26 bushels per ire s considered -average for MissourLi
The erop was so thiok he could handle only. six drill rolls at a
IAse with his combine.


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The tr e oompetd tbrougl
the week o a poin ate
elect the best roup o
e r a .. .
There were m rt
crafts at the r
lanard weSving, leather
ma sheUl c "rt. tee-a
paint carp leather
let and pur ,e ga s. and ol
thlgs kept the yiPm pM
busy. .

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PaJama-clad eamper retU Bible befto% lihts-off at nifht. L to
r. are Cheryl Johnson, Freds Femida, C*unselor Drwti Veker
rue.. D.a. i4 Pat., KeTly.

Don's Difemma I

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e1s.aB~ s.h.~ ~S 4


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-' ," .- ", <,.-, j:'; :-x.' .:.,
-/"" '- -..^ : ":
*, ', '- AU. .. ".:* ,

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CAMP TAR-aA W#4tqi




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r .^&J-_1_^
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, -, y .. .A :, .; ,
h- t ~%,Jr k$-^ ^ ^ ^;.J


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mNEIE 1W 60Tl1 WTA

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MM~5 A LNIt ~
M~PE -~ S~*i
IS 7004' 1~FOUU8HQIeoF



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S~ik-k- 7

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