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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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NGTON, A1g. 14 (UP) Ame
sn inform pon lmp d by fo
Yuri ahv crocked
agents the United it Was
Higsly- .,,Me sI t sourcma sq
old Runin U.S. d Allied authoriti-
of "extreme yw t0i fr world duim six

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Japan and "highly inprt," u i th

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. mB 0N- inqu' -UM
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Bly. Funds were
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; B Iifitndia. Aug. 14 (TP)
""" Kthe tu .of
BetUW-Mt India, tda
for d frontier oflthe

p olutten are under in-
tlonsato remain non-.
Iheymttwmpt to marclt_ ,
far'qtll Po ttome colony toicj
W ven~the event of!

"'- ,,l authoritleu I
,0utehr vofmtee irU
c i o of mtrth-
Olnter of the Piou-


For.y Panananian couples were remarried this morn.
'ni in S.t Ana Church in the largest mass marriage in
the Itllerystf the church in Panama.
l'TIor mnony conducted by Father Carriho l part of
a.. iura.ainpuaign tp be CathSlio couples who nhave Only
b0~e tOjId i Wlyl dimnonies olemnize their union by "
rMOeOsts$1 at a sroemony.
I and her godfathers heard mase from
.the j.below),. 4t arey reovd
whe Carriw (riht).
.1 .

mamUBBBBm Mnzy ja~anes aw
mtvoao, who. uit lob
leuenat oloella hedread

t Memebe ii, to ute ,MT
e* MM 1 M, t klrVeit .
inaf ING"
04M wu ar, T~ -d
at"tfe State e '.t.
It was : fhOt p*I M aPpear-
aD i hnce he Up y tm
k- ,,n 1W Of
h~b,.joou leWd ScZ7r of
the soviet M= on
the night of Jan. M.
Reporters. aummoped without
known what wa in store.
Rastvorov stride Into
the department's auditorium to
te them be had broken w#t
MosCoW i order "to live 120 a
decent human beRi"
Tanned anad Kenerab aU e.e,
Sb aid Ilife under ---un~
^tads me decide. tolMMli "r
r a fatherland which the
Coamunsts hbad turned Into.
ouuointratlon camp."
The Sftae saidIjuetice DEo
mnte, who had been
WksIOUi whereaboutsattb
I~ttv lad seven mpnta
IpNMOmp Announced *hat_ 'Ig

Thirteen imn't alw! an un
lucky nuier for D
neer Albert IKeUe lai hO
the other way around. A
tertay Friday the 3th, Wals
oamuat backta
tbh week UPa.the up
l O -- rand eMko
t DuI.anwn w
by kbfchabupbe.L
The 1.mbe H, he noted, Ib
* mci way of flowing a th
* To b be uma
1 thtrip. a*e t
oat of a CoBteB tt
= al Clr rewan fogap to
W.hpfin u than cm
Omn bat 1t dayot of the

"- were a-
fbr Pans-



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ra imZ 6: W:

his wife, L l.
dis Minds '.4


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r sy Mmnse. Ave, NVw vean. sa' N -V. '
.eN W l a sen M ** I _
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S he Mel Sei to la *, so t er. e e.m r. ,.ear The P "Noe Aames-
tei. e m esived 7egs**Ilvy and hand-led, ia l* welQy ,seetI.,
"s emeM e a kte den't be imsfilet it i desheat saps he
"d s ee. pulpbnd ine the o merd seouvel.
SI e teO he mslens aited t on pe topkgt#.
411Wt WNlWeI S b fi hold I itrictest salease.
asiIgine. uspenuiily tee islea esi as aplales
.p a oese a enses heen se
3. .'
I ,' I have been In the Canal Zone as an employee of the Panama
v nalna Co. for some several months now. I wish to take this
M ean to say that I will posLively resign and leave on expiration
t. y two years service. I sincerely wish mat that day wew -
.1 would certainly make that day tomorrow if I could *y
aInr the trip for family, furniture and self, but not being #ble
,ioa I must wait for the Canal to send me home.
F'.Wrenardless of the Governor's statement, my morale Is not
Sm aratitely high" but extremely low. I am thoroughly 418-
with the conditions here, and with myself for beoib here.
My reasons for getting out as soon as possible, are:
1. I contracted for, and was ostensibly hired to do a certain
type of work. I am not doing the type of work for which I was
.trained and brought down here to do. Therefore, as I have aI
certain amount of pride (believe it or not) in my ability, which
,s being wasted. I am discouraged.
S 2. Coat of living:
, a) .Housing Before coming here, the literature gave me
to believe that the top rent plus utilities cost no more than 85
.4pz month total. In contradiction to this, I find my rent plus
Utilities running about $100-105 per month. Quite a difference
when all things are totaled.
b) Groceries It is almost ridiculous to go into this sub-
jee. However for the enlightenment of those powers who are
Ignorant of the facts, I suggest they obtain local newspapers
,pm almost any section of the U. 8. and read the grocery adda
fi a comparative cost. The outrageous prices we pay lor the
rfide of' goods we buy, sl. as I said before, most ridiculous.
Why should the commissaries finance every expenditure of
.lamina Canal? The Governor notwithstanding, it is generally
-now,,that the above is true. Why? I'll tell you why. Because
I ale are forced to eat, and what better way to get a return
,.Sin to raise prices a few cents on groceries.
.3. Leaves. The literature advises recuperativeb leave" back,
SBome at least every two years. That sounds very good until you
a here and find how leaves are financed. Is it any wonder
the "Credit Union" pays such high dividends to it's In-
jiel ? For myself. I care not to have my life continuously in
,7o1 k just to be able to get away for a short time. And Ilci-
denthlly, If there was any thought at all for the employes, I am
,- uae sure that the Panama Line boats would also go the. West,
Oulf Coasts. Perhaps then some of us could go home occa-t
'ionally. All of us down here do not live in New York.
4. Medical. The literature gave me to believe that we had
Mmcese to medical and dental attention. Brother How sad can B
hing be medically? And have you tried to get shy dental at-
tlo? I do not know of Gorgas, but please stay well on the
S tic aide.
S .' Why must my ant and groceries sudaldie local rats
i ang, schools,.ete.? Th la ti Canal's expense. Not mi e.
Sa. Why muat I he coantinuously broke? The answer to that I

7. Ad fliitum. But why Bo on?
In conclusion. I might sy from observation that working
wn here is for the spineless and the loafer who is satisflei
have a few dollars to eat and drink on because payday wil
rAe again in two weeks. For myself. If I am to live broke,
n also be broke at home, but at least among friends and rela
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story. mu our muuary Iur
g the flendly Italian labor a
d the embassy officials and thW
l rep resntative here.
I Al the military would aUll
S'sat B.P.D. was r$,300,000. At a
the saime time, however, opr .
tary executives did lace w
S000,000 order with a tinyl
near Milan right in the
belt And for exactly thp i
kind of ammunition which c
have been produced by the B.
company Ratt is that the B1
plant near Milan is expanding
hiring hundreds of Red union
We lost that battle, toolt
Italy is as loaded with i
cases as Venice is with gonad
In all of these instance the
cal Italian Indultrialist works
the anti-American unions.
scarlet labor people o to the
inessman and say In effect: "I
-'nrrv about the American Idi
they'll place orders with you a
A >ou ueal with us and v
give you a better break on wag
So the industralilut signs wiau
enemy unions.
Some of our embassy pe
here among the best we 1
anywhere know h., TheYI
know that if the U.S, could
vinee the Italan bIesman I
we frown on his deallg with C
rlie unions and that he'll be hi
his poeetdook, he will rush
rign a mbem o thd e pro
laer deuatio here, the C.'1
which now ha 1,000,00 memi
end ils grow.g
So our embassy specialists, a.
time back, asked the Pents
p tp cancel a contract or
o1%e hundred we p laced in C
oat run e plan he ovea
oar would11e happ"i
g h 1 =wld dhave been No
to a the d ccal eItauad
I uf the PetaeUs lawyers
their rat heads .togeth. T
Wa toion f tr

labor e nso. t w e m
iybe a a tmliemnfdiao
in mage the U. waw
So to8avea as little
out of busidra S f S
permit or own labor tet
to aer tom big dra.w I
ce to support th~e wbo
gn and vote agalst us, Iael
l Maea I've sw rio_
pro-Ad*sti *Ple.m.
We'veI@" k S ia of doll
in a do ea d a ions tto I
labor tlrinds. Yet we I
tIn sand reto be I


le Pem.4
e rto d .lit

* U'.


"' *


Labor. Ni w
A d -.


By VICTO" ieggd
ROME-One of the st ewc
Iurfs your insides :,"Is
mentd in European e ai l aS. e
aruta Is thea paIlnjlo'n
that hundreds of mi oa II
ca4 dollars spent on VA, Btlt
orders have been l i
polit cal enemies abroad.
We.have spent nearly a billion
dollar in those plants across Eu
rope whose workers ar the ve
mainstay of political parties whie
want to destroy us.
At the same time we eaid hae(
placdd our orders in fairle ad
InstUaltons emplo ln ianO
woeri who emoploe
skulls because y are pro-U.S,
and anti-Communist.
There is, for example, a port In
Tuscany called Livorno. It's the
site of one of our biggest naval
bases. Through this port goes vital
equipment, secret wea
.ttale shipments to sou
zagpe and all of Italy.A A
kAlowledge of the traffic through
Uvorno is the equivalent of havy.
nl a desk Inside the PentagoI,
our military men have con.
taetid with the worqt CoemiMnst
loagshoremen's union elements to
unload and handle our supply and
troop ships.
Politically honest Italian labor
leaders went to the U.S. military.
They said there were other iee
ports in Italy's West Coast -port
in which they, our friends, could
supply efficient, loyal and pro.
American longshoremen.
Our military said no.
That's it. Just no. And we em
tinued to deal with unions control.
led by our enemies. Why would
we not take an alternative port?
Why would we continue to use
members of enemy run unions at
our main supply base? There is
no answer
This is just one case. There are
others. There is a firm known as
B.P.D., near Rome. It makes am-
munition among other things. But
because its future is always un-
certain, It hires its people always
on a three months basis. The em-
ployees, members of a union
Friendly to our country, are natu-
rally unhappy. They never know
if they'll be eating regularly after
90 day.
So some Italian labor leaders,
who are friends of ours, weat to
the U.S. embassy officials and said
there was a good ebance to solid
the democratic unions here. All the
B.P.D. plant owners needed was
an American order for ST,W,000
worth of needed ammunition ich
would guarantee its continu-5pro-
luctlqu for several year, The

McCarthy Probe
: .'By Peter fdson
WASHINGTON -(NEA)-It will That he has shown an habitual vestigated before with no m ot
be the major potical miracle of contempt of government offie als fects. The Gillette committee later
all time it t ax Senators i like B -Gen. Ralph W. Zwicker. headed by Senator Helni
Search of an Answer on the Me. That e accepted $10000 fom Missourl, labored from August,
Carthy question ca p.prduce one Lustrmo corporation without ren- 191, to December, In. The re
that will satisfy everybody or any- during comparable services. suit was a leg and filly doeu
body. That he publi ly urged govern.- ented report which said in ts
Grant that the senators are men ment employee to violate their summary:
of .ood will, noble Intent and the oath of office by furnshing him "The subcommittee itself is not
highest of patriotic motives. No with secret information. making any recommendation in
breath of scandal has been pro- 'lTht he has made unwarranted this matter. The record should
duced against Republicans Wat- attacks against Gen. George C. peak for itself. The JIe raised
kins of Utah, Carlson of Kanas Marshall. is one for the entire Seata"
or Case, of South Dakota, nor a- The Senate ducked Id did north.
gaist Democrats Johnson of No McCarthy supprter will be- ng. The report waa I to De-
Colordo. stenni. of Mississippi Ueve or pay any attention to anypartment f Justee. Nie m nmth
and Kervia of North Carolina. finding of guilty on any of these later its attorneys reported that no
None has so far achieved any charges. basis had been found f prseou-
retoanio as being among the There is nothing l this lInguae tion of Senator MeCarthy charge.
g PaaAtorI All are middle- which would bounce Joe out of s es of violating th electto laws.
atl men of apparent honesty and chairmanships or stop his invest That left everything jut where
tritty as p teians go. A mere tigations in an:- way. it had been before, fImy suspend.
INM nta lvs jury on any simple On the other hnd, suppose a ed in midair.
I right and wrong would fidang of not iut brought in This 3ear, of oum Senator
toe fld. But this particu- by the committee. T e would 'be "t-,-i tlatd by an-
r eam they have bemn asked to nImediate cries of whitewash, other special ab r d
diP alt dtefie sassfactory Mad of the senators' unwlla aee .. ..-.. a- u t oStDakota.
gSu to chas-se a member oftheir elub, It labored frpm April B to June
aI a ty SMa a report no matter how unbeaac ng his be 17. Its findinta aren't et
th ator C guilty of bavlor. o How thenew mM aer
alle. Eor of these I ade An sit report, os political or the chairmanship of atr Wat.
agat i by pa n. Seaa.s- anyet lines, would be Just as kin can speed up thi. praQedre
tor aders eV k Demo- unaata yters, is hard to -,m ulam Itefa
cratlae Ibator u t Arkan- It t be n recuised, also, that Is report in a vaeu i. i a
as, dependent nat Mose off no ri.wtat Si report la the In to ha and
Ot. om it liasbe made to ti ooIten 1ad einsO
r he refused to appear be- full Senate ad tha the flnal ded- examinatlo S bh aides the
for the Gette election subcom. sion sart be made by a vote of show could ru till election day or
ittue ofM ia amIb ars- as ft asenatie. b a al"

| u a J Sa ....... I
j.1.e ,. 1"' 2i~ -~ e!a i- ^ ^ ^ 116 01-

-. I


A .., *






x mwwi

At e pnt, he exploded a U
n IS Otar M Of 6 Air Force

s"c ng e you get your idea of
conaist*eyt tormedthe Nevad
an. "They asy consistency Is a
SU t am right ..." Douglas
to reply.
low can you be right?" Me.
Carran cut him' o.
"It is my recollection that ..."
Doughag began again.
"I don't want your tecolectioi
Never mind your recolectionl"
bellowed McCarran.
"I ta"ke it," bristled Dougla,
stial trying to get a wor in, "the
senator e to to he posaibty of
Amerin firma being associ-
ated ..."
"That is not true, and there is
not anything in there to Jutify
that inference," the Nevada sena-
tor almost screamed, though he
had previously complained that
Aercan firms wwre getting first
crack at the nsuboetracts ahead
of German firms.
Douglaa tried to answer a serie
of naggui questions, but MeCa.
ran ut hm san

oft ,U.M
E u rot e

Haas's suggestion. However, aul
war persIstent.
'"Coae on, Sta" urged as.
"I'm putting up_ h0-ow about
ytour 00 too to ewp re-
elect hnator een. We've ot to
have him ack lA the SI
So wifle Senator Greennou
on a bit embarr pd .mlggton
dug down Into hisp kec
out ten bills, ad gve them
to the volunteer trasuer or en.
ator Green.
Hass thanked him, tlked abit
more, then instead of giving the
money to Senator reen, went off
abr senators te two

that wa .I t -- as -..-
dobetall," replied W Air force gIy. nond A- ler, whose
,~mta9&d a s e d a eof
"Tn re is t anyone .ewho maintenance for The Ph A Can.
can give us Il.ormt."1 C~ar- al in In an d 01, t S in
ran added soury. aI t nk Waers H
day or another we willet the ton, D.C. after a %Ifh ik
narmatin. From esoeburce, wabu ym et old.- '
up to date tere be m e Funer erv d.o
-I think I have to In 1 rey day at Fort l saa fpVw.
that we had IrmIk .m eby buriUala x .
te cordig tomy reo al Cemetery.
Section, over three & dad a half
days," Douglas reminded the sn Mrs. Wheeler the flonfer- v
stor. in
"1 am going to say MrC. hair- andwaSa8 -graduateiW
man. tad as it for he record. sat CoUge. he was matIi
threatened eCarran, "tRt I sM io at aeveaiaod tn-tMW
l o op any apprO aond on most iUs mi and
for ths wo until the matter hasl iv assgnmen in the Unted
been explained to this committee States and ereas
as to wat sla being dene and who "
is doing it." Gen. and Mrs. wheler lived
In the Canal epm darli two
LEA D' PEAM NT riod, rstwhene as aitlnt
S enildnee of aMad non eW9ce
Real truth fi that McCarran hags i toIMa again from
been give full answers to all his M until the end of Augustthe
questipa, though they haven't al- foowgyear when Wheeler was
ways been the answers he wanted. called i m his post asEt er
So his crack was interpreted by alutanace and a it
those present as a threat to blo Wr Department t
money for the Spanish air ba.s Later he srved as chief Ar-
until his German ieands are dalt Englners and is now a con-
In on the subcontracts. tant With the International
At one point, McCarran turned Bank for Reonastruction and be.
on Douglas and demanded: "Was velopment.
it you who gave this t Dft w fPear- s. Wheeler is survived by hor
sont Was this you wh gave the husband, a daughter. Mil. WH
hearings to Drew PePrseM lam C. .Wilkinso and two grad.
"No, air denied Douglas. daughters, new living in Gras-
"Who id out of yN6r depart ny.



:;I -

I ..

iX"t. .

~i.~ -- -'' ----

Haunting Look


- -

mda's alt


For the past few weeks we have You look le a Bowery bum with for both, lipstick for the lass and
been noticing that the returning a nine-day, canned-heat hangover, a rasor fr the gent.
European tourists- female-have If you think I'm iddi, a male But, so help me Banah the
been looking a little wan, sort of friend of mine got heavy loaded oddsters who hunter fasins
washed out and mizzable, and po- the other day and came down for each year have succeeded in sell-
litely refrained from comment. dinner with his black, spky hair ng this natural look all over the
After all, you know-change of uncombed having ust slept in it. contp t ad now It's creeping
diet, change of water, too much His good bride remonstrated, and into th States. Believe me last
ht le, too much travel-a girl suggested a comb and brush. My _pri saw a dame at a bu-flg I
i't apt to look her best. Figured pal leered. and S with my tender aym
a little regular living and solid, ath o at the ppor gi.
old-fashioned food might put 'em "I will have you know, madame," has made her sick."
back on their feet. he said, still as boiled as an Irish a answered: "She
dinner, "thish-this--s the newt aa't lc, At ILUa'5 jt wearing
But, bless you, I amSust finding thi in har-dos Trem Role." Hs tWr aa tk
out that w t I have been ptyng oodwie shut up, ad a .
Sn pity. This the n te I do
.09 Ue sueouldsM th"
l u _0 1... u4 .
ma.Havehu p Tom-c an"
a madlook lik a %as. we who lactu
me version of a house- and I discount all male fashion a. out of MKed
hunter. I is called the "Natural signers and most ballet dancer- taral t-al. Sm b y n
Look, and is shaped to make the who will argue ginrt the fact dent ree 'tt her tht k
girl of your dreams look like all that a neat head and a lean face n the hair were hbih. stes.
women look in the morning, which and unduly made-up eyes and a
Is bloody awful. touch of red on the mouth actually Theeu re enou people I
Shut a dame's appearance. eno now, withoif ths ltet L
What you do is leave the lips sult to male lIntellgencM and I
pale, see, and make up the eyes There is nosuch tn asa good- say to e: Stick with the powdered
a and black, with circles and looking woman in the morning, nos, quot Pllu your eyelids
"liugh lines" which ain't nothing with her hair rat's noet, her lps green ad turning the up at t
more than ewrink ney. Tno wiped clean of ptlclps, and her lorners like ln I Ilgyptla. Lay
you hire a tame rael t naw the eyes bleared with p. hee alo o that lipstick and go to a Babr
air off, fore and aft, and then is no such thing as a good-lookg if you must hate your
you jus let the .hair and the rat man in the morning, either, with .ropped. And throw away your
run wild l all directions. This is his beard gree inst the pallor, pipe, too, unle you want to les
known as the Audrey Hepburn in. his eyes pouched, sleep wrinkles your uy in a hurry. Frak are
nece, and supposedly makes the on his kisser, and his hair playing for aide shows, and it badly
old lady look like a ul waif. porcupine. Both men and women either the connubial at or utre
.t some fashion news for you, need a few simple things a plans for same. Roly heaven,
. You don't look like a waif. washed face and a combed head won't you ever learn



S -- -_-_, .. ... 4..


:: ~: ;

:'" ."-4 ""-- '. ,- ".


^ ,, P ,I



S E SNs... as

...... ......... 2 .. .. .m... ....... .p- NW Y................ ...or loth print and tr cotton. loth

-, or g'IMA coe rer ea a ro* T ,sehoqg (Uucauon C- Your next afp to lay down fashions th'i year. by Cele-te. Pleat. are worked In dress of"slte
S m S ..-.- -****.****** the eot m dyounow For war. the a side panel from Mhoulder to bray. Th la

.'. ." waru .SS v:::::::::::: iSI one trck in diamonds and linen collar. .r
** c You c by leading club fleted in flounced and tucked........

d r .********* *- to dummy ing and you lead a dresses with layer o nylon net

.......,. v n..... iffi 7 j..5 *.*.*.*.*.. .'.'.*.... low diamond from dummy and pettiskirt. The ,.sal.h influence .N. .....
ss..................* o Now you lead the nine of clubs drees with the ruffled-front ..

l ,:i -ao i 'm.+ .. .... toward du y. Wet must dis- blouse.......
seaoe a *********" c od t no e ddorehump The printP, Itripes and plaids 19 t M
S.=*" **t e as a .. **-** AI """ rAckaion your low lub u for tee dee re m tr
Cr 1ble Pesa. on, Wed.. m ay.1 ro moo Ila y o9,0a
I.. .i ............... 0 .Z 'kft^u

"E Othe" Ch-rdes S -T^'' '- h-. ptma -
Dan put N wl III, tug souh se at, 4,,

B P c......... SG i n dummy wih tie .- 1 gtau of heart ; -O ER I U .

CI FATIMA ... somebI th apwouI tlo The Famous FOAMEX RUBBER from to 5"lt
...AL TC** *deeop, ,. I a VALn Thi ..i ...ou.. c ..... ... obtaore relaxing comfort uing soure

35 y.. Wto l 5T. Sod Sc ... or .... ......o o MATTRESSES in ple and Double Sae Ys
SSee them yourself you beSatisfied
Hands;.Ma. a. anl. p........ = ....... oueftri cranm io an inniats ao lred

........ Dli e oslt ua M- sIo kin I le g ing a- l b NEv the r

M c7 in wold dow faimin thW. Chod B. by0 0e Pleat areK
NAVs VLAi AL. .......... the Yee of trum t ah n cyoub now For W AtdAre h
sd-la PAL W L discover thatnWesat is all of the doublete dst a borrowed, from hem. Fabc a silky AL a

*"31 ww U45p *.Z W, ue ty, a hi a blow, Robn Hood. n *&cal Ed- broaladcloth, withbook ts e

ru ,assl SUf, 6:4 P.3 2 dumm sthacrt Iato the second
S a s Mo i .. n. .. .....*.. c. r.a.c 1, on--e .trk ..I d...m o th woue at-. .

p m. mgSj T t...p... i" k st.'. Ui.v. S a. i. .0 d...a. lwhene w put n wt tu m e SThADiVAn .
a e pi ei 5:4r ot tcI yo. Vrhe ThefFamous"FOA MEXeRUBBERdfromses to earle, 5uwh:

.......*N "-l aNATIONAel ............... o. ,. o ,

Sees -'s. om 1:153 -eA L ann alu cm ined Eo l the ht era Is re-
or. J on by leading a club an f unce andL
S10. da T .I lVa d a_ E i I A I ............ rAsem low d nd fo ummy an ts.
b So s o'n succesull te Jack. coes tihcro w in pdces. coatl

TL f i -in co Soo L S 'ATP N M L N
i I ,gn.. VOL m I .. ... 9==:===:==:======, cNr, since It wouod do hSm eo T T stripe 710n Iir plaids

-a ssps s 7 p. am ml to use one l hi re trump eP

oat .... SA .............. ap co 6. ....

AB (Uw i:lrm 1CIS .. ...... .. .. .m. ld the n e clbs rou a re e .

ae Mi nday. I&s on"4ba there tan, an el ad is en1-0 ,
"9:4469666 Va l DAM mTv'e. ...... 7:0 P.M. fourse ie. r en s po lc o g v a a ht h
ROOM 11. .u i 10 Sm i V fleal If he pNItm V hazed ahamsiayi, striped plitses,i-

M g w n 10 9m a v. JI.. L OF = dummy. No mafuer which suitc
W-28, M' reil.. Nead m. WW m W.A lf Last retiarn, he c"not defeattj'-L'
.J--' j, s16 I. C S .hMel ; 236 the contract
..... ... C. 9' m ,-. f you ha neglected to r,,f
$p "!........... sm v^ dum hert at the second
i, `., -, GA..'.......... .. ick, you woud hive lost tee
Mo= M.- & .. ab contract. Wast yould beea-
81___ AV& a sowL m mneL. 14o Nlemto pt out safely with IL heart ,
Noel Zone as Nil 1:0 snn, e0lin-u when he was put in wth the ten,
:15 nWm Dams. FWeg of clqm. IiThe end play would5t ,

!~ ~~ ~~~BL Fo i. m, .. o --i,,,,

fit m s 3ito i 16 =~ s e ls-imno your th ,k of this .
2 ,you ins t emde to put "magbm
g.a-Tb H G- In bb pN, BeTe
%A-s w"- t aB NOW rt-e y' ewr tong"e, .
.J.w...... ........+

.... ..bst Thur Thusday Bello VistW

log "'THE MAN SE I -
.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~g =1. ...IL -, ....-.. .. +.'...; .., .- .
'"~~~~~~~~~~~~~- -'- "- *' -.. .--. ,. + "F L7 '.
g, ; a ; ,, 1, J,, : .
"" :', +-,z -* ... o lw.. "' "' -'. '+ = 'A

:.- i.
k rl -7

.' .



:;-.~ ': q$

A : : :--
'3, .

y sI. .,
4.:' .. l

I D SlHOP: Hey, you signer is Gertrud (Mflly Gold-
levell C'mon ous nere berg) Berg. She'll do her Moll
G py named 0 .rge Mar- routines for Columbia, and wil
wort with you. have Red Buttons on one of the
ih head of toe classical discs with her.
at RCA-Victor. And -.... .
business is his TV TIM
o Aj there are three Tv ,epr
Sialrer. e J AC K PAAB (CB.TV)-
i the true mua-' They're making toys more prac-
gb tiBdelity audi- tical these days. We bought my
y.s. "Bepow this daughter Randy a besaufd un.
I cau the *Nutcracker breakable doll, Fnd in less than
W leveL 'e tastes of this au- ten minutes she'd broken all her
ft are not so varied or sophis- toys with it.
ed as those of the first group. -
ily we have the level of si-
Iswolewho are not inter- That fills a gap. We've never
?Playing records at all." ihad a long playing yoo boo,
an official of a record corn- '---
r, this silent level is no help atI
p Marck. So he sat down with Norman Granz, whose Clef and
4 papr and thinking cap and Norgran records, have hitherto
t, with a pretty good' dea. been exclusively Jazzy, I onomtll
I te book industry wanted to out with some non-Jas stuff. I
uu-"usf, It dreamed up the dl. will be called the non-Jaz Clef
S"'ick. Why not musical series, and will feature such ma-
rthis non-buing third teral as folk music; calypso songs,
and the like. First release on this
series due soon.

For and away the catch-as.
catch-can commercial s i n g njg
champ is Mary Mayo, of Benda
records. She's sung more than 4500
of the Jingle: in her active time.
Mary sayc she's been successful
in this field because she has a
very wide range-4% octaves-so
can vary her voice and sound dif-
She's made a home on her wide

JONI'S PICKS (Joni James pidnk
for Dick this week): "What a
Dream" (Patti Page, Mercury):
"That's What I Like" (Dean Mar-
tin, Capitol-; "Dream" (The Four
Aces, Decca); "In My Own Quit
Way" (Julius La Rosa, Cadence);
"What Am I Doing In Kansas
City?" (Guy Mitchell, Columbia):
"Please, Please" (Rusty Draper,

SAnd that's how RCA's new "Lis-
tener's Digest" came about. It's a
asof 45 RPM records, con-
five hours and 50 minutes
mous music carefully con.
id to less than half that time.
n t is packaged with a 45
J m graph, t Ue theory be-
atht the third levelites don't
Jve a )layer.
"By applying the concept of con.
dsation so successful in the book
maaie field to the field of
Musicc" Marek says, "we
hop make available classical
works that will be inexpensive,
Miendly, short and easy to enjoy."
For example, one of the works
et is Beethoven's Fifth
B pony. In the complete, unex-
XuMfated version, this runs 32 min.
IWR '2 seconds. In the Listener's
Jgt version, it's only '4 min-
.d41 seconds.
'here's a chance for you out
Salone on that nasty third
l move up. Elevator for the
level now loa0 ig.'

e e ar o radio, nthe pop albums, frank S8-
abst Q. Lewis. star of radio, natra's new "Swing Easy" tor
V an horned-rim glasses, has Capitol is a Im d of oldies
ed to make records for Coral. ("Just One Those Thing." "All
t -- of Me," etc.). Every new release
Another new record contract by Frankie these days seems to be



S&alUg: Every Fiftese Days for:
Houston and New Orleans
Sallings: Every Ten Days for:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vessels eal at VERACRU and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every sx weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc..
T MLE oI BulIn rMtala- C 5. Z.




t UCaaaLialwoe,

Frank at his best. This guy can one record) Is a elassiacal novelty
do no wrong. Art Tatum's five of more than usual merit from
new albums for Clef are a collect. RCA-Victor. Text is by Gertrude
tion of Tatum's all-time greats; (a rose is a rose is a rose) Stein,
take your choice, any album will of course, and Virgil Thompson
please. leads soloists, chorus and orches-
Four Saints in Three Acts (on tra in his own musical setting.

The Pacific Sluem Navigation Company

Royal Mal Lines Ud.
8.& "CUZCO" ......... .....................Aug. 18
M.V. "SANTANDER" ..*..... ...... .............Sept. S
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18000 Tons) ..._.Dec. 0S
B.S. "KJE TA" ........................... .....Aug. 27
M.V. "SAMIENTO" ..............................Sept. 6
M.S. DRINA .....................................Aug. t22
M.V. "DALERDYK" ...............................Aug. 31
M41. 1'IPXXANGO" ............; ..90 .................S.Lpt. 5

All sltsair Subjet to 41hage.a Without NotM e
rORD 00. INC. jfFAAMA- .&ve Pet #a5TeL 2-1297
BARLBOA-Tem, Bldg.. TeL 2-iF

Police Call


One Good Turn


OB I(e=

S* Al, .VUMR

Diplay Sunl

- i. .


uIup~ -

gay -


0 al0 P 101)

moo:. LED m PP DPauu


'- '* .

Did Ya TeUl Tm

8UWQ~ t'~f

' IF,



Zhwsoi rf It's. wag






our uUi WAN

as ut ,
bS5di^~tU.3b u^ h.p.




1- ~
I -
a -

I -- -

I-.-, A'-.. -,

,r -.

Im 01% so ,.
VW .t
sl'. e

% 4% L

IWBr Pt r a

j 5 I


OPPM Mlm~l"



1MR.Sg -21



.'..- *_.. -.,.-

: ..'- ., Wf- 1 >*- -




rw"Y' ,.-*wf f W yaw"- ft
...... -.-J.J J *
Pais, t -Igob ..'^ ''''''''
rkis.^ ^-


of when
sft .* Iat "i. son o Tft. o th
.. ....... t.llIof

sitHe zoservel na sr tone
Mre. Ju b iI,,

Sa I.T averul. K S .nq wl A
t h othe o e h ,
bIdesmo w-rea Pw- Isally

1*n;Stea stE t ,1e 3A.01 .=. ltw .4
and so T

Nausra. """ 5er

at*L a ah rea Ktaona L e rrena t Aauguhe5ds cf lo atck a fom ft e sotb l lu -
r her tra veling outfit lthed Tr oei t I
brown 451MT1 8CwoA iw-

wp. 3r 'a. lsn sass *sil ItPa ont ifi Aoftate Mn Cam era iA lSi I
mthmeaYa where a Pa. o* ...youngv. e cn r n A
lyf ,Mr. ---- niWl-.wPM De a lta.l DTr. Io "7 eet Mone- o l die M_-
G e i t h fehehrttbth eer msh bifthday. elme oe D ofac fte atalde t A la,
"C "em e he cl d .Clb. m eed m1 at en In
empire1 i s. .wr was presi dent of wI_ M'L. J.. ,j M g pe e omemr am th .aSy S 5.
broinesis as was(ay stsjW nftaaafiN Duffate, I M cebMNe Ow f clt.
as T pl C. d e ponstr t by lMrs. Julia Me Peter's n reh oes, aa an-.

I r~eIa-i.oa S.ocsity TOd' -iigKeh.s.l o ci.l r e -an
*N'm IDEE| At ns Pvuarity us e c u o- i. ia t"othrwo- -"ens

IA 4101114u. S^at Sanre Sh" ndbg it7o i'lbab.o.E1s.
.nds c 1.i s.e Wasdore dsatrof Dr., on Wave of absence witn o Of Mr Held B 8O Thursday..
M n oe rher puime s yla g from .a P ni State h ac others i The Womes Internatonalhe ionr.
. u p arn. ie Jmwr's will visit t Orc-tio hoeld a meeting at A lWttl foeetr' e t are still-o t
fj fteen%1h.h*lhl of dn a flvq mnth t heby Zarse.ulita M vai w e w. ae be da

..tia:r... L tmg.t e" o ie so Wa r oaa thh w e n

At n 1is 1sfr aill utth1d mO MNE O on dye Mm.. aauiduardt at -t Kn.
Eurew i th- hisarentusAl Ta, tTheUr- bsr C.VsW mns In e Yo- n c Z o mm

.s -- P .,a......05Si T o-
y INheTrparen BESA tSTA SAl)N h" a am nftib a

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18 Mt SIam h ortctisfthel VICEROY
PArk. nus. iutool B l-n ,- 4 .a z a L won

r' NP. ..ha
IN, Soc ieTjET oIHol dEON Will lm bemin
N S AYo r.AU MUS. 1ame. ,Satursday ShindsVig t.MaESfl R Y
BAEahm Jr.rsoern g6


I 3 .* *s~r ~ I: *

N A-face powder
' 3

withactualtints founding

complexwns.. -

*A SflPu5aI w~rws N'tt fssMhimae to weer powder simply
a w-a Today, wor.t&ouA

l, ltea _... g your sla
the seari walg beauty found sti
pousa. saan
b aesboot(ag-tSey 4d needed ern.a,
I w fbMs that cip
.,uk!b AEn"iOdf
= g*m


~^^^^^^B _^^^B he-e-- i c^^^ ^^^


start tiring I
stop woryim g...
Don't worry about that
fiuat grWyssad! Let is be a
."blessing in disguise' a
signal to you so take action
and do something about oh.
training lovelier, natural.
looking new haicolor! So
relax ad letk Roux take
over! For Roux Oil Sham-
poo Tint treatments conceal
every visible strand of dull
or gray hair, give sparkling
highlights and luso, adds
subtle, nreral-ooking color
that changes your worry so.
Caution: u only as directed

./ -I .VO^js


mat Art Um Prnme h el, T O ORTABLE, iNfevre lAtw&ekWti
Iolhe W 'i rto PE3TRE with Its big fireplace where i te L t lorw
" prie. for W.iu. f rela at playing cards, dancig, or tal Bf. Baon as th7-
Carnival.. bar 'where more relaxation Is in order. If a few days a .'
Current *xubit w. remain normal Club Campeatre up here in cool, cool 1 Val'
pulWc o bthf the-ca don't make you feel better In body and aplrtthen yu'r&
and he Re of Panama, Just one of thoee hopeless, bih-po
ry pe sS' 5 15 fam- L ed town critters who can't ma ueIdsel,
are cordia We visit with Mother Naturel ..
OJWU Ml Al rH lery which ,;
en from 3ae.m. to p.m. -K.U.9. 'fl'&

.C.VI COa..-UP
Mi plae ing dMpat*e, Xarl
found It bethe tombtone
a man killed in exploaon

For reservations:
Tivoli Travel Agency
8 Tlvoll Ave., Tel. 2-0465

- fm :- -.

Mr. Luis C. Indaira, whose Important job requires absolute safety in the opf4r"-t
tion of his car, has equipped his offloial automobile with puncture-proof ". 'i'.
GOODRIGH" tires. '

The picture shows Mr. Ricardo .
Bring, manager of F. ICAZA &
INC, show g Deputy Chiefb nd".
nhow moro an 10,8000 "Orlp-DBloe
.... !t4jwipe water out of tread path for be a
S ter traction In wet pavements. ru
YOU should also remember that o
cs fareslrtie1HV



RICH" tubee tire gives you Oa
following added protection:



BONSTr Q"' i-.




I like ViCUlOYS beftef"lin'any,
other cigarette because of their tisti. 1
Besides, the filtlr tip kues loose .
bits of tobacco from getting in my mouth.
and the paper doesn't stick
to my lips. Believe me, when you spend
most of your life behind a steering
wheel, those things can get annoying.
So I've decided from now on VICROYT's
the cigarette for me."

I -.
I -'


A'. ~ P iLl
rfrl '

L.d. .4~ .~#j
- v-a

w ON
't ..
'/ ^ .ric A .,

7t--,..z r- _..


m. h 'al.
.bh lah, a

* p- OS : .. O.. .

Th i ia Me. dmn m it ftr whichincnMha vereumwp'fWmm..

_ __

_ ~_ __



W OW '-*''. ***


~.~,I~L~.~9rL~- it ~;u~s~




11 ,.


A. *%;Ii*I.

- ..,'".


.i 1 -
s-.. .., ..

S y ."



.-T 'g7.Qr


4 1i e w klam.aao a4 & I Awe, A IiI


,+a' Nw e FOR SALE-1951 Custom twosdoor ATTINTION Just "^l a 3-1877. Critabel, B
;,I, S^- I I "

.. -- -- -- 7 2 6 h o n P a a ma, .4 94, .... ra Oen1 4.1
LE V......koo Or mA.e.1 Co


rem. 6A~te "vi New gos stoveFOR SALE:- 1951 Custom two-dow ATTENTION S. I. Just built -. 3-877 f otohl

mo 9. 7ve, Cusu Nr 6, Ford, Overdrive, heater, seat covers furnished opartmts 18. C u r

FOR S .h 60o.cvc1 Fr-r FOR SALE:-o1951. Smndlunx r- ate, ra es ron Noo.

tmen sit 077.-C. W .iim- late 1942. Demonstrate nd buy, WI MAPII-54wmor i-
on dice, Blboe cll BalbNo FOR325. House 219-D49 PFord-Six business FOR RENT: -F Purilly furnisdm ied U

; 2. 4 4 4145. aP. n,. 63.4th of July v l r cne
S CL LA cOup, blackE 5 radio$8-, 5 49n i FOR RENT. New three-bedroom e i a oomkmodan 567.
c A.Rousseau1. Telephone Navy 3140. ments Contactnd diningroom $120p.TER COTTASA ADMIRABLE, the
T LE* -FV The fnew oYoung Mi S P- w-do. mdents. 10th Street. Tel. 136phortCo- Necchi atablishment, next to thone

cr n cold wave created epe tllv FOR RENT o-22. Ba Lottbry office.2
.an beat d a roo including gchoolss. ean FOR RENT -Clean furnished a part- FOR SALE-Bicycle Schwnn Sup
mrrors. Beautr Sho RodmattrIss o d 2-ofor one o ater building, Contrl Av- Othree-speed racer, good condi-
3 be seen to appreciate. Installed lot year tires, body, pint client neighborhood. 43rd Street ton 45. Phone Croyton 3140,
able price party leaving and eine all in excellent condi- FOR RENT moderh two-bedrm POO SALE: .-S8-foot *tabn cruiser

in rwr'u- cr...... information: Telephone 3-0280. in Ricardo Arrss Street (Compo A- p r i c e s. "BESTFIT," Plaza Santa
SColon 934-. thn. Tel. 2-3785.2apanm legre 1t. tPr.ceSet. I information: An. with two Street,

... DR ENDEHAKE NEW EDICAL FOR RENT-Furnished modern chol Phone 2-2416 or 3-5322. detailsal erfectondition. 2-2099
C C D & Nht ervie t. 2 bedrooms dinng-ubvngroom, ta 3-1802. 33337FOR SALE:- Large Dobern mle
C elAvenue 209 beside Copii.539. broge. financed. MirCall Cuorunu 83126, FOR RENT.-On 4th of July Avenue from Germany, ood lookin do.
STheater Tel. 2-3479 Phname 7123rons-sthm. 2n Highway. srelephone moll furnshed 2-room s Ave. rtmen. 56.Good watch dog tour yea old. x-
- stove 2-2415. new urntnersFORure,comSALE:etely nd-ChevroletepenSuper- cellent deluth chxedren, not vicious.
F ., AnL FOA PE FNuT--c-- ihd o bd ent. Suitable for one or two persons Phone Fort DavXs 455.
S *tmen size0778-C William- late 1942. Demonstrate and beuy, $65 Ir CPntra Avenue No.s z-

i+. *. am | r, .... L0'rOOms, Invngroom, diningroom. 68. TeeDhone 2-4912 or 2584. FOR SALE
2 -- p o alI $3 h5.e Uruguay No. 18 T9 Pis. Teel347l, FOR RENT: Furnished apartment: ,.
Salable property lndf on Avnff fr p, nw,$150; Si nger, new.

Sdo lbo ppose terfront, FOR SALRENT.-Be19u53ful residence of Visto.Telephone0580. 140; White, electric- 52 Cush mor
Pm Ci Good corner location. three bedrooms, teCurundu Heights. FOR RENT. -Newthree-beroom t10, Singer with montr, like new130.
Ia n Aelrth'ent H'ouse etc" m ed. Sn Francm, hot watelephotne cchi establishment next to the

cor rnciring, interested eeciall td P Losition 9. Lot. office.
S ote sale. Land.valued in the i- FOR RENT.-Double & single part'- i
iy of $28 to $30 per day are STENOGRAPHER with experience, ments furnished, screened and Fn-OR SALEBicle.'A upe
S r, wiholster for $2Furnituper squAdvicre i ga ted n No 3 United States cole, speed. Phone Pnam 2-3065. E:Suts and Pant, BEST-
S 2.nffor omaton: Telephone 302 n ted oerin Ricardhero Arias Svices or seoreet (Caal mp A- p EST Plaza Santa
ate. T n .a H T s. rie --n room a$IopartmentA. Gooad mw dg fu yea P ol .



O ji bl li




*aw e 16r the it iW Wy aaond 'I-
'Nkw F MR ah sln Rnsstolenby',the fvwire3S71"01
Ho 3"im- 1 the Cr--alu -or- s-nzia- fou herbe' toa4*-4mt there' o at ,0tO
at ou ast1evdr o fhint. as to de A .einn. ...i
EO. F. W.,, am e. ~~ gI de m
GEO. JF. NWEZ INC lA5 W.' September, 1 -. ., .
*SP 7' was. tomoted to head stevedere
s-ir It t., .a.s.te, Wifae Of Jailed Bank
ask tw lmaster at Ba.smboa
in 14M and in 1vs Wes promoted
Sto Harbormastr sue feeding -
tfrk- o1 G Accused Of Beinmg Wo t

o JACKSONVILL, Fl., Aug. 1 .4 slsent w,.
S&%ALC Ben Co. (JP)-.-FRII ageut& rretd the oftheMiuniBl(Utf
t1 ^t ,TtIm UMe eoaaa wiee fa jailed bank rebo, Utrea )t aid.a
( Mercedes Benz h Co t t nd accused her bout to weeks tre ale
Tl of atla as lookout while he and inJ MCawdi~ 'l cur at
.IS+'SIl[ a I t I coonspireto~ divided the on- IM ad.,s l -ad' ';.,
TRANSPORTs I 000loot from a Long Island "'A att tiiUte ~Ba
SIn Mexico Cty bae&. n'waskprdeet t ipi e.*i4
B AX 91 S'. I _-The woman was identified as husband and bltr
B SI MBEICO CITY, AU'. 14 ftUP) Siaron Tmob 2G, wife of Geirge err s r. 1"Sh1
-ir-dustrinlt Miguel.i Patrick-Melmf rallasWade Pa- sion fithe-.plB*a t
.t.o. Aberepy trick Johnron. Ted FBI said -h lookout to nrfard thWet

S assembly plant in McKinney allegedly tk up. a planned y
eleoeLyFnxt yar. Floral Park, N.Y., batk to make rice Glrewu the
LICORES "21" b d t he plant would pro- the largest haul by any single from hishomne rat
Arn from lPan duct,,.w-priced cara. buses and robber. forcing him to-dr7t-tJte
A wiats a Lk truck it will emp y Mexican Mrs. Johnso t was char ed with Mand mrl bga
Open ai from 190 sm. to workers nd German technici- betnz an accessory after the fact available fs 1b
*10:0 p 'I a-Is, and tbe financed jointly of te robbery. Her husband was new federal reserve
Sund ts Mxcan and German cap- ped up here toe dy ago FBI charged.
RaPid Hame Deliver at All Time tataftber an unidentified woman re ng-
Telp H ae nizedhis rogues' gallery picture McKln -allqoad wif
....* 2 Ated was scheduled to fly to in a post office. ly came here a s.hol'it4 wl
'ermany today to "arrange final Two other me accused of plot- the robbery and 4bh 'wa
..'. details" of the plaSt. He also will ng the robbery with Mclinney to have sunkN a Whitr aat e
asmuu I confirm Mercedes Dens particl- Pwere arrested in New York Thurs- share of the lootd a "I
W ptU S p ioq 4 thee. F p th an i day. They were Clifford Donald ful automobile aeny, -
r *&win ,a -acan3 aut e tahold W er of a New York bank and .lo-e eoo*r b6 d
mpeH teom 3e lvFt Al Te ____/ jtonald Everett Msrt n,.t All quietly inn a.sob sil a'
_-lm. t ) ", W h, three ares held for00,00 ai area .e.. .d fAor


,," ron.W lrrfo+,mvrr inoprea|on -'. A I 'IO T --- O RENT: Furnished -poartment, .... ---- : I lr& T l --J --...
ha property. OS lO Odnngooffered I, bedroom, kitchen and amB W'MBM. II -________ __ .
-.- :*llo>fmO .- aid niso,.f red bathroom, Independent $65. Riar- COlPBE (._.ENT UP h I- -
.U P WANTED:-Experienced Beauty O.." do Mir6,52. Telephone 3-5229.- bigger d Ei am the closer LINCOLN, Ne-(UP) Spol.,
e rator. Gene's Cocoli Beauty Shop. FOR RENT: Apartment, two bed- ties, says Mrs. Us Graes, one of age Sgents can grow on wet mat'
R nOOlm. R aodman 3812___n_ ... rooms, livingroorn, din i n g r 00 m. qeomark's two women cabinet i wrappings and may contamilate
RENT: Furnshed rooms for WANTED:-Sponish-Engihsh Messen kitchen and suite. 13th Street No members and mother of nine, Ie AI meat while t is in home str-
uples. kitchentprivilt es and all or Boy, ride bike. Call Robinson 16, San Francisco. Phone 3-2457. *-Birth control certainly has ag- e, wars Ehel Diedricbaen food
u- s 3 5 -3381,,1md FOR RENT:-Beul or .u life easier for women," said fadlla and nutrition specialist.
Somforts. Tel 3-5099 8 FOR RENT: For couple, spacious ae ie easd r mise A fi S The University of Nebraska staff
RENT. Nmicely furnished big LESSONS vate.entrance nd bothA G .n of Commerce. ut on the other TOmember ays resh m eat from the
om. private bath. near Hotel El O R, 4th Fhand, life is completely changed n Nug. ) sretore should be kept loosely wrap.
|L nama. Board available. Call -31- MODERN AND POPULAR piano- play- Avenue No3 Entrance oppose e when there is a ig family. wa at esmma-c d inthe coldest p1srtt the e
f 789N 2-1693. n *e oo o taught. Beginners or advanced Roosevelt Hotel. s .,It 1I mosible to generaAze a b -e sver r r S void spoiage,
F RENT. Furnished room for students. privately Zez Bennett's --. =but our children have aways had d hen th einepeer-a r- Wet r blood-stained wrappings
couple or bachelor in Bella Visto Studio. Tel. 2-1282. FOR RENT:-4 new modern apart- what they needed of food and ew m .hAFtmec ionwdes should be removed from the meat
th European faml Phone 3- ments, suitable for American fami- clothing," said Mrs. Groes, whose d crewmenn n a nationwide as on as it s brought home
;1 i t44h -- WANTED P -1282 A*ll to, cou nting a nsew and A sixth line., Eastern Air Lies, rew rapped it should sbped with

W ANTED-H- m e for cat Stree Na.. e childrenr$28 3thlhold, Mrs. Groes has a "fam ily" sold theyrd o.tbelieve... .. s-' ot b nsinceedroplets i
8 -2 6 forwat.'onc.Sa StreetNoI1" Son Francisco 'of "1 4 to plan for. san,.id they do otbels ikev threa water can provide a Spot for spa_
,86*.4296. -I H The bigger the family the bt n mme e hreat eaggents t-grow
-- ----- ter the solidarity between parents alast Eastern. Th cka material around
t "e td e P The officials expressed eon- The"packa mae
EN DOLING OUT HARD a IS La childrene" she continued. e he o a sh e aree Ot W meats at se-servce counters are
SW JUST HA TO POP OFF R m a Ig children get their edges worn elie u designed for display convey
r and their independence developed. permit the AFLemachinists I n lence. but may not intended

Audien ces 1, owigad M "w abine I de agreeing to nationwide negFita -
that, ",P0' the r se f GAY PAULEY exactly thought it'd be nine, but Eadsairlines.
* M r mouth and ait onts ,. ._ 0 Au 14 (UP) .,. I... well, they came by degee. a .h .steS, \ o
n h wTh-nweoe bOe. f w orsn the I NEW YORK ot- heP The idol' to e birf&oeles s' -e o.raeeemetii a-. Y
S.. when be put o "bi feur" rubber pro- of today's moe-gor. is more -like The other woman cabinet me- comn and union is
a r'a speding w styd way from their Mom than Marilyn Monroe ac. ber, Mrs. Bod Ko, Minister o a onal Mediation arf.
S n e ma yesterday as plants in treas Shirley Booth says. Eccleiwastien, has four children n.'Sd Ifo umndtrke -en
t least that is wht"the teen- 1 lay idle. ,, Mrs. Gries, poltkIal economist ecrew men atie inve lved i1 .

R .i l counted 21,511001 out in the strike of the nation's film fans bem her day a m lanng cept Eastern agreed to ,a~rt no-. .\
*, reason Mama won't i be r est e lAe N eat mid t Tohursday. theywo maids tne consum- Agre 111riid at this news is1tS e Goodyear Tie & u r Co. had "Women want to see their own er's routine" for the day. der the auspices of the media oa
Sop well enoug to ow 30000 out in te walkout that be- type on the screen because it One of the reatestdroblems s board. a I
S. he ia generous with every.- anJuly l th. w oe.s shows that thing- I their osin the morning b ath. I e efar sit The o.Ahfi w 4s eeun -I-
F h. but cold cash. I Bo th Ce companies met with 'Cl oives are mportant"he said in suburbanvila has 4l rooms. ad Thmoth to strk c eonall n n d u
4. dUnited Rubber Workers' Union an interview. "Ther is roemani one bathMom M Groes said she duer th companies refusal to
ll pay for the things She re natives in Cleveland to- in being a housewife life is set up a schedule which the grown- bargain n a nationwide bad
es M perhaps spend far more e but -ponerted "no progress" not over for a woman just because ups and the children-Niels, Arne, stead of a company-b-comp r
1her th e nd hould when her 3 ,ed further meetings he was good enough to marry Mette. Le It. ffe, Birthe, ei n agreed t sa
'o y, wedding amantverary or ifor Monday. hnd make a home." y iTyge h wke-taidse, to. h-.t ionwe n egst. ".ton S apti
Smash rolls around I M Gres' iil driver, Olaf immediately with the Ulnes s paw --
i eB.d F. Goodrich Co. and United That ise whn," the Academ Mahlesen who ickl up the a dotely on some rules changes
e's go out and buy Junior the states ubber Co.talks t in nciae- Awart winner said, "te charace ist neah hegehas been en. sought bythesarlines. r
i i sh gtert an L e YIr t ed, ac tess these dn is getting the trusted with task of feeding he changes areo v st
Mom herdee wJld Uave w Rthth ber work rson U 0 Juicy ntroles. Ohere'l always be the three youngest children in the teo the opnies rf a toi
bly looked all over town for a day to day basis A URW room for an appeal.. But women rush hour. agreed to accept mediation here
ain kes spokesman here sid today there an tdentify theme h Butthflaxied, blue beginning Sept. 1.
Slow wi pleare over was "absolutely no trut" to ru- he heroa to feel the role ebildrehave toetong witother rules changes sought by
Jas family sn expear nsive, mars that Goodrich workers were she plays is the one they live. "nher most of the day. One of Ate te compaie will be considered
Sto make life easier or more aboutto quittheir i ironical gift they presented br in the nationwide bargaining se
3Rubber rhas 35,000 in It plants ? pt mOhr.- ,ot wasya P tM union has asked for uniform
She doesn't like to hand over All four companies have offered acire to an a cogotc in h me w chl ato fae g I t on all six nes at
fo someone elsde to decide wage raises of lve cents an hour Back, Little Sheba," a role she "What is home without tvel Per cent above the current
to spend. sTh e union is asking anundislos- ft t created on Broeadway, mother? '" top wage, plus friAge benefits.
hsa exd amount, but believed to be a- r hShe carries aher own breakfast opne w
ma got around this reluac bout 10 cents, lus 'even more "Women used to come back to the parliament restaurant. and Oh rAs chnig u
f tOwae to part woth cash ota o contract changes. stage in dpoves," She said. "They buys aglaits t milk to go with it. nr a rac nut e
o odancawy for her. ca 0wes include a snaMrt- always, coomeOted, "That was my WIhen eight or w ao tsn uo hasa r un
ty elausae provide for lays own life b ag played right there eveig arrives hone, hS TInker Plane S
Se d 't and recalls; an ipharoved meth-ain to an aotme.l- maybe Itie n or left. sCa m al ge o al *s l a %
.tosomeon a d esit od of hagdrif grievances; and Btac kesLni"e poe a f potatoes, but evn OneS UQit
aAl adn a oaunto bh e lmov to set upa In her n w plct "About Mrs, the children seem to be non-stop 14 UP
S gdt a her owpa wt ow safety committees. Leage" shI plays the role of a e aes. s mlktNog w.,iAg 1 -
I Firestone ants idled beside lainaly owas= ag with memn The 0M n ightsheSam6sai"Al-2 ed

adViClosedh ar plants includ-aw the actress-d 'Tapect Mrs. 4my&= e&2 e ed in Taold neor Bucke'e
ed the one at Gadedon, Ala. Ieof lis to spark thei pair te but its v
t erm picture, e "AbutMr.thechilieeetob os p14eto
safety committeesBookth.N laW t yerole oOfA aert U
seemade ei s wonmnearlyveg `- w1th mng ht'she sid "al An M atnerb ipe
TArtl onetA kron, 0 S, tinclaward,udedethenodes doaCAoA looe1 t1seL gone, thrieoof D leuffeed nea-
wifelyronic e nt I Uyahas IeeneWe Ofer:111ra"slw .10b t and bAure
hasIwornnearlyONplaeveryte1a. UflS t DI 9 Dar aClm aLe
O e~award h, o akud talrkkas thiid i0he-l3e kff di
eide,.Ike says weawaw fL'gtR.
.Mf"ls1111 I

,;3. .? F
.9.1 ;**-

duces George Chalmers, Chagrin Valley Coutry Club pro, t -"
the joys of "easy chair 'gol avia th new "jtumoble. Tha ,,
electric tricycle, propMelled hr srm 'batries- la In mw. w
avewr two aena and their clubs. *




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li* t awt

S* 'Lk~SOW M
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Terror t
R. Caron, I
"Creatre Fzn
The Biaek

A. Murphy, in
"Column Sm tib"

Victor taure


" ,he "R. ',-'


*I*,'~ i,.,


t a "mmerv
and health t infr

S- .that d o a fno root, I.
.D ^(NB rteax.] y arn, plus aB ahef r e- the mt ,W pl, eak am
a 'Tiflto~er has pordu ig to his Warer offe son is un rough When
at where it stands buying, ok for crisp, tender,
awNdw e a t Cire's. "Pm hop- f'e eaves -Ith stalks that are
r k.. .best AM Ing a Momyn will like me and fleshq ad cdisp.
'!Deiixty Hutton 2 nt& to 'to
*' .la; l'',o fo' a do eplctm p." Fresh Swis Chard Kie .
r ,B I, ... .asrvings)
prwc .T r Jimmy Nelson's description of a ...
s."' er" rideto- summer zsort: Two and one quarter cups bo_ -
be &,i:lo fa3ifly oh a lake with a girl lI waterontas salt, 3% cups
... f. I' A, Augi ..- on the Malm." unooked riee, teaspoon fresh
..e l- o r-,*-.'-lUaod, __ lemor jules, % pound fresh Swisse
k" T&ir fOT for SUCCE88SGMTOY: Handsome chard, 4tesappon ground black
w, s o Ronald Greene the 19-year-old P teapoon.sugar 3 ta-
e at-. .- 1 the Adllds just sin qed by MGM,. was 0m a re or buWlter.
sle_ at +s is di.covered by L inda Chrstln. Heboiling water and salt.
S4 worked n agas station a few in a saucepan. Gradually add rice
There's hot movteinterest in months agoand borrowed a couple and lemon luice. Cover. Cook until
TAi 's otfemnie "ots wk. of suits from Ty Power when he rice is almost ender. Chop Swiss
_sin'to her book, "I'll made his screen test. chard an add. Covrp Cook until
ew.. 1...$t u..he % A, SemS. C c y 1. tender (about minutes).
plum f an enteramner. Warn"ers' "Lan .of the Pharoah," Add hremainingS dents.
Ha swill wed Ky Kendall, who Is a Vegetae Cree Skillet
Neatest I O e history: look-alike t6 Ann Miller. (6 servings)
of-cotal d inMGM's "Japi- Audrey Dalton has applied for Two tablespoons margarine or
ter e; -Dng" and homes up in mnanent residence in the U. S. butter, 1-3 cup chopped onion, 9
tver'; as ri. andc cTmee Irish beauty is also planning cup chopped green peppers, cup
Silver Spnag, to become a citsen. police clery, 1% cups diced fresh
WREN' .rK DOUGLAS made -" tomatoes (medium size, 2-3), 2
ng. d t in Walt Dsnp'a Fonmer movie beauty Jane c u p s aredlded cabbage, cup
ir tL- ,nder' theB Seax," Wee now the aouse of wealthy sliced celery cabbage (Chinese
shared the lyrice's with a trained John martin artford, Conp. cibbg),l1%tm onsgalt, Itea.
& el, whO a a s ed to beark inis vjMra tin ollywood. 1She isspoo ground bla ppper.
less ribejd ,ut .rk's voice got oneationf Penny Sinleton's frying pan.Add remaining ingred.
Sr a er. In the dught was am g those who cents. Cover. Cook, slowly 10, to 12
the. "0 id a tone that was start- Ann Uker won the role. crisp-tender (do ao overcook)._ I
g simlar t tha of the seal. ,, .- .
'1l1sh rto the seomestrainer: pUniverse, a just-filmed U-I short.
-Bi cebfSMl w hI seal you Miriam 8tivenson and 15 other
1rew the Ab to." dolls in the beauty contest provide
_-,; a ," .-- .. the scenery.
hu t .M he t n aml .

e. O
Soor:- V

b-mies. It's not possible, or wise,
* to shieled him from every hurt in
the world, as he learns b y experi-
ence. However, you CAN sleid
him from very real dangers.
especially inthe kitchen. Be
sure all pot handles are tuned
i--- -d nqi the stove. Better yet.
cook-only on back burners when
.j. ., -fDI0 ...i.l Mn jr S nt
"; U :". flf "V E *~.

1-.4 a to* find Bi1.4 THE teen-ager who wants -to oking, as much as p mible, for
way W .. Fox is~ W ft look her prettiest at the beach, Baby's in bed or n-play pen
two Jane- I. or in cool sleveless dresses, should hours.
and hell ke it appoint to shave h6r legs
tint e-of Bengal." bee a week, and her underarms It's important for you to teach
every other wet. Baby to lay alone ad to enjoy
rI l116 W dancng num- being by himself at leapta part
ers P'as. the vad* Even the fair-haired girl should of the. time. If you pick hint up
lm'5 t "hlom id m the attend to this, fr llond fuz .on the first time he looks arounit-or
gei- UlEW aid Bob'r tl kj a. is, notfeeable, too. you, you're in for trouble. If Ba-
bro *-A -e & 1 tl won't' Soie girls. have the fale no: by s used to playing alone, he'll
Hbpef l flloe, fton that shaving will cause the do it very happily and find end.
ith la. b glow ~ok thicker and less ways to amse himself. Give
AfMlt' betUe dh* ofi dtnco! darker in color. It may appear him one or twow toys orw ome
mhearsw ,, Hope a _leaving the to do so. but that is only because tin pans and blocks of wood and
Paramousl tot wheu.* Mend asked the stubbly ends are more bristly he'll be learning his first leohon
where .b was headed: to the touch than the ful r. n independence. And don't inter-
I 4sphal a lr Bebi, grown hairs. rupthis lay even if he does things
whee else?" You will never cut yourself awkwardly. This s far better
." .----- when shaving if you follow these than having It done for him.
C1eclerks *ho ell Stewart rdiple rulek. Before you reach .
tr and a"it MoreBo shirts for your razor (and you should "No-noes" are effective with
rl ttonar optiaists. Neither have your own, not dad's, or big Baby-just for the moment. Re-
tevi but0oa em .... It's the brother's) always make sure your member, he's just learning al l
S 1 B ptj enfamt r Van legs are well-lathered. Be cer. about this world of ours, and has
N'fol ri lbt'ngte tn "Black taie all thp hair s- damp and developed very little in the way
F .--a Bger .ogrs, well-softened. of self-dicipline. Keep all sharp
amor girl all her life, plays Then take your razor and :instruments in racks, out of reach.
b hea .- .* ieve-against the train. whiph and replace them immediately
S- means from the ankle up. Hold after use. Baby has a "boarding.
orrent status. of "The So the razor firmly and ppess very house reach" that would put a
tu_4er Story"& Mervy. LeRoy gently against the skdn. lumberjack to shame.

I." ,I I I

(NJ.A Telephoto)
WAITING FOR HIM Paul A. Pfeffer, 22, who was serving a
sentence of 20 years to life on a murder conviction, la embraced
by his sweetheart, Helen Anderson, 16, in New York City after
his release on $10.000 bae. We release resulted from a statement
S by another man who confebsed to the murder.

FAIRWAY PERMANENT-..Mrs. Alice Bauer Hague tes. a
feminine interest in the ne coiffure of her sister, Mlrleaq.. The
famous golfing sister competed in the. World Championship at
Chi ao's Tam O'Shantw. (NBA) -


DIABLO I'Sr ka 5:10 0PEDR6 Md ':0
Orw OASON gAn. "A P3- -OUS J.U"VNY"
Robeft RTA____I__
clrt a "L THE IURY" .
sn. "mSEA "OUMDU Ivs u. *gMir bmrIl A A. Girl

ArleWM WHgnAkl e W NGN
7:0 pm. 9- "-mi MAU W5 U-S_
S-p |

MARGARITA cAs: 8:- 5
o Burt LANC4jATzu
"ISs M"3esty5 O'eete"
sumy-NRTWLV Mr-

Almo Showins SUNDAY!I

FALBOA 2:00 4:10 6:20 8:350

...aOoAl AvALe



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I ~ ~ -

.., .' "

Police Arres One Suspect

After $124,638 Bank Theft

ANDREWS AFB, Md., Aug. 14 unguarded back entrance le ft
(UP)-Three un-wielding Negro- open for truck deliveries. They
es robbed a military branch bank drove out the same way, officers
of $ 1. yesterday but- a sueet theorized.
was arrested later by a trf Andrews airbase is located about
policeman who let two6 ether go. 10 miles north of Washingon, D.
The suspect was piked up- an C. All three bandits were In their
a speeding charge at e y Up- s and were described as "snap-
per Marlboro, Md., after e bah- py dressers."
dits had staged Marylad's big- M-Sgt. Llewellyn Baldwin, Potts-
gest bank robbery at te :arbase. town, Pa., one of the customers
The traffic officer was unaware forced into the vault, had $1,200
of the hold-up and rblee twvo in his pocket in bonuses and other
occupants of the automobile, whleh paymneuts he received Thursdlay
had ew York license latest with for re-enlisting for another six
an airbase parking' tag. The re- years. The handits'didn't search'
manning suspect was brought here him.,
for possible ldentWtcaUti. r Baldwin said he walked into the
It first was reported he was bank while the holdup was in
picked out of a line-up with nine'n**oresq and was motioned ai pise
other Negrges by bank employes tol-point toward th vault. He and
and customers Who. h d been e orner seven were imprisoned
locked in a Vault by the bandits. only "a couple of minutes" be-
FBI agept D. K. Brown, however, fore Herbert Pinckney, bank man-
later refused to confirm this. ager, pushed a release button and
opened the vault.
Even with this identification, he o pe1
said, further evidence would be l
necessary before charges could be Sicout N e ws
filed. Bonding company officials S, cou N ews
said a reward of 10 per cent would -
be offered for any mone ,recov.i Sea Explorer C Co Crew
ered. To Get Awards T7esday
The nattily-dressed bandits, arm- Sea Explorer of S.E. Ship James
ed with German Luger pistols, Days, Cristobal, who paddled a I
entered the branch of the First 25-foot cayuco the from the Cris- I
National Bank of Southern Mary- tobal Yacht Club to the Balboa "
land shortly after It opened at Yacht Club, including the South i ]
a a.m. transit of the Pedro Miguel and l t
'Aley herded eight employes and the Miraflores locks, wil receive
customers Into a vault while they an award Tuesday night from Col.
stuffed about $124.38 Into a brief- H.O. Paxon, Explorer Coun c 1
ease as the manager handed it to president.
them from a shef. The affair Is to take place in
Officials said the bank hod a the Elks' Home in Balbo. anu n '
large amount of cash on hand be- the explorers that take part will
cause it had Just received $83,000 have their young lady friends with
by mail from the Federal Reserve them. The boys will wear their
Bank if Baltimore. uniforms and the girls will be
Tne robbery victims opened the dressed informally.
Vault from the inside and gave the Aftew the short program of award
alarm about two minutes thretions there w be dan
F# rters. %t"er-!
1the bandits were believed to TomD -nrfry oockryen
have entered the base through an Barry Davidson,

HIPPED--Marta Rocha. Bras r
zian. runner-up In the reenr--'"
'Miss Uniyermsecoptut'at bong
Beach, Calif., Shows off the hips
that some popte *O. et her
Irat place in the beauty contef---_
and may ruin her movie eareer, --
ins Roch says she could take '
off some of the weight, but says '
no one in Brazil has cOmPlainsdJ.

Thursday Bella Vistd'

"TE* "A4-MW.


I ,, -

VICEROY Scores A Smash Hit!!

The First Performances




) -




~ ----



. n"W4fr!


. ,f- -


.. ,_ .7 ._ .
I ,- .. '. ,- *' .+ *. -. .-
..,. +' .+ w -^ .. .. .- _- 1 .

i* i i I
I. "'f

p.piled der


r i1

ki e, Fur llo Team Detroit Lo ns

o. "-Stars, 31 I -.: 1 L2" ,

V- Spark Dodgers' Win D "o ""
NEW YORK, Aug. 14 (UP)-The lycs of 1a cilCAGO, AafA I, (.2f .4o
S.World War II torch song expressed the position of The Pro F masge 00
the Brooklyn Dodgers, in the National League pen a t theredl the LIS I,
.nant rice today ap manager Walt Alston's crippd l mAlflnarl-~a sTom a
Sski, a former Utah star padeu 3 | .360
forces headed "in on a wing and a prayer." the4ros to their eas n triumph
atoldiers Fieldbefore
tO. Carl e, whose sparkling Dave Jolly who itched the who paid 445,6 50
-bitero enabled the Dodgers to =nth, received cr t for hisN SA 6ta
S tb New York Giants. 3-2. sixth triumph as the Braves Jack Christlansen and Law St. is (N)
'l.s night and move within 21Imoved to within ~ games of Carpenter gave Dublins who.N
a5e iof first place. And ue the first-place G ant$. took over ex-Lion see ia (bby )T
j er Is that Carl kurillo final- The Cleveland Indians .outed Lyne' quarterbsek p i
sh recovered the batting eye the Baltimore Orioles, 9~-4 to plenty support. DubliuMki wns P0 010-9 1t G.
tj inade him the league's lead- hold their 2W-oame first-aCe e outstanding with his exeleDht 0 0 a 0 ,-
I hitter in 195. American League lead over the ,passing and running.. o 000 4 ; 0
w erkine, who seems to own the New York Yankees, who beat the ohnny Lattner of Notre (10) ad Wpard.
nly able-bodied arm in a bor- Boston Red Sox, 8-2. Bob Feller Dame scored the onl t ou h- ( n A Telephoto) Robertal rt)t, Ridl kroin. .' - IIha. -:I d, fr A r A. at J am T tern oue t thom e Il ate S id-tttAd oPt
Sof 2.500,000 peo le., struck won hi 10th game of this year down for AUlStrs Jerry DIDNT MAKE IT Al Rosen, Clevelandta baseman, out at home plat
batters inclu ng Willie and the 259th of his career be- gednber. of Iowa reeovered by Yankee catcher Yogi Berta as he attesT ts ~ u por from thirdIn second inning of a e ------
an eighth-innlnR clutch hind a 14-hit attack that includ- a Dublinsal fumble n the game played at Cleveland. The umpire Is ,~a Nm pp* Itam ) 000 100 400 7 1 |mh ,)a 000 A 8
MI ,to Score his 15th cvc- ed Dave Pope's first major five-yard line. I 000 0 un00-3 4 0 U .
l e season and hl thrnIrd league homer. PtInch-hItter wos p Thl onl wo-nh 0| er.Pno ,c---ite ... -
O a ts. Erskine, head- Alaughter struck the big blow for The heavier Lion line ba s BThSae (- ) anl Atwell. SWeb- ma one0 P 'att ( and
fur eiond straight 0- the Yankees-a three-run triole the Collegates und er on O c hi Ie a S ea I O
t campal yielded both nn the sixth inning as Whitey throughout almost bhe entire O ldN B lowes (N _a_
Oant runs in t seventh inning Ford wton his 12th n ngame. (N oase)1
when Don Mueller and Monte Southpaw Jack Harshmanl 0 1 ree m e fen di. la e"
Irvin sandwiched doubles a- bested Al Aber in the year's | "0t0a o 111-43 -108 1 A td 03100 00 364

"rnnnt 121 111 010- 8ae 11swp1 Ta (9d 12), 01 Co 4 bfiy
ond a single by Mays. gi a udiest pitchin e duel to A Sln mashin givF oD efenin gT itIy, 50awAn r ( 103.1ll 1ou-. ig
,t.Toe ree hitsM puttue 0 the CcouI ai s Box- Ahe' nother 'h ad r O do I I e n M | Fing T e (0-4 ),- r andl ras*. Nux- (,*
in front, 2 -1, but the Dodg- Inning. 1-0 decision over the Was a s. ( hll, Perkowaki. Collum (4'2) -eg-n.
OUl Hodges opened the last delphis A's snapped notl eight-O UaM N p hle P o ( -
the seventh with a single and reme losing streak with ah3-2 87U Ton United /r (Night Game) 000 0 0000-1 0
hd ha ome when Furrillo hit triumph over the Washington ISN iS lo0 a l I reS O Sear CCh5cgo 00 000 70d3>: Tr-.
eOr Mary Grasom's second Senators In the other Amerl Te e A duty old t, A 00 .
th into the left field stands can Leaguse games. recent he Moore from Cole Jeff t, Davi(7-4) Aer (-7) and W on. rh
oa Rme-winning blow. Harshman, who struck out 12. NWPORT, R. I., Au (. 1UP) W e telight-heavyweight Gars 014. Burdette, Jolly (4)m
Furrillo won the batti title batters, ot the run he needed -Te ua T-r-fii f Nw oith Ra io T ransm.itter. 11-O a hol .at-anda
S 4iurelast s a but when Minnie Mifioso tripled port Invitation Teis Tu r n a- fcelebrateItsandranda.
ished around .250 for most home Nelson Fox from first base ment produced another smashing o eneunal this fall, and Moore (Night Game) /o
Year. His ame-winnin with one out in the 18th. It was uset yesterday as straightt ar h agrd defend there Oc- Now York 000 000200-
last night helped boost the converted first-baseman's P frank alif. netman p rov NEW YORK. Aug. 14 (UP) "Fisherman" heads a field of tobIer 11. Then esme th read- rooklyn 000 001 2Ox-3 6 0..a
ent mark to .295-a far 10th win and fourth shutout of PasaeRna, i. condmphed overa A former Chicago policeman and seven three-year-elds la Inthe bleek. Offieials dIscovered a Maglie, Grlssom (9.5) and
from last year-but a pa"e the year. Third-baseman Jim Ktrealwal, sec6-3 ra" n.two other men are bein held Travers Stakes today at Sara- 19 2 Nebraska law limiting Westrum. Erskine (15-10) and
obld be a key ftor h nan stole home in the e Rosewall's;de;" tlt i l ed art' for using a radio transWmt.ter in to a. "Royal Co sand six fthtg to 10 @rounds. Boxing Campanellas.. l b r 0
that ide In mtnd, Er- Mve the A's their wiming run w the only Aussie still in an attempt to beat the horses. oer two-year- are efnter- rq say a title ffIght 'must be rk. 4 0 0
that idea n mind, Er- and Marion ricano his fifth ru g Hained s The three were picked up late ed In the co-feature at Saras- sbal for 15 rounds. : 8 0 1 0
expressed the Dodgers eatery at Narrangasett Park, t the Saratog Speciars Athlt Commi I Mue f 4 1
dint: The Pittsburgh Pirates swept a t in the round of fourbw i p sta y hloaer tarles Moon says he
o one thingglin doubleheader from ta. Larsen of San L >andro, pode by the office Of Ob M oeo .r I IlIternational I O. e l
We've got one tn l doubleheader from the Philadel-, e ., 6-1, 6-4. U.S. Attorney Jacob Temkln.iThe SARATOGA SPRIN0, New c.b.'t do anything about It be- .r, l 4 0 1 3
us," he *said. "The Giants phi& Phillies 9-5 and 5-0, behind officials became suspiciouson York.- A five-year-old hrsecauseit' a state law ... not 4 0 1
b8ad their bi streak early in Bob Friend and Jake Thies, while Another Australian ca u a It y noticing that two men standing named "Swoop" swoo down commissionn rule. Nebraska's ati, Sb 4 0 0
the year. *te Ml waukee the St. Louis Cardinals won a. er was 17.ear-old.R. near the $5 J- d s100 windows in the stretch to wlf t a ue- tourney general C. 8. Beck o p2I g s 0 0
S ives are streaking now. We battle of home runs to outalug. .ersn, w Thuraday eliminate wore hearln odds and bet at 2 e skill Purse at arato. A has tbd Moon the law Is olear. ba o:1 2 0 0
haen't streaked at all. But If the Cincinnati Redlegs, 10-8 in adLewis Had. Emerson was last minute. swoop..e t.eond anbor BOA adds: "There is nothing ---lie, p ag
we get our streak now--or in the other National League completely outclassed b H a m Hugh Frankel, the former Man until dey =t rn ednfor ho yo-or anyone else can do abous W |-Rhlods Ip 0 0 0
jlw week 4t can be enough, ames. Richardson of Baton Rouge, La., polleeman. an. rd Gerald Klen Then jockey Ray Broussard B" Teams W L t, r .
us borme. and lost in straight sets, 6-4, 6-3statione themselves near te opened up with Sw and theyr a or John Roseublatt of Toronto .
Sra meanwhile Card TESTERDAw S STAR Del bett g win Everett took a In theB0 n... s h Rochester 7, 490 i8 Totals s 3. M
Vic randallwhoOwn Williams, -year old rankl operatedthe rale stretch. Anchor Ma came on -I he Montreal 6 3 .558

r.^ s b Owen Willi old Fra "keli
or jErObu Jo15- neaY tana
a iaw wv a Mo. ot U...t
eea.os f1fiveseondsa ter
vi6sly ha upset Vic SexAs, At Most tracks, t mutuell In the field of l tGeorge Barton fthe- n
Seeded American. Machines Close adbmaticallyI
In today's battles it be when the starting bate ring It's the second straight win says the fight must !go 15 i Imer, It ; 0 .
Williams against Clark an Hart- open. At Narrang aLett, a lg i s for Swoop and his third In 11 rounds to be ,og.lpedas a TDAT' 0 KEULIW -od1es. lb 1 1
wigagainstRichardson. An all- dro p wen race starts starts ths year. Time for the world champonsh bout. Bar- Syrause 000000 000-0 1 1 ll
foreign final is extremely likely. A n albotl-dpshed looking mile was one-39 and four-fifth ton-new an N-B- ldreetor_ Rochester 000 100 30Z-4 5 1 ela 2 *
i the achines, sometimes sends over a fast track. 8woop also took a back-handed slap Ws, p 1 0
takes four or five seconds. second choice in the betting at Nebraska. Meyer, Zinker (o), Williams
0/Alotg The Fairway sn cthe Thorough- paid eight -90, five-0t and "Not only does Nebraska have (7) Loven uth (8) and Lonnett. Totl.
bawa Riaing Adalitlo says 25 three-90. an obsolete law, says Barton... Pone anRligan. LP Mayer. a-Roled out for
of its tracks w offer five and i also failed to pa Its B.I#aHR Alston. ....Iot o
ALBION, Michigan, Aug. 14 one-haUt million dolars In added Biggest payoff of the day dues last year and was dr -- I p p
(UP). By the light of the money rough next March 12. came in the third race at Nar- from membership." But o- r ,
silvery moon.., that's all the Three hundred thousand of that rangansett Park. Winner was says a championship fight can Ottawa 201 002 400-9 11.t M s,
fi~ltnation a pair of pro golf- will be covered in three s.00.- "Light Don," who had raced be held in Nebraska and will be Buffalo 000 000 100-1 5 2 rINn 0, Doubles Dark, Mueller,
will Home' Run In three Ca1 SAVINGS
oer from Michigan used last 000 races this ear two at eight times before and never had recognized ... provided It goes Itrib. -HadeWt Ree.e I Aeri on
night to shoot a nine-hole ex- Washington Park and a third at finished better than seve lth. 15 rounds. Mackinon and tlington
hibition math. arde State. Light Don paid $181 to win, $62.- Mass M. Johnson (6),Swart an
And they arly brke par. 20 to place and $20.20 to show. (8) Hudson (9) and Ryan. LP on bas M
Harold Quebbeman, profes- ass. R yor, H. Lopes, 5.O. M~aot rak ne l. Rf. of
-,teimann--, I,-t
steal at the Duck Lake Club w r noUSWattlngtO., Han Ison. M te-l rsoe a n0 u.
st Alblon, Michigan, and Ken 0 vnYgund SrL )ports as W | .lt h-Erskn*.= Bi-k -
White, pro .at the Marywood Vkcory Of w SU Richmond 006 101 100-3 'F1 lie. Runs and earned
SCountry Club st Battle Creek, U "--" Montreal 210 $00 oox-5 11 1 Magle 1-1, Olssom 2-, sk$
shot their match on the dark- Way H me Afer SUMMER LEAGUZE CAGE r Mont l Of I1 1 ll sknes (15.-10). L -
eaed Duck Lake Course before TOURNEY ForMORIk...Of I.wardel*.UuIer (4).M ... <1 ).n
a crowd of 150. iS" -IoBALBOA GYMNAS"U vJohnon. Lehman a a-
Quabbeman carded 3 SIn8 Ih I A .. 1 Thompson, Mayo, Rackley.
with five It", one birdie, two eN...YORK The Balboa Gymnai-m i w O Aug. 14 (UP) -
geys and a doublewbogey. HOLLYWTOD. Au .14 (up ) play host to the Cristobal's "A," Ken Lehman,plus the home run Havana 0. 0 001 0001 9 Thursday'. Belt, Viill
"and It o bo y hf camsP c l r who lW hC be repreeA" hitting of baterymat Charlie Toronto 003 0351 00x-7 8 2 JAMES AS
.u o s.fbasebalUlyer whosate-nuna Thompson last night enabled
They adidn'tloned themselveCoast Leal upe i Wed Summer ha li ere Ae d the Montreal R s toke ace p Lo ez, Cueche 3) and Noble.
t ulpoenfa en air-l rep or b Sur 1 ereat elatg no in the International kaegue Lmrdt and Howar. LP "H MT E
ast edlal indedon the f toa is by- RIChome byarbasketballtournament ssle d orrace.
the thud they made when hit- and without a 15 conra. lath Alust Thompson banged out a two-Ba.
WhletheeAta nd ie c siese ru h en the frs n
tine the uud, Be suspended, for a e al me from the urist to gieLe nnal e ade hn,
.". U PS r th batnob of t he o b toba .a_ neheh n a noGeydm, tee-boy ,e, ,, ,,orrnu,, w ileon th
N4 edthe two and one-h eav hour PhL t ... Claene flow- the s e come from three wayto a.trim.."o.erth
ma by mndnight. land ThPl Pday, aes dub pros- ws t communities.a, t iehmo V ....
Te1Bri res ...riday.wfe onh the Aon. ___n and.k.. .......-

L- D on'Aearly ofITol"do'wP the outfielder ib ht returnnntlhad bo oI-,a-e .oth of them a
... .......asge-t rd t ton- tha., er underbe, thus givig the rep l 0 .ll for

I..Zi e-l"elslonalGolfersAsso-ae e arLeses t r
has..he deposits aro acelp a eiod
.....di..n Mw. -. we,,,. of 48 w ks
SE IG H = ... : .
..d.ft .- Officlal want the it a bm& OthinTJ
W ot twith the All- son trai sboys, itOsea Indlidsal safety posmt hp iee, for jewelry and
C 8O.itg EIlW eed by osya haulf d tpratove os 'hu
s'ould prove to be an inIn
-..6= 60 e s .. -aball same to watch. i m m
cannottemrecalled alterrg1mDsmao
r"bmitke ? th-a- __e" M ew OWl----Leaue. Gambeela h a g
A*ore W fwlioneMled their te.o
new"oM~lOutS6d w =44 y 'AFmwtime
The Mrun"t a aa7.
Dbe dediusif "i aalte u ide
V" c a prett A lemin .a. ..'..ram ,",W A ,,,3 .. :b W IU R
= ,Mac, froin u
aon,- W sIm#m6 b s&uW em
5 .
.... .: 1I .-.6& JIL- 1 -1 u .12 i m m -, '"

4 '~'

, -. ,.,

'.. '-'. .

, 0 ,' *.' .. -i
. ..' ; ':,,,_It. .?,,

_ _


-~ :" *~

j" :


tCs rs J e, s Wt ,

SIs to lson to make it a
"" "" '* A1 'j" rw fght, for ti eas y

never managed in the bileagues before, until the end of the sha kik towatdcthe endlof l
. seaa, Bat iust weit till pc"t ye.arn. anI I s h towadt t he ndo
Sae 405le, rsmounds.
,,As the peasa. t pattern is developing, what with Grimm l Ss.. .uae ..... I .s n b tu
ha/ in gambled u,,es-,ary with his p-tching, ,ad the Iiedi- inw aun oa tlevelando is v
ceuity of the Dedgers' staff lbni but one of the clab's problaa ntrow a ght-ingout ofChiteandvlnd Is.
the deer wuold sem to b- wse o for the Ocantt. lytau rt wrstteally labeled "a 1 \'r m
." 1'. that don't have to play' the eary esad the a r sacasn tieelabel." He a
pear to be far en h me front of them t this stag to be e fleet-oot t around the ring
* Where the Ateneli deal hurt Grimm wee in the early stqge5 a ten ue la with a r- S .. AN
of the ee. OBvouegly, he ha ina. picked up added strength hean when h feels up to It. 0t. $IDD0 WSt
f ..the .trteh w.a a -erwi- he.c.nches iben corer-
4*ef or'ht with reasonable force.
S Pridetlt Will Haurride of the AL should be reminded that later moIws, by the way '900 IAO 7
when. fans pay to see big league baseball they also expect to is the reason why Castellau -: ,ININI MIC
see big league umpiring. The is staply o excuse for what ,has ast been bombed out note 5 0r I MAT
happened sa between the Tanks sad theTlgra thanthe two times it ha hppen BANNIfT y f
Desilte the ta at thee wee four umpre on the fild, there e ijn eiht tars. He hasa Cn *a
Sihe umpire who normally would have e the hadrun t recouped when belted
& to the outfield to Judge a possible trap p which la. of course,. Iy
I the proper procedure. But In the meantime. the umpire at first,
SSihe mIreat s aainhe e at hae In't move Again- t h thea mr eatheodcal C t F o b ll C, n'tf -

would rule on the play. TMhy either don't see At or the were making those aic work.
I too far away. or they thought the other umpire ould have sun-tanned young man frome Ion-

S natled back from the outfield in mbe to 1take eue o_ it hie-l. dlulu is a concerted and e *
to TF heerp,- feard.otss Big Ten-W hilel
Tmmy e onnoly. who used s ve L umpirinae Ju, wa if not a devastating, wnchr.o W 0i. i
Sthlwayaop o tedtouw Bin w hIthae du t ru a e e st/elh
Sthe uim a"ht shad. Andth oiright he str a- I, aedJo eIh s II
i T e nrWv ed ovue t, i


ite- Sat Sulu he m n WIuhinglon It week crown. He'll slow downCaslellan BI y BUAR GRASON the nn Big Ten slauhter f oral football practUee re nations.
his W r h, underwent o-.. with body es.... i. I Ma sports dktor the SP c Coast Conferee in Either that or the Pac Cast
NOW 1 a, 0 R CIC, _O, A0ug. 14B- Bin 'human and bhi con- tersecoa rivalyd alt s n-
cza op.. f it.e.' .vthe northern .eaZtae r one r t,. fu.,
a" to '~ e "qtg bee a" 'gle' e obual
o 6% 7dOFeet, g f The erefori iht t exec o
i *n hea the W iweor sbunh of gets to the flames be a bit more understao i ni, youths becoming Uaoreh
There must e times when the New York horse players o w feeding an a ready seething futuiremeetings with ther I, ult, blinded as h
'eri mus t' >? so which me to tears every New Y s Dtal y.
I wonder i .itIVA. w horeh while tribtu'to the annual a- ed oaraa u ldron a discontent on the Pa- fornia colleagues In regard to b- tears every New Years Day.
Sbenefut. Ths yearthe etI, In i day a t Jamaica, I then Tomm Ryan, mife coast.
o I Votaeapd by ke their dat was barred fro Its a travesty of rightene
Switch tradlt nd h th amsn of ia 1 Ruasell and Dismond at the referee. akr say those who poke dits a
Jim Brady at the u-, ta Without h, charity Predde and Al Weill. He was ruled out Of the typewriter keys for a living.
the bos cdt ot e rat, thit s,. they couldn't opera2hnty te td championship picture for peking They are merely reflecting the
I. tutg U a litte of their own money. Justhow it me lia bh sandman. cIn a- tTtion of.Pacific Coait.Confer-
,.wo adle and the boysf they couldn't count on the ,lon coe's ain ow are coaches.
SadleC .mtheOnly troublesnRocky Castel- od a Tt
/o a .aa-Yor k."-l-ablmeh; rhcmm ayu- w- the only doubles i-n -th e character builders don't likeI
/ "tlnEtle,. which c l.stwee lani's M11. ,the limitations. 'They don't cotton
I ".O. "-'- j Am ONxMOuTm And he isn't going to take any lto restrictions of any kind... at
S Attde Attendance aspirintabletsuntil he limbs in- any time which is preely why
,MoIe1a50 II MA attend lnc"34 $,1 3, to the ring. the grand old college game got out
M ond-.---o.............is2 57 -.M- -,1- ,,70 Of hand,
eny.a..y..&.. -:::::::::: a -nd. I LOOK WH
y 1136 7213. 3117ii 3,aCoast coaches have a legitimate
a2 7da.y ........ .1 17,. 4,11,9 S practices nfairlytshales them I
...., I Aft competition withthe Bing Ten.
4,Ttl w ieta i Western Conference Institutions
s ...... 1, are allowed 20 days of spring
Thi s P tha It hat1 F' i ..reddle and the boI need hep all rigt.EASLIWN Jwork. Even so there have been
ractlce cutbacks in the Midwest
Mon ttted was double that ato thebetting 4 ra c te EDDIE FISHER
Is rep se haiybuWocttene edoor practice
. tpl The l ...thing Ievelr, to doAapa fie0 ded wrpttan or c S doorprtce star in Februa..ry

i s the big_ towntoroJesewy.eekJuswtasoppens when catc -er'sreach.N ow m- Callfornila eoaehes -who usually
I _,. th.Oveoran .the".. m ra._l"cm "s.o tat a cam- .1 ...O n a bdsen ad, d rndeds D.r5 pomr ru nre idpllT "

wa to put m te r the state treaury not e. the ball runs, the saebn exnr badcise on The p e
is blamed out I the bft town for -our weooak just so Preddi r e'i th wi dupn the Rs Bowl on New H d
and the byos can pretend tbp are living in &4 gaynos. How may the better take?-NBarr. ear's ay point out that they are
111011 longer dao we hav to stand for this nonsnage? Afd What Ammwer: One. A bal lat of being given a bad count. The pres-
WVa = omet as40 the ballpl h ad stuck i ~i nts of conference schools write
%s some o we send them to Atlantic as 'I the rules. The California members
cit7 y t aloOrow)). or t lhesm wt time the next buasl- "p's wak must abide by the vote of non-
no Q". ,Pitts ,*burgh oute sGolden State conference presi- hasIitaall n H .. I
Q. Outseld S eWydents. PrresidentBobSproul has litealy gone HOG-wild to
do they call him Gus?-Hermn California d Chancellors Ry.
Do_ mond Allen of UCLA and Fred
S_ S Fagg of Southern Californip are V I
A. Bell was a catcher as a merely outvoted by the presidents
.d u aed up north.
r a ne suggestionis to use a lttle HOG reaches 100,000 steers in Plml a aand
f I f jof the league's share t ose tlRo
bat. Bowl swag to send the presidents annually.
iI. Ray Shalk, the rat White Oregn and Idabo and Washington With the easy, better listenng offered by stars
Box catcher of 19M2ti was born State and Oregon State to wishes (Gloria de Haven, George Melachrino ad others, spo
adl in llos Wh wasen sales-doUlar than any other advertigin medium.
wCrase niack
A. w alkaam Balhoa July Fourth
ttlelfternFint Baseaa N ham I I
aearanceB be J eTournament Winner A SIMPLE PHONE CALL C,
KTournament Winner
Ohio Famer hi Margarita Series WORK F
*fl Ui After subdn all opponents
IHad Own.W In theFrth ofly Bsket- PHO NE 2-
Si r. '- ball Toernament at Balbon,
SI I II With Uniperta entry into the lath-
WM 5 Nomlan Invitational Tournament
wJNG STAONG Was automatice.
COLUMBUS, 0. Aug. 14 (NEA) Led by J. BOey, D. Sail, 0.
-.4. S. larey was call to Eng- Kouray, W0e1rake, M. Silver-
land in 18 because his repu- steen mand MeArthur, the
tation Ir sno~ul qavae bornes. Unlspert entry will effer s tf

Make sure it's
im- .qt -

f youi O.ila4s
ra. fsoie SCOTCH wfNaKr

competition to any opponent
The M tjeam they wUl plao
gst at 7:8.L it 3 y eamj,4

fueem ha" wfam In mal
aftumm. .

-- ," I|Thursdey BelI VIdgt





itner ich internauona 1 aI v r. a
The Royal and Ancient is a truly I-
international sport apd it h a si .
n pr ally creaming J4 a
sh VSti yt..* -Ark.J

K* ~

a .V0. cI HC .AGO ( -A) IL this 8 -L
IIwitinIIu atl ne- you alway have i. t
w h a t'I spe*0 I W
When I sat down for this week- asI
ly battle with the typewriter, eo
wlO -W A f looking ahead seemed imipou lUe
is td out the window om mo ato
S, Mr- a 0nd L fter ai little bit ome v nu
I I t would win the World Cham l one
Ship and for it, George S. y ne
.dr *I Th.would put up enoufh cash rindn
I A commitments to make a co6l1 joi
With those kind of g green oa u out
ac^pons beie bandied about, the N
S look-ahead business semmed a lit- into
S tle out 6f reach for me until I
nam vo \looked up the next tournament on
TO J The et time t time I play in com .
S- V uPlUIOUYTrn tuition. you see wll be in tb i i
--e -=-- 1Canada Cup Matchei over thea
Strolling Larval-air-le-Lae course in
Ow v11*, Montreal Aug. 20. 22
SPIN*, The other half of the American
S1,, )R'4 A entry. I might add, is Mr. Samuel T4
IB Jackson Snead.
I've played with Ben Hogan and Ft
Jackie Burke and Just about any
name in golf, but this is the first o
\\ I '- time they've paired me with Mr.
w 1. m oSnead in a four-ball match.
Well be paired against top golf-
era from other countries In the
y H second i itallment of what JohnI
Jay Hopkins plan to make an
annual event."
i t used to be stAfrica tly the United
States and Britain when You
mentioned international golf, ut b
now we see entries ruIg fromU,
Egypt to Switzerland in this -
t vent.
From South Africa you have A
Bobby Locke. Peter Thomaon is ]
from Australia, Dal Rees from
S Wp, I. Ueo Grappaiohnle repre- i1
gseants Italy. You run into Anojmtio
DT" L .erua of Argentina, Celestino Tu-
ornperIelf got of the Philippines and down i
l Compete whole page of jolers fromi oth-
er lands-au of them on hand just E
lay 72 holes against Old Jim iRoc
S I anSam nead.
S nac Iecl'^f The Canada Cup Matches bave
,the makin of perhaps the fines I
tournament in goif because ofd
&Une- Acn in_6-n4-1 RI -K..vor-

M-n-M, Color

,, ,

P 1Y~'

n.Ar v MHoI^ .
ik Rudeon, Piper Imuleu
EdWard a Rolnonb lum t
-'iN GLASS '." I

'EAL --

,tof efo i e wi
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"Let the people know the truth and the untry is safe" Abraham i w i ya

ow.-Senate e* leconf* ere .t iesn Isen ow er laa ur res ggl n amtne at
WASHINGTONA 14(UP' EARePANMA. ILF..e, 1thA.494u....
ented to reach final aR"ee- 'r t wIs ] w

it prsede Eisenhower Plea' Spurned As She nateI t' oe
e these major points:N C ag d l lon the beach n ,

l Dy Pn rice- supports. n o "u e thsas fte _lass wherethe
e rtRejects Hs Atomic n ergy Bst.
P nls O oostprice s- 3-WASHINGTON. Aug. 14 (tUPIportance" to the vital Interest becomes an economic source of l i eratedin T.
ram -The Senate spurned a last-of the United St ates and the electricity, REA cooperatives expp a s
minute plea from President Es- oause of world peace." "should and will have protection that r e hould be t
House voted on a two-year enhoweryesterday and rejected The Fresident denied the bill as reference customers." rant r as practca- I l
iuThe Senate, acting In a com promise version of his would create an atom monopo- Bi Democrats, spurred by ble" to it MBA o-ops and .
Switch Administration de- Iotly-debated atomic energy bill. ly. ie said he had examined It Democratic Leader Lyndon Ei. other public ,bod.i e, .
a ad permanent pro- The action, taken on a 48 to 41 carefully and believed it would Johnson, charged that "three lit- Sen o Guy M. Mltet (D--a A -1' te fi ip osd an AB DEMO-NSATE A
t plan is to pay pr- roll call vote. returns the meaa not hurt the nation's rtal tie words" in the comprise bill said that would -ive .the AEC Andre s- an In 'rol t hi se Ma xOf bt .e
Sot of tariff collections, ure r to a Senate-House confer- electrification cooperation pro- could kill the traditional custom discretion" to faor public pow- Collan ho terd ri
difference, between marketience committee for further com- gram. of Iving public power bodies er groups or not, "It chow.* COIn Whayes t erdaty after. 45i c ro
.and support level. promise efforts. it further dim- He said protection of RF.A Isf6rAchance- on government-pro- After a hasty buidle with ryton Ccilr t Ga ardo. The l th-_quarIn an efftit toht
Shangesi nnaonal fores d uponfopetfor puickmcongresion- onenfthe -bascandn rftnt dueedpow pe mHthathte as ------
senate adopted a section (AIa.) Senate floor manager ate legislation to kno-. .k out the H Y A. Gordon, a 34-year-
woull Rive Tzin Permit for the bill, warned in advance three-words if the Benate would old Panamai ann was found not
the right bu d hm5 that such action would kill thet accept the compromebill. uVi On a charge of ste aling.-,
lads and to retain "ro Presi.dent's list ofmust" le s- this"planasone of th m o r .

interestoIn thes I-ss Othmostfod tospital
shocking arguments I ever heard Iror r clesa dril 6earr
t. The House bill dorl .,ally ha.mmered out in a in the Sena -." He coled'It an !'old Puerto Rican I
t m e a s u-rl _o. .e i .md .le s i g e d t o f os t em a d e ." _i n cid e nto U r r e d o n B o r in q u e n '
res vote next yearn industry, permit freer atomic n. o -
he waT a [o p change 39wiehballes ann dopen itaries^on accusedKnowlanOdoftewto r *,WAwNho Ao.. 14 (U) Demparc and R "--:

Would be ra W 100 Foes of the compromise ver- words would be d fea y voted a-

mrienit r that hers"t Insisted, however, that It power "interests" ewouldIn, onreae lThefederal debt sood aa bbo
the crop-about 500,- would result in an atomipow- e seping the comprombSenlan- .ne ls- l
needed or domestic er monopoly. They said an ae- guage. u a Tbe action came after Chair-
Consumptlion. On the re- ceptable bill could be agreed on t u man EugeneG D.i Mildikin (R The administration htu
th.ey would receive no wiL ain a few deys if House George, dean of the Senate In of fW Colo.) Of the Bseate Fnance mated he edreedsd" 5u
at atll members would accept Senate nepoldt of service, said he consid-c Committee, tat = .bout 'ttea
.t etAeear demands. t ered action "the most important WABSMOTONAult. 14 (UP)e"rnment.41o8d 10etpa,.tI" .... e -,
way was apparently cl ear, Immediately after rejecting vote I will cast in this session The Senate has put up funds witlots te adde loeway t- have en noW, -.
tA n P conferees met yester-,the compromise. the Senate ap- -- s to pay a lawyer to help f-n The mearh, stalled for mor o the'a
explore these points for proved a request for a new con- Josp .R. McCarthy defend than a year In the Senate, no a
In. which e nate trence committee to consider .e ,ehp s -.w.. d m o mptho. against t censure charges, goes to the House which TW aEng
up Its graztg section the Issue. in It was disclosed yesterday. last year to Increase the debt defl aee an
e. ou ttm would abandonS enate members were instruct- Il.nsn r cJm u0 ii ue e eit.. on a perpm ent bams by.1 w i er
wheat proposwaled to Insist on the Senate ver-Se Arthur V. Woptea(R-sretfull 15. bt e-dolo sr* itios a
tte tbiUtah), ha s, nan of thel sought by.le _our

albridht (Ark.) and Harry F. Ml Clement At ( is kby unidenetUWSovIet -The Admlanlrationa oolal e- esday. M t w
Sd (Va.) oined S Republicans dintArles on his arrival in Moscow. He is ep rout d urty toda faced only a few McCarthy. who had requested The, senate bill wold rae. ,
M o u the compromise. China with a British Labor Party delegation .oor hurd leas to fins. over Wloalnh ol a eectedto thle ant ,TS,-bilit-dollA..r t,
The five Republicans voting a- tlonal approval. -tnorei to write Edward B. WillamWuehlaugelegalIeit'an thedation-al debt s.
nTtYc Au. i P we, Se.JonA broader bl C-mbiled Tlast ton a or who has re to 281-blio but onl June
Au 14 (Up)D rsat st o Sa.) il T n 8 -JohOnSh M e e f T O O feC U S S ig tin the rush for adjourn- him in a p st. eyre 30, 19 6d5p A re itn h fl M d
today that he's "tooOer (N-M.y Georle W. Malone Meanwhile, Informed sources The. federal debt stood at
't gt to NeowYork Wid (Nev.) and Milton R. Young Th Se h natep d its verAslort lad McCarthy may start-a.ew $aV4.130,000.000 Aug. 10. he vacancTeh, incudle
waith"wih poucalone- (N.D.) ofe the S outhet Asis and bill to expand coverage heain oneatege d Cnmuntat After failing on fear-16ng ef- pot for .- u--are_ li
o n uWoh r might keep nbe Ofe I and liberalize retirement bena-fitration of the A rmy this forts to get action from the edn thelattwrervaeay
S... m thet of his M--ni- m rtly before the vote, Hick- ufit at d sent .t to Senate- fa nance committee. the adminia- buetin issue d thi week the
gur thel' Iome6toxthMre 1 111100p0rMmadepublic a letter -- House conferencecoitt to traton ct back its original re- Personnel Bureau at Baboa

to Wm ewll rtax l c harg tee i. for gn Preis terdenbld opendS pt. Baglo U outdife rene s with t heIt wasthquirye close to a ratp orary forn l H eC

f thalOe HW. 7 0d t -at ag oe W IN GO- Uss fe S Ith e d mSAt4- Uates w)aie selth c n e n e th -opl r' h.. V a., "e e at .. ... 'a -rdte t .o e e'.ii bn-slfor'
HB Is H de in e he Sw01 2p a ors m un ciqe d h a to e rab cme agreemet would e pr or after vehhours ofetne w henf the hghtt f ooev nt e po ded nl t f.6-h scon al wo r er upryr t

tso-ed e ohe unir l Moa-uy shear T tt r r Ra Fou cmq e pchatrons ar theie reT.
toleda h offer dOD~ problemhe omo Frec rwc als arue at the araaym.,,,rf.,,nenet Aubge 30.r nh uti't"ane derme ,r "r"t' e. S ,,
F w,,e po es m frt a"lm Phl bythe eoorn. ."..d" .-a.pines S.t h uthat In. tompts' t o

A g a i nttro yo ree r co nfr e nc wt te io n' of thed t oh ab h I eevego d o C h efdif e en c sh e x ee a l ,B me t u rn t W sh olla r t em p or aryraft
S e n a t e a ndiH o u s e b illsdI n v ol v edes a idmt hes ug 3 0b -r a d e cS o In o, .o dN Dt h e in .' .D Li n e r
drgLAos adcaurola Bould LUonc iig -

S d f m i B a F c u l N r Ai France, A:s 14 O PEN S W ED N ESD A YM
Ur at the citv of Wubai in l .. r.T.e admiUPnis tratten persons,dmost- HEr-, g, r t- -r ,,r,-, ;teewo-be.-- ith r6..
had bnported eerl st 7mtml f o the edSt mai y col.Tre dw SUPER.PRODUCTION AT THE p o t.A f
I, t".C.t. I t ."asr Pmontd y;Organftation._. ... ,1 nTRAL THEATR-...

ed the A l Another ouths wereI njur-
019 tiedc e rt a the 13thor .-"y T H E C OM Na i
vitims raziged betwer 15 axW TAbe-is
: -" ..:dent. n ld the ages of the! HC OM J.IIIAU LU 1 .li.) ..V0
Thebr 8 tfailied as uthe bus i
drove thte Is" Moan-

l .r.ce... e wn.g s ....................
and f Curve

N0110 W.'gh, tS _!Of eqnw
:'~~~~~~~~~S .. .. e ,,,: ,=.......W. I a~i
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~A .. ki :. -" ,, %.. ,
'. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ w l do "4:W "-'"." .. .'I'N.-. ,. _.." ". :;- .* ..:= "

nIV '' i'' i i'

*: ;. .

~'E ~''

ee .


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