The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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oQIO pende llbe recently, it waterdau nh e as d rigtes .wi be used 't blocking tate n
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tis Th s b* bald** I* emS*rlraim5. M snd skilled workers wh ew
..- ,sIe y l-e Mrfng unions publ Toish a "
e,- IsB hteSl s keson Ummi, newspapers urging their s 'e
S, -- -bers to sabotage the U.8.?
JAMAICAN PEN PALS You may not like It, but you've
got it.
12 Bryden Street, AFL observers here have been
Brown's Town, screaming about it for over a y "r.
Kingston P. 0. At least two U. S. senators bae
f r: "knownofat and publielyde i
We would be very grateful if you would publish our name n It eight months a m
your pen w l column. The name n .tae s owurchasinge i eoa m
eormne Delgado, 2 year obld 000 worth of defens.deA
We live a roae dlrd sand are I interested in Panama- dda org l pla a re pm
alnas. We both are single and would therefore be more int e- lag for In Communist -mamd .
ai In someone of the opposite sex.V .-even 'in Communist mne
To be frank Miss Delgado (Loraine) is interested In a om-
panion. Please note, we are Jamalcans. Ta fact, millions of dollars

ti-Communist workers are tWtr
Anti-McCarthy Candidate '. "'ink"" o Iby
nd By E is ne There is one recent series at
Endorsed By Esenhower saw,000000 ordero..
sand an $18000,000 order,.
--.-'o-- a factory employing
WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 -(UP)will aot deliver it until after Con- who are members of theo
dent Elsenhower ye s t er- gress quits. .. in labor eder .s
se a petition that he op- 3. He plans a day-tong, asWtiW I. The smaller or de wa
tesenatorial candidacy of with his Cabinet tomorrow- at net sufficient to guarantee lon
p. Clifford Case (R-N. Camp David, the Prealden' re- time production and there w ,
wose anti-McCarth stand treat in the western Maryland lost prestige among the a
spli New Jersey epublic- mountains, sie workers in the anUt.Co
St wo In connection with the Case can- plant.
Pfi resident, who endorsed didacy Mr. Eisenhower was re. The answers I et to my .qus.
esther this week, said he minded he once had id i effect Uons all add up the same re
s the l ofa can- that as head of the. epRN UhG fraa: 'These wwks prosnot
GOP sol' have. He Party he would support all 01 really Communista. They iuet voU
New Jerae public cansa candidates nominated in their r Communist and paytheirdue to T have been following the v
minntd a man whose con- states. te Cmmunist30r tod widet of J. Fred Nu
recordd he considers they're nice pple, dl*ea the.TV pe, edaiderable
a toldhsnw The President laughed and co. from te Rusa Lres se hit ip reminds,
Setolds his news ceded he had made som general. Well, just drive- across northern ts of
seen a tele- izatior that did not stand up. Italy, through the industrial beilt greamen re
.i tf MNew Jersey Then he" weft n' to praise Case and. Aw ints the PormlNar am, r past.
us T"h ey reportedly as an honest and honorable man as I have. Around Florence alone rave seen do not entirelyun-
wi ud not support Case and ast t kndof .candl ite 46 out of 50 industrial region may- semble some of the dignitaries w
the chief executive's Re ca sold ors are pro-Communisa. They whit over to Paris to see the gi~
the nominee out of Iis1f ia sheO the U.S. nd our de. and who inevitably wind up rid
So d e h e stege eforts every cane they a camel in Cairo.
oralslo told rmthatN ifb ealse to thea t seOF t
hmA'i. IMtw. 1A I' 1 hell aGir- k i~ut it% with his


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B rees, meut pproblems iin, Bu fa^ e Ijp pb ear.e of the totw that the obb ae i e cr he i sMy tto e *fin as I waeiseP.
Si l an S mh Ju st ar, Fd ab lat s y
f thi I tate t a a potthcal maxb fhtrs for us, are ist e ite s frr Ies of t t a Onet final warning : a fa'adaa ory ant att should be. the a
.m east pry memdl ers. Their the UIf b ts wh6Jug cto a hde ieak is the bd H. aad~. anr
Ne l be p la n omnea off the shtlvesiatt t @bbe lsti amo dg t he m n a ptiof in nzha Ha e to

Ikni f i Junt HI U cer .cal od "fao W of ta -"-' e the subt rsivna etont of o and Tantour cat to co me and claw him. -.r, and it is tme, sa Blae th l .

S S the~ i Sab f~.i.htr o Aparie tu e fus of to verboten on te sam lcss ing with gn -
Tm 6 Zskdttgglt, saks against it Mr gs is rict a swi bat there is nothg Bthe the b eve POWER LO*I gtATO
1us) yaoe nt*uig ales they" are operator, [e already ha seen a print about the Immunlty of ud .We area c
'. to a n good 1it of Ku -and lna bhis American television star who k ,I a lea_ "I was one of the esai sionr.
a r t8 report koo inerary to tt n Cairo, haupena to .be a chimp, s w my. te fl t who.drew up the at

S- ried 42 PeIo an t 5all or ai worersth

if4ao thsp the" mda.Isra eWar Of Words h
A& O -guitar 4oe ase wrGkr. ByPiy Edson -
ofSS3 ts o 8 C nt0 diheu a wr iluet p aa --0c-e a remnd m6 an
VAXS Lo I 'M p n Of the t3ta t the e ude coos h p d nti .a n m o l a pd WI wad so
out wl lo n s toP pointe umal sna lute tion'a z o f blems, WAS r INGTON ( A) china reveals them to be* s beat d e
whenithd4dtoweh eCover Ts mens tat the iom- n w m h in tn.ate ,uate. Neverthl .- a M s A ft _I"
e wfh pate I S 'T S Rubber tree mut e fgter worker, at ndochina puatrbe ad ormaIon Ag enA y p has 4 leave aof oif N w w. n
i n f w read s out the "splendid geaasund In a a ther e 1 ituag- swun. o o es _, a h umu .tto a ti
no e sbf e s o s rai dly a It's a macim of the e e aga htu in Coe s t'
Wol a Pl emink was dry on -tes .t To proit e SD. s t othe
.racles, cand} relu and active te Geneva agreement he dea c apk t h b d lm e an
--== fhiy ta aSe .! to a le t 0s1o set. trotted out a corefully-plann blsi phc l o r potderu t 6 sato hls ldtw f
3 Nlwlls40as deis" I '-abe"a g. tome'oftae ds. e prograin based on ngh they have to el a democracy Isn e foAd9061
Pa" te asfumptl of a truce stua- ig o Uth UIAr cause wfs beDry Electuto
4 t499 0 I Lntra "Tah pned s te.Sa. ad t a nig t to sta y a rt now from a t
A'dYout oo these minds araaftome werb k of scratchtn toie trhy
smbbte 4nodb itofy2..seg. .wat pat sore imecaaev e ndot yet aree hae enwrn..

l am r5 Der-an o ftier a iyto m n Armyn whio i ob obemor. ae, t wo ibppithai ^atap h
.uthopSa--t heirow Co Ln iatt m a. omneyHadere on hori

wh torn troult mm o fv5ert to treHina n t lom ro oyInes lund le ghslae elciln ivt rS h T- Va.

't Itltors toh eom. Sppu.1y to twanhim tmma=b I s some ft1
moww- s ais afel AtbtDqCtohi
tern ,o ao rm iwlr ben ato Crle preas s. .e ha s a reatd ad
su.1toib e 10. Af oicah*1 like cLaInot ove s elti4A

weioschat alyd t m RI dr ni Depameent w
iendsn4telWerA.of LAbSIFow.arteWissoe Iye t S
skaytateo o w t ean. ee se-t toe under t ooth t

.pelstti td debate oe-c
3t de group4eLegaleponte nin th eheqrt e yes thatsAt.
we I23eXindoms 1omitts, h as ad "to hipror tim e upAt U. S. Whasaires

-10 1d acco .. R8 O a b m mr
trotted out a--honat1, ose

d ... he ta t M a against in a dismpal fan .r' SIDE G .t
ansew-n ,.. .....t. N-m...eqtod a.
free go-d --farm. all ho
T l ... .o m..... under ter' m s...... he trust, 111--1mat go. 11, 11 ) i

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=t namel o-f U f -rf qi

Genuine Plipplne

Lux Xiotan -1

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-*-. A^


hinds '-" T

I- 1711 I II i l 1 1
SNo.3 F.. do l Ossa Ave.
(Autmqonb Row). Tel. 3-1713


has more BARGAINS! __

Do you want Ive. mother peom eO ls?
mas your new a ba moaem s n Pe. i ;,h.m
whit Chv roet mVm you-the Al OeCmjm
lng low-priced car. Come in for a demtraio -
I :Ii3

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Buiek ;- OL

You, of course,. are the only OM who can Otee whih ow.ba6u.r -
best f6 you. But you might well c s r ."ths: Ch avroe', do6 ""
of Boy by FiLr. t the look Noth inm '
adieris ls Amai A best!

'EDES, S. A. Pana'iaw

NICUTT, S. A. Col6ni
dnmobUe and Chevroleg Dealer


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maket. spying c oAflsr in
piscetim. asg wen as War,
2. Give the g ernat power
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No. 1O .etrai Avenueo


TO fiEB.S.A.

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on" ta kZUt dor of the trocs In *
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e.s.agw.h. .eo:rhva irect
suaftU 1.o -ami, dl
in Manage mand mva m A
canft '. AMna.g-Web l bMAr-


The Loawest Rates
from PnMu


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. ,.," "... :-- S, O I 'mw i

Gi ve bur

Switth th S


emory 'aj qnii

master Calendar

%Remembers to wind itself Built-in "m
changes the DatecWindow every 24
IImpervious to vwiter, dust and
shock Justrset it and forget it. ,
The new .elf-winding Se kater Calendar watch is .
the most faithful ervant f time ever devised by
Ildactaking icieace.... telling the eat time and
,day of the month... ccurtely, automatically., -
You can discard your wall calendar, you can forget
old-fashioned stem-winding. The instant you put on
your Seamaster Cendaw it starts winding, itself.
Every flick of your wrist stores up the power that
Iceeps it going... enough so that even dff your wrist y
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every 24 hours. Simple, sturdy, foolproof... the
Seamaster Calendar is the most carefree watch youth
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hours 'r


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Why is.Omga famous for precision?
SitfirMs swr tp, Om b s rated m *of
I&s wrs Awn arin waksh at the famwu
w..i vuuiew s j is i GCmA (Sitteria)..



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$apf oKs 8 To Compel
Testirniy Agi'nst Spies

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aet jii s omebody come Ia aperso's private Found her
tou aM Afts, "How masuy a new husband, almost. yAnd ou
Iof 4W iu aas the NBC- never can tell what will happen
'bOi n the last with her new show.
4M VI"Just smile and
SOne hundred and fifty- Maybe this won't sarisn you,
but t surprised me.t m
t digent NC women who used to worddp mali
Treeeatly. And, nee Idols are getting p e
SI tfacln 't enough for They've developed amin
aptothat-4hey used 600 The gal who reads ftan m er
w miarpa anin the same at CBS-TV's "Morninag ow'.he
.. that Charles Collingwood Bets
t you didn't know THAT!! more mail-and with more
passages-than many
fl5 vision's tremendous impact stars.
Never been doubted, but did
) ever stop to tffink what it TV TOPPERS:
Bans to be a TV star? Every-
sere you go, you're recognized. JACK PAAR (CBS.TV): Our
M must watch what you wear, dining room is early American.
hat you sa, whom you're with My daughter Randy's room is late
I's that "whom you're with" Winky ;nk.
Mines that causes trouble for
"llgene Coca. This fall she'll have
own NBC-T'V show, but for The dawn comes up like orange
rsa, of course she was associ- blossoms.
ed with Bid Caesar on "Your
yw Otf howwL" Most of the skits Shirley Booth says she's never
ey performed on that great pro- nervous at first f rights. "I'V* e t
am bad the two married. And a placid diapoiion," she ias
y performed so convincingly, placidly. B-u she admU taie
parently, that many viewers here s one occasion hea es
ought they really were married, usually nervous. That's when isle
hbey are married, but to two doing an actor's benefit-the aud
ferent people. tence- l generally loaded with
"Bid's been married to a very actors.--
mautiful irl Flornce for about It's no busman's holiday.
years, B ImOgne 5ay, "and-
S i or a good num- CBS's Mike Wallace gets his
r of rears to a great guy Bob first big-time eating break next
~rton." fail, when os Into the new
). The stage is set. Sid and play, "Reclinin Nude," Abe Bur-
tence are married. Imogene and rows will direct the show, which
b are married, but people think has an art gallery setting.
it Bid and Imogene are married.
btas-aotion-confusion. Denise Dareel, emee n Dus
'Once." Imogene began. "my Mont's "Gamble On Love." sas
Band and I entered an elevator if there's anything that kills o.
a. fh Avenue building and the mance, its false teeth.
frtor winked at me and asked,
ier's Sid?' Bob shot. back "Who can compete with Cheva-
has to stay home and lier's smile wearing an upper
hildrea plate?" she asks, with her. upref.
geta the same treatment., ive shrug. "American mean are
oene-sea, only perhaps a little wonderful, but the bridge ti the
fI- l MI. ve he goes out mouth-it is just not romantic."
Nj teII, Fhih is naturally
her fleuen, a's certain to
orear somebody saying some- LUXURY TRAILIB PARK
Sabot, "Tbhose TV stars, al- OPENED IN BAN DIEGO




-- --..
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IKE L,.': .:



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About These Della





COVIR unused
* ette with Tap
>s potctcire.

IMPW ANTi B mm you Pt/
the ur. Look for M adt u
en "Scotch" Brand in the
oonvwent med and pesn holds.

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sic tsoneA ,.in .?iM.
,qwfcf ^tw ^iw -w. _


Annual China Sale!


Sfor h for storaPk
bawaIinM nts. fo r temprhyu r p ir..

mu LU. by MNOTA MI, & MM. CO., i tad


,-,a ,-,t BY : x WILSON 5CRUGQ9

am / r M UonwOfit Tuv su w.




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N BiUmKAAT .' Aomwing
M.- fte i te tb W Ml
of- New Cxftohehj.,..,

*-jf -*

Fesh.n- Up Your K

Of $uiae Garden

tea A. Raudtle P a at th
Henduraa Embassy reidenee.
Lavjp aso VaeTleas
.Mr. iad Mrs. wimaN maiey l
BalbOa wl laveb tomormusow

W ?

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led the lart hb for I
ith the ten of pad
led the ten of heart
coul4 only heplealp a
Dummy overrglfed
and now the last dia
from dumiM. J.a M.

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9'4*aan At NICE d
As gifts or bridge prices, those so lid sil :r
sugesaos in Ki Repouse.

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#U*O Ela to.
v 7 .iVamae of

SCOLORS and my 'ther


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are 6 Iold-'

x." saNS aummi gr..
Sfonds to care forit vIC.
tmi lotaulr ad the matpoml goup
S alo was wuaiat Wfuandsw eare
for the victim.


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S e ife of ] pMl .

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tbs. antma a M
'Well O I smog "

The comnlate. tilt newbooks
the lbroy toB'wsett hi
Ron-ftio: The nre
of Ual'bY It 4Way Np-
by by T
alee wiod bY O.
e of Rld
fi MiMb Fl by
The Watcher at the

"o.t 14.

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b"BA or v -A
iet's'take' rnfltelM'oeine in

luaiilaad V combined
with G aArm -Jer
plenti 5-f40 iuw
ye or salad
B ;fr!( and
mild flavor
f l sa Small

a ndr, tnd
e.09 b Wy sal d
i"e x ,.ems am re
b Inwitb thee other
greenis, get a 1Tooy iterestila
Coerr,.avAilable the year
rod' rn1 Itsrat moth in
~lyO. "' b a =0, .as
iotean, *mBmn.lumble vitamin
aud mneIIa tad hIs only S2 cal-
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-1 --J ---muataramt iy, is avail-,
able Wt aberk beaIts peak
Salad .iNMa' hM be waitedd
briea y a thr are brout

liase.. Wstv vil1 t' lyave.
arist Mt

Ma6 aa so*

Nar, dkor
a- I

The greens should be shaken
and dried. as thoroughly as pooa.
ble and then wrapped ta paper,
cllophane, cloth or other .eover
Iug a- placed in the refigera.
tor. (Ventilated plastic ba asm
especially effective for this aste
'Western Salad Bowl
One or 2 garlic bu4s, % cup .sal-
ad oi, 3 quarts crisp, chilled nJas
greens, 6 tablespoons salad o.1,
tabepo Woreesterare sauce,
% tespon blael Pepper, I tea-
spoon salt, % encp vintage cbewee
mndded, % cup lemon Meue,e t
cups crip toasted bread cubea (%
inch thiqk), I egg.
Cut garlic buds in half- and adfd
to the % cup oil. Let stand several
hour before serving. Te
gree"sInto pieces and p]ce Sa
ar e sawoo e nowL
Cmbie 6 tIbletsposFl, *r.
ceters*e acea ueer, and
cees.. Pour this dessipg over
Bref0 eg over the toee
. %tp h o er the oaiube3d
Toss slightly and serve e,
while toast in sU crisp.

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to faemeld. Pond'$
"circl.-e1eanM i*oftens and
foals ou embedded dirt that
makes pow lee large. skin u !t
look muddy. It laves your
aki ia.a Jideyciean.Bines
p fresh color. Helps your ski
look fier. Timsue of wel.
Now, a snowy "riame" with
fresh fingerful. of Pond's Cold
Cresin. This time, t(Wue off
ighdy. The invisible traces of
cream left on you a in soften
overnight, protect by day.
S&a now to w e this word.
namoua beauty care. Get

da4nter of the Due and ebe l
Maulh lass livuedga toeoUUmted
Stes naeher' rriag, Mn. Rsdl,
iP hai' esquuite y t ,





De 1se U iwpte made by.Ml ,
S-ar. r l l prtMg on ar IaleUlms
.. .M a .A TOR LnOAr, .i

.1.1~" S.-


'-'- A
.. .. ..r. .. ..

- -~~-hm~*.


-, '~ .iqIp~&

-- ;i--


------- --



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kUOM y&1*,Sa, .. r-e
mdu~e.a .

"" A.R W"
v~~,9tn=- rn


1 I "V



rw~~r *''T"J w-c

'~ '

A A 4e

,O-S -;

litrtid uriue. hit-
nlht. toble; also besuful
cvaeddiMnlngroom jet. Phone
, 4..0; Patriciop wedge-
I e,; wonder horse toy 13;
IIorM needs repair $3. Dol-
44744. .
4- Complete sett venetian
ifType 336 house, almost
rnthogany dresser and benrh.
41, Coroxoh. Phone 2-4225.
LLE;-195l Bendlxfully puto-
i'0-. waher, 60-cycle, used
wnths $180; "mon's'i7-ewel
watch, perfect $10. Clayton

tW$. SALE .--,O-cycle refrigerator in
S ood. condition $75,; 66-cycle
Failroting electric fan; 25-cy-
ing machine motor. Phone

k iE--Chst of drawers with
fr,; .Deslpfree andIce cub
celer; studio couch. 3 pillows;
I radio; dishes. Warna blender.
Jtljie $01-0, Cyau j^SALE:-Two 9-t, pa ne screens.
ar tion ve s
g hone'alb oa 1931.

." BARGAINS! Dropletf
, *'chaIrs $25; okfapi cot-
f 5; Ioun : choir. trick
cover cuioUn 35. Ex-
fdltlo.Te.I..-2233 or
-2-. rsfr 3101. ,,Cuunu.
(A .^-a E.-, ,lte~or. ..<
r 106-B- Abrga5ok6Z2Z
-Moieuwcayow'fe" tdbI#
ol mahdgny chof"re Isp
a ocaW enl ls.=mn chwfrNp
2 aleql~k ti rh Al lchairS

,.ly, -n 34


FOR SALE:-1951 DeSoto sedo41s-
cellent' condition, radio.
owner. $olboa 2117, from 9 a.m.
to 4 p.m. JosS Riesn.

FOR SALE:-1952 Pontiac two.dow,
good condition and good ,trW, low
mileage. Reasonable. Boib 6344.
FOR SALE:- 1949 Chevrolet Tudor
sedan, block, good condition $550,
R I 5A, Roussau.

FOR SALE:- 11 Hillmnun Mi x, k-
cillent cofditlon $650. CIShd&-
nonc. .Call lCurunu -
Qtrs. 2003-0. .

FOR SALE5.-519S1 Cue0- Mtwji r
Ford, Overdrive,'heterie 9.l ,.5
Excellent condiort7: CoS
7 26. .
FOR SALE: 1953 Buick Rivim.a,
Dynaflow. radio, w/s/w tires, os
than 7000 miles $;000. Down pdy-
ment $667. Keimly, 307 Horriok
Road. Ancon. Tel. 2-1053.
FOR SALE: 1941 Buick sedan.
eds work on .first and ever
oeari $100 or bet offer. Balboo


FOR RENT: -,- Two-bedroam V t.
* n fwly pointed, with hot wat -
nections and lovely londscat0
per month.. Call 3-2223 ,ng
office hours. i..
FOR"RENT:-Choipt: 3-la"Apd-'
roonms, mold's room, porch._
No, 3. 14th Street aid V!aH. -
rio Porras. Re smnobly M or
information: Telephone 3-

S RENT:-3-bedroom 2
Sbthrooms, mid's room wt -
f. l hot water, lkitchen-w ao
' 11W swimming poolq gorog, c.
$130O 6th Avnue, Coco del Mar
SNo.4. Inquire Street No. 15.

bedrooms. 3 servlcee, parlor, din-
It iM t~m mp~p .ipdwo, d eI.
i ,:m y -, : dA,V4 0 m p,


A Aparumens

I %?


ATTNTION G. I. Just bultk nro4
furnihed oportments, one, two'
bedroom, hot, cold wWe. -Ti-
ephone Panama 3-4941. .

FOR RtNT: FurnishWI nd u*t&
nished 2 and 4-room madrnm apart*.
ments. Contact Alhatmbra Aprtt-
MbtI, l0th Street. T el 1 86. C.
FOB RENT:-Apoartmtabove Ca
treal Theater building, Central '
. lue No. 141. Inquire Cn trli.
Otor, manager's office. .

PR RENT: Modern two-badroanw
apartment, 51 st StreetiNo, 42. Lnt
furnished. For further defalls tl
-Zubleta: 3-1802, 3-133_7g., .-

FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom opartmqwt,
croened, $60. Porrs Ave. N. 56.
Apply for keys apprtmnt No. 6.
Phone 9-0841. -

FKM RNT:.-Fumrished or un I.
adi one bedroom aportml withw
" enikitchen. bathroom1 uw.I Fr
.f4moatlon seeFobrugoa,.4l0t
S$qt No. 18, rear o.. EdO
*i ", 10:00 to 12;00 n .ind
WiO to 6:00 p.m.

Sfurnished, wIt& ,W
wouditoes. House 27,. 4rd StlT.
BW ,Vito. Call Tel. 3-4976.
FOR RENT; -.OnWbOdpunG apirMt
meant, livlng-dninhroomw, kltchenI
In house No. 62, Mexic Avenue;
''Britannia Building." $50. Inquire
8th Street No. 15.
OR RENT: Modern two-bedroalm
, apartment, 2 porches, livingroom,
diningroom. maid's room, screened,
hot.water 110. Hou N.5, 50th
Street. Inquire 8th Street No. IS.
FOR RENT:- Modern on*-bWdroom
apartments, livingroom, dfinlngroOm
and kitchen $60 end $65, in house
No. 5 East 36th Street. Inquifre No.
15. 8th Street.
FOR RjNT:--ModeM apotmonts i
bedroom livingp~om dlnlnffroom &
bathroom $55. No. 1, FrancisO de
g Ave., .a Na
biar r." In i NP. 15,th


OOL Cerro Compqan Moun-
tone THOMNON, Bof-
12, evenings.
onside cotages Santa
lax 435 Balboa. Phait
3- 1877. Cr__ tob 3-173.
onto Clam Be ch cottlg
refrigeration. gs OVm.
States. Phone 6-441 L

COTTAGESi one mile Weta
mS! C,. Low rotes. Phone
1. I I,, o -i 8 '

0IWL'5 furnished h o an
., ot Snto Clara. Telephone
N. B alboa 1772, evve

Q1 iALTHFUL change of climate,
visit lus Compestre in U Valee.
SJust 80miles from Ponatent City.
w remodeledd under American
n.*naonegent. Inquire Tivol Trawl
ency, 8 Tivoli Ave.. Tel. 2-0461,

MO Ca AI -

Boats & Moton

FOR SALE:-12-foot cedar end mil-
robutboard with 6-hp. W -
r1twi v motor, good condition.
?C;84,2187 after 5 p.m.
S 9SALE[:- 16-ft. inboard fsiWg;
boot "Wisco," oir-cooled motor,
"exWe"W condition, ready Wo go,
$325, AERNATHY..
FOR SALEM-12.-ft. car top fihdln
boat, like new. Excellent foa dW
fishing $125. 10-hp. Johnson me,
tow eomplotely overhauled $831
now parts $125. ABERNATW
SPORTING GOODS, across side
strm. Hotel El Pnamna. Phone 3-
FOR SALE: l6-foat Wn cruifr
with two 25 hp. Johncitr
rftfe conditlop. Colt 2-20,


I 7;30-.

Ta -.,



tyr.< r0


a e MS, .M, ..

WarkmaJb. p.


imat the A
at Tfl m IeIS
tha ns

ad. For "It ,-

Sin Mi (DBAS)
r Dtfam By
SI Stand

1 ft7y. Aur. 11,
6:0 A f.V Aam Clock

8:1 i WUdwood

9:1 S:mut, ReFrd (RIqLMt
itr' phoug before

ll:S 0 TiRepord (pntd)

1$D0,dundM me Molodlas
fi i ,
'". V^^^- W ^ W*.

P. ..


0 W *a e:.-,i# W A &

,ol :I n b," V t. II-I

t .

1o -1w ,k
f---,e ,,a.- Gl adys k ..

Pow^ Swia it~andB~npla~i< ~ioduc Uce :htolo etjdM/^.

Lt~Sa thi

qulicl 1111411!s, Ip- a str. T A A

4 7WWPI PA h2 ?'t I Ih ro %' the houserOR SALE j D
tom $ dial;a, Ong-room diorb~oomdito, 2l Wr(O
S2trrmvll mr fltNo. 15 Elol Alfam Aventm $35. NIL AjL A

k hott aswrrrace. Prof- iapl ne: 63; 4th of July A enu, FLOWERS1 for' All. SuI Soul D.k
Set dp h lly. 1ne 2 P .InerlNov. 2) 2- $2, $3 hof JA-

f -l it"deah.r t ute 2, S Fa it t let pao-tmnt Prfmebl A m ri Telephone 2-1 3333.-'
19'- ,9 csmfoT~ ? ^^'sld, ocfTrtable with 2 boths, .. .
t, $7; s3igt 2a ,fl erd' .o. For fa yor n .a f -03., FOR SAn-'a, 3a n SALE .h-eoe ;WtI s

$7; i c For osport nRkw, e mir, complete- pr of t r for a total -ot Creta W I.
S f t drilled W ANTED 4 un.- p10 ,LlivIng and diningroom di 25-cycle. thoWrd ra Dacnfrl-MOM

toQ'^..JZS or* 25-cr.qyc .i!Cr p bt ^i nicU.armsal E 1-elson sddy' Jae Si
l 4" nhima' hatl wter. Teleophono operator, r n plat s tc.- also work .l.-eorfts r o T SK
SIg luothr @ wltoolus0y le s W D-jVAp t o2 ufr43st S0to6: 19 3. __I oart- bench and 1949 Buick & ovnoribl. ( ')"
o h. N0.. ,, 9 6 tUe. &stmst bu Pbo m 4 7 o. PhoneB :-MUal Ds M
me e P tNT:--Modemhlet 2 bd men, n u I" ox-
a lubn u te2p4 d for, pArtly cfurnlhed. Sixth Ave- oehll nlghb eoldgo. 43rd Str eet AF J ; "
.$ -Jo No. 24, on o o. Phonr FOR SAE:--Sdln busn that pro-
,6 .We s i' 2-4920 after 3p.m. u es uaOa d monthly inom
f:rd fZd iTS5l. 51 2-a n, Tof $300. Bar hIas been lsed for a l d C
ST A opar nt.,,.. .n c mplete- period of tw ,years fr a total of P 1 party
g w ANTEDw ly tIdltblor one $1050, 1 cbuyr wuld not hovae toWua .requestto00-ondonStudiotb
or. FNtW pes ns icuil DIu& s b tae a a1:30-Nelon 4
tdl s e anO tm t -aFO- R ".p A v* n W* U"outs d 12 n c to A an 0 toe P ag te.ov iB
.T -43etOWANTED: -- VcaoTn quairs, Sept. FOR RENNTmlsh4pr atwiOW inire No,13; "r Street. ro am@& ibe .
elnchs, book oi IS-Dc. t' Anon., Balbo Dia- monrt w.h .N E 4o S Must-Do buy TePhon 2-o po tt, Pn 4-Ml.
d baby tpdo8; priced? f at blo. American o uplo 923 49N l a. holhod good Th. I e M a
sred Also $400wMign o inMd*y Jw.Sr 4 str1 e, dishes. -J,... u t ^tll lM ds .-owt', i ..- _
frorOSni in ,.-*TeleDdoks"our thOhe anete
one 86-2102. o-1of
LE--Ook eutensia notable w/4 USTEOI Tauao*O saswomamn, iedani ~io"PAineedror aeallout
S$30, wardrobe closet $2; capa61e of shaldefltt raspa-siblll- comfortable 2-bedroom apartmentC U t -0
infrv g,-. snenel 'd ein Rk-ie Dl ,St ee._ I pmpo A- do:-it

4Mu Th_ Phhon !!
09. M.E!, e you 3-0471. /1 ArIM loun In If
W_ FOR-YFO.EfnAI -O= d" Nkh

iVi- tde bile.,"Call mo.a .; ~' m
SPr ar N lA, UP) ""

fenced lend In Son Chg. Terms wa low

,-he ire ban. otim


%d f... on a.It .e. .
ut *- ma.". m-

M .1t. ftes 1sist alette

*i*'4' A

D.V r 1. -

. iM,

4. ~>

-rS S*? -. 4' -i *' .T,
;, ..... ; ':.
' ,' : ;* .
" o


I ____ ___ _I__





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V -.,

- Open

N& ,tS~M X*

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0 I
I;" t~
C %%~ b~t

,-. *p

* 2

F .i p fj,^Y... kY.. ..... --. .' 'Jt' S.i^ ^r B.",; ,. r ,r '
Stne 4aflk RobbIptS,
,/. .s" j ,' ;
Ina.~ins~r pmobiU
.4, t_ ,m ..rSS At
,, Dow. M"ks.-- AT
n ,.A: ,1 *9 afte"r. Ma

-.. ---' ,m -- |.,
N r .m "!,B
** et; t ,pk : ', d ; A' the Y ten. Sahic~'w ,n pocuooo
A.$mobUOw TUG&. Melinney wnbI
A. of thnt(teogne
....a be.a-'v hve ?.

i ....%^^ e.vw- _-^^o,_ m,: -
.w aetna *sa and .To CatSp'm1 .-do
oms-tWi M 8,:s.-bandTo Jth e e a t B-.r .*
uis c Jni o.opprnT e Jat I toof
e, dla o.Meabur.le. Oberoc: M ".
.... W Mackr;do,"a.1Ual'
teru MS..nGC3C-CIOw&' .ww4of henm. epc "Th Egpta $460."
n.. -how ."r, W e
Z.Or 6 a.t d up the

OiTl'3 fo 1', d I I fetld WaWAL?' rnDn : D Attarn* wrn nc ate, York bend.
40tA meinto he ororansgd.H ,w0r I"ea j Con quer"o Dl agept7 a. Rdeiy Smithe

*eMdeet r1 A- :a aoie m e tatedmes as^ los s lthi-
Instil. so stae 1 eer si0: John W i cane 4 S6u a fr.t
and Crito bal. Ce ,aayo an, d aaoem asW. H said lt .
WL eb --..3 't- of. ge aSlm- sS et cashu: Sle% Here," aSF, f Uiinn ma,., hv r

*Pt 8 4 Wn ikitimu soical'M, -H e amSJi'.ois n. nbut 'o
3SaLYTdue 0C. ..,13. 1W. U

in t a .o M ANW, 4 c djiLWAO BThDIU br-f etrA, rofled to talk wit report,' her Menlo Park, Qeli.. home
o .. .. bt..a w. ... usthe super-cooSu*I -*,u.andl CQLW3IAO T ll. e. and the.m. teepo e ism. a,, friend, Mrs. Dm18 Gloas.
Ci) i. ele mu.infl,.a0meftS. c a"in UW t ," ,d ue omodes w ibm home had eup t e ntr e ca
S~ci~v let. :1Lldeset;;s dw u fAct "'4 i .... arnRiethe nwe.tEhreonetit. Glm aanedd
110W16 at7Iavtaima Sd 1* ih Smi54wtbh ertoswvS

2lltomoroJn, it .. TMoa i 71 5 "p is 1 Mtrrah Kerr ` i0 i nn, wswt arrested after P GloaB drove un a-.d ahot he: ...
ate" :Wj"a"ter pnuts hi Softwood n. 1e I2&t" Zi"Tf't w B g M.-. aooc rge bye no l'_*
", etPilat;ow soe ra ne e g uonw hvutu. 'aM B
t t 'Mission rch, at 7:, p ;. ,lma. ..havwwK .ineA.h*. -"t.he an a... .*
ftY. :,,iat.. 5R e, M.
-."- IT ,a-* j. a t o3f0:'
StV jav od irs. msial,.Th Gil H ons a a ouDmIbil

;" i ijf L fWs... iB
.m -' .oi .,l *
.. .,f..,, :-, .. ;^;w & s .,
. ^s .'*., "*,*.-,,,.,. *"

L***' .....^ ^^ K~

mak eoop.

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^^Hwo W wfomp

im im ly.A ,1r ,,
os, U.. -

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HHBBurbif 111'
|---^^B ^.>K.: .t^

MW^B CrmSNPuhf 9
[ l MiH f^ I :^ :.. ,. -,* ** ';.-.


;, : .: : ,, li~D. ,^
i:^^l HH'""' <.jK*.'-"j^ .

r~.bttltaIiviistt4^A'. co;,2'r r-n .
II .... .. .. _... .. .. .. :.. .^ .. ,.tf A '
,, :, .. .:./ ^.-
'5tz^'*3MIR FACM^" mayawsla^min ^

AOhrt I s *r mt a s's ... .. O. -fNow'

J. hetU. Jk W. ,, biedon. t.
sot NE, Aae S S'. m SfurnSanxo tires and tubes t

S.WAnt BROS.. T the IVAS.. Arimyrr'Orbr M ,-was-
&aqMphtf ". 0 0W fibm-oaa o re. 130 6 tatxto TbIof the
SI a. .- .-oranutemefOtO,-
b t0oS RMfBlemIna re sse Sd
;jj'io g .: --S d ." S ao A dthe If ia," Sea-led bldan dlwlcate will
ofe ot. 5"- atUse fe:t*b" a w ,,- "'. i t ."
S ab, her r1 3. Robrso,' and .,da. Pei froi.m wh a sd.on
B^ -" ,^ t'Giat ar other Impetat War. traeting (.leet O&Ifmce ioe,

igla li., t. i- n orcl

-3, the A-l cO "S aam ma

in.. f

.~ j'I* j
p. bt. .6. 2'~~$~J'i4 '

(Linnea eraiwil Venelkque

. "

.. I,,

Takes pleasure m announc!g" their wieeklv

(in the near future) for pass ers, and generaA fi

from ivaiquetia, Maracaibo, Panama, Lima


S .. '.!.:*,
re .. ,

L : ,A
** .. .
0 *

*! ..;
p'. A.

from Lim, Panama, Maracaibo, nd Marqet

"o, 106

Phones 2-5405

I1 -T ..:- :1, -- -- I .

Papama BRai'oad Staion at 5 de

- 2-,4441

pan a City .
-pam cit

i *"m

MayoP "Ps,4
a .. "7 OA

444' j
4 .r~lwr 1

U-. :0 a-, .ei
__ a'

dldotou, tewr IMaddock, Cod. and Perch.
Cl.....l ag,|l No iBUedi-riy ****@**fte
CsaS.flSO.*ikwlmm --abpKew
.wcatch. T-ns's aiakutdy NO WANaI lvry
ouac is super f.rig... .you'D lve BIRDS
W PIU tBut&e.fdo- ar boyikd-ayft t
fl~teabha dwou sf ipperdihl
ered 1pmleer. -..-wry-



"I" *tA1'U~~. '1,05

Lovelier by far...wIh:

A as .I o 6 far vtil a hS ntiu A'
- mii Nw'od' e-r BMIma ..,.w"
t ast ,.. a .. .hs.l.

.be- I dw f.. e t d



5 *1* *

a1 '* Sn.m

"B" Street Entrance across from

r o.


of-. .-t "f

-. ;, .. ; sri j 4 r-I


. .

_ 74[


I -


* ..,*,; -

.' ,4,
.K',-". .



hisszewski Aid ./ore TKi

ecg With Homers b cage T u Aspires To r
0i..,'-- -eNoeAt the present writing FL ta1*l '.___.._,__.---
( NW YORK, Aug. 12 (UP) The Cikcinnati Stoee a .Aug..k1 t
N are lmauching an all-out drive to finis in einrbe Ba Leo a
:, .. .. they both ont inu o tCB ",
,at ,divipa for the first time since I6 aands ame daCoco ne A
~y do, the far reaching drives of Ted K uzewskibe we hame on i le At Ba IbSa
; im". toakesa dominant factor. s situationn cooudve_ _... repeated in the Isth lan MIn '- .
a nmiable trap- Dickson for hithhomer n tional Basketball Tournament -- -- I
p der dubbed "mus- the fourth, inni9, then doubled at Margarita, if both the teams AGUE STADIO
htedmates, blasted on the heels of P.O Wee Bese R get by their second and third A T AN I.& R tJob alta thato
sa l2st homers amid a two-ba ger to tie the-score at 2- round op nents. n AF- 9 2 Richter J11. the 1 ""
of ve Cincinnati hom- all in thSixth. Snider came In H. Mc allen of Kobbe has carAB thy niport1 t 4 he
cototed. for an *-1 with the winning run on rled the scoring burden for Kob. R.cue R G 1 t0 StE "S. -
Oil r ie te sc : ring i g V ^ ^ ^ ^^,,. t *.. "re foSb 'w
i ove Chicago laat night. Hod s' snle, be thus far with a game averan rn 1 8 r '8 ge. Jaw ho-
e and hi broth- M waukee moved within V n of 285 points per game and ne lege 3 8 Talor 1 t '"
for e R. tns games ofe t by I St. ly leads all scorer In the Armed 0.Ou He 0 r14g SnixOW y n
thh a; mo-s s, rl x-i.Aus, 6-, 1n a.a"e c 3 e Forces league.. .. 0NIGHTS G = cn
ICU ",, is a g In cause of rain with the Braves at With the backingand su rt TofnIGThr U lemm s. lLwa. er 40W*3 Or I
l-sm-lllgofor Ruth's rec- Braves scored the deciding run portion and a bench strength Imjust Bin the hth ofTIf Gerryy adequate substitutes Kobbe Albrook AIB vs. Junior (8.ond th teee .DI*
toe b-r lussewskl's rec- on Danny O'Connell's double i Naval Station should meet In the IW thefitM-t s ws evid ta't (,. ek (
bitd 40 homers last year Joe Adcock's single. Mathews hit finals of the tournament If Kobbe T Name hs'r tPpwo -Tiphno me tolS33nth o J. n eSo to.
lid lke to top that If I could hi3 Snd homer during 6 "- can get by Gibralter Life on Au-T two basketball .games to Heliuth 4 0 8ohshe d on pits lM~p
y 'run.rall Inthe fMsnifth l gust2 5.M a1 p a Bbo t6 10 Jo ham. was ahead on pointssMUMWft 00041 .1.68aIa
~-~ alloping his pair of li er et ichols w the win- .gh2 will mark the cn ol on Cormok 0 1 3m i at th Ment pof the olaok--1, 102300208"00 G y
oeiIrs off b leer W warren B ack- n er. 1004 Pacific Bask e t a =I Thomr son n .. ..He ha p t J U leho l (8-3) (7
mIbt Klsuerwrrenki mok- Clevelan preserved I t1 .- ning on singles bY Nellie LF.ue Rseason. Rah 2 l2 1rMow se for a brie f a dount Sa-[Phol ley
t h e-J i m 6 1 44aR iv e r s, a n d4Ge o rg e K e I.(22 1 1 M M : f r 'ef o n t+a" '
A.e Or d p at plae In the home e t Jim Rivera and Geor e Kel. InA the first contest between Atwood 3 2 2 8 Just bette the bell ended the abdtilathql
'd I.e. thinet poeWild Me asm e lou l, with a 2- t Washington rallied for three Alor athy Unlsprt. and Atlas- knt ioled
S G.iae ents. leuoswith 6s er Detroit while t runs in the ninth inning to beat den, John Hey of Unliport TotalWt 1 14 1 71 The challenger a on (h.aOe) ie (1 ),- 0
e mSie nkSalen r of ith e Cubs lace Yankees beat the Athie- Boston 5-4, in a night gpme after i bq fighting fdr the season's .s. UNI. TsW VoRt .,s to.-A big up n dthe 0- -000 001-1 8 y.7 ? l7- l.
,e...m.d d Mathewse of a b the le, Ted Williams hit his 20th and ient iseight pothts behind Ba 1 1 title n. Moore surprlgiy n W tIM 010 220 2.x 0 -1
se tied for second Mthew o th .Garcia's four-hit h- .. 21st homers to pace the Red Sox t. oitlrent leader, Al. ..ehhuth HYr 8 4 3 18 ended the combat. Arleti, aSleQ (5-1), DavIs, c a (4 '- .-" : :
ean aa 10-1 triumph in an pafter- hARS. McArthur 0 0 4 0 earlier aWed the e erts by Oa Powler (9-7) and2 i- 11
S1o i cluw enabled the Tribe to bear rusq noon contest. Pete Runnels slam- Albrook meets Junior College Kourany 7 4 1 18 weigh 1 two p und der .
f.o ak did fuoro homers, but Jim tromek. Al Rose a bedt teve med a two-run dou, e in the in the second and final geame of Weinrnicki 1 0 1 2 the despite tport 'that he W*.
blond o ne.ti.hesc_ ninth inning of the it the season. L akins 0 0 2 a WShavi trouble p akin th O nSgam eso stduled.O ll ,L.o-.
a &qie r ied tho aei ke blondtonehuten the secondinni .and d then sco red himself oSn JImBrady 2 4 0 8 w

" 1yrod the. oedteiho h.bbon var.. ente th e wa e ... "d B'haa -ery flrat 4ame. 0 or, 8tml weay M" .OlfD s ak 3 ......... F4b" .."
aObeen able hthforp la ir,ear YealloA terra d Joey home nlusby's t unday nigh double. ar-ue to poBulr demt d,M wttathere" e fortl Ree f.... 4 1 3 1 2 oer,

ln fifth la ofthe pt 10 sea-tson, Wayne Belardi and Harvey FIRST 3 FOOTER den pulled Junior Collee Into wh aI0 H f ... (Ngh..t 3 2 G2 8
hi ehth homer off him. Dthre e Pope's po hel ntial double a tie dor the cellar by defkting Tt e. Th*ie: p a decl Robnonb ...... 4 3

Sof frth ple. ha itaxth trat Chicago-(NEA)-Bob Gardner, them 5p-ay 8. Hio h s corere s for the "Hitig w boxing can be d in e thian Joa. Amore 1 ........ 3 0 0 2 0F
.. ..Dodgez Ued t or two arry byrd held, took teah- who won the United Sate Ama- ictor w taker e ple bw the S for phl Hadaitb ........ 4 0 1 10 0 hlr-
it onn the olxth is4ning to p mate to our hi for h third t for Golf h 1 h i i 1 and Grame hopper Ree f and ent the end Of the Gol fir an4, ndstAhis 1 U of abro rt ......... 4 0 1 4 0I
e and cut the idle ctory although hewalke wa the first pole-vaulter to clear with 1e. p The v was H ........ 2 0 5 0

-f r blitead to 3 and wr In conant diffl-, la feet. Inthe econdconteatof tatofthegame.Tdaywewce J h w e 0 0 0 0 .....,
been ab tofinish highEr o us Last Sunday night Atlas Oar-by t~ ......theIM ....A.w for AO Reamas.........41. 4 1 3O1
e fifth In the pu both Vr10l (Fire) Tru- ta rookie Johi FOOTERn pulle or clinched tinue to whow a that have $34,204 at the gate Snr ....... P L

ai, move wsithsth reep r hs vitoih e l t t-onhipUW-1bnad*r a tie for the cllar by meeting This ithe scond chapter of 111 Whenh dropped a dlRbinson2b...... 3 9 27 7 .
e eroflfy oth pi.e hlinsl xthe White o agoto a them 59-3. thigh orer for hed, "Howtaxe both gnan be revivedin s to""t h a hn .. Amorns.t ........ 1 0 0 .

Sfie O thereafter. 8Q1- win the OrloteaBTankee Stilwater, Okla. -(NEA)-Ok- couldn't hold back the Unayoo xny dommdhcion, wcll be C1der rate and Cet other 1maler prepar- owrgeo lb ..-B 0 1 I bet" a 9
Doih herslo'le ith Bwo madrBy l hi t tat lahoma A. and M. won 35te Unted Sates Ama- vict Mis ladors were Taylor with 4 Panama." In our last the Mjob o,751 for s .......4 1. t ra .
In the sixth 4ig to nip mates to four foand the tour Valley Chaonerencep i cham marked "Grasshopperwnll" ReBi g ansa The prts came ot'er Wu te acesu. defense o f the Spmt ......... 0 4 3
1 e$8-2. d cut the dle victory a althoughn e, wlkld five was the first pole-vaulter to clear ith e e 12 Kou rap on the dse rIonstd colitin c gbeavy u ld wniaccruhaMioip Wlker c ........ 2 0 01 0
k bat' lead to wand was in constant diffIfUlty. 13 feet. In th 18 second contest of that of the game.pToday, *e Willmn- Jo"ai ot 84t.875,50. A crowd Lous 0........ 4 0 0 0
ly Lo-s .e up both Virgil (Fire) Truc venin Unisport clinched se- tinue to show auses that have othat p.pad $34,204 at the giten 0
on walk two bitmsand.alout in Cttrhnin nWaits while DYNAMIC DECADE 56-U. The 26th. lending 39.2 at promoters, boxing comm-ssn a a was Added Phflll es
felo'f.)hue held .t. loershu t h to oo a 1 -0 the end of the third period, and taxis, both government .md burn 2 0 0 0 n

Sthemouri Valley Conferences cam. marked their down all B ig guns Thot blame ,them. to gieLt o s S .. JohnI2 0 s .,D..
.ni- pIoushps an 10 years. for Unisport were Ohse Kouraan ness .met bale s.t01 itly cOmi tho- poem would usupli aeerue m. ..........0 100
:with 18 and John. Hey th m ia 1 4lIt 1 t for that the per cen f the "run into the eB.-H80
markers. 0 2 n the game tonifbl moneythe bad tao te Hod back bratMoslf M f otU......... 2 34"-.,
The box scor: day boxien meager ti i, get lMIcipaaa a yto Hmne der, l Re back t.... e. 4 -' I .ame

;TIotton 11 0 2 aO teith ti at a mitdhum e e t Co"aon In n
Smith !T 11 1 2 1ae mdwrtsement at a minimum Cpa(i n Cer. aacrmc-..-ekso. field wath ,.Jeny..Iarg

Ap ~ A


A delicious mm -las a e Quick, coeaevees-all you
hew to do bis heu it. Each ca comainM lour aaWbals
madt with he btst bte. cominmad wwth spgheni of
Ui flair quality. c-wed wh delicidew omato uce -
am of dnhu famou f BuyAr.Dat woUCn
Fe ffftnq* --* .r^ "

BALBOA 6:15 8.:05 unDIALO ms. 6:15. -
A-. nditloned S0 AEe FRcM
TW1^ Tk-ft Tochnileorl
PAL' U meuhIu an In
a. "rI TWYRMi'=



and .
"Mask of The Dragon"
rrL. "Cammev's S i Nlht"

MARGARITA 6:15 8:3
"Treasure of Sterm Madre"

is: _L

"A LioU Is In The Streets" Colorl
rie-y "mvnru oN T BOUTrrT"

LAOCA 6:15 8:8 PARAISO 6:1 8:

SANTA CRUZ Sil ,, 7:5 I CAMP BIERD 6:15 9:1
"BcIgrMed to Damer" "TEXAS BAD MAN" '
._ ".. _" .

Panama, we were told, t1;per.
centage la even ight.y higher.
Aside frod all that har been
said so far, another set of reasons
must be given to show why box.
lIg is a dying sport hem. Oue
body siret eaponlsible, or box-.
ing success Is the o- a sons
ppointed by the mayor of Pa-
nsma'and Colon.
In Colon, the present group is
considered the sitartest ever so-
locted. But these gentlemen, sad
to say, hav fallen short, of e
petations on many an S eamsion.
iring the past three weeks they
have failed to convene'on t wo
S' duled meeting dates. On eath
of these days, rpoDeotw. wqre
present to have program revls-
ed for approval. he fit of these
was approved at an emergency
meeting last Tuesday for tUiu
coming Sunday. The other, so far,
Sla tI pend a meeting of
Colon Boxing Commisioz.
The Colon body-has revolution
i1ed boxing by instituting the "0-
point must" scoring stystemn aHd
many other rulea-good. But to
majority of "boxingpe I"
atil not cogniant te u
change. A meeting where n .ther
changes were to be explained' is
still "to be called."
These indifferent and neglgen
actions only tend to ead the
laxity already .averinte' gaIMs.
for reasons unknown ,he comiid-.
sion has suddenly gone teloposa i-
ble. In Panama, on two eoMacu-
tive boxing shows, the semiflnael
bad to be stopped and called"to
contests." Could t be that S
ominision has been, approving
ai.-matchea? .





"The Doy Th Eodb: I *
Stood .Sti rl "AW -EAL"
*'._ 7-7u a.



At' -


with, 'J *
.. .-.
< !-. *. ,: ',,


win natt Am






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' -4

PcCt-,rooPi.....o 3 .7
iba Modaua .-4 8. .3
lbrook FlyW8 .. 1 12 .0

"Ariby.:Z. F.....riday: o rS

--., We. deaday:.i lIasModer
a; seanti.shh nLtesema vi Norse
Jw os aet'- di html a s-a Navy Commat's
-XV aeS of Mfwau War

keth~e 4P. a afloo s-ieWi ape" den7. e at
t %4 .- -.a.e leak & ei. .ANUTWIN DI-. r Liable m the h

-aS htm flek. we & a sd ei*ae is 1 M O to4 t he tane in thu one -. 'w I b eaIa in a tae of Itrowa
aP- hiO r awa a oq 'e ben a Grimm t. holder of the record or*1 t .mu BBrame wr wuu:58 which w:8. 8.' a bir lton

0 a team JaEa the.eaNge bas ge-So
Ctwi 11uatrui" ihs teBfemtlsowd the SIentInw r ath oe htrl B it -BtSiea Dae I

re tD l S br S Bthc rt e staV couAve -. Ca. .,dpa Julyndr, the outfig tl whiSv e iN
SItd h- m Iam Wh pn omrdiy eGm Mahy wokd tehe prrat Df lal t Frgj day N aw ush our way 5 ing w ..i a o ma
cn...o.. .O.N "e..ipa be OK aas o ho wM tgh ready g. o triO ati Olivew LaW and few Moderns and a .

th e i atw a ? t htal-NA)-Canada wil p iay 1 1 n Bge te Di Nv them b io or hunr l a F n th ed nowev but our kind ythbo e run r p eal. e
t t br tL as d Me ow I. "* Grr im tr a r. wnhden rh3?. uw .t .r we re o a e th e or ph o
can b.rte basebuftjabb pha ibpi taurns- Oilmasna pud o. they lat.ted T Tam litOe, b put awl man, home run king .ad chat

"l year, Instead \oap the fact th: lsp m uz n t keep pi with ths together a gri d bo yo have what pon pitcher.
O Wlast l wor athipetite. sWw m oq our w ay
S'The only chan wa a- The nr aree too e a we e a Ue th r

p1 f^^Or1 *. lately. "-I.S&'-TN 'l~~.tlbt ^ We airereall loukrif r.o. wlm to, .
Btaln w aromth Henry boad, whoa they re p ireitcst oa reaue at lo Qa s a
No t eas the tp it when th Mr. er maWe aWon one aon i a
b I orr. k ies hid a s et-in e

'o "S.h .m preMe.ay t I re. orthery afr,~e b .e l aboBl.r e y can is,; for dus to participate. Aly sml b the To. 5 g
Iaths by ahow k amt ff ing. ers cade ouhAd alf A gmer W

I wez iguoat' y--wPKan ,m *t apl game w d was reua. Tuh coming ids e th umme A.Ikhmr

-s \.. ..,'. -. teacom, t aoret ,bu tn ow 'wne t- a,, tk
e. an o shouldn't ay that a on w to at ra n
S' rounht out mbb o, Aamas at -M be back ichoolroom ialeet y h me G it
,=terAd. p i" tihl been with m mauch uy at no ow the fun we ha ve on it ar ,t he avy a e A t o
_oon Pane, 5IIk .hithart proieany fn'm We are rs L ea lly of whom I cdu had tO iowa aoMa
S!w.. s wt 4or ihs ase ca Mr. otV manai to it with a eat deal of

I*1 1 te be rot_.Bave. 1r111f n mwMod enm a oteancher d l l OUD K T lt
i n Matn sy bm be in t iriorder, lave Mr. La-Wase Theres always iomet aig new a Q.p (NEA)-d coD
h t' 11.0. :Wt;AV X ft\o engd.. the Brav ther ast em li sy dl tEhe YOto f= r ur kiddlen no each week here at to h neow byae p.m. -nSite
tibre-.=1 Hea stresone. 0Wo *nt. the .ag. LUaWa dlenh t ea nirnta i t Diablo e U thiy summer. Wea l et month .h 'i
c .b w, to w he ae .a. tns he winner dirt and really had makinto see the m summer. havtrour od return mind let
It' fleble I^ke st I- come to a close, but nowpI hedwanted a ploy, then took II
ie man' Aarmm s todaoUdt s a g a i on wit m peit twi t cia t Altabiof
rembsqbkeep upIwiiohe ai&A r

over all o wbem ae of thya fl plraee Aoron b yu ewhao nithd e
Jius&~tYPrtat Rrcan wintwwa theot out- ToWith laanst :z z:uVne'LgahomerD

-l,.,ab.r. ti srai gs 1

SG i i ... t b.- e t eat the sil e ninth ae weaf la s nightly the in o s- w s o w
w A %o' anths odr de with ti to PaC ra" B t g ave .a vora. '- (NA -Du
hthan soetitoheseeme re a rd N1a onb utw hereNih-nte.natansoneaue

T* e bo n Z oa three other Lu_ and Jhune a combined wor a u m ne
gATr t he r "inc pboilat" aa nm -hens ti he -p q trs o e there ae h e ogira bo-- tom retnrnin Ih
the bden Vm No tha pinchht the gained a o -eyga uon the fore u Eset o urartc ate. I ae
Sere t tLeaf.. who were rained ot a Iy i

B Gi t e a frigs t n Mil- traue l
n'1eht Io an ai met .

d es y Gas :i.a ,cholo o The luat place o.hanond Vr-
g.t am welit a a stra it. glaan.mpljt. del- beideh wior th_
:, B tookthe opener, 44, and Richmond
Bobby Internat iodBa ie ..e TW T n
Otte a wda Aha aeonthes. Oa won

S Leroy Whet of Ottawa produ c-
BuLoop Standio af f orirgatrtos fly BRANIF
at-t c-cidLnto beatGRich-

'.. PAhrA tOeIW l Tw e lasDtl STwai Octtawa hit a
n k e. I trPfl basm-anept hoame in the opener t B Chefunwe ra e-hMh
.outr.Olivra--e'do -n a t h the Ply C'q. .-kd t n_ The h un ah


- The remedy which ub d-. w
it feared to and or u does
not consist entirely of eonvwesa
er. "'- 'rnwlg the pit
I. er out of the game if he lgnan
o; ..e AmerI .#n
b. League loqg .ha been ready a .46
m.- Itand by *any upirf whW- tbi

** wasik b .wjsa w. .-.
e r .. -. .PL

.....OWN; '& 'R .
3:N, 4:K6 &41t seW P.SA;
Prom The Itege Sc~ .t Thatrui ..,

, .,,- 'aPr


iaas., A "

7*t g u3
N S'lrnrwmta
5055 S--1 ---mut


WAHOO! 3U1a Ricad Mottb
dClark Gable, In
law. PoweIlIn Aznn


I U. a*A'
then rent a c

.F then rent "a car



1~~~- j
- A.

... 4

Toronto ........... 44 21
wom ..bed ..14
ehmo ........... .'

avens at MontrA ea" m ntO-
ad, tal). -
Toronto G At racSe (petpon-
Od. fal).
tar u umia2

- .4--I-..

By A UMS nArdN ~ MA .- I

l a. DM--ta te Na-
1toi ttp y bo


D6 io eeperojr 1m t tour t service.
$top down 4 0 rep n yeo 'w netof
end bo handed the koyi tee s rt new ce
to drive durii yw-o y Wht a rond
way to discover he U.SA. You cover
the long port of yur trip In the speed
and comfort f o ffin seaOff skyline.
Then, toke over he nmoth highways
yourself, seeing everything from behind
the wheel of yewr eO omr. Pefect pla
whether you've budmum u pit emrre in
mind. The coasf Por lers Oew you'd think.
The requirements? YTwu mled_ ly a se
depe w endn -WeAmeduen Cbn
Permit (this bery ymu le W) I's
wrranged in dveneeM And IWs *sW -
ust amk ey Draiff *. mis to met b up
for you.

SN T T t i T 0 N A t. A A .
Pw Sm nwfta.Id IMefms l W a .ree ahul altAMi .
Swe a si- cofWho l esi|ia w IB t f d t !
Ah. all T~eO~e W.'~



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"ir ''*

| m Vod dt the
iljli~f 0 td~yto
=meamt of
ft pMy Uht eavy
g eot a writJei rnar-
"fan Iter ,l_ oeky
MlV t -yla-rId
piqa ruler declared.
.,- U

:c -t% Am


"Let thp people know the truth and tA .cos ry is safe" Abraham Lin

Adenauer Ready To Intei

u.12.-In Worst Strikes Sinc.e H er
-- The Russians have .. .
I t new ool, which the FRANKFURT, Germany, Aug. Five workers were Injured at back. Persistent offenders were
Y Evening Post calls the 12 -(UP) -A crippling nine-day one plant alone in Munich. Some clubbed. .: .
r a very handy de- public service strike in the port .15 persons were injured in ial-. At the big Siemens plant In Mu- rll ri : l
isIat blots out embarrassing city of Hamburg ended by corn.- lar clashes yesterday, two seri- nic, 200M pickets tried to storm B raIWl of .s at W
.d' .u. t 1 I promise today. ously enough to require hospitall- the plant gates and stop workers ... r ) fI *l o
ditorial in the Aug. 14 is- Chancellor Konrad Adensuer nation. from entering. In a two hour P aeushl' Mrs. Herbert Hoove
Sthe national weekly ma- was reported ready to intervene and ahoye session, five workers WIWJU9M wr e i jr -t M-.f S ... .
points out that thl3 personally to avoid a threatened Bands of pickets formed ot were njred. None, however, re -
SImproved" Soviet tech- walkons by o,w00 other public side key plants In the Munic, quired hospital treatment. ( -'
lthll been used to obliterate service workers. Nuernberg and Schewelnfurt a- An estimated 125,000 of the* u- 's SWW fat )Is T'he p
Ieo.Ictlon of the late Lay- Some 100,000 metal workers still reis today in attempts to pro- ji.lo 236,000 Bavarian members RIO DE ,$41 0, Aug. 122
t leria, who was purged in were on strike in Bavaria. vent non-strikers from eate r r. wer on strike. ( Antivmnment mobs
M'1N3. The Hamburg, strike of 15,000 Ing metal and machine shop, More than 90,000 others, manyrioted In thoft o ,
so ame 20 yeas. the ma-transport, gas and water workers automobile and mec h a n I c a of them women, have accepted terday, but President Gello "
B ys. "Beria, as head of ended this morning with the union works. compromise management ers aras appeared ht have
cret police, at i n on the accepting a wage increase o f 1.7 .. .. ...d ort nored the walkout. The rest weIoherie-on e -r'ot r- P- t 1 14 rk e r s P .ay t
In ont heoaeKptml in ghaswage increased of 1r Police adopting tactics used a voi adtroubleeby re rting sick. ses heridoneth of t otrS
name was frequently 238 cents, t s i ewstrikes were hteatened in areed forbes b li
on in te ed res. An eight-man Hamburg C i t yarms n fm hu m many y industries arnd servie a ore mobs ledbsy N Au. 1 (UP)- ,wo-W cost r t4
was still alive, Beria was all night hammering out the com- scurried to wok whil cket The most seriousthreat I mobile which dared ouak- appro L. then set aside
place n the bier- prom se which the union accepted booed and catcalled. valves the 750,000-membert- moi e wcla r a ipe- approve il t gen sie mi .t
Commuoist weei~er-. early today Pickets who tried to break vional Unio ,0-mer l" -erablarin art- o I lon later 4;&74 -pbill to.give 1nMi-.,
6 the Commnist I ien oa .s Pih t cor er m onal Union of d Public Service, propagan a. Th anti- Qon poW ers and other civ.e
Ch of 1953 when M Violence s reported for the throu tecolrdowe Utilities and Transport Workers. government slo7ans an tore service eMployes a 5 per cent qasMe
over, he rose to second second dayI Bavaria where 100, handled by police and os s Union leaders. will meet later to-weLabor Party dpartl-. pay elA.t a ey 34e
directly under the new ON0 metal workers were in the da, at Cannstadt, near Stuttgart cularly those supportthe cancafors.' saw ts
other. He attended all lthefourth day of a strike against some u. with representatives of state and didacy of Lutero Vaa son of The sure which would cost ate lwer
y reviews and the operas. 600 firms. In111811011n local governments to disuas a the President, for a haber of about ad mlUion dollars a year, rates wuld trse total eobils ?4cB s,
b. h .e w a dead There were sigan, however, union ultimatum to talk pay in- Deputies seat in the October 10 was first approved by voice vote even .eow
December he wa a ded that this strike too would be set- creases or face a strike. election, without debate on a routine calen. Another. eust bill raaii vet. o a
After being shrled with tied by arbitrata-poaibly Cl Metl workers in the state of dar cal-a pmroeedure under which eranma' p isi
His tials was s t by tomorr loolwlag a seres Hesse, including industrial Frank. The air force acted last night bile automatically are passed un-. approved OtRe -
e-_tiAn was secret. e meeting b mang meant furt, pressed demands for a pay to halt participation in the antI- less there are objections. terday's t-ae r call. It- d
b! rkser went to npsI n- ad Reelc i l boost. government sentiment by its But 03 the motion of Republican coat about' 1 -Ill dollara a Hous
for it was not desirable g. Dusseldort's 400 streetcar a n d personnel. lea William F. K no w an year. n1
|iI pea to Bavarian police used their r buir workers discussed a Saturdiy Firebrand air force offiqera (Ct) the Senae recona tred ., -t .
I bhe Cad even exz clubs again today to break up ELKINS PARK, Pa.. Aug. 12 deadline for a strike backing de- who attacked the government in An. lput the h iekat the a t.. a.
Sfist fight between striking metal (UP) -The 3rd plenary congra mands for a pay raise, speeches at the afr force clb the calendar iblet
,workes- and employes boycotting of the International Council of were placed under dts linaery iat .eral es at a cost l-abou
Sth ue a state-wide no walkout.. Churches closed Its 10 day most- arrest as mlilf S.-a p the bi will I N d ogaAn a year.
Said ,door 6 At the ase-Maffel plants i ing here today with the Inst. la- adopted tou. otic the beH e which bi-ot0s .
lha shot was fired from tion of Dr. Carl McJntire of C al week-old oultcal crids *reated .g 4 io lirsw to
a.. cartuldge pistol. Police lingswood. N.J., as president.dprores the of tsAieon of airo S iNfS P
a w.l one ears aold hurried ~ Dr. McIntire, who has 1I theRb ee!ns Vhbi l

a-. h fAcruad ense nof the faith dea thn a ebatury is an a- met leader of this h on Potan o laofspalser-
,^t 8rtil ltU. to,,.B ~eeS At Corgas an1d trdom" against an "ecu- mauln soelal phenomenon," a fatiwnal DemIocrath r Pat. Iniahnm at $WS *
l I- -a r s the meno- leadership which calls Unit Nations ped A erdical said t twice a r ent can-
er, there was t al Mc u r e a retired for a 0-existence with Commu- today. a rebed te NI A C .
t eof -t Army er ant died yesterday niwm r1dad includes in its maem- The UNESCO Courier, publish- s kers who tacked t A er t o t or
em M-leave t Gor, to. osital c He had been bese S Communist controlled ed by the U.N. Educational, S .c- a ment at their air force club by Nationalists and mes f M t as
-- tes hoabta d or wo month I chue as and clergy from Iron entific and Cultural Organi a- meeting. ad tru ru aThe House erterda
a 'd ubSpith prior forh death xxi o Curtain countries who are the a. tion referred to the recent deci- "Miliary personnel who nn* t agSnt an adabbum r aise liw o t ers ;uad
i t h Mr. r Mognre, a nativeM of In- gent of the Kremlin." soen of the U.S. uaiAApreme Court favrably e de ersotionmsterl 'r o
fohv l f d ltTWe r. M8rra l.e- adotherLof.,atheo0 ,.unbno fn rl cn T vela to
ii ri hr ih ansres A es g mad s e tocon. The religiou leader said the Panpui c so eo n Alere- M otnal b d the i dorue t government
rien head fitted nithq fait ly in the United Rroup li the "onl Protestant It lead off a special issue de- said. T Government offices and fo d ether win L ry aerv- d he ata h a
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Piinsr easures to bICt n o ,* um o Aut'led aup 0-ro Swyr
Agflood wate Friday,-Au.. IS WASHINGTON. Aug. 12 -(UP) the Army-McCarthy Hearing was to usurp executive funct1o2s. drop- a chare that the Wi-oAtin pt t Ithe. rl o T

ae Arn e h Low e my a: id yesterday it given to dien.
reported at Ta3ph 2:42 a.m ........... 9:04 am. does'not belive the celebrated thy by an AMt
I 00,000 refugees2:53 p.m. ........... 9:26 p.m. 2i-page FBI 'letter" featured in; McCarthy pal
i from the (ln T al vised hearingsp
awong the lower Yngtle document_ a,
Army int l
said the entire power ons earls
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Kinshan. Ting- Joseph .XWei
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proportions, h of a secret 1U.8
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that it whe r -W
h J. Edgar

o,- OW anmIntVmm o I
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.^c .. .2 _..-!

Car. eCCarthy tepled that he would senator ma d a "uawana
coantnue to seek secrets from gov attak" on Gem. O C,.
ale- ernmenat employes and promlsedshall, former t i 1
the to oect their confidence. Be and of defensad W
*mdaln in e .he had an oblgation s Army chief of
no eharman of the Government Op.
i to eratio Committee to obtain &> The member, whb "*reased
formation concerning federal op. of his name, a
as eratioas. waI reluctsmn .t L S
noel ue the trpdlu bal eI
1Te m4-page document also ig-. a ,ig. to and t#A eotWhl
Jr. ure in senatorial cesu re cag- mWmbars W d fed tiM e i
.on ew agtalt McCarthy being ves- way.
part tigated a select six member .
ort mitt.
oe- Sea. Wayne Morse (Inld-Ore.)
or asserted McCarthy received sad __
11e0 ANde coiidential material "uq. h
lairfur obtained" from a deen.
river meut in ex tive filed and ofte
ed It to a subeommittee la WASMN
t ed to be a W gjOW-to theg

LiC khM McCarthy redlved a dg
IARI in 'Ira" T
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';' '~C : "I


5 Aug 2 !in41

L- .6.

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