The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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The re14ma4nin0 ded pties
ae divided into-t woa lowf 5s
each; theie are tbmi= p lae
which are luuediw canal
Zone rilddents b oM ea .aV
newly arrived c Ia le ithinim
and who need lodU l ieam u
on their vehWle* to enab
to drive through' P Bainmdfan
territory.._* ..

Senate Gives OK
On Transfer.Bill
For CocoiHoses
The senate today md and
sent to the White 1pa *i
to authorize t4 ap
Zoe &om the Pa.l
Company to the m y depur
family unyt and 1aeh i
units, together wth
structure uch U rj
temr,.road ad .
have been tmder
Navy sn, c Janultw T

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MlxceHenr Job

TON, Aug. 11 (UP)
t eshiwGer. told
VA&MM today that Am-
John Peuriloy bat o
On,-ai reponded to a
the Conference w bloi
n T retur from ha
ruatemtai where *a
m.unot overf-nnt'
power by revolujn.
J -Communist -

said that it WLa
-.or an AmbWdor to
"ir."dnt.btL he
to W imash Am a
Sgo the &Mbw
hi report on thel
ctheCountry .t

to Geh
am cameof the

th, yAwlrce Berber
Sbabt, Morocco,
that feast
Aid, e- passed calmIl
il with only m*
s died i a ecla s
fboul4theetjatrol at res

d add wouad- up to

aet eld

S of Moroccan Aral
the year', mapor ed
e t: day d fo'r e at of Nitvoeal- r ..

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brs P.9 ofd

M.rg the O wee
I Mpital d r. ub
Ofdathu of van CR& i-

mfW *and Il LeaIur- !t" P
$"rLO weekor ar

W. J. Cos of mmE, It 1

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u' -rn -- O .----


Pleae permit me space in your Mail Box column to inquire:
,.IV When lathe Canal's Commissary Division going to change
their acoUntng system?
This system Is getting worse each perlo, with a great hrt-
d at=f stao. Wbhen 4bmel ausbortagta.UadiUterent sem B5,
ioe in charge are changed and letters written for their person-
lWhen the error Is found, although the one in charge is not
responsible, he is not brought back nor the letter removed from
hio file; neither isa the guilty one punished.
Suggesting then, a better system as uaed In the U. S. A. and
In the City of Panama.
Thanks for publication.

- JJ. Wonqers, A sympathiur.

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,. I Peter (

a toss-up whether it. h
guard a President whrtw
early-morning hikes SM
city than one who yay
few afternoons ea we
But the Secret 9fl
nally talked Cong". 4nt
Ilg about onequart. of a
dollars more for wVtW
the minimum amou
needed by Presidat El
and his faml.
The amount y nIt .at
much more than *s a
uth protection of
cause budget Jug i
White House Secret Servi
up and down several times
Nevertheless the
does let the head of
Service U. K. BAudlAn,
easy for the firsint **.ln
years. The addltion hdfU
30 more men to the cap
the White House,
a total of 156.
Baughman's clinchg s
to Congress was the
members of the House of
sentatives by the fanatical
He pointed out that bt
once tried to shoot formal
dent Truman and that td
shooting demonstrated thi
could easily be another at

Service found Preeldeft Truman a
special problem to protect, al-
though he was most cooperative
on all personal security matter.
He'd do such things as walk tq ts
bank from the White House. ns
impulse, for instance.
a -His regular early morlng stroUs
weae an invitation to trouble and
the danger made the Secret Serv-
ice men sweat almost as mubh
as did Harry's brisk pace.
His frequent appearances at con-
certs and the theater plus his de-
light at showing up ai some party
to, which he had been invited-the
host never dreaming he'd come-
also created extra problems for
the guards.
But then a man has to go through
some motions of being human
while he's President, a fact which
the Secret Service regretfully con-
The Secret Service never tells a
President what he can or can't
do. The boss does as he pleases
adt's to ee
=i11`nm ... hat

r VM


r problems
nothing in
sy be cra(
obers of I
ee Country
most of bi
In'I t.he tI.


p among
ub where
ring. But
at assms-

t me while Ike is
OW inks e careful sur-
Of where snipers
lArk keeping secret his

roud at adicret
Svle men are above
H the President
curry favor

airport creates a rel security
prble. Arrival of dignitaries of
are usually aenoughced weeks
eaahead and give a ptlysible assassin

rcsoaves te lco men the
r dlem. Arrivals t job of guarding
the Presuiat end guest along the
usual parade route from the air-
There has been a fair amount
of criticism of the way Ike is
driven to Camp David, the week-
end retreat near Gettyansburg., Pa.
a tr p t abof2oe at Natioes and
the officIal fordal reay roars
alot save way to get there

is made mn days
whn the and heaviest. Even
theugh a coile of ears precede
presidet a it'i claimed that
uual parade rou cause a serious

portto rrthet western vacation,
followed br .several speaking en-
gaeatre, has been handled fair amount
sp to Camp Davi the ret Service
mm A~ees sonted ,tedaklng ,ites
and retre near Gettab finer-
tooth e the they usureally use.
ne it a POU

AM a m of* advanprce defr-
redsto M it'sl e amed that

l we b y the ecret service

And a aHBoWWW J of Waance inWor

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Zim's Head

I wit to strike a slight moral with Jachi .is assisnt, in the T sees to me t carof the
in thi piece, based pe a letter midst of a teeig vlae in which I sl that stews ihe world into "C d
I have e~eeived from ah old friend any apprende ncraper could a miserable mess, and of Which wa asked.
in Kenya, East Africa. His name have hs hed. the Xau mas is only a symptom. "No, th
Is P. Zimmermann, an old Ham. The letter reads, In part: Things e become so twsled- trouble "
burg Museum man, and one of "I am very sorry about all the this started out as a racial rese- "We'l IN
the fine taxidermists of the world, delay ... unfortunately, on ae- tio to a political platform-that for you if
Zim is what might be called one count new emergency retc the mass native anger n lo ir e us to M
of God's true children, in that he tons afectidg movement my directed at the odd whie tt .ler quiries," ti
Is a kindly soul, makes no distinc- labour, A have bees handicapped It Is focused against his own "Th. is
ton between polo or creed, and in ery way ... adopted black chld for their Miss De P
is a t fcatin of the gentle, Ab- "L'st Wt*ek my hJabour anes failure to take is head. go aroud
sent-minded prfessor, were badly ttae by a rge ,enatives dan oth 'sides art you wi4"
He lives outside the city of Ma Mau gang an over ten tribal, and even breath an "But evei
Nairobi, whre he maintaisW a staff meters (KKyu) were a cl brofm ood- the K he as
private village o lkuyu natives-- ly beaten up, one being aary' tribe Ito la. ".Nl No
,bout 175 people at. r cos, Miled bh it ft lpa b : low, ,can tC ari

For the last couple of years staff wa y but not a *
Zlmmermannh as been warned by Aly, a reporter ro the ast Such Is th B
the authorities that his heavy ca frcan Standard. He ran right .in-. ttnd of at a ela o't
centration of Kikuyu is a us, to the gang when they apraed over the l today "It may
and a standingoke w m n my They shot ht vey muhtoe ese the
Nairobi concerns which ol mn out is car and put a bulein im'se be b e worked on
will be designated to mount Zim's his ulder ... someday But t w t but t cer
own heI "IPa pe we will now have a f any difference. The murder secret," tl
But loves his le. e has day' test to enable us to strength. cousins will then eme to,. "
been fa r to the RA e has en Olr defences (thorn fences). 's chopper, if only for d ve,
steadfast refused t -tse his Halt of my staff is now o night so lg. A a them, I supposed
people i* the Interess of own guard and our output of work suf-the poison began sprea su
safety, and continues td .,e on fers considerably ..." e pel. "Jim H
1prauue dif



made a at .h
he Fulbri^
WC -loante 4

L(nltasn, Ivan frao
tradition ao Owney's r.) $
Tarry With Terry: (W I'd like
to): Ed Pauly ,millionaire, who's
been most fr Utly linked with
Terry Moore,. today's ,Barbara
Warner item Terry's latest in-
terest, howe I Barry Woos,
a Lous tAnge sht f,
gently signed an actor by
(No money ty of physiq
of M Up Souls: l-
lier muniseus, that's
Joan '~a ill have a chat
with their awyes whe he flies
East. Meanwhile she's sharing her
chats at El Morocco with All Khan
and Lou O a wine ae

tafin s El I.
mean Ith, ex be-
fore sw a
The Sp7t f sIA comb*
at once m Y. i
filw ak t
E aC iif

Wister 'constant escot I British
rdn J Grgson. They've been
Vo if v1w ipmuged for all
(bep" pieoe p15apes S6meone
ttll our helley he's mar.
with a family... Red headed
f uanae OTtew Reynolds
ais and itep-pa (Abe At.-
t)-w a very special saloon at
Sand Second Ave.) flew
London for one night to visit sal-
oon-keeper Siegi Sealer. The babe
wW took o$2000 000from tobaeemo
heir Reynolds said: "Dick left me
with just enough to tease ap."
(Come now, Marianne. You tonae
awful hard.
From the Record: The name of
Prof. Luther Qulick, New YVas
City's high-priced management
ert, appears five times in the
aex to thJenuer Committee's is-
vestigation into the notorious Id-
stiutue of Piefic Relations and
once in the index of the House Un.
American Activities Committee.
An exhibit on page 432 of the
ner hearings lists him alongwVb
Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter Wnh,
JAseph Davies Joe Bar FM
risk. Vandit Field. Pbflp
sup and others (including due
e an IPR Aocumet.
The Official File: On page I
's a better from EdwardI
who was under ieatig
talk with bU4

at partly committed to
rW Gulnek ti the Ldbman
., f Inidestol vale is the
h a intimate fe ad Y and is a brn
P i.Omee sahe was give-g

).Wbite." ... ,Ik
la te Dan s oar af M .l
i- Lae GiWn ib ha

rolled by a Tennessee s"al (
Kefauver) ... That irat. etU
who was trying to ebw uff In
of a blonde by calling
was my dear pal and ad fr
Johnny Moyer, the Promitt
check picker -p (9tl
sprained his wit, at s). A
he's impressed her rm sure w
be lovey-devey Af Now a
hate the guy? Ikmw x ani.
An ex-Ara bia .K
(Adullah) Xhu most -on
El Morec6, with nary
tosser In towh He's
told me. what with 4

back buteatole.

r" his L

of b pplb^ 56 II

or, be. said

31334 M

b*o aauai TrOra
1 L ent Pak *

iu slow en i

give out i
"Did we
"The pea
each other,
"We did
said to.eaci
was reombind
know their
"Why do

dxughes for
phoned bac
was: "No C
If the t
gattlen of Io

, the

ou draw up a list?" seb
it would be too. muh
e happy to do the woak
yo wl simply authe-
Mke the necessary In.
is column countered.
s a public buMdi '
ury sapped. "Yo can
and ask any questions
ryone is afraid to talk,"
d. "Thy send me-baek
Sif you will let me ay
t for them to talk,^
S4ames without tou-

ebe aft to ta
names at wowb
the DftB.yteoso .
taialy ito a aW
Sl was urth
Under the President
ion-secuity information
to be *pen to the pub-
agerty (White Hlouse
) says we don't have to
conv nations between
Soffiil," she shot
ask for any converse-

Sother," Moiss De
led. "We only want lb
'I you ask "PresJdet
?" she suggested and-
ithdrew the suggeuomti
, this column appealff
budget bssairwland
the names. His reply.,
Ak by Miss De Pury,
conimmet.u- ;


=ttentte he nve-
"aiSe d sPof ehadi;

gnow* as -in Waap.._
Abu ad hsol:
When Sen. Hubert lu t
Minnesota heard of Dr. o
discovered technique he
te sent hl agricltural
out to do some furie ra
and came to the conclusion
would be quite feasible to.
part W or surplus hMti to
This, says HuMpBrey o
o th bst wayhe s o_<
Communism in the Fr E
a now that we have
ggest bowl of the
the deta o lFrench
the Commnalsts.

I0a ToTake Rap
NW YOR, A. i t
On Thurday Alfred
38, wl leave the federal, p -
ten alytr at

or 4 for

tor theye 14? to INb,

The' b~ve mwde 4ga


'I .1 i 4.A

WI Wgs *


i .-..u ... ... .- -.. :


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; -- ----



-- -- -~e


m A


Sn e*


"- --' --- -1

-"..? ., ...
. . . . . ... :.,..-C

I :'.

V.I.A. ,

a *an.

,.- .* $*.
. '.

.. ,* *'* a" ^
.~ e- -4. '
bN whers lem"

"I Co t nhead of!

dinn, p-irdesl%
ILumber DN.C
fcttaville, 4.C.

f., begInning
',i' when
ed for

ie'll do no
ty show, Just
le: "How to
and Last of
W do a bump

Wlf: Toaa tom
rtshe n pdwAnt

to the d, Ftoth..d

north maoewe i Ustearth.
Thtis pee is, 0i Canada.
aear he Aite Ol k
.'. -

. : I, .i "'.'; ..'' .. J--..-

". .. '...'s"' .. ..e

Thte~eM~d EN
wi. )w /W AIleC.r;

ofu hommeasto,njbae.8s 0
NICCNI to the gogMam~trs3S
th accm wouldNeat su#
"The GrOat IP,. T7 kg mIs rdb. to M
pwrormam.;"=-w ao"$ToWMfdo; oImI
of part* and seruv *-.' .
(T". Only In .Mn i fhn Tht tW 'e *M Uvs ,I ae'.,

I_ __ -

ma lueur Ii
ix OWD



t tapks Like NEW! I
. alj Liv, '
it* sr ..125. 00

lovy wmthogany
.ds .. .00

'. ..., 9.oo0
Vanitlme with
rrdIag mirror
',nd -stool .... 28.09
Meiiate china
closet ...... 65.00

Also Real Barga"m5

and STOVES' ten...
SN earrylar ehegs,...


nor aI
that r
1to pet
mu 4rnal

tetrfeed EfWIII~roJBM
hi al hort * .er evwe sforus*W oi
miMoct.e R.,te refte.
MOtMray*'to orwr oeaete.
wft.-b wfr Mlalstmw

pme ao a NonlaB. P. 11 sa.
aetlkI* whcame tso 0 me I Pa. M anne,
in& Ofor being purciaa1 an, j

atb th ar ret r e
W the weep begu TaaM
Whi wn the senate ow house on wte
so- vt e don payment of $,a
oa 4o00. M qulW under the old
ad bat dan attems tO lMr.t.M Io*emarkt""uP
.aiy (pporta. to GRaown p-
Itoe aproing on a few ats. MeVOPf sL
eaadmns wa all thaitV& On 'we hosthe; .te
I. fbal -agire would b
peseut one of the rrebl* dallas femier nininumi.
pp4ta Wda legidtive victo To potet bqme buy l, thb
took 'offlee. new reulaonitoa require -e
thlzdald JautUbg test ame' r to 'upplybuyera WA*'
b"r ;'sn~rta fte ,AIa ralsal CUD*
mandatory suports, vary- Thw aleo eq builders e
lweDn is aMI ur? eBt f liM. uof now, hbwm to" ui

and grab sernrghunhi~ wel]
oats~ birteir, rye.
heroJl:eal[vete aflei. n
~nni~nk.' 4~~a whIikL .5


goes on fora few MorJ i..


Nylon PANTIES 850
small sizes

famous makes

d a largeoassortment of
Ladies and Girls merchandise!I

No. 100 Central Avenue Panama

* ~ 'w*$~. ~ ~

lbI". ruwfm.To y .m ww M,
S rof the a grals
mai 6 Inandatort was
by man Geog ).
S (R-Vt.) thSenate A
culture Committee. e deie
Beon i pla to c rain
uppaunder hia dicretionar
^ t-Iphrey mid d e b et
**teiut (he aecrelr" becaue
B9mi fain delMeufated Ie s
prtuMly uitereist la teweutag
This statement aroused en.
ClHntem Aderbo (DN.M.) to
make a de1use of soenu's jec-
d. clashing ith Young over
hater th e idjlatratito has
n k on proWises to

me uur 5n

ted the admlui tra-
a the farm fi at,
it at he i6o16for
SNovember cono-

buAded later.
these win cary out the aim
onr to write "candal'
i f M atues into t e housing
aw. xtehalve irregulite have
been reported under'some of the
%Aeew oaiutn- aw Amso mete
up ntlomal voluntary mort_
gage credit extebson committee
tfell tet the fti lo In
The senate also voted to:
1. Authorihe priee mupports for
potatoes t leel up to M per
cent of parity. Potatoes have been
denied support sne the surplus
candfa several yea ap.
2. Ban areaen aAp henta for
base erop m oan land leased
from the ag erinmet.
r Author the Ariculture De
(Coatlaneid Oa NtP CoL i)

. .



k-,- ,
l,,, "|

7 1

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a 4 WT *'? -



hm~rrdhtt~a &WI*12W~ItWca~ a



In A IAT-Pontiae efe musea nl- .
y.u woe th ain ie pris ',
tme ibehead forome senaie.m tt u paim
engine i one of doe gerotmi power plapsm
of all time for shriling atioes and salait
Drive it and compleste the preef. Pamise'a
*leth elnd weigt provide the riJ-"d
room of emapenive wea.
lWt PioAdl's -pms bnr tooi@sd'm a
we'l give jte the beel dado l.i Cmd
ak and pMe ih" eiht nwlu

,, ;
,. ,. ,

*llM#WeI.. -et '-- 'il S -*? ?

boVhom ggPa-. j




d.ti .
-' ... t: ; -' ::

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;." .. !




Your PONTIAC Dealer.-

" .- ". -'

- ------ ----- MINE

"- *' : .

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- .a '

Ur -7a

' *.t wi danstwmate. our teen- py. Zxee s Joane, wor M
y T aren't as hopeless an be .a a ton e finding m
us 'UPe think. The stclabs who eaU- it thatl

and i w. (L..Andt came out in. t op.bend, gJ e uy. 1
,o pretty re he, two men d
T1a j 'six were Abert play at t st.
Rogers Ralph meat, the o
th VG 2. T 'dIV TOPPARSr 54e kCarson (
dfxt 20.000 ad- (NBC-TV): I just found out why
r utk. havhe even heard he am0 mmtnsk,, t, sp,
erAue ir. ted dogs-tp '-ran ahead &n& o.
'eatethe hyrants
Adke Jones is zany only pro-
Aa _frAm nlugrh ,
,,,, wIi,~b d he's a s ."It's hard, to finda bajo play-
p. Does absolutely nothing that er," ne says. "We use two banjos,
jlhenge at all You could tell which is en harder." Yep. .
as he ordered iced *coffee and -
Coke at the same time. And you Anybody who can outsmart Bob ......
absolutely sure when he took Hope in a little bout of repartee is i 019-4 b- ha
S tie and wrapped it around a pretty fast talker, indeed. So a lttR '7-30
iWFReck once or twice. This is a poman reporter in Hollywood de. L.
e ordinary, talented guy. erv es at on the typewriter for I di NOT gpt my tempV from Pop-he still has i I
Jras a little difficulty describe. this exchange. She was interview-
4s kind of music though. As log him, ua, durfig the uoue e't
ndoev't. It is music, andmdon't the discuslonA she maintained that
anybody kid you about it. As an un5c u reporter dould
*uch, or more, work and ability makg. phon say anything he afu m' "
SInto producing one of his wise. ,
wacky arrangements as any oth. .Bob U Iwod, p1oey, I ,I"

"I'd call It hal bixieland," he wit h woman o lo e
"half n meicne show and HOpS-: t not." Great Wlte Fleet
whatever you want to cabll it." thG. li
Smusle, whie i tsuprised said ye Arrives
hal es he Kti the overw eNw Orles Se"0ce Cristobal
COl. JoN*6.4m atic -mo v New Orleas Senyee
? ^ po int-- 5 Vsie toi, 'ti n at., U. MARNA" ...............................,....An. 16
but to b a on. But "AVE ...............................Aug. 1
JBi sting music. .hist 0 kowhy i *S.8.."VT AGUA" .......................... ......Au.' 21
Slay ver."' sou f .S. "ESU ARTA." ................................Aug.
ot black tie, "and take. .y? *8.S. "CHBIQU"r .................................Aug..
somebody like ,o *NUadfuu84hisbl Cuaxel and m enw Cwo
Mshe song Rodgersa and Har w--y womm
e way we play it, it hs
ore k oy.Rogers and H r be
Hn.Iart." go ktovae
t ok along time for Spikem New fork S erv Arrives
and his City Slickers to anld deul Cristobal
we]* inla. And .t took .would
K.4"r public to fi d-ega Aug.
iSbody at first AL ...................Aug.14
f2? UWV f ,W3 ., S."M450BKA". ...................... ...Aug ,. tO
ought wh Settledon A Steam .................................... Aug.
etoo -be, says, "and bout a -
capit,, ,re- f we
cuI me at n Wee lings of twelve passenger ships to New V-.
kniows S IN*W.00 8,Dea, n Angeles, I San Franesoe and 41149 .

*^-lisa^^.- .,,'^'.
o uIr'
W A Fl

Onl -a Few Pro-P




? 4


(Gulf Vuest V3 AtVCS ad TAMPICO
(MEIOr) sW. a weeks)

Wilford 'cKoay, Inc.
Maio & 0Bliebnboblal, 0. .
TLmMHONsu Im .. .. nIU s.UK

w" T or ,mrnM wa'


..',-, ,
... j ,, ,....-. I ,. ..

-U i.. .-lBQU ..... ..... ... .A.I.-.. ...... 3 $ .
"aKa A *- ".', I as a

ay- v,., "ma.
as11 FAIIMIUTauqe c


Mw~~r'K lasol' Usl&ppl "

wfl~ cuph We

nUiEWn THNft WOU.90 WKiL )AWTM11

.. R4..9rM ^.OM, ie 60rN injJ
%0~1BF90 MqCImF
UILLr m Tf I --.




laeh In His Own Way


: i'a~a I




j A

I' R; .

w~Iu. ~.Y.M

'~p' ~


New Y6rk P


.ff .. -. ^ i ,

| --

. I1.



'-' : '*

ik *t
. ^.- *,*


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--L .. -

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--e SK

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mutkl*- tb mfel nsA

le fo any tfebts or

SQJoseph C Lunetta

-t .

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re freshingg

vEu have

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ad t
A,. .,. '4' 3A

...5.-* M 1


'4. ; '*

kW ieAS' .m iox
mel u. s. tewl Tutue Ifp...........lN and .pp
. ;-hp.. f' ma*imnewwkt Waiu
C .,. ..** f^~ fAi'Ki

4I 7'
7^ \*:
;*; 4^^iL

L 7.



. 1

Dont throw away .
your old lamp shade.
Have it recovered.
We also specialize in
custom made Fiberglass

Lamp Shades.

Just eaU 2-2462 Panama

and we'B tI out to your.home in a
jiffy to give you an estimate and
valuable advice free oi charge and
[ i 1

| ^ SEE OGfc
-V m -x mde -
;' assaN WsoneeT sonW aa
assagOn rFOAM Kom. F-URrfTe
7-7- ill i i :


AIAW -M CAk ... -r
^al~^Z^A"^; \^
''S ~ "1-'. ^ W -'- '*'? ^'f." \
,- I-K I 'r~ s -

re. "ts,,


*1 f

R to repre
k ,fttOFPIW-* c
*- 4.t''

NH .

as ena vWWtI

r and Mrs. Gordon Bran-
donwho1e4 We Paf for the
teni n, *m yes-
ieday tang via MATS for
rCorpus Texas. Though
re ed, atd
l4m 14ehfir.
made tl aeaesa br
favthe Istom=





Mithu4nes! f.Pt ?kwihed



" '



VgeeAvena Is a newlamd sarvelus
Quar formula.. It Is a 'do4Ieum pre-
pmUtoa of whole oats eombied with
powdwd mlUk, vitaSm, mimEtImente

ftot 2 .or 3 meatpsfat
mof ilk or awatera gI
rad.s haIve^a j

*IssAvena met mly h^qsif the
wflfWimu of the whole 4 tt xru
,IM ite deUdlop flasw 4e -M
t .w power to rqfth.- l -'
It to aB isaewt'drink m j i t
r. .*

I,, A* :

* ..*b*. 4* .

1r Il- r a iIg-s10pw lo



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* -*47ia ** -.,

* 1.

A .~j4'
-I -

* I-'1~A' ~*

4 .*

P4 II IM ^

X4mM Air W I fta luwr u
us% lk* we& Ow a at

*~ ~ ~ a;*^.;l^ ". ^T~ ^ B
''s .5 11 *3I44 ^ ^^ '^ ^ ^^


'7" ..... .^

S 4

St 1;t
BIR0$ tH
-' ~- '-ma


- I SflS
* .to~



Rich in vitamins


--- ~L-l ~ -~ --~ ~-- -

'--- T"r *

-- -- ---

- --~---- ---

-- ---

?.."*. *.

l^ i~h. .J70i

- *Bl-NNW*"'


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I.. *-:.


76 v

A0 .-* *

1 .*ii' .' '*" at i**.
"4pl iO OtO ii ZO. I
; ag u *I' J-DOM 4W.4 ,5.

|9 r :a h a

o-,; JuiAv -...

iI B HUst. 7 r la .

* ... T-

.., AW ^Ml Mle ,
OR B -..-1950 10-ft. Philco re- FOR SALaE.wt j Buick River, ex-
frige tro, 60-cycle. 60-lb. freezer cellent conditln, radio end Dyna-
chest, I w 1 5. Amador 2193, flow. 587 !oyano Street, Ancon.
,or Pedro Diuel 4-612. CmllI- .bq e 4W.
F R SALE:-M;hogony dropleaf to- FOR SALE:-1#3 Dodge V-8 hard-
bile with 4 570-F,. ( Cruridu Heights. Phone 15,000 milet,.,excellent condition.
:273-2196. blue body, t*Ite top $1800., Call
-- i Snderr, 2~'236 7 a.n.-4 p.m.;
FR SALE.-Bedroom furniture. chif- 2-4291 after 4:00.
fonwer, night table, also beautiful FO .- ,14tsednex
h0369. na o cellent cou4ftiori. radio. Original
...0.- t-7 owner. Boalb 2117, from 9 a.m.
-R SALE.-Double Beds $30, Single to 4 p.m, Jo4i Riesen.
Mirror $22 Dining Table $14.4 FOR SALE:-1951 Nash 4-door se-
Other llargoins in Used Furniture. dan, excellent condition, radio,
HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE. 41 Auto weather eye, brand new 6-ply tires,
tow, Tel. 3-4911. We Pay Cash one owner,. duty paid $800. Cell
POIWYour Old Furniture. Panama 3-.204.
P SALE .-Solid walnut double bed, O SAtAtWtApy .l atiioteeui w
coftplete. $40; Patrician wedge- ton pnel truck, low mileage, good
wood dishes; wonder horse toy 3, | cOndlt n. Phone 83-6230 evenings.
toy tractor, needs repair $53. Bal-, FOR SALJJJ- 1949 Ford busilne
u 2-1744._ cou k, rdio $550. -1IG
FC LE:-Bamboo furniture: argfte 'l* t140
ie, table, 3 large chairs pnd F O 'S I95. P ocntrIo eolr,
S rest. 16 pieces l. $100; m0p6 good Woan *hd good ts low
ingroom set: .Tle, *6 chairs, mileage, easonable. Balboa o344
, er, butfet $.40;, new wqrdrobe
tcase $25;, 7.6t5 used tires & FOR SALE:- 1949 Chevrolet Tudor
Mouse" 183.Nw Cristobol. *sedan, black, good condition $550.
e 3-2504. R I 15A, Rousseau.

-SA --Beoutyrest mattrems, 44
Sry Y ood condition. 32-A
p."'Avenue. '
SA E:- Complete set venetian

Phone 2-4225.
5ALi*,Vnetian blinds $5 per,
;. .Q,M. kitten, table $10; 25-

90 dNix ful y auio-
60,-cycl, ut
.$10. ,dayfa

ti nn; 25-cyw:

B'i 4. MeetrlaFfous tables.
RAfM.bI.- -book cos, gram
and bab tender; priced for
Wk sale. pAIgq.$00 mahogany
rt with 3-spd
d ch Ager only $269. Tel-
Cr'l Zone 86-2102

"-. ALE:-Two 9-ft. porch screens,
condition, very reasonrbile
,ou 0840-C, Acacia Ploae, Sal-
# ba. Phone alboo 2-2981.

EOAI 5 ml

FOR SALE:--1951 Hiliman Minx, ex-
callent condition $650. Can be fi-
nanced. Ca1.-Curundu 83-7123,
Qtre. 2003-D. -

$Wudeboker" Commander, original
owner', excellent condition, low
rp l; for later model will pay
affdW cash. Federico Boyd No.
1, ;'1lj516.

1/ ;' t^ IU
Wy l wied h btroot waor oon-
W E tirJovelylJVdNcWpe $120
.qrwionth. Call 3-2228 during
OR R: thlet; 3. large bed-
o.. 3. t et and Vi Beisa-
p *pLy rite FdFr

"Wi. wp r, rJ' Mperyn gas
sW wImming powl cre etc.
5130. 6th Avenue, Coc del Ma
.tJtinqut4* 8th iStreet No. 15.
rWij.I-Cdcrete bunphW: 3
3'DWoms, services parlor; din-
ingroom, big closed porch, kitchen.
* "aid'k, room, was'rs,. g.IwAe,
y. S nSO 810. Tel. N3041

INDIVIDUAL Private Ilrtjctldn in
oufj r Piano plying gfven. Adtltsl
or. Te.TnTooer. Ze Bennett' s Stu-
do. Tel. 2-1282.. _
ISI A k lelre

RoomsR Mixcellwg oug
T -' Nicety futnished big' WANTED:- Vacation.Iarters, Sept
private bath. neartJPn- lstjec. 4st, Ancoh, 1lboa. Dia-
ell available. CA 347t3,7.' blo. American coulie.t,92-3248.

NTR.- Furnished room. ri-
lmrn.ce, kitchen privilege_.

.2-5075 : .
|t,^-fumlshed rqam to mat-
ipl e prlv.eges oth-

SJ. .

:- Speci suitable for
4 centre. buildi W .
'e. An n Avenue
0Estsd nia Street$0. 3o.
100. Inquire th Street No.


RuuiMg To BMks

To0 w Money
OMBAY. ftu,. Au. 11 (UP)
-R-m. ntjiog the d iputd

Mreatened crisis comes this
It wa AundestoodF Portuguese
halth 1%& A H__lf..l


and 16 m.

*OJaCTOgs ,

ii -- -Is ------


ATTEITION G. I. Just but modem
* furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot. coldWPr.;--T.l-
ephone Panama 3-4944i .
FOR RENT: Furnished anr unfw-
nished 2 and 4-ro .am ih po"MR-
o Itsr. Contact AlhollIbe~ Apot.'
ments, 10th Street. Tel. 1386, Co-
FOR RENT:-Apartment abtv Cen
trial Theater building. Central Ave-
nue No: 141. Inquire Central Tho-
nter mannnnr'so nffle.


, Street
., Vim

fW knsdV Otti e SColl
S -x .435. Balboa. PhSoo
.fn 3-1877. Cristobal 3-167
CI 4SontCl BClo Beachi
rle rfdgerotion. :tf
to rates. Phone 6-441 or
j-4 7. -- ,-

Snflo Clara. Low rates. -
Bolt"o 2-1866.

SNdAPNIL'S furnished ho uses on
beach at Santa Clara. Telephone
THOMPSON,' Balboa 1772, eve-

FOR RENT: Modem two-bedroom Cgblah in COOL Cerro Compana Moun-
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un- tains. Telephone THOMPSON Bao-
furnished. For further details call boa 1772, evenings.
Zubieta: 3-1802. 3-3337. FOR RENT:--Molletr's furnished cot.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment, toga at New Gorgona Beach. Bal-
screened. $60. Porras Ave. No. 56. bo 4307.
Apply foar keys apartment No. 6.
Phone 3-0841. FOR SALE
FOR RENT: Modern Apportment.
Tel. 3-4911. Panoma. Boats & Matolt ,

FORK RENT --urnished or unfurnish-
ed one bedroom apartment, with
smoil kitchen, bathroom, porch. For
information see Fabrega, East 29th
Street No 18, reor of "Mercado
Vasco", 10:00 to T2:00 noon and
3-00 to 6.00 p m.
FOR RENT: Apartment with two
bedrooms, furnished, wired Ogainst
mosquitoes. House.27 43rd Street,
BIIl Vista. Call Tel. 3-4976.

FQR RENT: 2-bedroom'apartment
with garage. 15th Street No. 23,
Son Froncico.

FOR RENT:-Apartment, 3 bedrooms,
Z, baths. livingroom. porch, dining-
room, kitchen, hot water, garage,
told's room and both. 52-A, PerU'
FOR RENT- Completely furnished
upstairs apartment in a two-family
house: Living-dmningroom, kitchen,
two bedrooms, independent mold's
room and bathroom, garage, taile-
ph9ne. hot w. t te ( and complete
bathroom. Independent entrance to
apartment. Situated at "El Can re-
jo"-near Hotel El PonamA. Phone

- I --

FOR RENT: One-bedroom o iart-
ment, living-dlningcom, kitchen,
Sin No .6, ,exico Avenue,
kgafj1s r $50.'.rquive

r wow *.--- 30 1VHue
treet. Inquire 8th Street
FR RENt:- Modemrn o
*PIrlfs, fivingroom, din, hgrip
ed atorn $60 and $65, in h te
.No. 5 East 36th Street. Inquire No.
15, 8th Street. i,

FOR SALE:-12-foot cedar and r nim
hogony outboard with 6-hp WIt
ard twin motor, good, conditWn.
Call 84:2187 aiter 5 p.m.' "

FOR. SALE:- 16-ft. inboard fishing
* boat "Wisco," air-cooled motor.
excellent condition, ready t gao,
FOR SALE:-12-ft. car top fieh lg
boot, like new. Excellent for bay
fishing $125. 10-hp. Johnson mn-
taor, completely overhauled $85;
new parts $125. 'ABERNATHY
SPORTING GOODS,. across aide
street Hotel El Panama. Phone, 3

DR. WENDEHAKE New Medical Cn-.
ic: Day & Night Service. Central
Avenue 209, beside Cepitolio The-
ater. Telephone 2-3479 Panama,


(FLOWERS) for All Souls Day
INov. 21 $2, $3 and $4--gst
price. Inquire at the office of JAR.
DIN DE PAZ No. 5 "A" K Strtet,

Real Etate
FOR SALE: -Porqe .Lefqvfu lots.
Price $750. $900. $1000. Cot 750
meters (15x50) at $2.25 meter.
3rd Street, Rio Abjso, No. 2311,

FO t Rfl-MAdern apartments, 1 varcos.
bedroom, Ivthgroom, diningroom &
bethroomn $55. No. 1. Francisco de P
la Ave., above "Good Neigh- Position Offered
bor ." Inquire No. 15, 8th St. -h
FOR RENT*M- Md p atme e WANTED; Topnotc saleswoman.
F RooT lv rm apa ortent,'- capable of shouldering resgonsmbill-
bedrooms, livingroom, diningroom ty, supervising sales, personnel and
kitchen, above house No. 64. Sec- wrkrin. Good chance jprad-
and Avenue, San Francisco $60. In. workmn.vancement toright party. Apply by
quire 8th Stret No. 15. letter giving qualifications. post ex-
FOR RENT: One-room apartmenti perience and age. Box 3173, Pan-
with bathroom kitchen in houe arnoa,
No. 1`5, Elqy Alfro Avenue. $35. ------
Inquire th treNo. New Arrival Named
FOR RENT:.- Portiallyv furnished
apartment. 63, 4th of July Avenue. Executive Offcer
FOR RENT:-Smoll apartment corn'Of Cmrib Command
pletelyfuish Tivo Ave. -Of Carib Comm nd
ler Apartment. Preferably Amer- .
Scan family. CaN Panama 2-3035. "Lt. Col. Fb.ser.. WatB'JSA
S .who arrived mil. CinOl e to-
FOR RENT:-- Furnished apartments day aboard the UTMSt a i hihas
pecacl price- to party with good! been named elective oamer in
refereiras. Telephone 3-0471 Pon. ith ce officeof the tff seetetary
eamao. i here at leaju8arters Caribbean
FOR RENT: -- New three-bedroom Command.
apartment, living and diningroom i
moli's roam, hot water. Telephone' In addition to this Caribbean
3-2279. -. I Command t change, COP B.
FOR RNT:-Frrfshed one-bidroorr, F SchenkelB-Ri hs! replaced
FOR E"lT'---~ereedntlace O J WY101K.USN.-a s chief
aporenst,, excellent location. Fed. clerk'l nlAe" 0n etion o l-
erioo Boyd No. I, Tel,. 31516 gt.. w.n TouMo taDe, USAFb
FOR RENT:- Furnished' O'lirtnients. I recenUy asumed 0tn as chief
one anrd two bedrooms $75-5$ I 10 '. clerk in the 0 of-the Chief of
Bello Vistao. Tel. 3-1648 !Staff.

r-UMto 600 rudsMer Wer-' FOR RENT--Cleon furnished oapart-,
rwals to 600 rupees per per- ment, for one or two couples, ex-i
*D. cellent borhood. 43rd Street!
But. even as these signs of
plie deVelope, drlvinl rains <
turning e ths to YahN r
1r do"eat
ima hin r an attempt at
eaeul overthrow" of Portu- 1
oes rule In ooa thi weekend, .
&-"Natllnalt Iberators" '.
M ew to-start it"peaeti.f HONG KONG, Aug. 11 (UP,-
Ia-vhn march into Oo- Peiping Radio disclosed today
,t- I-he Yangtze river had crested in
Prsnt N. P. Salunk- o tf the IHanow area of Central Chi-
oTe .. .. na at 97 feet. more than 36 eet
ttted Front of Ooan Btu-'- W I n the dis-
B applirt a meeting oam ee rin the dis-
be iden te for support of the -- -f.. r -.,,oods a IJu .
t to peacefly- over- e obmmnst broadcasts
1f P i.e in India. gave no atmlntef o the damage
iM they or the nuiae o OaualtUes. They
Spt on with said Comnuost workers were
E ;"r fi t l~~**W In the battle
India and-Portuga f i* "cofmra nous fight" would
AV UT. woraIM B beert possible under the
laait. pi.kgt neutral Kai-dbei
RO M O n Impartial regime of Generallsimo Chran
at o felt Mo hay and dropped
'_to N feet a tew hours later. i

Na 1Maam

Mf tDof C Le

Th Mral Adedemy was'
enIded in M6 and incorporated
iama7. h. edby the Revolm-,
LM jIMas 1115 a one
the Inst"te of.

Old Well Etabl l F

U.S.A. Expot
Import Compa

General Merchan&e.
- eed reliable 1ii
active agent.

lANtirtd r Iwtetter t Ielx
Jakob M41-M Wet *tf.St..
New Y-ek. I. u Clpi
Airee: MEJAKOB N11
*UNU- "'-


, 'Y "

~ '~t

MlL m

U S Er.- a .A S



Roa&ter Ied

FleetHne Coupe
Full Price... $47

, Se4an -AHyd.-BR
Fqll Price... $99Z

Ful Price... $94

1950 OLAiOB
88 Coupe Rad
Full Price... $74

1946' FORD V8
, Sedan
Full Price... 8393

1952 FORD V8
Full Price.. $1095

Can be F

1/3 Down





TRAMPORTES Ye.r Cwaumilt Sta
BA .i( ..'(ajeu3~S

BA T R S. A. A.'e .
Pah.qShippers, Wher lUA Pppe est .

5.00 Presents

SoOl ,mur.a, T w -a, AWu. I. V*
Looc R ew, K-iNlo M--
liBabby Expert .

1, Ave. 4 of July, anam A'
5:, N ? Wtmr 7K a rite
AKI ES` "21" o Z:0o.-6er'v. ran r .
AT Paantm tilSaid cl.-IMR 3 A .PORT
O j ,-mU "^f,,is *,, 6:so -BS e a c:T" '*
imik= 2:n 0166:40- 6:45- 0013 MOVrl a- *L s '1' &
RepM m..Ddg WrY at Ani 7:00-N AIS 1ORG4-N 0-L-
Tel. )-Zr ODES-

IL. INN .84 .'1
Yaw r wtme In, cool
5.00i-- &o"AqtM1eP" l phone, e

pSeaoe poe b0 p ateveer :.0
u.0 .6 d3a0 Pw ar,-.,

5.0s0 .-iu Tod e

TPanama Liner Crsto_ f -Sar OerThe Alarm aeq,.l hqatI or;r to m
Clokerto Club (RNeuests AOf Th*e R laeitiA
who ww c*n please phone ;:boore 9:00)
0io afarings ,ie C In Wildwood

Revff.. =, -.u..1b .m m a "... .
The Panama Lner Cristobal h 1P.15-,u-ed' heart Ptograti..
Friday WMth a total of 1in 400-News same It,
an0erh en route to New 10r ;85-01f Thaeo"B(Rgepeots
and three who wU diembar at plea" pbwnebefore 9:180) nr r --? .?
Port-au-Prince. Haiti. 11:00-Nows h -c
5.00 Ureo Guardia and Mrs. MopLm 1:S- Met The turner
Lechtman. 2:00-News
John R. McLavy.,. Psve FL. B.
dhelat with the of 2:05-Lunebitime Melodies WiBh
earth labomtory in A 2:30-Popular Music
rered from Canal .rvW N 1:0-. em r 1 I'-
: g the pe -Mulo Of Manhattan tlift,4t
5.00 p route to New Y ora 3- 1 :SOons Of The Pioneers
anled by Mrs. McLevy. He plaina 1: ilt Of The Viking -
make his future home In s * Tampa. Florida. 2 :0 b ental a m
Utas Capeheen* bit-
The complete advance pvu- 2:
nger list for New York foUowa: 2:. HA T b '
Salomon Acoca, Harold L. A-. 3: ai r
C or; Mr. and Mrs.. Willam C. M 3:1 i
and two sans; M rt 8: 'grd 3 Wesat.
Mrs Arthur C. .Bower san4*< 4
hldren; Mr. and Mrs. Theater 3a
W. Breacklein; Mrs. W. 4:3d -WAts i t
Bfenkm an; Jam es F "C -...nt'd) r- ^_ .... 3so
I. and Mrs. Walter W. :rt WPreach 16:66- J )IPr
r Conkl Mis ntD'. 1Y. P.
Mr, sr. Panmela Corlett: pr .o-To bep
.d Mar. Howell T. CoWAnM 7:0-m t o el -
o; Mins Julie craven --O t** *
en V. Culhane; Mr. andir. 7:l- -- h 15
g-t er:W. MDegenar: Miss DWo- -(TrDpelo) t
Dettenbor; M Mr~smi a 7ry .7 yt :rom T
o;, Dr. Wp Mrs. A.,"S .:(VOA
seand mu: a SON 3 8.0-Pr.Star Sime l M
un: Mr. and Mrs. Ed 8::30-gThe People 3(t 5
and Mr. and Mrs. 9:00-You Asked For It .
sand Mrs. Ireae B. Ft pleae hoe beo )
S SMr. and Mrs. Clement J. Oel ; 10:30-Nelaon Eddy's PenthousetJ.-eP-
| lMartha W. O Ifitt0-Muslc From Hotel l pan- by
th L. Omubyz; Um ama
iOriffon: Leo V. Welm 15 -eed e ce Heppler aO :30-One Night tam ndt &at the t
Ulauchte_: M Rrott _1 l:46-.MuskTo Drmant By wfafti 'B
BAlrmd Mrs.W e. m C, -W" .---

Bi. nbeK W ^W^Uo~-Wrdwt Boacst iitapiitylaa-Tn
B Floyd holu-.^B^eS-ei.rifl*' '.






~ ~


...* ,- .- ,


' -'-V1

- ------





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- q I

if < ,. ,
|ii .- ..i- .., *- o.^ '

,*...... -+ -. .:.B,-i^'f
l jm.

.,.iv". "N:. e




- F


% -. .s.t';, ,,I-. .. .... .. ..r -

A 0 ,e-. -abe s- I
Sweretw TI .t. e e

,rs. ,r. ,dJ4 n,. n. ohi,; are. ,, ,

___.-a. _l, Rao fl yet mn b u't ap.
AmrGo.=11 4

0 .. .... ... + rowte I

ao a to B. t

baw, I. A.. m hes ilt tes t1
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Mrs. RA f"S. vet ndeR t Sill.Y t
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"Fireside Theater" is reamhng
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ExlVice Choirman
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Clark, npw of The brideroom anoaa the Madi ee-
Stadel.a OF'la e e t Age.r hi
iftovO r confer, t l lar of buying bis'bride. noW
Daso, he m t ohe "tper- t father."
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ttr Iof MiL X.N N. n of that at- Dorothy May says her. accom-
M a r u .l rtrfor- payi t. bdd. tNealfltaa gone ii
r tara Panama piano shaped i a swinmmag
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SAn Sothern, TV'se "PrivateSe.
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Why. Maisde -- mean -
Isn't "Private Secretary"' Maidse
by another name?
"Space Patrol" is swithing to
fpm... "Grand HoteIl" i headed
S the IW.v rmna a *series...
P 'aul Raynoa d'sjoined the Holly-
wood rush to TV.
i moe "Mr. and Mrn. North"
roblems for Richard Deonning.
ie's ree *of the *show and putting
a comedy series for himself ..
The order's out for more action
&ad less rom t ta, 2 Prton
Poster's "Wa t" M "o .
"I did too ma plectures in Hol'


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---- Tod --'!
On The SBreen:
The Harlem Globetrotters
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For baking sucoe, use
CALUMET. the double-actng
baking powder. et CALUMET
Wody and try itl

The bottle baby
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adaed to your baby's formu.-
la makes Oow's milk easier to
digas-lm kely to cause
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to starehy loods, too, makes
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refreahem your nmoith and tb t...
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*er Fashions 5it

Shutout Over Tribe

0 -
NEW YORK, Aug. 11 (UP) Bob Grim, the
wee r e" who tends bar duri the off-eso,
sup.& S. victory over the Atheti la st ht
S teammates toasted the event by elimbng
tht ,games.of the American League lead.
Ria's. 15th victory made him fly. Frank Thomas then hit Into
.irst Yaee rookie to attain a force play and Sid ordoni,
t total Since lank Borowy flied out.A w.alk and _double
otnsIshed tetet in 1942. It bas rmt "ve th Lne
i enabled the-Tankees to pin their first rAun AI Dick Uttl e-
u ameaS on league-ldd- see c. t
Indts,', who bowed to haddedthd dm run the
, 4-0 I" third wh mIey Williamsmin-
ie Athletics dropped their led, advanced on a sacrifice
h straight game even though and came home on Willie Mays'
i went ahead in the first In- inie.
Sjo DeMsestri's double an Lopata ot the Ph.iee
fD JBoUweO's single but the off wnnig with a three-run
akees elinched the contest omer off loser Johny
in they pounded loser Char- in the firm t inning and he Phee
shop for three runs in the added three more runs in e
d on gineq by Phil Rluto second .backto-backdoubl
Scary ogi Berra and Irv bY Earl 0rQgeson and Wol
en mixA together with a pair Joni ,a Lce DnH Ok'
walks and a sacrifice. error a nles b y Richie Ash-
bqrnil dLonata, Curt Simmons
Garver limited the IndiaiM was the winner although be
l4ve hits In raekjh up is needed 0up from Robtn
BI vi y ever t WyB, in ee e th. Tackle ona
eslLtu ut.tb.efb6k. hit his 1b _homer.
a "rv M .all the miar- Corky Valentine. the Cinci*-
Pe ne l wie Wayne nati.rdlde, yielded a home run
bl4ted Isa Illth emer to Fr iak Baumholts on the fti
the basiempty he pitch the Of me but that w..
pull, but the Tlget alaed all the.runs the Cubs collect
Sore ra n- In A eighth as the Reds got to southpaw
rIud measure. Iowle Pollet for a pair in the
thipaw Mel Parnell a 21- fifth on Jim Oreengrass' double,
. winer last year., wn his Johnny Temple's safe bunt a
game -of the season In fielder's choice and two infield
; 1 the Red Box to a.our- outs,
4 UtriPumh over t0e 9!Pna- % I Wilson limited the Cardl-
_it 'Fe1 walOked tIfee and nsto three itgles and coasted
io' ti two whlle oing bla to t ei*gth victory without a
t Pimplete game .f 4the .a- .o when his teammates backed
. SBstop rapped oser ,Bob with a 10-hit attack that
_e d or ee of its ded homers by Hjnk Aaron
third innn on Ted W), Joe dock (2Oth), De
P 6,64.l1 7 by B .adell ith), and Eddie Mat-
and l-a aws w ).
.Gra and a sacrI fieIa I U
( game scheduled between ca'p -
Sand enaidrs was T ih B i n aw,-J I
^i^ .&lleaiC~tI Btu So'W W-

Lnt. uilmI

: la a rLeted Ca-
A W ige who new lives In
baee, was thle manager of
Jae France track many
ears Mg during one of Its
L ei .trying periods.
At one tine he mnased the
now defunet 'eniuelwOih do
r traclk

(2 Pacific Squadron
1a MeetNng .Tonite
The next regular meeting of the
M anal Zone Pacific Squadron. of
Invited States Pwer Squadrons
-hbeld toniglt at 7:30 in the
aYacht Club clubroom.
Us. forthboming Sep tember r
cruise to Taboga Island and other
g Ieneral business will be discuss.
Ise P*.- Refreshments will be serve d
,. the after the meeting.
y run All members are urged to at-
aeificeo tend.



- *"

, 4-

meak you lo.kt yr
.,tta 'oeaut Jarma's
S y ra in eaer,
by jiaMea will put

1.~~~ :1'
IVULJWib HAminbj 6 m
L I' L A E LE-


Leave Toda

For U.S. J.

Gor T urn

starts Aug. 18 st AlVuquerque,
Jorge P-az U.

*,. i
dlHvidually anibe shooting. m
winner runner cld thih-
plaee fmin er in t.4 t:ce J
i tournament hl the -
ama Club courier ll be
ing a plane this evening tL ake
part n the ninth alzua Juilo
]Chamber of Commnlr g No. 1
Junior Golf Tournamentb which
starts Aug. 16 at AlbuquerqUe,
They will represent the Pana-
ma-Canal Zone entrynt -
ternational compOtitlon and In-
dividually will be shooting for
the big the tht cou nt tem
t$2,AW in scholarship prizes, a
trip to Europe for a wor.a
match, plus nationwide acclaim
as the but junior golfer.
oThis blu event is made-In T ts
financial help of Iahi dl1tl
Smotors.i Nationalso ellurnd
sa and Milky Way oa iftr.u,.
S year the tournmf~t Wh
n Nee Apn Arbor, Mthch. where
Bfl1 Beeson, Sandy H IkiO arid
Jim DesLondes. Jr. repre 'nted
the Ithmus.
SLocally the trip wa mae pos'
sible for the three boys trout gh
the generosity of the Panama
Golf Club the Drive-in Theater,
Metro-roidwyn-Mayer anl the
hundreds of supporters of the
youn golf stars who purchased
icuketg to the benefit show at
the Drive-In.
Contributions were also scur-
ed by Jim DesLondes, local tour-
nament chairman, who through
Don Neer, the US Jaycee direc-
tor, received grants from the
National Oolf Fund, Inc., to the
tune of $100 and rpund-trlp tick-
ets bY air from Dallas to Albu-
querque from the Nash 'automo-
bile dealers of America. The
parents oe the young stats will
be bearing the personal xpeans-
es along with about $150 rns-
lif audia ..

MWm Vapm enjrmy amablW e to


T i$ Bout Set

For Sept. 1

w YO Aug. 11 (UP) -
Welterweight Kiid Gavilan han
agreed to defend his title.

Oavilan has signed to meet
Johnny SaXton In Philadelphia
on September First-three weeks
from tonight. The bout will be
televised nationally with a
blackOut t Phil4delphia. As yet.
no visCons have been made
for *uoa4Sating.
Th, O&WMa-Saiton bout Is
another in a summer flurry of
championship fights. Lig h t
heavyweight Archie Moore de-
fends tonight in New York a-
gainst Harold Johnson. Middle-
weioght kn Doo Olscn will de-
end agalt Roky Castellani in
San Francisco on August 20.
Heavyweight champion Rocky
IMarano has a re-match with
Bisard Charles in New York on
Ieptember 15. L i g h weight
chanp Paddy Do Marco has a
tenta ve date with ex-champ
Jimmy Cariter in New York on
September.. 22. Featherweight
cha ampio Sandy Saddler is
scheduled to defend against Per-
cy Sit1 sometime In October. .bak to the Gavilan
fight, It will be the eighth time
the Cuban champ has defended
lan taking the crown from
JIohl -yw ttou i May of 1951.
n1smp flranik Wiener of the
Pamnsyfltaig Athletic Cornmmis-
l1 luwil there be no return
l e in -e contract. But Gav-
llan didn't seem to mind. The
Kid missed confident of beating
ton. ten moving into the
Middleweight ranksI for another
shot at lson. Oavilan lost to
Olson last April.
G e Oaninason doctor-Jo-
Bartone examined the
hand Oavllan injured last
and pronounced it
Seed" Gavilan him-
it ~e hand feels good and
SIn perfect shape.
Sa ays he has been wait-
aU to get a crack at
Iterweight title. The 24-
Ifew Yorker says--"My
been telling me I
be- .champion someday. I
Ca'td let y rianas down."

S 4 OfBeam
MAI W U. P Air.
eatcMes ever made in
shlng from a rail-
W Lake Menoas. It
I t sea emwasn't
f ti- emuvatiom

.-. .. ;.




MO3NEZl IGNS tbmUan fia~herwelght hunplonehlp
contieer lsidro MarUnea,f Colon igns a cotrotwiith Promoter
Louis Craig to meet RP Ampon Pedro Teels for the tip Oct.3 8
at-.the Colon Arena. ro from this benefit contest will be
added a fund being collect to start a farm for delnquent boys
on the Atlantic side. sting beside Martine sM %* mia.m er
while (standing, letfto right?) Iidro's econd,C r, 1on PoC e
Chief MaJ. Pastor Ramos (in. the background) and ,alner lJoe
Walcott witness the contract signing. ,

Top Antilles And Panama AreaN

Net Stars To Meet In"" rib

Comma" dT uMr#4N ii^

Top tenuMs s m the 'An.- Hs entry. Both enoes agree
tilles ,w. _et a st of the that the matches will be lose and
PtAs 14A 4 Forces to- hard-fought all the wa, lad e0
mrow .,nd et Fort Amador Pecta real tussle in L. feature
to, open Play tkiA MB Caribbean lSnlWO match between Hayes and
Oomg'and et touoney. 10 ulez.
The three-da4) codjtfeat wIIil .Vhe tentative pairings for the
feature singles competition on Caribbean Command Tennis
Thursday and Friday, and dou- Championships are:
bles play on Saturday. Matches rs (B:3 a.M.)
will start it 8:30 a.m. all three L Major Atur Dreyer, Quarry
days. Heights, vs. Ensign Walter Bor.
Six singles matches and three den-, 1th N.avlDstm... ..
2. Cptin Pau#l Cromwell, Al.
doubles meetings will decide thebr k vs. A _c Gordon A-
Smember of the aix-man teams t.Cno.ameryAFB.- __. no
participates In both types of play. is.. n. nCa n eos ,
The Antilles team arrive ed last L;,mrtA ..oruvs. M Abner

ago, 2 M ajorLe Hays. Fort Abne
SWednesday morning to bei Bk Ia Jringgn otrhnaort 5 n.
woriaouts ,ore, coa test, id 4. Pv. Jamesa Flaaan, C
wil have hd plenty time tomzal, vs. Pvt. James VaweU, PCamp-
practisce i strange surroundings, ma -,. ..Go ... AI
The Amador courts will be not'. T ( .m .)
ing new to the P amma team. L ol.bErnestwln an, o-
however, since ethe Armed Forces al, vs. Pvt-. Carmen Roso,.
Tourney was held there two weeksamp. .Portuue. _
iago. 2 Major Leo Hayes, Fort Gu-.
A Fort .b l ,an ., Puerto RI lick, vs. Pvt. Logr Gonialez, Fort
Private. Ltoir Gonsales w l lea Bucann.
the AntilleS .1att their quest Saturday (8:30 Lm.)
for the tde. o v won the sin- 1. CromweU-Castaneda, P a a a-
pies crovM in Puerto Rico, and me, vs. Gonzalez-Anderson, An.
is considered an excellen t court tilles.
performer. '..- 2. Ewbank-Flanegan, Panama,
Formerly i varsity player at vs. Pickering-Borden, Antilles.
Brown University in Providence, 3. Hayes-Dreyer, Panama, ve.
Rhode Island, Gonzale once met Vowel-Rozzo Antilles.
Vie Se xans h i inter-collegilate ..........
match. LAhr Gonadez won the
Richmond, Indiana, city chan- I__L__I__ lItL_ ll.
pionship in' S1. and is curently KO1 lthfhe rcU S U .
ranked in -tha top five in Puerto les 1-8 -
A pair of Ca p Tortuguero, al me- On Loo
Puerto Rico Privates, Carmen --r
Rozzo and James Vowell, will |'.Jt.. 1 .I
be the Antil. hop. the dou- L ll r d

to ~ pa Man Leadiw ng s T 2 o am
Sbles com P in anRoo and Vow- edl nm r
ell tpl=%e field in the meaent
Antilles-met at Fort Brooke.I NEW YORK. Aug. 11 (UP)-
PuertoRieo. T'he second-place Rochesteid
Ma* .Loo Hayes, Fort Gulick.wings gained a half-game-' an
whoWOW t"o tS Panama titlelthe Toronto Mrple LeafsM
wil lead his ten into action. night In the International LOW@ue
Hayes is a former top-ranking race by splitting a double-hRld-
player in Eastern tennis circles er with the Buffalo Bisons.
in the United States, and is cur- V whie GteSyracuse Ch olef d-
She Paa... A m a t e rreted the first place Maple
rc'ham hPiona....... /Leafts. 14-8, Rochester downed
Lt. Col. Ernest Ewbank and Buffalo, 1-0. on Lawrence Jak-
Pvt. James Flanagan of Core- son's three-hit pitching, 114
:zal, who won the Panama doum. dropped the second gme, 1-1,
bles titl.,wll be the ke .en as t Ken Johnson. p e^ d a
dual completion 0+iwl S nurday/," treehitter for the B. OM TLo .
The Panama A"A team is ronto now leads by 2% game*
t coae L J by CokLJ Iwbank, while .The third-ple Montreal eR1-
Major Plekering haldtes the An. la Ppicked up a game on Tom-
to by beating the Hawana now
S- -Kings, 5-3. The Royals traU'o..
ronto by seven g*aes and are
41/, behind Rochester. The uft1t-
taa^ mond.-at-Ottawa game was aJ-g .

_1 ^ 11 l ILnn Lovengu wbLenth
. aSZ^^^ ^ /ltrd Williams In the d.
i WW /credit for thb Syracme
/ B /SB iPolellw the sew leol V
4*I Toroto pitcher, vwa the-:
/ -- /Mlrv Bldylock of of1
I I -/W/ iMike Gollat of Tor hitW&id
|r /:, -=[es-empty homers.
r D' f uos Ron N/rtboy htM
I Jill- two-run homer in 1i eO tko:
/ i J ,Ininir of the second t
U~~~fl left huider Tib m~~~
-t WI he needed aMlart ie
Me w. I f mS -

.*. .. 'w ^ *"'.*. *,,B
.'+ -f^',. u .* *.. ._ .'- .- .-'. S.^^=. *****...i

INIght Game)
CUMPWO 100 000 000-1 5
.CAl ti 000 020 O0x-2 5 1
M r (0-7), Klitpen and
6&W1014. Valentine <9-9) and

Playgroind S .ts

a yn. Ofei ,
The 9-2 y W o elf parlpatiag
in the Balboa Gymnasum Sum-
mer Recreation Program .will not
welcome August 27, for their ma-.
ny summer activities will draw to
a cloke at that time. The fast lov-
ing schedule of events hal once
again proved to be a huge *ue-
leeks, ;- !
The 9-12 year old grogp, prob-
ably the most aelvi, claim ma.
ny "athiet&e to be.- Thse chil-

lt. d a. n-weme_ nii,,, be-
weleobed to any actlvtto.w.
%. Tli Augmt V mPamentottm of
Awards .f officially dos We
program of fun.


.. ^
< \ 1

- -


F.i '

. ceremonies ;-.++ 1. ..

re ear-
e he started i- G I+
feo fought 0 3 C +
to wem l- mo d 3p at
Iehnson upsets -- (
,Ceremoni 1' a0 8 A
ng .no weight _.. md (11.1 _!!l m-i
)rn was -near.I ... Ia1

5-8) favorited (Night Game) .
match /rthi 23 000111 10 0 l
Isn wrred81 Lts O~h 000 000- 011 302

$pn worri (8-0 and Crand ~
ReAteHi (8-7), Wade. PreakO andm
fiys "There Satl. leld (-), i
I.t wek .lgrbnad Mmpard.I
oD so upsetsl"N --'- '1(
inatch wtthin' 2- 1_3 4l001t ~l100l
14m''-Ur woWe 000 ', p0oo0o0- 0 3 06-
W ulm (8,0) and Crandls M
/Rasloh( 8-7), Waft, lrenOanoi
!Es --_ "There IaML .l

it. I've got
and he knows

noThe lgbn-
may PinvI terett

problem, But the
handle admit Moo
ly 300 poundsl" who
to trai.L Te Ug.t
limt .is -po-nds.
Johason +mays he
shae and' xet
aet 17 .pondi, It JTo
Moore, the strong (
there wIl be a re-
90 day But Moore
that will happen
The champion sa
won't, be any ups
Johnon's number,




Mgtb 100 01 00W2, 10I

Bwyip^o.M, fife aom

o 403. 01Y
.L-tdei 011p4 8 'io
Potrlj (11-10), 'P-ew
nd Pt eaAPua*n
nd W~e.(Afternoon ga
odtpon.ed (rats).

ong TheF fairways

Them ware-,14 .n
a "Low Net an Pairr aea
oles" tUmmOment on. L a d iee'
Day -week. The winetwrem
18t. Miriam+ Glock
aMd. ,Bev Diler .,
ard. -Ape Wood, Barbara Bldo.
des (tie). z + .
A "OBest Nine" tournament,
14 handiupis eeudorts
MOat arden Lady lfhv
leRft SA the S*es

Moore has beaten Johnson
three times in four tries-all
bouts ending In a decision. The
chazmplon has won 18 straight
since lofsn to Johnson in Do-
cember of 1951. Johnson is
wor dn_ his are former heavy-
weigh champion EZzzard Charls,.
secOad ranked heavyweight Niflol
Val. and Jimmy Slade.
(The fight will be broadcast
and televised by C-B-S. However,
thqr .fJb no telecast in the
New York 0ty. area.)


i ~I.

Buada mmailr t .M t B -h
street; pajnan City Slub-
house. r
A sp mana for the eb
sAd tod6 y entres iare b
ameptoedfroem outbeed mid
enthadsiasts of both PLOW
and the Canal Zone. Ente manude n to ftika- at
Carden and ftde, 6wMt
thq Tropiet Theater. IN
me *nsnuuf fee. '
Several valuable prise J4
being offered the spoke-anm
Sundays ram will be,.-hel
In area between 6 5th Sk and
the Froneh lan. -

Watson, Linda Cunaligham, Car-
ole Thompsn, and Andra. Tar.
tigrare really wfring hoes
inm .the mat with thir sbwtu.
and baU, balttlebaL. btamton,
and astbanl a m onme ,of the
other activities beng, enjoyed
7U children are con-tly -ay-
ing thes games in an around the
gymnasium, and until the oum--



- 6.: L.

PsOMPr off- r() *pfthst fi~e
*Hi, -1, -V 'to &all*
dor -r .. ... &. d --_--_

4 .. Vb .-- **~ Aiilil'li._.[-Jiklte-. "+'l--t .
ni- ^ ....^ ^^-IOW .A* a-

---^ _fct ._ -'- fi ^ ^i^ '~'.J ^ & .*h ^ B A J
,' i c JM^ + i '. "+ T -^
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4 Years sI Natisw League
Writtks er NNA Service
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Answer: The Is e t. It
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Scesdu dst 111d 2is'ew deal" at his the Assembly in
ecnmi ogrlen.m and his North effect haud him a blank check
mcan AfricaneMythroqgh m Asnan- Iasterday pehabilitate the na- IhefAMher a
My whim dared notshafllng. him tions a re economic machine.: Of
he ii mat despite their jealousies, Saboym-b -A- sharp attack on the premier
la*" as and fears. b i9l6ow Radical-Bociallst. form-
*,I l With a 361 to 0conmidance er Interior Minister Leon Martinm--I m. x
for hisr conok iu;plans and aDepilat delayed voting on
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aasopprva diosa ie maattmand Deplat accused the
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'll musts, viol" thmr. a direct relation to his
predntl is and %he new out. ,,STARTS5 Added Attraction:
nd the former in. N T THURSDAY Autumn i-
sIate. ,~.ko .Iows it," Mendes. 'AT TET iRne
no vlnee ne then announced LUXTEATARP W
I II am 0postpoiwng the de-.
.. .,vernmeta ort..R..t's North *
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"Let the people know the trurk and the country is safe" Abraha incoln. a
.'-NTy- SNT TUYAR FPAAMAI. .WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 11, 1914. .V c s J j ^_. n

U.S. Stepping Up Military Aid' F

D said; aMatthet
Wo Four Far Eastern Allies.. .......
0 ed the ovid t Unbi a whether the wao dy as but service F
Answer W as ital to be a total .....
WASHINGTON. Aug. 11 -(UP) return to his country, now that an reject "
-The United States plans to step armistice has been put in effect, In th tmaI. said
up military aid to its Far Eastern and "tqke up the work of peace' the United s preedg
allies. all potential t a r g e t s of among his war-weary people. e a the n0slmm 1' hat ia
Communist expansion flte Pa- Bis announcement of his inten- turned the UaV Iid.wl
cific. tions was made a few hours after Mr. Eli o eirmi ad his at-
Defense Secretary Charles E. the Geneva ceasefire arr a n g e- omic ooml f l 't ne, in
Wilson said this country "with- ment became effective in sOuth- an ad= =.d tWe United Na-
out question" will increase fu. Vietnam-the last area of. Indo- tibns Geiftrl AsupablI.
ture military aid to Korea, JI e china in which the guns were ai- He proposed:
pan, Formosa and the Pbllp lenced. 1. An international atomic en-
pines. ergy agency be created to receive
Ba. B Dal sat out the laI t sIcontributions of uralum and Ais.
i He made the statement at a months of the wa and the aeo: sionable materials to the agency
news conference yesterday when stations at Geneva which e=d from the principal atomic powers.
S-7asked about reports being pr r-. the-eight-years-lpg war varl" 2. mThe agency would be respon-
ed by Gen. James A. Van Fleet ous resorts on the French RI- sible for atorI ad proteetng
and assistant defense secretary viers. this material. I
W. J. McNeil, who recently comr 3. The agency *0I "devise
S platedd a 10-week survey of mill- Communist troops seized two methods whereb, thin ssionable
tary needs in the four countries. small outposts near Saigon yester. material would & bloated to
Wilson did not say when t*M day in a final gesture of defiance serve the aceful of
Van Fleet-McNeil re.port." ht Ionly a few hours before the dead- mankind." He s e that ex-
be ready. But U-S. military of. line for the last combat of the Trts be r*ecrul d- ly atom-
fials make no secret of the war InIndochina. energy "to the of a ri-
fact that they would consider culture, medici ane d other
the fall of Japan or the Phillip. The high command announced peace purposes."
pines a threat to U.S. security, that Vietminh forces overran the
Korea, in turn, is viewed as a garrisons of Bep Luc, 15 miles
key to Japanese security. south west of Saigon, and Ban Tre,
Defense Department figures in- '50 msI les southwest of Saigon on 1 ib 'hml l
dicate that the United States jhas the last full day of the hostilities.6 1
spent about $1,500,000,000 in mi- .. .
.tary aid to Asia and other Paci- With the shooting stopped d an R Med, Gen.nlae..a
i* B^^.~~~ ^' cOiSn. sep M Caithy started four years ago. Most Of chief and high commislsiontr, an- 0- 4-lO Cad for' Wi
ITE Sen. Joseph M rth (cent) the money we help the French nounced that he would leave For t -
hi d *b aW w olna committee fi ht Communism in recently-par. Paris tonight to consult on the i bP t
te an on speeeo h .r n Ding h',o, -t.nheLemnt tude on.o ., future of Indochina. trict enorcemet of t'.n ...
he t s nice little boyswhodo h.aveh a i ich nldi HisImmediateprelm rer gula e
eutov t "unito the way he .... ante; Army appropriations,. the evacuation of thousandseofdog sIo the a will be
na, e4-bforced French armored River delta to southern Vletnam op lelo, l t as. Aa unacedI
aml feig -i ,a .a n d a government crisis bl otiore

a wttered war. Authorities agreed that the gov.d own a
"-. ry reports that Co m" prnment.of Vietnam had lost it renew licenses for b
iPa... m u mgitato.arses planned to or- grip on the situation. July 31 will be omple.. ti/
Vai..". .unt-French demonstra. dWeek. Shorty al .
r e A N tions, m-rn c eh poce and troops han founded without vlid a enso es
Say His a iiorney were 0 in force. Th na ra oea s be picked up by, the poce and
SA During the night, the sounds of .impounded.
i- firing continued in southern Viet- Nicely 0ounlowing Copes the Whding
11 (LIPnam and Saigon citizens' heard notices wll be ent to% own-/
i j 11 ^(UP. U Meantime. McCarthy entered a scattered mortar fire and explod.- o d i ers who wel have four dale to
rthy dia g- anket denial of several major ing shells until almost dawn. J c nd Operation a pik up their pets.
i he ec ng to g arges against hlmin an inter- But by 8 a.m., the firing had The program of notifying dog
l, ist ed to bat view with Newsweek magazine, died away. So far, there have HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aue. 11 owners who have not renewed
Pa nwa te ,been no reports of any post-ar- (UP) Onetime actress Theda their licenses is being carried
M o ptit se alp ns slated that Gen. mistice battles. Bara, 1, vamp of the silent out by the the License B reau |
C. Marshoall's activities During the night, motorized pat- screen,. was reported "doing and the local Civic Councls.
~ L ." lmajor fiteor" a selling roles stopped all cars, taxis and nicely" today following her sec- At the end of last week a total
tieg T o allies "Into slavery" cyclists moving in or out of the ond operation resulting from a- of 681 expired Canal Zone dog
i6r an .*d precipitating the K eream city to check identity cards and cute appendicitis.. licenses still had not been re-
whochina wars." papers. Armored cars ro a r e d need.
I Y t'e through the residential quarters The former leading lady, who
that Bis having' *--ilCarthy categorically denied where most of the French live, on quit the screen 33 years ago aft- Oh, Beck.
i Cohe. O ok beckw S~ gg that he diverted to his the lookout for suspicious persons. er more than 40 films, has been FORT HQOD, Tex. UP -
similtt use 'funds supplied to 'fight At break, 11 police heli- under treatment at California Whenever someone in D Company
W,. munism, that he used rela-. copters took off and hovered lazi- Hospital since an emergency ap- ofthe 1st Armored Division's 2 th DIONN GO TO MASS.-- (center).and C ce c
4V1 al .s (R i or friend to cover p finan. ly ovr the streets of the citv. pendectomy June 29. Armored Battalion holers"heck" Canada, withtheir brother v ., as the body of t rI
of. bi Special a lk transactions o r that he ready to signal If they saw crowds two soldiers come running. One is
mmteq., paid his group "abused" Brig ban. Ralph W. forming. In her prime. Miss Bara star- M-Sgt. Robert Heck from Univer-
yinf tie question at Zwicker. All have figured i n the In Paris., Vietnam's pla y bo y red in such film as "The Ser- sify City, Mo., and the other Is
Pa request.t He sild the censure attempt. chief of state "Emperor" Bao pent of the Nile," "Tiger Worn- Pvt. George Heck of Garnavil-
ot usually. pay the Rai, announced today that he will an" and "The Vampire." lo, La.
r'eyfee in an election
'bea cover rt of it.
a SS, J. W Iianm Full- I
'. Mporterheendes-France Scores 2 Thumping.Wins,,

SGoeOnToFaceEuropean Army Problem

t "aU.tow the 46 PARIS, Aug. 11 (UP)-. nch The maneuver failed since Men. African policy to Aug. 27 would thenational minimum wages and
ragau.itMcCarthyb to as Premier Pierre Mendes-rance, des-F.Pranca did not need the Cornm min effect be a vote of confidence because his economic expansion -
^^ H a l belre it lauteas his hand. strengthened by two muniat deputies to win his non in the government's policy there. plans would solidify "capitalist co.-
.-hbearings Aug. 30. thumping victories in the Nation- confidence Tunislan test. In the vote of confidence, the centrations."
some igarE probt l1 Assembly, summoned his cabin- The Roman. Catholic Popular premier amassed a bigger total of Most of the Popular Republi-.
U l u u miaabd'e ous f e'_t Into session today to tackle thee Republicans (MRP), sponsors of non-Commealst votes than at any cans laid aside their Indochina
i**soe st F use .h European Army problem. the EDC, abstained on the Tuni- time except for the 471 which ra- antipathy to vote for the econo-
-Pt)o difficult lo prove and T premier 'as only eight days sian vote even though the premier tified the Indochina settlement. mic projects.
llr because thy would be before he must sit down with attacked their leaders indirectly Communist deputies abandoned I
mHto warrant censure the foreign ministers of West Ger- for being at least partially re Mendes-France for the first time. Only a few holdouts like form-.
S"3 t ... .i m.ny, I aly snd t.e Beneax count sponasible for the current mess in ostensibly because he did not er Foreign Minister Georges .i- i. .. : i
ies Ddei he r mfherh"m tto borth M ,Afrea. hh ma.... promise an immediate oe In dault refused to bury the hatchpt~* A B G
.lEcnnm .R e .e (E C o'not. ty for Mendes-Frace's industrial body of ofu .3
R ~a .-st to d '"any In just 13 days, the National As- and agricultural expansion plans | ... -.'...'.
l[_ Kutaer consideration. He sembly Is scheduled to begin its because it paraels their own .
,_,h,_'ltewever, that it wil re- "final' debate on the issue which party tfo.rm. ., '.-. ".
Which will result i has as divided te country. Whe r Medes-France can n IS WA ImO .. IS R.IN .
measure. Todmefs cabinet-session will be find similar strength for any -"'- | 4
can make a clear case the formal discussion on "compromise" EDC project Is the 5iom s qyZ I
n eo ,." gore saM Z. Eby the strange coal ition question that is being chewed o-n-I I a ,tfsoeph.I u
m^ ^ M B oa mine or those t which includes as many ativersa- ver and over by every thinking' '_ 1_. II__-. '-
ries as advocates of the revolu- Frenchman and foreigner in Pa- *Bnf MOi Shrie O 4 M u M1lL di
m Werqrsp" pInrojt for rearmin Gr. r thri me ,rmel 'O1do h af l"... .
l .41 p ae hand DC l ,a he h~d suc-_-Ise to a ue of every resource

4' .
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