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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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illt THE wAi WN! CNIMI'

ute %an is a M eg a f-m u cedr of The P'enSm Am

," .g ..i we a b-e--d In s-Mebsin- .e w idee.


Aasn inveterate hero-worshipper I have been getting a thrill
Bu the aim<0000 people in New York I given by my
and t ebonrs bestowedb by my iov inent on the gallant
ange, Genevieve de Galard-Tearratt -
Course. I admire her devotion and courage in tayng ith
4W wounded and dying aoldierm at Dten mBen Phu until &(hew
MwSed by seml-savage Communists, but probably leas savage
"e Man brand at that...
Ita y ad4miration for nursing as a profession Is so senU-
intal thatit veres on the maudlin. Then I a writingthis
Sirom a bed In San Fernando Clinic, In a quet, alr-conditioned
P nO with a picture window and I may have a hang-over from
mY last "hypo."
Many people. including officials of the French government
and even members of Oenevieve's family, were worried about the
letters of thanks she wrote to Preeidentf Ho Clt Minh for the
treatment given the wounded prisoners. The Communists made
a field day of it and the French preas intimated that she may
've become one of "thom."
a'.-ige member of her family is reported t,bave Aent her a
e'WlereadinR. "Proud of you but shut up."
But when Genevieve met French newspapersmen she reveal-
nd that- she had been urged to write the letters by the chief of
thW medical services at Dfen Blen Phu. Furthermore, people who
kiow the de Oalards ay they were in the tradition of the family
Scivalry. The de Galards have never forgotten their manners,
*yen on a battlefield.
n .. -




[1.u wuls

s tradmltloa of her family, one
r in*'-rane, dating back, I an
ry. She 15 the dsughte lU*
ow living modNtlyp th .
, a,.
.,.lba e l of.. ..tW
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milk botte. Thell
pretty. But the wiy
Sjust ask for It. Thia tsl

room to take
and probably
there is any-
se," wea more

- d un

By Colbroith




haven't given me a bit of Mrs. Nixon.
V ie m- m Ing and now
., .- ".y' in bid,"
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Labor i



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AUlo l

4 1



1 Byy VICTOR Ro US- i
BERLIN-There are '-s W8
bored State Dept. ofela.e. .u..
very much depressed .i.
weather and annoyed
ers who ask too mane MU
They've just beente il l
there's nothing to their
Russian kidnapping
SYet 3,000 l abr %a= wrt
underground workers, g
ganization directors pd ,
ment officials have i
ped or have my
peared in Europe aimn* .
To cite just one c itr l
the kidnapped man u
traced there is the
Dieter Friede, the
nist editor of ttfmSiit a.
per. r Abend. He was a
y the Russians, forced b the
vieo Gestapo-type SSD (Obotl
curty Force) to "se sa" s d
condemned to 25 years at ha
labor for alleged espionage.
was an early case.
If one charts the kidnap
ro 1945 to the present, you fiid
that there is considerable atreD5h
in the theory of labor people 1.]
that despite the newsioeia
sians are trying to liquidate
brains and the manpower of
the German anti-Commun st
groups here. Maby of them, qt
curse, work for our own uAt .
cover agencies.
To counter the Soviet kidnapplk
squads and cloak-and-dagger ofW-
ations which would make l e-
vision script intrigue aund lk a
chapter of "Little Women," te
Western Berlin police have or"l-
ized a special 3,000-man
force. ',
This is motorized-much like tr
state troopers. They're speci
trained. I've been told they lie
in their own barracks equiped
with a radio station. Any au
can reaqh them nto. sands-iL..d
their motor ycle, ak
to any Berlin st!t't lui a-w
minutes. This ,. be ast
naU tnab a u.'s peedn to
e usslan sector. ;
ere'ls no. way fqes an outsider
to ow wheth 1ls ekuad is m-
1eating X t obvy iy
15 er .te A qd r y
,ipforce la eh. toe cte
wan tha..Sov'iet lefiappers. the
d f tirooarm en roam aluio
op, aditian to Germany
?I &lm-lpecificaliy at organia. the "Freedom Comtit-
for Russian-German Fried.*
ip" and the "Free Juril"
tldh have terrific contacts e-

party. The kidnapping-espionage
enowrk of tough musle men and
eav agents works for a se-
rihi of Soviet Army. State, and
Comlaform agencies far too com.-
ex to attempt to unravel here.
But what ust be reported is
their relationship with America's
5,000 American acard-h o d i g
Those here who can speak au.
thoritatively about the Soviets say
that the American Communlits
have ae. onesrd to liquidate
their rlaepedont unions and take
either whole Communist-controlled
na1lHal0t unlonj or locals into the
AltL sd, CIO-wherever they can
get in.
get in. t is not only to stay
lagW Z the inside of our defense
was but also to place them.
Ieawess leoe as possible to non-
ComanMinlt local and international
union heads-and ,there urge, or
provoke, strikes and slowdowns..
The Aa sean Communist labor
imen ate o undt orders to be.
gin worknL their.way towards
launching Soviet-American friend-
ship outflten.- Iet non-Com-
munist labor ,m front for
them if they i,
To speed on of this
cy the creasing
,i I;th U.S. to
n thel especially
the bor i nto action de-
wie the public atmos-

Thus the san network which
operates in De. Soviet se-
eret police, Co rz agents,
kidnappers, musie' sen-and po1it-
ical oamssar ijiay those
who were trainedtgh the Span-
is Civil War-.a ri lg Into the
Just wait and see. You won't
ii i/

Congressional Rec6rd, 1789

as the Republican National
mittee is to pass out federal
to loyal party workers, it h
agree to pass one out to a I
crat the other day.
No GQP oUticians back
can awk, however, be
they l ha a crack at fill
bitt -Apome up with a
TM personnel
lemn th the Sum
Co Associate

Of th rical Pu
the of htorica
mntn at puc-expense.
For sev years he has
niuhi v eo~mdmisionu t(
ive 4he ration of th
anseftf -i.e first sel
nge eO 1789. It's tNh
tr pt a session wh
inislng and the members
Court felt that the 1
it as a ei mto the "Itent a

mr" ol does not C


0- .
ager possession of the Libray f Con- rino Calif. atte
Com- gres, haa never be tra bed rb the iary of a
Sjabs Irts this job which Frl fui r printer named M
lad to fally got the NIPC to M e. which had been w
Demo- to be done under tie ates ofoyd system. *Se I
the National Archt. cried the diari of
home This is when the aR b Na- ne of the fo s
cause tioaal Committe got into act. inia fa ao
ing It The archives operates Gea- Upd system.
quall era Services Ad When Dr. Hame, c
through t O*. about the opeg aBh
prob- fd the commit that a poa the chance. She t a
Sreme as needed for ts he of abunee from er
ustics The committee's dsitilatch- Is la town now, rea
ng .on to this unique t p0 She admits she was
ember t btop- 0b a l work mayed when ale first
blue. ---ired to chagrn r le douments she wnf be
sl en of mopahs when It wau dlramverld lmo the year. "'
doeu. that *o good Reoullaes'as so small.," s4 e es.
their able to trasr M Lloyd' of Mt ottIe
been notes, or interested in t 0 lsavei y I'si
o Finally someone frame I-C tm. There an
e fal mttee called crehib f t *f the Sieae
Io of statement: '* sants. l
B oy "ndQ y1 owsn sget u-dto e
ch I the, even ifst'su t be aal
of the W th this i gt WMDr.h with a W ^rn
Xedl R. amer, diretor d- Seb 4 m vA A
Coit Net out to recruit r ,m V words.
t took l because Dr. Herlnl In t 's ndte 1
iaon. IdW nt circles than U"-_ wa. fromre brot
lfieal iean poeiteians he tt l l t raperI I
ontal of a i. Marit r a frelLt
tad i was a editorial irt1a9r l i
Sco. California State' DoS t I e paem.

la. o k which Iea raot.7
t, in the New York 'Ma I o
short- Att be time sh
in the the Huntington LWiray taas party."

hew Q
o tr am

iritea tha
*taeed -ir
a. amped

saw two


^"^'eP ^

rip ro as te *i wa*-ea
. E a chair
kAnd a t ( dng.
"And no-"-, a e s.,as be cb*
(un in ,t. 1e.'e mmhia

is tor ob

nuaphrey Jopedi from hi a
br a th on bbad bit ha.
It todk 0 2 OMoment o to
|ia atf wr ou0* $ and
ldwarll did ot go on the sir
until 10 p.m, s
Strangeat sBtnd rac*et o th

a 5 st a. a'
l Sisar/nd Cbnm"atb #a/

im enmator WW never ieto
i will never take W seabpad
wo't even have to no to Wa_
V 18ceasdidatew have ftor
the librt-tri o a t a -
ly campalgag up amdows

! n -fjlM. mlt
.s J I.M
I&" mtmi
i n ..o i

- .rCn : .

it Pmnie& wi&
Vl Nam i a he took oc oad
1 I Sngaw"

One of the oldest and, poet reliable .
Mutual Funds.
Appolnt ltthmian IReresentatl, -*m

For sale of Wllington Sharas.


21 ME..N--I
f: 11, a : ," "

2 "p. *.V. I*
+" -* ," "_ '"' ; 11
- ,~o <

Cal I

*4.I -



S. O

Boudoir, Aatrm

By BO AiK -W
6 .
I note with considerable misgiv- tee to turn out the block G Oa H. sltw1m and strsi later eriueds
lag that there is a plan afoot to bomb scare juMt by shortatg -the ft 7oat n oeighor's samothing
Install H-bomb raid alarm In the electric toaster ao getting some-. In. ,
homes of private citizen.' Such thing stuck into the .tV-. let or i iin back to the'
potential project is based on the piugg In the. eletrl .,haver. Orion W
-ofcfhance that sometime in the When you conder the. penal i d wit phony ri byaid
next eouplw of years an elaborate they impose for turning la a false ae= and soMae ofW te other
detection scheme may be. worked fire alarm, faze the, retribulmao .O ali ll t I wpapn
out that would allow a few hours' for abloke who ted to chani a when a t catastrophe o-n
advance warning on an enemy air blown foae and sevanated Pew in. the power plant;
raid. Yr C t.
It is not quite clear ho i Apart frp- the praot eajm And,. MS keep ln t
private alarm w win wrk. bIt I do .lt ,r ot .pi .., ..t be 'i, m
A wish one for W v y owm dt a liiil-ili r-li ii

Do put in Tnelor =` : 11 9
ering of the cee= =tIo = eotr s;ort everyMe ,theMsWm-
circuit wou came a, alarm ta o!,. .- .-
sound ..." ., The average home is d4 with
Not for baby. I could see the poise. There i. the fatory ubetle
ractical aspects of the old CD and the 12 o'clock whistle, aL the
days when everybody was dauelang uortd under tatoegm iro
the square dae on top o the CD the faney stove. There I the alarm
offices at Dupont Circ In Wah. clk of couse, ad b
ngton. siren outside, and the freakish
And filling the bathtubs full of things that happen to raeisa and
water every night, in case the television sets. ,
water mains quit. And ringg the There are doorbells and elva-
weight-lfting coordinators and t. tor bells and fire-englasine.sir ld
red movie actors. And planning practice sirens for m. k l raids
children's games in the subways Therre are jet planes otvreWi .
That made a little sense., ft. Patrick's Day parades .
But your boy here Is no mech- there are the usual tblp, that
anical genius, and I would guaran- happen to lights in the summer

d I ondoo and am an wn
iepe lea ornsted Wh lv

a new visitation of the LT*
tjnk actually I would rat'
eap the Big Casigo thae n t;
weMaty.-p e e m a
vI dors wh tUe, f by A
vmarnt bree uht lead m
beIeve that waen 1 Was ut
about to melt down lato glass
Seems to me we gSt tisegh tro t
ble without a special ai d.adl.
ran in the boudoir.




-- -- r. ----~

' ," :T .*-',- '



!.w: .-


S. V is Ao





dItQ tl oW per
-i t1 luikHmhwft

- '6r
fte I

it to Mnt
o" by Sr-

I pert cent

_to a5
$r cent,
ik kmlills.


*rabbedn Cleranup

CTy. t a JU.9, 6I-bte -ai I t five
UP-Nationalo durimllVmenai atien laws
reh Ferrel, reputed lead in the May 4ipria ry.
brain of the P=eal y ,Cto 0 Other Natial Guardimen,
lorwo for d~o uaemk dlay meanwhile, found $100,000 worth
the prioner repdeated v of gambling equipment, some of
w ov "I did not 1 ill it new and stUll f actory cases,
atteron." hidden on the property of two
It was the June i apasiqNa- women identified employee of
on of Pattoron, state ey. C. 0. (Head) Revel. Revel is a
1erial in ,une. a. fugitive gambling suspect. The
alast erimi, that 4NO the two women were arrested for il.
Biggest vice cleanup Ia Alabama legal pposeslion of slot machines.
Lu0ry. The fact that Davis had testi-
Today, the inquiry veered to fled about campaign contributions
oard the incoming adminlmtratlon for Porter was brought out in o.
f Gov.-nomlnee James E. (Kies- pen court when he was. hauled out
ig JiDm) Foloen. of the grand jury room and
A amblig overlord rop Phe- threatened with contempt of court
dz City was ordered to tell ir. by Judge Alta King because he
inagham grand Jury bow much wouldeft testify about Folsom's
a and his -brOthren had contri campaign chest.
uted to. abNlu'i a recent sscou-./ .. .. .... ..*
it o mpa .i for- e th ,Dem, Davis promised to d 'best
ra.ti mato face i l" toive the deiile fo-
t f m t m on, and returned .to the jury
i 3D l A r., .. r.. .

~d' '~ ~


I bau Fee.*a

UK Play will- r at T. I

A Augst 6.and 7.-8:3Op'5s^at the

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I. 1~'


9 L co

, I "

.-- -



- C

so exico every sunday
with only a taw minute
leading at Sam JON&
u.'r3 et-vo ls tw irTocums At LAS L. .
u M e at o P (CT).. ,

$ 15 .5 ONE WAY

-to m90w po

--. .. o'-puu .. A .
'. "

V "-V -':,

-< .- ,. -

t iFi-he LWiI ToGet Ihn h
tawad to se f for 'ral rae 2 wIch Pattanon won ra atn :
-eeraeev, your ow di.- ,li. Um-iy wai s brought out in U Of KRain
rulahu wr M yp thit the alt open tempt of court hear. .
e ay m have nmilar freak-iag. BUFFALvO, N. YY. -(UP- Two
la iMbtion,. I which cae The 22,00 figure was about transit company employes got la
SYou ny otbt tiam. three taime what Porter had re- unlboked-for reward beciue of a
2. With deftnalve atrgth pelted to be b6i total campaign stubborn dog that. bad enough
nd balanced dimtrbue dou- ctributions. sense to get in out of the rain.
ble the oppoeta. Don't lae It; Thre persons,. Including Per- The dog, a boxer, boarded a bug
uptoyo-partner to ae a de-rell w was RBussel ounty,(Phe.during a rainstorm In the sub-.
csllo when you know wh4 you nix Cty) etrialt solidittr at the urbs and refused to leave or be
wanttodo. time have been united con pushed out. When the bus got to a
L With no clear reason to bid n o with he ppg or midtown intersection, the driver,
Iagn or doable, avoid making a te's count votby la the Mathlas M. Becker, asked'the bus
dila. When polble s pa Jt e June_ reol priMry.' supervisor, Daniel Shannon, what
decim to your paler. Militihamen mnow leias n P he should do.
He.m- .. lie@ewer In Ph" ix Cty picked .
--I l_ ,.,- f- u rrell, who was fiee on bond, The bus was empty of humin
ilLOlrl sH Wilm *omut 1 a.m. and tek him to the Msaeers by then. Shanon told
SRussell Coty lail on charges of .eeker to return to the corner
bie drunkenoies. where the boxer hopped aboard.
O*rl Of O h nThe uy o. J ,ed s*oleitor He did and there te dog got of
wI r a driving his ear at the time The boxer's owner learned whe
toI chaas of-ding wMle i- happened and telephoned the trap.
OfWi~r nO~ iS toei~pedaid gd fen sit company to thank men.
driving also were filed. He later Then me .Erie County Society
S .. .. I made 00 bond against Vivisection heard of the n.
NW YORLK. fug. I (UP) Reporter questioned Ferrell at cident apd mailed Becker putl
William Zeckendorf, one of the the isl and heard him muttez re- Shannon each a $5 check for their
re estate baron of the astern tedl "I did mt ki Albert "humafttrianism."
mseaboard, admitted todayne had tere." "-,""
been outwitted by hotel magnate 'I hated him but I didn't gun .
SConrad Hiton who. w9.ontrol him to death," irenrll was quoted
Sthe Statler rI t right b reporter d Strkland eof the
ner Zeeend'a no. irmingha Newt .
Zeckleaand or gave up h "a_ owi rl i PatesM ae oFer-
Iefforts_ to ac u- e b id4 ei ar eeh ae' ot r du.
telm 1ad other tasg. Heoat; I- tues to iW _a lito t murder. He
congrtia to the MA been noumiatad to a new
pres aent ouf Cp. term as solicitor It te state
Hiton nnunAhe fDemocratc commit ttes V9lded
bad." We a m go the that vote last week. *
tatler chain, or br Special state under Act-
buying upst of eg Atty. Gen. kes (the
Its tout a that iocumbaeyent Sir
- vue?*ed out rsh, GarretI lan been i the
, ebbltMs .p. vote fra d ease) have pushed the
Hdays become taetr thrldereatiterma la estigation intensive-
werg to vote on a J toa sedl hey ave made asarrests in
tl copapy's a80e4 to Webb & that specific murder but they act.
K --a .. d ed. today to solve one of the flesh-
n Afthrdpet lIogtandlg crimes.
Sof.'l _ou p I u-ltM Ui L. (,Read) Cook, gambler,
Tueda, he .a6 'h beer dealer and saloo. keeper,
Ing isn' t oa he a t-4. was a at o Wefe t rtd doegree
S Bt today -he 11161# the murder of John ManB at tae
SIabooti. ___waover. 0-.1M Club lbwoin15D0.,
Hilton el -ilnul ted I- Alancil was kwlld, another man
prom foralalmsant s lzed bti 3and bra
day.1 R4 doth g"-n..a t hlrr" ms:1 "

.The 18O" !to the Mtiel Greed Jy li s have beel .
chatn werl i some IT ho- thrown away BadL redawn race J
S tel e i tH. impir., which th state moved si weeks ago.
Stretch LA Angmi mi e U mZder warrat n te galst
-. '- '" .--... < .....H

I a dr p was served at I where

2 x
4 x
8 x
9 x


4 ......... ...0 ... $ 11.60
6 ....................... 34.80
10 ................ ..... 116.80
12 .............. .... 156.40

$ 8.10


DUTY a fach



* I




. J

- :. *

-a- .






I _

_ __ __ _____~__

I ~

.. 4 : 4P.*. .: .
i ,:,, ,4 ..i. 4:- y, ;- .

k.Vfliwwtr. .. ......-.-- .- -. *- t'H.a.c s .'- ... *1.,
fe ,t .,- .. ..... ,. ; ,- A : /, ,,,-

w' 'N' '~

,- -

Sthe dancing frit
'13 toe r-id tlksW r
,I fnow

Iy,' wo.k b f

P, bbotieed soe 9n
pases along.
iUtbtof sodcilogrical

Ted salb he was
Previously, it
and fast iox.
M t poole want-
b fbatyv, he
& u and

ti with Fred. the Per.
St ite ', and-by goly
It noticed it, too. The
I at home were stepping
hen next fall rolls around
isLa gives the first dovn-
s aealso. hb'U lbe leading
I tmigh a program do-
*'glUe Oldsters an even
gep iporamming more
b he's not going
-olo gin. He prefers
S -songs., with a alow

)PPIRS: Mortimer Snerd
): My unehad an oper-
oe and they left a sponge
Bergen: That's too bad.
Have any ain. awful
No, bt hi get awful


Jack Boo;eA- eompafl.

ack S. L aplUb.

Mimi |Blle ] p .,eH ,u2a

of tae audience.
"It takes aimtS exay Ua sal.
at,"'. she says, "'O tFm art
paying eriousa tLE orstr
first 15 minutes they're totag
about my gown end Sa-ing tU
eating sd puttn down
knives sao= ts. ,.
*- ,* y p 'bi.-

N ,ew ,.

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V V.PB. 3
United r- 64 eouuplaMe
pluastc plint fr.lg t'racturx abmI
other inAtJes .Iab Just ,I fp


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44~-- V~9r .1,

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. IML .a u. O6 I met JL @ .
SIMWA.s.t 4A kl, M,

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,j4.r, '- -'P'. ". t .!.,. 3. .
fi mam
7777 .|

.J -A'7 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ob I^i *7 .J S ? ^ K ^ B *, IR n u L I ^

t^'1 Ifl

,-. i 1 1
^ ^ ^ ,.. rt- .

" ahead, Mr. wtoh- 1
Sok at the pooroh Marig to a
Tn ., j.i*

fort I home on ,higbwi a home refrigeratO ?tb sealed.
there is a special m hunks! yquwa mode -4P0l4t Card
fligerator. ra ,condisnig Qvaet
', battled drffn or an eiivalent
The "pefrigerette" may be I mount a food.
stalled near the auto's ru t .
panel, on the floor behind t h e zinc coated m cablnqt
seat or in the trunk cpmpar opens at the top. (AR.. L Msant
Working on the same princIdea flturing Co, ret Wor. T"O.)

The inflated splnt, which sur- ____
S around u limb, a *M-PAN
on a waxedoa
The p sem.tiUc character of t,: ..
aplint designed to prevent ps.
susure re and other citculay
problem Great
made ik tough Steam plaet a4e Great Wbt. Fleet

cage. Ill.)
Plastle teamA.p Wt Fibrglau
to give a emw to a familiar
item-tbe u y tb.
The newy (b weighs only 10
penad,. comae to, aS average
*una % ..twk .0Mre malterlnln. ..

New odrleua f gl

c sftbl

6& ..............................Auvg. 5
.'' ..............................Aar. 8
..... ..................... Aug. U
S...;..*................. ........Aug.
,.... ........,................. Aug. 1
-c Mi u omm n nc s

A frive

' N. .A" ......................... .
A ............ ........ .........A i

-. .




. -'a 4g ,-

M !k. .I 4 *.. ,
"t.. "j: .

..: ; .


__ rrr

f ck~ j99~.f

--C'- fl

Molt- ~'~at~CO-& ~-C4jM '.*.~*. Ir.42
4 ~- .. - .S. n-

* the neest" ...-
is there any town small
t for TV at its worst.
fly Important family occa.
SWfford i always ing
i 'Ie All Those ? ndeas '
rmv Char s" That old sang
t ofa Staffed family charm.
grandfather courted grand-
with the song In Gainesbort,
SJo saa, And it was the
ar she -e for her first
appearame, when she wasg
1 sang l Long .Beach, Calif.
k thing about the song-it'sl

it this .tlevaion industry
. lut omeons to approve .
perduct sponsors which star.

Fealturing a'-gallon capacity
the tub .r PIberglai renforeed
Plastic comes. In en, .yellow,
blue or White. It Is 24 Inches
square and;I pche deep.,
,oube t y be- formed by
jolniu two'Mt. with, a stainless
steel p. The tub surface is smooth
sa da1 l ots, resembilag .a.
enamel costing. .
The y tile .tubs also. do .well
S.tLhe basement. They are suit-
ablefte hobbIldg ich'ael aid bt-.
erages I' inrup rooms and
Au. *(& Co.., Detrot,

For motorstts.* want the com-

.roRt aO MAr bt WI4

e. lia,.pIta nipar. enu, tMuo. i a
Lea Asele. S an FrametlMa mesatt.
e e-_
To Newtfo b .............. .. ......, O "
To Seattle&..............
"" "'

F orl ,ir anngrer series br- Ce drst to
orOrleans vi a santa mabts, Coombih .


Meil SI the ..b

Mi .41
(iARS'Al n .8 _

. I

* I


Man of Attion-
/. ^ ^ *' '*d,






lii ~





^f^ IHlpands BBBS


Ws vavi n

ass-la Ward z

",* o
,; ,.*. ^ /*ff *

', u-. ll. I .. *

MacoB 8ooru

I wum6 us
muV H ^^^B ^ ECI ^ smssm
Ia A icgS

'-^-. '- *


1 .2,,
.. "7.



I' ~C

a- *

at fl --

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rt At-a

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M- A








- ------



--- '-


"P ~~

, ..

a- T.

1 i

3 INviHm



............ .. ...:..:...:....:...Aug.
............ .,.,, ,,,.,,,,..AUE.Q



~I-~ sc




aside the -! A

Se1the other tp Pars a an

ird e. ieridg. t, aox

te New club etd Lu the el *t theni aSr .oew. IchrI dresses woman too
S Sltm et m r sldents will dro In likes to a .he ook" like
Stfw'.e -. a d W e BSaturday for coffee Sat. At Jacues la Olati. are al-. no dy but h,
Sthe Margarita i ortat, with tucked ont or e he are
pr h h WM ayr. Ca ._..._p Iloosely fot soft ith a, with ,trrpted to I"' .
wDI, uassist general f* m1e l6 tea touch tf dranlag at the ever hew yipeh ew Seek It a
*Departat wgug.m mute and wee th. serve ; some are belted and womma I hed tekaov haeek In

F. a n hOr "af .froat and RP lht' .

ban thpeeirkirsuolrh. f brco$. ita t'7
la so o n Ote R" l ",o t upto d e to agt Ito mon -
woman to" Ie OA sgann
, mme, ...t.ala. r a. do .td Tarl a -uno f, I appear in a water dsere. ses, wee

us,-t in (, se and dab u. ~y under a taupe brown tbop oat.
eb aWmin tr ta lh I Por WIl tl- ---'e lk tailored suits and boxy
IV cme-,-a a ferlnla' e a han hl. l-' o h e .. to t ria.. ., mriet b -
a, h--"---"-.ot sckets ary the Plriian lmprnnz
m01W-'6 Raopwo Nho.rd .nr a T. a wtdne sophisticated black wool
C re a't lk a n l l dress is f i n afternoons, usually I n k
Solr In sad vs br ayt doe o etre o a mloot woo., .
sick. .... Drein., shows lots of fu'--the
Balboa, ia ck. f ." arl- Ilan ess coat with r fur c"
tepres Gatm t the em worn er
S.boroS d ss atthis ahtr than the coa t.
curado, 3h andMrs. acks

rd-E _JM* A -

. oU rPerWs oyCU.I c-* I

r P. "u

ma nllspr


S oyoursearch for .z)I
Sthe perfect U isake
is ended
S Newer e igre a mdakep .S
so akt.. -.. l l ... -."'"

'* TryCm."Puf. TOMA. It's laK i? 7.
" r's n.rhliewl.of emmas. k'P hsPt. O
sad pw,,r... .ppid v iha pALrd-. ,_ ,.
eoppl" make-p b&C' Uswe fa' loan t. '-
loolmsand falIs oloiaoIMlmd ma i.., 1A
M flae lterirag thf Ait ,1p .. .
sa e sio oi .:
tliy imperfewtoh, li m. Ues' 'ioipw
perfectly. "
Cam. i. joea t rtilaoampsda lko '
Ask for Cre. PUalt 1 1r Maaeltf;
malsume. 7

S. -

' ]. n PALL MALL'S superb
sbamses havemade t a
, ferfavor 'met pMKpDo
who apprdalmte al
gsnace sad tiati.

This xtra Iig* eis
rUNmth te Nok and
makes It mellowed.
Syour aNook.

A bhat- Ieoratfk elms wil
b: held at -1:3 tolghat at the
USO.JWB Armd Fore. Service
Center on JA Boca Road for serv-
ice personnel aid their familleq.
8tdest Arrives
Prom Notre Dame UaeVsity
la Smith lead, Indiana, Mr. =s
Karique Garcia de Paremes Jr.,
aw- ,fMr. and KM. Lao .. Gai.
cia de Paredes of e Wa'Vfta,
arrived by plane on atMady arm
ing to spend his vacatil.
leme Fro n
Golf Betort CdeMb

1B-T Daudgter weemTribe
. r. aid Mr qe_.t -.- C

- .4.:

-. a..- ,-.. S ., -. .."
1W.-. -
a^B^-^^^^'a;-^ -;;- .-. -t

finest I
W Icooks


No. 41

...;,- --. ,i ,- ... .

'Ctt. ehie council
c bdied to be
heldast night at, the Rainhow
City gym wife held teiht in.
The meeting was postponed last
night on aceouMt of zul.

- I.

wI now5 Spkce. Spewaly miad ..m
-,,,.-. | .~ fm 660-9k, "

Starting Monday, August 9th


i 'I.

Mair, MAID,m Al.t SU OPE
* Mmilhtr weekly f oatl ibb4mu
* Chdle uAer CostelUatie or DC-4B
ShIe hze oor Towl ilasm rvic
jeI nbdrn wimmmne

.I~: -eO XM. ., ..NA.- 6L
EsmelmnWigriwter WVING USAV CO., 9. As- Tel.

w-mll .s

-," .


Keeldiy gives you 1ffIfL glasses.. .from

ju3st ie envelope!


Omang Imew-Lm

a *** * .'eli .
ht-" .'*
. ,

vs()* 't^

,o ,



BeRI^ s A & 0IuOOcE


* -.: medar. -"0~

* 3

z .,f hty fr wha yop m '/M-ll4MW
.. ^B d ,. __@.- "

-* *--^'"*mh bag I.E d3M*ChSe-
* JL ^ .B


.. Fl" ;-..

*v ae


* *'- 'Ar F-.

SI-'L *)

'--- '


.I 6

..It. c -**f



. v

. -

. ... ., ,

I -'

'L A'~P ~ *.


. -t

'*' I





IO:lt~:U~~A t;'M4 RESORTS
Automobile KNOW PA. FA RAL
'OQUCTE AND -i_. I* k. Low Aote 40
i AL. r9if gertor, FOR SALE: 1953 Plymi~th Cron- 3 FULL DAYS 1866.
S fre fto Weonghousewi br ook, 7000 miles $1475..Albrook Tour through the entire lAteior of Oc de o S
i: machi_ olyln.t _ns, .fhon_ 3142.P Panamo to Boquete. Stop at. ano- Bce 435. oIf Phone
7"2bra ts-ellingmonteIn.Tris Fri- -0, 13.7 1 *
Ft. KIobb2172, Haus 61--. FOR SALE: Origninal owr ng month Inn. Tour leaves P F 1 C 3,
S Rattn furniture, two 1951 Buck Rivlier. xc lent' con- dy, August 6th. reAturns e
S three tables 3.-ece sofa edition, radio m Dyno J "lw $10. For information phone 3 cla faleg aHion, 06n
am :hr0 e- Cl a.l n J IM" JAUNTS, Ponarmoa 3-1660. fr tlon.
Iomp $1-5: Htywood d Ca Blbo 180. EL PANAMA HOTEL. Modrate rates. Phone 6441 or
nqr oring rnattr FOR SALE:--1954 two-door.Fod, ro- WN ..... A NiEnr 9iDcw .. *
I lforts CaOl.Noy 324 dio. Coil 8albo 3412 after 5 P.m. m.1 1.g O- _o ,W1
1 Qls. 7011. Locono F CLINIC. Daoy & Night brvidis. 'Co n.PNEL .furnishes ho. t .
on0 QFrs. 7011.L oo .SAL E:- '51 Morris-Minor Con- trial Avenue 209. bes1id 'Collpfoa be ch at Santa Clara. Phone to take l a Ym off
n-' -" -N. vertible, excellent condition, can be Theater. Tel. 2-3479. Poirts m THOMPSON, Balboa 1772. ve- the age Atj r u
gfl'BL6..tSictioarar 3-chfir setter financed, $650. Call Fort Clayton _EUI ON ._ C ra_ nIrga, _,
coffee table, large corner 4170 or 4149. EXCURSION to Cartagena
g -te 2able, 9x12 carpet; all August 28 and 29 for Cabion In COOL CNrro C mp eln.l
Tk on 3-2326 FOR SALE:--'47 Lincoln Club Coups, trip. For reservations coil tains. TTlNhon. THM Boll- gm J i
.new tires, radio, insurance paid 0097. boo.1772, evening.
lA-L-3-pice-mholo"Y O SV 5250. Call Rodmar 3245.. R HEALTHFUL chnge im t
SF0589R-D SAo_ n o S,. FOR SALE -Sn fo FOR RENT .vi.t Club Compestr .hn'I Vllh le ae o
el.ti 2-r e1526. ing. twin cortburtors, o owner, ul, rt 80 miles from Poanam City. "
e.fl A. excellent condition. Sacrifice $975. Room Newly remodeled under Amrican *n a ,,.
-..-Double mehogany bed Motor Hull. S.A., 43 Automobile m n agement. Inquire TlivlTravel
'0drer, wood $3; Slage n@tAl Row. Phone 3:-007.- ENT Kh c c Agency,8 Tivoli Ave.. Tti z-0461.
coer$5 metal d.Rouse FOR SALE:-1954 Chevrolet BeI-Air lately independent. 4th of Jul FOR SAL
ia. cover $5.. R6 Ou 4-door sedan, like new $2100, Avenue. Telephone 2-4912 until FOR SAL Wt
. ,O -LEt- Entire fumJisl Ot edfor 3- 3-4688a- fi 5 p.m. p.m. and 2-3584 from 7 to 9 p.m. n trne. miu -. i,

t h is -sped elec tr ood condition. Call Panomd 3- room, pri tee bath, icebox, kitch en OR SALE: Gorglono Beaoh house u ehPi

SALE V-ed andQ.M. Simmons CSonit green, 5a ry od conditia. FOR RENT: For couple, cis of wtr, fenc wiEOFtorOl.t
QIM. de1. a f Call Alb_____8_51 7.5furnished room, kitchen priviltw I 0x30 f ur mshcd Lith G EO F. V S S 'I

I28-. Ca Solo.e. 5s=. 84-8123. F T 32-1693. "O .
S, in mo- transportation 52. Pric 95, Pho Arn. l ile. Cl 3-1789. Tlephone 2.2643. Dec. w .

-seat seoe, R gNT FOSALE:---ndlan motorcycle. Make, coffee table. 2 end O1 ATTENTION 1. 1. Just built modem me on offer. 83-4147.
-t i FOR SALE- 952 R ult four-door FOR SALE .
3- ttandining n is T Furnished ond unur Bo t tor
T a Tel.2-4920 ishe2-roomProne50 FRo LE 6th. ami boat
c.. Be'td ?t .T 1713 t.OStR RENT -Aportnient above Cen. runnn lights ertc. $450. 3-4688
trtl Theater building, Central Ave- after 5.p.-m.
FOR RENT-Fumlibed modern chel- nue No. 141. na Centra The-
fib tr' et: T TOmledroom, d finna-livnOa- EaT m;ar' WAU *EAl nii

- Ilram

HQ" r840'
Yor iny Station


Today, Thuidary, Aug. 5
3: 1- ddy WaIb Show
3: y aor urday.
4: ReA w;: Fra



U-^Pieas pnone
i 4:0 ,

Your av. orite

3. ; ,-

TOh into&
al.i "r .e.WA *qF

GuatemN* and aa brt'
lay t_, bo j";

ror caused in that nan uqpo tvlty and' luto.
thou. !ba1 ed with the crime f and iesoU tsU tn..

"_.- 1,u_'"' Telehon -" 'FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartTment
P^m Eh fish. 'W n .ei Vi. -oNt -. Pa i 2 -2 Furu d 2-ioom ,.ed Heart program Frue Free ds, H eanst wa-2re
m^ ^ WdoWn..+...,.e:.. mws $,: FOR REit:--Furnisheddtwo-bedroom I I, |W
F^iPm* p o not0 wste9SPantma-2 18h. Nvl apartment, cool, screened. Via Es- UcA m -ptl- lh.J.1 "A HiSJ .--
Pa1_ DIono-_-- .o 106. Call 3-47W. M'Truemy tIeIngs.!
Thm..hndoquhlefi-ILo-FOR RENT~-FurhIqh eddoubleCis i&n -3wIS m
on& e ngle apartments, screened andin- -iV iml .
j ifo M s-* employmi.n, J|A|J m -- sPectd. Call Ponama 2-3065. Afllte WWhpl nWI
.I.lte .I m l. can FOR RENT:- Z-bednm apartment SEawn .Aug. 5| .Teg d
.Bee,B Ne-otlar CrAncont 1'AV- r i epiv i rtngroom, dningroom. kitchen, W t odFLET h, erMOM., Aug. 511i h a. ..p'e tae p-.he he s
J 4.'" ni .. wBa *lA A bathrdomu 13th Street No. 16, Vioa UP)-- Attorney. Joseph Wel, I
O S e Abs ic. .DPorros. Tel. 3-2457.' ,the picture of composure during TeOPICAL 1 1 7 1 1. -'NhewaalC.p a, 'e
FOR SALE FOR RENT: -- u fiu*trnished the televised Ar p -McCt .hiinfeeo
: A" .. RN. 0c rn .o ,rndal y.o.s
W .p. ,g .... modernT 2. wo-b4 ro ar- Welh.wasjusthe dayh as a. ,....Ial"s-e t.Th r rado
l fBfal. keo R. aHebe, Gooden w .-e',idl; vb In the riace o death thre awh ( e ar e of i S
O.fM iffl-c-'f a*t;a U moridit services Fo Nret.E 3248th heaig, war ie- o as n.5 NlT 1 a heard" Mow
_l -m t t e Ancon Cathedralo FO0 e.Tthe lace of aSt. FOR RENTirent ,, Tnh Melodi d ea -N.Y.. amn count the avy th ere to
l ,d-qrI I suppose it's always serlo A c u A 9nih .
!ee,.enSe~eh I*e yel Ualkorrngthis ", lust removoedn..i Francisco when someone ysa he is go TRANSPORtEs .00- Awe
C8, 1er a-.Wye am ,ritod ayh,.A-j. 3 th .tremed Nao to kill you," sld the famed Boa- RANNhwndab
IL P Glo oo ct a" n --. ton lawer *btI d -- rOt It 0
Sh.'gu.os The Bihopeand other pastors FOR I E.NA: -.ia furpishded to awSr 'but it shame to A X TE .. A, o .-dOf anha arn t Ae r" ",e,
S .... ..___o .wil take the services u ally partnt.,C OuP etlvhdpenden Te up the ime= of all these state f, U ,, .P .- f. .th ehom ",othe bwlhden. to e _-- t t da .
Ne w P Norhotpr 10o-toot -ondu-ted by Dean Malcolm R. $5 R u sron 1pt |n. North troopers." .5n o y th e tr to as
w Bb MacDonald. wh t'orld .rne rHn oll i 04 "1. Pe referre d to the burly to...fflMY.00- at In H y rt for alr th ey,
2-4, ao rw ----k-- Tda.: c-n *o Am For 't. (* bh e for m~t~hblnoLwe and my boy."Aa. .t he .ia r.s
Slara FOR RENT:-Apartmenti Three bed- cation cottage aat a would- anama. 230-Te Beneke Show n e a wi

"REAT ,fr. LKn 2wbr1ren ek ShowArmeson. awenceCan
Rvroos 2 baths, hot water, to re- be assassin who bed teatened 2:45-11Hnk SnowtAnd lH se auer eof the U er w toflrth Tbe d-
r ; Henry T. Culver will take spons ble party. Via A, a end. him once before. td Swahoy confine at the Naval pta,
i en; cup- Ie wed neaJy morn celebra- w17 3: Of.wat mSole oeorew It fractua of th
7.6,t-15; dood.n.H uR. -tJhoT tned FOR W E8T:-- nc ,as furnished Welch said the thret .h All AM:1 ae So c ascolum

c e 4RENd r -ch arithy he a tM h a th o wi e
l n d's- return. FOR RENT: Furnished apartments % athe .. ,' R....aieinjurieshave left =im
LaLo: V rSn o. n No. I building., stm from a 'sorce cae hOo

c n I6 mI. t h S tob e f o r e 4 : 0 0 p. l ym bf r o m t heedtaew e e k
Dr. Towns d Is &Igo officlat- Par l vr&T. 2-Rb82u. t ca Wp
.30 cfaber sport rifle Dr a soca n que Fvre T 2 82. handled about 15 years ago. s w The aents, worried about his guestsof eNavlHoSal -
meg, Weaover aKt-4 :Psco Sn IIan sO and FOR RENT: Two-bedrom apart- Welchwa the eecutorfortho wanted to it h co oo.
a13. W soee ablMS ce'of Rev. 'Toba B.din- g m.t' ma.'.aroom,'.f. o "and big estate of a former w Partner However. with two other 'hl
S.-2 o oerd mots.7'i- Xufe. wo Is se rv m -ff.M balcony witha py ,visibility whose divedlvoedwife lar mar- _wShow(USN) e to take care of and t ex- in
l -- oHowei at'n the nw house situated at El Can- ied the man en route
i 4uch: Bell_& HowellrG. turre tthn Voylcap. grejo Tels. 3-5626 reidence, 3- from ";. MnUton to l ue
cmr s.t ev heZi 07.69 ofice. r.The lawyer NMn two years ago m- -- -i- MuBtt .b.-j.. -
%r' M 1*o na' Ls r Rev. TO! Pew. b oihe aepI- !S ENT: -- -2;= fumihed thpe. man tamed t f tO I|
. l at te uos rtment in a two.far y holes inme" I bai wife tS ORGAN MU,
,Phon r Quarry Heights4 e pre. tr-theI---_- I..../ L-- .- .... ro l iTo-Aid RP Blind
i0. 10:a0.m. service In the .am- house: Living-diningroom. kitchen, recover from an Illness..At that PET SHOP 011 = ha bede
E .ngod o -tio; boa nUnion Church. two bedrooms, independent maid's time. Wel h said he dismissled 7 .5-Yo ur Dancing Party te fght
ALEt:- Pinog, oocondirt; 2n; rom oand bathroom i ge. tele-the threa'and noiiing happen- ISTOCKa I M A T o e d uesa y aor
polnen mower narlynw hot wa t nIr errcomole.te epa. .rrot- ca sm .. o--,l From The USA bald to & m Mm sh uo
S. -hp. f. solomPe driven:. Tai441 blue dCe is one ofP bathroom. ldels ,t ntronce to _. .. l L.d card p bene te t
lo 34, Immigration Area. orre h asat n dt d'amost oportment. nStuahe t t Conre-t The would-be killer Is decrib-lo-. ...... a.t for the.home for .me blind In to eI e the thmu toda.
_"_h_______ ddurable din the world. Io"--near Hotel ElPanama. Phone ed as a 48-yar-old Washltt _-. sked For it (ReI- school for the blinding -Ms pa-W t -
S. 2-3545. resident who works a a conult-
... li"; A *_ PO C ing engineer for a Maryland con-l, r lM I phon BW e.T wll be hedn extd fo wil li B
^ ~ r "' FOR RENT: -Furnmiishd apartment: struction fir rum. In:'atI .--.P fwibe 8:)h e d p.m. n the Blbo 9u adds tfhawi lm .t.f I laa'
LivGngroont, diningrooq two bed- Hk 0e20-NelsoM Bddy's pattBou 5WD Armed Forces Service Can- Hosp tae
S ".. .. Ti ~ N l rl I t -"r,- ........, .... ...... 6 relde t call shd W ahinton ,o,,-cis PAM m ly 'e or '.a ter. family., f s iiliau .
L :Mi ,f n I..43rd Street. -IS tlll cef W Tu... and said1 he. features of the -vw a i1be
LFOR RENT:-Fo months fro ept. armed himself with a Luger be a leof item from a
*- Ist.beautifullyfurnishedapart-litolandset OUit$ 'get eventT, V ".. "." ._Br_;
O RN-,, m.tsfmh,.iitIyur uM c ge2 c o3bedrooms, 2 baths. BW ., -.
old ti-e.sectin' n" Vithree-ed 0o apart- police-guad" "was thr n p -rize will be awards isco -fli
I3"/ii I tt meant, living & din maid's aroundW te Mtoiny's sum ga -bwds r
Off rmo T el. 3.2279. cottage herea nd his home'Vra a. auto ow-i sen a
-_ u$45 C ro, hotWalpole, aa, ..Other@le..m..u..m 1bileaorueM,1.M.
Sk IFOR RENT: Furn-hed apartments checked trains from &a o -US. Navy fr useful 1me t. w..
I out:" a _lim ir kitchen, beth, i, scrO ne. e.l 3- Masa e -..lbllc Tl -Rt allbe-e mb* .u. e I TA-ofce. of mr"olarl o lse flin at myp ,
i m ormntunin t of.fm1648CommAII ..- Cofm L.o r. _.am5_ ag,.N' .. .. -" "
mCAPS Ober N.-"-. -; WmsSwit ---4 lig l O. i a "m*l*" -"--
m 6d. NO Wm.mNC I(" Ga room, livlnm lfkte 1, k com a- be gumarMan .
." pletely IndoveitAI!. Jut t ., npickeda.o SoUt News nn
IVlCI M AS i ,x-, IIFrancsc, Fll0 inSt No. 9, Vista ', ve n bonnm m well pWrA T W( .."
& 11 ia FOR RENT: Tio -bedroo apart- ofCourse it e should'i I,
fM OM l eWla ,m 2 0Vry cool. best I as it would be a 13411 11 kld y 23 to p o t. a f
e lai $ 9.3.Cl 3-4. nat-i+onal regr.

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f aPV bd--- fr, waBeliible deFi V t'
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hle thaarm .

a-, Sate lb eErlsm At. t i mer e Inolad me t es a _l igt.?
U .. s. b.liev oe hivont eg Carn so dna or t on d e b' Ham pm,-"
... r --.- d thpe f or s aoes.tat e head, ot he i me la y n .a
.roi .. w dowop e1. "- tee m.umloed
IuseM pPW deEram olm e. om.. p rh m. of te^ a te ,n a -o

.-0. 9 W a ,Co ....e reploere," bo rhed. .
4.,.4m n e .h..t. ot .nn, Tre ors ha d do. th. went o his Une his
-, .litude for fs bbor bathe to iad at h s
aik wron t.m ot c the es -ly 1 f ote, rs and o l th w
usan fctor* eery tiemendments fwee ofereed F hiSs .ranA S3 tU EM f

lau;lif eens Si w e tomesanctw e "I donotwexl eohtto aul t ille s eallekin wb e n rlied. N
o c h eleven won hi aew fcknme e henty ae ofrim eap h tader ut bdo Aeaanut .oi McClth ini
S-'h a r o~e h wtte ep -t to a Wnia, a ena .iM ..
Ofb t.em eae a ceiiax e a/ t hroew lierwi Ind

W ,O 8erd "(n d of ratoB (orn)
4~int bh ig and heg. dfiitl ote itn a ButY In@rk on the
an, the f irst mami'
hi. s rroiwe-r S ufl b.eahadw ednqs. Thi t haes jot e v auloriea t brkokn to at. alufth wa A lawI o M
ofCa-.Iornia rPfide een won h omee nickname t ho him.
I nt fiaa Undt-

ParBut they hle .t h I aQS. a1 e jfIt d iploiaU, labor skuhed I _i _
AndInutn saQn ur la 1ed
SATu leanta n.. nad, hi e sown. The debate p te and down the drain went over a o hais A 8 8a
pue for bemn stubborn at the ameoin efd In rend ad ti to tmhethtna Ad .i t poJ
1 ^ ^ wron e.Kme. W,"I~u. 11y. S,,l ISe of P o le .yved co,. t x -, ,
wrng h ....ftonwI A'W1-. ei L B. 'adnzv
vnt ^th u11 m. m. cc wi lter thStennia and Kerr a- "out you t on hoe1 h trld ST T S A_ To fr _
j .fp.t.. me,,dmet .were.. offered. Rch his riend ti W Moxti: S A T U R D A Y IV
l ife--which"I- ,_ __ ,,tie K nowad wnt through "ri t l be takil when :re plied. -e"
h I n M the rees t iu r down AS a te frrelt the rmod- happened to talk all ight and HIlA
fextam a hemn i huplt bee ona-ae m int were s, "nwit amuM '-ynotonhis a-
he^^^^ did't uermtau huma n speedy dnightmitloked am e t. b ntLt h
1 111" slthe lgonv f(rt WOuld pon be b And lannd hve i-., '
werehr W .the hitherto un!n msh- over. a ei ar, .ne o -.."




, OIL 4 UNION ..76


r *

-. ER S .WHY; n w.... ..ho...d
e "ei" b. eru dep we t ,, aw.. nd
mtriawly Z friaWlem wei during -siseing.


.3 OLSIN ONE: Lubri .your
engine wl tfhe hoiroughne of a. Rltoi and
proecrt i wl *k tuhmes of a hoewy eIl

MORE MILEAGE: ..s.., mpr .iw

'049 0 M 1M C 4

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;-5!^%rg-*^'^'aR' I

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~hfir IWbUfem.ISSPwo w

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-.. -*, ....s ..ww aeg m..pufth .bu.. *.


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- 'I__ ~ ~ _

weu ei y naa roesap le pea g I
their success and ent worded n
SKnowlan d that -they. would
fompaM They wou U on
the er in return for e
three- of e sme In

4tie.. Thefmtore, mu oe m no
itOna noua-eontent agreement
tolnBa ebe each of the
. What they were driving at wa
that under a unanimous conee
agreement, a senator knows tha
Athe vote will be taksenato ay

It potnt to be present onlyt t
vote. e I absent during ensau-
Ins debate.
If, on the other hand, there to
o fixed time for voting, senate
must be on hand to answer quo-
rum calls.
And the group of senators who
held up the atomic bill felt It
wa Iurints or that the rema

der of th ne abe resent tha
debt eduated. They didn't aat

atomw bll was hres so ruInle
that prints of the Ml were,.
vallab od one day before the
debate tarfed.
Few inenoua they argud,
knew what was really In tlU
histoui proposal to trn satem-
Is energ ever to private i*.
they would call off the filibultr
after a vote on three
ments, but that while-volw
17 ae tn debate theywol
not Re to unanimous connt.


aieT, rose and
ii conrpnt. I
replied the i

W" low IwSuRW I
'be majorl leader is n
qaifime Lfor hbs pret
than he la tor 8any other."

BALBOA 6:15 805 D .6- :W

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A*M may

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1:.- --.1 0 .
LABOCA :is 9:15 ABARIO- 4U. 5-

'DXOTU pycID"-






CHILDREN'S WEAR andAwy Other Itenus at Greatly


S.rry AM Cash N i N- No Abreidoe

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S' l ". ,. ; .IB k

"LotthreLet e people know the truthand oIa ql.. lad Abraham
@ .A 5 (UP) French
We thea oi ro W Y-" TEAR P ANAMA. K,. F AUGUST 5,
woriccrews bean die-

f r- long, Costly O Hssle Ends
air of refugees from
to FreeViet Nam.
day As ran, West each Accord
hMe40,000 Anti-COrn-
chinue from Hanoi TEHERAN. Iran. Aug. 6 (UP) Iranian Oil Company $M,000,000 Kermanslian refineries for part The American companies In-
-Iran and the West announced compensation for the: dustry own oil needs and will evolved are: .
arlirft goes on. some officially y a 25-year-agree- over a 10-vear period, begnIg all domestic distribution ounMrdM Oil of Vew J ersey,
r evacuees will go meant p ig Iranian oil back on in 1957. (The figure is Iooedup. w the combine concentrates Standard Oil of California, So- in "
p from the port of the rid market for the first on as more-or- ess a "token pa- the external, world rketa. cony Vacuum Oil 06. the Testusrei werey Tm n t heal aAmotedda ol -e r
In three years. ment" for the vast and valuab -.-The-A le-Ira Co. Co., and the Guit Corp. The fire but all 37 pang*s" tt
readents were In n The agrement ended a strug-properties involved.) w1l have a 49 per cent holding Together they will save a t fro mYorwi t.
to leave Ha the ht ad cost more than 1 7-The NationalIranian Oil l the operation combine an per cent ldng.
1 of the Orent." About Ives and for many uncertain Co. (NICO, which took over the the Royal Dutch 04ey Co, The CQ Pfrfnealse des
fly Gt this month but months threatened to swing Iran nationalized industry-will eon- partly owned by Britih lnter- Petroles, a reh company, will
lr S. have Indicated into the Soviet orbit. tinue to operate. the Naftl- pets will have another 14 per hve the remaatnlg. s per cent.
would prefer to leave It also restored to Iran her Shan oil field and the smaller eeam Interest. The asreiatadt. tried be-
imajor source of revenue. .tween Irha"a19 wqter of[
French high command maj second d combine was 4 el* d majel
a minimum of fighting- The combine brings iernto the b M middle st lUIe in a
unit Indochines was Iranian oil production five riihIi l week. It e fewab 'An Is-
a, w brief skirmish in 1* | Amer sA,,,ompanies.Previous- Dules r-a- s-Agreement Egyptisan Aoam
cea dfire does not be- ly Iran'soi had been .a purely the Oy ef British 9 te C
Iae until next Mon- riish opreserve.e.
Ih1Union post in south TheAmerican companies n frorm w '
oat. truce delegates at y's end tp the Ahree-year-old o country that s e-
of Trung Gsnorth sp. WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 (UP) por Rusals long-Standim s oft Middle1Ba 3Wa tb
asured newment ranianfinance omter Dr. Secretary of State John Foster to take over the ol-ric'.afr.tier,,eAd as a
Se. C ri Amint and How rd 1page, an Dulles iday ha ledthes new Eastcountry Soviei invanfot rt elwe wSnS
the "Genral Dean" American sreprs InL the British-Iranan oil e th agreement a Dulles h insed that the event of SWr S
Ra war, is 1 good eight-company western COM- a triumph of "good will". diplo- ment clears the way for -urther
bins, snounced O., major a- macy and predicted it will usher U.S. aid to hasten Iran's econo-
2omenialst would not agreement here. '. 4in "a new era of great hope and mic recovery.
en D Blen Phu, will mnt wer e: progr ess "h been d;monstrat
de-o oadIn a formal statement issued ed Izn-hmany ways In.the pa" al t
e Communists -The western il combine soon after the signing of the and pleaded that t our n-
itIVqr give gut any will operate the rich oil fields 25-year agreement was announc- tension to continue to demon- Vi
isMany .soldiers And and explore for nw depots. ed in Teeran, Dulles said the strato in prace don- I I.
Stey are holding -A econdcoany forpied Unitedo l friendly nteret. an P e r
| t6ney brv et aun- expow r t e follow deposits. a dtti Statn plan s "extpem-- ftratnd gyeIn arrest. ways tm.t t 3 pm *do.mthe ,'r w o
lby the ,co5pbizm will operate the le9"ed" by the as-- l nt of
alAbadan oil definery whaic e old diue Asserli that "evpr member RiBeilf. ll War above normal l esssl ne
t again become the blest His statement c ear refleted of the community .o free na- 1aet month at a waeathee t -
atth is producer in th 1rit il Eastn ft- the o pmismN of c stra- ti ns stands to gain" .the to s e the thm but the
or cehrie Years of eness. teglats here who regar d the a- settlement of the. dl ul bo m tomorrow Tl e7ax ea sd f -

Sao athe long t r en...a. defeat sa I.t m t .
o tato oteInova three- s oe e tveTO me diff rences 50.74 .ches o ." te .
K mCom- rimde ,nted get ,00 wr oe ll t ,.taAh,- whi chI1 u w1041 TOb"a-.

IneutuiKin to l hm er rovon tod R a thInt PKWhn wIR, 10 Ihes b WA GTOs Aug. 5 (UP) oan" t m
iid althe atn I euset rThefae to i oy ravy oeet n at then operao- Aua k 1tbrmaler Is at h' u t.a .. l' t..o Me
e g etegdretot e bldis tte tethitympr's indeuttsa XF-owe8ln vt etiaall takempofl pret~er Illi^"U the o IO edwf loage ede%: palph! W0roe S: .. t.,
tr district. hetotaleeveereordedat orthisth oectienAug.isarand for aa t

Irede lturn a Polis plats the ahe nr rhe oohistAsri.
a 4oals o tbe will market Nti.o o. ain m F74yerof XuCidthr e a o trial period th. an By t3sady bu sderive

r. y b M ,DO Aa. (UP) -o The ye nerdw ha Id ey s, t t00,0 sI t o pn 1 b l f"a jbadletaceo at mere" it.
r ait taby oene rPbie. e eeIin e t p acr rea bed af The force at -Hppra e e m.. "'nI. ued hhsaeteords "
S t eip hbw Be to s df 89 Wes need0n mwha nhiu ooud e ne lwail ro utek wa a.dl e e D m te dareeen wr o.
byIWil-oRu.Al" British bobburenIhenm o Au. (P) ad* o th t wb ep

,tohishome W -2 y ears, -p1ision for three Sa h ndaPEKINDo e o an hep i y a e fet leau. it o:
e tnn ttooo h h e-Weteso wn rep A tremendous fire raged outs af trpe s l n is in atd -"ora 1t.. st.wll nt t un
aer wo tre ee Mou will oayea the 0neoi- control in a whiskey P f telant todayInam t d was
crdthatthtwwith five men presumed dead, 3Is In t

c adt ar d thee r t o sou re f i n rootedo,00 0,000 worth of. o theex tenrane apaad h7

hAntoni s C tmo. be loeby nd foroheplt The nplw a'r gaH esa t ind m t a Wm a o tb
etasiddM for seven Pra oren e property destroyed. t Sionoof CO pCitymta an wefAor0ithe fit ;,. it

won.a"ciminaltTonfames th orninal stgder the ew she'euler .dtee I esforatmeateeered mow o rt- i
thathb se backr heBah orilnfe other buildings in the city's finals-a gae normal.a d A 1,hll o v p t o

h.taegwian r s- e troairomosedd forimaldst bt rofrag oa-ewnrotvp feim ". -
leretensinrildstmt routagreed to foot 'h eall at the bcvO-hor on.m. te n pmothr cre.ste aI Aat

ms syi se iure lhniev, A r rican t n o.mthe raine r. which paymaet Intntsorm 0u 0
plants TOn Sth. T herUn the? pr ,tno e n or. thee "amsone o- ,cl er o h
pl asnte oat hee simo th station natep- dwi
S wal n ote 1e- 0 lrern e loth lal ll. meetings aoubetween the ro- 20.78 inches, eltthea a. l ,h m
riti sottroiisaiesoIwceduledbh lledeb wendeI wn o irJuethe imho as s -erlt teo D reaction Is beog tske I as~ t eer al AccountliM c.
See hLONDON, Aug. 5 (rUd ) Thnyat feraouh the h tarodedurGhore laMnihstade sIchernled fio t 'JumloW1rt lof dest! W'd nerwa shw-aid to hall a
Wa dived bIn On o pee choice grade. d bThe wh kehiorormorningd, tow ru iiil: cab ha e eob ind :"I rt
tlr-t Jhet'replyt jcnaeFFltoredir cost of the street o extension ando ran or 1.66inaest a 4 tmore If am in c
aboar te -.MoW' re es erlton for n torp e suIenly oe bpan the Tea v wentrc ymeDnts o-mo antil _esp s pe aythfor _s governmentmt oinsorIn
byw hW mtiitiswestove, earlyetalks 6MlaoltaUn-etyle rels at thelAmerican eilling Co will bedmade.nts an0127 16tX of hs Atpdl..41 ao ...

.willgbermade.uonlyla of rasete rd efredi se wit4a trist up ab
toe dget o hims w1 ra 1 to flo"Wdespite a- plant.he oe. Th a proposed e tens ionof mal. P eses rdiw.T06otermf hi"sad
c"Earanwm.wil v lels ee."o topmC Nfiebgna2:0amhthisontms"asA
menr th nehe aro hu elongside theNationalStadiumteesoe
a !.poicobestsw ith otcals scheduled a meeting atfday, fandilligTo ,agles hase soneld.P.ement loan rackte1I-atar o pener
Itaee ad rA- the Foreign Office this aer-d, anthouht they'd thei es Outrte Tran "' nsmnth I nationwide toOhenl1
am ton The9se h-rMosNcow'srggstion for a top- suddenly ke upspreadingther entrance of a Don mumorrow U4nti operating four eight-c vith tug gangsters,' tIndIas
lef I wh n freommlevelnmeetIng of the Big Four fire to two other warehouses and UOrphanage.crew .Two th eno7Republicanrsaid.."'tte eoboys' are
I Iobelenb a bottl plant.Teeplway gates ata Madde a.m. to 3 p.m. d two in n this bonanza.",6
-t------ litic 'andcnereince WI Amer-Dbt N w Na FIghIoAwroedr th from 3 Un p.m. oins _i ij

thenfro o, Mais Ruth Creler. "formerly when he lifted thea
t P B CdUthe Mtnn Elemen- 20 feet into the A
ju:ehaiihas been hinted flights on Monday nd
re.m a en-mta S8chol replacing_ Miss "backed down" to a land sg.
Smith, who reired from
Val at 7:10 ivle'by. the Divialon ofColloapsing Woll-"alrlo
,,Hasett As the satmetme orge F. Kills 17.Refugees
es.'6". 1 11112 Prn= At Pakistaon Cams

employ mp inR aI
as a teacher nIght kiI
a gel. aba Ie Iand I iIurf I to 50.
"1prl'pW of IThe boif te or six
m M r past vicums sa belite4 buuisi



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