The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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WASHINGTON, Amp.. 4 P) -
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He aisl this moess that o port 0 Ises
peace prqsMi will hove.b be obamdmd, but he
not admitie t on the complete proram.
No thwas ery ntion in wthe wrld Mo
of-the WOeW. pu PwoPfia ney thpmqE
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to Alttc Noth Korea
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day 8t' emte bew "shject
to a chare of cowardice" 1
fall to S d up and be countedI
at thi. sesi on the census
move against Sea Josph 6 Mc-
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teha must t we
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tae'en~e vthe 'dW-ofl2
Stnhen would
but thes o woand i M
e -ecaty for ,

IN* 8enite voted 75 to 12 M
4t, nht to refer the McCars
rto speeia ldx-m
4panlmaite with inas tioun to rew
Wlbefore adjournment.
o! d said he'cannot fix ..
t _admjoument target be L. Cdr. Al.bert 0. who
aW )soeh oway of I stly uifed
' muck time the comrntmiwltetM II atrVi .
eqUe to write its report: offi1mer. Pacific -ater
Ste, however, iwrand ioBletng a tro uof-lW-
tht up ith its work and could d immm ,.' Amed "avn
, -... ".. tl!, to Boro, MMl,:_n.

US Combat Vi

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A r-irement that he remalU
Hibysaed was one of the o-dl4
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IFt.l'p v: Crows tuiie iM r
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Smllea i, nk. ap term rre ls Io f theF eea s As'e the BS-the State Security str
areresolved grafully sod op h ed e aded i n w hMlly tl I of the Soviet-controlled er.
mo.Ruman zone.
y erust a lam doen tbe alosim abitt doesn't ere a nd Like the old Gestapo, the SD
p. Letas pe pblibhp4 Is theeder f we P .has its whims and itso torres.
b iftu tso keep the letrlas limited tI S ope lea1g.. tNO working man, a n
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metwapepser ams me a sp aminf terdtiSah s eplel d ashi- closely watched be-au
Si--a -u S ..m oo t a~na ZnI vital, hives sabotage c i lcthe
Meletcreaky, trLrvinM Reussian racikymw
o So the neoGestapo, the el a,
built a Geatpo-lk e block-by.-blok
SLETTER FROM BOLIVAR ne t w o r k of informers "over
As we look about us each day an4re ethe increasing troubles w
ud difficulties that beset .all 6fe Cetral America and much of Let a worker slow 46. or t
. th JAmerica, we cannot help but recall the little known eta- nble or let a buuessm n or
nd predictions of the oreat Liberator, Simon Bolivar, nd owner balk at beco I NOW YOU CAN TL,. 'EW OFF-A
.ton" of Spanih Amri, as expresed in his last letter "VEB" "owned by the motorist yo happen to meet .has been
November 9. 1830 to General Flores, about a month before and the non Comm ar without a letup, ust wave the ap oprft! .eTalteo him" himthenop
death. t on his wa tot nsgnalorested on his way to we to itn n umbin signal, left, or you can just t dcap at
The only place that I have seen this letter quoted is on pag some police station to w bl e .. touted Mih. ..... am
~of a book written In 1868. entitled "Jottings on the Roadside has been summoned form aa -
two Englishmen, Captain Pim of the British Navy and a a- leedly minor loisation.
twist named seeman. This book .n the Canal one ibrar 8r Wnd en relatives attempt to locate
th Central America between the years of 1840 and 1 0 and the prisoner, they n e dA t e- he
nv explorations by these gentlemen and others throughout h.- been kidnappedby "A; ,r
central American countries, agents". Often wives
e authors call attention to the apparent belief of Bolivar that their husbands have W
t the descendents of the Spanish conquerors of America were West Berln to live with other
really under a cursee" whch h attribus to the cruelty women. Soon, however, wor
otr. ambition and criminal actions of many of the originaL comes that the primsne er be TAr Iot y you are xoakiq 'Wdcampaip. ruls,
uerors ortheir descenden a. which actions oliva blamesrought bed linens and underwear WAH GTON yA Pres i o m an d
in oail. Sometimes hbe i n t Syngman Rhee of Norema, sides
yr reducing these magnificent countries Uto their varioustdee .t- ae u su ay n e mnd ee dofwVaf --lea. c cal end t pe r fraesn. e o ca paent nfpdexerae U nc
leoa [leased. Ueursy not. to ahington by President quentlymade-. it A th it you crd I the matI.
.Livad himself as considerin that the descendents er had several run-Ins has ncdrawn In mother prince l tht keeps you in W at~s e s Ia .tht lli
h con. ere ors had thrown o f the y ok of Spain and found This "enemy of the state" .l .Alger Hiss during World War sections of thgui tp te ad- shape ." faha w ter
.-Y confinement ;r i g to Dr. You CbIsvantge of
tereves in possession of more liberty and e quality th an th kept in.scin.. halr. cording osao D You Cav ag e .t in te aratIs.s
w what to do with. And he feared that their descendents, wokes. To get .onf esions the D Korean ae ambassador to the Commissioner of Patents

or ancestors, were reuc ese ounces on r diet and throws m to oneof ,g to stir up interest in post- Atomic E all look at t writing the iwie
tD and forr. the future. To aov"g -eqr several s ecial cells. One of these war .Korean independence. He of which lI plants The ent Printing Office te same es a
i Aew nw some of thu esbe hraeritis of the referred et the above prison ftpw sloopa.d S stah J tcce e aMoI tnhede. Ryat
I rthea vl r oe o I or r fer nearl" twnt ears from wh ich cubicles th SD poprie--- IS tlad to get the State Deoartl ent where l -are r has tWto ton theat theaa
heben -,n por foniearelytwe"y y fom' vi et-controlled Socwrin is the to approve sending him o Korea are availaW .. in- mista .ammar ad puntu- Th edel er
Ihv Aero the for l foeina se.o "cold cell." tThere the risonet s so he cotld lead a revolt against dustry hasr, to ation wva to be correstd 1 up tC
"2. H mero fwo r dates his serviesrn o areabvuetion.plowsel.kept naked in loe.: to fgeip Japanese. have moved graT e- in Patult !at ice c cost about trie&-amtrsteated a
". e w o eniae thn ef that can be done n areroioa is to ee o r Nose s i th e efO e ants to e t. isi chef sas atom ay ifte ae t A to t .1...aa ne nt O ffie print leea.. H 'dawat tw.earo pelM \ h
veterroga ted. NochwenIsato a seth e ndingchietoKoraA areavai&bilfo@ WattOffice runs ties..tahwersat.ea sre based e..
I v. -theronlhbck yInr. He confesses sabotage. baisa4or Yang. "He had to be about P million a year. p tu. Ali 'owp Cum ln
grate. In the Red Gestapo ASD piae a content with the colo and nings- TVA industrial O r rates are a Commt isoner Watson has also htas- ta of ionwle tBa..uargee e the
S unbraled rabble, and little by little become a prey to He the pris r live under young man-now a number in a than Industrial rate s win ribbing pants. And a
He.wh..deictshssrista1eo11 Henevon, plorw stheear '. lder ut t yum "- gtha n ius tria c adres e b At d[ about W latiffBs,8no ,,
.tty yran o olor and races stant 1000 watt lamps He 1 'tpLtenItary-but then known as many private wer 41mpi s. he has' W them pit8 to have '-n
S by dur ferociousness, the Europeans will not deem time under the steady glare. detached Indifference to the pla chm ical ndu power rats ofiall -patent publican.
,. worthwhile to. conquer un. .... is in a virtual h notice state .by of aadr he had suffered exle, eare eta eon .cost of -.N
S g"6. If It were possible or any part of the world to return tothe time he is ced in for 'qdtas. impridnet and torture in be- eration of mol industries. Wh Sen. olmn Kennedy (D., Mar st.) harA i
its state of primitive chaos, that would be the lh ands tinning half of the riht ol man." VA rates are really id a is ian eo was on erut for over a wsal s
at of Spanish America. Dr. Yang totd this. story nna charges it m"oa to residetil. but thi ." sandi
Are we now seeing some of these prediction of the dioalli p At the r elmar reiron there asOn r ecent speeY at the Warrena a. consumers and to .farmer.. tacklam t .. ho schedule. It sw p for
o oligvar coming to pass? Not only In Lan erica bt are prisoners wo hold "th Austn Institute of World Under- -. an old a i e Ri h puta lm .i
t$ya the s world? cards." ,, snstan it .tUniversity uof Ve ot. Dr. Gre W. Calver, the C4Pa.p a7l0r on owe l n%'.O-wi
Swe to assume from these d isallusioned tcrmenaiks of Bolivar These unfortunates are the ixed Dr. :Iso told another Sr, Itol phyaca make, mta nnt to wo 't -
sibIy ee believed the same as the sardonic Engwih avldt turn in by a pa.ttnularly vica about dnt' Rhe be ne a
thslid publisheal, Gray, now deceased Wet: "The oti. reportr of some informer. O On ,ocautom n B .e ato there aret -unof Mo a -.jg -S-eD,
its tat ofpriiti deatattrhat*wrd hodedbeatpute la pt -aC usO t '

F a today ourtaled- and tUrampl on no matbezI
Sloon practically every country in the world.
ent has become master of Man. not man the master
Individual sl no longer supreme always, as God created
_d Intended him to be. Must we of today reconcile our&
to WelfaTe State methods of the now debunked Roosevelt
hUs megalmaniac Ilk or as an alternative must we learn
mo. e at the "lams" Communism, Fascism, etcetera, ad
tB D. E. Smythe

Ob r. J7el x'tanzolaI

Orthopedics -. Troumatics

it takes pleasure in announcing .the change of ano
, his office to the Panama Hospital where he versat
will be at your service uWeste
the &
S-. Soviet
are ec
The Shaeholers of this Company are hereby notified
-Of pedal Mwtinm of Shameholders which will be held on broke
Weneay August 18th. 154, at 3:00 p.m. in the Salon de and
Ia Arsicms. at the Hotel 3 Panama, situated at Via Espap hdna
A numbe 1ill, Panama City, Republic of Panama. mem
I The Meeting I called for the foowln purposes: n i
1.-Authorization to cancel the obligations of the cor- S
py. with the Kxport-Import Bank of Washington., 0n
Bloii to; calei series 9t Att mortgage that
to cancel a whod iforta the -Gov- id4u
3.-Authorization to execute a loan agreement with The apo
Chass National Ban of the City of New York and- |the s8
Ito Iue two series of mortge bonds, the first for entire
g)L00.00 guaranteed by a ut mortgage, and the ed by
Sfor (1U gArateed by a second ciazt

Boh m '. ce of Panam ac Vah n 468, Polio 304, "IMV.I
and on the movables permanently located on it. Juriat
4.-To eselder any ottIr matter related with the obli- All
V go.s of the cmpan ad the necessary or ad- pFe
;orle autborlgettoas to cha=n W& them. eXi

7-- -4n

* -


drieofd and o bel U rn to
i. .. their homeland for burial. A
ter type of Weiar cplU trusted lieutenant, now Col. Ben
wly constructed. The pri C. Limb, Korean ambassador to
nnot move nor sit do*wn. the UN, stood guard over him in
sessions come easy at Wanh the ship's hold.
bich might Interest those h
e that Soviet pledges of to-
ace and friendsalip can +be X r A /
e ip Berlln the Soviet o NEW YO
ae slo 'ly permitti some
Contact with Western eoffi-
The Russians seem to be B
orders t- make friends in
ietor.-So it abould be a com.
ively simple thing for the co-
nee champions to say to This Is Exclusive: The Justice
new-foud Soviet friends: Dept. (not the .FWP of course)
Mind, fr the moment, pull. had a 24-hour ta on ever
our armies out of Southern member of Joe McCarthy's staff
and Ea'ern Europe. Just -aH 25, ineluing delihtfal
out these Gestapo prisons Maxine Buffaloblie, wife of an
he SSD American Indian. Agents knoek-
Sed on the doors of their friends
example, a new topic of con. in the middle of the night (fig-
ion at the little dinner- of urinir they'd cateh them off bal-
t officla and their new ance, I suppose), but one wit
Friends in all official oc. told a couple of burly lquiitorft
on headquarters might be "I don't mind being stood up be-
SD kidnapping squads. The fore a firing aquad,--but can't
cultural attache here, a you make It at sunrise."
charming and eridte official
s one of those f. Russians Strictly Ni a Jam ar
muting on to co .nce us of "From Here 'lo ttyl" JonPs
anw armth at ecal din- carries a plAtty--ecretary with
hIt, .ight be aked about him to take. dolut every word
gite~es of a rMer SSD when he eats. Otea of wisdom?
.Sb_. u11, l r19 Former ilamorene Lenore
j.was SlS agent Becker. He Lemmon (wtfer's abe been?)
with the Russian Gestapo glamor-girling again, dining at
revealed that. it planned to Louise Petite with Charles Ad-
p a" number of prominent dams, whoe, cartoons are too
ers of the "Fighting G roupfunny for WVird. ..-umner Long
st Inhumanity, which 1isi a shippung b lthe'sfly.
rted in part by American Ing to Europe to rendemoua with
.o d beautiful Jane Bagley. And rich,
SD ma Becker disclosed too; she's an R. J. Reynolds tO-
the 8SD used "dangerous bacco heiress.
I bIte force and. since the
,. women. ker had Dept. of Inevitable: It finally
hhaspoobythe. 6S5to kid. catches up cn a guy. domen't it?
n of the in Group as orge Jesae. who once romane-
gnal for the abduction the ed teen-agerr and took himself
staff. Thi was to be hand. a child br de, Is down to funds-
Sfour SS nkidappin i mental-. His oly date n Partis
a. One Gap thrSiIu dide his teen' ge d uhter.
wqs Dr. Walter LUnse -
mistX the anti-Communist Sign At n- --ln -. PAee.
thlzCommittee of Free "American 00 ,ome."
Hens never bee. heard
this can be documented at The double t.S '_ IM
Jurl 'h-dq-rter ,Berlin, by AsasoIosk weuw c5-
ndorf.West,.L ULmastrasse 29 0e. u u --e muLm..Ly
me M You might want r"IS T -- USUU--. U 0,
.. if you think this is just ts mei h
anrob brsstuff. is s abo wCut
m. The Gestapo rides again .ab l t how b n a
Me S zone- nd sosmeclE- T.a.
-o ..u. so hew ts itE

ScharM11 Ala

htie th det mee you fat-
iaWusestMna. ***m

pof this openly. '," he
"You look like an old turkey b
zard hanging around for us to
Dr. Calver denied it. "You men
are in your best condition when

way -i


0 --

married to a Communist, b$
nothing must allow the goverist
faent to do 4ess than neeusaruy
or the security of the state."
Cheers, and aU that, and rmem-,
ber it dear English cousins the
neat time we do a little "witeh-
hunting" of our own.
Wow of the Week: That's the
Summer show (for the Featival
of New York) at Julie Podell's
frisky Copacabana, with Al Ber-
nie, a sensational comic; excit-
inn Dolores Hawkins, a baoe
bilt l)ke a Coke bottle, and the
oilta Rhythm boys. You see thie
.ttlet gals in town watching
to pattlest gal in town at the

A-l This And A
1" would like to re
to help the
,ka. winner witn te
Body and a
mhed," a ys the
sduach a oegeg
PutE, NJ., on
P"Brp a movie 1
Mb LupO0. Since wh4
bhve to know how to n
a movie star?
TV Or Net TV (Oueh!
Aep's To night" N~
-,t-ta Sept. fragmmid

---- suow is ...w K. .Betyty s
Time Square Trivia: lAndy's 4ted06a her Paris R
ill have to o do without comia c tfrom Caam pg
on Youn-man's for-freeen- 'Uy iwrithe81.1 r'ba" h
ter anment this summer. At the aut".. What's 'i

been offered a fortune for his Is pl"mc _al.S3 ."
Bucks County Playhouse Inn.ism th 14-Oy' -go"be me,
But hi angels turned it down. you'll go at r
Who wants money?. Tony Ir-
reUl, he 's.the bankro who wns TIhe spsoi e fle. Red
the Mark Hellnto Theater, has "slmp mys-= so W&
a bright rd a l w and a torch the lme si' s i
to match-for his o wife Nte Toy l M
whq left him 10 months age. :is We = tew
the wh ark reatuedr hasbetiter an md hftae a
Able's Irisha se- Black-haired i aU as p-fts'o
e .eed shiela Lee M ie- LWe ews ta
ooleen, according toyd siner john his le na If h.e 'A
Feeqey, who just returfhit Iron -WiWA O

2h* Pm

"eIV m

Mk is


1" to serv9

)per, Iowp o
at first Intao
it dty CM.

in amco n, Si
hfievskf A&

- -

fines efa

swexte a



* **-* 1




' ... 'r ,

- U -

WU5 5


--- B anae v^f ^ B~ f ^ '*ai." .m-'S

Mon% 11% la godal~d d
e~ ~ ear bealcsme *ltel ei-

sao TM 4i EMthn I-l
noe wWMarue* and Wh*y e nelgsIbatl
ee tOw s. IWftr t eM wO naow w

awl"On f lgaew M f

hty. yi. *Mtimtateon of afel an-
a ,in pear o o dpressios 'io
Wr *Le3sFA p of iomes of- l
.agsyoue tdam rep to oalbutiro fi
ai* refmal toIe tot heS O
svM.w sai; "oui t v70t
I (about 10s baeY mN.*""
e* "SIt 1.o I tW YO will
wtthe j1" inaOfm aed- s
.t s m ol.t ik ,Iad Wi th o It. wa
a na the iemiatlam we sompleoe
*fil PsAeCYouK O depressio m- d
L 14 n"edy. 1e~l,-*. A ~8'ho oe bapt ft
scfm tem yault abut from 0ur
aa- refsa to fme w thou0e B
rowi*awvt swida" Ofegi a*t yiI
, ..*ifl U r o arU. pe owe' Ms I.ei,
ci 9-M ybu with It. t

iou OkaS DI Denying

Federa Peion To HfIss

ied of for det:ing hea
ed aecrets to a Rted spy rig.
V.e, ent batn
oe c woare s mtvitu

ate ewrt, (o ou o
a~iaptttved Presideat co
Mwr. R M fife a
ear prison senteone on
gon tioM next YeaWj
ef fo~r y good bwioh.
41, would start eva
Pi r a'injveznment le-tea
hea-he ac 4 under ;M
Thm Uense aovd bil woulw
lock th pei'on but Hiss woIm
mt back ,73 he has eotri-.
'ited to the federal retirement
und, plus Intrest.
The metsure would apply to con-
roer, .srviceien and other
6 et empes. It would
s reriots to tl
ioeKZsabotage, ecpo uge ipncr.
a -vioaklt I, briey tand
Dftft B(H ofMomin w-
new_ ~c f^*r *P aAjl

S a" grand jury,
Al.. coapmmlttee er slP odt a.
bot ur preentor peet AlN"
with the govemnnept.
SThe bill would not affect pea.
SbeIg paid at the time it
st law. It would pea*

iej bill Is one of several ani-
ommuist measurres now under
Ia lderstion by the hoast and
itatt. ,
The )oIme wlu take up toMor-
rqe as admialbtrattis bll which
would grant immunity to: witness
Iee who cooperate lb anti-Red ln-
v gationa. The Senate Judicldary
Committee Monday cleared the
way fr final anaag# of Preodept
can citize p rom covd Com


Aswan IB n b-
ni ghl t creek

61 bl .,% Wound his
side, pMh "
o ao 5 pecut about
the head ilght Index
figer va **
Some sBO 'away from the
body was his cream-col-I
ard coalt its front seat
blood-apet he easing of a
-callbe r wai found on
1tZ car Ibo but no gun was
oin the. '-Matotthe ear lay
a beach tow two Iairs of
skin-diving W. Bare foot-
print, y a man's, led
ratward from the car then re-
versed dlet tI and led to the
Simpson's WaDis and Idenflt-
Ication papen. )f he had carried
them. wer. m mIs. His Identity
was traced thbrdth heis autome-
bWe and United versity of
Dorothy n Hoover, pret, stew-
ardes who flew 'with Simpson
from Detroit Monday night, said
he *aa wdrotd that he might
be late for UN "engagement"
when the laeSarrived at 9:05
"No told me there wa some-
one he wanted to have over, if
It wasn't too late." the, stew-


4* I

>..;:4 a -


01UfM ,K M wTvu .kWw *-
fbt 10 I Mord aid.

oothe wn


a4 by I ak
dljf*. yuthhad
beeoaot in the pt;' hail stag-
grd t a nd*4iMwiS th6 road
e he i ti oend died

In ordw *to )jwsa lamg mm, a
HXWAl (Ho--- --ustehoaldW
of good


HX (Household


Double Beds ... 26.00
Single Beds .... 18.00
Modern '
Wardrobes ... 59.00
S Dirling Chairs ... 3.00
Dressers with
Mirror ..... 18.00
Bedroom Chair
S(slip% covered) .6.50



During the week of August Oth to 14
through Saturday, every eorsn who...
order. for $15.00 worth r more OfW
g &ppal or Shoes will be eligible wa
han oe Bicycle for riding to .chool Wad u
Zvry eligible name will be Inaced I a os'.
end some school youngster draw out Nol
of the lucy winners. The gran4 winner wl1
the Bldycle, boy's or gsil's modeL

7 other hue.. The ne=t winner will receive a-wraeIM
tical School Bag ... and the next 6 winnw
receive each a Down Pencils th a Case. i




These classroom cuties pop Into the washer with ever
a worry about shrinkinRi Fetching Honqlae tyw .,
all with nicely gathqred skirts and pettlY puff
sleeves. In all the best colors.. .sorry, no color *ty
choice. Better order several at this surpi ly low
price. State Girls' ise 3L.10, 12, 14. ahpgt.eahk
12 OZ.- '
077 E 177-Bach ..............................$..g
(A) HERCULES Putter leams. Light, cool. 7I-4i. d0C .
Wide baoer-type elastic back. tbel loot .17 p fu
front bioketu .match his *A A*ta. M < r


Prices Reduced One Third

33% Discount


of va oM

Until Sold Out

Hurry and Choose your



c ac


rWI Pfr-
^ :


pw "
* e.** e t f


*~ ga.; :- -

'of Miami, ih.w a latfed
along Ierlde beachf- 'li
ope HmJh bas e wa Wikh a
batting suift The gis claim
thwonw oth "oat Themn



PORRAS-Plaza 5 de Mayo



production of


has been a SMASH SELLOUT

this thrilling play will nmun again Friday and Saturday,
August 6 and 7 8:30 p.m. at the

Ilekets vlablbe at Margarita Foriot, Motta's and Surany's.

.L Large Attraetive
Mattresses ... 39.00
Rebuilt and
Living Room
Suite .......135.00
China Closets .. 22.00.
Sideboard6 ..... 12.00
Also Refrigerators
Ve Your Cuentas
Combrelaies Card
For the SmsaU Down

Household Exchange
TqL: 3-4911
41 National Ave.
(Auto Row)

24 ex esas t WS. auM)i, a erasers., aOe.L npg.
10 OR,
3 a ....... ..................... ..........
IE) Soft one-piece vamp, bouncy Sear-or-YoUM e
sole mean months of comfortaIe Wa lon aMti
rich leather uppers. Tongue, fits smoothly, won' I
Leather inSole and heel lining form strAg fouiNda
iaes; D (medium wide) width In 10 10%, 11,
12, 2%, 13,.1. 1. 1V2, 2 1,. Pibase state
Shpg. wt. 1 lb. oz.
15 E 198-Tan leather ....................Pair .1I

(B) Wen S.W Sturdy moc-type toe exford fbr W1
boys, handsomely made of high-pollishd ath N .
zig-zag trim. GermiUnhibiting Pacifate lining, L" t
\insole, lining adds wear. helps shoe hold hape. Doub
thick rubber fosole heel.
ises: D (mum wide) 10, 10%., 11. 11%., 1, U1%, IS,
13, 1, 2. 2. 3a. State soze. Wt. 1 lb. I ol.
15 E 1923-Burgundy (wine-tone) Leather .. .Paftr t
*Our lqweet Prie Iverl Were 3 for $27...,v i
BRan pmeet tat4trieot ia soft, smooth. g,
simar ato those shown ... fine cotton or nloa
trim, no choice
Elastic waist. 9Wd wash. One sie to bag.
size small (24- ); medium 27-29); lar. g -I
Shpg. wt. for 3, 10 os. White.
S J 4771-Bag of 3 only .....................


6Sfbod4 1yz


- 1954


About the wonderful bargains she purchased at Case Fautish'I s
22nd Anniversary Sale. .. Now being held at Cma Fatil's .
main store, 161 'Central Ave.

f Thidk,


S v

It is

a 8p1-0

OM. 1.


e, gsmmizc at Cst PuIMch.

^ eat fCma Fam" ;"
_aris t *e s

.-'a.. .

LI~# -~I~

Cr Q

by Amria

gropilk 11
00*" ".




U X *- ^

. 1, 1 j

.44 -

rl. ;

AX *y W "-^'
r ''-Wy^-

A d.. t ~IT.^*''


~L- '..

who ons upod a 'I hope to make it up wit
Ssger, and his present show da s," be
t, Stuart oterr w, remn.u meanwh leed stroly t
L -*%.*e Drake Cs S-Badlo worth t temporary .aari
And It came ut that Iboth And that's a pretty atoe
;. ..... 64s at furniture store sationu sentence, too.
M So there have decided that,
'r times' they'll sing If you've noticed the efo
^ te a6"You d the Tables overhead shots on the Ted S7
an" d "Old Rockin' Chair's Show (Dumont), this is to I
you they're not overhead
There's a mirror above Btra
.M i may be a few unemployed piano, and the camera shoob
of horses one of these days. wards at the mirror.
Padimnan, who is chief con. Whoever thought that 6e
m list on NBC Radio's must have done lots of refle
Bveseation." brought up the
when he discussed the pro- Rgfph Paul of "Strike It .
m' purpose relays the sto a busy TV
*ftrc's a hole in radio and TV ing director who ot a phone
r ming," he said, "b g "I want a job." the voice sa
to drive several teams f can sing, dance and Jugle.'
.through. That's the lack of director was uugmpread. '
ams for the mllions of hang up," the voice eade
'who went to college. That can play the piano, walk the
the hole we plugged with 'In- rope and spin a lariat." Tt
tion Please 15 years a-- rector allowed as how that v
c aue wasn't due so much to unusual. "Just a minute," eai
Sft hat it was a good pro- voice desperately. "There's
as that there was nothing other thing-I'm a dog."
that audience."
So Conversation" was con-
edby Louis Cowan, who once .Ald| PN O ly
It (d the "Quiz ids," as a
i Iam asatfor thinking people. He
a i t on television, locally in Sm|[A W |
=,o..64, SMke Won' Spra
r York, then switched it to ro- I l
4 Splqant, stir. To Other Carders
' TOPPERS: Jack Paar (CBS- CHICAGO Aug. 4 (UP) -
) I was born in a town so AFL Air Pilots Assn.
amapl they had all the Burma- today it is unlikely that its
*ave signs on one tick. day-old strike against Ane
l Airlines will spread to United
'.i Cowan put Fadiman, originally Trana-World.
Son the program, to the At the same time the walk.
job of maitre d'eonversa- 1,00 American pilots appear
a. format is slmple-"gim- be stalemated as both sides
ie," Fadiman calls It. He fused to budge on the issue of
or three others sit around stop transcontinental flights,
a and talk. Period. The pilots went on strike
u tfte days beforehand," he Friday midnight, contending
I'll give them a topic-it many of the non-stop flighb
be children' or puns' or ceed the eight-hour imltatio
fears.' I call the topics flying time per day.
da.' They just give us The union earlier revealed
point. And then we talk. United and TWA pilots hlve'
WeatCon, we thin' is en. in favor of a strike over the
a weUll as stimulating." issue..
Stobe. The mail re- But an ALPA spokesman
the show has been amaz- the union has no Immediate
write In--some even to extend the strike and
to say thank you for doubtful that United and 7
'eto the show. They all seem will be affected,
eavesdropping on good "We want to limit so far as
r able the hardship and c
i ruefully prparedeavea- nince to the public as well i
wever. nth our o eo the un
ed abut t show at spokesman
inrf ear mint ad lb. But 'ThSrotk val


.z. ~.

- 6w. N4WbyUA

"I am NOT a waffe! And yomr little joke of putting syrup
In the lMgitan oil isn't funny'
i I I r ll ,


Sailings: Evwes Ie-- Days for:
Houston and New Orleans
SBaPlag: 4wr 5em iiys for:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vessels mall st V 1IACRU and TAMPICO
(MErICO) emy six weeks)

Wilford & McKoy, Inc.



BOwTS A4 :E ls. m*-w

rand Pass

ib:,,rtlh Sntuang, a ndta
Sthey have something to
Simoeraay is an hour or
jB talk is put down on
tnedited down to the half-
ford tor the actual broad.
rbeivmenation comes out
dpil and If you like
af ity, you'll n-.
taw rou how much Fadima
'the program fills the need
btsr his -chore op. wlthou
It's a sustaining saw, with -a
budget. Fadiman commands
dthy fee these days,; hea

MOth United d TWA, Amer.
WOs bedat som to, were
extrato help
unlom the strike could
be ended in a matter of minutes
If American would agree to a 20.
minute stop n th teanscontinen.
tal runs for a crew change.
But an airline spokesman daid
ehb a R would add at least
nte to a coast-to- oast
fght also dig pate a major
pilot's pprtuty to pk the
molt dvantageous rou for the
day's win4 and weather eondi-


----- J.
1 yea seek 21 derent days ub wmmew, see AMsku l YeWll e
unique reset in t wwds (Tel. Lodge), -plureque sutlkMnbm
Alask, ged Pmerbari., tewringL Mt. M lneSe Oedel
Fkid, nd rol eNfroe omwr.y Youwr cdutke of Ifyig p and
returnsi irwough n colorful bldei Pauago, or vice ve fm l
departure dates fri Jum 10 to August 12. Escorted frau Sealia.
. vfar Alolio e aifOe M end or fe o -. -

No. 18 Tivoli Ave. Iel. 2-2006



Vmas M.ILmrriim~


Arwe lZlm-
Artst.e Eyeful

yr~qfy Am!

Wbi m i=Weel.

mI .M.. .

I -',-;4 -.



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* *-, ;. A ~ -.





^s aaJ sia L U'MsL.J

wiU A-

z 'Ir ,s 'da o
nrr Oc,wS


d J,




UuI uuI WAs

- -. L Y

I v ItWa SI w I^h

A~T.Z MAf-4 MM M M U
I. *I A LKtamWrO' .
WNW O^ ^ ",

", -F .
.,. '. ev

, s :. -
1. -.



K X~


..* -* s

,nor. 11 t%


.1 p

ii -.

60! Va
" rrv L
m*^t rrj^ipl^f


,rw i~ --

. L


--- -: -- ----- ---- ~f~


..... m



__ __




A .








T i- < e:

.- .t.. Y .O .. o... .
iine -
^lirw j tEail-''^i~~
VllWwl t vgSeWD


, ,*. .1- n -. : .-

i e* .- "

,. IJ. :


- .f*.*~..

^ smS S a Ss sm sr rs t l O ft Stor ||
e Me

S. a ytru b d e hed he
W. V a ia ,o". M s it

at r .e._ d m-die I010 ft O61 s to y l SamweV

Develop e t am not tory add-

,bui5 M en Robert MeGrath cIimm to eo me t it.tha i Dr. or
htmzegaMcGrath's.e. moth T.IU..ElUpe S t uuK ^-S iS-
qui a be with report. donut wart
Mie'y sa l s of is two s s o e ma!n so a m
A0 Ove mpjrt urtedegap nor druaca be
d8MD end,,stelt nat.feellahu.- th s

S' Th9 i t a ar s ed a 00time. We ared
SA g, 4OP)-on- .........v.., ,o. voied Ise
e 3' to SS r ruled 1 t a ri.m detector

fl^'Srpi, I* ,'er d-n ". o 1 e self cociaetely," he said. "Any
Sec t At t d. t elol pji a.ri te reaAmtction now would be unryela-
ciaJgan d t 4, "' bO !* d.and not di tve l of hi true
thy. RobebdMc or a tan I -Pr te Confusion 0
wa sSde nate te te c nateet n to r ithat hee ings ."
SoWf --&BX esy a s net aes AvStoa dmloid o s tote
h.' h n. i a h usm aBt o m se me*aid i t m- b.
S mor teMat een,; Invlelstee :(UP)-zhA mai frkmt the mediCil
Nabon-,annevthawoma"wedon'tt want orial Of
10:'il ~te hua'a~w!~ a a i at a

~"to crat xe'al wp ta i otot e e ,,op o.e- S"r aow to -
y u feel* m u ^ id4e m l for wo men with twbe 111


Tremendous Cut On All DRESSES


re .. ............. to SM
NOW ....... ........ 8.75 t o 1.i
hanldmle apd other makes .
before .......... ......8 M to I5.5
NOW ................... .0 to 495j
.'* ..$ to 67.7 0

NOW .................. ..5 to .95
BLOUSVS "Sunn-Tonum"
and other makes
before ................. 2...S95 to $14.95
NOW ......... ......... 95 to 2.50
"x rftee" and "Vanity Fair"
before ......:....... .... .5 to S17.50
NOW .. -..... ti to 53B
before ................... 1.95 to 2L59
NOW .............. ..... 3.75 to UL S
NYLON SLIPS "Vanity Fair"
before ....................S1 to 510 lS
NOW .. ......S...... .M to 5.35
.beif r ...... ... .....1. 95 to 4.50
NUM .... 1.49 to 2.5

. -M

I u

From $3.95 Up

N. OW ..................... l I t
before .....
NOW ...... .'.
Nlen UALF SUPS "Vanity Vw l
before ....................... .. .

NOW ............. ....... ........

Ryo ATIE .....................
Nyon PANJ'IES ...................
HOUSECOATS Taffeta .......::..::::.

NOW ....... ... M uAj"
with eo0red NyOn y .
NOW .. ....... ......... ....
m OBEC JACKM $ (4.M ,
NOW ...............................m.
Bioases Shorts Swim Suite .,,
At greatly reduced Olee-i IW many.L







-g esas see, seem eeat rash,
e- bd eab d dieom M& Speld
*4yla. basn i supeWee-thlag to

d.og deu ,-- Ai .
35 the .aybier m
@ON Ctm.ti et ftE& 0 Ae
*9lib "^ B^


added, "rests mSY of the -I
I-- ,.-.. *
anA' utum I Or ever-


NEWARKd -i -UP)- Tour

scratches oB pnesm i ai to
healtbh-rataoin meaiue.
From a doctor' haiy msrib-
blet aessae. -a wg oet l can

aekioga Poiat,r N. Y
The unrelated McDerinotts hope
declared heat- t9 be assigned to different stations
"nevir done so they'll be out of the number
to the law." business.

the perfect camera
with the beet Optic.




**if **M eWma,-.. ci a...
OW he teE.&fv-NbuU,
Chi% -ew oWeM Uk
for Eb-fth VITARISH
isofBWbM--h to
Sad gealogi It's a rMaIde,.
bin1""'S-'t "a




___ ^______________________- _

July 31st. August

7, 1954


Be smart.. be wise.. and please, please, ECONOMIZE
by taking advantage of up to 25% and more reductions on
thousands of articles in gold, silver, diamonds, and
y^^ n. ,' '*'


"- 41

EXTRA SPECIALI Lowest Saek prices ever or


Sale rid t
for I plee
place setting

Grapnbrier, Lyric ...............
Buttercup. Camelia, Chantilly,
Etruscan, Fairfax, Rondo,
Lily of the Valley ..............
Strassburg, Old French, English
Gidroon, King Edward, Nocturne ..
Melrose, Sovereign ..............










11,0 t

~' *~

-1Fjjn ~



. w"-A2 .-

- -----I --~-------;

. II


'* -f lp

L "r .'



. I ."" ,, l .:* '-



a.' .


-g3b, IMet. *m. 1

i &V. aa6 &a.



twRMo A, vua
V A3 XJ~f

"-M C


-fti bambae living-
9et, 9 od mohogany dining-
Sset. A good buy. Phone 3-
; iHouse, 351-A, New Cristo-

P :-9-cubic-ft. Coldspot re-
.I large freezer comport-
'butter freezer $250; Sparton
o combination, bleached
S cabinet $75, Rolloway
'/ Tel. 3-4075. Via Argen-
Ap. 5.
.LE:-Entir e furnishings for 3-
mn reidence in Golf Heights.
leaving August 1 0. Tle-
W Sears. Panama 3-1565.
E: Coldspot refrigerator.
yles; free Westinghouse sew-
ireh cabinet new. Phone
bbe D2172, House 61-__
AL: Rottan furniture, two
rsthree tables. 3-piece sofa
D0 lamp $15; Hollywood bed
:,. innersoring mattress $40.
ving for States. Call Navy 3248
ine to Qtrs. 7011, Locona.
ZIn N.S.
AE~-.-Setilonal 3-chair settee,
itbp coffee table, large corner
1, "id table, 9x12 carpet, aoil
. Telephone 3-2326.____
LE:-3-.piece mahoalny liv-
Wi set, plastic covers, excel-
condition. 0589-D Bevano St.,
Corral Area. Tel. 2-1526.
.l :-pable rnahogony bed
'drwM, wood $3; large metal
K;. metal dresser $4; couch.
Ovr.$5. R6o. Roueou. _
.:--25-cvcle electric clock.
liftbll 2 end tables, i0 van-
1_41x5&. MoIrita
SPhone 32518 or Colon

New Perfection ges stove
t$),S Ave. Cuba No. 6.

i l RENT

rhk Ssf


FOR SALE :-1948 Oldsmoblle 4-door
sedan, Hydramatlc, perfect condi-
tion inside and out $650. Phone

FOR SALE: 1953 Plymouth Cron-
brook, 7000 miles $1475. Albropk
3142. .
FOR SALE: 1931 Model-A Ford
Coupe, duty paid. Call 2-3670,
House ,1557-A Colabash Street.
FOR SALE: Original owner selling
1951 IBuick Riviera.o, excellent con-
dition, radio and Dynotlow $1400.
Call Balboo 1880.
FOR SALE: 1950 Oldsmobile Club
Coupe, radio, directional lights,
good this'all around. Clean cat.
Phone Panama 3-4050,
FOR SAL~ :-1954 two-door Ford, roa-
dio. Cal Balboa 3412 ofter 5 p.m.
FOR SALE:1942 Chevrolet Pickup
truck, battery run down, needs
working on $75. House 5731, Dia-
FOR SALE:e--'51 Morris-Minor Con-
vertable, excellent condition, con be
financed, $650. Call Fort Clayton
4170 or 4149.
FOR SALE:-'47 Lincoln Club Coupe.
new fires, radio. Insurance paid
$250. Coall Rodman 3245.
FOR SALE:-Singer modified for rac-
ing, twin carburetors, one owner,
excellent condition. Sacrifice S975.1
Motores Hull, S.A., 43 Automobile
Row. Phone 3-0607.

FOR SALE.-1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air
4-door sedon, like new $2100.
3-4688 after 5 p.m.
FOR SALE:-1950 GMC Conry-all, in
good condition. Call Pqnomo 3-

FOR SALE:-'51 Ford V-8 Deluxe:
Seamlst green, very good condition.
Call Albiook 86-5187.

o --g T-

FOR AENT;-JMo eru-bedm
chalet, rnithed. 7th Avenue No.
5, Ibe r^ f Phone 3-3.5. or


Tour through the entire Interier of
Panama to Boquere. Stop at Pano-
monte Inn. Tour leaves Panama Fri-'
day, August 6th. returns Sunday eve-
ning. For information phone "JUNGLE
JIM" JAUNTS, Panama 3-1660.
CLINIC, Day & Night service. Cen-
tral Avenue 209. beside Capitolio
Theater. Tel. 2-3479, Panama.

Rooms _
FOR RENT- Furnished room with
kitchen, bathroom and porch, com-
pletely independent. 4th of July
Avenue. Telephone 2-4912 until 7
p.m. and 2-3584 from 7 to 9 p.m.
FOR RENT: Beautifully furnished
room, private bath, icebox. kitchen
cabinet, stove. No. 3, 52nd Street.
Tel, 3-0638. 1
FOR RENT.-Furnished room in city,
and 2 rooms in Sabanos. Inquire
Calle Estudiante No. 98.
FOR RENT: Furnished room with
kitchen privilege to married couple
without children Tel. 3-5099.
FOR RENT-Furnished room to cou-
ple, with refrigerator and kitchen
privileges 45th Street No. 96, up-
stairs. Bella Vista.


FOR SALE:-Aeweo*d Bourbne, Spe,.
eial Club Reserve Setek, Roy4l
Mouttd Conedian Whikey, Res
Corie ind Castle Club Gin. At an
ber or bodege. Your Desilledeis
FO RSALE.-7-gallon more port-
able washer, ex t condition
$25. Pho S ',8G-2120.

T :-SBa
L .u:sish"

' 4 .. .. ..

pi|^tFFICES AT 57 "W'
' *wylvoflueMwm" FAA

UR-EVa nsid I cottages, SanW
SClaa- UBx 435, Balboo. Phonr
Ropflooe 3-1877. Cristobal 3-1673.
Pram-lch Santo Clara Beach cottages
Electric refrigeration, gas stowe
Moderate rates. Phone 6-441 a
SHRAFNEL'S furnished ho us s ar
beach at Santa Cara. Telphon
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, eve-
Cabjh in COOL Cerro Canpana Moun-
teina. Telephone THMI PIOt, Bi
bo.a R7, evenlrig .-



FOSt i'S C-OTTAGES, one mile p0t
,Sonto Clara. Low rates. Phoni
lboo 2-1866.

ATINTION G4 I. Just built .de
furnished apartments,. r, two
bedroom hot, cold water, *"Ti.d
epho Aonanoi.a 3-4941.

FOR RENT: Furnishe4d ahd unfur-
nished 2-room modern q iumnts.
Contact Alhambra Apartments, lOth
Stratf, Tel. 1386, Colon.
FOR JRENT:-Apartrmnt above Cert
trial Theater building, Central Ave
nue No..141. Inquire Centrol The.
after, manager's office.

FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. LUt.
frniashed. For further details calt
Zubietoa 3-1802, 3-3337.

1" *. :





~ ~ ~k3~

SIh Oeutq~

*r-~P '



* ~11

out .
*tIn !

FOR AENT: -- Modern opartmenth
Tel. 3-4911.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartm ri
in Bella Vista. Call Panam r2-2601. "
FOR (Tr-Fu-rished two-bedrom
ci#e t, coog, ~scrend. Via r-
1ala 106. Call 3-4700. ,

FOR RENT:--umlshed perments on
No. 1 building. corer. tM ,Strew,
SLefevre Pork. See Benhtt..

FOR RENT:-Furnhed. double & sin.
gale apOrtnmtc, 5crme i and In-
spected. CoU Ponma 6.
Ilvingroom., dinm
bathroom; 13th Stt 16,.
Po. rros. T.l. 3-2457. ,.

worry ,,,

aw 1"s
w an
mon4 a

Smak "the con
le#d a
cifrut to rl

$. MOtr he 0. lar
FOR SALE:-Indion motorcycle. /yake American no e.
me an offer. 83-4147. FOR RENT: FuriNsfad portmer4t,
FR SAone big bedroom &r both, no kit.r-
FO AL en $45. Tel. 3-.164R,. -. .|
FOR"RENT.-Apartment.tif bobe.d-
Boats & Motwrs rooms, 2 botths, hpt t,'t t-
,, .s_________ onsible parry. Via El n't -nf,,

SB,-ange"mlmoUa"y -u7 I. I|HIII ) FOR SAL.:- 16-ft. aluminum boat, 117. ..
A! iragres er otor raier. 4lijaces.FOR RENT-- Best locae furnkish
rea m- r---running lights. etc. $450. 3-4688 apartment, splendid for one or t 45o1u .,a No. 4
OrderThe Pana malner n after 5 p.m. Vicouples. 43rd Street No. I39e
Oresailr trom Cristobal Friday oe, a er 5 pm .. -
wUldr .o wi thatool Of 15 2pa- -. FOR RENT Furnished apartmen -L
'Plow Under' 11on board. Tnere are no W noted Po On n No. I buildmg, corner 11th St. RANS
aA E, Aga. 4 (UP )- uen lar booked for Port-au- .- Parque Lefevre. el. 2-1282.
Cabtnei toy IMnre Prioe, Haiti. WANTED: E r ind -FOR REIyT: Two-bedroom aoprt. BAXT
slor. O S to low u ir eeni i .ALARY..F O ny -woh a derypodh
order to "ttw u complete advance passnn panish sal SALARY. ment, mrid's room, garage and big Packers
acr* o at completeavacw M.Box2cy98. Colon. balcony with a very good visibility Mo
t HospitAl i b I b Mrs. Lola H. Adan: M0-s1 WANTED:-.Employment, housework in a new house situated at El Can. e.s -6
W.Allen; Guillermo Arol '. with Arierican family. No ironing grelo. Tels, 3-5636 residence, 3- f9
Helen Bisson; Mr. and M or coolirig.No. 71. Ancon Avpnue. 0769 office.
nald J. Bowen and son; Mr. ---
T an___d Mrs. Arthur Bowle; Mr. and
-Y ofidntr. ioafleMro ciarazo; An,, Mrs. De Grummond pAL
... 1Man iMrs Maxine Cleugh;
o dn te Prn.i O .Mr. at Si cks Toniqht
...) sett5 A, Cilln and4ro; Mw. r 'ETA- il s
.BliU a Or Senato Bel. cuc Hll h; r. _M. .'MEAl ,

g g urk AD rest itpk on "kenato "
elJ. Ptt t of the West-
? -^%; ar ODUi;- ern Worl" w f' beWiven toutpht
D.P-. dr W. at sx a't the Humanltieq Build-
o V. hrman: ne of Panama University by a
r. and Mrk Ray Eno; Mr. and visiting exert In Latin Amer- *
John J. Pl lon and 2 chil- lean hlatnry, Mrs. Jane L. de
S. an; Dr. Mac B. Felsen; Mr. and Grummond.
to )d. rnexlFlint; R'ten Foo- a
lid Oft;.Fl0 P rt; p ;Mra. Mrs. Mr. e Orummond. who is
lmton Franklin; Mrs. Anna associate orofesxor of Himtory at
and Mr. and Mrs. How- the Louisiana State University. *
rt 'd 2, Puller. has been olenntng to write a *
'M.-. ...... ... .. Mr book 6n Beluche. a New Orleans
u ,o m ;Mr.and b.t.vate who Pame to Panama. *
RudoMlph A.angle and 5 and settled in Taboga in 1830
u ln; Mr, and Mrs. Samuel ...
u el an ary Haven%; Durin'R her short stay here' *
SO ds* D wn- mrs. De G rumond has net,
It-.eS yer;Rabie and Mrs.1 with many of Beluche's descen-
8 GMOrdD;W. and U Mrs- dants.
Vffi; Mic N orma Grad;
r i# w? d J.2 Orego- The visitor expects to leave
Aia h Dn O bb ;Mr. and morning for Caracas before re- *
Sr Mnr D"Ham-* turning to the United States.

Chawle W. R Emman' ad Mrs. Aredo Banabria Mr:
i. t i.j '- a. Bie anders: Miss Evelvn
PAN s tiga; MUM Josephine Sloboda:
C m.Jkel!Mt. &W Mrs. Lloyd M. Smith:
UiR. Otto Salere Miss Rosallna so- *
2. g a o" lern : Mr. nd Mrs. Francis J.
L r.;M Mr. andM ie: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tay-
N.LEf* MMl' u Lm- lor: Mrs. Mina Tef; Mr. and *
anNid Mrs.1 Braton W. Treadwell: Mr. *
sa4 SEari H. Tmnef and
Mr .Idl Mr.

fa eer u brand new elec-
s grvel efrigerstors 6 c.f.
work on 15 and 60 cycles.
* $150.00.
iRU ZB D m-

Propell~~Pl .
Centriful .. -

Roof Fl~
Roof VWntIjtWrt
Air Dust Work
Ventilatilon ypt ms
Dust Exhawt Systemsi
Sinks for bars, hom .i
Butcher mbl-
Range hoods
SchUoo f ii6ki

Aquarh ,'. 4 1
Kitchen e",
Taike, sl t

and O" 9et U

9S? Ut
I, Army,
011T arly
hoes-el &*


Ierwfs ned.
nigo was tiken to"k hap -
Stfor examination mby- 4 p#c-


1krk w t ake a toiM
S **control t er of t
,OR TES, P eb oI
;nd tae them to
E R, S. A. whhe
Shippr aij-
ove. r

UASU I -"er

Parrot cages $2.50 ea.
Se anaa TeL -4W1

oamboa, will be on thepgam

MtLIf Paulina a
64l As proeadent oftam7):
e ~ DOal"a de doaIa I
t hgt at a bref rnmplm %mAw h

&RIS. Aug. 4 (UP) The In the Pacfle 1
lonal Assembly's powedul MAM Doria Rod
nce commtiom today e-n- tmub mastr
ad Plr'PlaTre M d Oter oticers
Lice's p-r ITm for MR. Wyrs DoI
the Friuch econaey and IdtLy;
request for "blank check" ri di
wauic powers. *ia, recording

Its tems a reA m he n g& ti
was swither nomlesi Mjotwo- U]
$orthe naniarum. Um Comm ism
W"WA 111 piwtan the mmS a KicteA
26L Ownes en vt"N re- i^ iim
..L. Wkrs C ULM

P .1] v low ".
*K~ WnMMg ySa mia- to's
??"&]We *Smid mudm

keulta Deesels



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*2 ~~45i.

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4rh4 ise 4W. t




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nIr.. -"
rPu., -"
f- fan
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(WtmIU@ 3-MU)


9*4I7, WTtaioS Aug. 4


mites aff.1
1t the rlap.
th toot agVmi
It _- _

i -wrn e* m .eO Umn
Itutluno itt*MiSd by Ralph
stt Arting g lt Jirfo leos
Nod out Creit LUalp. fastened
ds Atthhemd tl 10 001 9.
machine flie I sgbu project
T.* The tudeal, m aa 1as it at'
liow tl eas

mier presided unti He was nam-
ed the new leaer of hes govern-
The two will reue4 peclall
powers to make laws bv decree
for the next nine month. p
demand albut which ie den-
uties are always wary m they
are certain to how In the do-
ate lated for Thnday. -
The A ltbly Is doubl en-
noyerd with the Pemier for hip
latest victory his speed nd
succe.rfil negotUlton with the
Bev of Tunia pnd modeate "'u-
nrian natlrnallst on his offer
o Ihoum ruWl.
T'h denuties. brand larew
feel the. Premfir hea'nresented
them with a "flit 11MU" --
thit bv thttw the Chmber
*rt< around to debitne. tbh Ti'-
nalalmn oron im IW-t ter. it wil'
s'rea dv hbfIn effppt. AMhbnma
far' are i eonord with Mean
lmx-FrPnte' poli they rea
lH. Ine ..... .. .... .,.

Farmer Harold insley quoted
one of the pilotS as saying the
plane wag nni# out of fuel
when it was forest to land,
"'vint ator Jqueas G seid aid:
"We did not have engine trble.
'I -el was ettinglow ad we
were look fr 1 to land.
"do4 plane.
nhe Civil Aeronautics Admials,
tri..ui'sa u' rst official report said
the Conasteation was headed for
an emergency landing when it
cracked up. Air France fficialel
said the plane circled over Idle-
wild airport in Nw Cty for
a hour Mob buiZUgr anoth-
er jahce fiand.-"
Pausengers ..aid they were a-
lerted molutes it advance for a
crash.-le g and had their seat
bel aten Crew fibers
mtoeo by se axe. t, h.. O
eam ,e doWos te qe

and with radar. ,
The clas .Minead Its a!
The pilot decided that 'UP
try to land ele.himn tsgi
waiting in e to n 'aga i
err" i- t
He remveiqtoaou. w
atH jb .u., ....... "
to NeW PInlamd. The CAA r
maid he then reetwed an a
a, g ahad to land at *)
I. at mn
ed or. a weather re
Quoanst R.I., n. vtl ir
The only erouy
moos were the. pilot,
Caboche t ,
and a d ated
Guatemila. wC ffref
*kea a w ,.,

rDItsV,. Farty7
box) ProEm The U.A.-

-t P: I- It (Re-e
Ik ed to ad phone be- 7 N
s-'1ib:3C-Nl.o0 Dildfa Pmathouse -o

q op old 11: -WSa n Serenade
m:4-- as[ i -----

w: O0--81a e -Inro rmA


i 13 t10:0--Off The cord l Requesta

ite be lees %-L l e 7*0od0e
a .-. 7:-j-: '-, *, ., *c .** f-' i5 ; r

'"s..~~^^J s ;1 Th Jnc (Rd (on)


1Sh r

.oth e d)A.



FEATHIER~E RPER--A rartary bird, native of the Sahara
Desert, Stabsa. t at h0eluloe make at the rare-bird farm 1A
Miami, ha. e erce-ooklag bird feeds on sakhau and lkarda.

We' tWe-Pnewe 1 vro1 nn ea'ar *ph swa
fit TIn ifithi it* to"t ano d o t.
tlve saul h a had an Impact on
phille onle on.h^i
'th71q nite rewu ei onner .dAt
to conviroe nwn'**"**n Ei nitflA
*n PWAit the A,. r thea a840e1t.
.d Vgntlnn )lo*a thlis t n tfl he-
n're ,n*.rIvj their -ove nBwelnqt
'Rontde#-'Pr""re. perhaps In Oc-
tIJi"*. "n- lt**r.
PntentIfll" thbrpe prnn*,~ii.
of tharu' f" the rhRmb- nn-w tr.
give the Premier a rouiph time. I..

UUanWvS sw IN varogp "Au MWia
em eiempany, and Annem C.


sah sa t m *ai


- :

-- ---- n

^:- 5

international playground with its endless spring of luxury hotels. Brenff's
El Conquistador service is so luxurious you'll think you're already In

Miami. That's why sophisticated travelers Insist on flying the aup1erb D-
sleeper between er you've a are also wond
* sleeper between the Americas. Iut you've a dwco-thsere ere alo wondered

new DC-6 tourist flner tht sve you up to 25%. Eiher way you fly

with million-mile pilots and a 3 billion mie afey record.


.'.-: b

| '" '

For information and eWrvtin call your travel qent or Braniff ; .
Avenida Tivolf i1, Saphorn 214P75, Hotel 8 U etm, telephone 3.1S.
Ext. 130, or Pene 34726, Coi IkMet QOfir, tlephon 779.
-, ..- -
.- : S

.. -'s-
.- ., -
"." .

.:~~~~ r*; -'E^ ; ^ -'"
I N 1" E R N A T ,I ;] o ll ." : ..1" A I R
;NT. ,A. T tA.. AIR
,-.'. ".,. ,^..

*' .i... :,..;..:..'.... ; .
.' : "w.., .'
i ", }:m njj .L.

to W-.1
*1 *.j*

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Is &Hi TV pectormer.

ifilut to


. .. -. :,. m -,.'

"thander ColdMake

nnant Dreams True wr ..ff
,0 i. I ,-

who can makeEa the New York Yankee' O(t7w ..... 7and
Sof a sixth s ght American League Rchmond........ 0
.-ANEW YORK, ,A --Wugte. n4dFordthe ntreal .......... 2mA

Settle southpaw who felt at onn aer Cag e cte I ya h -a..........R. a ... *
wrath last spring, loome today as the ublg i.Ad e ... -h .i 0 S
whor whan make the NewYork Yankeesiht- tawa............ 4474

ffo f sixth straight AJ merican League pen. ehMond Ge .........--ame) t
At come true next autumn. YESTERD.AY'S RJsT-
Il's Owhlpping boy" duelie Mifloso and Phil Cavarrotta (Fit Game,7tInnings)
rt e frmake drmanc e ur-drovfv two run isac for h Toronto 00 1(0Z)4 0-2410 _2
I w" Montrei 6 002 DOI 1. ii.11
go trat he 25-le r-aWhid l te s, whno have won nine Montrek, 100420 (a0
hcamethrg ewith ohaof thilat12gamesinde- Landeck, Lombardi (2)
aHoward. Black, Macon, (5 ,
.M t *our-hitt.r last nilht toper5a, of fort to say close to the .Caboar
.'the Yankees a 2 -iv o ddia And Yankees. ( .H Carbonaro (wl andl4.
son. Howell (4). WP ....f- .
the Cleveland Ind n a and ad ck.
i tn within a game-and- Arnold Potarrero scattered LP Black. HR Morton,
tau i 'ir Ar-nold otorRodriguez*0- m
e first place. It was nn e its as the Ph ade eph
11th win of the season 'Athleti ~snappd~ an eight-gamee t
fifth straight since ju lyIo n re a 6v-2 og (Second'oGame)ft
the Yantkees began there i or the S altimre Orioles ndB U- Toronto 000 100 00- 6 68
on the lead. ly Hoeft spun a five-hitter fo,, Montreal 100 420 3OXc-10ISI1
Swho has replaced Al e his fourth shud ut ot thetam Minarcin. Schaffer (), Sho '
.i and Ed Lopat as the paign to give tb e'Det roit T igers (,7) and Griffin. Mickens and 0..
key pitcher. yldedad 2-0 win- overo th e Washlton Thompson. LP Minarc n. R
'and o's run in the first in- enats. o C. Thomp0son
W hen Larry Doby hit his
homer of the season. Me' Rochester at tw, O t t..
t on to yield only three more YT DAY' STAR- Whb poned, rain. t : .
,n and struck out six bat- y Ford, /Iwhose four-hMiter,
while walin four. IeYornk Yankees o(First Game,) 7 ans)
Af owd tleIo fiT e sCrenohe ma -lBuffalo 0 0-10 lo
th ear In hema- niRichmond 000 000 0-0 3 1
5:.-iaNw the lan keaes live hMars and Ryan. Nardella, Fa-
rd lead be never lost In nol (7 and Johnson. L -s
a '" h mht 'irdella. HR Carswell.
"r._ ft Ininl. when altcher d"''"o.h.arde-a. HR cara'nerobh'r""
1 o DBerra sin t hro thughte.g twe g p f--.-"
Eo. Tournamen t0o l
einle Ir Nore nd aa A(Second Game) ndM
,, Mee Mn tei. e hfl Buffalo 010 054 00-10 100,3.9 U ad ,-- L I-.,
allhmbtlw aSe oyffa rt H outt oe- PRiclhmond 051 201 11 -11 1
h totow ek ver C eveland F rkson. wa (at ), th (l ae ltna io a .
fortsndnns WUSS HarrIst (7) and Ryan. be-
;' Don Monsdbe-.Wnight, Zeiser (5), Fanovlch (7)
iWP --Helntzelman. LP iar- ;!
The tlory eart.2ed thrle PYank. Panama goolfers have but five i-He nizei manua L dat
dmaw .illftn ebloo uii the days in which to i t their tua- t. PHR Ge rnert, Dyck, JoA ee r
ea y L u ov n Tournament which wil be pla y- tn the l
aiSi world Iaho4 AF edo at Panama Golf Club, Aullust yrac use 500 001 100-7 8 2er
i' t will be the final day e no o vana 400 000 100pce l
Si to score or entrants will be D O L i ter n
hoeThe r pen- cepted after this dae. Lovenguth. Znker (1), Owens
o(N86) 0 and Lonnette. Rott. anches ~ PSdlcan WOO SKort N~lO- o- ..
mpont(Bied9'uir lo eive-fliht rasarea 4 7been po t n oo d ano (9) Dand Ouerrge Dh sw r n -
^ .^-:': Yefw l Y eitn- Alon* list nf entrants In both 0), Lopez (21, Meltono(r), Zorn- stoat at the Pana-maoS Na* mao# WhouWh eveq fi.u a. nO. yo tm ....Wo t
1nthe Nt Leagdue hdheading theHt in the first ker" LP I tt' s lnternon at p'mr fo ynr ]isiay' tattle of ntn rtoah cato uraow p Ca A '.t t
^ ^ ^ % ^ rt(dk ^A irtK8to ^ .Y1 ^f6" M 20 70 putter, and 3oer w Pll be th o n a tom m ow r fl a batl he r h e d, wass or e ach _" ee, cm do t a har Ir:f 5
i '. te .e osAlbtoNegron will atl e tenUrou ortes Aug. I t: IrMa osa dT Ruta
-lj.gera do- with a gross 7 and a. net Two Couo Te Fairwa in an rnc istaTdo -- e
elwis a lst of the scores aof a p hldecal tee-roundea'r are ials o eluded on ta.rl!, lt .f st

oui I the early qualifyiers In the first har ige r tohrneo lWoIr pt
oltla-Ie,.,*S- flight: FAmadorLfdll[ .al
l r. L o o r P wt erso es .e r u way
Ssa e os Net The winners of the P o a e : o
a b.0.'Oeoits Nowey 81 10 7 11 Hand" tournament Slast Th lday
ko 4 10 74 were:
79t6 71 6ha 7

*tog ot .o 1 ro -a aIL y fe," to ues the I D* Cm out on wpok heeps it fear
aM r I L reu'le d e dtba i .T
aj1 Grrans. 7 4 7fortiieleast putts and Nor F
'Pa htterseon.o' A O B e.
mtW I & O Yn t o n foo t hisaTuert w ae T oee1 y en r-.l P e o ,talen m N ir t -" ma e e
b hi 6 a 14 16 74 holeA ," with' %handicap. welgh To Harson i, ll O
103 a'_Come oIn out kd join l the fun firt rouhd.Mondau ifhlht. l t6n t ere 1 td
I'Ladles' Day. YQrknewnLaie ba DayZ Nob 9%rIt. n..
.h .. o suali ~,we frind.- D. mry The Ringerptoormenwat will enda wi FhWthe t m ,e "be rtia r y '
'71 o 1 1,dn 18 5 Tsib 18hl'.mdlO ..e ., Dmt m'rhn., o Pt o then h .0 gso, we td oio.anl l tchth -8B BA
letin board for results, and future plon wIa. l asi aie the to.L e r ns Marc n a the e the big to se he
hi, h n tRinger tournaments, son in J eto yar h. Juneis c ale o er

#P08flnatDWlo ae 07uea d tel hl o. eraolyadcl ae the taeeraltu nng e ae a the Li nae ar lKs
tomor C n 8eow h ho t, l?;fr t evet lstra 4o n th" e th44 ao ot .n O? w
ga meoatn..e.. E.. p tenos a r8 qu a di- and entlem re bothoe in Oamao..Jo. _. ti
W.3- snores in- the second GAKBOA GOLF auuB weightidvaivistorwtiter Mas. wiwll be Present to AL ow i bedp m0
otGrs Nbe held at he Gamboa Golf Iweilrhed in 4 t ufounds.-.thlwtealonan Boxe Clubtn'tnt BSor .oon there will ba e ri -.
liht. cbG roo 90IS N8e coA edto hO sturnametew. rheie19My Co a -opd k. teo m ei.en Jnim ote orgt 9Isaa
01 2CehE.1 Course thi srht Rday hi B. fies a nd pictur st mib many No is ter will a b t t~ ba...r th ir i uhe
7 e 91 5 7This will be an 18 hole medal o a her Cpa DAmtPo thinks P mtd h -ig ud i Chthe t plfn( o of our local Junlor o -lotl
a in lo over for Ch.. and o ergf th 91' n4 77 lay tournament. Handicaps will teraon will;o htgh Ias l .1o which sowel upatt tie before the tO l her tll., t r Oa t
Taked aw on0 20 76 bemused. olsounds an thre net year or s. June fight. Norr says edthehle o f-to d mothdCa e
Rq 7 6Ap sfticr1 if rbaiua 96 24 72 One of your clubs must be a D'AdatosaP&A-""Our over-allswitchboard was flooded withpling, Wa yu P-apa aonleofth oe-ai wH
,.-o M -. Paul Duran 98 20 78 putter, and the other will be the lan Ito moV ry slowly and alls shortly after the date wasor later a one it rstas .t w
truk *w .-l+.. )."oli'lue, Clement 87 16o71 golfer's own chole.. lhoot for tt he avweight title ao c yesterdy.dhr Iw bede..
S",M _uel Espinosa 4 "13 71 Ladies aod gentlemen qre bothin mtd In themddleeighot.T... rhave._ C .Butolmr eous ut edtat
a .. A. Daniel 92 I 7 invited to enter this tournament. .. ..theImiddleweigahtrdvf witth T rw ls o. h u.
94 '. 7 F. Purdy 2 A small entry fee of 30-cents will Harriso;" uIs helpless when thfrd-raaked Holly im e'
SHuntera referee Mak stneld -yMims *=tONbA bbItall bcst Ic s trovem-w wayole-it ,
'.F..s F Robinson 9018 11be char t oourep tizesmreftrer moMCtopdt been matched with Tun Pou- F-e-e-n 1e.. It' ad w o pla,
-o .sr94 20 74 R oun d: m ay wehpl y ed an t tim e bout fdW mi n ut e : 9In N ewh Y o rkofig h ts on u t f" f. rl-fs-ze .1.d o 11
a bit.' K. ..__:.-_I_. A. de i Ossa 99 24 74 between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. onds of the Harrison NwYd: ,ho rkight out Awoft-h. --- c,--y m e, m l a
'..aem John Wetman 91 1477Ion Aug. T. "I'm ulad ,hl s didn't throw 1eto1n, .wel., is early (5-12) ; "dol welIu sy
Pbh" his managerrae. C. narl. th
wo sc lt" 6Miuel Mnnzo 9624 72 Last year, most entrants in this anothpI tIl* I was as bad favorite to take the Madison oLSim.mna, .
last time he'laead.Agustin do Mena 9420 74 tournament discovered they did ofi d t ea 't sfy. I t Sllquda reG itueeI
Red SOX, fanned LuiLs Mon*o Inna24 '76 better with only one club. Let's have been )rtolr
e toA.. ..2.- -vn"it ,llRomamm 092 18 74 .. ..see itthat holds ,s a gi nt hinX Y e TOR, Ao4tleas 4 (UP) wthi Gi soney Sotan hae a
tWoapawo x. Don Dickerson 98 24 78 year. i mw: udrUImbIt etcombAt 0.
.a -a 11 heorm .TCia ..r ,a t .-year InUtl oLeas.e w -e
-l rn' pr"Comoml .Imvisflesrfor w third. "-t third-place Montrea lf+e
chance a t held by Rocky o er last night, but 11 h" oq le Ine. arecenttatr Grover

SoftbWallheagoenplhteaderoattrng tdateatR* ng tews w la .

vAM Aiw sort asOas
SOo.-U ...forePe:" R: w J

--{" ,- -.-, -
i- '- I ".'" ."" '" "5-': 1' +-.'. ''"+:
t,%* "-.. ...Tie
+:'- .:- :. 3 .' vJ, ,-4
..I. ..rS"~ P -.- .-_-





S bw we a-

* ~- -.4-
* -.9

.. .. W

B" I Herber Momu -
Gold Dust.

-0001aMSSart.n. of- obe


is B tv
-, moo, fanotbhw trainr,
nrUs l a ot. -- ..-J.^ l-p. :. .-'

f 1 .

', B tI le

He looked
V4 about
Wt-ld ask

la ao Jpt Ju e. Archie
St Gto ask .im about it.
if tat gets his back up."
wystars, in- the shhower-
i, Moore wasi gilin a up
.k broth. The a ut rolled oa
ad some of it dripped into
eup be .drfnk.. .
at ehe put it doin the mimne
m dnt". Maruiano...
Lhat' right, I'll knck him
luMoea .. .".ed ,

QUESTION: How wide li home
platei-am iMeb l st,.
Antwert V1tt"1- edgW faes
4* p-t.ler.
Q. What is the t b a e
Ricthe Alhbuf rI of Phillies
has Itole Iaone a eiaaT-Tony
Cloalo. -
A. U, whta be : NatioDeal
league l thlat spytament ia
Q. Dd qo r, who

ai Ges Bir, :,;7thfhW
play phy cmlbutimcr.-Phbl

A. -. AI t, .MA

STom 6titrero w Roberto Trot-
.9.. fold-m a (106 lb.)
; W Alfredr vsduardo An-
"Vic t:, ,e s herwood eIatroel-
: wi *ft flggHeny Thoa wO vs Herbert
1 A ofis-- thea 4iE h0 e Dougias (13 lb.)
O Sr.. *f t Tw l make news in
to lW b balhs I* inw- a W .aI ing droaes I nu hear future
evntie that wI enr5 As Jose Edyin, Panama's Cen-
coaNtatmut battle ialn t New yo tral Amerioan welterweiht ama.
SQ- question 5OW7%a M Ish
nest guy who ss ae that soe-up business man, have come to
terms fdr Iesch to handle Ed-
wln' ME,afirs when the
am t e ut I October.
A"LI.8TA1 GAMB AROUED INDIANB ? .h h. ..- r fo

." S tS i dto a result
44- 1.;-65l 4ftl ba Meona to oekip Boxi'g

in si a i D- tv S t ook a bi god progrmot ad 0 11 prop an
-.e r '- m agency. e beca
ar at~ h e Unof tis them i klkU alloi who emio
'lUtching about as w Ua anybody Promoters n d Torres
.ha"/s d foatil* T-inss-Mar-
-;. --- a--- -- s t.. A L. t&-m.4 .... _b.__ tIa_ nd 40 na- -- artlneg a


WOW! !





"HO G"

has literally gone HOG-wild to bring YQU the best sales agents

-O1100- reaches 100,000 listeners in Panma aai eW Ca l Zone with a p..,. ,of $2S00
anmally. ,
With the easy, better listening offered by stn si.. as Eddie .Fiph, Sammy Kuy, Ta ex ke,
Oloria de faven, George Melachrio and others, spopn an promote purtefire sfIf at lower e per
. sales-dolar than any other advertising medium.


PHONE 2-4646 NNOWW.f
,-* .-

*- .. .


.x USMKftC



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.4-" rn

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,JME: 7Tn
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~ .1 ,...

Aug. 4 (UP) -
lady wrote in from
d asked the AAA
t Would ost to take

atd she had to have the
'rigbt away," because -
Im lrb young sister were TW
a, "bolts" and didn't want -
SlbH nes.
k American Auto-
"a, -wrote bac. real Jr|
t W~yb! 'she had the ||
hW.. Turned out, she
,%: abet opr-ambled.
Sin mind was the
athieUc Union.
Otiap.pews all the time In
WW" 4fthc AAA around the


planamaiua sae
"Leg the people know the truth amdkthaecor is sale" 4lwhm



?~9.. ~*

-. .'k4. -


)Violence kamp gir.

Through French Morcco

a from Ohio stopped at TUNIS, Tunisia, Aug. 4 -(UP)I While violence flared at Petit- ten Fouchet at Villacoue air.
k, Ark. and said he -The Bey of Tunis studied a se.-jean, mobs roame the streets of port on his return from j .
ln't go on to California cret list of names today for a Fez calling fon the return of ban- FTh two men immedla start-
agot the kind of service new home-rule cabinet in an ener-lished Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben ed discussion. on the N .Afri-
Sadvertises. The m an getic drive for peace in Tunisia Youssef who was exiled on Aug. can situation.
v damage to his lower that contrasted sharply with ram- 20 last year. u .. r ..
E~ ,. A.. Devaney, the paging mob violence n the sister Te sudden flareup of the. ges
k ifflee manager, cal. French protectorate of Morocco. As thp date of the annlverse. old enmity between Jew.s na d
tst who extracted a seed Tunisian Natlonalist Premi e r ry of the former Sultan's expul. Arabs severely taxed Pitjean's
bheat the "aching" plate. Tahar Ben Amar presented the slon neared rumors swept Ca. small police force. Security fore-
e secret lst tlst night and now the sablanc, Rabat and Fes that es were summoned from Port
a member, a lady, called next step' t up to the Bey In the he will remrn to Morocep today Lysutey and Sidi Slimane and -
l an office .mand said quick spocession of events follow- under the blessings of then ahlly restored order.
uoa wos out of town nd TuFr a Premie d towar Pierre Men. F tncat e ab.e l cted h r
Is. t-Cold ofr winter a -Fra ti's whirlwind visithere oughout he protectorate nd e repor tews here
tt remodabering to get for peae 'Despite the fact that these ru.-.llid while tryigto pr t their
b filled. eawomme rule, a moban mor have been office y denied of the t he native quartro.'After
had In Kentua flock who But whiMoroccole Tunisia ra idl feeling in favor of the former ul. was shot and ed.

stf s SS?' < str o. t ol town of Pe.t- Observers here said that l -----------
rs wo were toor n clubbed two Jewish mer view of the running high. station

s tat l Loues bcan Fstodathand killed f of M. there was a strong kelood Baboa Tid

Wbt had e had r- ro W hil burning and pil- terrorist outbreaks will increase
ot a tru and a w was with new v Aug.beween0 is also the date. Thursday, Aug. 5
m will m u o t ar ur tee he mob were slai n in In t Arab religious nd e a t in defiance oforderlast High
rters cellar and the lady While Tunisia pushed toward when lambs are s sacrifice I strike were burned or
Quick negotiations wih France throughout the protectoraten aon 7:48 a.m. ............ :40 .thu pr
for earl4ome rule, a mob of 00 prayers offered n the nae f theritor:07 p ....f tobacc......o shop inp.m.
wma n Kentupky, ;t n Morocco ramipdaged through the Sultan. dawas shot .d killed.
S stReds Say Thtown of PetitObserverhere aid that Asylum
callede- an lubbe two Jewish m view of the mounting agSecurity C hief
Sf state i s d Wcehats to 6eath and killed four there was a strong keIWod ls Tites
other Jews while burning and pil- terrorist outbreaks will increase
ttime will my guests mr- Four:of the mob were slain in In Paris, Mendes.France last High LOw
a clash with police and securitysnight greeted his Moroccanand 7:48 a. & ........... 1:40 am.
forces. Tunisian affairs minister Chris. $:07pm .m............ 2:10 p.
m aMPn splied the point

t.IReds Say They've Given Asylum

'o'.,West German Security Chief
f 4. li -Au-K4(UP) --ast Grefewohl read to the "
.. tGrowiChaaer(lower .* s .m

--.T. ""
ly are
Doore @


Saiuel T. B 'o I, 4mi
nan who was drtftg
wit4 a load whi t
more than the stx feet pennL
by law.

0l o0 TB

The aedo&8 an(u*l joncert-
he NatiaaIl Orlehtr will
layed at -* the NItalon
heater'. ,.
This rasfl$ont rohOSea

- 1



A L ,

f :.

:. :' '

a I
- F *'

-1%,Tethr id n tie '- ....

GrotoeWhl said he was reading Comnimunists assets'
tHe letter "for once ahd for u 6
to put an end to the rumors be-
ing sTpead and sove the riddle
that is baff.lng Bonn." .CDI
He said John had "fled" .to the W .
Soviet zope ,nd as proof he read a "..L-_ .
the brief letter allegedly f rom WOalm* .Vh
The letter said. "I thank you Foreign Ai Funds
personally and the government of I Uy ,il "N tUF od
te German Democratic Republic
for granting me asylum, From WASHINGT7W,: Aug. 4 -(UP)
now on fkom here (from the East) -The Senate Appropriations comn-
I will use all my powers to work mittee sought caplete action
for the unity of Germany and today on a bill to provide money
peace." to finance the trlmthed-down $2,.-
Grotewehl 'said the Western 690,000,000 foeigpn aid program.
powers nO longer will be able to
deny they are sending agents The Senate passed the authori-
and spies Into the Sovfet zone. zation measure late -yterday by
He said this Immediately after a 67 t1 19 .vote iBUlhped more
reading 'the letter he said John than $400,060A.I meftae original
wrote, and thereby indicated that bill in a surk for the
John had given information on an- Administrao atio ong for the tl.
ti-Communist activity in the East. nal measure GV IT Democrats,
However, Grotewohl did not say 29 Republican' j d four Demo-
John had given this information, crats.
Again without mentioning John,
but giving the clear implication The money to provide the
that the information had come actual funds t.the for.
from John, Grotewohl spoke of eign aid prog '' te last ap-
the arrest of Western spies and propriatiop mth' year
agents. remaining for appral by oth
He thanked the "security or- Houses.
gans" for making the arrests. Chairman l Bridges (R-
Then he appealed to Western N.H.) said he eeved e Ap
agensa to give themselves up and propriations eiblltee- cou d
confdss saying would not be ,pun- send out a btil ...eghtfall.
ished i the did.
Th is a Mal appeared to con. President as Senate
firm the Western belief that the Leaders unsu' fought the
Conmmunaste have opened a war sharp cut in tE The ac-
e nerves against underground tion came on ment--ap
orguslations with John as their proved 45 t~,n. Rue
main weapon. B. Long (DlF 'swold slash
The Conmmunu.ts seem to hope bill's main Md millitary
that agents in the East will think aid sections i and cut the
John has betrayed them and eith- total from the ,000 "a -
er flee to the West, surrender or proved by Rh.
cease their activity, Western of- nations :.a-
ficials said. 000,000.

uq. umwucu ist u m..
kenw persons ragl
15 to. years of age.
Tdhnlcians from the b
of Public Health and thi
dIVion of Point Four are
X-rtws of groups of
wig : government
meu, prvae compaiua
a4 tes schools.

Tfaisport UItH

Sflib ihes Up

Ciy Of Hambur
HAMBURG, Germany,
(UP) Tens of thqus
workers rose hours earli
usual today and walked, b
and hitch-hlked to the
when & cltywtde transp
pr lc utilities strike st
tnrportation in West
ay W Wt city.
The city's underground
vated, and streetcar
stopped today. Gas ani
aer'ceB went on minimum
lee as 15,000 employee of
sport and public utilities
made good their threat.
The strike also severe
tailed industrial traffic
I us Aater River. The on
ple1 benefit were taxi
Fnd private bus operate
Uth Jid a booming busi
However. they could r
with the rh of workers
city flourishing shipya
fices, and industries.

How To Net Million
RENO Nev., Aug. 4 (UP) cerning her "igdered ae son would
Blonde obo Rockefeller, the coal courtroom '.iR he *. alp added
miner's daughter, went into di- merged a .iN t at 9:B to "aIt do
vorce court here yesterday and a.m. abf
became a mill(akies in Just 14 The w
minutes. Bobo a
She was awarded a S% million- trol oveB ta m.
dollar aettieeat ia divorcing edaueag ha
Winthrop oefefler, 42-y ea r. old son,
old grandson of the late Tohn D. ed .liSma
Rockefeller and heir to America's At a ter ]&- tse pt 1i

Indiana, was called the "nderella of the 1
bride" when she married Ameri- meat. W
ca's most eligible bahbelor n "The
Florida on Vletis's da y in you will
1M9. Matterr" -eh
hey separated Or.L LV, d "I ; g"
the armer model and a aeess us- boeenm
on"" s grams to obtala tub
her divorc.
7ehdec r wdoras r by Dis-

- J-.--tI
01 wfta 4:1

bel .r a
I5h lnbx ondanini, 2, wai shot I the
heatih ft: lung and arm by Badil Mo-
rtan real yesterday in the smaini iuare
epert- at nearby Mercato Saracenk.
, plbilUe Moroni. 65, a World.. War 1
veteran, sat calmly at a sideWalk
-afe table as an a m bU lace.
b whisked Bondanini to
He told police he bel"eeto
S solbm's nephew was the. tt e
a child born to his uam ied
daughter, Ubalda, 25,. a a.
In past arguments
S claimed he was not th e aI a
S involved intimately wit U i.
Aug. Colombian Solons
hands of ;
b Vote 4 More Years
A M For Rojos Pinilt
Germa- BOGOTA, Colombi .4 -,
(UP The Coniti *
id, ale- Iy has granted P'ftd t Oue-
servicel aW RRtao Piulse- anIdl.ttosl
d water i years In offlcby a v of
m sev.- or Rojas to eight for "ba-"
f traos- lhd" ex-President Laureaw
Service OOLe.I
The 74 asembyenvo In la
ely cue- the election Included Conger-
on the vatives, 14 Liberals, preaoat In
nly po- defiance of party arders.ta boy-
driveft cott the session, aad one Socalab-
t, an liust
ness. Rbjas ham been Pratieat c
ot cope JuAb 13, 195 h e asted
m to the O(leu in Columbia's first m -
rds, of- tary coup d'etat of the cMt(Uiy.
HI new term begtn.BWattirdap.

In 14 Easy M
live off the income. SWt Details of the
she had never had time am twee not
wn and figure out" how three-pag com
inome would be. 6rdred sealed
m id a "gat po- evr it
Be ue Wsettlement was t'de a 2-mil
n for B
s been seem frequently o mere i tro u
apasy ef wealthy en anIOes for the
Charles Manes d ang oihcnelf and w
I weeks, and rV-
kr If may new yIna m eaml Roeb
W i .a iin Chicage
I at's a little p ne1 itri of their
IaM withb raisa e hia laid eye

m. ,t

Herold Zet
are along ii arrested
lendeRs Qosrwgo urge o1e v*i
SGovern m were

ki OH Apeue1IrA

Aiwui".iM Bow

Expdetd Tomorrow
TS3ERAN, Iran Aug. 4 -(A P
-Amtoween ent the e I
Brialin hu been '
tomortow because
ties" at the official cofutte
reliable sources said tdi?.
The sources said the diffcul-
ties were minor.
e said it was largely a mat
tar "omparin" the ani

SIte x textf
o 1th~ hfist has

start oft A~tlw,pcW AbV-A

thn' q~dAW
Z. .... .


7a', spa
R. Oct,[

-*^*y^*^ -*jj* '^By t -.... .-.... ..t _"


rOBan -ong o^'r "n "

H< t e aon of_.'Mrj^ll
wi hee he hi

%f"Oty -
meiw.Pwof Ml,

Nbmre he


F' rag.- -

wID m


s. ---l---r-- --






r .

oft a
.e sm

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