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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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SAN JOSE, Costei ARlc July 31 (UP) -.,PM
Jog6 Figieres sp Cote ie.mns a ren d b
their country if ey mst, but added if I is ot
talk about war wit NIck o .
In a preprd tMi= -ra, Ft igpe raMs id-
movements in Niceroga appeared to be mealo 1
mtneuvrs," savl predicted they are '"ds i
He expressed confidence that Inter-Aerl.on or
izatlons will i rvene to prevent war between trh
countries. .
Nia, ofter rcmuing Cot.oRic of brde

"pe Ae ad." '
p,,00 fvi .- a '.* -f f .


ar min

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aold i A alm lar o re
,,na, l l st COleW datia bt

I e.chang&

were t
bote&Jor a eoe.n

on Bn who we. Injured
ck Home ""
V- H'n ter Z. e .M, is
aOe, noon aat P.

nus Ua Sk by t 3.
SieI on them
le' mta. It was baUeved
a ."r 3ma iney-be-e
at Ime -
Br uameda agpart tRrtepst. BoyJ
... .. pi. m n I a .o ten', et
S n t.o the tore for he T w
mhth rv o.bbed. IherO today teat
Fforam naiOV her." e ,t162; UItfhtnlg de-

.*: "..c. ai4 a p.. v. '
a doa 3.2 Dormtory ant Muging
c-l-- tslar .-ad qkfI te dres
v:din ta. m Era sew lr-

nu, me a

n New-
wb at-
Sila fur-

OUAT'MALA m July It -
(UP) Presldet ce Ouautilo
Aras. eays hlrononi out will
supp- te SUAmpmNored ban
on Coamunla in tit Wer
of the previous aPro4J e.
Guatemala wsa the aib nt-
tion that toted aanst e Antd-
Communist measure it was
adopted at an nar4 a
conference in Cars
March. although A'rget and
MexS3o abstainSe 1
Castillo also ,OR.Id, l
at a diplomatic M3eo. a
Guatems a's new inSAlfl ata
government wl thl -i
ganlfation of ClntrlAmtla
stat boycotted b the; viou
regime "

ves tge of evity in
the country' tha.
Earlier, It es amonedthwill

a sCino Op
Aapi. Tonight

^n *Sm~elt
^ *wBa.......~ f^p uasu.
i- *. ,--. ', / .-,'- -


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S" -- .
* 4 *** *^

tShe S a m x-W
S and hwit head
wh rable force," against
B dalton is not eriouso
den red at 11:30 aI. Mrs.
th trafnt, to hs e



i Young, a retired Pan-
Iasmt accountant, died this
on I Gorgas Hospital att-
er Ashed here from the
; yesterday for an emOer
IH ,oear-old Young was
o oh by his grandson, Ur.
Young, a physaclpa on
of oorgas Hospital WhI
Wtm, to Gorgas with the
h the dead man's- eldet
L elder Young came to the
tas 50 years ago from Brit-
jal services will be held
ow at 3:30 p.m. ln ie
,Aa Church. Bturl wt
toin Herrera Cmetpr.
to his eldest rnm
urv-od by eight m i
unrique, Anto, Rl
dHTJuan, *om&& Vlo=0 :. o
b, Deamar, 33 grandin-
'-riand 12 great-grandchll-

s KiIng IN

ply 3 1 (UP)-
jntlW"Altaa at1 rlt

redr at
w& a a"1ia les wu
l' dy by a _art d

a Yugoral a
Y.o bcer
Sdto brM tu

fjia ftd ht td
"-.. n y aa trlatto

M sA i- na-

Thy That
M4 Said That

1 1, 3ly I (UP) -
IaS Wa mid to-
.o" 1r4 Jwist Ger-
a inf Mosw,
bam tateamed the Soviet Zene
mnertt that the Soviets
*w uropean eonferese
Ste lace this yea and
the Bowlet. favor holding It in

Young Bost

England For
LONDON Jul 21 (UP) -
British police ty headed oft a
Plih e.mrchant shp taking a
Bod doctor, Joswe Cort, 3O
@0 hb wife to "asylum" bi Re
. tolaches overtook the
f JaroI Dbrowdd ki thI
IV=alr a :4 401dt
- Aarff Wootwich ma anti
'ar tlee.

tay ,owit a Poriey saie.
wtied to resa bhn ye. t l
QK *o ofel*wwb


v'i fo- row a
piouI and a the govern-

earnment Melt In the Baapi-.
qui river area mnd selsed t nuA-
ber of hostaife
.Oovernmant under Ma.
Manuel Jnmee met and de-
feated the re Monday eve-
nIg in a o0,mute encounter,
oe government Mald.
Moral' move was eler-
ally believed to bewithou sup-
ort of any Costa Rican oppool.
on group.

The leaden .ofM beO._ PP

trite Natlcal ttad.
audiThe ng ite was t t a

if aS om af s at"eto.W
other movem n l iltk
ran's, It would noi
support, and that i
p ot f compam I
of Guatemals prior
successful au-comnaanJM
volt, .,

on Doctor, Wife

Czechoslovakia 'i

Saw him and brought him back a. b
i board., wea
S Polish refuee'who had lM a le
to the docka to meet the p '
I tested to Brituih efimall ft chose
kimewiz was being detailed a- ry I
a board the Jaroslaw Dabrowaki a- mue
e galut his will. mR*
o While Klmowicz was an unwil- ry
Sg passeger, the Cort appear. "
=Uy were eadiag for a new lfe war
ehi t Iron Curtain by their ish
* own choice. p1tal
. The Britibh had ordered the
CArts to1t ot of 0So ouult
beor maiedlgt aftrt redu .A
t *ie pUttti rom 8t Cer t iswan behi
ed win of o A'dWUnd1t. 01l
a t o mid e e i l
ot wad to l artea W th t UO l
Sates so pnd ta t'h
*would be p le a"ted "vi. O
tiaied" beeuae hbe Mad beena ra
meahbr o the Commu"it Partyla
Cart denied the draft-dodging wou
allegation. hoM
Anthony Wedgwood Buinn, La- A
bor member o ParliAmut, read lean
a letter from Cort in tMe BouHeed e
Bonn said Cert had asked th reva
Ceechk hr "aynunb," and Ithea Afi
FP n MGM had been wrf oat in tak
Sthdlast few due. Be. ho lW am
SeCwed ert -wassabei to td a eA

**4-- .'

S. r .*
i- C ''

a final lnurry la
rW B re a dpaduj
tter from Cort.
lovarr bt the
H our
Ie leaverwithl =W

p so te d


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, eomde
t I that I
seaoa u

*& 0r"o srr imn
. 1wa ita 401,

JuNO the phat

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'1.'' *~
~ I..-
W~.~ ~


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? -a -
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....^ IW NllplB y. flM

j *ti 1-- 1 i U-w m1w
q.. *4 WAu Re ---

24aummw .e. M
4 e viN U e vA _______

w' 'IO o II'k Os'" '

I -ls N pWIMIM. S.

VM. .l f N
se u.-li t-
*- 'e2 9s'
V406 fill B Fe9


no Mn M a m Ispa N mdef el Te n iaem P W .
*Ail. hl w L Otaim ea uehed-"fdoully and harle d iin ha wh -
4 dt mit w... ,
oi w d. WI t a omwi ,an.d. ._isase aade-a'h L
--e-b i h=ea se sR s lm ,ed .S.s
d 1- '-*w ,m ,,m ,,. ="=== "-"



wti v*



* 4:.



,~ ~%-
'~ d ~

Labor N* W

BERLIN: Of courts, someof
your money is paying ow ms
Communist undercover agents in
the asut Zone to poison t- bad
of certain Commfe official or to
blow up facories, sabotae trelm
and even knock off a few Ger-
mans who are serving the Soviet
You may not approve. Just as
there are those here who don't
see the ne-d to jeok.rdi the
lives of the young Germas who
make up the cells we're piaMntn
te Eastern sector ad zone
for "Der Tag." U0 t0ee 8 n g
men are not killed off, they can
be used .o propagandize for us
inside the Red German "People's
police. Force" and camouflaged
army- not to mention the Soviet
Army itself.


Readers of the Mall Box are hereby informed there will be:a ..'
ircumcmsonI tongues In the electrical aivsio tower Branc.# However, the Russians have a
lo some t the members ot nl tribe nave spokeOf before enOe special MVD unit devoted o to
lo s some vBiuaole secrets which we Deueveu, we Wim combating anti-Communist g ani
bidden and such secuaed repositories a the Personnel Manual and nations in West Berlin and that
Sidthe teien o directory. u, one of our maiana complained be- Red unit doesn't exactly play with
te enepnone d rec Loryes can ao that and retain his scalp. sixteen ounce boxing gloves it.
sure an ea:emy and no. .. tribal rules, he should h1ve self. Not the least of tis tactics is
ter mly a cont oented "Ugh." After such conduct these -- to send agents into this Wester
uerea wo l oeve mayene grah. 9 oce. even if they live tow be sector to sit in on labor rallies
clans will never make the gra nor go to street demonstrations,
mne LasC of the Mohicans. There the Red agents accuse some
n a way we regretlthat for we believe every Indian should of the ace anto-Cmmies of b
be a chief. jut A tne late rluey ng proaluamed every main Zing Communists. The crowd turn s L
e a i a e we lai rloa oiytnoe on those accused and beats th em. .-. ,
mians. ano nh hie material borrowed n Ideao Then the police come and battle
mo eans wno omo a n .e ch;eo mnooneaeelst P we point d t ad t out with the rioters. Restilts i
a p o u l a L u r n in g d U t -i u.r. s e c o n d e 1. n it. a n d e ndig l ibt a n d th e a g e n ts z U p b a c k i n .
AV produce only future generals and aamirals. ur outr t to East Berlinu
uadds uto, notheo beut nn ,eIs an m elowattsn l a ot is not all as violent as this,5
ur Indian candidates are hand picked from other local pe acefully gay city of a2,200
.bes ana orom our Dioooa roer triDes in the U.a. te Corps most of the time, with some --
-,"nwueer A.VA.. nMe bureau oi trel ceriaton, and om -of their night spots rivaling Paris,
I noLpv e rservaSLerOm. A nese candiatesmu sworn h e newd gyouge a straight shake for
of' omunenrw ignorance, poverty. hign ,.taxes, coal is money.
lamIas, and warm beer. *iney must swear to uphold mtne .LY. Con
$agtution. the noy bcout Motto., te American dollar, anda rans- But If you know where to seek -- -
mission line voltage. out the labor and other anti-
Communist units herq, which run
Besides all this the candidate will do well to bring along a underground operations in the N Ostalaa
high school diploma, four year apprentice certificate, and a rec- Soviet sector, you can look in on
ord of several years service as a very good Indian or little Chief soipe psychological warfare by
I g me friendly tribe. If our cdidate expects to go up the day and lay safely b m t By 0 RUARK
course tiarks on his totem pole. and if he's aimin to some d AFL secretary-treasurer BIill o -.
lead the tribe he will need a sheep bide card labeled B.S. (The B Schnitzler suggested I visit Herr :
a ,for bhahelor and the 8 tor science). Our own super chief car" Chernowskl leader of the Berlin Summer bein g about the best "How to" ooks-n those We
ria. a card that cost him around ten grand at M.I.T. The time unions. I found Chernowsky a season for nostaluia, my brain did not make such a dreadd chore
and money expended by members of our tribe in preparing for genial man who, unlike so many keeps spinning bAck to the years of believing in God or being nice
Mats around the council fire would add up to several & figures, of his labor colleagues, is ardent. when things were simple and one to kids or just enjoying ourselves.
ly pro-U.S. He has many an un. problem at a time was plenty to We didn't seek a motive for avery-
Naturally we redskins hope to recover some of this expendi- dercover gimmick, one of which occupy a nation or a world. thing we did, or search too deeply
tue, and our hopes are hinged on what happens to our blo6d revolves upon a squad of eight I mean, when there was a tight into why it was necessary to do iL
brtera in the States. Power Branch wages are based on an men. They steal envelopes in baseball race on, you tossed ev. We just did certain things or didn't
ier~r onhe in .three stateside government age.nles, the Soviet sector. Each envelope erything else in to the dircard and do certain thing.
teim T.V.A., and Buroa of Reclamat ha the return address of .some concentrated on baseball. One of the best examples of
4e turn based o private Indu 1 ry Communist firm or Soviet agenqe. You didn't have to burden your- those times 'was Granuland Rice,
once our wages follow the same lot-.i aevetpeslb a then brouh self with a lot-cf side-bar distrac. the old- s ertwriter who died re-
. um in beg bMed on a compare ythe ousands pt e tions like the sad plight of the cently. Htsobituaries reaDed moth.
huan-.had the Perrn t world you never saw. fret about la lbudo-w-rateWsJd'he waa ma

"* ".' '"yA p :.
- .-+

^ *.

t .


more worthy of serious considera-
tion than Oppeuheimer or Chou in
terms if real importabee, and that
Granny Rice bit a deeper mark on
the times than Llppmann and the
Alsop boys and all the other great
1 am spared to accept today's
Willie sMys as more important to
my prsoaal sbarse of ths great
1and a ea W aten e tbat
MOMJd, SW there it a
,b_~ifter named Chamae. in

qa la
'we SOON-a is to bW- -otiieed;"
he saidV -U be h dMa. to Pl4"
mmbi of ly in
Clerical VldsU -- bhe .appots
tru, a i", onm or dag.
senator Smoot of Utah aRe
puica. stalwasrt, introduced a
reaolutim calculaedi t o ut
Bpabam somewhat. It tedi
name. .ut George and. Bydmn,
among ohlbems were oppobd
"My nterpretation of the reso-
lution I this," said Goeg, re-
ferring to the Smoot aoent,
"and with is understadng 1
sh ote against the substitute,
emcause I regard tht as mean.
esm, something like the poetry
at the hedd of Kpln s g hapte
t has not anything.. to do with the
real Issue that has been raised
"We are concerning ourselves
with t e pablie mrale, -.WI- .the
pubIo interest, the quality of of-
fl(a1 iwamAnd act ltb man.-

lWot df te m

ai St ;r WooifaI.
coas MeCist-o ITs ague,
p rto t .rle r the

on a to ;t. stand

one of n-
Stuttgart, Ark. I quotr him as
saying that "the MeC4rtIy matter
is noT of such importance tht It
should be permitted to block 4*I.
nation on Important matters." (The
Daily Worker frequently disrt.)
.. Flandri conferd 'th Me.-
Clellan twice before he potponed
his earlier resolution of. ensure.
MtCtellan told Arkanmas. eol-
leagu Sentor'. iht. "Bill,
I* (sIt the

mint 5 -.I5 iW'.An4 nrrgeOna get too pmicbh r hour for their
wk. Bu the law of suiupy and dend mIapply here like
t *l ionoms ts say It dow on pork and beans. Maybe with an
b nomtlnt supply of tho professionals we can get filings or a
dime a dson, a bellyache cure for a quarter, and a rectotomy
forfour bit... Likewise a bumper crop of power house Indians
could make a super chief's job as low on the ay scale as assistant
Whether we are now over paid o (n the future drop below
lanitor rate has little to do with what you pay for electric cur-
tt, for Power Branch wages are a very small fraction of your
bill e generate the electricity and dolver it to your town site
Sat very low coat. even after our tribe has paid for machinery.
toolat supplies, trucks, hospltallsation and snake bte kits. But
~a) as In the Instance of your dommIssary eggs, a lot of hidden
asts are tacked on between the hen and the frying pan.
While we have little to do with the amount of your bill for
current and our personal bills are ust like yours we do
know that all of us are getting reasonable rates. If you don't be-
lieve it check the number of kilowatt-hours you use and what
they cost you with the same thing your cousin Mordecai gets
back home in Skunkfield. You will learn that Cousin Mordy is
worse off than you. And if you check with him on the quality
of service you will see we have been pretty faithful In keeping
$vur wires hot.
That business of keeping the wires hot Is the eleventh com-
mandment in a power rsytem, or rather It's the first and the
hr ten follow It. We regret to admit we don't and can't al-
ways live up to It. but Its meaning hangs over our heads every
xnute of the day and nIht and hell hath no mercy on the
HUnan or chief who forgets lt.
S T hs responsibility relts on every man In charge of a Job.
S'he importance of his Job Is measurable only by what electricity
Sworth l. to Pan Canal. Electricity is power, and just one little
I tminn chief with an Indian or two can grind out twenty to
thousand kilowatts of electricity, and a thousand kilowatts
an average lociagse. By hand labor that would take
t ten thousand men. Think of all the chiefs you would need
ne that ew Bt electricity Is generated and handle by
s which must be serce The ltte serviced. The little fixer chiefs, eec-
Smeadmler to the aches and pains of se-
J. m o .i.... wrth of'o equipment; and they don't need an
Iof Vgrus cutters or chair warmers to help nose trou l
_S of blu Pi.luts and the corresponding miles of wires, ppei ,
- skldgets wile they're diagnosing and curing a case o troubl.e.
.. jitho e&b little chIef In responsible for his own job, his
,1U.' rGof the whole must be assIgned to him and coor-
iwiIy?'&u twork of his fellow chiefs. Also tas equipment
1 will need must be anticipated, budgeted, and ordered. Fir
ecesary enisnalee 'and mupsvt i the Power Branch
a ebi aO wI mos e men apabige of w r-
i wit4hithe atleU ir af he does ha sp lob, leaving
f- ta~to tUh,. own MIw vtt h eltd fim with whatever

ao"mouw ous. as w womam iuw mr. FA.
uhal Aed i Power Bra ch- puemrahel.
l "1 paraphrse their- honored hymn we'd
4, "We are proud to bear the title of Power

- Lttle Ceiof Hespmanywatts


RFdcliffe, Australia

a,.oneots in atia territory, rerenee -etweet me vaW4agl dna roew a pidd a '_ at Mt
the Viet Nam. If Babe Ruth hit a anything in t deepethan a salute e
Be if- the MVD Intercepts such homer, that was enough news for to such things as golf and sports- M isa t
a piece of mail, it has the return the day. manship and southern football could ever call it wonderful.
address of a Communist firm. Let Just recently I have been re- player.He te what to me wap du, maybe stupid, maybe,
them argue. And to complicate reading Paul Gallicos -fine old an unbeara ull column but damned dull in ial a
matters for the Red police, Cher- book, "Farewell toports," which e t people lpd sal, but wonderful nope.
nowsky's right-handed boys ad- recounted the peri called the Bt I rem r him, although I reh tion
dress envelopes left-handed and "ra of Wonderful Nc asonse," and dit not kno well, as a tre- -On the bad-weather da I get 0N, a reM*
vice versa. Thus the handwriting when America was un-globalto a ilendously lM man, .who had thinking about a lot ofCh e the top le
can't be traced. Then these are remarkable degree. ,elen Wills' aolleved dintby his devotion to don't know, and don't want to had learned
mailed at night in the Soviet Zone. feuds then were enou to stir the a mgnificent ability to hold his d a lot of dreary Russians an ted himself w
If the Russian secretIservioe wants and; the- Babe's bellyaie was a bourbon better than most, and to drearier Indians and various ra-
to stop this.t active, it will have catastrophe; IR TildWs pets on write authortatively on subjects 4tios of same, an all the u.- Flex
to-disrut an business communi- the tennis court and rimo Car- Which today' long hairs would ass of parallels and men-t'
ia on ',over there," by opening nera's lack of ability gave us b eizily distisk as unworthy eof br rules and Selate head, Vermont's
a thus ela by weeks, mil enough mental food to get us sbrlous co ton.. -wish to God I had the be's aders onc
UIon of letters o intercept our through the cocktail hour. .I something think that Red e yache back, or some of Jimm serve .ank
propaganda. If my memory works, it seems Grnge and Fa Thorpe and Jack W r's quiet foolisess to thriving to
to me we did not have all those Dempsey were a belluva sight bout, developed 2
Or you can drive ever tito the ..... "- ,good-naturedl
southwest corner of free Berlin. ..... Sen. Lyndon
covered by plain-clothes men and L R WUIET Johnson ha
the special, black uniformed LW KwON FIwm NL nottobetoo
guards which the U.S. helps to give-and-take
pay to protect the villas in such AB. ', ll'u l t lion of censu
areas you'll find something called V LEE M UKIIM EK McCarthy.
the "jr Juists." Up in the at- The persus
tic of their big house is a little Texas was so
office withcds s ink nleSov.b. This Is Exclusiv The Justice ted: "I her position of cashier Schizophrenia Is Its Name: At that Plander
twel cards Risting allrSovitDp.ntubbcrn rerseiW
functie i t rm ept- ot te FnIe, of course (in the canteen) she was working the very moment 'the State Dept .ie: "It
coarse t G erny had a 24-ha ou tal on every mm- within the confines ol a highly coo. stoodUp OIts indle SDL wanti
On these cards ar listed thei ber of Joe Merthy's staff-all fentia organization. Her codut the Chinese e off E d old p da.,
crimes against the people who including delightful -awnu and work were exemplary but that Americantashi Mits th r band
the functionaries are, where they Bmffeide, Wife of an American wa, hardly relevant. Nosodysu decided to remove modt@Ih t dw
live, and who among them'-w-.wh
the Srews ato ieons are i. oAgent knocked 6- te gai bite was an Boffe to_ be s&5itens .nshipm .tqe eal R a
the Soviets, stoolpigeons h doors of their fiends in the middle married to a -Communistbut noll and these at .te 3 3 7 Srator Kiv
Ill thtis Icgomma ted of t he i gt (igring they'd catch must allow the government oRAl tices m @GONteKm
pm.las al a sh1u s sso n of
Then our underground I a bo r quisitora, oi l = mind being all that, and remember it deor a ratlemaake)
forces get busy checking the stood up baW4 a firing squad- English cousins the next time we
"warlist" al sent them by the but can you make it at sunrise." do a little "witch-hunting" of our All This And A rai. Tool "We
mo th _ye e rSrcaloveor-- own. would liketo t. FI-N -so aSIDE G
by wfiqtd erway. A.toolie Stritly Not Persnal: James -- judge to help tSe No t
Is he gSd Wce he's identified. "From Here to termity" Jones Wow of the Week: That's the Qugu Cntest CoumItt inuh a
Thi keeps. te Rudlamn busy get- carries a pretty secretary with Summer show (for the Festival of winner with a. Mlria 5 Mow
iag new Informers, aU the tIme. him to take down every word when New York) at Julie Podeli's frisky body andaPhi Bet-ligsih mad,", -
he ets. Bites of wisdom? ... Copacabena, with Al Bernie. a says the letter. "i-i-m -s ii a
N too many streets away. al. Former lAne Lem.- sensational comic; exciting Dolor- eI M igirlat A- lAb, N.J.,
so imarly guarded, is the two- mon (wht rfs. e ) mr- eoas Hawkins, a babe built i oau an 12. -. S- wai l a "
IldI heraquartera of t he line aa i euism Coke battle. and the Delta Rh,. l,- ,-- ,i testbn-m -- ., shooo II
i ..- iris 04 ,.

oiet pan. age make con-

this grouP has a little list
Tough Commle police who
etter not be around when
Tag" como. IUke, for
ai, %Ie leraIleutft Karl
Nufmanm, nOW chef of the
! PeoI. e' Pelice," the
Pa! RAed German army.
ids J pictures and all,
e dear by was, among oth-

er e cmmisar of
collBeetor and I would verymuch like to gets ad in
Stn Panama, and I amwriting to
SUnsert I yor newgspaper a Pars- S ho'haa a mur1err for
eithe.M M erOur WOO a-
bogas as thM ey areB ototw Thait
U to d t dohis aod so pe -r-
-MvlaIn PanaM and wandering how
5Asuatn UK ATECS
Saya^ iS U s. I Ae. A era is a member of
r .-...+=-j ... ..' a- .- _a sy of flaosative

. .. .. .. .of)"

*Petiti .w 4 rJia n,' thm b=. You see the prettiest whn do you have to hbowto
whose ,u__ too. qfg _t gals inown watching the prettiest read to be a mvMo start
wer-ds. ., s. gaI.-a ato at the Cops. -- ..i.
ping Aci
rope P Times Square Trivia: Lindy's TV Or Not TV (O !);:t*eI
Jane 4 =F8i s6 will have &6 do without coide He" Aulen's "Toight" NBCt show sta
mp a lm. t this summer. At the M4s Fl e hours r S a hemiluuu-
catches' do"' it Thaerbird in Vegas he coadi a the ot Ris show
Geeor .a.S ard to ly off Uttle Meia ... BettyF rmes, Ia 0
tose veiled Prosey (who parlayed a tear Ttb Piaris vacate
bride, is d0own deals. a bfrtie) has been offered g o- "mls is ik. e
His only etW Os I Isas teen tae for his Bucks County Pla. shelter baSag
age daughter house Inn. But hi angels turonedl ts ashet PMs s
.- down. Who wants money? ... TVe ido show fre
Sign At Fi Island Boat Dock: ny Farrell, he's the bankroll who "Ca5 Mi.I
"AmericsU s HeON." owns the Mark Hellinger Thett. Jey Adams, re
has a bright red Cadlae and a ims "Spi duOW
No HaW A the Drink: torch to match-forhis wife aie g V is
The oue a w n scream "Guilt who left him 10 puontha age. taMs: "ia
by Assogelt whenever Con- IW-O eryA WN.
as tur a 1 a.Mee risk. Able's Irish Rose: Blsek-al.el
ose w .s-etive trils blue-eyed Shiela Lee (L s Ir d T
Sa br of 154) is really a Jewish
how oin ae t saiger Jon
ii rights." = 7001*, se sd. e speahe Gaee ad Es .
how, M IA Od Mrs. brew perfecy tee
neeo OSa.t ii f The Rigt to Go Left: NM sBam 065 0,

service a. see du' se leash lnste ha N

die^-: diser:'*^, '-*

ury ears later, a
edeont sarry fru
in a.,ed glr atet rf
y appoint Bing -
ida as ear sman
ailty board.' Bthemm
lesson. He acquit.

Me Flanders"
rugged tn. Ralph
e oe m Federal
I Dosn, who owns
Di fs ocmry add ha t

rtohnmla is bett
4 advised Flanders
rigid, to permit some
regarding his resolu.
ire against Senator
slve senator from
Spersisateant with, /te
ator from Vermont
s remarked to t
oks like lyig'dowi
A me to be fledble

Iad Reveres

" na llaa

wiand's btanholns
rs to tI etti
a. has got -oi dleds o
a ht spot 1Tto. C 41

'L A C--I Us.,I



4 -'*~*-';..
*.. .
-, ,~
'A. -'
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r.~n iH W.e |i

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{*;.- L+':-'
''"' "t ^ ^ "' '.'- ".- *'* -"
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." /' *

It (eat t)t
"ie it fna rh I; 5_S- ,.!
lbcIt F ftt' .T r a B!^V v ft 4 1 1 6- :0 1 I m

OGA SUWGAS, -diy raIlnoats' etap j
A WoaU's ,Eter tm thle lm nof waf fr
vet oban and cuffe. 'V e t4it
ORK (BA)-Prttltesis e id ' 0r'. ,dre.
fashons que Sowa- W ut
ig ='Is"L a e i color.
,.jmifid and wide Casual wear takes in er.
ba impt ise and are sey, ettmes with knitted tri,
sawoL.t erly r un-and. tihe'twieds. Raincoats for

eitg wear are doe i color for drama, in
are a good many rain- wool erasey or alpaca for warmth,
i leader, dome of these in stripes and patterns for glamor.
acna fur collar t -
Sav for leather coats he wNdest pat of NorthAmere ,
: and other colo an ia is the distance of about 3000
ad miles between Labrador and Brit-
i 'ami. td etry cU INsa Columbia. ,

Florence Haynes

Obsequies Monday

At Rainbow City
utmWl MsrvWi will b held
Mor at 2:30 pm, in Rainbow
City' St. a ry'ms Church for rs.
lore Hayne St. Luclan res-
ident fColon, who.died yester-
day after a length Illness.
Burial is scheduled for 3 pma.
in the Mount Hope Cometery.
mr.h et, ed,e sa survived
her huabndetbert and sevet


faust a.t

M es f .othle arMa

.L,,,, 't ce gur< o .M
bleans amw.. ue

1.4 said. *W*

r o
L a uaa usm.p
there r aty. wart .n

rtgf 1 do wier at it rMe
that wear a won by the a eve. fti
nd ob meet of domination oVr lumao s
iltary beings and the territory tiNoy am- and t
n i-

lop of
nse 54

Swisns. .sp omu pH Aun. a..mucauonc
ie of round.
.4Wadisewot atltomal Inter-
An .Y. V.etCdl bt a .U Z ,. et.
a (Contlnmb rap pag ) bja Uti*rely k w.aich
:m^too ..k 6 ; wopriwmp th ..A re5" ,estate,
are too t *s veton ieto i uvitny several
during t .mh.e.., years ag6 by W. AAerIl Hart-
Tse Peo~e~ "Vf i : AdlaS 8te. This ysr's discupla toplc ict
ve 6 0lifte new.frm imback "the United States sake in the
nb ho' InOdi ln MeX murder united X i."
HIink e to f. t 1 $.5 av1e 1 in Midway ealeugd the -ld e
Emut.St. 80 uis, .say ha exe that air bombing gf cities and in-
plosive effee ts. 1nrpAe can- diutries defeated m rany in
d.a cy. ThbJs aS mob. World War i-or that the atomic
f. .,. .. am; ,,rwld.n.
tsmiiB^WMeitii iinro~ri)IyB a ia downstate bombing of Ifrodbnm and Nags-
""6fiL1i!p? to N ifls) swunle.W lftly o-' ealn- a orcid- Jed eapitulation.
a clbe t"enelb nmed V4 Z iov. 7'he Army = prevliol had
it r leas I SSS m erat hho a NOW xA 6im, t- *stued e aglinst janpower cuts
m s vs le bK vW o ook C itF Tn. r 9the
sLitate. a0m si*Y dopOU and f -
tuton were wd e verywhee ad Wiet twoidtzy ,aindnkang
F casinos operated ar found the
corner Io thome nra office T
Sh AF aiwh In Sprtoiafid. Ao ame, who
kang In on ., the Joints, was 11- W l
fired rporefding i poser a 1,m a
e ame paml-ictiTe wI Stevenson. .-
SsTh.t's Gloria de&Xiven; and she
can have my vbte anytime.
,..,oHow Rich C "
^T- Gleoai phoWd A the Savoy
I n Lndon to the Park Sheraton YO
here to at hi fcretary if there
were any mIesage. She said,
"No." He said, "O.KL" and hung
Midnight Manner: Smart ypug AMETHYST TOi
Sp T en never send romantic pables,
The hs babes who jlmp. and powder Seled wit
'he: hateM akid;eliqr'alto at tablet. Selected wig
to wear csual s cotths'.
a party But one; couple di.- Zantzibar and It neighbor in. We make SO
regarded .bher advice and. came land, Pemba, off Africea's e.t at
dreaed to the teeth. coast, produce foW fths of the
SPworld's supply of cloves. _
It a s-'putMste .,to go ,n .bi, l t ..te -_ first ,road
h.' t115noI* a -. AI

will be dosed all day


to/get ready for it'


Starting Tuesdaj, August 3

Ave. Central 100 mna





th great care for their
LID GOLD mountings


fine color
by-hand for


t. I-.-l r e e s-n- ..n.. .-.

A, 1 3" colors never seen in Panama


The Largest Assortment in the Republic
mt .at nua-competitive prices, better than prices
* ,at Cummilmarv and Post-Exchanges.

We. Wil Give You The Samples You Request.
., : A t.

mawl tDW-PR/I ow

SymTm dobe Wlpt
a &e o =as asugh a *a#ee dp s ,
Soh... h-.Piadd... a af
asod" es0m so s r e an fd lsow p ss M

A. V

n.p UpC An -btSplst>

_-3.1 f- ;ntrt .r -

4 -

hL~* .-S &rni .t.

I '-: U..' r


Now that motorists are taking a closer
look at value, there's a song, new mrge
to Pontiace. Here's why:
Pontilac Is Ie only ear In ie Ild with
the solid feel and quality appearance of
fine-car length and weighLt. ts luxury is
just as impreaively regal. And perform-
ance is simply wonderful smooth and
quiet at all speeds a. eager and spirited
in fine-car fashion and reliable aid
economical in the famous Pontiac way.
That's a fast look a what you got.'
Wlat you pay is the smallest price ever
placed on a big, luxurious car-within
yw. dollars ao the ma! Come in, ad
find out how our liberal deal whittles even
That low figure down to eveqbedr's sae!

A n. Car. h nMaifJ avdJlfUlJ

(SMserLLAr leU mse5Yo uW CAN'!t -Ar A






-'a. V...~ -S.


*11 *r
I *i'4

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,J,4 ,
-- 1 .
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C-. ..~.
--'-4 .
~ ~-.*

:-.~ 5~ *A*
* ~ New ~ f Movi.M~~~4~

....... .. --

M~ c `o 9 aidda1
By 0. v. v rVA SILwe actress,
SANEW YQRK(UP ;. Iter l- 3 Bitter r

epodet What a the
b. hand in this me?" W tund io f o. ITokelac .
ebwiblae to score moreia e al e 11
pg .ts a snl egle hdau andltto a it tB som ul .za"
1on 4aPittsh risingulrtwo ichs ba tband, he 1Vey male u

S lon th. ist mpfsbleto The three.bad od wo Ip a ,eirn's
oi, anld w o m. et s.o It hi tea to dRevo on Jted 1. ain a
e'"la d on stsof'-It heulb br o I.reaWrufg 3Sn aa
4f .< (r.lsla the two nines-) s w us maria _frequeqs.f or. 3,unty In lg ... p. :| ,
S t" re ees, .a. bot locating vesl with ra -tele North Dkot '- .. .
oapades.inhe melda- is. 44 and obtal weather edulou" II :

s r e twohe beacon" band, (Rayt jion
9ba. FManufacturing Co., Walth am, n n | b M4
widow must contalu an aee Ma.) |.. Ie \l
opponents must have both A aew control device for under- mnrgy unit
both tens of spades. One of "----- udl d

eof spdea but no otheE cards ground sprinkling systems makes 4. pj
suit. When you play the t a ple matter to water big r.Mdicalux
,you wiilcaptute one of the. lawr s or garden. ..sltond.
of spades with your acet and The control con-sists of a s Clothing
mill give up one spade trick, shaped unit which hangs on p wall mak.r
lng a queen, a king, and a in l1e garage or basement. It g rCldi -bri ete i
he 'value of this trick is pged into a regular AC outlet re
points and you therefore1 ana coected to the pipe. and
I l341 points crO. This vpmlve of the sprinkler system. 57 orttionP
aen the total value of thq hand You adjust two deals for daily iogtuatos in r.
p .721., points. sp rinklins--and let tie gadget do -
d Wouldn't be able to bid wit nt t garden gets ae de sre amount 1 orse's it
y knowledge o what was in the of water,. I Olymp
idow or hom the cards were lsc- Even rain- doesn't fool the con- godde
buted in the aopnenttS' hands. trol. A separate outside runt Pe2dac
e tn iftyou got tol perfect hand ed up electric lcally with the malai 4 South
t ,yn ou v would have to ex- ground i Wet ,A the outside i.iIpiI itual
Sth s of two jue troic e. ltrcksontrol autome tho ., i en
NorIally, therefore, the perfect switch off for. day. (Tor ,,__. .__
andf oad eosiht of the double cClock Co., Mount Vernon, N. .) _
n ppedes o that you would ...
e away two Jak.o damondes .A new plastic ppro uctis desi-n"
tbr than'two queens o espaes. 1ed top vr 1ent _ungcafomng beItg
a astad kloss would 39 caught in door adr a- of alL.glss -. .. '
tl all went well. and the door, such a.s those i modenl H l ate lil
value would therefore be store and shops. ..
ntl The total value of the Folded strips of flexible plas nati. 8 a ,
.a ould be 601 points. sol let the door swing freely while
oven thud would be risky, how- blEentingers from ol .hn g ,d
Ir, since a bad break In dis- rzoe. The strips are nchored with
di ylght permit one oppo- metal roidlg to the door and,
two tricks. would i ng A soap and water w so cleoans
losgtup to.7points, a e therpltdticstriphs ( Fy Woks A gO E C r
value of the hand would be New Irtlao Conn.) t VernoN.Y.

883.Very NewptRyarO oe t. while theCOJ r e BETWEEN EUROPE AND W8T. COAST '
awayttsjary tofwe too MAuminum roll roo1snow eanC
S dthe rfect p thank to a new OF SOUTH AMERICA
udbe~~e o uyeh i bprocess.f r
at ore litely tan htoldi T cros te FAST FREIdHT AND PAGmR SERVICES
slaytwoag bid of more feet or more.
W, wichiis probably vst as ls may e ued for I OF SOUTH AMERICA
e o thethr players ithe o pr for farm and TO COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PERU AND CHIL
S"* iV. "SABeMINwro ..............................Aug. 7
... iV. SAIAVURTU .............................Ag. 14

B And e n h MV. ALINAS" ......... ... ...... .... ......Ang. 4
.. ... .V. SAJ IANCO .... .......................... Aug. 7
Houston and New Orleans TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
SY otr p: laern Telp o re t 5n.7r "JOTA Ar0g ar an
-ew York Philadelphia & Baltimore TO UK/CONTINENT' "

S (Gulf Vesmels ba at VEROCRUZ nd tAMfPIOO
S(MBICO) pyp, "s.x l ets .

Wilford &, Mcay, Inc.
M s.Nale U l b4i. iL C. L

M.V '.LIV71MYR ....... .. ........ Aug 9
L. ART"............... .. Aug. 1

P cA SB %'S43tS' Em hWithoutMoUs,,
PACOI W _ffu fCee t O ,dalteVAML.s
FORD CO. INCL. FANAMU-Ave. Peri M TeL .S-1U7is
BIALBOA-Term Bid., TeL 3-N19

. '


I I. .


S-. ;.- ,. -i 'v. -A 1". -
,.. .A.... --

- i7.. ,.J4~

* 5005 rPrr.A3I

S~ fiUE.It *V33~

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Oh! The Window?


Ir- _j,&_unuJ
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| WR,,1' 6


L4ok Out Bl4w


Wake Up, UmuI

ON l N*AW 00
W66u. |s a'o h
^\r L


Ia; new" AUm
a, w ow at
i: haw gTT

~?J L~

I ~

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Sagoa M a UUK WA .S iL- I

H- ~~'

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-;IC---CLIICLIIIII --- I --- -i I ; __ -I

50. MMMO -- 1

~t _~~_ _____,

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3, 4w- 1 1

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I to tie lake Wii aghts
_ .- ab, )Mr..
Altoie..who re-
MrAO Bioraiw by p
!ad .-a chun
'o" the Church w'ew
the re"ceto ih'
for aathe n fr lobo
^ ___ t.
nur B~f~an A Gay

,-i Wl I
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Izma I .z ~

- ~a.e



1<" '.4 '* 'It*
so.,,* [

y* "^ ^i^^^SI': /"' ,,.
jfiu'1 .,~ .. ~ yr T .r .

"Hurry up, you'll mi the
out of tt drvoway

I I. -- -- -

ft. M .t A al s9ude' an-n "'ee
a .-6Stt iI1da-, 4. -- rty.B. .wa of rm N : ,- f *
lI %9 Atted M el iJ ttewhMef atometn e
'0ft: bow e ow sunny .ru'* e
tu..,i,-..l.jJ sh e4 .
saset bi ays eurfasb -of clams-

O iG W le"ej
^B;' iii-ia,- / ._ '.. _.. ,-' I

o a M,,1a li. Angel" .
Siot. A'rr- f And. am s wee ~,-- .f o
..resab MthM= **te

11. eMImI% eas,1,
Woman's Club wio meet at MOO .6gelA"l:setsto

-rtajiL morIWIsopIh pr ts.pof cou'-S

p* .-,, -- ,na, '",le."

Here's Wh Yo'v N
for lolu tie...

a reeful we dknd In wonderful,
II Vag. 'Come visit our


where there's alwaysysomething new
and exoiting t- do ,.


and always the best food and drinks


4 '4.
nEst, '~

.". .l ip
S'h m. aa i.. ;Slat '. 4.Z.-
iAeel alUC Cwa &U.oe wPI... s *. m- W *
iPaaMe Maday u s, oi have* a ster houie ma the (TM 2% e p)
S r 7 at ..-MOd"ay, AU is, ia color Atstlc eoast ear Asbury Park, u '"
S ma Slon r the slide r nit and we have N. J. They leave the city Friday One B-ounceW pr.ek cream
St el ) the a spedal fo, set of slides alerson after work and return ches, 1 cup amaCUP.ll
S, from te Dearborn Camra Club, Sunday night cans lam, tongui e r -ier' ,
of ChcSag6, with eomntlrMM, 1 "Uaspoon minced aonio 2le-ta
S*addesIu A. Dom Teg Imif You h haven't attending Caned mon ae parte amnd pna mc chopped ma VOed Nles, 2 ta-
A S a A nd damls wip tha u why not try to l f ter day menu ar av. S r .are ust ard,
S the le amdiy, at 7: P.. oral reamoM. The girls are. eer 6 tepoon Tabaieo.
quite *wre how many-leda at.. CrMnm together cream c.eed e
'The sumn.: sopats .ii 11Tomix '
O reRD' WAFERS ease on te group Oat: uthi Mn .... Tgp.n attriauto
"with egomr1 l40ve
SWAFES EYEIKYONE IN YOUR FAMILY oi a td, to beig as sio c .
p scti fl WILL TRULY ENJOY sinme beach we important ee
Ot .I IP WAFERSs WFER pe d all th CUTd tiCf-olia m The

OXFORD 5IscUITS brers re pjm
OXFORD WAFERS ALWAYS FRESH AND Smes. outes can ast tsem
.wo sI scurrs DELICIOUS f9ranhfurt r evend at t bar.
7, be amtMAso buSorstile-
ElsJ : ianCne.eaCMempaof cam5l4-

ij, I '... ... -. ?^ssa. S tet

I_, ", s s O c',SjOW mat ad
ar ae sm ablBe othtr w!riebe
1 0 ,E :; 3 .- .... di-sw iS -" a.. ... P t 'dtig itnJSU !
1 M A A aKpU o r0 Bmi.W M,.w ;..
m ~ ""f "> .. ..S W.Be Bllah 8IB -
S.- twry about thut
"1. d11M IMO ne ,iS=*dim ; ,.fis ,ay as ., it I' bes

i'M, 31 it 9i:ts e flm, tsw aei t gravy.h beingg n dilo" S

-A.. ,. .. S e n. r e n An I In t
WE c 10 m awtosM S L.Sa.m to 0
a.... a Ns*,i stis n
s& can

414 I I* *-h sad lD T.lel"

Asy Face uMM aM.
iom* fiu l"QolIm Aqg"
Alm in toy2* (l
wa'=golbox, wh put.



r I
:3I a


and amu Ae that

gives pmw. seklng
kA ***~-k

I'm one of-AsAter sml t
people whoeb- i the 10-day test
with VMiORO *aeftes. That
good, cam taste suits me fine.
The f lter tip gopletes my
smoking pleare bMVns,
I never gpt loke bits of tobacco
in my gouthL-And my lips don't
stick to th piper. I recommend '
vlmiaO stoo eyefe l"

aranA..t n
| -

Make the 1d Ny tOst


4wd yaW% eolblI#~

v,- 4"., -'+' .ak mi "s.
4Iw lm, .
i Ik~k th !O~il'S...
flf" S..SWUMA.w:i

--- -- --- --- r--. -- .


4' 4

7 6 1 i!*- .
. .* .-
,.J ---II .- .'


-1 -

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- ,, *



I Z .

nordim- l"I& Moll:

. V r.-1*.~.

* :'. "' ":.**.^ "'L /">' '
E. .. .


- *** -~ 'r -.


rt". .L O ., .




-MKLe r1ba*AOa' saeet ar
30*$1801 so as July A*e. Jl

RU a 2Carnupi^

L'a youv uM nno vac w
as CAA A.3A
BL Caiba Ae?

e fuly Av.

H strwm ma. a


FOR 'SALE:-Bamboo liviniroom u
i(2-strdhd), sofa, 4 chairs and 3 ta
igles. very cleon, priced to sell fc
.225; 6-month-old bamsboo din
lngrqom set. table 40"x60" with
earsa 16" leaf and 2 arm chairs.
tirs with green cushion. price
'$2u5; also 1952 Keivinotor refri
,pWotor, 60-cycl.. 9-cu ft. deep
SrfMe, self-defrosting deluxe mod
'sI1 $225; Kenmore gas range, '
Iuroevs. center grille, oven. sepor
etJ broiler, deluxe model, ver'
clean, price $135. Ave. Just Aro
uimeno No. 92, 40 Eost St. Tel
ephore 3-2510
FOR SALE:-5-plece bamboo living
room set, 9 solid mahogany dining.
room set. A good buy. Phone. 3
2595, house 351-A. New Cristobol
WO SALE:-Llvingroom set; Londor
lot-arm sofa: London flat-arm cluk
hair; C9 swell open-arm cho;r one
ttomon $300. 7S9 Barneby Street

L SALE: Frigidewe refrigtrator,
5 cycles, cheap; livingroom turn,-
ure. etc. House 458, Anc6n. C.Z
telephone Balboa. 1408.
FORSALE-- 2 bamboo arm choirs
3-strand) with .foot stools $5 ea;:
large custom-built baby bed with 3
f large buHfi-in drawers' and inner-
ping mattress $20. House 712-D.
alboa Prodp. Phone 2-2812.
SSALE:- New Kalvinator refri-
rator; 9-cu ft. deep free, egg
roy,. d0-cyie $20?*' Emote go
ange, 4 burners, 1ii,,' broker, pot,
n comportment, bottle ow natural
new $175. Qtrs. 335-A, Fort
layton, or call SFC Richardson
7'-5191. -
SALE.--Westin house refrigera-
or, 9-cu. ft, an bedroom furni-
ure. All ifems in ecullelnt condi-
ion aid reasonably priced. 2543-A
;atoll. C.Z.
orSALE: Household furniture.
arvel rofrigpator. "Edificio
r," APE."-o. 12th and Mev

-Set complete,
hoggny-dilnl rodm st complete,
radio opid 3-P record player,
Hor refrige@r*rl,'SWlrosthng;
rge gas stove; breakfi*r set. All
ike rew. Con be seen afternon or
vetting from 3!90 to 8:00. Muse
IUI, 11th Strait: Aportment 16,
O *l ,

uR i- .

FOR SALE:-Due to trip, 1954 Chev-
rolet Bel-Air" convertible, 3000
miles. Telephone 3-0547.
FOR SALE: 1951 Packard sedon4
w/s/w tires, leather uphQlstery,
original owner $985. Cell 82-5231 I
during office ho6rs.
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford V-8 2-door
sedan, blue. Body, engine, tires and
point in very good condition. Full
price $625. For further information
call 2-3785 after 4 p.m.

SFOR SALI:- 1952 Singer Readuer.
perfect ceanditien, only 7000 miles.
price 610. Ca guevnteed. .#-
neoing vlle ih e M. S Mr. IskId-
uo. Celeo Mater, Tl. 2-1669--
Dedge, H amen deelete.
FOR SALE -1948 Chevrolet 2-door,
radio. Spotlight, good condition
45,000 miles, original owner $475.
Fort Clayton 4128.
FOR SALE:-19591 uick Special lR-
lese Coupe, Dymnafew. redioe, whit
timfs, eeate trim, 6700 mile. Or,.
iliel cest $1084, price $2000,
WRI finance. Kensely. 107 HeNrlk
Read, Ancc. Tel. 2-1053.
FOR SALE:-1948 Oldsmobile 4-doot
sedan, Hydramatic, perfect condki
t.on inside and out $650. Phomr
FOR SALE:-Attention hot rod fonsr2
Partly completed hot rod very cheap.
5611-C Diable, 2-3188.1
FOR SALE:- 1950 Mercury, excellent.
condition, directional lights, r tfl
new tires $850. Con be financed,
Can be seen at Qtrs, 390-A Fort
Kobbe. Tel. 84-3239 or 84-3226,.
St. Menuel Baez._
FOR SALE: 1952 Fiat Convertible
Coupe, good condition dyty paid.
Call Navy 3663.

FOR rALE:-Two cars: 1946 Custom
DetSo.t 4-door sedan, Fluid drive
400; and M947 Pontiac 8-cyllndec.
-door sedan $IQO. Excellent oler-
eting condition. 0906 Arndou
R aii Tel. Balboa 306041
LE:--Jeep, military. A

cnidr t9
f"2039 Cu
'CurunduI 7I

9f1. ID. S AR. JR.,i H.'. Euro-
p )"n Adjustment Techniques. Re-
leoas f Nevous Stress and Strain.
7"5aill Estudiante. 2-B. Telephone
2-5159. By appointment.

JW SALE:-Very .-ne hand-clrved'- l (tual Tam
n Em r in complete..U3.rd..WWI Team
;T4ine furniture; complete d Jin- l T inng
fgroorn and blond bedroom. Coll "
Iolon- 934-J, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. rMb T'
S AkIE:--Lorge refrigerator, 25. t r i ggu
4.pc. $10; two table lamps 8. t RiO lo
faou 1504-A, Akee Street, Phone
*"- The 33rd Regimental Combat
S WANTEDr Team of Fort Kobbe, conclud-
Sed trying operations at the Rio
S MilI ..... Hato military rervatilon Thurs-
l,,r-lln,.. u, daay when the First Battalion re-
ENGLISH SPEAKIN3; upg Gerne tsped to-Its baWe.
tlan. from Europe, 'rhulres one
e1oro nicely furnished rooms w:th e First Battalion was the
.Wte family, in PrbmAe *Qty of the 33rd RCT units to un-
P ase write, state terms, to Mr. H. drigo thO trailing.
,-Jurnn, c/o Chse Natlaa i. R ato
ink Colon, Panama. i.B open terrain o Rio Hato,
a ln Panama.- .. .- which ij trawred by numerous
-D:- acation quart ers In'e- s- sand draws, enabled the
'One', S pt. 3 to Doe..ti WiI Rcrto receive traLninh that was
55 month. Call 92-3248. a. marked contrast to their jun-
I CC *gle training.

ANO'-AR phmopw-
M S. =
r t. id *-ier cqLe' f9r

vap ) ateo

% with
tlle o6itoe
e at ,ti,. C oe.i'stdna
pdavl at 7:0 datL
!o F .i PSChrlsan nms-
s W dme l y aand

TmilnM1 was conducted on a
batt "on lvel with supporting
era=-of the RMT. During the
three-week training period the
battalion epred for the US-
ARC. 'atl@on est. Compa-
f lt..on problems were
em or to Insiue the
o Uon of thae infantry
l with thelt supporting armsna.
The UBlA ARIB test required
24 hour$ and covered three
pk 'fi h:e battalIon in the de-
fles,, night wthdrwal and the
att tFemk. tets marked the
and of the RIo Hate tra'iing
Ptuod for the Regimental Com-
Wt team.

hIpbm SNN*By

-Abg, 3 an (UP--A general alarm fire. start-
e' aen and an.explosion, broke out in
L *- s sta directly across
B eB the' AMm the famous steel pier late
181 mom.tJii k, w. *

s-& AR t ptasuter's PeaZit Co.
S s Wf the xplo.
H j i ift I n Patcas fi
-r& otars exhift but
A. N_ not eatch fise.

* $fE OFFICES' '7

.. o'u'0aA LUX
,- /; i 3mmT IC
,. O Awe. *


ic, Day & Night
Avenue 209, besides m-
oter. Phone 2-3479,
3 FULl, DAYS- "-
Tour through the entire Inthrlo of
Panama to Boquete. Si at Pao-
monte Inn. Tour loves Panma Fri-
day, August 6th, return Swn ivo-
ning. For information phone "JUNGLE
JIM" JAUNTS, Ponamq 3-1660.

MiwlleaMM .
FOR SALE:-25-cycle R.C.A. record
changer. House No..0852, Balboa
Rood. Apt. 17. between 3-4.

Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be re-
ceived in the offir of the Engineering
and Construction Director, Ponama
Canor Company, Balboa Hleights, Ca-
nal Zone. until 10:00 a.m., August
31, 1954. and then publicly opened.
for furnishing oil plant, tools, equip-
ment, labor, services, ond moteriola
except certain Government furnisi-
%d moteralsi, and for performitg pll
work for Construction of Sewage Dis-
posal Facilities at Rainbow City In the
'Canal Zone except for underwater ex-
*avoaing and bockfilling for the mea-
tine outfall pipe line. Forms of propo-
sals, specifications, and full particu-
lors may be obtained from the office
of the Contract and Inspection Divi-
slon, Raom 343, alboa He ghts
(Telephone 2-3739 er 2-2698).
Specifications and drawings will be
blued on a deposit of $40.00 per set.
iposit will be forfeited if specifica-
tions and drawings are not returned
within 40 -colendar days after open
tbg of bids.

?OR SALE: -- Nearly new 25-cycle
/ power tools; Atlas wood lathe 10"
swing, 40" centers with 113-hp.
Motor $65; Atlas belt-disc sander
*'-hp. motor $65; Atlas floor
*, model drill press pi -.p. motor 300-
S3750 rpm nspeedcontroi $145; Del-
tq floor model 14" band saw Vi-
.|idel fh lett f tWp. mtvbl
asortment of accessories for above
tools to make anything from pic-
m ture molding to furniture. 4-drawer
": steel, legal size, filing cabinet
$22.50. If you are seeking junk do
not come around. See at Garage
StSll, No. 3 Amador Road, corner
Plank Balboa, 7 p.m. Friday to 5
p.m. saturday. 8-8 Sunday. Phone
Gaines 2-3047.
FOR SALE:-Uplklstered couch and
chair $95; 1952 edition Encyclo-
pedia Americana $175; 1952 edi-
tion Books of Knowledge $65; 1946
Buick 4-door sedan, good transpor-
tation with 5-10-5, insurance paid
for 1i months $175. Phone 86-i

FOR SALE:-Smoll piano to the best
reasonable offer. Evening up to 9
o'clock. No. 4, Apt. 2, Domingo
Dieaz Street.

FOR SALE:-9-cu. ft. Servel refriner-
ator $85 and Cushman motor scoot-
i er $75. Information call 82-3248.
FOR SALE:- Refrigerator, 60-cycle.
6 cubic ft., very good condition
$85; 16" electric fan, 60-cvtle
$25; 1 -hp, 60-cycle I -phose elec-
tric motor. Central & 4th St., cor-
ner No. 4029. Tel. 1458, Colon.
FOR SALE:-Maple furniture: 3-pc.
livingroom set. 2 chair aind settee
$8555 raking chair $12; combina-
tion table w/lamp $15; desk and
chair S20. Bedroom set, consisting
of I double bed with box springs &
Innerspring mattress, 2 dressers &
I chair $1602 aet buhk beds w/box
springs & innerspring mattresses
$55; 14-cu. ft. chest-type deep
freezer $275;. woodworking tools
$6; miter box & saw $20; electric
drill $20;paint sproler $20; belt
sander $30; bend saw $40; table,
sow $20; woodworking lathe0
w/tools $35. Miscellaneous small
tools & moto.,..L S. Josdan.' 263-
B. West 8th!Stree, Curundu.. Tel.
Cucundu 5164.

-- -

Wanted Position
BILINGUAL'accuntoht with auditing
background offers csvices. Address
ABC. Apartado 1402 Panama.


FOR REWr:--FNnishbd rooms In
city and 2 rooms in Sebrnos.
Information: Estudlante St. No.

FOR RENT:-For couple, big fumish-
ed room, kitchen, refrigerator.
ran and washtub. 31st Street Eost
No. 9, near Olympic Sw.mming
Pool. I
FOR RENT: Comfortable clean
mms, mOd's service. Reasonable
riteS. W S "1" Strqt, pposite
TrMp~TafoTnr. Tel. 2-1541.
FOR RNT: For couple, speciors
furnished room, kitchen privilege,

l tpr Iuvate rnce Wd ibothr. G.I. in-
S eisitreboke I A enrse Roeaiewble. 4th of July
I l brokeU. b Awpnu o4e 21, APt. L Entrance
w ena rpp opep Reeemvelt Hotel.

FOR RENT: Fpnishe emth
as se ehwit dwfe T. -S9.

I^^BL1^ '^^^vboMLtt


ta Clara. Low rotms. Ph
lboa 2-1866.
P&Ilti. Oceanside 9t10.90
CWat. lox 435, ibo.
"Pamms 3-1877. Cret 3I.9
ch $onto Clra Beach co i
Electric refrigeration, gas st0esa
moderate rates Phone 6-441 or

FOR RENT:-Three-bodroWo chalet,
with or without furniture. Call Tel.
3-2286 after 4 p.m.
FOR RENT: Furnished 2-bedroom
house in Los Cumbres, Including
stove, refrigerator, hot water $100.
Call 6-106. Gamboa.

FOR RENT:-- Small house with ge-
roge. Street after "2 Polmeros,"
house No 1123, at ending of street,
Parque Lefevre.

FO RRENT:-Cholet: Four bedrooms,
Living & diningroom, mad's r""n"
garage. 31st Street East No. 2%
tVisa del Mar. Call 3-127$, 3.
FOR RENT:-Furnished modem chal-
et: Two bedrooms, dining-lIving-
room, garage. yord. Miraflaore 126,
Trans-lsthmian Highway. Phone



1ATTINTION 6. 1. Just built modern
furnished apartments. one, two
bedroom, hot. cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT: Furnished and unfur-
niahed 2-room modern apartMents.
Contact Alhambra Apartments. 10th
Stree. T.eI i 1a r.lon.

FOR RENT ,-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nOe No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater, manager's office.
FOR.RENT:-,- ThreWbedpoaf partA
oom, hat water. T 4 1-z79.
FOR RENT: Modern Ava-bedidoM
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details corl!
Zublete: 3-1802, 3-3337.
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apartment,
screened $60, No. 56.. ellsario P.-
rros Ave. Apply for keys Apartment
No. 6. Telephone 3-0841.
FOR RENT: Small apartment, one
bedroom, sittingroom, kitchen, etc.
$50. Ist Street. Perejil, No. 13,
Telephone 3-4106.
FOR RENT:-Nice. cool 4-bedroom
apartment two porches, hot water.
Vista del Mar. Call Tel. 3-5511.
FOR RENT.--Modern brand new 1-
bedroom apartment, wonderful lo-
cation near Hotel El Panama. with
hot water, all screened. Garage op-
tional Available August 1st. a1ll

FOR-RENT: Furnished apartment
for a couple without children. Well
located. Tel. 3-1405.
FOR RENT;:- Spacious apartment, 3
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, livingroom,
diningroom. wash tubs. Via Belisa-
no Porras 226.
FOR RENT:- Best looted furnished
apartment, splendid for one or two
couples. 43rd Street No. 13, Bella

FOR RENT:-if you wish a beautiful
2-bedrooag apartment call 3-0934.

FOR RENT:-Fumlished one-bedroom
apartment, all modern conveni-
ences. Via Bellsorlo Porros, 168.
FOR RENT: Bedroom n modern
apartment, kitchen, livlngrooma end
dinlngroom privileges Tel. 3-4393
or 3-4309.

FOR RENT..- 2-bedroom apartment,
kitchen. 13th Street, Via Porras
No. 16. Tel. 3-2457.
FOR RENT:-Brand- new unfurnished
2-bedroom 'apartment, living-din-
ingroom, 'ma id's room and garage,
hot water, all screened. Near the
Raymond clinic. Call 3-3421.

FOR RENT: Completely furnished
upstairs apartment in a two-family
house: Living-dlningroom, kitchen,
two bedrooms, independent maid's
room and bathroom, goroge, tele-
phone, hot water and complete
bothroon. Indep nt entrance to
apartment. Situated at "El Cangre-
io"-noar Hotel El Panama. Phonem
FOR RENT: .-. Apartmnt. twe-bod-'
romans. Phone 3-5246, Panoma.

. I -

FOR RENT:- 2-bedroonm Prttnent
$90. Houm 2112, facing Juan
Franco stgblos Tel. 3-416.
FOR RENT: Furnished aprtrment:
Livingroom, diningroam, two bad-
roomn, isms. efmgeretr. No. 64
43rd St!ure% -

FOR REN;r.--1Me "hn*dsrt j -
Mi t of

kedap q b
271O, aSis pt.

FOR RENT. -Smi epem a,. bch-.
elor or Sast. 7040, 4th 5, C-


. "' .. ";- '. ** -.-t -,." ;"

:-... "- *'t" '

a m W*. ,,.. ..

fin ...1fl .. .


fug rti^Srinti
*K_ -^-^J^p e at^' l^WW*

Modngemi o-

lam harness fer Pnism"

te fit ay See -


'bn&. .. .

L earnl AMe1, el, ma
seah, m..U i

Learnett 'nn

Hornett & Dunn


Cau tor, Fee lmaatse
Ate ira ow I T. sud"


=- _-

siap around firlt te vllt
u. Selected lileso e ampmile,
speakers, hangers, and eur- ehre as imne-
stration Mulltig.,

6 fM. Ne. 3 ePk.

Tehi.: 3-N5it & 5-251

Your Hom i CA bd
BOlete, 3N Ft Att.

esl= Jea es ru


Parrot agea tc M .2 ,P
49 Via spatfa TeLd. i116
(Beilde Central de laebla

Roosevelt Anup
Section WiIMBe?;
Closed To TW&-
-.- t. I

Motorata l
tat offeoffvo

' **''

9.'ua .

y hat ar ,..
rapqrlsed'te. Athn usuhe-

Som e.mti t
wuit the )los ing
si jft M opeLt a n
t'Mmpthree ediamnd

show' ho major sqltj and N

would tLea bidt thee no-trmp,

Coo i los oies Ad
ly ha p*W r s hiss AI

a wd aon a e dummy
the iftH a eat-led the
So r a MfiAese, and o

t e.i and r surprised
woul a i hee ks."
show -a ma ast- and P
hwourq INa hid MM noltump,

Nat btto exrt biddIht

pank b diam

Cte. N toe crt ini last
uth would sU e t'lu
tricks. wo e wu th be
sare of his nine te without is
Ing a spade lead through the king.

Fd $a JSI M

W Tmw"-

Funeral services wil be held
at a.m. Tuesday m li .at
the Church of theHo Fa9
in Margarita Or Bernard J. Mc-
Dd, retired Canal employe who
E Friday morafing in Oorgas
Hoptal. .Intereant at Mount
Hope Cemetery wlT follow the
church services.
Pall bearers will be: 3. H.
rheney. Lionel J, MacPherson,,
John D. Lowe, Walla.e P. Rua-
son, L R. 8 r,.Jt, and A. J.
Roy. Mr. McDald'a fellow, mae -
bea7 of the AmIRl Ledo will
aerve as
Mr. McDald cahe .0-t. a-
nal Zone In 191 ms d Was retired
tarm actlve'aserice lat Marah at,
the time of his rtemant be
was employed Is the Diln of

Wel smrlyed by his Wife alnd
by two brother Cap- John
retOh f oato. tine sad.
WoxeCotr Etchd MDS*d of
eTMrre faute, tmdtiha.
thbe ftamla u atrd. h~y
wer. Donatlon MWbe made
*SWid to .the Cas rod.

p.r CkvgWSU5
U tsi aIap r O a e a'


rW WelZ.

0ew- % i


nle;~ '- .. .. ......

s toyars.t"@lhab
S-orths rh f""h".

epmitt 1.

d fe n e not require tlPbItsihe dent tao -dI'M. "

heno ndadoe dCtieqr tw e or dwars. nd e
r' dents _slg ttue p .' the gmnri.'
Joe Acti'ng eran wrehlle C. Repqb lan a
an- Arendto -tlW ) amid ed s ao spn .r rl
ten, Iles cma ttee acaathe tea- The a tal h s
too a o. a_ a"
noi Ie k Altdpab e ullt-nL tozhutinkd tri

se pe s s me mberrsI Oh afrm an tar
wa s nare at the la ft- ,-
tn. Aluids.BzL janO a rtin b sot p r re so ut-o
ano tes e otdh e pxrev tte e s- thurnt om h -

Ibs. rlti. pnat! e -S thI -a I TAM

nish thm isno a ,ter, -W rl- S
ubs, e "Aw V MMIM ;. M .,

fwswasiansa BgS no..e HTISU fl O OBlte a4h ataj
thoah there hay been eral lt he
five Mar geetiba '.--McArt flr .N
himself is one-with the title-of a O f
"General of the A rmuy." rea.

Senate Okays BiHion-Dofi

Bill To Aid Free NqtiorW

-. -,

-The Senate passed a 4lO3,110,0,.
000 foreign bilk today author.
iuing more mltary, economic. and
technical id. to e nations and
strongly opposing Red China's ad-
mission to th United Nations.
The measure also would meutoupt
U. S. aid to Frame and Italy *a
a gradual bails if they do not
joili the proposed sflaMton euv.
Join the proposed sixnation Euro-
pean Army.
The bill is 330 million dollars
below the amount originally re-
ouested by President Nisenhdwer.
The measure approved today only
authorizes the new aid, and the
Senate must approve pa w rate
legislation provrd t e tamgl
money. There maybe thin
at further economiee4
The House appreyd a S38,-a
0(,00o. Autkorizaftt bit'bt voted
i Oa bai og
ar' ftw the 1ars for "hnts b=t
cato asa sec the aa-
confrene cquidttee to Inn out
The Senate aetloe. viewed as an

S-'. T MI m

. ..e th git slid. lf

Abmt eah
rtt94rttjttf~fe vRUHMM'Uh
"^"L S5&*5SS W~a i~ominq ja o'nf -b


George A. Smothers (DFla
creases tle isd o

& at
twdc resoarebtpro. sal
at n am
ISe G e oe
Swas appe 4 to .]fB
frt a seeto abtlri
The and developmna
on iLmporat mnaerls 0 r *
S. SatOdkpile. ..
Malone, alng-te fe rf
eign aidb, fore aiot
hours in a eIer attack O
program wmch he called an "
ternationsi WPA." He char a
aunreaarch w ogram woh

mud Ao ae od s ai
ton a bn.e a f. 4fhey,
Tihe anati-ed a .

wmlou dsi'la t

""i- if"th- the

Swistisloy iwvtow

r*-a Acla
. .. a.. ...

*ad y the 9y met

(UP" "Tw

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1-W'1~.' -.


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* -** ^ .... **. .
'..* *




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144WE "f-4.&
I ,-; ,-. -.. ;fc,;.. .. .-W^ ,+.-. ..

'* ":" "r'""t'" -"j "" 'i':i '" "' a :


.2f. 2..0Asa

*.t-ij.. "* "---..* -- m'..-. i -. .. ,;, 1 0 '' i S ml.;,

..= hn ,s r FF S".

I od........,....-.. "eir.. ,rai. =-.s .At,,b... .. ."", rs ro y " s m D. r tT
,-, I etO .rde "r
piw pwagsuMo Labor, Den 55- ra. Orce Arswet, Mrs Mary A mronie Day viewp.

t-,II i .^B S /, .......... ... a A- .'. tThelma s I' 1 .er,,_.. 16r trouh the ..-
oC. n 3 Wa N .v rs e1 Ut m. Joa beindeb Ad i ,
p.;1AoueaoMary Aun-r garita, Mrs. J. F.s
S.. -co1e 1 ui M w m e ag..l':dy Dan-"o;-e 236,r6: C.r stobel. r. a _.

I.o e ,sss Te f 3_lCpm. their reId a_-8 aj,.. *the 2. .1: GumIck wE, Dan-.Wr .,f
^ *J^ S S^TJViaaM TeoI f : isto t. L s. *Ldd tThe pr0e of ad- L. davot 82; Q tqMrs
.,(oairss!. ._ L *,_IJ I- h i II ,,,_ _. .th c y of oe. w rq-b r rem a -*Ia kowi.k 1 n MW;,I B o
A waShxn "VeinsD titleM WarUrnge a'. Orobestr ore Ls.. 650M 3 W
n. ap of champagne.

a^ .'SL~e as*tensateee re pel, at c : the *c fo tm lnam.a avC1NTER THE4TR TODAY .
..... dark.., ,, ... ., -yaWrm t u a ...l"
rN E 8WCalelW ho, do's l1f. A daily vitor to the havingie to m Mmoonl a *:* 4 pu m E

C3=-.e -410. ain a i and me baa wl her age t. t. give yesterday S Ve.. jot, :i

Dr t d abil'-feiVAn O
li~sils ai s;ei. a~a. en es a married cti ero wI, othe Cetobm bl. IS EDtRIVER"
wit sporadic peparatiops and roee upon which ae ha Retwvd. gtam. yAInx no TamA" Br p *s mtm 19st eta

N AVT vat r xowrn a aw M5= A .
"' ',--;. .. r" ....... ".0 ,ev... .. JthuC C hal B or r asfndthpig.a othein groutp wreattim.d- | ,ou
Oa. Tce Rn l o ndp iM i th ir sane Mt. R.Stanley 53 e. a*-I

W dp notI-SIM "Wn le.d __d F nI / II I .sdT e l vieod
;.- the co'e'( tate, ~it sea1 1- f
Skip-the printed report that Lib ted dwit h trep .sMa wir6 5iTl i 5 : b
Clue: A .m *TBea s a aM. c o erate will wed a lassBs, who's heiress y rins.Go Be aa A L 4 4 te Thr
Uan .. I the Dole pineapple Eitllio aMpre. Geo egUs roero-.,,ef CA
so CmC C .n. he doesn't even know a me y Chairman, was c orge '. :e C r
i. a. ertr. ..................,John wshoea doesn't r. t I s t. AIR-CTIO l ,A '
SSS*.*.-.* b'- beHieve that e nI a W m Hn Mr o : 2:30t 4e35 :40 8: 45
pp'Wo.. ox ast auh r selling, ishalting her wit "a l-Hr ir h.Mr H.eA
lat 5." UM adhJcourtSehhasi) moea, Mrs. Edward l g .qeM
aeO W .u.'ts about Seas of Are ai when Mrtan Howard Ande a*s C.
gor Iij .eaaO lINdGever been able to ae- W. s Mrt

pS1.RAhre a soed, "0 ...iR.91
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, ,l s r It I 1 h t c lu b y m. a tR s s l of Ba l br L lla, M F e r r1"
HD sDay Mu n.: U.SuO. makes YOU so4 wtty." p .ugh.
e sas.sess from "They Hale y At ri slate
"" 3 m ...,nd b WhI na se t Broa 8 t Mr s. A8 H. B.,e. r n, _.Entertain-
'0& the me .p.... .ywe 90 onotheir ears In "M.i Roberts di h tpnrsda ithan evening 1 e a... sn mesar a utwa FsIes.n .. .m .... a..gfl g ag A
--. wthr h mo v acting. Back ,Their guests were Commander
/' cod e now to do the Itro- and Mrs. t. Grower, Catan Ct
nductloes a&d commercials for and Mrs. J. L. Nea. Mr. and
....."TheIsioSta tr end the Sto y teefis Mrsr H TO W hD it and Mrs.Y .
o:s a gr!Ve tjrm ."' "I6G had no Intention of quitting Mrn. Deekias Compil meted

metrr andT eof aie Mutyaluheo ather be I Cr
IN "W M...7 Vanessa brts, Pho int o Fo Mrs. Rayo Smithaso hos t for SDeR
amand am 4h0t t Court Martial ust kepta fim e a way hl Prayto hon aGor e Ma's. llM N

1 ,2 a ?$ owass a .fis he.h"b aeme," a
isi .a U S. Theois......... ogot hstin w l tether gu e w

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"sn'tMYheaitrenchtPO ?"S IIIIIW & t

re., I~.___ I '- =-V'I-.---*".=- --- II; I ~~ II t ~ k I3 llIII-+'IIrl;I,+: i!
1-4... .......I Ltii l-r
IS A fmale osquitWcan roduc

S*3p. S goggas et ......A female mosquto can produce
- fr"ssisusEN M a. -us:33 am., lii,0J7O0,O00 Wsping in a single 'f
na, s a: 1:I5 m-.-.. year. P
""C"whb.u .I.I W"" 'ly ----
CIs5 aSwA9-9AM.I te to ne of the chameleon is
Im. se flW Ws resma 6lRT s__
-.D.Y: ... .. dZ ......... .... twice a g asits body
mI. .-u ..-sZ' i f.- .- _S -
IF MW Ci viltwlllsht on& when the aid Varrqng
p74I smearr5-p......, 46 issi/ degrees below the borizoa; W"
&,-nautical twilight when it has game
s$9r .fl t~ auadown 12 degrees. I
AS. .. .. ; I .siWtbO ........ 2 _5I./5 ~ ii i m n
'P --; ..... ;- -I II,?, -Im=,h- ._ ...... 1.1 in~la 4tIIILII#I' k
t o.ip. ...... : .- s, .

.. .., .. .am
14.'wl" i-

7 T
U ,'.- :+ TA

soft IL2%L 4N4--:.-..z-, .-;-n.1.

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';.'* I '"


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vectaeular Rtetrieve

$ i :Ae. ~ Q~n ILOOP 3)W
edBst Ever Seen f ord
7%. aords .
Teacs ot a(-
0 -Throto r**
NEW YORK, July 31 (UP)-Larry Doby's mttlk o r -
lo.ngtim v etlera s o odel priced at $14.50wontth empsTe
di prpin goods shops but he used it for thea Mr
dble kind of watch last flight that could enrich ftontralwa,
w- leach of his Clevelind teammates by I W000. |e 0 Ldie"m

..e -- DeaUw o f ost theoivtet ad o ne o ef f"ou r elo e" .e .t
.... oni dr t great M ru b n Gtes lisdra s th .ufieller (o

L ag oe ad to r c g e th ean8s4 he p l st a o- r r Montred l R.- HoTl ..
s a the i e a US e Brookly3nor r Ises ightL, -fr s

(8)ae.wscandea bN htheir

as e nogha ratesk ,lne Joe Adooct moe iRo cheste 20D0601410 o f t Gianhe t dookmns m a (
victo 0040lW rie botA
everaseenggsbe dD n 'MV.Ha( d t
: ha. r5-lh iirh C l e.elnd w, ,ie 'ian -claylo "r.; l .b.o1 W.d

reat 413Farpthe Beds finPKellere(8)
e id De...ans ,' w ho w as.oatnehe to finvedisrn dedhit one o f u 4 u "b o .

inninhgStwhen.T orn; 0 :..oi i lo,*M ckonsn LP tIrH
0-'.bD --...eas ebet s -.Bee -. t e a l.O to071 an bo ler-_ne_ -
ltemde thaotch a.e nDaheo M six-r un rar. hl orlly r i oon t.
I l l @ In bO 8-3thand H n lhem s ol hon .W oods "an-dl- o swe' 'l ..... .. .. "e ob --" .+

r st otf left center e or the vet, gned oin ts th d i- (First Gae) he6 ) th doe D of A Ham ad fteC d-.Salt Gsentle
A ra th wol i ke thomer deptw o esb s, to2Ricmond u 000 co 3- 0n r awa his glr ,' ....0l nb b h ~lla 33 !0.]4 ~ D!'P
ra u t ; eore atta R oeinst i os and Ryan. oeer atwnd iSfof , downl- -n-p

w L agu ladto2 ptchingety o nvernh atio 1- n Hall.HR owelol.e l iht oe e h lenaelet
foo d infee it iop'a Helwak s t of f Bl rerm p r antis men ad ket sg -hlp-fi"on"-
a u o ld aboe, the t his re d a SIipg ..6w nhhs h.. re) 'G"rv"chr (BYr) and tore,., .
bolt the ao illbae 'eptel ms vitriwon.r alao o200 ,.. d Gaome) l 0 W...._ ,'
b p od be sibhanh m loade p a b hat Jerm o u"oel 10d 1 1 h-7( 100 rkrm"cus"""-
wt.ent bT thruteehstiep t led ( cmuhevou %h mbe t c0
t. e fild t n rordua bigi rtnd .BI d 'the
labia ,., glovi,.e,,.,:, a:. REA,,ORDAT -tne anWorriedugut wb Plttoutrgha m_001 10.,, iO)....
watDatep bt ;i NLayaLae B e-Ots aWeepi aise m SANA

e rgea 5.. ds H ner e l st r n i an Tb Crl f re h I a

hr went "up. 88 smashid..e wa t t g .'o snapped

e Joseph Cl-3 landa th
rtha- int.ngoyw 0 th- ewinigh twin-bill andn t.eni'LP1-pM J noting to(N-Glm_,.
__u byatxowith1D. FnTh nwOe u
b@ pitch es to theC bs sl, emr o t ne. Tle -ruonre ri bu .

ap con the sventh, ffipndhidst15thdve-f(Xrgs sa
Ji .tl o, 1- hi.+ at, withh -I Three wekshl.o-- oP,.de.,, -(623.,
r- g ". the .Idledersitsatdmera er.meWsy StnhLo-WichmondWOW, w2c
atw ul s tww a-h 6rht Rs in t he opelnr-i a nd,. ,.l--t---n S e r i e s ci.-.. .., "avg e.b A t" o -en1) "

o ct h f is a IoI" whor'ar-wraexkt Digouuiesw-fHo ad ramhiu,"-
a.lons wel e st z MV(seconaGame) thro
1thJJ~q~he -ownwng B i nearomcthiple amemenIC the

hR. jI=e. s- ,r.. toqrn1, Jeo uldo gtee s evnh. !W
,. .. of. Ja.'.tw o -ef.f. bpo theW ater Polosl earnso-1
p tArod edyu0h) floor.a pae-

Inu.nis...e.. n s NW YrK l fort "o ana e ma A ...
Oakengup ,utlman bg in 0much:1

3lv5 5. 97 vo r theSSDt+, E.o.saafC a sey. H M ETTJ- AP ,-, ------'r'U"
4 1meya" a + e tA ew-br ert i m aWn lars 1n d 50 asleept71n2b"' o .-n"
._ .v cor ..ex nnr TSChifOOR Mayor Cleoelaadm rj$hj.,. .dmcte .c.a ,,,c,"rH B8Ter8
withdhn gh Ferandbo n up to0 ari igt arelarlb
'te 4WS HakS auit h iStaysYakes cocered bpu t ai: 1hveo t *6yet aandoxpbi fhd o'

a n o o C ywaro ulda t

'he Cubs bowedatoo", Cog te4club,
atc ht hecrwdof11.-o *r L- Fine. ODAYoin

ab dfsSPtl.efoano tdorfutu t le inUmTat.w arete.M
time -wnu t -igh wn-ilIUaf4dl wm-.- 14taIp

aet* (1wNate.-8.......efir e -ofla-.e I
White'seitbe.ahaugotth ockbd of Sten At s bs Phakg a

rd"sma shedhisat oav'mand nd o, -uthbe jhrwlio.dN.
k1 1C IitcCbnn solution f uorathe bk ,ah"noaqlb46Th
085 "F.....Tiomas swm~. St~,,e~ng mel mWorre d ]t Du1c't.41_Iat M22 2-2-
so.e i' ed -- e6
it- i-no a. .aThreeeWeeTseacoitee a maybele,

Fights against h:eMReap -t An d"11-'d receiveduthlir"first poheyn-uyii A
vi s %I t! b. managert I0s Sherif i"ackvGor meadersTheturtedwaletter reads:
::nexa Week's...-pt Iron0-9m.htt
NWOOn111 11ree6stefbehinthhe fnale hte"P 0Fr. aneou e.B Ot __________Viikb smo e).
theiwinWeraIdthejsmof theTheygsentotgdouttof umra
etyhth. says:eedThe0Will an beat

.%0 al ofihu te

+V :........... I,"Is 1% b=1 of. Iti 't u tch I .& C a- o I "oa"
the the II -. .s_, .- .. futur
I the efomi hesvnt N

Vi m ex_. l,. + i th Cl,,la d. -X w.) As metoAm
texecutive committee of th
Ad Pm.GthANAM I .av h-rronahsI-0KONltM ie Po ilam

war U sued&I*IalI a .l+ sIonaIzI. ... ........
ll ASS IKi J Do 1ubSoictapathYtORK ul,3.rd P)ef forts "ontavwtobenk

Yakes I,,,s -oncernehdn I L',...t adf 11 aveSo. et- .do- pM & .-ut m t
twitod toBarAWBECmn rekort. hrecommite grep vMo d o
Smith- Stay; Becen 0 th LyameP ker epthe Atletdingcs i Phlao.1ildlhl-lcae n". Ia

0"'- .. .. IMiF4 9 06 rlfus QW -4- Um I r-- w ,_oeR: it -itJ in.19 Oldof "+k """+ .
1014- M+.bfto O. s for the Ta he ea to. hiomch-" D A-

.-heif=Wae aofteto a.5buy akig. --
1* 45 h ei coThiteeKalsemaile
~ar a~*41; pwh500letteretoanocalled"IT haelete if .0~. ...r
InsSIWCLthanMyr lak awd it' t e lw elef- oCrial .t b *
wit __Hal._ni

a ~ t h r m a'aY o u s t i ller i fftJo fk t he. l e f t h e e lhB ua ltlr "T. Do l .
run JO Of tis reort ad, as ai n d uns alody tueTe usind ltnrras
H~r~. wb toservs, he lwmTheiss4 tr 4irson wheclub WeIts Ou.Jrit io ud elsB"tv ncheigI h a o
DQDE op tma 5COOur O te. aStnna TODAY! -2
WS~- ENDwitl~S ~. .. rModandthecombinedhitting
-vtheTIeo 4ionsot
limoS ROasllastfniihthtnUPttheft.. loam t

toyor:tchh M,. saa th
Box~eer utie was tiu s teve-n rt.~lZ~t~.
MAWAGONS warheAll 2hIsIs
W AY repwor-Y--t.'hen oondgn s, 7-4,rdhparts
THET11ASub paty atwadefo- __________ Wa
F~~q5Rr~~~flkeupthlAs t hleticsgu In Phlevee isI s m-o-Ie~
in 'rplied- V
-4' r'-'-~= n tgivectuemawy."leS dr
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x.rosmapm rtld na oon.ISLAN *
......... ..A, i ,.s QES1.
lblolt.-- M t .. ....h

i a--. *...-;: I ant.eP, 4+ ', : .
.--th e .o- ....- .
r. *. *... ,.. -
ii: i war,, iI m sm i I i J +2A

& 0. han...iI.. .. i ,... ."+ ": .
M m m ru A t i.r .-... ...,. o.=-, ,,.,. o .
:-- > :... +++: .::" :-.,-, : .. ....:- :, +:. ,,.M...A-.W-&.
... ... .. ... ."bu...d _o -. u ...
--, .+ +- ". = v- :- as a

: :; -;ii


,P -S. .


.- .. .
-(YUA Telephoto)
FIRST OP TURMS *- ew York OGiant outfielder Dusty Rhodes
is greeted by the batboy A1 6 crosses home plate in the second
hit tfwt o threee home runs. The Giants,
Slthe B Lou Cardilnals 10-0. At right
ter, *Ank Tbwpsonm Rhodes hit his other homers
In the st# and _0tb Innings.

OAntlantic Cricket League

Season Ends Successfully
~ 0
The 1954 season of the Atlantic Cricket League was brought
to a fitting climax last Sunday vihen the winning Silver City
Srunner-uap Surrey .C.werethe recipients of valuable
Ma of crlcket supremacy on the Atlantic side.
S =hibitich-MI pLayli at Mount Hope be-
tween the chappIons and an AhI tar combinatioa (whicl ended
In a draw), cricketers and fans alike repaired to the newly con.-
rewted Rainbow City dymnasalum where an elaborate program
NO been prepared by League officials.
-48Bewe of congratulMons to the winners were kIteispersed
M't" for nWt year by the representatives
Sbfutstanding individual perforn-
ScS Ixc&rY, champion bateIuan
uP (Morlani ) runner-up
^tod mS ruine(237). DeoSuza
Sa.m Chrisq Cb5, for the highest

cola'Perre vwu p.
In teamn battUng. Excelator sooed the mbst runa (1015) fol-
lowed by Iliver City (90) and Wanderers (826). For the most
run 'scored in a match, Morland had 179, Silver City 148, and
MOcelala 143. all undefeated
Thq prizes distributed were made available through the
nerodlt of Odom a Co., aftd DeWitt Corp. of London, Dng-
and: r Corp.. J. leanerhaset, B. C. Parker. C. L. McAl-
lister Dr. Aure LOPc, 'Leaeiq Thompson and C. A. CAmpbell.
..AeofaUptMg. itayers obtftoo'k tue beat average In batting
and bowling:bng
c AIiew g

th- RMelri
- Wanderer
5e- Winder
-,- emnC
DOtn -- 8e

nd'* .::.::..::::. ::::
S... ..............152
era log
d '*..* **. '** **)**** IIS* *

S .................. n
ers...,.<............. 160 ,
I.................. 882
tor ................ 102
Sderers ..r.......9..o 111,
X** **-*. **. *.f.. *. *110
1 .................... TO

fClub Oves0* Maidens
B.C. 7 /3 3
ury .. 30 j1/ 9
S.C. ...... 65 1/6 9
- Surrey. S6 '5/6 13
jL.. S 1/3 22
-.arqel: k: 13
p.e ? 1/ IS l
>- xet, ,- wi/*a

Rans Wickets
129 84'
71 1I
154 32
130 23
8 v
Wf. .0

. 25

& 4

atioon Guarapiteed by .h SUtet

, P^ % ^IbtsreI OuisRy Svings Accfots


We make loans with guarantees n first mortag.
or othor socl4riti-,
2S- fOc. $1A nd$S


deposits ore accepted thru a period
Individual tOVy depelt bwe, for ewlry nd
doeWUests. in 4-dffrTMesi*.e,. and


U. A SO~n&l,

Mb~~w-bw aw *UlVasion seo
'-ai i atteadptd a

spew -age and most
1ome sort of a su-
l eki to come out of
It could be, but record -or e-
veb nea-record time would
frud ae a lot of surprises among
,pSrta. Runners don't race the
clock it championships.
And how does any one know that
either BSanister or Landy will
win? There are other excellent
aIllers there, including Murray
Halberg, the 210-year-old New Zea.
lander who has done 4:04.4. Ban.-
nister and Landy are not unde-
feated in competition.

Dan Ferris, ho is Mr. AAU as
secretary-treasurer of the organi-
zation running the works and
keeping the records In this coun.
try, pites an example of what can
happen when crack distance men
run to beat each other and not
the clock.
was considered the last.word as
a miler-his 4:04.4 was practical-
ly brahth-taking.-Ferris put to-
get 8Ier what he considered a
"dream" race. He stacked Cun-
ningham against Gene Veaske
and Joe Mang", prime wilers in
their own right, at Madison
Square Garden,'and sat back for
an eye-opener. It was billed as a
sort of aU-time championship.
"Thby watched each other like
hawkss" Ferris recalls..
"Each paced himself for the
last quarter kick. They were so
busy Oadng themselves that the
race was finished before they e-
ven though of turning it on. ,
"Cunningham ran to the dess-
ing room faster than he did a.
round the track."
TO 00O

As ostrich ass been clocked
at a mie a minute.
A hangarce leaps 26 feet.
uma a beings have a oIng
w to o bo the cthbre UP
with the vsirto 4mmiessh.
covered 3 *3 at
WiM- be

san i rrew. e.
eyeiddog. doa't run
smieff, ima bba
st fo JOUB 9Lady's
even larte or Roger Banais-
ter's a Loky,

Cunninsha. the records, show,
captured the event in 4:4 rough-
ly the eqjlvaleat of a b riak
walk. It must be noted that this
race was run in 18, which was
stupicy horse and buggy business
compared to today.
The comparison easily could ap-
ply, however, for the British Em.-
pire Games are of the utmost im-
portance to Landy, Bannaister,.
alberg and the others and a vic-
tory far overshadows exceptional

as a cinder fact that the young
men willbe rtuning with both
eyes on their opponents.
They wil let the clock take care
of itself which, in this case, fig-
ures to be somewhere around
4:06. when the first runner hits
the tape.
Bannister is favored because of
his superior, nshing kick. The
lanky; anglar4ae d doctor ran
ithe 3:Seal .-I wtChris Chat.
away's BeariOg psse0etting push-
ing him on.

Then, on June 21. Landy, who
comes from Melbourne. took a
toeubriiithof tke light air of
S rk niplan enad took off for
his 3:58. which on paper makes
him a clear-cut choice. Landy had
eight times been. aser 4:0, in-
*Iuain two 4:O1.8'i.
sph Columbia, they prob-.
ably wl be watching each other
and the others too closely for rec-
ord time.

wina eripp4of :5 or a
thrle-quarter-mile work out in
But, with the British Empire
Ati"d "gmbs1. b
pi: rab. John
LAW 4* O W-., anuister, ust
don't fate- atf aut all the
steps in a mc ng gamble
that could ,fao the stretch.


.* .L *9 o ..ft t

3500a-- i -W^

Lip Taffttoo Relegates Ringe

m n T A (l TI *
/w D^'in^ TM rI T l M .:

M E Wfly111 U f I v I j I


NEW YORK, July 30 (NEA)-To- after hearing arguments concern- buf perhaps t3h* ali
day tIt's wise oloo gift orase Ing thek identity df a th bred, 5 ~S n
The hide might be a through, ed by the Thorugbred Ral whilbUe the Mountl
breL It Is, tO e'Ul a neatly Protestite Birqau so that th er map, 1' 4r"d
ttood imp t X .or her would no quo*= of its idea sthr .M
upper H, a ltter the t in tu.
dt i the".- Ioae *cr rfetato ii? 1 E& *1.^ .'' Bd vor=1 1t-*
nuamber. ff tu Imprint, i r o fregn racing offc~sls, tem.
you'd better cal Alfred Gwnne
Vanderbilt. You have Native Dan- .

Aug. 15 marks the eighth birth-
day of the lip tattoo system of
Identification which has relegated
the race horse ringer to pulp fic-
tion and ancient TV movies.
pencer J. Drayton, head of the
Thoroughbred Racing Protective
Bureau, which developed the plan,
reports that there has nq# been one
ringer case at any of (tlS 39 Thor-
o=gnbred Racing .As.4 o eiations
tracks since the program was put
in operation.
Such was *et-~lways thb case.
In years past, eoataless cases of
ringess want gged It was an
ugly situation ag' w ra-t case
came to light, t1Mpei unfavor-
able heaiies Am. w t make the
pari-mutuel mscb I5.splinL
Paddy Barry had international
notoriety for ringing horses.

When. the Throughbred Racig
Protective Sureau was organed
nla JAnuary 1AW, one of the nore
serious prolems was ringer cas-
es. During that first year, Investi-
gation uncovered 22 ins ta% ee
where ringers ran on American
tracks.- These fInc ed such no-
torious cases as ta of Willow
Ru and Flying Xls In New Or.
ltans. Sea Command and Aflpunch
in New England and the Joe S
case in .Mnin*o
luverr mOnlth. aa', roger skul.
deV in D L34t5 Idin-

a Nain. I .
Wile We' us Wto tun a
ringer on a TAtrack Joday, the
U tattoe dota other Jobs.A ifany
o the 46,.0M o~ thua fAr tattoo-
ed are now, on farms, where the
system serves as a double check
agaist grom r~fflgug th a
wrong UaO 4r 40 bmekwhod..
:~. ".: Nat
Inuramn ooi Fnii the
lip .tattoo. in 69 tablish-
most -ad -mt =a "..amms. it
slajllIfta Idesustioalm j when a
horse crseis' bs border. lito Ca.
,ad ot Mexic
Tattl branding is done without
cost to the ownerand without dis-
comfort to the orse. In the begin-
ning Mhl- weas a nuzaber of in-
stances here a borps tattooed
in the morniu, ot only started
that afternoon but won. The tatoo-
lag is done with special instru-
ments. Each brand is uniformly
p~otograped and on"e applied
the bunid cannot be altered.
Ceur s Is th re efficacy of
1 e1 saps= ireSr, 19 r, the
Hew ddro fSpecEW -btrt,


uAfLt mftS V-9



HO reaches 100,000 listeners In Panama and the Canal Zone with a buying pOwer of
With the easy, better listening offered by stars such as Eddie Fisher, Sam y Kayse, Tx Ba
Gloria de Haven, George Melachrino and others, sponsors can promote sure-fir salesM at a lower co*4
sales-dollar than any other advertising medium.






Know WhereM
YORK July 31 (NRA .1

c YORK July 31 (NBA)
S eorge triekland went out,
do the thin by a thrbw
'IF Case te expressed the
pluzothat the Clelaeend lnfMeli
i h 5 "louslat" he ever saw,
28ae of'em can move five
net" said the manager of the
T ei
Vrer, r Stengel was looking g at
We an outfielder. at arst
se; Bob Avila at second; Sam
mte, SOthi more than ade.
4ate at shortstop; and Al Rosen,
a Jumping Joe Dugan, at
kIg ~of the thrilling three-.
at the Stadium, Sten-
a "And we didn't do a
tb 6-m."
0ea Casey that we know where
to place our infielders," counter-
ed Al Lopez.
. The aIndians this season obvious-
ly are ut 'to dinrmonstrate that
pitching. is, as the pundits long
ave contended. from 75 to 90 ner

re -*----.. A WVUW.WA |
Ins and Bob Hooper.
tier's comeback is one
matter baseball stories of
Rapid Roebrt may not
t as he oapee was but he
teat 35-yeAr-old yu ever
Ua ane he has the con-
ie ball ta& Ed Furgol
& Open. The old strike-
looking little older or
wear than he did when
In am a kid, won two
Eastern awing to
tMCED back to
tt that Bill Lobe, the
catcher, once more puts
I hit glove when the one-
i farm boy is warming
an throw a nood itch.

Iwo IF

Damper In M.a


to sAr a
figirof -d s
out three W
the S away S
Vila eig a fw
the thum o
When Hantk a r
slid into him. Jun =, as
lined for three wks.
Bob Leiht has had a I
back and sore side Ree
when he had to rdti(re
lag at b all galst'l
and is ust
awing ofth .
turned a 'hoI vessel
die finger of. his t
July 4. had to be ampie
0igly and is still not right.
Al Smith, who later nleJ -
leg muscle, was discover .?
Rudy Regalado was keet iMs

win a sa dbiek. MIckeuy
has been laid up with a iS
leg since spring training. AainU=
there are the line fractuMres ba
Strickland's jaw. -I i
"Thr- are a lot of ni rt
on this club," concluded Al 40
"I'll never :l1 you now walf
ed through June. i-*
"But it convl -cpd mw t4t j
outfit will go all the way." he
4 --- 1,~.

7 .

- I':

*n i



R O 1M :

- I






.- T -!.;




^ .H
r # '


has literally gone HOG-wild to bring YOU the best uales agent ,

available!! .


PHONE 2-306 NOW!


~~ ____

.' -Apo 'r.. -1 A -^A -f=


ea N


* F V
' --* *
. .- ** ;

*'~~ Itt 7
-I: -S


1.Ti% ': 7 *' /
... -':- ,.* ;'1 '--- ."^
I .. ',.
^IR^ -L
...^ A : ".


d Bill JI




.b~ ia

L -." "
. -. _"I.

F'~r. .4.

r _v.-



I--- __rP

* SI..


At Albany



bun-*M-,.:ak.. ta;r:
;..'. .- -41. :y ."
A. At-- -- 2.,.,l d l :1
busn mt lwedmloes Lake ue Atlaht
twos .t when hbis avy -load
SThsedtrt a $d .swerved oft tle read to avoid
trus whent"We abidentMocur

* V ~ .: ,. is

e Senate set aside the Ad-
attonts Foreign Aid Bill -
await the outcome of
ft. McCarthy.
S House already has passed f "
38,000,000 authorization bill '-- .
6. foUow-up appropriation A
provide the fundsrThek0 s

a closesesi-McC Drive Gainsrupport
to start voting on the, .
-approved appropria t 1 o n.. showed
provide the fun. The WASHINGTON, .'uly 31 (UP)- ed sources .said benate Democrats 1. That McCarthy showed his or's repnsble stff," Flanders
approrlations committee A move to sidetrack the Flanders were considering a move to post. "personal contempt' for theS .s ti.
uled a closed session today resolution reprimanding Sen. Jo. pone a showdown because the res. ate by refusing to answer c&tli eCply "has a habitual
rt voting on the house- seph R. McCarthy gained support solution contained no bill of par. question about his finances po- e Lpt p e...-s o all per-
ed approortations bill and today despite the reported oppose. ticulars against McCarthy. ed by a Senate elections subco. valdv ath t:--F whenever
it ready when the authorl-tion of Republican leaders. These sources said some Demo. mittee in January 1953. Uni we heir see him In
bill is enacted Some Senate strategists-includ- crats feel the issue should be put McCarthy answers. Flanderse J action. He s:d Muacthy used
i one influential Democrat- off pending a report on the Ar. he "can scarcely avoid being lang e t. Ralph W.
senate yesterday approv- sd prvately that a substitute pro- my-McCarthy dispute. There is ed a Fifth Amendment senas Zlekr "that o me wit an
*to 2 an amendment spon- post to have a Senate commit- only a slim chance the repomt will bunn dec awoeld ave ever
by Sen. George A. Smath- tee investigate McCarthy's behav- be made before Congress adourns 2. McCarthy sent Ro'y M. Cohn, used-prtl oly en ose own
-Fla.-i to increase "Point- lor offers a logical solution to the in about two weeks, his recently-resigned subco r n llitan career is, ardlig to
technical assistance to rain controversy. The Flanders resolution charges tee counsel, and G. David nre p6rts, the reverse of Iluatri-
America from $25,000,000 McC rthy picked u some power- McCarthy's conduct "is unbecop- to Europe as investigators la'1 ous.
000.000. ful support last n t when Sen. ing a member of the United States and their "frivolous and irre- r '-- .
ate GOP leader Wlliam F. Know- Senate, is contrary to senatorial sponsible" conduct causes a "an- l
Mm administration suffered a land announced he would not vote traditions, and tends to bring the lamity" of d!sma, and doubt:,. L-
et when an amendment by in the Flanders resolution, and Senate into disrepute, and such mong America's allies about M -W-
GzOeorge W. Malone (R-Nev.) Sen. Wayne Morse (Ind.-Ore.), a conduct is here by condemned." "Intelligence" of the U. S. govern- i a
%approved 49 to 40. It knock- frequent critic of the controver. It was the first effort in more meat. "The nation's honor nba yqgvo
ut a section authorizling re- sial Wisconsin Republican, sharp. than 25 years to censure a sena- been compromised by the aeati- -.
Snd development abroad ly and unexpectedly objected to tor. Flanders said in advance his Cffe
rtant minerals for the Flanders' "very general accuse. chances of success were "better Of (on Pjkl
P sockpile. tion" against McCarthy. Mo rs e than good." The McCarthy camp M
5. _,,,______ ~ warned the Senate 'against adopt was confident the move will be WASHINGTON. July 31 (UP)
a*Ing a "lynch law" -which would defeated. W HL Ien. 3 OlOn Beaul CR-Md)
SLoret"the .procedural rights of Just when voting would ben On lh id h/s enatBe anuln
anal Lists 29 in.has&aidMhis n wBanakig Arresed On (harge $."
I guiltyas well as the inno- was uncertain. Knowland has8I voArittee my. sepal 'e
al cent.' en a go-ahead for an all-out de' a leci n ,tigation to o, .r ries
., Inlebate on the issue, which he saidItiatn of coffee prices
Flanders touched off an out. might last through today and into an eort to brin them
burst of oratory after he asked It could gp longer, down.
En i ers for approval of his censure men. The Flanders resolution itself PHENIX CITY. Ala., July 31 He made the annoupoement
., W tion at a drama-packed session cannot come to a vote until all (UP) Mayor Elmer Reee,' de- yesterday In conmettlh oh a
n-last night. Spectators stood up to proposed substitutes by Sen. H. proved of his authority over Federal Trad Commisslon re-
tal of 2 postons, seven- defend or criticize McCarthy, Alexander Smith (R-N.J.) to set Phenix City under martial rile, port which blltued 'esular-
iot the for electrical en- The T3-year-old Flandern, with up a bipartisan committee head- was arrested early today in Bir- itles" In the coffn Jmarktt for
to work on the 25-cycle McCarthy seated only 30 feet away, ed by Vice President Ricahrd M. mingham. Ala.. and brought the recent Ium In in ric,
ii project, are presently told the packed chamber that Mc. Nixon to investigate "MCarthy- here to face charges of wilful Beall said th iubcaminIttee
le in te Panama Canal Carthy has shown contempt of the ism" presumably would come to ngelect of duty, military author- staff will ev ate the FTC re-
0 to the list of Senate, abused iialdv4usi rights a vote first, cities reported. port. A dea81t wilt then be.
ed In the and compromised the nation's hon. A vote of censure would not made Qn wVMther further hear-
S aasa6y bulletin Issued or. impair McCarthy's senatorial The office of Col. Jack Warren, Inge should b held lelala-
by the Personnel Bu- McCarthy listened bapaisively rights or remove him from his acting sheriff under the nie tlon prepax td. carry out the
S. .and read a newspaper at times committee chairmanships. Bat days of martial rule here, said com'niss I'a reoiumendationg.
as.. the deb got warmer. it Jht fInlnuece GOP leaders Warren aroused ,Reese from sleep .
-si.t e In la- seathO peh preIare in l4A c ealuh ai n to place him under arrest and .
a g a r for e tedv7 the3- e-v f .er s otS: the eate traveled the 150-mile daioe' -
S The Po- old Flanders 0a McCar a 1:& year. CZ C votes In the here by auto. .
kbe transfer "fifth Amendment senator so t e een followed by de. i c e were no
t 4a oe and appica, lacking "humkn decency" that he feat at the polls of some of Warren had personally sworn alone caed bytE damia
transmitted to abused an honored general and c.- these cessured. out a warrant charging Reese (,.n rodu.cin coUnfiels) and
oent and UtiUsatlon used Americans of communism Flanders in his bristling with wilful -neglect of duty in increMsedworld demand,"
.. _. .the without proof speech, said there would be "no permitting gambling to conti- e .. committeee suspected
I kel re. in the foowing Flnders Ikened McCarthy to loss at all to the anti-Communist nue while this amseent city , mtiuralltion Wa
rl are listed in the he dictators of Russia and Na- campaign" If McCarthy's "oper- was being patrolled by National that_ "" ,lr." ani- toW
and related groups ; i Germany, asserting there are nations have the shadow of censure Guardsmen in the wake of a also a" faaW In the price n-
itt. 'accounting clerk t threee who cannot be appeas- cast over them." gangland-style assassination. creases and e ul t coi-
I engineer, mechanical ed....Hlitler, the Kremlin ad the He ran down a list of indict-. firms that thes d cuua eUttdin -
fr, construction inspector. senator." ments and convictions of Commu- The sheriff's office said Reese's practices in coffee tend to make,
r assistant and statistical Spectators lined up outside the nists and spies, including Alger arrest, first involving a public the market easily manipulated."
stnt. Senate galleries hours in advance Hiss, the Rosembergs, Communist official since martial rule was Beall said.
to get'seats for the expected tor- Party leaders and others, and as- declared, stemmed from a as- "Also it appears that a full
tons, open. in the craft rid debate on Flander's censure sorted the Wisconsin Republican ries of raids on nightclubs, res- revelation of practices and acti-
pa.tndlude: chief towboat en- resolution. "made no contributulon at all" to taurants and h -tonk-tks in tes of the New York Coff e
msenor maintenance me- Debate in the President's for- the "successful roundup." which truckload gambling and Sugar Exchange should be
P motor boat maintenance eign aid program delayed Fland- Flanders m ad e three major equipment was found la hidden beneficial to the public and
eo. __er' speech however, and Inform- charges against McCarthy: vice dens. curb future speculation."

Lends An Exn ert To Pakistan Industr Russell Jhns
*; Nonmed PrinciplO

WW W W V WW W We W W t W v W
"Let th people know the truth and she coernry is sale" -

-;.'~ '-Sa mh f ,. .tCfaA fel.

- '.4- &-~

= .. .

- --

M APPR OACH to making a large phton ring in this Paki -
factory ealls for man with a saw and 16 hours of labor,.
NZA Fereign Service around with questions. Another
small Pakistan factory was aimed
CHI Pakistan (NEA) toward greater output through
ve Industrial worker look. usage of modern methods.
and clearly insulted. He'd Tie e-pert was George P.
atlnty doing his job in Thomas, an experienced englieer
tway that he knew how, for the U.S. Foreign Operations
ga ae a man from A- Administration. His job is to bet. AMERICAN METHODS Introduced In Pakistan factory by POA
a see-alled technicall ter produti methods in smell *expert Geore Thomas (left) saws out six lpatg* d l aA tise.
- to .a he could do it local plants apd shops. And the ,
way he's ben going abbut t is 2 way e he a'se,. instead. was never are forced on anyone. The
aon -excellent les sn diplomcyo to rthe men k eep the tools and governamet has tade It knwn
tor1114 s ore- which miro today's approach lI materials they already had. while tat his kowow is free of
101M-. t/' v American keign aid-an a p. teaching them bow to use them charge to any shop-owser who
That strengthens rodc- better. AMd the payoff has been wants it, and application are
S, whN winning us at aunch anmazing-bwng production In many.
.new ftrads.l many plants by as much as 400
per ect, .His work has been so success-.
.miled ais Soon after 'ae came here, as part ful that the U.S. and Pakistan ov-.
to %a ne-.year contract,. Thomas A striking but typical example ermnmets wi build an industrial
a survey which quickly I the woman who used haIm- Research C r at Labore, the
his problem. The native mur to flatten out ardjr of fer capital of P ak Pakistani fore-
l we skilled and inteli. ipeking. Not six feet frt where men and e win be traia--
thet h 61e r methods w ore he quattedn as a modernm dj S ed in modemi- astrial methods,
and slow. They needed In- able rale Wch b 'he never had streamllg -ha .ate i
as e modern production thought of wing. Thmiins showed a h oW iC m t
omas s decidedthat bring.- h am ao ews y et aots t itw..
(i faac..yT a ids .i ldb- er- i a second,. f. or hd -l
Is S industry -gnot Atfis. the wortkersv were w? aWthk reply
I worable Maf besides to, Bute s has won th M tfhe aaagement gap
very s llt m d take over by bit of working witu e stresses. isot only lood-1
Vier .w the the I n. labor rlaia, I Mt the do
Sthem I s services, thr9ouah F. egrAetoS t esq.

Of La Boca School
Russell 8. Johns, an mploye
in the wage and classIfication
division of the Personqel Bureau,
has been appointed pi~htipal of
the La Boca Occupational High
School, it has been announced
by the Schools Division. He was
formerly an instructor at the La
Boca Junior College.
Johns will replace F. A. Castles
who is presently on a year's
leave of absence in the United
States where he is taking gfd.
uate work in Boston Unilverlty.
A former instructor in Spanish
and French, Johns holds a MU-
ter's degree from the Univeroity
of Texas in languages and has
had considerable experience in
the educational field.

Tanks Called Out
To Quell Rioting
In Lebanese City
CAIRO, uly 31 (UP)- Re-
ports from Lebanon said todaY
tanks were called out to =atn-
amn order in Beirut after 25
persons were injured in' a clash
between police a n d pollHtoal
The riots,'led by followers of
Ex-Premier Sami El Selh. broke
out on the Moslem sabbath yes-
El Solh said the-r rpoae of
the disorders was to "protest a
regime which has failed cm-
pletely in its objective."

Tacho Somoto
Is Challenged -
To Pistol Du l ,

derai m bm 0lU -
ae ter kern mee
bare *W W -rif

'- o a -letal
GatmaSi seeft b
li ash my m.*
das.- A'


ALBANY. Jy 31 (UP) Pvt.
0. David abbte and Roy Cohn
arrived at mlbairport today
troam New.'k .
SCohn h, recently resigned
as counsel s the senate Inves.
tigatians SubcommIttee headed
by Sen. J h McCarthy, (B.-
weis =loWed md and serloun
re bc edtno answer question
or posefo a picture.
SchIl. ,.o0 the. other hand
comment on him training
Camp o rdo Gat a He is on a
three-day pass from the installa-
tion. H reed to pose jor a pic-
ture beor gettininnto an auto-
Both man were dressed In
sports elothie and carried brief
uaseu. it was believed they -ould
spend tie weekend at the sum-
mer home oft ehine's father at
Caroga Lake, near OloversvIlle.

Raioi' Workers

Gel Nw Benefl
From House Bill
WASHINGTON.. uly- 31 (UP)
-The House approved unani-
mously today an 82-million-dol-
lar liberalization of retirement
and unemployment benefits lor
railroad workers.
Costs would be borne by the
railroads and their employes
who are not covered by social
The measure was approved
359-0' on, a roll call. It now goes
to the Senate.
The bill's main provisions:
contribution rate. 6 per cent

Retirement payments would.
be based on maimum mnothly
earnings of s30 Instead of s0
- at uItsent; employer and
wprkeru would continue present
eac.t btr the payment would
-e hened or so hcisher bie,

0S. wWOW be affected.
Dependent children could con-
tnye to draw survivor benefits
pa age, 18 -the prest fcut-
o f- if totally and permanent-
ly disabled urior to that age.
Disabled workers, dramw ing
monthly benefits, would forfeit
eb paymMents in any month
where outside earnings exceed-
d t100. Under present law ben-
ftite are lost If as much as $75
is earned fIor six conse"ctive
Unemployment benefits would
be increased from a maximum
of $7.50 to a maximum of $8.10
The estimated 56 million-dl-
lar cost of tie extri retirement
benefits would be split evenly
between employer and employee.
The employer wauld foot the
extra unemployment payments.

War Sill Ragi

In Central Vietnam

On Coasefre Eve
HANOI, IndochIna, July 31
(UP) The fire and agony of
war racked central Viet am to-
day on the eve of a cease-fire
negoUated ten days ago at Gene-
French high command sopkep-
men said Red rebels stepped up
eir attacks on m ost ts il
SDonsg Hoa sector Un& the
last hours of fighting a
The shooting must stop at-7
a.m. (6 pmn., -W)) tody, ac-
cording to the aeme .d
Zr the French and Communists
Geneva on July 31.
A rebel band attacked a
French road patrol on the obt-
skifts of Hoae Lao but withdrew
under heavy fie with a cpnstd-
ansbe number ef gasuatti, the
high command said.
CommunsLt saboteurs also
-atod the railroad camnectU.j
the ancient Annamese capital o
Hue with Tou~ane. ile of a
ant atomic bomber base whic

maung stwo Oe
w *--.** *..^ ;

. New

Sj -hIn .American F.oreign A

Approach In American Foreign Aid
-^-_M, MOMO .

~1~11_1 ~---1---~~1- ~-~~ ~---~_------~-


.ere .*

To Discuss w Dea

TUNIS. July -31 (UP) -Pre- "ha
niler Pierre MenOde-Franp uta lato
Marshal Alphonse Jain- ir soother mO _
by lane today to resent his ti Dhoitsln. MenM
"new deal" for the ftror-rd- nie ( aftj or o&. Oe .
den protectorate to Tonialan Soyer de la' Tour to r
leaders. Pierre Votlar M arideuntt,
The young premier ain 9r ar ofTn Tiunsta.
Paris breathless with surpdre.
at his dramatcinicatti. De la Tsbu e .rved I ..
Mendes-France and the son- china aid en a reoutatle i ;-
trovenial Jutn, Fratu's only h. dlNa mWm tillitt gd *.e -
livi"n M1T6l, le P *. css a s a to. *..
hours of dar'ne -ZI WW53? .-4 .. 1
several bours belo w Tuo C p
ed out that he had fwn t "
MAflelrance i seamcted 'Gulf oStor' it. ..
en a to bothd
French gdNI S A$ound O ftf
fro* .l-tipioteeo. a 'Ws. 3
uafdoMnO .:of .Iina, n',i -y m ,
pa him hoWt .i S- -- ..- a A i
France intended t.,l 11xfil r Gult
rlLo f tj a. Man a f-t off 4 rtim
In a thick of. An
juln. Yca's I set rank- Ibe Wre were
tIn adlter, was o however.
govern et "o a"l" t-
csina the propoed e A s shi p sailed io
a&rM HUJ5 an heN 0 theZ the sieanduweraln
pV.rr"tDue e be Petro
a saig teuet tail we an .-
favr. sar dbeirt .nt eup
publ~v by th arewle ever-p
meat f Proeumlr .oqh lali betal

m WAJ&Mieuster Re
pat Ibs WfINU. Np0 AVA*& Cubsi" 211
Ins t e nIant ia te n rule 1 erlm-e
sw ue aot w tiaternfeMSi. .hs ilt
rwS^S^ 4?.-a~norma~i

to guard. tt
atthd the -Brit-
Cwnadian scetfc.un

-- -. -, .... .



I ,

"If .

.-.f -^ .; 'lr.-.-

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